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OSM Street Name Warnings for SP Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the SP Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2021‑06‑09 07:32:42 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
SP1 1BD 2 The␣Maltings w264732843 J+ Castle␣Street
SP1 1QX 10 Church␣Road w442099536 J+ 16␣Church␣Road
SP1 1TF 3 Minster␣Street w261881099 J+ Oatmeal␣Row
SP1 2AA 2 New␣Canal w291607072 J+ New␣Canal␣Street
SP1 2LP 2 Blakey␣Road w142767550 J+ Blakey␣Rd
SP2 7SA 27 Harcourt␣Terrace w926381532 J+ Adlam␣Buildings
SP2 7SA 27 Harcourt␣Terrace w926381529 J+ Adlam␣Buildings
SP2 7SA 27 Harcourt␣Terrace w926381530 J+ Adlam␣Buildings
SP2 7SA 27 Harcourt␣Terrace w926381531 J+ Adlam␣Buildings
SP2 7SA 27 Harcourt␣Terrace w926381528 J+ Adlam␣Buildings
SP2 7TS 7 Churchill␣Way␣West n3093679645 J+ Chrurchill␣Way␣West
SP2 8DF 16 The␣␣Crescent w351914458 J+ Rowbarrow␣␣Lane
SP2 8DF 16 The␣␣Crescent w351915135 J+ Rowbarrow␣␣Lane
SP2 8TF 16 Rowbarrow␣Close w351895635 J+ Rowbarrow
SP2 9FA 2 Adlam␣way w690950261 J+ Adlam␣Way
SP2 9FD 9 Coberley␣Drive w765227688 J+ Atlee␣Lane
SP2 9FD 9 Coberley␣Drive w765227689 J+ Atlee␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380704181 J+ Groveley␣Road
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380704180 J+ Groveley␣Road
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473201 J+ Mount␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473182 J+ Mount␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380704198 J+ Mount␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473178 J+ Mount␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w379690806 J+ Short␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473204 J+ Short␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473183 J+ Short␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473176 J+ Short␣Lane
SP3 4AH 21 West␣Street w380473186 J+ Short␣Lane
SP3 4RZ 2 High␣Street w442103712 J+ Tilshead
SP4 7HD 3 Salisbury␣Street w171864782 J+ Salisbury␣Road
SP4 7SQ 4 Mid␣Summer␣Place n3226739751 J+ Solstice␣Park␣Avenue
SP5 2AZ 45 New␣Road w368159178 J+ Landford
SP5 2DX 4 Hamptworth␣Road w926881179 J+ New␣Cottages
SP5 2DX 4 Hamptworth␣Road w929248123 J+ New␣Cottages
SP5 2SN 6 Newtons␣Bungalows w926318986 J+ Newton␣Bungalows
SP5 2TA 12 The␣Bramleys w158790451 J+ Common␣Road
SP5 2TA 12 The␣Bramleys w925624886 J+ Common␣Road
SP5 2TA 12 The␣Bramleys w158790460 J+ Common␣Road
SP5 3RW 2 Clarendon␣Road w857445898 J+ Green␣Drove
SP6 1AB 5 Salisbury␣Street n28919578 J+ King's␣Yard
SP6 1AB 5 Salisbury␣Street w187082363 J+ King's␣Yard
SP6 1AY 3 Bridge␣Street n1696836269 J+ Provost␣Street
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869995 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869296 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869293 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198870002 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869999 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869996 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869297 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869294 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198870000 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869997 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869298 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869295 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869292 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198870001 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP6 1RB 52 AllenWater␣Drive w198869998 J+ Allen␣Water␣Drive
SP7 8JE 10 High␣Street n2539615546 J+ Abbey␣Close
SP7 8LY 2 High␣Street n2549223494 J+ Gold␣Hill
SP7 9QJ 6 Wincombe␣Business␣Park w246596709 J+ Warminster␣Road
SP8 4QJ 3 Newbury w76936056 J+ School␣Lane
SP8 5JQ 2 Cole␣Street␣Lane w246237215 J+ Cole␣Street␣Farm
SP8 5JR 7 Primrose␣Fields w522514546 J+ Hunger␣Hill
SP8 5JR 7 Primrose␣Fields w522514547 J+ Hunger␣Hill
SP8 5RL 7 Church␣Street w91938925 J+ Beulah␣Cottage
SP8 5RL 7 Church␣Street w91938928 J+ Beulah␣Cottage
SP8 5RN 8 The␣Lynch w91928642 J+ Church␣Hill
SP10 3LF 5 Hopkinson␣Way n4950317236 J+ Brunel␣Gate
SP10 3LF 5 Hopkinson␣Way n4950289958 J+ Macadam␣Way
SP10 3LF 5 Hopkinson␣Way w185275579 J+ West␣Portway
SP10 3LF 5 Hopkinson␣Way n884094706 J+ West␣Portway
SP10 4DU 2 Northern␣Avenue w152929563 J+ Newbury␣Road
SP11 7FE 2 Duck␣Street n1788280790 J+ Abbotts␣Ann

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
SP1 1PU 6 Duck␣Lane w690950218 J+
SP1 1PU 6 Duck␣Lane w691780031 J+
SP1 1PU 6 Duck␣Lane w690950219 J+
SP1 1PU 6 Duck␣Lane w691780033 J+
SP1 1PU 6 Duck␣Lane w690950216 J+
SP2 0EJ 3 Burcombe␣Lane w642289175 J+
SP2 7DT 6 Fisherton␣Street n5110026834 J+
SP2 7DT 6 Fisherton␣Street n5110029250 J+
SP2 7DT 6 Fisherton␣Street n5110020848 J+
SP2 7DT 6 Fisherton␣Street n5110030361 J+
SP2 7DT 6 Fisherton␣Street n5110026312 J+
SP2 7TS 7 Churchill␣Way␣West n324228763 J+
SP2 8QD 39 Senior␣Drive w352482707 J+
SP2 9FE 4 Wyvern␣Row w690950253 J+
SP2 9FE 4 Wyvern␣Row w690950252 J+
SP3 5QD 7 High␣Street w915101256 J+
SP3 6AE 2 Church␣Street w237965208 J+
SP5 2BB 32 Partridge␣Hill n4181857160 J+
SP5 2BB 32 Partridge␣Hill w909390772 J+
SP5 2BP 6 Forest␣Road w170965831 J+
SP5 2EW 10 Stock␣Lane w925261571 J+
SP5 2EW 10 Stock␣Lane w910480696 J+
SP5 2EW 10 Stock␣Lane w910480694 J+
SP5 2EW 10 Stock␣Lane w925261569 J+
SP5 2EW 10 Stock␣Lane w910480695 J+
SP5 2LN 17 The␣Ridge w826211205 J+
SP5 2LN 17 The␣Ridge w826211206 J+
SP5 2LN 17 The␣Ridge w826211209 J+
SP5 2LN 17 The␣Ridge w826211204 J+
SP5 2LW 10 The␣Ridge w676917054 J+
SP5 2SL 5 Brickworth␣Road w926268723 J+
SP5 2SL 5 Brickworth␣Road w926268720 J+
SP5 2SL 5 Brickworth␣Road w926268721 J+
SP5 3RF 17 Grimstead␣Road w928367421 J+
SP7 8DS 4 Ivy␣Cross n4026306134 J+
SP7 8DS 4 Ivy␣Cross n2083681543 J+
SP7 8DS 4 Ivy␣Cross w198204042 J+
SP7 8JT 2 Church␣Lane w246736739 J+
SP7 9DL 3 Church␣Hill n3009008800 J+
SP7 9DL 3 Church␣Hill n3009010161 J+
SP8 4UA 2 Chantry␣Fields n912701741 J+
SP8 5JS 2 Hunger␣Hill n1139662360 J+
SP8 5RL 7 Church␣Street w101835997 J+
SP10 3LG 12 Denning␣Mead n1241941681 J+
SP10 4DU 2 Northern␣Avenue w176324401 J+
SP11 0PH 2 Weyhill␣Road n1890446389 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
SP1 1DA 1 n6270603239 J+
SP1 1PT 3 w691780038 J+
SP1 1PT 3 w691780035 J+
SP1 1PT 3 w691780037 J+
SP1 2EA 1 w691780044 J+
SP1 2EB 1 w562872388 J+
SP1 2FF 1 w624275135 J+
SP1 2QQ 1 w60730144 J+
SP1 2UD 2 w142767548 J+
SP1 2UD 2 w354224074 J+
SP2 0BZ 1 r2588390 J+
SP2 7LD 1 n5209673110 J+
SP2 7TD 1 w79430021 J+
SP3 5PF 1 w255092077 J+
SP3 5PX 1 w332979120 J+
SP3 5PY 3 w915101257 J+
SP3 5PY 3 w915101252 J+
SP3 5PY 3 w915101254 J+
SP3 5QB 4 w915101262 J+
SP3 5QB 4 w915101263 J+
SP3 5QB 4 w915101260 J+
SP3 5QB 4 w915101261 J+
SP3 5QY 1 w257142210 J+
SP3 5SN 1 n4367948705 J+
SP3 6HH 1 n721597316 J+
SP3 6NB 1 n603138120 J+
SP3 6PY 1 n2784811225 J+
SP3 6RF 1 w160644318 J+
SP3 6SE 1 w200363145 J+
SP4 0AG 1 n3768182458 J+
SP4 0BN 1 n3768182459 J+
SP4 0DW 1 n3768171003 J+
SP4 0JF 1 n2600896633 J+
SP4 0JQ 2 w28121567 J+
SP4 0JQ 2 w28130003 J+
SP4 6AS 1 w28233456 J+
SP4 6NU 1 n281328911 J+
SP4 7AS 1 n339087240 J+
SP4 7DE 2 w37118074 J+
SP4 7DE 2 w256225995 J+
SP4 7FH 1 w483060330 J+
SP4 8DH 1 w656387606 J+
SP5 1EY 1 w143642064 J+
SP5 1JA 1 w693929175 J+
SP5 1JB 1 w693929199 J+
SP5 1JF 2 w693929213 J+
SP5 1JF 2 w693929214 J+
SP5 1NH 1 w397660217 J+
SP5 1NT 2 w376729510 J+
SP5 1NT 2 w376729585 J+
SP5 2BN 1 w168831731 J+
SP5 2EQ 1 w925535136 J+
SP5 2ER 1 w924763472 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763466 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763451 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924775198 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763448 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924775193 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763483 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763468 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763452 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763449 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924775194 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763486 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763476 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763469 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763463 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763450 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924775197 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924775191 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763477 J+
SP5 2ES 19 w924763470 J+
SP5 2ET 6 w924429701 J+
SP5 2ET 6 w924429710 J+
SP5 2ET 6 w924429704 J+
SP5 2ET 6 w924429712 J+
SP5 2ET 6 w924429705 J+
SP5 2ET 6 w924429706 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w925261547 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w924506215 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w925261545 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w924506220 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w925261546 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w924506224 J+
SP5 2EU 7 w924506212 J+
SP5 2JX 0 w926271965 J+
SP5 2JX 0 w926271966 J+
SP5 2JX 0 w926271962 J+
SP5 2JX 0 w926271967 J+
SP5 2JX 0 w926271963 J+
SP5 2QP 3 w926597409 J+
SP5 2QP 3 w926597411 J+
SP5 2QP 3 w926597412 J+
SP5 2QZ 2 w923855516 J+
SP5 2QZ 2 w923855517 J+
SP5 2RA 2 w923855506 J+
SP5 2RA 2 w923855505 J+
SP5 3AX 1 w562836095 J+
SP5 4EN 1 n1825886456 J+
SP5 4LP 1 w110994161 J+
SP5 5AP 1 w400754516 J+
SP5 5QD 1 w270426062 J+
SP6 1PP 1 n492887852 J+
SP6 1PT 1 w885212160 J+
SP6 1PX 1 n7912548086 J+
SP6 2AR 1 n761831753 J+
SP6 2DF 1 w187771180 J+
SP6 3HU 1 n1783416377 J+
SP6 3JS 2 n4764893421 J+
SP6 3JS 2 w486576366 J+
SP6 3NA 1 w166938152 J+
SP6 3NR 1 w947056319 J+
SP7 0LG 1 w180998544 J+
SP7 9AW 1 n7830663956 J+
SP7 9HF 1 n2362875302 J+
SP7 9QA 1 w120407369 J+
SP8 5LZ 1 n2362875303 J+
SP8 5NB 1 n870987181 J+
SP8 5QD 1 w121269598 J+
SP8 5QP 4 n7031638338 J+
SP8 5QP 4 w116199811 J+
SP8 5QP 4 n7104198187 J+
SP8 5QP 4 n2423936164 J+
SP8 5RP 1 n864590736 J+
SP8 5SF 1 n1454255994 J+
SP9 7AF 1 w372436977 J+
SP9 7UF 1 w372401515 J+
SP10 1NE 1 w306551670 J+
SP10 2HH 1 n599534673 J+
SP10 3LU 1 w452784757 J+
SP10 3QP 3 w108513595 J+
SP10 3QP 3 w177683442 J+
SP10 3QP 3 w108513597 J+
SP11 0AS 1 n4205904160 J+
SP11 0EL 1 w765453679 J+
SP11 0ER 1 w362580472 J+
SP11 0HT 1 w167436992 J+
SP11 0HU 6 w563956415 J+
SP11 0HU 6 w563956412 J+
SP11 0HU 6 w563956413 J+
SP11 0HU 6 w563956408 J+
SP11 0HU 6 w563956414 J+
SP11 0HU 6 w563956411 J+
SP11 0SA 1 n5211748135 J+
SP11 6BG 1 w402184268 J+
SP11 6FY 4 w304371109 J+
SP11 6FY 4 w178301599 J+
SP11 6FY 4 w304370963 J+
SP11 6FY 4 w304371079 J+
SP11 6JJ 1 w167772741 J+
SP11 6LQ 1 w585450050 J+
SP11 6LU 1 w510949819 J+
SP11 6PB 2 w327429478 J+
SP11 6PB 2 n3342209624 J+
SP11 7AZ 1 w537259828 J+
SP11 7BA 2 w537266869 J+
SP11 7BA 2 w537266866 J+
SP11 7BB 2 w537511544 J+
SP11 7BB 2 w537511547 J+
SP11 7QX 1 w162195387 J+
SP11 8JS 1 w226562107 J+
SP11 8JT 1 w226562947 J+
SP11 8NT 1 w122624244 J+
SP11 8PZ 1 w280711720 J+
SP11 9BL 1 w224766523 J+
SP11 9DX 1 n618460525 J+
SP11 9HR 1 w167434405 J+
SP11 9PE 1 w224766521 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Street Name M?
SP10 3YL 2 Junction␣Road w523198093 Woodcutters␣Court *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471208 Village *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471205 Noble *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471202 Thruxton␣Circuit *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471199 Club *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w7736906 Brooklands *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471209 Church *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471206 <no name> *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471203 Campbell *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471200 Thruxton␣Circuit *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471210 Woodham␣Hill *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471207 Goodwood *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471204 Cobb *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471201 Allard *
SP11 8PW 15 Thruxton␣Cicuit w892471198 Segrave *

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
SP5 3SQ 6 Bankside,␣Chapel␣Hill
SP2 7SJ 9 Clifton␣Row,␣West␣Street
SP11 8EZ 1 Pioneer␣Way,␣Andover␣Business␣Park
SP11 6GP 1 Texel␣Green␣,␣Ryeland␣Way
SP11 6GL 1 Texel␣Green,␣Boreway␣Close
SP11 6GQ 1 Texel␣Green,␣Herdwick␣Road
SP10 3EL 1 The␣Avenue␣/␣Bishop's␣Way

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
SP1 3BQ 1 19␣Campbell␣Road
SP5 1BZ 1 A343

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
SP2 7QY 1 FIsherton␣Street
SP1 2JG 1 tollgate␣road


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St)(\.? |$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
SP10 2PB 1 Winchester␣Rd

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
SP2 8DF 16 The␣␣Crescent

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
SP10 4BS 1 King␣Arthur’s␣Way

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