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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'GL' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
GL20 8NP Alderton Telephone Kiosk GC0041
GL54 3QU Aldsworth Village Hall GC0244
GL13 9PY Alkington Parish Council 1 GC0444
GL5 5JG Amberley Parochial School GC0108
GL7 5SD Ampney Crucis Primary School GC0370
GL54 4LE Andover Parish Council GC0466
GL19 4ED Apperley Cricket Club GC0060
GL19 4DQ Apperly & Deerhurst CofE School GC0254
GL6 0ET Arkwell Centre GC0555
GL56 9QQ Aston Magna Bus Shelter GC0125
GL14 1EL Awre Village Hall GC0287
GL54 2AP BOTW China and Cookware GC0116
GL54 2HQ BOTW John Hackling Transport Ltd GC0021
GL54 2EN BOTW The Co-Operative GC0022
GL54 2BX BOTW The Croft Restaurant GC0023
GL51 4UJ Badgeworth Village Hall GC0095
GL12 7EF Bank Yard Garage GC0562
GL12 7SE Bearlands GC0543
GL16 7QT Berry Hill Rugby Club GC0310
GL19 3EF Birdwood - Kings Head Inn GC0278
GL52 8LZ Bishops Cleeve Colts Football Club GC0574
GL6 7AX Bisley WI/Village Hall GC0315
GL15 4EB Blakeney Public Toilets GC0019
GL56 9BB Blockley (village shop) GC0036
GL2 0RX Bohanam House (OSJCT) GC0337
GL6 9HD Box Village Hall GC0363
GL15 6LD Bream - Two Rivers GC0229
GL16 7RR Broadwell - Two Rivers GC0230
GL16 7BE Broadwell Amateurs GC0085
GL56 0TL Broadwell Parish Council GC0389
GL18 1NN Buildbase GC0462
GL20 6HT Bushley Village Hall GC0317
GL2 7HG Cadbury Hall GC0404
GL10 3RF CafĂ© at The Mill GC0567
GL11 5UL Cam Parish Council GC0490
GL6 8DJ Chalford Community Stores GC0067
GL6 8LZ Chalford Hill Sports and Social Club GC0487
GL6 8JN Chalford Parish Council GC0066
GL54 4NQ Chedworth Village Hall GC0004
GL51 9JZ Cheltenham Borough Homes - Central Depot GS0268
GL50 4SH Cheltenham Racecourse GC0569
GL50 4SH Cheltenham Racecourse - Best Mate Caravan Club Par GC0571
GL50 4SH Cheltenham Racecourse - Security Room GC0572
GL2 4WD Chestnut Court (OSJCT) GC0338
GL55 6HB Chipping Campden Pharmacy GC0272
GL12 7ER Chipping Manor Dental Practice GC0529
GL3 2ER Churchdown Bowling Club GC0005
GL3 2JH Churchdown Community Association GC0109
GL3 2JT Churchdown St Andrew's Church GC0073
GL14 2EW Cinderford - Two Rivers GC0233
GL14 3ED Cinderford - Two Rivers GC0232
GL7 1XA Cirencester College (David Building) GC0015
GL7 1EX Cirencester Primary School GC0455
GL16 8JS Clearwell Memorial Hall GC0239
GL18 1JT Cliffords Mesne Village Hall GC0321
GL11 5EB Coaley Village Hall GC0334
GL16 7JJ Coalway Methodist Chapel GC0290
GL7 5AA Coln St Aldwyn Telephone Box GC0099
GL54 4DR Compton Abdale Village Hall GC0372
GL5 1ES Condicote Parish Council GC0238
GL56 0JQ Confex Ltd GC0424
GL19 3RQ Corse Parish Council GC0390
GL54 5UG Cotswold Farm Park GC0076
GL5 1LW Cotswold Playhouse GC0530
GL4 8HP Cranham Village Hall GC0006
GL5 1EG Crown and Sceptre GC0478
GL12 7LS Culverhay Surgery GC0528
GL53 9NJ Deer Park Cowley - GG GC0316
GL3 3HS Dinglewell Infant School GC0459
GL7 5QX Down Ampney Football Club GC0080
GL7 5QX Down Ampney Village Hall GC0007
GL56 9LF Draycott Mission Hall GC0024
GL17 9EE Drybrook Parish Council GC0475
GL7 4HE Dunfield Telephone Box GC0451
GL7 7JN Duntisbourne Abbots GC0556
GL11 6AJ Dursley Rugby Club GC0038
GL18 2AG Dymock Parish Hall GC0105
GL6 7DP Eastcombe Village GC0285
GL1 1PA Eastgate Shopping Centre GS0135
GL1 1PA Eastgate Shopping Centre GS0135
GL53 9PB Elkstone Village Hall GC0517
GL2 3ST Elmore Parish Council GC0240
GL4 6PN Emmaus Gloucestershire GC0407
GL7 4JZ Fairford Fire Station GC0448
GL7 4DD Fairford Youth Football Club GC0106
GL7 3JQ Filkins Village Hall
GL16 8HG Forest of Dean D C - Coleford GC0256
GL19 4QQ Forthampton Telephone Box GC0395
GL2 7ED Frampton on Severn Parish Council - phonebox 1 GC0412
GL2 7HA Frampton on Severn Parish Council - phonebox 2 GC0413
GL3 1HX GL3 Community Hub GC0392
GL5 3PS Gastrells Primary School GC0481
GL52 9EX Gotherington Village Hall GC0026
GL54 2LP Great Rissington Sports Paviliion GC0027
GL20 7AR Great Washbourne Telephone Box GC0017
GL12 8DB HMP Eastwood Park GS0249
GL12 8DB HMP Eastwood Park GS0249
GL12 8DB HMP Eastwood Park GS0249
GL12 8DB HMP Eastwood Park GS0249
GL12 8DB HMP Eastwood Park GS0249
GL12 8DB HMP Eastwood Park GS0249
GL17 9JP Harrow Hill Football Club GC0458
GL51 0TB Harthurstfield Park 1 GC0414
GL51 0TB Harthurstfield Park 2 GC0415
GL19 3BJ Hartpury Parish Council GC0391
GL2 9QA Hatherley Manor Hotel GC0260
GL54 5SZ Hawling Chapel GC0065
GL6 0PU Horsley Primary School GC0516
GL50 3AQ Hotel Du Vin - Cheltenham GC0357
GL7 1GG Housing & Care 21 - Mulberry Court GC0284
GL3 3HA Hucclecote Surgery GC0268
GL19 3DU Huntley Village Hall GC0333
GL54 1JE Icomb Village Hall GC0452
GL12 7JW JC Household GC0541
GL3 2QX John Daniels Playing Fields GC0454
GL54 2GN Jubilee Lodge (OSJCT) GC0348
GL7 6AG Kemble Village Hall GC0069
GL7 6AX Kemble and Ewen The Tavern GC0123
GL18 2BT Kempley Parish Council 1 GC0456
GL18 2BW Kempley Parish Council 2 GC0457
GL18 2BP Kempley Village Hall GC0223
GL7 4EQ Kempsford The George Inn GC0107
GL7 4EY Kempsford Village Hall GC0450
GL7 3QU Kencot Village Hall
GL54 5UG Kineton - The Halfway House Pub GC0048
GL10 3PN Kings Stanley Sports Ground GC0493
GL12 8RN Kingswood Primary School GC0500
GL12 8RF Kingswood Village Hall GC0467
GL12 7LB Kingswood and Wotton Defib Awareness Group GC0527
GL7 3LW Langford Village Hall
GL51 3BY Leckhampton with Warden Hill Parish Council GC0442
GL10 3NH Leonard Stanley Parish Council GC0369
GL10 3LY Leonard Stanley Primary School GC0573
GL56 0SE Little Compton Village Hall 3496
GL54 2ND Little Rissington Village Hall GC0508
GL56 0QE Longborough Telephone Kiosk GC0020
GL2 9NG Longford Parish Council GC0379
GL2 9EL Longford Village Hall GC0405
GL17 0LG Longhope - The Barn GC0070
GL17 0QE Longhope Village Hall GC0245
GL2 9EU Longlevens Rugby Club GC0072
GL2 0TA Lonsdale Road Methodist Church GC0542
GL56 0UR Lower Oddington Village Hall GC0252
GL54 2HP Lower Slaughter Public Telephone Box GC0082
GL17 4PP Lydbrook Social and Community Club GC0403
GL15 5DQ Lydney Bathurst Park GC0300
GL15 5AT Lydney Community Centre GC0535
GL15 5DX Lydney Town Council, Council Chambers GC0301
GL50 3AS Malmaison (Cheltenham) GC0358
GL20 5AY Marina Court 4806
GL54 1HR Maugersbury - Chapel Street Garages GC0327
GL17 0NL May Hill Village Hall GC0326
GL16 8LN McGirr Contractors (St Clements End) GC0393
GL8 8RT Melcourt Industries Ltd GC0319
GL7 5JT Meysey Hampton Telephone Box GC0251
GL55 6SA Mickleton 1 Village Stores GC0008
GL55 6SD Mickleton King Georges Hall GC0009
GL55 6TJ Mickleton Wall of Leasows GC0124
GL13 9BS Mid Counties - Berkeley GC0376
GL15 5RB Mid Counties - Lydney Coop GC0083
GL18 1PS Mid Counties - Newent Co-Op GC0051
GL16 8BD Mid Counties Coleford Co-Op GC0044
GL16 7DW Mile End - Two Rivers GC0235
GL7 5XP Mill Close Community Centre GC0443
GL3 4EX Millbrook Lodge GC0340
GL17 0BA Mitcheldean Community Centre GC0312
GL51 7DP Monkscroft GC0346
GL56 0AH Moreton in Marsh Toilet Block GC0122
GL56 0DH Moreton in Marsh Town Council GC0523
GL7 3HE Morris Memorial Hall
GL6 0DU Nailsworth Tesco GC0011
GL54 3AS Naunton Telephone Kiosk GC0029
GL18 1BX Newent - Two Rivers GC0228
GL18 1DS Newent, Rivers Meet -Two Rivers GS0220
GL14 1BS Newnham The Club GC0003
GL14 1AB Newnham on Severn Parish Council GC0394
GL11 6DP North Nibley Village Hall GC0299
GL54 3HF Northleach Fire Station GC0013
GL54 3QJ Northleach Westwoods Centre GC0052
GL20 8QG Northway Community Hub and Parish Office GC0522
GL20 8GL Northway Parish Council GC0386
GL2 2LI Norton Village Hall GC0335
GL43 3BS Notgrove Telephone Box GC0388
GL6 7NZ Oakridge -Kim's Shop, Post Office GC0253
GL12 7AE Old Crown House GC0540
GL12 7HL Oliver Memorial Chapel GC0343
GL52 9SE Oxenton Village Hall GC0419
GL5 7QA Painswick Parish Council GC0298
GL6 7AH Painswick Parish Council GC0296
GL10 2NP Park Junior School GC0431
GL7 1JR Paternoster House OSJCT GC0349
GL19 3JD Pauntley Village Hall GC0320
GL52 2AN Pittville Park GC0479
GL18 1LL Pool Hill Telephone Box GC0271
GL2 2HA Prima Dental (Waterswell) GC0359
GL8 5JG Priory Gym Ltd GC0308
GL7 5BS Quennington Village Hall GC0096
GL3 1JZ Quolux GC0559
GL6 6HS Randwick Community Defibrillator GC0257
GL19 3HS Redmarley Parish Council GC0264
GL19 3JR Redmarley Parish Council GC0263
GL19 3NF Redmarley Parish Council GC0262
GL19 3NB Redmarley Parish Council GC0265
GL7 7HA Rendcomb College GC0325
GL15 5BB Rodley House - OSJCT GC0351
GL7 5PU Royal Agricultural Innovation Centre GC0503
GL17 9XB Ruardean War Memorial Hall GC0428
GL14 3AE Ruspidge Memorial Hall GC0322
GL2 9NP Sandhurst Parish Council GC0397
GL7 6LQ Sapperton GC0524
GL13 9UD Sharpness Port GC0473
GL54 3DA Sherborne Parish Council GC0332
GL8 8QU Sherston -Willesley Village Centre GC0237
GL7 6HD Siddington Village Hall GC0119
GL14 2UA Soundley Parish Council GC0331
GL7 5UA South Cerney The Laurels Pharmacy GC0014
GL52 3NS Southam Village Hall GC0311
GL5 2JQ Southfield - OSCT GC0354
GL7 3PE Southrop Village Hall GC0101
GL15 6ES St James Church Centre GC0560
GL7 1UD St Lawrence Church Hall (Chesterton Community Proj GC0328
GL10 3SB St Michaels & All Angels Church GC0548
GL54 5PQ Stanway House GC0055
GL19 3RR Staunton - Two Rivers GC0227
GL16 8NX Staunton Parish Council GC0491
GL11 4BG Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club GC0258
GL13 9LE Stone and District Village Hall GC0498
GL10 3SX Stonehouse - EESI Ltd GC0366
GL10 2DG Stonehouse Parkrun GC0421
GL54 1JJ Stow Rugby Club GC0336
GL54 1LS Stow on Wold -Fisher House GC0377
GL54 1AW Stow on the Wold Primary School GC0266
GL7 2NG Stratton Primary C of E School GC0408
GL5 3DS Stroud HSBC Bank GC0537
GL51 9QP Swindon Village Hall WC0463
GL53 9PN Syde - St Marys Church GC0381
GL56 0PJ Telephone Kiosk - Barton On The Heath Parish Counc 3262
GL20 7ES Telephone Kiosk - Westmancote - Bredon Parish Coun 4616
GL6 0BP The Acorn School GC0566
GL7 4AA The Bull Hotel (Fairford Town Council) GC0078
GL12 7BN The Chipping Surgery GC0544
GL54 4HF The Coach House GC0474
GL16 8QE The Coombs - OSJCT GC0350
GL5 1AN The Door Youth Centre GC0533
GL10 2NP The Elms (OSJCT) GC0352
GL53 7LX The Exmouth Arms - Leckhampton WI GC0375
GL12 7BD The Keepers GC0525
GL5 5DR The King's Head GC0482
GL17 9UG The Pludds Village Hall GC0429
GL55 6AT Todays Dental Care GC0364
GL56 9NY Toddenham 2 Junction of Moreton Road/Wolford Road GC0059
GL12 8HG Tortworth VC Primary School GC0430
GL12 8QE Tytherington Parish Council GC0276
GL11 5BW Uley Pavillion GC0115
GL11 5SJ Uley Village Hall GC0102
GL50 4BS University of Gloucestershire GC0436
GL50 4AZ University of Gloucestershire GC0435
GL50 2RH University of Gloucestershire GC0434
GL18 1EJ Upleadon Parish Council GC0387
GL18 1EJ Upleadon Village Hall GC0373
GL56 0XH Upper Oddington Main Road GC0248
GL54 2QW Upper Rissington Parish Council GC0368
GL7 5US Upper Up Playing Field GC0416
GL7 3NJ Victoria Inn GC0554
GL15 6JW West Dean Centre GC0396
GL10 3SL West End Office Suites GC0383
GL14 1PD Westbury Court GC0344
GL14 1PF Westbury on Severn Parish Hall GC0307
GL20 7EU Westmancote Cricket Club - Bredon Parish Council 4700
GL55 6QS Weston Sub Edge GC0061
GL55 6QJ Weston-Sub-Edge Parish Council GC0499
GL8 8QG Westonbirt Leisure Golf Club GC0304
GL20 7SP Wheatpieces Community Centre GC0225
GL7 4EA Whelford Village Hall GC0449
GL15 4QE Whitecroft Memorial Hall GC0534
GL12 8TZ Wickwar Playing Fields GC0341
GL7 1PL Wildwood Park GC0492
GL54 5QH Wincanton Sports Ground SC0046
GL54 5QH Winchcombe Abbeyfields Community Centre GC0110
GL52 2DG Windsor Street Care Home (OSJCT) GC0345
GL3 4TB Witcombe and Bentham Village Hall GC0094
GL2 8DY Womens Institute Rudford & Highleadon, Churcham GC0283
GL5 5HY Woodchester Valley Village GC0071
GL52 9HX Woodmancote Village Hall GC0074
GL17 9QF Worrall Hill Recreation Ground GC0465
GL12 7BA Wotton Bowls Club GC0520
GL12 7HP Wotton Under Edge Town Council GC0411
GL12 7DN Wotton Under Edge Town Council GC0410
GL5 4EE Wyatt House (OSJCT) GC0353
GL54 2PN Wyck Rissington GC0464
GL15 4SQ Yorkley - Two Rivers GC0234

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n25377389 in red telephone box, Epney
n26784125 CHT-RT-1477 disused red phone booth
n252654504 Inside disused phone box. Also now a public bookcase.
n349236849 inside red phone box in Linton
n392716301 in red phone box, High Street, South Woodchester
n392716313 GC0704 in phone box in Tresham
n471560122 DFS-1K-6401-SS inside red phone box, by crossroads in Ampney St Peter,
n619752478 Inside old red Telephone box
n650493651 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange), Main Street, Aldington
n664122006 inside red phone box, Wickhamford
n911056994 inside red telephone box, Church Lane, Earls Croome
n1572747217 inside red phone box at junction of Winchcomb Road and Stanway Road, Didbrook
n3299400840 inside red phone box, Weston under Penyard - opposite Weston Cross Inn
n3366577705 On the outside, front wall of the Spar Shop in Badsey
n3405339446 outside Todenham Village Hall
n3524362050 Behind the Village Hall, in car park, open white door.
n3670936022 inside red phone box, Main Road, Alvington
n3698701539 On the outside wall of the Honeybourne Stores, facing the Stratford Road.
n4913783163 outside Much Marcle Memorial Hall, Much Marcle, HR8 2LY - by entrance on left of building
n5305370176 In the car park of the Malvern GeoCentre.
n6037694348 4302 On exterior wall of Birlingham Village Hall, facing The Avenue, just to the right of the main entran
n6037703035 1952 On exterior wall of Eckington recreation grond pavilion, facing the car park off the B4080 Pershore
n6037703046 1951 On exterior wall of Eckington Memorial Hall, towards the rear facing the car park and School Lane.
n6540837044 Inside red telephone box on the car park side of the Rugby Club building.
n7013798841 On the wall outside Buck House (house next to red phone box) in Symonds Yat West on the B4164
n7163412302 CH-RT-1 4 2 1
n7182294952 inside red phone box in front of telephone exchange, Hereford Road, Tarrington- near Tarrington Arms
n7182826585 in phone box, Bath Road, Frocester
n7595149627 CHT-14-1404 disused red phone booth in The Camp
n7678267962 GC 0650 to right of church gate
n7837941011 outside Alderton Village Hall
n7852864629 to left of shop entrance
n7863026626 inside phone box, Chatter Street, Longney
n7894846119 CHT-10-592 on wall
n8343346409 Ground floor concourse, between ticket office and ladies' toilets
n8355333814 On front of pub, facing road
n8355345874 In porch of Fleece Inn
n8362862691 on outside of red phone box (now being used for book swap) in Cambridge
n8511165918 On wall outside pub
n8754439148 inside red phonebox (that is now book exchange) near the Market Cross in Poole Keynes
n8758180785 in red phone box, Yanworth
n8770483040 inside red phone box opposite Focus School, Wanswell
n8818237203 Inside the Dental Practice
n8869736538 AGA1346 on outside wall of park office
n8869736546 CHT-RT-16 1 9 On wall of farm entrance
n8931407926 inside red phone box, Ross Road, Brampton Abbotts
n8994481358 inside red phone box, Evendine Lane, Colwall Green
n9097999281 Outside Wall
n9122746091 On front wall of Rooftop Housing Group
n9140819657 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) opposite Christchurch, Ross Road, Berry Hil
n9178895536 outside Aston Subedge Village Club
n9181183667 inside blue telephone box outside Holme Lacy Village Hall

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
GL4 0US Brookthorpe and Whaddon Parish Council n25608648 inside red phone box (that is now book exchange) in front of Brookthorpe Village Hall 79 m
GL50 1SD Cheltenham Telephone box (2) n262690781 red phone box, Montpellier Street,Cheltenham 88 m
GL8 8UN Boxwell with Leighterton Parish Council n282898506 inside disused phone booth next to bus stop, The Street, Leighterton 68 m
GL50 1SR Cheltenham Telephone box (1) n322702496 in red phone box on Montpellier Walk 93 m
GL20 7NG Telephone Kiosk - Queensmead - Bredon Parish Counc n325673910 Inside old red telephone box at the corner of Queensmead and Kemerton Road. 90 m
GL6 8JF Frampton Mansell n332599992 inside red phone box, Main Street, Frampton Mansell - above St Lukes Church 72 m
GL20 8HP Telephone Kiosk - Kinsham - Bredon Parish Council n371551662 Inside old red telephpne box in layby on the main road through Kinsham. 83 m
GL18 2AJ Dymock Telephone Kiosk n423332237 53 m
GL8 8LU Avening Telephone Box n539530954 disused phone booth 62 m
GL53 9QZ Coberley Parish Council n546617457 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchage) in Coberley 49 m
GL20 7ET Lower Westmancote Telephone Box n600395392 Inside old red telephone box, just off the main road in Lower Westmancote. 41 m
GL7 4HP Telephone Box - Milton Street n635866922 65 m
GL54 2JF Upper Slaughter Telephone Box n1980103065 in phone box 29 m
GL20 7QN Bredon Village Hall n2294640142 Mounted on exterior wall on short path from Main Road to Village Hall main entrance. 35 m
GL5 1QW Mid Counties Co-op - Stroud n2667281163 On front of Co-op 46 m
GL54 4AE Chedworth Pub, Seven Tunns Inn n2922037072 18 m
GL54 3BN Cold Aston Parish - Telephone Box n3163208245 97 m
GL2 8BB Churcham n3299400801 295 m
GL56 9AE Bourton on the Hill Old School n3405026236 240 m
GL7 6BU Ewen and KembleTelephone Box n3911092981 in old phone booth 94 m
GL7 7BB Baunton Telephone Box n4050190090 inside red phone box, Baunton 22 m
GL56 9SD Stretton on the Fosse Village Hall n4228344089 318 m
GL54 5UR Guiting Power n4253961278 Inside bus shelter builtin into in side of building next to telephone 38 m
GL16 7RJ Berry Hill - Two Rivers n4361601801 inside blue phone box outside The Globe, Park Road, Berry Hill 418 m
GL9 1AU Hawkesbury Upton Village Hall n4463506593 On corner of village hall 63 m
GL20 8LA Ashchurch Village Hall n4637963486 90 m
GL54 1BQ Stow on the Wold The Stow Pharmacy n4742276068 28 m
GL10 3AQ Eastington Community Centre n4875976725 206 m
GL17 0BX Mitcheldean -Premier Stores (The Old Smithy Stores n4911666936 15 m
GL19 3JQ Redmarley Parish Council - Little Brangwells n4913785897 349 m
GL17 0HN Mitcheldean Library n4915769645 29 m
GL5 5NQ Woodchester Parish Council n4919362599 in disused red phone box, Selsey Road, North Woodchester 22 m
GL53 9NL Cowley Parish Council n4919412656 46 m
GL10 2NA Mid Counties - Stone House Co-op n4968259214 50 m
GL54 5XH Rhodes Memorial Hall n5027938578 9 m
GL54 1LY Lower Swell Telephone Kiosk n5035220720 inside red phone box by war memorial in Lower Swell 52 m
GL50 2RH University of Gloucestershire n5159714542 42 m
GL14 2RT Triangle Cinderford (Cinderford Town Council) n5330882092 69 m
GL2 7JX Saul Public Telephone Box n5338860319 in red phone box at junction of High Street, Passage Raod and Moor Street in Saul 67 m
GL2 3NT Elmore Parish Council n5366120052 inside red phone box by Elmore Village Hall 152 m
GL7 5NL Bibury Trout Farm n5509123485 159 m
GL20 6DF Twyning School n5521168243 On exterior wall of school building, facing High Street by the Green 66 m
GL56 0AH Moreton in Marsh Budgens Supermarket n5693932026 27 m
GL11 5PG Upper Cam Neighbourhood Watch n5817669243 inside disused red telephone booth on Church Road, Cam - near St Georges Church bus stop 108 m
GL52 8LR Bishops Cleeve/ Cleeve Vale Rotary Club n6012424239 Locked box by steps 10 m
GL20 5RZ Tewkesbury Abbey n6036090012 On exterior wall of Touching Souls Cafe, to thr left of the main entrance 32 m
GL54 5RT Temple Guiting Village Hall n6039963563 On exterior wall of Temple Guiting Village Hall, just inside the covered porch by the main entrance. 289 m
GL54 5DU Toddington Village Hall n6042962165 On exterior wall of Toddington Village Hall, just to the right of hte main entrance. 383 m
GL20 7LA Bredon Spar Shop n6044042416 On exterior wall of Drapers Shop, just to the left of the main entrance. 37 m
GL20 7AA Beckford Village Hall n6045996583 On exterior wall of Beckford Village Hall, to the right of the main entrance, when looking from Main 279 m
GL52 8DP Orchard House n6074044496 222 m
GL56 0AA Moreton In Marsh Railway Station n6316634021 on outside wall 118 m
GL15 4JF Parkend Memorial Hall n6329850862 on exterior, street-facing wall 80 m
GL6 9BP Minchinhampton Parish Council n6396305424 53 m
GL54 5EG Winchcombe Fire Station n6534045807 On exterior wall of Winchcombe Fire Station, facing Gretton Road. 87 m
GL54 5LJ Winchcombe Alleyway to Guide Hall n6534045817 On wall in alleyway off High Street, between RTFP Financial Planners and Lavender Blue 13 m
GL20 7NZ Overbury & Conderton Parish Council n6539884374 Attached to wooden board outside Overbury Village Hall, on the grassed area on the Bredon Hill side 20 m
GL20 7JE Kemerton Village Hall n6539884376 On external wall of Kemerton Village Hall, facing the main road. 31 m
GL54 5EP Gretton Parish Council n6541858566 103 m
GL51 6JA Up Hatherley Village Hall n6546833533 289 m
GL10 3UT C and G Services Limited n6658345344 148 m
GL20 5BH The Anchor n6726041752 On wall on Quay Street, between Kingfisher takeaway and The Anchor inn. 36 m
GL20 5NX Roses Theatre n6726041754 On exterior wall of Roses Theatre, to the left of the main entrance on Sun Street. 48 m
GL7 2EF Dot Zinc n6806266121 395 m
GL6 6QA Painswick Parish Council n6806270273 32 m
GL5 5JY The Bell Inn n6806274314 10 m
GL3 4DY Cooper's Edge School n6969972496 150 m
GL16 8NJ Newland The Coach House n7013770407 243 m
GL5 4AN Stroud Church Hall n7147441122 38 m
GL13 9HS Hinton Parish Council (Glos) 3 n7160097510 112 m
GL13 9SF Hinton Parish Council (Glos) 1 n7160097515 in phone box at edge of Lammastide Inn car park 111 m
GL6 7ER Whiteway Telephone Box n7167514617 in red phone box 88 m
GL2 8EU Chamberlayne Farms Limited n7176175047 231 m
GL8 8SW Cherington Village Hall n7177471061 Inside shelter at end of village hall 89 m
GL11 5HN Cam Green Defibrillator Project n7603592006 to right of main entrance, outside 454 m
GL9 1DG Badminton Parish Council n7717573906 in bus shelter 11 m
GL8 8PN Shipton Moyne Village Hall n7737440718 outside Shipton Moyne Village Hall 31 m
GL52 6YL Grevill House (Ashley) OSJCT n7741027495 468 m
GL13 9EB Hill Village n7804695876 on wall of village hall, to left of entrance 208 m
GL20 7AT Grafton Community n7894812646 inside disused telephone box / public bookcase 31 m
GL5 3JS Cotswold Canal Trust Visitor Centre n7913776181 southern corner of Cotswold Canals Trust 88 m
GL52 7SB Stoke Orchard Community Centre n7945629999 On exterior wall of Stoke Orchard Community Centre, facing Stoke Road, to the right of the Shop. 95 m
GL10 3JF Images Salon n8022754929 on wall of Images hair salon 48 m
GL56 0UN Adlestrop Village n8042933617 inside former telephone "booth" built into side of post office building 12 m
GL50 4FA The Brewery n8094378010 398 m
GL6 7JA Miserden Parish Council n8151728812 inside disused red phone booth in Miserden 100 m
GL13 9NR Hinton Parish Council (Glos) 2 n8200061468 on left hand corner of Mace/Newtown Post Office 12 m
GL7 5PY BT Phone Box n8223842522 In red phone box, Driffield 70 m
GL7 6NW Coates n8223867604 On outside of village hall, Coates 39 m
GL10 3AT The Old Badger Inn n8223884441 135 m
GL12 8NP Wickwar Social Club n8252549272 On front of Wickwar Social Club 92 m
GL9 1HP Acton Turnville Village Shop n8252588087 On front of Village Store/Post Office 44 m
GL9 1HZ Tormarton Parish Council 1 n8287253342 On front of pub next to door 59 m
GL12 8TG Charlfield Memorial Hall n8307106312 On front of Memorial Hall 175 m
GL54 4HU Shipton Oliffe n8328997278 In a disused red phone box, Shipton 367 m
GL12 8RT Kingswood Spar Shop n8335637401 On outside of Spar 30 m
GL11 4BE Henlow Court n8357554918 198 m
GL11 4BS Dursley Town Council n8362730275 14 m
GL6 6HN Camp Telephone Box n8362812895 outside Randwick Village Hall, Chapel Fields, Randwick - to right of entrance 74 m
GL12 7AG Kingswood and Wotton Defib Awareness Group n8556450886 Civic Centre door way 107 m
GL19 4JG Ashleworth Village n8616587079 outside Ashleworth Post Office (behind post box) 102 m
GL9 1DS Didmarton n8623271214 outside Kings Arms pub car park in Didmarton - next to phone box and post box 151 m
GL20 7BP Tredington Telephone Kiosk n8694787252 in red phone box (that is now a bookexchange), Stoke Road, Tredington 151 m
GL15 6DE Aylburton Parish Council n8695369319 inside red phone box, bottom of Chapel Hill, Aylburton - near Aylburton Memorial Hall 79 m
GL53 0PL Leckhampton Village Hall n8741080225 80 m
GL7 5SP Friends of Ampney St Mary n8754404614 inside red phone (that is now used as a book exchange) in Ampney St Mary 27 m
GL7 5PR Telephone Box - Preston n8754423118 inside red phone box, (that is now used as a book swap) Wilpit Lane, Preston 87 m
GL54 4AN Chedworth Telephone Box n8754454487 inside red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) in Chedworth 225 m
GL8 8HZ Priory Gym Ltd - Tesco n8757667897 To left of entrance 388 m
GL7 6DS Somerford Keynes Village Hall n8758287684 inside red phone box, Somerford Keynes 287 m
GL54 4DB Withington Parish Council n8758581242 inside red phone box, Compton Abdale Road, Withington 67 m
GL4 8JH Birdlip Parish Council n8773321697 inside red phone box at junction of Ermin Way and B4070 in Birdlip Hill 71 m
GL7 3AB Lechlade Library n8934090426 outside LechladeCommunity Library, Market Place, Lechlade 8 m
GL20 8UQ AMAG Technology 2 n8943812277 64 m
GL13 9JN Alkington Parish Council 2 n8949827830 inside phone box on Damery Lane, Woodford 258 m
GL7 5RY Ampney Crucis Village Hall n8989737358 NW corner of Ampney Hall 125 m
GL16 7PA English Bicknor Village Hall n9140788477 outside English Bicknor Village Hall - facing car park exit 171 m
GL4 0UE Brookthorpe and Whaddon Parish Council n9140899134 on wall by entrance to churchyard of St Margarets Church, Church Lane, Whaddon 32 m
GL4 8AG Upton St Leonards Village Hall n9143382165 inside red phone box, between village hall and Birchall Memorial Institute, Bondend Road, Upton St L 40 m
GL17 9NP Lydbrook Social Club n9143432663 by entrance to toilets 43 m
GL5 1AN Spacehoppers n9148391202 on shop wall at bottom of High Street, facing towards roundabout 29 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.