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OSM Street Name Warnings for WN Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the WN Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2022‑11‑23 11:39:24 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
WN1 1DY 10 King␣Street w925209078 J+ Arcade␣Street
WN1 1LR 9 Jaxons␣Court n9420302495 J+ Hallgate
WN1 1LR 9 Jaxons␣Court n9420302496 J+ Hallgate
WN1 1LR 9 Jaxons␣Court n9420302497 J+ Hallgate
WN1 1LR 9 Jaxons␣Court n9415778752 J+ Jaxon␣Court
WN1 1AR 2 Hope␣Street n9005448933 J+ Market␣Street
WN1 1QB 2 Mesnes␣Terrace n8712032094 J+ Mesnes␣Terrace␣Car␣Park,␣Mesnes␣Terrace
WN1 2AA 8 Dicconson␣Street n8710187043 J+ Dicconson␣Terrace
WN1 3QT 16 Scholes w942209572 J+ Kay␣Close
WN1 3QT 16 Scholes w942209576 J+ Kay␣Close
WN1 3QT 16 Scholes w942209573 J+ Kay␣Close
WN1 3QT 16 Scholes w942209574 J+ Kay␣Close
WN1 3QT 16 Scholes w942209571 J+ Kay␣Close
WN1 3QT 16 Scholes w942209575 J+ Kay␣Close
WN1 3RB 22 Windmill␣Close w831190562 J+ Morris␣Street
WN1 3RB 22 Windmill␣Close w942209589 J+ Morris␣Street
WN1 3RB 22 Windmill␣Close w942222478 J+ Morris␣Street
WN2 1RN 3 Copperas␣Lane w895704894 J+ Haigh␣Road
WN2 1PP 2 Wigan␣Road w766781862 J+ Lucas␣Nook
WN3 5DS 8 Poolstock n8972961389 J+ Pool␣Street
WN3 6JP 2 Tanhouse␣Drive w596525012 J+ Andover␣Crescent
WN4 0DL 4 Downall␣Green␣Road w461351587 J+ Cooke␣Street
WN5 0UJ 6 Anjou␣Boulevard w985914214 J+ Robin␣Park␣Road
WN5 7PF 2 Rainford␣Road w1042079706 J+ Billinge
WN6 7AU 25 Mort␣Street w464513553 J+ Waterloo␣Street
WN7 1EB 2 Civic␣Square w60464526 J+ Market␣Street
WN7 2PR 3 Chapel␣Street w447538961 J+ Mather␣Lane
WN7 5SJ 6 Parsonage␣Way w479537948 J+ Atherleigh␣Way
WN7 5RZ 2 Atherleigh␣Way w985592344 J+ Priestners␣Way
WN8 6LU 3 Ingram w882869073 J+ Northway
WN8 6LU 3 Ingram w915630336 J+ Southway

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
WN1 1DY 10 King␣Street w278189993 J+
WN1 2LF 5 Wigan␣Lane n2609128040 J+
WN1 3SD 6 Scholes w135904169 J+
WN1 3LU 3 Vauxhall␣Road w135904136 J+
WN1 3SA 2 Wellington␣Street w135904128 J+
WN3 4HG 2 Chapel␣Lane w127675253 J+
WN3 4DL 3 Great␣George␣Street w127948868 J+
WN3 4EN 3 Hodson␣Street w127948869 J+
WN3 5HN 2 Clifton␣Street w401089310 J+
WN4 0DL 4 Downall␣Green␣Road w33428553 J+
WN4 0SF 2 Hamilton␣Road n6009839923 J+
WN4 8QY 50 Greenfields␣Crescent w1005942918 J+
WN4 8QY 50 Greenfields␣Crescent w1005923302 J+
WN4 9BJ 2 Wigan␣Road w936478309 J+
WN5 9DS 2 Alexandra␣Street w409608645 J+
WN6 0SR 3 Almond␣Brook␣Road w136015828 J+
WN6 0HP 2 Pole␣Street n1364260703 J+
WN7 2AH 63 Battersby␣Street w1006837804 J+
WN7 2AF 46 Brideoake␣Street w1004514175 J+
WN8 6LN 3 Southway n8390702753 J+
WN8 7RP 2 Higher␣Lane w403275657 J+
WN8 7HS 2 Lancaster␣Lane w441990096 J+
WN8 9TG 3 Maple␣View w117951589 J+
WN8 9TQ 2 Maple␣View w117951587 J+
WN8 9TW 4 Maple␣View w791845098 J+
WN8 9TW 4 Maple␣View w791845096 J+
WN8 9TW 4 Maple␣View w791845097 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
WN1 1BH 1 w581251999 J+
WN1 1NJ 1 w278308670 J+
WN1 1RS 1 w23358453 J+
WN1 1UG 1 n8691291426 J+
WN1 3AB 1 w278353265 J+
WN1 3LX 1 w135904154 J+
WN1 3LY 1 w135904146 J+
WN1 3LZ 1 w135904144 J+
WN1 3QL 3 w777994510 J+
WN1 3QL 3 w135904116 J+
WN1 3QL 3 w777994511 J+
WN1 3SB 1 w135904117 J+
WN2 1BP 1 w440834740 J+
WN2 1PE 1 r10795790 J+
WN2 2JA 1 n773865706 J+
WN2 4LG 1 w426758799 J+
WN2 4SA 1 n272748387 J+
WN2 5DB 1 n1437447314 J+
WN2 5RZ 1 w979661517 J+
WN2 5TU 1 n773866370 J+
WN3 4AA 1 w127948865 J+
WN3 4AB 1 w127948866 J+
WN3 4AL 1 w337683485 J+
WN3 4DG 1 w127948873 J+
WN3 4EG 1 w127675305 J+
WN3 4EH 1 w275250093 J+
WN3 4EL 1 r13771427 J+
WN3 4EX 1 w275244550 J+
WN3 4EY 1 w275250106 J+
WN3 4FN 1 w127675306 J+
WN3 4HL 1 w55600895 J+
WN3 4HN 1 w127675301 J+
WN3 4HQ 1 w127675245 J+
WN3 4HT 1 w127675259 J+
WN3 4HW 1 w127675310 J+
WN3 4JN 1 w55600972 J+
WN3 5AQ 1 w55600569 J+
WN3 5BA 1 w275250095 J+
WN3 5BB 1 w275250098 J+
WN3 5BD 1 w36938244 J+
WN3 5DE 1 w234539356 J+
WN3 5DQ 1 w626881309 J+
WN3 5ND 1 n773866752 J+
WN3 6RF 1 n9588907826 J+
WN3 6SB 1 w426799488 J+
WN4 0EP 1 w35355091 J+
WN4 9AZ 1 r12003582 J+
WN4 9PJ 1 n10096125000 J+
WN4 9PQ 1 w141393284 J+
WN4 9QN 1 n9209181783 J+
WN5 7AL 1 w40551256 J+
WN5 7XF 1 w35156963 J+
WN5 8SJ 1 w365033942 J+
WN5 9XN 1 w86573077 J+
WN6 0LF 1 w140921310 J+
WN6 0XB 1 w140779021 J+
WN7 1AA 1 n676312474 J+
WN7 2LU 1 w67250972 J+
WN7 3DJ 1 w60483164 J+
WN7 3PQ 1 w32688919 J+
WN7 5JE 1 n773901376 J+
WN7 5LA 1 n2507594925 J+
WN7 5PY 1 n5050065083 J+
WN8 6SA 1 w401500372 J+
WN8 7LA 1 n921503559 J+
WN8 8PW 1 w335071393 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

No such streets found in this area.

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
WN6 0XQ 1 Bradley␣Lane,␣Standish
WN8 9AL 1 Quarry␣Bank␣Community␣Centre,␣364␣Ormskirk␣Road

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
WN8 9AL 1 Quarry␣Bank␣Community␣Centre,␣364␣Ormskirk␣Road

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St|N|S|E|W)(\.? |$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
WN1 3PL 1 Ellis␣St
WN4 0SA 1 Station␣Rd

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.