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OSM Street Name Warnings for HA Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the HA Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2022‑12‑01 09:48:37 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
HA1 3AB 6 Grove␣Hill␣Road w264221685 J+ Tyburn␣Lane
HA1 3EP 17 Wellington␣Terrace w183351585 J+ Welldon␣Crescent
HA2 0AH 2 Shaftesbury␣Circle n392184144 J+ Shaftesbury␣Avenue
HA2 0AJ 6 Shaftesbury␣Circle n392184134 J+ Shaftesbury␣Avenue
HA2 0AJ 6 Shaftesbury␣Circle n392184132 J+ Shaftesbury␣Avenue
HA2 0AT 2 Shaftesbury␣Circle n537997626 J+ Shaftesbury␣Avenue
HA2 8HE 5 Alexandra␣Parade n1974093261 J+ Northolt␣Road
HA2 8HB 5 Northolt␣Road n2581381768 J+ Station␣Parade
HA2 9DL 2 Alexandra␣Avenue w1066691074 J+ Eastcote␣Lane
HA3 6LE 3 Long␣Elmes w450841362 J+ Headstone␣Lane
HA4 0EG 3 Victoria␣Road w213880553 J+ West␣Mead
HA4 7DY 2 Ickenham␣Road n9792692949 J+ Station␣Yard
HA4 8BD 3 Eastcote␣Road w232703624 J+ St␣Martins␣Approach
HA4 9EE 5 Whitby␣Road w624512472 J+ Oxford␣Drive
HA5 3LA 2 Waxwell␣Lane n2355855721 J+ Elm␣Park␣Road
HA5 4JR 12 Uxbridge␣Road w628662156 J+ Cornwall␣Road
HA5 4HP 8 Uxbridge␣Road w628410632 J+ The␣Broadway
HA5 4HP 8 Uxbridge␣Road w628410640 J+ The␣Broadway
HA5 4HP 8 Uxbridge␣Road w628410624 J+ The␣Broadway
HA5 4JR 12 Uxbridge␣Road w609888854 J+ The␣Broadway
HA5 4JS 8 Uxbridge␣Road w609888802 J+ The␣Broadway
HA6 1BP 2 Pinner␣Road n7388890561 J+ High␣Street
HA9 0NP 2 Olympic␣Way n3914624972 J+ Exhibition␣Way
HA9 0YJ 2 Fifth␣Way w542239012 J+ Second␣Way
HA9 0EW 3 Empire␣Way n687467267 J+ Stadium␣Way
HA9 0TG 33 Wembley␣Park␣Boulevard n2629967072 J+ Wembley␣park␣boulevard
HA9 0TG 33 Wembley␣Park␣Boulevard n2629987579 J+ wembley␣park␣boulevard
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w248749056 J+ High␣Road
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w248749064 J+ High␣Road
HA9 9JS 3 Forty␣Avenue,␣Grand␣Parade n8791588697 J+ Forty␣Lane
HA9 9JS 3 Forty␣Avenue,␣Grand␣Parade n8791560752 J+ Grand␣Parade

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
HA1 1HS 4 St␣Anns␣Road n2569539942 J+
HA1 1HS 4 St␣Anns␣Road n2569539943 J+
HA1 2BW 3 Kenton␣Road w229646521 J+
HA1 2DX 3 Station␣Road n2482653911 J+
HA1 3HE 5 Grove␣Hill w208127180 J+
HA1 3BE 4 Roxborough␣Park w29333604 J+
HA1 3BE 4 Roxborough␣Park n312915341 J+
HA1 3EP 17 Wellington␣Terrace w332766399 J+
HA1 3EP 17 Wellington␣Terrace w332766397 J+
HA1 3EP 17 Wellington␣Terrace w183351591 J+
HA1 3EP 17 Wellington␣Terrace w332766398 J+
HA1 3EF 3 West␣Street w232801437 J+
HA1 3EF 3 West␣Street w149221625 J+
HA1 3EL 22 West␣Street w183351583 J+
HA1 3EL 22 West␣Street w180765908 J+
HA2 0EG 4 Northolt␣Road n1488718647 J+
HA2 0HU 4 Waldron␣Road w183351579 J+
HA2 0HU 4 Waldron␣Road w56739854 J+
HA2 0HU 4 Waldron␣Road w183351576 J+
HA3 5DL 14 High␣Street w243010934 J+
HA3 5DL 14 High␣Street w243229710 J+
HA3 5DQ 16 High␣Street w243229714 J+
HA3 5DQ 16 High␣Street w243229718 J+
HA3 5DQ 16 High␣Street w243229711 J+
HA3 6LE 3 Long␣Elmes n773334574 J+
HA3 7AH 9 High␣Street w243002758 J+
HA3 7AL 11 High␣Street w243007250 J+
HA3 7AL 11 High␣Street w243007251 J+
HA3 8LU 2 Kenmore␣Avenue w45942818 J+
HA4 0UP 28 Barnstaple␣Road w95304554 J+
HA4 0UP 28 Barnstaple␣Road w95304255 J+
HA4 0EJ 14 Braintree␣Road w187987893 J+
HA4 0EJ 14 Braintree␣Road w187987837 J+
HA4 0EE 17 Bridgwater␣Road w188090874 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692795 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692818 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692813 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692803 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692798 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692792 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692819 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692815 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692809 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692799 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692793 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692821 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692817 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692811 J+
HA4 0HL 19 Long␣Drive w101692800 J+
HA4 0ER 10 Manningtree␣Road w187987867 J+
HA4 0ER 10 Manningtree␣Road w187987804 J+
HA4 0ER 10 Manningtree␣Road w187987873 J+
HA4 0ER 10 Manningtree␣Road w187987892 J+
HA4 0ES 15 Manningtree␣Road w187987894 J+
HA4 0ES 15 Manningtree␣Road w187987824 J+
HA4 0ES 15 Manningtree␣Road w187987779 J+
HA4 0SE 12 The␣Croft w99298807 J+
HA4 0SG 16 The␣Vale w996139141 J+
HA4 0DR 9 Victoria␣Road w221075422 J+
HA4 0EG 3 Victoria␣Road w97897971 J+
HA4 0TN 13 West␣Mead w97897978 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871604 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782430050 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871608 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871605 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871602 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782430048 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871609 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871606 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871603 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782430049 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871610 J+
HA4 7ES 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9782871607 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157150 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157147 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157144 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157141 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157151 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157148 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157145 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157142 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157152 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157149 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157146 J+
HA4 7ET 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783157143 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376883 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376880 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376877 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376874 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376884 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376881 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376878 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376875 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376882 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376879 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376876 J+
HA4 7EU 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376873 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376886 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376896 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376893 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376890 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376887 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376894 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376891 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376888 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376885 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376895 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376892 J+
HA4 7EX 13 Bembridge␣Gardens n9783376889 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9789343395 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9788824141 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9789343399 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9788827389 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9788784213 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9789343402 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9789343394 J+
HA4 7DN 12 Ickenham␣Road n9788824137 J+
HA4 9PQ 3 Field␣End␣Road w26214649 J+
HA5 1TS 2 Cannonbury␣Avenue w11842312 J+
HA5 1QL 4 Field␣End␣Road n1319513723 J+
HA5 1RJ 2 Field␣End␣Road n1319497235 J+
HA5 5PB 2 Marsh␣Road n1312678804 J+
HA6 2HJ 2 Main␣Avenue n773351852 J+
HA6 2RH 2 Rickmansworth␣Road w280888939 J+
HA8 7AU 4 Station␣Road n3559489374 J+
HA9 0EW 3 Empire␣Way n2256219332 J+
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w248749053 J+
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w248749057 J+
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w80154117 J+
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w248749072 J+
HA9 6AA 20 High␣Road␣Wembley w248749052 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
HA0 1DP 1 w5216490 J+
HA0 3EY 1 w80227555 J+
HA0 3NT 1 w10523361 J+
HA0 3SF 1 w10523168 J+
HA0 4AU 1 w259376256 J+
HA0 4HH 1 w10440077 J+
HA0 4JE 1 w10507126 J+
HA0 4RQ 1 w10507358 J+
HA1 1DR 1 w255248363 J+
HA1 1LG 1 n2609621294 J+
HA1 1QQ 1 w29408456 J+
HA1 1UJ 1 w32623046 J+
HA1 2JG 1 w45942306 J+
HA1 2XY 1 r1757437 J+
HA1 3DN 6 w183356198 J+
HA1 3DN 6 w183356195 J+
HA1 3DN 6 w183356199 J+
HA1 3DN 6 w183356196 J+
HA1 3DN 6 w183356197 J+
HA1 3DN 6 w183356194 J+
HA1 3DY 1 w229466309 J+
HA1 3EJ 3 w149221623 J+
HA1 3EJ 3 w149221608 J+
HA1 3EJ 3 w149221611 J+
HA1 3HN 1 w29300244 J+
HA1 3HR 1 w135659852 J+
HA1 3HX 1 w80230975 J+
HA1 3LS 1 w149221656 J+
HA1 3NG 1 w229290476 J+
HA1 3NU 1 w80236405 J+
HA1 3YR 1 w229289042 J+
HA1 4EP 1 n5501128925 J+
HA1 4FS 1 n2210710413 J+
HA2 0HN 1 w34255195 J+
HA2 0HS 3 w34255646 J+
HA2 0HS 3 w34255647 J+
HA2 0HS 3 w34255645 J+
HA2 0JA 1 w80230986 J+
HA2 6PX 1 w559262652 J+
HA2 8AU 2 n2914541311 J+
HA2 8AU 2 n3307141938 J+
HA2 8LS 1 w230025678 J+
HA2 9DX 1 w667704604 J+
HA2 9JU 1 w667704603 J+
HA3 0UH 1 w9823304 J+
HA3 7AY 1 w429486228 J+
HA3 8NT 2 w186972125 J+
HA3 8NT 2 w570793497 J+
HA3 9JA 1 w45932159 J+
HA3 9NS 1 w45932241 J+
HA4 0BY 1 w24551236 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692814 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692807 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692802 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692794 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692808 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692804 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692796 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692810 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692806 J+
HA4 0HN 10 w101692801 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805252 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805249 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99776050 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805241 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805256 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805283 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805299 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805294 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805251 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805276 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805248 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805269 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805244 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805264 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805288 J+
HA4 0HP 16 w99805258 J+
HA4 0HR 6 w99805278 J+
HA4 0HR 6 w99805289 J+
HA4 0HR 6 w99805275 J+
HA4 0HR 6 w99805257 J+
HA4 0HR 6 w99805284 J+
HA4 0HR 6 w99805280 J+
HA4 0HW 2 w99805245 J+
HA4 0HW 2 w99805297 J+
HA4 0NL 2 w188089038 J+
HA4 0NL 2 w188088998 J+
HA4 0NP 2 w110200312 J+
HA4 0NP 2 w110200296 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780304 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780313 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780286 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780310 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780302 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780314 J+
HA4 0NR 7 w120780303 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780300 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780320 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780296 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780290 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780305 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780321 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780298 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780318 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780293 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780287 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780311 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780307 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780322 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780299 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780319 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780315 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780289 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780312 J+
HA4 0NS 19 w120780308 J+
HA4 0RT 3 w99776030 J+
HA4 0RT 3 w99776045 J+
HA4 0RT 3 w99776063 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776057 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776053 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776044 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776040 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776062 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776042 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776038 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776033 J+
HA4 0RU 9 w99776043 J+
HA4 0RX 2 w99776059 J+
HA4 0RX 2 w99776039 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776036 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776058 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776032 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776055 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776051 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776056 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776029 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776052 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776049 J+
HA4 0RY 10 w99776060 J+
HA4 0SA 1 w99776034 J+
HA4 0SD 4 w99298701 J+
HA4 0SD 4 w99298733 J+
HA4 0SD 4 w99298742 J+
HA4 0SD 4 w996139142 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088956 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088996 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089018 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089013 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088986 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089009 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088981 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089006 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089032 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088971 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089001 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089027 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088957 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089020 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089014 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088987 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089010 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088982 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089007 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089035 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088977 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089003 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089029 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088958 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089022 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088994 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089015 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089011 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089040 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088984 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089008 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089037 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188088979 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089005 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089031 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089000 J+
HA4 0SH 37 w188089024 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805298 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805273 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805293 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805267 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805261 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805286 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805253 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805279 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805250 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805247 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805268 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805290 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805243 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805263 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805287 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805254 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805300 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805292 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805240 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805285 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805255 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805282 J+
HA4 0SP 23 w99805302 J+
HA4 0SR 2 w99750785 J+
HA4 0SR 2 w99750823 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188088989 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188089044 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188088990 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188089039 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188088999 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188088988 J+
HA4 0SW 7 w188088960 J+
HA4 6PD 1 w25346495 J+
HA4 6QE 2 w38004465 J+
HA4 6QE 2 w38004464 J+
HA4 6UJ 1 r11538952 J+
HA4 8EE 1 w166164838 J+
HA4 8QG 1 w43914544 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200291 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780339 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780329 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w111220522 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200304 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200297 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200292 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780340 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780331 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200313 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w111220523 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200308 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200299 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w111220517 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200295 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780341 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200283 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780336 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780326 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200311 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w111220521 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110200301 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w111220518 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w111220531 J+
HA4 9DY 25 w110780342 J+
HA4 9EA 5 w111220519 J+
HA4 9EA 5 w111220516 J+
HA4 9EA 5 w111220529 J+
HA4 9EA 5 w111220530 J+
HA4 9EA 5 w111220527 J+
HA4 9EB 6 w111220528 J+
HA4 9EB 6 w111220525 J+
HA4 9EB 6 w111220526 J+
HA4 9EB 6 w111220520 J+
HA4 9EB 6 n256343473 J+
HA4 9EB 6 w111220524 J+
HA4 9HJ 4 w153201838 J+
HA4 9HJ 4 w153201871 J+
HA4 9HJ 4 w153201834 J+
HA4 9HJ 4 w153201880 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201869 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201833 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201863 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201859 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201855 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201839 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201864 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201860 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201857 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201849 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201840 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201837 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201831 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201853 J+
HA4 9HL 15 w153201842 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201843 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201889 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201893 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201865 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201861 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201858 J+
HA4 9HN 7 w153201887 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294716 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294712 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294707 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294702 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294730 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294726 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294703 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294732 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294688 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294715 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294711 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294735 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294699 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294729 J+
HA4 9HP 15 w122294689 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908614 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908590 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908631 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908623 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908601 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908588 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908632 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908626 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908605 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908589 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908634 J+
HA4 9HQ 12 w122908628 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294685 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294737 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294690 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294686 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294717 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294713 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294709 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294695 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294727 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294719 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294705 J+
HA4 9HR 12 w122294722 J+
HA4 9HS 1 w23860648 J+
HA4 9HT 2 w120780316 J+
HA4 9HT 2 w120780295 J+
HA4 9SF 1 w24038541 J+
HA5 1AF 1 w623114318 J+
HA5 1HR 1 n773351704 J+
HA5 1NB 1 w838219197 J+
HA5 2DR 1 w45696265 J+
HA5 2LX 1 w79405110 J+
HA5 4AH 1 n582235622 J+
HA5 4QE 1 w33522329 J+
HA6 1LW 1 n773351843 J+
HA6 2HT 1 w164191278 J+
HA6 2RB 1 w455566791 J+
HA6 2UW 1 w524375396 J+
HA6 3AS 1 w214869139 J+
HA7 1BT 1 w325101398 J+
HA7 1PL 2 w92967044 J+
HA7 1PL 2 w508226420 J+
HA7 2PJ 1 w92967034 J+
HA7 3FD 1 w110154130 J+
HA7 3JW 1 w94703763 J+
HA7 4BQ 1 w92966955 J+
HA7 4LQ 1 w222398693 J+
HA7 4LR 1 w35443476 J+
HA8 0BE 1 n5762034731 J+
HA8 5QL 1 w87096536 J+
HA8 6AN 1 w45953182 J+
HA8 6RH 1 w374710668 J+
HA8 7AA 1 n5224761621 J+
HA8 8AE 1 n411306127 J+
HA8 8DE 1 w40798001 J+
HA8 8JP 1 w11846595 J+
HA8 8TB 1 n1063798967 J+
HA8 9AB 1 w583439773 J+
HA8 9HQ 1 w45729589 J+
HA8 9YA 1 w596339168 J+
HA9 6HT 1 w181873940 J+
HA9 7AJ 1 w258988486 J+
HA9 7DU 1 w10440056 J+
HA9 8RJ 1 w9820623 J+
HA9 9JR 1 w235828702 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

No such streets found in this area.

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
HA3 8DQ 1 19,␣Kenton␣Park␣Parade,␣Kenton,␣Harrow
HA9 8NE 2 Carlton␣Parade,␣Preston␣Road
HA9 9JS 3 Forty␣Avenue,␣Grand␣Parade
HA5 5DY 1 Rayners␣Lane,␣Pinner

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
HA3 8DQ 1 19,␣Kenton␣Park␣Parade,␣Kenton,␣Harrow
HA1 1SH 1 21␣Hindes␣Road
HA2 0HW 1 25␣Middle␣Road
HA6 2DD 1 33␣Dene␣Road
HA5 5HH 1 38␣Cecil␣Park
HA6 2DJ 1 40␣Moor␣Park␣Road
HA5 5DT 1 458␣Rayners␣Lane
HA1 1RX 1 91␣Hindes␣Road

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St|N|S|E|W)(\.? |$)/

No such streets found in this area.

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.