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OSM Street Name Warnings for ZE Postal Area

Warnings for street names in OSM objects with postcodes in addr:postcode tags in the ZE Postal Area, based on OSM data from 2021‑06‑16 07:47:47 Z. (The data comes from postcode checks that another tool does, so only includes OSM objects with valid postcodes.) Street names are taken from the following, in order of precedence: the addr:place tag, the addr:parentstreet tag, the addr:street tag, the name tag on street or associatedStreet relation if present, and the addr:locality tag. Remember that only OSM-compatible sources can be used to fix any issues flagged by this tool.

Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode unit normally only includes addresses on a single "street" (although there can be one or more "dependent streets" off a main street within a single unit). The table below lists OSM objects whose computed 'street name' differs from the dominant 'street name' for other objects in that unit. Such difference may be caused by typos in the street name, by objects having the wrong postcode, or by a dependent street being tagged as addr:street, without the main street being appropriately tagged. (In the latter case, I would recommend using addr:parentstreet for the main street, and addr:street for the dependent street. The main street will then be recorded in this tool, but data users unaware of the additional tag, will get something sensible from the addr:street tag.) Note that the 'Dominant Street' listed in the tables is just the most used on other OSM objects with the same postcode — it is not necessarily correct.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC Tagged Street
ZE1 0PW 3 Holmgarth␣Road n6511095742 J+ Holmsgarth␣Road
ZE1 0PX 3 Gremista␣Road w920131747 J+ Gremista␣Rd
ZE1 0RD 3 South␣Road n4610534202 J+ Sea␣Road

Partially Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where at least one other OSM object with the same postcode has a street computed street name. If the postcodes are correct, then the object in question will normally have the same street in its address.

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street OSM Object JRC
ZE1 0AB 2 Commercial␣Street w378668836 J+
ZE1 0AN 2 Commercial␣Street w378667788 J+
ZE1 0AQ 2 Greenfield␣Place w378664058 J+
ZE1 0BD 7 Commercial␣Street w309060742 J+
ZE1 0BD 7 Commercial␣Street w693041441 J+
ZE1 0BJ 3 Mounthooly␣Street w309060737 J+
ZE1 0BR 2 Clairmont␣Place w309061436 J+
ZE1 0DE 2 North␣Road w183331000 J+
ZE1 0EX 5 Commercial␣Street w309072195 J+
ZE1 0HJ 3 Burgh␣Road w378959906 J+
ZE1 0HX 3 Commercial␣Street w309089392 J+
ZE1 0JP 2 Market␣Street w378958219 J+
ZE1 0LA 3 Burgh␣Road w378959909 J+
ZE1 0LL 4 Esplanade w683003161 J+
ZE1 0LL 4 Esplanade n6790533085 J+
ZE1 0LU 2 Commercial␣Street w309060739 J+
ZE1 0NJ 3 Commercial␣Road w71005555 J+
ZE1 0NL 3 Commercial␣Road w71005637 J+
ZE1 0NP 5 North␣Road w378959923 J+
ZE1 0NQ 2 North␣Road w378964700 J+
ZE1 0NT 4 North␣Road w378980148 J+
ZE1 0PE 3 North␣Road w683003157 J+
ZE1 0PW 3 Holmgarth␣Road w200669410 J+
ZE1 0PX 3 Gremista␣Road w625416371 J+
ZE1 0QB 2 Gilbertson␣Road w378961501 J+
ZE1 0QN 2 Goodlad␣Crescent w378968460 J+
ZE1 0RD 3 South␣Road w382158195 J+
ZE1 0TN 2 New␣Road w158607446 J+
ZE1 0TQ 2 New␣Street w380853915 J+
ZE1 0TR 3 Main␣Street w383218461 J+
ZE1 0UN 2 Port␣Arthur␣Road w380850831 J+
ZE2 9AT 5 Harbour␣View w603754036 J+
ZE2 9AT 5 Harbour␣View w603754033 J+
ZE2 9AT 5 Harbour␣View w603754034 J+
ZE2 9AT 5 Harbour␣View w603754035 J+
ZE2 9BN 2 Mid␣Yell w286806095 J+
ZE2 9DL 2 East␣Road w136269834 J+
ZE2 9ED 2 Beach␣Road,␣Haroldswick w683003141 J+
ZE2 9GW 3 The␣Road␣West,␣Gott w678118223 J+
ZE2 9JY 2 Roadside w201337150 J+
ZE2 9LD 2 Bridge␣End w201487395 J+
ZE2 9QG 4 Hillside w295686793 J+
ZE2 9QG 4 Hillside w683003119 J+
ZE2 9QG 4 Hillside n2994337049 J+
ZE2 9QW 2 Muckle␣Roe w603735441 J+
ZE2 9RB 2 Mossbank w295680822 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515841515 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515845029 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515845024 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515841513 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w516111691 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515845025 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515841514 J+
ZE2 9RJ 9 Valladale w515845026 J+
ZE2 9RT 3 Ollaberry␣Industrial␣Estate w384784133 J+
ZE2 9RT 3 Ollaberry␣Industrial␣Estate w683003105 J+

Fully Missing Street Names

OSM objects with an addr:postcode tag, with without a computed street name (see above for method), where none of the other OSM objects in the same postcode unit have a street name. In some postcode units, the addresses do not have streets, so the entries here are not necessarily errors.

Postcode Mapped OSM Object JRC
ZE1 0AE 1 w378669525 J+
ZE1 0AF 1 w378668280 J+
ZE1 0AG 1 w378589073 J+
ZE1 0AH 1 w378663684 J+
ZE1 0AJ 1 w378669519 J+
ZE1 0AL 1 w378588432 J+
ZE1 0AP 1 w378663685 J+
ZE1 0AR 1 w378664054 J+
ZE1 0AS 1 w378589135 J+
ZE1 0AT 1 w378589157 J+
ZE1 0AU 1 w378668840 J+
ZE1 0AW 1 w378668296 J+
ZE1 0AX 1 w378659957 J+
ZE1 0BA 1 w378663273 J+
ZE1 0BB 1 w378661269 J+
ZE1 0BE 1 w378669533 J+
ZE1 0BF 1 w378669528 J+
ZE1 0BH 1 w378662549 J+
ZE1 0BL 1 w309060736 J+
ZE1 0BN 1 w378669534 J+
ZE1 0BP 1 w683003174 J+
ZE1 0BQ 1 w378670736 J+
ZE1 0BS 1 w309061440 J+
ZE1 0BT 1 w378671561 J+
ZE1 0BU 1 w378670734 J+
ZE1 0BW 1 w378670747 J+
ZE1 0BX 1 w378671579 J+
ZE1 0BY 1 w378669527 J+
ZE1 0BZ 1 w683003173 J+
ZE1 0DA 1 w309049088 J+
ZE1 0DB 1 w378655559 J+
ZE1 0DD 1 w378655149 J+
ZE1 0DG 1 w164015429 J+
ZE1 0DH 1 w382588841 J+
ZE1 0DJ 1 w378589575 J+
ZE1 0DL 1 w309072190 J+
ZE1 0DP 1 w309053867 J+
ZE1 0DQ 1 w309053869 J+
ZE1 0DR 1 w309055111 J+
ZE1 0DS 1 w309055113 J+
ZE1 0DT 1 w309055119 J+
ZE1 0DU 1 w378659132 J+
ZE1 0DW 1 w309053860 J+
ZE1 0DX 1 w309057273 J+
ZE1 0EA 1 w309057277 J+
ZE1 0EB 1 w309057283 J+
ZE1 0ED 1 w309047814 J+
ZE1 0EE 1 w378660215 J+
ZE1 0EF 1 w71095203 J+
ZE1 0EG 1 w309047819 J+
ZE1 0EJ 1 w309055117 J+
ZE1 0EN 1 w309047807 J+
ZE1 0EQ 1 w309049069 J+
ZE1 0ER 1 w683003162 J+
ZE1 0ES 1 w232455572 J+
ZE1 0ET 1 w309055749 J+
ZE1 0EU 1 w71005669 J+
ZE1 0EW 1 w378957857 J+
ZE1 0EY 1 w382579853 J+
ZE1 0EZ 1 w309058105 J+
ZE1 0FB 1 w382743004 J+
ZE1 0FD 1 w183330999 J+
ZE1 0FE 1 w309060741 J+
ZE1 0FL 1 w378589059 J+
ZE1 0FN 1 w378589057 J+
ZE1 0GA 1 w382591952 J+
ZE1 0GB 1 w382591983 J+
ZE1 0GD 1 w382591951 J+
ZE1 0GE 1 w382590021 J+
ZE1 0GF 1 w382497285 J+
ZE1 0GG 1 w309060740 J+
ZE1 0GH 1 w378669529 J+
ZE1 0GJ 1 w309060735 J+
ZE1 0GN 1 w309061438 J+
ZE1 0GQ 1 w378671562 J+
ZE1 0GS 1 w683003155 J+
ZE1 0GT 1 w683003152 J+
ZE1 0GU 1 w683003153 J+
ZE1 0GY 1 w378652529 J+
ZE1 0GZ 1 w378957859 J+
ZE1 0HA 1 w309055968 J+
ZE1 0HD 1 w71005666 J+
ZE1 0HE 1 w309089387 J+
ZE1 0HF 1 w183331008 J+
ZE1 0HG 1 w378960379 J+
ZE1 0HH 1 w382154217 J+
ZE1 0HL 1 w378966767 J+
ZE1 0HN 1 w378974572 J+
ZE1 0HP 1 w378980108 J+
ZE1 0HQ 1 w378980124 J+
ZE1 0HR 1 w378975534 J+
ZE1 0HS 1 w378975545 J+
ZE1 0HT 1 w378980141 J+
ZE1 0HU 1 w378974555 J+
ZE1 0HW 1 w378964147 J+
ZE1 0JB 1 w683003159 J+
ZE1 0JD 1 w309055972 J+
ZE1 0JF 1 w232471009 J+
ZE1 0JL 1 w683003160 J+
ZE1 0JN 1 w685522377 J+
ZE1 0JS 1 w232457747 J+
ZE1 0JT 1 w232455400 J+
ZE1 0JX 1 w378959924 J+
ZE1 0JZ 1 w382576087 J+
ZE1 0LB 1 w378962143 J+
ZE1 0LD 1 w378655160 J+
ZE1 0LE 1 w309053127 J+
ZE1 0LF 1 w378714874 J+
ZE1 0LJ 1 w378655168 J+
ZE1 0LN 1 w378655190 J+
ZE1 0LP 1 w382577625 J+
ZE1 0LR 1 w683003163 J+
ZE1 0LW 1 w232457921 J+
ZE1 0LY 2 w71095211 J+
ZE1 0LY 2 w382170149 J+
ZE1 0LZ 1 w200673831 J+
ZE1 0NA 1 w200675155 J+
ZE1 0ND 1 w232454708 J+
ZE1 0NE 1 w382744554 J+
ZE1 0NF 1 w382154212 J+
ZE1 0NG 1 w382744913 J+
ZE1 0NH 1 w378959933 J+
ZE1 0NN 1 w153703442 J+
ZE1 0NR 1 w378964698 J+
ZE1 0NS 1 w378966757 J+
ZE1 0NU 1 w153703456 J+
ZE1 0NW 1 w378960387 J+
ZE1 0NX 1 w378981236 J+
ZE1 0NZ 1 w382154208 J+
ZE1 0PA 1 w378980099 J+
ZE1 0PB 1 w378981230 J+
ZE1 0PD 1 w378980104 J+
ZE1 0PF 1 w382180962 J+
ZE1 0PG 1 w382180959 J+
ZE1 0PH 1 w382176790 J+
ZE1 0PJ 1 w378973187 J+
ZE1 0PL 1 w378970235 J+
ZE1 0PN 1 w378982198 J+
ZE1 0PP 1 w378982208 J+
ZE1 0PQ 1 w382176783 J+
ZE1 0PR 1 w382180965 J+
ZE1 0PT 1 w164015438 J+
ZE1 0PU 1 w200669443 J+
ZE1 0PY 1 w163995715 J+
ZE1 0PZ 1 w683003148 J+
ZE1 0QA 1 w378960758 J+
ZE1 0QD 1 w378968480 J+
ZE1 0QE 1 w382746170 J+
ZE1 0QF 1 w382746177 J+
ZE1 0QG 1 w382746674 J+
ZE1 0QH 1 w382747642 J+
ZE1 0QJ 1 w378968461 J+
ZE1 0QQ 1 w378729733 J+
ZE1 0QR 1 w378968468 J+
ZE1 0QS 1 w378971981 J+
ZE1 0QT 1 w378968486 J+
ZE1 0QW 1 w382742958 J+
ZE1 0QX 1 w378971982 J+
ZE1 0QY 1 w157773135 J+
ZE1 0QZ 1 w71094071 J+
ZE1 0RA 1 w378971986 J+
ZE1 0RB 1 w378962251 J+
ZE1 0RE 2 w382588373 J+
ZE1 0RE 2 w895731957 J+
ZE1 0RF 1 w380826755 J+
ZE1 0RG 1 w382590027 J+
ZE1 0RH 1 w382497275 J+
ZE1 0RJ 1 w382497839 J+
ZE1 0RL 1 w382503863 J+
ZE1 0RN 1 w382503115 J+
ZE1 0RP 1 w382591957 J+
ZE1 0RQ 1 w382553835 J+
ZE1 0RR 1 w683003168 J+
ZE1 0RS 1 w382496943 J+
ZE1 0RT 1 w382500956 J+
ZE1 0RU 1 w382498394 J+
ZE1 0RW 1 w382496946 J+
ZE1 0RX 1 w380829016 J+
ZE1 0RY 1 w683003151 J+
ZE1 0RZ 1 w382588352 J+
ZE1 0SA 1 w382503862 J+
ZE1 0SB 1 w382174757 J+
ZE1 0SD 1 w382505633 J+
ZE1 0SE 1 w382588833 J+
ZE1 0SF 1 w382589582 J+
ZE1 0SG 1 w382589571 J+
ZE1 0SH 1 w382558979 J+
ZE1 0SJ 1 w382559007 J+
ZE1 0SL 1 w382546632 J+
ZE1 0SN 1 w382546643 J+
ZE1 0SP 1 w382558985 J+
ZE1 0SQ 1 w382559014 J+
ZE1 0SR 1 w382576112 J+
ZE1 0SS 1 w71095174 J+
ZE1 0ST 1 w382577643 J+
ZE1 0SU 1 w382576615 J+
ZE1 0SW 1 w200673796 J+
ZE1 0SX 1 w382546629 J+
ZE1 0SZ 1 w683003171 J+
ZE1 0TA 1 w164048152 J+
ZE1 0TE 1 w380849004 J+
ZE1 0TF 1 w200675158 J+
ZE1 0TH 1 w380853894 J+
ZE1 0TJ 1 w383219181 J+
ZE1 0TL 1 w383218474 J+
ZE1 0TP 1 w380853916 J+
ZE1 0TS 1 w380854913 J+
ZE1 0TT 1 w383220723 J+
ZE1 0TU 1 w383219189 J+
ZE1 0TW 1 w200669406 J+
ZE1 0TX 1 w383218821 J+
ZE1 0TZ 1 w683003150 J+
ZE1 0UA 1 w383220128 J+
ZE1 0UB 1 w383219524 J+
ZE1 0UD 1 w383220710 J+
ZE1 0UE 1 w383219518 J+
ZE1 0UF 1 w378670729 J+
ZE1 0UG 1 w383326141 J+
ZE1 0UH 1 w383220726 J+
ZE1 0UJ 1 w383218513 J+
ZE1 0UL 1 w683003149 J+
ZE1 0UP 1 w383218488 J+
ZE1 0UQ 1 w683003100 J+
ZE1 0UR 1 w383326139 J+
ZE1 0US 1 w383346181 J+
ZE1 0UT 1 w383218818 J+
ZE1 0UU 1 w383327379 J+
ZE1 0UW 1 w380851113 J+
ZE1 0UX 1 w383316483 J+
ZE1 0UY 1 w383220123 J+
ZE1 0UZ 1 w383323790 J+
ZE1 0WH 1 w382563571 J+
ZE1 0WJ 1 w382563572 J+
ZE1 0WL 1 w382561569 J+
ZE1 0WN 1 w378668281 J+
ZE1 0WP 1 w71005634 J+
ZE1 0WS 1 w383321821 J+
ZE1 0WT 1 w382170157 J+
ZE1 0WU 1 w683003156 J+
ZE1 0WX 1 w378975742 J+
ZE1 0WY 1 w379847360 J+
ZE1 0WZ 1 w71095208 J+
ZE1 0XA 1 w383227933 J+
ZE1 0XB 1 w383226750 J+
ZE1 0XD 1 w383219509 J+
ZE1 0XG 1 w383219514 J+
ZE1 0XH 1 w383226726 J+
ZE1 0XJ 1 w383218500 J+
ZE1 0XL 1 w201645684 J+
ZE1 0XN 1 w158515752 J+
ZE1 0XT 1 w380853890 J+
ZE1 0XU 1 w232457924 J+
ZE1 0XY 1 w200669398 J+
ZE1 0YA 1 w378589112 J+
ZE1 0YB 1 w378650449 J+
ZE1 0YP 1 w309053866 J+
ZE1 0ZJ 1 w683003172 J+
ZE2 9AA 3 w202867755 J+
ZE2 9AA 3 n869994157 J+
ZE2 9AA 3 w202874897 J+
ZE2 9AB 1 w158088741 J+
ZE2 9AD 1 w202872674 J+
ZE2 9AE 1 w203143270 J+
ZE2 9AF 1 w203143376 J+
ZE2 9AG 1 w203143339 J+
ZE2 9AH 1 w203143223 J+
ZE2 9AJ 1 w654223848 J+
ZE2 9AL 1 w652723291 J+
ZE2 9AN 1 w202754650 J+
ZE2 9AP 1 w654743964 J+
ZE2 9AQ 3 w202879692 J+
ZE2 9AQ 3 n869992651 J+
ZE2 9AQ 3 w392951498 J+
ZE2 9AR 2 w392949712 J+
ZE2 9AR 2 w596553867 J+
ZE2 9AS 3 n773292710 J+
ZE2 9AS 3 w88284722 J+
ZE2 9AS 3 w88284737 J+
ZE2 9AU 1 w683003135 J+
ZE2 9AW 1 w653366928 J+
ZE2 9AX 1 w683003136 J+
ZE2 9AY 4 w386596962 J+
ZE2 9AY 4 n866978849 J+
ZE2 9AY 4 w683003134 J+
ZE2 9AY 4 w385763274 J+
ZE2 9AZ 1 w683003133 J+
ZE2 9BA 1 w683003132 J+
ZE2 9BD 3 n254339240 J+
ZE2 9BD 3 w232492740 J+
ZE2 9BD 3 n866970663 J+
ZE2 9BE 1 w286813524 J+
ZE2 9BF 1 w286809190 J+
ZE2 9BG 1 w286812169 J+
ZE2 9BH 2 w286811113 J+
ZE2 9BH 2 n4878438324 J+
ZE2 9BJ 2 n6598228585 J+
ZE2 9BJ 2 w286807258 J+
ZE2 9BL 1 w286521054 J+
ZE2 9BP 1 w286809194 J+
ZE2 9BQ 1 w158088731 J+
ZE2 9BS 1 w286809181 J+
ZE2 9BT 1 w286810319 J+
ZE2 9BU 1 w683003137 J+
ZE2 9BW 1 w286809196 J+
ZE2 9BX 1 w286806093 J+
ZE2 9BY 1 w683003124 J+
ZE2 9DA 1 w222712115 J+
ZE2 9DD 1 w377557006 J+
ZE2 9DH 1 w152456822 J+
ZE2 9DJ 2 w387020797 J+
ZE2 9DJ 2 n869977938 J+
ZE2 9DN 1 w136269867 J+
ZE2 9DP 3 w377560811 J+
ZE2 9DP 3 n3809384588 J+
ZE2 9DP 3 n422649363 J+
ZE2 9DR 1 w232358005 J+
ZE2 9DS 2 w364814830 J+
ZE2 9DS 2 n254349801 J+
ZE2 9DT 1 w71123092 J+
ZE2 9DU 1 w480387371 J+
ZE2 9DW 1 w152025129 J+
ZE2 9DY 2 w392953951 J+
ZE2 9DY 2 w200487900 J+
ZE2 9DZ 2 w352766467 J+
ZE2 9DZ 2 w683003139 J+
ZE2 9EA 1 w232358128 J+
ZE2 9EB 1 w683003140 J+
ZE2 9EF 1 w202745294 J+
ZE2 9EH 1 w136269836 J+
ZE2 9EJ 1 w202745298 J+
ZE2 9EL 5 w151541319 J+
ZE2 9EL 5 n6621056984 J+
ZE2 9EL 5 n279553293 J+
ZE2 9EL 5 w151541269 J+
ZE2 9EL 5 n6609143985 J+
ZE2 9EN 1 w151541280 J+
ZE2 9EP 1 w152308325 J+
ZE2 9EQ 1 w683003138 J+
ZE2 9ER 1 w201813741 J+
ZE2 9ES 1 w153528714 J+
ZE2 9ET 1 w152473721 J+
ZE2 9EU 1 w152456814 J+
ZE2 9EW 1 w152191232 J+
ZE2 9EX 1 w683003165 J+
ZE2 9EY 1 w383522342 J+
ZE2 9EZ 1 w232489509 J+
ZE2 9FA 1 w222712171 J+
ZE2 9FD 1 w383502983 J+
ZE2 9FE 1 w383503823 J+
ZE2 9FP 1 w383503840 J+
ZE2 9GA 1 w353050600 J+
ZE2 9GD 1 w383510558 J+
ZE2 9GE 1 w383508301 J+
ZE2 9GF 1 w383508308 J+
ZE2 9GJ 1 w162602953 J+
ZE2 9GL 1 w596556598 J+
ZE2 9GY 1 n6397364288 J+
ZE2 9GZ 1 w202146928 J+
ZE2 9HA 1 w383673404 J+
ZE2 9HH 2 n1585792591 J+
ZE2 9HH 2 w145130113 J+
ZE2 9HN 1 w383569040 J+
ZE2 9HP 1 w382765859 J+
ZE2 9HR 2 w378450414 J+
ZE2 9HR 2 n1585791166 J+
ZE2 9HX 1 w683003097 J+
ZE2 9JA 3 w760979846 J+
ZE2 9JA 3 n3823838967 J+
ZE2 9JA 3 w683003099 J+
ZE2 9JB 2 n3816936458 J+
ZE2 9JB 2 n254634373 J+
ZE2 9JE 1 n254197773 J+
ZE2 9JF 1 w683003098 J+
ZE2 9JT 1 w201491758 J+
ZE2 9JU 4 w91758181 J+
ZE2 9JU 4 w91760669 J+
ZE2 9JU 4 w392953462 J+
ZE2 9JU 4 n696008215 J+
ZE2 9JW 1 w404803687 J+
ZE2 9JX 1 w383505673 J+
ZE2 9JZ 1 w201335193 J+
ZE2 9LA 2 w392954259 J+
ZE2 9LA 2 w201164938 J+
ZE2 9LB 1 w201338133 J+
ZE2 9LE 1 w201643319 J+
ZE2 9LF 1 w201168907 J+
ZE2 9LG 1 w596556583 J+
ZE2 9LH 1 w683003142 J+
ZE2 9LJ 2 w392952117 J+
ZE2 9LJ 2 w230315723 J+
ZE2 9LL 1 w230311947 J+
ZE2 9LN 1 w683003101 J+
ZE2 9LQ 1 w311097145 J+
ZE2 9LS 1 w202146908 J+
ZE2 9LW 2 w385628941 J+
ZE2 9LW 2 n254338883 J+
ZE2 9LX 1 w202035459 J+
ZE2 9LZ 1 w202026350 J+
ZE2 9NA 2 w201842727 J+
ZE2 9NA 2 n1336151527 J+
ZE2 9NB 3 n773298069 J+
ZE2 9NB 3 w392952417 J+
ZE2 9NB 3 w202147027 J+
ZE2 9ND 1 w202146904 J+
ZE2 9NE 1 w683003102 J+
ZE2 9NF 1 w202150323 J+
ZE2 9NL 1 w392946765 J+
ZE2 9NN 1 w201842701 J+
ZE2 9NT 2 w202017025 J+
ZE2 9NT 2 w201817725 J+
ZE2 9NU 1 w200498801 J+
ZE2 9NW 1 w202150313 J+
ZE2 9NX 1 w311096844 J+
ZE2 9PD 1 n479438143 J+
ZE2 9PF 1 n423206858 J+
ZE2 9PL 2 w202316739 J+
ZE2 9PL 2 w784252703 J+
ZE2 9PN 2 w210891930 J+
ZE2 9PN 2 w93277525 J+
ZE2 9PP 1 w385064037 J+
ZE2 9PR 1 w683003127 J+
ZE2 9PW 1 w201813731 J+
ZE2 9PX 1 n254519849 J+
ZE2 9QA 1 w683003129 J+
ZE2 9QB 3 w683003130 J+
ZE2 9QB 3 n6621018600 J+
ZE2 9QB 3 w182433108 J+
ZE2 9QD 2 n5666236167 J+
ZE2 9QD 2 w203146634 J+
ZE2 9QF 1 w683003131 J+
ZE2 9QH 1 w683003123 J+
ZE2 9QJ 6 n4828634022 J+
ZE2 9QJ 6 n3877767240 J+
ZE2 9QJ 6 n4876710021 J+
ZE2 9QJ 6 n3877809933 J+
ZE2 9QJ 6 n3897538019 J+
ZE2 9QJ 6 w683003122 J+
ZE2 9QN 1 w683003116 J+
ZE2 9QQ 1 w683003126 J+
ZE2 9QR 1 w232491162 J+
ZE2 9QT 1 w200450490 J+
ZE2 9QY 1 w683003125 J+
ZE2 9RA 1 w200450431 J+
ZE2 9RD 1 w683003111 J+
ZE2 9RE 1 w683003113 J+
ZE2 9RG 1 w683003103 J+
ZE2 9RH 2 w645303508 J+
ZE2 9RH 2 w384257932 J+
ZE2 9RL 1 w631904327 J+
ZE2 9RN 1 w683003112 J+
ZE2 9RP 1 w683003107 J+
ZE2 9RS 3 w367799458 J+
ZE2 9RS 3 n3117272008 J+
ZE2 9RS 3 w683003106 J+
ZE2 9RU 1 w683003104 J+
ZE2 9RW 2 w182403285 J+
ZE2 9RW 2 w683003108 J+
ZE2 9RX 1 w320060119 J+
ZE2 9RY 2 n2911983017 J+
ZE2 9RY 2 w392945745 J+
ZE2 9SA 1 w320060024 J+
ZE2 9SB 3 w154852576 J+
ZE2 9SB 3 w182332013 J+
ZE2 9SB 3 n3824146579 J+
ZE2 9SD 1 w154801070 J+
ZE2 9SE 2 w155034961 J+
ZE2 9SE 2 w392951163 J+
ZE2 9SF 1 w683003144 J+
ZE2 9SG 1 w683003143 J+
ZE2 9SH 1 w154801073 J+
ZE2 9SJ 1 w642627229 J+
ZE2 9SL 1 w683003121 J+
ZE2 9SN 1 w649195215 J+
ZE2 9SP 1 w648097591 J+
ZE2 9SQ 1 w297010716 J+
ZE2 9SR 1 w652390550 J+
ZE2 9SS 1 w652360017 J+
ZE2 9ST 1 w652819032 J+
ZE2 9SU 1 w652819048 J+
ZE2 9SW 1 w642622021 J+
ZE2 9SX 1 w652874959 J+
ZE2 9SY 1 w653117185 J+
ZE2 9SZ 1 w649195225 J+
ZE2 9TA 1 w480387380 J+
ZE2 9TD 1 w683003109 J+
ZE2 9TE 1 w136274168 J+
ZE2 9TF 1 w683003110 J+
ZE2 9TG 1 w200450481 J+
ZE2 9TL 1 w232492284 J+
ZE2 9TN 2 n254349894 J+
ZE2 9TN 2 r2721221 J+
ZE2 9TP 1 w71212982 J+
ZE2 9TR 1 w154801019 J+
ZE2 9TS 1 w203143347 J+
ZE2 9TT 1 w683003118 J+
ZE2 9TU 1 r1835687 J+
ZE2 9TW 1 w232388661 J+
ZE2 9TX 1 w383359114 J+
ZE2 9TY 1 w615318491 J+
ZE2 9TZ 1 n6397364290 J+
ZE2 9UA 1 w683003117 J+
ZE2 9UB 1 w202867754 J+
ZE2 9UL 1 w683003145 J+
ZE2 9UP 1 w200358224 J+
ZE2 9UR 1 w200358253 J+
ZE2 9US 1 w154800853 J+
ZE2 9UT 1 w71123085 J+
ZE2 9UY 1 w201340745 J+
ZE2 9WH 1 w683003146 J+
ZE2 9WN 1 w930776545 J+
ZE2 9XG 1 w316455504 J+
ZE2 9XH 1 w154800852 J+
ZE2 9XJ 1 w114523333 J+
ZE2 9XL 1 w200463317 J+
ZE2 9XN 1 w201337154 J+
ZE2 9XP 1 w632575001 J+
ZE2 9XS 1 w683003120 J+
ZE2 9XT 1 w683003147 J+
ZE2 9XU 1 w201167144 J+
ZE2 9XW 1 w201337161 J+
ZE3 9JJ 1 w200498780 J+
ZE3 9JL 3 n6593229985 J+
ZE3 9JL 3 n6593268687 J+
ZE3 9JL 3 w683003096 J+
ZE3 9JN 2 w200498833 J+
ZE3 9JN 2 w182247211 J+
ZE3 9JP 1 w71319983 J+
ZE3 9JU 1 w683003095 J+

Highways with Postcodes

OSM objects with an addr:postcode and a highway tag. It is debatable whether postcodes should be added to streets at all, but if they are to be, it might be preferable to use the postal_code tag instead, as the postcode on the street does not form part of an address.

No such streets found in this area.

Unexpected Punctuation

Street names containing a comma, colon, semi-colon, forward slash or backward slash, or a hyphen not between words. Occasionally such usage may be legitimate.
Regular expression: /([,:;\/\]|^-| -|- |-$)/

Postcode Mapped Dominant Street Name
ZE2 9ED 2 Beach␣Road,␣Haroldswick
ZE2 9GW 3 The␣Road␣West,␣Gott

Unexpected Numbers

Street names containing a number. Note that some street names legitimately contain road numbers (e.g. "A147") when the road does not have another name.
Regular expression: /[0-9]/

No such streets found in this area.

Capitalisation Issues

Street names starting with a lowercase letter, or having two consecutive uppercase letters.
Regular expression: /(^[a-z]|[A-Z][A-Z])/

No such streets found in this area.


Street names containing common suffix/descriptor abbreviations, which would normally be expected to be spelt out in full. Note that the abbreviation of 'Saint' to 'St' is often present in the official name of a street, so 'St' is not necessarily an error.
Regular expression: / (Ave|Blvd|Cl|Cresc?|Ct|Gdns?|Grvs?|Ln|Rd|Sq|St)(\.? |$)/

No such streets found in this area.

White Space Issues

Street names containing any white space characters other than spaces, two or more consecutive spaces, or starting or ending with a space.
Regular expression: /([[.newline.][.tab.][.form-feed.]]| |^ | $)/

No such streets found in this area.

Other Odd Characters

Street names containing anything other than letters, punctuation, spaces and numbers. Not all warnings here will be errors; some may be legitimate uses.
Regular expression: /[^A-Za-z0-9 '\.,:;()/\\-]/

No such streets found in this area.

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.