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OSM Street Name Warnings for M Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the M Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2022‑11‑23 11:39:24 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
M1 1WR 17 Market␣Street n1492350822 J+ Arndale␣Centre
M1 2NP 12 Gidding␣Road n6431741624 J+ Piccadilly␣Trading␣Estate
M1 2NP 12 Gidding␣Road n9127560446 J+ Piccadilly␣Trading␣Estate
M1 3LY 14 Bloom␣Street n5832926287 J+ Major␣Street
M1 3LY 14 Bloom␣Street w116888364 J+ Sackville␣Street
M1 3WB 9 Richmond␣Street n2641010407 J+ Sackville␣Street
M1 5JW 3 Great␣Bridgewater␣Street n1842244652 J+ Bridgewater␣Street
M1 5GE 2 Lower␣Chatham␣Street n6910504111 J+ Chester␣Street
M1 5QS 6 The␣Quadrangle,␣Chester␣Street n2796469874 J+ Chester␣Street
M1 5NH 2 Oxford␣Road w714512658 J+ Oxford␣Street
M1 5GL 4 Hulme␣Street n2692939905 J+ The␣Quadrangle,␣Hulme␣Street
M1 5WQ 3 Whitworth␣Street␣West n266942073 J+ whitworth␣Street␣West
M1 6FU 2 Oxford␣Road n2721293617 J+ Station␣Approach
M1 6LT 3 Whitworth␣Street␣West w187832629 J+ Whitworth␣Street
M1 7FA 2 Noble␣Way n9767490611 J+ Charles␣Street
M1 7FA 2 Noble␣Way n9913409075 J+ Nobel␣Way
M1 7ED 3 Oxford␣Road w990174132 J+ Princess␣Street
M1 7HB 2 Sidney␣Street n10076474582 J+ The␣Proud␣Place
M2 3AG 6 Mosley␣Street n2739269169 J+ Mosley␣St
M2 4LY 5 King␣Street n4942567241 J+ King␣Street␣East
M2 5ND 4 Lloyd␣Street w35277309 J+ Queen␣Street
M2 6LW 3 Brazennose␣Street n9609050735 J+ Albert␣Square
M2 6AW 8 King␣Street n5714232185 J+ King␣Street␣East
M2 7PW 3 St.␣Ann's␣Square n5472996639 J+ St␣Anns␣Square
M3 2BW 13 Deansgate n3616032010 J+ Barton␣Arcade
M3 2BW 13 Deansgate n4302887146 J+ Barton␣Arcade
M3 3EB 3 Spinningfields n6958482910 J+ Hardman␣Square
M3 3HF 9 Hardman␣Street n10045308198 J+ Hardman␣Square
M3 3AN 3 Irwell␣Square n5293979821 J+ Left␣Bank,␣Irwell␣Street
M3 3AN 3 Irwell␣Square n9665455386 J+ Leftbank
M3 3HF 9 Hardman␣Street n1709292417 J+ Little␣Quay␣Street
M3 3AP 5 The␣Avenue n4151560794 J+ Spinningfields␣Square
M3 3AP 5 The␣Avenue n324687578 J+ Spinningfields␣Square
M3 3HF 9 Hardman␣Street n8753550352 J+ The␣Avenue
M3 3HF 9 Hardman␣Street n5633797146 J+ The␣Avenue
M3 4LQ 5 Deansgate w29461262 J+ Deangate
M3 4FN 3 Campfield␣Avenue␣Arcade n1976479428 J+ Deansgate
M3 4EN 14 Deansgate n10018599749 J+ Deansgate␣Mews
M3 4FP 3 Liverpool␣Road n5369815793 J+ Lower␣Byrom␣Street
M3 5EN 2 Trinity␣Way w191082620 J+ Irwell␣Street
M3 5EU 3 New␣Bailey␣Street n8749100022 J+ Riverside
M4 1PE 3 Church␣Street n1436094114 J+ Chuch␣Street
M4 1PN 10 Church␣Street n1436092382 J+ Chuch␣Street
M4 2BS 9 The␣Printworks n2206759781 J+ Printworks
M4 2BJ 2 Withy␣Grove n2683693096 J+ The␣Printworks
M4 2BS 9 The␣Printworks n1510001469 J+ Withy␣Grove
M4 2BS 9 The␣Printworks n2753885414 J+ Withy␣Grove
M4 2BS 9 The␣Printworks w4960933 J+ Withy␣Grove
M4 2BS 9 The␣Printworks n2753887828 J+ Withy␣Grove
M4 3TR 2 Cathedral␣Street w4947738 J+ Exchange␣Square
M4 3BG 2 Corporation␣Street w96396472 J+ Todd␣Street
M4 7DB 2 Great␣Ancoats␣Street n2981681203 J+ Pollard␣Street
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514433 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514430 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514427 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514434 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514431 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514428 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514435 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514432 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514429 J+ Collingburn␣Avenue
M5 3RQ 20 Regent␣Square w256507203 J+ Coronation␣Street
M5 3BL 2 Taylorson␣Street␣South n4963461566 J+ Exchange␣Quay
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514443 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514440 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514437 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514444 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514441 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514438 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514442 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514439 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w924514436 J+ Greenwood␣Terrace
M5 3WQ 3 Hulton␣Street w877334292 J+ Groves␣Avenue
M5 3GF 20 West␣Craven␣Street w254780789 J+ Hollies␣Lane
M5 3JY 24 Doddington␣Lane w1021747210 J+ Linden␣Drive
M5 3JY 24 Doddington␣Lane w1021747211 J+ Linden␣Drive
M5 3JY 24 Doddington␣Lane w1021747212 J+ Linden␣Drive
M5 3HX 23 Ryall␣Avenue w998879087 J+ Phoebe␣Street
M5 3JP 13 St␣Joseph's␣Drive w252744504 J+ St␣Josephs␣Drive
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798717 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798714 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798721 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798718 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798715 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798719 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798716 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798713 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3TN 18 Freya␣Grove w945798720 J+ Thor␣Grove
M5 3DJ 2 Craven␣Drive w802151054 J+ Trafford␣Road
M5 3HA 15 Taylorson␣Street w911342255 J+ Treelands␣Walk
M5 3HA 15 Taylorson␣Street w911342256 J+ Treelands␣Walk
M5 3HA 15 Taylorson␣Street w911342257 J+ Treelands␣Walk
M5 3RX 17 St␣Ignatius␣Walk w998025476 J+ West␣Crown␣Avenue
M5 3RX 17 St␣Ignatius␣Walk w998025477 J+ West␣Crown␣Avenue
M5 3RX 17 St␣Ignatius␣Walk w998025474 J+ West␣Crown␣Avenue
M5 3RX 17 St␣Ignatius␣Walk w998025475 J+ West␣Crown␣Avenue
M5 4WT 3 The␣University␣of␣Salford n9063241628 J+ Fire␣Station␣Square
M5 4LT 4 Liverpool␣Street w256657978 J+ Liverpool␣Road
M5 4EA 2 A57␣Regent␣Road w163401481 J+ North␣Phoebe␣Street
M5 4TF 27 Woden␣Street w254827059 J+ Ordsall␣Lane
M5 4WU 4 Crescent w4818853 J+ The␣Crescent
M5 5LJ 5 Chandos␣Grove w273078583 J+ Chandos␣Ave
M6 5GY 3 Liverpool␣Road n5262416198 J+ Liverpool␣Street
M6 5QQ 15 Liverpool␣Road w795002110 J+ Liverpool␣Street
M6 5QQ 15 Liverpool␣Road n9599521852 J+ Liverpool␣Street
M6 5QQ 15 Liverpool␣Road n7435631876 J+ Liverpool␣Street
M6 5QQ 15 Liverpool␣Road n7435662295 J+ Liverpool␣Street
M6 5QQ 15 Liverpool␣Road n9664505181 J+ Liverpool␣Street
M6 5JA 13 Hankinson␣Way w256508385 J+ Market␣Way
M6 5JA 13 Hankinson␣Way w209615833 J+ Meyrick␣Road
M6 5JA 13 Hankinson␣Way w256508388 J+ Pendleton␣Way
M6 5HJ 4 Hexon␣Close w979396394 J+ Sandy␣Lane
M8 8BB 8 Cheetham␣Hill␣Retail␣Park n9993548491 J+ Elizabeth␣Street
M8 8BB 8 Cheetham␣Hill␣Retail␣Park n9993548492 J+ Elizabeth␣Street
M13 9UJ 3 Wadeson␣Road w201126668 J+ Brunswick␣Street
M13 9AB 4 Stockport␣Road n1131123128 J+ Grove␣Village␣Parade
M14 4UZ 20 Bowes␣Street w784600335 J+ Elmswood␣Avenue
M14 6NQ 3 Ladybarn␣Lane n3034657692 J+ LadyBarn␣Lane
M15 4BQ 6 Shawheath␣Close n5841872280 J+ Cavendish␣Street
M15 4BQ 6 Shawheath␣Close n5841872281 J+ Cavendish␣Street
M15 4BQ 6 Shawheath␣Close n5841872701 J+ Cavendish␣Street
M15 4AW 27 Stretford␣Road n6018218476 J+ Erskine␣Street
M15 4FN 4 Tony␣Wilson␣Place n4598643374 J+ First␣Street
M15 4RL 2 First␣Street n3693256139 J+ Isabella␣Banks␣Street
M15 5PS 36 Rook␣Street w611852774 J+ Chichester␣Road␣South
M15 5TG 29 Warde␣Street n6035000580 J+ Mallow␣Street
M15 5BP 7 Royce␣Road n5830129730 J+ Old␣York␣Street
M15 5YW 36 Yew␣Street n6023139283 J+ Rolls␣Crescent
M15 5RN 2 Archway w59191365 J+ Technopark4␣Archway
M16 0PX 2 Talbot␣Road n6193162434 J+ Brian␣Statham␣Way
M16 0AS 3 York␣Avenue w439211056 J+ College␣Road
M16 0LH 19 Seymour␣Grove n494915031 J+ Tennis␣Street
M16 7RN 22 Upper␣Chorlton␣Road n6313096525 J+ Shrewsbury␣Street
M16 7RW 5 Upper␣Chorlton␣Road w463521638 J+ Withington␣Road
M16 8HZ 2 Demesne␣Road w470053659 J+ Alexandra␣Road␣South
M16 9LH 11 Prestage␣Street n5967761579 J+ Henrietta␣Street
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529375 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846530485 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529382 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529379 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529376 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846530486 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529383 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529380 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529377 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529384 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529381 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M16 9BQ 31 Stanley␣Road n5846529378 J+ Northumberland␣Crescent
M17 1SS 3 Nash␣Road n5399772212 J+ 17␣Nash␣Road
M18 7LH 2 Hyde␣Road n4395245780 J+ Debdale␣Park
M18 7NJ 2 Hyde␣Road w447544143 J+ Knutsford␣Road
M19 1BB 2 Kingsway w620055020 J+ Burnage
M19 3WS 45 Langdale␣Avenue w462861597 J+ Elmsworth␣Avenue
M19 3WS 45 Langdale␣Avenue w462861562 J+ Elmsworth␣Avenue
M20 2RN 3 Wilmslow␣Road n27024694 J+ Didsbury
M20 3EB 3 Burton␣Road n1988701290 J+ Burton␣Rd
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453416 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453413 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453420 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453417 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453414 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453421 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453418 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453415 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453422 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909453419 J+ St␣Brendans␣Road
M20 5PG 7 Wilmslow␣Road w237785643 J+ Entertainment␣Centre
M20 5PG 7 Wilmslow␣Road n2456593154 J+ Kingsway
M20 5PG 7 Wilmslow␣Road n2456593161 J+ Kingsway
M20 5PG 7 Wilmslow␣Road n2456593150 J+ Kingsway
M21 0ZA 14 Withington␣Road n6497671866 J+ Albany␣Road
M21 7QL 6 Barlow␣Moor␣Road n5615734090 J+ Aldermary␣Road
M21 8ER 12 Beaumont␣Road n27312661 J+ Barlow␣Moor␣Road
M22 5LB 2 Ashbrook␣Office␣Park,␣Longstone␣Road w1107817128 J+ Longstone␣Road
M22 5LH 2 Shadowmoss␣Road n7008505922 J+ Mollington␣Rd
M22 5YA 2 Styal␣Road n6606488254 J+ Styal␣road
M25 1AY 4 Longfield␣Centre n2092739833 J+ Fairfax␣Road
M25 1AY 4 Longfield␣Centre n2092735668 J+ Fairfax␣Road
M25 3BL 3 Tottington␣Lane w451949018 J+ Bury␣New␣Road
M29 8SJ 10 Clowes␣Crescent w1087664936 J+ Lambert␣Meadow
M29 8SJ 10 Clowes␣Crescent w1087664937 J+ Lambert␣Meadow
M29 8SJ 10 Clowes␣Crescent w1087664938 J+ Lambert␣Meadow
M29 8SJ 10 Clowes␣Crescent w1087666236 J+ Stanley␣Field
M30 0DF 4 Church␣Street w185097357 J+ Church␣Road
M30 0BJ 4 Church␣Street w1115745082 J+ Fox␣Street
M32 9BA 5 Chester␣Road n9275145236 J+ King␣Street
M32 9BA 5 Chester␣Road n9277316768 J+ Kingsway␣Mall
M32 9BA 5 Chester␣Road n9277980819 J+ Mitford␣Street
M32 9BA 5 Chester␣Road n3006927516 J+ Stretford␣Mall
M32 9BD 9 Chester␣Road n9277270581 J+ Stretford␣Mall
M33 3SQ 7 Brooklands␣Station␣Approach w496474080 J+ Framingham␣Road
M34 2DB 4 City␣Gardens w1033657342 J+ Clarkson␣Close
M34 2DB 4 City␣Gardens w691692434 J+ Clarkson␣Close
M34 6ET 2 Ashlea␣House w286403294 J+ Stockport␣Road
M41 7ZA 3 Traders␣Avenue n7498883659 J+ Bright␣Circle
M41 7RR 2 Wheel␣Forge␣Way w166530833 J+ Mercury␣Way
M44 6BA 3 Soapstone␣Way n7439467108 J+ Fairhills␣Road
M45 7QX 6 Radcliffe␣New␣Road w957574529 J+ Dale␣Street
M50 1ZD 9 West␣One␣Way w67157525 J+ Eccles␣New␣Road
M50 1ZD 9 West␣One␣Way w479849021 J+ Eccles␣New␣Road
M50 2EQ 3 Red w222520903 J+ Broadway
M50 2HF 7 Green n10048065210 J+ Red
M50 2BH 3 Blue w121702270 J+ Salford␣Quays
M50 2TG 3 Blue n4713522112 J+ The␣Garage
M50 3AG 9 The␣Quays n3175196966 J+ Lowry␣Outlet␣Mall
M50 3AH 10 The␣Quays n4310498037 J+ The␣Lowry␣Designer␣Outlet
M50 3AH 10 The␣Quays n4300008190 J+ The␣Lowry␣Outlet␣Mall
M60 7HA 2 Oxford␣Street r1846131 J+ Oxford␣Road

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
M1 3NJ 4 Sackville␣Street w695872483 J+
M1 7EN 2 Princess␣Street w117741285 J+
M2 4NH 3 King␣Street n3559224856 J+
M2 5HX 4 Queen␣Street w35277399 J+
M3 1SB 2 Long␣Millgate w184019921 J+
M3 3EB 3 Spinningfields n334644908 J+
M3 4AQ 2 Liverpool␣Road n6391590924 J+
M3 5DF 7 Chapel␣Street n4509203698 J+
M3 5JZ 3 Chapel␣Street n4804048554 J+
M3 6LU 2 Mount␣Street w171932498 J+
M4 3AQ 2 New␣Cannon␣Street w4960939 J+
M4 5AB 10 Great␣Ancoats␣Street n9131640705 J+
M4 6GE 4 Lockgate␣Mews w864155669 J+
M4 6GE 4 Lockgate␣Mews w864155670 J+
M5 3JG 9 Crowther␣Avenue w1021770410 J+
M5 3JG 9 Crowther␣Avenue w1021770411 J+
M5 3JG 9 Crowther␣Avenue w1021770408 J+
M5 3JG 9 Crowther␣Avenue w1021770409 J+
M5 3EQ 5 Exchange␣Quay w796497976 J+
M5 3GS 5 Parsonage␣Close w279813904 J+
M5 3LT 14 Robert␣Hall␣Street w945835883 J+
M5 3DF 7 Troy␣Walk w949214663 J+
M5 3DG 28 Weedall␣Avenue w191964013 J+
M5 4BN 2 Cross␣Lane n2773327612 J+
M5 4LT 4 Liverpool␣Street w256657970 J+
M5 4UB 2 Ordsall␣Lane w254827501 J+
M6 5HR 2 Albany␣Way n5958044195 J+
M6 5BU 2 Churchill␣Way w264445112 J+
M6 5HW 4 Fitzgerald␣Way n5958044203 J+
M6 5HW 4 Fitzgerald␣Way n5958044197 J+
M6 5HW 4 Fitzgerald␣Way n5958044188 J+
M6 5JA 13 Hankinson␣Way n5958044201 J+
M6 5QQ 15 Liverpool␣Road n6096717473 J+
M6 5JG 4 Pendleton␣Way n9063248755 J+
M11 1DA 2 Ashton␣Old␣Road w255416006 J+
M13 0JQ 2 Hathersage␣Road n1108010737 J+
M13 9PL 4 Oxford␣Road w436868788 J+
M13 9PL 4 Oxford␣Road w79714496 J+
M14 7LE 1 Hart␣Road n2299500690 J+
M14 7FB 2 Platt␣Lane w796544601 J+
M15 5FT 12 Rolls␣Crescent w160565209 J+
M15 5TL 6 Stretford␣Road n5825103974 J+
M15 6FY 3 Pinder␣Walk w285568694 J+
M15 6FY 3 Pinder␣Walk w285568695 J+
M16 0RP 2 White␣City␣Way n8010168008 J+
M16 7GS 25 Ayres␣Road n6327051460 J+
M16 8QJ 18 Alexandra␣Road␣South w471622142 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145646 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145662 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145643 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145659 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145640 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145656 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145637 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145653 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145634 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145650 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145647 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145663 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145644 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145660 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145641 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145657 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145638 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145654 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145635 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145651 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145648 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145664 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145645 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145661 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145642 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145658 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145639 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145655 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145636 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145652 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145633 J+
M16 8FZ 40 Arcon␣Drive n4593145649 J+
M16 9GN 2 Clifton␣Street w632321141 J+
M17 8AA 17 Shetland␣Way n9931231140 J+
M17 8AA 17 Shetland␣Way w139300320 J+
M19 2RE 5 Stockport␣Road n264572464 J+
M19 3LE 27 Garfield␣Avenue w479011413 J+
M19 3LE 27 Garfield␣Avenue w479011414 J+
M19 3LE 27 Garfield␣Avenue w479011415 J+
M19 3AD 4 Stockport␣Road n9502766019 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w1019453415 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w1019453410 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w913818504 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w1019453413 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w913818505 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w913818502 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w1019453414 J+
M20 1AJ 22 Dennison␣Avenue w913818503 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600020 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396873 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600017 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396870 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600014 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396867 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600011 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600024 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396877 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600021 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396874 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600018 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396871 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600015 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396868 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600012 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396878 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600022 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396875 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600019 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396872 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600016 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396869 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600013 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600010 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396879 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w930600023 J+
M20 1HD 29 Princess␣Road w1019396876 J+
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909438876 J+
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909438877 J+
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909438865 J+
M20 3FE 36 St␣Brendan's␣Road␣North w909438867 J+
M20 5PG 7 Wilmslow␣Road n2456593164 J+
M21 0UA 4 Wilbraham␣Road n6610330664 J+
M21 7SW 2 Nell␣Lane w24026621 J+
M22 4FZ 1 Palatine␣Road n4346117989 J+
M22 5DW 4 Peel␣Hall␣Road n4621464389 J+
M22 8EJ 3 Benchill␣Road w407336378 J+
M23 0ND 2 Button␣Lane w95359939 J+
M24 4PU 2 Boardman␣Lane w405359154 J+
M25 0LD 3 Bury␣New␣Road n1639308952 J+
M25 1AS 3 Fairfax␣Road n9014666505 J+
M26 3QQ 2 Bolton␣Road w273453520 J+
M29 7JB 2 Higher␣Green␣Lane w980367506 J+
M29 8FF 3 Elliott␣Street w982348916 J+
M29 8JN 2 Printshop␣Lane w410345619 J+
M30 7BT 2 Lorne␣Street n1634639798 J+
M32 0PF 2 Burleigh␣Road n1279869971 J+
M32 8GR 6 Great␣Stone␣Road n1278747916 J+
M32 8GR 6 Great␣Stone␣Road n1278747922 J+
M32 8GR 6 Great␣Stone␣Road n748834700 J+
M32 8GR 6 Great␣Stone␣Road n1278748146 J+
M32 8GR 6 Great␣Stone␣Road n1278747807 J+
M33 3JS 2 North␣Parade n1266049074 J+
M33 5PP 2 Green␣Lane n1382138546 J+
M33 7FT 3 Cross␣Street n10042369239 J+
M33 7QY 3 Washway␣Road n10041492469 J+
M34 2DH 2 Town␣Lane w369512619 J+
M40 7RG 1 Eggington␣Street w620876319 J+
M41 0PS 2 Lostock␣Road n1799619500 J+
M41 5AH 2 Wycliffe␣Road w167238321 J+
M41 8QZ 2 Woodsend␣Road n705975329 J+
M43 6EP 2 Manchester␣Road n2930659635 J+
M44 5GQ 4 Liverpool␣Road n2632702970 J+
M44 5GQ 4 Liverpool␣Road n2632708020 J+
M45 7PH 2 Higher␣Lane w802968684 J+
M46 0HY 2 Car␣Bank␣Street n1043615555 J+
M46 0HX 1 Formby␣Avenue w694042209 J+
M46 9BL 2 Lodge␣Road w410345620 J+
M50 2ST 3 Blue n8500358741 J+
M50 2HF 7 Green w226921667 J+
M50 2HF 7 Green w121703081 J+
M50 3SG 1 Clippers␣Quay w136853133 J+
M50 3UB 2 Lowry␣Plaza n2686437838 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453261 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453256 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453253 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w276269682 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453258 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453254 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453259 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881453255 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w881451442 J+
M50 3XR 11 Merchants␣Quay w947899938 J+
M50 3XB 1 Trafford␣Road n4300034498 J+
M50 3XZ 2 Trafford␣Road w136843994 J+
M60 0AG 2 Angel␣Square w30333665 J+
M60 0AS 2 Hanover␣Street w353071417 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
M1 3AL 1 w79707647 J+
M1 7DN 1 w135912655 J+
M1 7EP 1 w258884946 J+
M1 7JR 1 w79707646 J+
M3 6AN 1 n331277232 J+
M3 7NJ 1 n5437568055 J+
M4 1LX 1 w35208626 J+
M4 5BD 1 w248742993 J+
M4 7EQ 1 w255701621 J+
M5 3BQ 2 w163401463 J+
M5 3BQ 2 w163401480 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873196 J+
M5 3DP 27 w479491127 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873193 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216884 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873190 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216641 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216638 J+
M5 3DP 27 w136853126 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216635 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873197 J+
M5 3DP 27 w147861454 J+
M5 3DP 27 w479491128 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873194 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216885 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873191 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216642 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216639 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216636 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873198 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873195 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216886 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873192 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216643 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216640 J+
M5 3DP 27 w949216637 J+
M5 3DP 27 w906866223 J+
M5 3DP 27 w948873199 J+
M5 3FE 1 w438458744 J+
M5 3GH 1 r3391796 J+
M5 3HB 1 w126383066 J+
M5 3HF 1 w256288876 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275473 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275470 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275467 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275464 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275474 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275471 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275468 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275465 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275475 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275472 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275469 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275466 J+
M5 3HN 13 w1021275463 J+
M5 3HT 1 w126383066 J+
M5 3HU 1 w126383066 J+
M5 3HW 1 w256288875 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275489 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275486 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275502 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275483 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275499 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275480 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275496 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275477 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275493 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275490 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275487 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275503 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275484 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275500 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275481 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275497 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275478 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275494 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275491 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275488 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275485 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275501 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275482 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275498 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275479 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275495 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275476 J+
M5 3LD 28 w1021275492 J+
M5 3LE 1 w177689380 J+
M5 3LG 1 r3391797 J+
M5 3LJ 1 r3391797 J+
M5 3LP 1 r3391796 J+
M5 3LQ 1 r3391796 J+
M5 3LX 1 r3391797 J+
M5 3NA 1 w204800352 J+
M5 3NR 1 w254818894 J+
M5 3NS 1 w254818894 J+
M5 3QG 1 w1083053629 J+
M5 3QN 1 w136032355 J+
M5 3WH 1 w781943956 J+
M5 4AP 1 w256507773 J+
M5 4AX 1 w190109384 J+
M5 4AZ 1 w190109374 J+
M5 4BZ 1 w1043581918 J+
M5 4DG 1 w171958890 J+
M5 4DU 1 w190109378 J+
M5 4HB 2 w171958526 J+
M5 4HB 2 w171958525 J+
M5 4HE 1 w963439947 J+
M5 4JH 1 w205197214 J+
M5 4JN 1 w290639018 J+
M5 4LG 1 w277918179 J+
M5 4SG 1 w703944855 J+
M5 4SR 1 w479255899 J+
M5 4SS 1 w479255900 J+
M5 4SU 1 w479256592 J+
M5 4SY 1 w479256592 J+
M5 4TA 1 w479256591 J+
M5 4TG 1 w190432837 J+
M5 4TN 1 w190432828 J+
M5 4TP 1 w205197202 J+
M5 4TQ 1 w190432825 J+
M5 4TR 1 w279813899 J+
M5 4TW 1 w190432821 J+
M5 4UE 1 w254827502 J+
M5 4UF 2 w193594504 J+
M5 4UF 2 w193594506 J+
M5 4UG 1 w186666810 J+
M5 4UH 1 w186666832 J+
M5 4UJ 1 w186666795 J+
M5 4UP 1 w186666810 J+
M5 4UQ 1 w186666810 J+
M5 4UR 1 w186666810 J+
M5 4US 1 w186666810 J+
M5 4UT 1 w186666810 J+
M5 4UU 1 w205197168 J+
M5 5AB 1 w185127901 J+
M5 5AD 1 w185127896 J+
M5 5AE 1 w185127908 J+
M5 5AF 1 w185127894 J+
M5 5AG 1 w204441367 J+
M5 5AH 1 w185127910 J+
M5 5AJ 1 w185127890 J+
M5 5AL 1 w185127912 J+
M5 5AP 1 w1020111289 J+
M5 5AT 3 w185754329 J+
M5 5AT 3 w185754331 J+
M5 5AT 3 w185754327 J+
M5 5BD 2 w193476820 J+
M5 5BD 2 w193476829 J+
M5 5BL 1 w193476814 J+
M5 5BN 1 w193476819 J+
M5 5BU 1 w193476838 J+
M5 5BW 1 w193476824 J+
M5 5BX 1 w193476813 J+
M5 5BY 1 w193476826 J+
M5 5EB 2 w193476833 J+
M5 5EB 2 w193476835 J+
M5 5EE 2 w193476827 J+
M5 5EE 2 w193476823 J+
M5 5FD 2 w193476832 J+
M5 5FD 2 w193476839 J+
M5 5GG 1 w193593536 J+
M5 5GH 1 w193593534 J+
M5 5GJ 1 w193593533 J+
M5 5GL 1 w193593537 J+
M5 5GN 2 w193593549 J+
M5 5GN 2 w193593551 J+
M5 5JS 3 w1020112754 J+
M5 5JS 3 w1020112755 J+
M5 5JS 3 w1020112753 J+
M5 5NG 2 w193593530 J+
M5 5NG 2 w193593528 J+
M5 5NN 1 w151088657 J+
M5 5SJ 1 w193476816 J+
M5 5WG 1 w193593535 J+
M5 5WJ 1 w193593527 J+
M5 5WQ 2 w255590652 J+
M5 5WQ 2 w255590651 J+
M5 5WR 1 w193593538 J+
M6 5HT 3 n5958044186 J+
M6 5HT 3 n5958044189 J+
M6 5HT 3 n5958044190 J+
M6 5HU 2 n5958044196 J+
M6 5HU 2 n5958044198 J+
M6 5JS 1 n5958044192 J+
M6 6DA 1 n2198101118 J+
M6 6ET 1 w373787028 J+
M7 1SP 1 n4084874692 J+
M7 2DX 1 w218067859 J+
M7 2FR 1 n2712671431 J+
M7 3SE 1 n543412748 J+
M7 4AG 1 w150255549 J+
M7 4SP 1 n1771925447 J+
M7 4XW 1 n4722619179 J+
M8 4JY 1 n1780444488 J+
M8 4NB 1 w77755469 J+
M8 5AB 1 w137532066 J+
M8 5AE 1 w137532058 J+
M8 5SF 1 n1780438849 J+
M8 5SR 1 w31024381 J+
M8 5UF 1 w290714672 J+
M8 5XH 1 w138019462 J+
M9 0RD 1 w137479658 J+
M9 0RR 1 w155807548 J+
M9 0WQ 1 w137479653 J+
M9 4DL 1 n366037198 J+
M9 6RA 1 n3588636075 J+
M9 6TG 1 w358986556 J+
M9 7AT 1 w358994140 J+
M9 7BD 1 n3639549474 J+
M9 7BX 1 w358986226 J+
M9 8AE 1 w673850943 J+
M9 8AY 1 n5690913863 J+
M9 8BG 1 w1052442215 J+
M9 8NB 1 w263138090 J+
M9 8QP 1 w137168014 J+
M11 1LR 1 w361022849 J+
M11 2GR 1 w324890299 J+
M11 4PR 1 w433835948 J+
M13 0DX 1 w79711725 J+
M13 0LF 1 w444140343 J+
M13 0TZ 1 n378189863 J+
M14 6HS 1 w281875233 J+
M14 6SG 1 w281146068 J+
M14 6YB 1 w900759270 J+
M14 7LU 1 n4653929094 J+
M14 7NA 1 w4795857 J+
M14 7PN 1 w4894025 J+
M15 4FL 1 w273015454 J+
M15 6BT 1 w36894975 J+
M15 6HP 1 w135944185 J+
M15 6JU 1 w135946054 J+
M16 0GQ 1 w116651771 J+
M16 0GR 1 w359983830 J+
M16 0GW 1 n979465367 J+
M16 0HH 1 n1278748065 J+
M16 0RA 1 w99403577 J+
M16 0SN 2 w204804025 J+
M16 0SN 2 w204804019 J+
M16 7PT 1 w273015458 J+
M16 8PR 1 w4893989 J+
M16 9JA 1 n1341721654 J+
M16 9QE 1 w178699994 J+
M17 1AG 1 w204804017 J+
M17 8RH 1 w93935334 J+
M18 8TX 1 n2887957504 J+
M19 1RD 1 n307747197 J+
M19 2PF 1 w252747330 J+
M19 2WN 1 n1676892961 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396597 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396594 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396591 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396588 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760592 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396585 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760589 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396598 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760586 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396592 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396589 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760593 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396586 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760590 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396599 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760587 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396596 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396593 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396590 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760594 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396587 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760591 J+
M20 1BG 24 w1019396584 J+
M20 1BG 24 w959760588 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760568 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396661 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396658 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396655 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396652 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760575 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760572 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760569 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396662 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760604 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396659 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396656 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396653 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396650 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760573 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760570 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396663 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396660 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760602 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396657 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396654 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w1019396651 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760574 J+
M20 1BJ 24 w959760571 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w1019396645 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w959760603 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w959760599 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w1019396649 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w1019396646 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w959760600 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w1019396647 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w1019396644 J+
M20 1BQ 9 w1019396648 J+
M20 1BR 19 w959768422 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396626 J+
M20 1BR 19 w959768419 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396623 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396620 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396617 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396614 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396627 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396624 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396621 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396618 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396615 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396628 J+
M20 1BR 19 w959768421 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396625 J+
M20 1BR 19 w959768418 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396622 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396619 J+
M20 1BR 19 w1019396616 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768334 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768331 J+
M20 1BS 12 w1019396752 J+
M20 1BS 12 w1019396749 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768335 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768332 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768329 J+
M20 1BS 12 w1019396750 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768333 J+
M20 1BS 12 w959768330 J+
M20 1BS 12 w1019396751 J+
M20 1BS 12 w1019396748 J+
M20 1BU 13 w959760578 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396669 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396665 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396666 J+
M20 1BU 13 w959760579 J+
M20 1BU 13 w959760576 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396670 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396667 J+
M20 1BU 13 w959760580 J+
M20 1BU 13 w959760577 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396671 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396668 J+
M20 1BU 13 w1019396664 J+
M20 1DE 1 w913831228 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396825 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396822 J+
M20 1DG 20 w960092320 J+
M20 1DG 20 w959768344 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396701 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396829 J+
M20 1DG 20 w959768354 J+
M20 1DG 20 w959768377 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396826 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396839 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396823 J+
M20 1DG 20 w960092318 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396827 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396840 J+
M20 1DG 20 w959768368 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396824 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396821 J+
M20 1DG 20 w960092319 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396700 J+
M20 1DG 20 w1019396828 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831224 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396678 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831221 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396675 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396672 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831225 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396679 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831222 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396676 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396673 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831226 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396680 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831223 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396677 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831220 J+
M20 1DH 17 w1019396674 J+
M20 1DH 17 w913831227 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396681 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768390 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768387 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768384 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396688 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396685 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396682 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768391 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768388 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768385 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396686 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396683 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768389 J+
M20 1DL 16 w959768386 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396687 J+
M20 1DL 16 w1019396684 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396697 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396694 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396691 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w959768381 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396698 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396695 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396692 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396689 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w959768382 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w959768378 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396699 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396696 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396693 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w1019396690 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w959768383 J+
M20 1DQ 16 w959768379 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768353 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768369 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396809 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396838 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768366 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396806 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768350 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396835 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396803 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396819 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768347 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396816 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396832 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768357 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396813 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396810 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768351 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768367 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396807 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396836 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768364 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396804 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396820 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768348 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396801 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396817 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768345 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396833 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396814 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396830 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396811 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768352 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396808 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396837 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768365 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396805 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768349 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396802 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396818 J+
M20 1DR 44 w959768346 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396834 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396815 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396831 J+
M20 1DR 44 w1019396812 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396713 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396710 J+
M20 1DU 16 w959768414 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396720 J+
M20 1DU 16 w959768411 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396717 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396714 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396711 J+
M20 1DU 16 w959768412 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396718 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396715 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396712 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396709 J+
M20 1DU 16 w959768413 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396719 J+
M20 1DU 16 w1019396716 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396745 J+
M20 1DX 14 w959768337 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396742 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396736 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396733 J+
M20 1DX 14 w959768338 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396743 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396734 J+
M20 1DX 14 w959768342 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396731 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396744 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396735 J+
M20 1DX 14 w959768343 J+
M20 1DX 14 w1019396732 J+
M20 1EP 12 w930600039 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019397010 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019397017 J+
M20 1EP 12 w930600043 J+
M20 1EP 12 w930600040 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019397011 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019397018 J+
M20 1EP 12 w930600041 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019397012 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019396898 J+
M20 1EP 12 w1019397019 J+
M20 1EP 12 w930600042 J+
M20 1FA 8 w1019397013 J+
M20 1FA 8 w906802294 J+
M20 1FA 8 w1019397014 J+
M20 1FA 8 w930600044 J+
M20 1FA 8 w906802295 J+
M20 1FA 8 w1019397015 J+
M20 1FA 8 w930600045 J+
M20 1FA 8 w1019397016 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396886 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396883 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600036 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396896 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600033 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396893 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019397020 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600030 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396890 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600027 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396887 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396884 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600037 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396881 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396897 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600034 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396894 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600031 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396891 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600028 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396888 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396885 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600038 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396882 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600035 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396895 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600032 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396892 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600029 J+
M20 1FP 31 w1019396889 J+
M20 1FP 31 w930600026 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594340 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594337 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396774 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594334 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396771 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396768 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396765 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594341 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594338 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396775 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594335 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396772 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396769 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396766 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594339 J+
M20 1FW 20 w930594336 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396773 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396770 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396767 J+
M20 1FW 20 w1019396764 J+
M20 1FY 3 w930600062 J+
M20 1FY 3 w1019396865 J+
M20 1FY 3 w1019396866 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396841 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396857 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396854 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396851 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w959768360 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396848 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w960092317 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396845 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396861 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w960092314 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396842 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396858 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396855 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396852 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396849 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w959768358 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396846 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396862 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w960092315 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w959768355 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396843 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396859 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396856 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396853 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396850 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w959768359 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396847 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396863 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w960092316 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w959768356 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396844 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w1019396860 J+
M20 1FZ 33 w960092313 J+
M20 1GE 4 w1019453411 J+
M20 1GE 4 w1019453412 J+
M20 1GE 4 w913831192 J+
M20 1GE 4 w913818506 J+
M20 1GZ 4 w959760585 J+
M20 1GZ 4 w959760595 J+
M20 1GZ 4 w1019396595 J+
M20 1GZ 4 w1019396600 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396761 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396758 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768363 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396755 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396864 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768328 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768325 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396762 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396759 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396756 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768361 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396753 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768326 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396763 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768323 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396760 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396757 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768362 J+
M20 1HA 21 w1019396754 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768327 J+
M20 1HA 21 w959768324 J+
M20 1HE 9 w1019396880 J+
M20 1HE 9 w930594307 J+
M20 1HE 9 w930594318 J+
M20 1HE 9 w1019397021 J+
M20 1HE 9 w1019396798 J+
M20 1HE 9 w930594319 J+
M20 1HE 9 w930600025 J+
M20 1HE 9 w1019396799 J+
M20 1HE 9 w1019396780 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594316 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396793 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594313 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396790 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594310 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396787 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594324 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396784 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594321 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396781 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396797 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396794 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594314 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396791 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594311 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396788 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594308 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396785 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594322 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396782 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396779 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396795 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594315 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396792 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594312 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396789 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594309 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396786 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594323 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396783 J+
M20 1HF 32 w930594320 J+
M20 1HF 32 w1019396796 J+
M20 1HH 3 w1019396800 J+
M20 1HH 3 w930594305 J+
M20 1HH 3 w930594306 J+
M20 1HP 5 w1019396777 J+
M20 1HP 5 w1019396778 J+
M20 1HP 5 w930594325 J+
M20 1HP 5 w1019396776 J+
M20 1HP 5 w930594326 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396607 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396604 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396601 J+
M20 1PE 9 w959768426 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396605 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396602 J+
M20 1PE 9 w959768427 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396606 J+
M20 1PE 9 w1019396603 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396581 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396578 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396642 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396639 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396582 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396579 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396643 J+
M20 1PF 16 w959760583 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396640 J+
M20 1PF 16 w959760597 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396583 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396580 J+
M20 1PF 16 w959760584 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396641 J+
M20 1PF 16 w959760598 J+
M20 1PF 16 w1019396638 J+
M20 1PG 17 w959768428 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396613 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396629 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396610 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396633 J+
M20 1PG 17 w959768429 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396630 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396611 J+
M20 1PG 17 w959768420 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396608 J+
M20 1PG 17 w959768417 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396634 J+
M20 1PG 17 w959768430 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396631 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396612 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396609 J+
M20 1PG 17 w1019396632 J+
M20 1PH 7 w959760582 J+
M20 1PH 7 w1019396636 J+
M20 1PH 7 w1019396746 J+
M20 1PH 7 w1019396637 J+
M20 1PH 7 w1019396747 J+
M20 1PH 7 w959768336 J+
M20 1PH 7 w1019396635 J+
M20 1PL 9 w959768407 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396707 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396704 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396708 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396705 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396702 J+
M20 1PL 9 w959768406 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396706 J+
M20 1PL 9 w1019396703 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396729 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396726 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396723 J+
M20 1PN 13 w959768408 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396730 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396727 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396724 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396721 J+
M20 1PN 13 w959768409 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396728 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396725 J+
M20 1PN 13 w1019396722 J+
M20 1PN 13 w959768410 J+
M20 1PP 8 w1019396739 J+
M20 1PP 8 w959768341 J+
M20 1PP 8 w1019396740 J+
M20 1PP 8 w1019396737 J+
M20 1PP 8 w959768339 J+
M20 1PP 8 w1019396741 J+
M20 1PP 8 w1019396738 J+
M20 1PP 8 w959768340 J+
M20 2XZ 1 w4609433 J+
M20 3FL 5 w913818519 J+
M20 3FL 5 w1019453407 J+
M20 3FL 5 w1019453408 J+
M20 3FL 5 w1019453409 J+
M20 3FL 5 w1019453406 J+
M20 4SR 1 w281131461 J+
M20 4UZ 1 w281131463 J+
M20 5WZ 1 w179833909 J+
M21 0TL 1 w99557857 J+
M21 7HH 1 w4849386 J+
M21 7SL 1 w4819424 J+
M21 8DA 3 w573673118 J+
M21 8DA 3 w573673120 J+
M21 8DA 3 w573673117 J+
M21 8EH 1 w173458152 J+
M21 9FL 1 w574136369 J+
M21 9PL 1 w4852945 J+
M21 9SN 1 w60730641 J+
M22 1EQ 1 w531900335 J+
M22 5EU 1 w406743520 J+
M22 5HZ 1 w134636415 J+
M22 5RR 1 w132915084 J+
M22 5WX 1 w885307407 J+
M22 9RH 1 w309063905 J+
M22 9YB 1 n4917499458 J+
M23 0BT 1 w95359944 J+
M23 0BW 1 w309081787 J+
M23 1HP 1 w253085843 J+
M23 9BP 1 w309059055 J+
M23 9JX 1 w10243723 J+
M23 9PL 1 w253089510 J+
M23 9WX 1 w253084358 J+
M24 1JZ 1 w39300867 J+
M24 1RD 1 w166746582 J+
M24 2RW 1 w175665322 J+
M24 2SB 1 w155769024 J+
M24 4AF 1 w153311748 J+
M24 6XN 1 w330486807 J+
M25 3AJ 1 w143905305 J+
M25 9WP 1 n1344874491 J+
M26 4GE 1 w172478517 J+
M26 4HA 1 n8454752250 J+
M27 0AA 1 n275325052 J+
M27 5ER 1 w218063159 J+
M27 5TD 1 w807838964 J+
M27 5XB 1 w222488405 J+
M27 6AY 1 n5417457975 J+
M27 6BU 1 w218077562 J+
M27 9QW 1 n5006522665 J+
M28 2QT 1 w72289832 J+
M28 3BT 1 w506723983 J+
M28 3ZH 2 w510443440 J+
M28 3ZH 2 n7937057734 J+
M29 7BT 1 w421481957 J+
M29 7EY 1 w313454539 J+
M29 7HX 1 w1043620873 J+
M29 8DH 1 w64301938 J+
M30 8HQ 1 n307750726 J+
M30 9JP 1 w172399347 J+
M31 4PY 1 n946304110 J+
M32 0PA 5 n1282184391 J+
M32 0PA 5 n1282184368 J+
M32 0PA 5 n1282184420 J+
M32 0PA 5 n1282184371 J+
M32 0PA 5 n1282184377 J+
M32 0QJ 1 n1282220846 J+
M32 0SF 5 n3635788659 J+
M32 0SF 5 n3635788660 J+
M32 0SF 5 n3635714604 J+
M32 0SF 5 n3635718593 J+
M32 0SF 5 n1279869959 J+
M32 0XZ 1 w276255800 J+
M32 0ZS 1 w287805420 J+
M32 8JB 1 w173458169 J+
M32 8SH 1 w276255801 J+
M32 9PL 1 w75633937 J+
M32 9TG 1 w75635600 J+
M33 3HF 1 n5383273363 J+
M33 3JR 1 w95386090 J+
M33 4GY 1 w28015912 J+
M33 5BP 1 w180687942 J+
M33 5EL 1 w82115973 J+
M33 7AD 1 n10042369224 J+
M33 7JR 1 w139853238 J+
M34 2AR 1 w369501485 J+
M34 2JX 1 w130205128 J+
M34 3LQ 1 w371726455 J+
M34 3PR 1 n1289994676 J+
M34 5EF 1 w220490287 J+
M34 5NB 1 w129990588 J+
M34 6AF 1 w286404969 J+
M34 6FG 1 w369505342 J+
M34 7NS 1 w369504287 J+
M34 7SW 1 w369406149 J+
M35 0DQ 1 w553722816 J+
M35 0HP 1 n286948695 J+
M35 0ND 1 w381802173 J+
M35 0NW 1 w381802174 J+
M38 0WH 1 w895011237 J+
M40 0BX 1 w401499676 J+
M40 0DF 1 w135922564 J+
M40 0JE 1 w424129377 J+
M40 2TB 1 w289875105 J+
M40 2TL 1 n2934097350 J+
M40 5EE 1 n1659355705 J+
M40 7PR 1 w28091903 J+
M40 9GJ 1 w135977236 J+
M41 0SP 1 w75635863 J+
M41 5PR 1 w167238315 J+
M41 5UG 1 w167238320 J+
M41 6PL 1 n705552193 J+
M41 6QB 1 w167270542 J+
M41 7FZ 1 w75635864 J+
M41 9AS 1 n808678997 J+
M41 9BS 1 n808678994 J+
M41 9PA 1 w52070970 J+
M41 9PD 1 w52070969 J+
M43 6AB 1 w359817768 J+
M43 6AF 1 w380264008 J+
M43 6GD 1 w380420635 J+
M43 6QD 1 w291086626 J+
M43 7NA 1 w380423107 J+
M44 6EH 1 n5295581149 J+
M45 7NL 1 r3883278 J+
M45 8NJ 1 w231040526 J+
M45 8TD 1 w231040268 J+
M50 1AY 4 w167112679 J+
M50 1AY 4 w167112539 J+
M50 1AY 4 w167112706 J+
M50 1AY 4 w167112552 J+
M50 1BA 3 w1019810613 J+
M50 1BA 3 w167112573 J+
M50 1BA 3 w167112681 J+
M50 1BB 3 w167112498 J+
M50 1BB 3 w167112569 J+
M50 1BB 3 w167112553 J+
M50 1BX 1 w167112543 J+
M50 1DB 1 w190850084 J+
M50 1DE 4 w167112549 J+
M50 1DE 4 w167112524 J+
M50 1DE 4 w167112644 J+
M50 1DE 4 w167112536 J+
M50 1DG 4 w167112516 J+
M50 1DG 4 w167112692 J+
M50 1DG 4 w167112680 J+
M50 1DG 4 w167112615 J+
M50 1DH 1 w190850097 J+
M50 1DJ 1 w190850097 J+
M50 1DN 5 w167112583 J+
M50 1DN 5 w167112502 J+
M50 1DN 5 w167112551 J+
M50 1DN 5 w167112567 J+
M50 1DN 5 w167112659 J+
M50 1DT 4 w167112627 J+
M50 1DT 4 w167112607 J+
M50 1DT 4 w167112572 J+
M50 1DT 4 w167112591 J+
M50 1DU 6 w167112657 J+
M50 1DU 6 w167112538 J+
M50 1DU 6 w167112693 J+
M50 1DU 6 w167112658 J+
M50 1DU 6 w167112527 J+
M50 1DU 6 w167112503 J+
M50 1DX 4 w190850085 J+
M50 1DX 4 w190850086 J+
M50 1DX 4 w190850083 J+
M50 1DX 4 w190850088 J+
M50 1EB 1 w190850089 J+
M50 1EP 1 w167112628 J+
M50 1EW 3 w167112574 J+
M50 1EW 3 w167112557 J+
M50 1EW 3 w167112592 J+
M50 1FB 1 w1019810612 J+
M50 1GU 1 w1019810611 J+
M50 1RF 1 w67234005 J+
M50 1YX 1 w167112608 J+
M50 2GY 6 w126074800 J+
M50 2GY 6 w126074776 J+
M50 2GY 6 w126074793 J+
M50 2GY 6 w126074723 J+
M50 2GY 6 w126074799 J+
M50 2GY 6 w126074773 J+
M50 2TR 1 w619203262 J+
M50 3AA 1 w65624076 J+
M50 3AX 1 w133191059 J+
M50 3AY 1 w133191059 J+
M50 3BG 1 w997252737 J+
M50 3SA 1 w256277199 J+
M50 3SB 1 w256277199 J+
M50 3SF 1 w910656149 J+
M50 3SH 1 w910656149 J+
M50 3SJ 1 w910656149 J+
M50 3SR 1 w136853105 J+
M50 3ST 1 w136853118 J+
M50 3SU 1 w136853120 J+
M50 3TT 4 w877681259 J+
M50 3TT 4 w877684237 J+
M50 3TT 4 w877682500 J+
M50 3TT 4 w877684238 J+
M50 3TU 6 w877684235 J+
M50 3TU 6 w877680353 J+
M50 3TU 6 w877684236 J+
M50 3TU 6 w877680358 J+
M50 3TU 6 w877681262 J+
M50 3TU 6 w877681263 J+
M50 3TX 3 w201054220 J+
M50 3TX 3 w877680364 J+
M50 3TX 3 w201054214 J+
M50 3TY 6 w877680366 J+
M50 3TY 6 w877682494 J+
M50 3TY 6 w877684239 J+
M50 3TY 6 w147861501 J+
M50 3TY 6 w201054246 J+
M50 3TY 6 w877682497 J+
M50 3UT 1 w136844022 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881428513 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881288611 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881428510 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881280543 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881276778 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417562 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881270376 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417559 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881432835 J+
M50 3XF 34 w204800356 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417543 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881432832 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881288612 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881428511 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881280544 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417563 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881276779 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881275850 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417560 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881434140 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417544 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881432833 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881288613 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881428512 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881288610 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881428509 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881276780 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881275851 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417561 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881434141 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881270375 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417558 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881432834 J+
M50 3XF 34 w881417539 J+
M50 3XG 5 w896025434 J+
M50 3XG 5 w947895753 J+
M50 3XG 5 w881453263 J+
M50 3XG 5 w896025435 J+
M50 3XG 5 w947895754 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437146 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437143 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896027560 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437140 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896025724 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437137 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896025433 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437147 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437144 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896027561 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437141 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896025725 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437138 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896025431 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881262456 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437145 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896027562 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437142 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896027559 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w881437139 J+
M50 3XQ 21 w896025432 J+
M50 3XT 5 w254814531 J+
M50 3XT 5 w911328524 J+
M50 3XT 5 w254814532 J+
M50 3XT 5 w911328525 J+
M50 3XT 5 w151095799 J+
M50 3XU 3 w204804023 J+
M50 3XU 3 w254813228 J+
M50 3XU 3 w254814528 J+
M50 3YH 4 w147861495 J+
M50 3YH 4 w147861502 J+
M50 3YH 4 w147861464 J+
M50 3YH 4 w147861508 J+
M60 0AE 1 w353071414 J+
M60 1HX 1 r3485876 J+
M90 1QX 1 r1224469 J+
M90 3DQ 1 w25740577 J+
M90 3RR 3 n6661444856 J+
M90 3RR 3 n2041087292 J+
M90 3RR 3 w695630082 J+
M90 5UZ 2 n6239607218 J+
M90 5UZ 2 w143887945 J+
M90 5YP 1 w31165284 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

No such streets found in this area.

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
M22 5LB 2 Ashbrook␣Office␣Park,␣Longstone␣Road
M15 6JA 1 Contact,␣Oxford␣Road,
M46 0DR 7 Eckersley␣Precinct,␣Mealhouse␣Lane
M1 2NJ 5 Gateway␣Industrial␣Estate,␣Store␣Street
M18 8RJ 1 Greenfold,␣Abbey␣Hey
M16 0EJ 29 Hollymount,␣Seymour␣Grove
M16 0LQ 28 Jubilee␣Court,␣Seymour␣Grove
M1 5QS 6 The␣Quadrangle,␣Chester␣Street
M21 9RS 1 Whitelow␣Rd,␣Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
M21 9FA 1 55␣High␣Lane
M20 4BA 1 551␣Wilmslow␣Road
M13 0WN 1 98-100␣Birch␣Lane
M5 4EA 2 A57␣Regent␣Road

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St|N|S|E|W)(\.? |$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
M11 3WU 1 Ashton␣Old␣Rd
M11 1WP 1 Barrass␣St
M15 6PQ 0 Booth␣St␣W
M41 5TJ 1 Cornhill␣Rd
M17 1PG 1 Mosley␣Rd
M22 0DN 1 Ruddpark␣Rd
M20 6RG 0 School␣Ln

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

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