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Chain Matching Details for Oak Furniture Land (Q16959724)

Note: The external data used in the comparisons on this page is not licenced for use in OpenStreetMap. Therefore you must not use it directly for mapping. It can be used to flag issues to be investigated using other data or places that would benefit from a ground survey.

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2024‑07‑06 14:58:29 Z with a branch list from All The Places (2023‑11‑26 06:04:21 Z). OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q16959724 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 500m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^https:\/\/www\.oakfurnitureland\.co\.uk\/showrooms\/([a-z-]+)\.html$/

Branches not matched to OSM (8)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
Oak Furnitureland 21000058 Oak Furniture Land Cardiff
6 Dering Road, Cardiff Gate Reta, Pontprennau
CF23 8NL S F M
Oak Furnitureland 21000053 Oak Furniture Land Colchester
Unit 4B, Tollgate Retail Park, Tollgate West, Stanway
Oak Furnitureland 21000048 Oak Furniture Land Doncaster
Unit 4, Danum Retail Park, York Road
Oak Furnitureland 21000006 Oak Furniture Land Hull
Unit 9B, St Andrews Quay Retail , Clive Sullivan Way
Oak Furnitureland 21000003 Oak Furniture Land Lincoln
Unit 1B, Tritton Retail Park, Tritton Road
Oak Furnitureland 21000024 Oak Furniture Land Liverpool
Unit K2, New Mersey Shopping Par, Speke
L24 8QB S F M
Oak Furnitureland 21000019 Oak Furniture Land Swansea
Phoenix Way, Lakeside Retail Park
Oak Furnitureland 21000011 Oak Furniture Land Worcester
Unit 6, Blackpole Retail Park, Blackpole Road

OSM Objects not matched to list (9)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID Near Dup? JRC M
n582133721 Oak Furnitureland furniture (S) (S) J+ M
n1434108775 Oak Furnitureland furniture (S) (S) J+ M
n4595521890 Oak Furnitureland furniture (S) (S) J+ M
n7763077862 Oak Furnitureland furniture (S) (S) J+ M
n7821421250 Oak Furnitureland furniture (S) (S) J+ M
w161590957 Oak Furnitureland furniture (S) (S) J+ M
w184730026 Oak Furnitureland furniture TA1 2LR (S) J+ M
w217787040 Oak Furnitureland furniture ST17 4SU (S) J+ M
w651632914 Oak Furnitureland furniture F: Is this store still open? PO3 5NP (S) J+ M

Duplicate Matches (0)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

No such objects found.

Matched Branches (57)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Shop Website Postcode Offset JRC
Oak Furnitureland 21000000 Oak Furniture Land Aberdeen
Unit 2, Kittybrewster Retail Par, Bedford Road, AB24 3LJ
n3366543042 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 55m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000064 Oak Furniture Land Ayr
Unit 5, Heathfield Retail Park, Heathfield Road, KA8 9BF
n9906315044 Oak Furnitureland furniture KA8 9BF 76m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000063 Oak Furniture Land Belfast
Unit 9, Shane Retail Park, Boucher Road, BT12 6UA
n6720852064 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 247m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000062 Oak Furniture Land Birstall
Unit 6, Birstall Shopping Park, Holden Ing Way, WF17 9DT
w299813641 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) WF17 9LX 16m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000061 Oak Furniture Land Bolton
Unit 11, Middlebrook Retail Park, 62 The Linkway, BL6 6JA
w507404809 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 96m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000060 Oak Furniture Land Brighton
58 Newtown Road, Hove, BN3 6AB
n4726692792 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 3m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000051 Oak Furniture Land Bristol
Unit 7, Cribbs Causeway Retail P, Lysander Road, BS34 5TX
w139668018 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) BS34 5TX 50m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000059 Oak Furniture Land Broadstairs
Westwood Gateway Retail Park, Margate Road, CT10 2QU
w1156439599 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) CT10 2QU 12m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000057 Oak Furniture Land Carlisle
Unit 2 St. Nicholas Gate Retail , London Road, CA1 2EA
w197649279 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) CA1 2EA 56m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000056 Oak Furniture Land Chelmsford
Unit B3, Chelmer Village Retail , Chelmer Village Way, CM2 6XE
w261876974 Oak Furnitureland furniture CM2 6XE 1m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000055 Oak Furniture Land Cheltenham
Unit H, Gallagher Retail Park, Tewkesbury Road, GL51 9RR
w517046088 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) GL51 9RR 58m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000054 Oak Furniture Land Chester
Unit 4, Greyhound Retail Park, Greyhound Park Road, CH1 4QG
w256304724 Oak Furnitureland furniture CH1 4QG 46m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000052 Oak Furniture Land Coventry
Unit 12 Central Six Retail Park, Warwick Road, CV3 6TA
w35075816 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) CV3 6TA 2m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000050 Oak Furniture Land Croydon
Purley Way Retail Park, 230-250 Purley Way, CR0 4XG
w191466990 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) CR0 4XG 29m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000049 Oak Furniture Land Derby
Unit 2A, Meteor Retail Park, Mansfield Road, DE21 4SY
n8925799365 Oak Furnitureland furniture DE21 4SY 78m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000047 Oak Furniture Land Dundee
Unit 11, Kingsway West Retail Park, DD3 8QB
w46176816 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 138m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000046 Oak Furniture Land Eastbourne
Unit 3, Lottbridge Drove, BN22 7SG
w821889834 Oak Furnitureland furniture BN22 7SG 88m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000045 Oak Furniture Land Edinburgh
Unit 3, Fort Kinnaird Shopping C, Newcraighall Road, EH15 3RD
n4548158489 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 153m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000044 Oak Furniture Land Exeter
Unit 6B, Exeter Retail Park, Marsh Barton Road, EX2 8LH
n9280799375 Oak Furnitureland furniture EX2 8LH 55m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000043 Oak Furniture Land Farnborough
Unit 3, Horizon Shopping Park, Solartron Road, GU14 7QL
n5780394981 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 70m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000042 Oak Furniture Land Gateshead
Unit 5, Metro Retail Park, Hollinside Road, NE11 9XU
w763480325 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) NE11 9XU 40m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000041 Oak Furniture Land Glasgow
Unit 1A, Birkenshaw Trading Esta, Rannoch Road, G71 5PR
n7373287317 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) G71 5PR 3m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000008 Oak Furniture Land Haverfordwest
Unit 5, Withybush Retail Park, Fishguard Road, SA61 2PY
n9975712585 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) SA61 2PY 114m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000005 Oak Furniture Land Inverness
Unit 1A, Telford Retail Park, Telford St, IV3 5LS
w130706467 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 47m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000004 Oak Furniture Land Leicester
Unit C1, Fosse Park South, Enderby, LE19 1UT
n3723002472 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 5m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000002 Oak Furniture Land Llandudno
Unit A2, Mostyn Champneys Retail, Conway Road, LL30 1HA
w401652356 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 69m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000001 Oak Furniture Land Maidstone
Unit 5B, South Aylesford Retail Park, ME20 7TP
w339008319 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) ME20 7TP 67m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000040 Oak Furniture Land Manchester
Unit 10, White City Retail Park, Chester Road, M16 0RP
n8180057592 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 215m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000039 Oak Furniture Land Merthyr Tydfil
Unit 2, Cyfarthfa North Retail P, Swansea Road, CF48 1HY
n5339497937 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 25m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000038 Oak Furniture Land Milton Keynes
Unit 2, Winterhill Retail Park, Cairngorm Gate, MK6 1AZ
n427740921 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) MK6 1AZ 12m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000037 Oak Furniture Land Norwich
Unit 11A, Sprowston Retail Park, Salhouse Road, NR7 9AZ
w132626907 Oak Furnitureland furniture NR7 9AZ 119m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000036 Oak Furniture Land Nottingham
Unit 3 Victoria Retail Park, Netherfield, NG4 2PE
n1020515464 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 17m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000035 Oak Furniture Land Orpington
Unit 2B, Springvale Retail Park, BR5 3SG
w1114784176 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) BR5 3SG 25m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000034 Oak Furniture Land Paisley
Unit 14, Abbotsinch Retail Park, PA3 4EP
n8829029370 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) PA3 4EP 154m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000033 Oak Furniture Land Peterborough
Unit 5, Brotherhood Retail Park, PE4 6ZR
w1267215102 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 120m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000032 Oak Furniture Land Plymouth
Coypool Retail Park, Coypool Road, PL7 4TB
w729928453 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) PL7 4TB 131m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000031 Oak Furniture Land Poole
Unit 6A, Poole Retail Park, Branksome, BH12 1DN
w222892045 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 34m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000030 Oak Furniture Land Preston
Unit C, Deepdale Retail Park, Blackpool Road, PR1 6QY
n1909050687 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) PR1 6QY 158m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000029 Oak Furniture Land Reading
Unit 2A, Reading Gate Retail Park, RG2 0QG
r16398990 Oak Furnitureland furniture RG2 0QG 24m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000014 Oak Furniture Land Royal Tunbridge Wells
Unit 2B, Great Lodge Retail Park, Longfield Road, TN2 3EW
n4158345198 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) TN2 3EW 25m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000028 Oak Furniture Land Salisbury
Unit 1, Southampton Road Retail , Southampton Road, SP1 2NB
w60738539 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 37m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000027 Oak Furniture Land Sheffield
Unit 10 Drakehouse Retail Park, Drake House Way, S20 7JJ
w1028224272 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 190m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000026 Oak Furniture Land Solihull
Unit 4, Oakenshaw Road, Sears Retail Park, B90 4QY
w53367416 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) B90 4QY 38m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000025 Oak Furniture Land South Ruislip
Unit A, Brook Retail Park, Victoria Road, HA4 0LN
n5503492049 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 14m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000007 Oak Furniture Land Southampton
Unit 1A, Hedge End Retail Park, Charles Watts Way, SO30 4RT
w285331310 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 42m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000023 Oak Furniture Land Stevenage
Unit 2A, Roaring Meg Retail Park, Great North Road, SG1 1XN
w956659689 Oak Furnitureland furniture SG1 1XN 176m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000022 Oak Furniture Land Stirling
Unit 2, Springkerse Retail Park, Muirton Road, FK7 7TL
n5641864078 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 170m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000021 Oak Furniture Land Stockton
Unit 4, Portrack Interchange Ret, Stockton-On-Tees, TS18 2SP
w152267944 Oak Furnitureland furniture TS18 2SP 29m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000020 Oak Furniture Land Stoke-on-Trent
Unit F, Octagon Retail Park, New Century Street, ST1 5RR
w732086149 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 165m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000018 Oak Furniture Land Swindon
Unit 2D, Mannington Retail Park, SN5 8WA
w1081549562 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 49m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000017 Oak Furniture Land Tamworth
Unit 5, Cardinal Point Retail Pa, Ventura Park Road, B78 3HL
w290193472 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) B78 3HL 119m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000016 Oak Furniture Land Thurrock
Unit D2B, Lakeside Retail Park, RM20 1WN
w413391987 Oak Furnitureland furniture RM20 1WN 22m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000015 Oak Furniture Land Truro
Unit 2 West Truro Retail Park, Threemilestone, TR3 6FT
w1058963018 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) TR3 6FT 59m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000013 Oak Furniture Land Warrington
Unit 5B, Junction Nine Retail Pa, (ex Magnet, used to be Alban Ret, WA2 8TW
w962278123 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) WA2 8TW 30m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000012 Oak Furniture Land Watford
Unit 1A, Colne Valley Retail Park, WD17 2JZ
w304653938 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 48m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000010 Oak Furniture Land Yeovil
Unit 2, Houndstone Retail Park, BA22 8YQ
n1936798746 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 56m J+
Oak Furnitureland 21000009 Oak Furniture Land York
Unit 1B, Clifton Moor Retail Par, Stirling Road, YO30 4XZ
n4702134822 Oak Furnitureland furniture (J+) 129m J+
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