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Mapping UK Defibrillators in OSM

Mapping Progress and Data Comparison Reports

Mapping Progress
Comparison maps showing mapping progress by postal area.
OSM Tag Keys Report
List of all keys used on UK emergency=defibrillator nodes in OSM, ordered by number of occurrences.
Long Distance Matches
List of matches between OSM data and The Circuit, where the locations differ by more than would be expected.
Matching Issues
List of potential matching issues that may warrant further investigation.
Post Code Issues
List of AEDs in The Circuit, where the location differs significantly from the centroid of the recorded postcode.
Duplicate Locations
List of AEDs in The Circuit where several are recorded as having the same location.
Duplicate AEDs
List of AEDs in The Circuit suspected of being duplicates.
History and Matching Stats
Graphs of matching history and other statistics collected by this tool.

Visualisations Using OSM Data

Map displaying AED locations from OSM data.
Map displaying AED locations from OSM data.

Tagging Guidance and Resources

OSM Wiki: emergency=defibrillator
Tagging advice and guidelines from the OSM Wiki.
Template Emails to AED Guardians
Suggested emails to send to AED guardians to suggest they register their devices with the circuit, or correct an error in the Circuit's data.

Data Sources

OpenStreetMap nodes tagged with emergency=defibrillator are imported into this tool, with the data being refreshed roughly weekly. External data is collected from both The Circuit (run by the British Heart Foundation) and the National Debfibrillator Database (run by the Community Heartbeat Trust). Both these datasets are updated roughly monthly.

Source AEDs Last Updated
OpenStreetMap 12377 2024‑02‑18 (6d)
The Circuit 80850 2024‑02‑01 (3w)
National Defibrillator Database 4664 2024‑02‑02 (3w)