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Mapping UK Defibrillators in OSM

Mapping Progress and Data Comparison Reports

Mapping Progress
Comparison maps showing mapping progress by postal area.
OSM Tag Keys Report
List of all keys used on UK emergency=defibrillator nodes in OSM, ordered by number of occurrences.

Tagging Guidance and Resources

OSM Wiki: emergency=defibrillator
Tagging advice and guidelines from the OSM Wiki.

Data Sources

OpenStreetMap nodes tagged with emergancy=defibrillator are imported into this tool, with the data being refreshed roughly weekly. The last update from OSM was at 2019‑09‑20 10:05:02 Z.

Most of the UK's NHS Ambulance Services maintain lists of publicly available defibrillators, so they can direct 999 callers to them in an emergency. Some services make these list available, others have been requested using FOI legislation. Details of the data currently included in my tools are listed in the table below.

Ambulance Service Data Held? Requested? Imported? Licensed? Updated Age
North East Yes Supplied Yes 2019‑03‑26 5m
Yorkshire Yes N/A Yes 2018‑07‑11 14m
North West Yes Supplied Yes 2019‑04‑08 5m
West Midlands Yes Supplied Yes 2019‑06‑05 3m
East Midlands Supplied Yes 2019‑02‑28 6m
East of England Online list N/A Yes 2019‑03‑12 6m
South Western Supplied Yes 2019‑04‑08 5m
South Central Yes Supplied Yes 2019‑03‑26 5m
Isle of Wight
London Refused
South East Coast Yes Refused; Refused
Welsh Yes Supplied Yes 2019‑04‑04 5m
Scottish Online List Supplied Yes 2019‑05‑10 4m
Northern Ireland Online Map