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Chain Matching Details for Asda Express (Q114826023)

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2024‑02‑16 08:45:45 Z with a branch list from Geolytix's Retail Points. OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q114826023 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 150m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^https:\/\/storelocator\.asda\.com\/([-a-z&]+)\/([-a-z]+)\/([-a-z-0-9]+)$/

Branches not matched to OSM (71)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
Asda Express 1010021789 Asda Altrincham Express Petrol
Dunham Road, Central Altrincham, Altrincham
WA14 4NX S F M
Asda Express 1010021831 Asda Armley Express Petrol
Armley Road, Armley, Leeds
LS12 2QN S F M
Asda Express 1010021786 Asda Bangor Express Petrol
Junction A5 55 Expressway, Glasinfryn
LL57 4BG S F M
Asda Express 1010021805 Asda Birdholme Express Petrol
Derby Road, Birdholme, Chesterfield
S40 2EU S F M
Asda Express 1010021800 Asda Blackford Bridge Express Petrol
530 Manchester Road, Redvales, Bury
Asda Express 1010021619 Asda Bramley - Horsham Road PFS Express
Bramley, Surrey
Asda Express 1010021861 Asda Bridge Lane Express Petrol
Bridge Lane, Plumpton, Penrith
CA11 8JB S F M
Asda Express 1010021874 Asda Browns Blue Express Petrol
32 Shaw Lane, Stanton-under-Bardon
LE67 9PU S F M
Asda Express 1010021737 Asda Buckingham Express Petrol
Buckingham Ring Road, Mount Pleasant, Buckingham
MK18 1RY S F M
Asda Express 1010021696 Asda Centurion Express Petrol
Watling Street, Dordon, Dordon
B78 1SS S F M
Asda Express 1010021744 Asda Circle Express Petrol
Audley Avenue, Stretford, Manchester
M32 9TR S F M
Asda Express 1010021808 Asda Crickhowell Express Petrol
Brecon Road, Crickhowell
Asda Express 1010021809 Asda Cwmbran Express Petrol
Henllys Way, St Dials, Cwmbran
NP44 3JA S F M
Asda Express 1010021826 Asda Dacorum Express Petrol
Warners End Road, Warners End, Hemel Hempstead
Asda Express 1010021754 Asda Deeside Express Petrol
Parkway, Garden City
Asda Express 1010021705 Asda Downs Express Petrol
Cowbridge Bypass, Aberthin
CF71 7DT S F M
Asda Express 1010021798 Asda Eastville Park Express Petrol
Muller Road, Eastville, Bristol
Asda Express 1010021877 Asda Euro Blurton Express Petrol
Blurton Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
Asda Express 1010021703 Asda Folly Tower Express Petrol
A4042 Roundabout, Sebastopol, Pontypool
Asda Express 1010021695 Asda Gaydon Express Petrol
Banbury Road, Gaydon
CV35 0HA S F M
Asda Express 1010021736 Asda Gillingham Express Petrol
Cornwallis Roundabout, Twydall, Gillingham
Asda Express 1010021864 Asda Greencroft Express Petrol
New Road, Chapel Field, Radcliffe
M26 1LS S F M
Asda Express 1010021745 Asda Grosnevor Express Petrol
Wellington New Road, Central Stockport, Stockport
Asda Express 1010021720 Asda Gunnislake Express Petrol
Pearce's Garage, Drakewalls, Albaston
PL18 9EE S F M
Asda Express 1010021829 Asda Habberley Express Petrol
Franche Road, Franche, Kidderminster
DY11 5BL S F M
Asda Express 1010021835 Asda Halt Express Petrol
Doldowlod, Llanwrthwl
Asda Express 1010021760 Asda Handbridge Express Petrol
Queen's Park Road, Saltney, Chester
Asda Express 1010021702 Asda Harborne Express Petrol
261-263 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham
B17 9QG S F M
Asda Express 1010021870 Asda Harlescott Express Petrol
Harlescott Ln, Sundorne, Shrewsbury
Asda Express 1010021842 Asda Heston Express Petrol
Heston Road, Heston, London
Asda Express 1010021871 Asda Hobs Moat Express Petrol
Hobs Moat Road, Olton, Solihull
B92 8JN S F M
Asda Express 1010021778 Asda Icknield Way Express Petrol
Norton Way North, Grange Estate, Letchworth
Asda Express 1010021891 Asda Lillyhall Express Petrol
Lillyhall Service Station, Winscales
CA14 4PJ S F M
Asda Express 1010021621 Asda Locking - Locking Moor Road PFS Express
BS24 8EL S F M
Asda Express 1010021836 Asda Locksheath Express Petrol
Bridge Road, Titchfield Common, Locks Heath
SO31 7ZE S F M
Asda Express 1010021816 Asda Long Causeway Express Petrol
Longcauseway, Moses Gate, Farnworth
Asda Express 1010021875 Asda Lytton Way Express Petrol
Lytton Way, Stevenage Old Town, Stevenage
Asda Express 1010021845 Asda Manchester Oxford Road Express
Oxford Road, Central Manchester, Manchester
M1 7ED S F M
Asda Express 1010021858 Asda Marmion Express Petrol
Carlton Road, St Anns, Nottingham
Asda Express 1010021749 Asda Milnrow Express Petrol
Newhay Road, Milnrow
OL16 4JD S F M
Asda Express 1010021878 Asda Moorland Express Petrol
Moorland Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
Asda Express 1010021742 Asda Morton Express Petrol
200 Wigton Road, Morton, Carlisle
Asda Express 1010021815 Asda Nene Valley North Express Petrol
A45 East Bound Nene Valley Way, Lings, Northampton
Asda Express 1010021824 Asda Nether Green Express Petrol
Langley Mill, Langley Mill, Heanor
NG16 4AA S F M
Asda Express 1010021756 Asda Oakhurst Express Petrol
Lamplugh Road, Cockermouth
CA13 0QT S F M
Asda Express 1010021706 Asda Old Colywn Express Petrol
Colwyn Service Station, Abergale, Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay
LL29 9YG S F M
Asda Express 1010021803 Asda Parkgate Express Petrol
Parkgate Road, Central Chester, Chester
Asda Express 1010021828 Asda Parkview Express Petrol
Kearsle, Kearsley, Kearsley
Asda Express 1010021759 Asda Red Ensign Express Petrol
Parkgate Road, Oakcroft
Asda Express 1010021865 Asda Rhostyllen Express Petrol
Wrexham Road, Rhostyllen
LL14 4EJ S F M
Asda Express 1010021693 Asda Ring Road Express Petrol
Rooley Lane, Bierley, Bradford
Asda Express 1010021867 Asda Ruddington Express Petrol
Loughborough Road, Ruddington
NG11 6LJ S F M
Asda Express 1010021844 Asda Salford Chapel Walks Express
Chapel Street, Salford, Manchester
M3 5DW S F M
Asda Express 1010021748 Asda Salford Quays Express Petrol
Trafford Road, Salford Quays, Manchester
M5 3AW S F M
Asda Express 1010021869 Asda Shavington Express Petrol
416 Newcastle Road, Shavington
Asda Express 1010021764 Asda Simonside Express Petrol
Newcastle Road, Brockley Whins, South Shields
NE34 9QE S F M
Asda Express 1010021856 Asda South Gosforth Express Petrol
Benton Park Road, Gosforth, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Asda Express 1010021860 Asda South Petherton Express Petrol
Harp Road, Over Stratton
TA13 5JG S F M
Asda Express 1010021833 Asda St Martins Express Petrol
335 Groby Road, New Parks, Leicester
Asda Express 1010021873 Asda Stanley Express Petrol
Aberford Road, Stanley Ferry
Asda Express 1010021890 Asda Stratrode Express Petrol
54 Stratford Road, South Warwick, Warwick, Warwickshire
CV34 6AT S F M
Asda Express 1010021857 Asda Sweet Briar Express Petrol
Sweet Briar Road, North Norwich, Norwich
Asda Express 1010021882 Asda Tamworth Express Petrol
Green Ln, Stonydelph, Tamworth
B77 5PS S F M
Asda Express 1010021883 Asda Tangmere Express Petrol
A27 Arundel Road, Tangmere
PO18 0DU S F M
Asda Express 1010021884 Asda Totton Express Petrol
65 Ringwood Road, Calmore, Totton
SO40 8DD S F M
Asda Express 1010021886 Asda Uttoxeter Express Petrol
Uttoxeter Rd, Uttoxeter
ST14 5AA S F M
Asda Express 1010021753 Asda Wilbraham Express Petrol
32 Wilbraham Road, Fallowfield, Manchester
M14 7DW S F M
Asda Express 1010021711 Asda Wimborne Express Petrol
A31 Dorchester Road, Charris Caravan Park
BH21 3HA S F M
Asda Express 1010021774 Asda Witham Express Petrol
London Road, Witham Town Centre, Witham
Asda Express 1010021709 Asda Wootton Bassett Express Petrol
94 High Street, Royal Wootton Bassett
Asda Express 1010021758 Asda Wrexham Road Express Petrol
Wrexham Road, Saltney, Chester

OSM Objects not matched to list (13)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID JRC M
n5829673543 Asda Express convenience NP20 4GA (S) J+ M
n5938440795 Asda Express convenience DE22 4AA (S) J+ M
n10822806958 Asda Express convenience UB9 4DA 1592453 J+ M
n11457785655 Asda Express convenience HX6 2TL 1548343 J+ M
n11462236382 Asda Express convenience DT4 7BJ 1606328 J+ M
n11465861309 Asda Express convenience BH1 2NJ 495012 J+ M
n11465866844 Asda Express convenience OX15 4AB 948857 J+ M
n11467302601 Asda Express convenience (S) (S) J+ M
n11467332270 Asda Express convenience LE12 5LD 1594137 J+ M
n11467353335 Asda Express convenience SK9 5EH 1650067 J+ M
w85028995 Asda Express convenience DE1 3BH 409384 J+ M
w366873260 Asda Express convenience NP10 9AE (S) J+ M
w1245609896 Asda Express convenience (S) (S) J+ M

Duplicate Matches (0)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

No such objects found.

Matched Branches (145)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Shop Website Postcode Offset JRC
Asda Express 1010021840 Asda Acton Main Line Station Expess
Friary Road, Acton, London, W3 6GN
n11470885412 Asda Express convenience W3 6GB 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021838 Asda Alperton Express Petrol
418 Ealing Road, Alperton, London, HA0 1JQ
n11467330703 Asda Express convenience 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021716 Asda Amesbury Express Petrol
Mid Summer Place, Amesbury, Amesbury, SP4 7SQ
n286666966 Asda Express convenience SP4 7SQ 8m J+
Asda Express 1010021768 Asda Annitsford Express Petrol
Moorfarm Roundabout, Dudley, Tyne and Wear, NE23 7QA
n370652797 Asda Express convenience NE23 7QA 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021790 Asda Ascot Express Petrol
High Street, Ascot, SL5 7HB
n11465969393 Asda Express convenience SL5 7HB 15m J+
Asda Express 1010021750 Asda Astley Express Petrol
Manchester Road, Astley, Tyldesley, M29 7BQ
w1043621256 Asda Express convenience M29 7BQ 30m J+
Asda Express 1010021684 Asda Aston Express Petrol
Worksop Road, Aughton, South Yorkshire, S26 2EA
w358626994 Asda Express convenience S26 2EA 23m J+
Asda Express 1010021796 Asda Aston Way Express Petrol
305 Corporation Street, Central Birmingham, Birmingham, B4 7DT
n11455181518 Asda Express convenience B4 7DT 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021743 Asda Ballymena Express Petrol
121 Broughshane Street, Central Ballymena, Ballymena, BT43 6EE
w454045760 Asda Express convenience BT43 6EE 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021757 Asda Barrow Express Petrol
Holm Road, Barrow, Barrow, BB7 9WF
w332637443 Asda Express convenience BB7 9WF 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021792 Asda Bicester Express Petrol
Oxford Road, Central Bicester, Bicester, OX26 1BT
n11465960736 Asda Express convenience OX26 1BT 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021699 Asda Bickenhill Express Petrol
Coventry Road, National Exhibition Centre, B92 0EH
n4239480089 Asda Express convenience B92 0EH 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021806 Asda Birches Bridge Express Petrol
Wolverhampton Road, Bilbrook, Codsall, WV8 1PD
n11449233369 Asda Express convenience WV8 1PD 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021615 Asda Birkhill PFS Express
Birkhill, DD2 5RG
w623948678 Asda Express convenience DD2 5PG 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021885 Asda Bothwell Express Petrol
M74 Southbound, Bothwell, Uddingston, G71 8BG
n11467357170 Asda Express convenience G71 8BG 11m J+
Asda Express 1010021724 Asda Bournemouth Express Petrol
157 Holdenhurst Road, Springbourne, Bournemouth, BH8 8DQ
w152280552 Asda Express convenience 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021866 Asda Bredbury Express Petrol
Lower Bents Ln, Lower Bredbury, Romiley, SK6 2NJ
n11467305000 Asda Express convenience SK6 2NJ 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021698 Asda Bridgnorth Express Petrol
Chartwell Business Park, Low Town, Bridgnorth, WV15 6AN
n9713825710 Asda Express convenience WV15 6AN 0m J+
Asda Express 1010021701 Asda Broseley Express Petrol
Ironbridge Road, Broseley, TF12 5DJ
n3762386227 Asda Express convenience TF12 5DJ 9m J+
Asda Express 1010021707 Asda Builth Express Petrol
Station Road, Builth Wells, LD2 3SS
w707042443 Asda Express convenience LD2 3SS 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021781 Asda Burwell Express Petrol
Ness Road, Burwell, Cambridgeshire, CB25 0AA
w225108349 Asda Express convenience CB25 0AA 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021807 Asda Canley Ford Express Petrol
Fletchamstead Highway, Canley, Coventry, CV4 7BB
w156347500 Asda Express convenience CV4 7BB 16m J+
Asda Express 1010021889 Asda Causewway Express Petrol
Wilderspool Causeway, Latchford, Warrington, WA4 6QE
w751658313 Asda Express convenience WA4 6QE 17m J+
Asda Express 1010021804 Asda Cestrian Express Petrol
Ropery Lane, Chester-le-Street, Chester-le-Street, DH3 3AP
n11429610055 Asda Express convenience 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021735 Asda Chalk Express Petrol
Rochester Road, Chalk, Gravesend, DA12 4TN
n11457537456 Asda Express convenience DA12 4TN 16m J+
Asda Express 1010021814 Asda Chickenhall Express Petrol
Bishopstoke Road, North Stoneham, Eastleigh, SO50 6AF
n11465975118 Asda Express convenience SO50 6AF 14m J+
Asda Express 1010021622 Asda Chorley - Moor Road PFS Express
Chorley Town Centre, Chorley, PR7 2NU
n11467323661 Asda Express convenience PR7 2NU 15m J+
Asda Express 1010021722 Asda Crediton Express Petrol
Exeter Road, Crediton, EX17 3BN
w239912479 Asda Express convenience EX17 3BN 10m J+
Asda Express 1010021755 Asda Crewe Express Petrol
Bradfield Road, Coppenhall, Crewe, CW1 3RD
n3400378466 Asda Express convenience CW1 3RD 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021688 Asda Cross Hills Express Petrol
Station Road, Glusburn, Glusburn, BD20 7BQ
w548193893 Asda Express convenience BD20 7DS 88m J+
Asda Express 1010021741 Asda Currock Express Petrol
Currock Road, Currock, Carlisle, CA2 4AS
n11467337694 Asda Express convenience CA2 4AS 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021729 Asda Discovery Park Express Petrol
Montagu Road, Great Stonar, CT13 9FA
n11148075645 Asda Express convenience CT13 9FA 20m J+
Asda Express 1010021739 Asda Dounby Express Petrol
Dounby, Dounby, KW17 2HT
w359189857 Asda Express convenience KW17 2HT 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021769 Asda Dudden Hill Express Petrol
Dudden Hill Lane, Dudden Hill, London, NW10 1DE
n11467353688 Asda Express convenience 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021771 Asda Ealing Express
96-122 Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, London, W13 8RB
n6572865792 Asda Express convenience W13 8RA 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021624 Asda Ellistown - Midland Road PFS Express
Ellistown, LE67 1EH
w993257646 Asda Express convenience LE67 1EH 8m J+
Asda Express 1010021380 Asda Express Calne
127 London Road, Calne, SN11 0AQ
n11462338892 Asda Express convenience GL52 4SA 16m J+
Asda Express 1010021780 Asda Eye Green Express Petrol
A47 East Bound, Eye, Cambridgeshire, PE6 7SZ
n11467326733 Asda Express convenience PE6 7SZ 10m J+
Asda Express 1010021782 Asda Finedon Express Petroll
Burton Road, Finedon, NN9 5HX
w1033578709 Asda Express convenience NN9 5HX 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021801 Asda Frimley Road Express Petrol
156 Frimley Road, Frimley Road, Camberley, GU15 2QL
n11465960874 Asda Express convenience GU15 2QL 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021788 Asda Fullarton Express Petrol
2101 London Rd, Shettleston, Glasgow, G32 8XQ
n11466024932 Asda Express convenience G32 8XQ 19m J+
Asda Express 1010021819 Asda Garrowhill Express Petrol
61 Edinburgh Road, Baillieston, Glasgow, G69 6DD
n11465997039 Asda Express convenience G69 6DD 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021817 Asda Glenlands Express Petrol
42 Reading Road South, Pondtail, Fleet, GU51 3QP
w327048939 Asda Express convenience GU51 3QP 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021692 Asda Gomersal Express Petrol
Oxford Road, Gomersal, BD19 4PY
w100440392 Asda Express convenience BD19 4PY 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021620 Asda Gosforth - Rotary Way PFS Express
North Brunton, NE3 5EH
n11467359538 Asda Express convenience 20m J+
Asda Express 1010021876 Asda Great Moor Express Petrol
172-6 Buxton Road, Heaviley, Stockport, SK2 6HA
n11467348229 Asda Express convenience SK2 6HA 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021793 Asda Greenlane Express Petrol
6 New Chester Road, Central Birkenhead, Birkenhead, CH41 9AZ
n2116889044 Asda Express convenience CH41 9AZ 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021767 Asda Guisborough Express Petrol
Middlesborough Road, Guisborough, TS14 6QU
w141815085 Asda Express convenience TS14 6QU 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021821 Asda Halifax Express Petrol
Skircoat Road, Central Halifax, Halifax, HX1 2JN
w403114478 Asda Express convenience HX1 2JN 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021791 Asda Hall Park Express Petrol
London Road, Berkhamsted, Berkhamsted, HP4 2NB
w468144404 Asda Express convenience HP4 2NB 20m J+
Asda Express 1010021740 Asda Hamilton Express Petrol
M74 Northbound, Central Hamilton, Hamilton, ML3 6JW
n11465969400 Asda Express convenience ML3 6JW 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021823 Asda Hayling Island Express Petrol
181 Havant Road, Hayling Island, PO11 0LG
n4129702187 Asda Express convenience PO11 0LG 19m J+
Asda Express 1010021746 Asda Hazel Grove Express Petrol
Buxton Road, Hazel Grove South, Stockport, SK7 6AF
n11467359733 Asda Express convenience SK7 6AF 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021825 Asda Heath Express Petrol
Mansfield Road, Heath, Derbyshire, S44 5SF
n11467339250 Asda Express convenience 11m J+
Asda Express 1010021779 Asda Hemel Hempstead Express Petrol
Redbourn Road, Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7BA
w489302179 Asda Express convenience HP2 7BA 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021700 Asda Hereford Express Petrol
Holmer Road, Holmer, Hereford, HR4 9RX
n11461070474 Asda Express convenience HR4 9RX 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021689 Asda Hessle Road Express Petrol
181 Hessle Road, Newington, Hull, HU3 4AA
w835514170 Asda Express convenience HU3 4AA 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021766 Asda Hexham Express Petrol
Off Rotary Way, Bridge End at Hexham, NE46 4DL
n11467358775 Asda Express convenience NE46 4DL 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021617 Asda Hillingdon - Uxbridge Road PFS Express
Hillingdon Heath, London, UB10 0PF
w839052957 Asda Express convenience UB10 0NZ 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021853 Asda Hollin Bank Express Petrol
Manchester Road, Central Nelson, Nelson, BB9 7SH
n11467334117 Asda Express convenience BB9 7SH 10m J+
Asda Express 1010021690 Asda Honley Express Petrol
Huddersfield Road, Honley, HD9 6LT
w333368968 Asda Express convenience HD9 6LT 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021784 Asda Ilkeston Express Petrol
242 Heanor Road, Cotmanhay, Ilkeston, DE7 8TG
w395192046 Asda Express convenience DE7 8TG 11m J+
Asda Express 1010021761 Asda Ingleton Express Petrol
New Road, Ingleton, North Yorkshire, LA6 3DL
w40681068 Asda Express convenience LA6 3DL 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021799 Asda Javelin Express Petrol
Derby Road, Shobnall, Burton Upon Trent, DE13 0DF
n3400767572 Asda Express convenience DE13 0DF 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021718 Asda Kingsbridge Express Petrol
Ilbert Road, Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 1EB
w172269626 Asda Express convenience TQ7 1EB 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021848 Asda Kirkhams Express Petrol
71-73 Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M45 6TB
n8733909391 Asda Express convenience 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021687 Asda Knaresborough Express Petrol
18 Boroughbridge Road, Knaresborough, HG5 0NG
n1692851823 Asda Express convenience HG5 0NG 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021830 Asda Knutsford Express Petrol
Toft Road, Knutsford, WA16 8QJ
n11467351814 Asda Express convenience WA16 8QJ 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021785 Asda Ladywood Road Ilkeston Express
Ladywood Road, Kirk Hallam, DE7 4NF
w321289828 Asda Express convenience DE7 4NJ 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021794 Asda Lairds Express Petrol
117 New Chester Road, Central Birkenhead, Birkenhead, CH41 9BW
n11467350973 Asda Express convenience CH41 9BW 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021719 Asda Launceston Express Petrol
Wobern Garage, Launceston, Launceston, PL15 7AU
w362842399 Asda Express convenience PL15 7AU 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021832 Asda Lawnswood Express Petrol
Otley Road, Holt Park, Leeds, LS16 8AA
w744589834 Asda Express convenience LS16 8AA 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021738 Asda Lomondgate Express Petrol
Lomondgate Drive, Dumbarton, Dumbarton, G82 3BN
n11465998344 Asda Express convenience 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021683 Asda Lupset Express Petrol
323 Horbury Road, Lupset, Wakefield, WF2 8JN
w359644555 Asda Express convenience WF2 8JN 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021734 Asda Lymington Express Petrol
Ampress Park, Lower Buckland, Lymington, SO41 8XN
w172312983 Asda Express convenience SO41 8XN 29m J+
Asda Express 1010021843 Asda Macclesfield Express Petrol
Churchill Way, Central Macclesfield, Macclesfield, SK11 6AY
n11467258790 Asda Express convenience SK11 6AY 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021849 Asda Manor Weald Express
Milford, Milford, Surrey, GU8 5EL
w695980399 Asda Express convenience GU8 5EL 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021725 Asda Marksbury Express Petrol
Westway Garages, Marksbury, BA2 9HN
w440658023 Asda Express convenience BA2 9HN 22m J+
Asda Express 1010021851 Asda Marsh Express Petrol
Stow Road, Moreton-in-Marsh, GL56 0DS
n11462262557 Asda Express convenience GL56 0DS 17m J+
Asda Express 1010021795 Asda Merestones Express Petrol
Fox Hollies Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, B27 7US
w976269342 Asda Express convenience B27 7US 17m J+
Asda Express 1010021862 Asda Middleforth Express Petrol
138 Leyland Road, Kingsfold, Penwortham, PR1 9QD
n11467349154 Asda Express convenience PR1 9QD 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021892 Asda Millfields Express Petrol
40301 Millfields Road, Bilston, Wolverhampton, WV14 0QJ
n11461042437 Asda Express convenience WV14 0QJ 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021618 Asda Milnsbridge - Manchester Road PFS Express
Linthwaite, Huddersfield, HD4 5SX
w359639041 Asda Express convenience HD4 5SX 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021732 Asda Minster Express Petrol
Tothill Street, Smugglers Leap Caravan Park, CT12 4AU
w319788876 Asda Express convenience CT12 4AY 28m J+
Asda Express 1010021850 Asda Moreton Express Petrol
157 Hoylake Road, Moreton, Moreton, CH46 9PZ
n11467284366 Asda Express convenience CH46 9PZ 12m J+
Asda Express 1010021625 Asda Mytholmroyd - Burnley Road PFS Express
Mytholmroyd, HX7 5DE
w658237776 Asda Express convenience HX7 5LH 5m J+
Asda Express 1010021797 Asda Neath Express Petrol
Chain Road, Blaengwrach, SA11 5AZ
w783114234 Asda Express convenience SA11 5AZ 19m J+
Asda Express 1010021776 Asda Necton Express Petrol
2 Rudge Way, Necton, PE37 8DQ
w817906462 Asda Necton Express convenience PE37 8FP 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021616 Asda Nether Poppleton - Great North Way PFS Express
Poppleton Park, YO26 6RB
w133331162 Asda Express convenience YO26 6RB 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021715 Asda New Sarum Express Petrol
Southampton Road, Central Salisbury, Salisbury, SP1 2LL
n11462256207 Asda Express convenience SP1 2LB 12m J+
Asda Express 1010021813 Asda New Sarum Express Petrol
Salisbury Road, Downton, Wiltshire, SP5 3HZ
n11462237931 Asda Express convenience SP5 3HZ 10m J+
Asda Express 1010021686 Asda Northallerton Express Petrol
Darlington Road, Northallerton, Northallerton, DL6 2PH
w108447317 Asda Express convenience DL6 2NH 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021777 Asda Norwich Express Petrol
403 Dereham Road, New Costessey, Norwich, NR5 0SE
w106651434 Asda Express convenience NR5 0SE 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021721 Asda Nunney Catch Express Petrol
Nunney Catch, Nunney, BA11 4NZ
n11462323246 Asda Express convenience BA11 4NZ 11m J+
Asda Express 1010021839 Asda Observatory Express Petrol
520-522 Watford Way, Mill Hill, London, NW7 2PT
n11455203328 Asda Express convenience NW7 2PT 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021868 Asda Parkside Express Petrol
Doncaster Road, Berkeley, Scunthorpe, DN15 7DR
n11458059470 Asda Express convenience DN15 7DR 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021717 Asda Penzance Express Petrol
Western Promenade Road, Penzance, Penzance, TR18 4NP
w230745535 Asda Express convenience TR18 4NP 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021623 Asda Plymouth - Wembury Road PFS Express
Elburton, Plymstock, PL9 0DF
w229672620 Asda Express convenience PL9 0DF 9m J+
Asda Express 1010021733 Asda Polegate Express Petrol
Hailsham Road, Polegate, Eastbourne, BN26 6QL
w185603351 Asda Express convenience BN26 6RE 11m J+
Asda Express 1010021704 Asda Pontyates Express Petrol
13 Heol Y Meinciau, Pontyates, SA15 5TR
n8184311667 Asda Express convenience SA15 5TR 12m J+
Asda Express 1010021765 Asda Prudhoe Express Petrol
Front Street, Prudhoe, Prudhoe, NE42 5DH
n1935015963 Asda Express convenience NE42 5DH 337m J+
Asda Express 1010021887 Asda Rectory Express Petrol
Station Road, Wallingford, OX10 0HX
n11465876039 Asda Express convenience OX10 0JZ 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021783 Asda Retford Express Petrol
Unit 1-4, North Road, Hallcroft, Retford, DN22 7XQ
w1193628190 Asda Express convenience DN22 7XQ 7m J+
Asda Express 1010021730 Asda Rochester Express Petrol
342 City Way, Rochester East Ward, Rochester, ME1 2BJ
n2200247686 Asda Express convenience ME1 2BJ 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021772 Asda Roehampton Express Petrol
29 Roehampton Vale, Putney Vale, London, SW15 3DX
w264139842 Asda Express convenience SW15 3DX 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021837 Asda Romford Station Express
South Street, Romford, London, RM1 1SS
n5370783370 Asda Express convenience RM1 1RX 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021751 Asda Royle Green Express Petrol
Longley Lane, Northenden, M22 4SY
n8835596943 Asda Express convenience M22 4SY 22m J+
Asda Express 1010021841 Asda Sandy Lodge Express Petrol
Sandy Lodge, Moor Park, London, HA6 2HU
w729857652 Asda Express convenience HA6 2HU 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021685 Asda Settle Express Petrol
9 Church Street, Settle, BD24 9JD
w101223058 Asda Express convenience BD24 9JD 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021787 Asda Sevenways Express Petrol
Bradfield Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 9RH
n11467338437 Asda Express convenience M32 9RH 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021847 Asda Shirley Express Petrol
223 Cheetham Hill Road, Cheetham, Manchester, M8 0PL
n11467333106 Asda Express convenience 11m J+
Asda Express 1010021694 Asda Silkestone Express Petrol
The Cross, Silkstone, S75 4LX
w274330981 Asda Express convenience S75 4LX 20m J+
Asda Express 1010021728 Asda Sittingbourne Express Petrol
Sheppey Way, Bobbing, ME9 8PG
w363872631 Asda Express convenience ME9 8PG 10m J+
Asda Express 1010021802 Asda Sixways Express Petrol
London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL52 6HZ
n8518750770 Asda Express convenience GL52 6HZ 15m J+
Asda Express 1010021811 Asda South Anston Express Petrol
Worksop Road, North Anston, Dinnington, S25 5ER
w1098651121 Asda Express convenience S25 5ER 4m J+
Asda Express 1010021727 Asda Southampton Express Petrol
Millbrook Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO15 0JU
w518845565 Asda Express convenience SO15 0JZ 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021880 Asda Stafford South Express Petrol
M6 South Bound, Walton, Stone, ST15 0XE
n11467369006 Asda Express convenience ST15 0XE 19m J+
Asda Express 1010021762 Asda Stayley Bridge Express Petrol
Stamford Street, Central Stalybridge, Stalybridge, SK15 1LH
w1135450096 Asda Express convenience 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021747 Asda Stockport Express Petrol
297-309 Buxton Road, Heaviley, Stockport, SK2 7NR
n11467338436 Asda Express convenience SK2 7NR 12m J+
Asda Express 1010021859 Asda Stoneycroft Express Petrol
Lutterworth Road, Whitestone, Nuneaton, CV11 6PG
n11467356032 Asda Express convenience 9m J+
Asda Express 1010021881 Asda Stourport Express Petrol
Vale Road, Burlish Park, Stourport-On-Severn, DY13 8YJ
w897233126 Asda Express convenience 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021697 Asda Strensham Express Petrol
M5, Hill Croome, Baughton Hill, WR8 0BZ
n11461048859 Asda Express convenience 28m J+
Asda Express 1010021731 Asda Strood Express Petrol
202 Watling Street, Marlowe Park, Strood, ME2 3QL
w126449033 Asda Express convenience ME2 3QL 9m J+
Asda Express 1010020620 Asda Sutton Coldfield Express
73 Churchill Rd, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfie, Sutton Coldfield, Sutton Coldfield, B75 7LA
n10614859519 Asda Express Churchill Road convenience B75 7LB 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021726 Asda Swanley Express Petrol
73-75 High Street, Swanley, BR8 8AF
w273028354 Asda Express convenience BR8 8AF 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021834 Asda The Forest Express Petrol
258 Birmingham Road, Lickey End, B61 0HA
n11449241771 Asda Express convenience 6m J+
Asda Express 1010021854 Asda Toll Bar Express Petrol
Louth Road, New Waltham, DN36 4PT
n11460932633 Asda Express convenience DN36 4PT 5m J+
Asda Express 1010020621 Asda Tottenham Hale Express
Hale Village, Daneland Walk, Tottenham Hale, London, N17 9GW
n10242003508 Asda Express convenience N17 9GW 15m J+
Asda Express 1010021820 Asda Townhouse Express Petrol
High Street East, Glossop, SK13 8PN
n11467363352 Asda Express convenience SK13 8PN 8m J+
Asda Express 1010021879 Asda Trent Express Petrol
4 Ruxley Road, Ubberley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST2 9DG
n11461060334 Asda Express convenience ST2 9DG 18m J+
Asda Express 1010021713 Asda Tuffley Express Petrol
Stroud Road, Tuffley, Gloucester, GL4 0DA
n11462243680 Asda Express convenience GL4 0DA 13m J+
Asda Express 1010021773 Asda Walthamstow Express Petrol
124 Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 8BQ
w409063623 Asda Express convenience E17 8BQ 9m J+
Asda Express 1010021888 Asda Warminster East Express Petrol
East Street, Warminster, BA12 9BJ
n10822821389 Asda Express convenience BA12 9BQ 14m J+
Asda Express 1010021822 Asda Warren Express Petrol
Easington Road, Throston Grange, Hartlepool, TS24 9AG
n11467362290 Asda Express convenience TS24 9AG 8m J+
Asda Express 1010021763 Asda Washington Express Petrol
Parsons Road, Concord, Washington, NE37 1EZ
w369552835 Asda Express convenience NE37 1EZ 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021810 Asda Welcome Express Petrol
Chellaston Road, Chellaston, Derby, DE24 9EG
n8090722732 Asda Express convenience DE24 9EG 9m J+
Asda Express 1010021712 Asda Wells Express Petrol
Chamberlain Street, Wells, BA5 2PT
n11462246030 Asda Express convenience 22m J+
Asda Express 1010021752 Asda West Didsbury Express Petrol
849 Princess Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M20 2ZF
w486786800 Asda Express convenience M20 2ZF 2m J+
Asda Express 1010021723 Asda Westway Express Petrol
Castle Lane West, Winton, Bournemouth, BH9 3JZ
w233055970 Asda Express convenience BH9 3JZ 20m J+
Asda Express 1010021812 Asda Widney Express Petrol
Widney Road, Bentley Heath, Dorridge, B93 9DZ
w727249104 Asda Express convenience B93 9DZ 14m J+
Asda Express 1010021827 Asda Willerby Express Petrol
Beverley Road, Kirk Ella, Hull, HU10 6NT
n3916453130 Asda Express convenience HU10 6NT 3m J+
Asda Express 1010021714 Asda Willoughby Hedge Express Petrol
A303 West Knoyle, West Knoyle, BA12 6AQ
w118321885 Asda Express convenience BA12 6AQ 1m J+
Asda Express 1010021863 Asda Windgreen Express Petrol
2 Wareham Road, Broadstone, Poole, BH21 3LE
n11462212892 Asda Express convenience BH21 3LE 8m J+
Asda Express 1010021708 Asda Yarm Express Petrol
Low Lane, Ingleby Barwick, TS15 9JT
w115790079 Asda Express convenience TS15 9JT 9m J+
Asda Express 1010021710 Asda Yeovil Express Petrol
Sherborne Road, Goar Knap, Yeovil, BA21 5BQ
w363310413 Asda Express convenience BA21 5BQ 27m J+
Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Data derived from Retail Points by Geolytix, released under the Geolytix Open Data Licence: Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government License v3.0; Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020; Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2020; Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2020.