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OSM Postcode Mapping for S36 7 Postal Sector

The circles on the map above are the postcode unit 'centriods' from Code-Point Open, under the Open Government Licence. The 'centriod' is calculated by taking the average of the coordinates of all the delivery points with that postcode, and then snapping that location to the nearest delivery point in that postcode. The data may be freely used in OpenStreetMap, but please make sure you understand it first. Also please only add postcodes to objects representing addressable entities; do not add the postcode centroids as themslves. Suggested source tag code-point_open

The circles are coloured by whether or not there is at least one OSM object with that value in its addr:postcode tag. Click on a point to see the postcode. The numbers in brackets are the number of OSM objects with that postcode.

The centroids are the location of the nearest 'delivery point' to the arithmetic mean of the coordinates of all the delivery points within that unit. Those points with a codepoint PQI greater than 40 are excluded from the map above. (Higher values are typically not geographically accurate. In particular, PQI=50 is used for new postcodes before the location has been determined. The location given for such postcodes seems to be derived from other existing postcodes with similar units letters, which may not be close to the new postcode.)

The pale blue lines from the circles join each Code-Point Open centroid to the mean coordiantes of all the OSM objects with that postcode. (For ways an relations, the centre of the rectangular bounding box is used at the coordinates for the OSM object.) Long lines may indicate missing or incorrect OSM objects for that postcode. In particular, if all the postcodes in a givne unit are correctly mapped, the circle should be located on the nearest delivery point within that postcode to the other end of the blue line.

The OSM data for the number of objects with each unit comes from Taginfo GB. It is usually updated once a day at about 10:15 UTC, with data from about 20:30 UTC the previous day. (Current data is from 1970‑01‑01 00:00:00 Z.) The data used to compute the OSM mean position comes from the Overpass API and is updated less frequently, usually about once a week. (Current data is from 2024‑05‑13 07:45:00 Z.)

District Sector Units Geo. Units Mapped %
S36 7 74 74 74 100.0%

All units within this sector:

Unit PQI First Seen Last Seen Street Name ML Mapped
S36 7AA 10 Netherfield 22
S36 7AB 10 Netherfield 1
S36 7AD 10 Kings Court 2
S36 7AE 10 Netherfield Farm Close 2
S36 7AF 10 Spicer House Lane 1
S36 7AG 10 Spicer House Lane 1
S36 7AH 10 Barnsley Road 7
S36 7AJ 10 2022‑06 Mews Court 6
S36 7BU 10 Huddersfield Road 3
S36 7BW 10 Old Anna Lane 1
S36 7BX 10 Huddersfield Road 24
S36 7EX 10 Lakeside View 9
S36 7EY 10 Halifax Road 18
S36 7EZ 10 Huddersfield Road 9
S36 7GA 10 Carr Head Lane 4
S36 7GB 10 Carr Lane 3
S36 7GD 10 Cat Hill Lane 2
S36 7GE 10 Coach Gate Lane 15
S36 7GF 10 Huddersfield Road 52
S36 7GG 10 New Row Lane 23
S36 7GH 10 Wellthorne Avenue 26
S36 7GJ 10 Wellthorne Lane 27
S36 7GL 10 Ings Way 51
S36 7GN 10 Summer Ford Croft 5
S36 7GP 10 South View Fold 5
S36 7GQ 10 Rosemead 8
S36 7GR 10 Brown's Edge Road 1
S36 7GS 10 Summerford 13
S36 7GT 10 Ivy Bank Close 65
S36 7GU 10 Ivy Bank Close 1
S36 7HA 10 Barnsley Road 9
S36 7HB 10 Barnsley Road 1
S36 7HD 10 Barnsley Road 13
S36 7HE 10 Barnsley Road 3
S36 7JA 10 Barnsley Road 26
S36 7JB 10 Cat Hill Lane 1
S36 7JD 10 Chappell Road 30
S36 7JE 10 Cooper Lane 17
S36 7JF 10 Crab Tree Hill Lane 1
S36 7JG 10 Firs Lane 1
S36 7JH 10 Greenside 24
S36 7JJ 10 Haigh Lane 21
S36 7JL 10 Barnsley Road 1
S36 7JN 10 Hamper Lane 2
S36 7JP 10 Highfields 33
S36 7JQ 10 Haigh Lane 17
S36 7JR 10 High Royd Lane 1
S36 7JS 10 Skinpit Lane 1
S36 7JT 10 Lower Haigh Head 6
S36 7JU 10 Meadow View 7
S36 7JW 10 The Nook 20
S36 7JX 10 Renald Lane 4
S36 7JY 10 Skinpit Lane 10
S36 7JZ 10 Sycamore Lane 3
S36 7LA 10 The Croft 14
S36 7LB 10 St Johns 5
S36 7LD 10 Chappell Close 9
S36 7LE 10 Cawthorne View 6
S36 7LF 10 Haigh Close 18
S36 7LG 10 Greenside Gardens 8
S36 7LH 10 Hillside Close 8
S36 7LJ 10 Hall Farm Grove 19
S36 7LL 10 Hall Top Mews 2
S36 7LN 10 Lockwood Gardens 27
S36 7LP 10 Swaine Meadows 1
S36 7LT 10 Green Hill Grove 8
S36 7LW 10 Church Lane 3
S36 7LX 10 Church Heights 14
S36 7LY 10 Haigh Head Road 9
S36 7LZ 10 Church Drive 1
S36 7QF 10 Folly Lane 4
S36 7RD 10 Royd Moor Road 12
S36 7WT 10 0
S36 7WU 10 2018‑04 7 0
S36 7WX 10 7 1
S36 7XY 10 7 1
S36 7YX 10 2020‑10 7 0

Units with street mismatches in this sector:

Unit Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Tagged Street
S36 7AH 7 Barnsley␣Road w1172014580 Bridge␣Street
S36 7AH 7 Barnsley␣Road w274782717 Bridge␣Street
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273717633 New␣Road
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273676992 Gunthwaite␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w1072110648 Gunthwaite␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273714907 Broad␣Oak␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273717344 Broad␣Oak␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273676991 Gunthwaite␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w1024325889 Gunthwaite␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273676998 Gunthwaite␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane n10602436191 Broad␣Oak␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w1136772504 Broad␣Oak␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273717340 Broad␣Oak␣Lane
S36 7GE 15 Coach␣Gate␣Lane w273676986 Gunthwaite␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w915145138 Mill␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w277036825 Mill␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w277036827 Mill␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w276990525 High␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w177586165 High␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w459083170 Mill␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w276992833 Spicer␣House␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w277036826 Mill␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w277858303 Horn␣Lane
S36 7GG 23 New␣Row␣Lane w276990548 Mill␣Lane
S36 7WX 1 n9881127486
S36 7XY 1 n9881127488
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