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Chain Matching Details for Farmfoods (Q5435841)

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2024‑07‑14 16:23:29 Z with a branch list from Geolytix's Retail Points. OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q5435841 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 150m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^https:\/\/www\.farmfoods\.co\.uk\/store-finder\.php\?branch_code=([0-9]+)$/

Branches not matched to OSM (14)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
Farmfoods 1010021673 Farmfoods Barrhead
Kelburn Street, Barrhead, Barrhead, Barrhead
G78 1LR S F M
Farmfoods 1010022451 Farmfoods Bolsover
Unit 4, Sykes Retail Park, Bolsover
S44 6DJ S F M
Farmfoods 1010021669 Farmfoods Bournemouth
Unit 4A, Ringwood Road Retail Pa, Ringwood Road, Bear Cross, Bournemouth
BH11 8LL S F M
Farmfoods 1010012864 Farmfoods Eastover Bridgwater
Unit B 1A Gallagher Retail Park, The Clink, Eastover, Bridgwater
Farmfoods 1010020385 Farmfoods Flint
44 Chester St, Flint, Flint
Farmfoods 1010021667 Farmfoods Grantham
Unit 2, Discovery Retail Park, Central Grantham, Grantham
NG31 6HR S F M
Farmfoods 1010012953 Farmfoods Holyhead
Unit 3 Penrhos Retail Park, Holyhead
LL65 2UH S F M
Farmfoods 1010021002 Farmfoods Macclesfield
Unit 4 Barracks Mill, Tytherington, Macclesfield
SK10 2ZS S F M
Farmfoods 1010021668 Farmfoods Redditch
Unit 3b, Grove Street Retail Park, Central Redditch, Redditch
B98 8DL S F M
Farmfoods 1010012928 Farmfoods Shawlands Glasgow
Unit Z 7 Shawlands Arcade, Shawlands, Glasgow
G41 3RS S F M
Farmfoods 1010020386 Farmfoods Spennymoor
Cambridge Street, Spennymoor, Spennymoor
DL16 6DF S F M
Farmfoods 1010012927 Farmfoods Springburn Centre Springburn Glasgow
Units 4-5 Springburn Centre, Springburn, Glasgow
G21 1TS S F M
Farmfoods 1010021003 Farmfoods West Cross
Units 1-5, Smethwick, Birmingham
B66 1JG S F M
Farmfoods 1010020384 Farmfoods Worcester
Unit 7 George Street, Central Worcester, Worcester

OSM Objects not matched to list (23)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID Near Dup? JRC M
n1722699949 Farmfoods frozen_food (S) (S) J+ M
n2902089693 Farmfoods frozen_food (S) (S) J+ M
n5622414560 Farmfoods frozen_food (S) (S) J+ M
n7178342017 Farmfoods frozen_food EH33 1LW 16608 J+ M
n8144425440 Farmfoods frozen_food NP20 5GN (S) J+ M
n9431062932 Farmfoods frozen_food G83 0LW 125298 J+ M
n9438268672 Farmfoods frozen_food S44 6PN 24274 (S) J+ M
n9439299015 Farmfoods frozen_food CF31 1DD 967663 (S) J+ M
n9443109476 Farmfoods frozen_food CH6 5GB 534407 (S) J+ M
n9443159320 Farmfoods frozen_food NG31 6HJ 237872 (S) J+ M
n9443196870 Farmfoods frozen_food M33 7ZZ 428662 (S) J+ M
n9443202663 Farmfoods frozen_food NE12 8GA 198581 J+ M
n9443252039 Farmfoods frozen_food M27 4BH 63126 J+ M
n9443266904 Farmfoods frozen_food KA10 6EA 60953 J+ M
n11956278493 Farmfoods frozen_food (S) (S) J+ M
w23488338 Farmfoods frozen_food DA11 0DQ (S) 594m J+ M
w63622891 Farmfoods frozen_food LL11 2BA (S) J+ M
w125803961 Farmfoods frozen_food BS2 0SP 1693154 J+ M
w211900940 Farmfoods frozen_food EH48 1TJ (S) 285m J+ M
w334185907 Farmfoods frozen_food HD1 2ET (S) 699m J+ M
w624507046 Farmfoods frozen_food WA7 2BS (S) 314m J+ M
w740854046 Farmfoods frozen_food (S) (S) J+ M
w779095016 Farmfoods frozen_food TA6 4AF 1292222 J+ M

Duplicate Matches (0)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

No such objects found.

Matched Branches (327)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Shop Website Postcode Offset JRC
Farmfoods 1010012833 Farmfoods 160-162 Great Northern Road Hilton Aberdeen
160-162 Great Northern Road, Hilton, Aberdeen, AB24 2BE
w920192503 Farmfoods frozen_food AB24 2BE 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012832 Farmfoods 783 Great Northern Road Hilton Aberdeen
783 Great Northern Road, Hilton, Aberdeen, AB24 2BT
w273248441 Farmfoods frozen_food AB24 2BT 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012831 Farmfoods Aberaman Aberdare
Riverside Retail Park, Aberaman, Aberdare, CF44 0AH
n9431064764 Farmfoods frozen_food CF44 0AH 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012835 Farmfoods Aberdeen
Unit 5, 133 George Street, Central Aberdeen, Aberdeen, AB25 1HU
n2522775330 Farmfoods frozen_food AB25 1HU 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012851 Farmfoods Acocks Green Birmingham
Unit 1 Aldi Shopping Centre, Warwick Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham, B27 6RH
w97366724 Farmfoods frozen_food B27 6RH 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013090 Farmfoods Acomb York
1 Odstal House, Front Street, Acomb, York, YO24 3BL
n4393385133 Farmfoods frozen_food YO24 3BL 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010020388 Farmfoods Airdrie
8 Manse Place, Gartlea, Airdrie, ML6 0AN
w496242003 Farmfoods frozen_food ML6 0AN 17m J+
Farmfoods 1010012837 Farmfoods Alfreton
73-79 High Street, Alfreton, DE55 7DP
w116338624 Farmfoods frozen_food DE55 7DP 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012896 Farmfoods Allenton Derby
Ascot Drive, Allenton, Derby, DE24 8GW
w61568286 Farmfoods frozen_food DE24 8GW 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012886 Farmfoods Allesley Green Coventry
102-108 Jardine Crescent, Allesley Green, Coventry, CV4 9PP
n9431056816 Farmfoods frozen_food CV4 9PP 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012897 Farmfoods Allestree Derby
Unit 27 Park Farm Centre, Park Farm Drive, Allestree, Derby, DE22 2QN
w112089905 Farmfoods frozen_food DE22 2QN 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012987 Farmfoods Anfield Liverpool
1 The Mall, Breck Road, Everton, Liverpool, L5 6SP
n7565934695 Farmfoods frozen_food 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012839 Farmfoods Annan
122-126 High Street, Annan, DG12 6DP
w233748773 Farmfoods frozen_food DG12 6DP 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010013091 Farmfoods Antonshill Stenhousemuir
36 King Street, Antonshill, Stenhousemuir, FK5 4HE
w353470671 Farmfoods frozen_food 19m J+
Farmfoods 1010014923 Farmfoods Armley Leeds
Unit 2 Armley Road Retail Park, Armley Road, Armley, Leeds, LS12 2QN
w778076085 Farmfoods frozen_food LS12 2QN 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013082 Farmfoods Ashcombe Park Weston-Super-Mare
351-361 Locking Road, Ashcombe Park, Weston-Super-Mare, BS22 8NH
w95737417 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012841 Farmfoods Ashford
Unit 2 New Street, Central Ashford, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8TN
w154522643 Farmfoods frozen_food TN24 8TN 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013045 Farmfoods Ashurst Skelmersdale
Units J & K Concourse Shopping C, Ashurst, Skelmersdale, WN8 6LB
n11592605325 Farmfoods frozen_food WN8 6LB 57m J+
Farmfoods 1010012880 Farmfoods Astley Village Chorley
Water Street, Astley Village, Chorley, PR7 1EX
w177691221 Farmfoods frozen_food PR7 1EX 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012852 Farmfoods Aston Birmingham
Unit 2A Newtown Shopping Centre, High Street, Aston, Birmingham, B19 2SS
w83619061 Farmfoods frozen_food B19 2SS 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013877 Farmfoods Athersley South Barnsley
102-104 Rotherham Road, Athersley South, Barnsley, S71 1UT
w801572229 Farmfoods frozen_food 19m J+
Farmfoods 1010016148 Farmfoods Aylesbury
Unit 14 Aylesbury Shopping Park, Cambridge Close, Central Aylesbury, Aylesbury, HP20 1DG
w133855758 Farmfoods frozen_food HP20 1DG 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010012937 Farmfoods Baillieston Glasgow
133 Glasgow Road, Baillieston, Glasgow, G69 6TA
n1842917493 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012843 Farmfoods Balderton Newark
Lakeside Shopping Centre, London Road, Balderton, Newark, NG24 3EZ
n3054404281 Farmfoods frozen_food 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012844 Farmfoods Banbury
Unit 1B The Calthorpe Centre, Central Banbury, Banbury, OX16 5EX
n1981811543 Farmfoods frozen_food OX16 5EX 19m J+
Farmfoods 1010013142 Farmfoods Bangor
Caernarfon Road, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4SU
w157596311 Farmfoods frozen_food LL57 4SU 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010015909 Farmfoods Barrow in Furness
Walney Road, Central Barrow, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 5UN
w338933439 Farmfoods frozen_food LA14 5UN 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010019676 Farmfoods Basingstoke
Winklebury Way, Winklebury, Basingstoke, RG23 8BB
w349187245 Farmfoods frozen_food RG23 8BB 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010020389 Farmfoods Bathgate
Unit 3 Bathgate Retail Park, Belvedere, Bathgate, EH48 1HH
n9368927317 Farmfoods frozen_food EH48 1HH 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012924 Farmfoods Bearsden Glasgow
Units 1 & 2 Baljaffray Shopping , Grampian Way, Bearsden, Clydebank, G61 4RN
w226419228 Farmfoods frozen_food G61 4RN 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013083 Farmfoods Beech Hill Wigan
296B Woodhouse Lane, Beech Hill, Wigan, WN6 7TD
n9438218645 Farmfoods frozen_food WN6 7TD 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012847 Farmfoods Belle Vale Liverpool
Units 51 & 52 Belle Vale Shoppin, Belle Vale, Liverpool, L25 2RQ
n9438233816 Farmfoods frozen_food L25 2RQ 83m J+
Farmfoods 1010014387 Farmfoods Belle Vue Carlisle
Shaddongate, Belle Vue, Carlisle, CA2 5UB
w333564575 Farmfoods frozen_food CA2 5UB 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010012848 Farmfoods Bellshill
242 Main Street, Bellshill, Bellshill, ML4 1AB
n9438236630 Farmfoods frozen_food ML4 1AB 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013093 Farmfoods Berwick-upon-Tweed
52 Northumberland Road, Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 2AS
w254009237 Farmfoods frozen_food TD15 2AS 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012856 Farmfoods Blackburn
25 King Street, Central Blackburn, Blackburn, BB2 2DH
n4166574145 Farmfoods frozen_food 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010012913 Farmfoods Blackhall Edinburgh
647 Ferry Road, Blackhall, Edinburgh, EH4 2TX
n3797104490 Farmfoods frozen_food EH4 2TX 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012996 Farmfoods Blackley Manchester
Unit 6 Harpurhey Shopping Centre, Blackley, Manchester, M9 4DJ
n7020319537 Farmfoods frozen_food M9 4DH 63m J+
Farmfoods 1010012857 Farmfoods Blackpool
102-106 Devonshire Road, Central Blackpool, Blackpool, FY3 8AN
w882364865 Farmfoods frozen_food FY3 8AN 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010019675 Farmfoods Blackpool Waterloo Road
Waterloo Road, Marton, Blackpool, FY4 3AA
n9751914984 Farmfoods frozen_food 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012929 Farmfoods Blantyre
Whistleberry Road, Blantyre, G72 0TH
n5521075601 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013001 Farmfoods Bletchley Milton Keynes
Units 17-21 The Brunel Centre, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2ES
n5001654429 Farmfoods frozen_food MK2 2ES 24m J+
Farmfoods 1010019122 Farmfoods Blyth
Unit 1 Albion Retail Park, Blyth, Blyth, NE24 5BS
w211634989 Farmfoods frozen_food NE24 5BS 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012860 Farmfoods Bo'ness
Unit 3 24 East Pier Street, Bo'ness, EH51 9AB
w321282177 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010014391 Farmfoods Bodmin
Callywith Retail Park, Launceston Road, Bodmin, PL31 2GR
n9438217297 Farmfoods frozen_food PL31 2GR 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012969 Farmfoods Bonnyton Kilmarnock
6 Burns Precinct, Bonnyton, Kilmarnock, KA1 1LT
n9438970840 Farmfoods frozen_food KA1 1LT 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010019287 Farmfoods Boston
Unit C Queen Street Retail Park, Hubbert's Bridge, Boston, PE21 8XZ
n3966032633 Farmfoods frozen_food PE21 8XZ 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012984 Farmfoods Boultham Lincoln
Valentine Road, Boultham, Lincoln, LN6 7BH
n9438995064 Farmfoods frozen_food LN6 7BH 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010012838 Farmfoods Bowhouse Alloa
Unit 4 Mowbray Walk, 53 Shillinghill, Bowhouse, Alloa, FK10 1JX
n9439349956 Farmfoods frozen_food FK10 1JX 0m J+
Farmfoods 1010013117 Farmfoods Bramley Leeds
2 Waterloo Terrace, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 2ET
w351478440 Farmfoods frozen_food LS13 2BN 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010014430 Farmfoods Bransholme Hull
Unit F North Point Shopping Cent, Bransholme, Hull, HU7 4EE
w148594720 Farmfoods frozen_food 115m J+
Farmfoods 1010012862 Farmfoods Brechin
18-20 Clerk Street, Brechin, DD9 6AE
n4856374946 Farmfoods frozen_food 17m J+
Farmfoods 1010013147 Farmfoods Brierley Hill Stourbridge
48A High Street, Brierley Hill, Stourbridge, DY5 3AE
w316564252 Farmfoods frozen_food DY5 3AE 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010015221 Farmfoods Bryhedydd Bay Rhyl
Unit 7 Marina Quay, Bryhedydd Bay, Rhyl, LL18 1LQ
w512974787 Farmfoods frozen_food LL18 5AX 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013055 Farmfoods Burslem Stoke-on-Trent
34-36 Moorlands Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 1DW
n9439387309 Farmfoods frozen_food ST6 1DW 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010012869 Farmfoods Burton Upon Trent
Unit 2 Burton Place Shopping Cen, Central Burton, Burton Upon Trent, DE14 1BU
n3269249134 Farmfoods frozen_food DE14 1BU 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010015912 Farmfoods Camborne
Trevenson Road, Illogan Highway, Camborne, TR15 3PJ
w568967772 Farmfoods frozen_food 30m J+
Farmfoods 1010012930 Farmfoods Cambuslang Glasgow
Unit 8 Main Street, Cambuslang, Glasgow, G72 7HB
n6359457999 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010021670 Farmfoods Canterbury
116-118 Sturry Road, Spring Lane, Canterbury, CT1 1HJ
w104515746 Farmfoods frozen_food CT1 1HJ 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012903 Farmfoods Cargenbridge Dumfries
66 Glasgow Street, Maxwelltown, Dumfries, DG2 9AQ
w746697722 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013024 Farmfoods Carleton Pontefract
63 Horsefair, Carleton, Pontefract, WF8 1PE
w853369518 Farmfoods frozen_food WF8 1RF 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013012 Farmfoods Carlton Nottingham
11 Carlton Square, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 3BP
w330954080 Farmfoods frozen_food NG4 3BP 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013130 Farmfoods Carmarthen
Stephens Way, Llangynnwr, Carmarthen, SA31 2NG
n2153860719 Farmfoods frozen_food 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010012865 Farmfoods Carnaby Bridlington
Bessingby Way Retail Park, Wilsthorpe, Bridlington, YO16 4SJ
w240825810 Farmfoods frozen_food YO16 4SJ 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013106 Farmfoods Carntyre Glasgow
1111 Edinburgh Road, Carntyre, Glasgow, G33 3QE
n9434492989 Farmfoods frozen_food 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012853 Farmfoods Castle Bromwich Birmingham
295A Chester Road, Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, B36 0JG
w168098183 Farmfoods frozen_food B36 0JG 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012926 Farmfoods Castlemilk Glasgow
2A-2B Drakemire Drive, Castlemilk, Glasgow, G44 5EL
n1389050893 Farmfoods frozen_food 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010019123 Farmfoods Catterick Garrison
Richmondshire Walk, Catterick Garrison, Catterick Garrison, DL9 3EN
n6436013410 Farmfoods frozen_food DL9 3EN 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012858 Farmfoods Cefn Fforest Blackwood
Unit 2A Cliff Road, Blackwood Retail Park, Cefn Fforest, Blackwood, NP12 0NT
n9439422050 Farmfoods frozen_food NP12 0NT 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010012874 Farmfoods Chadderton Oldham
521 Middleton Road, Chadderton, Oldham, OL9 9SH
n9439429960 Farmfoods frozen_food OL9 9SH 16m J+
Farmfoods 1010013119 Farmfoods Cleekhimin New Stevenston
6-12 Bell Quadrant, Cleekhimin, New Stevenston, ML1 4GN
n9095726082 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013014 Farmfoods Clifton
Unit 2 Southchurch Drive, Clifton, Nottinghamshire, NG11 8AA
n2291367437 Farmfoods frozen_food NG11 8AA 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013139 Farmfoods Clifton York
Tower Court, Oakdale Road, Clifton, York, YO30 4WL
n772999340 Farmfoods frozen_food YO30 4WL 14m J+
Farmfoods 1010013029 Farmfoods Coatham Redcar
93-101 Station Road, Coatham, Redcar, TS10 1RD
n3648120512 Farmfoods frozen_food TS10 1RD 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010013140 Farmfoods Cobholm Great Yarmouth
Southtown Road, Cobholm, Great Yarmouth, NR31 0JB
n9439437108 Farmfoods frozen_food 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010012882 Farmfoods Colne
63 Market Street, Colne, BB8 0LL
n9439442544 Farmfoods frozen_food BB8 0LL 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012825 Farmfoods Coney Hill Gloucester
Unit 2B 108 Eastern Avenue, Coney Hill, Gloucester, GL4 4LP
n9439460310 Farmfoods frozen_food GL4 4LP 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010012884 Farmfoods Corby
Unit D Oasis Retail Park, Central Corby, Corby, NN17 1PP
w183088006 Farmfoods frozen_food NN17 1RA 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012887 Farmfoods Cowdenbeath
407 High Street, Cowdenbeath, Cowdenbeath, KY4 9QW
w1134105593 Farmfoods frozen_food 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010021671 Farmfoods Cowplain
33a London road, Cowplain, Waterlooville, PO8 8DF
n1560642527 Farmfoods frozen_food PO8 8DF 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012830 Farmfoods Craigneuk Wishaw
720 Glasgow Road, Craigneuk, Wishaw, ML2 7TL
w326057525 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012888 Farmfoods Crewe
2 Oak Street, Central Crewe, Crewe, CW2 7BX
n9439479616 Farmfoods frozen_food CW2 7BX 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013020 Farmfoods Crieff Road North Muirton Perth
1 Crieff Road, North Muirton, Perth, PH1 2RP
n6407259314 Farmfoods frozen_food PH1 2RP 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012889 Farmfoods Crosby Liverpool
4-12 Liverpool Road, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 5SF
n9439450236 Farmfoods frozen_food L23 5SF 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012890 Farmfoods Cross Hands
Unit 1 Heol Stanllyd, Cross Hands Retail Park, Cross Hands, SA14 6RB
n3731828163 Farmfoods frozen_food 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012988 Farmfoods Croxteth Park Liverpool
Lower House Lane, Dog and Gun, Liverpool, L11 2SF
w544076184 Farmfoods frozen_food 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010018670 Farmfoods Dagenham
Unit No 4 Merrielands Retail Par, Dagenham, London, RM9 6SJ
n7952703022 Farmfoods frozen_food 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012893 Farmfoods Dalkeith
39 Jarnac Court, Woodburn, Dalkeith, EH22 1HU
n2363801894 Farmfoods frozen_food EH22 1HU 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013133 Farmfoods Dawdon Seaham
Unit 2 Byron Place Shopping Cent, Dawdon, Seaham, SR7 7HN
n9384365384 Farmfoods frozen_food SR7 7DR 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010012899 Farmfoods Dewsbury
Unit 1 Aldams Road, Central Dewsbury, Dewsbury, WF12 8AR
w168595030 Farmfoods frozen_food WF12 8AR 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012900 Farmfoods Dover Town Centre Dover
Unit 3 Charlton Green, Dover Town Centre, Dover, CT16 2QH
w184322047 Farmfoods frozen_food CT16 2QH 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012905 Farmfoods Downfield Dundee
55 Macalpine Road, Downfield, Dundee, DD3 8RE
n9439471973 Farmfoods frozen_food DD3 8RE 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012907 Farmfoods Downside Dunstable
23 Ashton Square, West Street, Downside, Dunstable, LU6 3SN
n9442877600 Farmfoods frozen_food LU6 3SN 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012934 Farmfoods Drumchapel Glasgow
12 Dunkenny Mall, Drumchapel, Clydebank, G15 8NS
n5289527178 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012911 Farmfoods Duddingston Edinburgh
189 Duddingston Park South, Duddingston, Edinburgh, EH15 3EJ
w395338078 Farmfoods frozen_food 26m J+
Farmfoods 1010013109 Farmfoods Dumbarton
101 High Street, Dumbarton, Dumbarton, G82 1LF
w218387785 Farmfoods frozen_food G82 1LF 18m J+
Farmfoods 1010013122 Farmfoods Duston Northampton
139-157 St James Road, Duston, Northampton, NN5 5LE
w538091028 Farmfoods frozen_food NN5 5LE 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013875 Farmfoods Earl Haig Road Cardonald Glasgow
Unit 2 Earl Haig Road, Hillington Retail Park, Cardonald, Glasgow, G52 4LY
n3291973661 Farmfoods frozen_food G52 4LY 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010012906 Farmfoods East Baldridge Dunfermline
Unit 6 Carnegie Drive, East Baldridge, Dunfermline, KY12 7AU
w675781684 Farmfoods frozen_food 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012908 Farmfoods East Kilbride
31-35 Princes Mall, Central East Kilbride, East Kilbride, G74 1LB
n9442881377 Farmfoods frozen_food G74 1LB 30m J+
Farmfoods 1010012949 Farmfoods East Marsh Grimsby
Unit C 13-17 Garibaldi Street, East Marsh, Grimsby, DN32 7DU
n9442880147 Farmfoods frozen_food DN32 7DU 30m J+
Farmfoods 1010013069 Farmfoods East Wretham Thetford
Unit B2 Lime Kiln Lane, East Wretham, Thetford, IP24 2BU
w96622848 Farmfoods frozen_food IP24 2BU 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012933 Farmfoods Easterhouse Glasgow
Unit 4 Shandwick Square, Easterhouse, Glasgow, G34 9DT
n9443021575 Farmfoods frozen_food G34 9DT 0m J+
Farmfoods 1010012967 Farmfoods Eastwood Keighley
1 Cooke Lane, Eastwood, Keighley, BD21 3PF
w1064962698 Farmfoods frozen_food 28m J+
Farmfoods 1010012909 Farmfoods Eccles Manchester
52 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, M30 0DF
n9443092549 Farmfoods frozen_food M30 0DF 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012823 Farmfoods Eccleshill Bradford
921 Harrogate Road, Eccleshill, Bradford, BD10 0QY
w68458595 Farmfoods frozen_food BD10 0QY 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012916 Farmfoods Ellesmere Port
York Road, Ellesmere Port, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0DB
n9443089704 Farmfoods frozen_food CH65 0DB 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010012872 Farmfoods Ely Cardiff
Treseder Way, Ely, Cardiff, CF5 5NU
w22840740 Farmfoods frozen_food 0m J+
Farmfoods 1010012854 Farmfoods Erdington Birmingham
Unit 3 224-232 High Street, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6SJ
n9443100153 Farmfoods frozen_food B23 6SJ 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012918 Farmfoods Erith London
28-40 Pier Road, Erith, London, DA8 1TA
n5059713845 Farmfoods frozen_food DA8 1TA 16m J+
Farmfoods 1010013148 Farmfoods Falkirk
84 Grahams Road, Central Falkirk, Falkirk, FK2 7DL
w128795743 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010018671 Farmfoods Fareham
Newgate Lane, Woodcot, Fareham, PO14 1AN
w29403048 Farmfoods frozen_food PO14 1AN 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013009 Farmfoods Fenham Newcastle Upon Tyne
Stamfordham Road, Fenham, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE5 3PN
w662136533 Farmfoods frozen_food NE5 3PN 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012846 Farmfoods Fenlake Bedford
8 Kings Way, Fenlake, Bedford, MK42 9BA
n1474860838 Farmfoods frozen_food MK42 9BA 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013145 Farmfoods Fernhill Bury
Unit D Moorgate Retail Park, Fernhill, Bury, BL9 7AQ
w219627165 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012867 Farmfoods Filton Bristol
Unit 6 Shield Retail Centre, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7BR
w253046514 Farmfoods frozen_food BS34 7BR 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012957 Farmfoods Fincham Liverpool
128 Liverpool Road, Fincham, Liverpool, L36 3RG
n7567094179 Farmfoods frozen_food 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012885 Farmfoods Foleshill Coventry
75-77 Riley Square, Foleshill, Coventry, CV2 1LY
n2698341752 Farmfoods frozen_food 24m J+
Farmfoods 1010012920 Farmfoods Forfar
147 Castle Street, Forfar, DD8 3HN
w576476687 Farmfoods frozen_food DD8 3HN 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012922 Farmfoods Fraserburgh
45 High Street, Fraserburgh, AB43 9ET
w467817454 Farmfoods frozen_food AB43 9ET 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013027 Farmfoods Fratton Portsmouth
153 Fratton Road, Fratton, Portsmouth, PO1 5ET
w397864962 Farmfoods frozen_food PO1 5ET 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012976 Farmfoods Freehold Lancaster
34-36 Parliament Street, Freehold, Lancaster, LA1 1DQ
w386007971 Farmfoods frozen_food LA1 1DQ 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013114 Farmfoods Fullarton Irvine
Lamont Place, Fullarton, Irvine, KA12 8HD
w300715443 Farmfoods frozen_food KA12 8HD 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010022452 Farmfoods Galashiels
Unit 3 Hunters Bridge, Retail Pa, Galashiels, TD1 1DD
w1018736624 Farmfoods frozen_food 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012941 Farmfoods Giffnock Glasgow
49 Main Street, Giffnock, Glasgow, G46 7SF
n4554108849 Farmfoods frozen_food G46 7SF 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012936 Farmfoods Glasgow
39 Cambridge Street, Central Glasgow, Glasgow, G3 6TH
n4419504877 Farmfoods frozen_food 17m J+
Farmfoods 1010013108 Farmfoods Glasgow Road Clydebank Glasgow
485A Glasgow Road, Clydebank, Clydebank, G81 1JP
n1334468311 Farmfoods frozen_food G81 1LY 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010020387 Farmfoods Glenrothes
Units 2 & 3 , Central Glenrothes, Glenrothes, KY7 5PP
n2696176559 Farmfoods frozen_food KY7 5BH 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010012958 Farmfoods Godley Hyde
14-18A Market Place, Godley, Hyde, SK14 2QU
n7630424584 Farmfoods frozen_food 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012943 Farmfoods Goole
Unit 3 North Street, Goole, Goole, DN14 5QP
n8232298685 Farmfoods frozen_food DN14 5QP 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010014388 Farmfoods Gorbals Glasgow
21 The Clyde Gateway, Gorbals, Glasgow, G5 0BH
n9443127309 Farmfoods frozen_food G5 0BJ 31m J+
Farmfoods 1010013124 Farmfoods Gorleston Great Yarmouth
1-6 High Street Shopping Centre, High Street, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, NR31 6RL
w219495239 Farmfoods frozen_food NR31 6RL 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010021672 Farmfoods Gosport
160 Forton Road, Hardway, Gosport, PO12 3HJ
w491966407 Farmfoods frozen_food 31m J+
Farmfoods 1010012931 Farmfoods Govan Glasgow
Unit 5 Govan Shopping Centre, Govan, Glasgow, G51 3JW
n9176459203 Farmfoods frozen_food 31m J+
Farmfoods 1010013107 Farmfoods Govanhill Glasgow
440 Victoria Road, Govanhill, Glasgow, G42 8YU
n9443074285 Farmfoods frozen_food G42 8YU 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012946 Farmfoods Gravesend
Units 7 9 Thamesgate Centre, Central Gravesend, Gravesend, DA11 0AU
n4549535831 Farmfoods frozen_food DA11 0AU 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010012947 Farmfoods Grays
2B The Mall, Grays, Grays, RM17 6QE
n9443148383 Farmfoods frozen_food RM17 6QE 82m J+
Farmfoods 1010012822 Farmfoods Great Clacton Clacton-on-Sea
Valleybridge Road, Great Clacton, Clacton-on-Sea, CO15 4AD
w347164238 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013058 Farmfoods Great Cornard Sudbury
Unit 3A Sudbury Retail Park, Northern Road Newton Road, Great Cornard, Sudbury, CO10 2BG
w93648436 Farmfoods frozen_food CO10 2XQ 18m J+
Farmfoods 1010012891 Farmfoods Greenfaulds Cumbernauld
3A South Muirhead Road, Greenfaulds, Cumbernauld, G67 1AX
w503399837 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012948 Farmfoods Greenock
65 West Blackhall Street, Greenock, Greenock, PA15 1XE
n9443169959 Farmfoods frozen_food PA15 1XE 20m J+
Farmfoods 1010013021 Farmfoods Gunthorpe Peterborough
Unit C Walton Retail Park, Lincoln Road, Gunthorpe, Peterborough, PE4 6AF
w1223296103 Farmfoods frozen_food PE4 6AF 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010015219 Farmfoods Halesowen
74 Halesowen Road, Halesowen, Halesowen, B62 9BB
w202276462 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012960 Farmfoods Hallam Fields Ilkeston
9 The Albion Centre, Hallam Fields, Ilkeston, DE7 8AG
n3211570867 Farmfoods frozen_food DE7 8AG 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012859 Farmfoods Halliwell Bolton
193 Haliwell Road, Halliwell, Bolton, BL1 3NN
w541395043 Farmfoods frozen_food 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010015911 Farmfoods Handsworth
10 Holyhead Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 0LT
n9443173702 Farmfoods frozen_food B21 0LT 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013141 Farmfoods Hanley Stoke-on-Trent
800 Leek Road, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 6AE
w173866258 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013074 Farmfoods Harden Walsall
631-637 Bloxwich Road, Harden, Walsall, WS3 2BQ
n7580624972 Farmfoods frozen_food WS3 2BQ 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010019008 Farmfoods Harlow
Unit 1 St James Centre, Mark Hall, Harlow, CM20 2SX
n8820664192 Farmfoods frozen_food 25m J+
Farmfoods 1010012950 Farmfoods Hawick
46 High Street, Hawick, TD9 9EE
w288070207 Farmfoods frozen_food TD9 9EE 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010013132 Farmfoods Haydon Swindon
Cheney Manor Road, Pinehurst, Swindon, SN2 2PF
n1684872313 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012840 Farmfoods Hayshead Arbroath
183-187 High Street, Hayshead, Arbroath, DD11 1DY
n9443142568 Farmfoods frozen_food DD11 1DY 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012974 Farmfoods Hayston Kirkintilloch
20 Townhead, Kirkintilloch, Kirkintilloch, G66 1NL
n9443189422 Farmfoods frozen_food G66 1NL 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013053 Farmfoods Heatons Manchester
25 Hamilton Square, Heatons, Manchester, SK4 1JG
n7769031311 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012951 Farmfoods Hebburn
Units 29-31 St James Mall, Hebburn Shopping Centre, Hebburn, Hebburn, Tyne & Wear, NE31 1LE
n4355338011 Farmfoods frozen_food 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013070 Farmfoods Hele Torquay
141-143 Hele Road, Hele, Torquay, TQ2 7PX
w193285189 Farmfoods frozen_food TQ2 7PX 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013111 Farmfoods Helensburgh
47 East Clyde Street, Helensburgh, G84 7PE
w741023818 Farmfoods frozen_food G84 7PE 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013092 Farmfoods Hemsworth
Southmoor Road, Hemsworth, WF9 4LT
w543958063 Farmfoods frozen_food WF9 4LT 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012876 Farmfoods Hester's Way Cheltenham
82-84 Coronation Square, Hester's Way, Cheltenham, GL51 7SE
w450625374 Farmfoods frozen_food GL51 7SE 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013116 Farmfoods Hightown Wrexham
95 Kingsmills Road, Hightown, Wrexham, LL13 8NN
w501419507 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012879 Farmfoods Holme Hall Chesterfield
Unit 3 Wardgate Way, Holme Hall, Chesterfield, S40 4SL
n9443195527 Farmfoods frozen_food S40 4SL 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012892 Farmfoods Holmhead
Unit 12 Glaisnock Shopping Centr, Cumnock, KA18 1LE
n6823202013 Farmfoods frozen_food KA18 1LE 25m J+
Farmfoods 1010013144 Farmfoods Home Wood Bradford
Tong Street, Home Wood, Bradford, BD4 9RD
w478674332 Farmfoods frozen_food BD4 9RD 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013127 Farmfoods Honicknowle Plymouth
Plumer Road, Honicknowle, Plymouth, PL6 5DZ
w40609386 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013878 Farmfoods Hopton Stafford
Greyfriars Way Retail Park, Greyfriars Place, Sandon Road, Stafford, ST16 2SD
w544415024 Farmfoods frozen_food ST16 2SD 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010021666 Farmfoods Hulme Market Hall
High Street, Hulme, Hulme, Manchester, M15 5JT
n11881004135 Farmfoods frozen_food M15 5JT 16m J+
Farmfoods 1010012959 Farmfoods Ilford London
Unit 4 Ilford Retail Centre, 261-275 High Road, Ilford, London, IG1 1NF
n9443199521 Farmfoods frozen_food IG1 1NJ 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012961 Farmfoods Immingham
Unit 2 Washdyke Lane, Immingham, DN40 2AA
n3662112258 Farmfoods frozen_food 16m J+
Farmfoods 1010014390 Farmfoods Intake Doncaster
Wheatley Hall Road, Crompton Retail Park, Intake, Doncaster, DN2 4BG
w871560218 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012962 Farmfoods Invergordon
82 High Street, Invergordon, Invergordon, IV18 0DL
w713681100 Farmfoods frozen_food IV18 0DL 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012828 Farmfoods Kidderminster
Green Street, Central Kidderminster, Kidderminster, DY10 1JF
w311046357 Farmfoods frozen_food DY10 1JF 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012972 Farmfoods Kirkby in Ashfield
Low Moor Road, East Kirkby in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield, NG17 7JE
n7182923387 Farmfoods frozen_food NG17 7JE 16m J+
Farmfoods 1010012985 Farmfoods Kirkdale Liverpool
222-228 Walton Road, Kirkdale, Liverpool, L4 4BB
w1066737160 Farmfoods frozen_food L4 4BB 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012990 Farmfoods Kirkton Livingston
Unit 1 25 Hawk Brae, Kirkton, Livingston, EH54 6TW
w202718403 Farmfoods frozen_food EH54 6TW 0m J+
Farmfoods 1010012977 Farmfoods Langley Mill Heanor
Unit 5&6 Acorn Centre, Station Road, Langley Mill, Heanor, NG16 4AF
w390873614 Farmfoods frozen_food NG16 4AF 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012978 Farmfoods Largs
21- 23 Boyd Street, Largs, KA30 8LE
w1181864005 Farmfoods frozen_food KA30 8LE 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012979 Farmfoods Larkhall
64 Union Street, Larkhall, ML9 1DR
n469765549 Farmfoods frozen_food 23m J+
Farmfoods 1010012894 Farmfoods Lascelles Darlington
Unit 3 Local Centre, Neasham Road, Lascelles, Darlington, DL1 4DF
n3881992180 Farmfoods frozen_food 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010013876 Farmfoods Leeds Road Huddersfield
Leeds Road, Central Huddersfield, Huddersfield, HD1 6DD
w201621386 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012981 Farmfoods Leek
27 The Smithfield Centre, Leek, ST13 5JW
w173499914 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012982 Farmfoods Leigh
Unit 16 The Spinning Gate Centre, Central Leigh, Leigh, WN7 4PG
n2004753213 Farmfoods frozen_food WN7 4LB 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010013126 Farmfoods Leigh Park Havant
73-77 Greywell Shopping Centre, Leigh Park, Havant, PO9 5AH
w906582816 Farmfoods frozen_food PO9 5AH 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010012983 Farmfoods Leven
Shorehead, Leven, Fife, KY8 4NR
w307160484 Farmfoods frozen_food KY8 4NR 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013066 Farmfoods Leyfields Tamworth
2 Middle Entry, Leyfields, Tamworth, B79 7NJ
w390659150 Farmfoods frozen_food B79 7NJ 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010016038 Farmfoods Lime Square
Unit 20/21 Lime Square, Ashton Old Road, Openshaw, Manchester, M11 1DA
n9443163179 Farmfoods frozen_food M11 1DA 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010012995 Farmfoods Little Hulton Walkden
Unit 2 Armitage Avenue, Little Hulton, Walkden, M38 0EA
w896632710 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010018672 Farmfoods Littlehampton
97-117 Wick Street, Wick, Littlehampton, BN17 7JN
n8078208844 Farmfoods frozen_food BN17 7JJ 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013064 Farmfoods Llansamlet Swansea
Unit 6F Lion Way, Swansea Enterprise Park, Llansamlet, Swansea, SA7 9EH
n347568639 Farmfoods frozen_food 42m J+
Farmfoods 1010013095 Farmfoods Lochee Dundee
St Ann Lane, Off High Street, Lochee, Dundee, DD2 3PX
w665637717 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010012921 Farmfoods Lochyside
Lochyside Road, Loch Bridge, Lochyside, PH33 7NU
n11215209403 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010015913 Farmfoods London Road Glasgow
2224-2230 London Road, Shettleston, Glasgow, G32 8YG
n7567064429 Farmfoods frozen_food 38m J+
Farmfoods 1010012994 Farmfoods Longsight Manchester
575-577 Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester, M13 0RG
n7557019064 Farmfoods frozen_food 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013135 Farmfoods Longton Stoke-on-Trent
Unit 1 Edensor Road, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 2PB
w251686509 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013138 Farmfoods Lupset Wakefield
George A Green Road Wakefield, Lupset, Wakefield, WF2 8ES
w390263121 Farmfoods frozen_food WF2 8FE 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012993 Farmfoods Luton
Unit 54A The Arndale Centre, Central Luton, Luton, LU1 2TE
n4223529561 Farmfoods frozen_food LU1 2TE 69m J+
Farmfoods 1010012861 Farmfoods Manningham Bradford
52 Valley Road, Manningham, Bradford, BD1 4AG
w298337642 Farmfoods frozen_food BD1 4AG 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012998 Farmfoods Mansfield Woodhouse Mansfield
Unit 7 High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, Mansfield, NG19 8AN
n6854621572 Farmfoods frozen_food NG19 8AN 35m J+
Farmfoods 1010013032 Farmfoods Marehay Ripley
22-28 Oxford Street, Marehay, Ripley, DE5 3AL
w1026754932 Farmfoods frozen_food DE5 3AL 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010012829 Farmfoods Marsden Park Nelson
Leeds Road, Marsden Park, Nelson, BB9 8EP
w694113385 Farmfoods frozen_food BB9 8EP 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013120 Farmfoods Marsden South Shields
248 Sunderland Road, Marsden, South Shields, NE34 6AS
w430381267 Farmfoods frozen_food NE34 6AS 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012940 Farmfoods Maryhill Glasgow
Shiskine Drive, Maryhill, Glasgow, G20 0JD
w195403525 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010019377 Farmfoods Meredith Road
14 Meredith Road, Castle Hill, Ipswich, IP1 6EB
w172297028 Farmfoods frozen_food IP1 6EB 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010013149 Farmfoods Merkinch Inverness
Unit C Telford Retail Park, Carsegate Road, Merkinch, Inverness, IV3 8EX
w114199062 Farmfoods frozen_food IV3 8EX 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013128 Farmfoods Mexborough
Wath Road, Mexborough, S64 9EE
n9443073405 Farmfoods frozen_food 21m J+
Farmfoods 1010014433 Farmfoods Milnshaw Accrington
1A The Viaduct, Hyndburn Road, Milnshaw, Accrington, BB5 1QF
n9443186968 Farmfoods frozen_food BB5 1QF 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013003 Farmfoods Mitcham London
Unit 1-3 Upper Green East, Majestic Way, Mitcham, London, CR4 2JS
n9090542519 Farmfoods frozen_food 19m J+
Farmfoods 1010012824 Farmfoods Mold
Lead Mills Road, Mold, CH7 1UD
w874566669 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013004 Farmfoods Monifieth
Unit 6 High Street, Monifieth, DD5 4BA
w1279898239 Farmfoods frozen_food 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010015910 Farmfoods Montrose
Brechin Road, Montrose, DD10 9BP
w860866115 Farmfoods frozen_food 22m J+
Farmfoods 1010013113 Farmfoods Moreton Hall Bury St Edmunds
The Bartons Retail Park, Barton Road, Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7BE
w867992712 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012875 Farmfoods Moulsham Lodge Chelmsford
4 Waterson Vale, Moulsham Lodge, Chelmsford, CM2 9PB
w321468602 Farmfoods frozen_food CM2 9PB 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013007 Farmfoods Musselborough Musselburgh
169 High Street, Musselborough, Musselburgh, EH21 7DE
n4294321096 Farmfoods frozen_food 14m J+
Farmfoods 1010013123 Farmfoods Nantyglo Blaneau
Unit 1A Lakeside Retail Park, Nantyglo, Blaneau, NP23 4SL
n7152328123 Farmfoods frozen_food NP23 4SL 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010013146 Farmfoods Newington Ramsgate
2 Richborough Close, Newington, Ramsgate, CT9 4FA
w331218598 Farmfoods frozen_food CT9 4FA 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012915 Farmfoods Newton Elgin
71 High Street, Newton, Elgin, IV30 1EE
w1107795695 Farmfoods frozen_food IV30 1EE 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010012952 Farmfoods Newton Farm Hereford
Unit 1 109-111 Belmont Road, Newton Farm, Hereford, HR2 7JR
w714679474 Farmfoods frozen_food 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013143 Farmfoods Newton Heath Manchester
Oldham Road, Newton Heath, Manchester, M40 1EZ
n9443186969 Farmfoods frozen_food M40 1EZ 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010013006 Farmfoods North Lodge Motherwell
15 Brandon Parade South, North Lodge, Motherwell, ML1 1RJ
n9443220387 Farmfoods frozen_food ML1 1RJ 52m J+
Farmfoods 1010012970 Farmfoods North Lynn King's Lynn
St Nicholas Retail Park, North Lynn, King's Lynn, PE30 2HY
n430364524 Farmfoods frozen_food PE30 2HW 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010020381 Farmfoods Northwich
40 Chester Way, Greenbank, Northwich, CW9 5JA
w249651898 Farmfoods frozen_food CW9 5JA 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010012971 Farmfoods Northwood Kirkby
132 Cherryfield Drive, Northwood, Kirkby, L32 8RX
n4693434733 Farmfoods frozen_food 85m J+
Farmfoods 1010013011 Farmfoods Norwich
Unit D Cathedral Retail Park, Barn Road, Central Norwich, Norwich, NR2 4SZ
w153374527 Farmfoods supermarket;frozen_food NR2 4SZ 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013094 Farmfoods Oak Tree Mansfield
Oak Tree Lane, Oak Tree, Mansfield, NG18 3HL
w312005729 Farmfoods frozen_food 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010013016 Farmfoods Oban
Dunollie Road, Oban, PA34 5PJ
w165589861 Farmfoods frozen_food PA34 5PJ 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013075 Farmfoods Ogley Hay Brownhills
94 High Street, Ogley Hay, Brownhills, WS8 6EW
n503730487 Farmfoods frozen_food WS8 6EW 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013115 Farmfoods Old Swan Liverpool
Green Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool, L13 6RH
w1187939221 Farmfoods frozen_food L13 7EB 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010021373 Farmfoods Oldbury
Birchley Island Retail Park, Blackheath, Halesowen, B69 4RJ
w1234662134 Farmfoods frozen_food 25m J+
Farmfoods 1010012826 Farmfoods Orchard Park Hull
280 Greenwood Avenue, Orchard Park, Hull, HU6 9QG
w645269811 Farmfoods frozen_food 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010013000 Farmfoods Ormesby Middlesbrough
9 High Street, Ormesby, Middlesbrough, TS7 9PD
n751138226 Farmfoods frozen_food 28m J+
Farmfoods 1010012989 Farmfoods Orrell Park Liverpool
Unit D Stoker Way, Rice Lane Retail Park, Walton, Liverpool, L9 3BY
w227342174 Farmfoods frozen_food L9 1GA 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013067 Farmfoods Overdale Telford
110 Holyhead Road, Overdale, Telford, TF1 5DS
n5211696840 Farmfoods frozen_food TF1 5DS 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013136 Farmfoods Owton Manor Hartlepool
Catcote Road, Owton Manor, Hartlepool, TS25 4RB
n2440851131 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013017 Farmfoods Paisley
29 Causeyside Street, Central Paisley, Paisley, PA1 1UL
n7995325592 Farmfoods frozen_food 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010012935 Farmfoods Paisley Road West Cardonald Glasgow
1560 Paisley Road West, Cardonald, Glasgow, G52 3QN
w614235334 Farmfoods frozen_food G52 3QN 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010016149 Farmfoods Parc Tawe Swansea
Unit 2 Parc Tawe North Retail Pa, Central Swansea, Swansea, SA1 2AL
w121613459 Farmfoods frozen_food SA1 2AA 55m J+
Farmfoods 1010012939 Farmfoods Parkhead Glasgow
76 Westmuir Street, Parkhead, Glasgow, G31 5BJ
n8237524029 Farmfoods frozen_food 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010014389 Farmfoods Parsons Cross Sheffield
330 Wordsworth Avenue, Parsons Cross, Sheffield, S5 8NH
w711109365 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010019378 Farmfoods Peat Road
320 Peat Road, Pollock, Glasgow, G53 6SB
w1221891705 Farmfoods frozen_food 16m J+
Farmfoods 1010012997 Farmfoods Peel Hall Wythenshawe
Unit 1 33 The Birtles, Civic Centre, Peel Hall, Wythenshawe, M22 5RF
w1190062277 Farmfoods frozen_food M22 5RF 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012827 Farmfoods Pellon Halifax
Unit 3 Pellon Lane Retail Park, Pellon, Halifax, HX1 5HQ
w322077410 Farmfoods frozen_food HX1 5HQ 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010018674 Farmfoods Pembroke Dock
London Road, Pembroke Dock, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6DT
n7056547363 Farmfoods frozen_food SA72 6BP 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013129 Farmfoods Pen-y-Fan Llanelli
Swansea Road, Pen-y-Fan, Llanelli, SA15 3EQ
w156850184 Farmfoods frozen_food SA15 3EQ 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010021674 Farmfoods Penicuik
18-20 Edinburgh Road, Penicuik, EH26 8NW
w1290928206 Farmfoods frozen_food EH26 8NW 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010013063 Farmfoods Penllergaer Gorseinon
Unit 3 Gorseinon Road, Penllergaer, Gorseinon, SA4 4DQ
w360143935 Farmfoods frozen_food 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013101 Farmfoods Pentwyn Cardiff
Unit 1 Pentwyn Road, Pentwyn, Cardiff, CF23 7XH
w991061204 Farmfoods frozen_food CF23 7XH 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013022 Farmfoods Peterhead
3-5 Prince Street, Peterhead, AB42 1PL
n9443193051 Farmfoods frozen_food AB42 1PL 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013023 Farmfoods Peterlee
Unit B Bede Way, Castle Dene Shopping Centre, Central Peterlee, Peterlee, SR8 1EA
w99321661 Farmfoods frozen_food SR8 1BU 36m J+
Farmfoods 1010013134 Farmfoods Pitsea Basildon
Unit C Pitsea Retail Centre, The Broadway, Pitsea, Basildon, SS13 3BY
w292074120 Farmfoods frozen_food SS13 3BY 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010012917 Farmfoods Ponders End London
67 High Street, Ponders End, London, EN3 4EF
n3138276753 Farmfoods frozen_food 14m J+
Farmfoods 1010013131 Farmfoods Pontardawe
Pontardawe Retail Park, Ffordd Parc Ynysderw, Pontardawe, Pontardawe, SA8 4EG
n7058665342 Farmfoods frozen_food SA8 4EG 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013025 Farmfoods Pontypool
Unit 4 Crane Street, Pontypool, Pontypool, NP4 6LY
n9443228434 Farmfoods frozen_food NP4 6LY 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010018675 Farmfoods Pontypridd
Unit 1, Midway Retail Park, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, CF37 5BL
n8121076981 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013026 Farmfoods Port Glasgow
62-66 Princes Street Port, Port Glasgow, PA14 5JQ
n9443221567 Farmfoods frozen_food PA14 5JQ 97m J+
Farmfoods 1010013102 Farmfoods Porth
Cymmer Road, Porth, CF39 9BL
n1205481316 Farmfoods frozen_food 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013046 Farmfoods Portswood Southampton
Units 3-4 The Portswood Centre, Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO17 2WE
w238265147 Farmfoods frozen_food SO17 2NH 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010014432 Farmfoods Possil Glasgow
135 Hawthorn Street, Possil, Glasgow, G22 6HY
w1173763930 Farmfoods frozen_food 32m J+
Farmfoods 1010013068 Farmfoods Prenton Birkenhead
320 Woodchurch Road, Prenton, Birkenhead, CH42 8PQ
n9443237251 Farmfoods frozen_food CH42 8PQ 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013028 Farmfoods Preston City Centre Preston
Unit 2 West Strand Road, Preston City Centre, Preston, PR1 8UY
w56024169 Farmfoods frozen_food PR1 8UY 19m J+
Farmfoods 1010014431 Farmfoods Prestwich Manchester
468 Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1AX
n9014666507 Farmfoods frozen_food M25 1AX 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013112 Farmfoods Quedgeley Gloucester
123 Bristol Road, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 4NB
w120551673 Farmfoods frozen_food GL2 4NB 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010013052 Farmfoods Raploch Stirling
2A Springbank Road, Raploch, Stirling, FK7 7WR
w229658622 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010012991 Farmfoods Ratcliffe on Soar Long Eaton
Unit 3A Cross Street Retail Park, Grange Park, Long Eaton, NG10 1HD
w145610833 Farmfoods frozen_food NG10 1HD 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013034 Farmfoods Rawmarsh Rotherham
Taylors Lane, Rawmarsh, Rotherham, S62 6EE
n1705645154 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013031 Farmfoods Renfrew
5-6 High Street, Renfrew, PA4 8QL
w228709932 Farmfoods frozen_food PA4 8QL 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013033 Farmfoods Rochdale
93-94 Yorkshire Street, Central Rochdale, Rochdale, OL16 1DW
n6541920686 Farmfoods frozen_food OL16 1DW 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013060 Farmfoods Roker Sunderland
Unit 10 Sunderland Retail Park, Roker, Sunderland, SR6 0BW
w665501649 Farmfoods frozen_food 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013100 Farmfoods Rosehill Burnley
200 Accrington Road, Rosehill, Burnley, BB11 5ES
w444329773 Farmfoods frozen_food BB11 5ES 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010020797 Farmfoods Rotherham
126 Fitzwilliam Road, Central Rotherham, Rotherham, S65 1QA
w387338951 Farmfoods frozen_food S65 1QA 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013098 Farmfoods Rubery Birmingham
212-216 New Road, Rubery, Birmingham, B45 9JA
w277876666 Farmfoods frozen_food B45 9JA 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012834 Farmfoods Rubislaw Aberdeen
Summerhill Court, Langstracht Shopping Centre, Rubislaw, Aberdeen, AB15 6TW
n9038711982 Farmfoods frozen_food AB15 6TW 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010020382 Farmfoods Runcorn
Unit H, Trident Retail Park, Grange, Runcorn, WA7 2FQ
w196819233 Farmfoods frozen_food WA7 2FQ 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010014434 Farmfoods Salisbury Street Birkenhead
1 Salisbury Street, Central Birkenhead, Birkenhead, CH41 2RL
w157731805 Farmfoods frozen_food 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013040 Farmfoods Saltney Chester
Unit 2 St Davids Retail Park, High Street, Saltney, Chester, CH4 8SN
n9443211148 Farmfoods frozen_food CH4 8SN 66m J+
Farmfoods 1010012932 Farmfoods Scotstoun Glasgow
722-724 Anniesland Road, Scotstoun, Clydebank, G14 0YU
n4979030279 Farmfoods frozen_food 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013041 Farmfoods Scunthorpe
Unit 3 Glebe Road, Central Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe, DN15 6AF
w369727279 Farmfoods frozen_food DN15 6AF 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013118 Farmfoods Seacroft Leeds
York Road, Seacroft, Leeds, LS14 6HR
w444471307 Farmfoods frozen_food LS14 6HR 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010019145 Farmfoods Seafield Road Edinburgh
1b Seafield Rd, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 7LE
n4294294559 Farmfoods frozen_food 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010013042 Farmfoods Selby
43-45 Micklegate, Selby, YO8 4EA
n6252703712 Farmfoods frozen_food YO8 4EA 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010019124 Farmfoods Shiremoor
Unit 2 Northumberand Retail Park, Shiremoor, West Allotment, NE27 0FS
n7197558418 Farmfoods frozen_food NE27 0FS 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013078 Farmfoods Smethwick Birmingham
Unit 2 Capehill, Smethwick, Birmingham, B66 4RN
w224272755 Farmfoods frozen_food B66 4PH 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010012956 Farmfoods Southcoates Hull
740 Holderness Road, Southcoates, Hull, HU9 3JA
w333988481 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010019007 Farmfoods Southend Eastern Avenue
Eastern Avenue, Southchurch, Southend-On-Sea, SS2 5YB
w334616654 Farmfoods frozen_food SS2 5YB 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010013047 Farmfoods Southend-On-Sea
Unit 3B Greyhound Trading Estate, Greyhound Way, Central Southend, Southend-On-Sea, SS2 5PY
n9443245367 Farmfoods frozen_food SS2 5PY 8m J+
Farmfoods 1010013048 Farmfoods Southport
Regent Court, Lord Street, Central Southport, Southport, PR9 9HQ
n3755902318 Farmfoods frozen_food 14m J+
Farmfoods 1010013089 Farmfoods St Anne's Drive Worksop
Unit B Victoria Retail Park, Memorial Avenue, St Anne's Drive, Worksop, S80 2BJ
n2973703689 Farmfoods frozen_food S80 2BJ 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010018673 Farmfoods St Austell
East Hill, East Hill, St Austell, PL25 4TR
w204333932 Farmfoods frozen_food PL25 4TR 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013137 Farmfoods St Helens
Boundary Road, Central St Helens, St Helens, WA10 2PX
n9443214748 Farmfoods frozen_food WA10 2PX 26m J+
Farmfoods 1010013039 Farmfoods Stevenston Saltcoats
30-32 Dockhead Street, Saltcoats, Saltcoats, KA21 5EG
n9443258297 Farmfoods frozen_food KA21 5EG 33m J+
Farmfoods 1010013097 Farmfoods Stirchley Birmingham
Hazelwell Street, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 2JX
w134575734 Farmfoods frozen_food B30 2JU 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010013105 Farmfoods Stobhill Road Springburn Glasgow
17 Stobhill Road, Springburn, Glasgow, G21 3TX
w178065161 Farmfoods frozen_food 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010013054 Farmfoods Stockton
3 Bath Lane, Central Stockton, Stockton, TS18 2DS
w99353487 Farmfoods frozen_food TS18 2DS 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013056 Farmfoods Stonehaven
Barclay Street, Cameron Street, Stonehaven, AB39 2BJ
w303216086 Farmfoods frozen_food AB39 2BJ 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013057 Farmfoods Stranraer
7 Charlotte Street, Stranraer, DG9 7EJ
n5618464944 Farmfoods frozen_food DG9 7EJ 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010013059 Farmfoods Sunbury Common Sunbury
Unit 2C Sunbury Cross Shopping C, Staines Road West, Sunbury Common, Sunbury, TW16 7AZ
n4278580307 Farmfoods frozen_food TW16 7AZ 17m J+
Farmfoods 1010013096 Farmfoods Sundorne Shrewsbury
Unit 1 Lancaster Retail Park, Brixton Way, Sundorne, Shrewsbury, SY1 3AZ
n9443249670 Farmfoods frozen_food SY1 3AZ 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010013061 Farmfoods Sutton London
Unit 4 Lodge Place, 150-152 High Street, Sutton, London, SM1 4AU
n2613591904 Farmfoods frozen_food SM1 4AU 13m J+
Farmfoods 1010012938 Farmfoods Sylvania Way Clydebank Glasgow
109 Sylvania Way, Clydebank, Clydebank, G81 2RR
n9443219835 Farmfoods frozen_food G81 2RR 115m J+
Farmfoods 1010015270 Farmfoods The Old Police Station Normanton
The Old Police Station, High Street, Normanton, Normanton, WF6 2AL
w458711898 Farmfoods frozen_food WF6 2AL 2m J+
Farmfoods 1010013103 Farmfoods Tipton West Bromwich
Princes End Retail Park, 51 High Street, Tipton, West Bromwich, DY4 9JF
w314877833 Farmfoods frozen_food DY4 9JF 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010015220 Farmfoods Tondu
Unit 3-4 Pentre Felin Retail Par, Aberkenfig, Tondu, CF32 9GP
n6145546421 Farmfoods frozen_food 18m J+
Farmfoods 1010012881 Farmfoods Townhead Coatbridge
1B Bank Street, Townhead, Coatbridge, ML5 1AJ
n1144107979 Farmfoods frozen_food ML5 1AJ 0m J+
Farmfoods 1010013072 Farmfoods Tredegar
13-15 Gwent Shopping Centre, Tredegar, NP22 3EJ
n9443230993 Farmfoods frozen_food NP22 3EJ 46m J+
Farmfoods 1010012999 Farmfoods Twynyrodyn Merthyr Tydfil
Court Street, Twynyrodyn, Merthyr Tydfil, CF47 8DU
n4104576178 Farmfoods frozen_food CF47 8DU 10m J+
Farmfoods 1010012842 Farmfoods Wallacetown Ayr
66-70 Main Street, Wallacetown, Ayr, KA8 8EF
n3652725162 Farmfoods frozen_food KA8 8EF 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010013076 Farmfoods Walsall
Unit 10 Broadwalk Retail Park, Bescot Crescent, Central Walsall, Walsall, WS1 4SB
w80443332 Farmfoods frozen_food WS1 4DX 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013077 Farmfoods Walthamstow London
46 High Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 7LD
w199637292 Farmfoods frozen_food E17 7LD 5m J+
Farmfoods 1010013079 Farmfoods Warrington
Unit 2A School Brow, Bruche, Warrington, WA1 2TA
r14285333 Farmfoods frozen_food 9m J+
Farmfoods 1010013125 Farmfoods Waterloo Ashton Under Lyne
12 Picton Street, Waterloo, Ashton Under Lyne, OL7 9QF
w438898029 Farmfoods frozen_food OL7 9QF 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010018864 Farmfoods Wavertree
Units 16/19 Wavertree Retail Par, Wavertree Road, Fairfield, Liverpool, L7 5LZ
n9443266457 Farmfoods frozen_food L7 5LZ 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013015 Farmfoods Weddington Nuneaton
Unit 5-6 Horeston Grange Shoppin, Camborne Drive, Weddington, Nuneaton, CV11 6GU
n3371583165 Farmfoods frozen_food CV11 6GU 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010013081 Farmfoods Wednesbury West Bromwich
Unit 1 Camp Street, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, WS10 7AD
w1300778857 Farmfoods frozen_food WS10 7AD 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010018865 Farmfoods Wednesfield
367 Lichfield Rd, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, WV11 3HD
n9443275206 Farmfoods frozen_food WV11 3HD 3m J+
Farmfoods 1010012968 Farmfoods Weekley Kettering
Unit A3 51 Northall Street, Kettering, Kettering, NN16 8AQ
w292007309 Farmfoods frozen_food NN16 8DS 15m J+
Farmfoods 1010020799 Farmfoods West Drayton
Unit 1B Cowley Retail Park, Cowley Peachey, London, UB8 2TE
n1231585879 Farmfoods frozen_food UB8 2TE 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012966 Farmfoods Westbourne Ipswich
90 Bramford Road, Westbourne, Ipswich, IP1 2LL
w172297636 Farmfoods frozen_food IP1 2LL 4m J+
Farmfoods 1010012912 Farmfoods Wester Hailes Edinburgh
Wester Hailes Shopping Centre, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, EH14 2SW
n10706970360 Farmfoods frozen_food EH14 2SW 33m J+
Farmfoods 1010019677 Farmfoods Wick
Unit 2, Wick Retail Park, Wick, Highland, KW1 5NU
n11994319862 Farmfoods frozen_food 30m J+
Farmfoods 1010019288 Farmfoods Wigan Retail Park
Unit 2 Saddle Retail Park, Gower Street, Pemberton, Wigan, WN5 9AD
w55600548 Farmfoods frozen_food WN5 9AD 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013084 Farmfoods Wigston Leicester
Unit 5 34-36 Bell Street, Wigston, Leicester, LE18 1AD
n2866726527 Farmfoods frozen_food LE18 1AD 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010020383 Farmfoods Winsford
Dene Dr, Glebe Green, Winsford, CW7 1AT
w317027446 Farmfoods frozen_food CW7 1AT 6m J+
Farmfoods 1010013086 Farmfoods Wisbech
4 Sandown Road, Wisbech, PE14 0SL
w392773524 Farmfoods frozen_food 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010013088 Farmfoods Wolverhampton
Units 3-4 Crossways Shopping Cen, Wolverhampton Road, Central Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, WV10 0QB
n9443256259 Farmfoods frozen_food WV10 0QB 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010020798 Farmfoods Woodseats
Unit 1 Woodside Retail Park, Woodseats, Sheffield, S8 0RW
w169850287 Farmfoods frozen_food S8 0RW 12m J+
Farmfoods 1010013002 Farmfoods Wovlerton Milton Keynes
4 Glyn Square, Wovlerton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5JQ
n4866277926 Farmfoods frozen_food MK12 5JQ 11m J+
Farmfoods 1010013121 Farmfoods Wrekenton Gateshead
Wrekenton Row, Wrekenton, Gateshead, NE9 7JD
w430804403 Farmfoods frozen_food NE9 7JD 1m J+
Farmfoods 1010012855 Farmfoods Yardley Birmingham
1507 Coventry Road, Yardley, Birmingham, B25 8LW
w60843471 Farmfoods frozen_food B25 8LW 7m J+
Farmfoods 1010013099 Farmfoods Yeovil
Sherborne Road, Central Yeovil, Yeovil, BA21 4HA
w416525359 Farmfoods frozen_food BA21 4HA 2m J+
Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Data derived from Retail Points by Geolytix, released under the Geolytix Open Data Licence: Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government License v3.0; Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2020; Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2020; Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2020.