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Chain Matching Details for Homebase (Q9293447)

Note: The external data used in the comparisons on this page is not licenced for use in OpenStreetMap. Thereforyou must not use it directly for mapping. It can be used to flag issues to be investigated using other data or places that would benefit from a ground survey.

This page shows the results of comparing OSM data from 2023‑06‑01 09:21:20 Z with a branch list from All The Places. OSM objects are only considered if they have the appropriate brand:wikidata=Q9293447 tag. Matches are recorded if they either lie within 500m of the location in the dataset, or they have a matching postcode.

Store website regular expression: /^https:\/\/store\.homebase\.co\.uk\/([-a-z.]+)/([-a-z0-9.]+)$/

Branches not matched to OSM (8)

Branches of the store that are contained in the source data, but that have not been matched to an OSM object. This could be becuase the OSM object is missing or misplaced, or that it lacks the correct brand:wikidata tag, or that there is an incorrect location in the source data.

Fascia ID Branch Name & Address Postcode FS M
Homebase 27000137 Homebase Borehamwood (inside Tesco Extra)
Shenley Rd,
Homebase 27000135 Homebase Bradford
Unit 4, Enterprise 5 Retail Park 275 Bradford Road, Bradford Idle
BD10 8EG S F M
Homebase 27000119 Homebase Coventry
Unit H Gallagher Retail Park Stoney Stanton Rd,
Homebase 27000118 Homebase Craigavon
31 Rushmere Shopping Centre,
BT64 1AA S F M
Homebase 27000038 Homebase Sevenoaks
Sevenoaks Retail Park Old Otford Road,
TN14 5EW S F M
Homebase 27000066 Homebase Walkden (inside Tesco Extra)
Ellesmere Shopping Centre Bolton Rd, Manchester Walkden
M28 3BT S F M
Homebase 27000023 Homebase Waltham Cross
Sturlas Way,
Homebase 27000017 Homebase Woolwich (inside Tesco Extra)
Grand Depot Rd,
SE18 6HQ S F M

OSM Objects not matched to list (5)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have not been matched to a branch in the source data. This could be because a former branch has now closed, the brand:wikidata is incorrect, there are duplicate OSM objects for the same branch, or because of a location error in the source data.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID JRC M
w5219531 Homebase doityourself MK41 0UA 98229 (S) J+ M
w29903994 Homebase doityourself (S) (S) J+ M
w43171149 Homebase doityourself (S) (S) J+ M
w56200709 Homebase doityourself CV5 6BL (S) J+ M
w156856845 Homebase doityourself SA14 9UZ (S) J+ M

Duplicate Matches (5)

OSM objects not matched initially, but which are within 1000m of a matched store, and share the same website tag. These could be errors, or they could be legitimately tagged petrol station shops attached to a larger store.

Object Name Shop Note/Fixme Postcode Website FHRS ID JRC
n2593983128 Homebase garden_centre J+
n8631891165 Homebase bathstore bathroom_furnishing J+
n9459869939 Homebase garden_centre J+
w169850324 Homebase garden_centre J+
w674086371 Homebase garden_centre J+

Matched Branches (137)

OSM objects with a brand:wikidata tag that have been matched to a branch in the source data. Postcode matches are accepted at any distance, otherwise the locations must be sufficiently close.

Fascia ID Name Object OSM Name Shop Website Postcode Offset JRC
Homebase 27000000 Homebase Abingdon
Unit F3, Fairacres Retail Park Marcham Rd, , OX14 1TP
n9312489269 Homebase doityourself (J+) 86m J+
Homebase 27000144 Homebase Alnwick
Willowburn Avenue, , NE66 2JH
w129661994 Homebase doityourself (J+) 26m J+
Homebase 27000143 Homebase Altrincham
Unit 1, George Richards Way Broadheath, , WA14 5GR
w27804897 Homebase doityourself (J+) WA14 5GR 15m J+
Homebase 27000142 Homebase Antrim
140 Junction One Retail Park Ballymena Road, , BT41 4NY
w156107277 Homebase doityourself (J+) 18m J+
Homebase 27000141 Homebase Ashbourne
Spire House Waterside Business Park Clifton Road, , DE6 1DG
w55440231 Homebase doityourself (J+) 25m J+
Homebase 27000140 Homebase Banbury
Southam Road, , OX16 2AD
w152817769 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000139 Homebase Bangor
Balloo Retail Park Balloo Link, , BT19 7HJ
n790452118 Homebase doityourself (J+) 49m J+
Homebase 27000015 Homebase Barnstaple
Rose Lane, , EX32 8PG
w30164272 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000014 Homebase Basildon
London Road Vange, , SS16 4PR
w122456691 Homebase doityourself (J+) 5m J+
Homebase 27000013 Homebase Basingstoke
Winchester Road, , RG22 6HN
w196416372 Homebase doityourself (J+) RG22 6HN 53m J+
Homebase 27000011 Homebase Belfast Boucher Road
Unit 1 Shane Park Shopping Centre 105 Boucher Road, , BT12 6UA
n1945487478 Homebase doityourself (J+) 7m J+
Homebase 27000012 Homebase Belfast Galwally
Drumkeen Complex Upper Galwally, , BT8 6FY
w39381239 Homebase doityourself (J+) 14m J+
Homebase 27000010 Homebase Berwick Upon Tweed
Tweed Sawmills Northumberland Road, Tweedmouth, , TD15 2AS
w169355127 Homebase doityourself (J+) TD15 2AS 27m J+
Homebase 27000009 Homebase Bicester
Launton Rd Retail Park Launton Rd, , OX26 4JQ
n245428971 Homebase doityourself (J+) 7m J+
Homebase 27000008 Homebase Biggleswade
A1, Trading Estate London Road, , SG18 8PW
w62756805 Homebase doityourself (J+) SG18 8PW 4m J+
Homebase 27000005 Homebase Birmingham Kings Heath
Findlay Road High Street, , B14 7SN
w59125257 Homebase doityourself (J+) B14 7SN 9m J+
Homebase 27000006 Homebase Birmingham Sutton Coldfield
75 Chester Rd Sutton Coldfield, , B73 5BA
w81597117 Homebase doityourself (J+) B73 5BA 1m J+
Homebase 27000004 Homebase Bishop Auckland
Watling Road, , DL14 9AS
n3828717596 Homebase doityourself (J+) DL14 9AS 22m J+
Homebase 27000003 Homebase Bishops Stortford
Fitzroy Park Stansted Road, , CM23 5PP
w36795284 Homebase doityourself (J+) 29m J+
Homebase 27000002 Homebase Blandford Forum
Stour Park Blandford St. Mary, , DT11 9LQ
w183797182 Homebase doityourself (J+) DT11 9LQ 4m J+
Homebase 27000001 Homebase Blyth
Blyth Valley Retail Park Cowpen Road, , NE24 5TP
w38367608 Homebase doityourself (J+) 21m J+
Homebase 27000138 Homebase Bodmin
Bodmin Retail Park Launceston Road, , PL31 2AP
w165883839 Homebase doityourself (J+) 6m J+
Homebase 27000136 Homebase Bracknell
Wokingham Rd, , RG42 1NB
w559583165 Homebase doityourself (J+) 11m J+
Homebase 27000046 Homebase Branksome
1 Redlands Poole Road, , BH12 1DN
w103406690 Homebase doityourself (J+) 9m J+
Homebase 27000030 Homebase Bredbury
Stockport Road East Bredbury, , SK6 2BN
w166850237 Homebase doityourself (J+) 12m J+
Homebase 27000083 Homebase Brentford
Syon Lane, , TW7 5QE
w23083470 Homebase doityourself (J+) TW7 5QE 46m J+
Homebase 27000134 Homebase Bridgend
Unit 1, Bridgend Retail Park Cowbridge Rd, , CF31 3XX
w40077012 Homebase doityourself (J+) CF31 3XX 33m J+
Homebase 27000132 Homebase Broadstairs (including Bathstore)
Westwood Gateway Retail Park Margate Road, , CT10 2PU
w886050648 Homebase doityourself (J+) CT10 2QU 7m J+
Homebase 27000131 Homebase Bromsgrove
Brook Retail Park 2a Sherwood Road, , B60 3DR
w343578246 Homebase doityourself (J+) 10m J+
Homebase 27000130 Homebase Bury St. Edmunds
Moreton Hall Estate Easlea Road, , IP32 7BY
w313090062 Homebase doityourself (J+) 3m J+
Homebase 27000129 Homebase Cambridge
Unit 10 - Cambridge Retail Park 254 Newmarket Road, , CB5 8JL
w42231372 Homebase doityourself (J+) CB5 8WR 11m J+
Homebase 27000128 Homebase Cannock
The Orbital Retail Centre Voyager Drive, , WS11 8XP
w183306131 Homebase doityourself (J+) 10m J+
Homebase 27000127 Homebase Chatham
Horsted Retail Park Maidstone Road, , ME5 9SQ
w551032524 Homebase doityourself ME5 9SQ 4m J+
Homebase 27000126 Homebase Cheltenham
Tewkesbury Road, , GL51 9AA
w121814431 Homebase doityourself (J+) GL51 9AA 55m J+
Homebase 27000125 Homebase Chester
Unit 3, Greyhound Retail Park Greyhound Park Road, , CH1 4QG
w45850498 Homebase doityourself CH1 4QQ 31m J+
Homebase 27000124 Homebase Chichester
Discovery Park Westhampnett Road, , PO19 6UX
w159640056 Homebase doityourself (J+) PO19 7UH 43m J+
Homebase 27000123 Homebase Christchurch
1 Bailey Drive, , BH23 2BN
n313518589 Homebase doityourself (J+) 36m J+
Homebase 27000122 Homebase Clitheroe
Queensway, , BB7 1AU
w313480825 Homebase doityourself (J+) BB7 1AU 6m J+
Homebase 27000121 Homebase Colchester Stanway
Tollgate West Stanway, , CO3 8RH
w170986687 Homebase doityourself (J+) 440m J+
Homebase 27000120 Homebase Cookstown
Orritor Road, , BT80 8BH
w252420912 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000117 Homebase Cromer
Holt Road, , NR27 9JW
w210025358 Homebase doityourself (J+) NR27 9JW 2m J+
Homebase 27000116 Homebase Daventry
Abby Retail Park Welton Road, , NN11 4GL
w207794473 Homebase doityourself (J+) 24m J+
Homebase 27000114 Homebase Derby Chaddesden (including Bathstore)
Wyvern Retail Park Sidings Wyvern Way, , DE21 6NZ
n2278809129 Homebase doityourself (J+) 32m J+
Homebase 27000115 Homebase Derby Kingsway
Kingsway, , DE22 3FA
w65644603 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000071 Homebase Derry
Crescent Link Retail Park Crescent Link, , BT47 1SX
n967185912 Homebase doityourself (J+) 11m J+
Homebase 27000113 Homebase Dumfries
Unit 1, Cuckoo Bridge Retail Park Glasgow Road, , DG2 9BF
w97951692 Homebase doityourself (J+) DG2 9BF 24m J+
Homebase 27000112 Homebase Dunfermline
Halbeath Retail Park Halbeath Rd, , KY11 4LP
w668512593 Homebase doityourself (J+) KY11 4LP 23m J+
Homebase 27000111 Homebase East Dereham
Yaxham Rd, , NR19 1HB
w394956473 Homebase doityourself (J+) NR19 1HB 4m J+
Homebase 27000110 Homebase East Grinstead
219-223 London Rd, , RH19 1HA
w177529439 Homebase doityourself (J+) RH19 1HA 20m J+
Homebase 27000109 Homebase Eastbourne
27 Lottridge Drove, , BN23 6QD
w683865124 Homebase doityourself BN23 6QD 25m J+
Homebase 27000108 Homebase Edinburgh Craigleith
36 South Groathill Avenue Craigleith Retail Park, Edinburgh Blackhall, EH4 2LN
n4357377787 Homebase doityourself EH4 2LN 18m J+
Homebase 27000107 Homebase Ewell
23 Reigate Road Ewell, , KT17 1PE
w23265651 Homebase doityourself (J+) KT17 1PE 5m J+
Homebase 27000106 Homebase Fareham
Newgate Lane Collingwood Retail Park, , PO14 1AN
w32397944 Homebase doityourself (J+) 15m J+
Homebase 27000105 Homebase Farnham
Guildford Road, , GU9 9QJ
w190117006 Homebase doityourself (J+) GU9 9QJ 4m J+
Homebase 27000104 Homebase Felixstowe
Great Eastern Square, , IP11 7DY
w206318229 Homebase doityourself (J+) IP11 7DY 8m J+
Homebase 27000103 Homebase Folkestone
Park Farm Road, , CT19 5FJ
w360763016 Homebase doityourself (J+) 9m J+
Homebase 27000102 Homebase Frome
Wessex Fields, , BA11 4DH
w128033117 Homebase doityourself BA11 4DH 10m J+
Homebase 27000101 Homebase Gateshead
Retail World Team Valley Retail World, Tenth Avenu, , NE11 0BD
w95511056 Homebase doityourself (J+) NE11 0BD 4m J+
Homebase 27000100 Homebase Glasgow Pollokshaws
Auldhouse Retail Park Cogan Street, , G43 1AP
w42208194 Homebase doityourself 29m J+
Homebase 27000099 Homebase Glenrothes
Saltire Retail Park Pentland Park, , KY6 2AL
w44828636 Homebase doityourself (J+) 1m J+
Homebase 27000098 Homebase Gloucester
Eastbrook Rd, , GL4 3DB
w399896698 Homebase doityourself (J+) 37m J+
Homebase 27000097 Homebase Godalming
1 Woolsack Way, , GU7 1DR
n486172780 Homebase doityourself (J+) 26m J+
Homebase 27000096 Homebase Hamilton
Unit 10 Palace Grounds Road, , ML3 6AD
n7581207496 Homebase doityourself (J+) 23m J+
Homebase 27000064 Homebase Hanworth (including Bathstore)
Twickenham Road Feltham, , TW13 6EZ
w33233992 Homebase doityourself TW13 6EZ 28m J+
Homebase 27000095 Homebase Harlow (including Bathstore)
Edinburgh Way, , CM20 2TN
n1759826556 Homebase doityourself (J+) 13m J+
Homebase 27000094 Homebase Harrogate
Plumpton Park, , HG2 7LD
w187802519 Homebase doityourself (J+) HG2 7LD 9m J+
Homebase 27000093 Homebase Haverfordwest
Springfield Retail Park Fishguard Road, , SA61 2PY
w209283086 Homebase doityourself (J+) SA61 2PY 7m J+
Homebase 27000092 Homebase Herne Bay
Eddington Business Park Eddington Way, , CT6 5UJ
w1058324380 Homebase doityourself 6m J+
Homebase 27000091 Homebase Hexham
Unit 1 Tyne Valley Retail Park, Station Road, , NE46 1EZ
w511394625 Homebase doityourself (J+) 2m J+
Homebase 27000090 Homebase High Wycombe Loudwater
Knaves Beech Business Centre Loudwater, , HP10 9QR
w457243463 Homebase doityourself (J+) 30m J+
Homebase 27000089 Homebase Honiton
Heath Retail Park Gloucester Crescent, , EX14 1DB
w160319951 Homebase doityourself (J+) EX14 1DB 1m J+
Homebase 27000088 Homebase Horsham
Broadbridge Heath Retail Park Broadbridge Heath, , RH12 3TQ
w160359022 Homebase doityourself (J+) RH12 3TQ 33m J+
Homebase 27000087 Homebase Hove
182 Old Shoreham Rd, , BN3 7EX
w188144513 Homebase doityourself (J+) BN3 7EX 11m J+
Homebase 27000086 Homebase Hull
Sainsbury Way Hessle, , HU13 9NT
w207488247 Homebase doityourself (J+) HU13 9NT 15m J+
Homebase 27000085 Homebase Huntingdon
Stukeley Road, , PE29 6DA
w150714980 Homebase doityourself (J+) 5m J+
Homebase 27000084 Homebase Inverurie
Unit 2, Inverurie Retail Park Oldmeldrum Road, Abe, , AB51 0GZ
w204394380 Homebase doityourself (J+) AB51 0GZ 9m J+
Homebase 27000082 Homebase Leamington Spa
Myton Rd, , CV31 3NY
w85602951 Homebase doityourself (J+) CV31 3NY 3m J+
Homebase 27000081 Homebase Ledbury
New Mills Industrial Estate Leadon Way, , HR8 2SR
w701263177 Homebase doityourself (J+) 13m J+
Homebase 27000080 Homebase Leeds Moor Allerton
Moor Allerton Centre King Lane, , LS17 5NY
w217820294 Homebase doityourself (J+) LS17 5NY 3m J+
Homebase 27000079 Homebase Leicester
37 Putney Rd, , LE2 7TF
w49129039 Homebase doityourself (J+) 254m J+
Homebase 27000078 Homebase Leighton Buzzard
Vimy Road Linslade, , LU7 1ER
w30851640 Homebase doityourself (J+) 75m J+
Homebase 27000077 Homebase Lewes
Unit 5 Brooks Rd, , BN7 2BY
w180543031 Homebase doityourself (J+) 24m J+
Homebase 27000076 Homebase London Catford
10 Beckenham Hill Rd Catford, , SE6 3NU
w4075885 Homebase doityourself (J+) 42m J+
Homebase 27000074 Homebase London Finchley Road
255 Finchley Rd O2, , NW3 6LU
w48135368 Homebase doityourself (J+) 5m J+
Homebase 27000072 Homebase London Haringey
Arena Shopping Park Green Lanes, , N4 1DT
w220709808 Homebase doityourself (J+) N4 1DT 22m J+
Homebase 27000075 Homebase London Streatham Vale
100 Woodgate Drive Streatham Vale, , SW16 5YP
w25525538 Homebase doityourself (J+) 2m J+
Homebase 27000070 Homebase Lowestoft
Tower Road, , NR33 7NG
w28511890 Homebase doityourself (J+) 7m J+
Homebase 27000069 Homebase Luton
Bramingham Business Park Enterprise Way, , LU3 4BU
w197124821 Homebase doityourself (J+) LU3 4BW 5m J+
Homebase 27000068 Homebase Maidenhead
Stafferton Way, , SL6 1AY
n462151147 Homebase doityourself (J+) SL6 1AY 19m J+
Homebase 27000067 Homebase Maidstone Aylesford
Aylesford Retail Park London Road, Aylesford, , ME20 7TP
w246349158 Homebase doityourself (J+) ME20 7TP 12m J+
Homebase 27000065 Homebase Market Harborough
1-2 Springfield Street, , LE16 9HD
w54155538 Homebase doityourself (J+) 6m J+
Homebase 27000063 Homebase Milton Keynes
Snowdon Drive, , MK6 1AP
w180010538 Homebase doityourself MK6 1AP 3m J+
Homebase 27000062 Homebase Morecambe
Unit 2 Hilmore Way, , LA4 4DD
w836387607 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000061 Homebase Newark
Northgate Retail Park Trent Lane, Northgate, Newark Newgate, NG24 1HN
w346527526 Homebase doityourself (J+) 7m J+
Homebase 27000060 Homebase Newcastle Under Lyme
33 Brook Lane, , ST5 3HU
w232215819 Homebase doityourself (J+) 6m J+
Homebase 27000058 Homebase Newmarket
Oaks Drive, , CB8 7SX
w164725834 Homebase doityourself CB8 7SX 32m J+
Homebase 27000059 Homebase Newport
Harlech Retail Park Cardiff Rd, , NP20 3BA
n2161135587 Homebase doityourself NP20 3BA 25m J+
Homebase 27000057 Homebase Newton Abbot
Greenhill Way Kingsteignton, , TQ12 3SB
w152848264 Homebase doityourself (J+) TQ12 3SB 29m J+
Homebase 27000056 Homebase Northampton
Unit 1a 1-5 Fairground Way, , NN3 9HU
n2604174472 Homebase doityourself (J+) NN3 9HU 14m J+
Homebase 27000055 Homebase Norwich Hall Road
Hall Road, , NR4 6DH
w33424423 Homebase doityourself NR4 6DH 32m J+
Homebase 27000054 Homebase Norwich Sprowston
Roundtree Way Sprowston, , NR7 8SH
w132626906 Homebase doityourself (J+) NR7 8SH 10m J+
Homebase 27000053 Homebase Nottingham Arnold
Unit 2, Madford Retail Park Mansfield Road, Daybro, , NG5 6AD
w207601570 Homebase doityourself (J+) 2m J+
Homebase 27000052 Homebase Oban
Lochavulin Drive Lochavulin Industrial Estate, , PA34 4BW
w165589859 Homebase doityourself (J+) 21m J+
Homebase 27000051 Homebase Oldbury
1 Oldbury Ringway, , B69 3DD
w253475952 Homebase doityourself 6m J+
Homebase 27000050 Homebase Omagh
Unit 5, Great Northern Retail Park Tamlaght Road, , BT78 5AW
w386621735 Homebase doityourself (J+) 2m J+
Homebase 27000049 Homebase Orpington
Sevenoaks Way Industrial Estate Main Road, , BR5 3QD
w1043104220 Homebase doityourself (J+) BR5 3UH 26m J+
Homebase 27000048 Homebase Oxford Cowley
Horspath Driftway Cowley, , OX3 7JN
w158616932 Homebase doityourself (J+) 12m J+
Homebase 27000073 Homebase Penge
45 Oakfield Rd Penge, , SE20 8RD
w25419098 Homebase doityourself (J+) 27m J+
Homebase 27000047 Homebase Plymouth Marsh Mills
Unit 6 Marsh Mills Ret Pk Longbridge Road, , PL6 8LX
w169698245 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000133 Homebase Portishead
Wyndham Retail Park Wyndham Way, Bristol Portishead, BS20 8LR
w242982944 Homebase doityourself (J+) 5m J+
Homebase 27000045 Homebase Rayleigh Weir
23-25 Stadium Way, Rayleigh Benfleet, SS7 3NT
w136180980 Homebase doityourself (J+) 17m J+
Homebase 27000044 Homebase Reigate
London Road Rushworth Road, , RH2 0QG
w550011931 Homebase doityourself (J+) RH2 0QG 28m J+
Homebase 27000043 Homebase Romford
Davidson Way, , RM7 0AJ
w4993706 Homebase doityourself (J+) 3m J+
Homebase 27000042 Homebase Rugby
Unit 4, Technology Retail Park Technology Drive, , CV21 1GN
w364303327 Homebase doityourself (J+) 26m J+
Homebase 27000041 Homebase Ruislip
1, Victoria Retail Park Crown Road, , HA4 0AJ
n5503483793 Homebase doityourself (J+) 24m J+
Homebase 27000040 Homebase Saffron Walden
Elizabeth Way Ashdon Road, , CB10 2BL
w23840485 Homebase doityourself (J+) 15m J+
Homebase 27000039 Homebase Selby
Three Lakes Retail Park Bawtry Road, , YO8 8ZY
w294310238 Homebase doityourself (J+) YO8 8LY 6m J+
Homebase 27000007 Homebase Selly Oak
1 Harborne Lane, , B29 6TL
w55610958 Homebase doityourself B29 6TL 12m J+
Homebase 27000036 Homebase Sheffield Chesterfield Road
401 Chesterfield Rd, , S8 0RW
w169850329 Homebase doityourself S8 0RW 1m J+
Homebase 27000037 Homebase Sheffield Drakehouse
12, Drakehouse Retail Park Drake House Way, Watert, , S20 7JJ
w1028224269 Homebase doityourself (J+) 20m J+
Homebase 27000035 Homebase Sittingbourne
Sittingbourne Retail Park Mill Way, , ME10 3ET
w56694606 Homebase doityourself (J+) 33m J+
Homebase 27000034 Homebase Sleaford
Shorehan Rd Northgate, , NG34 7AQ
w143415096 Homebase doityourself (J+) 2m J+
Homebase 27000033 Homebase St Albans Hatfield Road
The Courtyard Alban Park Hatfield Road, , AL4 0JJ
w4370067 Homebase doityourself AL4 0JJ 6m J+
Homebase 27000032 Homebase Staines
The Causeway, , TW18 3AP
w24203092 Homebase doityourself (J+) 17m J+
Homebase 27000031 Homebase Stamford
Unit 2, Stamford Business Park Ryhall Road, , PE9 1XT
w187069408 Homebase doityourself (J+) PE9 1TX 15m J+
Homebase 27000029 Homebase Stroud
Cainscross Road, , GL5 4EX
w153840016 Homebase doityourself GL5 4EX 20m J+
Homebase 27000028 Homebase Sudbury
Waldingfield Road, , CO10 2YH
w93659497 Homebase doityourself (J+) CO10 2YH 8m J+
Homebase 27000027 Homebase Telford
Wrekin Retail Park Arleston, , TF1 2DE
w358688334 Homebase doityourself (J+) 4m J+
Homebase 27000026 Homebase Tiverton
Lowman Way, , EX16 6SR
w29594035 Homebase doityourself (J+) 6m J+
Homebase 27000025 Homebase Truro
Treliske Industrial Estate Oak Lane, , TR1 3LN
w195081752 Homebase doityourself (J+) TR1 3LN 6m J+
Homebase 27000024 Homebase Tunbridge Wells West Station
Unit 1A Linden Park Road, , TN2 5QL
w55868462 Homebase doityourself (J+) TN2 5QL 7m J+
Homebase 27000020 Homebase Upton
Upton By-Pass, , CH49 6QG
n2447565193 Homebase doityourself (J+) 8m J+
Homebase 27000022 Homebase Walton-On-Thames
Auckland House New Zealand Avenue, , KT12 1PL
n8631891164 DECORATE by Homebase doityourself 4m J+
Homebase 27000021 Homebase Winchester
Easton Lane Winnall, , SO23 7UD
w91348270 Homebase doityourself (J+) 3m J+
Homebase 27000019 Homebase Woking
Redding Way Knaphill, , GU21 2QT
w158325183 Homebase doityourself (J+) GU21 2QT 16m J+
Homebase 27000018 Homebase Wolverhampton
Unit A St. Johns Retail Park Church Ln, , WV2 4SJ
n1610690378 Homebase doityourself (J+) 108m J+
Homebase 27000016 Homebase Worcester Blackpole
Elgar Retail Park Blackpole Road, , WR3 8HP
w266741809 Homebase doityourself (J+) WR3 8HP 19m J+
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