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OSM Street Name Warnings for TD Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the TD Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2021‑06‑16 07:47:47 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
TD1 1PW 3 Adam␣Purves␣Hub w707314077 J+ Wilderhaugh
TD1 2JB 3 Magdala␣Terrace w790990697 J+ Buckholm␣Mill␣Brae
TD4 6ED 5 Thornfield␣Crescent w887013583 J+ Huntshaw␣Road
TD4 6EF 7 Haughhead␣Avenue w722795216 J+ Haughhead␣Road
TD4 6EF 7 Haughhead␣Avenue w722795225 J+ Haughhead␣Road
TD4 6EF 7 Haughhead␣Avenue w722795230 J+ Haughhead␣Road
TD5 8DW 2 Pinnacle␣Hill␣Industrial␣Estate w135861559 J+ Pinnaclehill␣Industrial␣Estate
TD8 6BE 7 Abbey␣Place w71338103 J+ Murray's␣Green
TD8 6DQ 10 High␣Street w585906750 J+ Waterside␣Road
TD8 6DU 3 Bongate␣Industrial␣Estate n6335750457 J+ Bongate
TD8 6EB 3 Bankend␣North w71338034 J+ Edinburgh␣Road
TD8 6EE 2 Old␣Station␣Yard n1326278376 J+ Riverside␣Workshops
TD8 6JH 3 Oxnam␣Road w463138666 J+ Newcastle␣Road
TD8 6NN 2 Oxnam␣Road w935016515 J+ Prior's␣Road
TD9 8LX 4 West␣End n4534105019 J+ Westside
TD10 6XA 2 West␣High␣Street w206519680 J+ Queen's␣Row
TD12 4HG 5 Simprim␣Farm␣Cottages w221324080 J+ Simprim␣Mains␣Farm␣Cottages
TD12 4HG 5 Simprim␣Farm␣Cottages w557583708 J+ Simprim␣Mains␣Farm␣Cottages
TD12 4TP 2 Slainsfield w885040903 J+ Letham␣Hill
TD14 5AN 4 Tollbridge␣Road w456841070 J+ Coldingham␣Rd
TD14 5AN 4 Tollbridge␣Road n6735354222 J+ Coldingham␣Road
TD14 5AN 4 Tollbridge␣Road w257837035 J+ Coldingham␣Road
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street w625143737 J+ Loaning
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street w625099324 J+ main␣Street
TD14 5SD 3 Fish␣Market␣Buildings w496944550 J+ Gunsgreen␣Quay
TD14 5SY 3 Burnmouth w644570830 J+ Hillfield
TD15 1JS 5 Castlegate n848609946 J+ Castle␣Gate
TD15 1QQ 2 Loaning␣Meadows w169371217 J+ North␣Road
TD15 2JZ 6 Boathouse␣Lane w200359906 J+ West␣Street
TD15 2LR 4 Tower␣Cottages w491909005 J+ South␣Lane
TD15 2QT 2 Sunnyside␣Cut w254009230 J+ Scremerston
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n922474340 J+ Market␣Place
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n495672754 J+ Market␣Place
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n2374227867 J+ Prior␣Lane
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n2374227850 J+ Prior␣Lane
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n2374227859 J+ Prior␣Lane
TD15 2SQ 10 Lewin's␣Lane n922436798 J+ Green␣Lane
TD15 2SQ 10 Lewin's␣Lane w168025914 J+ Green␣Lane
TD15 2SQ 10 Lewin's␣Lane w168025917 J+ Green␣Lane
TD15 2ST 3 Crossgate␣Lane w168019137 J+ Crossgates

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
TD1 1PW 3 Adam␣Purves␣Hub n5295581194 J+
TD1 3RS 4 Tweedbank␣View n8249757733 J+
TD2 6RP 5 East␣High␣Street w722835644 J+
TD5 8ED 5 Easter␣Wooden␣Farm␣Cottages w152620685 J+
TD5 8QG 2 Main␣Street w103522499 J+
TD8 6AR 3 Castle␣Gate n6341691077 J+
TD8 6DU 3 Bongate␣Industrial␣Estate w676578750 J+
TD8 6EB 3 Bankend␣North w71338042 J+
TD8 6JH 3 Oxnam␣Road w674971643 J+
TD9 0AE 2 Kirkstile w254439069 J+
TD9 8LX 4 West␣End n4534105020 J+
TD9 8LX 4 West␣End n1401267991 J+
TD11 3XH 2 Allanton␣Road w124996865 J+
TD12 4HE 2 Ladykirk w224629387 J+
TD12 4SY 2 Crookham␣United␣Reformed␣Church w343914254 J+
TD12 4TN 2 Etal n1003851461 J+
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street n1753753702 J+
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street w178070185 J+
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street w178071110 J+
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street w625144008 J+
TD14 5LS 9 Main␣Street w178072306 J+
TD14 5NL 2 High␣Street n2147729733 J+
TD15 1LR 2 Temperance␣Terrace w167898832 J+
TD15 1NF 2 Railway␣Street n7215035291 J+
TD15 1QQ 2 Loaning␣Meadows w533735380 J+
TD15 1TE 2 Paxton w223519802 J+
TD15 1UQ 2 Loaning␣Meadows w229282714 J+
TD15 1XQ 5 West␣Fishwick w219356954 J+
TD15 1XQ 5 West␣Fishwick w219505595 J+
TD15 1XQ 5 West␣Fishwick w223079125 J+
TD15 1XQ 5 West␣Fishwick w834121427 J+
TD15 2JZ 6 Boathouse␣Lane w284838797 J+
TD15 2JZ 6 Boathouse␣Lane w491908990 J+
TD15 2PD 2 Mount␣Hooley␣Farm w239371830 J+
TD15 2QY 11 Derwentwater␣Terrace w232210317 J+
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n718576948 J+
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green w168004771 J+
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green w168004774 J+
TD15 2RX 11 Fiddlers␣Green n495672752 J+
TD15 2SP 2 St␣Cuthberts␣Square w168025916 J+
TD15 2SQ 10 Lewin's␣Lane r2239925 J+
TD15 2SQ 10 Lewin's␣Lane w228710865 J+
TD15 2SQ 10 Lewin's␣Lane n2374325121 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
TD1 2PE 1 w436129072 J+
TD1 2RE 1 n6169814632 J+
TD1 3HY 1 n702278197 J+
TD1 3LG 2 w715345520 J+
TD1 3LG 2 w715347410 J+
TD1 3PQ 1 w443769118 J+
TD2 6RA 1 w151090875 J+
TD3 6JU 1 w150517056 J+
TD3 6LS 1 n3638910806 J+
TD3 6NE 2 w208555808 J+
TD3 6NE 2 n1771684121 J+
TD4 6DJ 1 n4936499160 J+
TD5 7PG 1 w881231274 J+
TD5 7QS 1 w149123127 J+
TD5 7TA 1 w140190855 J+
TD5 8BX 1 w151504004 J+
TD5 8HP 1 w173381519 J+
TD5 8JZ 2 w142073693 J+
TD5 8JZ 2 w140131061 J+
TD5 8LE 2 w142364258 J+
TD5 8LE 2 w142364251 J+
TD5 8PG 1 w186363916 J+
TD5 8PP 1 w153051572 J+
TD5 8RD 1 w103520854 J+
TD6 0DZ 1 w115833316 J+
TD6 0EU 1 w203959705 J+
TD6 0EW 1 w57855452 J+
TD6 0PL 1 w690915855 J+
TD6 0PP 1 n682294546 J+
TD6 0RQ 1 w192012710 J+
TD6 9BS 1 w146760351 J+
TD6 9LG 1 w192528885 J+
TD6 9SQ 1 w755463351 J+
TD7 4BA 1 n3454469789 J+
TD7 4LN 1 w45894925 J+
TD7 4NU 1 n3728095163 J+
TD7 4NW 1 w152752705 J+
TD7 4PR 1 n2857717377 J+
TD7 5HA 1 w246556330 J+
TD7 5JJ 1 w360165149 J+
TD7 5JN 1 n7784856241 J+
TD7 5LG 5 w834761175 J+
TD7 5LG 5 w217881024 J+
TD7 5LG 5 w217881177 J+
TD7 5LG 5 w324209931 J+
TD7 5LG 5 w217881023 J+
TD7 5LS 1 w297490108 J+
TD7 5LU 1 n2366003349 J+
TD8 6HD 1 w411738720 J+
TD8 6ST 2 n6620781198 J+
TD8 6ST 2 w126349255 J+
TD8 6TJ 1 w204591289 J+
TD8 6TZ 1 w115835977 J+
TD8 6XA 1 w411747011 J+
TD9 0LF 1 n3742987548 J+
TD9 0TU 1 w184978260 J+
TD9 7JL 1 w610036887 J+
TD9 7LX 1 w288068576 J+
TD9 7NA 1 w288068575 J+
TD9 8LZ 1 w210371256 J+
TD11 3EG 1 w435856413 J+
TD11 3EJ 1 w882685401 J+
TD11 3QG 1 w199536232 J+
TD11 3RP 1 n472652937 J+
TD11 3RY 5 w199534772 J+
TD11 3RY 5 w930126571 J+
TD11 3RY 5 w199534773 J+
TD11 3RY 5 w199534775 J+
TD11 3RY 5 w930126570 J+
TD11 3SJ 1 w178531734 J+
TD11 3TX 1 w858188446 J+
TD11 3TY 1 w858189716 J+
TD12 4DP 1 w217467078 J+
TD12 4RB 1 w339523379 J+
TD12 4RE 1 w205987589 J+
TD12 4SH 1 w202795966 J+
TD12 4TL 3 w344715415 J+
TD12 4TL 3 w344997275 J+
TD12 4TL 3 w292868150 J+
TD12 4UE 1 w205989615 J+
TD12 4UT 1 n8013823036 J+
TD12 4UU 1 w631947112 J+
TD12 4XA 4 w202810648 J+
TD12 4XA 4 w534762564 J+
TD12 4XA 4 w202810647 J+
TD12 4XA 4 w534762568 J+
TD13 5XN 1 n7048710341 J+
TD14 5BE 1 w97172842 J+
TD14 5LD 1 w432831039 J+
TD14 5NZ 1 w277013021 J+
TD14 5PA 2 w369580117 J+
TD14 5PA 2 n4259300592 J+
TD14 5PL 2 w61590883 J+
TD14 5PL 2 w379121607 J+
TD14 5PW 1 w206461688 J+
TD14 5QF 1 n1359796084 J+
TD14 5SL 1 w275919196 J+
TD15 1SY 1 w206347839 J+
TD15 1TS 1 w228367370 J+
TD15 1UL 6 w198178551 J+
TD15 1UL 6 w198178548 J+
TD15 1UL 6 w198178552 J+
TD15 1UL 6 w198178549 J+
TD15 1UL 6 w198178550 J+
TD15 1UL 6 w198178547 J+
TD15 2JX 1 w492270253 J+
TD15 2LE 1 w200357618 J+
TD15 2LW 2 w845605904 J+
TD15 2LW 2 w288393652 J+
TD15 2NL 1 w776708437 J+
TD15 2NS 5 w71320689 J+
TD15 2NS 5 n5000389622 J+
TD15 2NS 5 w777827973 J+
TD15 2NS 5 w533102721 J+
TD15 2NS 5 w174371601 J+
TD15 2PA 3 n814204266 J+
TD15 2PA 3 n817327798 J+
TD15 2PA 3 n817356148 J+
TD15 2PB 1 n1910275078 J+
TD15 2QG 1 n372935382 J+
TD15 2SF 1 w228749761 J+
TD15 2SH 1 w217854011 J+
TD15 2SS 1 w199305010 J+
TD15 2TA 2 w70585421 J+
TD15 2TA 2 w70585466 J+
TD15 2TW 6 w267888651 J+
TD15 2TW 6 w267888648 J+
TD15 2TW 6 w534446341 J+
TD15 2TW 6 w267888649 J+
TD15 2TW 6 w267888650 J+
TD15 2TW 6 w267888647 J+
TD15 2UL 1 w217872782 J+
TD15 2UN 1 w654931152 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object Street Name M?
TD6 0EE 8 Butchercote w149740310 Butchercote

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
TD1 2NT 1 Langshaw␣Road,␣Easter␣Langlee
TD15 1UN 1 Windmill␣Way␣East,␣North␣Road␣Industrial␣Estate

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
TD11 3PY 1 1␣Whitemire␣Farm␣Cottages

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St)(\.? |$)/

No such streets found in this area.

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.