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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'GL' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1067 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
939DD265-3749-489C-A0A1-B034010CA872 GL1 1DE Gloucester Railway Station, Gl1 1de, Gloucester 24/7 Public
4B53E0D5-D0A4-46FF-8D0A-AD4E00A355DD GL1 1DG Roberts Limbrick, The Carriage Building, Bruton Way Variable Public
7A8F4715-5E2C-42B3-AF9D-AD500075A592 GL1 1HD King's Walk Gloucester, Clarence Walk, Passenger Lift Lobby Ground Floor Variable Restricted
6AECF59F-1503-4BDD-A0D4-AFA200C88496 GL1 1JB Ymca, 3 St Michaels Court, St Michaels Square 24/7 Public
513FBF34-D08B-4DE8-B08B-B05B007A6157 GL1 1PA East Gate Shopping Centre, Gloucester 24/7 Public
29F24C79-EA13-4B4E-9E10-B0430087A85C GL1 1PY Butlers Venue Bar, 99 Eastgate Street, Gloucester 24/7 Public
9370184D-A2E2-4B2F-A352-AEE2001699FE GL1 1PY Butlers Venue Bar, 99 Eastgate Street, Gloucester 24/7 Public
B456AC57-C8F9-40A1-B0AA-ADC800B4883F GL1 1PY Butlers Nightclub, 99 Eastgate Street, Gloucester Variable Restricted
9027ACB9-3C5D-4D22-8C20-AD2C010CC2E7 GL1 1QH Market Way, East Gate Shopping Centre, Gloucester Variable Public
4B079F88-B00E-45DA-A899-AE2B00A2B54A GL1 1QN Gloucester City Mission, 72 Eastgate Street, Gloucester Variable Restricted
A2F38C6B-88FC-4AEF-A618-AFFF00F4B60F GL1 1RL Tesco The Forum - Market Parade, City Plaza, Market Parade Variable Public
21557B0C-07DE-4D7A-A263-B09900CD6F51 GL1 1SE Great Western Air Ambulance Charity Shop, 28 Northgate Street, Gloucester 24/7 Public
7AEF7649-D9D4-4EE1-AEAB-ADC800B3073C GL1 1SQ The Shire, 58 Northgate Street, Gloucester Variable Restricted
60C30F8E-D609-41A2-8BC1-B04C0086BEF9 GL1 1TP Tesco Gloucester Southgate Express, 21-25 Southgate St, Gloucester Variable Public
CFD75172-9CC9-4BFB-BBD2-AD5D0096A37B GL1 1TP Cafe Rene, Southgate Street, Gloucester Variable Public
9AD8B629-A89D-4064-957E-AEBC00F2F43A GL1 1UB Pib Group, Southgate House, Southgate Street Variable Public
87C9E17C-083A-4B6C-88DD-ADBF008B595A GL1 2EB Young Gloucestershire, The Old Dock Office, Commercial Road Variable Public
697125E0-334B-42CC-BA2E-AF9501023459 GL1 2FB Arjo Uk Ltd, Regus, 2nd Floor Variable Restricted
8E5DB782-BF9F-4C72-8B8C-ADB400FDDF0A GL1 2LR Gloucester Cathedral, College Green, Gloucester Variable Restricted
AB89810B-B498-4CBE-9786-ADB400FB7D37 GL1 2LR Gloucester Cathedral, College Green, Gloucester Variable Public
7A4657CE-EC0D-44B1-9491-ADC20104FC36 GL1 2NG Mcdonald's, 20-22 Westgate Street, Gloucester 24/7 Public
AE69B2DF-D388-477E-80E7-AD2E016A6CC4 GL1 2NW The Fountain Inn, 53 Westgate Street, Gloucester Variable Public
813E5336-A17E-4435-9C14-B0A500B4900B GL1 2SG Tesco Gloucester, St Oswalds Road, Gloucester Variable Public
9D90D262-C155-4AD2-9732-B02E00B17EA6 GL1 2SG Tesco Gloucester, St Oswalds Rd, Gloucester Variable Public
D6E52A27-9238-4FFA-9EE8-AAC801570DCD GL1 2SG John Gillman & Sons (Electrical) Ltd, St. Oswalds Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
85938C58-1A89-4F8B-B144-AFC700ABAE69 GL1 2SQ Mercia Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
DB8139CF-A575-4744-A166-ADB300B2C517 GL1 2TF Riverside Sports & Leisure Club, Riverside Sports And Leisure Club, St Oswalds Road Variable Public
A45C9B18-812F-447C-A0C3-AD24009C16F3 GL1 2TZ Quayside House, Quay Street, Gloucester Variable Restricted
5E0E85A7-4CA5-4615-8845-AD5C00B2101F GL1 2UF St Oswalds Village, Gavel Way, Gloucester 24/7 Restricted
7F97D821-75D4-4E92-B943-AFCD010991E9 GL1 3AX Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester Rugby Football Club, Kingsholm Road 24/7 Public
09F0A094-A248-4CF1-BD6B-AAAE00DD1E25 GL1 3HW Treetops Nursery Ltd, 10 Denmark Road, Gloucester Variable Public
153482D8-A810-4462-A249-B02D00F4D8CD GL1 3NU Tesco London Road Gloucester Express, London Rd, Gloucester Variable Public
0910F340-E7E3-4B47-A6BC-B08900E4474D GL1 3PX 3 Horton Road, Gloucester Variable Public
1ECEF92D-8F7D-4D51-9BBD-AD7F00FEDB49 GL1 4BP 33a Millbrook Street, Gloucester 24/7 Public
AC61D9ED-A8D1-4637-B074-B00C00CBAB4D GL1 4JU St James C Of E Junior School, Upton Street, Gloucester Variable Restricted
6907FFFC-EA8C-4D72-A778-AF5B00D9A4F5 GL1 4UL Gloucester And District Samaritans, Samaritans Car Park At Rear, Opposite, 32 Midland Road 24/7 Public
95E5BF08-5A1A-4FEB-8BDB-ADC800B47B69 GL1 5AJ Bramble House Care Home, 95 Stroud Road, Gloucester 24/7 Restricted
6CEDA4C2-5BDE-40EB-BF3B-ADC800B35D5F GL1 5LE Ribston Hall High School, Stroud Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
639F5A5C-1893-4ADA-A295-ADE100AA03EB GL1 5LJ St Barnabas Church Gloucester, St Barnabas Church Hall, Stroud Road Variable Restricted
698FFCB0-9D43-422D-A88F-ADC800B3AA7C GL1 5SH Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet, Saint Ann Way, Gloucester Variable Restricted
EA181D34-1AA7-4963-B0E3-ADC800BB470F GL1 5SH Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet, Saint Ann Way, Gloucester 24/7 Restricted
35189B9F-92A0-4BB8-8938-AE5900B390F8 GL1 5SJ Unit 2 Venture Business Centre, Madleaze Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
7EEF8E38-5591-484D-B45E-AF9500C69BA5 GL1 5SS 125 Bristol Road, Gloucester Variable Public
181F8644-186F-46A7-9E03-B04300A0C94A GL1 5SY Tesco Lysons Ave Gloucs Express, 125 Bristol Rd, Gloucester Variable Public
237C6E40-B4C3-48C4-B354-ADC800B2F262 GL10 2DG The Shrubberies School, Oldends Lane, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
F0AF5F7A-CA58-4DB7-8B07-B00000C864B9 GL10 2DG The Shrubberies School, Oldends Lane, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
5D96FD80-0F36-4AD3-AD3F-ADC800B2C0C3 GL10 2ER The Apperley Centre, Woodcock Lane, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
524AAD11-57B1-475F-AC55-AFCB00CAA5B0 GL10 2HA Maidenhill School, Kings Road, Stonehouse 24/7 Public
553F36F2-9096-4250-AE0F-AD2000CDADE2 GL10 2HA Maidenhill School, Kings Road, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
A4E99F9D-EA85-4F49-9676-AEFC012BB73B GL10 2LA Stroud Cricket Club, Stroud Cullimore Ground, Ryeford Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
74FDD241-B101-4B98-8CFA-AE940128CAD7 GL10 2NG Globe Inn, 43 High Street, Stonehouse 24/7 Public
B3F0A5EC-AC8B-491A-8961-AD200086417F GL10 2NS Stonehouse Community Centre, Laburnum Walk, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
5776 GL10 3AH Outside John Stayte Services, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
DE09EFAF-DED5-405C-AE5C-B01B00DDC2CD GL10 3DP Dobbies Garden Centre Gloucester, Bath Road, Haresfield Variable Public
0421ACF2-8054-4754-A9E9-AE9700A4EA74 GL10 3ET International Plywood (Importers) Ltd, International Plywood Ltd, Unit 5 Javelin Park Halpern Way Variable Restricted
67F24500-EEAD-40BE-A7D8-AFD20122E270 GL10 3EZ Smp Gloucester - St Modwen, Mount Farm Lane, Haresfield 24/7 Public
2F6B3F6A-6DC9-4F63-95AE-B03300916FAB GL10 3LP Leonard Stanley Village Hall, Villagehall, Marsh Road 24/7 Public
D049B9D0-345F-4C3F-9C8F-AD24010556AF GL10 3LY Leonard Stanley Church Of England School, Bath Road, Leonard Stanley 24/7 Restricted
1959 GL10 3NH Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
027366EA-A38E-4FF4-BE24-AD5200FEBD17 GL10 3PN Kings Stanley Sports Club, Broad Street, Kings Stanley 24/7 Public
62572235-DB7A-47A5-A74A-AFF00099604B GL10 3RQ Oldends Industrial Estate, Stonedale Road, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
F80D851F-5E55-4E1E-959B-AE3600E8761C GL10 3RQ Oldends Industrial Estate, Stonedale Road, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
2596 GL10 3SL Westend Office Suites, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
440D0BF6-27D2-4DE6-9358-AE4D0151F97C GL10 3SQ Travelodge, Chipmans Platt Roundabout Eastington, Chipmans Platt 24/7 Public
1865 GL10 3SX EESI Ltd, Unit 4 Springfield Business Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
114EB857-AFFB-4D52-92CA-AD2E00E0D656 GL10 3SX Chappell Engineering Ltd, Unit 2, Brunel Way, Stroudwater Business Park Variable Public
C2BD7F44-A8D9-42BE-9E5F-AEEE011C9ADB GL10 3SX Renishaw Plc, Stroudwater Business Park, Brunel Way 24/7 Restricted
6332 GL10 3TJ Frocester Cricket Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6331 GL10 3TW Frocester Cricket Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
BB3D8584-DB73-4C57-BF6B-B09301481BFD GL10 3UH Nympsfield Playing Field Pavilion, The Cowshed, Tinkley Lane 24/7 Public
4850AC9D-84BE-472F-AAE6-AEC900F65B27 GL10 3UT Unit 102 Ground Floor Stonehouse Park, Sperry Way, Stonehouse Variable Restricted
B100EDEB-9CD5-4AD5-BDC0-AF5B0088DDCB GL10 3UT Sperry Way, Unit 102, Ground Floor Variable Restricted
B809E247-097C-49E9-8A12-ADC800B37390 GL10 3UT Sartorius Stedim Laboratory Limited, Unit 1200, Sperry Way, Stonehouse Business Park Variable Restricted
634F7BE9-A37F-4676-9C17-AD8900C95F57 GL11 4BE Osjct Henlow Court Care Home, Henlow Court, Henlow Drive 24/7 Public
78C3AA1A-E6E1-4D7F-9101-ADC800B33DE2 GL11 4BY Rednock School, Kingshill Road, Dursley Variable Restricted
CD5222E0-7566-41F0-A945-ADC800B342D7 GL11 4BY Rednock School, Rednock School - All Weather Pitch, Kingshill Road Variable Restricted
8D8F5B2C-2ECE-4C60-B596-AF0700A1A5F0 GL11 4HR St Modwen Sales Hub - Littlecombe, St Modwen Sales Hub, 15 Foundary 24/7 Public
A1BB2CE1-BDB6-4E91-90B9-AF070076BA2A GL11 4JB 34-36 Long Street, Dursley 24/7 Public
7116 GL11 4JD Dursley Bowls Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
5EC0463F-8D84-4C0E-8FC6-AFC500C01BDC GL11 4JN May Lane Surgery, 27, May Lane, Dursley Variable Restricted
50F797C0-06E0-4535-8B79-AFAF00B63C11 GL11 5BT Stouts Hill, Lampern Hill, Uley 24/7 Public
774 GL11 5BW Cricket Pavilion, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1AF34A7C-7B42-4629-BBC1-AFE8006EDC20 GL11 5DQ Screwfix, Units A4 & A5 Draycott Business Park, Cam Variable Restricted
2D4379D1-6895-4AD3-B78E-ADF000A18058 GL11 5JA Ubico, Council Depot And Recycling Transfer Unit, A38 Northbound Gossington Bridge Gossington Variable Restricted
8C4CEFB3-28CB-44A4-AB43-AEC500BC935D GL11 5JQ Cam Parish Council, Jubilee Playing Fields, Everside Lane 24/7 Public
902E6122-9CA1-4130-A857-AE3600F3B0FF GL11 5LE Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, 2 High Street Variable Public
A4951A0C-BFA5-4A36-A657-AD2401103A52 GL11 5NL Cam Sports Club, Everlands, Cam 24/7 Public
EDCAE524-985D-468C-BC15-AD2700A94EE2 GL11 5NL Cam Mills Bowls Club, Everlands, Cam 24/7 Public
0A634F37-C8F9-4079-8411-AF4900E349DC GL11 5PA Hopton Road, Cam 24/7 Public
AF93FF55-6917-48C0-B84F-AFA200FF036D GL11 5SF Cam Everlands Cp School, Birch Road, Norman Hill Variable Restricted
732 GL11 5SJ Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
07F1A791-0980-4CCE-95D4-B0A800A3224D GL11 5SW Uley Church Of England Primary School, Woodstock Terrace, Uley Variable Restricted
4379 GL11 5UL Sports Pavilion, Jubilee Fields, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
C4DA9047-452F-43F2-A022-AD3400EAFEE0 GL11 6AJ Dursley Rugby Club, The Avenue, Stinchcombe 24/7 Public
F8E8BF1D-A216-4ED9-8260-AD2500B92B55 GL11 6BQ The Old School House, Echo Lane, Stinchcombe 24/7 Public
34C903DD-0BE1-4187-92E9-AFD800CBF75A GL11 6DE Manor Farm, Wick Bridge, Dursley 24/7 Public
2704 GL11 6DL The Pavilion, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
B0BEA6EF-BCA1-4A8F-84A2-B004004E4173 GL11 6DP North Nibley Village Hall, Innocks Estate, North Nibley 24/7 Public
20DE31AF-F9B9-4E7D-977A-AED600E709A7 GL11 6ER Breakheart Community Project Ltd, Breakheart Quarry, Stinchcombe Hill Road 24/7 Public
D11F2162-600C-413C-8022-B02800938ABB GL11 6JJ Cam Woodfield Infant School, Elstub Lane, Cam Variable Restricted
4BBED4F4-9EAC-4A32-80D6-AFA9010F2207 GL12 7BD The Chipping Surgery, Symn Lane, Wotton-Under-Edge 24/7 Public
9951B4C2-2A36-44CA-BB0B-AD2000FB39D7 GL12 7BL Wotton Bowls Club, Dryleaze Court, Wotton-Under-Edge 24/7 Public
B2E70372-BDA3-42BB-A24F-B03200E8F903 GL12 7BT Tesco Wotton Under Edge Express, 28 Long St, Wotton-Under-Edge Variable Public
A5F7F52C-8F67-4138-9DF0-AF860152E520 GL12 7DT Bradley Road, Top Of Ellerncroft Drive, Wotton Under Edge 24/7 Public
505F2807-928F-4CDD-B728-AD250080F749 GL12 7EF Kingswood And Wotton Defib Awareness Group, Bank Yard Garage Unit 1 Bank Yard Industrial Estate, Tabernacle Road 24/7 Public
A67E0180-A149-4CED-BA33-AD24008A47C2 GL12 7HL Lions, Oliver Memorial Chapel, Knapp Road 24/7 Public
3157 GL12 7HQ Sports Pavilion, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1925A27C-268B-430D-8536-AF86011DD65A GL12 7JW J.c Household, Dyers Brook, Wotton Under Edge 24/7 Public
838D7331-B52E-45DC-83E8-AF860133F248 GL12 7LB The Shop - Pitman Place Entrance, Wortley Road, Wotton Under Edge 24/7 Public
1B4E63AE-78EC-493D-BAFD-AF8E00FCFF00 GL12 7LS Culverhay Surgery, Culverhay, Wotton Under Edge 24/7 Public
9C0D289D-4885-4B20-B7E6-AF8601340CC7 GL12 7LW Hill Road, 30 Hill Road, Wotton Under Edge 24/7 Public
983DEE29-DB84-4273-A58F-ADC800B4AC50 GL12 7PT Cotswold Edge Golf Club, Bowcott, Wotton-Under-Edge Variable Restricted
536CE8D6-6938-49AD-A2EC-AD2200691949 GL12 7RF Kingswood And Wotton Defib Awareness Group, Hopkins Hall, Sports Pavilion 24/7 Public
AF4462BA-2723-4018-B1F1-AD2300BEF903 GL12 7SF Kingswood And Wotton Defib Awareness Group, 43-53 Bearlands, Kingswood 24/7 Public
4EE3FBB1-6E33-4BBF-A54D-AE7F008C679F GL12 8AX Cromhall Parish Council, De Smit Medical Systems Limited, Bristol Road 24/7 Public
5219FB9C-8289-44D2-860A-B049008BAFA8 GL12 8AX De Smit Medical Systems Limited, Bristol Road, Cromhall 24/7 Public
04412342-E44F-4689-B329-AD21010186ED GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Res 7, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
0ED33164-F004-4589-A997-AD2100F5BF92 GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Res 1/2/3, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
1B4F2536-00BD-40A5-8C1A-AD2100F51F99 GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Res 4, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
1E97E0D0-BA16-4CE3-8DCC-AD2101073A7A GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Gp/Pathways, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
559EB20B-AE61-40ED-B4EE-AD210100A570 GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Res 5/6, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
6977E9CD-8EF0-4591-B1C6-AD210102F923 GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Res 10, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
96C9A7C2-8CFE-4FD1-A2DF-AD21010652B5 GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Kinnon, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
AD82D4C0-EAD4-479A-AE53-AD2100F44FE4 GL12 8DB Hmp Eastwood Park, Reception, Church Avenue 24/7 Restricted
073052ED-6A61-4706-9480-AD32008077C3 GL12 8DF Falfield Post Office, Gloucester Road, Falfield 24/7 Public
79005F7E-6A28-4F99-B7C8-B02101375DA6 GL12 8EX Huntingford, The Rose, Swinhay Lane 24/7 Public
6BF759FD-8AF0-49C9-B9F6-AD5D00EBCC75 GL12 8HG Tortworth Vc Primary School, Charfield Road, Tortworth 24/7 Public
4AFF57F5-7124-4B1D-86A9-AADA00B4C66A GL12 8HQ Mitie Property Services, Unit 12 Tortworth Business Park, Tortworth Variable Restricted
0EB224DA-5B3D-4247-A190-AED900B150C0 GL12 8JR Renishaw Plc New Mills, Wotton Road, Wotton Under Edge Variable Restricted
6C244BCF-58B4-4949-B49A-AED900B2F249 GL12 8JR Renishaw Plc New Mills, Wotton Road, Kingswood Variable Restricted
C0A87DC0-D976-49B8-9B3C-AED900B2D780 GL12 8JR Renishaw Plc New Mills, Wotton Road, Wotton Under Edge Variable Restricted
E9596F2D-E34C-483D-B06C-AED900B2BAAA GL12 8JR Renishaw Plc New Mills, Wotton Road, Wotton Under Edge Variable Restricted
EAC36137-D4A5-47CB-9323-AED900B30C56 GL12 8JR Renishaw Plc New Mills, Wotton Road, Kingswood Variable Restricted
2D0A3653-06EA-4244-A11D-AD78013351D6 GL12 8JW Wotton Community Parc, New Road, Wotton-Under-Edge 24/7 Public
A8970F50-CCF5-4172-B20A-AD36011C7784 GL12 8JZ Wickwar Playing Fields Association, Wickwar Playing Field, Off The Downs Road 24/7 Public
EF10184C-6C3B-414C-B7CC-B0A50137CE3E GL12 8NB Wickwar Village Hall, 5 Station Road, Wickwar 24/7 Public
303DFC06-E0BE-4ADB-8229-AF500096E68B GL12 8NP Wickwar Parish Council, The Pavilion, King George's Field, The Downs 24/7 Public
E2FCED5D-33F9-47C1-A919-AF500093F14A GL12 8NR Wickwar Youth Centre, 4 Sodbury Road, Wickwar 24/7 Public
F3D360C6-9027-4D55-B9AF-AD8E00FC7705 GL12 8PF Wickwar Community Centre, Honeyborne Way, Wickwar 24/7 Public
1296 GL12 8QE Tytherington Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1C39BC82-3CDA-4198-9CB0-B00B0110CA36 GL12 8QH Dobbies Garden Centre Thornbury, Milbury Heath, Wotton Under Edge Variable Public
69B6F232-B215-4394-AB2D-ADC800B3D218 GL12 8RB Katherine Lady Berkeley's School, Wootton Road, Kingswood Variable Restricted
C98FBAC1-1677-462E-A108-ADC800B3CCDD GL12 8RB Katherine Lady Berkeley's Sports Hall ( Wotton Sports Centre), Wootton Road, Kingswood Variable Restricted
7E3F7927-ABB4-482F-A139-AE66007FFFB6 GL12 8RF Kingswood Defib Awareness Group, Wickwar Rd Westfield House, Wickwar Road 24/7 Public
E808627F-CBC8-43B3-8912-AD2000CA6A05 GL12 8RF Kingswood Defib Awareness Group, Kingswood Village Hall Wickwar Road, Wickwar Road 24/7 Public
2E9AD02A-6060-4F9C-B67D-AD2000C7F3C8 GL12 8RL F & G Services, F & G Services Charfield Road, Charfield Road 24/7 Public
11345ECD-A2A7-429A-99E6-AD2000C376C7 GL12 8RN Kingswood Primary School, 13 Abbey Street, Kingswood 24/7 Public
8A3A9951-9115-4E92-9FC6-AD1700B91BEE GL12 8RU Weavers Close 38 Hillesley Road, Kingswood 24/7 Public
93F5C90F-2711-4211-BC58-AD2000C109DA GL12 8SA Kingswood Defib Awareness Group, 59 Walkmill Lane, Kingswood 24/7 Public
80B62500-511E-4C83-AAC6-AD2000C6BB97 GL12 8SF Bramley Close Flats, Bramley Close, Kingswood 24/7 Public
FE7C5D33-F1C9-4E76-B016-B08500C4D2D7 GL12 8SR Inntricate Ltd, Plough Inn, 68 Wotton Road 24/7 Public
B1EA2A33-23B7-49D3-BF32-AD7500B19385 GL12 8TT Charfield Costcutter Store, 7-8 Avon Road, Charfield 24/7 Public
5832C25C-6B17-4BAB-B7F5-AED700EE2FE5 GL12 8UW Tytherington Quarry, Hanson Aggreagtes, Tytherington Quarry Variable Restricted
2006 GL13 9BS Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7562 GL13 9DF Berkeley Town Football Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
4ACB3D37-D37C-4179-AEEB-AD9300768052 GL13 9DT Rockhampton Cricket Club, Lower Stone Road, Rockhampton 24/7 Public
E73C9436-4749-4DED-AEFC-AD5900949402 GL13 9FB A11 - A12 Gloucestershire Science And Technology Park, Hamfield Lane, Berkeley Variable Restricted
3009 GL13 9HS St John The Evangelist's Church, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
4328 GL13 9LE Stone and District Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
BEAD2E18-4023-4454-BC4F-B042010B8A65 GL13 9NU Sharpness Primary School, Bays Hill, Berkeley Variable Restricted
7612 GL13 9TB Park View Scout Hut, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
3254115E-B546-46A0-8E8E-AF9A00D1C880 GL13 9TN Berkeley Sports And Social Community Trust, Hamfield Lane, Berkeley 24/7 Public
3F9BA086-4FFA-4AC1-A1AA-AD21010D2081 GL13 9UD Gloucester Harbour Trustees, Navigation House, The Docks 24/7 Public
C9F07015-867F-497A-85AD-ADC50154FEC6 GL13 9UN Sharpness Docker's Club, Sharpness Dockers Club, The Docks 24/7 Public
F3236221-702A-4C21-BC61-AD55008BB7D5 GL13 9UQ Bennetts Cranes Ltd, Burma Road, Berkeley Variable Public
233623F5-CE21-4565-82E9-ADF000D7593A GL14 1EF Camphill Village Trust - Oaklands Park, Oaklands Park, Newnham 24/7 Public
1336 GL14 1EL Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
61031532-7340-4F9A-9188-AE710096B9A9 GL14 1EY Mf Freeman Homes, 1 Severnbank Avenue, Newnham 24/7 Public
44475B27-B0D1-4D3E-A924-B023012B5B21 GL14 1JB Amos House, Oakfield, A48 From Elton To High Street Newnham 24/7 Restricted
BEDDAFA2-624A-498A-ABC4-B09600E39C50 GL14 1JJ Westfields, Elton Lane, Elton 24/7 Public
5356 GL14 1LY Social Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1427 GL14 1PF Parish Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7C098A27-74BC-4BE8-AA89-AD21007AEEB9 GL14 2AF Freedom Leisure Cinderford, Causeway Road, Cinderford Variable Public
F284E148-E5E5-40FE-B050-B03000EE4F40 GL14 2AQ Tesco Cinderford Superstore, Dockham Road, Cinderford Variable Public
913 GL14 2EW Two Rivers Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
F7FF9EBE-FDF1-4D5A-85CA-AE1600C76995 GL14 2JN Cinderford Miners Welfare Association, Cinderford Welfare Centre, Wesley Road 24/7 Public
167DAF87-7327-4E1A-9404-B09700946A62 GL14 2QA Forest View Primary School, Latimer Road, Cinderford 24/7 Public
7B629B30-5E9B-464B-AA14-AD2B00F99EEF GL14 2QR Public Telephone 17m From 16 Edge Hills Road 8m From Edge Hills Road, Edge Hills Road, Cinderford 24/7 Public
CAF76794-602B-4E8A-8F7A-B02E012998F2 GL14 2UA Soudley School, Soudley County Primary School, Church Road Variable Restricted
58CCBA82-88D7-4D29-96CC-ADCF00C18477 GL14 2YF Oxford House Broadmoor Park, Broadmoor Road, Cinderford Variable Public
EC3095F2-F076-49D7-8D2B-AFE700DD3B48 GL14 2YF Screwfix, Unit 7 & 8 Broadmoor Park, Forest Vale Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
F8F447EA-CF63-4DC5-9FAC-AEF500A27E8F GL14 2YF James Marketing, Oxford House Broadmoor Park, Broadmoor Road Variable Public
6C6AEC82-2E00-4F21-94B5-AF4800BE463D GL14 2YH Bituchem Holdings Ltd, Brookside Road, Cinderford Variable Public
912 GL14 3ED Two Rivers Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
11A0653F-7A79-454C-973F-AD5900F38502 GL14 3GD St White's Primary School, Sneyd Wood Road, Cinderford 24/7 Public
E1996C56-B1E1-4ED3-BB18-AE310115315F GL14 3JD Green Phone Box Opposite 17 Steam Mills What 3 Words Empty.sensible.flocking, 17 Road From Junction With A4151 To Junction At Steam Mills Garage, Steam Mills 24/7 Public
5634 GL14 3JS The Belfry Hotel, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
350 GL15 4EB Public Toilets, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
D376058A-5924-446E-B7DA-AD8900C9890A GL15 4HD Mallards Pike, Parkend, Lydney 24/7 Public
75854644-B1D0-4B2C-8003-AE2E00F593D3 GL15 4LA Motoring And Leisure Services Ltd, Whitemead Forest Park, Folly Road Variable Restricted
893AC4FB-EDD5-43D7-B8DD-AD9A01572951 GL15 4PA Memorial Hall, Parkend Road, Whitecroft 24/7 Public
23B26032-17D7-4D87-A795-AF2500E20798 GL15 4QT Gloucestershire County Council, Pillowell County Primary School, School Road 24/7 Public
8259 GL15 4RA Methodist Chapel, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
E5EDC628-4DE8-41FC-A6BC-B00600F07FC9 GL15 4RN Whitecroft Afc, Grove Road, Whitecroft 24/7 Public
FFA1EE08-F845-44F7-8D38-AF4200E92BAA GL15 4RS The Community Centre At Yorkley, The Community Centre, Bailey Hill 24/7 Public
80DE02EA-726A-4016-834E-AD2800D78C77 GL15 4RX Nags Head Inn, Oldcroft Road, Lydney 24/7 Public
914 GL15 4SQ Two Rivers Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
B34E6280-8822-4F3A-8FD2-AD2100AF8696 GL15 5AT Lydney Youth And Community Centre, Naas Lane, Lydney 24/7 Public
F5EA9D59-A15C-4DCF-B107-B03B00C61F69 GL15 5AU Severnbanks County Primary School, Naas Lane, Lydney Variable Restricted
75B97A26-1B32-480D-8662-AD8900C9C1D3 GL15 5BB Osjct Rodley House Care Home, Rodley House, Harrison Way 24/7 Public
98A0C248-F149-4E18-A6AD-B0AB00FDD8E3 GL15 5DG The Victoria Centre, Victoria Road, Lydney 24/7 Public
EA559468-65AC-4BC5-9B02-AD470150FC83 GL15 5DG The Coach House Dental Practice, The Coach House, Victoria Road Variable Restricted
DAC8A8A3-CB17-497A-AAD1-AFF200FC34B1 GL15 5DN Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco Store, High Street 24/7 Public
1426 GL15 5DQ Bathurst Park, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
31D9307F-D9BF-4FEE-A3A2-ADCF00F28C4A GL15 5DZ Lydney Town Afc Youth, The Dean Academy, Church Road 24/7 Restricted
AF93FCDA-AB2C-4A9E-9C92-AD3B0133C2E6 GL15 5DZ Freedom Leisure Lydney, Church Road, Lydney Variable Public
1FD9AEB0-A5E2-43EF-8437-AF7200ED338E GL15 5EQ Albany Engineering Co Ltd, Albany Pumps, Church Road Variable Restricted
EDA65002-07F9-439D-A8ED-B021010878AE GL15 5EU Proposed Office Block, Mead Lane, Lydney Variable Public
D4CE4B8C-9629-4089-B309-AF4400C4A8D3 GL15 5EW Lydney Railway Station, Station Road, Lydney 24/7 Public
B4F9FC30-1AAB-42A7-8D4D-ADD100AD45A1 GL15 5PU Lydney Parkrun, Garages At Lydney Boating Lake, Cambourne Place Variable Public
7046 GL15 5RU Lydney Football Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
74A1BA8E-CF75-4684-9E2B-AD6C00E9E8CB GL15 6BU Taurus Crafts, Lydney Park Estate, Lydney Variable Restricted
7AA0C20C-6632-4952-B5CE-ADC9009DA354 GL15 6ES St. James Church Centre, Coleford Road, Bream 24/7 Public
2721 GL15 6JW Bream Community Library, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
918 GL15 6LD Two Rivers Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
90A7F5DE-A4DF-434A-B626-AF3300CBB8B5 GL15 6NU Rising Sun Inn, Woolaston Common, Woolaston 24/7 Public
74A86AEF-1F1E-4A85-9766-ADDA00D2D617 GL15 6PT Trespassers Will, Tidenham Chase, Top Of Park Hill Lane 24/7 Public
9F070196-0F75-4B31-BB19-AF3400EED9D0 GL15 6SU Woolaston Parish Council, Memorial Hall, Swains Field 24/7 Public
C3E61545-A627-4320-AAAA-AF62016DA5A4 GL15 6TD St Briavels Parish Council, St Briavels Primary School, High Street 24/7 Public
D9434787-63B9-428A-88D2-AF62016CC452 GL15 6TW St Briavels Parish Council, The Pavillion War Memorial Playing Fields, Coleford Road 24/7 Public
F71F16F7-C95C-47D6-826E-AF170087879E GL15 6UH Boundary Wall Lych Gate And Stiles To Churchyard St Mary Magdalens Church, Church Road, Hewelsfield 24/7 Public
43B4F68E-FBC9-42C0-BBEB-AE68010F187C GL16 7BE Broadwell Afc, Poolway Road, Coleford, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
915 GL16 7DW Two Rivers Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
12CE5E5F-21B4-4B19-BFB8-AD8900C922E6 GL16 7EG Beechenhurst Café, Speech House Road, Beechenhurst 24/7 Public
F94C0118-24D2-48EF-94F4-AD8900C9B454 GL16 7EH Forest Of Dean Cycle Centre, Cannop Cross Roads, Cannop 24/7 Public
82BD2969-76C2-4B7D-BD5B-ADC800B2C8A0 GL16 7EJ The Heart Of The Forest Community Special School, Speech House, Coleford Variable Restricted
DFDAB3AA-0935-43C4-B2B7-AD20008AE79B GL16 7HL Coalway Community Infant School, 63 Coalway Road, Coalway Variable Restricted
946 GL16 7JJ Methodist Chapel, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
50865115-16A9-4803-8B89-B08300C825EA GL16 7LY Ellwood Primary School, Bromley Road, Ellwood Variable Public
91F4F20E-B893-42B8-9670-AE9B01019D7E GL16 7LY Ellwood Football Club, Bromley Road, Ellwood 24/7 Public
FF4E8726-E64E-4F65-98D2-AD5500BB4F9A GL16 7LY Gloucestershire County Council, Ellwood Primary School, Bromley Road 24/7 Public
B11290DF-4E11-47CD-992F-AD8900C9CB46 GL16 7NZ Symonds Yat Rock Café, Symonds Yat Rock, Coleford 24/7 Public
1E716E90-41F7-416A-9B6D-AD2700CCC03A GL16 7QT Berry Hill Rugby Football Club, Lakers Road, Coleford 24/7 Public
916 GL16 7RJ George Place, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
C4DBEEE4-D0F2-49EA-872B-AFC700EB69CB GL16 8BA Dora Matthews House, 16 Bank St, Coleford 24/7 Public
591 GL16 8BD Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
FF93CC78-FF0B-4A03-9924-AFA400B96358 GL16 8BS Mount Of Olives Church, Eastborne Crescent, Coleford 24/7 Public
50CFFCFB-97C3-4B86-BE0B-AE6900C692ED GL16 8DS Angus Buchanan Vc Recreation Ground, Buchanans Recreation Ground, Victoria Road 24/7 Public
B96980A6-76B6-41AE-93E3-AE3600D4F513 GL16 8HA Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, 25 High Street Variable Public
42328022-ED78-4665-A060-B02D00C75C84 GL16 8HD Tesco Coleford Gloucster Express, 25 High St, Coleford Variable Public
1080 GL16 8HG Forest of Dean District Council, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7248 GL16 8JD Sling Clubhouse, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
CD8C2BAB-336D-4866-B632-ADD100EEE1D2 GL16 8JP Sling And District Recreation Club, Milestone Walk, Sling Variable Restricted
BF65C0B1-1070-477D-BF29-B03F0091E932 GL16 8LG Gloucestershire County Council, Clearwell C Of E Primary School, Church Road Variable Public
972697CF-32B6-4B1A-A01E-AE5401013809 GL16 8NA 59 Newland Street, Coleford Variable Restricted
6576 GL16 8NX Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
723EDC6F-5017-4A84-A724-AD2200D346B6 GL16 8PZ The Tufthorn Inn, Tufthorn Inn, Station Road 24/7 Public
E6A8286D-548A-4AB7-8D28-AD8900C9D380 GL16 8QE Osjct The Coombs Care Home, The Coombs, The Gorse 24/7 Public
F7A9E3A4-FB7C-4DD1-9D7B-AD8900C93CC5 GL16 8RH Coleford Area Mcti Partnership, Office 7 The Main Place, Old Station Way 24/7 Public
6B8ADB3B-DF97-42FC-BA9C-AADC00CB120B GL17 0AF Assurant, Aspen Building, Floor 2, Vantage Point Business Village Variable Restricted
34806B13-C814-4EF4-8736-AE58000152C0 GL17 0LA The Longhope Recreation Ground Charity, Longhope Recreation Ground Pavilion, Church Road 24/7 Public
1535 GL17 0NL Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1011 GL17 0QE Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
0889DF14-210B-4C18-898A-B07200C1FADC GL17 9AR Ruardean Hill Recreation Ground, Ruardean Hill 24/7 Public
DD9E4BF7-97B7-42C1-A19F-ADD200851889 GL17 9AR Ruardean Hill Sports Club, Recreation Ground, Highview Road Variable Public
4063 GL17 9EE On Roadside Wall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
D24BF3D1-6F18-42B7-A345-AEDF009E7200 GL17 9EE Mo And Co Hairdressers, Unit 2 Oak House, Drybrook Road 24/7 Public
B7DE4958-133F-443D-A9BF-B04400E6DF76 GL17 9JF Drybrook Primary School, Drybrook Road, Drybrook Variable Restricted
FE3FBEC0-2BD2-4BCC-AEF8-AD2300FFA214 GL17 9JP Harrow Hill Social Club, Harrow Hill A F C, Larksfield Road 24/7 Public
A562B768-6055-49C0-96CF-ADFD00E064D0 GL17 9NB Lydwood Limited, Lower Lydbrook, Forest Of Dean Variable Restricted
C6FF4E0C-897E-4D64-9906-AD2600E36043 GL17 9PD Orchard Trust, Day Services, Upper Stowfield, Stowfield 24/7 Public
2932 GL17 9PP Lydbrook Social & Community Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
59469093-E22E-4117-974F-B08100EC5773 GL17 9PX Lydbrook Primary School, Holbrook, Upper Lydbrook Variable Public
3910 GL17 9QF Worrall Hill Sports & Social Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
28146E13-C725-4C48-9F54-AD3201171EF6 GL17 9UQ Pludds And District Village Hall, Ashdene Road, Ruardean 24/7 Public
7111 GL17 9US Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
05CD31D6-279C-4458-9080-AD5000DC82E9 GL17 9XQ Ruardean C Of E Primary School, School Lane, Ruardean 24/7 Public
6294D115-17D0-4F05-8A9D-AD3500696E11 GL17 9XR Ruardean Woodside Memorial Hall, Forest Road, Ruardean Woodside 24/7 Public
BAB5221C-728B-46B8-910B-AE7500BD8251 GL17 9XR Ruardean Woodside Memorial Hall, Forest Road, Ruardean Woodside 24/7 Public
A160BACD-DD01-48F8-BCAE-AD2000DB55DF GL18 1AN Gloucestershire County Council, Library And Tourist Information Centre, High Street 24/7 Public
40AB5A79-95B3-44AC-9F48-AD3C00945DCC GL18 1BD Newent Community Centre, Ross Road, Newent 24/7 Public
919 GL18 1BX Two Rivers Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
927 GL18 1DS Two Rivers Housing, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
63166984-22B9-4005-87AA-AFBF0112CB11 GL18 1DZ Gdr Solutions (Uk) Ltd., Unit 12a Commercial Chambers, Newent 24/7 Public
2690 GL18 1EJ Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
2E6F361E-4A07-4E22-9D0B-AD79011C9233 GL18 1EJ Upleadon Village Hall, Gloucester Road, Upleadon 24/7 Public
1514 GL18 1JT Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
52FA168E-AD5D-429B-81EB-AD2400A7C436 GL18 1NN Gorsley And Kilcot Parish Council, Hopkins Machinery, Ross Road 24/7 Public
590 GL18 1PS Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
20C03390-FD98-4A43-B24D-ADEC0098628E GL18 1PY Newent Town Council, Changing Rooms, Recreation Ground 24/7 Public
8212F88B-2A95-4BDB-8A69-AD62012C011F GL18 2AD The Cricket Ground, Road From Junction With B4215 To Junction With Crowfield Lane, Dymock 24/7 Public
4062 GL18 2AG Parish Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
DC590636-3795-4275-9FD0-AE2100C01728 GL18 2BH Dymock Ann Cam School, Ann Cam School, Bayfield Gardens 24/7 Public
1225 GL18 2BP Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
3829 GL18 2BT The Old Forge, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
3831 GL18 2BW The Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
DC590AFE-CCBB-4FBB-B10A-AD2B00D0C36A GL19 3AQ Tibberton Community Primary School, Orchard Rise, Tibberton 24/7 Public
01C3B438-BAB5-4FD1-9239-AFE700B48EAE GL19 3BE Hartpury University & College, Sports Academy Hartpury College, Road From Junction At Moorend Lodge To Hartpury College 24/7 Public
6CB3179D-6E7C-4C69-AFA2-AFB900D906AF GL19 3BE Sports Centre Hartpury College, Road From Junction At Moorend Lodge To Hartpury College, Hartpury Variable Restricted
729BDEC4-F4E3-445D-B5ED-AFB900D85608 GL19 3BE Equestrian Centre Hartpury College, Road From Junction At Moorend Lodge To Hartpury College, Hartpury Variable Restricted
7BE21F25-50ED-4D1A-94A9-B0610098E27E GL19 3BE Hartpury College & University, Hartpury House - Rso Office (Above 'Legends'), Hartpury 24/7 Restricted
BC86DF71-3AF3-42EE-946E-AFB900D76C0B GL19 3BE Hartpury College, Hartpury House, Road From Junction At Moorend Lodge To Hartpury College Variable Restricted
2714 GL19 3BJ Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7B946076-DE83-4542-88F2-B09900C031D0 GL19 3BJ Gloucestershire County Council, Hartpury C Of E Primary School, Over Old Road Variable Restricted
1DB63B3A-5D9D-4806-A54C-AFB900DAD472 GL19 3DE Hartpury College & University - Malcolm Wharton Building, Malcolm Wharton Building At Home Farm, Hartpury Variable Public
1581 GL19 3DU Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6D4242D2-A9A1-4475-A44D-B097009C89A9 GL19 3HS Redmarley Primary School, Road From The Causeway To Junction With The Lottery, Redmarley Variable Restricted
F38AE742-57B3-4EAD-9EBB-ADE0011CAD19 GL19 3HS Redmarley Village Hall, Village Hall, Road From The Causeway To Junction With The Lottery 24/7 Restricted
1483 GL19 3JD Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
2AABD80D-27FC-4ACF-AC8A-AD5500EBB0F7 GL19 3NB Redmarley Cricket Club, Road From Rock Farm To Junction With Ledbury Road, Redmarley Variable Restricted
AE7D0D9B-69C0-4825-A64C-ADE001227523 GL19 3NB Rose And Crown, Road From Junction At Holly Cottage To Junction With Ledbury Road, Redmarley 24/7 Public
4BA7DC3A-B00F-44D8-B1BA-AF8800970A80 GL19 3PW Pendock Church Of England Primary School, C2219 Pendock, Pendock 24/7 Public
352B6DE4-992D-4533-920A-AD2C00D9382B GL19 3RB Staunton And Corse Surgery, Gloucester Road, Corse Variable Restricted
2713 GL19 3RQ Sports Pavilion, Staunton and Corse Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
A2AE1726-2B0C-40CF-9ECD-AEB300EEB45B GL19 4BP P. J. Lane Limited, Unit 4 Highfield Business Park, Tewkesbury Road Variable Public
6178 GL19 4BX The Minstrels, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
E02ADF5C-B753-4242-A13E-AEA600D27BF8 GL19 4DP Village Hall, Sawpit Lane, Apperley 24/7 Public
1064 GL19 4DQ C of E Primary School, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
55FEE93B-C711-49FC-B28C-B02D00FD9A50 GL19 4ED Apperley Cricket Club, School Lane, Apperley 24/7 Public
9B1777AD-0733-43AF-AF58-AFD000D1C6DB GL19 4EW Tirley Parish Council, Ledbury Road, Tirley 24/7 Public
F57340EB-EAF6-46FB-A259-AD82009ECF70 GL19 4LZ Eldersfield Lawn C Of E Primary School, B4211 Corse Lawn, Corse Lawn 24/7 Public
EC22C990-AE47-422B-A178-B02100F471ED GL19 4NX The Butchers Arms, Lime Street, Eldersfield 24/7 Public
C7C7A0FF-2A47-4871-9AFB-AEDA01079417 GL2 0AJ 38th Longlevens Scouts, Morris Den Rear Of Longlevens Village Hall, 19a Church Road Variable Restricted
A76D8E73-7FA5-4F65-8135-AD230139F007 GL2 0AL Longlevens Junior School, Church Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
5EFBC0F6-5B5B-4E59-AA6B-B02D00E17926 GL2 0AW Tesco Longlevens Express, 2-4 Old Cheltenham Rd, Longlevens Variable Public
7149 GL2 0JQ The Midcounties Cooperative, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
75AE1340-1C99-4890-A5E6-B01600FA47D6 GL2 0NB Kendal Road Baptist Chirch, Kendal Baptist Church, Kendal Road 24/7 Public
A6517F5F-DFA8-46E4-BF7B-B08A00C8A153 GL2 0PE Elmbridge Junior School, Elmbridge Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
DD23B3A4-05B5-4025-904A-AD270096CE5A GL2 0PE Elmbridge Primary School, Elmbridge Road, Gloucester Variable Public
7783 GL2 0RA Sisson Road Bowls Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
617BAB26-CB07-4BE4-AFDA-AD2100EBB086 GL2 0TA The Methodist Church, Lonsdale Road, Off Elmbridge Road 24/7 Public
6E616B21-A75A-4EA0-8A16-AD5200D49E6B GL2 2AA Alpha Colour Printers, Waterwells Drive, Gloucester Variable Public
BD4F168E-9F5C-4388-8863-AD210088D037 GL2 2AD Unit 2 The Perry Centre, Davy Way, Hardwicke Variable Restricted
8C2CDB9F-CCDC-4E6F-BC82-ADC800B36989 GL2 2AG Robin Greaves Sports Centre, Robin Greaves Sports Centre (Waterwells Sports Centre), Stephenson Drive Variable Restricted
4F0E6CAC-D6B9-44EA-8DA4-AF0A00CE7925 GL2 2AP Beacons Business Interiors, The Glenmore Centre, 9-10 Jessop Court 24/7 Public
6A0A31E2-4817-4E12-A31E-AF5C00A64BE9 GL2 2AT G1 Kestrel Court, Waterwells Drive, Gloucester Variable Public
E566E918-31AC-44BF-B37D-AF4800C29775 GL2 2AT Pure Offices, Kestrel Court, Waterwells Drive Variable Public
9BD5C5F0-03CF-4608-9A27-AFD20122DCCE GL2 2BY Gateway 12 Pb - St Modwen, Opposite Unit 5 Gateway 12 Business Park, Davy Way 24/7 Public
26873B15-F2CD-4657-9B89-B02800FF1182 GL2 2FN Stewart Golf Ltd, Unit P The Aquarius Centre, Edison Close Variable Restricted
677E0EE8-E793-46F2-8E99-ADF200F5E5E1 GL2 2FU Taylor Wimpey, The Quarters, Naas Lane Variable Public
4867A024-AC95-4FB7-BA04-ADC800B3D649 GL2 2GS Kingsway Community Centre, Naas Lane, Quedgeley 24/7 Public
9EE421BB-4021-4877-A6DD-AF7000DA2281 GL2 2GT Tesco Express, Unit 11 Kingsway Local Centre, Thatcham Avenue Kingsway Variable Public
48894AC9-FE22-4541-9096-AF10008E6CEE GL2 2RN Freemans Event Partners, Unit Q2 Quadrant Distribution Centre, Quadrant Way Variable Restricted
55300F19-340A-4D8F-B107-AE6300B7D40B GL2 2SN Puregym, Kingsway Retail Park, Newhaven Road 24/7 Restricted
8A299E55-77F2-4AB7-80EF-ADC800B3DBFB GL2 2SN Kingsway Sports Pavilion, Newhaven Road, Quedgeley Variable Restricted
988 GL2 3ST Back Farm, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
8408AB0F-6692-4E03-8627-AFE800CDAFF2 GL2 4BH Hunts Grove Entrance, 1a Hunts Grove Drive, Hardwicke 24/7 Public
D92CB002-C334-4315-A89E-B05F010ABBA8 GL2 4EP Hunts Grove Primary Academy, Harrier Way, Hardwicke 24/7 Public
0005EAA2-E6DC-4311-99BC-AE2100AAFB0F GL2 4JY Queen Anne Court, Main Office, Gloucester Variable Restricted
7008C797-CF28-41CD-811F-B05900F4DE69 GL2 4NF Unit 4,, Olympus Business Park, Quedgeley Variable Restricted
AF25F830-40B0-441B-9153-ADC900C55CA2 GL2 4NF The Spring Centre, Gardner House, Olympus Park Variable Restricted
7E786C30-7D8D-4213-B94D-AD2100AAB469 GL2 4PA Units C And D Quedgeley West Business Park, Bristol Road, Hardwicke Variable Restricted
182EFCBB-9453-4E26-A7AB-B0380106C431 GL2 4PF Tesco Quedgeley, Bristol Rd, Quedgeley Variable Public
5C68F447-0012-428D-94E9-B09E00E4813F GL2 4PF Tesco, Tesco Supermarket Severnvale Shopping Centre, Bristol Road 24/7 Public
829D1FA6-9F06-4DE8-B418-ADC900DD40C8 GL2 4PJ Quedgeley Social Club, School Lane, Quedgeley 24/7 Public
9124E5C3-367F-4525-818E-AFE400ABC2D8 GL2 4PR Severnvale School, School Lane, Gloucester Variable Public
C3908B6D-1B54-458B-BF68-AD2F00A00A75 GL2 4PR Severn Vale School, Severnvale School, School Lane Variable Restricted
8C31FE6A-1332-491C-A885-AFD10142BA74 GL2 4PT 31 Woodlands Park, School Lane, Gloucester 24/7 Public
9D9F2485-C4BA-4CA9-BA81-B03A00D4D342 GL2 4PY Tesco Hardwicke Express, Elmgrove Road East, Hardwicke Variable Public
37CFEB80-A174-4A68-9E86-AD2600AF5B77 GL2 4QA Hardwicke Rangers Youth Football Club, Football Field, Green Lane 24/7 Public
B56E92BE-E011-47E7-8A78-AD2600B0B01D GL2 4QA Hardwicke Rangers Youth Football Club, Hardwicke Village Hall, Green Lane 24/7 Public
CA9CD51B-FBF3-4AEA-9269-AF4E009F0B7A GL2 4QD Pub, Pilot Inn, Sellars Road 24/7 Public
C6013D14-0103-4ACD-8DA8-B0A6008FDF6A GL2 4QG Hardwicke Parochial Primary Academy, Poplar Way, Hardwicke Variable Restricted
39E5C7DA-B725-4A6A-9D8A-B046007395BD GL2 4WD Beech Green School - Main Entrance, Beech Green Primary School, St James Variable Restricted
D37D3B37-FEDF-4ADE-B8CE-AD8900C933FA GL2 4WD Osjct Chestnut Court Care Home, Chestnut Court, St James 24/7 Public
6AB0FEFF-0929-44AB-A84E-AD2B00DF595D GL2 5BD Podsmead Big Local, 15a Scott Avenue, Podsmead 24/7 Public
27C501B8-7C6A-4490-9609-AFB700EE1D6C GL2 5DQ Baylis, Corolin Road, Gloucester Variable Public
1AAF8E8C-C9DD-41C8-BD9D-AFEB0078B2B7 GL2 5DX Screwfix, Unit 2 Woodrow Way, Off Bristol Road Variable Public
A8048492-2D78-4CC6-81C5-AE9000A8D055 GL2 5EE E G Carter And Co, Bybrook House, Lower Tuffley Lane Variable Public
6343F692-1E33-42E3-83DD-AFD2007DD960 GL2 5ER Baylis Vauxhall/Mg, Cole Avenue, Gloucester Variable Public
4D8106DE-E6E9-40B7-941B-AD2D00787FD2 GL2 5EU Forge Mototsport, Ashville Trading Estate, 1a-1b Ashville Road Variable Restricted
C2CB0F69-A178-4AE0-A437-AF8F0106056B GL2 5JF Buildit, 26 Hempsted Lane, Gloucester Variable Public
1D7DE65C-B6D1-43C7-9F09-AD2500943D82 GL2 5JQ Isd Solutions, 125 Business Park, Llanthony Road Variable Restricted
794E6780-777F-41F7-904C-AEEC00B189EF GL2 5JQ Gloucestershire College, Llanthony Road, Gloucester Variable Public
3276533D-A41B-47A2-B3FC-AD2500921347 GL2 5QT Llanthony Business Park, Llanthony Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
D0C710FF-38CD-4A77-B168-AD2D009388C9 GL2 7AF Buildit Gloster Ltd, Units 2 - 4, Wisloe Road Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
0FE22CDB-5C80-4173-9488-AF9400FB13EA GL2 7AJ A P Air Ltd, Unit 9 Wisloe Road Business Park, Wisloe Road Variable Public
D3A73A73-3067-4F6C-89F9-AD8900C9CFF5 GL2 7BP The Black Shed Café, The Black Shed, Patch Bridge 24/7 Public
FBE1D950-55B6-4868-ABE0-ADC800B37851 GL2 7BT Slimbridge Wetlands Centre Wwt, Newgrounds Lane, Slimbridge Variable Restricted
6132 GL2 7DB Legion Social Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
9517933F-07D1-4DFA-8AC3-AD270101A883 GL2 7DD Slimbridge Primary School, St Johns Road, Slimbridge Variable Restricted
6133 GL2 7DF Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
9CC2B12D-9D4B-43D5-B410-AD8900C94610 GL2 7ED Frampton On Severn Parish Council, Frampton On Severn Parish Council - Phonebox 1, Cider Press House 24/7 Public
FF4B193D-91C6-4132-9DFF-B06100945131 GL2 7HG Frampton On Severn Community Centre, Frampton Community Centre, Lake Lane 24/7 Public
88B7190A-7116-4C92-8D48-AE3900B343A2 GL2 7JY Saul Junction Marina, Church Lane, Frampton On Severn 24/7 Restricted
79BF5F13-42C9-4EDD-B3DA-AFDB009C014C GL2 7LH The Ship Inn, Framilode 24/7 Public
D25AA8A5-7379-4B49-A557-ADD001028B3F GL2 7LX Messrs A J Attwooll & Co, Attwoolls, A38 Standish Lane To Whitminster Roundabout 24/7 Public
A508B2EE-CFD4-46CD-8768-ADD001014BCC GL2 7PJ Whitminster Sports Pavillion, School Lane, Whitminster 24/7 Public
FF74C6CE-9A81-43BA-BA84-ADEF009A6A2D GL2 7PR The Old Dairy Walk Farm, Whitminster Lane, Frampton On Severn Variable Restricted
24F6185C-D1CE-4DE0-90AC-AF2600955A10 GL2 8DB The Lock Keepers, Horseshoe Drive, Gloucester 24/7 Public
44E0C8EF-4D92-4F3C-9CD8-AD2700C9C715 GL2 8DB Over Farm Market, Over Farm, Over 24/7 Public
2FE81AA5-8454-4724-8363-AF6600F7E6CF GL2 8DE Toby Carvery - Highnam, Over Bridge, Gloucester Variable Public
B67F1AD9-BD51-429A-879B-AEBB00E8BA4E GL2 8DL Post Box 18m From Post Office, 2 Maidenhall 9m From Maidenhall, Lassington Lane, Gloucester 24/7 Public
186E3F64-D508-4F02-A819-ADC0013C8943 GL2 8DR Rodway Hill Golf Course, Newent Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
45216D2C-0112-4A4D-A744-AD2400D7593E GL2 8DY Rudford, Highleadon & Churcham Wi, Rudford & Highleadon Village Hall, Buttermilk Lane 24/7 Public
3C15A7C2-BFAD-47E6-853B-AD2E0136C587 GL2 8EY Chamberlayne Farms Ltd, Chamberlayne Farms Ltd Maisemore Court, Church Road 24/7 Public
54CD7927-3A14-46BB-BA0D-AED300C9D945 GL2 8FN Maisemore Village Hall, Church Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
D08F1473-767D-4771-B4B1-AE6200B4DCBA GL2 8HR Raging Bull Leisure Limited, Overton Farm Business Centre, Maisemore, Gloucestershire Gl2 8hr, A417 Maisemore Road To Gloucester Variable Restricted
8C013AB1-4B18-4E6A-83DF-AEF90093D6E4 GL2 8JH Minsterworth Village Hall, Main Road, Minsterworth 24/7 Public
41BC6B2B-5766-478E-8D06-B05100BE9DD4 GL2 8LA Walmore Hill Primary School, Minsterworth Variable Restricted
3B4C4401-7E2B-4A2D-A8BD-AE400092CE4F GL2 8LR Fc Highnam, Fc Highnam Changing Rooms, Oakridge 24/7 Public
29FCBB05-945E-4B77-AE32-ADDA00A9708F GL2 9DW Aspire Sports And Cultural Trust, Oxstalls Sports Park, Plock Court Variable Restricted
1290D3E8-A96A-4B70-AE13-ADC800B2D892 GL2 9EU The Milestone School, The Milestone School (Entrance 5), Longford Lane Variable Restricted
A25124CD-25AF-4EAD-8357-AEE500C6F990 GL2 9EU Longlevens Rugby Football Club, Longford Lane, Gloucester 24/7 Public
AD7813DE-BDB6-464F-8FDC-ADC800B2E22B GL2 9EU The Milestone School, The Milestone School (Main Entrance), Longford Lane Variable Restricted
AE91DADD-74CB-4976-A26A-AD580092E567 GL2 9LN Autumn Rose Limited, Wainlode Court, Wainlode Lane 24/7 Public
8828E822-5F28-407B-90E2-AD330093C807 GL2 9NG Bridge House, Sandhurst Lane, Longford 24/7 Public
58ED2AB1-4527-4C94-80CD-AD30005FF851 GL2 9NP Sandhurst Parish Council, Sandhurst Village Hall, Sandhurst Lane 24/7 Public
2AD9AD54-70B4-49B9-AC40-AF8700EE495E GL2 9PG Unit 1 & 2 Twigworth Business Centre, Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
993B3BB8-3999-4635-8FB8-AFE400B120CA GL2 9QF Brickhampton Court Golf Club, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester 24/7 Public
7DE76C0A-3BBF-4290-948C-ADC800B4B4B6 GL2 9QH Dowty Sports And Social Club Limited, Down Hatherley Lane, Down Hatherley 24/7 Public
FA6CE40F-B5E0-4D98-8B8F-ADC500BCEBF1 GL2 9QJ Robert Hall, Unit 200 Commerce Road Ashville Business Park Cheltenham Road East, Commerce Road 24/7 Public
33B19D8F-1991-4749-82C5-B09F00DF36C6 GL2 9QL Safran Landing Systems, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester Variable Restricted
4FB545C4-A282-40B6-AA06-AD20006E6D84 GL2 9RG Gloucestershire Farmers Club, Agriculture House, Greville Close 24/7 Public
9DECDFC2-1E96-4D6F-8864-AF8D00D0B89F GL20 5AL Tewkesbury Town Council, Town Hall High Street, Tewkesbury Variable Public
9A416357-638E-43AF-B15A-ADF000C3FAED GL20 5BY Tewkesbury Marina Limited, Tewkesbury Marina Ltd, Bredon Road, Bredon Road 24/7 Restricted
D3BF2CAC-833D-456B-B6AF-AF7500836016 GL20 5LQ Tesco, 1-3 Bishops Walk, Tewkesbury Variable Public
101 GL20 5NP Masonic Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
0F549D4D-4F73-4BC6-B93C-AD9200D0071F GL20 5PA Berkeley Arms, Church Street, Tewkesbury Variable Restricted
5876 GL20 5PG Tewkesbury Cricket Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
72B3C396-3F6E-4C8E-914F-AED90093EEB4 GL20 5PG Tewkesbury Abbey Caravan Club Site, Gander Lane, Tewkesbury 24/7 Public
5B5EFE74-DEC3-45AD-A29E-B09600A95614 GL20 5PQ 5 Swilgate Road, Tewkesbury Variable Restricted
B7E6F21B-6CF3-47C5-AB7C-AF8D00D28ACC GL20 5PX Tewkesbury Town Council, George Watson Memorial Hall, Barton Street Variable Restricted
69FD7950-8230-4E3D-B743-AEF400A5AE58 GL20 5RT J D Wetherspoon, Royal Hop Pole Hotel, 94 Church Street Variable Public
1D909484-7275-46FA-B39D-ACFA011047A8 GL20 6AZ Longdon Village Hall, Bear Lane, Longdon 24/7 Public
DB03666C-2C04-45A1-9D0A-AD7800EEA418 GL20 6BD Red House Farm, Longdon Marsh, Longdon 24/7 Public
01BD72E1-710C-4F68-89FB-ADDE011157CD GL20 6EB Ruth Bleasdale, South Mythe Court, Mythe Road Variable Restricted
9D68A7E7-0E7A-4FC2-AD7C-ADC800B3C6D9 GL20 6EL Hilton Puckrup Hall Hotel, Puckrup Lane, Twyning 24/7 Restricted
87F6B2CC-B85A-47C1-8283-B03D0116C1CA GL20 6EN Twyning Recreation And Amenity Complex, Trac Recreation Ground, Kilmore Lane 24/7 Public
959798EF-AC49-493E-95E0-AF070104F95F GL20 6EY Railway Inn, Station Road, Ripple 24/7 Public
7E70DB88-C01C-40FD-8A54-ADE400A158A1 GL20 6HD Cotswold Manor Country Park, 28 Stratford Bridge, Tewkesbury 24/7 Public
E93C465C-356C-4C60-A885-AB810121F3C7 GL20 6HE Three Counties Equine Hospital Llp, A38, Worcester 24/7 Restricted
AAB7B92B-528F-43CD-BE6E-ADB1015225F7 GL20 6HT Bushley Village Hall, Church End, Bushley 24/7 Public
1249 GL20 7AA Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
3564 GL20 7AH On Post outside Fourgables, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
494 GL20 7BP Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
8201 GL20 7BQ Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
350A1730-C4AD-45C8-93FF-AEE801076A6D GL20 7DA Flat Odessa Inn, Gloucester Road, Tewkesbury 24/7 Public
4751 GL20 7EU Westmancote Cricket Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
75842AF4-83D0-481C-9167-AD20008EE562 GL20 7FE Bloor Homes, Rudgeway House, Celandine Road Variable Restricted
B6C51E6F-0ED0-41CA-8554-A1743E824958 GL20 7HD Severn Sailing Club, Eckington Road, Tewkesbury Variable Restricted
DE40952E-301F-4EBF-8233-965C191316B9 GL20 7QN Bredon Hill Surgery, Main Road, Tewkesbury Variable Restricted
F4FFCE5A-1234-4F40-8273-AE9A0102C2AB GL20 8AB Morrisons, Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury Variable Public
17C596AA-5B5F-44C0-8B14-AD1F011DBF88 GL20 8DF Tewkesbury Comprehensive School, Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury Variable Restricted
7277A3B2-A242-43F0-BF23-B08A00A16091 GL20 8DN Kingsbridge, Miller Court, 9 Severn Drive Variable Restricted
D914646D-1830-4FEA-9267-B014008F8D93 GL20 8DN Freeman Technolgy, Miller Court, 1 Severn Drive Variable Restricted
01991411-2659-42E6-A8D3-AF0101017988 GL20 8HD Hetas & Woodsure, Severn House Unit 5 Newtown Trading Estate, Green Lane Variable Restricted
58F5DB21-D4EF-4D40-BAFE-AD4800B9FF15 GL20 8JA Teddington And Alstone Parish Council, Teddington And Alstone Village Hall, Teddington Through Road 24/7 Public
A25D8F32-26C2-4676-B7EA-ADEB0091977C GL20 8JN Ashchurch Lodge, Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury Variable Public
21DE22A8-5DC4-4863-9774-AD23012BBA44 GL20 8LY Pamington Court Farm, Pamington Lane, Tewkesbury 24/7 Public
4C2A8158-E105-42CA-9251-AF3900C49B91 GL20 8NA Moog Controls Ltd, Moog Aircraft Group, Tewkesbury Operations Variable Restricted
AAE5482A-3BE8-4A35-8C63-AD210070EB59 GL20 8NB Trackwise Designs Plc, Ashvale 1, Alexandra Way Variable Public
5675C3EB-C834-420B-BEC4-AF3F00B7C323 GL20 8ND Porshe Centre Tewkesbury, Shannon Way, Tewkesbury Variable Restricted
C2BCD3C0-9BF3-42FA-9694-AFF6011B4FAD GL20 8NX Winchcombe Camping And Caravanning Club Campsite, Stow Road, Alderton Variable Public
21D40E5B-3A96-473C-B672-AF0700947CC2 GL20 8PF Unit 4406, Oakfield Close, Ashchurch Variable Public
2445D5F7-3AE2-4B15-AEC2-AD2700CB3BFD GL20 8SL Cotswold Motor Group, Savery Place, Shannon Way Variable Restricted
7E1AC93E-DD99-499F-A40E-AEA100F96E31 GL20 8SQ Tewkesbury School Sports Centre, Tewkesbury School, Ashchurch Road Variable Restricted
35DB1F94-442B-431D-B040-ADC800B44340 GL20 8UQ Amag Technology, Amag Technology 1, Challenge House 24/7 Restricted
362714A7-2ED4-42E2-B2B6-AFE700D353F3 GL20 8UQ Screwfix, Unit 4 & 5 Tewkesbury Business Park, Shannon Way Variable Restricted
8794C734-D011-4DE6-AB03-AFB60086BECD GL3 1DL Grouphes, Unit J Innsworth Tech Park, Innsworth Lane Variable Restricted
8CB96099-8302-46E4-BF51-ADF800FC6E6F GL3 1EA Taylor Wimpey, Whittle Gardens Phase 4, Innsworth Lane Variable Public
A4B8EBEA-FD8C-4C34-8B43-ADF800F62124 GL3 1EA Taylor Wimpey, Whittle Gardens, Innsworth Lane Variable Public
DAD4EAEA-BA83-4C5F-B767-AE6E01067336 GL3 1EA Taylor Wimpey, Whittle Gardens Phase 5, Innsworth Lane Variable Public
8A23431E-926D-4DFF-BF46-B02700B54813 GL3 1HU St Marys Primary School, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester Variable Restricted
833F9901-D53D-4EE0-A48B-AD3300840F65 GL3 1HX Gl3 Community Hub, Horizons, Cheltenham Road East 24/7 Public
A0777DCA-9271-4540-9121-AE1D00B976C5 GL3 1JN Tesco Stores, Cheltenham Road East, Gloucester Variable Public
26811F93-81B6-409E-A75A-AD2600A144B4 GL3 1JZ Quolux Ltd, Unit B9 Elmbridge Court, Cheltenham Road East 24/7 Public
5091 GL3 2DB St Johns Church Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
145 GL3 2ER Bowling Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
614 GL3 2JT Saint Andrews Church, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6CB423E6-4549-483A-BAD8-B09100F1F2F8 GL3 2PL Chosen Hill School, Brookfield Road, Churchdown Variable Public
BECB0BF6-1085-4133-9E1E-B09100EEF9BA GL3 2PL Chosen Hill School, Brookfield Road, Churchdown Variable Public
6606 GL3 2QY John Daniels Playing Field Pavilion, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
5A0E9D7A-4C56-48FA-8CC7-ADC500941F71 GL3 2RB Churchdown School, Winston Road, Gloucester Variable Public
08A45CB8-9EFB-40E6-8A0F-AD29014948E4 GL3 3HA Lloyds Pharmacy, 5 Brookfield Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
329AF62F-4FBD-42DE-A5F3-ADB30094A85E GL3 3HS Dinglewell Infants School, Dinglewell, Gloucester 24/7 Public
72150A89-A7F1-410E-A797-B02D00B506F5 GL3 3LX Hillview Evangelical Church, Colwell Avenue, Gloucester 24/7 Public
E2E620F0-DF28-4D09-8FB5-AD29014A5991 GL3 3NS St Philip And James Church Centre, Larkhay Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
7257C4E5-DF16-4E6F-9EF7-ADD8015D0216 GL3 3QP Hucclecote Methodist Church, Carisbrooke Road, Hucclecote 24/7 Public
5AA647F0-AB93-4327-AA38-B05A00AC3A21 GL3 3SN Pineholt Village Hall, Bird Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
16B12BC2-242A-4CD9-910E-B06701233C78 GL3 3TX Little Trees Hucclecote, 141 Hucclecote Road, Hucclecote Variable Restricted
010616F6-E90F-4535-9C65-B00400EF83E0 GL3 4AA Tesco Front Of Store By Customer Service Desk, Tesco, Gloucester Business Park 24/7 Public
718D6067-BAB0-4927-9AD0-B02800DF6417 GL3 4AA Tesco, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth Variable Public
E0E522BD-02E7-4692-A927-AE2300CCC8F0 GL3 4BJ David Lloyd - Gloucester, Gloucester Business Park, Delta Way Variable Restricted
FBCF5FE1-31F9-4867-AC74-AD8900C99428 GL3 4EX Osjct Millbrook Lodge Care Home, Millbrook Lodge, Moorfield Road 24/7 Public
E9B13788-7EA3-4FD5-BB72-AD2000899265 GL3 4FE Nhs Property Services, Unit 5220 Valiant Court, Delta Way Variable Restricted
81CF0251-718C-4E6E-974F-B00E00C0471B GL3 4HP Invista (Uk) Ltd, Ermin Street, Brockworth 24/7 Public
E61938D9-5C07-42FA-943D-AD2D008C7175 GL3 4PB The Chase Hotel, Shurdington Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
2B546EF1-252D-4F9B-A7F2-AF6A00E31B61 GL3 4PH Toby Carvery - Brockworth, Shurdington Road, Gloucester Variable Public
1A4716E4-8F45-4F0D-9B0C-ADF800F070E2 GL3 4QY Taylor Wimpey, Perrybrook, Court Road, Brockworth Variable Public
701 GL3 4TB Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
5F596E75-3BA8-4A2F-B3CA-ADC800B469C8 GL3 4UD Bentham Country Club, Bentham Lane, Gloucester Variable Restricted
208B61CD-87F0-4CAB-B98D-AEB50103CFBD GL3 4ZH Edenstone Group, Unit 2 Carter House, Whittle Way 24/7 Public
11CAC4B6-5DD9-40E1-A022-ADC800B2CFDB GL4 0BD The Knoll Care Home, 335 Stroud Road, Gloucester 24/7 Restricted
5900043E-C566-4A85-B0EE-AD2000E8963A GL4 0DD St Peters High School, Sports Pavillion St Peters High School, Stroud Road Variable Restricted
96065F4C-AE4B-4E6E-9A3D-AD2000ED8485 GL4 0DD St Peters High School, Stroud Road, Gloucester Variable Restricted
0966CCA7-1A49-4DDA-A52C-ADC900DCE631 GL4 0DN Gloucester M5 Service Station North, Gilberts Lane, Brookthorpe 24/7 Restricted
0F1C7A89-B0E6-499C-AE86-ADC900DD03B3 GL4 0DN Gloucester M5 Service Station North, Gilberts Lane, Brookthorpe 24/7 Restricted
88406575-8AB9-40CF-8440-AEB700E196BC GL4 0EB Tuffley Court Community Association, Court Community Association, Seventh Avenue 24/7 Public
8741DD9B-678F-4F88-A90B-AE9A00D5F864 GL4 0JY Sand Academy Trust, Willow Primary Academy, Evenlode Road Variable Public
228C4920-3E34-42B2-8C36-AF7001199409 GL4 0PG Tesco, Tesco Express, 78 Grange Road Variable Public
2954273C-590D-4193-925E-B03C00D0B571 GL4 0RQ Gloucester & Forest A P School, Russet House, 35 Russet Close, Tuffley Variable Public
98CF7DDA-ACBA-4AE2-AB2E-ADC900DCDAB0 GL4 0US Fagin's Restaurant, Stroud Road, Brookthorpe Variable Restricted
A5D05EA5-F19B-473F-8646-AD2000D2F15B GL4 0WW Westmoreland Ltd, Gloucester Services M5 Southbound, Upton Lane Variable Public
A8253706-2186-45EA-BEDB-AD2000DB4FE7 GL4 0WW Westmoreland Ltd, Gloucester Services M5 Southbound, Upton Lane 24/7 Public
46875603-5D7C-499D-8B96-AED10102229A GL4 0XD Harescombe Village Hall, Road From Upton Lane To Yew Tree Cottage, Harescombe 24/7 Public
507D9AB1-07C0-453C-A9EF-AF3B0103B57D GL4 3AA Royal Mail Gloucester Rtw, Eastern Avenue, Gloucester, Gloucester Variable Restricted
5940744C-1C0D-472F-B4C2-AE6100D56D4D GL4 3BY Puregym, Unit 4, Gloucester Retail Park 24/7 Restricted
D883B6BD-436A-4E2C-8C3E-AE7500D38056 GL4 3DB Gloucester Campus, Eastbrook Road,, Gloucester, Variable Restricted
0B4A2520-BF7D-4E15-81AA-AFF800ACB92A GL4 3DJ Gloucestershire Coroners Court, Corinium Avenue, Gloucester Variable Restricted
5C6C360B-3E96-4B73-A007-AE2400D8833E GL4 3GG John Deere Financial, J D F House Meteor Court, Barnett Way Variable Restricted
DC4CDA16-3ED7-4C82-BAE0-ADD000CE8CF0 GL4 3HR Nuffield Health, Centre Severn, Barnwood Variable Public
47C4E494-58D0-4101-8E2E-AFFF0089454D GL4 3JP Inside, Barnwood Church Of England Primary School, Colin Road Variable Restricted
76CA51C4-2457-412A-99AF-B06D010B9A3E GL4 3JP Barnwood Church Of England Primary School, Colin Road, Gloucester 24/7 Public
2F2BCBC4-41C0-4DF2-A541-AFC0011B9087 GL4 3SJ Screwfix, Unit 22 - 23 Eastville Close, Eastern Avenue Variable Restricted
EABF50BA-76E2-4E25-B1A9-AFCB00B0EBEA GL4 3TR James Hopkins Trust, James Hopkins Trust, Kites Corner, North Upton Lane 24/7 Public
D53D6194-C629-4EF3-9B06-B07600CFA021 GL4 4BL Abbeydale Community Centre, Glevum Way, Gloucester Variable Public
DB22537B-BFF9-4620-99CF-AE3600DE3C28 GL4 4BS Tesco, 254 Painswick Road, Gloucester Variable Public
DF27B6BE-DA60-495E-B732-B00B00B6E18D GL4 4NA Coney Hill Community Primary School, Coney Hill Road, Gloucester Variable Public
1989020B-977F-4563-9B01-AE4300E3F84D GL4 5GL Tesco Express, 1 Mead Road, Abbeymead Variable Public
1B1FE48D-0E43-4961-A695-AD9B00F31860 GL4 6DX Matson Lane Surgery, Taylor House, Matson Lane Variable Restricted
AD8B3EB0-8EB8-4F3E-AD03-AEBA00CFFF0C GL4 6DX Matson Lane Surgery, Matson Centre, Matson Lane Variable Public
C078C343-D35F-477C-B92D-AEEE012BC3B7 GL4 6LA Matson Baptist Church, Matson Avenue, Matson 24/7 Public
8E0338B6-6428-4853-A19D-AF2A008261AF GL4 6LL The Ewespace/ Phoenix Centre, 81 Matson Avenue, Gloucester 24/7 Public
2A424328-252E-45B9-8B5F-AF0400939724 GL4 6PR The Friendship Cafe, The Friendship Cafe Chequers Bridge Centre, Painswick Road 24/7 Public
4B39AE44-4A50-4A5A-8373-B03D007E4CD0 GL4 6QS Tesco Gloucester Eastern Avenue Esso Express, Eastern Ave, Gloucester Variable Public
9720142D-A0F2-4F0B-8CB6-B02D00B0191F GL4 6QS Tesco Express, Eastern Avenue, Gloucester Variable Public
F717542F-F96B-4391-85FD-AE7E0101C3C0 GL4 6SX Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust, Dulverton Building, Robinswood Hill Country Park, Reservoir Road Variable Restricted
6185 GL4 8AD Sports Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
E1475202-5C38-4E32-921E-AECC00C426F5 GL4 8DE Hatton Court Hotel, Upton Hill, Upton St Leonards 24/7 Public
7629 GL4 8JH Birdlip & Brimpsfield Cricket Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
CA2AFCED-7085-4F5F-9E59-AD4000DBF850 GL4 8JX Mccarthy Taylor Systems Ltd, Aerial View Acorn House, Track From Northeast Of Birdlip Radio Station To South Of Barrow Wake Viewpoint Variable Public
28AFBAD2-9E15-4427-B329-B02300C1B2C7 GL4 8JY Crickley Hill Country Park, Crickley Hill, Gloucester Variable Public
4951 GL5 1LW Cotswold Playhouse, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
23EAB722-4548-42F4-A5FA-AF1500ED0C7B GL5 1QG The Queen Victoria, 5 Gloucester Street, Stroud 24/7 Public
BF860586-01FE-4DA3-87C6-B03F00902C4D GL5 1QZ The Fountain Inn, Fountain Inn, 89 Slad Road 24/7 Public
4954 GL5 1RN Spacehoppers, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
D88E63D6-5878-43D0-94E5-AEA000FAB6D0 GL5 2AZ S G Bailey Paints Ltd, Unit 15, Griffin Mill, London Road, Thrupp 24/7 Public
3022 GL5 2NA 2 Cleeve Villas, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
43947E0C-DBBC-46F4-89B2-AE5F01081DC1 GL5 2QN The Ship Inn, Ship Inn, Brimscombe Hill 24/7 Public
7D9F28FB-0AF0-4FBB-83DC-AF4200D17233 GL5 2QP Nelson House, Brimscombe Hill, Brimscombe 24/7 Public
EDD4C5C2-6824-43D8-8EEF-B01300AE52E4 GL5 2TQ Pangolin Editions Ltd - Dockyard, Knapp Lane, Brimscombe Variable Public
7DD18C85-32ED-4D9D-AE4C-B05200B4C725 GL5 2UF Stb Reception, S T B Engineering Ltd, Toadsmoor Road Variable Public
33F81E7D-5AAA-449D-8BCE-AF3C0176190B GL5 3HS Stroud Rugby Club, Dudbridge Hill, Stroud 24/7 Public
68A93519-512E-49FF-A3E8-ADAB0082394E GL5 3HS Stroud Rugby Club, Dudbridge Hill, Stroud 24/7 Public
87854DA0-073E-48A3-A8CC-AFE8011C8752 GL5 3NL Screwfix, Units 2 & 3, Stroud Enteprise Centre Variable Restricted
1455A23B-9F4B-47C0-A294-AE3501095450 GL5 3PS Gastrells Community Primary School, Kingscourt Lane, Stroud 24/7 Public
C9D21837-E172-4B63-A947-AD2B00C60B6D GL5 3QF Cleeve Materials Handling Ltd, Suite 4 Prospect House, Bath Road Trading Estate Variable Restricted
4E762326-0735-4254-80BB-AF4A00EECF03 GL5 3SS Prince Albert Inn, Rodborough Hill, Stroud 24/7 Public
664A2F97-8AFE-45B8-AB02-AE280107CB98 GL5 4AF Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stratford Road, Stroud Variable Public
83F8AAFA-F922-4583-B935-B0A900E3F3F2 GL5 4AG Tesco, Stratford Road, Stroud Variable Public
B0CE83BA-6618-474A-9E0D-B00500E5C784 GL5 4AG Tesco Stroud, Stratford Rd, Stroud Variable Public
95625B41-829A-4F68-8DB5-ADC800B383A4 GL5 4AP St Rose's School, Stratford Lawn, Stroud Variable Restricted
1D0B62E5-BD05-42E0-B13D-AFD400F08970 GL5 4AX Archway School, Paganhill, Stroud Variable Public
223A26EA-6CDE-481F-92D2-AD8900C91DD5 GL5 4AX Archway School, Paganhill Lane, Stroud 24/7 Public
CEF87D75-5229-4FAF-9CF9-AD3500C06D5D GL5 4BH Beeches Green Surgery, Stroud Health Centre, Beeches Green Variable Restricted
CE41D3B6-406C-4E68-AF65-B093010A0FAB GL5 4EX St Luke's Therapy Centre, 53 Cainscross Road, Stroud 24/7 Public
A681390F-37AF-4AFB-8DE2-AE0100E5AC51 GL5 4EZ 2 Gannicox Road, Stroud 24/7 Restricted
3D2D7307-67A5-400B-9AA1-ADC200D33BE3 GL5 4JE Cainscross Town Council, The Pavillion In The Park, Victory Park, Cainscross 24/7 Public
7B95A72D-15FB-46EF-990D-AFFF00D267B7 GL5 4JE St Matthews Church Of England Primary School, Church Road, Cainscross Variable Restricted
F90E7076-5C99-4BD0-A6F4-B00A00E2E2F6 GL5 4LD Gcc The Beeches Centre, The Beeches Centre, White House Park Variable Restricted
AF338163-C6F4-444A-8293-B0A200EFEA61 GL5 4NR Cashes Green Community Centre, Queens Drive, Cashes Green 24/7 Public
1B6579D2-2E08-44AD-BA40-ADC800B36DBD GL5 4SP Scarlet House Care Home, 123 Westward Road, Ebley 24/7 Restricted
3EB06670-E219-4326-B3EB-AFB300DB6DF2 GL5 4TW Baylis Vauxhall, Westward Road, Ebley Variable Public
2D64C88D-2ED6-4037-B0AA-ADE101315AC7 GL5 4UJ Foxmoor Primary School, Hunters Way, Stroud Variable Public
024B9BE0-E028-4A5B-A112-AE35010959CC GL5 5DR Kings Head, The Street, Kingscourt 24/7 Public
8D6C8376-32D7-48AA-BB34-AED900D1D8F1 GL5 5EY Wellington House (Renishaw Plc) Inchbrook Trading Estate, Bath Road, Woodchester Variable Restricted
8E057657-D57C-4855-9E2E-AED900D1D022 GL5 5EY Wellington House (Renishaw Plc) Inchbrook Trading Estate, Bath Road, Woodchester Variable Restricted
CCD9D80A-27DE-4BB4-9344-AD3F00A688C8 GL5 5EY Inchbrook Trading Estate Management Company Limited, C/O Unit N1a Inchbrook Trading Estate, Bath Road 24/7 Public
9DFC5AB8-6E72-4027-90E0-AD2000FD0F96 GL5 5HY Woodchester Valley Estate Management Co Ltd, Inchbrook Court, Inchbrook Way 24/7 Public
1524 GL5 5JG Amberley Parochial Primary School, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
B871AAB4-2F3A-4CC6-9EE8-AF9500ECF8B7 GL50 1DF O2 Store (0133) Cheltenham, 161 High Street, Gloucestershire Variable Restricted
76E34104-3EF1-465E-B11E-AE2400DCF32A GL50 1DU Spectre, 73-75 High St, Cheltenham Variable Public
487DF1E5-8EBB-48FA-815E-AFFD00F83666 GL50 1DW Tesco Express, 109-117 High Street, Cheltenham Variable Public
21E53CE0-D49E-4D3E-8028-AEC100C640E4 GL50 1HT Alma House, 73 Rodney Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
7672 GL50 1HX 3rd Floor Regent House, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
D8711A0A-4C87-44C9-910C-AD34009FA2B8 GL50 1JS Cambray Baptist Church, Cambray Place, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
88400A36-16F2-4FE8-833F-B00C00FE71A8 GL50 1NB Little Dobbies Cheltenham, 106 Promenade, Cheltenham Variable Public
ADC41685-069A-4B49-9E35-AED7009BDB62 GL50 1NN The Queens Hotel, Queens Hotel, Promenade 24/7 Public
328A1DA7-683C-4B87-8762-AE8C00DA3B21 GL50 1PZ A B F Pension Trustees Ltd, A B F Pension Trustees Ltd Quadrangle, Imperial Square Variable Restricted
364219DD-55DE-4C34-98E0-AFBA00977D57 GL50 1PZ Savills (Uk) Ltd, Savills (Uk) Ltd Quadrangle, Imperial Square Variable Public
F37A19CD-9587-4282-9E35-AF9400F75C84 GL50 1QA The Cheltenham Trust, Cheltenham Town Hall, Imperial Square Variable Restricted
3DC1EC0C-E067-4EC3-BF4E-AD5000870F2F GL50 1RH Willans Llp Solicitors, 28 Imperial Square, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
DB8C9EB1-5490-432A-A3A2-AF3C00BCF7AD GL50 1TH The Isbourne, 2 Wolseley Terrace, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
03AEE713-9802-4864-BEE8-AF8700BD1CDA GL50 1TP Ymca Cheltenham, Ymca, 6 Vittoria Walk Variable Restricted
7F30A74B-C492-4E5F-B758-B00400C760CB GL50 2DD St Phillip’s & James’ Church, Grafton Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
C266DC62-9D9A-4BF0-93BC-ADC800B3943F GL50 2DT Faithfull House Care Home, Faithfull House, Suffolk Square 24/7 Restricted
4ECF0335-69C9-4701-895D-AFEF00BFDB12 GL50 2ED Ecctis, 68-70 Suffolk Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
741F5BFF-2043-4786-8833-AEF400D11EA9 GL50 2JH Christ Church Cheltenham, Christchurch Church, Malvern Road 24/7 Public
243602CB-745A-48FA-A94F-B076010FFA86 GL50 2LR Tree Tops Nursery, 1 Queens Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
FFF0C002-3A85-4F85-9C58-B06701035FB9 GL50 2LR Little Trees Lansdown, 1 Queens Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
AFAFDC40-CEEB-43A2-9DF4-B03300C88AD0 GL50 2NH Tesco Queens Road Cheltenham Express, Queens Rd, Cheltenham Variable Public
5DA0B3EA-2518-48A5-A067-ADC800B37DED GL50 2NR St Faith's Care Home, St Faith's, Northcroft House 24/7 Restricted
454B71D4-192E-460E-A6C1-AD2F00DC0951 GL50 2NX Cheltenham Ladies College Health And Fitness Centre, Malvern Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
56A5424D-DBFE-4E73-A459-AF9500DC26CA GL50 2NY Dean Close Airthrie School, 27-29 Christ Church Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
A2C4EAFD-76F0-4CA6-A46D-AD5500EBB522 GL50 2RS St James Primary School, Merestones Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
6A9160F6-C4E9-43DB-919C-AF2A007EACB5 GL50 2UW St.stephens Sports And Social Club, 52 Tivoli Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
39DD70E3-5516-4F66-ACBE-AFA200BBBB61 GL50 2XE The Beehive Pub, The Beehive, Montpellier Villas 24/7 Public
C803030E-BA99-4CAB-869B-AD1F01327681 GL50 3AS Malmaison Cheltenham, Malmaison Cheltenham, Bayshill Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
278595AA-F974-4D03-B4EF-ADC800B45082 GL50 3BT Astell House Care Home, Astell House, Overton Park Road 24/7 Restricted
40F7379F-EA1E-4B89-80C9-AE3600CF9DDF GL50 3EQ 129 St George's Rd, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
F6937ED6-1ECF-4AFF-AB19-AF1000EAC082 GL50 3HF Specsavers Opticians, 206 High Street, Cheltenham Variable Public
7F1BCFA8-99B2-49E9-A52C-AF7100B0FD8E GL50 3HJ 233 High Street, Cheltenham, Tesco Express Variable Public
8A4BF3D0-ADB7-4D0C-BB88-B050010F7038 GL50 3HJ Tesco, Tesco Stores, Henrietta Street Variable Public
924A0DC0-F039-4D27-9B89-AEE500B3CADD GL50 3HL Cheltenham Spa Bowling Club, Ambrose Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
0A4A5B78-852E-4109-9FAC-AED100CF08FB GL50 3HQ Gwaac Cheltenham Charity Shop, 272-274 High Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
7DAF72FC-9664-4347-A510-AE2400A1E705 GL50 3HW 315 High Street, Cheltenham Variable Public
B45DF7F0-20BD-4C69-AE19-ADF300C52D82 GL50 3HW Caring For Communities And People, 340 High Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
1D071146-26AD-4ACC-8AFC-AF6C00B8A1C1 GL50 3JT The Cheltenham Trust, The Wilson Cheltenham Art Gallery And Museum, Clarence Street Variable Restricted
13282D6A-70D7-4904-8936-ADA500DD1FA7 GL50 3PR St James House, St James Square, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
8802C76C-7C7A-4767-B06D-AF9400C5FB25 GL50 3PR St Gregorys Church, St James Square, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
9835EDDB-6ED3-43B8-B64A-AE3900AB5F3C GL50 3PR The Sober Parrot, 7 St James Square, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
77D55968-20F6-4619-B449-AEFA00E4DBF2 GL50 3SH Savills, Festival House, Jessop Avenue Variable Public
DEA0D3B2-8FE8-4E45-AAD3-AF2B00CE9BDE GL50 4BB Royal Mail Cheltenham Do, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
E16E76D1-11CA-4932-9961-AD2000C26719 GL50 4BB Royal Mail, Cheltenham Delivery Office, Swindon Road Variable Restricted
20E1B40B-AF01-4248-8EDC-AD8900C9F3B2 GL50 4BS University Of Gloucestershire, Hardwick Campus, St Paul's Road 24/7 Public
506598A7-184E-4C97-84A9-ADE400D10B3F GL50 4DJ Albion House Social Club, North Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
70A8B9EE-ABF6-440D-BAA2-ADB3010506B2 GL50 4DJ Haywood House, 7 North Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
FC8A3ED6-24DA-49E8-AC99-AE7E00C2BF82 GL50 4DW United Services Club, North Place, Cheltenham Variable Public
711601C0-E625-4670-8298-AE3900BDCA9F GL50 4FA Brewhouse And Kitchen, Unit 7 The Brewery Quarter, Henrietta Street 24/7 Public
CE0A8EA5-2078-4EBE-B758-AFA900D79247 GL50 4GG St Pauls Community Centre Windsor Court, St Pauls Walk, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
A9097E1C-888F-43E9-9FCA-ADF200C31BDB GL50 4PA St Nicolas's Church, Swindon Lane, St Nicolas Church, Swindon Lane 24/7 Public
A131A763-E001-4A1C-A140-B03100CF2BFF GL50 4RA The Ridge, Punch Taverns (Branston) Ltd, Windyridge Road 24/7 Public
6313C327-11CD-45EB-9AB1-AFA800B20807 GL50 4RN Leisure At Cheltenham, Tommy Taylors Lane, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
7CEFAD67-B614-4777-A8F7-AF8E00EB9EF9 GL50 4RN The Cheltenham Trust, Leisure At Cheltenham, Tommy Taylors Lane Variable Restricted
A422D3D7-9CAB-43D3-9DAE-AF8E00ECE5D9 GL50 4RN The Cheltenham Trust, Leisure At Cheltenham, Tommy Taylors Lane Variable Restricted
B4336732-E5F3-4C27-8710-AF8E00EE1A6F GL50 4RN The Cheltenham Trust, Leisure At Cheltenham, Tommy Taylors Lane Variable Restricted
233F4AC2-23A9-4DE5-ABAD-ADC900DCD41A GL50 4SH Gwsr Cheltenham Railway Station, Cheltenham Railway Station, Cheltenham Racecourse Variable Restricted
24F03CC6-EBA0-44F8-86A3-AD5700F0F19E GL50 4SH The Gatehouse Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
444A38A6-717B-42B9-95AA-AD2100C333EB GL50 4SH Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
B70C21BC-C2C8-44C6-8513-ADF600AD1642 GL50 4SH The Gatehouse Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
C544F4AC-EF23-475F-9189-B04700CEFE23 GL50 4SH Caravan And Motorhome Club Campsite, Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road Variable Public
C6D6FF35-E5EE-476A-99AF-AD8900C938F3 GL50 4SH Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
CDB45F0B-9455-4C1C-AD78-ADC900DCCE2A GL50 4SH Cheltenham Racecourse, Evesham Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
F717F90B-9FEE-4070-AA91-AEA601054FA7 GL50 4SJ Webbs Garden Centre, Blooms Of Bressingham, Evesham Road Variable Public
D09566F2-AF03-458F-A6D8-ADC800B43A07 GL50 4UG University Of Gloucestershire, Francis Close Hall, Swindon Road 24/7 Public
17FCE8CD-606B-4629-8EBC-AD27009B4701 GL50 9SA Cheltenham Borough Council, Municipal Offices Cheltenham Borough Council, Promenade Variable Restricted
339254D0-A241-45E8-92D5-B005010B820C GL51 0AL Baylis Vauxhall, Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham Variable Public
20237D0F-199B-4A5B-A7D3-AED80081E9FF GL51 0LH Ron Smith Pavilion, Springbank Way, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
DA8F0993-FEEE-4781-AC9F-AFA200CC84E7 GL51 0SE Ymca, Dulverton Court, Hesters Way Road 24/7 Public
93941AB6-A5C2-45A6-8139-B04C009E43B3 GL51 0SF Royal Court, Fiddlers Green Lane, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
B5578BE0-155A-4256-B05C-AFDC00DBB788 GL51 0WH All Saints Academy, Blaisdon Way, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
2DEDEE3E-2187-412C-B33D-ADC800B463D9 GL51 3AT Bettridge School, Warden Hill Road, Hatherley Variable Restricted
30CD1977-8EDB-49CC-A17B-ADC800B46F24 GL51 3AT Belmont School, Belmont Special School 2, Warden Hill Road Variable Restricted
31CBFB12-1FF4-4A6E-AAEF-ADC800B47487 GL51 3AT Belmont School, Belmont Special School, Warden Hill Road Variable Restricted
BB9008E5-F17C-4106-9382-B04300E1D4F9 GL51 3DF Warden Hill Primary School, Durham Close, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
713D75EB-E0DD-4941-BF33-AD4100908A4D GL51 3EF Bournside School, Warden Hill Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
E64AEA09-4BFA-436B-B899-AD3500BB2395 GL51 3EF Cheltenham Bournside School, Warden Hill Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
429D39A3-11A3-46AB-B0F8-AD4F00DB86BA GL51 3FZ Greatfield Park Primary School, Hulbert Crescent, Up Hatherley Variable Restricted
BF1662E6-1945-4FCE-8E1D-AF4000BDEA3A GL51 3QB 1st Hatherley Scout Group, Penrith Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
E7FF0075-F3F4-4B5F-8CAB-AD34006CEFE2 GL51 4TU Former Railway Land, Shurdington Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
710 GL51 4UW Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6E4C6BA7-9DD1-4AB1-A27E-AF5E00E8F071 GL51 4XB Workplace Interior Company Cheltenham Ltd, Oak Farm, Chargrove Lane 24/7 Public
8839421E-AAAD-4A94-BE1E-ADF700C63CD8 GL51 4XQ Shurdington Sports Club, The Pavillion, Main Road 24/7 Public
2602D42B-A7A7-4A6B-BE5E-B08501096F6A GL51 6AF National Hunt, Benhall Avenue Entrance, National Hunt, Benhall Avenue 24/7 Public
7DAC2D74-0E8B-472F-A625-ADC800B2FC1F GL51 6BL The Whittington House Nursing Home, 58 Whittington Road, Benhall 24/7 Restricted
B3C09338-FA82-4C08-88EF-B02800AFC8E5 GL51 6EP Estates/Carnills, 135 Hatherley Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
04F42D89-AF21-4307-B17A-AD2F00F96CCD GL51 6HE Dean Close School Sport, Dean Close Sports Hall, Shelburne Road Variable Restricted
8803E934-3764-4940-A402-AD2F00F8D8B8 GL51 6HE Dean Close Health Centre, Dean Close School, Shelburne Road Variable Public
387F8B30-2105-44F7-BCB0-AD2F00FA7056 GL51 6QD Dcps Dining Hall, Caldecote House, 79 Lansdown Road Variable Restricted
56843854-9D57-4B61-8FD0-B02800B179C3 GL51 6QS Dcps Centenary Hall, Dean Close Pre Preparatory School, Lansdown Road Variable Restricted
8756B014-66D2-4BD1-ACC1-B02A009FDDA6 GL51 6QS Dcps Treatment Room (Rickerby), Dean Close Preparatory School, Lansdown Road Variable Restricted
6709744F-D646-47D4-B861-AD250118997B GL51 6RF The Reddings Community Centre, North Road West, The Reddings Variable Public
0F512328-3492-44BC-93F1-AD9F009F7C76 GL51 6SR Staverton Airport, Gloucestershire Airport, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
7DAA38F2-E328-4B17-8552-AD240082F5E3 GL51 6SR Staverton Airport, Gloucestershire Airport, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
B87C8BDD-ED96-478C-B404-ADCD0093CE23 GL51 6SW Willmott Dixon, Bamfurlong Depot, Bamfurlong Lane Variable Public
89095CDB-4159-4A0C-A2F3-ADE801111440 GL51 6SY Nuffield Hospital, The Cheltenham And Gloucester Nuffield Hospital, Hatherley Lane Variable Restricted
E5E4CD65-1F92-4E8A-97F4-ADCC015A0522 GL51 6UD 56 Reddings Park, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
87AD7224-1E90-43DC-BA03-AD3500F2F8D4 GL51 6UP Cotswold Motor Group, Unit 1 Corinthian Park, Corinthian Way Variable Restricted
CB0E9E5D-6CEB-4050-8605-B09200B8FA75 GL51 7AL St Marks Church, Church Road, St Marks 24/7 Public
88A595D4-2CA2-44D0-9669-ADB101210D92 GL51 7AY 374 Gloucester Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
0D06C493-45D7-4166-AD25-AFFD0080423F GL51 7JY St Barnabas Church, Orchard Way, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
5FE84DB9-EDB5-4AD0-90E8-AEEB00E48E3E GL51 7SJ Cheltenham Campus Gloucestershire College, Princess Elizabeth Way, Cheltenham Variable Public
3952495C-9291-4909-87F1-AF8C00ACDB6D GL51 7SU Hesters Way Community Resource Centre, Cassin Drive, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
F6C3F564-7631-481C-8431-AFEA009AE123 GL51 8DS St Marks Community Association, St Marks & Hestersway Community Centre, Brooklyn Road 24/7 Public
2A2CF3BA-7AFB-4629-99FD-ADCD00EAE713 GL51 8HE David Andrews Fitness Ltd, Unit 12 Bramery Business Park, Alstone Lane Variable Public
A3596764-438B-425E-AD7B-AED9008C10CA GL51 8HF Cheltenham Open Door, Units 1-3 St Georges Business Park, Alstone Lane 24/7 Public
51EE22CB-FADF-44E6-8093-AE4000FC425F GL51 8HY Rowanfield Infant School, Alstone Lane, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
5B1D61E1-D2E4-497D-8760-B07400B121A2 GL51 8HY Rowanfield Junior School, Alstone Lane, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
40281CA4-0949-4688-9D42-AE7F010A1097 GL51 8JQ Tesco Stores Limited - Petrol Station., Tesco Stores Limited - Petrol Station, Colletts Drive Variable Public
DEFD668F-DA71-42F5-9DA6-ADC800B499F1 GL51 8NP Cheltenham Spa Railway Station, Queens Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
C22A40FE-1E27-4C0F-B56A-AFB100ADD7F9 GL51 8NY Ymca Cheltenham, Ymca Cheltenham Sports Centre, College Drive 24/7 Public
8516AFB3-4953-4DEC-AB57-AEE600E8C353 GL51 8PL Unit 27 Lansdown Industrial Estate, Gloucester Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
0751729A-87C9-4C7A-9458-B00A00FAD37A GL51 9AH Vw, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
FA843237-40FC-4405-89D9-AF5F01119956 GL51 9DT Toyota Cheltenham, 179 Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
05E45074-4EC3-44FB-A4F8-AF170100353E GL51 9EJ Insidesweat, Unit 9 Manchester Park, Tewkesbury Road Variable Public
69C28A60-4779-406B-BA9B-AE910113E73E GL51 9FB Units 23 Neptune Business Centre, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
7CBC9DE7-C9D2-446B-B2C1-AF8900C21EAF GL51 9JZ Cheltenham Borough Council, The Council Depot, Swindon Road Variable Restricted
FA05B641-2AA1-4020-B7D6-AF8900D239C7 GL51 9JZ Cheltenham Borough Council, The Council Depot, Swindon Road 24/7 Public
D0E601D6-172F-4456-BCA7-AFAF009A273F GL51 9NJ Bpl House, The Runnings, Cheltenham Variable Public
31D3931C-5B26-4169-9B15-AF2500F5EB19 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
39C183FF-0234-4859-A8C7-AF2500B2C706 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
46958831-EFF7-4EA3-9153-AF2500B1B99C GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
5FA2BE41-C1E9-4AD2-AA4B-AFC200AC1229 GL51 9NQ Screwfix, Unit J Runnings Road, Kingsditch Trading Estate Variable Restricted
7C2D67A8-511C-4E58-98A2-AF2500F5498D GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
7E868B3D-E9A4-44B6-9BD0-AF2500F3DA66 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
7F97F4E9-A38A-4668-8205-AF2500B3884B GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
84C34957-7EED-409D-8B13-AF2500AF2BF7 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
8677B568-395F-4FA1-B70A-AF2500B0B3C2 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
8ACCB46A-3764-447A-AF94-AE4B00A325F3 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
8F5B13A4-2881-4794-B26E-AF2500F49BF1 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
99434E1B-36F6-488B-9E19-AF2500DBA388 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
9E2E2973-CD99-4489-9C93-AF7400D719AF GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
A02985FD-6D73-4BE8-BF74-AF2500F3164E GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
A09592F9-F372-41BA-8E91-AF2500ADD41C GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
AD0CF0F7-8D79-4A10-8FC3-AF2500AFC2BC GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
B0BBA61A-87F1-43B6-BF09-AF2500B3EB9A GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
B18BBE63-063B-4EBE-AE57-AF2500F4353F GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
B971C19C-8CBC-4CD8-91E4-AF2500F371E9 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
DB2853BE-296B-4D53-9761-AF2500F1DC66 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
DDA4B844-9B1F-4C09-9BA1-AF2500F294FE GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
FB0D8D6F-6546-4844-A401-AF2500B15964 GL51 9NQ Spirax Sarco, Spirax Sarco Ltd, Runnings Road 24/7 Restricted
664CBFF8-A377-42AE-947D-AD2500E9065D GL51 9QP Swindon Parish Council, Car Park Swindon Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
060BB0A4-5F8C-4B4C-957C-B00A00FAD176 GL51 9RQ Bravoauto, Manor Rd, Swindon Village Variable Public
26DBA482-B2D8-4CA1-9794-AEFB00DB33FF GL51 9RR Savills - Gallagher Retail, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
7CBEAB3E-A8C8-4ECC-8665-AF900099F023 GL51 9SL Cacssa - Cotswold Area Civil Service Sports Association, Cacssa, Tewkesbury Road 24/7 Public
94DDBAEA-3512-426B-9CF9-AD28011FAC07 GL51 9SR Uckington And Elmstone Hardwicke Village Hall, The Green, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
39A7B45C-8FF5-42C6-8E7D-AF4000F4ACD1 GL51 9TX Focusnetworks Uk Ltd, Unit 9 Manor Park Business Centre, Mackenzie Way 24/7 Public
326EC131-FFFB-479A-906E-AF2A00E84120 GL52 2AN Cheltenham Borough Council, The Kiosk In The Park, Pittville Park, Evesham Road 24/7 Public
8E9239E4-A24E-4407-A19D-AD8900CA1084 GL52 2DG Osjct Windsor Street Care Centre, Windsor Street Care Home, 35-37 Windsor Street 24/7 Public
65554349-A774-447C-B7AB-AAAE00C9307E GL52 2DY Sligo House, 2 Wellington Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
AAF05D41-B718-427F-BAF3-AF500103B5F0 GL52 2HN Cheltenham Samaritans, Victoria House, Back Of Albert Place 24/7 Public
F43D2CA9-D7F9-4363-950F-ADB2010EF02F GL52 2QA Berkhampstead School, Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
9D619556-F6DA-4040-A074-AFA80104B731 GL52 3DF Prestbury Womens Institute, 335 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
B2ABE62F-E501-410D-9ACD-AFFC017224E7 GL52 3DF Prestbury Womens Institute, 335 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
76260F78-1CBD-4132-871E-AF9400F98450 GL52 3JE Pittville Pump Room, East Approach Drive, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
5464F02C-7FAF-44FA-9D43-ADC800B31805 GL52 3JF University Of Gloucestershire, Pittville Campus, Albert Road 24/7 Restricted
BD62150C-5B9A-40B0-A8E7-B015011D968C GL52 3LF 83 New Barn Lane, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
31E50395-463E-4404-9AAA-AD590097D396 GL52 3LP Parish Council Office, The Pavilion Prestbury Playing Fields, New Barn Close 24/7 Public
519245E9-26D5-4DA2-ABEA-AD2000781133 GL52 3LZ Ucas, Rosehill, New Barn Lane Variable Restricted
4572 GL52 3PE Cheltenham Tigers Rugby Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
4039BC76-3166-4A3C-B9B6-AF4100A41927 GL52 3PW Cleeve Hill Golf Club, Cleeve Hill, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
EE8BBF88-1098-4D33-98F8-B08B00FB9750 GL52 4JJ Baytree Court, High Street, Prestbury 24/7 Restricted
B105BB5E-5F00-4186-9E18-AD5000939D44 GL52 5JT Cemetery Chapels, Bouncers Lane, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
BC1CDCA9-9196-42C3-85D4-AD500095AF59 GL52 5JT Cheltenham Cemetery & Crematorium Office, Main Office, Bouncers Lane Variable Restricted
DBF571A0-DB0A-41A2-9133-AEC800DB5EBE GL52 5JW Plasterers One Stop Shop, Montis Court, Bouncers Lane Variable Restricted
8115 GL52 5NA Cheltenham Whaddon Bowls Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
A445114D-1B6D-4154-83CE-B0960080F69F GL52 5NF Badham Pharmacy, 102 Whaddon Rd, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
809E70CD-D883-4566-AC97-AD4A00C07705 GL52 5NQ 112 Whaddon Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
CF299680-BC6A-4EF8-B5A8-B02900AC9ED7 GL52 5PR Parklands Community Centre, Wymans Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
69C09127-C1BF-4704-B447-ADC800B2EAB7 GL52 5QH The Ridge Academy, Clyde Crescent, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
7274E0F3-5E3F-4AC5-9372-ADC9009CA1C8 GL52 6BE Cheltenham Cricket Club, Princes Street, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
20004684-D891-4F8B-9880-AD2400B970EA GL52 6HW The Church Of The Holy Apostle, London Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
63FFE4F0-B466-4C76-B089-AD2000EBCB7B GL52 6NR St Edwards Infants And Junior School, 252 London Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
FEBF8EB4-5292-4FF3-8DFC-AD2000C0AD3D GL52 6QZ Holy Apostles Church Of England School, Battledown Approach, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
B54BF051-B8CA-4768-96C1-B03900A90344 GL52 6UJ Tesco Cheltenham Hewlet Express, 214 Hewlett Rd, Cheltenham Variable Public
99D38241-BBD2-4EE1-942E-AF3F0120291E GL52 6XZ Glenfall Community Primary School, Glenfall Way, Charlton Kings 24/7 Public
29B97FDF-B7EF-445C-8AEC-AD8900C956E7 GL52 6YL Osjct Grevill House Care Home, Grevill House, 279 London Road 24/7 Public
B3B6BEC5-798C-4245-86DA-ADC800B45E15 GL52 6YL Ashley House Care Home, Ashley House, 279 London Road 24/7 Restricted
ACEB5758-A139-49C6-AF9B-ADE500A853F7 GL52 7DQ Kiwa House Malvern View Business Park, Stella Way, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
1EAB0544-3CCF-49BF-B9B6-ADC800B49F8B GL52 8AD Cleeve School, Cleeve School Sports Centre, Two Hedges Road Variable Restricted
204C0D3D-0773-4A55-9FBA-ADC800B4A4A5 GL52 8AD Cleeve School, Two Hedges Road, Bishop's Cleeve Variable Restricted
A36EB009-EEE0-4D8E-9395-ADE900E6EDCB GL52 8GL Grangefield Primary School, Voxwell Lane, Cheltenham Variable Public
9184CFA0-CD9B-41DB-84B0-AE2300C8699D GL52 8LR Badham Pharmacy Ltd, 23 Church Road, Bishops Cleeve Variable Restricted
CB489A67-330A-406E-ACA1-AE1400E36862 GL52 8LR Badham Pharmacy Ltd, 23 Church Road, Bishops Cleeve Variable Restricted
995 GL52 8LZ Bowls Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7835083A-667E-4AB0-AA11-ADB501018B3C GL52 8LZ Racecourse Garage, Evesham Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
119104BC-CC8D-4C82-937E-ADBE010462F2 GL52 8SF Ge Aviation Systems Ltd, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
64339C0B-A13A-4F35-A4CA-ADBE010540DB GL52 8SF Ge Aviation Systems Ltd, Evesham Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Restricted
B4FC020E-41C0-471D-9EDE-ADBE01061CEB GL52 8SF Ge Aviation Systems, Ge Aviation Systems Ltd, Evesham Road 24/7 Restricted
134 GL52 9EX Rex Rhodes Building, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
635 GL52 9HX Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
5ECFAFCF-7845-4334-A9A3-ADB200FD76C0 GL52 9QT Gotherington County Primary School, Gretton Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
9BCEC832-FF4F-4C43-BFF5-B08A00F21220 GL52 9QT Inside School Building, Gotherington County Primary School, The Lawns Variable Restricted
A817FFB1-C8CC-4A89-80FC-AD8900C9B8AA GL52 9RD Prescott Hill Climb, Prescott Hill Climb/Bugatti Owners Club/The Clubhouse, Prescott 24/7 Public
FF45FA61-2C13-4E36-9B98-AECA00C3D0E3 GL53 0AR 28 Leckhampton Views, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
691DE065-3B71-409F-82FC-AD5100B4C436 GL53 0BD Bupa Dental Care, 31 Leckhampton Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
03F810D4-952A-4F2D-96C3-AEBD00D1280A GL53 0HP Leckhampton C Of E Primary School, Hall Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
07EE8E46-4978-4E88-8659-AE85010BB888 GL53 7AB Cheltenham College Cricket Pavilion (College Field), Cheltenham College Preparatory School, Thirlestaine Road 24/7 Public
1C2F3B2B-8ADF-4529-9A06-AD4F01072B8F GL53 7AB Cheltenham College Sports Centre, Thirlestaine Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
48119461-1FB3-4C43-A305-AD4F010E9F64 GL53 7AB Estates Department Cheltenham College, Thirlestaine Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
5930B1B3-0447-4E85-BBAB-AD4F00FDA7DF GL53 7AB Cheltenham College Preparatory School, Thirlestaine Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
EEC62B34-52B5-47F2-BC20-AF9D00D259AA GL53 7AB Cheltenham College Health Centre, Cheltenham College Preparatory School, Thirlestaine Road Variable Restricted
5A8023D4-6236-4A80-9D73-AEFA00809E4E GL53 7AS Cobalt Health, Cobalt Health Linton House Clinic, Thirlestaine Road Variable Public
FD8CD055-8973-4C03-9FBC-AF46009BB23E GL53 7AS Cobalt Health, Cobalt Health Linton House Clinic, Thirlestaine Road 24/7 Public
D12FC29F-1953-44EA-8A2C-ADB400F1A7B8 GL53 7DF East Gloucestershire Club, Old Bath Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
FAE14B63-FEEB-46C7-B5A2-AFA200ACF121 GL53 7ER Paperbox, Paperbox Maida Vale Business Centre, Maida Vale Road 24/7 Public
D0F30C1A-DA1B-48B2-9A50-B06900E51E4F GL53 7EW Humphris Place, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
02FC448F-6F7F-4C73-9B08-AF9D00CABC5E GL53 7FF Cheltenham College - The Meadow Cafe, The Meadow Cafe, Old Bath Road Variable Public
FA519401-7DA1-4F47-ABE5-ADB200C60567 GL53 7HA The Moon Under Water, Bath Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
753469F1-A813-46DB-83EC-AD4F00FBB4C7 GL53 7LD Cheltenham College Office, Cheltenham College, 138 Bath Road Variable Restricted
94DB3639-4739-4A78-B772-AAD800A42A6C GL53 7LS Davies Mayers Barnett L L P, Pillar House, 113-115 Bath Road Variable Restricted
717AD9C1-510B-4CB7-990A-AD8900C9DC2A GL53 7LX The Exmouth Arms, Bath Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
33E930FC-B052-484E-9D3F-B02000B9D805 GL53 7NB 252 Bath Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
43B725D8-7660-47A5-8897-AD4800AEAC12 GL53 7PU Sandford Lido, Keynsham Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
3EC1545B-A638-40E4-9C38-B065009BB84D GL53 8AU Merry Fellow Inn, 2 School Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
8410B4D8-5395-499D-B597-AD4F00D99D4E GL53 8EY St Edward's School, St Edwards School, Cirencester Road Variable Public
3C01473F-8E01-46A4-BC14-AF0E00D0D316 GL53 8QE Charlton Kings Junior School, East End Road, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
23ABB903-1B50-40F4-90E7-AD2100D8CF51 GL53 8QF Balcarras School, East End Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
692DFC71-ED72-4EA4-8B04-AD2100D7E776 GL53 8QF Balcarras School, East End Road, Cheltenham Variable Public
C278A458-E659-4E42-8617-ADC800B494AD GL53 9AX Charlton Kings Care Home, Moorend Road, Charlton Kings 24/7 Restricted
279C7C4E-F009-4307-B96D-B04B00A14AEE GL53 9DJ Southfield Manor Park, Sandy Lane, Garage No 7 24/7 Public
7EA5E634-E8B5-4B5E-95F1-B09200E421AE GL53 9LG Old Patesians Association, Everest Road, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
E7D5DACC-D881-42E8-BA79-AD280127EC10 GL53 9PB Elkstone Parish Council, Elkstone Village Hall, Hill View 24/7 Public
60B29AD9-94EB-472E-99E6-ADB100F851A9 GL53 9PN Syde Manor, 400866 A417 To Washbrook Syde, Syde 24/7 Public
C6870E17-A976-48E5-BF0A-AE43008CBDB3 GL53 9PQ Unit 5 The Dovecote Estate Office, Elkstone Studios, Elkstone 24/7 Public
5803B430-0E8A-45BE-BFCC-AD2000FE1001 GL54 1AW Stow On The Wold Primary School, Stow-On-The-Wold Primary School, St Edwards Drive 24/7 Public
7C2CCE82-BA95-450D-83DA-AD2F00E61E15 GL54 1AX Stow Surgery, Maugersbury Road, Stow-On-The-Wold Variable Restricted
CA31749B-016C-44B4-AAF7-AF4F010E935D GL54 1BB Savills, Cotswold House, Church Street Variable Restricted
50EA1414-8AA4-477D-B741-AE3A00AFBB11 GL54 1BX Tesco Superstore, Fosse Way, Stow-On-The-Wold 24/7 Public
565930BD-82C2-4115-9231-B09A00B5CA44 GL54 1BX Tesco, Moreton Road, Stow-On-The-Wold 24/7 Public
84C2ADFC-5C30-40EF-9DC0-AE1F015ED7E5 GL54 1BX Tesco, Tesco Store, Moreton Road 24/7 Public
00244D41-4427-4705-963E-ADC800B42262 GL54 1FG Osjct Edwardstow Court, Edwardstow Court, Fosseway 24/7 Public
1547 GL54 1HR Chapel Street Garages, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7D73A0B9-B588-4738-B505-AD4A00F3CB88 GL54 1JE Trustees Of Icomb Village Institute Hall, Village Hall, Road From North Of Prestney Cottage To East Of Liberty Hill 24/7 Public
1804 GL54 1JJ Rugby Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1D646F23-F84B-4C9B-9C86-AF6400D04C5E GL54 1JZ Nether Swell Manor, Netherswell Manor, Road From Fosseway Netherswell Manor 24/7 Public
D078B077-6777-48EF-9CB8-B083009A5006 GL54 1LH School Hill, Lower Swell Variable Public
2424 GL54 1LS Fisher House, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
776 GL54 2AP Cotswold China & Cookware, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
5E9ECCFB-E34E-46AD-A196-AD2000D9D37C GL54 2AZ Bourton On The Water Parish Council, The George Moore Community Centre, Moore Road 24/7 Public
3522AB69-E763-4194-B559-AE2701038B5B GL54 2BD Slm, Bourton Leisure Centre, Station Road Variable Restricted
61863F51-E4EC-46CE-A3FA-AE2F00C54066 GL54 2BD Bourton Leisure Centre, Station Road, Bourton-On-The-Water Variable Restricted
522B340F-3338-47B6-BD45-AD3300D2E4E5 GL54 2BP Riverside Dental Practice, High Street, Bourton-On-The-Water Variable Restricted
E86826A7-6734-4966-9723-AE2E00D8A95F GL54 2BY Motoring And Leisure Services Ltd, The Cotswold Motoring & Toy Collection, The Old Mill, Sherborne Street Variable Restricted
49607CC9-8A21-4F10-8884-AD4900A50E2E GL54 2EH Bourton Rovers F/Ball & Soc Club 1992, Bourton Football Club, Rissington Road 24/7 Public
243 GL54 2EN The Co-operative Garage, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
61E85A7F-8477-42E6-A73B-ADC900DD2473 GL54 2GN Osjct Jubilee Lodge, Jubilee Lodge, Meadow Way 24/7 Restricted
989A5C5D-0B36-4D8B-9696-AD8900C96DB9 GL54 2GN Osjct Jubilee Lodge Care Home, Jubilee Lodge, Meadow Way 24/7 Public
182 GL54 2HP Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
219 GL54 2HQ John Hackling Transport Ltd, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
5203 GL54 2HQ Pulham & Sons (Coaches) Ltd, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
80 GL54 2LP Great Rissington Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
984E7EC0-9581-498F-9201-AD4B01545A23 GL54 2ND Little Rissington Parish Council, Village Hall, 3/140 Bourton-On-The-Water Through Little Rissington Cheltenham 24/7 Public
926C2691-D1A8-46C4-8A54-AFF00090DE3E GL54 2PL The Rissington School, Mitchell Way, Upper Rissington Variable Restricted
0F9F3BE3-E8E5-4DE7-8E13-AD3A00E42D8E GL54 2PN The Village Hall Trustees, The Village Hall, 3/137 Wyck Rissington To Wyck Road 24/7 Public
1E7F1119-3B73-42C8-B574-AEF30103908A GL54 2PN The Village Hall., The Village Hall, Main Wyck Rissington Road 24/7 Public
1900 GL54 2QW Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1473D7F7-4AAD-4473-989F-AFE800E7E5BF GL54 2SB Screwfix, Unit 1 Beech Court, Bourton Ind Park Variable Restricted
AB0EC29E-DAF9-475D-A031-AD2000FC3404 GL54 3AE Naunton Downs Golf Club Ltd, Naunton Downs Golf Club, Naunton Variable Public
ED619E6A-E27F-4161-B2EB-AF2D010F0F70 GL54 3BU Caravan Club Ltd, Caravan Club Site Notgrove Station, A436 From District Boundary To Long Barrow 24/7 Public
1567 GL54 3DW Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
131 GL54 3HF Fire Station, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6D125EBA-3E7D-4BF4-BA31-AF930108E2F0 GL54 3HF Fire Station, West End, Northleach 24/7 Public
6228 GL54 3HJ Cricket Store, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
755B4589-57E3-4AD0-BFA7-B04300A05405 GL54 3HJ Northleach Cofe Primary School, 1 Mill End, Northleach Variable Restricted
FBE90EAD-91CD-4A4C-8610-AF930108EAD9 GL54 3HJ Cricket Store, King George V Field, Northleach 24/7 Public
2C629F75-36E2-434E-90DB-B00600E948B5 GL54 3JL Peak Fitness And Lifestyle, 6 The Old Smokery Far Peak, 3/146 Fosseway To Calcot Road Coln St Dennis 24/7 Public
F4D81103-21C2-432C-A6DE-AED300D4B312 GL54 3JR Pike Farm, Fossebridge, Cheltenham Variable Restricted
520 GL54 3QJ The Westwoods Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
CDB2F1E4-AC29-4C6E-AA65-AF9400B805FA GL54 3QJ Westwoods Community Centre, Bassett Road, Northleach 24/7 Public
1012 GL54 3QU Aldsworth Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1A65F137-A9E5-4640-8A96-B0230093A48C GL54 4DX Post Office Road, Hazleton 24/7 Public
55953C99-0C9E-4C77-A2BC-AD2600DA09F6 GL54 4HD Whittington Village Hall, Whittington 24/7 Public
70 GL54 4HF The Coach House, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
E571D867-6A68-4F3D-910F-B07A00BFBCDD GL54 4HR Andoversford Primary School, Gloucester Road, Andoversford Variable Restricted
425 GL54 4HU Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
BFD83391-3E92-4481-8495-B06900FFBF6F GL54 4LA The Church Centre, Station Road, Andoversford 24/7 Public
79B42457-9312-4B5F-974E-B009012A3CDB GL54 4LW Foxcote House, 400854 Foxcote House To Kilkenny, Andoversford 24/7 Public
F943E1F1-D75B-482A-92B3-AEF30080FE9C GL54 5BB Hollingsworth & Vose Co Ltd, Postlip Mills, Postlip 24/7 Public
30032031-88B9-429B-9F1B-ADC800B30D3A GL54 5DT Gwsr Toddington Railway Station, Toddington Railway Station, Toddington Variable Restricted
B25E74FE-BF8C-46CF-A60D-ADC800B32BD8 GL54 5FL Cotswold Farm Park, Guiting Power, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
515 GL54 5LB School Sports Hub, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
76443337-4CAA-4F31-8558-ADC800B32155 GL54 5LD Gwsr Winchcombe Railway Station, Winchcombe Railway Station, Greet Road Variable Restricted
CFAA7060-4764-4531-9C9A-AD8900C9C745 GL54 5PQ Stanway House, Stanway, Cheltenham 24/7 Public
227 GL54 5RT Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7C0EB5AC-F3DD-400B-9D65-AD7501234E67 GL54 5SJ Coln Cottage, Main Road Through Syreford, Whittington 24/7 Restricted
7367 GL54 5SL Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
607 GL54 5SZ Methodist Chapel, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
569 GL54 5UG The Halfway House, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
FB55CCB4-EBF8-49C7-A34F-AD2C00F9FA49 GL55 6AT Peridot Digital Ltd, Peridot Digital Ltd Cutts Yard, High Street 24/7 Public
07B4BDA1-0333-4EC4-90E4-AD3500C9D52D GL55 6AU Chipping Campden Surgery, Campden Surgery, Back Ends Variable Restricted
E387F332-1D8B-4ABB-A84E-B0A700B22433 GL55 6DB Glos County Council, St James C Of E Primary School, Pear Tree Close Variable Public
0015AC2E-DFEF-4326-9E61-B09F00F6E7A7 GL55 6DG Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service, Fire Station, Catbrook 24/7 Public
CC5512FF-554C-4AA2-9C5C-B06700F9429B GL55 6DZ Roman Catholic School, St Catherines Roman Catholic School, Lower High Street 24/7 Public
1212 GL55 6HB Dudley Taylor Pharmacy, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
CB6A7817-3488-495A-9282-B07300EB7BB9 GL55 6HB Chipping Campden Pharmacy, High Street, Chipping Campden 24/7 Public
0292F233-167A-47BE-993D-ADC000955F7A GL55 6HU Chipping Campden School, Cider Mill Lane, Chipping Campden Variable Restricted
1328155E-CD9C-4EF7-8D51-ADC00098F7B6 GL55 6HU Chipping Campden School, Cider Mill Lane, Chipping Campden Variable Restricted
5E18A267-21B2-4927-8DF8-ADC000A1F6D0 GL55 6HU Church Cottages, 5 Cider Mill Lane, Chipping Campden 24/7 Public
77FD444A-272A-4078-A654-AE2E012A7305 GL55 6HU Chipping Campden Sports Centre Chipping Campden School, Cider Mill Lane, Chipping Campden Variable Public
C9242C58-226F-41D0-BE6C-B083008FA646 GL55 6HU Chipping Campden School, Cider Mill Lane, Chipping Campden Variable Public
D40BD49E-A0F7-4E26-B1A4-ADD900D72E4F GL55 6JX Specialised Logistics, Unit 1 Campden Business Park, Battle Brook Drive 24/7 Public
AE852843-736A-424D-A8AD-AEC500D63804 GL55 6LB Chipping Campden Cricket Club, Cricket Club, Station Road 24/7 Restricted
3AF21267-F640-4202-8792-AF0900F3A5E9 GL55 6LD Campden & Chorleywood, Campden Bri, Station Road Variable Public
5205 GL55 6LR Hidcote Manor Gardens Visitor Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7936 GL55 6NP On Post, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
B814ECC1-682A-4F30-9130-B09A00914B72 GL55 6NQ Ebrington Nursery School, Main Road Through Ebrington, Ebrington Variable Restricted
EC1036B7-6C87-41F0-89FC-B09200F44B17 GL55 6PR Burnt Norton, Chipping Campden 24/7 Public
4498 GL55 6QJ Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
455 GL55 6QS 8 Dover's View, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
148 GL55 6SA Village Stores, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
287FD3AC-5AC9-4F52-93C0-AFF100EDBC0E GL55 6SA Village Stores, High Street, Mickleton 24/7 Public
352 GL55 6SD King George's Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
0BACEB21-EC6A-4913-9C85-AFF100EA9B1E GL55 6SD King Georges Hall, Chapel Lane, Mickleton 24/7 Public
467 GL55 6TJ The Leasows, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
26F580E1-C431-4A0C-8DF2-AFF100EE443E GL55 6TJ The Leasows, Mickleton 24/7 Public
39A3120D-2F2F-4629-84E1-B06700D2BCF8 GL55 6UR Northwick Power Ltd Weighbridge, Westington Quarry, Conduit Hill 24/7 Public
4932 GL56 0DH Skate Park / Moreton Rangers Football Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
E6FF29B1-76F5-4645-8C7F-AE9000F5CC9E GL56 0EF Moreton In Marsh Bowling Club, 60 Redesdale Place, Moreton-In-Marsh 24/7 Public
3349 GL56 0JQ Barons Eden Ltd, Genesis House, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1D6E3349-680B-4AD5-B084-AD8400C36BA5 GL56 0NN Evenlode Village Hall, Green Lane, Evenlode 24/7 Public
DE5445A5-A81E-4C12-A5F6-32A79A7A2B38 GL56 0PJ Public Telephone, Barton Road, Barton On The Heath 24/7 Public
01816E66-E5D1-40CF-ACD4-AA9B012C56B5 GL56 0SF Little Compton Parish Council, Village Hall, Drivers Lane 24/7 Public
B7D01894-A769-4BA9-96EE-B08A01000796 GL56 0SF Little Compton Village Hall, Drivers Lane, Little Compton 24/7 Public
1052 GL56 0UR Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7894 GL56 0XZ Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
B112EDD4-D25F-4587-B8DE-B03E00E43AC3 GL56 0XZ Donnington Bus Shelter, Donnington, Moreton-In-Marsh 24/7 Public
7C30BC72-1C2D-4AF9-8757-AD2400F50C24 GL56 9AW Sezincote House, Sezincote, Moreton In Marsh 24/7 Public
7280 GL56 9DT The Great Western Arms, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
139 GL56 9DZ Blockley Sports & Social Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
8276 GL56 9EZ Orchard Bank, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
36 GL56 9JZ Mission Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
8B37CA81-A01C-4770-B845-AEDD00C355D8 GL56 9NR Barn, Lower Lemington, Moreton In Marsh 24/7 Public
C96D238F-1F26-41D5-AF4A-AD350161AC4A GL56 9QA Moreton Tennis Club, Tennis Courts, Batsford Road 24/7 Public
3A25B187-1007-4185-81AC-AF0A00E721F4 GL56 9QF Batsford Estates (1983) Co Ltd, Batsford Estate Office, Road From Batsford Park To Bourton Road 24/7 Public
796 GL56 9QQ Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1EB2DE6A-09F7-41C8-AB99-AE1B0102B5B3 GL6 0BS Nailsworth Mills Bowling Club, Avening Road, Nailsworth Variable Public
9A8365DD-4C33-49A3-9FDB-AF4D00E2315D GL6 0BS Spring Mill Holdings Ltd, The Basement Spring Mill Business Centre, Spring Mill Business Park 24/7 Public
C0207BE0-C659-4869-923D-AD26007E597A GL6 0HT Nailsworth Health Partnership, King George V Playing Field, Wood Lane 24/7 Public
C681F63B-BA7D-470F-8FE2-ADC800B35278 GL6 0LA Ruskin Mill, Old Bristol Road, Nailsworth Variable Restricted
C99E63FC-A4F7-4B53-94A7-ADC800B361EF GL6 0PL Horsley Mill, Ruskin Mill 1, Horsley Mill Variable Restricted
C3A58FD3-668D-42DE-9567-AE5400E58C65 GL6 0PP Ruskin Mill College, Barton End Lane, Washpool Variable Restricted
04756A38-BC20-49F7-8854-AE9000B46256 GL6 0QE Ruskin Mill, Field Centre, Bath Road Variable Restricted
D1CA89A1-2589-409A-B723-ADC800B3590B GL6 0QE Ruskin Mill, Ruskin Mill 3, Off Hay Lane Variable Restricted
866242E2-D693-4CB7-B5A5-AD260086522C GL6 0RF The George Inn, Road From Terretts Mill To Lower Newmarket Road, Newmarket 24/7 Public
12743C6B-8418-406C-9969-AD2F0136373E GL6 0SJ 41491 Shortwood Football Ground To Wallow Green Nailsworth, Wallow Green, Horsley 24/7 Public
1933CB00-C970-49F5-993C-B04200BC7B71 GL6 6AT Whiteshill Primary School, Main Road, Whiteshill Variable Restricted
6803 GL6 6EY The Carpenters Arms, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
CBC0C160-04E0-470C-9B6E-B0A100ED9AC2 GL6 6HL Randwick Church Of England Primary School, The Lane, Randwick Variable Restricted
6710 GL6 6PQ Telephone Box, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7420 GL6 6TJ Painswick Golf Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1472 GL6 7AX Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
72BDDFFC-7220-411F-A0D5-AD2E00BB4443 GL6 7DY Thomas Keble School, Eastcombe, Stroud Variable Public
8162 GL6 7JG Edgeworth Reading Room, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1063 GL6 7NZ Kims Shop and Post Office, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1362 GL6 7QA The Woolpack Inn, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1360 GL6 7RH Butchers Arms, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7003 GL6 8BA Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6DCD4CC8-F654-4104-A40D-AEA900AB78AC GL6 8DE Tesco, Atm, 35 Tanglewood Way 24/7 Public
1033 GL6 8DJ Community Stores, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
957 GL6 8JN Parish Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
F9B74D31-019A-4A64-9E53-AD3E0122B423 GL6 8LZ Chalford Sports And Social Club, Highfield Way, France Lynch 24/7 Public
1D70D6DE-DC70-4CED-BCD9-AD3200A3153F GL6 8NT Pangolin-Editions Ltd, Unit 9, Chalford Industrial Estate Variable Public
3287 GL6 9BA Rugby Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7EB7C1D8-030D-43A3-A427-AE2201018985 GL6 9BE Minchinhampton Golf Club, New Course, Minchinhampton 24/7 Public
65123278-C74B-4DD4-AB59-AD3300911D60 GL6 9HJ Box Village Hall, Box, Stroud 24/7 Public
275CB5E9-A459-4541-9CBE-AE190165F299 GL6 9JJ Minchinhampton Community Hub, Minchinhampton Youth Club, Tobacconist Road 24/7 Public
DB5CFAA1-40FD-4522-BFA8-AF3A00EE3B39 GL6 9LA George Pearce House Club, George Pearce House, 25 The Glebe 24/7 Public
9A658E19-7DA3-40AF-ACC2-B08B00E8100A GL7 1DX 142 North Home Road, Cirencester, 142 North Home Road, Cirencester 24/7 Public
5217 GL7 1EH Masonic Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
1BA3F083-A8A1-4D21-82DA-AE2700993CDE GL7 1EH The Avenue Surgery, 1 The Avenue, Cirencester Variable Restricted
05E012ED-DF31-442D-AC85-B01900B6B0C8 GL7 1HS Cirencester Kingshill School, Kingshill Comprehensive School, Kingshill Lane Variable Restricted
B818B551-6DBE-4062-B795-B01900B7AB57 GL7 1HS Cirencester Kingshill School, Kingshill Comprehensive School, Kingshill Lane Variable Restricted
51A93A00-A014-43DA-BD8E-B030007E690E GL7 1HY Tesco Cirencester Express, 45 Cricklade Street, Cirencester Variable Public
74D8B9D2-1A1F-475D-B25D-AD7500B20971 GL7 1JR Paternoster House, Watermoor Road, Cirencester 24/7 Public
E4ED454B-E0B1-4EA9-9344-AED60109015A GL7 1LF Watermoor Point, Watermoor Road, Cirencester 24/7 Restricted
D803023C-E6F0-44E1-94C1-AFE300FBB238 GL7 1LT Screwfix Direct Ltd, 3 Mercian Close, Cirencester Variable Public
D4E4F9DA-3C8D-44C6-ABA3-AFF300B34736 GL7 1NP Tesco Cirencester, Tesco, Kings Meadow, Cricklade Road 24/7 Public
EB47C7AF-7B44-4386-BDDC-AD2400FD3D9A GL7 1NP Mc Donalds Restaurant, Cricklade Road, Cirencester 24/7 Public
0F0F0BA2-C8EE-4C7C-BF29-AF4900CF0716 GL7 1PL Wildwood Park Ltd, Siddington Road, Cirencester 24/7 Public
EDF3D1A7-02F1-40D9-849F-AD5E00ED8B0B GL7 1PL 1 Primrose Way, Cirencester 24/7 Public
69D59F36-17BB-4E6D-9E4F-AE7000A2CFDB GL7 1PT Retail Park, Love Lane, Cirencester 24/7 Restricted
DB418263-E7AF-416D-A59F-AFCC00995004 GL7 1QD 1 Castle Street, Market Place, Cirencester Variable Public
028DED9F-6F72-4F4C-A35E-AD5900F4C301 GL7 1QX Chipping Manor Dental Practice, 56 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester Variable Restricted
85D4CD5D-2800-4102-88FE-AFAB00A223A1 GL7 1QY Burkert Uk Limited, Fluid Control Centre, 1 Bridge End Variable Restricted
261151DB-34E7-4C56-9EC4-AE240107CB9F GL7 1RF St. Peters Road Surgery, 1 St Peters Road, Cirencester Variable Restricted
5545BA12-D1CF-4747-9A51-AD2B00E3151E GL7 1SS 1 Apsley Road, Cirencester Variable Restricted
6E611527-67BF-4A79-B76D-AD2D00CCA13C GL7 1TF 31 Morestall Drive, Cirencester 24/7 Public
7C73DE67-A801-4B1D-BCB4-B01A00F1916E GL7 1UR Bathurst Estate, The Bothy The Old Kennels, Tetbury Road Variable Public
25EB7A76-872A-4F5A-935A-AE97011FD383 GL7 1UT Cirencester Park Caravan And Motorhome Club Campsite, Cirencester Park Caravan Club Site, Stroud Road Variable Public
1040 GL7 1XA Davis Building at College, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
83BD1F23-4F35-4277-84A2-AD2100885B2E GL7 1XB Cirencester Deer Park School, Stroud Road, Cirencester 24/7 Public
9663ACCA-D048-4A63-BF80-AE3E0147C166 GL7 1XQ Tesco Express, 16-20 Chesterton Ln, Chesterton Variable Public
386790E7-0CD9-4FF3-83EB-AD7500B17565 GL7 1YG Catalyst Training, Unit 3&6 Stirling Works, Love Lane 24/7 Public
F200A9C1-E500-45E3-97D1-AD2100735F04 GL7 1YJ Corin Medical Ltd, Units 5 And 7 And 8 The Corinium Centre, Love Lane 24/7 Public
3366 GL7 2EF The Castle, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
6809 GL7 2ER Cirencester Rugby Cub, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
072F01A6-4884-464E-8208-AE2E009E41BC GL7 2NG Gloucestershire County Council, Stratton C Of E School, Tinglesfield 24/7 Public
540FB96C-7EB3-49CB-A559-AF9B00A9CAB4 GL7 2PF Gardiner Haskins Homecentre, 68-72 Dyer Street, Cirencester Variable Public
FCBCAC05-D44C-41F6-B3E4-AF4A00F1CBFE GL7 3AU St. Lawrence C E Primary School, St Lawrence C E Primary School, Wharf Lane 24/7 Public
C3DB1EEB-BC2E-419A-BFEA-AD22017CB6F3 GL7 3AY Lechlade Town Council, New Memorial Hall, Oak Street 24/7 Public
2D5F17E2-0B33-4743-8E59-AF4A00EF874B GL7 3BU Lechlade Town Council, Communal Area, St Birinus Court, Lechlade 24/7 Public
D6EF7E5A-5D1A-4ED0-B5AC-AF2E012C33F8 GL7 3DL The Bridge Veterinary Surgery, High Street, Lechlade 24/7 Public
3DD2707F-6270-4FF0-B553-AFB900A5DC9F GL7 3EX The Manor Farm Nursery Manor Farm, Burford Road, Lechlade 24/7 Public
931EDB9D-324B-45AD-AF1C-B04200D3AA78 GL7 3HG Morris Memorial Hall, Road Through Kelmscott, Kelmscott 24/7 Public
AEE2DB22-B8CE-4814-9C69-ADE900D3F772 GL7 3JQ Village Hall, Street Through Filkins, Lechlade 24/7 Public
961716EE-3489-4E64-9EA3-AFDB00C85E6D GL7 3JS Turners Park Group, Lechlade Court, 55 Faringdon Road 24/7 Public
24368FE6-C758-48A2-A901-AD1E005E7F28 GL7 3LW Langford Parish Council, Village Hall, Filkins Road 24/7 Public
ED4CB0E8-CE0C-4C7D-B953-AFEA00A1FA1B GL7 3NA Hatherop Village, Shelter 54m From 32 5m From Unnamed Road, 3/157 Hatherop To Barrow Elm Farm 24/7 Public
7DA03B55-6A53-4BF9-BB0A-AD5C00713751 GL7 3NQ Victoria Inn, The Green, Eastleach 24/7 Public
B7642067-E071-4CDA-B3FC-AD2F00DAAC87 GL7 3PD Trustees Of Southrop Village Hall, Village Hall, Lechlade Road 24/7 Public
8AEB126B-5B08-4DEF-A5FC-AD1E00C40FA4 GL7 3QT Kencot Village Hall, Carter Institute, Street Through Kencot 24/7 Public
F7A04360-0722-4D52-A486-AD7500B233F7 GL7 4AA The Bull Hotel (Fairford Town Council), High Street, Fairford 24/7 Public
AD651EB6-6AEC-4234-B324-AD220173AB88 GL7 4AP Fairford Town Council, Fairford Bowling Club, East End 24/7 Public
C56CB11F-8A69-4F0C-ABC0-AD22015F1647 GL7 4DD Fairford Town Council, Fairford Town Youth Football Club, Horcott Road 24/7 Public
4C4BF4C6-E20C-4FA0-9970-AD2100BE22C6 GL7 4EA Kempsford Parish Council, Whelford Village Hall, Whelford 24/7 Public
4666BCEA-8456-4995-A157-AD22000A57B3 GL7 4EQ Kempsford Parish Council, The George, High Street 24/7 Public
96C4E5AA-D697-4E4C-9F8E-AD220008ACCD GL7 4EY Kempsford Parish Council, Kempsford Village Hall, Kempsford 24/7 Public
A067970E-679A-4C2A-9E29-AF4A0125F9AE GL7 4GG Bin Store, Morecombe Way, Fairford 24/7 Public
81235969-0D64-4E3C-9763-AF2E0128C780 GL7 4JR Public Telephone 11m From 46 Queensfield 6m From Queens Field, Queens Field, Fairford 24/7 Public
EDC5F914-75F5-4D8B-BF85-AD22016ACF2E GL7 4LD Fairford Town Council, Fire Station Recycling Bank, Hatherop Road 24/7 Public
693 GL7 5BS Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
8440 GL7 5HG On Post, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
EDA05329-78B5-4F49-ADD9-B084008A566D GL7 5HG Hilcot End On Post, Outside 52-54 Hilcot End, Ampney Crucis 24/7 Public
FC784581-4668-48F8-A474-AE1600E2F768 GL7 5HR Village Hall Committee, Village Hall, Cricklade Street 24/7 Public
5635 GL7 5JJ Car Park Adjacent to Street Light, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
534B2339-16D3-48A1-959E-AE6F0104598A GL7 5LT Isis Lake, The Pavilion, Isis Lake 24/7 Public
583 GL7 5NL Rack Isle Building, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
15E42F4C-3AC6-48A8-AD9E-B033008FFF93 GL7 5NL Rack Island Gable End, Bibury 24/7 Public
6895599E-C122-4BE4-B94A-B0A5008DF058 GL7 5NR Gloucestershire County Council, Bibury C Of E School, Church Road Variable Public
3A7BD35C-5D5D-460D-B95E-AD8900C92874 GL7 5PA Bibury Football Club, Aldsworth Road, Bibury 24/7 Public
7932AE05-CC44-4512-B3F1-AD4000AF2F76 GL7 5PU Driffield Parish Council, Farm 491 Harnhill Workshops Manor Farm, 3/177 Ampney St Peter To Driffield 24/7 Public
44A0587E-5FE1-4E0A-A753-B09100847162 GL7 5QA Claas Western Ltd Cotswold Agricultural Centre, Road From Juniper Cottage Driffield To South Of Countrywide Northeast Of A419, Driffield Variable Public
FA58D167-B7E0-4801-8F09-AEE700C02696 GL7 5QF Farmcare Trading Limited, Farm Office Manor Farm, Slip Onto Cirencester Road From Spine Road Variable Public
335 GL7 5QR Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
474 GL7 5QX Football Club, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
8220 GL7 5SD Primary School, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
F854FCD3-304C-4B0B-9F7E-AFD6012440B6 GL7 5SD Ampney Crucis Primary School, Primary School, Ampney Crucis 24/7 Public
8439 GL7 5SF On Post, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
0638F848-40C0-4DCA-998E-B084008A3654 GL7 5SF Ampney Crucis On Post, Outside Dudley Farm House, Ampney Crucis 24/7 Public
0ACDA0E5-CF9B-4724-A22D-AE7700C35504 GL7 5TH Tennis 52m From 6 The Peninsula, Station Road 13m From The Landings, Station Road, South Cerney 24/7 Restricted
112C1528-5386-46B2-B34E-AF6A00C18957 GL7 5TH Station Road, South Cerney 24/7 Public
1E180EC7-F601-4332-90A9-AE7600BD7E5A GL7 5TJ Windrush Lake, Security Hut, Windrush Lake, Spine Road East 24/7 Public
57CF8068-25B2-46ED-B046-AD7500B23889 GL7 5TL The Lakes Care Centre, Spine Road East, South Cerney 24/7 Public
200A6E70-16F1-475E-ABBE-AFC000B75405 GL7 5TQ Cirencester Friendly Society, Mutuality House, The Mallards 24/7 Public
305 GL7 5UA The Laurels Pharmacy, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7013 GL7 5US Cricket Pavilion, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
7015 GL7 5WL Fenton's Community Centre, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
D95A7D43-202E-42FC-A62B-B08C01032D39 GL7 5XL Polydron Uk / Pace Networks, Nexus House Lakeside Business Park, Broadway Lane Variable Public
7014 GL7 5XP Community Room, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
53C241E6-5D6F-424C-9DE0-B021010A499D GL7 5XZ Usay Business Ltd, Unit 5 Hercules Court, Lakeside Business Park Variable Restricted
D1E46D79-2FE8-4ECC-9FF2-AF9A00B9FCF5 GL7 5XZ Hercules Site Services Ltd, Unit 4 Hercules Court Lakeside Business Park, Broadway Lane Variable Restricted
2FC0C101-D483-4EC3-B49F-B00F00B15548 GL7 6AD Village Hall Cttee, Village Hall Kemble, School Road 24/7 Public
551 GL7 6AG Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
833 GL7 6AX The Tavern, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
A3B6E022-0211-46E9-A088-B00F00AF4D99 GL7 6AX The Tavern, Land At The Tavern, Station Road 24/7 Public
227EE99D-E4BD-461B-B0BF-ADE300B8EFC9 GL7 6BA Resource Group (Lrtt Ltd), Hangar K4, Cotswold Airport Variable Restricted
B0E2853B-6F7B-4B21-8C46-B062008EB2EA GL7 6BA Cotswold Outdoor Limited, Unit B1, Road From Limekiln Hill To Kemble Enterprise Park 24/7 Restricted
E87DBC61-8BB1-443B-9892-AE31009DBC55 GL7 6BA Cotswold Aiport, The Tower, Cirencester Variable Public
CF0C8C24-C92D-427C-8A1F-AE1B00C26241 GL7 6BG Lower Mill Estate, General Lower Mill Estate, Lower Mill Lane 24/7 Restricted
EDC2D782-CC7B-4893-9F65-AE1B00C056BD GL7 6BG Lower Mill Estate, General Lower Mill Estate, Lower Mill Lane 24/7 Restricted
54972CA5-C109-4476-9D83-AFC800F4607A GL7 6BQ Cotswold Traffic Sunbelt Rentals Kemble Enterprise Park, Kemble Variable Restricted
597 GL7 6DS Village Hall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
68B0AF5F-2C46-4673-B051-B00B01148D73 GL7 6EU Dobbies Garden Centre Cirencester, Siddington, Cirencester Variable Public
1B71B6E9-A631-4A8F-89D9-AD2100DCF2EC GL7 6HD Siddington Village Hall, Ashton Road, Siddington 24/7 Public
DAD0983A-595B-4BD4-9F18-B07A00A945F4 GL7 6HD Siddington Village Hall, Ashton Road, Siddington 24/7 Public
C65D6EEC-4E24-40F9-B7A5-AF6B00C22F30 GL7 6JJ Savills Uk Ltd, 14 Cirencester Office Park, Tetbury Road Variable Restricted
BDDAF11B-6098-40F0-87C3-AF9600ABA6EF GL7 6JS The Royal Agricultural University, Stroud Road, Cirencester Variable Restricted
202BDDAD-B477-4E16-8A5A-ADB200BE2FA0 GL7 6LQ Sapperton C Of E School, Village Street, Sapperton 24/7 Public
C05D0CD1-8C4E-4316-AE6E-AFD800858E56 GL7 6NS Watershed Riding Group For The Disabled, Watershed Stables, Trewsbury Road 24/7 Public
3BF08552-5FD7-4E23-A0D7-B01001011641 GL7 6NW Bathurst Row, 3 3/273 Stroud Road To Coates, Coates 24/7 Public
592143AE-12D2-40BA-AC01-B01900F61F9F GL7 6NX Fosse Hill Farm Cottages, Road From Junction Of Manor Farm Road To Field Barn, Coates Variable Restricted
FF1CF21F-CDB4-4D83-81B2-AFFD00EB6C3B GL7 6NZ Thames Head Inn, Tetbury Road, Cirencester 24/7 Public
1C434128-E922-4B19-AFC6-AEEC00BB2E80 GL7 6PA Tarlton Defib Group, Bt Phone Box, Tarlton Village Green 24/7 Public
CE1B1B7E-F28F-479A-96CD-AF0800C58331 GL7 7AE Daglingworth Village Hall, Overlay Road, Daglingworth 24/7 Public
7D1E9BD5-7797-4BBF-A173-AD2400DCD2B4 GL7 7BH Cirencester Golf Club Ltd, Cheltenham Road, Bagendon Variable Public
592CBC9D-7E9B-4A64-AA63-AF5B00F1D760 GL7 7DF Aerosuperbatics Ltd, Operations Hangar Rendcomb Airfield, 3/100 Rendcomb Junction To Chapel Lane North Cerney 24/7 Public
84AC998E-CFE9-44B6-84A4-AD7500B20EC3 GL7 7HA Rendcomb College, Garages, Rendcomb 24/7 Public
9F8744D8-48D5-47CB-828C-AD2600903048 GL7 7JN The Duntisbourne’s Parish Council, Glebe Cottage, 400893 Church Farm To Pound Cottage Duntisbourne Abbots 24/7 Public
DEB39EAB-D60D-47E6-8D6C-AF530135B41E GL7 7JY 1 Foss Field, Winstone, Cirencester 24/7 Public
0FF5394E-C853-43F2-9175-AF2700A4670E GL8 8AA Tetbury Town Council, The Old Court House, 63 Long Street 24/7 Public
73F0C1E1-AA48-44A9-889C-ADB100F2D98A GL8 8AE Sir William Romneys School, Lowfield Road, Tetbury Variable Restricted
D949C037-B20D-49DC-B02A-AD2800A853B5 GL8 8BQ St Marys Day Centre, 17 St Marys Road, Tetbury 24/7 Public
4DED017D-6985-4AD9-8766-B04500799D85 GL8 8BW St. Marys C Of E Primary School, St Marys C Of E Primary School, St Marys Road Variable Restricted
C2074CD7-C08F-4E48-AA65-AD2E00DA16DF GL8 8BW St. Marys C Of E Primary School, St Marys C Of E Primary School, St Marys Road 24/7 Public
33A4B5BD-2844-41C0-BF17-AD7A00A41105 GL8 8DA Belgrave House Dental Practice, Belgrave House, 8 Market Place Variable Public
344EA14F-A17A-4C5E-9E55-AD2800A56635 GL8 8DS Tetbury Football And Cricket Club (Dolphins Hall), Tetbury Sports Pavilion, New Church Street 24/7 Public
355ADE42-82CC-4B6A-84E8-ADF301039E01 GL8 8EY Tetbury Goods Shed, Old Station Yard, Cirencester Road 24/7 Public
417CCDCF-B62B-4C8E-9C08-AD2800B80D5F GL8 8EZ Tetbury Town Football Club, Cirencester Road, Tetbury 24/7 Public
670A8E4E-93BC-443C-8E63-B00A00FA1087 GL8 8GX Audi, Quercus Road, Tetbury Variable Public
D31C74A5-B4C4-403E-8284-AE1300CC5D55 GL8 8HQ Northfield Road, Tetbury 24/7 Public
8F5A1A71-CC1A-4BFC-ABA0-B06E01080184 GL8 8HZ Car Care Ltd, Units 1 - 3, Priory Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
DD59599C-C72F-4223-AFCA-AD2800B5A773 GL8 8HZ Tesco Stores, Priory Way, Tetbury 24/7 Public
F2DB63BD-0C06-44B6-AFC2-AE3A009687A5 GL8 8HZ Tesco Superstore, Priory Rd Industrial Estate, London Rd Variable Restricted
72DDB040-E713-414C-8F27-ADB200813106 GL8 8QG Westonbirt School, Road From Pickards Lodge To Westonbirt School, Westonbirt 24/7 Public
502 GL8 8QU Roadside Wall, Gloucestershire 24/7 Public
92D38C78-368A-4145-B9C0-AD330088099A GL8 8QY T H White Ltd, South Of Halfway Bush Farm North And East To Knockdown Crossroads, Sherston Works 24/7 Public
5B6531D2-666F-4F31-A92B-ADA200BA06F3 GL8 8RT Bolbridge Brake, Crudwell Lane, Long Newnton 24/7 Public
0CA8C97D-D81F-45F9-AD21-AEBA0103B4C2 GL8 8SS Holt Drive, The Old Post Office To The Reading Room, Village Green 24/7 Public
2BF82700-DAA7-4A72-A5B4-AEBA01052C30 GL8 8SU K6 Telephone Kiosk, 3/277 Culkerton Crossroads To County Boundary, Ashley 24/7 Public
3B4D8450-73BE-43C5-91CC-AFA20100BDED GL8 8XB Middlefell & Opaleye, Tetbury Dental Practice Tetbury Hospital, Newnton Road Variable Public
D28CB807-DBAC-43B5-B68F-B09200B7F20C GL8 8YG Bagpath, Rose Cottage, 501512 Road To Three Chimneys Kingscote 24/7 Public
F8EF1DED-7A5D-41C2-BCB6-ADB2008D01EA GL8 8YJ Calcot Manor, A46 District Boundary To Calcot Crossroads, Calcot 24/7 Public
BA9CB9A7-9BF0-4D65-8F72-AF070089BBB1 GL9 1AU Hawkesbury Cricket Club, Hawkesbury Upton 24/7 Public
E47D1CDA-6E51-476D-AE48-B04D00BC7123 GL9 1AU Hawkesbury Ce Primary School, High Street, Hawkesbury Upton Variable Restricted
EE428437-949E-439F-9109-AD7500B257A2 GL9 1HU Tormarton Village Hall, High Street, Tormarton 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 53 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n25377548 inside red phone box, The Street, Frampton on Severn
MZ n253705280 CHT-9610 In old red Telephone now used as book swap
MZ n349236849 inside red phone box in Linton
MZ n825453408 inside old red phone box in Wanborough
MZ n1334612122 CHT-14-1099 inside red phone box by village hall in Oddington
MZ n3299400801 inside red phone box in A40 layby in Churcham
MZ n4220350671
MZ n4228358150
MZ n4513260090
MZ n4913783163 outside Much Marcle Memorial Hall, Much Marcle, HR8 2LY - by entrance on left of building
MZ n5032066224
MZ n5509118076
MZ n5509123485
MZ n5610155250 inside red phone box, Upper Dowdeswell,
MZ n5632117152
MZ n6039963563 CHT-13-628 On exterior wall of Temple Guiting Village Hall, just inside the covered porch by the main entrance. Community Heartbeat
MZ n6045996583
MZ n6074044496
MZ n6587474736
MZ n6726041754 C147X On exterior wall of Roses Theatre, to the left of the main entrance on Sun Street.
MZ n6969972498
MZ n7160097510
MZ n7167514617 CHT-14-1405 in red phone box Community Heartbeat
MZ n7837941011 outside Alderton Village Hall defibshop
MZ n8200061468 on left hand corner of Mace/Newtown Post Office Community Heartbeat
MZ n8287253342 On front of pub next to door
MZ n8328997278 In a disused red phone box, Shipton
MZ n8694787252 in red phone box (that is now a book exchange), Stoke Road, Tredington
MZ n9033285724
MZ n9097999281 Outside Wall
MZ n9140788477 outside English Bicknor Village Hall - facing car park exit
MZ n9230324815
MZ n9258679794 inside red phone box, Lower Slaughter
MZ n9276370385 inside old red phone box (now used as book swap), Sherborne
MZ n9369473358 CHT-RT-1081 inside red phone box by village hall, Broadwell
MZ n9632271214 outdoor
MZ n9688933019
MZ n9752655794
MZ n9773945622 next to garage of Top Cottage near Willersey Methodist Chapel
MZ n9899762998 On outside wall but inside the arboretum.
MZ n9972284364 Inside office at Cotswold Canals Trust Western Depot Cotswold Canals Trust
MZ n10011350984
MZ n10117256674 GC0455 On external wall of Cirencester Primary School adjacent to Victoria Road
MZ n10157827023 inside old red phone box, Gosditch, Latton
MZ n10287154147 On exterior wall of Lower Mill Estate swimming pool /spar building, near the main entrance next to t
MZ n10302285421 immediately west of 46 Bradley Road, mounted in yellow cabinet on the garden wall, east of the postb
MZ n10681326587
MZ n10729313278
MZ n11025877395
MZ n11027356145
MZ n11053634837 inside services building next to coffee machines
MZ n11079726433 on outside of church gatehouse, Churchend
MZ n11226406934

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 250 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
F4F33C9A-4FCA-4FAA-962E-AF1D008FFE27 GL1 4LY Masjid E Noor Mosque, 44 Ryecroft Street, Gloucester n11218730452 15 m
D536C6D7-433C-4F37-98AB-AF3B009C665E GL1 2DN Gloucester Docks Estate, 3 Albion Cottage, Gloucester Docks, The Docks n10793250126 21 m
723C8839-BDF6-4B82-80AD-AEEE00DB975D GL1 1TP Southgate Street, Entrance To The Eastgate Shopping Centre, Southgate Street n9973643589 32 m
5134C47F-899F-4D78-B7A8-AACA00DA1784 GL1 3ND Baldwins, 5 Pullman Court, Great Western Road n11016064211 52 m
7E441800-823D-463B-B9CD-AF9600ED14AE GL1 1SE O2 Store (0051) Gloucester, 10 Northgate Street, Gloucestershire n11363144881 28 m
4481 GL10 3TG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n7182826585 in phone box, Bath Road, Frocester 0 m
084A9AE1-47C7-4635-9C59-ADBE00920232 GL10 3JD Images, High Street, Kings Stanley n8022754929 on wall of Images hair salon 4 m
958C805E-4965-4FA7-A9ED-B03600F3F19B GL10 3RF The Moorings, Bonds Mill Industrial Estate, Stonehouse n6658345344 68 m
4353 GL10 3AT The Old Badger Inn, Gloucestershire n8223884441 12 m
1354 GL10 2NA Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire n4968259214 61 m
2594 GL10 3AQ Community Centre, Gloucestershire n4875976725 9 m
3CFD6AA4-7A7D-4E79-BD1F-B02F0117114A GL10 3DZ The Forge, Haresfield To Gloucester Road, Haresfield n252654504 Inside disused phone box. Also now a public bookcase. 54 m
2423 GL11 4BS Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n2322262522 inside red phone box by Methodist Church, Castle Street, Dursley 3 m
4325 GL11 5PG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n5817669243 inside disused red telephone booth on Church Road, Cam - near St Georges Church bus stop 20 m
3069 GL11 5HN Ashmead Hall, Gloucestershire n7603592006 to right of main entrance, outside Ashmead Hall, Cam Green 5 m
1580 GL11 5EB Village Hall, Gloucestershire n9267761646 outside Coaley Village Hall, to right of entrance 81 m
7031A899-FCDC-4765-9E8E-AD7500B2708E GL12 8NP Wickwar Social Club, 35 High Street, Wickwar n8252549272 On front of Wickwar Social Club 26 m
4FDC2EE3-6CB0-487A-AD1B-AD2100B51738 GL12 7RD Kingswood And Wotton Defib Awareness Group, Fleece Inn, Chapel Lane n8355345874 In porch of Fleece Inn 4 m
50F2EB67-A048-42C8-8A09-AF2B00844268 GL12 8AQ Cromhall Chapel, Townwell, Cromhall n11084828657 outside Cromhall Chapel 12 m
200ACE6F-CF40-42EB-A5D2-AD2100B0F22C GL12 7QT St Kenelms Church, The Old Rectory To St Kenelms Church, Alderley n7678267962 to right of church gate 87 m
F3D0ECAC-DF78-45D6-80E1-AD22006D5EBD GL12 7RW Tresham Public Telephone Box, The Furlongs, Tresham n392716313 in red phone box in Tresham 1 m
1488 GL12 8RT Spar Shop, Gloucestershire n8335637401 On outside of Spar 36 m
486ECEFA-67DB-469F-8669-AD7500B19F25 GL12 8TG Charfield Memorial Hall, Wotton Road, Charfield n8307106312 On front of Memorial Hall 9 m
BAF86F1C-4E19-4A0D-8034-ADBB00E74F43 GL12 8JP Opposite The Round House On New Rd B4058 Wotton-Charfield Road, At Start Of Driveway To Hopyard Farm, Bushford Bridge Cottages Opposite The Road To Bradley Green n9965624469 Outdoors, next to the track on the wall 29 m
8C44DC6D-6A53-4F5B-A7A9-AD2100AB7F71 GL12 7BD The Keepers - Wotton Area Community Hub, The Keepers, Symn Lane n9853055249 7 m
20E2725E-C54E-4D20-B2B2-AF8C012E656D GL12 7AE 18 Market Street, Wotton Under Edge, Wotton-Under-Edge n11090380493 1 m
07759383-B2BE-4D66-B6D8-AD240075629B GL12 7EP Kingswood And Wotton Defib Awareness Group, 10 Long Street, Wotton-Under-Edge n9527028895 On outside wall by front doot 9 m
EE5EC97E-F193-416F-A352-AF9A01847DB9 GL12 7AG Royal Oak, 3-5 Haw Street, Wotton-Under-Edge n8556450886 Next to Civic Centre door way 62 m
3156 GL12 7DN Civic Centre, Gloucestershire n8556450886 Next to Civic Centre door way 7 m
4446 GL13 9EB Village Hall, Gloucestershire n7804695876 on wall of village hall, to left of entrance 8 m
3459 GL13 9JU Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8949827830 inside phone box on Damery Lane, Woodford 4 m
3458 GL13 9PY Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9263671311 In old phone box 9 m
C679564A-53C9-4DC2-A014-AD7500B1F001 GL13 9RS Hamfallow Telephone Box, Bristol Campus, Station Road n8770483040 inside red phone box opposite Focus School, Wanswell 63 m
3011 GL13 9SF Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n7160097515 in phone box at edge of Lammastide Inn car park 7 m
1576 GL14 2UA White Horse Inn, Gloucestershire n9804297814 12 m
2720 GL14 1AB Armoury Hall, Gloucestershire n9804297813 5 m
EFF28701-E344-418C-8F2D-AD2600F32D13 GL14 1BS Newnham Club, The Club, High Street n9804297812 7 m
3942 GL14 1DA Masonic Hall, Gloucestershire n9804297811 10 m
1501 GL14 3AE Memorial Hall, Gloucestershire n9804297815 5 m
937A08BB-0DEB-44B7-944B-AD2100F5F9CF GL14 2SH Truly Scrumptious, 18a High Street, Cinderford n5330882092 44 m
5676 GL15 6AZ Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n3670936022 inside red phone box, Main Road, Alvington 1 m
8A8734E3-3280-409A-83F9-B06900ADA704 GL15 4ER Hips Harbourside Destination Harbourside, Harbour Road, Lydney n9916623936 3 m
1864 GL15 6DE Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8695369319 inside red phone box, bottom of Chapel Hill, Aylburton - near Aylburton Memorial Hall 8 m
2964 GL15 4JF Folly Road, Gloucestershire n6329850862 on exterior, street-facing wall 5 m
BB1339E5-9063-477D-8EBD-ADC000B6CD36 GL16 8LN Shelter 28m From Robin Hill, Clements End 6m From Unnamed Road, Road From Marsh Hill To Oakwood Road, Clements End n9193832315 on back of bus shelter 2 m
372 GL16 8NJ The Coach House, Gloucestershire n7013770407 4 m
6817 GL16 7BA Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n4361601801 inside blue phone box outside The Globe, Park Road, Berry Hill 1 m
3400D569-3338-4C0E-BAB0-AE6700E24078 GL16 7NN Forest Holidays Llp, Forest Holidays Forest Of Dean, Bracelands Drive n9858057774 14 m
6818 GL16 7NE Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9140819657 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) opposite Christchurch, Ross Road, Berry Hil 1 m
3556 GL17 9NP Public Toilets, Gloucestershire n9143432663 by entrance to toilets 0 m
1458 GL17 0BX Premier Stores, Gloucestershire n4911666936 20 m
1457 GL17 0HN Library, Gloucestershire n4915769645 26 m
1185 GL18 1LL Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9251744214 inside old red phone box, opposite Pauntley Primary School 206 m
714 GL18 2AJ Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n423332237 inside red phone box, Dymock 5 m
2A5551B9-7803-4003-8BCB-AD4F0152298C GL19 4JG The Post Office, Nup End, Gloucester n8616587079 outside Ashleworth Post Office (behind post box) 7 m
6177 GL19 4BS Manor Barn, Gloucestershire n8869736546 On wall of farm entrance 17 m
3A16E9FF-9A9A-4879-AA45-ADE001236785 GL19 3JQ Little Brangwells, Hawcross, Redmarley n4913785897 26 m
CD614ED3-F2E6-41D7-8151-ADE0011E3C4B GL19 3JR Redmarley Parish Council, Hyde Park Corner, Redmarley n9251769464 inside old red phone box, Redmarley D’Abitot 10 m
585AFC96-2199-49FE-AB1B-ADE0011F2E11 GL19 3NL Public Telephone Box Lowbands, Chartist Lane, Junction Of Mill Lane n21629093 inside old red phone box, Chartist Lane, Lowbands 10 m
2441 GL19 4QQ Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n4915723662 inside old red phone box, Forthampton 14 m
6131 GL2 7BB Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8362862691 on outside of red phone box (now being used for book swap) in Cambridge 0 m
A347A4CA-5B2B-4C86-912D-ADD000FCF5F8 GL2 7NT Whitminster Village Hall, School Lane, Whitminster n6847195424 21 m
5375 GL2 7LA Cotswold Canal Trust Visitor Centre, Gloucestershire n10251051743 Northern outside wall of visitors centre 9 m
679 GL2 7JX Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n5338860319 in old red phone box at junction of High Street, Passage Road and Moor Street in Saul 66 m
B78969EE-6359-49DA-8850-AD2600833302 GL2 7LN Longney And Epney Parish Council, Bella Beauty Epney Farm, 3222 Pearcroft To Epney n25377389 in red telephone box, Epney 4 m
665A0059-ADB7-4FEE-AA98-AD2600826CDA GL2 3SL Post Office Cottages, Bellamys Farm To Pearcroft, Longney n7863026626 inside phone box, Chatter Street, Longney 27 m
1232 GL2 3NT Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n5366120052 inside red phone box by Elmore Village Hall 149 m
5D9CE02F-F5B5-4BDF-B2FB-AF1B01335B0E GL2 8HB Maisemore Village Hall, Village Hall, Church Road n10676265238 Outside front door of village hall. 12 m
54468B2A-6EB4-4799-A18A-AD6400DF4D32 GL2 9QP Post Office And Shop, Orchard Park, Twigworth n8869736538 on outside wall of park office 18 m
1585 GL2 9LJ Village Hall, Gloucestershire n4909639244 95 m
902 GL20 7SP Wheatpieces Community Centre, Gloucestershire n9641886221 Attached to the front (external) wall of the Community Centre, just to the left of the main entrance 105 m
A9273399-649B-428B-8542-B02100A20D8C GL20 5HU Queen Margaret County Primary School, York Road, Tewkesbury n9681022417 On the external side of the fence, to the right of the gate, next to the Priors Park Neighbourhood P 52 m
6750 GL20 7RW The Wheatpieces Hungry Horse Pub, Gloucestershire n10866035789 Attached to the wall of the pub facing the car park, just to the left of the entrance 15 m
ED7704E1-8363-4D93-8C93-AE5500E84F49 GL20 5PG Tewkesbury Rugby Club, Gander Lane, Tewkesbury n6540837044 Inside red telephone box on the car park side of the Rugby Club building. 21 m
B55ECFD1-1490-442F-A2DB-ADAB0145D323 GL20 8JD Public Telephone 23m From 2 Manor Cottage 7m From Unnamed Road, Road From West Of Aldebaran To Southwest Of Oathill Farm, Alstone n1268123912 inside red phone box, Alstone 1 m
7F9C7DD1-33BE-4C54-9111-AD26009A5D06 GL20 5RZ Abbey Office, Church Street, Tewkesbury n6036090012 On exterior wall of Touching Souls Cafe, to thr left of the main entrance 66 m
BA2C6EF7-4820-45C5-8497-ADF800E772FD GL20 5BB Spadental Tewkesbury, 40 High Street, Tewkesbury n8818237203 Inside the Dental Practice 22 m
CEED3903-1418-4B42-8BE2-ADB1011008D3 GL20 5BH Anchor Hotel, High Street, Tewkesbury n6726041752 On wall on Quay Street, between Kingfisher takeaway and The Anchor inn. 18 m
1906 GL20 8LA Village Hall, Gloucestershire n4637963486 10 m
6AAA7192-C74A-49F5-9C70-AE4600B0E0E0 GL20 8HD Cold Clad Ltd, Cold Clad Ltd Newtown Trading Estate, Green Lane n9707520520 On the right-hand end of the external wall, next to the gate to Bod's Speed & Custom 48 m
308 GL20 8NW Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9212925309 Inside old red telephone box, Cambridge Square, Aldetron 2 m
3E557130-C96B-4734-BC2E-B09000E429AF GL20 8NP Oakhill Primary School, School Road, Alderton n9212925309 Inside old red telephone box, Cambridge Square, Aldetron 65 m
8561EFCD-994E-43D0-83DA-AD2700F13E42 GL20 8QG Northway Parish Council, Northway Community Hub And Parish Office, Lee Walk n9408119957 Attached to the front (external) side of the metal fence 19 m
8C4C3943-9DC5-4EF1-8968-AD2700F55313 GL20 8GL Northway Parish Council, Northway Village Hall/Changing Rooms, Northway Lane n9720670788 On the external wall of the village hall, at the end of the wall nearest the playing fields, facing 9 m
AAEAE361-8946-4B0C-B729-AD2700F60901 GL20 8TW Northway Parish Council, Animals Only Ltd The Northway Centre, Northway Lane n9408119955 Attached to the front (external) wall of the pet shop, at the right-hand side 15 m
132 GL20 7AR Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9212898527 inside red phone box, Beckford Road, Great Washbourne 1 m
7D33A6F3-3D85-4369-807C-AD2600D02A36 GL20 8HL Laurel House, Aston Carrant Road, Tewkesbury n9675007325 On exterior wall of building on corner of Aston on Carrant lane and B4079, next to the post box. 17 m
4A959F91-4EDF-4C9E-B37B-AD2700F47DF8 GL20 8RH Northway Parish Council, In Phone Box On Corner Of Hardwick Bank Road/The Park, Hardwick Bank Road n600387951 Inside the disused phone box 9 m
5044 GL20 7EE Cross Keys Inn, Gloucestershire n9682635790 On exterior wall of Cross Keys Pub, around the corner on the left-hand side, when looking from the m 4 m
5042 GL20 8HP Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n371551662 Inside old red telephone box in layby on the main road through Kinsham. 3 m
7626 GL20 7AD Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n3616031789 inside old red phone box (now used as book exchange) next to church in Beckford 8 m
1562 GL20 6DF Twyning School, Gloucestershire n5521168243 On exterior wall of school building, facing High Street by the Green 67 m
184 GL20 7QN Village Hall, Gloucestershire n2294640142 13 m
5041 GL20 7NG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n325673910 Inside old red telephone box at the corner of Queensmead and Kemerton Road. 2 m
4750 GL20 7LA Spar Shop, Gloucestershire n6044042416 On exterior wall of Drapers Shop, just to the left of the main entrance. 8 m
1022 GL20 7AT Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n7894812646 inside disused telephone box / public bookcase 27 m
5040 GL20 7EW Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n600395392 Inside old red telephone box, just off the main road in Lower Westmancote. 4 m
FFD9DE15-BEE0-4B92-A63B-08C09FC557F3 GL20 7JE Kemerton Village Hall, High Street, Kemerton n6539884376 5 m
531DF6AF-BF00-4F80-A755-72D9698C4CC2 GL20 7NZ Overbuy Village Hall, Overbury n6539884374 22 m
5043 GL20 7HB Village Hall, Gloucestershire n9385619050 in Porch of Bredon Borton Village Hall 5 m
D059386A-9789-46B7-8AC9-ADB700EC6B30 GL3 4DY Coopers Edge School, Typhoon Way, Brockworth n6969972496 15 m
3CDC1418-FFF8-4813-B641-AFCC009B17E2 GL3 4QF Henley Bank High School, Mill Lane, Gloucester n6969972499 55 m
2129B099-1B5F-4C3D-8BA0-AE1D00C0A9C8 GL3 2HE Denman Financial Planning Limited, Denman House, Albemarle Road n11004064133 18 m
AB266418-5207-474B-8361-AF4E00C882D5 GL3 2JH Churchdown Community Centre, Parton Road, Gloucester n11295841262 outside Churchdown Community Centre, Parton Road - to left of entrance 38 m
6605 GL3 2JH Telephone Box outside Council Offices, Gloucestershire n11295841262 outside Churchdown Community Centre, Parton Road - to left of entrance 94 m
CF42952D-12A6-4367-9244-AD8900C93004 GL4 0US Brookthorpe Village Hall, 5 Andrew's Close, Stroud Road n25608648 inside red phone box (that is now book exchange) in front of Brookthorpe Village Hall 20 m
E3D9DEFC-90BF-487F-8F42-AD8900C9E357 GL4 0UE The Old Rectory, Church Lane, Brookthorpe n9140899134 on wall by entrance to churchyard of St Margarets Church, Church Lane, Whaddon 43 m
1031 GL4 8JH Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8773321697 inside red phone box at junction of Ermin Way and B4070 in Birdlip Hill 10 m
6395 GL4 8AG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9143382165 inside red phone box, between village hall and Birchall Memorial Institute, Bondend Road, Upton St L 2 m
36529BB1-792C-4E11-9A77-AD8900C9FB77 GL4 8AG Upton St Leonards Telephone Box, Bondend Road, Upton St Leonards n9143382165 inside red phone box, between village hall and Birchall Memorial Institute, Bondend Road, Upton St L 61 m
5D5B5243-D04C-4798-A2E5-AFE400CDD26E GL4 6SX Robinswood Hill Country Park, Public Conveniences Robinswood Hill Country Park, Reservoir Road n11146433791 Next to female toilets entrance 19 m
45DF45BF-89F2-457E-8EED-AD47013AB87C GL4 4BL Abbeydale Sports & Community Centre, Abbeydale Community Centre, Glevum Way n6969972497 6 m
83D87485-44C6-4211-864C-B02A0103432D GL5 5HL Dunkirk Mill Inchbrook, 13 Playnes Mill, Dunkirk Mills n11241872045 12 m
5372 GL5 5EL Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n392716301 in red phone box, High Street, South Woodchester 1 m
141E8249-0679-475F-A8FB-AD2400AE71CF GL5 2BY Stroud Brewery, Kingfisher Business Park, London Road n6806258001 16 m
3043 GL5 5NQ Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n4919362599 in disused red phone box, Selsey Road, North Woodchester 4 m
18A4097F-F63C-45DD-BB23-AD2200FA13D4 GL5 5JY The Bell Inn, Bell Inn, Bell Lane n6806274314 outside Bell Inn, Selsey 10 m
7622 GL5 4JG Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire n10853217841 On outside wall 105 m
4956 GL5 3JS Cotswold Canal Trust Visitor Centre, Gloucestershire n7913776181 southern corner of Cotswold Canals Trust 8 m
4953 GL5 1AN The Door Youth Centre, Gloucestershire n9148391202 on shop wall at bottom of High Street, facing towards roundabout 9 m
78B9027D-7E5C-44CF-891B-AD500090C000 GL5 3BE Rowcroft Medical Centre, Rowcroft Retreat, Stroud n10846618026 On outside wall 78 m
4957 GL5 1QW Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire n2667281163 On front of Co-op 7 m
115B523B-35B0-4119-A1EB-B03000DA7708 GL5 4AN Tesco Paganhill Stroud Express, 106 Stratford Rd, Paganhill n7147441122 On external wall to right of main entrance. 78 m
4783 GL5 4AN Church, Gloucestershire n7147441122 On external wall to right of main entrance. 34 m
1A62C2C1-B74A-4D0A-97EE-AD6600CE4FA6 GL50 2AU 16 Commercial Street, Cheltenham n11237110173 3 m
CBE3CCB6-518E-4A24-AD38-B05E00A93B79 GL50 1SW Public Telephone 11m From Montpellier Wine Bar, 1 Montpellier Street 5m From Montpellier S, Montpellier Street, Cheltenham n262690781 red phone box, Montpellier Street,Cheltenham 2 m
07F2928E-3EE9-4E82-AC43-AE4700AF114D GL50 1SD Defibrillator, K6 Telephone Box Outside 14, Montpellier Walk n322702496 in red phone box on Montpellier Walk 7 m
05575373-5721-41E4-B1C6-AFD500954189 GL50 1PZ Quadrangle, Imperial Square, Cheltenham n10894774080 22 m
664AA82A-D969-4D52-BAF5-AE0600B4E9D3 GL50 1YF Stay Lets, 11 Spa Court, 11 Bath St n9795763986 on wall in cabinet 22 m
812CE984-9BD9-4585-9FEB-AE3800FA6A79 GL50 1HQ Everyman Theatre, 7-10 Regent Street, Cheltenham n9951809839 19 m
4834559B-8ABB-4DF0-A7E5-AE0D00EF2A26 GL50 1PY Public Telephone 15m From Franco Manca, 33-41 The Promendade Gl50 1le, Promenade, Cheltenham n8094378010 inside one of the four red phone boxes at the southern end of the pedestrianised section of The Prom 4 m
3B73A2E1-69C9-47FD-955D-ADF3009C75F9 GL50 3PQ Evans Jones, Royal Mews, St Georges Place n11054028768 9 m
D7433018-2420-4A16-80CB-AE53009A0E53 GL50 1HA Copa Cheltenham, 66 Regent Street, Cheltenham n10764036876 8 m
7B1B4570-E724-47C1-A5B3-AE9700B68DB9 GL50 1EN The Pod, 161-182 High St, Cheltenham n9795763981 17 m
2BA74863-C1AF-461C-8420-AE3500C959B0 GL50 3HA Travail Employment Group, Church Street, Cheltenham n9659400777 2 m
313C8E2A-98CD-4B17-AFD0-ADFA00BDD017 GL50 4EF The Brewery Quarter, High Street, Cheltenham n9458214819 17 m
6602 GL50 4LA Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9287198136 inside red phone box, Central Cross Drive, Cheltenham 2 m
182B71E2-345E-47A8-94BA-AEDC010B4D89 GL51 6LA Fc Lakeside Football Club, The Pavilion, Cold Pool Lane n10719540865 43 m
61D53723-07F8-4F81-8154-AD24014C2E02 GL51 6JA Up Hatherley Parish Council, The Village Hall, Cold Pool Lane n6546833533 15 m
B82E484F-5B3D-43E3-BDFA-AF440093C041 GL51 3AL Pavillion Hatherley Park, Hatherley Court Road, Cheltenham n10856449111 3 m
F9CB2A48-88B4-43B0-8D14-AD2000881173 GL51 6EU Clean Linen Services, Clean Cheltenham, 210 Hatherley Road n7997729149 11 m
C3B52E08-EAC4-4021-BA0A-AE7F0108183C GL51 8JQ Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco Stores Limited - Main Store, Colletts Drive n10992682334 39 m
13853C8E-8AA2-43C2-A3A6-AE2500BC0EDA GL52 6HU The London Inn, 195 London Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, Glos n9486638010 Entrance porch 23 m
EC9BD00C-3CD0-4F4C-9D6C-AF2500E3B334 GL52 6BB Parabola Investments C/O Bumblebeez Florists, 107 Hewlett Road, Cheltenham n10894951644 5 m
547574EE-EB08-4A28-B7FA-AE45008806CB GL52 2ND Cheltenham Martial Arts, 50 Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham n9900769875 14 m
5556E857-D0B2-4BD4-8D57-AFA900AD5327 GL52 5QJ Cheltenham Borough Homes Oakley Community Resource Centre, 113a Clyde Crescent, Cheltenham n10894966584 15 m
1442 GL52 3NS Village Hall, Gloucestershire n9349200297 outside Southam Village Hall 32 m
1261 GL52 8LR Greyholme Dental Surgery, Gloucestershire n6012424239 Locked box by steps 4 m
31C96443-7357-478E-863A-AE3A00ACCF35 GL52 8LR Tesco Stores Ltd, Chrurch Road, Bishops Cleeve n6012424239 Locked box by steps 9 m
493 GL52 7SB Community Centre, Gloucestershire n7945629999 On exterior wall of Stoke Orchard Community Centre, facing Stoke Road, to the right of the Shop. 4 m
1013 GL53 9NL Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n4919412656 inside old phone box in Cowley 7 m
2A0270D7-C766-4381-8A48-AD250132C05D GL53 9QZ Coberley Parish Council, Public Telephone 18m From The Old Post Office 4m From Unnamed Road, Road From Post Office To Northeast Of 1 The Hamblins n546617457 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchage) in Coberley 3 m
09A1E87E-3AEB-4E12-92AE-AE4100F6E64A GL53 0HA Leckhampton Rovers Football Club, Moorend Grove, Cheltenham n9719234405 52 m
5156F534-E132-4A6A-AF25-AD8900CA16F3 GL53 8AR Charlton Kings Parish Council, Charlton Kings Parish Council Offices, 26 Church Street n7741027495 18 m
4A89F923-743F-4FFC-AF1B-AD2200CEEAEB GL53 7EL Naunton Park Pavilion, Asquith Road, Cheltenham n9900779458 10 m
E17B2F4A-820C-4255-B01E-AEF4010C1507 GL53 0EH Somerset Arms, Moorend Street, Cheltenham n10788709538 8 m
266 GL54 4AN Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8754454487 inside red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) in Chedworth 5 m
263 GL54 4AE Seven Tunns Inn, Gloucestershire n2922037072 18 m
686C9903-7B07-4B5B-9512-AD52007AA766 GL54 3LQ Public Telephone 15m From 35 4m From Unnamed Road, 3/147 Main Road Through Yanworth, Yanworth n8758180785 in red phone box, Yanworth 1 m
527E814B-7CCB-4AF2-AB96-AF930108F278 GL54 3EJ Bus Shelter, Market Place, Northleach n11051823480 outside toilets in Northleach market place - facing red phone box 59 m
6111 GL54 3EJ Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire n11051823480 outside toilets in Northleach market place - facing red phone box 17 m
3982 GL54 4DB Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8758581242 inside red phone box, Compton Abdale Road, Withington 0 m
2182 GL54 4DR Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9251757740 inside old red phone box, White Way, Compton Abdale 3 m
7346 GL54 2LP Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9258672792 inside red phone box, Great Rissington 2 m
C73D3BDC-7162-4C82-8A16-AFF000A5B471 GL54 2LP Glos County Council, Great Rissington County Primary School, The Old Bakehouse To St Johns Church n9258672792 inside red phone box, Great Rissington 82 m
2927 GL54 4LE Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9251734163 inside red phone box by the playing field, Andoversford 3 m
D4EB999B-559E-4515-AEF6-AFF1012A8A77 GL54 4LE Land E402107 N219297, Gloucester Road, Andoversford n9251734163 inside red phone box by the playing field, Andoversford 10 m
587 GL54 3BN Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n3163208245 inside old red phone box next to Village Hall in Cold Aston 94 m
2444 GL54 3BS Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9276361429 inside red phone box, Notgrove 3 m
8C827644-06FC-4870-93EC-ADD700E5D4B8 GL54 5XH Post Office Rhodes Memorial Hall, Road From The Quarry To Bakers Wood, Brockhampton n5027938578 0 m
355 GL54 2JF Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n1980103065 in phone box 30 m
125 GL54 3AS Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9276352847 inside red phone box, Naunton 16 m
135 GL54 5UR Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire n4253961278 Inside bus shelter builtin into in side of building next to telephone 48 m
126 GL54 1LY Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n5035220720 inside red phone box by war memorial in Lower Swell 5 m
122 GL54 1BQ Stow Pharmacy, Gloucestershire n4742276068 next to Stow Pharmacy in Market Square, Stow on the Wold 30 m
453 GL54 5LJ Alleyway to Guide Hall, Gloucestershire n6534045817 On wall in alleyway off High Street, between RTFP Financial Planners and Lavender Blue 14 m
966 GL54 1ES Beside Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire n9258660652 inside red phone box, by village green, Condicote 40 m
484 GL54 5EE Fire Station, Gloucestershire n6534045807 On exterior wall of Winchcombe Fire Station, facing Gretton Road. 27 m
7623 GL54 5PU Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire n11080388805 Yellow box, wall mounted right of coop entrance. 19 m
1169 GL54 5EP Village Hall, Gloucestershire n6541858566 5 m
4994 GL54 5PF Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n1572747217 inside red phone box at junction of Winchcomb Road and Stanway Road, Didbrook 1 m
1017 GL54 5DU Village Hall, Gloucestershire n6042962165 On exterior wall of Toddington Village Hall, just to the right of hte main entrance. 8 m
176 GL55 6XT Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n3911534731 inside old red phone box - by Paxford Village Hall 3 m
6787 GL55 6UR Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9258611804 inside red phone box, Broad Campden 1 m
554 GL55 6NL Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n619752478 Inside old red Telephone box, Ebrington 2 m
0D60CC37-B24D-476C-A5A7-AD2E012C06E0 GL55 6QA Aston Subedge Village Club, The Village Club, Road From Junction With Stratford Road To Track n9178895536 outside Aston Subedge Village Club 3 m
5128 GL55 6LX Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n4194305113 inside red phone box, Hidcote Boyce 1 m
1051 GL56 0XH Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n1334615646 inside red phone box in Upper Oddington 54 m
595 GL56 0UN Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8042933617 inside former telephone "booth" built into side of post office building 20 m
77 GL56 0QE Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9369540082 inside red phone box by Longborough Village Hall 57 m
5321 GL56 9AD Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire n7875701527 on outside of bus shelter on corner of Fernhill Close, Bourton on the Hill 15 m
117B4E75-DBBD-4D54-B88D-AE1D0118F2E6 GL56 0BY Tesco, 13 Manchester Court, Moreton-In-Marsh n5693932026 34 m
1102 GL56 0AH Public Toilets, Gloucestershire n5693932026 31 m
897 GL56 9AH Old School Village Hall, Gloucestershire n3405026236 outside The Old School, Bourton on the Hill 5 m
475 GL56 0AH Midcounties Co-op, Gloucestershire n6316634021 on outside wall 16 m
141 GL56 9PA Village Hall, Gloucestershire n3405339446 outside Todenham Village Hall 18 m
F82E7BB1-F8F7-48ED-BEC0-AB260118B334 GL56 9QX The Village Hall, The Green, Stretton On Fosse n4228344089 14 m
4769 GL6 0PU Primary School, Gloucestershire n9268799032 outside Horsley Primary School, The Street, Horsley 10 m
044CB049-1F01-4FEC-840A-ADBF010C7A97 GL6 0SA Telephone Box, Homefield, Shortwood n332589202 inside old red phone box (that is now also used as book exchange) , Homfield, Shortwood 1 m
FAAA766B-19C4-41FB-BC4E-AF93010585C6 GL6 0BP Acorn School, Church Street, Nailsworth n9979940029 On fence outside The Acorn School at northern end of Park Road. 15 m
209BF0D6-36C8-48F9-9EB7-B04200B177B5 GL6 0DU Tesco Nailsworth Stroud Express, Old Market, Nailsworth n9902465611 On side wall of Tesco Express (side nearest bus station) 43 m
136 GL6 0DU Tesco Express, Gloucestershire n9902465611 On side wall of Tesco Express (side nearest bus station) 4 m
9A92ABEB-CA74-4E9E-A495-B0180050239F GL6 0LZ Nailsworth Youth Club, Northfields Road At Junction Nympsfield Road, Forest Green n11048232053 On ramp to Nailsworth Youth Club building. (outside wall) 9 m
0988FB01-86CC-491A-8E4D-AD26007937FF GL6 0ET Nailsworth Health Partnership, Arkell Community Centre, Nympsfield Road n9909634371 On external wall of community centre. Nympsfield Road side of building. 10 m
699 GL6 9BP Public Toilets, Gloucestershire n6396305424 Fixed to wall outside public convenience 1 m
D42B5303-E478-448C-9B3C-ADEC01387D20 GL6 9JF Water Search And Rescue Team, Doctors Surgery, Bell Lane n6396305424 Fixed to wall outside public convenience 88 m
AD27F714-A163-4888-97DA-ADB200BD125A GL6 8JF Public Telephone 47m From Blossoms Cottage 8m From Unnamed Road, 3/192 Crown Inn Frampton Mansell To Cirencester Road, Frampton Mansell n332599992 inside red phone box, Main Street, Frampton Mansell - above St Lukes Church 2 m
5795 GL6 7DP Post Office and Convenience Store, Gloucestershire n10769745053 outside Eastcombe Stores 10 m
1087 GL6 6HS Village Hall, Gloucestershire n8362812895 outside Randwick Village Hall, Chapel Fields, Randwick - to right of entrance 33 m
5364 GL6 6AN Village Shop, Gloucestershire n7852864629 to left of shop entrance 3 m
5195 GL6 6DG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n7163412302 Inside disused red phone box 3 m
1341 GL6 7JA Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8151728812 inside disused red phone booth in Miserden 105 m
1317 GL6 7HN Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n7595149627 disused red phone booth in The Camp 1 m
1361 GL6 6QA The Town Hall, Gloucestershire n6806270273 right hand side of entrance to Painswick Town Hall 31 m
7262 GL6 6QQ Painswick Centre, Gloucestershire n10852642769 On outside wall. 6 m
BB3CE099-5C18-44CA-8AFC-AE1B00C33D32 GL7 6BG General Lower Mill Estate, Lower Mill Lane, Somerford Keynes n10284619486 On exterior wall of small cotswold stone hut, opposite Lower Mill Estate Office 85 m
5024 GL7 6DP Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8758287684 inside red phone box, Somerford Keynes 2 m
6545 GL7 6EG Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8754439148 inside red phonebox (that is now book exchange) near the Market Cross in Poole Keynes 3 m
615 GL7 6BU Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n3911092981 in old phone booth 1 m
46E374DE-71A4-4AD6-ACB8-AD2100C03432 GL7 4HE Kempsford Parish Council, Dunfield Telephone Kiosk, Dunfield n9268963079 inside red phone box, Dunfield 31 m
4E69032C-6CCB-4B5C-842E-AD22000BD356 GL7 3AB Lechlade Town Council, The Library, Market Square n9188176504 outside LechladeCommunity Library, Market Place, Lechlade 6 m
E117BE1A-4F63-465B-8D94-AD4000AE3244 GL7 5PY Post Box 14m From Old Post Office 5m From Unnamed Road, Main Road From Harnhill To Driffield, Driffield n8223842522 In red phone box, Driffield 56 m
1034 GL7 5JT Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9276269099 inside red phone box at junction of Strawberry Lane and High Street, Meysey Hampton 1 m
E310A1E8-BA86-42F5-8E60-AF8200BAC71D GL7 1YJ Unit 4 The Corinium Centre, Love Lane, Cirencester n10119113487 24 m
3BC58498-01E8-4459-B0D1-AD7500B2229F GL7 1UD St Lawrence Church Hall (Chesterton Community Project), Countess Lillias Road, Cirencester n10117256675 On wall of St Lawrence Church near enterance 85 m
BAE206FA-D7E9-41B5-9787-AE4A00AD6D85 GL7 6NW Coates Parish Council, Coates Village Hall, 3/273 Stroud Road To Coates n8223867604 On outside of village hall, Coates 9 m
1502C946-67BD-4FCF-8248-AD2001485622 GL7 5PR Preston Parish Council, Old Telephone Box, Preston n8754423118 inside red phone box, (that is now used as a book swap) Wilpit Lane, Preston 87 m
8A7C058E-57F1-4F0B-8E1C-AD220166CA0F GL7 4BN Public Telephone 14m From 3 Milton Street 6m From A417, Milton Street, Fairford n635866922 inside red phone box, Milton Street, Fairford 6 m
C5C5A319-98F0-4B85-A878-AD5500A38DEC GL7 1YE Cirencester Baptist Church, Chesterton Lane, Cirencester n11234498551 63 m
3077F555-79C5-4465-BC6B-AD4E008E2077 GL7 1GG Mulberry Court, Middle Mead, Cirencester n10117256676 On wall of Mulberry Court next to main entrance 11 m
880AD278-3031-4E30-841B-AD540156FD3D GL7 5SJ Public Telephone 26m From Pound Cottage 4m From Unnamed Road, Lane To Charlham Farm House, Ampney St Peter n471560122 inside red phone box, by crossroads in Ampney St Peter, 3 m
A2F78F50-4959-4AE8-8C24-AD20013E2EA3 GL7 1RA Ashcroft Church, 21 Ashcroft Road, Cirencester n9310149048 8 m
2AD0A9AC-DD68-424D-B072-AD2B00924047 GL7 2PE Public Telephone 9m From Flat, 3 Market Place 22m From West Market Place, West Market Place, Cirencester n6806266121 16 m
3676 GL7 5SP Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n8754404614 inside red phone (that is now used as a book exchange) in Ampney St Mary 1 m
8221 GL7 5RY Village Hall, Gloucestershire n8989737358 NW corner of Ampney Hall 1 m
790 GL7 7BB Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n4050190090 inside red phone box, Baunton 21 m
459 GL7 5AN Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n9251693478 below telephone in stone telephone box attached to house in centre of Coln St Aldwyns 124 m
C5EA4626-CD35-4385-8963-B09700CA24FB GL7 7BZ North Cerney C Of E Primary Academy, Main Office, North Cerney Cofe Primary Academy n9773872605 inside old red phone box in North Cerney 39 m
34020319-B3A0-4D3B-851E-AD2600B150C4 GL8 8PN S-Moyne Village Hall Cttee, Village Hall, 17 The Street n7737440718 outside Shipton Moyne Village Hall 6 m
4364 GL8 8UN Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n282898506 inside disused phone booth next to bus stop, The Street, Leighterton 3 m
B7F317A3-DF89-4E0A-A560-AD2800ACA3D4 GL8 8JG 33 Church Street, Tetbury n4939128405 10 m
5CA8BB0B-1953-4557-8E22-AD2800A6F1FE GL8 8EY Tetbury Rail Lands Regeneration Trust Ltd, Tetbury Goods Shed Art Centre Old Station Yard, Cirencester Road n8757667897 To left of entrance 14 m
C5BD9983-0122-48B6-B74A-B09200BC9CA2 GL8 8XY Windmill Lane, Kingscote, Parklands, 401496 The Retreat To The Grange Kingscote n526950503 inside red telephone box, Kingscote 42 m
700 GL8 8LU Telephone Box, Gloucestershire n539530954 inside disused red phone booth at junction of High Street and Point Road, Avening 61 m
F320CC25-87B6-433E-9F5C-AD31013CAEF5 GL8 8SN Cherington Parish Council, Village Hall Cherington Green, 3/190 Main Street Through Cherington n7177471061 Inside shelter at end of village hall 20 m
1D83B99F-6D1F-4D2A-AF1C-ADB400B422ED GL9 1HP The Stores, 7 Tormarton Road, Acton Turville n8252588087 On front of Village Store/Post Office 14 m
928 GL9 1DG Bus Shelter, Gloucestershire n7717573906 in bus shelter 11 m
4A28284E-7BE3-4ADA-B3A2-AD2001301F30 GL9 1AU Hawkesbury Upton Village Hall, High Street, Hawkesbury Upton n4463506593 On corner of village hall 19 m
5B739F92-10DD-4393-86AF-ADBB011DD718 GL9 1DT K6 Telephone Kiosk Telephone Number 045423 220, The Street, Didmarton n8623271214 outside Kings Arms pub car park in Didmarton - next to phone box and post box 4 m
2A8E7AB1-423A-4122-BC90-AD220066EE91 GL9 1BP Orange End Phone Box, Inglestone Common, Old Telephone Box, Orange End n26784853 inside red phone box, Inglestone Common 2 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 14 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
0E732C0F-EDB9-42DD-8568-AD8900C941CD GL2 7HA Frampton On Severn Parish Council, Frampton On Severn Parish Council - Phonebox 2, Bridge Road (Opposite The Bell) n25377587 inside red telephone box, Bridge Road, Frampton on Severn 132 m
393EA7EC-516F-492D-A3CE-B00F00B3738A GL7 6BU The Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Kemble Road n3911092981 in old phone booth 93 m
CE46A59C-F29B-48C2-A0F4-AD8900CA0049 GL50 2RH University Of Gloucestershire, The Refectory, The Park Campus, The Park n5159714542 250 m
50492C78-C57A-46FE-8261-ADC800B3F9AC GL51 3BW Morrisons - Cheltenham, Caermarvon Road, Cheltenham n7926211096 102 m
A07576D6-6842-4C3E-93E3-AD8900C97E10 GL53 0PL Leckhampton Village Hall, Church Road, Leckhampton n8741080225 110 m
9C2E701F-B876-4287-A955-AD8900C91576 GL20 8UQ Amag Technology, Amag Technology 2, Challenge House n8943812277 167 m
7D71072E-7A51-4E86-BE58-AFD601243CB3 GL7 5RY Ampney Crucis Village Hall, Village Hall, Ampney Crucis n8989737358 NW corner of Ampney Hall 98 m
E8A36DD1-F6A4-4E63-87F8-AD8900C999BB GL51 7DP Osjct Monkscroft Care Centre, Monkscroft, Shelley Road n9900769877 141 m
FD3E1AF5-E90F-4463-9750-AD8D007DBB19 GL6 6TH Painswick Rococo Garden, Gloucester Road, Painswick n9904380199 Outdoors, at the back of the building 104 m
6F5736DB-FA21-4023-AE84-AFAC0125CA12 GL20 5AY Marina Court Social Fund, Marina Court, 1 Trafalgar Road n9983269822 Attached to the front (external) wall of the building, just to the left side of the main entrance 282 m
D24826FB-6051-4D52-8779-AF8E00C06E44 GL12 7NR 73 Parklands, Wotton Under Edge, Wotton-Under-Edge n10229161923 On wall next to pavement, near lamp post 49 m
931534BA-F3E5-4E22-9CAD-AD8900CF3B60 GL50 2RH University Of Gloucestershire, The Farmery, The Park Campus, The Park n10670788145 83 m
B51F57EB-25B4-4E38-8078-B07800C4A722 GL2 7JN Red Lion Inn, High Street, Arlingham n10748684430 On the west exterior wall of The Red Lion 278 m
19C970BE-97CE-4681-A319-AD2001116C0E GL11 6AP The Street, Stinchcombe, Dursley n10769766565 outside Stinchcombe Village Hall 107 m

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