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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'ME' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. This website is not intended for use in an emergency. If you require urgent medical assistance, call 999 now.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 646 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access LU
0AA6231D-3720-4FE0-B5C1-AF2500F2BAEC ME1 1BN Halling Station, High Street, Halling 24/7 Public 4m
A39E66FE-95EB-420A-B30B-AE9300C0119D ME1 1FG Conservatives, Housing Manager Bellerophon House, Doust Way 24/7 Public 6m
FD0CF44E-32B5-49F4-A55D-AFEA00AC61C5 ME1 1GJ Hill Group - Rochester Riverside, Hill Project Office, Cory's Road Variable Restricted 6m
24CB9E6F-63A5-4DE4-BFE2-AF0700B1962F ME1 1NH Southeastern Railway, Rochester Railway Station, Corporation Street 24/7 Restricted 6m
5D9CC3E8-5AD2-4190-997E-ADA101523264 ME1 1PB Unit 26 Castle View Business Centre, Gas House Road, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
12544D32-CFAD-4B3D-9F7D-AF1800B04FE7 ME1 1QL Medway Towns Rowing Club, Esplanade, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
B3CCFCF9-8022-498A-89FB-AECA00EDC19E ME1 1SE Richard Watts Charity, Flat 9 Watts Almshouses, Maidstone Road 24/7 Public 6m
7C1F8658-4D8F-473B-A292-AFA500F03A47 ME1 1UP By Post Box Opposite From 1 Mitre Road, Mitre Road, Bishops Square 24/7 Public 6m
C8B56847-4D69-4F4B-B907-AF6500C5A86B ME1 1XJ Pathways To Independence, 25 Victoria Street, Rochester Variable Restricted 6m
220E3473-1D08-4A29-ABD4-B0F400953682 ME1 1XN The Vines Urc, The Vines United Reformed Church, The Terrace 24/7 Public 3w
37A18B0D-D359-46C5-972D-B02D01061841 ME1 1YF St Margarets At Troy Town Ce Vc School, King Street, Rochester Variable Restricted 6m
5EC30932-B5A5-4E3A-8544-B0C000C403A9 ME1 2AB City Way Nursery, 18 City Way, City Way 24/7 Public 2m
4384 ME1 2AY Medical Practice, Kent 24/7 Public
7111D2CA-1E59-487C-8747-B0CE01091BDA ME1 2HU St Peter's Infant School, Holcombe Road, Rochester Variable Restricted 7w
BD770D68-B824-48CA-A8C4-B03000E10057 ME1 2QA Crest Infant And Nursery School, Fleet Road, Rochester Variable Restricted 6m
7DCC2D21-3E0E-48C2-8AEB-AE930096DE24 ME1 2TH Thorndike Partnership, Thorndike Medical Centre, Longley Road Variable Restricted 6m
86BC9AAC-7842-4CB9-984D-ADE100CC2B4E ME1 3AF Foord Almshouses, Priestfields, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
D368C318-2FE9-46EA-889D-ADE100CB84E1 ME1 3AF Foord Almshouses, Priestfields, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
3D6150C6-E382-4EE7-928A-ADDC00E4E853 ME1 3EN Private, 24 Canon Close, Rochester Kent 24/7 Public 6m
60BAAFE8-1A16-4731-BAB6-AF0300C36058 ME1 3GD Wouldham Parish Council, Community Centre, Peters Village, Tolhurst Close 24/7 Public 6m
B3E92EB2-0663-4CA9-8112-B0F800F09A1A ME1 3GE Wouldham All Saints Church Of England Primary School, 1 Worrall Drive, Wouldham Variable Public 3w
32D5DFDF-3DB0-4167-A416-B0F800EEB4E3 ME1 3GF Wouldham All Saints Church Of England Primary School, 1 Worrall Drive, Wouldham Variable Public 3w
07D5DB4D-799C-4158-BDA9-ADF9009459E6 ME1 3JJ React Medical Limited, 3 Prospect Place, Off Ivy Place 24/7 Restricted 6m
2A397B40-122F-43FA-93B4-AED400C56755 ME1 3JY Borstal Village Hall, 1 Wouldham Road, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
92CDACFF-EEE7-4EC4-A634-AE8D00C99921 ME1 3JY Borstal Village Surgery, Doctors Surgery, 25 Wouldham Road Variable Restricted 6m
B8EBBDCE-6141-40CF-8BD0-AEC500789246 ME1 3QR Readycrest, Unit 14 Stirling Park, Off Laker Road Variable Restricted 6m
38EBCA55-7137-4F85-A9D5-AECF010529C4 ME1 3QX Martin Environmental Services Ltd, Unit 1 Forward Way, Laker Road Variable Restricted 6m
3C2A1C58-6C3C-4B05-BAC5-B02300A980DE ME1 3QX Phone Parts Express, Rochester Airport Industrial Estate, 11 Laker Road Variable Public 6m
DD33092D-0712-467D-9299-ADCC00BE9742 ME1 3QX Aeromet, Rochester Airport Industrial Estate, 19 Laker Road Variable Restricted 6m
185475B7-466F-4E0B-9651-AEC500BDBBEA ME1 3QY Medequip Assistive Technology, Medequip, Unit 4-5 Rochester Trade Park, Maidstone Road 24/7 Public 6m
B6E74CB2-D27C-47DE-9702-AE750097F6F9 ME1 3RJ Burham Parish Council, The Parish Office, Rochester Rd, Burham 24/7 Public 6m
C5EDD0F5-8D5A-41E6-8862-B03000A745C5 ME1 3RL Frost Filling Station, 310 Rochester Road, Burham 24/7 Public 6m
B252D2D1-AE0B-41F3-BF8F-AF0300BDD624 ME1 3XD Wouldham Parish Council, Wouldham Village Hall- High Street, 15-17 High Street 24/7 Public 6m
E44F09CF-55CF-4CCC-8E33-AE4E00C7E5AA ME1 3YB Galliford Try, Galliford Try Site Office, Cookham Wood Secure Training Centre Variable Restricted 6m
3052B5A1-A566-4386-8FC5-AF9400EC4DCD ME1 3YN Units 4 & 5, Pelican View Business Park, Shorts View Road Variable Public 6m
C828CB17-0D1C-407C-ADE8-AFEB00DB7AA3 ME1 3YN Screwfix, Unit 1 Pelican View Business Park, Shorts View Road Variable Restricted 6m
852CB85B-F2B4-408F-AE8A-AF2400D57AB8 ME1 3ZB Medway Norse, Unit 2, Stoney Lane 24/7 Public 6m
D16A8E61-0607-4FD4-B0B8-AE3800E92C94 ME10 1BQ Tesco Stores, Tesco Express, Chalkwell Road Variable Public 6m
0D51D591-198D-496F-A15A-ADC9012B4939 ME10 1JA Excelsior House, Ufton Lane, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
6C9D7F17-ACFD-4100-95DB-AEA5009782CC ME10 1QN The Appleyard Sports Bar, Gore Ct Road, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
C8AA06D6-1356-4A29-99A3-B047014A44CD ME10 1RW 19 Park Drive, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 4m
8D16C88C-960F-4882-970D-B03B00D36115 ME10 1SB Minterne County Primary School, Minterne County Junior School, Minterne Avenue Variable Restricted 4m
4CAA102E-BA5D-4F86-9B53-B08B008A9486 ME10 1TH The Co-Operative Group, Unit 1 Grove Park Shopping Centre, Gadby Road 24/7 Public 4m
9DA77A06-A8AD-4773-91E2-B03800A3CF7C ME10 1UJ St Peters R C Primary School, St Peters Roman Catholic Primary School, West Ridge Variable Restricted 4m
E1975421-7D13-4231-807E-B090009D9ACC ME10 1XN Kent County Council, Westlands Primary School, Homewood Avenue Variable Restricted 3m
D314346F-0AFE-4F3C-8FFE-AECC00A7DC79 ME10 1YG Tunstall Ce Primary School, Tunstall Road, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 6m
2430848B-E06F-43CF-9D19-ADB000D1CAAE ME10 1YT Sittingbourne Rugby Club, Gore Court Cricket Club The Grove Park, London Road, Sittingbourne 24/7 Restricted 6m
5765E8F8-B376-4200-A70A-AEC8012742C7 ME10 1YT Gore Court Cricket Club, Gore Court Cricket Club The Grove Park, London Road 24/7 Public 6m
F3B4685F-1C3C-4611-9411-AE840086330F ME10 1YZ Tunstall Village Memorial Hall, Tunstall Road, Tunstall 24/7 Public 6m
A5549E20-A51F-49BC-B38E-AE7400E7C6BB ME10 2AB Activeplay Nurseries Ltd, London House, 10-14 High Street Variable Restricted 6m
990A7735-DFCE-4567-B5D4-AEC8009575FB ME10 2BJ Swale Indoor Bowling Club, Milton Recreation Ground, Vicarage Road Variable Public 6m
540FF1A4-9362-4946-B51B-B0AE00C44447 ME10 2EE Milton Court County Primary School, Brewery Road, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 2m
1A1288A4-4E6E-49E2-965C-AFC200D115CE ME10 2PD Screwfix, Unit J Trinity Trading Estate, Mill Way Variable Restricted 4m
558E4B17-214A-437F-AB62-AECF00DD503A ME10 2PG A2 Tyre Supplies, Trinity Trading Estate, 36-38 Tribune Drive 24/7 Public 6m
0140A722-AC6E-4977-B7D2-AEE301293B8C ME10 2ST Kemsley Station, Sheerness Road, Kemsley 24/7 Public 6m
F78C2E9C-D103-49E9-8C43-AE98008F0D5F ME10 2ST Grovehurst Surgery, Grovehurst Surgery Bramblefield Clinic, Grovehurst Road Variable Restricted 6m
05EB5CA7-5FD8-499B-894B-AF54010E120D ME10 2XE 7 Applegarth Road, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 6m
E67FD6CB-2728-4C91-81F4-B0290152B7DC ME10 3BF Q Catering Supplies Ltd, Unit 11, Styles Close Variable Public 6m
5BDDD238-6BC9-40DB-947C-AF0700C4CAE1 ME10 3ED Sittingbourne Station, St Michaels Road, Sittingbourne Variable Public 6m
50C0049C-2D6A-4C04-8A69-AEB00126C497 ME10 3FY Lakeview Village Hall Trust, Lakeview Village Hall, Great Easthall Way 24/7 Public 6m
23008D25-43E8-4193-BD36-AF54010A203E ME10 3GU 6 Robertson Drive, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 6m
CB733F38-F87B-4F1B-8B07-B03600717D78 ME10 3NH Eurolink V Industrial Park, Swale Way, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 4m
290BF491-7E89-4CD2-8C66-ADB000AE5EF9 ME10 3RY Marshall Fleet Solutions, Bonham Drive, Eurolink Business Park Variable Restricted 6m
7BC06DAE-8D51-491C-A854-B07E00AB87FF ME10 3SQ Smart Ci Group Limited, Unit 6 Waterview Business Park, Castle Road Variable Public 4m
3892 ME10 3TF Lakeview Village Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
84857BD2-CA65-44FA-B532-B004006FF5C5 ME10 3TT Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk Sittingbourne Ts-I&C, West Lane, Sittingbourne, Variable Public 4m
F71CE1A2-BFC5-4341-BD45-AFA200C747F8 ME10 4AA Royal Mail Sittingbourne Do, Royal Mail Post Office, Central Avenue Variable Restricted 6m
4F37C1A2-64ED-49C1-BAEC-AE5A0130EC9C ME10 4AQ Sittingbourne Baptist Church, High Street, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
8073C547-4812-4681-8574-AFFF00F31B94 ME10 4DB Borden Grammar School, Avenue Of Remembrance, Sittingbourne Variable Public 6m
8DE181F5-1637-41CE-8663-AF1F01007A0C ME10 4DB Borden Grammar School Voluntary Fund, Borden Grammar School, Avenue Of Remembrance Variable Public 6m
DE83B984-0FB1-413F-92A0-AFF100D40451 ME10 4DB Borden Grammar School, Avenue Of Remembrance, Sittingbourne Variable Public 6m
8CB06E2D-3288-4F7C-9DE3-AEA50097860E ME10 4DE The Appleyard, Avenue Of Remembrance, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
06851F34-514A-410B-AF1F-AFC70101043A ME10 4PH O2 Store (0469) Sittingbourne, 90 High Street, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 6m
5D596B4E-445E-4743-A8CA-B10600F9CB08 ME10 4SE Canterbury Road County Primary School, Canterbury Road Primary School, School Road Variable Restricted 3w
04E665A3-8052-42E6-863E-B03D01313AF5 ME10 4SG Tesco Sittingbourne Canterbury Road, 1 Canterbury Rd, Sittingbourne Variable Public 4m
86A1A5CF-D836-4D85-A555-B07A00D7521F ME10 4SU South Avenue Primary School, South Avenue, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 4m
0480A4D6-626D-4D5B-91D2-AFC200C80343 ME10 5AB Tesco Express, Unit 1, Quartz Way Variable Public 6m
5A30D876-D0C7-4B76-B4AD-AE4D00A4AF0D ME10 5BH Conqueror Court, Sittingbourne Variable Restricted 6m
85CFC4FE-B956-426C-84D4-AF33007F2B50 ME10 5BH Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board, First Floor, 13 Conqueror Court 24/7 Public 6m
17B9DDD2-3320-4D95-9831-B0BD012F5AD6 ME10 5JL The Meads Community Centre, Emerald Crescent, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 2m
7ADB7A8E-7569-4592-B62A-AE6E0085B206 ME11 5AA Queenborough Yacht Club, 7 High Street, Queenborough 24/7 Public 6m
ACDC25A3-B4E8-4746-A161-AE7501218D87 ME11 5AY Queenborough Town Community Centre, Railway Terrace, Well Road, Queenborough Variable Public 6m
7460B15E-D08E-4C78-A134-AEE3012930EF ME11 5DB Queenborough Station, Main Road, Queenborough 24/7 Public 6m
A33DFE91-A3A0-4722-9D32-B09D00E6AAA7 ME11 5EZ Teddy Bear Day Care Sheppey Ltd, North Road, Queenborough Variable Restricted 3m
5940F774-72AC-45DE-9FEF-AECF00E2F7A3 ME11 5JS S1, Rear Office 5 Unit A, Cullet Drive 24/7 Public 6m
EE9F86E9-E2E3-4580-849C-AE6E00870BBD ME11 5JZ Rushendon Community Hall Association, Rushenden Club, Rushenden Road 24/7 Public 6m
D70BB920-8311-49CD-9348-B0ED00AC32E8 ME11 5PP Abbey Vehicle Maintenance, Wcb Abbey Works, Whiteway Road 24/7 Public 3w
EE3997AA-8EC1-4E1F-BFCC-AF8F00B780D0 ME12 1AJ Rose Street Toilets, 6 Rose Street, Sheerness 24/7 Public 6m
825D493E-24BD-45E4-9AF7-B00500A0A1A3 ME12 1AW Rose Street County Primary School, Rose Street, Sheerness Variable Restricted 6m
626A9993-B246-4C0C-B4EF-AF8F00B789F6 ME12 1BW Pavilion Festival Playing Field, New Road, Sheerness 24/7 Public 6m
53F3BE02-AA00-438E-85D3-AF8F00B776B1 ME12 1DS Sheerness Town Council, 177 St Georges Avenue, Sheerness 24/7 Public 6m
6D87461D-B2E1-44C4-A4C4-B09600C570AF ME12 1EJ Sheerness Co Operative Sports And Social Club, Sports Ground, St Georges Avenue 24/7 Public 3m
61B0E366-578B-4ACE-B1A7-B00500C6FF9B ME12 1ET West Minster Primary School, 235 St Georges Avenue, Sheerness Variable Restricted 6m
D4967C38-58A5-441B-8D30-AF8F00B77D81 ME12 1HH Sheppey Leisure Complex, Broadway, Sheerness 24/7 Public 6m
8113 ME12 1LY Swale Community Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
26F0A3CA-920B-4147-8CE8-AE3E00A22221 ME12 1RH Tesco Stores Ltd, Bridge Road, Sheerness Variable Public 6m
FEFC93DC-6F24-4C9B-9F87-AEE301292B31 ME12 1RJ Sheerness On Sea Station, Bridge Road, Sheerness On Sea 24/7 Restricted 6m
52DB57F7-021A-4C8E-9B29-AE8C00C60A5B ME12 1RW Blue Town Heritage Centre, Criterion Bluetown, 69 High Street 24/7 Public 6m
A222694C-0739-4D8E-822D-AF3500CDF286 ME12 1TP Sheerness County Youth Club And Activity Centre, Sheerness County Youth Club, Broadway 24/7 Public 6m
A67194B6-C2EE-40EF-8A81-AF5E010A0CCB ME12 1UN Sheppey Fire Station, High Street, Sheerness 24/7 Public 6m
5C6381AE-6BA9-49A5-AE84-B10900832FF3 ME12 2AX Heights Of Alma, 1 Alma Street, Sheerness Variable Public 3w
171B2842-F212-4DA3-96EE-AEB500E19109 ME12 2BE Oasis Academy Sheerness Site, Marine Parade, Sheerness Variable Restricted 6m
9C649D9C-9658-4EF2-9FF0-B045009ECFFB ME12 2BE Isle Of Sheppey Sailing Club, Marine Parade, Sheerness 24/7 Public 4m
7DBEAF1F-5CE2-4A73-B220-AF4300BCD08D ME12 2BX Swale Borough Council, Bartons Point Coastal Park Bartons Point, Marine Parade 24/7 Public 6m
E3A59420-6752-40BC-892E-AEAF00EEEA12 ME12 2DH Barden Management Ltd, 19 Niwrim Way, Parklands Village, Minster-On-Sea 24/7 Restricted 6m
D336A59B-7FBC-4AC4-87E0-B109007D417D ME12 2NJ The Beach Hotel, Beach Hotel, Seaside Avenue Variable Public 3w
460BB5F7-B0CD-48E2-8938-ADF900A752B9 ME12 2NL Swale Borough Council, The Sweet Hut, Minster Leas Hut, The Leas 25m From The Leas, Track From Marine Parade To Seaside Avenue 24/7 Public 6m
1C87ED90-D569-4D66-B2B6-AF32008DA7ED ME12 2TE Swale Borough Council, White House Public Toilets, The Broadway 24/7 Public 6m
298A4C4F-473E-45E6-8F09-AECF00DE4F2D ME12 3BY Island Tyres, Halfway Garage, 15 Queenborough Road 24/7 Public 6m
2ADA3A65-8252-4A61-B490-ADE800D963A3 ME12 3BZ Sheerness East Wmc, Sheerness East Working Mens Club, 47 Queenborough Road 24/7 Public 6m
02C932FC-A9B6-469B-B913-AE8B00D5C74D ME12 3DA The Order Of St John Kent Division, 114 Queenborough Road, Halfway 24/7 Public 6m
250A8227-77FB-418B-8B5C-AF650108E1D0 ME12 3FG Thistle Hill Community Centre, 4 Laurel Road, Minster-On-Sea 24/7 Public 6m
DC3DA084-9B04-487E-9859-AEB500A6F1B6 ME12 3JQ Isle Of Sheppey Academy East, Minster Road, Minster-On-Sea Variable Restricted 6m
DBB9C10A-91CE-4621-9004-AF96010BDB14 ME12 3NJ Chalk Electrical& Maintenance Services, 30 Nautilus Drive, Minster On Sea Variable Restricted 6m
AE815128-D69A-4C47-AB3D-AF5F00C832E5 ME12 3NR Harps Inn, Minster Road, Minster-On-Sea 24/7 Public 6m
D180FEC9-31E1-47F0-9D5E-AFB80106CC64 ME12 3NS Achieve Together, Winchester House, 455 Minster Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
51A6324F-A3D6-4EAF-A2D9-B08200914D06 ME12 3PE 334 Minster Road, Minster-On-Sea 24/7 Public 4m
4173 ME12 3QU Minster Sheppey Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
8427 ME12 3QU Minster Sheppey Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
5B1678F7-D603-4246-81DB-AF6700FF022E ME12 3RT Sheppey Rugby Football Club Ltd, Sheppey Rugby Football Club, Lower Road 24/7 Public 6m
64CFFC8C-C3CE-4756-9825-B0F500CB26E3 ME12 3UD Thistle Hill Academy, Aspen Drive, Minster On Sea 24/7 Public 3w
06B87EC7-C1E6-4755-AAA6-B0BC00BF7583 ME12 4DE 80 High Street, Eastchurch 24/7 Public 2m
69FABB03-FDEC-4561-A62C-AF5E010A5773 ME12 4DH Eastchurch Fire Station, Church Road, Eastchurch 24/7 Public 6m
03D47202-F87D-4000-84AE-B0BC00C222D2 ME12 4EJ Eastchurch Village Hall, Village Hall, Warden Road 24/7 Public 2m
AFA438E9-BF53-4626-A674-B0CF00A1B798 ME12 4ES Beverley Camp, Warden Road, Eastchurch Variable Restricted 7w
AACD1B72-45F6-4E43-A456-AFD400BE4F57 ME12 4EW The Coppice, Fourth Avenue, Eastchurch 24/7 Public 6m
252C2007-17FA-4BAA-A242-AD1200E8D3DD ME12 4JA Golden Leas Holiday Park, Bell Farm Lane, Minster-On-Sea 24/7 Public 6m
F47CAF0C-1682-4F06-BFF8-AE8500BFA39F ME12 4LN Vanity Farm (Ta) Ltd, Vanity Farm Holiday Camp Tenants Association Ltd, Leysdown Road, Leysdown-On-Sea 24/7 Public 6m
566AF233-71F6-4714-BB1C-B09600CEC5B1 ME12 4LT Saddlebrook Park, Warden Bay Rd, Leysdown-On-Sea 24/7 Public 3m
5113D0D6-6DD4-4D50-B485-B04600F4BD87 ME12 4NF The Cavern Pub Diner, Jetty Road, Warden 24/7 Public 4m
8AEED507-F848-4232-A406-ADCE00D2E2F1 ME12 4PA Broadview, Knoll Way, Warden 24/7 Restricted 6m
0642B808-09D2-4EDF-8FF8-AEBE00E3E997 ME12 4QP Park Avenue Holiday Village, Park Avenue, Leysdown 24/7 Public 6m
F2AC3EA6-51FE-4CF2-B483-B07300A444B9 ME13 0BA Eastling County Primary School, Kettle Hill Road, Eastling Variable Public 4m
4489 ME13 0BE 1 Manor Lees, Kent 24/7 Public
6AD3EB47-8AA5-4423-855B-AE7C00D3A0C6 ME13 0ED Sheldwich Village Hall, Lees Court Road, Sheldwich Lees 24/7 Restricted 6m
DEF8C813-D7AC-41C4-A444-AE2100999754 ME13 0EN Lorenden Prep School, Painters Forstal Road, Ospringe Variable Restricted 6m
56E1DED7-B629-4783-A8D9-AE830174BE72 ME13 0HY Stalisfield Parish Council, Village Hall, The Green, Stalisfield Road 24/7 Public 6m
8D48B695-24AF-4BFB-8C8C-B03800AA483F ME13 0LU The Headteacher, Sheldwich Primary School, Lees Court Road Variable Restricted 4m
5773B44D-AC5D-43E9-970F-AF2100E54357 ME13 0PJ Public Telephone 10m From Clares Cottage On Unnamed Road, Almshouse Road, Throwley Forstal 24/7 Public 6m
561DC177-4A73-4287-84CF-AFE900F8C537 ME13 0QA The Three Mariners At Oare, The Three Mariners, 2 Church Road 24/7 Public 6m
89EE73E3-E8E8-4795-BB0B-AE8C00F4A591 ME13 0SW Norton Village Hall Trust, Village Hall, Provender Lane 24/7 Public 6m
09C2E699-66D4-4FFA-987E-B0EC00B6F3F4 ME13 0TE Luddenham School, Luddenham Cp School, Luddenham, Luddenham 24/7 Public 3w
64DCF710-454C-475B-94BE-AF2000E8A0C1 ME13 7AE Faversham Town Council, 12 Market Place, Faversham Variable Public 6m
1A6B6A08-B88F-44DC-B4F5-AE3A00D787EC ME13 7AS Tesco Superstore, Crescent Rd, 0 Variable Public 6m
1B972AA1-7C6C-4011-A261-AE5801179E36 ME13 7AX Shepherd Neame, 17 Court Street, Faversham Variable Restricted 6m
86962E56-CF0B-41C7-A39E-AE90010CECF0 ME13 7BP The Anchor Pub 52 Abbey Street, Faversham 24/7 Public 6m
79FD3447-76C8-4764-B267-AF4700FAB79F ME13 7BQ Queen Elizabeth School Faversham, Queen Elizabeth School, Abbey Place Variable Restricted 6m
B8680B30-7623-4C4E-A375-B09A00B71DC5 ME13 7BQ Queen Elizabeth School Faversham, Queen Elizabeth School, Abbey Place Variable Restricted 3m
E789D499-C4DE-4B92-9FAF-B09A00B8BEAE ME13 7BQ Queen Elizabeth School Faversham, Queen Elizabeth School, Abbey Place Variable Restricted 3m
C278B3D0-8035-4265-A559-B00300D53A58 ME13 7DX Church Hall, Old Church Hall, 7 Partridge Lane 24/7 Public 6m
25F87EAE-461D-4499-B60C-AE6D00E688C6 ME13 7JW National Shrine Of St Jude, Shrine Of St Jude,, 34 Tanners Street 24/7 Public 6m
FCCCE8A2-C0A3-49D8-9650-ADD1009BEC2E ME13 7RH Wfca, West Faversham Community Centre, Bysing Wood Road Variable Restricted 6m
54E637D4-EECB-4DD7-A66D-AE7400E53D6F ME13 7TE Davington Priory Cricket Club, Davington Priory Cricket Ground, Greenway 24/7 Public 3m
03DF9EA4-7734-4289-9A12-AE9900AB33E5 ME13 7TW Gist, Oare Road, Faversham 24/7 Public 6m
7F4C34DA-2414-48A7-B248-AFD500960EF5 ME13 7TY All Sorts, 2a John Hall Close, Faversham 24/7 Restricted 6m
05E00C79-C703-4058-B692-AE8B01015763 ME13 7UD Consult Construct, Unit 12-13 Oare Gunpowder Works, Bysing Wood Road 24/7 Public 6m
448AA5EE-38F8-4669-8B97-AE9B00E4CD04 ME13 8AN Cooksditch Residential Home, East St,, Faversham 24/7 Public 6m
5340D476-A9AC-4D26-8DCB-AECB00B09D0A ME13 8BF Faversham Community Gymnastic And Activity Centre, Queen Elizabeth Ii Jubilee Centre, 23a Whitstable Road Variable Restricted 6m
A2C1CFAB-B8E6-4A32-8062-AF4300B2DF73 ME13 8EB Faversham Station, Station Road Faversham, Kent Variable Restricted 6m
6AF5EC73-3EB9-4315-B4A2-AED9008BCAC9 ME13 8ES Swale Borough Council, Pavilion Faversham Recreation Ground, Park Road 24/7 Public 6m
1C44095D-A736-4AE0-B393-AFEE00AEF885 ME13 8GD Screwfix, Ground Floor Saphir House, 5 Jubilee Way Variable Restricted 6m
BE85F78F-9C10-4869-9005-AE6F008AE20F ME13 8RZ The Abbey School, London Road, Faversham 24/7 Public 6m
6170E5A2-A120-4765-A81C-B0B200B63085 ME13 8SQ Ethelbert Road Primary School, Ethelbert Road, Faversham Variable Restricted 2m
C3276700-27E2-4BBF-8052-AE210130C0F0 ME13 8TH Faversham Strikeforce Fc, The Mount, London Road 24/7 Public 6m
30132602-1F99-4275-BF4F-B08100E5C606 ME13 8TX Ospringe C Of E Primary School, Ospringe Church Of England Primary School, Water Lane Variable Restricted 4m
E9717FD9-ECD7-41B2-89D2-ADFB00B3AB07 ME13 8XF Faversham Cricket Club, Macknade Cricket Ground, Selling Road Variable Restricted 6m
EB206FA9-EFBD-47DD-A569-AE0500FAA553 ME13 8XF Macknade Fine Foods, Macknade Ltd, Selling Road 24/7 Public 6m
BAF9AB34-C0E6-4E2D-8B06-AF5E010A4267 ME13 8XL Faversham Fire Station, Ashford Road, Faversham 24/7 Public 6m
C402D16D-DBEE-41F4-8BF0-B09100A2B6C5 ME13 8XZ Brogdale Farm, Brogdale Road, Faversham 24/7 Public 3m
4709174A-6E39-4251-8B70-AE86012AD9DC ME13 9AA Dvsa, 1 Stockers Hill, Boughton Under Blean Variable Restricted 6m
54A33040-ABA3-4CC5-8F77-AF9E0130D39C ME13 9AH Boughton Under Blean Village Hall, Village Hall, Bull Lane 24/7 Public 6m
4686 ME13 9BH Queens Head, Kent 24/7 Public
50672521-2D1C-4822-B63D-AE9A00EDD4AA ME13 9DH J D Mills Engineering, Sandbanks Lane, Graveney 24/7 Public 3m
C34A7428-C7AB-45DA-96F8-AEA10096DC0B ME13 9DU Graveney Primary School, Seasalter Road, Graveney, Faversham Variable Public 6m
B26A5FCA-62C4-47D9-9D71-B03000914F2B ME13 9EJ Hernhill Nursery, Highstreet Road, Faversham Variable Public 6m
648477FC-2168-43FA-BC08-AE7400E7CFDF ME13 9HB The Dove, Dargate, The Dove Inn, Plumpudding Lane 24/7 Public 6m
C5BF1E19-3447-46A4-8B06-B06F00A800AE ME13 9JG Hernhill County Primary School, Hernhill Church Of England Primary School, Fostall Variable Restricted 4m
791F5074-8A54-443F-ABE4-AED900985256 ME13 9LF Dunkirk Village Hall, London Road, Dunkirk 24/7 Public 6m
DA2128FE-38F3-4459-8E1C-AE7400EBE75C ME13 9PL Post Box 10m From The Sondes 5m From Sondes Court, Sondes Court, Selling 24/7 Public 6m
656450A8-37F3-4399-B449-AF4300B2CE59 ME13 9PW Selling Railway Station, Selling Rail Station, Crouch Lane 24/7 Public 6m
F465CFD3-722E-4592-9B68-AE7400ED9AED ME13 9RQ Selling Cp School, Selling C Of E Primary School, The Street 24/7 Public 6m
9AE6060D-706D-48E1-942B-AE7400F03973 ME13 9RY Sand Bank Farm, Perry Wood, Selling 24/7 Public 6m
897DFB6C-44A9-4FE4-9EB0-AE6200F9D0C0 ME14 1BH Link Pharmacy, 88a King Street, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
861EBF1C-AA15-4FEA-887F-AE6F00D18FC6 ME14 1DE Puregym, The Mall, King Street 24/7 Restricted 6m
837255B1-B095-46E6-8522-AF6500CAF813 ME14 1JP Office At Link House, 10-11 Fairmeadow, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
475122BD-0053-47BC-9076-AFEF00D12A03 ME14 1LY The Trinity Foyer, 20 Church Street, Maidstone Variable Public 6m
FABC1663-86EC-4BC5-A3E7-B10100A8F678 ME14 1PL Maidstone, Richer Sounds, 17 Earl Street Variable Restricted 3w
ED2C2A58-769E-46E0-8C74-B00300C22D50 ME14 1QG O2 Store (0167) Maidstone, 3 Fremlin Walk, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
871F46F6-DF17-463C-8F20-AF2500F2AA5C ME14 1QN Maidstone East Station, Station Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 4m
029FC021-7B68-4808-9433-B0300097993B ME14 1RL Tesco Week Street Maidstone Express, 86-88 Week St, Maidstone Variable Public 6m
C8F7CF9E-4AD6-4C58-82BB-AE370119B3B7 ME14 1RL 86-88 Week Street, Maidstone Variable Public 6m
83FB389E-AF3B-40D6-AAD3-AE8400BDF2D3 ME14 1RU Brewer Street Surgery, 4 Brewer Street, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
2E776DEF-2C14-41C9-8996-B0A000A7D8F6 ME14 1ST Gym, County Gate, Staceys Street 24/7 Restricted 3m
7E3BE52D-674F-4205-BC6B-B0A000A70E85 ME14 1ST County Gate, Staceys Street, Maidstone Variable Public 3m
59C81AE3-A073-4732-830E-AED20104D262 ME14 1TF Town Hall, Middle Row, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
5ED0BAE6-1645-4945-8A16-B02E00F27A62 ME14 2BP North Borough Cp Junior School, Peel Street, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
647B48D1-245E-453F-BCB9-AF4C00DFC87F ME14 2DH Penenden Heath, Penenden Heath Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
837DAE93-5121-4336-A167-B0D700CE0ED6 ME14 2PY St Faiths Centre, Moncktons Lane, Maidstone 24/7 Public 7w
FC9F4424-CC3A-4EA5-96DF-AF2700B03527 ME14 2RF Innkeeper's Lodge, Sandling Road, Maidstone 24/7 Restricted 6m
36ED2FB8-0BE1-40B2-86E6-AD4A00A76190 ME14 2UG Howard De Walden Centre, Bluett Street, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
AE90A404-A11F-4E7A-8729-B07D011CFCA3 ME14 3AU Museum Of Kent Life, Lock Lane, Sandling 24/7 Restricted 4m
3A90D908-93DE-4FBC-8A87-B00400FB2B86 ME14 3BD Tyland Barn, Kent Wildlife Trust Tyland Barn, Chatham Road 24/7 Public 6m
C16DFF88-E767-4A79-9AEC-AAC6009F1FC4 ME14 3EN Azets Holdings Limited, Globe House, Eclipse Park Variable Public 6m
1CE7C882-6EDF-4753-9B3F-ADEF00EE7FB6 ME14 3HB Oakview Holiday Park, Scragged Oak Lane, Detling Hill 24/7 Public 6m
28A0B7EE-CCCF-4608-AD36-AECF00E1755A ME14 3HU Vp, Unit 1 & 2, Detling Aerodrome Estate 24/7 Public 6m
F4DD9D5C-F7EA-439C-87A3-AEA0009B4755 ME14 3HU Scott Parnell Ltd, Unit A, Scott Parnell Ltd Variable Public 6m
E054341D-288B-4211-8863-B0A100B7FFCD ME14 3JF Kent County Showground, Detling Hill, Detling Variable Public 3m
13D18A3B-C1BA-4885-B876-AE830107F360 ME14 4EX Bearsted And Thurnham Wi, Bearsted Womens Institute, The Street Variable Restricted 6m
7AE8B2E7-7696-465F-9745-AE3900A76F16 ME14 4NE Tesco Express, 143 Ashford Road, Bearsted Variable Restricted 6m
1CEB6B26-ACF1-4184-975E-AF2500F2D4DA ME14 4PH Bearsted Station, Ware Street, Bearsted 24/7 Public 4m
4D8BAC59-9EE7-422D-9EFB-B01B00E57A9E ME14 5AA Orida Maidstone, Bearsted Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
AD03301C-E498-41E2-A1DA-ADCC00B8575A ME14 5AZ Park Royal Fc, Civil Service Sports And Social Club, Park Avenue 24/7 Public 6m
CBDB3FE4-B7F9-4C6A-9928-AEDF011FE2DA ME14 5AZ Civil Service Sports And Social Club, Recreation Close, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
368640DE-01A1-4AC2-A17A-ADC500A884BA ME14 5DW John Banks House, Vinters Road, Maidstone 24/7 Restricted 6m
3584D160-3C44-4401-8003-B0D000F348CB ME14 5NZ Maidstone Studios, Vinters Park, New Cut Road 24/7 Restricted 7w
72459B72-989A-4CD2-89C5-AE7C00D9BDAD ME14 5PP Turkey Mill Investments Ltd, Turkey Court, Turkey Mill 24/7 Public 6m
4E1F24F0-6C68-4214-AEE0-AEDB00BBBE2A ME14 5TQ Tesco Superstore, Grovewood Dr North, Weavering Variable Public 6m
13B0D73A-B9C1-4D14-B713-AEED014C0A99 ME15 0DF 10 Fairhurst Drive, East Farleigh 24/7 Public 6m
25ABB847-51DF-46EE-861E-AF2500F2C9F2 ME15 0JH East Fairleigh Station, Station Road, East Fairleigh 24/7 Public 4m
D2ED8625-6FD8-4CA1-9D54-AE8800F36203 ME15 0JL East Farleigh Parish Council, Old School Hall, Lower Road 24/7 Public 6m
585FD7EC-05E9-4D1D-8156-AFB90086075B ME15 0NE Tutsham Farm, Hunt Street, West Farleigh Variable Restricted 4m
FAAE6217-C96E-4505-9B2B-AF63010E0777 ME15 0PH Atac Solutions Ltd, Unit A9, Loc8 Business Park, Ashford Road Variable Restricted 6m
A9372A83-867A-4FB5-A174-B0A7007CDADA ME15 0PZ Almshouses, Franklyn Cottages, 6 Workhouse Lane 24/7 Public 3m
9052F222-D430-4989-859E-AE8C008B27A0 ME15 0QY Gusbourne, Gusbourne Warehouse, Amsbury Farm, East Street Variable Restricted 6m
417AB324-4CE9-4A29-BE91-AEB000BF4B71 ME15 0RR Hunton Engineering Design, West Street, Hunton Variable Restricted 6m
453E4C05-CA49-4813-94CC-AEC100A42FED ME15 0SJ Hunton C Of E Primary School, Bishops Lane, Hunton Variable Restricted 6m
B027793C-0712-4F71-BF16-AE8800F1A9AB ME15 0TA East Farleigh Parish Council, Crittenden Bungalows, Gallants Lane 24/7 Public 6m
50846AB2-7F15-43AE-BEAB-B05000F010AD ME15 6NB Kent & Medway Icb, Second Floor Gail House, Lower Stone Street Variable Restricted 6m
BF4B3C50-3869-496B-BB86-AFD200BFCCCB ME15 6RJ Sunbelt Rentals, Burial Ground Lane Tovil, Tovil Variable Public 6m
71E994C4-925A-458C-B44C-AE3900C24903 ME15 6RQ Tesco, Farleigh Hill, Tovil Variable Public 6m
51D0BAEB-DF89-4F14-A6F2-AF5E010A07AD ME15 6XB Kent Fire And Rescue Shq, Straw Mill Hill, Tovil, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
ED747CD2-6B54-4C33-9FD5-B0B6010BAFE4 ME15 6YE Loucas, Ground Floor And First Floor The Carriage House, Mill Street Variable Public 2m
5C823C14-E61C-4DB0-8D86-ADBF00CA7AC1 ME15 6YF 36 College Road, Maidstone 24/7 Restricted 6m
B8A51922-3964-4F5F-BBB3-AD3D00B7E843 ME15 7LP The Vine Church, Northumberland Road, Maidstone Variable Public 6m
A1775A07-50D9-4F1F-B04A-AEDC00C3CACC ME15 7RN Maidstone Leisure Trust, Maidstone Leisure Centre, Willow Way Variable Restricted 6m
D6D066E4-581D-443B-8910-AEDC00C081D7 ME15 7RN Maidstone Leisure Trust, Maidstone Leisure Centre, Willow Way Variable Restricted 6m
E598D9C3-5C10-4DA1-9AE4-AD0F00885112 ME15 7RN Maidstone Football Club, Willow Way, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
BD437477-E054-4ACD-B522-AE4700D883F2 ME15 7TY Tesco Express, 2 Loose Road, Maidstone Variable Public 6m
44C0CE49-BAC1-4C6C-BD96-B0260086EC39 ME15 8DF Greenfields Cps, Oxford Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
0CBADB16-781F-4DE8-A79D-AFC3014B2219 ME15 8EG 10 Chapman Avenue, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
DAA2283C-DAD8-4739-8035-B101009D7069 ME15 8FX Maidstone Skills And Community Centre, Titchfield Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 3w
C81C84ED-F28C-4A4A-8F3E-B0AD0119C091 ME15 8RN Otham, Otham Village Hall, Otham Street 24/7 Public 2m
DAB5FC77-AB16-4D9C-AA7B-B08500B47BAC ME15 8XG The Downswood Community Centre, Chiltern Close, Downswood 24/7 Public 4m
9E3E3985-9392-49EA-AC36-AF2700C69869 ME15 9EE Royal Mail Maidstone Do, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
174FEC89-AEFE-48C2-AA65-AFC2008A30DA ME15 9NL Screwfix, Unit 4 Haslemere Industrial Estate, Parkwood Variable Restricted 4m
5DF4DFC0-8E86-4515-8C08-B085009383C7 ME15 9NL Haslemere Industrial Estate, Maidstone, Kent 24/7 Public 4m
FB651EDD-E84B-4C5D-96A9-AF5E010A1F9B ME15 9QB Maidstone Fire Station, Loose Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
D26B5411-1A8D-45EB-86CE-AE7F00A3629D ME15 9QF Tiger Primary School, Boughton Lane, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
14762E89-A8B7-4212-9239-ADDD00AE608C ME15 9UW Loose County Infant School, Loose Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
6D67E788-B2EC-43F5-9CC3-ADDD00AC2EA5 ME15 9UW Loose Junior School, Loose Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
616CA503-BA90-4D59-B7BB-AFE700DA9EC7 ME15 9XF Fusion Maidstone Healthy Living Centre, Unit 2-3, Cobb Way 24/7 Public 6m
F309D518-DE50-469A-A491-B10800D161EC ME15 9XX Advanced Tooling Systems Uk Ltd, Coldred Road, Maidstone Variable Public 3w
3C438A23-FB00-4762-800B-AE9E00A94533 ME16 0AB Palace Wood County Junior School, Ash Grove, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
91B8900A-498F-47AB-8552-AE2700F7747D ME16 0DJ Tesco, 120 London Road, Maidstone Variable Public 4m
EDE3DB82-5900-4E76-A636-B083010F2266 ME16 0DT Dunelm Maidstone, London Road Retail Park, London Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 4m
56EF52FD-C75E-4F02-96DF-B08300A33428 ME16 0FZ Balreed Digitec, Nimbus House Nimbus Enterprise Park 20/20 Industrial Estate, Liphook Way Variable Public 4m
EF55E894-5B80-4956-B908-AEC500A64E8A ME16 0FZ Obart Pumps Limited, Obart House, Nimbus Enterprise Park, Liphook Way Variable Restricted 6m
A0E0CE48-B4CD-4F5F-A40F-B05800D83CF4 ME16 0JP St Simon Stock Catholic School, St Simon Stock R C Secondary School Oakwood Park, Tonbridge Road Variable Restricted 4m
E745C652-8CFF-4975-B3E2-AF47008E39C3 ME16 0JZ Bridges, Unit D, St Barnabas Close 24/7 Restricted 6m
2677D6BD-1DE5-46F5-B140-ADCC00AF7106 ME16 0LL Sinclair & Rush Ltd, Units 11 To 13 Twenty Twenty Industrial Estate, St Laurence Avenue Variable Restricted 6m
0B13D70F-CE6F-493E-8817-AF1000E34F79 ME16 0LQ Allington, Maidstone, Hanson Asphalt 20/20 Business Park, St Laurence Ave Variable Restricted 6m
923CC08C-2635-421E-A9C0-AF1000DD8E92 ME16 0LQ Allington, Maidstone, Hanson Asphalt 20/20 Business Park, St Laurence Ave Variable Restricted 6m
B4AA2891-AE46-44A9-9E72-AFA2008E7E69 ME16 0NB Allington Castle, Castle Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
29BC2A98-C96E-4AE4-8C70-AE7500A499B6 ME16 0PH 4 Cheriton Way, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
B926D573-F8E0-41D9-A40E-B0B601204AC2 ME16 0PX Waitrose & Partners - Allington Park, Mid-Kent Shopping Centre, Allington Park Variable Public 2m
4055 ME16 0PZ Allington Community Association, Kent 24/7 Public
84F5CBCC-771D-45B0-838E-AEB3009EC239 ME16 0PZ Allington Community Association, Allington Community Centre, Castle Road 24/7 Public 6m
040CAC41-85B1-4B48-AFDB-AFF700793A67 ME16 0SF Maidstone Grammar School For Girls, Buckland Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
6DFEC3B0-9B78-4588-AA5D-AF2D010326AB ME16 0SQ Maidstone Barracks Station, Maidstone, Buckland Hill 24/7 Public 4m
15A3DFB5-3B21-42FF-990D-AE8D00E00AEE ME16 0ST Tko Kickboxing Academy, Unit G16 Powerhub Business Centre, St Peters Street Variable Restricted 6m
5EACB9AE-51B0-4CE6-812F-AF1F00B226A9 ME16 0TW Identics, 1 Odiham Drive, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
4AA7D819-26FF-4A6A-B091-AF5E00FDED86 ME16 0WD St Andrews Park (Maidstone) Management Co Ltd, St Andrew's Park, 8 Tarragon Road 24/7 Public 6m
AE1D314B-403F-4897-B893-B06800C91CBF ME16 8AE St Augustine Academy Oakwood Park, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone 24/7 Restricted 4m
30B7FB3B-C2FA-4645-B3A4-AFFD00DE1A10 ME16 8AH Oakwood Park Grammar School Oakwood Park, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
538FA43C-BAB4-45F2-A690-AFFD00DF9CF7 ME16 8AH Oakwood Park Grammar School Oakwood Park, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
071DF977-B0D2-4B7B-9D67-AFF100D4AF95 ME16 8AU Maidstone And Malling Alternative Provision, The Cedars, 8 Bower Mount Road, Maidstone, Kent, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
8ACAB925-6A51-4A36-BF05-AF1D010F48BA ME16 8BG Ftinc, 5 Bower Place, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
8F933D07-EBE2-4FAA-A6FD-AF1D010E5AF7 ME16 8BG 5 Bower Place, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
12DA8BD5-C16B-4B2F-A3BB-AE560102AE9B ME16 8LW David Lloyd - Maidstone, Lockmeadow Leisure Complex, Barker Road Variable Restricted 4m
17598710-ABF5-4BA9-A885-B0C900C3E70D ME16 8NL Bower Grove School, Fant Lane, Maidstone Variable Restricted 2m
A13442F8-8B93-4D8A-AB33-B0C900EDA5FF ME16 8NL Bower Grove School, Fant Lane, Maidstone Variable Restricted 2m
CB5D3572-BF4A-4FD7-A443-AECB00DD1ABC ME16 8NY 48 Chamberlain Avenue, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
01A27B76-0274-4227-870A-AE2100B93D94 ME16 8RF Easistore Holdings Limited, Unit I Hart Street Commercial Centre, Hart Street Variable Public 6m
4C6667FE-6B81-41BA-A136-AFED00954279 ME16 8RF Screwfix, Unit G Lockmeadow, Hart Street Commercial Centre Variable Restricted 6m
E7E2A7CD-9EF2-4D7A-A7A4-AF2500F2B70C ME16 8RJ Maidstone West Station, Station Approach, Off The Broadway 24/7 Public 4m
B2EF2562-183D-4784-B621-AE6000D180F2 ME16 8TG Tesco, Tesco Express, 300 Tonbridge Road Variable Public 6m
E58D562E-FD80-44E6-9B9D-AE7E0086BB05 ME16 8TL West Borough Primary School, Greenway, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
B8FEAE3C-6668-41B9-951C-B02600AE8BC8 ME16 9DY Barming Primary School, Belmont Close, Barming Variable Restricted 6m
0D77D50B-6763-4472-BEF9-ADF8010735F6 ME16 9FA Taylor Wimpey, Oakapple Place, Barming, Oakapple Place, Off Hermitage Lane Variable Restricted 6m
241B2022-5A5B-4A20-9DF7-AEBE00CD0999 ME16 9FZ Hermitage Park Community Centre, 31 Cranford Road, Allington 24/7 Public 6m
BE61F7DD-5ECF-4EBF-ADFB-AECB00D9C8B8 ME16 9FZ Swale Community Leisure, Hermitage Park Community Centre, 31 Cranford Road 24/7 Public 6m
6ECFE819-E5CB-4102-9224-AEA601215532 ME16 9HB Barming Parish Council, The Bull Inn Public House, 5 Tonbridge Road 24/7 Public 6m
869FABB6-5367-4991-9316-AE2400C1444F ME16 9JU Barming Village Hall, Heath Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
8CED5E9A-5AD2-49AD-8903-B0F80128BF27 ME16 9NH Barming Parish Council - Parish Hall, 10 Tonbridge Road, Barming 24/7 Public 3w
21276512-AFCA-458E-846C-AF2500F2D9C9 ME16 9NS Barming Station, Hermitage Lane, East Barming 24/7 Public 4m
E32BD787-E139-46D6-B579-AE7600BA4D9A ME16 9NT Kent Community Health Nhs Foundation Trust, The Oast Hermitage Court, Hermitage Lane 24/7 Public 6m
ACD0CB31-4F41-4D39-A183-AE3A00DE8866 ME16 9NZ Tescos Stores Ltd, Unit 1 Hermitage Walk, Hermitage Lane 24/7 Public 4m
3D29ECD4-A628-4436-B179-AE24011A8A5A ME17 1AP Harrietsham Village Hall, Church Road, Harrietsham 24/7 Public 6m
8327858A-2C53-4EF7-9C17-AF5D00ADAE43 ME17 1AW Harrietsham Village Hall (Community Centre), Church Road, Harrietsham 24/7 Public 6m
557141E8-0873-4C13-B708-AFD500ED22DB ME17 1DG Unit 1 Chegworth Court Farm, Chegworth Road, Harrietsham Variable Restricted 6m
25546529-B5EF-46A0-BA86-AE9801324C35 ME17 1EB Ulcombe Parish Council, Ulcombe Village Hall, Headcorn Road 24/7 Public 6m
ECF09B26-B761-406F-8D22-AFD900DF24F9 ME17 1EB Hopkins, Headcorn Road, Ulcombe 24/7 Public 6m
8BAB14DE-F140-4A20-9CAA-AF3A00C762ED ME17 1GE Harrietsham Parish Council, 4 Southfields Way, Harrietsham 24/7 Public 6m
6FB80705-212B-481F-A871-AE8B00A63B64 ME17 1HX Harrietsham Post Office, 34 West Street, Harrietsham 24/7 Public 6m
500B3A59-E7A7-47CA-88EB-AF2500F2BF10 ME17 1JA Harrietsham Station, Station Road, Harrietsham 24/7 Public 4m
027E55A9-5E8F-42A0-A964-B04600BE2786 ME17 1RL Leeds And Broomfield Church Of England Primary School, Lower Street, Leeds Variable Restricted 4m
ADA7332C-CA31-4AEC-9D03-AF3D011462B0 ME17 1RN Leeds Village Hall, Lower Street, Leeds 24/7 Public 6m
288E2C7A-E645-438B-B0FE-AEC800D42F6F ME17 1SQ Leeds Playing Field, The Abbots, 1 Lower Street 24/7 Public 6m
5BD1FEB6-DA13-442A-852A-AE9900829521 ME17 1SS Roadchef Msa, Junction 8 M20 Motorway, Hollingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
F53E42B5-066F-4AB7-BB57-B0FA00A4FD30 ME17 1SS Roadchef, W H Smith, M20 Junction 8 From Junction 7 Off Slip 24/7 Public 3w
6A19D393-92D6-4EC0-9C54-AFE900DE1B69 ME17 1TR Windmill Village Vhall, Hollingbourne Village Hall, Eyhorne Street 24/7 Public 6m
C0312B03-3517-4184-8178-AF2500F2B31A ME17 1TX Hollingbourne Station, Eythorne Street, Hollingbourne 24/7 Public 4m
69391C82-F0ED-4F5F-8533-AE81009CF6D2 ME17 1UA Hollingbourne Parish Council, Hollingbourne County Primary School, 119 Eyhorne Street 24/7 Public 6m
815DF353-2BF1-4F01-A8BB-AF1A00D5CE29 ME17 1UW The Dirty Habit, Upper Street, Hollingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
9563017C-387D-4143-8448-AE8500FAB348 ME17 1XH Caravan At Woodcut Farm, Ashford Road, Hollingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
716E76E9-2631-41C7-B627-B0A800AA32B1 ME17 2DL M & H Testing Ltd, Unit D1 & D2, Northdown Close Variable Public 3m
56FDD91D-08E1-4589-B9ED-AF2500F2AEDF ME17 2HR Lenham Station, Station Approach Road, Off Highstreet 24/7 Public 4m
54DA3309-13E1-48B9-9E1B-AFEE00EB2765 ME17 2LL The Lenham School, Maidstone Road, Lenham Variable Public 6m
D3C7433A-AC79-4541-B834-AFEE00ED0618 ME17 2LL The Lenham School, Maidstone Road, Lenham Variable Restricted 6m
6158 ME17 2QG Lenham Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
261F1F89-40BB-4D44-8050-B00B0091F25A ME17 3DH East Sutton Village Hall, Church Lane, East Sutton 24/7 Public 6m
11BCC4CE-D5FF-4A75-AD73-AF6900F75C89 ME17 3FU Toby Carvery - Maidstone, Laight Road, Maidstone Variable Public 6m
DBB99ABA-B579-4100-A696-B03F00AA2B71 ME17 3FX Langley Park Primary Academy, Edmett Way, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
FC0A9F36-49D3-4B21-B11D-AE9100FFD039 ME17 3HN Sutton Valence School, North Street, Sutton Valence Variable Restricted 6m
3410 ME17 3HS Village Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
C397D161-B95D-4178-9E6C-AEDA00B58696 ME17 3JB Fsf Leisure, The Ridge Golf Club, Chartway Street Variable Restricted 6m
C838BE77-AA83-4BEA-B686-AE7400E49B37 ME17 3JY Village Hall, Horseshoes Lane, Langley 24/7 Public 6m
6FC797EF-6EC8-46E5-B8AA-AED7009A05C3 ME17 3PE Post Office/Nisa Local, Corner Stores, 29 Charlesford Avenue 24/7 Public 6m
D6C48A20-E82C-4BFD-9075-AE7700DFDD7D ME17 3SB Chart Sutton Parish Council, Shop On The Green, Chart Corner 24/7 Public 6m
3EDC8BFE-F5A3-48C1-8C6B-AF5400F03864 ME17 3UW Redrow Homes Monchelsea Park, 4 Olive Close, Maidstone Variable Restricted 6m
32CA906A-D46A-4D03-B5EA-B0490108A66E ME17 4AG Musket Brewery, The Barn Unit 10 Loddington Farm, Loddington Lane 24/7 Public 4m
FA77DA00-E43A-4591-99F5-AFC400F317BC ME17 4DH Coxheath Scout Hut, 24 Westerhill Road, Coxheath 24/7 Public 6m
A396ADD9-4192-466E-AB91-AF0B00C69829 ME17 4JB Solargates Uk, Solar Gates Uk, The Packhouse, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea Variable Public 6m
03E16C57-BBA6-4170-8E77-AFC500B80E9A ME17 4PN Tesco Coxheath, 118 Heath Road, Coxheath Variable Public 4m
81C9B537-56B6-4C57-888B-AE8200A4FE00 ME17 4PT Coxheath Village Hall, Stockett Lane, Coxheath 24/7 Public 6m
47B531A8-A340-4D98-8573-AF39006EB7DF ME18 5EA Wateringbury Station, Station Approach, Off Maidstone Road 24/7 Public 4m
F2E121F0-832F-4F6A-A602-AEC900964611 ME18 5EA Wateringbury C Of E Primary School Mr R Arnold, Wateringbury County Primary School, 147 Bow Road Variable Restricted 6m
DC8CBD03-6C3C-4D19-943A-AE82011518B6 ME18 5ER Nettlestead Parish Council, Nettlestead Village Hall, Maidstone Road 24/7 Public 6m
273B51EC-0ED3-4DE4-9422-B0D600D3A373 ME18 5GS Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic Ltd, Bell Equine Hospital, 104 Butchers Lane 24/7 Restricted 7w
1BC46634-9743-494B-9C59-ADD200C42333 ME18 5JJ West Peckham Parish Council, West Peckham Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public 6m
AAA38710-C00B-4AAB-9481-AE7400FDBD5F ME18 5LU The Pavilion, The Pavilion, Queen Elizabeth Ii Jubilee Field, The Street, Mereworth, Kent, The Street 24/7 Public 6m
12FAEF8C-72DF-40F3-9368-AE740149590C ME18 5NU Wateringbury Millennium Village Hall, Wateringbury Village Hall, 147 Tonbridge Road 24/7 Public 6m
F86D75A7-9771-4FB2-A92A-AE7500A16398 ME18 5PA St John The Baptist Church, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone 24/7 Public 6m
39837B7F-4C25-4F5C-9FC1-AE740100FA79 ME18 5QD Mereworth Village Hall, 149 Butchers Lane, Mereworth 24/7 Public 6m
DBBA1A1A-8C90-4BA2-BAFC-AE8A00D2C2AB ME18 6AS Yalding Parish Council, The Woolpack Inn, Benover Road 24/7 Public 6m
9A4C9894-0F71-4F43-B3BF-AE8A00D7AE5D ME18 6BS Yalding Parish Council, 46 Cleavesland, Yalding 24/7 Public 6m
F2841EE6-005B-4A59-80EF-AE8A00D0702E ME18 6DX Yalding Parish Council, The Lodge, Vicarage Road 24/7 Public 6m
70DA27EE-BAF7-4F2A-B137-AE8A00D1EDEE ME18 6HB Yalding Parish Council, The Old Bakery, Lees Road 24/7 Public 6m
41F52FE2-806F-46FB-86DF-AE8A00D45322 ME18 6HH Little Venice Country Park And Marina, 1 Hampstead Lane, Yalding 24/7 Public 6m
48FDBF45-9EC7-4734-901C-AF2500F29911 ME18 6HN Yalding Station, Hampstead Lane, Yalding 24/7 Public 4m
56555437-A868-4A2E-979B-AE8A00D5C656 ME18 6HX Walnut Tree Cottages, High Street, Yalding 24/7 Public 6m
864932B0-53B4-461B-99A4-B00B00D3F2DA ME19 4AR 10 Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling 24/7 Public 6m
3BEE652E-1F2E-4ABB-A76E-B04D00D6F81D ME19 4GJ Kent County Council The Discovery School, The Discovery School, Discovery Drive Variable Restricted 6m
F94B6A24-2074-4338-9C72-ADE80108175B ME19 4GZ Kings Hill Cricket Club Ltd, Cricket Pavilion, 17 Tiffen Way 24/7 Public 6m
731F1316-95C3-445A-8F89-B04200884AEB ME19 4LZ Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, West Malling Variable Restricted 4m
EF4A3DAE-924F-40D1-BBC6-B0B6011F5853 ME19 4QJ Waitrose & Partners - Kings Hill, Fortune Way, Kings Hill Variable Public 2m
8F86187A-9746-4E3E-9AAD-AE8600FDEA2A ME19 4QP Tmactive Leisure Trust, Kings Hill Sports Park, 200 Beacon Avenue 24/7 Public 6m
0A85DF7D-DD89-41A8-8640-ADC100BA5C51 ME19 4UY Second Floor, 1 Tower View, West Malling Variable Restricted 6m
1C4C6160-4650-40A9-B22F-AEAC008B5EB1 ME19 4UY Gallagher, 34 Tower View, West Malling Variable Public 6m
E5F5F97D-32F8-453A-A1E9-ADC100B8785B ME19 4UY Second Floor, 1 Tower View, West Malling Variable Restricted 6m
01B2E12C-4487-464B-BC31-AECA00BB4D64 ME19 5AE Bp Parkfoot Garage Ltd, 265 London Road, West Malling 24/7 Public 6m
BC44F0AD-C5C5-4CDB-8582-AEAD00AD1763 ME19 5AN Humphries And Parks Ltd, Humphries And Parks, London Road Variable Public 6m
8E480FE7-9D3D-4897-ADD0-AE80006AABA1 ME19 5AR West Malling Golf Club, London Road, Addington Variable Public 6m
C7A72F63-6ECB-4420-A95F-AEAE00D16C2E ME19 5EB Church Lane, Trottiscliffe, West Malling 24/7 Public 6m
763FF6EF-9F62-4912-991A-B08F00B78D50 ME19 5FJ Valley Invicta Primary School At Leybourne Chase, Derby Drive, Leybourne Chase Variable Restricted 3m
F0C66DD5-D5E7-4A5F-9430-B0FF00A1F891 ME19 5HD Kent County Council Per The Headteacher, Leybourne Church Of England Primary School, Rectory Lane North 24/7 Public 3w
E98A3E18-4D61-46DB-A33F-B0450080A7BE ME19 5HW The Works Depot, Castle Way, Leybourne, West Malling Variable Public 6m
1233 ME19 5JG Village Hall, Kent 24/7 Public
9CE29B80-95A5-45A6-8F4D-B036008987CF ME19 5LS Kent County Council Per The Headteacher, Ryarsh County Primary School, Birling Road Variable Public 6m
3516BA39-807E-42CA-836F-AFE300F2C68A ME19 5NA Spadework, Teston Road, West Malling Variable Public 6m
8333 ME19 5NY Offham Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
E7CB7E55-778F-4023-AF2D-B06100C67EF9 ME19 5NY Offham Cricket Club, Offham Cricket Club, Village Hall, Church Road 24/7 Public 4m
9FD55CB2-BE47-4EC7-9295-AF4E00CBF766 ME19 5NZ Laurence J Betts Limited, Church Farm, Church Road 24/7 Public 6m
558113FC-D69F-4298-804F-AE5900BFAC6E ME19 5QL Leybourne Parish Council, Leybourne Parish Council Village Hall, Little Market Row 24/7 Public 6m
6CE76D8A-1740-4135-AE57-ADFA00F42891 ME19 5ST Taylor Wimpey, Hilder Street, Leybourne Chase Variable Public 6m
7B22302B-E37C-4D0F-92A9-AF2500F2C62D ME19 6AJ East Malling Station, Ha, East Malling 24/7 Public 4m
95D00F13-305A-41A0-8AFD-AE9E00AAFABB ME19 6DD East Malling Management Committee, East Malling Village Hall, New Road 24/7 Public 6m
E37785DC-45C0-410F-9584-AAAE00D87FF9 ME19 6DY Busy Bees Nurseries, Beech Road, West Malling Variable Public 3w
FD93DAB5-9FA3-4AC7-B9CF-AF2500F29CB8 ME19 6HJ West Malling Station, Station Approach, Off Swan Street 24/7 Public 4m
D38D73C7-ADEF-4502-A21B-AE8400BFD19C ME19 6JU Perrys Accountants - West Malling, 19-21 Swan Street, West Malling Variable Public 6m
66347CE0-AB20-448D-8906-B0A500A70B25 ME19 6NA Tesco, 79 High Street, West Malling Variable Public 3m
0CB65EB7-D9A8-4442-BA87-AEC5004A74AE ME19 6RL Town Malling Cricket Club, Off Norman Road, West Malling 24/7 Public 6m
0EF1DBF0-2A52-47E2-8B35-AFB900D21FEA ME2 1AB Port Medway Marina, Station Road, Cuxton 24/7 Restricted 6m
CFC79054-94A4-4682-AE45-AF2500F2CDBC ME2 1AB Cuxton Station, Station Road, Cuxton 24/7 Public 4m
5988CA4A-F4C4-4F87-AC68-AE8D00982E03 ME2 1AF Cuxton And Halling Parochial Church Council, Cuxton Church Hall, Rochester Road 24/7 Public 6m
04C31EE9-A003-45B4-9DE2-AEAD010ECE86 ME2 1BS Halling Community Centre, 93 High Street, Halling 24/7 Public 6m
74E3573A-6067-49BD-B70D-B0D20096006D ME2 1DJ 45 James Road, Cuxton, Rochester Variable Restricted 7w
B3C7BE00-5BE1-4772-9AF2-AECB008F15A4 ME2 1EZ Cuxton Social Club (Site Id Aap62), 104 Bush Road, Cuxton 24/7 Public 6m
1866EF7A-F728-4CEC-A63C-AE810125F3B1 ME2 1JH Jubilee Hall, Browndens Road, Upper Halling 24/7 Public 6m
02EFBF73-2FA1-48E6-905C-AEBC008EAB14 ME2 2BP Sleepeezee Ltd, Nestledown (H S) Ltd, Knight Road Variable Public 6m
5EC7467F-902B-4D0B-ADA8-AEBC008CFD43 ME2 2BP Nestledown, Nestledown (H S) Ltd, Knight Road Variable Restricted 6m
352A5275-1876-4362-8342-AE3A0139594D ME2 2DE Tesco Superstore, Charles St, Strood Variable Public 6m
4C10B267-6BE6-42DF-BCA2-AF2B00DF419A ME2 2EE Royal Mail Medway Mc, 1 Knight Road, Rochester, Rochester Variable Restricted 6m
C7B4CD14-E730-4B5E-94AA-AFE700EEB62B ME2 2EG Screwfix, 2 Global House, Priory Road Variable Restricted 6m
45207C22-2268-496E-9DEC-ADD500B88BF9 ME2 2SS Nuffield Health, Unit 9 Medway Valley Leisure Park, Chariot Way Variable Restricted 6m
64F2C5DA-5408-4C04-9ADC-AE4700EFE5F0 ME2 2UW Tesco Express, 178 Darnley Road, Strood Variable Public 6m
564BB734-ABBA-422B-8C37-B03A00C92D3E ME2 2XJ Bligh Junior School, Bligh Way, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
BE275DBD-45D6-4CA0-869C-B03A00C642C4 ME2 2XJ Bligh Infant School, Bligh Way, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
4681699F-C5FE-4F0F-A9DE-AF5400D3B851 ME2 2ZA Redrow Homes, Temple Woods Flat 1, 16 Knights Templar Way Variable Restricted 6m
01504780-B790-4607-B2CB-AE9A00FF8994 ME2 3DE Aitch Care Homes, Kingsdown House, 46 Goddington Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
E8C3B6AA-5837-4B8E-92EE-B03000DCD425 ME2 3ET St Nicholas Cevc School, St Nicholas Cevc School, Montfort Road Variable Public 6m
4BD339F8-CE00-4C63-A100-AE380189C1E9 ME2 3PW Tesco, Whitegate Service Station, Gravesend Road Variable Restricted 4m
BD2DCC9F-FD3D-4157-A0DD-AF4700D747AF ME2 3QT Kent Fire And Rescue Service, Strood Fire Station, Gravesend Road 24/7 Public 6m
9B024A0A-AC72-4F4E-AB57-AB17010CC570 ME2 3TU Rochester United Football Club, Rede Court Road, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
B57EEEBC-854D-4F35-B99A-AECA00A4F2DB ME2 3UD Harlex Haulage Services, Park Pale Farm, Park Pale Variable Restricted 6m
1BC5B202-BDEF-415A-AEE9-AEC5011FB603 ME2 4AB Strood Side Of Rochester Bridge, Rochester Variable Public 6m
2A0D9D91-2A31-4AF6-9925-B0420100AF8F ME2 4DJ Quattro Depot, Maritime Close, Medway City Estate Variable Public 4m
00EA3D74-98C7-4EDA-8121-AF2E00E319BA ME2 4DP Mulberry Gbc, Unit 47 Riverside Estate, Sir Thomas Longley Road Variable Restricted 4m
66198F65-5B53-4D77-8E48-B0D700A55B62 ME2 4DP Remet Uk Ltd, Remet Uk Ltd 44 Riverside Unit 2, Sir Thomas Longley Road Variable Restricted 7w
8D997857-2382-469C-9079-AEF300D2A8E2 ME2 4DR Strood Station, Canal Road, Strood Variable Restricted 6m
FC055745-C47A-4B52-B437-AF66011C096C ME2 4DW Mcdonald's - Anthonys Way, Anthonys Way, Medway City Estate 24/7 Public 6m
04BE0FEE-3D1C-4CD5-89D0-AE9B0071679B ME2 4DZ H E Services, Phoenix Education Day Nursery (On H E Services Site), Whitewall Road Variable Restricted 6m
252B6C8D-A480-443C-BBD1-AED700D59918 ME2 4DZ European Metal Recycling, Emr Scrap Metal, Whitewall Road Variable Public 6m
2D41011C-3244-4570-9057-AEC500EF18A3 ME2 4EN Crown Wharf, Whitewall Way, Medway City Estate Variable Restricted 6m
6B4EFE3D-1726-49DE-BF29-B06800B6CC0D ME2 4ER Kent Kraft Engineering, Unit 26 Victory Park, Trident Close Variable Restricted 4m
F13986AF-DB82-49D4-99AF-B0D700AB3BEE ME2 4EW Remet Uk, Whitewall Road, Medway City Estate Variable Restricted 7w
5ABAEC0F-94A4-4D17-9C99-B05A00A78787 ME2 4FA Staco Gratings Uk Limited, Unit 9 Ashford House, Rochester Variable Restricted 4m
8F9C4890-8EFF-4BAB-8A69-AE9800D2273B ME2 4FE Knights Brown, 1 Exeter House, Beaufort Court Variable Restricted 6m
9F249126-BDD9-4A98-B01C-B0C300B39FC8 ME2 4FN Energy Solutions Uk Limited, Unit 52-54 Riverside, Sir Thomas Longley Road Variable Public 2m
EE08B68F-FB46-4E2E-B1BC-B0F500BBE57A ME2 4HE All Saints Parish Church Council, Church Hall, Church Green 24/7 Public 3w
6D96DA2D-F9CB-457F-A4F3-ADF600E1F25A ME2 4HN Pantera Group, Empire House, Me24hn, Sunderland Quay Variable Restricted 6m
FCF53A7C-C83A-4FE9-B494-B03E00A09564 ME2 4HN Fleet House, Fleet House Sunderland Quay, Culpeper Close Variable Restricted 4m
EB7E6109-34AE-4834-92B7-ADE100FF5142 ME2 4JD Tesco Express, 103 Frindsbury Road, Rochester Variable Restricted 6m
0307472C-AEF0-46D0-B0E4-AF8E00BFF66C ME2 4JF Professional Trust Group Ltd, Kenden Business Park, 7 Maritime Close Variable Restricted 6m
D38C7C80-1DDC-4A17-AC56-AE8100FAD465 ME2 4JS The Sans Pareil, Sans Pareil, 245 Frindsbury Hill 24/7 Public 6m
333802A9-AC8D-476F-B8E8-AE8100FF8D84 ME2 4LG Wainscott Memorial Hall, 16-18 Holly Road, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
50DA19C1-76D5-4623-9E39-ADCE00F1E509 ME2 4LU Bespoke Development Solutions, 10 Sextant Park, Neptune Close Variable Restricted 6m
82EF2782-0790-4087-861E-B0F100BF7AC3 ME2 4LX Rexel Uk, Unit 7 - 8 Northpoint Business Estate, Enterprise Close Variable Public 3w
1F418C86-C44B-4108-82BD-AE75009ACCFD ME2 4NF Mhs Depot, Royal Eagle House, Royal Eagle Close Variable Restricted 6m
60AD8632-69A2-4476-BDCA-B0320093C340 ME2 4RA The Ship, 22 Bill Street Road, Rochester Variable Public 6m
7D986602-661D-4726-A970-B07700BC4FBD ME2 4SY Maritime Transport, Enterprise Close Medway City Estate, Medway, City Estate, Rochester 24/7 Restricted 4m
6D760184-D2E2-44B1-8E5B-AF1C008CCF71 ME2 4TR St Nicholas With St Mary, Strood, St Nicholas Church Clock St Nicholas Church, High Street 24/7 Public 6m
E5DC9D59-9FF6-46B2-B1D6-B02E010B9863 ME2 4UY The Upnor Sailing Club, Upnor Sailing Club, 1-3 Upnor Road 24/7 Public 6m
67FFF71E-2383-4944-B095-B0D80100B541 ME2 4WW Castle View House, Ordnance Yard, Upnor 24/7 Public 7w
20BA3D0A-23A6-4274-AAB2-AECF00E2020E ME2 4XB Stewards Flat Medway Yacht Club, Upnor Road, Upnor Variable Restricted 6m
E115F06F-8F96-4D24-9B8D-AF0700F62148 ME2 4XG The Kings Arms, Kings Arms, 2 High Street 24/7 Public 6m
CFD5FD83-6B69-43CF-B24B-AEAE00B717A8 ME20 6AD Ditton Minors Fc, Ditton Scout Hut, New Road 24/7 Public 6m
008CAD46-18A3-4CE4-8A59-AEAE00B8544E ME20 6AE Ditton Church Centre, New Road, Aylesford 24/7 Public 6m
C1B9959A-6320-43DC-8D7E-AE75008C94C3 ME20 6AH Ditton Community Centre Per Mrs Sue Kavanagh, Ditton Community Centre, Kiln Barn Road Variable Restricted 6m
8C9034A7-671C-420A-8727-B07E00F80395 ME20 6AU K Sports Management Ltd, Sports And Social Club, Station Road Variable Restricted 4m
87B75505-D5F0-4D54-A559-AE3800D3ABCC ME20 6HJ Tesco Stores Ltd, Esso Service Station, London Road Variable Public 6m
2BE58497-9FA5-49A6-B642-AF5E010A3BB5 ME20 6PP Larkfield Fire Station, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield 24/7 Public 6m
2C5A8ED4-B90A-405B-B8F4-AE9E00A9E526 ME20 6PU Management Committee For Larkfield Village Hall, Larkfield Village Hall, New Hythe Lane 24/7 Public 6m
E9A7C2DC-933B-4240-AF6B-B08300F31B78 ME20 6PY Brookfield Junior School, Swallow Road, Larkfield Variable Public 4m
D4B3B2C2-FCFA-4E6B-B50A-AE9E0120280F ME20 6QJ Paydens Ltd, 12-16 Martin Square, Aylesford Variable Public 6m
05BC65DD-EB9C-4026-8C79-AFCF00BA127A ME20 6QS Orchard Mill - St. Modwen Homes, Kiln Barn Road, Ditton 24/7 Public 6m
13DFDF20-87F7-4192-9356-B0D9010CF3C2 ME20 6QS St Modwen Sales Office - Orchard Mill, Plot 20/14 Katy Avenue, Ditton 24/7 Public 7w
92B777B1-EABF-4FD4-8F6D-AE98009FCBD3 ME20 6RH Tonbridge And Malling Leisure Trust, Larkfield Leisure Centre, New Hythe Lane Variable Public 6m
DEA0B170-FE5C-4109-AA03-AE3900B23443 ME20 6RJ Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco, Leybourne Way Variable Public 6m
F42FAF5F-AC8B-4BC2-A30A-AEC3009BE695 ME20 6SB John Seymour Transport Ltd, Seymour Transport, 519 New Hythe Lane Variable Restricted 6m
847AC003-A5EB-4E00-96FC-AE4E00A63B1B ME20 6SW Yodel, Unit 15, Block D, New Hythe Lane, Larkfield Trading Estate Variable Restricted 4m
B4CF5CB7-B002-4803-A928-AFB60092365D ME20 6WT Unit D, New Hythe Lane, Aylesford Variable Restricted 6m
7D6C9CC8-D4B0-4DC3-B35D-AF39006EBBE6 ME20 6XJ New Hythe Station, Off New Hythe Lane, New Hythe 24/7 Public 4m
FAC19F64-AF26-4475-BA25-AE1D00966FDE ME20 6XJ Pineapple Contracts, Unit 12 West Point Business Park Westmead, New Hythe Lane Variable Public 6m
9D262C8C-E72B-4D76-BCB2-AEF700A77ED7 ME20 7BW Tennis 51m From 3 Powell Close 66m From Powell Close, Powell Close, Aylesford 24/7 Public 4m
7955 ME20 7DB Offset Print & Packaging, Kent 24/7 Public
4376B462-D653-4DD4-BACA-AFB500FB8798 ME20 7DB Aylesford Offset Print & Packaging, Offset Print & Packaging, 188 Forstal Road 24/7 Public 6m
B3D2387B-5D61-42A4-827D-B02A00B05CC8 ME20 7DL Contractor Compound, Unit 2, Reed Close 24/7 Public 6m
AE273F3F-EF3A-461E-8566-AED400879DEF ME20 7FG Dfs Trading Ltd, Unit 3 Invicta Park, New Hythe Lane 24/7 Public 6m
2448E72D-5E99-4228-AE07-AFB9011C188E ME20 7HF 226 Bull Lane, Eccles, Aylesford 24/7 Public 6m
0C1C844A-7FE7-4654-B405-AE9900C6C836 ME20 7HP Supply Uk Hire Shops Ltd, Unit 13 Access 420 New Hythe Business Park, Bellingham Way 24/7 Public 6m
115791A5-DF2C-4846-8CCF-AE99013733A9 ME20 7HX Mackenders Lane, Eccles, Aylesford 24/7 Public 6m
28DB0C85-3655-45A9-B670-AFF900C2734C ME20 7JU The Headmaster, Aylesford School Sports College, Teapot Lane Variable Restricted 6m
D34FB833-7561-4443-B45B-B07400974BF7 ME20 7JU Valley Invicta Academies Trust, Valley Invicta Primary School At Aylesford, Teapot Lane Variable Restricted 4m
694B2380-6AB2-40E9-9FD8-B0B400C7387A ME20 7JZ Intermedical Uk Ltd, Unit 6 Mill Hall Business Estate, Mill Hall Variable Restricted 2m
AC707661-FD65-4184-8517-AF4800FB4169 ME20 7JZ Headline Filters Ltd, Units 1a 1b And 2 Mill Hall Business Estate, Mill Hall Variable Public 6m
C1F075E6-1F30-402A-BE44-AF2500F2DF28 ME20 7LL Aylesford Station, Station Road, Aylesford 24/7 Public 4m
79B98798-BF5F-479A-89EB-B02F00E57E7E ME20 7PP Tesco Aylesford Cfc, Priory Park, Mills Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
9647F2DB-F62B-453D-BDAD-ADC80068C1B0 ME20 7PP Marshall Fleet Solutions Vmu, Tesco Distribution Warehouse, Mills Road Variable Restricted 6m
A09E0E34-A454-4359-A019-AF66011C13CB ME20 7PT Mcdonald's - Hermatige Lane, Unit 3, 2 Hermatige Lane, Aylesford 24/7 Public 6m
B5E55801-24C4-4E73-ACEF-AE8200BABCDB ME20 7PU Preston Hall, Milner Road, Aylesford 24/7 Restricted 6m
F70F31BE-4400-42B3-8622-ADDD00EB3D10 ME20 7SE Aylesford Medical Centre, Admiral Moore Drive, Aylesforde, Aylesford Variable Restricted 6m
10FA78CE-BCBF-4B9A-82C9-AEC800820544 ME20 7UB Beadles Group Ltd, 13 Wood Close, Aylesford 24/7 Restricted 6m
E3B69FB2-4E62-402B-A8DF-AEDE00FF88EF ME20 7UB Beadles Toyota Maidstone, Wood Close, Aylesford Variable Public 6m
2DC569F8-723B-4187-BC32-AE3F009A960F ME20 7XB E P M S Supplies Ltd, Unit 5, Burnt Ash Road Variable Public 6m
770190A8-A656-474A-857D-B08F006E2FF0 ME20 7XB Screwfix, Unit 1b, Burnt Ash Road Variable Public 4m
D8F19ED7-83F7-46C1-9804-AF2700B7514B ME3 0AG Scottish And Southern Energy, Medway Power Station, Grain Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
F8E7069D-914C-451C-A72B-B0C300A6EC41 ME3 0AR Uniper Power Station, Power Station Road, Isle Of Grain 24/7 Restricted 2m
1FC30E81-9BB9-4BEB-9ABA-ADE9010F07BC ME3 0BJ The Hogarth Inn, 41-43 High Street, Isle Of Grain 24/7 Public 6m
3A3546A6-C7B9-4C53-9180-AE82012885F7 ME3 0BJ The Hogarth Inn, 41-43 High Street, Isle Of Grain 24/7 Public 6m
8619B6EA-737D-409F-9CA7-AF5E010A120D ME3 0BT Grain Fire Station, Chapel Road, Grain 24/7 Public 6m
223D558D-244F-47D6-965D-B03500936E86 ME3 7DB Highcliffe Medical Practice, 14 Hermitage Road, Rochester 24/7 Public 4m
E10F27B9-A180-452E-B1BE-B01C00FB4A86 ME3 7JL The Pavilion Recreation Ground, School Lane, Rochester 24/7 Restricted 6m
650F65EB-BD54-4474-B850-AF0700C46271 ME3 7JQ Higham Station, School Lane, Higham 24/7 Public 6m
2CF2EAE7-F2B2-4BF7-82AA-B0C7010808D4 ME3 7PU St Helens Ce Primary School, Church Street, Cliffe Variable Restricted 2m
11BA5F79-97C9-4B49-B2F8-AF5E010A5C99 ME3 7QB Cliffe Fire Station, Church Street, Cliffe 24/7 Public 6m
47CA7456-F58D-4513-B272-AEAD011317D4 ME3 7QN Cliffe Surgery, Doctors Surgery, Millcroft Road 24/7 Public 6m
88B8ED0C-E054-4439-B708-AE7E0083723A ME3 7SS Cliffe Mens Social Club, Symonds Road, Rochester Variable Public 6m
869EEA3D-9A12-47EF-B5A1-AEAD0111EF94 ME3 8HX Cliffe And Cliffe Woods Parish Council, The Community Centre, Parkside 24/7 Public 6m
BC1EE0F3-0FE8-4E3D-A0C8-B0290084E1B0 ME3 8LF Chattenden Primary School, Chattenden Lane, Chattenden Variable Restricted 6m
F0E77E88-3D3C-42F0-B2CC-B00B00C5F96C ME3 8RF Fenn Bell Inn, Ratcliffe Highway, St Mary Hoo 24/7 Public 6m
14783F36-3408-4001-8DBE-AF9E00F24E53 ME3 8SQ Trustees Of The Recreation Hall, Village Hall, 33 The Street 24/7 Public 6m
C5AD2698-1426-4C27-A936-AE9900CBDF41 ME3 8SQ Trustees Of The Recreation Hall, Village Hall, 33 The Street 24/7 Public 6m
EFD0A04A-272E-452C-8801-AEAE00E33B7F ME3 9AE The Elms Medical Centre, Main Road, Rochester Variable Restricted 6m
080AB65A-065A-4068-B7B1-AE6700E3D632 ME3 9BL Church View, Hoo, Stoke Road, Hoo St Werburgh Variable Restricted 6m
AE952487-E70D-4C6B-A33D-AFB900D83E17 ME3 9EY The Hundred Of Hoo Academy, Main Road, Hoo 24/7 Restricted 6m
B35132FF-5F0A-424F-BFA6-AD7900BA36CE ME3 9GR 8 Peninsula Crescent, Island Park, Hoo St Werburgh 24/7 Restricted 6m
B5652C1F-88BB-443C-A885-B07B00D1AC4B ME3 9HR Peninsula East Primary Academy, Avery Way, Allhallows Variable Public 4m
E83978A6-D9F7-4178-92D3-AF3500E79CA5 ME3 9LB Hoo Ness Yacht Club, Marine Drive, Rochester 24/7 Public 6m
F024CB81-8776-4AE0-9542-AE7C00CA6F57 ME3 9LB Cls Facilities Ltd, Unit 2, Hoo Industrial Estate, Vicarage Lane, Vicarage Lane Variable Restricted 7w
416C3163-DF76-4BD8-A9A9-AEAD011458B3 ME3 9NY The Elms Medical Practice, Doctors Surgery, Avery Way 24/7 Public 6m
04E07127-EDB4-4AA3-97AB-AFAB00E3572D ME3 9PZ Allhallows Parish Council, Opposite 6 Avery Way, Allhallows 24/7 Public 6m
C52D998A-8524-4BEA-838C-B0DE00BBD207 ME3 9RX Church Of England, St Peter And St Pauls Church, The Street 24/7 Public 7w
2E3A0BD1-4077-476A-A306-AF26003CFCAB ME3 9ST 41 Mallard Way, Rochester 24/7 Restricted 6m
3861CBF9-3B5E-4942-88AA-ADF0006B9714 ME4 3ED Wd Chatham, Unit 15 Dockside Outlet Centre, Maritime Way Variable Restricted 6m
A68B1253-2D51-4EC1-B046-AF2B00D58521 ME4 4AA Royal Mail Chatham Do, Best Street, Chatham, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
12FD3421-19A3-44E5-930C-AE680096498C ME4 4AG The Deep, North Road, Chatham Maritime Variable Restricted 4m
5EFA44EE-2973-4876-BA3C-AE7601053FB8 ME4 4BP Nucleus Arts Centre, 6 To 9 Kenstone Court, 272b High Street Variable Restricted 6m
CB212B09-285F-4462-B53D-AF6500C75DCC ME4 4EA 36a High Street, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
D0B1DB55-2A8C-4F8B-B4CF-AE6800964441 ME4 4GW Merlin House, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime 24/7 Public 4m
3EFAF431-7A72-4FCD-82FB-AF9B01079F05 ME4 4HP O2 Store (0132) Chatham, Unit 30. 3 Fair Row, Pentagon Shopping Centre Variable Restricted 4m
30A302D0-F9E7-455F-A91B-AE6800C764BE ME4 4LL Puregym, Leviathan Way, Chatham Maritime 24/7 Restricted 6m
49B41562-85DE-44BD-8876-AE75009BB502 ME4 4LL Mhs Homes, Mhs Homes Broadside House, Leviathan Way Variable Public 6m
C2840C1A-1027-4D73-9BA3-AE9401110DC8 ME4 4LP Chatham Maritime Marina Office, Marina Office Chatham Maritime Marina, Leviathan Way 24/7 Public 6m
286264DF-A678-4F55-ABBC-AE680096330A ME4 4TB Gate House, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime 24/7 Restricted 4m
2B30C79E-9FBD-44EA-A9F6-AEBB00A57464 ME4 4TB Nelson, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime 24/7 Public 4m
4C6A32ED-2273-483D-9D6E-AEE700B5156D ME4 4TB Grenville, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, Gillingham Variable Public 4m
75B304BA-CB0B-4E74-8264-AEE700B51924 ME4 4TB H020, Hawke, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime Variable Public 4m
97D3980D-A4D4-457C-B93F-AEBB00A63BC4 ME4 4TB Drill Hall Library, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime Variable Restricted 4m
98377FF4-C063-44E4-96A1-AEBB00C03B3F ME4 4TB Universities At Medway, Pembroke Central, Central Avenue Variable Public 4m
D761D6B3-042F-4587-AA7B-AE8400B33202 ME4 4TZ Perrys Accountants - Historic Dockyard Chatham, Suite2, Second Floor North, The Fitted Rigging House, Anchor Wharf Variable Public 6m
D3D6B977-97C0-48DD-9BF2-B09E0085D101 ME4 4UB Fort Amhurst Heritage Trust, The Caveyard, Dock Road Variable Public 3m
443E5118-008A-43F0-934C-B05000F354B7 ME4 4YG Unit A North Block Compass Centre, Pembroke Road, Gillingham Variable Restricted 4m
CB4371F5-1B4A-4C7B-B51C-AE76008B54B7 ME4 5AW Luton Primary School, Luton Road, Chatham Variable Public 6m
2BFD3C1F-F5CD-4CC8-BB4D-AE45009F619F ME4 5JB Victory Academy, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
81118036-2D24-44BB-9FD4-AFC50083E7AE ME4 5JB The Victory Academy, Magpie Hall Road, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
47318B8C-5E5A-4504-A564-B0CA0109D631 ME4 5QD Phoenix Junior Academy, Glencoe Road, Chatham Variable Restricted 2m
FC63888E-063E-4ACB-A2CC-B0CA0108C01B ME4 5QD Phoenix Junior Academy, Glencoe Road, Chatham Variable Restricted 2m
93037B6F-A50E-4275-BFFD-B0F900E8F890 ME4 5QN New Road School And Nursery Unit, Bryant Street, Chatham Variable Restricted 3w
4155217A-E99A-4718-BAF0-AF6500C81431 ME4 6BX Mount View Court, 1-2 The Mount, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
10766464-25AF-4EB0-A47F-B00E00D83AB4 ME4 6JB Holcombe Grammar School, Holcombe Grammar School Holcombe, 103 Maidstone Road 24/7 Public 6m
E8D842C5-B29B-4C70-A386-B00E00E5490F ME4 6NR New Horizons Children's Academy, New Horizons Childrens Academy, Park Crescent 24/7 Public 6m
527A1E5B-236B-42BE-B204-AF1D00FAEB0F ME4 6PN Southeastern, Chatham Railway Station, Railway Street 24/7 Restricted 6m
FE5FFA94-15CC-4663-A2F8-AF1E00735967 ME4 6PN Southeastern, Chatham Railway Station, Railway Street Variable Restricted 6m
9C78D19B-8584-492C-93F1-B02A0095593C ME4 6PX St Michaels Rc Primary School, Hills Terrace, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
19ED2F1E-7F6E-4745-B7C2-AFEF0139ACCD ME4 6TJ Fort Pitt Grammar School, Fort Pitt Hill, Chatham Variable Public 6m
3A5A74F8-0A6D-4D5E-81A8-AFE900DBDAF6 ME4 6TJ Fort Pitt Grammar School, Fort Pitt Hill, Chatham Variable Public 6m
90CB4EBB-C133-4DE8-B848-AFE900DAF35D ME4 6TJ Fort Pitt Grammar School, Fort Pitt Hill, Chatham Variable Public 6m
E35DE8A8-8586-4A46-A695-B00600C27980 ME5 0HH Wayfield Community Primary School, Wayfield Road, Wayfield Variable Public 6m
6292B964-E9E3-4D57-B56F-AFF800B8E61A ME5 0LB Churchill Avenue, Chatham Variable Restricted 6m
9A3B1492-42C0-47B5-BF78-B025007284B3 ME5 0NF St Thomas More Rc Primary School, Bleakwood Road, Walderslade Variable Restricted 6m
D1A202FA-F484-4684-B91F-B08C00C4A8CC ME5 7EH Chatham Grammar School For Girls, Rainham Road, Gillingham Variable Restricted 4m
1ACEFE7E-F49E-4E6F-B3F2-AF4700D7F181 ME5 7HQ Kent Fire And Rescue Service, Chatham Fire Station, Watling Street 24/7 Public 6m
083A6296-7D71-4DCF-B2B9-AE830094C9E9 ME5 8LF Faithdean Ltd, Unit Oaks Business Village, 10-12 Revenge Road Variable Restricted 6m
AF0D1338-3E09-4ED4-9093-B0B200F6BC24 ME5 8NN Lordswood School, Lordswood Lane, Lordswood Variable Public 2m
AA0A19F1-E7A5-4B2E-B341-B0C000A1E6DA ME5 8PU St Benedict's Catholic Primary School, St. Benedicts Catholic Primary School, Lambourn Way Variable Restricted 2m
8DD2D4C1-E034-4A86-8C90-AE2400BBABD4 ME5 8RZ Brown Europe Ltd, Units 33 To 34 Lordswood Industrial Estate, Gleamingwood Drive Variable Restricted 6m
A79B28DF-5025-4B3C-8600-AE3900ED1B66 ME5 8TH Tesco Personal Finance, Atm Tesco Express, Kestrel Road Variable Public 4m
092B0987-285B-4CFA-8182-AFDB01704CD5 ME5 8YE Lordswood Youth Fc, Lordswood Leisure Centre Recycling Point Lordswood Leisure Centre, North Dane Way 24/7 Public 6m
198266F5-6DBA-40B2-AF71-AE74010C911E ME5 9QR Blue Bell Hill Village Hall, 316 Robin Hood Lane, Blue Bell Hill 24/7 Public 6m
BE7A2C3F-8B44-4E26-8FB5-AE7F00C9507E ME5 9RU Beechen Hall, Wildfell Close, Boxley 24/7 Public 6m
D0A7A2E5-2ABB-4AF4-B1B2-AE9300EC806C ME5 9SD Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex, Rochester City Airport, Maidstone Road Variable Public 6m
000D8AF9-3F89-4C1A-8981-B03100DFF17B ME5 9SE Asda, 387 Maidstone Road, Chatham 24/7 Public 6m
A7D320E0-64A5-4F26-B6D8-AF2500F2A1EE ME6 5AN Snodland Station, High Street, Snodland 24/7 Public 4m
CAC1E8FB-A932-4757-BD1C-AB0A00AF556C ME6 5BF Snodland Town Fc, Potyn's Sports Field, Paddlesworth Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
9F7DB566-B00D-41A3-B553-AEBC01210179 ME6 5DP Snodland Town F.c., Sports Pavilion, Paddlesworth Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
63D74C34-F0E3-4DB6-8561-B0EC0098D948 ME6 5GB Estate Office, 1 Manley Boulevard, Snodland 24/7 Public 3w
9DEAA0F6-CA81-401D-88A2-AE86008363D9 ME6 5HL Snodland Cep School, Roberts Road, Snodland Variable Restricted 6m
8427A1B0-992D-4FFC-BA84-B098006DDECE ME6 5UA Currys, Currys - Mid Kent Business Park, Sortmill Road 24/7 Restricted 3m
DC8E1436-2F14-4368-8DEF-AFBB00C00296 ME6 5UA P G Platforms Ltd, The Brook, Mid Kent Business Park Variable Restricted 6m
ED88AB3A-2E33-4CB4-B19E-B03600BD2511 ME6 5UA Fleet Retail Packaging - Warehouse, Vector Point Mid Kent Business Park, Sortmill Road Variable Restricted 4m
F70E30E7-7937-4BCA-A712-B098005E3B8D ME6 5UA Currys, Currys Mid Kent Business Park, Sortmill Road 24/7 Public 3m
F506C8EA-073A-4B84-A228-AE3C00AB2E8B ME7 1FL Tesco, Tesco Express - Victory Pier, Victory Pier Variable Public 6m
52C76CD5-8E86-4897-ADCC-B0DA00EF5CF8 ME7 1FR Tesco Express Gillingham Victory Pier, Blake Avenue, Gillingham Variable Public 7w
3E84E0C1-92F6-48AD-A1EB-AE7F0090969C ME7 1FX Prospect Place, Blake Avenue, Gillingham 24/7 Public 6m
C5B2D33F-0C3C-44AB-88D8-B0F300E01BD9 ME7 1GW Strand View Close, Gillingham 24/7 Public 3w
A8FD22EB-05B6-4259-96DE-AF6500C64119 ME7 1RJ Medway Cyrenians, 16-20 Pier Road, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
F6759AFD-9B20-4B60-BC03-AF2400F39EAB ME7 1RX Medway Norse, Gillingham Corporation Depot, Pier Approach Road 24/7 Public 6m
B1241BC7-F357-40E3-8A07-AFEB00E7514E ME7 1XA Goldex Fitness Gym, 54 Green Street, Gillingham Variable Public 6m
4DBC0F79-69AA-424F-B97D-AF1D00FA4A11 ME7 1XE Southeastern, Gillingham Railway Station, Railway Street 24/7 Restricted 6m
CAA4F33F-5370-4F27-8A9B-AE3800E60920 ME7 2HN Tesco, 50-52 Sturdee Avenue, Gillingham Variable Public 4m
E0B32D3B-590C-4EB6-B8FD-AE7D00D0D5DB ME7 3AL Darland House Nursing Home, Darland House, 29 Darland Avenue 24/7 Restricted 6m
FFB0A45E-C60D-4372-81AC-AE7D00D4095B ME7 3AL Darland House Nursing Home, Darland House, 29 Darland Avenue 24/7 Restricted 6m
6D96A915-30BC-4E24-AD2D-AEFF00BF56D5 ME7 3AN The Anchorians Club, The Anchorians Sports Ground, Darland Avenue Variable Public 6m
3EE9326B-BB99-4901-8EBC-AF9300AEDC70 ME7 3HJ Hempstead Junior School, Birch Grove, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
1B3238C3-908A-40A6-A023-AEE1007C3687 ME7 3JQ Kmco Group Ltd, Oy10 Elm Court, Capstone Road Variable Public 6m
271546F8-72B5-41F6-821C-B0A500BDA123 ME7 3JQ Prima Montessori Day Nursery, Unit C Elm Court Village Craft Industries, Elm Court Industrial Estate 24/7 Public 3m
083CAA27-FCA9-4211-95A1-AE8601095959 ME7 3JZ Bredhurst Village Hall, Hurstwood Road, Bredhurst 24/7 Public 6m
3195D3C0-411D-49A5-BBC4-AEC900CAFEC8 ME7 3QE Hempstead Village Community Defibrillator, Hempstead Pharmacy, Hempstead Road 24/7 Public 6m
9776CBA2-3159-44C0-AC99-AF9000F434B0 ME7 3QG Hempstead Infant School, Hempstead Road, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
AB02499C-BF9C-487C-96AB-AE7E0091A1C2 ME7 4BY Medway Council, Parklands Resource Centre, Oxford Road 24/7 Restricted 6m
4579 ME7 5BU The Lampard Centre, Kent 24/7 Public
1B747EA5-2AF1-418D-8F86-B03C008CBA95 ME7 5LF Upper Gilingham Conservative Club, 541 Canterbury Street, Gillingham Variable Public 4m
CD9AB34F-2A37-4EA4-B190-AEB70080C96D ME7 5NY Residence 13 Medway Maritime Hospital, Windmill Road, Gillingham 24/7 Public 6m
A3708304-C6DD-474D-8162-AE2F00B1E4E2 ME7 5QT King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham 24/7 Public 6m
0A60647B-F7F1-446B-AA88-B00B01109F0D ME8 0FB Dobbies Garden Centre Gillingham, Courteney Road, Gillingham Variable Public 6m
3ECF1D74-11EB-4368-A9FD-AE2200AF9883 ME8 0GX Tesco, Tesco Supermarket, Courteney Road Variable Public 6m
1996BD95-098B-41FB-9311-B01B00B185EC ME8 0NJ Medway Community Healthcare, Unit 5, Ambley Green Variable Restricted 6m
2F911432-1CA4-496D-851F-AFE10079EDFC ME8 0NJ Unit 2, Ambley Green, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
5E62DF68-C197-4A44-8FF7-B01B00F681C3 ME8 0NJ Unit 3, Ambley Green, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
F1B56686-CBEF-4DD9-B82A-AEDF00FDC50B ME8 0NJ Unigloves (Uk) Ltd, Unit 3, Ambley Green Variable Public 6m
42A123D1-C0FE-4D8B-8799-AEB000EAD179 ME8 0NX Abbeyfield Rogers Residential Home, Drewery Dr, Gillingham 24/7 Public 6m
D5365C0A-6908-470B-A558-AF62009E3C55 ME8 0NZ Igne, The Courtyard, Campus Way Variable Restricted 6m
EC9296C0-6A0B-4C4A-9D1C-AFC300FF5C03 ME8 0PY Screwfix, Unit 1 Matilda Close, Gillingham Business Park Variable Restricted 6m
0A66249A-DFC6-4928-80B8-AF2700E2FDCD ME8 0QN Royal Mail Rainham Me Do, 7-8 Saracen Close, Gillingham, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
2A85E135-C75B-4C8A-91A0-B01F00951905 ME8 0QN London Fire Solutions, Pentlands House, Saracen Close Variable Public 6m
47B6B14F-0C47-47D9-8F6C-AF50010AD020 ME8 0QQ Gibbs And Dandy, Crusader Close, Gillingham Variable Public 6m
1D510998-EB6F-4E10-BA62-AE200108E4A3 ME8 0TH 154 Wigmore Road, Gillingham 24/7 Public 6m
DB3B8CDA-30F6-4703-9447-AE2E00E995F4 ME8 0TZ Motorline Peugeot, Centurion Close, Gillingham Business Park Variable Public 6m
84EAA5EB-6E15-4E2F-8913-B01200AAE59A ME8 0WG Vbh Gb Ltd, Vbh House, Bailey Drive Variable Restricted 6m
A484F27C-C1F0-48B3-934E-AD4300E96877 ME8 6BY B & Q, B And Q, Will Adams Way Variable Restricted 6m
114C0459-F419-437A-ACF4-AF8700C4998D ME8 6PL The Metallic Wool Co, Bredgar Road, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
6835720A-8C05-460C-8E15-B09201062960 ME8 6PL Secamb Medway Mrc, Bredgar Road, Gillingham 24/7 Public 3m
6A440412-FE8E-4A65-BA2F-AD97006C3D0E ME8 7AJ Rainham Mark Grammar School, Pump Ln, Rainham Variable Restricted 6m
64E265A4-660E-44E2-88FC-AD97010FB532 ME8 7DU 70 Bloors Lane, Gillingham 24/7 Restricted 6m
D4964881-3CAD-4266-93EE-AD970108C910 ME8 7DU 70 Bloors Lane, Gillingham 24/7 Restricted 6m
897A20D0-984D-4D5F-8EFB-ADC600F2A045 ME8 7EG Bell Glass, 2 Bloors Lane, Rainham Variable Public 6m
44D5BFBF-954A-4124-AA0C-AE3E00DDB2F8 ME8 7HW Tesco Superstore, 1 Rainham Centre, Rainham Variable Public 6m
AACE6701-43CB-4D1A-BBEF-B0EA00B92FDE ME8 7HW Tesco, 1 Rainham Shopping Centre, Rainham Variable Public 7w
D0119A5F-C6D6-4859-A4BA-B07500FAC2EE ME8 7RJ Scallywags Day Nursery, London Road, Rainham Variable Restricted 4m
53AAEB1C-0479-4DD3-A8EA-B0EB00B4F2CC ME8 7UB Redrow Homes Hamlet Park, Lower Rainham Road, Gillingham Variable Public 3w
138DD8F2-1894-47CA-92A6-AE6600DF428E ME8 7XF Beckenham Park, Otterham Quay Lane, Upchurch, Sittingbourne 24/7 Public 6m
CAE620AB-C188-4457-A6A7-AF5E010A1C95 ME8 8ED Rainham Fire Station, Solomon Road, Rainham 24/7 Public 6m
03C1753F-52AD-415F-B61A-AF54010073A5 ME8 8PH Redrow Homes Manor Court Sales Cabin, Mierscourt Road, Gillingham Variable Restricted 6m
D2824F35-FE27-47CE-9480-B10200ED9FF8 ME8 9AE St Margarets Infant School, Orchard Street, Rainham Variable Restricted 3w
23DB94DE-5EA9-4D07-80AC-B0CA00A3F498 ME8 9PG St Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, St Augustine Of Canterbury Church, Deanwood Drive 24/7 Public 2m
E6678255-318E-4785-81B1-AE76009B71B3 ME9 0BH Rapsons, The Street, Doddington 24/7 Public 6m
8338938E-6F18-45EF-AE95-AF1A00F17537 ME9 0LL Newnham Village Hall, Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public 6m
7718 ME9 0PR Rodmersham Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
06330D5C-ED2A-43DF-888F-AE7500671A67 ME9 0PS Rodmersham Stores, Rodmersham Store St Patricks Row, 1 Rodmersham Green 24/7 Public 6m
3AAF116C-DB6D-4BD2-8FA6-B00C00F933FA ME9 0RJ The Black Lion, Black Lion, The Street 24/7 Public 6m
5DBA12F2-50E7-419B-A2A6-B02B010AA01E ME9 0RJ The Black Lion, Black Lion, The Street 24/7 Public 6m
DE6BDB1A-1811-40F6-9A57-AE630102D9ED ME9 0SD East Kent Girl Guides, Horn Hill Activity Center, Horn Hill 24/7 Public 6m
7986 ME9 0TR Telephone Box, Kent 24/7 Public
19394598-F033-408F-8655-AF670109D41B ME9 0TR Wormshill Telephone Box, The Street, Wormshill 24/7 Public 6m
7B381214-F053-48D9-8370-B0B5009C5764 ME9 7AE Hollywell County Primary School, Holywell County Primary School, Forge Lane Variable Restricted 2m
0878C51F-2BF6-4C5A-AFBC-AE590121FB63 ME9 7AU 56 Oak Lane, Upchurch 24/7 Public 6m
97CF10B9-7D7A-4B64-9AF1-AE6E011A37BE ME9 7EU Upchurch Village Hall, The Street, Upchurch 24/7 Public 6m
6066E47F-CE2D-468F-A61A-AE3C01269581 ME9 7JR 43 High Street, Newington 24/7 Public 6m
9FAD00C5-F259-4082-A16A-AE6600D4645D ME9 7JR Newington Parish Council, The Pavilion, Newington Recreation Ground 24/7 Public 6m
FD15D130-6EA4-4582-85D3-AE6600D742E0 ME9 7JR Newington Parish Council, 43 High Street, Newington 24/7 Public 6m
3B0E7A39-B99D-4136-8B90-AEE3012938C5 ME9 7LQ Newington Station, Station Road, Newington 24/7 Public 6m
6C65C211-BEC3-4E60-B8AF-ADEA00BCF8F6 ME9 7NU Newington Industrial Estate, London Road, Newington 24/7 Public 6m
497F71E2-8F6F-4542-8120-AF4700D963E8 ME9 7QA M2 Junction 5, Graham Construction, Maidstone Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, Borden 24/7 Public 6m
4FB5D6F0-FB32-4B7A-B433-AEA10096F5E7 ME9 7UD Stockbury Parish Council, The Street, Linton, Stockbury 24/7 Public 6m
75D13F49-7E24-4875-A3E2-AE7F0099D7A6 ME9 8FP Iwade At The Barn, Iwade Barn, 20 All Saints Close 24/7 Public 6m
F8D52D7F-A358-4AE6-AE43-B02D00906F75 ME9 8JN The Maypole Inn, The Street, Borden 24/7 Public 3w
160D2DB9-5551-426F-BC21-AF3300852C66 ME9 8QP Lower Medway Internal Drainage Board, Units 8 And 9, Sheppey Way Variable Public 6m
931C95D0-B76A-4BAF-A1CE-AE76011B773C ME9 8QX Waller Building Services, Pheasants Farm House, Sheppey Way 24/7 Public 6m
25020830-37DD-4740-BD09-AEF300D5C495 ME9 8SS Swale Station, Sheppey Way, Near Sittngbourne 24/7 Public 6m
845E36E6-B85C-42CD-8D77-AE7D009E56D0 ME9 9BH Gh Dean &C0 Ltd, Hempstead Farm, Hempstead Lane Variable Public 6m
DD6ABD6F-4035-43D3-8F21-AEE30129238C ME9 9DU Teynham Station, Lower Road, Teynham 24/7 Public 6m
8010 ME9 9PP Bapchild Cricket Club, Kent 24/7 Public
6DDBD292-C997-4A14-A5E9-AF70010F8B87 ME9 9PP Hempstead House, London Road, Bapchild 24/7 Public 6m
55325F75-5C06-4D5A-9228-AEC101196E81 ME9 9QH 82 London Road, Teynham, Lynsted 24/7 Public 6m
BFC4075B-8D3E-4959-A387-AF5E0109F5FF ME9 9SN Teynham Fire Station, Station Road, Teynham 24/7 Public 6m

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 9 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n32857505 In former red telephone kiosk. Shared use with book exchange.
MZ n9422874845 On wall just beyond and opposite toilets, coastbound side of services
MZ n9574020807 Behind customer service desk - left as you enter the store
MZ n10656411050 outside Teston Village Hall
MZ n10677286870 outside toilets in Cooling
MZ n10984654362 On the wall of the public toilets
MZ n11128585868 inside old red phone box by Boughton Monchelsea Social Club
MZ n11426830272 On the wall of Sittingbourne Fire Station.
MZ n11526577920 inside cafe on wall

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 27 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
AD7CBCB7-D371-4587-BE12-ADF000C8A210 ME1 1LX Francis Iles Gallery, 103 High Street, Rochester n11251710722 8 m
5C273343-3EA7-43A3-A349-ADA200E6A89A ME12 4RH Neptune's Beach Cafe, Shellness Road, Leysdown-On-Sea n10984654359 On the wall of Neptune's Beach Cafe 4 m
2760 ME13 0NZ Telephone Box, Kent n9556073110 inside old red phone box in Badlesmere 4 m
BAF18662-ED12-477B-8779-AE760113B4A5 ME13 0NZ Falcon Farm, Ashford Road, Badlesmere n9556073110 inside old red phone box in Badlesmere 10 m
F99E2A04-74DA-4D43-8F36-AE7400EA9557 ME13 9JG The Dawes Community Association, Youth Club The Dawes Community Centre, Church Hill n6420330109 12 m
385 ME14 4DT Bearsted & Thurnham Club, Kent n10895070430 outside Bearsted & Thurnham Club on Forge Lane 3 m
5EB73753-9104-4789-BD91-AEA100986958 ME14 3JT Detling Parish Council, The Street, Detling n9556107238 inside old red phone box, The Street, Detling 16 m
4148 ME15 0BH Telephone Box, Kent n9556085071 inside old red phone box, at corner of Loose Road and Old Loose Road, Loose 12 m
0F2DD8D4-8D7D-4510-80CD-AEA100990933 ME17 4AW Linton Parish Council, Linton, Maidstone n8783981076 outside Linton Vilage Hall - to left of entrance 52 m
13B0AEB1-0A9A-4846-BE54-AE74011004D1 ME17 1SS Roadchef Maidstone Msa, Junction 8 M20, Hollingbourne n9878475300 Inside services building, on a wall facing the lobby area, opposite WHSmith. 5 m
6C6C24F3-B487-4EBD-B6E6-AE7E007FC5BA ME17 2AP A W Court Funeral Directors Brackleigh, Headcorn Road, Grafty Green n8829946214 10 m
D22F1E33-3546-4F69-9492-AE9200D66CC0 ME17 2PG The Dog And Bear Hotel, The Square, Lenham n8829946204 14 m
606 ME19 6NE Telephone Box, Kent n310857481 inside red telephone box, High Street, West Malling 3 m
666 ME19 5BB Telephone Box, Kent n10789292608 inside old phone box in Addington 5 m
937 ME19 5AL Telephone Box, Kent n9556111290 inside phone box next to Jet petrol station, London Road, near Addington 3 m
5C178C44-1244-4419-9187-AF5000D0F7FD ME19 5NQ Offham Parish Council, Near Quintain Cottage, Teston Road n8127346083 in red telephone box which is now a book exchange, by the village green Offham 43 m
96894893-3802-4BFE-A324-AE8000BEC6B2 ME19 6NA Tesco, Atm Site At, 79-81 High Street n310857481 inside red telephone box, High Street, West Malling 60 m
DD90EC26-68C8-4564-B7FB-AECA00A1229E ME2 4AB Rochester Bridge Trust, Arches, 2 High Street n11251710725 At the bottom of the first set of steps approaching the bridge. It is not visible from the road. 14 m
2717 ME20 6EE Telephone Box, Kent n680444934 inside phone box on Woodlands Road, Ditton 6 m
4040 ME20 7BG Telephone Box, Kent n11128661902 inside old phone box, bottom of Mount Pleasant, Aylesford 1 m
AEDB2B7B-2D7A-4110-BBD4-B0AD008AE6EA ME20 7XB Screwfix, Unit 1b Burnt Ash Trade Park, Burnt Ash Road n6567617059 On wall opposite self-checkouts 83 m
75B46893-C1F7-4E6F-A8B7-B0800105D25B ME3 9AA Hoo Village Inst, 25 Main Road, Hoo St Werburgh n5573397440 16 m
BF807D3C-2F2E-4156-9131-AED5013F321B ME8 7SF Southeastern, Rainham Railway Station, Station Road n11534826617 In the station booking hall this Defibrillator is in the staff office. Ask staff for access. 20 m
5259 ME9 0SD Telephone Box, Kent n9556079218 inside phone box next to Milstead Village Hall 4 m
35A4A466-AB2A-4D2C-9BBE-AE6600DE712F ME9 7AJ Snaffles, 4 The Street, Upchurch n11295747166 On the wall outside Snaffles. 6 m
9C557C4B-D626-453A-9DD3-AFB1007CC35E ME9 7SS Rose And Crown, Lower Hartlip Road, Hartlip n11520238389 On the wall of The Rose and Crown pub. 9 m
E894D261-A0C5-4296-9736-AE74010B8D83 ME9 0SD Milstead Village Hall, Public Telephone 18m From Village Hall, Horn Hill 4m From Horn Hill, Rawling Street n9556079218 inside phone box next to Milstead Village Hall 4 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 5 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
046A695B-A023-4EB7-A007-AF4700D91862 ME1 2XQ Kent Fire And Rescue Service, Rochester Fire Station, Marconi Way n5592958468 94 m
A42CC37D-E531-4195-9EB9-AE9000BBA518 ME10 2EX Milton Creek Country Park Swale Borough Council, Church Marshes Country Park, Saffron Way n11573244982 119 m
71A8F517-16B5-4217-9A8B-AE6D0086FFC1 ME12 4RD Big Local Eastern Sheppey, Eastern Sheppey Community Hub, Leysdown Road n10984654361 On the wall by entrance to Eastern Sheppy Community Hub 71 m
ECFAFDE9-8FF8-445E-9F23-AE94009BC1EB ME12 4RG Harts Holiday Camp, Leysdown Road, Leysdown n10984654360 Outside next to Arcade entrance of Harts Holiday Park Clubhouse 295 m
322A900C-BBE0-43E8-881A-AF5E010A32A7 ME17 2QB Lenham Fire Station, High Street, Lenham n8829946203 outside Fire Station, Lenham 78 m

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