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OSM Postcode Mapping for DE5 9 Postal Sector

The circles on the map above are the postcode unit 'centriods' from Code-Point Open, under the Open Government Licence. The 'centriod' is calculated by taking the average of the coordinates of all the delivery points with that postcode, and then snapping that location to the nearest delivery point in that postcode. The data may be freely used in OpenStreetMap, but please make sure you understand it first. Also please only add postcodes to objects representing addressable entities; do not add the postcode centroids as themslves. Suggested source tag code-point_open

The circles are coloured by whether or not there is at least one OSM object with that value in its addr:postcode tag. Click on a point to see the postcode. The numbers in brackets are the number of OSM objects with that postcode.

The centroids are the location of the nearest 'delivery point' to the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of all the delivery points within that unit. Those points with a codepoint PQI greater than 40 are excluded from the map above. (Higher values are typically not geographically accurate. In particular, PQI=50 is used for new postcodes before the location has been determined. The location given for such postcodes seems to be derived from other existing postcodes with similar units letters, which may not be close to the new postcode.)

The pale blue lines from the circles join each Code-Point Open centroid to the mean coordiantes of all the OSM objects with that postcode. (For ways an relations, the centre of the rectangular bounding box is used at the coordinates for the OSM object.) Long lines may indicate missing or incorrect OSM objects for that postcode. In particular, if all the postcodes in a givne unit are correctly mapped, the circle should be located on the nearest delivery point within that postcode to the other end of the blue line.

The OSM data for the number of objects with each unit comes from Taginfo GB. It is usually updated once a day at about 10:15 UTC, with data from about 20:30 UTC the previous day. (Current data is from 1970‑01‑01 00:00:00 Z.) The data used to compute the OSM mean position comes from the Overpass API and is updated less frequently, usually about once a week. (Current data is from 2024‑05‑22 10:44:59 Z.)

District Sector Units Geo. Units Mapped %
DE5 9 87 87 87 100.0%

All units within this sector:

Unit PQI First Seen Last Seen Street Name ML Mapped
DE5 9AB 10 Orchard Grove 1
DE5 9AD 10 Millicent Court 1
DE5 9AE 10 Broughton Close 5
DE5 9AN 10 Colliers Court 7
DE5 9PN 10 Springhill Way 20
DE5 9PP 10 Brookfield Close 21
DE5 9PW 10 Mill Lane 5
DE5 9QA 10 Market Place 20
DE5 9QB 10 High Street 35
DE5 9QD 10 Whitegates 20
DE5 9QF 10 Mill Lane 41
DE5 9QG 10 Mill Lane 71
DE5 9QH 10 Hardy Crescent 24
DE5 9QJ 10 Lyndale Drive 40
DE5 9QL 10 Brookvale Avenue 37
DE5 9QN 10 Meadow Avenue 33
DE5 9QP 10 Wood Street 35
DE5 9QQ 10 Colin Avenue 22
DE5 9QR 10 Hillcrest Drive 22
DE5 9QS 10 Glasshouse Hill 32
DE5 9QT 10 Glasshouse Hill 33
DE5 9QU 10 Stirland Street 34
DE5 9QW 10 Codnor Gate 38
DE5 9QX 10 Long Lane 2
DE5 9QY 10 Alfreton Road 52
DE5 9QZ 10 Alfreton Road 29
DE5 9RA 10 Smith Avenue 15
DE5 9RB 10 Holborn View 66
DE5 9RD 10 Gatebrook Close 8
DE5 9RE 10 Market Place 13
DE5 9RF 10 Holborn View 44
DE5 9RG 10 Goose Lane 13
DE5 9RH 10 Nottingham Road 64
DE5 9RJ 10 Daykins Row 3
DE5 9RL 10 Nottingham Road 5
DE5 9RN 10 Jessop Street 59
DE5 9RP 10 Jessop Street 37
DE5 9RQ 10 Wright Street 62
DE5 9RR 10 Needham Street 51
DE5 9RS 10 Field Street 49
DE5 9RT 10 Thomson Drive 29
DE5 9RU 10 Thomson Drive 50
DE5 9RW 10 West Hill 37
DE5 9RX 10 West Hill 29
DE5 9RY 10 Pinewood 16
DE5 9RZ 10 Cross Lane 18
DE5 9SA 10 Field Street 5
DE5 9SB 10 Highfields 27
DE5 9SD 10 Milner Avenue 11
DE5 9SE 10 The Orchard 6
DE5 9SF 10 Heanor Road 25
DE5 9SG 10 Hollywell Avenue 34
DE5 9SH 10 Heanor Road 67
DE5 9SJ 10 Redmoor Close 10
DE5 9SL 10 Station Lane 2
DE5 9SN 10 Codnor Denby Lane 1
DE5 9SP 10 Codnor Denby Lane 1
DE5 9SQ 10 Crosshill 4
DE5 9SR 10 Crosshill 1
DE5 9SS 10 Middleton Avenue 2
DE5 9ST 10 Thomson Walk 4
DE5 9SW 10 Jessop Lodge 4
DE5 9SX 10 Old Gate Close 3
DE5 9SY 10 Market Place 1
DE5 9SZ 10 Codnor Lane 1
DE5 9TA 10 Grove Court 8
DE5 9TB 10 Waingroves Road 51
DE5 9TD 10 Waingroves Road 65
DE5 9TE 10 Church Street 49
DE5 9TF 10 Church Street 61
DE5 9TG 10 Pit Lane 17
DE5 9TH 10 Warren Road 19
DE5 9TJ 10 Queen Street 63
DE5 9TL 10 Jessop Street 28
DE5 9TN 10 Orchard Close 7
DE5 9TP 10 Queensview Drive 35
DE5 9TQ 10 Codnor Denby Lane 1
DE5 9TR 10 Rutland Avenue 10
DE5 9TS 10 Brierley Road 18
DE5 9TT 10 Hesketh Close 12
DE5 9TU 10 Windmill Close 27
DE5 9TW 10 Britannia Avenue 11
DE5 9TX 10 Brierley Court 5
DE5 9TY 10 Dalby Green Close 39
DE5 9TZ 10 Severn Close 12
DE5 9UA 10 Masters View 29
DE5 9UB 10 2023‑10 Wright Street 1
DE5 9YR 10 2018‑10 17 0
DE5 9ZR 10 2018‑10 17 0

Units with street mismatches in this sector:

Unit Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Tagged Street
DE5 9QS 32 Glasshouse␣Hill w64857029 High␣Street
DE5 9QS 32 Glasshouse␣Hill w64857019 High␣Street
DE5 9RE 13 Market␣Place w402205617
DE5 9RG 13 Goose␣Lane w1026023984 Shipstone␣Court
DE5 9RG 13 Goose␣Lane w1026023981 Shipstone␣Court
DE5 9RG 13 Goose␣Lane w1026023983 Shipstone␣Court
DE5 9RG 13 Goose␣Lane n1384549984 Ormonde␣Fields␣Golf␣Course
DE5 9RG 13 Goose␣Lane w1026023982 Shipstone␣Court
DE5 9RJ 3 Daykins␣Row w1025245665
DE5 9RS 49 Field␣Street n9444829523
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