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OSM UK Large Street Name Mismatches

Each postcode in the UK usually only contains addresses within a single street. This page lists postcodes found in OSM UK where there are a significant number of OSM objects with a street that differs from the most common street for that postcode in OSM.

Many of the results below will be errors causes by a postcode being incorrectly added to objects from a different street, e.g. as the result of a typo, or by a copy-and-paste error. Some may be cause by typos or different forms in the addr:street tags. These issues can be fixed in OSM.

However, there will be come cases listed below that are nor errors. A small number of postcodes do span more than one street. There is also the case that some addresses have a street and a dependent street (usually a small street or row of houses off the main street). The same postcode can be used for the main street and the dependent street. In this case, if the addresses on the dependent street have the dependent street tagged in addr:street and the main street in addr:parent:street, the tool will recognise the addr:parentstreet value next time it is run, and hence it will not longer be flagged.

Postcode Dominant Street # Mismatches
CO7 8RF Flag Hill, Great Bentley 306
BT19 6PH Seahaven Close 210
NP20 5EA Allt-Yr-Yn Road 167
NP20 4NZ Clytha Park Road 159
BT94 1FX Kesh Road 116
NP20 6LA Larch Grove 94
NP20 6NF Malpas Road 71
NP19 7EF Courtney Street 69
NP18 1AR Backhall Street 63
SA33 4LR Pen-y-Ffordd 60
NP18 3NY Ponthir Road 57
NP18 3SU Trinity View 57
NP20 6WF Pillmawr Road 56
NP20 5GJ Harlequin Drive 54
KT18 5PQ Home Farm Close 52
NP18 1NG Broadwalk 51
NP18 3RU Wentwood Road 50
LS14 5LJ The Larches 45
S8 9NL Hollythorpe Rise 44
NG10 4DW Windermere Gardens 42
NP18 2DP Hen Chwarel Drive 42
KW17 2QL Braebuster Road 40
NP44 8AD Caerleon Road 38
E4 9DG Royston Avenue 38
ML2 0NT Etive Street 38
PH20 1DR Clune Terrace 36
NP20 6PL Pilton Vale 35
KW17 2QS Tankerness Hall Road 34
CO7 8LG The Green, Great Bentley 34
HD8 8XP Four Row 32
KW17 2RN Crook Road 32
KW17 2SD Cornquoy Road 31
BT35 8QE Lisdrum Park 31
KW17 2SS Village Road 31
KW17 2QJ Quoys Road 31
DE7 6DF Main Road 31
NP18 3SQ Copper Beech Close 30
BS36 2NH Watermore Close 30
CW9 5AY Chester Way 30
NP19 9EZ Chepstow Road 28
NG8 1HS Runswick Drive 28
CF24 3HE Cyfarthfa Street 28
NG7 2RD Cripps Hall 28
WF2 8QA Thornes Moor Close 28
B43 5DN Valley Road 28
NP18 3RA College Road 27
CH43 9AJ Sandalwood Drive 27
B11 3NJ Electric Avenue 27
KW17 2DD Branstane Road 27
EH54 9FF West Cairn View 27
SA11 1SB Commercial Street 27
TA1 2LU Fields End 27
TA21 0AA Millstream Gardens 27
CF72 8LJ Ynysmaerdy Terrace 27
NG7 2JL City Road 26
NP4 9EB Sycamore Road 26
CF71 7PB Sambucus Avenue 26
SO16 2PG Channels Farm Road 25
NP18 1GD Lamb Lane 25
KW17 2QG Quoybrae 25
G69 9FN Monteith Path 25
HU6 7BT Knowles Avenue 24
PR7 3QH Eaves Green 24
NP18 1NF Cold Bath Road 23
NN14 3AH High Street 23
SO40 3SA Brunel Road 23
NG3 5RD Chartwell Grove 23
B71 1RJ Chartley Road 23
KW17 2DZ North End Road 23
NW10 1HY Geary Road 23
KW17 2RW Holland Road 22
TA6 5LT Brue Avenue 22
KW17 2QQ Stonehall Road 22
BT38 8SX Kinbayne Cresent 22
NG8 1HR Runswick Drive 22
WF1 3DZ Rook's Nest Road 22
NG16 3TZ Moon Crescent 22
WA7 3EP Station Road 22
SO16 6HT Tremona Road 22
CO14 8NA Walton Road, Walton-on-the-Naze 21
WA6 7BX Tilbey Drive 21
KW17 2PR Corquoy Road 21
B14 7AH Kings Heath 21
B71 1AH Stanway Road 21
B26 2HR Garretts Green Lane 21
CO15 6QS Abbigail Gardens, Clacton 20
WA6 7NE Silverdale Close 20
B79 7TA Borman 20
LS14 5EB Stanks Drive 20
NP19 8AH Beechwood Road 20
CO16 9ED Clacton Road, Weeley 20
TA2 8RF Thurloxton 20
KW17 2DH Balaclave Road 20
ML2 8LW Thrashbush Crescent 20
PR5 4QL Osborne Road 19
B44 9QB Swains Grove 19
HU13 0LB Tall Trees 19
HU5 5SU Fernhill Road 19
DE72 2BU Westonhill Chalet Park 19
KW17 2QT Groatsetter Road 19
TA2 8AN Kingston St Mary 19
BN3 2WA King's Esplanade 19
CO16 7DS Southgreen Gardens, Clacton (West) 19
KW17 2DW Noup Road 19
WF3 4AR Bottomboat Road 19
SO40 8TU Itchin Close 18
B27 7YA Victoria Road 18
HU6 7BY Boulsworth Avenue 18
NP18 3FS Hillcrest 18
SO53 5QE Hocombe Drive 18
WA6 7JP Weaver Crescent 18
KW15 1SX Glendale Park 18
NP19 8EB Chepstow Road 18
B20 1LW Camplin Crescent 17
CB4 1TU New Fields Mobile Home Park 17
PH3 1LX Tullibardine Road 17
KW17 2QH Newark Road 17
NP18 1AF Cross Street 17
BB2 7EB Revidge Road 17
PH20 1AR Station Road 17
EN3 5EE Carterhatch Road 17
B20 1HG Acfold Road 17
RG1 2TG Highgrove Street 17
WA7 2UX Silkstone Crescent 17
B11 1XB Beechfield Road 17
NP20 5GL Harlequin Court 17
B71 2BD Vicarage Road 17
CO15 4TL Baker Close 17
NE49 9AQ Banks Terrace 17
HP19 9HW Belgrave Road 16
CF10 5BZ Butetown 16
SE9 2HE Avery Hill Road 16
YO23 3XP Bowyers Close 16
B71 1EZ James Eaton Close 16
DA5 3PQ West Woodside 16
B46 1HQ Roman Way 16
SO18 5PQ Edelvale Road 16
SO18 3QL Waldon Gardens 16
DE7 5HX The Ropewalk Industrial Centre 16
WF2 9QX Plumpton Place 16
CH43 9JX Woodberry Close 16
SO18 2DG Wakefield Road 16
RH17 5DB Whitemans Green 16
KW15 1XN 2 Cursiter Crescent 16
RH1 5AH Shirley Avenue 16
KW17 2DY Balfour Mains 16
TA19 0EH Ditton Street 16
KW17 2PU Brinian 16
HU15 1DB Wold View 16
NP20 4LA Stow Park Crescent 15
EN3 7JB Ashford Crescent 15
TA2 8HH Kingston Road 15
CB22 5DA Sternes Way 15
IV30 6GN McMillan Avenue 15
ME5 9JG Boxley Road 15
SG8 7DW Coombelands 15
B38 9JU Tay Grove 15
PO15 7EU Whiteley 15
TA2 8RH Church Lane 15
KT18 5ST Upland Way 15
NG10 3EF Beresford Road 15
KW17 2RT St. Mary's Road 15
BS36 2LE Watermore Close 15
EN3 7LL Bowood Road 15
OX2 6JG Butler Close 15
KW17 2TH Grimness Road 15
KW17 2DN Aikerness Road 15
NG5 1NS Ventnor Rise 15
DE7 5JJ Chaucer Street 15
KW17 2DE Twiness Road 15
G84 9RT Kent Drive 15
NG3 5SG Chedington Avenue 15
WA6 6RD Churchfield Road 15
HU1 3DG Wilberforce Drive 15
HU14 3HP East Dale Road 15
SP6 1RB AllenWater Drive 15
CW9 8LT Davenham 15
E7 0DP Dames Road 15
NP18 1BE Goldcroft Common 15
TR14 7HP St Martin's Terrace 14
WA7 4PL Snowdrop Close 14
EN3 5NB Ian Square 14
E14 9TS Skylines Village 14
DE21 6AS Sawley Park 14
RH19 4PH Top Road 14
HU5 5JW Willerby Road 14
EN3 5JW Hertford Road 14
DE7 8GQ Mill Street 14
B71 1QA Eden Grove 14
WA6 7NS Marshgate Place 14
YO23 3TU Flaxman Croft 14
B78 2HJ Tamworth Road 14
TA2 8NH Greenway 14
WF2 8AL Dacre Avenue 14
CO7 0PJ Spring Road 13
HU7 4PS Curlew Close 13
RH19 1XZ Hills Road 13
B11 3NR Ryland Road 13
DE72 3NB Market Street 13
SO19 9RW Sissinghurst Close 13
SO19 7LF Magnolia Road 13
EH39 5NP Heugh Brae 13
TN22 5AT Framfield Rioad 13
TA3 5QQ Hyde lane 13
B29 7NP Pershore Avenue 13
B71 1EL Haig Street 13
NP18 1AE High Street 13
NR4 7TJ University of East Anglia 13
KW17 2DR Langskaill Road West 13
CO15 4BX Ramplings Avenue, Clacton (e) 13
TA1 3YA Killams Lane 13
YO25 6RS St. John's Road 13
B20 1EJ Parkside Road 13
SP11 8PW Thruxton Cicuit 13
DA15 8DJ Days Lane 13
EN3 5NH Oatlands Road 13
B71 1LT Ruskin Street 13
NG9 6DZ Eldon Road Industrial Estate 13
EX5 7FD Cranbrook 13
B97 4BN Pioneer Close 13
EN3 5NN Lansbury Road 13
CV34 6RH Shires Retail Park 13
BT34 2EG Cronin Park 13
TA6 3QW Brendon Road 13
SE9 2AJ Ivor Grove 13
KW15 1TE 14 Craigiefield Park 12
ML2 7QY The Neuk 12
CT2 7RE Kemsing Gardens 12
B25 8NB Stockfield Road 12
CH49 7LD Ackers Road 12
NG7 1GX Castle Marina Retail Park 12
CO15 6QA Carnarvon Road, Clacton-on-Sea 12
CO15 1NJ Pier Avenue, Clacton-on-Sea 12
E18 1AY George Lane 12
LA1 4XP Bailrigg Lane 12
B20 1DT Beauchamp Avenue 12
TA3 7AZ Pitminster Road 12
WR11 4TP Twyford Bank 12
SO18 5NA St Gabriel's Road 12
KW17 2EA Sands Road 12
DE74 2NP Willow Road 12
B37 5RZ Chichester Grove 12
M16 9BQ Stanley Road 12
SN3 6FP Brickworth Place 12
NR4 6DG White Lodge Business Park 12
NG8 4PE Wigman Road 12
TA21 0RA Swifts 12
TA2 8FH Monkton Heathfield 12
CB1 3TQ St. Thomas's Square 12
W5 4NA Popes Lane 12
B11 1LX Grantham Road 12
NW7 1LL Vineyard Avenue 12
HU5 3UN Perth Street West 12
SO20 8EG Middle Wallop 12
B11 4LL Old Grange Road 12
NP18 3RL Roman Reach 12
KW17 2SA Moss Road 12
NP20 5LA Hoskins Street 12
CO16 8JB Point Clear Road 12
CO15 4DS Thorpe Road, Clacton 12
EN3 7HX Westmoor Gardens 12
NP20 5NQ Adelaide Street 12
LE12 5NG The Paddocks 12
EN3 5LJ Lombard Avenue 12
SO16 8BL Mercury Close 12
SL6 6BP College Rise 12
PR7 5EP Coppull 11
SO51 7JL Woodley Lane 11
TR4 8PY Chacewater 11
CH41 8BX Bray Street 11
WR11 4TL Evesham Road 11
NP7 8DH Clos Bryn Sgyryd 11
NG5 5GT Teviot Road 11
NP19 8AF Beechfield Avenue 11
N22 8NG Whittington Road 11
SO15 4HE Stanton Road 11
GU4 8EZ Florida Road 11
W5 4SA Weymouth Avenue 11
DE7 6DJ Brackley Gate 11
BS23 1HL High Street 11
WA6 7RH Pollard Avenue 11
B71 1HA Durham Drive 11
TR14 7HS Trerise Road 11
PE29 1UP Drivers Avenue 11
BS34 7JL Station Road 11
E14 4QT Cabot Square 11
B11 3LU Lea Road 11
B45 8NP Sandhills Road 11
TA3 5AU Main Road 11
TA21 9JB Ham Road 11
NP19 4QQ Seven Stiles Avenue 11
CO16 8PA Clacton Road, St Osyth 11
B11 1NA Anderton Road 11
CO15 6PG Reckitts Close 11
TA6 6BU Southgate Avenue 11
TN22 1QL Bell Lane 11
SO21 2ES Otterbourne 11
NW1 8AF Camden Lock Place 11
CO12 4NB Chase Lane, Dovercourt (s) 11
DE7 6DG Woodside 11
HU10 7RT Elveley Drive 11
SP3 4AH West Street 11
RG5 3AX Wroxham Road 11
CO16 9EB Springfield Meadows 11
SO16 3EJ Brighstone Close 11
CO11 2RS Colchester Road, Wix 11
NP19 0LZ Millennium Walk 11
KW17 2TJ Aikers Road 11
B20 1JU Hamstead Hall Avenue 11
RG1 2AG The Riverside, The Oracle Shopping Centre 11
TA3 7SA Pitminster Road 11
PH20 1AT Golf Course Road 11
B44 9PB Sundridge Road 11
LN10 6SB Tor O Moor Road 11
CF10 2EF Bridge Street 11
CO16 8UU Gilders Way, Clacton 11
HD8 8XU Pump Row 11
SO15 4JQ King George's Avenue 11
NR13 6AD Upper Street 11
SO18 6LY Commercial Street 11
RH16 4GD Middle Village 11
B13 9RG Eastlands Road 11
PR5 6UT Brownedge Road 11

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