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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'LE' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1149 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
E1D65E35-A056-490E-9275-AFFF00EED7B4 LE1 1QH Freeths Llp, First Floor, Two Colton Square Variable Restricted
0B4C6010-08F1-44DB-BB16-AE7600BC9B6C LE1 1SH Pure Gym Limited, 1c St Georges Way, Leicester 24/7 Public
8C438DE0-AD37-4094-A646-AE9A0116D1D7 LE1 1SH Pure Gym Limited, 1c St Georges Way, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
099D0DA9-4730-46E9-9DC0-B00A00FA96F6 LE1 1SP Mercedes, 9 St. Georges Way, Leicester Variable Public
F7563F10-0D8E-4A28-92E2-AFC001506EA0 LE1 1WA Tesco, Advertising Right Jc Decaux Pedestal Site 12, Humberstone Gate Variable Public
EF1E3863-99BA-4975-BA74-ACB800CCA8AA LE1 2HR The What Cabin, Willow Street, Leicester 24/7 Public
CEA2C7BF-B4DF-4096-818C-DC3D104809AB LE1 2HX St Matthews House, 25 Kamloops Cr, St. Matthews Leicester 24/7 Public
93F5B91F-6585-4339-8A5F-134F0E3631E0 LE1 3BH St John Ambulance Pegasus House, Burleys Way, Leicester 24/7 Public
96 LE1 3GG Mansfield House Police Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
C0B0CB21-4B06-41E3-84D8-AF1000B4EA02 LE1 3GG Mansfield House Police, 74 Belgrave Gate, Leicester 24/7 Public
54664ABC-3402-43A3-B0BE-AE3B015E8F91 LE1 3HP Tesco Express, 21 Belgrave Gate, Leicester Variable Public
F4B2511D-69A2-4F31-B906-AF1000B4E643 LE1 3LE Masjid Huda, 8-14 Britannia St, Leicester 24/7 Public
6AF333D0-0B91-4FD4-A5E4-AF9700E35E80 LE1 4FQ O2 Store (0157) Leicester - Highcross, Unit 55 / 56, Highcross Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
A8F75861-37D2-4329-81F9-AF1D00E8AC25 LE1 4FT Apple, Apple Store High Cross, High Street Variable Restricted
B70543A7-F7C4-4C8B-96AB-AE4E00D88A0A LE1 5GG Leicester Market, Leicester Market Food Hall, 33 Market Place Variable Restricted
FE243B4A-6C5F-42FC-8B54-63B5D4D067D5 LE1 5WN Castle Gardens, Castle St, Leicester Variable Public
8C0A770E-0AE2-44FB-A127-B05F08812229 LE1 6EY The Ytheatre, 7 East St, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
5D43EFF2-BB3F-4F45-B6B3-B04000EB75E3 LE1 6FB Tesco Granby St Leicest Express, 40 Granby St, Leicester Variable Public
AB37B9A4-D099-43DF-9830-B09200F10503 LE1 6JL Beauchamp City Sixth Form, South Albion Street, Leicester Variable Public
97F203F2-ACA6-4D27-B91A-AEF900F0645B LE1 6QL Leicester Peoples Photographic Gallery, Adult Education College, 54 Belvoir Street Variable Public
2CE36900-C9ED-4C4E-9138-598601D36DBB LE1 6RU G/F Toilet Foyer In A Cabinet On Wall Mattioli Woods Plc, 1 New Walk Pl, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
A9C7C131-159B-4B53-A066-C87F14912B2C LE1 6RU Mattioli Woods Plc Staircase B Floor 2 In Stairwell, 1 New Walk Pl, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
B96A2F9B-E17D-45AF-B414-AF0B009C415E LE1 6RU Mattioli Woods Plc, 1 New Walk Place, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
E42BAF49-BF61-4334-8E8D-CA3C4358E51D LE1 6RU Mattioli Woods Plc Staircase B Floor 4 In Stiarwell, 1 New Wlk Pl, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
92FA764D-9F2B-49BE-A5FA-AF1D00EA22AA LE1 6RX The Crescent, 56 King Street, Suite 2 Variable Restricted
A1FB92CE-3FCC-46C3-A9A4-F4394F3723A0 LE1 6YF Approved Premises, 69-73 Regent Rd, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
4A7AE818-5D62-450B-957C-ADE100CF056F LE1 6ZH Tesco Express, 1 Welford Place, Leicester Variable Restricted
AF994CAB-9DB9-417A-ABDF-6EC19890AC76 LE1 7AS Welford Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
1587 LE1 7HB Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Medical Building, Leicester University, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1588 LE1 7RF Leicester University, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
83C3431E-32CF-4E19-9D0B-AEB300ADFEDC LE1 7RU Granville Road Dental Surgery, 1 Granville Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
C1A5A103-628B-4BA8-92B5-BB0CE1224FE5 LE1 7RY Victoria Park Office (For Events Only), London Rd, Leicester Variable Restricted
FC449002-D821-4BF1-A2BC-AB8400CA50AB LE1 7RY Victoria Park, Granville Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
4013 LE10 0DZ GreenTowers Centre, Hinckley Club For Young People, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1FD0A9F7-6D38-499B-AB9A-AEC500C5E096 LE10 0DZ Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Richmon Park Sports Pavilion, Richmond Road 24/7 Public
C0671784-A343-41C7-A777-349BD936F134 LE10 0EP Redmoor Academy, Wykin Rd, Hinckley Variable Restricted
D817C17A-B525-4325-B5DC-DE1A7CD1CC54 LE10 0EQ St Francis Community Centre, Tudor Rd, Hinckley Variable Restricted
19AAB8D5-4280-4D37-ACE3-B08301208E0F LE10 0EX Wykin And District Social Club Ltd, Frederick Avenue, Hinckley 24/7 Public
6F9BC21B-1801-4458-A16C-AE3900917C7B LE10 0FR Hinckley And Bosworth Borough Council, Hinckley And Bosworth Borough Council The Hinckley Hub, Rugby Road Variable Public
EB742239-BCC5-4C73-A124-AE6E00C3447B LE10 0JL Westfield County Infant School, Ashford Road, Hinckley Variable Restricted
2AB6C0DE-26D2-405A-9044-17A039F2D35E LE10 0JT 16 Coventry Rd, Hinckley 24/7 Public
E5AE3A8B-2AEF-4B93-AAFE-ADA600BA20B0 LE10 0NF Trinity Marina, Coventry Road, Hinckley Variable Restricted
48C3FC0A-DB1E-4702-8327-ACDA007F7784 LE10 0PY 32 Merevale Avenue, Hinckley 24/7 Restricted
AD0073D9-71F1-4672-A9C1-B03400BFAB1B LE10 0QA Prince‚Äôs Of Feathers, Princes Feathers, 9 Rugby Road 24/7 Public
AB91945E-B4F4-4385-95AA-B07000BB30CF LE10 0QY Hinkley Ambulance Station, Hinkley Ambulance Station, 3-5 Elizabeth Rd, Hinckley 24/7 Public
4017 LE10 0XP Hollycroft Vets, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7B2AEF8A-8750-401D-8ACD-AEC4010096AB LE10 0XP Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Clarendon Park, Roston Drive 24/7 Public
BC3647B6-2C6F-4474-AA72-B07D00E3037E LE10 1AW St Mary's Church Of England Primary School, 1-3 Station Road, Hinckley 24/7 Public
0242057A-B2E6-4218-9125-B027010D2BE4 LE10 1DA 30 Castle Street, (What 3 Words: Sides.animal.tolls), Hinckley 24/7 Public
7C8B21D4-EE2D-4C48-ADC8-93DB2F8F7F1B LE10 1EQ Hinckley Masonic Hall Ltd, Masonic Hall, St Marys Road 24/7 Public
AC249070-F5E4-40BF-8EEE-AD3A01078C61 LE10 1FL Hinckley Leisure Centre, Argents Mead, Hinckley Variable Public
D8347E92-B0CB-4C00-B189-AE2900E455DF LE10 1FL Places Leisure, Hinckley Leisure Centre, Argents Mead Variable Restricted
41AC3A40-1EC1-4D02-95FE-AFC000B40978 LE10 1HH Tesco Express, 165-167 London Road, Hinckley Variable Public
7226AEA6-0C74-4563-988C-B02E00A005DD LE10 1HJ St Peters Catholic Primary School - Hinckley, St Peters Primary School - Hinckley, London Road Variable Restricted
774E1173-CDDD-4B41-B619-AF4D010EF33D LE10 1HL Research Garage Peugeot, 60 London Road, Hinckley Variable Restricted
7AF61181-B364-4E7E-86FC-AFA200FF2408 LE10 1HL Holywell House Orthodontics,, 56 London Road, Hinckley Variable Restricted
FC3A72DA-668A-4EA8-B558-ABDF00D523F4 LE10 1HN B & Q Plc, New Buildings, Hinckley Variable Public
DAD91D98-E0EC-49A4-AC54-AEB500C0C5C0 LE10 1LF Mayville, 23 Butt Lane Close, Hinckley 24/7 Public
6441 LE10 1LW St Peter's Catholic Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
C482FE10-5401-4262-B412-B03E007F81A8 LE10 1LW Hinckley Fire Station 2438, Leicester Road, Hinckley, Hinckley 24/7 Public
0C0BE382-2260-4780-8B69-AF0400D502A3 LE10 1PR Hinckley Baptist Church, Baptist Walk, Hinckley 24/7 Public
16AB90C1-E7BF-48A5-815A-B02F00EBBA6D LE10 1QU Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street, Hinckley Variable Public
A47A4C22-BB82-41A8-9152-ACAA00FBEE56 LE10 1RE Hinckley Concordia Theatre, Concordia Theatre, Stockwell Head 24/7 Public
DF29685C-F5E4-462D-86E7-ADE400FFBCFF LE10 1SS Dorothy Goodman Secondary School, Barwell Lane, Hinckley 24/7 Public
4B1BD8B4-383B-46BA-B932-AD8E0098EC52 LE10 1SU Ashby Road Sports Club, Hangmans Lane, Hinckley 24/7 Public
F7965680-2771-48E5-872B-AE3700C32447 LE10 1UE Tesco Superstore, 3 Station Yard, 0 Variable Public
BFFBFF76-CCE5-4A9B-B05C-B08300CDF275 LE10 2AE Burbage C Of E Infant School, Burbage C Of E Infants Grove Road, Burbage Variable Restricted
FA1B0952-E599-4E55-9926-AE1C00C7A44D LE10 2DA Burbage Parish Council, Burbage Community Library, Church Street 24/7 Public
6183AE16-8DBF-4DAA-87BB-AE52009B5012 LE10 2DE 64 Church Street, Burbage Variable Restricted
B5CBB3A7-512E-4167-AA98-AF3300ABEDCD LE10 2JJ Three Pots Post Office, 98a Wolvey Road, Burbage 24/7 Public
683DD43A-FD26-4C0E-A21A-F5E51E6AB0C0 LE10 2TL Castle Court, Brookside, Burbage Hinckley 24/7 Public
A55018F1-AD14-4F35-B605-AFE70102E9AC LE10 3BE Screwfix, Unit D1 Apex Court, Maple Drive Variable Restricted
5D87E104-D742-42B5-83BF-AFA500D1FAFE LE10 3BS Oceanled Marine Ltd, Jacknell Road, Hinckley Variable Public
7949F5D5-809F-4FA6-88BA-B03700CF0BAA LE10 3BS Tradebe Hinckley, Tradebe Uk, Unit 23 Jacknell Road Variable Restricted
EAE3FD37-B6F0-4214-AD6D-AF9700D4E7F1 LE10 3BZ Alan Nuttall Ltd, Orchard House, 12 Dodwells Road Variable Restricted
FC38BB30-6940-4574-8AFB-AE7501473886 LE10 3DE Peartree (Midlands) Ltd, 31 Faraday Rd, Hinckley Variable Restricted
8468E461-4C52-4ED1-BC72-AE5300DBB2E7 LE10 3DR Hinckley Golf Club, Leicester Road, Hinckley 24/7 Public
FA2172DF-EC21-4B86-99DC-AFB6010D4C7B LE10 3DR Hinckley Town Tennis Club, Leicester Road, Hinckley 24/7 Restricted
20A5AC89-3833-44B1-8A6A-AEC500E52C88 LE10 3ED Veolia Es Uk Limited, Watling Street, Hinckley Variable Restricted
84C9CA01-FF3E-4145-A00F-B03B00C90AF5 LE10 3ED Flat Lime Kilns, Watling Street, Burbage 24/7 Public
EC594B05-4D49-4D1D-9468-AE2400B87AE8 LE10 3EY Sports And Leisure Management Ltd (Everyone Support Hub) (Primary), 2 Watling Drive, Burbage Variable Restricted
FF061983-4D0E-453E-972A-B03801547247 LE10 3EY Crane Electronics Ltd, 3 Watling Drive, Burbage 24/7 Public
972D6AB5-B184-49A6-A2F5-AF3900F3E61F LE10 3HB F Woodward & Sons, Wolvey Lodge Business Centre, Cloudesley Bush Lane 24/7 Public
89BDF1B7-26F9-462F-9B32-AE2800AAA618 LE10 3JG Power Plane Ltd, Highway House, Asfare Business Park ,, Hinckley Road Variable Restricted
6745 LE10 3PT Youth and Community Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
EEF63F87-7FA0-4D4B-A50B-AECB007AF2F4 LE10 3PT Sharnford Youth And Community Centre, Park View, Sharnford 24/7 Public
7C230B3F-E2E3-4525-AF24-AF7300C4E635 LE11 1AP Volkswagen Loughborough, 56 Belton Road, Loughborough Variable Public
83C4E03C-3870-4091-8A89-684B1B832F3F LE11 1BE Co-Operative Funeral Service, 33 Pinfold Gate, Loughborough 24/7 Public
083571FF-92F0-408C-B9B2-B04600EB2ED3 LE11 1BX Royal Mail Loughborough Do, Sorting Office, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
2CC3CA81-3FF2-4C5B-BCEA-AF5600839985 LE11 1EH Preci-Spark Limited, Falcon Street, Loughborough Variable Public
DB426AFC-71BB-48A2-8A3A-ADE800EEB103 LE11 1LE Cr Civil Engineering Ltd, Unit 3 Charnwood Business Park, North Road, Loughborough Variable Public
CDC0D852-6156-4450-9B10-493CF91BC149 LE11 1NQ Swanns Funeral Service, 4 Bridge Street, Loughborough 24/7 Public
8FCAFF16-0EEB-4AC8-B8E8-B00A00FA64A5 LE11 1QB Mercedes, Chainbridge Close, Belton Road Variable Public
ECBCD200-617F-4FC1-8E19-AC7600E4CEBD LE11 1QE Bishop Meadow Moorings, Swingbridge Road, Loughborough 24/7 Public
239A9C91-6072-4930-B48B-ADDD0144E467 LE11 1ST Loughborough Carillon Cricket Club/Loughborough Emmanuel Fc, Loughborough Carillon Sports Club, Moor Lane 24/7 Public
19B3A276-3A92-41BC-9CAE-B05800D303ED LE11 2AG Tesco Express, 46-56 Leicester Road, Loughborough Variable Public
50C889F3-47B9-41EC-BD07-A2385177C1A7 LE11 2AQ Loughborough Grange, 146 Leicester Rd, Loughborough 24/7 Public
BB325DDB-726E-43E7-BA31-7BFCD8C78FA6 LE11 2DU Loughborough Schools Foundation, 3 Burton Walks, Loughborough 24/7 Public
7DDB1D93-AB9E-4776-A220-F32541B3136B LE11 2EX Tesco Stores Ltd, Park Rd, Loughborough 24/7 Public
71B47542-B6A6-4666-AC73-ADC0009497B8 LE11 2HJ Shelthorpe Mcdonalds, Park Road Roundabout, Epinal Way 24/7 Public
74319168-3DBD-4F8A-9EB4-7BCB2317306C LE11 2HN Vets 4 Pets Ltd, 328-330 Park Rd, Loughborough 24/7 Public
5652ACCD-350E-491E-9465-ADEF00AC63E6 LE11 2RB Archangel First Aid (No Longer Trading), 152 Beacon Road, Loughborough 24/7 Public
92 LE11 2TR Council Offices, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
BC4FB126-1E1B-48BE-9040-AF0B0090EEDF LE11 2TX Loughborough Coroner's Office, Southfield Road, Loughborough 24/7 Public
B00F604E-0EEE-4108-8BE7-AC1000B24EE8 LE11 2UP Arc Community Hub, 22 Knox Road, Loughborough 24/7 Public
9D85FAEB-2155-472B-867A-B05A0097B207 LE11 3AQ Bsi, Unit Gd Charnwood Wing Charnwood Building, Holywell Way Variable Restricted
BD6DEC81-BD94-42C6-AD37-AFAD00D1B36F LE11 3BH United Reformed Church, 39 Frederick St, Loughborough 24/7 Public
3229C12B-3503-4502-ADD3-AE6E009C34C1 LE11 3BY Loughborough Church Of England Primary School, William Street, Loughborough Variable Public
491EA642-D9F1-4F57-A196-B02A009AA22A LE11 3EB Teas & C's, 35 Market Place, Loughborough 24/7 Public
7C38794A-48F2-4E10-9134-A44E910B6B86 LE11 3GE Mountfields Lodge Primary School, Epinal Wy, Loughborough Variable Public
A4461E66-FEBB-454B-BFD7-B03E009FB7C7 LE11 3GE Loughborough Fire Station 2420, Epinal Way, Loughborough, Loughborough 24/7 Public
A793695A-D3E1-474A-BFA3-AEE7011A2D9C LE11 3HA Charnwood Borough Cncl / Queens Park Bowls Club, Public Toilets Queens Park, Granby Street Variable Public
0C1FA515-36B6-474C-A079-AF1000B71FD7 LE11 3HE Loughborough Leisure Centre, Browns Ln, Loughborough 24/7 Public
54FEB625-68E8-4A62-8D06-ACFF00D3DFE0 LE11 3HE Loughborough Leisure Centre, Browns Lane, Loughborough Variable Restricted
DD599F01-CEC7-4EF3-A412-024C42833BAC LE11 3HT The Post Office, 259 Forest Rd, Loughborough 24/7 Public
219C7097-1D34-4540-BAB2-AF6400CD58A9 LE11 3HU Toby Carvery - Loughborough, Forest Road, Loughborough Variable Public
16BB53C5-2911-45D1-9774-AD4E00F8F7D8 LE11 3JD Loughborough University, Dan Maskell Tennis Centre, Towers Way Variable Public
AFF34925-C0D6-4306-B1D8-AE79013BF524 LE11 3NW Loughborough Lawn Tennis Club, Ingle Pingle Lane, Off Forest Road Variable Restricted
FCDA6819-582E-4973-89E9-BFDB34A6267D LE11 3PS Inside Of, 76 Sandalwood Rd, Loughborough Variable Restricted
CCAD382B-4DA8-4C2A-844D-AD5500D47ECE LE11 3QF Loughborough University, Stadium, Oakwood Drive Variable Restricted
92DB2B47-0B58-4408-AEB6-AECC00D7358A LE11 3RE Ronald West Court, Langdale Avenue, Loughborough 24/7 Public
5205A71D-91FC-4B04-B596-F335D167DD22 LE11 3RJ 6 Derwent Drive, Loughborough 24/7 Public
03052C5A-780C-4132-9D09-AD5200D4328F LE11 3RP Loughborough University, Holywell Fitness Centre, Loughborough University Variable Restricted
4941C321-5DC2-43FF-85EE-AD5200C907DA LE11 3RT Loughborough University, Satdium, University Road Variable Restricted
09B251CB-C353-49B7-9BCA-AF1000B632AC LE11 3TD Burleigh Springs Leisure Club , Burleigh Court, General Area Of, Loughborough 24/7 Public
0CB18F87-27A7-403E-96B3-AF3D0096FBC4 LE11 3TN Loughborough Dynamo Football Club Cbc Nanpantan Sports Ground, Watermead Lane, Loughborough 24/7 Public
22330995-BAA6-4530-9E5C-AD4E00F7E648 LE11 3TP Loughborough University, Seb Coe High Performance Athletics Centre, Rutland Way Variable Restricted
6D293626-D5FC-4059-A203-AD4E00F6E516 LE11 3TP Loughborough University, National Cricket Performance Centre, University Road Variable Restricted
AA2DCE83-2367-4994-98DD-AD4800B49E37 LE11 3TR Loughborough University, Swimming Pool, University Road Variable Public
05AB8088-B5D6-437F-BD5B-AD4E00DA7779 LE11 3TT Loughborough University, Clyde Williams Building, Towers Way 24/7 Restricted
0256E52A-C08E-4A2D-AFA7-AD4700EF9A90 LE11 3TU Loughborough University, Design School Building, Ashby Road Variable Public
13D779FF-B139-4F0A-B239-AD5200CAA69E LE11 3TU Loughborough University, English Institute Of Sport Loughborough Performance Centre, Towers Way Variable Restricted
4DB29FCD-DB1A-444E-A048-AD5200C5AE75 LE11 3TU Loughborough University, Netball/ Badminton Centre, Towers Way Variable Restricted
5D8B7EA9-62F6-4970-BDC3-AD4E00F08575 LE11 3TU Loughborough University, Rutland Building, Epinal Way Variable Public
7D3EA68E-2AF1-4CC1-9940-AD550091FF66 LE11 3TU Sir David Wallace Sports Hall, Towers Way, Loughborough Variable Restricted
AE0467F9-6A56-47C1-9982-AD480105A53B LE11 3TU Fm Maintence Yard, Loughborough University, University Road Variable Restricted
B9EDFD6D-2C2D-4C1E-96B2-AD5200CF5AB0 LE11 3TU English Institute Of Sport Loughborough Performance Centre, Towers Way, Loughborough Variable Restricted
EAA6BA9A-D41E-425C-AB1D-980430099DCD LE11 3UE S-Building, Loughborough University, Materials Department Variable Public
86CA0DE8-6B35-4150-A7DA-B06700BAFB74 LE11 4GE Loughborough Ambulance Station, Epinal Way, Louhjborough 24/7 Public
FF86BC59-BB0D-4FD7-930D-AFCC00E8FC4F LE11 4LW Sir Robert Martin Court, Windsor Road, Loughborough 24/7 Public
3AA89533-EFB4-4C85-A500-B7EF4CF0D0FB LE11 4RZ Gorse Dental Practice, 34 Maxwell Dr, Loughborough 24/7 Public
16845FD5-146A-42BC-BE0A-50C9052011D0 LE11 4SQ Charnwood College, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough Variable Restricted
35E492D2-644E-4725-A5A9-AB7A00D9AC56 LE11 4SQ Ashmount School, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough Variable Restricted
682A664B-F840-4897-A8A4-B02F0091F0DE LE11 4SQ Infant School Thorpe Acre School, Alan Moss Road, Loughborough Variable Restricted
C5A2750D-A9BC-4768-9280-AF66011F8F72 LE11 4UG Mcdonald's - Warwick Way, Warwick Way, Loughborough Variable Public
F08FAFA1-156A-4615-A42E-ADEB0089F6AA LE11 5AX St. Marys Rc School, Hastings Street, Loughborough 24/7 Public
80E92CFF-D73A-4BCB-956C-AED001004764 LE11 5AZ Loughborough Masonic Centre, Utility Room The Student Block, 1 Orchard Street 24/7 Public
656BE453-A27C-4399-A27F-8F525C8D816C LE11 5BE Tesco, Unit 1 The Rushes Shopping Centre, The Rushes Variable Public
1B5FADB9-2B85-4174-8C73-AE7100585489 LE11 5BG Puregym, 4 The Rushes, Loughborough 24/7 Restricted
242AD39B-165D-496F-B023-A0660727112C LE11 5GD East Midlands Ceramics Ltd, Unit 1 Waldron Crt, Loughborough 24/7 Public
2501620D-0478-4084-A718-ADDD00CBD063 LE11 5GW Morningside, Unit 5, Pavilion Way Variable Restricted
DE49E236-88F3-445F-96DC-ADDD00CDB0C6 LE11 5GW Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Unit T2 Pavilion Way, Castle Business Park Variable Restricted
CF2D0EC8-BE30-4431-AE6C-ADF00112A0AE LE11 5QY Alltruck Plc, 17 Bakewell Road, Bishop Meadows Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
0586E9D3-AF49-44FF-9D6F-AEEF008A49B4 LE11 5RB Kindeva Drug Delivery Building 39, Charnwood Campus, Bakewell Road Variable Restricted
F7927D03-178A-4096-AA8D-AEEE0105DD1B LE11 5RB Kindeva Drug Delivery, Charnwood Campus, Bakewell Road Variable Restricted
926B34E1-B4F2-4D7B-BD00-AEEE00B42C60 LE11 5RE Kindeva Drug Delivery, Bishop Meadow Road, Loughborough 24/7 Public
03E1E9A1-B352-40B2-8447-AF2B00D68140 LE11 5XH New Springs City Church, 4 Belton Road West Extension, Loughborough Variable Restricted
726B0746-1D9B-4516-A39D-B08B00F983EA LE11 5XH Currys Loughborough Campus, Belton Rd West Ext, Loughborough Variable Public
57004FDC-502A-459E-82D1-AF0E00B3CA07 LE11 5XR The Locks, Loughborough Variable Restricted
2CB0E3D1-0267-437F-BF9A-ABDF00D358B2 LE11 5XS B & Q Plc, Jubilee Drive, Belton Road Variable Public
61A5EAC7-2974-4511-9778-AF0B009EBE2D LE11 5XS Diam, Unit 12-18, Jubilee Drive Variable Public
9DEDBDC6-585C-4220-83CC-AF0E00B162C7 LE11 5XS 14-16 Jubilee Drive, Loughborough Variable Restricted
EE96E859-0F87-4880-A04D-AFE80091288C LE11 5XS Screwfix, 19 Jubilee Drive, Loughborough Variable Restricted
6AB7BA9D-C6B8-4123-87C0-AE6E00B8AEDA LE12 5DB Long Whatton C Of E Primary, The Green, Long Whatton 24/7 Restricted
2543 LE12 5DE Harlow Bros Ltd, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5215 LE12 5HB Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
605 LE12 5JB Children 1st Nursery, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5150 LE12 5JB Esso Garage, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
630AD5D1-C60F-4B14-ACD4-B07300E7B362 LE12 5LJ Hathern Church Of England Primary School, Pasture Lane, Hathern Variable Restricted
2507CB9A-4D7E-4B87-BA55-AFE600A0C1ED LE12 5NB The Walled Garden St Annes Manor, Hungary Lane, Sutton Bonington 24/7 Public
5D414B9F-6099-4DBD-9065-AFE80171AB6C LE12 5RD University Of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus, College Rd, Sutton Bonington 24/7 Restricted
D1AE8CF3-4118-4E07-87BE-430E9E0D51E8 LE12 5RD University Of Nottingham Sutton Bonington Campus, College Rd, Sutton Bonington 24/7 Restricted
940BBCA7-6411-4A2C-AE67-6EF2870416C7 LE12 5RF West Leake Village Hall, 63 Main St, West Leake Loughborough 24/7 Public
E2ED8DFB-A319-4731-84CE-84E7BE66B8B4 LE12 5RL Stocking Ln, East Leake Loughborough 24/7 Public
B35CBE75-2B23-434D-88F8-847886EAE618 LE12 5SF Hoton Village Hall, Loughborough Rd, Hoton Loughborough 24/7 Public
E74E4D23-28E8-4523-AC52-AF0200A4B40D LE12 5SQ Prestwold Hall Conference Centre, Prestwold Hall, Prestwold Lane Variable Restricted
1F094BB6-2169-416A-AC73-B03500B02E25 LE12 5TB Burton-On-The-Wolds Primary School, Burton-On-The-Wolds Primary School, Barrow Road Burton On The Wolds, Barrow Road Variable Restricted
C45C7DEF-0BFB-45F3-98B8-AE7500FCFDFA LE12 5TD Pavilion Towles Fields Playing Field, Towles Fields, Burton On The Wolds 24/7 Public
BC960CB7-1362-4BDE-9886-AE4000D509FF LE12 5TL Devol Kitchens Ltd, Cotes Mill, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
CE3AA22D-E178-4CEF-AA82-AF0200AF8716 LE12 5TW Prestwold Farms Llp, Manor Farm, Stanford Lane Variable Public
2982 LE12 6JG Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
C5253371-7E69-4206-B35C-AE1F013D64C9 LE12 6JG Brookview Dental Care, Health Centre, Gotham Road Variable Restricted
D00280AE-F332-406E-86D9-AF3800FD5CFD LE12 6LY Playing Field, Costock Road, East Leake Variable Restricted
52E472F1-B9C5-46F7-A4C3-B04A00FDD94D LE12 6SE Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Loughborough, Hill Farm, Wide Lane Variable Restricted
74 LE12 6TY Memorial Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
156E664E-C639-4FE1-9AB4-AB6D00FC99FD LE12 6TY Wymeswold Memorial Hall, 1 Clay Street, Wymeswold 24/7 Public
98D608BD-7AEE-40AB-A9F6-AB6F00B4A1B5 LE12 6UA Wymeswold Cricket Club, Burton Lane, Wymeswold Variable Restricted
AD6E1B01-E490-4E4E-A255-B07300B4E1EB LE12 6XD Costock Church Of England Primary School, Main Street, Costock Variable Restricted
F53F3AFA-6DF0-47AD-942E-AEAC00FB12B7 LE12 7AJ Mountsorrel War Memorial Fields Trust, Memorial Playing Field, Little Lane 24/7 Public
30B4CC31-4ED1-4B49-A604-AF5E00BC5862 LE12 7AY The Quay - Waterside Drive, Mountsorrel 24/7 Public
2011 LE12 7BB The Waterside Inn, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5B94F867-EA34-4F3A-8038-B0340172CC5F LE12 7BB The Waterside Inn, Sileby Road, Mountsorrel 24/7 Public
806C17A5-8C73-4076-8839-AF0B00AA25DA LE12 7FG Soar Valley Leisure Centre, Kingfisher Road, Mountsorrel 24/7 Public
D8DA4EDA-09B7-4CA6-95AF-ACFF00D1BCE3 LE12 7FG Fusion Lifestyle, Soar Valley Leisure Centre, Kingfisher Road Variable Restricted
C86E0E39-65FE-4BCF-B013-AF9000EB612B LE12 7HF Mountsorrel Juniors Fc, Halstead Road Playing Field, Halstead Road 24/7 Public
A9D282DF-CBE2-4477-85DC-ADCD00AE08D6 LE12 7JU Christ Church & St. Peters C Of E Primary School, Christ Church & St Peter's Ce Primary School,, 8 Rothley Road 24/7 Public
1830 LE12 7LH War Memorial Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4744CC67-74BA-4513-8B3F-AF7F013F88D8 LE12 7LU Seagrave Memorial Hall, 12 Green Lane, Seagrave 24/7 Public
D760788E-A128-4278-895A-B08100CAD4E8 LE12 7LZ Sileby Redlands Community Primary School, King Street, Sileby Variable Restricted
709 LE12 7ND Busy Bees Supermarket, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
65C1B06A-5A81-477C-9832-AD02011823C7 LE12 7NF Sileby Town Cricket Club, Mill Lane, Sileby 24/7 Public
0524FAEB-324C-4BAB-AD1F-AFE300ED92E9 LE12 7RT Farmhouse Meadow View Farm, 156 Cossington Road, Sileby 24/7 Public
491 LE12 7RX Parish Council Offices, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
59E2E69E-5B55-4666-8BB0-B02D00D17D88 LE12 7RX Tesco Sileby Leicester Express, High St, Sileby Variable Restricted
80D018EF-D169-44DA-85FC-B07E00F8BEBD LE12 7TF Raylec Ltd, 2a Greedon Rise, Sileby 24/7 Public
683 LE12 7TP Sports Pavilion, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
A54D29B5-708C-49E0-9D72-AE2800A2471C LE12 7UX Stowfledge (Manufacturing) Limited, Mill Works, Mill Lane 24/7 Public
15A31EB0-778F-4783-8D4F-072166953AD1 LE12 7WL Sileby Town Football Club House, 3 Southfield Av, Sileby Loughborough 24/7 Public
6CA34A46-532A-49CD-92B6-AE6100E5D07C LE12 8AL The Manor House, Woodhouse Road, Quorn 24/7 Public
619D2DCA-B363-44EE-8753-AE5400D9A5BC LE12 8DU The Co-Operative Food, 23 Loughborough Road, Quorn 24/7 Public
68609D44-A145-4106-9F49-BB6912771AD2 LE12 8DU Co-Op - Loughborough Road, 23-25 Loughborough Rd, Quorn Loughborough 24/7 Public
1DE97F41-7178-42EE-89E2-2D9015E59C19 LE12 8DY Rawlins Academy, Loughborough Rd, Quorn Loughborough 24/7 Public
5E205626-2E51-48BA-A6D3-72654B7CDD43 LE12 8DY Rawlins School & Community College, Loughborough Rd, Quorn Loughborough Variable Restricted
49CA35AF-2712-4E4A-824E-33CB3D9C4DFF LE12 8FE Pillings Lock Marina, Flesh Hovel Lane, Quorn 24/7 Restricted
ECEF3AE2-6601-41C3-9065-B0A700E1A114 LE12 8HQ St Bartholomews Church Of England Primary School, Willowcroft, Quorn Variable Restricted
86166F58-6F83-4391-8347-AF9400E25F06 LE12 8JU Humphrey Perkins School, 74-78 Cotes Rd, Barrow Upon Soar Loughborough 24/7 Public
5636 LE12 8LR Charnwood Mill Innovation Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
545 LE12 8NH Feather n Fur Pet Supplies, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3C481604-A3EF-43D8-9870-4EDD0744618D LE12 8PL Barrow Baptist Church, Beveridge St, Barrow Upon Soar Loughborough 24/7 Public
354BC5DB-7044-4CEC-817C-AC4200C12F7F LE12 8PW Barrow Town Cricket Club, Nottingham Road, Barrow Upon Soar 24/7 Public
FD94EBA7-05E5-43AA-89ED-AF020163C063 LE12 8QF Public Telephone 83m From Proctors Park Bungalow, Proctors Park Road 12m From Unnamed Road, Private Road From Proctors Park Road To Proctors Pleasure Park, Barrow Upon Soar 24/7 Public
367F1C24-A9C0-49E4-BA91-16DC9D5F032A LE12 8RY The Cottage Surgery, 37 Main St, Woodhouse Eaves Loughborough 24/7 Public
AEB10E71-35CB-4A86-BD3B-AF8200D0F148 LE12 8RY The Cottage Surgery, 37 Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves 24/7 Public
CFD2CE36-1FF3-41A4-A13C-B06600B59C9E LE12 8SA St Pauls Church Of England Primary School, Meadow Road, Woodhouse Eaves Variable Restricted
F416A9BC-C5EE-45F7-B8B3-AF440100D0ED LE12 8SP Leicestershire County Council, Beacon Hill Country Park - Toilet Block - Upper Car Park, Beacon Road 24/7 Public
C693FE78-F1FC-429F-A1A5-B59B359CBEA6 LE12 8TA Charnwood Forest Golf Club, Breakback Rd, Woodhouse Eaves Loughborough 24/7 Restricted
E323EDB2-1182-4332-98E7-AF440102E61A LE12 8TA Beacon Hill Cafe, The Log Cabin, Breakback Road 24/7 Public
0C66FF8F-E4F4-4105-B6AE-AD7C00F4D239 LE12 8TQ Swithland Memorial Hall, Main Street, Swithland 24/7 Public
11BCC665-22FE-4BB0-A9C5-AB7200E876A8 LE12 8WD Welbeck-The Defence Sixth Form College Forest Road, Woodhouse 24/7 Public
8437CE7E-9E19-4D54-8BF3-C45C1ADA0CEF LE12 8WD Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, Forest Rd, Woodhouse Loughborough Variable Restricted
4E7A4B7E-1EC5-4D36-A3C3-B05B00EE9869 LE12 8XH Farnham House, Loughborough Road, Quorn 24/7 Restricted
6367AB4B-354F-47BE-A2FA-762DBFB2CF45 LE12 9AA Co-Op Funeral - Belton Street, 31a Belton St, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
BD467971-09DF-4BEF-912F-AD3500998E8F LE12 9AE Shepshed Town Council, Britannia Street, Shepshed 24/7 Public
FF5A84F4-0EE7-4F40-B5DB-6ECEB839681A LE12 9AL Christchurch Methodist Church, Field St, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
8626D4E7-CE26-4792-8933-157FCC231D2C LE12 9BS White Buffalo, 4 Ashby Rd, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
8D99599B-CEBC-4B7B-85A4-8D118212CD78 LE12 9DB Iveshead School, Forest St, Shepshed Loughborough Variable Public
FB4E619E-68B3-4895-9A26-B07600B6D212 LE12 9DB Oakfield Short Stay School, Forest Street, Shepshed Variable Restricted
BF941531-C7B6-44D7-8E04-2915B81E2A8B LE12 9DF Rowlands Pharmacy, 25 Leicester Rd, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
674786E0-D271-4060-95F7-8C23CD54FB2A LE12 9DS Inside The Bus Shelter On, Fairway Rd, Shepshed 24/7 Public
2545F953-309A-4827-BF05-81205FF07374 LE12 9EF The Horse Public House And Restaurant, 196 Ashby Road West, Loughborough 24/7 Public
09CCA77F-4A11-450D-AAE9-C6C365419CAB LE12 9EP The Jolly Farmers P/H, 85 Iveshead Rd, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
92508D75-78DE-4142-BBBD-AD9E0074B978 LE12 9LJ Sports Pavilion Playing Field, Grange Road, Shepshed Variable Restricted
2753D979-F88D-4604-87D9-B03C00B4BE20 LE12 9LX Oxley Primary School, 77 Thorpe Road, Shepshed, Loughborough Variable Restricted
DDBB6C42-94DE-47D5-A5D2-AE5A00B5012C LE12 9NH Sip Ltd, Gelders Hall Road, Shepshed 24/7 Public
3075E5E5-E3E5-4A7A-A7AF-AFE800CF853C LE12 9NJ Screwfix, Old Station Close, Shepshed Variable Restricted
F953AA4A-12D0-4176-BB42-AE4700A47A1B LE12 9NJ Devol Kitchens, Old Station Close, Shepshed Variable Restricted
DB779938-8222-459E-AC20-6482C2AE12FC LE12 9NR Co-Op Memorials - Charnwood Road, 224 Charnwood Road, Shepshed 24/7 Public
DDBFE4A1-25DC-452F-A95A-B03E00A020B1 LE12 9QE Shepshed Fire Station 2428, Charnwood Road, Shepshed, Shepshed 24/7 Public
02242CA8-E610-4990-91FA-AE390087E688 LE12 9QF Tesco Express, 48 Charnwood Road, Shepshed Variable Public
0D06ACCE-40F4-4CB1-AEC4-389050A451CF LE12 9QF Bowls Club, Charnwood Rd, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
D279925F-F372-4A63-99C5-D1A075722D7C LE12 9RJ St Botolphs Church Hall, Church Gate, Shepshed Loughborough 24/7 Public
7A0B8F2D-C3E3-4D17-A752-AF0B00A9F292 LE12 9SR Bus Shelter, 50 Ashby Road, Osgathorpe 24/7 Public
F22F783D-2819-4A27-84F6-AC9900A4E1D1 LE12 9SY Harley Hall, Church Lane, Osgathorpe 24/7 Public
AD1C5930-6D3A-4260-B8A3-AC9900A02C39 LE12 9TA 53 Main Street, Osgathorpe 24/7 Public
A4D37A3D-87E5-4FE3-BA0B-AD0A012F47C1 LE12 9YA Scout Camp, Oaks Road, Charley Variable Restricted
B4C5AAB8-BB50-4A78-B1D6-AB7300A630E4 LE12 9YD St James The Greater Church, The Church Hall, Oaks Road 24/7 Public
2C0D5395-9E30-447D-888E-5E88246A313A LE13 0BG Waterfield Leisure Centre And Swimming Pool, Dalby Rd, Melton Mowbray Variable Restricted
2D4C78C9-85C1-4C28-A31F-B04D008E520F LE13 0BJ Swallowdale Primary School, Dalby Road, Melton Mowbray Variable Restricted
458 LE13 0BQ The Edge Sure Start Community Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
47 LE13 0DB Mutual House, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7FFD3D02-54FD-4C79-AD69-ABDF00D489B2 LE13 0DB B & Q Plc, Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray Variable Public
945F72D2-53B3-4419-A758-D177955A9A16 LE13 0DX Spar, 52 Valley Rd, Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
5395 LE13 0DZ Egerton Park Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
F6F61DCC-3E91-460E-8D24-B07400A1F771 LE13 0HN The Grove Primary School, Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray Variable Restricted
706B9BDB-B9F6-4DD3-8CE1-B0760116E166 LE13 0NP Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service, Fire Station, Nottingham Road 24/7 Public
31BD8FC4-A2A9-467D-A93A-AE3800AF42BD LE13 0NR Tesco, Nottingham Road Service Road, Melton Mowbray Variable Restricted
16398AB7-121A-4B1D-808F-D6522175BAF2 LE13 0PW Play Close Park Junior Parkrun, Play Close, Park Lane Variable Restricted
F3717E9D-4EEC-46B7-8F71-68C1F2E50A55 LE13 0RB Hamilton Lawn Tennis Club, Tennis Av, Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
4EA11A0C-82BA-41BA-A270-AF0900F15F4A LE13 0RG 7 Pate Road, Melton Mowbray Variable Public
48 LE13 0ST Welby Lane Post Office, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
D71A5BC7-F146-40EA-94C9-AE7C00D80BB3 LE13 1AX Space2b Studios, Howes Plumbers, 13 George Street 24/7 Public
2120CFA6-256A-4BEE-9E71-AF6D00F29ECA LE13 1BS Dual Pumps Ltd, Unit 12, Hudson Road Variable Restricted
3907 LE13 1DL Masonic Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6E711609-B479-4A2A-A9E3-B04300CA111D LE13 1DL Wexford House - Rafa, Wexford House -Rafa, 70 Burton Road 24/7 Public
1A445BAD-EE5F-45D5-A308-AFA100B251DB LE13 1FF Masterfoods Sports Ground, Saxby Road, Melton Mowbray 24/7 Restricted
3526 LE13 1GH Council Offices, Parkside Building, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
184DD516-019E-48E5-86DC-B03000F7C1DB LE13 1HA Sherard Primary School, Melton Mowbray Variable Restricted
468 LE13 1HP Country Park Cafe, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B295F9A6-71E6-4A5C-9EB1-AEC9009BCFB7 LE13 1HP Visitor Centre Melton Country Park, Wymondham Way, Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
617D0D7F-8D3F-4663-BD1A-933A7840F8F4 LE13 1JY Co-Op Funeralcare - Scalford Road, 33 Scalford Rd, Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
8FCF054D-E940-4ADE-9573-AFEA007BD51D LE13 1ND Screwfix, Jubilee Street, Melton Mowbray Variable Restricted
7770 LE13 1PB Melton Mowbray Golf Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2B8048AD-E8EB-4F5B-9550-AF23009CB91A LE13 1RB Tuxford And Tebbutt, 46 Thorpe End, Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
5088 LE13 1SE Preston Cottage, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
801BF126-57CF-479A-AFF5-21C05BBD269C LE13 1SQ Tesco Stores Ltd, Thorpe Rd, Melton Mowbray Variable Public
7342 LE14 2AF Primary School, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
A534FDC2-C6F0-4093-B986-AE9600C7E19E LE14 2AF Wymondham Primary School, C Of E Primary School, Glebe Road 24/7 Public
1537 LE14 2EA Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
01EAF9DB-57B4-44E6-8E01-AF1700A01A6D LE14 2EA Village Hall, 21 Main Street, Kirby Bellars 24/7 Public
470 LE14 2HU Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
0A06A87C-A2C8-45DE-9C5C-AD5501351AFB LE14 2NQ Asfordby Amateurs Ladies, Girls & Inclusive Fc, Carrfields House, 10 Church Lane 24/7 Restricted
434 LE14 2PB Telephone Box, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7DB9B273-5B5D-4AB8-86FF-B08100ACDB13 LE14 2PZ Somerby Primary School, High Street, Somerby Variable Public
1428 LE14 2QS Entrance Foyer, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B06FD903-E2A1-4889-AF2E-B0290111D638 LE14 2RE Village Green Wholesale Limited, Unit 4 Rural Industrial Estate, Station Road 24/7 Public
4712 LE14 2TE Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
9A1208E2-AEFB-42BE-A5DB-BF47F102710A LE14 2UR Village Hall Melton Road, Burton Lazars 24/7 Public
590F8A06-6C00-4978-BEA7-B07400A1CEA9 LE14 3JJ Ab Kettleby Primary School, Ab Kettleby Community Primary School, Wartnaby Road Variable Restricted
54289D56-DB75-401E-96DE-AD56013993F1 LE14 3JL S And J European Haulage Ltd, S & J European Unit C Melton Commercial Park, St Bartholomews Way 24/7 Public
67A163CA-BC8D-4A24-BEC1-B0830094CC25 LE14 3NB Hothouse.values.shocked, Lodge Farm, Six Hills Lane 24/7 Public
364 LE14 3PQ Opposite Webster's Dairy, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
476 LE14 3QG Bus Shelter, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
DB22DD96-CF98-4D3D-8678-17576615DFB1 LE14 3QX Melton Rd, Asfordby Hill Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
030E662A-2B1F-4387-ABF2-21B9B495F41B LE14 3RD Holwell Sports Football Club, Welby Rd, Asfordby Hill Melton Mowbray 24/7 Public
1440 LE14 3YD The Co-operative Store, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
ABBDB3FD-C57A-4CD6-B91C-B04500D7581B LE14 3YD Central England Co-Operative Food, 1a Bradgate Lane, Asfordby 24/7 Public
7150 LE14 4BF On Post, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
8534 LE14 4BZ Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
44F9FC16-5819-4E4D-8170-B07001056C4F LE14 4BZ Harby Village Hall, Village Hall, 40 School Lane 24/7 Public
24E105DE-F868-4B83-A77D-B09F011B8BD2 LE14 4DL 25f Church Street, Scalford 24/7 Restricted
1410 LE14 4EX Dove Cottage Day Hospice, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
107 LE14 4HB St Guthlac's Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
293 LE14 4HW The Plough, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
F0812D6C-1CCB-4ED4-88B9-B09E00C9ABB8 LE14 4JE Hose Church Of England Primary School, 20 Bolton Lane, Hose Variable Public
7704 LE14 4JP The Old Forge, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
ACCA44A8-2C99-4238-BA17-AF610119A436 LE14 4JP Hose The Old Forge, The Old Forge, Middle Street 24/7 Public
6324 LE14 4JR Belvoir Vale Tennis Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7714 LE14 4JX Belvoir Vale Bowls Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
435 LE14 4NA Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6874 LE14 4PJ Long Clawson Dairy, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
A47C721D-7E36-4ACA-A06C-B04E00BFC46F LE14 4QW 26 Main Street, Saltby, Melton Mowbray, 26 Main Street, Saltby 24/7 Restricted
31A3138A-BDEC-469F-BBBD-AFEB0114D2DE LE14 4RA Derek Shaw Racing Ltd, The Sidings, Saltby Road 24/7 Restricted
3506 LE14 4RB Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7254 LE14 4RU Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4537 LE14 4SB Twinlakes Park, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3144 LE14 4SD Melton Mowbray Golf Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5189 LE14 4UB Scalford Court Care Home, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5190 LE14 4UB Scalford Court Care Home, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5E4203CE-D90A-454E-8AA0-AEC40080DAEF LE15 6AA Cutts Close Park Shelter, Station Road, Oakham 24/7 Public
27E6A4D8-83FD-4D3A-B862-AC16007FBAB7 LE15 6AF 2 Deans Street, Oakham 24/7 Restricted
863B67BA-0191-4757-9393-AC0C00ECE370 LE15 6AL Citizens Advice Bureau, 56 High Street, Oakham 24/7 Public
9E4856C5-014B-474F-9D82-AC0C00EE43A9 LE15 6AY Rutland Laundry, 32a Melton Road, Oakham 24/7 Public
4687 LE15 6AZ The Common Room, Adjoinging The Chapel of St John, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4F004FBE-0FF9-4636-93B6-CC12EF0A0BC1 LE15 6BQ Tesco Stores Ltd, 96 South St, Oakham Variable Restricted
6E5AED29-4969-4E15-8A6B-B03E00A045F5 LE15 6BQ Oakham Fire Station 2433, South Street, Oakham, Oakham 24/7 Public
4015 LE15 6EA Bradshaw Taylor Ltd & Cavells, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5898 LE15 6EA Creme Hair and Beauty Treatments Ltd, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
A00BE698-D255-45DC-A4CA-AE9800EB5092 LE15 6EH English Martyrs Catholic Voluntary Academy, Willow Crescent, Oakham 24/7 Public
6128CFB4-201A-43B2-B700-B09600DD0A73 LE15 6GY The Parks School, Burley Road, Oakham Variable Restricted
97007869-C3BE-4379-B960-AFF600E54252 LE15 6GY Oakham C Of E Primary School, Burley Road, Oakham Variable Restricted
39821241-8E65-4EE4-A24C-ADF800FBB7AF LE15 6HH Oakham Cricket Club, Cricket Ground, Brooke Road 24/7 Public
430D5159-71F0-4008-B389-A6ED4B1672D3 LE15 6HP Rutland County Council, Catmose House, Catmos Street 24/7 Public
4688 LE15 6HY St John, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
899BBE76-D1D9-4BAD-9AFF-AC1400CB3114 LE15 6LE Co-Op - Braunston Road, 83 Braunston Road, Oakham 24/7 Restricted
7416 LE15 6NX Scout and Guide Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
20AA1073-CAEC-421E-B53E-AEF3013B1263 LE15 6NX Girlguiding Uk Oakham, Hall, Grampian Way 24/7 Public
5912C65C-E0EF-48DD-A6D4-AEC40080CEC4 LE15 6NX Oakham Scout And Guide Hall, Scout And Guide Hall, 58 Grampian Way 24/7 Public
438 LE15 6PQ Fitness Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1228 LE15 6QT Citizens Advice Bureau, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6202 LE15 6QT Oakham School Medical Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
328A7A99-744A-4A18-9CCB-B07000BB28AB LE15 6QU Oakham Ambulane Station, Oakham Ambulane Station, Station Road, Oakham 24/7 Public
DC34A64B-77E6-457C-A1CE-37D2B7C4F2D6 LE15 7AA Co-Op Fuel Station - Burley Road, Central England Co-Operative - Burley Road Petrol Station, Burley Road 24/7 Public
3381D6D1-72C1-4B02-90BE-B03F00D67D70 LE15 7BA Cottesmore Academy Kendrew Barracks, School Road, Cottesmore Variable Public
294 LE15 7DH The Chip Shop, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
C55BE829-F851-485B-A25C-B00D00B7FAB9 LE15 7EE Oufc Gate, Oakham Football Club Ltd, Main Road 24/7 Public
6019 LE15 7EG Highfield Farm & Stud, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4196 LE15 7EU Sports Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
382 LE15 7JE Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B87A2AF3-93C9-476C-ADDB-AF6C00B08251 LE15 7JE Langham Village Hall Committee, Village Hall, Church Street 24/7 Public
F7C1F15D-2EFD-491C-8CF6-AF3300B72AA1 LE15 7LW Village Hall, 12 Oakham Road, Ashwell 24/7 Public
8359 LE15 7PH Market Overton Bowls Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3021 LE15 7PL The Lodge Trust, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
DD458819-053B-43CB-98B9-ADF100D66B63 LE15 7PL Reception The Lodge, Main Street, Market Overton 24/7 Public
219D3F72-1CC5-4C15-87DF-FF36E7565C95 LE15 7QB Gates Nurseries & Garden Centre, Somerby Rd, Cold Overton 24/7 Public
D1B59920-7366-4E7B-A873-AD2606AC6F4C LE15 7QP Inside Unlocked Cabinet On Side Of Garage, Huntmasters House, 22 Kimball Close 24/7 Public
5155 LE15 7RN 1 Stowe Court, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4534 LE15 7SH The Olive Branch, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
9BD4F0D1-4813-4C67-A5DC-AEEA0062DB51 LE15 7SH The Olive Branch Car Park, Clipsham, Main Street 24/7 Public
1270 LE15 7TB Rosie Makes Jam, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
757 LE15 7TW Rugby Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6497 LE15 7US The Buttercross Inn, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
FC38E976-2E15-4CE4-8742-AFE8007F8434 LE15 7US Screwfix, 1b Tungsten Park, Panniers Way Variable Restricted
747 LE15 7UT Brocklehurst Park, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
DB69615C-A707-470C-B2EC-AF6C00B15E9B LE15 7UT Brocklehurst Park, Langham 24/7 Public
6D4E551D-E245-42DA-9890-AEB900B729B1 LE15 8AB Rutland Hall Hotel Leisure Centre, Barnsdale, Exton Variable Restricted
D0060189-CFC6-4AD7-95D8-AEB900B88F70 LE15 8AB Rutland Hall Hotel Hotel Reception, Barnsdale, Exton 24/7 Restricted
4450 LE15 8AD Rutland Water Volunteer Training Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1F0F775E-73C4-4E67-B10B-B58577968C6E LE15 8BL Rutland Watersports, Bull Brigg Ln, Whitwell Oakham Variable Public
6CBFFF4F-D92F-45B9-A129-4ABFCA4694AA LE15 8BT Egleton Bird Watching Centre, General Area Of, Egleton Oakham Variable Public
92384FEE-1F6E-4779-A90F-ADE300D1B4CA LE15 8DB Leighfield Bridleway C72, Leighfield 24/7 Public
870 LE15 8EF Doctors Surgery, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
0A29940C-42B5-41C4-BFE5-B03500DBBDB4 LE15 8EF Kings Lane: Doctors Surgery, Barrowden Doctors Surgery, 8 Kings Lane 24/7 Public
2703 LE15 8HD Rutland Water Parkrun, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
117A1694-E635-4453-8E8D-AB9200C3F6F4 LE15 8HD Watersedge Cafe Bar, Normanton Road, Edith Weston Variable Public
A826FAF4-DFA5-4F2D-8382-730778706483 LE15 8HD Rutland Water Fishing Lodge, Normanton Rd, Edith Weston Oakham Variable Restricted
F3A8C401-5BE2-4383-B796-B04400D255CA LE15 8HQ Office Behind Reception Desk, Edith Weston Primary School, Weston Road Variable Restricted
9DA61FFC-6990-4D36-B2E5-B08300B7DF14 LE15 8JR St Mary And St Johns Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Church Street, North Luffenham Variable Restricted
704 LE15 8LE The Fox Pub, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
489 LE15 8NP Lamppost next to Railway Bridge, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5224 LE15 8PS Methodist Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
F22029AE-935A-43B2-98FD-AB8800F96BF7 LE15 8QL Rutland Water Visitor Centre, Sykes Lane, Empingham Variable Restricted
2305125E-C0EC-4089-8ADA-ABE701097FAD LE15 8QS 6 Cedar Street, Oakham 24/7 Public
159 LE15 8SU The Horse and Jockey, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2863 LE15 8SU The Studio & Pool Barns, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
695BF9EA-7931-4678-865E-ADE300CC6411 LE15 9AS Barn, Holygate Road, Ridlington 24/7 Public
4768 LE15 9BP The Old Pheasant Pub, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3938FB45-6F1B-4998-BF42-AE75008C7446 LE15 9BX Glaston Village Hall, Spring Lane, Glaston, Oakham 24/7 Public
665 LE15 9JU St Peters Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
601444E3-FA0A-47B3-9927-ADD00107428C LE15 9LR Lyddington Village Hall, Village Hall, 27 Main Street 24/7 Public
ABFAA0E3-9991-4FCD-AE0A-ACB74C9D0F5A LE15 9NG External Wall At The Rear Of, 1 Church Ln, Preston Oakham 24/7 Public
1079 LE15 9PY Town Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5530 LE15 9QX On Posts, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6E606BDF-D64D-4012-ACCE-B03E00A06A68 LE15 9RL Uppingham Fire Station 2434, 10 Ayston Road, Uppingham, Uppingham 24/7 Public
E4572DE7-17F4-453D-A92B-B07500B887FA LE15 9RT Uppingham Church Of England Primary School, Belgrave Road, Uppingham Variable Restricted
5529 LE15 9SD On Posts, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7406 LE15 9SP Uppingham Town Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4E2E2841-90DE-47DE-8334-AED200FE57CE LE15 9SP Uppingham Town Cricket Club, Castle Hill, Leicester Road 24/7 Public
4006 LE15 9SW Gerard Court Community Room, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
304 LE15 9TA 7 Hawthorn Drive, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7364 LE15 9TX Uppingham Self Store, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1007 LE15 9UD Telephone Box, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5528 LE15 9UR On Posts, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3374 LE16 7DS The Cube Youth & Community Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4254 LE16 7DT Market Harborough Railway Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4253 LE16 7HQ Scotland End Flats, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
57AD05D7-AF4A-481E-AC42-AFEE009E8A0E LE16 7JG Robert Smyth Academy, The Robert Smyth School, Burnmill Road Variable Restricted
BBDF8C7E-D491-4366-9C5B-8DFA2E444CEC LE16 7JG Robert Smyth Academy, Burnmill Rd, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
F4178A03-7C46-416D-9AB9-366155668F8C LE16 7JU Market Harborough Masonic Hall (Kings Hall), Kings Rd, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
8161C96B-C304-4CA3-B6E8-DDD832C99838 LE16 7PA (Inside) Tesco, 21 The Square, Market Harborough Variable Public
67E3C7C1-76BC-406B-B215-AEFD00867A62 LE16 7PH Orthos Projects, Fernie Road, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
5B4D6B9B-C64B-4930-A684-CBBF50767226 LE16 7PT Stephen Sanderson Transport Ltd, Riverside Industrial Estate, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
F4D28842-6C4B-4BE5-9B68-AE93007B2215 LE16 7PT Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, Riverside Ind. Est., Market Harborough Variable Restricted
672688FD-8331-4A9A-9FAB-B03100ADFD62 LE16 7QD Tesco Market Harborough Express, Rockingham Rd, Market Harborough Variable Public
85235F99-8E6D-4DFB-BBDC-AFEA00CE4B05 LE16 7QE Screwfix, Rockingham Industrial Estate, Rockingham Road Variable Restricted
F38E4B76-80CB-4E03-BDE1-ADE500D32018 LE16 7QE Snap Fitness Market Harborough, Retail Unit 5, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
3034FE0C-5857-427C-82FC-AF50011B5E65 LE16 7QG Gibbs And Dandy, Albany Road, Market Harborough Variable Public
B1854B0C-061C-4F59-B13F-B09F007B508D LE16 7QT Claas Manns, Leicester Road, Market Harborough Variable Public
DDC0A904-490E-4243-BFBF-B0AC0111E2C9 LE16 7QT Claas, Kirby Agricultural, Claas Manns Ltd Variable Public
6708 LE16 7RU Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
126E9159-3DB4-4B7F-A47E-B91B601EB5FC LE16 7ST Village Hall, Main Street, Glooston 24/7 Public
41D140D8-5222-46C4-B712-3EC470672D4E LE16 7SZ Church Langton C Of E Primary School, Stonton Rd, Church Langton Market Harborou 24/7 Public
3C4474AB-6AAA-48EF-9B34-AB7300F338AC LE16 7TW The Bell, Main Street, East Langton 24/7 Public
4BE3CF90-5881-4A4D-B894-547F7539FAF3 LE16 7TZ On The Wall Next To The Entrance Of Hall Farm, West Langton Rd, West Langton Market Harborough 24/7 Public
F53D155E-C7AE-4948-BF03-2484B7F59B88 LE16 7UG Westview Farm, Main St, Stonton Wyville Market Harboro 24/7 Public
D8E2FBAE-9563-4CC4-A152-E60F0B554FEE LE16 7UW The Canal Basin, Union Wharf, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
BA560646-2158-459E-B26A-AF3A00F91A39 LE16 7WB Harborough District Council, Harborough Innovation Centre, Wellington Way Variable Public
3372 LE16 8AN Little Bowden Bowls Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
213BC411-4E74-4EA2-9977-5E4F8DD535A8 LE16 8DD Sports Pavillion Hallaton Road, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
650 LE16 8DE Toilet Block, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
48B3D8C9-2BF8-48C3-B37A-B03500C388FB LE16 8DE Land At Manor Farm, Main Street, Blaston 24/7 Public
40A792F7-3019-4516-AE99-AF5800C89297 LE16 8DQ The Village, Home Farm House, East Norton Road 24/7 Public
FDAC79DA-A6DE-4ED2-BB26-F3C9978A9F3F LE16 8DT Medbourne Village Hall, 8 Main St, Medbourne Market Harborough 24/7 Public
C374475B-C951-4AFC-9773-AE000151F5E5 LE16 8EX 7 Woodgate Close, Market Harborough 24/7 Restricted
E124A902-A69E-49AD-9E9C-AE9100AA3F5A LE16 8FL Land South Of, Kettering Road, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
0E6E4D0A-1157-45C7-923A-AE5F00CEDEF7 LE16 8JX Arthingworth Village Hall, Kelmarsh Road, Arthingworth 24/7 Restricted
5239 LE16 8LH Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3736 LE16 8NB Market Harborough Golf Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4F217490-5290-460E-8FD9-E3ED91F2DE94 LE16 8PG Village Hall, Church Ln, Dingley Market Harborough 24/7 Public
EBEE11EA-6B73-4863-8702-AD1F00D245DC LE16 8QG Wilbarston Parish Council, Phonebox Located Opposite The Village Shop, 1 Main Street 24/7 Public
52D2417F-AE14-42F8-A4B6-B014008EFA31 LE16 8QL Rushton Road (Opposite Entrance To Springfield Road), 33 Rushton Road, Wilbarston 24/7 Public
C8DB20E4-CE7B-4951-A9FE-AF9200D077B4 LE16 8TG The Village Hall, Main Street, Rockingham 24/7 Public
0E6EEE8D-0D6D-42A2-B779-ACDA00FBDEAE LE16 8XH Cottingham Parish Council C/O Cottingham Village Store, 2 Corby Road, Cottingham 24/7 Public
641 LE16 8YD Cricket Pavilion, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B533B2BF-E3F2-47E9-A470-AFC600C4AB34 LE16 8YF North Northamptonshire Council, East Carlton Countryside Park, Cafe Building 24/7 Public
16EE2CD4-723E-4B75-ACA3-AC2200E0C60B LE16 9BX Co-Op Funeralcare - Coventry Road, 45 Coventry Road, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
55B87AA6-A287-43CE-AA39-ABC00103336C LE16 9DR Welland Park Cafe, Welland Park Road, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
0DB98F2C-B54F-4435-B4DA-B09700E735B6 LE16 9EG Ashton Marketing Services Ltd, Unit A3, Sovereign Park Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
1F261C9F-3D9B-483A-830A-AFAC00E3AF3B LE16 9EG Unit B5, Sovereign Park, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
637C3507-F6D2-4157-BEEE-B08800CA42CF LE16 9EG Unit A3 Ashton Marketing Services, Sovereign Park, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
4255 LE16 9HE Methodist Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4BDAE632-D15D-4A5B-B0CE-AD7C00D90528 LE16 9HF Market Harborough Rugby Club,, Northampton Road,, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
52ED6495-4A7E-41A9-B015-FB4F3C550F35 LE16 9HF Harborough Town F C, Northampton Rd, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
B1D77878-DCD1-4018-BD80-AD030086529D LE16 9HF Harborough Town Football Club, Northampton Road, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
EA329399-2DC4-4B32-95CB-DCAFA3CD4E53 LE16 9HW Abtec Network Systems Ltd Barents House, 10 Compass Point, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
3375 LE16 9JH Farndon Fields Primary School, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4251 LE16 9JL Community Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3373 LE16 9NR The Ted Mantle Scouts Hut Headquarters, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2B9FFCDB-4DEA-47E8-8EF2-6AC2A9E76BB0 LE16 9QH Market Harborough Cricket & Squash Club, Fairfield Rd, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
434AD838-A1FA-4894-B65B-B08B01074CAF LE16 9QH Market Harborough C Of E Primary School, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough Variable Restricted
94 LE16 9QJ Police Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
74270500-94D0-45E7-8BA8-AF0B00913F88 LE16 9QJ 93 Fairfield Road, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
2B762AE9-1244-4C1E-BEDC-B03E007F8650 LE16 9QL Market Harborough Fire Station 2436, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough, Market Harborough 24/7 Public
3371 LE16 9QQ Bowdens Charity Office, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B808C2E8-BD0C-48D5-A240-AF630151E035 LE16 9RN Clipston Village, Clipston Sports Field, Church Lane 24/7 Public
11EF4B9D-13D9-45B1-8420-28354E1DD25A LE16 9RT Bulls Head, 10 Harborough Rd, Clipston Market Harborough 24/7 Public
4403 LE16 9SH Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
832 LE16 9TE Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
9AD6A547-761A-45D5-AD7D-B035012A3A8D LE16 9TE Recycling Area Village Hall, Laughton Road, Lubenham 24/7 Public
B7F8E1A8-C06C-47D2-9B2E-B02800C70F40 LE16 9TW Lubenham C Of E Primary Schoold, School Lane, Lubenham Variable Restricted
16837274-756A-4AF4-BB60-ABEA00DCA217 LE16 9UF Sibbertoft Parish Council, Reading Room, Berkeley Street 24/7 Public
65C51C42-BE7B-4B38-BF3C-B03B009A5726 LE17 4DU Premier Foods Lutterworth Office, Gilmorton Road, Lutterworth Variable Restricted
C28D1836-A5B1-4AB2-B8C0-B03B00991225 LE17 4DU Premier Foods Lutterworth Office, Gilmorton Road, Lutterworth Variable Restricted
FE0BB81F-0C32-489C-8C48-B03E007F7DCE LE17 4DZ Lutterworth Fire Station 2437, Gilmorton Road, Lutterworth, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
6290A1B5-2072-481A-8822-B06700BD26FE LE17 4EB Lutterworth Ambulance Station, Glimorton Road, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
3C20F1DB-B048-4F20-AFB5-60AB4BD3E3FC LE17 4HD H W Coates Ltd Ladywood Works, Leicester Rd, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
0F84122E-2C29-4187-AEB0-ADA200BC0FF0 LE17 4HN Nurture Me Day Nursery, Rugby Road, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
56DDBC65-E326-4368-B86D-AE0500D85D01 LE17 4HN Lutterworth Golf Club, Rugby Road, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
FF4733FE-84D9-45DC-9958-AFE700D53886 LE17 4JA Screwfix, Unit 2a Tungsten Park, Bilton Way Variable Restricted
611 LE17 4JR Telephone Box, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
32CC8899-39E7-47E0-A07C-AE8B00B99591 LE17 4JX Walcote Memorial Hall, Franks Road, Walcote 24/7 Public
C5767641-6E9E-4050-9DA8-ABF800F5A2D6 LE17 4LN Lutterworth Tennis Club, Hall Park, Hall Lane, Hall Lane 24/7 Restricted
7989 LE17 4LR Bitteswell Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
C68980D8-EEED-4A38-8852-AF5400EF1A4D LE17 4LR Bitteswell Cricket Club, Ullesthorpe Road, Bitteswell 24/7 Public
457 LE17 4LW Rugby Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
370 LE17 4NF The Lutterworth Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7608 LE17 4NJ Hammond Automotive, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B897E981-025D-4FBE-ABA8-AF1200FABCCF LE17 4NJ Hammond Automotive, Leicester Road, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
EE76470F-0A24-4A19-8585-AEF200E7251A LE17 4PN Head Office Uk, Midland Court, 15 Central Park Variable Restricted
706 LE17 4QF The Red Arrow Pub, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
0444D970-F46E-4B1B-9CC3-AE2700EC63AA LE17 4RB Lutterworth Sports Centre, Coventry Road, Lutterworth Variable Restricted
4180 LE17 4RE Lutterworth Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4E3C72DE-ABD5-4BE1-980E-AFC200BC2C96 LE17 4RE Lutterworth Cricket Club, Coventry Rd, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
09FB6892-C663-4D6C-A2F5-AE0100C70D02 LE17 4XH George Clothing - Asda Stores Ltd, George House Magna Park, Coventry Road Variable Restricted
636E8987-9FF0-4E6D-B155-ACA900A7F4D6 LE17 4XN Gxo, Unit 4, 5310 Hunter Boulevard 24/7 Restricted
83891F5B-FC30-468A-AB8C-AE00010651CF LE17 4XN Argosy Way, Lutterworth 24/7 Public
64570F2D-145D-4884-8BF1-A8A1D3D04B3F LE17 4XT Magna Park Management The Estate Offices, Harrier Parkway, Magna Park Lutterworth 24/7 Public
8D54A8F5-2E89-47B1-B265-D6F88A35B91F LE17 4XT Vow Europe Ltd, Harrier Parkway, Magna Park 24/7 Public
01FB8D72-04D2-4262-BB7C-D3D0EDA7F86D LE17 5AJ Village Hall, Main Rd, Claybrooke Magna Lutterworth 24/7 Public
0BC197DC-B891-4C20-BDEB-AF11012D0F75 LE17 5BT The Chequers Country Inn, Main Street, Ullesthorpe 24/7 Public
D8ED3AD6-EB13-4146-AF79-8C0B03CFA326 LE17 5BZ Ullesthorpe Scout Campsite, Frolesworth Rd, Ullesthorpe Lutterworth 24/7 Restricted
641B1EA4-7629-40B0-A355-AE66009CCFE1 LE17 5EE Frolesworth Parish, Woodfield School, The Dutch Barn 24/7 Public
37915E90-CDD2-400E-8DA1-ADFC0132CC02 LE17 5EN Frolesworth Parish, Frolesworth Village Hall, Ullesthorpe Road 24/7 Public
81A4DA66-3A17-49F5-A6C6-AD7600972D62 LE17 5EN Frolesworth Village Hall, Ullesthorpe Road, Frolesworth 24/7 Public
F8FC624C-869A-44A6-A495-AE3000EEB3DC LE17 5GA Ullesthorpe Recreation Ground, Ashby Road, Ullesthorpe 24/7 Public
627 LE17 5HE Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3DC03379-CCA1-41F2-8DAB-ACA900B0A509 LE17 5HS Ashby Parva Parish Meeting, Village Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public
A0968049-4805-4758-BC9A-AFF7007EED7F LE17 5JJ Dunton Bassett Village Hall, Dunton Bassett 24/7 Public
2F8D41DA-111D-46AB-BA3A-1EADFA9D9591 LE17 5LB On The Right Hand Side Of The House Viewed From The Rd, 4 Elfin Grove, Dunton Bassett Lutterworth 24/7 Public
553 LE17 5LS Gilmorton Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1167 LE17 5NQ Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5242 LE17 5PU The Shires Inn, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
54D9E091-D671-49F4-8BFA-AEC500F3A110 LE17 5PU Peatling Parva Village, The Shires, Main Street 24/7 Public
393FC7A9-9FB6-4DE3-88CA-B03800C1A938 LE17 5SP Gilmorton Playing Fields, Kimcote Road, Gilmorton 24/7 Public
564 LE17 6AG White Swan Public House, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
477 LE17 6AZ Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
A7AEA2AF-E275-4DAB-BF29-AEA901547DBF LE17 6AZ Swinford Village Hall, Chapel Street, Swinford 24/7 Public
8405 LE17 6BB Oakfield & Rowland United Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
11A703F8-791B-4E3C-A6BA-459BB3EAE61C LE17 6DB Lh Car Park Wall , Manor Farm, Main St, Catthorpe Lutterworth 24/7 Public
A3BEBB53-C265-4E0E-8671-849A9DCAE3BA LE17 6DS Village Hall, Leys Cr, South Kilworth Lutterworth 24/7 Public
5D038646-1E07-4B3C-9051-B03C00D7ECE7 LE17 6EG South Kilworth C Of E Primary School, Walcote Road, South Kilworth Variable Public
52 LE17 6EP Esso Service Station (F Howkins and Son), Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4FE6CEE5-7A83-449C-BA0E-B03D0088A22B LE17 6HD St Andrews C Of E Primary School, Dag Lane, North Kilworth Variable Public
886 LE17 6HF Sports Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
338400DC-AAA8-4E24-9BEA-AF0F00DA2C80 LE17 6HY North Kilworth Marina Ltd, North Kilworth Marina, Station Road 24/7 Restricted
8379 LE17 6JE Kilworth House Hotel Theatre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
02C4BE62-754C-4332-9672-AE4801860304 LE17 6JW Husbands Bosworth Millennium Pavilion, Kilworth Rd, Husbands Bosworth 24/7 Public
1121 LE17 6NT Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5BDEFF73-A9B4-4D47-9530-AECB00BE2EDD LE17 6PQ Public Telephone 14m From The White House, The Square 5m From The Square, The Square, Shearsby 24/7 Public
6D76D10E-9211-4A5A-ABD6-AFCB00F78497 LE17 6QD Laughton In Leicestershire Village Hall Charitable Trust, Village Hall, Gumley Road 24/7 Public
7A32F059-F083-4161-ADD5-AECD00CDEA2E LE17 6QX Hothorpe Hall ( Venues) Limited, Hothorpe Hall, Hothorpe Road 24/7 Public
1137485D-C9CD-4A67-B7AC-AFF300A2F957 LE18 1BD Tesco Aylestone Lane Express, 234 Aylestone Lane, Wigston Variable Public
6B99B551-FFBA-48F3-ABD9-AE6E00DCE6CD LE18 1HG Water Leys Primary School, Guilford Drive, Wigston 24/7 Public
09AC785D-001D-41A9-A9B1-B03B00A4454F LE18 1NN Institution Of Occupational Safety & Health, The Grange, Highfield Drive Variable Public
230563F0-3441-4A81-A8F0-B03E007F8F29 LE18 1PB Wigston Fire Station 2431, Bull Head Street, Wigston Magna, Wigston 24/7 Public
2DDE1528-A5B4-489F-8225-AF66011C3BE9 LE18 1PD Mcdonald's - Wakes Road, Wakes Road, Wigston 24/7 Public
86 LE18 1WX Police Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1859 LE18 1WX Cycle Responder Trial, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
E77DEA97-7C2C-43F3-8DC9-AF0B0084C67A LE18 1WX Police Station Bull Head Street, Bull Head Street, Wigston 24/7 Public
BFABABCB-2954-4D65-9C0A-B02900B7B80E LE18 2AH All Saints Church Of England Primary School, Long Street, Wigston Variable Restricted
97BEEAD3-AC83-46E5-BAE4-173E2AF464E8 LE18 2BL Pankl Racing Systems, Unit 10 Viking Rd, Wigston Variable Restricted
81FECE5A-45C1-42AD-BE3E-AE2200D3D689 LE18 2DP Wigston Pool & Fitness, Station Rd, Wigston Variable Restricted
19E69F14-FCAE-4653-8CFC-133389993D21 LE18 2DT Wigston Academy, Station Rd, Wigston Variable Restricted
C57264C9-78B7-4143-BB26-ACC400B9D771 LE18 2DT Birkett House School, Station Road, Wigston Variable Restricted
ADF77E4B-7B06-412C-92E1-AFEB005F5F2C LE18 2FL Screwfix, Chartwell Arms Car Park, Chartwell Drive Variable Restricted
EC7F38CA-A302-43F2-9C8D-AF9300E98069 LE18 2FS Cromwell World Distribution Centre (Wdc), Cromwell, 65 Chartwell Drive 24/7 Restricted
338807F7-AD29-49E1-8CF4-EF58C3F6DE09 LE18 2GL Co-Op - Launceston Road, Launceston Rd, Wigston 24/7 Public
E0515E3A-64E1-4EF4-8AB5-F2502C17E07C LE18 2HE Wigston Magna Methodist Church, Cross St, Wigston 24/7 Public
20D09C77-EDAB-444C-AA3D-AFCC00FB556E LE18 3QZ Meadow Community Primary School, Meadow Way, Wigston Variable Restricted
CCF356F1-0429-4C22-A004-B081008A92B7 LE18 3QZ Meadow Community Primary School, Meadow Way, Wigston Variable Restricted
80AB85EE-0A76-48D5-B662-ACCC010DB57D LE18 3RD Glenmere Community Primary School, Estoril Avenue, Wigston 24/7 Public
437B0A26-3D5B-44FC-9736-AE35012DDAC2 LE18 3SN Mercer News, 86 Welford Road, Wigston 24/7 Public
6863 LE18 3TE South Leicester RFC, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
9C741335-C2C6-4D1F-9A09-AFCF00CE0BE4 LE18 3TF Paddleplus, Canal And River Trust Maintenance Yard, Welford Road 24/7 Public
EA71BF93-1684-43FE-B67A-5383E3E4AA0C LE18 4PB Co-Op - Blaby Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Blaby Road, 79 Blaby Rd 24/7 Public
B072E75C-068F-4D4D-A318-AE5800D4AA52 LE18 4SE Tesco Superstore, Blaby Rd, South Wigston Variable Public
37704417-F311-4666-A1F2-AFE900BE8AC7 LE18 4TA South Wigston High School, St Thomas Road, Wigston Variable Restricted
8246A7E9-2878-48D8-9C73-AFE900BE0B39 LE18 4TA South Wigston High School, St Thomas Road, Wigston Variable Restricted
22721208-9261-45F9-AC9D-AF50012126A8 LE18 4TQ Gibbs And Dandy, St Thomas Road, South Wigston Variable Public
ABBA359E-AA8F-4CE0-BF67-AE8300FFDF45 LE18 4YE Fairfield Ph, Gloucester Crescent, Wigston 24/7 Public
40789B33-73BA-4BA5-A6F0-B02E00ADDF15 LE18 4ZH Charnwood Foods, Magna Road, South Wigston Variable Restricted
336CA3C9-16DA-404F-A003-ADFD0125FF4F LE19 0LF David Lloyd - Narborough, Carlton Park, Narborough Variable Restricted
4F228ACB-CAB1-4CB6-9DD2-AF81008B9130 LE19 1ES Espo - Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation, Warehouse, Barnsdale Way 24/7 Restricted
697DE2AA-5D4D-4FF1-94F6-AF66011C231B LE19 1HX Mcdonald's - Fosse Shopping Park, Fosse Shopping Park, Liecester 24/7 Public
2E539EE3-2C9B-4C26-BBF6-CD1BC9F49304 LE19 1JZ David Lloyd Leisure Plc, Unit F, Meridian Leisure Park Variable Restricted
75062B63-BF7E-4A4E-8971-B02700BD9A94 LE19 1JZ Savills - Meridian Leisure Park, Meridian Leisure Park, Lubbesthorpe Way,Braunstone, Leicester 24/7 Public
9FCE9E87-0BF0-447A-99A5-AE1B008BD119 LE19 1QP Steris, Unit C, Tiber Way Variable Public
D2913CC6-0E8F-4A28-8275-6CB271922E0D LE19 1QW Nebosh, 5 Dominus Wy, Meridian Business Park Leicest 24/7 Public
FBB3080F-2010-4C9B-A80A-AECC00CAED03 LE19 1RJ National Merchant Buying Society, 10 Merus Court, Meridian Business Park Variable Restricted
36DD5992-BDA4-4EFC-B46D-AFC700B1D400 LE19 1SU Summers-Inman, 6 Thorpe Way, Grove Park, Meridian Business Park 24/7 Public
C0F4E8BD-3220-45D7-8573-AE9000BDE297 LE19 1SU White Stuff, Unit, Thorpe Way Variable Public
FB93B85F-4EE0-496A-9A6E-AEBC00E2224E LE19 1WL F R P Advisory Llp, First Floor Ashcroft House, 3 Ervington Court 24/7 Public
E2CF7F0E-C038-4FE7-9929-AE5900FE6E24 LE19 1WX Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings Ltd, Unit 1, Meridian West Variable Restricted
2A65F97B-B474-4CAF-B7AF-B01500889403 LE19 1WY Guidance Automation, Unit 2 Meridian South, Meridian Business Park, Braunstone Town Variable Public
2349784B-058D-4245-A16A-B03E007F7935 LE19 1WZ Southern Fire Station, Meridian East, Meridian Business Park, Braunstone Town 24/7 Public
754BB326-84E6-4698-B503-AF66011C35AE LE19 1WZ Mcdonald's - Meridian Retail Park, Meridian Retail Park, Braunstone Town, Leicester 24/7 Public
4E92A144-F1FE-49CA-B750-AD4300E5C11F LE19 2AN 3 Cooper Way, Enderby Variable Restricted
2903 LE19 2BX Sports Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
335AEC7F-F1EC-475B-A3AB-AF0B00A26908 LE19 2BX Enderby Police Hq, Narborough Road South, Enderby 24/7 Public
3929C0EB-304D-4A3F-A375-AC400108C908 LE19 2BX Cooper Way, Enderby 24/7 Public
657 LE19 2EP District Council Offices, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
12118512-5B64-48C2-99D7-B09F00EAB5A7 LE19 2GR Narborough Arms, 6 Coventry Road, Narborough 24/7 Public
E991413A-D5DD-4F04-B2E4-AE8C00816996 LE19 2HR Narborough Railway Station, Station Road, Narborough 24/7 Public
EC16AEF8-BAEE-471C-808B-B06700BC83C7 LE19 3EQ East Midlands Ambulance Service Nhs Trust, Narborough Ambulance Station, Forest Road 24/7 Public
805DD7DA-B191-4061-B2BF-AEDF00A51339 LE19 3GP D.o.c Event Medical Specialists Ltd, 43 Huncote Road, Narborough 24/7 Restricted
4CE0F7C7-9ADA-49A1-9A86-AFAD00FB37CF LE19 3LU Hardwicke Road, Narborough 24/7 Public
FE6E2A7C-1014-46B4-8834-AFC0014DBB31 LE19 3WY Tesco Narborough Express, Copt Oak Court, Hardwicke Road Variable Public
57A92C43-AA1A-4FA3-A492-AF57009C3011 LE19 4BF Redrow Homes - Chantry Mews Customer Experience Suite, Tay Road, New Lubbesthorpe Variable Restricted
D8E3E6E8-7A8F-4720-A8D3-AE04011F14C6 LE19 4BF Lubbesthorpe Parish Council, New Lubbesthorpe Primary School, Tay Road 24/7 Public
5C10A2A5-3F63-43AF-980C-B03400B8B7D2 LE19 4LH Danemill County School, Enderby Danemill Primary School, Mill Lane Variable Restricted
2F95FB96-70B4-4584-AA21-AE2A00C55C88 LE19 4LX Enderby Leisure Centre, Mill Lane, Enderby Variable Restricted
BFC83DD3-DFD1-4D77-9721-63B01C13267D LE19 4LX Tennis Club, Mill Lane, Enderby 24/7 Public
DFCF5151-D2D3-4B75-AA95-AFB300FF04C1 LE19 4SA Prp Uk Ltd, Unit 22, Warren Park Way 24/7 Public
6267CE44-D48D-4BA3-9DDD-AD3A00C388CB LE2 0AA Uk Rail Leasing Ltd, Beal Street, Leicester Variable Restricted
B71BAE56-5C14-4D43-BE56-ADDE00EBD915 LE2 0JA Watkin Jones Site Office, Car Park, 4-6 Glebe Street Variable Restricted
04274DE4-8B49-4D8F-9AC6-AF2700C42B9F LE2 0JN The Dawn Centre Nightshelter, Conduit Street, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
77A40862-534A-46C2-874A-B030010A4D94 LE2 0NE Sparkenhoe Community Primary School, Saxby Street, Leicester Variable Restricted
7C0CB4F2-44EA-40E9-B507-AFC201073928 LE2 0QD Tesco Lillie House Leic Express, 50-52 London Road, Leicester Variable Public
086C6D44-7E60-4A40-ACB8-B04200E617D4 LE2 0TA The Ark World Arts Centre, Sparkenhoe Street, Leicester Variable Restricted
2441EBA7-ECD4-4682-A818-2D7881B283EB LE2 0TU The Moat Community College, Maidstone Rd, Highfields Leicester 24/7 Public
2FCF0B53-234A-4C87-AC3E-ADD0009B3B9A LE2 1AP Wolsey Court, 22 Knighton Park Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
91EA5AC5-EE5D-4448-B3DE-B0D9CF182DC8 LE2 1HL Co-Op - Evington Road, 170 Evington Rd, Highfields Leicester 24/7 Public
3861 LE2 1NA Mayfield Office, Mayfield House, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7883 LE2 1RQ University of Leicester, Brookfield Teaching Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
E94719D7-7376-40EA-B756-B03C011F55F2 LE2 1RQ Brookfield Teaching Centre, Brookfield Teaching Centre, Brookfield Campus, London Road, University Of Leicester 24/7 Public
8BA0F536-8500-4AA4-BBEA-B05700B3BDA8 LE2 1WP Leicester Quaker Meeting House, 16 Queens Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
DF5F2375-0125-4981-8F7F-AFFC00D1FAAF LE2 2AJ Stoneygate Court, 298 London Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
9771495D-E4FA-47B7-BF77-AE8300E2B2A3 LE2 2EB 9th Leicester Scout Group, Scout Hut 9th Leicester, 58 Stoughton Road 24/7 Public
1784 LE2 2FL Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3727 LE2 2LD The Knoll, Harold Martin Botanic Garden, Leicester University, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
ACD3D63A-AEBD-400A-B204-7526747CFB32 LE2 2PJ Kirk Lodge 322, London Rd, Stoneygate Leicester 24/7 Restricted
A111B6A8-5BD8-4FB5-9068-ADD000B2755C LE2 3AJ Knighton Conservative Club, 123-125 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
6114 LE2 3PL Leicester Bowling Club Clubhouse, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1D5C66E1-E178-439B-B35F-ADB900E7F50D LE2 3TT Cradock Arms, 201 Knighton Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
4174 LE2 3WG Bowls Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
492B0BBC-F7FA-460D-BB62-C28E896ECDCD LE2 3YN Knighton Park Toilets, South Kingsmead Rd, Knighton Leicester 24/7 Public
638FEECC-202A-4211-9BE5-70F45BEC372F LE2 3YN Knighton Park Totem Pole, South Kingsmead Rd, Knighton Leicester 24/7 Public
D9AF94EA-E8E3-4A57-97C1-B06F00AED3CC LE2 4TY Woodland Grange Primary School, 10 Beaufort Way, Oadby Variable Restricted
F3DC5ADE-C309-403E-BA6E-B03D009FEAF1 LE2 5HS Langmoor Primary School, Kenilworth Drive, Oadby Variable Restricted
CA24C80F-B31C-4C25-9AD1-AE2F00C5B02C LE2 5JJ Parklands Leisure Centre, Washbrook Lane, Oadby Variable Public
58CB613B-F8BD-4490-A844-7E9CE01088B5 LE2 5TQ Gartree High School, Ridge Wy, Oadby Leicester 24/7 Restricted
3F9124E7-1C63-407F-9779-AE9E00A33527 LE2 5WP Brocks Hill Primary School, Howdon Road, Oadby Variable Restricted
8991DA9A-D999-43D8-82BD-AFD900A3A6D3 LE2 6FU Sir Jonathan North Girls' College, Knighton Lane East, Leicester Variable Restricted
38DFA490-D4B1-4B7C-8A9A-AFC101394596 LE2 6GB Tesco Express, 80 Aberdale Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
33B06D98-7B8C-4E69-871A-AEA2007EED2E LE2 6LG Knighton Fields Road West, Leicester Variable Restricted
CBDA5C37-D3FF-4927-81EA-AD8400C9E244 LE2 6TG Aylestone Park Youth Football Club, 800 Saffron Lane, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
028BEA21-3BFD-41F4-AAFC-D23E4EDE3AA6 LE2 6TY Saffron Hill Cemetery, St Davids Rd, Saffron Lane Estate Leicester Variable Restricted
8C8B164C-3E91-4F47-ACBB-AFF200CAB73B LE2 6UA Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, 50 Trenant Road, Leicester Variable Public
A3347402-8692-4C0E-BF81-AFF200C9BAE1 LE2 6UA Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, 50 Trenant Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
DDF83448-0B50-45D8-9741-CFE7262868A6 LE2 6UA Samworth Enterprise Academy, 50 Trenant Rd, Saffron Lane Estate Leicester Variable Restricted
7384F9C6-08B0-4F8D-AD06-AFC100C23302 LE2 6UG Tesco, Tesco Saffron Lane, 459 Saffron Lane Variable Public
CE636B2C-4693-426C-8EED-EA8104EC9522 LE2 7AU Leicester Rowing Club, Upperton Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
55163386-532C-48E1-9B90-B09200FEE13B LE2 7DR Queens Building, Mill Lane, Leicester 24/7 Public
4417D17A-BB3E-49F1-992C-B09200E58E6E LE2 7EJ Bede House, 11 Western Boulevard, Leicester 24/7 Public
DA53512F-2D57-4094-A2B8-AE710079D22D LE2 7GR Puregym, 166 Walnut Street, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
0932E947-EE50-4F39-BD8F-8BA39CE2364B LE2 7HN Bede Park, Western Blvd, Leicester 24/7 Public
6645908F-D152-4BD5-BC64-AFC000EC0ADB LE2 7HN Tesco Express, 21 Western Boulevard, Leicester Variable Public
E8F9D483-92B5-4A6C-BB9F-1A858E515A40 LE2 7JR Leicester Electricity Sports Cricket Club, 66 New Bridge St, Leicester 24/7 Public
B8569038-4199-4730-A916-AED100C3719B LE2 7LA St Andrews Play Association, 111 Walnut Street, Leicester 24/7 Public
4236 LE2 7SR City Cricket Academy Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
608565CC-D8F5-4C58-92E4-AFF300F5477A LE2 7SZ Screwfix, Unit 18 Ealing Road, Freemans Common Variable Restricted
8310 LE2 7TF The Mary McIntosh Building, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
EBD8DD5D-1652-4195-B168-B06100C6A6A7 LE2 7TF The Mary Macintosh Building, The Mary Macintosh Building, University Of Leicester, Freemen's Common, Welford Road 24/7 Public
72E627F0-C36A-49FE-8FEE-76195CFC60E5 LE2 8EB Leicestershire County Cricket Club, Curzon Rd, Aylestone Leicester 24/7 Public
4238 LE2 8HA Leicester Banks Cricket Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
DFCE9E67-4D8C-4E7A-A737-B02901058CDA LE2 8LP Granby Primary School, Granby Primary School,, Granby Road Variable Restricted
DE8CE85C-3986-4C3B-9351-AEDE00C1D761 LE2 8LZ St Andrews Football Club, 70 Canal Street, Leicester 24/7 Public
2115 LE2 8NH Freemen's Holt Community Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B95D0EFF-3B3A-4EA7-BF45-AE1F016A4DAE LE2 8PH Tesco, 9-13 Lutterworth Road, Leicester Variable Public
48F57B93-0A81-47CA-903A-28C0E3FE3E1A LE2 8TG Aylestone Rd, Aylestone Leicester 24/7 Public
5AEA319C-54F5-4593-A3FA-CD2DD3D8FB87 LE2 8TN Montrose Primary School, Wigston Ln, Aylestone Leicester 24/7 Public
33EB74E4-EF3F-41C4-9CBB-AF5500BE1EA4 LE2 9AH Childrens Hospital School, Willow Bank School, Simmins Crescent Variable Restricted
C675701F-0471-4537-B8FC-AEEE00E07AE3 LE2 9AQ Eyres Monsell Club For Young People, Whitteney Drive South, Leicester Variable Restricted
E75D87C7-7E4B-478E-A316-AC1A00C8179D LE2 9DB Co-Op - Sturdee Road, Sturdee Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
9681C4B7-8703-4881-9553-AF5500CA4C97 LE2 9PQ Magpie Learning Centre, Hillsborough Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
E5F20EA2-68CF-49EA-8400-AF0400A15176 LE2 9TF Medequip Ltd - Leicester, Wharf Way, Glen Parva 24/7 Public
7EB5A72E-A0F7-4754-ABA2-AF8B00E2915E LE3 0LF Elim Pentecostal Church, Narborough Road, Leicester Variable Public
574989C6-1088-46F8-8035-ADDE00CE5C6D LE3 0TF Tesco Store, 125 Hinckley Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
88CF81F2-14E4-49F2-AE0C-AD6500A9DC26 LE3 0TG 247 Hinckley Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
85978E9C-D9A6-4049-96D1-D7A266148E17 LE3 0UW Co-Operative Funeral, 143 Wyngate Dr, Westcotes Leicester 24/7 Public
EBFE347F-EEB5-4E29-8550-E7A51E6AF423 LE3 1AH Fullhurst Community College, Imperial Av, Braunstone Leicester Variable Restricted
490D0515-9AC7-4672-9A5C-AF0B00946A25 LE3 1DD Braunstone Police Station, Hallam Crescent East, Braunstone 24/7 Public
A8489F59-71FB-4593-B598-AC2100AC5834 LE3 1DN Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, 1 Radar Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
8A20F6E6-5413-467C-AC00-B08900F0B6CB LE3 1EE Folville Junior School, Folville Rise, Leicester Variable Public
90 LE3 1FF Police Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
DEAFA31A-ABBD-4BAA-97AA-C202E0AE6D64 LE3 1FF Co-Op - Hallam Crescent East, 170 Hallam Cr East, Leicester 24/7 Public
C2122667-C497-4799-B390-DCA80B23143C LE3 1HX Braunstone Park Stable Yard, Gooding Av, Leicester Variable Public
3134EBDE-62FC-4FA4-B593-AE620103850E LE3 1QZ B-Inspired, The Grove Community Hub, 12 Cort Crescent 24/7 Public
235DB2E0-285A-4C0B-A0DC-B08A00A587CF LE3 1TL 3 Radar Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
C0E72CA4-D606-459F-88C6-AE1B00985DED LE3 1TU Royal Mail, 1 Elland Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
190C1253-A049-481A-A3A4-AE6900873D48 LE3 1UE Ads Laser Cutting Limited, Fox's Site, Sunningdale Road Variable Restricted
40B25974-6D82-4E1A-9B67-76CCA07DAF23 LE3 1UJ Central England Co-Operative - Distribution Centre, Central England Co-Operative, 80 Scudamore Rd 24/7 Public
F718F3F4-6B19-4940-A26B-AFE2009B36C2 LE3 1UJ 80 Scudamore Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
B4341969-9AC4-47F2-B931-ADEC00C10206 LE3 1UQ Anglo House, 52 Scudamore Road, Leicester Variable Public
C0F1F40D-AA69-4AAC-B7B8-A6CBBDCAEF8F LE3 2DG Aylestone Playing Fields Fis Pavilion, Braunstone Lane East, Leicester 24/7 Public
34591E12-C496-4497-9CFD-99A985AA1B18 LE3 2EB Christ Church United Reformed Church, Barbara Rd, Rowley Fields Leicester 24/7 Public
64E5E35F-71FA-47F6-8F11-AE1B00BE1A8F LE3 2FU Tesco, Tesco Rowley Fields Petrol Filling Station, 510 Narborough Road Variable Restricted
BC948DD9-3B32-47AA-8601-AFC000AE01CF LE3 2GA Julie Boden's Unisex Hair Salon, 8 Ayston Road, Braunstone Town 24/7 Public
6C8C64B4-46C9-45CF-8315-AB7100DDF7AE LE3 2GR 21 The Crossway, Braunstone Town, Leicester Variable Restricted
6C4A1AAD-BE68-4FC2-BCE8-84F9B2AD6A35 LE3 2JW Co-Op - Turnbull Drive, 114 Turnbull Dr, Braunstone Leicester 24/7 Public
49F7280E-7CF3-41EB-9F49-FC519ABA16FA LE3 2QR Co-Op - Narborough Road, 259 Narborough Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
2D375184-FCB6-433F-8EBA-AE4E00B20EAD LE3 3AW Mosaic 1898, Oak Spinney Park, Ratby Lane, Leicester Forest East 24/7 Restricted
EB98D54D-B5B4-49A1-A212-B09100CFC83E LE3 3FF Fossebank Primary School, School, Holmfield Avenue West Variable Restricted
E241E7B9-8F82-45CF-9277-AFE0007F533A LE3 3GB Welcome Break Ltd, Motorway Services And Premises M1 Northbound Service Area, Baines Lane 24/7 Public
CD0FF4D1-3ECF-4C85-9C9B-B9381E367855 LE3 3JE L F E Parish Hall, Kings Dr, Leicester Forest East Leiceste 24/7 Public
09A32B4E-9ABD-459B-B7E6-AE45009188ED LE3 3JT Tesco Leicester Forest Express, 164 Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest East Variable Restricted
DAD3C864-54D1-42C4-9A0F-AE8D00D78494 LE3 3LJ Stafford Leys School, Stafford Leys Community Primary School, Stafford Leys Variable Restricted
BAC0D0A8-9431-4D27-B068-AFA300E4BBFC LE3 3PL 20 Beechwood Avenue, Leicester Forest East 24/7 Restricted
4049 LE3 5DE The Old Mill, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4050 LE3 5DE The Old Mill, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
0C950B28-C43A-48B3-B0AD-B07B00A19689 LE3 5EA Fosse Mead Primary Academy, Balfour Street, Leicester Variable Restricted
BF17B1D2-B3A2-4511-8FF6-AE3600C81399 LE3 5EX Tesco Express, Tescos Express, 223 Fosse Road North Variable Public
D235210E-E426-4A58-B12A-7B4C8679AAC9 LE3 5NJ Tesco Stores Ltd, 100 New Park St, Leicester Variable Public
99 LE3 5QJ Hinckley Road Police Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7DF7E97F-96A2-4EAE-94E6-AF0B00913844 LE3 5QJ Hinckley Road Police Station, 90 Norfolk St, Leicester 24/7 Public
379DB17D-329D-480B-88A5-1EA567A85733 LE3 6FN St Annes Community Hall, Letchworth Rd, Western Park Leicester 24/7 Public
4FA56198-57BE-4EF7-BA02-AFA9008D5C7C LE3 6HX Western Park, Hinckley Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
E7E90ACE-9ECF-4CD6-83DE-7793CC442998 LE3 6NW Co-Op - Sharmon Crescent, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Sharmon Crescent, 29-35 Sharmon Cr 24/7 Public
8397 LE3 6RJ Juniper Lodge Police Building, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3C9A0407-5E5E-4CE8-9B78-2C88C5FC468E LE3 6RJ Team Hub Cic, New Parks Community Centre, St Oswald Road 24/7 Public
4D259DF4-F381-46D7-9610-ADB801021E7A LE3 6RJ 67 St Oswald Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
86DF299D-0272-4057-944F-AE2200AA51A2 LE3 6UJ Tesco, Unit 1, Ryder Road Variable Public
65ED8418-D620-4578-8B06-42BF2DE5CC5E LE3 8DL Park House, Stamford St, Glenfield Leicester 24/7 Public
6D7AE1D7-6B29-48DD-A231-AFC100FF879E LE3 8FB Tesco Express, Dominion Road, Glenfield Variable Public
CAD8E35A-26EB-4249-BE8C-AE40008E11AE LE3 8FB Tesco Express, Dominion Rd, 0 Variable Restricted
43AE079A-0478-4CC5-BD32-AC40010C5D32 LE3 8JS Devana Avenue, Glenfield Variable Restricted
43BE4FDC-C30A-4D21-863E-AC40010ACD48 LE3 8JS Devana Avenue, Glenfield Variable Restricted
7F901350-216D-43FE-A8A9-D9A4DC7341D0 LE3 8JS Everards Bewery Ltd, Malt Store, Devana Av, Optimus Point, Glenfield, Leicester Variable Restricted
981018F8-5AAB-4347-9CB4-AC0900B8F2B0 LE3 9AR Abbeyoak Funeral - Buckminster Road, 10-12 Buckminster Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
3C6A0380-578F-4912-95E6-AEDE012CFC35 LE3 9BS Stokes Wood Allotment, 2b Stokes Drive, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
FC96360C-08FC-467A-B5C0-B075009DB86B LE3 9FS Inglehurst Infant School, Ingle Street, Leicester Variable Public
52DCE35C-CC6A-4CC7-91EC-B090007E4BBD LE3 9LD New Parks Social Club, Battersbee Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
774B7AB3-1B13-4D2B-AAAA-B03E009FE970 LE3 9PW Western Fire Station 2424, Aikman Avenue, Leicester 24/7 Public
ABF28375-4655-4CA6-B686-ABD700EE4B13 LE3 9PW Co-Op - Aikman Avenue, 279 Aikman Avenue, Leicester 24/7 Public
D7A5DABD-5BB6-4D46-9D52-C720F5AFC076 LE3 9PW Leicestershire Fire Service, Aikman Av, New Parks Leicester 24/7 Public
0F764556-90DB-4188-BC92-AD3400F3F977 LE3 9QE Loros Hospice, Leicestershire And Rutland Hospice, Groby Road 24/7 Public
CC7C650D-E170-494A-9586-ADB20154CA86 LE3 9QW Opposite Number 13, Lady Hay Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
FC375C2F-51CF-4871-A1FF-3CD104B78F48 LE3 9QY Gilroes Cemetery, Elder Cl, Leicester Variable Public
127BC9C6-DE55-4467-8EBB-ABDF00D69B07 LE4 0BG B & Q Plc, 35 Devonshore Road, Leicester Variable Public
E06D5E6D-30DD-49BE-8698-ADC9009E080A LE4 0DG Signfab Uk Ltd, Byford Road, Leicester Variable Public
878BC946-372A-43CD-9185-ADD400CE7F58 LE4 0DZ Nuffield Health, 1 Byford Way, Leicester Variable Restricted
AFCAC327-D695-4C58-84E8-B00A00FA94E1 LE4 0DZ Lexus, Blackbird Mills, Abbey Lane Variable Public
5A25C2EB-1E11-4A0D-B194-B27FB80EC56C LE4 0FL Beaumont Leys Secondary School, Anstey Ln, Leicester Variable Restricted
CE499760-E19E-4561-8F04-AD41013E0A17 LE4 0SU Home Farm Neighbourhood Centre, 55 Home Farm Close, Leicester 24/7 Public
25ECC652-A4BB-4CA1-B596-B08800BBE7C5 LE4 0SZ Sports Hall And Grounds Babington College, Strasbourg Drive, Leicester Variable Restricted
B21D7DE7-3ABD-48ED-9E27-B08200CE1EB7 LE4 0SZ Babington Academy, 151 Strasbourg Drive, Leicester Variable Restricted
C3C37B59-12E4-48CE-A955-E9740F1EB309 LE4 0SZ Babington Community College, 150 Strasbourg Dr, Beaumont Leys Leicester Variable Restricted
DE37624F-9038-4159-B6F7-AD4400DCDDA1 LE4 0SZ Babington Academy, 151 Strasbourg Drive, Leicester Variable Restricted
86BF3638-43C4-43B2-A4FA-7FDD399BF217 LE4 1DE Tesco Stores Ltd, 1 Bradgate Mall, Beaumont Leys Leicester Variable Public
5F144A4F-F648-45F7-AC8B-AF1000B62EB8 LE4 1DS Beaumont Wy, Leicester 24/7 Public
EFEBA370-61FA-40E2-9BB5-D48B9CAB9CB5 LE4 1DS Leicester Leys Leisure Centre, Beaumont Wy, Beaumont Leys Leicester Variable Restricted
C780960A-50B1-4DC0-BFD9-B01B00A0D9F6 LE4 1DT Beaumont Lodge Primary School, Astill Lodge Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
601B0366-F6C4-43B4-ABD9-AE98009ECDC8 LE4 1JX Randall Parker Food Group, First Floor Offices W & J Parker Winkadale House, Knights Road Variable Public
C133D16F-644F-4682-B349-B02900E962D1 LE4 2BB Wolsey House Primary School, Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester Variable Restricted
67E6C72B-BBD2-4742-BB1B-B03C00CC55DB LE4 2ED Community Shop Stocking Farm, Marwood Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
8058F017-0972-4AF4-8153-AFC00155333B LE4 2JU Tesco Mowmacre Hill Express, Tesco Express 12-14 Bewcastle Grove, Leicester Variable Public
956CF3EB-FFDE-479C-B2A5-560E7F85A0B1 LE4 2LZ Bennion Pools (Solar Unit) Site Entrance Opposite, 40 Durban Rd, Mowmacre Hill Leicester 24/7 Public
3E4FD4FB-395E-47D6-94BC-B03000B3916A LE4 2NG Mowmacre Hill Primary School, Tedworth Green, Mowmacre Hill Variable Restricted
3895 LE4 2QG Rugby Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
512810AF-608C-46D4-85EC-B02A009D1651 LE4 2WF Glebelands Primary School, Chancel Road, Leicester Variable Public
515B8226-BCD5-4F87-A63A-ACAA012A751E LE4 2WF Glebelands Primary School, Chancel Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
309D26DA-AF47-4C1D-A36B-AF42015C9D25 LE4 3AT Girlguiding Birstall, 1 Johnson Road, Birstall 24/7 Public
A830901A-9528-441D-AFFB-AFBA009E29A5 LE4 3BB Tank 176m From Birstall Golf Club, Station Road 196m From Station Road, Cycleway From Park Road To County Boundary, Birstall 24/7 Public
115F8522-E681-4E03-936E-AE83008BA1EB LE4 3BY Dunelm 1 (Manufacturing), Coal Cart Road, Birstall, Birstall Variable Restricted
C674893B-3C61-4C85-8187-B03500C3CDDE LE4 3DL School Main Reception Area, Highcliffe Primary School, Greengate Lane Variable Public
1194 LE4 3HD Mace Shop, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
8DB1885B-A286-4400-A2B1-AC0E00DAD5EF LE4 3HD Mace, Kingsgate Store, Kingsgate Ave 24/7 Public
6821 LE4 3LH Hallam Fields Community Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
94CF479E-1151-454D-A93A-AF5B00DEB473 LE4 3LH Hallam Fields Community Hall, Hallam Fields Road, Birstall 24/7 Public
5344A34F-7841-484E-A6E7-B03600DCE3F5 LE4 3LL Hallam Fields Primary School, Long Meadow Way, Birstall Variable Public
EF0BF981-CF7A-4939-B34D-AEDD0116FE77 LE4 4DE Central England Coop Sports & Social Club, M C S Sports & Social Club, Birstall Road 24/7 Restricted
577 LE4 4DH Playing Field Car Park, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
606994EA-5209-47D5-87DF-AC0E00D9BB5F LE4 4DH Birstall Parish Council, Council Offices, Birstall Road 24/7 Public
60515109-22A4-4891-9AAE-AF3200DE823D LE4 4DP Managers Accommodation, 18 Front Street, Birstall Variable Restricted
A9D326BE-685A-44A3-9057-AF9500DB7C8B LE4 4GH The Cedars Academy, Wanlip Lane, Wanlip 24/7 Restricted
4C2367D5-B50C-4C92-A76C-AC0E00DA43B3 LE4 4JS Birstall Methodist Church, Wanlip Lane, Birstall 24/7 Public
551292DC-979C-4CA6-81CE-B030009DF1B9 LE4 4JU Riverside County Primary School, Wanlip Lane, Birstall Variable Restricted
46F91874-8620-44F7-B0E0-AE2000D44BB8 LE4 4ND Tesco Express, 139a Sibson Road, Birstall Variable Public
3CE57E43-D297-4A4F-ABD6-AF8500D343C8 LE4 5AQ Lcc Parks, Gardening Depot, Abbey Park, Oval Side Variable Restricted
44757AE2-2B24-4C4E-A913-B5491FB2425E LE4 5AQ Abbey Park Office, Abbey Park Rd, Belgrave Leicester Variable Restricted
8C830BAA-0812-44D4-8E47-09E9A8458157 LE4 5AQ Abbey Park Education Centre Flower Gdn, Abbey Park Rd, Belgrave Leicester Variable Public
C81ED231-072B-4014-A6BD-A249BE89A215 LE4 5AQ Abbey Park Cafe, Abbey Park Rd, Belgrave Leicester Variable Public
CB7996CD-914E-4AD3-96E5-166B255B7A6A LE4 5NS National Space Centre, Exploration Drive, Leicester Variable Restricted
B8317B3F-A06B-4D0A-81F2-B02E009F8C52 LE4 5NU Electricity Sub Station 82m From 51 Exploration Drive 9m From Exploration Drive, Exploration Drive, Leicester Variable Restricted
404C3A9C-353C-40DA-A202-AEFD00A4AC12 LE4 5PW Sunbelt Rentals Ltd, Corporation Road, Leicester Variable Public
630BABFD-3A0A-4074-86B1-AFCB008D2927 LE4 5PW Sunbelt Rentals, Corporation Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
6801 LE4 5SP Space Park Leicester, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7B6A049B-6906-4742-A04B-AD1E009BAAAF LE4 6BY Catherine Infant School, Ulverscroft Road, Catherine Infant School Variable Restricted
A70D82BE-42AF-4E81-B7D2-AFE800D6866B LE4 6BY Screwfix, Units 2/3 Hatherway Close, Empire Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
199DC402-9E96-4497-9675-2BD5CA55A668 LE4 6JD Cossington Recreation Ground Toilet Block, Cossington St, Belgrave Leicester 24/7 Public
D5F80E40-8AED-4281-A0C7-B03600A6DC18 LE4 6PN Tesco Store, 73 Melton Road, Leicester Variable Public
8A29DD93-A78C-45CF-8635-ED46B69B69C4 LE4 6QN St Patricks Rc Primary School, Harrison Rd, Belgrave Leicester 24/7 Public
A0277027-509E-45D5-87B3-B023009195D6 LE4 6RB Rushey Mead Primary School, Gipsy Lane, Leicester Variable Restricted
15843A92-8A81-4467-A87A-A251C0BD36B0 LE4 7AB Rushey Fields Recreation Ground, Harrison Rd, Rushey Mead Leicester 24/7 Public
C691391A-FDCA-4F92-9AB6-FE796DA47517 LE4 7RN Watermead Country Park South - Toilet Block, Alderton Cl, Rushey Mead Leicester 24/7 Public
A586D552-567C-457F-9DE5-AFA900901D11 LE4 7RR Jesse Jackson Park, Troon Way, Near Silverstone Drive 24/7 Public
720 LE4 8FN Elizabeth Park Sports and Community Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
590ABC04-FE35-4671-BBFE-AE83008A0CCA LE4 8GP Dunelm Thurmaston, Barkby Thorpe Lane, Thurmaston, Thurmaston Variable Restricted
14749CE3-F195-4C8E-B977-ADC500BB11EC LE4 8GQ The Roundhill Academy, 997 Melton Road, Thurmaston 24/7 Public
544F0808-14BD-4105-89DE-ADD700AB3A86 LE4 8HP Donaldson Filtration, 155 Humberstone Lane, Thurmaston Variable Restricted
935549D4-9776-4534-913D-AFEA0136F3B7 LE4 9HU Screwfix, Unit 30, Wenlock Way Variable Restricted
8831BCF0-6497-4E8A-B63E-AF3F00E1EA47 LE4 9JD Teamsport Go Karting, 2 New Star Road, Leicester Variable Public
C1CA4D70-2A68-4C1C-BFD5-ADE5001812F1 LE4 9JP Tesco, 326 Humberstone Lane, Leicester Variable Restricted
C1F348FC-9C09-4B21-8F1E-AFB600DD7FDA LE4 9LE Ramon Hygiene Ltd, Ramon Clipper Road Site And, 380-390 Thurmaston Boulevard Variable Restricted
116BE6B9-A316-4B99-943C-AEF400BC0F97 LE4 9LR Burts Snacks Ltd, Savory & Sweet Ltd, 65 Lewisher Road Variable Restricted
6A5EC9B2-5431-487E-84D3-AEDD00F78E57 LE4 9LR What A Goal, Unit 10-6 Lewisher Road, Leicester Variable Public
4190D4DD-7136-4CFC-B80D-AD4800BE5C9C LE4 9WU Cherry Tree Day Nursery, Colby Lodge Farm, 20 Warren Drive 24/7 Public
492EB49F-A6E3-4127-BCF8-2409886710F1 LE5 0AU St Matthews Service Station, Humberstone Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
A9EAB795-9E8E-4744-A01B-B03E007F984F LE5 0HL Eastern Fire Station 2423, Hastings Road, Leicester, Leicester 24/7 Public
1F92C534-B665-453E-83D5-B03500FE1F31 LE5 0LJ Reception Car Park, Neal Bros Queens Building, Hastings Road Variable Restricted
EB8AB808-FC23-427C-AFF6-7B07A881FDC0 LE5 0TB The Emerald Centre, 450 Gipsy Ln, Leicester 24/7 Public
4D921CBA-D028-4E4B-9500-B02700D6B395 LE5 1AE Humberstone Infant Academy, Main Street, Leicester Variable Restricted
CACCD19C-3B2E-45A1-BB50-4668A5F7EF21 LE5 1BJ Tesco Stores Ltd, 2 Maidenwell Av, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
BEFC99FC-49E8-4EF9-B43A-1D49EF42E5AC LE5 1EE Monks Rest Gardens - Pavilion, Vicarage Ln, Humberstone Leicester 24/7 Public
6DA732F2-61AC-40C4-A68B-AE7F0091BAA5 LE5 1FS Anchor Tenants Limited, Laburnum Hall, 55 Laburnum Road 24/7 Public
98 LE5 1FY Police Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
8DB1901D-44F0-4E71-BD81-AF0B009134B9 LE5 1FY Keyham Lane Police Station, Colin Grundy Drive, Leicester 24/7 Public
49404735-89ED-435A-9892-B037009955FB LE5 1HH St. Josephs Catholic Voluntary Academy, Armadale Drive, Leicester Variable Restricted
1A81F028-25C8-4713-A8EB-7611E01F7E7B LE5 1LU Hamilton Park Football Pavillion, Sandhills Av, Hamilton Leicester 24/7 Public
2800EF97-2814-4A86-AA10-B035007BE92E LE5 1NG Scraptoft Valley Primary School, New Romney Crescent, Leicester Variable Restricted
25C25F19-2BD7-4B8F-9561-AFDA00A8877A LE5 1RT The Mead Educational Trust, Orchard Mead Academy, Keyham Lane West Variable Restricted
CF3876E1-77F2-4F90-A7BB-B01800EFEB22 LE5 1SJ Reception, Aaron Court Care Home, 17 Ramsey Way 24/7 Public
626A13D4-5CBF-4941-BE5D-B04D0098DFE1 LE5 1TG The Mead Educational Trust, Kestrel Mead Primary Academy Infant Building, Maidenwell Avenue Variable Restricted
7E2FB366-D25F-4ABF-8DCD-EDC1D150F3A5 LE5 1TG Kestrels Field Primary School, Maidenwell Av, Hamilton Leicester 24/7 Public
77CC192B-618B-4D26-9792-849EACFDD303 LE5 2NG Thurnby Lodge Community Centre, Thurncourt Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
847B257A-6549-4A6C-A057-AC1400B97FDD LE5 3AD Co-Operative Funeralcare, 131-133 Humberstone Road, Leicester 24/7 Public
79D953F7-A06C-40E4-B6AC-9BF92E365FB5 LE5 3HS Sacred Heart Parish Club, 25 Mere Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
0BD956B0-FB18-4D53-9AE8-3700773F7DC3 LE5 4DG Humberstone Park Toilet Block, Uppingham Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
E601C787-F25A-41D4-9198-B07000BB2D19 LE5 4LH Goodwood Ambulance Station, Goodwood Ambulance Station, 274 Coleman Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
DD7E21D5-3572-4592-A6C5-73A47D9D3FA1 LE5 4UN Co-Op - Rowlatts Hill Road, Central England Co-Operative - Rowlatts Hill, 2a Rowlatts Hill Rd 24/7 Public
450818A8-2E76-4019-A1A4-E26D377158AB LE5 4WE Tesco, 180 Ethel Rd, Leicester Variable Public
FC16B666-BAD3-4FB2-8BAB-BC2B415E48C5 LE5 4WP 4-6 Hospital Close, Leicester 24/7 Public
DA38C3E3-275B-498C-9FDD-1913F2454B0C LE5 5BP Spinney Hill Park, East Park Rd, Leicester 24/7 Public
63FD7698-B799-46AA-B4DB-B0210097AC24 LE5 5FS Coleman Primary School, Gwendolen Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
3AD63D0F-74E0-495D-B9B5-AF0B00913C41 LE5 5GY Leicestershire Constabulary, Spinney Hill Local Policing Unit, East Park Road 24/7 Public
760FC70B-E05B-494F-8760-AB8400D0DB40 LE5 6DE Parks Services, Evington Park Depot, Cordery Road Variable Restricted
14A07970-FCA2-4532-9DEB-AFD400E588F8 LE5 6GJ Oaklands School, Whitehall Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
D9CBB157-7871-406C-B23E-D44A87FBF2E7 LE5 6HP Judgemeadow Community College, Marydene Dr, Leicester Variable Public
EA7D5E7A-5D4A-41EF-915B-AE9F009EB182 LE5 6PW Bupa Dental Centre, 76 Welland Vale Road, Leicester Variable Restricted
F6E56EEA-4F6B-40B5-9DF5-B03E00887A7F LE6 0AD Main Street, Newtown Linford Variable Restricted
716 LE6 0AE Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2D158E54-F386-4EBC-A135-AC9400ABFE97 LE6 0BB 15 Forest Rise, Groby 24/7 Restricted
309EF95D-7A53-4F79-91AA-B06E00A34A38 LE6 0BB Martinshaw County Primary School, Forest Rise, Groby Variable Public
A1F810C6-D9C8-4F34-80EA-ABD700AE4F5F LE6 0DJ Co-Op - Leicester Road, Central England Co-Operative Society, 11 Leicester Road 24/7 Public
D58CD3CF-2794-4C0B-BF94-AEAE01029B10 LE6 0FD Foxes Security Solutions Ltd, 37 Crane Ley Road, Groby 24/7 Restricted
58773817-7373-4E18-944C-AF9100F38407 LE6 0FE Groby United Reformed Church, Chapel Hill, Groby 24/7 Public
036515CB-E81B-4E72-889F-B03100945410 LE6 0FP Brookvale Groby Learning Campus, Ratby Road, Groby Variable Restricted
047E2646-FE3D-46EB-9588-4789BA3ADBDD LE6 0FP Groby Brookvale High School, Ratby Rd, Groby Leicester Variable Public
30486072-A30E-4CCF-8323-B03F00D5001B LE6 0FS Westermans International Ltd, Unit 4 Midland Distribution Centre, Markfield Road Variable Restricted
CBF4C72D-5585-4489-BE57-B02D00B38BBD LE6 0GT Elizabeth Woodville Primary School, Glebe Road, Groby Variable Restricted
0C09A2BC-C0F2-47FE-9F68-ACD000D4A6C5 LE6 0HB Bradgate Park Trust, Public Toilets Bradgate Road Entrance Bradgate Park, Bradgate Road Variable Restricted
8DBBECCB-7669-40EA-8E0C-AEDF00BEA593 LE6 0HB Bradgate Park Trust, Deer Barns Building, Leicester 24/7 Restricted
9EA12B59-3135-40ED-9D2D-AEDE00D2A155 LE6 0HE Pavilion Newtown Linford Cricket Club, Main Street, Newtown Linford 24/7 Public
B69C0AFB-AFB7-4B27-BC21-C70BA966C007 LE6 0JQ 13 Station Road, Ratby 24/7 Public
08B5EAB6-93EB-49D5-9B07-AFA500F2207C LE6 2HP St Modwen Site Office - Coalville, Chiswell Drive, Coalville 24/7 Public
C5394F6E-D827-4B18-9F41-AD84009FDEE6 LE65 1BJ Playing Field, Prior Park Road, Ashby De La Zouch Variable Restricted
4A8E0037-F99C-4FF4-890E-92C7590128EC LE65 1BQ Ashby Tennis Club, South St, Ashby De La Zouch 24/7 Public
B3400365-BEC2-4BF4-94F5-AB80011586DE LE65 1DB David Granger Architectural Design Ltd, The Old Cottage Hospital, Leicester Road 24/7 Public
80F35B2D-10D7-45FD-AA77-B0660075A58F LE65 1DH School House, Leicester Road, Ashby De La Zouch Variable Public
3D1B8C08-82A1-4712-BA61-9FCAC4416DC2 LE65 1HU Hood Park Leisure Centre, North St, Ashby De La Zouch Variable Restricted
6078AF30-F7F1-4733-A3AA-B09200CE180C LE65 1HU Hood Park Leisure Centre, Ashby Leisure Centre & Lido, North Street Variable Public
1ED8EBA6-230D-4F37-90E6-B03000E9AF57 LE65 1JX Woodcote County Primary School, Willowbrook Close, Ashby De La Zouch Variable Restricted
2A816DE7-965F-4F0B-BC66-AFCD00A5E3A1 LE65 1NF Plastribution Ltd, 14 Charterpoint Way, Ashby De La Zouch Variable Public
94F52579-679C-47C1-84B1-AFCD00A52D66 LE65 1NF Plastribution Ltd, 14 Charterpoint Way, Ashby De-La Zouch Variable Public
98BE2983-8B69-428E-A50B-AD6300E54A29 LE65 1RE St Matthews Church, Church Street, Worthington 24/7 Public
402E0970-46CB-46E2-B2D1-B7868C98EC1C LE65 1RQ Malt Shovel, Main St, Worthington Ashby De La Zouch 24/7 Public
E875C302-F397-49B1-9780-0C1A0A26E00E LE65 1RU Ferrers Centre Staunton Harold Hall, Melbourne Rd, Staunton Harold Ashby De La Zo 24/7 Public
4C6956D8-1CF3-4C1D-8415-AF6A00BA6F3A LE65 1SD Lount Composting, Suez Lount Composting, Nottingham Road 24/7 Restricted
5DC58BD3-0F74-4B2C-8974-AE3C014E173B LE65 1TE Tesco Extra, Resolution Rd, 0 Variable Public
F18F45B6-AE47-4050-A692-AFAC010A4C15 LE65 1TS Ashby Ivanhoe Football Club, Nfu Sportsground, Lower Packington Road 24/7 Public
5038F02D-0E8A-4AD7-9BB3-D23DCC91E476 LE65 1WJ Memorial Hall, High Street, Packington 24/7 Public
DB497BA5-05CD-4234-BC7E-AFE800738B1E LE65 2AB Screwfix, Unit H2 Ivanhoe Business Park, Ashby-De-La-Zouch Variable Restricted
4BE83E72-C290-4D44-AD18-B03E007F9209 LE65 2GW Ashby Fire Station 2426, Wilfred Place, Ashby De La Zouch, Ashby De La Zouch 24/7 Public
683008E4-3D3B-4C7D-ACAE-AE6E00BBF2A6 LE65 2NF Ashby Hill Top County Primary School, Beaumont Avenue, Ashby De La Zouch Variable Restricted
F89D1985-BBF3-4D41-AEE5-9CA636C19D24 LE65 2RF Co-Op - School Lane, School Ln, Ashby-De-La-Zouch 24/7 Public
A654ADDF-DC75-4706-9DF2-F57AC40AFF73 LE65 2TY Smisby Parish Council, Main St, Smisby Ashby De La Zouch 24/7 Public
EFEA5673-CCC9-42CE-A676-954EAEAFE82D LE65 2UG Bluestone Fitness, Smibsy Road, Ashby De La Zouch 24/7 Public
19B455A7-419D-48B7-8A64-DCCA2B678367 LE65 2UP Willesley Scout Campsite, Willesley Wood Side, Willesley Ashby De La Zouch 24/7 Public
07223E0E-2254-4EAA-89EF-AD6F00DE8A0B LE67 1AR Thornton Reservoir, Reservoir Road, Thornton 24/7 Public
33B0CE2B-D487-4E0A-8E4E-ADC900AB3F98 LE67 1BA 15 Northfield, Bagworth 24/7 Public
78250658-03C9-4A66-AF5D-B5F04692D3F2 LE67 1BH Bagworth Community Centre, Station Rd, Bagworth Coalville 24/7 Public
405E1D3B-8E6F-4783-8BE8-68393DBAA586 LE67 1EN Ellistown Working Mens Club, Whitehill Rd, Ellistown Coalville 24/7 Public
DC66A6F0-4B56-4C08-95A9-B0A700A8784D LE67 1EN Ellistown Cp School, Whitehill Road, Ellistown 24/7 Public
14F5D633-7906-42FC-BE29-AF1000BC1384 LE67 1FA Mqp Cliffe Hill Quarry, West Lane, Ellistown, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
2C671622-E787-4F33-B892-AF1D0082B276 LE67 1FA Mqp Cliffe Hill, West Lane, Ellistown Leicestershire Variable Restricted
5744B036-4270-4EEB-A884-AF1000BC8C16 LE67 1FA Mqp Cliffe Hill Quarry, West Lane, Ellistown, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
88850A5E-2A24-43BC-A23C-AF1000BCE58C LE67 1FA Mqp Cliffe Hill Quarry, West Lane, Ellistown, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
A2F29328-5D6E-4654-B32F-AF1000BCAB09 LE67 1FA Mqp Cliffe Hill Quarry, West Lane, Ellistown, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
F25EE272-6A3D-4246-8246-AF1000BCF15B LE67 1FA Mqp Cliffe Hill Quarry, West Lane, Ellistown, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
A3E97DAA-87CD-4F58-A301-B07C00EC6FB5 LE67 1FB Maritime Transport Ltd., Beveridge Lane, Ellistown 24/7 Restricted
5E18BD8C-7D15-422F-9B2B-AF2D00B0B683 LE67 1PE Graphic Packaging International, Graphic Packaging International, Interlink Way West 24/7 Public
94D2389D-F16B-4E3D-AF7B-AF2D00B460A5 LE67 1PE Graphic Packaging International, Interlink Way West, Bardon 24/7 Public
B12B0E42-DAA0-47F2-B924-AF0E00BA0BBA LE67 1TE Fieldflex Services Ltd, Regs Way, Coalville Variable Restricted
E7EAFFF3-36F7-48BC-B469-10FC594BB85E LE67 1TE Schluter-Systems Ltd Unit 4-5, Bardon 22 Industrial Estate, Bardon Hill Coalville Variable Restricted
55C149EB-9C79-44B0-809F-D0E9518960A3 LE67 1TG South Lane - Homecroft, General Area Of, Bardon Hill Coalville 24/7 Public
1D823636-991C-445F-BABA-BF29A7362E1F LE67 1TT Board 24 Ltd, 2 Franks Rd, Bardon Hill Coalville 24/7 Restricted
4564 LE67 1TU Harlow Timber Systems, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
90FE3BCD-E3FA-43C0-9C0B-AD8000DDC3C3 LE67 1TU Secure Retail Ltd, Walker Road, Bardon Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
C48142A6-B2A7-4D7C-8397-AF9B00FF87BC LE67 1TX Oms, 1 Dromintee Road,, Hilltop Industrial Estate, Variable Restricted
356BA339-380D-4BF4-829B-AD0F00BCF276 LE67 1UE Unit 5 Cartwright Court, Cartwright Way, Bardon Hill 24/7 Public
A09689A1-9867-4E5A-8B8A-AF57009C40EA LE67 2BT Redrow Homes - Hugglescote Grange Customer Experience Suite, Grange Road, Hugglescote Variable Restricted
7852 LE67 2BX Ravenstone Hospital Almshouses, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B453FBAD-2717-4593-9C70-AF93010080E4 LE67 2BX Ravenstone Hospital Almshouses, Wardens Flat, Hospital Lane, Ravenstone 24/7 Public
345CAB29-9727-4DA6-932B-AC2A00B7E1CD LE67 2HE Co-Op - Oak Tree Corner, Oak Tree Corner, Manor Road 24/7 Public
6E2CFDF1-637E-44DE-8E07-B08500FBD87C LE67 2QJ Heather St.johns Football Club, Ravenstone Road, Heather 24/7 Restricted
3AD40DF9-030E-4122-BF86-AD1A008B985E LE67 2RF Heather Parish Council, Heather Village Hall, Swepstone Road 24/7 Public
A66E5A03-2848-4690-8D5B-AF8701288A0B LE67 2SE Swepstone Parish Council, Belper Arms, 7 Main Street 24/7 Public
85A3BFF0-0FD1-4186-9138-CE3BB2C3FBE1 LE67 2SH Village Hall, Newton Rd, Swepstone Coalville 24/7 Public
09A75AA7-8982-4788-8A81-B02900A6E634 LE67 2SL Newton Burgoland Primary School, School Lane, Newton Burgoland, Coalville Variable Restricted
18E0EE91-9F4D-47B3-81B4-12540F0382DD LE67 2SL Newton Burgoland Cp School, School Ln, Newton Burgoland Coalville 24/7 Public
506 LE67 2TB Holy Trinity Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5001 LE67 3BN MPP Training, St James Business Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
E683B051-FD66-44B7-BA34-ACEA00F666F2 LE67 3EN Hsbc Bank, 56 High Street, Coalville 24/7 Public
87EE201D-11F2-412A-8981-B09200C948B0 LE67 3FE Whitwick And Coalville Leisure Centre, Stephenson Way, Coalville Variable Public
084DA403-E465-40DB-9398-AF0B0094A77D LE67 3FJ Coalville Council Offices, Whitwick Road, Coalville 24/7 Public
7A7CEEA7-284B-4381-B94F-AFAB00C1BAEC LE67 3HB Unit 15 Phoenix Park, Telford Way, Coalville Variable Restricted
79231C25-415A-47C3-9654-AFD200CE8CD5 LE67 3HF Sunbelt Rentals, Unit B, Brunel Way Stephenson Industrial Estate, Coalville Variable Public
6E521F1B-85E9-4C14-960D-F16CF84023B6 LE67 3JD Co-Op Funeral - London Road, 128 London Rd, Coalville 24/7 Public
52052B08-5CCF-444D-947F-02AF5F030CFE LE67 3PN Lee Cooper Independent Funeral Directors, Belvoir Rd, Coalville 24/7 Public
DC18A52C-CEFB-4936-B717-B03E007F94FE LE67 3PU Coalville Fire Station 2425, Broad Street, Coalville, Coalville 24/7 Public
A472E803-32DE-46D5-A9F4-AB7301199CB1 LE67 3PZ Coalville Labour Club, Coalville Labour Club And Institute Ltd, College Close 24/7 Public
D51DEDC7-B5FE-4558-BDFD-AFEC00B1EBD1 LE67 3TH Screwfix, Unit B Thornborough Road, Coalville Variable Restricted
DE7DF272-ABF6-4079-B33D-AF0B0094ACCE LE67 3TU Hermitage Fm Memorial Sq, Memorial Square, Coalville 24/7 Public
6B38D394-14A3-4B3F-B7E2-AC3300B14504 LE67 4BS Bardon Hill Sports Club, Bardon Hill Sports Ground, Bardon Close Variable Restricted
3DDFAAFD-00FD-4332-A313-4129C3691BA3 LE67 4DP Co-Op - Meadow Lane, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Meadow Lane, 88 Meadow Ln 24/7 Public
37E50AF0-5FF3-4E57-99C5-B53D26F3B3E4 LE67 4HT Co-Op - Cropston Drive, Cropston Dr, Greenhill Coalville 24/7 Public
D32E618F-6EE5-484C-B661-AB8800F00F22 LE67 4PE 22 Balmoral Road, Coalville 24/7 Public
DE77F0C5-141D-468C-9EF0-63A07E159233 LE67 4RF Cricket Club Pavilion, Blackwood, Coalville 24/7 Restricted
076098EC-A76C-4BDA-99DC-3758D6382D67 LE67 4RL St Davids Church Hall, 7 Greenhill Rd, Coalville 24/7 Public
CE455F5B-087E-47CA-96C8-05622FB8CAF1 LE67 4UU Forest Way Special School, Warren Hills Road, Coalville Variable Restricted
72DE2904-B49D-42BA-84EB-B08300897BAB LE67 5AT Whitwick St John The Baptist Ce Primary School, Whitwick St John The Baptist School Ce Primary School, Parsonwood Hill Variable Restricted
B18ED9E2-8C3A-4EC5-9192-B1077B901632 LE67 5AT Parsonwood Hill, Whitwick Coalville 24/7 Public
E5B12367-15CA-4A5F-A749-B02A009BD973 LE67 5DQ New Swannington Primary School, Church Lane, Whitwick Variable Restricted
A1E62888-C01F-4090-AC89-B0980107B7AD LE67 5DT Co-Op - Market Place, 1 Market Place, Whitwick 24/7 Public
282C85BE-5119-460D-AC81-641E5263CF48 LE67 5PH The Lady Jane, Hall Ln, Whitwick Coalville 24/7 Public
6454366A-1C9E-49F0-81C5-B06500B99079 LE67 5UG Grace Dieu Manor School, Ashby Road, Gracedieu 24/7 Public
2D781544-6006-441A-AFFA-AC1A00C091F9 LE67 6HA Co-Op - Ashby Road, Ashby Road, Ibstock 24/7 Public
07989FB3-638C-405D-9D68-AC4B00FA5579 LE67 6LH The Palace Community Centre, High Street, Ibstock 24/7 Public
C621C8FE-4089-434B-8963-AEFB01035C0E LE67 6LR Clulow Bookkeeping & Forensic Services Ltd, Brookside Industrial Estate, Spring Road 24/7 Public
3BF8AB51-11F7-4700-910B-F550C68F8227 LE67 6NE Ibstock Community College, Central Av, Ibstock Variable Restricted
6E3A04A5-858C-47F2-82F2-B03400A63E65 LE67 6NL St Denys Ce Infant School, Laud Close, Ibstock Variable Public
94B77880-70B2-4CFF-A874-AC50011105E0 LE67 6NN Ibstock Town Cricket Club, Melbourne Road, Ibstock 24/7 Public
EF522725-758F-4AB5-9465-ACDC00AE3967 LE67 8HU Griffydam Community Group, Griffydam County Primary School, Top Road 24/7 Public
FC1C1DED-BE40-4D14-96F3-7971A319A67F LE67 8JE The New Inn, Clay Ln, Coleorton Coalville 24/7 Public
CC5AC022-54F2-4877-BA46-B03500EF4C7E LE67 8LJ Thringstone Primary School, Thringstone County Primary School, Hensons Lane Variable Restricted
0AA18477-1F8D-473C-AA14-AFD000BBCE80 LE67 8LR Grace Dieu Park Cricket Club, Loughborough Road, Thringstone 24/7 Public
5C924BD2-E7D7-48B6-A9A6-7CE4D85FB11D LE67 8PF Newbold C E Primary School, School Ln, Newbold Coleorton Coalville 24/7 Public
55330B57-E63E-444F-88F3-40D185D8172E LE67 8PJ Cross Keys Inn, 9 Worthington Ln, Newbold Coleorton Coalville 24/7 Public
ED00A8B4-5088-4A41-9FDE-ADCC00EF0384 LE67 9AE Stanton Under Bardon Parish Council, Village Hall, 2 St John Cole Crescent 24/7 Public
9A79B46A-FA06-4586-A44C-AE690140B277 LE67 9PS Wigwam Holidays Johns Lee Cottage, 202 Markfield Lane, Newtown Linford 24/7 Public
A56691A2-8034-4CAB-9AFD-AEF200D3D073 LE67 9PY 10b Hill Lane Close, Markfield 24/7 Public
178C861C-C8A8-470A-A627-E2BF237B846F LE67 9QE Poultney Cottage Farm, Whitcroft Ln, Ulverscroft Markfield Variable Restricted
7BDF9495-F75D-4D3D-BE2A-AF71009C52ED LE67 9RE Markfield Parish Council, 100 Leicester Road, Markfield 24/7 Public
BFC8459B-ED2B-465F-A582-AE8D00D9F91F LE67 9RF Coach And Horses, 196, Leicester Road 24/7 Public
9B462661-B39A-48A7-87A9-074A5E4B7195 LE67 9RJ Markfield Court Retirement Village, Social Centre, Markfield Court Retirement Village 24/7 Public
0BCCEF4E-014C-471E-B758-AEAE00E6D05D LE67 9ST Car Park At Markfield Community Centre, Mayflower Close, Markfield 24/7 Public
0EFAF915-2935-4F47-81CD-683BF617C244 LE67 9TB East Brook Farm Broad Lane, Markfield Variable Restricted
211DAE38-F512-435F-ACC4-AB8100C41EDD LE67 9TB South Charnwood High School, Broad Lane, Markfield 24/7 Public
9C1D6BDB-8C38-4701-8B36-ADE200E80F21 LE67 9TB South Charnwood High School, Broad Lane, Markfield Variable Restricted
B6FDAC27-AF86-4517-BA16-AF1000BC0F6D LE67 9TE Old Cliffe Hill Quarry, Cliffe Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
DB92C0C9-B3C7-4EA2-ABB7-AF1000BC6542 LE67 9TE Old Cliffe Hill Quarry, Cliffe Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire Variable Restricted
7A0EFE88-37AE-4058-A4DD-AEAD011B0E34 LE67 9TQ The Old Thatched Inn, 289 Main Street, Stanton Under Bardon 24/7 Public
39C64C16-3732-43B7-9ACD-AEAF0122ACD6 LE67 9UB Queens Head, 3 Ashby Road, Markfield 24/7 Public
4ABFA255-4047-4AE7-A951-AEE000EE587E LE67 9UN The Bulls Head, 23 Forest Road, Markfield 24/7 Public
62B2D7D6-F580-4207-BA47-AE9200AA7E79 LE67 9WG Markfield Community Library, Oakfield Avenue, Markfield 24/7 Public
AC3BA303-0728-41C0-99BA-AEB1009FC51F LE67 9WU Royal Mail, 26 Chitterman Way, Markfield 24/7 Public
4811B7AC-C5B2-46A3-8D81-AE83008AD2B7 LE7 1AD Dunelm Store Support Centre, Watermead Business Park, Syston, Syston Variable Restricted
ABCA301E-BAFD-4F25-84C2-AED700EDFCEE LE7 1AD Syston, Hanson Uk, 1 Marlborough Court Variable Restricted
AC21D71D-95C0-4A7B-8650-ADCD00B70EF9 LE7 1GJ Qdc Dance Studio, 109 Broad Street, Syston Variable Public
67718F68-F2FF-4E81-9600-AF8700FFCE84 LE7 1HF Victor Pearce Pavilion Memorial Park, Necton Street, Syston 24/7 Public
100 LE7 1HN Town Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B8E9F8E9-6255-40DE-B092-ACCB00FE2A75 LE7 1HW Syston Northfields Tennis Club, Northfields, Syston 24/7 Public
7D31554C-0B55-4970-90AF-75528E2EE20E LE7 1LY Wreake Valley Academy, Parkstoneroad, Syston Variable Public
E2AEB07C-ABE0-4B4D-8A37-AF0B00AA0568 LE7 1LY South Charnwood Leisure Centre, Parkstone Rd, Syston 24/7 Public
8A0DADFB-B030-4455-830C-5B4250029453 LE7 1NR L R Harris & Son Old Junction Boatyard, Meadow Ln, Syston Leicester 24/7 Public
9B11785C-5159-4437-9DCD-AD7900A53293 LE7 1PF Bentley Leicester, Granite Way, Watermead Business Park Variable Restricted
7D327B71-45EB-4CCB-B63C-AEAC01002C12 LE7 2AT 10th Leicester (Syston) Scout Group, Syston Scout Group Headquarters, Oxford Street Variable Restricted
1241 LE7 2EN Syston Bowling Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6506A079-BB1F-4F02-9F29-AF9701082D3E LE7 2EN Charnwood Borough Council, St Peters Court, 1-34 St Peters Court 24/7 Public
581 LE7 2HA Mace Store, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
F98EB382-E82F-45FB-8262-AF0B0090EAFD LE7 2HB Bowls Club Melton Road, Syston 24/7 Public
D245296B-0333-4D37-96A8-B00300B3BA84 LE7 2JT Tesco Syston, Melton Rd, Syston Variable Public
1DE27DAC-1B36-42CA-983F-AD7300FD99A8 LE7 3BH Car Park Spring Grange Fishing Lakes, Croxton Road, Beeby 24/7 Restricted
3053 LE7 3DH Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4795 LE7 3FP BP Branstons Service Station, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
330 LE7 3QB Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
755DEF41-96D0-4DAD-9B20-AF63010D10DF LE7 3QB Barkby Village Hall, 16 Beeby Road, Barkby 24/7 Public
358 LE7 3QE Roots Farm Shop, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
98F28A83-75CA-472C-ACE4-AF63010DD58F LE7 3QE Roots Farm Shop, Roots Thorpe Farm, 20 King Street 24/7 Public
339 LE7 3QG The Malt Shovel Pub, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3BD1F640-E00C-4F52-A662-AF63010ED233 LE7 3QG Malt Shovel, Managers Accommodation, 27 Main Street 24/7 Public
1348 LE7 3RJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2B75837B-92B4-42ED-86E8-DB09B317009C LE7 3ZL East Goscote Village Hall, Long Furrow, East Goscote Leicester 24/7 Public
DC5204C7-C34A-4A94-AD06-43CFA718FA79 LE7 3ZL Jubilee Playing Fields, Long Furrow, East Goscote Leicester 24/7 Restricted
5081 LE7 4PJ Church and Community Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
6396 LE7 4SN Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
7222F07D-1D0B-47E1-9DD8-AE9200F547D6 LE7 4UZ Blue Light Card Charnwood Edge, Syston Road, Cossington Variable Restricted
E2C3BD0B-0743-4B68-9150-6D1438D577D2 LE7 4UZ Pavilion Recreation Ground, Platts Lane, Cossington 24/7 Public
5533 LE7 4WF Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B9086D65-761B-47FE-A589-B02E00EA2551 LE7 4WF Gaddesby Primary School, 22 Ashby Road, Gaddesby Variable Restricted
5059 LE7 4YH Rearsby Ltd, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
550 LE7 4YS Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
8DDCFCBA-579A-4FEE-AB27-AF9A00D8317A LE7 4YS Brooksby College Equine Centre, Melton Road, Brooksby 24/7 Public
887D9FE9-1031-42D7-8914-AFAF00A8B9A3 LE7 7AF Anstey Parish Council, St Mary's Church Rooms, Church Lane 24/7 Public
F705C8A3-3DF4-42C6-B76A-AFD5007EA9A9 LE7 7AG Glenfield Parish Council, Glenfield Sports Ground, Gynsill Lane 24/7 Public
C3E0AEC0-75D2-4C7D-80B2-AE8500F72884 LE7 7AW Latimer Primary School, Anstey Latimer County Primary School, Latimer Street Variable Restricted
C7661B83-CEEE-4374-800C-B06F01095A26 LE7 7AW Latimer Street, Anstey, Leicester Variable Public
CE426F45-7FC2-4867-BB74-8D43D86782B8 LE7 7AY Anstey Parish Council Jubilee Hall, Stadon Rd, Anstey Leicester 24/7 Public
EB304E53-7F28-49CA-BF61-E60F5A684031 LE7 7EB Martin High School, Link Rd, Anstey Leicester 24/7 Restricted
06CA07B6-0435-406B-B515-AD1A00866DD7 LE7 7GU Severn Trent Water, Leicester Water Centre, Anstey Lane 24/7 Public
703 LE7 7JA Memorial Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4901C052-AF67-4774-811B-F26089E39DC6 LE7 7LG Rothley Park Cricket Club, Westfield Ln, Rothley Leicester 24/7 Public
A386285B-9AA8-4AAB-ACDB-AE7500900F46 LE7 7LH Rothley Park Golf Club, 23 Westfield Lane, Rothley Variable Public
BCF99DAD-912F-4265-AA0A-AE7500940AAD LE7 7LH Rothley Park Golf Club, 23 Westfield Lane, Rothley 24/7 Public
81BE3DB5-7DDC-4345-BA30-AC1A00DFFF60 LE7 7NH Co-Op - Loughborough Road, 929-931 Loughborough Road, Rothley 24/7 Public
27264903-C9FD-4C50-AA65-AB8E00F48885 LE7 7NL Soar Valley Bowls Club, Soar Valley Bowls Club Loughborough Road, Rothley 24/7 Public
99678E92-8681-44CB-BB3B-B00C00F84D18 LE7 7NL Dobbies Garden Centre Leicester, Loughborough Road, Rothley Variable Public
2AD1176F-1FA7-4AA0-BB4E-BEF01AE2D3EA LE7 7PF Joe Humphries Memorial Trust, 18 Cross Green, Rothley 24/7 Public
DA80B882-BEB2-400F-8971-D42832A62870 LE7 7PJ Fowke St Recreational Park, Fowke St, Rothley Leicester 24/7 Public
822E51FB-5AC1-42E1-8492-AFCF00BF99B4 LE7 7PS Rothley Ivanhoe Tennis Club, Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley 24/7 Public
FFB91F07-20C9-4F86-A154-AD0EC1E7D56B LE7 7RZ Rothley Church Of England Primary School, 2 Burrow Drive, Rothley 24/7 Public
7A99BA0D-FE40-4299-B8DF-B03E007F8C44 LE7 9AA Billendons Fire Station 2432, Rolleston Road, Billesdon, Billesdon 24/7 Public
0F124E99-6F3C-47C4-BA35-AEC600E9ADAC LE7 9AD Coplow Lane, Billesdon 24/7 Public
1114 LE7 9DB Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
18816856-2E8D-4F0E-BDAB-62F354C038D9 LE7 9FL The Coplow Centre, Uppingham Rd, Billesdon Leicester 24/7 Public
CF00ED50-9E89-4DB4-8FA4-B03000FA9081 LE7 9GD Houghton C Of E Primary School, Main Street, Houghton On The Hill Variable Public
A2986B26-33DD-4B6D-9447-AC79010BA045 LE7 9GR Houghton Field Association, Weir Lane, Houghton On The Hill 24/7 Public
A495B3B3-C68B-4DA0-8858-AEE00128AF41 LE7 9NA Houghton & Thurnby Cricket Club, Wadkins Way, Bushby 24/7 Public
CBAD52AE-1222-460B-B1FC-0304CA5E6D5C LE7 9PJ The Rose & Crown, 45 Main St, Thurnby Leicester 24/7 Public
038C1B4E-0977-4DE9-9315-3584EF185174 LE7 9TD Co-Op - Main Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Scraptoft, Main St 24/7 Public
EF8CB201-5C90-4143-8F2B-AC8E01842A67 LE7 9UD 49 Pulford Drive, Scraptoft 24/7 Restricted
4161 LE7 9WD Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
4162 LE7 9WD C of E Primary School, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
63F1B67E-0156-4F75-9BD6-B03701084864 LE7 9WD Tugby C Of E Primary School, Main Street, Tugby Variable Restricted
BEF6C558-7363-47D4-BE63-AE7000F4A8A8 LE7 9WE Masterclip, Tugby Orchards, Wood Lane Variable Restricted
2627 LE7 9XE Allerton Visitor Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2236301A-D47E-49B4-883C-B03F01478397 LE7 9XE Aret Visitor Centre, Manor Farm,, Main Street 24/7 Public
6470D0E1-52D1-4F6A-BC94-ACDE010B490A LE7 9YB Rose Cottage, Main Street, Skeffington 24/7 Public
B614BB3D-ED40-44FD-B2F8-A9918CE3B73D LE7 9YB Corner Of Main St And Hunters Av, Main St, Skeffington Leicester 24/7 Public
66762043-B8C4-401E-A0AA-AE16010316B8 LE8 0EX Land Opposite West Langton Road A6, Harborough Road, Kibworth Harcourt Variable Restricted
25FA5690-F16E-45E0-9BD2-B03E007F892C LE8 0HQ Kibworth Fire Station 2435, Fleckney Road, Kibworth, Kibworth Beauchamp 24/7 Public
639905B6-F14B-44CE-A358-11C1C8EB7B40 LE8 0HS Co-Op - High Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Kibworth, 65-69 High St 24/7 Public
9857C7A9-DD4F-425E-A1D6-B01D00F04F83 LE8 0LG Kibworth Tennis Club, Smeeton Road, Kibworth Beauchamp 24/7 Public
41A92633-76FF-4076-A6F4-3082F4DED584 LE8 0LN Kibworth Village Hall, 15 Station St, Kibworth Beauchamp 24/7 Public
7B6CC66F-D428-44A9-B19B-154E4189953A LE8 0NQ Boboli Ristorante, 88 Main St, Kibworth Leicester 24/7 Public
8072 LE8 0PG The Barn, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
74D9E630-E80D-4F08-9922-AFD400EDC5EE LE8 0PG Shangton The Barn, The Barn, Main Street, Shangton 24/7 Public
8073 LE8 0PS The Pavilion, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
0862A704-3138-476D-A212-AFD400EDC2D0 LE8 0PS Shangton Pavilion, Shangton Pavilion, The Hardwicks, Hardwick Drive 24/7 Public
FBD7FA32-53D7-47FD-BEA4-B03C00ADABB7 LE8 0XA Debdale Wharf Marina, Debdale Lane, Foxton Variable Public
F50B2A50-4FA4-458D-822A-B00A00AAC932 LE8 3FA Sowden Group Ltd, Church Street, Blaby 24/7 Restricted
CC76EFD6-0EEF-4281-BA68-AE7500E155BD LE8 4BY Lew Leicester, Unit 2, Blaby Business Park, Roseway, Lutterworth Road Variable Restricted
D0BD553F-60D5-4E91-B585-AFEC0118C7B5 LE8 4BY Screwfix, 10 Rose Way, Lutterworth Road Variable Restricted
7C041437-E84D-4750-A6EF-AF2400A45F83 LE8 4FE Thistly Meadow Primary School, Thistly Meadow, Hospital Lane Variable Public
6618 LE8 5PR Countesthorpe Academy, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
44EBBA55-9693-4AC4-801B-AB7F00CC0354 LE8 5QG Countesthorpe Cricket Club, Bassett Avenue, Countesthorpe Variable Restricted
5528D78F-3A41-4C29-ADA1-AE3800A60E18 LE8 5RN Tesco Express, 5 The Square, Countesthorpe Variable Public
811 LE8 5WG Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
B1877975-370F-422D-A905-C37DD17F3E84 LE8 6FA Leicestershire & Rutland County Football Association Ltd, Dog & Gun Ln, Whetstone Leicester Variable Restricted
0925CFBE-AC70-4186-AAD2-AF8E008E3E3F LE8 6HP Cromwell, Bulk Receiving Centre (Brc), Bruce Way Variable Restricted
2CE167B7-9AE8-4A56-B798-AE710085B7EB LE8 6JS Bulls Head Public House, Station Street, Whetstone 24/7 Public
156BE6F9-BEE5-402B-8FCF-AEDF00FF6A13 LE8 6LH Agilico Workplace Technologies (Midlands) Ltd, Unit 2 Whittle Industrial Estate, Cambridge Road Variable Restricted
42FBC8D7-049E-425F-BF6B-0585C17BCB7C LE8 6LH Co-Op Garage - Cambridge Road, Central England Co-Operative - Garage Services Bay 9 Block 56, Cambridge Road 24/7 Public
5948A5B7-3C81-4562-B550-AF19008C6608 LE8 6LH Unit 3 & 4, Cambridge Road, Whetstone Variable Restricted
43A5A978-E53A-46DA-BE76-AC170075486E LE8 6LJ Co-Op - Dog & Gun Lane, Dog & Gun Lane, Whetstone 24/7 Public
A1FB72BA-1F14-49FB-A8F7-AE7100865CB3 LE8 6LJ Whetstone Baptist Church, Dog And Gun Lane, Whetstone 24/7 Public
2280DB5F-FEDB-42AD-A192-4521044A5CCA LE8 6LW Blaby & Whetstone Fc, Warwick Rd, Whetstone Leicester 24/7 Public
666B84E5-FC61-411E-9CD1-6C5FA3A45823 LE8 6NU Soabar Marketing Systems, Unit 7, Ashville Way 24/7 Public
621 LE8 8AJ Baptist Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
3DD2FDA2-CF73-489F-81CA-B02E0071A8C6 LE8 8BE Fleckney C Of E Primary School, 16 Batchelor Road, Fleckney Variable Restricted
CC3BC2A6-75A3-4B15-A665-AF0B00E569D8 LE8 8BE Fleckney C Of E Primary School, 16 Batchelor Road, Fleckney Variable Restricted
3068 LE8 8BG Sports Centre, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
DF16E895-7381-4657-A473-AEC100AAB986 LE8 9DL Burton Overy Parish Council, Bell Inn, Main Street 24/7 Public
FA51D822-7C3F-4A41-B939-DF4FCABA513B LE8 9EW Right Hand Side Of The Village Hall, Rectory End, Burton Overy Leicester 24/7 Public
B23364B5-6859-45A3-8843-AE4D00ADD562 LE8 9FA Bindleys Lane, Great Glen 24/7 Public
7EF03941-0321-4172-9320-38EC42D1F1B5 LE8 9FH Newton Harcourt Reading Room, Glen Rd, Newton Harcourt Leicester 24/7 Public
6C56ABAE-4A3D-49E4-A0F2-B2A67A4E7DA4 LE8 9GH Co-Op - Main Street, 13 Main St, Great Glen Leicester 24/7 Public
E8E6F4FD-F295-4F61-ACF7-024CB0E3FB1B LE9 1TE Cosby Primary School, Portland St, Cosby Leicester 24/7 Restricted
4684 LE9 1TL 23 Cromford Road, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2148 LE9 1UX Rugby Club, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
8972D16E-1A15-4A2E-80BF-BC78A1EE7928 LE9 2AL One Stop Community Stores Ltd, 26 Main St, Kirby Muxloe Leicester 24/7 Public
072A5262-4ACC-4881-A905-23AD06C54A79 LE9 2AQ Kirby Muxloe Sports Club, 421 Ratby Ln, Kirby Muxloe Leicester 24/7 Public
610FA505-9634-4A64-A8BA-5FEB927DD57C LE9 2EN Brick Sports Pavilion, Station Rd, Kirby Muxloe Leicester 24/7 Public
921A3DF4-E770-4DC5-9270-E8C5ED2FDB7A LE9 2EN Leicestershire County Council, Station Rd, Kirby Muxloe Leicester 24/7 Public
4C763A90-358F-4ECB-A5C4-3F64B940BE76 LE9 2EP Kirby Muxloe Golf Club, Station Rd, Kirby Muxloe Leicester 24/7 Public
9955F50F-B421-4D14-B03C-51FC9EE0699B LE9 2LQ Leicester Forest East Physiotherapy Clinic, 4 Cherry Tree Crt, Kirby Muxloe Leicester 24/7 Public
4001 LE9 3AU Main Street Garage, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
AEC5195D-029A-4FD5-852E-AF1000B6E5B6 LE9 3BN Pavilion Sports, Huncote Leisure Centre, Sportsfield Ln, Huncote 24/7 Public
4002 LE9 3BS Community Primary School, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
AEB116FA-F5B2-4A21-BED7-95BFB31CC6CA LE9 3GQ Crofts Sports Ground Pavilion, Winston Av, Croft Leicester 24/7 Public
B622B521-AE81-4A84-8DFE-ADF000EC82CC LE9 3GT Alltruck Plc, Croft House, Croft Variable Restricted
2FE21C7D-E71F-4667-92E3-AC9900F5205F LE9 3HA Co-Op - Pochin Street, Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, 29 Pochin Street 24/7 Public
C2BC84AF-4436-45F1-AFBA-B07B00DBA937 LE9 4FB All Saints C Of E Primary School, School, Bassett Lane Variable Restricted
C082CDB4-485B-44CF-A5C0-AFA00089CFD6 LE9 4FG County Librarian, Public Library, Church Street 24/7 Public
0B087B81-03AF-4AB1-9492-D58B7B6988A9 LE9 4FR 9 Stanton Rd, Sapcote Leicester 24/7 Public
AC45CD17-2CA8-4AF5-AEED-AD8401015659 LE9 4JZ 24 Castlewood Mobile Home Park, Hinckley Road, Sapcote 24/7 Public
4259 LE9 4LA War Memorial Playing Fields Pavilion, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
122E8F0E-E404-4F61-8422-AF4D013AF770 LE9 4LH Wlcfr Pavillion, Sports Pavillion, Hinckley Road 24/7 Public
745 LE9 4LJ Heart of England Co-operative Store, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
2232E655-DF37-44E1-B90D-5C77596C9EE4 LE9 4NS 7 Neville Smith Cl, Sapcote Leicester 24/7 Public
CF423129-9570-4D59-82AD-AF9401099000 LE9 6AZ Broughton Astley Leisure Centre, Broughton Way, Broughton Astley Variable Restricted
6F4832CE-E6D3-4D15-B2DD-AF1D00BB2ED7 LE9 6PF Recycling Area Recreation Ground, Frolesworth Road, Broughton Astley Variable Public
436 LE9 6PT Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
136A22AC-3605-429E-9E56-AE6E00BA0E55 LE9 6PT Old Mill Primary School, Station Road, Broughton Astley Variable Restricted
1949FC83-1272-4441-AE4B-085540DE19B0 LE9 6PT Thomas Estley Community College, Station Rd, Broughton Astley Leicester Variable Restricted
59D9B817-1374-4907-8CC3-AF1D00B1CEEF LE9 6PT Broughton Astley Parish Council, Village Hall,, 40 Station Road, 24/7 Public
E7BFE2CF-F41E-43A6-BB73-AFF000878245 LE9 6PT Station Road, Broughton Astley Variable Restricted
F6F409A8-9688-4F91-9B9B-AFF0008D21B3 LE9 6PT Station Road, Broughton Astley Variable Restricted
74F3DA9D-B335-4A4E-93AE-AF1D00BFC7AD LE9 6QA Coventry Road, Junction Of Orchard/Leicester Road, Broughton Astley 24/7 Public
AF15B5ED-AED9-4DE9-8AD2-AF1D00DA1A5F LE9 6QE Western Willows Allotment Site, Broughton Way, Broughton Astley 24/7 Public
4244 LE9 6QF Sutton in the Elms Baptist Church, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
F3A2090A-0EA8-4DBC-A074-B03100881D3C LE9 6QX Orchard C Of E Primary School, Blenheim Crescent, Broughton Astley Variable Restricted
518AC4AC-7109-41A6-809B-25D33A863502 LE9 6RE Co-Op - Main Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Broughton Astley, 93 Main St 24/7 Public
A092C712-59E9-4F23-A8D7-AFE800620B2F LE9 6TJ Screwfix, 7 Box Rd, Broughton Astley Variable Restricted
8EA60389-0935-4F5A-8F26-B08100DFCC05 LE9 7FF 26 Meadow Court Road, Earl Shilton Variable Restricted
BA62499B-F418-42C0-935C-B0A500F8EBDA LE9 7GE Earl Shilton Constitutional Club, 75 Station Road, Earl Shilton 24/7 Public
35785DC3-F673-4EE4-AA94-AEED00BF5B88 LE9 7ND Community Defibrillator, Methodist Church Hall, 21 Wood Street 24/7 Public
FEC3613E-52D4-4565-8FA9-0FE6309EC8FC LE9 7ND Earl Shilton Methodist Church (Hall), Wood St, Earl Shilton 24/7 Public
0DC82843-B23B-4A03-BBFA-B04700C64DF6 LE9 7NL Kingscroft Bowling Club, Kings Walk, Earl Shilton Variable Restricted
E6A1DC72-D97B-4963-B92A-ADE200C0D884 LE9 7NL Age Concern Leicestershire, Age Uk, Kings Walk Variable Restricted
A7674464-E250-466E-AF50-AB8300B20A92 LE9 7RH Ashbrook House, Brook Lane, Peckleton Variable Restricted
F8128F89-9E53-413B-B74C-AC7C00C475E7 LE9 7RH Ashbrook House, 1 Brook Lane, Peckleton Variable Restricted
2481AB92-4C68-47A2-BE56-AFA501049C6C LE9 7SP Elmesthorpe Parish Council, The Village Hall, Wilkinson Lane 24/7 Public
2658 LE9 7TE Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
08E27753-BBB4-4F59-99FC-AED200E78A19 LE9 7TE Thurlaston Parish Council, Thurlaston Village Hall, Desford Road 24/7 Public
37C07F88-39C2-4718-B2D4-B02D00F441EF LE9 8AG Tesco Barwell Express, 65 Moore Road, Barwell Variable Public
50B33B94-9247-444F-8579-AF9600A8FC17 LE9 8BN 146 Shilton Road, Barwell Variable Restricted
667319E0-6D79-44A8-8916-AF0B009462FD LE9 8DS Well Barwell Pharmacy, 50-54 High Street, Barwell 24/7 Public
E9F8A3FB-2486-41D1-8940-0C1C8BBEB50D LE9 8EX Afc Barwell Football Club, Dovecote Wy, Barwell Leicester 24/7 Public
9F70B650-967A-4AE8-A8F2-AE4500E8F3DD LE9 8FQ Barwell Sports, Barwell Football Club, Kirkby Road Variable Restricted
D423E6A9-BC5C-44E8-9067-B00800D7F601 LE9 8FQ Barwell Cricket And Sports Club Co Ltd, Barwell Sports Bar, Kirkby Road 24/7 Public
2FAF9D60-47DB-4C32-9507-AFD200BA8493 LE9 8FT Brookland Farm House, Kirkby Road, Barwell 24/7 Public
CEF93A11-62BD-4410-9C0A-AD7401060409 LE9 8GT Heart Of England Co-Operative Society Ltd, Malt Mill Bank, Barwell Variable Public
D765BD62-DA13-45A3-B6BD-B0A70095B9FC LE9 8JE Dobbies Garden Centre Stapleton, Ashby Road, Stapleton Variable Public
1324 LE9 8JR Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
E7AF1F6A-80C7-4F74-A01E-B04900DE5965 LE9 8JR Stapletom Village Hall, Stapleton Village Hall, School Lane 24/7 Public
73DEF84F-FDB6-4D65-98F0-9F3E5074AF52 LE9 9FE Enwa Water Technology The Engine Block Units 5/6/7, The Sidings Merrylees Indust Est, Desford Leicester 24/7 Public
6980DD3D-C477-454C-88A3-5B4B718DD755 LE9 9FF Botcheston Village Hall, Main St, Botcheston Leicester 24/7 Public
B20E593B-170A-4363-AC12-AE4200C5DDDB LE9 9FF Botcheston Village Hall, Main Street, Botcheston 24/7 Public
9D67F9CB-18B8-4D59-BFC8-AE2400C86336 LE9 9FH Forest Hill Golf And Country Club, Markfield Lane, Botcheston Variable Public
B3DFD08B-21F1-410A-83BD-AFB60098BADF LE9 9FL Clarendon Sf, Newtown Grange Business Park, Desford Road Variable Public
88238FB9-7BDE-4250-A145-AF490006125C LE9 9GE Desford Free Church, Chapel Lane, Desford 24/7 Public
80F1C34F-F824-4509-8561-F11223337E16 LE9 9GT Co-Op - Newbold Road, 23 Newbold Rd, Desford Leicester 24/7 Public
5FC52889-85EE-40D1-B82D-ADAC00AF0872 LE9 9GX Post Office On St Martins Drive, The Post Office, 47 St Martins Drive 24/7 Public
2EE6FF56-3385-4B44-805C-AF6500C3CC53 LE9 9JA Allotment, Land Adjacent To Lockey Farm, Hunts Lane 24/7 Public
EC6F68A9-804C-4BA1-A9A6-C5C07D783B1B LE9 9JF Co-Op - High Street, 1 High St, Desford Leicester 24/7 Public
5083BC1B-CE9A-4B28-BFFA-AFEE00DE05E7 LE9 9JL Bosworth Academy, Leicester Lane, Desford Variable Restricted
F997E97B-D2C1-411B-BD96-AF9300E4DAD7 LE9 9JL Bosworth Academy, Leicester Lane, Desford 24/7 Public
FE10FA60-67F3-47F3-9BEC-AFB901246FC0 LE9 9JL Bosworth Academy, Bosworth Academy, Leicester Lane, Leicester Lane Variable Public
EE7D2B45-B723-4DD7-BBD7-ADAC0099173F LE9 9JP Desford Library, Main Street, Desford 24/7 Public
3966D6AC-22DA-421C-8D40-AE0E011C701B LE9 9JU Sport In Desford, Peckleton Lane, Leicester Variable Restricted
E22AAF5E-F7D0-4A8D-B878-AE0500C54317 LE9 9JU Sport In Desford, Peckleton Lane, Leicester Variable Public
B5FB3CFE-090B-4402-85BE-AE0E011E768B LE9 9JX Desford Fc, Kirkby Road Playing Field, Kirkby Road 24/7 Public
D4FAEFC2-3DC5-45AA-87A4-B0340080330E LE9 9LB Newbold Verdon Parish Council, Pavillion, Alans Way 24/7 Public
F0AA68C6-284A-45FC-AC18-AEF400FDBD53 LE9 9LB Newbold Verdon Parish Council, Pavillion, Alans Way 24/7 Public
939573CD-6F3B-441D-8A64-5D0A7D86B0DC LE9 9NL Newbold Verdon Parish Council, Main St, Newbold Verdon Leicester 24/7 Public
542C2C17-BF01-43DE-A7C4-B03400829768 LE9 9NN St James Church Hall, 24 Main Street, Newbold Verdon 24/7 Public
4CD8BA20-3691-4472-97C8-EF1EE4E69B23 LE9 9NP Co-Op - Main Street, 103 Main St, Newbold Verdon Leicester 24/7 Public
03AC7AD9-32DD-4D49-A860-B06F007986EE LE9 9NR Bagworth Road Junction With Merrylees Road,Newbold Heath, 1 Merrylees Road, Newbold Heath 24/7 Public
D69FE846-DA8B-4DCD-8497-0DEB5DDC7B91 LE9 9QA Spinney Meadows Ltd, 1 Meadow View, Kirby Grange, Botcheston 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 35 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n353396290 CHT14-423 inside red phone box, Main Street, South Croxton - t junction with School Lne
MZ n3726676958
MZ n4200094591
MZ n4213901602
MZ n4218847396
MZ n4804778701 CHT-10-226
MZ n4972683016
MZ n6109898103
MZ n6283515580 inside red phone box in front of Barnacle Village Hall
MZ n6297672416 2470
MZ n6312904488
MZ n6432549764
MZ n7076092393
MZ n7717670286
MZ n8827357592
MZ n8857459298 inside old red phone box, Cottesmore Road, Ashwell
MZ n8879316807 Outside Wall
MZ n9036425393
MZ n9123227467 inside red phone box, Twycross Road, Bilstone
MZ n9138987759 CHT-13-679 inside red phone box, Main Street, Bruntingthorpe
MZ n9166118081 CHT-10-140 inside red phone box on the Green, Thrussington
MZ n9338555272 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Frisby on the Wreak
MZ n9573104854 outside Spar at corner of Byres Cres and Devitt Way in Broughton Astley
MZ n9919222349 Behind the tills
MZ n10089901483 Located on the wall near the Entrance to Moat House Leisure centre
MZ n10089924027 On entrance gates to Cardinal Wiseman Secondary School
MZ n10575170993 inside old phone box,, Stockerston Road, Uppingham
MZ n10671165830 On exterior wall of clubhouse, on tennis side NHS - Ambulance service
MZ n10673980903 On outside wall.
MZ n10710785933 Outside Toilets Knighton Park Play area
MZ n10814739405
MZ n10904755205 AAD28
MZ n10937303312 outside Stoney Stanton Co-op - facing car park
MZ n11088955532 On the corner wall in the middle of the seating area
MZ n11163025945 LE4 5AQ-1

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 184 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1586 LE1 7RD Charles Wilson Building, Leicester University, Leicestershire n5618474862 9 m
7702 LE1 6TH University of Leicester, Leicestershire n5618474864 87 m
4083 LE1 5PZ St Martins House, Leicestershire n6058359933 28 m
6C8BB293-80EB-4271-8605-B08A00873682 LE1 5PZ St Martins House, 7 Peacock Lane, Leicester n6058359933 25 m
CA999FA5-6DF1-4945-BB80-B09300AC72FF LE10 3LA Wolvey Ce Primary School, Bulkington Road, Wolvey n4200092849 82 m
921 LE10 3PP Evergreen Hall, Leicestershire n7946051328 84 m
5B7943FE-1BD5-45AF-B5CD-8BFDF2CE6156 LE10 2HF Burbage Parish Council Millennium Hall, Britannia Rd, Burbage Hinckley n6283384539 15 m
B04ABFE8-D9D8-4DAD-A514-FF09B6E1A59A LE10 2RF Co-Op - Boyslade Road, 67 Boyslade Rd, Burbage Hinckley n9873286597 On the outside wall, just around the corner from the Co-op entrance and the ATM. 12 m
5290859A-8BB6-4CD1-8CC7-AE1C00C66A9A LE10 2AF Burbage Parish Council, Hinckley Road Car Park, Burbage n9883602311 On a building at the opposite end of the car park from the road entrance. 40 m
86E79C34-EAD2-4235-B4AC-0F6C9A6D35A5 LE10 1AP The Railway Steamin Billy, Station Rd, Hinckley n9876877161 Near the benches in front of The Railway pub 58 m
66C1B1C4-2555-4D79-B070-AF0B00946682 LE10 1RJ Hinckley Police Station, Upper Bond Street, Hinckley n5820501644 wall 40 m
87 LE10 1RJ Police Station, Leicestershire n5820501644 wall 125 m
5110B80B-F534-4F22-88F9-AF9A010FD057 LE11 1TG Loughborough Baptist Church, 10 - 11 Baxter Gate, Loughborough n11175468955 outdoor 39 m
076BF987-E790-4A91-B19D-01ED8FBC66BC LE11 5HJ Derby Road Stores, 215 Derby Rd, Loughborough n10223431589 4 m
7609 LE12 8SS The Wheatsheaf Inn, Leicestershire n9891739828 On outside wall. 4 m
6192 LE12 7EY Telephone Box, Leicestershire n11186817283 inside old phone box by Cromwell Road shops, Mountsorrell 1 m
156F9B70-6C94-441D-9768-B034016B0359 LE12 7EY Public Telephone 13m From Londis Supermarket, 10-12, Cromwell Road 7m From Cromwell Road, Cromwell Road, Mountsorrel n11186817283 inside old phone box by Cromwell Road shops, Mountsorrell 2 m
2A7BBA45-2305-4E5E-B975-696BB0E9BC90 LE12 7JT Co-Op - Rothley Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Mountsorrel, 111 Rothley Rd n8231370119 19 m
2013 LE12 7AF Telephone Box, The Green, Leicestershire n11186863443 inside old red phone box by Mountsorrel Library 8 m
E6EF5BCD-37C1-4645-B755-B03401710017 LE12 7AF Public Telephone 21m From 12 The Green 9m From Unnamed Road, The Green, Mountsorrel n11186863443 inside old red phone box by Mountsorrel Library 4 m
2012 LE12 7AR Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9604523430 inside phone box Loughborough Road, Mountsorrel 2 m
AAA0476D-4F53-46C6-99BD-AF3C00CF25F0 LE12 8DE Quorn Parish Council, Public Telephone 25m From Bradley & Son, 20 Station Road 7m From Station Road, Station Road n1423280380 inside old phone box by car park exit, Station Road, Quorn 4 m
989 LE12 8PY Parish Council Offices, Leicestershire n9693956101 outside Barrow upon Soar Parish Council building on High Street 31 m
848 LE12 7LY Telephone Box, Leicestershire n2878520982 inside old red phone box near All Saints Church, Church Street, Seagrave 2 m
73F964FB-A9E8-4F3A-9767-AF7F01384FA7 LE12 7LT Seagrave War Memorial Hall, Public Telephone 16m From 2 Church Street 5m From Church Street, Church Street n2878520982 inside old red phone box near All Saints Church, Church Street, Seagrave 7 m
F9DA320F-98ED-4EF3-82B8-ABD601012A74 LE12 9PT Co-Op - Anson Road, Anson Road, Shepshed n10671103679 On exterior wall of Co-op, to the right of the entrance. 11 m
561 LE12 8HT Telephone Box, Leicestershire n10728833512 inside old phone box in front of Anchor Inn pub in Walton on the Wolds 1 m
9D56A86A-A4AF-4E0E-A522-C35B54EA5D32 LE12 9GX Campbell Scientific, 80 Hathern Rd, Shepshed Loughborough n5776786440 73 m
3416 LE12 9UD 2 Wilson Court, Leicestershire n5334952518 15 m
3054 LE12 9TU Village Hall, Leicestershire n5334952519 2 m
3558 LE12 9TP The Queens Head, Leicestershire n5776823056 outside Queens Head pub, Belton - facing church Street 12 m
102 LE12 5AF Village Hall, Leicestershire n8702601201 outside Burton on the Wolds Village Hall - to left of entrance behind notice boards 58 m
604 LE12 5LB Telephone Box, Leicestershire n361206221 inside old phone box outside Cross Street Surgery in Hathern 7 m
1948 LE12 5DB The Royal Oak, Leicestershire n7111039536 73 m
60CAFD13-D704-4A58-A7C1-AD6700CDEF0A LE12 5DB The Royal Oak, 26 The Green, Long Whatton n7111039536 15 m
154 LE12 5HB Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4083800708 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Normanton on Soar 1 m
320 LE12 6UF Churchyard Wall, Leicestershire n4371660556 on church wall next to shop 64 m
D0DCCD2A-0638-466A-B79D-AB6D00FAE876 LE12 6UF St Mary's Church, 52 Far Street, Wymeswold n4371660556 on church wall next to shop 13 m
158 LE12 5EQ Rose and Crown, Leicestershire n4084073479 17 m
CFCFA8C8-FFE5-4D4D-B80F-AD6700CA8220 LE12 5DG 64 Main Street, Long Whatton, Loughborough n6258879827 72 m
1947 LE12 5DG The Falcon Inn, Leicestershire n6258879827 6 m
4207 LE12 6RH Village Hall, Leicestershire n3424916072 10 m
211 LE12 5PE Cricket Club Pavilion, Leicestershire n4816838421 5 m
172 LE12 6SX Telephone Box, Leicestershire n3378267113 inside old red phonebox, Willoughby on the Wolds 1 m
157 LE12 5PE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n2140407949 inside old red phone box in Sutton Bonnington 2 m
191 LE12 5RQ Star Inn, Leicestershire n4416942942 11 m
1314 LE12 6PF Village Hall, Leicestershire n4112851821 17 m
337 LE12 6XD Generous Briton Public House, Leicestershire n4471956193 outside The Generous Briton pub, Costock - facing car park 7 m
1190 LE13 1AE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n3797010801 inside old red phone box, By St Marys church, Burton Street, Melton Mowbray 34 m
160 LE13 1EE Police Station, Leicestershire n7726102325 outside Melton Mowbray Police Station 13 m
41 LE13 1NH Gloucester House, Leicestershire n2309317111 19 m
60 LE14 2PZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9166034038 inside red phone box, High Street, Somerby - opposite playground 2 m
28 LE14 2JQ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n8930866512 inside red phone box, Main Street, Burrough on the Hill 2 m
55 LE14 2RG Pickwell Village Hall, Leicestershire n8575202485 Pickwell Village Hall 25 m
1015 LE14 2DQ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9166049665 inside red phone box, Main Street, Thorpe Satchville - opposite what was Fox Inn 37 m
3049 LE14 2ET Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9166087783 inside red phone box, Main Street, Great Dalby 4 m
7C1BB5FA-5183-4048-918D-AF3B00FE38AB LE14 2LP Public Telephone 11m From 22 Main Street 4m From Main Street, Main Street, Rotherby n11186838143 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Rotherby 2 m
37 LE14 2JU Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9130080087 inside red phone box, Edmondthorpe Drift, Edmondthorpe 6 m
152 LE14 3DT Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9166100090 inside red phone box by Bluebell car park, Hoby 38 m
76 LE14 2AG Telephone Box, Leicestershire n8570017602 inside red phone box (that has now been converted to book exchange), Main Street, Wymondham 9 m
CB9578E6-97EC-4E2A-8F05-70FF08CE1333 LE14 3PP Phone Box, Six Hills Rd, Ragdale Melton Mowbray n9166105535 inside red phone box, Six Hills Road, Ragdale 3 m
363 LE14 3BZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9161604604 inside red phone box, Main Street, Grimstone 27 m
6807 LE14 3JJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4626682940 inside old red phone box, Wartnaby Road, Ab Kettleby 2 m
942 LE14 4SZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4624277372 in old red phone box, Main Street, Holwell 53 m
536 LE14 3LR Village Hall, Leicestershire n7727495897 3 m
46 LE14 4DW The Kings Arms, Leicestershire n4018248590 9 m
2007 LE14 4QE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9130052312 inside red phone box, The Green, Stonesby 11 m
1496 LE14 3QH Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4626682946 inside phone box 4 m
2956 LE14 4AJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4882119027 inside red phone box opposite pub, Waltham on the Wolds 3 m
625 LE14 3EN Village Hall, Leicestershire n6577406670 100 m
667 LE14 3BA Village Hall, Leicestershire n4046297427 98 m
297 LE14 4QW Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9130050760 inside red phone box, Main Street, Saltby 5 m
174 LE14 4LN Telephone Box, Leicestershire n2591753056 inside red phone box, Main Street, Goadby Marwood 14 m
296 LE14 4PJ Dairy Office, Leicestershire n4058683932 20 m
430 LE14 4PA Medical Practice, Leicestershire n4606870428 outside Long Clawson Surgery facing car park 23 m
1060 LE14 4EL Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9130034273 inside red phone box at junction of Scalford Road and Stanleys Lane, Eastwell 73 m
758 LE14 3AQ Village Hall, Leicestershire n4372893927 4 m
334 LE14 3AJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4372893942 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Hickling 81 m
3953 LE14 4BG Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9129970189 inside red phone box at junction of Dickman's Lane and Burden Lane, Harby 7 m
3393 LE15 9EP Telephone Box, Leicestershire n2003118830 inside old red phone box, Bisbrooke - at crossroads 4 m
7250 LE15 9QH Market Place Dental Health Practice, Leicestershire n7567434858 30 m
302 LE15 9DN Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9336043911 inside old red phone box, High Street,Morcott 217 m
61 LE15 8NR Telephone Box, Leicestershire n1002442484 inside red phone box, by church in South Luffenham 1 m
342 LE15 9AU Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9333243616 inside red phone box, Main Street, Ridlington 40 m
376 LE15 8SE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9333243772 inside red phone box, junction of Top Street and Middle Street, Wing 19 m
1474 LE15 8EZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9336100198 inside old red phone box, Edith Weston 33 m
6401 LE15 8HS Telephone Box, Leicestershire n11186817498 inside old red phone boc, Derwent Avenue, Edith Weston 2 m
4449 LE15 8RN Lyndon Reserve Visitor Centre, Leicestershire n9271231710 12 m
374 LE15 8AD Village Hall, Leicestershire n7560887148 outside Egleton Village Hall 134 m
39DCC844-6685-4DA2-B95B-689B79958EBD LE15 8TH In The Old Telephone Box Opposite The Church, Lyndon Road, Hambleton Oakham n5036730561 inside red phone box opposite church, Hambleton 10 m
3BEB048E-F79F-4210-AD48-F4607300FC46 LE15 8DN In The Red Telephone Box On, Middle St, Owston Oakham n9166057560 inside red phone box, Middle Road, Owston 22 m
3163 LE15 8BJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9338362227 inside old red phone box, Whitwell - between church and pub 5 m
C03275BE-CA04-43AF-8E38-4195A0667F02 LE15 8LT Knossington Village Hall, 15 Main St, Knossington Oakham n4386070211 33 m
373 LE15 8AJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n18379751 inside old phone box in Exton 130 m
4194 LE15 7ET Telephone Box, Leicestershire n862236740 inside old phone box in Whissendine 6 m
1076 LE15 7NL Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9201200007 In old telephone box 5 m
3565 LE15 7QZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9325860984 inside red telephone box, Stretton, - opposite pub 5 m
481 LE15 7PL The Market Store, Leicestershire n9654959896 outside local shop on Main Street, Market Overton 214 m
7504 LE15 7RE The Herb Nursery, Leicestershire n9742065268 outside The Herb Nursery, Witham Road, Thistleton 32 m
E2C93480-4BCD-43F0-9E10-AD0F00B41171 LE16 9TY Marston Trussell Village Hall, The Old School, Main Street n10274116809 outside Marston Trussell Village Hall 5 m
8075 LE16 8PD Telephone Box, Leicestershire n11186812288 inside old red phone box in Brampton Ash 4 m
BD1532B9-3337-4DAD-9C8D-24DE4AA8EE8F LE16 8PX Green Ln, Stoke Albany Market Harborough n9161285538 inside red phone box, Ashley Road, Stoke Albany 7 m
566BCB18-6FE3-4553-B61F-AF5C00E246AD LE16 8QD Wilbarston Village Hall, Carlton Road, Wilbarston n9166066250 inside red phone box at crossroads opposite Fox Inn, Wilbarston 58 m
3760 LE16 8YU Telephone Box, Northamptonshire n9036425394 Inside red phone box, Middleton 5 m
427 LE16 7RE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n5239755554 inside red phone box near Foxton Village Hall 61 m
CE826C3D-6E38-4546-8949-AD7F01486AAE LE16 8HP Public Telephone 22m From 27 Main Street 10m From B664, Main Street, Sutton Bassett n9036425395 inside red phone box, Sutton Bassett 3 m
1371 LE16 8HP Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9036425395 inside red phone box, Sutton Bassett 4 m
5B4B1832-1015-47D9-9F5A-AEA100C9D0F5 LE16 8HS Weston By Welland Telephone Box, Telephone Box, The Green n9464711728 inside old red phone box, Weston by Welland 38 m
7389 LE16 8HS Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9464711728 inside old red phone box, Weston by Welland 2 m
C3CACCD6-E630-4C2A-AE6D-3F021483292F LE16 8RJ Telephone Kiosk, Main St, Bringhurst Market Harborough n5396370528 inside red phone box, Bringhurst 23 m
EC1BB6A6-2BEC-43D2-BC0C-6F287A46280F LE16 8SD Phone Box On, Main St, Drayton Market Harborough n9139012494 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange) in Drayton 18 m
864 LE16 7TS Telephone Box, Leicestershire n8588137648 inside red phone box (that is now book exchange) Thorpe Langron - nearly opposite Bakers Arms pub 2 m
3729 LE16 8ST Telephone Box, Leicestershire n905477575 in phone box, Great Easton 2 m
A1624E58-76F3-480B-A557-AF82012477F0 LE16 8ST 6 High Street, Great Easton n905477575 in phone box, Great Easton 38 m
5543 LE16 7UF Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9139037520 inside red phone box, Main Street, Slawston 3 m
84544A28-1ACB-48DC-9D1E-AF9C011F3AF6 LE16 7UF Slawston Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Main Street n9139037520 inside red phone box, Main Street, Slawston 10 m
296215FE-DA6C-4E55-99B4-05E240D4E833 LE17 6DY (In The Telephone Box On), Welford Rd, South Kilworth Lutterworth n8573289514 inside red phone box (that is now a book exchange) in Welford Road, South Kilworth 16 m
528 LE17 4HZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n3936325933 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Cotesbach 1 m
887 LE17 6JT Telephone Box, Leicestershire n8997324613 inside telephone box on the Green, Husbands Bosworth 2 m
74B66D30-B9E9-498F-AC92-B05400B9207F LE17 6JT Telephone Box - Husbands Bosworth, Public Telephone 18m From 1 The Green 7m From The Green, The Green n8997324613 inside telephone box on the Green, Husbands Bosworth 7 m
705 LE17 4GX Fortnams Chemist, Leicestershire n7640547716 6 m
44EF5956-D1CC-4B7B-8709-27659D0F3092 LE17 4EG Co-Op Funeral - George Street, Co-Operative Funeralcare - Lutterworth, 1 George St n7641057148 15 m
707 LE17 4SS Linden Drive Stores, Leicestershire n7647543421 6 m
630 LE17 4ED The Wycliffe Rooms, Leicestershire n7640823427 18 m
5985 LE17 6QT Telephone Box, Leicestershire n10003152726 inside old red phone box near junction of Hothorpe Road with Main Street, Threddingworth 2 m
4A9601E3-72F3-4F1B-A221-AEC500AB465A LE17 6QT Pebble Cottages, 1 Hothorpe Road, Theddingworth n10003152726 inside old red phone box near junction of Hothorpe Road with Main Street, Threddingworth 1 m
998 LE17 4RZ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9124271558 Inside red phone box, Manor Road, Bitteswell - by the green 6 m
2990 LE17 5RU Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9124341955 inside red phone box, Walton Road, Kimcote 6 m
2991 LE17 5RG Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9161053860 inside red phone box 6 m
05F8D8FB-8A31-434D-B851-6B5930E025B6 LE17 6PQ In The Telephone Kiosk On, The Square, Shearsby Lutterworth n9161133289 inside red phone box, Shearsby 16 m
1186 LE18 3TD Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9127991410 inside red phone box next to Dog & Gun pub, Main Street, Kilby 33 m
0D57CEF8-D08E-44BB-BA0C-AF1000B4DCD1 LE18 4PH South Leicestershire College, Blaby Rd, Wigston n8900017450 29 m
1F49D645-7D86-4C03-8F14-C408F469CE44 LE18 1DR Co-Op Funeral - Leicester Road, 82 Leicester Rd, Wigston n7804910143 3 m
E40983E9-8C1C-4D2A-983A-AC590098C8F0 LE19 2HX Telephone Box (C/O Narborough Parish Council), The Square, Littlethorpe n10028525532 inside old red phone box in Littlethorpe - opposite Old Inn car park 13 m
94B73BE9-A88F-440C-8EDD-AEA40128C3C5 LE19 2AZ Narborough And Littlethorpe Cricket Club, Leicester Road, Narborough n10141298186 43 m
0CA02932-68FC-453E-A35C-C1D40EFD1DBF LE19 4AQ Brockington College, Blaby Road, Enderby n4158539980 16 m
66EF3BAD-E5DB-44E8-A046-AE2B010B6477 LE19 4LX Enderby Cricket Club, Mill Lane, Enderby n9707828130 outside Enderby Cricket Club building - facing road 21 m
664 LE19 4NL Coop Convenience Store, Leicestershire n2362308636 14 m
230 LE2 9JE War Memorial Hall, Leicestershire n7955983673 117 m
FC214E4F-16CC-4515-AC9D-AAC228F8FB63 LE2 5QE St Peters Centre, Wigston Rd, Oadby Leicester n7821300444 outside St Peters Church Hall 71 m
2CAE78E5-FCC3-42B8-AB32-7E05489CAEB8 LE2 5BF Co-Op Funeralcare - The Parade, 66 The Parade, Oadby n4972683013 outside, between Age UK & Co-op Funeral care on The Parade, Oadby 11 m
40CCABAB-7B55-4DB9-B477-AF8500D7EA55 LE2 3YL Lcc Parks, 42 South Kingsmead Road, Gardeners' Depot n10710785932 Knighton Park, By sensory Garden,off path to Woodbank Road, Rockery side of bridge. 81 m
C36C227E-ADD3-4D09-A6C7-06DA4966208B LE2 3LF Holbrook Memorial Hall, Holbrook Rd, Knighton Leicester n9157675133 Front wall of Holbrook Hall 15 m
9A65DDA5-0114-4535-9F85-32FB626DC054 LE2 6BN Co-Op Funeral - Welford Road, Leicester Co Operative Funeral Service, Welford Rd n4972683014 6 m
1811 LE2 2LG John Foster Hall, Leicester University, Leicestershire n5618474863 59 m
4FCBF710-98E8-4AC7-BBCD-23C5FBB68812 LE2 3AF Co-Op - Clarendon Park Road, Co-Operative Food - Clarendon Park Road, Clarendon Park Rd n4972683015 15 m
21838FA8-366A-4425-808A-364B1E234847 LE2 7DR De Montfort University, Campus Centre De Montfort University, The Gateway n10658556806 19 m
447DB8E5-FD41-4B12-95B9-8208F133A235 LE4 4ED Co-Operative Funeralcare, 1-3 The Crossways, Birstall Leicester n5864416821 7 m
C6003598-D280-4230-AC20-ACAB1790AF51 LE5 2NG Co-Op - Thurncourt Road, 166 Thurncourt Rd, Leicester n10013339723 22 m
E7DF0625-354F-4A6E-9EAB-ACD000F24619 LE6 0HB Bradgate Park, Public Toilets Bradgate Road Entrance Bradgate Park, Bradgate Road n5836639492 5 m
1430 LE6 0HE Deer Barn Tea Room, Leicestershire n5836639491 36 m
2994 LE65 1AF Disabled Toilet, Leicestershire n5302330322 On the wall outside 1 m
3295 LE65 1AH Huntingdon Court, Leicestershire n5302330329 3 m
FCF38DC3-3045-4555-A540-8BF28879A72C LE67 9UU Co-Op - Main Street, 70-72 Main St, Markfield n7253172206 36 m
72DA6D8F-B921-4E92-9ECE-C740B8280E6A LE67 8NR Co-Op - The Green, 23 The Green, Thringstone Coalville n6685416590 outside Co-op, Thringstone - facing car park 11 m
1F2CF66C-4998-42CB-A262-09F1FF7260BA LE7 9EE In The Telephone Box, The St, Goadby Leicester n9161237864 inside red phone box, The Street, Goadby 31 m
3494 LE7 9EG Telephone Box, Leicestershire n4972855490 inside red phone box, Main Street, Illston on the Hill 2 m
5848 LE7 9XL Telephone Box, Leicestershire n7996025464 in red phone box on Uppingham Road in East Norton 1 m
338C8F88-182B-4489-B99F-04D969EB3E05 LE7 9GE Village Hall, Main St, Houghton On The Hill Leicester n5914445812 outside Houghton-on-the-Hill Village Hall 19 m
D8454A4D-E2F2-452B-8097-AED200896262 LE7 9JQ Keyham Charities, Keyham Village Hall, Main Street n7658881471 outside Keyham Village Hall - to right of entrance 9 m
2E41711A-16AA-4D8C-9671-114B935FF8FC LE7 9JR In Old Style Telephone Box, Main St, Hungarton Leicester n8587178569 inside red phone box, Main Street, Hungarton 55 m
3715 LE7 7HG Telephone Box, Leicestershire n10728836569 inside old phone box, Station Road, Cropston 15 m
186 LE7 4RJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n8586865509 inside old red phone box (now a book exchange) near crossroads, Barsby 6 m
3052 LE7 3DA Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9338592469 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Queniborough 2 m
748 LE7 4WG Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9338693626 inside old red phone box at junction of Main Street and Cross Street, Gaddesby 3 m
D5C11865-C58B-4181-91B1-AE5401152478 LE7 4UU Phone Box, Public Telephone 16m From 85 Main Street 7m From Bennett's Lane, Bennetts Lane n2892439520 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Cossington 10 m
485 LE7 4UP Telephone Box, Leicestershire n2892439520 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Cossington 1 m
1406 LE8 6UF Telephone Box, Leicestershire n9138965862 inside red phone boxMain Street, Willoughby Waterleys 2 m
D71780B6-1616-421D-B589-AFE901126A80 LE8 5UQ The Cock Inn, Main Street, Peatling Magna n9392920626 by Cock Inn car park 16 m
644 LE8 5UQ Garage Wall opposite The Cock Inn, Leicestershire n9392920626 by Cock Inn car park 65 m
2675 LE8 0PJ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n8473508210 inside red phone box, Main Street, Tur Langton 7 m
9C2F426A-D21C-4B34-85BF-4C40C1E0C412 LE8 5QX Co-Op - Main Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Countesthorpe, 8 Main St n9190967435 outside Co-op, Main Street, Countesthorpe - to right of entrance 12 m
147 LE8 5TB Village Hall, Leicestershire n7965139578 outside Countesthorpe Village Hall/ Community Hub 33 m
4797 LE8 5RQ Countesthorpe Methodist Church, Leicestershire n7965139580 16 m
875 LE8 4HL Methodist Church, Leicestershire n7964989037 13 m
4B9BADDD-8BF0-40E0-AC5B-AE710084AD4B LE8 6LQ The Park Veterinary Group, 82-84 High Street, Whetstone n7967071909 13 m
649 LE8 4GQ Civic Centre, Leicestershire n7964989013 50 m
8BDA4B21-2A9F-4A5F-903C-AE2F00E56A4C LE8 4GQ Leicester Road, Blaby, Leicestershire n7964989013 51 m
1218 LE9 1RQ Telephone Box, Leicestershire n7993739130 inside red phone box, Main Street, Cosby 11 m
1226F9A0-B9E6-4C81-8B75-AE38017963F8 LE9 3EG Public Telephone 44m From Brookside Cottage, Huncote Road 9m From Huncote Road, Hill Street, Croft n10054374968 inside old red phone box at top of Station Road, Croft 5 m
A8DD5531-84AB-4FC9-A16B-B04900DF1516 LE9 7QE Public Telephone 15m From 31 Church Road 6m From Church Road, Church Road, Kirkby Mallory n10575160242 inside old phone box, Church Road, Kirkby Mallory 2 m
1323 LE9 7QE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n10575160242 inside old phone box, Church Road, Kirkby Mallory 3 m
7432D662-3EE7-4BD8-A967-B04900DFD3FD LE9 7RE Phone Box Main Street, Public Telephone 23m From 57 Main Street 5m From Main Street, Main Street n10575162702 inside old phone box in Main Street, Peckleton 11 m
1311 LE9 7RE Telephone Box, Leicestershire n10575162702 inside old phone box in Main Street, Peckleton 11 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 16 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
3A3B2D64-EC28-477F-8651-F6B7AA803A5A LE16 8NE Great Oxendon Village Hall, Main St, Great Oxendon Market Harboroug n5550543630 On wall of Great Oxendon Village Hall - roadside 202 m
EEB21B86-EA74-4BC2-ACB7-AF0B00A9FB88 LE12 9RT Post Office, 7 Market Pl, Loughborough n5776786434 5535 m
D0587A5E-98C6-4800-9FB7-E65AAEEA0028 LE6 0HE Bradgate Park Deer Barn Buildings, Bradgate Rd, Newtown Linford Leicester n5836639491 19 m
4939AB4E-D2D0-4B00-B662-AC1400C0A51E LE4 7AN Asian Funeral Company, 223 Melton Road, Leicester n5864415102 123 m
AA59F080-AAF9-4AAB-87B8-AC0900898614 LE10 0JR Mccartneys Funeral - Coventry Road, 47 Coventry Road, Hinckley n6013300592 Mounted on the front wall of the building 84 m
5661C856-DA0D-4821-9F2C-6A7CD26E7AD4 LE16 7PA Tesco Stores Ltd, 21 The Square, Market Harborough n7630471522 16 m
B59C931F-FAFB-4552-977B-AF0B00946E1C LE3 3GH Leicester Forest East Post Office, Hinckley Road, Leicester Forest East n7960910494 281 m
ECE24263-0E5B-42D6-830C-AC0800FE5EC0 LE8 4DW Co-Op Funeral - Lutterworth Road, 9 Lutterworth Road, Blaby n7964809297 177 m
9AFD8949-D249-4D62-8613-BB2DE73952F6 LE7 7HQ Bradgate Park Hall Gates Car Park, Roecliffe Rd, Cropston Leicester n8117014824 On outside wall. 681 m
F27E0F64-F0C2-497F-ADFC-AD7F01407913 LE15 8PA Footpath Pc6 Harringworth Road Adjacent Number 11 Ne To Barrowden Road, Wakerley n9344800719 inside red phone box, Main Street, Wakerley 91 m
4C66B1E4-EB69-4534-80DA-B034016E7DF2 LE12 7AR 219 Loughborough Road, Mountsorrel n9604523430 inside phone box Loughborough Road, Mountsorrel 10 m
0D1BF0F0-C516-4405-9AAC-AEA200AA2ABC LE15 7RE The Herb Nursery, 7 Main Street, Thistleton n9742065268 outside The Herb Nursery, Witham Road, Thistleton 341 m
375D6A4E-A340-4F90-B777-AEF7011BDFC2 LE12 8SS The Wheatsheaf Inn, 90 Brand Hill, Woodhouse Eaves n9891739828 On outside wall. 189 m
D22EE008-C731-433E-B04E-969EE73ABA5A LE5 6DE Parks Services, Evington Park, Cordery Road n10042995519 115 m
247AD058-9482-4566-A160-AFFC011C982F LE16 8PE Brampton Ash Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Hermitage Road, Brampton Ash n11186812288 inside old red phone box in Brampton Ash 92 m
62EAF242-1174-4289-B022-AF0B009CB549 LE12 8RZ Oakwood Pharmacy, 2a Main St, Woodhouse Eaves n11359820021 On the outside wall of the pharmacy. 127 m

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