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OSM Postcode Mapping for PA49 7 Postal Sector

The points on the map above are the postcode unit 'centriods' from Code-Point Open, coloured by whether or not there is at least one OSM object with that value in its addr:postcode tag. Click on a point to see the postcode. The numbers in brackets are the number of OSM objects with that postcode. The centroids are the location of the nearest 'delivery point' to the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of all the delivery points within that unit. The OSM data is usually updated once a day at about 10:15 UTC, with data from about 20:30 UTC the previous day.

District Sector Units Geo. Units Mapped %
PA49 7 6 6 2 33.3%

All units within this sector:

Unit Street Name ML Mapped
PA49 7UN 3
PA49 7UR 0
PA49 7UT B8018 1
PA49 7UU 0
PA49 7UX 0
PA49 7UY 0

Units with street mismatches in this sector:

Unit Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Tagged Street
PA49 7UN 3 w447710448
PA49 7UN 3 n845833212
PA49 7UN 3 n4447781728