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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'DG' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 224 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
569409C1-16FC-4637-9C05-B01C00BCB033 DG1 1BJ 15 Castle Street, Dumfries Variable Restricted
BE7C6B75-D395-454A-BCA8-17D7B9625BB6 DG1 1BZ The Usual Place, Academy Street, Dumfries 24/7 Public
96785FFB-3F71-4D0E-A322-AFE200C0E7C8 DG1 1NA Screwfix Direct, U920n From A709 To St Mary's Industrial Estate Road, Dumfries Variable Public
DA9124EC-ADA1-4482-A319-AD4E0063677C DG1 1NF Mkm Building Supplies, Huntingdon Road, Dumfries Variable Public
2787DE34-F3A5-4E9F-9DC3-AEFD0087271D DG1 1NP Scottish Forestry, 55-57 Moffat Road, Dumfries Variable Restricted
A62F07BE-60B8-4BAE-ACFA-AAEA00D9C28E DG1 1RH Ae View, Ae 24/7 Public
DF6DF3DF-4B48-4124-BFB9-8A49DADD5C94 DG1 1ST Kirkton Hall, Village Green, Kirkton 24/7 Public
42D527E2-5A98-460C-A1A2-B02E008A4E66 DG1 1TT Heathhall, Edinburgh Road, Dumfries Variable Public
95C79E72-2214-44A6-BDE9-B030008D2DE1 DG1 1TT Tesco Heathhall Dumfrie Express, Heathhall, Dumfries Variable Public
1E00312B-76D5-499D-AA38-AFDB00C70151 DG1 1UZ Locharbriggs Community Centre, 103 Auchencrieff Road, Dumfries 24/7 Public
F2CD3073-C3C4-4631-95A1-42A9D6F0E3E1 DG1 2AN Sheriff Court, Dumfries Sheriff Court, Buccleuch Street Variable Public
2AF04E44-0F3F-4852-9BBE-8C31CA803D13 DG1 2AP Procurator Fiscal- At Reception, 44 Buccleuch Street, Dumfries Variable Public
5FF84C66-DB89-4B6C-B04A-AF9600F3E81F DG1 2BD O2 Store (0216) Dumfries, Unit 19, Loreburne Centre Variable Restricted
3A409CFF-4473-405B-9903-55DA42F18E39 DG1 2EQ Stagecoach Busses- On Wall In Drivers Canteen, 8 Eastfield Road, Dumfries Variable Restricted
716EF471-3BB0-4174-B2AA-ADBD0105E363 DG1 2ET Heston Rovers /St Joseph's College 3g, Aldermanhill Road, Dumfries 24/7 Public
DF5B9ED9-E2D6-440A-A334-AD8A00A40321 DG1 2HH Wendy House Cresswell Gardens, Mckie Avenue, Dumfries Variable Public
7A9B888A-BE69-44C5-A1F7-004FF2F1742D DG1 2RL Behind Reception Desk, 26 Friars Vennel, Dumfries Variable Public
8BE29724-5684-4C27-8B43-AF6200A3A4E5 DG1 3FT Summerpark Road, Summerpark, Dumfries Variable Public
18E15320-C727-4EFC-911F-AAF700FE9B4E DG1 3JW Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd, Ashleigh Building, Heathhall Industrial Estate Variable Public
6D215240-81F5-4EE1-8017-AC5B00D64DC4 DG1 3NB William Clark And Son, A701 Trunk Road From C6n At Ae Bridge To C21n Near Over Garrel, Dumfries 24/7 Public
9042AEE2-7F01-4EAE-A099-AF0900B0D1F9 DG1 3NE Barony Campus (Quad), Barony Campus, Parkgate 24/7 Public
E3DBC09B-AFFB-41E3-B9B8-AF0900B04F20 DG1 3NE Barony Campus (Animal Care Training Centre), Barony Campus, Parkgate 24/7 Public
AC4FA7C5-2DC8-460A-8F63-AAE200B14DAB DG1 3PA Tinwald Parish Community Council, Hazelrig, Dumfries 24/7 Public
6CB0CBB9-707B-4B9A-B0CC-B00500B25647 DG1 3PF Tesco, Lockerbie Road, Dumfries 24/7 Public
818574F1-3C77-4CD3-8422-AD3500B342FB DG1 3PG Carrs Billington Office (Outside), Dargavel Stores, A709 Principal Road From A75 Roundabout Near Brownrigg To C15n At Torthorwald 24/7 Public
CEE347F6-FBD6-4730-B299-107D70BF0132 DG1 3PH Heathhall Business Centre- To Rhs Of Entrance 2 Reception, Heathhall Industrial Estate, Heathhall Dumfries 24/7 Public
75E5504F-9BCA-46D3-AB34-9B0257871235 DG1 3PT The Manor Country House Hotel- Top Of Car Park, Locherbie Road, Torthorwald Dumfries 24/7 Public
1BED659E-1A4A-4B9B-8BE9-AFCB00E03776 DG1 3SY Outside Main Hall Door, Heathhall Community Centre, Barnett Road, Heathhall 24/7 Public
94C9A5DE-7771-4036-B50F-B02F00AD986E DG1 3TL Herries Court Outside Premier Store, 4-8 Herries Court, Herries Avenue 24/7 Public
4A37FAA7-8582-4D52-B039-AB5200AD2577 DG1 4FD Dumfries & Galloway College, College Gate, Bankend Road Variable Public
73EEC04C-DCF7-4769-B265-ADB70111CD1D DG1 4HB The Jolly Harvester, Calside Road, Dumfries Variable Restricted
394602EC-8257-4264-8337-AE8C00C88D6D DG1 4JX Hetland Hall Hotel, U102a From A75 At Hetland To B725 And Cornerhouse, Carrutherstown 24/7 Restricted
AE0E02CA-B115-4164-830D-AB0D010DBBB1 DG1 4NH Historic Scotland, Caerlaverock Castle, By Dumfries Variable Public
4C5D3B2F-3BAE-4B70-A357-1F498915E9D7 DG1 4RU Historic Scotland Caerlaverock Castle- In Mess Room, General Area Of, Caerlaverock Dumfries Variable Restricted
0CC29230-56DB-440E-B81F-AF4A00BF3B4D DG1 4ZZ Monreith House, The Crichton, Glencaple Road Variable Restricted
0D5FA729-AC16-4EC3-9428-B02100FB40DE DG1 4ZZ Crichton Royal Farm, Glencaple Road, Dumfries 24/7 Public
61D20354-E406-4A16-AE0A-AD7F00F6FC51 DG1 4ZZ Holiday Inn, The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries 24/7 Public
205ED64C-49C6-45E1-B106-AD7900F1E6D2 DG10 9DD Moffat Rfc, Holm Road, Moffat 24/7 Public
6C020906-91D9-474D-96FB-AEB500DC9006 DG10 9DS Proudfoot Institute, Mansfield Place, Moffat 24/7 Public
FA10ED66-FC72-4EED-8E6D-AE4000A7FEA3 DG10 9EP Moffat First Responders, Moffat Woollen Mill, A701 Principal Road From A74m Roundabout Beattock South To Church Gate 24/7 Public
C7DFE05C-C6E5-422A-BB1D-AE40009FCE7D DG10 9LG Moffat First Responders, Moffat Water Hall, A708 Principal Road From C99a At The Holm To The Boundary With Scottish Borders 24/7 Public
2A2F7A19-77D9-426C-91C0-AABE016547E9 DG10 9NG Wamphray Community Council, Village Hall, Wamphray 24/7 Public
CA43729D-BEC0-4556-A369-AE4000D54E49 DG10 9QF Moffat Academy, Jeff Brown Drive, Moffat 24/7 Public
E5B145D0-E3F1-433A-A8E0-AE4000D45A97 DG10 9QZ Moffat First Responders, Beattock Village Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public
455B298B-C592-45E0-A597-AE4000D2F5DF DG10 9SB Moffat First Responders, Moffat Golf Club, U309a From A701 At Mountcharles To Junction With B7076 Near Coatsgate Quarry 24/7 Public
4A8A7EEE-82AF-4AD0-8D9E-1843296EFF19 DG11 1AS Next To Male Wc At Reception, Hoddom Castle Caravan Park, General Area Of, Hoddom Lockerbie Variable Public
18DB7700-6861-4F6F-917D-ADBF01253126 DG11 1BL Glasselfield,, Dalton Road, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
7553 DG11 1ES Johnstonebridge Community Centre, Dumfries & Galloway 24/7 Public
EC3DF66D-A7DB-47B8-A86C-AEC500E8976E DG11 1ES Community Heartbeat Trust, Johnstonebridge Community Centre, Kirkbank Road 24/7 Public
1CCC0EA5-4C3D-49CF-91F5-AE7B00EC6C1E DG11 1HD Roadchef Annandale Water Msa, Junction 16, A74(M) Johnstonebridge 24/7 Public
BEC6D292-E9C8-4F7B-8D93-AEA500C053DF DG11 1HY Lockerbie Wildlife Trust, Visitor Centre, Access To Eskrigg 24/7 Public
E10CFC93-1F38-4B1A-9471-AAF501173B2B DG11 1JN Balnacraig High Road, Hightae 24/7 Public
13323C1A-EECD-456E-A1AD-B03D009480EA DG11 1NH 16 High Street, Lochmaben Variable Public
0AE62903-61CF-42DD-90C6-86456898C401 DG11 1NT Lochmaben Golf Club- Inside Door Adjacent To Car Park, Castlehillgate, Lochmaben Lockerbie 24/7 Public
BB680765-B948-4E38-9339-AE3F010EB0CE DG11 1QD 26-32 Barras, Lochmaben 24/7 Public
325EA8C8-997C-4354-AC00-AF6900B785F1 DG11 1SU Dryfeholm Farm, C91a From U337a At Dryfesdalegate To U335a Near Springfield, Dryfeholm 24/7 Public
C8A159B1-1BC8-4A66-A031-AF490120CB66 DG11 1TG Hall, Main Road, Templand 24/7 Public
421E7BBE-1625-4A83-BAA2-AF470139FEFE DG11 2AA 10 High Street, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
9B5C30EA-D481-4721-97C6-AAB80140799C DG11 2AH Mid Annandale Afc Pavilion, New King Edward, Matthews Loaning 24/7 Public
2F2963DA-B381-4954-BEDD-ACEC01067BF6 DG11 2AR Lockerbie Library, 31-33 High Street, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
8598BA74-4FAA-448E-9B46-B411685A2BCF DG11 2AR 12 Glasgow Road, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
1E37E99D-DFAC-4464-997E-AEA600BEEC79 DG11 2BL Ds Smith Packaging - Conversion Hall, King Edward Park, Lockerbie 24/7 Restricted
3B33336B-1811-4029-8A0C-AEA600AF57A3 DG11 2BL Ds Smith Packaging - External Vehicle Gate, King Edward Park, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
BAAFF1F0-F43C-45C5-99B3-AEA600B700DF DG11 2BL Ds Smith Packaging - Print Hall, King Edward Park, Lockerbie Variable Restricted
E04816F1-FDC8-48EC-B0A1-B03F012E383B DG11 2DA Who's Next Barber Shop, 87 High Street, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
86B67A61-4D9A-4AE2-98D4-AE1A00B2FFCF DG11 2DB Tesco, Goods Station Road, Lockerbie Variable Public
2BAA9AF9-8A2B-4073-AEE4-ADD701019CF7 DG11 2EF Common Thread Ltd, Benreay, 10 Dumfries Road 24/7 Public
AF2E8533-2ECC-4DA8-8AE8-AE9500914FD1 DG11 2HE 37a Bridge Street, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
175A9FFB-1073-4A87-B55C-AB4A00DCCD4E DG11 2JL Dumfries & Galloway Council, Lockerbie Library, 31-33 High Street 24/7 Public
F9C5FE63-C03F-45CC-8E04-ACEC01096037 DG11 2JL Craigdhu, 11 High Street, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
7999 DG11 2LL Chariots of Fire Equestrian Centre, Dumfriesshire 24/7 Public
1C803D7C-B301-4BF2-BC95-AFB500FB6517 DG11 2LL Boreland Chariots Of Fire Equestrian Centre, Nether Boreland, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
6072 DG11 2NN Village Hall, Dumfries & Galloway 24/7 Public
0E8B81E3-E218-440E-8B72-ACB800AE82C4 DG11 2NN Corrie Village Hall, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
6071 DG11 2QB Village Hall, Dumfries & Galloway 24/7 Public
BC540767-080B-46F4-8B9F-ACB800AFBB90 DG11 2QB Bankshill Village Hall, B7068, Lockerbie 24/7 Public
9AC29F16-E997-482A-B44C-AEA600B57753 DG11 2RF Ppml Warehouse Unit 2 - Ds Smith, B723 From Dryfe Road, Lockerbie Variable Restricted
26B0914B-96F4-4605-80FC-B04A00E9E5C1 DG11 2RZ Quattro Depot, Unit 2, Broomhouse Industrial Estate Variable Public
314DE80F-7D08-41B1-9CF8-AE1C00F407EF DG11 2SD Robinsons Scotland Ltd, Broomhouses 2 Industrial Estate, Old Glasgow Road, Glasgow Road 24/7 Public
DF8D7DD6-26B1-4E92-9BC5-AB4F00E7ED11 DG11 2SQ Forest Sawmill, Stevens Croft, Lockerbie 24/7 Restricted
40ED2233-0BBE-4DFC-B861-AEE4009429E7 DG11 3AT Bruce Suite Cove House, U197a From B7076 At Newton To C45a At Irvington, Kirkpatrick Fleming 24/7 Public
A9842980-9EE4-42D1-B399-AF73010FFF97 DG11 3AT Newton Farm, Kirkpatrick Fleming 24/7 Public
CA421611-722D-4A3F-903C-89708E27688B DG11 3AU Victoria Hall- On Front Wall, B7076, Kirkpatrick Fleming Lockerbie 24/7 Public
6DF5FB1C-00B0-44A5-A614-79133646F1A5 DG11 3DF Tennant House- On External Wall Next To Post Box, High Street, Ecclefechan Lockerbie 24/7 Public
6D14E086-5976-44C1-9EDF-B0920091C189 DG11 3DR Ecclefechan Village Hall, Townfoot, Ecclefechan 24/7 Public
5536814E-BDDC-42AC-A9CD-2AE8EF7A448F DG11 3EY Public Hall- On Front Wall Visible From Road, B722, Waterbeck 24/7 Public
2C8BB950-3AAF-4B58-B532-B0510102D906 DG11 3JW Hall, B725 From R/B South Of Grahamsfield To B722 At Waterbeck, Ecclefechan 24/7 Public
E006058A-CD7F-44B6-ABFF-AF73010DAE0D DG11 3NE Birkshawhead Cottage, Irvington, Kirkpatrick Fleming 24/7 Public
374A4D1B-CDDF-42A1-A239-AF73010C3EED DG11 3NF Kirkpatrick Fleming Community Council, Hollee Cottage, Hollee 24/7 Public
61E45189-0798-4EB3-95E3-D5FBA10CDC62 DG12 5BD Spar Stores- On O/S Wall, 53 Butts Street, Annan 24/7 Public
1597366B-A12F-4444-A218-B03000DCC053 DG12 5EJ Silverlaw Industrial Estate, Unit 13c Silverlaw Industrial Estate, Silverlaw 24/7 Public
23EC9EBD-F67F-4CB5-B2CF-B00200E6FDD3 DG12 5JW 71 Standalane, Annan 24/7 Public
BA51821C-A65A-4483-8596-ACE3011282EB DG12 5LY Hall, High Street, Brydekirk 24/7 Public
0030F1F7-5BDD-4C29-ADB8-ABC500DB704F DG12 5PN Queensberry Bay Caravan Park Ltd, Links Avenue, Powfoot 24/7 Public
88C2A2E0-0BD4-449A-8D6C-AEA300DE0790 DG12 5PN Powlakes Charity Group, The Powfoot Hotel, Links Avenue 24/7 Public
F6A37502-8793-4C56-9960-4BE04E9FAB68 DG12 5PN Queensberry Bay Caravan Park- On Front Of Sales Building, Links Avenue, Powfoot Annan 24/7 Public
274B65C5-31A8-49FD-AD13-6FC750D11E5C DG12 5QE Powfoot Golf Club- In Lounge Bar, General Area Of, Powfoot Annan Variable Public
B9B95547-96F0-4DDB-97CC-EEB043D2A9BB DG12 6AS Station House- On O/S Wall At Entrance, Station Road, Annan 24/7 Public
F0F13249-9452-4F8C-B5F4-B034009F06E0 DG12 6DL Dunnabie Farm Shop, 68 High Street, Annan 24/7 Public
812BF443-9AAF-4587-85F1-AECD00D71555 DG12 6DX Annan Bowling Club, Seaforth Avenue, Annan 24/7 Public
7043C5EC-1351-41B5-9C3B-AEBD0077DE57 DG12 6HF 55 Annerley Road, Annan 24/7 Public
3D9A78EC-7AE8-4B25-8FA9-AE3A00B295C2 DG12 6JH Tesco Superstore, Scotts St, 0 Variable Public
6256512D-8C63-4FAA-A770-B08400EAD689 DG12 6NH 9 The Green, Eastriggs 24/7 Public
1A7DC676-F922-45D8-AF84-3147DE2F6392 DG12 6NJ H & I Engineering- At Reception, Annan Road, Eastriggs Annan Variable Public
4D589E91-93ED-4E71-B9AE-B011011CE1A3 DG12 6PZ Wayside Inn, 2 Annan Road, Eastriggs 24/7 Public
1277A07D-D381-4A26-8588-B011012114BF DG12 6QN Eastriggs Social Club, 1 Singapore Road, Eastriggs 24/7 Public
18E04C4A-ED01-4C86-8719-AF4100BF3A4A DG12 6RD Blythewood, Private Road From B722 At Redhouse To U204 At Blackhills, Blackhills Farm 24/7 Public
CDC23F04-08F9-485B-A774-B0AC00C18A72 DG12 6TZ Screwfix, Unit 5 Annan Business Park, Annan Variable Public
C64F03AF-2E3C-4AFB-9272-AC7600A21DD0 DG13 0HN On Post Outside Hall, A7, Ewes 24/7 Public
6098 DG13 0NZ On Post by Farm Yard, Dumfries & Galloway 24/7 Public
FE0DB889-E5AE-4A5A-A48B-AC76009C27C2 DG13 0NZ Farm Yard, The Craig, Langholm 24/7 Public
F9892354-EDB0-45AF-9C51-AE4A00D0AC1B DG14 0RE Cht, On Post In The Lay-By In Centre Of Village, Rowanburn 24/7 Public
211BB992-5B57-4164-BAA2-AEC300C11008 DG16 5AP Gretna Social Club, Dominion Road, Gretna Variable Public
18E8BD75-4797-47CE-8DFC-4EB19D0C3644 DG16 5AS Dumfries & Galloway Fire Brigade- On Wall Near Main Door, Central Avenue, Gretna 24/7 Public
22391E22-7573-4B0C-8258-AFE800FBFDED DG16 5DY Gretna Hall Hotel, Gretna Loaning, Gretna 24/7 Public
2AADF7F9-5F69-404F-B2EA-25C137A93E28 DG16 5DZ Stormont Hall- On Outside Wall, Gretna Loaning, Gretna Green 24/7 Public
994EF17C-AE08-4B27-BA9C-AFE800E4C210 DG16 5EA The Smiths Hotel, B7076 From Headless Cross To Roman Road, Gretna Green 24/7 Public
A88BC2A9-04D0-43D3-A715-AFE800FB44A2 DG16 5EA Gg 1754 Shop - Blacksmiths Visitor, Headless Cross, C65a From B7076 Headless Cross To C66a At Stubbyknowe Bar Variable Public
8BC74121-EB3D-4021-B51D-AD630111CE8E DG16 5EH Queens Head, Main Street, Springfield 24/7 Public
B4C9655F-6566-43D2-A222-AD7800D9D39A DG16 5EH Queens Head, Main Street, Springfield 24/7 Public
4D337F87-7281-483C-96D5-AFE800FCEA91 DG16 5FG Greens At Gretna, Glasgow Road, Gretna Variable Public
BFB7E32B-7081-4569-85FA-AACC00A1A11C DG2 0JE S E P A, Rivers House, Lochside Industrial Estate Variable Public
BDCAE8C5-29BC-4366-88AA-ADD300F0D928 DG2 0TQ Glencairn Community Council, 6 Cairn Drive, Roshglen 24/7 Public
98B3E0E2-B31D-4C6C-9F63-B07300EF5D1E DG2 7AG Maxwelltown West Church Halls, Rosemount Street, Dumfries 24/7 Public
ACA33FAE-315B-4D1B-920F-10CDD5882111 DG2 7LA Behind Reception Of Peak Physique, New Abbey Road, Dumfries Variable Public
77420E63-EF9B-4AA6-BD29-09E39CADA022 DG2 8JQ Loch Arthur Farm Shop- Rear Of Shop, Rhs Of Double Doors, General Area Of, Beeswing Dumfries 24/7 Public
60FE5DAE-1A2E-4389-A20C-B01500F56908 DG2 8JR Lotus Electrical Services Ltd, The Corra Garages, Kirkgunzeon 24/7 Public
4E96651F-79C1-40C6-BB89-0D340ED39086 DG2 8LA Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Kirkgunzeon Primary School, Kirkgunzeon 24/7 Public
D491FB8F-8878-4EB1-9D64-AF270123B5A7 DG2 8PE Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Village Hall, A711 Principal Road From C11s At Beeswing To U220n At Drungans 24/7 Public
9B75D9E4-2BD5-4CD6-9646-AFDC00915505 DG2 8QW Crofthead Biogas Site, Crofthead, Off Crocketford 24/7 Public
A5F94C11-25F6-4130-B1ED-B01200F55F4E DG2 8RG Brandedleys Reception, Brandedleys, C5s From A75 At Crocketford To C1s At Milton 24/7 Public
99DBD490-8E7C-495B-B713-AE83008582D9 DG2 9BF Dunelm Dumfries, Cuckoo Bridge Retail Park, Glasgow Road, Dumfries Variable Restricted
6D20914E-5DE9-4E50-A0F8-AF0301215303 DG2 9EF Summerhill Community Centre, Summerhill Community Association, Ballochmyle Terrace 24/7 Public
A110FE8B-8084-46E3-9463-B0A700AA3730 DG2 9HB 26-34 Terregles Road, Dumfries Variable Restricted
7C2E0D28-F6BB-4115-8A0E-AAD20146B3AF DG3 5AN 13 Aulton Terrace, Thornhill 24/7 Public
37008784-20DB-4585-A165-AF5400A0C450 DG3 5BF The Halo Trust, Carronfoot, Carronbridge 24/7 Public
33A76AF1-287D-43DC-8205-062D6C86B7C5 DG3 5BQ Durisdeer Village Committee, Durisdeer Village Hall, Durisdeer 24/7 Public
592D7951-7612-4D67-A6B7-AF5400D4FABC DG3 5HD Armstrong Joinery, U480n From C135n At Cample To U475n North West Of Townfoot, Closeburn 24/7 Public
4B06FD6F-115A-45F6-89F8-AF5400D25F5E DG3 5HP Closeburn Parish Church, U483n From C135n At Wallace Hall Academy To Closeburn Church, Closeburn 24/7 Public
8222BB1A-F770-45FE-97EA-7535E60EDB74 DG3 5JT Scott And Susan Irving, Shottswood Shotts, U486n From A76 At Blackwood School To C6n At Croalchapel 24/7 Public
337DEEF1-6F68-48E3-8E68-ABD600FEFB3A DG4 6AD Sanquhar Congregational Church Deer Park Avenue, Sanquhar 24/7 Public
14EDD6FD-3A91-4DE0-BC36-B09E00FFE5D2 DG4 6BX Masonic Lodge Sanquhar, Masonic Lodge, 24 Buccleuch Road 24/7 Public
414A268D-691C-45A8-B8FA-B01D00C2CBFA DG4 6ET Crawick Bridge, U462n From C130n At Broomfield To U463n Near Heuksland, Sanquhar 24/7 Public
D91A29F2-AECD-4D97-9477-587C58D416AD DG4 6QT On Front Wall Between Nisa Shop And Post Office, 4 Scott Street, Kelloholm Sanquhar 24/7 Public
6F2A4FC7-50D5-4E19-88D4-ADFF00FBD184 DG4 6RB Brown Bros, Greystone Avenue, Kelloholm Variable Public
F3471905-921E-475D-8184-AB46B139C623 DG4 6ST Leisure Centre- To Rhs Of Ent On Wall Facing F/Ball Pitch, Kirkland Drive, Kelloholm Sanquhar 24/7 Public
B5DEDBD8-E635-41F1-A25B-AFCA010F3FFF DG5 4AE Dalbeattie And District Day Centre, Burn Street, Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
4A04DA3C-30F3-4AAC-8D47-AE9700E50363 DG5 4AG Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Birchvale Theatre, Maxwell Street 24/7 Public
F397CC52-88F7-4B63-928C-AFC700A357EF DG5 4AG Scottish Fire And Rescue Service, Dalbeattie Fire Station, Craignair Street 24/7 Public
4FA62C49-A306-4D38-9AA4-E12ECFCF48A9 DG5 4AR Dalbeattie Education & Recreation Centre- Main Front Door, Haugh Road, Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
9CD7A1BE-CE89-47CD-82A7-AD3B00B96FC3 DG5 4AY The Bridge Wellness Centre, The Mechanics Institute, Millisle Road 24/7 Public
AA764C7C-A568-47E0-8E19-B03000BD4690 DG5 4DG 23 Glenshalloch Road, Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
629639E8-529C-4F7C-9689-8DB16109421D DG5 4HE Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Abbeyfield House, Mill Street 24/7 Public
F51EE912-C5AE-41D4-8B29-AF6A00AD09AE DG5 4HE Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Dalbeattie Tennis Club, Colliston Park 24/7 Public
6915E66A-D785-4444-BC65-20E716AC71A1 DG5 4JB Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Munches Park Care Home, Barhill Road 24/7 Public
481AE616-4CBC-4908-BD40-ABA2009B02F4 DG5 4LF Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Craiggieknowes Golf Club, Kippford 24/7 Public
8702FC48-AE1B-4C6A-BEFF-AD3E010F4569 DG5 4LF Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Coastal Kippford, Holiday Caravan Park 24/7 Public
82E91767-DC3B-458A-B445-61B9A8A0D012 DG5 4LS Dalbeattie Golf Course- On Clubhouse Wall At Main Door, Maxwell Park, Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
5DFDAC71-4E66-4719-8FA0-B03000BB0A12 DG5 4NB Dalbeattie Community First Responders, 4 Bruce Road, Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
96925180-F9FB-423B-B5F8-AF64010726F4 DG5 4NE Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Glenearly Caravan Park, A711 Principal Road From John Street 24/7 Public
55C39680-F044-45AE-B87B-C4481757BD7F DG5 4NU Barend Holiday Village- Rhs Of Office Block Nr Restaurant, Unnamed Road, Sandyhills Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
3E020D99-DDA2-4E77-AEB8-3D806D4B2645 DG5 4PY Colvend Golf Club- Outside Reception Area, General Area Of, Colvend Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
9473E658-6596-42A0-996A-B7C0E1087588 DG5 4QD Outside Colvend Tourist Centre, Unnamed Road, Colvend Dalbeattie 24/7 Public
F573018A-56BB-4F2F-892F-ACCA00C75B7E DG5 4QL Castle Point Caravan Park, Barcloy Road, Rockcliffe Variable Restricted
DA505CAA-DB22-4FA0-AA25-AF4000D2322E DG6 4AQ Kirkcudbright Tennis Club, St Mary's Street, Kirkcudbright 24/7 Public
55F9C8A6-C57F-4D53-B4B9-AE5A00CDFC0E DG6 4DQ West Coast Sea Products, Dee Walk, Kirkcudbright Variable Restricted
231D7401-332E-4711-A15E-AE3800B4EE56 DG6 4DZ Tesco, 52 St Cuthbert's Street, Kirkcudbright Variable Public
D0A726C9-CDFE-46CB-A8FC-AB2500EC8925 DG6 4JG Selkirk Arms Hotel, High Street, Kirkcudbright Variable Restricted
EAEA6C38-988E-4CBE-A5B8-AF4300BC4D31 DG6 4LT Tongland Power Station, Tongland, Kirkcudbright Variable Restricted
26451DE8-A6AB-4B1F-8B27-AE90009CE844 DG6 4QH Dundrennan Village Hall, A711 Principal Road From U48s Near Ringliggate To Church Street Auchencairn, Main Street 24/7 Public
13079267-7781-437F-BA36-AB23011191E2 DG6 4UD The Dairy Cottage, Corseyard, C8s From B727 In Borgue To B727 Near Barharrow, Kirkcudbright 24/7 Public
8CC1FF4D-741F-4412-901B-AE050128EA8B DG6 4UU Ellenbank, Tongland Road, Kirkcudbright Variable Restricted
730D7BF7-E84D-41C6-8A93-B07A0145EE2C DG7 1AE Legion Scotland Market Hill, King Street, Castle Douglas 24/7 Public
7E509BA6-69D8-4BFC-8488-AC7D00D334E6 DG7 1EZ Squash And Tennis Courts Lochside Park, Lochside Road, Castle Douglas 24/7 Restricted
8899A21B-4614-40BD-99B6-AE3A00AB522C DG7 1LD Tesco Superstore, Ernespie Rd, 0 24/7 Public
D09EAE6C-E08F-456B-A4CE-ED1CD425E997 DG7 1LZ 129 King Street, Castle Douglas Variable Public
D6903978-1925-4341-82CD-ADD400A4E343 DG7 1PH Palnackie General Store, Glen Road, Palnackie 24/7 Public
D9A579FF-0601-46A6-B483-AE69008EE3DD DG7 1PH Palnackie Village Shop, Glen Road, Palnackie 24/7 Public
88043FA0-0EBF-4D80-A718-AEE3006702D2 DG7 1QU Longview, Main Street, Auchencairn 24/7 Public
526691E5-4D2E-4795-8E78-CC3EF0C0A22E DG7 1TJ Threaves Castle- Ask Staff, General Area Of, Castle Douglas Variable Public
DF70AE4B-C2F9-4CE8-A857-5767573D86B2 DG7 2BE Gatehouse Golf Club, Laurieston Road, Gatehouse Of Fleet Castle Doug 24/7 Public
A783EDB8-6170-4933-AF3C-ADD200FCB86E DG7 2DU Sandgreen Caravan Park, Vantage Point, C9s From A75 North Of Giffhorn To Sandgreen 24/7 Public
C4ECFEEA-B01D-4C12-8AFD-AF2000EF9E70 DG7 2ES Laggan, U264s From Bardristane Bridge To A75 Near Laggan, Gatehouse Of Fleet 24/7 Public
32BB3903-CA52-4585-815B-AE4A00A6950D DG7 2ET Mossyard Caravan Park, U21s From A75 Near Laggan By Mossyard, Gatehouse Of Fleet 24/7 Public
2B16C8EA-51BA-49CD-B2AF-AC93013C2DD8 DG7 2NF Mossdale Village Shop, Glenafton, U7s From A762 To River Dee At Boat O' Rhone Ferry With Branch At Otherside Of Ri 24/7 Public
2D47F450-08A3-4AAB-9BAA-AF2700D87726 DG7 2NZ Community Educational Centre, Glenlochar, Castle Douglas 24/7 Public
57046AFB-31CF-4A94-87BF-AF4700CA6C8A DG7 3AH Clarebrand Village Hall, Clarebrand, Castle Douglas 24/7 Public
0C038F69-9A49-4379-9EFD-B03500AD2F5E DG7 3NF Loch Ken Marina, Parton 24/7 Public
4B4509C0-41F5-4629-934A-AE11017A26F5 DG7 3QE Workshop, C41s From B7075 West Of Balmaclellan To A712 At Balmaclellan, Balmaclellan 24/7 Public
936EA7E5-7E94-4EB6-BC31-AC7A01840560 DG7 3QE Hall, C41s From B7075 West Of Balmaclellan To A712 At Balmaclellan, Balmaclellan 24/7 Public
6724A2FC-98D8-41F5-B6C6-AF9C014B8112 DG7 3RL Town Hall, New Galloway Town Hall, High Street 24/7 Public
71B88D8B-DE21-43E4-9341-B08F00796937 DG7 3RN Glenkens Medical Practice, High Street, New Galloway 24/7 Public
C68F020B-F951-4E77-8F76-AC8C00F40F4C DG7 3RN New Galloway Golf Club, High Street, New Galloway 24/7 Public
A090EE8E-ACDD-4B58-B658-AF4300BC3FE8 DG7 3SF Glenlee Power Station, New Galloway, Castle Douglas Variable Restricted
D55F1F36-10A1-4DCB-BEBD-AF4300BC5F99 DG7 3SR Earlstoun Power Station, St. Johns Town Of Dalry, Castle Douglas Variable Restricted
31CFF0FA-AFA2-4F95-A67F-AF4300BC3691 DG7 3ST Carsfad Power Station, St. Johns Town Of Dalry, Castle Douglas Variable Restricted
5B3F4B57-8143-4449-9B13-AF2300F2EF67 DG7 3SX Dundeugh Village Services, Dundeugh, 6 Access To Dalshangan Private Road 24/7 Public
69EF18BF-5B25-46CA-BD27-AF270130473F DG7 3SX Dundeugh, 14 Access To Dalshangan Private Road, Dalry 24/7 Public
96109868-FB16-497C-B200-AF4300BC2331 DG7 3TJ Drumjohn Power Station, Carsphairn, St. Johns Town Of Dalry Variable Restricted
B512153D-11C8-4D96-B0A7-ADCD00E0B01A DG7 3TQ Carsphairn Community Council, Carsphairn Village Shop And Tea Room, A713 Principal Road From B729 At North Liggat To U142s At Bridge-End 24/7 Public
4946DF1D-C6BB-4F90-BA05-AF4300C4381A DG7 3UB Power Station, Access To Glenhoul And Works Private Road, Castle Douglas Variable Restricted
97DDD0AE-9CC5-4C53-A112-AF4A00881CDD DG7 3UB Kendoon Power Station, St. Johns Town Of Dalry, Castle Douglas Variable Restricted
D17E8189-EB4F-40A7-8AA7-AFAA00FB93D9 DG7 3XS Forrest Estate Office, Forrest Estate Ltd, U1s From A713 At Polharrow Bridge To Nether Forest 24/7 Public
73EC3A7B-D937-48E8-93E0-AD2A00B693BA DG7 3YA Haugh Of Urr Nursery, Hardgate, Haugh Of Urr 24/7 Public
492F884D-86C7-4586-A862-AE1600A454F2 DG8 0NN Wigtownshire County Golf Club, Daisyknowe Mains Of Park, 9 A75 Trunk Road From A747 At West End Of Glenluce By-Pass To B7084 West Of Whitec Variable Restricted
B03092BB-5F64-45CB-9FC8-AD4000FAE4BD DG8 6DQ Adult Resource Centre, King Street, Newton Stewart 24/7 Public
1A9F828F-A18C-4FB1-8F03-AD9600EA4905 DG8 6LX St Couan's Place, Newton Stewart 24/7 Public
7194C796-D4E7-4207-AE19-B02F00E5519B DG8 6PF 2 Kirroughtree Avenue, Minnigaff, Newton Stewart 24/7 Public
E3126107-E2AC-4A82-8734-AAEC0107677E DG8 6SY Glentrool &Bargrennan Community Trust, Glentrool Community Centre, Newton Stewart 24/7 Public
A1A072C4-A288-4890-9D12-AFB2008AC414 DG8 9AB Bladnoch Distillery, Bladnoch, Newton Stewart 24/7 Public
BD7F77DB-F870-4087-8213-AEBD00FA898A DG8 9DJ Kames Fish Farming Ltd, Torhouse Trout Farm, Wigtown 24/7 Public
37D67A87-50CB-4393-B564-AF6C00AD94B4 DG8 9LL 1 St Medans, Monreith 24/7 Public
EB9B71CA-C4CA-4A4E-B337-AAD10139F3E7 DG8 9SL Port William First Response, 25 High Street, Port William 24/7 Public
4388AEB9-6055-40B9-9554-AF9D0103591E DG9 0EN 9 Corsewall Crescent, Stranraer 24/7 Public
CE4AF743-0A07-4864-83FD-AED700CC71BD DG9 0RL Leswalt Community Association, Leswalt Village Hall, Bridge Of Aldouran 24/7 Public
39CEAB5A-0E99-4210-A8ED-ADB000EBA64E DG9 0RN Drumlochart Caravan Park, B7043 From B738 Near Galdenoch To Glen Road, Lochnaw 24/7 Public
6C7E5600-8A29-47FF-8B5C-F08270F155A2 DG9 7AA Scts, Stranraer Sheriff Court, Lewis Street Variable Public
A887BC75-D7AA-4C5F-8B2F-AD828E9AD57B DG9 7AJ Stagecoach- In Engineering Workshop, Lewis Street, Stranraer Variable Public
E05F9B5D-70B7-4ADC-B5FF-AB5300D31A9A DG9 7AL Dumfries And Galloway College, Stranraer Campus, Lewis Street Variable Public
E217A16D-6805-4DB7-9F2A-AFBD01174A5E DG9 7BY Thorney Croft, 12 Sycamore Way, Stranraer 24/7 Public
97C83223-89F3-4020-8FA6-B08B009FFC6B DG9 8BY Stuart Binnie Arena (3g Pitch), Stranraer Academy, Mcmaster's Road Variable Restricted
F0876B3B-B3B3-4E78-BB65-B00800BC806E DG9 8QX Cairnryan Village Hall, East Side Of Main A77 Road Opposite P&O Ferry Terminal, Cairnryan 24/7 Public
809D0547-6367-4D44-94E9-B1BC0375BE74 DG9 9ND Logan Botanic Gardens- See Location Below, General Area Of, Ardwell Stranraer Variable Public
AC81D161-39F0-4908-8A01-AED300A8D057 DG9 9NX New England Bay Caravan Site, New England Bay Caravan Club Site, Access To Balgown Point Private Road 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 33 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n36311678 inside old red phone box in Kirkbean
MZ n523440830 inside old red phone box in Bankend
MZ n2302881229 inside old red phone box in Kirtlebridge
MZ n2701735483 inside old phone box in Kirkbampton
MZ n2932008843 inside old phone box (that is now a book exchange) Main Street, Allonby
MZ n5457782015
MZ n6164567275
MZ n6436399638 On wall opposite main entrance. Adjacent to Harry Ramsden's.
MZ n8910281635
MZ n9192012306 On outside wall of shop/hut
MZ n9553901043
MZ n9854322195 External wall of Scotmid coop, to left hand side of entrance
MZ n9893538289 External wall of Springholm Memorial Hall
MZ n9893686642 Auchenmalg community hall. North facing wall, right hand side.
MZ n9922779491 Cairndale Hotel, English Street entrance, left hand side of door
MZ n9929447620 Lochside Community Centre, right hand side of entrance
MZ n9929702518 Amisfield. Tinwald Parish Hall. External wall. Left hand side, front of building.
MZ n9936803402 Eastriggs. The Devil's Porridge Museum. External wall at main entrance (rear of building).
MZ n9941262239 Isle of Whithorn. Harbour Row. External wall of passage to car park.
MZ n9947346938 Glenluce. 51 Main Street. Physique 51. External south facing wall.
MZ n9947543524 Newton Stewart Sorting & Delivery Office. St Couan's Road. External wall to right hand side of entra
MZ n9949610756 External wall (east facing), St John St (at junction with Harbour St and Church St), Creetown.
MZ n9967740729 Lochfoot Village Hall. Right hand side of external wall on Steele Avenue.
MZ n10235897137 Garden Wise, next to tills
MZ n10268921179 Boltongate
MZ n10276899438 outside Commercial Inn, Dearham
MZ n10281445238 outside Twentymans
MZ n10284683966 outside Scaleby Village Hall - facing car park
MZ n10576259904
MZ n10608811176 outside Parton Village Hall
MZ n10892850154 Outside wall of reception block
MZ n11072169641
MZ n11128559096 inside old phone box in Pinmore

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 98 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
EAD3BC5E-A9C1-44D3-8AF9-AC8500E1D4B8 DG1 4RD Caerlaverock Community, Public Telephone 17m From Nith Hotel, 14m From Shore Road, Church Street B725 n523402007 inside red phone box by Nith Hotel, Glencaple 4 m
02C572E1-67E7-4DDC-8D69-C0E0DAB6A2AC DG1 4SU Kingholm Quay Community Association, 70 Laghall Court, Kingholm Loaning n9834041881 External wall of Kingholm Quay Community Centre, right hand side of front door 11 m
DD7F8FA3-FE30-48E9-A8FC-AE5C00B4CCEF DG1 4ZE Crichton Development Co Ltd, Sports Pavilion, Bankend Road n9858765528 External wall, left hand side of pavilion entrance 16 m
36F87F4B-620C-4DBE-BDA9-ACEF00F59C10 DG1 4TA Easterbrook Hall The Crichton, Bankend Road, Dumfries n9858657171 At very left hand end of front of Easterbrook Hall 4 m
FA280091-C18C-4281-8F81-ADAB01266E4C DG1 4TH Crichton Golf Club, Bankend Road, Dumfries n9973073370 Crichton Club Bar 1, Crichton Golf Club. External wall, right hand side of entrance. 10 m
9513E2BD-76F4-4A76-81C9-AD3B010BDC25 DG1 3FY Summerpark Community Association, 1 Haining Avenue, Dumfries n9922560851 On lamppost 12, Birchwood Drive 9 m
4454F0ED-8810-49C7-969B-AFC500A9DEDA DG1 1PW Scottish Water, New Marchmount, Marchmount Drive n9922603575 Dumfries High School, Sports Education Centre, external wall facing pitches 83 m
2CA892CD-659A-4488-A4F5-AE0000A4FA17 DG1 1ST Kirkton Hall, C11n From A701 At The Grove To A76 At Auldgirth, Dumfries n9893568866 Kirkton Hall. External wall, right hand side of entrance 6 m
F3202DBF-A72B-4CC5-BCB6-AAFC0105E29A DG10 9HF Moffat Town Hall, 14 High Street, Moffat n11262547765 Outside of Town Hall 17 m
22D77707-B391-4115-ADFA-B3E8A68D2C3E DG11 3PA Village Hall- In Phone Box, B722, Eaglesfield Lockerbie n3404617326 inside old red phone box in Eaglesfield 38 m
FDD89306-BAA8-4636-8CE4-AAB800B1B0C2 DG12 5QD Cummertrees Village Hall, Phone Box, Cummertrees Village Hall n1872442030 Cummertrees, inside green phone box in front of Cummertrees Public Hall 36 m
472B2AE8-3C8C-43EF-A8BA-769D0B9A557F DG12 6AD Queensberry Arms Hotel- On O/S Wall At High St Entrance, 47 High Street, Annan n9842501774 Right hand side of entrance to Queensberry Arms Hotel 20 m
056F6293-4445-4166-9470-AE2900E8F104 DG12 6DP Annan Defibrillator Fund, Commercial Inn Flat, 128 High Street n9884561839 External wall of The Commercial Inn, right hand side of entrance. 6 m
E997002A-8926-4401-9166-FD1763DDD681 DG12 6LQ On O/S Wall Of Convenience Store, 69 Springbells Road, Annan n1339521522 19 m
4D89F008-F8F2-42BC-823D-AC76009991CC DG13 0JQ Town Hall, Market Place, Langholm n9893597203 Langholm Town Hall: external wall to left hand side of entrance (round the corner) 7 m
6097 DG13 0JQ On Post outside Town Hall, Dumfries & Galloway n9893597203 Langholm Town Hall: external wall to left hand side of entrance (round the corner) 1 m
ADFC954F-D94C-4A5B-9C74-ADB9008343B9 DG13 0AW The Buccleuch Centre Buccleuch Square, Thomas Telford Road, Langholm n9504368410 21 m
6771 DG13 0AW The Buccleuch Centre, Dumfries & Galloway n9504368410 31 m
1744087D-252B-4134-AC00-AC7600A7F422 DG13 0PB Hall, U258a From B709 At Bentpath To Westerkirk Churchyard, Langholm n8890492893 Outside Bentpath Village Hall in a yellow box, password protected 5 m
6099 DG13 0PB On Post outside Village Hall, Dumfries & Galloway n8890492893 Outside Bentpath Village Hall in a yellow box, password protected 6 m
6101 DG13 0HN On Post outside Hall, Dumfries & Galloway n9698137864 Ewes Hall 4 m
76C4AB64-91AE-4F13-B0F9-AC7600D08FEF DG13 0QJ Eskdalemuir Community Hub, B709 From B723 At Eskdalemuir To Garwaldwaterfoot, Langholm n8890529007 Outside Eskdalemuir Community Hub in a yellow box, password protected 22 m
6100 DG13 0QJ Community Hub, Dumfries & Galloway n8890529007 Outside Eskdalemuir Community Hub in a yellow box, password protected 4 m
4852471E-AA82-4211-B7F3-AC76009EFF45 DG14 0YB Lavender Cottage, B6357 From C65a At Chapelknowe To U236a, Canonbie n10671837558 Chapelknowe 19 m
6093 DG14 0YB On Post outside Lavender Cottage, Dumfries & Galloway n10671837558 Chapelknowe 3 m
6094 DG14 0TJ On Post outside Village Hall, Dumfries & Galloway n9896348993 behind hall, Evertown 6 m
DCA16679-28C6-41EE-983F-ACB800BA5AA0 DG14 0TJ On Post Outside Village Hall, Evertown, Canonbie n9896348993 behind hall, Evertown 54 m
67AB3B8E-E0F7-415E-9864-AC7600A4DFAE DG14 0SY Crosskeys Hotel, B7201 From A7 North Of Todhillwood To B6357 At Canonbie, Canonbie n10671869381 outside Cross Keys Hotel, Canonbie 12 m
6095 DG14 0SY Cross Keys Hotel, Dumfries & Galloway n10671869381 outside Cross Keys Hotel, Canonbie 11 m
6096 DG14 0RE On Post in centre of Village, Dumfries & Galloway n10671853569 in layby in Rowanburn 4 m
5032 DG16 5JE Mansfield Village Hall, Dumfries & Galloway n9936803401 Rigg. Mansfield Hall. External wall, left hand side of entrance. 4 m
78CCE148-C6C6-4316-A369-AFDA00CB7621 DG16 5HQ Welcome Break Service Area, M74 From A75 To Slips South Of B7076 Crossover, Gretna n10969988884 by entrance to toilets Gretna Services 8 m
B8B3FB4A-E2EE-4177-A913-53ECAF7F77D6 DG2 8BY To Rhs Of Fire Exit Door, New Abby Village Hall, 18 Main Street, New Abbey Dumfries n9954997026 Oddfellow Hall. External wall, right hand side of door. New Abbey. 20 m
F9F38CA6-73E1-408F-B0B0-AE9400E7923C DG2 8JX Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Maxwell Memorial Hall, U93s From U81s At Gateside To A711 At Mossfoot Bridge n9847846156 On east wall of Maxwell Memorial Hall, behind war memorial. 9 m
7B5E0285-2B1B-41F9-8E2D-ADD000AE2574 DG2 8RA Cci, Anderson Hall, A712 Principal Road From C12s At Brooklands Bridge To Junction With A75 Crocketford n9893561421 Crocketford Village Hall. External wall, left hand side of entrance. 5 m
0403E74E-8197-4491-AC0F-B6291C62B464 DG2 8ES Islesteps Village Hall Committee, Islesteps Village Hall, Islesteps n9856191875 On external wall, left of the entrance porch 19 m
1BBB9703-D9D1-4DAF-BF16-ADBD00BDEE83 DG2 8ER Solway Fitness, New Abbey Road, Dumfries n9856166846 Left hand side of north facing wall of Solway Fitness 17 m
8C9CC813-BFBB-4C2A-B031-AAC900E19D75 DG2 7LZ The Toll Bar, 37 New Abbey Road, Dumfries n9451213980 On external wall to the left of the entrance to The Toll Bar shop 24 m
0731B277-61E8-412C-AE10-ACD800FBDE6E DG2 9SL Irongray Community Council, Shawhead Village Hall, C14n From C28n At Shawhead To Stewartry Boundary 354m South West Of Meikle Beoch n9983676521 Shawhead Hall, external wall, right hand side of building, facing road. 11 m
58792DC9-41E3-49B5-ADBE-AD6E00BD1E45 DG2 7NY 2 Laurieston Avenue, Dumfries n9454112073 On external wall, left of entrance to Dumfries and Galloway Golf Club clubhouse 24 m
8AA92763-D63F-4F50-8DE7-086E2F461729 DG2 7AJ Laurieknowe Squash & Racketball Club, Laurieknowe Central, School Lane n9451213981 On external wall of Laurieknowe Squash and Racketball Club on right hand side of main entrance. 55 m
E980A0F4-70DA-4331-9B18-AB4C00BF13FF DG2 7AB Globe Inn, 21 Market Square, Dumfries n9456720144 External wall of The Globe Inn, far left of entrance. 8 m
EFCA7A9B-552E-492F-8B7D-AE3701108FA7 DG2 9BF Tesco, Tesco Extra Cuckoo Bridge Retail Park, Glasgow Road n9847846158 On right hand wall behind security kiosk. 27 m
D7C511C6-21EA-4880-A36E-B07D009BB33A DG2 9DF North West Community Campus Dumfries, North West Community Campus Alloway Road Dumfries Dumfries And Galloway United Kingdom Dg2 9df, Dumfries n9858768226 To left of main entrance to North West Community Campus 33 m
5038F714-FC0A-4169-ACD0-AD3C00FC53E0 DG2 0BX Communities2gether Aberlour, North West Resource Centre, College Drive n9858766875 External wall, left hand side of entrance to North West Resource Centre 28 m
70839BDE-2BAA-468D-8E47-AD170069022B DG2 0RG Holywood Village Hall, Holywood Village Hall, Dercongal Road n9858756056 On east facing external wall of entrance porch, Holywood Village Hall 7 m
0F9EB0A2-98FD-4FF8-8050-EFEF4B37D140 DG2 0SZ Kirkgate, Dunscore Dumfries n10238985221 Inside telephone box outside Dunscore Parish Church 46 m
CCF8A300-2E33-4FB1-8FF7-AB7801144B4A DG2 0XY Dalswinton Village Hall, Dalswinton, Na n9929697496 Dalswinton Village Hall. External wall. Right hand side of front ofbuilding. 63 m
CADC73EB-3A7A-4C3A-9A53-ACA6010312F2 DG3 4EJ Memorial Hall, Chapel Street, Moniaive n10238985220 External wall, left hand side of main entrance, Memorial Institute 10 m
81592FC8-9BC0-4FA8-B0CA-04A823C3AB3F DG3 5HR Matt Williamson And Sons, Unit 2, A76 Trunk Road From C6n At Brownhill To B731 At Cample Bridge n9919177862 Closeburn: External wall, left hand side, of Matt Williamson & Sons 36 m
3064678C-0A25-47B3-B2B4-ACF5011FE427 DG3 4JZ Tynron Parish Hall, Main Street, Tynron, C119n From A702 Near Clonrae To A702 At Clonehead n9905155686 outside Tynron Parish Hall 7 m
F3D36CA4-D795-478F-9F69-AAD201460697 DG3 5NW Pegasus Fitness, 14 Townhead Street, Thornhill n9848318272 Wall-mounted outside gym 6 m
514B1FAF-B1B1-4744-947D-77250537BCA7 DG3 5LJ Farmers Arms- Outside Pub, 50 Drumlanrig Street, Thornhill n9848318271 Wall-mounted outside The Farmer Arms 4 m
13FB04C7-ED03-4DA6-998F-46C09FC54998 DG4 6HS Ulva Cottage- On Wall Between Double Garage Doors, A76, Mennock Sanquhar n9919177853 Mennock: External wall of double garage, facing road 54 m
0EDBC61F-4937-4070-88BF-023ADE179761 DG4 6BL Nisa- On Wall To Lhs Of Entrance, 62-64 High Street, Sanquhar n9919177854 Sanquhar, High Street: left hand side, external wall, Nisa Local 7 m
CF30AB52-7FAF-4388-AF28-B3D54EA74391 DG4 6BL A The Airts Building- On Corner Opposite Toll Booth, 8 High Street, Sanquhar n9919177855 Sanquhar, West Lochan: External wall of A' The Airts 73 m
52B474E2-FD2C-4354-BC31-21C0D6C0CC0C DG4 6NB On The Front Of The Heritage Building, 40a Main Street, Kirkconnel Sanquhar n9919177863 Kirkconnel: Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society, external wall, right hand side of entrance 28 m
E1696201-C4AA-451D-A05F-6715BF61AE6C DG5 4QQ Toilet Block- At Entrance To Ladies Toilets, Unnamed Road, Rockcliffe Dalbeattie n9931643800 Rockcliffe, inside porch of ladies toilets 6 m
40A811CC-DC16-404F-8770-AC1100EAB876 DG5 4DW Dalbeattie Community First Responders, 271 High Street, Telephone Box n9175537668 inside yellow phone box at junction of Port Street and High Street, Dalbeattie 12 m
D378CE59-E6DA-4BEE-9ABA-AFF400CA54E3 DG5 4AX Dalbeattie Community First Responders, Dalbeattie Parish Church, Craignair Street n9893585450 Dalbeattie Parish Church Hall. Left hand side of door. 18 m
E8BDDA85-2A30-4E17-A300-AFD100E86B9E DG6 4SH Borgue Community Council, Borgue Village Hall, B727 From A755 At Barharrow To A755 At Silverdale n9950955161 Borgue Village Hall. In porch behind unlocked door. 6 m
D41A8954-DC32-4AED-9E50-D61C84313E37 DG6 4HY Harbour Office- On Wall That's Facing Petrol Station, Harbour Square, Kirkcudbright n10743065474 External wall. Harbourmaster's building 82 m
BA47917B-614D-4851-9B58-AB4801293A3E DG7 1SA Rhonehouse Village Hall, Adjacent Old Post Office, Threave Road n11149043295 outside Rhonehouse Village Hall - facing old red phone box 3 m
0B7DC592-267F-40B4-B60A-ACD7013E4BE2 DG7 3YA Haugh Hub, Village Hall, Main Street n9847846157 On front wall of village hall (Urr Hall & Library), facing road. 46 m
A98076AE-2579-4C50-A1A5-EB1818493131 DG7 3AU Crossmichael Shop & Post Office, 27 Main Street, Crossmichael n9170676164 outside Crossmichael Shop 49 m
DECDED75-03F4-4994-AA6F-ADB800A9450F DG7 3LD Hardgate Primary School, School Brae, Haugh Of Urr n9967715556 Hardgate. Haugh of Urr Nursery. External wall facing road. Left hand side of entrance. 31 m
82CC57CE-885A-4A9D-A1F9-B09F00AFB5DE DG7 3HQ Kirkpatrick Durham Village Hall, 58 Victoria Street, Kirkpatrick Durham n9983936786 Kirkpatrick Durham Village Hall, external wall, right hand side of entrance, facing road. Victoria S 16 m
D2CB5BF5-4942-4868-8309-AFCB0171F02E DG7 3DN Corsock Village Hall, A712 Principal Road From C117s At Corsock To B794 North Of Kirklebride Bridge, Corsock n9896100368 Corsock Village Hall. Inside porch. 24 hour access. 8 m
0D49D9D3-B487-4426-AAA6-ACDF00E056A3 DG7 3UW Dalry Community Defib, Public Telephone 13m From 66 Main Street. 3m From Underhill, Underhill n9920586210 Dalry: Underhill, in old phone box 8 m
36038342-A3F2-4225-A614-AB530108B34E DG8 8LH Saint Ninian's Trading Limited, Isle Futures, Saint Ninian's, St Ninian's Terrace n9941262238 Isle of Whithorn. St Ninian's Community Hall. External wall. 43 m
791BC64A-C986-4587-8232-5F9F5447B7B3 DG8 8QJ In Bt Telephone Box At Green, Between Houses, Isle Street, Whithorn Newton Stewart n9463847491 Inside telephone box, Isle Street, Whithorn 2 m
2CACBA0C-6BF7-436D-A0D7-65A42AD0DE5E DG8 8NU Opposite 63 George Street In Bike Park On Pole In Centre, 63 George Street, Whithorn Newton Stewart n9799734507 51 m
0A5FADD0-EA45-4CDB-A371-AF5900D0B76C DG8 8PN Whithorn And District Community Council, South Machars Community Centre, Castlehill n9799829569 45 m
026754F7-3064-4A42-903B-7C4A438ED4A8 DG8 8PD Whithorn Surgery- On Front Wall Of Surgery, 7 St John Street, Whithorn Newton Stewart n9941244558 Whithorn. Southern Machars Practice Whithorn Surgery. External wall. 59 m
DAA54BC9-68DC-463F-8BA8-AADA013BEC50 DG8 9SG Port William First Response, 36-38 South Street, Newton Stewart n9893250467 47 m
04822A62-6475-4741-A4D9-AAD101382501 DG8 9SD Port William First Response, 77 Main Street, Port William n9893482938 Port William library. External wall to left of entrance. 7 m
16FAE339-E443-4453-8BE5-AECD008F93E3 DG8 8BS Garlieston Caravan & Motorhome Club, Garlieston Caravan Site, South Crescent n9937104884 Garlieston Caravan and Motorhome Club Site. Inside reception building. 3 m
38863E04-3C0E-4550-B14E-638BBE115431 DG8 8BH Village Hall- Beside Main Entrance, South Street, Garlieston Newton Stewart n9935130152 Garlieston Village Hall. Left hand side of front of building. 43 m
EF314CDF-60E7-4621-846A-5C8E4E6D70DA DG8 8BA Extreme Point- Below Notice Board, Adjacent From Car Park, North Crescent, Garlieston Newton Stewart n9934366341 Garlieston. On Garlieston Community Council notice board, North Crescent. 4 m
8ED29043-1DA2-4A14-955E-AFF2006653C7 DG8 9AN Kirkinner Community Hall, Main Street, Kirkinner n9942608983 Kirkinner. Opposite war memorial. External wall. Right hand side of door. 5 m
6FA4C4ED-8AB4-435E-8426-ADB300CF41D0 DG8 9AB Bladnoch Park, B7005 From A714 In Bladnoch To A714 At Culquhirk, Wigtown n9950112739 External wall, right hand side of entrance. 15 m
3CBC426E-7C12-46D5-B9F5-3144A246F709 DG8 9JQ Royal Burgh Of Wigtown & District Community Council, C/O Galloway Hills Medical Centre, High Vennel n9732519619 outside doctors 19 m
3758 DG8 0HN Telephone Kiosk, Dumfries & Galloway n9464140929 inside phone box next to St Couan's Hall, Main Street, Kirkcowan 4 m
E13F2917-51ED-4BD0-8845-06BF7406ABCD DG8 6EH Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd- On Wall Pillar At Entrance, Goods Lane, Newton Stewart n9947543521 Newton Stewart. Sainsbury's. Pillar to right hand side of entrance. 41 m
50EB23D8-01F8-465D-B970-AFB3009956D3 DG8 6ES Galloway Mountain Rescue Team, Rescue Base, Princes Avenue., Newton Stewart n9947543523 Newton Stewart. Galloway Mountain Rescue Team Base. Princes Avenue. Inside entrance porch. 53 m
0E65BCD0-A7CB-42CC-B388-AC980121CD63 DG8 6BT 44-46 Victoria Street, Newton Stewart n9947476292 Newton Stewart. Victoria Street. Boots. External south facing wall. 5 m
50422DE5-5A2D-457B-8C26-AB6400CF7DDF DG8 6PF 2a Mcgregor Drive, Creebridge n9947543522 Minnigaff. Newton Stewart Golf Club. External wall. Right hand side of entrance porch. 30 m
FBB68707-17E2-4C67-AFEF-223AC2F29FF3 DG9 9PS On O/S Wall Of Information Centre, Mill Street, Drummore Stranraer n9662618127 External wall of Drummore Village Hall, right hand side of door. 69 m
4324C6C0-B3E6-4320-BBE4-2E36217C82CA DG9 9PT On Church Wall Adjacent To Memorial Pinacle, Stair Street, Drummore Stranraer n9662618128 External wall to right hand side of memorial. 25 m
F615FF55-4705-431B-8C22-167DF6602CDE DG9 9QF Driftwood, Harbour Road, Drummore Stranraer n9662618129 Right hand side of front wall of Driftwood. 10 m
27ECD71B-241A-483A-81D6-AAC0010F5741 DG9 8JW Copper Wheel, Main Street, Portpatrick n9842345680 On south wall of Copper Wheel Craft Shop, 40 m
92F0FFEC-EF03-455B-BD00-AAD4009ED4F1 DG9 8AN Portpatrick Harbour Cbs, Portpatrick Harbour, Portpatrick n9842345679 External wall, left hand side of Harbour Office door 30 m
4771 DG9 9AW Telephone Box, Dumfries & Galloway n9464182980 inside phone box in Thorn Street, Lochans 10 m
3377D832-6959-4F17-8BE2-4F8E34A5E8E2 DG9 9AU Outside Number 2 Thorn Street Inside Phone Box, 2 Thorn Street, Lochans Stranraer n9464182980 inside phone box in Thorn Street, Lochans 8 m
DF428FE1-9AC9-484B-8CA3-AFE700D65003 DG9 8ED Screwfix, Unit 2, Bellevilla Road n8944825648 70 m
DC82F0FF-278D-4AFC-9BAD-AE1E009C7C98 DG9 7EF Tesco Stores Lmtd, Charlotte Street, Stranraer n8913947900 wall 60 m
4F5442BB-7772-4A46-9C09-AF6B00C6FCAA DG9 7RA Stranraer (Ub Eng), Harbour Street, Stranraer, Wigtownshire, Scotland, Scotland n9893618747 Charlotte Street Tesco: Inside, right hand side of entrance, past notice boards. 71 m
BF26DC6F-C122-4921-91E9-AAFA010DDE0A DG9 7JZ Agnew Park Agnew Crescent, Stranraer n8926030850 63 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 13 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
FCCBB5A2-523C-480A-BD8E-AAD100C69788 DG5 4LL Kippford Village Hall, Kippford, Dalbeattie n8556637993 Outside main door of village hall 172 m
C4F41829-E20A-4D07-816D-AE4000D94394 DG10 9LT Moffat First Responders, Annan Water Hall, U308a From Old Edinburgh Road To Ericstane n9395506037 On outside of Moffat/Annan Water Community Centre 202 m
25FE0203-7ED1-423A-9D3E-0813B97E82D6 DG8 0HN Inside Telephone Box O/S Village Hall, B733, Kirkcowan Newton Stewart n9464140929 inside phone box next to St Couan's Hall, Main Street, Kirkcowan 254 m
75E89CC3-D642-4415-8AEE-B06A00E20F86 DG1 4NF Macfarlane Hall, Mcfarlan Memorial Hall, B724 From B725 North Of Clarencefield To U93n Near Summerfield n9820449861 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Clarencefield 33 m
79817CE2-FB7D-43C4-AD0E-AC840128C743 DG2 9RY Terregles Church, U230n From U347n The Old Glen At Castlehill To Kirklands Road, Dumfries n9856198525 Left hand side of north facing wall of building in front of Terregles Church gate. 122 m
4E3886AE-A830-45E7-B2F2-AD6600EA512A DG1 4ZZ Crichton Trust, Crichton Central, Glencaple Road n9858732285 External wall, to right hand side of entrance of Crichton Central 142 m
983A91FE-7970-4587-8105-6BDB93C5B502 DG3 5AY Community Hall- 20ft To Lhs Of Main Door, 22 On A76, Carronbridge Thornhill n9919177852 Carronbridge Village Hall. Left hand side, interior wall of porch. 2835 m
D4EE3937-877D-4304-A6AB-7DC26D29AA8D DG16 5JE Mansfield Village Hall- On Externall By Front Door, B721, Rigg Gretna n9936803401 Rigg. Mansfield Hall. External wall, left hand side of entrance. 98 m
4A15DDC2-8289-4572-8831-ADE400C20118 DG8 8EG Sorbie Community Council, Sorbie School, Wigtown Road n9942421088 Sorbie. In front of Sorbie School building. 91 m
E81F7D86-22AE-462B-B3A2-E9FDC5AE6059 DG8 8EN Bowling Green And Pavilion- External Wall Of Clubhouse, Main Street, Sorbie n9942421089 Sorbie bowling club. External wall. Left hand side of door. 184 m
4483FCD1-D377-42D2-A28A-ADEC01583B07 DG9 9HP Museum Mull Of Galloway Lighthouse, Private Road From U169 To Lagvag, Drummore n11004581293 outside Museum Mull Of Galloway Lighthouse 3 m
C3E0DFBE-1114-45FC-83B3-ADEC015AE487 DG9 9NG Port Logan Village Hall, Port Logan, Stranraer n11004629933 outside Port Logan Hall - to right of side entrance 188 m
F0D893B3-5C08-48C5-86A8-ED371154BD60 DG7 1SH Gelston Village Hall- On External Wall Facing Road, B727, Gelston Castle Douglas n11149088215 outside Gelston Village Hall 140 m

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