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Chain Matching Details for VPZ (Q107300487)

Note: The external data used in the comparisons on this page is not licenced for use in OpenStreetMap. Thereforyou must not use it directly for mapping. It can be used to flag issues to be investigated using other data or places that would benefit from a ground survey.

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2023‑06‑01 09:24:23 Z with a branch list from All The Places. OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q107300487 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 500m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^$/

Branches not matched to OSM (89)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
VPZ 33000000 VPZ Aberdeen
51 Union Street AB11 5BJ,
AB11 5BJ S F M
VPZ 33000002 VPZ Andover
67 High Street SP10 1LP,
SP10 1LP S F M
VPZ 33000003 VPZ Anniesland
1581 Great Western Road G13 1LS,
G13 1LS S F M
VPZ 33000004 VPZ Arbroath
207 High Street DD11 1DZ,
DD11 1DZ S F M
VPZ 33000005 VPZ Ashington
15 Station road NE63 9UZ,
NE63 9UZ S F M
VPZ 33000006 VPZ Aylesbury
2 Market House HP20 1TN,
HP20 1TN S F M
VPZ 33000007 VPZ Ayr
1 Alloway Street KA7 1SP,
VPZ 33000008 VPZ Baillieston
unit 3, 51-53 Main Street, Baillieston, Glasgow G6,
G69 6SJ S F M
VPZ 33000009 VPZ Barrhead
32 Main Street G78 1RE,
G78 1RE S F M
VPZ 33000011 VPZ Basingstoke
18 Wote Street RG21 7NW,
RG21 7NW S F M
VPZ 33000012 VPZ Bathgate
174 South Mid Street EH48 1DY,
EH48 1DY S F M
VPZ 33000014 VPZ Billericay
5 Radford Way CM12 0AA,
CM12 0AA S F M
VPZ 33000015 VPZ Birtley
38 Durham Road DH3 2QH,
VPZ 33000016 VPZ Blantyre
246 Glasgow Road G72 0AB,
G72 0AB S F M
VPZ 33000017 VPZ Bonnyrigg
34 High Street EH19 2AA,
EH19 2AA S F M
VPZ 33000018 VPZ Brentwood
33 High Street CM14 4RG,
CM14 4RG S F M
VPZ 33000020 VPZ Bromley
171 High Street BR1 1NN,
VPZ 33000021 VPZ Broughty Ferry
186A Brook Street DD5 2AH,
VPZ 33000027 VPZ Cardonald
1842, Paisley Road West G52 3TW,
G52 3TW S F M
VPZ 33000028 VPZ Carlisle
40 Lowther Street CA3 8DH,
VPZ 33000029 VPZ Castlemilk
18 Drakemire Drive G44 5EL,
G44 5EL S F M
VPZ 33000032 VPZ Clydebank
Clydebank Shopping Centre G81 1EA,
G81 1EA S F M
VPZ 33000033 VPZ Coatbridge
100 Main Street ML5 3BQ,
VPZ 33000034 VPZ Corby
Willow Place Shopping Centre, Corporation Street N,
NN17 1NJ S F M
VPZ 33000037 VPZ Cumbernauld
Antonine Shopping Centre, Tryst Road, Cumbernauld,,
(S) S F M
VPZ 33000038 VPZ Cupar
6 Crossgate KY15 5HH,
KY15 5HH S F M
VPZ 33000040 VPZ Darlington
4 Priestgate DL1 1NH,
VPZ 33000041 VPZ Dartford
Priory Shopping Centre DA1 2HS,
VPZ 33000044 VPZ Dumbarton
82 High Street G82 1PQ,
G82 1PQ S F M
VPZ 33000045 VPZ Dumfries
Loreburn Shopping Centre DG1 2BD,
VPZ 33000048 VPZ East Kilbride
Unit 27, Princes Mall East Kilbride Shopping Centr,
G74 1LJ S F M
VPZ 33000051 VPZ Evesham
29 Bridge Street WR11 4SQ,
WR11 4SQ S F M
VPZ 33000052 VPZ Fareham
83 West Street, Fareham Shopping Centre PO16 0AP,
PO16 0AP S F M
VPZ 33000053 VPZ Farnborough
72 Queensmead GU14 7SB,
GU14 7SB S F M
VPZ 33000054 VPZ Felixstowe
84 Hamilton Road IP11 7AF,
IP11 7AF S F M
VPZ 33000056 VPZ Forge
Unit 53D, 1221 Gallowgate G31 4EB,
G31 4EB S F M
VPZ 33000057 VPZ Fort William
13 High Street PH33 6DH,
PH33 6DH S F M
VPZ 33000058 VPZ Fraserburgh
6 Broad Street AB43 9AH,
AB43 9AH S F M
VPZ 33000061 VPZ Glasgow Union Street
9 Union Street G1 3RB,
G1 3RB S F M
VPZ 33000062 VPZ Glenrothes
27 Lyon Way KY7 5NN,
VPZ 33000065 VPZ Grangemouth
19 La Porte Precinct FK3 8AZ,
VPZ 33000066 VPZ Greenock
1 Blackhall Street PA15 1UA,
PA15 1UA S F M
VPZ 33000069 VPZ Harrogate
10 Beulah Street HG1 1QH,
VPZ 33000072 VPZ Helensburgh
14/16 Sinclair Street G84 8SU,
G84 8SU S F M
VPZ 33000073 VPZ Hemel Hempstead
243 Marlowes HP1 1BL,
VPZ 33000074 VPZ Hereford
6B Commercial Street HR1 2AJ,
VPZ 33000075 VPZ Hexham
3 Cattle Market, Hexham NE46 1NJ, UK,
NE46 1NJ S F M
VPZ 33000076 VPZ High Wycombe
58 Eden Shopping Centre HP11 2DQ,
HP11 2DQ S F M
VPZ 33000077 VPZ Inverness
7-9 Church Street IV1 1DY,
VPZ 33000081 VPZ Johnstone
50 High Street PA5 8AN,
VPZ 33000088 VPZ Kirkintilloch
57 Cowgate G66 1HW,
G66 1HW S F M
VPZ 33000091 VPZ Leven
71 High Street KY8 4NF,
VPZ 33000093 VPZ Liskeard
Unit 3 Trago Liskeard PL14 6HY,
PL14 6HY S F M
VPZ 33000094 VPZ Littleborough
56 Church Street OL15 8AB,
OL15 8AB S F M
VPZ 33000095 VPZ Livingston
The Centre, Almondvale Boulevard EH54 6HR,
EH54 6HR S F M
VPZ 33000098 VPZ Maidstone
Unit 5 Coleman Parade,
ME14 1DJ S F M
VPZ 33000099 VPZ Meanwood
591 Meanwood Road LS6 4AY,
VPZ 33000100 VPZ Montrose
1-3 High Street DD10 8LU,
DD10 8LU S F M
VPZ 33000101 VPZ Morpeth
2-4 Oldgate,
NE61 1LX S F M
VPZ 33000105 VPZ Newbridge
1 Huly Hill Road EH28 8PH,
EH28 8PH S F M
VPZ 33000107 VPZ Newcastle
10 Market Street NE1 6JF,
VPZ 33000110 VPZ Newquay
1 Berry Road, Newquay, UK,
(S) S F M
VPZ 33000114 VPZ Oban
8 George Street PA34 5SB,
PA34 5SB S F M
VPZ 33000116 VPZ Penicuik
5a Penicuik Shopping Centre EH26 8LE,
EH26 8LE S F M
VPZ 33000117 VPZ Penzance
40 Market Jew Street TR18 2HX,
TR18 2HX S F M
VPZ 33000119 VPZ Peterhead
47 Marischal Street AB42 1PR,
AB42 1PR S F M
VPZ 33000120 VPZ Port Glasgow
36 Princes Street PA14 5JQ,
PA14 5JQ S F M
VPZ 33000122 VPZ Port Talbot
Unit 19, Aberafan South Mall SA13 1PB,
SA13 1PB S F M
VPZ 33000123 VPZ Renfrew
4 Renfield Street PA4 8RN,
VPZ 33000125 VPZ Saltcoats
1-3 Chapelwell Street KA21 5EB,
KA21 5EB S F M
VPZ 33000126 VPZ Sauchiehall
136 Sauchiehall St G2 3DH,
G2 3DH S F M
VPZ 33000129 VPZ Shettleston
1064 Shettleston Road G32 7PW,
G32 7PW S F M
VPZ 33000130 VPZ Sittingbourne
Unit 5 The Forum ME10 3DL,
ME10 3DL S F M
VPZ 33000131 VPZ St Andrews
211 South Street KY16 9EF,
KY16 9EF S F M
VPZ 33000132 VPZ St Austell
14 South Street PL25 5BH,
PL25 5BH S F M
VPZ 33000135 VPZ Streatham
138 Streatham High Road SW16 1BJ,
SW16 1BJ S F M
VPZ 33000136 VPZ Sutton
160 High Street SM1 1LX,
VPZ 33000138 VPZ Swindon
Havelock Square,The Brunel Centre SN1 1LF,
VPZ 33000139 VPZ The Gyle
The Gyle Shopping Centre EH12 9JT,
EH12 9JT S F M
VPZ 33000140 VPZ Thornaby
Unit 3A Vale House, Pavillion Shopping Centre TS17,
TS17 9FD S F M
VPZ 33000143 VPZ Troon
23 Portland Street KA10 6AA,
KA10 6AA S F M
VPZ 33000144 VPZ Wakefield
K1, Brooke Street WF1 1QS,
VPZ 33000145 VPZ Watford
105 High Street WD17 2DQ,
WD17 2DQ S F M
VPZ 33000147 VPZ Whitehaven
24 King Street CA28 7JN,
CA28 7JN S F M
VPZ 33000150 VPZ Wishaw
15 Main Street ML2 7AF,
VPZ 33000151 VPZ Wood Green
9 High Road N22 6HH,
N22 6HH S F M
VPZ 33000152 VPZ Worcester
42 The Shambles WR1 2RE,
VPZ 33000153 VPZ Workington
Washington Square Shopping Centre CA14 3DY,
CA14 3DY S F M
VPZ 33000154 VPZ York
13 St Sampsons Square YO1 8RR,

OSM Objects not matched to list (4)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID JRC M
n6053280517 VPZ e-cigarette AB10 1TL (S) J+ M
w196701368 VPZ e-cigarette CR0 1TL (S) J+ M
w206151288 VPZ e-cigarette (S) (S) J+ M
w875522473 VPZ e-cigarette (S) (S) J+ M

Duplicate Matches (0)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

No such objects found.

Matched Branches (66)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Shop Website Postcode Offset JRC
VPZ 33000001 VPZ Airdrie
56-58 Graham Street ML6 6BU, , ML6 6BU
n10778056935 VPZ e-cigarette ML6 6BU 2m J+
VPZ 33000010 VPZ Barrow
138 Dalton Road LA14 1JH, , LA14 1JH
n3469141782 VPZ e-cigarette LA14 1JH 0m J+
VPZ 33000013 VPZ Berwick
8 Castlegate TD15 1JS, , TD15 1JS
n8071359224 VPZ e-cigarette 53m J+
VPZ 33000019 VPZ Bridgend
Unit 1 Rhiw Shopping Centre CF31 3BL, , CF31 3BL
n10269533325 VPZ e-cigarette CF31 1BL 54m J+
VPZ 33000022 VPZ Bruntsfield
115 Bruntsfield Place EH10 4EQ, , EH10 4EQ
n1689596799 VPZ e-cigarette EH10 4EQ 0m J+
VPZ 33000023 VPZ Camborne
35 Trelowarren Street TR14 8AD, , TR14 8AD
w565937618 VPZ e-cigarette TR14 8AD 0m J+
VPZ 33000024 VPZ Cambuslang
174 Main Street G72 7EN, , G72 7EN
n6361565107 VPZ e-cigarette 26m J+
VPZ 33000025 VPZ Cameron Toll
6A, Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, Lady Rd EH16 5PB, , EH16 5PB
n5828844524 VPZ e-cigarette 119m J+
VPZ 33000026 VPZ Cardiff
Unit 7, Pentwyn Retail Park CF23 7XH, , CF23 7XH
n9157009992 VPZ e-cigarette 24m J+
VPZ 33000030 VPZ Clacton-On-Sea
53 Pier Avenue CO15 1QE, , CO15 1QE
w72919372 VPZ e-cigarette CO15 1QE 0m J+
VPZ 33000031 VPZ Clarkston
24-26 Busby Road G76 7XH, , G76 7XH
w749520975 VPZ e-cigarette 3m J+
VPZ 33000035 VPZ Cowdenbeath
142-144 High Street KY4 9NH, , KY4 9NH
n6933216607 VPZ e-cigarette 140m J+
VPZ 33000036 VPZ Crawley
3 The Martletts RH10 1ER, , RH10 1ER
w526200773 VPZ e-cigarette RH10 1ER 0m J+
VPZ 33000039 VPZ Dalkeith
83 High Street EH22 1JA, , EH22 1JA
n4382552503 VPZ e-cigarette 105m J+
VPZ 33000042 VPZ Derby
Kiosk 14A, East Street DE1 2AU, Derby, , DE1 2AU
w62073960 VPZ e-cigarette DE1 2AU 8m J+
VPZ 33000043 VPZ Dereham
7 High Street NR19 1DZ, , NR19 1DZ
n6825053134 VPZ e-cigarette NR19 1DZ 94m J+
VPZ 33000046 VPZ Dundee
60 Nethergate DD1 4ER, , DD1 4ER
n10839133706 VPZ e-cigarette 57m J+
VPZ 33000047 VPZ Dunfermline
36/38 East Port KY12 7JB, , KY12 7JB
n5974745949 VPZ e-cigarette 2m J+
VPZ 33000049 VPZ Edinburgh Gorgie
201 Gorgie Road EH11 1TT, , EH11 1TT
n5433463532 VPZ e-cigarette 3m J+
VPZ 33000050 VPZ Elgin
76-78 High Street IV30 1BJ, , IV30 1BJ
w1107994604 VPZ e-cigarette IV30 1BJ 61m J+
VPZ 33000055 VPZ Forfar
34 Castle Street DD8 3AB, , DD8 3AB
n5299388667 VPZ e-cigarette 2m J+
VPZ 33000059 VPZ Galashiels
71 Channel Street TD1 1BN, , TD1 1BN
n7050620155 VPZ e-cigarette 117m J+
VPZ 33000060 VPZ Glasgow Partick
354 Dumbarton Road G11 6TG, , G11 6TG
n9905792358 VPZ e-cigarette 4m J+
VPZ 33000063 VPZ Gosforth
179 High Street NE3 1HE, , NE3 1HE
n7702887645 VPZ e-cigarette 55m J+
VPZ 33000064 VPZ Gosport
57-59 High Street PO12 1DR, , PO12 1DR
n9003608502 VPZ e-cigarette 109m J+
VPZ 33000067 VPZ Haddington
24 Haddington High Street EH41 3ES, , EH41 3ES
n7529732560 VPZ e-cigarette 15m J+
VPZ 33000068 VPZ Hamilton
62-64 Quarry Street ML3 7AU, , ML3 7AU
n10722206978 VPZ e-cigarette 8m J+
VPZ 33000070 VPZ Hartlepool
121 York Road TS26 9DL, , TS26 9DL
n9905988493 VPZ e-cigarette 6m J+
VPZ 33000071 VPZ Hawick
2 High Street TD9 9EH, , TD9 9EH
n7821215738 VPZ e-cigarette 0m J+
VPZ 33000078 VPZ Inverurie
66A Market Place AB51 3XN, , AB51 3XN
n10261372364 VPZ e-cigarette AB51 3XN 96m J+
VPZ 33000079 VPZ Irvine
110 High Street KA12 8AH, , KA12 8AH
n10692886957 VPZ e-cigarette 56m J+
VPZ 33000080 VPZ Islington
203 - 205 Whitecross Street EC1Y 8QP, , EC1Y 8QP
n7087241300 VPZ e-cigarette 3m J+
VPZ 33000082 VPZ Kelso
32 The Square TD5 7HL, , TD5 7HL
w115630586 VPZ e-cigarette 6m J+
VPZ 33000083 VPZ Kendal
1 Highgate LA9 4DA, , LA9 4DA
n842570643 VPZ e-cigarette LA9 4DA 0m J+
VPZ 33000084 VPZ Kettering
61 High Street NN16 8SY, , NN16 8SY
n7124483138 VPZ e-cigarette 14m J+
VPZ 33000085 VPZ Kilmarnock
5 Tichfield Street KA1 1QW, , KA1 1QW
n8880549146 VPZ e-cigarette 27m J+
VPZ 33000086 VPZ Kings Lynn
45 High Street PE30 1BJ, , PE30 1BJ
w865403248 VPZ e-cigarette 48m J+
VPZ 33000087 VPZ Kirkcaldy
103 High Street KY1 1LW, , KY1 1LW
n4403513431 VPZ e-cigarette 3m J+
VPZ 33000089 VPZ Leeds City Centre
2B 82 Albion Street, , LS1 6AD
n6022849878 VPZ e-cigarette LS1 6AD 50m J+
VPZ 33000090 VPZ Leith
6A Middlefield, Leith Walk EH7 4PF, , EH7 4PF
n3883592148 VPZ e-cigarette 5m J+
VPZ 33000092 VPZ Linlithgow
56 High Street EH49 7AQ, , EH49 7AQ
n5126658395 VPZ e-cigarette 0m J+
VPZ 33000096 VPZ Lochee
138 High Street DD2 3BZ, , DD2 3BZ
n10776298006 VPZ e-cigarette DD2 3BZ 59m J+
VPZ 33000097 VPZ Lowestoft
69 London Road North NR32 1LS, , NR32 1LS
w211771868 VPZ e-cigarette NR32 1LS 25m J+
VPZ 33000102 VPZ Motherwell
11 Brandon Parade South ML1 1RB, , ML1 1RB
n10743496825 VPZ e-cigarette ML1 1RJ 8m J+
VPZ 33000103 VPZ Musselburgh
116 High Street EH21 7EA, , EH21 7EA
n9488158214 VPZ e-cigarette 7m J+
VPZ 33000104 VPZ Nairn
33 High Street IV12 4AG, , IV12 4AG
n4692643745 VPZ e-cigarette IV12 4AG 0m J+
VPZ 33000106 VPZ Newbury
38 North Brook Street RG14 1DT, , RG14 1DT
w302819564 VPZ e-cigarette 7m J+
VPZ 33000108 VPZ Newmarket
Guineas Shopping Centre CB8 8EQ, , CB8 8EQ
n10857718776 VPZ e-cigarette CB8 8EQ 13m J+
VPZ 33000109 VPZ Newport
146 Commerical Street NP20 1LN, , NP20 1LN
n6874315895 VPZ e-cigarette NP20 1LN 8m J+
VPZ 33000111 VPZ Nicolson Street
38 Nicolson Street EH8 9DT, , EH8 9DT
n2381060155 VPZ e-cigarette EH8 9DT 0m J+
VPZ 33000112 VPZ North Shields
70 Bedford Street NE29 6QF, , NE29 6QF
n4685109947 VPZ e-cigarette 93m J+
VPZ 33000113 VPZ Nottingham
9 Wheeler Gate, Nottingham NG1 2NA, UK, , NG1 2NA
n2383991611 VPZ e-cigarette NG1 2NA 7m J+
VPZ 33000115 VPZ Paisley
4 High Street PA1 2YA, , PA1 2YA
n8148852719 VPZ e-cigarette 5m J+
VPZ 33000118 VPZ Perth
29 County Place PH2 8EE, , PH2 8EE
n6046540140 VPZ e-cigarette 37m J+
VPZ 33000121 VPZ Portobello
140 Portobello High Street EH15 1AH, , EH15 1AH
n5367982232 VPZ e-cigarette EH15 1AH 0m J+
VPZ 33000124 VPZ Rutherglen
173 Main Street G73 2HF, , G73 2HF
n6363086954 VPZ e-cigarette 18m J+
VPZ 33000127 VPZ Shandwick Place
27 Shandwick Place EH2 4RG, , EH2 4RG
n1977943274 VPZ e-cigarette EH2 4RG 0m J+
VPZ 33000128 VPZ Shawlands
37 Kilmarnock Road G41 3YN, , G41 3YN
n9906033587 VPZ e-cigarette 155m J+
VPZ 33000133 VPZ Stevenage
64 Queensway SG1 1EE, , SG1 1EE
n7150028469 VPZ e-cigarette 10m J+
VPZ 33000134 VPZ Stranraer
34 George Street DG9 7RL, , DG9 7RL
n8944805740 VPZ e-cigarette DG9 7RL 0m J+
VPZ 33000137 VPZ Swansea
6 Whitewalls SA1 3AA, , SA1 3AA
w541157441 VPZ e-cigarette SA1 3AA 0m J+
VPZ 33000141 VPZ Tonbridge
67 High Street TN9 1SD, , TN9 1SD
n9906027161 VPZ e-cigarette 60m J+
VPZ 33000142 VPZ Tooting
42 Tooting High Street SW17 0RG, , SW17 0RG
n8682472027 VPZ e-cigarette 3m J+
VPZ 33000146 VPZ Wellingborough
50 Market Place NN8 1AA, , NN8 1AA
n3098514130 VPZ e-cigarette NN8 1AA 21m J+
VPZ 33000148 VPZ Whitley Bay
232 Whitley Road NE26 2TA, , NE26 2TA
n4819912280 VPZ e-cigarette 84m J+
VPZ 33000149 VPZ Wimbledon
56 The Broadway SW19 1RQ, , SW19 1RQ
w460796369 VPZ e-cigarette SW19 1RQ 0m J+
Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Data derived from All The Places.