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UK Defibrillator Post Code Issues

Recorded Postcode does not Exist in Code-Point Open

Found 621 AEDs in The Circuit, where the recorded postcode doesn't match a current postcode in Code-Point Open

Circuit UUID Circuit Location Access Dup? Circuit Postcode Dist. to PC
OSM ID Distance
to Match
First Seen
8B52EC2C-43AF-41F4-98F7-6361B6B9F4E4 Cowan House- At Reception
Highlander Way, Inverness Business & Retail Pa
R A       2023‑08
CD83C127-C680-40C2-AB36-ADEB00B751D3 Aberdeen City Council
Agricola Street, Milltimber
P V AB1 0JH       2023‑08
973840EC-6EBF-43E1-8F18-B02F00B77F11 H1 Building
H1 Buiding, Hill Of Rubislaw,
R A AB15 6BL 1 m       2023‑08
BCD180FC-D099-4541-B53E-AE6100CA3EFC Puregym
H1 Building, Hill Of Rubislaw, Anderson Drive, Aberdeen
R A AB15 6BL 1 m       2023‑08
1744B52E-251D-419A-803A-B00000B2934C Mile End Primary School
Mid Stocket Road, Aberdeen
P A AB2 4HL       2023‑08
F17A9197-2E11-4C3B-97CA-B13200D43303 Chc Helicopters
1 Buchan Road, Dyce
P V AB21 7BZ       2024‑04
7C810B37-6BF2-411B-AD8E-ACC901133F10 Cala Homes North - Sales Office
Craibstone Estate, 4 Sutton Street
P V AB21 9SJ 2 m       2023‑08
C0CEE3E3-68A9-4171-B075-B43B41F8C56C Maitlands
23 Cross Street, Fraserburgh
P A AB43 9ER 5 m n10744046813 11m   2023‑08
977D4464-2848-495F-B385-BA53C1690289 Newmill Village Hall
Mill Keith Road, Keith
P A AB55 6TW 7 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000005FA Rodi Restaurant
, Hertfordshire
P A AL6 9LL 5 m       1970‑01
F0BD18AF-B458-4E2E-B4F6-B02A00B6DFE4 4 Brindleyplace Reception
Ground Floor Reception, 4 Brindley Place
R A B1 2BZ       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001653 Outside Fiveways House
, West Midlands
P A B15 1SL 17 m       1970‑01
A145A4CC-A3B3-4934-A024-B04F0129F7FF Birmingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside Fiveways House, Islington Row Middleway
P A B15 1SL 17 m       2023‑08
8DA7DF7F-DBC8-42EE-A203-AE2100BD4E64 Winvic Construction Ltd
Winvic Project Office, 127 Hagley Road
R V B16 8LD 64 m       2023‑08
24439E94-5DC9-4D03-8963-AEEE0099B0BF Cordia Blackswan Property Limited
22a Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
R V B18 6AH 0 m       2023‑08
6818CB84-9752-4E0B-BADA-B03400C570C8 Tesco Stores Ltd
Shopping Centre, Birmingham
P V B2 4XJ 73 m       2023‑08
2496C0E7-6B74-4247-BA4E-AF9000C76518 Rail Booking Office
Perry Barr Rail Station, Birchfield Road
P V B20 3JE 5 m n10728574207 2m * 2023‑08
99E5DB06-790E-4C39-B54E-B02F008715C0 Tesco Express Selly Oak Fuel-6119
479 Bristol Road, Selly Oak
R V B29 6BA       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001F26 Outside Lloyd House
, West Midlands
P A B4 6EP 88 m n5457452478 106m   1970‑01
810C98EE-B686-4619-AE96-AF860157F86D Birmingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside Lloyd House, Snow Hill Queensway
P A B4 6EP 1 m       2023‑08
3A53D5B6-D651-45EC-A396-AF1001176FD8 West Midlands Police
The Lock-Up (West Midlands Police Museum), Steelhouse Lane
P V B4 6NW 22 m       2023‑08
ED2DF2D7-3DDF-4EEA-AC16-AEE800DAA041 Network Rail
Birmingham New Street Station, Smallbrook Queensway
P V B5 4DP 24 m n12004434590 36m * 2023‑08
B88F3A9E-6C87-44B7-A465-B05100F21E20 Santova Logistics Ltd
Suite A, Ventura House
P V B78 3LZ 31 m       2023‑10
BD5F9917-B004-4A4A-B98D-B11500D55F34 Tamworth Steel Stockholders Ltd
Gagarin, Lichfield Road Industrial Estate
P A B79 7TD 37 m       2024‑03
90A750E1-7BEC-4BF0-91F8-ADC800FDC292 Avon Street
P A BA1 1SD       2023‑08
F3F89806-750A-471E-B00D-B01300CE5869 M&G Trimbridge House
Trim Street, Bath
R V BA1 2LE       2023‑08
E04182B3-97C2-4AEE-A323-AE3901101AC2 Tesco Superstore
Wyre St, 0
P V BB12 8DQ 59 m       2023‑08
E145174D-5EEE-4EA9-A4B7-AFAF0106E263 Wavell House
Holcombe Road, Helmshore
P A BB4 4NB 0 m       2023‑08
412F878B-E440-419C-B61D-AECC00DA38CA West Car Park
Back Lane, Sabden
P A BB6 9HA       2023‑08
0F5BC240-9EF5-45D6-BBC5-AF8100F4FE67 City Of Bradford Council
City Park Pavilion, Off Channing Way, Adjacent To The Cake 'Ole
P A BD1 1TN n1714418926 10m * 2023‑08
A4565A62-7AA4-406D-A401-AFC700D414FC Howdens At Bournemouth
520 Wallisdown Road,, Bournemouth
R V BH11 8QE 0 m       2023‑08
A2544B2A-0B0E-4271-BCD7-AF5700D6129F Lush Manufacturing
Units E And F Fleets Corner Business Park, Nuffield Rd
P V BH17 0JT 58 m       2023‑08
827637B7-04EE-46BF-8CA5-AE6A00BF8F5F Elliotts Christchurch
18 Airfield Way, Christchurch
P V BH23 3PZ 5 m       2023‑08
56B3F9FF-3F6E-4B0F-8E2F-B038008BFF9B The Helm
39 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth
R V BH8 8EJ 2 m       2023‑10
32AFDD83-98D7-43AB-8618-AEBD00D9BEDB Astley Bridge Police Station
Crompton Way, Bolton
P A BL1 8UN 0 m       2023‑08
4F4A96FF-4A95-4973-BFC9-AF6C009597CC Salford Rd Bio
Over Hulton, Bolton
P A BL5 1DG 136 m       2023‑08
C58BC4CF-40AE-4646-96BD-AF6C0096C4FA Salford Rd Tls
Over Hulton, Bolton
P A BL5 1DG 136 m       2023‑08
36184979-928F-4E87-A727-B09A00FAB94B The Lodge
Bury Training And Safety Centre, Hinds Lane
P A BL8 2GN 0 m       2023‑11
D60E86A5-4EB7-4C74-9815-B0AD010FB5BD Hsbc
Cannon House, Worthing
R V BN11 1NA 2 m       2023‑12
7F766A72-68A3-49A6-B0DE-B04900C8D34E Durrington Bridge House
Barrington Road, Goring
P V BN12 4SE 191 m       2023‑08
D0988778-0A97-4E18-A62F-B06E006BB3AF Mccarthy & Stone
Mccarthy Stone Retirement Development, Goring Street
P V BN12 5AD 1 m       2023‑10
0CE70656-0FC6-4062-A916-B06200767C33 Tesco Bristol Blenheim Court Express
Blenheim Court, Marlborough St
P V BS1 3LA       2023‑10
BCE92AA0-02BA-4D16-A6E5-B05E00D2127F Sir Robert Mcalpine Ltd
Site Office, Cattle Market Road
P A BS1 6QW 3 m       2023‑10
4CD95DAD-22C4-4DA1-9B69-B01F00A7012B Sixth Form Office
Bristol Free School, Concorde Drive
R V BS10 6NJ 0 m       2023‑08
C81BF529-4D01-4C4E-A18E-B01F00AD407F Main Reception
Bristol Free School, Concorde Drive
R V BS10 6NJ 0 m       2023‑08
6A721AAE-32F5-4784-9D1E-ADC800BBABE5 South Gloucestershire Council (Kingswood Civic Centre)
One Stop Shop, High Street, Kingswood
R V BS15 9TR 0 m       2023‑10
C57CDAD3-1C03-4D73-AEAF-AF420104DD40 Graphic Packaging
Filwood Road, Bristol
R V BS16 3SB 0 m       2023‑08
07BDE31B-DB60-4790-9FBF-B02900FB1727 Lympsham C Of E Academy
Rectory Way, Lympsham, Weston Super Mare
R V BS24 3BT       2023‑08
1EED4BA8-DBD6-4D9A-B65F-B083010CA025 Dunelm Bristol Cribbs Causeway
Centaurus Road, Patchway, Bristol
R V BS34 5TU 0 m       2023‑10
31CDEF38-DF4C-4880-8C80-AFFF00A5B119 Gwaac Shop - Yate Shopping Centre
Gwaac Shop, 6 North Walk
P A BS37 4AR 0 m       2023‑08
E20002EE-EBD2-494C-9F30-AE9B00F26A76 Puregym
3 Edward St, St Annes Square
R A BT1 2LR       2023‑08
C3EAA562-E4F9-48F0-94ED-AEA5009A6779 Aflac Ni
City Quays 3, 90 Donegall Quay
R V BT1 3FE       2023‑08
2A0F8D0C-A291-4294-AEE2-AFF2009955AA Bt1 Student Accommodation
8 College St, Belfast
P A BT1 6DS       2023‑08
F6B44ED2-F0E6-4E9D-A049-AEE100E3E00F Queens University Belfast
8 College Avenue, Belfast
R A BT1 6DS       2023‑08
5CCC2F5F-5E4E-47A6-B188-AFBA00CA4154 Girdwood Community Hub
10 Girdwood Avenue, Belfast
P V BT14 6EG       2023‑08
5F3AC65C-B731-4370-8F43-B10A009D72C2 Screwfix
Unit 2 Hillview Retail Park, Crumlin Road
P V BT14 7DU       2024‑03
0BA5C82C-83D0-4C2C-B7C6-AEB700DD61EA Tesco
405-407 Antrim Road, Belfast
P V BT15 3BG       2023‑08
1A618521-873A-4BD9-BD41-B10300A5B7A0 St Therese Of Lisieux Primary School
472 Antrim Road, Belfast
R V BT15 5GF       2024‑02
6A09C4F0-B5D7-4166-85FD-B05201592319 200 Old Dundonald Road
Tullycarnet, Dundonald
P A BT16 1DF       2023‑10
10D1BA09-AF0F-4519-BA4E-AFDC00C42369 Enler Community Centre
Unit 9 The Enler Complex, Craigleith Drive
P A BT16 2QP       2023‑08
61339F26-E029-447F-B946-AEE100D86C53 Queen's University Belfast
1 Mcclintock Street, Belfast
R A BT2 7GL       2023‑08
44D20FE7-A88C-4F9B-B22E-B04D00E2CCF2 High Trees
High Trees Drive, Donaghadee
P A BT21 0GL       2023‑08
6971CA70-0F87-4A2C-B53F-B0A70122EC67 Newtownards Fire Station
Portaferry Road, Newtownards
P A BT23 3NN       2023‑11
430D05A2-BC64-4F03-9FDA-5BD2EBCE046B Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing And Leisure Complex
1 Dairy Hall Lane, Newtownards
P V BT23 4DB       2023‑08
62D4ED4E-EF69-4A70-A5C8-B86A95512BDA Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing And Leisure Complex
1 Dairy Hall Lane, Newtownards
P V BT23 4DB       2023‑08
9546215B-E007-42A3-B2D9-EEF589E20E97 Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing And Leisure Complex
1 Dairy Hall Lane, Newtownards
P V BT23 4DB n11295400328 58m   2023‑08
A220AB56-1DFD-49A2-BDAC-ADEC00B2B2B1 3 Lakeview Manor
P A BT23 4US       2023‑08
EF78AA35-5E61-4B1F-8EDA-AE3D00AA6135 Tesco
1 Castlebawn Drive, Newtownards
P V BT23 4XE       2023‑08
E869F53B-9692-4F66-AE20-AB740107D155 Hillsborough Castle And Gardens
349 Hillsborough Road, Hillsborough
P V BT26 6GT       2023‑08
06344E7B-552D-4E37-BEF8-AE6D00955E9F 5 Laganbank Road
Laganbank Retail Park, Lisburn
P A BT27 5FH       2023‑08
8ECF7B2E-0872-4CDA-8A57-B3D7A0463071 Lisburn Wastewater Treatment Works
4 Hilden Road, Tullynacross Lisburn
P V BT27 5WP       2023‑08
72F0192D-C904-4EEB-AC5B-B05900AB9FE7 Trustford - Lisburn - 20 Market Place
Trustford, 20 Market Place
P A BT28 1AR       2023‑10
31A36A80-82B6-40F0-800D-AD0300D8AF7F Eurospar
28 Lady Wallace Lane, Lisburn
P A BT28 3WT       2023‑08
5E496B50-025A-4683-A1FE-B11B00A532AE Unit 1
12-20 Duncrue Road, Belfast
P V BT3 9BS       2024‑03
6BA0E972-0187-4F7A-9141-B18600D00E99 Loft Lines
1 Olympic Way, Queen's Island
R V BT3 9EP       2024‑07
D8FD6C6A-3998-4251-B3C4-AF4100B3CFED Public Records Office Of Northern Ireland
2 Titanic Boulevard, Belfast
P V BT3 9HQ       2023‑08
B1BEEA76-1E0A-4D5C-91E3-AD9E00D3AD8A Council Offices Downshire Civic Centre
Ardglass Road, Downshire Estate
P V BT30 6GQ       2023‑08
C3CBB777-CFEF-4418-8AB5-B0C40130318E The Bridge Bar
53-55 Lower North Street, Ballynacraig
P V BT34 1DD       2023‑12
332DB47E-EF86-4522-BC88-B13B015FF5E3 5c Mckinney Road
Grange Of Mallusk, Newtownabbey
P V BT36 4PE       2024‑04
8B8AF162-8B02-4638-B203-B01800FB89A4 Mcculla Ireland Mallusk
1b Mckinney Road, Newtownabbey
P V BT36 4PE       2023‑08
46AFB2CA-ADEA-4A9A-A85F-AE9200CF2E72 Mallusk & District Community Support
Hydepark War Memorial Orange Hall, 106 Mallusk Rd
P A BT36 8QE       2023‑08
93E89558-9C7E-4387-923F-B04600F9127A Sentry Hill Community Gardens
40 Ballycraigy Road, Newtownabbey
R A BT36 8SX       2023‑08
6071FC74-63EB-4B65-A1AF-AE4500DCE2D2 Nortel Athletic & Social Club
2a Cloughfern Avenue, Croghfern
P V BT37 0UB       2023‑08
E1F776DD-276C-4FF0-ADFC-B16B00B539E6 1a Loughshore Courtyard
Jordanstown, Newtownabbey
R V BT37 0ZS       2024‑06
5D6344CF-DBF6-4B5E-9D47-AFD800E63E96 Parkview Hockey Club
Rectory Road, Doagh
P V BT39 0PP       2023‑08
50F36020-3F70-4A7D-8FC4-AB7400B78BAD Department For Infrastructure
Castle Buildings, Stormont
P V BT4 3SQ       2023‑08
47214608-9540-48D9-B171-B07B00F47197 Terumo Bct - Harbour Larne
Terumo Bct Ltd, 3 Redlands Crescent
R V BT40 1FF       2023‑10
D66F736A-634C-43A5-A4C1-AF2400C86FAE Antrim
Antrim Railway Station, Antrim
P A BT41 1AH       2023‑08
F8A8155E-A9DB-4B9C-836F-B0C1010AB0C0 Ponderosa
Ponderosa Bar, 974 Glenshane Road
P A BT47 4SD       2023‑12
A1D07814-D606-40F5-8C28-AEBC01078F7E Ebrington Guardhouse
Clooney, Londonderry
P A BT47 6HD       2023‑08
2333B87C-4025-4B6D-9A50-B0BA00E3D231 Visit Derry
1-3 Waterloo Place, Derry
P A BT48 6BS       2023‑12
856752CA-5547-4727-9593-AFC000F41933 Foyle Jbo
Asylum Road, Londonderry
P V BT48 7DZ       2023‑08
8AF2FADF-7CDF-4A4C-8E72-AD0C011B26F7 Lynch's Eurospar (Skeoge)
1 Glenabbey Crescent, Londonderry
P A BT48 8SZ       2023‑08
05162764-4E8B-4A79-AC81-B12B012D64FB Seán Dolans Gac
60 Blighs Lane, Creggan
R V BT48 9PU       2024‑04
5A38ABF0-8F0F-4932-B6E1-AE6000A4DF1A Roe Park Resort
10 Lisnakilly Road, Limavady
P A BT49 9FB       2023‑08
56CD5F35-5A5B-4A0E-828A-B16F007F8C74 Roe Valley Country Park - Visitor Centre
41 Dogleap Road, Limavady
P A BT49 9GY       2024‑06
3B54BD4E-8CA5-424D-9CBB-AF2B0116D37D Templemore Avenue School Trust
East Belfast Network Centre, 55 Templemore Avenue
P V BT5 4FG       2023‑08
913A5B84-8E35-4961-A3A2-B16B01037ED6 52 Lurgan Road
P A BT63 5QW       2024‑06
05CC8D11-7E3D-4A3D-9D1A-B0420099E3FA Centra
10 Lake Road, Drumgor
P A BT65 4AF       2023‑08
ABE9976D-0F87-4265-A9FF-B1060108C79C Bleary Primary School
6 Deans Road, Bleary
R V BT66 8TD       2024‑02
3B013670-D0A7-4B8F-9FD5-B02000F0D006 James House
Hscni Business Services Organization, 02/04/2024
R V BT7 2PG       2023‑08
17127861-0F03-441C-865C-AC6B012960B1 Rowantree Centre
385 Pomeroy Road, Pomeroy
P A BT70 3FD       2023‑08
21AB41D7-B680-4ECF-B90A-AFEE00EE5193 3 Gola Road
Tamlaght, Enniskillen
P A BT74 4AF       2023‑08
A697E34C-02E9-45DC-B1DF-6B5666C36849 Fermanagh & Omagh Distict Council
152 Tempo Road, Enniskillen
R V BT74 4GD       2023‑08
F04B92A1-8A0C-48E6-8802-33AE4E91E645 Ardhowen Theatre
97 Dublin Road, Derrychara
P A BT74 6FZ       2023‑08
DE7C9A09-24CD-4EFC-99E6-AD0A00DE7047 1 Gnangara
R A BT74 7GZ       2023‑08
2AD956D5-FEBE-4C3B-8DE7-DFA8E9F47FAD Reade Hall
10 Castletown Road, Monea
P A BT74 8GG       2023‑08
7E47B011-9357-4971-B301-0821E78E939E Botanic Gardens
Malone Belfast,
P A BT9 5AB       2023‑08
87C4C677-457B-441A-8907-2A79E93D07EA Botanic Gardens
Malone Belfast,
P V BT9 5AB       2023‑08
23B826E1-B072-4E3D-A567-ADFD01746C50 Louis Leonard Memorial Park
380 Dernawilt Road, Lisnaskea
P A BT92 0AA n3788147758 29m   2023‑08
8D68E107-CFDD-484C-8380-18F53DB1C554 Castlepark Leisure Centre
1 Killypaddy Road, Lisoneill
P A BT92 0JJ n3796155931 23m   2023‑08
F014D16E-9AA2-4A03-BA06-B0DD00F182AC Its Plant Tech Ltd
23 Tiravally Road, Mackan Glebe
P A BT92 3AW       2024‑01
965779D0-367B-493B-ABDC-AE4E00F661AA Little Treasures Play Group
1 Moher Road, Lismonaghan
P A BT92 4BB       2023‑08
F5DA5EA7-FFD2-4037-BA93-AC0601123C1C Kinawley Community Hall Association
Kinawley Community Centre, 69 Main Street
P A BT92 4FA       2023‑08
B3E8AEBA-5BEE-43C6-AEEE-ACDA00B5FC31 Kinawley Recycling Centre
C/O Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, 20 Stragowna Road
P A BT92 4GD       2023‑08
DFBDC883-0E92-4216-BF20-21DD0E585686 Roslea Community Centre
5 Monaghan Road, Roslea
P A BT92 7AF       2023‑08
7248EFE7-178C-4C8D-9FB4-0940882BDB8A Leander Lodge
224 Dernawilt Road, Killyfole
P A BT92 7BE n4814011478 8m   2023‑08
4E287778-89AC-4BDA-B0AF-AD46014954EF G A A Club
291 Moorlough Road, Newtownbutler
P A BT92 8BJ       2023‑08
76BF83B8-4AAA-4698-B725-B10101242406 Encirc Glass
11 Gortahurk Road, Tonymore, Tonymore
P A BT92 9DD       2024‑02
8C8BB197-E494-4391-B3DE-B10A00EFAF36 Mannok - Gortmullen Quarry
Gortmullen, Derrylin
R V BT92 9EG       2024‑03
6BD5C4BD-E31B-4862-8EE6-B10A00F052AB Mannok - Quarry Office
181 Ballyconnell Rd, Knockateggal
R V BT92 9EL       2024‑03
ED154B6D-80CD-4154-8348-B1180093AB16 Mannok - Aircrete
184 Ballyconnell Rd, Derrylin
R V BT92 9EL       2024‑03
F6973EFA-D1A1-4B43-884B-B10A00EFCF53 Mannok - Washer Plant
Knockateggal Road, Derrylin
R V BT92 9EL       2024‑03
106726AB-619A-4233-88BE-B10A00EFBF50 Mannok - Administration Buildings
187 Ballyconnell Road, Derrylin
P A BT92 9GP       2024‑03
B47814ED-EECB-4D48-8A6C-B11800884872 Mannok - Old Cement / Engineering Services
235 Ballyconnell Road, Derrylin
P A BT92 9GP       2024‑03
BFD578A4-7194-4070-A2DA-B118008841EF Mannok - Precast
235 Ballyconnell Road, Derrylin
R V BT92 9GP       2024‑03
45C003C2-30FA-4BA8-BEA5-AF0B00E96F40 9 Sheetrim Road
Sheetrim, Derrylin
P A BT92 9JJ       2023‑08
D54FAE36-8CD2-4E34-B37E-ACD3017475DA Teemore Church Hall
209 Belturbet Road, Kintoughtragh
P A BT92 9QH       2023‑08
9932439D-50B2-4E2A-94F4-8663CA6974F7 Kesh Community Centre
6 Mantlin Road, Rosscolban
P A BT93 1AP       2023‑08
46166CBA-CB44-40C4-A1DA-AB670138DB72 Fountain Centre
58 Drumwhinny Road, Kesh
P A BT93 1TN       2023‑08
DDFD3EAF-042F-4F4D-8386-ACDA00B352A7 Belleek Recycling Centre
C/O Fermanagh & Omagh District Council, 4 Rathmore
P A BT93 3FR       2023‑08
F366C3F7-6516-4251-B1E1-ACD7011476DC Belleek Community Centre
51a Main Street, Rathmore
P A BT93 3GB       2023‑08
F6E5701A-785C-4237-BFD5-B17700ED7C91 Cashel Community Centre
248 Knockmore Road, Scribbagh
P A BT93 4BX       2024‑06
4B27E8C4-95DF-4FE2-BE86-B12101223FB6 St. Mary's Devenish Gaa Grounds
600 Lattone Road, Garrison
P A BT93 4EA       2024‑03
F6F53EBA-B692-4138-AD62-ACD70113653D Belcoo Community Centre
68 Lattone Road, Gorteen
P A BT93 5DN       2023‑08
E2A3A919-28AA-4956-8690-ACE100A85150 Mc Brides Spar
24 Dromore Road, Irvinestown
P A BT94 1GZ       2023‑08
14757233-11D9-480E-9568-AD28009C36A0 Choice Housing
Lowtherstown Court, Irvinestown
P A BT94 1JJ       2023‑08
C1602E75-3D31-40E7-B8CF-AFAF00A06993 Balcas Timber Ltd
75 Killadeas Road, Ballinamallard
P V BT94 2ES       2023‑08
1F208B61-917F-4AEA-B40B-AC6F015FEF09 Ballyreagh Silver Band Hall
1 Ballyreagh Road, Mullyknock
P A BT94 3BJ       2023‑08
9D47CE8A-0D79-461B-A1FE-AE28015D83CC Hunter Sports Field
7 Gardiners Cross Road, Maguiresbridge
R A BT94 4AG       2023‑08
C3E54F8F-80EE-4433-858A-198BD2827CD8 Methodist Church
7 Teiges Hill Road, Aghalun
P A BT94 4HY       2023‑08
B2432635-319C-4AD0-9341-175648CE359E Derryclavin Orange Lodge
Derryclawan Road, Lisreagh
P A BT94 5DB       2023‑08
BD3FA8DA-CED3-4856-B7FB-AD0F008627B0 Lisbellaw Parish Centre
3 Enniskillen Road, Lisbellaw
P A BT94 5DF       2023‑08
6C8ABC36-5D55-4BF0-880F-B10800A351AC Robert Ferguson Primary School
School House, East Dale Street
P A CA2 5LB n9135849440 34m   2024‑02
DDAC30D9-B9C3-4222-A4A4-AEF600D140DB Redrow
Chalkstone Way, Haverhill
R V CB0 9BW       2023‑08
92CAD946-8BCC-4F03-A038-B12300B1BC16 Molteno
D019 University Of Cambridge Downing Site, Downing Street
R A CB2 3EE 3 m       2024‑03
202BAE86-2A00-495C-8DAE-B06200DBC066 Austin/Cockroft Building
Austin Building, New Museum Site
P A CB2 3QH 35 m       2023‑10
E8587BD8-632C-4C5A-8A34-B00300B15965 Block 20a, Ida Darwin Hopital
P A CB21 5EE 6 m       2023‑08
4929E31F-5350-4023-9A30-B0AE00B82929 Cambridgeshire County Council - Social Services
Sunley House, Summers Hill Drive, Papworth Everard,
P A CB23 3RG 0 m       2023‑12
6460A1B6-E65A-4247-9BC3-AEEF008078E4 Sergeants Mess Oakington Barracks
Rampton Road, Longstanton
P V CB24 3EJ 766 m       2023‑08
DCB19F7A-B2BB-42C4-A779-AD8200E2AD31 Arthur D Little Merlin Place
460 Milton Road, Cambridge
P V CB4 0DP 0 m       2023‑08
16368DC3-6081-4D9E-84F8-B10200EFF573 Elizabeth House
1 High Street, East Chesterton
R V CB4 1WB 41 m       2024‑02
EEEBCD57-A47F-4961-99C0-AE61010FC6F4 Puregym
Unit 3, Hamlet Green Retail Park
R A CB9 8QJ       2023‑08
F742B5FA-A281-46B8-BFCE-AEA100E89542 Senghenydd Court Laundry
House D Senghennydd Court, Salisbury Road
R A CF10 1UJ       2023‑08
09B1E7E5-8DD0-44E7-8FE7-AF4700F947AB Cathays Railway Station
Plas-Y-Parc, Cardiff
P A CF10 3LU 0 m       2023‑10
4925D680-FACE-4741-BB4C-B04D008B40DF Tesco Maes Y Coed Crdif Express
2 Maes-Y-Coed Rd, Cardiff
P V CF14 4TT 0 m       2023‑08
98B1D9F8-8D7E-4D05-BEDA-B06D00D9D0AD River House
Gwaelod - Y - Garth, Ynys Y Bridge Court
P V CF15 9YY 0 m       2023‑10
2EB6951A-5EA7-45E2-8298-AEA100E88F2C University Hall Tower
University Hall, Birchwood Road
P A CF24 5YB       2023‑08
779BDE42-B9A5-45FB-A7D1-DF3167FC74B0 Cardiff & Vale College
Trowbridge Road, Cardiff
R V CF3 1XZ 85 m       2023‑08
3A01051B-9CF6-4143-8489-ACD400EA8A23 Eastern High School
Newport Road, Cardiff
P A CF3 3XG 230 m       2023‑08
394CB744-FBA9-4601-A80C-B04D00B3E097 Tesco Cardiff Cntsbury Express
Countisbury Ave, Llanrumney
P V CF3 5SQ 18 m       2023‑08
42AFFE27-F667-47A4-BED3-AE9B00DE8FD3 Llanederyn Police Station
Maerfa Precinct, Cardiff
P A CF3 7PL       2023‑08
B0A30653-BA20-4DCE-B78D-AE7C00AE4832 St. Clares School
Clevis Lane, Newton
R V CF36 5NR 0 m       2023‑08
ABA52FF4-D907-407A-BB98-AEC2014708EA Thomas Coaches
R A CF39 0AG       2023‑08
721BAE74-667A-4F42-88E5-B0D200A0DBCA The Treorchy And Cwmparc Boys And Girls Club
Station Road, Treorchy
P A CF42 6UB 3 m       2024‑01
49E08CAE-1941-45FE-9077-AF6600DF577E Leonardo Hotel
Pepper Street, Chester
P A CH1 1DW 16 m       2023‑08
5ACF0CC5-72AE-48E2-B8F0-B07300E01255 Leasowe Common Toilets
Leasowe Common, Moreton
P A CH46 4TS       2023‑10
863C5854-FE7D-476B-B2E8-AFCE00FCF396 Royal Mail New Ferry Do
41 New Chester Road, New Ferry
R V CH62 1HD 0 m       2023‑08
E329F7F1-030E-41CB-8EBB-AE5200E2A3A0 The Conservation Volunteers
Port Sunlight River Park Heritage Centre, Dock Road
P A CH62 4TQ 215 m n11898735069 242m * 2023‑08
A4434065-0995-406C-9E38-AE7F014C0FA2 Abellio East Anglia Limited
Station House, Tattersalls Chase
P A CM0 7EN       2023‑08
094B9C13-7E44-4E39-98DB-AFE90118C955 Screwfix
Unit A1 Chelmsford Trade Park, Westway
R V CM1 3BQ 3 m       2023‑08
D6E55EE1-2108-477F-849D-B09100DBDEA6 Bishops Stortford Phase 5
Construction Access Off Rye Street, Via Standsted Road
R V CM23 2QB 1 m       2023‑11
F95594BD-D044-42FD-B893-AE0100D3ABF9 Taylor Wimpey
The Orchard At Coopers Grange Phase 2, Hadham Road
R V CM23 2QB 72 m       2023‑08
9CCFBBAF-91E6-4433-943E-AF63010C9229 Redrow Homes, Mulberries Sales Office
Hatfield Road, Witham
P V CM8 1EJ 0 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000546 Doe Motors Petrol Station
, Essex
P A CM8 3BL 2 m       1970‑01
E8312CAE-EA6A-40BC-A349-B0B6011FE018 Waitrose & Partners - Colchester
St Andrews Avenue, Colchester
P V CO4 3BQ n11872188719 21m * 2023‑12
87C3C071-0C43-41AF-B8C9-AF5700F50B81 Taylor Wimpey South East
Royal Parade, Howe Barracks
R V CT1 1JY 154 m       2023‑08
C90CBAD9-D01B-431B-807E-AECC00BD6576 Canterbury City Council
Newspaper House, 29 Simmonds Road
R V CT1 3YR 13 m       2023‑08
47D798F5-BEB9-426D-A3B2-AF2500AD1F98 Sandling Station
Off Sandling Road Sandling, Kent
P A CT21 4HH 2 m       2023‑08
506A15CA-9A44-4326-82AF-AEFC00AAD8CF Nusteel Structures Ltd
Lympne Industrial Estate, Lympne
R V CT21 4LU       2023‑08
66D60E8C-04C9-4BE4-9A44-AE750095EB44 Puregym
50 Bishop Street, Coventry
R A CV1 1HW 26 m       2023‑10
CC6872CA-ECD8-4ABF-A627-B07901623CED The Octopus Centre, St Cross Hospital
The Octopus Centre, St Cross Hospital
P A CV22 5PR n11747489800 108m * 2023‑10
9A606330-9928-46A5-B363-AFA501160D9C The James Pavillion, Rugby School
The James Pavilion Rugby School, Barby Road
P A CV22 6EQ       2023‑08
4716DC49-25FA-40CD-8F55-AE610084231F Puregym
Unit 1, Queensway Trading Estate
R A CV31 3RW 4 m       2023‑08
BD33AF9B-4B4B-493F-9D20-B0B900E32B71 Warwick District Council New Offices
Ground Floor Building 1, Saltisford Office Park, Ansell Way
R V CV34 4UH n8022343352 25m   2023‑12
C13C779F-ECDE-4855-8BDB-B15300879AC5 Ground Floor Crown Buildings
Alcester Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon
R V CV37 9BU 1 m       2024‑05
40669EC0-CE3D-4F62-B7A7-B0CB00AB47D5 Martin Brower Distribution Centre
Coventry Distribution Centre, Dolmite Avenue, Coventry Business Park
R A CV5 6UE 1 m       2023‑12
65058634-A7DA-4ABB-AE4D-B0CB00AB328A Martin Brower Distribution Centre
Coventry Distribution Centre, Dolmite Avenue, Coventry Business Park
R A CV5 6UE 1 m       2023‑12
B92EA8A5-55FA-427D-A8AE-B0CB00AADD3E Martin Brower Distribution Centre
Coventry Distribution Centre, Dolmite Avenue, Coventry Business Park
R A CV5 6UE 1 m       2023‑12
FD0365B1-43E3-4DC9-A192-AFF900C34D06 Warwickshire Academy
The Warwickshire Academy, Wheelwright Lane
R V CV7 9RA 139 m       2023‑08
DA9BF6CD-621A-4053-91A8-B022010422B4 Union Street
R V CW1 1QP       2023‑08
68C0528B-E236-417A-8648-AF01008C071C Congleton Park
Mill Green, Congleton
P A CW12 1TL n8890538241 29m   2023‑08
6C884305-B65F-44A8-B306-AF6500EC3B17 Church Minshull Parish
The Village Hall (Outside), Muslin Row
P A CW5 6EW 9 m n11450031324 6m   2023‑08
286C1D1C-0C5D-4C46-8963-AFF1007ADE7C Greenbank Railway Station
Chester Road, Cheshire
P A CW8 4AS 25 m n10832837691 67m   2023‑08
180C48C8-4B37-4285-9DC3-AE8D00963B34 Waterside B
Castle Hill, Ebbsfleet
R V DA10 0DF 2 m       2023‑08
A734CDD1-C2B1-404B-B467-AEDD00EC1E3D T G Baynes Solicitors
Broadway House, 208 Broadway
P V DA6 7BG 0 m       2023‑08
4817538A-2094-427A-9492-AEF300CCBF74 Greenhithe Station
Station Road, Kent
P V DA9 9NQ       2023‑08
23F63B28-742C-47AC-9989-B05900B3A77E Trustford (Trustfirstparts) - Dundee - Arrol Road
Trustfirstparts, Unit 4, G3 Arrol Road
R V DD2 4TH 1 m       2023‑10
61885A1E-7074-4E05-B33B-AEC100FB4D9A Athletic Bar Ltd
93 Strathmartine Road, Dundee
P A DD3 2SG       2023‑08
CB64D84B-F3CA-4C1F-BAAE-AD65006C5D44 Becketwell Development Land
Macklin Street, Derby
R V DE1 1JW 65 m       2023‑08
E16982DB-F9CA-4620-94E8-AFEA00B3080C Screwfix
Alfreton Road, Derby
R V DE21 4AE 2 m       2023‑10
3D74C270-247C-4063-8C1C-B16F00AB89A9 Cemex Rail Solutions
Birchwood Way, Cotes Park West, Somercotes
R V DE55 4PY 44 m       2024‑06
278780D5-7E2C-4E6A-B52E-B09700C5D71A Unit 7, Former Co-Op, South Street
R A DE7 5SG 2 m       2023‑11
BDEAAAF1-9DC8-4089-BAD3-AEB600BC845F Multi Use Games Area Roseberry Playing Fields
Road Leading To Cemetery House, Pelton
R V DH2 1NW 170 m       2023‑08
4C42EBFB-4873-4FA2-87DB-B08C0138508D 1-3 Grove Road
P A DH7 8AS       2023‑10
20D22F43-9EA7-48CC-BC40-AF2400952D6F Willmott Dixon Construction Site (Head Of Steam)
Head Of Steam - Darlington Railway Museum North Road Station, Station Road
P A DL3 6ST 38 m       2023‑08
04537010-AAC0-43D5-A8BA-AF5F010BD9EF Tourist Information Centre
1 Priory Place, Doncaster
R V DN1 1BN 2 m       2023‑08
27DA4B52-DC2B-4B64-A695-AD5E00C4A243 Conisbrough Group Practice The Stone Castle Centre
Gardens Lane, Conisbrough
P A D DN12 3JW 5 m       2023‑08
FCF6A483-9F0E-4398-8FEF-B12400E925DF Conisbrough Group Practice The Stone Castle Centre
Gardens Lane, Conisbrough
P A DN12 3JW 5 m n7814929078 28m * 2024‑03
BFC22534-42C6-4143-9879-ACF400E38B3F Nlc Sir John Nelthorpe School
Lower School Sir John Nelthorpe School, Wrawby Road
R A DN20 8DS 0 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000016A Coffee Shop
, Lincolnshire
P A DN20 8LF 13 m       1970‑01
85A30F0C-F4BB-477F-BC0D-ADF800B92A7D Homestead Park
Church Lane, Immingham
P A DN40 2HY 2 m       2023‑08
ADFF94D3-58E7-464B-A7D1-AF55011CAE2F Adwick Railway Station
Church Lane, Adwick-Le-Street
P A DN6 7AJ       2023‑08
8612427E-7571-42BC-9992-AF55011D9C64 Hatfield & Stainforth Railway Station
Station Road, Dunscroft
P A DN7 4EQ       2023‑08
7898F80B-E22E-4DEF-9779-AEDD00CD5048 Town Hall And Corn Exchange
Market Place, Blandford Forum
R V DT11 7AG 7 m       2023‑08
C995095A-4A91-44A3-8BC9-B17900F99169 Weymouth And Portland National Sailing Academy
Hamm Beach Road, Portland
P A DT5 1GF       2024‑06
CAF35A73-9603-4E65-A51A-AD2B01124896 Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council
Mustow Green, Chaddesley Corbett
P A DY10 4LG 43 m       2023‑08
9B694809-8A89-44CB-8F2E-AFC900ABCE3F Friends Of Saltwells Nature Reserve
Saltwells National Nature Reserve, Wardens Base
P A DY2 0BY 53 m       2023‑08
30F087B4-92A4-4102-AE6C-B0010146F030 Tesco Stores Ltd
179 Shoreditch High St, Shoreditch
P V E1 6HP 1 m       2023‑08
9FB1D7EA-A7E4-4B36-8F36-ADC700E82408 Mclaren Construction
Circle Place, London
R V E1 7PH 9 m       2023‑08
16D5EAFA-A847-482F-803C-B11D00D571E8 Primark Stratford
Montfichet Road, Stratford
P A E15 2EE 1213 m       2024‑03
08323C2C-6942-4AD9-A126-B00700FA1562 Tesco Mount Road Chingford
239 Chingford Mount Rd, Chingford
P V E4 8LJ       2023‑08
23C6C12B-9949-40A9-AE88-AFA200EA1BA8 J Browne Construction
C/O Thames Water Depot, Browne Site Office, Lea Bridge Road
R V E5 9RJ 0 m       2023‑08
037F7A24-7215-4887-8914-B0010077E185 Tesco Stores Ltd
1 Pilgrims Way, East Ham
R V E6 1HT 1 m       2023‑10
0D1D6576-2CBE-4A68-AC87-AAF500FFA89C Overbury
2.5 Devonshire Square, London
R V EC2M 4BA 86 m       2023‑08
634CF705-D444-4817-A7C5-AE9C0109FEEC Puregym
48 London Wall, London
R V EC2M 5QB 1 m       2023‑10
321E91A6-1EFF-49F2-8C73-AF2500FD0C65 Executive Offices
41 Lothbury, London
P A EC2R 7HG 41 m       2023‑08
5B680DE1-C8F1-47B2-9A12-ADB700DCD958 Gresham St Paul's
45 Gresham Street, London
P A EC2V 7QA 25 m       2023‑08
BDF5CB70-59ED-4EA5-8886-AFB600D08DC2 Cbre
Alder Castle, 10 Noble Street
R A EC2V 7QJ 8 m       2023‑08
56264D91-19E2-41F1-B2F1-B091008948BC Kentro Capital Limited
52-56 Leadenhall Street, London Ec3a 2eb, London
R V EC3A 2EB 1 m       2023‑11
17358280-D09D-43E3-96E4-AEDE00CDBCCE Newline Underwriting Ltd
1 Fen Court, London
P A EC3M 5NB 1 m       2023‑08
F2871091-0D61-43BA-953E-AF2700BD13D9 Urbanest Tower Bridge
52 Minories, London
P A EC3N 1JA n11962333116 9m   2023‑10
37846BB0-9176-4488-9AF9-AE6100D0391C Puregym
600 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh
R A EH11 3XP       2023‑08
10BB5626-69D0-4C11-8035-474CD7BD6CC3 Thistle House- On Ground Floor At Entrance
Haymarket Terrace, 91 Haymarket Terrace
R V EH12 5HE 31 m       2023‑08
88050944-23AF-4923-9235-AFDC0089D2A9 Scottish Water
Juniper, Research Avenue North, Herriot Watt Campus, Currie,
R V EH14 4AL 0 m       2023‑08
1B271EAE-393F-49C6-BB46-24D9C8687E7D Scott Monument- On Wall Of Ticket Office
Princes Street, Edinburgh
P A EH2 2EJ 28 m n6476680728 29m * 2023‑08
239F1DD6-516F-46E9-B3F5-AB2D011BAAC9 Mayfield Community Club
1a Stone Place, Mayfield
R V EH22 5PE 36 m       2023‑08
A5239BAD-528E-41F8-87E1-AE61008B493D Puregym
Basement, 1 Exchange Crescent
R A EH3 8UL 0 m       2023‑08
0EC16926-8019-4F1D-9038-ACDB00B98828 Blackburn Community Education Association
Ashgrove Goup Practice Blackburn Partnership Centre, Ash Grove
P A EH47 7LL 65 m       2023‑08
A6298B71-5B2A-47F5-A2AA-B0C900BF4D0F Royal Hospital For Sick Children
9 Sciennes Road, Sciennes
P V EH9 1LF 39 m       2023‑12
D710D177-FD8C-476B-AA19-B0D900FDEC6A Crews Hill Station
Crews Hill Railway Station, Cattlegate Road
P A EN2 9EA       2024‑01
C3D04509-FC4B-470C-8975-B19D00BED622 Ponders End Station
Ponders End Railway Station, South Street
P A EN3 4QB 3 m       2024‑07
457F8C89-CC04-4DF1-8D3A-AF9901240A56 Mcdonald's - 1181 Potters Bar - Metropolitan House
Metropolitan House, 3 Darkes Lane, Potters Bar
P A EN6 1AJ 1 m       2023‑08
34D10A4F-FDCE-41E7-92AA-AEE00087D5AA Amey Lafarge
Highway Maintenance Depot, St Albans Road
P V EN6 3DT 62 m       2023‑08
E5155A6C-DF57-47A6-A03A-AD9C008D59FE Carparison Leasing
First Floor Stratford House, Waterbridge Court
R V EX2 8EX 20 m       2023‑08
6A31E139-C4CC-4B0D-A6E5-AD240066DE15 Principal Doorsets Limited
Riverside Road Pottington Business Park Principal Doorsets Limited, Riverside Road
P V EX31 1NB 0 m       2023‑08
C78ED72D-56F1-4862-B1C5-AE6000BDE9E3 Puregym
Unit 5 Anchorwood Retail Park, Barnstaple
R A EX31 2AA 13 m       2023‑08
2FAE2E20-3567-4D89-A64C-AEDF00E73F72 Exeter College
Maths & Science Centre, Queen Street
P A EX4 3TF n10173811980 18m * 2024‑07
8FB1B543-61DB-4DBF-BE97-B0B6011F6EBB John Lewis - Exeter
1 Sidwell Street, Exeter
P V EX4 6NW       2023‑12
EADBAA24-1109-41A8-8F8D-A3A051AAB0E0 Scotrail Railways Ltd
Alloa Station, Station Road
P A FK10 1BA 94 m       2023‑08
DDBA80C4-F931-4E82-BC28-AFE3011CF812 Braco Village Hall
Feddal Road, Braco
P A FK15 9QE 22 m n11430058873 20m   2023‑08
DA62F1FF-F130-4EB0-BBE6-F81FDE8B3A2B Municipal Buildings 8 10- On O/S Wall Nxt To Old Main Ent
Corn Exchange Road, Stirling
P A FK8 2HU 18 m       2023‑08
879258E6-3FAB-4765-9A83-B36F843B2FFE Nhs Forth Valley (Carseview House)
Carsview House, The Castle Business Park
R V FK9 4SW 66 m       2023‑08
A93360A6-3964-4A12-B607-AFF800DF7B39 Athena
278a Whitegate Drive, Blackpool
R V FY3 9BS       2023‑10
35E0C177-522A-4F64-A5BE-AFA500E96F50 Wyre And Fylde Community Defibrillators Fund
Farmer Parrs Animal World, Rossall Lane
P A FY7 8SL 0 m       2023‑08
5063AB56-4778-4594-A5FC-AE6A0082D8C7 Oil Depot
Dumbarton Road, Old Kilpatrick
R A G60 5BH 377 m       2023‑08
2B10B09B-86A3-4DD3-8F4C-AF4100BC68F3 Khsuh Dental (Nhs Practice)
129 Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs
R V G64 2LR 0 m       2023‑08
C2CB0F69-A178-4AE0-A437-AF8F0106056B Buildit
26 Hempsted Lane, Gloucester
P V GL2 5JF 28 m       2023‑08
4C2A8158-E105-42CA-9251-AF3900C49B91 Moog Controls Ltd
Moog Aircraft Group, Tewkesbury Operations
R V GL20 8NA 299 m       2023‑08
EDD4C5C2-6824-43D8-8EEF-B01300AE52E4 Pangolin Editions Ltd - Dockyard
Knapp Lane, Brimscombe
P V GL5 2TQ 0 m       2023‑08
3DC1EC0C-E067-4EC3-BF4E-AD5000870F2F Willans Llp Solicitors
28 Imperial Square, Cheltenham
P A GL50 1RH 0 m       2023‑08
EE8BBF88-1098-4D33-98F8-B08B00FB9750 Baytree Court
High Street, Prestbury
R A GL52 4JJ       2023‑10
69D59F36-17BB-4E6D-9E4F-AE7000A2CFDB Retail Park, Love Lane
R A GL7 1PT 0 m       2023‑08
3DD8B509-10E1-4A1A-9F7A-AFAF00EF716E Taylor Wimpey West London
Stanhope Gardens Phase 2, Hope Grants Road
P V GU11 2DH 355 m       2023‑08
9F407BA2-C69A-4614-908D-AFAF00EBBDFC Taylor Wimpey West London
Stanhope Gardens Phase 1, Hope Grants Road
P V GU11 2DH 355 m       2023‑08
8D039999-2F12-42E1-99C1-B05E00D2B1AC Tesco Ashvale Lysons Avenue Express
Lysons Ave, Ash Vale
P V GU12 5QL       2023‑10
62CD20E9-52DA-4899-A34B-B0B601203EF8 Waitrose & Partners - Bagshot
London Road, Bagshot
P V GU19 5DG 1 m       2023‑12
5F0F5DAF-7BE3-4F4D-BE38-AFE700B8AAA5 The Salvation Army
Sythwood, Woking
P A GU21 3EB       2023‑08
6413E0F7-D6AD-43C4-A806-AD3B00FFF063 Lower Turk Street
R V GU34 2PS 162 m       2023‑08
F0E7992F-9529-4F47-B216-AFF1008B4FD3 Whitehill & Bordon Leisure Centre
Budds Lane, Bordon
R V GU35 0JE 451 m       2023‑08
211912C6-B3FC-4121-BC1B-AFE800CF9314 Screwfix
127 Albert Street, Fleet
R V GU51 3SN 1 m       2023‑08
EB599485-1808-401F-8F4F-AF5C010786FC St George West London
Grand Union Community Hub, Beresford Avenue
R V HA0 1AW       2023‑08
75B3A1A6-BBCA-4812-9CF9-AF3200ED277E St George
Grand Union Project Office, Beresford Avenue
P V HA0 1QN       2023‑08
2D942B91-8949-42A9-BB1E-B007009959EA Tesco Stores Ltd
53-61 College Rd, Harrow
R V HA1 1FB 1 m       2023‑08
6673B11D-C656-4230-902B-B058013F637D Tesco Ruislip High Street
124 High St, Ruislip
P V HA4 8LR       2023‑10
ED28FFF1-5486-4F1B-B8AD-AF2D00FEEB35 Rowland Place
Green Lane, Northwood
P V HA6 1AA 8 m       2023‑08
25FE8087-F8DB-4747-9AA6-AE1C00DEF562 Car Park Wembley Point
Harrow Road, Wembley
P A HA9 6DE 11 m       2023‑08
2B169883-C6B6-4CB6-B87F-B01100ACF583 Tesco Wembley High Street
492,500 High Rd, Wembley, Wembley
P V HA9 7BN       2023‑08
A6339121-598A-4181-86F9-B0A400F47D11 Defiance Fit
Bullfold Garage, Owler Ings Road
P A HD6 1EG 1 m       2023‑11
57FB4E37-EFF4-4694-8B0E-AE3C00E441DC Tesco Express
187 The Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead
P V D HP1 1BD 0 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000B78 Volunteer Centre Dacorum
, Hertfordshire
P A HP1 1DT 6 m       1970‑01
4C2FFE20-FA1F-468B-915E-AE7600C0F2FF Gadebridge Park Car Park
Queensway, Hemel Hempstead
P A HP1 1HR 104 m       2023‑08
65F9CAF1-9909-4D75-8F43-B17300BE12FC Beaconsfield Town Council
Council Hall, Penn Road
P A HP9 2PP 0 m       2024‑06
28612BFB-A7B9-4489-9099-B1030112D254 Spurn Nature Reserve
Storage Garages, Near Spurn Lighthouse, Spurn Road
P A HU12 0UG 999 m       2024‑02
B434D5A9-3E5D-4208-98D2-B0440077D128 Tesco Halifax Free School
Free School Ln, Halifax
P V HX3 0AA 1 m       2023‑08
D33CAB5A-7664-4AF5-A51C-AFCF00C167B9 Colt Enterprise [Calderdale] Ltd
Unit 11 Bridgefield Mills, Elland Bridge
P A HX5 0SG 0 m n11367608260 73m   2023‑08
EAD092B2-4A51-44BA-8AE3-AF25009A255B Go Ahead London
51 River Road, Barking
R A IG11 0SW 42 m       2023‑08
CB709662-2F4B-4360-B297-AE2200D524CF Tesco Express
Units 6 - 7 Pianoworks, 4 Arboretum Place
P V IG11 7PE 0 m       2023‑10
0FC2F931-07F7-48E4-9112-ADEF01398017 Bealonians Football Club
The Jack Carter Pavilion, Fencepiece Road
R V IG6 2JL 0 m       2023‑08
FC68015B-9CDF-475E-9802-B11000A02F81 Eurovia Ipswich
Foxhall Four Quarry, Eurovia Roadstone Ltd, Foxhall Four Quarry
P A IP10 0HT 2 m       2024‑03
00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000087B Jewsons Gates
, Suffolk
P A IP13 7DY 68 m       1970‑01
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001EA4 East of England Co-op
, Suffolk
P A IP16 4AE 17 m n11998737758 47m   1970‑01
ED30197A-F97A-4418-A5E9-AE9700ABA2A3 East Of England Co-Op
Sizewell Road, Leiston
P A IP16 4AE 3 m n11998737758 49m * 2023‑08
2C05B81C-2043-40C2-AD87-B18E00FF4570 7 Sovereign Drive
R V IP19 8FF       2024‑07
2F027F9E-7311-4EBF-8D2C-AE540128408F 21/09/2020
Thetford Rugby Club, Mundford Road
P A IP24 1LZ 2 m n11179203683 9m * 2023‑08
41EE7233-19FE-4ABA-998A-AB4B00E45F01 South Ayrshire Council
Burns House, 16 Burns Statue Square
P V KA7 1UT 54 m       2023‑08
19759ED3-004E-4477-8AC7-B09700BEB934 Cambridge Road Estate
Ely Court, 1 Willingham Way
P V KT1 3AL 21 m       2023‑11
CDFE6539-8873-4050-BC89-AFE200F8964A Walton Library - Surrey County Council
Walton Library, High Street
R V KT12 1HZ 1 m       2023‑08
0EC0F195-BF62-426A-9C20-B02A00AC9494 14-16
Vickers Drive South, Weybridge
P A KT13 0UZ 1 m       2023‑08
9E1AC93A-448C-47F4-8FC8-AFE300D37A1B West Byfleet Library - Surrey County Council
West Byfleet Library, The Corner
R V KT14 6NY 28 m       2023‑08
94C13CD5-0509-426E-A91F-B17700B45F88 St Agathas School
St Agathas Drive, Kingston Upon Thames
P V KT2 5TY 3 m       2024‑06
C92CCDCE-AFEF-479A-8F58-AEDD00F93D8C Walton Warriors Fc
Breech Lane Pavilion, Breech Lane Sports Field
R V KT20 7SL       2023‑08
5A970E95-8B45-4A55-8934-AFC0014A738C Screwfix
Units 4 & 5 Roebuck Drive Cox Lane, Chessington
R V KT9 1DG 16 m       2023‑08
50156325-3DD0-4CF7-A95A-AEE7010381CB Methil Boat Club
Methil Dock Fairways, Harbour View
R A KY8 3RE 418 m       2023‑08
F4C0E6BD-EBFE-403F-843D-AF79011AF92E Tesco Express
5 Allerton Road, Mossley Hill
P V L18 1LH       2023‑08
F47D7777-6A89-445D-84B6-B17B00947FDF Groundsmans Cottage
Molyneux Road, Mossley Hill
R V L18 8BE 172 m       2024‑06
31DC65D0-9645-45B4-B233-AF50008E8284 The Corn Exchange
Mason Partners Llp, Brunswick Street
R V L2 7QT 10 m       2023‑08
2DE5C145-5BEF-4B3C-BDD2-AF3100AF3489 Msc
Hornby Dock, Regent Road
P A L20 1BD 67 m       2023‑08
DFF97CC9-086B-4530-819B-AFEC00ABC762 Screwfix
Unit 3, Canada Dock Exchange
R V L20 8EH 1 m       2023‑08
C73C077D-0163-40CC-A56A-B02D00CF4A66 Tesco Stores Ltd
Hatton Garden, Liverpool
P V L3 2BR 1 m       2023‑08
193F981D-AE7E-4F34-AD69-AFB600F4155D Prescot Fire Station
Manchester Road, Prescot
P A L34 1AD       2023‑08
E7CF1FFB-985B-4967-9885-AF380077AC24 The Studios By Formby Pool Trust
1a Chapel Lane, Formby
P V L37 4DN 17 m       2023‑08
24212528-287A-48A9-9433-B05000820CA1 Lancaster Railway Station
Meeting House Lane, Lancaster
P V LA1 5NW 0 m       2023‑08
B12518C2-C312-4A7A-BE59-B05000882BE4 Lancaster Railway Station P3
Meeting House Lane, Westbourne Road
P V LA1 5NW 0 m       2023‑08
EA86F986-0DEA-4FCF-9055-B0500086E868 Lancaster Railway Station P4
Meeting House Lane, Lancaster
P V LA1 5NW 0 m n9295640087 42m * 2023‑08
C2A85870-785B-4204-B1F7-B02600C8BD05 Tesco Ulverston
4 Market St, Ulverston
P V LA12 7AZ       2023‑08
93F5B91F-6585-4339-8A5F-134F0E3631E0 St John Ambulance Pegasus House
Burleys Way, Leicester
P A LE1 3BH 11 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000632 Charles Wilson Building
, Leicester University, Leicestershire
P A LE1 7RD 6 m n5618474862 9m   1970‑01
86CA0DE8-6B35-4150-A7DA-B06700BAFB74 Loughborough Ambulance Station
Epinal Way, Loughborough
P A LE11 4GE       2023‑10
8D99599B-CEBC-4B7B-85A4-8D118212CD78 Iveshead School
Forest St, Shepshed Loughborough
P V LE12 9DB 0 m       2023‑08
FB4E619E-68B3-4895-9A26-B07600B6D212 Oakfield Short Stay School
Forest Street, Shepshed
R V LE12 9DB 2 m       2023‑10
6626E60A-02F5-43C1-AB60-B17A00AB857D King Edward Vii Upper School
Burton Road, Melton Mowbray
R V LE13 1DR 17 m       2024‑06
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000029 Gloucester House
, Leicestershire
P A LE13 1NH 88 m n2309317111 19m   1970‑01
4417D17A-BB3E-49F1-992C-B09200E58E6E Bede House
11 Western Boulevard, Leicester
P A LE2 7EJ 12 m       2023‑11
08B5EAB6-93EB-49D5-9B07-AFA500F2207C St Modwen Site Office - Coalville
Chiswell Drive, Coalville
P A LE6 2HP       2023‑08
E683B051-FD66-44B7-BA34-ACEA00F666F2 Hsbc Bank
56 High Street, Coalville
P A LE67 3EN 0 m       2023‑08
F50B2A50-4FA4-458D-822A-B00A00AAC932 Sowden Group Ltd
Church Street, Blaby
R A LE8 3FA       2023‑08
8403A7A9-0D31-4ED0-B545-B0D100D92B0D Wrexham Artificial Limb And Appliance Centre
Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham
P A LL13 7NT 264 m       2024‑01
73DF892F-8A9D-48AC-BDD4-AF8900E52101 Holyhead Railway Station
Station Approach, London Road
P A LL65 2BT 2 m       2023‑08
0F43881E-A082-443D-A9C3-3567C4136B20 David Chiddick Building
Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln
R V LN5 7AT 2 m       2023‑08
81C63726-3579-4618-8100-2A628F127DD9 Sarah Swift Building
8 Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln
R V LN5 7AT 0 m       2023‑08
C7A5C955-65AA-4124-B3EC-ADBE00DC18E8 Willmott Dixon Site
Willow House, Off Mareham Road
P V LN9 6BW 34 m       2023‑08
3506BAA9-40D6-4E94-AF93-AF970098941D Castle House
31 Lisbon Street, 11th Floor
R A LS1 4SA 5 m       2023‑08
5A7EF046-2000-4610-9F5B-AF09008FB6F7 Castle House, West Village, 11th Floor
31 Lisbon Street, Leeds
R A LS1 4SA 5 m       2023‑08
F20827E4-33EF-4BE9-9541-ADBF009D21C0 Suite 6.05
West Village, Leeds
R V LS1 4SA 1 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001890 Outside Boots
, West Yorkshire
P A LS1 5ET 235 m n8795873419 5m   1970‑01
47671201-EFB3-4EA3-9E13-AF25011B702D Leeds Advertising Kiosk
Outside Boots, Corner Of Bond Street And Albion Street
P A LS1 5ET 2 m       2023‑08
FDB1DBC9-7F66-47D1-9862-B04200DC85A2 Tesco Stores Ltd
Boar Ln, Leeds
R V LS1 6EL       2023‑08
E637D8D1-2234-44F9-8707-AEE600F40235 Blythswood Investments Ltd
The Gatehouse, Haigh Park Road
P A LS10 1UU       2023‑08
ADD4B32A-E0DE-4937-A8AF-AFC90121DB97 Tesco
2a Bridgewater Place, Water Lane
R V LS11 5RU 10 m       2023‑10
DBA4F59F-BF43-43B4-A269-AE9B009DD68E Leeds City Council
Albion House, Rawdon Park, Rawdon
P V LS19 7XX 3 m       2023‑08
F2BE4F1A-1E88-41DB-AD61-B07A00DB7E5A Leeds Technology Campus
Former Leed Tech Campus, Cookridge Street
P V LS2 8BL 0 m       2023‑10
D3B9FC11-8BA4-4426-9F57-AFCE00E22C54 Luton Rising
Luton Dart Parkway Station, Kimpton Road
P A LU2 0ZZ       2023‑08
50E1E880-9151-4BB0-924E-B0CE00ACC8EC Greenheys Police Station
Charles Halle Road, Manchester
P A M15 6NP 0 m       2024‑01
669EE07C-3EC5-447B-9E80-ADFE00ED8576 Oak Tyres (Trafford Park)
1a Tenax Circle, Trafford Park
P V M17 1EZ 8 m       2023‑08
7E439406-97F3-4DE2-9BE3-B03800D953B2 Arcadia Library & Leisure Centre
Yew Tree Avenue, Levenshulme
P V M19 3PH 1 m       2023‑08
9855FDF0-29DA-4724-8663-AED800FCADB7 Ey Manchester
2 St Peter's Square, Manchester
R A M2 3DF 1 m       2023‑10
9B45C03A-E3ED-4664-A8AE-AED800FC5CB9 Ey Manchester
2 St Peter's Square, Manchester
R A M2 3DF 1 m       2023‑10
2B73D16B-F2D9-4C6A-9F20-B16B00A4671A Kids- Time
Benchill Childrens Centre, Brookfield Gardens
R V M22 8ZZ 1 m       2024‑06
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001891 Outside 92-96 Deansgate
, Greater Manchester
P A M3 2QG 12 m       1970‑01
551FB70D-88EE-4E64-8764-B0B400F682B6 Manchester Advertising Kiosk
Outside 92-96 Deansgate, Corner Of St Marys
P A M3 2QG 12 m       2023‑12
4AAB5467-9D0A-4B34-BC5F-B05A007E2116 Tesco Manchester Quay Street Express
2, Oversea House 11 Quay St, Manchester
P V M3 3BB 1 m       2023‑10
50AC92F8-9DEF-4ADD-B1DA-B0D800AF01D8 Bcd Logistics Ltd
C/O The Green Group, Barton Dock Rd
P V M32 0ZG 30 m       2024‑01
DF08AAFE-7CF6-49CF-B883-AFEE00F86B75 Sports Pavilion
Turn Moss Road, Stretford
P A M32 9US       2023‑08
6588673B-F3E8-437D-A29A-B079010806C8 Mersey Valley Sports Club
Banky Lane, Sale
R A M33 5SL 8 m       2023‑10
EE368DED-91AB-4807-84D2-AF6C0097620D Denton I&C
Gorton Crescent, Tameside
P A M34 3SW 351 m       2023‑08
A24BF6F0-76AA-4D89-B3BD-B0AD00C0079F Eda - Salford Quays.
5 Anchorage Quay, Salford
P A M5 2XE       2023‑12
F2EE6D72-3ABE-4C4F-83D6-AE7000CCAA17 Puregym
107 - 111 Mather Way, City Shopping Centre
R A M6 5JP 1 m       2023‑10
F3B4685F-1C3C-4611-9411-AE840086330F Tunstall Village Memorial Hall
Tunstall Road, Tunstall
P A ME10 1YZ 0 m       2023‑08
48FDBF45-9EC7-4734-901C-AF2500F29911 Se Trains Limited
Yalding Station, Hampstead Lane Yalding
P A ME18 6HN 2 m       2023‑10
7D986602-661D-4726-A970-B07700BC4FBD Maritime Transport
Enterprise Close Medway City Estate, Medway, City Estate, Rochester
R A ME2 4SY 15 m       2023‑10
33B01191-1D0A-47E2-AA83-B19F00F8EEFD Cafe Capstone Farm Country Park
Capstone Road, Lordswood
P A ME7 3JG 2 m       2024‑07
D22ECAD6-A082-4C56-B833-AF0200D92290 Bank Chambers Dental Practice
First Floor Bank Chambers, 11 Market Square
R V MK18 1NS 8 m       2023‑08
9D5D3DF5-08DC-47E3-B368-B04200C9BF2D Tesco Bletchley Buckingham Road Express
125 Buckingham Rd, Bletchley
P V MK3 5BP       2023‑08
515AAD5A-8745-452B-9A37-AECA00C091FE Newton Leys Pavilion
Furzey Way, Milton Keynes
P A MK3 5SP 0 m       2023‑08
7F687DFB-357F-4105-AC7E-B146010711B9 Medequip Bedford
Hammond Road, Elm Farm Industrial Estate
R A MK41 0ND 25 m       2024‑05
9CE68C52-1377-487F-A2A7-AE7000D45D21 Puregym
Bedford Heights, Manton Lane
R A MK41 7PA       2023‑08
17A62865-24E8-4545-9F73-AFC600B67B5A Sharnbrook Academy
Sharnbrook Community Sports Centre, Odell Road
R V MK44 1JX 11299 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000022C3 3 Station Road
, Bedfordshire
P A MK45 1JS 13 m       1970‑01
5D079820-0C59-4892-ADD3-B13F00B8CC71 Building
3 Station Road, Flitwick
P A MK45 1JS 5 m       2024‑04
71003CA5-261B-470D-8C47-AE7000D4741F Puregym
Winterhill House, Snowdon Drive
R A MK6 1BL 1 m       2023‑08
384D6C33-A1A4-4975-B58E-AF4100ACA937 The Guinness Partnership
Henshaw House, 851 Silbury Boulevard
R V MK9 3JZ 0 m       2023‑10
871733EB-396F-4594-9914-B0C700D32F5A Sunbelt Rentals
Reema Road Industrial Estate Reema Road, Bellshill
R V ML4 1RT 0 m       2023‑12
33803A8E-605C-4145-8293-AFE7009026AA Airdrie Concrete
Hanson Concrete, Petersburn Road, Airdrie, Airdrie Concrete
R V ML6 8RG 0 m       2023‑08
968DF699-E8C1-4602-B8C4-B13300F87A34 Bowes Park Station
Myddleton Road, Greater London
P A N22 4NT       2024‑04
10552A2D-7562-46FF-A227-ADDD0091EEE6 St James Group Ltd
Fourth Floor Marlborough House, 298 Regents Park Road
P A N3 2UA 0 m       2023‑08
35764C34-06C6-4679-BE46-B01300B1F7A5 14-40 Newnton Close
P A N4 2RG       2023‑08
0043876A-31F5-43DC-B5A4-AFDB0091A234 London Screen Academy
Ladbroke House, 62-66 Highbury Grove
R V N5 2AD 0 m       2023‑08
58C30107-03A7-43D1-83A7-B03400E60A94 Tesco Stores Ltd
Barrack Rd, Newcastle
R V NE1 4BT 0 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001744 Outside Percy House
, Tyne and Wear
P A NE1 4QL 23 m       1970‑01
B95B08F4-DCB6-4752-99C8-AFB701086106 Newcastle Advertising Kiosk
Outside Percy House, Percy Street
P A NE1 4QL 53 m       2023‑08
CFF4AFC1-CBFC-4D2D-8242-AFE400BF1C24 Nexus Monument
Monument Metro Station, Blackett Street
R V NE1 5AH       2023‑08
818947C9-D405-4F47-8E89-B0A100B28433 Xp Gateshead
Swards Road, Gateshead
P V NE10 9UZ 1 m       2023‑11
95D4B560-3A4F-433A-A286-B0A100B15038 Xp Gateshead
Xp Gateshead School, Swards Road
P V NE10 9UZ 1 m       2023‑11
F72BFEB0-3CB3-4B16-BE91-B09401265119 Fun Shack Gateshead
377 Princesway, Team Valley
P V NE11 0SX 1 m       2023‑11
BE03A26E-D878-49E2-8726-AE3400E62BA6 Tesco Express
44 Front Street, Whickham
P V NE16 4DS 0 m       2023‑08
E5DF9B04-3924-4086-9881-AE520112706A Rtcsports Centre Otterburn
Rtc Sports Center, Otterburn
P A NE19 1HF 60 m       2023‑12
91C20635-DB83-407F-9607-AFB700C3B7F6 Dinotots Daycare Ltd
22 Bridge Street, Blyth
R V NE24 2BW 0 m       2023‑08
96E67F6F-A3D4-4880-B7C1-B16900AB966B Westgate Hill School House
Westgate Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne
R V NE4 6NY 11 m       2024‑06
2977A678-E52F-4FF6-A08B-AEF900A81DC2 Hexham Railway Station
Station Road, Hexham
P A NE46 1EU 26 m       2023‑08
BF4831EF-FE99-4B14-9786-AF2D008B14D7 Leaplish
P A NE48 1AX 475 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001EDC Outside 70 Milton Street
, Nottinghamshire
P A NG1 3QZ 52 m n6231262160 131m   1970‑01
1A702932-1B27-47D8-8552-AF71007D5C68 Nottingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside 70 Milton Street, Nottingham
P A NG1 3QZ 0 m       2023‑08
00A6B26D-AF0F-46D0-81ED-AFAB0102469A Larkdale Family Centre
North Sherwood Street, Nottingham
R V NG1 4EL 0 m       2023‑08
B168AB16-7128-45A3-A339-AEBA00F238A4 Mansfield Harriers
Mansfield Harriers Offices And Changing Rooms, Berry Hill Park
P A NG18 4DX       2023‑08
8394AF29-35D2-4B90-A868-038E41F59E13 New College Nottingham
Pelham Av, Sherwood Rise Nottingham
R A NG5 1AL 43 m       2023‑08
93B7F9B4-A9CB-4448-B19E-AF0B008481AE Sports Pavilion On Wall Facing Road
Long Lane, Attenborough
P A NG9 6BL 0 m       2023‑08
E9226934-E0BD-44EB-89EA-ABBB00DC6784 Intenational Leather Centre
University Drive, Northampton
P A NN1 5NZ       2023‑12
52585B3A-BD6F-4946-874E-AE8D00A2BAF7 Kettering Sports Club
Kettering Town Cricket & Sports Club, Off Lake Avenue
P A NN15 7JT 0 m       2023‑08
C4153655-5304-440E-80BC-AFC600C6244A North Northamptonshire Council
Pat Fawcett Way, Boating Lake
P A NN17 1QQ n11898143754 37m   2023‑08
5F9BE3B7-D2C9-49A7-AEF2-B0AE00E1132C The University Of Northampton (Simon Senlis -Scholars Green)
University Of Northampton (Scholars Green Halls Of Residence), Boughton Green Road
R A NN2 7AL 1 m       2023‑12
68282F28-47C3-496A-902A-B08B00A45F3B Blaina Bowls Club
Duffryn Park, Blaina
P A NP13 6AY       2023‑10
E88F0F3D-2B42-453B-B208-52DB76E6AF0A 81 Chepstow Road
P A NP19 8XD 0 m       2023‑08
729CB4D1-8EEC-40FE-8745-AE8A00B72DE4 Caldicot Town Afc
Jubilee Way, Caldicot
P A NP26 4XB 131 m       2023‑08
2B99ECBB-2D04-482B-A27B-761CF4AE0381 Caldicot Town Council
Caldicot Room, Castlegate Business Park
P V NP26 5YR 113 m       2023‑08
136DC6A8-B7A5-4390-B1B9-AE310123B0A0 Blaenau Gwent Indoor Bowls
Badminton Grove, Glyncoed
R V NP3 5UW       2023‑08
CE4FAFD0-E100-49B7-97CB-B0A00091E0BB Dunelm Cwmbran
24 South Walk, Cwmbran
R V NP44 1YD 0 m       2023‑11
D21393DA-42D9-4D75-B9D9-AB07007C9D69 Abergavenny Rotary Club Defib At Royal Mail Delivery Office
Royal Mail Delivery Office, St John's Square
P A NP7 5EB 0 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001F49 Glangrwyney Cricket Club
, Powys
P A NP8 1TH 88 m       1970‑01
00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000020BF Glangrwyney Cricket Club
, Powys
P A NP8 1TH 88 m       1970‑01
3016A4BA-21E1-4DA7-8A93-ADF100F59344 Next Geosolutions
Harbour House, 126 Thorpe Road
P A NR1 1UL 39 m       2023‑08
9E06B248-6D2B-41FB-85BE-B03D00FA706A Ketts Park Community Centre
Ketts Park Community And Recreation Centre, Harts Farm Road
P V NR18 0WP 0 m       2023‑08
71043FE2-555A-4994-AD0B-AF3B00C33083 Octagon Tea Room
Octagon Tea Room St Peter Mancroft Church, Hay Hill
R V NR2 1QX 58 m       2023‑08
953BFEDE-1DC9-4673-BC1E-AE6900D654FD Puregym
125 Copenhagen Way, Norwich
R A NR3 2RT 0 m       2023‑08
B3192B39-8A81-4705-AE80-B12B00B22A5F Lowestoft Jobcentre
Rishton House, Clapham Road South,, Lowestoft
R V NR32 1RW 147 m       2024‑04
9EBE06D1-C09C-470D-A8F7-AE1B00AD4683 Bam Construct Uk - North Brent School Project
Neasden Lane, London
P V NW10 2TU 17 m       2023‑08
F2AAA9CC-279E-4711-BFFF-B02E00F29169 Tesco Cricklewood Broad
214-218 Cricklewood Broadway, Portfield
P V NW2 3DR       2023‑10
73D304CC-FD4C-4ED1-80D8-ADD4011512CE Tsl Ltd.
Former Jvc Business Park, 1-5 Priestley Way
R V NW2 7AF 31 m       2023‑08
F3FDA4B3-D654-46A7-A73C-AF0B00A0B79D 114 - 120 West Heath Road
R V NW3 7TX 1 m       2023‑08
74E5730B-507A-4799-B063-B07400DFB894 Westhorpe Gardens
2 Westhorpe Gardens, Hendon
P A NW4 1TU 42 m       2023‑10
123C573A-FCBC-449B-B415-AEE700C17D80 Belsize Priory Medical Practice
208 Belsize Road, London
R V NW6 4DX 0 m       2023‑08
5CF245A8-E716-4337-9CD8-B09300E60257 First Manchester Transport
Wallshaw Street, Oldham
P V OL1 3TR 0 m       2023‑11
801004D3-BC56-4A27-A070-AE4E00BB8DA7 Yodel
Beal Lane, Oldham
R A OL2 8HF 193 m       2023‑08
A316A90B-1B3B-4DE4-837B-AE6900CCF07E Yodel
Beal Lane, Oldham
R A OL2 8HF 193 m       2023‑08
8F4FB4FF-3692-4B04-8784-AF5600DAB037 Tameside One
Market Place, Ashton-Under-Lyne
P A OL6 6DL 52 m       2023‑08
846C3008-78A0-49A1-96A5-AD2700C7D421 Greening Court
Abingdon School, Park Road
R V OX14 1FA       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000556 Marks and Spencer PLC
, Oxfordshire
P A OX16 5YA 23 m n10267839578 42m   1970‑01
40347CF9-D490-4E29-BEEA-B01401025032 Hill Partnerships - Canalside
A40 Northern By Pass Road, Canalside
P V OX2 8GZ 150 m       2023‑08
15B83E09-C81F-466D-B1F5-AEF6010799DE Tungsten Park
Unit 1, Tungsten Park, Downs Road
P V OX29 7WH       2023‑08
ECCBACAB-601B-405B-B30F-AFCE00EA0B55 University Of Oxford
Boundary Brook House, Churchill Drive
R A OX3 7LQ 37 m       2023‑08
F80305C2-B5FA-4BB0-972E-B0AB00CC5064 Screwfix
Unit C 17 Pony Road, Horspath Industrial Estate
P V OX4 2SA 1 m       2023‑11
F4C33832-6048-4F2C-B67C-B02000AD26CC Main Reception
St Frideswide Academy, Cricket Road
R V OX4 3DW 9 m       2023‑08
3FDE9259-10D4-46EA-A012-AEA900A6B933 Boxing Club, Frank Bruno Foundation, Oxfordspeedway Stadium
Sandy Lane, Oxford
R V OX4 6LJ 0 m       2023‑08
15BBDF1A-DEAE-436A-A030-B0B601103F1E Waitrose & Partners- Witney
25 Woolgate Centre, Market Square
P V OX8 6AR       2023‑12
2396FF17-C6EC-43EF-BFF5-AD1E00DFB5EA Asm Auto Recycling Ltd
Menlo Industrial Park, Rycote Lane
R V OX9 2JB 16 m       2023‑08
AC4D3D3F-F187-4518-95B4-AE8B008DFEFC Scottish Courts And Tribunal Services
Greenock Sheriff Court House, 1 Nelson Street
P V PA15 1TR 1 m       2023‑08
865913EE-D15F-4CA7-A5CA-B01400F6D165 Clyde View
22 Pottery Street, Greenock
R V PA15 4UZ       2023‑08
1AFF7759-7848-48CB-ADC9-AE6100C27A9B Puregym
Unit 2 & 3 Paisley Retail Park, Renfrew Road
R A PA3 4BX 1 m       2023‑08
82475E0C-7A53-46BF-8851-AE7000BB5E8A Scottish Ambulance Service
Ambulance Station Johnstone Hospital, Bridge Of Weir Road
P A PA5 8YX 58 m       2023‑08
EDD82F51-013B-4FB3-988B-B0DF010DCF36 Council Offices
Priory Road, Spalding
P A PE11 2XS       2024‑01
66B72B8F-60CC-4D30-A7B9-AFE800F911A6 Screwfix
Unit 1, 14 Cromwell Road
R V PE14 0SF 2 m       2023‑08
FC761756-2094-4A57-8BCD-B0000099761A Vindis - New Housing Development
Settle Group Housing Development, Low Road
P A PE27 5EL 102 m       2023‑08
553DF44A-B4B7-4DB0-A5B1-AD8000CFDBCC Hunstanton Library Bcklwn Offices The Valentine Centre
12-14 Valentine Road, Hunstanton
P V PE36 5EF 1 m       2023‑08
B1941339-E6A8-493E-8B50-B005006BE74A Accent Fresh Limited
St. Johns Way, St. Johns Business Estate
P A PE39 0QQ       2023‑08
730E5DCB-80A4-4CEE-BF55-B0B6011E6A66 Waitrose & Partners - Stamford
West Street, Stamford
P V PE9 2SW       2023‑12
380D6CA5-AA54-4549-88CE-ABE300BBBBA1 B & Q Plc
Crieff Road, Perth
P V PH1 3NZ 1 m       2023‑08
E0D7B599-8F6D-4428-B19D-F6D661430BE6 Johnston Carmichael (Scotland) Ltd
66 Tay Street, Perth
R V PH2 8RA 30 m       2023‑08
504DC95D-3CE7-4143-90D4-ADBE00E4D864 Devon Contract Waste
11 Strashleigh View, Lee Mill Industrial Estate
P V PL21 9UH 15 m       2023‑08
A78B7831-E523-4CAF-8BC8-AFC800EF532D Sunbelt Rentals
Unit 2, Bodmin Business Park
P V PL31 2RT 0 m       2023‑08
02B61C87-74D4-465E-AD72-AE6800A2809C Puregym
Unit 4 Coypool Retail Park, Coypool Road
R A PL7 4SS 2 m       2023‑08
1CFCB881-AA64-479E-B90C-AF0700B95798 Chichester Contract Candles & Diffusers
Contract Candles, Gravel Lane
P V PO19 2PG n11887217749 41m   2023‑08
7EB85FA7-994E-417D-8674-B0F401414248 Freight Gate ///View.drama.scenes
Freight Gate, Rudmore Road
P A PO2 8TA       2024‑02
83B028DC-6C93-48B3-B3DD-AE3C00FB7CBF Tesco Express
Rectory Dr, 0
P V PO33 4LX 0 m       2023‑10
0AE11D0D-836A-4F13-AB4F-B10D00D5E0A1 King George V Football Complex
Pavilion King George V Playing Fields, Northern Road
P A PO6 2TA 148 m       2024‑03
7EBB114E-A3BD-47AB-91EB-ADC500CCF0AE Unit 501 Dunsbury Park
Brooklime Way, Havant
P V PO9 4FF       2023‑08
2DF177EB-3A95-427A-B819-AF3200E572C0 Kendal Street
P A PR1 2XU       2023‑08
476DAA10-22DD-4DDB-AF0F-B01800AB85CF Forbury
No1 Forbury Place, Reading
P A RG1 2DQ 1 m       2023‑08
8CB96D1F-0529-42EF-9FCD-AD6C00C260FD Locks Ride Recreation Ground
Forest Road, Winkfield Row
P V RG12 6NL       2023‑08
3BE8701C-5A80-4DA8-9C32-B0B601201A3C Waitrose & Partners - Bracknell
Bond Way, Bracknell
P V RG13 1RQ       2023‑12
882A7A62-C579-4C92-A92D-AEC50081CF5A Network Rail - Basingstoke Regional Distribution Centre
Unit A, Logistics City, Brunel Road
R V RG21 6XT 31 m       2023‑08
05D9B03D-5E90-4DD6-B02A-AF8000AE50E0 Electricity Sub Station 13m From 1 Dart Close 11m From Dart Close
Dart Close, Finchampstead
R V RG40 4JG 64 m       2023‑08
22B0A8BF-68E8-4425-BF14-AF1E00B02F2F Clock Tower Woodley Town Centre
Advertising Pillar Outside 162, Crockhamwell Road
P A RG5 3JJ 30 m n10873335048 2m   2023‑08
3047B808-6904-48F4-B1E2-AE8000FD38F9 Brooks Green Park
Emms Lane, Brooks Green
P A RH13 8QR       2023‑08
4B321386-BCA6-4583-9A3A-AECD010388D7 Collingwood Batchellor, 87-89 London Road
East Grinstead,
P A RH19 1EJ 1 m n5343575749 11m   2023‑08
7E1BDBB8-FBD1-41FF-B1D6-B0F5014AFC63 Gridserve Gatwick Electric Forecourt
Ring Road South, Gatwick
P A RH6 0JB       2024‑02
6BF76506-6320-452D-91C5-B00100E99239 Tesco Stores Ltd
19-20 Elm Park Ave, Elm Park
P V RM12 4SB       2023‑08
71F3FE35-9467-4F15-9B39-B08500DFF436 Harris Academy Ockendon
Erriff Drive, South Ockendon
R V RM15 5LL       2023‑10
8F555699-0298-4144-B190-B042007FE842 Tesco Romford Brentwood Road
405 Brentwood Rd, Romford
R V RM2 5TJ 1 m       2023‑08
970A693C-64D9-44FA-A14E-B01400F12DEF Tesco Express
163 Mawney Road, Romford
P V RM7 8AB 1 m       2023‑08
166F14E8-B9ED-4099-9824-AF8D00884913 Barking Power Station
Chequers Lane, Dagenham
R V RM9 6PF 80 m       2023‑08
D4A7594C-DC72-4070-9AB4-AEDF00F57405 Henry Boot Plc
Banner Cross Hall, Ecclesall Road South
P A S11 9PD 0 m n9045223194 59m   2023‑08
4C612C6F-D59B-4E29-894D-B09F00DCEC73 Longley Park Sixth Form College
Longley Park Sixth Form Horninglow Road, Horninglow Road
R V S5 6SZ       2023‑11
0A30E080-B4C4-4389-B34D-B1930110F432 Herringthorpe Athletics Stadium
Middle Lane South, Herringthorpe
P A S65 2HR 1 m n6697473961 15m   2024‑07
43A768C8-0B0C-4E87-91E7-AFC600E836A7 Thrybergh Academy
Park Lane, Thrybergh
R V S65 4BJ 0 m       2023‑08
5210F6A0-53CA-4C85-A4EA-AE5401095A9C Thrybergh Academy
Park Lane, Thrybergh
R V S65 4BJ 0 m       2023‑08
F4718FFD-231E-4401-9750-AE54010A943B Thrybergh Academy
Park Lane, Thrybergh
P V S65 4BJ 0 m       2023‑08
FDF559AC-42D8-4417-85AF-B0A600FD012F St Davids Multi Storey Car Park
P A SA1 1JA 1 m n11962898882 80m   2023‑11
1D726929-2C74-4910-B788-B0A600FCF533 High Street Mscp Car Park Along From The Train Station
High Street Mscp, Ivey Place
P A SA1 1NS 1 m       2023‑11
38A47920-EB63-4F88-A239-AD5C00FC3928 Second Floor
35 Heathfield Lodge, Swansea
R A SA1 6HD 0 m       2023‑08
91EBB73D-27A3-45BA-9F9A-AD5C00FD4000 Second Floor
35 Heathfield Apartments, Swansea
R A SA1 6HD 0 m       2023‑08
49F79593-810F-4B24-9258-AF8900A7D390 Crymlyn Reserve
Natural Resources Wales, Crymlyn Reserve, Dinham Road, Bonymaen
P V SA1 7BW 1 m       2023‑08
B06987C6-6FB0-402A-8EFE-AF4E00C6E5D7 Port Talbot Parkway Railway Station
Heilbronn Way, Port Talbot
P A SA13 1UR       2023‑08
077B1A19-E115-4881-83CF-B08800DA7F6C Trostre Retail Park
Trostre Road, Llanelli
P V SA14 9US       2023‑10
12A45DA4-9F01-4FEC-859D-B0F4010814B1 Tregib Sports Facilities
Former Tregib Comprehensive School, Bethlehem Road
P A SA19 6TB 4 m       2024‑02
90252E7A-F4F8-40B3-8C17-B0A000E9FCFD Clyne Recycling Centre
P A SA2 8DX       2023‑11
37C9E4C6-5AD3-465D-9621-B09E00A316DA Sketty Lane Foreshore Car Park
Mumbles Road, Swansea
P A SA2 8QB 358 m       2023‑11
4D2CE37E-116B-48B2-A86F-AE6F014E233B University Sports Temp Changing Rooms
Sketty Lane, Swansea
P V SA2 8QB 138 m       2023‑08
9F1A20FA-6EBE-42AA-93E2-CAFD8483648D Tennis Courts 13m From Tasker Milward Vc School Portfield
General Area Of, Haverfordwest
R V SA61 1EQ 86 m       2023‑11
500EC7EE-EE22-4E40-A146-AF4A00E2BE6A Kiln Park Complex
Marsh Road, Tenby
P A SA70 7RB 2 m       2023‑08
D2127267-514A-4168-9BC3-B02E0081805B Multiplex Construction-Elephant And Castle Project
Newington Butts, London
P V SE1 6TB 94 m       2024‑04
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000002198 Outside Lambeth North Station
, Greater London
P A SE1 7HW 64 m n11781668890 7m   1970‑01
58593949-8BBC-478B-9FF6-B14900BC9E5C Lambeth Advertising Kiosk
Outside Lambeth North Station, Baylis Road, Lambeth
P A SE1 7HW 64 m n11781668890 7m * 2024‑05
F54C88A8-BAD4-4B5C-9DF9-B04400ADD160 Palestra, Reception
Palestra House, 197 Blackfriars Road
R A SE1 8AA 51 m n9285507999 6m   2023‑08
85739D34-A1D2-4ACC-B8AD-B15500B5F81D Tesco Stores Ltd
Unit 1 Blackfriars Circus, London
P V SE1 8EQ 1 m       2024‑05
F1EED440-4A53-4A1B-9B93-AF2D010A4C73 Waterloo East Station
Sandell Street, London
P A SE1 8NH 3 m n11816086519 312m * 2023‑08
AED7213B-1029-43EB-8DED-B0A50103F160 135 Park Street
P A SE1 9DU 1 m       2023‑11
E8255E84-600C-4182-8566-ADBF00D3ACC1 The London Television Centre
60-72 Upper Ground, London
R A SE1 9PT 0 m       2023‑08
116CEAF6-ECC3-45FF-AB1F-B12C00FCFC2C 76 Upper Ground
P A SE1 9PZ 4 m       2024‑04
CAF89433-64F1-4678-86D3-AF09007CA92A Se Trains Limited
Greenwich Station, Greenwich High Street Greenwick
P V SE10 8JQ 0 m n12001562550 49m   2023‑08
14AA230E-0D5A-428A-BC24-B1780087B443 Greenland Dock
South Sea Street, London
P A SE16 1TX       2024‑06
244D4AA8-13A6-4B05-B4A2-AF2C00D04D67 Savills
Elephant Park, Sayer Street
P A SE17 1UB 139 m       2023‑08
B4F3A744-A67D-4964-BAD3-B12900E06509 68/70 Lordship Lane
P V SE22 8HQ 3 m       2024‑04
B6D9B6F1-9EB2-41A4-9014-AEAC00A5515E Kidbrooke Railway Station
R V SE3 9PL 1 m       2023‑08
FF37E76B-A9D1-41F2-8C5A-B00F00B638C2 Tesco Stores Ltd
125 Denmark Hill, Camberwell
R V SE5 5EJ       2023‑08
1BCF9624-A492-4F35-9CFA-AF2E009DBD34 Catford Bridge Station
Adenmore Road, London
P A SE6 4RH 37 m n10076007571 78m   2023‑08
E8C72AB5-27CE-401D-8FD5-AE700100F7CB Puregym
7 - 11 Gallions Road, Charlton
R A SE7 7SA 1 m       2023‑08
9151D8D0-16E0-47F1-8D34-AFEA0100B095 Hill Group - The Icon Building
Lytton Way, Stevenage
R A SG1 1AL 2 m       2023‑08
2170A0DF-FA17-4D58-B8F3-AE7100B7DFAB Puregym
85 Queensway, Stevenage
P A SG1 1EB 18 m       2023‑08
FECD940C-A1C0-48CA-B0DA-AFE900802C6A Site Office
Granary & Chapel, Tamworth Road
R V SG13 7DJ 44 m       2023‑08
5BB77BBC-EC14-434E-B715-AF5500BABA65 Taylor Wimpey Beta Engineering
Beta Engineering Stotfold, Taylors Road
R V SG5 4AX 0 m       2023‑08
62BE303D-C931-453F-80A6-B02700BAE37D Tesco Broken Cross Macclesfield Express
Broken Cross, Macclesfield
P V SK11 8UA 2 m n10574218982 21m   2023‑08
3FBC4AD5-E30F-42C1-B306-AE2200ABB517 Craft Studios (Ipg)
Unit 5, First Avenue
P V SK12 1FJ 1 m       2023‑08
66DED152-70B5-4880-80D2-B0B601200DEF Waitrose & Partners - Buxton
33 Spring Garden Centre, Buxton
P V SK17 6DP       2023‑12
9AF0BBCD-D698-4191-AF58-B0A500B1CDE5 Life Leisure Houldsworth Village
Adjacent To Broadstone Mill, Broadstone Road
R V SK5 7AT 137 m       2023‑11
A8BC4D73-82BC-4A90-A35E-B0A500AE35EC Life Leisure Houldsworth Village
Adjacent To Broadstone Mill, Broadstone Road
R V SK5 7AT 131 m       2023‑11
7EFC8703-2637-4FA2-B27F-AFC400AC7F60 Tesco Express
63 Church Road, Gatley
P V SK8 4ES 2 m       2023‑08
06718FD9-0C8F-45E6-B944-AFC300FD2FF6 Screwfix
Unit 4d Stanley Green Trading Estate, Stanley Green Road
R V SK8 6RB 1 m       2023‑08
83BEE089-D02E-4BF2-92B8-B04D00B6BB48 Tesco Express
Clarence Road, Windsor
P V SL4 3QL 2 m       2023‑08
91094776-E439-40CF-8CFB-B18C00DDA149 Taylor Wimpey - Heatherwood Royal
Taylor Wimpey, Heatherwood Royal
P V SL5 8AA 95 m       2024‑07
00000000-0000-0000-0000-0000000018F3 Telephone Box
, Greater London
P A SM3 8BG 7 m       1970‑01
98B4949D-A2F6-454C-BAD0-B09300F352C0 Cheam Telephone Box
Telephone Box, The Broadway
P A SM3 8BG 7 m       2023‑11
41604BCE-902D-47E9-B7A5-AFA400CE4751 1 Banstead Place
Park Road, Banstead
P V SM7 3EE 0 m       2023‑08
0F815B87-0563-4D08-9BA1-AEB4007671AB Feet First Foot Care Services Littlebrook Courtyard Sn12 6lp
6b Littlebook Courtyard Bath Road, Melksham
R V SN12 6LB       2023‑08
031D1343-8E12-4490-BE82-B0AE00E3C1A4 Mini Swindon
Ashworth Road, Bridgemead
R V SN5 7YH 0 m       2023‑12
CE6EB617-72A0-449C-9F3B-AEE700FBCF12 Marina Developments Ltd
The Yacht Club 1 Channel Way, Southampton
P A SO1 1XE       2023‑08
2E6DF545-2D21-446B-B29C-B03800E81DDC Tesco Stores Ltd
Ranges Court, Retail Unit 11, Ocean Village
P V SO14 3JS       2023‑08
2F830045-831A-48CE-BE84-B03800B67624 Tesco Stores Ltd
Unit 2 & 3, Overline House
P V SO15 1GP 54 m       2023‑10
9E3DB7EF-0D82-44EE-BB37-AE3900C87E7D Tesco Express
Mercator Close, Romsey Road
P V SO16 4HP 2 m       2023‑08
27A0DE4A-84AE-4E0F-B1F5-AD3400DF22C1 Nhs Saliva Testing Laboratory
Former Merck Ltd, University Parkway
P A SO16 7QD 0 m       2023‑08
C2FBFF03-C8ED-48C6-82D4-AE3F00CDAC4C University Of Southampton
Building 32, University Road
P A SO17 1TR 107 m       2023‑10
4273859C-0BDC-4ECE-8273-AE3F00F44014 Building 7
University Of Southampton, Building 7
R V SO17 1TS 95 m       2023‑10
792D9813-0B09-46F4-9168-AE3F00CDB01B Interchange
University Of Southampton, Building 6
P A SO17 1TS 95 m       2023‑10
785F6184-68CA-4130-8643-B07400CC539D Lambert Brothers Haulage
Goodwood House, Goodwood Road
R A SO50 4ZY       2023‑10
1610164D-DE55-42C6-97A1-AFDA015F9264 Fonthill Park Cricket Club
Beckford Crossroads North C43 To The Green Fonthill Bishop, (Sp3 6ez)
P A SP3 5RX 178 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000023 The Surgery
, Wiltshire
P A SP5 3QD 5 m n3717343015 5m   1970‑01
00583189-F3A0-4F6F-A1E6-AFC100F4A9B2 James Burrell Ltd
Vane Terrace, Sunderland
R V SR2 8NS       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001662 Adjacent to Goldsmiths
, Staffordshire
P A ST1 1PA 11 m       1970‑01
B1A4C5F7-EE94-493B-852F-AFD40120DDF6 Stoke-On-Trent Advertising Kiosk
Adjacent To Goldsmiths, Market Square, Stoke-On-Trent
P A ST1 1PA 1 m       2023‑08
00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000001666 Outside Marks & Spencer
, Staffordshire
P A ST1 1PU 59 m       1970‑01
DB47275A-306F-4382-AC9F-AFD5010060DF Stoke-On-Trent Advertising Kiosk
Outside Marks & Spencer, Upper Market Square
P A ST1 1PU 21 m       2023‑08
E9B63F6E-7F2B-4EDD-8191-5400B77ECB45 Marks & Spencer Plc 11
Upper Market Square, Stoke On Trent
P V ST1 1PU 65 m       2023‑08
E0B1A7B5-F40E-4C48-B4F0-AA6F00FCA788 Aston Village Hall
Aston-By-Stone Off A34, Stone
P A ST15 0TE 181 m n10248579719 38m   2023‑08
BFB5A970-6FD0-46C9-825E-B03400F216BA Tesco Stafford Stone Road
Stone Road, Stoke-On-Trent
P V ST16 2TQ 1 m       2023‑08
C5B07EAA-F6CF-4AFD-98F3-6993B9AB9149 Stepping Stones Cafe The Northfield Centre
Magnolia Avenue, Stafford
P A ST16 3DU 13 m       2023‑08
0E5A4CB6-EBD1-4859-B46D-AE77007B1ABA Puregym
Ravenside Retail Park, Victoria Road
R A ST4 2HT 2 m       2023‑08
272C50BC-DAA7-45FB-8F86-B07C01545BDE Dunelm Fenton
Unit 8 Ravenside Retail Park, Victoria Road, Fenton, Stoke On Trent
R V ST4 2HT 1 m       2023‑10
51EA1CAE-E027-48CF-AC36-B0B6011FF690 Waitrose & Partners - Clapham Junction
40-44 St Johns Road, Clapham Junction
P V SW11 1PP       2023‑12
37B5A6D8-67EC-407C-AD19-AFF700B4D960 Tesco Stores Ltd
149 Church Road, London
P V SW13 9HS 0 m       2023‑10
18FD2FB0-3766-4B07-AFC3-B0B6011FD7EB Waitrose & Partners - East Putney
77-83 Upper Richmond Road, Putney
P V SW15 2TD 1 m       2023‑12
0FE848FF-ECD6-420C-A338-AFEB011D345D Tesco Stores Ltd
Old Town Hall, The Broadway, Wimbledon
P V SW19 8YA 1 m       2023‑08
63B4E716-F60F-4D7D-A74E-AF4900932446 8-10 Broadway
P A SW1H 0BG 2 m       2023‑08
2797B8B1-88A6-42AA-B811-AE310085FEA3 Bouygues Uk
Ebury Bridge Road, London
R V SW1W 8RT 0 m       2023‑08
3DC08393-853F-4A3D-BC34-B0B6011F5CDC Waitrose & Partners - Knightsbridge
118-120 Brompton Road, London
P V SW3 1JE 13 m       2023‑12
C17E7F74-08A3-4E9E-99BF-AF9600C71EC3 Royal Mail London Pensbury Street Rtw/Par
Pensbury Industrial Estate, London, London
R V SW8 4TL 0 m       2023‑08
50508687-6693-4BD8-AC69-AF0400A3CCDF Nine Elms
53 Nine Elms Lane, Vauxhall
R V SW8 5BB 420 m       2023‑08
26E5AA44-3039-448B-80BC-ADC500BCD02B New Temporary Flower Market New Covent Garden Market
Nine Elms Lane, London
P A SW8 5BH 74 m       2023‑08
07980009-47CB-409C-B90C-B0B601202A31 Waitrose & Partners - Battersea
1 New Union Square, Battersea
P V SW8 5DN 0 m       2023‑12
BE2E7116-DE91-4333-9575-E732A0DC861D Age Uk Stw
4 Bellstone, Shrewsbury
P V SY1 1QQ 17 m       2023‑08
EB42AC52-BB53-4721-A39A-AAB201040D44 Mulberry Bush Day Nursey
Ditherington Road, Shrewsbury
R V SY1 4DQ 58 m       2023‑08
346C593C-E8BD-4B46-BF8B-B17300D39A2F Howards Hyundai
Bridgwater Road, Bathpool
R V TA2 8BN 50 m       2024‑06
60EB8DE0-D439-424F-966A-B176007F624E Howards Hyundai Taunton
Howards Hyundai, Bridgwater Road
R V TA2 8BN 0 m       2024‑06
CDF973DD-A484-49A2-B25D-AE170125D4EB Public Access Defibrillators Uk
Volunteer Park Sports Club, 26, Buccleuch Road
P A TD1 2DU 0 m       2023‑08
1E0BB807-CB63-448B-AE48-B030008BE221 Tesco Telford Hadley Centre Express
Hadley District Centre, Telford
R V TF1 5NF 24 m       2023‑08
F0574FCF-53D0-41B0-B932-ADF000C7D1E9 Halesfield 25
P V TF7 4LP 190 m       2023‑08
29D39C2C-E1EC-4011-87B9-B16B008E1F4E St James
St James Church Hall, St James Road
P A TN1 2HD       2024‑06
778605F4-128A-452F-9FEF-AD23012203E7 Cherry On The Top
Tourist Information Centre, Den Crescent
P A TQ14 8BE 0 m n5905770786 6m   2023‑08
43D2D900-1DB5-4E9D-A910-AFB100D48DED Middlesbrough Borough Council
Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough
P A TS1 2LB 10 m n7212199049 24m   2023‑08
E3E84D81-77DC-4EBF-81C1-AFDB00C6DB4E Albert Park Visitor Centre
Park Road North, Middlesbrough
P A TS1 3LB 1 m       2023‑08
1FC1969F-512E-46E0-B4D8-AFE800D37954 Screwfix
Unit 1, West Coatham Lane
R V TS10 5QD 1 m       2023‑08
C5454108-4AE8-473F-A07D-AF1200C84A44 74 High Street
P A TS13 4HQ 0 m       2023‑08
26FAA6D5-D219-4463-8C05-AE6600CD9D40 Taylor Wimpey
Coatham Gardens, Off Durham Lane, Eaglescliffe
R V TS16 0RW 189 m       2023‑08
43F8DAFD-6106-4975-8107-AFFF00AB415F Crown Buildings
4-5 Crown Buildings, Billingham
R V TS23 2JN       2023‑08
F3ECA84B-C321-4A8A-A880-AFEB007E4115 Screwfix
Unit 2 Stranton Retail Park, Hartlepool
R V TS25 1QS 1 m       2023‑08
7E2B3BCE-44EC-4A6B-9485-AEF600DF0148 Teesport
Hanson Concrete, Teesport Concrete
R V TS6 6UF 36 m       2023‑08
285328EB-AD1B-47F2-82CB-AE4500B50EC1 Teesport Landfill Site
South Bank, Middlesbrough
P V TS6 6UG 4 m       2023‑08
C8160280-9845-4872-9846-B06100AC1CDB Sunbury
Station Road, Sunbury-On-Thames
P A TW16 6RZ       2023‑10
286519E5-F928-4C7B-A8DD-AEF6008190C9 Arora Management Services
Ground And First Floors World Business Centre Heathrow, Newall Road
R A TW6 2TA 0 m       2023‑08
F1137F06-3AED-429B-BFBD-B06100AC5F19 North Sheen
Manor Road, Richmond
P A TW9 4QA       2023‑10
419267DE-6AE7-4D3C-9CEF-B03D00EC5955 Tesco Hayes Station Road
Vantage Building, Station Approach
P V UB3 4BH       2023‑08
AF7C5465-00BE-4C4D-88EA-B052008658D0 Greenford Garage
Council Depot, Greenford Road, Greenford
R V UB6 9AP 27 m       2023‑10
7F62B57F-D0C1-46A3-AD69-AFC6012D8B53 Shop 2
179-199 Holland Park Avenue, London
R A W11 4AX       2023‑08
65D9C4BB-1188-4AFC-A5BA-AFF8008CD5C7 Molecular Sciences Research Hub
Msrh, London
R V W12 7TA 1 m       2023‑08
7745C0F9-3D60-49CF-BD38-AEFA00AFA758 Imperial College London
Door A Stadium House, 68 Wood Lane
R V W12 7TA 1 m       2023‑08
B2025022-2B87-47C6-B2B1-AFF800892C0D Michael Uren Building – 6th Floor Of Mub
R V W12 7TA 1 m       2023‑08
C2E79917-A3EE-4DDD-AA2B-AFF8008D57FE Wilson House
R V W12 7TA 1 m       2023‑08
FF71B219-5173-4A41-83DB-AFF8008E1FFB North Cabin
R A W12 7TA 1 m       2023‑08
EF2C95DA-14FE-4891-80F7-AF2B00A809DB 318 Oxford Street
R V W1C 1HF 0 m       2023‑08
56851652-69A5-48C8-9A55-ADC600BC53D1 Construction Site
W1h4aj, 30
R V W1H 4AJ       2023‑08
430EC23B-7D6A-43A9-9BD0-AF2600E8E68F Frameless
6 Marble Arch Place, London
P V W1H 7AP       2023‑08
C253A640-858C-4E76-9BEA-B07700E36063 Ardmore Carrington Street
51-53 Brick Street, Mayfair
R A W1J 7BU 1 m       2023‑10
2B70CF01-52C5-4998-9D9F-B0B300BA6724 Hsbc
8 Cork Street, London
R A W1S 3LH 0 m       2023‑12
C16FBBE5-EA6D-4AAD-8991-B0AE00930766 Hsbc
8 Cork Street, London
R A W1S 3LH 0 m       2023‑12
3DF9FAFC-A060-4F83-8BEA-AF89010C0C2A Mapp
27-35 Mortimer Street, London
R V W1T 3BL 0 m       2023‑08
20A1E544-4DFF-46C2-8D34-AF1600B002B4 Orange Brand Services Ltd.
11th Floor, 5 Merchant Square
R V W2 1AY 0 m       2023‑08
C4BA7AF6-99F9-483F-8C08-B0B6011FD3B2 Waitrose & Partners - Edgware Road
168-176 Edgware Road, London
P V W2 2DX       2023‑12
2AE0163F-7780-412F-8CE4-B0B6011DE6DD Waitrose & Partners - Westfield
Westfield Shopping Centre, Ariel Way
P V W2 7GA       2023‑12
D84BCECE-ACE4-4B0F-BACC-B01300FE9284 Igym London
Igym London, Victoria Road, North Acton
R V W3 6BL 1 m       2023‑08
776484B8-2195-49DC-AF1D-B0B6011FF458 Waitrose & Partners - Chiswick
356-362 High Street, Chiswick
P V W4 5TE       2023‑12
09DF972B-FAE2-421E-B62B-B08100F6B5A4 Dolmans Lane Time Square Warrington
Management Suite 1st Floor, 3 Time Square, Dolmans Lane
P A WA1 2HA       2023‑10
79F24AFB-D641-4C9B-9AB8-AEDE00C0EE7B Altrincham Railway Station
Altrincham, Cheshire
P A WA14 1EN 1 m       2023‑08
CC107B29-4427-4A68-92D7-AF38011AF3DA Transport For Greater Manchester
Stamford New Rd, Altrincham, Altrincham
R V WA14 1EN 1 m       2023‑08
3338C6DA-6DE3-43F9-85F3-B14D0087400A Gcp Applied Technologies
Gcp Applied Technologies Widnes Business Park, Foundary Lane
R V WA8 8UD 353 m       2024‑05
33E9F850-0C85-4CA9-BC6D-B0AB00F88346 Bv Comms
Unit 2 Widnes Business Park, Waterside Lane,, Liverpool
P A WA8 8UD 1 m       2023‑11
EBD0FE51-333E-45F4-ADD7-B0B40146110A Tesco
40 Bernard Street, London
R V WC1N 1QJ       2023‑12
B1994598-11CD-4BB0-829C-B0AC00D56E04 210 High Holborn
R V WC1V 7HD 1 m       2023‑11
248C010D-FF0E-40DA-B7D1-AE70009941F8 Puregym
Lacon House, 84 Theobald Street
R A WC1X 8RW 1 m       2023‑08
E8742A8F-6519-4C70-9B20-B0FF00A2BE33 Admiral Bedford Street
1a Bedford Street, London
P A WC2E 9HD 4 m       2024‑02
5344184F-EA49-4834-9E65-AD8700DB75E6 Watford Junction Station
Station Road, Watford
R A WD17 1EU 22 m       2023‑08
A215BE3D-D888-4BDB-9F8E-AD8700B3D002 Watford Junction Station
Station Road, Watford
R A WD17 1EU 0 m       2023‑08
51B9CF89-70CC-4F48-AF7E-AEC900C4A50C Chipperfield Parish Council
Car Park Behind Post Office Chipperfield, Chapel Croft
P A WD4 9EG 12 m       2023‑08
3403F0CD-240E-4080-8049-AF2000B53271 Waterton Building
Wood St, Wakefield
R V WF1 2EW 6 m       2023‑08
E438B884-C2D1-4B31-A0C1-B18D00CD0E33 Amberswood Rise
Seaman Way, Ince
R V WN2 2LE 231 m       2024‑07
4D493F4B-ED0A-4913-B280-AE6100D1E25C Greater Manchester Police
Leigh Police Station, Chapel Street
P A WN7 2PS 41 m       2023‑08
E91140FE-9708-49E3-BEED-B07A010F6D24 Elizabeth Casson Building
Hardwicke Close,, St Johns
P A WR2 5JX 80 m       2023‑10
2B01A9D8-0E8A-448F-8F05-B10901065A39 Droitwich Spa Community Hall
Nine Foot Way, Droitwich Spa
P A WR9 8RF 244 m       2024‑03
67739B13-CED9-4104-8A48-B0C100E61FC2 Central Co-Op - Queen Street
Alexandra House, Queen Street
P V WS13 6QS 2 m       2023‑12
D6AFFBE9-D55E-4F50-B3C8-AAE200ED151F The Spar Shop
Green Lane, Rugeley
P A WS15 2GS 109 m       2023‑08
C48E3242-3F17-429F-8C19-AF1F0083CE60 West Midlands Police
Bilston Police Station, Oxford Street
P A WV14 0AE 6 m       2023‑08
6643E827-902C-4303-BE63-AA8100A7B5EE Tfwm
Bilston Bus Station, Hall Street
R V WV14 0DP 246 m       2023‑08
7433B9A1-530F-4807-B3F1-B00500DD1795 Copart Uk Limited
Copart Uk, Bridgnorth Road
R V WV5 8AW 363 m       2023‑08
030033DA-72B7-457B-BDB8-9DF14A020F58 In Admin Office Behind Reception At The Moorfield Hotel
General Area Of, Brae Shetland
R A ZE2 9UX 4 m       2023‑08

Recorded location far from Postcode Centroid

Found 367 AEDs with a location in The Circuit that is further than 1500m from the centroid of the given postcode. This is suggestive of an error in either the location or the postcode. However, discrepancies could also be caused by postcodes that cover a large geographic area. This is particularly likely with smaller distances and in remote rural locations. The 'OSM Near' column gives the number of unmatched OSM objects within a 250 bounding box of the postcode centroid.

Circuit UUID Circuit Location Access Dup? Circuit Postcode Dist. to PC
OSM ID Distance
to Match
First Seen
B9241146-3A72-459D-BC99-B0D0011F119B Walshes Park Car Park
Kingfisher Drive, Crowborough
P A TN6 3FQ 371767m       1 2024‑01
4AB6C37C-FABB-49E6-9FBE-B0D500BDEB9C 3 Loan Road
R V BT74 4EJ 332994m       2 2024‑01
1DCF6698-E899-4B21-A063-B10F0106CD48 The Minster Building
21 Mincing Lane, London
R A D EC3R 7AG 317571m       13 2024‑03
4BA964BA-BB01-4164-9380-B08300DFDF7C Eastwick And Sweetwater
Waterden Road, Stratford
P A E20 3AQ 316356m       1 2 2023‑10
CA400ECC-B93A-4AA6-A824-ADE301083E51 Lsl Land & New Homes
Px Hub, Unit 4 Aspect Court,
P V SO14 0TB 233303m       3 2023‑08
240B5B07-E0A9-467F-8043-B17300B982EC Nfu Mutual
4th Floor, Harvester House
R V BT2 8GE 230978m       18 2024‑06
8B21FEF3-2F32-4E92-8C68-B10000DC92E9 St James Quarter
Guest Services, St James Quarter
R V EH1 3AD 227294m       15 2024‑02
516CD50D-E98F-47B3-AA31-B0B2015C46DB Bangor Aurora Hockey Pitch
Bangor Aurora, Hockey Pitch
P V BT20 4TH 217088m       5 2023‑12
59B388BD-5F37-439B-A2B2-B02700D04E2B Oakden Crossbost Lochs
Isle Of Lewis, United Kingdom
P A D HS2 9NP 193059m       1 2023‑08
67C4D8EA-AF39-4608-A251-B0A70086E8B6 Aspen Road
16 Aspen Road, Essington
P A WV11 2SD 149627m       5 2023‑11
64570F2D-145D-4884-8BF1-A8A1D3D04B3F Magna Park Management The Estate Offices
Harrier Parkway, Magna Park Lutterworth
P A LE17 4XT 89776m       2023‑08
B954B093-CB75-4B60-A446-B1880090189A Boathouse, Bath
Newbridge Road, Bath
P A BA1 3NB 66639m       1 2024‑07
FC2DDC65-D92E-435D-B08D-2633F0B31E80 Deeside Fire Station
P A LL33 0EB 63478m n11259317270 123m * 2 2023‑08
980B1F54-B5C1-497C-9D3E-2DD6EC1E3C2F Ferry Shop
The Ferry Shop, Fionnphort
P A PA66 6BL 37902m n11187621324 37953m * 1 2023‑08
D7ACD819-61E0-4B30-BCE8-D70821AF1D63 Bunessan Fire Station
Bunessan, Isle Of Mull
P A PA67 6DG 35441m n11187609491 35680m * 2023‑08
BCA406CF-75F5-461C-ABA4-B07B00D090AA The Cottage (Private Dwelling)
Mangersta, Uig
P A HS2 9EY 32223m       2023‑10
898F988C-C8C2-4255-875A-27B7D734213D Lochdon Head Primary School
Lochdon, Isle Of Mull
P A PA64 6AP 31063m       2023‑08
039D5158-AE44-451B-BD1E-AAD7014CB924 Barr A Yard
Isle Of Lewis,
P A HS2 0XA 30574m       2023‑08
5C5AC9B7-703C-45E0-9297-3019FB3064B9 Scottish Sea Farms Loch Spelve Site
Loch Spelve, Between Ardura And Lochbuie
P A PA65 6BD 30521m       2023‑08
6763D446-20F5-42B8-AE1C-9C28EC265F86 Scottish Sea Farms Scallastle Site
Scallastle, Craignure
P A PA65 6AY 28459m       1 2023‑08
5651E76C-51E8-481D-A4CA-ABC200B62617 1 City Point
2 Gas Street, Coventry
R A CV1 4FY 27764m       3 2023‑08
7E1C3EAC-F624-4E24-B477-ACDA00B905C5 Lisbellaw Recycling Centre
2 Station Road, Lisbellaw
P A BT93 1UP 25812m       2 2023‑08
F8B10A1F-852F-4532-84FD-2260D3997365 Ross Park
Ross On Wye, Herefordshire
R V HR9 7US 22521m       1 2023‑08
30F5A008-40F0-42C6-81E7-AA3FAA11E15E Scottish Sea Farms Fishnish- Gable End Of Main Building
Scottish Sea Farms Fishnish Site, Fishnish
P A PA65 6BA 21963m       2023‑08
2382C13A-A450-45C0-BC49-7766263F2BD2 Buds Spar
1 Coleraine Road, Garvagh
P A BT55 7HP 21615m n11261972011 21921m * 2023‑08
B91BEFE5-C2DC-4E3B-A454-1630501DA1AD Red Phone Box Outside The Old Post Office At Gribun
Inside Red Phonebox Outside The Old Post Office, Gribun
P A PA68 6EJ 20627m       2023‑08
3567EF00-A319-4AFE-9239-AF5E01108045 Richard Hale School
Hale Road, Hertford
P A SG13 8EN 19082m n11636134845 18975m * 3 2023‑08
ED9F26D8-52BE-4E83-9D07-AAAB012C3E69 Tryst Sports Centre
Town Centre, Glasgow
R V G67 1EW 18624m       9 2023‑08
E1D94BC4-2DDE-40F3-BB13-B188009015DF Talisman, Park Gate
Bridge Road, Park Gate
P A SO31 7GD 16393m       1 2024‑07
8B37D193-82A9-42EF-AFBA-AAB000EF49E9 Gruline Church
Gruline, Isle Of Mull
P A PA71 6HR 15857m       2023‑08
414FA2CF-4D44-4389-AB9F-B11600E4BCBE Strathconon Village Hall
Strathconon Village Hall Strathconon By Muir Of Ord Highland United Kingdom Iv67qq, Strathconon
P A IV6 7QQ 15587m       2024‑03
FB137542-72FF-44C7-9397-0E9F7D865C77 Ulva Primary School
Ulva Ferry, Isle Of Mull
P A PA73 6LT 15074m       2023‑08
97698063-5C5E-4CCC-8918-AAD200EED5D5 Sgoil An Taobh Siar
Isle Of Lewis,
P A HS2 0RA 15065m       2023‑08
29FC00A5-5E49-4E15-8B65-AAB900A8B3A2 Strachan Village Hall
Village Hall, Main Road
P A AB31 6LG 14933m       2023‑08
DB15130A-282C-48C1-928E-AAAE01635EE0 Jd Gyms
5 Forth Walk, Glasgow
P V G67 1BT 14282m       9 2023‑08
1E1EED9B-53B2-4EB3-9B47-AAE100AD3C75 Onich Stores
Fort William,
P A PH33 6RY 14158m n9175411012 14532m * 2023‑08
E87DCB6B-8E1E-46CB-84A2-AED2010D8DF7 Ruda Holiday Park
Moor Lane, Croyde
P A EX33 1NY 13958m n11883367898 15m   7 2023‑08
BB40E79B-EA40-433D-8687-348F6D085E1D Bus Station Halesowen
Queensway, Birmingham
R V B63 4AG 13692m       5 2023‑08
2823D8FD-C691-48B6-8E68-B0930161BE22 Old Mission House, Breanish
Breanish Mission House, Breanish
P A HS2 9HB 13076m       2023‑11
B6D4A6FD-3A3B-46B7-93EB-23E7094E3E1F On Community Shed Wall By The Play Park
Unnamed Road, Sheshader
P A HS2 0EW 12892m       2023‑08
AEE299A8-D5AD-4D38-8380-AAB000BBD147 Ballingham Bolstone Hentland Group Parish Council
New Harp Inn, Hoarwithy
P A HR2 6QH 11954m n8511165918 11996m * 2023‑08
FC46F051-D87B-4BEE-A9D1-B18C00E61297 Monar
Monar Lodge Struy, Glenstrathfarrar Road
P A IV4 7JX 11799m       2024‑07
433E2A48-BA87-4415-AD78-AADF0151E41A Molteno Hall
P A PH15 2NQ 11557m       2023‑08
17A62865-24E8-4545-9F73-AFC600B67B5A Sharnbrook Academy
Sharnbrook Community Sports Centre, Odell Road
R V MK44 1JX 11299m       2 2023‑08
9AC81307-6B53-4F7A-A43C-BF74F166A545 A E Clegg Ltd
Main Road, Worcester
P A WR2 6LD 10812m       2023‑08
D8AA9A06-4C67-417E-9FF5-AABF00C9F3E9 Ardchattan Commuinty Council
North Connel Village Hall, North Connel
P A PA37 1RF 10611m       2023‑08
33C15446-5451-4E9D-8C06-8CBB29FA4473 The Ryandale Inn
16-19 The Square, Moy
P A BT71 7SG 10354m n11804876193 21m   5 2023‑08
52344C18-7ED0-47A3-9D22-AAB0007D2F94 Garelochhead & Rosneath Peninsula Community First Responders
Gibson Hall, Old School Road
P A G84 0AT 10307m       2 2023‑08
32853FB8-69B4-4653-A289-AA82369CAB23 Public Telephone Box
Nr Glebe Farm Cottage, Stanton Long
P A TF13 6LQ 10078m n8729302133 10351m * 2023‑08
FC659E30-0FFE-445E-AA2B-B104013A1B18 Co-Op - Tripp Batt Yard
1 Tripp Batt Yard, Hepworth Road
P A IP31 2FR 9883m n11916082439 4m * 1 2024‑02
5CFB546F-613B-4E24-9AE1-B18800901348 Smugglers, Osmington
Osmington Mills, Weymouth
P A DT3 6HF 9873m       1 2024‑07
4679F690-1CEB-4198-905C-B03800F94232 Mowi Scotland Ltd
Arkaig Fish Farm, Loch Arkaig Road
P A PH34 4EL 9294m       2023‑08
49AE403C-2764-4938-A1C9-B4B940C357C6 Working Mens Club
Eaton Road, Child’s Ercall
P A TF9 2DA 9250m n11259412656 9301m * 2023‑08
60AE6D6E-CC6B-459E-B1DC-AC2F00D5A2F4 Llanungar Caravan Park And Campsite
Llanungar, Solva
P A SA62 6FG 9108m       1 2023‑08
B930A2F1-D247-4D4D-A78D-E0F2D34CAAA1 Vernon House Farm
Shipston On Stour,
P A CV36 5PP 8799m n6327857719 8811m * 2023‑08
EE733B22-8BA5-49AB-B142-AADD017F8553 Audley Football Club
Town Fields Ground, Stoke-On-Trent
R V ST7 8QH 8735m       2023‑08
8AF501D4-E13A-4154-A198-B19C00A4F046 Blindwells
Balfour Beatty Construction Site, Princes Way
R V EH21 8SE 8204m       2024‑07
716E6DD3-5F06-4066-99D6-295AB9182D84 Acumen Accountants & Advisors Ltd Unit D Bankhead Drive
City South Office Park, Portlethen Aberdeen
P V AB12 4XX 8038m       2023‑08
C42D374F-7BCC-4A79-96AB-375EAF818383 The Kings School C.e (A)
First Avenue, Kidsgrove
P V ST7 1DP 7601m       3 2023‑08
2A9DA88C-1A27-451E-9886-5B76F545DD7E Subsea 7 Security Office- On External Front Wall Of Offic
B876, Wick
P A KW1 4RX 7328m       2023‑08
F8B4A2EE-E664-46F2-B85F-B18400AE5FF7 Site Office
Cambridge Road, Hinxton
P A CB10 1AB 7168m       1 3 2024‑06
0E1DBB0C-9949-4744-8A42-B08100A4D75E Esso
London Road, Purfleet
P A RM18 7JT 7132m       1 2023‑10
588E2CAF-3244-4692-BE79-ADAA0114B8FE Duchy Defibrillators Ltd
Bridge Stores, Bridge Road
P A TR4 9BY 7110m       2023‑08
4AB1F302-F8C1-47DB-A888-BAFC1912B311 Fire Station Barton Under Needwood
Short Lane, Burton-On-Trent
P A DE13 8LB 7105m       2023‑08
73F403EC-84A3-49F8-AAAF-9AE1B3AC0D1B Crown Inn
Bishops Castle,
P A D SY9 5EE 7099m       1 2023‑08
FEF3C439-AFCE-4CE4-9FB8-3D30D201071A Loch Kinord Hotel- See Below For Location***
Ballater Road, Dinnet Aboyne
P A AB34 5LW 7078m n4143378076 7085m * 1 2023‑08
76D415D8-D38D-43F4-A594-AB4F00CA2A5E Y Boncan
Llanbedrog, Pwllheli
P A LL53 7NN 7050m       2023‑08
639D9181-614F-4CFB-9905-AAE30093D2C2 The Park Cafe
Duthie Park Polmuir Road, Aberdeen
P A D AB15 8BG 6817m       2023‑08
ED6B5D54-7495-40C4-9388-B0A7012332ED Portaferry Fire Station
Church Street, Portaferry
P A BT22 1LN 6691m       3 2023‑11
BAF34585-B3EC-420F-9E8A-B06E00D99951 Kishorn Boatyard
Northwind Engineering, Russel Yard
P A IV54 8XA 6665m       1 2023‑10
7447F1E7-2693-44A8-B4D4-AA9B00B1684B Byrkley Garden Centre
Byrkley Drive, Burton-On-Trent
R V DE13 9RN 6523m       2023‑08
5581C496-5A85-4839-A60F-205ED0744949 Scotrail Railways
Corrour Station, Corrour
P A PH30 4AA 6505m       2023‑08
318B15A2-2238-4C78-86DC-B0ED00E0212B Coignafearn Estate Office Tomatin
Coignafearn Estate Office, Coignascallan Farm, Tomatin, Inverness, Tomatin
P V IV13 7YB 6504m       2024‑02
7ADA245F-238A-4321-8068-B11600E4CAB2 Coignafearn Lodge
R V IV13 7YB 6504m       2024‑03
962625D6-2CDF-4087-B05B-DAC83665B3FE Tamworth Have A Heart
St Peters Community Church And Hall, Hawksworth
P A B77 2HH 6503m n8355002601 6545m * 1 2023‑08
1443DCF8-D38F-4906-A6E1-B07C01054890 Burnside (Private House)
Burnside, Rhenigidale
P A HS3 3BD 6478m n6547594613 6613m * 2023‑10
F757E26A-7946-45B9-92B1-98DC078FCA2D Haughton Village Hall
Newport Road, Stafford
R V ST18 9HB 6318m       2 2023‑08
3274A1C9-22A0-4D00-B200-AA8100D7DE97 Adderley Parish Council
Adderley Village Hall, Main Road
P A D TF9 3TF 6168m       2023‑08
95C26E13-877F-4C2F-8FA8-5DD2038D9C03 Adderley Village Hall
Main Raod, Market Drayton
P A TF9 3TF 6168m n11259426674 5837m * 2023‑08
80FA7BEF-4DAF-4FD9-A4FB-AE6E00A86909 Oneschool Global, Northampton
Hunsbury Hill Avenue, Northampton
R V NN3 3LF 6126m       2023‑10
AED0FB16-B279-412B-A022-B01B00AD864F Reception
Maritime Transport Ltd., Ikea Doncaster
R A DN3 3FB 6125m       1 2023‑08
85EA5C50-F338-4169-8911-B00B00FF484C Tesco Waltham Cross
3 Bullsmoor Ln, Waltham Cross
P V EN8 7RS 5969m       2 2023‑10
9B98F00E-2B99-4719-8007-AAC7008F28A9 Glen Tanar Estate
Brooks House, Glen Tanar
P A AB34 5EU 5865m       1 2023‑08
7679D8FA-C54F-40F7-A92B-B02000916D55 Enniskillen District Orange Hall
Tempo Road, Enniskillen
P A BT94 3AZ 5810m       2023‑08
0B71ED89-1FC7-49F5-8457-C8E86FBC634E Lamancha Hub- On O/S Wall Near Cafe Door
General Area Of, West Linton
P A EH46 7BD 5749m       2023‑08
77C5C02B-2745-4FA1-ACF6-B0C00102015D Abernethy Kilmalieu
Abernethy School Of Adventure Leadership, B8043 Camasnacroise - A861 Junction
P A PH33 7AD 5677m       2023‑12
9AE258B9-0AD5-483B-B074-AEF901041F16 Stanhoe Parish Council
Stanhoe Village Hall, Cross Lane
P A PE31 8PS 5572m       2023‑08
28FA5527-28E3-4F29-8596-AA7700D281C4 Norbury Village Hall
Norbury, Bishops Castle
P A SY9 5DX 5542m       1 2023‑08
EEB21B86-EA74-4BC2-ACB7-AF0B00A9FB88 Post Office
7 Market Pl, Loughborough
P A LE12 9RT 5526m n5776786434 5535m * 1 4 2023‑08
EB3CBB98-0850-4413-9EDE-B02E015130CC Ballyhough Outdoor Centre
B8071 From B8072 Junction To Ballyhough Farm, Isle Of Coll
P A PA78 6TE 5465m       2023‑08
F7531590-88B7-4BA4-887E-AECB00F97609 Caravan & Motorhome Club Site
Land 1250m Ne Of Caravan Park Grummore, A836 Clebrig Access Road - B873 Junction
P V IV27 4UE 5420m       2023‑08
8C36EE96-11B3-419F-BA22-AFFC011C7DAB Broad Oak Telephone Box
Telephone Box, Mountain View
P A HR2 8PD 5399m n2384757567 1m   2023‑08
D3C62B33-260E-491A-90D8-B15400CC015D Scotrail Railways Ltd
Rannoch Station, End Of The B846
P A PH17 2QA 5364m       2024‑05
0859C4F1-7416-4AC0-865D-AE7400B05A37 Lucy And Yak
Unit 3, Newton Road
R V S73 0BS 5254m       1 2023‑08
0FCB84A7-FF14-4F42-A3E0-D5EFADDDD52E Bagnall Village Hall
School Road, Stoke On Trent
P A ST9 9JP 5181m n10048951540 5237m * 2023‑08
0C4F4FBB-2801-4888-BAD5-B0ED00CA835B The Pines Primary School
Manor Wood, Red Lodge
R V IP28 8WL 4992m       2024‑02
F2FA4D97-81E7-46E2-BA9A-AA930116353C Flecknoe Village Hall
Village Hall, Flecknoe Road
P A CV23 8AY 4914m n10238245934 4988m * 2023‑08
D9245D50-D153-49A7-B619-AE2100CAA594 Scottish Sea Farms Eday Shorebase
Eday Pier, Eday
P A KW17 2AA 4890m       1 2023‑08
BA282C53-76ED-4BCB-BC80-AF9A0120EF02 Kensington Road Surgery
148 Kensington Road, Earlsdon
R V CV6 6HY 4858m       2023‑08
69D317E8-40E9-4D13-AD3B-B170009F8CCC University Of Ulster
Sports Centre, Cromore Road
P V BT52 1XE 4849m       2024‑06
41DEAA85-CFA0-40D6-801F-AACC00754193 Kiltarltity Village Hall
Kiltalorcan Terrace, Kiltarlity
P A D IV4 7HH 4822m       2 2023‑08
AC9B5D10-D4D8-49BB-8911-AD17010E1249 Earle Road
R V WA4 6XA 4744m       2023‑08
8360BCD5-2605-44E5-A6FF-AAEB00D0DDBD Harbour Wall
Cromwell Quay, Shore Street
P A EH42 1SU 4637m       2023‑08
5F35A0E3-0D91-4A4F-905A-B0DE00CB3DD5 Spring Lane School
Spring Lane School, New Kershaw Centre, Deal Street
R V M26 2SZ 4621m       2024‑01
B5EC238E-F2B4-45B2-8CA5-AFBA01677D43 27b Seahaven Road
Groomsport, Bangor
P A BT19 6PH 4615m       2023‑08
178670E3-F6CE-4EBC-B08D-AB2200EC3A86 Village Hall
Main Street, Stratford Upon Avon
P A CV37 8HR 4597m n3639277158 4641m * 2023‑08
59594FD8-5B6D-44A0-A070-DAFFE781322E Cropthorne Village Hall
Main Street, Pershore
P A WR10 3NH 4551m n11149117523 4525m * 2023‑08
C0493D44-2ACD-4308-B53A-DAD634F42110 Seahaven Resident's Association
Seahaven Road, Groomsport
P A BT19 6PH 4551m       2023‑08
681575E3-3C0F-41E4-8973-AAA100FB4DF7 Shotteswell Village Hall
Chapel Lane, Banbury
P A OX17 1JB 4436m       2023‑08
4164FBC8-FD2A-482F-B1EE-CAAAF0AE4905 T/S Ballycran G A A Club Club House - Gaelic Sports Groun
11 Mckenna Road, Rowreagh Kircubbin
P A BT22 1GP 4427m       2023‑08
453E275F-E65D-43AE-878C-AE1501046DC6 C1206 From Junction With B4518 In Elan Village To Fork By Valve Tower For Garreg
P A LD6 5HD 4402m n9197291343 10m * 2023‑08
47EA5774-1453-4F49-951C-B15A00A9F367 Ashford Hill Village Hall Management Committee
Ashford Hill Village Hall, Little Knowl Hill
P A RG19 8DQ 4340m       2024‑05
F282FAD0-7FFE-4635-A448-AAB800999FDC Highlands & Islands Airports Ltd
Isle Of Lewis,
P V HS2 0BN 4268m       2023‑08
FE607B22-82B1-4DA9-8E46-ADE100D2CB02 Scottish Enterprise
9 Little France Road, Gate 3
P A EH16 4UX 4263m       1 3 2023‑08
27E33C0A-FE3E-4D42-ABF7-114DD8A01BAA Stricklands Tracks Bay 1 The Heath Works
Main Road, Pershore
P V WR10 3NE 4198m       2023‑08
34F57EEA-9EB0-4A57-A58B-B15E00BE634F P Mcvey Building Systems Ltd
3 Creagh Industrial Park, The Creagh (Etre And Otre)
P A BT41 3UF 4105m       2024‑05
9E821371-56AB-457D-9106-38231D4B86CB Dromore Community Centre
Holm Park, Dromore
R V BT25 1HL 4052m       2023‑08
F4B5769E-5976-4886-83EB-AE3B00E60D6A St Michael Penkivel Village Hall
St Michael Penkivel, Near Tresillian
P A TR2 4AH 4038m       2023‑08
D895BD07-0BCE-47DB-B31D-AFBA01656192 Seahaven Resident's Association
13 Seahaven Crescent, Groomsport
P A BT19 6PR 4008m       1 2023‑08
4072523B-52EA-4443-8CD2-AAC400AB26A0 Co-Op - Fradley Park Local Centre
Unit 1 Fradley Park Local Centre, Common Lane
P V WS13 8NQ 3999m       2 2023‑08
C49DF315-ECD1-491F-9572-ADBA00AAF482 Eurojet Business Aviation Centre
Terminal Road, Birmingham Airport
R V B91 1AR 3977m       1 2023‑08
7D468C59-E426-4BB2-8D4A-AD7F00F20C09 Raf Wittering Main Guardroom
Main Guardroom, Raf Wittering
P A PE9 3NW 3923m       2023‑08
0D649C32-2FC6-471B-A2DF-E6E478C546E0 All Saints First School
Church Lane, Stafford
R V ST21 6RN 3878m       2023‑08
389F4628-5D19-472D-8298-ADDD00D02E7E Penbont House
C1206 From Fork Near Penbont Near Penygarreg Dam To Junction By Craig Goch Dam, Elan Valley
P V LD6 5HS 3833m       2023‑08
9A054E86-DC8D-467D-B084-ACE600F4F81F Forest Service
Glenariff Forest Visitor Centre, 96 Glenariffe Road
P A BT44 0QU 3828m       2023‑08
3ABC74EB-906B-4F22-8049-AF7E00E818FA Glenfinnan Telephone Box
Station Road, Glenfinnan
P A PH37 4LT 3812m       1 2023‑08
A055F701-9DD6-4A5B-8F81-AB5600F6B0C4 Robertson Homes
Site Office, Darochville Place
R V IV2 6FG 3812m       2023‑08
AFE8F460-3026-49AD-B7F2-ADAA012BD5B9 David Butcher Pavilion
Framfield Road, Buxted
P A TN22 4AA 3792m       2023‑08
04FB1C7C-5802-4231-A9D8-AEF601098C2C Croick Telephone Box
P A IV24 3BS 3735m n799318101 110m * 2023‑08
08ECC017-8C51-4DA0-8EB2-AF1000CF5060 International Way
International Way (Next To International Station), Stratford
P V E14 0EA 3735m       2 2023‑08
9AA9F319-F516-43BF-ABB8-AC7100E984E0 Stoney Road Security Post
Stoney Road, Stormont Estate
P V BT4 3HT 3733m       4 2023‑08
8E3E3C3C-9D30-41AB-973D-ABAB00BA78C1 Bonny's Carvavan Park
Newcastle Trailer Park, 82 Tullybrannigan Road
P A BT33 0PD 3708m       2023‑08
45B0E758-B6AA-4A73-BD7A-B07D00A4CE85 Sowe Valley Primary School
Princethorpe Way, Ernesford Grange
P A CV2 2QX 3693m       1 2023‑10
90FA5BA9-D05F-4C35-8A74-B02E0153CE6E 3 Bousd
B8072 From B8071 Junction At Arnabost To Sorisdale, Isle Of Coll
P A PA78 6TE 3591m       2023‑08
B3D693C3-B3A0-4B13-A771-AD47011738E1 Ampersand Fitness
6 Tidal Industrial Park, Toomebridge
P V BT41 3GD 3590m       1 2023‑08
0EFD6B21-B5E8-4BDD-8DF9-B17501201FAB Magheragall Church (C Of I)
Ballinderry Road, Lisburn
P A BT28 1UD 3583m       2024‑06
0F397ACD-FB2F-42F0-95A4-B12300FE53CB Garynahine Garden Project
Roadside Garden, Spring Corrie
P A HS2 9DS 3551m       2024‑03
FE17122F-CDFF-4CDA-9B48-AACA0107A8DD Dukes Golf Course
Craigtoun Park, St. Andrews
P V KY16 8NX 3548m       1 2023‑08
F906654F-911E-4C80-95FB-AABE00EBC8E9 Cross Stores
Cross Skigersta Road, Isle Of Lewis
P A HS2 0TD 3507m       2023‑08
73716497-F97A-4BEB-8FF7-AF0900904468 Stowaways Stowford Farm Meadows
Lane To Stowford Farm Meadows, Berrynarbor
P A EX34 0PW 3490m       1 2023‑08
E94235D0-6C96-42BD-BF2C-49550440CD4A Community Defibrillator
1 Sconce Road, Articlave
P A BT51 4UR 3486m       2023‑08
2A3E46DB-7CB4-4D3D-BB53-B13600FB2844 Spar Ligoniel
Unit 8, Weavershill Road Ligoniel
R V BT15 3LW 3467m       2024‑04
03DC3A84-53E3-43FA-AB5A-2F7DBD7FF4FC At Reception Of Rosslea Hall Hotel
Unnamed Road, Rhu Helensburgh
P A G84 8NF 3455m       2023‑08
B1AE7580-6595-4139-AB8B-C84883161D01 T/A Spv Group
Spv Road Carpet Lindley Lodge Industrial Estate, Westgate
R V WS9 8EX 3432m       3 2023‑08
CECD4930-37E4-47DE-B700-AA7801127DA1 Onneley Village Hall
Woore Road, Onneley
P A CW3 9QJ 3407m n11558485433 3428m * 2023‑08
B9820089-8FB8-434F-9921-B14800A9E217 Llyn Brenig Osprey Hide
Llyn Brenig, Cerrigydrudion
P A LL21 9TT 3402m n11132650080 15m   1 2024‑05
54BB3037-C9F8-4386-870C-B16F00F9B6C8 Outdoor Activity Centre
Buckland Park Lake, Park Lake Drive
P V RH3 7FE 3378m       1 2024‑06
53BA7E12-A948-4F18-B0B3-B06D009FAB79 Hartfield House Hostel (Old Venture Trust)
Hartfield Road, Applecross
P A IV54 8ND 3308m       2023‑10
9A4C2DE0-ADC8-42A6-997C-AF1A00FEFA07 Narborough Community Centre
Chalk Lane, Beachamwell
P A PE32 1SR 3306m       2023‑08
2C2D350C-63E0-4EBD-9DF1-AD2700EE58F7 Glencoe Mountain Resort
Ski Tow Road, Kingshouse
P A PH49 4HZ 3302m n10970559335 1489m * 2023‑08
E51E4611-F8BD-4ED4-BDA4-09EC6B94C8CD Public Telephone
Malthouse Lane, Earlswood
P A B94 5RZ 3240m n6677512102 3332m * 2023‑08
FD4FAD4B-5D9A-4EBD-8289-AB6B00FB94AB Glenuig Community Association
A861, Glenuig
P A PH38 4NB 3198m n2831064815 21m   2023‑08
3D555AB6-9129-421E-82DD-AF2700DDCABB Logie Durno Village Hall
Logie Durno Hall, U84c C83c At Whiteford School To Fernybrae
P A AB51 5EJ 3149m       2023‑08
2EEF2F0A-E2F9-42C1-A69E-B0F100C40D82 Old Man Of Storr
Old Man Of Storr Portree United Kingdom Iv51 9hx, Portree
P A IV51 9HX 3061m       2024‑02
A5D2FB1E-78C5-4694-85E0-B04200DE8BB2 10 Douglas Place
P A CH4 8PB 3038m       2 2023‑08
1ED76BA4-E9A5-4B55-A729-B02701109B76 Loch Doon Caravan And Camping Park
U759 Loch Doon From A713 At Mossdale To Doon Castle, Dalmellington
P A KA6 7QE 3032m       2023‑08
2D27768D-A532-4416-9288-AECB00ED69CC Barnluasgan Car Park
Tayvallich War Memorial, B8025 North Of Tayvallich From C42 Barnluasgan To Kilmory Knap Road To Tayvallich
P A PA31 8PG 3024m n12009654876 67m   2023‑08
5F954F00-1D16-4D16-A1CB-AD6500E4F1CC Low North Park
Lownorth Road, Harwood Dale
P A YO13 0BW 3012m       2023‑08
90DE6072-D6F5-492D-8D59-87D2DAE7EEC4 Outside Eday Primary School
B9063, Eday Orkney
P A KW17 2AA 3001m       1 2023‑08
0BF5EFA8-467F-4539-9383-B19C00D95749 Gullivers Valley
Mansfield Road, Waleswood
R A S26 5QW 2989m       1 2024‑07
96109868-FB16-497C-B200-AF4300BC2331 Drumjohn Power Station
Carsphairn, St. Johns Town Of Dalry
R V DG7 3TJ 2957m       2023‑08
A1DD06C3-CCD0-4DC0-BC81-B00800D33442 Laggan 1 - Wolftrax
Laggan Wolftrax, Strathmashie
P A PH20 1BU 2944m       2023‑08
64DE5D10-842C-4838-BEB8-33AEFF76398D Hednesford Town Football & Social Club
Keys Park Road, Cannock
P A WS12 2DZ 2925m       2 2023‑08
4E5BE581-D81E-44FD-AF0E-B11600E6ED9F Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn (Galson Estate Trust)
Business Centre, Tom Na Ba
P A HS2 0SH 2900m       2024‑03
9CCA4ECC-5734-490B-91A8-AF9100DE1651 Glan Dena
A5t Ogwen, Ogwen
P A LL24 0EU 2895m n10768859977 19m * 2023‑08
A18C1F5B-0172-4A0D-B54E-AE5D00DDAAEA Brenig North Shore Car Park
North Shore Car Park, Denbigh
P A LL16 5RN 2882m n11034164247 8m * 2023‑08
FA680A9F-6698-47FD-9523-B08900D8944A Bernera Community Association
5a Earshader, Breaclete
P A HS2 9LP 2864m       2023‑10
FF83ACB8-2809-4D35-88A3-AAE700AF55A7 17 Newbyth Steading
East Linton,
P A EH40 3DU 2847m       2023‑08
74E301B9-E563-47BE-845E-11D024E084E0 An Laimhrig - Taigh Nighe Laundry Room
Unnamed Road, Isle Of Eigg
P A PH42 4RL 2797m       1 2023‑08
043A4962-C785-4C8E-8DBB-52691D499B9B Scotrail Railways Ltd
Ardlui Station, A82
P A G83 7DT 2795m       2023‑08
AB5E0BF8-D537-42AD-BF62-71E5A1FA9DDD Stronachlachar Phonebox
Stronachlachar: Former Phone Box, O/S The Pier Cafe
P A FK8 3TY 2795m n5813583893 2799m * 2023‑08
F20B5B1F-CB2B-47B8-AB85-B03400B50164 Tesco Stores Ltd
Unit 1 Kings Road, Bridgewater
P V TA6 4WB 2794m       1 2023‑08
AC6152C6-F323-42A6-951C-ADE40087895E Scottish Sea Farms
Scottish Sea Farms Ltd, Alginate Works Access Road Private
P A PA37 1SE 2776m       2023‑08
5273ED8B-B300-4338-B5F3-AE2100914803 Scottish Sea Farms Vidlin Shore Base
Vidlin Marine Site, Shetland
P A ZE2 9QB 2766m       2023‑08
5BF0F1F8-8EE4-4576-BC1D-AD5000AF5103 Strategic Planning And Performance Group
Gransha Park House, 15 Gransha Park
R V BT47 6FN 2761m       2023‑08
5F3BE9C0-73C0-4330-805E-AEF60109865E Falls Of Shin Visitor Centre
Achany Glen, Lairg
P A IV27 4EE 2729m       2023‑08
19CC29FD-6013-47AA-9884-B0DE01491F30 Siop A Chaffi Garreg, Llanfrothen
Post Office, Garreg
P A LL48 6AD 2724m n8845264526 11m   1 2024‑01
BFB2617A-D38B-41A0-A150-AFD2009A6D68 Mccausland Airport Car Park
171 Airport Road, Belfast International Airport
P A BT29 4DW 2723m       2023‑08
547171A3-B312-4997-BD65-AF5F00956495 Ni Precision Ltd
Lissue Industrial Estate, Moira Road
R V BT28 2RE 2677m       2023‑08
58F42A63-8375-4AB0-989C-B10000E82BDB P-Footpath Bv37
P A WA7 6BJ 2671m       2024‑02
D466DF4C-7AB5-4792-AC5F-B10000BA13FF Balnain Primary School
Balnain, Glenurquhart
P A D IV63 6TJ 2634m       1 2024‑02
7F8CF21A-F057-41ED-9D94-69924B039910 Edenhouse Solutions Unit 6 Quartz Point
Stonebridge Road, Birmingham
P A B46 3JL 2626m       2023‑08
B0A824D6-493A-49DF-8EA0-B083014E4EE2 Sands Caravan & Campsite Gairloch
Gairloch, Ross-Shire
P A IV21 2DL 2613m       2023‑10
FCB29579-90F0-48C3-8E0F-AE1D00DBBADB Scottish Sea Farms Ronas Voe Shore Base
Ronas Voe,, North Mavine
P A ZE2 9RL 2612m       2023‑10
7CC18C21-B943-41F4-B99E-5D84E512370C Pensarn
Pencaenewydd, Pwllheli
P A LL53 6DJ 2598m       2024‑07
17BC2572-E42C-46E0-9A62-B02000F9278D Coire Glas Exploration Works
Coire Glas Project, Great Glen Way
P A PH34 4EB 2582m       2023‑08
019E8842-39A3-4C3A-8121-B162007BDF2F Claymore Homes Ltd
Aden Business Park, Newlands Road
R V AB42 5TR 2549m       2024‑05
1DDAA679-46E7-4D64-94AF-AD5D00AED4A5 U2932 From B4518 Between Access To Faidre-Fawr And C2072 To Llyn Clywedog
P V SY17 5RP 2534m       2023‑08
983A91FE-7970-4587-8105-6BDB93C5B502 Community Hall- 20ft To Lhs Of Main Door
22 On A76, Carronbridge Thornhill
P A DG3 5AY 2532m n9919177852 2835m * 1 2023‑08
81810921-9250-4D98-B888-AF5600BED6A7 Toby Carvery Strathclyde Country Park
Hamilton Road, Motherwell
R A ML1 3WB 2529m       2023‑08
122E8F0E-E404-4F61-8422-AF4D013AF770 Wlcfr Pavillion
Sports Pavillion, Hinckley Road
P A LE9 4LH 2517m       1 2023‑08
66FEDEDF-2832-40C7-A2FC-AF5D00C6BCB1 Mercury Security Management
7 Portman Business Park, Lissue Industrial Estate West
P A BT28 2XF 2514m       2 2023‑08
1026A517-6E0F-49E0-BA51-B06101443339 Loch Venachar Sailing Club
Invertrossachs Road, Callander
P A FK17 8HG 2473m       1 2023‑10
BBBC5BC4-439B-492F-92AC-AFEB010C7350 Dundreggan Rewilding Centre
A887, Glenmoriston
P V IV63 7YJ 2407m       1 2023‑08
27E6C0CD-1B90-45EC-9ECF-ADEB012A8472 West Sands Area 13
West Sands Road, St Andrews
P A KY16 9SF 2396m       2023‑08
D1547C2A-4132-44EF-95EE-AD9300F2B38C Ardeonaig Hotel
C107 From A827 To Council Boundary, Killin
P A FK21 8SU 2395m n8410194022 16m * 1 2023‑08
20D0E495-1F82-4104-A9F2-B01D00737D04 Llyn Brenig - Near Sailing Club
Llyn Brenig, 3 Word - Sweated.reach.positions
P A LL21 9TT 2360m n11622645648 20m   1 2023‑08
A78BFF86-B615-4C9F-A7DF-83D53BC98DC4 Village Hall
Ross On Wye,
P A HR9 7PA 2359m       2 2023‑08
F526E3AF-90DE-4F9F-9E5F-AEC501069DF6 Argyll Holidays
Loch Eck Caravan Site, 54 A815 At South End Of Loch Eck From C9 Glenfinart Road Junction To Inverchapel
P A PA23 8SG 2355m       2023‑08
31F31988-2497-457D-8056-B00800D3254C Laggan 3 - Laggan Hotel
Laggan Hotel, A86
P A PH20 1BS 2349m       2023‑08
E9F47908-B41C-4188-B475-ADCF011006BD Llyn Brenig Sailing Club
Pont Yr Alwen To County Boundary, Cerrigydrudion
R V LL21 9TT 2333m       1 2023‑08
ACFCCAF7-85AC-474B-9DCB-B03000BA0F10 Natural Resource Wales
Garwnant Visitors Centre, Llwyn-On
P A CF48 2HS 2331m       2023‑08
E8E9F2F1-75C2-40C9-94E2-AEF4008B1126 Bures Station
The Paddocks, Off Station Hill, Bures
P A CO8 5HS 2312m n11817338870 10m * 2023‑10
39F0C87D-8B1B-471F-86D9-B0ED00B6B7A1 Clubhouse
The Recreation Ground, Bohams Road
P A OX11 9HF 2308m       2024‑02
DFE73DEF-48F4-4688-A03A-AF0400966DFC Sancreed Village Hall
Road Between Sancreed Church And Higher Grumbla, Grumbla
P A TR20 8QH 2286m       1 2023‑08
5256DB3D-9F0F-4424-B3E4-AAE200BE719B Kj Millard Ltd
Sandfields Farm, Chipping Norton
R V OX7 5PY 2280m       2023‑08
179230C8-9C89-46D1-B9D8-ADD400A07D98 Cignpost Diagnostics
Building X92, Cody Technology Park, Old Iverley Rd
R V GU14 0LX 2273m       2023‑08
CA769B19-DFDB-4B36-8831-AD2D0104C2D0 Monument South Of Visitors Facility
C506 Airmens Corner West To Stonehenge Bottom, Winterbourne Stoke
R A SP4 7DE 2264m       1 1 2023‑08
2C440F06-81C0-4A19-8E22-AF710139AFDF Norfolk County Council
Docking Recycling Centre, Docking Common
P A PE31 8NN 2248m       2023‑08
D9463102-35E3-4FD7-81CF-B13400A8479F Recyco Ltd
89 Barony Road, Mountfield
P V BT79 7QG 2241m       2024‑04
E0911310-DD63-4DDC-A220-AEB5009C8F17 Woodbrook Quarry Disused
Bent Lane, Darley Dale
P A DE4 2HN 2230m       2023‑08
05046398-72B7-436E-A782-AFE700D751A3 Macleod Tables Cafe, Dunvegan House
Macleod Estate, Dunvegan House
P A IV55 8WF 2222m       2023‑08
CD68FDEF-A17C-430A-B6FC-B020008FB88A Nuffield Health
Droitwich Road, Perdiswell Park
P V WR3 7SN 2222m       2023‑08
8F3D47C7-E2AC-40E3-8FF2-B06800DEBF7F Burradale Wind Farm
Tingwall, Shetland
P A ZE2 9SB 2213m       2023‑10
D37D4448-4AA5-4F18-8C53-AF9901246175 Mcdonald's - 1164 Denham D/T
37 Oxford Road, Denham, Uxbridge, Greater London, Denham
P A UB9 4DA 2204m       1 2023‑08
213BC411-4E74-4EA2-9977-5E4F8DD535A8 Sports Pavillion Hallaton Road
Market Harborough,
P A LE16 8DD 2191m       2023‑08
5D99124D-5DD8-4381-9CA6-605210746488 In Canteen Near 1st Car Park At Kames Fish Farming Ltd
General Area Of, Kilmelford Oban
P V PA34 4XA 2171m       2023‑08
D40394CD-3376-425D-87C6-AB19011EB943 Dhanakosa Buddhist Retreat Centre
Balquhidder, Lochearnhead
R A FK19 8PQ 2159m       2023‑08
39A3120D-2F2F-4629-84E1-B06700D2BCF8 Northwick Power Ltd Weighbridge
Westington Quarry, Conduit Hill
P A GL55 6UR 2142m       2023‑10
82591B3D-EA1E-41A8-9FD5-BDD602FFEA0A Cwmrheidol,On The Junction Turning For Aberffwd
General Area Of Cwmrheidol, Cwmrheidol
P A SY23 3NB 2111m n9197080072 70m   2023‑08
E32779C4-6CC3-4C6B-A6DD-B1540003DFB1 Gleaner
Evelix Filling Station, A9t A949 Junction - B9168 Junction
P A IV25 3HR 2103m       1 2024‑05
F8BDA397-271D-4F15-A46E-9BFB1835DF78 Newborough Forest Public Convenieces
Road From Church Street Past T, Newborough Llanfairpwllgwyngyl
P A LL61 6SG 2100m       2023‑08
1EA7ADB6-2126-4B3A-8205-14395B774DDD The Fforest Inn
General Area Of, New Radnor
R V LD8 2TN 2089m       2023‑08
3261C755-1518-4AA5-9EAD-B0440070588A Showcase P.s.r. Portsdown
Unit 8 Strawberry Meadows Business Park, Berry Way
P V PR7 6FL 2084m       2023‑08
6F712309-E392-4F74-BCCB-AD42015232C7 Unst Community Fire Station
Hagdale Industrial Estate, Baltasound
P A ZE2 9TW 2081m n6631812330 2055m * 2023‑08
FCB4DAC7-7F82-4267-8080-AB6D012FB9B4 A625
Hope Valley,
P A S11 7TZ 2069m n11008123812 19m * 1 2023‑08
DABA6EA0-360C-4171-89CC-ACB700C080A5 Westray Airfield And Building
Aikerness Road, Westray
P A KW17 2DN 2047m n11924930377 1m   2023‑08
E0778B4B-DFBB-4A41-90B4-B066011E5690 Vatersay Community Hall
Vatersay, Isle Of Barra
P A HS9 5YW 2034m n9856639224 1457m * 2023‑10
506BD3EE-208C-4664-BDC0-ADD500DFCDB2 Crossling
Coast Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne
R V NE6 5TP 2033m       3 2023‑08
618EFC7C-D963-408E-8381-B11B010C6D3A Carriage Works
10 The Carriage Works, London Street
P A SN1 5FB 2029m       1 2024‑03
BD98E905-25A1-457A-9616-AFBF01038C11 Volkerstevin
Scot's Float Sluice, Military Road
R V TN31 7QE 2018m       2023‑08
47CF8F49-4277-4C56-9215-AFCE01000952 North Fambridge Station
Station Road, North Fambridge
P A CM3 6NP 2013m n11498450879 70m * 2023‑08
59CFB32F-05BE-4774-8B51-6A0A00D9CE5F One Planet Adventure
General Area Of, Llandegla Wrexham
P V LL11 3AA 2011m       2023‑08
52A9E3B0-AC45-4F22-A4EF-AE6F00B9ABB3 Honister Slate Mine
Honister Pass, Seatoller
P V CA12 5XN 2005m       2023‑08
526691E5-4D2E-4795-8E78-CC3EF0C0A22E Threaves Castle- Ask Staff
General Area Of, Castle Douglas
P V DG7 1TJ 2004m       2023‑08
61B19115-A39C-4E4D-A3D7-AD3100CCE207 Wendover Woods
Aston Clinton,
P A HP22 5NF 1984m       2023‑08
73688449-DA68-4AEE-AB0D-AE1D01149147 Ford Village Hall Ltd
Ford Village Hall, B840 Through Ford From Bruachan To Spoccait
P A PA31 8RJ 1983m       2023‑08
0B35BAD4-05BF-42E5-9C52-146D284045D0 A Mclay & Co Ltd
Longwood Drive, Whitchurch Cardiff
R V CF14 7ZB 1970m       2023‑08
76F86E0A-A72F-4A1F-9288-AE1D0137CB0B Tesco Stores Ltd
21 Lisnagelvin Road, Waterside
P V BT47 6DA 1965m       2023‑10
C4825FB6-5EE0-46D7-8F21-AF110103FE63 Yha Wasdale Hall
Wasdale Hall, Wasdale
P A CA20 1ET 1960m       2023‑08
6D0C48F0-4930-43FE-ABC6-AE63010ABA6D Foxy Ladies Running Club
Agricultural Land Mount Carvey Near Cissbury Ring, Links Road
P A BN15 0AY 1954m       2023‑08
4DA5AB66-5E90-46F8-8DF7-B126013714E6 Club House Moorsholm Recreation Field
Recreation View, Moorsholm
P A TS12 3HL 1950m       2024‑03
EC9FF36C-553B-4049-A0AF-ADD00111BC65 Hadlow Down Playing Field
The Pavilion, Playing Field
P A TN22 4DX 1943m       2023‑08
9181FCAF-85BE-4247-BFF7-44AA4227C3D3 Cleadale At North End Of Eigg In Lageorna B&B Hanging On Coatstand Inside Ent
Unnamed Road, Isle Of Eigg
P A PH42 4RL 1935m       1 2023‑08
13245479-B759-49DE-A743-B0010106EEFE Moel Famau Summit
Moel Famau, Llanferres
P A CH7 5PH 1933m       2023‑08
1A830EFE-FD52-466F-BEDE-AFA100FE0F23 Caterham Bowls Club
Queens Park Road, Caterham
P A D CR3 5BN 1923m       4 2023‑08
35D6A83F-9978-40C6-AE5A-AE74009B3366 Huyton Travel Ltd
37 Wilson Road, Huyton
R V L36 6AN 1917m       1 2023‑08
A3321850-1DCE-4015-869D-AE5D00B8D002 Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre
P A LL21 9TT 1915m       1 2023‑08
FD3707FE-A176-4AE2-854D-B06C00FC9699 Macraes"S, Building Yard
36 Mellon Charles, Aultbea
P A IV22 2JL 1911m       2023‑10
50FF7364-2085-4D00-B27D-AF0500C81EDB Strathlachlan Enterprises Ltd
Strathlachlan Caravan Park, B8000 At Strathlachlan From Leanach To Barnacarry Bridge
P A PA27 8BU 1906m       2023‑08
8B3C37DD-9463-41A6-8CE8-AEEB00B2DB66 Technipfmc
Highland Deephaven Ind Est, Evanton
P A IV16 9XJ 1906m       2023‑08
F62F5EDD-EF59-4E8F-A74B-D43D5BE35848 Barton Under Needwood Library
Dunstall Road, Burton On Trent
P A DE13 8AX 1901m       1 2023‑08
5FD7A2AD-2EA0-4521-BB65-AE51011C4D5C M8 Eastbound From Junction 3 To Boundary
R V EH28 8PJ 1890m       1 2023‑08
01DBF79A-A9A7-4CE7-A658-B11700D3B0F3 Solihull Borough Football Club
Damson Parkway, Solihull
P A B91 2PP 1888m       1 2024‑03
DB90D26F-6983-479D-A2E2-B13000B83CF9 Abriachan Forest Classroom
Abriachan, Inverness
P A IV3 8LB 1887m n9335622662 3831m * 2024‑04
E320EB2A-EA2F-4B0F-AAB5-B15D00C2F7B7 Creswell Crags Museum
Cresswell Crags Museum, Crags Road
P A S80 3LH 1887m       2 2024‑05
83B78565-91F0-4525-8F8E-B0DF009D9760 Medmenham Village Hall
Henley Road, Medmenham
P A SL7 2HL 1885m       2024‑01
B3E75079-0B53-403C-B024-B1870117BEF3 Kilmartin Primary School
Slockavullin Road From A816 To Poltalloch North Lodge, Kilmartin
P A PA31 8QF 1884m       2024‑07
859230E4-8F37-42F5-86FA-B3AC684B073D West Dullater
Callander - West Dullater, West Dullater
P A FK17 8HG 1877m       1 2023‑08
D1B4C7BD-3B24-4BB5-BCFD-AD73009B18D7 Manor Farm Chilmark
Manor Farm, Fonthill Bishop
P A SP3 5AF 1866m       2023‑08
B7918BC3-3AC6-4C83-83E6-AD7500B31507 Mudeford Sandbank
Beach House, Mudeford Sandspit
P A BH6 4EN 1856m       3 2023‑08
04FA370A-D64B-489B-9488-B06900DDD28A Rothiemurchus Lodge
Rothiemurchus, Lodge
P A PH22 1QU 1847m       1 2023‑10
0E2F9212-18DA-4971-A7FA-B13C00AB7103 Achmelvich
106 Achmelvich Road, Lochinver
P A IV27 4JB 1847m       2024‑04
38822A3C-7273-44F6-9119-010E4872406B Castle Sween Caravan Park- On Wall O/S Main Reception
General Area Of, Achnamara Lochgilphead
P A PA31 8PT 1846m       2023‑08
B6B2B2D9-1375-4880-A110-B18000F2F171 Simpson Institute
47 Main Street, Upper Largo
P A KY8 6AQ 1843m       4 2024‑06
F6398D96-4B78-439A-BC51-B16B00DDDAB7 Encon Insulation Fareham
Unit 3, Fareham Trade Park
R V PO13 0AE 1840m       2024‑06
C8049CA4-0DBE-498A-9CED-AA7900A030D9 All Stretton Village Society
Village Hall, Batch Valley
P A SY6 6JR 1837m n3769701691 1817m * 2023‑08
A0B3D01D-3339-420C-BCD1-AE5300A4FF61 Mersham Sports Ground Stone Green
Flood Street, Mersham
P A TN25 7DE 1832m       2023‑08
E8C6165F-27EF-480D-B3DE-AF0B0084CA59 Harrington Village Hall
49 High St, Arthingworth
P A NN6 9NU 1831m n11262481073 1750m * 2023‑08
48A6A7DC-23C1-4664-AA43-AD8B00F1C314 Greathill House
Greathill Road, North Third
P A FK7 9QS 1826m       2023‑08
9DA133D4-F76D-4A86-BE2D-AD4F008EAC6D Green Island
The Islands,
R A BH15 1EF 1826m       1 2023‑08
199F331A-2C20-48F1-8A3D-AF8700E3CAED Cold Fell
Fell End, Ravenstonedale
P A CA17 4LN 1822m       2023‑08
6584CB4E-F9D8-4164-BEC9-B0DC00A93F11 Hoardweel Farm
A6112 A6112 At Northern Boundary Of Preston To C106 North Of Hoardweel, Duns
P A TD11 3RY 1822m       1 2024‑01
54BCC782-9419-40B7-A770-AAD3011F51E6 Conchies Riding School
Rowanlea Riding School (Conchies), Main Street
P A DD7 7SA 1819m       2023‑08
7CDFAC82-A03D-43B3-9771-AEC200C0D22F Strathy Village Hall
Strathy Point, Strathy
P A KW14 7RY 1819m n11931242574 14m   2023‑08
F8EDEEAD-3DB7-4AEC-88AF-AE3C00CFE0C6 Mudc Ballymacombs Waste Disposal Site
Ballymacombs Road, Bellaghy
P V BT45 8JP 1816m       2023‑08
586873C1-E13C-41B5-A0C7-20A2166B1992 Trustees Of Derrytresk G F C
100 Annaghmore Road, Derrytresk
P A BT71 4QZ 1811m       2023‑08
E17E44C5-2686-4268-A815-B06400C4AD86 Taransay
Ratagan, Glenshiel
P A IV40 8HP 1806m       2023‑10
C9941DE3-2143-400F-B7EC-AD4401179673 West Berkshire Golf Club
Hangmans Stone Lane, Chaddleworth
P V RG20 7DU 1802m       2023‑08
F9FDCF43-E736-48B9-90CA-B02F00B1F375 Station Inn
Low Sleights Road, Ingleton
R A LA6 3AS 1799m       2023‑08
64CAB8C9-E5DF-4BF2-9E0A-B178015D3F7F Hunterston Castle
Castle Avenue, Hunterston
P A KA23 9QG 1794m       2024‑06
44DC3248-881B-45BC-BD77-AE8D00E703FB Ymddirodolaeth Nant Gwrtheyrn
Nant Gwrtheyrn, Llithfaen
P A D LL53 6PA 1786m       1 2023‑10
39E20C8B-00BE-4F28-AFA9-AB2C00F88281 Glenmore Shop/Red Squirrel Cafe
Glenmore, Aviemore
P A PH22 1QU 1784m       1 2023‑08
DA80587D-0C13-4DAB-869B-AB2C00FF7C90 Glenmore Lodge
Glenmore, Aviemore
P A PH22 1QU 1784m       1 2023‑08
FE0A339D-02FB-46AB-AD1A-78ADEF004508 The Pines Residential Home
Bishops Castle,
R A SY9 5JY 1784m       2023‑08
0ECF58D2-97B6-4F5F-BFA9-B15D00AAED9D Six Bells Community Park/Playground
(Gate Opposite No. 22/23), Windsor Rd
P A NP13 2QF 1782m       2 2024‑05
493EF8C7-67C1-4919-9ECF-AAEE00C0747E Alberbury Parish Council
Alberbury Village Hall, Alberbury
P A SY5 9EL 1781m       2023‑08
4BE9EFF2-9D7C-434F-A009-8989851A9985 Achadunan Farm- In Courtyard Of Fyne Ales Brewery
Unnamed Road, Cairndow
P A PA26 8BJ 1781m n11083729067 33m * 2023‑08
009771FB-C445-4A66-B3EE-E513206F7F32 Inside Mcdonalds Restaurants Ltd
Atherstone Rd, Appleby Magna Swadlincote
R A DE12 7AP 1780m       2023‑08
46B19A1A-A32A-4055-98C9-ADBC00B45DB4 Rose Farm
Red Road, Burnham On Sea
P A TA8 2RW 1779m       2023‑08
902CC701-0739-408A-886E-AE540116F4C8 Dalys Service Station
156 Eglish Road, Dungannon
P A BT70 1LD 1776m       2023‑08
36F20E58-D15D-4A97-B950-AF660112771B Llantysilio Community Council
Outbuilding Near Bryn Cottage, Plas Eglwyseg Junction To Panorama Walk
P A LL20 8EH 1773m       2023‑08
BA49F0C0-358B-4C10-9D2C-B036014FFBE2 Clunes Forest School
The Forest School, Clunes
P A PH34 4EJ 1768m       2023‑08
13529E69-288A-4DA6-81B5-AF5F01075EB7 Pdi Centre Lawford Heath
Unit 3 Lawford Heath Industrial Estate, Lawford Heath
P V CV23 9EU 1762m       2023‑08
A9F04B2D-E629-41D7-AF97-7051061E2289 Seconique Furniture Boulton House Owens Trading Est
Wobaston Road, Wolverhampton
P V WV9 5EY 1760m       1 2023‑08
B0633C02-1E05-41AC-B6F7-B02600B754E0 Sunningdale School
Doxford Park Way, Sunderland
R V SR3 2PP 1756m       2 2023‑08
F4697141-0CF9-4875-B15E-70FA7BDBC8B4 Montalto Estate Low Wood Play Area
Spa Road, Ni
P V BT24 8PT 1754m       2023‑08
D479601A-981A-434B-9125-AD9A00BDD1D5 Hag Dyke
Scabbate Gate, Skipton
P A BD23 5RP 1751m n9832931159 11m   2023‑08
4E397A23-95D7-4BFF-AF9C-B01A0089999B Hackwood Farm
Radbourne Lane, Derby
P A DE6 4LZ 1744m n11821367822 51m * 2023‑08
8A1C6947-EEB4-45D9-B959-B12900D2AE1C Euro Auctions Ltd
Roall Lane, Kellington
P A DN14 0NY 1744m       1 2024‑04
C5C5AD79-0A54-45D1-A286-AED6008E488D Bow House Country Park
Bishops Castle, Shropshire
P A SY9 5HY 1732m       2023‑08
58036D00-C2EE-4D7F-8D72-AEF601097EC0 Invershin Hall
A837, Ardgay
P A IV27 4ET 1728m       2023‑08
EC5EAB93-696A-4B13-BD76-AD5200AC8397 Killeter Presbyterian Church
26 Carn Road, Killeter
P A BT81 7UU 1728m       2023‑08
9440F2D8-F6C2-4D9F-A2F3-B06100821B60 Pump House
Boonscroft Lane, Wrangle
R V PE22 8QR 1724m       2023‑10
81EB97C9-5309-4A24-A0A3-F0390526163D Nine Locks Community Association Nine Locks Community Centre
Hill Street, Brierley Hill
P A DY5 2UE 1714m       1 2023‑08
CC13AE47-D78D-4750-AB1B-AF9B0108BC5B Llangennith Parish Hall
Unclassified Section-Y2391, Llangennith
P A SA3 1HT 1710m n9833255208 13m   2023‑08
B3D6FA14-3DDF-4F8D-B9CB-E54D3EF87F16 Tullymore Swifts
Suffolk Inn Bar/Restaurant, 12 Suffolk Road
R V BT11 9RZ 1706m       1 2023‑08
877961A7-E4F6-4745-8BFB-AD56014DC029 Rother Valley Country Park
Mansfield Road, Waleswood
P A S26 5PQ 1697m       1 2023‑08
9EA12B59-3135-40ED-9D2D-AEDE00D2A155 Pavilion Newtown Linford Cricket Club
Main Street, Newtown Linford
P A LE6 0HE 1697m       2 2023‑08
4933282F-9E5D-4D61-A26D-AFF800E3468D Kevics All Weather Sports Pitch
King Edward Vi College Lower School, Ashburton Road
P A TQ9 5LD 1688m       1 2023‑08
77DE7C28-D3DE-48F9-AB88-B06F00E22E26 Knockbreck Primary School
Knockbreck Primary School Gillen Waternish, Isle Of Skye Highland United Kingdom Iv55 8gj, Hallin
P A IV55 8GJ 1686m       2023‑10
89FF27B0-8CCF-44C7-9AB7-AC15010E1770 Nant Gwrtheyrn
Welsh Language Center, Llithfaem
P A LL53 6NL 1683m       2023‑08
DC88295B-F6A2-4B31-9FB0-AD8300DC85E8 Visitor Centre The Firs
Broadwater Road, Holme Next The Sea
P V PE36 6LQ 1680m       2023‑08
C7852AED-0CFF-430D-A0A6-AE7C00CF3845 Larkfield Holiday Park
Larkfield Caravan Park, Bredy Road
P A DT6 4ND 1676m       2023‑08
3AEDF939-0D07-4F94-AF5F-B09E00D0B67E Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre
Minley Road, Blackwater
R V GU17 9LP 1664m       2023‑11
66978DE5-CE95-4C85-A196-C553AF3EDCD7 Little Comberton Village Hall Trust
Pershore Road, Pershore
P A WR10 3EP 1663m n11157562143 1611m * 2023‑08
D07D1372-A564-4C2C-981F-AE22009FD3CC Scottish Sea Farms Dury Shore Base
Dury Shore Base, Nesting
P A ZE2 9QD 1657m       2023‑08
5CE73D49-2ED2-46AE-8F53-B00C009B4CCA Envirovent
Unit 1 Bardner Bank, Harrogate West Business Park
R V HG3 2SP 1655m       1 2023‑08
39D3194E-4F39-495A-A531-397F148BBC33 Mount View Cummingston
Main Street, Cummingston
P A IV30 5XY 1653m n7847431489 1614m * 2023‑08
AAA34D90-446E-4AA5-BA1C-AFDA009E3BC7 Banbridge Angling Club Ltd
Aughnacloy Road, Katesbridge
P A BT32 5QG 1649m       2023‑08
9829EC56-CFBA-43CD-BAEF-AFFD00E01833 Pintalia
U42 At South Shian From A828t Junction To Glaceriska Road, Appin
P A PA38 4BA 1645m       2023‑08
9C2D14EB-3088-4F4D-8ED9-3A32C134F05B Craigantlet House Stables
58 Dunlady Road, Craigogantlet Dundonald
P A BT16 1TT 1644m       2023‑08
619702BE-254E-4A2C-A63B-F8F6453E216C Heddlu Dyfed-Powys Police Headquarters
Gymnasium / Sports Hall, Llangunnor Road
R A SA31 2PF 1642m       6 2023‑08
AD2B09D5-0F18-4E06-8574-B11600E4B80D Armadale Village Hall
Armadale Hall, Thurso, Highlands, Armadale
P A D KW14 7SA 1634m       1 2024‑03
F22D16D2-D498-4E77-9337-F0012259A12A Halkyn Village Hall
Pentre Halkyn, Holywell
P A CH8 8HP 1633m       1 2023‑10
EE6EB15B-DB14-490B-A4F2-AD440069A41E Ugthorpe Lodge Caravan Park
Guisborough Road, Whitby
P A YO21 2BE 1631m       2023‑08
695D9BD9-6CE8-4255-B222-770403D3EB06 Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church Garage
Trinity Hill, Sutton Coldfield
P A B72 1TA 1629m       4 2023‑08
1B2B05D3-8F40-4AA7-B469-ADB3011AE8F0 Ardochy Cottages Ardochy House
Glengarry, Invergarry
P A PH35 4HR 1622m       2023‑08
CF5300B2-FEEE-4949-8039-ADC801022E01 Brownsea Island
John Lewis Hotel, Brownsea Island
R A BH13 7EE 1616m       2023‑08
01B98D10-A8BD-440C-B434-ADB700E225DF Bermuda Holiday Park
246 Newport Road, Hemsby
P A NR29 3NN 1607m       2023‑08
1A044987-05FC-4910-BCFC-B16D01016914 Museum
94a Halftown Road, Lisburn
R V BT27 5RF 1607m       1 2024‑06
2946BAC3-5202-4238-9396-B14F0096FD05 The Devils Dyke
Devils Dyke Hotel M&B, Devils Dyke Road
P V BN1 8YJ 1601m       2024‑05
5CEFD8D8-387B-4284-99D6-AD7C0086EEC1 Insh Hall
B970 Insh - Feshie Bridge, Kingussie
P A PH21 1NU 1600m       2023‑08
B6BC011E-CB94-4FB1-9B54-AD1E00E10489 Estate Yard Office
Queen Street, Waddesdon
P A HP18 0JW 1593m       2023‑08
9737C9DA-B1DB-46B1-9A27-AAAB00EBA354 Busy Bees Nursery
Bantock Way, Biggleswade
P V SG18 8UQ 1589m       1 2024‑02
476011B4-83F4-4014-868A-70F7F0EB8B4E Eurospar Clough
2-4 Main Street, Seaforde
P A BT30 8PA 1588m       1 2023‑08
0263855E-C712-4F4A-99CA-B07D009BB9B0 Fairburn House Nursing Home,
Fairburn House, Fairburn
P A IV6 7UT 1584m       2023‑10
92384FEE-1F6E-4779-A90F-ADE300D1B4CA Leighfield Bridleway C72
P A LE15 8DB 1584m       2023‑08
622C541F-2A44-4BDA-85B2-AD7800B58019 Newfield Cottage
Hill Road, Shapinsay
P A KW17 2DZ 1583m n11117494432 44m * 2023‑08
AAE184E1-8A8B-4888-9ECF-AFE101258847 Croft 6 (Private House)
Croft 6, Kylerhea
P A IV42 8NH 1582m       2023‑10
6466B620-A74C-44C2-A254-AD250165A03F Camping In The Forest Llp
Denny Wood Campsite, Beaulieu Road
P A SO43 7FZ 1580m       2023‑08
C873CC7B-0F38-4534-A40A-B0010108D879 Public Telephone 27m From Clova Hotel, 7m From B955
B955 West From The Zu405 At Clova Hotel To Fork At Gella, Glen Clova
P A DD8 4QS 1580m n6634903474 12m * 2023‑08
49349AD1-2DA6-4769-AE09-B00B00C8F478 Pen Y Glol Caravan Park
Tan Yr Allt Junction To Gelli Junction, Lloc
P A CH8 8RG 1577m       2023‑08
916EEE32-08D6-4581-9764-AE540088B0ED Forest Holidays Delamere Forest
Ashton Road, Frodsham, Northwich, Cheshire
P A WA6 6PA 1569m       2023‑08
7BC7B3F0-3C36-4713-88F5-980C616115AF Louth Town Football Club
Marshlands Main Rd, Saltfleetby Louth
P A LN11 7SS 1566m       2023‑08
4930F893-78FD-4083-BF39-B1100117EA97 Macfie Hall
B709 B7007 At Garvald To B709 At Sandyknowe, Heriot
P A EH38 5YE 1553m       2024‑03
F1241266-407D-40CE-AB19-B02A00CB0896 Grange Barn Newsells Park Stud
Royston Road, Barkway
R V SG8 8DY 1552m       2 2023‑08
98E39947-2969-4492-A310-B01D007BAB7A Dobbies Garden Centre Rugby
Straight Mile, Burton-On-Dunsmore
P V CV23 9QQ 1546m       1 2023‑08
EBDB7F95-600D-4702-ADF3-AFDC010054C3 Sumburgh Head Lighthouse
Sumburgh Head, Sumburgh
P A ZE3 9JN 1546m       2023‑08
1127EAB5-5129-4560-AA8F-AFD200BC2E4A Penterry Farm
Chapel Hill Road, Penterry
P A NP16 6HG 1545m       1 2023‑08
FD093816-EB8D-4F2D-9FC9-AC7A00E443CE Old Post Office House
B9007 Lochindorb Road Junction - A939 Junction, Glenferness
P A IV12 5UP 1545m n11057522805 26m * 2023‑08
579D1BFB-9CD5-427B-90B9-AF5600B94CCF University Of Warwick - Warwick Medical School
Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry
R V CV4 7AL 1544m       8 2024‑03
17E6E224-928A-4E90-9F85-ADB800EE545A Safari Drive Thru Entrance, Longleat Safari & Adventure Park
R V BA12 7QZ 1533m       2023‑08
8A63377A-C5D0-43DB-A65F-AE8200E5CF49 Forestry Crossroads Shenval
Glenurquhart, Drumnadrochit
P A IV63 6TW 1532m       2023‑08
EB0B0654-E2CF-4FE7-A4B4-F63D763C106E Nantmor Mountain Centre
Nant Gwynant, Caernarfon
P A LL55 4NL 1531m n10057161184 4m   2024‑06
0F22D767-9365-4DCD-BDAE-C37C03316BE5 Unit 5 Block 2
Forest Grove Business Park, Ballylenaghan Upper Belfast
R V BT8 6AW 1530m       2 2023‑08
46BB5168-9C70-4E8C-80FB-AB4F00E2028F Ysgol Treffynnon
Pen-Y-Maes Road, Holywell
P V CH8 7EN 1530m       2023‑08
862F4CD6-8B42-4D6D-A335-AB4F00E00CD0 Ysgol Treffynnon/Maes Y Felin
Pen-Y-Maes Road, Holywell
P V CH8 7EN 1530m       2023‑08
9C42345A-2267-4074-BA49-B11E00A13B57 Ig11 0an
The Wilds Ecology Centre, Northgate Road
P A IG11 0AN 1530m       3 2024‑03
1F2C6D97-0213-43C5-81D5-AFF20068BDA8 Coastguards Lookout Martins Haven
62.25 Row Martins Haven, Haverfordwest
P A SA62 3BJ 1525m       2 2023‑08
DE09EFAF-DED5-405C-AE5C-B01B00DDC2CD Dobbies Garden Centre Gloucester
Bath Road, Haresfield
P V GL10 3DP 1525m       1 2023‑08
EB60B5A9-EEDB-457B-B7F8-A49A1D07C2C0 Chatsworth Caravan Club Site
General Area Of, Chatsworth Bakewell
R A DE45 1PN 1524m       2023‑08
195EB899-71F2-4A42-88F4-ADD6011172F8 Vale Royal Abbey Arms Hotel
Chester Road, Oakmere
P A CW8 2HB 1522m       2023‑08
024D47B0-9430-49FD-A9CD-AE6600E09B68 Public Conveniences Craig Goch Dam
U1551 Road Across Craig Goch Dam From Unadopted Road To C1206, Rhayader
P A LD6 5HS 1515m n5028044721 32m * 2023‑08
CD98B7FD-D95D-493F-86AE-6A9511FB179B The Deepings Caravan Park
Towngate East, Market Deeping
P A PE6 8LQ 1511m       2024‑03
D1E84EED-E1E6-4FBD-BA1A-AF6200C7C007 20 Hayfell Road
P A WN3 5SA 1510m       2023‑08
40C6E76A-0590-4987-B963-B02000EAC605 Abriachan Village Hall
Abriachan, Inverness
P A IV3 8LB 1502m n9335614809 9m * 2023‑08

Recorded location coincides with postcode centroid

Found 11637 AEDs with a location in The Circuit that is less than 1m from the centroid of the given postcode. This suggests that the AED guardian has not updated the location from the initial suggestion based on the postcode entered, in which case the location may be slightly off.

Circuit UUID Circuit Location Circuit Postcode OSM ID Distance
to Match
CMU First Seen
2DF4D5A7-E784-46B7-BFAD-AE4400DAA7B0 Robert Gordon College
Schoolhill, Aberdeen
AB10 1FE       2023‑08
7BA77A6B-A00B-4D0D-B482-AE8200E3B690 Robert Gordons College
Robert Gordon College, Schoolhill
AB10 1FE       2023‑08
AE5FDBCD-0656-4B60-A04E-AE4400E70675 Robert Gordon College
Schoolhill, Aberdeen
AB10 1FE       2023‑08
D86495F2-7D60-4BF7-AC73-AE8200E4D9EF Robert Gordon College
Schoolhill, Aberdeen
AB10 1FE       2023‑08
245B9E25-8C7A-491A-BB85-B0C300F1792F Aberdeen Grammar School
Skene Street, Aberdeen
AB10 1HT       2023‑12
5FDBBCEC-24D1-40C6-82F7-ADFA00A68FE8 Gilcomstoun School
Skene Street, Aberdeen
AB10 1PG       2023‑08
1727A681-E6B5-4043-8A57-B10F00BCE694 Aberdeen
20 Golden Square, Aberdeen
AB10 1RE       2024‑03
2D57BFDA-3AD1-4447-83D1-AEFA0083EF19 Space Solutions (Scotland) Ltd
Bishop House, 50 Carden Place
AB10 1UP       2023‑08
381BB28A-38A6-4CAA-8671-AF71010DB922 Aberdeen Bridge Club- To Rhs In Hallway Immediately Before Stairs
14 Rubislaw Terrace, Aberdeen
AB10 1XE       2023‑08
C7C840AA-A171-4B0E-9A8B-B06900F13843 Aberdeenshire Cricket Club
Morningside Road, Aberdeen
AB10 7FB       2023‑10
398E491A-8203-4E2F-ADDF-ADF70091757D Waterloo Quay Properties Ltd
Provender House, 37 Waterloo Quay
AB11 5BS       2023‑08
DC1DB703-1052-4BA2-8FF1-AF9500FC839C O2 Store (0425) Aberdeen - Union Square
Unit Gs2 Union Square Shopping Centre, Scotland
AB11 5RG       2023‑10
A808D049-2A9F-4EF8-B8B0-AE7800892D2C Gorevega
Neo House, Riverside Drive
AB11 7LH       2023‑08
5BA00145-4E1F-403A-B38A-AE0100BFAE0D The White Cockade
2 Oscar Road, Aberdeen
AB11 8ER       2023‑08
1EE14942-624C-4721-82C1-ADCF00F735CA Tullos Primary School
Girdleness Road, Aberdeen
AB11 8FJ       2023‑08
B9B9FD39-674A-4199-B08A-AC4600849246 Charleston Primary School
101 Charleston Road, Aberdeen
AB12 3FH       2023‑08
F8ECC8CA-6067-47D5-8AE0-AF310138CC50 Suez Recycling & Recovery
Altens East Recycling And Resource Facility Altens Industrial Estate, Hareness Place
AB12 3GX       2023‑08
B5FF79BB-A4AC-47A9-9A39-AF2700C46287 Royal Mail Aberdeen Mc/Ld/St/Rtw/Do
Wellington Circle, Aberdeen, Aberdeen
AB12 3TT       2023‑08
CEF60AF2-BDF6-430F-BCE2-AF6400D2C5E8 Toby Carvery - The Cocket Hat
North Anderson Drive, Aberdeen
AB15 6DW       2023‑08
CBD6F23A-2013-4073-8C78-B0AC00B8B1F7 Airyhall School
Countesswells Road, Aberdeen
AB15 8AD       2023‑11
989FC19A-D076-4CA8-8683-ADF000C7F6AF Hazlehead Academy
Groats Road, Aberdeen
AB15 8BE       2023‑08
A453992F-CBE6-42CD-B2AF-B07C01088830 Cults Primary School
Earlswells Road, Aberdeen
AB15 9RG       2023‑10
3D8A41E4-B52E-421F-B8BD-AFEF00DF9EDF Tesco Stores Ltd
393 North Deeside Road, Aberdeen
AB15 9SX       2023‑08
9D402E40-1D21-46FB-AFEB-B0980083DEE7 Cairncry Community Centre
Foresterhill Road, Aberdeen
AB16 5HL       2023‑11
760235FF-8D13-4C33-9A68-AFF70098EFEF Sse Office
200 Ashgrove Road West, Aberdeen
AB16 5NY       2023‑08
2C477E37-AFB4-4899-BF2C-B07D00AF1306 Muirfield School
Mastrick Drive, Aberdeen
AB16 6UE       2023‑10
2043979B-EB0E-4F94-B8B2-B11B009F26F3 Northfield Academy
Granitehil Place, Aberdeen
AB16 7AU       2024‑03
EC529324-6083-47D6-8B7A-B02300C92269 Adjacent To Main Office Door Of Bramble Brae School
Bramble Brae Primary School, Cummings Park Drive
AB16 7BL       2023‑08
517C9C37-4E46-458D-8EEE-B02600B4F705 Westpark School
Cruden Crescent, Aberdeen
AB16 7JD       2023‑08
DB849A26-0972-4550-B6DB-AE0100ED5D5F Crowne Plaza Aberdeen Airport
Unit 2 A B Z Business Park, International Gate
AB21 0BE       2023‑08
43A089A4-5E4C-4398-98D7-ADE100EA7856 Unit 3 A B Z Business Park
International Avenue, Aberdeen
AB21 0BH       2023‑08
78654B20-5C6C-4DAF-9BA5-AB1F0130618B Premier Inn
Argyll Way, Aberdeen
AB21 0BN       2023‑08
CFC3CF3F-B443-4125-AAA5-AE2100AA7110 Kuehne-Nagel
Aberdeen International Business Park, Building 2, Level 1, 2 Dyce Drive
AB21 0BR       2023‑08
72E77068-F00D-4CFF-8326-AC0600C62697 Overton Garage Ltd
Dyce, Aberdeen
AB21 0EQ       2023‑08
83619F40-841F-4BAA-AD77-B0D900B1F16B European Marine Management Corporation Ltd
Howe Moss Place, Aberdeen
AB21 0GS       2024‑01
A8486530-9EEC-4598-ABC0-B0D900B322A0 European Marine Management Corporation Ltd
Howe Moss Place, Aberdeen
AB21 0GS       2024‑01
8367E5EF-61F4-45FE-B3B7-ADF282B57EFC Rotary Club Of Blackburn And District
Kinghorn Bodyshop, Woodburn Road
AB21 0PS       2023‑08
E56AE6C3-35B3-47FC-9250-B00400AA9246 Tulloch Farm
Sruc, Craibstone Estate
AB21 9TB       2023‑08
970FB12F-3679-4B9D-9EF3-AE3600EA4A96 Tesco
Tesco Stores Ltd, Laurel Drive
AB22 8HB       2023‑10
49F8E7B3-DA60-40D5-BA96-ADF2008A5CE3 Danestone Primary School
Fairview Brae, Aberdeen
AB22 8ZN       2023‑08
D94F0870-0A1E-4644-AF25-ADE101015679 Gs Hydro Uk Ltd
Unit A, Broadfold Road
AB23 8EE       2023‑08
C3820BD9-64C2-4569-94F7-AF5800B5EB40 Global Port Services
8 Claymore Avenue, Aberdeen
AB23 8GW       2023‑08
D942963E-3616-4602-AF90-A1D81A149760 Belhelvie Community First Responders
Cadger Garage (Mot Parking Area), Belhelvie Village
AB23 8YU       2023‑08
14C7C2A5-2C4C-4391-865A-AE3F006F8302 Tesco Express
472 King St, 0
AB24 3DF n11888525478 5m   2023‑08
8A134346-F1F4-471E-8C3E-F6715742CBD8 Fire Station- Outside To Lhs If Main Station Entrance
Mounthooly Way, Aberdeen
AB24 3ER       2023‑08
1EB8B54F-19A7-4F23-9778-ADF000D59CA7 Kittybrewster Primary School
Great Northern Road, Aberdeen
AB24 3QG       2023‑08
C666F08F-302A-446B-B5A2-AFF9008B3AAF Kittybrewster Primary School
Great Northern Road, Aberdeen
AB24 3QG       2023‑08
494BC6C6-7BA0-48EC-8321-B08A009C99E1 St Machar Academy
St Machar Drive, Aberdeen
AB24 3YZ       2023‑10
F81CEFB2-7E69-4867-81D6-ADF6010528AD Woodside Primary School
Clifton Road, Aberdeen
AB24 4EA       2023‑08
A894A3D4-1608-4553-9306-ADF800947085 Hanover Street School
Hanover Street Primary School, Beach Boulevard
AB24 5HN       2023‑08
E14D73FA-CE05-4437-BD9E-D9D4B5C22B65 Village Hall- On O/S Wall By Carpark
Unnamed Road, Marykirk Laurencekirk
AB30 1UT n10119550268 212m * 2023‑08
629509FC-F484-4171-8B24-B07B00979B29 Woodside Veterinary Group
Woodside Road, Torphins
AB31 4TR       2023‑10
6355D224-F0BD-4B96-8C58-AE2800E3C88D Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco, Hill Of Banchory East
AB31 5NY n5316173785 34m   2023‑08
4EB06AE5-5D9D-44AF-A39A-AAEE00C67B16 Cala Homes
Burnland Meadows Development, Straik Road
AB32 6AE       2023‑08
074F70D1-D92C-47FC-B6EF-AF2400F16EEE Oilenco Ltd
Silvertrees Drive, Westhill
AB32 6BH       2023‑08
F9788EDB-CF61-4EB1-8DF8-B0280087B672 Proserv House - Ground Floor
Proserv House Prospect Park, Prospect Road
AB32 6FJ       2023‑08
B38E2F40-CC1F-4DEA-803F-0BEC79E326E3 Cala Homes Kingshill Park- In Main Kitchen On 1st Floor
Venture Drive, Arnhall Business Park Westhill
AB32 6FL       2023‑08
E636D89B-922A-4C01-81DB-465614E42AF7 Acumen Financial Planning 4 Kingshill Park At Reception
Venture Drive, Arnhall Business Park Westhill
AB32 6FL       2023‑08
6084DDAB-0423-4B88-BEED-AFAB00EABAEE Unit 2/3 Ashdale Drive
AB32 6LP       2023‑08
983F7F57-BBDF-4271-A48C-AAD801090FDD Milne Hall
Kirkton Of Skene, Westhill
AB32 6XE       2023‑08
0C074686-751B-4477-8520-B16400A36B2C Young Smile Dental Care
Unit 1-2, Haughton Coury
AB33 8DW       2024‑06
9AFD85D5-1058-4ADF-B8D5-74653B2DD208 On East Facing Wall Of Central Garage
General Area Of, Glenkindie Alford
AB33 8RE       2023‑08
0D5E8904-0D4C-4CF5-BD5A-82DF08188847 Aberdeenshire Council
North External Wall Of Ballogie Nursery, U16m B976 At Ballogie School Via Slidderybrae To C17m North Of Belhangie
AB34 5DP       2023‑08
17F663CA-D7CF-437B-8087-AD3900E3EF11 Aboyne Community Shed
Cemetery Road, Aboyne
AB34 5DZ       2023‑08
B899E8FD-1C71-407F-B4D0-AAD200E575C0 Victoria Hall
Albert & Victoria Hall, Station Square
AB35 5QB       2023‑08
36652F31-3BED-45D4-831A-C31F3A131D49 Glenshee Ski Centre- On O/S Wall
General Area Of, Braemar Ballater
AB35 5XU n9384514332 70m   2023‑08
2FD51F57-D17B-411A-8A63-AD0B0149E16A Mackie Academy
Slug Road, Stonehaven
AB39 3DF       2023‑08
50EC9E85-4F8F-469B-BBD9-B04B00D2F25D W M Donald Ltd
W M Donald, B979 C12k Junction At Netherley Smithy To Cairniehillock
AB39 3QP       2023‑08
1DC47A54-E2FD-40FC-8EF2-B08300859A42 Aberdeenshire Council
Lairhillock School, C13k North Rothnick Access Road To C5k At Lairhillock
AB39 3QS       2023‑10
534A1962-7F89-475E-B088-AF910099C9D8 Chapelton Community Interest Company
The Hut Liddell Park, Footpath At Liddell Park
AB39 8BA       2023‑08
96FDE532-C8CA-4F55-96B5-B0B300BCF64B Aberdeenshire Council
Ellon Academy Community Campus, Kellie Pearl Way
AB41 8LF       2023‑12
25D1FE07-79FA-4363-8BEC-AE8C01052E1F Toolden Ltd
Toolden Ltd Esslemont Industrial Estate, A920 Riverside Road Ellon South West To Hillhead Of Esslemont Access Road
AB41 8NW       2023‑08
2AF291F6-CC04-42AA-BEDA-AE2100F9DCF4 Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco Supermarket, Castle Road
AB41 9RY       2023‑10
72F1F0A7-697A-484D-BB65-AFC500F7E87F Peterhead Community Council
Buchan House, St Peter Street
AB42 1QF       2023‑08
BE7F6BBA-300F-4EC0-BBA1-AD4400EF3665 Hawco Volkswagen
20-28 York Street, Peterhead
AB42 1RS       2023‑08
D07DA549-44A9-4E88-908E-B11700DCCA32 Bilbo
Former Moss Side Military Base, Crimond
AB43 8QU       2024‑03
26722DB5-C2AA-48A3-8F96-ABF100DE2ECF Ark Court
5 Ark Court, Henderson Road
AB43 9SY       2023‑08
9D89A301-B563-473B-93EE-B106010D19EE Macduff Sports Centre
Duff Street, Macduff
AB44 1AA       2024‑02
B2822B6C-B74F-4C02-8B47-62A9BCD8027C On The Outside Wall Of New Premier Store (Old Cutty Site)
Whitehills Premier, 8 Loch Street
AB45 2LT       2023‑08
DC90C5EE-8A14-4D52-8DC1-B04600D3A2EE Whitehills Marina
Harbour Office, Harbour Place
AB45 2NQ       2023‑08
C2A9175F-6D14-4BA3-94AF-AF4300DAA21F Crc
Tofthills Avenue, Kintore
AB51 0QP       2023‑08
8207B9CB-5C1D-4426-90AC-AD470107D090 Laings Bathroom & Kitchen Centre
Unit 2, Souterford Avenue
AB51 0ZJ       2023‑08
1756E1F7-D961-4013-B5AB-6CB0D3C41E8C Market Place- O/S Peterkins Solicitors Shop Front
1 Inver House, Inverurie
AB51 3SN n10219229720 13m   2023‑08
CB4DD8F7-FE13-4DBC-8453-AAD300A121AC Lodge St Anthony 154
Masonic Hall, 22 High Street
AB51 3XQ n10239743157 17m   2023‑08
DBE23DA2-AAF9-41E3-8342-AC4400E5E349 Aberdeenshire Council
Kellands School, From Firholme Place To Primary School
AB51 3YH       2023‑08
3BF8D829-A45A-411D-98FB-ADC000EB2EC7 Harlaw Park
Harlaw Drive, Inverurie
AB51 4SF       2023‑08
283F63D1-AED9-42DB-9C57-AB27012BE756 Dalmadilly Farm
AB51 5PB       2023‑08
8448B74B-7E7A-4A73-9646-B06C014CE67A Maybank Court- Under Arch In Cabinet
Balmellie Street, Turriff
AB53 4DE       2023‑10
62DE900F-F561-47AF-99C0-AFA70001CBD8 Turriff Angling Association
Fishing Hut, Deveron Road
AB53 4ND       2023‑08
BBCE1A18-B5EA-48F1-8BC1-2E848EDA5A76 Morrison Motors Turriff Ltd- Main Entrance, Rhs On Wall
General Area Of, Turriff
AB53 5TA       2023‑12
E128A3CF-D765-4FB6-B95C-AB7C01440F08 Auchterless Residents Assoc.
Auchterless School, Auchterless
AB53 8BA       2023‑08
C8A25067-D62D-40F5-99AF-AB0F00D84E56 The Acorn
U86h A941 Near Crofthead Via Lower Cabrach School To C8h Near Lesmurdie House, Lower Cabrach
AB54 4EU       2023‑08
E4B7A7DD-F8CA-49FA-8611-AED100D11EA6 Forestry And Land Scotland
Ordiquhill, B9022 A96t North Of Huntly To Croft Of Dykeside Access Road
AB54 4SJ       2023‑08
BFE5BEE7-7630-43E5-A236-9AB2092F7D38 Keith Golf Club- At Front Door Of Clubhouse
Mar Court, Keith
AB55 5GF       2023‑08
F83F536C-94D9-4C0C-A0FD-C83F397A0DAC Keith Swimming Pool- Outside Main Entrance
Banff Road, Keith
AB55 5GT       2023‑08
3F1E3769-F53E-4CC3-ACDB-ACA101270E00 Keith Builders Merchants
9 Edindiach Road, Keith
AB55 5JY       2023‑08
B5C21256-500E-41DA-9CB4-AE3C009300D2 Dustys Customs
1 Moss Street, Keith
AB55 5NG       2023‑08
6A76CA93-AB7A-4CA1-B433-AF0F0155D22A Hanover Housing
Linn Coort, Linn Avenue
AB56 1LY       2023‑08
8E79347A-62FB-4435-B799-AE3800C1B1F0 Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco Stores Limited, High Street
AB56 4AB       2023‑10
7A20A6DA-C8C3-4D9C-8C04-AE9A00CBA7CA Aztec Oils
6 March Lane, Buckie
AB56 4BB       2023‑08
409CDCDD-16D1-49B8-A1DB-5EAE8C5A018A Cullen Golf Club
The Links, Cullen Buckie
AB56 4WB       2023‑08
88DDB84E-F4D7-44D2-BC48-AD73011474A3 Gateway House
Enzie, Buckie
AB56 5BL       2023‑08
15A89F57-662C-4B86-947B-B06C00CC82CB Abbey Theatre
Holywell Hill, St Albans
AL1 2DL       2023‑10
7B19BC8A-DDD7-482D-8489-AE3100FE8822 Watling View School
Watling View, St Albans
AL1 2NU       2023‑08
82A054E3-78E1-4FEC-A530-AE4400EEF688 Tesco Stores Ltd
33-39 St Peters Street, St Albans
AL1 3EB       2023‑08
E33B74A3-35EE-4595-B5D5-B03100A8F10A The Alban Arena
St Peter's Street, St Albans
AL1 3LD       2023‑08
976FF4B5-9747-4B94-AA45-AEC80098B554 Regency House Dental Clinic
28 St Peters Street, St Albans
AL1 3NA       2023‑08
88A5CC7E-8CA2-4019-BBBA-AEBD0082A290 National Pharmaceutical Association
Mallinson House, 38-42 St Peters Street
AL1 3NP       2023‑08
1D1930E0-AB40-4E70-B46C-AEED0094A196 St Albans District Council
St Albans Cricket Club The Pavilion Clarence Park, Clarence Road
AL1 4NF       2023‑08
D2D3CA7C-6675-4032-949E-ADD600B4C2A5 Samuel Ryder Academy
Drakes Drive, St Albans
AL1 5AR       2023‑08
8895C878-247B-48DE-B273-AF9E009E8990 Royal Mail St Albans Road Transport Workshop
Royal Mail St Albans Workshop, Brick Knoll Park
AL1 5BB       2023‑08
F72FA8AB-64B5-4379-BCD0-AF3C008BBF73 Royal Mail St Albans Do
Royal Mail - St Albans Delivery Office, Brick Knoll Park
AL1 5BB       2023‑08
D3FA181A-7649-42A6-A85C-B07A00E498DA Durkan Homes Development
Overfield Close, Hatfield
AL10 8AB       2023‑10
6048BEEF-6E0A-412F-8CA4-AD8E00DFA7D8 Hat Tech Business Centre Beaconsfield Court
Beaconsfield Road, Hatfield
AL10 8FF       2023‑08
22BE47A4-788D-4517-A173-B05000A7B40C Gracemead Church
City Church Gracemead House, Woods Avenue
AL10 8HX       2023‑08
5BE6FDBB-4FD4-4892-A760-B04B00E95A7A Bhgs
Bishops Hatfield Girls School, Woods Avenue
AL10 8NL       2023‑08
AC010588-74DD-4AD7-AACD-AD4E008EC93E Primary School
Oak View Primary And Nursery School, Woods Avenue
AL10 8NW       2023‑08
3CCE5DAE-7ECF-4373-818E-B04A007E020D Daycare
Howe Dell School, The Runway
AL10 9AH       2023‑08
A6E512BC-507E-4ABD-B67A-B04A007A2702 Howe Dell School
The Runway, Hatfield
AL10 9AH       2023‑08
144DB41F-ACA8-406D-864B-AE300077669E David Lloyd - Hatfield
The Listed Hangar, Mosquito Way
AL10 9AX       2023‑08
C5D4103D-123C-40DA-A765-B09600D96314 University Bus Ltd
University Bus Garage, Gypsy Moth Avenue
AL10 9BS       2023‑11
ADE63FD8-A151-4310-A4F0-B01200BE3761 Comet Hotel
St Albans Road West, Hatfield
AL10 9RH       2023‑08
32576AA1-F6E2-44E4-989A-AF3400D56D6B Royal Mail Hatfield Processing Ctr Ld
Hatfield Business Park, Hatfield, Hatfield
AL10 9SL       2023‑08
9026EC2D-5337-4BE3-8C68-AF6A00F57EB7 The Colney Fox M&B
1 Barnet Road, London Colney
AL2 1BL       2023‑08
1FA44DC4-D9C5-4F7D-B988-AE82009A318F Aylett Nurseries
North Orbital Road, St Albans
AL2 1DH       2023‑08
87DDDA77-307F-496D-86E8-AFE30117C6E2 Burston Garden Centre
North Orbital Road, Chiswell Green
AL2 2DS       2023‑08
D7B7FAA4-80CB-491E-A759-B08B00E78297 Prae Wood Primary School
King Harry Lane, St Albans
AL3 4HZ       2023‑10
A3735699-B8B4-4B5B-9DFE-B04200915E0C Aboyne Lodge School
Etna Road, St Albans
AL3 5NL       2023‑08
7E792334-6C09-4267-82F0-AE0E0120CD7B The Lodge Health Partnership
The Lodge Surgery, Normandy Road
AL3 5NP       2023‑08
B8D8B469-9881-447D-8E1E-B0AF00DA93AF Grove House
1 Lavender Crescent, St Albans
AL3 5QX       2023‑12
C795AA25-7B10-4D2B-9600-B03700601248 Batchwood Sports Centre Batchwood Hall
Batchwood Drive, St Albans
AL3 5XA       2023‑08
8F1DF3B0-97DF-41B0-97B2-AE5F00D48A87 St Albans Girls School
Sandridgebury Lane, St Albans
AL3 6DB       2023‑08
25C62163-79FA-4241-A770-AEC80097D2B2 High Oaks Dental Practice
26 High Oaks, St. Albans
AL3 6DL       2023‑08
CE3A0EFB-B568-4934-95BB-B01A00ACA701 St Lukes School
Crouch Hall Lane, Redbourn
AL3 7ET       2023‑08
02B59704-8331-4F70-A597-AE2E0168AA43 Redbourn Playing Fields Trust
Redbourn Recreation Centre, Dunstable Road
AL3 7PP       2023‑08
B5DC1352-CEC4-4B5C-90F2-ADD600AAFD1E Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing Centre
Highfield Park Drive, St Albans
AL4 0AH       2023‑08
56C09918-F2AB-4906-A513-AE0F01021D82 Jacob Court
61 Russet Drive, St Albans
AL4 0AY       2023‑08
164A7055-9632-455E-80F8-AD8900BBF971 Nicholas Breakspear Rc School
Colney Heath Lane, St Albans
AL4 0TT       2023‑08
46C96A46-699B-4D10-8F21-B0DC00F247F1 17 Hill Dyke Road
AL4 8TU       2024‑01
3167936B-B8FA-4449-88CD-AD5600D89CCD Sandridge Parish Council
Marshalswick Community Centre, The Ridgeway
AL4 9TU       2023‑08
29A83B5A-9730-4AEF-9AC3-AE3100B1C42E Harpenden Common Golf Club
Cravells Road, East Common
AL5 1BL       2023‑08
7A7A27A6-6B00-4AC5-90D3-B16400E034B9 Roundwood Primary School
Roundwood Park, Harpenden
AL5 3AD       2024‑06
1EB1673C-4A7C-43C5-A42F-AEF900A75020 Roundwood Park School
Roundwood Park, Harpenden
AL5 3AE       2023‑08
B1EBA6E5-AEA4-4D13-8A43-AFF700A1D11B 6th Form Block, First Floor Common Room
Roundwood Park School, Roundwood Park
AL5 3AE       2023‑08
B70827F7-8895-4961-8FAC-B0AD0081CD54 Sir John Lawes School
Manland Way, Harpenden
AL5 4QP       2023‑11
DD2547FB-FA83-45E8-87C8-B0F80098A726 Manland Primary School
Sauncey Avenue, Harpenden
AL5 4QW       2024‑02
C00EBA9D-A3EC-482E-BD6F-AF54010A2699 Savills (Uk) Ltd
2 Station Road, Harpenden
AL5 4SD       2023‑08
27CB2B62-F32D-4BAE-ACF9-AF3900E30A6B Batford Springs Nature Reserve Centre
93 Lower Luton Road, Harpenden
AL5 5AJ       2023‑08
CE322FC3-F1CD-4E83-A857-B03C00D27D0E Sauncey Wood Primary School
Pickford Hill, Harpenden
AL5 5HL       2023‑08
242DB482-547B-4D4E-A020-ADE300D283C0 Bridge Cottage Surgery
41 High Street, Welwyn
AL6 9EF       2023‑08
8722B554-3628-484B-9D4C-AFA900E1A59C Welwyn Parish Council
Welwyn Civic Centre, Prospect Place
AL6 9ER       2023‑08
726EFF52-52C0-499D-ACE5-AEDD00E92276 Welwyn Parish Council
Parish Offices, Lockleys Drive
AL6 9NT       2023‑08
3E1E54DE-83CA-4A07-928D-AE410121120A Rna Co Ltd
Royal Naval Association Club, Black Fan Road
AL7 1HA       2023‑08
25DD00DA-314E-42D9-BCAE-AD5800A2B74A Bennetts Auto Components Ltd
3 Prime Point, Bessemer Road
AL7 1HU       2023‑08
F5D43974-3BA9-440D-AB56-AFD900DFEC53 Silver Fox Ltd
Unit 2 Swallow Court, Swallowfields
AL7 1SA       2023‑08
1AE060BA-5591-4A02-A19C-AD9900835E62 Football And Social Club
Herns Way, Welwyn Garden City
AL7 1TA       2023‑08
65FED362-B5DB-4C5E-AAA4-B0D500BC19C9 Weltech Business Centre
Administration Area Weltech Business Centre, Ridgeway
AL7 2AA       2024‑01
C7539213-6CDD-4E93-A688-AD8E00E7BD0B Weltech Business Centre
Ridgeway, Welwyn Garden City
AL7 2AA       2023‑08
407A2E5C-C855-4127-A01E-AD990084C1EE Attimore Barn
Ridgeway, Welwyn Garden City
AL7 2AD       2023‑08
249D1BEB-1D7B-4581-9E9F-B09E0096D344 1 Woodcot Lane
Welwyn Garden City,
AL7 2FA       2023‑11
940F6404-2041-4B5D-B43A-AE300114EA36 Panshanger Football Club Moneyhole Recreational Ground
Sylvan Way, Welwyn Garden City
AL7 2RT       2023‑08
61A6E162-5DD3-45D2-AA79-B10000BDD29A Swallow Dell Primary School
Blackthorn Road, Welwyn Garden City
AL7 3JP       2024‑02
8B6465D1-45C9-48CD-AE56-ADFA009AAB05 Douglas Tilbe House
Hall Grove, Welwyn Garden City
AL7 4PH       2023‑08
3C910371-6643-4EF5-848D-AD4E009B09A3 Waitrose
Waitrose Ltd, Bridge Road
AL8 6AB       2023‑08
E89B26F4-2E6F-40ED-87C4-B17E00C68031 Waitrose
Waitrose Ltd, Bridge Road
AL8 6AB       2024‑06
21E58942-863C-4333-890E-AD6E00AA4F90 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Council Offices, The Campus
AL8 6AE       2023‑08
972AFCDB-2006-4802-A207-AD7300F36562 Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Campus West, The Campus
AL8 6BX       2023‑08
FF3BCD38-2108-4091-ACAA-AD4E00A1A9E8 Welwyn Pegasus Football Club
Monks Walk School, Knightsfield
AL8 7NL       2023‑08
24AFA072-E4F4-444C-A83A-AD5A00AD0EF2 Hatfield Social Club
76 Great North Road, Hatfield
AL9 5ER       2023‑08
200F7C13-1ABD-4A7E-AF3A-B00200CB5C19 Tesco Stores Ltd
Great North Road, Hatfield
AL9 5JY       2023‑08
1897E0DB-30F7-4631-B961-AF9000EA8B05 Welwyn Hatfield Museum Service
Mill Green Mill And Museum, Bush Hall Lane
AL9 5PD       2023‑08
147B3570-13A1-46BA-BCEA-B04201120CE5 Quattro Depot
Bedwell Avenue, Essendon
AL9 6AA       2023‑08
7218BAED-B862-44AF-A53A-B0AE00936BA5 Hsbc
1 Centenary Square, Broad St
B1 1HQ       2023‑12
A30B561C-7E81-4988-94F0-B0AE0093A9D4 Hsbc
1 Centenary Square, Broad St
B1 1HQ       2023‑12
B4CC2E75-9912-42B9-B78A-B0AD010FB030 Hsbc
1 Centenary Square, Broad St
B1 1HQ       2023‑12
BDE64384-C94F-4580-BBB9-B0AE0093C374 Hsbc
1 Centenary Square, Broad St
B1 1HQ       2023‑12
E14388CC-C782-4D1A-B08A-B0AE0093878D Hsbc
1 Centenary Square, Broad St
B1 1HQ       2023‑12
585F91D0-0AF4-4051-8827-AF63011863D5 Fairman Social Care Ltd
Apartment 51 Skyline, 165 Granville Street
B1 1JW       2023‑08
A1E05DAD-A5B6-418B-A999-B02D00A7EC91 Tesco Bathrow Birming Express
165 Granville St, Birmingham
B1 1JW       2023‑08
46473EBD-919D-4712-A8AE-AF0700E2AAF1 Twenty Sixth And Part Twenty Seventh Floors Alpha Tower
Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham
B1 1TT       2023‑08
ECED7039-7276-4A98-9B3E-AF0700E19DC7 Marks&Clerk
Marks & Clerk, Alpha Tower
B1 1TT       2023‑08
715D1952-198A-4718-9E4A-ADFD00F8E556 Curtins Consulting Limited
Car Space 16 The Wharf, Bridge Street
B1 2JS       2023‑08
B17F6D89-ED8F-4E43-BF15-AEA2007A4E3E Jll
Lower Ground Floor Baskerville House, Broad Street
B1 2ND       2023‑08
3E9A31E6-80C2-47C7-9823-AFC800DA9D35 Holy Trinity Catholic Media Arts College
Oakley Road, Small Heath
B10 0AX       2023‑08
A301205E-1382-411F-AE15-1CA9D116DAAB Dental Surgery 103a
Golden Hillock Road, Birmingham
B10 0DP       2023‑08
E183CDB5-DF15-447B-BFFA-B0C301078D59 St. Paul's Children's Centre
10 Malvern Street, Balsall Heath
B12 8NN       2023‑12
472BC3F8-9F11-4A78-95F3-89A7E912CE6C Moseley Hall Hospital
Alcester Road, Birmingham
B13 8JL       2023‑08
259A7411-056C-4F2D-A29C-56F7FF33803B Moseley Community Development Trust Post Office Building 149-153
Alcester Road, Birmingham
B13 8JP n4200096406 29m * 2023‑08
2567A8A1-414B-4003-B0ED-AE6100CEFD07 Puregym
1059-1061 Alcester Road South, Birmingham
B14 5TN       2023‑08
AB545A17-2028-422C-8352-AF860157D56F Birmingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside 100 Broad Street, Opposite Fiveways
B15 1AE n12004762310 20m * 2023‑08
EF82AA7F-C1EC-4FF5-9F04-AAA101075FBA Valuation Office Agency
2 Broadway, Broad Street
B15 1BG       2023‑08
2973EFFB-57F5-4364-9B08-AF860157F31E Birmingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside 193 Broad Street, Birmingham
B15 1SU n12004762321 69m * 2023‑08
00D7B0EF-601B-4932-A799-ADD500F89A05 Warwick Crest
1 Arthur Road, Birmingham
B15 2LH       2023‑08
BACD2592-5C86-4CF5-93AD-B12C00C9A22E Shackleton Hall
University Of Birmingham, Birmingham
B15 3SX n8883235632 37m * 2024‑04
76F52623-AF1A-4442-BA82-AC4B00E869E3 Edgbaston Golf Club
25 Church Road, Birmingham
B15 3TB       2023‑08
1FF7313E-0876-4381-BADB-3574D0C15D16 Dental Surgery 280
Monument Road, Birmingham
B16 8XP       2023‑08
C369D590-2094-4770-A09B-AFA100EB2CB0 Harborne House
Tibbets Lane, Birmingham
B17 0SX       2023‑08
968500B2-86F2-4E4D-9971-AFA300A376E1 Dore House
56a Lordswood Road, Harborne
B17 9DA       2023‑08
8E83BB4F-2E52-48BE-8C12-ADD000DC7247 James E. Smith (Timber) Ltd
James E Smith (Timber) Ltd, Park Road
B18 5JA       2023‑08
24439E94-5DC9-4D03-8963-AEEE0099B0BF Cordia Blackswan Property Limited
22a Great Hampton Street, Birmingham
B18 6AH       2023‑08
B8428042-A210-462D-A173-B04700E3C5A3 Tesco Birmingham Hockly Express
10 Hall St, Birmingham
B18 6BB       2023‑08
05DEF903-A644-4FA8-B2B9-DDD13AF61152 Handsworth Grammar School For Boys
Grove Lane, Birmingham
B21 9ET       2023‑10
E52E479F-193D-40A5-B6A0-B03900A11304 Tesco Stores Ltd
Oxhill Rd, Handsworth
B21 9RR       2023‑08
6F31DBE5-DCE0-4BB6-9113-AE3800EBA50B Tesco
125 Sutton Road, Birmingham
B23 5TW       2023‑10
AF61C962-BC58-474C-B4A4-B08A009CE372 Yenton Primay School
Yenton Primary School, Chester Road
B24 0ED       2023‑10
A681D6D1-CA83-454A-AFA8-AD270088AD94 Hastingwood Industrial Park
Wood Lane, Tyburn
B24 9QR       2023‑08
C6D7D7C0-9B77-4DDA-AC89-AFDB00F1E534 The Yardley Great Trust Group
Foliot Fields, Stoney Lane
B25 8RF       2023‑08
32212C08-DB49-4BA5-B85A-B0A400FBC69F 241 Garretts Green Lane
B26 2SA       2023‑11
5B6A4EC8-C609-441A-B072-AF690126DE00 Toby Carvery - Sheldon
2225 Coventry Road, Birmingham
B26 3EH       2023‑08
9491D69C-804C-4737-ABF2-45D16C6D35AD Doctors Surgery 2314
Coventry Road, Birmingham
B26 3JS       2024‑05
A5FB6785-DB2C-4370-9A49-AF1001057C08 West Midlands Police
Acocks Green Police Station, 21 Yardley Rd
B27 6EF       2023‑08
3FBD8E6D-9FA9-4F8F-9A75-B0B6011FA09C Waitrose & Partners - Hall Green
1332 Stratford Road, Hall Green
B28 9EF       2023‑12
4A76B296-BD7A-483A-990A-ADE300A1D57E Christ Church
Christ Church Selly Park 953 Pershore Road Selly Park, 953 Pershore Road
B29 7PS       2023‑08
BF1C3A69-7C5B-46E3-BCE9-AF5C00F3ACF1 John Sisk Construction Site
Lionel Street, Turnstile Entrance
B3 1AT       2023‑08
584BE514-8C2B-427F-81A8-AEA0007C1B72 Estate Management Office Chamberlain Square Car Park
Summer Row, Birmingham
B3 1DE       2023‑08
EB8AD3B1-2297-439B-8478-AFDB00B525D5 University College Birmingham
Summer Row, Birmingham
B3 1JB       2023‑08
F9B9D4D3-5639-4547-8E64-AF2600E425D6 Ibis Styles Hotel - M&B
65 Lionel Street, Birmingham
B3 1JE       2023‑08
D30639D3-0E85-4D8A-AA8B-B03600BDA788 Savills (Uk) Ltd
6th Floor, 55 Colmore Row, Birmingham
B3 2AA       2023‑08
9173A9EB-989A-4CFD-80DC-B02300B52121 Mott Macdonald Reception
Mott Macdonald Ltd, 10 Livery Street
B3 2NU       2023‑08
8990C0E4-1098-49A7-ADF6-AEC101089843 First Floor
10 Colmore Row, Birmingham
B3 2QD       2023‑08
A728604D-46A9-4BB3-82CF-B08500CE0DD9 Edmund House Reception
12-22 Newhall Street, Birmingham
B3 3AS       2023‑10
DE46248C-055D-4715-9B64-B0B500D6E575 1-3 Newhall Street
B3 3NH       2023‑12
A506AD17-6B9C-45C0-8673-AF1001058D4E West Midlands Police
Bournville Police Station, 341 Bournville Ln
B30 1QX       2023‑08
404840AB-8821-45BB-AB6C-ADF300B872E9 Silverstone Court
River Brook Drive, Birmingham
B30 2SH       2023‑08
E20E1DA7-0F6D-461A-8A7B-AFD500924109 The Highlander
Merritts Hill, Birmingham
B31 1TN       2023‑08
1714ED23-7485-42B8-B090-C5DF1090BD59 Northfield Shopping Centre - 1st Floor Security Office
Security Office 1st Floor, Bristol Road South
B31 2JU       2023‑08
9615C085-F0D0-41F5-9F82-B12200D845E5 Edge Academy Trust
946 Bristol Road South, Northfield
B31 2LQ       2024‑03
A8F1CB7B-5125-4893-83B0-43C537EBDFE7 Saxon Court
Saxon Court 300, Turves Green
B31 4BY       2023‑08
53342983-F7A3-4652-A567-192A5795784E Albert Bradbeer Primary Academy
Longbridge Lane, Birmingham
B31 4RD       2023‑08
B775B4EB-5E4E-442E-8D8D-AEC5007F0521 King Edward Vi Five Ways School
King Edward Vi Acadamy Five Ways, Scotland Lane
B32 4BT       2023‑08
2E087CA5-00E2-46C2-B8EE-B06700D06D17 Industrial Hose And Pipe Fittings Ltd
Bannerley Road, Garretts Green Industrial Estate
B33 0SR       2023‑10
6A05D79E-D5AE-4E61-8839-B6D2F1CB5DCA Eden Court Medical Practice 200
Tangmere Drive, Birmingham
B35 6EE       2023‑08
5D0DB587-8379-45AF-B9F1-AB1F00C4BA70 Space 4 Westbury P T N
Tameside Drive, Birmingham
B35 7AG       2023‑08
66E93522-C369-44DE-A9E7-AD0200AE96B2 Castle Pool
Castle Vale Swimming Pool, Cadbury Drive
B35 7EH       2023‑08
081336A1-28F9-4AC7-A1CE-AC86009B8D8F Braidwood School
Bromford Road, Birmingham
B36 8AF       2023‑08
012AF1A6-502A-4737-B93C-5D9F3BA63974 Arden Hall
Water Orton Road, Birmingham
B36 9PB       2023‑08
5C9235D5-10FF-4E12-9E51-B04A00F438CB 3700 Solihull Parkway
B37 7YT       2023‑08
3B328707-0D00-4E41-ACE8-AE69007213D0 Birmingham Children's Trust
501 Rednal Road, Birmingham
B38 8HS       2023‑08
12B7B306-50B6-4FC9-B133-AEAC00AAE6F4 Ey Birmingham
One Colmore Square, Birmingham
B4 6HQ       2023‑08
7D00B93C-56B7-4A07-A75E-AE5500C32AF8 Ey Birmingham
One Colmore Square, Birmingham
B4 6HQ       2023‑08
55412174-A485-4B9D-B794-B02700B57893 Tesco Stores Ltd
Birmingham Bagot Street, 1 Bagot St
B4 7BA       2023‑08
252BDF12-CFF8-4141-BD86-B09E008D25AB Tesco Aston University
Aston University, Aston Street
B4 7ET       2023‑11
7CF0BB53-6CE3-4A64-AD2C-AFCB00E33D5C Birmingham Metropolitan College
4 Jennens Road, Birmingham
B4 7PS       2023‑08
3C3B9B08-7112-455C-8245-B0DE00DED11F Birmingham Ormiston Academy
1 Grosvenor Street, Birmingham
B4 7QD       2024‑01
08474EDD-1B07-46C6-90F9-ADCE00A26253 The Church At Carrs Lane
Carrs Lane Church And Conference Centre, Carrs Lane
B4 7SX n9625887346 6m * 2023‑08
608FCAF2-D1AF-4752-9DB6-AF8800C89915 B B E
75-97 Walsall Road, Birmingham
B42 1TX       2023‑08
93CC899C-65C2-4AB6-87B6-ADD0009E01FA West Midlands Police
Central Motorway Police Group, Thornbridge Avenue
B42 2AG       2023‑08
251C975B-FB8A-49C6-B7C6-AF9600F963BB Arena Academy
256 Beeches Road, Great Barr
B42 2PY       2023‑08
DD90AA46-85AE-4FFA-80E2-ADD00095FE9D West Midlands Police Central Custody Suite (Perry Barr)
105 Holford Drive, Birmingham
B42 2TU       2023‑08
383DCA84-9A4E-478B-B72F-AFE9008491FD Screwfix
Unit 2c Tamebridge Ind Est, Perry Barr
B42 2TX       2023‑08
52E281B9-439C-4E00-80CE-B09100EB2183 Whitecrest Primary School
Whitecrest, Great Barr
B43 6HQ       2023‑11
7359431A-EC9E-48FE-8134-ADDB00AFD1C4 Zf
45 College Road, Perry Barr
B44 8DU       2023‑08
E8D1969D-53B8-482B-B75C-AFF200B33D41 Fortis Acadamy
Fortis Academy, Aldridge Road
B44 8NU       2023‑08
FBD507EC-DC61-447F-A8FE-B019009A28E7 Fortis Acadamy
Fortis Academy, Aldridge Road
B44 8NU       2023‑08
6346518C-06A8-49D5-87EC-ACDF00A69FE7 Cofton Village Hall New Build
Community Centre, 1 Village Hall Way
B45 8PD n10834198212 21m * 2023‑08
013ADA2C-52D1-4673-9AF3-B12B013CEF97 Pcp - Barnt Green Inn
22 Kendal End Rd, Rednal
B45 8PZ       2024‑04
2C1776BD-010B-4597-A81F-B02600A8496B Tesco Stores Ltd
Bristol Road South, Birmingham
B45 9JL       2023‑08
C7597E34-50C7-4EC7-9252-B14F00C8BAA3 Melbick Nurseries
Melbicks Garden Centre, Chester Road
B46 3HY       2024‑05
E179046B-9B1E-4725-8A0D-B14F00C93ED5 Melbick Nurseries
Melbicks Garden Centre, Chester Road
B46 3HY       2024‑05
42E898B3-639D-474E-B2E3-ADFE00B40E2E John Kilby & Son Ltd
192, Alcester Road, Hollywood
B47 5HH       2023‑08
EE7D32EB-AC4D-46CD-8589-AED700A43798 Woodrush Community Hub
Shawhurst Lane, Hollywood
B47 5JW       2023‑08
FC5106A4-EC46-43B9-BB32-AE3A01051780 Tesco
71 Alcester Road, Hollywood
B47 5PN       2023‑08
1B40D506-99E4-4708-B82A-196D24195741 Alcester Grammar School
Birmingham Road, Alcester
B49 5ED       2023‑08
71820A4B-F737-4AF4-B611-AF5400A3A120 Coughton Court
Coughton Fields Lane, Coughton
B49 5JA       2023‑08
7D6A3315-6002-491C-959A-AF860157ED34 Birmingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside Debenhams, Smallbrook Queensway
B5 4PJ n12004434587 59m * 2023‑08
BF89CEE1-C612-4AD2-B260-AFBC00EFCBF4 Birmingham Advertising Kiosk
Outside 138 Park Street, Digbeth
B5 6DR n12004434597 35m * 2023‑08
1A331434-3A86-4AA7-9F2F-AF0F00CB554D West Midlands Police
Edgbaston Police Station, Belgrave Road
B5 7BP       2023‑08
626C76CE-D95B-493F-BB1A-ADD000985F1D West Midlands Police
Police Training College, Pershore Road
B5 7RN       2023‑10
CB8E4E88-F476-46C9-BB04-ADDA009ECAC2 Police Training College
Pershore Road, Birmingham
B5 7RN       2023‑08
04E19773-4959-4BA2-A844-AFBD0100DAB2 Royal Mail Birmingham Mc/Off/Do
St Stephens Street, Birmingham, Birmingham
B6 4AA       2023‑08
C7E0E132-58B1-4BEF-BD05-AEEB00B43F23 Manor Park Junior And Infants School
Church Lane, Aston
B6 5UQ       2023‑08
1D741603-8D6A-4F70-9AFA-B0FC00BEC8B9 Birmingham Specialities Limited
Birmingham Specialities Ltd, Moor Lane
B6 7HE       2024‑02
57A8A6B7-020B-4100-8C7E-AFA801154A10 Droitwich Aed #142
Bromsgrove Police And Fire Centre, Slideslow Drive
B60 1GN       2023‑08
620DBEA5-1CC2-4B1A-8337-AFA900FEDD23 Droitwich Aed #146
Bromsgrove Police And Fire Centre, Slideslow Drive
B60 1GN       2023‑08
9E19FCD1-9450-4F22-B431-B01800B1B0EE Rigby Hall Day Special School
Rigby Lane, Bromsgrove
B60 2EP       2023‑08
629187CA-7727-4DED-A4E1-ACA100BB11D9 Charford First School
Charford Road, Bromsgrove
B60 3NH       2023‑08
293FD6E7-19EB-48AB-A0F5-ACAB00B6C362 Star Legal Ltd
The Strand House, 70 The Strand
B61 8DQ       2023‑08
B134DCB0-D95D-4AF0-BCBB-B0B6012012C8 Waitrose & Partners - Bromsgrove
3 St John Street, Bromsgrove
B61 8RR       2023‑12
44C54F89-E5E2-4AD1-B005-B09F00C5864C Bournheath Village Community Centre
Bournheath Community Centre, Claypit Lane
B61 9LA       2023‑11
054CEF36-B36B-4973-96F5-AE0401287F25 Halesowen Audi
Manor Lane, Halesowen
B62 8RD       2023‑08
D40F5869-CA7F-454B-B9D5-ACE1009A4AB9 Halesbury School
Feldon Lane, Halesowen
B62 9DR       2023‑08
7463B4EC-46C2-4EE7-BD99-AEC500D7C7DD Blackheath Products Ltd
Unit 2, Fairfield Park
B62 9JL       2023‑08
8454B6CE-2762-4B25-9B5B-AFE900F67EF8 Stour Vale Academy Trust
The Earls High School, Furnace Lane
B63 3SL       2023‑08
9B84E7B0-8E1F-4F0E-BCC6-AFEA007D7114 Minibus
The Earls High School, Furnace Lane
B63 3SL       2023‑08
177128FC-B8EF-42C5-B0A6-AFC000CD0729 The Hawne Tavern
76 Attwood Street, Halesowen
B63 3UG       2023‑08
A4ED2B4B-AE7F-42D3-8B0F-AD41012B07F2 Little Explorers Day Care Nursery
20 St Annes Road, Cradley Heath
B64 5BS       2023‑08
617F5BCE-933C-4E1A-AFA4-E98425141D42 Tesco Stores Ltd 1
Foxoak Street, Cradley Heath
B64 5DF       2023‑08
B952C116-85AD-4048-B4AD-ADDA0117A71F Palmer Timber Limited
Granville Works, 104 Station Road
B64 6PW       2023‑08
0B6D5E94-E0DF-45B7-ACF6-3E41F28B46AB Fire Station Haden Cross
Halesowen Road, Cradley Heath
B64 7JU n4200118577 4m   2023‑08
0C63EDB2-043D-43C8-91E7-AF9000C90D9F West Midlands Trains
Smethwick Galton Bridge Railway Station, Oldbury Road
B66 1HU       2023‑08
254C6C65-9634-46F7-8B7B-B266852F12F8 Police Station Windmill House Smethwick
Windmill Lane, Smethwick
B66 3LX       2023‑08
61904987-4DC2-4992-8DAC-AE6C00AA772B Sandwell Mbc
Thimblemill Library, Thimblemill Road
B67 5RJ       2023‑08
EFCC7AA1-828C-468A-9415-AF96010CDDC3 Sarephed Medical Centre
60 Arden Road, Smethwick
B67 6AJ       2023‑08
A16B709F-8199-43F3-9DD6-B0A500956B08 Sandwell Mbc
Holly Lodge Foundation High School College Of Science, Holly Lane
B67 7JG       2023‑11
31391C34-AC63-4BFA-8008-AEB3009EFF9D The Wonder
94 Dudley Road West, Oldbury
B69 2HX       2023‑08
D2BEE656-4F08-4D8A-92C4-B14F00DC7022 Yodel
Brades Road, Oldbury
B69 2RB       2024‑05
9171D593-3AE4-4476-B691-AFDA00F43F22 Sandwell Mbc
Wellman Building, Dudley Road
B69 3DL       2023‑08
08B0847A-281E-4BE2-824C-AB1F0100475D Premier Inn
Richard Street, Birmingham
B7 4AA       2023‑08
39A881B8-B794-4CF6-A0DE-AE21011C0F9E Aloft Hotel & Eastside Rooms
4 Woodcock Street, Birmingham
B7 4BL       2023‑08
7A5063DC-BC3B-40DB-AE97-AE21011A9169 Aloft Hotel & Eastside Rooms
4 Woodcock Street, Birmingham
B7 4BL       2023‑08
C46F4BF1-0F10-4874-A4E0-AE1D00E1039C Joseph Gallagher Limited
55 Erskine Street, Birmingham
B7 4RU       2023‑08
E9D3C303-F0DB-40D5-BC94-26300F072432 Star City Management Offices Unit 32 Star City
Watson Road, Birmingham
B7 5SA       2023‑08
FAC92920-7F6B-4DF2-97BA-AF9401041E55 Oakham Sheet Metals Limited
Oakham Sheet Metals Limited Next To Beehive Pub, Brickhouse Lane
B70 0DS       2023‑08
BD5BCCCC-ED17-4685-B5A7-AE4000BE063C Nicholl Grange, 22 Nicholls Street
22 Nicholls Street, West Bromwich
B70 6HW       2023‑08
81F18EB2-4CD7-431F-94F3-AF1001052318 West Midlands Police
Western Custody Building Oldbury, Bromford Road
B70 7JD       2023‑08
FD1D2192-95B1-46EA-8A36-AEC8007B4BE6 Albion Sections Limited
Albion Road, West Bromwich
B70 8BD       2023‑08
5EB8D943-6F5E-4939-9767-B01400BD1597 Stephens Lubrication
Millards Industrial Estate, Cornwallis Road
B70 9BY       2023‑08
BF131AAC-A842-45FC-BB03-AF2D013F0E2D United Reformed Church
1 Brassington Avenue, Sutton Coldfield
B73 6AA       2023‑08
80E76FD8-E84C-46AA-9BCE-AEFC00A388D4 1st Sutton Coldfield Sea Scouts Hq
Stonehouse Road, Sutton Coldfield
B73 6LH       2023‑08
F50035D2-62DD-467A-8528-58FBAA694FA9 31st Sutton Coldfield West Scout Group
Aldridge Road, Streetly
B74 2DX n10728604205 92m * 2023‑08
CE2DDD02-08C3-4862-AC7C-31FF0F0CAE2F Sutton College Of Further Education
Lichfield Road, Sutton Trinity
B74 2NW       2023‑08
5B48A0CE-DB00-4B11-B785-AEBF00CA9F2A Four Oaks Methodist Church
155 Lichfield Road, Sutton Four Oaks
B74 2UU       2023‑08
AA3B6C77-9F9C-44AA-ADEB-ADD5015AAD5C The Boathouse Restaurant
Bracebridge Lodge Sutton Park, Park Road
B74 2YR n9494980299 7m * 2023‑08
3990DBA6-CB1C-4716-8121-AFA800BDEB5B Lady Aston Apartments
Birch House, Little Aston Hall Drive
B74 3BF       2023‑08
ECD0B4C9-14E0-4B91-90BE-AEF600E74C63 Weeford Quarry
Hanson Aggreagtes, Weeford Quarry
B75 5SX       2023‑08
0B25604E-0671-4294-A639-AFEB00E84151 Screwfix
Unit A2 Forge Lane, Minworth Industrial Estate
B76 1DH       2023‑08
FDC33C76-8A4D-4D25-9AC9-40DEBBEAD8E5 321 Dental Care
321 Wylde Green Road, Sutton Coldfield
B76 1RF       2023‑08
53C9E1E6-8FA4-4134-8C8A-AE5D00D42261 Tesco
Tamworth Express And Filling Station, High Street
B77 1LE       2023‑10
C17DA040-846D-4CD9-9362-AABE00B5737C Tamworth Have A Heart
Lakeside Primary School, Leyland Road
B77 2SA       2023‑08
2370A785-4CE6-42E5-BC09-BDC31AA5F568 The Globe Inn
Watling Street, Tamworth
B77 5BA       2023‑08
5AA3011E-6D89-4623-9490-AF8C00F1221B Redrow Homes Limited
Redrow House, 2 Kinsall Green, 2 Kinsall Green
B77 5PX       2023‑08
18034F44-DB41-4594-9C32-B03500BA3B11 Polesworth High School
Dordon Road, Dordon
B78 1QT n4221325176 82m * 2023‑08
4E984505-DD5A-4792-8A93-AFF900AFF94D The Polesworth School - Sports Centre
Polesworth High School, Dordon Road
B78 1QT       2023‑08
7DCE150D-3788-4EC4-B21B-AFF900AE4015 The Polesworth School Reception
Polesworth High School, Dordon Road
B78 1QT       2023‑08
44884D29-BFD5-4309-8C00-ADCF00A84BE8 Royal Oak Public House
Coventry Road, Kingsbury
B78 2LP       2023‑08
ED579AF8-2D3C-4609-B8DF-ADBB00B71C73 Tamworth Have A Heart
Super Drug Unit 5 Ventura Retail Park, Ventura Park Road
B78 3HB n9579140622 23m * 2023‑08
6419B1C5-5A06-4EDD-858E-AACA0080498A Azets
Ventura Park Road, Tamworth
B78 3HL       2023‑08
DF7F6535-164A-478B-A7B0-434C2E995CBB Assembly Rooms
Corporation Street, Tamworth
B79 7DN       2023‑08
80A5AF0A-98C1-433E-BD09-ADD500EAFD31 Unit 17 Elford Lowe Farm
Elford Road, Elford
B79 9BJ       2023‑08
A6353614-2614-41B3-A696-4E9482833257 Haunton Hall Nursing Home Haunton Hall
Main Road, Tamworth
B79 9HW       2023‑08
C19A737B-C29B-4B97-9743-B0B400AB6EA4 Unit 3
Garrison Street, Birmingham
B9 4BN       2023‑12
5FEE77EF-99F3-4F93-84F8-AF940094B124 Birmingham City Mission
2 Langdon Street, Birmingham
B9 4BP       2023‑08
91765B74-4E00-4220-A8E0-AAC500DCF7D2 Dickens Heath School
Three Acres Lane, Solihull
B90 1NA       2023‑08
D636E3B3-F102-4099-A57D-AF5F00B9F00F Jaguar Solihull
639 Stratford Road, Shirley
B90 4BA       2023‑08
F4C2D72E-96C4-4581-84FC-A4703716D8A1 Shirley Golf Club Ltd
Stratford Road, Solihull
B90 4EW       2024‑06
8277DA0D-2070-4436-B35C-B04600B8232B Virgin Active Solihull
Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull
B90 8AT       2023‑08
21EC6E57-594A-4A5E-9EE5-ADD600986F50 Lil-Lets (Uk) Ltd
3rd Floor Radcliffe House Lil-Lets (Uk) Ltd Blenheim Court, Lode Lane
B91 2AA       2023‑08
84425A78-BFEE-4EA9-8669-B0C800EEF20C Lode Lane
Renewal Christian Centre, Lode Lane
B91 2JR       2023‑12
BBB69262-5746-41A8-8C8E-2E333AC6FD8A St Alpheges C Of E Infant School
New Road, Solihull
B91 3DW       2023‑08
6B8165BA-A9AC-4484-8560-AED60094A7A1 John Lewis & Partner
17 Station Road, Solihull
B91 3RA       2023‑08
BC82DE17-4187-488A-BFDF-AFE200A96771 Mercote Mill Farm
Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common
B92 0LU       2023‑08
0BB2D993-2C0A-4F76-B3B5-AEE3015AC40A Platform 3 Wine Bar And Eatery
163 - 165 Warwick Road, Olton
B92 7AR n11599426770 11m * 2023‑08
2A13EF82-3301-4F4B-A1C1-D1293B481B42 National Trust Baddesley Clinton Hall
Rising Lane, Solihull
B93 0DQ n5789958283 113m * 2023‑08
8A5008DE-D716-4CD5-A3CE-AF6400E0F159 Toby Carvery - Knowle
1635 Warwick Road, Knowle
B93 9AH       2023‑08
7E44A5D5-FFF0-4603-9593-AE6700DA21CB 1357 Warwick Road
Knowle, Solihull
B93 9LW       2023‑08
88C5D391-D352-4991-BAD0-AE6100E953AA Lady Lane Wharf
Lady Lane Wharf Earlswood Marina, Lady Lane
B94 6AH       2023‑08
F0D53314-A80D-4CB1-AE90-9BB95D41980B Packwood House
Packwood Lane, Solihull
B94 6AT n5726129398 135m * 2023‑08
A93B5C47-2064-4EE8-962D-AF9C00D8A074 1st Salter Street Scout Group
Public Access Car Park- St Patricks Church Of England Primary Academy, Salter Street
B94 6DE       2023‑08
4D205D21-724F-4599-A06D-B04600DC0AE5 Hockley Heath Primary School
School Road, Hockley Heath
B94 6RA       2023‑08
F5D70697-EA48-4A36-B081-ADF101023338 Birches
Station Road, Henley-In-Arden
B95 5JL       2023‑08
8C744187-BF10-4C66-8C25-AE2401269142 Stock & Bradley Parish Council
Phone Box Opposite Haverhill, Earles Common Road
B96 6SY n9251761831 17m * 2023‑08
B0252EF2-EA78-4596-BADF-9017208D8C29 Walkwood C Of E Middle School
Feckenham Road, Redditch
B97 5AQ       2023‑08
1207078D-11D0-41A0-B5F5-ECEA9598A351 Windmill Community Centre
Ryegrass Lane, Redditch
B97 5YE n6466791272 4m * 2023‑08
CD4B8B36-7EEA-4851-811A-B436634EABD5 Abbey Stadium
Birmingham Road, Redditch
B97 6EJ       2023‑08
747BFA94-FA32-45FF-9705-EF2D1A76F8CF Holyoakes Field First School
Bridge Street, Redditch
B97 6HH       2023‑08
EEF48401-E274-47CB-AA04-B03C00B5C803 Valeo Service Uk Ltd
Unit 53 The Washford Industrial Estate, Heming Road
B98 0DZ       2023‑08
D722EFA6-8A54-43F8-993B-B00000C59459 Arrow Vale High School
Arrow Vale Rsa Academy, Matchborough Way
B98 0GF       2023‑08
3D9100CC-6858-4320-8683-C00AB1CC3412 Roman Way First School
Colts Lane, Redditch
B98 0LH       2023‑08
64C92705-8BCB-4001-A101-AFC6010D2E13 Ipsley C Of E Middle School
Ipsley Ce Middle School, Winyates Way
B98 0UB       2023‑08
472962FE-BDD8-423F-9E5D-F4646DB12EF7 Woodfield Academy
Studley Road, Redditch
B98 7HH       2023‑08
C6625234-A6D5-4A1F-BDA1-AF10010133AC South Redditch Sports And Social Club
Throckmorton Road, Redditch
B98 7RS       2023‑08
5E2EF614-CC42-41C4-A30D-4D65E96FCCD9 Tesco Stores Ltd
Coldfield Drive, Oakenshaw
B98 7RU       2023‑10
BC6098D8-AA4B-4DA9-BFDD-E18DBDFC46C5 Town Hall
Walter Stranz Square, Redditch
B98 8AH n5730580190 13m * 2023‑08
A380D70F-0AFD-4216-AA1A-AFA80120A6C2 Police Station
Grove Street, Redditch
B98 8DD       2023‑08
C75B6DEB-4CD0-4EEA-9D96-AFA801183B5F Police Station
Grove Street, Redditch
B98 8DD       2023‑08
EAB340FF-E2F3-4EC2-953C-36C0FD5CB952 Vvs Service Station Bransons Cross
Alcester Road, Redditch
B98 9DS       2023‑08
2AFEFB3F-1516-4A46-8B6E-AF2700C44FAD Royal Mail Bath Do
Manvers Street, Bath, Bath
BA1 1AA       2023‑08
F0EEA9B5-40DB-42BB-A1D1-AF2B00C3EC02 Royal Mail Bath Do
Manvers Street, Bath, Bath
BA1 1AA       2023‑08
F3CE8C13-F0C8-4D6F-8E0D-AFE900E2DDEB Play Sports Network
15-17 Trim Street, Bath
BA1 1HA       2023‑08
C47F9FAF-21C3-47FE-89EC-B13E008CF338 (Platform 2) Bath Spa Railway Station
Dorchester Street, City Centre
BA1 1SU n5762137718 23m * 2024‑04
D40FC4AC-5061-498A-9E75-B14E010D2E5E Bath Spa Railway Station
Dorchester Street, City Centre
BA1 1SU       2024‑05
70772BC0-EA0F-44D1-84B4-B002007099F3 The Forum
1a Forum Buildings, Bath
BA1 1UG       2023‑10
AE69746D-4135-4C0D-A669-B0030084AD67 The Forum
1a Forum Buildings, Bath
BA1 1UG       2023‑10
401A5579-B0FA-4392-9BED-AED800C59EA1 Francis Hotel
6-11 Queen Square, City Centre
BA1 2HH       2023‑08
30B3897D-5D43-45D3-B976-AFF1007F49E0 Tesco Express
Tesco Express Courthouse Place, Upper Bristol Road
BA1 3DE n11187501316 13m   2023‑08
5DFBFDA5-AA06-40C5-8388-B0B601202EE4 Waitrose & Partners - Bath
The Podium, Northgate Street
BA1 5AL       2023‑12
91A4B4AE-E815-41EC-AADA-AEB800971E22 Ground Floor Offices The Tramshed
Beehive Yard, Bath
BA1 5BB       2023‑08
BF9C0525-F296-4F14-8838-ADBE00EAAACD International House
Broad Street Place, Bath
BA1 5LH       2023‑08
5FDB7FA9-4AAF-4C6E-A102-B01501004836 Bath Spa Univeristy (Newton Park Security Desk)
Bath Spa University, Sion Road
BA1 5SF       2023‑08
BD8153D1-0BDF-4526-99A6-B03700E6E5E1 Sion Hill Campus
Bath Spa University, Sion Road
BA1 5SF       2023‑08
B84DA019-E0A4-4311-ADA1-B06800C417D9 Batheaston Medical Centre
Coalpit Road, Batheaston
BA1 7NP n6952229145 17m   2023‑10
03F57FF9-40E1-4A22-A27A-AFB800DECF55 Kelston Forge
Blacksmiths Lane, Bath Road, Kelston
BA1 9AH n1766751745 90m * 2023‑08
E0EB7C67-9B50-4665-AE71-AD24009E9DE7 Friends Of Frome Hospital
Cheese And Grain Market Yard, Justice Lane
BA11 1BE       2023‑08
07EDCE38-3048-40D8-8DB1-AD2400D4FA54 Friends Of Frome Hospital
Frome Fire Station, Keyford
BA11 1JG       2023‑08
8F9621FD-D2FC-4CDB-81B6-AD2400B6AC42 Friends Of Frome Hospital
Frome Medical Centre, Enos Way
BA11 2FH       2023‑08
EFD5C470-C7DF-4174-97F1-AD2400C185E4 Friends Of Frome Hospital
Merlin Theatre, Bath Road
BA11 2HQ       2023‑08
ED849CDD-CDCD-48A5-AFA3-AD2500DDA4FF Friends Of Frome Hospital
Frome Flyer, Jenson Avenue
BA11 2LD n10741969727 27m * 2023‑08
45903215-DCEC-4AFB-B02E-ADC800FEB90F Staplemead Creamery Ltd (Andros Uk)
Lullington Lane, Frome
BA11 2NQ       2023‑08
6DFFC3AB-8602-48BD-9711-AD2500EEFEAA Friends Of Frome Hospital
Clarrie Dunbar Indoor Bowls Club, Rudge Lane
BA11 2PU n10741884752 12m   2023‑08
72E63C4D-87EB-4CC4-B44A-B044007F2126 Mells C Of E Primary School
Mells Green, Frome
BA11 3QE       2023‑08
85DB4049-0E09-4070-ADE7-AFAD00037FE6 Mells Parish Council
Telephone Box, Mells Green
BA11 3QP n11175528050 147m * 2023‑08
7DD9C8B2-20F8-46A9-985A-AD25010B61DC Friends Of Frome Hospital
Oakfield Middle School, Oakfield Road
BA11 4JF       2023‑08
0306F992-AC68-429D-B94A-AD4F00D7BC47 Th White
Marston Park, Bulls Quarries Road Tytherington
BA11 5BS       2023‑08
D0BBDEEA-6E96-4DAB-9139-AD5100C1B016 The Hill Brush Company Ltd Norwood Park
B3092 Crab Lane Zeals East To Castle Street Mere, Mere
BA12 6FE       2023‑08
ACE2C018-313E-4AB2-80BC-ADC700FDFC8C Stourhead House And Gardens
High Street, Stourton
BA12 6QH       2023‑08
460F6F08-BCAE-4F2D-99A0-AD73009B68C0 The George Inn
Longbridge Deverill,
BA12 7DG       2023‑08
22DC6FD5-C755-45B3-B382-ADB800F23EA8 Guest Services Building, Longleat Safari & Adventure Park
BA12 7NW       2023‑08
735EF1BD-AD9D-460B-8639-AD73009A8752 Crockerton Village Committee (Shearwater Tearooms )
Lake Shearwater Teamrooms, Clay Street, Crockerton
BA12 8AE       2023‑08
965F2BC3-B4B1-4578-893A-ADB20075FA4A Warminster Cricket Club
Sambourne Road, Warminster
BA12 8LH       2023‑08
BD332CC2-3CBF-4654-842C-AEAE00F939F8 Dents
Dents Plc, Furnax Lane
BA12 8PE       2023‑08
FC6B397A-A6D5-46E7-B149-AD600086D38E Warminster School
Church Street, Warminster
BA12 8PJ       2023‑08
1CD0B5E4-925E-4F28-B38F-B13A008498CD The Avenue Surgery
14 The Avenue, Warminster
BA12 9AA       2024‑04
F15FC67B-5799-4B70-9288-AD73009AB2A8 Garston Veterinary Group
East Street, Warminster
BA12 9BG       2023‑08
D1502A4A-F821-43A1-9CB9-AD5C00AB7A4E Bupa Dental Care Warminster
1 Station Road, Warminster
BA12 9BR       2023‑08
404D144D-76FC-40A1-B55B-ADB200B69753 Kingdown School
Woodcock Road, Warminster
BA12 9DR       2023‑08
9B37B3E7-BC2F-4629-B3A8-B031007A171F Tesco Leigh Park Express
The Local Centre, Leigh Park
BA13 3GL       2023‑08
BC43017C-233E-43BB-AC2A-AD40009C204D One Stop Community Stores Ltd
2 Queens Square, Westbury
BA13 3LR       2023‑08
5D91E240-71CA-4DB9-83D9-B0590081204E Matravers School Reception
The Matravers School, Springfield Road
BA13 3QH       2023‑10
7EE7FA54-3F9D-4BF5-A602-B05900821051 Matravers School Sports Hall
The Matravers School, Springfield Road
BA13 3QH       2023‑10
DC23F97E-2D52-4E22-B1D4-AF4200EB0675 Westbury Signalling Centre
Slag Lane, Westbury
BA13 4HZ       2023‑08
A15999E0-B62D-40E0-9627-AEC30091D637 Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco Extra, County Way
BA14 7AQ       2023‑10
3992A2A8-4813-40FB-995B-AD5500E18926 Lovemead Group Practice
Roundstone Surgery, Polebarn Road
BA14 7EH       2023‑08
A80E9844-12F6-41C4-8F31-B01800D45375 Trowbridge Police Station
Polebarn Rd, Trowbridge
BA14 7EP       2023‑08
563466C2-7D02-4C41-BC07-B06800D799D5 The Mead Community Primary School
Hackett Place, Hilperton
BA14 7GN       2023‑10
B7CFFBDC-E0B1-4012-8FCC-AF3B00FEE3D1 Royal Mail Trowbridge Rtw
1a Roundstone Street, Trowbridge, Trowbridge
BA14 8DA       2023‑08
65CFD1D8-3D75-402F-9964-AF6600F55AE2 Toby Carvery - Trowbridge
Cradle Bridge Retail Park, County Way
BA14 8FS       2023‑08
10B5A2B5-259A-4435-A307-B02A00A577A3 Trowbridge Railway Station
Stallard Street, Trowbridge
BA14 8HW       2023‑08
0C8AF92F-7B46-4F8C-92C8-ADBB00A7D6FC Selwood Housing
Bryer Ash Business Park, Trowbridge
BA14 8RT       2023‑08
6F32C7B4-A73D-4FE9-90F2-B08200EA5D79 Walwayne Court School
Brook Road, Trowbridge
BA14 9DU       2023‑10
539995C5-E5B2-4E14-81B1-AF0F00E6A744 School
The John Of Gaunt School, Wingfield Road
BA14 9EH       2023‑08
AF458E17-FD16-49A5-A1CA-AD73009B51C5 Southwick Village Hall
Frome Road, Southwick
BA14 9QN       2023‑08
6A096596-251D-4D97-9626-AFDA00C90162 Wiltshire Music Centre
Ashley Road, Bradford On Avon
BA15 1DZ       2023‑10
49E4DB1D-C383-4321-8CA7-B07C00B5F2D7 Crispin School
Crispin Secondary School, Church Road
BA16 0AD       2023‑10
5C64EC44-D08F-4738-B44A-B07C00BEB35D Crispin Secondary School
Church Road, Street
BA16 0AD       2023‑10
B73D4C10-FDFE-4B1C-9AD1-ADEC00BFA494 Foot Shop Ltd
Unit 12, The Tanyard
BA16 0HR       2023‑08
4AF985FC-7C54-46DB-A729-AD2F00EC602D Conygre Hall
North Road, Timsbury
BA2 0JQ n9906664934 18m   2023‑08
E0F4B7D2-B09B-44C7-94DF-AE6A00B2E0C3 Puregym
Units 1a, 1b & 1c Spring Wharf, Roseberry Place
BA2 3BW       2023‑08
13F96059-B625-4191-95A4-AFA2009FF8B2 Savills - Bath - Riverside
Riverside 48 Sovereign Point, Midland Rd, Bath
BA2 3GJ       2023‑08
19BACB2F-5A15-4B5E-88A2-AE300122A8F9 Trek Store Bath
Unit 2 The Grain Store, Roseberry Road
BA2 3GS       2023‑08
79A6BDAA-01B4-478E-BD0B-AFC300CB47A1 Screwfix
Pines Way Ind Est, Ivo Peters Road
BA2 3QS n6970249823 81m   2023‑08
E326FE6F-F04C-4DFD-8946-AD3200E0F96A St Marks Community Centre
St Mark's Road, Widcombe
BA2 4PA       2023‑08
1E02F3C8-A107-446F-A005-AFFD00A8C3C1 Beechen Cliff School
Kipling Avenue, Bear Flat
BA2 4RE       2023‑08
AAB32C63-B771-48FE-8AFA-AD2E00D08825 Beechen Cliff School
Kipling Avenue, Bear Flat
BA2 4RE       2023‑08
B16800E0-8367-4449-8600-AFFD00AA7D39 Beechen Cliff School
Kipling Avenue, Bear Flat
BA2 4RE       2023‑08
2620E306-D634-47AF-B1C5-ADC800FE5281 Prior Park Landscape Gardens
Ralph Allen Drive, Bath
BA2 5AH       2023‑08
D0E18202-453D-4F9C-983C-ADC800FE5F50 Prior Park College
Ralph Allen Drive, Bath
BA2 5AH       2023‑08
DF399F8F-8F4D-44EC-96AD-B01800FF2824 Prior Park Landscape Gardens
Ralph Allen Drive, Bath
BA2 5AH       2023‑08
0F0FE812-2433-4514-BA52-AEE500F6DF3C American Museum In Britain
American Museum In Britain Claverton Manor, Claverton Hill
BA2 7BD       2023‑08
4642794F-193C-4661-8E21-AF6A00F98EE9 Stothert & Pitt Rugby Football Club
Stothert & Pitt Rfc, Bristol Road
BA2 9DJ       2023‑08
B2EB61AB-2E7B-4E90-B738-B092007DD382 Westways Garage
Bath Road, Marksbury
BA2 9HN       2023‑11
6A8E2B6E-BAB6-45E3-ACA9-B04D00AB535A Holy Trinity Church And Community Centre
Holy Trinity Church, Lysander Road
BA20 2BU       2023‑08
9AEA6809-2E55-401E-BB3A-B07700CA5D3A Wyvern Apartment, 2 Wyvern Close
2 Wyvern Close, East Coker
BA20 2HF       2023‑10
E678B444-0F78-4858-BEE3-AF1000F1B543 Bradfords Building Supplies Ltd
98 Hendford Hill, Yeovil
BA20 2QR       2023‑08
DC8C39F3-AA29-4A4D-B949-ADC80094DD76 Westfield Academy
Stiby Road, Yeovil
BA21 3EP       2023‑10
F1F9CCD5-6972-45DE-89A7-B141009D8773 Westfield
Westfield Academy, Stiby Road
BA21 3EP       2024‑04
FF3A0FDC-E797-48B4-9CCA-B03E009BBAB9 Westfield Academy
Stiby Road, Yeovil
BA21 3EP       2023‑08
04882158-8131-4AD0-8FAC-ADE100C245BA Preston School Academy
Monks Dale, Yeovil
BA21 3JD       2023‑10
540D1068-220B-483A-B093-B044009A57BA Bucklers Mead Academy
St Johns Road, Yeovil
BA21 4NH       2023‑08
3F41AAF8-B51C-43AA-9DC6-B05000E08936 Plumbase
4 Vale Road, Yeovil
BA21 5HL       2023‑08
68C2AF92-FEA2-40FB-BF66-AFAA00D6F2CC Countess Gytha Primary School
West Camel Road, Yeovil
BA22 7FF       2023‑08
87FEEEDB-C023-4789-AE40-B10300ECF39B The Walnut Tree Hotel And Restaurant
Fore Street, West Camel
BA22 7QW       2024‑02
CDF14423-A13D-4082-9005-B08800D7D95F Perrys Recycling - Car Park
Rimpton Road, Marston Magna
BA22 8DL       2023‑10
23F87605-583A-43B5-B715-AD7500B31AD1 Wynford House
Lufton Way, Yeovil
BA22 8HR       2023‑10
28A34D7A-9D61-4297-B9A5-B0430091A7C2 Ilchester Community Primary School
Junior Department, Somerton Road
BA22 8JL       2023‑08
5D5442E8-709D-461A-AB7C-AED8006A53E3 Odcombe Parish Council
Telephone Box, Lower Odcombe
BA22 8TY n11175556095 37m   2023‑08
8A1EA8F8-4CDD-4E55-AD28-AE6700DA3C79 Puregym
Unit 7, Houndstone Retail Park
BA22 8YQ       2023‑08
9E6389AF-3DFA-467E-B66B-AD57009F4FD2 Welton Rovers Football Club
Welton Rovers Football Club West Clewes, North Road
BA3 2QD       2023‑08
2430BFEF-5CE9-4CFC-B845-ADBF009541E0 Bath College
Bath College Somer Valley Campus, Wells Rd
BA3 3RW       2023‑08
C05E6E0B-3A6E-4B5D-BE55-AD7B01071F20 Westfield Medical
Second Avenue, Westfield Trading Estate, Midsomer Norton
BA3 4DP       2023‑08
CF43F8F3-0710-4E08-BB08-AD9700D0B565 Clapton Village Hall
Zion Hill, Clapton
BA3 4DZ       2023‑08
C8C1482A-D2D2-461F-8740-AFF100DB603E Downside School Sports Pavilion
Downside School, Fosse Way
BA3 4RJ       2023‑08
D54ACE06-66EF-4E92-92B7-AFF100D997C0 Downside School Sports Centre
Downside School, Fosse Way
BA3 4RJ       2023‑08
0FADD819-1234-4A47-A7D9-AD200070AC5A Mendip Golf Club
Golf Links Lane, Shepton Mallet
BA3 4UT       2023‑08
AB900C05-F8BA-4B31-84A9-AD3100EF0A9B Ashwick & Oakhill Village Hall
The Recreation Ground & Village Hall, Zion Hill
BA3 5AN       2023‑08
1E168C76-099A-4CA0-A573-ADA20099F04B Leigh On Mendip Parish Council
The Memorial Hall, Bellfield
BA3 5QH n5576414959 54m   2023‑08
210BA51D-2995-41F0-94D0-AFA300AD7DA5 Shepton Mallet Community Hospital
St Peters Road, Shepton Mallet
BA4 4PG       2023‑08
F41281E9-D45D-4DD9-A593-AE2E00EE0589 Somerset Foundation Trust
Shepton Mallet Community Hospital, St Peters Road
BA4 4PG       2023‑08
2A3BE9EF-058A-44C9-8112-AFE9006D412F Screwfix
Part Of Haskins 64 High Street, Townsend
BA4 5AX       2023‑08
4A44B957-9705-4374-AA7E-AD73009BF6F6 Evercreech Village Hall
Victoria Square, High Street, Evercreech
BA4 6LH n11897355463 31m   2023‑08
869B0D28-28F7-4BB5-BA59-AD73009BCB27 Bath And West Showground
Medical Centre, Shepton Mallet
BA4 6QN       2023‑08
6B80AFB7-6314-445F-917B-ADAC0144A33C Easton Village Hall
Ebbor Lane, Wells
BA5 1EP       2023‑08
01D4D108-A793-4442-B357-AD73009C8BE5 St Lawrence Primary School
School Hill, Westbury Sub Mendip
BA5 1HL       2023‑08
7134ECBD-A0BF-40A1-9E53-AD6E00F84CA0 The Swan Hotel
11 Sadler Street, Wells
BA5 2RX       2023‑08
7C490B27-0993-422B-9FC9-AD3600FB9BF4 Wells Cathedral School
Cedars Hall, 15 North Liberty
BA5 2ST       2023‑08
BAB56A28-B3A9-42E1-A0B7-ADC300F2F011 Wells Cathedral School
Bekynton Playing Fields, Wells
BA5 2XU       2023‑08
15DB53CE-A202-4B86-B133-AE5F0096F655 Explorers Day Nursery
56 Bath Road, Wells
BA5 3LQ       2023‑08
F33157D7-24CC-4982-AEFB-AE2E00E92333 West Mendip Community Hospital
Old Wells Road, Glastonbury
BA6 8JD       2023‑08
6A50F4BD-2A25-4E07-B72C-AFFF008C4EF9 Tor School
Beckery New Road, Glastonbury
BA6 9NS       2023‑08
90696E44-9B1D-46B4-A800-AD2301321BDE Pithers Playing Field
Castle Cary,
BA7 7HG       2023‑08
EFC4AB12-D6A2-4D4E-8D8F-B13700ADB7C6 Castle Cary Railway Station
Station Road, Ansford
BA7 7PE       2024‑04
26E26080-8719-4D71-869F-AD5200880181 Thales
Throop Rd, Templecombe
BA8 0DH       2023‑08
2842BFBF-ABD6-4DAD-A0EC-AF0800CB1ABB Euro Garages Head Office
Euro House, Waterside, Haslingden Rd
BB1 2FA       2023‑08
D67E9566-ABF5-4720-8EF9-AE5400C62B7C Akzonobel Industrial Coatings Ltd
Unit 4a, Mercer Way, Shadsworth Business Park
BB1 2QD       2023‑08
59CBC25B-5DEF-4447-AA62-AFC0008140BA Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco Superstore, Hill Street
BB1 3HF       2023‑08
3B0B2473-29B5-4BFE-A107-B06E00F76796 Old Mother Redcap
Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle
BB1 3LS       2023‑10
4DDD9815-AFD0-4317-82F0-B0F200D7C4B1 Jamiatul Ilm Wal Huda
30 Moss Street, Blackburn
BB1 5JT       2024‑02
19F45057-14AD-434C-9694-AE5B00907649 St James C Of E Primary School
Earl Street, Blackburn
BB1 8EG       2023‑08
3FD35041-02E7-48D1-AEC3-ADEB00EB8222 Child Action Northwest
The Homestead, Whalley Road
BB1 9LL       2023‑12
C56CCE20-1913-406A-9DF5-AE630101F2E6 Burnley Leisure
Prairie Sports Village, Windermere Avenue
BB10 2FU       2023‑08
14D71447-4A79-4095-8A6D-B03600E53DE8 St James Lanehead Ce Primary School
Briercliffe Road, Burnley
BB10 2NH       2023‑08
79D8FD00-42AE-4BBD-A573-AF3A00C35AD8 The Park View
3 Higgin Street, Burnley
BB10 4DZ       2023‑08
C533636D-316E-4839-86F7-AE0600307E68 Marks And Spencers
St James Street, Curson Street
BB11 1PB       2023‑08
4264DF13-E23D-42F3-98C2-B0B201075EDA Keys Care Limited
Moorland View, Manchester Road
BB11 5PQ       2023‑12
82CA0868-D8A6-4A18-ABF8-B08F00B03E4A Sparta Limited
Vulcan Works, Accrington Road
BB11 5QD       2023‑11
BECE78F1-0669-4D3E-9A54-B08F00AEBC7F Sparta Limited
Vulcan Works, Accrington Road
BB11 5QD       2023‑11
F6DB1930-F54D-401F-9BE2-B08F00B57862 Sparta Limited
Sparta Ltd, Accrington Road
BB11 5QD       2023‑11
E7A20E7A-AE57-420D-94B0-AF9700D65FFE Burnley College
Princess Way, Burnley
BB12 0AN       2023‑08
EE3092B1-F4B6-41EF-9A9C-AF97009DD8DE Burnley College
Fitness Evolution, Burnley College
BB12 0AN       2023‑08
A4161F4F-FE93-4D03-A120-B08100CBA463 Fort Vale Engineering
Calder Vale Park, Simonstone Lane
BB12 7ND       2023‑10
B8036508-BCD2-431A-88D5-B04B00F1A734 St Leonard's Primary School
Moor Lane, Padiham
BB12 8HT       2023‑08
FEAF1101-3BA9-4728-8462-AFE9008F6C55 Shuttleworth College
Burnley Road, Padiham
BB12 8ST       2023‑08
53232CAB-DFCB-4832-BDF4-AEB700E88DF1 Gawthorpe Hall
Habergham Drive, Padiham
BB12 8UA       2023‑08
E45B6C2F-5A2E-4E13-A3AB-B07B009F801F Earby Springfield Primary School
Bailey Street, Earby
BB18 6SJ       2023‑10
3CACD51C-C0CC-4987-9CC8-AEE900F73D31 Bbc Radio Lancashire
20-26 Darwen Street, Blackburn
BB2 2EA       2023‑08
52ACFD3D-AA36-4F4E-A34A-AFDB00AEEE5B St Wilfrids Church Of England Academy
Duckworth Street, Blackburn
BB2 2JR       2023‑08
A097D776-07B2-4E97-ABA6-B0A70088E45B Qegs Main Hall
Qegs Main Hall - West Park Rd, Blackburn
BB2 6DF       2023‑11
146BF309-DB4D-44BF-A869-B02000BFE707 Witton Park High School
Buncer Lane, Blackburn
BB2 6TD       2023‑08
09DD8765-51DD-4E27-B568-AECF00C55924 Herbert Parkinson
Harvest Mill, Monton Road
BB3 0HR       2023‑10
297F5BA5-105A-415A-A04B-B03700E137A8 Milking Lane
Lower Darwen, Blackburn
BB3 0RB       2023‑08
5A27D75F-353F-4E24-9761-AE8200EFC979 Ritherdon & Co Ltd
Lorne Street Works, Lorne Street
BB3 1QW       2023‑08
9ABDC467-EF96-4FD5-BE22-AE8200F1E943 Ritherdon & Co Ltd
Lorne Street Works, Lorne Street
BB3 1QW       2023‑08
3448BD1C-877F-4770-A254-B03C00D9DD9C Ashleigh Primary School
Ross Street, Darwen
BB3 2JT       2023‑08
E145174D-5EEE-4EA9-A4B7-AFAF0106E263 Wavell House
Holcombe Road, Helmshore
BB4 4NB       2023‑08
51D802CC-7A15-4DF7-872B-B03500DE6182 St James Church, Haslingden
St James Church, Church Street
BB4 5QU       2023‑08
EEB8CB71-3C76-4CDC-B121-AF7000A34F8A Tesco
Bocholt Way, Rawtenstall
BB4 6DB       2023‑08
447E62A3-0AD7-4293-A8AA-AE23010F57D7 Rossendale Golf Club
Ewood Lane, Haslingden
BB4 6LH       2023‑08
32223A0B-18CA-4256-9704-AE3901445FC6 Tesco Superstore
Syke St, Haslingden
BB4 6LY       2023‑08
9AC5D13D-2538-48CF-AFCB-B02800874371 Tesco
Syke Street, Rossendale
BB4 6LY       2023‑08
5AA12972-A89E-4659-B251-AE2701105A16 Rawtenstall Public Library
Haslingden Road, Rossendale
BB4 6QU       2023‑08
B4AF5250-CE76-4620-8D18-AE23010AD21C Response Footwear Ltd
Hill End Mill, Hill End Lane
BB4 7RN       2023‑08
6FFDA714-7307-405E-B6D6-B02900E6A4B0 Newchurch St Nicholas Ce Primary
Dark Lane, Newchurch
BB4 7UA       2023‑08
6B2EAF6D-4E38-4493-81DC-AE23010CDB75 Harvey Longworth Court
1 Goodshaw Avenue, Crawshawbooth
BB4 8QB       2023‑08
AD7D49FE-3EE9-464B-8C31-ADE800F5C461 St Marys C Of E Primary School
Unity Way, Off Haslingden Old Rd
BB4 8RZ       2023‑08
3FDD7166-2267-4CD4-9A2E-AF2500A5D3F2 Onward Homes
Friar Court, Dowry Street
BB5 1AJ       2023‑08
F3BE2550-7B41-4588-8283-AFAB00EFF13B Onward Homes
Friar Court, Dowry Street
BB5 1AJ       2023‑08
C7CD1F06-1A8B-4D52-856D-AE43011DDF99 Broadway
Accrington, Lancashire
BB5 1EZ       2023‑08
60F7016D-1A7C-4CAF-981B-AEBE00EAD29A Accrington Railway Station
Eagle Street, Accrington
BB5 1LJ       2023‑08
BAC99E11-35C1-48F1-81E1-B0A7007AB4B7 Tesco
2 Eagle Street, Accrington
BB5 1LJ       2023‑11
ACB82FB0-7FDE-46ED-8404-AFC800B6E9DD Jobcentre Plus
Oakbank House, Oak Street
BB5 1PJ       2023‑08
553C4FAE-6B83-4EEA-9C2D-AE240082E604 Caligen Foam Ltd
Caligen Foam, Broad Oak Road
BB5 2BS       2023‑08
94093E66-ED36-4CD6-9EF6-B01200A89A0E Universal Cooling Limited
Unit 1aa West End Business Park, Blackburn Road
BB5 4WE       2023‑08
7050432B-C258-4C96-B2CC-AF4900FD57AC Whinney Hill Landfill
Whinney Hill Road, Accrington
BB5 5EN       2023‑08
26E6712B-99CD-4555-B6B9-AEB50149824E Harwood Bar Holiday Park
27, Mill Lane
BB6 7WB       2023‑08
5B543AD9-6407-4815-80F8-B01F01036F3D The Transform Hub Clitheroe
Shire House, Lincoln Way
BB7 1QD       2023‑08
A37DF78B-F85B-492A-96F6-AFF1007AFF70 Clitheroe Railway Station
Railway View Road, Clitheroe
BB7 2JS       2023‑08
B18786EB-E7E9-4754-9198-AEC700D82E10 Bus Shelter
Dunsop Bridge Village Green (West End), Dunsop Bridge
BB7 3BB       2023‑08
18A3F8E5-10CD-4652-9B79-AF17009DA8B6 Dunbia Ltd
Castill Laithe Abattoir, Gisburn Road
BB7 4LH       2023‑08
4C8D4268-A61E-4BC0-97CD-AF17009E4353 Dunbia Ltd
Castill Laithe Abattoir, Gisburn Road
BB7 4LH       2023‑08
A5D97D59-F276-4B7F-8BB3-AF17009CCFE8 Dunbia Ltd
Castill Laithe Abattoir, Gisburn Road
BB7 4LH       2023‑08
7EB87968-1606-4074-A896-B01C00F4C202 Ribblesdale Park
Mill Lane, Gisburn
BB7 4LP       2023‑08
048EAFCA-F0C1-447D-A546-AF6B00BF3483 Hanson Cement
Ribblesdale Works, West Bradford Road
BB7 4QF       2023‑08
362152C5-BD66-49DC-BDC9-AF6B00BCD131 Hanson Uk
Hanson Cement, Ribblesdale Works
BB7 4QF       2023‑08
A585AA6F-2253-4097-BC7C-B05D00CEB27E Bus Stop
Greendale View, Main St
BB7 4RA       2023‑10
0A9D5F16-1881-4E60-8367-AE9F016B5A12 Barrow Parish Council
8 Trafford Gardens, Barrow
BB7 9AX       2023‑08
7FD63125-6BFC-42F8-8873-ADF600ADB6F2 Taylor Wimpey
Clover Meadows, Whalley Road
BB7 9BN       2023‑08
76E4A4E9-DA66-4093-90AA-AFF800E55684 St Augustine's
St Augustines Rc High School, Elker Lane
BB7 9JA       2023‑08
C8550E79-1C00-4AAA-AAD9-AFC40104AC01 St Marys Hall Stonyhurst College
Avenue Road, Hurst Green
BB7 9PU       2023‑08
10E1580F-319B-453E-93D6-AE8E00ECED18 Hurst Green Memorial Hall
Avenue Road, Hurst Green
BB7 9QB n10172609361 53m   2023‑08
5944C0A4-3CAD-41CE-8606-AFE8007B2472 Screwfix
Unit 9 Barrow Brook Business Park, North Road
BB7 9QZ       2023‑08
7B737481-D69D-4E09-ABD1-AE3200C81A31 Backhouse Jones Ltd
Suite 8-9 The Printworks, Hey Road
BB7 9WD       2023‑08
68F282D8-00D4-4081-99FA-AF1500FA3A2B Ferguson Engineering Nelson
2 Coulton Road, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate.
BB9 5ST       2023‑08
9A6E7E2D-BD5A-4C2A-8C9F-B02700A14133 Holy Saviour Rc Primary School
Holland Place, Nelson
BB9 8HD       2023‑08
D4DAD463-B4BA-4948-BC50-AF2C0085F47D Frp Advisory Trading Ltd
Suite 106, Pendle Business Centre Trafalgar Court
BB9 9BT       2023‑08
7813D088-5D22-4951-AC5C-B05100BE0234 Station Hotel
Hibson Road, Nelson
BB9 9SB       2023‑10
0D5A1B5E-F331-42BF-9018-B09800F3623F Cbmdc
Margaret Mcmillan Tower, Princes Way
BD1 1NN       2023‑11
6D856FCF-19C9-44DD-8715-ADC1011A92C3 National Science And Media Museum
Pictureville, Bradford
BD1 1NQ       2023‑08
6A04BFD5-D025-41C7-9534-B0A4010A68AB Tesco
Flat 1 The Empress, 27 Sunbridge Road
BD1 2AY       2023‑11
5CFE39C6-7100-4363-A0E3-ADBB00DC001A Ground Floor Scorex House West
1 Bolton Road, Bradford
BD1 4AS       2023‑08
44C0A526-FB44-4B4E-80C6-B16A00BA0D8C Azets Bradford
Carlton House, Grammar School Street
BD1 4NS       2024‑06
BF399C4A-500F-4A4D-A299-AF2B00CDB378 Royal Mail Bradford North Do
Inkersley Road, Bradford, Bradford
BD1 4RS       2023‑08
456BB062-4E7D-4CCF-9012-B16300F830CB Ray Chapman Motors
Canal Road, Bradford
BD1 4SR       2024‑06
5BEC1A67-B128-44EC-9E49-B05000C40B70 Trustford - Bradford
Trust Ford, Canal Road
BD1 4SR       2023‑08
27B38FB0-EA07-408D-9C03-B03700C68411 West Yorkshire Police Authority
Javelin House, Javelin Close
BD10 8SD       2023‑08
4C9BA86F-3E68-43A8-A821-ADDB00E8F2A7 Bolton Villas Cricket Club
All Alone Road, Idle
BD10 8TZ       2023‑08
FBBB38C8-D674-4565-B485-AFF000C802DF Immanuel College
Leeds Road, Bradford
BD10 9AQ       2023‑08
923BB386-D11D-4402-88D8-ADDF00B4994A J Briggs
The Idle Draper, 26-28 The Green
BD10 9PX       2023‑08
1E4C850E-A8FD-48FC-A289-AFFE00B980CA Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust
Second Floor Jade Building Albion Mills, Albion Road
BD10 9TQ       2023‑08
E12B3EF5-D965-4DB1-9461-AECC0104474E A B Blinds & Curtains
Churchill Hall, Whitehall Road East
BD11 2NA n9912806079 7m   2023‑08
2D50B99C-3E2E-42E7-BCE9-B01800FE40CE T L Dallas Group Limited
144-146 Cleckheaton Road, Bradford
BD12 0HF       2023‑08
0FEC08AB-1C88-48A5-BA07-AD4000E8D045 Foxhill Primary School
Brighouse And Denholme Road, Queensbury
BD13 1LN n10593044978 17m   2023‑08
4946AA48-9509-42C8-8D68-B02900B97A96 Thornton Grammar School
Beckfoot Thornton School, Leaventhorpe Lane
BD13 3BH       2023‑08
DFBFB0E1-E7CD-42C3-A750-AECA00D4F609 Beckfoot Thornton School
Leaventhorpe Lane, Thornton
BD13 3BH       2023‑08
85A80932-342E-444B-8E6C-B08100DA8C2F Clayton Village Primary School
John Street, Clayton
BD14 6AD       2023‑10
B89ECD03-B9E5-4A8B-84B3-ADBF0100B16F Aprilia Court
Hunters Park Avenue, Bradford
BD14 6TE       2023‑08
D9647FDD-4938-40E1-9AF4-AF5800EA7712 St Matthews Catholic Primary School
Saffron Drive, Bradford
BD15 7NE       2023‑08
6835AA72-7423-45B3-9F5D-ADC100FC795C Sutton Court
Beech Street, Bingley
BD16 1HF       2023‑08
BC793317-44C9-40FF-9314-B0B5010D46A5 Sutton Court
1 Beech Street, Bingley
BD16 1HF       2023‑12
3A99216A-6DA4-4AD0-BA3F-B16F00BD7E46 Dixons Cottingley
Cottingley New Road, Bingley
BD16 1TZ       2024‑06
A98E217A-CAF9-419D-AFE7-B16F00BEA0C5 Dixons Cottingley
Cottingley New Road, Bingley
BD16 1TZ       2024‑06
5887BAB8-FF40-49ED-80A8-B0670125B8A3 Crossflatts Cricket Club
Keighley Road, Bingley
BD16 2ER       2023‑10
3A461283-51F4-4F7D-8C79-AF7100CA3571 Don Whitley Scientific Limited
Victoria Works, Victoria Street
BD16 2NH       2023‑08
D302E920-39A2-4762-B036-AF2500991C1A Bingley Grammar School
Keighley Road, Bingley
BD16 2RS       2023‑08
08F7027E-39A2-4B4F-B484-B15E00B5982B Lady Lane Park School
The Green, Bingley
BD16 4AP       2024‑05
1F58952E-39D4-4719-9975-AD5000EF5C2D Bracken Hall Countryside Centre
Glen Road, Shipley Glen
BD17 5EA       2023‑08
AB27DFEE-6656-4A9F-B497-AD5000EE337B 1-3 Northgate
BD17 6LX n6348383746 12m   2023‑08
9DE8A81D-36EE-4738-A4AA-AF5E00DC6862 Ortho-Care Uk Limited
1 Riverside Estate, Shipley
BD17 7DR       2023‑08
4526E519-B895-4F55-9FB3-AD4B00A2C1EB Bradford Council Parks And Landscapes
The Lodge Roberts Park, Higher Coach Road
BD17 7LU n6205115976 17m   2023‑08
8A1868C8-075E-426A-92ED-B03B009EBE7C Glenaire Primary School
Baildon Glen Primary School, Thompson Lane
BD17 7LY       2023‑08
1212733F-DC5F-4652-820D-AD7300B60FA1 Wrose Bull
35 Wrose Road, Shipley
BD18 1JF       2023‑08
4C7AA517-141A-469A-93E6-AD9D00AA6210 New Mill
Victoria Road, Saltaire
BD18 3LD       2023‑08
6B0F3BEB-3044-49B1-B392-AFE400BD2BB7 Victoria Court
Victoria Avenue, Shipley
BD18 4SG       2023‑08
B37BD37B-967A-4F71-96B4-B01A00B9A189 Whitcliffe Mount School
Turnsteads Avenue, Cleckheaton
BD19 3AQ       2023‑08
FB3207DD-6446-4DA3-A146-AF5D00C8ED1A Toolbank C/O Curtis Holt
Curtis Holt Ltd, Chain Bar Road
BD19 3QF       2023‑08
8C865EAA-1871-4784-83CC-AD5D00B7699F Cleckheaton Town Hall
Bradford Road, Cleckheaton
BD19 3RH n10132891343 21m   2023‑08
EB2794B1-09BD-460A-878F-B00A01042C3F Poplars Farm Primary School
Poplars Park Road, Bradford
BD2 1LQ       2023‑08
071FC41A-09EA-4E35-8680-B06800CC9F3A Peel Park Primary School
Peel Park Drive, Bradford
BD2 4PR       2023‑10
A39120A2-E4C6-4D75-8728-AD4A00BD2326 Steeton With Eastburn Parish Council
Steeton With Eastburn Village Hub, Skipton Road
BD20 6FE n11352874055 4m   2023‑08
296784F1-FC48-4095-8C32-AE5300D718B6 Damartex Uk
Damartex Uk Limited, 20 Steeton Grove
BD20 6RA       2023‑08
E842A5B6-2A1E-4C5D-AEED-AD4100833CFA Acorn Stairlifts
Millennium Business Park, Steeton With Eastburn
BD20 6RB       2023‑08
162FD5D9-B190-4118-9044-AFCE00E2F77B Burberry
Burberry Mill, Skipton Road
BD20 7SE       2023‑08
5BA97D04-0741-4849-9254-AD4300835BEF Glusburn Community & Arts Centre
Glusburn Institute, Colne Road
BD20 8FQ       2023‑08
F0F2DD28-9452-4722-ABA1-AAF601131298 Kilmeny Surgery
50 Ashbourne Road, Ingrow
BD21 1LA       2023‑08
029CC012-BDB1-45DE-B3FA-AE6E00B3A3D2 Fretwell Print And Design Limited
Healey Works, Goulbourne Street
BD21 1PX       2023‑08
9F603A32-3972-4979-B788-AFE400A64F56 Keighley Cricket Club
Hard Ings Road, Keighley
BD21 3NB       2023‑08
1DD290C4-3C98-43C3-8C13-ADE800D79607 Keighley Cougars Rugby League Football Club
Hard Ings Road, Keighley
BD21 3RF       2023‑08
119D3BF4-DCEC-4794-95C7-AF69014791C6 Toby Carvery - Keighley
Bradford Road, Keighley
BD21 4BB       2023‑08
931E8F3C-2187-47FF-B5EB-AFEB00BB8357 Harrrison And Clough
Harrison And Clough Limited, Harclo Road
BD21 4DW       2023‑08
DE01E77F-CC3C-4C02-A9B2-AFEB00BCB0AF Harrison & Clough
Unit 2, Royd Ings Avenue
BD21 4DZ       2023‑08
ECB5BCD3-D07C-4189-AEC9-AD4200DAEDA0 Turner And Ward
75 Bradford Road, Keighley
BD21 4HD       2023‑08
88D873C9-D5A5-4491-92A2-B0B700C9D8F7 Victorian Bench Co
Freegate Mill, Nan Scar
BD22 0DJ       2023‑12
74FA12D0-A7CA-4605-BABB-AFA200835748 Bradford Metropolitan District Council
Oakworth Crematorium, Wide Lane
BD22 0RH       2023‑08
EEA683B7-F3BB-49C8-BF7E-AD40009BD1FE Housing 21
Staveley Court, Staveley Road
BD22 7EB       2023‑08
7C918556-869A-402B-BD5A-AD6B009829B8 Oakworth Village Hall
Chapel Lane, Colne Road
BD22 7HY n11353142897 19m   2023‑08
9C465C45-C907-4F3A-90C2-AEDF010002A1 Skipton Town Hall
Town Hall, High Street
BD23 1AH n11776531438 16m   2023‑08
3319D948-F640-4036-9E9C-AD47007F5C90 Fisher Medical Centre
Fisher Medical Centre Millfields, Coach Street
BD23 1EU       2023‑08
5EF00B4B-0E72-485C-943F-AAAA0109C595 Fisher Medical Centre
Millfields, Coach Street
BD23 1EU       2023‑08
240A4519-4B09-4265-8746-AE5900BFCAE4 Ermysteds School
Ermysteds Grammar School, Gargrave Road
BD23 1PL       2023‑08
D23479DE-6E9A-46EC-8F76-B02F010D2A94 Skipton Girls High School
Gargrave Road, Skipton
BD23 1QL       2023‑08
7898D431-D814-44BC-A6E5-AEC50083DCD4 Craven College
Craven College Aireville Campus, Gargrave Road
BD23 1US       2023‑08
DE9024BA-507B-407B-9F02-AE3D00EE0486 Tesco Stores Limited
Tesco Stores Ltd, Craven Street
BD23 2AG n4837670097 39m   2023‑08
6FF485BB-5C92-4C51-90CD-AD5E0115BDD3 Sandylands Sports Centre
Carleton New Road, Skipton
BD23 2AZ n11776531455 22m   2023‑08
744A9378-97FB-408C-805B-B03F00B5EAC9 Carrs Windows
Unit 3 Enterprise Way, Airedale Business Centre
BD23 2FJ       2023‑08
D27C6676-ED36-4D39-978C-B02800918458 J B A Consulting
Broughton Park, 1 Old Lane North
BD23 3FD       2023‑08
FB037BF6-1990-45E5-BE3D-ADCF00E9D1F0 H F Holidays Ltd
Newfield Hall, Skipton
BD23 4AA n6129050191 14m   2023‑08
478777AC-4140-409C-BC44-B16200B10A5A Hellifield Primary School
Kendal Road, Hellifield
BD23 4HA       2024‑05
7F9D8D52-A434-4298-8669-AD9B00D278A2 Goal Farm
Goal, Skipton
BD23 4JR       2023‑08
FFBD23EB-59A3-47D8-A7EB-B05900B02258 Francis Barn Hawkswick
Francis Barn, Gooselands Hill To Out Gang Lane
BD23 5QA       2023‑10
9041976E-60C4-4687-9D04-AE9C00EF2061 Howgill Lodge Campsite
Howgill Lodge, Howgill Lane
BD23 6DJ       2023‑08
728AD63D-4A6F-4087-B658-AD4200AD87BE Embsay Institute
Main Street, Embsay
BD23 6RE n11967455473 5m   2023‑08
DDD6A86F-62D8-4555-A29F-AD4200AEDB8E Embsay With Eastby Parish Council
Bower House, 34 Barden Road
BD23 6SN n5212251856 9m   2023‑08
C3501313-5F76-4D28-A2CC-B02E009745FB Settle & Giggleswick Golf Club
Buck Haw Brow, Giggleswick
BD24 0DH       2023‑08
9CC9DA6E-2640-4581-A963-AD5E00B446CD Old School House
Austwick Road,
BD24 0EH n9107799496 9m   2023‑08
C02E036A-A57F-4A40-9872-AEE50072969C Horton
Hanson Aggreagtes, Horton Quarry
BD24 0HR       2023‑08
630E3C1F-C1A5-4D29-B859-AD4E00D4827D Townhead Surgery
Townhead Surgeries, Town Head
BD24 9JA n11641016069 16m * 2023‑08
69C4A774-C51B-476E-AE48-B026008A5B52 Byron Street Primary School
Barkerend Road, Bradford
BD3 0AB       2023‑08
EF65850A-3FDE-4091-9C5E-AFEE00DE8530 The Avicenna Medical Practice
The Avicenna Medical Practice Barkerend Health Centre, Barkerend Road
BD3 8QH       2023‑08
49115767-E902-44E9-AF66-AD9700F8C602 Holme United Reform Church
Madison Avenue, Bradford
BD4 0JE       2023‑08
0BA5C96C-3A51-4A3A-B438-AF4100C74267 Tong Garden Centre Limited
Tong Garden Centre, Tong Lane
BD4 0RY       2023‑08
107D4B85-19B1-436D-B049-B027009BEF3C St Johns Ce Primary School
Dawson Lane, Bradford
BD4 6JF       2023‑08
55FA5059-C0AA-4CCE-8772-B0B300ABBB77 Marble 4 Life Limited
6 St Dunstans Technology Park, Bradford
BD4 7HH       2023‑12
4FB91079-29D2-46F2-9DAF-B07C00863B40 Dunelm Bradford
Sticker Lane, Bradford
BD4 8DN       2023‑10
BDEA62A1-4F5E-4B86-8DED-AD8F00899F62 Tong Liberal Club
296 Tong Street, Bradford
BD4 9RR       2023‑08
0EBD5B9A-21BD-4D0A-A853-B03700D136AF West Yorkshire Police Authority
West Yorkshire Police, Nelson Street
BD5 0DX       2023‑08
3AD078F6-13A6-46C0-9240-B17000A94F41 Dixons City Academy
Ripley Street, West Bowling
BD5 7RR       2024‑06
49A9AFFB-01BD-4C3D-8395-B17000A9994E Dixons City Academy
Ripley Street, West Bowling
BD5 7RR       2024‑06
97C7BBD2-6961-4DDB-9C1C-B17000A980FC Dixons City Academy
Ripley Street, West Bowling
BD5 7RR       2024‑06
CC644C44-8378-4F89-AA08-B17000A9B353 Dixons City Academy
Ripley Street, West Bowling
BD5 7RR       2024‑06
C76FCDDD-FA71-48FC-800A-ADF1010144CB St Matthews Ce Primary School
Ivy House Road, Bradford
BD5 8FG       2023‑08
E89A6281-EE31-4AEF-A836-B06E00B0A6C0 Woodman Inn
1062 Manchester Road, Bradford
BD5 8NH       2023‑10
9019907B-1874-437E-A857-AFF100A9C94B Buttershaw Business Enterprise College
Reevy Road West, Bradford
BD6 3PX       2023‑08
A5AD743E-5ECF-48B8-9518-AFC600EC78A4 Bradford Council
St Georges Hall, Bridge Street
BD7 1AJ       2023‑08
E0092A17-F0BD-4FA6-8AD9-AFC600ED7444 Bradford Council
The Alhambra Theatre, Morley Street
BD7 1AJ       2023‑08
AB128B72-0AEC-4F01-8118-AEC80082612B Hewitson Fabrication Limited
Unit 4 Fairweather Green Works, 900 Thornton Road
BD8 0JG       2023‑08
59230D88-4C75-4D13-B486-AFE900BAA901 Manningham Clinic
Clarendon Medical Centre, Manningham Health Centre
BD8 7SY       2023‑08
38109FCF-72A7-4DBB-8AE5-B03700C87A81 West Yorkshire Police Authority
Lawcroft House, Lilycroft Road
BD9 5AF n11219444326 18m   2023‑08
3C0101CC-5CA1-40A3-B618-B02100B79112 Margaret Mcmillan Primary School
Scotchman Road, Bradford
BD9 5DF       2023‑08
7B9F09FC-260E-4619-A887-ADB200E0A845 Beckfoot Heaton Primary School
Haworth Road, Bradford
BD9 6LL       2023‑08
A246B9E0-71F5-44A8-92E7-AF7200DCEE8B Tesco Stores Uk
Flat 1, 204-206 Haworth Road
BD9 6NJ       2023‑10
6841C501-4E80-461E-AD45-ADF800D64E76 Damartex Uk Limited
Bowling Green Mills, Lime Street
BD97 1AD       2023‑08
6C89E570-1B28-4762-BC9A-AF9D0104F760 Royal Mail Bournemouth Do
Wellington Road, Bournemouth, Bournemouth
BH1 1AA       2023‑08
B7DE06C7-BD54-4BA2-89AC-B06D009B4D10 1st Waste Management Consultants Ltd
Regency House, 10-12 Lansdowne Road
BH1 1SD       2023‑10
D81F47A2-18E5-4B9B-8A3A-AEAC00D9CB3F Marsham Court Hotel Ltd
Marsham Court Hotel, 3 Russell Cotes Road
BH1 3AB       2023‑08
1B640C60-770F-458D-A394-B13F00FDFABA Hinton Wood East Block F1-31
Hinton Wood, 17 Grove Road
BH1 3DZ       2024‑04
9A499924-EF9F-411E-AF2A-AD7400CD5A39 Albany
2 Manor Road, Bournemouth
BH1 3EN       2023‑08
AD30B5FE-53D0-4E31-836B-AF6600EA3BB2 Toby Carvery - Northbourne
Wimborne Road, Bournemouth
BH10 7BJ       2023‑08
A4565A62-7AA4-406D-A401-AFC700D414FC Howdens At Bournemouth
520 Wallisdown Road,, Bournemouth
BH11 8QE       2023‑08
C96A2A82-55A3-444D-BAFA-AE2401148B67 9 Hull Way
Bearcross, Bournemouth
BH11 9RQ       2023‑08
2D494B28-EF54-4480-994F-AEC900D20A76 Think Research Ltd.
Suite 6 Branksome Park House, Bourne Valley Road
BH12 1ED       2023‑08
827214E6-8F72-44A9-B189-AD9C0066FE8B 480-488 Ringwood Road
BH12 3LY       2023‑08
4FD04B5E-BA8D-40BE-ACC1-AF1100FC73C8 Model Railway Solutions
10-12 Alder Hills, Poole
BH12 4AL       2023‑08
4112FB8C-51ED-4950-A9E0-AD2400C8F24A Bourne Steel Ltd
St Clements House, St Clements Road
BH12 4GP       2023‑08
C96C06A7-476F-4F63-AB91-AEB7008128FC Eurac Poole
16 Mannings Heath Road, Poole
BH12 4NJ       2023‑08
BCE1C0A3-1B09-47B2-B19C-AE3F00D4EBC2 Tesco
Tesco Superstore, Yarrow Road
BH12 4NX       2023‑08
66C48AB7-CD04-44EB-96B8-AD9100BF8A3E The Arts University At Bournemouth
7 Fern Barrow, Poole
BH12 5HH       2023‑08
5F195DA9-5464-48C8-9460-ADC600C935BD Ace
17-21 Banks Road, Poole
BH13 7AY       2023‑08
E006D902-6054-436F-8DF0-AFF300D52C2E Willow Park
1 Park Road, Poole
BH14 0JQ       2023‑08
D4EE5764-2F26-4BAB-9AAF-AD2700B41195 Baden Powell And St Peters Ce Junior School
Mill Lane, Poole
BH14 8UL       2023‑08
80C2C9FF-842F-4475-8704-AF0E01042B57 Courthill Infant School
Courthill Road, Poole
BH14 9HL       2023‑08
400C74C1-C67F-4314-A6B4-AD1F01774734 Hotel Du Vin
5-11 The Quay, Poole
BH15 1JN       2023‑08
BA466BA7-0663-4F91-90F7-B03400A1AFB5 Old Town Infant School
Old Town Infant School And Nursery, Green Road
BH15 1QB       2023‑08
71363DA4-8EB0-40FB-A6BC-AFE80083C4F3 Pkf Francis Clark
Towngate House, 2-8 Parkstone Road
BH15 2PW       2023‑08
B250BF02-2C0D-4751-A1CE-AD4400F230DB Sunseeker International
New Quay Road, Poole
BH15 4AB       2023‑08
BBC0F980-F85D-450C-8856-AD21009581BE The Poole Yacht Club
New Harbour Road West, Hamworthy
BH15 4AQ n10098630636 15m   2023‑08
B33B8961-608E-456D-A0D1-AF0700C631A6 The Cornerstone Academy
Blandford Close, Poole
BH15 4BQ       2023‑08
6D71B94F-E603-4F7A-96E0-AD5900B9E5F7 Lytchett United Royal British Legion Club
93 Dorchester Road, Upton
BH16 5NW       2023‑08
52AACFB7-E6D8-4316-91CF-AD210065D676 The Courtyard Centre Cottage Farm
Huntick Road, Lytchett Matravers
BH16 6BA       2023‑08
112125E5-CFFF-42F1-A6B6-B045008072B8 Tesco Stores Ltd
1-3 Purbeck Parade, Lytchett Matravers
BH16 6BQ n8997240599 4m   2023‑08
68BF4292-B9A5-4AEF-9C7F-AEA5015DB7DE Simmons Farm Estate Touring Park
Simmons Farm Estate, Dorchester Road
BH16 6FN       2023‑08
4305FAAA-005B-4845-B36A-AEF100A4B45A Burry & Knight Ltd
Bulbury Golf Course, Bulbury Lane
BH16 6HR       2023‑08
33A4606A-48C2-4F41-AF2A-ADC801019F58 Sandford Holiday Park
Holton Heath,
BH16 6JZ       2023‑08
1FD45EBE-28FD-4794-BAAC-AD43000B8F49 Royal Mail
Dorset Sorting Office, Witney Road
BH17 0AA       2023‑08
730289B3-B272-4BAD-9F93-AF3B00F9A8A3 Royal Mail Dorset Mc/Med/Ind
Witney Road, Poole, Poole
BH17 0AA       2023‑08
3DA0F726-0931-4D8A-A20F-AD8E008EC79F Iec Limited, 41 Harwell Road
Saville House, Nuffield Estate
BH17 0BD       2023‑08
97489217-BF37-450C-8E48-AD8E008B245E Iec Limited, 41 Harwell Road
Saville House, Nuffield Estate
BH17 0BD       2023‑08
D4F2D17A-CA8B-47D7-BE8D-AF8D00D339D2 E T S Trucks Ltd
Ets Trucks Ltd, 6 Witney Road, Nuffield Ind Estate, Nuffield Ind Estate, Nuffield Ind Estate
BH17 0GH       2023‑08
DC8C7F69-D7F8-4BBD-AD6D-AF4D00A9BC2A Lush Manufacturing Ltd
42-44 Hatch Pond Road, Poole
BH17 0JZ       2023‑08
4419ACE3-0330-4F8F-A1B9-AFEC00A1E7DB Screwfix
Unit 8 - 9 Chancerygate Trade Centre, Holyrood Close
BH17 7AE       2023‑08
D8D0565C-ECBA-4298-92AB-AFCB00F95C78 17 Balena Close
BH17 7EF       2023‑08
C0FD217D-3A97-4AE2-A168-AD81009517B1 Unit A9 Arena Business Park
Holyrood Close, Poole
BH17 7FJ       2023‑08
1F1A08DA-707C-4EC3-951F-ADC200A0266B Northmead House
30-34 Northmead Drive, Creekmoor
BH17 7RP       2023‑08
878D6031-EEE5-4D2C-A83F-AD2100D43696 Stour Valley And Poole Partnership
Northmead House, 30-34 Northmead Drive
BH17 7RP       2023‑08
AAA28BA5-ED28-4F18-98F5-ADC2009E1E66 Northmead House
30-34 Northmead Drive, Creekmoor
BH17 7RP       2023‑08
6FCF20A6-E2A7-4AE0-9076-AE2101407523 Poole Athletics Club Clubhouse
Ashdown Running Track Clubhouse, Available When Clubhouse Is Open
BH17 8RE       2023‑08
C0B028E1-51BB-4F2D-A78C-AE2400EBB5BD Ashdown Leisure Centre
Ashdown Close, Poole
BH17 8RE       2023‑08
C7D42891-8819-4E65-86CB-AFE700ED4458 Medical Room
Magna Academy Poole, Ashdown Close
BH17 8RE       2023‑08
73641CEE-2A77-4A6A-AC86-ADB000899A0C Poole Crematorium
Gravel Hill, Poole
BH17 9BQ       2023‑08
28754FB5-4A1D-47FD-A40B-B07101117A8F The Anvil Centre Prospect Business Park
5 Prospect Way, Swanage
BH19 1EJ n7843920451 35m   2023‑10
D4219D01-1FB1-4945-87D2-AE2E00F74275 Bournemouth West Cliff Hotel
7 Durley Chine Road, Bournemouth
BH2 5JS       2023‑08
A494CB65-B098-49E6-8056-AE9B00F6CE11 Puregym
The Triangle, Avenue Road
BH2 5RQ       2023‑08
4BF97CA9-E7B6-4E24-8BDA-ADE600B013B5 Tesco
Bourne Court, 11 Bourne Avenue
BH2 6DT       2023‑10
07431539-7361-46D5-876D-ADC8010216CE Bournemouth Borough Council - Town Hall
Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth
BH2 6DY       2023‑08
93EE3BCA-0B07-4395-A667-ADBA00F93DCD Ground To Fifth Floor Office
41 Richmond Hill, Bournemouth
BH2 6HS       2023‑08
FDB9A5CE-DD50-41BF-BA7C-AD30011CC0EB Bournemouth & Meyrick Park Golf Club
Meyrick Park, Bournemouth
BH2 6LH       2023‑08
55E60010-E53D-4CF0-A938-ADCD01120456 New Inn
Church Knowle,
BH20 5NQ n5097874646 15m   2023‑08
293712FE-755F-46B9-A862-AE9F00FE98A0 Smedmore Estate
Smedmore House, Access To Smedmore House
BH20 5PG       2023‑08
4DB28FF2-2262-46EC-9DC7-AE32011BF658 Bovington Acadamy
Bovington Primary School, Holt Road
BH20 6LE       2023‑08
A13C1106-4807-4CF0-8D63-B0D000FB307E St John's Church Wimborne
St John's Church, St John's Hill And Leigh Road Crossroads
BH21 1AE       2024‑01
B1B44090-CFE7-4371-912B-AF3C00B1464C Savills Limited
Wessex House, Priors Walk
BH21 1PB       2023‑08
71E350E1-EEA1-4F3D-AFFB-AFD9008BF532 Dorset And Somerset Air Ambulance
11 Brook Road, Unit 3 Brook Road
BH21 2BH       2023‑08
0353E5B4-2BBE-4B57-9432-AD2000807035 Canford School
Canford Magna, Poole
BH21 3AD       2023‑08
851AEAF3-A51E-4949-8430-B02D00ECA169 Queen Elizabeths School
Blandford Road, Wimborne Minster
BH21 4DT       2023‑08
BA6350DA-A63E-4B5F-A0CD-B03000DD4463 Queen Elizabeths School
Blandford Road, Wimborne Minster
BH21 4DT       2023‑08
D83E7D9F-0CC6-4867-B154-AF560099BC08 Queen Elizabeths School
Blandford Road, Wimborne Minster
BH21 4DT       2023‑08
17526114-18E7-4692-ADB5-AE5B00D40C05 National Trust
Kitchen Garden, Abbott Street
BH21 4EG       2023‑08
801E1240-5498-4DCC-B5AA-AD2E01066ABF Stewarts Broomhill Garden Centre
Gods Blessing Lane, Holt
BH21 7DF       2023‑08
B02858A8-7497-475A-B9EC-B00A00FAE3A7 Porsche
Cobham Road, Ferndown Industrial Estate
BH21 7ED       2023‑08
BBCE9942-4871-470A-A74A-ADC80101B91B Superior Seals Ltd (4)
Unit 4 Cedar Trade Park, Ferndown Industrial Estate
BH21 7NP       2023‑08
602C5588-6FAC-4357-8F56-AD2000756835 4 Telford Road
BH21 7QL       2023‑08
9A1E95EA-A0AA-45BB-8218-AD2100932CDC Ultra
7 Lancaster Road, Ferndown
BH21 7SQ       2023‑08
132D24B3-0149-4C14-8B11-B007008F1000 Ferndown Upper School
Cherry Grove, Ferndown
BH22 9EY       2023‑08
E3DAC755-A5B4-4D49-868C-B007008CCF4E Ferndown Upper School
Cherry Grove, Ferndown
BH22 9EY       2023‑08
55065A8A-C9AB-4773-8604-AFC0007FD2D0 Ferndown Middle School
Peter Grant Way, Ferndown
BH22 9UP       2023‑08
84282A38-C278-405C-9A77-AFBF00A5E3E9 Ferndown Middle School
Peter Grant Way, Ferndown
BH22 9UP       2023‑08
EABC70BE-B3DB-4B60-95C3-AD2400A78ABB Tc - Filer Knapper
10 Bridge Street, Christchurch
BH23 1EF       2023‑08
EF321950-DB46-4CA5-9B9F-AF2700C5212D Royal Mail Christchurch Do
Units 19-22 Avon Trading Park, Christchurch, Christchurch
BH23 2FB       2023‑08
8DC465DF-5544-4928-9D62-AE98009F774C Flat 11 Sandhill Holiday Park
Mudeford, Christchurch
BH23 4AL       2023‑08
36699BBB-E409-4FB0-8856-AE8A010D1ECC Avon Beach Cafe
Mudeford, Christchurch
BH23 4AN       2023‑08
66A00465-3D5D-488E-908A-AED900D68CFE Spectrum Housing Group
Spectrum House, Grange Road
BH23 4GE       2023‑08
3FE91EB7-7EE0-4F2D-B883-AD2D0107E63C Highcliffe School
Parkside, Christchurch
BH23 4QD       2023‑08
E687BB79-27C3-4C54-9C2B-AD960134AD80 Sainsburys
1 Lyndhurst Road, Christchurch
BH23 4RY       2023‑08
125AE5B6-5A57-4EED-AB74-AF2700B71A99 Bournemouth University Sports Campus
Chapel Gate, Christchurch
BH23 6BL       2023‑08
C7A889D9-44E2-4A62-A07D-B06100AC9616 Hinton Admiral
Hinton Wood Lane, Hinton Admiral
BH23 7DW       2023‑10
5A7D997D-F096-4DBC-A57D-AD1F00B479E2 Fortune Centre Of Riding Therapy
Fortune Centre, Whitefield Hill
BH23 8EE       2023‑08
2B570397-CA53-4DA3-97BA-ADEA00BBD2B1 Mccarthy And Stone Retirement Lifestyles Ltd
Southern House, 1 Embankment Way
BH24 1EU       2023‑08
02A7DF2F-6A05-4300-A691-AFCD008CD235 Ringwood School
Parsonage Barn Lane, Ringwood
BH24 1SE       2023‑08
5E06BEC6-642B-4177-981A-ADC80101C381 Swast East - St Leonards Training Centre
241 Ringwood Road, St Leonards And St Ives
BH24 2RR       2023‑08
58E2BBF9-F502-4E22-B825-AE6800880367 Merlo Uk Ltd
The Paddocks, Headlands Business Park
BH24 3PB       2023‑08
B79A2059-7E8B-4B09-B7FC-AE390098380F Tesco Stores Ltd
Tesco Supermarket, Caird Avenue
BH25 6BP       2023‑08
FAF31088-816A-404A-A32C-B01800C8B2EA Cliff House Hotel
The Cliff House, Marine Drive West
BH25 7QL       2023‑08
E7C756D2-E971-4B33-8863-AD9100737A3D Crane Valley Golf Club
The Clubhouse, Verwood
BH31 7LH       2023‑08
3007E951-468F-42B3-BB51-ADC801018753 The Hub (Verwood Leisure)
Brock Way, Verwood
BH31 7QE       2023‑08
4C00EBE8-9077-4037-A98F-AD5600CE7BF6 Talbot Heath School
Rothesay Road, Bournemouth
BH4 9NJ       2023‑08
1B4D6103-39FE-41EC-AD27-AEC30091DBAA Bournemouth Collegiate School
College Road, Bournemouth
BH5 2DY       2023‑08
66054160-BC85-42B2-8AC4-AD320097E318 Bournemouth Collegiate School
College Road, Bournemouth
BH5 2DY       2023‑08
590D7D23-02FB-437F-8293-ADC80101E5EB Kc Dialysis
35 Southwood Avenue, Southbourne
BH6 3QB       2023‑08
E8640110-A0E0-4B02-8A15-AD2B00AF5574 Avonwood Primary School
Harewood Avenue, Bournemouth
BH7 6NB       2023‑08
76A57E82-AF92-4154-A25E-B00600B57FDD Avonbourne Academy
Harewood Avenue, Bournemouth
BH7 6NY       2023‑08
139DDF6B-F8F3-4FF0-9311-AFF0010254F9 Afc Bournemouth Football Club
Vitality Stadium, Kings Park Drive
BH7 7AF       2023‑08
92455392-6FC4-4CEE-AF85-AE3D01777AA8 Tesco Extra
Riverside Avenue, Bournemouth
BH7 7DY       2023‑08
024D5B8B-1733-4E03-98B1-AD260099E58A Bournemouth University
Executive Business Centre, 89 Holdenhurst Road
BH8 8EB       2023‑08
76EBACF0-1E96-440A-8DE9-AEDA010622A6 Lester Aldridge Solicitors
Lester Aldridge Solicitors Russell House, 31 Oxford Road
BH8 8EX       2023‑08
27427975-300F-4EBE-816A-B0740104793E Tesco Express Bournemouth Holden Road
Lyme Regis House, 69-89 Holdenhurst Road
BH8 8FT       2023‑10
64EA7594-DC53-4537-948B-AD2600978E15 Bournemouth University
Third Floor, Bournemouth Gateway Building (Bgb), St Paul's Lane
BH8 8GP       2023‑08
AB67A34E-77B5-4485-BF4B-AD2600966442 Bournemouth University
Bournemouth Gateway Building (Bgb), St Paul's Lane
BH8 8GP       2023‑08
713E3C86-CC4B-49B9-99CF-AFC100BF6D0A Savills - The Helm
The Helm, 37 Holdenhurst Rd., Boscombe, Bournemouth
BH8 8GX       2023‑08
026C402B-F82C-4D3A-ABFF-AD2101042EEE Malmesbury Park Primary School
Lowther Road, Bournemouth
BH8 8LU       2023‑08
4AC5BE65-2056-47B9-8074-AD3200EFB267 B&Q
B&Q Castlepoint, Castle Lane West
BH8 9UB       2023‑08
59DC5D53-F5C4-47B5-8C43-AFE800CDB4D1 Talbot House School
8 Firs Glen Road, Bournemouth
BH9 2LR       2023‑08
8B98FB63-E20D-4A58-8422-AE4000A36A63 Tesco Express
Neighbourhood Centre, Muscliffe Ln
BH9 3LR       2023‑08
D9E427B5-F54A-4A90-B2B6-B0A700BA9BAA The Eagle And Child Pub
3 Whalley Rd, Ramsbottom
BL0 0DL       2023‑11
CCFC5AAA-11E7-4326-A5F5-B0540021333C The Duckworth Arms
416 Whalley Road, Ramsbottom
BL0 0EG       2023‑10
23188B39-3C2D-48DB-B7BA-AE23010E287A The Coach
163 Market Street, Edenfield
BL0 0HJ       2023‑08
79EBC06B-D4BA-4B3C-B8A7-B09A00FADA4E Ramsbottom
Ramsbottom Fire Station, Stubbins Lane
BL0 0PS       2023‑11
1F0CA520-E030-4CB7-87B6-ADEB0115EA01 Bolton Community & Voluntary Services
The Hub, Bold Street
BL1 1LS       2023‑08
AA2ABEED-9F9B-4954-981D-AE98008FBAF6 Fieldings Porter Solicitors
Silverwell House, 32 Silverwell Street
BL1 1PT       2023‑08
7FFB4FB5-A3D3-40D3-9180-AF2200A5C39D Victory Reform Club Bolton
Victory Reform Club, Victory Street
BL1 4JA       2023‑08
86851E54-C294-441C-AA5A-ADC700DAB35C Overdale Crematorium
Overdale Drive, Bolton
BL1 5BU       2023‑08
74249143-6143-4C12-8235-B04400DB57A3 Smithills Comprehensive School
Smithills Dean Road, Bolton
BL1 6JS       2023‑08
465664C5-D91A-4E12-AEBA-AF8700FB2FA2 Thornleigh Salesian College
Sharples Park, Astley Bridge
BL1 6PQ       2023‑08
3CD62D36-B609-4ED0-A7B9-ADEB008FAB98 The Oaks Primary School
Sharples Hall Drive, Bolton
BL1 7HS       2023‑08
3DCAE74A-6FD1-4FB5-A1B4-AEE10067FC50 Warburtons
Warburtons Limited, Hereford Street
BL1 8HJ       2023‑08
1D7540B9-B09C-4512-9944-AE20010F2D40 Nuffield Health
7-10 Eagley Brook Way, Bolton
BL1 8TS       2023‑08
32AFDD83-98D7-43AB-8618-AEBD00D9BEDB Astley Bridge Police Station
Crompton Way, Bolton
BL1 8UN       2023‑08
15518554-D47A-4DCF-9804-B11E00DDF3D4 Royal Mail Bolton North Delivery Office
Unit 7 The Courtyard, Calvin Street
BL1 8XX       2024‑03
4C65EFD5-A7C8-4983-B58B-AEBE00EAC006 Bolton Railway Station
Trinity Street, Bolton
BL2 1BE n11042963033 125m * 2023‑08
F1D0B7B7-55ED-4B9B-A1A2-AEC800B4AB3D Abbfab Services Ltd
Windley Street, Bolton
BL2 2AH       2023‑08
FFAECD35-B22E-4147-8181-AEB5013F1AE0 Castle Hill Centre
Castleton Street, Bolton
BL2 2JW       2023‑08
3A06F6FF-3A69-461E-B1A1-ADF200DDCA92 Harwood Group Practice
Harwood Health Centre, Hough Fold Way
BL2 3HQ       2023‑08
83A8A133-AF51-4BF9-91C2-AFF700F7D9EB Christ Church Ainsworth Cof E Primary
Christ Church Ainsworth Cofe Primary, Tommy Lane
BL2 5SG       2023‑08
AFB8B6EA-C44C-4C53-AEC4-ADE9008280A0 Little Lever School
Church Street, Bolton
BL3 1BT       2023‑08
560DDDFA-C4AF-457B-AC5E-B0220086A66F Mytham Primary School
Mytham Road, Bolton
BL3 1JG       2023‑08
52D09E71-3C9D-4353-8A60-AF2500DC4E42 The Volunteer Pub, Darcy Lever
Volunteer Inn, 276-278 Radcliffe Road
BL3 1RS       2023‑08
7610BE73-657B-42E2-BDAC-B03E0092B2FA Williams Bolton
1 Vincent Way, Bolton
BL3 2NB       2023‑08
E226681A-98B7-4D21-B589-AF6C0095E899 Hurstwood Court
Bolton, Gt Manchester
BL3 2NH       2023‑08
87AC74C3-7FF7-4440-B6F3-AF0100A21CC4 Carrs Pasties
Carrs Pasties Ltd, Summerfield Road
BL3 2NU       2023‑08
E9B04DC7-4ED2-4C02-8A95-B0B900BB25B2 Mcdonlads - Manchester Road
Manchester Road (Euro Garages), Bolton, Lancashire
BL3 2PQ       2023‑12
39D8EE41-1F7C-4A80-AFF7-AF2400DE3956 Essa Academy
Lever Edge Lane, Bolton
BL3 3HH       2023‑08
8F0D797B-2A24-40BA-A1A6-AF2400E3B370 Essa Academy
Lever Edge Lane, Bolton
BL3 3HH       2023‑08
ADD7BE60-7B42-4B9A-AD47-AF2400DFB86A Essa Academy
Lever Edge Lane, Bolton
BL3 3HH       2023‑08
D1344858-8F74-49D5-A444-AECF00DDA98F Essa Academy
Lever Edge Lane, Bolton
BL3 3HH       2023‑08
C0151CE1-6C91-44FC-B28F-B0B6012128D5 258 Deane Road
Gilnow Arms Pub, Bolton
BL3 5HP       2023‑12
163684BA-1714-43F8-B758-B02200E02F99 St Ethelberts Rcp School
Melbourne Road, Deane
BL3 5RL       2023‑08
B3366825-E933-41AB-9B52-B06D007716AE Employment Exchange
Great Moor Street, Bolton
BL3 6DT       2023‑10
F9F0F154-72C8-4C8E-A718-B00A00BD63CC 625 Plodder Lane
BL4 0LE       2023‑08
278B5B09-CD45-4069-B489-AF6A00E4E411 Toby Carvery - Bolton
421 Watergate Drive, Bolton
BL5 1BU       2023‑08
ED429522-CBB0-4880-839D-AEBE00EA9C3C Daisy Hill Railway Station
Leigh Road, Bolton
BL5 2JQ n11015732712 163m * 2023‑08
FDFD62BA-0DF5-4847-BD14-B04500C15EA1 Truman Design And Build Ltd
G1, Ground Floor Lynstock Office Park, Lynstock Way
BL6 4SG       2023‑08
D4AD5796-D9ED-4C94-83B6-AFCC00EE232D Vine House
Lynstock Way, Bolton
BL6 4TW       2023‑08
8E53C99E-44F0-466A-A144-AEBE00EAD5E7 Blackrod Railway Station
Station Road, Blackrod
BL6 5JH       2023‑08
6A7D45DF-AF92-40CC-AAF8-B03700C58403 New Build Ground Floor
Blackrod Primary School, Manchester Road
BL6 5SY       2023‑08
2C2C8DAC-0F27-4FCE-9BBF-AF2A009EEAB3 Henry Riley Llp
The Windermere Suite Paragon Business Park, Chorley New Road
BL6 6HG       2023‑08
5C5CB9D1-8AC3-4C1F-80CB-AEEE01120A35 Bolton Wanderers Free School The University Of Bolton Stadium
Burnden Way, Bolton
BL6 6JW       2023‑08
36FF1EC4-798A-4F6A-9BDA-AF1B00E57DD7 New Chapel United Reformed Church
147 Claypool Road, Horwich
BL6 6QN       2023‑08
44AA9882-B99C-40FF-9788-AEEE0110C352 Whites Hotel
De Vere Whites Hotel, De Havilland Way
BL6 6SF       2023‑08
8AF73F54-DE77-4978-BF30-AF9D010468EF Royal Mail Bolton West Do
Northgate Close, Bolton, Bolton
BL6 6XX       2023‑08
2C0B1B9A-2349-4A99-95F8-ADE400C8E4D9 Regency
29 Lee Lane, Horwich
BL6 7AY       2023‑08
341D0354-2504-4E92-AB48-AEBE00EA2329 Bromley Cross Railway Station
Bromley Cross Railstation, Chapeltown Road
BL7 9AG       2023‑08
0E926B02-6440-4393-9400-B08200C3CADC Eagley Infant School
Stonesteads Drive, Bromley Cross
BL7 9LN       2023‑10
8214E79E-2439-44E6-B198-B0AC0102A247 Haydock Lane - Leading Up To Last Drop Village
Haydock Lane, Last Drop Village
BL7 9PZ       2023‑11
363C7046-3100-4751-BE2B-B03F00DCE3E1 Egerton Primary School
Cox Green Road, Bolton
BL7 9RE       2023‑08
9416D901-D760-4219-A9CA-ADF200AF052A Egerton Primary School
Cox Green Road, Bolton
BL7 9RE       2023‑08
1C93C13F-AD60-4A16-93EA-AE4700DA3312 Cheetham Hill Construction Limited
Woodhill Road, Lower Woodhill Road
BL8 1AR       2023‑08
36184979-928F-4E87-A727-B09A00FAB94B The Lodge
Bury Training And Safety Centre, Hinds Lane
BL8 2GN       2023‑11
E8C1ED90-707A-44F5-AA2D-ADEC00E7E521 Greenmount Golf Club Ltd
Golf Club, Whipney Lane
BL8 4LH       2023‑08
1CAF9151-DF63-430F-9931-B0830130F715 8 Lingfield Close
BL8 4PN       2023‑10
70768818-A9E0-4EE0-8B63-AFF700F09F4A Adult Learning Centre
18 Haymarket Street, Bury
BL9 0AQ       2023‑08
B377CC08-D5C5-4299-99DD-B02700903959 Admiral Casino
47 Market Street, Bury
BL9 0BH       2023‑08
62AC4D46-693A-4576-9B36-B02800CCE1EA The Met
Derby Hall, Market Street
BL9 0BW       2023‑08
947DAD67-AA7F-474F-A1DB-AF5E00F2AA29 James Sharp And Co Llp
5 Bank Street, Bury
BL9 0DN       2023‑08
82BD9AEF-1722-4279-B863-AE7700D33115 Dream Big Little One Day Nursery, Bury
1 Tenters Street, Tenters Street
BL9 0HL       2023‑08
8AC290ED-03AA-45E1-9F52-B08600A56FFD Hilton House
Irwell Street, Bury
BL9 0HZ       2023‑10
9BD38FC2-858D-421F-B8F2-AF2E00D57D49 Jamia Khizra Mosque & Islamic Centre
Jamia Khizra Mosque, Parker Street
BL9 0RJ       2023‑08
AA31023B-48C7-495A-B898-B0FB00B48320 St Maries Rc Primary School
Edward Street, Bury
BL9 0RZ       2024‑02
C03E7F94-08DE-42EC-A9FB-AD9F00D5606D Brooksbottom Cricket Club
Moss Street, Ramsbottom
BL9 5NQ       2023‑08
681ABD85-A0BC-4C48-A267-AEBD00FCE924 Chadwicks Of Bury Ltd
Villiers Street, Bury
BL9 6BS       2023‑08
5CEECB80-2BA4-457A-910F-B00A00FAE6D1 Vw
Bell Lane, Bury
BL9 6DL       2023‑08
8DE4BE01-02C7-4C5A-920E-AFBE00B64E75 Walmersley Conservative Club
Mather Road, Bury
BL9 6RB       2023‑08
840123A4-23B7-4E23-9A7F-B03400B30BC8 Fairfield Community Primary
Rochdale Old Road, Bury
BL9 7SD       2023‑08
B32782C2-EFA6-4DE5-B518-AF7E00E822E2 Hollins Community Centre
Hollins Lane, Bury
BL9 8AT       2023‑08
87A86EFA-32D5-4D7C-AFBB-AD9D009DE9B5 Gateway House
Pilsworth Road, Bury
BL9 8RD       2023‑08
2EDDF1C2-5DCC-4017-B217-AFB60122957E Bury Athletic Club
Market Street, Bury
BL9 9FX       2023‑08
63A2304D-1D0E-4B09-BDC4-AF2700C45DBD Royal Mail Brighton Do/Off/Ind
62 North Road, Brighton, Brighton
BN1 1AA       2023‑08
60B8EFBD-0E3E-4F96-931F-B08A00D6D810 64 Ship Street
BN1 1AE       2023‑10
56C0BDF4-69D1-4E3C-A88A-AE9B00E5055D Brighton Town Hall
Brighton Town Hall,, Bartholomew Square
BN1 1JA       2023‑08
2A8E15C0-7CFA-43CE-9A74-AE970112A596 Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel
106-121 Kings Road, Brighton
BN1 2FU       2023‑08
F87B8645-FBBB-4AD8-B1CD-AFFD008861AB Family Assurance Friendly Society
15-18 West Street, Brighton
BN1 2RL       2023‑08
D41485DB-F18D-4C43-B019-AEED0101FCEE Frp Advisory Llp
Suite 2 Second Floor Phoenix Building, 32 West Street
BN1 2RT       2023‑08
EF588486-A5F4-46FD-A3A7-AF3C00ACDBF5 Frp Advisory Llp
Suite 2 Second Floor Phoenix Building, 32 West Street
BN1 2RT       2023‑08
E8775B46-8977-4505-950C-AE8D011F37DD Ground Floor
Aspect House, 84-87 Queens Road
BN1 3XE       2023‑08
1D1958E8-B38A-4D6A-B55D-AE37016122D1 Tesco
Tesco Express, 104 Queens Road
BN1 3XF       2023‑08
67B13EA9-EC63-41B5-A43E-AEC800BBBCB4 Community Base
113 Queens Road, Brighton
BN1 3XG       2023‑08
FF5E465C-52D8-4084-BB70-AEE100B60297 F45 Brighton Central
Unit 1 Temple House, 5 Fleet Street
BN1 4HB       2023‑08
250DE360-FB41-4128-AF42-AE9701003FC5 Stanford Medical Centre
175 Preston Road, Brighton
BN1 6AG       2023‑08
EEFA0C0B-B801-47F4-B533-AE9700C03C7E Preston Park Surgery
2a Florence Road, Brighton
BN1 6DP       2023‑08
300424D3-7EDD-4C8F-9C11-B18600AA0D7C Green Insurance Group Brighton Branch
110 Old London Road, Brighton
BN1 8BB       2024‑07
B686B0CD-B0DB-4FDC-B364-AF2700AB06EF Miller & Carter Brighton
London Road, Patcham
BN1 8YQ       2023‑08
15F57476-6250-45FD-A3C4-AE9B00E60D07 Adur & Worthing Councils Portland House
Adur & Worthing Councils, Portland House,, 44 Richmond Rd,
BN11 1HS n10219521637 6m   2023‑08
08805FF7-2D8E-488E-B46F-AE2800D4EB8B West Worthing Social Club
117 Elm Grove, Worthing
BN11 5JP       2023‑08
12B9AA6B-EE49-4564-B47F-ADFE01165913 Benton Weatherstone Ltd
53 Ferringham Lane, Ferring
BN12 5NT       2023‑08
D63B6054-FD0C-43EF-9864-AF9F0145CE1A On Wall Outside Barbershop Of Refreshment Rooms. Salvington Hill. Worthing. Bn13 3be
Salvington Hill Stores, Salvington Hill
BN13 3BE       2023‑08
EE286799-6550-4937-9EC2-B0260094C7EA Worthing High School
South Farm Road, Worthing
BN14 7AR       2024‑05
8606F032-7C55-40D9-9E32-AEC100D2366C Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited
The Ridley Innovation Centre, 10 Dominion Way
BN14 8AQ       2023‑08
E669F409-017D-43AD-B898-ADFE00CC475B Rayner Intraocular Lenses Limited
The Ridley Innovation Centre, 10 Dominion Way
BN14 8AQ       2023‑08
500EDE1F-EB6F-400C-B286-B00600B6338A St Andrews Church Of England High School For Boys
Sackville Road, Worthing
BN14 8BG       2023‑08
3536F245-725B-43E1-836D-B04300998CEC Downsbrook Primary School
252 Dominion Road, Worthing
BN14 8GD       2023‑08
406C5663-3092-4044-BB2D-AF6400E3EC18 Toby Carvery - Downlands
123 Upper Brighton Road, Worthing
BN14 9JN       2023‑08
4C48BB8F-A992-4535-81CD-AFA301611B8E Sompting Village Hall
West Street, Sompting Village
BN15 0BE       2023‑08
4C8BBFE6-7BAE-4DA3-A8C5-AEA500C26A60 Ball Tree Surgery
Ball Tree Surgery - Kingfisher Site, 19-21 Culver Road
BN15 9AX       2023‑08
23E6BFD1-AB97-4019-ABE6-AF48008E5E6A The Look And Sea Centre
Surrey Street, Littlehampton
BN17 5AW       2023‑11
0395D31F-17E8-47B9-9514-AE9B00E54173 Arun Council Offices
Arun Council Offices, Maltravers Rd, Maltravers Rd
BN17 5LF       2023‑08
A73D4E15-E89F-4A41-9EF2-B09600CE35A5 Arun District Council
Arun Civic Centre, Maltravers Road
BN17 5LF       2023‑11
B46B8CBA-7AD2-427F-AC67-AEAE00C1C051 Park Surgery
The Park Surgery, St Floras Road
BN17 6BF       2023‑08
A7292F2E-8E8E-4D4E-97F0-ADE200BDB33C Cuff Miller
Cuff Miller & Co. (Littlehampton) Ltd., Horsham Road
BN17 6BX       2023‑08
40DBF884-62BF-4F85-A0EE-AE8C01012F38 Biffa
Ford Materials Recycling Centre, Ford Road
BN18 0FL       2023‑08
AF967DCE-EBE9-4185-92EC-B08B00A05B4C Reception
St Philips Roman Catholic Primary School, London Road
BN18 9BA       2023‑10
79C546C2-23B6-402D-BB95-AE8500E76809 Brighton Film Studio
Unit 8.2, The Hyde
BN2 4JE       2023‑08
8975515E-8F5B-43E9-AFFD-B00A00B9794C St. Marks C Of E Primary School
Manor Road, Brighton
BN2 5EA       2023‑08
0F896581-9E92-4FDE-87AF-AEE900BD5813 Whitehawk Boxing Club
Basement Flat, Brighton
BN2 5FG       2023‑08
2B7132F7-7ABD-47AB-B45B-B08300C7CAA3 Whitehawk
Whitehawk Way, Brighton
BN2 5NS       2023‑10
43F3D98D-FF6E-47A8-9A16-B13700C22AE0 Roedean School
Roedean Way, Brighton
BN2 5RQ       2024‑04
95C616DA-6012-45E3-A4C0-AF9000C357EA Savills - The Market
The Market, Circus St, Brighton, Brighton
BN2 9AN       2023‑08
4F8A24D0-54EB-40CA-86B2-B08A00C4537D Carlton Hill Primary School
Sussex Street, Brighton
BN2 9HS       2023‑10
C8A376BA-A655-4550-A45F-B02400E20869 Dobbies Garden Centre Boston
Warren Road, Brighton
BN2 9XX       2023‑08
1715A6B5-028A-449D-9180-AEB400E0E9AE Arlington Road Surgery
1 Arlington Road, Eastbourne
BN21 1DH       2023‑08
09065C42-1557-47FA-BF6E-AEA000C71291 Best Western Lansdowne Hotel
Lansdowne Hotel Lansdowne Terrace, 4-13 King Edwards Parade
BN21 4EE       2023‑08
2E85E5CA-489C-4FE4-8598-AE84006A4465 Lighthouse Medical Practice
6 College Road, Eastbourne
BN21 4HY       2023‑08
614A14F2-6185-4524-A2F3-B091006332F8 Lighthouse Medical Practice
6 College Road, Eastbourne
BN21 4HY       2023‑11
4B603C0B-DB42-4A92-BACE-AE43009C88ED Tesco Stores Ltd
Freshwater Square, 11-15 Anderida Road
BN22 0PS       2023‑10
397E1AD0-2560-4711-9B09-AE9300BB8B9A Langham Hotel
43-49 Royal Parade, Eastbourne
BN22 7AH       2023‑08
811FABF5-4D66-4233-A9B1-AEB300E7477A East Sussex Fire And Rescue
Eastbourne Fire Station, 81-83 Whitley Road
BN22 8LA       2023‑08
2B45D133-3162-48B9-96E1-AEA600F2D0A1 Gateway Christian Church
66-70 Lottbridge Drive, Eastbourne
BN22 9PB       2023‑08
3EE8C975-4A50-4F44-8EC2-AD6300DCB6B4 Eastbourne Borough Football Club
Priory Lane, Eastbourne
BN23 7QH       2023‑08
3D692760-BD55-4960-982C-B06F00E56EE6 Langney Shopping Centre
64 Kingfisher Drive, Eastbourne
BN23 7RT n10781987873 65m   2023‑10
D58D9BE8-2F93-49BB-B246-AF1800AA1D09 West Rise Junior School
Chaffinch Road, Eastbourne
BN23 7SL       2023‑08
55F48BC9-3FB9-4DFA-BAA1-AE3701023115 Tesco Express
2 Mimram Road, Stone Cross
BN24 5DZ       2023‑08
5AB7FD9E-10DB-45C6-8C6C-ADF000ED5315 Stone Cross Cp School
Adur Drive, Stone Cross
BN24 5EF       2023‑08
C882CB8C-3E01-4665-AE8C-B01C010215A9 Suez Recycling And Recovery Eastbourne Ts
Pott March Industrial Estate, Eastbourne Road, Westerham
BN24 5NA       2023‑10
76B50748-C9E6-4BBC-9064-ADF601088772 Hortsley / Lifestory
Flat 20 Hortsley, 5 Sutton Park Road
BN25 1FA       2023‑08
E6FC0D03-8848-4B1F-9D3E-ADD30090FB9A Seaford Primary School
Wilkinson Way, Seaford
BN25 2JF       2023‑08
DDB33DE6-50B7-4EE3-886B-AE7D009EB9AE Seaford Head School
Arundel Road, Seaford
BN25 4LX       2023‑08
6ADB5248-28DD-4911-87F7-AFAF00FF5B37 Tesco Stores Ltd
94 Eastbourne Road, Polegate
BN26 5DD       2023‑08
500D3F93-BB38-49EB-8FB2-AE6E00B70A31 The Eight Bells
Jevington Road, Jevington
BN26 5QB n9919823385 6m   2023‑08
72424B77-4355-4B4E-812F-AE6E010C2687 The Eight Bells
Jevington Road, Jevington
BN26 5QB       2023‑08
EA55F63C-721C-46FC-9614-B0570094192F Dittons Road Silver Phone Box
Haere Mai, Dittons Road
BN26 6HU       2023‑10
8E05FEBA-3FC9-465D-A32C-AF5600E0BC01 East Sussex County Council
Polegate Cp School, Oakleaf Drive
BN26 6PT       2023‑08
88D145BA-D186-4795-B8DF-AE21011B3A49 Alciston & Selmeston Village Hall
The Street, Selmeston
BN26 6UG n10266348277 121m * 2023‑08
019DD0CB-4754-4303-AAD7-AE9E0100DDDA Sussex Police
Deer Paddock, George Street
BN27 1AB n4920099534 12m   2023‑08
33DFBD32-778D-44B4-A5C2-AFCF00D5817A Royal Mail Hailsham Do
Royal Mail Delivery Office, 11 North Street
BN27 1DG       2023‑08
70FAAC2C-0F7C-42C8-84D2-AE3C00EE43F5 Tesco Superstore
North St, 0
BN27 1DN       2023‑08
1460754D-4574-400C-9E1B-B10200DFB4AD Hawkes Farm Academy
Hawks Road, Hailsham
BN27 1ND       2024‑02
8A9DCC8C-744A-4B23-BFF4-AE6700DE4A07 Park Mead Primary School
Michelham Priory Road, Upper Dicker
BN27 3QP       2023‑08
88A9126C-C560-4B61-9620-AEE700ADB83B The Merrie Harriers
Cowbeech Road, Cowbeech
BN27 4JQ       2023‑08
16DB76E5-B68E-4295-AAFB-AE7D00E5261E Alpha House
St Johns Road, Hove
BN3 2FT       2023‑08
7E00636A-116A-4E52-82F8-AEF5012FCE4F Brighton & Hove Amateur Boxing Club
Kingsway, King's Esplanade, Hove
BN3 2WW       2023‑08
A86A0E49-F809-4C92-ADA9-AEA000F658FF Goodwood Court Medical Centre
52-54 Cromwell Rd,, Hove
BN3 3ER       2023‑08
6057957F-AAA8-4C46-AFA1-B077008E03B2 Brighton And Hove Bus And Coach Ltd
43 Conway Street, Hove
BN3 3LT       2023‑10
C7F0544A-9DFF-42E8-973D-B18D00E42E8F Tesco Express
239 Dyke Road, Brighton
BN3 6NF       2024‑07
7763CC79-C640-43F6-A6D3-AEFA00DDDEDA Blatchington Mill School
Nevill Avenue, Hove
BN3 7BW       2023‑08
3E724795-C9BD-4ECC-91BA-B0B6011F838F Waitrose & Partners - Hove
Nevill Road, Hove
BN3 7BZ       2023‑12
C8A95444-003C-44DE-86EC-AE7E00B2FE6C West Hove Golf Club
Badger Way, Hove
BN3 8EX       2023‑08
5E7B1E9C-05B1-49DF-B982-AEAE00C09826 Underground Gym Brighton
8 Camden Street, Portslade
BN41 1AW       2023‑08
5F1948B0-7898-421B-B68E-AE7800BB9CF8 Mayberry Garden Centre
7-17 Old Shoreham Road, Portslade
BN41 1SP       2023‑08
341BC3D2-8E2D-443D-97BB-AFAC00C3F01F Aldridge Education
Portslade Aldridge Community Academy, Chalky Road
BN41 2WS       2023‑08
1E40695D-250D-402A-BCA1-B13F00FE4DA5 Dudman Group
Albion Wharf, Albion Street
BN42 4ED       2024‑04
69056897-1836-428C-99BE-AE7600968092 The Shoreham Centre
2 Pond Road, Shoreham-By-Sea
BN43 5WU       2023‑08
2DA04795-ADA2-4410-8477-AEB600F570E6 Day Centre, Milward
Wilmot Road, Shoreham-By-Sea
BN43 6BU       2023‑08
CC0FF81D-300D-4949-BF5F-AECC00AEC3E9 Kingsland House
Kingsland Close, Shoreham-By-Sea
BN43 6LT       2023‑08
CC554695-C167-43B9-A864-AE93014E062C Henfield Area Response Team
Janice Borrows, Chestham Park
BN5 9AP       2023‑10
6E6A7CBC-D30E-4A06-897C-AE7700D234F4 Henfield Medical Centre
Chantry Close, Henfield
BN5 9JQ       2023‑08
8C7DAAA3-3F0C-40B6-9D5A-AE9300D3DB85 Henfield Area Response Team
Henfield Medical Centre, Deer Park
BN5 9JQ       2023‑08
BA8BC248-9F97-440B-8C31-AE7700D46241 Henfield Medical Centre
Chantry Close, Henfield
BN5 9JQ       2023‑08
C9150B79-F60F-426F-B35D-AE7700D332C1 Henfield Medical Centre
Chantry Close, Henfield
BN5 9JQ       2023‑08
FCEF00DC-03B6-47D8-8A5C-AE8400B2E634 Hassocks Health Centre
Windmill Avenue, Hassocks
BN6 8LY       2023‑08
E48BB53E-6099-444D-B845-AEB000C745FC Wickwoods Country Club And Spa
Shaves Wood Lane, Albourne
BN6 9DY       2023‑08
E2B5C76C-25AA-41CF-9AA6-AFC1007EFCC1 Westbourne Motors
Pipeway House, Bishopstone Lane
BN6 9HG       2023‑08
CB2607C7-EF12-4511-A36C-B0A400942F76 Mid Sussex Health Care
Health Centre, Trinity Road
BN6 9UQ       2023‑11
A8748EBA-7D75-4173-B514-AF9700F496F6 Lewes Old Grammer School Juniors
7 King Henrys Road, Lewes
BN7 1BX       2023‑08
D5F3DF2B-A72D-4276-A716-AED001191805 St Andrews Surgery
Southover Road, Lewes
BN7 1US       2023‑08
4D749814-8767-4CC2-B376-B03600D7627C Town Hall
High Street, Lewes
BN7 2QS       2023‑08
804792FF-B190-46D1-93B4-AFF2009118AA Lewes Leisure Centre
Lewes Leisure Centre, Mountfield Road, Lewes
BN7 2XG       2023‑10
15B6619D-9639-4976-A41C-B19300A8333C Plumpton
Animal Science Centre, Plumpton College
BN7 3AE       2024‑07
4412510F-B161-4B6C-B1CE-ADF800A9811C Rodmell Parish Council
The Abergavenny Arms, Newhaven Road
BN7 3EZ       2023‑08
265C6263-3EBF-498A-949A-AECB00F53743 Gradwell Park Retirement Village
Gradwell Park, Reception, Chase House, Gradwell End
BN8 4FP       2023‑08
283CBB50-6D03-47EA-9318-AE7400F9B084 Glyndebourne Opera House And Gardens
The Opera House Glyndebourne, New Road
BN8 5UU       2023‑08
039488C4-64FA-48AA-AF05-AE5B00FCE9B1 Beckwiths Removals
Europa Building, Euro Business Park
BN9 0DR       2023‑08
1DBB2FE7-6EEA-43E8-92AD-AE7700EA307B Flying Fish
42 Denton Road, Newhaven
BN9 0QB       2023‑08
9EED25D6-96C9-43E2-AE2A-B03E00B79DC4 Denton Community Primary School
Acacia Road, Newhaven
BN9 0QJ       2023‑08
B29CDE68-7826-4057-AB98-B03E00BA074A Denton Community Primary School
Acacia Road, Newhaven
BN9 0QJ       2023‑08
7007A7FF-AA33-44D6-812B-AFF2009064CD Newhaven Fort
Fort Road, Newhaven
BN9 9DS       2023‑08
B6092575-331B-45CD-9B6E-B0C800AF23E5 Breakwater Academy
Valley Road, Newhaven
BN9 9UT       2023‑12
4C3DAD4C-168A-4BAD-B36E-AEF400CC1E17 Deco Design & Build Co Ltd
North Star House, 11 London Road
BR1 1BY       2023‑08
F261C98D-2CF2-4FE0-9086-B01800F7AD3F O2 Store (0030) Bromley
Unit 27, Intu Shopping Centre
BR1 1DD       2023‑10
D7C04BE0-CE0A-4ADD-8BBE-AF0700D5E8C4 Se Trains Limited
Bromley South Station, Station Approach Off High Street
BR1 1LX       2023‑08
F71E840B-924F-4E37-9E1A-B0AB00B941B5 Tesco
Homesdale Road, Bromley
BR1 2UE       2023‑11
679AC0E2-2236-4ADF-A9E4-B00E00D4E1EE Old Town Hall
30 Tweedy Road, Bromley
BR1 3FE       2023‑08
8652DDFB-FA05-4F15-B389-B03500E20FEB St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School
Plaistow Lane, Bromley
BR1 3JQ       2023‑08
3FE8C0DC-789E-4DC4-ACCA-AED60088E8F8 Sundridge Park Golf Club
Garden Road, Bromley
BR1 3NE       2023‑08
C2491D48-262A-459E-9358-AED600880ADD Sundridge Park Golf Club
Garden Road, Bromley
BR1 3NE       2023‑08
891B6B4B-5BE2-4204-8619-AFB100C4AC52 Tesco
Filling Station, 115-119 Westmoreland Road
BR2 0TY       2023‑08
7F4361DD-748C-4C8A-80CE-AED400B892E2 Holwood Farm Shop
Yellow Barn Holwood Farm, New Road Hill
BR2 6AB       2023‑08
EBDAF8C7-37D6-48C5-9291-AEEC00E16F2A Royal British Legion Club
14 Station Hill, Bromley
BR2 7DJ       2023‑08
0AE0C0FD-CD9B-4FDD-9059-B02F00B69501 Ravens Wood School
Oakley Road, Bromley
BR2 8HP       2023‑08
1E14ABB4-0FB2-49BE-8D63-B00D00E3AFEC Student Reception / Medical Room
Ravens Wood School, Oakley Road
BR2 8HP       2023‑08
5BC7A3DF-CB1D-4E1C-9901-B00D00ECE87B Pe Department
Ravens Wood School, Oakley Road
BR2 8HP       2023‑08
E33BA706-C8EE-4E1E-B135-B00E0090B51F Visitor Reception
Ravens Wood School, Oakley Road
BR2 8HP       2023‑08
FE44A492-D79A-4C3E-AC5E-B02F00B450CE Ravens Wood School
Oakley Road, Bromley
BR2 8HP       2023‑08
95136D2F-1C33-4D26-9259-B08B0083E13A Trinity Ce Primary School
Princes Plain, Bromley
BR2 8LD       2023‑10
2F5E45B9-5388-4B5F-B694-AF3B00D1CD7B Huntingdon House
10 Masons Hill, Bromley
BR2 9EY       2023‑08
71833C04-0814-422D-940D-B0AE00930EBF Hsbc
Hsbc Sports Ground, Lennard Road, Beckenham
BR3 1QW       2023‑12
B80BF28E-31F3-4F79-A73A-B0B300BD8B8D Hsbc
Hsbc Sports Ground, Lennard Road, Beckenham
BR3 1QW       2023‑12
FB025EB4-42DB-4FF2-A552-AE5800AE81AF Old Dunstonians Sports Club
St Dunstan's Lane, Beckenham
BR3 3SS       2023‑08
91AA4287-8C81-4F17-A044-AEC9011F936C Parkside
Court Downs Road, Beckenham
BR3 6TN       2023‑08
66B45618-7A59-476C-A8D7-AED00067F7A0 West Wickham Railway Station
Station Approach, West Wickham
BR4 0EH       2023‑08
59B7929E-2BF6-4636-AFD5-AFD500E26E10 The Wheatsheaf
135 High Street, West Wickham
BR4 0LU n11833102862 29m   2023‑08
20762ED6-AEDA-400F-B8E5-B05F00DC7FA6 Adams Hall 2nd Floor
Flats 1-8 17-25 33-44 52-54 Willis Court, Bencurtis Park
BR4 9QF       2023‑10
598596D3-D145-469B-BB0C-B05F00DBAA8F Flats 1-8 17-25 33-44 52-54 Willis Court
Bencurtis Park, West Wickham
BR4 9QF       2023‑10
6A101209-95B3-427B-8770-B08F00D612F2 Leesons Primary School
Leesons Hill, Orpington
BR5 2GA       2023‑11
92121869-9781-4A14-AA35-AFC000CCE917 Crayfields Industrial Park
Park Main Road, Orpington
BR5 3HP       2023‑08
E50C6F19-3E54-486F-846C-AED3007D8F28 Bromley Indoor Bowls Centre
Bodmin Close, Orpington
BR5 4LX       2023‑08
09EC2B21-F09B-427D-BCB1-B05300E0E4D3 St John's House
1a Knoll Rise, Orpington
BR6 0JX       2023‑10
BBE74A15-C9F8-4AA6-9F5B-AE1C00E53BA3 Tesco Extra
Tesco Stores, 9 Augustus Lane
BR6 0NH       2023‑10
F6CE45B4-D8CE-4EBF-900F-AED800B9DC69 Orpington Railway Station
Station Approach, Orpington
BR6 0SX n6982581018 17m   2023‑08
2A2D46A2-863D-4E0A-9A1F-B02E00CFB0D1 The Highway Primary School
The Highway, Orpington
BR6 9DJ       2023‑08
0C208FC3-E605-47B8-92C2-AD8500E3BE1E Camden Place
Camden Park Road, Chislehurst
BR7 5HJ       2023‑08
A29CD22D-7748-44CB-B55B-B02100A03E93 Nuffield Health
A20 Sidcup By-Pass, Chislehurst
BR7 6RP       2023‑08
E844D104-6008-4695-A05B-AE9700E0C594 White Oak Dental Practice
London Road, Swanley
BR8 7AP n8186862663 4m * 2023‑08
CCA49F94-3D22-4C12-88FB-AE9D00F58E2E White Oak Leisure Centre
Hilda May Ave, Swanley
BR8 7BT       2023‑10
2BB56883-1F5D-4AAE-911A-AFD000A1E883 Bristol City Centre (Lewins Mead) Premier Inn
Lewins Mead, Bristol
BS1 2AX       2023‑08
09E85664-877B-4741-9DE5-AFCE00B6C3E3 1 Wine Street
BS1 2BB n1397525101 5m   2023‑08
B8F7B8E4-F5D4-421D-9F83-AD510114B2DF Whistle Punks
B1 Programme, All Saints Street
BS1 2LZ       2023‑08
33A4C41B-A640-4FA4-B306-AF1100FD3D9D The Pg Group
Office 1 First Floor Number One Bristol, Lewins Mead
BS1 2NJ       2023‑08
6D1CADA2-0638-4951-B2D6-B08400A53F1A 4th Floor
Whitefriars, Lewins Mead
BS1 2NT       2023‑10
E9F904AE-DCF0-42A0-B8C5-AD9100CC66F8 Lewins Mead Depot
Blackfriars, Bristol
BS1 2NZ       2023‑08
0A853A36-989C-4675-82A9-AE1C00B2779F Tesco Express
Prudential Buildings, 11-19 Wine St
BS1 2PH       2023‑10
BF238ACF-0A55-4E09-9104-AAE000B5EB53 Capita 2nd Floor
Prudential Building, Wine Street
BS1 2PH       2023‑08
063C1FA0-4ABB-4DC8-88FC-ADC800FEFB4B The Galleries
25 Union Gallery, Broadmead
BS1 3XD       2023‑08
1ADE45DD-7EA2-430A-BE9B-ADDA0107F3FA The Old Duke
45 King Street, Bristol
BS1 4ER       2023‑08
1DDA7B24-C8B4-4742-B9E9-AF6C00E5A5A8 Bpp House
Grove Avenue, Bristol
BS1 4QY       2023‑08
ECDBCA68-7119-4FB9-8BF9-ADC800FF7B22 Bristol Beacon
Trenchard Street, Bristol
BS1 5AR       2023‑08
13B87266-F22B-42B9-B995-AD24008E9831 Hargreaves Lansdown
College Square South, 1 Anchor Road
BS1 5HL       2023‑08
BF1F6D18-4568-4098-9725-AD24008E2467 Hargreaves Lansdown
College Square South, 1 Anchor Road
BS1 5HL       2023‑08
3D6EEE9C-3387-456E-8280-AF6300D9980A Bristol Cathedral
College Green, Bristol
BS1 5TJ       2023‑08
5F591701-D3A6-46AF-8D30-B07600F42540 Bristol City Council
City Hall, College Green
BS1 5TR       2023‑10
E098563D-A02E-454F-9DEF-ADC800BC6FD5 City Of Bristol College College Green
St Georges Road, Bristol
BS1 5UA       2023‑10
259A99FB-B5CC-476A-B2D7-AF8D00F65881 Henry Riley Llp
Henry Riley, Runway East, 1 Victoria Street
BS1 6AA       2023‑08
6B3D8D07-CA3E-4662-B882-B111008C33BD Halo
Counterslip, Redcliff
BS1 6AJ       2024‑03
BD66E66C-8964-45DC-B903-B03D00D90410 West Of England Combined Authority
Rivergate House, 70 Redcliff Street
BS1 6AL       2023‑08
A414D114-AC87-418D-A295-B186009B027B Government Office For The South West
Government Property Agency, 2 Rivergate
BS1 6EH       2024‑07
96F79141-7193-4E95-B7DB-AFAF00F173D2 North Quay House
Temple Back, Bristol
BS1 6FL       2023‑08
C3AA177A-A51F-44C9-BCD3-AFBE00DD9163 Templeback
10 Temple Back, Redcliff
BS1 6FL       2023‑08
D4045D0C-C34B-44F2-BDEB-AF5100EA2EBB Capita Education Resourcing
Bam Site Office, C/O Bcc, 100 Temple Street
BS1 6HT       2023‑08
8E2B8FE3-EEA8-4C84-925B-AF3B00AE58BE Historic England
1st Floor, Fermentation Building North, Hawkins Lane
BS1 6JQ       2023‑08
1DC0B165-408C-435C-A6C1-B034009B836C Dlg Bristol The Core
Thomas Street, Bristol
BS1 6JX       2023‑08
76E28BB8-3572-42AD-9B5F-B05800A75EAE Desklodge House
2 Redcliffe Way, Bristol
BS1 6NL       2023‑10
0104A258-D5BE-4A88-BB20-AD2000985229 1 Redcliff Street
BS1 6NP       2023‑08
5AA366AC-4FC2-4AA8-9DD5-AED900EFCFCB Communal Area
101 Victoria Street, Redcliff
BS1 6PU       2023‑08
1957FABB-7393-4903-BD62-ADC800FEC437 Templemeads Railwaystation Entrance
Redcliff, Bristol
BS1 6QF n11711779935 43m * 2023‑08
5ECF7A6F-3C0D-4C46-B1E6-ADCE00E4189A Templemeads Reailway Station Platform 13
Redcliff, Bristol
BS1 6QF n11010289484 89m * 2023‑08
8A63C355-36F1-4B5D-A800-ADC900DA9480 Templemeads Railway Station Platform 11
Redcliff, Bristol
BS1 6QF n12020298443 51m   2023‑08
8D4E96B0-E357-4722-A9AF-ADCE00E43E09 Templemeads Railway Station Platform 3
Redcliff, Bristol
BS1 6QF n6551818814 8m * 2023‑08
C75BFB18-7223-42D3-BFE2-ADCE00E3F3B9 Templemeads Railway Station Passenger Subway
Redcliff, Bristol
BS1 6QF       2023‑08
F85DEA6B-E13A-4281-B65A-ADCE00E4B05F Templemeads Railway Station Platform 7
Redcliff, Bristol
BS1 6QF n5282719753 35m * 2023‑08
C8598EB3-6131-44D3-8614-ADC800FEBE77 St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School
Somerset Square, Redcliff
BS1 6RT       2023‑08
BB7FB721-C632-4F63-BFC4-AD9B00E3680C Unit 5 Brunel Lock Development
Smeaton Road, Bristol
BS1 6SE       2023‑08
75947B76-F546-4CB5-B6A3-AF6600BF855D Treble Chance
Greystoke Avenue, Bristol
BS10 6AG       2023‑08
9247DBC0-994F-4E31-9793-B085010772E7 Southmead Health Centre
Ullswater Road, Southmead
BS10 6DF       2023‑10
C79CFA40-984E-4814-9A16-AE8600AD7D09 Central Discount Carpets
286 Charlton Road, Brentry
BS10 6JU       2023‑08
4CD95DAD-22C4-4DA1-9B69-B01F00A7012B Sixth Form Office
Bristol Free School, Concorde Drive
BS10 6NJ       2023‑08
C81BF529-4D01-4C4E-A18E-B01F00AD407F Main Reception
Bristol Free School, Concorde Drive
BS10 6NJ       2023‑08
CE55D666-72F9-46EC-ACC8-B11200A82BA6 Bradgate Surgery
Ardenton Walk, Brentry
BS10 6SP       2024‑03
BEB41F9B-89D2-46DA-A4E8-B15E00E96EA5 North Star 82
Rectory Gardens, Henbury
BS10 7AH       2024‑05
BD0FAEF5-22FA-4DA5-879A-ADE000E12FCA The Blaise Inn
260 Henbury Road, Bristol
BS10 7QR n9716572230 5m   2023‑08
50B4DE63-1168-42B4-ABDF-AFB800CBB363 Wrings Transport Ltd
Units 3 And 5 Severn View Industrial Park, Central Avenue
BS10 7SD       2023‑08
23360C35-0463-4139-A847-B0AE00E77B60 Laurel Court
Cribbs Causeway, Almondsbury
BS10 7TU       2023‑12
6FAC9B5D-FBF1-4819-9739-AEE400E2CDF7 Aston Martin Bristol
Vantage Point, Cribbs Causeway
BS10 7TU       2023‑08
996F1D85-977B-4E85-81B5-AEE400CD6D7A Porsche Centre Bristol
The Paddock, The Laurels
BS10 7UH       2023‑08
0FEAE09B-C29C-4DEB-8FEB-ADC800FF71F8 Blaise Weston Court
Broadlands Drive, Lawrence Weston
BS11 0AF       2023‑08
AEDBED16-328D-484D-89E5-ADEA00FC71F3 John Lewis Partnership
Cabot Park, Packgate Road
BS11 0FD       2023‑08
4D29E62E-7C7F-42B2-991B-B0BA00E0FB0F North Star 240
Long Cross, Lawrence Weston
BS11 0QA       2023‑12
727D96F9-D73E-43D1-9776-AD9100C8F56A Avonmouth Refuse Transfer Station
Kings Weston Lane, Bristol
BS11 0YS       2023‑08
A08C1894-B8A7-4C53-B18B-AD9700C01211 117a Burcott Road
BS11 8AB       2023‑08
8AE009C3-E719-4BCB-8FC0-B07A012A1528 Deep Research Labs Ltd
Unit 4 Portside Park, Kings Weston Lane
BS11 8AR       2023‑10
C596D363-7117-4E3C-86EB-AD4B00E72871 Xpo Logistics
Asda Bristol Asc (Asda Service Centre), Kings Weston Lane
BS11 8AS       2023‑08
9A4968AC-48BF-4F91-8A7A-AF0900D1E903 Ups
Fifth Way, Bristol
BS11 8DT       2023‑08
BBA27B88-1D7A-4D0B-B6A5-AEF6005947C7 The Bristol Port Company
The Bristol Port Company St Andrews House, St Andrews House
BS11 9DQ       2023‑08
6ED17FF0-325A-471F-A18A-B01C00E30001 Nova Primary School
Barracks Lane, Shirehampton
BS11 9NG       2023‑08
01E7A70C-4C77-45BD-AF74-AD8D00CA09FB Cotswold Community Association
Dursley Road, Shirehampton
BS11 9XH n11090426152 6m   2023‑08
3886F56F-85E8-4608-8128-AF950095B72B Bridge Learning Campus
Bridge Learning Campus Primary, Teyfant Road
BS13 0RG       2023‑08
7138185B-36BD-40F4-A918-ADC800FF38D0 New Fosseway School
Teyfant Road, Hartcliffe
BS13 0RG       2023‑08
9AF07622-993C-4AA6-AD05-ADC800FF3CD4 New Fosseway Learning Centre
William Jessop Way, Hartcliffe
BS13 0RG       2023‑08
EC7D85CD-3614-4DFC-85B6-AF950092CFE1 Bridge Learning Campus
William Jessop Way, Bristol
BS13 0RL       2023‑08
2BBA5478-4126-46D0-864C-B02E007D1990 Bedminster Down Secondary School
Donald Road, Bristol
BS13 7DQ       2023‑08
6AAB39A0-1169-4AFF-9A72-AD2F007388C5 Bedminster Down School
Bedminster Down Secondary School, Donald Road
BS13 7DQ       2023‑08
AC2362E6-0FAC-4676-876F-AD420110D942 Kliklok International Ltd, A Syntegon Company
Western Drive, Hengrove Way
BS14 0AY       2023‑08
939914F0-994B-4292-8986-AD9B00E22DA4 Bristol Waste
Hawkfield Way, Bristol
BS14 0BD       2023‑08
A5A85537-60D9-47CF-874A-AFBD00A368A3 Tby2
Hawkfield Way, Bristol
BS14 0BD       2023‑08
EDCB3BE4-BC1B-413A-A1CC-B0B900C4BDDA Mcdonalds - Unit 1 Axis Hawkfeild Bus Park
Unit 1 Axis Hawkfeild Business Park,, Hawkfeild Way, Avon
BS14 0BY       2023‑12
2FD1AD63-891B-41B5-9358-ADC800BC7DF6 City Of Bristol College
South Bristol Skills Academy, The Boulevard
BS14 0DB       2023‑10
6C57F94F-2CB2-4F5D-B54B-B18400C093AA Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
Hengrove Promenade, Hengrove
BS14 0DE       2024‑06
DBCFBE33-B406-40C6-BA40-AF9900A56E4C Hengrove Park Leisure Centre
Hengrove Promenade, Bristol
BS14 0DE       2023‑08
9C562FF8-CD0C-40FD-A763-AD8F0103C772 Bluebell Gardens
Hollway Road, Stockwood
BS14 8AB       2023‑08
B03A0905-7C0E-4788-ADF8-B051008CD98C Car Park
Sturminster & Stockwood Community Association, Sturminster Road
BS14 8AU       2023‑10
790CB935-E9C2-4A5C-A6A6-B01B00E0B172 Oasis Academy John Williams
Petherton Road, Bristol
BS14 9BU       2023‑08
D4AB32D9-293A-422C-B88B-B01B00DEF2CC Oasis Academy John Williams
Petherton Road, Bristol
BS14 9BU       2023‑08
7935379A-6AC7-4F6C-B716-ADC800FE82B1 St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School
Fossedale Avenue, Whitchurch
BS14 9LS       2023‑08
79808594-EF84-40A9-ABF0-AFEE00D901AC Bristol Brunel Academy
Speedwell Road, Bristol
BS15 1NU       2023‑08
11BAE246-632A-4D56-A9C2-AFF100CC8B04 Cabot Learning Federation
Kings Oak Academy, Brook Road
BS15 4JT       2023‑11
3A66912A-7594-433D-894D-ADC800BBFE3F Kings Oak Academy Secondary
Brook Road, Kingswood
BS15 4JT       2023‑10
778BC6D5-E07A-4AA2-83CB-AEC5007ED313 Cabot Learning Federation
Kings Oak Academy, Brook Road
BS15 4JT       2023‑08
422E9CDC-22AF-49B0-A482-ADC800BBFA79 John Cabot Academy
Woodside Road, Kingswood
BS15 8BD       2023‑10
6A721AAE-32F5-4784-9D1E-ADC800BBABE5 South Gloucestershire Council (Kingswood Civic Centre)
One Stop Shop, High Street, Kingswood
BS15 9TR       2023‑10
80FE49F7-C356-427E-8E92-AD7200AC02F1 University Of The West Of England Glenside Campus
Blackberry Hill, Stapleton
BS16 1DD       2023‑08
8C42CB02-CBD5-46DA-8089-AD4000D05729 White Lion Public House
8 Westbourne Terrace, Frenchay
BS16 1LZ n6879955947 41m   2023‑08
0037FCD6-0552-48E1-ABF4-AE2700E11E16 Vinci Construction Uk Limited
University Of West Of England, Coldharbour Lane
BS16 1QY       2023‑08
A574BB70-6851-4B13-8575-AD7200AAE338 University Of West Of England
Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Gifford
BS16 1QY       2023‑08
C37B90B9-8B79-4364-A259-AD7200AE3A6D University Of West Of England
Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Gifford
BS16 1QY       2023‑08
FAD6FA56-806D-4B31-9E16-AD7200AB7189 University Of West Of England
Coldharbour Lane, Stoke Gifford
BS16 1QY       2023‑08
28DE07A4-4180-479D-BFF7-AFBE00EC7662 Hambrook Sports Club
Moorend Road, Hambrook
BS16 1SJ       2024‑05
E57A4AA6-6FA2-4CD5-961F-B00D00AC9254 Frenchay Village Museum
1 Begbrook Park, Frenchay
BS16 1SZ       2023‑08
86913820-E5A6-42F8-B5CB-ADC800BBE4C4 Frome Vale Academy
Frenchay Road, Fishponds
BS16 2QS       2023‑10
489A6181-6FED-44C6-B4B4-AE3600DAF3A8 Tesco
314 Lodge Causeway, Bristol
BS16 3PQ       2023‑08
C57CDAD3-1C03-4D73-AEAF-AF420104DD40 Graphic Packaging
Filwood Road, Bristol
BS16 3SB       2023‑08
2AF82029-CC9A-41AD-A848-ADBF00A333B8 Downend Secondary School
Westerleigh Road, Downend
BS16 6XA       2023‑08
FBBD69CF-C12C-4E7C-A5C4-AE0000B85B9C Emersons Green Primary School
Guest Avenue, Emersons Green
BS16 7GA       2023‑08
18031C3D-F31E-48FC-B744-AD20008AE341 Mangotsfield Secondary School
Rodway Hill, Mangotsfield
BS16 9LH       2023‑08
A4E99677-AA4A-4DBE-9977-AF6B00CBD9FD Leonardo Hotel
3 Temple Way, Redcliff
BS2 0GS       2023‑08
33F2F1BD-E1D2-4942-BC61-AE6900D3B232 Kings Orchard
1 Queen Street, St Philips
BS2 0HQ       2023‑08
BE37C9F0-B6A2-48F6-B183-AEC300B6D91C Frp Advisory Trading Ltd
Fifth Floor Kings Orchard, 1 Queen Street
BS2 0HQ       2023‑08
FC6D0FD5-6066-46B6-83FF-AF3900DB39FF Blu Wireless Ltd
Fourth Floor One Castlepark, Tower Hill
BS2 0JA       2023‑08
4431BC80-2477-4751-BC36-AD9C00F6CCFE Tower Wharf
Cheese Lane, Bristol
BS2 0JJ       2023‑08
7D688EC9-F747-4A4E-B1BC-AFD300B7E0A1 Sunbelt Rentals
Feeder Road, Bristol
BS2 0TX       2023‑08
B8CD7A09-0519-4A4B-9669-AD2000F8C354 Ronald Mcdonald House
Royal Fort Road, Bristol
BS2 8DH       2023‑08
6AA1F723-FB1E-4953-BF7A-AF4900C48A0A Emmaus Bristol
Backfields House, Upper York Street
BS2 8QJ       2023‑08
D33B98E9-779D-411B-93B7-AFD200EA68A1 Central Quaker Meeting House
Champion Square, River Street
BS2 9DB       2023‑08
68C61AC5-527A-4445-A936-AE29009ED3FB St. Paul's Community Sports Academy
Newfoundland Road, Bristol
BS2 9NH       2023‑08
968B3533-F382-4D73-A720-ADC800FEABB5 St Katherine's School
Ham Green, Easton-In-Gordano
BS20 0HU       2023‑08
651E8BC9-74CD-4559-A0F8-AF81012C73BA Portishead Lions Club
St Georges Church Hall - Easton In Gordano Football Club, Priory Road
BS20 0PD n9938036561 72m   2023‑08
29D1EBDB-E242-46EF-A512-B0760082F3CD High Down Junior
Down Road, Portishead
BS20 6DY       2023‑10
1289604A-58E6-4040-90B7-ADDC00CE17C9 Elements Hair And Beauty
311 Newfoundland Way, Portishead
BS20 7QN       2023‑08
97B25840-0FA9-476E-82BA-AEF6005FEB2F Bristol Port Company
Royal Portbury Dock, Agricultural Bulks Services (Abs)
BS20 7XL       2023‑08
45C83606-989F-4F2C-B1BA-ADF800F8B54C Brake Bros Limited
Asda Distribution Depot, Portbury Way
BS20 7XN       2023‑08
FF09A36E-3026-4238-8734-ADF800FDA402 Brake Bros Limited
Asda Distribution Depot, Portbury Way
BS20 7XN       2023‑08
A91E8247-7EC2-4051-9CFC-AFB000F39AEC Avon And Somerset Police
Avon And Somerset Police Head Quarters, Valley Road
BS20 8JJ       2023‑08
F24A6868-A6F6-4F8A-BADA-ADC800FFC90B Clevedon School
Valley Road, Clevedon
BS21 6AH       2023‑08
404CEA15-8467-4AE2-8513-AFA100D14C81 Hydro International Ltd
Unit 2 Rivermead Court Kenn Business Park, Windmill Road
BS21 6FT       2023‑08
34A55417-2182-4788-B5EB-ADD600C7EBA8 North Somerset Council
Tickenham Road, Clevedon
BS21 6FW       2023‑08
C678AD6D-91C1-4555-A04D-AE8701540156 Clevedon Christadelphian Hall
Coleridge Vale Road North, Clevedon
BS21 6NL       2023‑08
52E7659B-7635-46BE-938F-B04A00F99576 Tickenham Village Hall
205 Clevedon Road, Tickenham
BS21 6RX       2023‑08
D686AD7D-6C20-4D18-AC0B-ADC800FF9DB5 Clevedon Golf Club
Castle Road, Clevedon
BS21 7AA       2023‑08
C79C58CA-0F8C-413D-9EE6-AD73009C06FE Hm Coastguard Station
Clevedon Sea Front, (Off Of Elton Road)
BS21 7RH n6516196189 43m   2023‑08
21557673-7510-40EA-BD10-B0B300F52FFB Unit 9
BS22 6BX       2023‑12
8444C19A-B3E4-46AB-978C-B03000DE684A St Marks Church Of England Methodist Ecumencial Primary
St Marks Road, Weston-Super-Mare
BS22 7PU       2023‑08
794D9B29-75DC-49FC-967E-AD2000F0CAF0 St Martins C Of E Primary
Spring Hill, Worle
BS22 9BQ       2023‑08
CA608A8A-61BD-4502-B839-AD1F01155351 The Royal Hotel
1 South Parade, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 1JP       2023‑08
6992F729-6072-448F-9687-B0CB00BAE46E George And Dragon
The George And Dragon, 22-26 Orchard Street
BS23 1RQ       2024‑01
1D278E6F-6528-49AF-868B-ADB300A384B1 North Somerset Council
Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road
BS23 1UJ       2023‑08
F6032C78-F1EB-433D-B425-AFF600C972F3 Tesco Stores Ltd
Station Rd, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 1XG       2023‑08
9F0D4194-4F11-448A-BA3F-AD9D00BF85B7 Corpus Christi Catholic Primary
Ellenborough Park South, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 1XW       2023‑08
9DD4E2B3-12A4-46F9-B584-AD73009C764D St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church
Camp Road, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 2EN       2023‑08
ACF6BBE4-72F3-4B4B-87BA-ADC800FF14F4 Hans Price Academy
Marchfields Way, Weston-Super-Mare
BS23 3QP       2023‑08
C3A1B1CD-8869-4AFB-8A0E-B1380115E55D Outside The 7th T At Weston-Super-Mare Golf Course
Weston Super Mare Golf Course, Links Road, Uphill
BS23 4NQ       2024‑04
2B39C022-E35F-460E-81C9-AD3300D06C3B Riverside Holiday Village
Bridgwater Road, Bleadon
BS24 0AN       2023‑08
88A00864-9775-4CBC-87D6-AE8A009C3915 Riverside Holiday Village
Bridgwater Road, West-Super-Mare
BS24 0AN       2023‑08
77348FF6-9E65-4ECE-BF4B-AD3A00C02C3B Housing 21
Diamond Court Diamond Batch Weston Super Mare, Bs24 7fy
BS24 7FY       2023‑08
78029C4B-78A2-4868-ACCD-ADD400CAA847 Parklands Educate Together Primary
1 Russell Road, Locking
BS24 7NH       2023‑08
4246179B-EE11-452D-A767-AD6300EA75EA Smurfit Kappa
Oldmixon Crescent, Weston-Super-Mare
BS24 9BH       2023‑08
0A83317C-C93D-4B0C-BC34-AF1800895182 Pullman Restauant
2 Hapil Close, Sandford
BS25 5AA       2023‑08
7118554B-08EF-437E-898F-AD26007C9397 Churchill Academy
Churchill Academy And Sixth Form Centre, Churchill Green
BS25 5QN       2023‑08
88AB780F-3E53-4695-8CA1-AE2E012D4609 Telephone Kiosk, Compton Bishop
Webbington Road, Compton Bishop
BS26 2EX n9501137414 63m   2023‑10
16398F0F-7136-4161-A51C-AE260117E8DB Webbington Hotel
Webbington Road, Loxton
BS26 2HU       2023‑08
0B51C224-08A0-4BE1-9497-B03000BEDF8F Weare Academy First School
Notting Hill Way, Weare
BS26 2JS       2023‑08
5A868B65-F7D4-4B68-B9E8-AD2400B180D0 Weare Parish Council
Sparrow Hill Way, Weare
BS26 2LE       2023‑08
DEFECDCB-43B9-4E91-8ED9-AEEE00AE0311 Bucklegrove Holiday Park
Bucklegrove Caravan Park, Wells Road
BS27 3UZ       2023‑08
E725FB8B-D5BC-4937-9ADB-AFD400D72928 Sexeys Middle School
Sexeys Road, Wedmore
BS28 4ND       2023‑08
F108A209-7023-4CB1-89EE-AFD400B34462 Sexeys Middle School
Sexeys Road, Wedmore
BS28 4ND       2023‑08
45F9F006-8583-449A-B937-AEC50095B1E0 Theale Show
Northload Farm, Northload Lane
BS28 4SY       2023‑08
60FF974E-EDB3-4E4B-B6B1-AE3900C18FD3 Bristol City Football Club
Ashton Road, Bristol
BS3 2EJ       2023‑08
1D6BAFB1-8B8A-497F-A901-B03C00BA5537 County Gates
Ashton Road, Bristol
BS3 2JH       2023‑08
DDFFC0AF-740D-4D27-BE7D-AD8F0128B1A4 Bedminster Cricket Club
Clanage Road, Bristol
BS3 2JX       2023‑08
31C2598C-0AE2-4B2F-96B3-B05800913835 Trustford - Bristol - Ashton Gate
Trustford, Winterstoke Road
BS3 2LB       2023‑10
C4986211-1A2B-4DA8-807E-AD5800D84144 Midas Group
Midas House, Winterstoke Road
BS3 2LF       2023‑08
36D11591-8728-47C9-9407-ADEB00D74E08 Imperial Tobacco
121 Winterstoke Road, Ashton
BS3 2LL       2023‑08
CF1E40F6-49F0-4BA6-A86C-AF8E00EA1A0F Bristol
Molson Group Ltd, The Villings
BS3 2UQ       2023‑08
2DF9C6CD-3E77-4AF8-8F9D-ADD0007B2AF5 Parson Street Primary School
Bedminster Road, Bristol
BS3 5NR       2023‑08
23967451-22AE-4760-A836-B08A00E26CE0 Valtech Ltd
Units 18-19 Londonderry Farm, Keynsham Road
BS30 6EL       2023‑10
94CA5788-BDCE-4CF5-85F6-B043008C40AA Barrs Court Primary School
Stephens Drive, Barrs Court
BS30 7JB       2023‑08
1F620280-226E-49E2-BB14-AD80007FAE1B Hawthorn Court
Hawthorns Lane, Keynsham
BS31 1BF       2023‑08
70A5C070-F60E-472A-AA87-ADF801022F4F Taylor Wimpey
Somerdale, Somerdale Road, Keynsham
BS31 2AU       2023‑08
27FAED2E-0B88-4D6A-B8FC-AD2900E754E0 Aquavista
Port Avon Marina, Keynsham Road
BS31 2DD       2023‑08
2D8F13A5-9AA1-446D-8E43-AD200101CF12 Stockwood Vale Golf Club
Stockwood Lane, Keynsham
BS31 2ER       2023‑08
61EDA4D2-66EE-4A70-8D9F-AF0100D10A17 St Monica Trust The Chocolate Quarter
Trajectus Way, Keynsham
BS31 2GJ       2023‑08
ABFF6E29-3CCB-4B6A-B98E-AD20010F4E63 Gloucestershire Football Assocation Ltd
Oaklands Park Stadium, Gloucester Road
BS32 4AG       2023‑08
F85B3DA2-8732-42F7-A361-B00C00BECC1B Gloucestershire Football Assocation Ltd
Oaklands Park Stadium, Gloucester Road
BS32 4AG       2023‑08
FAAE0AB0-D05D-4011-85BB-AD20010CACB7 Gloucestershire Football Assocation Ltd
Oaklands Park Stadium, Gloucester Road
BS32 4AG       2023‑08
B3CC6F72-A5BB-4BD2-BA93-AFF600D38EEC North Bristol Plumbing Supplies Ltd
Nbps North Bristol Plumbing Supplies, Lift House
BS32 4HY       2023‑08
338B2D99-8778-4E5F-9AF5-AE6A009F4586 Yodel
Ash Ridge Road, Bradley Stoke
BS32 4JQ       2023‑08
62497656-7E65-449D-93AE-ADB200E69686 Inty, A Giacom Company
170 Aztec West, Almondsbury
BS32 4TN       2023‑08
69D09249-C00F-497A-BEFE-AD8F013D82BE Patchway Town Council Callicroft House
150 Rodway Road, Patchway
BS34 5DQ       2023‑08
DF160016-D495-40D0-9F5F-AECF00CE57B7 John Lewis
The Mall Upper Level, 401 Cribbs Causeway Regional Shopping Centre
BS34 5QU       2023‑10
1EED4BA8-DBD6-4D9A-B65F-B083010CA025 Dunelm Bristol Cribbs Causeway
Centaurus Road, Patchway, Bristol
BS34 5TU       2023‑10
AA96C0EA-E8D2-4B6D-BB21-B019008D33A2 Little Stoke Social Club
Club Lane, Little Stoke
BS34 6DN       2023‑08
7E7FCD80-2650-4528-B304-B02000BF7F31 Nuffield Health
Hunts Ground Road, Stoke Gifford
BS34 8HN n11417086115 12m   2023‑08
26C4C3A0-9C36-4892-8130-AEDE00DB0297 Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
305E062D-7C8D-4B73-A3D9-AEDE00DB14D8 Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
AF228435-A76E-436D-9439-AEDE00DB1FF8 Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
D5977178-7BD5-421B-9956-AEDE00DAF3F4 Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
E009CA67-F018-4413-B346-AEDE00D9DF7E Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
E7170ABF-3579-46C8-B670-AEDE00DADBEB Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
E84FB9A0-9F5F-4E0D-BB15-AEDE00DACD8F Ministry Of Defence
Abbeywood, Station Road
BS34 8JH       2023‑08
84C04EFC-8677-4E8A-8B8B-AFFE0097B4CF Abbeywood Community School
The Engineering Centre, Stoke Gifford
BS34 8SF       2023‑08
5B35B5E2-E2E6-412B-B476-AD21009BFB9A Aviva Acorns Nursery
The Aviva Centre, Brierly Furlong
BS34 8SW       2023‑08
0DA96166-90B0-4D6E-B383-AE5B011878F8 Society For Endocrinology
Unit 1600, Starling House, 1600 Bristol Parkway North
BS34 8YU       2023‑08
0158C97E-F168-4734-841F-AFAA00C5C9F2 The Castle School
Park Road, Thornbury
BS35 1HT       2023‑08
43F67DCD-F0D5-4205-9998-AE2400CFCFA2 The Castle School
Park Road, Thornbury
BS35 1HT       2023‑08
EB0FE238-F585-4C0B-BE53-ADBA016EA3D1 The Anchor Inn
Gloucester Road, Thornbury
BS35 1JY       2023‑08
7C0ED777-E9C1-4906-97DF-ADC800BC24DD Alexandra Way
3 Alexandra Way, Thornbury
BS35 1LA       2023‑10
7EFF288D-59FA-46A4-8A35-AF5700B3BDA6 Ecus Ltd
Baleen House, Whale Wharf, Littleton-Upon-Severn,
BS35 1NP       2023‑08
16BF7534-ED35-4146-9904-B120011D24F4 Morrisons Daily
37 Oakleaze Road, Thornbury
BS35 2LW       2024‑03
CB5B9F72-8A6D-4ED8-BF6D-AD2001084EE2 Jubilee Hall
Greenhill, Alveston
BS35 2QX       2023‑08
81DDAC53-7F31-4D84-A4B6-ADB300E75C71 Thornbury Leisure Centre
Bristol Road, Thornbury
BS35 3JB       2023‑08
9BBA7736-232B-449A-AFFE-ADB300902B4C Thornbury Leisure Centre
Bristol Road, Thornbury
BS35 3JB       2023‑08
596C10AD-6004-41AC-8A9E-AFE800CA033B Isg Construction - Two Bridges Academy
BS35 3LA       2023‑08
BDD0A94D-E961-474F-940E-B12D01103AAD Pcp - Golden Heart
Winterbourne Down,
BS36 1AU       2024‑04
6148ADB6-DCB7-4593-8955-AFA100DB0219 Frampton Dental
Frampton Dental Practice, 288 Park Lane
BS36 2BL       2023‑08
31CDEF38-DF4C-4880-8C80-AFFF00A5B119 Gwaac Shop - Yate Shopping Centre
Gwaac Shop, 6 North Walk
BS37 4AR       2023‑08
F5809EAA-8D43-4B31-9D2C-ADB700A44F9A Yate Leisure Centre
Kennedy Way, Yate
BS37 4DQ       2023‑08
98CBB373-D57D-41FC-9DDF-AFAC00C2C447 Powersystems Uk Limited
Powersystems Uk Ltd Badminton Road Trading Estate, Badminton Road
BS37 5GG       2023‑08
7C8F3A69-8D47-426E-99E0-AD5600D2B91C Yate Town Council
Poole Court, Poole Court Drive
BS37 5PP       2023‑08
64A6919D-B5CE-4C3D-9BBF-B0D400D182AC Chipping Sodbury Police Station
32, High Street
BS37 6AH n4247492329 31m * 2024‑01
A76576F6-156C-4E89-BC89-AE830120AA8C Sodbury Town Council
Police Station, Chipping Sodbury
BS37 6AH       2023‑08
1A6817BD-EECD-4AA1-BFBB-B0B6011FEB07 Waitrose & Partners - Chipping Sodbury
Wickwar Road, Chipping Sodbury
BS37 6AU       2023‑12
A01F6160-3AE8-4662-B761-AD950105317A Chipping Sodbury School
Bowling Road, Chipping Sodbury
BS37 6EW       2023‑08
F03D358D-EE71-48AE-B968-ADAA00A3B889 Chipping Sodbury Rugby Club
Wickwar Road, Chipping Sodbury
BS37 6GA n9377384203 14m   2023‑08
CB264DED-4C1D-4CF3-AF7C-ADF400AB6A93 Chipping Sodbury Golf Club
Horton Road, Chipping Sodbury, Horton Road
BS37 6PU       2023‑08
D4CDA639-E6B1-4BCC-96E6-AD4800F8283A Chipping Sodbury Golf Club
Trinity Lane, St Johns Way
BS37 6PU       2023‑08
EEE12021-CC62-4382-9E22-ADC800BBB747 South Gloucestershire Council
Broad Lane, Engine Common Lane
BS37 7PN       2023‑10
B0C08782-BE23-4F14-B7C1-AD6000DDB15E Carpenters Arms
Wick Lane, Bristol
BS39 4BX       2023‑08
844A7765-1BA1-44D6-AE5B-AD2E00F618AA Clutton Parish Council
13 Maynard Terrace, Bristol
BS39 5PL       2023‑08
CF1C3C89-B055-4B03-B353-AF8F00EF3811 Clutton Parish Council
The Soap Bar And Café, Upper Bristol Road
BS39 5TA       2023‑08
6AB23FF4-B68B-4E58-A3BA-AEFC00E7A368 Ken Biggs Contractors Ltd
High Street, Bristol
BS39 6HP n11534106213 24m   2023‑08
FBF76620-01FC-44B7-BC48-ADA400B0DA41 Farrington Golf Club
Marsh Lane, Wells
BS39 6TS       2023‑08
44E8F477-2453-4B66-8AE1-ADC800FE43F2 Paulton Swimming Pool
Plumptre Close, Paulton
BS39 7QY       2023‑08
0C0450E9-C363-418A-90C8-AFE800B3FEEE Screwfix
Unit 6 Enterprise Trade Centre, Roman Farm Road
BS4 1UN       2023‑08
C669BF43-6633-4D3E-BBE7-ADC800FF8A83 Broadwalk Shopping Centre
Wells Road, Knowle
BS4 2QU       2023‑08
9B37F88C-E3BE-4B7B-AAD0-B12700C966C5 Grove Park
Brislington, Bristol
BS4 3LG       2024‑03
77684330-D4FE-4CBC-BBA4-ADC800BC76B4 City Of Bristol College Brislington Centre
40 School Road, Brislington
BS4 4NN       2023‑10
CA676A27-E31B-4B3D-8E7B-ADC800FE78D1 St Brendans College
Broomhill Road, Brislington
BS4 5RQ       2023‑08
9D99F3FB-887B-442C-9BD4-B0A6007A6819 Tout's Langford
Tout's, A38 Bypass
BS40 5JG       2023‑11
3CE7749B-9A07-4BE9-9295-AD2100EF57F5 Blagdon Parish Council
Blagdon Village Club, High Street
BS40 7RN       2023‑08
4ABFAAC0-23C0-4E6E-9289-AE8600AA408E Blagdon Luncheon Club
Blagdon Village Club, High Street
BS40 7TA n9521592937 23m   2023‑08
04BC38EE-8790-41C2-B7CD-AD2400C53419 Stoke Inn
Bristol Road, Bristol
BS40 8XE       2023‑08
22C49137-F37C-4198-852C-AD9000954E5B Long Ashton Golf Club
Clevedon Road, Failand
BS41 9DW       2023‑08
558CBA68-2EEA-46D5-9083-AD9000940BF2 Long Ashton Golf Club
Clevedon Road, Failand
BS41 9DW       2023‑08
35AA5045-AEAC-4CA5-8C5F-ADC800FF5F19 Backwell School
Station Road, Backwell
BS48 3BX n8512290865 31m   2023‑08
A097AB51-1D04-40D3-B1C3-AD2100F72CB3 Backwell Medical Centre
15 West Town Road, Backwell
BS48 3HA n8512290866 10m   2023‑08
45B9E73F-3373-4C88-A3B2-AE4C01092F3E Tarmac Ltd (Topblock)
Stancombe Quarry, Stancombe Lane
BS48 3QD       2023‑08
EC331B80-4F2D-482C-B267-B10400C52715 Yatton Rugby Club
The Park, North End
BS49 4AR       2024‑02
A5D80CB9-16DB-4AA4-8B65-AD2000DBB79E Claverham Cricket Club
Henley Lane, Yatton
BS49 4JP       2023‑08
007A1833-CCC1-4DBF-982A-B0C200EEDB66 Tesco
Kent Road, Congresbury
BS49 5BE       2023‑12
D33D9E04-8634-47E6-B835-AD2500D6CBE2 Day Lewis Pharmacy
3 Broad Street, Congresbury
BS49 5DG       2023‑08
92D1585C-14D2-402E-8E18-AD2000F818A7 Mendip Spring Golf Club
Brinsea Farm, Honeyhall Lane
BS49 5JT       2023‑08
61D24E80-58FA-49B8-B0F0-B10900A9F124 Wiper & True Taproom
Unit 11 City Business Park, Easton Road
BS5 0SP       2024‑03
F9B2D8B8-F83C-4F67-83BA-AE2100E27D1C Easton Leisure Centre
Thrissell Street, Easton
BS5 0SW       2023‑10
2EA0FC06-3310-4C89-A720-B030008FD496 May Park Primary School
Coombe Road, Bristol
BS5 6LE       2023‑08
0219F12A-383C-48A9-BAD8-AE3C014F66A2 Tesco Extra
Eastgate Rd, 0
BS5 6XU       2023‑08
E94AB66A-5CE1-400D-9B4C-ADC800FF84D1 Bristol Carpets
6-10 Chapel Lane, Fishponds Trading Estate
BS5 7EY       2023‑08
D30D0CA9-C927-448E-91D7-B01C00AC1206 Learning Lab
Summerhill Academy, Plummers Hill
BS5 7JU       2023‑08
709A31EA-5D0A-4E28-9277-AD2600EA191E L’affinage Du Fromage
39, North View, Westbury Park
BS6 7PY n9276246345 15m   2023‑08
2915A039-0C61-4674-BE55-AD92007D96DC Golden Hill Sports Ground
Wimbledon Road, Henleaze
BS6 7YA       2023‑08
2A8C5535-CD7A-4049-8C74-AD7500B1EA7E Greggs
Gloucester Road North, Filton
BS7 0SH       2023‑10
62C23893-FB34-495D-AA3A-AF0900D3978D Bristol Saint Andrews Bowls Club
Happy Lane, Bishopston
BS7 9AE       2023‑10
38C33F68-56BD-4256-8D6E-ADC800BC79F9 City Of Bristol Ashley Down College
Ashley Down Road, Bishopston
BS7 9BU       2023‑10
0A993907-CD1B-433D-BE3E-B0E200C1BBA5 The Lazy Dog
112, Ashley Down Road, Ashley Down
BS7 9JR       2024‑01
33A12AEE-5094-4542-8CB3-AE6E00AC2B65 Savills
St Catherine's Court Berkeley Place Bristol Bs8 1bq, Berkeley Place
BS8 1BQ       2023‑08
FC6771AE-FD6D-4864-9D7B-AF9400FC366C Arag Plc
9 Whiteladies Road, Bristol
BS8 1NN       2023‑08
F03DBA23-97C5-4584-BE77-B0B6011FEF93 Waitrose & Partners - Clifton
The Pavilion, 85 Queens Road, Clifton
BS8 1QS       2023‑12
F9DAAC7E-07AB-4D28-91B6-ADD3010A6741 Nuffield Health
83 The Pavillion, Queens Road
BS8 1QS       2023‑10
0BCBFA19-7AB0-494F-AF35-AD4900D63836 School Of Earth Sciences, University Of Bristol
Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road
BS8 1RJ       2023‑08
E2DB3FB7-9380-451D-85DB-AD2400FF8F3B Engineering - University Of Bristol
Faculty Of Engineering Queens Building, University Walk
BS8 1TR       2023‑08
0D01688E-AB74-42EF-9556-AD32006C2780 Clifton Down Shopping Centre
Whiteladies Road, Bristol
BS8 2NN       2023‑08
A2C03CBE-1ABD-4405-B842-AFE800D621AF Screwfix
96c Whiteladies Road, Bristol
BS8 2QX       2023‑08
AC884D8D-FE04-475F-B48F-AE1C00A7E2E2 Tesco
Tesco Express, 169-169a Whiteladies Road
BS8 2RL       2023‑08
3121EC85-E96B-472A-8BA0-B05801072444 St John's C Of E Primary School, Worrall Road
St Johns Church Of England School, Worrall Road
BS8 2UH       2023‑10
92908101-2903-4E90-B860-ADEA00B7B118 Bristol Old Vic Theatre School
1-3 Downside Road, Bristol
BS8 2XF       2023‑08
B04C1FD8-830B-4061-B482-AD3400EC8239 Bristol & Clifton Golf Club
Beggar Bush Lane, Failand
BS8 3TH       2023‑08
B5F5722F-8F65-4B09-A51E-AEEF00AC0124 Avon Gorge Hotel Princes Buildings
Sion Hill, Bristol
BS8 4LD       2023‑08
C217436E-6403-49CB-9554-8E8D98505326 Avon Gorge By Hotel Du Vin
Princes Buildings, Sion Hill
BS8 4LD       2023‑08
8A0D8C0F-328E-4461-A306-AD5D00D33D62 Curtins Consulting,
Quayside, 40-58 Hotwell Road, Bristol Bs8 4uq
BS8 4UQ       2023‑08
AD6D84E3-A1F5-4C41-B0BF-AF0F01339208 The Downs Cafe
Stoke Road, Bristol
BS9 1FG       2023‑10
FC0E6B47-07A4-453A-AAC8-AD5500BD4AFC Redmaids High School
Red Maids School, Westbury Road
BS9 3AW       2023‑08
0D850335-8BA9-4D7C-845D-AF2C00777F5F Canford Crematorium And Cemetery
Canford Lane, Bristol
BS9 3PQ       2023‑08
463A55D3-0154-4565-8D41-AC2A007F9F7A Department For Communities
Dfc Castle Court, Castle Court
BT1 1HR       2023‑08
F9C5E187-C722-4F4A-AB2D-AC2A0081B665 Department For Communities
Dfc Castle Court, Castle Court
BT1 1SN       2023‑08
9DEFD7B4-0E99-40DB-B8DE-ADD300D1BF75 Provincial Grand Lodge Of Antrim
Hampton House, 47-53 High Street
BT1 2QS       2023‑08
E88B2B6D-58F5-43C1-B1AA-EFDD1D170BA9 Dockers Social Club
57 Pilot Street, Belfast
BT1 3AH       2023‑08
FE12A53A-510D-4837-8494-AEE3013398F2 Driver Vehicle Agency
148-158 Corporation Street, Belfast
BT1 3DH       2023‑08
0958442C-D377-46DB-AD77-AF240081820A Metro Control
2, 8 Marlbourough Street, Belfast
BT1 3FF       2023‑08
F050BFBA-024E-439B-A6F1-718707BB8022 Urban Innovation Company
Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Urban, 43-55 Ann Street
BT1 4ED       2023‑08
46119182-DDC8-42EA-837F-AFB900BAE7F6 Rapid7
19 Chichester Street, Belfast
BT1 4JB       2023‑08
602C5A10-AC24-4E41-ABE5-AEA500B6CCD8 Tesco Express
11-13 Donegall Place, Belfast
BT1 5AA       2023‑08
D006EAF1-C87E-4F84-ACCC-833FE658DE0C 13-21 Queens Arcade
BT1 5FE       2023‑08
C32E2269-BFE6-4113-842E-AC0100FA6B8F Urban Innovation Company
Pulse Smart Hub - Outside Moneda House, 36 Wellington Place
BT1 6BH       2023‑08
E65C9327-B172-4349-B71E-DE6AAB2FA6B3 Progressive Building Society Progressive House
33-37 Wellington Place, Belfast
BT1 6HH       2023‑08
B35D0B17-7A24-4D16-8883-68657FBC9BDD Stellify Media Merrion Business Centre
Howard Street, Belfast
BT1 6PJ       2023‑08
674F844F-EDDB-437B-A29C-78BE55B0F57F The Balmoral Hotel
161 Blacks Road, Dunmurry Belfast
BT10 0ND       2023‑08
E1B91DA5-BE6E-488B-BAF0-AD2800B70840 Choice Housing
Ballydown Court, 143 Glen Road
BT11 8BP       2023‑08
9467814A-3EA1-4467-B5F6-AEB4012124A6 No Limits Fitness
11 Kennedy Way, Belfast
BT11 9AP       2023‑08
77F8E1B4-87AD-4B96-902B-AC3100C9A05A Value Cabs Ltd
33/35 Grosvenor Road, Belfast
BT12 4GN       2023‑08
A6A32593-CBBD-46C8-B992-AF94009E3854 Translink
Great Northern Car Park, Hope Street North
BT12 5EE       2023‑08
79BC8C4B-7633-45B1-8F7B-AF0200C7235A Gordons Chemist
174 Sandy Row, Belfast
BT12 5EY n11496760981 18m   2023‑08
EC7D55FB-DA14-4263-BFC6-AD28009D7346 Choice Housing
Mill Court, 500-502 Falls Road
BT12 6EP       2023‑08
71CC3260-F546-442F-8ADF-AEE6009A3DB6 Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency
12 Balmoral Road, Belfast
BT12 6QL       2023‑08
49D0095A-C96D-4A3E-8B64-6D58D9503F0D Rps Consulting Engineers Elmwood House
74 Boucher Road, Malone Belfast
BT12 6RZ       2023‑08
C2F390D2-B8C0-438E-B2BC-CE4497BFB7F8 James P Corry & Co Ltd
648 Springfield Road, Ballymurphy Belfast
BT12 7EH       2023‑08
5C588865-8356-4C26-AEBA-AD28009BB0A1 Choice Housing
Bleach Green Court, 12 Whiterock Grove
BT12 7RH       2023‑08
856A6FD6-0E32-4344-843B-AF2700CC32AC Doorways
143 Northumberland Street, Doorways
BT13 2JF       2023‑08
999599B1-E706-4C1D-B08C-AD8E0093ADE6 Ortus
Filor Building, Twin Spires Centre, 155 Northumberland Street
BT13 2JF       2023‑08
268D4687-7E47-45ED-A1F5-AD2800A52003 Choice Housing
Clonard House, 24 Clonard Gardens
BT13 2RH       2023‑08
BFEB4A6C-6564-4CA5-83EE-D9FA73332065 Woodvale Cricket Club. Spectrum Centre
331-333 Shankill Road, Belfast
BT13 3AA       2023‑08
FCFFD2EB-6085-4E3B-9F88-AFFE0096DA7A Mayo Street Belfast City Mission Hall
102a Ainsworth Avenue, Belfast
BT13 3EP       2023‑08
121E45D0-1002-4A9D-9E60-AF2400C8450E York Road
Yorkgate Train Station, Belfast
BT15 1FX       2023‑08
4580039C-92B9-4091-913F-BB5E07C9B992 Nicva
61 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast
BT15 2GB n4363058328 13m   2023‑08
EFBBAE7C-72DF-48C4-99B6-4BAE2E517A97 Duncairn Medical Practice
165 Duncairn Gardens, Belfast
BT15 2GE       2023‑08
F09E85F1-4393-4E01-9479-AD2800B8045F Choice Housing
The Milewater, 212 North Queen Street
BT15 3DG       2023‑08
3FBF0328-A626-48F2-B78C-AF4800940402 Macblair Paint
93 York Road, Belfast
BT15 3GY       2023‑08
AB3708AD-11DA-46F0-BEE4-AD26010C1DB1 Choice Housing
James Court, Kansas Avenue
BT15 5AZ       2023‑08
D28695D6-1DFA-4F9D-A76F-508000ABEBCD Belfast Castle
Antrim Road, Low-Wood Belfast
BT15 5GR       2023‑08
EB67C426-EF9C-46B2-8CFF-A98E6581F01C Spar Stores Unit 5 - 4
756 Upper Newtownards Road, Ballyregan Dundonald
BT16 1LA       2023‑08
06F8FCA6-883C-43AF-845F-B06D00DFD184 Dundonald International Ice Bowl
111 Old Dundonald Road, Ballyhanwood
BT16 1XT       2023‑10
8AD1BA61-44AC-4DC8-AF40-B06D00E09E2E Dundonald International Ice Bowl
111 Old Dundonald Road, Ballyhanwood
BT16 1XT       2023‑10
C9666520-8555-497B-92EC-AD280092F57C Choice Housing
Galway Court, Galway Drive
BT16 2AF       2023‑08
1E206B84-5794-4E37-883A-AF3A00C0B320 Longstone Special School
Millar's Lane, Dundonald
BT16 2DA       2023‑08
76022BF1-4AFE-4F07-AD8B-AD8D00B8BFC4 2 Millars Lane
BT16 2DA       2023‑08
85C9F769-3551-4E24-AB4C-AD2800BC6C2F Ashley Lodge
BT17 0AF       2023‑08
64002A8C-6C31-412B-BA4A-AD8A00F02604 Dairy Farm Shopping Centre
205 Stewartstown Road, Dunmurry
BT17 0AW       2023‑08
7E5811E4-5E63-4A1C-ACFD-AD2800914B2B Pembroke Lodge
1 Pembroke Loop Road, Dunmurry
BT17 0PH       2023‑08
E9A858A4-2125-4B13-BA70-AE45015474BD Derriaghy Cricket Club
40 Queensway, Dunmurry
BT17 9HG       2023‑08
75768AC5-BE05-4074-8B2E-F1B7380EE6D9 105-107 Kingsway
Dunmurry, Belfast
BT17 9NS       2023‑08
3C247AD0-A8D5-45F3-965D-AF1700B47998 Holywood Steiner School
34 Croft Road, Holywood
BT18 0PR       2023‑08
5579B80E-CD9C-46E2-928D-C84460B44E59 Hunt & Co
77 High Street, Holywood
BT18 9AQ       2023‑08
562DB830-60DC-46D2-8A21-B0A7010874C8 Holywood Fire Station
Sullivan Place, Holywood
BT18 9JF       2023‑11
B65BE4F6-C34E-4E75-8802-D68C28B9CFE2 Holywood Golf Club
1 Nuns Walk, Holywood
BT18 9LE       2023‑08
C8E70E06-0465-4BFE-90CF-AE70013A3CE5 Puregym
Unit 1 Toscana Retail Park, Bangor
BT19 1FH       2023‑08
33F38F5F-73ED-4D0C-957C-6FF0CB5B18F4 Crawfordsburn Service Station
90 Ballyrobert Road, Ballymullan Crawfordsburn
BT19 1JS       2023‑08
B736B792-AF93-4B77-9914-B0A600B41377 Bangor Fire Station
92 Newtownards Road, Bangor
BT19 1SZ       2023‑11
ACD50D10-F082-4743-A0F6-D8799E973204 Clandeboye Lodge Hotel Clandeboye Lodge
10 Estate Road, Ballyleidy Bangor
BT19 1UR       2023‑08
694F2D8A-DB5B-487E-B0FE-5C6C9A11E6AA Child Support Agency Great Northern Tower
17 Great Victoria Street, Belfast
BT2 7AD       2023‑08
BE4BA77A-607D-431E-BF46-AFB2010B1EAC 4th Floor Albany House
73-75 Great Victoria Street, Belfast
BT2 7AF       2023‑08
4F823DC2-7E29-4115-871A-AF3300B0E28C Ernst & Young
Part 4th & 5th Floor Bedford House, 16-22 Bedford Street
BT2 7DT       2023‑08
D6D7069F-8092-4875-97F7-AFA900CD2B89 Cleaver Fulton Rankin Solicitors
50 Bedford Street, Belfast
BT2 7FW       2023‑08
DDB2137A-D681-47DD-B0CA-AE8600D20583 Grand Opera House
Great Victoria Street, Belfast
BT2 7HR       2023‑08
0B9F93AF-3E88-4CF5-AAF7-AFAF00B57A3C Translink
22 Great Victoria Street, Hope Street North
BT2 7LX       2023‑08
CD0F0A90-C75B-4B16-9041-AFAF00B949DD 22 Great Victoria Street
BT2 7LX       2023‑08
24836229-72BB-4FF7-A3E9-AD51008EA586 Health & Social Care Board
Champion House, 12-22 Linenhall Street
BT2 8BS       2023‑08
3A5B9F47-674A-4414-901F-AF1800E7B080 Department For Infrastructure
Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street
BT2 8GB       2023‑08
6EFC31A9-C333-4D7F-8F96-DD1C22B954C2 Fermanagh House
Ormeau Avenue, Belfast
BT2 8NJ       2023‑08
B91705CD-D605-4EE8-B1DA-05E83FA6775A North Down Borough Council Town Hall
Castle Park Avenue, Bangor
BT20 4BT       2023‑08
E1FCA01E-402E-4BE2-9438-ADCC00C9D46C S Clarke & Son Funeral Directors
64 Newtownards Road, Bangor
BT20 4DR       2023‑08
44796ED5-40FE-44EA-9365-B2E3B5950E2C Bangor Carnegie Library
80 Hamilton Road, Bangor
BT20 4LH       2023‑08
00A7274D-6A9B-4A61-B97D-AF8E010AAFD4 Bangor Golf Club
Club House, 7a Broadway
BT20 4RH       2023‑08
6406D305-2AA7-44C8-9495-CDF4C21EBAF2 Progressive Building Society
6 Castle Street, Bangor
BT20 4ST       2023‑08
0129246B-A698-4245-B0D3-AEAC00DA0582 Serc Bangor Main Campus
Castle Park, Bangor
BT20 4SU       2023‑08
4A60D985-FA48-4D7D-B9D3-AEAC00D931B3 Serc Bangor Main Campus
Castle Park, Bangor
BT20 4SU       2023‑08
F040BFC5-A946-44A3-AD08-AEAC00DA1BED Serc Bangor Main Campus
Castle Park, Bangor
BT20 4SU       2023‑08
3177F965-2BB6-44A7-A796-AEAC00D92930 Serc Space Campus
Castle Park Road, Bangor
BT20 4TD       2023‑08
B7CC4163-12D0-4B0F-AEB5-AF8E010F5D1B The Sheds
Westover, 17 Fairfield Road
BT20 4TU       2023‑08
FE7EA4F9-0CA7-492C-99E4-777BC714206B Ballyholme Service Station
2 Ballyholme Road, Bangor
BT20 5JJ       2023‑08
28B22B64-F09E-4C13-AC6A-ADC700CDF77B Meadowbank Social Club
37-38 Parade, Donaghadee
BT21 0HE       2023‑08
141B62A7-91EE-41B8-8B4E-AD8000B607B5 Lifestyle Caravan Park
96 Shore Road, Ballyhalbert
BT22 1BJ       2023‑08
520D14D1-C3C8-4F99-B603-AF6D00A57BFB Coastguard Cottages
3 Harbour Road, Portavogie
BT22 1EA       2023‑08
10E46EA1-C794-47D2-A308-AF4700599C32 30 Bog Road
BT22 1EQ       2023‑08
3E64816C-9F10-45C0-B88C-1E48DEE61D29 Ards Borough Council
2 Church Street, Newtownards
BT23 4AP       2023‑08
95C0DF8C-9C51-4D5A-B4B7-AD5501250721 Specsavers Newtownards
9 Conway Square, Newtownards
BT23 4DA       2023‑08
4F74F72F-87FE-438B-9366-AFCD0130D8D0 O2 Store (0231) Newtownards
Unit B6, Ards Shopping Centre
BT23 4EU       2023‑08
E728E964-7CF5-4D27-9DA3-AC9965A8A9FA Ards Art Centre
Conway Square, Newtownards
BT23 4NP       2023‑08
26AB7357-6BD7-479F-9EDD-ADF700CF6486 Glen Link
BT23 5UA       2023‑08
37270CC7-3A00-47E1-913D-B0AC015786BE Comber Fire Station
Glen Link, Comber
BT23 5UA       2023‑11
F18B82D7-B107-491E-9C1B-AFCC00F0B0D2 Ballygowan Bus Depot
Ballygowan, Newtownards
BT23 6HZ       2023‑08
1108A79F-E4CE-4B4B-BE20-AD2800B88D4D Choice Housing
Orchard Court, Orchard Avenue
BT23 7AG       2023‑08
6C1FEF07-7982-422C-A8E5-AFB700C613DB Movilla High School
Donaghadee Road, Newtownards
BT23 7HA       2023‑08
2DAD8E82-EE38-47DD-93D5-AEC100D05EF1 Sjo Accountants Ltd
37 Movilla Street, Newtownards
BT23 7JQ       2023‑08
A77A617A-8287-4BE4-A50E-ADCC00C52B74 S Clarke & Son Funeral Directors
12 Court Square, Newtownards
BT23 7NY       2023‑08
615B015C-A682-465C-B630-B03B011F3C35 Main Street Saintfield
41a Main Street, Saintfield
BT24 7AB       2023‑08
B231A182-4553-4620-B000-AD4800DA0AD4 C E S Quarry Products Ltd
2 School Road, Saintfield
BT24 7JH       2023‑08
8145DFD4-8000-4EEE-88DC-AF6B00C71FBB Ballynahinch (Ub)
41 Main Street, Ballynahinch
BT24 8AR       2023‑08
3F3D3A7A-AF19-4505-8B49-AD1301439042 Langley Road Playing Fields
Willow Crescent, Ballynahinch
BT24 8DB       2023‑08
571B06E3-55D3-454E-9A0D-B01200F1D821 Spa Golf Club
20 Grove Road, Ballynahinch
BT24 8PN       2023‑08
21E84059-E795-4045-9B0F-AF8700F5CE93 Dromore (Ub)
Hillsborough Road, Dromore
BT25 1AZ       2023‑08
96CB6EC5-C8D3-4BE5-97CB-AEE8009B29F6 Dromore (Ub Eng)
Hillsborough Road, Dromore
BT25 1AZ       2023‑08
7EA6212E-D03C-4CE6-95AE-AD2800B55D0B Choice Housing
The Beeches, Beech Grove
BT25 1DB       2023‑08
CAD6A2B4-983E-4461-B9E4-02689DB64885 36 Magherabeg Road
Magherabeg Dromore,
BT25 1RS       2023‑08
D1F6510F-DC78-4925-B20B-AFCA0138FF8B Skeogh Orange Hall
114 Daimond Road, Dromore
BT25 2PY       2023‑08
A3385D2B-0F4D-4671-B846-AF6200DF4104 Dromara Road
BT26 6QA       2023‑08
F1555AAD-A13D-444E-BB29-47D3C62560C0 Aberdelghy Golf Course
2 Bells Lane, Lambeg Lisburn
BT27 4QH       2023‑08
68E33906-D60E-41F6-92C7-ADCC00B73A9F Lisburn City Council
Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island
BT27 4RL       2023‑08
A80437E8-39E9-4D81-A0E2-ADCC00B7F61F Lisburn City Council
Island Civic Centre, 1 The Island
BT27 4RL       2023‑08
CCE17C44-5C99-4EBD-9BBF-B10900AFAACD Northern Ireland Fire And Rescue Service
1 Seymour Street, Lisburn
BT27 4SX       2024‑03
077C09F5-ADF4-406C-ADAE-FC4EA3FC07C2 Fort Hill College
Belfast Road, Lisnagarvy Lisburn
BT27 4TL       2023‑08
2F13B466-FA60-4E1B-BC2C-99A0E2D34488 Fort Hill College
Belfast Road, Lisnagarvy Lisburn
BT27 4TL       2023‑08
267473F0-4774-4C19-8F41-AE6D00916019 Pure Gym
Unit 1,2 Laganbank Retail Park, Laganbank Road
BT27 4TQ       2023‑08
C11141A0-F119-4AB1-BCE8-AC5100F85913 Gowdys Of Down Royal
60 Gravelhill Road, Lisburn
BT27 5RW       2023‑08
B58B392D-F091-4861-88B1-036093899C3B Cirdan Imaging, Riverbank
The Green, Lambeg Lisburn
BT27 5SR       2023‑10
07788D79-697B-4967-856E-B07000E2AB0F Royal Mail Lisburn Do
2 Linenhall Street, Lisburn
BT28 1AA       2023‑10
99CCFEE4-39DF-49F8-85ED-AE1C011EED2C Bow Street Mall Shopping Centre
Bow Street, Lisburn
BT28 1AW       2023‑08
DE0266CF-DA4B-42F2-BB21-AFCC00A5074F O2 Store (0226) Lisburn
Unit C1/C2, 65b Bow Street
BT28 1BJ       2023‑10
C6D5A15C-E2AE-4013-9432-AD2800BB8F59 Choice Housing
Old Manor House, Manor Drive
BT28 1QX       2023‑08
9443F831-B258-4B1A-B155-B05900B06745 Datum Tool Design
Unit 1, Factory 1, Mcgraths Building, Lissue Industrial Estate, Lisburn
BT28 2SU  <