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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'CA' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 534 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
7F70A2A0-3E89-4A65-8C82-AF3B010509BF CA1 1AA Royal Mail Carlisle Rtw, Junction Street, Carlisle, Carlisle Variable Restricted
9EE17D64-6E18-47E6-BD74-AF2700C4F4A8 CA1 1AA Royal Mail Carlisle Mc/Do, Junction Street, Carlisle, Carlisle Variable Restricted
C819424A-6E57-4FA2-9D19-AFDB00D022EF CA1 1DN Casa Romana, Casa Romana Italian Restaurant, 44 Warwick Road Variable Restricted
E9DBB88A-F663-4C37-BF30-AE1A009C7272 CA1 1LL Carlisle United Fc Community Sports Trust, Brunton Park, Warwick Road Variable Public
6908 CA1 1LW Rugby Ground, Cumbria 24/7 Public
460CE20C-22B6-49B1-B4E4-B05400EAD888 CA1 1RD Cumbria County Council, 117 Botchergate, Carlisle Variable Restricted
80BFA724-868B-4381-A586-AE3800C71BD0 CA1 1SG Carlisle Taekwondo Ltd, Carlisle Taekwondo School, 161-163 Botchergate 24/7 Public
D1206A7B-5725-47CA-9AFA-AEE700A5281B CA1 2HE Medical Practice, Fusehill Medical Practice, Fusehill Street Variable Public
74593B59-EC9A-4E77-8304-AE6900926DE1 CA1 2NS Harrison Northern Ltd, Nhs Direct Capital Buildings, Hilltop Heights 24/7 Public
606F3B74-C871-4C86-8611-AE22007FA6AD CA1 2PD B&Q, Unit 1, London Road Retail Park Variable Public
B20D4565-9437-4870-A3F0-B05900C220AC CA1 2PG 1 Barley Edge, Carlisle 24/7 Public
D30E8F34-4F7F-4E46-8BCF-B093009E6D95 CA1 2QJ Adler & Allan, Units 2 & 3, Hillcrest Avenue, Carlisle Variable Public
E0200F42-D9B6-4D28-A237-ADF900BAAC70 CA1 2RW Dodd & Co, Fifteen Montgomery Way, Carlisle Variable Public
C78129A0-AC04-47F4-A005-AE30010109E1 CA1 2RY Taylor Wimpey, Durran Hill, Carlisle Variable Restricted
015F37D6-4EF2-4824-A020-AE370092177B CA1 2SB Tesco Superstore, Warwick Rd, 0 24/7 Public
C4E02CDF-E779-49D3-B8AC-AF6300D9993E CA1 2SB Toby Carvery - Carlisle, Warwick Road, Carlisle Variable Public
10887EEB-4E9C-417D-9F34-B02D009A37AF CA1 2ST Burnetts Solicitors, Victoria House, 5b Wavell Drive 24/7 Public
04094834-F77C-457B-AAE7-AF51009CA6FB CA1 3QA Inglewood Junior School, Arnside Road, Carlisle 24/7 Public
7F2522DE-C9FB-4AD1-9966-AFFF00B7A669 CA1 3SE Carlisle Ap: School 180, Edgehill Road, Carlisle Variable Restricted
924F9A7F-47C0-4B19-9770-AFFF00B238ED CA1 3SE Carlisle Ap: School 180, Edgehill Road, Carlisle Variable Restricted
E7E12A32-3A09-401A-9645-B04A00FE0E99 CA10 1AX Dog Trust Transfer Centre Penrith, Kennelmans House, Lazonby Variable Restricted
778D9C1F-2719-4B6D-9629-AAC400A2B9DD CA10 1BG Henderson Building, Penrith 24/7 Public
71D3CDAD-3719-4C03-AE8F-AE3B00F74815 CA10 1DL Kirkoswald Football Club, Play Area, Croft Place 24/7 Public
4170 CA10 1JL Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
7D83028A-B9D6-4BB0-BDDE-AE860134DEBC CA10 1LJ Edenhall And Langwathby Sports And Recreation, Eden Straits, Langwathby 24/7 Public
7651E203-4382-4BC6-9B93-AE4901506620 CA10 1LW Langwathby Stores & Post Office, Langwathby Stores And Post Office, Langwathby 24/7 Public
549E8A6E-2FB9-46C5-B0C5-B03E00F186B7 CA10 1ND Langwathby Primary School, Salkeld Road, Langwathby Variable Restricted
5D1D9BE1-BB6D-4A29-AE35-AE4901520E24 CA10 1ND Cumbria County Council, Langwathby C Of E School, Salkeld Road 24/7 Public
2680396F-FCC8-4224-97C9-AEC500895803 CA10 1QL Victoria Institute, Culgaith On The C3028 To The C3004 From Station Road, Culgaith 24/7 Public
1867 CA10 1RL Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3D9F8DCC-D13B-4234-9105-AE18014D509F CA10 1TA Newbiggin Village, Reading Room, Milburn Road 24/7 Public
C0282F53-7B4D-4CE6-A9F3-AFC4016B0CA4 CA10 1TA Corner House, Milburn Road, Newbiggin 24/7 Public
C42008E3-DCD4-41D1-B5A0-AECB0140953C CA10 1TN Milburn, Village Hall, Access Road To Houses 24/7 Public
451DDCC4-432C-4301-953F-AE2900FC9FB2 CA10 1TX Kirkland And Blencarn Village Hall, Access Road To Houses From The C3013, Blencarn 24/7 Public
FCD0E7C9-9227-4C9D-8464-B0430092689B CA10 2AY Post Box 13m From 3-4 Southwaite Green Mill House 4m From Unnamed Road, Road From Southwaite Green Cottages To Southwaite Green Mill Country Park, Southwaite Green Mill 24/7 Public
ECCD3003-8993-4167-9D88-AE4500AFB229 CA10 2DR Foster House, Melkinthorpe, Penrith 24/7 Public
16F5E1A0-BEB3-4396-BA42-ADEC014C6932 CA10 2EG Clifton Primary School, Clifton Cp School, Road From Clifton Cross Through Clifton On The A6 To Bainbridge Gate Bridge 24/7 Public
B49729D9-3567-496F-BF82-B06500BAE4B8 CA10 2EG Clifton Cp School, Road From Clifton Cross Through Clifton On The A6 To Bainbridge Gate Bridge, Clifton Variable Restricted
F85EF301-B3EB-4B91-9EA9-AE3E01366A1B CA10 2HT Hackthorpe Telephone Box, Telephone Exchange, Road From Bainbridge Gate Bridge To Bessy Ghyll Beck On The A6 24/7 Public
1444 CA10 2HX Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
05E28640-FA90-42B1-B015-B0140087485D CA10 2JB Lowther Holiday Park Ltd, Lowther Caravan Park, Earl Henrys Drive 24/7 Public
8398 CA10 2LA On Posts, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3CCCCFAA-4C11-4475-9938-AF1800CDBD65 CA10 2NX Shap, Hanson Aggregates, Shap Beck Quarry Variable Restricted
9840B21E-FC67-4A56-A16F-AE6C00D58231 CA10 2QA Askham And Helton Parish Council, Public Telephone 10m From Helton Cottage 5m From Unnamed Road, Access Road To Helton From The C3043 24/7 Public
5825A60C-15BA-47B8-8372-AF0A00AEBD9E CA10 2RW Cooke Aquaculture Scotland Ltd, Haweswater Smolt Unit, Burnbanks 24/7 Public
1BA41ACF-0297-43BC-B438-ADE60087E228 CA10 3AL Waitings Ltd, Cliburn, Moss Road Variable Public
435C42D5-AFF3-49B3-96B6-AEE000970ECA CA10 3AL Cliburn Village Hall, Cliburn 24/7 Public
CE43AA52-1294-4E2D-92E2-AE5B00E82C73 CA10 3DF Strickland Arms, Great Strickland, Strickland Arms, Great Strickland 24/7 Public
04348DE4-BE00-49B2-920E-AF9201486E2D CA10 3EG Long House, Little Strickland 24/7 Public
B39933C9-D6FF-4A3D-8527-AF1600DDEC96 CA10 3EX Newby Parish Meeting, The Smithy, Newby Cottage 24/7 Public
6E1A615F-EA71-43BF-9A40-B05500EB732E CA10 3HD Beechcroft, Road Through Sleagill, Sleagill 24/7 Public
F32B44B1-8315-4180-ADDF-AF7000D1B616 CA10 3HN Maulds Meaburn Village Hall, Maulds Meaburn, Penrith 24/7 Public
645C4CBC-E7A4-41BE-A8E8-B05101382FAE CA10 3SB Westmorland Hotel, Road From The B6261 On The C3073 To Greenholme Railway Bridge, Orton 24/7 Public
4058 CA10 3SG On Post outside KL Vennings Slater Ltd, Cumbria 24/7 Public
22DE612D-A0CF-4401-B738-B04600A7C788 CA10 3SS Junction 38 Truckstop Motorway Service Area, Westmorland Place, Orton Variable Restricted
2ACE6829-47C5-4593-98B6-B046009E396F CA10 3SS Junction 38 Truckstop, J38 Truckstop Motorway Service Area, Westmorland Place 24/7 Public
4059 CA10 3TA The Old School, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3336 CA10 3UA Ellerside Cottage, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3339 CA10 3XU Roundthwaite Abbey, Cumbria 24/7 Public
1462 CA11 0BQ Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
AD9274CA-7C7E-4BBB-BF3C-AE54012CDC0E CA11 0BT Phoenix Healthcare Distribution Ltd, Mardale House, Stony Cove Lane 24/7 Public
23EB0B4C-CE6E-47DD-B45F-AEF500D60D10 CA11 0BY Old Riggs Paddock, Pallet Hill On The B5288, Pallet Hill 24/7 Restricted
18BB9360-F073-4985-B979-AFBE00D3C17F CA11 0DB Blencow And Laithes Village Hall, Blencow On The C3019 From Clickham Inn, Blencow 24/7 Public
2AA4A2A3-F7CD-43D6-9D12-AEF600DEF70E CA11 0DE Penrith Concrete, Hanson Concrete, Penrith Concrete Variable Restricted
1BA1CEE7-E38F-4D88-90A5-ADDD00F373D0 CA11 0DT Annie Mawsons Sunbeams Music Trust, Stoller House, Redhills Lane Variable Public
8BE567C1-42B5-454E-9CE2-AF7E00AA7ADB CA11 0DT Traybakes Ltd, Food And Technology Centre, Redhills 24/7 Public
9ABC44AC-9BBF-456D-99C3-AE1C01094D8B CA11 0FD Crossfit Cumbria, Unit 17-18, Skirsgill Business Park 24/7 Public
5B3BE129-5103-40A5-B921-AE2301361701 CA11 0HH Village Hall, Access Road Into Dacre, Dacre 24/7 Public
EC037828-B752-4A0D-95CA-AF3500FF1D9E CA11 0HT Village Hall, Newbiggin On The C3019 From The A66, Newbiggin 24/7 Public
2D756735-14BC-441C-88C2-AE27010DFBC2 CA11 0JB Flusco Wood, Flusco On The U3148, Flusco 24/7 Public
92E93A57-A2A7-4C57-A56F-AE2B00B03158 CA11 0JF Reception Waterfoot Lodge, Access Road To Waterfoot Park From The A592, Dacre 24/7 Public
8CCB9BEF-B18C-451A-B47D-AE2A01530F56 CA11 0LR Watermillock Village Hall, Road From Junction On A592 To Watermillock Church, Watermillock 24/7 Public
E1722851-BBD1-4549-8191-AF3800ABFA11 CA11 0NW Yha Patterdale, Goldrill House, Patterdale 24/7 Public
7AD471F7-2302-40C7-BFBA-AE2800BA6776 CA11 0NZ Hartsop Fold Lodge Park, Cross Gate, Hartsop 24/7 Public
D8822C30-8BE7-4BFD-A351-AEE70106705D CA11 0PU Matson Ground Estate Company Ltd, Elm How, Access Road To Grisedale From The A592 24/7 Public
5F0429BD-51C3-4B24-A559-AF3500FDEE38 CA11 0QU Penruddock Village Hall, Penruddock To Beckes, Penruddock 24/7 Public
5589BBC3-E045-4129-8635-AF2D01075C4B CA11 0SS Troutbeck Head Caravan Park, Caravan Park, Road From The A66 Junction At Troutbeck On The A5091 To The Junction With The U3133 24/7 Public
E2D7E21C-70FC-4D0B-849F-B09100A905C7 CA11 0TP Greystoke Primary School, Greystoke School, Icold Road Variable Public
2F5C025A-C47E-4B20-A5D1-AE1700E14F7A CA11 0TW Greystoke Village Hall, Greystoke 24/7 Public
E9577D06-9D8A-44FB-8CBF-AF9300EB8731 CA11 0XB Wardens Bungalow Whitbarrow Hall Caravan Park, Access Road To Whitbarrow Village From The C3034, Berrier 24/7 Public
7802 CA11 0XW On Fence, Lodge Site Bin Area, Cumbria 24/7 Public
0D7304D6-1607-4097-AED3-AF610119907C CA11 0XW Dukes Meadow On Fence, On Fence Lodge Site Bin Area, Dukes Meadow 24/7 Public
64DFAFAE-4593-43A8-926A-ADEC00F1A8EB CA11 7DA Board & Elbow, 11 Cornmarket, Penrith Variable Public
D892ADE7-5515-4CEE-884A-ADD300B95F7B CA11 7EG Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Ullswater Road, Penrith 24/7 Public
1426C563-CB8A-47AD-806F-ADF900C026DE CA11 7HW Dodd & Co, Clint Mill, Cornmarket Variable Public
DD3B68D8-AA70-45B8-8361-AE0F01118863 CA11 7JU Booths, Unit 1 Westgate House, Brunswick Road 24/7 Public
3306946B-6A68-4BD1-88D3-AEC100AABD3C CA11 7QH Job Centre Plus, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith Variable Public
7E557C3C-FBD9-4FC0-801F-AE3500E787DF CA11 7QH Job Centre Plus, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith Variable Public
6BB2B249-249E-4036-AF56-AE5400EDA0CC CA11 7QY Penrith Methodist Church, Wordsworth Street, Penrith 24/7 Public
4213 CA11 7XW Merlin Court, Cumbria 24/7 Public
BE882852-E429-46EC-A6F6-AE3000F1E089 CA11 8LD Housing 21 – Lonsdale Court, Lonsdale Court, Pategill 24/7 Public
C4717BDE-7AFF-4C7E-8184-B044008E8F2F CA11 8LL Eden Housing Association, Sim Court House, Sim Court 24/7 Public
51DCFFA4-A362-4B8F-80E8-AFF10097D63B CA11 8NG Ullswater Community College, Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith Variable Restricted
8A2AD5A6-AE72-44B6-91DD-AFF10096D3D2 CA11 8NG Ullswater Community College, Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith Variable Restricted
261F7FFB-C8D3-4779-A492-AE4D01717925 CA11 8PE Penrith Cricket Club, Wetheriggs Lane, Penrith 24/7 Public
4209 CA11 8QE 20 The Crescent, Cumbria 24/7 Public
4211 CA11 8QN On Lamppost, Cumbria 24/7 Public
0592129B-4119-4477-ACA9-AEEC00B25795 CA11 8QT Shire Hotels, North Lakes Hotel And Spa, Ullswater Road 24/7 Public
00747F42-803B-4D8E-B094-ADD600A77C55 CA11 8RQ Penrith Rugby Union Football Club, Winters Park, Carleton Avenue 24/7 Public
25B150C7-5B46-4721-9444-AE3700C04448 CA11 8ST Robson And Liddle/Pfk, The Courtyard, 10 Edenhall On The U3063 Variable Restricted
1D252056-EBA9-42E1-A222-AE8000F2C8A1 CA11 8SX The Flat Edenhall Country Hotel, Edenhall On The U3063, Edenhall 24/7 Public
4210 CA11 8TZ Frame and Swift, The Veterinary Centre, Cumbria 24/7 Public
887F06B1-2741-4DE4-B15D-AE3601019E43 CA11 8UR Carleton Meadows, 3 Carleton Meadows, Penrith 24/7 Public
0E12890A-9005-4659-BC71-AEF500DB8D5B CA11 9BB Atkinson Building Contractors, Brancana, 1 East Lakes Business Park 24/7 Public
1DCA3227-578C-43E5-B933-AFE9010055DF CA11 9BB Screwfix, Unit 2 East Lakes Business Park, Gilwilly Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
6606767E-01A6-460A-82A4-AE7800AD83AA CA11 9BL A Morrison Ltd, Unit, 56 Gilwilly Road 24/7 Public
2134F53B-2F7E-40C8-A921-AE7800AC5035 CA11 9BN Manning & Elliott, Manelli House, 4a-4c Cowper Road 24/7 Public
2BA1C153-C4C6-4FCE-A6F5-B00E00C3F93E CA11 9BP Veterinary Vision, Signal House, Gillan Way 24/7 Public
53E6D908-C111-4200-B0FF-B01B0060BCB5 CA11 9DP District L Fitness, Unit 5 Myers Lane Business Park, Myers Lane 24/7 Public
A563F648-58B0-4BA4-9830-AED700CE672D CA11 9EH Jeld-Wen, Jeld-Wen Penrith, Mardale Road Variable Restricted
D14B13E1-C4A7-4077-8A17-AED700E3FA6B CA11 9EH Jeld-Wen, Jeld-Wen Penrith, Mardale Road Variable Public
C67A6ACF-66FE-4C50-8EAB-B03800D4A917 CA11 9EL St. Catherines Rc School, St Catherines Rc School, Drovers Lane Variable Restricted
4F2E74B8-6DA2-475E-8016-AE7800A939B5 CA11 9FQ Cumbria Mailing Services, Unit 6, Haweswater Road 24/7 Public
018BE336-ACF9-4ED3-8B39-AE1D00CEFEE0 CA11 9JW 20 Penny Hill Park, On Lampost Outside 20 Penny Hill Park, Penrith 24/7 Public
6145 CA11 9LN Nunwick Cricket Club, Cumbria 24/7 Public
11AD2EAF-DC54-4031-835F-ADEF0119F275 CA11 9LW Village Hall, Access Roads Into Great Salkeld, Great Salkeld 24/7 Public
9F6E7B84-6FE3-4B13-97FD-AE2F00C52DEB CA11 9PA Plumpton School, Plumpton C Of E School, Plumpton 24/7 Public
E4703243-C810-4A22-A38A-AE2F0121E53E CA11 9PL Cottage Wood Centre, Calthwaite On The C3003 From Thiefside To Landsfoot, Calthwaite 24/7 Public
8684BB17-F16C-4F70-82CB-AE2F0121DD29 CA11 9QT Calthwaite Pub, The Globe Inn, Calthwaite 24/7 Public
F91E9429-555C-4A95-B7F6-AF0600A31610 CA11 9SS Lamonby Defibrillator, Crown House, Access Road From Lamonby To Townhead Farm 24/7 Public
64EF9F38-7E42-453F-A341-AE1D00C3A2B5 CA11 9TE Skelton Area First Responder Group, Toppin Memorial Hall, Access Road Into Skelton From The C3010 24/7 Public
C1AE4007-FF1A-4E78-9E73-AE2F0121D6C5 CA11 9TT Hutton End Village Hall, Hutton End, Penrith 24/7 Public
8CE3DB16-F100-41EF-B58D-AE6000E5F893 CA12 4HZ St Herbert's Ce Primary And Nursery School, St. Herberts C Of E School, Trinity Way 24/7 Public
FFFDE81B-E81B-4890-A079-B03B00FB2430 CA12 4HZ St. Herberts C Of E School, Trinity Way, Keswick Variable Restricted
3293 CA12 4NF Fitz Park Bowling Club, Cumbria 24/7 Public
503CAA04-68AE-4AE0-A8AA-B06800DBBDAD CA12 4NF Fitz Park Bowling Club, Station Avenue, Keswick 24/7 Public
2965 CA12 4NL Keswick Bridge, Cumbria 24/7 Public
5871 CA12 4PS Underskiddaw Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3E19A8E7-F71A-4814-B40F-B038008D4407 CA12 4QH Bassenthwaite School, Bassenthwaite To Junction With A591 At Chapel Bridge, Bassenthwaite Variable Restricted
0EFD170B-21DF-4C16-914D-AFF100F89FA4 CA12 4RL Bassenfell, Bassenfell Manor, Bassenthwaite To Junction With A591 At Kilnhill 24/7 Public
7374 CA12 4TF Dalebottom Farm Caravan & Camping Park, Cumbria 24/7 Public
580B5608-62B8-4D5D-926C-AEF70118BCF1 CA12 4TF Dalebottom Farm Caravan & Camping Park, Naddle 24/7 Public
6076 CA12 4TQ The Lodge in the Vale, Cumbria 24/7 Public
6075 CA12 4TU Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3C86CEC9-B2BA-4FF4-B961-AFAF00EEC4F7 CA12 5EA Booths, Tithebarn Street, Keswick 24/7 Public
2400DDA4-8009-4D8D-A168-AF3700BB410D CA12 5PG Keswick Football Club, Keswick Afc Hospital Field Lower Fitz Park, Crosthwaite Road 24/7 Public
A7900D0A-B605-4483-B460-AE5A00DCA557 CA12 5RF Derwentwater Marina Ltd, Derwentwater Marina, Portinscale Village 24/7 Public
7D1AC138-CEAA-4A15-B8C2-ADCE008FFBE3 CA12 5TD Braithwaite Court, Local Street To Braithwaite Court, Braithwaite 24/7 Public
F9068FCA-5606-4C61-9EAA-B03B00F54772 CA12 5TD Braithwaite C Of E Primary School, Minor Road From Stanger Cottages Towards Thornthwaite, Braithwaite Variable Public
01A0466B-0CB7-4F0E-824E-ADD00077AD57 CA12 5TY H F Holidays Ltd, Derwent Bank, Portinscale Village Variable Restricted
9ADFCE7B-4C29-4E86-8334-AED300FB1CF1 CA12 5UG Low Manesty Caravan Club, Low Manesty Caravan Park, Portinscale To Grange At Manesty Variable Public
4471 CA12 5UQ Methodist Church, Cumbria 24/7 Public
6017 CA12 5UR Derwentwater Independent Hostel, Barrow House, Cumbria 24/7 Public
6028 CA12 5UX Lodore Falls Hotel, Cumbria 24/7 Public
0A665EE3-75AD-4CDC-AF9C-B04600D6FCBA CA12 5XG Borrowdale Church Of England School, Access Road To Stonethwaite From The B5289, Borrowdale Variable Restricted
52A9E3B0-AC45-4F22-A4EF-AE6F00B9ABB3 CA12 5XN Honister Slate Mine, Honister Pass, Seatoller Variable Public
BD1A554B-77F1-415D-A7B0-B082009EB706 CA13 0DG Mayfield St Josephs, Mayfield St Josephs School, Mountain View 24/7 Restricted
2D2AFF29-42E8-4EF0-BA5D-AE1D008D1EB8 CA13 0DX Fairfield Infant School, Gallowbarrow, Cockermouth 24/7 Public
9DA18C6E-EE3A-4383-BE23-AFB300BCF809 CA13 0HR Millcroft Veterinary Centre, Wakefield Road, Cockermouth 24/7 Public
8EBEECE5-C3F6-4A58-A44E-AE1A00B40473 CA13 0LS Broughton Village Hall, Little Broughton, Cockermouth, 24/7 Public
59420221-3280-4292-B33C-AE230135CA19 CA13 0PN Bridekirk Dovenby Parish Council, Flat C Dovenby House, Minor Road From Dovenby To Lanefoot Farm 24/7 Public
3A3C2A85-564E-4E41-BAA3-AF7100BCE9A2 CA13 0PT Smithy Croft, Tallentire Village, Tallentire 24/7 Public
A01BBEBF-39E5-40C3-A208-B09F010794BD CA13 0QE Forest Views Caravan Park Phone Box, A595 Bothel To Redmain, Moota 24/7 Public
DFCADF5E-2EA4-4325-8AA3-AFBF00F9DDFB CA13 0QT Burnetts Solicitors, Unit 3a, Lakeland Business Park 24/7 Public
A300382D-1573-44F9-B99B-B03100DE522B CA13 0QY Eaglesfield Paddle C Of E Primary School, Minor Road Past Eaglesfield Primary School, Eaglesfield Variable Public
4675 CA13 0SU Waterend Farm, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3076 CA13 0UN Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
A8D2808E-5501-44EC-884A-AE1A00B5136C CA13 0YL Punchbowl Inn, Mains St, Gt Broughton 24/7 Public
C5AB97C8-B3A2-402F-A6F0-AE1A00B66817 CA13 0YT Broughton Gm Primary School, Moor Road, Great Broughton 24/7 Public
6663 CA13 9BB Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
1D12F589-E8E7-4791-83C8-B03400FB5D60 CA13 9BH All Saints C Of E School, Slatefell Drive, Cockermouth Variable Public
6659 CA13 9JW Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
75F1B241-A207-4F0B-A7B7-AE1500A011AC CA13 9NE Jennings, Castle Brewery, Brewery Lane 24/7 Public
5546 CA13 9RH Methodist Church, Cumbria 24/7 Public
FBC6DF1F-3642-4626-BB73-AF5C00B05114 CA13 9RH Methodist Church, Lorton Street, Cockermouth 24/7 Public
9794F486-DAB3-4549-8023-B02D00B5F05E CA13 9UL Lorton Primary School, Lorton School, High Lorton Village Variable Restricted
1928 CA13 9XA Croft Farm Cafe, Cumbria 24/7 Public
16863D72-EEF6-4236-AFAD-AE2300C540D5 CA13 9YP Embleton Village Hall, Embleton Village, Embleton 24/7 Public
19E59B1E-80B3-43C0-8A85-B08400F554E3 CA14 1HA Seaton C Of E Junior School, Seaton Park, Seaton Variable Restricted
27DBE350-3722-4543-B9DE-AF2600CA8EA2 CA14 1NP Seaton Rugby Club, High Seaton Village, Seaton 24/7 Public
967FD049-8F65-4828-B1D3-B03500A27AA9 CA14 1NP Seaton Infant School, Seaton Academy, High Seaton Village Variable Restricted
1DB90E45-6C78-48EC-B6AE-AEC90090565F CA14 1ST Briery Hotel, The Briery House Hotel, Stainburn Road 24/7 Public
78FF3EBB-F143-4807-BA6F-ADD500CF469C CA14 1WA Derwent Vale Primary And Nursery School, Derwent Vale Primary School, William Street Variable Restricted
6561 CA14 1YF Bridgefoot Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
8C96E75B-35CB-4EB8-9FDD-AE8400BFAC05 CA14 1YF Bridgefoot Village Hall, Village Hall, Minor Road In Bridgefoot To Fell View 24/7 Public
3077 CA14 1YG Park Office, Cumbria 24/7 Public
E3551A88-5970-4FA4-A080-AF5C00FA02BC CA14 1YG Nepgill Park Office, 10 Nepgill, Bridgefoot 24/7 Public
4812 CA14 2BD The Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre, Cumbria 24/7 Public
5AEEAE3A-DF4F-4226-AD71-ADE8010518E5 CA14 2BW Jobcentre Plus, 197-199 Vulcans Lane, Workington 24/7 Public
B601B0FE-5077-4724-B6EB-AEDF01504F4D CA14 2DT Workington Afc, Workington A F C Ltd, Borough Park Variable Restricted
D2F72EA0-96BF-4743-A031-AFB9015ABF55 CA14 2JJ Vanguard Sailing Club, Access Road To Lighthouse From Junction With Curwen Road, Workington 24/7 Public
27BBB796-7A1D-4229-84D0-AEC300B22DCD CA14 2QG Workington Town Council, Workington Town Council Community Centre, Princess Street 24/7 Public
08826FB4-7D40-413D-9AD5-AFF1007A9275 CA14 2XE Workington Railway Station, Belle Isle Place, Workington 24/7 Public
23B2BC39-3F26-484A-B6D0-B003009F8F00 CA14 3DU O2 Store (0294) Workington, Unit 31a, Washington Square Variable Restricted
A27CC370-9236-4371-AA0A-AF8600E27938 CA14 3DX Abc Cp, Allerdale Multi-Storey Car Park, Steelmen's Walk Variable Restricted
89DE9286-3486-468E-B3FD-AFF100B789B3 CA14 3DY O2, 18 Ivison Lane, Workington Variable Restricted
BE7A3AAB-C49D-47C1-830B-AF65013F743A CA14 3DZ Bupa Dental Care, First Floor, 14 Campbell-Savours Way Variable Restricted
267A5BAC-A100-433F-A56A-B0930112E984 CA14 3JG Ashfield Infant And Nursery School, Newlands Lane, Workington Variable Public
89BA4C77-76F8-4479-AC82-AFB900E811DC CA14 3SE Moorclose Centre, Moorclose Community Centre, Needham Drive 24/7 Public
5D8107EC-E785-4886-801D-AE9B00B3E6F9 CA14 3UG Morrisons Supermarket, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Derwent Drive Variable Public
E466F8BA-86D6-40A4-A76A-AFE80085108E CA14 3YD Screwfix, Unit 7 D-C Buddle Road, Clay Flatts Variable Restricted
055F7107-420C-4A68-BFBB-AE3500FA911D CA14 3YE Steves Ceramic Tiles And Bathrooms, Steves Ceramics, 14a-14b New Yard Variable Public
09DD1EB9-CBED-4DBE-B414-B03B00AB5F45 CA14 3YE Howdens Joinery, Unit 11 New Yard, Clay Flatts Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
47F0E8FE-663E-48A6-B716-AFCD00FBA254 CA14 3YE Howdens At Workington, Unit 11 New Yard,, Clay Flats Ind Est Variable Restricted
E86431E0-8427-47FC-BB4C-B0620074108E CA14 3YG Tesco Workington 2, New Bridge Rd, Workington Variable Public
5199 CA14 3YJ Allerdale Borough Council, Cumbria 24/7 Public
8FFD1999-B3D8-4C67-96DE-AE83008A4D68 CA14 3YW Dunelm Workington, Derwent Drive Retail Park, Workington Variable Restricted
04FFD6F5-015C-4F0C-8733-AF63009F2778 CA14 4AS West Cumbria Magistrates Court, Ramsay Brow, Workington Variable Restricted
CF2A5730-6758-47CE-B475-AE3600C8F6B5 CA14 4AS West Cumbria Magistrates Court, Ramsay Brow, Workington Variable Restricted
D7F8F4FE-55F1-49D0-8A08-AF63009AF9BD CA14 4AS West Cumbria Magistrates Court, Ramsay Brow, Workington Variable Restricted
17DB9943-493D-442A-AA6B-AF1D0122A979 CA14 4DE Workington Heritage Group, Helena Thompson Museum Park End Road, Park End Road 24/7 Public
5C010731-3F12-4E22-B41F-B02700A70B52 CA14 4ES Ashfield Junior School, High Street, Workington Variable Restricted
6420EFD6-8AA5-48B5-894E-B05900AC9E50 CA14 4HB Cumbria County Council, West Cumbria House, Jubilee Road Variable Restricted
23D9C6B5-E2BD-4AD8-9F62-ADCD00ABAA12 CA14 4HX Hi Def Aeriel Surveying Ltd, Unit 2b Dobies Business Park, Lillyhall Industrial Estate Variable Public
0A96FBA1-373E-4456-9091-AF5C01214392 CA14 4JF Hunday Manor Hotel, From The A596 To The A595t Via Hunday, Winscales 24/7 Public
4800F42A-FA3C-4B2F-B451-B00C008304FD CA14 4JW Reception - Ecutc, Energy Coast University Technical College, Blackwood Road Variable Public
D73C99C9-F036-4552-A0C9-B00C0088E70C CA14 4JW Energy Coast University Technical College, Blackwood Road, Lillyhall Variable Restricted
EB617C4A-74E0-4E60-A31A-B00C0086CFA1 CA14 4JW Workshop Office - Ecutc, Energy Coast University Technical College, Blackwood Road Variable Restricted
DB42893E-72CB-470E-B26A-B06C00DB989E CA14 4JX Shortridge Ltd, Joseph Noble Road, Lillyhall Industrial Estate Variable Public
70C23A99-5923-428E-9E07-AF0700BED598 CA14 4NQ Workington Town Coucil, Galloping Horse Inn, 95 Main Road 24/7 Public
278EFF64-F844-4AA8-99FE-B03D00E87B27 CA14 4QY Distington Hall Crematorium, Distington To Parton, Distington 24/7 Public
78E482A3-C641-41C5-B58D-AFDE009CA43D CA14 4SB The Countryman, The Lamplugh Tip Public House And Premises, Frizington To Copeland Boundary Via Rowrah 24/7 Public
1CC921FB-F42F-4F98-88F7-AF3D0085E643 CA14 4SH Dockwray Meadow Caravan Park And Premises, Frizington To Copeland Boundary Via Rowrah, Lamplugh Variable Public
D78A0B54-0A6F-4258-BD4F-B037009A81B3 CA14 4TH School, Minor Road Through Dean, Dean 24/7 Restricted
BF50515B-AB84-4BAA-AE4A-AE00014D025E CA14 5HA Riverside Group, The Oval Centre, Salterbeck Drive 24/7 Public
625AEABB-4495-44B3-A39C-B01B009B3A3D CA14 5LN Harrington St Marys Rc School, Holden Road, Harrington Variable Restricted
22BCB1C6-0867-451E-B8B1-B02900F89CFB CA14 5PX Beckstones Primary School, Beckstone Primary School, Eadie Street 24/7 Public
F49B8DAD-6DF2-4BB8-8521-AF860096FFF6 CA14 5QW Harrington Sailing & Fishing Club, Harrington Sailing Club Harbour House, North Side 24/7 Public
1B2F6CCB-7148-4191-8601-AE0B012B9789 CA14 5XG Distington Arlfc, West View Road, Distington 24/7 Public
07237C40-ACAD-4846-B47C-B00A00F1498C CA15 6BT Bravi Inns, The Thomas Henry, 61-63 Senhouse Street 24/7 Public
0CE95ACC-B18D-48E0-BB5C-B07A0174663A CA15 6ES One Fleming Place, 1 Fleming Place, Maryport 24/7 Public
D4908D1E-DDCE-4B02-A8D3-ADC900F100EF CA15 6JN Maryport Church Of England Primary School, Maryport C Of E Primary School, Camp Road 24/7 Restricted
BAD9D7EC-9AD7-4B86-8064-AFF1007AEAAD CA15 6NH Maryport Railway Station, Station Road, Maryport 24/7 Public
46754FAF-BF91-4FD8-88A9-AE8000CA49B6 CA15 6PA Maryport Golf Club, Access Road To Bank End Farm From B5300 Maryport To Allonby, Maryport 24/7 Public
46C269AA-5706-4006-A97E-AE1700B1231C CA15 6PA Maryport Golf Club, 01/02/1949, Access Road To Bank End Farm From B5300 Maryport To Allonby 24/7 Public
06AA6595-B338-4B55-BC47-AF8600F67FB8 CA15 6QG Allonby Primary School, Moss Lane, Allonby 24/7 Public
32168C56-2E04-4CEC-85A1-AE230120656E CA15 6QZ Holme St Cuthberts School, Holme St Cuthbert To Tarns, Mawbray 24/7 Public
ADED13BA-7AAB-40A7-9148-AE4D00C58F0F CA15 6RB Brownrigg Hall Farm, Access Road To Brownrigg Hall Farm From Allonby, Allonby 24/7 Public
31E6F641-A201-4032-978A-ADC500E39BA4 CA15 6SQ Crosscanonby Community Centre, High Garborough, 3 Primary A596 Road Through Crosby 24/7 Public
B07083F8-3BAC-4364-AE7D-AE18013FF8E2 CA15 6TW The Brow, 2 Crosby Villa On The A596t To Dovenby Craggs On The A594 Via Tallentire, Bullgill 24/7 Public
83319FFA-3C9B-414C-B077-B02600AF7F35 CA15 7LF Tesco Maryport Express, 3 Victory Crescent, Maryport Variable Public
9ECBEB0D-B74B-4688-A31F-AF6600CECA35 CA15 8AE Oasis Dental Care Ltd, Oasis Dental Care, Bridge Street Variable Restricted
15D88763-44CF-47A0-B8EB-B09300BE17B2 CA15 8AY Maryport Marina - Office, Maryport Harbour & Marina Ltd, Maryport Marina Variable Restricted
AE40B68A-0782-4B25-847D-B02E008ECD5E CA15 8BT Grasslot Infant School, Main Road, Maryport Variable Public
56768191-96B1-4236-9B02-AE1B00BCFE5B CA15 8HN Ewanrigg And Netherton Tenants Association, Ewanrigg Road, Maryport 24/7 Public
856A2BC6-C1F7-423E-8962-AFC700F9FDE6 CA15 8NF Hb Clark 23a&B Solway Industrial Estate, Maryport Variable Public
925CEA3B-4CD6-417E-B305-B07300D2A2A9 CA16 6AW Bolton Primary School, Bolton, Appleby-In-Westmorland 24/7 Public
5753E31B-F514-4E7D-A149-AE0700A75791 CA16 6DB Dufton Community First Responders, Public Conveniences, Dufton 24/7 Public
DD7C3893-C77D-4CC4-9314-AE3200934745 CA16 6NR Sandford Arms, Sandford To The B6259, Sandford 24/7 Public
A9DD1D52-CD65-4824-B164-AE3200928250 CA16 6NX Village Hall,, Road From The Junction With The A66t On The B6259 To Hayber Hill, Warcop 24/7 Public
E40B9E22-5678-4D79-B46A-AE320093D2AE CA16 6PX Orchard Farm, Blea Tarn,, From The C3069 To The U3301, Bleatarn 24/7 Public
1DF22386-3987-4372-A258-AF21012C60A1 CA16 6QR Appleby Football Club, Chapel Street, Appleby-In-Westmorland 24/7 Public
13696D12-7884-4FC6-878D-AE0700BA0AD2 CA17 4AS Chofhs, Fish And Chip Shop, New Road 24/7 Public
299B1750-232D-4869-8CEA-AEBA007F3604 CA17 4DP Musgrave Parish Institute, Road From Lowgarth Farm On The C3077 To Great Musgrave, Great Musgrave 24/7 Public
75159B44-9F25-4F79-9A65-AEE7008A932F CA17 4EG Sowerby Lodge, Access Road To Sowerby Lodge From The A685, Brough Sowerby Variable Restricted
A709146C-53B1-4CB8-B4D7-AE3800B16425 CA17 4ES Slip House, Road From Oxenthwaite Bridge To Bleathgill On The C3086, Barras 24/7 Public
A7B87E22-D0CA-45C8-AEE1-AFF800AACF6F CA17 4HA Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, Christian Head, Kirkby Stephen Variable Restricted
AB53CA5B-AD71-4783-B528-AFF000F82B34 CA17 4HA Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, Christian Head, Kirkby Stephen Variable Restricted
580A51EB-FD0D-4ECA-9008-AF4000EFAED3 CA17 4HG Smardale Cottages, 1 Beck Lane, Smardale 24/7 Public
37A658D9-E399-4044-A005-AF8000EFC6FA CA17 4JA Wilkinson Property Services (Hartley) Ltd, Unit Hartley Fold, 21 Hartley On The C3079 From The U3431 To Slackgap Lane 24/7 Public
199F331A-2C20-48F1-8A3D-AF8700E3CAED CA17 4LN Cold Fell, Fell End, Ravenstonedale 24/7 Public
ABBEA117-E259-437F-AA4B-AFD900C9A936 CA17 4LQ Lammerside, Wharton Lane, Wharton 24/7 Public
20FED702-FC3D-4A96-A0C6-ADEA012A74CE CA17 4NT Public Hall, Newbiggin-On-Lune From Main Street To The A685, Newbiggin-On-Lune 24/7 Public
FA4EF9CD-04CA-4D56-89C4-AE3400C58C92 CA17 4PL Soulby Village Hall, Hutton Lodge, Soulby 24/7 Public
B5B287E4-40F4-43C3-8BF6-AF6200CC129C CA17 4TF Upper Eden Rugby Club, Pennine Park, Westgarth Road 24/7 Public
DE1A2CC1-0F68-418B-A763-AE7C0106D6E4 CA18 1SQ Pennington Arms Hotel, Main Street, Ravenglass 24/7 Restricted
2BE8F944-D4F4-41E4-A188-AFF9009577DB CA18 1SR The Camping And Caravanning Club Site, Ravenglass 24/7 Public
B6F1A56F-5ECD-4007-88BC-AE3900AC0065 CA18 1SW Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, The Ravenglass And Eskdale Railway Co Ltd, Ravenglass 24/7 Public
8F0CF65C-FB9D-426C-93AF-AE39011CE67F CA19 1TF Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway, Dalegarth Station, Boot 24/7 Public
742DF34A-4F07-474B-AFFA-ADE900BD3631 CA19 1TH Woolpack Farm, Boot, Holmrook 24/7 Public
14039F7C-3671-454A-ADD0-AE560164FF3F CA19 1UX Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge 24/7 Public
F1F06E04-2C1B-4098-959F-AF1A00AA86E9 CA19 1YG Holmrook Service Station Ltd, Holmrook, Holmrook Service Station 24/7 Public
B3849062-B9B4-47F2-BC61-AF21008C9AF9 CA19 1YY Orchard View, Saltcoats 24/7 Public
29D3B68F-F8F4-428D-AE9B-B06500E8B444 CA2 4HG The Bishop Harvey Goodwin Scho, 11 Harold Street, Harold Street Variable Public
8C1633FF-AA79-4633-BCF7-B02100F7AA96 CA2 4JD St Margaret Mary Rc Primary School, Kirklands Road, Carlisle Variable Restricted
CB82A842-1A89-4CB3-B3F5-AFFF00B9380D CA2 4JE The Gillford Centre, Upperby Road, Carlisle Variable Restricted
FBCB582E-519D-461E-BA75-B004008D7F87 CA2 4JE Pru-Ebd Service, The Gillford Centre, Upperby Road Variable Restricted
A2000003-F9F8-4124-B298-AF2800E6801B CA2 4PS Hammonds Pond, Blackwell Road, Carlisle 24/7 Public
AD1E462E-72DA-41E1-A118-AE1E00914C57 CA2 5AB System Hydraulics Ltd, System Hydraulics Ltd Unit 1, Crown Street 24/7 Public
D48A1D45-2F12-4C63-A032-AFEA00D8A537 CA2 5AE Screwfix, Unit 1b Currock Road, Carlisle Variable Restricted
A126FD82-8A80-4239-B635-B013008172C9 CA2 5AQ Btp Cumbria, Rome Street, Carlisle Variable Public
0F8E7DD8-185B-4480-90A4-B07C0087C3CC CA2 5BT Dunelm Carlisle, Unit B, Madford Retail Park, Charlotte St, Carlisle Variable Restricted
32D32665-FE41-4A9B-A8B1-B05A00AD0FB2 CA2 5DF Trustford (Trustfirstparts) - Carlisle - Chapel Place, Trustfirstparts, Denton Holme Trade Centre Variable Public
C38818EC-113C-49AB-BAC8-B07C00ECE422 CA2 5LA Robert Ferguson Primary School, East Dale Street, Carlisle Variable Restricted
99114DEE-D500-498C-A01C-AF3000FEC4FC CA2 5PD St James Church Hall, St James Road, Carlisle 24/7 Public
F9FA6E39-14C3-47B3-BB80-AE6F00A89D0C CA2 5PD St. James' Parish Church, Parish Centre, St. James' Road 24/7 Public
4DF6D9C0-6E05-4C03-A358-AEF600DEE663 CA2 5RZ Carlisle Concrete, Hanson Concrete, Carlisle Concrete Variable Restricted
3CA002D9-2AA6-48D5-A0BD-AEBC00CFF862 CA2 5WH Mcknight & Son Builders, Mcknight House, Junction Street 24/7 Public
DBC70EFD-E438-480C-A1E6-AECC0145101A CA2 6AR Cash Zone, Atm At Pirelli, Dalston Road Variable Public
1552 CA2 6BH The Embassy Ballroom, Cumbria 24/7 Public
50C8CA34-D87B-4CF7-B6D8-AEF600E060B4 CA2 6BH Trustees, Cummersdale Village Hall, Cummersdale Road 24/7 Public
4761D858-89DD-4664-BD2D-B03000DA2890 CA2 6DX Newlaithes Infant School, Langrigg Road, Carlisle Variable Public
857EFC19-6D94-4562-9136-B04A00D5281C CA2 6JP Morton Community Centre, Wigton Road, Carlisle Variable Public
E0E8E555-D216-4C33-A7C4-AE7400E18FDE CA2 6LB United Learning Trust, Richard Rose Morton Academy, Wigton Road Variable Restricted
28366ED7-D75D-46F6-B463-AE1C00B3F177 CA2 7AF Bss Group Plc, Unit 2a, Port Road Business Park Variable Public
6C8F6C59-B72B-403F-9253-B02900AA430F CA2 7BE Caldewlea Primary School, Caldew Lea School, Ashley Street Variable Restricted
3B0F4233-E1E8-496C-A97B-AE1400C6FBE6 CA2 7NA Pms Fabrications, Thomas Lane, Carlisle 24/7 Public
DC275867-75B7-4F34-9DD1-B04A00C1C8A0 CA2 7PT Belle Vue Primary School, Beaver Road, Carlisle 24/7 Public
746A9701-1094-4FAF-910D-B06F00DBA925 CA2 7SD Yewdale Road, Carlisle Variable Public
22AD4B0A-2E9B-4C3A-88EC-AFA800E316C0 CA20 1AW Gosforth Parish Council, Sports Ground And Premises, Petton Place 24/7 Public
D87BF12F-CEB3-469F-A1F1-AE320107D28C CA20 1DN Village Hall, Calderbridge 24/7 Public
1F7B0C9C-EAE2-4BB3-8D9D-B03700D1D6CB CA20 1DT Sellafield Railway Station, Station Road, Sellafield 24/7 Public
6BD4E670-A01E-427B-84B0-AE7D00C740ED CA20 1EJ Denton House, Gosforth 24/7 Public
C4825FB6-5EE0-46D7-8F21-AF110103FE63 CA20 1ET Yha Wasdale Hall, Wasdale Hall, Wasdale 24/7 Public
1859FC15-FAEA-43A9-AE55-AE2101135C23 CA20 1JA The Kellbank Hotel & Bar, The Kellbank, Gosforth 24/7 Public
9CFA729C-EAEC-401D-B63D-B03500B244F3 CA20 1LZ Seascale Primary School, Croft Head Road, Seascale Variable Public
7EDBA070-D0EB-4192-A8AA-B01C008A69C2 CA20 1PU Seascale Cricket Club, The Club House, Gosforth Road 24/7 Public
369A4034-682B-4338-BA13-B01C008CB9F7 CA20 1PZ Seascale Beach Public Toilets, Cbc Premises, South Parade 24/7 Public
BBCB3930-54CA-40CD-97C5-AE1B011E4632 CA21 2YB Parish Council, Midtown Cottage, Beckermet 24/7 Public
33EE3AE1-F96D-416E-A121-AF9D00A11A2A CA22 2AD The Co-Operative Food, 40 Main Street, Egremont 24/7 Public
390B0459-EED2-4DDE-889D-AF6600E37294 CA22 2AE Bupa Dental Centre, Dentist And Premises, 9-10 Market Place 24/7 Restricted
2E443505-39AB-4F62-818E-B01F00D729BF CA22 2BD St. Bridget's Catholic Primary School, St Bridget's Primary School, St Bridget's Lane Variable Public
75638567-6F9C-42E7-A13C-AE3800BC0F95 CA22 2NU Carleton Farm, Carleton, Egremont 24/7 Restricted
7B8DE8CD-6D0F-4688-9C3C-B05E012BB5BB CA22 2PD Haile Village Hall, Haile 24/7 Public
4EFB78F4-0B2F-4823-8E71-AE8C0151385D CA22 2QH Egremont Rlc Gillfoot, Egremont 24/7 Public
4D24D5C6-8F29-451F-B7D7-AFC100F5D811 CA22 2RD Sunbel Trentals, 8a-8b Bridge End Industrial Estate, Egremont Variable Public
EA6D704B-3288-4538-9459-AE7E00E6B9AB CA22 2RD Northern Warrior Crossfit, Unit 6, Bridge End Industrial Estate Variable Public
617B601A-0B4F-4B54-99EC-AEC500A50785 CA22 2RQ Egremont Ru Football Club, Bleach Green, Egremont 24/7 Public
BF5775F6-A54C-4B59-AB88-AF7200FB1E88 CA22 2TL Spar, Park House Service Station, Springfield Road 24/7 Public
B55B5565-863A-4E68-9B3F-AEF600DEEA4D CA22 2TX Egremont, Hanson Concrete, Egremont Concerte Variable Restricted
A77DCF7F-8465-425C-86BB-AFBD00C895AD CA23 3AR The Ennerdale Centre - The Gather, Croasdale To The U4028 Road, Ennerdale 24/7 Public
D8565092-825B-438B-A265-AE2201595891 CA23 3AR Shepherds Arms, Croasdale To The U4028 Road, Ennerdale 24/7 Public
98B26C36-6CC5-4584-ADEC-B06000F275CD CA23 3AT Yew Tree Barn Croasdale, Croasdale To The U4028 Road, Ennerdale 24/7 Public
4DC2753A-E7A0-4680-85C5-AD9D010BAA80 CA23 3EW Wath Brow Hornets R L F C, Cleator 24/7 Public
6977AA05-03DF-4335-ADD1-ADA4011A6DE0 CA23 3EW Wath Brow Hornets R L F C, Cleator Variable Restricted
AF6AB8DA-A044-4D76-9DBD-ADA4011A00D1 CA23 3EW Wath Brow Hornets R L F C, Cleator Variable Restricted
27593B80-BC6E-468F-92E4-ADF300C4635C CA24 3HA Dalton Cumbrian Facility, Westlakes Science And Technology Park, Moor Row Variable Restricted
C89DF9E7-5E5A-498A-B6E2-ADE90092BCC6 CA24 3HW Jacobs Uk Ltd, Pillar House, Ingwell Drive Variable Restricted
346E6F64-2287-48DC-875C-AF8E00D12604 CA24 3HY Atkins, Rutherford House, Crow Park Way Variable Restricted
66E02792-41CC-451F-9A3E-ADEA01086913 CA24 3HY Mott Macdonald, Mott Macdonald, Galemire Court, Crow Park Way Variable Restricted
372D8500-206C-41DB-AB95-AE4500C05E1C CA24 3JQ Emmanuel Church, Dalzell Street, Moor Row 24/7 Public
BE26B2AA-8D19-4B2C-8DD6-AF9B01729E60 CA24 3JW Moor Row Primary School, Moor Row School, Moor Row 24/7 Public
2CF83EE9-5111-483C-BC2E-AE7E00F239F6 CA25 5QE S Brannan And Sons Ltd, 1 Leconfield Industrial Estate, Cleator Moor Variable Restricted
6DB3BFE7-8E55-497B-A5CC-B02100ECCD17 CA26 3PF Frizington County School, Main Street, Frizington 24/7 Restricted
07196F54-D9C7-404B-A0AD-B09800B09BC5 CA26 3XA Arlecdon Primary School, Arlecdon Road, Arlecdon Variable Restricted
9BFCC8A2-EA81-4241-B80D-AE5500AD1122 CA26 3XU Kirkland C Of E Academy, Kirkland C Of E School, Kirkland 24/7 Public
B2DAE3A7-8593-478E-815B-AFDC014569AD CA26 3XY Lpc, 1 Wheatsheaf Cottages, Kirkland 24/7 Public
03A21AE5-681D-4C05-99DB-AF8900E175BB CA27 0AD St Bees Parish Council, 92c Main Street, St Bees 24/7 Public
9ACED268-A049-4798-8202-AF8900E22F68 CA27 0EJ St Bees Golf Club, The Clubhouse St Bees Golf Course, Peck Mill Lane 24/7 Public
D27FDDC6-BA35-469F-A2F5-AF8900E300AF CA27 0EY St Bees Parish Council, Foreshore Public Conveniences, Beach Road 24/7 Public
3EBAFFDD-7A58-49E9-B990-AFF1007A9622 CA28 6AX Whitehaven Railway Station, Bransty Road, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
873A8173-34EA-4116-937F-AF6500933D3E CA28 6EA Whitehaven Town Council, Pelican Garage, Loop Road North 24/7 Public
5FE5C75F-CCF7-452C-881C-AF650092A32B CA28 6HF Whitehaven Town Council, Royal British Legion Ivy Club, Bransty Road 24/7 Public
FA0B5282-6FE9-4AED-B025-AE1C01363884 CA28 6PH Lowca Arlfc, Lowca, Nr Whitehaven, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
6F8B518B-91FC-4B6C-83A0-AF65008E336F CA28 6SU Whitehaven Town Council, Johnson House, Hillcrest Avenue Variable Public
3962DCEC-54D8-470D-8AA6-AE4C008F985E CA28 6UX Jericho Primary School, Jericho County Primary School, Windsor Court 24/7 Public
0423A616-79C5-4726-8EAF-AE1B016EE7A5 CA28 6XD Whitehaven Fire Station, Main Street, Hensingham 24/7 Public
469B3C74-B432-4954-97AB-ADBF01014ED3 CA28 7HS Marina Office, Bulwark Quay, Whitehaven 24/7 Restricted
E7DBD56A-75CD-4D32-A825-B0690104C094 CA28 7HZ United Reformed Church, James Street, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
CC3CCE20-0F0B-4E9F-9B9B-AF4D00E78496 CA28 7JG Cumberland Council, Copeland Borough Council Market Hall, Market Place 24/7 Public
3A6DBB13-4CE3-4905-BA6F-AF38010FCAB6 CA28 7LR Royal Standard, Waterfront, West Strand, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
F299AC47-6419-4A09-95C0-AFC000CCFF7C CA28 7LR The Waterfront, West Strand, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
2145864A-4BE0-4E0C-8655-AF8E00EE6AE2 CA28 7LY Copeland Borough Council, Beacon Heritage Centre, West Strand 24/7 Public
05F371C1-5E53-4638-8560-ADF6013BF471 CA28 7PY St James Parish Hall, High Street, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
D91B2026-4930-4E70-AAEB-AF6A00A49DB7 CA28 7QR Whitehaven Town Council, Whitehaven Rufc, Richmond Terrace 24/7 Public
BCD06F23-D115-468B-97D9-AF8E00DC50F1 CA28 7SJ Copeland Borough Council, Copeland Borough Council The Copeland Centre, Catherine Street 24/7 Public
11E4F52B-1829-422A-9B8D-AF3200CA5536 CA28 7UW Ground Floor Offices Blencathra House, Tangier Street, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
CA194155-C7DF-4CD1-B9F0-B02D0105FE02 CA28 7XY Tesco Whitehaven, Bransty Row, North Shore Variable Public
FB2AA0A1-EEA5-47B5-A224-B03001025D55 CA28 7XY Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Petrol Station, Bransty Row Variable Public
BC9C285C-257B-43A1-8237-B03600A3BE75 CA28 8DA Valley Primary School, Whinlatter Road, Whitehaven Variable Restricted
0FF1D4F5-C0C2-4028-B4DA-AED600DA279E CA28 8JG West Cumberland Hospital Phase 2, West Cumberland Hospital Phase 2 Project Office,, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
BD8467DA-1200-43BF-AB00-AF65008F2699 CA28 8PD Whitehaven Town Council, 42 Sneckyeat Road, Hensingham 24/7 Public
4D1AA978-C395-4F09-8FB7-AD5E01302311 CA28 8SD Overend Sports Stadium, Overend Road, Whitehaven Variable Restricted
6AA97339-CDED-423B-8F01-AFF600EBED8F CA28 8TY Academy Community Entrance, Whitehaven School, Cleator Moor Road Variable Restricted
BE13A574-236A-43A8-96C5-AFF600F39032 CA28 8TY First Aid Room, 2nd Floor, Whitehaven School, Cleator Moor Road Variable Restricted
FB65586E-7E45-4597-BD5B-AFF600EEF0BB CA28 8TY Whitehaven School, Cleator Moor Road, Whitehaven Variable Restricted
BE2A5A8E-A4D1-4F7F-9A15-B07E00E8B3C5 CA28 8UX Moresby School, School Brow, Moresby Parks Variable Restricted
27E09D84-667C-4362-B379-AF6301014ABA CA28 8YD Copeland Borough Council Moresby Industrial Estate, Joe Mcbain Avenue, Moresby Parks 24/7 Public
97168844-3466-47A5-A29D-AF65008FC61F CA28 9LL Whitehaven Town Council, The Lion Hotel, Woodhouse Road 24/7 Public
BBEC5B99-6CCF-41B1-951C-B00800D4EC85 CA28 9PG Seacliffe Pharmacy, High Road, Whitehaven 24/7 Public
BAC6861C-B19C-44D0-8AA5-B03B00D04465 CA28 9PQ Kells Infant School, High Road, Whitehaven Variable Restricted
770FDFC2-6562-43DD-90BC-AF650090A1ED CA28 9PR Whitehaven Town Council, Morrison's Daily Store, Lakeland Avenue 24/7 Public
CC3D1F67-8345-445A-BC30-B015010D8686 CA28 9UR Whistling Jacks B&B, Rottington 24/7 Public
92605091-75B1-48A2-BF8F-AE54010010FC CA3 0DP Liddle Close, Carlisle 24/7 Public
E0BE095F-1FCD-4540-8393-AE5F00E87DAC CA3 0EH Yodel, 24 B, Brunthill Road Variable Restricted
090FA96C-3206-43E1-BECA-AE060096F69C CA3 0EN Enesco, Brunthill Road, Carlisle 24/7 Public
ED264703-082B-4240-BE5F-AFE700CE715B CA3 0ET Screwfix, Grearshill Road, Kingstown Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
1790C486-060D-4E68-991D-AE3600A8E713 CA3 0HA Graham Commercials Ltd, Graham Commercial Limited, Kingstown Broadway 24/7 Public
61AE54A8-1ED6-4FC6-83FD-B09D00A5AC58 CA3 0HA Stolle Europe Limited, 57c Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle Variable Restricted
D72B3972-984B-4971-A834-AE2E01051C38 CA3 0HA North Cumbria Integrated Care Nhs Foundation Trust, Unit 68, Kingstown Broadway 24/7 Public
8B2C892E-64D4-4235-BE9C-AE1500BC29B3 CA3 0LJ Ppm Limited, Atlantic House, Fletcher Way 24/7 Public
A77DA922-128F-4873-BEBB-AF89013C9142 CA3 0NF Houghton Village Hall, The Green, Houghton 24/7 Public
5B2ABAA8-43AA-4DD5-8298-B02D00D2E571 CA3 0PA Cumbria County Council, Houghton Church Of England School, Jackson Road Variable Restricted
0F116211-A09A-496D-8CB3-AFE900ECF2B6 CA3 0PP Royal Mail Carlisle Bank End Rd Voc, Bankend Road, Carlisle 24/7 Restricted
8C0DFD42-19E7-4EF3-8E43-B00D0090EA07 CA3 8PT O2 Store (0018) Carlisle, Unit 15, The Lanes, 45 Scotch Street Variable Restricted
9A11E5A5-E62C-4F01-A166-AE4400D51AA0 CA3 8RH Beattie Podiatry, Unit 14, 17 &18 Fisher Street Galleries, 18 Fisher Street 24/7 Public
7E6F8358-473D-4788-8F60-B04B00B40E10 CA3 8SY Land Outside Rufus House, Castle Street, Carlisle Variable Restricted
9B0BE055-AFDB-4860-896D-AF61010D4730 CA3 8UH Eden Bridge Club, Viaduct Estate Road, Carlisle Variable Restricted
FA2D5266-49DA-4B9D-A231-B0AC00D66FFB CA3 9AH Rickerby Park, Rickerby, Carlisle 24/7 Public
D3E33946-B099-4E2D-9CA2-ADE400C57459 CA3 9DJ Stanwix Community Pre School, Stanwix Community Pre School Church Street, Church Street 24/7 Public
DE616C3C-F5F6-4724-9753-B08A0099C4B0 CA3 9PB Austin Friars School, Etterby Scaur, Carlisle 24/7 Public
2D6D39C2-79B4-4031-BB39-AEAC00F4363D CA3 9QJ Kingmoor Industrial Estate, Kingmoor Road, Carlisle 24/7 Public
E58BFB41-EDE9-4D38-962C-AE2F00C912B8 CA4 0BW High Hesket, Mr Vikkis, Mr Vikkis, Unit 1a, High Hesket Business Park 24/7 Public
FDC8D32C-7D14-4B30-A716-AE1B01356359 CA4 0ES Low Hesket Village Hall, Low Hesket, Carlisle 24/7 Public
E8A5EF64-37C2-4C37-AAB1-AE660138DA3E CA4 0HS High Hesket Pub, The Salutation Inn, High Hesket 24/7 Public
2B87FE70-39C2-47FD-A365-B02800AD6F74 CA4 0HU High Hesket C Of E School, High Hesket On The U3454 From The A6, High Hesket Variable Restricted
F3837CFD-6E84-42D6-AD79-AEB600D81A63 CA4 0PA Ivegill C Of E School, Ivegill On The C3010 To The Junction Of The U3021, Ivegill 24/7 Public
E8A462ED-1EB5-41FA-A290-AEF9015A6E95 CA4 0QQ Blue Bell House, Sowerby Row, Carlisle 24/7 Public
7498B7F6-10FC-4EA7-9C7F-AE1900F5AF40 CA4 0RL Wreay C Of E Primary School, From The C1037 To The C1041 At Wreay, Wreay 24/7 Public
4729 CA4 8AF On Post, Village Green, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3B256226-B208-45A1-B82D-AF9D00D7CDA7 CA4 8AF Algionby, Adjacent To The Village Green, Aglionby 24/7 Public
347B039C-BE29-49C1-B2B5-AED800F63ED3 CA4 8JY Wetheral Bowling Club, Plains Road, Wetheral 24/7 Restricted
0D03BFDE-7DD5-43B7-92A0-AF0300E376D9 CA4 8NQ Linton Bowling Club, Sandy Lane, Great Corby 24/7 Public
3406 CA4 8PA Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
536022FB-D067-4D27-A9FB-AFF0009B9E13 CA4 8PA The Croft, Warwick On Eden 24/7 Public
8E7572EA-6752-4782-89F8-AE1800DB33AF CA4 8QD Hayton House, Access Road To Hayton Castle Hotel From The A69t, Corby Hill 24/7 Restricted
EF92F00D-3AB8-4227-AE95-AE3F01371DAF CA4 8QG Wilson Butchers, S W Wilson Family Butcher, Corby Hill From Traffic Lights To Junction With Hurley Road 24/7 Public
8F84E091-D0B8-4D8C-BDF7-AE190101BD2E CA4 8RR Simtor Ltd, Warwick Mill Business Centre, Warwick Mill Business Park 24/7 Public
3276439D-FA3D-4366-85FF-AE1B00C08DA9 CA4 9PB Armathwaite Pub, The Dukes Head, Armathwaite 24/7 Public
5C1C0FC7-92EC-4AD7-AA23-AE3500E6E2C0 CA4 9PW Armathwaite School, Station Road, Armathwaite, Carlisle Ca4 9pw Variable Restricted
18359AA7-CF67-4425-8EFF-AE1B00C07640 CA4 9QA Ainstable High View House, High View House, Ainstable 24/7 Public
5438 CA4 9QR Community Shelter, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3754 CA4 9RX Croglin Toys and Post Office, Cumbria 24/7 Public
14EF051D-2830-48AF-ACF4-AECC009421DB CA4 9SY Englethwaite Hall Caravan Club Site, Englethwaite Hall Caravan Park, Road Leading From Carlisle Settle Railway Crossing At Brackenbank To Junction At Folly Brow Variable Public
2349DFEA-8E35-4E42-9C0A-AEBF00C711F2 CA5 6AA Boustead Hill House, Boustead Hill, Burgh By Sands 24/7 Public
538A114B-635F-4543-A8CE-AED600D30AC7 CA5 6AF Longburgh House Longburgh, Road Leading From Dykesfield To Thurstonfield, Burgh By Sands 24/7 Public
15445EDB-0F54-4DBE-8D0D-B03E00BF237B CA5 6AP Burgh By Sands Primary School, Road Leading From Burgh-By-Sands South To Langwath Cottage Junction At Moorhouse, Burgh By Sands Variable Restricted
BB8D2711-0FC7-453E-BD85-AE1C011F4860 CA5 6EZ Royal Oak Inn, The Royal Oak Inn, Road Leading From Langwath Cottage Junction To Greathill Beck Via Moorhouse 24/7 Public
096C7659-87D6-4791-B177-B08B00967F97 CA5 6HX Kirkbampton Church Of England School, Kirkbampton C Of E School, Kirkbampton Variable Restricted
E5A77631-C53A-4BF6-BA4B-B0430119E12C CA5 6JB Kirkbampton Village, Kirkbampton 24/7 Public
6394 CA5 6JH Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
611B82F6-FF64-4F39-AED5-B043011BBFF4 CA5 6JH Telephone Box Opposite Village Green, Kirkbampton 24/7 Public
B332880E-97BE-41F2-9DCD-B0A7009594CB CA5 6LB Dobbies Garden Centre Carlisle, Orton Grange, Carlisle Variable Public
F6A5BC84-5A55-415D-8827-B015008FC8FF CA5 6LF F Brown (Carlisle) Ltd, F Brown Carlisle Ltd, Road Leading From Cardewlees Service Station To Barras Brow 24/7 Public
D1974B25-E5A2-44B7-8E60-AF6200CF037F CA5 6NL Watchtree, Wiggonby To Kirkbampton, Kirkbampton Variable Public
388860E8-41CA-4DED-93A4-B03000E3F91C CA5 6PN Thursby Primary School, Thursby School, School Road Variable Restricted
80243147-D4F7-4CA9-922A-AE990087455D CA5 6PN Thursby Sports & Recreation Committee, Thursby Playing Field, Off Brook Close 24/7 Public
0A95CE5B-250B-4EE8-8F51-AEDE00BC5696 CA5 6PQ 1 Matty Lonning, Thursby 24/7 Public
BB52E231-5C1E-428B-B804-AEBC00B1708C CA5 7JF Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston 24/7 Public
BF737BAF-C831-4F94-99C8-AE4C00E464AB CA5 7JF Carlisle House, Townhead Road, Dalston 24/7 Public
5DEB2CFB-0990-459A-8145-AE5400C2AEEC CA5 7JN Greensyke Lane, Cumdivock, Dalston 24/7 Public
EB584E0E-C872-4FF0-BAB9-AD5600FDCF1B CA5 7ND Mobile Mini Uk Ltd, Barras Lane Industrial Estate, Dalston Variable Restricted
0F835B5D-3076-4252-BF51-AE1B00B7549E CA5 7NN Caldew Secondary School, Carlisle Road, Dalston 24/7 Public
863C58EE-BCF4-4804-854F-AFCE00AF739F CA5 7NN Caldew Secondary School, Carlisle Road, Dalston 24/7 Restricted
AEB8697F-BD69-4966-A9D6-AFCE00AFF7DB CA5 7NN Caldew School, Caldew Secondary School, Carlisle Road 24/7 Restricted
FE70E109-D832-4BBF-87BB-AEBC00DA6121 CA5 7NY Hospice At Home Carlisle & North Lakeland Valley Court, Barras Lane Industrial Estate, Dalston 24/7 Public
E382AD52-6B97-4658-810B-AE76014D58A3 CA5 7QB Dalston Recreation Centre, 33 The Green, Dalston 24/7 Public
3CCE70D2-F6EC-4459-B0D7-B03B00817569 CA6 4AA Rockcliffe Community Centre, Rockcliffe, Carlisle Variable Restricted
F4EB3D11-853A-40E4-A412-AE1900F69BB6 CA6 4AA Rockcliffe C Of E Primary School, Rockcliffe Village, Rockcliffe 24/7 Public
22146426-A267-40A1-A65F-B05200B6FB6D CA6 4BX 1862 (City Of Carlisle) Sqn Atc, Crindledyke Close, Kingstown Variable Restricted
5B1C1A61-C7F3-4E4D-9CE0-B09000C6F936 CA6 4DP Currys Csc Carlisle, Currys, C/O Fpl Buildings Variable Public
5125A79C-0FFB-42DC-9985-AF5100A888B3 CA6 4ES Blackford C Of E Primary School, Road Leading From Blackdyke Farm Junction To Wide Open Dykes Via Newtown And Blackford, Blackford 24/7 Public
A9142954-0986-4BC2-B90A-B03400D2B487 CA6 4ES Blackford C Of E Primary School, Road Leading From Blackdyke Farm Junction To Wide Open Dykes Via Newtown And Blackford, Blackford Variable Public
C1351B2C-C820-4512-A740-AE2B010B148E CA6 4EY Blackdyke Farm And Riding Centre Blackford, Blackford, Carlisle 24/7 Public
03B11387-AA0C-4895-8B28-AAE100B484C5 CA6 4JB Houghton Hall Garden Centre, Houghton, Carlisle Variable Restricted
92DF19D8-DD7C-4DE4-ACC2-AE8A01582A42 CA6 4JW Green Acres Caravan Park High Knells, Road Leading From High Knells To Junction At Town Head Farm, Houghton 24/7 Public
532E845B-5F47-4A52-A6DD-AF8200E3A425 CA6 4ND Certificated Location At Bleatarn Farm, Road Leading To Bleatarn From Carlisle Airport, Irthington 24/7 Public
5DF242DF-5BDC-45AE-80E1-ADEB0094FECD CA6 4NJ The Sally, Road Leading From Junction North Of Irthing Mill To Lane End Farm Via Irthington, Irthington 24/7 Public
20FD34B7-5DB9-4EC8-AFED-B09700E0F1DD CA6 4NW Solway Aviation Museum, Solway Aviation Society And Museum, Aviation House 24/7 Public
71033E60-F5BF-499E-8573-AF9C01103C20 CA6 4NW Apollo Air Services Carlisle Airport, Road Leading From Junction South Of Irthington To Laversdale Lane Junction Via Laversdale, Irthington 24/7 Public
C91AE59A-2620-4D5F-A36C-ADC900F70E24 CA6 4NW E C M Ltd, Ecm Ltd, Road Leading From Junction South Of Irthington To Laversdale Lane Junction Via Laversdale 24/7 Public
9CB95282-1B73-4EFC-A0E3-AFF200FDC87A CA6 4NX Newtown Village Hall, Newtown Public Hall And Reading Room, Newtown 24/7 Public
2A8F5702-6F6B-46CB-B964-AE2B01034F32 CA6 4PZ Linstock Womens Institute Hall, Road Leading From Linstock To Old Brampton Road, Linstock 24/7 Public
4423A3B7-B6FF-494C-ABDD-ADF300B14554 CA6 4RA Centre Of Pond 190m From Eden Golf Club 291m From Unnamed Road, Road Leading From Low Crosby East To Holme Park, Crosby On Eden Variable Public
D942CDF8-44A5-44F9-A403-B04B00CC5821 CA6 4SB Edinburgh Woollen Mill Ltd, Unit A, Queens Drive Variable Restricted
4802 CA6 4SG Cubby Construction, Cumbria 24/7 Public
C7B7960C-986C-4DB0-8AF1-B04800C0ADC3 CA6 4SH Dukes Drive, Kingmoor Park North, Carlisle 24/7 Public
0B6E4476-5A52-42DE-B4D8-ADA300D7D2C5 CA6 4SJ Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd The Marketing Suite, Baron Way, Carlisle 24/7 Public
476F0725-F2B3-4FDB-BA8A-B05900A114BA CA6 4SJ Cumberland Council, Parkhouse Building, Baron Way Variable Restricted
2CA78BD1-DF9F-4EF1-BE36-B09F00E0FFE2 CA6 4SQ Mercedes-Benz Of Carlisle, Spellar Way, Kingmoor Park East 24/7 Public
3BBB8C99-0021-4E4F-B610-B0180084407E CA6 4SQ Mercedes-Benz Of Carlisle, Spellar Way, Carlisle 24/7 Public
677B5EC1-45EE-4C11-AB91-B0180084D105 CA6 4SQ Mercedes-Benz Of Carlisle, Spellar Way, Carlisle 24/7 Public
A4923FFC-70DF-4552-BE24-AF3D000C6A88 CA6 5TR A And R Kenmare, Site 1 Brisco Burn Business Park, Road Leading From Hopesike Road Junction To Cliff Bridge 24/7 Public
8FFB6838-08CB-4E2C-9F13-B07B00D0879D CA6 6JA Shankhill C Of E Primary School, Road Leading From Sleet Beck Bridge To Solport Bridge, Roweltown Variable Restricted
458153F0-61B2-447B-9ECB-ADEA01658855 CA6 6LD Stapleton Public Hall, Carlisle To Lyneholmeford On The B6318 Via Smithfield And Houghton, Roweltown 24/7 Public
2BDDFD14-D146-4127-AC57-AF34010C3289 CA7 0BZ Blencogo Village Hall, Off B5302, Blencogo 24/7 Public
493DAB1A-047A-42CE-9FE4-B043011AEE03 CA7 0JQ Village Green, Little Bampton 24/7 Public
4E8E50A5-4F47-4A02-AF2B-AE7D00D189B9 CA7 0JR Wiggonby Church Of England School, Wiggonby C Of E School, Wiggonby Village 24/7 Public
AD5509F4-55D4-4C4F-9ACE-ADF100E38281 CA7 0NN Oulton Parish Institute, Oulton To The C2051, Oulton 24/7 Public
CA866A6E-9F49-47CF-AEAC-AFA10136AF59 CA7 1BQ Telephone Box, Between 6/7 Front Street, Fletchertown 24/7 Public
83FED257-16E9-4769-BACE-B03C00E8D4B1 CA7 1DS Ireby Church Of England School, Ireby C Of E School, Ireby Village Variable Restricted
ABBE60F8-4895-4924-9195-B0A401020802 CA7 1EP Gehawian, Aughertree, Gehawian, Ireby To Uldale Via Aughertree 24/7 Public
D8F7C002-441A-418E-908D-AE230121E195 CA7 1HA Snooty Fox Country Inn, Uldale Village, Uldale 24/7 Public
6343 CA7 1HT Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3893 CA7 2AJ Aspatria Rugby Club, Cumbria 24/7 Public
E0609F6C-4C05-4FBD-801E-AF7B00E24A9D CA7 2DQ Parsonby And Plumbland Village Hall, Plumbland Village Hall, Parsonby To Plumbland 24/7 Public
A75CEC88-A2C5-4D8A-A448-B06800EF56E5 CA7 2ED 19 Harriston, Aspatria 24/7 Public
E2E125AF-0424-4A03-9038-AE1A01263113 CA7 2ED Harriston Village Hall, Harriston, Aspatria 24/7 Public
4392 CA7 2JA Telephone Box, Cumbria 24/7 Public
C8D4D166-02E8-4E44-A233-B0970106A120 CA7 2LP Village Hall, Next To Miners Arms Pub, Prospect Village, Prospect 24/7 Public
A043CB40-C703-4D18-A295-AE3001421A9B CA7 2NQ Grow West Community Gardens, Allerby, Aspatria 24/7 Public
DDA69BF0-C535-4A75-82EE-AEDF012C3B07 CA7 2PD Hayton & Mealo Parish Council, St James Church, Hayton 24/7 Public
06F44DE8-D61D-49F8-B809-B03500976011 CA7 2PY Oughterside School, Oughterside Village, Oughterside Variable Restricted
4C024523-9C89-431A-AE55-AE6600D749F5 CA7 3JF Aspatria Bowling Club, St Mungos Park, Aspatria 24/7 Public
DBF23F26-06F8-44FF-B21C-AE1B0126975A CA7 3NB School House, Minor Road From Bromfield Hall To Bromfield, Bromfield 24/7 Public
2327 CA7 3NX Westnewton Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
6C1AC376-9D02-4B3E-9B95-AEE00081AB5F CA7 3NX Westnewton Parish Council, Westnewton Village Hall, Westnewton 24/7 Public
4671 CA7 3QU Blennerhasset Primary School, Cumbria 24/7 Public
E9E8E39E-D0D2-4E2B-A720-ADDC00FBA5CE CA7 4AD Silloth Bowling Club, 32 Eden Street, Silloth 24/7 Public
7A17AEB0-0AA0-4231-AAFE-AE6F011E7832 CA7 4AW Post Box 28m From 1 Lawn Terrace 11m From Unnamed Road, Lawn Terrace, Silloth 24/7 Public
C12BEBC5-1868-4A93-AF18-AE5700BFBB74 CA7 4AX Silloth Rufc, Eden Street, Silloth 24/7 Public
BB24C0C4-2A25-4910-A626-B07F0089EAA7 CA7 4BL Silloth On Solway Golf Club, Silloth Golf Club, Station Road Variable Public
DF4F0F6E-453C-42D1-A44F-AE5900F79254 CA7 4HH Stanix Park, Sunset Leisure Centre Stanix Park Holiday Centre, B5300 West Silloth 24/7 Public
93777762-C7FB-4B3F-8CAA-B07F0087F304 CA7 4JN Silloth On Solway Golf Club, Silloth 24/7 Public
106A8917-729B-4E86-8790-ADE901044232 CA7 4NS D A Harrison, Solway House, Silloth Airfield,, Silloth Variable Public
9CF6CCA2-1216-4E33-8869-AE3600ED6969 CA7 4PE Stevens Equipment Rental Ltd, Silloth Industrial Estate, The Airfield Variable Restricted
5318 CA7 5AN Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
7865 CA7 5AN On Post next to Parish Seat, Cumbria 24/7 Public
47C51C6D-F7A5-45A5-A1BC-AFAC0113CBEA CA7 5AN Old Anthorn On Post, On Post Outside Farm, Old Anthorn 24/7 Public
8180 CA7 5AQ On Post, Cumbria 24/7 Public
AE926635-C128-405C-8A35-B02B01228D20 CA7 5AQ Cardurnock On Post, On Post, Cardurnock 24/7 Public
4406 CA7 5BU The Hope & Anchor Inn, Cumbria 24/7 Public
C2176824-5FA6-42A9-B8BE-ADEE0108A108 CA7 5BU Port Carlisle Community Group, Hope And Anchor Inn, Port Carlisle Village 24/7 Public
7877 CA7 5DL On Post near The Firs, Cumbria 24/7 Public
4721B62A-50C1-4EE4-A4EB-AFAC0113D508 CA7 5DL Easton On Post, On Post Near The Firs, Easton 24/7 Public
8179 CA7 5EN On Post, Cumbria 24/7 Public
3ACEE2AD-5CEE-420E-BAB6-B02B012284DD CA7 5EN Fingland On Post, On Post, Fingland 24/7 Public
5647 CA7 5HE Moss Side, Cumbria 24/7 Public
6601 CA7 5HU Village Hall, Cumbria 24/7 Public
1AFA323B-9A81-4EBB-B1F6-B03D00E0B046 CA7 5JR Kirkbride Primary School, Kirkbride Village, Kirkbride Variable Restricted
EBB2D953-0C70-4628-BB93-AF730177B7C8 CA7 8AU Rosley Village Hall, Rosley, Wigton 24/7 Public
2E2D76D9-6A7A-41B8-82B8-AEEB012E76F0 CA7 8EE Caldbeck Bowling Club, B5299 Through Caldbeck, Caldbeck 24/7 Public
7CFBFC6C-5C7B-4943-A50A-AE450107A871 CA7 8HA Caldbeck Community First Responders, Fellside Farm, Access Road To Fellside Farm And Dale Beck 24/7 Public
F4C9C949-BB83-4A0F-95A7-AE18012EF2B6 CA7 8JG Caldbeck Area First Responders, Village Stores & Post Office, Hesket Newmarket Village 24/7 Public
A321AF65-820C-4EB9-8CEC-AE4001202ED9 CA7 8NA Westward St Hildas Church, 2 Church Hill, Westward 24/7 Public
FEECAE28-F40C-49D8-B08A-AE3B010B9616 CA7 8NQ Clea Hall Holiday Park, Westward Village, Wigton 24/7 Public
5FE4E9AA-F94F-4161-A007-AF6F00A5B646 CA7 8PF Tredoron, Bolton Low Houses, Bolton Low Houses, Wigton 24/7 Public
BBD7DF74-62A1-4AE9-8EEE-AEA00091AFCC CA7 9AA Wigton Market Hall, The Market Hall, Church Street 24/7 Public
552A39D4-0C17-4412-BB42-B000012F98BB CA7 9HU St Cuthberts Rc Church, Burnfoot, Wigton 24/7 Public
17F88639-A49A-4D77-A55B-AEBB00E00D89 CA7 9HZ St Cuthberts School, East End, Wigton Variable Restricted
ECC82CFC-8036-4667-98A1-AE4D0162E6B5 CA7 9LB Glevum House, Old Brackenlands, Wigton Variable Restricted
EF3D3D71-AE1F-49EC-B246-ADDB009D9BE3 CA7 9NS Hopes Of Wigton, Hopes Auction Mart, Syke Road 24/7 Public
B5B354A1-CFDB-4FC2-8D6C-AE1A00F04B75 CA7 9PG Thomlinson Junior School, The Goose Market, High Street 24/7 Public
CB5A234F-2303-4E05-A8B5-AFA1014C0F43 CA7 9QT Wigton R U F C, Lowmoor Road, Wigton 24/7 Public
3252ABDF-7D6C-43B1-A21B-AEA00094393D CA7 9RG Wigton Town Council, Barton Laws, West Road 24/7 Public
58B3DCD4-67BA-4EC7-80D2-AEA100D49310 CA7 9RG Wigton Town Council, Wigton Park, Park Road 24/7 Public
88F7286F-1F77-49C2-87FD-AFA300D15640 CA7 9SA Barnardos Family Support, 10-12 Wampool Place, Wigton 24/7 Public
E700B4D2-0CEF-4A0F-BCEA-AF8200FC8FA1 CA8 1BZ Brampton Primary School, Sawmill Lane, Brampton 24/7 Public
BB56CD2C-5C0D-487B-AB3C-AF720104CC02 CA8 1HN Brampton Golf Club, Tarn Road, Brampton Variable Public
86EFF1FE-CFC6-44F4-B77D-AF8700B1DFB6 CA8 1RW Tourist Information Centre, Tourist Information Centre Moot Hall, Market Place 24/7 Public
0BA031F8-A0FA-49A7-9CA7-ADEA00E6C3C7 CA8 1UD Wilson Memorial Homes, Wilson Homes, 3 The Sands 24/7 Public
81C22C8C-7C60-45F5-9675-AE0800B1A739 CA8 2QG Dolesholegate Cottage, Tindale, Tindale Fell 24/7 Public
9FFEFAE3-BED5-497A-88A5-ADB700BAA99A CA8 7JS Flat Blenkinsopp Castle Inn, Blenkinsopp Castle Home Park, Brampton 24/7 Public
E75FDBD6-767A-4BD8-94F1-AE540135F6EB CA8 7LQ Coanwood Parish Council, Lambley Village Hall, Lambley 24/7 Public
647225BF-7D81-4B34-9666-ADD40114AC42 CA8 7NP Knaresdale With Kirkhaugh Parish Council, Cairns Community Hall, Slaggyford 24/7 Public
6E021EA9-FB7B-4D2F-B016-AF9D00D62ADA CA8 9BH 13 Burnrigg, Heads Nook 24/7 Public
AA52F328-B797-4D9B-9FD0-AF9B00996F58 CA8 9DD Cleanroom Supplies Ltd, The Warehouse, Cumrew 24/7 Public
4604 CA8 9DH Bluebell Cottage, Cumbria 24/7 Public
6A1CAD16-6B36-4A11-A896-AE3F01270BD2 CA8 9EG String Of Horses Inn, From The C1024 To The C1034 Via Faugh, Heads Nook 24/7 Public
4D569B09-3F8B-44F2-AFC4-B08F012A3EDB CA8 9EX Lives.tricked. Giants, Village Hall, Cumwhitton 24/7 Public
FA8A9390-DE55-430A-99A7-AE29009D0C9E CA8 9JY Woody Glen, How Mill, Hayton 24/7 Public
AFC291C9-195C-412C-A093-AE3F0126024F CA8 9JZ Fenton Farm, Road Leading From Corry House Junction South To Fenton Lane End Via Fenton, How Mill 24/7 Public
F3785707-2E86-4AE9-B728-AE3F012508AB CA8 9LL Hayton Parish Council, Brackensgill, Hard Bank 24/7 Public
E75AB943-31DF-4490-9FE6-B06E00B84BC2 CA9 3HZ Tyne Willows Pavilion, Tyne Willows Playing Field, Alston 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 47 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n36311678 inside old red phone box in Kirkbean
MZ n356914390 in phone box Little Langdale - near Three Shires Inn
MZ n523440830 inside old red phone box in Bankend
MZ n1857891236 inside old red phone box in Orton
MZ n2302881229 inside old red phone box in Kirtlebridge
MZ n2583090957 inside phone box at eastern approach to Catterlen
MZ n2701735483 inside old phone box in Kirkbampton
MZ n2932008843 inside old phone box (that is now a book exchange) Main Street, Allonby
MZ n3078998998 inside old phone box in Burrells
MZ n3379659984 inside old phone box in Pardshaw
MZ n4186229277
MZ n4273968731
MZ n4273968733
MZ n4399484690
MZ n4794177874
MZ n5390625484 outside Appleby Primary School
MZ n5457782015
MZ n5784507004 2/411 in alley below greengrocers on Boroughgate, Appleby
MZ n5784513946 inside phonebox on Bongate (just up the road from Royal Oak), Appleby
MZ n6058865300 inside near Manager's Office
MZ n6093160271
MZ n6164567275
MZ n6448285733
MZ n6483562750
MZ n6535353268 Inside Morrisons supermarket, on wall between toilets and tobacco counter
MZ n6755799681 outside Alston Fire Station
MZ n6878595354 inside modern phone box, Lake Road, Keswick
MZ n8517612632 On front of fire station building
MZ n8706857353 inside phone box on Leagarth Lane, Hilton
MZ n8848327417
MZ n9178333373
MZ n9192012306 On outside wall of shop/hut
MZ n9448094516 outside Cottage Wood Centre, Brackenburgh
MZ n9553901043
MZ n9900832928 inside phone box in Great Ormside
MZ n9922779491 Cairndale Hotel, English Street entrance, left hand side of door
MZ n9936803402 Eastriggs. The Devil's Porridge Museum. External wall at main entrance (rear of building).
MZ n10087240250 On wall of building
MZ n10261536937 outside Keswick Fire Station
MZ n10268749930 outside Langdale Co-operative Village Store
MZ n10268921179 Boltongate
MZ n10276899438 outside Commercial Inn, Dearham
MZ n10281445238 outside Twentymans
MZ n10284683966 outside Scaleby Village Hall - facing car park
MZ n10284709244 outside William Howard School building - to left of entrance
MZ n10576259904
MZ n11113907673 On the outside wall of the old hall.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 134 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1443 CA13 0RA Telephone Box, Cumbria n1434884802 in red phone box in Loweswater 6 m
1451 CA4 8LL Village Hall, Cumbria n10315705591 outside Great Corby Village Hall 8 m
1513 CA4 8HE Wetheral Playing Field Association Pavilion, Cumbria n5600209923 outside building on wall to left of main entrance 54 m
1550 CA4 8ER Village Hall, Cumbria n10315651092 outside St Johns Hall, Cumwhinton 7 m
1551 CA4 0DF Village Hall, Cumbria n10270269254 outside Village Hall, Cotehill 4 m
1553 CA4 8BW Village Hall, Cumbria n5391069329 located on the wall of Scotby village hall to the left of the entrance 2 m
1956 CA10 1DQ Telephone Box, Cumbria n3453740837 inside red phone box outside Church Institute, The Square, Kirkoswald 58 m
2150 CA7 2EJ Telephone Box, Cumbria n3373351607 inside phone box by green in Threapland 10 m
2177 CA7 5ET Telephone Box, Cumbria n2701683220 inside phone box next to village hall in Newton Arlosh 1 m
2330 CA12 4QJ Telephone Box, Cumbria n1941833353 inside phone box on the Green, Bassenthwaite 5 m
2445 CA5 6PF Telephone Box, Cumbria n3467320573 inside phone box in Thursby 4 m
2555 CA17 4HS Telephone Box, Cumbria n3487705417 inside old red phone box (that is now book swap) by village green in Winton 5 m
2591 CA10 2JE Telephone Box, Cumbria n9900843376 inside phone box in front of Tirril Village Hall 4 m
2625 CA15 6QT Telephone Box, Cumbria n3395384830 inside old red phone box in Mawbray 4 m
2653 CA12 5DT Telephone Box, Cumbria n2823238815 In former BT phone kiosk 5 m
2741 CA7 5AF The Kings Arms, Cumbria n9192012301 Outside wall of pub. 4 m
2803 CA12 5BD Telephone Box, Cumbria n9740241126 inside one of the phone boxes in keswick Market Square 28 m
2891 CA12 4RN Keswick Climbing Wall, Cumbria n5538273011 23 m
2967 CA12 5UF Telephone Box, Cumbria n1955332948 In phone booth next to Newlands Village Hall 8 m
2968 CA12 5TE Telephone Box, Cumbria n2642601321 in phone box, Longcroft, Braithwaite 6 m
2970 CA12 5RF Telephone Box, Cumbria n1654671722 In telephone booth 2 m
2971 CA12 5SA Telephone Box, Cumbria n3442704476 inside old phone box by bus shelter Thornthwaite 14 m
3072 CA11 8DR Telephone Box, Cumbria n11043176728 inside old phone box by junction of Roman Road and Brentfield Way, Scaws, Penrith 3 m
3075 CA28 8XB Telephone Box, Cumbria n3405898764 inside old phone box in Moresby Parks 3 m
3079 CA12 4PN Telephone Box, Cumbria n3197641870 inside old phone box, Raven Lane, Applethwaite 3 m
3325 CA4 9QD Telephone Box, Cumbria n3446471857 inside old phone box in Ainstable 3 m
3335 CA10 3XG Telephone Box, Cumbria n576679052 inside phone box 12 m
3337 CA10 3ST Telephone Box, Cumbria n576720468 inside phone box in Old Tebay 6 m
3338 CA10 3UY Telephone Box, Cumbria n576679417 In old telephone booth in Tebay opposite the Cross Keys Inn 4 m
3662 CA10 2LF Telephone Box, Cumbria n2615098363 inside phone box in Yanwath 11 m
3702 CA8 7HN Solar Cabinet On Post, Northumberland n10284642960 at bottom of Low Castle Terrace, Longbyre 7 m
3703 CA8 7BG Solar Cabinet On Post, Northumberland n5851514412 next to the phone box by the bridge in Gilsland 5 m
4018 CA10 1HF Telephone Box, Cumbria n4334318964 inside old red phone box in Melmerby 1 m
4019 CA10 1AP Telephone Box, Cumbria n3454053664 inside old phone box in Ousby 2 m
4187 CA8 2LF Telephone Box, Cumbria n3502929231 inside old phone box by bus shelter in Low Row 1 m
4208 CA11 7SQ Telephone Box, Cumbria n6598612151 inside telephone box on Beacon Edge, -just past the Cemetery outside Jubilee Lodge 1 m
4212 CA11 9HL Telephone Box, Cumbria n708789068 in old phone box at junction of Drovers Lane and Scotland Road, Townhead, Penrith - opposite Esso pe 7 m
5008 CA10 1DU Telephone Box, Cumbria n1857929126 inside red telephone box on village green in Glassonby 2 m
5009 CA10 1HR Telephone Box, Cumbria n1680928250 inside red phone box on village green in Gamblesby 4 m
5145 CA10 2BH Village Hall, Cumbria n9135838098 3 m
5228 CA7 8BG Telephone Box, Cumbria n3426800350 inside old phone box in Curthwaite 2 m
5310 CA14 4SZ Telephone Box, Cumbria n3379582130 inside old red phone box in Branthwaite 2 m
5311 CA13 0JZ Telephone Box, Cumbria n3333814023 inside old phone box in Papcastle 2 m
5315 CA14 4TJ Telephone Box, Cumbria n5190500865 inside old phone box by Royal Yew pub in Dean 0 m
5316 CA14 4TP Telephone Box, Cumbria n3379603831 inside phone box in front of Ullock Village Hall 2 m
5317 CA14 1LX Telephone Box, Cumbria n3359582493 inside old phone box in Camerton 3 m
5319 CA7 5DT Telephone Box, Cumbria n3304393940 In modern phone box 1 m
5800 CA28 9UG Telephone Box, Cumbria n11318895402 inside old phone box in Sandwith 6 m
6393 CA7 0JQ Telephone Box, Cumbria n3373310760 inside old telephone box on green Little Bampton 1 m
6660 CA13 0AN Telephone Box, Cumbria n11318438349 inside old phone box, Dunmail Crescent, Cockermouth 2 m
6661 CA13 9DX Telephone Box, Cumbria n2269903516 inside old phone box on Lorton Road, Cockermouth 1 m
6746 CA7 5DW On Roadside Wall of Stonehouse, Cumbria n9883837216 14 m
8524 CA19 1TX Public Toilets, Cumbria n10268927783 Outside Eskdale Green toilets 5 m
00C06303-6ADD-4397-B8C4-AE3100CE510A CA11 0NZ Glenridding First Responders, Langton Adventure Centre, Cross Gate n6281299301 Outside, on side wall of adventure centre 8 m
024651BD-E5A5-44A9-A12B-AE43009FFB79 CA16 6QE Chapel Farm Caravan Park, Chapel Farm, Access Road To Houses n5360541597 4 m
09478A44-C09F-4932-85B7-ADF7010B4B4D CA10 3BU Kings Meaburn Village Institute, Village Institute, Welltree Brow n9488411438 outside Kings Meaburn Village Hall 8 m
0A4BC0A9-6C83-4BD5-9A42-AE3800AC23EB CA2 5EH Cornerstone, 62 - 66 Denton Street, Carlisle n11165872347 outside Cornerstone 8 m
102A79C5-2D92-4DBE-9F05-AF9D00D92B94 CA4 0DZ Pennine View, Front Street, Cotehill n10270269254 outside Village Hall, Cotehill 20 m
11FECCC1-8A90-44AD-BF83-AE1C0120FA4C CA5 6HQ Liams Defibs, Public Telephone 33m From Thornleigh 6m From B5307, Road Leading From Kirkbampton To Langwath Cottage Junction Via Thurstonfield n2701735484 inside old phone box in Thurstonfield 11 m
1675398F-CFDC-43C9-A668-ADD9013B910A CA11 0XR Mungrisedale Village Hall, Mungrisedale, Mungrisdale n10284817459 outside Mungrisdale Village Hall 81 m
17A49BA1-5271-40A8-8240-AF1700CFEA32 CA8 2NJ Hallbankgate Village School, Hallbankgate, Brampton n10093214856 On outside corner of school building, near entrance gate 85 m
19D4B4E0-D5A1-4B76-ABF5-AE0300C05596 CA12 5TW The Forestry Commission, Whinlatter Vistor Centre, B5292 Whinlatter Pass To Braithwaite n7099824559 On outside wall behind the toilets 1 m
1F2EEA7A-6DDA-4BF0-BC4E-AF9D00D6D2F0 CA4 8ER War Memorial, Cumwhinton n10315651092 outside St Johns Hall, Cumwhinton 18 m
22808FF9-DF1D-4BE8-936E-ADC40150F9CE CA10 2HX Eden House, Road From Bainbridge Gate Bridge To Bessy Ghyll Beck On The A6, Hackthorpe n3391018539 inside phone box in Hackthorpe 28 m
234943E4-50B2-408F-B2B2-AF3D000E52C9 CA6 5SJ Trustees Of Longtown Memorial Hall, Longtown Community Centre, Arthuret Road n10284638760 outside Longtown Memorial Hall Community Centre - facing side car park 12 m
2381E8B0-C562-4EEC-A306-AE6E0141DEEA CA10 3AT Morland And Newby, Village Hall, Road From Newby To Morland On The C3052 n10253818965 outside Morland and Newby Village Hall 5 m
283F5742-589F-4BB6-B40B-AE7800AAADA9 CA11 9FB The Idol, Edge Court, 1 Greenbank Road n9135662772 9 m
29876135-F55D-4A87-84C3-B08F00D2F05F CA8 9EX Cumwhitton Village Hall, Cumwhitton, Brampton n10270348290 outside village hall in Cumwhitton 49 m
2DA291B7-F0E4-4B79-B322-AE1C00838C03 CA17 4PW Crosby Garrett Village Hall, Crosby Garrett n5899755373 63 m
3128F530-C759-4133-8359-ADEC00F53E51 CA11 0PD Glenridding Health Centre, Greenside Road, Glenridding n4950929861 4 m
32A360A5-A63A-44C1-93A7-AED700EE2C5B CA10 2BX Well Plan, Old Mansion House, Road From Kemplay Bank On The A6 To The Junction With The B5320 At Arthurs Round Table n9135838098 36 m
34808BC0-6E23-4A32-91C3-AF6C00F43072 CA12 5JB Bupa Dental Care, 4 Packhorse Court, Keswick n9740241126 inside one of the phone boxes in keswick Market Square 63 m
3967B417-329C-4AAE-BAB5-ADD700FE03C2 CA12 4RX Eden District Council, Public Conveniences, Access Road Through Threlkeld To And From The A66t n4291526632 12 m
3F0867D6-1F39-4F32-9770-ADB400F2964B CA8 7HB Greenhead Village Hall, Glenwhelt Bank, B6318 n10284661423 outside Greenhead Village Hall 18 m
3F53E1A8-7A14-490D-9309-AE3E013676F7 CA10 2PG Askham Stores, Road From Askham On The C3046 From The Junction With The C3043 To Lowther Newtown, Askham n5129467744 outside Askham Stores nest to post box 9 m
41824547-C4C4-463A-BBCC-AEC5008787B9 CA2 5LB Robert Ferguson Primary School, School House, East Dale Street n9135849440 27 m
41A28B36-C6FF-4C50-ADB3-AE2F015818C0 CA11 0JY Matterdale First Responders, Royal Hotel, Road From High Row On The U3132 To Dockray n5576756183 17 m
532B4459-14FF-452D-91A6-AE1C0121C978 CA5 6HX Kirkbampton Village Hall, Wiggonby To Kirkbampton, Kirkbampton n10315597884 outside Kirkbampton Village Hall 12 m
53350519-7C45-4C3E-9F4A-AE43009D8760 CA16 6EX Asby Parish Council, Village Hall, Access Road In Great Asby n5360872892 13 m
59EF5C91-E3A3-404D-8A11-AF6200D59BD4 CA17 4JP Aldersons Garage, Nateby, Kirkby Stephen n6020661752 54 m
5CDFE829-FC60-4A95-A1C0-AE91009C8839 CA5 7AH Village Hall, Primrose Hall, Access Road To Flat Bank From The U1143 n10270338932 outside Primrose Hall, Gaitsgill - opposite phone box 6 m
5EAE42E4-3290-4C36-9D98-ADEA01020079 CA7 2QD Gilcrux Village Hall, Access Road To Back Church From The C2001, Gilcrux n10276898379 outside Village Hall 11 m
6DF06415-AB95-41FA-ACA6-AE3F0123A5D4 CA8 9AE Hayton Parish Council, Heads Nook Village Hall, Road Leading From Trout Beck East Of Corby Hill To Heads Nook n10315707983 outside Heads Nook Institute 6 m
71FC8713-A101-4418-8937-AE2F00BC8417 CA1 3QB Balchins News, 4 Central Avenue, Harraby n11181774506 outside Balchin's News, Central Avenue, Harraby 62 m
746BD407-46EB-4C63-A20A-AFE8006EC1EA CA12 5DT Screwfix, 85-87 Main Street, Keswick n2823238815 In former BT phone kiosk 33 m
76BB3C4D-E308-4224-B094-AF8900E94843 CA6 6EH Hethersgill Parish Council, Car Park At Hethersgill Village Hall, Road Leading From Howford Bridge At Hetherhill To Flosh Bridge Via Hethersgill n9552001465 14 m
775FDF8E-AFB2-45F3-8623-AF8900E03878 CA27 0DH St Bees Parish Council, Phone Box, Adjacent To Station Rd n7926130495 inside old phone box by St Bees railway station 51 m
77787EC0-376E-4A5D-9892-AF8F013498D2 CA15 6TW Public Telephone 10m From Main Band Cottage 10m From Unnamed Road, Bullgill n3426726282 inside old phone box in Bulgill 2 m
78D1DDAE-D693-49C7-9EC0-AE1B010A728B CA7 8HR Caldbeck Community First Responders, Village Hall, Millhouse To The U3007 n9900791799 by entrance to Millhouse Village Hall 8 m
7B0EF05C-3D7C-4D15-BEC7-AED700EC4251 CA10 2BX Welplan, Old Mansion House, Road From Kemplay Bank On The A6 To The Junction With The B5320 At Arthurs Round Table n9122771547 36 m
7C8F8BB0-1AB1-4274-926A-AF9D00CFA501 CA4 8HE Wetheral Playing Fields, Road Leading From Wetheral Pasture To Wetheral, Wetheral n5600209923 outside building on wall to left of main entrance 88 m
86DBA498-C795-46C5-A2B0-AF47013DF110 CA13 0RN Eaglesfield Village Hall, Minor Road From Eaglesfield Primary School Through Eaglesfield, Eaglesfield n10870275383 On wall to left of door, outside 9 m
87EF0E04-006F-453C-B0ED-AE1C00ABA6E5 CA7 0HZ Public Telephone 20m From Hill Top 5m, Aikton, Wigton n3373310766 inside old phone box in Aikton 7 m
8910EE9A-6758-4C64-95B4-AE1801245DE6 CA7 8EA Kirkland Store, Minor Road From B5299 At Caldbeck Towards Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck n9104020558 on wall next to phone box and Village Store in Caldbeck 14 m
8BD97471-0F9F-4720-A2F5-AECC00DA3B95 CA10 1DS Glassonby And Gamblesby Parish Council, Public Telephone 18m From 3 The Lane 11m From Unnamed Road, Road From Daleraven Bridge On The C3008 To Maughanby School House n1857929126 inside red telephone box on village green in Glassonby 17 m
8D0C92DD-2E9A-4440-94F5-AF9D00D898F4 CA4 8BW The Parish Centre, Scotby Village, Scotby n5391069329 located on the wall of Scotby village hall to the left of the entrance 18 m
93978400-6708-4881-9BF7-B09900F18432 CA19 1TX Eskdale Green Public Toilets, Public Toilets, Smithybrow Lane, Eskdale Green n10268927783 Outside Eskdale Green toilets 5 m
9597307F-836C-4557-8D40-AF3D000F32A5 CA6 5LY Tynedale Farm Supplies, Unit 3 Sandilands Business Park, Road Leading From Canonbie To Longtown Via Scotchdyke n10284612199 outside Tynedale Agrishop, Longtown 58 m
984B1FCD-1861-4E71-9D6F-AF3800F06CAF CA8 7JD Walltown Quarry, U7032 Greenhead Junction To Farglow Farm, Greenhead n9178336256 32 m
9930D221-F613-47D6-94D0-ADF8011C2E1C CA9 3RF Alston Moor Parish Council, Alston Town Hall, Front Street n6750841779 in wall mounted locked box to the right of main entrance. 14 m
996A4AEE-3EB1-4084-AAF8-AE3200919C2C CA16 6NX Public Telephone 34m From South View 4m From B6259, Kirkby Stephen To The A66t Via Warcop, Kirkby Stephen n2489977274 inside old phone box by the bridge in Warcop 1 m
A16D83E6-398D-4E9B-ABA9-AE3F01208D7D CA8 9HR Public Telephone 22m From The Island 7m From Unnamed Road, Road Leading From A69 North Of Corby Hill To Townhead Via Hayton, Hayton n10315836919 Hayton 3 m
A47FE44D-276A-4CFC-95F2-AEB70149CFD4 CA17 4NQ Biggins, Day Nursery, Road From Garshill Farmhouse To Town Head On The C3075 n10902359016 11 m
A670DB5D-1886-4B95-ADFD-AEC400D10503 CA10 1XW Kirkby Thore Parish Council, Memorial Hall, Cross End n10253831247 outside the Memorial Hall in Kirkby Thore 21 m
AA16F09E-C2E2-455C-ABC9-AF5D00CB1947 CA17 4SZ Pennine View, Pennine View Caravan Park, Station Road n8868473623 69 m
AA3CCEFE-2E16-41E5-AA0E-ADEA00E3C4E9 CA10 3NY Phone Box, Shap n2302829011 Inside red phone box, Main Street, Shap 32 m
B2E2C699-99EC-4035-B914-AE6B011D508B CA9 3PL Nenthead Community Shop Ltd, The Reading Room, Vicarage Terrace n10285367819 outside Nenthead Community Shop 4 m
B416A95F-B4A8-416F-BD3F-B03500D4EC9D CA8 2HL Lanercost C E Primary School, Lanercost C Of E Primary School, Lanercost, Lanercost, Lanercost n10284648641 outside Lanercost cricket pavilion - facing road 44 m
B753C21E-EAEB-40CF-80AB-ADE500FDF834 CA13 9LS Cockermouth Town Council, Old Kings Arms Lane, Cockermouth n11096821359 Opposite the information signs in the old kings arms lane 40 m
B86C34A9-2F79-487C-B521-ADF701010281 CA7 1DX Globe Hall, Ireby, Near Wigton n10268925138 outside Globe Hall in Ireby - opposite Black Lion pub 26 m
C5A75FAA-4DB6-42C7-8B20-AE2800C17ECB CA11 7TJ Telephone Box, Sandgate, Penrith n2262910581 inside old phone box on Sandgate/Burrowgate 3 m
C5F8623F-0486-4F1E-81D6-AF9300BC1FC1 CA28 7QZ Cumbria Libraries - Copeland, Whitehaven Library, Lowther Street n10315796664 outside Whitehaven Library - facing Lowther Street 22 m
C6476618-F583-44A0-85AE-B07D013935DE CA7 4EB Cumbria Fire And Rescue Service, Fire Station, Solway Street n9797378554 on outside wall of fire station 10 m
C8CC1AEB-5244-4EFA-BA31-AE2D0102D0D3 CA22 2SP Thornhill Social Club, The Crescent, Thornhill n11057764996 outside Thornhill Social Club 11 m
CAD7E11F-6EC8-4637-B0E8-AF41009F499B CA11 7LX Cumbria County Council, Brunswick School, Brunswick Road n8848261217 83 m
CC5C5E74-B4C6-4644-A15D-AE1801189282 CA7 8EU Caldbeck Parish Hall, Minor Road From B5299 To The Street, Caldbeck n9111965973 11 m
CE5E4618-93B2-4C10-8AA1-AF47010B147E CA6 5SE Graham Arms Hotel, English Street, Longtown n9504383161 7 m
D188CD68-3930-458E-9DC6-AE2000A652EA CA19 1XF Public Telephone 28m From Wylie Croft 6m From B5344, Drigg n11004813959 outside Drigg & Carleton Village Hall 28 m
D1ABEF09-3BA9-45AB-A46A-E15F3FE95DF4 CA7 5ET Newton Arlosh Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Opposite St John's Church Beside Village Hall n2701683220 inside phone box next to village hall in Newton Arlosh 3 m
D2C6C6BC-17A2-415E-96F2-ADF601017AF5 CA3 8NX The Lanes Shopping Centre, Grapes Lane, Carlisle n9563587578 57 m
D5AAB469-F6E6-49B0-926D-AE2D00BD3EC5 CA12 4RN Keswick Climbing Club, Keswick Climbing Wall And Activity Centre Goosewell Farm, Keswick To Junction With Threlkeld Bridge At Boundary To A66t Near Keswick n5538273011 57 m
D824D4CC-A7E0-4265-A47C-AF8700E1E07D CA17 4EJ Telephone Box, The Square, Church Brough n11318884088 in old phone box in The Square, Church Brough 40 m
DD635F6C-DB4E-46BB-8C86-AE6700B9F021 CA10 1PN Swimming Pool, Hunsonby To The C3009, Hunsonby n10253922501 outside Hunsonby Swimming Club 16 m
E1936858-C09C-4DEF-B322-AE5500E72D0E CA6 5QD Nicholforest Public Hall, Easton On The C1006 To Kershopefoot, Warwicksland n10284585332 outside Nicholforest Hall 12 m
E2AC8484-5C40-4DA3-87B8-AE3F01220691 CA8 1LE Talkin Village Hall, Road Leading From Talkin To Forest Head, Talkin n7679072733 outside village hall in Talkin 27 m
E9A5FEAA-2994-4B93-8D9B-AEB6010B1553 CA10 1QA Ousby Parish Council, Public Telephone 12m From Dunn Eden House 5m From Unnamed Road, Bradley On The C3009 n3454053664 inside old phone box in Ousby 1 m
EBAFCBAF-F9AD-46D4-AFFD-AE0500F0FDBF CA10 2NH Barton & Pooley Bridge Parish Council, Parkin Memorial Hall, High Street n9878802681 29 m
ED636C5F-563F-4BC3-AC77-AE4D010C5D98 CA5 7DD Raughtonhead C Of E Primary School, Road Leading From Rose Bridge To Birkdale Castle Junction Via Raughton Head, Raughton Head n10270290507 outside Raughton Head CofE School 44 m
EE01065F-B0E8-4688-AEB8-AEDF00FB9AE1 CA14 1LX Public Telephone 19m From 1 Kirklands 5m From Unnamed Road, Kirklands, Camerton n3359582493 inside old phone box in Camerton 3 m
F57D9BFC-0C5B-43A2-8823-AE4A00D7FF2C CA8 2BB Walton & Lees Hill C Of E School, Lees Hill, Brampton n10284637986 outside Lees Hill CofE School - on corner of building inside playground 18 m
F5C5113E-3FB4-496F-A1D4-AE0500F37E11 CA10 2NN Barton & Pooley Bridge Parish Council, The Pooley Bridge Inn, Pooley Bridge n9878802682 15 m
F788A2DA-7F24-44DF-84A2-AF35008C00FB CA11 0NL Patterdale C Of E School, Road From St Patricks Church On The A592 To Lane Foot Deepdale, Patterdale n4950929847 10 m
F863D4A1-082F-43F9-B2E7-AE28009D5F1F CA4 0LL Southwaite Telephone Box, Southwaite, Carlisle n560105717 inside phone box in Southwaite 3 m
FAF183ED-852D-49FB-ACA5-AE25015AF871 CA7 5DT Public Telephone Box Opposite Highland Laddie 100 Metres From Unnamed Road, Glasson Village, Glasson n3304393940 In modern phone box 10 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 13 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
B99C2622-F114-46C0-ACD2-ADEB00E8ACC8 CA10 1RG Telephone Box, Centre Of Village, Skirwith n556199425 inside telephone box on village green, Skirwith 245 m
23A0AE90-09B5-4C5F-A36A-AF480158F910 CA10 1HR Gamblesby Village Green, Gamblesby, Penrith n1680928250 inside red phone box on village green in Gamblesby 112 m
A7311449-DAFE-4274-A709-AF8700E1F36D CA17 4EF Telephone Box, Village Hall, Kaber n3344736854 inside old red phone box in Kaber 188 m
E10E3BAD-E55F-4756-BD1B-ADF401099B10 CA12 5RY Braithwaite Institute, Braithwaite n6171354818 102 m
2A35DBFB-4BA1-4461-94B0-AF6200D0327B CA17 4QN Upper Eden Visitor Centre, Market Street, Kirkby Stephen n6779948443 outside Upper Eden Visitor Centre, Market Street, Kirby Stephen 114 m
7EEB0C7F-50FF-488A-95A2-AE3600E7C94B CA11 9QT Calthwaite School, Calthwaite C Of E School, Calthwaite n9083631651 outside Calthwaite CofE School building 128 m
7BCECD35-2E1D-4D27-A10D-AF6601286A6F CA6 6NL Roadhead Public Hall, Roughsyke, Road From Whitberryburn North To Corner House n9894114451 outside Roadhead Hall 116 m
61D11F8F-D911-472E-B691-AE29010AAFA3 CA10 1RN Kirkland Phone Box, St Lawrence's Church, Kirkland n9900825270 inside phone box near St Lawrence Church, Kirkland 246 m
570F9B8A-4436-4505-BCC3-AF3D0103466D CA16 6AL Bolton Parish Council, Memorial Hall, Chapel Street n10253768997 outside Bolton Village Hall 160 m
7988EC8C-9183-40F4-8D69-AE1A00B5D290 CA13 0TJ Village Hall, High Brigham, Brigham n10276866088 outside Brigham Memorial Hall 103 m
1B8DE0F3-42F2-437D-B203-AE2800C18664 CA11 9BL Castletown Community Centre, Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith n10284802095 outside Castletown Community Centre - to left of entrance 199 m
47F2ADDE-7FBC-4CF2-915A-AE3900C5C033 CA10 3JP Butchers Arms, Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith n10887776622 On outside wall of pub 248 m
4455841E-3970-4925-85D5-AE36013E9B34 CA28 6NY St.bridgets C Of E School, St.bridgets C Of E Primary School, Main Street n11060620526 outside St Bridget's C of E School 93 m

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