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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'DE' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 821 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
B1B2FAA5-B33C-4E3C-8DF1-AF3B0105D90C DE1 1AA Royal Mail Derby Rtw, Midland Road, Derby, Derby Variable Restricted
E5411549-AAAA-45AA-B068-AF2700C54C2F DE1 1AA Royal Mail Derby Do/Ret/Off, Midland Road, Derby, Derby Variable Restricted
B9E765E1-24D3-4409-B746-AF6500E54688 DE1 1FR Armsons Barlow, 7 Vernon Street, Derby Variable Restricted
CB64D84B-F3CA-4C1F-BAAE-AD65006C5D44 DE1 1JW Becketwell Development Land, Macklin Street, Derby Variable Restricted
8D088930-E1AD-43FF-873B-ADC100BA4534 DE1 1LR Derby Cathedral School, Great Northern Road, Derby Variable Restricted
685D0901-D994-4D4E-8674-AFE80068E389 DE1 1NA Screwfix, Unit B2 Crown Park, Parcel Terrace Variable Public
66CB5159-DF22-4DF0-8238-5881018BF921 DE1 1SH Mcdonalds Restaurants Ltd, 40-42 St Peters St, Derby Variable Restricted
FCE13704-3AC6-40F7-8351-AEC5008FD2C7 DE1 1UR Wellbeing Clinics, 1 Wentworth House, Vernon Gate Variable Restricted
4C056872-1329-4866-9EA9-AF71007D36D4 DE1 2AB Derby Advertising Kiosk, Outside Pure Gym, 115-119 St Peters Street 24/7 Public
AB9E5FC1-D17C-4753-AE8F-AE7100FB6A9A DE1 2AB Puregym, 115-117 St Peter's Street, Westfield 24/7 Restricted
BCE2E6A6-6287-4CE6-9E77-AC1600ADB4DA DE1 2AU 2 East Street, Derby 24/7 Public
D847C2FF-2684-4C99-AA26-AFFE00CF5059 DE1 2DU Admiral Casino, 9 Exchange Street, Derby 24/7 Public
F8407D65-AE79-4154-9996-AFEE009A0DE1 DE1 2LF Landau Forte College, Fox Street, Derby Variable Restricted
335B1C46-8E1B-456F-ABA7-AF98010FBD18 DE1 2PG O2 Store (0478) Derby, Unit Su121, Intu Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
9E889DBA-1DF4-4949-9BA1-AC1600B0E7F8 DE1 2QN Morgan Sindall Construction Site, 35 Carrington Street, Derby Variable Public
C72BB286-24C6-4382-A03C-45C9181C0FB0 DE1 2QW Liversage Almshouses, Derby Variable Restricted
8CDEA24D-86D7-4D9A-8ABD-AD7101494863 DE1 2RE St. John Ambulance, Princess Anne Training Centre, 10 Trinity Street Variable Restricted
7C302058-BF42-44A9-96E8-AD0B00B19D8D DE1 2SA Derby Cathedral School, Midland House, 1 Nelson Street Variable Restricted
31EA1565-F15A-49F0-86EB-ADF20093092E DE1 3AS Derby Quad Ltd, Quad, Market Place 24/7 Public
50C54756-5580-41B1-A631-AE1C00D4FC8D DE1 3EE Pkf Smith Cooper, St Helens House, King Street Variable Public
9B73E1AA-F259-4D42-AC3F-B06E00E20F5D DE1 3GP Derby Cathedral, 18-19 Irongate, Derby Variable Restricted
B1571A9C-E313-4115-ACFD-B04B00A96E8E DE1 3GU Deda, Deda Dance Centre, 19 Chapel Street Variable Restricted
680F5912-6E3E-44B2-B428-AE1D00DCCB52 DE1 3HB Clarke Tinkler Llp, Suite 1 Lower Ground Floor The Mill, Lodge Lane Variable Restricted
7ACB4A84-AC77-44B8-8CBE-ADEA00953173 DE1 3QB Kiwa Cmt Testing Ltd, Unit 5 Prime Enterprise Park, Prime Parkway Variable Restricted
0E9573BE-C873-4315-8912-ADEA00DFF153 DE1 3TN Tioga Ltd., St Thomas House, Mansfield Road Variable Restricted
1907B464-A3A3-49DF-93D3-ADF800F2C23E DE11 0AD Greenbank Leisure Centre, Civic Way, Swadlincote Variable Public
5F97CDCF-EED7-4893-BD10-AF1000B71C74 DE11 0AE Swadlincote Fire & Ambulance Station, Civic Wy, Swadlincote 24/7 Public
4758 DE11 0AH Civic Building, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
6539 DE11 0EW Midway Community Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
29C334B1-8DD1-405B-A72C-DA6FF32644EB DE11 0HX The Old Post, High St, Newhall Swadlincote 24/7 Public
AD3D2E02-E816-4C4D-B755-AD08007F0BBB DE11 0SR Newhall United Football Club, The Gables Off St Johns Drive, Newhall 24/7 Restricted
B72191BF-1929-4FEA-B294-AFE800C28AB3 DE11 0WT Screwfix, Unit C9 Optimum Business Park, Optimum Road Variable Restricted
5E29C9B4-C119-45AC-9AC5-ADDE00B5D0AC DE11 7EA Tesco, 42 High Street, Swadlincote Variable Public
D26DA876-F7E5-42FA-B367-85565C219F1C DE11 7EA Woodville Parish Council Woodville Parish Rooms, High St, Woodville Swadlincote 24/7 Public
3BEDD81C-10A1-461A-BC70-AFCF00D3F3BF DE11 7JR Granville Academy, Burton Road, Woodville Variable Restricted
41B451B4-A989-4DAA-A144-B09700E41094 DE11 7LA Eureka Primary School, Dunsmore Way, Midway Variable Restricted
6CF36340-BAE8-47B8-BA71-52BE11D0400A DE11 8AL Blackfordby Village Hall, Sandtop Ln, Blackfordby Swadlincote 24/7 Public
A44A051B-7DE1-45EE-B27A-ADCC00EC45D0 DE11 8DA Masseys, 129 Swadlincote Road, Swadlincote Variable Restricted
F9DE656F-8C81-449F-8E3F-AF5C00EC4545 DE11 8DA Masseys, 129 Swadlincote Road, Swadlincote 24/7 Public
7F2076F8-C7F8-494F-9862-DC5ABABD5C96 DE11 8JA Hairs And Graces, 49a High Street, Swadlincote 24/7 Public
7FAA0C09-91DB-4736-A84A-AFA200910F17 DE11 8JU Hughes And Owen Dental Care, Hughes And Owen Brook House, Belmont Street Variable Public
218919EE-5DEA-4DE6-8194-AED500BB450D DE11 8NA 14 Mansfield Close, Swadlincote Variable Restricted
3116 DE11 9DA Delph Dental Practice, Unit 3 Delph Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
D2D758E3-40A3-432A-BF27-DB18F0D353B8 DE11 9DE Ward & Brewin Funeral - West Street, 20 West St, Swadlincote 24/7 Public
71089AA7-AF5A-474A-9F49-AE7800E35700 DE11 9DU In Memory Of Neil Gunn, The Catchems Inn, 245 Hearthcote Road 24/7 Public
9B9A3F72-8870-400A-B3A4-B0470062586D DE11 9DU Tesco Express, Hearthcote Road, Swadlincote Variable Public
82059265-5027-4344-B429-AE8B00A5C38A DE11 9ES Grangewood Fencing, Grangewood Fencing Supplies, Burton Road 24/7 Public
9096FCDF-ED71-4780-940E-AF65010C4C9F DE11 9EU Smartroof, Cadley Hill Industrial Estate, Ryder Close,, Swadlincote, Variable Restricted
CC5ED345-36E5-41A2-99D7-B09300E23C9A DE11 9FQ Snap Fitness, Unit 5 The Pipeworks, Coppice Side Variable Public
4AEBEB6E-8055-466F-938C-3104E51C0AAC DE11 9HP Castle Court Care Home, Linton Rd, Castle Gresley 24/7 Public
54C2D9C7-4AA5-44B9-ADFE-AC5C00C97346 DE11 9JE Castle Gresley Sports Pavilion, Mount Pleasant Road, Castle Gresley 24/7 Public
C66A3FFF-ED59-41D2-A9C4-AE8B00A40947 DE11 9JE The Mount Pleasant Pub, 109 Mount Pleasant Road, Castle Gresley 24/7 Public
9E58E5AF-C4FE-46B2-A994-4869AF54EE14 DE11 9JT Gresleydale Health Centre, Glamorgan Wy, Church Gresley Swadlincote 24/7 Restricted
7679D436-EA31-4BB8-84FA-F3BF0C92F2E1 DE11 9NR Church St, Church Gresley Swadlincote 24/7 Public
616FB06C-A802-480B-A3B5-AE42008A3A4C DE11 9NW Tesco, Tesco Express, Common Road Variable Public
A0CAB493-0D72-4B28-9790-AF7900F114D1 DE11 9RE The Moat Ground, Moat Street, Church Gresley 24/7 Public
5350 DE12 6AT Moira Furnace Hut, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1A226885-D5A1-4664-A325-B05300995827 DE12 6BA Forest Holidays, Bath Yard, Moira 24/7 Public
2BFA7F9A-7C8D-41DA-BAFE-AF2C00BB974A DE12 6BA Suite1and 2 Enterprise Glade, Bath Yard, Moira Variable Public
21724EFC-8B70-4C92-AE42-B01800AD8C62 DE12 6BD Conkers Camping And Caravan Club, 50 Bath Lane, Moira 24/7 Public
1EAD2891-2F81-4328-B494-AFA8009913BE DE12 6DP Moira Village Hall, Ashby Road, Moira 24/7 Public
A15F4A64-7651-4C55-9006-AFA8009AC4FC DE12 6EX Jaspers News And Wine, Blackfordby Lane, Norris Hill 24/7 Public
EEA4C516-207C-45A0-9516-1475AC2D72E9 DE12 6JJ Co-Op - Burton Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Overseal, 67 Burton Rd 24/7 Public
569798D9-6335-4390-B94A-AE0700ECA136 DE12 6JT Pozament Ltd, Pozament Cement Company Swainspark Industrial Estate, Park Road Variable Restricted
D894FD84-F532-4856-AEE7-256DC28BEA3C DE12 6QA Linton Primary School, Main St, Linton Swadlincote Variable Public
741C4261-3AB1-491E-A407-B09600B92AD5 DE12 7AH Sir John Moore School And Foundation, 101 Top Street, Appleby Magna 24/7 Restricted
009771FB-C445-4A66-B3EE-E513206F7F32 DE12 7AP Inside Mcdonalds Restaurants Ltd, Atherstone Rd, Appleby Magna Swadlincote 24/7 Restricted
C0893386-9D78-453D-9A69-AB84010DD242 DE12 7BE Appleby Magna Pc, The Sports Pavilion, The Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
5E72D8F6-C7A3-4DB5-B430-7EBC24ABDF25 DE12 7DB The Globe Inn, 4 Main St, Snarestone Swadlincote 24/7 Public
6E72D9C3-22E9-4399-8D26-2929420643E2 DE12 7DU D F S Furniture Ltd, Tamworth Rd, Measham Swadlincote 24/7 Public
B29EE321-52AB-4C87-98AB-474BF3E53C49 DE12 7HR Co-Op - High Street, 7 High Street, Measham 24/7 Public
F69103AE-0628-403A-A682-B0310101C550 DE12 7HR Tesco Measham Express, High St, Measham Variable Public
776C2A26-2DF7-4234-B3FE-1B433AB1EBD6 DE12 7HZ St Lawrence Church Hall, High St, Measham Swadlincote 24/7 Public
784956BF-D00D-44F4-8E31-B04400F0F022 DE12 7JP Pickerings Hire Ltd, Ashby Road, Measham Variable Restricted
E4220BF4-836F-4527-BDE6-D24A9147F43E DE12 7JW Pickering Plant Hire, Ashby Rd, Measham Swadlincote 24/7 Public
041F8839-077B-4574-950B-3DBB559019D7 DE12 7PX The Halfway House, 65 Church St, Donisthorpe Swadlincote 24/7 Public
79D6133A-745A-4475-B584-AF5800F90214 DE12 7QF 1a Ashby Road, Donisthorpe 24/7 Public
6043 DE12 7RE Primary School, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1C121120-E1AC-4581-9274-AEF800FF2277 DE12 7RE Oakthorpe Community, 83 School Street, Oakthorpe 24/7 Public
1F2A1418-B0DC-4696-8FB2-B02100C8815D DE12 8EZ The Works, Church Street, Coton In The Elms 24/7 Public
26588239-3F98-4236-AD4A-0CAB7C88CC5E DE12 8HJ Black Horse, 17 Burton Rd, Coton In The Elms Swadlincote 24/7 Public
42B6BA33-B0E9-4CA1-B773-AEF5014E5370 DE12 8JD Pavillion, Strawberry Lane, Swadlincote 24/7 Public
225BDF53-526D-4C47-970E-882C97BCF839 DE12 8JW Village Hall, Main St, Rosliston Swadlincote 24/7 Public
C4A84C24-73FE-4CFB-8726-3B5B4D2767AA DE12 8JX Rosliston Farm Forestry Centre, Burton Road, Swadlincote 24/7 Public
E66F728E-AF3B-473A-8AA4-B576B9E269DD DE12 8NL Walton On Trent C Of E Primary School On Side Of Gate, Coton Rd, Walton On Trent Swadlincote 24/7 Public
BCD1A344-C972-43F2-AEEE-AEF400B843D6 DE13 0AR Burton Albion Community Trust, Burton Albion Community Football Centre Pirelli Stadium (Burton Albion Fc), Princess Way 24/7 Public
4D183F33-1075-4397-B00B-AB2200B1A388 DE13 0BB Ncco International, A3-A4 Beeches Park, Eastern Avenue Variable Public
FC20751D-E647-44F4-B201-AFE90088C337 DE13 0BB Screwfix, Unit B2 Beeches Park, Eastern Avenue Variable Restricted
FE33F051-0DF1-47D8-898D-AAE000D9893C DE13 0BB E M P Technologies Ltd, Unit C3, Eastern Avenue Variable Public
EDA01F3E-8E2F-4784-8693-AE4300AC07CD DE13 0BN Stretton Parish Council, Stretton Sports Pavilion, Hillfield Lane 24/7 Public
98D8912E-CED5-4FED-94F9-AACB0094FBB2 DE13 0EA Co-Op - Main Street, 24 Main Street, Stretton 24/7 Public
AF7C38F5-F76E-4304-B008-605618B0F215 DE13 0EN Co-Op - Princess Way, Central England Co-Operative Food - Eton Park, Princess Way 24/7 Public
AEB1892E-DA3C-44E2-AD67-AFCB011538C5 DE13 0FW Albion Gateway - St Modwens, Milan Rd Off Derby Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
CC00D2E9-7A3C-4DD8-A08E-64B09340236F DE13 0LL De Ferrers Academy - Trent Campus, St Marys Drive, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
62FA2D36-84F4-48D1-87CC-B099009E9C95 DE13 0RA Victoria Community School, Belvoir Road, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
B2481C70-67AF-4207-9CF6-D1F4A4BE5860 DE13 7AE Alrewas Pharmacy 120a, Main Street, Alrewas 24/7 Public
3E9120BE-F0CA-477E-B485-AE5100BD8A5C DE13 7AR The National Memorial Arboretum, Croxall Road, Alrewas 24/7 Restricted
C8B6BAF7-8B22-442E-979F-4C8DEEB105DD DE13 7AR National Memorial Arboretum, Croxall Road, Burton On Trent 24/7 Restricted
D14E6FFA-2943-4829-AA4E-1A5C765A45B3 DE13 7AS Alrewas Surgery, Exchange Road, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
5961773C-391D-468F-B5E0-15D3741C281A DE13 7AX Alrewas Royal British Legion Club Ltd, Rykneld Street, Alrewas 24/7 Public
FDD91998-8917-441D-A7CC-158B7FA74B61 DE13 7AX Total Petrol Station, Main Street, Alrewas 24/7 Public
90AE6CB5-7B96-457F-AA88-AC6401098C53 DE13 7BF 29 Cotton Close, Alrewas, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
9F0E1FD3-C5D4-4C38-A79B-AC64011390BE DE13 7DB Delhi Divan, Kings Bromley Road, Alrewas 24/7 Public
4F6E05D6-A05B-4946-9551-AC4B00A4231D DE13 7DL Alrewas Hayes Events Ltd, Alrewas Hayes, Nr Fradley Junction 24/7 Restricted
C213462B-F9AB-4B6B-A8EC-1F494A61B2E1 DE13 7DN Laughing Duck Cafe, Alrewas 24/7 Public
3150E0EB-249F-48B6-A6A0-B083009499A4 DE13 7EF All Saints C Of E Primary School, All Saints Church Of England Primary School, Furlong Close Variable Restricted
D6ABE09B-FA88-4E8B-9298-909AC5E968DD DE13 7EW Alrewas Cricket Club, Daisy Lane, Alrewas 24/7 Public
D7A4FDD6-5758-459C-BA48-FE39F0C6C814 DE13 7HR Wat Mahathat Buddhist Monastery, Eastfield House, Alrewas Road Variable Restricted
0709C31F-BC89-451B-B8BC-AE920092243C DE13 7HZ Royal Oak, Manor Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
442785CA-932B-4F81-A014-B0740128827F DE13 7JE Richard Crosse Church Of England Primary School, Lichfield Road, Kings Bromley Variable Restricted
3439145C-C3B0-40DB-A214-AE7400903F27 DE13 8AJ Blakenhall Park, Bar Lane, Barton Under Needwood 24/7 Public
F62F5EDD-EF59-4E8F-A74B-D43D5BE35848 DE13 8AX Barton Under Needwood Library, Dunstall Road, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
F97EEB66-7DD2-4D3B-8D03-9140E92EB5FE DE13 8BB Holland Sports Club, Potters Way, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
7353 DE13 8BX Onpoint Logistics Ltd, Staffordshire 24/7 Public
7121FBB1-4305-4D15-86E3-AF9500E3F1AA DE13 8DZ Barton Turns Marina Ltd Barton Marina, Barton Turn, Barton Under Needwood 24/7 Public
2C8F8DE2-AC5E-4C99-B9AB-AAB901065BCF DE13 8EN Mors Smitt Uk Ltd, Unit 6a, Graycar Business Park 24/7 Public
E7026DEB-6CB5-441B-8087-AFCB011CBB22 DE13 8FL Smp Burton - St Modwens, Acacia Lane Off Gateway Road, Barton Under Needwood 24/7 Public
CE23053D-49AE-4F1B-A411-AFF800E00674 DE13 8JD The Royal Oak - Burton, 74 The Green, Barton Under Needwood 24/7 Public
4AB1F302-F8C1-47DB-A888-BAFC1912B311 DE13 8LB Fire Station Barton Under Needwood, Short Lane, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
2A328E66-D86D-492B-9A32-B04A00B4179B DE13 8NF King Street, Yoxall Variable Restricted
5568 DE13 8NQ The Golden Cup Public House, Staffordshire 24/7 Public
F5DE6D85-770F-477F-BFD6-AFE200E1EBAE DE13 8RN The Lodge Stables Yoxall Lodge, Scotch Hill Road, Newchurch 24/7 Public
D7A93C4D-CAAE-4837-8F83-B04A00F47360 DE13 8SU Yoxall Road, Newborough Variable Restricted
FBFDB3E2-FB34-4B2F-9C2C-B08301358C6B DE13 8TD Cock Inn, Hanbury Hill, Hanbury 24/7 Public
3A51A9DF-9478-4C9E-9B14-B07F00F1FA58 DE13 8TF Hanbury Memorial Hall, Hall Drive, Hanbury 24/7 Public
FBCD2A33-7096-4E38-BAFE-366C2BA43910 DE13 8TG Far Fillimore Rest Home, Wood Lane, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
8A02B669-E3D8-4E89-A22F-ADD101530889 DE13 9AU 2 Dovecliff Road, Rolleston On Dove 24/7 Public
B984D145-A883-47AD-8A10-AF1000DC3A21 DE13 9BE St Mary'church, Church Room, Church Road 24/7 Public
3D236E26-6613-48A5-9E97-029A3B5802CE DE13 9DN Co-Op - Burnside, Central England Co-Operative Food - Rolleston-On-Dove, 39 Burnside Variable Restricted
208763F8-596B-4B44-ABE8-ADDC0095243C DE13 9HS Specialised Orthotic Services Ltd, Unit 127 128 Fauld Industrial Estate, Fauld Lane Variable Restricted
2E5CFC8F-76BB-4C95-92B1-AE3500928378 DE13 9HS Unit 127 128 Fauld Industrial Estate, Fauld Lane, Fauld Variable Restricted
23F2EBD8-714B-42E3-B1FB-8BDEAB4EF09D DE13 9JP Kangs Stores 53, Ferrers Avenue, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
4594567B-A612-48B2-9C8D-E52A22FF12B5 DE13 9JQ Park Lane Stores, 81 Park Lane, Tutbury 24/7 Public
45BFB5D4-98B7-4006-9AE8-D2668ED855AC DE13 9LS Tutbury Institute, 24 High Street, Tutbury 24/7 Public
58D0DC56-4AE9-45DF-BC92-D41A32D804EA DE13 9NA Leopard Inn, Monk Street, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
CF1E3EDB-D519-4239-BDD0-E91C2CBA41B6 DE13 9NR The Cross Keys, 39 Burton Street, Tutbury 24/7 Public
B36676FB-2AE3-43C2-9FEA-AE3D00E268CE DE13 9PQ The Horsebox, Tutbury Road, Needwood 24/7 Public
1753ED95-53A0-49B2-BF70-E2389529F791 DE13 9QD Bell Inn, Main Road, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
D55CCAF3-40E7-4255-BBF2-AACB00B647D7 DE13 9QX Thompstone Commercial Property, Anslow Business Park, Main Road 24/7 Public
908FD581-391D-47FF-BE0D-AE9200F71E10 DE13 9RG Scout Activity Centre, Dunstall Road, Rangemore 24/7 Restricted
7447F1E7-2693-44A8-B4D4-AA9B00B1684B DE13 9RN Byrkley Garden Centre, Byrkley Drive, Burton-On-Trent Variable Restricted
3A41A809-63B3-4F20-A9E4-AD0600F615ED DE13 9RW Rangemore Playing Fields, Tatenhill Lane, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
7BC1F761-0D1D-46AA-90A1-ADEC798A49F8 DE13 9SD Horseshoe Inn, Main Street, Burton On Trent Variable Public
AAB83837-2A45-4394-8378-AFF2009E1B0C DE14 1BU Management Office, Burton Place, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
9D4ADD99-6AF4-4AB4-8005-AF9600EFE344 DE14 1DD O2 Store (0130) Burton Upon Trent, Cooper Square Shopping Centre, 3 Swan Walk Variable Restricted
2816F332-6EF1-430B-BAAC-ADD4010211DD DE14 1DU Granary Wharf Business Park, Unit 10 Wetmore Road, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
FDD45E65-11FD-4D58-A40D-6AFFC406BE32 DE14 1DU Polydist (Uk) Ltd 7 Granary Wharf Business Park, Wetmore Rd, Burton-On-Trent Variable Restricted
C1EC0368-346E-467C-9C8F-08D481E5DFAB DE14 1HL Marks & Spencers, Marks & Spencer Plc 2-6, St Modwens Walk Variable Restricted
FB2560EE-7B53-442E-B2B5-B07D00FA23C4 DE14 1HS The United Club, The United Club, 3 Friars Walk, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
BDBF3165-E7FF-4E28-9A7D-AAF100FCC6DF DE14 1NT 178b Horninglow Street, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
F56E5CCA-81CA-47F1-87FF-71103A5C884D DE14 1PH Staffordshire Probation Service, Horninglow Street, Burton On Trent 24/7 Restricted
0369C5BF-A936-4412-9F8B-AD6000A2EFC7 DE14 1PZ Spin Box Burton - Toyota, Unit 20, Yeoman’s Industrial Estate, Wharf Road 24/7 Public
159DA783-C04C-4AB7-982F-AB4D00F5F4C8 DE14 1RL Riverside Park, 74 Riverside Park, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
FCC8F89B-1091-40A8-819E-AF5100D6A096 DE14 1SB Railway Brake Services Ltd, Unit 2 Sidings Industrial Estate, Wetmore Road Variable Restricted
54A71677-167F-4E2D-AB46-AE2400E45F37 DE14 1SG Burton Glass, Unit 5 Falcon Close, Burton Glass Variable Restricted
2B07140D-5B46-40EE-B7FA-AF9D00C70A49 DE14 1SL Wetmore Road Surgery, 12 Wetmore Road, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
171F62F0-AC68-4AB0-8421-B084007D7176 DE14 1SN Holy Trinity C E Primary School, Wetmore Road, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
12F3CE0D-EFEB-4277-8A98-AE2700EC8497 DE14 1TL Meadowside Leisure Centre, High Street, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
659CB790-0BBB-463F-A53B-ADF800EDD713 DE14 2AB Clipper Logistics, The Duke, Wellington Road 24/7 Restricted
10BAAAD8-06DC-40E9-A3E1-AB7300A1B3CC DE14 2AP Shobnall Retail And Leisure Park Wellington Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
E4CDA1BD-6B71-4B08-9E9B-AEC900B486C5 DE14 2AU Jannel Cruisers Ltd, Canalside Coffee Shop Shobnall Marina, Shobnall Road 24/7 Public
FA64E77C-FB9B-4CBE-AF74-AD6000C94A53 DE14 2AU Shobnall Marina, Shobnall Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
C89C0785-1FC8-42FE-A7B4-AEC900B3C838 DE14 2BA 18 Shobnall Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
4EFF8FBD-84EE-4000-A886-AE2A009705BA DE14 2BB Shobnall Leisure Complex, Shobnall Rd, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
E7BDA7B7-6BD5-4E9E-94D1-AE8C007F2D14 DE14 2DA Burton On Trent Railway Station, Borough Road, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
E01A5731-A042-498D-94D7-92FB91097B01 DE14 2DF Co-Op Funeral - Borough Road, Co-Operative Funeral Service 8, Borough Road 24/7 Public
FE50A1DE-3CB4-4F34-B129-AFB7008A4AE2 DE14 2DW Miniclipper Logistics, Unit 2 Avro Business Park, Wellington Road Variable Public
FDCDBB30-F691-47C4-AFB6-AEC900B535DB DE14 2ER Grange Street, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
5DA75060-5C29-4450-AD79-AEF300D98290 DE14 2GR Century Court, First Avenue, Burton Upon Trent Variable Public
C4013335-7FA8-42CA-8CE0-C70537FA92FE DE14 2LD Co-Op Funeralcare - Derby Street, 55 Derby Street, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
886A4B6E-9855-4B62-A1E3-AE3C00F63060 DE14 2LG Volvo Truck & Bus Dealer, Derby Street, White Building On The A5121 Near Ub Plastics, Derby Street, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
420F07F4-4C91-4D18-A551-AEFC0101C424 DE14 2LU 25 Victoria Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
FF9B5B82-9F8B-4028-9D26-AD56016F2CC1 DE14 2PT Public House, Victoria Inn, 103 Horninglow Road 24/7 Public
738EC324-6B94-4063-8D1D-B06E007DBF9F DE14 2RE Lansdowne Academy, Goodman Street, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
D5B26A39-5516-477F-86FB-AB6F00F4F32F DE14 2WD Studio 2 Third Avenue, Branston Variable Restricted
9F3B68ED-8603-4FD2-946B-ADD600D5F381 DE14 2WH Laurus House, First Avenue, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
79B8581A-9342-4484-9FEE-AEB700AC3E04 DE14 2WQ Unit 18 And 19 Studio 2, Third Avenue, Centrum 100 Variable Public
24F4BD6A-86D9-4AC6-B962-BEA2444E09EC DE14 3DD The Branston Arms, Branston Arms 115-116, Branston Road 24/7 Public
508E20ED-DEC4-41B0-9220-AE3200F1AAD3 DE14 3EZ Taylor Wimpey, The Coopers Site Office, Branston Road Variable Restricted
83D098DA-E73D-4D6E-B0AD-ADE100DD5800 DE14 3EZ Tatenhill Lane, Branston 24/7 Public
E94D2F20-BBF9-45B9-8E50-AAC100CC71BC DE14 3EZ Bridge Inn, Tatenhill Lane, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
E67E6B81-C827-4427-9FF3-AC1F00F5B5F4 DE14 3HF Co-Op - Branston Square, Unit 1, Branston Square 24/7 Public
D3547B4A-4F1E-46F5-91A3-AE2200D5F37A DE14 3HT Sports Pavilion, Clays Lane, Branston 24/7 Public
31AB88D0-A3E8-4B0F-A0E8-AFE700D52AC2 DE14 3JZ Screwfix, Units 1, Ninth Avenue Variable Restricted
810C0006-D2E2-4DBA-9699-AED000892C9C DE14 3JZ Surestore Burton, Ninth Avenue, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
DA7E0B74-FD2B-42E2-A173-AF6C00DB3B50 DE14 3JZ Toby Carvery - Burton Upon Trent, Ninth Avenue, Burton Upon Trent Variable Public
B51D4D9F-3CC3-4749-A846-32890E40A67D DE14 3LA Anglesey Parish Council, Pakistani Community Centre 228-230, Uxbridge Street 24/7 Public
EFA5477F-F613-4D77-AA86-5D24FC6A190F DE14 3NT Anglesey Parish Council, The Former Scrumptious Cafe, 86a, Anglesey Road 24/7 Public
139B811A-3776-4A74-8D02-AE3600E061E6 DE14 3RJ Tesco Superstore, St Peters Bridge, 0 Variable Public
F4CBEC91-E763-468A-B2D5-AFE800ABAF8F DE14 3RL Bsdc Innovations Salon, Bsdc Lichfield St, De14 3rl, Lichfield Street 24/7 Public
DFF5DA18-F061-4D57-8DA5-EA488D9307A9 DE14 3SU Burton Upon Trent Fire Station, Moor Street, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
279FC070-8A5B-4A48-ADDA-B00A00FC42F4 DE14 3SZ Toyota, Moor Street, Burton On Trent Variable Public
638FB6DA-4708-415C-AE11-B00A00FADE6D DE14 3SZ Bravoauto, Moor Street, Burton On Trent Variable Public
130EB4F5-D77B-4177-A535-1E39E0AE3115 DE15 0AX Winshill Cricket Club, Mill Hill Lane, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
31BCA748-AEF8-4F8E-B301-28C3F9450DA5 DE15 0BA Abbot Beyne School Evershed Building, Mill Hill Lane, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
C3A7F736-0AA5-4888-8061-AB6100C4CD97 DE15 0BA Abbot Beyne School, Evershed Building, Mill Hill Lane Variable Restricted
0AF80730-DB2D-4E89-9575-AF32014AE5C2 DE15 0BF 6 Ratcliff Mews, Newton Solney, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
91B6DD33-C583-41F5-B98F-ACDF01866F46 DE15 0EP Winshill Medical Centre, Melbourne Avenue, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
90A44E4D-DA2C-4C36-87AA-AF0900ECF289 DE15 0EZ Tower View, Tower View Primary School, Vancouver Drive 24/7 Public
5248 DE15 0HD Winshill Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Staffordshire 24/7 Public
1CE57972-871C-4B6E-B9B1-AABD00DB221A DE15 0HR Co-Op - Church Hill Street, 98 Church Hill Street, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
FD5BF715-5934-4C77-B0EF-AEC800CFE4F8 DE15 0JA St Josephs Rc Church, Mount Street, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
13108F5B-5C7E-428B-B790-B07700A1021D DE15 0JE Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Primary School, Alexandra Road, Winshill Variable Public
F4FC2C03-1E6B-4E28-96D4-AE5A00D972FF DE15 0JE Holy Rosary Catholic Voluntary Academy, Alexandra Road, Burton On Trent Variable Public
C31625E5-BAE0-43CE-BDEB-AB6100C3E664 DE15 0JL Abbot Beyne School, Linnell Building, Osborne Street Variable Restricted
E7AD8C8D-6C2B-4297-B946-A1B82236DC16 DE15 0JL Abbot Beyne School Linnell Building, Osborne Street, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
3591C622-3F47-45CF-BB5F-B022012A416C DE15 0LQ Waterloo Inn, 50 Ashby Road, Burton Upon Trent 24/7 Public
53F2F9F2-AFF8-46CE-BAC3-7081A02C5362 DE15 0QE Bretby Crematorium - Geary Lane, Bretby Crematorium, Geary Lane 24/7 Restricted
870816F9-A270-46B8-BEB8-B09700728C8C DE15 0YZ Surepharm Services Ltd, Bretby Business Park, Ashby Road East 24/7 Public
A7A76B34-F291-466B-9103-B09700705EBE DE15 0YZ Surepharm Services Ltd, Bretby Business Park, Ashby Road East 24/7 Restricted
21736322-CE1E-4896-B933-ABD400CC3AC5 DE15 9AE Burton Leander Rowing Club, 37-45 Stapenhill Road, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
35A2E52A-D2CC-4387-96A8-AFF1008C3471 DE15 9AR The Community Church Burton, Main Street, Stapenhill 24/7 Public
F726AC3C-772B-4AF6-AAB0-F41805A41EE6 DE15 9AW Bridge Surgery, St Peters Street, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
50B71CC1-10C0-4C42-B5D4-AAF6014BC223 DE15 9EJ Co-Op - Woods Lane, Woods Lane, Burton-On-Trent 24/7 Public
49BB6E46-06DF-4C0C-99AF-AF1E012378D3 DE15 9GB 3 Doveridge Road, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
EF4A069F-A2A2-415E-86D8-AE4000B29DF5 DE15 9GU Tesco Express, Best Ave, Stapenhill Variable Public
F8D3AEB2-7BAF-45B7-B29D-B02900963097 DE15 9HR Suffolk Road, Burton Upon Trent Variable Restricted
627C5CE3-3193-4A1A-BCC5-D295FDFDBEC3 DE15 9LD Hill Street Dental Practice, Hill Street, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
75B78682-D2B7-4392-A816-ADD50110CC06 DE15 9NG Vital Energi Utilities Ltd, Former Drakelow Power Station, Gate C - Walton Road Variable Public
E1CC0BB1-E633-4872-B22A-9ED909D2E875 DE15 9QD Stapenhill Medical Centre, Fyfield Road, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
77B9D239-28D4-407D-9CBE-F1C4A26F01B2 DE15 9RQ Beaufort Dental Health Centre 45b, Rosliston Road, Burton On Trent Variable Restricted
0F2338FF-CA3B-413C-BF15-F9D61EF398AD DE15 9SD Blessed Robert Sutton Catholic School, Blue Stone Lane, Burton On Trent 24/7 Public
D54BA3AE-9574-4D6A-BA87-AE370109CF42 DE15 9SF Tesco, Tesco Express, Stanton Road Variable Public
078D07B5-3388-4995-90A8-AD53007A37B7 DE15 9TJ Stanton Village Hall, Woodland Road, Stanton 24/7 Public
0D732AD9-9EE6-471E-A568-ADE800BC77BD DE15 9UA Drakelow Business Park, Walton Road, Drakelow Variable Restricted
FA9D3D81-D178-4984-B09A-ACE701106959 DE21 2BN Hair Angel, 78 Vestry Road, Derby 24/7 Public
F7FB756C-316F-40DF-BD17-AE9300DBB441 DE21 2HT Wilsons Pharmacy, Unit 2-3 Oakwood District Centre, Danebridge Crescent 24/7 Public
E16982DB-F9CA-4620-94E8-AFEA00B3080C DE21 4AE Screwfix, Alfreton Road, Derby Variable Restricted
0980303E-C900-4660-945E-ADA400930A49 DE21 4AG Tomlinson House, 100 Alfreton Road, Derby Variable Public
744BD8C8-4181-4DD6-9AF6-AFE900D954A8 DE21 4AP C Site, Pektron, Alfreton Road, Derby Variable Restricted
845FCA03-03BB-4C88-B181-AFE900D774EB DE21 4AP Tech Centre, Pektron, Alfreton Road, Derby Variable Restricted
9D96F863-5322-44AD-98EE-AFE900D31D07 DE21 4AP Alfreton Road, Breadsall Variable Restricted
CEE9DB7C-C9F4-4B3E-9533-AFE900D1DBEF DE21 4AP Alfreton Road, Breadsall Variable Restricted
7F7B00CC-CDAB-46E3-A06E-AD3500BACCBA DE21 4AS Derwent Training Consultants Ltd, Suite 16 Keynes House, Alfreton Road Variable Restricted
8C3AD390-9C43-465D-9AC2-AEDF0114FB0B DE21 4BA Rail Accident Investigation Branch, The Wharf, Stores Road Variable Restricted
A51A3716-2E66-4864-B3EE-AF9E010B6EA2 DE21 4BD Derby City Council, Derby City Council Depot, 15 Stores Road Variable Public
6E24C4AC-0843-4635-87AC-AFE900DA2B46 DE21 4BN E/F Site, Pektron, Northedge Business Park, Alfreton Road Variable Restricted
0B24EAD4-D2B4-46E3-A18E-B02F010443F0 DE21 4ET Breadsall Hill Top Primary School, St Andrews View, Breadall Variable Restricted
7FDDE5CA-30A8-4EA3-8945-AE3200BD4167 DE21 4FY The Windmill, The Windmill Pub, Hill Top 24/7 Public
9A56030A-65F2-4654-BD7F-B08100EA39F5 DE21 4LY Cavendish Close Infant School, Wood Road, Chaddesden Variable Restricted
255E7D42-4DDB-4B60-959A-CC248884DD7D DE21 4RJ Cavendish Close Junior School, Deborah Dr, Chaddesden Derby Variable Restricted
38995198-EF99-4078-9323-B08200E76A2B DE21 4ST Syntegon Technology Ltd, Unit 2a Meteor Business Park, Mansfield Road Variable Restricted
789FBEEA-1A34-483E-9F0A-AED30083D27C DE21 4SZ 3line Electrical Wholesale Ltd, Unit 41 Parker Centre, Mansfield Road 24/7 Public
BE440E7A-3FF4-4DFB-B074-75B1D92F7C22 DE21 5BH Grange The, Horsley Ln, Coxbench Derby 24/7 Public
11075EE9-84AF-41AA-AA1C-495E101F360A DE21 5BL Horsley Lodge Golf Club, Smalley Mill Rd, Horsley Derby Variable Public
928AE248-D164-4F2B-816A-A22FAE929972 DE21 5DE Co-Op - Little Eaton, 160 Alfreton Rd, Little Eaton Derby 24/7 Public
8AA729C3-EFB2-46E0-AFC9-ADA400B707D4 DE21 5DR Tomlinson House, Duffield Road, Little Eaton Variable Public
8247 DE21 5LF Breadsall Cricket Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5790ACB6-96B6-4BA5-A56D-AE1D00BDB197 DE21 5LF Breadsall Ce Primary School, 51, Brookside Road, Breadsall Variable Restricted
867DD996-9B8F-46AD-8F56-B07B00ADD885 DE21 5LF Breadsall Ce Primary School, 51, Brookside Road, Breadsall Variable Restricted
76DC4132-61F9-47DD-88D1-AED2009F0AA4 DE21 6BF Exeter House, Stanier Way, The Wyvern Variable Restricted
847760E9-DCF0-4049-943B-B07000FC3485 DE21 6DW Racecourse Football Hub, St. Marks Road, Derby 24/7 Public
089FB153-C912-4F0D-8F20-B00A00FAB08D DE21 6EL Jlr, 20, Chequers Road Variable Public
893F5ACB-B8DF-4020-9215-AF0B00C85841 DE21 6EP Inchcape 26-33 Cattle Market, Chequers Road, Derby Variable Public
32A06411-86A0-4AC9-A742-AF6C00DD5CD9 DE21 6LZ Toby Carvery - Chaddesden, Nottingham Road, Derby Variable Public
D062747A-E134-4B7D-8B3D-ADDD00A1B705 DE21 6NA Tesco Store, 459 Nottingham Road, Derby Variable Public
B4944946-FF8E-433D-A15D-7B97757A4D8C DE21 6NU St Albans Rc Primary School, Newstead Av Ismay Rd, Chaddesden Derby 24/7 Public
AA9AA422-B968-4A3A-9F20-AD19008DE12B DE21 6TT 3 Cavan Drive, Chaddesden, Derby 24/7 Public
89BD49CC-97D8-498B-87FF-B03800CE07C0 DE21 6WL Cherry Tree Hill Primary School, Lime Grove, Derby Variable Restricted
B2B7D4D4-D928-408A-9CDA-AFB101045AAE DE21 6YZ The Climbing Unit, Unit 5 Masons Place Business Park, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
E5A8B617-DFED-4D62-8972-B03C00D43576 DE21 7AB Springfield Primary School, West Road, Derby Variable Restricted
5299A54B-87C3-4F1C-838D-A00695544279 DE21 7AR Spondon Cricket Club, The Hsg Oval, 144 Locko Road 24/7 Restricted
35909523-AD3C-44C6-9AA9-AC2200BCC30F DE21 7BH Clean Slate, Unit 1, Raynesway Park Drive Variable Restricted
6E116C02-8894-438B-B720-AFEB00BB2C60 DE21 7BR Raynsway Ambulance Station, Megaloughton Lane ,, Spondon 24/7 Public
ABC223D8-ADBF-4D9C-A50C-ADDA0084DBAA DE21 7BS Tsl, Holme Lane, Derby Variable Restricted
1371985F-E43C-4F17-843A-7AB6C44DC619 DE21 7DJ Herbaltides Ltd, 117a Dale Rd, Spondon Derby 24/7 Public
5423 DE21 7GF Methodist Church, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
B150407B-2D8F-4281-A6B3-B01F00CA27C5 DE21 7NJ Aerodyn Ltd, Unit 1 Anglers Business Centre, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
9120D006-DF18-490A-8A2C-B09E0147B44B DE21 7QW Borrow Wood Primary School, Arundel Drive, Spondon Variable Restricted
F64206C7-3C96-4B7D-BF86-ADCC00E0DC29 DE21 7RW Ams Ltd, Unit 1 Riverside Park, East Service Road Variable Restricted
17A851DB-2DD2-476B-A6A9-AFE700D5648B DE21 7SN Screwfix, Unit 2 Canal Gate Park, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
867A8D72-ECB0-46F6-A5A0-ACB600DDD454 DE22 1AE Office 1 Oaklands Business Centre, 103 Duffield Road, Derby Variable Restricted
5853E81A-340C-4BB2-9A25-4BCBD2D4222F DE22 1BP Broadway Baptist Church Broadway, Derby 24/7 Public
5A0BC2FB-F89D-4A9A-AE09-39ABC89526AB DE22 1DG Darley Abbey Village Stores, 7 Abbey Ln, Darley Abbey Derby 24/7 Public
D4867E81-AB81-4B3A-8470-ADDC009E6B69 DE22 1DZ Fluid Ideas, Darley Abbey Mills, Darley Abbey Variable Restricted
F28472F1-F277-42F8-8075-2E88DA633E9A DE22 1EF Walter Evans C Of E School, Darley Abbey Dr, Darley Abbey Derby Variable Restricted
FD2F2378-08AA-4EBF-B140-CA7E7613B2FA DE22 1EF St Matthews Church, Darley Abbey Dr, Darley Abbey Derby 24/7 Public
63C6C437-8C45-4215-861A-B07400A3592A DE22 1JD St Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy, Duffield Road, Derby Variable Restricted
6D8659FC-1231-4A03-B806-B07400A0E47B DE22 1JD St Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy, Duffield Road, Derby Variable Restricted
5A914357-1FE2-4F73-8EA8-AF3F00FD9EF5 DE22 2DL 502 Duffield Road, Allestree, Derby 24/7 Public
7BDE3B2E-94EE-4E04-B829-063072D46B48 DE22 2DS Park Lane Surgery, 2 Park Ln, Allestree Derby Variable Restricted
4D16271A-E4D2-4008-9660-AF5700D48962 DE22 2ET 19 Burley Hill, Allestree, Derby Variable Restricted
50F47F87-234D-4D90-A35C-ADDD00E6965C DE22 2GP Tesco’s, Blenheim Parade, Derby Variable Public
FCFC3E43-B50C-4A30-A76F-B07D00C13BC0 DE22 2HW 26 Hollies Road, Derby 24/7 Public
8F03C849-C67B-47D4-A09E-AD6400CF4964 DE22 2LW Allestree Woodlands School, Blenheim Drive, Derby Variable Restricted
1A6356B4-6D39-4BA2-A2E8-AFF600E5B615 DE22 2QN Co-Op Funeral - Unit 4a Park Farm Centre, Unit 4a Park Farm Centre, Birchover Way 24/7 Public
0EB7F339-F92C-4BD4-ADDF-AEA5009E2473 DE22 2TE Derby City Council, Mundy Play Centre Markeaton Park, Kedleston Road 24/7 Public
9E6DB56A-11AE-4379-9A2B-AAAE00D2C284 DE22 3AD Silver Trees Day Nursery, 40 Ashbourne Road, Derby Variable Public
623BDC1A-A540-4047-8035-AF3100FDEB9E DE22 3LZ Integrated Health Projects, Ihp Kingsway Hospital, Kingsway Variable Restricted
CA2AEF9B-8908-45ED-888C-AE1B00EE5EEC DE22 3NE Steris Ims, Steris Ims Level One, Kings Treatment Centre Royal Derby Hospital 24/7 Restricted
35909265-42A4-4BDF-B399-DC0029AD78A9 DE22 3QY Residents Community Centre, Franchise St, Derby 24/7 Restricted
1EDE80F0-D4C7-49C1-9067-AE8200B955F6 DE22 3WA Firs Primary School, Raven Street, Derby 24/7 Public
7466 DE22 4AA Darley Abbey Cricket Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
C17B6F07-0578-487B-A404-33CA28069C98 DE22 4DT Co-Op - Samuel Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail- Langley Park, Samuel Rd 24/7 Public
920B4DD7-ABE4-475A-9A86-D79A665C8950 DE22 4FB Derby Sports College, Prince Charles Av, Mackworth Derby Variable Public
947EC129-49B5-413A-ACB0-AD78008DF679 DE22 4FN St Francis Parish Church, Prince Charles Avenue, Derby 24/7 Public
F6343E4D-E959-4790-A372-AE9E00937543 DE22 4JU Mackworth Estate Community Association Charity Shop, 6 Drayton Avenue, Derby 24/7 Public
D613BA87-BD59-4F46-B0A3-AC3A00AA6691 DE22 4LL Maple View School, 305a Prince Charles Avenue, Mackworth 24/7 Restricted
D531C5A8-57F7-4C1B-9818-AE9700C2110D DE22 4NH Derby City Council, Markeaton Crematorium, Markeaton Lane 24/7 Public
33701160-DE0F-487D-B281-5BEAFB2E1BA7 DE22 5JH National Trust Kedleston Hall, Kedleston Hall, Mercaston Lane Variable Restricted
D85F7597-AFBD-4A30-A502-AEDC013BC743 DE22 5JY Quarndon Cricket Club, The Common, Derby Variable Restricted
736 DE23 1GA Swimming Pool, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
961EE089-37AF-48B2-9B43-B098008A5170 DE23 1GG St Georges Catholic Voluntary Academy, Uplands Avenue, Derby Variable Restricted
6C9F281B-F4E7-41B3-AAA8-AE7700E2E60A DE23 2FS Derby Moor Academy, Moorway Lane, Derby 24/7 Public
80198319-490A-4845-BD81-ADD600EF11B4 DE23 3DT Derby High School, Hillsway, Littleover Variable Restricted
DB41E0A3-2AEB-4420-A5C6-ADD600FB6D23 DE23 3DT Derby High School, Derby High School - Sports Hall, Hillsway Variable Restricted
F8FAAB41-EAC8-4FEE-8932-D6667D308060 DE23 3UX Co-Op - Tutbury Avenue, Tutbury Av, Littleover Derby 24/7 Public
9E2945E5-2BD4-4149-BC8F-AE2900DD168B DE23 4AN Taylor Wimpey Uk Ltd, Boundary Moor Gardens, Deepdale Lane Variable Restricted
3EB332E6-11F2-4BAB-B077-5E87DD20B398 DE23 4BZ Littleover Community School, Pastures Hill, Littleover Derby Variable Restricted
5B68F0D4-17F8-439D-956B-AE8400AEEF67 DE23 6EP Littleover Methodist Church, Constable Drive, Derby Variable Restricted
4241 DE23 6LD Derby Congregational Cricket Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
14F89769-3CD5-440B-AB9C-AF9B00AEEC2A DE23 6NL Dale Community Primary School, Porter Road, Derby 24/7 Public
8423 DE23 6XX The Grange Banqueting Suite, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
287E9C1B-B41A-4FDC-965E-B04C00CA79D0 DE23 8AF Sunnyhill Community Centre, Coleridge Street, Derby 24/7 Public
335E7353-B8A2-46D5-8FE6-B03100C5DBB0 DE23 8DG Akaal Priamary School, Akaal Primary School, Grange Avenue Variable Restricted
0A0D9CAF-FC9A-476B-8702-B00700A554D1 DE23 8FQ Rosehill Infant And Nursery School, Reginald Street, Derby Variable Restricted
36DBBCDA-5AE2-4463-84AA-B07400D952FD DE23 8GP Arboretum Primary School, Corden Street, Derby Variable Restricted
302BBFBB-36A2-442E-8D9B-ADD400B0E1C4 DE23 8LU Alter Rock Indoor Climbing Centre, St James Centre, Malcolm Street Variable Public
280054B2-8CDA-4614-95AA-AE6900F02FFF DE23 8NQ Peartree Medical Centre, 159 Peartree Road, 159 Pear Tree Road Variable Restricted
E2EB2AF3-8FEB-4ACE-9418-EE8E0EEE39C9 DE23 8NQ Pear Tree Medical Centre, 159 Pear Tree Rd, Normanton Derby Variable Restricted
4770 DE24 0BR Noel Baker School, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5F964C10-C5EC-4428-8145-B01F0091738A DE24 0EP Wyndham Spencer Academy, Wyndham Primary Academy, Wyndham Street Variable Public
4756031E-9FD5-4CA8-B7AE-9AFC0694DBFB DE24 0LX Co-Op - Holbrook Road, 93 Holbrook Rd, Alvaston Derby 24/7 Public
A8B78DCF-B2E8-4F56-AE68-B07C0100AFAB DE24 0PA St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy, Alvaston Street, Derby Variable Restricted
296FF34B-4BEF-427C-B1AE-B01C00DE8CEF DE24 0PU Alvaston Infant And Nursery School, Elvaston Lane, Derby Variable Restricted
9DCCFF21-EBB7-44B7-BA67-AD3700DD6EE0 DE24 0RY Flat James Wyatt, Keldholme Lane, Derby 24/7 Public
E5C2DF38-DADB-4E00-BDB9-B04D0061C06A DE24 0RY Tesco Express, Keldholme Lane, Alvaston Variable Public
2FE6C7BF-F7AE-42B4-BB12-AE4200E82428 DE24 3DH Sinfin Moor Church, Arleston Lane, Sinfin 24/7 Public
D63E3CE8-84D4-4A99-83C2-FD07DD69C1CB DE24 3DS Asda Stores Ltd, Sinfin District Centre, Sinfin Derby Variable Public
ABECC2BE-3523-42A8-95C4-AF9600A92189 DE24 8AN Roccia Machinery Ltd, Unit 10, Victoria Way Variable Restricted
2199B3FC-23F4-4836-8F7D-B00A00FAAE7A DE24 8BX Lexus, Orient Way, Pride Park Variable Public
B11ADE4E-4B03-4BCF-AABA-AFFE007777F5 DE24 8BY Derby Pride Academy, 20 Orient Way, Derby Variable Restricted
B46063FE-7BE5-4CF3-A028-AFE800902D5C DE24 8GW Screwfix, Unit C Ascot Drive, Derby Variable Restricted
A374ABA9-7064-44D0-A189-EB22FE789397 DE24 8HQ Handyside Court, Rowena Cl, Alvaston Derby 24/7 Public
50ABD44A-1C6A-4503-AD30-B06100B2A546 DE24 8HR Chartwell (Derby) Ltd, Chartwell House, 1 Brunel Parkway Variable Public
D45B8C1A-3E7D-486C-A172-AE8400FE5719 DE24 8HT Medequip Assistive Technology Derby, Medequip, Haydock Park Road Variable Restricted
FB2C959B-0A7E-4B2D-93B6-86ED0E8A8142 DE24 8HU Spartan Studios Unit 3a, Gosforth Rd, Derby Variable Restricted
9742934D-0ACD-411D-9606-C4CFE16CB942 DE24 8HY David Lloyd Racquet & Fitness Centre, Riverside Rd, Pride Park Derby Variable Restricted
913181FF-19DD-4951-9BD7-705D8E24036A DE24 8JH T C Harrison, Stadium View, Pride Park Derby 24/7 Public
48E9E26E-5218-4D1E-B71A-AE7C00FF2F74 DE24 8JN Yellow Rail Ltd, Unit 1, Riverside Court Variable Restricted
75AAD236-4D77-4E41-9E1A-AEA00104F725 DE24 8JY Oberoi Consulting Ltd, Ground Floor, 20 St Christophers Way 24/7 Public
395AF709-1EB4-49C3-8BD0-AEAD00EDDBA7 DE24 8NW Riverside Medical Packaging, Units 1-3, Newmarket Court Variable Restricted
065F3A15-1E4D-4C7F-ACB4-ADDC013941F4 DE24 8QN Tesco Express, 1257-1265 London Road, Derby 24/7 Public
988FDC58-398E-4A69-BB87-ACE6010ED605 DE24 8QQ Derby City Council Parks, The Pavilion Community Centre, Alvaston Park 24/7 Public
EE20E2D6-1C29-4CF9-889E-B07C015468C8 DE24 8ST Dunelm Derby, Ascot Drive, Derby Variable Restricted
B5172FEC-86F8-4FA4-A919-AFEF00DA3A62 DE24 8SW Fairfax Meadow Europe Ltd, Industrial Estate, 6 Newmarket Dr, Osmaston, Derby 24/7 Restricted
FA2FF731-3F8C-45C5-A648-AE5C0098429E DE24 8SW Synergy, Synergy Health Plc, Newmarket Drive 24/7 Public
080EBE76-F9F8-46EE-A41B-B03400B72E28 DE24 8UY Lakeside Primary Academy, 877 London Road, Derby Variable Restricted
24A1D5F2-9443-4CCD-B97D-B02E00765B4E DE24 8WY City Gate Business Park, City Gate, Derby Variable Restricted
C10D0D5A-D78E-4CC6-ADA2-AF3101076CE3 DE24 8ZF Dynamic Sampling Uk Ltd, 5-8 Victory Park Way, Derby Variable Public
59D4C413-FCAC-4CDE-8699-B00A00A7212D DE24 9BB Allenton Community Primary School, Brookhouse Street, Derby Variable Restricted
7674FFA5-311D-4FC7-9B0D-AFE7005BBD4A DE24 9BD Test Bed 58, Wilmore Road, Derby 24/7 Restricted
C6DAE21A-4F44-4467-B8C6-AFE7005EB213 DE24 9BD Test Bed 55, Ptf Rolls-Royce, Wilmore Rd 24/7 Restricted
6EC0A168-C2A9-4F10-9219-AED200C45F86 DE24 9EF Co-Op - Chellaston Road, 242 Chellaston Road, Derby 24/7 Public
62E95FC2-A050-498C-99E7-AFE7005CD29F DE24 9GJ Test Bed 80, New Engine Test Bed 80 Facility Rolls Royce Plc, Wilmore Road 24/7 Restricted
664508C2-DC06-4D84-997D-AFE7005DBAD0 DE24 9GJ Test Bed 80 Upstairs, New Engine Test Bed 80 Facility Rolls Royce Plc, Wilmore Road 24/7 Restricted
EF4E3D38-0687-4BAE-91EE-33900E223762 DE24 9GP St Stephens Church & Family Centre, 311 Sinfin Ln, Derby 24/7 Public
AEBD7D76-425A-49FE-89BF-B04C008CFD09 DE24 9HQ Tesco Sinfin Express, Sinfin Lane, Sinfin Variable Public
2F642516-18DF-4C12-8B39-AE85011ED357 DE24 9HW Derby City Council, Sinfin Moor Park, Sinfin Lane 24/7 Public
BE435A6F-0683-41BD-A9C9-B021014AB6CB DE24 9HY Derby City Council, Moorways Sports Village, Moor Lane Variable Restricted
8CE8001C-D3D7-4404-965F-AFFD0097033D DE24 9NT Sinfin Community Centre, 50 Swallowdale Rd,, Derby 24/7 Public
E9C49C9B-74EF-4564-8634-AF57009C499E DE3 0FS Redrow Homes - Redrow Derbyshire Customer Experience Suite, Starflower Way, Mickleover Variable Restricted
AE38FC8C-6B4F-40FF-ABA0-B01500EAC6EA DE3 0QL The Bridge Centre For Natural Health, 185 Ladybank Road, Mickleover 24/7 Public
F74172A0-4BD9-4658-9FE0-AE5700EC6B5B DE3 0UJ Mickleover Country Park Football Club, Pastures Social Club, Merlin Way Variable Restricted
5569FB68-C13A-4D87-A221-B020010B1AD8 DE3 9FB The Great Northern Hotel, The Great Northern, Station Road 24/7 Public
BA206D85-156F-4EC6-B3F4-AEE4012E5BFF DE3 9FB Mickleover Fc, Station Road, Mickleover 24/7 Public
9C0991FB-335B-4600-B888-5D5A0ABBBDCB DE3 9HD St Johns Church, Devonshire Dr, Mickleover Derby 24/7 Public
CCBB70A3-7AD8-40F6-A4DC-AE4C00EA80A0 DE3 9NH Tesco, Tesco Store, Kipling Drive Variable Public
0B7E37A7-DF92-4008-8FB4-B01800FBEB6E DE4 2AR Telephone Box, Land Adjacent 4, High Street 24/7 Public
878B0AD1-4C5C-4397-A66C-089C459CC6E4 DE4 2AT The Garage, Town Head, Bonsall Matlock 24/7 Public
AADCCE0E-79D7-4853-8FBD-E79BCADE5D40 DE4 2AY The Dale, Bonsall Matlock 24/7 Public
91AE6FE0-5D60-428E-8290-B0AC013C7662 DE4 2BB Leys Lane Slaley, Spring Cottage Old Telephone Box, Leys Lane 24/7 Public
E0911310-DD63-4DDC-A220-AEB5009C8F17 DE4 2HN Woodbrook Quarry Disused, Bent Lane, Darley Dale 24/7 Public
193FCABE-4EA2-4027-AB86-AEE800FDE7AB DE4 2JE The Devonshire Group, Peak Village, Chatsworth Road Variable Public
C9E4A70A-CAE8-4B51-8F75-AE9C00D24C5C DE4 2JG Bullring Cottage, Snitterton Road, Snitterton 24/7 Public
5662 DE4 2JY Darley Dale Cricket Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
7145D8EC-6822-4697-B54E-AEFA00B5D891 DE4 2LE Cowley Lodge, Oldfield Lane, Warren Carr 24/7 Restricted
C56C95AB-A895-4E76-86BA-AEFA00B306FB DE4 2LP Ecobat Resources, Darley Dale Smelter, South Darley 24/7 Restricted
CE72CA87-EE7B-4D2C-942F-AEFA00B506BD DE4 2LP Ecobat Resources (Formally Hj Enthoven), Ecobat Resources (Formally H J Enthoven & Sons, Oldfield Lane 24/7 Restricted
1027 DE4 2LQ Toilet Block, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
31BB9F50-736E-480E-AC3D-B00D0098381B DE4 2NU Dukes Barn, School Lane, Beeley Variable Public
26A41F00-BCE0-4738-9E0E-B07500C22C93 DE4 2NX Chatsworth Garden Centre, Unnamed Road From B6012 To Long Gallery, Calton Lees Variable Restricted
DBD2AF27-596A-4DCA-9D5D-B042008C4150 DE4 2QB School Business Officer, Darley Dale Primary School, Greenaway Lane Variable Public
8007 DE4 3AR Matlock and Cromford Meadows Cricket Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
939D6D8D-43FB-4F68-97B2-B01200F81B7C DE4 3AR Matlock And Cromford Meadows Cricket Club, The Maazi Cricket Ground, Causeway Lane, Matlock 24/7 Public
7679363D-CEDA-43AE-AB09-4CC981ACDB9F DE4 3AZ Arc Leisure Matlock, Bakewell Rd, Matlock Variable Restricted
E4AB5849-76F6-4AF3-8E10-B07A009A74CD DE4 3DD Starkholmes Road, Matlock Variable Restricted
6F202A37-3154-4C2F-A343-92F4E2D05DAA DE4 3DE Starkholmes Village Hall, 105 Starkholmes Rd, Matlock 24/7 Public
538C6E7A-1DC4-4E30-8E4F-AFEA00A17A7E DE4 3DJ Matlock Green Scouts Hq, Butts Drive, Matlock 24/7 Public
942258EF-7365-4A5D-AC6C-AE9900B4B934 DE4 3ED Hurst Farm Community Centre, 6 Hazel Grove, Matlock 24/7 Public
DFC547DA-E37D-4A12-9E77-AFEB00BB303C DE4 3EJ Matlock Ambulance Station, Ambulance Station, Lime Tree Road 24/7 Public
E7196554-7DC0-4795-835B-B09E00CF5A59 DE4 3HX All Saints' Infant School, Matlock All Saints Church Of England Infant School, Dimple Road Variable Restricted
FA9C4D30-64BF-4A40-AA89-B09300F0BE51 DE4 3PD West Lodge, Upperwood Road, Matlock Bath 24/7 Public
C4272F1D-A20A-4152-86D7-ADED012D6B74 DE4 3PX The New Bath Hotel & Spa, New Bath Road, Matlock Bath 24/7 Restricted
1507 DE4 3RE Community Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
C47C4223-D51D-4CFB-9225-AED10146B4ED DE4 3RQ Matlock Rugby Club, The Matlock Rugby Clubhouse Cromford Meadows, Mill Road 24/7 Public
F61F7D81-EF25-4214-896B-AE4E009FCACD DE4 4BG Unit 4, Kingsfield Industrial Estate, Derby Road 24/7 Public
926E3BCD-87C3-406C-9251-D7EFEA106EC9 DE4 4BZ Longcliffe Quarries Ltd, Longcliffe, Brassington Matlock Variable Restricted
692BF371-3019-4B19-97C2-AFC03522D861 DE4 4DT Housing And Care 21, St John St, Wirksworth Matlock 24/7 Public
802568E8-C90C-4C3B-93C4-AE2A00B821F1 DE4 4DX Anthony Gell School, Wood Street, Wirksworth Variable Public
C9FDC773-2507-4BCE-B598-AD4700AABDD6 DE4 4DX Anthony Gell School, Wood Street, Wirksworth Variable Restricted
03B08A36-0D82-4D5B-A998-E6253D5E5E94 DE4 4EU Town Hall, General Area Of, Wirksworth Matlock Variable Restricted
CB309102-CEAF-41EE-BE16-B02900D68B2C DE4 4FD Wirksworth Junior School, Wash Green, Wirksworth Variable Restricted
C9E9A6CD-4070-465F-874D-AF0B00A99D1E DE4 4FG Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Harrison Dr, Wirksworth 24/7 Public
4790 DE4 4FS Steeple Grange Dentist Practice, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
31AF3A3A-617B-41C3-B0AF-B06100D81493 DE4 4FS Steeple Grange Dentist, 36 Steeple Grange, Steeple Grange 24/7 Public
14CC763C-4EFB-4987-883D-BDAA83877E31 DE4 4FY Unit 2c, Ravenstor Rd, Wirksworth Variable Public
FE975397-A746-446D-A27D-AC0000B668F1 DE4 4FY Technolog Ltd, Manufacturing Building, Ravenstor Road Variable Public
C8E96B21-2705-40EE-8506-AE820085E200 DE4 4HB Brassington Recreation Ground, Brassington 24/7 Public
A4DE7975-3421-43C5-BC01-AB9000E2F635 DE4 4HE Longcliffe Ryder Point Quarry, Ryder Point Road, Matlock Variable Public
5B26C89E-1027-45BE-AB7F-AB9000DFD0FB DE4 4HN Longcliffe, Curzon Lodge, Matlock Variable Public
6B6EAB7B-054C-42A9-AC47-AB9000E12946 DE4 4HN Longcliffe Quarries Ltd, Longcliffe Head Office, Brassington Moor 24/7 Public
9C63A18F-E907-4FF7-ADB2-AF62010891E0 DE4 4HP Hoe Grange Cabins Hoe Grange Farm, Ballidon Moor, Brassington 24/7 Public
7B13C90C-93B7-4D4A-BA6E-AF1000AFB073 DE4 4HQ British Legion Hall, 3 Meadow Rise, Brassington 24/7 Public
95FE77E8-B9FC-4C44-A376-B09300D2BF62 DE4 4LS National Stone Centre Discovery Building, National Stone Centre, Porter Lane 24/7 Public
FD4C7031-9175-43BF-BE9D-842CD13BF765 DE4 4LU Next To The Front Door Of The Nelsons Arms, Main St, Middleton Matlock 24/7 Public
BB58D7BC-19F0-4C33-AFC1-AD5000DDEEB4 DE4 5AA Car Park South Of Bow Wood House, Lea Road, Lea Bridge Variable Public
1528 DE4 5AQ Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
AF7F8382-1AA5-41AB-B01A-ACE500A6F668 DE4 5AQ Florence Nightingale Memorial Hall, Mill Lane, Holloway 24/7 Public
DA4620A6-324E-45E2-9211-AB8100F556DB DE4 5AT 1 Stable Close Leashaw, Holloway Variable Restricted
28330DA9-778A-4CCC-BC38-AF0B00A9A00A DE4 5DE Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station (Crich), Sandy Ln 24/7 Public
0BA3EA6D-E299-481F-9FF5-CE2DE1BF255A DE4 5EU 1 Glebe Field Close, Matlock 24/7 Public
3ED1E18A-F685-4803-AB83-AE7C0108D49A DE4 5FE Tansley Community Hall, Church Street, Tansley 24/7 Public
25B558D7-EE60-4295-A5B1-AE870079D9AB DE4 5FU The Fete Field Pavilion, The Fete Field, Spout Lane 24/7 Public
88F6D8A3-63A4-4A4E-98C4-AE8C00808A58 DE4 5HE Whatstandwell Railway Station, Cromford Road, Whatstandwell 24/7 Public
67E185F9-DEE9-42AD-A200-AEC800985056 DE4 5HN Paul Chapman & Sons Ltd, Pisani Works, High Peak Junction 24/7 Public
6024 DE4 5HT On Lamppost, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
23261A9B-DEAF-470F-BC5B-AE8C00816D64 DE4 5JA Matlock Bath Railway Station, Dale Road, Matlock Bath 24/7 Public
1FE46254-D46D-4807-93B7-406ED61C1483 DE4 5JP Lea Primary School, Church St, Lea Matlock 24/7 Public
6BC346BC-1423-40CE-ADB3-B031005DAD9F DE4 5LP Upperwood Boarding Kennels The Moorlands, Back Lane, Darley Moor Variable Public
867B8C1D-A90E-44A6-BA21-40AA8BC9CF15 DE4 5LZ Matlock Golf Club, Chesterfield Rd, Matlock Moor Matlock 24/7 Public
F6131E51-0D54-4296-A3EC-AE58009A4871 DE45 1AE Peak District National Park, Aldern House, Baslow Road Variable Restricted
61E5E843-226A-44D5-8B6C-AF6700DF5815 DE45 1AW Methodist Church, Bakewell Methodist Church, Matlock Street 24/7 Public
F85113DA-F98B-44DC-8D9B-7C49C87144C2 DE45 1BT Bakewell Town Hall, The Square, Bakewell Variable Public
AE51C146-4F08-4F4C-BFDE-A09595257D57 DE45 1DA Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Buxton Rd, Bakewell 24/7 Public
97887DC0-FE23-4D2E-B94F-AEEE015041A2 DE45 1DB Gospel Hall, North Church Street, Bakewell 24/7 Public
E3921F5E-74C9-4932-9BCE-AE3C011A24E5 DE45 1EP Recreation Ground Cricket Pavilion, Bakewell Recreation Ground, Off Haddon Road 24/7 Public
C14A28F8-A2F5-4D48-BA74-C76EDCA873D8 DE45 1FP Pavilion, Shutts Lane, Bakewell 24/7 Public
B5A6B06D-337E-4E17-A014-B0740086CE92 DE45 1FR Bakewell Methodist Vountary Controlled Junior School, Stoney Close, Bakewell Variable Restricted
98DE3D9C-BACF-4CDB-B5FD-490E8F4AD93C DE45 1FT Moorhall General Store, Moorhall, Bakewell 24/7 Public
9DCE7915-99FE-46AB-B21E-AEFA01245641 DE45 1GE Codel, Station Road, Codel Unit 1a, Station Road 24/7 Public
9413EF1A-DA3B-4FFD-A557-8724AAD7A920 DE45 1GS Riverside Business Park Buxton Road, Bakewell Variable Restricted
569FC163-1F08-49B7-B5CD-B03600F9AD4E DE45 1JA 6th Form Centre, Lady Manners School, Shutts Lane 24/7 Public
2371 DE45 1LA Guide Room, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
9F633D3B-C163-42D1-8363-AD8000D94691 DE45 1NA Camping Site Hopping Farm, Hopping Lane, Camping And Caravanning Club Site 24/7 Public
4AE42CC6-6D38-487D-9203-ACB800E36679 DE45 1PJ Chatsworth Gymnasium Cavendish Club, Unnamed Section Of B6012 From Dunsa Lane To Chatsworth House, Edensor 24/7 Public
E7CA47AA-9A0B-4834-9224-ADD700E495FF DE45 1PJ Chatsworth Golf Club, Chatsworth Estate Office, Unnamed Section Of B6012 From Dunsa Lane To Chatsworth House 24/7 Public
0F32BDA8-D573-4469-8ABC-AEDD014C0068 DE45 1PN Pavilion Chatsworth Cricket Field, Unnamed Road From Nether End To B6012, Chatsworth 24/7 Public
EB60B5A9-EEDB-457B-B7F8-A49A1D07C2C0 DE45 1PN Chatsworth Caravan Club Site, General Area Of, Chatsworth Bakewell 24/7 Restricted
F92B6971-A41A-43DB-AE1C-AE7800C49B05 DE45 1PX Greenhills Holiday Park, Crowhill Lane, Bakewell 24/7 Public
89C7C964-BC31-4939-A3BC-ADA301735F0E DE45 1RZ School View, 3 School Lane, Baslow 24/7 Public
8522E0DB-11C5-47D5-997C-AEEE0105DDB7 DE45 1SP Baslow Health Centre, Church Lane, Baslow Variable Public
2686 DE45 1TZ Cricket Club Tea Hut, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5EE51AFF-B004-4E21-9131-2596999B118B DE45 1UF Chatsworth Farm Shop, General Area Of, Pilsley Bakewell Variable Restricted
E41986C8-AC12-4A4E-94DF-9D6708150E83 DE45 1UF The Green, Pilsley 24/7 Public
471 DE45 1UW Holywell Lane Toilet Block, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
522 DE45 1UW The Farmyard Inn, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
EE9BE2DE-D906-42D3-98F4-AFF50104E4B3 DE45 1UW Holywell Lane Public Toilets, Holywell Lane Public Toilets, Holywell Lane, Youlgrave 24/7 Public
7937 DE45 1WG Youlgrave Bowling Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
C72F014B-CDC3-429D-A2B7-AF7E00E826D6 DE45 1WG Youlgrave Bowls Club, Alport Playing Field, Alport Lane 24/7 Public
1005 DE45 1WJ 25 Mawstone Lane, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
246 DE45 1WN Youlgrave Garage, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
06FD1F4A-2C7B-4475-9AAF-B0420095D400 DE45 1WN All Saints Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Alport Lane, Youlgrave 24/7 Restricted
E0CF4038-32CD-46BC-B66B-B02200F99036 DE5 3AD Clowns Day Nursery, Lesley Crescent, Ripley 24/7 Public
E16257EB-005E-405E-B78D-AD2F00E0C815 DE5 3AY Greenwich Park Sports Association, Greenwich Park, Nottingham Road 24/7 Public
21EE84E4-20DD-4609-A893-AE9E0153F12A DE5 3GG Ripley And Alfreton Tennis Club, Heage Road, Ripley 24/7 Public
74F57B1A-20FD-4D1C-99DB-AE980141BD16 DE5 3GG 133 Heage Road, Ripley 24/7 Public
A79289D7-A5F4-4154-91F1-0BCBC59C789A DE5 3GH A I M Commercial Services Ltd Unit F Industrial Estate, Heage Rd, Ripley 24/7 Public
1C53F2C9-8C56-4F1A-ADB4-D76FD615BE4D DE5 3GU Co-Op - Hartshay Hill, Hartshay Hill, Ripley 24/7 Public
25057536-106C-4FED-A666-F1BA0CD50A46 DE5 3HR Ripley Leisure Centre, Derby Rd, Ripley Variable Restricted
F1944CBD-7701-4F37-B6EE-91DD197774CB DE5 3JN Beehive Inn, 151 Peasehill, Ripley 24/7 Public
F1B1F770-6324-4B15-8ED7-3DF8A9C8B4FC DE5 3NT Forbo Flooring Uk Ltd, High Holborn Rd, Ripley Variable Restricted
8932AFAB-4E1C-4404-BD8C-ADF900FF07B3 DE5 3RE Old Colliery Yard, Asher Lane, Ripley Variable Restricted
A44D48DA-AD63-452E-BE01-ADF900FDC7D9 DE5 3RE Cr Civil Engineering Ltd, Old Colliery Yard, Asher Lane Variable Restricted
504E6AA5-8A67-4458-B3C8-B08401107ECF DE5 3RP George Inn, 56 Main Road, Lower Hartshay 24/7 Public
559E61FB-743B-4951-9C7C-AF9901024ABA DE5 3SW Amber Valley Gymnastics Academy, Unit 3, Asher Lane Variable Public
16CA007D-90AD-4697-BEBA-B05E0135FDCA DE5 8JA Holly Bush Inn, 51 Brook Lane, Ripley 24/7 Public
5D05C5E4-B2E6-47C6-A2B9-AE980143CD2D DE5 8JB Behind 70 Warmell Lane, Ripley 24/7 Public
885C3FBC-5EBD-454E-9B15-6AD94041C548 DE5 8JE 202 Warmwells Lane, Ripley 24/7 Public
D2D27953-BBFE-4DE9-9366-5BFFB3C70EE2 DE5 8NE Street Lane Primary School, Street Ln, Denby Ripley 24/7 Public
192C49C6-95A9-4D7D-8C09-AD5300B240D7 DE5 8PH John Flamsteed Memorial Park, Church Street, Denby 24/7 Public
368CDFD4-58E5-49BC-8210-B0A400D56E98 DE5 8PH Denby Free Ce Voluntary Aided Primary School, Church Street, Denby Village Variable Restricted
7E35EB6B-8381-45CC-B409-78290501B977 DE5 8PL 4 High Bank, Ripley 24/7 Public
71724347-5FBD-4830-8B01-924767843E11 DE5 8RA 151 Derby Rd, Denby Ripley 24/7 Public
5F9EC78E-6761-45EB-BC1B-B0A400E3355F DE5 9QD Codnor Community Primary School, White Gates, Codnor 24/7 Public
7CE62F4E-3377-470B-B7F0-ADDD00D3D0CC DE5 9QS Atm At Tesco Express, Tesco Express, High Street Variable Public
F512FE11-4543-4E15-85ED-AC9200F23719 DE5 9QY Codnor Parish Council, Public Conveniences, Market Place 24/7 Public
232EC2E4-3C77-4A72-953B-1CC26E4C9178 DE5 9RG Codnor Sports Pavillion, Goose Ln, Codnor Ripley 24/7 Public
C0AFB8CE-2976-450F-AA69-ACDE00D14BCD DE5 9RL Ormonde Fields Golf Club, Nottingham Road, Codnor 24/7 Public
C19961C2-09A0-4D08-87C4-AFF300BF56E8 DE5 9SG 19 Hollywell Avenue, Ripley 24/7 Public
E0A25336-CA21-449A-B760-AC47009D1226 DE5 9SQ Crosshill Service Station, 47-49 Crosshill, Ripley 24/7 Public
D2085174-F23F-4CBD-BA65-24BE7AB6AB34 DE5 9TB Waingroves Methodist Church, Waingroves Rd, Waingroves Ripley 24/7 Public
7F790097-E4D3-4D57-866B-B09A00BA3843 DE5 9TD Waingroves Primary School, Waingroves Road, Waingroves Variable Restricted
424E688A-5AA5-4B14-BE4F-AEDA00ACD3D5 DE5 9TF Waingroves Community Centre, 166 Church Street, Waingroves 24/7 Public
7D420C03-C53E-49AE-AF5F-AFFD00A13676 DE55 1AR Swanwick School And Sports College, Hayes Lane, Swanwick Variable Restricted
DE957720-56C1-42F1-90E7-A646F834C161 DE55 1BN Swanwick Pre-School, Pentrich Rd, Swanwick Alfreton 24/7 Public
CECCF910-A02E-43AE-AC1A-158B3869AAA5 DE55 1BZ Swanwick Primary School, South St, Swanwick Alfreton 24/7 Public
C8F8BB5C-BC6E-4E1F-B89C-ACFE00DAFE57 DE55 1DD 18 Larkhill, Swanwick Alfreton 24/7 Public
CD8CD4E4-EA23-4DBC-9538-423A09F1C9E6 DE55 1LJ Co-Op - Swanwick Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Leabrooks, 1 Swanwick Rd 24/7 Public
47E65E1A-ED50-435C-BD34-CEB470AE620E DE55 1LN On The Wall Of Cray's Hill Pavillion & Changing Rooms, Crays Hill, Cray's Hill Park 24/7 Public
0796FC92-C44D-47BB-9465-63DF27AB6206 DE55 2DA Brigg School, 39 South St, South Normanton Alfreton Variable Restricted
25AC4AA7-709F-4113-829B-AED300B104B6 DE55 2DS Efficiency East Midlands Limited, Unit 3, Maisies Way Variable Public
1950F74D-6F2F-4F90-B54B-AB6D00C302FE DE55 2FX Unit 3 Wincobank Way, Hilcote 24/7 Public
68D4B8E6-1259-420C-A6FB-B09900EDFDF5 DE55 2JW East Midlands Designer Outlet, Mansfield Road, Pinxton 24/7 Public
60916160-CD14-457B-AA24-B09000BE6F07 DE55 4BW Derbyshire County Council, Riddings Junior School, Church Street Variable Restricted
AC9CC4C3-E673-4415-BEA3-B04C00D7A0B4 DE55 4DD Park Mews, 12 Park Mews, Church Street 24/7 Public
4547 DE55 4EW Community Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
68DB75BD-587C-46E7-B8D8-53A77D5A9C44 DE55 4HT Co-Op - Market Place, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Somercotes, Market Pl Variable Public
F0EFD6B3-276D-4470-AD23-9954D4F78BDD DE55 4JG Co-Op Funeralcare - A Storer & Sons - Nottingham Road, 173 Nottingham Road, Somercotes 24/7 Public
228798EA-DC30-4F20-9CEE-AE8400CAF7B9 DE55 4LS Medequip Assistive Techn Ltd, Unit 6a, Wimsey Way, Alfreton Variable Restricted
E3A6C64E-54CE-4121-BABA-AFE700D35A94 DE55 4LS Screwfix, Unit 1, Wimsey Way Variable Restricted
937EB119-297A-464E-8B16-AFC800E9D12D DE55 4NJ Mining Machinery Development Ltd, Cotes Park Lane, Alfreton 24/7 Public
B5BB4334-24B3-443C-A991-AFC800EC439E DE55 4NJ Ta Mining Machinery Development Ltd, Mining Machinery Development Ltd, Cotes Park Lane Variable Public
68995B71-D6C2-4E8C-82A6-AE9800E252D9 DE55 4NY Delhi Signature, 94 Main Road, Pye Bridge 24/7 Public
A9CCC688-3366-4895-B858-AEE700DC18F1 DE55 4QR Volvo Truck & Bus Dealer - Ashfield Avenue Off Birchwood Way - Near To Mems Power Generation, Ashfield Avenue, Cotes Park West Industrial Estate,, Alfreton 24/7 Public
37C38797-440F-4B10-8DD0-AD57F201F6AE DE55 5HE Woburn House Sheltered Housing, Woburn Cl, Blackwell Alfreton 24/7 Public
DA2DE7ED-393F-4443-90FF-AFF801576C99 DE55 5JJ Blackwell Pharmacy,, 6 Gloves Lane, Blackwell 24/7 Public
4E72F91B-A867-4E8D-9D83-ADFE00BBC2BD DE55 5JY H W Martin Plant Ltd, H W Martin Group Of Companies, Fordbridge Lane 24/7 Restricted
E8D6F899-F83F-4698-853C-AFFD0096BDF7 DE55 5LZ Tibshelf Community School,, West View,, Doehill Lane 24/7 Public
D48D1016-FC8D-4BFC-97C8-AF1F00EF5A48 DE55 5NQ Hydro Extrusions Uk Limited, 1 Saw Pit Industrial Estate, Tibshelf 24/7 Public
6A1CACA4-1792-423E-9C3F-AFF00097ACE6 DE55 5QE The Pavilion, Shetland Road, Tibshelf 24/7 Public
25BD8FA6-65C0-417C-87F6-B03F00FEBDF4 DE55 5TL Newton Primary School, Hall Lane, Newton Variable Restricted
6D9D1D40-D316-41A8-855B-AED00089603E DE55 5TZ Roadchef Tibshelf Northbound Msa, M1 Junction 28/29, Tibshelf 24/7 Public
964F08C5-0E3F-4835-BFDF-AF0A01130453 DE55 5TZ Emas, Tibshelf Services, M1 24/7 Public
AA077F61-36A0-4C45-97CF-AEED009B7122 DE55 5TZ Roadchef Tibshelf Southbound Msa, M1 Junction 28/29, Tibshelf 24/7 Public
B867EEE6-229D-4434-A84F-AFE700DD356B DE55 6AU Shirland Golf & Country Club, Pit Lane, Shirland 24/7 Public
C3213C64-9153-43F8-9F31-B00C00EDA391 DE55 6BH Shirland Primary School, Park Lane, Shirland, Park Lane Variable Restricted
2D193004-92F4-444C-B1D2-AD2500BE9BE9 DE55 6EW Stretton Parish Council, Stretton Village Hall, Main Road 24/7 Restricted
C17A3AE1-C3C0-4B24-9786-19543C7C0F84 DE55 6FG White Horse Inn, Badger Ln, Woolley Moor Alfreton 24/7 Restricted
700BED62-C410-4A4E-8C81-AFFD00DAE9E4 DE55 6GG Mickley County Infant School, Milton Avenue, Stretton Variable Restricted
4A73A8AA-BF73-419B-8FDC-805762E6F978 DE55 7AD Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Turnpike Business Park, Alfreton 24/7 Public
D78FA979-60E8-4B90-93FE-B01500F05A7F DE55 7AL Alfreton Cricket Club, Alfreton Park, Alfreton 24/7 Public
BE9D3198-F5A3-49CE-9333-AE0200F18DCC DE55 7AP Parkside Stables Ltd, Wingfield Road, Alfreton Variable Restricted
98BE3E93-2D41-4A56-AEAC-B06500B6E522 DE55 7AQ Alfreton Masonic Hall, Abraham Lincoln Memorial Library, Derby Road 24/7 Public
CB81EA09-5808-4D4D-910B-AF0B008484ED DE55 7AY 13 Ewart Lane, Alfreton 24/7 Public
64970A2A-9F64-4470-9937-AD4300871B8C DE55 7BD Places Leisure, Alfreton Leisure Centre, Church Street Variable Public
84A63FBE-32CB-47F8-BC5F-B037011EFD4C DE55 7BT Tesco Alfreton, Hall St, Alfreton 24/7 Public
ADC44194-E234-414D-80C1-19BC05173855 DE55 7DW O/S Of Glendair Dental Practice, Limes Av, Alfreton 24/7 Public
CCC5277B-F823-4BD2-B086-AEDE0110456B DE55 7FQ Tilbury Douglas Construction Ltd, (Not Available Bank Holidays), Keys Road Variable Public
CC3FEDA6-1AFA-488C-ABA4-B03000983771 DE55 7HA Dcc, Leys Junior School, Flowery Leys Lane Variable Restricted
298BC5F1-B55E-4174-9A45-182AB501F6CC DE55 7HH Alfreton House, High St, Alfreton 24/7 Public
AE5F6629-708B-4DF3-8DFE-9F9142ABF072 DE55 7JA Alfreton Grange Arts School, Grange St, Alfreton 24/7 Restricted
443EF98F-F682-4C5F-B283-B09E00B9CAA8 DE55 7JE Miners Arms, 66 Park Street, Alfreton 24/7 Public
3C3B568C-DE36-44E8-BE2B-AE8B01011E2F DE55 7JR James Engineering Constructions Ltd, Wood Street North, Alfreton Variable Restricted
DC0598E8-594C-4D0F-86C5-A524DE1629D8 DE55 7JR Autochair Ltd, Wood Street North, Alfreton Variable Restricted
BEA8EF36-E764-4E67-AF23-EA489B573DC8 DE55 7LH Alfreton Golf Club, Wingfield Rd, Oakerthorpe Alfreton 24/7 Public
631 DE55 7LX Social Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
606CB100-9555-4A7F-A758-AD6301049106 DE55 7LX 43 High Road, South Wingfield, Alfreton 24/7 Public
0A720599-CBD2-4B2A-882F-AF1200AD7730 DE55 7NJ South Wingfield Cricket Club, Holme Lane, South Wingfield 24/7 Public
A5BE9AC6-F333-4F15-80DB-AD9801308194 DE55 7NJ Parish Council, The Parish Rooms, Off Church Lane 24/7 Public
089695F2-1906-41FB-BC13-AB7900AF7303 DE55 7NZ Amber Valley First Responders, 1 Manor Court, South Wingfield 24/7 Public
A6E31A69-74C1-489B-94AA-AD6300E561D2 DE55 7PF Melrose Way, Alfreton 24/7 Public
C63D9EC9-404F-428A-B5A9-AE6100767FA2 DE55 7RA Yodel Delivery Network Limited, Unit, Venture Crescent Variable Restricted
3313DF64-A5DD-47C4-A05D-AE4300BAE0C0 DE55 7RG Collis Engineering Ltd, Avbc Unit 14, Salcombe Road 24/7 Public
4E46ECBD-C547-478E-9980-AFEB00BB387F DE55 7RG Alfreton Ambulance Station & Resource Centre, Salcombe Road, Meadow Lane Ind Est 24/7 Public
B8429B9E-A32B-4B96-82C8-ADD6010BF2C1 DE55 7RH A-Chem Limited, Dunsford Road, Alfreton Variable Restricted
DC83687B-3D28-4629-A70A-D5FB5CE25D42 DE56 0DA Belper School & Sixth Form Centre, John Ogaunts Wy, Belper Variable Restricted
8405F2DF-178D-4279-942F-AE4300E7D4FC DE56 0HS Tesco Express, 39 Gregory's Way, Alton Manor Variable Public
DAF69D5A-8860-4B76-982A-4E1DD247FB8F DE56 0HS Alton Manor Day Nursery, Gregorys Wy, Belper Variable Restricted
E76FDCEB-2551-4BCE-B5D7-AE2400E8ECBA DE56 0HS Tesco Express, 39 Gregory's Way, Belper Variable Public
304D5E9F-AA09-4572-A5C1-AEC301092905 DE56 0JA White Hart, Sandbed Lane, Belper 24/7 Public
D578440D-6B87-43A9-A79E-AB7000E39FE1 DE56 0JY 1 Field Court, Kilburn 24/7 Public
A324E3CB-50A6-4A63-9684-B02A00D93229 DE56 0LA Kilburn Infants, The Flat, Belper Variable Restricted
F127E021-EB1A-4E0A-9C3C-AF85007474B5 DE56 0LU Kilburn Village Hall, Church Street, Belper 24/7 Public
04886140-C19F-45B4-BF11-AD33009BA579 DE56 0NH Outside 41 Derby Road, Lower Kilburn, Belper 24/7 Public
5FF4F8D8-E51F-4BED-A690-AB7000E2306B DE56 0NR Kilburn Welfare Social Club, Kilburn 24/7 Public
E84FCD1A-D3CF-46A5-BA1C-C42D967BEFCA DE56 0QG Eyes Meadow, Sports Pitches Changing Rooms, Donald Hawley Way 24/7 Public
D6893E5E-6538-4443-9B44-AC4B0047BE97 DE56 0QH Milford Social Club, 5 Chevin Road, Belper 24/7 Public
9807D80B-0095-492E-A675-ABE901103920 DE56 0SF Co-Op - Sandbed Lane, 1 Sandbed Lane, Openwoodgate 24/7 Public
DEF300A6-33AB-4BA5-A82D-ACBB0130743B DE56 0TQ Holbrook Village Store, 61 Chapel Street, Holbrook 24/7 Public
43C5DA07-DBDA-48FD-B951-AEBC007FC45F DE56 1BA Dot-Teas Emporium, 99-101 Bridge Street, Belper 24/7 Public
485CDBBA-F951-4ED0-81A0-AB790128C3B8 DE56 1BA Christ Church Meadows, Bridge Street, Belper Variable Restricted
A4649562-F36E-4745-8399-AC8800E37142 DE56 1BA Belper Town Football Club, Christchurch Meadow, Bridge Street 24/7 Public
7453B35D-C973-4A7F-8C41-AE8C007D8F18 DE56 1DA Belper Railway Station, Albert Street, Belper 24/7 Public
DD81D152-6039-4116-8C73-AE8B008AEDBB DE56 1ER 7 Coronation Avenue, Belper 24/7 Restricted
8FF496BA-08AE-404E-93B5-131B1FF122C4 DE56 1EZ St Peters Church, Church Ln, Belper 24/7 Public
D2D80D20-CA74-45E3-BE2B-B03900D99A6B DE56 1FF Ta Queens Head, Queens Head, 29 Chesterfield Road 24/7 Public
4A68F8DD-4A08-40D7-93A4-B06700B83014 DE56 1GY Belper Rec Ground, Belper Reecreation Ground, Launde Nook 24/7 Public
A7417030-4338-4B86-A2B9-B03D0086B4D0 DE56 1GY St Johns Cofe Primary School & Nursery, St John's Primary School And Nursery, Laund Nook Variable Restricted
0F1C740A-E47C-494F-8FA8-ADEF00B0AE2C DE56 1LN 38 Park Road, Belper Variable Restricted
3306B8AC-C24D-4122-8144-AD3100CD8512 DE56 1LP The Early Years Centre, Belper Childrens Centre, Alder Road 24/7 Public
444B5921-470A-4758-A19B-3DC9D2EA07BD DE56 1UN Co-Op - Strutt Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Belper, 47 Strutt St 24/7 Public
CC397D8F-781B-410E-B2F2-ADE600A08F15 DE56 1UQ Vanessa Miller School Of Dancing, Albert House, Derwent Street 24/7 Public
483E606E-234D-40F2-808A-B0A400949739 DE56 1UU Strutt Community Centre, Derby Road, Belper 24/7 Public
27448AE2-8FD7-4F23-B951-AAAB00D8B070 DE56 1WA Busy Bees Nurseries, 1 Gibfield Lane, Belper Variable Public
1A1CA264-76CC-446D-A118-AFE200EF5BEC DE56 2AG 25a Brook Street, Heage Variable Restricted
150D0863-5112-4E83-9B8A-5D4068F6BF3A DE56 2AL The Village Hall At Heage, School Lane, Heage 24/7 Public
1AAE2316-6ABA-4567-AE14-9CD44A33361C DE56 2ER Derbyshire County Council Ambergate Depot, Ripley Rd, Ambergate Belper 24/7 Public
4356DF59-B184-4420-8414-98E13B9F468C DE56 2GN Ambergate Primary School, Toadmoor Ln, Ambergate Belper 24/7 Public
B1386B90-6BC8-4F11-925B-B07000897E5B DE56 2HU 94 Eagle Road, Heage, Belper 24/7 Public
13CC3E90-D8D8-4BFD-8767-00262F308107 DE56 2JH The Firs Caravan & Motorhome Club Campsite, Chrich Lane, Belper Variable Restricted
16FB97F5-49C5-464E-AD3F-AD7E00E1A34C DE56 2JP The Glen, Ridgeway Lane, Belper 24/7 Public
39BC1AB1-A30B-42E3-9AA8-ACFE00D63F05 DE56 2JQ Sawmills Village Hall, Ripley Road, Sawmills 24/7 Public
6C7698EE-5808-4BEA-9F07-AF5300511B81 DE56 2JU Nether Heage Methodist Church, 6 Slack Lane, Belper 24/7 Public
22A29E4E-06A0-423D-A4B0-ADA10116EB31 DE56 2LF Railway Inn, 120 Ashbourne Road, Belper 24/7 Public
2AB0C035-5105-4C6B-954E-01F67E274722 DE56 2LH The Crompton Inglefield Village Hall, Ashbourne Road, Belper 24/7 Public
DFBAF735-BEA6-4142-97B5-62889D5B9EE5 DE56 2LP General Area Of, Windley Belper 24/7 Public
D985ABF9-BC70-42E0-9F49-AC0201279042 DE56 2RD Belper Amateurs Cricket Club, Sandyford Lane, Belper 24/7 Public
976130A0-1130-439F-A560-AD3C00B25DC5 DE56 2SH Idridgehay Defibrillator Scheme, St James The Great Church, Cliffash Lane 24/7 Public
BD53891E-7152-4149-B93A-B00300D0CE93 DE56 4AG Hazelwood Memorial Hall, Over Lane, Hazelwood 24/7 Public
93BBE4E2-395F-42AE-AD51-4CF0E08A7473 DE56 4AN Lubrizol (Gb) Ltd The Knowle, Nether Ln, Hazelwood Belper 24/7 Restricted
CFCED48B-49FF-451D-A726-AE2400BEEB6B DE56 4AQ Croots Farm Shop, Farnah House Farm, Wirksworth Road 24/7 Public
E657D388-1AC1-41BF-AFD7-AB9F00BD7D00 DE56 4DG Duffield Community Association, Meadow Vale Carpets, 4 Meadow Vale 24/7 Public
060D9D90-671A-4166-B43F-AE8C007F5654 DE56 4EP Duffield Railway Station, Station Approach, Duffield 24/7 Public
DA3071CB-4E72-4474-B546-AD1000DCE9BE DE56 4ER The R J Weston Duffield Charity, The Weston Centre, Tamworth Street 24/7 Public
92176671-8515-4E77-AAA6-125A605DB130 DE56 4EU Duffield Community Association, Anthony Andrews Butchers, 10 King St 24/7 Public
B39696FD-EB15-4137-A531-1C1772F6E0C4 DE56 4FQ Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Derby Rd, Duffield Belper 24/7 Public
E3F77736-4238-4227-AFFF-AE4600B5CE65 DE56 4FS Duffield Community Association, St Margaret Clitherow Roman Catholic Church, Hall Farm Road 24/7 Public
2519741A-B9D0-4F89-A98C-AFC8009D0BDC DE56 4GS The Ecclesbourne School, Wirksworth Road, Belper 24/7 Public
2874AD05-C449-414C-A8F2-0497B6E0E4AA DE56 4GT Duffield Meadows Primary School, Park Rd, Duffield Belper Variable Public
F489C020-6ABC-4B43-A2ED-AF9C00FE687C DE56 4HU Duffield Community Association, On The Footpath Next To The Croft, Off Holloway Road 24/7 Public
A7219B8A-7D85-4528-9A22-AF5100B09ADC DE6 1AY Aldi, Aldi - Ashbourne, Carnation Way 24/7 Public
66E739CF-8E84-4C4F-9519-B0290114F22D DE6 1DQ Acres Signs And Graphics, Unit 1 North Leys, Ashbourne 24/7 Public
1262 DE6 1EJ Bettys Sewing Box, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
1297 DE6 1EJ The Pavilion, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5050 DE6 1EJ Ashbourne Primary School, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
B1D7DBFD-3A56-40E0-87BC-A70E0908ECD2 DE6 1FN Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Ashbourne Fire Station, Park Road 24/7 Public
5060 DE6 1GB 112 Park Avenue, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
401ADE57-FF12-43B2-B88C-CC273AFD2099 DE6 1HA Co-Op - Blenheim Road, Blenheim Rd, Airfield Industrial Estate Ash 24/7 Public
3362 DE6 1HS Pinecroft Stores, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
3952 DE6 1JL Peak Waste Recycling Ltd, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
4800 DE6 1LD Fitzherbert C of E VA Primary School, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
A9A84570-15C5-4E1E-89B1-AE9700DC2D18 DE6 1LE Park Holidays Uk Ltd, Ashbourne Heights, Fenny Bentley, Ashbourne 24/7 Public
8376 DE6 1LF Bentley Brook Inn, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
18B3FA90-C521-460B-B81F-B05E010BD145 DE6 1LF Bentley Brook Inn, Fenny Bentley 24/7 Public
27E5594C-4077-4214-B69D-ACD400D86A4D DE6 1LQ Hillcrest, Hadley Lane, Bradley 24/7 Public
D9C406E7-248A-4F49-A7CF-1BB2504FBA0D DE6 1LW Osmaston Post Office The Shoulder Of Mutton, Moor Ln, Osmaston Ashbourne 24/7 Public
378 DE6 1LZ Prestons Garage, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
871F5651-B3A5-49FF-947A-E6C938E0BE58 DE6 1NB Ashbourne Golf Club, Wyaston Rd, Ashbourne Variable Restricted
DF936614-FB38-487D-B9AC-ADDB00D6DD67 DE6 1NB Ashbourne Bowls Club, Wyaston Road, Ashbourne 24/7 Public
AF5B416D-A8DF-41EA-B686-ACD400D73E99 DE6 1PG Bradley Church Of England Controlled Primary School, Yew Tree Lane, Bradley 24/7 Public
8491 DE6 1QP Church Farm, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
180261C1-8345-401A-8F38-B084008A64EA DE6 1QP Church Farm, Dam Lane, Alsop En Le Dale 24/7 Public
22F49D40-CAB6-4457-97DD-58725BD3AA85 DE6 1QX Tarmac Construction Ltd Ballidon Quarry, General Area Of, Ballidon Ashbourne 24/7 Restricted
559FB9B5-C86B-4C40-8487-DE3311C71ECF DE6 2AF Ye Olde Royal Oak, Royal Oak Road, Wetton 24/7 Public
5A35B2EA-C4BF-448E-8F6D-ADF200D75509 DE6 2AQ Alan Brown Surfacing Ltd, Sandybrook Garage, Buxton Road 24/7 Public
EDA8B073-A91F-465F-97EB-A3BE1CDEE374 DE6 2AQ Callow Top Holiday Park, Buxton Rd, Sandybrook Ashbourne 24/7 Public
6ED5DFC4-957C-42BA-AD99-AD3F7F87C9EA DE6 2AW Village Hall, Digmire Ln, Thorpe Ashbourne 24/7 Public
A48F76DC-F1B8-45ED-9C74-ADCF00ED6B3A DE6 2AW Hf Holidays Ltd, Wintercroft Lane, Thorpe Variable Restricted
8D77328F-B8BE-4171-B335-234E094B660A DE6 2AY Dovedale, Public Convenience, Dovedale Car Park 24/7 Public
F2BFF20E-DFC0-475D-B4E0-D8D4C519A5E2 DE6 2BS Holiday Property Bond Site Blore Hall, General Area Of, Blore Ashbourne 24/7 Restricted
E32CB620-76AA-4ACE-A521-EB364D70386C DE6 2DR Edlaston And Wyaston Parish Council, Wyaston Village Hall, Main Road 24/7 Public
67898D43-1A25-4AB0-878B-B03B0110AC1C DE6 2DT Yeaveley Arms, Leapley Lane, Yeaveley 24/7 Public
009615F7-4662-496D-918F-6493347DAF1F DE6 2EE Roston Inn, Mill Ln, Roston Ashbourne 24/7 Public
5968 DE6 2EP Reading Room, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
1D2F22F9-BD48-4275-BA8B-0CB031846503 DE6 2FF Marston Montgomery Community, Thurvaston Rd, Marston Montgomery Ashbourne 24/7 Public
02A5E0C0-5267-4C9D-85A4-AAB600975BF9 DE6 2FR Alstonefield Village Hall, Alstonefield 24/7 Public
DAB1C78D-96D4-41F8-BDC5-ACC2011BA565 DE6 2GJ Clifton Smith Church Hall, Cock Hill, Clifton 24/7 Public
21EA2CDB-AFBD-4AD6-BF04-AD17C53DA7E0 DE6 2GL O/S Wall To The Right Hand Side Of Clifton Hall, General Area Of, Clifton Ashbourne 24/7 Public
D2C33154-8407-47C4-82DA-B014007CBEEE DE6 2GL Clifton Cricket Club, Chapel Lane, Clifton 24/7 Public
D3905CC4-8551-4233-BF4D-AD530116646C DE6 2GW Parish Room, Salts Lane, Wootton 24/7 Public
72A996D6-A7CA-4C40-A9B7-AEE200B2D161 DE6 2HD Ousley House, Stanton Lane, Ellastone 24/7 Restricted
7E409FCE-5E41-4BF7-B788-AD5300E5AA66 DE6 2HF Roston Castings Ltd Bromley Works, Mill Lane, Ellastone 24/7 Public
A6F32855-9DFC-432D-85AC-3E96251EA043 DE6 2HW Mayfield Memorial Hall, Conygree Lane, Ashbourne 24/7 Public
AAFB0111-7586-4EBA-AF7F-AE6700C5D29A DE6 2HW Mayfield Sports And Social Club, Conygree Lane, Mayfield 24/7 Public
FB57A2D0-2472-4D0D-A054-ACE900A85EEB DE6 2LH Mayfield Yarns, Mayfield Mill, Mayfield 24/7 Public
E1CF816C-3CF9-49D0-B015-AFF700B2542C DE6 3AE Derbyshire Self Storage, Ednaston Business Centre, Hollington Lane, Ednaston, Ashbourne Variable Public
627A9B4A-B343-4343-8F7A-AEC500A2304C DE6 3AJ Park Styles Courtyard, The Hemmel, Park Lane 24/7 Public
F805120A-DB96-49AC-B29B-B04400CB5071 DE6 3BY Brailsford Cofe Primary School, Brailsford Church Of England Controlled Primary School, Luke Lane Variable Restricted
7963ABD1-996D-47D8-B3BE-AFDA01406845 DE6 3DL Alkmonton Tractors, The Smithy, Leapley Lane 24/7 Public
AE0A4ABF-4FBC-467B-AD72-AE54010A2220 DE6 3FE 26 Greenway, Hulland Ward Variable Public
D05E4EB4-FFC6-4C00-A929-AFF80111E72E DE6 3FN Windmill Farm, Biggin Lane, Biggin Variable Restricted
5F7DFCED-CB35-434D-8251-B08900D08068 DE6 3FS Hulland Church Of England (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School, Firs Avenue, Hulland Ward Variable Restricted
3101241F-34F6-4E80-9133-9B0615CDA0BF DE6 3JL Blackwall Plantation Caravan Club Site, General Area Of, Kirk Ireton Ashbourne Variable Restricted
D7707692-E70F-4106-8FA4-AE0600C64228 DE6 4LY Radbourne Village Defibrillator, Jct Of School Lane, Church Lane 24/7 Public
4E397A23-95D7-4BFF-AF9C-B01A0089999B DE6 4LZ Hackwood Farm, Radbourne Lane, Derby 24/7 Public
C8F8C559-8AB5-4A60-B8A1-1AD5189F0DBC DE6 4NT Meynell Langley Gardens, Meynell Langley, Kirk Langley Ashbourne 24/7 Public
7DA58D33-E719-40E9-9353-CD3B00623331 DE6 4PA 22 Bullhurst Ln, Weston Underwood Ashbourne 24/7 Public
AFE2A4BD-D6C1-46D0-92DC-4959442EECD5 DE6 4PL Muggington Village Hall, Church Ln, Weston Underwood Ashbourne 24/7 Public
469 DE6 5AB Village Hall, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
1A1892E7-9B7D-4E5B-A6E6-B04300C2A9B8 DE6 5BJ Long Lane Church Of England Primary School, Long Lane, Thurvaston Variable Restricted
993CE5B2-DB4F-4AD1-ADBF-B04C00CA757F DE6 5BT Roebuck Ph, Main Road, Draycott In The Clay 24/7 Public
7C79118F-6CBF-4B34-BDBF-AA6F00FB6EBF DE6 5GZ Draycott Village Hall, New Row, Draycott In The Clay 24/7 Public
DDA1DE0C-A61E-4A32-B00B-AFC500BC0162 DE6 5HD Elands Lodge, Hollybush Road, Newborough 24/7 Restricted
9678D952-BD7F-4621-A7BD-B03600F0E163 DE6 5HZ Sudbury Primary School, School Lane, Sudbury Variable Restricted
C502F215-5D98-4647-B8A6-AFD6012444B3 DE6 5JA Sutton On The Hill Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Dish Lane, Sutton On The Hill 24/7 Public
96D8B797-32D7-4DB2-BC7D-D7F2AEE2E5E4 DE6 5JQ Doveridge Village Hall, Sand Ln, Doveridge Ashbourne 24/7 Public
50BE1B68-3223-485F-BBA9-B04200DBF005 DE6 5JY Doveridge Primary School, 14 Chapel Green, Doveridge 24/7 Restricted
B615EEA7-DD7F-4438-B8FC-D230D2C68F1C DE6 5JY Doveridge Primary School, Chapel Grn, Doveridge Ashbourne 24/7 Public
54FCA878-A3AD-47EF-8C24-B03500DFB4BD DE6 5PB A R A Engineering Ltd, Unit 1 The Cop, Grove Lane 24/7 Public
81BBC85C-7D5F-46E9-9B86-ADD000E88724 DE65 5AU Sapperton Manor Estates Ltd, Sapperton Park, Sapperton Manor 24/7 Restricted
D92AC668-1E25-4010-88D8-AE0100CC601B DE65 5BA Church Broughton Tennis Club, Bent Lane, Derby 24/7 Public
DAEADCE0-0E47-4A96-B1F7-B07700DA91AD DE65 5BA Broughton Heath Golf Course, Bent Lane, Church Broughton 24/7 Public
543E8550-9C20-4DE5-B35C-ADB00100CEA0 DE65 5BT Park Avenue, Dove Valley Trading Estate, Foston Variable Restricted
3A0B1AF9-A0C2-40F0-BAF1-B01A00DDC905 DE65 5DJ Portable Offices Foston, Woodyard Lane, Foston 24/7 Public
F2DFECA2-1956-4019-936B-AE8C008083BA DE65 5DX Tutbury & Hatton Railway Station, Station Road, Hatton 24/7 Public
94E10C6F-B465-454A-B9B1-B39D76F05FAA DE65 5EL Co-Op - Station Road, Station Rd, Hatton Derby 24/7 Public
7DCF6D2C-F339-424D-9366-B01900B8827B DE65 5EQ Heath Fields Primary School, Field Avenue, Hatton Variable Restricted
1BE16A76-233D-4797-996D-C83005226E7B DE65 5GH Hilton Primary School, Peacroft Ln, Hilton Derby Variable Restricted
044081D5-36EE-43BA-9663-AE1B00E24CA1 DE65 5JR Tesco Express, 10 Witham Close, Hilton 24/7 Public
1AC23B82-EF8F-4B07-A508-AEB700B6C56D DE65 5UR Cunbar Paints, Hilton Business Park, 2c Harrison Court Variable Restricted
8354 DE65 6AD Methodist Chapel, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5E9F9699-220E-486E-9153-B03C00D0A79B DE65 6AD Findern Methodist Church, Lower Green, Derby 24/7 Public
7863 DE65 6AH 59 Longlands Lane, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
6D76BEA4-0EC6-4505-9359-AFAC0113F865 DE65 6AH Findern 59 Longlands Lane, 59 Longlands Lane, Findern 24/7 Public
778 DE65 6AR County Primary School, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
7148 DE65 6AR Heathland Grove, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
9CC833BB-6C51-4A45-8D94-B01400B91332 DE65 6BE Dobbies Garden Centre Derby, Burton Road, Findern Variable Public
B135C965-3FAB-4E69-B25E-AE8C00808F82 DE65 6BP Willington Railway Station, The Green, Willington 24/7 Public
F512DC67-1447-4AE1-87AE-AC7200C62C21 DE65 6DN Willington County Primary School, Trent Avenue, Derby Variable Public
0F0C9257-C7B1-4BCC-92FE-AD2C00D53591 DE65 6EG National Trust, Foremark Reservoir, Repton Road Variable Public
29138D2B-DB4E-4C71-AD54-AF3200AEBBC9 DE65 6EG Toilets To The Rear Of Cafe Foremark Reservoir, Ticknall Road, Milton 24/7 Public
09D9884B-86FE-4CE7-83ED-AD3300C9B1C7 DE65 6FH St Wystans Church, 7 Willington Road, Derby 24/7 Public
6B4DA7FA-1CF3-44D2-99EB-AE5500BC619D DE65 6FH The Lodge Repton School, Willington Road, Derby 24/7 Public
ED015DEE-7D9B-4E6B-A417-AFBD00FB052E DE65 6FL Red Lion, 3 Burton Road, Derby 24/7 Public
385F291F-FAC3-46D5-AF4A-AE5500A51337 DE65 6FP Tennis Courts Tanners Lane, Derby 24/7 Public
46C60BC2-7ECC-4660-B893-AB7500E58871 DE65 6FS Iris Bentley Sports Pavilion, Broomhills Lane, Repton 24/7 Public
BB16C056-A3F9-4D8B-8BBD-ACB501212D75 DE65 6GR Repton Village Hall, Askew Grove, Repton 24/7 Public
1EC783EF-2852-4579-9B88-AEC501382C83 DE65 6HP 23 Church Road, Derby 24/7 Public
D9DF7D5E-DFE1-416D-8562-B044009503D8 DE65 6HP Egginton Primary School, Church Road, Egginton 24/7 Public
D8EB0A94-BE57-43D7-9E8C-AE420089BC13 DE65 6HY 24 Risborrow Close, Etwall, Derby 24/7 Restricted
CE7CEFD4-CD6B-4C5E-BE05-ADF800F2943B DE65 6HZ Etwall Leisure Centre, Hilton Road, Etwall Variable Public
C742C01E-290D-4819-B750-AC7C00BD9C77 DE65 6LT Etwall Cricket Club, Church Hill, Derby 24/7 Public
F860A6A1-13B4-4B0B-9046-AD5F00986BDA DE65 6NB Etwall Primary School, Eggington Road, Etwall Variable Restricted
A7DCA584-4997-40F3-9F9E-AFBD00A8271A DE65 6NP Redrow Homes - The Nook Customer Experience Suite, Egginton Road, Etwall Variable Restricted
681711D5-9792-4EE1-8940-ADEA00B5AAD3 DE65 6PP Willington Football Club, Power Station Football Pitches, Twyford Road Variable Restricted
3898 DE7 4AZ Ilkeston Rugby Club Changing Rooms, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
0D4FFE79-F890-422A-9E67-B0AB00DECD49 DE7 4AZ Railway Electrical Services Ltd, St Bartholomew's Church, Hallam Fields Road 24/7 Public
1A7815D1-C10D-4BB5-A1EF-AD0B00A4B8E8 DE7 4AZ Erewash Valley Gymnastics Club, Building Opposite 1 To 10, Hallam Fields Road Variable Restricted
7FCE6DED-3272-4DD6-8710-AF6A00B7BC91 DE7 4BG Stanton Recycling, Cc Suez Ilkeston I&C, The Old Ironworks 24/7 Restricted
C69A8261-4A31-4E1A-AA59-ACDF00D0F8A9 DE7 4DB Hallam Fields Junior School, Longfield Lane, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
4F92D910-8BB7-4C06-8BA2-AF1D009B8FDB DE7 4EX Kirk Hallam Community Hall, Kenilworth Drive, Ilkeston 24/7 Public
614295EF-6FAF-4815-A9D3-AF2A00DEE58E DE7 4NJ Cat And Fiddle Hungry Horse, Public House Between 181 And 193, Ladywood Road 24/7 Public
740639DC-262B-4937-99B7-2F403C94C997 DE7 4QR Erewash Valley Golf Club Ltd, Golf Club Rd, Stanton By Dale Ilkeston Variable Restricted
6AFF11DA-0383-4B44-BD2C-FA244CAAA7C9 DE7 4QW M A P Building & Civil Engineering Supplies Ltd, Littlewell Ln, Stanton By Dale Variable Restricted
E7F10D09-41EE-4E32-9A84-AFDC00FA9CA7 DE7 4RA Kb Packaging, Unit Corner Of Merlin Way And, Griffon Road 24/7 Public
0C1A9F84-F41F-4112-AE57-AFEF00AEE6B5 DE7 5BB Screwfix, Unit 2 Rutland House, Thurman Street Variable Restricted
DACBE373-3341-4B61-98EA-AD2E00EC1875 DE7 5FH Applegreen Nutbrook Service Station, Opposite 90, Derby Road 24/7 Public
B0ACCF48-A187-4304-8FE1-AF260096A58F DE7 5FW East Midlands Medical Services Ltd, Stanton House, 49-51 Stanton Road 24/7 Public
66761A15-6682-443A-BF5A-AEDF016E284F DE7 5HY Erewash Borough Council, Toilet Block, Lower Ground Ilkeston Market 24/7 Public
CE45606E-5B06-4000-BCAE-B00700A2EFCF DE7 5JH Chaucer Junior School, Cranmer Street, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
085F0F97-D3AF-4301-9A75-56CFD8737BCA DE7 5PZ Drs Webb & Johal, Ilkeston Health Centre, South St, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
C024BF59-214B-4A84-B3CC-ADE801061987 DE7 5RP Erewash Borough Council, Reception, Town Hall, Erewash Borough Council Variable Public
278780D5-7E2C-4E6A-B52E-B09700C5D71A DE7 5SG Unit 7, Former Co-Op, South Street, Ilkeston 24/7 Restricted
922102E2-177F-4BA9-9570-ADC6008C3A40 DE7 5UA Direct Pumps And Tanks Ltd, Unit 12, Soloman Road 24/7 Restricted
EDC87A6F-11B5-4818-9164-B07A00B97872 DE7 6BN Sitwell Arms, 30 Wood Lane, Horsley Woodhouse 24/7 Public
BA9B178E-5829-44BE-9335-F87967D9628D DE7 6DL Marriott Breadsall Priory Hotel, Morley Ln, Morley Ilkeston 24/7 Public
D2857ECD-F7AB-4837-BB90-A69723AC6A9A DE7 6DN Broomfield Hall Campus, Broomfield Estate, Morley Ilkeston 24/7 Restricted
3EC60C23-39D6-4ACD-999B-AC33010FF5B2 DE7 6FB Stanley St Andrew's Church Of England Primary School, Station Road, Stanley 24/7 Public
875C713D-172A-4D18-92AC-AFE400DBA346 DE7 6FF Stanley Village Hall Community Centre, Park Avenue, Stanley 24/7 Public
81C6E7FA-5E02-4FB9-8A35-3F3569AD42A7 DE7 6GE Near The Main Entrance Of The Eventide Community Hall, Hayeswood Rd, Stanley Common Ilkeston 24/7 Public
2A3CB208-F89C-49D3-981B-B03E00AB4421 DE7 6GR Tesco, Dales Shopping Centre, The Village Variable Restricted
1BC023EA-72FA-4AD3-BCC5-AE4800E7B69F DE7 6HP West Hallam Methodist Church, Methodist Church, 175 High Lane West 24/7 Public
ED1E5064-994E-45BD-B12C-AEB5011EF7D3 DE7 6HZ Nutbrook Cricket Club, The New Pavilion, High Lane East 24/7 Public
B151BEEE-0D42-45BB-874D-ADDB00D36C98 DE7 6QA Morley Hayes, Driving Range, Morley Hayes 24/7 Public
10E8DF9C-0662-4E14-A4D7-AE3E0100E28C DE7 8DG Tesco Stores Ltd, Rutland Street, Ilkeston 24/7 Public
587839E8-06EC-48C8-B48E-285945094D3A DE7 8DG Tesco Stores Ltd, Rutland St, Ilkeston Variable Public
13AC6741-253E-4D04-9EF6-B05B00B53F46 DE7 8EF Ilkeston Ambulance Station, Manners Ave,, Ilkeston 24/7 Public
CB41BA3E-3A4B-481D-AD67-B07C00885AF2 DE7 8EG Dunelm Ilkeston, Manners Road, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
14BC225F-72FE-4339-9DE2-B0A400945C23 DE7 8GE Shirlz Den, 81a Bath Street, Ilkeston 24/7 Public
E46FC79D-4B99-4078-A917-AEF600AF8CA2 DE7 8JF Ilkeston Town Football Club, Ilkeston Town Football Club New Manor Ground, Awsworth Road Variable Restricted
F09B89F4-4DB2-4B99-A693-AFF000E69B47 DE7 8QZ Bennerley Fields School, Stratford Street, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
3061B26E-C5C7-43E5-95BE-B00E00E347FB DE7 8RR Cotmanhay Junior School, Beauvale Drive, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
89467D3F-03A6-4276-BF46-AFFD00FA0FE3 DE7 8RR Cotmanhay Junior And Infant School, Beauvale Drive, Ilkeston Variable Restricted
3957 DE7 9JJ Parkside High, The Pod, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
7543 DE72 2GH Village Hall, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
F6FC3B3C-93B3-46B5-ACE2-9D646A4F941D DE72 2GH Shardlow Village Hall, The Wharf, Shardlow Derby 24/7 Public
AF310717-FD62-492B-960B-AE5C00DC47F1 DE72 2GL Shardlow Marina, 69 London Road, Derby 24/7 Public
A86E5D0C-B82D-4FB2-8272-AF1D00A56AC0 DE72 2SP Shardlow Quarry, Hanson Aggregates, Shardlow Quarry Variable Restricted
E092E22B-13DA-411B-91E7-AECF00F56323 DE72 3AG Breaston Parish Council, 168 Wilsthorpe Road, Breaston 24/7 Public
3161A9AE-4E4A-4A36-8542-ACCA0119CFDC DE72 3BB Breaston Parish Council, Perks Park Pavilion, 46 Longmoor Lane 24/7 Public
761A4324-22A0-4397-BADA-AFC800850B4F DE72 3DS Breaston Parish Council, 1 Bridge Field, Breaston 24/7 Public
5F32460D-AC50-4DC3-ACFD-B06F00BBF49E DE72 3EU Ambaston Lane Farm, Ambaston Lane, Ambaston Variable Restricted
A50096E3-84DC-41A0-B9DE-AD5200C4B9A4 DE72 3GE 147th And 3rd Ockbrook Scout Group, 67a Kimberley Road, Borrowash 24/7 Public
A0ACB0B3-751E-4693-BB2A-785ADBE2AB46 DE72 3HB St Hughs Church, 68 Derby Rd, Borrowash Derby 24/7 Public
6E219E6D-CBFD-4471-A885-AD5200C28665 DE72 3HD Wilsons Pharmacy, Unit Furthest Away From Unit 2 Retail Site South East Of 30, Victoria Avenue 24/7 Public
AC678102-57A7-419B-B374-B03B00CB86F5 DE72 3HF Ashbrook Infant School Between 104 And 106, Victoria Avenue, Borrowash Variable Restricted
AF476F1E-6883-4A79-B972-344603C87D60 DE72 3NA Public Toilets, Victoria Rd, Draycott Derby 24/7 Public
EB5372CB-4E6B-40F2-B4E6-B089007D440C DE72 3NW Football Pavilion, Gertrude Road, Draycott 24/7 Public
391A2E72-FBBA-4B35-856E-AFF7007DD359 DE72 3PY Draycott Parish Council, Parish Rooms, Elvaston Street 24/7 Public
111B3AF3-9059-440B-85AE-AC0A00CBACB9 DE72 3RN 268 Victoria Avenue, Ockbrook 24/7 Public
D4FDB6D9-2C5D-410D-85F4-AC6300C4975A DE73 5BE Neustro House, 5 Bradgate Park View, Chellaston 24/7 Public
4FCEA9DE-DEDB-42C8-AEC9-AE1D009BA447 DE73 5SA Tesco Express, 25 Derby Road, Derby Variable Public
7206 DE73 5WX Scallywags Private Day Nursery, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
CB2B0A22-2DDE-4153-90A5-AEA200FC6080 DE73 5WX Chellaston Scallywags Private Day Nursery, Scallywags Private Day Nursery, Rowallan Way 24/7 Public
4033 DE73 6TQ Chellaston Pavilion, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
E41BD2E0-49DC-4283-BC48-ABE9010D34C2 DE73 6UD Co-Op - Swarkestone Road, 143 Swarkestone Road, Derby 24/7 Public
B886C592-0CCE-48AC-B09E-AFDD00DECABE DE73 6UF Central England Co-Operative, Atm Unit 1, 3 Swarkestone Road 24/7 Public
193112CB-BEDB-4039-8442-AE4400F2148B DE73 6WS Chellaston Fields, Spencer Academy, Riber Drive, Chellaston 24/7 Public
49381473-4830-430A-9884-AF4F0124D9EA DE73 7GN Swarkestone Boat Club House, Pingle Lane, Derby 24/7 Restricted
8FB14E89-F1B4-4733-881F-AEE900F6C832 DE73 7GZ National Trust, Calke Abbey (Calke Explore), Ticknall Variable Restricted
FE37DC03-7DCA-432E-AA41-ABE900F1B098 DE73 7JG Grange Farm Burton Road, Ticknall 24/7 Public
1859443E-2D35-47FF-8070-D4073781BD61 DE73 7LE National Trust, Calke Abbey, Ticknall Variable Restricted
6F86D649-01AE-4B32-8C67-ADE8009EFC4D DE73 8DG Melbourne Sports Pavilion, Cockshut Lane, Derby 24/7 Public
418898C4-2CBC-42F6-B9D1-AF3F0103AF5A DE73 8DN National Trust, National Trust Cafe Staunton Harold Reservoir, Calke Road 24/7 Public
983B2ADE-F979-4A1E-A986-AC1800D25ED7 DE73 8DN National Trust, Staunton Harold Visitor Centre, Staunton Harold Reservoir Variable Restricted
89C06CE3-DB09-467F-9CEE-CD412E85F86D DE73 8DY Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Castle St, Melbourne Derby 24/7 Public
33124EB1-A5C6-4A5B-82BD-B0850142575C DE73 8EJ Church Square, 64 Church Street, Melbourne 24/7 Public
C08C7862-8D2A-4F95-B35C-B0970091CA2E DE73 8JE Melbourne Infant And Junior School, Packhorse Road, Melbourne 24/7 Public
ED61B817-23C1-4185-B7D3-AD6E00FFA655 DE74 2BN Circuit Office Donington Park, Melbourne Road, Castle Donington 24/7 Public
B47AFA9A-6548-47A8-8BF5-B01B00B12788 DE74 2BP Gatehouse, Maritime Transport Ltd. Maritime House, Bainbrigge Road 24/7 Restricted
775272D2-7ABD-4413-B815-AD0900E5BE94 DE74 2DA Kegworth Primary School, High Street, Kegworth Variable Restricted
B16B08C1-9742-431C-B0B7-AD63CD618FFF DE74 2FH Kegworth Town Cricket Club, Cricket Pavilion, Station Road 24/7 Public
DA70D1BE-8AD0-4E0C-8BFC-B07700DB3A5D DE74 2HA Alliance East Midlands, Unit 6e2, Short Lane Variable Public
0FF1BAA9-5403-4CC4-A35E-AF2C00EAC30B DE74 2HJ Redrow House, Arundel Avenue, Castle Donington Variable Restricted
B5B4C9C4-01C4-4E6F-87D2-ADD3009E73DE DE74 2HJ Unit 2 Marks And Spencer Distribution Centre, Arundel Avenue, Castle Donington 24/7 Restricted
4778D7FE-5078-4030-B5ED-AFE7009B09D5 DE74 2HP Ultra Sport Europe Ltd, Unit 3, Carnival Way Variable Public
1D442E87-4ED6-4B01-9171-AEC900E200C6 DE74 2NP Portakabin Ltd, Unit 21, Willow Road, Trent Lane Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
819 DE74 2NQ Spital Park Pavilion, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
D869B288-0527-4E67-863D-AC73011D8E79 DE74 2NQ Castle Donington First Responders, Sports Pavillion, Castle Donington 24/7 Public
2BD00877-A53F-481E-993E-AD6D00C62D11 DE74 2PJ Castle Donington First Responders, Moira Dale, Castle Donington 24/7 Public
79607BA9-C3AE-4A64-8B2B-560755443E97 DE74 2QU Grange Dr, Castle Donington Derby 24/7 Public
5E037408-D530-456D-BD29-AC4400C12A99 DE74 2RB Jolly Sailor, 21 Main Street, Hemington 24/7 Public
37721AE6-FD18-485E-8CE3-ABD5008B832E DE74 2RJ The Village Hall, Hemington Lane, Lockington 24/7 Public
D871EB0E-7EDC-4A30-A37A-B1145DAEC3A1 DE74 2RS Nightingale Nursery, 123 Park Ln, Castle Donington Derby 24/7 Public
84715712-8F37-47FB-B08A-F5373B4E3FD5 DE74 2SA East Midlands Airport, General Area Of, Castle Donington Derby 24/7 Restricted
D0226556-FC02-4AB7-AD06-AB7A00E5A270 DE74 2SA Building 71bb Argosy Road, Diseworth Variable Public
10B8C873-FE34-4065-80F5-AF57009C463B DE74 2SN Redrow Homes - Foxbridge Manor Customer Experience Suite, Pirelli Close, Castle Donington Variable Restricted
5A15264C-5DC7-4449-A959-AF5C00BB6BFD DE74 2TZ Donington, Regus - Nottingham East Midlands Airport, Pegasus Business Park Variable Restricted
F3648B5D-04A6-47EF-93C4-AB7C01162BFC DE74 2UD Seaton Partners Ltd, 7 Boundary Court, Warke Flatt Variable Restricted
01C6925D-92C6-4E81-AF2B-AED900AFCC32 DE74 2UH Renishaw Plc, Renishaw Plc Units 3 To 4 Redwing Court, Long Acre Variable Restricted
6ED62711-0F36-4A91-A5E0-3E1753EAB812 DE75 7AY Co-Op Funeral - Holbrook Street, Central England Co-Operative Funeralcare - Heanor, Holbrook St 24/7 Public
146D1516-043B-4DC7-9C15-6FA52F04F936 DE75 7DT Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Ilkeston Rd, Heanor 24/7 Public
9DA0D7BA-C909-4A02-9349-7402AB47FC4C DE75 7EF The Old Fire Station, Wilmot St, Heanor 24/7 Public
34ADA791-BC4C-4295-8458-52F0A3F44D9E DE75 7EX Tesco Stores Ltd, High St, Heanor Variable Public
51CA68D2-EB63-4B90-85A2-B07B00DC85A4 DE75 7GQ Corfield Cofe Infant School, Thorpes Road, Heanor Variable Public
C8E15D7C-5062-44C2-B9C6-E94276E5640E DE75 7GX Shipley Country Park Visitors Centre, Slack Ln, Heanor 24/7 Public
411157E0-ECFE-4BC0-803C-F36B1E580E7B DE75 7HA Heanor Leisure Centre, Hands Rd, Heanor Variable Public
ED8095D1-417F-47F7-964A-B28658DD2B82 DE75 7QL Heanor Baptist Church, Derby Rd, Heanor 24/7 Public
24556D4A-1FC9-48C1-A39C-B09000F03D6A DE75 7RT Loscoe Ce Primary School, Church View, Loscoe Variable Restricted
A0714899-FF00-48FB-BF82-AD6D00B35E2F DE75 7RT Loscoe Ce Primary School, Church View, Heanor 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 63 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n419919480 inside old red phone box, Flagg
MZ n928650357 In old red telephone box, Shawsberry Lane, Stanton
MZ n963568348 inside old red phone box, North Parade, Matlock Bath
MZ n2234957247 Telephone box.
MZ n3340916166
MZ n4211587389
MZ n4221229817
MZ n4221328006
MZ n4407510418 Mounted on wall at entrance to the pub
MZ n4627106133
MZ n4776667639
MZ n5046864942
MZ n5048053667
MZ n5117473552 in red phone box in Cressbrook
MZ n5390128002 Located in the Red Phone Box, Sheldon
MZ n5517454740
MZ n5552460356
MZ n5676049518 CHT-10-553
MZ n5682966951
MZ n5846743258
MZ n6139337221
MZ n6166274840
MZ n6241252863
MZ n6311152366
MZ n6312668194
MZ n6325428230
MZ n6397318346
MZ n6397318347 On wall near entrance.
MZ n6397318348
MZ n6397318350
MZ n6400633285 outside Miners Arms facing Main Street
MZ n6468045117 AAD26
MZ n6482239512 AAH49 on wall of co-op
MZ n6518244553 outside Repton Road Co-op store, Willington
MZ n6518244555 outside Repton School Gymnasium, Repton Sports Centre
MZ n6524900139
MZ n6524900144
MZ n6759562210
MZ n6855301789
MZ n7049138760
MZ n7051456014 On the outside wall of Bainbridge Hall. By the entrance.
MZ n7716906909
MZ n7722346613
MZ n7817469645 On outside wall.
MZ n7833116493
MZ n7941947668
MZ n8286153756
MZ n8571427510 On outside wall.
MZ n8593453674 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange) Derby Lane, Shirley
MZ n8623307307 outside Morton Village Hall
MZ n8729107257 On outside wall on southern side
MZ n8827357592
MZ n9338520631 inside old red phone box in Elmhurst
MZ n9423412391
MZ n9692202397
MZ n10124863320 AAG47
MZ n10232685848
MZ n10311421419 Inside the Flowerpot
MZ n10673980903 On outside wall.
MZ n10703210437 outside The Dog Inn - facing Fisherwick Road
MZ n10746356171 next to pair of red phone boxes opposite Foresters Bar in Darwin Forest Country Park
MZ n11060596562 On outside of front wall
MZ n11188163522

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 227 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
56589D81-1EA0-4605-8687-1D1F3C33CFE6 DE1 2GH Co-Op Funeral - Normanton Road, Derby Co Operative Funeral Service, Normanton Rd n710645502 11 m
7740 DE1 2NL Outside 15 London Road, Derbyshire n10676099817 On pavement/sidewalk of London Road near car park entrance 9 m
1F3B58C0-0057-49CB-A934-AFCE00CBFC60 DE1 2HR 10 Osmaston Road, Derby n10538795651 The Spot 38 m
7922 DE1 2AB Outside Pure Gym, Derbyshire n10538795651 The Spot 2 m
C586912E-0926-4069-A029-1FFF61D06754 DE1 2AA Tesco Metro, 7 St Peters St, Derby n5728939898 13 m
B7A7350B-7BF0-4896-8C3E-AD8200B8FFBA DE1 2DB Wates (Construction Midlands), Wates Site Offices, Tennant Street n11038051511 On outside of construction area wooden fencing 59 m
891B8B2F-32AD-4D9A-A0A2-AD360092515B DE1 1NU The Smith Partnership, Units 1-2 And 4 Norman House, Friar Gate n7812864859 On wall outside the Smith Partnership, Norman House, Friar Gate 26 m
0F6F9E53-D8AF-441A-8CDF-AF7400B1CE9B DE1 3AS Derby Quad Ltd, Quad, Market Place n7856029066 23 m
16E9FBE2-59BC-4E49-8287-AF4500BFA640 DE1 1DY Church Of St John The Evangelist, Mill Street, Derby n10678175965 19 m
F8C9793D-465E-4F05-A44C-87E86C75A0CC DE1 2BY Community Centre, Alice St, Derby n6327195342 66 m
AE229C27-8F77-400C-92F0-B015009021C6 DE1 3BX Furnace Inn, 9-10 Duke Street, Derby n11037832048 On outside wall of the Furnace Inn on Duke Street 9 m
A167D088-F2A0-449C-9B14-AD7A00B96A75 DE1 3FB Derby Rowing Club, Darley Grove, Derby n6304004197 On wall of Derby Rowing Club 67 m
79F73551-4490-4138-9D04-0E57B5CCD7A2 DE1 3RF Coach & Horses, Mansfield Rd, Chester Green n1619453778 6 m
2277588F-D47A-4638-9066-ABED00FDBB49 DE12 7DP Apmag Pc, 8 Top Street, Appleby Magna n9133542099 inside red phone box, Top Street, Appleby Magna 5 m
820426E5-0E2A-451C-8463-1CC868095570 DE12 8DL Public Telephone 68m From 1 Church Lane. 6m From Church Lane, Church Lane, Chilcote n9133576156 inside red phone box outside St Matthew Church, Church Lane, Chilcote 2 m
1890 DE12 8ED Telephone Box, Derbyshire n5315153563 inside Old red Telephone Box in Lullington - near church 2 m
A93BC4C2-B234-4D3B-9075-B028008F3671 DE12 8ED Lullington Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Main Road, Lullington n5315153563 inside Old red Telephone Box in Lullington - near church 2 m
77043538-06E6-4B21-9DDB-9E3086CE0F3B DE12 8DA Netherseal Parish Council, 33 Main Street, Netherseal n5325869115 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Netherseal 10 m
CC3EC865-8E28-4CB5-8952-ABA600DEC57A DE12 6BN Shortheath Phone Box, Public Telephone Box Opposite 151 Shortheath, Shortheath n8584689637 inside old red phone box (now used as book exchange) Shortheath Road, Shortheath 14 m
70C03AF7-3E4E-4082-8F2F-ADE1012D26B7 DE12 8NA Public Telephone 28m From 2 Coton Road 9m From Main Street, Main Street, Swadlincote n11038004936 inside old red phone box Main Street, (opposite The Swan pub), Walton on Trent 7 m
77E0F536-BD24-44C2-9CEB-AAD100B30742 DE13 7AE Co-Op - Main Street, 43a Main Street, Alrewas n2787418916 outside wall 8 m
0867A73A-431E-470E-B80C-94DCFF3046D9 DE13 9RW Public Telephone, Rangemore n8205749250 In old red telephone box, in front of Rangemore Club, Tatenhill Common, Rangemore 4 m
5BADB52B-ED71-4352-93ED-ADE101557C14 DE13 8SU Newborough Parish Council, Needwood C Of E (Va) Primary School, Yoxall Road n10125142205 in bus shelter next to Needwood Primary School and All Saints Church in Newborough 44 m
EE23E455-576B-4AC9-8726-8BA3BC3F1750 DE14 3LR Uxbridge Arms 1, Queen Street, Burton On Trent n10244283123 11 m
B8BEC135-F6D1-4C92-9B80-8766E232C27F DE21 6UZ Co-Op - Lexington Road, 121 Lexington Rd, Chaddesden Derby n6314209692 47 m
EAFE9AEB-0A4B-4954-A172-ACFA00E0F592 DE21 6FP Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Nottingham Road Fire Station, Nottingham Road n6312669555 12 m
2062171D-0057-45B2-A91E-F65136C882DD DE21 6ET St Albans Rc Church, Roe Farm Ln, Chaddesden Derby n6335514540 12 m
20D9EB0D-090B-48A1-844C-AF1000B63E88 DE21 6YF Derby Homes Ltd, St Andrews View, Derby n5709483811 42 m
822803AA-CC8B-4864-9D09-28A895CDB661 DE21 4HW Co-Op - Wollaton Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Wollaton Road, Wollaton Rd n6312673774 40 m
07BB47BE-AB64-476B-83D2-2460FEB6C876 DE21 4AU John Smiths & Sons, 112 Alfreton Rd, Derby n6328931521 31 m
1D7D660E-F85F-4243-93CC-1D3353A349B0 DE21 4DG Co-Op - Scarborough Rise, Co-Operative Food - Scarborough Rise, 10 Scarborough Rise n6312678473 7 m
7A43D245-0EFD-47C8-8FA2-AC1500C868E4 DE21 2SF Co-Op - Smalley Drive, 49 Smalley Drive, Oakwood n6312678472 60 m
A963BCEB-52FD-4E86-8B27-ACD300BE1A5F DE21 5LF Memorial Hall Opposite No 48 To 54 Brookside Road, Breadsall n4032008870 63 m
7643 DE21 5LF Breadsall Cricket Club, Derbyshire n4032008870 123 m
1123 DE21 5EA Village Hall, Derbyshire n4032165790 21 m
E150C4FC-9312-452D-A297-B93549D907B6 DE21 5BS Old Telephone Box, The Dovecote, Horsley n5503356075 attached to red phone box outside Horsely Primary School 44 m
D1DA3D20-3D14-46DA-A16A-ACFA00E21C40 DE22 3LY Kingsway Fire Station, Kingsway, Derby n6323425703 11 m
ED6D3051-FE36-45D5-A23F-E07F2BDC01C0 DE22 4BG Co-Op - Prince Charles Avenue, 69 Prince Charles Av, Mackworth Derby n6311134673 26 m
EE2D9F49-5181-4D6F-AE0C-2E97B69328C0 DE22 1FX Markeaton Pharmacy, 126 Kedleston Rd, Derby n6312670106 12 m
E23AC6D1-D3A4-4E87-80FD-7A2499725528 DE22 1HS Arthur Hind Cl, Derby n6330763152 24 m
B5175843-37EB-43AC-9CD3-5D78CCE25244 DE22 3BG Derby City Council Parks, Markeaton Park Craft Village, Markeaton Park n7040335857 25 m
8A2E22A7-D673-490F-9B2F-F4ACF0EFC6BE DE22 1DS The Tea Rooms, Abbey Yard, Darley Abbey Derby n7996940298 On wall of Darley Park Terrace Cafe facing the park 39 m
7465 DE22 1DU Darley Abbey Cricket Club, Derbyshire n6388906912 103 m
3278DDA5-BA74-4D6E-946D-1371F8132B56 DE22 1DX The Paper Mill, Darley St, Darley Abbey Derby n6388906912 8 m
4242 DE22 1EB Derby Rugby Club, Derbyshire n6360529009 10 m
B20DF04F-7CCF-4077-A8BB-25EA6C2BC6CF DE22 1DZ The Darley Abbey Mills, Darley Abbey Mills, Darley Abbey Derby n6616861150 29 m
C79AAB64-2A02-4EF4-90E8-0AAE291DEE45 DE22 2TF Co-Op - Kedleston Road, Central England Co-Operative Food - Kedleston Road, 432 Kedleston Road n6311076598 14 m
78677FB6-A1B0-4681-A0E5-4D1939EBDAD7 DE22 2GN Co-Op - Blenheim Drive, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Blenheim Drive, 187 Blenheim Dr n6311078219 10 m
42ED3FEF-FEB4-4794-BAB4-AFD50095C6A3 DE23 1HG Tesco Express Stenson, 267 Stenson Road, Derby n6470142002 61 m
E3A4064F-9DAF-4FE5-940B-72EF57875A57 DE23 3TZ Co-Op - Hollybrook Way, Central England Co-Operative Food - Heatherton District Centre, Heatherton District Centre n6311160110 on wall of the co-op 28 m
8422 DE23 6XX The Grange Banqueting Suite, Derbyshire n6372090152 112 m
94712A51-5141-440B-97F1-2B9E4C20E7F1 DE23 6FP Co-Op - Burton Road, Co-Operative Funeralcare Littleover, 3-5 Southview n6372090152 9 m
A22F1058-60B5-4C7E-B647-237A2C6F6649 DE24 3DS Co-Op Funeral - Sinfin District Centre, Co-Operative Funeralcare - Sinfin, Unit 1 n6466196016 3 m
F94D2F37-309C-4835-9D3E-AF1000B00B5A DE24 9AF The Royal British Legion, 85 Chellaston Rd, Derby n6466386520 45 m
C77C81A5-19E3-4CB5-AB4A-9495889C0873 DE24 0HL Co-Op - Crayford Road, 27 Crayford Rd, Alvaston Derby n6314213911 16 m
815AC72F-8535-4501-86D2-12513FE3481C DE24 9AA Co-Op - Osmaston Road, Co-Operative Funeralcare - Allenton, 798 Osmaston Rd n6308583614 12 m
A3C04AC9-8A34-47D8-8026-ACFA00E15E45 DE24 8GZ Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Ascot Drive Community Fire Station, Ascot Drive n6312669556 20 m
53C57DD1-9D59-4050-8914-2FF840224ADA DE24 8GS Co-Op - 622 Osmaston Road, 622 Osmaston Road, Derby n6308583613 9 m
742D529C-2A66-4A29-9986-ADF100BACFE5 DE24 8RF Webhelp, 3 Centro Place, Derby n5699815536 52 m
3B952750-426C-4C8D-83D1-BCBCE87C201E DE3 0DA Co-Op Funeral - Uttoxeter Road, 5-7 Uttoxeter Rd, Mickleover Derby n6535173255 9 m
6568 DE4 4DF Wooden Box on Post, Derbyshire n9561393171 9 m
9A9FB9D0-D97B-4722-AD71-AE2A00C5EF7E DE4 4DS Memorial Hall, St John Street, Wirksworth n9524000097 Mounted on the outside wall of the Memorial Hall 23 m
5521 DE4 5DD Telephone Box, Derbyshire n9366359754 inside red phone box in Crich village 1 m
A7934A49-2F70-4E5B-93B8-0FC4751928A6 DE4 4FG Co-Op - Harrison Drive, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Harrison Drive, Harrison Drive n5516902629 22 m
A744DBEF-474E-4B85-987D-18C4BC9F3F95 DE4 5HG Derby Rd, Whatstandwell Matlock n11193646040 25 m
EF702AAD-0CD3-4E9F-9AF1-AD4500856504 DE4 4GQ A M Gillibrand, Public Telephone Box 13m From 32 Bolehill Road 5m From Bolehill Road, The Lanes n791175989 Repurposed phone box 3 m
1922 DE4 4GQ Telephone Box, Derbyshire n791175989 Repurposed phone box 2 m
076AFD40-E4A9-4DC0-9C9C-AED200886E18 DE4 4LQ Middleton Community Primary School, Main Street, Middleton By Wirksworth n10288603406 outside Middleton Community Primary School 10 m
7F5AD21E-1C32-47E9-9032-AD280089FC03 DE4 5HN Derbyshire County Council, High Peak Junction Visitor Centre, Derby Road n5910069251 31 m
B1101E47-707C-4ED1-B883-AEA600FC81B5 DE4 3QU Slinter Mining Company Ltd, 187 The Hill, Cromford n9860683671 43 m
AE2D897A-5D76-45C7-9128-AFEB00F0381C DE4 3NR Fishpond Free House, 204 South Parade, Matlock Bath n6397318352 outside Fishpond pub, South Parade, Matlock Bath 17 m
27442992-E7CF-4419-B1FF-AEE500F8D012 DE4 2AE Bonsall Church Of England (Aided) Primary School, Church Street, Bonsall n8268116134 24 m
6A5D231B-BCB2-46F2-801D-F9C764484ABB DE4 2PJ Bt Telephone Kiosk, Leacroft, Parwich Lane n308336160 in phone box, Pikehall 32 m
D14FC5CA-393D-434A-84AE-04D6AACA9781 DE4 5FN Baranowski/Neville, The Gate Inn Public House, The Knoll n4471709510 17 m
E22AFC67-6520-4FE0-9A31-ADC200E1F639 DE4 3NG Our Lady & St Joseph, 1 St Joseph Street, The Priest's House n9983889333 8 m
49F4EDF7-A48A-408F-858B-B0360164B97C DE4 2DJ Winster Village Shop, Main Street, Winster n6596561101 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 13 m
575 DE4 2DJ Village Shop, Derbyshire n6596561101 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 30 m
2695 DE4 2BW Telephone Box, Derbyshire n6596036120 In disused telephone box 2 m
6292500A-3303-45D7-A9A2-ADC0006D4E41 DE4 2LJ Former Reading Rooms, Main Road, Wensley n6401798795 On the outside wall of the Reading Room in Wensley 77 m
004C464A-D664-4916-83CD-ABB50CCFA686 DE4 2JT South Darley Village Hall, Kirby Lane, Darley Bridge n11010099992 On the outside wall of the village hall. 9 m
5D19FE07-56CA-417A-8D7A-682FA5297DF7 DE4 2JY Oldfield Ln, Darley Bridge Matlock n11010201718 On the outside of the industrial building. 2 m
2739 DE4 2BN Telephone Box, Derbyshire n2067228912 In old telephone box. 16 m
E48CF707-11F7-4A75-ABA1-998E540E2068 DE4 2QB Outside Darley Dale Primary School, Greenaway Ln, Hackney Matlock n11008669283 On the outside wall beside the school gate. 38 m
29C5090B-F019-40AF-90BB-AEC2008B4F72 DE4 2GL St Helen's Church, St Helens Church, Church Road n2768672597 On a post by the church wall. 41 m
9276D6FE-D072-4451-8A0B-AD050096C0EC DE4 2FF Plough Inn, The Plough Inn, Wheatley Road n9078875637 On outside wall. 8 m
313A1A28-A785-49A9-8B96-B00500EFC190 DE4 2GU Local4u, Crowstones Road, Darley Dale n11068934530 On the outside wall of the convenience store. 41 m
0568F23A-460C-4227-B95F-E9E7EB653E0B DE4 2GY On The Garage Wall Facing The Road, 21 Sir Josephs Ln, Darley Dale Matlock n11070927729 On the wall of the garage. 13 m
1028 DE4 2LG The Green, Derbyshire n6384079508 15 m
80D18F42-E262-47E0-9431-ADA3015A5F59 DE4 2HR 82 Northwood Lane, Darley Dale n11070927730 On the post outside number 82. 2 m
7486 DE4 2NE Telephone Box, Derbyshire n1297660159 inside old red phone box in Pilhough 12 m
74F893E5-69A0-4CF5-A453-B04400C19362 DE4 2ED Rowsley Church Of England Primary School, Woodhouse Lane, Rowsley n4743657819 45 m
2165 DE4 2EE Village Hall, Derbyshire n4743657819 21 m
2164 DE4 2EJ Telephone Box, Derbyshire n2479600099 inside old red phone box, Chatsworth Road, Rowsley 3 m
62400DD5-DE7B-4EB2-B6F7-AE4801675310 DE4 2NZ Beeley Parish Council, Devonshire Arms, Devonshire Square n5841740432 On outside wall. 12 m
1344 DE45 1LS Telephone Box, Derbyshire n5893506076 in red phone box in Rake Lane, Middleton 1 m
255 DE45 1LG Telephone Box, Derbyshire n4268485128 in repurposed red phone box, Alport 1 m
A51F9964-0B57-4651-83F9-AEB500AE34CC DE45 1JE Public Telephone 15m From South View 5m From Main Street, Main Street, Over Haddon n896253290 inside red phone box in Over Haddon 1 m
1876 DE45 1JE Telephone Box, Derbyshire n896253290 inside red phone box in Over Haddon 2 m
CE207F58-DEF1-4BD1-9F70-B0A50101F88D DE45 1JE Over Haddon Village Hall, School Lane, Over Haddon n11257829548 On the outside wall by the entrance to the village hall. 11 m
1351 DE45 1JH The Old Smithy Cafe, Derbyshire n4268482922 next to cafe in Monyash 208 m
B9885CB4-FB79-4FBF-9ED2-B088009DFFED DE45 1JH Monyash Ce Primary School, Monyash Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Church Street n4268482922 next to cafe in Monyash 61 m
102210B3-6DB7-4CCA-B751-AC9C976DA605 DE45 1EP Co-Op- Haddon Road, Haddon Rd, Bakewell n6578791513 9 m
BB8EDBB9-319F-401C-B913-F0780C81F873 DE45 1ES Public Conveniences, Granby Road, Bakewell n4069813714 6 m
1833 DE45 1BZ Telephone Box, Derbyshire n5034465612 inside red phone box in Bakewell 0 m
9D48B22A-7823-464D-A2F6-B028008F30B5 DE45 1BZ Bakewell Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Buxton Road, Bakewell n5034465612 inside red phone box in Bakewell 0 m
E1EF37E1-5DC5-4E64-926B-BA2B5CFDE9FD DE45 1DS Co-Op - Market Street, Market St, Bakewell n6570409994 19 m
983 DE45 1QG Car Park, Derbyshire n11088940942 On the outside wall of the toilet block in the car park. 1 m
750 DE45 1QA War Memorial Institute, Derbyshire n10554610901 outside Ashford War Memorial Institute 2 m
5897 DE45 1PH Telephone Box, Derbyshire n9276406324 inside old red phone box by the tea rooms in Edensor 5 m
984 DE45 1QN Highfield Farm, Derbyshire n10554610902 at the top of Vicarage Lane in Ashford in the Water 3 m
CAE16F27-0F19-4CF9-8C28-AF6000A45760 DE45 1NW Hassop Station Cafe, Units 1a And 2 Hassop Station, Hassop Road n5524903221 On external wall to right of shop entrance 17 m
67FA6FB8-B45D-487A-B184-B04200F10D33 DE45 1UF Pilsley Church Of England Aided Primary School, Pilsley n6238620163 10 m
1242 DE45 1NN Telephone Box, Derbyshire n624679655 inside old red phone box, Little Longstone 40 m
1243 DE45 1TZ Telephone Box, Derbyshire n624651383 inside old red phone box, by village green, Great Longstone 30 m
4D76F19D-4167-4EEB-B09C-ADA30171AD6C DE45 1SR Baslow Village Hall, Nether End, Baslow n3801963846 outside Baslow Village Hall - facing car park 9 m
D5C43D20-A10B-446E-B5D4-ADA3017258B1 DE45 1SP Baslow Sports Field, Church Lane, Baslow n6707951194 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 5 m
5FE190CD-CD5E-4154-8ACA-312C28DE673C DE45 1NS Public Telephone 12m From The Piggeries On B6001, Hassop Road, Hassop n7533883207 In old telephone box. 3 m
8EC1D293-C60B-4B45-9522-26021FF85FD7 DE5 3PY Co-Op - Maple Avenue, Co-Operative Food Maple Avenue, 5 Maple Av n4862799978 outside the Co-op store, Maple Avenue, Ripley 5 m
DC9EE2D8-5742-4F2A-89F7-57F3154DB436 DE5 3HR Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Derby Rd, Ripley n11079678779 outside Ripley Fire Station 44 m
E797034E-F559-4576-8B65-89FF68E2D6E7 DE5 3EA Co-Op - Derby Road, 1 Derby Rd, Ripley n5503454718 on car park side of Co-op, High Street, Ripley 24 m
481486FF-DCCB-4046-9B5E-C8E634F60A5A DE5 3DJ Co-Op Funeral - Nottingham Road, 5 Nottingham Rd, Ripley n9492731884 outside Co-op Funeralcare (next door to Boyes) 21 m
2612 DE5 3RE Village Hall, Derbyshire n10299556725 outside Pentrich Village Hall 1 m
D535CB7E-74E6-4B2A-BDD6-AE4600CAE9AA DE55 4LY Somercotes Parish Hall, Nottingham Road, Alfreton n10313257677 Somercotes Market Place car park 6 m
C1AAE680-D780-422D-87D9-AE2300DA646D DE55 7GR Co-Op - Nottingham Road Retail Park, Unit 1 Nottingham Road Retail Park, Nottingham Road n4917756067 27 m
064CA126-8AA1-4F46-BDB3-AD6300F26E37 DE55 7NU Near White Hart Pub, Moorwood Moor Inns Lane, Alfreton n1227358467 inside red phone box in Moorwood Moor 71 m
448CCAF1-F86B-4FF6-A32F-B03500E22313 DE55 6DQ Wessington Primary School, The Green, Wessington n736442637 inside red phone box, Matlock Road, Wessington 42 m
3449 DE55 6BZ Telephone Box, Derbyshire n736442637 inside red phone box, Matlock Road, Wessington 9 m
4135 DE55 5HT Telephone Box, Derbyshire n369126774 inside red phone box 3 m
7001 DE55 5AA Telephone Box, Derbyshire n310933177 inside old red phone box, Tibshelf Road, Westhouses 4 m
8071 DE55 5JN Telephone Box, Derbyshire n520886473 inside red phone box in Blackwell 5 m
DE4D933E-893C-4FD9-A256-AFB500FBC0B4 DE55 5JN Blackwell Telephone Box, Alfreton Road, Blackwell n520886473 inside red phone box in Blackwell 22 m
7B5E6991-DD0C-40D5-9499-AF1000B476F7 DE55 6AQ Village Hall, Church Ln, Brackenfield n5184347935 33 m
7002 DE55 5TE Telephone Box, Derbyshire n431288326 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Newton 2 m
4D7C1399-1A7B-4B96-BA01-B81B9132E778 DE56 4GD Co-Op - Town Street, 40-42 Town St, Duffield Belper n6314190770 12 m
07A4E803-4C71-41D2-80FF-AD5B0165C1D8 DE56 4DQ Duffield Community Association, Public Telephone Outside Duffield Cemetery, 43 Hazelwood Road, Hazelwood Road n1583969688 inside old red phone box outside Duffield Cemetery 6 m
5424 DE56 0TA Telephone Box, Derbyshire n441277539 inside old red phone box in Holbrook 9 m
4082 DE56 0RR Green Cabinet next to Telephone Box, Derbyshire n6367895798 next to red telephone box on Derby Road in Belper 13 m
5616B73F-24AB-4DD6-9FE2-B04400A4858A DE56 0RR Public Telephone 9m From 4 Quarry Cottages, The Bridge 7m From A6, The Bridge, Belper n6367895798 next to red telephone box on Derby Road in Belper 9 m
39521890-ACEE-4DAC-950B-BFCDC3291812 DE56 0LT Public Telephone 17m From 5 Highfield Road 6m From Highfield Road, Highfield Road, Kilburn n5503372208 inside phone box at west end of Highburn Road, Kilburn - outside Kilburn Infant School 3 m
85E42AC9-D075-465B-B33C-AF72A1E7EF43 DE56 0PB Telephone Box, 103 Chapel Street, Kilburn n1468440719 inside telephone box, Chapel Street, Kilburn 9 m
E72155F5-1228-476B-8B10-202FC194E142 DE56 0LN Kingfisher Day Nursery, Rawson Grn, Kilburn Belper n6139337220 10 m
3757 DE56 1PZ Memorial Gardens, Derbyshire n6515296158 outside Memorial Gardens, , opposite Green House pub, King Street, Belper 7 m
22AD71A2-CEB9-4691-B0E9-C1332E3A3F92 DE56 1BE Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Matlock Rd, Belper n11079676754 outside Belper Fire Station 16 m
EF947B49-9D90-425A-BD00-B04400A30E2C DE56 2UA Lavender Grey, Lavender Grey Bridge Farm, Bridge Foot n6414617153 14 m
4081 DE56 2UA Talbot Public House / Lavender Grey Shop, Derbyshire n6414617153 1 m
C9D260D7-4EA8-484F-BA33-AD3C00B02BF8 DE56 2SB Idridgehay Defibrillator Scheme, Idridgehay Corn Store, Wirksworth Road n6468045116 37 m
8326027D-EC7D-4F71-9F25-F99E60CA284F DE56 2DQ Spout Farm Cottage, General Area Of, Shottle Belper n6886415128 28 m
62D48DA9-44D8-4B98-ACBC-D4FE410A1CE3 DE56 2FW The Grn, Fritchley Green n8418548041 Defibrillator located inside red K6 Telephone kiosk, Fritchley 19 m
8120 DE6 5JA Telephone Box, Derbyshire n6188865112 inside old red phone box, Dish Lane, Sutton on the Hill 1 m
3F37216E-C96A-415C-BA8C-141C6F0C2B29 DE6 2EY Cubley Parish Council, Mary Clowes Village Hall, Derby Lane n2367955087 outside Mary Clowes Hall, Cubley 71 m
6C26AAF2-C4E3-49B1-A8B3-ACA70103AF89 DE6 4NF Kirk Langley Defibrillator Project, Ashbourne Road, Ashbourne n6417955081 next to red phone box, Ashbourne Road, Kirk Langley 37 m
5A455028-6A82-4BB3-8E36-A30D64322AD8 DE6 4NG Kirk Langley Village Hall, Church Ln, Kirk Langley Ashbourne n6417955082 outside Kirk Langley Village Hall, Church Lane, Kirk Langley 25 m
414869ED-AFDA-4E08-9279-BE9785FA6994 DE6 4NJ Impala Stone Ltd Howardson Works - Unit 1, Ashbourne Rd, Kirk Langley Ashbourne n6417955083 30 m
1D7BC0C4-FD72-4435-AFD6-ACC400EAE39B DE6 3GB Public Telephone 22m From Laburnum House 7m From Unnamed Road, Main Street, Hollington n1472965840 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange) Main Street, Hollington 6 m
9696AFD8-F9B4-4878-B8D9-ACDD00E43D30 DE6 3DA Brailsford And Ednaston Institute Committee, Brailsford And Ednaston Institute, Main Road n6417955085 20 m
15A6D57D-9627-4817-8B86-ACD000FEF888 DE6 4PA Derby Bound Bus Stop, 16 Bullhurst Lane, Weston Underwood n6468048740 16 m
00121848-CC61-4CF6-902D-ACD001018A4C DE6 4PL Mugginton Village Hall - On The Outside Wall Facing The Road, Church Lane, Mugginton n10575706258 outside Mugginton Village Hall 6 m
478 DE6 1DG Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, Derbyshire n7567160030 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 25 m
46EAA1A9-2373-46EF-BA7F-AFE8007556BE DE6 1DG Screwfix, Unit B Waterside Retail Park, Clifton Road n7567160030 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 47 m
377 DE6 1DA David Neils Mica Hardware, Derbyshire n6746533767 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 82 m
961BFCD1-F857-4413-89B4-47363A1DD4E5 DE6 1GF Co-Op - Dig Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail -Ashbourne, Dig St n6757761535 18 m
389 DE6 1EU Ex Servicemans Club, Derbyshire n6757761535 149 m
3094 DE6 3EA Village Shop, Derbyshire n6468045118 1 m
1299 DE6 1EZ The Bowling Green Pub, Derbyshire n4331362006 3 m
5017 DE6 1PW Telephone Box, Derbyshire n1386851825 inside old red phone box 6 m
9AF94766-4F42-4F84-B288-F624D8E6C5ED DE6 3JP In Red Phone Box Opposite Buston Hall Court, Main St, Kirk Ireton Ashbourne n307523028 In old red phone box. Pin C159X 11 m
5016 DE6 1PR Red Lion Inn, Derbyshire n2600129921 On outside wall. 7 m
52C857B0-77AF-47A7-99B8-CC41456914CE DE6 2AZ Ilam C Of E Primary School, Ilam n6747191489 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 22 m
3C3F43FD-A1D2-40F2-8DE8-AD5600F31617 DE6 1ST Severn Trent, Carsington Visitors Centre Carsington Water, Unnamed Road From Carsington Visitors Centre To Millfields Car Park n10186892978 On outside wall. 10 m
3547 DE6 1RA Herbert's Fine English Tea Rooms, Derbyshire n7533883209 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
EE2CBBEB-1552-45E6-92DC-AF9800993193 DE6 1RA Herberts Fine English Tearooms, The Old Coach House, The Street n7533883209 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 11 m
4798 DE6 2PB Mill Lane, Derbyshire n11349900133 In old phone box 5 m
D62B915C-C12D-43C1-9042-F295BD63D6A4 DE6 2GB Milldale, Public Convenience, Milldale n6757761533 outside toilets in Milldale 48 m
3713 DE65 6EF The Swan Inn, Derbyshire n6518244556 on wall of Swan outbuilding facing the road 9 m
03ABC70B-DF55-447E-BADA-ADF30106BB48 DE65 6QT Willington Surgery, Kingfisher Lane, Derby n11079687401 outside Willington Surgery 18 m
35D0FD9E-A2EC-4FAA-A278-B05E00B9A6AE DE65 5EL Atm Midlands Co-Op, Station Road, Hatton n6524900148 9 m
CE5F6E5E-C736-4ADE-B005-F233A98890A0 DE65 5GH Hilton Village Hall, Peacroft Ln, Hilton Derby n10134010949 11 m
FD3F70BB-053D-4AFD-835E-AEB6010C6F0A DE65 5GH Hilton Parish Council, Hilton Parish Council Office, Peacroft Lane n10210560636 38 m
734 DE65 6AL Village Hall, Derbyshire n6476142239 On wall of Findern Village Hall facing Castle Hill 71 m
3369 DE65 6BE Findern Garden Centre, Derbyshire n6476142238 on gate at entrance near road to the Findern Garden centre 10 m
2952 DE65 5AS Telephone Box, Derbyshire n6370693243 inside phone box, Church Broughton 5 m
4E6FA696-1B3F-4DCE-ACD6-B02E00EEF7B3 DE65 5AS Church Broughton Cofe Primary School, Main Street, Church Broughton n6370693243 inside phone box, Church Broughton 89 m
3D652F05-5F75-48D9-A871-AF0B00A9FF28 DE7 4QA In The Telephone Kiosk On, Stanhope St, Stanton By Dale n2581864244 in old red telephone box, Stanton by Dale 38 m
5945 DE7 4PN The Gateway Centre, Derbyshire n10785714422 1 m
31518FE4-C538-4C67-9EC8-494E4B730F3F DE7 6GU Recreation Ground, Beech Ln, West Hallam Ilkeston n7855539940 88 m
BDC51D7C-9994-4F2D-A825-ACFA00E1CB06 DE7 5EZ Derbyshire Fire & Resuce Service, Ilkeston Community Fire Station, Derby Road n5520752117 17 m
4EEA9EF7-5806-4326-830D-AC3F00FFCF74 DE7 8JD Dental Practice, 39 Awsworth Road, Ilkeston n7277576708 34 m
77923DB3-E740-4372-A248-A80AAD0DBE33 DE7 6BT Mapperley C Of E Primary School, Lodge Row, Mapperley Ilkeston n5535661584 17 m
22839200-E1E8-4466-B6B4-AB01D8055669 DE7 6AX Co-Op - Main Street, 131 Main St, Horsley Woodhouse Ilkeston n5860956046 16 m
492 DE72 2BL Village Hall, Derbyshire n4365455599 4 m
7541 DE72 2HG Malt Shovel Public House, Derbyshire n2818854814 9 m
006F5AFB-9A4F-4EA4-A5F7-B338046CD1D6 DE72 2HG The Malt Shovel Inn, 49 The Wharf, Shardlow Derby n2818854814 13 m
7542 DE72 2GR Florentine Coffee Shop, Derbyshire n3925799133 12 m
07A8733E-2493-4DD5-A0F1-68CEFE1F0815 DE72 2GR Post Office, 33a London Rd, Shardlow Derby n3925799133 5 m
717 DE72 3EY The Harrington Arms, Derbyshire n3218148068 outside The Harrington Arms, Thulston, DE72 3EY 6 m
462 DE72 3EQ Village Hall, Derbyshire n3215133182 139 m
B28A8375-7E46-4D47-B8FD-AF0B008488BC DE72 3ES 41 Main Street, Derby n2882760963 9 m
F3738301-80B7-4EC6-9381-AD0500CD32D5 DE72 3DW Breaston Parish Council, Parish Meeting Rooms, Blind Lane n7155141382 8 m
FDA7D51B-7C73-4527-8457-AEC900EDCB42 DE72 3PE Canal Cottage Cafe, Hopwell Road, Draycott n10835649052 20 m
54646A2A-683B-43EC-8910-ADFE00EF1532 DE72 3JE Land 100 Meters North East Of 15 Briar Close Public Open Space, Harrington Avenue, Borrowash n11079691313 outside Ockbrook & Borrowash Youth Centre facing grass and Briar Close 30 m
15C846F7-64E2-487F-B0E7-E51065BAFA56 DE72 3HF Co-Op Funeral - Victoria Avenue, 113 Victoria Avenue, Borrowash n4020545105 7 m
41DFD9E2-2972-4B11-A954-B046012504F0 DE72 3SU Park Lodge, Derby Road, Risley n7093563822 outside Risley Village Memorial Hall - to left of entrance 42 m
A7365EE8-2E67-4508-98C6-D8F4915A9508 DE72 3SL The Parish Hall, Church St, Ockbrook Derby n4340501645 8 m
19A64C4C-8D06-407A-A6EA-AD5200C19503 DE72 3SE Ockbrook And Borrowash Parish Council, Royal Oak, 55 Green Lane n4747925617 outside Royal Oak pub, Ockbrook 13 m
D06930EF-7F24-468E-A800-AF5D00E181F2 DE73 7LE Calke Abbey, Shop Calke Abbey, Main Street n10778673334 75 m
82BA12D8-E0C6-4E94-BE72-AED6009E30A7 DE73 8AN Public Telephone 7m From 8 Main Street 8m From Main Street, Main Street, Breedon On The Hill n4365536919 inside red phone box, Main Street, Breedon on the Hill 3 m
804 DE73 8AN Telephone Box, Derbyshire n4365536919 inside red phone box, Main Street, Breedon on the Hill 144 m
8329 DE73 7JH Telephone Box, Derbyshire n11079670848 inside old red phone box, High Street, Ticknall 1 m
58F139FC-1B85-4600-8CFC-B03C00D0B1D9 DE73 7JH Ticknall Telephone Box, Telephone Box, High Street, Ticknall n11079670848 inside old red phone box, High Street, Ticknall 1 m
D88096B1-FC84-4948-A884-BE1DC0C48EB9 DE73 8GJ On The Front Wall Of The Toilets Opp The Chip & Pin P/H, 8 High St, Melbourne Derby n6416171660 18 m
1575 DE73 7HS Telephone Box, Derbyshire n6518244557 In red phone box by bus stop 1 m
ABB1F424-3351-4F29-B323-B028008F2BB1 DE73 7HS Stanton By Bridge Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Derby Road, Stanton By Bridge n6518244557 In red phone box by bus stop 1 m
169 DE73 7HA Telephone Box, Derbyshire n3911692489 In old Red telephone box on Twyford Road 131 m
3261 DE73 7GR Swarkestone Cricket Club, Derbyshire n6518244559 On wall of Swarkestone Cricket pavillion 28 m
1949 DE74 2QF Telephone Box, Leicestershire n1541435133 inside red phone box, Lady Gate, Diseworth 7 m
482 DE74 2EE Inspire Financial Solutions Ltd, Leicestershire n3725469912 29 m
1DCC2F46-7FC8-4C05-ACAF-B03400C04000 DE74 2EE 5 Market Place, Kegworth n3725469912 5 m
7385 DE74 2DA The Red Lion, Derbyshire n11065803909 outside Red Lion pub, High Street, Kegworth 2 m
E5473FD9-2772-4A01-B7BE-B03400C41F7B DE74 2FH Nottingham Road, Kegworth n4085719700 71 m
566 DE74 2FH Village Hall, Leicestershire n4085719700 131 m
322 DE74 2LA The No 11 Deli, Leicestershire n6172866098 2 m
569A7B41-0B29-44AB-95B7-AC73011B339E DE74 2LA No 11 Deli, 11 Borough Street, Castle Donington n6172866098 3 m
0A8ED127-69E2-4CC7-9321-29B80EF042BE DE74 2LA 35-37 Borough St, Castle Donington Derby n3273944885 3 m
390 DE74 2SR Huntingdon Stores, Leicestershire n4272286642 186 m
DA4673C9-6F3C-42EA-B2FD-AC730119E611 DE74 2SR Premier Shop, 1 Huntingdon Drive, Castle Donington n4272286642 4 m
E7AC71F3-DD60-4805-9ADA-951251C9B17B DE74 2NR The Community Hub, 101 Bondgate, Castle Donington Derby n6179797383 70 m
3567 DE75 7JG Telephone Box, Derbyshire n848980552 inside old red phone box, Shipley 7 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 25 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
19C9D03B-2880-4021-8975-C65EFD497432 DE4 5JU In The Telephone Kiosk On, Riber Rd, Riber Matlock n415452109 inside red phone box in Riber 96 m
54C1ED75-462D-492E-AE8C-AF300114F2D6 DE4 2NE Pilhough Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Pilhough Lane n1297660159 inside old red phone box in Pilhough 181 m
79AD9705-C314-4B56-9D69-AD6700CD62AE DE74 2QF Telephne Box, Lady Gate, Diseworth n1541435133 inside red phone box, Lady Gate, Diseworth 165 m
5CD545FC-DF9A-476D-8E88-C81017D9BCB4 DE73 8AD Telephone Box, Main St, Wilson Derby n4365472492 inside red phone box, Main Street, Wilson 100 m
1B8EC854-3878-447E-8B32-43C05FC7E831 DE73 8BB Breedon On The Hill Parish Council, Moor Ln, Tongue n4365542276 inside red phone box, Tonge 174 m
020AE30A-CDCC-4488-8F18-86762DE586CE DE6 2HB Ellastone Village Hall, Church Lane, Ashbourne n4384162441 In the entrance doorway on the left on the wall 157 m
D1C1FE2E-0E02-43E0-9AEE-B06000A32ECF DE72 2AX 11-17 Chellaston Lane, Aston On Trent, Derby n4666409421 220 m
439421B9-63AE-4BA8-85F8-7898C803E0E7 DE55 5NU 110 High St, Tibshelf Alfreton n4927195004 118 m
2812E18B-C4BD-4F9E-9605-AEFC009E1B9D DE6 3DR Main Street, Longford n5077290588 inside red phone box (that is now being used as a book exchange) in Longford 119 m
6EEAF704-C7DF-43C8-A505-AF0B00AA0826 DE21 7EA The White Swan, 2 Moor St, Derby n5814386641 95 m
D9BD5147-D4E9-4711-AF9E-ADAA0111C20A DE6 5BE Telephone Box On Village Green, Dalbury Lees, Ashbourne n5964673109 inside old red phone box on Lees village green 209 m
0FD2F78E-224D-43C0-9455-CB326A7728DD DE21 6LJ Co-Op Funeral - Chaddesden Lane, 177 Chaddesden Ln, Derby n6312673526 outside 95 m
579D9962-0781-4787-BC4C-2A0DA6003B5A DE6 4LQ In The Telephone Kiosk On, Moor Ln, Kirk Langley Ashbourne n6417955080 In red telephone box 254 m
EBB26882-9037-42AF-A2F2-AF0B00848F21 DE22 5JA Emas, Quarden Village Hall, 122 Church Road n6733405143 outside Quarndon Village Hall 176 m
2EACE0B7-D378-4930-AA8C-D2E4617DEC5F DE4 4BL Cricket Scoreboard Wirksworth Cricket Club, Millers Grn, Wirksworth Matlock n6925260594 111 m
E3BBCA5D-1EF7-49A6-A900-AAED00AF12EF DE74 2FJ Derbyshire Leicestershire & Rutland Air Ambulance, 5 Sideley, Kegworth n7023892858 196 m
31FD3947-410A-42E5-83A0-AB6D01653514 DE6 1QL Parwich First Responders, Sycamore Inn, Parwich n8177089671 97 m
71B755DD-E82A-4166-981B-6011F249B552 DE4 3AG County Hall, Bank Rd, Matlock n9983889332 109 m
90C48B57-8710-4398-BB00-C6E8980F4426 DE13 7HW Kings Bromley Village Hall, Alrewas Road, Burton Upon Trent n10281359926 outside Kings Bromley Village Hall, Alrewas Road 12993 m
E8B48B1B-4DE4-433F-92AF-AF71007D32D7 DE1 2NL Derby Advertising Kiosk, Outside 15 London Road, Derby n10676099817 On pavement/sidewalk of London Road near car park entrance 131 m
16794B23-84DF-430A-A854-AAFE00F1FD6E DE13 9DN Rolleston Club, 15 Burnside, Burton-On-Trent n10726914009 outside Rolleston Commemoration Hall Club 143 m
224023F7-6562-407C-B74D-ADDD00F1E412 DE72 2AN The Recreation Centre, Shardlow Road, Derby n11079691224 outside Aston Recreation Centre - facing car park 333 m
AD51B4FB-332E-4AA1-9A99-AE8B0101196D DE55 7RY Alfreton Train Station, Alfreton n11084757077 Alfreton railway station 182 m
AEFCED64-C651-42BD-BCCD-AB0200F86884 DE13 8AF Co-Op - Crowberry Lane, Crowberry Lane, Burton-On-Trent n11262410674 On outside wall of Co-op store, at the junction of Crowberry Lane and Main Street. 55 m
1C9B09B9-8BC8-4649-9107-ADAA01072FDE DE6 5BE Dalbury Lees Village Hall, Dalbury Lees, Ashbourne n11365769840 On outside wall of Dalbury LeesVillage Hall, just to the left of the main entrance from the car park 321 m

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