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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'LU' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 227 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
74456632-F7E7-455A-803F-AF9E015F1929 LU1 1HB Bury Park Masjid, Bury Park Jamia Masjid Mosque, 21-27 Bury Park Road 24/7 Public
838C93D8-D7D5-4FB5-A4CC-B0A800C9EAAC LU1 1LZ Dallow Primary School, Dallow Road, Luton 24/7 Restricted
68919250-5CE3-499E-AC82-AFEC00D5770B LU1 1UU Screwfix, Unit 8, Bilton Way Variable Restricted
3CDC49FA-578D-43E1-B6D3-AF50011015CE LU1 1YB Gibbs And Dandy, 226 Dallow Road, Luton Variable Public
9AA3EA70-0D01-4D0E-8847-AE9200B1EAAF LU1 2AZ Admiral, 34 George Street, Luton 24/7 Public
786 LU1 2HN Cheapside Mall Entrance, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
880DB2AD-EFBF-48BD-ACCE-ADDD00ACC208 LU1 2HN The Mall Luton, Cheapside Mall Entrance, Luton 24/7 Public
98DAF6DA-A296-402B-A657-AE2100E5D264 LU1 2LL Tesco Stores Ltd, 57 The Mall, Luton 24/7 Public
C3507147-E6BD-4362-BB6C-AF9500F47E01 LU1 2TQ O2 Store (0088) Luton, 96 The Mall, Luton Variable Restricted
175E6929-7316-4BC5-A4A3-AE6400D9F334 LU1 3BS Celtic Supporters Club, Chobham Street, Luton 24/7 Public
4373 LU1 3HG NOAH Enterprise, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
CEBF5BF6-7D68-46D5-876D-B04A00E86FAC LU1 3HG Noah Welfare Centre, Day Centre For The Homeless, 137-141 Park Street 24/7 Public
40E36A4F-C3F0-41E7-89C5-AE9E008ACF05 LU1 3HZ Luton Salvation Army, 1 Vicarage Street, Luton 24/7 Public
BACFB015-EC26-424E-8FD6-AF4F00D22383 LU1 3JF St Marys Church, 1 St Marys Road, Luton Variable Restricted
6DFB4CC7-78BD-4F85-B0D5-AF2000C615ED LU1 3JH Savills - Luton Retail Park, Gipsy Ln, Luton 24/7 Public
2F4E4349-017D-4659-9AD4-AF4F00AFD7AE LU1 3LU Pieroth Ltd/Hallgarten Wines Ltd, Mulbury House, Parkland Square Variable Restricted
AFC78A8B-943B-4B5F-AABA-AE0200DF4D25 LU1 3LU David Lloyd - Luton, 910 Capability Green, Luton Variable Restricted
BE85DEE5-390A-45DE-B1BB-AF8E00F63E31 LU1 3LU Ey Luton, 400 Capability Green, Luton Variable Restricted
E9DE1AE8-4A45-426B-9FAE-AEAD008CBE49 LU1 3LU 500 Capability Green, Luton 24/7 Public
C7A253F6-C77D-4253-B69C-AFB000F5D38A LU1 3RW Ludlow Avenue Estate, 1a Ludlow Avenue, Luton 24/7 Restricted
8B47D224-1EAC-4B43-BA28-B06900C82C2A LU1 3TD P P F Ltd, Ppf Ltd, Unit 10-14 Homefarm 24/7 Public
D9AB617A-DF95-4074-AA17-AD9E0108AE7E LU1 3TQ Estate Office, Luton Hoo Estate, Hyde 24/7 Restricted
4892747C-066E-4910-A424-AFE8006D2573 LU1 3XJ Screwfix, Unit 8, Windmill Trading Estate Variable Public
782 LU1 4BJ Peter Edwards Hall, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
EC05A739-A9D1-481E-9B44-B04400A192EC LU1 4BJ Slip End Playing Field, Church Road, Slip End 24/7 Public
8A3A599B-C383-40D8-9ABE-B04400A2B6DD LU1 4BX Village Hall, Markyate Road, Slip End 24/7 Public
5683 LU1 4EN On Post, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
7DB14B32-F91D-4834-A94B-ADD101044A66 LU1 4EN 102 Mancroft Road, Caddington 24/7 Public
2019CAF3-6BD4-4DE0-ADA1-AE4500BFE811 LU1 4FF Eden Brae Business Park, Dunstable Road, Caddington Variable Restricted
6652 LU1 4FG Lyons Community Centre, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
5073 LU1 4HH Sports and Social Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
D28A6926-57CD-4767-9662-ADD10102CF13 LU1 4HH Caddington Sports Club, Manor Road, Caddington 24/7 Public
5861 LU1 4LW Brickhill Park Leisure Homes Site Office, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
27F85ED1-C316-4A06-8ABD-B04400A3ABE0 LU1 4LW Brickhill Park Homes Site Office, Half Moon Lane, Pepperstock 24/7 Public
E87E4A00-7BBE-4930-93B0-B01C00A7D8AC LU1 5EZ Hillborough Junior School, Hillborough Road, Luton Variable Public
2334AE79-1172-47B9-87C3-ADB900A23381 LU1 5PP St Margaret Of Scotland Primary School Va (Rc), Rotheram Avenue, Luton Variable Restricted
00A1A226-42C4-4626-86CE-B00D00A99DAE LU1 5QY Whipperley Infant School, Whipperley Ring, Luton Variable Restricted
7198 LU1 5RE Farley Community Centre, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
512DBFC6-BE5C-4257-BAB6-AF6300F599AF LU2 0FX Redrow Homes, Eaton Green Heights Sales Office, 106 Armstrong Road, Luton Variable Public
315B721B-4E93-4B69-996A-AE660123FE1F LU2 0HA M And S Water Services (Utilities) Ltd, High Town Enterprise Centre, 5 York Street 24/7 Public
7569 LU2 0LA London Luton Airport Limited, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
4155AEA9-B371-4689-88AE-AE1A00FCF7D9 LU2 0TB Thurlow Nunn Luton, Thurlow Nunn, Kimpton Road Variable Restricted
49485E11-A012-4C17-88F6-AD7400C2C8DD LU2 0TN Stp Equipment Ltd, Unit 3 Greenwood Court, Ramridge Road, Luton Variable Restricted
D3B9FC11-8BA4-4426-9F57-AFCE00E22C54 LU2 0ZZ Luton Rising, Luton Dart Parkway Station, Kimpton Road 24/7 Public
37E19780-37DE-48AA-A980-AD9D0081E80D LU2 7AE Cardinal Newman Catholic Secondary School, Warden Hill Road, Luton Variable Restricted
8F5F654E-4FA1-41A6-BB67-AE52010A3D17 LU2 7BF Tw South Midlands Barnfield Place Development, Off Barnfield Avenue, Luton Variable Restricted
BED8006B-6961-40F6-8BF8-B04A00D86CE2 LU2 7UG Tesco Luton Hitchin Road Express, 598-602 Hitchin Rd, Stopsley Variable Public
8072BA95-79B0-4816-8846-B06D0078DC08 LU2 7XP Stopsley Baptist Church, St Thomas Road, Luton Variable Restricted
EC26A199-9F3B-4E4C-91D8-AFC000E40514 LU2 8DL Hilton Garden Inn Butterfield, Great Marlings, Luton 24/7 Public
58659670-FAF8-432D-B436-AEF3012D617D LU2 8LH Cassel Memorial Hall, West Street, Lilley 24/7 Public
099526D9-B02A-4CC6-9C74-AD4B00BD9B36 LU2 9AD Fire Station, 2 Stopsley Way, Luton 24/7 Public
199150D4-6CCF-4826-8E8F-AFF700B4F96B LU2 9AG Queen Elizabeth School, Crawley Green Road, Luton Variable Restricted
8798CE50-5F48-49F3-B82D-AE1600B7F745 LU2 9AG Crawley Green Sports And Social Club, Crawley Green Road, Luton Variable Restricted
A5132790-FF4F-4057-8A1B-AFF700C36498 LU2 9AG Queen Elizabeth School, Crawley Green Road, Luton Variable Restricted
CDE26A4E-AC59-48E0-9349-AFF700B427E6 LU2 9AG Queen Elizabeth School, Crawley Green Road, Luton Variable Restricted
F9936603-414E-4612-BF7C-AF0800E05795 LU2 9AG Mast - Orange (Bed0015) Queen Elizabeth School, Crawley Green Road, Luton Variable Restricted
57AFDBAF-85B9-4541-8B77-B0490085F443 LU2 9HB Tesco, Tesco Express, Eaton Green Road 24/7 Public
91EB688A-AF9F-4C6E-8F0C-AE20009EE4A4 LU2 9HB Tesco, Atm At Tesco Express, Eaton Green Road Variable Public
BACBD52C-9244-44D8-90D6-AD4E009E354F LU2 9JE Raynham Way Community Centre, 66 Eaton Green Road, Luton 24/7 Public
EAE15321-C00B-408B-843C-AFE900AB142A LU2 9NE Luton Dart Central Terminal Station, Luton Airport, Luton 24/7 Public
7147 LU2 9QP Telephone Box, The Bright Star Pub, Hertfordshire 24/7 Public
812F9510-5970-4518-B735-AF1A00FF044B LU2 9QP Bright Star Pub Telephone Box, The Green, Peters Green 24/7 Public
13DDE472-6689-4CE1-843B-B00600A5EA86 LU3 1HE Denbigh High School, Alexandra Avenue, Luton Variable Restricted
2852A9C1-6742-4B36-95A6-AE4300D9F846 LU3 1PE Tesco, 184, Bishopscot Road 24/7 Public
B33E7EC2-02F9-4F8E-8759-B03C00E385AC LU3 1PZ William Austin Infant School, Culverhouse Road, Luton Variable Public
4234 LU3 1QB Lutonian/Shaheen Cricket Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
A5AAE060-2FC0-432D-BC76-AE7400DD416A LU3 1RW Woodland Avenue Practice, 30 Woodland Avenue, Luton Variable Restricted
4292 LU3 2BB Aylesbury Town Cricket Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
B2DEAAC9-03AE-41AD-ADA9-ADB300EDDE8B LU3 2DN Warden Hill Infant School, Birdsfoot Lane, Luton Variable Public
4299 LU3 2EH United Cricket Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
37E7606D-76D2-4390-9CF9-AD90007B8EB2 LU3 2NR Limbury Baptist Church, Gardenia Avenue, Luton 24/7 Public
EEBF90F3-7FF9-427D-9067-AFF200873BF0 LU3 2RZ Neville Trust, 301-311 Marsh Road, Luton 24/7 Public
575AE9D5-A7A5-460B-AC98-AE3800E4B7E2 LU3 2SZ Tesco Express, Atm Site At, 58-60 Calverton Road Variable Public
F95ADDF4-3C68-4E00-89C7-B03500A7900A LU3 2UE The Meads Primary School, Sawtry Close, Luton Variable Public
826F21A8-BA8D-400D-96B0-AEA700D076B4 LU3 3AL Lealands High School, Sundon Park Road, Luton Variable Restricted
787ED98D-FBCA-4034-B187-AE2000AFDB1B LU3 3BJ Tesco Express, Atm Site At Sundon Park Parade, 32-33 Sundon Park Road Variable Public
4295 LU3 3LU Hemel Azad Cricket Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
4298 LU3 3LU St Albans Pakistanis Cricket Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
44B0761F-17E9-4D12-BD23-AEC100AE5C93 LU3 3SR Medics Pcn, Marsh Farm Medical Centre, Vadis Close Variable Restricted
416DBA8D-140D-429D-B95E-AEAD00D44E9F LU3 3TA Holy Family Church, 24 Freshwater Close, Luton 24/7 Public
8EDA9EBF-948C-4DA6-955F-B09900878B42 LU3 3TL Lea Manor High School, Northwell Drive, Luton Variable Restricted
23351690-E74E-4EB5-9648-B07F00BCF325 LU3 4BU Reception, Enterprise Way, Luton Variable Restricted
94BDFBA0-74EA-40A1-9210-AE7000D1C7F8 LU4 0JB Puregym, Skimpot Lane, Luton 24/7 Restricted
F2B6B42A-79DD-44B3-9D2A-AEBE00A0CF36 LU4 0NE The Chalk Hills Academy, Leagrave High Street, Luton Variable Public
7195 LU4 0SW Lewsey Community Centre, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
58AE07CC-1B4F-407B-8FE8-AE2100B5958D LU4 8JS Tesco Express, Unit 3, 326-340 Dunstable Road Variable Public
7196 LU4 8QN Chaul End Centre, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
1E1B7DDE-8AB3-40A1-B665-AEEF00E656C4 LU4 9DT Unit 1 North Luton Industrial Estate, Sedgwick Road, Luton Variable Public
658FC386-50E6-4297-9D57-B00400900198 LU4 9FJ Challney High School For Girls, Addington Way, Luton 24/7 Public
6B2062CA-F0C7-4F82-A24E-B004008DB913 LU4 9FJ Challney High School For Girls, Addington Way, Luton 24/7 Public
8E364F1F-1EC6-41CC-A0B6-B06E00D9078A LU4 9FJ Oakley House - Hill Group, Oakley Road, Luton Variable Public
7197 LU4 9LB Hockwell Ring Community Centre, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
B2F82987-9BFA-4FF2-A543-AF48010A0BBB LU4 9RD Poppies Nursery Beechwood Primary School, Beechwood Road, Luton Variable Public
DB72AE85-451D-446D-A4E1-AD58009DE0A8 LU4 9UJ Luton Road, Chalton 24/7 Public
9D675848-D669-4553-A872-AFC00104629A LU5 4FA Mrer Ltd, Abbey Gate, Boscombe Road Variable Public
BFAF8955-5E42-4B29-8DEE-B02201295BE2 LU5 4GP Box Office, Grove Theatre Grove Park, Court Drive Variable Public
FD0002DD-818B-4269-972F-AE3000A0A2E4 LU5 4HG Dunstable College, Kingsway, Dunstable Variable Public
B1BFF341-7A55-4436-8771-AD1800D872E4 LU5 4JA Priory Academy, Britain Street, Dunstable Variable Restricted
04C11036-3AE3-4F61-A562-B01A00EA0BD1 LU5 4JD The Dunstable Centre, Court Drive, Dunstable Variable Public
434F110A-2A9A-4AF0-B59E-B08300DEFB66 LU5 4JN Dunelm Dunstable, Luton Road, Dunstable Variable Restricted
1635EAFD-6CCE-4533-A4AA-AD5D00B3A95F LU5 4JU Century House, Skimpot Road, Dunstable 24/7 Public
E666DD46-5C72-4DC1-806E-AE390110784A LU5 4JU Tesco, Skimpot Road, Dunstable 24/7 Public
107DC314-5460-443C-A75B-AFE800880527 LU5 4JY Screwfix, Chalklands Place Phase 2, Dunstable Variable Restricted
1528A329-A270-486E-91DF-AE9800E8342A LU5 4JY Miniclipper Logistics, Mini Clipper Ltd Eastern Avenue Industrial Estate, Transport Operations Variable Restricted
7497CD51-89AB-4972-8DEB-AEC500DE4980 LU5 4JY Shelter 29m From P S L Assemblies Ltd, P S L House, Eastern Avenue 5m From Luton Road, Luton Road, Dunstable Variable Restricted
DEF440AE-1126-4F89-B33E-ADF2009B4B92 LU5 4LT Cafea Uk (Fine Foods International), Unit B Chiltern Park Industrial Estate, Boscombe Road Variable Restricted
18007749-F119-4DE3-830E-B09A00E5E121 LU5 4NJ St Christophers Lower School, Gorham Way, Dunstable 24/7 Public
82C201DD-FB22-4AEB-B8EC-AF1300F22070 LU5 4NP The Sportsman, Katherine Drive, Dunstable 24/7 Public
76ED7B59-BE4E-48BF-89F1-AE6E00DA47E1 LU5 4QL Dunstable Campus, Ridgeway Avenue,, Dunstable, Variable Restricted
C3B1ED4B-3A23-402F-8E86-ADCD008F7570 LU5 4RT Old Palace Lodge Hotel, Church Street, Dunstable 24/7 Public
DDF7C375-F89C-4016-8A07-B0350090A0F0 LU5 4SR Hadrian Academy, Hadrian Avenue, Dunstable Variable Restricted
538AF806-BC66-4F4F-92A8-AE9800D89646 LU5 5AW Miniclipper Logistics, Portland Close, Townsend Estate Variable Restricted
94DF5346-3555-40F3-B789-AFED00F0080A LU5 5AW Screwfix, Unit C3 Portland Close, Houghton Regis Variable Restricted
6257 LU5 5BA Orchard Close Recreation Ground Pavilion, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
F13ADA02-1456-4EC6-B291-AD6600F7CD61 LU5 5DD Circle Business Centre, Blackburn Road, Houghton Regis Variable Restricted
7031 LU5 5DX Memorial Hall, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
353034D8-F862-4F06-B6BB-AEF700B5EFD0 LU5 5DX Houghton Regis Memorial Hall, The Green, Houghton Regis 24/7 Public
6262 LU5 5DY The Village Green Pavilion, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
853 LU5 5ES Doctors Surgery, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
BBF1AA7A-409D-4906-9EDD-AF1100DA9FA2 LU5 5FU Houghton Hall Visitors Centre, Park Road North, Houghton Regis 24/7 Public
6260 LU5 5GZ Moore Crescent Recreation Ground Pavilion, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
0D048D5A-5E65-4E49-BF05-AFF200C16AAF LU5 5PX The Chiltern School Regis Education Centre, Parkside Drive, Houghton Regis Variable Restricted
1AB39CC9-B72F-45B3-93D0-B03700F60255 LU5 5PX Cbc, Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, Parkside Drive Variable Restricted
38DE2D72-3793-4DEE-AC8E-B00C00910C01 LU5 5QN Lime Tree Academy, Hawthorn Park Lower School, Parkside Drive Variable Restricted
6259 LU5 5RA Parkside Recreation Ground Pavilion, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
93D6DE78-82CF-4EE0-B3B5-AD2600CDF61B LU5 5RG St Vincent's Catholic Primary School, Hammersmith Gardens, Houghton Regis Variable Restricted
873067B1-5CC3-49C7-92E4-AD0B009EACB1 LU5 5WZ Land Adjacent Rear Of Nimbus Park, Porz Avenue, Houghton Regis 24/7 Public
02795028-23F7-4F72-B049-B026009092D9 LU5 5XE Whitbread Plc, Chiswell Court, Houghton Hall Business Park, Houghton Regis Variable Restricted
FEA85CF5-3056-4E1D-B92D-ADC500E71332 LU5 5XF Arjohuntleigh, Arjohuntleigh House, 2 Houghton Hall Business Park 24/7 Restricted
6293 LU5 6BP Toddington Library, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
A12ADD46-84B9-437D-8691-ADD6013979F2 LU5 6BX Toddington Social And Services Club, 15 High Street, Toddington 24/7 Public
B1C4C524-6B2B-4EBD-BE69-AF9E00AFD7AF LU5 6HU Unit 5 Crowbush Farm, Luton Road, Toddington Variable Restricted
6300DE51-075E-4FC7-B702-AE1500F7C738 LU5 6JQ Taylor Wimpey, Thorn Fields Site Compound, Whitby Road Variable Restricted
788 LU5 6LE Parish Hall, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
95465594-F4CA-4FD9-8993-AD4B00B1BBCD LU5 6LE Harlington Parish Council, The Parish Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
063F918B-D459-450E-9B98-AFF800BE8A94 LU5 6NX Access To Harlington Upper School, Harlington Variable Public
919C41EC-8AD9-428B-8695-B01A009E8646 LU5 6NX Harlington Upper School, Goswell End Road, Harlington Variable Public
19AF7C1C-F0AC-4776-8DA0-B03E00A52289 LU5 6PD Harlington Lower School, Westoning Road, Harlington Variable Restricted
19C69EE1-D929-4072-BD41-B0A400E2AF17 LU6 1BB Creasey Park Community Football Center, Creasey Park Drive, Dunstable Variable Public
88AB8CB0-FE39-49C0-BC41-AF2700D3688E LU6 1BB Cbc, Afc Dunstable - Creasey Park Football Centre, Creasey Park Drive Variable Public
995E1CB3-E19C-4DD5-A721-AD7B009C59DD LU6 1BB Dunstable Football Club, Creasey Park Drive, Dunstable Variable Public
D914CD3C-3BF7-4A2B-92EF-AE9B00F950E4 LU6 1BB Dunstable Town Council, Creasey Park Community Football Centre, Creasey Park Drive Variable Public
66886755-7CD9-4330-B32F-AFC100E36041 LU6 1LW Tesco Stores Ltd, 166 High Street North, Dunstable Variable Public
7D6D1AE1-4865-46EC-8F0A-AFE400FD1808 LU6 1NF Dunstable Town Council, 76a High Street North, Grove Corner 24/7 Public
F43D53CF-ED23-4A06-BEB0-B06F00CC6146 LU6 1QP Dunstable Town Cricket Club Lancot Park, Dunstable Road, Totternhoe Variable Restricted
09079AAF-899C-4E9D-BC6A-AF2300C58CA0 LU6 1TT Personal/Good Sam Responder, 77 Hillcroft, Dunstable 24/7 Restricted
EB751CCF-5F1C-4187-97BD-B08200AEB6CC LU6 2AP Lancot Lower School Ltd, Lancot Lower School, Lancot Drive Variable Restricted
CCDBA163-38F4-4318-9DEA-AD5000BBDDC4 LU6 2EY The Swan, Leighton Road, Northall 24/7 Public
A7520B8A-08D4-4B19-A777-AD5000D00459 LU6 2FL Baptist Chapel, Moor End, Edlesborough 24/7 Public
FBB272CD-338B-4B9E-BA0A-AD4B014A5A4D LU6 2FL Edlesborough Baptist Church, Summerleys, Edlesborough 24/7 Public
5D864816-060D-4096-8DDC-AF4F00ACF541 LU6 2GY The National Trust, Chiltern Gateway Centre, Dunstable Road Variable Restricted
3947 LU6 2NG Sports and Social Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
6475 LU6 2PA On Post on grass verge outside 5 Holywell Road, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
829 LU6 2QA Red Lion Public House, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
3EEA9962-FE92-4E1C-92D3-AE3801061453 LU6 3BS Tesco Express [Po], 68-70 Langdale Road, Dunstable Variable Public
47CF0B88-E828-492A-8632-AE1D00BDA0F9 LU6 3HS Thurlow Nunn Dunstable, 174 - 188 High Street South, Dunstable Variable Public
BC04C558-E9EF-4BB3-BBC8-AE6100D0D985 LU6 3QT Star Platforms Ltd, Watling Street, Dunstable Variable Public
6000 LU6 3RG Methodist Church, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
A845F14F-2B2A-499F-AA27-B07600F827D6 LU6 3RH Kensworth Ce Academy, Common Road, Kensworth Variable Restricted
5860 LU6 3RJ Village Hall, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
378B1814-E4D7-44B2-A3B0-AD7B009F2E15 LU6 3RZ Suite 2 Priory House, 33 High Street South, Dunstable Variable Restricted
775 LU7 0AA Village Barn, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
6CD1BDFE-233D-4802-BFCD-AD1E00DC3DEF LU7 0BT Soulbury Parish Council, Soulbury Parish Hall, High Road 24/7 Public
74B80559-AE9B-43F4-A5A4-AD1E00DF791D LU7 0DF Wjd Ltd, Wjd Ltd Hollingdon Depot, Stewkley Road 24/7 Public
2E8715DC-1C96-4A82-BA92-AF1800EF7C9F LU7 0DG Cheddington Pavilion, Cheddington Pavilion, Cheddington Recreation Ground, High Street 24/7 Public
86EAB3E1-2DC6-47DB-8BC2-AD1E00E0588A LU7 0DN Hollingdon Grange, Grove Farm Lane, Soulbury 24/7 Public
526 LU7 0EW Village Hall, Buckinghamshire 24/7 Public
138EC9D5-38E5-4D7E-9247-AE3700DC86FD LU7 0GR Unit 3 Oakwood Enterprise Park, Ledburn, Mentmore Variable Restricted
DFC1D88E-017F-4AE6-9CEE-AD42012B05E9 LU7 0HN Stewkley Recreation Ground, Soulbury Road, Stewkley 24/7 Public
394B8137-5939-4970-9E1E-AE6600C158F7 LU7 0LR The Biggs Pavilion Orchard Ground Playing Field, Stewkley Road, Cublington 24/7 Public
BAA33767-864C-4967-BA4A-ADE2016CE9EB LU7 0NN Wing Village Hall And 73, Leighton Road, Wing 24/7 Public
5F1286C9-8545-4B96-9F31-AF08009883DB LU7 0NY Overstone Combined School, Church Street, Wing 24/7 Restricted
54A6D060-39BB-43AA-BFA6-AD1E00F35791 LU7 0QF Mentmore Village Hall, The Green, Mentmore 24/7 Public
9451E61C-09F1-4C90-B5DF-AD6D00A16254 LU7 0QR Slapton Parish Council, Kings Head Cottage, Horton Road 24/7 Public
739E1119-3237-4A93-A994-AD2E00B34011 LU7 0RJ Cheddington Methodist Church, The Green, Cheddington 24/7 Public
828 LU7 1DD Multi-Storey Car Park, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
D9C0B47D-6BF8-48BC-8223-AE400139DEE3 LU7 1ER Tesco Superstore, Vimy Rd, 0 Variable Public
A89DD449-877D-4812-82FA-B03F00A0418B LU7 1EW The Rushmere Park Academy, East Street, Leighton Buzzard Variable Restricted
2A7345D1-F6B8-4E8C-98D2-AFBE00C51771 LU7 1EX Leighton Middle School, 1 Church Square, Leighton Buzzard Variable Restricted
6009 LU7 1GN Cumbria House, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
5601 LU7 1HD Leighton Linslade Town Council, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
802 LU7 1RX Library, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
7463 LU7 1RX Leighton Buzzard Town Cricket Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
591E25DD-9E20-4EDF-BD16-B04300FAF1B2 LU7 2AB Greenleas School, Greenleas Lower School, Derwent Road 24/7 Public
E1E11436-2F6B-46D2-9ED9-B04400B86530 LU7 2AF Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Mentmore Road, Linslade Variable Public
3AA45AE4-3584-4F02-B70E-AD2900E2117A LU7 2PJ Southcott Village Residents Association, Community Centre, Grasmere Way 24/7 Public
785128DD-280C-4187-9352-B03000F1C5C9 LU7 2PJ Tesco Linslade Buzzrd Express, 49 Coniston Rd, Linslade Variable Public
5293 LU7 3AB The Stag, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
8F79521B-8543-4274-85E9-B01A00657AAF LU7 3DY Vandyke Upper School, Vandyke Road, Leighton Buzzard 24/7 Public
7ABDC39E-E050-46F0-9B70-AE1300DE39D6 LU7 3HP Redrow, 5 Wernham Mead, Leighton Buzzard 24/7 Public
AAB379AB-30C4-4794-93CF-AD7300E94372 LU7 3JF Leighton Buzzard Golf Club, Plantation Road, Leighton Buzzard Variable Public
99084BCD-1BDA-4B76-8BD2-AE2E00F64411 LU7 3JT 45 Redwood Glade, Leighton Buzzard 24/7 Public
A4F8A443-0660-4ED5-8E37-AFB901433CEB LU7 3PQ Brooklands Club, 1 Garden Leys, Leighton Buzzard 24/7 Public
6871E7C9-4DEC-4320-A1B7-AF6E010AB2DF LU7 3RE Unit 9 Apex Park, Fraserfields Way, Leighton Buzzard Variable Public
3CCBB495-C47A-4C44-891B-AE2100E3F5A9 LU7 3XZ Tesco, 1 Appenine Way, Leighton Buzzard Variable Restricted
1CA3E86A-6724-4E1A-8336-AE2200C5C0EA LU7 4AJ Mini Clipper Service Limited, Clipper House, Billington Road 24/7 Public
803 LU7 4DQ Astral Park Sports and Community Centre, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
A28D34D7-94C6-4586-A032-AE9800D493BB LU7 4QQ Mini Clipper Limited, Hibay Warehouse, Stanbridge Road Variable Restricted
36DEF2E3-8C7A-4F15-8420-ADCD00EC875F LU7 4SQ Roadgrip Ltd, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard Variable Restricted
57FD9048-A1C4-48DF-B735-AFE90067BFF3 LU7 4TU Screwfix, Unit B Chiltern Industrial Estate, Leighton Buzzard Variable Restricted
D049EDC9-A3CF-4844-871E-B02600BEB9BB LU7 4UH Hone-All Precision Ltd, Unit 4, Cherrycourt Way Variable Restricted
172D7E20-98F5-442E-B62F-AF2400E3F9D3 LU7 4WZ Greenleas School, Greenleas Lower School, Kestrel Way 24/7 Public
750E42CC-5492-43D6-A443-AF2001269DCC LU7 9AD Cooks Wharf Marina Cooks Wharf, Cheddington Road, Cheddington 24/7 Public
77C4F41D-F05D-4F37-8500-AF3F00E1ADF7 LU7 9AP Pitstone Sports Pavilion, Marsworth Road, Pitstone 24/7 Public
DD975824-B76D-4C4F-ACF7-AD1E0117F11C LU7 9BE Pitstone Surgery, Yardley Avenue, Pitstone 24/7 Public
933 LU7 9BW Village Hall, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
FA939020-A509-4180-A110-AD2000DA85B1 LU7 9BX Slapton Parish Council, Slapton Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public
898057BF-D1B0-4B5B-9D29-AE9800F3BB7A LU7 9EF Ivinghoe Golf Club Limited, Pro Shop Ivinghoe Golf Club, Wellcroft 24/7 Public
5D324BF7-A958-448F-83BD-B01801124E07 LU7 9EL Town Farm Courtyard, Town Farm Office, Icknield Way 24/7 Public
F13B715A-0A03-4183-B065-AD260110ABAB LU7 9EP Ivinghoe Old School Village Hub, 2 High Street, Ivinghoe 24/7 Public
8978C463-0C94-4D6C-82C4-AD2E012E16CB LU7 9EY Pitstone Memorial Hall, Vicarage Road, Pitstone 24/7 Public
0E177F35-EAAF-434C-8F72-B06600D0A200 LU7 9GX 8 Harvington Park, Tunnel Way, Pitstone Variable Public
8213A2E9-B710-47A4-B585-AD5800B20645 LU7 9HY Stanbridge Parish Council, Stanbridge Lower School, Tilsworth Road 24/7 Public
277980C1-6262-466B-BCF5-AD5800B015BF LU7 9JF Stanbridge Parish Council, The Five Bells, Station Road 24/7 Public
6236 LU7 9LD Bryants Lane Sports and Recreation Ground Pavilion, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
29A47706-8DDD-4779-8E70-ADC300F4D7E7 LU7 9LL Hockliffe Lower School, Woburn Road, Hockliffe Variable Restricted
81691907-7764-4F54-8433-AD5900C58192 LU7 9LL Hockliffe Lower School, Woburn Road, Hockliffe Variable Restricted
25A497C5-AF70-4868-B228-ADC300F1C27E LU7 9NB The White Hart, Watling Street, Hockliffe 24/7 Public
9D087861-DF4F-4DF6-9F95-ADC300F34A4E LU7 9NB Prewer & Osborn Franchise Ltd, Unit 6 Hockliffe Business Park, Watling Street 24/7 Public
662E6FF0-4084-45A3-85EE-AF5E00990535 LU7 9NX Hadley Grange 3a Development Site, Clipstone Park, Off Leighton Road Variable Public
9259D746-9122-4BD1-AE7B-AFA500CDA8FC LU7 9PD Eggington Village Hall, High Street, Eggington 24/7 Public
1238 LU7 9PL Leighton United Football Club, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
BFAAE279-E8B0-4591-973E-ADEB0171BDF3 LU7 9PN Stanbridge & Tilsworth Community Association, Stanbridge & Tilsworth Community Hall, Stanbridge Road Variable Restricted
A8B55365-D308-49B2-886D-AD5800A816C2 LU7 9PU Tilsworth Parish Council, The Anchor, 1 Dunstable Road 24/7 Public
17AE98EE-86A9-40EF-A26F-AD5800AD5EED LU7 9PW Tilsworth Parish Council, Church House, Stanbridge Road 24/7 Public
925 LU7 9QQ Memorial Hall, Bedfordshire 24/7 Public
2C829690-F65A-45AC-9A4A-AEDA00F506F8 LU7 9QQ Chalgrave Memorial Hall, Wingfield Road, Tebworth 24/7 Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 7 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n7221385622 by entrance to Leagrave Railway Station
MZ n7793533300
MZ n9521334151 Inside vestibule Youth With A Mission Harpeden
MZ n9600806827 inside phone box near War Memorial and Three Horseshoes pub in Drayton Parslow
MZ n9600869358 inside phone box opposite village shop
MZ n9708968012
MZ n11170596571

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 13 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
AF2A08D9-2EA9-4362-8068-AE6100DF2E5B LU1 4FF Star Platforms Ltd, Eden Brae Business Park, Dunstable Road n10652722974 inside red phone box outside Unit 1, Eden Brae Business Park 21 m
1504 LU1 4EE The Co Operative Store, Bedfordshire n10652752756 outside Co-op shop, Manor Road, Caddinton 150 m
2937 LU1 1BW Bury Park Community Centre, Bedfordshire n7167530011 5 m
1A29CE8F-7EEC-42E7-A80E-AD4B00B3509D LU2 8QD Cockernhoe Memorial Hall, Cockernhoe And District Memorial Hall, Mangrove Road n10930736603 in front of Cockernhow Memorial Hall attached to railings 46 m
288 LU3 1BB Fire Station, Bedfordshire n7204665904 3 m
A4CE8733-024C-469E-9042-AD5000BB2FE1 LU6 2HX Edlesborough Parish Council, Edlesborough Memorial Hall, High Street n7950695812 On side of building 11 m
1565 LU6 2DP The Coffee Tavern, Bedfordshire n6717920198 4 m
789 LU6 1QQ Memorial Hall, Bedfordshire n6741788134 8 m
269 LU6 1AA Fire Station, Bedfordshire n6549441020 13 m
9DF43CEE-E47D-4189-8AB0-AD26011152FD LU7 9DN Ivinghoe Parish Council, C/O The Village Swan Public House, Ivinghoe Aston n7948565252 On wall of Village Swan pub. 43 m
801 LU7 1HD The White House, Bedfordshire n11172695292 4 m
1110 LU7 1AA Post Office, Bedfordshire n9365820038 outside Leighton Buzzard old Post Office - next to pillar boxes 3 m
6B7C28A3-297A-4BC9-A91B-AFBE00C218C7 LU7 1EX Leighton Middle School, 1 Church Square, Leighton Buzzard n9365820038 outside Leighton Buzzard old Post Office - next to pillar boxes 69 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 1 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
5F7B4866-4686-4933-B88A-ADD101009919 LU1 4EE Outside The Co-Op, Manor Road, Caddington n10652752756 outside Co-op shop, Manor Road, Caddinton 13 m

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