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Chain Matching Details for Wolseley UK (Q8030423)

Note: The external data used in the comparisons on this page is not licenced for use in OpenStreetMap. Thereforyou must not use it directly for mapping. It can be used to flag issues to be investigated using other data or places that would benefit from a ground survey.

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2022‑11‑29 11:28:51 Z with a branch list from KAFF Places. OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q8030423 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 500m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^https:\/\/www\.wolseley\.co\.uk\/branch\/([-a-z]+)\/$/

Branches not matched to OSM (403)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
Wolseley 43000001 Aberdeen
Hareness Road, , Altens, Aberdeen
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000002 Aberdeen
77 Wellington Street, Aberdeen
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000004 Aberystwyth
Unit 6-7, , Glan Yr Afon Industrial Estate, Aberystwyth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000005 Abingdon
4 Kimber Road, Abingdon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000006 Alnwick
Hawthorn Close Lionheart Enterprise Park, , Alnwick
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000007 Amersham
Unit 15 St Georgesse Estate, , White Lion , Amersham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000008 Ammanford
Unit 9 Parc Amanwy Ind Estate, Ammanford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000009 Andover
Unit 4 West Portway Industrial Estate, , N, Andover
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000010 Arbroath
Unit 4, , Lindsay Street, Arbroath
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000011 Ashford
Unit 9, Brunswick Industrial Centre, , Cob, Ashford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000012 Ashington
Unit 14C North Seaton Industrial Estate, ,, Ashington
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000013 Ashton Under Lyne
Unit 1, , Park Parade Industrial Estate, Ashton-Under-Lyne
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000015 Aylesford
Unit 7 Quarry Wood Estate, , Lake Road, Aylesford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000016 Ayr
Wolseley, , 67-77 Green Street, Ayr
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000017 Bakewell
Unit 3B Station Yard, , Station Road, Bakewell
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000019 Bangor
Units 6/7, 68 Baloo Road, Bangor
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000020 Bangor
Unit 32, , Llandygai Industrial Estate, Bangor
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000021 Barking
Unit A1 Eastern Approach Business, , Alfre, Barking
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000023 Barnsley Ardsley
Unit 1 Sandy Gate Lane, Barnsley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000025 Barnstaple Pottington
Pottington Trading Estate, Upcott Ave, Barnstaple
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000026 Barrow-In-Furness
County Park Road, Barrow-In-Furness
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000027 Barry
Unit 23, , Ty Verlon Industrial Estate, Barry
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000028 Basildon
Paycocke Road, , Basildon, Essex
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000029 Basingstoke
Unit 8, , Sherrington Way, Basingstoke
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000030 Basingstoke Bell Road
Daneshill East In Estate, Bell Road, Basingstoke
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000446 Battersea
Units 3&4 Michael Manley Industrial Estate, , Battersea
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000032 Bedford
Napier Road, , Elm Farm Industrial Estate, Bedford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000033 Belfast
Unit 1, M2 Business Park, , 132 Duncrue St, Belfast
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000034 Belfast
Unit 1 M2 Business Park, , 132 Duncrue Str, Belfast
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000035 Belfast East
38 Montgomery Road, , Castlereagh Industri, Belfast
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000036 Belfast East
Unit 12, , 38 Montgomery Road, Belfast
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000037 Bellshill
16 Earn Avenue, , Righead Industrial Estat, Bellshill
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000038 Berwick Upon Tweed
Unit 4A, , East Ord Industrial Estate, Berwick-upon-Tweed
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000039 Beverley
Belprin Industrial Estate, Beverley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000040 Bexhill
2-4 Beeching Road, Bexhill-on-Sea
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000041 Bideford
Unit 3, , Clovelly Road Industrial Estate, Bideford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000042 Birkenhead
104 Church Street, Birkenhead
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000043 Birmingham - Aston
Units C and D Dartmouth Industrial Estate, , Birmingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000044 Birmingham Aston
2 Miller Street, , Dartmouth Circus, Birmingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000045 Bishop Auckland
17 Railway Street, Bishop Auckland
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000046 Bishops Stortford
3 Raynham Close, Bishops Stortford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000047 Blackburn
Unit 2, Tower Business Park, Blackburn
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000048 Blackpool
Unit 1-2 Canberra Court, , Blackpool Busin, Blackpool
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000049 Blackpool Mowbray Drive
100 Mowbray Drive, Blackpool
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000050 Blackwood
Unit 6, , Newbridge Road Industrial Estate, Blackwood
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000051 Blyth
Unit 26B, , Spencer Road, Blyth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000052 Bodmin
Dunmere Road, Bodmin
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000053 Bognor
16 Arun Business Park, Bognor Regis
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000054 Bolton
Ash Street, Bolton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000055 Bootle
Unit D1, Kingfisher Business Park., , Hawt, Bootle
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000056 Bournemouth
855 Knighton Heath Industrial Estate, , Ri, Bournemouth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000057 Bourton on the water
Unit 5 Bourton Industrial Park, , Bourton , Cheltenham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000058 Bracknell
Unit 7 The Western Centre, , Western Road, Bracknell
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000059 Bradford
2C Windsor Street, Bradford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000060 Braintree
Unit 2 Springwood Court, , Springwood Driv, Braintree
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000061 Brecon
Unit 2, , Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate, Brecon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000062 Brentford
Unit 7 Great West Trading Estate, , 985 Gr, Brentford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000063 Brentford - Shield Drive
Unit 7, , Shield Drive, Brentford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000064 Brentwood
1 Kestrel Park, , Tallon Road, Brentwood
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000065 Bridgend
Tremains Road, Bridgend
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000066 Brierley Hill
Unit 7 Crackley Way, , Peartree Industrial, Dudley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000067 Brighton
Unit 3a Freshfield Ind Estate, Stevenson Road, Brighton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000068 Brimsdown
111 Millmarsh Lane, , Brimsdown, Enfield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000069 Bristol
Unit 1 Cala Trading Estate, , Ashton Vale , Bristol
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000071 Bristol Fishponds
Foundry Lane, , Fishponds Trading Est, Bristol
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000074 Bromsgrove
Unit 6 Aston Fields Industrial Estate, , A, Bromsgrove
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000075 Burslem
Unit 6 B & C, Ohio Grove, , Hot Lane Indus, Stoke-On-Trent
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000076 Burslem Parts
Unit 6B, Ohio Grove, , Hot Lane Industrial, Stoke-On-Trent
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000077 Burton
Hawkins Lane, Burton-On-Trent
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000079 Caerphilly
Unit 10 Bedwas Business Park, , Bedwas Hou, Bedwas
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000080 Camberley
Unit 15, , Helix Business Park, Camberley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000081 Cambridge
Unit 20 Coral Park Industrial Estate, , Co, Cambridge
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000082 Cambridge - Ditton Walk
Unit D Beadle Trading Estate, , Ditton Wal, Cambridge
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000084 Canning Town
Unit G, , Project Park, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000085 Cannock
Bridge Street, , Bridgtown, Cannock
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000087 Cardiff
Unit 3, , Dominion Way Industrial Estate, Cardiff
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000088 Cardiff Ocean Way
Regents Trade Park, Unit 10 Ocean Park House, , Cardiff
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000089 Cardiff - Llanishen
Unit 12A-12D, , Cheviot Close, Cardiff
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000091 Carlisle
Unit 2, , Currock Road, Carlisle
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000092 Carlisle Viaduct Estate
Viaduct Industrial Estate, Carlisle
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000093 Carmarthen
Unit 24, , Cillefwr Industrial Estate, Carmarthen
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000094 Carmarthen Stephens Way
5 Pensarn Rd, Carmarthen
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000095 Castleford
Units 3 & 4 Methley Road, , Industrial Est, Castleford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000096 Castlewellan
81 Mill Hill, Castlewellan
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000098 Cheltenham
Unit E Kingsditch Industrial Estate, , Hun, Cheltenham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000099 Chester
1-2 Central Trade Park, , Marley Way, Chester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000100 Chesterfield
Vanguard Trading Estate, , Britannia Road, Chesterfield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000101 Chichester
6 Matform Business Centre, , Terminus Road, Chichester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000102 Chippenham
Vincients Road, , Bumpers Farm, Chippenham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000106 Cleckheaton
Unit 4 Luddite Way Business Park, , Rawfo, Cleckheaton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000107 Cleethorpes
Unit 3/C Goldbank Business Park, , Wilton , Grimsby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000108 Coalville
Stephenson Industrial Estate, , Stephenson, Coalville
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000109 Colchester
27-28 Davey Close, Colchester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000110 Colchester
27-28 Davey Close, Colchester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000111 Colindale
Unit 20 Capitol Industrial Park, , Capitol, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000113 Consett
Unit 5B, , Number One Industrial Estate, Consett
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000114 Conwy
Pabo Lane, , Llandudno Junction, Conwy
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000115 Corby
Unit 1, , Phoenix Trade Center, Corby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000117 Cowley
Unit 2 Driftway Centre, , Pony Road, Cowley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000118 Crawley
2 Oakwood Industrial Park, , Gatwick Road, Crawley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000119 Crawley
Unit 12 And 13 Crawley Industrial Estate, , Crawley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000120 Crayford
Unit 29 Bourne Industrial Park, , Bourne R, Crayford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000121 Crayford
Unit 23 Bourne Road Industrial Estate, , B, Crayford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000123 Cromer
Old Town Hall, , Canada Road, Cromer
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000124 Croydon
315 Purley Way, , Croydon, Surrey
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000125 Cupar
Unit 2-3 Prestonhall Industrial Estate, , , Cupar
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000126 Cwmbran
Unit 7 Avondale Industrial Estate, Cwmbran
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000127 Dagenham
Unit 3, , Sterling Works, Dagenham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000128 Dalkeith
Grannies Park Industrial Estate, , Edinbur, Dalkeith
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000129 Darlington
Unit A1 North Road Industrial Estate, , Me, Darlington
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000133 Dereham
Greens Road, Dereham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000136 Doncaster Kirk Sandall
Unit 12, , Kirk Sandall Network Centre, Doncaster
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000137 Douglas
18-23 South Quay, Douglas
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000138 Driffield
Unit 85, , Kelleythorpe Industrial Estate, Driffield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000139 Dronfield
Callywhite Lane, , Dronfield, Sheffield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000140 Dumbarton
13 Birch Road, , Broadmeadow Industrial Es, Dumbarton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000141 Dumfries
St Marys Industrial Estate, Dumfries
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000142 Dundee
Unit 1-4 Dryburgh Industrial Estate, , Far, Dundee
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000143 Dundee
Unit 6 George Buckman Drive, , Camperdown , Dundee
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000144 Dunfermline
Unit A Pitreavie Business Park, , Queensfe, Dunfermline
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000145 Dunstable
Units 4 & 5 Chalklands Place, , Eastern Av, Dunstable
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000146 Durham
Unit F, , Abbey Road Retail & Businesspark, Durham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000148 East Kilbride Kelvin
24 Colvilles Park, Kelvin Industril Estate, , Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000477 Eastleigh
Unit 3 Boyatt Wood Industrial Estate, , Go, Eastleigh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000150 Edinburgh
Unit 4 Sighthill Industrial Estate, , Bank, Edinburgh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000153 Edinburgh
Unit A Hailes Park, , 9 Dumbryden Drive, Edinburgh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000155 Edinburgh
Unit 5 Sighthill Industrial Estate, , Bank, Edinburgh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000154 Edinburgh Newbridge
Units 3 & 4, Block B Clifton Trading Estate, , Edinburgh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000152 Edinburgh Peffermill
Block6, Peffermill Industrial Estate, , Pe, Edinburgh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000156 Elgin
Unit 22, , Tyock Industrial Estate, Elgin
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000157 Ellesmere Port
Unit 12, , Rossbank Road, Ellesmere Port
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000158 Ely
Unit 9-10 The Dock Business Park, , Angel , Ely
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000159 Epsom
Units 1 & 2, , Felstead Road, Epsom
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000160 Evesham
Unit 15, , Briar Close Business Park, Evesham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000163 Exeter
Alphinbrook Road, , Marsh Barton Trading E, Exeter
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000164 Exmouth
Unit 1-2 Liverton Business Park, , Tidwell, Exmouth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000165 Falkirk
12-14 Middlefield Road, , Middlefield Indu, Falkirk
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000166 Fareham
Unit 41 Fareham Industrial Park, , Standar, Fareham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000167 Farnborough
7-8 Kingsgrove Industrial Estate, , Invinc, Farnborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000168 Farnham
15-16 Farnham Business Centre, , Dogflud W, Farnham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000169 Folkestone
Kingsmead Park Farm Ind Estate, Folkestone
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000170 Forfar
Unit 1, , Orchardbank Industrial Estate, Forfar
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000171 Gaerwen
Units 27 and 28 Gaerwen Industrial Estate, Gaerwen
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000172 Gainsborough Miller Road
Corringham Road Industrial Estate, Unit 1 Miller R, Gainsborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000173 Galashiels
Netherdale Industrial Estate, Galashiels
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000174 Garforth
Unit 11, , Elmfield Business Park, Leeds
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000175 Gillingham
Unit 3, , Matilda Close Business Park, Gillingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000177 Glasgow
Unit 6 31 Orton Place, , Moorpark Industri, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000181 Glasgow
Unit 1, , 130 Hydepark Street, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000182 Glasgow
Unit 6 31 Orton Place, , Moorpark Industri, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000183 Glasgow
Unit 6 31 Orton Place, , Moorpark Industri, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000176 Glasgow Anniesland
Anniesland Industrial Estate, , Anniesland, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000178 Glasgow Durham Street
Units 3 and 4 Excelsor Industrial Estate, , Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000179 Glasgow Lancefield Street
133 Lancefield Street, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000180 Glasgow Oakbank
Unit 6 Block 5 Oakbank Industrial Estate, , Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000184 Glasgow Rutherglen
Unit M, , Taywood Enterprise Centre, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000185 Glasgow Thornliebank
Unit 1 Spiersbridge Terrace, , Block 8, Glasgow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000186 Glastonbury
Unit 3, , Dyehouse Lane, Glastonbury
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000187 Glenrothes
Unit 5-6, , Newark Road South, Glenrothes
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000188 Gloucester
Unit 7, , Central Trading Estate, Gloucester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000189 Gloucester
Unit 8 Central Trading Estate, , Cole Aven, Gloucester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000191 Greenford
Unit 2, , Bristol Road, Greenford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000192 Greenford
Unit 23 Derby Road, , Metropolitan Busines, Greenford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000195 Guildford
6 The Pines Trading Estate, , Broad Street, Guildford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000196 Halifax
Unit 13-14, , Halifax Industrial Centre, Halifax
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000197 Hamilton
Argyle Crescent, , Hillhouse Industrial Es, Hamilton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000198 Harlow Burnt Mills
Unit 38 Harlow Enterprise Centre, , Burntm, Harlow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000199 Harrogate
Unit 1-2, , Hookstone Centre, Harrogate
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000200 Harrow
Unit 28, Christchurch Industrial Estate, ,, Harrow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000203 Havant
6 Hayward Business Centre, , New Lane, Havant
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000204 Haverfordwest
Unit 5-7, , Withybush Ind Est, Haverfordwest
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000205 Haverhill
Unit 8 Moonhall Business Park, , Helions B, Haverhill
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000206 Hayes
Unit 1 Regent Business Centre, , Pump Lane, Hayes
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000207 Hemel Hempstead
Unit 1 Saracen Industrial Area, , Mark Roa, Hemel Hempstead
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000208 Hereford
3 Harrow Road, Hereford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000209 Hessle
Unit 14 Priory Tec Park, , Saxon Way, Hessle
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000210 Hexham
Unit A, , Bridge End Industrial Estate, Hexham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000211 High Wycombe
Unit A-B, , Progress Road, High Wycombe
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000212 High Wycombe Cressex
Unit 3, M40 Industrial Estate, , Blenheim , High Wycombe
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000213 Highbury
6 Frogmore Estate, , Kelvin Road, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000214 Highgate
460 Archway Road, , Highgate, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000215 Hinckley
8-12 New Street, Hinckley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000216 Hoddesdon
Unit C, , Nicholson Court, Hoddesdon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000217 Honiton
Devonshire Road, Units 2 and 3 Western Court, , Honiton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000218 Horndean
Unit K1 Hazleton Interchange, , Lakesmere , Waterlooville
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000219 Hove
Unit 2 Clarks Industrial Estate, , Newtown, Hove
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000220 Hucknall
Unit 4, , Daniels Way, Hucknall
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000221 Huddersfield
Unit 1, , Colne Road, Huddersfield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000222 Hull
Leads Road, Hull
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000223 Hull - National Avenue
Harpings Rd, , National Avenue, Hull
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000225 Hutton
Units 2 & 3 Kestrel Park, , Tallon Road, Brentwood
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000226 Huyton
Unit 1 Interchange Motorway Industrial Estate, , Huyton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000227 Ilford
Unit 4-5, , Redbridge Enterprise Centre, Ilford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000229 Inverness
Unit 2 Fresson Business Park, , Stadium Ro, Inverness
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000230 Inverurie
Unit 3 Blackhall Industrial Estate, , Burg, Inverurie
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000232 Ipswich
Unit 22 Ransomes Park, , Foxtail Road, Ipswich
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000234 Irvine
17 Mackintosh Place, , South Newmoor Indus, Irvine
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000236 Isleworth
Unit 6 Clocktower Ind Est, , Clocktower Ro, Middlesex
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000237 Jersey
Units 1 & 2, , La Rue Phillippe Durrell, St Helier
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000238 Kempston Bedford
Unit 15 Wolseley Business Park, , Wolseley, Bedford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000240 Kentish Town
Unit 3, , Kentish Town Industrial Estate, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000242 Kidderminster
Hoobrook Industrial Estate, , Worcester Ro, Kidderminster
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000243 Kilmarnock
Commercial Centre, , Main Road, Kilmarnock
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000245 King's Lynn
Unit 7, , Denny Road, King's Lynn
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000244 Kings Cross
Unit 30 Cedar Way, , Elm Village Industria, Camden
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000247 Kingston Park
Unit 3C Airport Industrial Estate, , Kings, Newcastle Upon Tyne
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000248 Kingston Upon Thames
Unit 7 St Georges Industrial Estate, , Ric, Kingston Upon Thames
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000250 Kirkintilloch
Unit 4, , Campsie Road, Kirkintilloch
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000251 Lanark
Unit 1 Caldwellside Industrial Estate, , B, Lanark
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000252 Leatherhead
Unit 5A Bay Tree Avenue, , Kingston Road, Leatherhead
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000253 Leeds
Unit 3 Jack Lane Industrial Estate, , Jack, Leeds
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000255 Leeds
Gelderd Trading Estate, , 7 West Vale, Leeds
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000254 Leeds Hunslet
Gibraltar Island Road, , Old Mill Business, Hunslet
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000258 Leicester
96 Freemans Common, Leicester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000256 Leicester - Craven St
1 Craven Street, Leicester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000259 Leigh
Unit 3 Acorn Court, , Butts Street, Leigh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000261 Letchworth Garden City
Unit 2 Protea Way, , Pixmore Avenue, Letchworth Garden City
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000262 Lincoln - Cardinal Close
Unit 16 Cardinal Close, , Outer Circle Roa, Lincoln
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000263 Lincoln - Central
Sunningdale Trading Estate, , Dixon Close, Lincoln
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000264 Liskeard
Moorswater Industrial Estate, Dobwalls Bypass, , Liskeard
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000265 Liverpool
Unit 1 Spindus Road, , Speke Hall Industri, Liverpool
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000266 Liverpool - Central
Unit 1A Erskine Industrial Estate, , Bruns, Liverpool
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000268 Llanelli
Unit 20.4, , Trostre Industrial Park, Llanelli
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000269 London - Balham
Unit 27-28 Zennor Road Industrial Estate, , London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000270 London - Charlton
Unit 5 Anchor and Hope Lane, , Lombard Est, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000271 London - City
16 Evelyn Street, , Deptford, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000272 London - Finchley
879 High Road, , Finchley, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000273 London - Lee
Unit 16 Chiltonian Industrial Estate, , Ma, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000274 London - Old Kent Road
Six Bridges Trading Estate, , Marlborough , London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000276 London- Merton
Unit 9/A Nelson Trading Estate, , The Path, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000277 Long Eaton
Forbes Close, , Long Eaton, Nottingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000278 Loughborough
43 Jubilee Drive, Loughborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000279 Louth
Unit 5A Fairfield Industrial Estate, , War, Louth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000280 Lowestoft
Whapload Road, Lowestoft
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000281 Ludlow
Unit 10 Ludlow Business Park, , Orleton Ro, Ludlow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000282 Luton
Unit 9, , Cosgrove Way, Luton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000283 Luton
Unit 8B, , Cosgrove Way Industrial Estate, Luton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000284 Macclesfield
Black Lane, Macclesfield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000285 Maidenhead
Unit 8 Kings Grove Industrial Estate, , Ki, Maidenhead
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000286 Maidstone
Unit 16/17 Lake Road, , Quarry Wood Indust, Aylesford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000287 Maidstone - Parkwood
Unit 8 Parkwood Estate, , Heronden Road, Maidstone
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000288 Malton
6 Seph Way, , York Road Industrial Park, Malton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000289 Manchester - Trafford Park
Textilose Road, , Trafford Park, Manchester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000290 Mansfield
3-5 Maun Way, Mansfield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000291 Matlock
Unit 2 Brookfield Industrial Estate, , Bro, Matlock
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000293 Merthyr Tydfil
Unit 1, , Pant Industrial Estate, Merthyr Tydfil
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000294 Middlesborough
Telford Road, Middlesbrough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000295 Milton Keynes
Denbigh Road, , Bletchley, Milton Keynes
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000296 Milton Keynes - Wolverton
364 Stratford Road, , Wolverton, Milton Keynes
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000297 Minehead
Unit 8, , Brunel Way, Minehead
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000299 Moreton
Unit 4 Tarran Way Industrial Estate, , Tar, Moreton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000300 Morley
Unit 7 Ashley Industrial Estate, , Elmfiel, Morley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000301 Mosborough
Unit 2, , Meadowbrook Park, Sheffield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000302 Moulton Park
Unit 4 Moulton Park, , Clayfield Close, Northampton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000304 Neath
Unit 18, , Millands Road Ind Est, Neath
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000305 Newark
Unit 5, , Telford Drive, Newark
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000306 Newbury
Unit C Hambridge Road Industrial Estate, ,, Newbury
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000308 Newcastle Byker
Unit 1 Albion Row Ind Est, , Byker, Newcastle Upon Tyne
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000309 Newmarket
Unit 1/A Newmarket Business Park, , Studla, Newmarket
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000310 Newton Abbot
Greenhill Way, , Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000311 Newtown
Unit L, , Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000312 Northampton
67 St James Mill Road, , St James Mill Roa, Northampton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000313 Northampton
Unit 2 Crow Lane Industrial Estate, , Hart, Northampton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000314 Northfleet
Unit J6 Springhead Enterprise Park, , Spri, Gravesend
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000315 Northwich
Unit 2, , Albion Road, Northwich
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000316 Norton
Junction Rd, Stockton-on-Tees
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000317 Norwich
Unit 47 Mousehold Lane, , Roundtree Way, Norwich
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000318 Norwich
189-191 Aylsham Road, Norwich
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000320 Nottingham
Unit 5 Riverside Industrial Estate, , Cent, Nottingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000323 Nottingham - Nuthall Rd
Unit 28 Whitemoor Court Industrial Estate, , Nottingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000324 Nottingham - Science Park
Nottingham Science & Technology Park, , Un, Nottingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000321 Nottingham Leengate
Leen Gate, Gregory Street, , Lenton, Nottingham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000325 Nuneaton
Unit 3 Trident Business Park, , Holman Way, Nuneaton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000326 Oldham
Unit D Central Trading Park, , Cromford St, Oldham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000328 Oswestry
Unit 1A Maesbury Road Industrial Estate, ,, Oswestry
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000329 Oxford - Botley
Botley Works, , North Hinksey Lane, Botley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000330 Oxford - Botley
Unit 35 Botley Works North, , Hinksey Lane, Botley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000331 Paisley
Unit 7 Greenhill Industrial Estate, , Gree, Paisley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000332 Park Royal
4 Grand Union Industrial Estate, , Abbey R, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000333 Penzance
Unit 6, , Long Rock Business Park, Penzance
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000334 Perth
Unit 3-5 Inveralmond Industrial Estate, , , Perth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000335 Peterborough
23 Harvester Way, , Fengate, Peterborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000337 Peterborough
Unit 5 Peterborough Trade Centre, , Newton, Peterborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000336 Peterborough Boongate
Peterborough Trade Centre, Unit 4, , Newto, Peterborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000338 Peterhead
Blackhouse Circle, , Blackhouse Industrial, Peterhead
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000339 Peterlee
7 Bracken Hill, , South West Industrial Es, Peterlee
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000340 Pickering
16 Enterprise Way, , Thornton Road Industr, Pickering
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000345 Pontypridd
Unit 4, , Maritime Industrial Estate, Pontypridd
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000347 Porthmadog
Unit 20B, , Penamser Industrial Estate, Porthmadog
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000349 Portsmouth Portfield
Unit 1C, Portfield Industrial Estate, , Ne, Portsmouth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000350 Potters Bar
Unit 4 Cranborne Industrial Estate, , Summ, Potters Bar
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000351 Potters Bar
Opposite The Enterprise Centre, Cranbourne Avenue,, Potters Bar
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000352 Preston
282-294 North Road, Preston
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000353 Preston
428 Oakshott Place, , Walton Summit Centre, Preston
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000354 Prudhoe
6A, Earls Court, , Low Prudhoe Industrial , Prudhoe
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000355 Pudsey
Units A2-A3, , New Pudsey Square, Stanningley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000356 Radstock
Unit 9 Midsomer Enterprise Park, , Radstoc, Radstock
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000358 Rawdon
Unit B, , Rowan Court, Leeds
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000360 Redcar
2-3 Limerick Road, , Dormanstown, Redcar
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000361 Redditch
Unit 3, Bryant House, , Washford Drive, Redditch
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000362 Redhill
Unit 2, Praetorian Place, , Holmethorpe In, Redhill
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000363 Redruth
Agar Road., Illogan Highway, Redruth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000365 Ripon
Dallamires Way North, Ripon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000366 Rochdale
Unit 7 Halfpenny Bridge Industrial Estate, , Rochdale
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000367 Romford
Unit 4 Stafford Industrial Estate, , Hillm, Hornchurch
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000368 Ross-On-Wye
Unit 5 Wolf Business Park, , Alton Road In, Ross-On-Wye
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000369 Rotherham
Unit 1 Eastwood Trading Estate, , Shaw Roa, Rotherham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000370 Rugby
7 Somers Road, , Bilton, Rugby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000372 Saltash
Units 2 & 3 Libby Court, Kingsmill Road, ,, Saltash
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000373 Scarborough
Barrys Lane, Scarborough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000374 Scotswood Newcastle
Armstrong Industrial Estate, , Unit 10 Sco, Newcastle upon Tyne
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000375 Scunthorpe
Glebe Road, Scunthorpe
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000376 Seacroft
16 The Courtyards, , Victoria Road, Leeds
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000377 Selby
Unit C1 The Vivars, , Canal Road, Selby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000378 Send
Burnt Common Crossroads, , Portsmouth Road, Send
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000379 Sevenoaks
Unit 4 Sevenoaks Business Centre, , Crampt, Sevenoaks
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000380 Sheffield - Chapeltown
Unit 1, Park Square, , Thorncliffe Park Es, Sheffield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000381 Sheffield - Coleford Rd
Unit 3 Coleford Road Business Centr, , Col, Sheffield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000382 Sheffield Hillsborough
Unit B Tanfield Road, Sheffield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000384 Shepherds Bush
86 Askew Road, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000385 Shipley
Unit 9, , Acorn Park Industrial Estate, Shipley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000386 Shrewsbury
Brixton Way, Shrewsbury
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000387 Sidcup
Units 3, , Maidstone Road, Sidcup
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000388 Sittingbourne
Unit 6 Saffron Way, , Trinity Trading Esta, Sittingbourne
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000389 Skegness
Unit 1 Hawthorn Road, Skegness
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000390 Skipton
Unit 5 Snaygill Industrial Estate, , Jayce, Skipton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000391 Sleaford
Units 2-3 Commercial Court, , Commercial W, Sleaford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000393 Slough
838-840 Yeovil Road, , Slough Trading Esta, Slough
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000394 Smethwick
Unit 4A, , Redwood Trade Park, Oldbury
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000395 Solihull
Unit 1 The Highlands, , Maidwell Drive, Shirley
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000396 South Gyle
Unit 15/8 South Gyle Crescent, Edinburgh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000397 Southampton
Unit 5, , Third Avenue, Southampton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000398 Southend
The Forum Coopers Way, , Temple Farm Indus, Southend-On-Sea
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000399 Southport
Units 1-3 Kensington Ind. Est., , Hall Str, Southport
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000400 Spalding
St Thomas Road, Spalding
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000403 St Austell
Unit 2 St Austell Bay Business Park, , Par, St Austell
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000404 St Neots
Unit B2 Foundry Way, , Eaton Socon, St Neots
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000405 Stafford
Unit 10 St Albans Business Park, , St Alba, Stafford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000406 Stamford
Unit 2 Stamford Business Park, , Ryhall Ro, Stamford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000407 Staples Corner
Unit E, , The Apsley Centre, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000408 Stevenage
Unit 14, , Bessemer Drive, Stevenage
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000409 Stirling
Meadowforth Road, , Springkerse Industrial, Stirling
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000410 Stockport
Unit 2, , Stockport Trading Est. Yew Stree, Stockport
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000411 Stockton
Portrack Lane, Stockton-On-Tees
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000413 Stoke
Sutton Street, , Chesterton, Newcastle
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000414 Stoke
Sutton Street, , Chesterton, Newcastle
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000415 Stoke Longton
Unit 4 Lonpark Industrial Estate, , Chadwi, Stoke-on-Trent
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000416 Stonehaven
Unit 10 Spurryhillock Industrial Estate, ,, Stonehaven
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000417 Stowmarket
Unit 8B, , Charles Industrial Estate, Stowmarket
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000418 Stranraer
Plumb Center, , Hanover Square, Stranraer
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000419 Stratford
Wharf Road, , Avon Industrial Estate, Stratford-Upon-Avon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000420 Strood
4 Bergland Park, , Maritime Close, Rochester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000421 Strood
Unit 4 Deacon Trading Estate, , Knight Roa, Strood
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000422 Stroud
Unit 12, , Stroud Enterprise Centre, Stroud
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000424 Sunderland
1-3 Carrmere Road, , Leechmere Industrial , Sunderland
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000425 Sutton Coldfield - Minworth
Unit 10 Stockton Close, , Minworth, Sutton Coldfield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000426 Swansea
Unit 2 Mona Court, , Mona Place, Swansea
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000427 Swansea
16A Mannesmann Close, , Enterprise Park, Swansea
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000428 Swindon
Unit 31A-31B Techno Trading Estate, , Bram, Swindon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000429 Swinton
Unit D, , Moorside Road, Swinton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000430 Tamworth
Unit 20 Two Gates Trading Estate, , Watlin, Tamworth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000431 Taunton
Venture Way, , Priorswood Industrial Estat, Taunton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000433 Telford
Unit 16, , Hortonwood 33, Telford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000434 Tenby
Unit 7, , The Salterns, Tenby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000436 Tiverton
Unit 10, , Mountbatten Road, Tiverton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000437 Tonbridge
Unit 7 Deacon Trading Estate, , 203 Vale R, Tonbridge
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000438 Torquay
6 Chatto Way, Torquay
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000439 Totnes
Babbage Road, Totnes
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000440 Tower Bridge - North
Unit 11A, , Dock Street, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000441 Tower Hamlets
Unit 1 Thomas Road, , Tower Hamlets, London
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000442 Trowbridge
Unit 6, , Yeoman Way, Trowbridge
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000443 Truro
Unit 3-5, , Heron Way, Truro
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000445 Tyne Tunnel
Unit 1 Tyne Tunnel Trade Park, , Narvik Wa, North Shields
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000447 Wakefield
22 Monckton Road, Wakefield
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000448 Wallsend
Unit 1C Buddle Industrial Estate, , Benton, Wallsend
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000449 Walsall
Unit 2B, , Stockton Close, Walsall
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000450 Waltham Cross
Unit 2 Eleanor Estate, , Trust Road, Waltham Cross
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000451 Walthamstow
15 Waltham Park Way, , Billet Road, Walthamstow
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000452 Walton
Unit F Liver Industrial Estate, , Walton, Liverpool
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000453 Walton-on-Thames
4 Rydens Road, , Walton-On-Thames, Surrey
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000454 Wandsworth
Unit 2, , 307 Merton Road, Wandsworth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000455 Ware
Marsh Lane, Ware
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000457 Watford
Unit D Holly Industrial Park, , Ryan Way, Watford
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000459 Welwyn Garden City
Unit G Bridge Park, , 27 Bridge Road East, Welwyn Garden City
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000460 West Bromwich
Unit B Doranda Way Industrial Park, , Dora, West Bromwich
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000462 West Thurrock
Unit 14, The Glade Business Centre, , East, West Thurrock
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000463 West Wickham
Rays Road, , Off Red Lodge Road, West Wickham
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000465 Wetherby
Unit 6-7 Erivan Park, , Sandbeck Way, Wetherby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000466 Weymouth
12 Cambridge Road, , Granby Industrial Est, Weymouth
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000467 Whitby
Unit 1A, , Larpool Lane Industrial Estate, Whitby
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000468 Whitstable
82-83 John Wilson Business Park, , Harvey , Whitstable
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000469 Wick
Unit 38, , Airport Industrial Estate, Wick
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000470 Wigan
Units 15-16 Victoria Trading Estate, , Mir, Wigan
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000471 Wimbledon
Unit 2A, , Endeavour Way, Wimbledon
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000472 Winchester
Unit 2, Winchester Trade Park, , Easton Ln, Winchester
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000474 Witham
4 Colemans Bridge, , Witham, Essex
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000475 Witney
Unit 11, , Avenue One, Witney
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000476 Wolseley Climate Eastleigh
Unit 3 Boyatt Wood Industrial Estate, , Go, Eastleigh
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000478 Wolverhampton
34 Birmingham Road, Wolverhampton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000479 Wolverhampton
34 Birmingham Road, Wolverhampton
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000481 Worksop
Unit 1 Shireoaks Network Centre, , Coach C, Worksop
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000485 Yate
Unit W Stover Trading Estate, , Wellington, Yate
(S) S F M
Wolseley 43000486 Yeovil
1 Buckland Road, , Pen Mill Trading Estate, Yeovil
(S) S F M

OSM Objects not matched to list (3)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID JRC M
w61568174 Wolseley trade DE24 8HJ (S) J+ M
w914977035 Wolseley trade (S) (S) J+ M
w1021653674 Wolseley trade (S) (S) J+ M

Duplicate Matches (0)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

No such objects found.

Matched Branches (85)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Shop Website Postcode Offset JRC
Wolseley 43000003 Abergavenny
Unit 7, , Mill Street Ind Estate, Abergavenny,  
n6757989446 Wolseley trade 35m J+
Wolseley 43000014 Aylesbury
2 Kempson Close, , Gatehouse Industrial Ar, Aylesbury,  
w946059012 Wolseley trade 13m J+
Wolseley 43000018 Banbury
Mercross, , George Street, Banbury,  
w930965048 Wolseley trade 36m J+
Wolseley 43000022 Barnsley
Twibell Street, Barnsley,  
w1063687127 Wolseley trade 22m J+
Wolseley 43000024 Barnstaple
Unit 5 Barum Gate, , Barnstaple Trade Cent, Barnstaple,  
w830008820 Wolseley trade EX32 8QD 22m J+
Wolseley 43000031 Bath
Perion House, , Locksbrook Road, Bath,  
n4551217995 Wolseley trade 130m J+
Wolseley 43000070 Bristol Feeder Road
Unit A, St Vincents Industrial Estate, , F, Bristol,  
w515090018 Wolseley trade 409m J+
Wolseley 43000072 Bristol Montpelier
Unit 11 Montpelier Central Trading Estate, , Bristol,  
w190594116 Wolseley trade BS6 5EE 3m J+
Wolseley 43000073 Broadstairs
Unit 2 Pysons Road Industrial Estate, , Ho, Broadstairs,  
n8250348683 Wolseley trade 10m J+
Wolseley 43000078 Bury St. Edmunds
Unit. 1, Greyfriars Road, , Moreton Hall I, Bury St. Edmunds,  
w313090097 Wolseley trade 5m J+
Wolseley 43000083 Cambridge Clifton Road
Unit 7, , Clifton Road, Cambridge,  
n1969962954 Wolseley trade CB1 7EA 1m J+
Wolseley 43000086 Canterbury
Unit 2, , Cotton Road, Canterbury,  
w542335573 Wolseley hardware CT1 3RB 7m J+
Wolseley 43000090 Cardigan
Unit 14, , Pentood Industrial Estate, Cardigan,  
w605888537 Wolseley trade SA43 3AG 2m J+
Wolseley 43000097 Chelmsford
1 Suffolk Drive, , Dukes Park Industrial E, Chelmsford,  
w1025368802 Wolseley trade CM2 6UN 22m J+
Wolseley 43000103 Chorley
Unit A2 Buckshaw Link, , Buckshaw Village, Chorley,  
n8115176953 Wolseley trade PR7 7EL 111m J+
Wolseley 43000104 Christchurch
191-193 Barrack Road, , Christchurch, Dorset,  
w992012336 Wolseley Plumb & Parts trade 8m J+
Wolseley 43000105 Clacton
120B Oxford Road, , Clacton-On-Sea, Essex,  
w112559445 Wolseley doityourself CO15 3TH 189m J+
Wolseley 43000112 Colwyn Bay
307 Abergele Road, , Old Colwyn, Colwyn Bay,  
w398812887 Wolseley trade LL29 9YF 4m J+
Wolseley 43000116 Coventry
220 Kingfield Road, , Kingfield Rd, Coventry,  
w217363709 Wolseley doityourself CV1 4DW 2m J+
Wolseley 43000122 Crewe
Macon Way, Crewe,  
w91897990 Wolseley trade 1m J+
Wolseley 43000130 Derby
Dunstall Park Road, , Off Ascot Drive, Derby,  
w61570035 Wolseley trade DE24 8HJ 4m J+
Wolseley 43000131 Derby - Ascot Drive
Dunstall Park Road, Derby,  
w61570038 Wolseley trade DE24 8HJ 19m J+
Wolseley 43000132 Derby - Pentagon
13-15 Ashlyn Road, , West Meadows Industri, Derby,  
n5734588800 Wolseley trade DE21 6XE 13m J+
Wolseley 43000134 Devizes
Unit 6, , Banda Trading Estate, Devizes,  
w897230478 Wolseley trade 12m J+
Wolseley 43000135 Doncaster
West Street, Doncaster,  
w536841784 Wolseley trade DN1 3AA 20m J+
Wolseley 43000147 East Grinstead
Charlwoods Business Centre, East Grinstead,  
w900510266 Wolseley trade RH19 2HH 2m J+
Wolseley 43000149 Eastbourne
Unit 20, , Hawthorn Road, Eastbourne,  
w487007165 Wolseley trade 1m J+
Wolseley 43000151 Edinburgh - Gorgie Road
Unit 410, , Gorgie Road, Edinburgh,  
n3851589997 Wolseley trade EH11 2RN 7m J+
Wolseley 43000161 Exeter
Sanderling Court Sowton Industrial Estate, , Exeter,  
n7006817373 Wolseley trade EX2 7PJ 66m J+
Wolseley 43000162 Exeter
Units 2&3 Grace Units, , Grace Road Centra, Exeter,  
n8986305054 Wolseley trade 72m J+
Wolseley 43000190 Great Yarmouth
Unit D, , Harfreys Road, Great Yarmouth,  
r3522702 Wolseley trade 17m J+
Wolseley 43000193 Grimsby
Rendel Street, Grimsby,  
n9709259583 Wolseley Plumb & Parts trade DN31 1SF 11m J+
Wolseley 43000194 Guernsey
Pitronnerie Road, Saint Peter Port,  
w972299422 Wolseley trade 4m J+
Wolseley 43000201 Hartlepool
Units 17-20, , Greatham St, Hartlepool,  
w676023215 Wolseley trade 66m J+
Wolseley 43000202 Hastings
The Ridge West, , St Leonards-On-Sea, East Sussex,  
w28612754 Wolseley trade TN37 7PJ 6m J+
Wolseley 43000224 Huntingdon
Unit 2 Cirrus Court, , Glebe Road, Huntingdon,  
n1327167389 Wolseley trade PE29 7DL 1m J+
Wolseley 43000228 Ilkeston
Unit 1-3 Ellesmere Court, , Manners Avenue, Ilkeston,  
w577545802 Wolseley trade DE7 8EF 12m J+
Wolseley 43000231 Ipswich
4 Goddard Road East, , White House, Ipswich,  
w136578261 Wolseley trade IP1 5NY 3m J+
Wolseley 43000233 Ipswich
2 Derby Road, Ipswich,  
w140321220 Wolseley trade IP3 8DD 3m J+
Wolseley 43000235 Isle Of Wight
River Way, , Newport, Isle Of Wight,  
n9188615133 Wolseley trade 2m J+
Wolseley 43000239 Kendal
32 Shap Road, Kendal,  
w202862796 Wolesely trade LA9 6BZ 25m J+
Wolseley 43000241 Kettering
5 Linnell Way, , Telford Way Industrial Es, Kettering,  
w467058342 Wolseley trade 1m J+
Wolseley 43000246 Kingsbridge
Bridge Works, , Station Yard Industrial Es, Kingsbridge,  
w654347233 Wolseley trade TQ7 1ES 143m J+
Wolseley 43000249 Kirkcaldy
Unit 7 Frederick Wilson Park, , Hayfield P, Kirkcaldy,  
n9925753599 Wolseley trade 8m J+
Wolseley 43000257 Leicester
92 Freemans Common Road, Leicester,  
w409117762 Wolseley trade 7m J+
Wolseley 43000260 Leith
26 Hawkhill Avenue, Edinburgh,  
n3120449211 Wolseley trade 1m J+
Wolseley 43000267 Livingston
3 Kelvin Square, , Houstoun Industrial Est, Livingston,  
w311880039 Wolseley trade EH54 5PF 1m J+
Wolseley 43000275 London - Sydenham
Unit 4 Trade City, , Sydenham, London,  
w555320958 Wolseley trade SE26 4PR 6m J+
Wolseley 43000292 Melton Mowbray
Rosebery Avenue, Melton Mowbray,  
w371698637 Wolseley trade LE13 1BL 1m J+
Wolseley 43000298 Morecambe
Unit 359, 2A and 2B Northgate, , White Lun, Morecambe,  
n6646438051 Wolseley plumbing LA3 3AY 13m J+
Wolseley 43000303 Nantwich
Unit 6 Nantwich Trade Yard, , Beam Heath W, Nantwich,  
n9321162756 Wolseley Plumb & Parts trade CW5 6PQ 12m J+
Wolseley 43000307 Newcastle
Unit 31 New York Way, , New York Industria, Newcastle upon Tyne,  
w96630529 Wolseley trade 4m J+
Wolseley 43000319 Norwich - Hellesdon
38-40 Hellesdon Park Road, , Off Drayton H, Norwich,  
w455487143 Wolseley trade NR6 5DR 12m J+
Wolseley 43000322 Nottingham - Arnold
107C-107D High Street, , Arnold, Nottingham,  
n7074500495 Wolseley plumbing NG5 7DS 2m J+
Wolseley 43000327 Orpington
Unit 3 Denvale Trade Centre, , Cray Avenue, Orpington,  
w758637321 Wolseley hardware 20m J+
Wolseley 43000341 Plymouth
Units A1-A4 Plymouth Trade Park, , Macadam, Plymouth,  
w914977034 Wolseley trade 34m J+
Wolseley 43000342 Plymouth
Unit C Plymouth Trade Park, , Macadam Road, Plymouth,  
w705105942 Wolseley trade 28m J+
Wolseley 43000343 Plympton
Cot Hill Trading Estate, , Plymouth Road, Plympton,  
w214690137 Wolseley trade 6m J+
Wolseley 43000344 Pontefract
Unit 12, , Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract,  
w731857088 Wolseley hardware WF8 2LN 1m J+
Wolseley 43000346 Poole
23 Witney Road, , Sabre Business Park, Poole,  
w933370080 Wolseley Poole trade 7m J+
Wolseley 43000348 Portsmouth
Units 5 and 6, , Admirals Business Park, Portsmouth,  
w32524972 Wolseley trade 2m J+
Wolseley 43000357 Rainhill
Stoney Lane, , Rainhill (Nr Prescot), Merseyside,  
w482702724 Wolseley trade 4m J+
Wolseley 43000359 Reading
Unit 15, , Stadium Way, Reading,  
n7366496244 Wolseley trade 7m J+
Wolseley 43000364 Rhyl
Glan Aber Trading Estate, , 141 Vale Road, Rhyl,  
w280903118 Wolseley trade LL18 2PH 6m J+
Wolseley 43000371 Salford
Unit 4 Brunel Avenue, , Brunel Albion, Salford,  
w172190965 Wolseley Plumb and Parts trade 8m J+
Wolseley 43000383 Sheffield - Manton St
7 Manton Street, Sheffield,  
w93170088 Wolseley trade S2 4BA 20m J+
Wolseley 43000392 Slough
560 Ipswich Road, , Slough Trading Estate, Slough,  
n7176802988 Wolseley trade 16m J+
Wolseley 43000401 St Albans
Unit 11-12 Sphere Industrial Estate, , Cam, St Albans,  
n1764424179 Wolseley trade AL1 5HT 2m J+
Wolseley 43000402 St Andrews
Unit 7, , Tom Stewart Lane, St Andrews,  
w326373218 Wolseley trade 50m J+
Wolseley 43000412 Stockton
20/25 Pennine Avenue, , North Tees Industr, Stockton-On-Tees,  
w553565585 Wolseley trade 4m J+
Wolseley 43000423 Sudbury
Unit 10, , Chilton Industrial Estate, Sudbury,  
w978460359 Wolseley trade 5m J+
Wolseley 43000432 Team Valley
Unit 24 Team Valley Trading Estate, , Elev, Gateshead,  
n4401149159 Wolseley trade 4m J+
Wolseley 43000435 Thetford
13 Burrell Way, Thetford,  
w287231776 Wolseley hardware 266m J+
Wolseley 43000444 Twickenham
10 Heathlands Close, , Heath Gardens, Twickenham,  
n8449676985 Wolseley trade 21m J+
Wolseley 43000456 Warrington
Unit 5B New Cut Lane, , Woolston, Warrington,  
n9904482732 Wolseley trade WA1 4AG 34m J+
Wolseley 43000458 Wellingborough
Unit 2, , Croyland Road, Wellingborough,  
w341316726 Wolseley trade NN8 2AX 2m J+
Wolseley 43000461 West Drayton
Unit 13 Liddall Way, , Horton Road Trading, West Drayton,  
w910152790 Wolseley trade 6m J+
Wolseley 43000464 Weston Super Mare
Unit 11, , Kiln Park, Weston-Super-Mare,  
w97117870 Wolseley trade 9m J+
Wolseley 43000473 Winsford
Queens Court, , Sadler Road, Winsford,  
w317313653 Wolseley trade CW7 2BD 3m J+
Wolseley 43000480 Worcester
Unit L, , Cosgrove Close, Worcester,  
w265516576 Wolseley trade 6m J+
Wolseley 43000482 Worthing
98-100 Penfold Road, Worthing,  
w981319221 Wolseley Plumb & Parts trade 48m J+
Wolseley 43000483 Wrexham
Rivulet Road, Wrexham,  
w874792373 Wolseley trade LL13 8DT 3m J+
Wolseley 43000484 Wycombe
Unit 8 Wye Estate, , London Road, Wycombe,  
n2882477891 Wolseley trade 2m J+
Wolseley 43000487 York
Seafire Close, , North York Trading Estate, York,  
w595929356 Wolseley trade YO30 4UU 8m J+
Wolseley 43000488 York - James St
James Street, York,  
n3355649164 Wolseley trade 24m J+
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