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OSM Street Name Warnings for BN Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the BN Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2020‑07‑07 17:22:02 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
BN1 1AD 16 Ship␣Street n1527329822 J+ Brighton␣Pier␣entrance␣(east␣side)
BN1 1EA 5 North␣Street n4815200259 J+ Prince's␣Place
BN1 1HR 2 Regent␣Arcade n2992145933 J+ East␣Street␣Arcade
BN1 1JS 4 Bartholomew␣Square n7019564634 J+ Market␣Street
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n1515288234 J+ King's␣Road
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches w406599526 J+ King's␣Road␣Arches
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n1515288214 J+ King's␣Road␣Arches
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n5104008626 J+ Kings␣Road␣Archers
BN1 1NE 5 King's␣Road n454158788 J+ Kings␣Road
BN1 1NR 2 Kings␣Road n5793303947 J+ King's␣Road
BN1 1NS 2 Kings␣Road n6208594122 J+ King's␣Road
BN1 1UE 4 Church␣Street w137403347 J+ New␣Road
BN1 1UG 5 New␣Road w142056477 J+ Pavilion␣Buildings
BN1 2EB 10 Western␣Road n1123948686 J+ Western␣Rd
BN1 2FU 3 Kings␣Road n1116588224 J+ King's␣Road
BN1 2HH 4 Kings␣Road n4887677028 J+ King's␣Road
BN1 2HH 4 Kings␣Road n6518506585 J+ King's␣Road
BN1 2LN 2 King's␣Road␣Arches r9045189 J+ Lower␣Kings␣Road
BN1 2PA 3 Norfolk␣Square w97013947 J+ Western␣Road
BN1 2RG 2 Russel␣Place n7242505301 J+ Western␣Road
BN1 3HQ 4 Clifton␣Hill n6758793092 J+ Powis␣Road
BN1 3HQ 4 Clifton␣Hill n6758793093 J+ Powis␣Road
BN1 3XD 4 Queen's␣Road n419697922 J+ Queens␣Road
BN1 3XE 5 Queen's␣Road n6329563161 J+ Queens␣Rd
BN1 3XF 5 Queen's␣Road n599147160 J+ Queens␣Road
BN1 3XF 5 Queen's␣Road n1152974818 J+ Queens␣Road
BN1 3XP 2 Main␣Concourse,␣Brighton␣Station r9222241 J+ Queen's␣Road
BN1 3ZE 9 Queen's␣Road n2496311513 J+ Main␣Concourse,␣Brighton␣Station
BN1 3ZE 9 Queen's␣Road n1173770511 J+ Queens␣Road
BN1 3ZE 9 Queen's␣Road n5981480455 J+ Queens␣Road
BN1 3ZE 9 Queen's␣Road n5981480580 J+ Trafalgar␣Arches
BN1 4AF 4 Gloucester␣Place w138654707 J+ Gloucester␣Road
BN1 4AF 4 Gloucester␣Place n6515018204 J+ Gloucester␣Road
BN1 4EN 23 Sydney␣Street n6238045367 J+ Gloucester␣Road
BN1 4EW 3 Gloucester␣Street n1906842890 J+ Cheapside
BN1 4EW 3 Gloucester␣Street w309218055 J+ Gloucester␣Road
BN1 4GW 4 Circus␣Parade n5053200235 J+ New␣England␣Street
BN1 4GW 4 Circus␣Parade n4892073396 J+ New␣England␣Street
BN1 4GY 4 New␣England␣Street n6515050598 J+ Elder␣Place
BN1 4QJ 4 Beaconsfield␣Road n6742474881 J+ Beaconsfield␣Parade
BN1 6FF 4 Preston␣Drove n340254859 J+ Cleveland␣Road
BN1 6FF 4 Preston␣Drove n7014811900 J+ Cleveland␣Road
BN1 6HN 5 Preston␣Park w160607851 J+ Preston␣Road
BN1 6HN 5 Preston␣Park n20954974 J+ Preston␣Road
BN1 6LD 8 Preston␣Drove n7051973244 J+ Knoyle␣Road
BN1 8TA 2 Ladies'␣Mile␣Road n1629389857 J+ Ladies␣Mile␣Road
BN1 8XR 3 Old␣London␣Road w455543492 J+ 7␣Old␣London␣Road
BN1 8YJ 3 Devil's␣Dyke␣Road w292660849 J+ Devils␣Dyke␣Road
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w386663555 J+ Northfield␣Lane
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w821176008 J+ Northfield␣Lane
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w821176012 J+ Northfield␣Lane
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w248254079 J+ Northfield␣Lane
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent n7058077380 J+ Northfield␣Lane
BN2 1ED 2 St.␣Georges␣Road w308662860 J+ St␣George's␣Road
BN2 1EF 8 St.␣Georges␣Road n3328275467 J+ Eastern␣Road
BN2 1EF 8 St.␣Georges␣Road n2425781211 J+ St␣Georges␣Road
BN2 1EF 8 St.␣Georges␣Road n2425787603 J+ St␣Georges␣Road
BN2 1EF 8 St.␣Georges␣Road w234321326 J+ St␣Georges␣Road
BN2 1EF 8 St.␣Georges␣Road n2425794913 J+ St␣Georges␣Road
BN2 1JN 4 Upper␣St␣James␣Street n6603689922 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1JN 4 Upper␣St␣James␣Street n6603689920 J+ Upper␣St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1JN 4 Upper␣St␣James␣Street w137308072 J+ upper␣st␣james␣street
BN2 1RG 5 St␣James's␣Street n1115941550 J+ St.␣James␣Street
BN2 1RG 5 St␣James's␣Street n6648426085 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1TB 2 Madeira␣Drive n90634730 J+ Marine␣Parade
BN2 1TH 12 St␣James's␣Street n6415802650 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1TH 12 St␣James's␣Street n2428578307 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1TH 12 St␣James's␣Street n4469765489 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1TH 12 St␣James's␣Street n2428572778 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1TP 6 St␣James's␣Street w137685574 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 1TP 6 St␣James's␣Street w137685576 J+ St.␣James's␣Street
BN2 4FF 4 Upper␣Bevendean␣Avenue n4061881506 J+ Lower␣Bevendean␣Avenue
BN2 4NQ 11 Hogs␣Edge w608967542 J+ Norwich␣Drive
BN2 5UT 8 Brighton␣Marina␣Village w184454670 J+ Brighton␣Marina
BN2 5UT 8 Brighton␣Marina␣Village w61636592 J+ Park␣Square
BN2 5UT 8 Brighton␣Marina␣Village w234578345 J+ Park␣Square
BN2 5UT 8 Brighton␣Marina␣Village n764901582 J+ Waterfront
BN2 5WA 15 Waterfront n6423732496 J+ Watrerfront
BN3 2AF 2 Church␣Road n6495639045 J+ Dyke␣Road
BN3 4EH 6 Station␣Road w235871970 J+ Boundary␣Road
BN6 8TS 3 West␣Street w430233723 J+ Lodge␣Hill␣Lane
BN6 9HE 9 Jobs␣Lane w798177452 J+ Bolney␣Grange␣Industrial␣Park
BN8 4EN 14 Beresford␣Lane w818889049 J+ South␣Road
BN8 4LA 23 The␣Green w451961933 J+ Bullsfield␣Cottages
BN8 4LF 13 Western␣Road w624032602 J+ Hunters␣View
BN8 4LF 13 Western␣Road w624032603 J+ Hunters␣View
BN8 4LF 13 Western␣Road w624032601 J+ Hunters␣View
BN8 4NB 26 Allington␣Road w447262585 J+ 63␣Allington␣Road
BN8 5DN 4 School␣Path w455543202 J+ Barcombe␣Cross
BN9 0AG 7 The␣Drove w96658990 J+ The␣Drove␣Retail␣Park
BN10 8BB 4 Meridian␣Way w442572229 J+ Greenwich␣Way
BN12 4QY 8 Woods␣Way w638447845 J+ Mulberry␣Close
BN17 6EF 11 Cornwall␣Road w677306624 J+ Cornwall␣Gardens
BN17 6EF 11 Cornwall␣Road w677306627 J+ Cornwall␣Gardens
BN17 6EF 11 Cornwall␣Road w677306629 J+ Cornwall␣Gardens
BN17 7JH 2 Wick␣Street w443847408 J+ Wick␣St
BN18 9LT 3 Station␣Road w178446672 J+ Amberley␣Chalk␣Pits␣Museum
BN20 9PL 6 Orchard␣Parade n4931562986 J+ Coppice␣Avenue
BN21 2UF 2 Cross␣Levels␣Way w43201958 J+ King's␣Drive
BN21 3AD 3 Lower␣Grand␣Parade w530970540 J+ Grand␣Parade
BN21 3AD 3 Lower␣Grand␣Parade w577296463 J+ Lower␣Promenade
BN21 3NW 4 The␣Arndale␣Centre w573319854 J+ Arndale␣Centre
BN21 3NW 4 The␣Arndale␣Centre w573315287 J+ Terminus␣Road
BN21 3QJ 4 Terminus␣Road w248872047 J+ Ashford␣Road
BN21 3QJ 4 Terminus␣Road w248872038 J+ Upperton␣Road
BN22 7NR 2 Carlton␣Road w709720100 J+ Seaside
BN23 6QD 8 Lottbridge␣Drove w683865128 J+ Admiral␣Retail␣park
BN26 6QL 3 Hailsham␣Road w487028120 J+ Polegate
BN27 3RN 2 Deanland␣Road w499456227 J+ Deanland␣Wood␣Park
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux w550892677 J+ The␣Ridgeway
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux w550892671 J+ The␣Ridgeway
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux w550892678 J+ The␣Ridgeway
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux w550892673 J+ The␣Ridgeway
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux w550892675 J+ The␣Ridgeway
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux w550892669 J+ The␣Ridgeway
BN41 1XD 2 Victoria␣Road w235954830 J+ Trafalgar␣Road
BN43 6BA 2 Upper␣Shoreham␣Road w299451468 J+ Buckingham␣Park
BN44 3DD 2 Wiston n4895442511 J+ Washington␣Road

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches w406602063 J+
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n90615738 J+
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n1515288220 J+
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n90615739 J+
BN1 1NB 12 Kings␣Road␣Arches n1515288223 J+
BN1 1UN 17 Gardner␣Street n7236941507 J+
BN1 1UN 17 Gardner␣Street n7236941509 J+
BN1 2FG 3 Regency␣Square w137725591 J+
BN1 2PA 3 Norfolk␣Square n1341008041 J+
BN1 3XP 2 Main␣Concourse,␣Brighton␣Station n20947173 J+
BN1 4EN 23 Sydney␣Street w138143337 J+
BN1 4EN 23 Sydney␣Street w138143377 J+
BN1 4GU 22 York␣Place w204390151 J+
BN1 6AE 5 Preston␣Road n7014857447 J+
BN1 8YQ 2 London␣Road n4350174487 J+
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w253249152 J+
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w248267663 J+
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w253249131 J+
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w253249148 J+
BN1 9BJ 22 Northfield␣Crescent w247637746 J+
BN1 9QA 2 Stanmer␣Park w150113641 J+
BN1 9RW 2 Refectory␣Rd w103420016 J+
BN2 1NF 5 Rock␣Street n2917536350 J+
BN2 1RF 11 St␣James's␣Street w137826130 J+
BN2 1RF 11 St␣James's␣Street w137826132 J+
BN2 4AE 2 Lewes␣Road w242207664 J+
BN2 4GB 5 The␣Highway n1168747817 J+
BN2 5UT 8 Brighton␣Marina␣Village w61636523 J+
BN2 5UT 8 Brighton␣Marina␣Village w236173126 J+
BN2 5WA 15 Waterfront n6425341315 J+
BN2 7HR 6 High␣Street n82742522 J+
BN3 4EH 6 Station␣Road w238648028 J+
BN3 4EH 6 Station␣Road w237859760 J+
BN3 4EH 6 Station␣Road w235871986 J+
BN3 4EH 6 Station␣Road w237859761 J+
BN3 5RA 4 Lion␣Mews w236785269 J+
BN6 8TT 4 Lewes␣Road w332438278 J+
BN7 3DF 3 Station␣Road w821220962 J+
BN7 3DF 3 Station␣Road w821220963 J+
BN8 4BE 3 South␣Street w524032560 J+
BN8 4BE 3 South␣Street w524032562 J+
BN8 4BG 3 South␣Street w762825999 J+
BN8 4BG 3 South␣Street w762825998 J+
BN8 4RS 3 Ridgelands␣Lane w762466389 J+
BN8 4RS 3 Ridgelands␣Lane n7124326684 J+
BN8 4TD 3 Town␣Littleworth␣Road w767700618 J+
BN8 4TD 3 Town␣Littleworth␣Road n7167720683 J+
BN8 5QX 3 Springett␣Avenue w256770768 J+
BN8 6AE 25 Juziers␣Drive w672363721 J+
BN8 6AG 6 Carriers␣Way w671776542 J+
BN8 6DR 5 High␣Street w671776467 J+
BN8 6DR 5 High␣Street w671776468 J+
BN8 6DR 5 High␣Street w671776446 J+
BN8 6DR 5 High␣Street w671776463 J+
BN8 6DS 37 South␣Street w671776561 J+
BN8 6DS 37 South␣Street w671776562 J+
BN8 6DS 37 South␣Street w671776563 J+
BN8 6EG 23 Rectory␣Close w671612736 J+
BN10 8BB 4 Meridian␣Way n1881018438 J+
BN12 4QY 8 Woods␣Way w638447844 J+
BN13 3PB 5 New␣Road n2151538625 J+
BN15 0BU 2 White␣Styles␣Road n5260242450 J+
BN18 0SB 2 Arundel␣Road w156082388 J+
BN18 9AA 2 High␣Street n4931535069 J+
BN20 9PL 6 Orchard␣Parade n4931563002 J+
BN21 3NW 4 The␣Arndale␣Centre w22873493 J+
BN21 3NW 4 The␣Arndale␣Centre n4771436190 J+
BN23 6JH 2 Pevensey␣Bay␣Road n7508768037 J+
BN27 4PQ 27 Herstmonceux n5320400626 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
BN1 3PJ 1 n7125561386 J+
BN1 4QS 1 n6745675389 J+
BN1 4ZB 1 w178526224 J+
BN1 8YH 1 w210374427 J+
BN1 9PU 1 n7014753061 J+
BN1 9QP 1 r3347637 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420012 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w151548448 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010099 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010116 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010129 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w248257650 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010095 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010113 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010126 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w248254347 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010092 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010109 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010123 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420043 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010089 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010106 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010120 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420030 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010103 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420018 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010100 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010117 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010130 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w151548444 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w248258094 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010096 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010114 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010127 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w248254858 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010093 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010110 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010124 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420047 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010090 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010107 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010121 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420032 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010104 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010118 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420022 J+
BN1 9RH 61 n5717967426 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010101 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420010 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w151548446 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010097 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010115 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010128 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w248254874 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010094 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010112 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010125 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103649001 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010091 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010108 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010122 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420035 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010088 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010105 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010119 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103420028 J+
BN1 9RH 61 w103010102 J+
BN1 9SB 1 w105506314 J+
BN2 4TS 1 w374795643 J+
BN2 5UF 1 n87342618 J+
BN2 8FB 1 n1168747699 J+
BN3 6GT 1 w555211554 J+
BN5 9DP 1 n3415976021 J+
BN5 9QB 1 w554709565 J+
BN6 8JD 1 n14607028 J+
BN6 8ND 1 w608102022 J+
BN6 8RY 1 w157085500 J+
BN6 8TP 1 n3810248180 J+
BN6 9JS 1 r4669423 J+
BN6 9PH 1 w610735800 J+
BN7 2AH 1 n401671459 J+
BN7 2FS 1 n4473265488 J+
BN7 2PA 1 w97838821 J+
BN7 3QE 2 n7142976615 J+
BN7 3QE 2 w764607855 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159416 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159413 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159409 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159417 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159414 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159410 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159415 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159411 J+
BN8 4AD 9 w763159408 J+
BN8 4AN 3 w763159370 J+
BN8 4AN 3 w763159371 J+
BN8 4AN 3 w763159369 J+
BN8 4AR 2 w763159333 J+
BN8 4AR 2 w763159366 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159343 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159340 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159344 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159341 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159334 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159342 J+
BN8 4AT 7 w763159336 J+
BN8 4BB 1 w762826011 J+
BN8 4BD 1 n558888943 J+
BN8 4BH 1 w762826016 J+
BN8 4BJ 1 w762826018 J+
BN8 4BQ 1 w524032567 J+
BN8 4BU 6 w762825983 J+
BN8 4BU 6 w762826008 J+
BN8 4BU 6 w762825984 J+
BN8 4BU 6 w762826009 J+
BN8 4BU 6 w762825985 J+
BN8 4BU 6 w762826007 J+
BN8 4DH 1 w481269665 J+
BN8 4FD 1 n6399929979 J+
BN8 4JH 1 n6980014085 J+
BN8 4QD 7 w763328155 J+
BN8 4QD 7 n7132817829 J+
BN8 4QD 7 w763328160 J+
BN8 4QD 7 w763328156 J+
BN8 4QD 7 w763328163 J+
BN8 4QD 7 w763328157 J+
BN8 4QD 7 w763328154 J+
BN8 4QF 1 w763328159 J+
BN8 4QJ 1 w635674223 J+
BN8 4QP 1 w481288681 J+
BN8 4QQ 0 w23886198 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w762201104 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w762201105 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w762201097 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w624799731 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w762201106 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w762201102 J+
BN8 4RD 7 w624799733 J+
BN8 4RH 1 w762201125 J+
BN8 4RJ 2 w762201110 J+
BN8 4RJ 2 w762201113 J+
BN8 4RL 4 w762201118 J+
BN8 4RL 4 w762201119 J+
BN8 4RL 4 n7121826572 J+
BN8 4RL 4 w762201116 J+
BN8 4SJ 2 w764589817 J+
BN8 4SJ 2 w764589818 J+
BN8 4SL 1 w764589770 J+
BN8 4SS 1 w763142127 J+
BN8 4ST 1 w764589826 J+
BN8 4TA 1 w764589792 J+
BN8 5BG 3 w758900446 J+
BN8 5BG 3 w758900447 J+
BN8 5BG 3 w758900448 J+
BN8 5BQ 2 w758900441 J+
BN8 5BQ 2 w758900442 J+
BN8 5BS 1 w758068078 J+
BN8 5BT 3 w757527530 J+
BN8 5BT 3 w757527534 J+
BN8 5BT 3 w757527538 J+
BN8 5BU 1 w757527557 J+
BN8 5BY 1 n7078472850 J+
BN8 5DR 2 w758900561 J+
BN8 5DR 2 w758900562 J+
BN8 5DS 1 w758900571 J+
BN8 5FH 1 n7078434734 J+
BN8 5FT 1 w759808993 J+
BN8 5QN 1 w34599724 J+
BN8 5RJ 1 w756053664 J+
BN8 5TA 1 w759434486 J+
BN8 5TB 3 w760206537 J+
BN8 5TB 3 w760206540 J+
BN8 5TB 3 w760206536 J+
BN8 5TD 5 w760206546 J+
BN8 5TD 5 w760206548 J+
BN8 5TD 5 w760206535 J+
BN8 5TD 5 w760206550 J+
BN8 5TD 5 w760206545 J+
BN8 5TE 2 n7093787936 J+
BN8 5TE 2 w759434515 J+
BN8 5TF 1 w759434506 J+
BN8 5TJ 6 w760206553 J+
BN8 5TJ 6 w760206560 J+
BN8 5TJ 6 w760206554 J+
BN8 5TJ 6 w760206558 J+
BN8 5TJ 6 w759808987 J+
BN8 5TJ 6 w760206559 J+
BN8 5TL 2 w758900427 J+
BN8 5TL 2 w758900426 J+
BN8 5UU 1 n4955443502 J+
BN8 6BY 1 w222892524 J+
BN8 6DL 5 w671786365 J+
BN8 6DL 5 w671786362 J+
BN8 6DL 5 w671786363 J+
BN8 6DL 5 w671786364 J+
BN8 6DL 5 w671786361 J+
BN8 6DP 3 w671786357 J+
BN8 6DP 3 w671786358 J+
BN8 6DP 3 w671786359 J+
BN8 6JA 1 w469762520 J+
BN8 6JL 1 w203775403 J+
BN8 6JS 1 w297458524 J+
BN8 6LP 1 w195409407 J+
BN8 6NY 1 n347350973 J+
BN8 6QA 1 n5086383760 J+
BN8 6QB 4 w671776452 J+
BN8 6QB 4 w671776453 J+
BN8 6QB 4 w671776454 J+
BN8 6QB 4 w671776451 J+
BN8 6QE 5 w671786351 J+
BN8 6QE 5 w671786352 J+
BN8 6QE 5 w671786349 J+
BN8 6QE 5 w671786353 J+
BN8 6QE 5 w671786350 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786374 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786371 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786368 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786372 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786369 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786366 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786373 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786370 J+
BN8 6QF 9 w671786367 J+
BN8 6QH 1 w671786338 J+
BN8 6SX 1 w491219900 J+
BN10 8XH 1 w105026382 J+
BN11 4SS 1 n4229036468 J+
BN12 5NE 1 w318987604 J+
BN14 0RQ 1 n380889130 J+
BN16 2JG 1 w667040496 J+
BN16 3NS 1 w465921922 J+
BN16 3PW 1 w92721980 J+
BN16 3SW 1 w92721987 J+
BN17 6LE 1 w471432118 J+
BN17 7QQ 1 w219207380 J+
BN18 0BD 1 w744482951 J+
BN18 0HG 1 w544563212 J+
BN18 0SX 1 w158717714 J+
BN18 9AB 1 r1118816 J+
BN18 9DN 1 n27005259 J+
BN18 9LZ 1 w346088250 J+
BN18 9PA 1 n4267024081 J+
BN21 3SE 1 w822219087 J+
BN23 6FB 1 w684309006 J+
BN26 5QB 1 n4931575272 J+
BN26 5TN 2 w106289153 J+
BN26 5TN 2 w106289147 J+
BN26 5TU 1 n5834086432 J+
BN26 6SP 1 w402122817 J+
BN26 6TN 1 w185598186 J+
BN27 2AU 1 w294011786 J+
BN27 2AY 1 w30272755 J+
BN27 4AJ 1 n4771436181 J+
BN27 4RZ 1 w482803385 J+
BN43 5LD 1 n352783561 J+
BN44 3DZ 1 w44109437 J+
BN44 3WB 1 n290606707 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Street Name M?
BN3 5RA 4 Lion␣Mews w4241516 Lion␣Mews
BN13 3FP 34 Sunflower␣Street w515589838 Sunflower␣Street
BN13 3FP 34 Sunflower␣Street w517558452 <no name> *
BN13 3GH 3 Alameda␣Walk w662306093 Alameda␣Walk
BN22 8ES 3 Firle␣Road n992933117 Dursley␣Road *

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
BN9 0PJ 1 Avis␣Parade␣Shops,␣Old␣Avis␣Road
BN25 4AB 1 Exceat␣Bridge,␣Eastbourne␣Road
BN9 9DN 1 Fort␣Gate,␣Fort␣Road
BN44 3AL 1 Horsebridge␣Common,␣Horsebridge␣Cottages
BN1 3XP 2 Main␣Concourse,␣Brighton␣Station
BN6 8QA 1 Orion␣Parade,␣Keymer␣Road
BN10 7PE 1 Rowe␣Avenue,␣Peacehaven
BN1 9PZ 2 Stanmer␣Village,␣Stanmer␣Park
BN16 3DR 1 Sterling␣Parade,␣The␣Street
BN1 5FQ 2 The␣Parade,␣Valley␣Drive

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
BN2 0AF 1 17␣Walpole␣Road
BN1 4QL 1 25␣Ditchling␣Rise
BN27 3LZ 1 Hailsham␣Bypass␣A22

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St)(\.? |$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
BN17 7QH 1 Church␣Rd
BN1 9RW 2 Refectory␣Rd
BN2 1JN 4 Upper␣St␣James␣Street

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

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