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Chain Matching Details for Wagamama (Q503715)

Note: The external data used in the comparisons on this page is not licenced for use in OpenStreetMap. Therefore you must not use it directly for mapping. It can be used to flag issues to be investigated using other data or places that would benefit from a ground survey.

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2024‑07‑14 16:29:28 Z with a branch list from All The Places (2024‑06‑16 15:58:49 Z). OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q503715 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 500m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^https:\/\/www\.wagamama(?:ni)?\.com\/restaurants\/([-a-z]+(?:\/[-a-z0-9]+)?)$/

Branches not matched to OSM (28)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
Wagamama 49000006 Wagamama
Unit 2, Chatham
Wagamama 49000010 Wagamama
west midlands designer outlet, e, cannock
WS11 7JZ S F M
Wagamama 49000012 Wagamama
36a st andrews street, cambridge
Wagamama 49000017 Wagamama
Unit 2A, Wolverhampton
WV11 1BP S F M
Wagamama 49000019 Wagamama
30-31 jewry street, winchester
SO23 8RY S F M
Wagamama 49000020 Wagamama
unit 3 (restaurant 1), Watford
(S) S F M
Wagamama 49000023 Wagamama
unit 22, walthamstow business ce, walthamstow
E17 4SX S F M
Wagamama 49000024 Wagamama
201-203 high st, uxbridge
Wagamama 49000025 Wagamama
st stephen place leisure park, trowbridge
BA14 8AH S F M
Wagamama 49000027 Wagamama
unit 7, telford
Wagamama 49000031 Wagamama
unit 16, sutton
Wagamama 49000036 Wagamama
5-6 the broadway, southend on sea
(S) S F M
Wagamama 49000049 Wagamama
unit 12b, romford
(S) S F M
Wagamama 49000066 Wagamama
terminal two, level 45 airside c, manchester
M90 4ZY S F M
Wagamama 49000070 Wagamama
r9 the orient, manchester
M17 8AA S F M
Wagamama 49000096 Wagamama
arch 385, mentmore terrace, london
E8 3PH S F M
Wagamama 49000098 Wagamama
unit 2, upper level, london
Wagamama 49000099 Wagamama
unit 19 malham road industrial e, london
SE23 1AH S F M
Wagamama 49000100 Wagamama
255 finchley road, london
Wagamama 49000111 Wagamama
Unit 19 Zennor Road, London
SW12 0PS S F M
Wagamama 49000113 Wagamama
unit l7 new mersey retail park, liverpool
L24 8QB S F M
Wagamama 49000128 Wagamama
unit 63 galleria outlet shopping, hatfield
AL10 0XY S F M
Wagamama 49000130 Wagamama
unit 4, the water gardens, harlow
(S) S F M
Wagamama 49000133 Wagamama
unit g1/r2, Glasgow
G1 4BW S F M
Wagamama 49000134 Wagamama
763 barrhead road, glasgow
G53 6AG S F M
Wagamama 49000140 Wagamama
5 High Street, Epsom
KT19 8DA S F M
Wagamama 49000147 Wagamama
Dome Leisure Point, Doncaster
Wagamama 49000171 Wagamama
unit 12/12a east midlands design, alfreton
DE55 2JW S F M

OSM Objects not matched to list (5)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Amenity Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID Near Dup? JRC M
n296610128 Wagamama restaurant F: Is this Wagamama still open? EC4V 2BH 293953 (S) 512m J+ M
n1169109478 Wagamama restaurant EC2Y 9AW 294113 730m J+ M
n1666901548 Wagamama restaurant BT16 1XT (S) J+ M
n2589353223 Wagamama restaurant (S) (S) J+ M
n7289320590 Wagamama restaurant BT1 4QG 72462 J+ M

Duplicate Matches (0)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

No such objects found.

Matched Branches (145)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Amenity Website Postcode Offset JRC
Wagamama 49000000 Wagamama
unit 9, crawley, RH10 8LR
w26437508 Wagamama restaurant RH10 8LR 6m J+
Wagamama 49000001 Wagamama
cathedral lanes shopping centre, coventry, CV1 1LL
n3734934370 Wagamama restaurant CV1 1LL 5m J+
Wagamama 49000002 Wagamama
141 -142 high street, colchester, CO1 1PG
n5269706113 Wagamama restaurant CO1 1PG 10m J+
Wagamama 49000003 Wagamama
26 south street, chichester, PO19 1EL
n3771478458 Wagamama restaurant PO19 1EL 2m J+
Wagamama 49000004 Wagamama
ground floor east, cheltenham ho, cheltenham, GL50 3JQ
n5321658623 Wagamama restaurant GL50 3JR 26m J+
Wagamama 49000005 Wagamama
127-129 bond street, chelmsford, CM1 1GD
n4453817700 Wagamama restaurant (J+) CM1 1GD 19m J+
Wagamama 49000007 Wagamama
unit u12, mermaid quay, cardiff, CF10 5BZ
n1496364563 Wagamama restaurant CF10 5BZ 4m J+
Wagamama 49000008 Wagamama
14 mill lane, cardiff, CF10 1EX
n1132796345 Wagamama restaurant CF10 1FL 7m J+
Wagamama 49000009 Wagamama
7-9 longmarket, canterbury, CT1 2JS
w759998360 Wagamama restaurant CT1 2JS 3m J+
Wagamama 49000011 Wagamama
unit 2g cambridge leisure park, cambridge, CB1 7DY
n298983463 Wagamama restaurant (J+) CB1 7DY 22m J+
Wagamama 49000013 Wagamama
park street, camberley, GU15 3GP
n2642233014 Wagamama restaurant GU15 3GP 103m J+
Wagamama 49000014 Wagamama
unit 7 the arc shopping centre, bury st edmunds, IP33 3FA
w189052083 Wagamama restaurant IP33 3FA 11m J+
Wagamama 49000015 Wagamama
unit 201-202, york, YO19 4TA
n6186102335 Wagamama restaurant YO19 4TA 6m J+
Wagamama 49000016 Wagamama
77-81 goodramgate, york, YO1 7LS
n4268480435 Wagamama restaurant YO1 7LS 4m J+
Wagamama 49000018 Wagamama
31 high street, windsor, SL4 1PQ
n6409009374 Wagamama restaurant 2m J+
Wagamama 49000021 Wagamama
king street, watford, WD17 2EN
n9534867390 Wagamama restaurant 14m J+
Wagamama 49000022 Wagamama
new zealand ave, walton-on-thames, KT12 1GH
w68894865 Wagamama restaurant 6m J+
Wagamama 49000026 Wagamama
unit 5 the boardwalk, thurrock, RM20 2ZN
n6293625831 Wagamama restaurant (J+) RM20 2ZN 17m J+
Wagamama 49000028 Wagamama
Unit 19 Subdivision, Teesside, TS17 7BT
n11427814719 Wagamama restaurant 7m J+
Wagamama 49000029 Wagamama
swindon designer outlet, swindon, SN2 2DY
n7843266627 Wagamama restaurant SN2 2DY 8m J+
Wagamama 49000030 Wagamama
unit 14, swansea, SA1 1EE
n314847649 Wagamama restaurant SA1 1EE 1m J+
Wagamama 49000032 Wagamama
unit 1 junction leisure park, stoke-on-trent,  
w713770267 Wagamama restaurant ST1 5NS 6m J+
Wagamama 49000033 Wagamama
unit 8, stevenage, SG1 2UA
w228403687 Wagamama restaurant SG1 2UA 4m J+
Wagamama 49000034 Wagamama
mustard mill rd, staines-upon-thames, TW18 4WB
w370341691 Wagamama restaurant TW18 4UP 3m J+
Wagamama 49000035 Wagamama
6 christopher place, st albans, AL3 5DQ
n476628979 Wagamama restaurant (J+) AL3 5DQ 2m J+
Wagamama 49000037 Wagamama
unit r09, mezzanine food level, southampton, SO15 1QE
n2571356984 Wagamama restaurant SO15 1QE 65m J+
Wagamama 49000038 Wagamama
unit 29, somerset,  
n11051487475 Wagamama restaurant (J+) BA16 0BB 138m J+
Wagamama 49000039 Wagamama
43 mill lane, solihull, B91 3GS
n3161054260 Wagamama restaurant B91 3QW 25m J+
Wagamama 49000040 Wagamama
walter tull way, sixfields,  
w543727168 Wagamama restaurant NN5 5QJ 119m J+
Wagamama 49000041 Wagamama
54 the oasis, meadowhall centre, sheffield, S9 1EP
w480380762 Wagamama restaurant S9 1EP 5m J+
Wagamama 49000042 Wagamama
2 leopold square, sheffield, S1 2JG
w1053381094 Wagamama restaurant 6m J+
Wagamama 49000043 Wagamama
unit 7, the valley, sheffield, S9 2DX
w75238141 Wagamama restaurant S9 2EP 17m J+
Wagamama 49000044 Wagamama
138 high st, sevenoaks, TN13 1XE
n2710874019 Wagamama restaurant TN13 1XE 2m J+
Wagamama 49000045 Wagamama
8-10 bridge street, salisbury, SP1 2LX
w291585749 Wagamama restaurant 5m J+
Wagamama 49000046 Wagamama
unit 2 orange tower, salford, M50 2EQ
n2407160060 Wagamama restaurant (J+) M50 2HF 5m J+
Wagamama 49000047 Wagamama
rushden lakes shopping centre, rushden, NN10 6FH
n5809006065 Wagamama restaurant NN10 6FA 5m J+
Wagamama 49000048 Wagamama
54-58 mount pleasant road, royal tunbridge wells, TN1 1RB
n1801509795 Wagamama restaurant TN1 1RB 7m J+
Wagamama 49000050 Wagamama
3 hill street, richmond, TW9 1SX
n3001462354 Wagamama restaurant TW9 1SX 4m J+
Wagamama 49000051 Wagamama
35 bell street, reigate, RH2 7AD
n5098163465 Wagamama restaurant 8m J+
Wagamama 49000052 Wagamama
Bridge Street, Reading, RG1 2AG
n2940472942 Wagamama restaurant (J+) RG1 2AG 71m J+
Wagamama 49000053 Wagamama
north promenade building, portsmouth, PO1 3TR
n4428843496 Wagamama restaurant PO1 3TR 17m J+
Wagamama 49000054 Wagamama
8 royal william yard, plymouth, PL1 3QQ
n10267955480 Wagamama restaurant 7m J+
Wagamama 49000055 Wagamama
37-39 long causeway, peterborough, PE1 1YJ
n6147270819 Wagamama restaurant PE1 1YJ 1m J+
Wagamama 49000056 Wagamama
8 market street, oxford, OX1 3EF
w126102267 Wagamama restaurant (J+) OX1 3EF 5m J+
Wagamama 49000057 Wagamama
20 central avenue, nottingham, NG2 5GR
n1035358259 Wagamama restaurant NG2 5GR 9m J+
Wagamama 49000058 Wagamama
burton street, nottingham, NG1 4DB
n1553977861 Wagamama restaurant NG1 4DB 14m J+
Wagamama 49000059 Wagamama
unit 3D wherry road, norwich, NR1 1WX
w120700375 Wagamama restaurant NR1 1WX 27m J+
Wagamama 49000060 Wagamama
408 chapelfield plain, norwich, NR2 1SZ
w108865900 Wagamama restaurant NR2 1SZ 5m J+
Wagamama 49000061 Wagamama
unit r9 friars walk, newport, NP20 1DW
n3875254826 Wagamama restaurant NP20 1DS 10m J+
Wagamama 49000062 Wagamama
8 eldon square, newcastle upon tyne, NE1 7GJ
n4748836024 Wagamama restaurant NE1 7JG 45m J+
Wagamama 49000063 Wagamama
602 marlborough gate, milton keynes, MK9 3XS
n5893182869 Wagamama restaurant MK9 3XA 23m J+
Wagamama 49000064 Wagamama
7 sunset walk, milton keynes, MK9 3PD
n5803970507 Wagamama restaurant MK9 3PD 12m J+
Wagamama 49000065 Wagamama
unit f, 14 stadium way, milton keynes, MK1 1ST
n6139518590 Wagamama restaurant MK1 1ST 11m J+
Wagamama 49000067 Wagamama
2 st peters square, manchester, M2 3LQ
n9494107327 Wagamama restaurant 181m J+
Wagamama 49000068 Wagamama
1 spinningfields square, manchester, M3 3AP
n324687578 Wagamama restaurant M3 3AP 27m J+
Wagamama 49000069 Wagamama
1 the printworks, manchester, M4 2BS
n2683693095 Wagamama restaurant M4 2BS 8m J+
Wagamama 49000071 Wagamama
unit 4 parrs wood, manchester, M20 5PG
n2456593161 Wagamama restaurant M20 5PG 10m J+
Wagamama 49000072 Wagamama
19 earl street, maidstone, ME14 1PL
n7074591759 Wagamama restaurant ME14 1PL 4m J+
Wagamama 49000073 Wagamama
terminal three, longford, TW6 1QG
w394223379 Wagamama restaurant 15m J+
Wagamama 49000074 Wagamama
46-48 wimbledon hill road, london, SW19 7PA
w460392134 Wagamama restaurant SW19 7PA 5m J+
Wagamama 49000075 Wagamama
101a wigmore street, london, W1U 1QR
n852122502 Wagamama restaurant 4m J+
Wagamama 49000076 Wagamama
southern terrace, westfield lond, london, W12 7GA
n1496718868 Wagamama restaurant W12 7GA 20m J+
Wagamama 49000077 Wagamama
104 london designer outlet, london, HA9 0FD
n2656145792 Wagamama restaurant (J+) HA9 0FD 63m J+
Wagamama 49000078 Wagamama
southside shopping centre, london, SW18 4TE
n4566976690 Wagamama restaurant SW18 4FT 4m J+
Wagamama 49000079 Wagamama
5 cardinal walk, london, SW1E 5JE
n2930011425 Wagamama restaurant SW1E 5JE 104m J+
Wagamama 49000080 Wagamama
the loft, mezzanine level, london, E20 1ET
n5827972443 Wagamama restaurant E20 1ET 19m J+
Wagamama 49000081 Wagamama
retail unit 2b, tower place east, london, EC3N 4EE
n694510208 Wagamama restaurant EC3R 5BT 7m J+
Wagamama 49000082 Wagamama
1 ludgate hill, london, EC4M 7AA
w815659586 Wagamama restaurant (J+) EC4M 7AA 3m J+
Wagamama 49000083 Wagamama
unit sp1e, spitalfields market, london, E1 6EW
w276058228 Wagamama restaurant E1 6EW 13m J+
Wagamama 49000084 Wagamama
riverside level, london, SE1 8XX
n290128614 Wagamama restaurant SE1 8XX 21m J+
Wagamama 49000085 Wagamama
50-54 putney high street, london, SW15 1SQ
w1011224081 Wagamama restaurant SW15 1SQ 10m J+
Wagamama 49000086 Wagamama
3 sheldon square, london, W2 6HY
n9062094518 Wagamama restaurant 9m J+
Wagamama 49000087 Wagamama
west retail unit, the bower, london, EC1V 9NR
n10067644047 Wagamama restaurant 18m J+
Wagamama 49000088 Wagamama
the o2, london, SE10 0ES
n2701067793 Wagamama restaurant SE10 0ES 11m J+
Wagamama 49000089 Wagamama
unit r01, ground floor + basemen, london, W1H 7EJ
n10075547954 Wagamama restaurant 8m J+
Wagamama 49000090 Wagamama
40 parkfield street, london, N1 0PS
n306042529 Wagamama restaurant N1 0PS 15m J+
Wagamama 49000091 Wagamama
123 kingsway, london, WC2B 6PA
n2400922121 Wagamama restaurant 7m J+
Wagamama 49000092 Wagamama
26-40 kensington high street, london, W8 4PF
n582766262 Wagamama restaurant W8 4PF 4m J+
Wagamama 49000093 Wagamama
terminal five, london, TW6 2GA
w438299732 Wagamama restaurant 15m J+
Wagamama 49000094 Wagamama
58-62 heath street, london, NW3 1EN
w200074888 Wagamama restaurant 2m J+
Wagamama 49000095 Wagamama
244 shepherds bush rd, london, W6 7NL
n9039657394 Wagamama restaurant 3m J+
Wagamama 49000097 Wagamama
42 great marlborough street, london, W1F 7JL
w475721747 Wagamama restaurant (J+) W1F 7JL 10m J+
Wagamama 49000101 Wagamama
great north leisure park, london, N12 0GL
n10295291934 Wagamama restaurant N12 0GL 1m J+
Wagamama 49000102 Wagamama
11 high street, london, W5 5DB
n3260045865 Wagamama restaurant 3m J+
Wagamama 49000103 Wagamama
4 park lane, london, CR0 1JA
n1804468528 Wagamama restaurant CR0 1JA 2m J+
Wagamama 49000104 Wagamama
1 clink street, london, SE1 9BU
w82770910 Wagamama restaurant SE1 9BU 43m J+
Wagamama 49000105 Wagamama
45 bank street, london, E14 5NY
n7098936636 Wagamama restaurant (J+) E14 5NY 64m J+
Wagamama 49000106 Wagamama
11 jamestown road, london, NW1 7BW
n300500878 Wagamama restaurant 20m J+
Wagamama 49000107 Wagamama
brent cross shopping centre, london, NW4 3FP
n6553257210 Wagamama restaurant 6m J+
Wagamama 49000108 Wagamama
17 bedford street, london, WC2E 9HP
w68155984 Wagamama restaurant 13m J+
Wagamama 49000109 Wagamama
5 prospect way, london, SW11 8BH
n11343081257 Wagamama restaurant SW11 8BH 27m J+
Wagamama 49000110 Wagamama
18-20 sumner street, london, SE1 9JZ
w810617543 Wagamama restaurant 6m J+
Wagamama 49000112 Wagamama
the avenue, the centre, livingston, EH54 6GS
n4576965016 Wagamama restaurant EH54 6GS 4m J+
Wagamama 49000114 Wagamama
14 paradise street, liverpool, L1 8JF
n880357395 Wagamama restaurant 30m J+
Wagamama 49000115 Wagamama
brayford wharf north, lincoln, LN1 1YX
w728206451 Wagamama restaurant LN1 1YX 7m J+
Wagamama 49000116 Wagamama
unit r15 highcross, leicester, LE1 4SD
w494853923 Wagamama restaurant LE1 4SD 9m J+
Wagamama 49000117 Wagamama
Unit 22 Penraevon industrial est, Leeds, LS7 2AW
n8674927947 Wagamama Delivery fast_food 1m J+
Wagamama 49000118 Wagamama
unit 4, leeds white rose, leeds, LS11 8LU
n6052531495 Wagamama restaurant LS11 8LU 10m J+
Wagamama 49000119 Wagamama
upper dining terrace, leeds, LS1 5AY
n2212678971 Wagamama restaurant LS1 5AY 5m J+
Wagamama 49000120 Wagamama
94 parade, leamington spa, CV32 4AY
n464016668 Wagamama restaurant CV32 4AY 54m J+
Wagamama 49000121 Wagamama
16-18 high street, kingston-upon-thames, KT1 1EY
n4314538665 Wagamama restaurant (J+) KT1 1EY 5m J+
Wagamama 49000122 Wagamama
unit a3, 6 buttermarket, ipswich, IP1 1DT
n4443014689 Wagamama restaurant IP1 1DP 109m J+
Wagamama 49000123 Wagamama
20-22 east street, horsham, RH12 1HL
w293285924 Wagamama restaurant RH12 1HL 1m J+
Wagamama 49000124 Wagamama
gatwick south international depa, horley, RH6 0NP
n5046986719 Wagamama restaurant 216m J+
Wagamama 49000125 Wagamama
gatwick north international depa, horley, RH6 0NP
n6805743873 Wagamama restaurant 38m J+
Wagamama 49000126 Wagamama
the old market shopping centre, high wycombe, HP11 2DB
n4789201825 Wagamama restaurant 13m J+
Wagamama 49000127 Wagamama
25 the old market shopping centr, hereford, HR4 9HR
w479887852 Wagamama restaurant 27m J+
Wagamama 49000129 Wagamama
13/15 parliament street, harrogate, HG1 2QU
n462612303 Wagamama restaurant 6m J+
Wagamama 49000131 Wagamama
25-29 high street, guildford, GU1 3DY
n281458666 Wagamama restaurant GU1 3DY 2m J+
Wagamama 49000132 Wagamama
Unit 5, Merchants Road, gloucester, GL1 5SH
n10793267908 Wagamama restaurant 15m J+
Wagamama 49000135 Wagamama
glasgow fort shopping park, bloc, glasgow, G34 9DY
n7052501880 Wagamama restaurant G34 9DY 4m J+
Wagamama 49000136 Wagamama
97 west george street, glasgow, G2 1PB
n4781826683 Wagamama restaurant (J+) G2 1PB 1m J+
Wagamama 49000137 Wagamama
41 garden walk, gateshead, NE11 9XZ
n6899034909 Wagamama restaurant NE11 9XZ 14m J+
Wagamama 49000138 Wagamama
unit 1a whiteley shopping centre, fareham, PO15 7PD
w387848451 Wagamama restaurant 161m J+
Wagamama 49000139 Wagamama
16 bedford street, exeter, EX1 1LL
n366645259 Wagamama restaurant EX1 1LL 0m J+
Wagamama 49000141 Wagamama
southbury leisure park, enfield, EN1 1UY
n4607340090 Wagamama restaurant 4m J+
Wagamama 49000142 Wagamama
56 cheshire oaks outlet village, ellesmere port, CH65 9JJ
n3376935719 Wagamama restaurant CH65 9JJ 6m J+
Wagamama 49000143 Wagamama
unit 5, st andrew square, edinburgh, EH2 2BD
n4789062132 Wagamama restaurant EH2 2BD 2m J+
Wagamama 49000144 Wagamama
1 castle terrace, edinburgh, EH1 2DP
n1951376828 Wagamama restaurant EH1 2DP 5m J+
Wagamama 49000145 Wagamama
78 Kinnaird Park, Edinburgh, EH15 3RD
n2398126243 Wagamama restaurant (J+) EH15 3RD 49m J+
Wagamama 49000146 Wagamama
21 weymouth avenue, dorchester, DT1 1HX
n2998746408 Wagamama restaurant 48m J+
Wagamama 49000148 Wagamama
level two, london road, derby, DE1 2PQ
n5345720666 Wagamama restaurant DE1 2PL 22m J+
Wagamama 49000149 Wagamama
bluewater shopping centre, dartford, DA9 9SG
n7513735171 Wagamama restaurant 28m J+
Wagamama 49000150 Wagamama
high street, bromley, BR1 1DN
n5482910413 Wagamama restaurant (J+) BR1 1DN 5m J+
Wagamama 49000151 Wagamama
the mall at cribbs causeway, bristol, BS34 5DG
n3638806121 Wagamama restaurant BS34 5DG 5m J+
Wagamama 49000152 Wagamama
61-63 queens road, bristol, BS8 1QL
w252983546 Wagamama restaurant (J+) BS8 1QL 1m J+
Wagamama 49000153 Wagamama
unit 83a cabot circus, bristol, BS1 3BX
n6498829557 Wagamama restaurant BS1 3BX 34m J+
Wagamama 49000154 Wagamama
argus lofts, brighton, BN1 4AJ
w137389770 Wagamama restaurant BN1 4AJ 14m J+
Wagamama 49000155 Wagamama
U99 Merry Hill, Brierley Hill, DY5 1QX
n11262520888 Wagamama restaurant 11m J+
Wagamama 49000156 Wagamama
units 94 + 95, mcarthurglen brid, bridgend, CF32 9SU
n5184083929 Wagamama restaurant CF32 9SU 10m J+
Wagamama 49000157 Wagamama
unit 7, braintree retail & leisu, braintree, CM77 8YH
w549832909 Wagamama restaurant CM77 8YJ 16m J+
Wagamama 49000158 Wagamama
6 eagle lane, bracknell, RG12 1BG
n6298975413 Wagamama restaurant 10m J+
Wagamama 49000159 Wagamama
31-32 westover road, bournemouth, BH1 2BZ
w223349345 Wagamama restaurant BH1 2BZ 13m J+
Wagamama 49000160 Wagamama
unit 20, the linkway, bolton, BL6 6JA
w657582080 Wagamama restaurant BL6 6JA 96m J+
Wagamama 49000161 Wagamama
98 new st, birmingham, B2 4HS
w72894531 Wagamama restaurant B2 4HS 0m J+
Wagamama 49000162 Wagamama
the bullring shopping centre, st, birmingham, B5 4QL
n319539796 Wagamama restaurant B5 4QL 4m J+
Wagamama 49000163 Wagamama
113-115 waters edge, birmingham, B1 2HL
n2509426117 Wagamama restaurant B1 2HL 4m J+
Wagamama 49000164 Wagamama
unit 3c merchant gate, bedford, MK40 1AS
n8046986443 Wagamama restaurant MK40 1AS 3m J+
Wagamama 49000165 Wagamama
1 york buildings, bath, BA1 2EB
w92223554 Wagamama restaurant BA1 2EB 4m J+
Wagamama 49000166 Wagamama
r10 lower ground, basingstoke, RG21 7BE
n470310444 Wagamama restaurant RG21 7BB 20m J+
Wagamama 49000167 Wagamama
unit 10, basildon, SS14 3WB
n510307052 Wagamama restaurant (J+) SS14 3WB 1m J+
Wagamama 49000168 Wagamama
unit 3 exchange st, aylesbury, HP20 1UR
n27512261 Wagamama restaurant HP20 1UR 3m J+
Wagamama 49000169 Wagamama
unit 2, fold way, ashton, OL7 0PG
w1135609975 Wagamama restaurant 51m J+
Wagamama 49000170 Wagamama
47-48 kimberley way, ashford, TN24 0SD
n681971205 Wagamama restaurant 15m J+
Wagamama 49000172 Wagamama
20 upper level mall, aberdeen, AB11 5RG
n1478313597 Wagamama restaurant AB11 5RG 128m J+
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