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UK Defibrillators with Long-Distance Matches to OSM

Matches from The Circuit

Found 1356 AEDs, with a matching distance greater than 85m.

CMR UUID Circuit Location OSM ID OSM Location Dist.
* 980B1F54-B5C1-497C-9D3E-2DD6EC1E3C2F Ferry Shop
The Ferry Shop, Fionnphort, PA66 6BL
n11187621324 (J+) On outside wall of The Ferry Shop 37953m
* D7ACD819-61E0-4B30-BCE8-D70821AF1D63 Bunessan Fire Station
Bunessan, Isle Of Mull, PA67 6DG
n11187609491 (J+) On outside wall of Bunessan Fire Station, on the opposite side to the public car park 35680m
* 2382C13A-A450-45C0-BC49-7766263F2BD2 Buds Spar
1 Coleraine Road, Garvagh, BT55 7HP
n11261972011 (J+) On exterior wall of Buds Spar, on Coleraine Road. 21921m
* 3567EF00-A319-4AFE-9239-AF5E01108045 Richard Hale School
Hale Road, Hertford, SG13 8EN
n11636134845 (J+) Richard Hale football pitches. 18975m
* 1E1EED9B-53B2-4EB3-9B47-AAE100AD3C75 Onich Stores
Fort William, , PH33 6RY
n9175411012 (J+) inside red phone box on front of building in Onich 14532m
* AEE299A8-D5AD-4D38-8380-AAB000BBD147 Ballingham Bolstone Hentland Group Parish Council
New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy, HR2 6QH
n8511165918 (J+) On wall outside pub 11996m
* 32853FB8-69B4-4653-A289-AA82369CAB23 Public Telephone Box
Nr Glebe Farm Cottage, Stanton Long, TF13 6LQ
n8729302133 (J+) inside red phone box (that is now book exchange) in Stanton Long 10351m
* 49AE403C-2764-4938-A1C9-B4B940C357C6 Working Mens Club
Eaton Road, Child’s Ercall, TF9 2DA
n11259412656 (J+) On outside wall of building, facing the car park 9301m
* B930A2F1-D247-4D4D-A78D-E0F2D34CAAA1 Vernon House Farm
Shipston On Stour, , CV36 5PP
n6327857719 (J+) 8811m
* FEF3C439-AFCE-4CE4-9FB8-3D30D201071A Loch Kinord Hotel- See Below For Location***
Ballater Road, Dinnet Aboyne, AB34 5LW
n4143378076 (J+) 7085m
* 1443DCF8-D38F-4906-A6E1-B07C01054890 Burnside (Private House)
Burnside, Rhenigidale, HS3 3BD
n6547594613 (J+) 6613m
* 962625D6-2CDF-4087-B05B-DAC83665B3FE Tamworth Have A Heart
St Peters Community Church And Hall, Hawksworth, B77 2HH
n8355002601 (J+) 6545m
* 95C26E13-877F-4C2F-8FA8-5DD2038D9C03 Adderley Village Hall
Main Raod, Market Drayton, TF9 3TF
n11259426674 (J+) On outside wall of Adderley Village Hall, on the southen end of the building. 5837m
* EEB21B86-EA74-4BC2-ACB7-AF0B00A9FB88 Post Office
7 Market Pl, Loughborough, LE12 9RT
n5776786434 (J+) 5535m
* 0FCB84A7-FF14-4F42-A3E0-D5EFADDDD52E Bagnall Village Hall
School Road, Stoke On Trent, ST9 9JP
n10048951540 (J+) outside Moorlands Village Hall 5237m
* F2FA4D97-81E7-46E2-BA9A-AA930116353C Flecknoe Village Hall
Village Hall, Flecknoe Road, CV23 8AY
n10238245934 (J+) 4988m
* AA1C572B-4621-433F-95CE-AC13012AC715 Wildlife Trust South And West Wales
Skokholm Island, Nr Martins Haven, SA62 3BJ
n6561732092 (J+) 4765m
* 178670E3-F6CE-4EBC-B08D-AB2200EC3A86 Village Hall
Main Street, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 8HR
n3639277158 (J+) 4641m
* CB9F4ACA-D485-4515-9F6B-AF650131F5BB Fairy Pools Car Park
Road To Glenbrittle, Carbost, IV47 8TA
n8910219582 (J+) On the outside wall of the toilets 4545m
* 59594FD8-5B6D-44A0-A070-DAFFE781322E Cropthorne Village Hall
Main Street, Pershore, WR10 3NH
n11149117523 (J+) On exterior wall of Cropthorne Village Hall, in the covered porch to the right of the main entrance. 4525m
* DB90D26F-6983-479D-A2E2-B13000B83CF9 Abriachan Forest Classroom
Abriachan, Inverness, IV3 8LB
n9335622662 (J+) on wall of forest classroom 3831m
* CECD4930-37E4-47DE-B700-AA7801127DA1 Onneley Village Hall
Woore Road, Onneley, CW3 9QJ
n11558485433 (J+) outside Onneley Village Hall 3428m
* 707D48F8-1FC0-4769-B7EB-AD3B009DBB71 Coastguard Lookout
New Battery, Upper Highdown, PO39 0HJ
n5256160703 (J+) On concrete wall near bus stop at Coastwatch Station 3409m
* 92B553F7-BADB-4F43-B636-AE7800867CE2 Snowdon Summit Cafe
Nant Peris, Llanberis, LL55 4UL
n5056327348 (J+) 3377m
* E51E4611-F8BD-4ED4-BDA4-09EC6B94C8CD Public Telephone
Malthouse Lane, Earlswood, B94 5RZ
n6677512102 (J+) inside red phone box, Malthouse Lane, Earlswood 3332m
* 983A91FE-7970-4587-8105-6BDB93C5B502 Community Hall- 20ft To Lhs Of Main Door
22 On A76, Carronbridge Thornhill, DG3 5AY
n9919177852 (J+) Carronbridge Village Hall. Left hand side, interior wall of porch. 2835m
* AB5E0BF8-D537-42AD-BF62-71E5A1FA9DDD Stronachlachar Phonebox
Stronachlachar: Former Phone Box, O/S The Pier Cafe, FK8 3TY
n5813583893 (J+) in red phone box by car park next to Stronachlachar pier 2799m
* 6F712309-E392-4F74-BCCB-AD42015232C7 Unst Community Fire Station
Hagdale Industrial Estate, Baltasound, ZE2 9TW
n6631812330 (J+) On outside wall of Fire Station near shop 2055m
* C8049CA4-0DBE-498A-9CED-AA7900A030D9 All Stretton Village Society
Village Hall, Batch Valley, SY6 6JR
n3769701691 (J+) outside All Stretton Village Hall 1817m
* 976130A0-1130-439F-A560-AD3C00B25DC5 Idridgehay Defibrillator Scheme
St James The Great Church, Cliffash Lane, DE56 2SH
n6468045117 (J+) Outside Saint James The Great Church 1810m
* E8C6165F-27EF-480D-B3DE-AF0B0084CA59 Harrington Village Hall
49 High St, Arthingworth, NN6 9NU
n11262481073 (J+) On outside wall of Harrington Village Hall, facing the road. 1750m
* E2CB817B-9500-4A2F-9F71-AE78008CC1F0 Snowdon Half Way Cafe
Llanberis Path, Llanberis, LL55 4UL
n9213695408 (J+) Mounted on the wall to the left-hand side of Halfway Cafe, Llanberis path. 1664m
* 39D3194E-4F39-495A-A531-397F148BBC33 Mount View Cummingston
Main Street, Cummingston, IV30 5XY
n7847431489 (J+) 1614m
* 66978DE5-CE95-4C85-A196-C553AF3EDCD7 Little Comberton Village Hall Trust
Pershore Road, Pershore, WR10 3EP
n11157562143 (J+) On exterior wall of Little Comberton Village Hall, in the covered porch next to the main entrance. 1611m
* 2C2D350C-63E0-4EBD-9DF1-AD2700EE58F7 Glencoe Mountain Resort
Ski Tow Road, Kingshouse, PH49 4HZ
n10970559335 (J+) On outside north facing wall. In green box. 1489m
* 84642782-D0AF-4FB2-BAB8-AD6500A27F43 The Ashcombe Club
Ashcombe Village Hall, Ashcombe, EX7 0QD
n11688454639 (J+) outside in porch of Ashcombe Village Club building 1487m
* E0778B4B-DFBB-4A41-90B4-B066011E5690 Vatersay Community Hall
Vatersay, Isle Of Barra, HS9 5YW
n9856639224 (J+) Outside Vatersay Community Hall main entrance 1457m
* FC6A02D3-4386-49EB-B00E-B021007E5D32 Wintringham Community Hall
Main Street, Church Lane, Wintringham, YO17 8HX
n5625747309 (J+) outside Wintringham Community Hall, to right of entrance 1291m
* C3C99E67-5720-4EDB-AFCD-ABF500A4A9A3 Rogart Village Hall
Rogart, Sutherland, IV28 3XB
n11983737257 (J+) outside Rogart Hall - facing main road 1281m
* 7CB2F7BE-C9FE-40FD-B7F5-AEB40135CA7D Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve
End Of Thelwall Lane, Thelwall Lane, WA4 1NN
n11834566852 (J+) inside Morgan Hide 1266m
* 7D78FDCD-F567-4894-A1D0-AF55011D4A07 Dodworth Railway Station
Station Road, Dodworth, S75 3JX
n11407374427 (J+) On the fence in the station car park. 1130m
* E66E2CAF-83D7-4162-A564-AC6F00F3B330 Forestry England
Forestry England - Haughmond Hill, Haughmond Hill Cafe, SY4 4PW
n11247784030 (J+) 1127m
* 493B831E-5DDC-4BB6-91D0-21D6185CCF4D Tongue And Skerray Aed
Village Hall- On External Wall Unnamed Road, Skerray Thurso, KW14 7TH
n11931346672 (J+) outside Skerray Village Hall 990m
* FDE01542-BC95-4047-9F4A-AF1000B50BE4 Mereway Ambulance Station
Mereway, Northampton, NN4 8BE
n5584370877 (J+) On office building wall next to Garage 950m
* AF1D474B-7795-4B51-ABC1-B0360105B30F Lady Annes Drive
Holkham, , NR23 1RG
n6055241474 (J+) on north-side exterior wall of hut 921m
* DEAADA6A-2737-44E1-8E78-AA960090F523 Corley Village Hall
Church Lane, Corley Coventry, CV7 8AY
n11440412474 (J+) outside Corley Village Hall - left of entrance 908m
* BD4C805E-008B-4E1F-8304-1D58E04881B1 Inside Phone Box To Rhs Of Village Store Door
Unnamed Road, Pirnmill Isle Of Arran, KA27 8HP
n3754770198 (J+) inside old red phone box in front of Fernmill Village Store & Post Office 832m
* 6EE53D68-EBEC-48D9-91DA-B04501658DB4 6-8 Ballybogey Road
Ballymoney, , BT53 6QD
n11565054811 (J+) On external wall 803m
* E271933D-536A-4C06-9646-AB0E01152DF2 Minsterley Parish Council
Minsterley Parish Hall, Plox Green Rd, SY5 0HS
n11523640174 (J+) outside Minsterley Parish Hall - facing parking entrance 766m
* 4CF1F383-B64D-48A2-B466-AF2500A3F7AC The Five Villages Hall
Station Road, Backford, CH1 6NT
n12033660109 (J+) Cabinet on wall facing car park. 758m
* 3E92E849-D4B3-4C12-AAB9-B0AC00BD8696 Roadchef Northampton Northbound Msa
M1 Junction 15a, Northampton, NN4 9QY
n11883407462 (J+) White cabinet. Near toilets. Opposite phone tech, behind Costa. 743m
* 96364CF5-55D8-4C96-8EA1-AAE7010C9A6D Westhill Scout Hall
Old Skene Road, Westhill, AB32 6RL
n11412238437 (J+) On outside wall of Westhill Scout Hut, facing the main road. 740m
* 4A0509DA-0B56-44A1-8D37-F2E3C51B038E Caledonian Macbrayne
Calmac Office, Craignure Isle Of Mull, PA65 6AY
n9293612709 (J+) 727m
* C1317A77-5376-4FF5-8B56-ADC900C6C708 89th Stoke Sea Scouts Rudyard Training Site
Reacliffe Road, Leek, SK11 0RA
n11361810469 (J+) On outside wall of Scout Building, behind gate 708m
* C6A47FE0-73E3-4467-9BD6-87526A25E901 Glen Tanar Charitable Trust
Glen Tanar Visitor Centre, Glen Tanar, AB34 5EU
n9972886281 (J+) Outside wall of Glen Tanar Visitor Centre in green case 705m
* DDD5D41A-868F-4B28-A6DF-ADEA00B1906F Bt Phone Box At Corner Of Lyons Lane And London Road
Appleton, Warrington, WA4 5NA
n9214666285 (J+) inside red phonebox at junction of Lyon's Lane and London Road, Warrington 691m
* C09B9CD5-C994-4646-8256-AE1500BE268D Clayton House Community Centre
Clayton House, Exmouth, EX8 2NG
n9786715966 (J+) Yellow & Green Box. Front of Clayton House Community Centre 691m
* C7323D1A-9CC6-475D-B204-AE2200FA9C3A Northwich Rowing Club
The Crescent, Northwich, CW9 8EA
n9808133551 (J+) 691m
* F8C7E1FF-1133-4153-9679-AFEE00AF2D2D Amy's Place Tea Room
Elgol Road, Torrin, IV49 9BA
n8963814359 (J+) outside Amy's Place Tea Room, Torrin 687m
* 9AFD8949-D249-4D62-8613-BB2DE73952F6 Bradgate Park Hall Gates Car Park
Roecliffe Rd, Cropston Leicester, LE7 7HQ
n8117014824 (J+) On outside wall. 681m
* D049A5F4-4A97-458F-8ED3-AD73009908E4 Welcombe Village Hall
Welcombe, , EX39 6HF
n11013280525 (J+) outside Welcombe Village Hall 676m
* F8FAAB41-EAC8-4FEE-8932-D6667D308060 Co-Op - Tutbury Avenue
Tutbury Av, Littleover Derby, DE23 3UX
n6482239512 (J+) on wall of co-op 664m
* 395C0816-166A-4D49-9038-AD4000DDB8A6 West Ayton
Derwent Valley Bridge Library, Pickering Road, YO13 9JE
n11011321897 (J+) outside Derwent Valley Bridge Community Library, Pickering Road, West Ayton 654m
* DFC5B9B6-FD68-4714-BD10-AF6B00FE3E50 Conisbrough Railway Station
Station Road, Conisbrough, DN12 3DX
n10562348073 (J+) On outside wall. 651m
* E19E7111-7373-425C-9C48-ADAC00FD1998 The White House Cafe
Chevin Forest Park, Johnny Lane, LS21 3JT
n5676263575 (J+) On the extension to the education building opposite the White House, Chevin Forest Park, Johnny Lane, Otley. Right-hand end of the wall facing the White House, away from the cafe. 643m
* 48AC8174-0C8E-47F2-A36E-AD4300EABA8C Mr Pats Diner
Howlett Way, Thetford, IP24 1HZ
n4888385889 (J+) On exterior wall of Mr Pats Takeaway, at the corner of Howlett Way and Brickfields Way. 636m
* 492B0BBC-F7FA-460D-BB62-C28E896ECDCD Knighton Park Toilets
South Kingsmead Rd, Knighton Leicester, LE2 3YN
n10710785933 (J+) Outside Toilets Knighton Park Play area 631m
* CA761137-132B-41E2-9549-AD73009A804D Crockerton Village Committee (Crockerton School)
Crockerton School, Potters Hill, Crockerton, BA12 8AB
n11519143491 (J+) On wall of primary school to right of front door 611m
* 971DC966-41EC-4926-909E-AD73009A2D21 Exmouth Lifeboat Station
Queens Drive, Exmouth, EX8 2AY
n9142633937 (J+) Yellow Box, next to road facing entrance of Exmouth Lifeboat Station 607m
* 10C23D4F-B0C6-4500-843B-AABF012907F6 Cupar Community Fire Station
Millgate, Cupar, KY15 5BP
n9592055952 (J+) External wall of fire station. 596m
* 0CC69491-7F12-4186-9022-ADAC00FD1DCD Newall & Clifton Village Hall
Newall Carr Road, Newall & Clifton, LS21 2ES
n4704510544 (J+) outside Clifton Village Hall 593m
* 0A0B67DD-D4DE-43DB-AF1D-AE3700FB1C33 Cardiff Airport
Western Pier Outbound, First Floor, CF62 3BD
n11499709643 (J+) Gates 4-9 592m
* B37A36F3-4503-44B8-A8AC-B13300E9547C Olivias At The Outwoods
Outwoods Lodge, Woodhouse Lane, Nanpantan, LE11 3YG
n11830914866 (J+) On the outside wall of the café. 588m
* A24B6DD2-82BB-4F1B-9AE0-AF4C0125A5F4 Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall & Social Club
Mill Road, Carleton Rode, NR16 1NQ
n11806580391 (J+) On outside wall of Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall, near the main entrance. 558m
* 5566596F-7844-4F04-9592-AE6900B55E50 Pontypool And New Inn Train Station
Pontypool And New Inn Station, Pontypool Road, New Inn, NP4 0QX
n11879787249 (J+) Big yellow box on the outside of the shelter. Call emergency services to receive the code to open it. 554m
* BA9ACA32-D24C-4CCF-906D-236F79B84662 Co-Op - Gospel Lane
Central England Co-Operative Food - Gospel Lane, Gospel Lane, B27 7AR
n11246938168 (J+) outside Co-op on Gospel Lane / Lakey Lane 544m
* D6D64B8F-8382-4BCF-8AC6-A70307317F2C Langton By Spilsby Village Hall
General Area Of, Langton Spilsby, PE23 4PU
n9592073595 (J+) outside Langton Village Hall 541m
* 490AF804-70C6-4619-A562-50558EF924F3 Village Hall
Main Rd, Holland Fen Lincoln, LN4 4QH
n11537573910 (J+) outside Holland Fen Parish Hall 538m
* AA077F61-36A0-4C45-97CF-AEED009B7122 Roadchef Tibshelf Southbound Msa
M1 Junction 28/29, Tibshelf, DE55 5TZ
n4211587389 (J+) On outside wall of south-bound services building, in cabinet to left of entrance from car park. 536m
* 21271B6A-1193-4868-B949-1B41A01B74AB Priest Weston Village Hall
Montgomery, , SY15 6DE
n11392724944 (J+) outside Priest Weston Village Hall 517m
* FD3B47FD-C5FA-4C80-92F8-ABEA00D2BC1A Co-Op - Doncaster Road
29 Doncaster Road, Carlton-In-Lindrick, S81 9JX
n7040710755 (J+) On the outside wall of the co-op. 513m
* 591DD5B2-41C6-4F2F-B86B-B06600A5D5F3 Dornie & District Community Hall
Aird Point, Ardelve, IV40 8DR
n11688507633 (J+) outside Dornie & District Community Hall 512m
* CC20C375-B1A4-413E-9D09-B0A000913360 Ponds Forge International Sports Centre
Sheaf St, Sheffield City Centre, S1 2BP
n6404897786 (J+) Behind reception desk. Available when pool is open. 510m
* A4867FF9-1C0A-4417-BB68-3285BFF9696A Rhs Of Main Door Of Uyeasound Hall
Unnamed Road, Unst Shetland, ZE2 9DL
n6598494285 (J+) 508m
* 1A3F4D42-DEC2-4FE0-8B9D-AF55011DB8BC Penistone Railway Station
Off Sheffield Road, Penistone, S36 6HL
n10253898681 (J+) On wall of Platform 2 at Penistone Station. 496m
* D7920FBC-0C33-451C-B260-AD3D016C3336 Uea Sportspark
University Of East Anglia, University Drive, NR4 7TJ
n6884801755 (J+) Attached to outside of fence around astroturf pitches, in the middle of the Sportspark pitch complex. 485m
* DB896F82-3D9D-4822-A6B8-45120D43340D The Fuzzy Duck
Ilmington Road, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 8DD
n9688933019 (J+) 485m
* 057C0D42-D323-43AD-8D3E-AEF900A834E6 Frizingall Railway Station
Frizinghall, Bradford, BD9 4LD
n10839245143 (J+) In the car park for Frizinghall station, platform 2 (trains to Bradford), on the wall of the wheelchair ramp to the platform. 478m
* 1EE08E18-357E-47C6-9B7F-AA8C00D54FC1 Post Office And Shop
Wellington, Hereford, HR4 8AZ
n11821297371 (J+) Inside Shop. 477m
* 01941B93-C8DE-4DD3-A77C-AB7300B72F98 Talyllyn Railway
Off The B4405, Abergynolwyn, LL36 9UR
n6614859980 (J+) 473m
* AFC76375-6708-4ADC-90CA-ADF40166121F Hutton Roof Village Hall
Hutton Roof, Carnforth, LA6 2PG
n4911113258 (J+) Outside Hutton Roof Village Hall 470m
* 4C3F4F4F-BDDA-4998-B8BB-ADF4012F8E91 King Georges Park
Victoria Avenue, Swanage, BH19 1AB
n7835651007 (J+) On outside wall of toilet block at King George's Field Car Park. 466m
* 0A4B169B-9D35-42DB-8E5B-AE6C00CF164A Cantley Village Hall
Manor Road, Cantley, NR13 3SD
n2711173616 (J+) On wall of village hall facing onto car park. Can just be seen from road. 462m
* B929D2D9-B3FF-421A-84E0-AF2C010233EA Library
3 Highstreet, Canvey Island Library, SS8 7RB
n6138638586 (J+) Outside of library entrance. 457m
* E4C5A77C-B3B1-47D8-874C-6393386E8B9B Ysgol Gellifor
Gellifor, Ruthin, LL15 1SG
n6651596693 (J+) 457m
* FEF85DC1-6B3B-4FA9-BF6E-AED200FA6BF0 Newton On Post
Junction Of Church Road And Nicholsons Court, Newton, CO10 0QR
n11875746530 (J+) on post on Church Road on right just after Nicholsons Court when heading towards church 452m
* E3B697D1-6F0C-4833-9462-AE9700AB7C1B East Of England Co-Op
Ashfield Road, Elmswell, IP30 9HG
n5706169224 (J+) On exterior Wall of Co-Op facing New Road just to the right of the main entrance. 447m
* 1E981E6E-BB79-444F-85D9-AC9200B5290E Stromness Community Council
Stromness Swimming Pool, Northend Road, KW16 3AG
n10799688240 (J+) Stromness Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre. Right hand side of external wall facing road. 443m
* 2D16BF33-2527-4785-A40C-AF0B00AA8B45 Cricket Club Pavillion
London Rd, Wollaston, NN29 7QS
n6374029015 (J+) On side of Pavilion 433m
* 584A2D42-5243-4EC3-9DD9-AFE100DD683D Clare Masonic Hall
Masonic Hall, Cavendish Road, CO10 8PH
n11862535516 (J+) front right of wall when viewed from road 431m
* 6096EA0C-C865-4FEF-99C8-B074009C04BA Woodlands Centre Toilets
Woodlands Centre, Stornaway, HS2 0XP
n9858785620 (J+) outside Woodlands Centre, near entrance to toilets 429m
* 91EA8E28-63EA-4BE0-965D-AF0200B2F2E7 Mcdonald's - Scarborough Yo11 3ut
Dunslow Row, Seamer, YO11 3UT
n9414905748 (J+) outside McDonalds Restaurant 428m
* BD600964-1277-4FED-848E-AE621724C233 Peebles Rfc
The Pavillion, Hay Lodge Park, EH45 8NN
n7906920106 (J+) 427m
* 2D6DB064-8825-46D1-9089-434E49CC25CA Dunaverty Hall- On Front Wall
The Whins, Southend, PA28 6RW
n11396858718 (J+) outside Dunaverty Hall 425m
* 2089D175-5735-4D30-988E-4E6B76F776E0 Village Hall
122 Sywell Rd, Overstone Northampton, NN6 0AQ
n4913779880 (J+) On Pole next to Village Halll fence, inside opening in wall alongside Sywell Road 421m
* 942B6AB8-8A84-4110-B06E-AF9B010EEF71 Stagecoach Amusements
Lower Marine Parage, Dovercourt, CO12 3ST
n8006291690 (J+) On outside wall of amusement arcade, facing Lower Marine Parade 418m
* 9A50E9D2-C9F1-4941-AA42-5F25774AD046 Droitwich Aed
Droitwich Rugby Football Club, Glynn Mitchell Memorial Ground, WR9 7DU
n12022963369 (J+) On outside wall of Rugby Club building, in overed area by main entrance from the car park. 417m
* 04886140-C19F-45B4-BF11-AD33009BA579 Outside 41 Derby Road
Lower Kilburn, Belper, DE56 0NH
n6139337221 (J+) Near bus stop outside 41 Derby Road 411m
* 3FC83BC3-3F94-4B38-A33A-AF8E011075BC Calor Gas Ltd
Dewsbury Road, Elland, HX5 9JU
n11367563697 (J+) attached to fence outside Calor Gas, Dewsbury Road, Elland 409m
* 7A326FDD-00D2-440E-8E8A-F8F5F99B569B Glentham Village Hall
Bishops Norton Road, Glentham Market Rasen, LN8 2EU
n11538214277 (J+) outside Glentham Village Hall 408m
* 4834D0C1-C8AF-479F-9574-81A6441EBCF0 Hugh Black & Sons Butchers- Outside Shop On Wall
3 Raith Centre, Cowdenbeath, KY4 8LW
n9397894299 (J+) 407m
* 5BD68824-360C-48D7-B70C-AFE900C93277 Screwfix
Unit C1 - C3 Chester Trade Park, 8 Bumpers Lane, Sealand Industrial Estate, CH1 4LT
n11901335020 (J+) Inside screwfix. 403m
* A2A9E98C-5B32-4835-9CBB-B08500C2CBBA Highfields Park
Highfields Boat House, Highfields Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD
n11816461402 (J+) 401m
* AC3B9218-CF9C-4B78-A05F-49838A97D22B Grantshouse Village Hall- At Entrance
Mansefield, Grantshouse Duns, TD11 3RW
n11184610369 (J+) outside Grantshouse Village Hall - facing up the hill 398m
* DC7780DB-355F-4C9F-847A-EF0248076A6D Windmill Village Hotel Golf & Leisure Club
Birmingham Road, Coventry, CV5 9AL
n4213895727 (J+) 387m
* ED1AA603-4593-4579-A3CE-155F7BC81EC9 Monkland Arms
Monkland, , HR6 9DE
n11804647540 (J+) On wall, to left of main entrance door. 387m
* 5172A701-6171-4416-8DA0-AEAB00AB832B Park Holidays Uk
St Osyth Beach Holiday Park, St Osyth, CO16 8SG
n11802748462 (J+) on exterior of building, right of reception viewed from park entrance 383m
* 6F4544D3-949B-41BF-B963-AD4400F5CFD1 Southend Council Pier
Western Esplanade, Southend On Sea, SS1 1EE
n11508515270 (J+) By entry to pier 382m
* BE1A7750-938D-40F7-AC4C-6B7FA680B8FC Maesbrook Village Hall
Oswestry, , SY10 8QW
n11392660564 (J+) outside Maesbrook Village Hall - facing car park 381m
* C5033CC4-EA55-4197-98A5-ADE6010000B8 Up Nately Village
Greywell Road Phone Box, Up Nately, RG27 9PT
n9557551369 (J+) inside old red phone box by Up Nately Crossroads 376m
* ACCE0233-52A8-49FC-BFA8-28DE7410FD18 Inside Red Telephone Box
Beach Road, Kingston Fochabers, IV32 7NP
n9064850663 (J+) inside red phone box, beach Road, Kingston on Spey 375m
* 3CB2DBA7-8E04-4871-BFFD-B03C00CC65D7 Dunnington Sports Club
Common Road,, Dunnington,, YO19 5NG
n4234027012 (J+) Dunnington And Grimston Sports Club. Just inside front entrance on wall on left hand side. 373m
* FD7034F2-71F9-493E-B665-ADF701044C4F Pulse Medical Charity
St George's Medical Centre, Parson's Lane, CB6 1JU
n6316786016 (J+) On front exterior wall of St George's Medical Centre, in the middle facing the main car park. 373m
* 69E9BA8C-5B36-48C3-98C5-ADAB00DDAD8A Public Access Defibrillators Uk
Tinshill & Cookridge Social Club, Woodnook Drive, LS16 6PF
n11951009939 (J+) outside Tinshill and Cookridge Club and Institute 373m
* 0B3BF34F-D576-408C-BC65-B09A00AF54B3 National Trust
The Weir Garden, Visitor Reception Kiosk, HR4 7QF
n11818311046 (J+) Inside of Ticket booth 366m
* 4D9391C2-4BB3-46BB-B711-AD6400A609FC 40 Station Road
Holme, , PE7 3PH
n11948815309 (J+) On outside wall of house 364m
* EFFBFB0D-806A-4E7F-9587-AF170097685A Warmingham Village Hall
School Lane, Warmingham, CW11 3QN
n9571294331 (J+) outside Warmingham Village Hall 363m
* 3C9F8C98-96B0-44ED-BA25-AF4C00FC378F Mcdonald's - Barnsley 2
Wentworth Industrial Park, Maple Road,Tankersley, S75 3DL
n11277181335 (J+) Inside McDonald’s on the wall. This one is currently open 24/7. 363m
* B145F0E5-325A-411F-9424-AFE200BF67C4 Tesco
Stockport Road, Hattersley, SK14 6QA
n6613083434 (J+) By customer services counter. Available when shop open. 362m
* 8DE0B4C8-DD15-4066-BE39-B18000F473E5 Montrave Hall
58 Leven Rd, Lundin Links, KY8 6AJ
n6658114764 (J+) 360m
* C22AFE02-18CA-4F0E-AC78-B08901443104 Saltburn Valley Woodland Centre
The Woodland Centre, Valley Gardens, TS12 1HA
n11914162849 (J+) 359m
* 9FF68E5E-37C7-4DD9-AD17-7641FE8DBD20 Tobemory Harbour Association
Taigh Solas, Ledaig Car Park, PA75 6NR
n9060223616 (J+) Outside near the main door 358m
* 8593BADF-47F6-48D2-A070-AD7F00E82EB2 Lakenheath Pavillion
High Street, Eriswell Road, IP27 9AH
n9082357965 (J+) On exterior wall of Mildenhall Pavillion, on the right-hand side when looking from the car-park. 353m
* 54A03877-7912-4D1B-AF5B-AEB2011F9FFE Ranks Green Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Ranks Green Road, CM3 2BH
n1752323981 (J+) inside old red phone box that is now usde as book exchange in Ranks Green 351m
* 7E562090-2387-4083-96C2-AF02010AF8FF The Gardens
Earlham Road, Norwich, NR4 7TQ
n6884812524 (J+) On exterior wall of Earlham Park Cafe, to the left of the main entrance. 346m
* DE50038D-59F9-4BD3-AE69-AF2000DBEC0D Great Maplestead Village Hall
Lucking Street, Great Maplestead, CO9 2RE
n11898207129 (J+) on front wall of village hall 342m
* 0D1BF0F0-C516-4405-9AAC-AEA200AA2ABC The Herb Nursery
7 Main Street, Thistleton, LE15 7RE
n9742065268 (J+) outside The Herb Nursery, Witham Road, Thistleton 341m
* 31F64D81-6B4B-4FB9-8291-AB7B00AB254D Marchington Woodlands Village Hall
Tinkers Lane, Marchington, ST14 8PF
n11685871226 (J+) outside Marchington Woodlands Village Hall 341m
* 9BF2FA22-31BA-443A-AF51-AAAF0108B934 Heywood Sports And Fitness
30 Walcot Road, Diss, IP22 4DB
n7099670015 (J+) On external wall of Heywood Sports and Fitness 338m
* A84BC0AC-6AAE-46D5-8FF0-28131016AFD7 The Barneby Inn
Bredenbury, , HR7 4TF
n11804704313 (J+) 336m
* 224023F7-6562-407C-B74D-ADDD00F1E412 The Recreation Centre
Shardlow Road, Derby, DE72 2AN
n11079691224 (J+) outside Aston Recreation Centre - facing car park 333m
* 448383E8-BCF3-40D3-803C-B00800D32F08 Kincraig 1 - The Suidh
The Suidh Pub, Suidh Lodge, Aviemore Road, PH21 1NA
n11227924060 (J+) 332m
* 593C1188-F552-4488-9B7B-AE9700B830D8 East Of England Co-Op
Magdalen Road, Hadleigh, IP7 5AD
n7061596482 (J+) 331m
* 8FE75557-C60F-4139-B15E-762A8441F4D5 Mareham Le Fen Bowls Club Main Road On Wall At The Gate
The Close, Mareham-Le-Fen Boston, PE22 7QZ
n11452050051 (J+) outside Mareham Bowls Club shed Main Street (near old village hall) 330m
* 64549D12-C573-4451-8B1A-AEE600A18FAE Wyre Council
Rossall Point Observation Tower Outer Promenade, The Esplanade, FY7 8PG
n6927214831 (J+) outside Rossall Point Watch Tower 329m
* 657A5C2B-CB41-4221-AAA4-430E16E94423 Irchester Country Park
Gipsy Lane, Irchester Wellingborough, NN29 7DL
n7702713881 (J+) 327m
* FD1EB1EF-5682-4F89-889B-AE6600FA8EDE Preston/Paignton Community Defibrillator Project
Victoria Bowling Club, Abbey Sands, TQ2 5FB
n9982304819 (J+) 326m
* F34F17A3-A638-4998-8D71-AF4D00EEDADD Milford Haven Railway Station
Station Yard, Victoria Road, Milford Haven, SA73 3AB
n11134369538 (J+) On Railway Station platform 326m
* 4E8AAD0A-0028-4F6A-9F2D-AEA700D75E12 Surrey Ambulance Nhs Trust Woodside Park
Woodside Park, Catteshall Ln, Godalming, GU7 1LL
n4062430447 (J+) 322m
* F7D8AC5C-B944-4FC9-9EB3-AE730118E494 Cwmni Gwynant Cyf.
Caffi Gwynant, Nant Gwynant, LL55 4NH
n4350254114 (J+) outside Caffi Gwynant on wall of terrace 322m
* 64AB272B-5CA9-49FD-BC63-AF890122FAFA The Dell Café
Puckpool Sands.seaview, Seaview, PO34 5AR
n11079425316 (J+) On outside wall of Dell Cafe by the entrance 321m
* F8CC7BF7-AB51-43C4-A298-B16500949277 Haugh Of Urr Nursery
Hardgate School,, Haugh Of Urr, DG7 3LD
n9967715556 (J+) Hardgate. Haugh of Urr Nursery. External wall facing road. Left hand side of entrance. 320m
* 9DF1B21D-FE1E-4E80-AD01-AEAB00AAEC9A Martello Beach Holiday Park
8 Belsize Avenue, Jaywick, CO15 2LF
n11813632567 (J+) on exterior of south (main part of car park) side 319m
* 9C06283F-A3CD-4FEB-9AB8-3ADA75DAEE70 Outside Harbour Masters Office, Pier Office
General Area Of, St Margarets Hope Orkney, KW17 2SW
n11131208649 (J+) On wall to left of St Margaret's Hope Pier Trustees building. 318m
* 0914217E-29C5-424C-B3FC-AEEB014D7335 Fire Station
142 Paisley Road, Barrhead, G78 1NR
n11350767449 (J+) On outside wall of Barrhead Fire Station. 318m
* 47A28A2C-A12C-42F1-8736-B03800999444 Weston Hills Village Hall
Village Hall, Broadgate, PE12 6DA
n11923780135 (J+) outside Weston Hills Village Hall 318m
* E4E6F7FA-2385-4DF3-8771-AE7C00DDA598 Beccles Rufc Beef Meadow
Common Lane, Beccles, NR34 9RH
n11966769878 (J+) On outside wall of Beccles Rugby Club Youth Hub, on the end of the building, facing towards the junction of Common Lane and Alan Hutchinson Way. 317m
* 95B977D5-ACAA-4006-ADE4-AFE800FF01BA Screwfix
Stirling Road, Clifton Moore Centre, YO30 4XY
n11145294195 (J+) under counter in Screwfix, Stirling Road, Clifton Moor 315m
* 869B9F37-4972-4F88-88E2-AE3500B66764 Coton C Of E Vc Community Primary School
Whitwell Way, Coton, CB23 7PW
n11708249904 (J+) on the wall on the west side of the school 315m
* BA206D85-156F-4EC6-B3F4-AEE4012E5BFF Mickleover Fc
Station Road, Mickleover, DE3 9FB
n11821322256 (J+) On outside wall of Mickleover Sports 313m
* 569FF951-50CA-4898-BE0A-A470906790BC Countess Of Chester Hospital
Liverpool Road, Chester, CH2 1UL
n11898737569 (J+) Outside Of Main Entrance To Countess Of Chester Hospital 313m
* 8DDE94C1-D76A-4F76-B58C-AD6C00FAD1CA Wydale Hall Wydale Lane,
Brompton By Sawdon, Scarborough, YO13 9DG
n3859265547 (J+) 312m
* A3B18E23-04CF-4811-85B7-AD4300F9AFCA Linton Parish Council
Village Hall, Main Street, YO30 2AS
n7455407543 (J+) outside Linton on Ouse Village Hall, Main Street, Linton-on-Ouse, YO30 2AS - to left of entrance 312m
* F1EED440-4A53-4A1B-9B93-AF2D010A4C73 Waterloo East Station
Sandell Street, London, SE1 8NH
n11816086519 (J+) On platforms B & C. After Starbucks. Yellow box. 312m
* 78573E63-3E16-46C6-8929-5AF62302BD8F Fastaid Bham & Solihull
Carstins Garage 324, Station Road, CV7 7EF
n4218830920 (J+) 311m
* 3568813E-1375-4B41-9463-AFD2012A1DCF Fogwatt Hall
Fogwatt, , IV30 8SL
n10568820792 (J+) outside Fogwatt Hall 311m
* F9E62E8B-13F6-431A-8129-AF0B00AA6C14 Sinclair Fabrics
76 London Rd, Bozeat, NN29 7JR
n5261806372 (J+) On front left wall of Sinclair Fabrics shop near telegraph pole 310m
* 93A268EA-477B-4E6E-86C5-AD6E00A5CABD Village Hall
The Street, Chelsworth, IP7 7HU
n10036638264 (J+) On the front wall of the Victory Hall. 309m
* 609CC445-61B2-4A5E-9EFD-AF6B00FD782D Dore & Totley Railway Station
Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield, S17 3LB
n10994628089 (J+) On the outside wall of the old station building. 305m
* 21C43651-7AAF-45D6-B185-AD6500A2B108 Yealmpton Community Centre
Stray Park, Yealmpton, PL8 2HF
n11933600423 (J+) On outside wall of Yealmpton Primary School, facing circular road 305m
* 4C7B0D1B-815F-44B0-B470-39666C4D351D In Locked Cabinet To Rhs Of Village Hall
Station Road, Hatton Peterhead, AB42 0HZ
n5161205110 (J+) outside Hatton Village Hall 304m
* 7629720D-2AB8-4D02-9E39-AE70008BDC2F Roadchef Sedgemoor Southbound Msa
M5 Southbound, Rooksbridge, BS26 2UF
n9995391314 (J+) 304m
* F1095B50-F609-448F-9EF8-AF5D00EE6718 Rothbury Recreation Club
Riverside, Rothbury, NE65 7NS
n11822098388 (J+) On outside wall of clubhouse facing tennis courts 300m
* 6D76BEA4-0EC6-4505-9359-AFAC0113F865 Findern 59 Longlands Lane
59 Longlands Lane, Findern, DE65 6AH
n11912009565 (J+) On gate post outside 59 Longlands LAne 300m
* E7341517-31CB-45E3-8128-B096014C3888 Ringstead Village Hall
High Street, Ringstead, PE36 5JU
n7551139827 (J+) On exterior wall of Ringstead Village Hall, next to the car park, facing the High Street. 299m
* C97016E7-5613-44F9-937A-1746B0C55754 West Midlands Fire Service
Bournbrook Fire Station, Bristol Road, B5 7SN
n4200096360 (J+) 298m
* 57C8CAF0-745C-47D7-B568-AF4400C49B5B Llanhilleth Railway Station
Commercial Road, Llanhilleth, NP13 2HT
n10300303257 (J+) outside ticket vending machine shelter outside Llanhilleth Railway Station 298m
* F514CB3C-AE46-45B3-929E-AF0200AF724F Mcdonald's - Beverley
Wingfield Way, Yorkshire, HU17 8XE
n11533927693 (J+) McDonald's Beverley, Wingfield Way. Outdoor Yellow Box, view obstructed from the road by play equipment 298m
* 1048C288-7CA1-4C9C-BC02-AD4700C89B2C Killinghall Nomads Jfc
Killinghall Moor Country Park, Barberry Close, HG3 2XZ
n8500037611 (J+) 297m
* 1FD8F251-FB96-4888-B78A-486027B61A7C Village Hall
Leominster, , HR6 9SU
n10239345266 (J+) outside Aymestrey Parish Hall 296m
* BA9227A5-AA0F-4F7B-A4A3-AF5600CB7764 Meadowhall Railway Station
Meadowhall Road, Sheffield, S9 1JQ
n11238090728 (J+) At the bottom of the steps between the bus station and the railway station. 296m
* CAA94D58-965F-403A-85D6-AD73009A519F Halberton Village Hall
Halberton, , EX16 7AF
n11910951735 (J+) outside Halberton Village Hall 296m
* 9C875D57-E5C7-4C1C-AEF7-ABD3013438E9 Cawdor Village Store
Cawdor, Nairn, IV12 5XP
n7983011115 (J+) on post beside road 295m
* 91281626-30B1-4D4F-B200-AB7900E5A843 Cooperative Store
Church Street, Alford, LN13 9EL
n8043410897 (J+) outside Co-op supermarket, Church Street, Alford - under canopy almost opposite church hall 295m
* A67819B6-C151-468F-BAB3-B17A00EC8108 Barnack Village Hall
Village Hall, School Road, PE9 3DN
n9408355849 (J+) outside Barnack Village Hall, down the left hand side 295m
* E442076A-85FF-4C74-8BD3-B03C00AF60E2 Stowmarket Scout Hut
Rectory Road, Bacton, IP14 4LE
n9934354411 (J+) On the front wall of the scout hut. 295m
* ECFAFDE9-8FF8-445E-9F23-AE94009BC1EB Harts Holiday Camp
Leysdown Road, Leysdown, ME12 4RG
n10984654360 (J+) Outside next to Arcade entrance of Harts Holiday Park Clubhouse 295m
* 5A69C554-4209-4813-A25A-AF849FF4DB2A Cotes And Standon Village Hall
Station Road, Cotes Heath, ST21 6RS
n11627815445 (J+) outside Cotes & Standon Village Hall 295m
* B1CAF3D5-59F2-43A7-8F1F-AD5500F1A9B1 Wiveton Parish Council
The Street, Wiveton, NR25 7TH
n11350158233 (J+) inside old red phone box in Wiveton - just north of Wiveton Bell pub 294m
* 0D458A92-5C4A-46CD-BBDB-AD5500D2A576 Telephone Box
Cairnbaan Cottages, Cairnbaan, PA31 8SJ
n9601941076 (J+) inside red phone box by Lock 8 of Crinan Canal, Cairnbaan 293m
* 22B6C99A-50FC-40C8-8643-AF570089E802 Hayling Island Community First Responders
Lifeboat Inn, 30 Sea Front, PO11 9HL
n7371531483 (J+) outside Lifeboat Inn pub, Sea Front, Eastoke 292m
* 51DE284C-D32D-4F79-A375-AEF900CC1D88 Market Square Public Toilets
Church Street, Kirkham, PR4 2SE
n10699251833 (J+) 292m
* 15CBA7DA-4FD0-471B-A65E-AD1E00D10392 Mapledurwell Village Hall
Greywell Road, Mapledurwell, RG25 2LS
n10789182394 (J+) outside Mapledurwell & Up Nately Village Hall 290m
* 847EA7C3-6B0D-47C3-AFD8-AAC500A9E457 Network Rail Ltd
Waverley Railway Station, Platform 2, EH1 1BB
n4319259245 (J+) Platform 2, next to lift for Calton St exit 289m
* 93272FDE-9420-4F9F-95DD-AD210074D995 Main Building Stowe Historic Park And Garden
Dadford Road, Stowe, MK18 5EH
n7221469314 (J+) 289m
* 2C64630D-8E23-401A-8E4E-AD6500A22315 Livewell Southwest - Mount Gould Local Care Centre
Mount Gould Local, 200 Mount Gould Road, PL4 7PY
n9563733142 (J+) On outside wall of Mount Gould Hospital, next to main entrance on Mount Gould Road 288m
* F47D874E-4F2C-473F-B281-AD7500B5A15B Car Park Hut
Fore Street, East Looe, PL13 1AS
n10130788624 (J+) 288m
* 65B8751D-4BF6-4BE5-BD68-AF270116547D Se Trains Limited
Dunton Green Station, Station Road Dunton Green, TN13 2XD
n10969028850 (J+) On Platform 1 the northbound platform. Available during station opening hours but since there are no ticket gates at this station, the defibrillator should be accessible by the public 24/7. Yellow in colour. 288m
* 186C07A1-733B-470E-92C9-AE3500E16D3E Preston / Paignton Community Defibrillator Project
Meadfoot Beach Café, Meadfoot Sea Rd, TQ1 2LQ
n9982305038 (J+) 287m
* 3592091C-3057-490F-9299-ADE700FBA8E9 Fleetwood Community Defibrillators Fund
Trinity Baptist Church, Poulton Road, FY7 7LB
n11001460757 (J+) 286m
* 0795E882-D0F7-4088-995F-AE9700B84FE3 East Of England Co-Op
The Street, Capel St Mary, IP9 2EB
n5715443918 (J+) On exterior wall of Coop, facing the car park on The Street, just to the right of the Main entrance. 285m
* F389D1AD-A103-4C51-93AD-ABC100877E43 Spratton Sport Field Recreation Ground
Smith Street, Spratton, NN6 8HP
n7076300153 (J+) 284m
* 898CDE88-F682-4480-83EF-AF5600C8A695 Parish Council
The Inn At Huxley, Huxley Lane, CH3 9BG
n8327931034 (J+) 284m
* 84BC0C88-3235-4434-9C40-AE6F01124A31 Belle
100 Church Road, Tarleton, PR4 6UP
n10951830279 (J+) On wall outside Delle 283m
* A789ECD9-1FEC-48A4-8E9D-AF0B00945F2B Templemore Old Peoples Home
121 Harlestone Rd, Northampton, NN5 6AA
n6374280532 (J+) On wall next to gate near main road 282m
* B59C931F-FAFB-4552-977B-AF0B00946E1C Leicester Forest East Post Office
Post Office, Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest East, LE3 3GH
n7960910494 (J+) 281m
* E40165EC-C14A-4375-99F4-AF0B00A1FB4D Fleet Road Garage
36 Fleet Road, Holbeach, PE12 8LA
n9041719266 (J+) 280m
* 31FFCF56-C0E1-4ABC-B8F1-B0BA00C84041 Framwellgate Police Station
Old Pitt Lane, Framwellgate Moor, DH1 5HE
n11838788199 (J+) 280m
* 32B54E5F-E791-42DF-84E4-AFA501034ACF Harwich & Dovercourt Rugby Club
Swimming Pool Road, Wick Lane, CO12 3TA
n3811407285 (J+) on front wall of building 279m
* D9BE0FD5-9860-49E1-8D77-AD5000DEC047 Thakeham Village Hall
1 Abingworth Crescent, Thakeham, RH20 3GW
n9278862262 (J+) outside Thakeham Village Hall 279m
* DA4A1DFA-EE96-4584-9A7B-AED200FE53CB Flatford National Trust Upper Car Park
Flatford Road, East Bergholt, CO7 6UL
n11829161483 (J+) on the front corner of left wall as viewed from driving into the car park 279m
* 861D589A-D87C-4A57-8BC7-AFF8008876E2 Main Entrance (Business School, City & Guilds, Electrical Engineering, Faculty Building)
London, , SW7 2AZ
n9948781273 (J+) Inside Imperial College Main Entrance lobby 278m
* B51F57EB-25B4-4E38-8078-B07800C4A722 Red Lion Inn
High Street, Arlingham, GL2 7JN
n10748684430 (J+) On the west exterior wall of The Red Lion 278m
* E90E0F6C-AD10-485C-89C4-B14400DA6FE6 Kilmun Younger Hall
Shore Rd, Kilmun, PA23 8SB
n11003429103 (J+) outside Younger Hall Kilmun 278m
* FCD7883A-7AB0-4B94-A165-B0BB015DCCAE Tesco
Tesco Filling Station, Stirling Road, YO30 4XZ
n11557893486 (J+) inside Tesco Petrol Station shop, Clifton Moor - to right of tills, only available during shop opening hours 278m
* 9B26586D-1B20-44A6-98D3-AE400114B18E Sutton Green Village Hall
New Lane, Sutton Green, GU4 7QF
n12030018455 (J+) outside Sutton Green Village Hall 278m
* 9B5A253C-7061-44EB-A520-AFF000EEA8BA Ford End Village Hall
Main Road, Ford End, CM3 1LQ
n5984122604 (J+) On exterior wall of Ford End Village Hall, facing Main Road roud the corner to the left of the main entrance. 276m
* 97B4F193-6B74-4408-8376-AEA200E579E2 One Stop Stores
114 Turkey Rd,, Bexhill-On-Sea, TN39 5HE
n4118721038 (J+) South side of building, One Stop convenience store. 275m
* 830D9EAD-9A4D-4564-A80B-9B397BD58430 Raphaels Licensed Restaurant
Boat Lane, Evesham, WR11 4BP
n10984651776 (J+) On exterior wall of Raphael's Restaurant, on the far side from Boat Lane. 274m
* 57CE7D24-6379-4D7C-BC0A-AD42010D28BF Billingley Parish Meeting
Billingley Hall, Back Lane, S72 0JF
n7260892511 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 273m
* A1D868E8-5C26-4BE7-BCFB-ADC70116D40D Wark Parish Council
Front Street, Wark, NE48 3LG
n7325822658 (J+) 272m
* FE58A488-136F-45DF-AE04-3AC3B857BB8C Lamlash Lifeboat Station
Unnamed Road, Lamlash Isle Of Arran, KA27 8JN
n8845716827 (J+) 272m
* A66762DA-7807-477B-BEA4-AEAD00BEC7D8 Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Longley Ambulance Station, 9 Crowder Road, S5 7PJ
n10792437101 (J+) On outside wall. 271m
* A48D1492-B9B2-4AC9-8DBA-AEF900CC10E5 Public Toilets, St Annes Rd West
St Annes Rd West, Lytham St Annes, FY8 1SB
n7280011502 (J+) Public Toilets 270m
* 7633CC7E-11EB-41D6-8895-AF1800C616F3 Medequip - Rotherham
Eastwood Trading Estate, Chesterton Road, S65 1SU
n11034398311 (J+) On the outside wall by the front door of the industrial building. 270m
* 58E3F0B4-BD59-4A96-BDE7-AE9E00CEB348 Steeds Lane Telephone Box
Steeds Lane, Kingsnorth, TN26 1NQ
n1195576138 (J+) inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) on Steeds Lane, Kingsnorth 269m
* 126BA998-9E07-467D-B664-B18000AA2606 Harbour Masters Office
Toft, Elie, KY9 1DT
n11175497179 (J+) On outside wall of Harbourmaster building, facing the car park 269m
* 99ECF771-A83E-4C04-9012-AF2A00DDBD82 Mill Arms Public House
Mill Arms, Barley Hill, SO51 0LF
n4921936824 (J+) 268m
* C0D51F88-0742-4102-AF85-AEA5013694AA Foulness Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Church End, SS3 9XQ
n9647064617 (J+) inside old red phone box in Churchend 268m
* 891B6D02-DCB3-4ABE-9676-AFB100C69B33 Fordham Village Hall
Church Road, Fordham, CO6 3NE
n11895669258 (J+) on front wall of the village hall at left side, viewed from road 268m
* AFDAE188-2A2C-404D-992A-AD7500B9DFF4 West Looe Scout Hut
West Road, West Looe, PL13 2EE
n10119114317 (J+) On outside of scout building at junction of Downs Road and Goonwartha road 267m
* 80C5FE49-3B82-411E-BFF5-A3AEEA181A79 Red Telephone Kiosk
Outside St Bartholomew's Church (Glazeley Church), B4363, WV16 6AB
n5186182789 (J+) inside red telephone box, Glazeley - by war memorial 266m
* B01FF15F-84A9-4DAA-9121-ADA200F86262 Whirlow Hall Farm Trust
Whirlow Lane, Whirlow, S11 9QF
n9384555416 (J+) On outside wall at Whirlow Hall Farm. 265m
* 38D54D9B-8100-4D81-99AE-AD72009A04DA Colney Pavillion
Uea Sports Facility, Colney Lane, NR4 7UL
n5418515846 (J+) On exterior wall of sports pavilion, to the left of the entrance facing the road. 264m
* 3FD2709C-4AFA-4857-890A-AF1000B4F1F7 Wellingborough Ambulance Station
1b Irthlingborough Road, Wellingborough, NN8 1NU
n6312398119 (J+) On front of Ambulance station near access road. 264m
* 6142665F-6621-4773-BF16-BA2400F79AD5 Lichfield Museum Bowling Club The Hub
Beacon Park, Lichfield, WS13 6QZ
n11966216089 (J+) By the discovery Hub gate 264m
* 1D0046AC-0467-410B-B5D4-B06E00F2078A Marbury Country Park
Comberbach, Northwich, CW9 6AT
n8251382726 (J+) Outside wall 263m
* 87AD6796-A508-4666-912C-AD2100C0FD6A Public Telephone 30m From 2 Church View 9m From Unnamed Road
Rocks Cottage To Forches Cross, Clatworthy, TA4 2EQ
n11129043713 (J+) inside old red phone box in Clatworthy 261m
* 65ECFA5B-50AE-4659-BA6D-B03600A8AFA1 Terrace Cafe
Madeira Road, Plymouth, PL1 2NY
n9439927118 (J+) On wall below Terrace cafe below Ice Cream Hut on Madeira Road 260m
* 5532E01F-0366-43BD-96B1-AB56010D103C Erigmore Caravan Site
St. Marys Road, Dunkeld, PH8 0BJ
n10087205973 (J+) 260m
* D0ABF6FE-A701-4FF3-970C-AF0200AAA0D2 Fife Central Retail Park
17 Chapel Park, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6QL
n9925828333 (J+) Fife Central Retail Park - between Dreams and B&M 259m
* 2F412829-52B8-4866-A242-AFEB01319715 Phone Box
Telephone Box, Opposite 77 North Street, CB25 0BB
n11006387152 (J+) inside old red phone box in North Street, Burwell 259m
* 2BC29187-68F7-49AA-8485-AFD601244886 East Bergholt Kmc Garage
Kmc Garage, Heath Road, East Bergholt, CO7 6RL
n10794827146 (J+) On the outside of the MOT building, on the side the furthest from the road, next to the car park 257m
* 49B881E0-1468-47DB-98CB-2000766B8B78 Leysters & Middleton On The Hill Parish Hall
Leominster, , HR6 0HP
n11847068219 (J+) On wall to right of entrance door. 257m
* E701AA7C-F300-4763-B1A9-B11400C8EB60 Simon Playing Field
Ford Lane, Manchester, M20 2RU
n6073025495 (J+) in code locked box on the wall to the right of the main door 256m
* 27C8D6B9-48D9-4E6B-8F42-AA62D2CE3B9F The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery
Bethesda Street, Stoke On Trent, ST1 3DW
n6610399399 (J+) 256m
* 563265FC-BB33-4FEC-8A25-AE3900FA82E1 Cookridge Village Hall
Moseley Wood Lane, Cookridge, LS16 7ER
n10874997424 (J+) outside Cookridge Village Hall 256m
* 494F5034-1D9A-4E4D-89F7-B06100ACAA91 Haslemere
Lower Street, Haslemere, GU27 2PE
n11161736902 (J+) On the left hand side of the station entrance 256m
* 17D2A5C1-2050-4760-9DB7-AD7F00EB4D20 Lakenheath Village Hall
Lakenheath Peace Memoria Hall, 88 High Street, IP27 9DS
n9082393647 (J+) On exterior wall of Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall, facing the High Street. 255m
* FD751FFB-532A-44C4-9BFC-ADF200D500AE Spar Shop
1 Bells Lane, Glemsford, CO10 7QA
n11862536707 (J+) on front wall of Spar, facing car park 255m
* 5E74A429-752E-40C2-AC42-B0E200D16A7F Holton Village Hall
Holton, Oxford, OX33 1PR
n11967541435 (J+) Next to door of Village Hall 255m
* 30953F5F-5848-4DEF-93EE-AEA000F61703 Lavant Memorial Hall
Pook Ln, East Lavant,, Chichester, PO18 0AH
n6378543605 (J+) outside Lavant Memorial Hall, 254m
* 579D9962-0781-4787-BC4C-2A0DA6003B5A In The Telephone Kiosk On
Moor Ln, Kirk Langley Ashbourne, DE6 4LQ
n6417955080 (J+) In red telephone box 254m
* 25FE0203-7ED1-423A-9D3E-0813B97E82D6 Inside Telephone Box O/S Village Hall
B733, Kirkcowan Newton Stewart, DG8 0HN
n9464140929 (J+) inside phone box next to St Couan's Hall, Main Street, Kirkcowan 254m
* 6A176CFA-8412-489B-AC45-AE3F00D7E393 Tesco Extra
Ackhurst Industrial Park, Foxhole Rd, PR7 1NW
n9646570300 (J+) At customer service desk. 254m
* 6E0C0284-C38C-404A-BD7E-B08A00FDB7FC Navigation Inn
Newport Road, Gnosall, ST20 0BN
n11849716366 (J+) On garage wall to left of car park entrance. 254m
* 642CDDE9-58A4-4E7F-827E-AAD4006713BD Traquair Village Hall
Traquair, Village Hall, EH44 6PH
n9484939445 (J+) outside Traquair Village Hall 253m
* C8CFF354-BB9D-462A-8B13-AF6B00FD8D41 Kiveton Bridge Railway Station
Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 6RD
n11730295706 (J+) On the platform 1. Next to the shelter. 252m
* D33BF326-1F74-40EE-A56F-AAC300920E3C Telephone Box
Main Street, Harborough Magna, CV23 0HS
n321766503 (J+) in old red phone box on the green in Easenhall 251m
* 66B9FCD0-F48C-40CE-9158-AE3801136030 Telephone Kiosk, Cross
The White Hart Pub, Old Coach Road, BS26 2EF
n6135559938 (J+) inside old telephone box by car park opposite White Hart inn, Old Coach Road, Cross 251m
* 32D3E7D7-BEEA-48AB-895F-B09E00E25252 Mkm Building Supplies
Unit 4, Kettlestring Lane, YO30 4XF
n11728368257 (J+) inside MKM Building Supplies - behind counter - available during shop opening hours 251m
* CE46A59C-F29B-48C2-A0F4-AD8900CA0049 University Of Gloucestershire
Monk Building, The Park Campus, The Park, GL50 2RH
n5159714542 (J+) 250m
* 4807C316-779F-4521-8CC8-AB36010002BC Red Telephone Box
Opposite 108 Ogley Hay Road, Burntwood, WS7 2HX
n9556566850 (J+) inside old red phone box on Ogley hay Road, Burntwood 250m
* 21077224-E762-43FD-8762-A90AE21DAAE1 Whitmore High School
Port Road West, Barry, CF62 8ZJ
n10873422726 (J+) Next to gate, mounted on the fence. 250m
* 47F2ADDE-7FBC-4CF2-915A-AE3900C5C033 Butchers Arms
Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith, CA10 3JP
n10887776622 (J+) On outside wall of pub 248m
* C23E44F2-D4CE-435C-9FC1-AE4700EAF847 Tesco
1 Transit Way, Plymouth, PL5 3TW
n11189090321 (J+) Next to security desk near main entrance 247m
* 17D3D3F5-BB4E-4B72-A565-AFBC01425A22 Walesby Village Hall
Main Car Park, Otby Lane Walesby, LN8 3UT
n11538298087 (J+) outside Walseby Village hall - facing car park 247m
* F964A012-D181-4879-B289-AFE100DD622F Heworth Cricket Club
Elmpark Way, Heworth, YO31 1DX
n11646361600 (J+) outside City of York Hockey Club & Heworth Cricket Club clubhouse, Elmpark View - to the right of the main entrance 247m
* 5440E847-ECD4-4F74-B97B-AEA000F68900 Eastbourne Phonebox
Easebourne Phonebox, Dodsley Grove, GU29 9AR
n1375134491 (J+) in old red phone box, Dodsley Lane, Easebourne 246m
* 61D11F8F-D911-472E-B691-AE29010AAFA3 Kirkland Phone Box
St Lawrence's Church, Kirkland, CA10 1RN
n9900825270 (J+) inside phone box near St Lawrence Church, Kirkland 246m
* 312F373B-3787-4E90-B6A8-AF89011DFAB2 Mermaid Dist
Pondwell Hill., Ryde, PO33 1PX
n11079440069 (J+) On outside wall of The Mermaid Bar/Isle of Wight Distillery 246m
* B99C2622-F114-46C0-ACD2-ADEB00E8ACC8 Telephone Box
Centre Of Village, Skirwith, CA10 1RG
n556199425 (J+) inside old telephone box on village green, Skirwith 245m
* 1907A9ED-CC44-4D14-B84D-AF7400DD31D4 Kiveton Park Railway Station
Kiveton Park, Sheffield, S26 6PB
n11061831749 (J+) On platform 2, near the shelter. 245m
* 5EFC6AED-4E93-439B-AA64-AE9B00E4F39F Bury Village Hall
Bury Village Hall, The Village Shop, The St, Bury,, RH20 1PA
n4885099253 (J+) 244m
* 85FA2918-B9CB-4586-BC01-AACB0090E2FD Manor Village Hall
Lyne & Manor Parish Church, Kirkton Manor, EH45 9JH
n10568454191 (J+) outside Manor Village Hall, Kirkton 243m
* 1E4BE18F-406E-456C-9415-AD3700821C3D Honington & Sapiston Village Hall
Honington & Sapiston Village Hall Bardwell Road, Bardwell Road, IP31 1RU
n4969339500 (J+) On exterior wall of Sapiston Village Hall, on the right-hand side when looking from Bardwell Road. 242m
* 29E9CACE-F2B3-4145-A11E-69650A816ABF Calgary Farmhouse
Calgary Farmhouse And Cafe, Calgary, PA75 6QQ
n9053411094 (J+) Outside, left hand side of the door 242m
* E329F7F1-030E-41CB-8EBB-AE5200E2A3A0 The Conservation Volunteers
Port Sunlight River Park Heritage Centre, Dock Road, CH62 4TQ
n11898735069 (J+) Outside River Park heritage Centre 242m
* A6748BFC-A005-428D-810B-AFE400BB607E Orkney Auction Mart
Grainshore Road, Hatston Industrial Estate, KW15 1FL
n10811693096 (J+) Orkney Auction Mart Ltd. External south facing wall. Left of door. 241m
* 55E76F80-9724-484B-ADD6-AEA10101161D Manor Barn
4 De La Warr Rd,, Bexhill-On-Sea, TN40 2JA
n4172182363 (J+) East side of building, Manor Gardens public toilets. 240m
* A6FBB712-0A86-4211-A4E4-AF0B00AA79EF Park Avenue Methodist Church
Park Avenue North, Northampton, NN3 2HT
n6359442024 (J+) Left hand side of schoolroomn entrance 240m
* B99A612D-D329-49D1-8772-AED5008D605F Mulbarton Wanderers
Mulberry Park, Long Lane, NR14 8JS
n3521628574 (J+) On outside wall of Mulbarton Social Club, facing the back car park and the football pitch. 239m
* 6C9BAA8E-D380-4E05-A213-AB060132B488 Land Sea & Island Centre
Arisaig, , PH39 4NJ
n8850865932 (J+) outside wall of Land, Sea and Islands Centre 239m
* FF28C2B6-C270-40B9-A19B-AD9B00F2D110 External Anston Park Infant School
Anston Park Infant School, Park Avenue, S25 2QZ
n7599927396 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 238m
* B21EE164-0E51-4550-A575-B12000C0A444 Bardwell Playing Fields Association
Spring Road, Bardwell, IP31 1AB
n9706535514 (J+) To the left of the main entrance to the Grumpy Goat, Spring Road. 238m
* 600C5D40-5725-48AD-99A4-AF0E00F623DB Kirkburton Cricket Club
Riley Lane, Kirkburton, HD8 0SX
n11052846408 (J+) On the outside wall of the pavilion. 238m
* DBD07475-5BD1-44F7-874B-AD7300997415 Bradworthy Football Pavilion
North Road, Bradworthy, EX22 7QS
n11778605417 (J+) On outside wall of football club building next to North Road 238m
* 193112CB-BEDB-4039-8442-AE4400F2148B Chellaston Fields, Spencer Academy
Riber Drive, Chellaston, DE73 6WS
n11832581780 (J+) Outside Chellaston Fields school 238m
* 7A8F3C98-0134-4D9D-8A5B-AD6500A24998 Newton Ferrers Harbour Office
Newton Ferrers, Harbour Office, PL8 1BN
n9573675521 (J+) 237m
* 29354025-240C-4C28-9676-B0F800D6F61F Screwfix
Causeway End, 20 Cliftonhall Industrial Estate, CO11 2LH
n11805576288 (J+) Sticker on door advertises availability, but ask at counter as not obviously visible in customer accessible area. 237m
* 9BFD5A42-C7FF-4960-A733-B13800A7B0C3 Brudenell Estates
Village Hall, Deene, NN17 3EJ
n6446681996 (J+) 236m
* C3DBE683-AE3F-4712-B12F-AD8300EF1CFB Aldeburgh Church Hall
St Peters Ad St Pauls Church Hall, Victoria Road, IP15 5DU
n9969878516 (J+) On exterior wall of church hall, just to the right of the main entrance from the car park. 236m
* C16C6198-5314-446A-B6EB-AF2900C6BC39 Chevington Village Hall
33 Chedburgh Road, Chevington, IP29 5QS
n10978868167 (J+) Adjacent to the entrance of the village hall. 236m
* 214BD624-FF2A-425F-84D7-B02500E0D3D8 Goole Fire Station
Larsen Road, Goole, DN14 6XF
n8332476980 (J+) outside Goole Fire Station, Larsen Road, Goole, DN14 6XF - to right of entrance 235m
* 71A7E5B8-912D-476B-830E-B06D011847D1 Yo225eh
Radfords Butcher's, 81 Coach Road, YO22 5EH
n7439470403 (J+) outside Radfords Butchers, 81 Coach Road, Sleights, YO22 5EH - down left hand side of building 234m
* D0C6FEB1-447D-4847-815F-AF6F01020F54 Field Dalling Road
Sharrington Road, Bale, NR21 0QS
n8914943640 (J+) inside old red phone box, Bale 234m
* A343DC4F-6860-4F6A-B630-AD7300997CB2 Castle Drogo
Drewsteignton, , EX6 6PB
n12041557969 (J+) Outside Drogo Castle Biomass 233m
* 38D7F995-43D0-4881-BF8F-AF0B00910482 Silverdale Community Centre
The Downs, Nottingham, NG11 7EB
n9761203142 (J+) 232m
* 067A3883-38FE-494E-96C6-B02B00C99C2D Tesco Stores Ltd
Quays Campus, Trafford Rd, M5 3AW
n8796558853 (J+) Inside Tesco Express 231m
* C0DC9B40-55D6-460E-A600-AEC500DF0E96 Spittal Village Hall
Spittal, Halkirk, KW1 5XR
n11931187757 (J+) outside Spittal Village Hall 231m
* 5671D5E6-5E21-43F5-8C65-AD2000806C3D Walter Bailey (Par) Ltd
Walter Bailey Ltd, St Andrews Road, PL24 2LX
n9654183517 (J+) 230m
* 3DD6ED2F-062F-4194-814E-7871A40618AE Public Telephone
Ross Road, Brampton Abbots, HR9 7JD
n8931407926 (J+) inside red phone box, Ross Road, Brampton Abbotts 229m
* 18662869-6454-4988-A1EB-AE820109A6C3 Outdoor Sports Courts
University Of Essex - Outdoor Sports Courts, Wivenhoe Park, CO4 3SQ
n11877152137 (J+) on outside wall at field end of courtyard-ish area between the buildings 229m
* 3050DDE0-BBAF-42E0-BECA-AE1900BE54E0 Town Clerk
The Rings Community Hub, The Rings, TS17 5LL
n10599026025 (J+) 228m
* 16C571F5-8E5D-4C65-86C9-ADFA00DAA306 The Hub
Stone Close, Seahouses, NE68 7YL
n11073697466 (J+) On exterior wall of The Hub, just to the right of the main entrance. 228m
* 570BD32B-0440-4729-819B-AE9A0120DCAC Ilminster Cricket Club
Ilminster Cricket Club The Recreation Ground, The Mead, TA19 0EY
n5062690721 (J+) 227m
* 8796972F-A03D-4297-99B5-AE9700ACACF4 East Of England Co-Op
Old Swaffham Road, East Dereham, NR19 2AZ
n6821286674 (J+) On exterior wall of Coop Daily store, to the right of the main entrance 227m
* D6D40F25-2BC3-4517-BB11-B13000DB9C15 1a Main Street
Market Overton, , LE15 7PL
n9654959896 (J+) outside local shop on Main Street, Market Overton 227m
* 2FB4F3B5-F31E-495B-9DD5-ADD300C4F771 Newcastle Emlyn Town Council
Yellow Old Phone Box Glaspant Terrace, Aberarad, SA38 9DQ
n10607096850 (J+) inside old red phone box (painted yellow), Heol Arad, Newcastle Emlyn 227m
* 9B00589A-DAC3-4EE9-BEDC-ADBF00BB8080 The Old Red Telephone Kiosk
Hindford, Whittington, SY11 4NL
n11132154847 (J+) inside old red phone box in Hindford 227m
* 54A62F75-6F38-4E14-9CE5-AD4900ED2BF1 Red Telephone Box
Church Street, Goldsborough, Knaresborough, HG5 8NR
n5128009807 (J+) inside old red phone box at the bottom of Princes Mead, Goldsborough 225m
* 9D87E5E7-BE89-466A-AC33-AECF00D4F33C The Beach Hut
West Beach, Stotfield Road, IV31 6QS
n11378058141 (J+) On outside wall next to Beach Hut Cafe 225m
* 1F961EF2-BD9D-4F7F-B4A8-AD7500B2B688 Kimmeridge Museum & Village Hall
Etches Collection, Kimmeridge, BH20 5PE
n10016139576 (J+) 224m
* 8631D3A6-2733-41B9-AE2D-AD7500B1FAFC Lydiard Park Visitor Centre
Lydiard Tregoze, Swindon, SN5 3PA
n11543472587 (J+) Mounted on the wall. 224m
* 2ADEB6C6-72EE-4470-AB40-AF0E00F62A1C Terling Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Oakfield Lane, CM3 2QX
n9406060490 (J+) inside old red phone box that is now used as book exchange in Flack's Green 223m
* 14D62074-CA1D-460C-8CAA-AB72013CB0B2 Nevern And Moylegrove Community Council
Nevern Church Hall, Nevern, SA42 0NF
n9688705597 (J+) on outside of Memorial Hall, Nevern 223m
* 0021DA48-7A2A-4EBD-9CE6-AE3A00BC9ED3 Tesco Extra
The Forum, 0, SG1 1ES
n11956385069 (J+) AED located inside Tescos at customer service desk 223m
* 6254F7CB-473C-4324-86C0-AD6A01183E43 Angram Manor Farm Barn
Dam Bridge To District Boundary, Angram, YO23 3PA
n7392274226 (J+) outside Sycamore Barn, Angram, YO23 3PA 222m
* 35DFB998-9A60-47A4-9CB6-B03600AF16F5 Devils Point
Admiralty Road, Plymouth, PL1 3RS
n9403600127 (J+) On outside corner of toilet building next to Artillery Tower, Durnford Street 222m
* 05004DC3-92CB-4FF2-9638-AE5D00BD52B6 Llyn Alwen Reservoir Car Park
Cerrigydridion, Corwen, LL21 9TT
n9866682771 (J+) In yellow cabinet at entrance to car park. 222m
* 5E2EB0F0-D2C1-4B69-B491-BEF36309F382 Moray Crematorium- On Front Of Chapel
Unnamed Road, Clochan Buckie, AB56 5HQ
n7692857216 (J+) wall 221m
* 2D691340-72E7-4D74-B132-AD1E00F86AAF Moulsoe Millennium Hall
Cranfield Road, Moulsoe, MK16 0HB
n9437085840 (J+) On the front wall of Millenium Hall, to the right of the front door 221m
* 9B9FF416-21A7-444D-AE9D-ADE40016D75E Village Hall Plumley
Plumley Village Hall, Plumley Moor Road, WA16 0TR
n11852084171 (J+) defibrillator outside Plumley Village Hall 221m
* D1C1FE2E-0E02-43E0-9AEE-B06000A32ECF 11-17 Chellaston Lane
Aston On Trent, Derby, DE72 2AX
n4666409421 (J+) Outside the War Memorial Hall in Aston-on-Trent 220m
* 1DB8BFB6-E067-48C8-913C-AAD800E30D8B Crailing,Eckford And Nisbet Community Council
6 West Nisbet Steading, Nisbet, TD8 6TE
n8900677165 (J+) inside red phone box, Nisbet 219m
* 66712455-C2B9-44F6-8B54-B03700D26E29 Buxton Railway Station
Station Road, Buxton, SK17 6AQ
n9470258733 (J+) inside the old red phone box on Platform 2 of Buxton Railway Station 219m
* 0875827B-1CC8-46AB-9528-E200C1EF0FD0 Snp Constituency Office
29 High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9RU
n9917712907 (J+) front of building, on High Street 219m
* 1D477D89-47F3-47C3-AFC7-B15600EF9E2A Waitrose Otley
60 Westgate, Otley, LS21 3AS
n10778089343 (J+) on side wall of Waitrose just to the right of the cash machines 219m
* 0BC890DB-F1E8-4B18-A55C-B15600F2AE4E Waitrose West Byfleet
60 Station Approach, West Byfleet, KT14 6NE
n11669773910 (J+) Mounted on wall outside entrance to Waitrose store, by the shopping trolleys. 218m
* 7D604E5E-B7A9-4168-AA51-AACA010F7A78 The Graftons Village Hall
New Road, Temple Grafton, B49 6NX
n5643885232 (J+) 217m
* DCE52F85-BDF5-42E9-B680-AFAA00C0E1C8 Wilmslow Leisure Centre
(Vehicle Access Off Broadway), Station Rd, SK9 1NB
n7352068288 (J+) 217m
* 51BC56DF-25C3-4614-9D85-AD41009B1CC4 Whitby Defibrillator Project
Black Bull Inn, Ugthorpe, YO21 2BQ
n7396248348 (J+) outside Black Bull pub, Postgate Way, Ugthorpe, YO21 2BQ - to left of entrance 217m
* 213B39CA-ACE5-44BC-B879-AEAC01218102 Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Wath Ambulance Station, Doncaster Road, Wath, S63 7DN
n11048038720 (J+) On the outside wall of the ambulance station. 217m
* B10CF599-0C14-44C0-A496-AE1901073705 Mcdonalds Restaurant
Colchester Stadium, Junction 28 A12, Mile End, CO4 5HH
n11851376484 (J+) left hand wall front corner as viewed from car park 217m
* BD4244A6-E6B4-41B4-9236-ACC70101C80C St Michael's C Of E Church
Church Lane, Rocester, ST14 5JZ
n10062018063 (J+) 216m
* 9816FFB7-C45A-477D-91FE-AE3100C15702 Heartstart Somerset
2 Wagon House, Castles Hill, TA17 8TB
n10687294438 (J+) inside old red phone box, Castles Hill, Allowenshay 216m
* 08FE0D0C-0BCE-43D8-930A-AF570089DF66 Hayling Island Community First Responders
Northney Tea Rooms, Northney Farm, PO11 0SE
n7160719073 (J+) Outside on north facing wall 215m
* 23146AA2-0612-405E-8553-AF3500CB7FD0 Upwood And The Raveleys Parish Council
Upwood Village Hall, High Street, PE26 2QE
n7535923355 (J+) 215m
* 743A4AB7-6ABA-407F-A486-AD73009A4DE8 Great Torrington Old Bowling Green
New Street, Torrington, EX38 8DN
n9611192717 (J+) On outside wall of public toilets at Old Bowling Green 214m
* 33AB5AF7-5F9E-4C3C-8707-AE3600B9EB79 Tesco Express
87 Frinton Rd, 0, CO15 5UH
n11793780022 (J+) On tills side of concrete pillar on the left as you enter the store. 214m
* 85641A13-1D6C-4562-BF2A-B16400CCAF9F Welcome Break Gordano
Gordano Motorway Services Area, M5, Portbury, BS20 7XG
n9995182359 (J+) 213m
* C1CEE388-F3BC-4D16-AE9D-E3C904EF6673 On External Wall Beside Door Of Beyond Brows
Main Road, Cardross Dumbarton, G82 5PX
n11341589702 (J+) On outside wall of Lomond Soap/Bloom & Beauty, opposite Newsagent on Main Road 213m
* 2168D81A-0308-4F6C-B9C3-B09F00F572FD St Chad's Church Hall
Campleshon Road, York, YO23 1PE
n11513743569 (J+) On outside wall of St Chad's Church Hall, facing Campleshon Road. 213m
* 886213C1-8D2D-4880-8816-AD6E01212A9D Wortwell Bell Public House
52 High Road, Wortwell, Harleston, IP20 0HH
n11662253437 (J+) On outside wall of The Wortwell Bell PH, on the side facing the car-park. 213m
* EEE368D9-2843-4BC3-B053-AE19010854EE Mile End Sports Centre
Fords Lane, Colchester, CO4 5FP
n11981297166 (J+) On outside wall of main building on Mile End Recreation Ground, facing north towards Ford Lane. 213m
* E14D73FA-CE05-4437-BD9E-D9D4B5C22B65 Village Hall- On O/S Wall By Carpark
Unnamed Road, Marykirk Laurencekirk, AB30 1UT
n10119550268 (J+) outside Marykirk Village Hall 212m
* C45EB2C4-A158-430E-9A2C-51ECDD98630A The School Room
Main Rd, Old Brampton Chesterfield, S42 7JG
n7047780989 (J+) outside The School Room, Old Brampton 211m
* D1C5356C-9351-47C5-A029-AD9F00ABCE9D Bildeston Road
Wattisham, , IP7 7JY
n9233321731 (J+) Inside the disused red telephone kiosk, opposite the village sign. 211m
* AEBFB2D9-A667-418C-B10A-AECC00FF8EA4 Staveley-In-Cartmel Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Staveley-In-Cartmel, LA12 8NH
n9937990660 (J+) Decommissioned Telephone Box 211m
* 56243862-DB6F-4049-AC17-ADF4012F5E41 Costcutters Herston
Costcutters, 208 High Street, BH19 2PQ
n7839533730 (J+) On outside wall outside Post Office, High Street, Herston, Swanage 210m
* 8BA32E23-036A-4EC2-9912-AAE600C0B06B Poolewe Village Hall
Poolewe Hall, Poolewe, IV22 2LD
n9384201966 (J+) outside Poolewe Hall 210m
* 008A9DD6-57A1-435C-90EC-AEBE00EA85A2 Guiseley Railway Station
Station Road, Guiseley, LS20 8BX
n11045989425 (J+) On wall of Guiseley train station ticket office by the car park. 210m
* 1926129B-D7A8-41AE-85D8-AC0E00A8C2CF Stoney Middleton Parish Council
Stoney Middleton Playing Field, The Avenue, S32 4TB
n11008415831 (J+) On outside wall of shed next to football field. 209m
* 49A47F06-EAAA-44B0-9915-AD57009A5EF0 Chattisham And Hintlesham Parish Council
The Phone Box, The Street, IP8 3QE
n8944180310 (J+) Inside the old red telephone kiosk which is also used as the village bookcase. The Street, Chattisham 208m
* 04366ACC-2CB4-4EE8-B772-EF08833E3BC5 Wairds Caravan Park- Next To Reception/Shop
Beach Road, Johnshaven Montrose, DD10 0EP
n9882050122 (J+) 208m
* 6D885658-5453-4054-A20B-AED200FE62B7 Bushy Hill Community Centre
180 Bushy Hill Drive, Guildford, GU1 2UG
n10820133906 (J+) On wall of community centre, by main door 208m
* 3B125622-0890-4432-BD2F-AFE100DD718C East Bergholt Lawn Bowls Club
Lawn Bowls Club, Gandish Road, CO7 6TP
n11822788156 (J+) on outside wall at corner of building nearest playing fields 208m
* 1DFD9365-5905-4F43-B48E-B14A00B3C127 Lidgate
The Star Public House, The Street, CB8 9PX
n10978981640 (J+) On the left-hand wall of the Star pub. 207m
* 0ABCB15D-5873-4F24-9E2C-ADC400C1A70C Pudsey Defibrillator Project
Masons Arms (Pub), 64 Lowtown, LS28 7AA
n6027679423 (J+) Front wall of Masons Arms to right of entrance 206m
* EABD10B5-F228-4794-8984-AADD0183CE2B Mow Cop Community Hall
32 Congleton Road, Stoke-On-Trent, ST7 3PJ
n9048380846 (J+) outside Mow Cop Community Hall 206m
* EC09A565-6E60-44D1-910B-AEE00106A9BF Cyngor Bro Llangeler
Kiosk Other Side Of Road At Penybont, Cwmhiraeth, SA44 5XN
n10607144227 (J+) inside old red phone box by bridge in Cwmhiraeth 206m
* 036D8607-5502-4766-B77C-AD4300B7AD59 Public Toilets
The Esplanade, Frinton On Sea, CO13 9PN
n11782465207 (J+) On exterior wall to left of toilets entrance (facing the entrance) 206m
* B32A8965-1288-4FD7-846B-1D535A7692ED Malvern Hills Hotel
Jubilee Drive, Malvern, WR13 6DW
n4838846182 (J+) On outside wall of Malvern Hills Hotel, on the outside of the entrance porch facing the junction of the B4232 and A449. 205m
* F3540A43-6871-4C98-8D0A-ADF700B87C89 Glendale Community Hall
Lephin, Glendale, IV55 8WJ
n9112018988 (J+) outside main door of Glendale Community Centre 205m
* D7DE1FE5-A8ED-46BE-B173-B0C5011208E7 Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Wetherby Ambulance Station, Hallfield Lane, LS22 6JS
n11966789442 (J+) outside Wetherby Ambulance Station building - facing car park 205m
* C7A2D1D8-F762-4BC8-968F-ADCD0132FB05 The Phonebox
Central Carpark, Millbank Road, IV8 8ND
n391844739 (J+) inside old phone box now used as book exchange by car park in Munlochy 204m
* 3CBC4804-C8F9-449C-B387-3BE3022E18F9 Royal Botanic Garden
Terrace Cafe, 20a Inverleith Row, EH3 5LR
n6317042571 (J+) North end of toilet block by main Glasshouse 204m
* 3A3B2D64-EC28-477F-8651-F6B7AA803A5A Great Oxendon Village Hall
Main St, Great Oxendon Market Harboroug, LE16 8NE
n5550543630 (J+) On wall of Great Oxendon Village Hall - roadside 202m
* E57A12CB-7D60-42E5-A1E4-AFAB00C7228F The Pennoyer Centre
Station Road, Pulham St Mary, IP21 4QT
n8779280609 (J+) On external wall of the Pennoyer Centre 202m
* C4F41829-E20A-4D07-816D-AE4000D94394 Moffat First Responders
Annan Water Hall, U308a From Old Edinburgh Road To Ericstane, DG10 9LT
n9395506037 (J+) On outside of Moffat/Annan Water Community Centre 202m
* 1D483EB7-67E4-4726-B0D0-ADF300BF4491 Sinclair House
Station Road,, Cheadle Hulme, SK8 5AF
n10040841428 (J+) outside Cheadle Hulme station entrance between viaducts on Station Road 202m
* BA0DA310-EB63-413E-BD78-B03500954696 Tesco Southam
Northfield Rd, Kineton Rd Industrial Estate, CV47 0FG
n6815699385 (J+) 201m
* 0FC2AB1C-BC6E-4B08-9FB5-AEF700C0DC30 Old Reading Room Tea Room & Gallery
The Street, Kelling, NR25 7EL
n9892733906 (J+) 201m
* EC9C93D0-DCB5-4C75-9E8A-AFE800DCC9FC Screwfix
Unit 1 Davey Close, Colchester, CO1 2XL
n11872430292 (J+) ask at counter 201m
* 2A4EA50D-3858-45A6-81D5-AF4001638EE7 Sutton-Under-Whitestonecliffe Parish Council
Meadow Lodge, Sutton Under Whitestonecliffe, YO7 2PR
n6196437687 (J+) next to post box in Sutton under Whitestonecliffe 200m
* C8CF3ACB-AE96-4AB7-90E2-ADA900DA21BC Cowes Enterprise College
Crossfield Avenue, Cowes, PO31 8HB
n7994738247 (J+) To the right of Cowes Enterprise College reception 200m
* 073ABFF9-815F-483F-B61D-AD8B010529BE Telephone Kiosk
Reed Village Hall, Blacksmith’s Lane, SG8 8AX
n9557064486 (J+) inside old red phone box in front of Reed Village Hall 200m
* 2CEB11A4-E222-4C13-9073-AF25011B9D3B Merrow Village Hall
177 Epsom Road, Guildford, GU1 2QY
n10096512879 (J+) Merrow Village Hall 200m
* 05AA31C6-BB51-4F4E-8B7A-AE19011683E9 Delamere Park Management Ltd
59 Delamere Parkway West, Cuddington, CW8 2UJ
n10113562831 (J+) Front wall next to entrance DelamerePark Residents Club 200m
* 9BE64B6A-C20B-426A-9E9C-AEF70118C077 Oakley Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Low Road, IP21 4AQ
n10712878756 (J+) In the disused telephone kiosk adjacent to the former Green Man pub. 200m
* 1B8DE0F3-42F2-437D-B203-AE2800C18664 Castletown Community Centre
Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith, CA11 9BL
n10284802095 (J+) outside Castletown Community Centre - to left of entrance 199m
* 660976E6-B048-4EF0-8001-AEAB0106ECBB Diss Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Denmark Street, IP22 4BG
n2399669128 (J+) inside old red phone box on Fair Green, Diss - opposite the Cock Inn 198m
* 54A97227-1D64-4993-8D46-ADB50106D7D3 Norham Village Hall
Castle Street, Norham, TD15 2LQ
n5169467379 (J+) West wall of Norham Village Hall 197m
* 638FEECC-202A-4211-9BE5-70F45BEC372F Knighton Park Totem Pole
South Kingsmead Rd, Knighton Leicester, LE2 3YN
n10710785932 (J+) Knighton Park, By sensory Garden,off path to Woodbank Road, Rockery side of bridge. 197m
* 59BCE21E-9815-44B5-A31A-AF8C012569A3 Blueberrys
Littlestairs Road., Shanklin, PO37 6HS
n10865752837 (J+) On outside wall of Blueberry's, accessable via Winchester House Long Stay Car Park 197m
* 9547E986-7331-4A62-9D1D-AF2D0106F22C Se Trains Limited
Canterbury West Station, Station Road West, CT2 8AN
n11816090150 (J+) Front outside wall of Canterbury West station. Yellow box. 197m
* 004D15E5-3D31-43F5-85BB-B10401203D56 Miller Homes Sales Office Langley Gate
Boroughbridge Road, York, YO26 6BE
n11847929721 (J+) On wall of Miller Homes sales office, to the left of the entrance. Opposite No. 14 Midfield Way. 197m
* E3BBCA5D-1EF7-49A6-A900-AAED00AF12EF Derbyshire Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance
5 Sideley, Kegworth, DE74 2FJ
n7023892858 (J+) Outside Air Ambulance station 196m
* 22E3F017-ACC3-4305-8A61-AE4500D6E367 Poynton Town Council
Poynton Civic Hall, Park Lane, SK12 1RB
n7256348231 (J+) external wall 196m
* A7DC3790-DC9A-4D90-B3B9-AA9A014DB7AD Sapey Common, Clifton-Upon-Teme
Telephone Kiosk, Sapey Common, WR6 6ET
n8515529391 (J+) inside green phone box in Sapey Common 196m
* BBBF932F-3720-4A88-BD31-AFC700C302CA Riccall Parish Council
Beechtree Doctors Surgery, Main St, YO19 6QD
n5167778076 (J+) outside Riccall Surgery, Main Street Riccall 195m
* 06F2A66A-47CA-431B-BFE5-B18000EE733E Main Street
18 Main Street, Kilconquhar, KY9 1LQ
n7020533130 (J+) between old red phone box and pillar box, Main Street, Kilconquhar 195m
* A7DD9124-F11D-4765-BC76-AE44012C8BD0 Tesco
Orritor Road, Cookstown, BT80 8BH
n9994624707 (J+) 195m
* EA6DC9E0-C42D-4BF5-957E-AE14010D67E5 The Letter B
53-57 Church Street, Whittlesey, PE7 1DE
n11227976020 (J+) 195m
* 5F6DE071-1382-4EF9-ADCD-57735C66677A On Rhs Of Shop Entrance To The Centre
Unnamed Road, Strontian Acharacle, PH36 4HZ
n6490024134 (J+) 194m
* CF3DCE5A-D602-455B-B10B-E34C329A993B Barlaston Methodist Church
Park Drive, Stoke On Trent, ST12 9DP
n7462330791 (J+) 194m
* 02E2471B-6577-46D7-B72A-B10200AD87AC Opinan (Private Barn) On B8056
11 Opinan, Gairloch, IV21 2AT
n9936075351 (J+) On gable end of long house, right next to the road 194m
* F3D473FE-615B-45A1-948C-AADC00AA5EDD Ardfern First Responders
Ardfern Store, Ardfern, PA31 8QN
n6979937970 (J+) On fence 193m
* 28063AF2-3D69-47EA-A00C-AFEF00D3B6C4 Needham Lake
Needham Lake Toilet Block, Next To Low Railway Bridge, IP6 8NU
n8665712467 (J+) On exterior wall of Needham Lake toilet block, facing the lake. 193m
* E3DA45F3-8646-4362-BECA-AFC800EE35FC Back Wall Tennis Clubhoue
Tennis Court, Newsham Road, YO7 1QP
n11506715020 (J+) On the outside southwest corner of the sports & social club, just off Newsham Road 193m
* 139B321F-8082-44DD-970C-AF4700F94D10 Cogan Railway Station
Station Approach, Cogan, CF64 2NS
n11520034780 (J+) Side of ticket machine on Cardiff bound platform 193m
* 3930ADB6-4EFA-497C-9455-AA920142640D Kingsley Parish Council
Froghall Bridge, A52 Main Road Through Village, ST10 2HA
n1248433718 (J+) In old telephone box, Froghall Bridge 192m
* C3F2B400-7993-494D-9BEF-235B7DBFD5F9 The Bridges Public House
Shrewsbury, , SY5 0ST
n3769696824 (J+) 192m
* 6CA6698E-268C-4FFD-AD08-AE9700ABB351 East Of England Co-Op
51 Old Street, Haughley, IP14 3NX
n5706169221 (J+) 192m
* CD0E41EA-178D-4407-9E44-AD3300BAA05F Ryde Academy
Pell Lane, Ryde, PO33 3LL
n8196573226 (J+) On outside wall of Ryde Academy by the main entrance 192m
* 965D6003-1030-4533-8EA7-AA9500F0D718 Stafford Brook Road Phone Box
Phone Box Junction Of Stafford Brook Road And Kingsley Wood Road, Rugeley, WS15 2UF
n9054776635 (J+) inside red phone box, Cannock Chase 192m
* AA0B3AB4-2C8F-49FC-A683-43F66BAD839A Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre- At Reception
Esplanade, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1HR
n9374757358 (J+) 192m
* 824C1DD8-E092-46F5-AC08-AB0500EBCE6D Co-Op - Farmdown Road
2-4 Farmdown Road, Stafford, ST17 0AP
n10779758092 (J+) outside Co-op, Baswich Lane, Weeping Cross 192m
* CEC300CE-64A9-4C91-B03D-AC9300C21748 Parish Centre
Church Lane, Carlton In Lindrick, S81 9EH
n11521833585 (J+) On the outside wall of the parish centre. 192m
* B11E91DF-9778-42A5-9817-AF1000B6E9BE Sutton St James Village Hall
Village Hall., Chapel Gate, PE12 0EF
n12001590806 (J+) outside Sutton St. James Village Hall 192m
* C4A4AAF8-ABB8-450A-8045-AD4500CA1914 Doctors Surgery
21 Marston Road, Tockwith, YO26 7PR
n6938554399 (J+) outside Springbank Doctors Surgery, Marston Road,Tockwith 191m
* 1A0975FC-DD6F-4163-93B6-AEDD00A33799 Blacko Primary School
Beverley Road, Blacko, BB9 6LX
n10288690291 (J+) outside Blacko primary School - facing Beverley Road 191m
* FFED7080-520D-4BB3-A68D-AEB000DCB3F1 Pilling Village Hall
Taylors Lane, Pilling, PR3 6AB
n10312762924 (J+) outside Pilling Village Hall 191m
* AD5D5B39-4818-47B7-B996-F8142294E0C8 Benniworth
Main Rd, Benniworth Market Rasen, LN8 6JW
n8189184992 (J+) inside red phone box Benniworth 190m
* C3A2D965-ED72-4C84-899D-AD4D010D1228 The Village Hall At St Margaret South Elmham
St Margaret South Elmham Village Hall, The Street, IP20 0PJ
n10967534334 (J+) Adjacent to the village hall entrance, to the right-hand side of the building. 190m
* 5E7D037B-6216-430C-BEE9-AD7D00B2E861 Quay Office
Orford Quay, Orford, IP12 2NU
n10979925801 (J+) 190m
* DD34052C-4EDB-4E36-B9E9-AB7400EED1F5 Northamptonshire Fire And Rescue Station
Oxford Road, Brackley, NN13 7DY
n1265124914 (J+) On left hand front wall of fire station next to Herrieffs Farm Road 189m
* 4EC57742-E6FE-4BD0-B587-AD510091DB75 Greystones Convenience Store
10 Greystones Road, Whiston, S60 4BG
n7130883966 (J+) On the outside wall of the shop. 189m
* 375D6A4E-A340-4F90-B777-AEF7011BDFC2 The Wheatsheaf Inn
90 Brand Hill, Woodhouse Eaves, LE12 8SS
n9891739828 (J+) On outside wall. 189m
* 6A76EE17-D49B-44A2-B0EF-AFBD00B53A70 Melbourne Parish Council
The Village Hall, Main Street, YO42 4QJ
n11045409204 (J+) outside Melbourne Village Hall 189m
* 9401C84D-4BEA-4D24-A45D-AF5C00ECDB6F Gwydr Uchaf
Natural Resources Wales, Gwydyr Uchaf, Llanwrst, LL26 0PN
n11916160860 (J+) 189m
* A7311449-DAFE-4274-A709-AF8700E1F36D Telephone Box
Village Hall, Kaber, CA17 4EF
n3344736854 (J+) inside old red phone box in Kaber 188m
* 7F5F8EE3-D90A-47A9-B752-AD5600DB00F1 Ingleton Falls, Broadwood Entrance
New Road To Bank Bottom, Ingleton, LA6 3ET
n7101674999 (J+) On outside wall of toilets next to The Falls Cafe 188m
* 0CE39035-8578-4F03-8D93-AF7A01369716 Tesco
Tesco Superstore, St Austell, PL25 3HT
n9654512317 (J+) Inside Tesco next to customer service desk 188m
* C6A2C4F8-DE2C-4557-9FF9-AEBE00EB6ED0 Westhoughton Railway Station
Church Street, Westhoughton, BL5 3LE
n10638491931 (J+) Against a brick wall. 188m
* E94F41A9-82E3-44C1-9DA8-B07300E54197 Co-Op - Westgate
Central Coop, Westgate, DN11 9NF
n11613498736 (J+) On the outside of the co-op. 188m
* 8E07EA06-461C-411A-BEDF-AC1400A178BF Co-Op - St Johns Road
69 St. Johns Road, Kettering, NN15 5AZ
n11829285608 (J+) near downpipe and bin 188m
* 2721E318-AF3C-4AE4-BC27-AF0B00A1F721 Telephone Kiosk
Main St, Linby, NG15 8AE
n2376879510 (J+) inside old red phone box, Main Street, Linby 187m
* 3F2A0C88-22D4-4F82-A70E-B03E00E2F45B Theale C Of E Primary School
Englefield Road, Theale, RG7 5AS
n4681936938 (J+) 187m
* 4E9A3998-46A4-4D29-9D96-B13900BF0298 Cycle Path
Opp Fairwood Road Roundabout, ///Runs.pumps.odds, SA3 5JD
n11918025995 (J+) By the path, by the benches 187m
* CF801E5D-ED32-4C59-94E7-AFBD0150F294 Pyramids
36 Gravel Hill Way, Dovercourt, CO12 4XN
n2129943223 (J+) On front wall of shops facing Gravel Hill Way near "Pyramids" and "Just the Thing" 186m
* CB5BFCBC-AB6E-42B5-AD3D-AF570089BCCE Hayling Island Community First Responders
Sandy Point Convenience Store, 50-56 Creek Road, PO11 9RE
n4565603813 (J+) 186m
* A6827921-E595-4095-9253-692CB05C5B03 Nether Whitacre Parish Council
Public Telephone, Reddings Lane, B46 2DS
n9123192064 (J+) inside red phone box, north end of Reddings Lane, Nether Whitacre 186m
* C19B93CE-C46C-4CF0-90AA-AD3000C8C25F Millennium Green, Lanreath, Pl13 2nx
The Millennium Green,, Opposite The Punch Bowl Inn,, PL13 2NX
n9954207887 (J+) Next to post office/shop 186m
* 65741085-0B0F-48D3-8783-AE6900CFAAF2 Wem Station
Aston Road, Wem, Shropshire, SY4 5AZ
n9999727382 (J+) 186m
* FA7E4E8D-573F-49C9-8B74-AE1600E92FA2 Weaverham Parish Council
Weaverham Community Centre, Russet Road, CW8 3HY
n10114592118 (J+) Outside wall next to front door Weaverham Community Centre 186m
* D2DE7CDE-8C1F-4555-954A-AE83008BE5E3 Dunelm York
Clifton Moor Centre, Stirling Road, York, YO30 4WZ
n11145294196 (J+) behind the tills in Dunelm, Clifton Moor 186m
* 98188470-0CB0-486A-9EBB-E9F1CBBE6ED9 Hinds Head
Main Road, Market Drayton, TF9 4AT
n10239336520 (J+) outside the Hinds Head Inn in Norton in Hales 185m
* DC08ADFA-4603-4D8C-BA50-AEAE00BD6EC7 Wyre And Fylde Community Defibrillators Fund
Miller And Carter Longhouse Lane, Poulton-Le-Fylde, FY6 8DF
n10970584704 (J+) 185m
* 3CA92B61-68B6-4E95-B141-AF5E0109ED41 Whitstable Fire Station
Borstal Hill, Whitstable, CT5 4NA
n11816163100 (J+) Front outside wall. To right of shutters. 185m
* EFE485B1-F576-4607-A2F9-AE9100F8140D Blackbourne Road
Elmswell, Bury St.edmunds, IP30 9UH
n5706163924 (J+) On exterior wall of Blackbourne Community Centre, facing the car park. 184m
* E81F7D86-22AE-462B-B3A2-E9FDC5AE6059 Bowling Green And Pavilion- External Wall Of Clubhouse
Main Street, Sorbie, DG8 8EN
n9942421089 (J+) Sorbie bowling club. External wall. Left hand side of door. 184m
* 026C53E8-83EF-4B35-B0DA-AD73009BEF19 Cranmore Memorial Village Hall
East Cranmore Lane, West Cranmore, BA4 4QJ
n10896227088 (J+) in porch of Cranmore Village Hall 184m
* 97D06447-08C6-4DEB-8A44-AEFB00CC7587 Savills - Silverlink Security Office - Wallsend
Coast Road, Wallsend, NE28 9ND
n7368697776 (J+) 183m
* B2577198-718C-4874-A442-AD4700FAFE69 Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall
Leeds Road, Thorpe Willoughby, YO8 9PA
n9307449230 (J+) outside Thorpe Willoughby Village Hall, Leeds Road, Thorpe Willoughby - to left of entrance 183m
* 5A548A96-43B6-4731-8831-AE3F00BE8EBD Tesco Superstore
36 Cramond Rd South, Edinburgh, EH4 6AA
n9354058014 (J+) 183m
* 56216110-76B7-4E6D-9A94-B02A00CE2487 Tesco Newry Extra
24 Downshire Rd, Carneyhough, BT34 1EE
n10274071699 (J+) Up the escalator on the wall to the right of the lifts 183m
* 4E0A4F3D-E2B5-4635-9DD6-AD5A009DAADB East Side Community Centre
Abbots Road, Whitby, YO22 4EA
n11006037273 (J+) outside East Side Community Centre, Abbots Road, Whitby - facing car park 183m
* C5A0F4B1-D2CC-41F6-AD4C-AD2400B80748 Twyford Parish Council
Hunter Park Pavilion, Park Lane, Twyford, SO21 1QU
n9796574148 (J+) Next to pavilion door 182m
* 81B25917-94C2-4712-AAAA-ED5EB5699DA5 Burray Primary School- On Wall O/S Front Entrance
General Area Of, Burray Orkney, KW17 2SS
n10799688241 (J+) Burray Primary School. External wall, right hand side of front entrance. 182m
* AD51B4FB-332E-4AA1-9A99-AE8B0101196D Alfreton Train Station
Alfreton, , DE55 7RY
n11084757077 (J+) Alfreton railway station 182m
* 3AFDCFD6-77EF-4AF2-B569-AAB900D0723A The Park Cafe
Hazlehead Park, Aberdeen, AB15 8BJ
n11836909887 (J+) 182m
* 4292259F-061C-41E6-B4E2-AF6200E2EA44 Bloor Homes At Long Melford
Station Road, On Skylark Field, CO10 9HU
n11881340228 (J+) on front of sales building for new estate 182m
* 3C79DE93-11AD-4ECA-9EF4-B09E00A46465 Clyne Valley Car Park
Mumbles Road, Swansea, SA3 5AT
n12007357600 (J+) By the cycle path 182m
* 54C1ED75-462D-492E-AE8C-AF300114F2D6 Pilhough Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Pilhough Lane, DE4 2NE
n1297660159 (J+) inside old red phone box in Pilhough 181m
* 1362A21B-4CFB-4C95-91F5-B177009C8FB9 The Old School Village Hall
Blacktoft Lane, Blacktoft, DN14 7YW
n5170473029 (J+) Outside Blacktoft Village Hall 181m
* 71D66C86-7E9A-4B64-A499-AF1000C5EC59 Visitor Information Dunham Massey Hall
Woodhouse Lane, Dunham Massey, WA14 4SJ
n5401392881 (J+) It's on the wall, outside, to the rain of the main entrance. 181m
* D58E1D9D-3A92-4C26-8BA1-B18E007D7D67 Nottingham Station
Carrington Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AQ
n6227358623 (J+) 181m
* 98B9E440-0AF8-4E60-A9BA-AD400145E374 North Railway Line
Common Lane, Stubbs Walden, DN6 9BU
n8630593867 (J+) by north level crossing (Stubbs Walden North LC) near Walden Stubbs 181m
* BA609617-B377-42B6-BEDD-AE3000DF49B9 Commercial Inn, Maryport Road, Dearham
Commercial Inn, Maryport Road, CA15 7EG
n10276899438 (J+) outside Commercial Inn, Dearham 181m
* F5840568-F1D9-4D65-8666-ADC200EB7DC1 Village
The Stagers, The Street, IP22 1RY
n11559919241 (J+) On outside wall of building set back from the main road. 181m
* 8174098E-172F-4832-99E5-9BCA81E68E53 Public Telephone Opp Weston Cross Inn
Weston Under Penyard, , HR9 7NX
n3299400840 (J+) inside old red phone box, Weston under Penyard - opposite Weston Cross Inn 180m
* 49FE221A-EADE-4B09-A889-BF3A97991204 Public Telephone Box Knockin Heath
Oswestry, , SY10 8EA
n8649439301 (J+) inside red phone box (now a book exchange) in Knockin Heath 180m
* 2934451C-0804-484D-9031-AB0600D953AD The Reform Inn
Leek, , ST13 7LP
n9575141412 (J+) 180m
* 892ED472-7035-46AA-B747-B1030108524F Plymouth
Richer Sounds, 87-89 Exeter Street, PL4 0AH
n11580402159 (J+) Inside Richer Sounds, next to till, during open hours 180m
* 86BC74F6-51EB-4F99-86D9-B0A10099B1CD Bournville Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Sycamore Road, Bournville, B30 2AA
n569732045 (J+) inside right hand red phone box, by the shops, Sycamore Road, Bournville 179m
* DD66DEE4-B87A-41B6-AD06-AE9700A9682B East Of England Co-Op
2 The Avenue, Wivenhoe, CO7 9AH
n6775278628 (J+) On exterior of side wall of Co-Op (south side, or right side when facing store entrance) 179m
* 444215F5-044F-488D-B870-B0F300ABE114 The Phone Box
Welsh Newton Common, Monmouth, NP25 5RR
n8931331120 (J+) inside old red phone box in Welsh Newton Common 179m
* 80C7865E-C95B-4446-A0A1-AEF00094A36E Pewsey Metals
Wilcot Road, Pewsey, SN9 5EL
n4692638061 (J+) 178m
* 50ED608B-BE3E-4BC9-86A1-AFDA0108B9BA Davenham Cricket Club
Hartford Road, Davenham, CW9 8JF
n8566914203 (J+) Side of cricket hut 178m
* 3065E9E8-F6C3-49AC-9489-B00200D07E74 68 Brize Norton Road
Minster Lovell, , OX29 0SG
n10771939772 (J+) outside post office in Minster Lovell 178m
* 89FA2FE6-FB95-4AEF-959A-ABAB010880F4 North Lincs Council
Howsham Village Hall, Cadney Road, LN7 6LA
n11538023003 (J+) outside Cadney-cum-Howsham Village Hall 178m
* 6930E363-41FD-4C0A-B613-ABF500A5CB0C Post Office
Rogart, , IV28 3XA
n11983737251 (J+) outside shop in Rogart 178m
* 368E51BA-7E0A-4F98-88AF-AD8D00D06ABD Telephone Box
Kennedy Drive, Dunure, KA7 4LR
n3984711828 (J+) inside old phone box Kennedy Drive, Dunure 177m
* ECE24263-0E5B-42D6-830C-AC0800FE5EC0 Co-Op Funeral - Lutterworth Road
9 Lutterworth Road, Blaby, LE8 4DW
n7964809297 (J+) 177m
* 5BB7EF28-FBD5-4996-897D-AD2F00AB1286 Liner Lookout Takeaway
The Promeade, 150 Hoe Road, PL1 3DE
n10284884909 (J+) On outside wall of The Lookout kiosk above The Dome restaurant 177m
* D83D73CB-C37F-45CA-97DA-ADF0008D39F8 Catterall Memorial Garden
2 Cock Robin Lane, Catterall, PR3 1YL
n11100291780 (J+) 177m
* 5012845F-5F47-44EE-81D3-B0060161BDAB 1 Elizabeth Way
Sudbury, Suffolk, Sudbury, CO10 7PG
n11881385427 (J+) on Elizabeth Way facing wall of garage on corner with Lime Grove 177m
* EBB26882-9037-42AF-A2F2-AF0B00848F21 Quarden Village Hall
122 Church Road, Quarnden, DE22 5JA
n6733405143 (J+) outside Quarndon Village Hall 176m
* 8D78445E-29A4-419F-A4CA-AE9700AB9110 East Of England Co-Op
The Street, Walberswick, IP18 6UH
n7439822397 (J+) On wall of shop 176m
* C753FAFF-77E6-495B-8B95-AD7500B2FD9F The Old Hospital
The Avenue, Minehead, TA24 5AY
n5751450431 (J+) On side wall of shop in old hospital Courtyard 175m
* 3556F35C-37A9-40CC-B06A-AF0B009C648E North Somercotes Village Hall
Keeling St, North Somercotes, LN11 7QT
n8917597823 (J+) outside North Somercotes Village Hall 175m
* FA964189-5DF7-4389-85E5-AD4400F842DC Thorpe Bay Yacht Club
Hut On Slipway, Thorpe Esplanade, SS3 9HG
n9010154569 (J+) On the wall of Thorpe Bay Yacht Club building 175m
* 52B5E484-8E1C-4A2F-A106-AE2200FEA14E Victoria Road Primary School
Victoria Road, Northwich, CW9 5RE
n10110876793 (J+) Wall adjacent to entrance gates on Orchard Street 175m
* 1B8EC854-3878-447E-8B32-43C05FC7E831 Breedon On The Hill Parish Council
Moor Ln, Tongue, DE73 8BB
n4365542276 (J+) inside red phone box, Tonge 174m
* B89844A9-9AA5-4E69-AD61-75EB673CE9A9 Abbey Medical Centre 42
Station Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1JD
n6116776961 (J+) On the wall 174m
* 3A944E55-C836-4B9E-86E1-F03C39745387 Binley Woods Parish Council
Binley Woods Village Hall, Rugby Road, CV3 2AX
n11182321695 (J+) outside Binley Woods Village Hall - to right of entrance 174m
* 5A6D16CF-3E70-4BFD-9B85-AE9700A4B0F7 East Of England Co-Op
Abels Road, Parkfields, CO9 1EW
n11895734711 (J+) front wall of Co-Op corner nearest Abels Road 174m
* DEC56DA6-8515-477A-ACB7-AD730099E257 Culmstock Village Hall
Hunters Hill, Culmstock, EX15 3HF
n12020554639 (J+) outside Culmstock Village Hall 174m
* 823B916F-A39A-4E1E-A158-AEEA012076BC Laverton Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Laverton, HG4 3SX
n2208716896 (J+) inside old red phone box in Laverton 173m
* C9D0317A-6302-4CE3-9D76-AE4C00E74E64 Newlands Corner
Shere Road, West Clandon, GU4 8SE
n8894826567 (J+) in Box on outside wall to left of Kiosks 173m
* 3D46123A-6DC6-4FCB-B9E9-AD8901598D93 Lido Leisure Park
Wetherby Rd, Knaresborough, HG5 8LR
n10664131573 (J+) On exterior wall of building facing pub garden. 173m
* CB2A7959-0D2D-41B3-B8A5-B00C007C8223 Clifton Green Primary School
Kingsway North, York, YO30 6JA
n11217890887 (J+) inside reception of Clifton Green Primary School - only available during school opening hours 173m
* 9F2B6A47-7547-4660-AD7F-AADC00AEFFE0 Pitlochry High School
East Moulin Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5ET
n11272647476 (J+) outside, next to the entrance 173m
* 2125E5AC-2E73-458C-AC8F-AF4C00FC0B28 Mcdonald's - Yorkshire 3
Upper New Street, Barnsley, S70 1LQ
n11279831163 (J+) Behind the counter in McDonald’s. But this McDonald’s is open 24/7. 173m
* 5AC3F515-6347-4ACF-BF4D-AF1000B48D7A Waddington Fire Station
Waddington Community Fire Stn,, Mere Rd, LN5 9NX
n11537798116 (J+) outside 173m
* E585BF54-CB5F-47F5-9377-ADEA01370EC4 West Rudham Parish Council
The Old Telephone Box, Lynn Road, PE31 8RW
n1444610671 (J+) In old telephone box. 172m
* 7C93AA66-7E6A-41B3-BDB3-AD6500A26785 Village Hall
South Milton Cpad, Village Hall, TQ7 3JQ
n3806677039 (J+) 172m
* 9DD63F59-C1CA-4D2F-92A3-3592785CEBCA Spar Shop
Kingsgate, Calver, S32 3XH
n6518229238 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 172m
* FCCBB5A2-523C-480A-BD8E-AAD100C69788 Kippford Village Hall
Kippford, Dalbeattie, DG5 4LL
n8556637993 (J+) Outside main door of village hall 172m
* 4C1A6B3E-D4DC-4D95-931D-AD73009B573F Stanton St Bernard Telephone Kiosk
The Street, Stanton St Bernard, SN8 4LP
n9501465164 (J+) inside phone box in Stanton St Bernard 172m
* 87C8E016-02B8-4BDC-94AB-ADAA01145956 The Blacksmiths Shop
Trewetha, Port Issac, PL29 3RU
n9676437118 (J+) On post at corner of road near The Blacksmiths Shop 171m
* E07FD7D8-AA9A-4BC1-ADD9-AE220102CBF4 Winnington Village
Community Bldg Walker Road, Northwich, CW8 4UD
n10110077343 (J+) Community Building 171m
* DA34F47D-B486-4398-9BD3-B08A00FF9E61 Windsor & Eton Riverside
Datchet Road, Windsor, SL4 1QG
n11951396650 (J+) On station wall. Yellow box. 171m
* 82DC33FA-2EEA-4C00-883A-AEFB00A46B62 Savills - Westside Retail Park
Leeds Rd, Guiseley, LS20 9NE
n8659383318 (J+) on wall of Argos, right of bench 170m
* 39665E5C-C6FF-4F8F-B155-D9027D4C4117 In Telephone Box On A83
A83, Lochgair Lochgilphead, PA31 8SD
n9464322675 (J+) inside phone box on corner of Lochgair 170m
* 3CB02B4B-6A8C-4601-B862-AD7500B4D509 Bude - Ambulance Station
West Fairholme Road, Bude, EX23 8JD
n11376079349 (J+) On wall of ambulance station next to vehicles doors 170m
* D64A58DD-F11B-48F0-A25D-AE7C00E8D13F Roadchef Sutton Scotney Southbound
A34, Sutton Scotney, SO21 3JY
n11883821315 (J+) Inside entrance to the right towards McDonalds 170m
* 98D0269F-A7FC-452C-89B9-AD4400A7A4F1 Phone Box On The Exchange
The Exchange, Asthall Leigh, OX29 9PX
n462593636 (J+) inside old phone box in Asthall Leigh 169m
* 04DF2773-C80A-4E47-98CF-AD3D009965C8 Sandown & Shanklin Lions
Sandown And Shanklin Footpath 98, Sandown, PO36 9JW
n7873589154 (J+) On outside wall of Lions Day & Community Centre 169m
* EC60DB65-6790-4BF8-BCE1-AED700A2D9CD The Pavilion Building
Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, DH1 5BL
n10776276908 (J+) The Pavilion Building, Front Street, Framwellgate Moor, Framwellgate Moor, DH1 5BL 169m
* CF298928-2C24-461D-BB03-AF5E00D76DB9 89 Green Lane
Ecclesfield, Sheffield, S35 9WY
n10997345348 (J+) On fence in car park. 169m
* D9AE2FCD-860F-47BA-BE6B-AE9700A9573C East Of England Co-Op
9 Regent Street, Rowhedge, CO5 7EA
n11831649897 (J+) on the front right wall as you look at the shop from the road 169m
* 2D722F16-1D76-4254-9E02-AE9700AC3DCB East Of England Co-Op
43 Chapel Road, West Bergholt, CO6 3JB
n11872332636 (J+) front left corner of building 169m
* 31489748-278A-480C-8FC8-AAC500A91F2B Network Rail Ltd
Waverley Railway Station, Travel Centre, EH1 1BB
n5211367221 (J+) At Edinburgh Waverley Station, under departures information screens on west wall of main waiting room 168m
* 70F41D4E-F064-4C99-B6AE-B07A00DC7ADB St Gabriel's Church Hall
12 Aldersbrook Road, London, E12 5HH
n9559096464 (J+) 168m
* 01F161A8-FE47-4CBE-9434-AFAC0113E1F3 Langley Bus Shelter
Cock Hall Lane, Langley, SK11 0DE
n10288606551 (J+) inside bus shelter on Cock Hall Lane, Langley 168m
* 7401C5C5-D503-4B49-9AFB-B02201102E53 Goddards Brewery
Hale Common, Arreton, PO36 0LT
n11884830386 (J+) On the outside wall of Goddards Brewery 168m
* 82DD56AF-3C99-4B58-9327-5B42E8FA154E In Porch At Main Entrance To Kilmorack Community Hall
Main Cannich Road, Torgormack, IV4 7AG
n4509186460 (J+) Inside porch of Kilmorack Village Hall 167m
* 9C2E701F-B876-4287-A955-AD8900C91576 Amag Technology
Amag Technology 2, Challenge House, GL20 8UQ
n8943812277 (J+) 167m
* 95C3C0C1-1AF2-4DC3-B815-AF39011FAA9E Audley End Village Telephone Box
1 Audley End Village, Saffron Walden, CB11 4JB
n10605144675 (J+) inside old red phone box in Audley End 167m
* A5BA2B5C-D4AF-4F2D-A449-AF5D00A8C5F7 National Trust
The Stableyard, Castle Ward, BT30 7LS
n10713144857 (J+) Inside the arch through to the stable yard 167m
* CCE9BC24-9B42-4640-8AAE-AE4500D6FC3C Coppice Car Park Tk
Public Telephone 43m From 79 Shrigley Road South 5m From Shrigley Road, Higher Poynton, SK12 1TF
n11180962401 (J+) inside old phone box, by car park Shrigley Road, Poynton 167m
* D09A4E01-C336-4AD9-9CC0-B08F00C00BFE Sheffield Football Club
Sheffield Football Club - The Home Of Football Stadium, Sheffield Road, S18 2GD
n11351055720 (J+) On the fence in the car park. 167m
* A4DC54F0-349F-4836-9379-AD4900D85019 Todwick Parish Council
Sports Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Goosecarr Lane, S26 1HG
n7131233680 (J+) On outside wall 166m
* 25CAB2E3-F181-4C7E-BE6A-AD7500B22A7F Sutton Benger Village Hall
Chestnut Road, Sutton Benger, SN15 4RP
n10292728822 (J+) outside Sutton Benger Village Hall 166m
* D51D0D67-B9A5-42EE-85EC-AE3B00E6632C New Inn
Veryan, , TR2 5QA
n11034845689 (J+) outside New Inn, Century Lane, Veryan 166m
* 3DED171B-4B41-4F4C-83B9-AF0B00A17C04 Methringham Fire Stn,
Fen Rd, Methringham, LN4 3AA
n11537261040 (J+) outside Metheringham Community Fire Station building 166m
* 636E1D37-D3FB-4CD2-9BC9-B15600EF0C3D Waitrose Longfield
63 Station Road, Longfield, DA3 7QA
n11964333851 (J+) 166m
* 79AD9705-C314-4B56-9D69-AD6700CD62AE Telephne Box
Lady Gate, Diseworth, DE74 2QF
n1541435133 (J+) inside old red phone box, Lady Gate, Diseworth 165m
* 35D04155-873C-49B1-8FD6-4416D228D018 Outside Wall Of The Public Toilets In The Precincts
Godsey Ln, Market Deeping Peterborough, PE6 8HT
n8907678128 (J+) 165m
* F676C41B-6515-4BB7-A7A4-B15600E8AB4A Waitrose Ely
Brays Lane, Ely, CB7 4QJ
n10213046731 (J+) On wall opposite Iceland entrance. 165m
* 57207C6C-E1D5-4AE5-8AB6-B06D0098964A Pitlochry Golf Course
Golf Course Road, Pitlochry, PH16 5QY
n11109297293 (J+) On outside wall of the pro shop 165m
* BD7BBE9E-DB62-499D-B0F2-AF9A009B0596 Burrows Kia
Oakwell View, Pontefract Road, S71 1HH
n11279783972 (J+) On the outside wall of the car dealership. 165m
* 160FBFCE-C9F1-4521-9F6B-AE9F00DAF533 Ipswich Road Urc
40- 42, Ipswich Road, NR4 6QR
n11975752572 (J+) On outside wall of the United Reformed Church on Ipswich Road. On the front left-hand side of the building when looking from the road, adjacent to the path leading to the main entrance. 165m
* 963554CD-A183-4E3B-B45C-AD2800D74456 Appleford Parish Council
Bt Phone Box, Church Street, OX14 4PA
n6238611578 (J+) inside old telephone box 164m
* ABB46FCF-1245-49E5-96E0-AF1A00FD3BAC Highfield Recreation Ground
Quernmore Rd, Lancaster, LA1 3ES
n8014685292 (J+) Outside multi-use games area, on fence, to left of entrance gate 164m
* B651E7A9-D907-4CC3-8F3B-ADDA00FDE4D4 Mc Donald's Swaffham
Advertising Right At Filling Station, A47 From Castle Acre Road To Necton Parish Boundary, PE37 7TZ
n10720807301 (J+) On side of McDonalds building facing car park. 164m
* 6CDD06A4-751B-4FA6-8EC2-AD2100B81EE2 The Muddled Man
Lower Street, West Chinnock, TA18 7PT
n11585748299 (J+) outside Muddled Man pub, West Chinnock 164m
* D835F5B2-4B79-4820-9598-B03D008C08CE Hailey C E Primary School
Middletown, Hailey Road, OX29 9UB
n11783228068 (J+) 24/7 on office wall at the top of the staff carpark 164m
* 5F969DD3-8DD9-449D-9BF9-AF1900D23CA4 Spencer Bruerne Cricket Club
Rookery Lane, Stoke Bruerne, NN12 7SJ
n11833651256 (J+) Under Left hand side of sign 164m
* C061BE8A-93ED-4F92-9C53-ADE8011927B2 Tintwistle United Reformed Church (Urc)
96-103 Old Road, Tintwistle, SK13 1JZ
n11944471820 (J+) Outside wall of the church. 164m
* 63610E06-DA80-47EE-8895-B13001013B2E 12a School Street
Wolston, , CV8 3HF
n6313028304 (J+) On wall of Chemist shop on School Street. 163m
* AFA149D7-1628-4DEC-A34C-AD4100D359CE Millhouse Green Institute
Manchester Road, Barnsley, S36 9NR
n6912850209 (J+) On wall of Millhouse Green Institute. 163m
* 16E7436B-1D8D-46F5-BFCB-B12301056B8B Monks Eleigh Community Shop & Post Office
The Street, Monks Eleigh, IP7 7AU
n9759732184 (J+) outside Monks Eleigh Community Shop (behind the Swan Inn) 163m
* ED429522-CBB0-4880-839D-AEBE00EA9C3C Daisy Hill Railway Station
Leigh Road, Bolton, BL5 2JQ
n11015732712 (J+) Against a wall, near the Amazon locker. 163m
* 5EE2F772-6C4D-488A-8B66-AD5900E75737 Sneaton
Sneaton Village Hall, Beacon Way, YO22 5HS
n11632834461 (J+) outside Sneaton Village Hall 163m
* F082232E-1457-47B9-81AE-AF3400921306 Suez Recycling & Recovery
Bebside Civic Amenity Site, Front Street, NE24 4HW
n11804828799 (J+) Household Waste recovery Centre cabin wall, yellow box 163m
* 5E6A871D-F8F7-4C7F-9123-ADC40123F91C Bp/ M&S Garage Adel
Bp Service Station, 503, Otley Road, LS16 7NR
n11950988510 (J+) outside M&S at BP services on Otley Road, Adel 163m
* 88ACABAE-46D7-4F79-8087-AD5700E80336 Marina Developments Ltd
Queen Annes Battery, Atlantic Building, PL4 0LP
n11952128639 (J+) On outside wall of building facing the sea, next to the cafe/bar 163m
* B1A1CFB6-3663-45E0-B5DF-9BE55D28E7F1 Trustees Of Herber Mcmahons Gaa Club
13 Carrickyheenan Road, Lismalore, BT94 4EU
n3790741321 (J+) Inside club house 162m
* 9087F524-5016-4AE3-98FC-AEC500BCC03A Associated British Foods Pension Trustees Limited
Management And Security Office Vangarde Retail Park, Vangarde Way, YO32 9AE
n4151706192 (J+) In Vangarde Shopping Centre in a locked yellow cabinet, between Marks and Spencer and Next on the main walkway Monks Cross, York 162m
* E9D88853-78E3-48F8-A5B2-AE9700AC5F6C East Of England Co-Op
72 High Street, Caister, NR30 5EH
n9444810345 (J+) On exterior wall of Co-op Daily store,just to the left of the main entrance on tthe High Street. 162m
* C5B2E973-B76D-404D-A7D6-B03601071C41 The Victoria
Holkham, , NR23 1RG
n11013955827 (J+) On exterior wall of outbuilding of The Victoria Inn, facing Park Road. 162m
* 00640E46-866E-42C8-9CF8-AAA4011B83DB Memorial Hall
High Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon, CV37 8EF
n11710887281 (J+) On front of memorial hall 162m
* 42B09E14-EC34-4A7F-A880-AD6A00BEBC50 The Salvation Army
3 Leicester Road, Dinnington, S25 2PX
n7131175200 (J+) On outside wall. 161m
* BE6CC1DE-3CB0-4173-8873-ABED0098EE27 Y Siop
Moelfre, , LL72 8HL
n7657231147 (J+) 160m
* AEA6D5C6-FCBB-4054-B5C4-AB7100E76351 Eastwood Park, Pavilion
Eastwood Park Drive, Hasland, S41 0AT
n7817469651 (J+) On outside wall. 160m
* 570F9B8A-4436-4505-BCC3-AF3D0103466D Bolton Parish Council
Memorial Hall, Chapel Street, CA16 6AL
n10253768997 (J+) outside Bolton Village Hall 160m
* C1BE02DC-FC9E-4786-8A6A-AADA00EFCD7A Carlops Community Council
Community Centre, Carlops, EH26 9NF
n10571782627 (J+) outside Carlops Village Hall 160m
* BAA35BDC-8892-4D7E-A247-AF4C00FAA9D4 Mcdonald's - Mersyside 2
1 Aigburth Road, Liverpool, L17 4JP
n11884407505 (J+) By counter, on wall at right hand side 160m
* A4A76F78-DC7A-4635-BF55-AEA200E586F4 Normans Bay Caravan Park
Coastguard Cl, Normans Bay, Pevensey, BN24 6PS
n5542590050 (J+) West side of building, entrance to reception. 159m
* C4F2C4CA-B72C-4B38-970A-AD4A0131C34F Wedding Vows
390 Bawtry Road, Hellaby, S66 8EX
n7089853254 (J+) 159m
* 599022BF-7886-4BB0-8B3F-AD88011B82ED The Pavilion Playing Fields
Beech View, Walkington, HU17 8SE
n11540116073 (J+) Outside the Pavilion visible from the carpark 159m
* ACA5B0E8-C794-401A-8303-AF0B0090C3B1 Church Warsop Surgery
Shires Health Centre, Bishops Walk, NG20 0SN
n11742170556 (J+) 159m
* 2620F62E-579C-4D10-8459-AE2701010F4C Red Telephone Box
Ham, Creech St Michael, TA3 5NY
n6499657491 (J+) inside old red phone box in Ham 158m
* 95A1ADBC-7DF3-4E4F-94BA-AFB100CC9FE8 Department Of Physics, Durham University
South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE
n9278518937 (J+) 158m
* 86F508D5-C2F3-439B-B14B-B0CF00D55D83 Congregational Church
Main Road, Woodham Ferrers, CM3 8RN
n9308649607 (J+) 158m
* 2D9B2E09-A3CB-4E6E-88C1-AEB00099A3C0 St Cleers Chapel
Polham Lane, Somerton, TA11 6SP
n10011917898 (J+) Outside St Cleers Chapel, Polham Lane, Somerton 158m
* EB5DAC2F-E8D5-486B-8B80-AFF50104E8A3 Thoroton Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Main Street, NG13 9DS
n10218290880 (J+) inside old red phone box in Thoroton 158m
* B6E0296F-EFC6-42FD-99B0-AFAC0114869E Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science Building
Durham University, Upper Mountjoy Campus, Durham, DH1 3LE
n11118420858 (J+) 158m
* 020AE30A-CDCC-4488-8F18-86762DE586CE Ellastone Village Hall
Church Lane, Ashbourne, DE6 2HB
n4384162441 (J+) In the entrance doorway on the left on the wall 157m
* 4A96138B-F128-4778-8359-4AA74FD0502C Francis Giffen Memorial Hall
Main Street, Sudborough, NN14 3BX
n4511141635 (J+) corner of building near steps 157m
* 439421B9-63AE-4BA8-85F8-7898C803E0E7 110 High St
Tibshelf Alfreton, , DE55 5NU
n4927195004 (J+) outside Tibshelf Village Hall - attached to perimeter wall 157m
* C1B4F57E-4775-40B4-B7CB-AB12009ED98A Collective Gallery
Calton Hill, Coffee Shop, EH7 5AA
n6919940304 (J+) South end of coffee kiosk inside old observatory 157m
* 6F9E1A3E-570F-46FD-B46D-ABAC01521BCE Bamford With Thornhill Parish Council
Outside The Derwent, Main Road, S33 0AY
n8904660819 (J+) On gatepost. 157m
* 2DFB9F4A-5B66-42FB-BD49-B084008A305B The Shoulder Of Mutton
The Street, Assington, CO10 5LJ
n11875785046 (J+) on front wall of pub 157m
* 1478FF64-8E3B-4130-A3C0-B083010DD85B Dunelm Canterbury
Unit 3, Wincheap Road, Canterbury, CT1 3TT
n11991910732 (J+) Behind the tills, Dunelm 157m
* A559B653-AAAB-47FB-8698-AE7500B9697B Newick Parish Council
Newick Village Hall, Western Road, BN8 4LE
n4485151789 (J+) 156m
* 5106E081-213A-4F0E-891F-AD3300C8EBE2 Crawley Village Hall
Peach Hill Lane, Crawley, SO21 2PR
n6781628537 (J+) 156m
* DDA171F0-DBC1-4622-A31E-AF4700DD8F8E Wincle Brewery
Wincle Brewery, Tolls Farm, Wincle Village, SK11 0QE
n6875735077 (J+) External wall 156m
* 2E222C7E-3DD1-456B-A7EE-AEF900E8E12A St Annes Square
2 St Annes Rd West, Lytham St Annes, FY8 1RF
n7280011504 (J+) Shelter outside Pier Inn 156m
* 4D40CF24-726E-4FBD-8090-AF8D01009138 Shanklin Cricket
Westhill Road, Shanklin, PO37 6PT
n8564980961 (J+) In a passage way through the building at Shanklin Cricket Club 156m
* 3B71BAE3-192B-40CB-9E65-B122010A9493 Unit 5
Devitt Way, Broughton Astley, LE9 6NQ
n9573104854 (J+) outside Spar at corner of Byres Cres and Devitt Way in Broughton Astley 156m
* DC5317EF-9C77-41A3-8204-B05400912753 Sports Pavillion, 22 Acres Playing Fields
University Playing Fields, Holmefield Lane, YO10 5EN
n11232619510 (J+) On the outside wall of the sports pavilion by the University of York Playing Fields - to the right of the main entrance, facing the cricket pitch 156m
* 693CB09B-1E99-4003-804C-AADD0185955C Talke Pitts Village Hall
High Street, Stoke-On-Trent, ST7 1PX
n11519940834 (J+) outside Talke Pits Village Hall 156m
* 8DDDF8CF-1E7E-4799-99C1-8B40C5FDC24E Public Telephone
Churnet Valley Road, Kingsley Holt, ST10 2BQ
n1250003251 (J+) In old red telephone box (now used as book swap) in Kingsley Holt (near Methodist Chapel). 155m
* 7BC5C135-EB52-42F7-9ADF-AD2400BDDB52 Newbury Town Council
Tennis Courts, Victoria Park, RG14 1EH
n5414250043 (J+) Located on the exterior side of the tennis court fence. 155m
* F6BA8E4B-75AE-41F2-84E8-AE7E011B4F78 The Gate Inn
Upper Brailes, , OX15 5AX
n9238068196 (J+) outside The Gate Inn, Upper Brailes 155m
* 87935675-F509-43CA-9809-AEA100C9CE37 Guildford Aldi
Aldi, 93 London Road, GU1 1YT
n9955658717 (J+) On exterior wall on corner of store, on side facing London Road 155m
* 6145074A-9D08-4D0A-BA34-AB7101233CA3 Killearn Village Hall
Killearn - New Village Hall, 5 Balfron Road, G63 9NL
n10814728047 (J+) outside Killearn Village Hall 155m
* A83FEB6A-E20E-4235-9677-AD4D00E3195C Gateforth Parish Council
Ashford Grange The Green, Hillam Road, YO8 9LF
n10836484180 (J+) Inside Bus Shelter, The Green, Hillam Road, Gateforth 155m
* DA0733B6-569D-43B4-B81F-AF4800D40C97 Witham Brothers Removals
Witham Brothers, West Station Goods Yard, TN39 3LR
n11203052359 (J+) South east side of building, Witham Brothers. 155m
* AEA800FB-E498-4D7C-BDC4-AFD4D4200CC7 Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall
Pontrilas Road, Ewyas Harold, HR2 0EL
n6702214053 (J+) 154m
* 1E474CC7-FD04-459C-957F-AB17013B35BC Ldl Gas
96 High Street, Burntisland, KY3 9AS
n6988279885 (J+) outside LDL Gas, High Street, Burntisland 154m
* EE8199F6-3822-434D-8C9F-AE9800985D51 Victory Club
31 High Street, Selsey, PO20 0RB
n8706891580 (J+) 154m
* 73052FCB-59E5-48C3-91D3-AABA00E8A5B9 Alvah And Forglen Community Councill
Forglen Hall, Turriff, AB53 4JL
n10311949774 (J+) On outside wall of Forglen Hall 154m
* 8CE8001C-D3D7-4404-965F-AFFD0097033D Sinfin Community Centre
50 Swallowdale Rd,, Derby, DE24 9NT
n11832656843 (J+) On wall outside Sinfin Community Centre 154m
* F29D8517-BF74-4C78-9F4C-AB7100C12E9F Telephone Kiosk
B4594, Gladestry, HR5 3NR
n9890409526 (J+) inside old red phone box in Gladestry 153m
* 66B048CE-4AD9-4F05-83EF-AFAA0147BF2A Phone Box Next To Bus Stop
Blyth Farm Road, Blyth Bridge, EH46 7DG
n2303424283 (J+) inside old red phone box, Blyth Bridge 152m
* D31C1583-C7EC-4AD9-88A2-AC1400DEE63D Co-Op - Grange Place
1-5 Grange Place, Kettering, NN16 0NT
n4713186884 (J+) On the Wall of the Co-Operative Food Store 152m
* 361E4464-3F33-4631-B34F-ADFF00E20A5D Broxwood Phonebox
Broxwood, Pembridge, HR6 9JH
n8931363000 (J+) In old red phone box, Broxwood 152m
* 66F27659-A791-48B7-ACE8-AD2900D3A531 Village Road
Dorney, , SL4 6QW
n9063273638 (J+) inside red phone box, Village Road, Dorney 152m
* 0E474518-6BA9-44AD-9406-AEBE00EB7781 Wigan Wallgate Railway Station
Wallgate, Wigan, WN1 1BB
n9499530673 (J+) outside Wigan Wallgate railway station to right of entrance 152m
* D9C9BE49-9DC1-4BCA-92E7-AE4B01147AF2 Rufford Phone Box
Junction Of Highsands Avenue And Cousins Lane, Rufford, L40 1TE
n2389884295 (J+) inside old red phone box at junction of Highsands Avenue and Cousins Lane, Rufford 151m
* E8D5ACA0-F943-448B-B76B-4BBF8915EA17 Elford Village Hall
Church Road, Tamworth, B79 9DA
n4221328006 (J+) outside Elford Village Hall 151m
* 83D1A2F6-B6E8-4483-82DD-AE9300E29439 Voluntary Lifeguards Clubhouse
Royal Parade, Eastbourne, BN22 7AA
n5860744289 (J+) 151m
* 1794F01F-C085-4D9C-AB42-1265A6C7F7F2 On Front Wall Of Toilet Block
Ganavan Sands, Oban, PA34 5TB
n6502313667 (J+) On outside of public toilets. Available 24/7. 151m
* B92915E3-4C81-45F0-A9FA-B15100E4AD37 All Saints Parish Church
Queens Road, Ryde, PO33 3BG
n8196499172 (J+) On outside wall behing All Saints Church 151m
* 9AAF2151-E513-499B-BE33-AE780168619B Prince Of Wales Public House
77 Reading Road South, Fleet, GU52 7SY
n11228613710 (J+) on outside corner wall to left of entrance in yellow box 151m
* 6F7D591E-7576-47BE-81A6-AD730098C585 Stoke Public Toilets
Public Toilets, Stoke, EX39 6DU
n11756932180 (J+) On outside wall of public toilets 151m
* D8ACEAC0-B4BA-4CCC-8610-8F0CA0ABE08D Public Telephone
Baxterley, , CV9 2LE
n253257009 (J+) inside red phone box on green, Baxterley 150m
* ECE9A2A3-E0E8-4D86-A384-AEA700D70D50 Windmill Drive Post Office
1 Windmill Dr,, Bexhill-On-Sea, TN39 4DG
n4020830774 (J+) North-west side of building, Windmill Drive Post Office. 150m
* 1FD82079-6019-459C-9AA6-AD8800DCBE3E Thirsk Community First Responders
Hillside Rural Activities Centre, Oak Tree Bank, YO7 4AX
n8598613956 (J+) outside building at Hillside Rural Activity Park - facing road 150m
* B2505767-3C50-4F46-8012-AD26010C5C7B Hiltingbury Community Association
Hiltingbury Community Centre, Hiltingbury Road, SO53 5NP
n9310200684 (J+) 150m
* D8BF0783-D33E-4B6B-B56C-AD7500B226D2 Stanton Fitzwarren Parish Council
18 Trenchard Avenue, Swindon, SN6 7RZ
n10157943311 (J+) inside old red phone box in Stanton Fitzwarren 150m
* 99DACAE4-FC04-409F-97A5-AFAB00D50ED3 Beal Serivce Station
Lindisfarne Services, Esso Garage, TD15 2PD
n11076080030 (J+) On exterior wall of shop at Lindisfarne Service Station on the A1, just to the right of the main entrance door. 150m
* 2C7C5B8C-8BF6-49D9-AFB8-AEDA01503AC1 Wyre And Fylde Community Defibrillators
New Yorker Sundaes, 2 North Promenade, FY5 1DB
n11505690540 (J+) 150m
* F3E9579F-F056-4018-9125-AD7100D3C43E Tickhill Cricket Club
Alderson Drive, Tickhill, DN11 9EU
n11613498733 (J+) On the outside wall of the pavilion next to the entrance. 150m
* 71128A82-0F72-4F4C-AB95-B00B013E31D9 Acton Village Hall
High Street, Acton, CO10 0AT
n11881310086 (J+) to right of entrance 150m
* 912FCE10-C5E9-47E3-9E0F-AFD400EDCAE6 Kensington Garden Cafe
Kensington Gardens, Kirkley Cliff Road, Lowestoft, NR33 0HY
n10983935483 (J+) On wall of Café facing bowling green. 149m
* ACB68DA1-1BAE-4729-8F48-AE9700C6C9A0 Carrington Park
Main Road, Carrington, PE22 7HZ
n11466877173 (J+) outside Carrington Village Hall 149m
* 5F2B451E-97F3-4999-A2F8-AD7500B143C1 Bethany Hall
48 Meadowsweet Avenue, Filton, BS34 7AL
n11989975120 (J+) Low on outside wall accessible from the carpark 149m
* 02A2B144-DEB2-46B4-B90D-AC1400B4256C Co-Op - London Road
196 London Road, Kettering, NN15 6DT
n6444195922 (J+) On outside wall of shop, to the left of the entrance. 148m
* E1C747EE-3422-40CA-853D-AEA000F67173 Fernhurst Village Hall
Glebe Rd, Fernhurst, Haslemere, GU27 3EH
n6471293210 (J+) Left of the main entrance to Fernhurst Village Hall, in a green/white and clear plastic box. 148m
* 726B4589-AB52-4381-A4FC-AAD2008F1CC6 Saughton Fort Play Area
Balgreen Road, Edinburgh, EH11 3HR
n7098651864 (J+) 148m
* 0E1644CB-3D3C-4E8B-97BA-AD4D013F42CF Red Kite Learning Trust
Whitkirk Primary School, Templegate Walk, LS15 0EU
n8072979493 (J+) Temple Newsam CPAD: Whitkirk Primary School end of Templegate Walk, next to alley way. to the right of the main entrance gate - no access to school needed 148m
* B5A2FBC6-D0FC-4417-927D-F8BF344EA5EE Hatton Park Village Hall
Barcheston Drive, Warwick, CV35 7TR
n8173632557 (J+) Front of building, to left of door 148m
* 21D65D9D-5DC7-4632-956F-B11101245D22 Main Street, Southorpe
Telephone Box, Main Street, PE9 3BX
n8495252925 (J+) in red phone box on Main Street, Southorpe 148m
* 598F9183-F24D-44CE-9F36-AECC00BFC15D Telephone Kiosk
Martins Road, Keevil, BA14 6NA
n9602066065 (J+) inside phone box in Keevil 148m
* 05BCD9FD-8886-4D4E-8EF1-AFE400F53003 Shelley Cricket Club
Westerley Lane, Shelley, HD8 8HP
n10976805415 (J+) On outside wall of pavilion. 148m
* 5AAC3803-F9A5-412C-96EF-B0CB00A0865B Carleen Village Hall
Carleen, Breage, TR13 9QP
n11834016612 (J+) outside Carleen Village Hall 148m
* FF38A577-1B7B-489B-9E3E-AEF500B8E875 Clacton County High School
Walton Road, Clacton On Sea, CO15 6DZ
n11841253493 (J+) on outside wall of changing room building, facing bike sheds and playing field, but within school grounds 148m
* 64DBBDE3-3BCB-42A4-A2B3-AD73009B352E Potterne Village
Little Beauty, The Round House, 17 High Street, SN10 5NA
n4421774477 (J+) 147m
* E0945B6F-2702-45A9-B6BB-AEA200BCD290 National Trust Polesden Lacey
Great Bookham, Dorking, RH5 6BD
n10123956728 (J+) 147m
* 85DB4049-0E09-4070-ADE7-AFAD00037FE6 Mells Parish Council
Telephone Box, Mells Green, BA11 3QP
n11175528050 (J+) inside old red phone box at junction sw of Mells 147m
* 6A9526C8-6924-4786-B74F-AD4100878187 Tanfield Parish Council
Memorial Village Hall, West Tanfield, HG4 5JX
n11916315887 (J+) outside West Tanfield Memorial Hall 147m
* 9FAA03F7-7021-4791-A95B-AF0B00A19DF7 Reemas Beauty By The Sea
Reemas Beauty, 201 North Promenade, DN35 8SJ
n12012163828 (J+) On the outside wall of the shop. 147m
* 4490C69A-D090-4842-B141-AEF700B5ECBB Wilby Telephone Box
The Green, Wilby, NR16 2JP
n1792372196 (J+) Inside the old red telephone box at the south-west corner of Wilby green. 146m
* 97B9B251-BA26-4F20-8F11-AD4300F89C39 Shelley Community Assoc.
Shelley Village Hall, Huddersfield Road, HD8 8HE
n6679613345 (J+) outside Shelley Village Hall - facing car park 146m
* CE246596-E319-419E-AAF5-AB1801031DB3 Ross Band Stand
104 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3AA
n7635789777 (J+) Wall of Ross Bandstand at western end 146m
* 7F63930C-D3F6-4386-B7D1-AD2000C09FAE Football Ground And Premises
Saltmill All Weather Pitch, Salt Mill, PL12 6LG
n9627647029 (J+) On outside wall of sports building, facing Salt Mill (Road) 146m
* E2BC2C83-663A-4DFE-8C3A-AD7500B2A43E Hungry Hiker Café
Southborne Broadway, Christchurch, BH6 4EN
n9907914978 (J+) outside Hikers Cafe, Hengistbury Head 146m
* 32E943C1-160F-405A-94EC-B09E00DED35B Great Finborough
Middlefield Drive, Great Finborough, IP14 3AT
n10726865544 (J+) inside old phone box, Middlefield Drive, Great Finborough 146m
* 5E97A1CD-3D2F-4724-86CD-AEB300A066FB Lancaster City Council
Happy Mount Park, Marine Road West, LA4 6AQ
n11937569552 (J+) On outside wall of green kiosk 146m
* 597650B9-2CAC-4DF7-BE88-AABC00E1BD12 Moorfoot Community Council
Bt Telephone Box, 54 Borthwick Castle Terrace, EH23 4QU
n369856219 (J+) inside old red phone box at southerrn end of Borthwick Castle Road, North Middleton 145m
* 82D59D99-CC31-419D-BDF7-AD2100D749A0 Welcome Family Holiday Park
Warren Road, Dawlish Warren, EX7 0PH
n7746393163 (J+) Outside wall of entertainment building 145m
* 5F041FCD-51C3-427B-8D81-AD6B012424D9 Crownhill Crematorium And Cemetery, Oak Chapel
Dansteed Way V3 To V4, Milton Keynes, MK8 0AH
n9490984843 (J+) 145m
* 8166D167-6D71-4361-9C53-AF3900C45B46 Woodhouse Community Hub And Library
524 Stradbroke Road, Woodhouse, S13 7GD
n11017653949 (J+) On the outside wall next to the entrance. 145m
* 57B09CA1-75D9-4B52-96CC-AD5D0098AEAC Silsden Bowling Club
Silsden Park, Off Bolton Road, BD20 0JY
n11957026769 (J+) Outside wall of Bowls clubhouse 145m
* 2C125B4D-EDC4-42AE-92E7-AE17014CC9C6 Hinds Head Pub
Preston Road, Charnock Richard, PR7 5HH
n5730103251 (J+) inside disused red telephone kiosk, round side of Hinds Head pub in Welch Whittle 144m
* 05B06411-D573-4C24-B361-AB7600D2A997 Ellesmere Rural Parish Council
Bt K6 Phone Kiosk, Lee, SY12 9AE
n8990262726 (J+) inside red phone box, Lee 144m
* AF7A5C8F-A88A-4C77-94EA-AD73009A9EC5 Telephone Box
Staddon Road/A388 Junction, Holsworthy, EX22 6NH
n9482026111 (J+) inside old red phone box at the end of Staddon Road, Wimble 144m
* 02FF417A-C1D5-4E54-89B1-AB9700AB1F16 Norton Village Hall
Main Street, Norton Disney, LN6 9JU
n9531156324 (J+) outside Norton Disney Village Hall 144m
* C5D7959D-A7D8-408C-B46F-AEE7008E60B5 Ymca Fairthorne Group
Fairthorne Manor, Botley Road, SO30 2GH
n9907985515 (J+) 144m
* 0BA1B745-1C40-457B-96CA-AF8800ACF7F2 Cardrona Village Hall
23, Cardrona Way, Cardrona, EH45 9LD
n10086843702 (J+) outside Cardrona Village Hall 144m
* 8AEDC7EE-BE84-4F1F-B410-ADCC00D711BD Brickendon Liberty Parish Council
The Old Telephone Box, 5 Brickendon Lane, SG13 8NU
n10140395814 (J+) inside old red phone box in Brickendon 144m
* BED0F1E9-DA73-49A3-9C11-AD47008B4ABF Rising Sun Public House
162 Penistone Road, Shelley, HD8 8JB
n10554757532 (J+) On outside wall. 144m
* 4356718C-81CD-418F-8519-AECC00BED24E Shepley Cricket Club
Marsh Lane, Shepley, HD8 8AS
n10680674555 (J+) On outside wall. 144m
* AE5CE14D-6A9F-411E-8D38-B17600EE1D70 Whitwell Railway Station
Station Road, Whitwell, S80 4NY
n11061475426 (J+) On platform one. Next to the shelter. 144m
* 266E8D83-78CE-4262-98F3-49DCB1106E54 Westbury Village Hall
Hinwood Road, Shrewsbury, SY5 9QU
n12010799997 (J+) outside Westbury Village Hall 144m
* 826C8993-CFBD-4E35-8683-C1E5458B2987 John Hope Gateway- Tel 01315527171 Who Will Alert Staff
10 Arboretum Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5NZ
n6317042564 (J+) At reception desk in John Hope Gateway building 143m
* A1DBA6AC-0116-4BF4-BF89-AE1B0122520A Brereton Parish Council
Outside Somerford Park Farm, Holmes Chapel Road, CW12 4SW
n7600647227 (J+) 143m
* CEAB977C-4D7B-451E-AFD3-B0B900FB1E2F Tesco Store
Tesco, West Thurrock, RM20 1TX
n9579654933 (J+) Behind the customer service desk - turn left as you enter the store 143m
* 16794B23-84DF-430A-A854-AAFE00F1FD6E Rolleston Club
15 Burnside, Burton-On-Trent, DE13 9DN
n10726914009 (J+) outside Rolleston Commemoration Hall Club 143m
* EFD65A06-3029-4D36-8246-ACB80091B57D Telephone Box
Main Street, East Whitburn, EH47 0JB
n11006213801 (J+) inside old red phone box, Main Street, East Whitburn 143m
* D0A6EE01-752E-41E4-A310-AEA700EA39FF Plympton Academy
Moorland Road, Plymouth, PL7 2RS
n11465622983 (J+) Outside wall of red building near gym car park 143m
* 2DFBE9D3-755F-450D-8E1E-ABED00B5D61F Burghill Valley Golf Club
Tillington Road, Burghill, HR4 7RW
n11809344495 (J+) On wall, to left of entrance door. 143m
* 5A914357-1FE2-4F73-8EA8-AF3F00FD9EF5 502 Duffield Road
Allestree, Derby, DE22 2DL
n11827282383 (J+) On wall of Wathalls (502 Duffield Road) 143m
* 2CE167B7-9AE8-4A56-B798-AE710085B7EB Bulls Head Public House
Station Street, Whetstone, LE8 6JS
n12039863217 (J+) Attached to the outside of the pub 143m
* 3F249C1A-30DD-4500-A290-AF1000B7267A Golden Fleece
105 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham, NG1 3FN
n2972025513 (J+) 142m
* 3509AB5E-A78C-45FF-9228-DD5AFB00AF6D The Balance Inn
Novem House Access From B4361, Leominster, HR6 0EB
n6014757598 (J+) 142m
* 4952C7CD-4233-4E82-941C-EE471B3C4168 Joan Strong Centre
East Rd, Oundle Peterborough, PE8 4BZ
n6442858885 (J+) 142m
* 3614F437-7ECE-4170-8606-AD430107F8E4 Bungay Black Dog Running Club
Bungay Area Running Centre, Pirnhow Street, NR35 2RT
n7416082299 (J+) 142m
* 53B09DDA-DA4D-46E9-ADA6-BB8DB7DB6CA9 Busy Bees
Lamport Cl, Kettering Venture Park Ketteri, NN15 6XY
n7918565295 (J+) 142m
* 0F5854F7-ECEB-48B4-8827-B06700CA20B5 Lanchester Cricket Club
Ashley Park, Kitswell Road, DH7 0JQ
n9851481539 (J+) 142m
* 4E3886AE-A830-45E7-B2F2-AD6600EA512A Crichton Trust
Crichton Central, Glencaple Road, DG1 4ZZ
n9858732285 (J+) External wall, to right hand side of entrance of Crichton Central 142m
* CF60B4E8-8BCA-4521-A728-B729A9FE4014 Salen Spar And Post Office
Salen Post Office And Spar, Salen, PA72 6JB
n11092312703 (J+) Side of building near the entrance. 142m
* F69A5253-E469-4B59-96D5-ADAA011568C3 St Petroc Lodge
Netherton Road, Padstow, PL28 8EG
n11230868609 (J+) On exterior wall of St. Petroc's Lodge 142m
* F4D43C91-A06F-4C03-B127-AEBD00E67478 Foundry Healthcare Lewes
Anchor Field, Ringmer, BN8 5QU
n11873862674 (J+) 142m
* 5B3DB4AB-1A4C-4A5D-8BD9-AF5C0118B27B Seafront Toilet Block
Toilet Block On The Seafront, Hayling Island, PO11 9EP
n11891541568 (J+) 142m
* 4C647B8E-847D-49A2-9287-ADC800D53225 Layer Marney Pcc
Park House Farm Buildings, Stockhouse Road - Junction Of Newbridge Road, CO5 9UH
n11893012437 (J+) front of building facing Newbridge Road 142m
* 2C442782-3973-496D-8B89-AE7C0185BD22 Garway Primary School
Garway, , HR2 8RQ
n12026467828 (J+) 142m
* BB3FC94D-54BE-4F7F-882E-AFDA016632AC Ex Phone Box Mow Cop
Woodcock Lane, Mow Cop, ST7 3NG
n294941388 (J+) in telephone box, Woodcock Lane 141m
* 7E037C01-9B09-4045-A4F1-B0A70139DB79 Church Road
Fiddington, Bridgwater, TA5 1JG
n7095351635 (J+) inside old red phone box, Fiddington 141m
* 984D6CF1-E55B-4E88-9AE2-B04200AB16F9 Tesco Stores Ltd
62 Teme St, Tenbury Wells, WR15 8AA
n8311827232 (J+) On the inside of the Tesco lobby to the left as you walk through the automatic doors from the west 141m
* E8A36DD1-F6A4-4E63-87F8-AD8900C999BB Osjct Monkscroft Care Centre
Monkscroft, Shelley Road, GL51 7DP
n9900769877 (J+) 141m
* F9C153E5-C637-4522-BB09-AD3300B2BAD9 County Ground Aylesbury Town Bowls Club
84 Wendover Road, Aylesbury, HP21 9NJ
n9915167953 (J+) 141m
* 250BE3FD-457C-4070-8E65-B03600ACA0B3 Waterfront
9 Grand Parade, Plymouth, PL1 3DQ
n9974281117 (J+) On outside wall of The Waterfront Restaurant, facing the water 141m
* A4614524-8C4C-47E8-AACB-AFF1007AA344 Sandbach Railway Station
Station Road, Elworth, CW11 3JG
n11279561847 (J+) 141m
* 13407441-FD8F-49C9-871A-AB7600E6DE44 Underwood Mini Market
53 Main Road, Underwood, NG16 5GP
n11593051752 (J+) outside Underwood Village Stores, Main Road, Underwood 141m
* 329E13D6-1C9F-42DD-8742-ABA50118150B Forth Valley First Responders
168 Alloa Road, Stenhousemuir, FK5 4HQ
n11682730534 (J+) outside wall of Day-Today shop 141m
* 899A4027-1ACB-46C9-A6B9-AAC400FE0B2D Hertfordshire Scouts
Lochearnhead Scout Station, Lochearnhead, FK19 8NR
n11966151634 (J+) inside old red phone box by Lochearnhead Scout Station 141m
* E13404AF-7CE7-4BE1-A0DC-AEE600D5B5DD Rspb
Lakenheath Fen Reserve, Station Road, IP27 9AD
n4581668427 (J+) In staff office inside RSPB Lakenheath Fen Visitor CEntre 140m
* 1218032D-9722-4846-AA6D-AE2F00E5520E Co-Op - High Street
Central England Co-Operative Food - Dodworth, High Street, S75 3RF
n7598923498 (J+) On wall of Dodworth Co-Op. 140m
* E1BA822E-3772-4588-B17C-AF6500C2CDDA Willingham Parish Council
Phone Box Adjacent To 31 High Street, West Fen Road, CB24 5ES
n9319773096 (J+) inside old red phone box, High Street, Willingham 140m
* 3CFB01B8-1802-4004-AF14-AF1A00FEFDFC Bramfield Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Main Road, SG14 2QJ
n10239136996 (J+) inside old red phone box in front of St Andrews Church, Bramfield 140m
* F0D893B3-5C08-48C5-86A8-ED371154BD60 Gelston Village Hall- On External Wall Facing Road
B727, Gelston Castle Douglas, DG7 1SH
n11149088215 (J+) outside Gelston Village Hall 140m
* 5A8D2F4A-ADB8-44B1-ACC6-B099007AB86E Security Gatehouse
Banham Poultry Ltd, Station Road, NR17 2AT
n11844404006 (J+) Inside security lodge at Banham Poultry, at the main entrance off Maurice Gaymer Road. 140m
* 23D2EE64-BF33-4323-B622-AA9600F4DC83 Eccleshall Community First Responders
Wheelwright Drive Childrens Play Area, Wheelwright Drive, ST21 6LB
n6721193063 (J+) 139m
* CF681F08-BC9C-416F-B612-AF1100B8A1BA Upton Rugby Club
Properties 77 To 83, Old Street, WR8 0JQ
n6973428504 (J+) 139m
* C0BE5DAF-93FE-4844-A8F4-AFF1007A67FC Stockton Railway Station
Bishopton Lane, Cleveland, TS18 2AJ
n10815504932 (J+) Attached to wall at entrance to railway station 139m
* 7BBB6A8E-61FC-4276-88ED-ADC000D888C2 National Trust Visitor Area
Heddon Valley, Near Paracombe, EX31 4PY
n11153600730 (J+) 139m
* 90E850D9-C729-46EA-A1AB-AE830092A53F Square 5
University Of Essex, Square 5, Wivenhoe Park, CO4 3SQ
n11877184859 (J+) to right hand side as you enter building passage from northeast 139m
* 41AE7496-40C0-4D24-A10B-AF6700DFA633 Drumcroy
4 Access Road Off B847 At Drum Croy, Trinafour, PH18 5UG
n369711198 (J+) inside old telephone box in Drumcroy 138m
* 3D4A47D4-0E2D-45AA-B77B-AD6B00E7FB88 Old Telephone Box Opposite The Notice Board
Clay Lane, Breighton, YO8 6DH
n490254434 (J+) inside old phone box in Breighton 138m
* A10D5897-6892-4969-823E-ADF6012B1F8F Spar
Green Lane, Formby, L37 7DJ
n7235312541 (J+) 138m
* 81709355-9A56-445D-89C0-AE4300F0E7B9 Tesco Express
6-14 Circus Rd, St John's Wood, NW8 6PG
n9434967292 (J+) 138m
* E72A9494-72AA-407D-B6DC-AD2F009EF8BA Barrow Gurney Parish Council
Village Hall, Barrow Street, BS48 3SD
n10813006144 (J+) outside Barrow Gurney Village Hall 138m
* 0C9EE266-9180-4C61-A56B-B08A01049876 Sharrington Village Hall
The Street, Sharrington, NR24 2AB
n11258593983 (J+) outside Sharrington Village Hall 138m
* D9B81279-8015-493A-B845-AFF50104DC22 Stambourne Village Hall
Church Road, Stambourne, CO9 4NP
n11862582629 (J+) on front left wall of building viewed from road 138m
* 8B831EC4-5AFA-4073-96CE-AE3F00D49D18 Tesco Stores Ltd
Stirling Rd, Clifton Moor Centre, YO30 4XZ
n4403535938 (J+) Inside Clifton Moor Tesco store, on the front of the security pedestal just inside the entrance. 137m
* 16967D8E-F1F2-485C-8C65-AD43008F3236 Fadmoor Village Hall
Boonhill Road, Fadmoor, YO62 7HA
n5585611545 (J+) On front of Fadmoor Village Hall, to left of door. 137m
* 5B65023B-E2DA-4691-A04A-B0EE00B8533E St Mellion Parish Council
Church Lane, Old Phone Box, PL12 6RG
n9886003026 (J+) Old red phone booth on the corner outside the primary school in St Mellion 137m
* 789FBEEA-1A34-483E-9F0A-AED30083D27C 3line Electrical Wholesale Ltd
Unit 41 Parker Centre, Mansfield Road, DE21 4SZ
n11827175279 (J+) On wall of 3 Line 137m
* 470D37B0-0CD5-4A21-ACBC-AF1000B6469B The Royal British Legion
Beardall St, Hucknall, NG15 7RA
n3499527524 (J+) 136m
* D91A62A4-C994-48A0-B4FF-0798C53254AA Village Hall
School Hill, Offchurch, CV33 9AL
n8018424875 (J+) To left of front door. 136m
* 43790869-0253-4C8D-801E-AE9001072ED7 2 Icklingham Road
West Stow, , IP28 6EZ
n8068272616 (J+) On exterior wall of West Stow and Wordwell Club building, to the left of the main entrance. 136m
* E9A37452-D1FE-4ED4-941E-ADD30116814A Howick Trustees Ltd
Howick Hall Gardens Howick Hall, Access Road To Howick Hall, NE66 3LB
n8491816383 (J+) On outside wall of reception 136m
* AC18BC5A-5EDF-446A-8996-AEBE00EAEEC2 Bridlington Railway Station
Station Approach, Bridlington, YO15 3EP
n10557240700 (J+) outside Bridlington Railway Station - facing car park next to post box 136m
* 49F08D50-4EAD-4727-BD27-AE4D0113A305 Thrive Childcare And Education
1 Astbury Lane Ends, Congleton, CW12 3AY
n10968903227 (J+) 136m
* C3BE06E9-B31F-4FDC-B2B8-B0DC01633F2F Wyre And Fylde Community Defibrillators Fund
Kim Wilson Hair Salon, 1a Ingleway, FY5 2PQ
n11508438583 (J+) Ingleway Shops 136m
* 2F45C6CD-CD10-4241-A3B5-AC6A00C8C21F Navenby Village Office
The Venue, Grantham Road, LN5 0JJ
n11537644054 (J+) outside Navenby Community Centre 136m
* B31C46E3-FE0D-406C-BF56-AEF4008B163E Chappel And Wakes Colne Rail Station
Chappel And Wakes Colne Station, Station Road, CO6 2DS
n11895680636 (J+) next to ticket machine 136m
* 93BFC786-6D4E-42CD-A0C3-AE7C00FC2AC1 Community Heartbeat Trust
Public Telephone Box, Burnside, KY14 7AJ
n450646731 (J+) inside old red phone box, Burnside, Auchtermuchty 135m
* A6E14458-5D78-47E5-8857-AF0B00AA2246 Woodlark Inn
Church St, Lambley, NG4 4QB
n3427656158 (J+) 135m
* F0D53314-A80D-4CB1-AE90-9BB95D41980B Packwood House
Packwood Lane, Solihull, B94 6AT
n5726129398 (J+) 135m
* 260944F1-15DE-46A9-90AD-AD4100570485 Greencore Food To Go
Mansfield Road, Waleswood, S26 5PF
n7599782055 (J+) Inside gatehouse. Available 24/7. 135m
* 44ACD5E3-0B9C-47CE-91FC-940FE3860A73 Wrockwardine Parish Council
Public Telephone Allscott, By Holly Cottage, TF6 5EB
n8710854793 (J+) inside old red telephone box, Back Lane, Allscott 135m
* CF0B4967-D900-4C59-9F02-2BAAA0A5FDB4 Rytc Beach Clubhouse- At Grassy Beach Nr Level Crossing
Dundee Road, Turn Down Ogilvy Road, Cross Level Crossing Then Turn Left, DD5 1LX
n9677399074 (J+) On outside of small wooden building at eastern end of Grassy Beach 135m
* F139B67F-11A2-40FB-A467-AF0B009D4B2E Scott Bader Social Club
122 High St, Wollaston, NN29 7RJ
n9759271595 (J+) Top of path near patio doors 135m
* 537A08E8-B8A0-491F-9949-AC130126F44C Glanrafon Phone Kiosk
Glan Yr Afon, Llangoed, LL58 8PB
n9972862502 (J+) inside old phone box, Glan-yr-afon 135m
* 88FE717B-778C-430E-BC8A-2070536F719E On Wall Of Public Toilets, Opposite Play Park
General Area Of, Garvald Haddington, EH41 4LN
n10086981811 (J+) outside public toilets opposite play area in Garvald 135m
* 86D89E7C-FA0D-41D0-ADB6-B1300093DBA8 Barons Quay Multi Storey Stairwell
Multi-Storey Car Park, Leicester Street, CW9 5LG
n10115938868 (J+) Stairwell ground floor entrance to car park opp River Island 135m
* DA719169-43DC-43A8-ACE0-AF1900D24C49 Cromer One Stop Shop
One Stop Shop, Mill Road, NR27 0AD
n11147951878 (J+) On the outside wall of the convenience store. 135m
* 92F6C252-3DBF-4357-85FE-AF8D0092CD67 Phone Box At Parklands
Parklands, Freeland, Witney, OX29 8HX
n690954731 (J+) inside phone box at corner of Parklands and Wroslyn Road - by Freelands Primary School 134m
* 404A3A6B-95A4-48BA-8E08-1A4004E326FA The Earn Hotel
Main Street, Bridge Of Earn Perth, PH2 9PL
n4402830421 (J+) On outside wall of The Earn Hotel at junction of Dunning Street and Main Street 134m
* 32BF7730-F2F8-4462-80AA-AF4E00A40058 Godalming Fire Station
Bridge Road,, Godalming, GU7 3DU
n6272071627 (J+) outside wall yellowbox on firestation 134m
* CBCD44E7-DFAC-4BA9-B161-AD3D00B7156B Peddlars Cafe
Cycle Track, Newchurch, PO36 0NP
n6955405475 (J+) On Bridleway by Peadllers gate 134m
* A05C5B6F-C92C-4639-99A0-9AF783C50961 Telephone Kiosk
High St, Little Addington Kettering, NN14 4BD
n7922106261 (J+) inside old red phone box, High Street, Little Addington 134m
* 6DABCF93-DCDB-430E-BC73-AE7F00F50A2D White Mills Marina
White Mills Marina Ltd, 344, Grendon Road,, NN6 0RB
n8588138079 (J+) On fence next to right hand side of gate 134m
* 81CBC63C-7A94-4660-A2DF-AFA9011E2820 Whiteley Woods Bowling Clubhouse Inside Bingham Park
Cow Lane, Greystones, S11 7BE
n10978677727 (J+) On outside wall of Bowls pavilion. 134m
* 3811F10C-2210-439F-9363-AD7300993BF3 Barbrook Telephone Box
A39/Barbrook Road, Barbrook, EX35 6PD
n10992307804 (J+) Inside old red telephone box at junction of Barbrook Road and West Lyn Road 134m
* 161EB374-9316-458A-B9B7-AE5500D645A1 Lartington Parish Council
Phone Box, Lartington Lane, DL12 9DA
n11132985138 (J+) inside old phone box, Lartington Green Lane Lartington 134m
* 5A31B412-2DFC-4D71-8BEE-AF0300BF35B3 Twyford Parish Council
Junction Of Northfields East/Shipley Road, Twyford, SO21 1PA
n11177612295 (J+) inside old red phone box (now used as book swap) Shipley Road, Twyford 134m
* 0010404A-68AF-4199-85F2-B0B60110356A Waitrose & Partners - York
Foss Islands Road, York, YO31 7UL
n11395156888 (J+) under the cigarettes in Waitrose 134m
* EBFCB1FF-8228-481E-9F62-AB2C00FEAC83 Highlands & Islands Fire & Rescue Service
Fire Station, Grampian Road, PH22 1RT
n11930805541 (J+) outside fire station to left of red engine house door 134m
* AD79427D-22B7-4E8E-847C-AF1200FAC95C Cloughton Telephone Box
Telephone Box, High Street, YO13 0AE
n5134213439 (J+) inside old red phone box by pedestrian crossing on High Street, Cloughton 133m
* CC439B18-D6F2-4AB9-BC2A-AEDA00A2EC19 Fawdon Community Centre
Fawdon Park Road, Fawdon, NE3 2PL
n9535631145 (J+) 133m
* 2644178D-3301-449F-BA45-B0F500AC2018 William Howard School
Longtown Road, Brampton,Carlisle, CA8 1AR
n10284709244 (J+) outside William Howard School building - to left of entrance 133m
* 184A67AC-82C5-4D7D-AD58-ADCC009AC6DE George House
22a George Place, Plymouth, PL1 3NY
n11336831862 (J+) Behind reception desk at George House sheltered housing main entrance 133m
* CB53CF80-52EA-4248-8FA6-AF1100D5ABED National Trust
The National Trust Sizergh Castle, Sizergh, LA8 8AE
n11845777814 (J+) Outside, under veranda/porch at right hand side of front of building. Next to parking ticket machine. 133m
* 0E732C0F-EDB9-42DD-8568-AD8900C941CD Frampton On Severn Parish Council
Frampton On Severn Parish Council - Phonebox 2, Bridge Road (Opposite The Bell), GL2 7HA
n25377587 (J+) inside red telephone box, Bridge Road, Frampton on Severn 132m
* 3C944E3C-AA98-442C-B2F1-AABE00B694C3 Aldridge Community Centre
Middlemore Lane, Walsall, WS9 8AN
n8330958595 (J+) Yellow box on outside wall, by car park 132m
* 7C0694AD-21B1-44AF-96D4-B07A00E2751D Telephone Box, Empingham Road, Ketton
28 Luffenham Road, Ketton Stamford, PE9 3RN
n8518719313 (J+) inside red phone box, NE end of Luffenham Road, Ketton 132m
* 1368FC00-E72A-44D2-94A3-AF4D0110C083 Reception Oyster Quay
Port Way, Port Solent, Portsmouth, PO6 4TE
n9848693043 (J+) 132m
* 6EDEC7BB-11AC-44E7-B3A6-B0B500CAF22E The Royal British Legion
20 Church Way, Hungerford, RG17 0JU
n9906735978 (J+) On outside wall of Royal British Legion Hungerford Club, facing Church Wayy 132m
* 7800DB7E-DEA5-49BA-8DA5-AB0200BA7B47 Appin Community Cooperative Ltd
Appin, , PA38 4DE
n10186680961 (J+) outside by entrance to Port Appin Stores 132m
* AB1487E8-5516-426C-88B2-AD43008ECEA1 Colburn Town Council
Colburn Village Hall, 54 Colburn Lane, DL9 4LZ
n10874826326 (J+) outside Colburn Village Hall 132m
* 77BBF013-19FD-4731-A83C-AB5C01699563 Hubberston Community Centre
Church Road, Hubberston, SA73 3PL
n11134369540 (J+) Hubberston Community Centre 132m
* 10136647-C114-4BB1-99F0-AD6500A25780 Noss Mayo - The Tilly Institute
Passage Road, Noss Mayo, PL8 1EW
n11557775964 (J+) On outside wall of The Tilly Institute opposite the car park on Passage Road 132m
* 55325F75-5C06-4D5A-9228-AEC101196E81 82 London Road
Teynham, Lynsted, ME9 9QH
n11778123036 (J+) On outside wall of Swaleside Veterinary Surgery, 82 London Road. 132m
* EF76FC20-4682-48F1-A46D-B099008CBA90 Welsh St Donats Church
Church Lane, Welsh St Donats, CF71 7SS
n11973970844 (J+) Inside church porch on left hand side as you walk in. Always unlocked 132m
* A9D282DF-CBE2-4477-85DC-ADCD00AE08D6 Christ Church & St. Peters C Of E Primary School
Christ Church & St Peter's Ce Primary School,, 8 Rothley Road, LE12 7JU
n11985948394 (J+) 132m
* 2A509614-E32C-4815-9D3E-72A497D774A3 Sugar Loaf Cafe Regents Village Shop
Westminster Bank, Malvern, WR14 4AY
n5488877322 (J+) 131m
* 8D831DB1-E8F8-4C06-8438-AD8900AE6C58 Main Street
East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2AT
n6032740610 (J+) External wall to left of community centre entrance 131m
* C8B38B03-327A-4F34-9BE4-B00D00D119DB Whitby Harbour Office
Endeavour Wharf, Whitby, YO21 1DN
n7447563909 (J+) outside Tourist Information, Harbour Office, Endeavour Wharf, Whitby, YO21 1DN - north east corner of building 131m
* AD3101D6-E502-430D-A886-AD4D00AB3E6A Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat
Sandown Lifeboat Station, Esplanade, PO36 8JS
n7568728527 (J+) On outside wall of Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat 131m
* 535CC869-C8E1-447F-8E94-AD33008DBED7 Chiseldon Parish Council
The Red Bt Box, Badbury, SN4 0EU
n10057096251 (J+) inside old red phone box in Badbury 131m
* 7C8D125F-67C0-4261-A8DD-AFC400998586 Newry (Ub)
Newry Bus Station, Soho Island, The Mall, Newry, Newry, BT34 1AE
n10262845119 (J+) On wall to the right of shop/cafe 131m
* E8B48B1B-4DE4-433F-92AF-AF71007D32D7 Derby Advertising Kiosk
Outside 15 London Road, Derby, DE1 2NL
n10676099817 (J+) On pavement/sidewalk of London Road near car park entrance 131m
* C0565031-B926-4C82-869E-AFCE00FEA36B Overton Memorial Hall
Middleton Road, Overton, LA3 3HB
n11525816107 (J+) outside Overton Memorial Hall 131m
* F6052CDF-8A7C-4492-9DDE-E5F416F45648 Dorridge Methodist Church
103 Mill Lane, Dorridge, B93 8NY
n11837675262 (J+) Next to entrance of Dorridge Methodist Church 131m
* 3C6A30A3-9F62-4E50-9DED-ADA900BBFDBD Thetford Academy
Croxton Road, Thetford, IP24 1LH
n9267631429 (J+) On exterior wall of Thetford Academy Sports Centre, just to the left of the main entrance. Access from Croxton Road via the service road to the north of the School buildings. 130m
* D29A88CF-614B-4F15-BF3F-AE2200FE900B Leftwich Estate
Granville Road, Leftwich, CW9 8HE
n10113477222 (J+) Inside public phonebox 130m
* 20C831B4-2520-4712-8BAE-8481E93EB59D Brooke Weston City Technology College
Coomb Road, Corby, NN18 8LA
n11823044938 (J+) On wall right hand side of gates 130m
* 9BCB5FA6-9090-4207-99AC-AD260107FC6D Stansted Park Garden Centre
Broad Walk, Stansted, PO9 6DX
n2276239819 (J+) AW97 Stansted Park Garden Centre 129m
* 9598D327-4873-496A-B5FD-ABAB00E35855 North Lincs Council
Gunthorpe Old Telephone Box, Main Street, DN9 1BQ
n9583950570 (J+) inside old red telephone box in Gunthorpe 129m
* A7EBDC94-9920-4F41-A95D-8594CD6B4D7B Public Telephone
Main Street, Evesham, WR11 7XB
n650493651 (J+) inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange), Main Street, Aldington 128m
* 4493587C-E244-4CB7-A428-AC1A00C14B0F Llantwit Fardre Community Council
Old Telephone Box Outside 44 Heol Y Ffynnon, Efail Isaf, CF38 1AU
n8123983730 (J+) inside old red phone box on Heol-y-Ffynnon in Efail Isaf 128m
* 7EEB0C7F-50FF-488A-95A2-AE3600E7C94B Calthwaite School
Calthwaite C Of E School, Calthwaite, CA11 9QT
n9083631651 (J+) outside Calthwaite CofE School building 128m
* 262A7DA4-A18C-4654-AB11-AE320009C753 Mill Lee Road
Low Bradfield, Sheffield, S6 6LB
n2927483858 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. Provided by;Lee's Footsteps 127m
* 55DF7098-4EB8-468B-9358-AEEA0120704E Sawdon Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Main Street, YO13 9DY
n5168284926 (J+) inside old red phone box in Sawdon 127m
* 7B2DAAF0-BF56-46F1-AD53-AEA700D7309C The Star Public House
Maidstone Rd, Matfield,, Tonbridge, TN12 7JR
n6415191778 (J+) 127m
* 7AB85C81-2E61-45D9-A61D-AE8D00C7BCA1 Main Car Park Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre
White Lane, Sheffield, S35 2YH
n7744586963 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 127m
* AD5A15D5-5772-4E57-953B-7CC39983EF38 Inside Telephone Box Next To Bus Shelter
Wl060, Cammeringham Lincoln, LN1 2SH
n9531210553 (J+) inside old red phone box opposite St Michaels Church in Cammeringham 127m
* 418C50F3-9EE7-4269-B949-AFFD00FCC52D Lendalfoot Community Hall
A77, Lendalfoot, KA26 0JW
n9894029728 (J+) outside Lendalfoot Community Hall - facing car park 127m
* 62EAF242-1174-4289-B022-AF0B009CB549 Oakwood Pharmacy
2a Main St, Woodhouse Eaves, LE12 8RZ
n11359820021 (J+) On the outside wall of the pharmacy. 127m
* 415A0C24-0747-467D-9489-B15600E73693 Waitrose Christchurch
33 Fountain Roundabout, Bargates, BH23 1QD
n11503728755 (J+) on Bypass wall of Waitrose supermarket 127m
* C6AED00F-FEC6-4947-92EC-AF0B00AA6468 Rushden Fire Station
4 Foskett Cl, Rushden, NN10 6UL
n4583028744 (J+) Right hand side under canopy 126m
* 31C96443-7357-478E-863A-AE3A00ACCF35 Tesco Stores Ltd
Chrurch Road, Bishops Cleeve, GL52 8LR
n6074044496 (J+) Behind the Customer Services Desk 126m
* 2C443D00-801D-4A4C-BF41-ADE600FFC59B Hellifield Cfr's
Kendal Road, Skipton, BD23 4HE
n7164207359 (J+) outside BGM, Hellifield 126m
* 20004588-8120-49A6-AD72-AD78008C0CE3 Ulley Village Hall
Ulley, Rotherham, S26 3YG
n7599771538 (J+) Free standing. Available 24/7. Outside Ulley Village Hall 126m
* 9261CA53-C86C-4209-A01E-ABF900CD0B8E Green Man Stores
Chapel Lane, Threapwood, ST10 4QZ
n7777532628 (J+) 126m
* A864B533-103F-4018-8A54-B15600F24C66 Waitrose Towcester
Richmond Road, Towcester, NN12 6HY
n7892360896 (J+) 126m
* 451DAFF4-A980-4212-B68E-AA94010722A9 Preston Village Meeting
The Orchard, Preston Upon The Weald Moors, TF6 6DH
n8710804959 (J+) inside red telephone box that is now used as book exchange in Preston upon the Weald Moors 126m
* 36013153-C40A-47D8-824C-AE8400ECFC08 Farnham Heath End School
Hale Reeds, Farnham, GU9 9BN
n9070332603 (J+) In School reception, room just to the right as you enter the main doors 126m
* C2E82C59-F9C1-45DE-9A2B-AD8100A94D19 Junction B1078 And Main Road
Hemingstone, Ipswich, IP6 9RT
n9448587952 (J+) Inside the disused telephone kiosk, just south of the bridge. 126m
* FB21BE04-06B6-4E03-B6DB-AE3D01060BAD Saxby House
Piccadilly, York, YO1 9NX
n11030042150 (J+) Saxby House, Piccadilly - one on each floor - only accessible during office hours 126m
* AB7C23E5-AE55-492B-8DC7-AEBE00EAC300 Bare Lane Railway Station
Bare Lane, Morecambe Lancashire, LA4 6LL
n11459669882 (J+) 126m
* D555E720-EF63-458B-90C1-B0C501557D72 The Forder Community Hall
Forder, Saltash, PL12 4QR
n11737664982 (J+) On outside wall of Community Hall next to river 126m
* 8DAF990A-001F-411F-8503-B01F010807C9 Phone Box
Main Street, Bielby, YO42 4JW
n5243593076 (J+) inside telephone box in Bielby 125m
* B3619272-8753-4621-9B75-AB7D00C800A7 Cilgerran Village Hall
1 Heol Ty Newydd, Cilgerran, SA43 2SN
n6311883573 (J+) outside Cilgerran Village Hall 125m
* 477D14C8-A428-4856-B892-7A6C6CC94041 Staffordshire Fire And Rescue Service
Fire Station Newcastle Under Lyme, Knutton Lane, ST5 2SL
n6342060122 (J+) 125m
* D893EF00-943C-4ACB-AAC2-AD6500A27203 Royal William Yard
Stonehouse Cpad, Royal William Yard, PL1 3RP
n9998076017 (J+) On wall at gatehouse entrance to Royal William Yard 125m
* 1C042904-EB6B-42D8-8256-B007009ADD02 Harthill Village Hall
Winney Hill, Harthill, S26 7YL
n11017980452 (J+) On the outside of the village hall. 125m
* 4C65EFD5-A7C8-4983-B58B-AEBE00EAC006 Bolton Railway Station
Trinity Street, Bolton, BL2 1BE
n11042963033 (J+) Against a wall near the toilets of platform 3 125m
* ECBAD913-9C6F-4580-9FB1-1C6DD407CA11 Crathes Village Hall
A93 North Deeside Road, Crathes, AB31 5JN
n11414819140 (J+) outside Crathes Hall - to left of entrance 125m
* 6F96C506-DB61-4ACA-819F-B03000B5AD01 Tesco Stores Ltd
33 High Street, Colchester, CO1 1DH
n11876239889 (J+) on pillar between windows to right of entrance facing entrance 125m
* 1874B314-601F-461E-B71C-B18C00E4A6EB The Fox Public House - External Cabinet
The Fox Public House, 37 Main Street, LS14 3DX
n6074717684 (J+) Front external wall of The Fox, to the left of the entrance 124m
* 00FD5E2C-155A-451F-954A-ACCA00AE8CA8 Visitor Reception Building
Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea, S44 5QJ
n6658181653 (J+) Attached to side of entrance kiosk 124m
* 9750FEDC-BF6B-4DB9-95DF-AE55010A76EA United Methodist Church
Lidster Street, Rotherham, S65 2AX
n6697560632 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 124m
* 0ACB1109-ADFC-48AB-B54F-A2706DFF0AC7 Malt Shovel Inn Bubbenhall
Lower End, Coventry, CV8 3BW
n7258048782 (J+) On the wall of The Malt Shovel pub. 124m
* D6404F64-F984-41B5-A536-ADC90094AF9F Hett Village Hall Association
Village Hall, West Street, DH6 5LS
n8742897669 (J+) 124m
* 9342B0DD-3141-474A-B7E5-4FBC44033CFE On The Rear Of The Telephone Box
Main St, Kirkby-On-Bain Woodhall Spa, LN10 6YT
n9404705626 (J+) attached to outside of red phone box (now used as book exchange) 124m
* 8C378332-450C-457D-B9B1-AF88017C734C New Inn
New Inn 25 Market Street, Clay Cross, S45 9JE
n11202390044 (J+) On the outside wall of the pub. 124m
* 76B6C8B9-D63B-4D70-B0F8-AADF01498A5C Maclean Hall
Fearnan, , PH15 2PG
n11418647819 (J+) outside Fearnan Village Hall 124m
* 99D3EDCB-C880-471E-8787-B0060161F1B1 The Christopher Centre
10 Gainsborough Street, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2EU
n11817009987 (J+) On outside wall of The Christopher Centre, on the rear of the building, facing the car park. Access from Christopher Lane. 124m
* C824218A-ED7C-48CC-BCE1-AEA1010108CC Newdigate Village Shop
Village St, Newdigate, Dorking, RH5 5DH
n5116287205 (J+) on side wall of Bob's Shop next to pillar box 123m
* F14D069B-FBBC-4A09-8EDD-AE7F00E222A5 Barmston& Fraisthorpe Parishcouncil
Telephone Call Box 01262468311, 60 Sands Lane, YO25 8PG
n5173938510 (J+) inside old red phone box, on Sands Lane, Barmston 123m
* 48F32560-CC03-4B32-A5CF-AD8A00E42172 Harrogate Bridge Club
27 Robert Street, Harrogate, HG1 1HP
n5355587859 (J+) On external wall of Harrogate Bridge Club, 27 Robert Street, facing street. 123m
* 4939AB4E-D2D0-4B00-B662-AC1400C0A51E Asian Funeral Company - Melton Road
223 Melton Road, Leicester, LE4 7AN
n5864415102 (J+) 123m
* D5FADD02-CF15-4133-A8EE-AD4B0105CDE9 Hayton Service Station
Hayton, , YO42 1RJ
n6551857905 (J+) by Hayton Service Station 123m
* 24C8435E-C91D-486B-8693-AF9E00C21D1E Barking Parish Council
Village Hall, The Tye, IP6 8HT
n9674432609 (J+) In the disused telephone kiosk, in front of the village hall (opposite the Fox pub). 123m
* 9838AD6A-50D3-427B-8E19-EC5EA24BE185 Bourne Masonic Centre
Roman Bank, Bourne, PE10 9LQ
n10078392557 (J+) 123m
* 3A6E2BB5-AF16-4F0C-9F44-AFC600C3104D North Northamptonshire Council
Fermyn Woods Country Park, Lyveden Road, NN14 3HS
n10926058005 (J+) 123m
* 489CDFF1-48BD-49FF-9393-AEF2006F86A9 Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Scarborough Ambulance Station, Queen Margarets Road, YO11 2YH
n11011302355 (J+) outside Scarborough Ambulance Station, Queen Margaret's Road Industrial Estate, Edgehill, Scarborough 123m
* FC2DDC65-D92E-435D-B08D-2633F0B31E80 Deeside Fire Station
Queensferry, , LL33 0EB
n11259317270 (J+) On outside wall of fire station. 123m
* 9F5BFAA1-0778-4926-BDA1-ADB300ADE872 Monk Hesleden Parish Council
68 Middle Street, Blackhall Colliery, TS27 4EA
n11336802098 (J+) 123m
* 3B400E5C-E02A-4897-8BA2-7E5BACADD5B4 Holburn Pharmacy- On O/S Wall
Holburn Street, Aberdeen, AB10 7LJ
n11879872578 (J+) Outside front wall of Holburn Pharmacy 123m
* 0EAE8BDE-EA12-4730-AD04-B02200B886E3 Tesco Hanley
Clough Street, Stoke-On-Trent, ST1 4LS
n4406221161 (J+) Inside Tesco Extra store, on wall at right hand end of customer services desk. 122m
* C1D40743-CC8A-4BB4-8868-AED200BE9374 Duncton Village Hall
A285 Duncton Church Road To Duncton Common, Duncton, GU28 0JY
n6475431615 (J+) 122m
* 223DA0D7-2F0D-4B34-ACEC-B006015EFCE4 Stephen Walters And Sons Ltd
64-68 Cornard Road, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 2XB
n8951997665 (J+) On the fence in front of the silk mill. 122m
* 79817CE2-FB7D-43C4-AD0E-AC840128C743 Terregles Church
U230n From U347n The Old Glen At Castlehill To Kirklands Road, Dumfries, DG2 9RY
n9856198525 (J+) Left hand side of north facing wall of building in front of Terregles Church gate. 122m
* 6DDF4F08-468C-4E20-A482-97FC09597275 Hamstead Social Welfare Centre
Old Walsall Road, Birmingham, B42 1HY
n10726890606 (J+) On the wall of Hamstead Social club 122m
* 8580EEDB-CB80-44D6-B693-AECB008CF551 Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc
Worsbrough Mill, Park Road, S70 5LJ
n10997343029 (J+) On outside wall of store shed. 122m
* 6E116C02-8894-438B-B720-AFEB00BB2C60 Raynesway Ambulance Station
Raynsway Ambulance Station, Megaloughton Lane ,, DE21 7BR
n11830807951 (J+) On outside wall of the Rayneway Ambulance Staion 122m
* 63E6A67E-ACE5-4CA5-B3B5-AFB2009EF90A Red Telephone Box
Palace Green, Durham, DH1 3RW
n94275429 (J+) inside old red phone box on Palace Green by the toilets near Durham Cathedral 121m
* F53AD6B2-5CF1-4140-9C01-AD06010861A5 Abney District Community Association
Abney And District Community Hall, Main Road, S32 1AH
n1584203756 (J+) In old telephone box. 121m
* 6BB847B1-28D3-4730-992C-B0610106E877 Road Side
Patrick Brompton, , DL8 1JN
n3460383634 (J+) inside red phone box, Patrick Brompton 121m
* 1CCACE83-783C-4EA8-AAC1-AC8B0119CBD1 Perth Railway Station
Leonard Street, Perth, PH2 8HF
n4990256437 (J+) Inside the station right after the barrier 121m
* AEA3DEE8-AAE2-490A-95F3-AD7500B9CD15 Train Station Looe
Station Road, East Looe, PL13 1HN
n9257695604 (J+) outside building in Looe station car park 121m
* 88D145BA-D186-4795-B8DF-AE21011B3A49 Alciston & Selmeston Village Hall
The Street, Selmeston, BN26 6UG
n10266348277 (J+) outside Alciston and Selmeston Village Hall - to right of entrance 121m
* FE02C69A-9098-489A-A7B1-AD73009ABB3E Ilfracombe Community 1
Market Arches, Adj. Studio 20, 20 High Street, EX34 9DA
n10563695719 (J+) In covered passageway through building 121m
* 883BEC50-71A0-480E-A0D2-B17600A595BE Endcliffe Park Cafe
Rustlings Road, Sheffield, S11 7AB
n10765817947 (J+) On outside wall. 121m
* 47EDDD41-8AAD-45CC-84B4-AEA000DFAABA Eynsham Village Hall
Village Hall, 46 Back Lane, OX29 4QW
n10896990713 (J+) outside Eynsham Village Hall 121m
* 886A1A57-61CE-412B-A87C-ADF20104A61A Blackpool Coastal Housing
Argosy Community Centre, Argosy Close, FY3 7PW
n11462566500 (J+) Argosy Community Centre 121m
* 725C17A6-8C9D-49EE-98C2-AFDF00E67987 Tesco Express
Clacton-On-Sea, Clacton On Sea, CO15 3DP
n11793823028 (J+) On pillar between entrance and tills, facing entrance 121m
* A0F237DA-B1C2-4A9D-8CA7-AEDF00C0C9D1 The Phone Box
1 The Street, Ridlington, NR28 9NU
n2438743903 (J+) inside old red phone box in Ridlington 120m
* 1FEAEB27-5F0D-4383-A322-9D8FD3BFF727 Carrick Knowe Primary School- On Wall At Main Entrance
Lampacre Road, Edinburgh, EH12 7HU
n8041979729 (J+) Main entrance to Carrick Knowe Primary School 120m
* E1F963A8-761E-44FF-B630-D1AAC15AAD83 Opposite B847 Rd Juction In Middle Of Village
Unnamed Road, Calvine Pitlochry, PH18 5UA
n8174365109 (J+) on fence in Calvine 120m
* 24658E6E-6B0D-4555-BC60-AB3C00B2227D Scts
Edinburgh High Court, Lawnmarket, EH1 2PE
n8176372622 (J+) Inside High Court entrance hallway on left (west) side 120m
* 11412098-15EB-4674-B9CC-AE3C00EF2C8D Tesco
132 Cubbington Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 7AH
n9760396051 (J+) 120m
* 4D885BFB-F850-4ED6-96FD-AF950124BBD5 Eddleston Village Hall
Eddleston, , EH45 8QP
n10568543542 (J+) outside Eddleston Village Hall - facing car park 120m
* DBA02AFA-80A5-4CCF-90C9-AD40012E7989 Scpad 310
Hood Green Pavilion, Pocket Park, S75 3EU
n11407374422 (J+) On the outside wall of the pavilion building. 120m
* 2812E18B-C4BD-4F9E-9605-AEFC009E1B9D Main Street
Longford, , DE6 3DR
n5077290588 (J+) inside red phone box (that is now being used as a book exchange) in Longford 119m
* BD9DB670-8452-47EB-8F83-B0A500D49E36 Baddeley Clock Toilets
New Road, Windermere, LA23 2EE
n5286952329 (J+) On end wall of toilet block 119m
* 5FBCE3F4-AA17-4678-A7DC-ADA500CFF119 New Games Pavilion
Valley Gardens, Jct Of Harlow Moor Drive & Valley Drive, HG2 0JX
n6032803348 (J+) outside cafe/toilet building by playground in Valley Gardens - on wall facing away from playground 119m
* AC47899A-C278-4321-BFA1-AE3100AE088E Wakefield 2
Mcdonalds, Dewsbury Road, WF2 9BY
n9249704763 (J+) outside on wall near disabled parking 119m
* 80621273-E558-48D1-BB79-AEA50112DED2 Park Spring Primary School
Swinnow Lane, Swinnow, LS13 4QT
n9802215194 (J+) On external fence of school 119m
* 46DE796A-77E9-419C-99DE-AE6300C14B34 Barton Pavilion
Barton Fields Road, Oxford, OX3 0FR
n9879623694 (J+) Wall of Pavilion 119m
* CC9BBE3D-760A-46C0-91DB-AD9F0078B852 69/71 Main Street
Carnwath, Lanark, ML11 8JU
n9907439721 (J+) outsde Carnwath Post Office and Shop 119m
* B30B2A85-6472-4A12-9D5E-B00B00A326B1 Mount Tabor Church
Wordsworh Avenue, Parson Cross, S5 8NJ
n11019687322 (J+) On the outside wall of Mount Tabor church. 119m
* AB34FA80-473F-4957-87D7-AAC500AA789B Network Rail Ltd
Waverley Railway Station, Platform 14, EH1 1BB
n11051814615 (J+) At platform level behind the ticket barriers past WHSmith at the end of Platform 14 119m
* E7C3E211-1CF4-4892-B7B0-B07000C4CB11 Moorfield Park
West Street, Banbury, OX16 3HB
n11172133162 (J+) 119m
* B3A50F64-D5B6-4B9F-A657-B09300D77766 Atherton
Atherton Fire Station, Gloucester Street, M46 0JT
n11234495241 (J+) On wall to the right of the main entrance 119m
* D3FD69DE-560D-4BAB-9377-AF4C00FBAD15 Mcdonald's - Barnsley 1
Wombwell Lane, Stairfoot Roundabout, S70 3NT
n11277279527 (J+) Inside McDonald’s on the wall. This one is currently open 24/7. 119m
* DB053045-86D0-48AF-ACB0-AF560145EF50 The Springhead Farm Shop
33 Heath Hill Road, Mount Tabor, HX2 0UT
n11365278819 (J+) outside Springhead Cafe, Mount Tabor 119m
* F93FE17B-6125-43EF-AEC7-AF9000E1A973 Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa
Broadway House, Axbridge Road, BS27 3DB
n11819910982 (J+) inside red phone box in Cheddar Woods Resort 119m
* 4A67F33A-69DF-4F08-80B8-AEB700EFD111 Bailgate Methodist Church
Bailgate, Lincoln, LN1 3AR
n11930986444 (J+) On the outside wall at the back of the church. 119m
* 5086B88D-0AE0-4CE1-89FC-AFC600B66A0C Sonning Parish Council
Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, RG4 6UL
n428004752 (J+) inside red phone box outside Pearson Hall, Pearson Road, Sonning 118m
* 63EF9223-3E21-4D47-86DC-AD4E00B36EA1 J H Shouksmith And Sons Ltd
Murton Way, York, YO19 5GS
n6376915115 (J+) outside Shouksmiths office facing Outgang Lane on the corner of Murton Way and Outgang Lane 118m
* D8BF74FB-7DAC-49A2-8FE8-2790A7DC9310 Beacon Leisure Centre- At Reception In Front Foyer
General Area Of, Burntisland, KY3 9BS
n8265227844 (J+) 118m
* 07A5E3A0-1245-45C8-A739-B15600F1ED73 Waitrose Swaffham
Castle Acre Road, Swaffham, PE37 7FD
n8792726837 (J+) On exterior wall of Waitrose store, facing the petrol station. 118m
* 40673B6D-BD7A-4EF5-A67A-AF4D00EEC842 Haverfordwest Railway Station
Cartlett Road, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TY
n11125289415 (J+) Outside railway station at roadside 118m
* B1AED2E5-9A8A-479E-9BA0-AFC501194602 Wicklewood Village Hall
Wicklewood, Wymondham, NR18 9QA
n11361625927 (J+) On Outside wall of Wicklewood Village Hall, facing the car park. 118m
* 58659670-FAF8-432D-B436-AEF3012D617D Cassel Memorial Hall
West Street, Lilley, LU2 8LH
n11465764569 (J+) On outside wall of Cassel Memorial Hall 118m
* A42CC37D-E531-4195-9EB9-AE9000BBA518 Milton Creek Country Park Swale Borough Council
Church Marshes Country Park, Saffron Way, ME10 2EX
n11639268324 (J+) 118m
* 70843385-2781-4F52-8C9E-AA7900B4C565 Park House Hotel
Park Street, Shifnal, TF11 9BA
n11670308742 (J+) 118m
* 58555F8B-E7F1-4452-82B5-AF9900F94103 North Northants Cfr
Elite Hairdressers 7 St Stephens Road, Kettering, NN15 5DS
n11829285625 (J+) Next to door of hairdresser 118m
* CE43AA52-1294-4E2D-92E2-AE5B00E82C73 Strickland Arms, Great Strickland
Strickland Arms, Great Strickland, CA10 3DF
n11950059091 (J+) outside Strickland Arms, Great Strickland 118m
* 1A32B065-B527-437E-9CDA-739F6572094A Happy Days Holiday Homes
Trunch Ln, Chapel St. Leonards Skegness, PE24 5TU
n2394999719 (J+) 117m
* 485C4C00-C9D5-4E8D-AB17-01C4C3A45BB9 Pavilion Plovers Rise Playing Field
Plovers Rise, Worcester, WR5 3SA
n4459494231 (J+) On outside wall of Plovers Rise Playing Field paviloin 117m
* F732CC31-7354-43AF-A1F1-AD4F00C61053 Gmb Union
Ground Floor, Suite 4, Unit 5, Meadowhall Business Park, Carbrook Hall Road, S9 2EQ
n7590144514 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 117m
* D5C9285B-7EC4-4BA1-9E4A-AE5F00AB06D5 Bridge End Farm House Cafe
41 Old Dalkeith Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 4TE
n9656003073 (J+) wall 117m
* 5EDEBEBD-F570-477A-9ACF-AF0B00AA72D1 Rectory Farm Local Centre Shop
Olden Rd, Northampton, NN3 5DD
n9851995002 (J+) outside Rectory Farm Supermarket - next to post box 117m
* B4453B3C-DF88-4472-AB6E-B0BC00B4DEA0 St Ninians Terrace
Village Hall, Isle Of Whithorn, DG8 8LH
n9941262238 (J+) Isle of Whithorn. St Ninian's Community Hall. External wall. 117m
* 262DA0EC-7881-49D7-99EC-AE2200FEA98B Shurlach Methodist Church
59 Shipbrook Road, Rudheath, CW9 7HE
n10110831623 (J+) outside wall 117m
* 367760D3-049D-4D37-AFB0-AE1A00C94B9A Layton (Salem) Methodist Church
Westcliffe Drive, Blackpool, FY3 7DZ
n10205042840 (J+) 117m
* EA6811A6-8561-468F-B441-CBD47330F096 Kirkwall Grammar School- On Wall O/S Ent To Pe Corridor
Unnamed Road, Kirkwall, KW15 1QN
n10811806067 (J+) Kirkwall Grammar School. External wall. Right around corner from main entrance. 117m
* 4710D7BE-D672-437E-87B9-AF5A01395319 Dock Lane Defib
Dock Lane Garage, Canal Wharf, BD16 3HP
n10833957088 (J+) mounted on the outside wall facing the road 117m
* EF1C05FF-2A7E-4E89-9EF0-ABB4015E1417 Village Hall
Strone Of Cally, Bridge Of Cally, PH10 7JL
n11076675506 (J+) outside Bridge of Cally Village Hall 117m
* A8796C52-9126-42D9-91BD-AECB012AEB3F Hackness Village
Broxa Lane, Hackness, YO13 0JW
n11225407541 (J+) outside Hackness Village Hall 117m
* CAA6E240-5C17-4166-8126-ADAA0114C10B Duchy Defibrillators Ltd
The Four Lords Inn, St Austell Road, St Blazey Gate, PL24 2EE
n11815622033 (J+) On outside wall of The Four Lords, facing Trenovissick Road 117m
* BFBE4A58-2425-46EB-9B9B-AF55011D64A9 Goldthorpe Railway Station
Off Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, S63 9BS
n11818489709 (J+) On the fence next to the entrance to the station. 117m
* 128DDB89-FFD3-4E71-A3E3-AE2100908C4F Stradbroke Pool And Fitness
Wilby Road, Stradbroke, IP21 5JN
n4200226593 (J+) 116m
* 33F41E9D-EF2F-4295-B9D8-AD6700A0E31C Holt Village Hall
The Street, Holt, BA14 6QH
n6512901485 (J+) 116m
* BA9FBF98-BC2E-46F7-AFAC-AB78012A1CB7 Telephone Box By Church
B4518, St Harmon, LD6 5LU
n8124832548 (J+) inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in front of the church in St Harmon 116m
* F559E3DF-E76E-46B2-9162-AD6B00A475E9 Old Pier
Vincent Pier, Scarborough, YO11 1PH
n9486916348 (J+) To RH side of Entrance Door to Pier House (Scarborough Yacht Club) 116m
* 7BCECD35-2E1D-4D27-A10D-AF6601286A6F Roadhead Public Hall
Roughsyke, Road From Whitberryburn North To Corner House, CA6 6NL
n9894114451 (J+) outside Roadhead Hall 116m
* A68394FF-21A8-4C86-B0B3-AE2200FE932B Greenbank Hub
Greenbank Lane, Greenbank, CW8 1JG
n10111118070 (J+) Outside wall beside front door Greenbank Bub 116m
* 3266935E-957D-4083-A802-AD9B00CFA414 North Cave Village Hall
60 Westgate, North Cave, HU15 2NJ
n10314238295 (J+) outside North Cave Village Hall 116m
* D12F38A5-CC60-4401-9373-AD79010236C7 Harpley Village Hall
Blackberry Cottage, Nethergate Street, PE31 6TW
n10573714041 (J+) outside Harpley Village Hall 116m
* A9E6DC23-8C64-4A1C-8E8B-AD7500B4D948 Bude - Red Phone Box
Outside Village Hall And Community Primary School, Bude, EX23 0BR
n10778610105 (J+) 116m
* B1617F28-8C25-4BDF-8A6C-AF8E00E4AA2C Newton On Rawcliffe Village Hall
High Street, Newton On Rawcliffe, YO18 8QA
n11030844653 (J+) outside Newton upon Rawcliffe Village Hall 116m
* F5474723-BEE3-41F0-A721-AD40009AD44D Oaksmere
Appleton, Abingdon, OX13 5JS
n11215328219 (J+) outside Appleton Village Hall 116m
* CB2B0A22-2DDE-4153-90A5-AEA200FC6080 Chellaston Scallywags Private Day Nursery
Scallywags Private Day Nursery, Rowallan Way, DE73 5WX
n11832574308 (J+) On wall outside Scallywags nursery 116m
* 14CC6988-7479-47ED-A05A-ADAA011A94FB Crantock Beach National Trust Car Park
Beach Road, Crantock, Newquay, TR8 5RN
n11935877339 (J+) On outside wall of toilets in car park 116m
* 051278F4-8E39-4F77-AC3A-B15600F11BC0 Waitrose Sheffield
1-3 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8HY
n9097435145 (J+) On outside wall. 115m
* 33395D5C-45A1-4555-A595-ADF700AF263F Rowantree
The Street, Tharston, NR15 2YP
n9937358171 (J+) On roadside external wall 115m
* D22EE008-C731-433E-B04E-969EE73ABA5A Parks Services
Evington Park, Cordery Road, LE5 6DE
n10042995519 (J+) 115m
* 521403CA-3F81-42C6-BA1A-AD7800CC745B Green Farmhouse
Littlebury Green Road, Littlebury, CB11 4XB
n10613113356 (J+) inside old red phone box in Littlebury Green 115m
* 99DB1F66-1B8F-456E-BF60-ADAA0114C4C7 Duchy Defibrillators Ltd
Padstow Lifeboat Station, Trevose Head, Mother Ivey's Bay, PL28 8SL
n10652454712 (J+) 115m
* F580D0AD-0EB3-4006-B8B2-AE1D00C7CE74 Part Os 5750 Otley Village Hall
Chapel Road, Otley, IP6 9NT
n10872339414 (J+) outside Otley Village Hall 115m
* D09566F2-AF03-458F-A6D8-ADC800B43A07 University Of Gloucestershire
Francis Close Hall Security Office, Swindon Road, GL50 4UG
n11841509323 (J+) Left of Security Office 115m
* 22A745D1-5F15-4E39-9CD0-ADC800EB71E0 Henwick Worthy Sports Ground
Henwick Lane, Thatcham, RG18 3BN
n4681838093 (J+) Located on south side of the building to the left of the main doors. 114m
* D3CB2575-7305-45D1-85FF-AFC7009B6E3C Market Weighton Fire Station
2 Cliffe Road, Market Weighton, YO43 3BN
n4964341234 (J+) outside Market Weighton Fire Station 114m
* 089940C0-5CB9-43AB-B5A0-AB28010CFD79 Foxley Parish Group Council
Red Telephone Box, Mansel Lacy, HR4 7HQ
n5489836148 (J+) Inside disused red telephone box (that is now book exchange) in Mansel Lacy 114m
* 3B05DC6A-0FDA-4D40-A2B1-AEBE00EA37D3 Manchester Victoria Railway Station
Station Approach, Todd Street, M3 1WY
n5630756225 (J+) 114m
* 2A35DBFB-4BA1-4461-94B0-AF6200D0327B Upper Eden Visitor Centre
Market Street, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4QN
n6779948443 (J+) outside Upper Eden Visitor Centre, Market Street, Kirby Stephen 114m
* 5E088FCD-89A2-46B5-B10A-AE8400CD7071 Salfords And Sidlow Parish Council
Salfords Village Hall, 5 Honeycrock Lane, RH1 5DG
n8889723114 (J+) Outdoor wall mounted 114m
* 16426324-72C1-4A8F-9611-AB5400F78BB5 The Back Dane Trust
Back Dane. Hazelwood Road, Swythamley, SK11 0RF
n8909856855 (J+) On gatepost. 114m
* 24B28DDA-4772-429B-87DF-AE6E00D8A624 Jarvis Brook Memorial Hall
24 Crowborough Hill, Jarvis Brook, TN6 2EG
n8922782236 (J+) 114m
* 9F8CFEF9-6701-4406-9AEF-AF5B00FFBC85 Hut On Town Hall Square
Northgate St, Chester, CH1 2HQ
n9074940173 (J+) On Town Hall hut 114m
* 3EDCD07E-CDC0-4D83-BAB2-F7CBB3DC8FE2 Train Station- On Wall Of Gallery On Platform 1
Ferryhills Road, North Queensferry Inverkeithin, KY11 1HE
n9129351290 (J+) North Queensferry Station 114m
  FFB2F7E5-5539-4FA1-A093-AD2D01332AD9 Bristol Chiropractic
2 Kellaway Avenue, Bristol, BS6 7XR
n9659617014 (J+) 114m
* D2F28041-C01A-43D0-89AF-AD7400C82406 Nolton Village Hall
C3082 Welsh Road Junction To Junction C3042 Nolton Cross, Haverfordwest, SA62 3NW
n9678628542 (J+) outside Nolton Village Hall 114m
* 1CBC307A-04C0-4BD2-BAF6-AF0E01546543 St James Church Muswell Hill
St James Church, St James's Lane, N10 3DB
n10216571974 (J+) Attached to the wall outside St James Bookshop 114m
* 5920E5E6-7B2B-4589-ABE6-AD4000EB7267 Rosecroft Primary School And Nursery
London Road, Attleborough, NR17 1BE
n11105682564 (J+) On low wall just outside the main gates to Rosecroft Primary School on London Road. 114m
* 53DFAA69-C9B3-48BA-9019-B03700A840F4 Pembroke College Sports Ground
Marlborough Road, Oxford, OX1 4QJ
n11762544439 (J+) Outside wall of Pembroke Sports Pavillion 114m
* 90B9EF63-3C39-4410-BB88-AE3800B1B2CA Tesco Express
32-34 High St, 0, CO11 1AJ
n11805400047 (J+) after entering store it is on the right hand wall beyond the tills 114m
* 2A13EF82-3301-4F4B-A1C1-D1293B481B42 National Trust Baddesley Clinton Hall
Rising Lane, Solihull, B93 0DQ
n5789958283 (J+) 113m
* CFB21EF2-771C-42B9-A428-ADD300AC261C Hadlow Down Parish Council
Village Hall, Hall Lane, TN22 4HJ
n6587054915 (J+) 113m
* F11231C7-F779-450A-B530-ADE500BE9B59 Castle Gate B6166
Newark On Trent, , NG24 1BG
n9353739914 (J+) 113m
* 6C6C4BCF-FCDD-467A-9FB7-E6E7E70B8201 Syresham Sunday School
5 High St, Syresham Brackley, NN13 5HL
n9393248604 (J+) On outside wall of school building on High Street near junction with Bell Lane 113m
* 1FEB719B-07AC-4D2C-9C9A-AEAF014201F5 Meadowfield Club
Browney Lane, Meadowfield, DH7 8NA
n10776052306 (J+) Meadowfield & District Social Club 113m
* 0233B52E-97C7-4F5E-9F05-AF43010AB747 Pavers Ltd
Catherine House Northminster Business Park, Harwood Road, YO26 6QU
n11868414239 (J+) Inside Pavers near the service entrance at the rear of the building 113m
* 23A0AE90-09B5-4C5F-A36A-AF480158F910 Gamblesby Village Green
Gamblesby, Penrith, CA10 1HR
n1680928250 (J+) inside old red phone box on village green in Gamblesby 112m
* 8B2A6A04-1BA7-4267-A2DE-B12C010E0FC6 Cowfold Village Hall
Bolney Road, Cowfold, RH13 8AA
n4894825233 (J+) outside Cowfold Village Hall - down right hand side of building 112m
* 31E2CF4B-B76C-42BA-8520-AFA901219FB6 Farndon Pharmacy
High St, Farndon, CH3 6PT
n8258394819 (J+) Cabinet on corner of building next to post box. 112m
* A8C37761-E5DB-43CF-98DC-AE9E00C3251C Farmers Arms
U0506 From Junction A479t By Farmers Arms Cwmdu Via Pont Cwm-Rhos To Junction U0163 And U0166, Crickhowell, NP8 1RU
n10004810504 (J+) on wall next to red phone box by playground in Cwmdu 112m
* 6ADABF7A-2DAC-4864-B8F1-AE3B00E62FA1 St Just Institute
St Just In Roseland, , TR2 5JA
n11660918733 (J+) 112m
* A6A28916-D9C4-4198-8FC4-AE9500AA1D48 Oaklands Holiday Park
Colchester Road, St Osyth, CO16 8HW
n11799922988 (J+) Front wall of Reception, right hand side facing building 112m
* D65A36F5-DFDA-42DF-8DD5-B10B00E6943C Reubens Retreat, The Lodge, Formerly Woods Hospital
Reubans Retreat, Park Crescent, SK13 7BQ
n11945081273 (J+) On the outside wall of the building. Next to the entrance. 112m
* 44FBD5F3-3F11-4368-AC76-AEC40080C0C4 Caversham Telephone Box
Kidmore Road, Caversham, RG4 7NE
n415986744 (J+) inside old red phone box at junction of Kidmore Road and Uplands Road, Caversham Heights 111m
* E191F32F-F673-4437-85EC-B03C01243185 The Buildings
Church Lane, Thrumpton, NG11 0AY
n705433144 (J+) inside old red phone box, Thrumpton 111m
* 2EACE0B7-D378-4930-AA8C-D2E4617DEC5F Cricket Scoreboard Wirksworth Cricket Club
Millers Grn, Wirksworth Matlock, DE4 4BL
n6925260594 (J+) Wirksworth and Middleton Cricket Club scoreboard 111m
* CC7B2B3E-3E00-4E1F-8B08-ABE50082F802 St Ishmael Community Council
Sunset, Tripenhad Road, SA17 5SF
n10606975852 (J+) outside toilets by level crossing in Ferryside 111m
* 80B926B5-6CD6-4FEB-932F-B02D00C08BEC Tesco Stores Ltd
1 Ramsey Road, Harwich, CO12 4RJ
n11805498596 (J+) on pillar to right as you enter store, opposite first till 111m
* ACE2DAE6-15F2-4D63-8030-AEE800C4B527 Staplehurst Station
Station Approach Staplehurst, Staplehurst, TN12 0QR
n12043000490 (J+) Outside wall of station building, platform 1 111m
* 04FB1C7C-5802-4231-A9D8-AEF601098C2C Croick Telephone Box
Ardgay, , IV24 3BS
n799318101 (J+) inside old red phone box 110m
* 3A394091-0F92-4FAD-B866-3C44F3FE0250 Whiting Bay News- On Side Wall To Lhs Of Front Door
Unnamed Road, Whiting Bay Isle Of Arran, KA27 8PR
n3470074466 (J+) 110m
* 4D5E3F87-2CD7-4E9E-9FDB-1F658A844D59 In Telephone Box Beside Ferry Shed
General Area Of, Easdale Island Oban, PA34 4TB
n6034181253 (J+) inside red telephone box 110m
* 2ADA3B31-4AA0-4576-AFBE-AD5300878ABC St Georges Church
1 Beverley Gardens, Cullercoats, NE30 4NS
n7556926983 (J+) 110m
* A07576D6-6842-4C3E-93E3-AD8900C97E10 Leckhampton Village Hall
Church Road, Leckhampton, GL53 0PL
n8741080225 (J+) On the wall to the right of entrance to shed. 110m
* F7E747B0-9164-4E41-B149-AFB701085D41 Newcastle Advertising Kiosk
Outside Strawberry Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4ST
n8881312897 (J+) below telphone handset on modern advertising board/telephone on Strawberry Place opposite St James Park stadium 110m
* 703894A3-E780-4B28-B03F-ADF300ABA3B6 Bourne Town Council
Market Place, West Street, PE10 9NB
n9290008863 (J+) inside phone box (next to post box) at junction of West Street and North Street, Bourne 110m
* 62CC70E1-C6BD-43E1-AA79-AD73009BF2C5 Telephone Box
Village Phone Box, Downhead, BA4 4LQ
n9906735438 (J+) inside old red phone box in Downhead 110m
* 6F54D309-0140-43C7-9180-AD2000E91946 Centre Of Pond 137m From California Dreaming, Nine Mile Ride 149m From Unnamed Road
Longmoor Lane, Barkham, RG40 4HU
n10942385339 (J+) outside wall 110m
* D0ADDCE9-7932-4963-BD38-4AB41B5812A2 Upton Snodsbury Village Hall
Church Lane, Worcester, WR7 4NH
n11028626317 (J+) outside Upton Snodsbury Village Hall 110m
* 5EBC90B2-B376-42AF-89D0-B0700091A9A2 Little Mill
Little Mill Phone Box, Tonbridge Road, TN12 5LA
n11163443753 (J+) inside old phone box in Man of Kent 110m
* 91A95879-FBAF-4E71-BA35-AE9700A4F7BF East Of England Co-Op
116 Swan Street, Sible Hedingham, CO9 3HP
n11865764915 (J+) to right of entrance when viewed from Swan Street 110m
* 8C58C9F9-721A-4D2D-91F9-AB2B011AE323 Rest Bay Life Guard Station
Rest Bay, Porthcawl, CF36 3UN
n11985418833 (J+) On the street side of the lifeguard station 110m
* D7377BA9-C146-48CC-92B2-AD730098CB39 Taddiport Village Hall
Taddiport, , EX38 8AT
n12041188540 (J+) On outside wall of Taddiport Village Hall 110m
* C8798EAE-07F2-42C8-8E38-AED200FE4C11 Fuller Street Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Fairstead Lodge Road, CM3 2BB
n1445041253 (J+) inside old red phone box, Fuller Street 109m
* F13DC4F3-97C1-458A-9C36-809C2B9A2F21 Dorridge Village Hall
Grange Road, Dorridge, B93 8QA
n4200119499 (J+) By entrance of Dorridge Village Hall 109m
* 60ABC688-D95D-4A5A-8E92-AF1D009C0282 Westhorpe Village Hall Limited
Westhorpe Village Hall, Church Road, IP14 4SY
n7840936473 (J+) Adjacent to the entrance to the community centre. 109m
* 0EF04541-2B6D-4609-81FB-ADC30080E56B Horsforth Community Sports And Social Association
King George Fields, Brownberrie Lane, LS18 5SD
n8458633715 (J+) 109m
* 463F72DF-1B7A-4793-8FD7-AA8100E4D2B1 Adopted Bt Telephone Box
Along From The Red Lion Pub, Bredwardine, HR3 6BU
n9837110800 (J+) inside old red phone box in Bredwardine 109m
* 71B755DD-E82A-4166-981B-6011F249B552 County Hall
Bank Rd, Matlock, DE4 3AG
n9983889332 (J+) On outside wall of building on Bank Road, near The Blue Pig Deli near junction with Smedley Street 109m
* 858A8832-8E0A-4918-AB9D-AEA10095C6E6 Ivychurch Bt Box
Ashford Road, Ivychurch, TN29 0AL
n10717572160 (J+) inside old red phone box in Ivychurch, next to church 109m
* 66EABBFD-5834-4133-9D78-AE3B00E645AC Rocky Lane Car Park
Pendower Beach, Near Treworlas, TR2 5LW
n10835730417 (J+) 109m
* EE51E2B2-46A4-45A1-B347-AE9300A4035A Village Hall Management Committee
Skelton Village Hall, The Village, YO30 1YB
n11043132732 (J+) On the outside wall of Skelton Village Hall to the left of the entrance. Access is via one of two gates which may be closed but are not locked. 109m
* 63694515-19B1-472D-B4E1-AFA801053FDE The Hub
Broadleys, Clay Cross, S45 9JN
n11202390041 (J+) On the outside wall of the community centre. 109m
* 0E83194D-383B-4BA4-B41F-AD730098DAA6 The Bull And Dragon
N/A, Meeth, EX20 3EP
n11212456297 (J+) On outside wall of The Bull and Dragon main entrance, facing car park 109m
* 43D35803-24B4-4A50-8757-AAC600C13709 The Village Hall
Daventry Road, Norton, NN11 2ND
n6444163738 (J+) outside Norton Village Hall 108m
* 1BE60C10-81D6-4EC8-B630-AE9700AA74E0 East Of England Co-Op
294-296 High Street, Dovercourt, CO12 3PJ
n6992523245 (J+) On outside wall of Co-op Daily, at corner of Mill Close and Main Road 108m
* C8BC0B4C-0C0A-4C7E-928C-AD6A00C171FB K And R Spares
192 Laughton Road, Dinnington, S25 2PT
n7542101200 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 108m
* 32D6B6D1-CA08-4440-8668-AB72008CEE46 Keith Country Show Office - To Right Of Main Entrance
Seafield Park, Keith, AB55 5AJ
n7601078589 (J+) 108m
* B1709AE2-450F-493E-9B22-ADCD01008FBB Market Place
Durham, , DH1 3RD
n7775622928 (J+) 108m
* 1D57E637-94C7-482D-AD70-AD73009B2901 Milton Lilbourne Village Hall
The Street, Milton Lilbourne, SN9 5LQ
n8599942094 (J+) outside Milton Lilbourne Village Hall 108m
* BFA71654-475F-4C45-935D-DCBEBB5B9371 Telephone Kiosk
Pelham Lane, Haselor, B49 6LX
n9161171129 (J+) inside red phone box, Croft Lane, Haselor 108m
* 94171E7D-C67F-4D8D-A030-ABE5008433C8 Bus Shelter
Bus Shelter Llansaint, Llansaint, SA17 5JE
n9740301369 (J+) on outside of bus shelter by church in Llansaint 108m
* 15604B4C-44F1-44F7-83EB-B0E200C6F039 Fritton Plant Centre
Beccles Road, Fritton, NR31 9EX
n11610337154 (J+) On a post by the sign at the entrance to Fritton Plant Centre from Beccles Road. 108m
* 3066A7AE-8F7B-4164-82C4-ADF800CD70B5 Ashwellthorpe & Fundenhall Community Centre
Thorpe Hall , (A&Fc.c.), Muskett Road, Wood Farm,, NR16 1FD
n11674187951 (J+) On outside wall of village hall, facing the car park. 108m
* CC6872CA-ECD8-4ABF-A627-B07901623CED The Octopus Centre, St Cross Hospital
The Octopus Centre, St Cross Hospital, CV22 5PR
n11747489800 (J+) 108m
* 0EB7F339-F92C-4BD4-ADDF-AEA5009E2473 Derby City Council
Mundy Play Centre Markeaton Park, Kedleston Road, DE22 2TE
n11813694065 (J+) On wall of octagonal building face lake in the Mundy Place Centre of Markeaton Park 108m
* F5E06C1A-FB47-4580-8712-AE1900CCCA03 Lakelands Primary School
Wagtail Mews, Colchester, CO3 8AJ
n11851431879 (J+) on fence to left of pedestrian entrance 108m
* 423C4AB1-E5D9-4D0E-82F1-D7D71B639E37 Bardney Lock Bridge
Branston Fen, Bardney Lincoln, LN3 5UN
n1336998748 (J+) 107m
* 3161BCA9-1816-44B6-BCB9-AEE000F9CE32 1st Severn Beach Scout Group
Mafeking Hall, Redwick Road, BS35 4LQ
n6632492485 (J+) On outside wall of Mafeking Hall, facing Redwick Road 107m
* AC3E1336-D8CD-43FC-B34A-AF0B009CB8D7 Leverton Fire Station
Main Road,, Leverton, PE22 0BB
n7294910293 (J+) 107m
* 1C4C655E-B511-4713-892D-AC2000A0AEF2 2 Main Street
Balerno, Edinburgh, EH14 7EH
n9079483295 (J+) On front wall of St Joseph's Centre, Main St, Balerno 107m
* DB3D82F3-1116-40C4-99C6-B01301048823 Poplar House Farm
Leppington Lane, Leppington, YO17 9RL
n10052442065 (J+) 107m
* 1FEEC8CC-587E-4BF7-AD74-ADCC0120D67B Hawkins Colliery Sports Club
Club And Sports Ground, Coppice Lane, WS6 7EY
n10704421633 (J+) 107m
* 19C970BE-97CE-4681-A319-AD2001116C0E Stinchcombe Village Hall
The Street, Stinchcombe, GL11 6AP
n10769766565 (J+) outside Stinchcombe Village Hall 107m
* EE1E6C99-78C8-452B-9496-AFF1007AE46C Eaglescliffe Railway Station
Station Road, Queen Street, Cleveland, TS16 0BT
n10793370096 (J+) Attached to wall at top of Eaglescliffe station's platform access ramp 107m
* 80BAA5A6-8775-435A-A999-AFA0009D3B95 Exmouth Lawn Tennis Club
The Maer, Queens Drive, EX8 2DA
n11167044318 (J+) Yellow Box, outside main entrance to Tennis Club, facing tennis courts. Up 6 steps, and requires reaching over small fence. 107m
* F8E32BD2-0A6A-49B0-AB25-AFB100C16619 F Parkinson Ltd
50 Mowbray Drive, Blackpool, FY3 7UN
n11412484332 (J+) F Parkinson Ltd 107m
* 0BF2D1A4-67EE-480D-98BC-B0EA01607C02 Headington Conservative Club
60 Windmill Road, Headington, OX3 7BZ
n11660042705 (J+) 107m
* 739A8095-4069-467A-B00C-AFAC0113DE11 Higher Sutton Telephone Box
Meg Lane, Sutton, SK11 0LY
n339918054 (J+) inside old red phone box, Ridge Hill 106m
* 67F3AF87-CB2B-4443-BE26-AE3800730441 Tesco Express
17-19 Northbrook St, 0, RG14 1DJ
n6289604915 (J+) 106m
* 9EE9F5AA-E1C7-431A-923E-A641F4E9C858 Outside Wall Of Cuttorpe Village Institute
Main Rd, Cutthorpe Chesterfield, S42 7AJ
n7107803320 (J+) On outside wall of Cutthorpe Institute 106m
* 0F504B22-2956-450B-A6B9-AE3800C3B0F1 Buttermere Community Centre
Buttermere Avenue, N/A, PR7 2JG
n7489925010 (J+) Exterior wall to fron to Community Centre 106m
* C771C6D1-77A2-4EC5-8B6C-AD6A00F80AD8 Dove Cote Gardens
Selby, , DN14 0RU
n10054222119 (J+) inside red phone box in Hensall, at junction of Main Street and Dove Cote Gardens 106m
* A47C38B4-647A-4F3E-94E4-AAFC011FECFB Village Hall
Yarnfield Lane, Yarnfield, ST15 0NJ
n10713263212 (J+) outside Yarnfield Village Hall - facing car park 106m
* 710DCFA5-8BEC-4A0C-B7B3-AE1B00F50366 9 Vicar's Hall Lane
Boothstown, Worsley, M28 1JF
n10876389773 (J+) outside Boothstown Village Hall - facing Vicars Hall Lane 106m
* 004AB6B2-ADCC-48D1-82E4-AF0300FEC548 Hilltop Community Association
36 New House Lane, Canterbury, CT4 7BH
n10924971566 (J+) Left outside side wall of building, near front. Yellow box. 106m
* F93D67F5-FDDD-4C67-911F-AFCC009F19C0 O2 Store (0310) Plymouth - Drakes Circus
Su16 Drake Circus, 1 Charles Street, PL1 1EA
n10963534405 (J+) 106m
* CD8F2925-2804-4AD4-9FFC-B18600E9F52A St Monans Harbour
Mid Shore, St Monans, KY10 2AR
n11079606625 (J+) outside Harbourmaster Office, Mid Shore, St Monans 106m
* 41425E03-D2E8-41B7-8BD2-B04201179364 Clifton Hotel
1 Queen's Road, Shanklin, PO37 6AN
n11139742500 (J+) On the outside wall of The Clifton facing the sea 106m
* 561DC177-4A73-4287-84CF-AFE900F8C537 The Three Mariners At Oare
The Three Mariners, 2 Church Road, ME13 0QA
n11917763511 (J+) 106m
* 155F17E4-9176-47F3-A17F-ADE801158DE4 Conservative Club
New Road, Tintwistle, SK13 1JN
n11944517583 (J+) On the outside wall of the Conservative Club. 106m
* 540FB96C-7EB3-49CB-A559-AF9B00A9CAB4 Gardiner Haskins Homecentre
68-72 Dyer Street, Cirencester, GL7 2PF
n11964637362 (J+) Within enterance to Gardner Haskins on Dyer Street during opening hours only. 106m
* 2B70B435-4CA6-4B20-93DC-024E2AC822E3 Public Telephone - Stubwood
Stubwood Lane, Denstone, ST14 5HU
n1286235872 (J+) inside old red phone box, Stubwood 105m
* 6C855AD9-0933-47B2-95EF-ADFA00DBC55D Women’s Institute Hall
Meadow Lane, Beadnell, NE67 5AG
n7178610032 (J+) To the right of the entrance. 105m
* 283089C5-9C2A-46EF-B0EC-AAD20109758C Lintilgow First Responders
The Park Bistro, Park Farm, EH49 6QY
n7259203920 (J+) attached to fence near cycle parking 105m
* C3F52600-0CD8-4652-83D7-ADB3014C0773 Near Bob Smiths Garage
Esh Terrace, Langley Park, DH7 9XH
n7729228322 (J+) 105m
* CE2E2884-933A-46C0-B73E-AE450099D09E Arkholme Village Hall
Kirkby Lonsdale Road, Arkholme, LA6 1AT
n8420300616 (J+) On front wall of Arkholme Village Hall, right hand side of main doors 105m
* 81CEFC73-BA86-4673-9876-AD7500B4FEBC Eliot Hall
St Germans, , PL12 5NR
n9725292218 (J+) outside Eliot Hall, Fore Street, St. Germans 105m
* E3214B50-2C79-4A8F-9B0B-B13E010FC540 Alresford Station
Station Road, Alreasford, CO7 8AA
n9822388949 (J+) On fence opposite ticket machine at entrance to platform 105m
* EF0CFA74-1B4B-4B4D-BCE6-6C643F413FBD Mudc - Mid Ulster Sports Arena
Musa - Mid Ulster Sports Arena, Tullywiggan Road, BT80 8SG
n9994624656 (J+) 105m
* 3C2D00AE-368C-4EB7-A0C1-AF71007D3AFD Nottingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside Tk Maxx, 35 Milton Street, NG1 3EN
n10181569278 (J+) 105m
* F2A83A2F-949A-4282-B956-B09100CA7A2D The Lodge
Victoria Park, Plymouth, PL1 5NQ
n10574725541 (J+) On outside wall of The Park Pavillion Cafe, facing the playground in Victoria park 105m
* 9A534E4D-12C5-4414-AAC2-AE8B00FBA887 Red Phone Box
Udimore Road, Rye, TN31 7DY
n10717529825 (J+) inside old red phone box on Udimore Road, Rye 105m
* B0740367-E1D3-47E1-8E79-AF6B00FE3641 Dronfield Railway Station
Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 2XA
n11003374156 (J+) On the outside wall of the shelter on platform one. 105m
* 58A62134-EEB4-4928-B9D4-AE4F0004F690 Kingfisher Boxing Club
32 Riverside Road, Gorleston On Sea, NR31 6PU
n11012782072 (J+) On exterior wall of Kingfisher Boxing Club, under the porch by the main entrance. 105m
* 5FD70E33-2149-4209-A6F0-AE1E00926C8C Abode Sales And Lettings Estate Agents
2 Sefton Road, Orrell, WN5 8UP
n11531762464 (J+) Near the front door, accessible 24/7 105m
* E9FFE0C8-8F25-4C73-AD13-B053009EF838 Garden House
Hythe Quay, Colchester, CO2 8JF
n11845456152 (J+) on wall visible as you enter the drive from the road 105m
* EDF93FB2-0D9F-4915-B91F-B10800A35E40 Renishaw Hall And Gardens
Renishaw Hall & Gardens, Renishaw Park, S21 3WB
n12035843521 (J+) On the outside wall of the ticket kiosk. 105m
* C1583A92-F3AE-492D-9293-AE9700AB5AF4 East Of England Co-Op
Saxmundham Road, Aldeburgh, IP15 5JD
n4796403309 (J+) outside Co-op 104m
* 53F2B224-C347-4591-854E-B14E00CA2A96 Crown Inn Main Street Hemingbrough
Crown Inn, Main Street, YO8 6QE
n5618055083 (J+) ouside Crown Inn, Main Street, Hemingbrough, on church side 104m
* CDD66309-8CAF-44B5-B222-AB8E00E9F352 Community Centre
Finstown, , KW17 2EQ
n9709231960 (J+) outside Firth Community Centre 104m
* FD3E1AF5-E90F-4463-9750-AD8D007DBB19 Painswick Rococo Garden
Gloucester Road, Painswick, GL6 6TH
n9904380199 (J+) Outdoors, at the back of the building 104m
* 6361850B-E337-4FBD-8C54-AB5A00D62775 Luthrie Residents Group
Village Hall, Luthrie, KY15 4NU
n10060713527 (J+) outside Luthrie Village Hall 104m
* 00C204DA-951D-4B1A-8727-AD73009ADF60 Lyndale Tea Rooms
3 Watersmeet Road, Lynmouth, EX35 6EP
n10744063921 (J+) On exterior wall of building 104m
* A00598AE-2FC2-4AB1-97B2-AFFB00C5F131 Poachers Barn Public House
Osgodby Lane, Osgodby, YO11 3QH
n11011315862 (J+) on small building next to Poachers Barn pub, Osgodby Lane, Osgodby 104m
* 5DFECE68-77B1-40D5-803E-AE0D0102B5B3 84 Grange Lane
Maltby, Rotherham, S66 7DN
n11046930835 (J+) On the post outside, 84 Grange Lane. 104m
* 1BC5B202-BDEF-415A-AEE9-AEC5011FB603 Strood Side Of Rochester Bridge
Rochester, , ME2 4AB
n11251710725 (J+) At the bottom of the first set of steps approaching the bridge. It is not visible from the road. 104m
* 68D4B8E6-1259-420C-A6FB-B09900EDFDF5 East Midlands Designer Outlet
Mansfield Road, Pinxton, DE55 2JW
n11735665275 (J+) EAst Midlands Designer Outlet 104m
* 10694B6A-12F7-4E5B-B687-AD73009983A9 Chawleigh Village Shop
Village Shop, B3042, EX18 7HB
n4392851260 (J+) 103m
* C2A85659-98F7-424C-9F05-AC0500DCF96E The Kieran Mcdade Foundation
Lavelle Drive, Coatbridge, ML5 3QB
n5857271366 (J+) Located on exterior of building beside entrance doorway. 103m
* 84343301-49B6-4BA3-A2B6-AF480105174A St Lukes Church
St Luke's Church Road, Formby, L37 2DF
n7398277154 (J+) 103m
* 50F82B87-14F5-420B-8A4C-30C94146EEF3 Gibraltar Point Nature Reserve
Gibraltar Rd, Croft Skegness, PE24 4SU
n8048672359 (J+) 103m
* F087D908-78CA-4513-96B3-AE3F00EBE67C Tesco Superstore
George Westwood Way, 0, NR34 9QH
n9483622520 (J+) Behind customer service desk/cigarette kiosk, right from entrance 103m
* 8B14796C-2C91-4AD8-ADE6-B0C200E4A8E5 Birkenshaw Primary School - Station Lane
Birkenshaw Primary School, Station Lane, BD11 2JE
n9912806081 (J+) 103m
* 7988EC8C-9183-40F4-8D69-AE1A00B5D290 Village Hall
High Brigham, Brigham, CA13 0TJ
n10276866088 (J+) outside Brigham Memorial Hall 103m
* 2B7171F7-6353-4812-B275-AD9C00FF773B Village Hall
Wrights Way, Leavenheath, CO6 4NR
n11875772035 (J+) on wall of hall 103m
* 44528851-0E93-4863-A68F-AD730098FBB9 Umberleigh Village Hall
Umberleigh Cpad, Village Hall, EX37 9AA
n11901330099 (J+) On outside wall of Umberleigh Village Hall 103m
* 228A46F1-D45D-4A94-8405-B14600B1084B Alpha Tenant Management Co-Operative
Alpha Tenants Association, 14, Alpha Tenants Association,, S2 5LX
n11964228178 (J+) On the outside wall of number 14. 103m
* B8EB7EAF-0351-4436-A940-AF4D00EEBC55 Carmarthen Railway Station
Station Road, Carmarthen, SA31 2BE
n11987450360 (J+) By the train station ticket office entrance 103m
* 7CED80D4-1212-4C43-9A0B-DB1ABD27BFA4 Da Sail Laft, Skeld Marina- In Ladies Public Toilets
Skeld Marina, Skeld Shetland, ZE2 9NY
n3716735875 (J+) 102m
* FBCA4031-F05D-4219-A0E3-AE3B012403C1 Newtonmore Village Hall
Main Street, Newtonmore, PH20 1DA
n4770225699 (J+) outside Newtonmore Village Hall - down left hand side 102m
* F04298DA-9B0D-4C47-B9D9-AD860076F66B Everingham Village Hall
5 St Everildas Terrace, Everingham, YO42 4JE
n5170450223 (J+) outside Everingham Village Hall 102m
* E10E3BAD-E55F-4756-BD1B-ADF401099B10 Braithwaite Institute
Braithwaite, , CA12 5RY
n6171354818 (J+) 102m
* 50492C78-C57A-46FE-8261-ADC800B3F9AC Morrisons - Cheltenham
Caermarvon Road, Cheltenham, GL51 3BW
n7926211096 (J+) In cabinet on the wall to the right of the pharmacy counter. 102m
* 42C5795E-C751-40D0-9AA6-B01F009F5DD1 Tesco
Neil Way, Ramsey, PE26 2SB
n8930614877 (J+) Inside Tesco 102m
* 52EAD0B2-A98C-4C3B-9755-ADB50097839C Bullion Hall
South Approach, Chester-Le-Street, DH2 2DW
n9233933123 (J+) On the wall on the road side of Bullion Hall 102m
* 728994F4-29DD-4958-A848-6E69AEE2A411 The Baldwin Arms
230-240 Baldwins Lane, Birmingham, B28 0QB
n9494827718 (J+) outside The Baldwin pub 102m
* D56FCB9A-C3BE-4D93-9E02-AC7000B61B95 Mudc - Dungannon Leisure Centre
Dungannon Leisure Centre, 15 Circular Road, BT71 6DT
n9994624666 (J+) 102m
* 4C4483D9-9A34-4C14-AD3B-AE2200FE8C09 Buxton Accounting Llp
98 Middlewich Road, Northwich, CW9 7DA
n10110928533 (J+) Side wall of Buxton Accounting 102m
* 4C056872-1329-4866-9EA9-AF71007D36D4 Derby Advertising Kiosk
Outside Pure Gym, 115-119 St Peters Street, DE1 2AB
n10538795651 (J+) In free standing advertising kiosk outside Pure Gym on The Spot 102m
* 533E36A2-E531-475A-9A37-B019009B4876 Hethersett Pavilion
Recreation Road, Hethersett, NR9 3EW
n11194647864 (J+) On outside wall of Hetherset Memorial Playing Field Pavilion, under the awning facing the pitches. 102m
* F8BA7CE8-E3CA-45E8-A471-AF6900BA3C17 Sowerby St. Peter's Cc
St Peters Cricket Club, St Peters Avenue, HX6 1DF
n11816750646 (J+) On outside wall of building, to right of entrance 102m
* D799D695-D017-4970-A689-B03400BA8FDB Lee Plumpton Ltd
Bunns Bank Road, Attleborough, NR17 1QB
n5633703323 (J+) On exterior wall of Lee & Plumton office/reception building in Bunns Bank Industrial Estate, around corner to right of main entrance. 101m
* 6F1F4166-CEB3-496E-800C-ADC30080E15E Brownlee Stone Centre
Town Street, Horsforth, LS18 5BL
n6010343290 (J+) External wall between disabled access ramp and main entrance to Brownlee Stone Centre 101m
* 3B0B9FAA-2DE2-4003-9F31-AF7200CE741E Millennium Green
Off Euxton Hall Gardens, Off Wigan Road, PR7 6DY
n6057967181 (J+) outside on fence 101m
* 6A67A690-1646-4052-B397-AE2200B518A8 Co-Op - Wisbech Road
Central England Co-Operative Food - Littleport, 40-42 Wisbech Road, CB6 1JH
n6317767372 (J+) On exterior wall of Co-op supermarket, near the right-hand corner facing Wisbech Road. 101m
* EB7F7ADE-3E93-4BBF-9B5D-AD5200EEFB58 Clifton Park
Clifton Lane, Clifton, S65 2AA
n6697560629 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 101m
* 17A7C884-1289-4F0E-BA9A-AD9B01051504 Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council
Tower Hall, 5 Broadlands Way, IP4 5SU
n7090509756 (J+) On exterior wall of Tower Hall, next to the main entrance. 101m
* A7A6B6E6-76BC-4038-B1F9-AD3400982E3C Spar
1 Church Road, Barningham, IP31 1BT
n9062786897 (J+) On exterior of Spar 101m
* D73BADC8-D5D5-4042-833E-AEF201020EA0 Great Hollands Recreation Ground
South Road, Bracknell, RG40 3EE
n10312646767 (J+) 101m
* DBEE1A4F-8C8C-4211-A9AE-AF25011B5AD9 Leeds Advertising Kiosk
Outside 22-26 Headrow, Dortmund Square, LS1 6LG
n11081411040 (J+) under telephone on the back of electronic bilboard 101m
* F777B373-F24B-44E2-AEE1-DFF96802E761 Village Hall
Delph Rd, Branston Booths Lincoln, LN4 1JF
n11537286169 (J+) outside Branston Booths Village Hall 101m
* 70AE65E2-8DE4-4EA4-BF99-AD4700EED743 East Riding Of Yorkshire Council
East Riding Leisure Beverley, Flemingate, HU17 0LT
n11557038781 (J+) East Riding Leisure Beverley. Visible from the roundabout 101m
* F2C4E0E1-B3B7-4D45-B8B7-5A774533A9CF Co-Op - Chapel Street
Central England Co-Operative Retail - Chapel Street, Chapel St, NG17 8JY
n11812620269 (J+) Co-operative Kirkby in Ashfield. 101m
* 4B6C9340-63D7-4A29-9764-ADAC00B9DCA2 English Martyrs Comprehensive School
Catcote Road, Hartlepool, TS25 4HA
n11920145784 (J+) 101m
* BA925EB7-ED68-409C-A7AC-73F4CE6E2FC1 Tarland Welfare Trust
The Square, The Macrobert Memorial Hall, AB34 4YL
n4143385961 (J+) Mounted on front external wall in yellow/green case 100m
* 5CD545FC-DF9A-476D-8E88-C81017D9BCB4 Telephone Box
Main St, Wilson Derby, DE73 8AD
n4365472492 (J+) inside red phone box, Main Street, Wilson 100m
* 159A9CCD-8EE4-40BC-9C1D-AD8700E4C81D Wetherden Village Hall
Park Road, Wetherden, IP14 3JS
n5706452512 (J+) On exterior wall of Whetherden Village Hall, just to the right of the main entrance. 100m
* 9E4F0020-96A4-4F39-8F5D-AFD200F50529 Caterham Bowls Club
Queens Park Road, Caterham, CR3 5RB
n6534042323 (J+) On the outer wall (east side) of the old ambulance station. 100m
* 5F63FE74-7518-423C-B6AE-AE7700794883 Talyllyn Railway
Dolgoch Train Station, B4405, LL36 9UW
n6614859982 (J+) 100m
* CF8F4726-082C-4553-BFE2-ADD000D23B32 Tankerton Bay Sailing Club
Marine Parade, Whitstable, CT5 2LQ
n7906106210 (J+) On corner of yacht club building 100m
  0A770ECA-3B51-4ECE-9F04-AA7801095876 Moreton,Outwoods,Bromstead Community Centre
The Haven, Outwoods Lane, TF10 9EA
n9258621711 (J+) inside red phone box, Outwoods 100m
* 476FCD85-99C2-4ED7-A40E-AF900141E07C Circular Road
Betteshanger, , CT14 0LT
n9503688631 (J+) In former telephone kiosk 100m
* FB8A5821-5FC3-40EB-9B0D-B03600A33190 Commercial Wharf Boathouse 10
Commercail Wharf, Plymouth, PL1 2NX
n9915909825 (J+) On outside wall between the Boathouse doors on the landing stage area near The Boathouse Restaurant 100m
* F44D9EA3-D1FA-47A2-B192-ADCC009A11A7 University Of Plymouth
University Of Plymouth - Portland Square, Portland Square, PL4 8AA
n10012356319 (J+) On outside wall of Portland Square building, facing North Hill 100m
* B3804804-8112-4AF9-9021-ADF4012F8110 Kings Arms Stoborough
The Kings Arms, Corfe Road, BH20 5AB
n10792784247 (J+) 100m
* F35F5C90-663E-4DFD-BF38-B06C00BDC9C2 Telephone Box On A923
Butterstone, , PH8 0HA
n10853818204 (J+) In community red telephone box, Butterstone 100m
* C24CCF25-8070-4660-8DAE-D2A562D39579 Swallow And Cuxwold Village Hall
Swallow Village Hall Association, Limber Road, LN7 6DY
n10897821399 (J+) outside Swallow and Cuxwold Village Hall, Limber Road, Swallow 100m
* 810E2AD2-DA5D-48DC-B80E-AE3600DDDCF8 Tesco
Tesco Express, Cathays Terrace, CF24 4HZ
n11417086114 (J+) Next to the tills inside Tesco Express 100m
* D47A2088-BEFC-4CEA-B369-AEC10073DB9D Yorkshire Ambulance Service
York Ambulance Station, Tuner Close, YO31 9FD
n11432686577 (J+) outside York Ambulance Station Building, Turner Close 100m
* B45DF7F0-20BD-4C69-AE19-ADF300C52D82 Caring For Communities And People
340 High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 3HW
n11950369565 (J+) Left of the entrance to CCP 100m
  FA8D9AC8-B937-4C6B-A0FE-B0130080AC75 South Bank Multi Academy Trust
York High School, Cornlands Road, YO24 3WZ
n4375747649 (J+) Inside Energise building, just past reception on the right-hand wall. 99m
* 9100D903-7B9C-47B3-9C8A-ABF2009F2BA4 Llanferres Community Council
The Phone Box, Village Road, CH7 5LU
n6636176242 (J+) in phone box in centre of Maeshafn 99m
  56B4903F-466B-494A-8F50-AED900A36CF5 Network Rail
London Bridge Station, 39 St Thomas Street, SE1 3QX
n6754148537 (J+) 99m
* 923A6BDF-AD0C-4975-9FF4-ECBDCE4BC94B Historic Scotland Stirling Castle- O/S Disabled Toilet
Esplanade, Stirling, FK8 1EJ
n6804471330 (J+) 99m
* 56378B27-616E-4E2E-813A-ADF4012F72CC United Reformed Church
Swanage United Reformed Church (Urc), 112 High Street, BH19 2NY
n7839105082 (J+) On outside wall. 99m
* EFEE0A5F-9D6B-4EFA-86CA-9DC67CA374AC Udny Station Community Centre
General Area Of, Udny Station Ellon, AB41 6QJ
n8827528329 (J+) Udny Station Community Center outside wall in yellow case 99m
* 46440F76-CBF7-42DF-B70F-AF8F00D25396 Hopwood Community Centre
Birmingham Road, Hopwood, B48 7TL
n9344459571 (J+) On outside wall, facing carpark entrance. 99m
* 186B14B1-51A9-4D6B-878F-ADA5010F6B58 Etton Village Hall
Etton, , HU17 7PG
n9441131458 (J+) outside Etton Village Hall - near war memorial and red phone box 99m
* BF7E5ADD-9AC7-4D86-96EE-AEBE00EB3CDB Redcar Central Railway Station
West Dyke Road, Redcar, TS10 1RD
n10635216839 (J+) On outside wall of ticket office 99m
* 03E8CADC-C244-48B3-B2D1-AF6401014979 Ystradlyn
Ystradlyn Visitor Centre, Talyllyn, LL36 9AJ
n11061462050 (J+) left hand side of building when facing the building 99m
* 22F8E31A-FCCB-4931-A51A-AF9000DBC2D5 Spithead Busine
Newport Road, Sandown, PO36 9PH
n11445983869 (J+) By the main entrance to Spithead Budiness Centre, next to Ritchie's Diner 99m
* 27D5F3CC-17D2-4BC5-81C2-AD5000A06945 Tickhill Community Pavilion
Tithes Lane, Tickhill, DN11 9QN
n11613416777 (J+) On the outside wall of the pavilion. 99m
* 900DB11A-9B1F-4C17-9BF2-AAA200C900A9 62 Cheshire Street
Bus Station, Market Drayton, TF9 1PR
n11682818809 (J+) 99m
* 600824CE-E4E4-49E0-BE63-AD6A00FBDD0F Clacton Factory Shopping Village
Stephenson Road West, Clacton On Sea, CO15 4TL
n11786828079 (J+) On a shelf behind the desk in the information centre 99m
* D7291DAD-1D95-448E-91CA-AEAB00FB3D85 Cramlington Bowling Club
Ann Welfare, Klondyke, NE23 6XA
n11809762397 (J+) Cramlington Bowling Club, yellow green box on NE wall facing the car park 99m
* F0B9079E-3D26-4207-BEA9-AF6B00FD6FAD Thurnscoe Railway Station
Station Road, Thurnscoe, S63 0JR
n11818479905 (J+) On platform two. By the shelter. 99m
* E481557E-14AB-4DEA-B17C-AEEC00C62CFC Stanway Parish Council
The Village Hall, Villa Road, CO3 0RH
n11851427930 (J+) on left side of wall facing you as you enter the car park 99m
  BD738FAB-F3CF-4D31-8A83-AF2A00A28736 Bradwell Outdoor Centre
Bradwell Field Studies And Sailing Centre, Waterside Road, CM0 7QY
n11883782258 (J+) 99m
* B46A769F-A764-49D8-B73C-AE330119CA8A Holt Community Council
Post Office, Castle Street, LL13 9YL
n11916550831 (J+) Cabinet on front of building next to entrance. 99m
* 918019D3-2893-4501-906B-AEBE00EB0996 Hadfield Railway Station
Station Road, Hadfield, SK13 1AH
n11944807083 (J+) On the outside wall of the station. 99m
* A1F870DA-BF2F-47EC-9242-B176008A0723 Duffield Railway Station
Station Approach, Duffield, DE56 4EP
n12007638019 (J+) Duffield Station 99m
* AF18402A-5B3B-427D-9033-AA8E00C55D08 Banana Moon Harbury
Ivy Lane, Harbury, CV33 9HN
n5932832857 (J+) On outside wall of Banana Moon nursery on Ivy Lane 98m
* 32077552-5051-4006-8734-B18E007D7101 Nottingham Station
Carrington Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AQ
n6227358624 (J+) 98m
* E5069443-ECAC-49B4-A8EB-AEC200A62DD3 Widnes Railway Station
Victoria Avenue, Widnes, WA8 7TJ
n6453069545 (J+) On outside wall. 98m
* 5432A3A2-0562-4A4F-AA04-AE5B011EA5E1 Hurn The Chemist
143, Unthank, NR2 2PE
n7195634152 (J+) On exterior wall of Hurn Chemist, to the right of the main entrance. 98m
* DB0A7248-EB7F-457E-A0D3-AF4700BD9AD8 Jubilee Church
Weydon Christian Centre, Upper Way, GU9 8RL
n7576382918 (J+) in box attached to the wall on the right of entrance 98m
* 66C3135C-2765-41BA-A18F-AE3301128281 Luxborough Village Hall
Luxborough, Somerset, TA23 0SH
n7738373485 (J+) 98m
* A7C1FEE7-85DA-484B-A704-AC1400C003AE Co-Op - High Street
High Street, Brimington, S43 1DE
n7817469641 (J+) On outside wall. 98m
* 7D71072E-7A51-4E86-BE58-AFD601243CB3 Ampney Crucis Village Hall
Village Hall, Ampney Crucis, GL7 5RY
n8989737358 (J+) NW corner of Ampney Hall 98m
* D4EE3937-877D-4304-A6AB-7DC26D29AA8D Mansfield Village Hall- On Externall By Front Door
B721, Rigg Gretna, DG16 5JE
n9936803401 (J+) Rigg. Mansfield Hall. External wall, left hand side of entrance. 98m
* F22E2C65-312A-4F47-A82D-B0EE00C0EF0A Penshaw Pharmacy
Avondale Avenue, Penshaw, DH4 7QS
n10780491405 (J+) Penshaw Pharmacy 98m
* 506BF1EA-81DB-499D-B77A-B01200C43E9A Weeton Village Hall
Church Road, Weeton With Preese, PR4 3WD
n10897926246 (J+) outside Weeton Village Hall 98m
* 9C60C041-EB8C-4D81-9EFE-AD82016C4410 Wenhaston Village Hall Management Committee
Wenhaston Village Hall, Hall Road, IP19 9EP
n11203826416 (J+) outside Wenhaston Village Hall 98m
* C08EEDEF-02B1-4507-BAF0-AF4200C96FA0 Northumberland Avenue
Blackpool, , FY2 9RW
n11403009613 (J+) Cabin Tram Stop 98m
  09AF033E-1138-4AD1-8CDB-AF9C00C098E4 K P M G Llp
15 Canada Square, London, E14 5GL
n11748045491 (J+) Next to Boots 98m
  80DD6B4F-150D-4E39-8C9A-B19D0072D1D6 Tp Icap
135 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3TP
n11835308752 (J+) Wall mounted past ticket barriers, between platforms 5 and 6 98m
* 131AA3F4-B6F6-4493-9853-AFFD00D1F189 Outside Cutz Hairdressing And Londis
19 Lawrence Avenue, Awsworth, NG16 2SN
n3352603459 (J+) 97m
  B41F5B64-AA33-4E31-82DB-FC585112DE8C Prestonpans 0247
180-184 High Street, Prestonpans, EH32 9AZ
n4259732241 (J+) Outside wall of coop on High Street 97m
* B203F09B-06D0-4A1C-ABF2-AFCF00BF4F2A Troutbeck Institute
Robin Lane, Troutbeck, LA23 1PF
n4273968728 (J+) outside Troutbeck Institute 97m
* 5717623A-4D3B-4BBB-833E-AEB500800419 1 Station Road
St Ives, , PE27 5BH
n7732178281 (J+) Corner outside of Nuts Bistro 97m
* 31FD3947-410A-42E5-83A0-AB6D01653514 Parwich First Responders
Sycamore Inn, Parwich, DE6 1QL
n8177089671 (J+) Sycamore Inn Parwich 97m
  374B061E-C29F-4041-B66A-AEA500D922DF Stirling Albion Junior Academy
Forthbank Leisure Stadium, Forthside Way, FK7 7UJ
n8569005221 (J+) In reception area 97m
* 52C857B0-77AF-47A7-99B8-CC41456914CE Ilam C Of E Primary School
Ilam, , DE6 2AZ
n9423412391 (J+) Outside Ilam primary school 97m
* 4134FF2D-A71A-49B3-B047-5A9B04D1D3D5 Phone Box
New Ln, Tathwell Louth, LN11 9SR
n9621963813 (J+) inside old red phone box, New lane, Tathwell 97m
* 94B1255E-7462-41D2-A986-AD7C0095357D Lake Meadows Park
Radford Crescent, Billericay, CM12 0BW
n10013723940 (J+) 97m
* 5C4935C9-5668-4FAD-9975-B0AD00A6E2AE Cardinal Wiseman School, Coventry
Potters Green Road, Coventry, CV2 2AJ
n10089924027 (J+) On entrance gates to Cardinal Wiseman Secondary School 97m
* 2A4B32EE-F955-410A-9BF7-B01001788A9C Cransley Sailing Club,
Cransley Reservoir, Eagle Lane, NN14 1PR
n11030389705 (J+) 97m
* 47D72209-91C9-4E4A-81D7-AB7900FCFD67 Haven Dental Practice
73 Great North Road, Milford Haven, SA73 2ND
n11134393224 (J+) Inside Haven Dental Practice 97m
* 259E47EB-0B6A-4B61-AC53-AEDB00FED180 90 Church Road
Plymstock, Plymouth, PL9 9BD
n11241093258 (J+) 97m
* CDFF48D8-4CEB-4901-9016-EEDACE82043D Stitchill Village Hall- On External Wall
Ednam Road, Stichill Kelso, TD5 7TD
n11414911452 (J+) outside Stichill Village Hall 97m
* 1B6F1703-465B-4007-B72B-AFDC00D21D3C Eynsham Parish Council
Sports Pavilion, Oxford Road, OX29 4HG
n11762489410 (J+) Outside wall 97m
* BE249604-36A4-4C06-8077-ADE801174E06 Tintwistle Athletic Football Club
Off West Drive, Tintwistle, SK13 1NB
n11944936268 (J+) On the outside of the football centre. 97m
* 26ADEA01-91E1-4C4C-B9AD-AEE800B960FF Pluckley Station
Station Road Pluckley, Pluckley, TN27 0RT
n11951408606 (J+) At entry to platform 2, Pluckley station. Yellow box. 97m
* 19C9D03B-2880-4021-8975-C65EFD497432 In The Telephone Kiosk On
Riber Rd, Riber Matlock, DE4 5JU
n415452109 (J+) inside red phone box in Riber 96m
* DB213F53-44E7-4E33-B8CC-AE8200A9C7E7 Coleshill Village Hall
Barrack Hill, Coleshill, HP7 0LN
n5844693151 (J+) outside Coleshill Village Hall 96m
* 5A6850E9-071C-48D2-9090-AD2C00A88585 Winterborne Houghton Parish Council
Next To Phone Box, Water Lane, DT11 0PD
n7861143278 (J+) beside red phone box in Winterborne Houghton 96m
  A95465A3-4B44-418B-A3CD-AED901007500 London Bridge Station
39 St Thomas Street, London, SE1 3QX
n9007049317 (J+) 96m
* C174F11B-9151-43FD-8E34-AED60100DD32 Edinburgh Leisure
Meadowbank Stadium, 139 London Road, EH7 6AE
n9948886678 (J+) Outside wall of Meadowbank Sports Centre to left/west of main entrance 96m
* 71D36AA0-1E8D-4452-82A5-ADA500F4BCEC Sandhutton Parish Council
Kings Arms Public House, Sandhutton Lane, YO7 4RW
n10824529100 (J+) attached to pole outside Kings Arms pub, Sandhutton - north of pub 96m
* C8A9F31D-EE1C-4BAD-A875-B03800986B91 Crownhill Library
Cross Park Road, Plymouth, PL6 5AN
n11181144440 (J+) On outside wall of Crownhill Library on Cross Park Road near The Tamar Pub 96m
* 3C58B69F-6CE4-41A8-8C63-AE7F00DF64CE St Nicholas Church Brighton
St Nicholas Church, Church Street, BN1 3LJ
n11239993769 (J+) On inside of right gatepost when looking from the street;no gate, so readily accessible 96m
* 2A11D5FD-FDF0-48A1-ACAA-B02800A408E3 Birdwell Venue
Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, S70 5UY
n11277458493 (J+) On the outside wall of the Birdwell Venue. 96m
* F4B0A918-75D1-4CAE-99FD-AF3500C83DC5 Rilla Mill Village Hall
Rilla Mill, Callington, PL17 7NT
n11688212421 (J+) outside Rilla Mill Village Hall 96m
  54FA4C0C-6020-4F0B-86D6-B06100ACBBBE Godalming
Station Approach, Godalming, GU7 1EU
n11740847423 (J+) On the wall to the left of covered entryway 96m
* A1A0F023-877E-4D9C-9407-AD26009DE088 Hailey Village Hall
Middletown, Hailey, OX29 9UB
n11783228067 (J+) Outside wall, right of main entrance 96m
* C17B6F07-0578-487B-A404-33CA28069C98 Co-Op - Samuel Road
Central England Co-Operative Retail- Langley Park, Samuel Rd, DE22 4DT
n11821324906 (J+) On outside wall of the Co-Op 96m
* BE1F61B4-BC7F-4CAD-A007-B0A6017B1FE1 Victoria Coach Station
164-200 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 9TP
n11981433745 (J+) Inside the coach station by the door 96m
* 8E52C716-DA3C-4B30-899D-AE8300B6DBC6 Twbc
Collinghurst, Hawkenbury Road, TN2 5BW
n11999354920 (J+) On outside wall 96m
* 280616F9-A993-484C-9157-B04A00A73445 Main Street
Follifoot, Harrogate, HG3 1DU
n3902432254 (J+) inside red phone box at top of Main Street, Follifoot 95m
* 3EAAF40C-A103-4C57-9917-ADC800E932DB University Of Cambridge
Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, CB3 9DP
n4355572914 (J+) Behind reception counter next to front doors 95m
* 84FFA11E-ABC0-4DFB-A2DC-4557247B6AF6 Public Telephone
Old Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove, B60 1HH
n5809433378 (J+) Iside red phone box, Old Birmingham Road, Catshill 95m
* 8479CC9F-7328-44AF-B2BE-AE9A00C9740A Braemar Community Council
Unit 1 The Mews, Marr Road, Braemar, AB35 5YL
n5920622057 (J+) in covered walkway 95m
* 0FD2F78E-224D-43C0-9455-CB326A7728DD Co-Op Funeral - Chaddesden Lane
177 Chaddesden Ln, Derby, DE21 6LJ
n6312673526 (J+) outside 95m
* E25B7B73-9949-483D-926A-AEDD00A5FBE2 Walcott Parish Council
Public Toilets, Coast Road, NR12 0AP
n7841215275 (J+) Outside the toilet block 95m
* A069E3D5-300A-43DB-BE77-B0CE00FCAA16 Cornbrook Metrolink Station
Cornbrook Road, Manchester, M15 4WD
n8679625502 (J+) Beside stairs at platform level 95m
* FB1F4220-6BB7-4274-816D-B07A00EB7B00 Old Phone Box
High Street, Opposite Memorial Hall, CB8 0SF
n8787723082 (J+) inside old red phone box opposite Memorial Hall, Brinkley 95m
* F2AFC506-A2F5-40CE-BC95-B02600BBAAF0 Public Conveniences
Bank Top, New Road, YO22 4RR
n8868657020 (J+) Outside wall of public toilets. Near to road. 95m
* 53418854-AFB2-41F0-A6C4-B0CE011E74B9 Coneysthorpe Village Hall
The Green, Coneysthorpe, YO60 7DD
n8911202683 (J+) 95m
* E85DFAEF-6182-480B-8938-AD9600C34F80 Denbigh Town Fc
Lower Park, Park Street, LL16 3EW
n9180018363 (J+) on fence to the right of football club entrance 95m
* 5ABAA874-7846-4408-B892-B042008FF21C Car Park Haysden Country Park
Lower Haysden Lane, Tonbridge, TN11 9BB
n10133903915 (J+) green box on outside wall of toilets 95m
* 94DF7888-232C-468F-AFC3-AD2C01367FF1 Hinton Waldrist Village Hall
High Street, Hinton Waldrist, SN7 8RN
n10292775999 (J+) outside Hinton Waldris Village Hall 95m
* F5A8B1CB-037D-49B2-8317-B03700D21389 New Mills Central Railway Station
Station Road, High Peak, SK22 3JB
n11248321880 (J+) 95m
* 51370E84-2434-4F11-B937-86CEF9CA9CA1 Foveran Hall- Next To Front Entrance
Blairythan Terrace, Foveran Ellon, AB41 6AX
n11404290655 (J+) outside Foveran Village Hall 95m
* 033311F1-5688-445C-B26C-AE6F00BA0AC0 Woodmansey Primary School
Hull Road, Woodmansey, HU17 0TH
n11703788385 (J+) Exterior wall of Woodmansey Primary School, visible from Hull Road. 95m
  A8FB7303-F21E-474E-9839-AD0500E618C8 John Dewar And Sons Ltd
Aberfeldy Distillery, Aberfeldy, PH15 2EB
n11879438559 (J+) 95m
* AEA6FB50-1A58-4F2F-B152-AE9600F808AD Tadlow Telephone Box
Telephone Box, High Street, SG8 0ES
n298925698 (J+) inside old phone box, Tadlow 94m
* 8BEC0D67-8898-4DB1-9269-F5A1BE75246E Parish Church- On Rhs Of Building Next To Post Box
110 Main Street, Alford, AB33 8AD
n4417640918 (J+) Outside, By Main Entrance 94m
* 046A695B-A023-4EB7-A007-AF4700D91862 Kent Fire And Rescue Service
Rochester Fire Station, Marconi Way, ME1 2XQ
n5592958468 (J+) 94m
  B3950D79-19F2-4B65-859A-AE4500C1CF2B Coventry University
University House, 109-117 Middlesex Street, E1 7JF
n6802099490 (J+) 94m
* 990152EC-0A3D-47B7-B55D-AD480098F33F Banham Zoo
Kenninghall Road, Banham, NR16 2HE
n7803941223 (J+) On exteriorwall of Banham Zoo HQ, in a covered porch to the right of the main entrance to the building. 94m
* 94686C9E-4A10-45BF-B81C-ADF4012F5725 Beach Gardens
Swanage Tennis Club, Beach Gardens, BH19 1PG
n7835348237 (J+) On outside wall. 94m
* 5EEB372E-68DA-4D57-975C-AF1B011888ED Locking Parish Hall
Grenville Avenue, Locking, BS24 8AR
n9249474117 (J+) outside Locking Village Hall, Grenville Avenue - to right of entrance 94m
* 5D4C615D-93F7-4276-819F-AEE400E9F0AA Aber Train Station
Aber Railway Station, Nantgarw Road, Aber,, CF83 1AQ
n9741228836 (J+) 94m
* 4A42DADD-F4E3-4727-A726-ADC800BC91CE Dyrham Park
Dyrham, Nr Bath, SN14 8HY
n10013366533 (J+) 94m
  A477B239-B8D0-4D09-B595-AE8600E4DA9B St Nicolas Church
Church Lane, Cranleigh, GU6 8GB
n10067582274 (J+) Outdoor. 94m
* 8E9D9F94-0B4D-4450-B694-B07C00A53A20 Dunelm Kirkcaldy
Unit 1, Link Retail Park, Kirkcaldy, KY1 1QE
n11467011870 (J+) 94m
* C03A42D3-2F08-4753-8D1C-A8790B0EE274 Bartestree Village Hall
Bartestree, , HR1 4BY
n11780960621 (J+) On wall corner closest to entrance. 94m
* 71D3C9D7-9556-4E20-864B-AB6F00E3A608 Romer Arms
The Green, Newnham, NN11 3HB
n11842401017 (J+) on side of pub 94m
* CBC26C7F-F8F9-40D0-B626-B0350094E901 Tesco Colchester Bromley Road Express
19a Bromley Rd, Colchester, CO4 3JF
n11845190741 (J+) Enter store, turn left, AED is on wall facing you, left of tills (wall of ATM cupboard) 94m
* B1879655-AB72-46EB-8B57-B17800C35E76 The Cricket Club Pavillion
The Cricket Club Pavillion, Meeting Field, Long Melford, CO10 9LF
n11881344371 (J+) on car park side of building 94m
  8CF4BCEC-9976-4E8E-AE19-B11C00A91B60 Land West Of Royale Cuisines
Chesterfield Road, Arkwright Town, S44 5BS
n11925501995 (J+) On the outside wall by the entrance to the club. 94m
  C1861CCF-3E24-401B-B873-B06100AB87CB Wanborough
Glaziers Lane, Normandy, GU3 2ED
n11952002018 (J+) 94m
* A29AA1D8-9D36-440D-BCF9-B0AF00CA9B6E Gonville And Caius Boat House
Cambridge, , CB4 1HB
n12023277863 (J+) Box on external river-facing wall of boathouse. Private land, but can be usually accessed on foot alongside the river either from Ferry Path or Trafalgar Road, except on rare occasions when gates are locked. 94m
* 0DC8EF10-FDFA-45C7-A79B-AFDA01664BD8 Ex Phone Box Congleton Road North
0/S 210 Congleton Road North, Scholar Green, ST7 3HF
n297055762 (J+) inside old red phone box, Congleton Road North, Scholar Green 93m
* 62F8CAB1-268B-48A2-9B71-AF4D00BFE9B9 Hethersett Parish Council
35a Great Melton Road, Hethersett, NR9 3AB
n4297605769 (J+) On exterior wall of Boots pharmacy, facing Great Melton Road. 93m
* FAF618A2-5B2F-4398-A92D-AF0B00AA7DB2 Northampton North Ambulance Station
Harborough Rd, Northampton, NN2 8LR
n4584667140 (J+) On corner of main building near garage 93m
* B6BECEE6-ACE3-4E74-AC57-ADEC00FB1AAE Ackenthwaite Telephone Box
Owlet Ash Fields, Ackenthwaite, LA7 7DA
n4842603619 (J+) inside old phone box on Kirkgate Lane, Ackenthwaite 93m
  A92ACA4F-5092-4898-B68A-ADAD00E4D99F Mountcity Investments
Thorncliffe Park, Newton Chambers Road, S35 2PH
n6533846726 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 93m
* 91BD7613-88F1-47A6-900B-917302518125 Back Ln
Palterton Chesterfield, , S44 6UN
n7367119297 (J+) outside Palterton Village Hall 93m
* 444F579E-B3F0-4FED-9633-B137009C8C92 Rickaby Hall
Main Street, Ulrome, YO25 8UE
n7428056166 (J+) outside Rickaby Hall, Main Street, Ulrome, YO25 8TP - to right of entrance 93m
* 5D16F15F-5B6C-412F-8202-AE0F00950F16 Romsley
Red Telephone Kiosk, Romsley Lane, WV15 6HT
n8960760297 (J+) inside red phone box, Romsley Lane, Romsley 93m
* 6091C49C-1EF9-4664-8732-AE3C010E7398 Lowestoft Town Council
Sparrows Nest Gardens, Whapload Road, NR32 1XG
n10554314154 (J+) Mounted on pole at at outer edge of cafe bar outdoor seating area 93m
* 0D609BFB-0842-4A4C-B67D-AD73009ABF58 Ilfracombe Community 2
Ilfracombe Lifeboat Station, 14 Broad Street, EX34 9EE
n10592099220 (J+) On wall of lifeboat station (outside of building) 93m
* 5AF2DCEA-B42D-4A8B-BE4E-AE1B00D81462 Rampside Village Hall
Rampside, Barrow-In-Furness, LA13 0PY
n10932057091 (J+) outside Rampside Village Hall - facing car park 93m
* 71E23FB7-734B-4461-BA22-B04600913018 Inside Red Telephone Box
Folkestone Harbour, The Stade, CT19 6AB
n11018252137 (J+) inside old red phone box by Folkestone Harbour 93m
* FBE1A442-9AD4-47D3-BF9E-AE9B0108F330 Dockenfield Village, Telephone Box
Dockenfield, Farnham, GU10 4HU
n11044706756 (J+) inside old red phone box in Dockenfield 93m
* 4455841E-3970-4925-85D5-AE36013E9B34 St.bridgets C Of E School
St.bridgets C Of E Primary School, Main Street, CA28 6NY
n11060620526 (J+) outside St Bridget's C of E School 93m
* 7C954269-7EFB-4E25-8120-3AF1AD016961 Ednam Village Hall- On External Wall At Main Entrance
Stichill Road, Ednam Kelso, TD5 7QQ
n11399323763 (J+) outside Ednam Village Hall 93m
* A7888408-5A0C-45D4-9BE9-AEBA01132172 Malborough Parish Council 2.3
Cumber Close Wall Around Sub Station, Near 62 Cumber Close, TQ7 3DE
n11685790026 (J+) On outside wall of power sub-station 93m
  DA64DBFD-C75C-47CE-9F31-AE7000DFF2BD Forest Corner
Church Street, Edwinstowe, NG21 9RN
n11711581875 (J+) 93m
* 7236DA7A-54EE-4207-ABB0-78A2CE6E14E5 Abbey Centre Baptist Church
Overslade Close, Northampton, NN4 0RZ
n11814394388 (J+) on external wall on sside of entrance lobby 93m
* A042BAAB-B1CE-4917-A3D3-AD780137001C Dedham Ltc (Tennis Club)
The Drift, Dedham, CO7 6AH
n11829173588 (J+) on wall of building next to tennis courts facing the main building 93m
* EBB6C6D3-A365-4751-8FE0-AE2500FDAAD8 National Park Car Park
Alwinton, , NE65 7BQ
n11889403342 (J+) On the wall outside the toilets 93m
* 79948BBB-2BF6-4A72-A39E-AA7600BDD07D Tanworth In Arden Parish Council
Tanworth In Arden Village Hall, Vicarge Hill, B94 5AL
n4204767789 (J+) outside Tanworth-in-Arden Village Hall - to right of entrance 92m
* C10D35DD-EC87-4D3E-9671-117682404907 Red Phone Kiosk
Opposite Specsavers, 7 Vale Street, LL16 3AD
n5030940911 (J+) Inside red telephone kiosk, Vale Street, Denbigh 92m
* 6EEAF704-C7DF-43C8-A505-AF0B00AA0826 The White Swan
2 Moor St, Sponden, DE21 7EA
n5814386641 (J+) On wall outside the White Swan 92m
* 925CA1E8-6EB2-4401-A596-67C9AC4E1328 Barnards Green Cricket Club
North End Lane, Malvern, WR14 2ET
n6099256959 (J+) 92m
* 0D403F69-9DE7-438B-A2D7-B10E00FEF7D1 Jessica Lally Community Fund
Rotherham Football Club New York Stadium, New York Way, S60 1FJ
n6222626902 (J+) On outside wall. Available 24/7. 92m
* D37AEE3D-B368-4B77-B2CC-B01B00DD4F7D Dobbies Garden Centre Reading (Grovelands)
166 Hyde End Road, Shinfield, RG2 9ER
n6498538061 (J+) adjacent to tills, on wall at right 92m
* 557AC72D-259D-4FA4-94EA-AD4000CFB7CC Cross Hands Public House
85 Down Road, Winterbourne Down, BS36 1BZ
n9258424737 (J+) On front of Cross Hands pub 92m
* F50035D2-62DD-467A-8528-58FBAA694FA9 31st Sutton Coldfield West Scout Group
Aldridge Road, Streetly, B74 2DX
n10728604205 (J+) On the right side of the gate for the Scouts building 92m
* EA92F5F1-5518-4C35-95AA-B0B601103AE2 Waitrose & Partners - Worthing
High Street, Worthing, BN11 1LL
n11131951786 (J+) outside Waitrose, facing car park by store entrance, High Street, Worthing 92m
* 247AD058-9482-4566-A160-AFFC011C982F Brampton Ash Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Hermitage Road, Brampton Ash, LE16 8PE
n11186812288 (J+) inside old red phone box in Brampton Ash 92m
* 555A8EDE-B531-433B-9EB8-AD4100C5662C Ecclesall Primary School
High Storrs Road, Sheffield, S11 7LG
n11778238914 (J+) On the wall in the school drive. 92m
* AE93FD73-4F7F-4243-913F-B0060166D2B0 The Village Shop
4 High Street, Acton, CO10 0AL
n11881297043 (J+) on right hand side as you approach shop from road 92m
* E7B94214-A8E8-4BB9-9B20-B0FC0113D786 By Notice Board Entrance To Coes Meadow
The Limes, Bulmer Street, CO10 7EP
n11881372718 (J+) on post next to start of footpath 92m
* 3436980E-53B3-403E-AC5F-AE59010BD04A Puregym
Puregym York, Stirling Road, YO30 4TU
n11887310937 (J+) Inside PureGym, just beyond the automatic entrance gates. Always available to people in the building and to the public via an intercom on the door when the gym is staffed. 92m
* 05CE0846-8DF7-4FE7-B181-AD6A00EF80E5 Clapton Dental Surgery
83 Chatsworth Road, Hackney, E5 0LH
n11962337053 (J+) Inside Clapton Dental Surgery 92m
* B5F6A479-F07D-436C-9B4F-ABB8011FAD4A Bradwell Parish Council
Phone Box, Town Bottom Playing Fields, S33 9HF
n898247766 (J+) In old red telephone box. at the bottom of Towngate, Bradwell 91m
* 9E46AB39-5FB2-4A0E-B427-AFD300B2583D Welcomebreak
M6 Motorway (North), Corley, CV7 8NR
n5124871555 (J+) 91m
* 4CBD4BDC-7C54-4781-9E8E-ADB0008EBCC1 Seaton Sluice Social Club
Collywell Bay Road, Seaton Sluice, NE26 4RQ
n6503612509 (J+) West wall of Seaton Sluice Social Club 91m
* 40C4668B-B812-4A9F-BE40-AFC700D578CA Farnham Adult Learning Centre - Surrey County Council
Farnham Adult Learning Centre, West Street, Farnham, GU9 7DR
n6880988701 (J+) 91m
* 5CE57836-046F-4A6A-BAF9-AE04011AAA78 Rossall Beach Residents & Community Group
12 Rossall Promenade, Thornton Cleveleys, FY5 1LP
n6917980986 (J+) 91m
* 1BA9FB02-E09F-4FAB-B41F-AD73009B61C8 Swast Devizes Ambulance Station
Bridewell Street, Devizes, SN10 1NE
n8391242106 (J+) 91m
* 8BFFAF9D-8A6C-4D8F-8601-AD400102200F The Village Hall
Loddon Road, Gillingham, NR34 0LD
n8698076547 (J+) On exterior wall of village hall, facing car park. 91m
* F27E0F64-F0C2-497F-ADFC-AD7F01407913 Harringworth
Footpath Pc6 Harringworth Road Adjacent Number 11 Ne To Barrowden Road, Wakerley, LE15 8PA
n9344800719 (J+) inside red phone box, Main Street, Wakerley 91m
* D6FB03D1-2F91-4843-93E5-B03600AAB2D5 Coffee Shack
75 Hoe Road, Plymouth, PL1 3DE
n9439923031 (J+) On outside wall of Maritimo Restaurant next to path down to water next to Hoe Road 91m
* B5EDA4DB-7442-4C51-BDB3-AE9700AC9BA3 East Of England Co-Op
Bullock Fair Close, Harleston, IP20 9AT
n9722450958 (J+) On exterior wall of Co-op store, near the main entrance facing towards the town centre. 91m
* 4A15DDC2-8289-4572-8831-ADE400C20118 Sorbie Community Council
Sorbie School, Wigtown Road, DG8 8EG
n9942421088 (J+) Sorbie. In front of Sorbie School building. 91m
* EF0FABBC-9C71-48D6-B75B-B02700F071C7 O2 Store (0048) London - Ealing
Unit 22 Ealing Broadway Centre, The Broadway, W5 5JY
n11511345796 (J+) Inside O2 store near twin tower lifts 91m
* 2A7EF4EA-BBF7-4CB2-8BC2-AE46017ACDF8 Toilet Block Cutteslowe Park
Harbord Road, Oxford, OX2 8ES
n11762489418 (J+) Outside wall Upper Pavilion 91m
* 63E188B8-1A18-432C-8B63-AFE7009F8691 Bp M&S Southlands
Low Street, South Milford, LS25 5AT
n11967105487 (J+) outside M&S at BP service station, Low Street, South Milford 91m
  07596968-83D0-4F58-A1DE-B05F00EF4953 Bedford Arms Hotel
Chenies, , WD3 6EQ
n12053088064 (J+) 91m
* 54B9754D-D3EB-4CB7-A85B-AEA100968234 Elham Parish Council Bt Box
3 Coach House Mews, High Street, Elham, Canterbury,, CT4 6TD
n364666048 (J+) inside old red phone box next to the Rose and Crown in Elham 90m
  1108B180-D91A-4832-B66D-B09000CFE332 Conwy Sightseeing Cruises
Lower Gate Street, Conwy, LL32 8BE
n1718383933 (J+) In red phone box where High Street meets Lower Gate Streeet, Conwy. 90m
* 03F57FF9-40E1-4A22-A27A-AFB800DECF55 Kelston Forge
Blacksmiths Lane, Bath Road, Kelston, BA1 9AH
n1766751745 (J+) inside old red phone box in Kelston 90m
* B1257A21-4406-4ADE-814B-A67A50F648D8 In Red Telephone Box
School Brae, Letham Cupar, KY15 7RN
n2857498509 (J+) inside old red phone box in Letham 90m
* C92B5C27-3579-40A0-9346-AF0B00AA1226 The Orchard Fruit & Veg Shop
323a Carlton Hill, Carlton, NG4 1JE
n3582028137 (J+) 90m
* D044F3D5-56AD-460E-81DC-B18000EE39AA Public Toilets
West Gate, Crail, KY10 3RF
n6566572494 (J+) On outside wall of public toilets 90m
* E0BC49DF-FA7A-49A4-A940-0CC8C068E30B Johnshaven Village Hall- On Wall Facing Road
Mid Street, Johnshaven Montrose, DD10 0HB
n9882050123 (J+) Exterior wall of village hall 90m
* 81A0864A-D4E0-463D-A80F-AFFD00D01D83 Parish Council Office
The Lane, Awsworth, NG16 2QQ
n11337895241 (J+) 90m
* 469C94F3-A6AA-4397-9B40-B13800DB8618 Tesco Express
The Royals, 4-6 High Street, SS1 1DQ
n11508284569 (J+) Inside Tesco Express 90m
* 9473E658-6596-42A0-996A-B7C0E1087588 Outside Colvend Tourist Centre
Unnamed Road, Colvend Dalbeattie, DG5 4QD
n11845425876 (J+) Under the porch of the Tourist Information Centre 90m
* E962F75B-EDEE-414C-96BB-B06100F36540 Menston Railway Station
Station Road, Menston, LS29 6JH
n12000946922 (J+) On Menston Train Station ticket office, left hand end of the side facing Station Road, near the bike shelter. 90m
  50FB41AE-6F55-4EA5-B24F-AE40005A4C9F Tesco Express
133-135 Seaside Rd, 0, BN21 3PA
n12044532841 (J+) inside Eastbourne Premier Inn 90m
* 2606B887-CCA2-4753-A9D9-AEB70109B1E2 Stilton Telephone Box
Telephone Box, North Street, PE7 3RP
n322090749 (J+) inside old red phone box at junction of North Street and Church Street, Stilton 89m
* 49C363AF-9C0B-49C2-B5CB-D65C55C84FA8 Telephone Box
The Grn, Abthorpe Towcester, NN12 8QP
n1906916110 (J+) inside old red phone box on village green, Abthorpe 89m
* 393EA7EC-516F-492D-A3CE-B00F00B3738A The Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Kemble Road, GL7 6BU
n3911092981 (J+) in old phone booth in Ewen 89m
* 51D6208C-2ACF-4471-949F-AEA700D77598 Sovereign Light Café
W Parade,, Bexhill-On-Sea, TN39 3DX
n3974314736 (J+) South side of building, Sovereign Light Café. 89m
* 81EE6554-3956-4DF9-9627-AEA100B30551 Doune - Moray Park
Moray Park, Doune, FK16 6DJ
n5489735968 (J+) 89m
* 080D5D75-563D-42DA-9284-AFB701084926 Newcastle Advertising Kiosk
Outside 28-36 Neville Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 5DF
n5964282579 (J+) under telephone in public phone booth/electronic billboard at junction of Grainger Street and Neville Street - opposite Newcastle railway station 89m
* BA3B76FA-66C7-4A0C-B8F7-ADBB012EDF18 The White Horse Inn
High Street, Whitwell, PO38 2PY
n7706597639 (J+) On outside wall of The White Horse Inn 89m
* E59A2E2D-7FE0-4FB2-A599-ADFA0118FE9E Village Hall
Preston Patrick, Memorial Hall, LA7 7NR
n7892972318 (J+) On outside wall of Preston Patrick Memorial Hall 89m
* C2BAB440-C8D8-4668-A145-59690001C1BF Tamworth Have A Heart
Kettlebrook Working Mens Club, Tame Street, B77 1AH
n8380885624 (J+) 89m
* CBD44635-021A-48C5-8DAA-AE2801206D2A Wideopen Football Club
Lockey Park Changing Rooms, Great North Road, NE13 6LH
n9535631169 (J+) 89m
* 9A1090BD-B084-48E9-A4D8-AF4400C0EEE3 Taffs Well Railway Station
Cardiff Road, Taffs Well, CF15 7PE
n10272965334 (J+) 89m
* 1D471FA5-267D-4491-8059-AF7200A05E37 The Salvation Army
100 High Street North, Langley Moor, DH7 8JH
n10776049605 (J+) On the outside wall of the Salvation Army building in a yellow and green box 89m
* 99040478-D3A5-4276-88B0-AECE0101AD63 Wyre And Fylde Community Defibrillators
St Martin's And St Hilda's Church, Fleetwood Road, FY6 7LS
n10976473397 (J+) Church of Saint Martin & Saint Hilda 89m
* 5ECF7A6F-3C0D-4C46-B1E6-ADCE00E4189A Templemeads Reailway Station Platform 13
Redcliff, Bristol, BS1 6QF
n11010289484 (J+) on platform level at the lift entrance 89m
* C734B239-0380-4831-A3EB-AEE900BEDFD1 Ashlett Sailing Club
Ashlett Road, Ashlett Creek, SO45 1DT
n11109304021 (J+) Outside on side of building near toilets 89m
* B62968E9-EEC2-4969-B87C-AD8600A092A0 Sherford Vale School
Hercules Road, Sherford Plymouth, PL9 8FA
n11559947849 (J+) Outside main entrance to Sherford Vale School 89m
* 2866B895-671E-4CBA-82DC-AD65009979CD Haskins Roundstone
Roundstone-By-Pass, Angmering, BN16 4BD
n11745346962 (J+) Outside on wall south of entrance (on the left as you head to the entrance from car park) 89m
* A3E1FA7D-3566-4944-85A6-ABCE00A28F68 Colcot Sports Centre - Sports Hall
Colcot Road, Barry, CF62 8UJ
n11815110690 (J+) Mounted outside on wall next to door 89m
  64A84EE5-B74E-49CD-B13C-AF6900FCDA39 Toby Carvery - Ipswich
3 Edith Cook Way, Ipswich, IP3 9GX
n12059959830 (J+) 89m
* 2C1F8A56-E9DC-4B23-A3B2-B18000B2A15E 38 High Street
Scalby, , YO13 0QR
n4955864631 (J+) inside red phone box, bottom of High Street, Scalby, opposite Nags Head 88m
* 95210F12-E6E6-4AFE-831F-AEEA012054A5 Barton Le Willows Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Barton Le Willows, YO60 7PD
n5134110551 (J+) inside red phone box near the green 88m
* 7C8F8BB0-1AB1-4274-926A-AF9D00CFA501 Wetheral Playing Fields
Road Leading From Wetheral Pasture To Wetheral, Wetheral, CA4 8HE
n5600209923 (J+) outside building on wall to left of main entrance 88m
* F2E2A94D-CEF5-499A-8B69-AEE500C92F40 Rosti Uk
Rosti Uk Stamford Bridge, York Road, YO41 1AL
n5628200693 (J+) outside Rosti, Stamford Bridge, to left of entrance to visitor car park 88m
* 00F698F2-12D0-4BAB-B1B0-ADC30080D64E The Grove Community Centre
New Street, Horsforth, LS18 4BH
n6010343289 (J+) External wall between gate and disabled parking spaces 88m
* 3C26A88D-67B2-4976-A7E8-AB6300A288ED Fowlis Easter Hall
2 Benvie Road, Fowlis, DD2 5SA
n7143081374 (J+) 88m
* 31518FE4-C538-4C67-9EC8-494E4B730F3F Recreation Ground
Beech Ln, West Hallam Ilkeston, DE7 6GU
n7855539940 (J+) Outside Powtrell Community Pavilion 88m
* 54BAF025-730A-41BE-BB81-B1350005A5F3 (Platform 7) Plymouth Railway Station
Plymouth Station, Plymouth, PL4 6AB
n9537126528 (J+) Plymouth Railway Station, Platform 7 88m
* 7C5A74DB-29B9-4959-8863-AE150131AB71 Peartree Inn
431 Hadfield Road, Glossop, SK13 1PY
n9651544599 (J+) On the outside of the pear tree pub 88m
* AF1A62D8-DD9D-44F2-8909-B15600D72348 Waitrose Lymington
Stanford Road, Lymington, SO41 9GF
n9868165814 (J+) 88m
* 0E3A59E0-E7E4-4BD5-916A-AE7700B52917 East Bierley Cricket Club
South View Road, East Bierley, BD4 6PJ
n9912806082 (J+) 88m
  8C687AA9-216B-42BE-AFD9-AD7500B5B955 Millendreath Café
Holiday Village, Millendreath, PL13 1PD
n10130593222 (J+) 88m
* 1C09AAAD-B051-4CBE-A598-AEF70118AE46 Hannington Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Main Street, NN6 9SU
n11037920435 (J+) inside old red phone box, Main Street, Hannington 88m
* 028F9F8E-8493-4E2C-AC64-24A4E82083FF Easthope, Shipton & Stanton Long
Shipton Village Hall, Mytton Close, TF13 6JX
n11206450384 (J+) outside Shipton Village Hall - to right of entrance 88m
* FC7C91EB-EEA7-4D29-ADCF-69CAAA7417D4 The Bluebell Inn
Ryall Grove, Worcester, WR8 0PP
n11786682208 (J+) On outside wall of The Blue Bell pub, aroud the side, facing the car park. 88m
* 8CFA0F13-6FD8-4F30-8CC2-AD7100BF95B1 Security Lodge
Thornwick Bay Holiday Village, North Marine Road, YO15 1AU
n11887290169 (J+) AED Haven Park Reception 88m
* 703D4E1B-4CE8-4FF6-B5CF-ABBC00A9E360 Seven Stars
Aberedw, Builth Wells, LD2 3UW
n12032854256 (J+) In wooden porch 88m
* 3173E7FD-762E-4340-BBF7-AED9011A0354 Wollaston Community Library
Newton Road, Wollaston, NN29 7QN
n2959188797 (J+) On dividing wall outside library and jade housr 87m
* 61C007AB-6722-43CA-BE1A-AF9B010D4010 Haven House
Harwich Taxis, Albermarle Street, CO12 3JG
n3576640693 (J+) On outside wall of garages next to 5 Ingestre Street 87m
* 200ACE6F-CF40-42EB-A5D2-AD2100B0F22C St Kenelms Church
The Old Rectory To St Kenelms Church, Alderley, GL12 7QT
n7678267962 (J+) to right of church gate 87m
* 20094A26-21ED-434F-A664-AD24009E69D5 Hampshire Taverns Ltd
Royal Oak, Hydes Platt, RG20 4UH
n7823526812 (J+) On outside wall of shed facing the car park on Hydes Platt 87m
* 9CE3A13B-5E68-432B-8195-AABB00BEA6E2 Spar Stores
Lothian Road, Jedburgh, TD8 6LA
n8720845517 (J+) outside Spar, Lothian Road, Jedburgh 87m
* 1502C946-67BD-4FCF-8248-AD2001485622 Preston Parish Council
Old Telephone Box, Preston, GL7 5PR
n8754423118 (J+) inside red phone box, (that is now used as a book swap) Wilpit Lane, Preston 87m
  4027A8BE-C7CB-4EBF-B0DE-AC0E00DC7860 Pencarreg Community Council
12 Nantyglyn, Cwmann, SA48 8JT
n9011026914 (J+) inside green and yellow phone box, Treherbert Street, in Cwmann 87m
* BE7C0A2B-017A-4C9C-A3FD-AE6300DF5853 Waldron Village Phone Box
O/S Old School House, The Street, Waldron, TN21 0QU
n9210800976 (J+) in red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) on The Street, Waldron 87m
* B69593F3-3F23-4040-AAE9-AAB4014C7816 Outside The Falcon Hotel
St. Johns Street, Bridgnorth, WV15 6AG
n9236754933 (J+) inside red phone box, Bridge Street, Lower Bridgnorth 87m
* D22A80CF-5988-435A-99F5-1B836772A4A5 Telephone Box
Main Rd, Great Carlton Louth, LN11 8JU
n9404771102 (J+) inside old red phone box, Carlton Road, Great Carlton 87m
* 61548CF6-31D1-48DB-BE8C-AD8101043365 Tyneside Social Club
95 Station Road, Sheringham, NR26 8RG
n9410331202 (J+) On exterior wall of the Tyneside Club, to the left of the right-hand entrance on Station Road. 87m
* 5769675A-9A19-40E8-87C5-B17800AC1DBE Long Melford Parish Council Offices
Cordell Road, Long Melford, CO10 9EH
n9442924327 (J+) On exterior wall of Parish Council Office / Public Toilets building on Cordell Road. 87m
* BDC838F3-B866-4F7A-B51F-B07A00FA4FC9 Shefford Woodlands
Baydon Road, Shefford Woodlands, RG17 7AD
n9588368501 (J+) inside old red phone box in Shefford Woodlands 87m
* 4183A4AE-26C6-42A0-A703-B18000EE0F99 The Library,
50 Main Street, Colinsburgh, KY9 1LS
n9964174241 (J+) outside Colinsburgh Galloway Library 87m
  0E627B22-41E3-44D3-B8EF-AD0500AB5649 Workspace Back Row Recreation Centre
50 The Back Road, Draperstown, BT45 7AG
n9994624690 (J+) 87m
* 16174205-5FD2-4512-9A91-AE9400A08614 North Horsham Parish Council
Roffey Millennium Hall, Crawley Road, RH12 4DT
n10745093680 (J+) outside Roffey Millennium Hall - to left of entrance 87m
* A2DD9813-3028-4B3A-B50D-AF9000EB96D1 Site Office
Topsham Road, Exeter, EX2 7DT
n11170863830 (J+) Yellow & Green Box, on wall, next to front door of Sales/Admin Office 87m
* 79812627-E423-4F41-B8CB-AF300114FEDD Streetly Midcounties Co-Op
Midcounties Co-Op, 46-48 Thornhill Road, Streetly, B74 3EH
n11181906537 (J+) On the wall to the right of the entrance 87m
  9FB8E607-64EF-4BED-94C2-B13100C69DDF Awrc - Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre
Olympic Legacy Park, 2 Old Hall Road, S9 3TU
n11187827024 (J+) On a wall in the public area. 87m
* 2870AE75-19AE-416A-9921-AFB001424CF5 Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Selby Ambulance Station, Doncaster Road, YO8 9BX
n11264617952 (J+) outside Selby Ambulance Station - by entrance 87m
* BF9DD9EA-54DC-4184-9F2D-AF9401732CDE Ysgol Carreg Emlyn
Clocaenog, Ruthin, LL15 2AY
n11494043818 (J+) 87m
  7CC7DD19-A6D5-4CDB-929A-AB7400E67E75 Wl070
Church Street, Middle Rasen, LN8 3TS
n11538247929 (J+) outside Middle Rasen Church Hall 87m
* A3CF3412-E30C-4584-BB2A-AE1901232310 St John's Church
St Johns Church, St Johns Close, CO4 0HP
n11851449750 (J+) visible on wall to your left as you enter car park 87m
* C5A4ACD8-F3D3-4E55-A8D1-AD210093B30E Great Milton Parish Council
Phone Box Outside Post Office, Lower End, OX44 7NF
n508772112 (J+) inside old red phone box, High Street, Great Milton 86m
* F6B97EB2-79BB-4CA4-BB4A-AEC6009DFFA1 Thursford Green Telephone Box
The Green, North Lane, NR21 0BS
n1452664198 (J+) inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Thursford 86m
* 944F237A-EBD2-4AFC-8BCC-AE2F016F1506 Global Cpad Campaign
Arthington Village Hall, Arthington Lane, LS21 1PQ
n3370797571 (J+) On Extermal of Arthington Village Hall, facing road 86m
* AD292B2E-EF23-4866-948E-B5EE0B28EB60 Monymusk Village Hall
The Square, Monymusk, AB51 7HJ
n7005085686 (J+) Outside wall of Village Hall, facing the playing field. 86m
* A5255D4E-16D5-40B2-9210-AD4700E748EC North Yorkshire County Council
North Yorkshire County Council County Hall, Racecourse Lane, DL7 8AD
n7054440358 (J+) 86m
* 500DB771-9ECE-4535-BCF0-AD4601480DC1 Acomb Parish Church Hall
Front Street, Acomb, YO24 3BZ
n7220930641 (J+) outside Acomb Parish Church Hall, Front Street, Acomb, to left of entrance 86m
* 62DFF438-D4EC-474F-B97C-B15600E7598A Waitrose Coulsdon
112 Brighton Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2NB
n8154801219 (J+) external wall of Waitrose on Malcolm Road, near car park 86m
* 39F6A4D6-DFF2-49EB-AE51-AD2C013A0179 Britwell Salome Parish Meeting
Red Telephone Box, Junction Main Road B4009 And Turners Green Lane, OX49 5LP
n9344995738 (J+) inside old red phone box in Britwell Salome 86m
  963176DB-6D91-452F-802D-AC1000D714B6 Riverside Complex
Welham Street, Grantham, NG31 6QS
n10096214283 (J+) 86m
* FC68D8F8-2858-46D3-8F7D-AE2200FE965B The Iron Bridge
121 Chester Road, Northwich, CW8 1HH
n10110940232 (J+) Side wall adjacent to entrance door Iron Bridge pub 86m
  383E0E02-B0FB-40C9-BA23-ADAA0117CA42 Duchy Defibrillators Ltd
Trevone Beach Café, Trevone Road, PL28 8QY
n10236061410 (J+) 86m
* BAE69AE3-1608-4536-AE2D-AEFE009CBB7D Agden Parish Meeting
Hill Farm, Old Hall Street, SY13 4RB
n10236382962 (J+) Side of Farm Building 86m
* 796D3005-55F6-4AE6-B45B-AEC200E60400 Pevensey Recreational Ground
Council Owned Grassed Area, St Nicholas Close, BN24 5LB
n10781945443 (J+) On outside wall. 86m
* 072B4F87-1C68-44E4-9974-AF5A014663D8 Stalybridge Rotary Club
Heyrod Village Hall, John Street, SK15 3BW
n10874898907 (J+) outside Heyrod Village Hall 86m
* 68EAEA22-D156-41EE-B436-AE3D00ECAA11 Hycemoor Way
Bootle Stn, Millom, LA19 5XF
n11079575433 (J+) inside old red phone box in Hycemoor 86m
* 7D4741C2-5D2B-4901-BCA8-AE610103BF69 The Old Lifeboat House, Porthoustock
Porthoustock, St Keverne, TR12 6QW
n11110712878 (J+) Next to public toilets at Old Lifeboar House 86m
* 516F67BE-9106-43EF-AAD4-B03B00932357 Venture West
Greenham Business Park, Thatcham, RG19 6HX
n11257883404 (J+) 86m
  69B4EF46-631C-42AB-84FC-AE1900C51C9A 4
59 Temple Mill Island, Marlow, SL7 1SQ
n11469876692 (J+) inside old red phone box in Temple at north end of Bradenham Lane 86m
* 44D86874-1C29-425A-BA5E-AAC300DF1BD1 Eardisley Group Parish Council
Whitney Village Hall, Whitney On Wye, HR3 6EG
n11799306102 (J+) Outside Whitney-on-Wye Village Hall - on wall by door 86m
* 25224390-1ABE-4AF9-A9FE-B14001510BCD Pobl Housing Community Centre,
Pobl Housing Community Centre, Ridgeway Hill, NP20 5DG
n11816869060 (J+) 86m
* A376358B-685B-4919-849E-AD490042E524 Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park
Bridge Road, Kirkstall, LS5 3BL
n11961820804 (J+) Kirkstall Bridge Shopping Park - on side of building on way in to car park 86m
  08912493-D71E-483A-BB39-AB6100DAEC6B Advance
Unit 5 Malvern Business Centre, Betony Road, WR14 1GS
n11962692169 (J+) On wall near corner of building 86m
* 7218F77E-066D-4C20-82D0-AF0E00F63467 Bradeley Green Pet Store
Wirswall, , SY13 4HD
n12029072579 (J+) Cabinet on fence next to gate. 86m
  860C4F49-B7C5-40CE-9774-ADBC00D7FA67 Administration Site The Alnwick Garden
Denwick Lane, Alnwick, NE66 1YU
n12047749413 (J+) 86m
* 57340E77-2051-4DB6-951D-AED101194992 Prestbury Parish Council
Old Telephone Box, Prestbury, SK10 4DG
n248887019 (J+) inside old red phone box, outside St Peters Church, Prestbury 85m
* 3B30E480-A3AC-48BF-B04E-B0A400F654FF Little Waltham Telephone Box
The Street, Little Waltham, CM3 3NT
n734659658 (J+) inside old red phone box on The Street, Little Waltham in 85m
* 307B5736-1354-43FB-AE84-11AE2DC5760E The Talbot
Hartle Lane, Stourbridge, DY9 9TG
n2694607908 (J+) outside The Talbot, Belbroughton - facing the post office/shop 85m
* 18B6781F-DBA8-47B8-A36F-AD8100994E59 Red Lodge Sports Pavilion
Red Lodge Parish Council, Red Lodge Sports Pavilion, Hundred Acre Way, IP28 8GJ
n5940513796 (J+) On exterior pillar of Red Lodge Sports Pavilion, on the left-hand-side, when looking from the field. 85m
* A28C7C49-5886-4947-9B70-AF4200C959EF Tram Stop Manchester Square Promenade
Blackpool Promenade, South Beach, FY1 5DL
n7282633236 (J+) Manchester Square Tram Stop 85m
* FB8085CA-4CF2-482C-9C24-362517804198 The Beeches 76a
Longton Road, Stoke On Trent, ST12 9AR
n7462285823 (J+) 85m
* 0AFE3BB8-A3B6-4DB0-9176-AF8800AB26CF Thormanby Village
Thormanby, , YO61 4NN
n8246659944 (J+) outside, attached to wall, opposite where Wentworth Avenue joins A19 in Thormanby 85m
* C0EBC3B6-7E87-4FD2-974C-AFB500FB985F Poslingford Telephone Box
The Street, Poslingford, CO10 8RA
n9175032829 (J+) inside old red phone box, Poslingford 85m
* 0972DCC8-1C55-4CF8-80F5-AC0200C3E4B1 Front Of Morrisons Daily Shop
18 Main Street, Kinglassie, KY5 0XB
n9392706166 (J+) On the wall of Morrison's Daily (formerly McColl's) 85m
* A8DBB92B-8B98-4857-99F5-AE2C016BFCA8 Wallington Demesne Parish Council
Robson And Cowan, B6343 C161 Scots Gap Village, NE61 4DT
n10036359831 (J+) South wall of Robson & Cowan 85m
* 17A49BA1-5271-40A8-8240-AF1700CFEA32 Hallbankgate Village School
Hallbankgate, Brampton, CA8 2NJ
n10093214856 (J+) On outside corner of school building, near entrance gate 85m
* 3BC58498-01E8-4459-B0D1-AD7500B2229F St Lawrence Church Hall (Chesterton Community Project)
Countess Lillias Road, Cirencester, GL7 1UD
n10117256675 (J+) On wall of St Lawrence Church near enterance 85m
* 7D85E3F8-1DA0-414D-8C7F-AB5A012AF4E7 Strathmiglo Public Hall
West End/ Skene St., Also Known As California, KY14 7QL
n11430060519 (J+) outside Strathmiglo Village Hall 85m
* 6EE2B37B-53B4-4A53-B529-ADC8009C466E Opm Rfc
King George V Playing Fields, Haye Road, PL9 8HR
n11559947861 (J+) On outside of Rugby Club building, facing the car park 85m
* FD4CC300-F1FF-4CFF-B651-B12B0106F1EA Wyre And Fylde Community Defibrillators
Teetime Golf Driving Range, Fleetwood Road, FY5 1RN
n11886014591 (J+) On front of Tee Time Social Club 85m
* F0227335-DF5B-4B85-9A6F-AE4501298773 Tiptree Parish Council
1a Caxton Close, Tiptree, CO5 0HA
n11892075573 (J+) on front wall facing mini-roundabout 85m

Matches from the National Defibrillator Database

Found 97 AEDs, with a matching distance greater than 85m.

CMR Ref Circuit Location OSM ID OSM Location Dist.
  4988 Palgrave Primary School
, Suffolk, IP22 1AG
n7430908597 (J+) On exterior wall of Palgrave Primary School 239m
  1392 The Jubilee Reading Room
, Cambridgeshire, CB25 0DU
n5578063959 (J+) On the external wall of the Jubilee Reading Room 215m
  481 The Market Store
, Leicestershire, LE15 7PL
n9654959896 (J+) outside local shop on Main Street, Market Overton 214m
  1351 The Old Smithy Cafe
, Derbyshire, DE45 1JH
n4268482922 (J+) next to cafe in Monyash 208m
  1788 Village Hall
, Norfolk, IP25 7QN
n9688945499 (J+) outside Bradenham Village Hall 198m
  390 Huntingdon Stores
, Leicestershire, DE74 2SR
n4272286642 (J+) On wall outside Premier 186m
  1385 Higginson Park Public Toilet
, Buckinghamshire, SL7 2AE
n8733726579 (J+) 184m
  1817 Telephone Box
, Cambridgeshire, CB25 0LD
n2006479346 (J+) inside old red phone box by playground High Street, Swaffham Prior 180m
  1300 Community Shop
, Suffolk, IP7 7AU
n9759732184 (J+) outside Monks Eleigh Community Shop (behind the Swan Inn) 164m
  570 Telephone Box
, Lincolnshire, LN5 0NJ
n1440465300 (J+) inside old red phone box in Welbourn 150m
  1504 The Co Operative Store
, Bedfordshire, LU1 4EE
n10652752756 (J+) outside Co-op shop, Manor Road, Caddinton 150m
  1232 Telephone Box
, Gloucestershire, GL2 3NT
n5366120052 (J+) inside red phone box by Elmore Village Hall 149m
  389 Ex Servicemans Club
, Derbyshire, DE6 1EU
n6757761535 (J+) On wall outside co-op 149m
  8012 Brixham Harbour
, Devon, TQ5 8AW
n9849040048 (J+) 147m
  7821 East of England Co-op
, Norfolk, NR18 0HH
n11011809835 (J+) On exterior wall of Wymondham & District Ex-Services Social Club facing Friarscroft Lane 147m
  428 King Edward VI School
, Warwickshire, CV37 6HB
n4213859721 (J+) On exterior wall of council offices, just to the right of the main entrance on Church Street. 146m
  804 Telephone Box
, Derbyshire, DE73 8AN
n4365536919 (J+) inside red phone box, Main Street, Breedon on the Hill 144m
  6143 Eynsford Cricket Club
, Kent, DA4 0AH
n8273843595 (J+) Outside of building on front wall 142m
  7898 Outside Broadmarsh
, Nottinghamshire, NG1 7DD
n7252670128 (J+) Left of door on N side of nave 141m
  1539 The Hub
, Somerset, BA2 5QN
n6952221756 (J+) 140m
  7151 Selwyn College
, Cambridgeshire, CB3 9DQ
n4355572913 (J+) Custodians' Office 139m
  1525 Telephone Box
, Argyll and Bute, PA33 1BP
n9464366943 (J+) inside old red phone box, Eredine 139m
  1531 The Pavilion
, Somerset, BS40 6BH
n6952315084 (J+) 138m
  986 Village Hall
, Wiltshire, BA14 6NA
n9602066065 (J+) inside phone box in Keevil 135m
  8923 Goodway Nursery School
, West Midlands, B44 8RL
n10726891105 (J+) To the right of the entrance for St Johns Ambulance, underneath the window 135m
  2090 Village Hall
, Norfolk, IP24 1LN
n4758457024 (J+) On exterior wall of Croxton Village Hall, at the right-hand end facing road and car park. 134m
  374 Village Hall
, Leicestershire, LE15 8AD
n7560887148 (J+) outside Egleton Village Hall 134m
  729 Tourist Information Centre
, Suffolk, CO7 6UL
n3999899022 (J+) set back on the right of the building viewed from adjacent car park, near entrance to ladies toilets 133m
  7920 Outside 182-186 St Johns Precinct
, Merseyside, L1 1NH
n10282077562 (J+) At gateline, between the entrances to platforms 7 and 8 133m
  6522 Heath RUFC
, West Yorkshire, HX4 8LS
n11881751835 (J+) behind the bar at the far right-hand side on the 2nd floor of the Heath RUFC pavilion 133m
  7900 Outside 70 Milton Street
, Nottinghamshire, NG1 3QZ
n6231262160 (J+) Behind customer service desk. 131m
  1252 Lady Margaret Boat Club
, Cambridgeshire, CB4 1EG
n12023277863 (J+) Box on external river-facing wall of boathouse. Private land, but can be usually accessed on foot alongside the river either from Ferry Path or Trafalgar Road, except on rare occasions when gates are locked. 131m
  7382 Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church
, Nottinghamshire, NG12 2AG
n3702059771 (J+) 129m
  931 Village Hall
, Essex, CM23 1HU
n11245425775 (J+) outside Farnham Village Hall 129m
  5104 Telephone Box
, North Yorkshire, YO26 9RZ
n3908717312 (J+) inside red phone box, Mary Lane, Lower Dunsforth 128m
  1265 St Catharines College
, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1RL
n4506523126 (J+) On the first floor in Occupational Health Service. In clinic room 4 128m
  542 Shiskine Golf Club
, North Ayrshire, KA27 8HA
n11725466500 (J+) outside wall of golf shop 128m
  6380 Outside 80 Merrion Street
, West Yorkshire, LS2 8LW
n6178481644 (J+) On external wall by Rossington St. 127m
  7741 Outside John Lewis
, Hampshire, SO15 1BA
n11534808374 (J+) Outside of John Lewis entrance 126m
  862 Toilet Block at Town Centre Car Park
, Bedfordshire, MK45 2LU
n11850573071 (J+) Near bike repair station opposite Brewery Lane 126m
  6811 Whitchurch & Pensford Royal British Legion Social Club
, Somerset, BS14 0QF
n2838713891 (J+) 125m
  7666 Shaw House
, Surrey, GU1 3QT
n6794730490 (J+) 125m
  2868 Arnold Fire Station
, Nottinghamshire, NG5 6JR
n3603795692 (J+) 124m
  179 Public Toilets
, Worcestershire, WR10 1QU
n2292731315 (J+) On side wall of toilets 123m
  1184 Telephone Box
, Fife, KY15 7RN
n2857498509 (J+) inside old red phone box in Letham 123m
  7643 Breadsall Cricket Club
, Derbyshire, DE21 5LF
n4032008870 (J+) On wall outside the Memorial Hall in Breadsall 123m
  1115 Telephone Box
, Norfolk, NR10 4SD
n4871560479 (J+) Inside disused red phone box in Salle. 123m
  8274 Manvers Street Baptist Church
, Somerset, BA1 1JW
n5762137718 (J+) On platform 2, just to the right of the 'Dashi' cafe. 122m
  1563 Telephone Box
, Devon, EX14 9SA
n9482203201 (J+) inside old red phone box opposite school in Offwell 122m
  5368 Headington Bowls Club
, Oxfordshire, OX3 9BH
n11763884378 (J+) Inside the Manor Surgery, available from reception 122m
  130 Manor Farm Barn
, Gloucestershire, WR12 7NL
n11912770047 (J+) 122m
  1030 Telephone Box
, Bedfordshire, MK43 7QB
n428038996 (J+) Inside old red phone box at southern end of Church Road, Stevington. 121m
  8270 South Milford Cricket Club
, North Yorkshire, LS25 5BL
n9871400494 (J+) outside Swan Hotel, South Milford 120m
  7809 The Church of Saint George the Martyr
, West Midlands, B76 9BU
n4680633405 (J+) On outside wall of Co-op Funeralcare, facing car park on Kingsbury Road 118m
  3651 Girton College Swirles Court Porters Lodge
, Cambridgeshire, CB3 1AQ
n10728441927 (J+) Mounted on wall in covered ground-level passage between Market Square and Eddington Place. No limits to access. Location to quote to emergency services: "Market Square, Eddington. Cambridge CB3 1AS" 118m
  763 Telephone Box
, Bedfordshire, SG18 9JA
n9405926287 (J+) inside old red phone box, School Lane, Southill 117m
  8428 Cricket Club
, Norfolk, IP26 4LN
n4581630159 (J+) On exterior wall of Hockwold Village Hall, next to the main entrance facing Main Street. 116m
  1264 St Catharines College Porters Lodge
, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1RL
n5885085098 (J+) Main entrance (blue door): adjacent to the Safety Notice board 116m
  685 Telephone Box
, Gloucestershire, BS32 4ED
n443976540 (J+) inside red phone box next to Old School Village Hall, Church Road, Almondsbury 115m
  1476 Telephone Box
, Suffolk, CO10 5PY
n471492665 (J+) Inside the disused telephone kiosk 115m
  1560 Tavern Tasty Meat Ltd
, Norfolk, NR28 0RQ
n5799336155 (J+) inside bus shelter, Swafield 115m
  4805 Telephone Box
, Suffolk, IP28 6JX
n6179353950 (J+) Inside old red telephone box outside Fornham All Saints Village Hall. 113m
  8422 The Grange Banqueting Suite
, Derbyshire, DE23 6XX
n6372090152 (J+) On outside wall of Co-operative Funeralcare on Burton Road (near Wade Street Junction) 112m
  8110 Patrington Cricket Club
, East Yorkshire, HU12 0FD
n9776113337 (J+) in front porch of Partington Primary School 112m
  7360 Price Bailey LLP
, Greater London, W1S 4AP
n11043578120 (J+) In entrance lobby of the Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House), to the left as you go in the main entrance. 111m
  1414 Bathampton Surgery
, Somerset, BA2 6UL
n5766720402 (J+) On exterior wall of Bathampton Surgey, facing facing Holcombe Lane, just left of the main entrance at the corner with Holcombe Close. 110m
  433 Pembroke College Porters Lodge
, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1RF
n4391729620 (J+) Inside Porters' Lodge on a shelf near the pigeon holes 107m
  5745 Outside 186-188 Commercial Road
, Hampshire, PO1 1HB
n7028564534 (J+) Inside the store, down the first aisle left hand side. 107m
  898 Telephone Box
, Bedfordshire, SG18 9HQ
n9515129739 (J+) inside old red phone box, between Hare & hounds pub and Old Warden Guest House in Old Warden 107m
  6232 Red Lion House Community Centre
, Staffordshire, DE13 0ST
n10232685848 (J+) On outside wall of Red Lion House, facing Horninglow Road North 107m
  7974 Outside Lloyd House
, West Midlands, B4 6EP
n5457452478 (J+) 106m
  150 Telephone Box
, Nottinghamshire, NG11 0AW
n705433144 (J+) inside old red phone box, Thrumpton 105m
  902 Wheatpieces Community Centre
, Gloucestershire, GL20 7SP
n9641886221 (J+) Attached to the front (external) wall of the Community Centre, just to the left of the main entrance 105m
  7622 Midcounties Co-op
, Gloucestershire, GL5 4JG
n10853217841 (J+) On outside wall 105m
  6547 Northampton Street Porters Lodge
, Cambridgeshire, CB3 0AD
n4488466371 (J+) Through the main doors, in the front entrance hall, on right hand side behind door as you come in 104m
  945 The Reading Room
, Norfolk, NR11 6TR
n5001968824 (J+) On wall, external to Reading Room (village hall) entrance 104m
  3964 Rushley Green Farm
, Essex, CO9 3AH
n11898167743 (J+) on wall facing you as you turn into driveway 104m
  585 Village Hall
, Wiltshire, SP3 4RZ
n4362158308 (J+) outside Tilshead Village Hall 103m
  7465 Darley Abbey Cricket Club
, Derbyshire, DE22 1DU
n6388906912 (J+) On wall outside of the Papermill 103m
  722 Elms Park Pavilion
, Nottinghamshire, NG11 6NX
n3666510759 (J+) 102m
  518 Clare College
, Cambridgeshire, CB3 9AJ
n4355340205 (J+) Old bins office next to passageway into Readers locker area, ground floor 102m
  7217 Sports Pavilion
, Oxfordshire, SN6 8BL
n9362693408 (J+) inside red phone box at junction of Stallpits Road and Highworth Road in Shrivenham (near Recreation Ground) 102m
  463 Telephone Box
, Warwickshire, CV23 0SH
n3911666556 (J+) Inside red phone box, Main Street, Willey - opposite Sarah Mansfield Pub, near St Leonard Church 101m
  1521 Village Hall
, Norfolk, NR28 0LD
n10674962653 (J+) outside Felmingham Village Hall 101m
  519 Clare College
, Cambridgeshire, CB2 1TL
n4355572915 (J+) In the lobby at the foot of the Cobble Court ramp, wall mounted to the right of the double doors 100m
  262 Telephone Box
, Wiltshire, SN8 3SS
n889326363 (J+) inside old red phone box, opposite The Swan pub, Grafton Road, Wilton 99m
  1215 Telephone Box
, Dorset, BH21 5LX
n7830721467 (J+) inside old red phone box next to Wimborne St. Giles Village Hall in Wimborne St. Giles 99m
  1213 Telephone Box
, Northamptonshire, NN14 1AZ
n9347641130 (J+) inside old red phone box outside Geddington Post Office 99m
  888 Pilot Office
, Dorset, BH15 1HA
n5648943874 (J+) 95m
  1579 Toilet Block
, Devon, EX32 9AH
n11897385504 (J+) On outside wall of toilets in middle of Rock Park, facing the playground 95m
  2732 King's College School Squash Courts
, Cambridgeshire, CB3 9DL
n4363053782 (J+) Squash Courts at King's College School (location only shown approximately) 94m
  237 On side of Wall
, Wiltshire, SN8 2RE
n7703371437 (J+) on wall 94m
  6605 Telephone Box outside Council Offices
, Gloucestershire, GL3 2JH
n11295841262 (J+) outside Churchdown Community Centre, Parton Road - to left of entrance 94m
  394 Five Villages CFR
, Nottinghamshire, DN10 5DT
n5096065202 (J+) 92m
  162 Telephone Box
, Wiltshire, SN15 2HU
n2362849282 (J+) inside old red phone box on Hawkstreet, Bromham 91m
  6291 Outside Bus Station
, West Yorkshire, LS2 7HU
n6428423968 (J+) On rear wall of main concourse between toilets and retail unit. 91m
  7702 University of Leicester
, Leicestershire, LE1 6TH
n5618474864 (J+) 87m