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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'DL' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
DL10 6ET 1 Forest Cottages NCPAD732
DL9 4DH Alpha Dentist NCPAD589
DL6 3LN Atkinsons Coaches NCPAD202
DL10 6AQ Attached to rear of post box outside Cloister Hous NCPAD219
DL7 8LN Bankers Arcade NCPAD925
DL12 8JU Barnard Castle Emergency Services Station
DL12 8LG Barnard Castle FC
DL11 7DW Barningham Village Hall
DL5 7JD Bay Horse Pub
DL8 1AA Bedale Hall NCPAD1095
DL8 1AW Bedale Railway Station NCPAD201
DL7 0BD Beeswing PH NCPAD065
DL8 4UH Berry's Farm Shop NCPAD362
DL14 8DL Bishop Auckland Golf Club
DL14 6EN Bishop Auckland Methodist Church
DL17 9AJ Bishop Middleham Village Hall
DL2 3HS Black Horse Pub, Ingleton
DL10 7LD Booth Memorial Institute NCPAD797
DL14 7JE Boundary Court
DL12 9HU Bowes Village Hall
DL6 2YD Bradacres House NCPAD885
DL13 3JH Bradley Burn Farm Shop & Café
DL8 3PD Burtersett Village Institute and hall NCPAD976
DL16 7NX Byers Green Village hall
DL6 2XA Calverts Carpets NCPAD1083
DL12 0NX Carlbeck Centre
DL8 4AY Carlton in Coverdale NCPAD628
DL9 3QE Catterick Golf Club NCPAD739
DL9 4QQ Catterick Road NCPAD625
DL8 4NA Chantry Holiday Park NCPAD548
DL11 6EN Charles Bathurst Inn NCPAD299
DL7 8UE Chatsworth Windows NCPAD951
DL17 8QY Cleves Cross Primary
DL9 4QH Colburn Leisure Centre NCPAD588
DL9 4PD Colburn Village NCPAD624
DL9 4LZ Colburn Village Hall NCPAD587
DL10 7JP Community Sports Hall NCPAD724
DL8 5RG Constable Burton Village Hall NCPAD066
DL7 0QP Coore Arms PH NCPAD072
DL13 5NA Copley Village Hall
DL12 9PH Cotherstone Village hall
DL13 1DA Cowshill
DL8 1HD Crakehall Filling Station NCPAD443
DL13 2EN Crawleyside
DL15 9GR Crook Community Fire Station
DL15 9AA Crook Golf Club
DL8 5QS Cross Keys Inn NCPAD181
DL2 2RF Crown Inn NCPAD410
DL13 1NW Daddry Shield
DL11 7HS Dalton and Gayle Village Hall NCPAD332
DL1 5NR Darlington Rugby Football Club
DL6 2SG Duke of Wellington PH NCPAD280
DL13 2HW Eastgate
DL12 0AE Eggleston Village hall
DL11 7AU Eppleby NCPAD622
DL11 7AU Eppleby Village Hall
DL8 4RU Fell View NCPAD222
DL8 5ND Finghall Methodist Church NCPAD349
DL15 8DD Fir Tree and Harperley Residents Association
DL1 4RW Firthmoor Primary School
DL8 4JY Fox & Hounds NCPAD132
DL8 2LG Fox and Hounds PH NCPAD211
DL13 2RH Frosterley Inn
DL13 2QW Frosterly
DL2 3DY Gainford Village Hall
DL15 0PF Greater Willington Town Council
DL16 7FB Green Lane
DL16 6LE Green Tree Tudhoe
DL13 2PB Grey Bull Stanhope
DL10 4DQ Greyfriars NCPAD316
DL8 1PB Greyhound Inn NCPAD124
DL11 6HJ Grinton Literary Institute NCPAD761
DL13 3NL Hamsterley Forest Visitor Centre
DL13 3QF Hamsterley Village hall
DL15 9PB Hardy's Funeral Services
DL5 6PR Heighington AFC
DL13 2SX Hill End
DL15 8HS Howden-le-Wear
DL11 6SZ Hudson House NCPAD309
DL15 0JX Hunwick Primary School
DL2 2BN Hurworth Grange
DL11 7HQ Hutton Magna Village Hall
DL13 1ER Ireshopeburn
DL12 0QA J Raine
DL16 6JJ Jubilee Park Bowls Pavillion
DL10 5DT Jubilee Village Hall NCPAD1084
DL13 2SJ Kingfisher Leisure Park
DL7 0SH Kirby Fleetham Village Hall NCPAD067
DL12 0XP Langdon Beck Hotel
DL8 5BJ Langthorne Pharmacy NCPAD327
DL12 9DA Lartington
DL7 9NQ Leeming RAF CP School NCPAD904
DL8 5EP Leyburn Medical Practice NCPAD1036
DL13 5DL Lipscomb Hall
DL12 9UX Low Birk Hatt
DL10 4QN Market Hall NCPAD495
DL11 7LQ Marrick Institute NCPAD568
DL6 1JZ McColls Convenience Store NCPAD997
DL7 8HA McColls Romanby Post Office NCPAD998
DL10 6QY Memorial Hall NCPAD509
DL7 8EG Methodist Church NCPAD470
DL10 7LB Michael Syddall C of E NCPAD835
DL12 0JR Mickleton Village Hall
DL16 7AP Middlestone moor Community Centre
DL12 0NT Middleton in Teesdale Fire
DL8 2PX Milbank Arms NCPAD125
DL8 2SD Mowbray School NCPAD578
DL15 0UG Mullin Close
DL2 1QP Neasham Parish Council
DL5 5DH Neville Community Centre
DL8 3TD Newbiggin Farm Buildings NCPAD289
DL5 7PW Newton Aycliffe Navy Club
DL5 6QF Newton Aycliffe Youth FC
DL7 0HH North Cowton Primary School NCPAD070
DL10 6AP North Farm NCPAD607
DL8 3LZ Old School Bunkhouse NCPAD326
DL6 2QB On the footpath NCPAD942
DL11 7NW Opp Chapel Field Barn NCPAD616
DL5 4BE Oswald House Care
DL7 9HP Otterington Shorthorn Public House NCPAD1081
DL8 4SH Parish Room NCPAD1072
DL11 6UA Park Lodge House NCPAD712
DL5 4SF Pioneering Care Partnership
DL13 4HU Punch Bowl Pub Satley
DL11 7PQ Quoits and Social Club NCPAD760
DL14 9RE Randolph Community Centre
DL11 6RE Red Lion Inn NCPAD300
DL10 4AR Richmond Cricket Club NCPAD784
DL10 7BQ Richmond School NCPAD427
DL13 3HU Robson’s Caravans
DL12 9DZ Romaldkirk reading rooms
DL13 2AQ Rookhope Working Mens Club
DL6 2LE Roots Farm Shop NCPAD825
DL6 2XB Sam Turners NCPAD880
DL9 3NE Scotton Parish Hall NCPAD770
DL16 6PP Spennymoor Youth and Community Centre
DL8 4TS St Botolphs Church (Vestry) NCPAD075
DL8 4AN St Margarets Church NCPAD140
DL14 6JZ St Marys JFC
DL2 3JL Staindrop
DL12 8RB Stainton Village hall
DL13 2TZ Stanhope Chemist
DL12 9AJ Startforth Parish council
DL12 9AQ Startforth Primary School
DL12 0NJ Strathmore Arms Pub Holwick
DL2 3UR Summerhouse
DL15 0LT Sunnybrow Primary School
DL8 3HF Sycamore Hall NCPAD138
DL8 3HT Temperance Hall NCPAD348
DL10 6QJ The Black Bull Inn NCPAD527
DL13 1QW The Doctor Surgery St Johns Chapel
DL12 0XH The High Force Hotel
DL6 2LL The Horseshoe Inn NCPAD146
DL11 6BL The Little Shop NCPAD152
DL13 4AA The New Market
DL6 2RB The Orchards NCPAD900
DL10 5HG The Smithy NCPAD487
DL10 4LL Theakston Lane NCPAD610
DL13 3LX Tunstall Reservoir
DL6 2QN Village Convenience Store NCPAD654
DL8 3SU Village Hall NCPAD133
DL11 7RD Village Hall NCPAD338
DL10 5JG Village Hall NCPAD911
DL10 6EB Village Hall NCPAD068
DL10 6JH Village Hall NCPAD407
DL8 1HZ Village Hall NCPAD516
DL6 2DB Village Hall NCPAD127
DL8 3AN Village Hall NCPAD141
DL11 7EX Village Hall NCPAD378
DL11 7ST Village Hall NCPAD227
DL10 7QS Village Hall NCPAD321
DL6 3HQ Village Hall NCPAD198
DL8 5PN Village Hall NCPAD224
DL8 2NB Village Hall NCPAD122
DL8 1SP Village Hall NCPAD135
DL7 9SS Village Hall NCPAD197
DL6 3NE Village Hall NCPAD120
DL8 1QH Village Hall NCPAD134
DL8 3AD Village Institute NCPAD137
DL6 2AA Village Shop and post Office NCPAD200
DL13 2YQ Weardale Motor Services
DL13 1DY Wearhead
DL8 4HJ Wensley Village Hall NCPAD698
DL7 9AR Wensleydale Railway Leeming Bar Station NCPAD199
DL14 9UB West Auckland Community Parish Rooms
DL14 9HT West Auckland Memorial Hall
DL14 9HW West Auckland WMC
DL13 1RX Westgate VH Weardale
DL7 9RF Whites Butchers NCPAD383
DL11 7BL Winston Bridge Country Park NCPAD706
DL2 3RJ Winston Village Hall
DL13 3LI Wolsingham School
DL13 3AE Wolsingham Town Hall
DL5 4UE Woodham Village Community Hall
DL13 5RP Woodland Village Hall
DL8 2HX Woodman Inn NCPAD123
DL8 4DF carperby Village Institute NCPAD346

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n4381415563 University Hospital of Hartlepool foyer
n4481632481 Borrowby phone box
n7124515407 On outside wall to left of pharmacy entrance
n9176028656 On wall under the roof

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
DL11 7JL PPP n554951547 inside red phone box in Whashton 184 m
DL6 1PJ Sacred Heart Catholic Church n2354622954 34 m
DL8 1JL PPP n3460383634 87 m
DL8 3QN The Market House n4052022589 outside Market House in Hawes 127 m
DL8 1PQ PPP outside Langthorne Hall n4949820559 inside red phone box in Langthorne 111 m
DL11 6LJ Keld Village Hall n5142131228 79 m
DL11 6NA Low Row Literary Institute n5168261180 201 m
DL11 7LT Holme Farm n5170404006 on outside wall in Marske 53 m
DL11 6DR Adj PPP n5239761059 beside red phone box in Thwaite 18 m
DL6 3SP The Crosby n5740885674 On post outside front of Pub. 82 m
DL11 6QG Muker Village Hall n5860998298 43 m
DL6 1HQ Bankhead Road Shops n6143577920 outside shops on Bankhead Road 15 m
DL6 1RY Sandy Bank/Mill Hill Lane n6156386520 124 m
DL7 8PE The Nags Head n6258338952 49 m
DL15 8NE Addisons Chartered Surveyors n6300930672 12 m
DL7 8WH Northallerton Castlegate Electricity Sub Station n6437679810 46 m
DL13 4PF Thornley Village Hall n6484380750 Thornley Village Hall 38 m
DL7 9PU Wellington Heifer PH n6541978727 8 m
DL13 2BG RookHope Inn n6568692914 41 m
DL12 0TX Newbiggin in Teesdale village Hall n6833842790 77 m
DL6 3AA Golden Lion PH n6919210068 120 m
DL6 1LP Bullamoor Road n6986552340 20 m
DL7 8AT Stevenson Forecourt n7027792115 37 m
DL6 1HN Rivendale Care Home n7048423261 44 m
DL7 8BL Romanby Primary School CPAD n7051949866 391 m
DL7 8HA Northallerton Town FC n7051949867 34 m
DL7 8HJ Romanby Parish Office n7051949868 96 m
DL7 8EE The Standard n7054102413 56 m
DL7 8AD County Hall and Register Office n7054440358 75 m
DL7 8SJ Northallerton Bowling Club n7072327950 33 m
DL11 6LE Gunnerside Village Hall n7203204960 61 m
DL10 7HE The Crown Public House n7206174459 150 m
DL6 2RE Weavers Pavillion n7227886187 126 m
DL6 1BF NY Police HQ n7227890007 55 m
DL6 2RL Village Inn n7227914086 152 m
DL7 0NQ White Swan n7790581675 20 m
DL8 4NR Old Town Hall n8011259015 17 m
DL8 2SZ Village Institute n8040521173 outside Snape Village Institute, Meadow Lane, Snape, DL8 2SZ - near corner between the war memorial 72 m
DL12 8NQ St Marys Parish Hall n8143557749 51 m
DL8 4ED Village Hall n8695299462 outside Redmire Village Hall 68 m
DL14 0AS Witton Le Wear n8707825510 inside red phone box at top of Station Road - opposite The Victoria pub 60 m
DL6 2EQ Village Hall n8820573088 62 m
DL7 8QR Northallerton Town Hall n8855959001 294 m
DL8 4LP Village Shop n8942331157 50 m
DL6 3EG Village Hall n9028733647 75 m
DL2 2NT Chequers Inn n9136362490 Details on device 72 m
DL10 5NB n9164776644 59 m

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