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OSM Street Name Warnings for HR Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the HR Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2021‑06‑09 07:32:42 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
HR1 2BJ 2 Commercial␣Road w157436526 J+ Brook␣Retail␣Park
HR1 2BQ 2 Brook␣Retail␣Park n4268427590 J+ Commercial␣road
HR1 2JQ 2 Owen␣Street w442433450 J+ St.␣Owen's␣Street
HR1 2NG 3 The␣Cathedral␣Close n8625793555 J+ Cathedral␣Close
HR1 2NW 2 Castle␣Street r6454454 J+ 28␣Castle␣Street
HR2 7XS 2 Abbotsmead␣Rd n4982641261 J+ Abbotsmead␣Road
HR3 5BD 3 Nantyglasdwr␣Lane n5786918440 J+ Dulas␣Terrace
HR4 9SA 2 Salmon␣Retail␣Park w722998416 J+ Holmer␣Road
HR7 4QT 4 Worcester␣Rd w177043248 J+ Linton␣Industrial␣Estate
HR8 1AR 4 Upperfields n7760543785 J+ Homend␣Trading␣Estate
HR8 1AR 4 Upperfields w424427297 J+ The␣Homend,
HR8 1DL 2 Church␣Street w305776505 J+ Church␣Lane
HR8 2DJ 3 Unit␣1,␣Lower␣Road␣Trading␣Estate w420903267 J+ Lower␣Road␣Trading␣Estate,
HR8 2DJ 3 Unit␣1,␣Lower␣Road␣Trading␣Estate w516616547 J+ Victoria␣Road
HR8 2JQ 2 Old␣Wharf␣Industrial␣Estate,␣Dymock␣Road w420899449 J+ Dymock␣Road,
HR8 2PZ 5 Hereford␣Road w452281607 J+ Callow␣Hills␣Farm,␣Hereford␣Road
HR9 5BS 2 Market␣Place w188527280 J+ Gloucester␣Road
HR9 7QQ 2 Ross␣Park w393030704 J+ Overross␣Industrial␣Estate
HR9 7YB 2 The␣Maltings n6831377131 J+ Broad␣Street

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
HR1 3HT 1 Bodenham w946093843 J+
HR2 0EY 2 School␣Road w515687398 J+
HR2 0RP 3 High␣Street n1786324356 J+
HR2 0RP 3 High␣Street w167226940 J+
HR2 0RP 3 High␣Street n1786324347 J+
HR2 8HL 1 Much␣Birch w393289568 J+
HR2 8NU 2 Mount␣Way w863742706 J+
HR2 9AS 4 Allensmore w515736658 J+
HR2 9AS 4 Allensmore n5653341412 J+
HR2 9AS 4 Allensmore w515738433 J+
HR2 9AS 4 Allensmore w515736650 J+
HR2 9DN 1 Kilpeck n5642030463 J+
HR2 9LB 4 Woodbury␣Lane w231973790 J+
HR2 9LB 4 Woodbury␣Lane w231973772 J+
HR3 5LE 2 Clyro w395315335 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570765538 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570794715 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570765553 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570794716 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570765539 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570768562 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570765540 J+
HR4 7HG 10 Cedar␣Bungalows w570765537 J+
HR4 7HH 5 Stonewall␣Cottages w570765550 J+
HR4 7HH 5 Stonewall␣Cottages w570765547 J+
HR4 7HH 5 Stonewall␣Cottages w570765549 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760262 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765563 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767113 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760259 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765560 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767110 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760256 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767107 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760252 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765542 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760245 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760263 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765569 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767114 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760260 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765561 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767111 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760257 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767108 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760253 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760246 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760242 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760267 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767115 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760261 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765562 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767112 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760258 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570765558 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767109 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760254 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy n5490767106 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760251 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570760244 J+
HR4 7HQ 36 Mansel␣Lacy w570794713 J+
HR4 7LR 3 Staunton␣on␣Wye n8300570126 J+
HR4 8AT 2 Wellington w946057049 J+
HR4 8DG 1 Moreton␣on␣Lugg n4901553645 J+
HR7 4LU 2 Edwyn␣Ralph w151877003 J+
HR7 4SH 2 Pencombe w389859183 J+
HR8 1PX 2 Bosbury w395696439 J+
HR9 6EZ 2 Llangrove w395437842 J+
HR9 6QA 4 Bridstow w385283848 J+
HR9 7SE 2 Gorsley w39050358 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
HR1 3AZ 1 w498822970 J+
HR1 3EW 2 w395777862 J+
HR1 3EW 2 n4598746504 J+
HR1 3HU 1 w946092003 J+
HR1 3HX 1 w786580540 J+
HR1 3QR 2 w155187865 J+
HR1 3QR 2 w155187866 J+
HR1 3RU 1 w220280635 J+
HR1 3SE 1 n2117805651 J+
HR1 4DR 1 w163569432 J+
HR1 4LW 1 w209071220 J+
HR1 4PE 2 w499090610 J+
HR1 4PE 2 w499090602 J+
HR1 4PG 1 w395795853 J+
HR1 4QP 1 n5632897459 J+
HR1 4SX 1 n5639584488 J+
HR1 4TZ 1 w395456985 J+
HR2 0AA 4 w712480339 J+
HR2 0AA 4 w820148474 J+
HR2 0AA 4 w821458159 J+
HR2 0AA 4 w712480338 J+
HR2 0AD 4 w786312101 J+
HR2 0AD 4 w786312102 J+
HR2 0AD 4 w819871799 J+
HR2 0AD 4 w712485552 J+
HR2 0AE 6 w712485575 J+
HR2 0AE 6 w712485450 J+
HR2 0AE 6 w712485576 J+
HR2 0AE 6 w712485451 J+
HR2 0AE 6 w786312099 J+
HR2 0AE 6 w712485448 J+
HR2 0AG 1 w712481626 J+
HR2 0AH 4 w826235549 J+
HR2 0AH 4 w680702553 J+
HR2 0AH 4 w826235548 J+
HR2 0AH 4 w820143769 J+
HR2 0AJ 3 w826235553 J+
HR2 0AJ 3 w826235551 J+
HR2 0AJ 3 w826235552 J+
HR2 0AN 1 w826235554 J+
HR2 0AP 3 w166718567 J+
HR2 0AP 3 w166718572 J+
HR2 0AP 3 w166718116 J+
HR2 0AQ 2 w726123190 J+
HR2 0AQ 2 w712484415 J+
HR2 0AW 1 w826235555 J+
HR2 0BA 1 n2427972573 J+
HR2 0DA 1 w335261253 J+
HR2 0LA 1 w79383680 J+
HR2 0LE 1 w395330452 J+
HR2 0LT 1 n721538076 J+
HR2 0PD 1 w268377874 J+
HR2 0PT 1 w395322743 J+
HR2 0SG 1 w167227333 J+
HR2 6BQ 1 w898550444 J+
HR2 6JU 1 w471740804 J+
HR2 6NH 1 w499088691 J+
HR2 6PW 1 w772901072 J+
HR2 8EP 1 w886152817 J+
HR2 8RQ 3 n5642017410 J+
HR2 8RQ 3 w395417042 J+
HR2 8RQ 3 n561020855 J+
HR2 9DH 1 w949709424 J+
HR2 9EH 1 w608463108 J+
HR2 9HE 1 w590819078 J+
HR2 9HJ 2 w395386488 J+
HR2 9HJ 2 w395386511 J+
HR2 9HN 1 w878551057 J+
HR2 9JX 1 n5699605173 J+
HR2 9LA 1 w231976780 J+
HR2 9LD 1 w231974649 J+
HR2 9LE 2 w231973777 J+
HR2 9LE 2 w231973778 J+
HR2 9LH 1 w105738212 J+
HR2 9LS 1 n5642012723 J+
HR2 9NE 1 w442082098 J+
HR2 9PH 1 w395359908 J+
HR2 9QW 1 w654563462 J+
HR3 5EW 1 w224930387 J+
HR3 5NP 2 n5250932911 J+
HR3 5NP 2 n1383074334 J+
HR3 6AN 1 n5682301323 J+
HR3 6BU 1 w231976788 J+
HR3 6ED 1 w333512864 J+
HR3 6JW 1 n3857451158 J+
HR3 6LF 2 n3857459658 J+
HR3 6LF 2 n5682295359 J+
HR3 6NS 1 w333515213 J+
HR3 6PW 1 w946545760 J+
HR3 6QA 1 w863291304 J+
HR3 6QB 1 n3662010937 J+
HR3 6QF 1 w435831162 J+
HR4 0DG 1 w949623058 J+
HR4 7AE 1 w395675612 J+
HR4 7AL 1 w395675604 J+
HR4 7BA 5 w571825695 J+
HR4 7BA 5 w570768559 J+
HR4 7BA 5 w571825697 J+
HR4 7BA 5 w571825700 J+
HR4 7BA 5 w571825682 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030158 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030186 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030174 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030167 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030177 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030169 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030184 J+
HR4 7BB 8 w572030172 J+
HR4 7BQ 1 n5632900350 J+
HR4 7DW 1 w395798603 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789622 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789619 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w571338478 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789624 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789620 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570787171 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789627 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789621 J+
HR4 7HN 9 w570789617 J+
HR4 7HW 1 w570789630 J+
HR4 7RP 1 w395697881 J+
HR4 8LE 1 w572204097 J+
HR4 8NU 1 n2584831571 J+
HR4 8PF 1 w332129247 J+
HR4 9HE 1 w669033690 J+
HR4 9LW 1 w430106285 J+
HR5 3AR 1 w241784682 J+
HR5 3NR 2 w395313668 J+
HR5 3NR 2 n5682288356 J+
HR5 3QN 2 w481608995 J+
HR5 3QN 2 w481608998 J+
HR6 0HP 1 n5632889068 J+
HR6 0JH 1 w395694033 J+
HR6 0NA 1 w946014850 J+
HR6 0ND 1 w395742146 J+
HR6 0NZ 1 w360889735 J+
HR6 0SW 1 n8757668151 J+
HR6 9EA 1 w392578631 J+
HR6 9ED 1 w137818693 J+
HR6 9PN 1 w350639782 J+
HR6 9PW 2 n3187241144 J+
HR6 9PW 2 r8436807 J+
HR6 9QN 1 w392577760 J+
HR7 4JS 1 n6194726250 J+
HR7 4JU 1 w938411212 J+
HR7 4NT 1 n4441236177 J+
HR7 4RH 1 w796331495 J+
HR7 4RL 1 w716808710 J+
HR7 4RN 1 n347394613 J+
HR7 4SD 2 n368368616 J+
HR7 4SD 2 w32738888 J+
HR7 4TE 1 w360869310 J+
HR7 4TF 1 w152844113 J+
HR8 1PG 1 n8804889367 J+
HR8 1QY 1 w210063920 J+
HR8 1RL 1 w317789273 J+
HR8 2LY 3 w205700400 J+
HR8 2LY 3 w205700402 J+
HR8 2LY 3 w205700399 J+
HR8 2QE 1 w267264216 J+
HR8 2SE 1 w163566973 J+
HR8 2TP 1 n3749513425 J+
HR8 2TZ 3 w233567320 J+
HR8 2TZ 3 w233567236 J+
HR8 2TZ 3 w233567237 J+
HR9 5QP 1 w447020791 J+
HR9 5SD 1 w584271771 J+
HR9 5TL 1 w449536239 J+
HR9 6BJ 1 n2174022726 J+
HR9 6BN 1 n2174022669 J+
HR9 6DP 1 w868427647 J+
HR9 6DX 1 w716709541 J+
HR9 6FX 1 w233686286 J+
HR9 6HD 1 w747777737 J+
HR9 6HX 1 n447878502 J+
HR9 6HY 1 w395440321 J+
HR9 6JL 1 n429618761 J+
HR9 6JX 1 w188413434 J+
HR9 6JZ 1 w188412886 J+
HR9 6LB 2 n1990401885 J+
HR9 6LB 2 w188412888 J+
HR9 6NS 2 w776355851 J+
HR9 6NS 2 n7243662900 J+
HR9 6PZ 1 w360544548 J+
HR9 7TD 1 w806502134 J+
HR9 7TU 1 w940791266 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Street Name M?
HR9 7JZ 2 Lea w715586466 Squires␣Meadow *

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
HR8 2JQ 2 Old␣Wharf␣Industrial␣Estate,␣Dymock␣Road
HR8 2DJ 3 Unit␣1,␣Lower␣Road␣Trading␣Estate

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
HR9 6DW 1 A40
HR2 8ED 1 A49
HR4 8AH 1 A49
HR7 4JW 1 Hereford␣Road␣(A4103)
HR4 7DX 1 Roadside␣Opposite␣10␣Trenchard␣Avenue
HR8 2DJ 3 Unit␣1,␣Lower␣Road␣Trading␣Estate

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St)(\.? |$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
HR2 7XS 2 Abbotsmead␣Rd
HR7 4QT 4 Worcester␣Rd

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.