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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'LL' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. There is one exception, we do have permission to add the UUID reference numbers from The Circuit to OSM. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the source data that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). Clicking on a circle will show more information about the unmatched object.

Each green line/circle represents a match between an AED in the source data and an OSM object. The OSM object is at the end of the line with a small green circle; the location in the source data is at the other end of the line. Different greens are used as follows: dark green for a match with the Circuit via the UUID, mid green for a match with the Circuit just based on proximity, and pale green for a match with the NDDB based on proximity. For more information about the matching see below. Clicking on a line will show more information about the matched objects.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. Then we check each unmatched location in the source data for the nearest unmatched OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all still unmatched source locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 30m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 100m and (for the NDDB only) 250m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be false-positive matches.

Circuit AEDs recorded as duplicates

AEDs are sometimes erroneously registered twice in The Circuit. The duplicate record would appear unmatched in this tool, so there is a mecahnism for manually marking such duplciates. See the Duplicate AEDs page for details. The duplicate AEDs (which are not considered for matching) are listed below.

Found 2 duplicate AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
44DC3248-881B-45BC-BD77-AE8D00E703FB LL53 6PA Ymddirodolaeth Nant Gwrtheyrn, Nant Gwrtheyrn, Llithfaen 24/7 Public 9m
B65D16D3-C8F3-4C04-A3E9-CD279A8B8567 LL53 7LG Llanengan Phone Kiosk, Lon Pentre Bach Llanengan, Abersoch 24/7 Public 3w

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

The AEDs listed here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in OSM to be matched. Matches between The Circuit and an OSM object further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB). In case of a single AED being recorded twice in The Circuit, the duplicate can be noted by this tool. See Duplicate AEDs. The entries in fainter type are those that are not public 24/7 units. These are less likely to be able to be mapped in OSM.

Found 1403 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
EE0868F7-057E-4A67-A06A-B069009469F1 LL11 1AL The Exchange, 24 Queen Street, The Exchange Variable Public 9m
7E6391C5-311F-49C1-9764-AEA000AB4899 LL11 1AU Wrexham Town Police Station, Former Oriel Gallery, Wrexham 24/7 Restricted 9m
FAB0BE64-6FDF-4E4B-B318-B0A600FB972A LL11 1BB O2 Store (0502) Wrexham - Hope Street, 40-41 Hope Street, Wrexham Variable Restricted 8m
F4EEC63E-F552-4960-BB46-B0040083F8FA LL11 1BT Citizens Advice Bureau, 35 Grosvenor Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
4309A0AD-62B3-489F-AF7F-B12200EC624D LL11 1DY The White House - Care Home, 5 - 7 Grove Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 4m
8F78BF76-0BE3-4528-98D9-AE4500D0A4B1 LL11 1ND Associations Of Voluntary Organisations In Wrexham, Avow, 21 Egerton Street 24/7 Public 11m
30169681-E805-4B8C-8AA7-AF2D00CE6BD1 LL11 2AA Wrexham General Railway Station, Station Approach, Wrexham 24/7 Public 2m
3F6B3EA3-7DA7-4206-9D37-B06000F64FCF LL11 2AA Scout Hq Wrexham, Scout Headquarters, Station Approach 24/7 Public 9m
1BDD2C0A-A841-433A-9CBE-34A310B08B57 LL11 2AF Maesgwyn Hall, Mold Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
906E9D9A-CA81-426D-9EDA-ADC100D4D8CD LL11 2AH The Racecourse, Mold Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
3442F06D-25ED-499C-BE74-AFC100C125DB LL11 2BL Screwfix, Unit 2c Berse Road Retail Park, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
A404A526-8EF4-406D-AFF6-AB6F00C3D7B6 LL11 2BL B & Q Plc, Berse Road, Wrexham Variable Public 11m
6BE5D937-F3B9-4380-9D1B-4E38B6049B97 LL11 2BU Ysgol Plas Coch, Stansty Road, Ysgol Plas Coch Variable Public 11m
599C3D84-95F5-458A-8832-B10A00E7B1B9 LL11 2BW North Wales Regional Tennis Centre, Plas Coch Road, Wrexham Variable Public 4m
904F1E8D-C4D3-43B3-B879-AB80919EB453 LL11 2BW Wrexham Tennis Centre Ltd, Plas Coch Road, Wrexham Variable Public 4m
2D63048C-667B-4F49-BBE1-0AF929381945 LL11 2NB Rhosddu Primary School, Prices Lane, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
1516A7E5-532B-45F1-9A83-B11C00B6C76A LL11 2UB Denmans, Denmans Electrical De023, Unit 3, Plas Aston Ind Est, Variable Public 4m
59CFB32F-05BE-4774-8B51-6A0A00D9CE5F LL11 3AA One Planet Adventure, General Area Of, Llandegla Wrexham Variable Public 11m
AD6F2B0D-8274-43DB-8D32-2D77771C5D70 LL11 3AW Llandegla Memorial Hall, Allt Yr Efail, Wrexham 24/7 Public 3m
10CCB276-5DD6-41BD-B0D8-B0FA013B6D92 LL11 3DA Tyn Y Capel Inn, Church Road, Minera 24/7 Public 5m
AD7660FE-616B-46EC-A434-B00E00C530A0 LL11 3DU Interpretation Centre And Rangers Office Minera Lead Mines, Lane From B5426 To New Brighton, Minera 24/7 Public 11m
ECFD5F3E-AE53-4C90-A8FB-AB5300B58EBD LL11 3NG Dant Y Coed Dental Practice Ltd, 1-2 Maelor Buildings, Heol Maelor Variable Restricted 11m
A4A19917-5DF8-43D1-A20B-AF2500821AA6 LL11 3RD Minera Roof Trusses Ltd, Unit 1 And 2, Five Crosses Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
850BDFED-70EC-4E5A-9BEA-AC480137BDB7 LL11 3SB Active Health, 30 High Street, Coedpoeth 24/7 Public 11m
8C19E7EC-22D5-448E-8C93-AC480141A36B LL11 3TD Coedpoeth Community Council, Parish Hall, Park Road 24/7 Public 11m
958D9458-4242-4CAC-8262-AEC300A7E72D LL11 3UH North Wales Police Authority, Coedpoeth Ps, 70-72 High Street 24/7 Restricted 11m
EEE013C4-D209-4958-9C70-11CED621A1F8 LL11 3YE Minera Primary School, Minera Hall Road, Minera Wrexham 24/7 Public 4m
10BB7BAD-CDAF-4CD0-82F9-ACEF00A3B8BD LL11 4BA Lindop Toyota, Lindop Bros, Llay New Road Variable Public 11m
59FE76A6-5E8D-49D0-807D-ADF300A94EFA LL11 4BA Gwersyllt Community Council, Olivegrove Residential Sales & Lettings, Glan Llyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
69746D39-D9AE-4994-AA00-AE2400E27357 LL11 4BA Olivegrove Residential Sales & Lettings, Glan Llyn Road, Bradley 24/7 Public 11m
61F5A306-E366-4241-B0AC-B0A8009A56B5 LL11 4DX The Park Sports Association, Bradley And Gwersyllt Sports Club, Park Wall Road 24/7 Public 8m
CA947C28-DCA2-4B0F-B083-AC1901343E17 LL11 4DX Bradley & Gwersyllt Sports Club, Heol Y Parc, Bradley 24/7 Public 11m
7F2F5732-09D9-490C-A5A3-ADF3010EAAD5 LL11 4ED Gwersyll Community Centre, Gwersyllt Community Resource Centre, Second Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
63AD35EB-4D69-4942-AE59-DD9D31232F25 LL11 4HB Bryn Alyn High School, Bryn Glas, Gwersyllt Variable Public 4m
39F3143A-21F2-48E2-BEF0-B0A800A09918 LL11 4NT Gwersyllt Congregational Church, Dodds Lane, Gwersyllt 24/7 Public 8m
61645630-7037-4A3F-BC2E-AC91012B208A LL11 4NT Gwersyllt, Gwersyllt Congregational Church, Dodds Lane 24/7 Public 11m
2DC8489C-719F-43EC-8269-ADF3010D24A1 LL11 4TJ Gwersyllt Community Council, Courtney Jessica Beauty Salon, The Meadows 24/7 Public 11m
3379D68B-4700-40A1-9B97-B09D00997B07 LL11 4YL Wrexham Volkswagen Cars, Rhosddu Industrial Estate, Old Rhosrobin, Gwersyllt, Wrexham, Wrexham Variable Restricted 8m
551F7137-8DAA-4D2E-B811-AE6A0074CEEA LL11 4YL Yodel, Rhosddu Ind Estate, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
60C0BD16-2829-4F17-A69F-AFCF009C94D1 LL11 4YL Howdens At Wrexham, Unit G, Rhosddu Industrial Estate,, Rhosrobin Variable Restricted 11m
84AAF1D6-CB4D-4C46-928F-B09600EE5845 LL11 4YL Volkswagen Van Centre Wrexham, Rhosddu Industrial Estate, Old Rhosrobin, Gwersyllt, Wrexham, Wrexham Variable Restricted 8m
B7A00AC6-8902-4DA1-BFA9-AC9200FB6B12 LL11 4YU Maes Gwyrdd Community Of Gwersyllt Av24/7, Maes Gwyrdd Centre Of Street, Gwersyllt 24/7 Public 11m
B6DE0255-291E-4856-9C53-ABDF01034123 LL11 4YY Body Perfect, Units 1 To 6 The Grange, Rhosddu Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 5m
2BD78AC0-BB66-45A5-8E35-AE2A00E9CA47 LL11 5AG Betsi Cadwaladr University Lhb East Area, The Clinic, Offa Street 24/7 Public 11m
E406D258-772B-46C4-8BCC-AE2A010A0CDF LL11 5EA Queens Cross Garage, Railway Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
9D7AB88E-EF2F-4468-9BF6-B01B00A0DDF9 LL11 5ED Cymau Community Centre, Cymau Lane, Cymau 24/7 Public 11m
A91C29D9-7123-4BAE-908F-ADC100AAFA20 LL11 5ER Haulfryn Residential Home, Pistyll Hill, Cymau 24/7 Restricted 11m
466CDBE5-1020-4C23-B12A-AB4500AFB4AC LL11 5HG St Michael's Church, Church Hall, Llanfynydd 24/7 Public 11m
DB434BC7-A363-49F2-92D6-AB4500ADF62E LL11 5LH Ffrith & Lanfynydd Community Centre, Ffrith 24/7 Public 11m
3079620C-2072-4AE2-B6A8-AE2A010DFDB2 LL11 5NA Bronwens Green, Mount Zion, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
B2B4FB57-BBD8-4AFA-9D1B-B15A00D199F8 LL11 5PG 8 Church Road, Southsea, Wrexham 24/7 Public 2m
2DD9A1DD-7EB6-44A1-8140-AE2A00EBC970 LL11 5SA Wcbc, Tanyfron Primary School, Tanyfron Road 24/7 Public 11m
0983B22F-E24B-4FCA-B472-AD3200F4899E LL11 5TF Brymbo Sports And Social Complex Ltd, Brymbo Sports And Social Club, Access Road To Cricket Club Variable Public 11m
50BBC269-6C5D-43C5-BAD5-B0A8009ACE2E LL11 5TG Taylor Wimpey Coed Issa, Heritage Way, Brymbo Variable Restricted 8m
D48492DB-C2E7-49BB-B74B-AB2400CE38EB LL11 5TG Wrexham Brymbo Squash Club, Brymbo Sports & Social Complex, College Hill Variable Restricted 11m
EC049618-4591-49F7-BCF0-AEA6009ED591 LL11 5TT Land North Of, Allt Eisteddfod, Gwynfryn 24/7 Public 11m
933F4914-7624-480E-94E4-B07A00C07392 LL11 5UA Bwlchgwyn Primary School, Brymbo Road, Bwlchgwyn 24/7 Public 9m
A4691E08-6E2D-4DAB-9A2B-A7D761A9851E LL11 6AG What 3 Words, 4 High Street, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
424973A2-2329-4891-96AD-AEED009D2D30 LL11 6BT Broughton Community Council, Old School House, 9 Long Lane 24/7 Public 11m
311F14D0-190A-4A82-8686-B18000F46C7C LL11 6BZ 2 Whitehead Drive, New Broughton, Wrexham 24/7 Public 7w
E7C09892-BCAF-4664-B93E-AD9800DF9B4B LL11 6LW Meet N Eat Community House, 17 Darby Road, Brynteg 24/7 Public 11m
6C75D488-A9F2-4F85-B057-B09000AA95B5 LL11 6NB Brynteg Cp School, Maesteg, Brynteg Variable Restricted 8m
18A1E8D1-67A4-4B42-B0D6-AD2801073A64 LL11 6PP Pats Coaches, Transport Garage, Southsea Road 24/7 Public 11m
7CB78038-AB2A-408D-8757-AE3C00AE4673 LL11 6SF Wcbc, Ysgol Penrhyn, School Lane Variable Restricted 11m
B65C4732-DA0D-46AA-8186-AD9800B56E4C LL11 6SR Maelor House, Windsor Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
E5E4FF45-BACA-470F-8B4A-AE5300F54E61 LL12 0DL Darland, Darland - Freedom Leisure, Chester Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
005CBB11-4A12-4975-A33A-B0740089A27F LL12 0HT Rossett House Nursery, Rossett House, Llay Road, Burton Variable Public 9m
5D4D09CA-07D5-4C30-8093-AE40010DF1EF LL12 0HW Opposite Golden Lion/Next To Co-Op, Cwtch Ceramics, Chester Road 24/7 Public 4m
FB8B912D-AF15-4DFC-84E4-AB3E00A44495 LL12 0NT The Crown, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
036B1FB4-38A8-41FE-BE55-ADD600BFD854 LL12 0PB Best Companies, Hamilton House, Rackery Lane Variable Restricted 11m
37B5F26C-6727-48BF-B634-AE5B00F240CC LL12 0PG Marlin Industries Ltd, Llay Industrial Estate, Davy Way 24/7 Public 11m
A3DD343A-AF91-4A06-86A4-B021008DEBE9 LL12 0PG Llay Gym, Llay Gym, Davy Way 24/7 Restricted 11m
DBFB6E4A-AEAB-48F0-BF17-AF8700A9CDBA LL12 0PG North Wales Police, Llay Police Station, Davy Way 24/7 Public 11m
A81E2669-C609-424C-BF63-AF3F00BFA453 LL12 0PJ Cs Glaziers North Wales, Cs Glaziers North Wales Ltd, Miners Road Variable Public 11m
F34F0B31-478B-4E57-8626-AB3E009BF459 LL12 0RL Royal British Legion, Watts Dyke, Llay 24/7 Public 11m
D2FB511A-C312-4D12-ACFC-AFE9009CB2D4 LL12 0SA Llay Park Resource Centre, Market Square, Fifth Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
585F6F6B-9A9E-442E-AA7F-AB3E00A0CE05 LL12 0TH Llay Miners Welfare, Llay New Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
2ABE426E-5E65-4D89-92A3-AFE700EA6F98 LL12 0TU Screwfix, Unit 9 Llay Road Industrial Estate, Wrexham Variable Restricted 9m
00CB2F9F-DE24-44C6-A31F-3F9B9B577A34 LL12 7AB Coleg Cambria, Yale A Block - Grove Park Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
7493C6B0-5174-4B11-A710-AD7100A41C64 LL12 7AD Coleg Cambria, Yale H Block - A5152 Ial Restaurant, Chester Road 24/7 Public 11m
F967EEEB-44FF-42B4-9B68-FEAFE6330A53 LL12 7AG Capel Y Groes, Bodhyfryd, Wrexham Variable Restricted 7m
27C1D414-BAC6-4C64-9E0B-AB3E00F198C7 LL12 7AZ Alexandra C P School, Park Avenue, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
E4FDD9C2-F441-4E9A-9313-AE3C00D04BD4 LL12 7DL Acton Community Council's Powerhouse, Maesydre Power House, Glen Garth 24/7 Public 11m
4CDB3D6F-4917-4C27-A7B5-ADC100BFC693 LL12 7LB Acton Community Resource Centre, Overton Way, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
836799D9-5882-4688-930E-AE4A00F02C96 LL12 7PG Provided By Acton Community Council, Cunliffe Arms, Jeffreys Road 24/7 Public 11m
865A9AF1-65FF-445D-94A6-AF3401035BFD LL12 7TG Provided By Acton Community Council, Vic Fit Gym, Unit 1 The Old Filling Station 24/7 Public 11m
BE15A599-C352-47B7-B696-AE3C00C8CE65 LL12 8BH Little Acton Community Centre, The Green, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
F7912AC5-E52C-4287-ADAB-B0F300A8EC36 LL12 8EE Gresford Colliery Recreation Club, Blue Bell Lane, Pandy 24/7 Public 5m
4E741C75-867F-454E-A1B1-ABDF00A72CFE LL12 8LA Rofft Primary School, Wynnstay Lane, Marford Variable Public 11m
68EC1C19-1BA5-46D9-A39D-AECB0086E896 LL12 8NB 15 Chester Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
09DBD818-0B63-40B1-A428-E80ED980729A LL12 8PS Gresford Trust Memorial Hall, Off High Street, Gresford 24/7 Public 11m
3553A649-BB22-4DA8-9D2C-AF7F00C40AB9 LL12 8PW Football Association Of Wales, Colliers Park, Chester Road Variable Public 11m
B82EC643-098C-4C58-8F7C-AB5700C51336 LL12 8RW All Saints Church In Wales School, All Saints' School, School Hill Variable Restricted 11m
0ED6B48B-56B9-4D0D-943D-AB8801023C21 LL12 9DH Abermorddu Cp School, Cymau Lane, Caergwrle 24/7 Public 11m
E9102EE6-EED1-4E75-8D0F-AE6D0106CB7B LL12 9DU Caergwrle Station, Caergwrle Railway Station, Hawarden Road 24/7 Public 4m
CE376417-FD57-452E-8C8F-F05502CF90A9 LL12 9ET The Masonic Hall, High Street, Caergwrle Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
D4C5B550-59AE-4CE9-BB28-B0D401600C1F LL12 9HE Erw Ty (Farm), Top Ffordd Junction To Cross Farm Junction, Caergwrle 24/7 Public 6m
7DE49546-3DF2-4D8E-88D2-F76A40D76062 LL12 9NF White Lion Inn, Hawarden Road, Hope Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
34A10CF2-C062-4297-8E4E-AF27009C3015 LL12 9RP Oaklea Grange, Sandy Lane, Higher Kinnerton 24/7 Public 11m
3A434B46-475E-4563-A5B2-B171008D2C0F LL12 9SP 28 Tan Yr Allt, Cefn Y Bedd, Wrexham 24/7 Public 7w
3B5E2084-D8E4-40C2-954B-AF270093FA26 LL12 9UU Cefn-Y-Bedd Railway Station, Wrexham Road, Cefn-Y-Bedd 24/7 Public 4m
5CC40AC2-CCBF-4D65-BF2C-B005015A4F19 LL13 0AW Worthenbury Village Hall, The Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public 11m
3F6BAAD6-407B-4C83-AEAA-AF9C00C8FE93 LL13 0DY Overton Fc Football Pavilion, Wrexham Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
67BCB5B9-A443-4E15-AF3A-832A2B3CF6C6 LL13 0EF North Wales Police Overton Police Station, Station Road, Overton Wrexham 24/7 Restricted 11m
CE43F7DE-EE5F-4C09-A19F-96DEED7DAA81 LL13 0ES St Marys School, School Lane, Overton Wrexham Variable Restricted 9m
FC93EC10-52B1-4BDC-BF90-8FD092635607 LL13 0GB Penley Rainbow Centre, Community Social Centre, Access Road To Penley Hospital 24/7 Public 11m
2FAC2150-E3D8-47A5-A5E7-B04C016033D6 LL13 0LP Ellesmere Lane / Tudor Drive Ll13 0lp, Tudor Drive, Wrexham 24/7 Public 9m
07EC15FC-A3AA-4E5F-9342-B03C00B4CF70 LL13 0LU Madras V.a. Primary School, Overton Road, Penley 24/7 Public 9m
2EBC5D3B-7EC5-47DB-9EA8-1ACF5FE6B3B8 LL13 0LU The Maelor School Foundation, The Maelor School, A539 From Grange Road To Ellesmere Lane Variable Restricted 9m
7B8CD604-04F1-490A-B028-AD9C017BA52E LL13 0NT Community Centre, Pentre Gwyn, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
A28A4580-6087-4970-9BBA-ACCD0117AB82 LL13 0PS Marchwiel Community Council, 1 Breck Close, Welcome Garden 24/7 Public 11m
3ECB4D85-0110-431F-A045-AEC200AF30AF LL13 0SL Edge Scaffolding Services, Workshop Premises Gerwyn Fechan Farm, Access Road To Rosemead And Gerwyn Fechan Farm 24/7 Public 11m
8DA4568A-58AB-4025-A213-AF2136823EFF LL13 7DE Plas Y Bryn Surgery, 2 Chapel Street, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
07C7419B-DCF2-460F-86A9-B14700E70694 LL13 7EN Hickory’s Smokehouse, Sontley Road, Coed Y Glyn 24/7 Public 2m
4FE40829-FCA6-4ABD-9674-E1B0D449C942 LL13 7GT Wrexham Tyres, Unit 2 Puleston Mills, Access Roads To Puleston Industrial Estates Variable Public 11m
8F257ED7-8CE2-45D9-A9AB-AF270094394A LL13 7LW Wrexham Central Railway Station, Island Green Retail Park, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
DC79313F-6703-4EAD-BD87-AD3300DBDEC3 LL13 7NA Wrexham Diocesan Trust Reg, St Marys School, Lea Road Variable Restricted 11m
8403A7A9-0D31-4ED0-B545-B0D100D92B0D LL13 7NT Wrexham Artificial Limb And Appliance Centre, Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 6m
3C44D5FB-EFF6-4393-AF3C-B0F200B9F7ED LL13 7PH Ruabon Road Dental Practice, 96 Ruabon Road, Wrexham Variable Restricted 5m
A100DA28-0D04-491E-9F6C-AE6300DFDCAD LL13 7SU Puregym, Central Retail Park, Bradley Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
294C18D3-6D3D-422F-B00C-B0D100D6A60E LL13 7TD Estates Department, Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Croesnewydd Road 24/7 Public 6m
3F2A6F88-BD56-43D9-A95E-B1130140B499 LL13 7TP Bradley Road Evangelical Baptist Church, 104 Bradley Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 4m
C6C8A891-3512-4DE0-95CA-B11B00A6A9AA LL13 7TT Speedy Wrexham Rsc (178), Parkview Garage, Ruthin Road Variable Public 4m
C005D5FB-6529-46C3-8274-AE5300F6AC03 LL13 7UB Clywedog, Clywedog Leisure & Activity Centre (Freedom), 17 Ruthin Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
E87690FE-8B18-474A-A2DC-AB8100BE12ED LL13 7UG Coleg Cambria, Bersham Road - B5099, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
F8B18C25-ECB3-4EE1-90D4-ADEA10B311CF LL13 7YF Hightown Community Resource Centre, Bryn Y Cabanau Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
2C18EDF4-1EB6-4A11-AD54-AF3C00DE09A6 LL13 7YH The Ramada Plaza Hotel, Ellice Way, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
085ECF72-7736-4BDA-AD9D-61F0518011D7 LL13 7YL St John Ambulance Cymru, Yale Business Village, Wrexham Variable Restricted 4m
346E2B11-96D2-482C-B594-B11D00FA3391 LL13 7YL The Priory For Wales, Unit F Yale Business Village, Ellice Way Variable Restricted 4m
4E854DCE-9D62-4DF8-BCFB-AD7F01636F02 LL13 7YU Wrexham Fire Station, Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
A71B453A-9F50-40B9-9C7B-B13100BB2D15 LL13 8BD Old Vaults, 5 Chester Street, Wrexham 24/7 Public 3m
5657FFDB-EF36-4698-B378-AF3B00AA7979 LL13 8BG Wrexham County Borough Council, Wcbc, 31 Chester Street Variable Public 11m
D754767C-6671-49C0-B489-AF9E00DDF1BC LL13 8BG Crown Buildings, 31 Chester Street, Wrexham Variable Public 11m
82269412-517C-48B3-8E9C-B0A700AB802C LL13 8DB O2 Store (0525) Wrexham - Eagles Meadow, Unit 2a Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre, Wrexham Variable Restricted 8m
650138ED-911D-4C87-9AA0-AF8C0103F906 LL13 8HF Tesco Stores, Petrol Filling Station Tesco Stores Ltd, Crescent Road Variable Restricted 7w
F6CF51E1-D01B-440A-B429-D819D367D49B LL13 8HF Tesco Stores Ltd, Crescent Road, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
8F9B1E0E-441E-475B-A3BF-B11501014D7B LL13 8NA Hafan Y Dref, Public Convenience, St Giles Way 24/7 Public 4m
DB849044-3EF8-4494-A95D-AFE800B98AFF LL13 8QT Luke O Connor House Management Committee, Luke O Connor At, 21 Barter Court 24/7 Public 11m
C646DE4E-AFDD-4D2C-ABEB-AF1E00B44272 LL13 8RD Ssu, Hightown Bks, Kingsmill Rd Variable Restricted 11m
585E798B-4258-4A20-A155-B03600AE4228 LL13 8RE Corunna Court, Ellis Apartments, 10 Corunna Court 24/7 Public 11m
A95156DF-419D-43A6-BE0A-AE9100E28C95 LL13 8TH St Anne's School/Church, Saint Annes Church, Prince Charles Road 24/7 Public 11m
15FEFB65-C0CA-4D5F-B7D9-F19044CDAC5B LL13 9AE Meadow Vale Foods Ltd Wilkinson Business Park, Clywedog Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate Wrex 24/7 Public 3w
BDC248E2-2753-4CB2-A9AC-ADC400B7F032 LL13 9AE Ash Waste Services Ltd, Unit 16 Wilkinson Business Park, Clywedog Road South 24/7 Public 11m
5BD36198-9652-4824-87EC-AE5300FC0E72 LL13 9ET Rhosnesni Leisure & Activity Centre, Rhosnesni Lane, Wrexham 24/7 Restricted 11m
878ACF0E-A558-46FD-8B3D-AD9C01779C06 LL13 9GZ Electricity Sub Station 42m From 16 Augusta Drive 13m From St Andrews Crescent, Footpath From Bryn Estyn Road To Holt Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
68AF0971-6440-4AB3-9D68-AFCD00D2BC63 LL13 9HD Flying Start, Flying Start Offices Hafod Y Wern County Primary School, Deva Way Variable Public 11m
0EEDF13C-BAA8-42E9-A508-ABB900CAD958 LL13 9PS Bridge Road South, Ll13 9ps Variable Restricted 11m
E81F0194-C09A-4DE7-A8CA-B19B00A42A52 LL13 9PS Cable Services Ltd, Bridge House, Bridge Road North Variable Public 3w
2C2CB0D7-043B-4D6A-9B98-B04801393244 LL13 9QG 14 Turner Close, Wrexham 24/7 Public 9m
676F75C4-ACAB-4108-8590-AD9C01792B9B LL13 9RB Post Office, 18 Bridgeway East, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
DCAFA85C-3BD9-4011-BBCF-AD9D00CC7159 LL13 9RD Alan's Skip Hire Wales, Redwither Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
9683AE34-3680-4FE3-BD21-AEFC00992E5A LL13 9RL St Pauls Voluntary Aided Primary School, B5130 From Grasmere To Marshley Farm, Bowling Bank 24/7 Public 11m
9DC6A856-405A-41C7-B0E4-CAE8198C775B LL13 9RL St Pauls Voluntary Aided Primary School, General Area Of, Bowling Bank Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
AFF30ADF-B92A-4886-9829-AEB400FB839C LL13 9TF Commonwood Fishery, Buck Road, Holt 24/7 Public 11m
F699539F-FAD0-40C3-94FD-AD6400DF711F LL13 9TS Castle Green Homes - Site Office At Castle Green, Wrexham Road, Holt Variable Restricted 11m
2AB32942-42EA-4DE7-ADEC-FCE79EA54800 LL13 9TY Wrexham Rugby Club, Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
B89679CF-3D2F-4B05-A882-B17200DBAFA0 LL13 9UB Clays Golf Centre, Bryn Estyn Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 7w
757AF12E-9217-49A2-9F28-AEC800C3B2C5 LL13 9UE Clwyd Compounders Ltd, Clwyd Compounders Elm Point, 1 Abbey Road North Variable Public 11m
38586495-B82D-47A5-9B98-72399ACB0C68 LL13 9UG Clwyd House Ash Road South, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
F24AA57B-2640-45EF-9978-ABE500BB1F5A LL13 9UG Wockhardt Uk Ltd, Unit 10, Ash Road South Variable Restricted 11m
2BC78AA8-67F9-4E37-821D-B14600DDB115 LL13 9UH Novidon Ltd, Coed Aben Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted 2m
B8D3E952-0731-4B99-AF1E-B14600DF02D5 LL13 9UH Novidon Ltd, Coed Aben Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate 24/7 Restricted 2m
508FC637-4BAD-4968-941F-AE4A00EAF39B LL13 9UN Provided By Acton Community Council, Barkers Lane Cp School, Barker's Lane 24/7 Public 11m
F2764C32-C6CC-43DB-B691-AF07009FCC4B LL13 9UZ Electricity Sub Station 30m From A & B Air Systems Ltd, Unit 21, Abenbury Way 18m From Abe, Link Road Off Erlas Lane, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
0361538B-EE8E-46E9-9583-AE9300F784DD LL13 9XN Land At, Clywedog Road North, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
1FE7047C-F201-4072-A68B-9AA7DAF0E3E8 LL13 9XS Porvair Sciences Ltd Unit 73, Clywedog Road South, Wrexham Industrial Estate Variable Public 11m
7E9080F2-9C5B-44F7-9DDE-AB5E00E9C260 LL13 9XS Nu Instruments Ltd, Unit 74, Clywedog Road South Variable Restricted 11m
8360988A-1992-4D3E-A746-AE7D00B02E17 LL13 9XS Tension Control Bolts, Tcb House, Clywedog Road South Variable Restricted 11m
78030ABC-8CF9-474C-B738-AE5900D8AF1E LL13 9XT Northgate Public Services Redwither Tower, First Avenue, Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
85EFB074-9967-47A6-9864-B17E00E767D2 LL13 9YU Bellis Brothers Ltd, Country Market, Wrexham Road 24/7 Public 7w
26A1E5E5-0E97-4E82-BFF2-AFB000CEDCC0 LL14 1AH North Wales Police Authority, Rhos Ps Sgt Office, Market Street 24/7 Restricted 11m
5E8D3B89-AAFA-458D-8C4A-5F1A17AD6CF4 LL14 1AH North Wales Police, Rhos Ps, Market Street 24/7 Public 11m
B98834EC-DE63-49FF-9A27-E075EA2374BA LL14 1EL Ysgol Y Grango, Vinegar Hill, Rhosllanerchrugog Wrexham Variable Public 11m
0D1AB91A-74B3-4756-A350-7A336A15FF82 LL14 1LT Johnstown Fire Station, Gutter Hill, Johnstown 24/7 Public 11m
A73218C3-E356-48FB-A42A-B05F00AD386D LL14 1PY Hafod Colliery Club, Broad Street, Rhosllanerchrugog 24/7 Public 9m
C40CDEDC-266E-48B0-AFED-AC930069F82B LL14 1RS Cpd Rhos Aelwyd Fc, Clarke Street, Ponciau 24/7 Public 11m
499AAEC5-8E47-40F6-A79B-AFD400E1D7B8 LL14 1TG A Plant Lux Traffic Control And Management, Offices And Store Grange House, Coppi Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
3F626866-10B0-4484-A0FF-AB4801120068 LL14 2BD Johnstown Sports Pavilion, Heol Kenyon, Johnstown 24/7 Public 11m
F4E768F6-7BEC-467D-9AD7-AD1300F1C0E7 LL14 2DX Ysgol I D Hooson, Ysgol Id Hooson, Heol Caradoc 24/7 Public 11m
FA5DEF77-4464-4637-9E5B-AF0900CA75E3 LL14 2HF Rhos Cemetery, Stryt Las, Rhos 24/7 Public 11m
44F8FF9E-278F-4CA6-8BA2-AEC30098ABD2 LL14 2LG Sun Inn, Hall Street, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
5D3A16E5-6F9D-48C4-A28C-AC34007FAF14 LL14 2PF Pavilion, Afoneitha Road, Wrexham 24/7 Restricted 3m
6CF4D0C3-3878-4FC4-8DF0-AD5101311F28 LL14 2PN Denise’s Army, Church Of The Nazarine, Strut Issa 24/7 Public 11m
91E9DA53-815A-4561-AB98-4C54EBD79D79 LL14 2SD Ysgol Pen Y Cae, Copperas Hill, Pen Y Cae 24/7 Public 9m
4BBF7703-A8AB-4F37-B17B-AC93006C8F19 LL14 2SU Johnstown Bowling Club / Community Pavilion, Bowling Green, Bryn Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
E497746E-FE07-42F1-9961-AB820085521E LL14 3AE George Edwards Hall, Well Street, Cefn Mawr 24/7 Public 11m
0A8C15C0-51BF-4D0D-970E-AE6E00B87AF8 LL14 3AX Unit 1, Park Road, Rhosymedre 24/7 Public 11m
8B22F6FC-9E87-4A18-AD03-9CCC350024DB LL14 3BF Tesco Stores Ltd, Oxford Street, Cefn Mawr Wrexham Variable Public 11m
4AAB4D2A-9B21-45FA-9833-AB6E0099E569 LL14 3EG Rhosymedre Cp School, Off Hampden Way, Rhosymedre Variable Public 11m
A1A6C521-2976-431D-8735-AD6E00CD32E5 LL14 3LF Plas Madoc Estate Office, 50 Peris, Acrefair 24/7 Public 11m
C536CA7E-D93F-4FDE-9A79-AC9300684B8D LL14 3PA Mr S Hind, Kimberley, Bro Gwilym 24/7 Public 11m
30CD5D8A-E075-47AE-923F-AE27007EED00 LL14 3PE Cefn Mawr Community Social Club, Cae Gwilym Lane, Cefn Mawr 24/7 Public 11m
407450B1-9DB1-4973-A54E-ADB0007223FC LL14 3PE Ty Mawr Country Park, Cae Gwilym Lane, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
C9945267-F9E7-4899-9EAE-AC9300664BAC LL14 3RP Eagles Inn, Llangollen Road, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
4AAC8ED5-6D9F-44BC-B3FE-AD6E00A68D20 LL14 3YH Llys Y Craig - Shelterd Accommodation Unit, Rock Road, Rhosymedre 24/7 Public 11m
D6813AD1-1D42-4A15-941B-5BA114878758 LL14 4AF S E L Jones Ltd The Pharmacy, Trinity Street, Rhostyllen 24/7 Public 11m
B76DC421-9D61-4178-AC5C-61B7C5892EF9 LL14 4AR Parish Hall, Vicarage Hill, Rhostyllen 24/7 Public 11m
1A1C9BD7-C878-4273-9A45-AF4000F5F977 LL14 4BJ Charles Owen & Co (Bow) Ltd, Charles Owen Company Ltd, Croesfoel Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
AF79D656-B3C3-4F38-96D8-AF4000FC0D5F LL14 4BJ Comfg, Royal Works, Croesfoel Industrial Park Variable Restricted 11m
8507A220-076F-4EFE-B713-AE7100D66281 LL14 4DL China Star, 54 Wrexham Road, Rhostyllen 24/7 Public 7m
B417AB4F-C290-48F1-8DDA-AF4100FB66FA LL14 4DU Scottish Power Contracting, Scottish Power Ltd, Electricity House 24/7 Public 11m
466B7BF6-4049-4A57-A2B8-ADC2009E8EBA LL14 4EG Unit D2 D3 And D4, Bersham Enterprise Centre, Rhostyllen Variable Public 11m
E513B807-2EF3-4311-BDE6-756162C1D43A LL14 4EH Hafren Dyfrdwy, Packsaddle, Rhostyllen Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
87B3EBA2-7B2E-4EFF-8CD4-AB7D01089143 LL14 4EJ Arthurs Peugeot Garage, Wrexham Road, Rhostyllen 24/7 Public 11m
95B5F97C-7166-4DDF-8996-AE7100CF9AE3 LL14 4HN Esclusham Council, Black Lion Inn, Ddol 24/7 Public 11m
68DE6064-590C-43A9-AFE2-B673627E78C4 LL14 5AA Chirk Castle - Caravan Site Lady Margarets Park, Access Road To The National Tr, Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
746B11D0-3AA6-4F15-A71F-AC6900AC7945 LL14 5AF National Trust, Chirk Castle Cafe, Chirk Castle Variable Restricted 11m
73A87D81-7CAE-4D2B-8ECA-AD96010AE4ED LL14 5AW Pentre Church In Wales Primary School Controlled, Lane From B5605 Through Pentre Village And Back To The B5605, Chirk 24/7 Public 11m
308B0AD5-5FA1-41C9-B201-AF4C00F6155D LL14 5AZ Mcdonald's - Wrexham, Chirk Retail Park, Chirk 24/7 Public 11m
BB3C4624-7D14-451A-A25F-AD96010964EB LL14 5BB Miners Welfare Institute, Lane To Black Park Village, Chirk 24/7 Public 11m
4B784546-DEC1-4C20-B183-AEF401551F05 LL14 5BL Chirk Trout Farm, Chirk Trout Farm & Smokery, Castle Road Variable Public 11m
810C3F78-45BB-4844-A49E-1181E5827425 LL14 5BS Caffi Wylfa, Castle Road, Chirk Wrexham 24/7 Public 11m
E1189BF1-200A-4A35-82DB-AEA000A141F9 LL14 5BS North Wales Police Authority, Wrexham Town Ps, Castle Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
34F2BB62-B00C-4ECC-81F1-ABD501064E4D LL14 5DG It&Ly Hair & Beauty Ltd, Unit 1, Gledrid Industrial Park 24/7 Public 11m
B38AF3CE-3202-48A3-9F5F-B01D0091813C LL14 5DG Dobbies Garden Centre Moreton Park, Moreton Park, Wrexham Variable Public 11m
C4E386F3-9674-4796-90CB-B15B009A3E5A LL14 5DG Farm And Pet Place, Gledrid Industrial Park, Gledrid 24/7 Public 2m
B33C69F6-16C6-4B4E-8C39-337B6373086E LL14 5HA Spar Stores, 16 Church Street, Chirk Variable Public 2m
A88493F4-3E91-44DC-A2BB-5747239566BB LL14 5HF North Wales Police Police Station, Chirk Police Station, Holyhead Road 24/7 Public 11m
D63FCF08-A92F-484D-BFEB-AD9000D05695 LL14 5HL Printing Solutions, 24 West View, Chirk 24/7 Public 11m
1CF2E087-6232-48E9-9FF0-B0D100C44921 LL14 5LN Chirk Community Hospital, Chirk Community Hospital Rhosywaun, Access Road To Chirk Hospital 24/7 Public 6m
98DC83BB-F9E6-46CD-895A-AF2C00DDB88E LL14 5LU Chirk Railway Station, Station Avenue, Chirk 24/7 Public 11m
564278EB-9648-426C-A398-9194502D491B LL14 5NA Parish Hall Chirk Town Council, Holyhead Road, Chirk Wrexham Variable Restricted 11m
E140F65A-30E3-4C9F-A947-ABA0C18C89D5 LL14 5NA Chirk A A A Sports And Social Club, Holyhead Road, Chirk Wrexham 24/7 Public 9m
FA359E6C-15AD-48E1-A412-B39C3D4036DA LL14 5NA Chirk A A A Bowling Club, Holyhead Road, Chirk Wrexham 24/7 Public 9m
0713C0D0-0490-438C-AE40-235E9402E0F4 LL14 5PR Chirk Fire Station, Chirk 24/7 Public 11m
534A3553-ADB9-4964-BCCA-AEF2009FE346 LL14 5RL Archwood Ltd, Archwood Limited, Canal Wood Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
585DA9F7-B42D-4E81-950C-F2C1CE92CC09 LL14 6BT Pont Adam, Ruabon 24/7 Public 11m
98FAA7FA-4662-43AF-94E7-AF2C00DDBC91 LL14 6DL Ruabon Railway Station, Station Road, Ruabon 24/7 Public 11m
37663CBD-4412-47E0-B8E7-B03600ACC40C LL14 6LB Wynnstay Hall Estate, Tattersall Stables, 45 Wynnstay Hall Estate 24/7 Public 11m
42014F74-D50F-436B-9916-AB6D00FD9381 LL14 6LE Ruabon Church In Wales Junior School, Park Street, Ruabon Variable Restricted 11m
32962AA3-47CD-4F3B-B27E-AEF300BC5A3C LL14 6RB The Conifers, Access Road To Brandy Cottages, Ruabon 24/7 Public 11m
648FE971-C50E-41CE-9B4A-B15B00992B24 LL15 1AS Farm And Pet Place Ltd, Wynnstay Road, Ruthin 24/7 Public 2m
D03512DE-87F4-4656-9F60-6DDEC96554C0 LL15 1AT Council Office, Wynstay Road, Ruthin Variable Public 11m
25FD40DA-80EB-4924-BA6F-AFEF00C64470 LL15 1BB Tesco, Lon Parcwr, Ruthin Variable Public 11m
2BBDF7CA-3FFC-4723-AB42-47FEEEE265BD LL15 1DS North Wales Police Police Station, Rhuthin Ps, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
90A3E107-64ED-4659-A8CA-5182A83021C7 LL15 1EG Ruthin Leisure Centre, Mold Road, Ruthin Variable Public 11m
D7845BCA-AB5C-4CCC-8710-ECB413D734BC LL15 1NB Ruthin Fire Station, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
5F3CB263-85F8-4546-829B-B09800AC63A4 LL15 1NF Mkm Ruthin, Mkm Builders Merchant, Ruthin Variable Public 8m
A963AE04-0D21-485B-A282-ABED0092DC2C LL15 1NJ Wern Vets, Wern Vets - Units 11 And 12 Fford Celyn, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
6AD2C93F-5222-41CC-96C0-ACEA012CE042 LL15 1PH Memorial Playing Fields Association, Ruthin Town Football Club, Memorial Playing Fields 24/7 Public 11m
8BCAD4B4-B566-46C2-9583-B18100B01070 LL15 1PS Ruthin Hospital, Ruthin Community Hospital, Llanrhydd Street 24/7 Public 7w
28D272AE-646F-4FB1-B67E-07C59F874B0B LL15 1QQ Ysgol Stryd Y Rhos, Rhos Street School, Ffordd Glasdir Variable Public 11m
68DB4B43-16B7-44AC-AF41-B003009DA2DA LL15 1SG Cylch Chwarae Gellifor, Ysgol Gellifor, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
87B5D25E-DE4D-44A0-B8C8-AEE400C60C20 LL15 2AN Lyons Woodlands Hall, Woodlands Hall Caravan Park, Aberddu To Woodlands Road 24/7 Public 11m
5F14B18A-186D-4DC2-81BC-ACF400BDD049 LL15 2DN Salem Chapel, Cyffylliog, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
125AB67B-6E40-43AF-A48C-617DA3FFD81D LL15 2EU Three Pigeons Inn, Graigfechan, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
F3E8EBF3-8517-48F0-ADC5-46E70304FA00 LL15 2HG Pentrecelyn School, General Area Of, Pentre Celyn Ruthin 24/7 Public 8m
325B33D9-AAD5-4103-AA43-111C28B57FC7 LL15 2LB Coleg Cambria, Llysfasi - A525 Pentrecelyn, Llysfasi Variable Public 11m
EA521580-8942-49C0-A79A-AB7B014F0F73 LL15 2PU 1 Hendre Bach, Llanelidan, Ruthin 24/7 Public 11m
3CEFAFEE-EF4F-4803-813C-8539BAE1D306 LL15 2SD Ysgol Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Eyarth To Haymakers Road, Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd 24/7 Public 11m
5B2BD377-B8F8-4C57-B2DE-B0070094C230 LL15 2TN Blazers Fuels, Brickfield Lane, Ruthin 24/7 Restricted 11m
14D73361-3951-4615-B69D-AF1600A2A832 LL15 2TW North Wales Police, Rhuthin Firing Range, A525 Three Sisters Corner To Craig Y Ddywart Quarry 24/7 Restricted 11m
0D79AB19-B151-4A86-96B7-AFE80116679B LL16 3AL Screwfix, Unit 3 Denbigh Retail Park, Denbigh Variable Restricted 11m
5D778A19-F56C-461B-8C16-B29A99E34C8B LL16 3DP Ysgol Twm Or Nant, Rhyl Road, Denbigh 24/7 Public 2m
44BA6EF0-1435-46FA-A703-B1230163F0E7 LL16 3ER Dolwen, Ruthin Road, Denbigh 24/7 Public 4m
C254BCF6-38FD-49C9-A28D-ADDE00ED6A32 LL16 3ER Ysgol Y Parc Infant School, Ruthin Road, Denbigh Variable Public 11m
4037F0A6-A1B5-4990-A3CD-AC06010B80CD LL16 3HB Denbigh Leisure, Ruthin Road, Denbigh 24/7 Public 9m
621645EB-4DF0-46A0-B6E8-AB250115AE00 LL16 3PE Capel Seion & Community Centre, Henllan Street, Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
518994BD-2B7F-4A3C-969F-A41AEC94F77C LL16 3RQ Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc, Smithfield Road, Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
E6A3AF47-5044-42FE-AE12-AF2C00FFCDC9 LL16 3TS Eirianfa Community Centre, Eirianfa, Factory Place 24/7 Public 11m
6F16E2DE-DF2B-4259-8060-B15500B46405 LL16 4BH St Brigids School, Plas Yn Green, Mold Road Variable Public 2m
C25A21B9-3C50-4936-ADB1-FA8AE19F3BEB LL16 4DA Ysgol Bodfari, General Area Of, Bodfari Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
0DB0F3A6-EB48-4AB2-A6F6-AB0D00DB409B LL16 4DT Woodland Skills Centre, The Warren, Mold Rd 24/7 Public 11m
5BC35A0A-1E01-4BCA-9CC1-AE960134DE8A LL16 4EW Llandyrnog Sports Pavillion, The Pavillion, B5429 Gables Farm Junction To Llandyrnog Roundabout 24/7 Public 11m
DA24F6E6-909E-4D8E-811B-AEC900DCFD83 LL16 4EY Ysgol Bryn Clwyd, Llandyrnog, Denbigh Variable Public 11m
31E8EA8E-7555-4AED-858F-ADE600F0869B LL16 4LA Pentre Mawr Country House, Centre Of Pond 63m From Pentre Mawr 23m From Unnamed Road, Pentre Mawr Junction To Nant Lewis Alun 24/7 Restricted 11m
82222C45-9066-4287-9FA9-AEDB00AD340C LL16 4LN Church Of St Cynhafal, Cyffion To Dol Y Caeau, Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
F887CCC1-4703-49B0-8772-3CF8CB0466BC LL16 4NL Ysgol Bro Cinmeirch, Llanrhaeadr Village Road Old A525, Llanrhaeadr 24/7 Public 11m
477E94F4-130E-4C5D-9ECD-AE170053E533 LL16 4NT Post Office, Siop Y Pentre, Pentre Llanrhaeadr 24/7 Public 11m
194D7814-4304-4420-9BDB-AD6400DB0864 LL16 4RD Castle Green Homes - Site Office At Cae Felin, Brookhouse Mill, Denbigh Variable Restricted 11m
1C181F24-81EB-4F06-8E4C-B10900A5CC79 LL16 4SG Ysgol Pant Pastynog, Prion Church To Bryn Foel Cattle Grid, Prion 24/7 Public 4m
78B57BCC-3580-42BD-AC33-ABFE00A2B005 LL16 4TA Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn, Gerddi Glasfryn, Nantglyn Road Variable Restricted 11m
87F5D2CB-666B-49B0-8C0A-AE990102C68A LL16 5AW Ysgol Henllan, Denbigh Street, Henllan Variable Public 11m
1A41ECD5-67B9-4125-981D-AD2A0089FC82 LL16 5DL Cyngor Cymuneb Llannefydd, Capel Cefn Berain, Cefn Berain To Garnedd Crossroads 24/7 Public 11m
69A8236F-85EF-4428-BEA9-AD2A008BD962 LL16 5EA Cyngor Cymuneb Llannefydd, Ysgol Llannefydd, Bryn Eithin To Llannefydd 24/7 Public 11m
F53CFB91-D75B-445D-85AD-AD2A008DE586 LL16 5EA Cyngor Cymuneb Llannefydd, Football Ground, Bryn Eithin To Llannefydd 24/7 Public 11m
A0F48C8D-06F9-49C3-A16A-E73CFA1BD05D LL16 5HN Ysgol Bro Aled, General Area Of, Llansannan Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
99FBED6D-7A83-49AD-B272-AFBB00902ABA LL16 5LJ Bro Aled Sports Association, Maes Gogor, Llansannan 24/7 Public 11m
0824C8A9-2579-4BC3-B996-BDCFEDCE6CDA LL16 5LS Rhodfar Eglwys - Y Bwthyn, General Area Of, Bylchau Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
D96A7E8C-0C47-494E-99AC-AFB800C94F0C LL16 5LY Cyngor Cymuned Llansannan, Clwt Grugor, Cae Goronwy To Rhos Road 24/7 Public 11m
3EECFB5D-E751-40AA-8CC4-AC87016ADB80 LL16 5PU Public Telephone 30m From Tegfan 5m From B5435, B5435 Bylchau Road, Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
31D4E44E-041E-44D2-B5A6-35D63D905768 LL16 5TA Henllan Bread, 18a Colomendy Industrial Estat, Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
573EFA40-3FBC-40A5-A6EC-AE7100AA5493 LL16 5TA Clwyd House, Erw Las, Colomendy Industrial Estate Variable Public 6m
AFC9E631-7DFF-48FE-8685-B01B00825194 LL16 5TA Denbigh Ambulance Station, Unit 14, Vale Park 24/7 Public 11m
5351A448-5033-41F0-BEC0-24106367FFE2 LL16 5UG Village Hall, A525 Trefnant Traffic Lights To Ty Newydd Farm, Trefnant 24/7 Public 11m
5CB8F7F9-77A2-49C5-9FD3-AF0B00A85934 LL16 5US North Wales Police, Denbigh Police Station, Denbigh 24/7 Public 11m
CCE6D74B-2C1D-4C4C-B9A6-CA946E4BA510 LL16 5US Rugby Club, Denbigh Rugby Club, Graig Road 24/7 Public 9m
4FDF0E05-EA62-4EE6-B78B-540A9B6E81B5 LL17 0AS St Beunos College, General Area Of, Tremeirchion St Asaph 24/7 Restricted 11m
518378C3-B290-42CF-B787-ADD400FCEE53 LL17 0AW Whitehouse Hotel & Restaurant, Holywell Road, Rhuallt 24/7 Public 11m
FF0A6E8E-7F49-4C93-A47E-A480A8F60EDF LL17 0DY Waen Independent Congregation Chapel, Brynibod Jct To A55, St Asaph 24/7 Public 11m
AC59DA1E-EA61-4A30-8B44-B06701093157 LL17 0EF New Inn, Lower Denbigh Road, St Asaph 24/7 Public 9m
D6CDC39A-F366-4D72-A204-AE5900CAF13C LL17 0ET Wigfair Hall Wedding Venue, Wigfair Hall, Wigfair Variable Restricted 11m
8D055BB8-8EB8-4680-B641-AD8600A9691C LL17 0EW Eryl Hall Caravan Park, Lower Denbigh Road, St Asaph 24/7 Public 11m
3308FE9F-68B1-49AA-9F03-AEA600C2CF0E LL17 0HQ St Asaph Control Room, St Asaph 24/7 Restricted 11m
6BA82481-8869-4B13-AFE6-AEA000A920B5 LL17 0HQ North Wales Police Custody, St Asaph Custody Suite, Ffordd William Morgan 24/7 Restricted 11m
8CF45766-B99A-439D-8368-AF8700A3A7DE LL17 0HQ North Wales Police, St Asaph Ssu, Ffordd William Morgan 24/7 Restricted 11m
940AD230-6F67-4C66-B2D4-AEA000A7384E LL17 0HQ North Wales Police, St Asaph Custody Suite, Ffordd William Morgan 24/7 Restricted 11m
BBCEEFE2-3483-4A91-B6D5-AEA600C343D9 LL17 0HQ St Asaph Dhq, Ffordd William Morgan, St Asaph 24/7 Restricted 11m
99EBF987-FB26-46EB-811F-AF6900B783DD LL17 0JE Unit 84a Bowen Court, Service Road For Units 70 To 102, St Asaph Business Park 24/7 Public 11m
7DC322C9-4CE8-4219-A8E8-AAD201155791 LL17 0JG Azets, First Floor, 55 Ffordd William Morgan Variable Restricted 4m
797C323A-C67D-4FBC-819B-8B57986DACBD LL17 0JJ Fire Service Head-Quarters, Ffordd Salesbury, St Asaph 24/7 Public 11m
EBEC9E83-AB8A-4A18-B00E-70E565121913 LL17 0JL North Wales Business Support Partnership, Cwrt Alder, St Asaph Business Park St Asap Variable Public 7w
DEF30FF5-E162-4E86-8509-76DACD34AE22 LL17 0LJ Unit 20, Ffordd Richard Davies, St Asaph 24/7 Public 11m
0932D87A-59EF-4F42-B526-AF5500C2CAC9 LL17 0LL Qioptiq Limited, Glascoed Road, St Asaph 24/7 Public 11m
D9FE0E52-B587-4158-89C9-B06100AC767A LL17 0LP Pure Residential And Commercial Ltd, Unit 1, New Vision Business Park 24/7 Public 9m
8B7AEF6D-8699-427C-9076-AF3A0104024B LL17 0PT Ysgol Esgob Morgan, Ffordd Siarl, St Asaph Variable Restricted 11m
C3659B59-3BB5-4736-8680-B067010A718E LL17 0RD St Asaph Diocesan Board Of Finance, Diocesan Office, High Street 24/7 Public 9m
2B097BB2-0229-411A-9BA1-AFEE0092F940 LL17 0RP St Asaph Leisure Centre, Ysgol Uwchradd Glan Clwyd, Upper Denbigh Road Variable Public 11m
37B3B0DD-5DF4-4A9C-991D-0A2A7D80C7B6 LL17 0RP Ysgol Glan Clwyd, Upper Denbigh Road, St Asaph Variable Public 11m
B4BA093D-443D-424E-80D2-AC25005A705A LL17 0SG Public Toilet, Lower Street - Car Park, St. Asaph 24/7 Public 11m
C7B22982-0350-4C0D-ABCD-AD4C007A84B5 LL17 0TG Bryntirion Farm, Bryngwyn Mawr Crossroads To Aelwyd Uchaf, Rhuallt 24/7 Public 11m
77AD2B5B-E380-44BC-96EE-AB6C00BA6939 LL17 0UN Ysgol Tremeirchion, Tremeirchion Variable Restricted 11m
6F2B4BDB-2559-4909-B86F-AB7B00F68D21 LL17 0US H & D Fitzgerald, Cefn Du, Tremeirchion 24/7 Public 11m
3D6A9403-5C2C-484E-A292-B18E00F44279 LL18 1AQ Rhyl Miniature Railway, Central Station, Wellington Road 24/7 Public 3w
30CF3D5C-28E8-427A-B8E3-AF2D00CE6642 LL18 1AT Rhyl Railway Station, Bodfor Street, Rhyl 24/7 Public 3m
2EB67C56-EC95-4A8B-BDB3-AB1B00FCF3D6 LL18 1BA The North, Wellington Road, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
F3D6289C-FCCC-410E-8183-AF0B00A93B43 LL18 1BA North Wales Police, Rhyl Ps, Wellington Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
300F074B-77D8-47CF-9A83-B04B00C43C24 LL18 1BF Sc2, West Parade, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
3AE0F94C-3E1C-49C9-81A4-B04B00D50C95 LL18 1BF Sc2, West Parade, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
0D2FB0D2-762E-4321-AF8F-AB75012B0A5D LL18 1BN Brighter Futures, 34 Wellington Road, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
5226FA48-F445-45DC-A1D5-B03500CD6603 LL18 1EW O2 Store (0336) Rhyl, Unit 22 White Rose Centre, High Street Variable Restricted 9m
B4021C23-45ED-4FF8-9DE3-CA0D454DC1E7 LL18 1EW Outside Specsavers, Unit 15 White Rose Centre, High Street Variable Public 11m
CCE67AD6-3591-4AEB-B5D7-B04A00A16BF7 LL18 1HN Gorwel Newydd, 76-82 West Parade, Rhyl 24/7 Public 9m
D7B3AB3F-CACA-4141-AD9D-B0FA011832E4 LL18 1LL Gwynedd Distributors, 176-178 Wellington Road, Rhyl Variable Restricted 5m
2E3DE1A9-2397-4398-9773-ACF7011F8D8E LL18 1LR Lakeside Medical Centre, Wellington Road, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
33AEF96F-43D6-45E6-B9B2-AE5C00AC1B41 LL18 2AB Bridge Garage, 129 Marsh Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
4EBBE39C-53E5-4094-A656-FDC832AD7BD7 LL18 2AY Rhydwen Close, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
B5E0D30A-D356-4454-AB29-AFE800D71ACE LL18 2AZ Screwfix, Units 2 -3 Brickfield Park, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
F42FAA68-1D20-496E-BA18-AED900ACBC44 LL18 2DS Christchurch County Primary School, Ernest Street, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
248EB4FE-8EE2-463D-86D0-B12A0115E6C7 LL18 2EE W R Davies Nissan Ford, 63 Ffordd Las, Rhyl Variable Public 3m
864563DA-BD57-4D24-BA0D-AE2100C98776 LL18 2EG Ysgol Emmanuel, Victoria Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
1F1D757A-5DFF-492E-B9A7-AE2B00E6E65A LL18 2EU Christ The Word Catholic School, Cefndy Road, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
E433AB46-49D3-458C-96FD-AF500119E981 LL18 2EU Roger W Jones Ltd, Cefndy Road, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
D1398CA6-9B07-40B9-80EF-AFE7012437DE LL18 2EW Clwyd Boxing Club, No 1 Morfa Bach, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
FFEF326C-53BF-42FE-B5F3-AF6600E45492 LL18 2HB Cefndy Stores, 100 Cefndy Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
16DD8302-AACA-4802-B412-54BFA16FD7C1 LL18 2HG Marine Holiday Park Sales Conservatory, Cefndy Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
2498FDC7-556D-4467-BC6A-AE8B00FD3E77 LL18 2HG Grŵp Llandrillo Menai, Access Road To Llandrillo College, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
97CF8C56-2093-4291-82A8-AB6F000DCC4A LL18 2PL Absolute Fitness Gym Unit 2, Glan Aber Trading Estate, Vale Road 24/7 Public 11m
42860D8A-0C53-4B93-8377-AE4E00A0086E LL18 2RF Aunty Mandys Chippy, 166 Rhuddlan Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
73D54C39-28EA-49D8-B14D-AB5201013A36 LL18 2RN Ysgol Tir Morfa, Ffordd Derwen, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
2E045DC5-24FE-46D2-8F89-ABE300BDDEE3 LL18 2TJ B & Q Plc, Unit 1 Clwyd Retail Park, Rhyl Road Variable Public 11m
11ECE6F7-3C20-4C28-8F25-F9D8D2A75E5C LL18 2TP North Wales Police Police Station, Rhuddlan Police Station, Rhuddlan 24/7 Public 11m
8ACE164A-93E6-4D05-9C45-ADA700801D2C LL18 2TP Former Munchkins Day Nursery, Rhyl Road, Rhuddlan 24/7 Public 11m
4193F97C-DCE6-40E1-A033-AE5700F0D20F LL18 2TQ Rhuddlan Bowling Green, Bowling Green, Rhyl Road 24/7 Public 11m
AC5AF0B0-1427-4B89-9005-E3BC81AD3E40 LL18 2TY New Inn, High Street, Rhuddlan 24/7 Public 11m
E9180E33-9108-4373-9C90-AB9D00ABFC3F LL18 3AL Plas Y Mor Nursing Home, 30-31 East Parade, Rhyl 24/7 Restricted 11m
5891D2BA-89B5-4B28-B965-AB7D01238E93 LL18 3HD Apollo Leisure (Uk) Ltd, Apollo Bingo Club, Brighton Road Variable Public 11m
2C7E2200-6084-48FE-9C76-AFC400DADE78 LL18 3LA Ty Golau Clwyd Buildings, Clwyd Street, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
5A8EF77C-97E7-44A8-BF68-B07C00D28935 LL18 3PL Rhyl Fire Station, Coast Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 9m
46B513FE-4839-4EE6-AD63-B05E00B5D4E6 LL18 3PW Denmore Premier Foodstore, 97 Rhyl Coast Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 9m
0CB72537-A757-4D4A-BFA9-ADBF009775C1 LL18 3RE Rhyl Golf Club, Rhyl Coast Road, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
A26F1484-11D6-45B3-AFE2-AE2B00CAFDED LL18 3SU Ysgol Bryn Hedydd, Spruce Avenue, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
0EC5F3EC-3CD6-4A04-8FF9-B02600C06FEB LL18 3YP R N L I, Lifeboat House, Marine Parade 24/7 Public 11m
1C223AED-BB61-49D2-9EC5-B04A00B8622A LL18 4AQ Rhyl Rugby Club, Rhyl Rugby Sports And Social Club, Tynewydd Road Variable Restricted 9m
F29BA17D-E16B-4462-9511-909789C1B7E6 LL18 4AQ Rhyl Rugby Club, Tynewydd Road, Rhyl Variable Public 9m
8338676F-E02F-4AE9-955C-AEB500F367B1 LL18 4BA Rhyl Town Hall, Wellington Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
2027D17D-841A-4AFE-B278-E996BF9B523C LL18 4BY Rhyl Leisure Centre, 86 Grange Road, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
521A1AC2-C087-410B-9B10-AE2B0107C7ED LL18 4BY Rhyl High School, 86 Grange Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
A0BD2B0C-E09E-4F48-9B1C-30693351BDC1 LL18 4BY Rhyl High School, Grange Road, Rhyl Variable Restricted 11m
C95E2BF3-2A46-40A7-99C3-AF9D00CB25D8 LL18 4BY Dyffryn Support Agency, Unit 3 Grange Estate, Grange Road 24/7 Public 11m
DC10BC37-AA68-44F9-A904-AE4E00B5FECC LL18 4LT Llewelyn Stores, 49 Trellewelyn Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
AE6E1CEF-7E4C-464D-97E2-ADA40093C248 LL18 5AR The Mayquay, Foryd Road, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 11m
B08C20F8-9907-4DF1-A850-AEC60121A3EA LL18 5AW Rhuddlan Town Community Centre, Parliament Street, Rhyl Variable Public 11m
2C56ECBA-2348-4A0D-9878-4029E0678476 LL18 5BT Community Resource Centre, Foryd Road, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 11m
00A9C9F0-6391-4665-8E0D-B026009A3ED7 LL18 5DG Kinmel Bay Social Club, 2 Crugan Avenue, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 11m
1D689189-9070-487F-98BA-B10D00F6F33C LL18 5ER The Paddock, 3 Ogwen Avenue, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 4m
F9363561-2759-4C3D-B116-B13801108744 LL18 5ET Firdale Construction, Fordale Construction, Clwyd Bank 24/7 Public 3m
4F621005-2065-47DA-B44D-27711EFF65C1 LL18 5EY Kinmel Bay Church, 83 St Asaph Avenue, Kinmel Bay Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
4D877AEC-1BC9-43AA-84DD-AEE7010E8320 LL18 5HR Towyn And Kinmel Bay Town Council, Little Paddock Residential Park, Gwellyn Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
8C6F2B31-DAC4-4B28-9A7C-40EA64C02B8F LL18 5HU Canolfan Hamdden Y Morfa Leisure Centre, Cader Avenue, Kinmel Bay Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
EA697A26-BDA6-4914-B0B1-B0900087FF91 LL18 5JA Rhyl Csc, Currys Limited, Unit 29/30 Tir Llwyd Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 8m
20FEFFDD-C1F7-4EDD-9561-B16E01146941 LL18 5JZ Petplace, Enterprise House, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 7w
131AF13F-D7EC-47F9-9FA9-ADDB00C7115E LL18 5LE Palins Holiday Park, Morfa Avenue, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 11m
8B524DCC-5AF7-4AF6-8C24-AE28009652B4 LL18 5LE Palins Holiday Park, Morfa Avenue, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 11m
B66BB4FE-17E1-4C9A-861A-B026010165B3 LL18 5LE Towyn Infants School, Ysgol Maes Owen, Morfa Avenue Variable Restricted 11m
70DFEF6A-F760-4E87-A1B8-B0D900B62371 LL18 5LP Cartrefi Conwy Community House, Cartrefi Conwy Community House, 57 Cynlas 24/7 Public 6m
69747EC9-6AB9-41C0-9E9C-ADA40094549C LL18 5LS Best One Shop, 160 Foryd Road, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 11m
0B2224AA-8D68-429E-BFC3-B0A001279B93 LL18 5LT Sandy Cove Club, 175 Foryd Road, Kinmel Bay 24/7 Public 8m
982CC196-05BF-4EB6-86DB-AF35013A5195 LL18 5SG Blue Lion Inn, Bod Hamer To Bwlch Junction, Cwm 24/7 Public 11m
75AE03E6-18E1-4303-9CA5-8E53B91F691A LL18 5SS Bodelwyddan Pharmacy Ltd, Abergele Road, Bodelwyddan Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
EC1B06CC-60DD-4769-AEAB-AE6100FA63D2 LL18 5SW Thorncliffe Building Supplies Limited, Office Thorncliffe Building Supplies Limited, St Asaph Road Variable Public 11m
723AC432-87C6-4C58-AB97-AF0F00A2DDBD LL18 5TQ Unit 6a Phoenix House, Kinmel Park, Bodelwyddan 24/7 Public 11m
F2EAD349-4A7C-4E09-8A6A-AEB40171C298 LL18 5UD Sun Valley Caravan Park, Marsh Road, Rhuddlan 24/7 Public 11m
E1700A43-D353-48A3-B070-B11800BCB6EC LL18 5UJ Renal And Diabetics Centre Glan Clwyd Hospital, Rhuddlan Road, Bodelwyddan 24/7 Public 4m
5B0B05BD-49F4-4DD3-AD5B-7406F2FBD59B LL18 6AA Peter Morgan Pharmacy, The Pharmacy, High Street 24/7 Public 9m
AEE933D7-8D6F-489B-A82C-AF6600F35815 LL18 6AN Ysgol Hiraddug, Thomas Avenue, Dyserth 24/7 Public 11m
19C53D98-D15A-4A6A-AACC-AD6400CEF516 LL18 6BP Castle Green Homes - Site Office At Cysgod Y Graig, Meliden Road, Prestatyn Variable Restricted 11m
2AAB9F9C-2B8C-49A6-8ED2-AF2400E7DB43 LL18 6BP Voel Coaches, Long Acres Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
EBB31877-FE17-4BF8-9AF7-AE610085EB14 LL18 6DE Thorncliffe Building Supplies Ltd, Allt Y Graig, Dyserth 24/7 Public 11m
F9B9631C-07F4-4A18-AD60-ABD700C7464F LL18 6DN Trelawnyd Memorial Hall, London Road, Rhyl 24/7 Public 11m
FE4700A3-10CC-4A6B-9B71-DF0231E9DCB7 LL18 6ET Red Lion Hotel, Waterfall Road, Dyserth Rhyl 24/7 Public 9m
E327C8E4-BB87-458E-A36A-ADA700D3CED7 LL19 7AR Ffrith Beach Leisure Ffrith Beach, Victoria Road West, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
B9537283-A485-4DA8-B534-AC5900BB85BA LL19 7EY Nova, Nova Centre, Beach Road West Variable Restricted 11m
F9B3FE0B-6285-4A30-83D0-B04700C1AD07 LL19 7EY Nova Centre, Beach Road West, Prestatyn Variable Public 9m
1B719140-DDC7-4347-92A4-8350DCA4727C LL19 7HA Prestatyn Fire Station, Marine Road, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
38F14350-AE78-4F20-A600-AE5F00F9799C LL19 7LF Prestatyn Sailing Club, Beach Road East, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
CC1C1D84-7AFB-47A8-ACE1-E9A02E303621 LL19 7SS Pendyffryn Club, 131 Victoria Road, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
8C605CA8-619A-472C-A4A7-6AFC9204644B LL19 7TE Prestatyn Justice Centre, Victoria Road, Prestatyn Variable Public 11m
806ADC78-CA67-4877-8EE1-AFA701152469 LL19 7TL Festival Church Prestatyn, Festival Church, 200 Victoria Road 24/7 Public 11m
DFD75F44-C378-430A-AFAD-109C6AD79070 LL19 7UT Tan Y Don Caravan Park, 263 Victoria Road, Prestatyn Variable Public 11m
77ABC13F-BA7F-4D22-8B9E-554409D235A1 LL19 7YA North Wales Bowls Centre, Ferguson Avenue, Prestatyn Variable Restricted 9m
CC85ECF1-E08A-439D-96AB-36A9EEBCE0B9 LL19 8LA Meliden Community Centre, Ffordd Talargoch, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
E29DEF37-2591-4444-853A-57B2C132E236 LL19 8LA Saints Health & Fitness, 8 Ffordd Talargoch, Prestatyn Variable Restricted 11m
E7B40A86-D4F5-4267-956C-C163490004CA LL19 8PE Ysgol Melyd, Ffordd Pennant, Prestatyn Variable Public 11m
5790FDBD-DD6B-4F4B-9666-AFE300E5DDAC LL19 8PY Y Shed, Station Yard, Pen Y Maes 24/7 Public 11m
EBCC0348-F6C0-403A-9AC8-AEDA01093FB0 LL19 8RL Tiny Tots Day Nursery, 106 Meliden Road, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
223F067B-C389-413E-8DDC-5D8CE87DD402 LL19 8RP Ysgol Y Llys, Princes Avenue, Prestatyn Variable Restricted 11m
F05EFEE2-32BA-40E6-A4E9-AAFE0104B634 LL19 8RS Prestatyn High School, 2 Princes Avenue, Prestatyn Variable Public 11m
FE5F3BFA-DE04-4CF5-912D-B04B00ED14BC LL19 8RS Prestatyn Leisure, Prestatyn Leisure Centre, Princes Avenue Variable Public 9m
7D3BF92C-E951-4153-B38D-56009B400B23 LL19 8SY Penmorfa Cp School, Dawson Drive, Prestatyn Variable Public 11m
79F9A56C-C680-44AF-AE13-B06200B0B139 LL19 9AA Kings Hall Community Centre, Kings Hall, Kings Avenue Variable Restricted 9m
AAC436FE-C69F-4236-A80B-AF27009434B5 LL19 9BB Prestatyn Railway Station, High Street, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 4m
48069D7C-BC9C-4D30-BF99-C1379BF38B78 LL19 9BJ Boots The Chemist, The Retail Park, Unit 6 24/7 Public 11m
B8C5F48A-7661-4DC6-87F3-AD6E00DB29C7 LL19 9BN Prestatyn Butchers, 140 Hight Street, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
65D01E21-4870-498E-8703-AEC998E8DD35 LL19 9BP And Now To Bed, 222-224 High Street, Prestatyn 24/7 Public 11m
C64FD549-F8A3-4EA5-B321-AE4000A71E38 LL19 9LR Tesco Superstore, Prestatyn Retail Park, Nant Hall Rd Variable Public 11m
1C43D981-F116-4382-9FF6-78E1FD5098EB LL19 9NW Bodnant Community School, Ffordd Parc Bodnant, Prestatyn Variable Restricted 11m
81ACBA4B-4F30-4B6C-BCB0-ADA400E01872 LL19 9SS Sunnysands Caravan Park, Shore Road, Gronant 24/7 Public 11m
B8FD48F7-628B-4740-B81A-1CF2810E51AA LL19 9SS Greenacres Caravan Park, Shore Road, Gronant 24/7 Public 11m
C1EF17A7-BB8A-4612-ACC5-FD4BC6DD6774 LL19 9SS Presthaven Beach Resort, Security Hut, Shore Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
5DDC1091-C24D-42BD-AF90-B08400A5A6DB LL19 9TG Gronant Inn, Llanasa Road, Gronant 24/7 Public 9m
7FAE90FD-F4B2-4409-AD76-AF93009B8FA2 LL19 9TT Haven, Presthaven Sands Holiday Park, Presthaven Sands Road Unadopted 24/7 Public 11m
6FCC78F9-60A7-4BA2-BB20-AB0B010FEF83 LL20 7AR Pontfadog Post Office, Pontfadog 24/7 Public 11m
12B1A696-3ACF-4474-883B-5184E084E7C0 LL20 7BB Oliver Jones Memorial Hall, Llwynmawr, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
F26559DE-6A07-446B-8970-AE3C00C1CD4F LL20 7BJ Llantysilio Community Council, Conquering Hero Community Centre, Rhewl 24/7 Public 11m
BB4B9B77-A4BD-4EA6-8D6C-ACA901045A32 LL20 7DB Bryn Awel, Lane From Bryn Awel To Ceiriog Forest, Nantyr 24/7 Public 11m
D1D39103-4C03-4F7F-BA67-ACA90102BC97 LL20 7EG Glan Deg, High Street, Glyn Ceiriog 24/7 Public 11m
1E5D3855-4D61-4803-8849-4B8C3650DEEB LL20 7EU Glyn Valley Hotel, Llanarmon Road, Glyn Ceiriog Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
385317B2-A5EB-45EB-9E4F-AB0C00E58F8F LL20 7HE Canolfan Ceiriog Centre, New Road, Glyn Ceiriog 24/7 Public 11m
F5C89D78-AE6F-4E79-9699-ACB800F22053 LL20 7LA Isfryn, B4500 From Tregeiriog Cross Roads To Hafod Adams, Tregeiriog 24/7 Public 11m
5F6BFD85-3AE7-4D57-953C-F7BD66AE997F LL20 7LD Hand Hotel ( The Hand At Llanarmon), Lane From Hand Hotel To County, Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog Llan 24/7 Public 11m
1DA0CB67-98C0-4AAD-B2AB-CB847307FABD LL20 7NT On The Wall By The Bridge, B4500 From Pandy Mill To Erw G, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
A63932E1-6678-4B65-A115-AE4D0150F4D6 LL20 7PR Vale Of Llangollen Golf Club Ltd, Green Keepers Work Shed, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
F1BB7539-F69F-4FD0-AA0F-17846CBA7CCA LL20 7PR Vale Of Llangollen Golf Club, Holyhead Road, Llangollen Variable Restricted 11m
8FCD0BB7-EBCC-4876-827D-92D729CD92D4 LL20 7UT Hafryn, Garth Road, Garth Trevor 24/7 Public 11m
F348F250-D700-4939-9A67-AD5000B2B368 LL20 8AD Tnr, Mile End Mill, Berwyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
FEDDA942-3FE5-45E3-B8F3-ABDF0136B15B LL20 8AW Plas Newydd, Bache Mill Road, Llangollen Variable Public 11m
FF1F9E80-F467-4E5B-BDE0-23BDF78FB959 LL20 8BB Pengwern Community Centre, Maes Pengwern, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
06DAAF11-2759-4FD9-94EE-AE3C010851EC LL20 8DD Abbey Farm Caravan Park, Horseshoe Pass, Llantysilio 24/7 Public 11m
41CCC7CA-FD7E-4B16-8BBB-AE3C01055599 LL20 8DG Pentredwr Farm, Pentredwr, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
2A362DB4-420D-4843-A46F-AB0B0118FEB3 LL20 8EG Sun Trevor, The Sun Trevor, Sun Bank 24/7 Public 11m
36F20E58-D15D-4A97-B950-AF660112771B LL20 8EH Llantysilio Community Council, Outbuilding Near Bryn Cottage, Plas Eglwyseg Junction To Panorama Walk 24/7 Public 11m
B792393C-715B-4D9D-9B05-66BCA3C22F50 LL20 8NU Tourist Information Centre, Castle Street, Llangollen Variable Public 11m
48734E80-38BD-48DB-ACA4-FBBEC398A14B LL20 8PW Llangollen Ps, Parade Street, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
919349B5-5F68-4AF0-92F5-AFEF0086A57A LL20 8SS Penddol Farm Caravan Park, Abbey Road, Llangollen 24/7 Public 11m
A4FBF047-2FA0-4E1A-B843-B0B200BD1AEE LL20 8SS Glan Ynys, Abbey Road, Llangollen 24/7 Public 7m
317C2571-B62F-4327-B585-77D5E71FD0E8 LL20 8SW Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, Abbey Road, Llangollen 24/7 Public 2m
F9928FAF-28B4-475C-81A4-B06400BEEBE2 LL20 8SW Royal Air Force Club, Canalside Gardens, Abbey Road 24/7 Public 9m
67F199CC-8C06-492A-BED9-AD00013074D9 LL20 8TE Llangollen Town Fc, Tower Fields, Tower Road 24/7 Public 11m
2831E9E4-FC42-42D0-A9A5-81924C463516 LL20 8TG Llangollen Leisure Centre, (Ysgol Dinas Bran), Dinbren Road Variable Restricted 11m
D2D8D44B-D8F9-4D56-A012-AB0D00E1F6A1 LL20 8TG Llangollen Leisure Centre, Dinbren Road, Llangollen Variable Public 11m
F116A23B-9695-45EE-9137-B03600C1EBC9 LL20 8TG Llangollen Leisure Centre Ysgol Dinas Bran, Dinbren Road, Llangollen Variable Public 9m
9112A9F5-2F90-4059-9AB8-AD5200D29F26 LL21 0DG G R Evans & Co, Queens House, The Square 24/7 Public 11m
E2CA7CE8-E2CE-46F4-B4C1-AEE70120C794 LL21 0DN Corwen Town Council, Corwen War Memorial Park, Green Lane 24/7 Public 11m
CC9C20DA-9411-44BE-B666-AE07011A5C51 LL21 0EH Rhug Estate Farm Shop, Corwen 24/7 Public 11m
6F9ADDCA-5CEF-4D8A-B038-E156DCF1671B LL21 0NR The Goat Inn, General Area Of, Maerdu 24/7 Public 11m
02956E0A-29F0-441C-AAB2-AC8500AAF879 LL21 0NY Dinmael Chapel Cm, Dinmael (A5t), Corwen 24/7 Public 11m
32E19038-67E6-42CA-8B0D-AC850086D1BC LL21 0PR Roberts And Thomas, Ty Nant Service Station, Ty Nant (A5t) 24/7 Public 11m
341977A9-35FD-4C93-A191-8B5A8687E39E LL21 0RA Neuadd Fach Llangwm, Neuadd Fach, Llangwm 24/7 Public 11m
B072BE5E-4500-4010-AB09-58640AC41FDC LL21 0RY Gwenallt, Glasfryn, Cerrigydrudion 24/7 Public 11m
4C049873-C711-4E27-83E4-38C5A4FC6D92 LL21 0SD Tai Uchaf Cwm, Tai Uchaf, Cwm Penanner 24/7 Public 11m
79BAD23E-7AE5-4DDA-BCCD-9E12CA789C0E LL21 0SP Y Ganolfan, B4401 Llandrillo High Street To Pont Yr Hendwr, Corwen 24/7 Public 9m
BF8FCF36-58CF-47C4-8D82-AF5D00CF44BF LL21 0ST Canolfan Fusnes Capel Hermon Business Centre, B4401 Llandrillo To County Boundary, Corwen 24/7 Public 11m
914C587E-8049-4910-8D0E-B0B500C04FAE LL21 9AE Cysgod Y Gaer Residential Home, Maesafallen, Corwen 24/7 Public 7m
D4FA495D-D219-42F4-8B35-70958F13949F LL21 9AS Carrog Village Hall, Carrog Village To Blaen Ial Fa, Carrog 24/7 Public 11m
1819D289-8E8F-4E66-9BB3-C3141A0BF896 LL21 9PY Betws Gg School, Ysgol Betws Gwerfil Goch, Betws Gg 24/7 Public 11m
95D4A36D-7921-46FB-AC0F-AB2200CE4928 LL21 9RT Ysgol Caer Drewyn, Clawdd Poncen, Corwen Variable Public 11m
FDA7764F-1D42-4D67-B5C8-ADE50113D9D5 LL21 9RT The Stores, Siop Julie, 21 Clawdd Poncen 24/7 Public 11m
A7DDF21B-0E73-41F4-87C4-5B7B13EF8DFA LL21 9RW Denbighshire County Council Corwen Leisure Centre, Carrog Road, Corwen Variable Public 11m
AA88A4AD-075A-4FF6-A41D-40349715BE67 LL21 9SG Public Telephone 26m From 2 Maes Annedd 6m From Unnamed Road, Maes Annedd, Derwen 24/7 Public 9m
05528C92-57A2-4CA8-87CC-B0000097F6FD LL21 9SW Canolfan Addysg Uwchaled, Ffordd Brenig, Cerrigydrudion 24/7 Public 11m
C2C1E23B-05DA-4F54-8ABF-4834FC5D3210 LL21 9SW Cerrigydrudion Fire Station, Cerrigydrudion 24/7 Public 11m
B7BEA414-0CB8-45FA-A53A-F8301CB7DBF5 LL21 9TS Capel Cefn Brith, Cefn Brith, Corwen 24/7 Public 11m
A3321850-1DCE-4015-869D-AE5D00B8D002 LL21 9TT Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre, Cerrigydrudion 24/7 Public 11m
E9F47908-B41C-4188-B475-ADCF011006BD LL21 9TT Llyn Brenig Sailing Club, Pont Yr Alwen To County Boundary, Cerrigydrudion Variable Restricted 11m
A54AFD3C-2D8C-4B56-84B2-8740EE57AD9F LL21 9TU Ty Capel, Pentre Llyn Cymmer, Cerrigydrudion 24/7 Public 11m
C61CB9DD-BB7E-4B49-B374-AC6000B47BF0 LL21 9UB Uwchaled Doctors Surgery, Meddygfa, Maes Aled 24/7 Public 11m
5D3DC4EE-3964-4B12-9EA6-AB3B00A1572D LL21 9UR 11 Bro Alwen, Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, Corwen 24/7 Public 11m
1FFA9ED2-335B-4621-85AB-B9B30434F0B7 LL22 7AA Tesco Stores Ltd, Market Street, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
76727B64-C3D3-4028-908C-AF8800BCAADB LL22 7AA Tesco, Tesco Abergele, Market Street Variable Public 9m
E29F4D8D-02E4-40E9-A89D-B06501494BFC LL22 7AR Tanya Business Park, Worsleywear, High Street 24/7 Public 9m
408A2A63-960F-4D47-A3FB-D1E4B5FF134A LL22 7BT North Wales Police Police Station, Abergele Ps, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
C13F7CA0-514E-4CB1-95CA-487B2B54CC95 LL22 7HA Post Box 2m From Hesketh House Bridge Street 9m From Brid, General Area Of, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
53397408-6B02-4FDE-9182-4C5E5D45B0AD LL22 7HE Ysgol Emrys Ap Iwan, Rhuddlan Road, Abergele Variable Restricted 11m
6B7E964B-0FE6-425F-AE99-DB3D570A7354 LL22 7HT Faenol Avenue, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
D7BE3898-0FB5-45EA-B645-A7BB884061A2 LL22 7HT Coleg Llandrillo Abergele, Faenol Avenue, Abergele Variable Public 11m
627DFCB6-0104-4E33-9093-E9FC90416E58 LL22 7PL Abergele Rugby Club, Pentre Mawr Park, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
A0CBEC88-CC95-4110-9576-D6CE85EE2E25 LL22 7PP Pantri Bach, Promenade Pensarn, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
085D7A26-806A-4DBD-AE1A-74E3151CEEF9 LL22 7PR Co Operative Store, Marine Road, Pensarn Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
895C663D-DE30-44DA-B365-AF2D00CE5D0B LL22 7PR Abergele & Pensarn Railway Station, Station Approach, Pensarn 24/7 Public 2m
94AA4DB3-0D47-4952-9F60-4945193D01DE LL22 7TA Abergele Fire Station, Groes Lwyd, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
5A73F385-2625-4D74-98A7-B88133CB84AC LL22 8AW Bryn Rhos Garage, Betws Yn Rhos, Abergele 24/7 Public 9m
B3048D67-0770-4334-A022-AB8D016CC872 LL22 8BG Holland Arms, Trofarth, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
88B86451-5487-462D-A1F0-AC8700CE1A65 LL22 8DS Abergele Golf Club, Tan-Y-Gopa Road, Abergele 24/7 Restricted 11m
E08530F0-BC7B-4D4B-A105-AB6D00C4143F LL22 8DS Abergele Golf Club, Tan-Y-Gopa, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
65FC6192-EC82-4DA5-AB97-AF3A008A5C61 LL22 8DY Rhyd-Y-Foel Community Centre, Rhyd Y Foel Community Centre, Rhyd Y Foel Road 24/7 Public 11m
F44D936C-EFBE-451B-9C13-B15B00AB9626 LL22 8ET Abergele Residents Allotment Site, Llanddulas Road, Abergele 24/7 Restricted 2m
2ADA0DF4-1C82-445D-B0E2-97C302F532EC LL22 8EW Llanddulas School, Minffordd Road, Llanddulas Abergele 24/7 Public 6m
A855E624-60B9-4938-84A3-AC2800CFFB43 LL22 8HA Thornley Leisure Parks, Beach House Road, Llanddulas 24/7 Public 11m
98443AC3-9739-4900-9CEA-AEAE010381F0 LL22 8HB Llanddulas Youth And Community Centre, Beach Road, Llanddulas 24/7 Public 11m
255E5854-F5A0-4CA0-9C26-B09300AE9430 LL22 8HE Rendezvous Caravan Park, Bryn Siriol, Llanddulas 24/7 Public 8m
D371A1F5-E7FB-47A8-97DE-FAC105D82390 LL22 8LJ North Wales Business Park - Unit 5410 St John Cymru, Cae Eithin, Abergele 24/7 Public 9m
820CC5FE-0A85-475F-86CF-AB8D017011D3 LL22 8NP The Old Shop, Dolwen, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
48CC4F30-9FE9-40EC-B3C1-B0460117C3D2 LL22 8PN Waterloo Service Station, B5381 County Boundary To A548, Llanfairtalhaiarn 24/7 Public 9m
FA9AF14D-3975-49F5-A934-AE4700C68FCB LL22 8PN Nwc Country Retreats Ltd, Sirior Bach Caravan Park, B5381 County Boundary To A548 24/7 Public 11m
2B369D0F-AC11-4058-9B52-2559DF617433 LL22 8PP Ysgol Bro Cernyw, Llangernyw, Abergele 24/7 Public 8m
7B28E36E-291E-49EA-9744-B0D100F88FC9 LL22 8UU Gwytherin Community Centre, Gwytherin, Llangernyw 24/7 Public 6m
E4D87441-24C1-4405-AC63-AE9400E599C2 LL22 9AS The Kinmel & Kinspa, Kinmel Manor Hotel, St George Road Variable Restricted 11m
26090E68-E79D-46AE-9A94-AF1D00BE18E6 LL22 9BD Abergele, Hanson Aggregates, Abergele Quarry Variable Restricted 11m
D5B5953A-C030-4766-8A09-AEDA00AC63E2 LL22 9BD Hanson Aggregates Limited, Hanson Aggregates, Nant Ddu Road 24/7 Public 11m
5ABFF9A1-D668-482E-A278-AE4C00D50FFE LL22 9BF Electricity Sub Station 10m From 20 Maes Y Ffynnon 9m From Maes Y Ffynnon, Maes Y Ffynnon, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
21A449EC-6215-4471-A2CA-ADCF008A4D57 LL22 9BP Abergele Town Council, The Kinmel Arms, Church Street 24/7 Public 11m
898B0801-C391-4CCD-84BE-B00400B04A9F LL22 9DS Ysgol Cefn Meiriadog, Ysgol Cefn Meiriadog To Pentre Mawr Junction, Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
F3639619-827E-47D8-8FFB-AEE800B801A4 LL22 9DY Tyn Y Bedw, Bron Haul Road, Llanfairtalhaiarn 24/7 Public 11m
E83E3015-1C26-46BB-A0BB-AE4600E9A7AC LL22 9EN Kazza Marine Limited, Happy Days Caravan Park, Towyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
4881E828-4E5B-4CA2-9C5F-57225F5372AB LL22 9ER Create A Smile Benjamins Tea Rooms/Scooter Hire Centre., Towyn Road, Towyn Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
2DE0C759-3A6A-4038-9F26-AD520096A4B3 LL22 9ES Owens Caravan Park, Towyn Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
E2E6FC11-6FFD-42B6-8C51-AE4700C58D19 LL22 9EY Jakes Bar And Restaurant Whitehouse Leisure Parks, Towyn Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
2765A065-A79E-4137-9BE1-AD7800B2E554 LL22 9HA Ty Gwyn Holiday Park, Ty Gwyn Park, Towyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
C697C896-EC30-45AF-BE8C-B0C30108A9BE LL22 9HG Ty Mawr Holiday Park, Towyn Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 7m
CA51A856-F010-49BA-A123-AE2B00AC091A LL22 9HR Cambria Caravan Park, Gaingc Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
58B78B39-711D-483C-9F40-AE4700BEBA2A LL22 9HU Golden Gate Social Club Golden Gate Holiday Centre, Towyn Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
A66D3321-0EC5-46FD-A8AD-AE4700C0AC9B LL22 9HU Reception, Golden Gate Holiday Centre, Towyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
62CDBFAB-680E-47EF-937A-ADB300AD36BB LL22 9HY Edwards Leisure Park, Gaingc Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
79E0FAA8-977E-49A6-8328-81AF5D3D92B3 LL22 9LB Morton Arms, Sandbank Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
CDCC079D-62FF-4C90-BFA4-AFF400D49443 LL22 9LD Knightlys Funfair, Knightlys Fun Park, Sandbank Road 24/7 Public 11m
DFB85A41-5CEB-4CBC-84B8-AFF400D24A73 LL22 9LD Long Bar And Restaurant Knightlys Fun Park, Sandbank Road, Towyn 24/7 Public 11m
72D8AAE2-6507-4472-81D8-301CE2C67728 LL22 9NR North Coast Church, 87 Gors Road, Towyn Abergele 24/7 Public 11m
A0C22E58-F841-400F-B87A-AFBD01163D36 LL22 9NW Side Of Pond At Tir Prince Park, Side Of Pond - 119m From 7 Llys Tudor, Towyn Road 24/7 Public 11m
79E56769-71DA-4DDC-9B35-AE6100F4F820 LL22 9SE Thorncliffe Building Supplies, Windmill Site, Rhuddlan Road Variable Public 11m
08DDFB00-B705-4260-ADA2-B0A500E2A832 LL23 7AE White Lion Hotel, Gwesty'r Llew Gwyn Brenhinol, 61 High Street 24/7 Public 8m
BD0D6E80-5B34-41F1-AEB7-ADCA00D2EC88 LL23 7BS Bala Sailing Club, B4403 From B4391 Junction At Pen Y Bont Skirting Llyn Tegid To Road Leading To Bryniau Goleu, Y Bala Variable Public 11m
EED3D153-4AF1-4C13-AC0C-AED0009E06E3 LL23 7BS Bala Lake Hotel, B4403 From B4391 Junction At Pen Y Bont Skirting Llyn Tegid To Road Leading To Bryniau Goleu, Y Bala 24/7 Public 9m
DABFF173-BC84-4AA9-B39B-B0F800F92DFE LL23 7DT 14 Tan Y Foel, Llanfor 24/7 Public 5m
C1116B4B-79E4-407E-A147-AF36009C7C57 LL23 7DZ Clwb Rygbi Y Bala, Heol Tegid, Y Bala 24/7 Public 11m
3FDFC278-508E-4DB1-A07E-BD2563034CB7 LL23 7EB Neuadd Mynach, Cwmtirmynach, Bala 24/7 Public 8m
9D513274-F223-4E03-9378-3006A71DADE0 LL23 7HP Public Toilets, Pont Fach, Off Trafalgar Square 24/7 Public 9m
F3DF2C07-F7E8-4893-A471-C6AA713B677C LL23 7NG Bala Fire Station, Bala 24/7 Public 11m
656F929F-870F-480F-B919-AE28009F86D4 LL23 7NJ Aykroyds & Sons Ltd, Unit 17, Y Bala Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
08E7D817-4A97-487C-B97F-AF5C00D5ADEE LL23 7NL Trem Treweryn, Natural Resources Wales, Trem Trewwryn, Unit 10-12a Bala Enterprise Park 24/7 Public 9m
0D06072A-1DC9-4E6C-80F3-AB6F00CB6D06 LL23 7NT Fron Goch Primary School, Fron Goch, Bala 24/7 Public 11m
A0349017-D5B1-4592-97D5-ADE200C710F3 LL23 7PS Pale Hall Hotel, B4402 From B4391 Passing Pont Caletwr And Pale Hall Hotel To Bryntirion Inn, Llandderfel 24/7 Public 11m
76084BC6-AD56-4B49-B7E3-ADEC00DFDF3F LL23 7RA Pale Wood Holiday Home Park, B4401 From B4402 Opposite Bryn Tirion Inn To The Access Road To Crogan Hall, Llandderfel 24/7 Public 11m
D0B41DBB-5786-43E6-81A2-AB2100F483C2 LL23 7RU Ysgol Godre'r Berwyn, Ffordd Ffrydan, Bala 24/7 Public 11m
7AD63C6F-CF3B-4A36-BDB8-A67F5EACFCE0 LL23 7SR Penllyn Leisure Centre, Bala Variable Restricted 8m
9F6E5C23-3600-4ED7-935C-CD093B0B0C2A LL23 7SR North Wales Police Police Station, Bala Ps, Bala 24/7 Public 11m
B04F985B-B456-41E9-9DBA-A947CFBBE70E LL23 7SR Llyn Tegid Warden Centre, Pensarn Road, Bala 24/7 Public 11m
31AA964E-B760-4128-B279-AE4D00B012CF LL23 7SS Glanllyn Caravan & Camping Park, Stablau Glanllyn, Bala 24/7 Public 11m
FAD72D0F-3F94-4794-8611-AE76008E73A6 LL23 7TY Village Hall, Church Street, Llanuwchllyn 24/7 Public 11m
15BE0044-DB61-469E-B960-D1FDBBFD0BC5 LL23 7UB Ysgol O M Edwards, General Area Of, Llanuwchllyn Bala 24/7 Public 9m
B2AA0F83-8B94-48CF-9ABE-AF0100B93917 LL23 7YD Penlan, Stryd Y Fron, Y Bala 24/7 Public 11m
FEEFBA7F-6886-43DB-A05A-A4313FED7AC2 LL23 7YW Canolfan Cymuned Y Parc Old School, Parc, Bala 24/7 Public 8m
70A5650B-38D7-40A7-8BBB-AF2A00CC8417 LL24 0AE Betws-Y-Coed Railway Station, Station Road, Betws-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 11m
FDC57CB0-B2D5-4B84-966C-AF460100CF8C LL24 0AL Riverside Caravan Park, Old Church Road, Betws Y Coed 24/7 Public 11m
B7451316-EEAC-4FF2-90F2-E82E75549081 LL24 0AY Spar Stores Siop Tandderwen, Holyhead Road, Betws-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 11m
3E225DC1-B495-44B4-90B6-B142008BA905 LL24 0BB Neuadd Goffa, Llanrwst To Betws Y Coed, Betws Y Coed 24/7 Restricted 3m
8BD07C05-F3F0-4E1B-A886-847A8BC32F86 LL24 0BP Meddygfa Betws Y Coed, Ffordd Gethin, Betws-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 9m
4CBFFFF5-5EB3-47E5-AC2E-AD7F015AFAE2 LL24 0BU Betws Y Coed Fire Station, Betws Y Coed 24/7 Public 11m
B447B622-3017-4ACE-A8B4-B05D00FA7A02 LL24 0BW Alpkit Ltd, Alpkit (Former Chapel), Holyhead Road Variable Public 9m
85CC6356-3232-47DE-AF68-B09A00CD1B82 LL24 0HY Meithrinfa Twt Lol, Yr Hen Ysgol, Cae Haidd To Pentrefoelas 24/7 Public 8m
CDE2AA66-C5FA-42DD-ADA9-AB860185F5B4 LL24 0LL Giler Arms Hotel, Rhydlydan, Betws-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 11m
9F6525F1-DB53-4FCE-BA32-B090015729F1 LL24 0LY Capel Siloam - Siloam Chapel, Siloam, Rhydlanfair 24/7 Public 8m
B1A049B7-4814-4D6E-8F2B-AB6F00BDFF75 LL24 0NH Post Office, 1-2 Penbont, Ysbyty Ifan 24/7 Public 11m
5A96F67D-0D1B-4A65-B1C1-5B9E6B27BBE4 LL24 0NY Ysbyty Ifan Primary School, General Area Of, Ysbyty Ifan Betws-Y-Coed 24/7 Public 11m
1B35D4E5-001F-4676-9399-C70C050A93CE LL24 0PN Conwy Falls Cafe, Betws Y Coed Variable Public 9m
4E613013-E3B3-4BA8-BD84-88585F54F765 LL24 0PT Ysgol Gynradd Penmachno, Penmachno, Betws Y Coed 24/7 Public 6m
C72AB3A8-6AEE-4467-918E-25F1B34B95D0 LL25 0NZ Spar Shop, Church Street, Dolwyddelan 24/7 Public 11m
949DC94E-07B1-4498-9794-84996D686B5C LL25 0UZ 4 Benar Terrace, Dolwyddelan 24/7 Public 11m
9B5DC8B4-39DB-4471-88C9-AE6A0094C934 LL26 0AD Llanrwst Town Station, Denbigh Street, Llanrwst, Conway 24/7 Public 11m
6051CD87-E5C5-4983-A7A6-AE0800883B46 LL26 0AL Scotland Street Flats, 4 Scotland Street, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
35F69385-2606-4617-BAFC-DB8253837EA0 LL26 0AR Meddygfa Gwydir Surgery, School Bank Road, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
B6620291-881A-4E7B-8E7C-FF56CB4FE313 LL26 0BJ Llanddoged Primary School, Ysgol Llanddoged, Llanddoged 24/7 Public 11m
F7B4F7EC-E083-4512-9295-B01C007A2AD7 LL26 0DF Llanrwst Ambulance Station, Llys Casten, Station Road 24/7 Public 11m
161517AE-6262-4594-9971-AF4E00E15788 LL26 0DG J Bradburne Price And Company, Llanrwst Smithfield Market, Parry Road 24/7 Public 11m
CB0BB9F7-C4CB-4B4B-B483-87CC7FAB0184 LL26 0EH Llew Jones Ltd, Station Road, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 9m
1CBCE4F8-45DE-4DA9-A667-DEC6127C5A03 LL26 0EY Llanrwst Primary School Ysgol Bro Gwydir, Conway Terrace, Llanrwst Variable Public 11m
59F960C4-9F22-412F-B334-B04D00BD2F4C LL26 0HE Cartref Y Borth Care Home, Cartref Y Borth, Ffordd Berthddu 24/7 Public 9m
36583269-30A9-4926-92F7-BD28BE104BDD LL26 0LD Clock Tower, Ancaster Square, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 9m
5537C5A6-4206-45E3-B2C7-9E6D7A508F31 LL26 0LL E W & P C Williams Ltd Tir A Mor Fish & Chip Shop, 9 Denbigh Street, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 9m
554D921D-1CAA-4DC5-90BF-1D898D35C968 LL26 0NF Llanrwst Fire Station, Town Hill, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
1AA8E3AC-2506-42E4-BCFC-B04D00AA8E77 LL26 0PQ Mk Enterprises (Uk) Limited, Unit 2, Parc Ty Gwyn 24/7 Public 11m
9E1A415A-7F94-4012-9D1C-AE9300F243F5 LL26 0RN Garth Garmon, Capel Garmon, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
0E4AB287-A76A-47E8-A2A0-AB2200BF4071 LL26 0SD Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, Ffordd Nebo, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
762CBE4E-3E50-4440-AEF7-AF4E00DFA4A1 LL26 0SD Nfu Office, Llys Jones, Ffordd Nebo 24/7 Public 11m
B3692A15-A6AC-4C7D-B2BC-3BA3F6B67267 LL26 0SD Dyffryn Conwy Leisure Centre, Nebo Road, Llanrwst Variable Restricted 11m
6AA3529B-1B5E-4D9D-8E3E-B04D00B24046 LL26 0SE Danline International Ltd, Ffordd Cae'r Melwr, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
95E90B8E-67AB-4644-BAF5-AE9300F0C758 LL26 0SH Capel Bethel, Melin Y Coed To Carmel, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
00251C3D-28CE-470E-B067-AE9300F3B9DB LL26 0TB Capel Annibynwyr - Nebo, Capel Annibynwyr, Nebo 24/7 Public 11m
08827F41-668B-41DD-808B-AF5D0109D86C LL26 0TT Tan Lan, Natural Resources Wales, Tan Lan, Llanwrst Road Variable Public 9m
1D0E6B65-5095-481E-AEFF-AE5401316081 LL26 0TY Fron Francis, Ffordd Fron Francis, Llanddoged 24/7 Public 11m
3E4080ED-0DF5-48C4-B275-AC2B00CAF04B LL26 0UL Thornley Leisure Parks, Maenan Abbey Caravan Park, Maenan 24/7 Public 11m
BC93244F-6518-461C-A749-CC161490F045 LL26 0UL Maenan Abbey Hotel, Maenan, Llanrwst 24/7 Public 11m
C4B82A6B-C99C-489A-9588-DC28F2517020 LL26 0UP Glanrafon, General Area Of, Maenan Llanrwst Variable Restricted 11m
60EE42B0-B95D-4D44-AC3F-AE6A0094E95A LL26 0YR Dolgarrog Ststion, Off Llanwrst Road, Dolgarrog, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
C896B149-3C6A-43DA-86FB-1E9A01072E8A LL27 0JP Princes Arms, Trefriw 24/7 Public 11m
E38082A3-720C-4A4E-B88B-AE6D00DC856C LL27 0JZ Cynllwyd Mawr / Llyn Crafnant Cafe, Crafnant Road, Trefriw 24/7 Public 11m
53CDD97F-9B1F-448A-BA69-0E5E4C3F7477 LL27 0SX Roualeyn Garden Nurseries, Trefriw 24/7 Public 11m
6510CDF6-96F4-46CE-97EE-B008006CE0D3 LL27 0YX Llyn Geirionydd - Toilet Block, Llyn Geirionydd, 3 Word ///Crossword.captions.streetcar 24/7 Public 11m
ACB0E6EF-BBF6-4A1A-9534-ACB24CDA6350 LL28 4BU Toad Hall Inn, The Toad Inn, West Promenade 24/7 Public 8m
0D28CADF-0AA3-4498-BCF5-DD7B908439CB LL28 4EN Rhos Promenade - Toilet Block, Rhos On Sea 24/7 Public 8m
9C5D9C96-A646-4177-813D-ADE4009F8A49 LL28 4HN Rhos On Sea Bowling And Tennis Club, Allanson Rd, O 24/7 Public 11m
B134DF4F-4620-4D5B-A8E6-52E9F1CC884D LL28 4HZ Grŵp Llandrillo Menai, Coleg Llandrillo Reception, Llandudno Road Variable Public 11m
540C29C8-9344-4673-873A-AD4700C384B4 LL28 4LR Colwyn Bay Cricket Club, 77 Penrhyn Avenue, Rhos On Sea 24/7 Public 11m
604F7594-A7BB-4C60-BB78-AC7E00EE8E7E LL28 4LX Llandrillo Yn Rhos Junior School, Elwy Road, Rhos On Sea 24/7 Public 11m
5DF50DB0-2D00-45D8-BE3B-ED78E930F33A LL28 4RB Le Sport Health & Fitness, Colwyn Avenue, Rhos On Sea 24/7 Public 8m
23C9CF9B-0D40-4CB4-B7BC-AEBA00BC96F1 LL28 4RS The Northwood Guesthouse, 47 Rhos Road, Rhos On Sea 24/7 Restricted 11m
21D48D32-748E-4B5E-AD20-899D28CC9D17 LL28 4SE Community Centre, Park Way, Rhos On Sea 24/7 Public 11m
7137808D-7C8A-4539-ADD7-AEF2011FE3CA LL28 4YL Ccbc ..Conwy County Borough Council, Bron Y Nant Crematorium, Bron Y Nant Road 24/7 Public 11m
08205C3D-31BF-47D8-8CD4-718FD9FE818E LL28 5BS Quinton Hazell Ltd Site Management Office, Conway Road, Mochdre 24/7 Public 7m
6E35F601-EA38-4F63-9D4E-87BC8CDE55B6 LL28 5BS Fast Way To Fitness Quinton Hazel Enterprise Park, Glan Y Wern Road, Mochdre Colwyn Bay Variable Public 11m
C3FC92E2-352B-4E19-B509-72F853E3C1E5 LL28 5DS Meat On The Corner, 270 Conway Road, Mochdre 24/7 Public 7m
BE9A6995-B277-46A6-A754-B0AC00DB99AB LL28 5EW Christ Church, Llanrwst Road, Upper Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 8m
0A028E4F-40D0-4DE1-BF67-AE9100F11B1A LL28 5HA Gwynedd Forklifts Limited, Unit 2, Blackmarsh Road Variable Public 11m
404AA8F6-3754-42F4-BAB3-AFE8010C6130 LL28 5HA Screwfix, Orme House, Blackmarsh Road, Mochdre Business Park Variable Restricted 11m
C072BE82-F684-4C30-94E9-AE3201075A34 LL28 5HB Mochdre Sports Association, Swan Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
DDD48816-BA81-4A68-B9B1-FDA809D226D3 LL28 5HN Network House T N Robonson Ltd, Conway Road, Mochdre 24/7 Public 7m
7F9C817A-048D-4DC7-B942-B0FD00DA6351 LL28 5HR Bron Meillion, Dolwyd, Mochdre 24/7 Public 5m
BE83FEF3-611A-4CC7-96AB-0E28E75F99FE LL28 5LY Church Street, Glan Conwy, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 6m
7B366D27-68B0-46A2-906D-0187F016E346 LL28 5NA Ysgol Glan Conwy, General Area Of, Glan Conwy Colwyn Bay Variable Public 11m
641CD120-C739-4B7C-8C1C-B0FD00EA822A LL28 5NG Tal Y Fan, Glan Conwy 24/7 Public 5m
B4722836-C6A4-47BC-916A-B0FD00E54287 LL28 5NU 3 Bryn Rhys, Glan Conwy 24/7 Public 5m
EA817B62-5C94-476B-81C8-AE0700D35030 LL28 5RR The Tal Y Cafn, Llanrwst Road, Tal Y Cafn 24/7 Public 11m
33137B75-AD86-40B7-95FA-B0D500D5EDE9 LL28 5SP Sports Ground Cae Ffwt Business Park, Pendraw'r Llan, Glan Conwy 24/7 Public 6m
E50EEF77-5720-40BF-8C6C-DEF15B766E42 LL28 5SR Snowdonia Nurseries, Llanrwst Road, Glan Conwy Colwyn Bay Variable Restricted 11m
DE84138E-6DC2-4D04-A1FE-B0D200EDB968 LL28 5ST Riverside Garage, Llanrwst Road, Glan Conwy 24/7 Public 6m
983D2199-4E62-4146-91FB-B0D201180FF1 LL28 5TF Buckley Mobile Crane Services Bont Newydd Mill, Buckley Mill Road, Pentrefelin 24/7 Public 6m
071F466D-2377-45CE-9BB6-AEE000C78985 LL28 5TL Tyn Y Celyn, Ffordd Trallwyn, Graig 24/7 Public 11m
59433125-2347-42C6-8781-AB21011C9B1E LL29 6DD Ysgol Pen Y Bryn, Wentworth Avenue, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 9m
FE2B6794-AB8C-4A5D-B2F6-82AF8AEC973B LL29 6DD Pen Y Bryn Pub, Wentworth Avenue, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 8m
C6CF75E2-1FAD-420A-8B39-AFCB00F90ED0 LL29 7BT Rydal Penrhos Senior School, Combermere Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
EB7CC826-F511-4C1C-88F1-AEC800F94BE3 LL29 7RU Theatr Colwyn, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
2E4AABD1-4556-4FA1-8FCB-4AFFF792A328 LL29 7SP Colwyn Leisure Centre, Eirias Road, Colwyn Bay Variable Public 4m
57980A08-D95D-4AFA-8B93-69BB27B5D785 LL29 7SP Eirias High School, Eirias Road, Colwyn Bay Variable Public 11m
C6987ADD-72B9-4F13-8E62-A4AA7D66F426 LL29 7TE St Pauls Church Spyce Community Centre, Rhiw Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 8m
C1D23430-BA9C-482A-9609-208C955CCE79 LL29 7TG North Wales Police Police Station, Colwyn Bay Ps, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 9m
E1A1BD27-076A-427D-9A2C-8A935A8C60FF LL29 7UU St Josephs R C School, Brackley Avenue, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
882C2F0C-8B0F-4F38-8A5D-AFCB010287A7 LL29 7UY Newfield, Rydal Penrhos School, Walshaw Avenue, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
285809B1-D378-47C4-BB4F-806B80BD9191 LL29 8AA Colwyn Bay Fire Station, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
093D0827-0C84-4AF0-80A8-9BD9420A12C6 LL29 8AB Amethyst Sarc, 1-3 Bryn Eirias Close, Old Colwyn 24/7 Public 8m
805B8A0D-863C-49E8-A723-B0D800CBC77C LL29 8AT Colwyn Bay Hospital, Hesketh Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 6m
5CC1912D-FF75-4D63-B8F5-AFB000CBC622 LL29 8AW North Wales Police, Fhq Gym, Glan Y Don 24/7 Restricted 11m
82901282-3E30-4D68-A3BE-985B3A259509 LL29 8AW Glan Y Don - Police Headquarters, Colwyn Bay Fhq, Abergele Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
26F88DA2-AF3B-4DF7-A598-AF2D00CE61EB LL29 8DF Colwyn Bay Railway Station, Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
54E4F42F-6955-4FF2-856E-8AD03A742071 LL29 8HU Ysgol Bryn Elian, Windsor Drive, Colwyn Bay Variable Restricted 11m
995673D8-A153-46D4-B3B8-B00500D95B94 LL29 8HU Ysgol Bryn Elian, Windsor Drive, Old Colwyn Variable Public 11m
540529D8-B6B9-4312-9DAC-AFCB00E85A0E LL29 8PF Clwyd Alyn Housing Association, Norfolk House, 39 Princes Drive 24/7 Public 11m
3BE9DCF3-3667-48F2-8136-B0F100D700C1 LL29 8SS Bowling Club, Dolwen Road, Llysfaen 24/7 Public 5m
54FF7AC2-40A7-49F6-9707-64E5A75D598F LL29 8SS Church Hall Llysfaen Village Hall, Pentregwyddel Road, Llysfaen 24/7 Public 11m
B5D35D52-3671-43F0-BD05-B07000BF7064 LL29 8TB Premier Express, 40 Gadlas Road, Llysfaen 24/7 Public 9m
D1C55241-040E-4A9B-9C41-AD6400D0A754 LL29 8UP Castle Green Homes - Site Office, Dolwen Road, Old Colwyn Variable Restricted 11m
E825E81A-FBD1-4DF2-B9BC-AD6400D26528 LL29 8UQ Castle Green Homes - Site Office - Parc Y Coed, Bryn Y Mor, Old Colwyn Variable Restricted 11m
D589301F-4106-473F-9626-AEC20111FC35 LL29 9AE Queens Court, Abergele Road, Old Colwyn 24/7 Public 11m
7AD7AE4F-92B0-46E0-9DE1-AEAE00E5E71A LL29 9LL Peulwys Community Centre Ysgol Swn Y Don, Swn Y Don, Parc Peulwys 24/7 Public 11m
AF34779A-F67B-461F-862E-AF4C00C7620C LL29 9NL Old Colwyn Golf Club, Woodland Avenue, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
984367AC-D572-41BE-9962-B0F200FDB83B LL29 9NP Cadwgan Surgery, 11 Bodelwyddan Avenue, Old Colwyn Variable Restricted 5m
9F8BFC9B-9968-463C-8AF8-3830F01D2641 LL29 9PR Westminster Park Pharmacy, 397 Abergele Road, Old Colwyn Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 9m
623926AB-457E-44F2-BB3D-ADE400CBCB3A LL29 9YF Festival Church Old Colwyn, 317 Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
A4CCADE0-BCB7-4B45-ACBF-B8FCD9A31C73 LL29 9YF North Wales Police Police, Alex House Fhq, Old Colwyn Colwyn Bay 24/7 Restricted 11m
FA1032D2-7CD8-4B8E-92B3-B057008F6E68 LL29 9YF Colwyn Bay Ambulance Station, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay 24/7 Public 9m
2852F573-1788-430D-B06E-AF3300FB3B79 LL30 1AP Imperial Hotel Ltd, Vaughan Street, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
689D2DC0-9C74-4C2B-A954-AFF8006F9B7C LL30 1BA Cae Mor Hotel Penrhyn Crescent, 6 The Parade, Llandudno 24/7 Restricted 11m
A73DDCCE-0CA3-488A-8D8B-AEC800EDE32A LL30 1BB Venue Cymru, Mostyn Broadway / The Promenade, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
2AC52211-A310-4683-AFC3-AF1600A350BE LL30 1DH North Wales Police, Llandudno Police Station, Oxford Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
2EE240D6-F165-4B9F-B5FE-AEB300F1AFD2 LL30 1ED Unit 1, Robertson Geo Services, Council Street West Variable Restricted 11m
2FDA2626-1AF3-4CF4-8527-AF3B00B676B8 LL30 1ED Hajime Hiro, Llandudno Karate, Council Street West 24/7 Public 11m
9D7D53B2-E81A-4B13-BDF6-96F5814BD5EE LL30 1GA Clerk To The Justices Magistrates Court, Conway Road, Llandudno Variable Public 11m
A2A3655E-2E44-4A44-BD0E-AEBA00D28298 LL30 1GA Clerk To The Justices, Magistrates Court, Conway Road Variable Restricted 11m
FD2CE0ED-0237-467C-93F4-A898978A02EC LL30 1HU Maesdu Golf Club, Hospital Road, Llandudno Variable Restricted 11m
C83CFC2E-AA63-4540-A43E-6FDFC54908D8 LL30 1LF Ysgol John Bright, Maesdu Road, Llandudno Variable Restricted 11m
E8AEBB3C-AC3F-47EA-80FF-AE5200DC4B6D LL30 1LF Ysgol John Bright, Maesdu Road, Llandudno Variable Public 11m
CC18F64C-62D6-4EF4-AA4F-AE98009204F2 LL30 1NG Llanrhos Stores, 2 Maes Y Castell, Llanrhos 24/7 Public 11m
3AD212DF-6B71-4744-A75F-B13200D0DA82 LL30 1PX Lvl5, Unit 1/3 Conway Road, Llandudno 24/7 Public 3m
586EAFF9-1CD7-449A-A874-B0F400B141A3 LL30 1PX Savills - Llandudno Retail Park, Llandudno Retail Park, Llandudno, Conway Road, Conwy 24/7 Public 5m
EA9E179A-57C4-449D-BFC7-A7CAE767D3AE LL30 1QY Breast Test Wales, Maesdu Road, Llandudno Variable Restricted 11m
4E84FE06-E1BC-4C0D-B11D-ABE4009BC6C1 LL30 1RT B & Q Plc, Unit 3, Charlotte Road Variable Public 11m
3C4287E0-29CB-46C3-9C64-AE54012EDA15 LL30 1TE Craig Y Don Croquet Club, Queen's Road, Craig Y Don 24/7 Public 11m
67177C5C-B22D-4FE5-9D78-2C5A84178667 LL30 1TE Craig Y Don Community Centre, Queen's Road, Craig Y Don Variable Public 11m
FB379C00-3DCF-406E-983F-AE90008588BC LL30 1TJ 46 Maes Berllan, Queens Rd, Craig Y Don 24/7 Public 11m
F1FC8BCD-4A03-4029-B615-AB8200CD0E18 LL30 1YE Ysgol Y Gogarth, Nant Y Gamar Road, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
D38F7707-AF8D-4D34-9D69-130EED7099E9 LL30 1YR Llandudno Swimming Centre, Mostyn Broadway, Llandudno Variable Restricted 11m
689453F5-DC60-492B-B9BA-AC05014EB97F LL30 1YY St. Davids Methodist Church, Mostyn Avenue, Craig-Y-Don 24/7 Public 11m
326F96D8-1B2B-480C-A8F8-AF2A009A0467 LL30 2AF Llandudno Railway Station, Augusta Street, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
8C43DF57-8355-45FD-BB57-AE8500E2125F LL30 2BG Friends Of West Shore, West Shore Beach Cafe, West Parade 24/7 Public 11m
9D1EAD66-6463-46FC-BB0C-5CB048EAA2EA LL30 2BT Llandudno Cricket Club, The Oval, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
48FB6E60-8B75-4E46-8677-F200687E2BD2 LL30 2EN St Davids Hospice, Abbey Road, Llandudno 24/7 Restricted 11m
D7BEE8FC-CE3E-4B70-B4F5-AE1B00F4974D LL30 2HL Ysgol San Sior, Church Walks, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
E2741948-B23B-42F9-862E-AE2E00E1A944 LL30 2LG St Georges Hotel, St George's Place, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
0BB81340-29FD-4505-BABC-AE0000EEFB35 LL30 2LN The Cenotaph, Prince Edward Square, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
2D1C3B0E-6776-4AC8-8A02-AE2300DEE12A LL30 2LP Llandudno Pier, North Parade, Llandudno Variable Public 9m
73ED5626-16FD-4BBE-A61A-B0A701023C00 LL30 2LZ Ysgol Ffordd Dyffryn, Dyffryn Road, Llandudno 24/7 Public 8m
E6F2A1F6-235F-4FBB-B1E0-AFC700B65483 LL30 2NG O2 Store (0462) Llandudno, Unit 2 Victoria Centre, Mostyn Street Variable Restricted 11m
3194ACD4-31B8-42A5-BA13-BE1E12AC0BFC LL30 2PD Ulster Stores, Clares Of Llandudno, 97-99 Mostyn Street Variable Public 11m
5209153B-FD40-4D22-87FD-AD8A013B7404 LL30 2PE Club 147, Mostyn Street, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
E1499452-718D-44AA-8660-4D79DF3382EB LL30 2PS Habit Tea Rooms, 12 Mostyn Street, Llandudno Variable Public 3m
7DA5B54D-5550-44F3-B64C-CE3E0FEC6AB3 LL30 2RH Boots Hearing Care, 20-21 Trinity Square, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
CEB0D5D9-5BCD-4253-9E07-AB0C00D7BC2F LL30 2RP Victoria Shopping Centre, 48 Mostyn Street, Llandudno Variable Restricted 11m
49CD155B-0550-419A-8628-AD8A00F4CF59 LL30 2SB Town House Cafe Bar, Town House, 64 Mostyn Street 24/7 Public 11m
5E32BB23-B855-40C3-A5D7-AB17013FD8A4 LL30 2SW Conservative Club, 106 Mostyn Street, Llandudno Variable Public 11m
E5CFCB9E-7288-4C58-9E1B-AB5200E997E4 LL30 2TW The Dental Studio, 49 Madoc Street, Llandudno Variable Public 11m
F1F84D8C-3C82-45B1-9A2B-AC0101040B81 LL30 2XD Marine Drive, Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
C7550B2C-AA70-44DC-B984-AE0000FCEEA5 LL30 2YB Wedgwood Hotel, Wedgwood Guest Hotel, 6 Deganwy Avenue 24/7 Public 11m
FCA1DB06-CCC8-4F7C-A20A-AE0101054638 LL30 2YG Boathouse Climbing Centre, Old Life Boat Station, Lloyd Street 24/7 Public 11m
6363 LL30 3AA Llandudno Lifeboat Station, Conwy County Borough 24/7 Public
E7CAAF94-959D-40A6-9535-7EEA54BD78C4 LL30 3HG Penrhyn New Hall, 10 Carolina Crescent, Penrhyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
08D7F092-D6B7-4C80-81DB-0C86CE873A70 LL30 3LB Ysgol Y Creuddyn, Derwen Lane, Penrhyn Bay Llandudno Variable Public 11m
E1CB73C7-C483-4410-8199-2B9705F45901 LL30 3LB Ysgol Glanwydden, Derwen Lane, Penrhyn Bay Variable Restricted 6m
B4584D48-D81B-4E12-81C3-AEFD014301FC LL30 3NT 1 Penrhyn Beach East, Penrhyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
6C7D79A5-2DD4-44CF-BA7D-ADE400FFF27F LL30 3PP Presbyterian Church, Maesgwyn Road, Penrhyn Bay 24/7 Public 11m
71248CBD-465D-421F-801F-850A5C439292 LL30 3PU Rhos On Sea Golf Club Dormy House Hotel, Glan Y Mor Road, Penrhyn Bay Llandudno 24/7 Public 11m
3465030D-808D-4E42-BB24-ADA200F8E40A LL31 9AR 36 Cae Derw, Llandudno Junction 24/7 Public 11m
7DE65DFC-DC06-41B7-880B-B00A00FA61E0 LL31 9BA Mercedes, The Point, Conwy Road Variable Public 11m
7E868E9B-D0A0-45CB-A100-D3027E328322 LL31 9DJ Deganwy Marina Boat Sales, Deganwy Quay, Deganwy 24/7 Public 7m
3736029E-7117-41FD-AB1B-AB0600A71205 LL31 9DQ 49 Deganwy Quay, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
0264933D-0F73-46B0-8EE1-AE2300A617D3 LL31 9DR Sue’s Beach Hut, Marine Crescent, Deganwy 24/7 Public 11m
A43A8D41-92A2-4D58-BF61-AB20010DE80D LL31 9DU Boots The Chemist, 150 Conway Road, Llandudno Junction 24/7 Public 11m
393C2534-22A3-40AD-AC37-AC52009C596B LL31 9JP Queens Head, Glanwydden Road, Llandudno Junction 24/7 Public 11m
7F25AB10-85FF-4DEF-8F90-ACF000EF6740 LL31 9NX Car Showroom And Garage, Premier Toyota, Ffordd Maelgwn Variable Public 11m
A7DD58F1-16C6-4971-9D85-B98A22DC497E LL31 9PN Fire Service Fleet Workshops, Tremarl Ind Est Llandudno Junct. 24/7 Public 11m
745E826A-E3A1-4058-8F9D-AD6000F1CA6C LL31 9PS Victoria Park, Victoria Drive, Llandudno Junction 24/7 Public 11m
B01117E4-B499-469B-BAF3-B14F00DC7D61 LL31 9PW Yodel, Unit 20, Tre Marl Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 2m
2FD9852A-1B7F-4AA7-A4C7-6BAA1E09068B LL31 9RA Bryn Estyn Badminton Club Bryn Estyn, Llwyn Estyn, Deganwy 24/7 Public 9m
B535AE38-5829-4F20-BF34-ABB49B577770 LL31 9RZ Welsh Government Government Buildings, Sarn Mynach, Llandudno Junction 24/7 Public 4m
E6325E4F-8548-473F-8442-AB0C00D9F559 LL31 9RZ Ysgol Awey Y Mynydd, Sarn Mynach, Llandudno Junction Variable Restricted 11m
E3FEA047-E35E-4181-AE5C-B01B008A1F83 LL31 9SX Welsh Ambulance Services, Unit 6 - 8 Llandudno Junction Industrial Estate, Llandudno Junction Wda Access Road 24/7 Public 11m
7705220D-0D69-4346-A457-98BDD309AEB8 LL31 9XY Tesco Stores Ltd, 6 G Road, Llandudno Junction Variable Public 9m
E0C73EB7-1F00-4BB9-9BF7-7034F382E9FD LL31 9XY Conwy County Borough Council Llandudno Junction Leisure C, 6 G Road, Llandudno Junction Variable Public 11m
F196D648-BECB-46BE-8988-543C2D86AC8A LL31 9XZ R S P B Nature Reserve, Visitor Centre Office, Rspb Conwy Variable Restricted 11m
3993AE48-C385-4C6C-84C9-59DC345E1693 LL32 8DS Conwy Fire Station, Bangor Road, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
9AEB6E61-62BB-4204-A83E-AE6F00E369AA LL32 8DU Conwy Cricket Club Bodlondeb, Bangor Road, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
BA898DCC-326E-48D7-A594-2687A7F1EADD LL32 8DU Bodlondeb - Council Offices, Bangor Road, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
8A49017E-8A69-4316-BC46-C70886184EA8 LL32 8ED Ysgol Aberconwy, Morfa Drive, Conwy Variable Restricted 11m
4F6C4D1A-8C02-48C3-94F6-B09D009E3983 LL32 8FA North Wales Fire, North Wales Fire 8b Offices, Ffordd Sam Pari 24/7 Public 8m
362C62A2-357A-43A5-BA4A-818772B72190 LL32 8FZ Ysgol Porth Y Felin, Llanrwst Road, Conwy Variable Restricted 11m
06FBCAA8-0621-43FA-BFD3-AEA100C95B58 LL32 8HH Morfa Garage Morfa Conwy Business Park, 11 Ffordd Sam Pari, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
FCEA53CF-D31F-482D-B0CA-AFD90107146B LL32 8HH The Traditional Welsh Sausage Company Ltd, The Traditional Welsh Sausage Company Limited Crwst Business Park, Ffordd Sam Pari 24/7 Public 11m
D3480F59-A368-495A-8708-AF2500EBDD1E LL32 8HJ Gorse Hill Caravan Park, Llanrwst Road, Conwy 24/7 Restricted 11m
300C4486-08D2-4DC8-A6C7-CA96ADC53EDC LL32 8JB The Olde Bull Inn, Ffordd Bwlch Y Ddwyfan, Llanbedr Y Cennin 24/7 Public 9m
EBA3396A-F691-464A-8601-AF2A00D0D7D2 LL32 8LD Conwy Railway Station, Rosemary Lane, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
4BC74B63-9A93-48FE-98CD-AB2500D498F0 LL32 8PY Beechwood Court Mountain Road, Conwy Variable Restricted 11m
21BCB199-ADED-41A8-9870-56C117C72623 LL32 8QF Ysgol Dyffryn Yr Ynys, Conway Road, Tal-Y-Bont Conwy Variable Public 3m
27161860-40C5-46D2-A3C3-362AC482B827 LL32 8TJ Rowen Young Farmers Club Hall, Rowen Road Sgriven, Tyn Y Groes Conwy 24/7 Public 9m
BFD29EB4-17CA-4A11-99BA-ADCF00A0DD34 LL32 8YZ Mary Hughes Memorial Playing Fields, Conway Road, Conwy 24/7 Public 11m
492D6CAE-7EF2-45CC-B9CE-AF7200CFB07D LL33 0AB Llanfairfechan Community Centre Association, Community Centre Town Hall, Village Road 24/7 Public 9m
EB822B42-6362-4DA3-9CBA-AE9700783834 LL33 0BY Seagrass Restaurant, 3 Promenade, Llanfairfechan 24/7 Public 9m
63B9197E-8705-41EE-9616-501312223EC5 LL33 0DA Croquet Lawns, West Shore, Llanfairfechan 24/7 Public 9m
356A67BC-E9C3-4A87-B58E-CA527784A86D LL33 0EB Llanfairfechan Golf Club, Llanerch Road, Llanfairfechan 24/7 Public 11m
B9E0C778-206F-41CB-94E0-B01B007ED6E4 LL33 0HH Welsh Ambulance Services Nhs Trust Control Room North, Bryn Tirion Bryn Y Neuadd Hospital, Aber Road 24/7 Public 11m
B39646CD-B60B-4266-BE89-AE1D0104AF38 LL33 0LB Aber Falls Distillery, Station Road, Abergwyngregyn Variable Restricted 11m
1696ED23-6251-4677-AA90-B17000B293C1 LL33 0LP Bont Newydd Car Park, Abergwyngregyn 24/7 Public 7w
32B239EF-8EBE-4886-8415-AB8D017D3AA3 LL33 0RA Pendalar Community Center, Llanfairfechan 24/7 Public 9m
EEB12812-AAA6-44FA-8EEF-B06500ACBDE0 LL33 0UP Llanfairfechan Fire Station, Llanfairfechan 24/7 Public 9m
9E72BE7C-923F-4182-A3AB-AED6008FA4ED LL34 6AJ Penmaenmawr Quarry, Heidelberg Materials Aggregates/Asphalt, Penmaenmawr Quarry Variable Restricted 11m
7B3743C2-DE90-4517-821A-95075D798DFB LL34 6DA Spar Stores, Bangor Road, Penmaenmawr 24/7 Public 11m
522B74B8-0045-4D6F-8F4D-AC25009C67D2 LL34 6ER Thornley Leisure Parks, Craiglwyd Hall Caravan Park, Graiglwyd Road 24/7 Public 11m
BB2C2155-BE9A-4ECA-8DEE-6BEF91CD742B LL34 6NJ Penmaenmawr Sailing Club, The Promenade, Penmaenmawr 24/7 Public 11m
5EB91B2E-A0CA-4100-A074-B03B00AA97E6 LL34 6PR Penmaenmawr Phoenix Football Club, Penmaenmawr Football Club, Conway Road 24/7 Public 11m
5C759665-4768-498C-8130-448AD150D442 LL34 6RA Ysgol Capelulo, Treforris Road, Dwygyfylchi 24/7 Public 11m
34E71C1E-0CAF-4EC8-8A38-19D946020AE1 LL34 6SP Fairy Glen Hotel, Conwy Old Road, Dwygyfylchi 24/7 Public 7m
6BD09A4B-3521-4C23-BB2C-AE4D0154EBB4 LL34 6UB Convenience Store, 1 Treforris Road, Dwygyfylchi 24/7 Public 11m
8888C2E9-F457-4E56-9732-73328B7D64E7 LL34 6YG Pencae School, Graiglwyd Road, Penmaenmawr 24/7 Public 11m
593E7BE8-3CD7-41E0-BA10-4B2154E5E1BA LL35 0EA Aberdyfi Fire Station, Aberdyfi 24/7 Public 11m
7D59FCE8-7A0D-4021-9C46-ACE700C0811A LL35 0ED Aberdyfi Tourist Information Centre, The Wharf, Seaview Terrace 24/7 Public 11m
28CF3DDF-E6C7-45B5-BDC2-AC5300CCE17D LL35 0LN Cyngor Cymuned Aberdyfi, Literary Institute Bath Place, A493 From New Street Passing St Peter's Church And Terrace Road To Nantiesyn 24/7 Public 11m
540F5566-4A81-4FD0-98E1-AE6A00951A22 LL35 0NR Aberdovey Station, Station Road, Aberdovey, Gwynedd 24/7 Public 11m
BFD1E41A-7A7C-4DF6-8CE4-AFD9012C2920 LL35 0RF Plas Panteidal, Chalet 28, Plas Panteidal 24/7 Public 11m
29F920E0-E742-4760-9BB2-AC4400944A9F LL35 0RT Penrhos Caravan Site, Penrhos Level Crossing, Station Road 24/7 Public 4m
735FE9E0-FD52-4CF2-AF43-1DDDFDFB9721 LL35 0RT Aberdovey Golf Club, Station Road, Aberdovey 24/7 Public 11m
FF4EC83B-C615-4590-9F4A-AB5000FC52EA LL35 0SD Aberdovey Golf Club, A493, Aberdovey 24/7 Public 11m
43AD95EB-669B-4968-9D40-AB5001069F49 LL35 0SE Aberdovey Golf Club, A493, Aberdovey 24/7 Public 11m
99017FA4-7AA2-4074-B54E-113C0EB12277 LL36 0DL Glan Y Don Caravan Park, Neptune Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 9m
6607AF60-09E1-4BD0-BE6B-7A8BA8C79E5B LL36 9AD Spar Oak Garage, High Street, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
E98A5E1E-F21A-4547-9F99-B0D200E8B8FC LL36 9AD Bro Dysynni Leisure Centre, High Street, Tywyn Variable Restricted 6m
49D380C9-6F9C-41BE-AECE-A69D14BA4111 LL36 9AF Tywyn Baptist Church, Pretoria Buildings, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
937DF5E0-1ABC-4A1B-9C0F-AB0C0159B240 LL36 9AS Siop, Bryn Y Mor Caravan Park, Sandilands Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
C72024DD-1BF7-47FB-A14C-B01101177EB3 LL36 9DE 62 Gerllan, Tywyn Variable Restricted 11m
0C42A60E-F9EC-43C4-81DA-77BBB677F2B7 LL36 9DF Magic Lantern Cinema, 2 Corbet Square, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
DD972579-123D-4D2F-A7CA-AFBE00BE4AD9 LL36 9DF Neuadd Pendre, Brook Street, Tywyn 24/7 Public 7m
9D66BCA5-1595-4555-B972-17234F02261B LL36 9EH Talyllyn Railway Pendre Train Station, General Area Of, Tywyn 24/7 Public 5m
7310C7FC-FA85-4AB4-8A87-AB1800B96F47 LL36 9ET Ysgol Uwchradd Tywyn, Neptune Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
1AC0F8F4-5F64-4A95-A1F5-BCDFDE374F67 LL36 9EU Tywyn Secondary School Porch Left Hand Entrance, Station Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
86BE0B91-59BD-49C0-8746-6E2758BEBBF0 LL36 9EY Wharf Station, Neptune Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
FCB2B91D-B0EC-4D3B-951F-AE6A0094873B LL36 9EY Tywyn Station, Station Road, Tywyn, Gwynedd 24/7 Public 11m
88CA0ABC-75B4-4986-9C6B-B17800C7A448 LL36 9HH Tywyn Hospital, Bryn Hyfryd Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 7w
A70D4302-6F97-42FF-9311-AEDF00FE5E90 LL36 9HL Vaenol Caravan Park, Aberdovey Road, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
B646D88D-03F7-40AA-A921-AEDF00FD3706 LL36 9HW Pant Y Neuadd Caravan Park Pant Y Neuadd, A493 From Tywyn Hospital Passing Bryngareglwyd Farm To Road Near Rhos Y Don, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
E79A0937-7451-43AE-AC3D-AD7F01138666 LL36 9LW Tywyn Fire Station, 27-28 Pendre Industrial Estate, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
57356E2C-E1E2-4312-9D9C-AFB900CBBF48 LL36 9NN Rhoslefain, Tawelfan, Road From A493 Passing Glyn Bedw Estate To St Mary's Church 24/7 Public 11m
6DA9DE37-582E-480E-9AF1-AE7C0104C120 LL36 9PD Bryncrug Community Council, Playground, A493 From Glandwr To B4405 Junction 24/7 Public 11m
847E796F-6309-4EA6-856F-5B26E3A4A908 LL36 9RD Tynllwyn Caravan & Camping Park Tynllwyn, General Area Of, Bryncrug Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
E2E75B83-351C-485D-BA27-705C8EBB8797 LL36 9RY Ynysmaengwyn Caravan Park The Lodge, General Area Of, Tywyn 24/7 Public 11m
ACCE9AE8-9C63-4DB6-A6B8-AF4500BE76B3 LL36 9TY Pwyllgor Neuadd Egryn, Village Hall, Road From Islwyn To Maesegryn 24/7 Public 11m
6C1852B9-C3B4-486C-98FE-AEDF00D235FB LL36 9UH Woodlands Holiday Park, B4405 From Pont Felindre To Dolau Gwyn, Bryncrug 24/7 Public 11m
A3A5890F-AA30-4955-B373-AB8600BA3570 LL36 9UU Village Hall (Y Ganolfan), Main Car Park, Village Centre, Abergynolwyn 24/7 Public 11m
4B6FDBCE-FF5D-4A0F-A8AF-3A2221823E72 LL37 2JA Canolfan Cymunedol, Ffordd Y Felin, Llwyngwril 24/7 Public 11m
805D1E99-5D4F-4613-8846-AF420107C3FF LL37 2JD Yr Hen Fail, Maes Tyntir, Llwyngwril 24/7 Restricted 11m
15E91F44-4DD4-4A97-B1A6-AF2A00CCA192 LL37 2JS Llwyngwril Station, Station Road, Llwyngwril 24/7 Public 4m
2169B649-BF18-4274-A185-25C9B27B921D LL37 2JT Fferm Borthwen - Maes Carafanau Borthwen, Station Road, Llwyngwril 24/7 Public 11m
9C43B55B-35DE-459F-A484-AB510147CA7F LL37 2QQ Sunbeech Holiday Park, Sunbeach Holiday Park, Off A493 Leaving Llwyngwril 24/7 Public 11m
C03E4744-CBE9-4174-8D82-AF2A00CC7902 LL38 2AQ Cyngor Gwynedd, Railway Station Platform On Shelter., Station Road 24/7 Public 4m
0426B3F3-A412-4975-8723-AFB8016C8375 LL38 2DZ Friog Caravan Park, Penrhyn Drive South Caravan Park, Penrhyn Drive South 24/7 Public 11m
8188948C-16D6-49AC-8B27-4A2D9DF9BD93 LL38 2PJ Air Cadet Adventure Training Centre, Outdoor Education Centre Plas Yr Antur, Waverley Road 24/7 Public 11m
4E2AD68D-6EA4-487F-8957-AC1600E1584D LL39 1AQ 12 Arthog Terrace, Arthog 24/7 Public 11m
2AA593D7-0DA5-4643-8F0B-ADC600CA8926 LL39 1BX Arthog Outdoor Education Centre, A493 From Junction West Of Glasfryn Terrace Arthog Passing Bryncoch Terrace To Beach Road Fairbourne, Fairbourne 24/7 Restricted 11m
8703D464-CFB2-4DA7-8869-AEB300C893C4 LL40 1AU Eirlys Dental Practice, County Hall, Bridge Street Variable Public 11m
A96BDFC9-11BB-459E-96DA-B086018A4B28 LL40 1DB Railway Terrace, 1 Smithfield Lane, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 9m
BBE99BE9-C667-4389-A9AA-ADCE008E1386 LL40 1ES Crossroads Supporting People, Plas Coch, Smithfield Square Variable Restricted 11m
3D4DFF66-59F5-43AB-82D4-CE7B51D405DD LL40 1HA Dolgellau Fire Station, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
6750068D-6019-4E70-8E16-795B78137E3B LL40 1HY Ysgol Bro Idris, Ffordd Yr Aran, Dolgellau Variable Public 3w
B284657A-5EA7-4CB8-8AD6-358E2FE2CA7C LL40 1LH Glan Wnion Leisure Centre, Arran Road, Dolgellau Variable Restricted 7m
E122E775-D2CB-4E37-AD89-B08700A667EE LL40 1PD Pen Ceau, 1 Gwern Grug, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 9m
3D2596A4-E246-4663-B274-AF3B01336EC6 LL40 1PY Tå¶ Siamas The Arches, High Street, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
61501874-DD94-4216-9D4E-B04D0080FA3E LL40 1YF Access Road To The Former Garth Angharad Hospital, Penmaenpool 24/7 Restricted 9m
6E3D65E6-B780-47CD-B132-AD3D009689BD LL40 2AB Dolgun Uchaf, Road From A470(T) Near Little Chef Passing Dã”L Gun Isa To Junction By Pont Clywedog, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
5FAEF3D0-B22D-4852-80BD-ADD000D9922E LL40 2AG Dolserau Hall, Road From A494 Bala Road Southwards To Dolserau Hall Hotel Junction, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
DAEEA1AF-E12D-4AE3-91B1-AB6100FE5126 LL40 2AY Hyfenfa Storage, The Old Creamery, Rhydymain 24/7 Public 11m
69655B45-2099-41D8-B95F-AFD80166693E LL40 2DG Caravan Site, Dôl Gamedd Caravan Park, B4416 From Brithdir Northwards Passing Dolserau Terrace To Join The A494(T) At Bont Newydd 24/7 Public 6m
B6297B0F-3997-49B7-A865-B08E00998905 LL40 2DG Dolgamedd, Bontnewydd/Brithdir, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 9m
85A6BE09-0950-436D-839C-AB8B014BD473 LL40 2DY Cymdeithas Undebol Machreth, Neuadd Bentref, Llanfachreth 24/7 Public 11m
48330DD7-E90E-4D9B-9E0F-AF5B00CB6F28 LL40 2HN Ty'n Y Groes, Natural Resources Wales, Ty'n Y Groes Toilet Block, Ganllwyd 24/7 Public 11m
62CEB55F-E11B-49A6-B4BC-AF640100E566 LL40 2HY Maesgwm Deer Larder, Natural Resources Wales, Maesgwm 24/7 Public 11m
7C4353EE-4137-4410-A876-AE2D00C2F930 LL40 2HZ Canolfan Ymwelwyr Coed Y Brenin, Road Off A470 South Of Dã”L Gefeiliau Northwards To A470 Junction With Gelli Goch, Ganllwyd 24/7 Public 11m
8557D695-183C-486A-BB1C-ADF10082D51B LL40 2PB Cyngor Cymuneb Ganllwyd, The Old Forest Workshops, Dol Frwynog 24/7 Public 11m
B5629832-A5F3-4DD9-90D6-AB650173B603 LL40 2RS Brithdir Community Hall, Brithdir, Dollgellau 24/7 Public 11m
F569FC75-510D-42D0-B844-AB65016EE5EE LL40 2SA Llwyn Yr Helm, Brithdir, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
86068121-7576-477E-B972-AFB100D479FB LL40 2SG Cross Foxes Hotel, A487(T) From Junction With A470(T) By Cross Foxes Hotel Southwards To Gwerngraig Road Junction, Tabor 24/7 Public 11m
86DD48F4-921B-47B3-9332-AF0B00F0EB91 LL40 2SP Achieve Together, Cerrig Camu, Road From Dolgellau Old Road Passing Tan Y Ffordd To South Of Dolrhyd 24/7 Public 11m
8F1AAEEA-9750-415F-AEBE-AF650106030E LL40 2SY 24 Bro Cymer, Llanelltyd 24/7 Public 11m
88C2706D-04C3-4EFC-BA25-AB0F00BBE467 LL40 2TA Llanelltyd Village Hall, Llanelltyd, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
0B915BFC-AB5B-4AFD-AA40-3CC11A222591 LL40 2TG Neuadd Y Pentref Village Hall, Ganllwyd, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 6m
438BBF28-04EA-487E-946A-ADEB00D934CC LL40 2UG Tå¶'N Twll Caravan Park, A496 From Bontddu To Pont Borthwnog, Bontddu 24/7 Public 11m
64F8A874-24F1-4DBC-A8BB-AF650110CFAF LL40 2YF A And M Lloyd Storage Land Llwyn Bach, Ffordd Y Bala, Dolgellau 24/7 Public 11m
D25F51B2-88DB-42FD-A108-AEA200B73EC7 LL40 2YT North Wales Police, Dolgellau Ps, Barmouth Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
574FAA3A-0E0B-488E-9D36-AF9D00A22B0D LL41 3AA 24 High Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
90B88B65-3445-47D9-A94E-B138010933AA LL41 3AA D Powys Davies Pharmacy, 26 High Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog Variable Restricted 3m
4B0526A1-3C6E-4971-B482-B00500A99101 LL41 3AQ Tan Y Bwlch Station Cafe, Cafe Tan Y Bwlch Station, B4410 From Road Near Tan Y Bwlch Station To A487(T) Near Oakeley Arms Hotel 24/7 Public 11m
8F1E969F-DF87-4341-9804-AF3C00A45950 LL41 3BH North Wales Police, Blaenau Ffestiniog Ps, Bodafon 24/7 Restricted 11m
A82CBC7E-EC0C-4788-8A3C-7550D844FD58 LL41 3BH North Wales Police Police Station, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
F64CD1A4-441E-4941-A460-AE6A00F1A241 LL41 3ES 5 High Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
24171EF2-5CEF-4FFF-BADD-AF2A00CC87A0 LL41 3HE Blaenau Ffestiniog Railway Station, Church Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
921EA46D-80DB-4B64-BD88-0D5C0017AE48 LL41 3NE Blaenau Fire Station, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
6CB792D5-4A77-4DF7-8EA0-343722682CCD LL41 3PD Kings Head Hotel, General Area Of, Glanypwll Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
D2402207-67A9-40EF-B62C-B06E0134CDFB LL41 3RG Moelwyn Mills, Glanypwll Road, Tanygrisiau 24/7 Public 9m
4E8DCCC7-92E3-477C-8634-7812CA621C69 LL41 3SU Ysgol Gynradd Tanygrisiau, Road From Dolydd Terrace Passi, Tanygrisiau 24/7 Public 11m
1F890081-35A7-435B-8AFE-B03100CFFC7C LL41 3TN Dolydd Terrace, 2 Trem Hyfryd, Tanygrisiau 24/7 Public 11m
E7D073A7-E50A-4C9E-A3E3-AC0C0171AFEE LL41 3TP Lakeside Cafe, Ffestiniog Power Staion, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
3D1F542B-E8FA-4CB9-B3DB-B01C00799F42 LL41 3UF Ambulance Station, Wynne Road, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
785DC6C0-361C-4225-9CDB-634962BB05C0 LL41 4AE Gwaith Set Madog Quarry, Hughes Transport Ltd, Manod Road 24/7 Public 11m
080EABB5-BE84-43A4-A024-B096009CC104 LL41 4DU G H James Cyf, Units 1-3, Utica Building 24/7 Public 8m
FCFC744F-7315-4FB8-B42C-AB0500C1DB88 LL41 4DY Ysgol Edmwnd Prys, Gellilydan, Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
1880FB9F-CD27-46EA-9E55-C1CE1B292262 LL41 4EN Coed Y Llwyn Caravan Club Site, General Area Of, Gellilydan Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
6D0EFA36-257D-4E95-B9EF-FD2222EABE78 LL41 4HN Grapes Hotel, A496 From A487(T) Maentwrog Southwards To Bullstreet Junction With Road To Penrhiw, Maentwrog 24/7 Public 11m
9DF5650F-31AC-45B6-B675-92333715100D LL41 4PB Neuadd Ffestiniog Village Hall, General Area Of, Ffestiniog Blaenau Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 11m
630E9CE9-21E7-4E69-8C32-B068009F0372 LL41 4PP 5 Bryn Tirion, Pantllwyd, Llan Ffestiniog 24/7 Public 9m
3E908085-C8D1-4127-AEB8-8BA88E4DD369 LL41 4UD Llys Ednowain, Pen Y Garreg, Trawsfynydd 24/7 Public 11m
2031954B-14FC-4CEF-96B3-AB0500C02384 LL41 4YB Caban Coed, Trawsfynydd Holiday Village, Bron Aber Trawsfynydd 24/7 Public 11m
8A2DC0A0-164E-4DB5-901C-37F6C392C91D LL42 1AD Bendi-Gedig, King Edwards Street, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
51AD1AB3-0379-41B6-8C62-AC4100A70C32 LL42 1AJ Hendre Coed Isaf Caravan Park, Section Of A496 From Awel Y Mor To Penrhiw Terrace, Llanaber 24/7 Public 11m
380D7307-ED01-4D8A-9E8F-AB41009E9A0D LL42 1AT Barmouth Masonic Lodge, Water Street, Barmouth 24/7 Public 7w
96AF2F51-9FE4-49D5-8F42-AE6A0094E182 LL42 1AZ Llanaber Station, Off A496, Llanaber, Gwynedd 24/7 Public 11m
3521 LL42 1BN Pen Y Gribin St Georges, Gwynedd 24/7 Public
9EA5545B-BED8-4997-975B-AD1C00D5477A LL42 1EH Electricity Sub Station 29m From 1, Mount Pleasant, Church Street 15m From A496, Harbour Lane, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
A3964D00-5BD7-4F4B-B33D-0EF242ADC489 LL42 1HB Cht Meirionnydd Yacht Club, Meirionnydd Yacht Club, The Quay 24/7 Public 11m
29456EAE-1A88-4780-B327-51A0452B964C LL42 1LD Cilan, 61 Heol Y Llan, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
FA8DB8E7-FD37-4C48-BA03-AF2A00CC8B0D LL42 1LS Barmouth Railway Station, Station Approach, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
601BDBDE-5B25-4968-A43A-779FCF60C030 LL42 1NF Pavilion Leisure Centre, The Promenade, Barmouth Variable Restricted 8m
F89ACEE3-5DC5-4CEA-8393-B1E01F677A52 LL42 1NF Barmouth Lifeboat Station, The Promenade, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
BBF23999-B465-4010-90C5-B01C0078B5BB LL42 1NW Gwasanaeth Ambiwlans Gogledd Cymru, Ambulance Station, Marine Road 24/7 Public 11m
4C849A8F-EDA4-47D2-8C1A-5CFC427F56D2 LL42 1PH Barmouth Fire Station, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
EBD8C09E-BDCD-4833-9800-53CCFCFC6883 LL42 1PL Barmouth Football Ground, Park Road, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
4289C6A0-5DF2-462A-9F7B-B0F200DA2406 LL43 2AQ Islawrffordd Caravan Park, Ffordd Glan Môr, Tal Y Bont 24/7 Public 5m
0F181A82-16B9-4F51-9BCB-ACA100B19181 LL43 2AX Caerelwan Caravan Park, Ffordd Glan Mã”R, Barmouth 24/7 Public 11m
494F89C1-3B70-47DF-BCB4-A867613825C3 LL43 2BJ Barmouth Bay Holiday Park, Ffordd Glan Mor, Tal Y Bont 24/7 Public 11m
55E2394A-1350-4162-9514-B13800A0AA99 LL43 2BJ Barmouth Bay Holiday Park, Barmouth Bay Holiday Village, Ffordd Glan Môr 24/7 Public 3m
BA1419A9-E4D0-413C-9628-AE1D01026644 LL43 2LQ Lyons Sunnysands Holiday Park, Site Office, Lyons Sunnysands Holiday Park 24/7 Public 11m
DCFB36FC-F3D6-457C-8727-AD0F013040A6 LL44 2EN J H & E J Roberts & Sons, Smithy Garage, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
B8C05E0D-92C8-4787-AB1A-C75588B598AD LL45 2LD Victoria Hotel, General Area Of, Llanbedr 24/7 Public 7m
0676C5B9-2592-4333-BE2C-AEBE00C7F1D6 LL45 2PJ Shell Island Camping Site, Shell Island Gatehouse, Llanbedr 24/7 Public 11m
F61C0D92-3A44-49F9-A1EB-AEBE00C99BFA LL45 2PJ Shell Island Camping Site, Reception Shell Island, Llanbedr Variable Public 11m
3C8F963A-FDD6-4503-95BC-AC0ECCB92DB9 LL46 2SA Neuadd Goffa / Community Hall, Llanfair, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
0C53C64E-0953-40A6-8967-AF2A00CC7E6B LL46 2SB Llandanwg Railway Station, Llandanwg, Gwynedd 24/7 Public 11m
E36B487C-276A-4FAE-A9D8-5BA9024FEAC1 LL46 2SB Llandanwg Caravan Park, Road From Swn Y Wylan Southwes, Llandanwg 24/7 Public 2m
E0A5301C-4118-4322-888C-AEB4016C20CE LL46 2SD Maes Cafe & Shop, Road From Swn Y Wylan Southwestwards Passing Glan Y Don To Min Y Mor, Llandanwg 24/7 Public 11m
820F6FCE-5EFE-4607-8DA0-AD0C00E8574F LL46 2TN Capel Engedi, Llanfair, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
CCDB17F6-224B-4C85-8DEC-4125E365A1D9 LL46 2UB Clwb Golff Royal St Davids, Ffordd Newydd, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
F10C0AA4-5D26-424E-873A-AD7F01610E0B LL46 2UE Harlech Fire Station, Hwylfa'r Nant, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
532117D1-8CB4-4A9F-9081-AF2000C3E86F LL46 2UG Min Y Don Holiday Home Park, Beach Road, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
BA2B7679-2E3F-4578-9453-AC3E00C3C2E1 LL46 2UH Cyngor Gwynedd, Ardudwy School, Beach Road Variable Restricted 11m
D8EE32BC-00AA-47F8-BA45-AC3E00AD2637 LL46 2UH Cyngor Gwynedd, Ardudwy School, Beach Road 24/7 Public 11m
4B5106B7-F58C-4B4A-BCE8-AF2A00CC9876 LL46 2UL Harlech Railway Station, Ffordd Morfa, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
EA654450-FF35-4AF9-9F2C-AD0C00FB3CF9 LL46 2WA Morfa Garage, Ffordd Morfa, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
7FF50647-BACF-4A24-8EC8-AEB4016ABF9C LL46 2YB Harlech Old Library And Institute, High Street, Harlech 24/7 Public 11m
ABF80BC8-2A2A-45D3-9510-AE6A009471C7 LL47 6TF Tygwyn Station, Off B4573, Tygwyn, Gwynedd 24/7 Public 11m
BA11C6DE-7E82-46EE-BFF9-71E87C8E8F10 LL47 6TN Public Telephone 2m From Ian Rayner Carpets 10m From A496, Maes Mihangel, Ynys 24/7 Public 11m
8788 LL47 6TP Carreg y Ro, Gwynedd 24/7 Public
E2E0E549-4253-42C7-BF9B-B1480107B5CF LL47 6TP Carreg Y Ro, Ynys, Talsarnau 24/7 Public 2m
4707D56B-D369-4F2E-BFC9-1EC7FF3C0553 LL47 6UB R J Williams Honda Ltd, Talsarnau 24/7 Public 11m
413BEDE1-A654-45DB-8CFF-CD7205C99A32 LL47 6UN 4 Maes Gwndwn, Talsarnau 24/7 Public 11m
1BD49CE4-A8C6-429D-9C10-AB8300E035B5 LL47 6YH 3 Cilfor, Llandecwyn, Talsarnau 24/7 Public 11m
3997BD1C-9C69-4AFA-A665-AF2A00CC9D36 LL47 6YL Llandecwyn Railway Station, Pont Briwet, Near Llandecwyn 24/7 Public 11m
8EE7DBAC-5F16-42C4-B36C-B0C400AB8C22 LL48 6EE Public Telephone 10m From 1 Maes Y Garth 6m From Unnamed Road, 1 Maes Y Garth, Minffordd 24/7 Public 7m
2A09FD32-A9EF-4D62-93C5-B173008F42BE LL48 6LD Ysgol Hafod Lon, Snowdonia Business Park, Minffordd Variable Restricted 7w
E460A8C7-DF53-4B75-966D-B17300967526 LL48 6LD Hafan Y Ser, Snowdonia Business Park, Minffordd 24/7 Restricted 7w
B6D609BA-0AB4-433F-8540-B13700861BB2 LL48 6SR Hen Ysgol Croesor, Croesor, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 3m
B44C1480-434B-4DAE-8B27-46540CAD49DC LL48 6ST Bodlondeb, Rhyd, Penrhyndeudraeth 24/7 Public 6m
07FA22E7-BE03-429D-9D47-AF1900C66903 LL49 9AD 68 High Street, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 11m
4BF2D735-DFA9-41CB-8903-B16400A2F418 LL49 9AQ Ysbyty Alltwen Main Entrance, Alltwen Hospital, Dublin Street 24/7 Public 7w
197BEF95-CFB4-4C0F-A1D1-AF2501100A91 LL49 9AY Porthmadog Sailing Club, The Harbour, Porthmadog Variable Restricted 11m
84E1AB6A-F3A2-4D06-81F7-C15ED8B32EF3 LL49 9AY Madoc Yacht Club Ltd Pen Y Cei, General Area Of, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 2m
D90A7817-6CCB-4AD8-A8FB-AE8300E25FEC LL49 9DS Cyngor Tref Porthmadog, Border Windows The Old School, Chapel Street 24/7 Public 11m
A5FDB726-FC82-4EC2-A280-AEC8013A0758 LL49 9DU Cae Pawb Allotments, Off Madog Street, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 11m
902FEED2-1104-418F-A68F-AE3900BE38D6 LL49 9GB Alun Grifiths Contractors, Alun Grifiths Contractors Penamser Business Park, Penamser Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
F3D41092-733C-4141-B030-C0CED329367C LL49 9HR Porthmadog Fire Station, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 11m
8522CBAA-CD01-4C5A-A72B-96F6A966C366 LL49 9HS Ysgol Eifionydd, Tremadog Road, Porthmadog Variable Restricted 7m
BABD619A-4FD2-4907-9FE9-AE6A00948DD9 LL49 9HT Porthmadog Railway Station, Access Road To Maes Y Mor From Isgraig, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 2m
737C019F-53C9-46AF-9B83-AD2001174AE7 LL49 9HX Cyngor Gwynedd, Canolfan Hamdden Glaslyn, Heol Y Llan Variable Restricted 11m
5D902709-0DE2-4CD4-A5BF-AF27012968EB LL49 9JN Cerrig Yr Afon, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 11m
553FEAE2-21BD-4DB2-ACE0-B0F3010D8384 LL49 9LA Maes Garnedd, 1 Pensyflog, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 5m
D074D1F0-A150-437F-8745-AF6B00C89C7B LL49 9NH Porthmadog, Natural Resources Wales, Porthmadog, Sureyors Place 24/7 Public 9m
77671A52-D8DC-47F0-B3F9-4E402AC58A11 LL49 9NU North Wales Police Police Station, Porthmadog Police Station, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
F8F6958E-349A-434D-A3FC-B061010572CB LL49 9NU Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, High Street Variable Public 9m
0C6777BA-8C8C-4F04-99CB-AE8300E474A2 LL49 9NY Cyngor Tref Porthmadog, Lidl Store, Ffordd Penamser 24/7 Public 11m
510EC551-E97A-42DB-B774-B0C201302CC9 LL49 9RD Market Square, Tremadog 24/7 Public 7m
D7C1AABF-0881-4609-A1C6-B0DE00E41566 LL49 9RN Cyngor Gwynedd, The Gorlan School, Dublin Street 24/7 Public 6m
AB6C124D-AD21-49A6-9EBE-B19E010E5CCA LL49 9SR Aberdunant Hall Caravan Park, 86 Road From London Terrace Northwestwards Passing Glan Y Gors To Cae Glas, Prenteg 24/7 Public 3w
36805400-D01B-419F-B396-6B09B748AA52 LL49 9TR Seaview Cafe, 4b Sea View Terrace, Borth Y Guest 24/7 Public 7w
6459242A-09EE-4354-BCA5-AFB200C80D80 LL49 9UU Samsons Bay, Morfa Bychan 24/7 Public 11m
D321A4B4-7682-46B3-94F2-B6536FFA4ED9 LL49 9UU Porthmadog Golf Club, General Area Of, Morfa Bychan Porthmadog Variable Public 11m
C268F067-99DE-437B-B9AF-AFB200C41391 LL49 9YA Public Conveniences, Beach Road, Morfa Bychan 24/7 Public 11m
98766B6F-BBD2-4334-842A-AF56015250B4 LL49 9YB Canolfan Morfa Bychan, Y Ganolfan, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 11m
EFF9FB1C-7B0F-4729-B088-AF6C00E9400B LL49 9YD Y Ganolfan, Morfa Bychan, Porthmadog 24/7 Public 11m
3A8AEFBC-CBEC-4EF8-B0A9-B03900E5F336 LL49 9YH Public Conveniences, Road Leading To Black Rock Sands From Morfa Bychan, Morfa Bychan 24/7 Public 9m
15819E20-06DA-4C2D-BE27-B05100B66502 LL51 9DJ Pant Glas Bus Shelter, Ger Y Nant, A487(T) From Pant Glas To Road To Dafarn Faig 24/7 Public 9m
9681B73F-F019-471C-BAC3-AB7D0121BFA3 LL51 9LX Lloyd Williams & Hughs, Bryncir Attested Market, Bryncir 24/7 Public 11m
858FC584-2FEA-4EA5-83AC-6127F49A55DA LL51 9SZ Ysgol Garndolbenmaen, Garndolbenmaen 24/7 Public 3m
6F959757-F40C-4230-93ED-6A234DFFE5A0 LL52 0BH Car Park, 4 Tyn Rhos, Criccieth 24/7 Public 11m
BA2F57A9-C149-4018-880A-B03100D60652 LL52 0DG Henbont Road, Criccieth 24/7 Public 11m
2F360C26-FB6B-47A4-A863-ADDE0100E98F LL52 0DN Rnli Boathouse, Criccieth Lifeboat Station, Lon Felin 24/7 Public 11m
B2A0B573-7470-4B34-881E-ADFA011DDBC9 LL52 0EN Abereistedd Hotel, The Abereistedd Hotel, West Parade 24/7 Public 11m
27CB7332-438F-43F2-83B4-9DD69BB8ADCC LL52 0HB Criccieth Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, High Street 24/7 Public 11m
CB0E6710-8884-4293-9C1E-AE4600B070C7 LL52 0HG Deintyddfa Glan Dwr, 17 Mona Terrace, Criccieth Variable Restricted 11m
7524284A-E012-47C3-9877-AED000B0EF35 LL52 0HU Dylans Restaurant, Y Prom, Criccieth 24/7 Public 11m
0358F99F-87A9-4AE4-9295-AD3D00B445D6 LL52 0PS Mynydd Du Caravan Park, Ffordd Porthmadog, Criccieth 24/7 Public 11m
5B47D4B0-9BD4-492F-8373-AD6700905176 LL52 0PT Eisteddfa Fishery Cafe, A497 From Pentrefelin To Porthmadog Road Criccieth, Pentrefelin 24/7 Public 11m
AF91C764-E763-4BC7-B4FE-AB1401152C65 LL52 0RA Junction Tre'r Ddol, Bryn Tyddyn, Pentrefelin 24/7 Public 11m
B6685254-9851-43E7-9E62-AD6700BC34F2 LL52 0RD Glan Byl Caravan Park, Road From Tabor Lane East Of Careg Y Felin Northwards To Glan Byl Junction A487, Pentrefelin 24/7 Public 11m
F13393C7-018D-4289-9BAF-AF2A00CC94AD LL52 0RW Criccieth Railway Station, Parciau Terrace, Criccieth 24/7 Public 11m
21165AD3-636B-4511-A9BB-340A6F5FAE3A LL52 0SH Llanystumdwy Village Hall, Llanystumdwy, Criccieth 24/7 Public 11m
282553CC-7ACD-42E0-BB11-AEDE0110F692 LL53 5AR St Joseph's, 8 Ffordd Mela, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
E6ECF2CA-6282-4928-AB72-AB7F00BF00AE LL53 5AR Ysgol Cymerau, Ffordd Mela, Pwllheli Variable Public 3w
5067E6CB-B6E3-4048-81E4-AE6ECF3697B2 LL53 5BB Tan Y Marian, Morfar Garreg, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
0088FBAB-27E4-46D4-8BE0-AF4800FA5885 LL53 5BU North Wales Police, Pwllheli Ps Gym, Ala Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
3B89E1D9-6F56-4E7D-92A1-35EF12A87041 LL53 5BU Eglwys Bresbyterian Saesneg, Ala Road, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
6C14885D-2230-47A7-A473-B0E500A42119 LL53 5BU Pwylheli Ps, Police Station, Ala Road 24/7 Public 6m
887E6833-F418-4C87-A831-AB4F01031C48 LL53 5DH Penlan Dental Care, 6 Penlan Street, Pwllheli Variable Public 11m
EA299EF4-63C8-4E49-90FE-AFC000F392F5 LL53 5DH 12 Penlan Street, Pwllheli Variable Public 11m
D9EB0199-9E2E-4F6F-AB82-AE4B00D2B47D LL53 5HE Dentist Surgery Mitre Terrace, 8-9 Y Maes, Pwllheli Variable Restricted 11m
81039A3C-E29D-46C6-8BB4-AF2A00CCAD23 LL53 5HG Pwllheli Railway Station, Station Square, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
AE1E0121-9F5C-460B-898E-AEDE010FE415 LL53 5HU Capel Y Drindod, Y Traeth, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
0EA78527-6DB4-4211-B110-B4A094756825 LL53 5HY Asda Stores Ltd, Sand Street, Pwllheli Variable Public 6m
72B570CE-47EB-475D-98C6-D5DD7E38B10C LL53 5NF Pwllheli Fire Station, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
0A251B7A-99C4-45FC-B8D0-77A4BD895548 LL53 5PF Dwyfor Leisure Centre, Recreation Road, Pwllheli Variable Public 11m
DAE850E9-07D7-4DC5-A268-3191D18A3C6B LL53 5PS Pwllheli Golf Club, Golf Road, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
391C69D3-074D-4352-8C0A-0A5BCDF55150 LL53 5RG Eglwys Penlan Chapel, Gaol Street, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 9m
1B078D7C-4ACE-487D-98AB-AB3D00B72854 LL53 5SW Lleyn Street, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
B2804AF6-D6E6-40A7-A7B2-AF6200E7B53F LL53 5TH Clwb Chwaraeon Pwllheli, Parc Bodegroes, Efailnewydd 24/7 Public 11m
EE83DAAF-679A-4CB3-B62A-C4C73410BBFB LL53 5TN Pengwern, Lon Boduan, Efailnewydd 24/7 Public 11m
7FDE482F-3CC2-47D0-B858-ADBB00B40D8F LL53 5YT Gwynedd Council C/O Hafan Pwllheli, Glan Don, Pwllheli Ll53 5yt, Pwllheli Marina, Glan Y Don 24/7 Public 11m
364F7CA1-0821-4DCE-946C-92EF38E4BED9 LL53 6AR Ysgol Babanod Morfa Nefyn, Lon Yr Eglwys, Morfa Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
BF8CC6E9-5510-4AD8-BA44-ADFD007F6B1F LL53 6BY Bwthyn Bridyn, Lon Bridin, Morfa Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
CA241493-9E46-419D-9619-E7151CED8FFC LL53 6DA Clwb Golff Nefyn, Lon Golff, Morfa Nefyn Variable Public 9m
EF25E9D4-37CD-4503-9A3E-ADF900B1E492 LL53 6DA Coastguard Houses, 1 Lon Golff, Morfa Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
C266AB0C-9B21-4AE8-929E-ADF900B10A7C LL53 6DB Rnli Lifeboat House, Prow Nefyn No 20, Porth Dinllaen 24/7 Public 11m
EB36927C-530E-48C0-87AB-2D7FACB317E3 LL53 6DB Ty Coch Inn, Porthdinllaen, Morfa Nefyn Pwllheli Variable Public 9m
7CC18C21-B943-41F4-B99E-5D84E512370C LL53 6DJ Pensarn, Pencaenewydd, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 3w
4073F9CC-2976-43A3-B81B-B95E1B178325 LL53 6EA Eglwys Dewi Sant St Davids Church, Ffordd Dewi Sant, Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
6362CF09-20C5-458E-A923-ED7BE65A1358 LL53 6EA Ysgol Gynradd Nefyn, Ffordd Dewi Sant, Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
9C4A0651-11D3-4AC9-B709-AE53009AA2FB LL53 6ED Pen Y Mor, 4 Cliff Bunglows, Lon Gam 24/7 Public 11m
6B757E7E-E2BD-43DC-B51D-AD7F010C97BE LL53 6EG Nefyn Fire Station, Ffordd Dewi Sant, Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
0A2C79F7-5AAC-4196-B322-AD4900CD9384 LL53 6HB Clwb Pãšl Droed Nefyn, Cae'r Delyn Football Ground, A497 From Roundabout Junction With B4412 To Stryd Fawr Nefyn 24/7 Public 11m
134C0412-A8DB-4121-AEE8-B0C801062954 LL53 6HB Clwb Pêl Droed Nefyn, Cae'r Delyn Football Ground, A497 From Roundabout Junction With B4412 To Stryd Fawr Nefyn 24/7 Public 7m
D954B030-0915-44DE-BDED-AB5F01163D01 LL53 6HD R J Jones Chemist, High Street, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
C3744235-9623-4059-A513-97D55C89A0E4 LL53 6HX Hafan Y Mor Holiday Park, General Area Of, Chwilog 24/7 Restricted 11m
85C4D3AE-B16E-4DCB-8076-B07E00F88CC8 LL53 6JA Cae'r Odyn Caravan Park, L├Ön Llan, Edern 24/7 Public 9m
71EB8B9F-2EC1-470B-AE87-B13B00FFC1B1 LL53 6LS Polling Station Bethania Chapel, B4417 From Bron Y Foel Estate Passing Pistyll Terrace To Tai Lôn, Pistyll 24/7 Public 3m
9F1136FB-4579-4FF1-A90E-B17001157835 LL53 6LS Cyngor Cymuned Pistyll, On The Side Of The Road Polyn Ger Giât Carreg Dinas Pistyll, 4 B4417 From Bron Y Foel Estate Passing Pistyll Terrace To Tai Lôn 24/7 Public 7w
336EEAC5-7D47-41BF-9F35-ADC300BFD554 LL53 6NL Cymuned Llithfaen, Siop Gymunedol Pen Y Groes, Llithfaen 24/7 Public 11m
89FF27B0-8CCF-44C7-9AB7-AC15010E1770 LL53 6NL Nant Gwrtheyrn, Welsh Language Center, Llithfaem 24/7 Public 11m
2DA8F3C5-7BFF-47E8-8895-AC2B01188AEF LL53 6NQ Thornley Leisure, Ocean Heights Caravan Park, Chwilog 24/7 Public 11m
E1EA3F24-2B88-4FDA-8A86-AE3200B07A42 LL53 6PJ Abererch Sands Holiday Centre Ltd, Road From A497 Abererch Roundabout Passing Glan Morfa Bach To Abererch Halt, Abererch 24/7 Public 11m
4E1B1991-2C66-48CB-99A7-5F0F8DF1F412 LL53 6RB Road From Ty Newydd Crossroads, Pencaenewydd Chapel, Pencaenewydd 24/7 Public 11m
CCD13F5F-B2A8-4EDE-9DF1-AEAD00E43601 LL53 6RL Welsh Lady Preserves, Welsh Lady Preserves Bryn, Y Ffor 24/7 Public 11m
F431F10E-A18C-41BE-8EAD-7700838DE76C LL53 6SH Chwilog Memorial Hall, Neuadd Goffa Chwilog, Chwilog 24/7 Public 11m
3D3CA7E1-2407-4BD3-92F3-AD6700EE8AC7 LL53 6SW Tyddyn Heilyn, Road From Glan Y Wern Terrace Passing Nant Y Felin And Tyddyn Heilyn To Junction Near Ysgubor Fawr, Chwilog 24/7 Public 11m
0C4BB392-1CFB-4F3B-B842-B16400B7B04F LL53 6TT Bryn Beryl Hospital, Lôn Caernarfon, Llwyn Hudol 24/7 Public 7w
6DF12303-71EC-4224-AB84-ABEC00F91500 LL53 6UB A499, Y Ffor 24/7 Public 11m
1B73F8F7-426D-4A5E-9271-AB6C015CAA31 LL53 6UP Capel Ebeneser, Y Ffor, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
AB2F1F42-E974-47F6-B527-D5680284AE91 LL53 6UU Capel Tyddyn Shon, Road From Bronant To Capel Tyd, Rhosfawr 24/7 Public 11m
2ECD2C58-1E18-4A30-A860-8D753E587B86 LL53 6UY General Area Of, Llwyn Ffynnon Caravan Park, Y Ffor 24/7 Public 9m
2822314D-32ED-428B-A74C-30228969DF4C LL53 6YU Ysgol Gynradd Abererch, Road From Glan Erch To Capel E, Abererch 24/7 Public 11m
825539E2-0D63-4827-8D3A-B11500ECF688 LL53 7AA Haulfryn Group Ltd, The Warren Leisure Office, Lôn Pont Morgan Variable Restricted 4m
94CAB35A-D99B-48CB-A5FA-B11500E82040 LL53 7AA Haulfryn Group Ltd, The Warren Security Office, Lôn Pont Morgan 24/7 Public 4m
C12C9F72-982A-4604-AADC-3026255D1250 LL53 7AA A499, Aber Sôch 24/7 Public 11m
84B62905-2FDD-4F28-8D2E-AF1F00A25652 LL53 7AD Fferm Fach Caravan Park, Prow Llanengan No 43b, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
07A1124C-88D4-4B2A-96BA-ADFD007B9DF7 LL53 7AG Rnli Abersoch Lifeboat Station, Abersoch, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
E4BBF8BC-EB5B-44EF-B7E6-BB4A7D373D46 LL53 7AH Abersoch Land & Sea, Abersoch, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 9m
6FDA0C6A-8EE3-4A83-88E8-6EBAC21D311A LL53 7AW Zinc Coffee / Bar Grill, Lon Pen Cei, Abersoch Pwllheli Variable Public 11m
2DCC05A3-C667-4ECD-ABA3-ADFA00F66567 LL53 7BG Abersoch Farm Shop, Bodlondeb Caravan Park, Lôn Sarn Bach 24/7 Public 11m
95A29F91-28DE-4CC3-9A77-AE62010F07B3 LL53 7BT Beach View Caravan Park, Road From Lã”N Cernyw Estate To Meirion View, Bwlchtocyn 24/7 Public 11m
D30F6E5A-D652-4B03-864E-AF01008CCFEF LL53 7DP South Caernarfonshire Yacht Club, Lôn Traeth, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
D9751C82-7ADB-4226-BB63-B06700BEF1FF LL53 7DP Hydro Abersoch, On The Main Beach, Lon Traeth Variable Restricted 9m
0859E794-B023-483F-AA6D-AD1900D6D271 LL53 7DS Fresh Bar & Grill, High Street, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
B9C0280D-7592-4414-9654-ACDB0111124A LL53 7DY Fferyllwyr Llyn T/A Fferyllfa Hh Parry Pharmacy, High Street, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
CA734899-6EF0-4391-92CC-44318FCDB81B LL53 7EA Village Hall, Lon Gwydryn, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
71E52F13-0783-45C0-A49A-376B13CDDBC0 LL53 7EF Siop Y Traeth Beach Cafe, Lon Golff, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
3CA051C6-AE5D-4E71-BD9A-10957631C236 LL53 7EH Abersoch Fire Station, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
286693EC-9203-4943-9E48-AEEF008B042E LL53 7EY Abersoch Golf Club, Lã”N Golff, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
71FA8F3A-BCA9-494B-97AA-36A73ACA7C0C LL53 7EY Abersoch Golf Club, General Area Of, Abersoch Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
43EE7EFE-7CBE-4F0C-8D7E-F1232DE821D3 LL53 7HG Maes Carafanau Pen Y Berth Caravan Park, Penrhos 24/7 Public 3w
EE675CE6-1F27-41BD-9A96-AC2B011B0B03 LL53 7LD Thornley Leisure, Green Pastures Caravan Park, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
CF56D1D5-FFC7-4CD4-8C03-AB720117F1E9 LL53 7LN Llangian Village Defib, Church Hall, Llangian 24/7 Public 11m
28560C08-698E-40C0-8F62-ADF90126B8A0 LL53 7NH Bethel Chapel, Road From Capel Bethel Passing Penrhos To A499, Penrhos 24/7 Public 11m
76D415D8-D38D-43F4-A594-AB4F00CA2A5E LL53 7NN Y Boncan, Llanbedrog, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
513693F5-AE6C-403C-B89B-AB5600B73379 LL53 7NT Llanbedrog Chemist, Abersoch Road, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
D33A6441-7E9B-45B7-8822-AB9100D3ECAF LL53 7NU Village Hall, Cae Hendy, Ffordd Llanbedrog 24/7 Public 11m
879BE126-5059-473E-9C3F-A31652247C2E LL53 7RH Post Office, Mynytho, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
70F9A6C2-41E8-414D-BC9C-AB3D00C09FB0 LL53 7RN Foelgron School, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 3w
C048E8B3-F76E-4A9F-A243-AFEA01004A3F LL53 7SF Rhandir, Lã”N Plas Crwth, Mynytho 24/7 Public 11m
546452F0-EB7E-40A2-9497-ADDE00CC0327 LL53 7SG Coed Y Fron, Lôn Coed Y Fron, Mynytho 24/7 Public 11m
B20418B9-75E5-46C0-B511-38EDEB5B1932 LL53 7TT Glynyweddw Estate, Llanbedrog Variable Public 4m
B594BC1D-7F89-4DE3-8818-AF55011B59E1 LL53 7UG Unit 6 Antur Aberuchaf, Lã”N Garmon, Abersoch 24/7 Public 11m
65616E06-4F53-4B71-8722-A9D9E6FDA856 LL53 8AB National Trust, National Trust - Plas Yn Rhiw, Rhiw 24/7 Public 11m
97E0C275-C8A4-4216-A647-ADDD00CE0933 LL53 8BD Clwb Hwylio Hogiau Llŷn, Clwb Hwylio, Road From Ship Hotel Passing Morfa Mawr To Junction East Of Pencae 24/7 Public 11m
5323F383-9D19-4A83-BCC6-02B119A960F2 LL53 8BE Canolfan Ymwelwyr Porth Y Swnt National Trust Centre, B4413 From Road To Bodwrdda Southwestwards To Junction At The Ship Hotel, Aberdaron 24/7 Public 11m
46A6F657-2D00-4D3E-A950-ADDE013D733E LL53 8BP Ysgol Crud Y Werin, Aberdaron, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
6EDEF968-C914-4D1F-91B4-B00C00DAECF8 LL53 8BP Canolfan Adloniant Aberdaron, Road From Uwchmynydd Road Near Bryn Mor Passing Capel Deunant To Crossroads Near Tyr Ysgol, Aberdaron 24/7 Public 11m
DFE983F0-D24D-4F09-B871-ADDD00EA6789 LL53 8BS Dwyros, Lôn Uwchmynydd, Aberdaron 24/7 Public 11m
E4797D0A-29DC-4C32-BA45-ADDD00FCDA4F LL53 8BW Gwythrian Caravan Park, Road From Crossroads Northwards Passing Moryn And Gwythrian To Junction West Of Ty Isaf, Aberdaron 24/7 Public 11m
71E43D5A-0364-46C3-A1F0-AD1900FC8EC0 LL53 8DA Caravan Park Tir Glyn, Road From Uwchmynydd Road Southwards Passing Tir Glyn To Junction At Bodermyd Isaf, Uwchmynydd 24/7 Public 11m
04D36B1A-7527-4D2C-AA63-90E946F6074D LL53 8DE The School Room, General Area Of, Bardsey Island Pwllheli 24/7 Public 9m
92573486-7C61-4EAF-AEA0-1E406C87E7E9 LL53 8DE The Boat House, Road From Bardsey Island Light, Bardsey Island 24/7 Public 11m
1801023D-2BC8-4BD6-89BF-AB510111BC5B LL53 8DJ Apêl Diffibriliwr Pentreuchaf, Y Pwmp, Pentreuchaf 24/7 Public 11m
3B8E56B9-508A-43BD-8E9E-55226D96E0FF LL53 8DT Sarn Hall, B4413 From Sarn Meyllteyrn To Junction Of Road Running East Of Meyllteyrn Uchaf, Sarn Mellteyrn 24/7 Public 11m
2AC97015-485C-4916-94E0-1DE06009A1EE LL53 8ER Wynnstay Group, Wynnstay, Pengroeslon 24/7 Public 11m
0926EC1C-E373-46C7-BA35-E7A92DB32F2F LL53 8LH Caffi Porthoer, Aberdaron, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 3w
FD750FF7-689B-4DBD-8849-B00D00D2F0C2 LL53 8LJ Llannor Communty Centre, Canolfan Llannor, Road From Holy Cross Church Northwards Passing Capel Bethlehem To North Of Hen Fynwent 24/7 Public 11m
15BCB542-3650-41FF-80BB-ADDD00EB6836 LL53 8LL Siop Plas, Anelog, Aberdaron 24/7 Public 11m
C67DFB4D-7818-4BF0-8FED-B03B00A83269 LL53 8NB Swyddfa'r Bost Cyf, Post Office, B4417 From Rhent Junction To Tudweiliog 24/7 Public 9m
4A6F5421-49C8-48E0-8442-0E2ACBACDEB4 LL53 8ND Lion Hotel, Tudweiliog, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 3w
EEAA2178-D419-4872-8417-B17001106FF8 LL53 8NN The Community Hall, Polling Station St Gwynhoedl's Church, Road From B4417 Passing Plas Farm And St Gwynhoed's Church To Pen Y Graig 24/7 Public 7w
CB171CEF-7AE9-4400-9F49-D150105FC2A9 LL53 8NU Glanrafon Fawr, General Area Of, Llangwnadl Pwllheli 24/7 Public 3w
66EBC90A-47BF-46CC-AC26-871F5D51970E LL53 8PD Towyn Farm, Road Passing Rhos Y Lan Towyn, Tudweiliog 24/7 Public 9m
EE0A2D7E-24FD-447E-AF18-AE3001101657 LL53 8PY Ysgol Botwnnog, Botwnnog 24/7 Public 11m
A89BF99D-9540-4F1A-9169-8A63C3C157C9 LL53 8RA Cafe Canolfan Fenter Congl Meinciau, Botwnnog 24/7 Public 11m
797A6830-3320-45B6-9B8D-7D12245718A4 LL53 8SR Capel Dinas, Road From Groeslon Dinas To Ju, Pwllheli 24/7 Public 11m
D35A2DF4-7099-46E3-B676-BC07B12A6BA5 LL53 8YS Canolfan Cymdeithas Edern Village Hall, Lon Gerddi, Edern 24/7 Public 11m
4046 LL54 5AG Siop Trefor, Gwynedd 24/7 Public
6418 LL54 5AW Canolfan y Babell Community Centre, Gwynedd 24/7 Public
FDAD3978-2CE6-46A6-91CB-AF6900B529CA LL54 5AW Y Babell - Community Centre, Llanaelhaearn 24/7 Public 11m
0004DC88-6E89-4110-A565-AE9A00A8D4E9 LL54 5DY Managers Office Glynllifon, A499 From Junction To Dinas Dinlle Passing The Main Entrance Of Glynllifon To Junction To Llandwrog, Llandwrog 24/7 Public 11m
796F0F35-E1CC-4106-AC0A-5FFA7C5B6EA2 LL54 5HP Siop Glandwr, Croeshigol Road, Trefor 24/7 Public 11m
6490 LL54 5LB Glan y Mor Car Park Public Toilet, Gwynedd 24/7 Public
A635160B-4E3C-40A5-9188-ACF300AA5568 LL54 5LB Cht Public Toilets, Harbour Car Park, Beach Road 24/7 Public 11m
7848E5D1-4AFE-4C98-A910-AE2F00D546B5 LL54 5PB Village Hall, Road From Old Route Of A499 Near Turnpike To Capel Ebenezer, Clynnog Fawr 24/7 Public 11m
A00070DD-E5B2-4704-AFA8-7A2657486D40 LL54 5RP Caernarfon Golf Club, Caernarfon Variable Public 7w
39DB5854-D162-4B82-98FB-AE4500AEEEA8 LL54 5RS St. David's Leisure Ltd, Coed Helen Holiday Park, Coed Helen Lane 24/7 Restricted 11m
78EB959C-25DA-44AB-9884-AB2100E7B55A LL54 5SD Pitian Patian, Ty Hen Outbuildings, Ty Hen, Llanwnda Variable Restricted 11m
4574 LL54 5SY Coastguard Rescue Station, Gwynedd 24/7 Public
C5982EB3-0E89-40BC-8ED5-AF8F00B555ED LL54 5TG Blythe Farm, Blythe Garage, Llandwrog 24/7 Public 11m
AC3E256F-8997-4B38-904F-718FAFB10125 LL54 5TP Caernarfon Airport, Road From The Seafront Passing Caernarfon Airport, Dinas Dinlle Variable Public 7w
3E14ADB6-53B0-4DD2-AFB1-AD1301369F1A LL54 5TW Public Telephone 21m From The Surfer 10m From Unnamed Road, Bryn Llan, Dinas Dinlle 24/7 Public 11m
F6151989-6756-408D-901A-AC1700AE6BEB LL54 5UH White Tower Caravan Park, Saron, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
771B61B8-7E4F-4D56-9D62-A7304CFE2DCA LL54 6AA Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle, Kings Road, Penygroes Caernarfon Variable Public 2m
6A85FFDF-7FBB-4CF0-B4F8-5A16E98E3EF9 LL54 6BL 1 Bala Deulyn Terrace, Nantlle, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 7w
14E56951-09E9-4481-A92E-B08A01272F0D LL54 6BY Talysarn Celts Football Club Changing Rooms, Talysarn 24/7 Public 9m
9369DAA0-E3CB-4AFE-94C0-B00300A65DC8 LL54 6DB Adra Tai Cyf, Ty Gwyrddfai, Penygroes Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
CA7C5014-F2A0-46DE-9CBE-AFA9013D1993 LL54 6DB Adra (Tai) Cyfyngedig, Ty Gwyrddfai, Decarbonisation Hub Variable Restricted 11m
0412ECE7-6D84-4B7C-A494-AFCB00C8ACD7 LL54 6DW Nazareth Chapel, Pen Isa'r Lon, Nasareth 24/7 Public 11m
A3F0C8CC-FE1B-4184-92EC-AEA000AFD737 LL54 6EE Cyngor Gwynedd, Nebo Primary School, Ffordd Y Llyn 24/7 Public 11m
E1C48A2F-4DBE-4E33-A539-904BF7C94D1C LL54 6HJ Plas Silyn Leisure Centre Plas Silyn, County Road, Penygroes Caernarfon Variable Public 7w
147A3696-5A54-49EC-86EF-AC3100B03593 LL54 6LW Y Banc / Ty Iorwerth, 39 Heol Y Dwr, Penygroes 24/7 Public 11m
6A4B3BE7-DB9B-4756-ACFA-AF4800CCA9C4 LL54 6LY Penygroes Police Station, Water Street, Penygroes 24/7 Public 11m
C861B91A-88FB-441D-B810-3CC54718D09D LL54 6RN Penygroes Ar Cylch Ex Servicemens Club, Tyn Y Weirglodd, Penygroes Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
49E63C3D-8501-4A38-BBC5-AF3300D9A8F3 LL54 6SG Neuadd Goffa Llanllyfni Memorial Hall, Neuadd Goffa Llanllyfni, Llanllyfni 24/7 Public 11m
2E43F862-D2ED-4A09-A8EE-B03401176B60 LL54 7DP Junction Near Fferm Penfforddelen On Road Up To Carmel, Y Groeslon 24/7 Public 9m
195423C0-8698-40B2-A05B-E9E2D68EF438 LL54 7DT Ysgol Bro Llifon, General Area Of, Groeslon Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
7F51430A-A2EA-42F8-8B30-A69737274BA9 LL54 7EF Modurdy Dolydd Garage, Dolydd, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
86C76F13-E479-45B8-8697-588091D048A5 LL54 7EY Mountain Rangers Social Club, General Area Of, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 3w
C8B0F741-4B5F-4C2F-83AC-F05217C2654F LL54 7LR Rhostryfan Primary School, Rear Access To Bro Wyled Estat, Rhostryfan 24/7 Public 7w
21736BED-9EB6-4271-9E0B-AD9C017DBB20 LL54 7YY Bryn Gloch Caravan And Camp Site, A4085 From Bryn Gloch Farm To Betws Garmon, Betws Garmon 24/7 Public 11m
68FCB79F-02A0-4D7A-86A9-E2EBE2599C57 LL55 1AG Tafarn Y Porth Wetherspoons, 5-9 Eastgate Street, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 7w
180FC1E9-58EF-4120-9A20-2FB8BC7DC637 LL55 1AR Asda Stores Ltd, Bangor Street, Caernarfon Variable Public 11m
77EE4965-5F4F-42A5-9C76-24D3316F07F0 LL55 1AR Capel Siloh, Bangor Street, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
60B283ED-B863-4176-8190-AB7D01004991 LL55 1AX Ysgol Gynradd Bethel Primary School, Bethel, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
3733E97A-F73D-4B0C-BDFC-AEA000ACAC6B LL55 1BU Caernarfon Custody, Maesincla Lane, Caernarfon 24/7 Restricted 11m
7E400A6D-9DAB-40D4-93C5-AEA000AC06AE LL55 1BU North Wales Police Custody, Caernarfon Custody, Maesincla Lane 24/7 Restricted 11m
FF031B6F-40BD-4898-BC91-AF8000B78528 LL55 1BU Heddlu Gogledd Cymru, Police Station, Maesincla Lane 24/7 Public 11m
0FEB2382-C8FC-4CA6-B6AB-AD1F00B2EB73 LL55 1DU Byw'n Iach, Arfon Tennis Centre, Bethel Road Variable Restricted 11m
89871761-7402-4E2B-BEFB-9DFA6E184837 LL55 1DU Byw'n Iach Arfon, Bethel Road, Caernarfon Variable Restricted 11m
4E31E6BC-4539-4F53-BA70-B15D00BBB742 LL55 1HW Pupil Support Area, Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Bethel Road Variable Restricted 2m
787C638C-8726-438D-AAB8-D339AFD38459 LL55 1HW Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen - Main Reception, Bethel Road, Caernarfon Variable Public 2m
E0B41434-C84C-446B-9410-B15D00BD9A42 LL55 1HW Swyddfa Dt3, Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen, Ffordd Bethel Variable Restricted 2m
CF0E1757-F773-4FEA-8E68-AFCF01735358 LL55 1PN Shop Twthill, Post Box 1 Victoria Street, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
A82D9A89-9191-4D80-AC86-AC0E00B54B71 LL55 1SN Royal Welsh Yacht Club, Porth Yr Aur, Caernarfon Variable Public 11m
3A132B61-E285-4581-AE4C-B06800FC967B LL55 1SR Cwmni Da Cyf, Y Goleuad, Doc Fictoria Variable Restricted 9m
FBB5A070-E2B4-4F21-B7D3-AE5500E9D56C LL55 1SR Office Victoria Dock, Bank Quay, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
A3FD6485-635B-4EAF-8B33-AE060136C011 LL55 1TH Premier Inn, Victoria Dock, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
89C071DF-A3D4-4CDF-927C-B059006AD360 LL55 1TS Parciau Farm, Access Road To Parciau Farm, Griffiths Crossing Caernarfon 24/7 Public 9m
96E70DA3-8EBA-409D-9BB2-B15D00E23146 LL55 1TS Roberts Of Port Dinorwic, R And K Mobile Homes, Griffiths Crossing Industrial Estate Variable Public 2m
932D3663-F78A-401B-95DA-B052007DFE24 LL55 1UE Cyngor Chwaraeon Cymru, Plas Menai National Watersports Centre, Road From Griffiths Crossing Roundabout To Plas Menai Variable Public 9m
B3D3840B-6C45-4C5D-9416-8713D48868B7 LL55 1UE Plas Menai National Outdoor Centre, Caernarfon 24/7 Restricted 9m
FCCBDFF8-9661-4BAD-B54F-70E9234D29A7 LL55 1YE Cronfa Calonnau Bethel, Neuadd Goffa Bethel Memorial Hall, Bethel 24/7 Public 11m
5CBFB9F8-E0BD-4ADB-9EFF-4611E50C516F LL55 2AQ Maes Carafanau Tyn Y Coed Caravan Park, Prow Llanrug No 79, Llanrug 24/7 Public 11m
CAAECE1D-265F-4D00-A060-83D7186A4A82 LL55 2AQ Plas Gwyn Caravan & Camping Park, Llanrug, Caernarfon Variable Public 7w
884DF492-2BCA-4305-A42B-AE7400DBA6D6 LL55 2BB Riverside Camping, Llanberis Road, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
00EBA9CA-6772-46E1-867E-AFE80128EEAB LL55 2BD Screwfix, Unit 11, Cibyn Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
1A55986C-CFEC-4843-AAF2-96AB0A5B33E0 LL55 2DF Caernarfon Fire Station, Llanberis Road, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
28BEC407-E8E0-4ED8-B72F-6893CF5F1984 LL55 2DF Caernarfon Criminal Justice Centre, Llanberis Road, Caernarfon Variable Public 6m
02EB23A6-E6F9-4B0C-8E1A-2BD09A668EDC LL55 2HP Pritchards Martial Arts, South Road, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
400E9916-CFE6-4568-A95C-5B1893C97E81 LL55 2HT Caernarfon Athletic Football Club The Oval, Marcus Street, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
22A9167B-54E9-4D0A-8172-B15D00D26B41 LL55 2LY Ysgol Yr Hendre, Ffordd Cae Phillips, Caernarfon Variable Restricted 2m
8EBC3A18-97BE-4363-BED0-254967D04CF2 LL55 2NN Spar, 29-31 Castle Square, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
B4214BDD-87BF-48AE-843A-AFB100E499B6 LL55 2SG Glan Gwna Lodge, A4085 From Llanbeblig Road To Caeathro Roundabout, Caeathro 24/7 Public 11m
A516B026-E0CB-4762-B690-B19700F7FBF6 LL55 2SP Maes Y Bryn, Ffordd Pontrug, Pontrug 24/7 Public 3w
93A04DDD-66EC-4651-9967-035DCC4C22A0 LL55 2SS Londis, Gwalia Garage, A4085 From Llanbeblig Road To Caeathro Roundabout 24/7 Public 11m
6BF6ECFC-F04A-4934-8679-AE0100E3B652 LL55 2YE Caernarfon Rygby Club, Lon Parc, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
77486536-7423-4354-B389-AE3A00CB3438 LL55 2YG Tesco Caernarfon, Tesco Stores, South Road Variable Public 9m
D36E5246-825F-4E4C-8B6A-5C68BE12CF3C LL55 3BS Hafan, General Area Of, Penisarwaun Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
985F1951-BB2C-4A9E-A158-67CC933B2068 LL55 3BW Ysgol Gymuned Penisarwaun, Ysgol Gymuned, Penisarwaun 24/7 Public 11m
EF75B631-213D-4FAA-8495-3104911EACC2 LL55 3EY Lodge Dinorwig, Dinorwig 24/7 Public 11m
362709F2-1777-4D21-820D-AB9200FAAA0D LL55 3HR Canolfan Adnoddau Deiniolen, Tŷ Elidir High Street, Deiniolen 24/7 Public 11m
1C69D6D1-28F7-4700-A033-6BE98180D466 LL55 3NF Beran Garage Filling Station, Beran Garage, Deiniolen 24/7 Public 11m
1DDE695E-3C43-49F4-9834-AB2101138655 LL55 3NR Caffi Caban Cafe, Brynrefail 24/7 Public 11m
52D688F3-D249-4E62-9C62-AB9200F42F2A LL55 3PB Link Path From 1 To 3 Trem Eilian, Brynrefail 24/7 Public 11m
90EA26CB-97E9-4670-AF61-AE6200BB5525 LL55 3PD Snowdon View Caravan Park, A4244 From Penisarwaun Junction To Brynrefail Junction, Brynrefail 24/7 Public 11m
D7562622-60FE-4D0B-8DD4-0B8F02DED9A5 LL55 3PG Berth, Tai Croesion, Penisarwaun 24/7 Public 11m
B501D372-ED8D-4679-AF4E-97BC4E3FAE75 LL55 3PN 11 Tai Arthur, 11 Arthur Terrace, Penisarwaun Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
53045188-31FD-4CCB-B654-AFBA0115DD57 LL55 4AD Cyngor Cymuned Llanrug, Ysgol Brynrefail, Ffordd Crawia 24/7 Public 11m
06E5A2BF-49FD-4836-ACC3-AB1E00B987C1 LL55 4AQ Snowdonia Park Hotel, A4085 Through Waunfawr Village To Junction With Road Leading To Rhosgadfan, Waunfawr 24/7 Public 4m
46BE7640-4267-4535-9259-AD1300E6CEF5 LL55 4BJ Antur Waunfawr Cyf, Bryn Pistyll, Waunfawr 24/7 Public 9m
29082223-50A1-46B6-BD76-17F4736B8D24 LL55 4EL Ffatri Y Glyn - Dmm Engineering International, Y Glyn Industrial Estate, Llanberis 24/7 Public 11m
F1ECA6CC-427F-4919-8393-AEDE00FFD0CE LL55 4EL Llanberis Touring Park, Glyn Rhonwy, Llanberis 24/7 Public 9m
3DE2CF0B-7AB8-484E-B38B-ACF900FFDE3C LL55 4NG 2 Tan Y Graig, Beddgelert 24/7 Public 11m
7C2EF3F6-BC39-4BA6-9510-AC130129100A LL55 4NT Pen Y Gwryd Hotel, Nant Gwynant, Caernarfon 24/7 Public 11m
FEBC1AD9-DEC8-4F92-B1F8-B09B00A98B5E LL55 4SA Chamois Mountaineering Centre, Marconi Hall, Ceunant 24/7 Public 6m
D1193341-934F-4092-B5CB-AE5400C0FCC3 LL55 4SH Cyngor Gwynedd, Dolbadarn Primary School, Capel Coch Road 24/7 Public 11m
56678E33-0171-4BE8-84AA-816E7BEEBB51 LL55 4SU Padarn Lake Hotel, High Street, Llanberis 24/7 Public 11m
975D32EF-E599-4257-A7FA-AC0D0106F6CD LL55 4TN Owen Electrical Contractors, Opposite Vaynol Cottages, Cae Ernest 24/7 Public 11m
3AA6C3F7-0E01-437A-9556-AB21010DC515 LL55 4TY Y Ganolfan/Community Centre, Community Centre, A4086 From Maes Padarn Estate To The Royal Victoria Hotel 24/7 Public 11m
DC9FB41D-3162-4F7B-8207-B16100CF4D18 LL55 4TY National Slate Museum, Welsh Slate Museum Gilfach Ddu, Road From A4086 Passing Sewage Works To Pont Y Bala Variable Restricted 2m
07F3C871-7D3A-4140-9190-B03100D6BFD9 LL55 4UU Forest Holidays Beddgelert, Beddgelert 24/7 Public 11m
9E98BFAD-6927-4CB2-A08C-AEB500FAAD1D LL55 4UU Forest Holidays, Snowdonia Cabins, Beddgelert 24/7 Public 11m
A4F5408B-5B2F-4C46-ADD9-ACF9010F33D9 LL55 4UU Hafod Ruffydd Isaf, Ffordd Caernarfon, Beddgelert 24/7 Public 11m
C9F851A1-11E3-4177-B07B-AE2401227EB9 LL55 4YG National Trust Public Conveniences, Nantmor, Beddgelert 24/7 Public 11m
6AA6789A-11F5-4D43-B6BF-4964F6495439 LL55 4YY Pant Waun Garage, A4085 Through Waunfawr Village, Waunfawr 24/7 Public 7w
01E4712E-2609-4BE9-B80C-B15A012F01DA LL56 4RQ Toiledau Cyhoeddus, Ffordd Lan Y Mor, - 24/7 Public 2m
2E006210-241E-408D-8805-68498238AD32 LL56 4RQ Clwb Hwylio Y Felinheli / Port Dinorwic Sailing Club, Beach Road, Y Felinheli 24/7 Public 11m
5D26D4EC-263B-4E4E-A258-A9D45B3C641B LL56 4TZ Ysgol Y Felinheli, Y Wern, Y Felinheli 24/7 Public 2m
01DCFE9D-309A-4061-B8A3-7711B08E041C LL56 4XD Neuadd Goffa, Maes Y Felin, Y Felinheli 24/7 Public 2m
17F84BBA-E2E9-43B2-BBDA-AEBD0095192A LL57 1DT North Wales Police, Bangor Police Station, Ffordd Gwynedd 24/7 Restricted 11m
8EA4B82C-3C16-41EA-9252-B05300A1CC4D LL57 1HQ 29 Glantraeth, Bangor 24/7 Public 9m
B37C4F68-7FC1-46D1-9C7F-B16900B1F5C9 LL57 1LH Bangor Cathedral, St Deiniol's Cathedral, Glanrafon Variable Restricted 7w
EE03F2BE-3575-4E3E-8F9C-AB1B009BB22B LL57 1LR Ty Cegin Penrhyn Avenue, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
DDACCAA7-FE27-46C8-94AE-B090009297F4 LL57 1PA O2 Store (0492) Bangor - Gwynedd, 254 High Street, Bangor Variable Restricted 8m
DD0447F8-9DF8-4E40-8847-ABAC00B1710B LL57 1PB Dafydd Hardy Estate Agents, 259-263a High Street, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
2DFA1206-5649-4EA6-B8C5-ADC90127396A LL57 2BE Glas Y Dorlan, Cwrt Hwfa, Bangor 24/7 Restricted 11m
0DBB9BDB-BCDE-4F21-A12E-AC6800CB5ECF LL57 2EL St Gerard's School Trust, 3 Ffriddoedd Road, Bangor Variable Restricted 11m
B7CE1D78-3D65-445A-8FA0-F19A1DBFDBEA LL57 2LN Ysgol Friars, Lon Y Bryn, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
63FF623D-6B23-4C42-AD00-ACB100DECA7D LL57 2LT Så´N Y Gwynt, 10 Y Rhos, Penrhosgarnedd 24/7 Public 11m
D169E8EF-39DE-40AB-A8FA-6FD5CCA06075 LL57 2NN Ysgol Y Faenol, Penrhos Road, Penrhosgarnedd 24/7 Public 4m
6CD2AE3D-9D08-4C83-9B4D-AB9500A40FB8 LL57 2NQ 1 Glan Menai, Treborth, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
03FD2208-95AA-4089-B220-AEB5009B48AA LL57 2NX Treborth Business Park, Access Road To Hen Iard Nwyddau, Treborth 24/7 Public 11m
090F66A1-A653-4503-B405-ADCD00A7900D LL57 2PZ Tir Na N-Og Daycare Centre, Tir Na Nog, Holyhead Road Variable Restricted 11m
AC19A35F-9C87-470A-874A-ACE100E835E6 LL57 2RG British Telecom, Garth Road, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
554B09E6-5DB2-415B-B027-AE5F0168C67B LL57 2RX Penrhos Garnedd Football Club Pich, Ffordd Treborth, Treborth 24/7 Public 11m
23E95745-B62F-4BA8-97B0-311E8FE29469 LL57 2SD Arfon Borough Council Swimming Pool, Garth Road, Bangor Variable Public 11m
AC8E5423-5F58-433B-AB51-AB840103B7ED LL57 2TE Capel Emaus, Lon Cariadon, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
263A913B-AA1E-4EC4-A158-AF7100BC247F LL57 2TU Ysgol Tryfan, Lon Powys, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
9890B572-8D5C-43D2-BCA8-5C9313BC6303 LL57 3AE North Wales Police, Bethesda Ps, Bethesda 24/7 Public 11m
6917183F-913A-48F7-A7A2-AC7F006D52C1 LL57 3AR Cyngor Cymuned Bethesda, Gorffwysfan, 85 Stryd Fawr 24/7 Public 11m
9DCF58E6-40EF-4ADC-A90B-AEC20080048B LL57 3DT Bethesda Cricket And Bowling Club, Lon Newydd, Bethesda 24/7 Public 11m
6C8D8B55-0761-440A-B07A-60CEF43DC00F LL57 3LZ Ogwen Falls Snack Bar, General Area Of, Bethesda Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
F348B0B8-3C02-4CBD-AAB5-2397172C7759 LL57 3NE Bethesda Rugby Club Old Station Yard, Station Road, Bethesda Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
FCEAAF9F-27F5-48DD-BF1A-AB8000F678C5 LL57 3NN Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen, Coetmor Road, Bethesda Variable Public 11m
7E3DE062-A3A9-4808-8633-B15100CC05F0 LL57 3NS Tesco Bethesda Express, High Street, Bethesda Variable Public 2m
7702A394-E64A-4D29-AD6D-AE8C00C5E12D LL57 3PF 11 Glan Ffrydlas, Bethesda 24/7 Public 11m
D080210A-85C3-4C0F-AAD6-AE1600AC02EC LL57 3RE 7 Gernant, Braichmelyn 24/7 Public 11m
7E4CA4AB-20B6-49CE-B0B1-AE1600A96E11 LL57 3SE Y Sior, Carneddi Road, Bethesda 24/7 Public 11m
193A4D69-363B-4609-B475-AD210148C67B LL57 3TG Community Centre Y Caban Cysgu, Gerlan Road, Gerlan 24/7 Public 11m
B3AD6AFC-4A5C-4C23-B30F-622C78F23DBA LL57 3YU Cyngor Cymuned Llanllechid, Capel Bethlehem, Bro Emrys 24/7 Public 11m
2716E949-3DE2-4CC2-9C06-B18000F50C6E LL57 4BB Blas Lon Las (Ffarm Moelyci), Blas Lon Las, Ffarm Moelyci Felin Hen 24/7 Public 7w
B6DA404A-9EDD-4EDB-BCDB-AED900E5EE72 LL57 4BB Moel Y Ci Enviromental Centre, B4409 From A4244 Junction To Lôn Y Wern, Felin Hen 24/7 Public 11m
6E3F1B33-E273-4082-BC9C-1FF209B3D3CA LL57 4BL Adra Tai Cyf, Llys Y Dderwen, Parc Menai Variable Public 11m
08B28BED-5814-461D-A0F0-AE6D00F9B30D LL57 4DF Ash Court, 11a Ffordd Y Llyn, Parc Menai Variable Restricted 11m
38AD72A0-D5FF-4838-A335-ACB100DD798C LL57 4DR 26 Nant Terrace, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
71BEECDD-2CA8-446C-91B7-B0B300989A02 LL57 4EH Ysgol Gynradd - Rhiwlas - Primary School, Rhiwlas, Pentir 24/7 Public 7m
222ECF61-4EF7-4B03-B66C-46ACD83B1F87 LL57 4EL Kiosk Bro Rhiwen (Rhiwlas), Kiosk Near Bus Stop, Bro Rhiwen 24/7 Public 11m
DD0D7B16-D2E3-4436-A5FB-B0B200BEF539 LL57 4EW 24a Caeau Gleision, Rhiwlas 24/7 Public 7m
702B5161-FE01-4272-9A26-BC1382940D5F LL57 4EZ G L I Uk Gaming Ltd Unit 1-3, Llys Helyg, Bangor Variable Public 11m
3DACE91F-3BDC-47DA-8CC7-AB7200CC4766 LL57 4FA Premier Inn, Parc Menai, Bangor 24/7 Restricted 11m
F8437448-2910-4451-BD19-AE7400A28D96 LL57 4FG Cyngor Gwynedd, Intec, Ffordd Y Parc Variable Public 11m
15D2E5F8-BA91-4C53-A4DF-ACB1016C1840 LL57 4HG Deffib Rhiwlas, Near Junction Into Cae Glas, 90 Cae Glas 24/7 Public 11m
4B3C7758-4B50-47F9-873F-AE1D00F62164 LL57 4HN The Old Engine Shed, Port Penrhyn, Porth Penrhyn 24/7 Public 11m
E64B22A9-1576-4965-9B2F-AF5600D15B1B LL57 4HN Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol, Penrhyn Castle, Ffordd Llandygai Variable Public 11m
D33012C4-0240-41B4-B174-ADDC00FCC257 LL57 4HR Clwb Criced Bangor, Ty Newydd Sports Ground, Ffordd Llandygai Variable Public 11m
3A1BF8D0-53DF-4831-8099-AC4C009A6C12 LL57 4HU Cyngor Gwynedd, Llandygai Primary School, Llandygai Village Variable Public 11m
897BBE18-A598-4E94-BBFA-AC7F0072FBB4 LL57 4HU Cyngor Cymuned Llandygai, Talgai Hall, Llandygai Village 24/7 Public 11m
7AF3FD78-CEF9-425B-B283-AE70009C1830 LL57 4LQ Neuadd Goffa Mynydd Llandegai Memorial Hall, Douglas House, Road From Llwybr Main To Ar Afon Estate 24/7 Public 9m
3390828C-5CAB-45EA-8AE7-B0F100D9A9D2 LL57 4SU Rexel Electrical Wholesaler, Caernarfon Road, Bangor Variable Public 5m
AA2BDE71-EBA0-4696-B410-B03100BE8AAB LL57 4SU Tesco Bangor, Caernarfon Rd, Bangor Variable Public 9m
BCE9C4CB-6132-4F95-BC3A-AF8600CB259E LL57 4SU B & Q Plc, Caernarfon Road, Bangor Variable Public 11m
14EAAF56-3940-40FE-B1E2-AB9500A9F154 LL57 4UF Cilfan Y Coed, Waen Wen, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
45587C75-882E-4E58-85F2-AB9500A85376 LL57 4UG 1 Caerhun, Bangor 24/7 Public 11m
A86EF0EB-D4B5-4C2D-AAD7-ACB100AF5853 LL57 4UR 8 Bro Infryn, Glasinfryn 24/7 Public 11m
2622D455-423A-4779-A04D-AE5B00C6D43C LL57 4UW Isgraig, High Street, Glasinfryn 24/7 Public 11m
022782D4-17B0-433F-9D8D-ACB100ABAF31 LL57 4YA Min Yr Afon, 11 Rhyd Y Groes, Pentir 24/7 Public 11m
560B970E-8744-4E94-963D-ADC9006F5203 LL57 4YH Bangor Gymnastic Club, Penrhyn House, Llandygai Industrial Estate Variable Restricted 11m
56164D9A-1C46-48E0-A0F9-AFEB00D7FF49 LL57 4YH Screwfix, Unit 2 - 3 Llandegai Road, Bangor Variable Public 11m
AD2772C5-F28A-4AF3-8280-B004007A6FD9 LL57 4YH Llandegai Industrial Estate, Unit 28/29 Zone 5, Bangor Variable Public 11m
B5D2ACC7-73CF-4280-A845-B0F200B37D2F LL57 4YH Rexel Uk, Unit 8 Plot 27, Llandygai Industrial Estate Variable Public 2m
EA8112B0-553E-4859-A0C0-AFC80119671B LL57 4YH Sunbelt Rentals, Unit 28/29 Zone 5 Llandygai Industrial Estate, Llandygai Variable Public 11m
6F9EB637-7FB2-4410-9661-AFE800F3BC7E LL58 8AL Beaumaris Leisure Centre, Road From Rating Row Through Cadnant Court And Past The Mews To Castle Street Ne, Beaumaris Variable Public 11m
3E8447AC-5A93-47F7-9201-AE0100CA3F43 LL58 8BS Rnli, Beaumaris Lifeboat Station, Beaumaris 24/7 Public 11m
3F4E2BA2-7DEF-44B5-9D20-E762C54DB85B LL58 8HU Henllys Golf Club, Henllys Lane, Llanfaes Variable Public 11m
9773215C-BE42-4C8F-841C-BB94795E534F LL58 8HU Holiday Property Bond Henllys, Henllys Lane, Llanfaes Beaumaris 24/7 Restricted 11m
A51B37F1-FEF0-4976-A5E4-AE68007EF2A7 LL58 8LG Llanfaes Community Centre, Hampton Way, Llanfaes 24/7 Public 11m
310C567E-EF66-4612-BE20-45C253D54D4A LL58 8LS Communal Lounge, Pont Y Brenin Estate, Llangoed 24/7 Public 11m
EFCC8B7B-EBBB-4656-8F1F-AF41000B42B0 LL58 8LS Llangoed Fc Clubhouse, B5109 From Pont Rhyd Through Llangoed To Junction Of Pont Y Brenin Estate, Llangoed 24/7 Public 11m
E089CDE4-5DDD-477A-8195-ABE5014224D7 LL58 8LU Ysgol Llangoed, Tawel Fan, Llangoed 24/7 Public 11m
05D03A58-13B3-499C-A0E0-AF8A00CE769F LL58 8RN Seiriol Alliance, The Pines, 20 Road From B5109 At Junction North Of Tre Castell Past Penmon Transmitting Statio 24/7 Public 11m
13B7A907-8A97-4607-8FC9-B04B0143110E LL58 8TP Wardens House, Maes Gwyn, Llanddona 24/7 Public 9m
E0024005-DBC6-4DDB-85F8-ADBB00E92CFE LL58 8UW Beach Kiosk, Beach Road, Llanddona 24/7 Public 11m
83D13D4A-C51C-4633-99E5-AE230115E7A0 LL58 8YW Great Strait Raft Run, Baron Hill Golf Club, Allt Goch Bach 24/7 Public 11m
E38717A7-4A2C-4819-9C29-150BB92E94BD LL59 5AT Anglesey Insurance Services Ltd, 6 Uxbridge Square, Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
05497C2F-342A-4978-B389-AC3A0106BF05 LL59 5BP Menai Bridge Band Porthaethwy, 1 Mount Street, Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
51F36096-FB9C-4591-B74C-ADD700FF6411 LL59 5DE Ribride, Porth Daniel, Water Street 24/7 Public 11m
80E08817-FF19-4635-B92F-AEA6008BD16B LL59 5EA North Wales Police, Menai Bridge Ps, Mona Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
C678927D-2248-424A-BE6A-A7A264B1D353 LL59 5EN Menai Bridge Fire Station, High Street, Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
A2C2B58A-849E-49FB-B29A-E3181DC1A083 LL59 5LA Menai Bridge Cricket Club, Tyn Y Caeau, Tyn Y Caeau Drive Variable Public 6m
435EE7AD-D402-448D-921A-AE2400BF5193 LL59 5RP Pili Palas, Penmynydd Road, Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
6326BDF6-5F34-4368-BC8C-6A2242A161D7 LL59 5RW Siop Newydd, Pentraeth Road, Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
F70F4832-8D33-4BDF-96F5-AF14010E4E35 LL59 5SB Llyn Jane Ltd, Anglesey Lodge, Road From B5109 Past Cefn Coch Plas Llandegfan And Pant Howel To Junction West O 24/7 Public 11m
11D0FE94-ECE1-40F2-9B1B-AFDC0087E4E2 LL59 5SS Anglesey County Council, David Hughes Leisure Centre, Pentraeth Road 24/7 Public 11m
D681A002-B480-425B-BE18-CC73631A7E45 LL59 5SS David Hughes Leisure Centre, Back Of/Grounds Of Ysgol David Hughes, Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
6C5F54BF-1B07-492C-8F81-AE2400A1E8A2 LL59 5UL Llandegfan Parish Hall, Lon Yr Eglwys, Llandegfan 24/7 Public 11m
F84447DD-27FD-4A2D-9714-4C37E1F952A5 LL59 5UW Ysgol Gynradd Llandegfan, General Area Of, Llandegfan Menai Bridge 24/7 Public 11m
985AB0AB-2F56-43AE-9418-B08C00AFF59C LL60 6DD Ysgol Gynradd Esceifiog, Lon Groes, Gaerwen Variable Restricted 9m
947CB7A3-1452-4F63-BE49-AEFA01723FCD LL60 6DE Canolfan Esceifiog, Lon Groes, Gaerwen 24/7 Public 11m
BEC398F5-016C-4B53-A6B3-AEE70151DD59 LL60 6DF Gaerwen Football Club, Lon Groes, Gaerwen 24/7 Public 11m
CA1DF946-2E1D-4473-B294-AEE70150ACA4 LL60 6JN Esceifiog Community Council, Bronllys Surgery, 1 Bronllys 24/7 Public 11m
D148BD87-07DE-425B-9254-AACD00C8D550 LL60 6LA Holland Arms Garden Centre, Gaerwen Variable Public 11m
EA4984BA-BF5C-4BD7-92B7-ADD7013C2F1C LL60 6LU Llangaffo Post Office - Ceinwen House, B4419 From Treaserth Estate Junction To Junction With B4421, Llangaffo 24/7 Public 11m
AD2454DA-3F26-416C-B6A2-ABA3010EF6DF LL61 5JF Y Gors, Football Ground, Penmynydd Road 24/7 Public 9m
50C57388-3F9D-4B93-8B72-B17100A8EC02 LL61 5NJ Column Cottage, Lon Parc Twr, Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll Variable Restricted 7w
3291703D-93B6-4A69-A515-B0AD0100D4B9 LL61 5QG Maes Eilian Football Ground, Maes Eilian, Tyn Rhos 24/7 Public 7m
8BC770D8-72EC-451A-9415-B07A0086E094 LL61 5RX Capel Ebeneser, Lon Foel Graig, Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll 24/7 Public 9m
1ED38691-9614-4BB9-913B-AE1D00C6732F LL61 5SX Tyn Lon Garage, Holyhead Road, Llanfairpwll 24/7 Public 11m
6F1DC000-1E5D-46EB-955B-ADA40097C4D0 LL61 5TX Ysgol Gynradd Llanfairpwll, Ffordd Caergybi, Llanfairpwll 24/7 Public 11m
347FA62B-8D76-49C8-9D6B-AF2A0099F4DB LL61 5UJ Llanfairpwll Railway Station, Holyhead Road, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrn 24/7 Public 11m
FC7851D6-AD64-4C29-88D7-3C9E33F40FB4 LL61 5UJ James Pringles, James Pringles Weavers Of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, Holyhead Road Variable Public 9m
3CA01F3A-9D96-4E9B-A95E-B01C00C0DF93 LL61 6AE Ysgol Santes Dwynwen, B4421 From Junction With Pen-Dref Street To A4080, Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll 24/7 Public 11m
56323D5B-04E9-4D50-8B79-B106009BCA14 LL61 6AU Hen Fecws, Lon Capel, Dwyran 24/7 Public 5m
D380F21A-AF9E-4AE7-8A45-57D3BB81D7F3 LL61 6EJ Plas Coch Holiday Homes, Road From A4080 At Ffingar Cro, Llanfairpwllgwyngyll 24/7 Restricted 11m
2CF474ED-41EA-425B-B3B5-B02700E5045B LL61 6LQ Tal Y Foel Tal Y Foel Stables, Road From A4080 At Junction Near Rosslyn To Plas Y Borth, Dwyran 24/7 Restricted 11m
A15E2ADA-4005-4345-BD4E-AFB200FCE639 LL61 6PG Cyngor Cymuned Penmynydd A Star, Canolfan Penmynydd, Penmynydd Community Hall 24/7 Public 11m
F8BDA397-271D-4F15-A46E-9BFB1835DF78 LL61 6SG Newborough Forest Public Convenieces, Road From Church Street Past T, Newborough Llanfairpwllgwyngyl 24/7 Public 9m
E97E46D0-D202-40C2-9AE7-B0B4008E10A3 LL61 6TA Caffi Wiwer Goch / Red Squirrel Cafe, Madryn House, Pen Dref Street 24/7 Public 7m
892F8117-694A-483F-9835-76D4837B2912 LL62 5AE Rhos Residential Home, General Area Of, Bodorgan 24/7 Public 5m
7D4BA4D8-669F-46CA-A01A-B10700EAD2A7 LL62 5AS Tafarn Y Joiners, High Street, Malltraeth 24/7 Public 5m
10C01E74-FC54-4716-9B1C-AC770182C8D7 LL62 5DU Eithinog, Llangristiolus, = 24/7 Restricted 11m
01DC31D8-3335-4BC6-ADAC-AB8F00B17A21 LL62 5ES Telephone Kiosk, Plas Marian, Trefdraeth 24/7 Public 11m
934154EA-B307-4D43-B162-AEE70152FB80 LL62 5EU Glantraeth Football Ground, Road From B4422 At Bethel To Glantraeth Restaurant Near Bodwen, Trefdraeth 24/7 Public 11m
1E76247E-D987-4812-A41F-AEE70154A0EE LL62 5NL Parc Glas Surgery, Bethel, Bodorgan 24/7 Public 11m
9270EADE-04AC-47A7-86AE-AB1000F97D4B LL63 5LQ 46 Church Street, Aberffraw 24/7 Public 11m
DAE5F77B-F9DE-4256-B512-AF2100BB4799 LL63 5RY Ysgol Pencarnisiog, Road From A4080 Near Bryn Ael To Near School In Pencarnisiog, Ty Croes 24/7 Public 11m
032674DC-6CAF-4A44-BB62-AD9100D7CD55 LL63 5SN Cpd Aberffraw, On Grey Container, At Football Pitch 24/7 Public 11m
EF322A4D-405D-41C5-ADF2-AE1C00EAE746 LL63 5SU Meddygfa Maelog, Road From A4080 Near St Maelog S Church Past Capel Bryndu To Junction Near Queen, Ty Croes 24/7 Public 11m
BB4609E3-7F71-4EB2-BB3F-AE1C00D712A9 LL64 5QB Funsport, Surfwind Beach Terrace, 1 Beach Road 24/7 Public 11m
BE4356EC-D933-4E5B-A62F-947406A62936 LL64 5QW Rhosneigr Fire Station, Rhosneigr 24/7 Public 11m
B6C1053D-DE82-4254-9D86-AE9600EA50B5 LL64 5QX Anglesey Golf Club Ltd, Station Road, Rhosneigr 24/7 Public 11m
3B82217F-4113-43E2-BA2F-B11B00C49921 LL65 1DR Stena Line Ferry Port, Salt Island, Holyhead 24/7 Restricted 4m
9DE69392-3C68-4EC7-B85B-AB68001BC045 LL65 1ET Hm Coastguard, Holyhead Coastguard Rescue Station, Prince Of Wales Road 24/7 Public 11m
9AFE1219-9E52-4530-91DD-AF1E00CAE91B LL65 1HL North Wales Police, Holyhead Ps, Stanley Street 24/7 Restricted 11m
866F585E-B027-4961-AEEE-AB8400C0A557 LL65 1PH Holyhead Town, Pavilion, Porth Y Felin Road 24/7 Public 11m
DEF61D78-FF3C-4CA8-A2AD-B19A0092B2D4 LL65 1ST Millbank Centre, Millbank Community Centre, Bryn Gwyn Road 24/7 Public 3w
1D942FFD-F964-4F91-A1F2-88862E483AAE LL65 1YA R N L I Lifeboat House, Newry Beach, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
D0949490-B8EC-49E7-85F8-ADF200CEDBA1 LL65 1YD Holyhead Maritime Museum, Beach Road, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
EE73673E-A4E4-4DCD-969B-CF8C6D6778D4 LL65 1YG Breakwater Country Park Information Centre, General Area Of, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
E3E379BE-B660-4A55-87AF-ADF300A06AC6 LL65 1YH Rspb, Rspb South Stack Visitor Centre, South Stack Road 24/7 Public 11m
73DF892F-8A9D-48AC-BDD4-AF8900E52101 LL65 2BT Holyhead Railway Station, Station Approach, London Road 24/7 Public 11m
9DD7C64F-CAFD-430C-A2E9-AFA30103C149 LL65 2DE Fish Dock Office Fish Dock, Turkey Shore Road, Holyhead Variable Restricted 11m
6BB4F85A-2619-4188-94F3-ADC901039E6A LL65 2DG Border Force, Skinner House, Turkey Shore Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
C8BC8C92-9C3E-4DD6-93AA-ADC9010258C6 LL65 2DG Border Force, Skinner House, Turkey Shore Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
2A4EF321-299B-4142-8C68-AF1C00EEB129 LL65 2DH Gwelfor Community Centre, Gwelfor Youth House, Ffordd Tudur 24/7 Public 11m
F4C522E3-A572-4E11-9EC7-AB29001F1D8D LL65 2DS Ysgol Llanfawr Ffordd Tudur, Holyhead Variable Restricted 11m
15BF04AE-02B9-47AB-9927-AFB000D21E10 LL65 2HR Jesse Hughes Youth And Community Centre, Kingsland Road, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
F0D2FAB7-36DD-4EB1-92F6-E9E06B222CBF LL65 2HY Holyhead Fire Station, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
0157A321-3AFE-47EC-9F43-AF0A00918C41 LL65 2LP Anglesey Outdoors Valley Of The Rocks, Porthdafarch Road, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
9B99CA5D-3BE6-443D-AB21-AF6100C39888 LL65 2NJ White Eagle, Rhoscolyn, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
D023F3BA-115D-4E5E-AE74-690F22FE27F6 LL65 2NJ White Eagle Inn, Road Past The White Eagle Inn, Rhoscolyn Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
2DCE62B1-281C-4520-9EE6-AF5001445D6E LL65 2NZ National Coastwatch Institution, Grid Reference Sh263752 Anglesey Coastal Path, Road Past St Gwenfaens Church To Lodge Bach 24/7 Public 11m
3B111008-0681-4339-AB40-88E1443FEB93 LL65 2NZ Coastwatch Lookout Rhoscolyn, Rhoscolyn Headland, Rhoscolyn Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
21A7EBA3-F181-4D1D-9395-ADC9010DE2DE LL65 2PB Border Force, Ground Floor Office Ferry Terminal, London Road 24/7 Restricted 11m
A2FA597F-BE7D-4FB5-A4AD-B11B00BEAF98 LL65 2PB Stena Line Port Ltd, Security Booth Ferry Terminal, London Road 24/7 Public 4m
146F63E9-92A0-4855-AC5B-B01B00D3CBA1 LL65 2PR Ambulance Building, Penrhos Stanley Hospital, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
C74000B5-E91F-4D6B-A20B-AE2000FB3A3E LL65 2UH Tesco Stores Ltd, Penrhos Industrial Estate, Holyhead Variable Public 11m
42666A61-1E25-4C42-9567-ACE101755BE3 LL65 2UP Rnli, Lifeboat Station, Lon Isallt 24/7 Public 11m
703D205F-4CEA-4501-AE85-B03A012CA7A9 LL65 2UP Trearddur Holiday Bungalows, Fron Isallt, Lon Isallt Variable Restricted 9m
E745C722-8C2C-4294-A9D3-CAB3724AEE82 LL65 2YE Holyhead Leisure Centre, Kingsland Road, Trearddur Bay 24/7 Public 11m
1F9ADDF7-01FE-479A-95E5-AEFD00B58E9F LL65 2YL Holyhead Golf Club, Lon Garreg Fawr, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
722D4DE0-E239-482D-AAB9-B0FF011C3868 LL65 2YR Sea Shanty Cafe, Lon St Ffraid, Trearddur Bay Variable Public 5m
E84B5C77-7F49-4C15-A2DD-AC7F0170D4A4 LL65 3BJ Neuadd Goffa Bodwrog, B5109 From Junction Of Road Near Refail Newydd In Llynfaes To Crossroads In Tref, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
5EB75796-45B9-4F6B-901F-AEDC01739684 LL65 3BL Gorad Residents, Glantraeth, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
47D538B1-7FD9-4996-A007-BC0A7C9B3A23 LL65 3DU Valley Hotel, London Road, Valley 24/7 Public 11m
39D851C3-258E-41A1-8DA5-AE1C00B8A02C LL65 3EL Plas Dyffryn Residential Home, Station Road, Valley 24/7 Public 11m
BC1E8B8A-1841-4435-8D30-AE5401017367 LL65 3EU Ysgol Gymuned Y Fali, Lon Spencer, Valley 24/7 Public 11m
2677FD23-1C52-422E-A26D-AE6A00A216E6 LL65 3EW Valley Station, Station Road, Valley, Anglesey 24/7 Public 11m
5B36FC91-3DF7-40C5-969D-AEA100887CE1 LL65 3EW Shorney Pavilion, Parc Mwd. Valley., Road From Station Road To Football Pitch, Valley 24/7 Public 11m
2D1F1B55-F88A-48FF-BF38-B12D00B889F8 LL65 3NA 48 Minffordd Road, Caergeiliog, Holyhead 24/7 Public 3m
6B0A398A-1BD5-4C1E-8786-ABDB01136F4E LL65 3PP Iorwerth Arms, High Street, Bryngwran 24/7 Public 11m
9E70970F-5569-4E67-B6D8-AEC800ED1067 LL65 3SS Bodowyr Caravan Park, Bodowyr, Bodedern Variable Public 11m
831324A3-A13E-4FD3-B08E-B06C012431FF LL65 3YL Bryn Ednyfed, Holyhead Road, Caergeiliog 24/7 Public 9m
7A292949-25DF-4F9F-B4BF-9A14932F64CB LL65 4AD Pen Dref, Road From Junction Near Mynydd Adda To Junction Near Bethania Chapel In Llanddeu, Holyhead 24/7 Public 11m
CBE52CC6-293A-44E4-A5AA-AF7100CAF062 LL65 4EF G H Jones, Bryn Llywelyn, Stryd Y Capel 24/7 Public 11m
F6101D04-74B6-48F9-9B37-AFB000D6FA89 LL65 4LW Bron Castell, Road From A5025 Near Pen Yr Orsedd Through Llanfairynghornwy To Junction Near Pe, Llanfairynghornwy 24/7 Public 11m
E6183CE0-E4E2-4CBD-9EB1-AF4900B514DB LL65 4PQ Ysgol Rhyd Y Llan, Road From Junction With A5025 At Llanfaethlu To Junction West Of Borthwen, Llanfaethlu 24/7 Public 11m
C70E7905-4EF3-45D7-9D98-000EFD38DD59 LL65 4RW Anglesey Showground, Holyhead Road, Gwalchmai Holyhead Variable Public 11m
C49ABF45-93D5-4867-989A-AEC800EC852D LL65 4SB Cpd Gwalchmai, 104 Maes Meurig, Gwalchmai 24/7 Public 11m
0B383C52-538D-4E4F-89EC-AE3000F7FA50 LL65 4SP Trewalchmai Community Council, Groeslon, Road From Near Groeslon Past Pen Lon And Hafod Newydd To Junction West Of Glanra 24/7 Public 11m
751BC6F9-2D47-41C1-8BC1-AB8400CE5227 LL65 4UH Llanfachraeth Community Council, Holland Hotel, Llanfachraeth 24/7 Public 11m
23326417-9249-4E60-A174-B0C000B70F20 LL67 0DN Cae Derw, Road From A5025 Past Tros Y Ffordd, Tregele 24/7 Public 7m
27C7CFEE-41AD-48E4-84E4-B0510164110E LL67 0DS Caravan And Camp Dolydd, Ffordd Y Felin, Cemaes Bay 24/7 Public 9m
3C434AD2-18B7-4A70-80E2-AEBD011A364A LL67 0DT Tregele Service Station, A5025 From Junction Of Road Near Capel Bethesda In Cemaes Bay To Junction Of Roa, Llanfechell 24/7 Public 11m
6A20E3FD-98C6-4A0B-92D3-AEBD011B7364 LL67 0ES Cemaes Pier, Adj Craig Y Don, Ffordd Y Traeth 24/7 Public 11m
8DD2420B-A736-4AFB-BE35-AB2401262104 LL67 0HL 36 High Street, Cemaes Bay 24/7 Public 11m
8E0B4A1D-6B87-4E8D-8E80-3BF9A7F7DA0E LL67 0LB Football Ground, Road From Ffordd Y Felin To Me, Cemaes Bay 24/7 Public 11m
2182355C-60D2-44B0-BE7C-ADD700A682E7 LL68 0PH Ysgol Gymuned Carreglefn, Road From Near Fferam Gyd In Llanbabo Through Carreglefn To Near Beudy Gwyn In L, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
35F749B7-257E-4686-89DB-AEB000E20450 LL68 0PR Beudygwyn Farm, Road From Brynddu Road In Llanfechell To Junction In Rhosgoch, Rhosgoch 24/7 Public 11m
B73F7714-386A-4FF0-A738-AF16013C61F2 LL68 0PT Cefn Glas Hotel, Brynddu Road, Llanfechell 24/7 Public 11m
1090906D-F7F9-474F-A9F4-C4B67C6C975E LL68 9AU Amlwch Fire Station, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
4289BE96-9FFF-4215-A078-AE930088A412 LL68 9BL Football Pavilion, Lon Bach, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
8FE11F65-D815-4CAC-A224-B01B00898129 LL68 9BX Welsh Ambulance Services Nhs Trust, Site 3, 2 Amlwch Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 11m
AD92C376-11BF-4331-956C-ADF300A46E9E LL68 9DB Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust, The Watch House - Geo Môn, Upper Quay Street 24/7 Public 9m
D20605A5-AF54-46F0-82BA-AE9300C08494 LL68 9DF 43 Penycefn, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
523BBF23-05DE-416B-BAF2-AE2E00F67825 LL68 9DU Ysgol Gynradd Amlwch, Ffordd Penybonc, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
F959F7D4-2155-4FB1-B130-4479C09408E9 LL68 9EN Amlwch Town Council, Lon Goch, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
8E09DB5E-67C2-4FC9-A4EB-AB7C010207AA LL68 9HA Cafi Cei The Quays Coffee Shop, The Quays Ty Dorrington, Machine Street 24/7 Public 11m
B7064784-F62C-4AEC-91BD-B1700109B407 LL68 9LS Shelter 33m From Pant Llabwst 8m From Unnamed Road, Road From Ffordd Llaneilian Through Llaneilian To Porth Eilian, Llaneilian 24/7 Public 7w
5FCE7513-F3A2-4196-AC87-AD4B00ED0A54 LL68 9LT Point Lynas Caravan Park, Road From Ffordd Llaneilian Through Llaneilian To Porth Eilian, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
92053AA6-1041-44AB-AC70-A9B7C74C65FA LL68 9LT Slipway, Llaneilian Beach, Llaneilian 24/7 Public 11m
5C49C2C1-87F9-4E55-9348-FB3DCAC7995D LL68 9PP Ysgol Gymuned Rhosybol, B5111 From Junction Of Road To, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
58B8E9EA-8F3B-4A33-8ED4-93A3C7235841 LL68 9RE Parys Mountain Car Park, Mynydd Parys, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
534E7A30-42CD-4815-A7A5-AB7C00EFCF5D LL68 9RN Amlwch Leisure Centre, Penyrefelin, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
53085EC4-ABDF-4468-AE5E-AE3E00A78D4D LL68 9RY Bull Bay Golf Club, Bull Bay Road, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
90900364-2E1B-4820-80CC-B1920103EDD8 LL68 9RY Bull Bay Golf Club, Bull Bay Road, Bull Bay 24/7 Public 3w
FA35C223-B49C-43D4-BEB7-AF660097AD81 LL68 9SA Trecastell Hotel, Bull Bay Road, Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
B9ED334E-9455-4387-9CDA-3B5A83C08FD3 LL68 9SG Y Graig Lwyd - Leafy Lane Guest House, Road From A5025 Near Hebar Pas, Bull Bay Amlwch 24/7 Public 11m
598868DC-6EC7-446E-BC87-AFDC007D257D LL68 9TH Anglesey County Council, Amlwch Leisure Centre, Tanybryn Road 24/7 Public 11m
45F10945-7111-4EEF-A043-AB7B01619858 LL69 9YD Penysarn Stores, Arosfa, Pensarn 24/7 Public 11m
4511CC0B-531D-4D79-B062-DFF474375966 LL70 9PJ Anglesey Good Gifts, General Area Of, Dulas 24/7 Public 7w
9F59A407-DB64-4BC2-9BA2-AC870049D36A LL70 9PQ Tyddyn Isaf Caravan Park, Road From A5025 At Brynrefail Past Tyddyn Isaf Carvan Park To Junction North Eas, Dulas 24/7 Public 11m
DF71335E-4026-4942-81B5-AE5B015AB0F0 LL71 7DA Carmel Chapel, Road From B5112 Through Carmel To Junction South East Of Parc Newydd, Llanerchymedd 24/7 Public 11m
BA2F3A76-132E-497D-8FD3-AED200E37628 LL71 8AR Ty Refail, Road From Junction At Parc Square Through Llandyfrydog To Junction With Lon Leid, Llandyfrydog 24/7 Public 9m
A1275795-33C0-4C7F-A572-AB7B01579BC4 LL71 8DB The Twrcuhelyn Arms, Twrcuhelyn Street, Llanerchymedd 24/7 Public 11m
A211B059-43FD-4855-AA8B-AB7B01589974 LL71 8EU Yr Hen Stesion Cafe The Old Station, Bridge Street, Llanerchymedd 24/7 Public 11m
0021DD05-DA50-413A-844B-ABED00957484 LL72 8HY Rnli, The Seawatch Centre, Moelfre 24/7 Public 11m
5082D4F2-28FF-4335-9658-4B051C3490D0 LL72 8NA Ysgol Gymuned Moelfre, General Area Of, Moelfre 24/7 Public 11m
7641D03B-EBB5-446C-B81B-AB1B00CD41FB LL72 8NE Moelfre Community Council, Old Llanallgo Garage, Moelfre 24/7 Public 11m
BAA1AB8D-8746-4BC1-858E-B11E00EF086D LL72 8NN Lligwy Beach Cafe, Road From Junction West Of Ty N Y Lon Past Pen Y Traeth To Beach, Moelfre 24/7 Public 4m
4FA261F7-DECB-4495-B671-AEDA00A51643 LL73 8NY Caravan And Motorhome Club, Cae Mawr Caravan And Motorhome Club Campsite, Llengefni Road Variable Public 11m
52D753CD-B55A-4B2B-AB93-AEAC0103FA02 LL73 8PN Traeth Bychan Shop-Cafe-Pizzeria, Traeth Bychan, Marianglas 24/7 Public 11m
94811F0D-CD62-499A-A8E2-AEC600A0B9AB LL74 8RU Penrhyn Point, Benllech, Tyn Y Gongl 24/7 Public 11m
E9DE9C83-CC51-4E65-B0F5-AD4B00DF6A10 LL74 8SD Pant Y Saer Caravan Park, Caravan Park Pant Y Saer, Llangefni Road 24/7 Public 9m
90A9D7F4-79A0-4CFC-8BB4-B0F40135DACF LL74 8SF Goronwy Owen Hall, Goronwy Owen Memorial Hall, B5108 From Junction Of Bryn Goleu To Junction With A5025 At Benllech Square 24/7 Public 5m
CBD092CA-016E-4BF5-899F-4DED80296B7B LL74 8SG Benllech Fire Station, Benllech 24/7 Public 11m
35C75AAB-1899-4983-A3DD-5C9AC5AB3407 LL74 8SN Community & Ex Servicemans Hall, General Area Of, Benllech Tyn-Y-Gongl 24/7 Public 11m
9331D6CA-6AB3-4A43-8BC5-AE4001052E87 LL74 8SR Tesco Express, Amlwch Rd, 0 Variable Public 11m
2B9D54BC-FB27-4A80-8897-AB4C00BB15AF LL74 8TG Benllech Dental Surgery, Gardonwey Bangor Road, Benllech Variable Restricted 11m
15FA2DD4-E29E-4181-A709-D8965E084753 LL74 8TN Breeze Hill Hotel, General Area Of, Benllech Tyn-Y-Gongl 24/7 Public 7m
3543C0F4-5495-49BF-928D-C6A254ACD6F6 LL74 8TT Ice Cream Kiosk, Sea Front, Benllech Beach 24/7 Public 7m
5316D6F1-B609-4354-B8E2-D3A2F1F2359E LL75 8AZ Pentraeth Service Station, A5025 From Junction Of Road To, Pentraeth 24/7 Public 9m
CEBD3261-84F3-4BDB-A168-AFF600FA94E0 LL75 8LJ The Bull Inn, A5025 From Junction Of B5109 In Pentraeth To Junction Of Road To Llanbedrgoch, Pentraeth 24/7 Public 11m
2BCE66A0-1FEA-46AB-9A55-ADFE00EFD26A LL75 8RJ Porthllongdy Farm & Caravan Site Ltd, Porthllongdy,, Pentraeth Red Wharf Bay Ll75 8rj 24/7 Public 11m
4E010092-E7C9-4010-BBD0-C808D937AEF5 LL75 8RJ St Davids Park, Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey 24/7 Restricted 11m
396163DE-7278-4379-8B22-AE0100EFB753 LL75 8UP Pentraeth Primary School, Ysgol Gynradd Pentraeth, Lon Tanrallt 24/7 Public 11m
29465DD9-5C45-451F-B2CD-AFF600F6A80E LL75 8YS Ex Bt Kiosk Opposite Bragdy, Road From A5025 Through Rhoscefnhir To Junction West Of Maes Yr Efail Estate, Rhoscefnhir 24/7 Public 11m
F38C7F1E-9252-4EEA-B380-AFE9012E9581 LL77 7AR Screwfix, Unit 1 Llangefni Trade Park, Industrial Estate Road Variable Restricted 9m
18909201-6497-43C3-9F91-AE4500E3A28F LL77 7DU Siop Ellis, Church Terrace, Llangefni 24/7 Public 11m
70399827-66B7-427F-8E66-AEA600995176 LL77 7EN North Wales Police, Llangefni Ps, Llangefni 24/7 Restricted 11m
9A9BB619-65C9-424A-B76F-B0CE00CB38A3 LL77 7EN Rugby Club, Glanhwfa Road, Llangefni 24/7 Public 6m
3A625ADB-BFAD-4B42-AAB1-B13500C19993 LL77 7JA Petplace, Industrial Estate Road, Llangefni 24/7 Public 3m
780DCADF-9EAB-44F4-B5E8-AFB000EEFA74 LL77 7JA Hafan Cefni, Industrial Estate Road, Llangefni 24/7 Public 11m
F889689F-3C89-4565-B9CC-AE620110A74D LL77 7LP Medra, Canolfan Plant Llangefni, Ffordd Y Coleg 24/7 Public 11m
33324958-DC03-4D7C-B3B0-B08C00C7E2DC LL77 7LT Spar Stores, High Street, Llangefni 24/7 Public 9m
E5FD83BE-3AD8-4517-A1DA-1B255323498C LL77 7PT Llangefni Fire Station, Llangefni 24/7 Public 11m
5040DD63-F7D0-4DF8-9130-AFD600F53DF1 LL77 7QX Plas Arthur Leisure Centre, Plas Arthur, Llangefni 24/7 Public 11m
0C51FC1D-3157-48DE-B95C-61CD2263A445 LL77 7TQ Oriel Ynys Mon, General Area Of, Rhosmeirch Llangefni Variable Public 11m
31D448B2-CAF9-4443-9670-AE2100A3F727 LL77 7TW Isle Of Anglesey County Council, Mill Street, Llangefni 24/7 Public 11m
5F1BAA30-9915-4CDD-BF9E-AF3C00E98B4F LL77 7TW Cyngor Mon/Anglesey Council, Isle Of Anglesey County Council, Mill Street 24/7 Public 11m
1BB3C131-F598-4A46-BAE4-AF4E00838D58 LL77 7XA Bimeda Uk Ltd, Bimeda, 2 Bryn Cefni Industrial Park Variable Restricted 11m
A4D7483D-D9B2-42A9-971D-B03200A78FCF LL77 7YU Tafarn Y Rhos, Road From B4422 At Rhostrehwfa Past Ty Gwyn And Cartrefle To B5109, Rhostrehwfa 24/7 Public 11m
226F5B15-9A6E-4113-B2A5-C5401DEAF331 LL78 7JH Penrhos Caravan & Motorhome Club Site, General Area Of, Brynteg 24/7 Public 11m
730E3334-83F5-4A86-A674-AD95008C8D4A LL78 7JH Caravan Site Nant Newydd, B5110 From Junction Of Maeshyfryd Road In Llangefni To Junction With B5108 At Br, Llangefni 24/7 Public 11m
3946E339-8A82-44A5-9BBF-50A3451D392D LL78 8JY Storws Wen Golf Club, General Area Of, Brynteg 24/7 Public 11m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

The OSM objects here are not close enough to an unmatched AED in one of the data sources to be matched. Matches to an AED in the Circuit that is further away can be forced by adding a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the corresponding Circuit UUID. It is not possible to force a match to the NDDB.

Found 51 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n5077053683 Indoors, at Reception.
MZ n6223880863 outside police station
MZ n6376383748 Front of building next to toilet corridor entrance
MZ n6614859981
MZ n6622528685
MZ n6652660138 By security desk. Available when shop open.
MZ n7220882979
MZ n7531919210 Outside Neuadd Owen Village Hall on front wall of building at the right-hand end
MZ n7657231148
MZ n8283444567 Jobcentre Plus
MZ n8283444569 Premier Inn
MZ n8358483705 Inside shelter on Platform 2 at Bache Railway Station
MZ n8477638563 in green phone box near entrance to Ty Newydd Campsite
MZ n8691137792 291 Inside red telephone kiosk
MZ n8969102295 On outside wall.
MZ n9177654275
MZ n9217185774 443 inside old red phone box, Dolwen
MZ n9461092367 CPAD1724 on wall of co-op to the left of entrance
MZ n9550795856 inside phone box on high Street, nearjunction with Ffordd y Cain in Llanfyllin
MZ n9740412820
MZ n9814545862 Inside Jobcentre Plus.
MZ n9921268523 outside Owain Glyndŵr Memorial Hall
MZ n10154189453 Outside Aigburth Community Church entrance on Wingate Road
MZ n10302456081 On floating landing stage at rear railing next to fire station
MZ n10302659325 In main lobby, to R of entrance to reception
MZ n10304286083 Inside Tesco on wall behind self-checkout
MZ n10603846299 Inside Marks and Spencer Simply Food, near Customer Service Desk on Left near Entrance
MZ n10699259138 Directly inside main entrance against back wall
MZ n10802162624 Behind reception desk
MZ n10825602553 outside Belle Vale Community Fire Station
MZ n10873518624 RHIF 164 Wall of Griffiths Pharmacy
MZ n10876744433 outside Village Hall, Penrhyn-Side
MZ n10997383653 Cabinet. public access cabinet with code lock on wall of Home Sense. Outside Nandos entrance.
MZ n11023083861 Public Access Defibrillator on outside of Village Hall in coded cabinet.
MZ n11026483830 Attached to wall of Ian's Barber Shop
MZ n11459623685 outside Nationwide Building Society, Prescot Road
MZ n11526423800 outside the toilets, The Green, Rossett
MZ n11537300369 Sage chartered accountants
MZ n11546162670 public toilets
MZ n11689938569 Outside of security near washing machines.
MZ n11737235448
MZ n11737235449
MZ n11746868602
MZ n11758440088 Outside of Sumba School House on the south wall.
MZ n11758487397 Outside of the toilet block on the east wall
MZ n11794381469 Outside JMU security lodge wall
MZ n11862129616 Cabinet on wall outside City Aesthetics
MZ n11863133893 In foyer
MZ n11962830729 Indoors ground floor between cafe and theatre foyer. White cabinet on wall backing onto Hunter Street. Next to cafe toilets and red stair case. Storyhouse
MZ n11963007867 Green free-standing Cabinet on Pavement outside beer garden of Hickory’s. Chester Motorcycle Riders
MZ n12027198694 outside Sychdyn Memorial Hall

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

To confirm a match as correct, add a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag to the OSM object with the UUID from The Circuit. To remove an incorrect match, either add the correct UUID (if the AED is listed in The Circuit) or add a not:ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag with a semi-colon separated list of UUIDs not to match.

Found 149 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
217F43A0-91B0-4F28-A450-AFA3008C804A LL11 3DT Public Telephone 35m From Honey Cottage, New Brighton 4m From Unnamed Road, Lane From B5426 To New Brighton, Minera n11004926702 inside old red phone box, New Brighton, 10 m
B17D1EAC-7045-4EEA-8945-B07700CB1307 LL11 5YA Bwlchgwyn Community Centre Community Centre, Stryt Maelor, Bwlchgwyn n12057810114 outside Bwlchgwyn Village Hall 13 m
C63042CC-E5B5-45ED-A245-ADF300C95EBB LL11 4TY Gwersyllt Community Council, Summerhill Village Institute, New Road n12058008443 outside Summerhill Village Institute 4 m
ED85018D-2CE8-44D7-A860-B0CA00EBF4B0 LL12 8EY Gresford Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Pant Lane n8557899216 inside red phone box, Pant Lane, Gresford 2 m
089627DB-D704-419B-8BD0-B0A701050186 LL13 0BY Village Hall, Overton Road, Bangor On Dee n12058071845 outside Bangor-on-Dee Village Hall 7 m
6EF479B9-2CC6-41EE-9424-821B9E9AD9C2 LL13 0EE Overton Village Hall, Penyllan Street, Overton Wrexham n11393171708 outside Overton Village Hall 9 m
87BA1511-A1F2-47B5-9D50-AEF60094451E LL13 0LS Mscc, Public Telephone 18m From Garthside 6m From A539, A539 From Grange Road To Ellesmere Lane n11004960034 inside old red phone box, Penley 7 m
9AE67040-5123-49B5-BEF9-AFFD0097FCC6 LL14 1UG Tainant Phone Box, Post Box 38m From St Davids Cottage, Tainant On Unnamed Road, Lane From Bridleway To Mountain Lodge n10767521745 inside old red phone box in Tai-nant - by the bridge 2 m
CB35B8C9-F646-472B-B093-AC6900ABF2A6 LL14 5AF National Trust, Visitor Information Chirk Castle, Chirk Castle n11078702141 35 m
CC2F45E2-BD83-4BD8-A7EF-AEB500AC7F7D LL14 5DD 11 Lower Chirk Bank, Chirk Bank n10797480720 Redundant Phone Box 23 m
0D89ED4A-DF40-4A94-A884-8B04B83CA78C LL15 2UD Public Telephone 31m From Drovers Cottage 8m From Unnamed Road, Rhewl School To Bod Ynys Junction, Ruthin n7997611072 Inside old telephone box 1 m
5004396D-4AFA-4796-9C86-ACF600F82766 LL15 2DE Bontuchel Chapel, Bontuchel, Ruthin n9991362937 On wall to right of porch 7 m
57F271C3-13DE-4536-8B7F-5731B328A4D8 LL15 2NA Glan Llyn Inn, B5105 Clawddnewydd Village To Pont Petryal Crossroads, Clawddnewydd n10827054674 On front wall of Glan Llyn pub, between the two doors. 8 m
CC8A393E-97A2-45CB-8C23-4392D965AFE4 LL15 2PB Pwllglas Village Hall, General Area Of, Pwllglas Ruthin n7997650066 On wall in the porch to the right of the door 9 m
35CCC5BB-0D39-4D92-93CA-AF8F00CBF205 LL16 3EN Myddleton College, Myddelton College, Park Street n3903706166 on corner 2 m
6588E144-5D5A-404E-9D1C-AC690189E60B LL16 5RT Plwyf Y Bylchau Memorial Hall, Groes To Rhydgaled Road, Llansannan n7661016389 On front wall of village hall 3 m
70D9D498-2888-4113-B0AF-AECB014ADB41 LL16 4BT Red Phone Kiosk, Waen Stores, Aberwheeler n8094362772 Inside former red telephone kiosk in Aberchwiler 12 m
7B37C11D-E910-4573-933E-F041A664707F LL16 5AR Post Office, Denbigh Street, Henllan Denbigh n4982522882 On wall to left of pillar box 14 m
7FD623D2-68FD-4780-AB56-306D56D8BA5E LL16 4AA Siop Y Parc, 1a Lon Tywysog, Denbigh n8177693212 5 m
838BE99B-B0EA-4154-BC3E-0380E94BA5DE LL16 4HG Cocoa & Reading Room, Cocoa Rooms Church Square, B5429 Gables Farm Junction To Llandyrnog Roundabout n7752742525 On front wall of Cocoa Rooms, Church Square 4 m
A8A8D8D6-C4E0-4E90-9E55-C8CD660DDA1B LL16 5EA The Village Hall, Llanefydd, Denbigh n7638636436 On right hand wall of village hall, around the corner 10 m
D660100F-1912-414E-916E-AD7F015CFECA LL16 3RG Denbigh Fire Station, Smithfield Road, Denbigh n7875484701 On front wall of fire station, to left of entrance 12 m
DE6578C2-E513-4AFB-A3EC-9619CEBBEF16 LL16 5PL Cyngor Cymuned Nantglyn, Church House, Segrwyd Mill Junction To Nantglyn B5435 Junction n7661260203 On front wall of Church House 9 m
E2BDD68D-9DE8-45CC-9F6A-B01A00990868 LL16 5SP Alwen Reservoir Bridge, Track To Pen Ffrith Leading To Alwen Reservoir Bridge, 3 Word - Heat.roughest.breakfast n11116117966 In a yellow cabinet mounted on a post at the east end of the bridge. 8 m
E68E953A-78B4-4871-94BB-9DC6072C1A7D LL16 4LN Golden Lion Inn, Golden Lion To Hwylfa Llwyn, Llangynhafal Denbigh n7752788097 On left hand wall of building on track to the car park 9 m
EB5083FE-8679-485C-9669-ABFC01625E8F LL16 4LL Red Phone Kiosk, Hendrerwydd White Horse Inn, Hendrerwydd n7752737269 inside red telephone box 79 m
23E24560-D8F0-44D8-A215-ADE2010C6091 LL17 0UN Tremeirchion, Cwm And Waen Community Council, The Old School, Salisbury Arms Road To Aelwyd Ucha n7620383397 Outside Tremeirchion Village Hall on left exterior wall around the corner from the post box 38 m
4ABD0774-C29F-4FCE-B9C2-B05F009C4F82 LL17 0LT St Asaph Fire Station, The Roe, St Asaph n9986120992 outside St Asaph Fire Station 11 m
D8593F6F-6D2A-4506-A67D-BC23B37BB5EB LL17 0BU The Chippery, Gwylfa, Bronwylfa Square n9107678459 On front of the Chippery shop, to the right of the windows 5 m
220B5AFE-061C-42EA-B9D1-B069010925E5 LL18 5PT The Odyn, 5-7 Princes Road, Rhyl n11516807083 On right-hand end of The Odyn community centre 22 m
528A8638-25AD-401F-B1F3-9687A8A53FA8 LL18 6EJ Gwaenysgor Telephone Box, Public Telephone 6m From Siop Ucha Farm, Lon Capel 5m From Unnamed Road, Lon Capel n414727794 inside red phone box, in Gwaenysgor 1 m
9EB1A59D-84C5-4DFB-A1A5-AC3D00D95670 LL18 5WS Spar Stores, Spar Bodelwyddan, Unit 1 Fountain Place n11223332359 on wall to left of entrance 20 m
C1AE64A7-114C-439B-B361-AE5F016EFFD7 LL18 2UF Rhuddlan Town Council, 3 Clwyd Avenue, Rhuddlan n9831406679 Inside former telephone kiosk 6 m
CA4958FA-803B-4F03-A660-AE66008D71A3 LL18 5RB Penisa, Dyserth Road, Rhyl n9986012686 inside phone box opposite junction of Dyserth Road and Princess Park in Rhuddlan 13 m
DFDF3D36-4AC5-44A1-8FC4-AD8A00978440 LL18 2UE Rhuddlan Library, 9 Vicarage Lane, Rhyl n9831406690 On front wall of library to the right of the entram 10 m
BDE0ECEB-01A3-498A-8728-29FBA376E9EA LL19 9AH Scala Cinema, 47 High Street, Prestatyn n7823763482 On front pillar to the right of the main entrance 26 m
23FED803-934A-43BC-AE2F-AB0B011B593A LL20 7YR Trevor Public Toilets, New Road, Trevor n8574412485 Defibrillator on front of toilet block 3 m
3F744296-6414-4CBD-8601-7734950E33CF LL20 8PF Riverbanc Cafe, 9 Bridge Street, Llangollen n11088955438 8 m
D58C55F9-4D01-46CE-B317-DC4154AFAB0D LL20 7RH The Community Centre, Froncysyllte Community Centre, Froncysyllte n9965863017 7 m
20D0E495-1F82-4104-A9F2-B01D00737D04 LL21 9TT Llyn Brenig - Near Sailing Club, Llyn Brenig, 3 Word - Sweated.reach.positions n11622645648 20 m
33177E5B-9B3D-4637-9A90-C59AA3CAAE4E LL21 0LA Post Office, Cynwyd Village Shop - Post Office, Corwen n11018544500 6 m
610C3B45-A2D5-49A1-A8FD-E6DB2CEE1F70 LL21 0AD Corwen Fire Station, Corwen n11017469747 On outside wall of fire station, next to police station on Stryd y Bont 13 m
B9820089-8FB8-434F-9921-B14800A9E217 LL21 9TT Llyn Brenig Osprey Hide, Llyn Brenig, Cerrigydrudion n11132650080 15 m
FF0A348D-A0CB-4A41-BB41-ABDB010F6570 LL21 0RN Capel Gellioedd, Gellioedd, Llangwm n9707698953 On front wall of chapel to right of the door. 16 m
041013FC-D515-41D7-ACC3-150F3AA65953 LL22 8RY Black Lion Hotel, Swan Square, Llanfairtalhaiarn n8736778892 On front wall of Black Lion pub 15 m
053C5A60-84FC-43C0-8D13-AEB4016EDE05 LL22 7EA Abergele Town Council, Public Telephone 27m From 2 Lon Derw 6m From Lon Derw, Lon Derw n11004959894 inside old phone box, Lôn Ffawydd, Abergele 1 m
05A9FFE1-5026-4ADA-91D1-AB1800C15AF5 LL22 9BU Abergele Community Council, Primrose Cottage Church Street, St. George n9217209450 inside red phone box at junction of Primrose Hill and Church Street in St George 6 m
43006E2D-D49E-4A13-946F-B00C00A8655B LL22 8SN Memorial Hall, 1 Denbigh Road, Llanfairtalhaiarn n8736778891 On wall of memorial hall, to the right of the front door 40 m
5132D201-5F0F-4C2C-8D58-B13100AA9D45 LL22 8DP Abergele Hospital, Llanfair Road, Abergele n11660433474 On corner of building next to bus stop 77 m
DD386F26-DB35-4509-A2BF-0634B2BCB77D LL22 8UL Public Telephone 21m From Y Felin 5m From B5384, Phone Kiosk, Pandy Tudur n7326267481 inside red phone box, Pandy Tudur 0 m
ED08C13F-114F-4115-A06C-3FA382AC03F3 LL22 8AP Village Hall - Neuadd, Dolwen Road, Betws Yn Rhos n11899074211 outside Neuadd Betws-yn-Rhos 16 m
48384655-44C7-4E92-8B93-B0A500C67CBA LL23 7AG Canolfan Bro Tegid, 28 High Street, Y Bala n6635230863 inside phone box, High Street, Bala 48 m
6BFA76BE-AA80-49BA-9B6B-B85DE0B3B5F8 LL23 7SF Neuadd Maes Y Waen Village Hall, Maes Y Waen, Bala n12058105070 12 m
A290592B-D653-45DB-A9C0-E826E7E655AC LL23 7DA Public Telephone 77m From 5 Plas Onn 4m From B4403, Plas Onn, Llangywer n3165603804 inside old phone box in Llangywer 2 m
A8B64359-4007-4B5C-A933-2778303062C9 LL23 7LG Neuadd Sarnau, Sarnau, Bala n11535629718 17 m
026046C3-19E0-42DB-AC7E-523596F8465E LL24 0LE Pentrefoilas - Toilet Block, Aber Pwll, Pentrefoelas n8665595938 Front wall of toilet block 9 m
1918CDA8-0F19-4FB1-BBED-AE9300F44854 LL24 0PD Public Telephone 19m From Bryniau Howel On Unnamed Road, Ffordd Lon Gefn, Ysbyty Ifan n8508528848 in red phone box 1 m
52DEDC10-2702-46C2-B0DC-0E68B7128AD6 LL24 0UF Londis / Post Office, Siop Penmachno - Post Office, Ty'n Y Ddol Road n11345305447 5 m
59E07A6A-2CC9-4756-ACA4-F30AEF887104 LL24 0DW Toll At Swallow Falls, A5t Betws Y Coed, Betws Y Coed n6565098886 6 m
5CAC33CE-4205-4C4B-9D78-A8BE4EA8CEE9 LL24 0EL Jo Brown, Capel Curig, Betws Y Coed n10066703956 On outside wall of shop. 23 m
8FDBC609-FF44-476A-A1FE-B0DDF8B8E284 LL24 0RH The Community Centre, General Area Of, Cwm Penmachno Betws Y Coed n4596612624 14 m
92F4E98A-29FE-4DCC-B300-031E65C21C5D LL24 0EL Clogwyn Outdoor Shop And Cafe, The Moel Siabod Cafe, A5t Capel Curig n5487235091 Wall mounted outside cafe entrance 9 m
AD5D3A1C-8181-4546-BE4C-B9E7FA6621A1 LL24 0HN Public Telephone 25m From Tandderwen 7m From A5, Padog (A5t), Betws Y Coed n255583360 inside phone box, by A5 bridge over River Conwy 7 m
BC1E1213-4B0E-4C5E-936C-5C5E101A4AA4 LL24 0AB Londis / Post Office, Holyhead Road, Betws-Y-Coed n6900888738 9 m
042AA1FF-F2E5-421D-97DD-195588A20FE7 LL27 0YJ Public Telephone 12m From 3 Tai Isaf 6m From Unnamed Road, Penrhos To Llanrhychwyn Road, Llanrhychwyn Trefriw n8501623124 inside red phone box that is now a book exchange in Coed Derw 1 m
4EEC7799-2C2C-4FA7-9B16-00034632E8EC LL27 0QA Trefriw Village Hall, General Area Of, Trefriw n11910258400 On wall of Trefriw Hall 76 m
16FAC993-7FF2-41FA-B160-B0C8012C1D0E LL29 8HH Porth Eirias, Promenade, Colwyn Bay n12049043474 on roadside entrance of porth Eirias building. Bryn Williams bistro 13 m
C4405235-8FAE-48B5-B4C6-BAD64722262B LL29 8YA White Lion Inn, Llanelian Road, Colwyn Bay n9402547970 inside old red phone box, Llanelian yn Rhos - opposite White Lion pub 38 m
00178C1D-FCDF-4A3E-9383-02B189A3C434 LL30 2XF The Summit Complex, Bishops Quarry, Great Orme Llandudno n6984511165 17 m
3927BB76-2741-4AE8-8BCC-AEC800EB9B3E LL30 1BB Venue Cymru, The Parade, Llandudno n10078071717 outside Venue Cymru - facing beach 29 m
BAC1B9AB-E334-4D48-B007-AD3D00ED803F LL30 2BB Play Area, West Parade, West Shore n8946549293 On outside wall of toilet 26 m
79D0B2A6-3623-4027-ACA5-AF2A00D0DF21 LL31 9NB Llandudno Junction Railway Station, Conwy Road, Conwy n9816914827 On the external wall, next to the staircase entrance 61 m
0592C7E3-355C-468F-9E54-B762D25168A1 LL32 8BB Rnli Inshore Rescue Station The Quay, Conwy Quay Access Road, Conwy n7392298910 On wall of lifeboat station (outside) 7 m
1108B180-D91A-4832-B66D-B09000CFE332 LL32 8BE Conwy Sightseeing Cruises, Lower Gate Street, Conwy n1718383933 In red phone box where High Street meets Lower Gate Streeet, Conwy. 90 m
B273EC55-DC59-4648-A7E7-6EF7B502DD8D LL32 8JU Dolgarrog Stores, Dolgarog Stores - Siop Porthllwyd, Conwy Road n8957168769 On outside wall. 52 m
B85C4406-07A3-4430-ADB4-1041E306E476 LL32 8YU Rowen Memorial Hall Committee, Public Telephone Kiosk 11m From Ty Gwyn Hotel On Yr Hen Berllan, Caerhun Footpath 08 n1719734213 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchnage), next to pub, Yr Hen Berllan, Rowen 2 m
482D8720-5674-4DE6-808A-424510EA97FD LL33 0LP Caffi Hen Felin, Hen Felin, Abergwyngregyn n10955644461 outside Cafe Hen Felin, Abergwyngregyn 6 m
6AED883B-433F-49D5-901F-AC5300DF492C LL35 0NR Neuadd Dyfi, Penrhos, Aberdyfi n11378948686 outside Village Hall 16 m
37ADB6EF-EACE-405C-AD4A-ACD200CC6EBD LL36 0DG Promenade, Marine Parade, Tywyn n10962671390 10 m
5151D9F1-5E16-413F-B24F-AD0B00C13A30 LL36 9HY Tywyn Town Council, Maethlon Chapel, Happy Valley n2126817496 inside red phone boxby Cwm Maethlon 22 m
EBA70BEC-5356-48A2-9C92-95828ED14BB5 LL36 9PR Y Ganolfan Bryncrug Community Centre, Cefn Coed, Bryncrug n10065435695 outside Y Ganolfan Bryncrug 16 m
196DA7F9-E031-4735-BD3D-44FDEFB216DD LL38 2EQ Fairbourne Village Hall, The Village Hall,, Beech Road / Francis Avenue n11378927608 outside Friog & Fairbourne Village Hall 15 m
22F426BC-522F-4FA3-A504-BFDFA7F8B7C7 LL40 1DL Ceir Gwyndaf Evans, Marian, Dolgellau n6614860299 16 m
62BE2C56-41F7-4597-A9EC-B0F201629137 LL40 2AU Neuadd Rhydymain Village Hall, Village Hall, Rhydymain n12058108996 15 m
D0C491A5-9B85-46F4-B92F-AF65010B4141 LL40 1HU 27 Ffordd Y Felin, Dolgellau n11148598546 42 m
D7435FD9-D147-4220-8534-B04000B78A09 LL40 2UE Bontddu Village Hall, Neuadd Y Pentref, A496 From Bontddu To Pont Borthwnog n12058075452 outside Neuadd Y Pentref Bontddu 10 m
11505CBF-CBFE-45B2-8C1F-AFE8010F7669 LL41 4AU Cae Clyd Football Ground, Cae Clyd Road, Cae Clyd n11077173007 on fence 24 m
63E79208-41DF-4F6F-9EC9-AC8701690DAF LL41 4TG Public Telephone 11m From 9 Ardudwy Terrace On Stryd Ardudwy, Pen Y Garreg, Trawsfynydd n11004963464 inside old phone box, Stryd Ardudwy 2 m
C6ED8DC5-9F31-4A81-84A7-E17EE3CACCDA LL41 4SP J M Hughes & Sons Cambrian Garage, General Area Of, Trawsfynydd Blaenau Ffestiniog n10954521353 Trawsfynydd 22 m
417E0527-BEC2-42BD-A4EE-8ED68F5BA9CA LL43 2AA Cyfleusterau Cyhoeddus - Public Toilets, Llwyn Ynn, Tal Y Bont Barmouth n10955542776 in bus shelter on side of public toilets in Tal y Bont 5 m
19CC29FD-6013-47AA-9884-B0DE01491F30 LL48 6AD Siop A Chaffi Garreg, Llanfrothen, Post Office, Garreg n8845264526 11 m
3BFBB5CF-4107-4088-ACDD-B0C400A8AAA7 LL48 6DF Glasfryn Villa, 1 A4085 From Cefn Meusydd To Join A487(T) At High Street, Penrhyndeudraeth n2345297554 inside old phone box in Penrhyndeudraeth 8 m
A8BCF494-80AF-4F3D-8FAE-B0C400A4113F LL48 6LP Antur Dwyryd, Canolfan Fenter Penrhyndeudraeth Market Square, A487(T) From The A4085 Junction By The Griffin Hotel To Ty Cae Fali Lay-By n2345297519 inside old phone box at bottom of High Street, Penrhyndeudraeth - opposite Library 14 m
85C46491-1727-4E87-B35C-E7875C4DDDAC LL53 6LZ Cefn Engan - Telephone Kiosk, Cefn Engan, Llangybi n9402528222 inside telephone box, Llangybi 6 m
E785AFE3-92ED-41B0-8A4D-606A0130E52F LL53 6NG Public Telephone 23m From Hen Felin 7m From Unnamed Road, Lon Caernarfon, Llwyndyrys n8514581921 inside red phone box 1 m
6D6C9E15-6FFF-4637-91B4-AEC800A7EB12 LL54 7AA Pwyllgor Pentref Carmel, Neuadd Pentref Carmel, Carmel n10876717218 outside Carmel Village Hall 7 m
A84D0F6F-A912-4D22-B1D7-548E8D4AFC86 LL54 7DG Neuadd Bentref Y Groeslon, Groeslon, Caernarfon n10876710280 outside Groeslon Village Hall 12 m
ECE80700-B80A-4133-9FDD-39B86D18F4CC LL54 5EG Phone Kiosk, Pontllyfni, Caernafron n803739795 inside phone box in Pontllyfni 8 m
FB6B0182-8ECE-4F6F-9FA8-B5CF7E626551 LL54 6TL Cwellyn Arms, Rhyd Ddu, Caernarfon n9420990093 To the left of entrance door to Cwellyn Arms 6 m
01AC4A98-33AD-474B-B433-37C61BCE8272 LL55 2HS Tesco Stores Ltd, South Road, Caernarfon n6724832772 front of store by tills 18 m
08F5CB2B-4FFE-41B4-A4FF-4ADBFE98A2EF LL55 3EB Arfon Garage, Clwt Y Bont, Deiniolen n7844522206 front of building 6 m
110BE84E-B457-47F2-A733-AFB200D856B9 LL55 4EE The Snowdon Inn, A4086 From Junction Of Southern Cwm Y Glo Access Road To A4244 Junction, Cwm Y Glo n10588758828 on outside wall by entrance 6 m
1455DAA6-AF40-4E84-AC99-513B109DF684 LL55 4TB Gorsaf Heddlu, Llanberis Police Station, Maes Padarn n10815324494 Mounted on the front wall of the Fire Station. 4 m
1DB717D5-AE16-4B74-8A6F-AD21011F11A9 LL55 4YB Beddgelert Woodcraft Gallery, Minafon, Stryd Yr Eglwys n10078438760 21 m
1EAF8702-1D72-4301-AFCF-AF2E0105EE3A LL55 4TY Cyngor Gwynedd, Yard And Store Gilfach Ddu, Road From A4086 Passing Sewage Works To Pont Y Bala n11345340489 15 m
48A2B733-1DF0-43EF-8ED4-89C1F6F817B8 LL55 4EU Petes Eats Ltd, 38-40 High Street, Llanberis Caernarfon n9884941104 11 m
48AC738F-E927-4DFE-B754-AD6000DFAAB1 LL55 4UW Tea Rooms Pen Ceunant Isaf, Cwm Ddu Arddu, Llanberis n9213695410 Penceunant Isaf Cafe Llanberis 6 m
5FD7F8CA-AC5A-4AAE-9646-F4814256489F LL55 4YD Tourist Information Centre, Beddgelert Caernarfon n9986898087 outside Beddgelert Tourist Information Centre - to left of entrance 7 m
65B83442-AFEC-41FA-B6C0-9F68A22E92BB LL55 4UF Gorsaf Achub Mynydd, A4086 From Glanrafon Terrace To Nant Ffynnon Estate, Nant Peris n9801653445 6 m
7D6EED49-F7AA-4EAF-9548-AC5C0098573C LL55 4BW Cyngor Cymuneb Llanrug, Sefydliad Coffa Llanrug, Village Institute n7316126705 5 m
84B93B16-FA74-43A1-85E1-3D3892566006 LL55 2HP Caer Service Station, South Road, Caernarfon n6724832771 front left of building facing pumps 19 m
997AC99B-4A32-4DF7-A382-AC5C00A29BF8 LL55 4AN Cyngor Cymuneb Llanrug, Glyntwrog Inn, A4086 From Llanrug Square Passing Ysgol Gynradd Llanrug To The Crossroads At Glyntwrog Inn n6240376722 8 m
AB18F120-32AD-43AD-8B51-AC5C00A48CC2 LL55 4DD London Road Garage, Maes Y Gerddi, Cwm Y Glo n9934508901 On outside wall. 82 m
C3570FDF-A599-4A92-A648-AC5C008494E4 LL55 4AL Cyngor Cymuned Llanrug, Ystorfa Llanrug Plas Tirion Terrace, 1 A4086 From Llanrug Square Passing Ysgol Gynradd Llanrug To The Crossroads At Glyntwrog Inn n6240376720 Outside wall of shop 7 m
CEB1E4C2-8D07-424F-8E60-E83DDD2F9D05 LL55 4TB Llanberis Fire Station, Maes Padarn, Llanberis n10815324493 Mounted on the front wall of the Fire Station. 8 m
D14AB481-582D-453C-9FFE-AB1400E3CF75 LL55 4NU Wardens Centre, Pen-Y-Pass, Nant Gwynant n6900888743 34 m
D4BCB7A0-995B-4DAD-A5B5-B04C00B0370A LL55 4RY Bryn Y Maen, Ceunant, Caernarfon n11108364870 On a pole on the grassy area 11 m
DF86C165-BF14-4945-A574-AB0A00866BA0 LL55 4YH Public Telephone Kiosk, Capel Peniel, Nantmor n3455918244 inside red phone box, beside Capel Peniel, Nantmor 2 m
EB0B0654-E2CF-4FE7-A4B4-F63D763C106E LL55 4NL Nantmor Mountain Centre, Nant Gwynant, Caernarfon n10057161184 4 m
FBBF130F-C6B5-4F85-9757-C5EC8CDADA3E LL55 2UG Public Telephone 5m From Hen Bost 10m From A487, Lon Pandy, Bontnewydd Caernarfon n5550913410 Former telephone box 4 m
0932B290-F702-4201-A3D3-D5A38FB8F1A2 LL57 1AB Bangor Fire Station, Beach Road, Bangor n7260553175 9 m
1990C3AC-22B9-4CB8-9544-AB95009C7B0E LL57 2DX 9 Bryn Ogwen, Bangor n9822295970 On metal pole opposite junction of Penrhos Road and Coed y Maes 65 m
26D6B883-9E6E-4A5A-85EC-AF2A0099E781 LL57 1LZ Bangor (Gwynedd) Railway Station, Station Road, Bangor n9814253187 28 m
365A19E7-FA2A-46B2-AB99-AD2100DB9193 LL57 3EE Swyddfa'r Bost Cyf, Post Office, 8 Ffordd Llanllechid n10955738206 outside Siop y Pentref, Ffordd Llanllechid, Rachub - near Royal Oak pub 7 m
58493A97-818C-48A3-89E0-AD4B00CAB62D LL57 4UY Public Telephone 19m From Plas Tirion 5m From Unnamed Road, Lã”N Plas, Pentir n5602360785 inside former telephone kiosk 0 m
5F42CADB-9142-4A6F-9A34-B15E00A50A29 LL57 4AW Canolfan Tregarth, Canolfan Gymunedol Tregarth, Ffordd Tanrhiw n7179927774 13 m
C0C830E6-0522-4431-9E4E-AB0600F91CD4 LL57 3LH Cyngor Cymuned Llanllechid, 1 Foel Ogwen, Llanllechid n619220099 in red phone box, by junction of Bryn Eglwys and Ffordd Tan Y Bwlch in Llanllechid 5 m
CB6E1D7F-4246-4EA1-AAD2-AC1F00D795A0 LL57 1LJ Westend Academy, 39 Farrar Road, Bangor n9822296544 56 m
014C4D70-2E67-444D-A6B1-AD1900A46B29 LL58 8BY Beaumaris Town Council, Carpark, B5109 Fronting Green Edge n9586512358 2 m
10CC79F2-F1C3-4AED-B45B-AF410008C2DF LL58 8SL Llangoed Community Council, Coedwig Terrace, Penmon n8493237703 inside old red phone box in Penmon 1 m
12DCB2EA-2570-490F-A9D8-8C9EA2256CA6 LL58 8EL Beaumaris Fire Station, Beaumaris n5906790060 10 m
23834255-F528-4C79-B4FE-B496FF917287 LL58 8NN Llangoed Village Hall, Llangoed n9972902840 19 m
3A4EF738-0761-4389-BE60-AD6300ACD609 LL58 8YH Abc Service Station, Gallows Point, Beaumaris Road n8944869625 ABC service station, gallows point, beaumaris 9 m
4DC16349-DF6E-40ED-9B5F-F9A69B0FE9A2 LL58 8TS Yr Hen Ysgol, Neuadd Bentref Llanddona Village Hall, Llanddona n12058110397 outside Neuadd Bentref Llanddona Village Hall 19 m
D78F569C-8FEE-4CB4-BE04-A237854A34E9 LL58 8RP Penmon Point, Penmon, Llangoed n9819896718 21 m
DF1C9B4C-7813-4857-BA77-AD1900A7E8F2 LL58 8RA Beaumaris Town Council, Happy Valley Pavilion, Castle Sreet n9819655765 59 m
F296833C-C2F3-4158-92BE-AC480091E276 LL59 5SH Cwm Cadnant Community Council, Tan Y Ffordd, Llansadwrn n10876562888 inside old phone box, Llansadwrn 24 m
845B1125-D037-4C34-AF11-AFB200F50320 LL60 6AL Peninsula Windows, Road From Junction Near Gwernllwyn To A5 At Star Crossroads, Croesffordd Star n9822991688 outside Peninsula conservatories shop 12 m
ED36304B-AA8E-4E51-8C07-A264A17B7061 LL60 6ES Post Office Yr Efail, General Area Of, Llanddaniel Gaerwen n9823004395 7 m
DA733E81-4E08-433F-B480-723A4BD0E065 LL61 6UG Canolfan Brynsiencyn, Barras Road, Brynsiencyn n11688344048 5 m
5129A3E8-CB97-4252-A104-AE6A00A21DA6 LL63 5HX Ty-Croes Station, Plas Buan, Ty Croes, Anglesey n9814825435 27 m
8D7F0E1A-8872-4C9D-A6E4-6E82365CD19E LL64 5UQ High Street, Rhosneigr n4003040104 side door to street 13 m
9EAF995F-94F3-422C-8675-2A25CE616354 LL65 1UL 23 Market Street, Holyhead n9680541593 18 m
77D3D0AC-AC57-410F-8215-AEBD011C63ED LL67 0HL Cyngor Cymuned Llanbadrig, 36 High Street, Cemaes Bay n11035435236 On the outside wall of ,Cemaes Heritage Centre to the right of the entrance. 12 m
D252CDDD-6AED-4273-A614-AEBD011D5CB0 LL67 0ND Cyngor Cymuned Llanbadrig, Cemaes Beach Car Park, Bridge Street n11035738534 57 m
BFFFDE87-48AC-4DC0-9181-B1430089EA1E LL72 8NA Consuelo, Consuelo Caravan Park Toilet Block, Road From Junction With Road To Lligwy Beach South West Of Tyddyn Y Gwynt To Ffo n11778718945 On toilet/shower block 25 m
2522658D-E0F9-47AA-A230-98D5097399BD LL73 8PE Public Telephone 9m From Gwelfor 4m From Unnamed Road, Road From B5110 At Marian Glas Post Office Past Henefail To A5025 Near Glanrafon, Marianglas n8473521994 inside red phone box, Marianglas 12 m
E2CEE3A2-B682-4FC8-8A56-AEEC009F3F1E LL75 8RJ Ship Inn, Quay Terrace, Pentraeth n11732225059 Front wall of building 12 m
FF8ACEC7-D80B-4E00-AB28-AB0600C8460F LL77 7ST Talwrn, Talwrn Village Hall, Llangefni n12058134300 outside Neuadd Pentref Talwrn Village Hall 17 m

Circuit AEDs matched to an OSM object by reference

The matches here are when an AED in OSM has a ref:GB:the_circuit=* tag that matched a UUID from The Circuit.

Found 27 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
C16C1E7D-47EC-489F-B1F9-5A7B7CB158F5 LL58 8AW Bulkeley Hotel, 19 Castle Street, Beaumaris n3926816589 Bulkeley Hotel Reception Area 21 m
F7D8AC5C-B944-4FC9-9EB3-AE730118E494 LL55 4NH Cwmni Gwynant Cyf., Caffi Gwynant, Nant Gwynant n4350254114 outside Caffi Gwynant on wall of terrace 322 m
C10D35DD-EC87-4D3E-9671-117682404907 LL16 3AD Red Phone Kiosk, Opposite Specsavers, 7 Vale Street n5030940911 Inside red telephone kiosk, Vale Street, Denbigh 92 m
92B553F7-BADB-4F43-B636-AE7800867CE2 LL55 4UL Snowdon Summit Cafe, Nant Peris, Llanberis n5056327348 3377 m
01941B93-C8DE-4DD3-A77C-AB7300B72F98 LL36 9UR Talyllyn Railway, Off The B4405, Abergynolwyn n6614859980 473 m
5F63FE74-7518-423C-B6AE-AE7700794883 LL36 9UW Talyllyn Railway, Dolgoch Train Station, B4405 n6614859982 100 m
E4C5A77C-B3B1-47D8-874C-6393386E8B9B LL15 1SG Ysgol Gellifor, Gellifor, Ruthin n6651596693 457 m
15EC7280-3E14-446D-8D6B-0ABAF29F82C7 LL30 1HA Llandudno Fire Station, Llandudno n6855802917 12 m
57D8CCCB-AFC0-46F0-B0D4-6CC508CD57B2 LL58 8AP Public Conveniences Archway, Road From Castle Street Near T, Beaumaris n7129398200 Under the black metal staircase. 1 m
BE6CC1DE-3CB0-4173-8873-ABED0098EE27 LL72 8HL Y Siop, Moelfre n7657231147 160 m
5B6AB0D4-3E14-4D7B-86E4-B0B8BC5198A9 LL16 3DT Masons Arms, Rhyl Road, Denbigh n8177667385 7 m
15AE13DD-0576-4C8A-9F46-AC6A00D89942 LL16 3ER Plas Pigot, Ruthin Road, Denbigh n8440850986 Inside porch at front entrance 11 m
916BFE4C-079D-4C44-9B35-AF0601138E3F LL53 7LH Public Telephone 19m From Congl Gron 6m From Unnamed Road, Lôn Pentre Bach, Abersoch n8514604251 inside red phone box in Llanengan 4 m
E85DFAEF-6182-480B-8938-AD9600C34F80 LL16 3EW Denbigh Town Fc, Lower Park, Park Street n9180018363 on fence to the right of football club entrance 95 m
E2CB817B-9500-4A2F-9F71-AE78008CC1F0 LL55 4UL Snowdon Half Way Cafe, Llanberis Path, Llanberis n9213695408 Mounted on the wall to the left-hand side of Halfway Cafe, Llanberis path. 1664 m
590A90E2-04FE-4483-BC11-AE1301029E6E LL56 4JN Port Dinorwic Marina, Y Felinheli, Gwynedd n9749297518 38 m
05004DC3-92CB-4FF2-9638-AE5D00BD52B6 LL21 9TT Llyn Alwen Reservoir Car Park, Cerrigydridion, Corwen n9866682771 In yellow cabinet at entrance to car park. 222 m
537A08E8-B8A0-491F-9949-AC130126F44C LL58 8PB Glanrafon Phone Kiosk, Glan Yr Afon, Llangoed n9972862502 inside old phone box, Glan-yr-afon 135 m
15C1648D-A4C2-499D-B609-B15B012D75C4 LL23 7ES The Old Post Office - Inside Telephone Kiosk, Road From Ty Hwnt I'r Afon To Pont Rhiwaedog, Rhosygwalia n10294982702 inside old phone box in Rhos-y-gwaliau 3 m
9CCA4ECC-5734-490B-91A8-AF9100DE1651 LL24 0EU Glan Dena, A5t Ogwen, Ogwen n10768859977 On outside wall. 19 m
A18C1F5B-0172-4A0D-B54E-AE5D00DDAAEA LL16 5RN Brenig North Shore Car Park, North Shore Car Park, Denbigh n11034164247 8 m
03E8CADC-C244-48B3-B2D1-AF6401014979 LL36 9AJ Ystradlyn, Ystradlyn Visitor Centre, Talyllyn n11061462050 left hand side of building when facing the building 99 m
FC2DDC65-D92E-435D-B08D-2633F0B31E80 LL33 0EB Deeside Fire Station, Queensferry n11259317270 On outside wall of fire station. 123 m
BF9DD9EA-54DC-4184-9F2D-AF9401732CDE LL15 2AY Ysgol Carreg Emlyn, Clocaenog, Ruthin n11494043818 87 m
9401C84D-4BEA-4D24-A45D-AF5C00ECDB6F LL26 0PN Gwydr Uchaf, Natural Resources Wales, Gwydyr Uchaf, Llanwrst n11916160860 189 m
B46A769F-A764-49D8-B73C-AE330119CA8A LL13 9YL Holt Community Council, Post Office, Castle Street n11916550831 Cabinet on front of building next to entrance. 99 m
649749F3-656B-4AF5-B13D-9F70667795F8 LL20 8LA Llangollen Fire Station, Queen Street, Llangollen n12033682918 Cabinet on front of building. 13 m

NDDB AEDs matched to an OSM object by location

Found 6 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
4371 LL12 8EY Telephone Box, Clwyd n8557899216 inside red phone box, Pant Lane, Gresford 2 m
8034 LL17 0LU St Asaph Cricket Club, Denbighshire n9986120992 outside St Asaph Fire Station 48 m
2559 LL18 6EJ Telephone Box, Flintshire n414727794 inside red phone box, in Gwaenysgor 4 m
3445 LL23 7ES Telephone Box, Gwynedd n10294982702 inside old phone box in Rhos-y-gwaliau 21 m
3446 LL23 7DA Telephone Box, Gwynedd n3165603804 inside old phone box in Llangywer 1 m
3461 LL55 4NU Pen-y-Pass Car Park, Gwynedd n6900888743 6 m

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API. Includes data from The Circuit / Defib Finder. Includes data from the National Defibrillator Database.