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UK Defibrillators with Access Conflicts

This reports lists matches between the The Circuit and OSM where there is conflicting access/availability information. Entries may be caused by an incorrect match, or incorrect data either in The Circuit or OSM.

Found 41 matches, with access=restricted in the Circuit and access=yes in OSM.

CMR UUID Circuit Location CA OSM ID OSM Location OA Dist.
* BB3CE099-5C18-44CA-8AFC-AE1B00C33D32 General Lower Mill Estate, Hm 2 Bin Shed
Lower Mill Lane, Somerford Keynes, GL7 6BG
R A n10287154147 (J+) On exterior wall of Lower Mill Estate swimming pool /spar building, near the main entrance next to the buggy shelter. P – – 474m
* 2D6DB064-8825-46D1-9089-434E49CC25CA Dunaverty Hall- On Front Wall
The Whins, Southend, PA28 6RW
R A n11396858718 (J+) outside Dunaverty Hall P – O 425m
* F082232E-1457-47B9-81AE-AF3400921306 Suez Recycling & Recovery
Bebside Civic Amenity Site, Front Street, NE24 4HW
R V n11804828799 (J+) Household Waste recovery Centre cabin wall, yellow box P – – 163m
* 7AB85C81-2E61-45D9-A61D-AE8D00C7BCA1 Main Car Park Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre
White Lane, Sheffield, S35 2YH
R V n7744586963 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. P A O 127m
* BA925EB7-ED68-409C-A7AC-73F4CE6E2FC1 Tarland Welfare Trust
The Square, The Macrobert Memorial Hall, AB34 4YL
R V n4143385961 (J+) Mounted on front external wall in yellow/green case P A O 100m
* F44D9EA3-D1FA-47A2-B192-ADCC009A11A7 University Of Plymouth
University Of Plymouth - Portland Square, Portland Square, PL4 8AA
R A n10012356319 (J+) On outside wall of Portland Square building, facing North Hill P – O 100m
  BD738FAB-F3CF-4D31-8A83-AF2A00A28736 Bradwell Outdoor Centre
Bradwell Field Studies And Sailing Centre, Waterside Road, CM0 7QY
R V n11883782258 (J+) P – – 99m
  D08824D1-DCFA-46B0-B7C0-AF9C00C14782 K P M G Llp
15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL
R A n11748045491 (J+) Next to Boots P – I 98m
* 3EA005A9-BE5A-4D87-A905-AFE401397FAC The Crispy Cod
42 Church Street, Newry, BT34 2AH
R A n11191105659 (J+) To the left of the front door of the chippy. Call 999 for access code. P – O 78m
  7FBD29D5-1CD3-45D1-9F38-AF9C00BEF5E3 K P M G Llp
15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL
R A n11753372522 (J+) Wall mounted, at the top of escalators, at south-east side of Crossrail Place Roof Garden P – O 67m
  09AF033E-1138-4AD1-8CDB-AF9C00C098E4 K P M G Llp
15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL
R A n11752667819 (J+) Wall mounted opposite Fuwa Fuwa P – I 58m
* E0EEF533-7BB1-4A50-9114-AE230103A670 Cromer Sports Centre
Norwich Road, Cromer, NR27 0EX
R V n11147914920 (J+) On the outside wall of the pavilion building. P – O 57m
  030B13B5-0FEB-4094-817B-B0AE00935B60 Hsbc
8 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, E14 5HQ
R A n11109623501 (J+) Next door to Ole & Steen P – I 54m
  5B113D04-BA53-4EAA-81C4-B10F00D65353 Sparkwell All Saints Primary Trust Limited
Sparkwell All Saints Primary School, Sparkwell, PL7 5DD
R V n11908523343 (J+) outside Sparkwell Village Hall P – O 51m
* 12F08975-E1F0-41AA-8A17-AD5600E46183 Cbre
The Broad Centre Car Park, Station Road, NG17 5FH
R A n11813852769 (J+) AED, The Broad Centre (Matalan, Lidl, etc) P – O 39m
  D4A43852-B83B-4BFF-82C5-AEED010E946D Ventilating 24m From F C B Coffee, Blackfriars Station, Hopton Street 16m From Hopton Stre
Hopton Street, London, SE1 9JH
R A n9190135117 (J+) Inside train station, on wall between two shops near ticket barrier P – I 36m
* 4ECCB042-7AD7-4F46-9320-56601F2EB154 Dunblane New Golf Club- In Clubhouse. Code 6677 To Enter.
Perth Road, Dunblane, FK15 0LJ
R V n11860286546 (J+) P – I 34m
  DED78492-5423-4B80-9BCE-B00A00975456 The Swanage School
The Swanage School, High Street, High Street, High Street, BH19 2PH
R V n7839533732 (J+) On outside wall. P A O 32m
  1833CF66-57B3-4226-8F8D-B07B0099898B Sharow Church Of England Primary School
Berrygate Lane, Sharow, HG4 5BJ
R V n9895332379 (J+) On exterior wall of Sharow Primary School building facing road. To right of foot entrance. P – O 32m
  4FD7E478-F26C-41B0-A8F4-AD4A00AEF3D3 Waxham House
1 High Park Road, Ryde, PO33 1BP
R A n5340818999 (J+) P – – 30m
  17FD929C-E8C9-4294-946A-AD2801081CAE Chilcompton Parish Council
Shell House, The Street, BA3 4HB
R A n11884933529 (J+) inside old red phone box, The Street, Chilcompton P – – 28m
  1FD14733-49D5-4D32-80E0-B10D00BD4ADF First Floor Marischal Square
2 Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL
R V n9663613762 (J+) Outside Mackies 1902 P – O 26m
  F0D67341-2E23-47A3-9F00-AE9C01062638 Puregym
Unit 14, Rosewood Building, E2 8GX
R A n11911039640 (J+) Column mounted inside Shoreditch Exchange Concierge P – I 23m
  6E4867ED-BF88-4D9D-ACFF-B09F00923ACC Netherthong Primary School
School Street, Netherthong, HD9 3EB
R V n8747340702 (J+) wall P – O 20m
  467BE533-6908-4CFB-BD88-AF2000AB8C2D Pound House
Church Lane, Rimpton, BA22 8AE
R A n11897870495 (J+) inside old red phone box, High Street, Rimpton P – – 18m
* 0005BBFD-6FD1-49A1-9C48-AD4B00D3425D Linton Village Hall
Linton Lane, Wetherby, LS22 4HL
R A n6074718096 (J+) External wall of Linton Memorial Hall, to left of entrance steps & notice board P – O 17m
* 61D53723-07F8-4F81-8154-AD24014C2E02 Up Hatherley Parish Council
The Village Hall, Cold Pool Lane, GL51 6JA
R A n6546833533 (J+) P – O 15m
  4580039C-92B9-4091-913F-BB5E07C9B992 Nicva
61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast, BT15 2GB
R V n4363058328 (J+) P R – 13m
  4F86F39E-99A1-4560-9CC0-AFDA00D11ED6 South Western Railway
Island Line Ltd St Johns Road Railway Station, St Johns Road, PO33 2BA
R A n11443413269 (J+) On the outside wall of Saint Johns train station P – O 13m
* 2D193004-92F4-444C-B1D2-AD2500BE9BE9 Stretton Parish Council
Stretton Village Hall, Main Road, DE55 6EW
R A n11449963954 (J+) outside Stretton Village Hall P – O 13m
* F3CE886F-31A4-4F76-A18F-AE8A00E486F0 Forestry England
Bedgebury Visitor Centre, Bedgebury Road, TN17 2SJ
R V n6964241096 (J+) Outside wall of visitors centre. To right of visitor information office. P – O 12m
  6FBC47BA-A8D1-4F97-9827-AEA000AC3607 Brading Haven Yacht Club
Embankment Road, St Helens, PO33 1XQ
R V n4037609961 (J+) On outside wall of Brading Haven Yacht Club clubhouse, to right of main door P A O 11m
* 68A0A005-108A-46C9-9CD0-AD780141D008 Merstham Community Hub - Surrey County Council
Merstham Community Hub, 2a Portland Drive, RH1 3HY
R V n10799587191 (J+) P – I 11m
* D4DCC07A-A04C-4D5A-9A6E-B03000B25DB1 Campus Safety Hub,
University Road, Heslington, YO10 5DD
R A n11241785636 (J+) In University of York Safety Hub above shops in Market Square. P – I 8m
* 5228785C-7061-457C-8EAE-AD420117BFF0 Yeogroup
Landguard Visitor Centre And Viewpoint Cafe, View Point Road, IP11 3TW
R V n11297929483 (J+) On exterior wall of Landguard cafe, facing the car park. P A O 6m
* 0B5D14D5-4086-42EB-AB3A-AE730112486A The Bridge
Front Street, Annitsford, NE23 7QS
R V n5927246018 (J+) The Bridge Inn, box near entrance P A – 5m
  14C7C2A5-2C4C-4391-865A-AE3F006F8302 Tesco Express
472 King St, 0, AB24 3DF
R V n11888525478 (J+) Inside Tesco, behind the tills P – I 5m
* 4834559B-8ABB-4DF0-A7E5-AE0D00EF2A26 Public Telephone 15m From Franco Manca, 33-41 The Promendade Gl50 1le
Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 1PY
R A n8094378010 (J+) Inside one of the four red phone boxes at the southern end of the pedestrianised section of The Promenade, Cheltenham. P – O 4m
* 8C6FD1F2-5847-47A8-A5DB-B0A900D57E75 Tesco Stores Ltd
44 England's Lane, London, NW3 4UE
R V n9434682813 (J+) Infront of checkouts, next to wine P R I 3m
* 5EDC5696-7A1D-4C09-948F-AE4700A0EEF5 Hardhorn Dental Practice
Hardhorn Rd Dental Surgery, 47 Hardhorn Road, 47 Hardhorn Road, 47 Hardhorn Road, FY6 7SR
R V n10973986211 (J+) Hardhorn Road Dentists P – – 3m
* B5479C4D-2856-4CC2-9357-AE7D00A2B940 Public Telephone 9m From Powell Arms, 11 The Square 11m From The Square
Station Road, Birchington, CT7 9AF
R A n343468216 (J+) inside old red phone box (now painted yellow) The Square, Birchington P – – 0m

Found 0 matches, with access=public in the Circuit and access!=yes in OSM.

Found 4 matches, with availability=always in the circuit and opening_hours!=24/7 in OSM.

CMR UUID Circuit Location CA OSM ID OSM Location OA Dist.
* 17122B02-3543-49A6-99FA-AF3B011B6C42 Brownlow Community Centre
Claypit Street, Whitchurch, SY13 1LF
P A n11910108189 (J+) Cabinet on front of building. Right end of building. R R O 30m
* B94A6160-E0FC-458C-A2F2-8E14CBB4757A Haverfordwest Golf Club
A40 Narberth Road, Haverfordwest, SA61 2XQ
P A n11132218586 (J+) West wall of Golf Club clubhouse R R O 9m
* C044BE66-ED76-42DA-BADA-AD3F0103DC72 Lowestoft Town Tennis & Cricket Club
Pavilion Denes Oval, The Ravine, NR32 1UY
P A n10554326052 (J+) On external wall of pavilion building near main entrance. Access restricted on evenings due to access gate being locked overnight. – R O 7m
* 40B89F4D-21CD-4911-B332-AF1B00FAAC32 Tantallon Caravan Park
Tantallon Road, North Berwick, EH39 5NJ
P A n11132140595 (J+) Affixed to the interior wall of the site laundry room R R I 2m

Found 96 matches, with access=public and availability=always in the circuit and indoor=yes and !opening_hours=24/7 in OSM.

CMR UUID Circuit Location CA OSM ID OSM Location OA Dist.
* 7CB2F7BE-C9FE-40FD-B7F5-AEB40135CA7D Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve
End Of Thelwall Lane, Thelwall Lane, WA4 1NN
P A n11834566852 (J+) inside Morgan Hide R – I 1266m
* 1EE08E18-357E-47C6-9B7F-AA8C00D54FC1 Post Office And Shop
Wellington, Hereford, HR4 8AZ
P A n11821297371 (J+) Inside Shop. R – I 477m
* 847EA7C3-6B0D-47C3-AFD8-AAC500A9E457 Network Rail Ltd
Waverley Railway Station, Platform 2, EH1 1BB
P A n4319259245 (J+) Platform 2, next to lift for Calton St exit P – I 289m
* BD4244A6-E6B4-41B4-9236-ACC70101C80C St Michael's C Of E Church
Church Lane, Rocester, ST14 5JZ
P A n10062018063 (J+) – – I 216m
* 2125E5AC-2E73-458C-AC8F-AF4C00FC0B28 Mcdonald's - Yorkshire 3
Upper New Street, Barnsley, S70 1LQ
P A n11279831163 (J+) Behind the counter in McDonald’s. But this McDonald’s is open 24/7. P – I 173m
* D64A58DD-F11B-48F0-A25D-AE7C00E8D13F Roadchef Sutton Scotney Southbound
A34, Sutton Scotney, SO21 3JY
P A n11883821315 (J+) Inside entrance to the right towards McDonalds – – I 170m
* 31489748-278A-480C-8FC8-AAC500A91F2B Network Rail Ltd
Waverley Railway Station, Travel Centre, EH1 1BB
P A n5211367221 (J+) At Edinburgh Waverley Station, under departures information screens on west wall of main waiting room P – I 168m
* ED429522-CBB0-4880-839D-AEBE00EA9C3C Daisy Hill Railway Station
Leigh Road, Bolton, BL5 2JQ
P A n11015732712 (J+) Against a wall, near the Amazon locker. – – I 163m
* BAA35BDC-8892-4D7E-A247-AF4C00FAA9D4 Mcdonald's - Mersyside 2
1 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 4JP
P A n11884407505 (J+) By counter, on wall at right hand side – – I 160m
* 5A8D2F4A-ADB8-44B1-ACC6-B099007AB86E Security Gatehouse
Banham Poultry Ltd, Station Road, NR17 2AT
P A n11844404006 (J+) Inside security lodge at Banham Poultry, at the main entrance off Maurice Gaymer Road. – – I 140m
* 1368FC00-E72A-44D2-94A3-AF4D0110C083 Reception Oyster Quay
Port Way, Port Solent, Portsmouth, PO6 4TE
P A n9848693043 (J+) – – I 132m
* 1CCACE83-783C-4EA8-AAC1-AC8B0119CBD1 Perth Railway Station
Leonard Street, Perth, PH2 8HF
P A n4990256437 (J+) Inside the station right after the barrier P – I 121m
* 1FEAEB27-5F0D-4383-A322-9D8FD3BFF727 Carrick Knowe Primary School- On Wall At Main Entrance
Lampacre Road, Edinburgh, EH12 7HU
P A n8041979729 (J+) Main entrance to Carrick Knowe Primary School – – I 120m
* 94171E7D-C67F-4D8D-A030-ABE5008433C8 Bus Shelter
Bus Shelter Llansaint, Llansaint, SA17 5JE
P A n9740301369 (J+) on outside of bus shelter by church in Llansaint – – I 108m
  374B061E-C29F-4041-B66A-AEA500D922DF Stirling Albion Junior Academy
Forthbank Leisure Stadium, Forthside Way, FK7 7UJ
P A n8569005221 (J+) In reception area R – I 97m
  75506B78-99C3-4714-8E58-AEC401119658 West 12 Shopping Centre,Shepherds Bush W12
West 12 Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush Green, W12 8PP
P A n6419411752 (J+) – – I 82m
  BCE407B6-875F-48BE-ABC9-B11400EA47E9 Yy London
30 South Colonnade, London, E14 5HX
P A n11748040156 (J+) Wall mounted next to Whittard of Chelsea P – I 80m
* 345D1777-410B-4CCF-BC61-AF4C010A9A8E Mcdonald's - Mottram
Stockport Road, Mottram, SK14 3AU
P A n10295120887 (J+) Inside McDonalds – – I 79m
  0989CE68-C0DA-429C-B779-B00B00DAA73E Prince Albert High School
115 Holford Drive, Birmingham, B42 2TU
P A n10726895805 (J+) In school main reception R – I 79m
* 443B2DD4-BD6B-4B5D-91DE-AEC6010FFC78 Bromley South Railway Station
High Street, Bromley, BR1 1LX
P A n9983760654 (J+) Platforms 1&2 P – I 78m
  1097B4A6-74B0-473E-ADAF-AF5B00C15D3B Airside
Bristol International Airport, North Side Road, BS48 3DY
P A n6562903271 (J+) – – I 76m
* 206BECFD-A5C6-45FF-8E8F-B13F00AACD6E (Platform 2) Bristol Parkway Railway Station
North Road, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8PU
P A n9277900944 (J+) At far end of bridge from concourse, on end wall – – I 74m
  60261370-5F8C-49B0-A3D9-AD3B0081E986 Girton College
Front Lodge Girton College, Huntingdon Road, CB3 0JG
P A n4362975897 (J+) From front entrance, enter left, porter's lodge in front. Enter porter's lodge, on left under staff mail boxes – – I 73m
* BA5B6273-A5C4-45CE-927A-B13F00AAFC2F (Foyer) Bristol Parkway Railway Station
North Road, Stoke Gifford, BS34 8PU
P A n8343346409 (J+) Ground floor concourse, between ticket office and ladies' toilets – – I 73m
  F8584232-F94C-478E-A555-AF3F00B1D53A 100 Liverpool Street
London, , EC2M 2AT
P A n11835308751 (J+) Wall mounted past ticket barriers, next to platform 1 P – I 72m
* EE4C010B-C4E9-43CD-84BE-B0FF00A385C1 Elms Park Pavilion
Elms Park Field, Loughborough Road, NG11 6NX
P A n3666510759 (J+) – – I 70m
  9CE044E8-82B3-45F8-909A-B03700A2B121 Pembroke College
Brewer Street, Oxford, OX1 1DW
P A n11762544437 (J+) Porters' Lodge R – I 70m
  98C1A36D-7834-4A57-8909-B03600C833DB St Pancras International Station
Pancras Road, London, N1C 4QP
P A n11822924769 (J+) Cabinet next to station entrance P – I 68m
  ABA12F06-53B0-4A18-999E-483F7BA5D04C Livingston Inn- On Wall To Lhs Of Main Door By Car Park
General Area Of, Livingston Village Livingston, EH54 7AF
P A n9045649038 (J+) inside West door of pub, key in office – – I 62m
  0FF9BFF2-E014-4434-91C1-AF5B00C22ABE Landside
Bristol International Airport, Silverzone Parking Check In, BS48 3DY
P A n1274359904 (J+) On the wall, opposite the toilets, next to the passenger assistance desk. In the front door of the building and turn left. – – I 61m
  6830FDB5-F934-43F6-8F8F-AF06009A4360 Chiltern Railways Company Ltd
Ticket Office Marylebone Station, Melcombe Place, NW1 6JJ
P A n8423712089 (J+) on wall behind post box by southeast entrance/exit to Bakerloo Station – – I 61m
* 6EB618AE-C452-4D3C-A99F-AAC500AB0856 Waverley Railway Station
Market Street Entrance, Edinburgh, EH1 1BB
P A n4560886486 (J+) To east of stairs at Market Street entrance to Waverley Station P – I 59m
  02DF586C-351B-478B-8410-AF5B00C0E575 Airside
Bristol International Airport, North Side Road, BS48 3DY
P A n6543153980 (J+) – – I 58m
  136C513B-E639-4A4C-B4D7-B03B00C805B8 One Churchill Place, London
Canary Wharf, London, E14 5HP
P A n9993494638 (J+) Next to Joe & The Juice P – I 58m
* 5A225970-7028-45D3-AC73-B15500A2A910 Woolwich Tesco Express
10 Major Draper Street, Woolwich, SE18 6GD
P A n11776282639 (J+) Wall mounted inside Tesco Express R R I 54m
  B16DECDA-0D2E-4267-84A2-B0AD00DE6B1F East Coast Darlington Railway Station
Park Lane, Darlington, DL1 4AA
P A n11544650156 (J+) Next to waiting room on Platform 4 – – I 52m
  334FB67B-A2D9-4F76-AE10-AF2000C36C92 Castleford College
Skills Xchange Wakefield College, Thunderhead Ridge, WF10 4UA
P A n8000229331 (J+) – – I 51m
* D9AAC38B-9A15-4700-BEEB-AF280077D3F3 Bickley Station
Southborough Road, Bickley, BR1 2EB
P A n10244041145 (J+) Bickley station, adjacent to ticket machine P – I 45m
* 19AC6645-23D6-4B39-9BB4-B13500FA635E (Platform 4) Plymouth Railway Station
Plymouth Station, Plymouth, PL4 6AB
P A n9537126424 (J+) Inside subway from ticket barriers to platforms 5,6,7,8 – – I 44m
* 567D113F-F113-4E55-95B1-B08A00FF9965 Surbiton
Victoria Road, Surbiton, KT6 4PE
P A n7277994642 (J+) Between platforms 3 and 4 at Surbiton Station. – – I 42m
  E89FB68F-42AB-4AE1-B8DA-AAC700B51F45 Ingestre Stables
Stafford, , ST18 0RE
P A n11035846663 (J+) – – I 42m
  4721F837-9070-4474-AFB9-AAD2008A936F Summerhall Art Centre
1 Summerhall, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
P A n6812189188 (J+) Inside entrance to Summerhall, on left as you enter P – I 39m
  11A9EC04-9C50-461F-91D0-AF5000BEBD1D Citigroup Centre
Citi Bank, 33 Canada Square, E14 5LB
P A n10217164514 (J+) Wall mounted P – I 35m
* 841E8AC6-43E1-4209-84A4-D3DF09E783F1 Llangorse Multi Activity Centre
General Area Of, Llangorse, LD3 7UH
P A n4485322208 (J+) – – I 33m
* D2E04083-17C6-4467-8773-B13801157828 (Platform 3) Oxford Railway Station
Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1HS
P A n4224259874 (J+) Oxford Railway Station, Platform 3. – – I 31m
  C1184669-2410-4375-8F9A-B0FB0082D62D Addenbrookes Hospital - Main Entrance/Reception
Cambridge University Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trust, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, CB2 0QQ
P A n5885085097 (J+) Department of Medicine – – I 31m
* 42EE925E-1A2C-49D3-9065-AFCE00A88FA1 Norwich Station
Unit 1 Norwich Railway Station, Station Approach, NR1 1EG
P A n2795230769 (J+) White box on wall inside Norwich Railway Station, facing main concourse to left-hand side of main exit. – – I 29m
* 8583424A-AA2C-488F-A44E-3ED14BD2F942 Police Station- Front Counter Area
Howden Hall Road, Alnwickhill Edinburgh, EH16 6TF
P A n8377630859 (J+) Inside Howdenhall Police Station – – I 29m
* 6D0FACA9-B8C0-48B7-B531-AF5E010A60A6 Aylesham Fire Station
Boulevard Courrieres, Aylesham, CT3 3DU
P A n11260312596 (J+) – – I 28m
* 287B7B99-5EEB-405C-B693-AD7F010CF34E Huddersfield Railway Station
St George's Square, Huddersfield, HD1 1JB
P A n10738564736 (J+) On the wall on the platform one. R – I 24m
  1D1F0C4A-DAEF-41D6-940A-AB210090E2A7 Golf Hotel St. Andrews 2008 Ltd
40 The Scores, St. Andrews, KY16 9AS
P A n4992679843 (J+) behind reception – – I 22m
* 712C18EB-54A2-496B-B821-E4C7FFD47FD9 Cliff Hotel
From The Junction Of The C1003 To A Hotel (Private), Gwbert, SA43 1PP
P A n11155509729 (J+) at reception in the Cliff Hotel, Cardigan. – – I 22m
* C16C1E7D-47EC-489F-B1F9-5A7B7CB158F5 Bulkeley Hotel
19 Castle Street, Beaumaris, LL58 8AW
P A n3926816589 (J+) Bulkeley Hotel Reception Area – – I 21m
  CABD4BF8-4090-4FD4-826C-AFDA00CC686A Hopwood Park Services
Redditch Road, Alvechurch, B48 7AU
P A n9344458446 (J+) – – I 20m
* 0F7A6DAA-A2BE-434E-87AB-AF2C009B8540 Chester Railway Station
City Road, Chester, CH1 3NS
P A n11053821442 (J+) Inside the station, on the concourse on the right when entering into the station via the main entrance. R – I 20m
  13F96A89-8525-4D4E-925B-AF6900B57B6E University Of York
Law And Sociology, Freeboys Lane, YO10 5GE
P A n11270085471 (J+) in Law School and Department of Sociology building, Heslington East, University of York - opposite entrance - building is open 24/7 P – I 19m
* BA7E3728-13CF-434F-BA28-AE3000EFE30E Exeter College
Turl Street, Oxford, OX1 3DP
P A n11763884372 (J+) Exeter College Turl Street Lodge - Manned 24/7 R – I 19m
  018A48CA-FF0F-46C6-9D43-B06100ABF720 Vauxhall
South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, SW8 1SS
P A n9180682190 (J+) Inside Vauxhall station, on a wall near the lift to platforms 3 and 4 – – I 17m
  0CA02932-68FC-453E-A35C-C1D40EFD1DBF Brockington College
Blaby Road, Enderby, LE19 4AQ
P A n4158539980 (J+) Inside Brockington College, on wall of main atrium of school on left hand side as you come in main entrance. – – I 16m
* CBA659C8-D6A5-4B26-AED9-AC64011BED94 Rspb Scotland
Rspb Scotland Loch Leven, Vane Farm, KY13 9LX
P A n9431742131 (J+) – – I 16m
  ED08C13F-114F-4115-A06C-3FA382AC03F3 Village Hall - Neuadd
Dolwen Road, Betws Yn Rhos, LL22 8AP
P A n11899074211 (J+) outside Neuadd Betws-yn-Rhos P – I 16m
* FCA701D5-CBC6-4333-9073-AD8E00F496AE Magnolia House
20-22 Broadway, Sandown, PO36 9DQ
P A n10599686190 (J+) Inside Magnolia House – – I 13m
* D6A60194-80BF-4C44-8BF9-AC8B01106503 Scotrail
Stirling Railway Station, Goosecroft Road, FK8 1PF
P A n5434816426 (J+) on wall of British Transport Police, inside station. – – I 12m
* E03FA3C0-4F25-444C-9FDF-B13500FA5209 (Gateline) Plymouth Railway Station
Plymouth Station, Plymouth, PL4 6AB
P A n9537126423 (J+) On wall next to ticket barriers (train side) – – I 12m
* 9D5F7C93-6067-4903-98A0-AFD300CBDE14 Welcome Break Group Ltd
Motorway Service Area, Priorslee Road, TF11 8TG
P A n7179940664 (J+) – – I 11m
  4B2AFD08-235D-487D-87E6-ADE800CAC247 St Nicholas Arcades
12 Lancaster Gate, Lancaster, LA1 1NB
P A n5861321331 (J+) – – I 10m
* 7CA44273-4EEC-487B-8B97-AEDD00A6D678 Ground Floor Lift Lobby Area
St Georges Shopping Centre, St Anns Road, HA1 1HS
P A n7650788051 (J+) Just inside side doors next to lifts. – – I 10m
* 565930BD-82C2-4115-9231-B09A00B5CA44 Tesco
Moreton Road, Stow-On-The-Wold, GL54 1BX
P A n11456008815 (J+) Inside Tesco store. R – I 10m
  08A77B39-AB68-4187-AF46-AAC300E04F0A Eardisley Group Parish Council
Sportfish Ltd, Winforton, HR3 6SP
P A n11799240834 (J+) – – I 10m
* 69A55A4A-B815-40F9-BE9F-AD4101081530 Eden House
Eden Road, Totland, PO39 0EJ
P A n8025398083 (J+) Inside Eden House – – I 9m
  18F19D88-BA76-499E-AC80-AD4F011C4C92 Rose And Crown
Wotton Road, Rangeworthy, BS37 7NB
P A n8287365186 (J+) Inside pub presumably. There's a sign on the outside but the pub is currently shut. – – I 9m
* 08A9C12D-4928-455E-A159-AD41007EA1BC North House Surgery
28 North Street, Ripon, HG4 1HL
P A n9467307730 (J+) Near entrance – – I 9m
* 8B989039-0F1F-4A40-8FE7-B02200B0D434 Exmouth Railway Station
Imperial Road, Exmouth, EX8 1BZ
P A n11161373871 (J+) Yellow Box, on platform area, attached to wall of Ticket Office P R I 9m
  B16150D1-FD2B-4868-AE49-A19DAA55BDA2 Fermanagh County Museum
Enniskillen Castle, 39 Castle Barracks, BT74 7HL
P A n3798004850 (J+) Inside museum building – – I 8m
  87FDBF0F-4C63-49B0-87B7-AFA7010872F4 West Maldon Community Centre
Sunbury Way, Maldon, CM9 6YH
P A n3982563358 (J+) R – I 8m
* CBE9DC08-F245-4032-9239-AFDD00D5EFEC St Peters Church
Church Road, South Elmham St Peter, NR35 1NG
P A n10967508415 (J+) In the church porch – – I 8m
* 78CCE148-C6C6-4316-A369-AFDA00CB7621 Welcome Break Service Area
M74 From A75 To Slips South Of B7076 Crossover, Gretna, DG16 5HQ
P A n10969988884 (J+) by entrance to toilets Gretna Services – – I 8m
  01DDC2B8-8D18-4F01-AF41-AD4200772284 Gfs Community Enterprise
Office 2 The Old Fire Station, Gipton Approach, LS9 6NL
P A n9076188009 (J+) – – I 7m
  0C15DBE6-D915-44CC-8AFA-AD9100FF8B36 Cardiff Gate Retail Park
1 Dering Road, Pontprennau, CF23 8NL
P A n10125946156 (J+) Inside the restaurant P R I 7m
* 872E70E0-07B6-4E29-86AE-AC02009B4D15 71 Harrington Road
Rothwell, , NN14 6AR
P A n10926057905 (J+) In Telephone Kiosk – – I 7m
  6CFD8590-254D-42B9-B31B-AE3B00E658CE Millennium Rooms
St Mawes, , TR2 5AG
P A n11660918744 (J+) – – I 7m
* F7061C12-6EB6-4D46-A745-B16101225DBE Ryde Golf Club
Binstead Road, Ryde, PO33 3NF
P A n5340818997 (J+) inside entrance R – I 6m
* C8437BC9-6205-48CF-942D-AD5100E8AD35 St Joseph And The English Martyrs Catholic Church
3 Windhill, Bishops Stortford, CM23 2ND
P A n6907778091 (J+) Inside porch – – I 6m
* FC5E08E2-0E98-4C25-8150-AD22011C35D5 Hooke Parish Meeting
St Giles Church, Higher Street Lane, DT8 3PA
P A n9180026312 (J+) – – I 6m
* B2228283-698A-45FF-83A3-AC12012B030C Gwehelog Village Hall
Ty-Freeman Road, Gwehelog, NP15 1RE
P A n9257670068 (J+) inside Gwehelog Village Hall – – I 6m
* 125A6E4D-B9DA-4DAE-A1BD-B029009192D4 Public Conveniences Higginson Park
Pound Lane, Marlow, SL7 2AE
P A n8733726579 (J+) – – I 5m
  E07B3956-8963-4636-8818-AE35017DEF9D J D Wetherspoon
Unicorn Hotel, 2 Market Place, HG4 1BP
P A n9467298736 (J+) – – I 5m
* 13B0AEB1-0A9A-4846-BE54-AE74011004D1 Roadchef Maidstone Msa
Junction 8 M20, Hollingbourne, ME17 1SS
P A n9878475300 (J+) Inside services building, on a wall facing the lobby area, opposite WHSmith. – – I 5m
* 23BEBBC0-A40B-4C03-9782-AEBE00EA965B Harrogate Railway Station
Station Parade, Harrogate, HG1 1TE
P A n11070168864 (J+) in Station Supervisors Office, Harrogate Station, by entrance to Platform 1 - only available during station opening hours – – I 5m
  76A56DB3-69D9-432D-B621-19C9A06F5628 Fastaid Bham & Solihull
Bear Inn, Spencers Lane, CV7 7BB
P A n10102134963 (J+) Listed as inside Bear Inn – – I 4m
* B1720899-DD3C-4CFF-BE26-B12300F4319F Waterstones
The Spires Shopping Centre, 2 High Street, EN5 5XY
P A n10172071554 (J+) Attached to the wall. Next to the photo booth, opposite Anytime Fitness – – I 4m
  5B365B53-55BB-4C9B-9EFC-6E9B74AB8DF3 Hilltop Sports & Social Club
Longacre Rd, Dronfield, S18 1UQ
P A n11351338509 (J+) Inside the sports club which is open in the evenings. R – I 3m
  2FFB648D-1543-4B1A-BD42-AD93012CBE98 Mcdonalds Newport Retail Park
Seven Stiles Avenue, Newport, NP19 4QR
P A n10125946152 (J+) Inside the restaurant P – I 2m
* 40B89F4D-21CD-4911-B332-AF1B00FAAC32 Tantallon Caravan Park
Tantallon Road, North Berwick, EH39 5NJ
P A n11132140595 (J+) Affixed to the interior wall of the site laundry room R R I 2m
* E6981A9E-9D79-464A-BE01-AD270086012B The Salvation Army
24 Park Avenue,, Devonport Plymouth, PL1 4BA
P A n11336831861 (J+) Inside Salvation Army LifeHouse main entrance – – I 2m
* 89ACCA45-BEA4-4D52-AC09-AD3A00EA7261 Island Healthcare Ltd
Westview House, Ward Road, PO39 0BD
P A n8025351808 (J+) Inside Westview House – – I 1m