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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'NG' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1160 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
8021C60E-C82F-4400-84A9-ABEB00D80215 NG1 1BG Galliford Try, 2 Boston Street, Nottingham Variable Public
907F261C-7448-4ED9-8600-AEA700E5050F NG1 1LL Curtins, 32a - 34 Stoney Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
CCEEFE61-DD27-4F0B-8E55-AE1C00EBD834 NG1 1PB Pkf Smith Cooper, Lace Market Square, Nottingham Variable Public
B797594D-6813-415D-92DD-B00500F59492 NG1 1PH 4 St Marys Place, Nottingham Variable Restricted
3A96F340-1655-4D3C-BD27-B02D00F14200 NG1 2AD Tesco Nottingham Upper Parliament St Exp, 19-20 Upper Parliament St, Nottingham Variable Public
CA827CE4-BD45-42B6-A9C7-AE1201006E43 NG1 2HL Tesco, Tesco Express, 4-6 Bottle Lane Variable Public
EA1D7167-2461-40C1-ABF3-AFA400DC31EC NG1 3AA Multiplayer Group, Heathcote Buildings, 4-6 Heathcoat Street Variable Restricted
98623E14-35FE-44E6-8C3E-AF71007D3F5A NG1 3GQ Nottingham Advertising Kiosk, Outside Broadmarsh, 37-39 Lister Gate 24/7 Public
406D5D5B-D256-481C-B9EF-AF71007D4863 NG1 3QA Nottingham Advertising Kiosk, Outside Victoria Centre, Lower Parliament Street 24/7 Public
4D390970-4CF4-408D-917E-58123F3F2838 NG1 3QE Tesco Stores Ltd, 93 Victoria Centre, Nottingham Variable Public
C4C953EE-4164-41DE-B861-AFCB01145BAD NG1 3QN O2 Store (0073) Nottingham - Victoria, Unit 55-56, Victoria Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
7900 NG1 3QZ Outside 70 Milton Street, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
1A702932-1B27-47D8-8552-AF71007D5C68 NG1 3QZ Nottingham Advertising Kiosk, Outside 70 Milton Street, Nottingham 24/7 Public
00A6B26D-AF0F-46D0-81ED-AFAB0102469A NG1 4EL Larkdale Family Centre, North Sherwood Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
402FE2C5-E6A4-447A-980D-B02600D38D8B NG1 4FQ Tesco Nottingham Shakespeare St Express, 2, 24-30 Shakespeare St, Nottingham Variable Public
D919DFA8-1DE1-4F29-9389-B0E2F4755D31 NG1 5AW Tim Foster Ltd, 49 Derby Rd, Nottingham 24/7 Public
AC0D41C8-A9D6-43B6-8E3F-AFAA00D74478 NG1 5FS Faithful And Gould, Eastwest 3rd Floor, Tollhouse Hill Variable Restricted
AEA1521C-0E7F-4AA6-AF88-ADD400B11962 NG1 5FS Worldwide Clinical Trials Ltd, Fourth Floor Suites A And B East West Building, 2 Tollhouse Hill Variable Public
3B01D1E7-585B-4FB3-853D-2C62D5CCC646 NG1 5JT St Andrews With Castlegate United Reformed Church, Goldsmith St, Nottingham 24/7 Public
8336 NG1 5PL Plumtree Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
75B978C1-C201-46F5-B56F-AF69009D37F1 NG1 6FX City Point, 1 Standard Hill, Nottingham 24/7 Public
D1E0A69D-4F5B-4027-A9CF-AE350108AE29 NG1 6GF Tesco Express, 30 Maid Marian Way, Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
6124C602-3B80-4623-AA91-B01A00DB944B NG1 6HH Freeths Llp, Cumberland Court, 80 Mount Street Variable Restricted
565C9F0C-8F32-4C8E-A602-ADA900A75CF3 NG1 6HL Bromley House Library, Angel Row, Nottingham Variable Restricted
F95A295B-B02D-4196-ACC7-AF4E00D2111D NG1 6HQ Savills - Chapel Quarter, Mount Street, Nottingham 24/7 Public
70880A56-72B3-4200-B5FB-B03D00D7E327 NG1 6JE Tesco Long Row Express, 62-64 Long Row, Nottingham Variable Public
9DBCAA47-8AA1-498C-9983-B09900D4B6FC NG1 6JE 64 Long Row, Nottingham Variable Public
A267DD46-D93E-42C9-8D41-AE9700CDC55F NG1 7EH 48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
B11FE02A-CC27-441A-879B-AE9700CE8C04 NG1 7EH 48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
B5ED508B-610C-4AD1-8604-AE5B00B9FCBE NG10 1AU Stanton Estates, Lodge House Unit 1 Sheet Stores Industrial Estate, Off Fields Farm Road 24/7 Public
89B0E3E8-01BC-428F-BAC3-AB7D00DAF7D4 NG10 1BE Housing21, 34 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Restricted
36723145-193D-45C4-8746-AF8900F315D2 NG10 1DR St Laurence Church Of England Primary School, Collingwood Rd, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
A621B949-590A-44D2-9DF2-B02200A573C0 NG10 1DR St Laurence Primary School, Collingwood Rd, Long Eaton Variable Restricted
72E5435C-0663-42B7-9143-3A70DE6D5C65 NG10 1EF The Duchess Theatre, Westgate, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
34D42343-7CD8-4D6B-AB8B-AF5100BE48B8 NG10 1FY Msw Uk Limited, Cbs Engineering And Heat Treatment Ltd, Acton Grove Variable Restricted
BD67E661-7DE8-4613-8C96-AE0201020E07 NG10 1GJ Long Eaton Baptist Church, Station Street, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
54AE9063-FB34-46B9-922E-1ADB821720B2 NG10 1GR Canaan Trust Jordan House, 14 Main St, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
2D28E8C6-BF76-4F84-89A3-AFEB0092A4DD NG10 1GS Screwfix, Units 1 & 2 Breydon Industrial Estate, Main Street Variable Restricted
C0B9C4DC-AC4B-4280-B498-148DB6408FC1 NG10 1HD Trinity Methodist Church, Cross St, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
0482C890-9311-46AD-8F78-6BE9BC6DB6E6 NG10 1HG Tesco Stores Ltd, Waverley St, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
24E51A7F-AEA4-4105-84B8-AEF600B934A8 NG10 1HQ The United Reformed Church, United Reformed Church, Nottingham Road 24/7 Public
024639B0-4C23-4576-A080-AE2A00E5E113 NG10 1HU Erewash Borough Council, Derby Road, Long Eaton Variable Public
3650A9BA-492F-48F2-985E-AEF9013174CC NG10 2DL Erewash Valley Gymnastics Ltd, 7 New Tythe Street, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
13D956E8-6884-49EE-90CE-AE700142067B NG10 2EF Long Eaton United Football Club Grange Park, Station Road, Long Eaton Variable Restricted
3EC807E4-216E-4100-8E27-AD65013A35F4 NG10 2EF Long Eaton United Football Club Grange Park, Station Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
1B02EBA0-602A-4C31-A109-AC1201035A9F NG10 2FT 9 Newbery Avenue, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
666DFD84-0815-422E-B7A1-ACCB00F6E8EB NG10 2FY Trent Valley Sailing Club, Trent Lane, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
9D857093-FBC6-4693-92B9-DCAD69E8A1A3 NG10 2FY Trent Lock Golf & Country Club, Trent Lock, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
08594434-6B03-44CB-9E24-AEC800D7C0F0 NG10 2GD Leisure Furnishing Ltd, Unit 4 Meadow Brooks Business Park, Meadow Lane Variable Public
9F0000EF-534E-4D2A-9E43-AF9600C881D9 NG10 2GD Webro Long Eaton Ltd, Vision House (Unit 5), Meadow Brooks Business Park Variable Restricted
C2AFA955-AA97-474B-9D27-AE8D011B22C0 NG10 2GS Radcliffe Railway Station, Shelford Road, Radcliffe-On-Trent 24/7 Public
5E52E37B-9040-4E66-81A6-AF0A011C27A2 NG10 3AD River View, Long Eaton, Sawley 24/7 Public
1F3F3E07-709E-42CB-B8FF-AB6D00F8AFB2 NG10 3AE Bwml, Sawley Marina, Long Eaton 24/7 Restricted
8A1C47E7-92DE-49A3-A407-2991DD405229 NG10 3AE Bwml, Sawley Marina, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
0AE80365-5C45-489A-919E-AF0B0090F282 NG10 3AT All Saints Church, 348 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
DC40D575-7289-49AC-B906-36A047101CEC NG10 3AT Wlbc Ltd T/A The White Lion, 352 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
21A96896-5C9A-4E2C-8FED-AF0B0090FB5E NG10 3DQ Sawley Junior School, Wilmot Street, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
65FFEE45-189C-4142-B6FA-B01A00DB9160 NG10 3DQ Sawley Junior School, Sawley Junior School (Between 138 And 140), Wilmot Street Variable Restricted
DC1A0BD8-70B7-45B3-8821-AF1000B6EFDD NG10 3DT Mr Chips, 18 Beresford Rd, Sawley 24/7 Public
C539856D-D90B-49DB-A1A8-AF1000B6F33E NG10 3GL Baines Convenience Store, 459 Tamworth Rd, Sawley 24/7 Public
F2A4BA73-A7BA-4694-934E-AE8C007F3EC3 NG10 3GS Long Eaton Railway Station, Tamworth Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
58EEF679-E1DB-4E51-8B1D-AF1000B71086 NG10 3HG Londis Supermarket, 45 Wharfedale Rd, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
2CA642DE-8BF1-4DBA-B3C6-AFF200BF340A NG10 3HU Dovedale Avenue, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
CB4BC7E6-5D34-4D1C-8AF9-AF0B0090F610 NG10 3HU Dovedale Primary School, Dovedale Avenue, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
D13917A3-03C4-487E-953C-AD6C014B269A NG10 3JU 176-178 Tamworth Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
2AA2F565-949D-471A-8F88-A63FD482F310 NG10 3NP Stanton Vale Special School, Thoresby Rd, Long Eaton Nottingham Variable Restricted
C629B6C1-5E88-4F9D-9DA2-B09D008A5908 NG10 3NP Stanton Vale School, Thoresby Road, Long Eaton Variable Restricted
2B1AEBD2-F661-4655-9A4D-ADE900FF876F NG10 3RJ Tesco, Unit 5 Cranfleet Way, Long Eaton Variable Public
C99D184D-6D34-489C-B8CA-AF1000B709F0 NG10 3RJ Park View Medical Centre, Cranfleet Wy, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
C16DBAF2-A451-4A2D-8B45-AF1000B7034E NG10 4AW The Eaton Farm, Wilsthorpe Rd, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
593249FE-A865-4348-9304-D930DF66FEC6 NG10 4EP Near The Reception Area Of Novotel, Bostock Ln, Long Eaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
CE122931-CA95-4F72-A719-AED8009AA10B NG10 4GE Post Office, 87 College Street, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
40A423F0-D267-4451-8FAC-AE8400E2DB1B NG10 4GY Wade Spring Ltd, Highfield Mills, Highfield Street Variable Restricted
88897350-0E12-44E3-B60E-B06700BAE55C NG10 4JQ Copes Garage, 163a Wellington Street, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
8665918C-5037-4443-90EC-AFFD0096FEAF NG10 4NE Christ Methodist Church, Derby Road, Long Eaton 24/7 Public
90E44E29-7DBE-4738-B4A7-ADF800D8FA15 NG10 4QE The Harrington Factory Company Ltd, Stanhope House, Leopold Street 24/7 Public
39D52CC8-36C0-4D29-93D6-AFF700B14E1E NG10 5AF Friesland School, Nursery Avenue, Sandiacre Variable Restricted
464B08A9-C0E9-4138-8757-AD9700972F0E NG10 5AF Friesland School, Nursery Avenue, Sandiacre Variable Restricted
A464F02D-D59F-4E14-A4F2-ADEB00EFB7AC NG10 5AF Friesland School, Nursery Avenue, Sandiacre Variable Public
794BCB8D-90CD-498D-829C-AE8200C25BC2 NG10 5DF Blue Bell Inn, 36 Church Street, Sandiacre 24/7 Public
12A1EA2A-2080-4057-9069-AEC50087BEAC NG10 5HU C And H Precision Finishers Ltd, Precision House Unit B Derby Road Trade Centre, Derby Road Variable Public
91542175-0B4B-4CF2-B9E5-AD63007A22C7 NG10 5JJ Sandiacre Town Cricket Club, Longmoor Lane, Sandiacre 24/7 Restricted
F9BC43FB-CAB4-4032-A3B5-AFD90097CF27 NG11 0AX Thrumpton Cricket Club, Thrumpton Hall, Church Lane 24/7 Public
1514D609-2817-4CD7-BF6D-AFEA00FB1DAE NG11 0DF Hardstaff Barriers Ltd, Hardstaff Barriers Ltd Hillside, Gotham Road 24/7 Public
3126 NG11 0EB Redhill Marina Ltd, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
08AA6984-BA72-474F-997E-AE900117F951 NG11 0EB Ratcliffe On Soar Redhill Marina, Green Shipping Container, Redhill Marina 24/7 Public
6700 NG11 0HE Gotham News, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
9EE4D4CC-FF9A-4F65-916F-ADDB00E763CF NG11 6DS James Peacock Infant And Nursery School, Manor Park, Ruddington 24/7 Public
51EC0D7E-44AE-4339-98A4-AF1100E28540 NG11 6JS Rushcliffe Borough Council, Rushcliffe Country Park, Mere Way 24/7 Public
C42E2C26-277B-408D-B586-AFCF0097EE48 NG11 6JS Rushcliffe Country Park, Mere Way, Ruddington 24/7 Public
480F6F4E-264B-46CB-B7F2-AE06008F2005 NG11 6QF Bunny Defibrillator Fund, 19 Victoria Road, Bunny 24/7 Public
BCE35167-9AD1-418C-BEB6-AF5F012FC8D7 NG11 6QF Bunny Defibrillator Fund, 19 Victoria Road, Bunny 24/7 Public
02DF285D-1C3F-4CA5-B161-AF53014D8E00 NG11 6QH 204 Loughborough Road, Bunny 24/7 Public
94132365-00FD-4773-8BB0-AD0701418BE6 NG11 6QW Bunny Defibrillator Fund, Bunny Village Hall, Church Street 24/7 Public
D6B266C4-F9C1-4B1E-931B-AE3200C23D7C NG11 7AT Smt, Wilford House, 1 Clifton Lane Variable Restricted
94D84C66-3058-421B-A0B8-ADC90087FCAC NG11 7EP Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd, Unit 22 - 23 Nottingham South And Wilford Industrial Estate, Ruddington Lane 24/7 Public
33D63574-081B-4A2E-AAA1-AFEB00B92243 NG11 7ES Wilford Ambulance Station, Ambulance Station, Clifton Lane 24/7 Public
5A8A6233-15E9-45CF-8518-B07101030026 NG11 7GZ 7 Winifred Close, Nottingham 24/7 Public
2552BABA-1DA1-4808-8127-B00200C9F84A NG11 8AA Admiral Casino, 202 Southchurch Drive, Nottingham 24/7 Public
21843BFF-36E4-423D-8DF4-7467CAD9B92B NG11 8GF Co-Op - Farnborough Road, Central England Co-Operative Food - Farnborough Road, Farnborough Road 24/7 Public
6185007D-E90E-4BF4-B665-B08500B5C7B8 NG11 8LJ Clifton Playing Fields, Nottingham 24/7 Public
E7C08559-E326-4A7F-9BD5-AE1B00A20A04 NG11 8NA Tesco Stores Ltd, Clifton Service Station, Clifton Lane 24/7 Public
48CD6544-FC43-4EAB-8311-B05000B3BB41 NG11 8NE Clifton Village Nottingham, 58 Village Road, Clifton Village 24/7 Public
9ED19413-7D31-4E8B-8EA7-B00A009148B0 NG11 9BT Building 1 The Milford Academy, Dungannon Road, Nottingham Variable Public
CEB04B38-C4C0-4A60-8195-AC8300F1F343 NG11 9FE Co-Op - Southchurch Drive, 346 Southchurch Drive, Nottingham 24/7 Public
A078129A-4C0A-4016-BDB6-B026009051E3 NG11 9FP Highbank Primary And Nursery School, Winscombe Mount, Nottingham Variable Public
96C75C04-9815-4434-8550-B02600928F44 NG11 9JQ Whitegate Primary And Nursery School, Middlefell Way, Nottingham Variable Public
A32D34A7-F7E4-4A70-A391-AF9000CF0BBA NG12 1EE Care At Rainbows End Limited, Bosworth Farm, Main Road 24/7 Public
73EA651C-B535-4CB5-AA9C-AF2D00937263 NG12 1EX Radcliffe On Trent Parish Council, 30 Flower Avenue, Radcliffe On Trent 24/7 Public
7382 NG12 2AG Radcliffe on Trent Methodist Church, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
3B412C6E-365C-427F-9D26-AE8D00C96883 NG12 2AG Radcliffe On Trent Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Shelford Road 24/7 Public
5D1BC5D6-D187-4F9A-8BAA-ADF300D2A11A NG12 2AN Radcliffe Olympic Football Club, The Pavilion, Wharf Lane 24/7 Public
4660A89D-D336-4E31-8DC9-532DB1131F48 NG12 2AQ 12 Centre Wy, Radcliffe On Trent Nottingham 24/7 Public
B44AF10E-6CBE-4BD8-871B-AE2000711180 NG12 2FD Tesco Express, Main Road, Radcliffe On Trent Variable Public
54624347-397E-4DB9-875B-ADCC0153C5F4 NG12 2FQ South Nottinghamshire Academy, Glebe Lane, Radcliffe On Trent Variable Restricted
1193 NG12 2GP Sports Pavilion, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
2E1B4FE5-B1C7-43F0-8EE3-B04300A97201 NG12 2GP Radcliffe On Trent Sports Association, Sports Pavilion, Bingham Road 24/7 Public
46C8A5CD-D1D6-46B0-B9C2-ACBD01161AB6 NG12 2JZ Rushcliffe Montessori (Formally Known As The Wolds Day Nursery), Rushcliffe Montessori, Shepherds Corner 24/7 Public
C8FF7477-73C2-4437-A3B3-E861DBA18051 NG12 2LD Home Farm, Holme Lane, Holme Pierrepont 24/7 Public
89A49DD2-C995-418D-B629-AC6700BABCA2 NG12 2LG Holme Pierrepont & Gamston Parish Council, Bassingfield Lane, Bassingfield 24/7 Public
819548A8-87A2-401A-BB92-614E955AF13C NG12 2LU Nottinghamians Rfc, Adbolton Ln, Holme Pierrepont Nottingham 24/7 Public
D6286ED8-290B-4262-9CAD-AF8600EB7A07 NG12 2LU Nottinghamians Rfc, Adbolton Ln, Holme Pierrepont 24/7 Public
E3F93789-5E7F-494E-A16D-28211C4D42B4 NG12 2LU National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Ln, Holme Pierrepont Nottingham Variable Restricted
7091 NG12 2NL Venezia Restaurant, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
A04C7C95-481A-4295-AC55-B08B00FC0F6E NG12 3BX Cropwell Bishop Primary School, Stockwell Lane, Cropwell Bishop Variable Public
F70B8475-95A8-48D8-8A58-AF4100F34B70 NG12 3EE Kinoulton Cricket Club, Hickling Lane, Kinoulton 24/7 Public
6281ACEC-E511-4FD8-8B5C-AD1800A7B968 NG12 3EF Pembridge House, Hall Lane, Kinoulton 24/7 Restricted
627A4576-FB48-4492-ADA3-EFCAA7E7439B NG12 3EH Neville Arms, Owthorpe Ln, Kinoulton Nottingham 24/7 Public
1226 NG12 3EL Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
1CB46DAA-8EE8-4DC6-903E-AE2701103C26 NG12 3HA Mosca, Unit 3 Colliers Business Park, Colliers Way Variable Restricted
8352 NG12 3HS Cotgrave C of E Primary School, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
1FA46BE3-7A9C-458E-BAF5-B03C00D0BC81 NG12 3HS Cotgrave C Of E Primary School, The Cross, Cotgrave 24/7 Public
10F09BEE-3786-4A16-B23E-96FFCFA49348 NG12 3JG The Cotgrave Candleby Lane School, Candleby Ln, Cotgrave Nottingham Variable Restricted
6B36BCFB-98B9-4671-A68B-AD1F009B0C89 NG12 3NL Cotgrave Town Council, 1 West Furlong, Cotgrave 24/7 Public
A283393D-52F5-40D3-AF74-0A8A198DAE2F NG12 3PJ Cotgrave Leisure Centre, Woodview, Cotgrave Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
D5DC037C-EF6F-435D-914C-AE19010C3B33 NG12 3SX Hollygate Scout Camp, Hollygate Scout Campsite, Hollygate Lane Variable Restricted
E79BAF20-583F-4ED1-9ECC-AED301136F91 NG12 4AT 1st Meadow Covert Scout Group, Land Adj Meadow Covert, Alford Road 24/7 Public
C10C7D6D-AE3E-49FD-8E25-AE5200EE166E NG12 4DG Tweezerman Uk Ltd, Unit 2, Wheatcroft Business Park, Landmere Lane, Edwalton Variable Restricted
C50FC42E-D1E2-4EB3-B67E-AE5400F1E4BA NG12 4EH Tollerton Parish Council, Os Field 3047, Lothian Road 24/7 Public
29DF7C6B-6A47-4C89-8694-ABD500846329 NG12 4FT Tollerton Parish Council, 155 Tollerton Lane, Tollerton 24/7 Public
C9570629-9109-4ADF-BEC5-ABAC00CAFC9D NG12 4JL The Campbell Clinic, Unit 1-2, Edwalton Business Park Variable Restricted
5611EC54-3E36-4619-BE75-AE2500C2203A NG12 5AL Keyworth Table Tennis Club, Rectory Fields Cricket Club, Elm Avenue Variable Restricted
1818 NG12 5AN Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7591 NG12 5EW Plumtree Cricket Club (what3words location status.port.upon, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7245 NG12 5FF Keyworth Library, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
0CF4988D-37B4-4F7A-A6D1-B00B00C25418 NG12 5FF South Wolds Academy And Sixth Form, Church Drive, Keyworth Variable Restricted
147A2696-DA2D-4730-9F18-3AF3D8B4D856 NG12 5FF Keyworth Leisure Centre, Church Dr, Keyworth Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
4640ECC9-8579-44D9-9886-B00B00D89E79 NG12 5FF South Wolds Academy And Sixth Form, Church Drive, Keyworth Variable Restricted
8A511A74-F0AB-4FE2-8654-B00A00CE0C4D NG12 5FF South Wolds Academy And Sixth Form, Church Drive, Keyworth Variable Restricted
CDBCAEF6-26E7-4666-B668-B00C00C29C5C NG12 5FF South Wolds Academy And Sixth Form, Church Drive, Keyworth Variable Restricted
E66C5FAC-905C-4C6F-AFD7-B00A00AA253B NG12 5FF South Wolds Academy And Sixth Form, Church Drive, Keyworth Variable Restricted
72041AF2-8852-41D5-83D1-B09700AD9991 NG12 5NB Griffin Inn, Main Road, Plumtree 24/7 Public
58BE6018-1920-409B-BE4F-B09900A102A2 NG12 5ND Plumtree School, Church Hill, Plumtree Variable Restricted
07BE580B-EB65-4F37-8995-ACBD00A58513 NG12 5NH Wolds Childcare Limited, The Wolds Day Nursery, Old Melton Road 24/7 Public
7A522102-9A75-4332-8751-AF57009C3AE7 NG12 5ST Redrow Homes - Nicker Hill Customer Experience Suite, Nicker Hill, Keyworth Variable Restricted
2F9067BC-86B4-4E08-8B9E-AB7301067F13 NG13 0AJ Mrs Gladden Emas Responder, 25 Albert Street, Bottesford Variable Restricted
2111 NG13 0AR Outside 1 Pinfold Lane, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
D15B7C4E-0C50-46DB-BD62-AD5100B19120 NG13 0AR 1 Pinfold Lane, Bottesford 24/7 Public
E24A2F1B-57CA-4A6A-9C54-AF9C00C39B87 NG13 0AU Terwin Instruments Limited, Unit 7, Winterbeck Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
731 NG13 0AX Belvoir High School, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
FE0071C6-0423-4A44-84AC-AD5100AE4FC2 NG13 0AX Belvoir Academy, Barkestone Lane, Bottesford 24/7 Public
23382F30-F1BF-4015-BDE5-B03400D5D120 NG13 0BS Bottesford Church Of England Primary School, Silverwood Road, Bottesford Variable Restricted
5122 NG13 0BU Warwick Flats, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
127D7DF1-9CE6-43A3-86D6-AD5100B2622C NG13 0BU Warwick Flats, 1 Granby Drive, Bottesford 24/7 Public
C0432701-32FA-46CC-A58C-AFFD00DBA6A0 NG13 0DA St Mary The Virgin Church, Church Street, Bottesford Variable Public
5BAD3739-080F-420F-AD9A-AD5100AF1ECE NG13 0DF The Parish Room And Fuller Room Old Primary School, Grantham Road, Bottesford 24/7 Public
5123 NG13 0DY On Freestanding Posts, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
60B85B26-CB45-498C-8234-AD5100B37920 NG13 0DY Muston Lane, Easthorpe 24/7 Public
D21563C6-A5C9-4C57-807C-AD5100B0B4DF NG13 0EE Station Road, Grantham Road, Bottesford 24/7 Public
754 NG13 0EL Long Clawson Dairy, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
5124 NG13 0EP Joyce's Barn, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
8DE79214-4DCF-48D3-8CB8-AD5100B5B2A2 NG13 0EP Joyce's Barn, Normanton Lane, Normanton 24/7 Public
1139 NG13 0GA The Windmill Public House, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
694 NG13 0JJ The Anchor Inn, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
1931 NG13 8AH Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
80C9A0CD-94A1-47F7-819B-AEBC00E126BD NG13 8BL Toothill Secondary School, The Banks, Bingham Variable Restricted
C905C04B-C9BA-4D33-80B1-AFD90107590D NG13 8DS Impact Building Services Limited, Church House, East Street Variable Restricted
3181 NG13 8EH Carnarvon Primary School, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
BF82AAAD-AD99-4186-9924-AFE8007DB6B4 NG13 8GG Screwfix, Unit D6 Moorbridge Road, Bingham Variable Restricted
640D4D02-6AD3-4E88-B745-AE4600DAF62E NG13 8HN 10 Main Street, Newton 24/7 Public
989A1008-E4E8-40C3-AD4C-B07700E3B405 NG13 8LA Blue Diamond East Bridgford Garden And Home, Fosse Way, Easy Bridgford Variable Public
0C9B74A3-2CE3-4845-9381-ADE400D10610 NG13 8LF Butt Close Tennis Courts, College Street, East Bridgford 24/7 Public
7941 NG13 8NY East Bridgford Medical Centre, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
57598543-1B92-4998-A61D-AFF50104F304 NG13 8NY East Bridgford Medical Centre, 2 Butt Lane, East Bridgford, East Bridgford 24/7 Public
3894 NG13 8TN Bingham Town Pavilion, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
064B1CCC-D7A3-464A-912F-AF57009C35D9 NG13 8UW Redrow Homes - Newton Garden Village Customer Experience Suite, Newton Gardens, Newton Variable Restricted
2D986868-E767-433E-8C49-AB9A007DB052 NG13 8YE Vale And Fosseway Responders, 14 Wharf Gardens, Bingham Variable Restricted
239 NG13 9AL Thomas Cranmer Centre, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
1373 NG13 9EL Jubilee Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
E73388E5-B628-4B28-8F7C-AEF400A7165C NG13 9EL Whatton Grange, Church Street, W3w Reaction.dates.deferring 24/7 Restricted
C5225499-CB14-4FD0-8C83-AFDB0097A5D6 NG13 9HG Wiverton In The Vale Pcc, St Andrews Church, Church Lane 24/7 Public
C1513E9B-3276-4251-B6DF-AF7100E0A822 NG13 9HY Vale Protective Coatings Ltd, Building 152 Langar Industrial Estate, Harby Road 24/7 Public
F8A441E8-62AA-427D-A0C7-B051007D216C NG13 9JH Rock Civil Engineering Ltd, Unit 1b Vale View Business Park, Langar Road 24/7 Public
349CD420-62D6-4509-AD71-AEAE01367961 NG13 9JN Blue Circle Barntone Bowls Club And Bingham Boxing Club, Blue Circle Barnstone Bows Club And Bingham Boxing Club, Works Lane 24/7 Restricted
9578433B-7488-427F-9C13-BA968779977F NG13 9NJ Mulhouse, Loughbon, Orston Nottingham 24/7 Public
06534E68-CAA2-4083-83B2-AE9F00883522 NG13 9PA Commercial Property, Flawborough Hall Farm, Main Street 24/7 Public
20D18774-C2F9-4746-97E2-ADAB007F8DCE NG13 9PE Corner Farm, High Street, Staunton In The Vale 24/7 Public
C5A1CAFF-8128-49FE-A3E6-B02000B025B3 NG14 5GU Public Telephone 55m From Bridleways, Old Main Road 5m From Old Main Road, Old Main Road, Bulcote 24/7 Public
E7A0E76C-FCAB-4DD8-A50E-AFE900D5B687 NG14 5HN Screwfix, Cyan Close, Nottingham Variable Restricted
2BD38353-C499-41B6-81AB-ADCD010B048B NG14 5JB Wind Energy Tech Ltd, 2 Brambling Road, Stoke Bardolph 24/7 Restricted
8337 NG14 6AY Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
E0071185-5C5C-440E-9776-AFDE008E660F NG14 6AY Epperstone Village Hall, Gonalston Lane, Epperstone 24/7 Public
645 NG14 6DD Nags Head, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7685 NG14 6DX Woodborough Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
16BB820B-F125-429A-9452-AF1900D247FC NG14 6DX Woodborough Village Hall, Lingwood Lane, Woodborough 24/7 Public
56E66134-C7AC-496F-8EF0-E37D16ADE025 NG14 6JX Calverton Working Mens Club, Collyer Rd, Calverton Nottingham 24/7 Public
89218E5D-D3B4-414D-AE69-DA11DC3DFDDE NG14 6JZ Calverton Leisure Centre, Flatts Ln, Calverton Nottingham Variable Restricted
B6C0FBB6-EC66-41DC-B81A-B04400BEA496 NG14 6JZ Sir John Sherbrooke School, Flatts Lane, Calverton 24/7 Public
039E0355-8AF1-4798-AF5F-AE66013F64E8 NG14 6LU Labray Scout And Guide Hut, Labrays Endowed School, Main Street 24/7 Public
D24E87DC-2062-4D7E-BDE8-B06500DA3E44 NG14 6SA Calverton Village Hall / William Lee Memorial Park, Community Hall William Lee Recreation Ground, Park Road Variable Public
37E6C132-68D3-4FDE-BCEA-931B63952510 NG14 7BD Lowdham Village Hall, Main St, Lowdham Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
695B8E93-40EB-4A2F-AF5D-AF09010B9901 NG14 7BZ Springfield Hotel, Old Epperstone Road, Lowdham Variable Public
85A45E02-23C5-4BFB-BFE6-B00900A81B1B NG14 7DD Lowdhamgreen, Public Telephone 33m From 20 The Green 12m From The Green, The Green 24/7 Public
7D01B0B3-AC4A-4903-AC3F-AE2701036249 NG14 7ED The Black Horse Public House, 29 Main Street, Caythorpe 24/7 Public
160FDA9C-1E48-407D-92E1-D9DFAA631FC3 NG14 7EW Gunthorpe Village Hall, 8 Davids Ln, Gunthorpe Nottingham 24/7 Public
63CC316C-8490-475D-9D0B-AD75010DE94A NG14 7GP The Red Lion Public House, Southwell Road, Thurgarton 24/7 Public
787C1243-2A42-4536-81D7-ADA300E9E8A8 NG14 7GS Priory Ground, Priory Road,, Thurgarton 24/7 Public
A1896B0D-DCC9-4AE2-BDA1-AE8400B1C026 NG14 7JR Hoveringham Cricket Pitch, Main Street, Hoveringham 24/7 Public
A0C6741E-E6F4-40F7-AD2F-5C0AE473B1AF NG14 7JX New Farm, Hoveringham Ln, Hoveringham Nottingham 24/7 Public
7CB3799B-42D9-409D-A716-AF0B00AA14FB NG15 0BU Cast, 32 Tilford Road, Newstead Village 24/7 Public
15614714-63E2-4D6D-932E-AFB900EB7F3E NG15 0DP Clearmark Solutions, Olympic House, Willow Drive 24/7 Public
7C9CB185-1CB6-4982-80D0-AF5F00D5D264 NG15 0DQ Badgemaster Ltd, Units 2-18 Newstead Industrial Park, Hazelford Way Variable Restricted
C713B3AD-0F71-4298-9218-AF8E00C32928 NG15 0DQ Metclad Contracts, Met-Clad Contracts Ltd Newstead Industrial Park, 20 Hazelford Way Variable Public
3097 NG15 0DR NCC Customer Service Centre, Piazza, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
3E502898-38CF-474E-A86F-AE2A00C7CE1B NG15 0DR Rolls Royce, Unit 5a, Little Oak Drive 24/7 Public
A17F12C0-DB4B-4130-B4CE-AF63009CF7DF NG15 0DS Galliford Try, Woodside House, Osier Drive Variable Restricted
331E3F33-5D6C-473C-93AA-AE4000B037F5 NG15 0DT Remarkable Commerce, Newstead House, Lake View Drive Variable Public
B5AA8F83-4C94-41D7-8A8B-AFC100B26215 NG15 0EB Zeppelin Systems Uk Ltd, Evo Park (Entrance 01), Little Oak Drive Variable Restricted
6C84B87D-0B9C-4282-87D0-B03400E7E48B NG15 6AJ Broomhill Junior School, 2 Bellman Close, Hucknall Variable Public
EF31B50E-394E-4281-8D22-B00B00B8F1F8 NG15 6AJ Butlers Hill Infants And Nursery School, Broomhill Road, Hucknall Variable Public
56AE5981-0DE7-4AB7-AF85-B09A00E40979 NG15 6DW Nabbs Lane Changing Rooms, Nabbs Lane, Hucknall 24/7 Public
AB71C6FB-273C-4B29-A481-AE3F00F6ABD0 NG15 6EP Briton Fabricators, Watnall Road, Hucknall Variable Restricted
F8176C25-CA36-40A1-B3AB-ADCF00918944 NG15 6LW Hiillside Primary School, Roberts Lane, Hucknall 24/7 Public
3ACDB22C-124F-497B-B8C6-ACFD00AC4187 NG15 6WU Flying High Academy, Shepherd Street, Hucknall 24/7 Public
AA09D396-D5E9-4F37-AC03-B02800FD3A16 NG15 6WU Hucknall Flying High Academy, Flying High Academy, Shepherd Street 24/7 Restricted
5BC6DAA3-F7A4-4739-9723-AF0B00A1F2C1 NG15 7AB Spelt & Rye, 2a Annesley Rd, Hucknall 24/7 Public
D8601905-693D-4B79-991E-AEC600A8CC40 NG15 7AX The Red Lion, High Street, Hucknall Variable Restricted
5EC041F7-DBC7-4C05-B1DA-AE2A01265EC0 NG15 7DB Tesco, Tesco Express, 161 Annesley Road Variable Public
78C30943-E1A8-41D7-A7C7-B03D00B343FB NG15 7DE Tesco Hucknall Annesley Road Express, 161a Annesley Rd, Hucknall Variable Public
35F4D1F3-9437-4550-B341-AC7200D41701 NG15 7DU Hucknall National C Of E Primary School, Montague Road, Hucknall Variable Public
562EB75A-F686-4ADB-A959-AFFE00A3E5C0 NG15 7FQ John Godber Centre (Hucknall Community Centre/Church Hall), Ogle Street, Hucknall Variable Restricted
BBCB611F-328B-4132-80FA-ADBF00E36F06 NG15 7HF Central Walk, High Street, Hucknall 24/7 Public
01480E6B-ABFB-49EC-932F-AF1200FCE62A NG15 7HJ Byron Arc Cinema, High Street, Hucknall 24/7 Public
43E89655-F919-403A-A4C4-AE2800E3F237 NG15 7HJ Salvation Army Citadel, High Street, Hucknall Variable Restricted
7C29EAAD-7C40-4AE6-89A6-AE4C00BB9C16 NG15 7HJ Vine Terrace, Hucknall 24/7 Public
E94A9780-BFE1-438B-9413-7CF9FD13BF89 NG15 7LA Ashfield District Council Office, 1a Watnall Road, Hucknall 24/7 Public
9F34A7D6-D195-45D0-A679-AB8300FC71D7 NG15 7LU Ashfield District Council, Titchfield Park Cafe, Hucknall 24/7 Public
9D51BBD6-E8E8-44FC-B73A-AE8000E613E4 NG15 7NJ Co-Op - Watnall Road, Atm At Coop Store, 97-99 Watnall Road 24/7 Public
97503BD1-D094-4668-836D-74B12ECEF5C1 NG15 7PW Tesco Hucknall Extra, Ashgate Road, Hucknall Variable Public
C6843D67-1F08-44C8-B06D-89994D9D4738 NG15 7TX Hucknall Leisure Centre, Linby Rd, Hucknall Nottingham Variable Public
E677BC64-F86B-40D4-9884-AE3F00DE07AD NG15 7UQ Tesco Extra, Ashgate Rd, Hucknall Variable Public
2721E318-AF3C-4AE4-BC27-AF0B00A1F721 NG15 8AE Telephone Kiosk, Main St, Linby 24/7 Public
8762E995-C3E6-4C71-B1F1-ADA900C951F2 NG15 8AE Brook Farm, Main Street, Linby Variable Restricted
2981 NG15 8AY Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
E51FC776-2060-43FB-88C0-B07600AD4350 NG15 8BZ Holy Cross Primary Cva, Leen Mills Lane, Hucknall Variable Restricted
6A8E295C-C191-4975-A375-AC20011787F3 NG15 8FE Papplewick & Linby Cricket Club, Papplewick Hall Cricket Ground, Off Hall Lane 24/7 Public
A6BDE8FE-EF31-4680-834A-AFF200F6C28C NG15 8HS Wigwam Pavilion, Kenbrook Road, Hucknall 24/7 Public
05E7289C-2C18-4397-9959-3560808ECEB8 NG15 9AG Longdale Ln, Ravenshead Nottingham 24/7 Public
56456B4C-5A7E-4699-9B0A-2457D0B1C703 NG15 9AG Inside Ravenshead Leisure Centre, Longdale Ln, Ravenshead Nottingham 24/7 Public
4578 NG15 9AJ Papplewick Pumping Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
03F16394-706A-493A-B615-FFC2892457ED NG15 9BN Ravenshead Village Hall, Vernon Cr, Ravenshead Nottingham 24/7 Public
6014C799-6F33-4E8B-960C-AC910105D22A NG15 9EA 30 Longdale Avenue, Ravenshead 24/7 Public
96BB1773-5B92-4C25-A1B5-B02800A9144C NG15 9EA 30 Longdale Avenue, Ravenshead 24/7 Public
1FF265B8-791E-4A86-9FE6-B0340088CF97 NG15 9FD St Peters Church - The Centre, Sheepwalk Lane, The Centre At St Peters 24/7 Public
76488405-640E-401E-AD6B-B06500A9E218 NG15 9FD East Midlands Swimming Academy, 89 Sheepwalk Lane, Ravenshead 24/7 Restricted
16D439A8-466A-4EC9-9B1F-AF2A014FCC62 NG15 9GS 1st Larch Scout Group, Ravens Lodge, Main Road 24/7 Public
2B0DF9CA-D872-419A-8900-B5ABCC5EB2FA NG15 9GS Ravens Lodge Scout Group, Main Rd, Ravenshead Nottingham 24/7 Public
4D5181EA-2F8C-4513-99CB-AD6500D22CEC NG16 1AQ 25 Horsendale Avenue, Nuthall 24/7 Public
3D28443B-7E36-48BA-988A-A1A7C85DE8CF NG16 1DP Temple Community Centre, Nottingham Rd, Nuthall Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
81DCC7AC-455F-4C4D-B90F-DCEBDEFB5D9A NG16 1EH 64 Maple Drive, Nuthall Variable Restricted
1C06DEFC-ED39-4624-93FA-757133CE9DE7 NG16 1EP Larkfields Junior School, Coronation Rd, Nuthall Nottingham 24/7 Public
6324B1FC-1722-49EC-B774-AD64008BEA4D NG16 1PT Assarts Farm Medical Centre, 8 Upminster Drive, Nuthall 24/7 Public
70306D39-F76C-4795-A129-C808303F1B61 NG16 1RF Mornington Primary School In Reception Area, Mornington Cr, Nuthall Nottingham Variable Restricted
095962E1-07CB-4B55-A879-B06700B834EC NG16 2AA Beauvale Abbey Farm, New Road, Greasley 24/7 Public
4B3E4616-0619-4CB3-81E3-AD970078C345 NG16 2DE Birnam Park, Halls Lane, Giltbrook Variable Restricted
C85A31AF-FCB6-4A1F-909E-B0910131BF63 NG16 2DL 177 Main Street, Newthorpe 24/7 Public
F3C5F1C7-5642-4CE0-8799-AEBA00A0E7B7 NG16 2NB Kimberley Bowls Club, Bowling Pavilion And Green The Stag Recreation Ground, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
ABABCD12-89A0-4F95-B5E0-4FB6D1DEC7A9 NG16 2NJ Kimberley Parish Hall, Newdigate Street, Kimberley 24/7 Public
31A4F5AE-875F-4265-BE5C-AE2700E4CB9E NG16 2PQ Kimberley Town Council, White Lion, 74 Swingate 24/7 Public
C9A71355-6A9C-46DA-BF63-AF2000CCD3A2 NG16 2RP Giltbrook Retail Park, Ikea Way, Giltbrook 24/7 Restricted
F92BF062-EA3E-449D-8F41-B09000D567D2 NG16 2RX Mabey Hire Services Ltd, Oakwood Grange, Robinettes Lane Variable Restricted
7127 NG16 2SY Slaney Brothers Pavilion, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
64F91E04-010B-4282-BF27-B00600B49CDA NG16 2SY Recreation Ground, Attewell Road, Awsworth 24/7 Public
53DFAF47-4489-438A-8E49-ACFC00861CE3 NG16 2UJ 23 Turner Drive, Giltbrook 24/7 Restricted
387D14F8-8E55-4984-A6A7-AFE800B0CF23 NG16 2UZ Screwfix, Unit 4 - 5 Pentrich Road, Giltbrook Industrial Park Variable Restricted
B7BA1321-E550-44E7-B354-90CDD3ABCF52 NG16 3AG Microlise Engineering Ltd, Farrington Wy, Eastwood Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
2978 NG16 3GL Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
FC8A50E2-CBDC-4D99-BE27-AE40009D8114 NG16 3GL Tesco Express, 208 Nottingham Rd, 0 Variable Public
B3F8C186-498C-4F16-980B-AE2400EA61D7 NG16 3GR Co-Op - Nottingham Road, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Eastwood, 248 Nottingham Road 24/7 Public
68365A79-6CC2-4940-B292-D20BAB596272 NG16 3HB Play Soccer Usa 3g Arena, Chewton St, Eastwood Nottingham Variable Restricted
DCDC953F-33E2-4491-B210-B00A00EA1BC4 NG16 3HW Springbank Academy, Springbank Primary School, Peacock Drive 24/7 Public
10D9F868-F2DE-49B6-A8FC-ABD800739D0F NG16 3NZ B & Q Plc, Derby Road, Eastwood Variable Public
791C8D81-A57F-4A0B-9F5A-AE3001029CE2 NG16 3RZ New Horizon Aog Church, Linkmel Road, Heanor Variable Restricted
CAE4A462-86FD-42CF-8DA5-DB81BE275428 NG16 4BG Co-Op - Station Road, 23 Station Rd, Langley Mill Nottingham 24/7 Public
B9C76BA1-8B94-4106-8042-AB810140C23A NG16 4EH Aldercar & Langley Mill Parish Council, Apartment 1, St. Georges Court 24/7 Public
CF0EA6A8-0EAE-4B26-B330-AFFD0096F58E NG16 4FZ Langley Mill Academy, 136 Bailey Brook Crescent, Langley Mill 24/7 Public
2D18090B-614C-448F-B039-AFEA00B93561 NG16 4HL Phoenix, Pheonix Centre Aldercar Community Language College, Daltons Close Variable Restricted
62FB063D-388B-4600-B531-ADFD00A85435 NG16 4HL Sports Hall, Aldercar Community Language College, Daltons Close Variable Restricted
66FB0D6D-3B74-45E3-8C34-B007009D3E2B NG16 4HL Aldercar Primary School, Daltons Close, Heanor Variable Restricted
734D1EE1-8BFF-4D26-8FF4-ADFD00CD8E99 NG16 4HL Mcgraw, Aldercar Community Language College, Daltons Close Variable Restricted
7B3E0CA6-281D-4EF5-9C6E-AFEA00B6E115 NG16 4HL Winsor, Aldercar Community Language College, Daltons Close Variable Restricted
7EF02BB6-5BF2-4126-9E15-FD4A7C22AE64 NG16 5FS Underwood Community Centre, Church Ln, Underwood Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
13407441-FD8F-49C9-871A-AB7600E6DE44 NG16 5GP Underwood Mini Market, 53 Main Road, Underwood 24/7 Public
BA5C8CCB-C6B1-4E97-8837-AC6E016F452C NG16 5HB Bagthorpe Primary School, School Road, Underwood 24/7 Public
A6E69512-9161-4137-873B-AFBF00F1C64B NG16 5HD Red Lion, 134 Church Lane, Underwood 24/7 Public
E9D80F00-ECA7-4EC7-9E36-0BE32D415398 NG16 5HY Royal Oak, 29 Palmerston St, Westwood Nottingham 24/7 Public
28424ECE-6734-4DF1-8CF7-885C142387F5 NG16 5LF Co-Op - Selston Road, Selston Rd, Jacksdale Nottingham 24/7 Public
F060764B-DA14-4E5C-84CD-B00A00AC19EB NG16 5NB Ironville & Codnor Park Primary School, Victoria Street, Ironville Variable Restricted
47317B88-3837-42AE-91A6-AFFD0096F9D6 NG16 5PL Sharrons Cornor,, Monument Lane/Station Road, Ironville 24/7 Public
6106B2D8-1FE0-410D-8AEC-AC2100E6F1D0 NG16 6AT 60 Portland Road, Selston 24/7 Public
DD28F9AD-C680-4989-8C74-ACDF00D73343 NG16 6AW Hollyhill Primary And Nursery School, School Road, Selston Variable Restricted
40A09E37-3473-4F63-95B1-AFF80093A2AA NG16 6BW The Tin Hat Centre, Nottinghamshire County Council Selston Library, Chapel Road 24/7 Public
B51EFB0D-204C-43AF-84DB-B7DDF7B4E10E NG16 6BW Selston High School, Chapel Rd, Selston Nottingham Variable Restricted
E9843D11-0D93-4BF8-ACC7-AF0B00A9F59C NG16 6BW Tin Hat Centre, Chapel Rd, Selston 24/7 Public
5F335780-6CF6-4972-8A6C-610B5AB7BD5A NG16 6DJ Old Council Offices, Alfreton Rd, Selston Nottingham 24/7 Public
E91F7F0A-9D2E-4982-87BE-406803A520BD NG16 6EE Selston Parish Council Parish Hall, Mansfield Rd, Selston Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
57FE7539-D781-4621-B3B3-C4369BAD1A45 NG16 6GJ 21 Guildhall Dr, Selston Nottingham 24/7 Public
528DA853-5449-4305-87E7-D4B53CA77DE9 NG16 6HN The Great Wall, 62 Town St, Pinxton Nottingham 24/7 Public
3B26682C-3A28-4997-9182-AEB700B69982 NG16 6NA Pinxton Village Hall, 3 Kirkstead Road, Pinxton 24/7 Public
4423FB37-CC27-4A64-ADC4-AEE7009671A2 NG16 6NT Charles Pugh (Glass) Limited, Longwood Road, Brookhill Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
854F6D8D-5E60-4F5D-97A9-AB6E00E0DAA5 NG16 6NZ Flat, 9-11 Wharf Road, Pinxton 24/7 Public
3978 NG17 1AZ Opposite David Coleman & Co Ltd, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
D600984C-B57E-4DEB-8CD2-AFE700DDA2EC NG17 1BX Screwfix, Unit 2f&2g, Farmwell Lane Variable Restricted
CF098500-AF26-4563-A70B-AC7200CBFC8C NG17 1HU Mapplewells Primary School And Nursery, Alfreton Road, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Restricted
A6E53BB7-333D-4762-8E1E-AF7000961880 NG17 1JB Tesco Express, Unit 1, 170 Alfreton Road Variable Public
C6C1053B-FC83-4442-AB29-ADD0006B93FE NG17 1JF Bombardier Transportation (Rolling Stock) Uk Ltd, Unit 4b Castlewood Business Park, Farmwell Lane Sutton In Ashfield Variable Public
2DB019AE-388D-499B-B53B-714ADF161B7D NG17 2AD Lammas Leisure Centre, Lammas Rd, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Restricted
45C1095C-7082-41EA-ACFE-852383FADF1E NG17 2ED Central England Co-Operative Retail - Huthwaite Road, Huthwaite Rd, Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
C313D93F-A415-422B-9879-AC1C00FF1FE4 NG17 2ED Huthwaite Service Station, Huthwaite Road, Sutton-In-Ashfield 24/7 Public
046DD70B-8A7A-48E3-AD63-ADF100EB7D79 NG17 2JT Hkl Specialists Ltd, Common Road, Opp Mill Lane, Huthwaite Variable Restricted
B9E2E1AC-8DB8-4D4C-A3E4-AFDC00E6C0B0 NG17 2JZ Sulzer, Fulwood Road South, Fulwood Road Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
6373F0DE-A973-4547-8A77-AF5E00E20CCD NG17 2LQ Robinsons Paver Hire Limited, Unit 5, John Davies Workshops, Main Street Variable Public
6C2A103E-8AEF-433E-9B74-FDA68CDD1890 NG17 2PL Brierley Forest Park Visitors Centre, Skegby Rd, Huthwaite Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
3BF25D6C-4F9E-4715-888F-AFC400D4A1EB NG17 2PY Tesco, Tesco Express, Chesterfield Road Variable Public
B02FDE88-6422-4A38-BE06-BB4090A03F91 NG17 2PY Tesco Express, Chesterfield Road, Huthwaite 24/7 Public
8FFF28E4-657E-4881-80D5-AE8600AEC038 NG17 2TF Mansfield Hosiery Mills, The Fieldings, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Public
ED1BA525-26AF-4A1C-ACEA-AE96016C36CA NG17 2TF Mansfield Hosiery Mills Sports And Social, Huthwaite Road, Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
7B90266A-906E-42EA-9191-AF2D013003A6 NG17 3DD St Andrews Church, Mansfield Road, Skegby Variable Restricted
EC3581CC-7F2D-4169-9CAA-93050ED20DD0 NG17 3DU Co-Op - Mansfield Road, Mansfield Rd, Skegby Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
DA033974-6EC1-47ED-BBF8-AF9300B07451 NG17 3ED Skegby Parish Hall, Mansfield Road, Skegby 24/7 Public
65C2FCCE-16BF-4263-A400-ABDE00D616C8 NG17 3FW Robinson Plastic Packaging Ltd, Brierley Park Close, Sutton-In-Ashfield 24/7 Public
9AC7937F-582B-4F6F-8801-AF420180E91F NG17 4BB Priestsic Primary School And Nursery, Park Street, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Restricted
28E8793E-4D4A-422F-8966-AF6400D5D84C NG17 4BR Toby Carvery, Toby Carvery - The Watermill, Kingfisher Way Variable Public
F628E78B-CE8E-4E32-80EB-AFF800E13DD6 NG17 4BR Eastlands, Kingfisher Way, Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
7481E61B-F0B4-4802-98EC-B02D00702BC6 NG17 4HG Tesco Sutton-In-Ashfield Lakeside Point Express, Lakeside Point, 3 Mansfield Rd Variable Public
A99DE02B-DDAA-474F-9BF9-AE9700D0EF82 NG17 4HN Pretty Polly Bowls Club, 10 Unwin Road, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Restricted
4F6B99CC-C52B-4D24-BD62-B06000D65156 NG17 4HW B & Q Warehouse, B And Q Warehouse, Mansfield Road Variable Public
941CA6F9-C86C-426D-B8C7-AF66011C2A49 NG17 4JP Mcdonald's - Kingsmill Road East, Kingsmill Road East, Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
D7514287-9A7D-4D01-BA3C-B067007EA651 NG17 4JT Millbrook Kings Mill Hospital, Mansfield Road, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Restricted
E1CEB148-602A-4D90-A92C-B09A00E194FA NG17 4PA Mill Waters Car Park, Sutton In Ashfield Sailing Club Kingsmill Reservoir, Sherwood Way South 24/7 Public
24F7DCD7-3C95-405E-987A-B06F0123E07B NG17 5BB Leamington Primary & Nursery Academy, Leamington Primary School, Clare Road 24/7 Public
EB6FA240-DCDF-4800-8287-ACAE00E37E00 NG17 5FA West Notts College, Unit C Gateway 28, Oddicroft Lane Variable Public
9346E88F-F5E0-4883-9F67-AFA901396959 NG17 5FD Cpi (Pneumatics) Ltd, First Floor, 1 Cursham Street Variable Public
12F08975-E1F0-41AA-8A17-AD5600E46183 NG17 5FH Cbre, The Broad Centre Car Park, Station Road 24/7 Restricted
F61CA715-5AAC-4066-B9BF-4CA9FBDE7074 NG17 5FU Rumbles Cafe Sutton Lawns, Lawn Ln, Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
4507 NG17 5GA Lawn View House, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
3AB3C9F1-65C8-4FD8-9AF7-C6D528B909BC NG17 5HB Ashfield District Council Northern Depot, Station Rd, Sutton In Ashfield 24/7 Public
AD36B465-3279-4CCF-9662-C96AF7773957 NG17 5LF Coxmoor Golf Club, Coxmoor Rd, Sutton In Ashfield Variable Public
22B3EB56-F8F0-454F-A7D9-AE8400CAF386 NG17 6AF Tps Holdings, Export Drive, Huthwaite 24/7 Public
32B1B0E8-C5AF-4BE6-B845-AF0B00A9AAAC NG17 7AE Ashfield Health Vilage, Portland St, Kirkby In Ashfield, Notts 24/7 Public
873A07EA-FE98-48B0-90DC-B01F013B04ED NG17 7AN Nags Head, Station Street, Kirkby In Ashfield 24/7 Public
FBA71210-C5D8-4B97-92B5-61211E5376EE NG17 7DH Kirkby College, Tennyson St, Kirkby In Ashfield Nottingham Variable Restricted
DC467D3E-3EA4-4609-A630-78D91970B4A2 NG17 7DJ Acre Cafe Building Kingsway Park, Hodgkinson Rd, Kirkby In Ashfield Nottingham 24/7 Public
866CDB1F-1C08-4043-B194-B00000C8E84F NG17 7HZ Bracken Hill School, Chartwell Road, Kirkby In Ashfield Variable Restricted
32DA1DB6-ACDD-4F24-98ED-B02E00D153CA NG17 7JE Esso Tesco Express, Tesco Express, Lowmoor Road Variable Public
514568B6-B6AF-46BB-A9AB-ABDF00BBC6B0 NG17 7JU Robinson Packaging, Lowmoor Road, Kirkby In Ashfield 24/7 Public
18DE0E46-78A9-4052-9476-16D262B1CD22 NG17 7LL The Summit Centre, Pavilion Rd, Kirkby In Ashfield 24/7 Public
69EFBE56-D8C8-4C37-95A7-ACAE00E52F62 NG17 7RB West Notts College, Station Park, Julias Way Variable Public
4ED2CF5D-5AC2-4A1A-A3CB-2735AEF0C292 NG17 8DA Ashfield District Council, Urban Rd, Kirkby In Ashfield Nottingham 24/7 Public
D354E7D5-13D2-4B32-BE64-AF42017F8F1D NG17 8FX Greenwood Primary And Nursery School, Sutton Middle Lane, Kirkby In Ashfield Variable Restricted
2866 NG17 8HX Ashfield Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
F2C4E0E1-B3B7-4D45-B8B7-5A774533A9CF NG17 8JY Co-Op - Chapel Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Chapel Street, Chapel St 24/7 Public
1E670409-A2FC-4AC6-84EF-B0AB00DA5E81 NG17 8LU 71 Mayfield Street Rear Off, Kirkby In Ashfield 24/7 Public
07F1A029-28F1-41D1-A8F1-FE82DEBE2CEB NG17 9BW Annesley Cp School, Forest Rd, Kirkby In Ashfield Nottingham Variable Restricted
D07AC91B-C494-4C95-8865-AF1000B4A80C NG17 9BX The Badger Box, Derby Rd, Annesley 24/7 Public
C93E14A1-731B-4782-965B-AF1F00F267B2 NG17 9EH Cricketers Arms, Nuncargate Road, Kirkby In Ashfield 24/7 Public
11D23B37-89FD-47A1-9C21-ADA81663059D NG17 9JD Co-Op - Skegby Road, Skegby Rd, Kirkby In Ashfield Nottingham 24/7 Public
924FD67E-6E1F-404F-BDCD-AF8301105466 NG17 9LH 1 Springmeadow, Kirkby In Ashfield 24/7 Public
53A0DBFB-4A61-4379-9CF6-AB710097240A NG18 1AP St. Peters Centre, Church Side, Mansfield 24/7 Public
0088A103-DC59-4C4A-BB2C-D00513049AD9 NG18 1BA Mansfild District Leisure Trust, Water Meadows, Bath Street Variable Restricted
0F7F05CE-4CF5-47B3-B9E3-97E100A88EA8 NG18 1BA Watermeadows Swimming Complex Titchfield Park, Bath St, Mansfield Variable Restricted
DCEF8172-9164-4614-964E-AF9300C23A83 NG18 1BP St Mark's Church, St Marks Christian Church, Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
F688EC0F-309B-488D-84D6-AF66011C1E05 NG18 1BU Mcdonald's - Mansfield Leisure Park, Mansfield Leisure Park, Park Ln, Mansfield 24/7 Public
0A27025E-53AB-4074-8E1B-A6E0D4774A3A NG18 1HU Mansfield Market Place, 1 Market Pl, Mansfield 24/7 Public
ECD50734-5A3B-4D83-8762-AE8D0075E515 NG18 1HX The Courthouse, Market Place, Mansfield 24/7 Public
5DB4704D-C321-48F4-B27F-13BF9B1A0B89 NG18 1NU Clumber House, 7 Clumber St, Mansfield 24/7 Public
77662BE0-4C6C-4EEF-9713-AE6A00C89B8E NG18 1RR New Inn, 70 West Gate, Mansfield 24/7 Restricted
DCCE92DE-1A79-4BF8-B159-98D0C944889C NG18 1SS Mansfield Building Society, Mansfield Bldg Soc, Regent Street Variable Restricted
0988C6D2-0AEE-4260-B638-AB7500F6D8B5 NG18 1SU Centre Management Suite, Four Seasons Centre, Mansfield 24/7 Restricted
EDC2E291-8157-401A-AD59-B03500ABCE25 NG18 1SU O2 Store (0111) Mansfield, Unit 27, Four Seasons Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
97B869ED-15E9-4D05-B191-5B8F735A0084 NG18 2DF River Maun Recreation Centre, Barringer Rd, Mansfield Variable Restricted
D50C2EBA-B0A7-47B4-95DD-AE710082F5DB NG18 2RA Puregym, Mansfield Leisure Park, Nottingham Road 24/7 Restricted
4511 NG18 2TB Meadow House, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
6A38D69F-4818-48BF-9623-14B62EC28CFF NG18 3BG 2 Smith St, Mansfield 24/7 Public
0E6C3C2F-D60F-4530-B7B0-B05A00D2D83A NG18 3BS Brunts Charity, The Patchills Centre, Off Eakring Road Variable Public
5A707031-6C64-4D78-BB6F-AF4100C0ED4C NG18 3EW Sherwood Forest Golf Club, Eakring Road, Mansfield 24/7 Public
F9D8790C-D0B8-4279-ACC6-ADE400BFB664 NG18 3EW Sherwood Forest Golf Club, Eakring Road, Mansfield 24/7 Public
89DBF8D4-A571-4288-BD68-AFAB017B0464 NG18 3FS Calvary Mansfield, Eakring Road, Mansfield 24/7 Public
0274E9CB-ADF0-4743-A0F4-E210CA01112A NG18 3NY Wynndale Primary School, Wynndale Dr, Mansfield Variable Public
11DE1A1B-AD80-4FA4-87B7-B03E005B66E0 NG18 3PJ Oak Tree Primary School And Nursery School, Oak Tree Primary And Nursery School, Jubilee Way North Variable Restricted
12CB3125-2631-4B03-BA07-A851375353C7 NG18 3RT Tesco Stores Ltd, Jubilee Way South, Mansfield 24/7 Restricted
5DE022A3-4132-4408-B63D-11DC6D602DC3 NG18 3RT Oak Tree Lane Leisure Centre, Jubilee Way South, Mansfield Variable Public
B168AB16-7128-45A3-A339-AEBA00F238A4 NG18 4DX Mansfield Harriers, Mansfield Harriers Offices And Changing Rooms, Berry Hill Park 24/7 Public
C6365959-B48A-4724-AD80-AEC300C9D4F3 NG18 4EH Reindeer Inn, Southwell Road West, Mansfield 24/7 Public
1CFEA928-7D0C-4ACC-A6CD-AC91010D7BE1 NG18 4JX Berry Hill Primary School, 12 Black Scotch Lane, Mansfield 24/7 Public
DA09C7A1-2B24-4C7E-9A26-AF0B009C5228 NG18 4LF Widecombe Fair, Oak Tree Lane, Mansfield 24/7 Public
E7077D6E-4B1A-4740-A289-68006485B0AE NG18 4LF Mansfield Sand Company Ltd., Sandmartin House, Oak Tree Lane Variable Restricted
C2213445-CE9E-44E1-8EEB-AE2100C551EA NG18 4SG Tesco Esso, Petrol Station Adjacent Tesco Express, 337 Nottingham Road Variable Restricted
94FCFDF8-E04A-48B7-8975-0D6FD52295FF NG18 5BH West Nottinghamshire College, Derby Road Campus, Derby Road Variable Public
A14693BC-6F62-4647-A7E8-ACAD00ABEC81 NG18 5BH West Nottinghamshire College, Zone 1 Derby Road Campus, Derby Road Variable Public
D32D0E51-8A99-41CA-93A1-ACAE00EE5ADD NG18 5BH West Nottinghamshire College, Sports Hall, Derby Road Variable Public
A7BC4226-0099-482A-AC02-AFF100D68BA6 NG18 5BJ Mansfield And District Crematorium, Mansfield Crematorium, Derby Road Variable Public
F85784D1-9182-4301-B130-B01F009468E0 NG18 5BY Rainbow Restoration, Spectrum House, Lower Oakham Way Variable Restricted
C6C54E74-F1A4-4BF3-9158-AFC200F5C2FD NG18 5DN Screwfix, Unit 5 - 6 Abbey Trading Park, Hermitage Lane Variable Restricted
B2E8484E-2359-4FA6-9BE3-AFFF007CB25A NG18 5ER Status Scientific Controls, Kings Mill Way, Mansfield Variable Restricted
07CAA2A2-BB40-46D5-A728-AFE400A01A66 NG18 5FB East Midlands Ambulance Service, Emas Operational Support, Hamilton Way 24/7 Public
C441FDDB-C425-4F8E-9618-AFBD00953EE7 NG18 5GU Mansfield District Council, Hermitage Lane Depot, Maunside Variable Public
47CCD328-6DE2-40CD-9BFE-AFE7014BFA4C NG18 5HL Kings Mill Ambulance Station, Sutton Road, Mansfield 24/7 Public
74BBB86D-4564-40AF-80FC-AE62009C51EF NG18 5JH Inspire Culture, Ladybrook Library, Ladybrook Lane 24/7 Public
E8F002B3-289F-4981-917F-B05200A8BCE3 NG18 5JH Ladybrook Lane, Mansfield 24/7 Public
8767B7F6-939E-4B04-9F40-AE29013235BF NG18 5RS 36 Claymoor Close, Mansfield 24/7 Restricted
0954036B-49BE-4E4A-8606-B07100F337A4 NG19 0ED St Albans Church, Clipstone Road West, Forest Town 24/7 Public
D55A9C3C-160E-4328-8FD1-B08401202D0E NG19 0EE Forest Town Academy, Clipstone Road West, Forest Town 24/7 Public
43A65CC8-022D-457D-BF3D-AFFF00AA20CF NG19 0GG The Foxglove, 1 Fulmar Close, Forest Town 24/7 Public
D2D9AAB5-4195-4BF7-84D7-ADA600B6E617 NG19 0JS Forest Country Park, Old Mill Lane, Forest Town 24/7 Public
2414 NG19 6AB Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
4F67D600-04E4-4AA3-A29D-B05A00D5A348 NG19 6BB Flat, 17-19 Champion Crescent, Mansfield Variable Public
A6EB24FE-385F-420B-80D3-B004010A34AB NG19 6DX Fairholme Drive, Mansfield 24/7 Restricted
A1CC5A70-620B-4102-BA1A-B00C00F13F3E NG19 6JA Nottinghamshire County Council, Intake Farm Primary School, Armstrong Road Variable Restricted
FA0E1636-8643-4D2D-B25F-6A56C1ABA003 NG19 7AL Mansfield Lawn Tennis Club, Pheasant Hill, Mansfield Variable Public
499 NG19 7AP Bowls Club, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
1AE378E6-FF42-4A3B-8BA9-AFD900B76432 NG19 7AP Diverse Academies Trust, Queen Elizabeth Academy, Chesterfield Road South Variable Restricted
36A5D684-6C44-4DBF-BE66-AFCB0105C5E8 NG19 7AP Diverse Academies Trust, Queen Elizabeth Academy, Chesterfield Road South Variable Restricted
5B407CCB-21EF-4273-B0D5-83551BBD7CB4 NG19 7BB Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield Variable Public
3202C289-804B-4FEE-B031-AFF7009D89C0 NG19 7BZ Mansfield District Leisure Trust Limited, Rebecca Addlington Swimming Centre, Westdale Road Variable Restricted
B744E0BC-D76D-42CF-BB29-B87D1373980A NG19 7BZ Rebecca Adlington Swimming Baths, Westdale Rd, Mansfield Variable Restricted
6664 NG19 7DN Mansfield Registration Office, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
DAFEDDF8-C35F-49FB-BF3F-AB7400FD1322 NG19 7LW Crescent Primary School Crescent Centre, Peel Crescent, Mansfield Variable Public
17B26B71-94AE-4A47-9898-EA51588CF557 NG19 7NS Debdale Ln, Mansfield Woodhouse Mansfield 24/7 Public
5B2C1CE6-57B2-4172-8B0C-B2814B290C2D NG19 7PH Pleasley Pit, Pit Ln, Pleasley Mansfield 24/7 Public
4725 NG19 7PU Brick Bus Shelter, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5051F00D-76F3-431D-B5BB-AF0B00845642 NG19 7SP Pleasley Landmark Centre, Chesterfield Road North, Pleasley 24/7 Public
A595ADA1-4241-49D5-955E-9862C81D88BD NG19 7TS Tesco Stores Ltd, Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield Variable Restricted
F39530ED-968C-4FB1-8B2C-AED600A3CFBC NG19 8AN High Street, Mansfield Woodhouse 24/7 Public
ED02B825-E512-4983-B231-AF0B00A992DD NG19 8ER Park Road Resource Centre, 53 Park Rd, Mansfield Woodhouse 24/7 Public
125394BF-1D33-4EDA-9B11-B02600DF180D NG19 8PF Chattys, 3 Coxs Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse 24/7 Public
A01BDDD7-C061-420F-ADEC-B04A00912BE1 NG19 8PG Nottinghamshire County Council, Northfield Infant School Northfield Primary School, Coxs Lane Variable Restricted
CE08D4A5-0628-4E2F-B5C8-87C604DCDC1E NG19 8PS Yeoman Park School, Park Hall Rd, Mansfield Woodhouse Mansfield Variable Restricted
632C5E7E-319A-4615-86C1-AC83010EB2C5 NG19 8PY Post Office, 92a Park Hall Road, Mansfield Woodhouse 24/7 Public
3242 NG19 8TA Freedom Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
4726 NG19 8TE New Houghton Community Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
3DAEC651-755B-4620-86E0-AB6D00A9007C NG19 9AQ Block 12a Farmway, Mansfield Woodhouse Variable Restricted
29C982F6-E10F-4092-9600-AFE800FEBC1D NG19 9BG Screwfix, Unit 5 Old Mill Lane, Mansfield Variable Restricted
3555A641-7364-4787-B586-AFEE00FBA496 NG19 9BG Conservatoryland Block 19, Hallamway, Mansfield Variable Public
3EB73A3D-7329-481D-80D3-AFEE00FA0D23 NG19 9BG Conservatoryland Ltd, Conservatoryland Reception, Hallamway Variable Public
4913C09D-2A34-41C1-8EED-AEDA00B3167B NG19 9BG Block 20, Farmway, Mansfield Variable Public
A5AEB79B-566F-4B11-8789-AECC00A58C4F NG19 9BQ Lew Mansfield, Unit 14, Block 23, Old Mill Lane Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
ABD18DB4-DB2E-4136-A5BA-B026010267E6 NG19 9HR The Coopers, 127 Leeming Lane North, Mansfield Woodhouse 24/7 Public
D8D6BD87-6AD9-48BE-8636-B077009089CC NG19 9LE The Star Pub, The Star, Warsop Road 24/7 Public
41E68F6C-FCB5-410F-98FF-AE8300C26CC9 NG19 9LS The Fitness Box, The Labour Hall, Priory Road 24/7 Public
36897225-A65B-47C0-95A9-AEC200C59028 NG2 1AE Pib Insurance Brokers, 3 The Triangle, Ng2 Business Park, Queens Drive, Nottingham Ng2 1ae, Queens Drive, Variable Restricted
109523DB-EDB6-4FF7-832E-B0000070962B NG2 1AH 3line Electrical Wholesale Limited, Unit 12, Castle Park 24/7 Public
49DBF60D-ABE1-40A1-8E76-AE830086E965 NG2 1AL Dunelm Nottingham, Portal Retail And Business Park, Queens Drive, Nottingham Variable Restricted
1923600B-62EE-4F6F-8640-AB7900BB2B37 NG2 1BJ Browne Jacobson Llp, Mowbray House, Castle Meadow Road 24/7 Restricted
3E68936A-6B15-4F04-B131-AB7900BA75D7 NG2 1BJ Browne Jacobson Llp, Mowbray House, Castle Meadow Road 24/7 Restricted
4A922AB7-DD70-48A4-895A-AD6500965A99 NG2 1DP 2 Riverside Way, Nottingham 24/7 Public
8588AD9B-454B-40B8-8A45-AE9F007DDF0E NG2 1EN Carshop Nottingham, Unit 2a, Enterprise Way 24/7 Public
9C7B7AF0-61DE-49D3-A1D2-B00A00FA50A8 NG2 1EN Mercedes, Enterprise Way, Ng2 Business Park Variable Public
F873E27B-0611-4BED-8104-AF50011C046D NG2 1LP Gibbs And Dandy, Longwall Avenue, Nottingham Variable Public
2A1D504F-00DA-41E5-9AA7-B09F00EB5868 NG2 1NT Welbeck Primary School, Kinglake Place, Nottingham Variable Restricted
BE47017F-ABC4-40CB-96CA-AFD600D129F8 NG2 2AA Nottingham City Council, Football Pavilion On Victoria Embankment, Victoria Embankment 24/7 Public
D370B951-675C-4372-AF1D-B04500C82FAB NG2 2HN Crocus Fields, Arkwright Walk, Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
98CEE950-E417-4914-9805-B08500D017AB NG2 2JY Victoria Embankment Cricket Pavilion, Nottingham 24/7 Public
5818FC57-6C3A-4CD5-A316-B03B00A9DDE1 NG2 3AE Virgin Active Nottingham, London Road, Nottingham Variable Restricted
32FA9923-2C7C-4714-9886-AE2700EA345D NG2 3AJ Tesco Express, 3-9 Station Street, Nottingham Variable Public
2867 NG2 3EN London Road Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
2126A54F-87CF-46E6-9826-AFEB00AB0684 NG2 3HB Screwfix, Former Hss Unit, Holme Street Variable Restricted
52FEEB22-8499-4C5F-A776-AF6600D8DBAD NG2 4BP Toby Carvery - Colwick Park, Vale Road, Colwick Variable Public
C20D3F23-4F30-4F16-8CC6-AEBA00F3E876 NG2 4DN Trent Basin Residents Associations, 44 Portside Street, Nottingham 24/7 Public
830941D6-9CD6-45A3-ADFF-7F376E62B77C NG2 4DP National Design Academy Rufford Hall, Waterside Wy, Nottingham Variable Public
7F1AC154-3997-461B-91BF-ADE900B000D5 NG2 4EU Parcelhub Ltd, Unit 2, 46 Little Tennis Street South Variable Restricted
AC86EFBD-9BAF-4654-92A8-B00C00B482A8 NG2 4FZ Windmill Primary And Nursery School, Sneinton Boulevard, Nottingham Variable Restricted
1C15CF8B-CAE9-4018-A04B-ADC700E9EE0D NG2 4GT Csy Retail Systems Ltd, Csy House, 9-10 Chase Park Variable Restricted
7758 NG2 4LA Outside Apex Court, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
3A6B3CE4-92EC-4EF6-972C-AF71007D6126 NG2 4LA Nottingham Advertising Kiosk, Outside Apex Court, Lower Parliament Street And London Road 24/7 Public
C383619A-78EC-4D66-9781-ADCC00859190 NG2 4RH River Crescent, Basement Car Park Nr Gym, River Crescent Variable Restricted
5100 NG2 5AA Nottingham Corsairs Rugby Club, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
BA2D6B5C-B261-4B8B-8C83-AEDC00A2DBC5 NG2 5BP All Hallows' Church & Halls, 23a Pierrepont Road, West Bridgford 24/7 Public
6FAB89E6-C582-47C5-A981-B08800E31159 NG2 5FA University Boathouse, Uni Of Nottingham, University Boathouse, University Of Nottingham, Trentside 24/7 Public
815CD343-4EB3-4BF0-AF07-AEDA0108EE7E NG2 5FA Nottingham Rowing Club, Nottingham Rowing Club Gym At Sims Yard, Trent Side North Variable Restricted
DBD4C19E-CAC4-401C-8E2B-D12AF230E6FB NG2 5FA Nottingham Rowing Club, Trent Side North, West Bridgford Nottingham 24/7 Public
241A9352-6BE3-46BE-954E-AEB601490122 NG2 5LP One Stop Community Stores Ltd, 6-7 Gordon Square, West Bridgford 24/7 Public
E2365D33-8D13-4888-AE06-ADD5008452E5 NG2 5ND Abbey Road Primary School, Abbey Road, West Bridgford Variable Public
11269832-8416-4074-85B0-AFE5012E9A6F NG2 6AG Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club, Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Bridgford Road 24/7 Restricted
35B99976-4733-4363-B0EE-754344699F5D NG2 6AG Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club Trent Bridge, Bridgford Rd, West Bridgford Nottingham Variable Public
BFDA6CFF-C462-485C-BD9F-ADA900D32D67 NG2 6AY Lutterell Hall, Church Drive, West Bridgford Variable Restricted
0C86E3B3-E8EF-4F08-8044-ADFF014C3392 NG2 6BA 1st West Bridgford Scout Group, Wightman Hall, Stratford Road 24/7 Public
81EDD8A4-062F-4906-B006-AE2900B902F9 NG2 6BG West Bridgford Conservative Club, Rectory Road, West Bridgford Variable Public
DA6413D4-404F-493E-83EB-ADE10115B89F NG2 6BG Girlguding West Bridgford And South Trent Division, Paxdien West Bridgford Girl Guide Hq, Rectory Road 24/7 Public
3098 NG2 6BJ Trent Bridge House, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7F8F9DB9-1092-42B1-B308-AD4A00DDF657 NG2 6BZ Commercial Property, 2-2c Exchange Road, West Bridgford 24/7 Public
64E8343D-3D52-4CF4-B1D8-AEC300816D3C NG2 6ET Arnold Hearing Specialist, Shop, 99a Melton Road 24/7 Public
14F9C649-B63A-4076-A493-AC6700B358B7 NG2 6NX Holme Pierrepont & Gamston Parish Council, Gamston Village Hall, Old Tollerton Road 24/7 Public
650D0184-0F69-48F2-A17F-AF8D010C051C NG2 6PS Gamston Community Hall, Gamston, Nottingham 24/7 Public
D8230D27-1E42-4BC9-B6E3-AE5200F8ADC6 NG2 7BZ 31 Boundary Road, West Bridgford 24/7 Restricted
33B003E8-3EBF-4E69-A5A9-52771804C432 NG2 7DB St Pauls Church, Boundary Rd, West Bridgford Nottingham 24/7 Public
1930 NG2 7FA Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
08FA66CD-F726-44AB-804A-ACC500E08759 NG2 7FA Heymann School Ks1 Annexe, Swithland Drive, West Bridgford 24/7 Public
6E831F7A-A25D-4115-9918-AFFF00F7E05F NG2 7FE Nottingham City Council, Southern Cemetery And Crematorium, Loughborough Road 24/7 Public
47159D6E-DB87-4724-9ADC-7239619DFC17 NG2 7GX Heymann Primary School, Waddington Dr, West Bridgford Nottingham 24/7 Public
B5A4B3A1-8C77-441B-A4E6-AE2300CC93EA NG2 7HX David Lloyd - West Bridgford, Rugby Road, West Bridgford Variable Restricted
3161D927-7D5E-4901-8BEC-B9C60CA7A8B4 NG2 7HY Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Rd, West Bridgford Nottingham Variable Restricted
0B5B62DB-8301-4CD9-8208-AE78007932BD NG2 7PQ West Bridgford Methodist Church, Musters Road, West Bridgford 24/7 Public
B9089CCE-CA55-42B5-A7AD-AE2E00D943F5 NG2 7PR Friary Drop In Centre, 46 Musters Road, West Bridgford 24/7 Public
DF9CF4D3-0E8E-4FB4-AE43-AE2200F87D3C NG2 7QA West Bridgford Lawn Tennis Club, West Bridgford Tennis Club, Little Bounds Variable Public
4510 NG2 7QP County Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
857D3D82-DC7E-46D0-A0D0-A8B3F2A62288 NG2 7RS Tesco Express, Unit 8 Compton Acres Shopping Centre, Compton Acres Variable Restricted
8893AB3A-E7A0-4AD9-90F2-AF9300A7FE67 NG2 7YF Gresham Sports Park, Gresham Park Pavilion, Gresham Park Road 24/7 Public
D50B0FA5-0BAF-4636-B31A-B01800E715DE NG20 0AS Lincolnshire Co-Op Warsop, 2 Hetts Lane, Warsop 24/7 Public
CF55B97E-69DF-41AB-929B-AF0B0095109F NG20 0AU Nottinghamshire Fire Service Warsop Fire Station, Church St, Warsop 24/7 Public
B57AF56F-7AA7-425C-A81A-ADE200CC4C49 NG20 0FN Woodlands Care Home, Woodlands Way, Spion Kop 24/7 Public
5B7A65B0-7F9D-4A21-BB28-ADE200CACF0D NG20 0JE Warsop And District Mentally Handicapped Association, The Oaklands, Oakfield Lane 24/7 Public
CC195B7E-4B45-44F8-89F3-AD6A0114CD03 NG20 0LU 60-66 Clumber Street, Warsop Variable Public
124C0099-8C49-453A-AD58-AE160088FCEE NG20 0SN Warsop Parish Council, Warsop Parish Centre, Bishops Walk 24/7 Public
ACA5B0E8-C794-401A-8303-AF0B0090C3B1 NG20 0SN Church Warsop Surgery, Shires Health Centre, Bishops Walk 24/7 Public
5237 NG20 8AF Shirebrook Town Hall, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
0D232CF6-7B10-43F4-9605-E9808010553B NG20 8JQ Shirebrook Leisure Centre, Park Rd, Shirebrook Mansfield 24/7 Public
43DA8EBD-584A-438E-9DAA-0A5364B2B490 NG20 8TF Shirebrook Staff Sports & Social Club, Langwith Rd, Shirebrook Mansfield 24/7 Public
A4CD494E-DC2F-4850-8AD1-E914037BCF80 NG20 8TY Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Portland Rd, Shirebrook Mansfield 24/7 Public
099C59F6-EBE8-4F03-BD2D-AE93017389E6 NG20 8XF Friends Of Warsop Vale, Mierce Miniatures, Carter Lane 24/7 Public
BF0F0349-3DBF-4C31-941F-AE9600E8434F NG20 9EW Nether Langwith Parish Council, Village Hall, Queens Walk 24/7 Public
156EFE23-762A-424F-A10F-0804D1DE95E9 NG20 9NG Cuckney Cricket Club, Langwith Rd, Cuckney Mansfield 24/7 Public
2CA9B37C-ADF3-4B03-A812-B03800CDB48A NG20 9PA Netherfield Infants School, Netherfield Lane, Meden Vale Variable Restricted
A3D06541-75FA-480E-96F8-B02A00EE65AA NG20 9PA Nottinghamshire County Council, Eastlands Junior School, Netherfield Lane Variable Restricted
32D94E10-7AAC-43B5-81C6-AF4E00FF77E4 NG20 9PD Meden Vale, Mansfield, Gleadthorpe 24/7 Public
E7C00A61-6AFF-4977-9753-AF0A011307AB NG20 9PQ The Old Co-Op, Welbeck House, Prest Av, Meden Vale 24/7 Public
D5CC5A66-11ED-45F8-8721-AF0A011C23F2 NG20 9PZ 11 Ossington Close, Meden Vale 24/7 Public
F323B373-0978-4778-AA66-AF0A0087AF7E NG20 9RP St Josephs Roman Catholic Primary School, Langwith Road, Shirebrook Variable Public
C878274F-8EF1-4100-BECE-AE3600C0C21A NG21 0AE Tesco Express, Southwell Rd W, Kirklington Rd Variable Public
BCCC946E-87ED-4C4A-8777-9AC172562240 NG21 0AG The Archer Public House, Warsop Ln, Rainworth Mansfield 24/7 Public
CFE08E9E-8137-4BE1-B65B-5E17FC12BC9B NG21 0AG Rainworth Leisure Centre, Warsop Ln, Rainworth Mansfield Variable Public
790F0EFB-B6B3-4554-B3B0-2859BD9F6655 NG21 0EH Mcpherson & Partners Vet Surgery, 166 Southwell Rd East, Rainworth Mansfield 24/7 Public
889A4441-0748-4490-BD36-5A695C175A38 NG21 0FB The Lurcher Public House On Right Hand Side Of Building, Westbrook Dr, Rainworth Mansfield 24/7 Public
057425B6-AD30-4944-8AB5-B9BA9893E703 NG21 0JR Rainworth Youth Club, Kirklington Rd, Rainworth Mansfield 24/7 Public
FD6A86B9-760A-4082-9C3E-E5B94CDD9839 NG21 0JZ Python Hill Academy, Kirklington Rd, Rainworth Mansfield Variable Restricted
57538908-938A-4F55-86D1-ADD500E474CE NG21 0PE Robert Thomas Farms, Haywood Oaks Farm, Haywood Oaks Lane Variable Public
2977 NG21 0PN Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
5A00C418-9124-400B-AB14-B031007727C3 NG21 0PN Tesco Blidworth Express, Mansfield Rd, Blidworth Variable Public
8518D973-91D0-4AD7-98D2-B027010D3414 NG21 0RB The Abbey Medical Group, Blidworth Surgery, 59 Mansfield Road 24/7 Public
AAC7AEE7-0A12-4D63-833E-AC910104D423 NG21 0RB The Abbey Medical Group, The Surgery, 59 Mansfield Road 24/7 Public
2AC91121-3D2F-4988-A454-06DE7A63ABE9 NG21 0RJ Nisa/Coop M & S Local, 26-28 Lyndhurst Av, Blidworth Mansfield 24/7 Public
B442CA43-CFE2-40EF-89DD-ADC900A1A70D NG21 0RT Horizon Specialist Contracting Ltd, Unit 7 Burma Road, Blidworth Variable Public
CBC34FC8-708B-4461-B899-B054013129E0 NG21 9AZ Community Centre, 29 Eastfield Close, Clipstone 24/7 Public
E21CF774-55A6-449A-B27B-AF1D012091C2 NG21 9BF Bee Noticed, Unit 8, Woodland Close 24/7 Public
B84AB928-FBEA-4778-9CA5-B01A00DC74A8 NG21 9BT Dog And Duck Public House Main Rd, Kings Clipstone, The Dog And Duck Public House, Main Road 24/7 Public
8F960406-F6FC-4B5D-A41D-AF9300F2DDC7 NG21 9BX Squires Croft, Old Clipstone 24/7 Public
F7BD73A1-A026-40C6-9E15-ACA200A130CE NG21 9DQ Clipstone Miners Welfare Community Trust, Clipstone Youth Club, Church Road 24/7 Public
20F76AD2-481A-4F65-A134-AD9C00FF042B NG21 9FB Lincolnshire Co-Op Food Store, Lcl Unit 1, Cavendish Way 24/7 Public
22B16C0D-3B29-4BB1-BC9C-AFC80108F5FC NG21 9HW Sherwood Forest Holiday Park, Gorsethorpe Lane, Kings Clipstone 24/7 Public
D70F90FA-DC45-41B2-9879-AE4700A93E60 NG21 9JH Forest Holidays Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7AF1FA56-077C-477E-A93C-CF6DB2F5914B NG21 9LQ Abbey Road Community Centre, 25 Abbey Rd, Edwinstowe Mansfield 24/7 Public
A79CB832-A722-4CE7-9B93-AB74010B717E NG21 9NS Thoresby Colliery Cricket Club, Fourth Avenue, Edwinstowe 24/7 Public
4BEC7B96-A59A-4F71-BD63-AD3500C24C3B NG21 9PN Sports Pavilion, Sixth Avenue, Edwinstowe 24/7 Public
6C3DEA34-4BF7-4C48-96BE-AE93008AA638 NG21 9PN Robin Hood Colts Fc, Sixth Avenue, Edwinstowe 24/7 Public
378E18FB-5B5C-4F92-A974-2843BB87DE21 NG21 9QA In The Entrance Porch Of The Big House, Church St, Edwinstowe Mansfield 24/7 Public
9303EBD2-0417-4973-9BC6-953D46D6643B NG21 9QS Edwinstowe Library, High St, Edwinstowe Mansfield 24/7 Public
1933 NG21 9QT Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
DA64DBFD-C75C-47CE-9F31-AE7000DFF2BD NG21 9RN Forest Corner, Church Street, Edwinstowe 24/7 Public
849D8B05-AF32-45E1-96C7-B03D01271BB3 NG22 0AB Kneesall School, Kneesall C Of E School, School Lane 24/7 Public
F7AFE222-41E5-48F6-90AB-B04500BEE3C2 NG22 0AB Kneesall C Of E School, School Lane, Kneesall Variable Restricted
7EFCFD03-F3F4-4461-96C4-B04400B88F1E NG22 0DA Eakring Lodge Accommodation And Reception National Grid Transco Plc, Kirklington Road, Eakring 24/7 Public
D131FEE4-0690-451D-AD8E-B33433D24EDD NG22 0EP Maypole Court Centre, Maypole Crt, Wellow Newark 24/7 Public
8069C751-9FEC-402C-848F-8ECC74006266 NG22 0FE The Memorial Hall (Behind The Maypole), Maypole Grn, Wellow Newark 24/7 Public
5EB822D3-8CEF-4C44-ACD9-AE54014F75C8 NG22 0FJ Dunham And District Village Hall, Low Street, Dunham On Trent 24/7 Public
3169778F-9B3A-4A53-9E14-9C0816718656 NG22 0GW Church Of All Saints, Parson Ln, West Markham Newark 24/7 Public
CA9EFCBA-F7B3-4274-AC13-B28F29407B75 NG22 0HR Costcutter Supermarket, 37 Lincoln Rd, Tuxford Newark 24/7 Public
49E2E451-A003-4FE3-92DD-687712D64738 NG22 0LH Platts Harris Ltd, 34 Eldon St, Tuxford Newark 24/7 Public
2983 NG22 0LZ Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
A7A6FEA2-E288-4214-B257-B07500C3AC28 NG22 0NH Co-Op - Ashvale Road, Ashvale Road, Tuxford 24/7 Public
C457FAEF-B300-4AEF-BAD4-AE3900F5B1B7 NG22 0NH Acorn Clearprint Ltd, Unit 3 Tuxford Business Park, Ashvale Road 24/7 Public
714BD5EC-21F4-4230-A2D3-371970602DE1 NG22 0NL Riggott & Co Ltd Unit X, Lodge Ln Industrial Estate, Tuxford Newark 24/7 Public
06710D66-15D2-4A21-9294-AEBDDCC9FF53 NG22 0PP Riverside Farm, Main St, Milton Newark 24/7 Public
B13DFCB3-51DF-455D-860B-AF2C007AD674 NG22 0PQ Walker And Son Hauliers Ltd, Ollerton Road, Tuxford 24/7 Public
27B1B07B-C33B-4DD2-8E4A-0A4BC29C821A NG22 0PS Manor Farm, General Area Of, Bevercotes Newark 24/7 Public
6BF0BF5C-9091-49B9-A25E-AEC700F950A8 NG22 0SG East Markham Community Playing Field Association, Land East Of, Back Lane 24/7 Public
4A7F4BD1-DC2B-4005-9250-9BBB6D25B864 NG22 0SS East Markham Village Hall, Lincoln Rd, East Markham Newark 24/7 Public
85AD1A5A-25F7-45A3-B2AE-A7CBE996EA78 NG22 0SX Laxton Visitor Centre Dovecote Yard, Cross Hill, Laxton Newark 24/7 Public
5FA36D70-CDD3-4F35-B56A-AB8C01004EE7 NG22 8AQ Halam Cottage, Radley Road, Halam 24/7 Public
75947CEE-C757-49E5-8EDA-AE5300E71054 NG22 8BE The Old Reindeer Public House, Main Street, Edingley 24/7 Public
EB8F0D20-0FD6-4DE7-8C63-BCACDC4BFA34 NG22 8EA The Plough Public House, Main Street, Farnsfield 24/7 Public
C5D13F4C-07F8-497E-BB3E-AE4100951E7D NG22 8EJ The Acres Football Pitch, Cotton Mill Lane, Farnsfield 24/7 Public
BCF65C30-4F16-4647-A7E5-AE7100DC0A84 NG22 8EW Rob Lane, Oxton 24/7 Public
0B6EFFA8-F44E-4285-82FB-AEC100DC21E7 NG22 8HN White Post Farm, Mansfield Road, Farnsfield Variable Public
4536 NG22 8HX Wheelgate Park, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
97CBC531-8DE3-4401-9957-F77E9E1F6039 NG22 8JN Farnsfield Village Centre, New Hill, Farnsfield 24/7 Public
CA459D0D-A29B-48C9-9383-AEB800FF4152 NG22 8JN Farnsfield Bowling Club, New Hill, Farnsfield 24/7 Public
D07A1945-0C9D-45BB-89F0-9AAC0FFD1228 NG22 8JQ Cockett Farm Shooting Ground, Cockett's Lane, Farnsfield Variable Public
32EAD808-3FB0-45AD-AA77-5D0AFD02218D NG22 8JZ St Michael's School, Branston Avenue, Farnsfield 24/7 Public
8073AD0C-7C69-4EBA-BF48-FD6EFCC575F0 NG22 8LB Farnsfield Cricket Club, Station Lane, Farnsfield 24/7 Public
6F43A9BA-0531-4675-A46A-4B150AE755A7 NG22 8NA Church Lane, Kirklington 24/7 Public
DC988C02-F868-4609-9CE4-AF09010E27CE NG22 8NG Kirklington Primary School, School Lane, Kirklington 24/7 Public
F43F97D6-0CD7-4A78-A710-ABDB00E0381E NG22 8PG Ses Engineering (Newark) Ltd, Roewood Farm, Winkburn 24/7 Restricted
033F4762-866B-44EE-9A6B-AF0301200875 NG22 8QP Community Centre Burton Court, Scarborough Road, Bilsthorpe 24/7 Public
53187CFD-8541-49FC-ADF6-AB6D00A47851 NG22 8QQ The Green Centre, The Green, Bilsthorpe 24/7 Public
63BFC23A-63BC-4952-B75C-FA669CC52BFB NG22 8QX Bilsthorpe Miners Welfare Social Club, The Crescent, Bilsthorpe Newark 24/7 Public
F037C9F5-C932-4D48-9FD0-B02800B8536B NG22 8QX Tesco Bilsthorpe Express, 1 The Crescent, Bilsthorpe Variable Public
7EC79BC3-F9BF-48F4-AF6E-AB6D00A2D941 NG22 8SP Creations Hair Salon, 66 Kirklington Road, Bilsthorpe 24/7 Public
FBC60353-B138-4FBD-BEC6-B01800E98C14 NG22 8ST Lincolnshire Co-Op, Stanton Avenue, Bilsthorpe 24/7 Public
C1999D74-269B-48A1-95B3-AF0B00A18208 NG22 9AB 3 Church Street, Ollerton, R/O 3 Church St, Ollerton 24/7 Public
FA1E470B-2CD7-4F05-8028-AF41010C0ECC NG22 9AP Ollerton Jubilee Hall, Wellow Road, Ollerton 24/7 Public
25A92A2F-137B-48F9-A8C8-AFCF00EF98FD NG22 9DE Abbey View, May Lodge Drive, Rufford 24/7 Public
965C3290-15D4-4EBC-8A17-AEE100D30525 NG22 9EX Budby War Memorial, Worksop Road, Budby 24/7 Public
4508 NG22 9FF Welbeck House, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
27CB53A3-8F22-4842-ADD7-96C6D56BE138 NG22 9JE St Josephs Catholic Academy, Main Rd, Boughton Newark 24/7 Public
378A7FB7-70CF-4E20-B79B-B04301263FA9 NG22 9JE St Joseph's R C Primary And Nursery School, Main Road, Boughton Variable Restricted
648AB47C-D952-4329-8F99-75056C905C18 NG22 9JZ B&S Hollingworth & Son Ltd, West View Farm, Tuxford Road 24/7 Public
52888AFD-EB69-4E3A-AA7D-AF27009B77D5 NG22 9LE Recycling And Boughton (Rob), Unit 183, Boughton Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
2EA6DE17-86A8-4ABE-9917-330F5B6792B3 NG22 9NG Walesby Forest Scout Centre, General Area Of, Walesby Newark 24/7 Public
3263 NG22 9NJ The Carpenters Arms, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
6843E2A2-6F6F-4ACA-A822-35E31D8B1701 NG22 9PB Walesby Parish Council, Village Hall, New Hill, Walesby Newark 24/7 Public
83950059-80A6-4083-969D-4FD019BFD59F NG22 9PF Walesby Village Sports Association, Forest Ln, Walesby Newark 24/7 Public
3E1D1670-B6EF-4E03-91D4-C98968B59DDB NG22 9PL Tesco Stores Ltd, Forest Rd, New Ollerton Newark Variable Public
7CD9312C-1FEC-403A-85B3-DB4D4B4E811A NG22 9PP Ollerton & Boughton Town Council, Town Hall, Sherwood Drive 24/7 Public
FB335AC2-22CA-48D8-BC7D-AEF500B8C320 NG22 9PZ Murphy Plant Ltd, Rushcliffe House, Newark Road 24/7 Public
2FD20A95-FCDF-4721-9A2C-AE5300EF79A4 NG22 9QD Managers Office The Broadleaves, Bishops Way, Boughton 24/7 Restricted
2601810B-D556-46EB-8792-ACC500A63402 NG22 9RJ Forest View School, Walesby Lane, Ollerton 24/7 Public
D40396A7-2178-4F8F-9F6D-B09800964385 NG22 9TA Costcutter, 14 Tuxford Road, Ollerton 24/7 Public
7415084C-7A50-45DE-9567-AED2009CCA4B NG22 9TH Parkgate Academy, Whinney Lane, Ollerton 24/7 Public
7826556E-DB1B-4DE3-8F08-ABFB01207F17 NG22 9TT Boughton Social Club, Hallam Road, New Ollerton 24/7 Public
DF015019-5CD4-4963-A9A5-B04600E718F0 NG23 5BQ Claypole Church Of England Primary School, School Lane, Claypole 24/7 Public
0641CD0B-8093-4136-B412-AB8100A5432B NG23 5DE Oak View, Main Street, Fenton 24/7 Public
617 NG23 5EH Community Police Office, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
3789DDD5-29B4-456E-93D8-B04D00B41868 NG23 5EH Long Bennington C Of E Academy, Main Road, Long Bennington Variable Restricted
572 NG23 5ET Woods Close, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
E0171A41-E692-416C-9CE5-AFE400956C0C NG23 5FF Es Global Ltd, Hangar 8, Roseland Business Park Variable Restricted
6087 NG23 5HJ Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
3582 NG23 5LF Cricket Club Pavilion, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
F6BAB244-3FEC-49AB-918F-B046009653C6 NG23 5LF Flintham Cp School, Inholms Road, Flintham Variable Restricted
3581 NG23 5LG Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
3580 NG23 5LN 15 Coneygrey Spinney, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
16E17BE4-BEE9-45F9-B550-B08300E62D63 NG23 5NA Syerston Village Hall, Moor Lane, Syerston 24/7 Public
612 NG23 5NB Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
89A41AF5-9D86-4597-AE56-99DB2A8B9ADF NG23 5NL 1 Victorian Barns, Syerston Hall Park, Syerston Newark 24/7 Public
9068CE7E-2926-4B37-B895-AB9800AFF5F7 NG23 5NN 2 Flying Training School, Raf Syerston, Syerston Variable Restricted
957A332E-9564-4CCD-A9C4-AB9800AF0A98 NG23 5NN 2 Flying Training School, Raf Syerston, Syerston Variable Restricted
5022 NG23 5NP Village Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7DE9B638-DAD2-426C-A1A2-B0A10164A319 NG23 5NP Elston Village Hall, Top Street, Elston 24/7 Public
C5B4AB2A-06AF-4B10-AD32-B0A0007D7909 NG23 5NP Elston Village Hall, Top Street, Elston 24/7 Public
66C1DE58-DC0E-4C42-A3A7-54AD298050B0 NG23 5QS Ollerton Rd, Kelham Newark 24/7 Public
04AA7B4E-D8DB-450D-AB13-AD7F00E4156D NG23 5RA Averham Staythorpe & Kelham Parish Council, Corner Cottage, Staythorpe Road 24/7 Public
4CB30B3A-62AB-4B8F-9031-B0AC011D9597 NG23 5SG 53.06495, -0.89195, Rolleston Villa, Staythorpe Road 24/7 Public
DC940531-052F-40A6-9AB9-9905FC7BA76D NG23 6AD Caunton Dean Hole Primary School, Manor Rd, Caunton Newark 24/7 Public
ADFF72FF-2E6D-4E91-A454-1A66F94CE243 NG23 6BY Bathley Ln, Little Carlton Newark 24/7 Public
221 NG23 6DL Telehone Box, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
88E0E1A5-1736-4B00-920A-AEDA00FC4620 NG23 6ED Smeatons Lakes Ltd, Smeaton's Lakes, Great North Road 24/7 Public
F2EA1A6F-6CCA-4317-AD88-861D0B3AB33A NG23 6EE South Muskham And Little Carlton Village Hall, Main St, South Muskham Newark 24/7 Public
6EE38D9C-CD21-4FD7-9C2D-CB59642B3264 NG23 6ER Hair Design By Pina, Main St, North Muskham Newark 24/7 Public
FAD7AD88-1A41-4DDF-9DCD-ACBA00F2D2C9 NG23 6HL North Muskham Village Hall, Nelson Lane, North Muskham 24/7 Public
3C2333C9-83A8-4340-AC69-50E19B95947D NG23 6NG Red Telephone Box, General Area Of, Norwell Woodhouse Newark 24/7 Public
F9199DBC-490E-41BB-87A0-F0CE9D483888 NG23 6NW Carlton On Trent Village Hall, General Area Of, Carlton-On-Trent Newark 24/7 Public
F2C49674-1375-40EA-A7EC-AFB10144386C NG23 6QX Sports Club, Sutton On Trent Sports And Community Centre, Grassthorpe Road 24/7 Public
20968FD9-B9B1-44E5-A51C-B08B00AA4D39 NG23 6RW Notts County Council Policy & Resources, St Matthews C Of E School, Mill Lane Variable Restricted
006233AD-8102-4B4C-9F80-924A9234F171 NG23 6SG Brownlow Arms, General Area Of, High Marnham Newark 24/7 Public
8456D5B8-8066-444E-AD57-EA945EC91E25 NG23 7AD The Old Red Lion, High Street, South Clifton Newark 24/7 Public
AE7DFAEC-936C-48BF-86A5-B006013B242C NG23 7AH South Clifton Sports Club Association, The Pavilion, Coal Yard Lane 24/7 Public
584 NG23 7AR Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
E199BBA4-B4DE-466E-9A26-AE7201083D20 NG23 7BJ Beaufields House, The Poppyfields, Collingham 24/7 Public
6628 NG23 7BT Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
BC5D2C8F-5B79-4482-9B41-7B22D3BF1B62 NG23 7EB High St, Harby Newark 24/7 Public
23F70BE3-B824-4BF4-84B1-B05000EDF5FB NG23 7JH Old Red Phone Box, Main Street, South Scarle 24/7 Public
B8EB8511-1CA8-42A1-B3CF-BE839673A5C2 NG23 7JH St Helena's Church, Main Street, South Scarle 24/7 Public
08466617-D352-4FC8-9DFE-AF66013AA517 NG23 7LB Collingham Parish Council, 67 High Street, Collingham 24/7 Public
47A2F5A2-3F38-4DF2-9263-AC8F010ACAAC NG23 7LJ Collingham Parish Council, Collingham Cricket Ground, Newark Road 24/7 Public
ED9195ED-3E9F-47B2-A157-AEE800F43B1F NG23 7LJ Collingham Tennis Club, Cottage Lane, Collingham 24/7 Public
4D43A206-5B7D-4230-A60D-AC8F010649E8 NG23 7LT Notts Fire And Rescue Service, Collingham Fire Station, Baptist Lane 24/7 Public
3217CB28-D7DF-4B06-9742-2AAC04C2EC19 NG23 7NL Youth And Community Centre, Low St, Collingham Newark 24/7 Public
0D2B24F0-844B-42A1-B5C7-B31A96057F02 NG23 7PS Collingham Parish Council, William Bailey House, Windsor Close 24/7 Public
05B12233-20DE-46DC-AC6F-AF7101422EF6 NG24 1AD Old Kings Arms, Old Kings Arms Public House, 19 Kirk Gate 24/7 Public
89365377-317C-4299-A0D7-B0A0008BF4BE NG24 1AT O2 Store (0505) Newark On Trent, 19-21 Stodman Street, Newark On Trent Variable Restricted
18738FB6-0A97-42F6-871D-CFF7928C34A9 NG24 1BY Castle House, Great North Rd, Newark 24/7 Public
974A4DF9-F43C-4A2E-9E2B-AEE500CFF285 NG24 1ER Wheatsheaf, Slaughterhouse Lane, Newark On Trent 24/7 Public
082A8E92-ECC8-4AD3-9E15-ADD500C3C5DF NG24 1JY Newark & Sherwood District Council, National Civil War Centre Newark Museum, 14 Appleton Gate Variable Restricted
50D7EB49-B907-4096-A032-AF2700F2E8B4 NG24 1NT Lincolnshire Co-Op, Newark Funeral Home, Roseleigh House Variable Public
3B186674-349C-4B1E-9983-D5819E631275 NG24 1RU Barnby Road Academy, John Gold Av, Newark Variable Restricted
464C004D-6357-42C0-816C-AEC500CEA6F1 NG24 1WN Newark Rugby Union Football Club, Kelham Road, Newark Variable Restricted
38998D7E-CFE2-41A0-B672-B0A7008669BB NG24 1XG Asda, Lombard Street, Newark On Trent Variable Public
00E3EC49-63CC-4016-BC1E-B0200092628A NG24 2BQ Bishop Alexander L E A D Academy, Wolsey Road, Newark On Trent Variable Public
F3C1D400-A995-4B42-9D82-AFE700E15114 NG24 2DE Screwfix, Unit 2 Brunel Drive, Newark Variable Restricted
A6982D1B-042A-47E5-8DEE-AD9C00F950D0 NG24 2DQ Lincolnshire Co-Op Food Store, The Bridge, Lincoln Road 24/7 Public
3FE180D6-DB71-4149-AADF-AF1000B4899E NG24 2FF Electricity Sub Station Corner Of Winthorpe Rd &, Robert Dukeson Av, Newark On Trent 24/7 Public
8CCECC39-D385-496A-99EB-AF1000B48617 NG24 2LZ On The Wall Facing Autumn Croft Rd, 12 Winterdale Cl, Newark On Trent 24/7 Public
832D4585-B47C-4ED1-A449-3323AEFD58F9 NG24 2NL Winthorpe Community Centre, Woodlands, Winthorpe Newark 24/7 Public
EB072399-EA43-46FA-96BB-BFE813381B5C NG24 2NR Village Hall, Gainsborough Rd, Winthorpe Newark 24/7 Public
ABA441E6-D270-47D0-8E11-B0A000DFC1EE NG24 2PG Pocklington Crescent, 21 Pocklington Crescent, Winthorpe Variable Restricted
0742DFAC-13E6-4F2A-B8E5-ADEA00D64A16 NG24 2QX Newark Golf Club (Clubhouse), Newark Golf Club, Beckingham Road Variable Restricted
521883E6-32C4-4657-B065-85E16CE150D4 NG24 2QX Newark Golf Club, Beckingham Road, Barnby In The Willows 24/7 Restricted
C22EA89C-0E69-4D43-B903-1B7872A9FDC1 NG24 2TN Newark Beacon Beacon Hill Office Park, Cafferata Way, Beacon Hill Office Park 24/7 Public
1303 NG24 2TP Community Centre, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
AA990C35-C2CF-4A67-B6A4-AF65010071C3 NG24 2TP Coddington Community Centre, Beckingham Road, Coddington 24/7 Public
1C2CD4C7-1556-41B1-B9C0-5B64B3CBB91C NG24 3AL London Rd, New Balderton Newark Variable Restricted
543AFBC6-A100-4159-AE62-F37697171CA0 NG24 3AL Grove Inn, 53 London Rd, New Balderton Newark 24/7 Public
7C66D411-6C0C-4065-AAEE-AFEF00833159 NG24 3AL The Newark Academy, London Road, Balderton Variable Restricted
EF2421CF-C64F-4855-AC75-AFEF0084EF88 NG24 3AL The Newark Academy, London Road, Balderton Variable Restricted
BE9C474D-946B-4FBE-8A53-AB880121C37A NG24 3BD 28 Coronation Street, Newark 24/7 Public
E67DF750-E6CE-45DF-AF6B-B09800965B23 NG24 3BN The Oaks Residential Care Home, London Road, Balderton 24/7 Public
6302F686-CAA2-47E8-9A38-59FEB27C0D59 NG24 3EB William Ghent House, Wilfred Av, New Balderton Newark 24/7 Public
69843AA8-676A-4C94-B4E4-326B59CD603C NG24 3HG Sainsburys Supermarkets Ltd, 256 London Rd, Balderton Newark 24/7 Public
CB8B834C-4DD0-470A-82B0-AFDA00BA6C50 NG24 3JG Welcome Break, Newark Services, Balderton 24/7 Public
998EF444-72CA-4758-8BCB-76387F31B69E NG24 3LG Wells Pharmacy, 31 Main St, Balderton Newark 24/7 Public
36E8487C-7064-42E4-965C-AE2000C4799D NG24 3LL Tesco, 56-58 Main Street, Balderton Variable Public
FE0E646D-8B3A-473D-805E-AFCC0086FE20 NG24 3NR Scout Association Hq, Scout Association Hut, Queen Street 24/7 Public
4FAD6272-2C19-4591-9932-F9139A5DFADA NG24 3PQ Chuter Ede Primary School, Wolfit Av, Balderton Newark 24/7 Public
1158 NG24 3RF Chuter Ede Primary Site, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
943 NG24 3SZ The Memorial Hall, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
0E761138-14B5-4B7E-8FEC-AE5100F7BA05 NG24 3UT Warehouse A Sylvan Way, Great North Road, Fernwood Variable Public
6991 NG24 3XP Gannets Restaurant, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
5F079EBB-BA1D-4AD0-BDF5-AFDB00DA48B4 NG24 3XP Overhead Powerlines, Bowbridge Lane, Balderton Variable Public
2979 NG24 4AT Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
8619F19C-919D-41EE-8C31-ADE500B5C50B NG24 4AU Newark & Sherwood District Council, Sconce Visitors Centre, Sconce & Devon Park 24/7 Public
EBDA5553-FA20-4121-BF85-AF0F00F91A89 NG24 4AU Holy Trinity Catholic Voluntary Academy, Holy Trinity Catholic Academy, Boundary Road Variable Restricted
7C3FBF83-B13D-4FA8-907F-AD9C00F6F59F NG24 4BZ Lincolnshire Cooperative Limited, 108 Bowbridge Road, Newark On Trent 24/7 Public
537B4006-1FE2-41C0-8FF7-AE9B00B0C524 NG24 4EQ Reflex Gaming Ltd, 301 Bowbridge Road, Newark Variable Restricted
0BBD5836-03A8-4FBA-B5C8-ADBE00F0B497 NG24 4FH Gladstone House, Lord Hawke Way, Newark 24/7 Restricted
F0232FE2-1E76-40A8-9C62-B04400F04689 NG24 4HU The Kings Church Of England Primary Academy, Holden Crescent, Newark On Trent Variable Public
239AE126-675C-4BF4-A74F-B098009661FE NG24 4JH Hawtonville Pharmacy, 77b Eton Avenue, Newark On Trent 24/7 Public
0D124FB8-3437-4B41-84A4-AD9C00F587AC NG24 4ND Lincolnshire Co-Op, Churchill Drive, Hawtonville Estate 24/7 Public
FBF0C00C-3852-4FFD-9253-AE31009D4865 NG24 4PR Vale View, Grange Road, Newark On Trent 24/7 Restricted
EA833802-C8EA-4584-92E5-92F4C481D6D9 NG24 4QN Newark Town Football Club, The Tom Mann Pavilion, Devon Park 24/7 Public
E5FDEDD3-11A4-4C88-9F36-5FBF7779260C NG24 4RG 11 Fairway, Newark 24/7 Public
E00E2503-6AB2-4021-8557-B07E00F34D6C NG24 4TE St Peters Cross Keys Church Of England Academy, Sandhill Road, Farndon Variable Restricted
9C695601-472C-4AB0-910A-AF9E01024284 NG25 0AA Pinders, 20 Queen Street, Southwell 24/7 Public
6BEF11CA-8F67-456E-9FFB-CD8E062901F2 NG25 0BW Morrison's Daily, 2 Leeway Rd, Southwell 24/7 Public
4B403EA6-EDF7-40C9-8A8C-FA735830AB9F NG25 0EH Nottinghamshire County Council Public Library, King St, Southwell 24/7 Public
00E3C2DA-ACA2-4652-82B4-ACD100EF3299 NG25 0EP The Old Courthouse, Burgage, Southwell 24/7 Public
2985 NG25 0ES Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
258E1A5D-2F67-4E52-AE81-AE1400F9D25D NG25 0ET The Final Whistle, Station Road, Southwell 24/7 Public
7FD0897F-4409-4EEE-9D34-AD7501536BB8 NG25 0GD Southwell City F C, Memorial Drive, Southwell 24/7 Public
8B3117C9-3C58-40F7-B309-AE0700E7666A NG25 0HZ The Old Coach House Public House, 69 Easthorpe, Southwell 24/7 Public
2E534F49-8BA2-49D2-A77B-B8C7165657E5 NG25 0LG The Minister School, Nottingham Rd, Southwell 24/7 Public
2AA0E277-0779-47ED-809C-EB74C1A5B988 NG25 0NB On The Bus Shelter Front Wall Facing The Rd, Westhorpe, Southwell 24/7 Public
7D7C2DDA-0B36-4640-9859-B02100DA207F NG25 0PF Norwood Park, Halam Road, Southwell 24/7 Public
D16DB3AE-520F-469D-8599-AD9F00B6670E NG25 0PL Village Hall, Newark Road, A617 24/7 Public
427D840A-2980-4A01-A8A1-AD19011455E5 NG25 0PT The National Trust, The Workhouse, Workhouse Lane 24/7 Public
58948B22-B998-4EEA-A129-AB8400C73FA0 NG25 0RH Oakmere Park Oxton Ltd, Oaks Lane, Oxton Variable Public
37F3503C-6F44-4039-997B-AE0F00C50FCB NG25 0RS All Mines Cakes By The Lake Maythorne Fisheries, Maythorne, Southwell 24/7 Public
ABB17C63-920E-4FE8-9CF2-AE0100F9E609 NG25 0RS Maythorne Farm, Maythorne, Southwell 24/7 Public
66DA411A-C62A-48A2-8E2C-AD82005A3AA2 NG25 0RW New Hollybeck Nurseries, Oxton Road, Southwell Variable Public
C5EADCBA-E750-43CB-82C8-AED80114D361 NG25 0SE Ye Olde Bridge Inn, Oxton, Ye Olde Bridge Inn Public House, Nottingham Road 24/7 Public
D34D64CB-7D15-4F4F-A353-C2456EE5FD21 NG25 0TH Southwell Garden Centre, Fiskerton Rd, Southwell 24/7 Public
C264F6ED-C6C8-419F-83A4-1D7AEB718EAB NG25 0TS Southwell Racecourse, General Area Of, Southwell 24/7 Public
5160 NG25 0UL Post Office, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
6345 NG25 0UT The Arthur Radford Hall and Sports Ground, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
49238DC9-2FF8-4103-9005-AEC900D235D1 NG3 1DG Winvic Construction, St Ann Wells Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
53F72510-2685-46E4-82F0-AE0100C400A9 NG3 2FR Stonebridge City Farm, Stonebridge Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
DD835CB9-CBAC-43F5-8980-AEF4012638F5 NG3 2LG Franciscan Friary, Gordon Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
865AB347-6661-4CA4-9B72-AF0900BA1932 NG3 2NB White Tiger Kickboxing Academy Limited, Unit 2a Eagle Works, Hooton Street 24/7 Public
FC855051-D8AF-4260-B274-AE3500D3C241 NG3 4GG Hollygirt School, 18 Villa Road Nottingham, Nottingham Variable Public
02436238-64EB-407A-94E3-AFFF00F3CA42 NG3 4JS St Augustines Catholic Voluntary Academy, Park Avenue, Nottingham Variable Restricted
EC6C70B0-E5A9-46EE-8BA9-AF0A00A67934 NG3 4JS Park Avenue, Nottingham Variable Restricted
344F9696-BEBA-4924-A0AC-B08C00F7597A NG3 4QF St Augustine's Church Hall, Westville Gardens, Nottingham Variable Public
F902942F-D622-4059-AD9D-AC59007B6B32 NG3 5HE St Judes Church And Church Hall, Woodborough Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
7F1F3582-5171-4443-BD17-AC77017134F5 NG3 5LD Mapperley Plains Primary School, Central Avenue, Mapperley Variable Public
7589 NG3 5RH Gedling Colliery Cricket Club, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
AD0A8B31-83B7-4622-ADBF-5E14E58FD56F NG3 5RH Nuffield Health Wellbeing Centre, Plains Rd, Mapperley Plains Nottingham Variable Public
0CE18548-1E16-45E7-811D-2A892F330B73 NG3 5UZ Gedling Country Park, Cafe 1899, Spring Lane 24/7 Public
7A958114-830B-4BBC-AFBF-A692A635849C NG3 6AA Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Rd, Mapperley Nottingham 24/7 Public
CFB30A04-CAA2-40F0-B28E-AEBC00BAF31B NG3 6LB Angels Twelve, 162 Porchester Road, Carlton Variable Public
B13874CA-E13B-40B7-9059-AE1C004F8A49 NG3 7EF Tesco Express, 1 Oakdale Road, Nottingham Variable Public
41D14E06-F4C2-4150-8C08-ACFB00A6B4C1 NG3 7GL Dales United Reformed Church, Parkdale Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
F505B8FE-0CEB-4189-8D52-AFCC00E79755 NG31 6EE O2 Store (0146) Grantham, Unit 37, The Isaac Newton Centre Variable Restricted
86656920-87EB-4ABB-8801-6E74DA1BEA16 NG31 6HR St Johns Medical Centre, 62 London Rd, Grantham Variable Restricted
A382E4C5-0C1C-4BD8-858C-AE76008861B8 NG31 6HR Pure Gym, Unit 1 London Road, Grantham 24/7 Restricted
142CA7F2-E53A-40E4-8AA7-B07C00878ED6 NG31 6HT Dunelm Grantham, South Parade, London Road, Grantham Variable Restricted
6BF828C7-291E-4D5D-A5D4-ABF30081FDF3 NG31 6JH Dysart Park, Bridge End Road, Grantham 24/7 Public
8B0F3A94-E39F-486B-8FA1-AC1000D8F8F7 NG31 6JX Witham Place Complex, Grantham 24/7 Public
F69F05F2-798E-417A-981D-ACE700FAA9B1 NG31 6LN 3 Great Northern Court, Grantham 24/7 Public
6B292CBC-85B5-474A-9DEE-AF42011CA71A NG31 6PZ South Kesteven District Council, Council Offices (Public Realm), St Peter's Hill 24/7 Public
6378EA65-B111-4E92-985E-41D05CC43C58 NG31 6RP The Kings School, Brook St, Grantham 24/7 Restricted
3CCDF6B2-8168-4861-9535-AEC500DB351F NG31 6SE Dental Partners, 1a Castlegate, Grantham Variable Restricted
D9F8785A-A102-4F9A-83AE-AC1B00FB5A69 NG31 6TT The Picture House, St Catherines Road, Grantham 24/7 Public
007B483B-182B-45BC-A5CD-ABA000D0A02E NG31 7AH South Kesteven District Council, Mow Beck House, Mowbeck Way 24/7 Public
7424A90E-B5E6-46C5-9336-B03500E1CB38 NG31 7AU Huntingtower County Primary School, Huntingtower Road, Grantham Variable Public
13ACA4D5-B8DD-4452-B2CA-B00B00EA7AAA NG31 7DG Isaac Newton Grant Maintained Primary School, Dysart Road, Grantham 24/7 Public
678C337D-63AC-4689-9995-AF8201125CEC NG31 7GJ Caunt Road, Grantham 24/7 Public
CAB22918-E2C6-4813-887D-AFEA00A64C6C NG31 7JR Walton Academy, Kitty Briggs Lane, Grantham Variable Restricted
D7498EDB-F545-4203-AD28-AFEA00A780B1 NG31 7JR Walton Girls School, Kitty Briggs Lane, Grantham Variable Restricted
E3AA39CA-8D53-4202-8A55-6E8CCF190467 NG31 7JR Walton Academy, Kitty Briggs Lane, Grantham 24/7 Public
55BDFFE1-46B8-4BB6-8055-AFE700D7D193 NG31 7SA Screwfix, Unit 1 Grantham Trade Park, Harlaxton Road Variable Restricted
22CF7156-F9AF-471C-B79A-1CD3ACCD7624 NG31 7UF Grantham Preparatory International School, Gorse Ln, Grantham 24/7 Public
06D4A1C8-0A11-47E9-BF51-AF0B00A20C1A NG31 7UH Environcom Ltd, Environcom, Spittlegate Level 24/7 Public
849B7FC2-D695-4375-8840-AF5F0111A3EB NG31 7UH Toyota Grantham, Spittlegate Level, Grantham Variable Public
34A7E447-5078-48DC-B313-AFF600CE5621 NG31 7UU 92 Cheveley Park, Grantham Variable Restricted
4768824C-1334-473A-B6C8-B0A400B4DB38 NG31 7XD Hope Community Cafe, 105 Hornsby Road, Grantham 24/7 Public
387D5FE1-4B8C-49A5-B88D-C3043066F1DE NG31 7XQ Grantham Meres Leisure Centre, Trent Rd, Grantham 24/7 Public
BE24B77C-23CE-4E11-85F0-AE9200CF45AE NG31 7XS Cathodic Protection Co Ltd, Venture Way, Grantham Variable Restricted
84356367-CF42-4E30-A0DF-AE7100CE1B7F NG31 8AU The King's School, Kings School Playing Field, North Parade 24/7 Restricted
45D68480-1985-4B4B-A3A3-B03C00CFC747 NG31 8DP Cliffedale Cp School, Northcliffe Road, Grantham Variable Restricted
56EE31AF-D256-4656-A635-ADB300FB9C7C NG31 8ED Rushcliffe Road, Grantham Variable Public
36BECD37-247E-4FF4-B94D-AFC000F34ACB NG31 8FJ Queen Elizabeth Park, Slate Mill Place, Grantham 24/7 Public
7BED590E-ECF6-4BD5-93FA-AFF600F6569F NG31 8FL Wardens Office Steeple Leas, New Street, Grantham 24/7 Public
41DC5F54-8E80-4BD9-AF30-B04A00E9F332 NG31 8HQ Gonerby Hill Foot Church Of England School, Gonerby Road, Grantham Variable Restricted
7777 NG31 8NB Memorial Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
54771615-C7EE-4CD1-BA5A-AF1200FAF872 NG31 8NB Great Gonerby Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, Belton Lane 24/7 Public
6301 NG31 8ND Church View Complex, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
D50BD024-8089-4940-9876-AF340099C778 NG31 8NE 4 Kelham Road, Great Gonerby 24/7 Public
FAD1EEEF-117E-4546-A174-67AE9970AEB3 NG31 8NF St John The Evangelist Church, High Rd, Manthorpe Grantham 24/7 Public
07223BD8-544F-40D3-9ACC-AE390086FA49 NG31 8RX Tesco Express, 178 Winchester Road, Grantham Variable Public
F99413A8-B37D-4051-930E-F5913D7B2936 NG31 9AP Grantham College, Stonebridge Rd, Grantham 24/7 Public
50436117-914B-4CC1-BC25-AFE700A66A51 NG31 9AU Kesteven & Grantham Girls School, Sandon Road, Grantham Variable Restricted
15480557-662C-49C5-BFC0-58E049C7D9DF NG31 9AX Sandon School, Sandon Cl, Grantham 24/7 Restricted
8A6D6D5C-78F9-43EF-B01D-B02700CCD163 NG31 9AX Community Centre, Sandon Close, Grantham 24/7 Public
CF60A674-DE88-4218-97A3-AE9900AFD63A NG31 9AX The Saint Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy, Sandon Close, Grantham Variable Restricted
7A693427-D292-4C27-9AB5-AF3F00BC32AB NG31 9BB Wyndham Park, Hill Avenue, Grantham 24/7 Public
81EBE214-5625-4ACF-8807-AF0B009CC5D2 NG31 9DF Grantham Ambulance Station, Emas Grantham, 16 Beacon Lane 24/7 Public
6C7811ED-9188-4D10-9AEA-1CE9A7F9116D NG31 9ED St Annes C Of E Controlled School, Harrowby Rd, Grantham 24/7 Public
C2E6B6EF-55DB-496D-AA88-AC1000D969B6 NG31 9LJ 167 New Beacon Road, Grantham 24/7 Public
CEB1091C-3833-478A-93D4-AE50007DABA3 NG31 9NL Tesco, Harrowby Lane, Grantham Variable Public
431E2044-16AF-4494-BBC1-AE66008F75A0 NG31 9QY Harrowby United Football Club, 13a Dickens Road, Dickens Road 24/7 Public
897A8CEA-820D-428C-AED4-AB7B00C68D94 NG31 9RE South Kesteven District Council, Canterbury Close, Grantham 24/7 Public
8F43FEB9-0CCB-454F-A237-AE6F00B06721 NG31 9SH Belton Park Golf Club, Londonthorpe Lane, Grantham Variable Public
FD02A39B-B5D1-4930-B232-AE6A00D27138 NG31 9SH Belton Park Golf Club, Belton Lane, Grantham Variable Public
4465126A-2CF9-4B23-83DE-AC7C17904E64 NG31 9SJ Vale Garden Houses, Vale Garden Houses Ltd, Londonthorpe Road 24/7 Public
1EB39C6C-8027-48EA-9740-ABC087685AB7 NG31 9SX East Midlands Electronics, 17 Alma Park Rd, Grantham 24/7 Public
752 NG32 1BH Memorial Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
728 NG32 1BJ High Road, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
7051 NG32 1DJ Sports Pavilion, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
ECA63138-9406-44B1-913A-B07700D7EE65 NG32 1FP Barrowby, Lincolnshire Cooperative, Morris Road 24/7 Public
23DA0A58-B84C-4ABF-82B7-B02800C9BD9C NG32 1HT Harlaxton Church Of England Primary School, Swine Hill, Harlaxton 24/7 Public
2A1372C6-98B8-4FE4-85E4-B08B00CE71B0 NG32 1HU Front Of Harlaxton Sports & Social Club Building, Harlaxton Sports & Social Club, Manor Drive 24/7 Public
67F876FE-6519-4764-B38C-E42A26068C92 NG32 1PF Clayfield Cottages, Belvoir 24/7 Public
C8C83FE5-70FE-4178-BF12-AEE8008B2FF4 NG32 1PJ The Old Hunt Stables, 17 Sir Gilbert Greenall Court, Woolsthorpe By Belvoir 24/7 Public
098FE325-92FA-4A6D-A051-AFF8008209F3 NG32 1QF Croxton Kerrial Village Hall. W3w Primary.behave.automate, Village Hall, 5 Main Street 24/7 Public
9F4DF6C0-831A-4C1E-9DC2-ABB1009E07F6 NG32 1RE Knipton Cricket Ground, Pasture Lane, Knipton 24/7 Public
1061 NG32 1SF Village Hall, Leicestershire 24/7 Public
948 NG32 1TA 18-20 Hedgefield Road, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
2F16F00A-AD82-467C-8CAC-AFC800B56D18 NG32 2BP Treasure Transport Services Ltd, Occupation Lane, Great Gonerby 24/7 Public
397D0114-4673-47EC-8954-16AB914EA3F8 NG32 2BW Brakes, Palmer Rd, Gonerby Moor Grantham 24/7 Public
1489 NG32 2DG Redbern, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
1361C4CF-0047-432B-8A27-B03400E8F7EA NG32 2DG Redburn, River Lane, Syston 24/7 Public
B09EEA13-C15C-4659-8CA1-AB7900DD1D09 NG32 2DZ Allington Village Hall, Side Street, Allington 24/7 Public
3D3FD79B-ABE7-42B1-98C9-C79B5FBE4D45 NG32 2EY Community Club, 4 Abbey Ln, Sedgebrook Grantham 24/7 Restricted
FCF8651B-FB69-42AA-A249-B032010AAF45 NG32 2HH The Mouse Trap Cattery Glendale, Main Street, Marston 24/7 Public
2A24F8CF-0F03-4FE9-A40B-AD15014758C3 NG32 2LG Foston Village Hall Committee, Church Street, Foston 24/7 Public
B57AC9AA-9AF7-4131-BDF3-AF0B00A20145 NG32 2LW Belton Old School, Main Rd, Belton 24/7 Public
905E8D5E-1866-4EED-844F-2471D80B747A NG32 2PS Honington Grange O/S Barn/Stable Wall, Frinkley Rd, Honington Grantham 24/7 Public
776DE303-BB10-4F8E-A789-D8B367934D83 NG32 3AT Normanton-On-Cliffe & Carlton Scroop Parish Council, Charity St, Carlton Scroop Grantham 24/7 Public
387 NG32 3DF Sports Pavilion, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
A89B1AB0-A1AA-47B8-8F37-7919282AC20D NG32 3DN The Surgery, 52-56 High St, Caythorpe Grantham Variable Restricted
386 NG32 3DR Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
691 NG32 3EG The Old Chapel, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
12F429B5-3A9A-48C3-93A3-ACC400C6D1FA NG32 3ER Pgl Travel Ltd, Caythorpe Court, Caythorpe Heath Lane 24/7 Restricted
F885A8C5-306B-42F6-BD34-AFDA00F04801 NG32 3HL Grantham, Hurlingham Business Pk, Grantham 24/7 Restricted
537 NG32 3JP Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
990 NG32 3LP Crown & Anchor Pub, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
1009 NG32 3NB Houblon Inn, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
1008 NG32 3NE Heydour Parish Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
CAA9C7D8-A8CA-4C12-9237-AC7100BEF798 NG32 3NU Wilsford Parish Council, 31 Main Street, Grantham 24/7 Public
EA387AC2-DD3C-4487-9514-AC7100BD3A33 NG32 3PD Wilsford Parish Council, School Lane, Grantham 24/7 Public
5F69A40C-2F1B-4E8F-8BAA-D00DF8CD4F05 NG32 3PP Doctors Surgery, 12 Ermine St, Ancaster Grantham Variable Restricted
F4805EC1-D257-4A39-95B1-AC9B00DA5CE5 NG32 3PW Ancaster Parish Council, Parish Hall, Ermine Street 24/7 Public
3D8EAC3E-694A-47EE-8BE4-AF9B017AE4BC NG32 3QP 114a Ermine Street, Ancaster Variable Restricted
94DCC760-8832-4DF0-AFB7-ADC300D2786D NG32 3QW Ancaster Athletic Football Club, Ancaster Sports And Social Club/Playing Field, Ermine Street 24/7 Public
03CE43CC-1789-4BDC-9A7B-AD8C00D4F7AE NG33 4BN Ropsley Hall, Braceby Road, Ropsley 24/7 Public
601 NG33 4BT Primary School, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
5425D236-E228-4532-A4DD-ABF101130AAE NG33 4DH Boothby Pagnell Village Hall Ponton Road, Boothby Pagnell 24/7 Public
632 NG33 4EJ Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
F136C84B-67F5-4F41-B3A4-AFAC00EBFF6A NG33 4HF Lenton Parish Council, Ingoldsby Road, Lenton 24/7 Public
B890A37D-65DC-4991-AC6C-ACC90113F332 NG33 4JD Griffin Inn, Hawthorpe Road, Irnham 24/7 Public
629BC3C7-43F7-4D8D-A3A9-AF490113D15E NG33 4JS Cholmeley Arms, Village Street, Burton Coggles 24/7 Public
524 NG33 4LQ Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
4538DFFF-E882-4874-A333-0B70B091E107 NG33 4LY Glenside Country Practice, St Johns Dr, Corby Glen Grantham Variable Restricted
80300CD9-B840-4C1F-9512-ACE600F594D1 NG33 4PX The Bythams Primary School, Creeton Road, Little Bytham 24/7 Public
B7907A26-913C-4E4C-B3CA-AB7200CC11A5 NG33 4RJ Little Bytham Village Hall, High Street, Castle Bytham 24/7 Public
97FB3F8F-7300-4EFF-8E07-0C4A47FDE622 NG33 4RZ Glenside Country Practice Doctors Surgery, 12b High St, Castle Bytham Grantham 24/7 Public
AE5387D8-0341-42F3-A45C-AF6B00D0E5C1 NG33 4SJ Bythams Community Shop, 46 Station Road, Castle Bytham 24/7 Public
6428 NG33 5AP On Post, Easton Walled Gardens Car Park, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
4458AB08-8DF2-4BE0-81A7-AF1400F7AF46 NG33 5AP Easton Walled Gardens, On Post, Easton Walled Gardens 24/7 Public
F23BDA99-98A5-4521-859D-AF1000B730F8 NG33 5DS Great Ponton Village Centre, 12 Archers Way, Great Ponton 24/7 Public
11125A66-3FEC-4291-80AC-ACB800CCE877 NG33 5DT Great Ponton Primary School, Great Ponton School, Mill Lane Variable Restricted
84918C3A-6BA6-43B7-B086-AF2B00860575 NG33 5JN A1 Truckstop Colsterworth Ltd, A1 Truckstop, Bourne Road 24/7 Public
1315 NG33 5JT Little Legs Nursery, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
171 NG33 5JZ Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
580 NG33 5NE The White Lion Public House, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
1195 NG33 5PG Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
71A5966E-65B6-4990-970B-B069008BAF78 NG33 5PH South Witham Academy, Water Lane, South Witham Variable Restricted
AAB835A7-C6EC-422A-8C24-01FAE6DC9D48 NG33 5QE Bullimores (Sand & Gravel) Ltd, 1-3 Thistleton Ln, South Witham Grantham Variable Public
781D5920-A8FB-4B34-B82A-EEAA5C3FE015 NG33 5QH South Witham Premier Store, 101 Great Close, South Witham 24/7 Public
ECFE910C-7C8A-40B1-8AA3-AEA000B2FEC3 NG33 5RQ The Forge, 65 Main Street, Sewstern 24/7 Public
A139B8A1-5109-456F-8B97-AE5B00D0943A NG33 5SB Buckminster Village Hall, Main Street, Buckminster 24/7 Public
5BDD026F-567A-4F30-A0F6-938176D1B10C NG34 0AG Scredington Parish Council, Scredington Community Centre, Church Lane 24/7 Public
C3D142CB-A731-4BBF-BAB8-AD48009B07A4 NG34 0AT Highfields Fishing Retreat, Mareham Lane, Spanby 24/7 Public
069F286F-3556-485F-BC59-C84A30C3A2BA NG34 0BX General Area Of, Burton Pedwardine Sleaford 24/7 Public
8F24F059-1D39-4743-AF8D-1FBAF37F4E9E NG34 0DG Osbournby Village Hall, London Rd, Osbournby Sleaford 24/7 Public
0ECDADBB-FA44-4DEF-990D-A298F8EFF94A NG34 0EE The Red Lion, General Area Of, Newton Sleaford 24/7 Public
3082 NG34 0HJ SL Engineering Ltd, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
369FE39F-9C9A-40D1-9220-AAA900B353CE NG34 0JP The Barns, High Street, Swaton Variable Restricted
FC38125D-03F2-4C01-AD6F-ABE9008D12E3 NG34 0JP Swaton Village Hut, Swaton Village Hut - Beside The Church, High Street 24/7 Public
2E2C7D2F-FE7E-4912-A4B1-AADB008B2E73 NG34 0NF Pointon Village Hall, 1 Millthorpe Road, Pointon 24/7 Public
3F75D3C1-6740-432E-9819-AE4000D16518 NG34 0PF Horbling Meeting Room, Spring Lane, Horbling 24/7 Public
2CDFE2DD-666C-4555-8EF2-AC61012663EC NG34 0RJ Helpringham Memorial Hall, 24 The Green, Helpringham 24/7 Public
4593 NG34 0SE Folkingham Stores, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
4592 NG34 0TP Playing Field Changing Rooms, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
618F8A8B-F8E4-4D43-B321-AFC20121B1B0 NG34 7AT Our Lady's School, The Drove, Sleaford 24/7 Public
9F46D237-7181-4AAB-8EB2-94B473777FC9 NG34 7BB Tesco Stores Ltd, 65 Northgate, Sleaford Variable Public
ADA1BA5C-97C4-4DE5-ADD8-2BD672553621 NG34 7BY Shd Composites, The Reservation, Pride Parkway 24/7 Public
993E96D2-DB12-43D0-B6FB-6E284CD28CF1 NG34 7DD Carres Grammar School, Northgate, Sleaford 24/7 Public
4E514224-B71D-4B33-B576-AEA500B26EF7 NG34 7EH Better Gym Sleaford, Better Gym Sleaford,, Unit 3 East Road, Variable Public
285DE99C-A23A-4895-8461-AFE80132739C NG34 7EQ Screwfix, Sleaford Business Park, East Road Variable Restricted
ECC3F1D4-C866-4989-AA79-A06AF7065E4F NG34 7ER Sleaford Town Council, Kiosk In The Park, Boston Road 24/7 Public
4F306441-53FF-4063-9388-AC8500F16D27 NG34 7EW Turnbull Plumbing & Heating, Turnbull, Woodbridge Road 24/7 Public
6B0FDB94-0AD5-4BE1-8A3D-AEA200C331BF NG34 7HH Greenwich Leisure Limited, Sleaford Leisure Centre, Boston Road Variable Public
C115BB69-8700-4D61-AC41-06013A7F260B NG34 7JP New Life Church, Mareham Lane, Sleaford 24/7 Public
20E67330-B920-4C9C-9C95-AE00010D2B9F NG34 7JX Sleaford Quality Foods Ltd, Woodbridge Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
EDB034EF-A718-41DE-BADB-AC8500CF7BD1 NG34 7LB 47 Southfields, Sleaford 24/7 Public
0E5FA707-3F55-4A45-951F-2BE33F10256A NG34 7LE Sleaford Cricket Club Pavillion, London Rd, Sleaford 24/7 Public
432FA6C5-8258-4D0E-B70E-2F82998B86C0 NG34 7LZ Sleaford Police Station, Hoplands, Sleaford 24/7 Public
4C22C204-B8B3-412B-AF84-69A059A8412D NG34 7ND Clover Dental, 19 Grantham Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
8E622FBF-01BA-4AA7-BF58-B00D00EEDBAC NG34 7NS 166 Grantham Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
A0284C8C-B0FC-4D98-90BA-702699C4C43D NG34 7PG Sleaford Masonic Centre Masonic Rooms, Watergate, Sleaford 24/7 Public
9C642DAF-8F47-44DB-8DE7-952E1C474037 NG34 7PU Eslaforde Nursery, 1 Stevens Lane, Sleaford 24/7 Public
BBD765EF-BD6F-4D45-AC32-B08F0083C908 NG34 7QP Westgate Park, Sleaford 24/7 Public
52F3A56D-E661-40CC-AD8E-DEA5844D9672 NG34 7RY White Heart Mews, Southgate, Sleaford 24/7 Public
8DCF2286-240D-4787-851B-700C4F7AA2E3 NG34 7TW Town Hall, Quayside House, Navigation Yatrd 24/7 Public
7C33C2FE-2C3C-408C-B06E-D6922CE05A68 NG34 7TY 23 Rookery Avenue, Sleaford 24/7 Public
750DE976-6F2D-4FA1-8E73-97BBEAB963B6 NG34 8AD Co-Operative Retail Services Ltd, Lincoln Rd, Sleaford 24/7 Public
DA28072F-9832-41F9-8F23-0EAAFF8E6452 NG34 8BG Woodside Childrens Nursery, 2-4 Hazel Grove, Sleaford 24/7 Public
4DA0EB81-86E9-4A52-B00B-99D53A595152 NG34 8DF Cranwell Parish Council, Village Hall, Old School Lane 24/7 Public
3A33D943-B7B0-4443-9138-806DC4E5837A NG34 8EY Cranwell Parish Council, Byards Leap Lodge, Byards Leap 24/7 Public
FCD5B8D4-7B77-436F-94E8-AD4600DE3738 NG34 8FS 2 Hampden Way, Greylees, Sleaford 24/7 Public
466CFD77-3D99-4E76-8E18-AD4600DD5C19 NG34 8GF Gardeners Shed, Opp 33 Kinross Road, Greylees 24/7 Public
E9202F33-4C24-4257-9F22-B06F00A905A4 NG34 8GG Unit 8, The Point, Lion's Way, Sleaford Variable Restricted
BD40D8B3-A95D-4020-932E-AD4600DDD8F1 NG34 8GP 27 Murrayfield Ave, 27 Murrayfield Avenue, Greylees 24/7 Public
14DC6566-6884-48EA-8E5B-06BD899D747E NG34 8GS Royal Air Force Cranwell, Cranwell Avenue, Sleaford 24/7 Restricted
43792B4C-274C-43E4-A87D-AC6301043CE9 NG34 8LB 5 Chapel Lane, Sleaford 24/7 Public
8BDEB1CD-8D2A-4605-98FE-AB91326BD7A3 NG34 8NP Hockmeyer Motors, Holdingham Garage, Holdingham 24/7 Public
12876B28-A8B8-4555-9C87-B09700DE1D57 NG34 8NX Claas Eastern Ltd, London Road, Sleaford Variable Restricted
1CEDBE8A-F33F-48B6-864B-ACA800F13630 NG34 8NY Four Seasons Garden Centre, London Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
B38ECFE7-A35D-4350-B305-B06F00AF79FC NG34 8QA Ash Villa, Willoughby Road, Greylees 24/7 Restricted
1609F2BE-3351-48AF-9C7C-39FF78BACEC9 NG34 8QQ Rauceby Village Hall, Main St, South Rauceby Sleaford 24/7 Public
9C557E76-9C62-4F7F-88B6-012396B1B568 NG34 8QW Rauceby Primary School, Tom Lane, North Rauceby 24/7 Public
3D36B3C9-DA04-4F67-B885-8D62984B10DC NG34 8RS St Botolph's Church, Town Road, Quarrington 24/7 Public
62C358D6-3B50-419F-91ED-B04D010E7DE1 NG34 8SP Sleaford Rugby Club, East Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
1C9B85DD-E1CF-488B-94B4-B05500DCFEB7 NG34 8TG Swarby, Swarby Church Cottage, Greenways Bungalow Swarby Lane 24/7 Public
EAE5D571-0E69-4046-BEEE-AC3D008FA7CF NG34 8YU Holdingham Lodge, Whittle Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
52FFB7C9-62AE-4983-B366-AFA500DA3D18 NG34 9BZ Station Road, Lindum Park, Ruskington 24/7 Public
3521875C-E708-4F9F-9270-AFEF00D080D7 NG34 9DH The Orchards Park, Priory Road, Ruskington 24/7 Public
783E19DB-0EBB-4FEE-B39E-ADA600D00B9A NG34 9DU Shoulder Of Mutton, 11 Church Street, Sleaford 24/7 Public
1A726161-807E-43F3-9C0B-72CF71186B19 NG34 9DY Co-Op Pharmacies Ltd, 17 High St, Ruskington Sleaford 24/7 Public
CD94DF16-0ACE-481B-8461-138A99D89936 NG34 9DY O/S The Winchelsea Centre, 11 High St, Ruskington Sleaford 24/7 Public
245F1F1C-91C1-4C41-BDE4-B08900B689D8 NG34 9GH Sleaford Town Fc, Boston Road, Sleaford Variable Public
19FD6A5F-0A5D-4D24-95ED-0CBE9B4DEAC9 NG34 9GQ Ruskington Medical Practice, 6 Brookside Cl, Ruskington Sleaford 24/7 Public
1F4FA65F-4B48-455D-87B4-B0500109102B NG34 9LH Great Hale Village Hall, Little Hale Road, Sleaford 24/7 Public
77AEA287-F31B-4823-91FA-AD85013C9463 NG34 9NR Mount Lane Kirkby-La-Thorpe, Kirkby La Thorpe, Sleaford 24/7 Public
B1BD87EB-4CA2-4202-8FD7-DC6043EE6B3D NG34 9NU Kirkby La Thorpe Coe Primary Academy, Church Ln, Kirkby-La-Thorpe Sleaford 24/7 Public
1208 NG34 9PJ Village Hall, Lincolnshire 24/7 Public
16317C28-BB40-4C67-9F32-AFCF00EBCF7E NG34 9PT Howell, Tythe Barn, Howell, C379 Heckington Road To Howell Fen Drove 24/7 Public
65EB3E08-9777-4D59-BC20-17A2290D2BE4 NG34 9QP Millview Medical Practice, 1 Sleaford Rd, Heckington 24/7 Public
E106891F-A27F-483E-9E07-E5BC00FCBD42 NG34 9RX Heckington Sports & Social Club, Howell Rd, Heckington Sleaford 24/7 Public
625FBF38-C875-42C1-857E-AE4F00CA3629 NG34 9SP 1 River Lane, Sleaford 24/7 Public
932997BC-B868-4BFF-A4D6-AC1500EFA604 NG4 1BP Church Of St. John The Baptist, Oakdale Road, Carlton 24/7 Public
39EA2150-D7BB-4F38-A039-B04300C10FC3 NG4 1BX Parkdale Primary School, Parkdale Road, Carlton Variable Restricted
83684052-C101-43EE-ACB5-CE5357964E59 NG4 1EB Tesco Stores Ltd, 2 Carlton Hill, Carlton Nottingham Variable Public
3C2342E3-A81E-4841-89C8-AEE000C90D77 NG4 1FP Holy Family Parish, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 91 Carlton Hill 24/7 Public
FDBA0EC1-9522-48D1-85A1-AE4300BC1DFA NG4 1GP Tesco Express, 303-305 Carlton Hill, Carlton Variable Public
00E7F4FC-ABF1-48E5-B956-4BA5A10CA6EE NG4 1RL Richard Herrod Leisure Centre, Foxhill Rd, Carlton Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
28F5B6E4-0044-4BDF-886D-B02F00FD621E NG4 2ED St John The Baptist Primary School, Vale Road, Colwick Variable Restricted
6A53BA29-AA4F-4D18-B16D-AE520095012F NG4 2EW The Adventure Centre, Colwick Park, Access Road Around Eastern Edge Of Colwick Park From River Road To Colwick Marina, Nottingham 24/7 Public
89B498EC-B7F6-4F5D-A6AD-AE520093F8D0 NG4 2EW Nottingham City Counci, The Kiosk Colwick Park, Access Road Around Eastern Edge Of Colwick Park From River Road To Colwick Marina 24/7 Public
AED3B8C4-FC7F-4FD8-AC14-B04200D54617 NG4 2GP Colwick Parish Council, Colwick Community Centre, Vale Road 24/7 Public
5AB4C823-54E6-4B3E-B563-ADF700F698F2 NG4 2JW Alltruck, Road No 7, Colwick Variable Restricted
FDA7853C-CDF5-4A9F-AEF7-AB6F00EA740E NG4 2PA B & Q Plc, Victoria Park Way, Netherfield Variable Public
1932 NG4 3AY Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
6DA8A7FE-42C3-47D1-88E0-B0A400946276 NG4 3AY Ambulance Station, Manor Road, Carlton 24/7 Public
02543FBA-44E9-4878-8EB3-AF1000AFB4A5 NG4 3HL Gedling Inn, 50 Main Rd, Gedling 24/7 Public
4A4BF12B-D032-4340-B841-ACEF00A13588 NG4 3NA Co-Op - Westdale Lane East, Co-Op, 70 Westdale Lane East 24/7 Public
791B0755-E995-4534-A051-AC6700DC5FAF NG4 4AA Carlton Le Willows Academy - 3g Pavilion, Carlton Le Willows Academy, Wood Lane 24/7 Restricted
7A52DAA9-6456-4986-B079-B08100F91AF1 NG4 4AA Carlton Le Willows - South Block, Carlton Le Willows Academy, Wood Lane Variable Restricted
84373DDD-D1CD-4997-B8CF-594CDE559F9C NG4 4AA Carlton Le Willows Academy - East, Wood Lane, Gedling 24/7 Restricted
962E6B03-356C-4F71-8D50-AD9C00D16B74 NG4 4AA Carlton Le Willows Academy (Table Tennis Centre), Wood Lane, Gedling 24/7 Restricted
103C88D4-78AB-49FC-B7F8-1E08A6C7691C NG4 4QF Lambley Primary School, Catfoot Ln, Lambley Nottingham 24/7 Public
2C8B4FB3-1E7D-491C-9E9A-ADDD00CC1566 NG5 1AD A Wright & Son, 136 Hucknall Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
8394AF29-35D2-4B90-A868-038E41F59E13 NG5 1AL New College Nottingham, Pelham Av, Sherwood Rise Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
BEB1C0EA-407A-4ABE-9C55-AED600D3C55D NG5 1AP 8-10 Pelham Road, Sherwood Rise, Nottingham 24/7 Public
6B26858D-AF9B-4515-AF7A-AF8E00D6FDE0 NG5 1EH Jones And Co Ltd North West Site, Lortas Road, Nottingham Variable Public
FBF13321-6784-429F-93BE-AF3A00F26F95 NG5 1FD B.e.webbe Self Storage, Hartley House, Hucknall Road 24/7 Public
5EEC9255-4282-403C-A5AD-B00300984E64 NG5 1GB Haydn Road Sports Pavilion, 19 Rowley Drive, Nottingham Variable Restricted
7BE739F8-33C6-476A-A452-ADD500AF4A42 NG5 1GN C Alexander Financial Planning Ltd, Alexander House, 223 Perry Road 24/7 Public
0F359777-405D-4656-90EA-5FAE5EA463B1 NG5 1JA Sheltered Accomodation, Fox Grove Court, Basford Nottingham 24/7 Public
0450D0FC-5370-4058-8487-ADDE00C13D23 NG5 1JJ Tesco Stores, Petrol Filling Station Building, 542-548 Valley Road Variable Public
7A33A61B-F2CD-487E-8F77-ADDE01166602 NG5 1QP Footpath, Jensen Way, Nottingham 24/7 Public
E9864A92-3F06-48D5-B398-B04C009A9BED NG5 1QZ Tesco Nottingham Hucknall Road Express, Thomas Forman Building, Hucknall Rd Variable Public
4F7EAF99-92FE-40FC-BA14-ADCA0085DF52 NG5 2BT Mercure Hotel (Nottingham Sherwood), 296 Mansfield Road, Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
4A771A2C-860D-42E9-8720-A9CCFAD0F3E0 NG5 2EN Sherwood Methodist Church, Devon Dr, Carrington Nottingham 24/7 Public
19E39251-0530-4604-94F5-31F9D4B34B30 NG5 2GE Sherwood Dental Centre, 668 Mansfield Rd, Sherwood Nottingham 24/7 Public
1D5D9940-3490-4557-B169-B06F01294B48 NG5 2JU Haydn Primary School, Haydn Road, Sherwood Variable Restricted
C4B1CF62-9E1C-46CA-B4D4-AE2500EBD144 NG5 3FW Tesco, 712-716 Mansfield Road, Woodthorpe Variable Public
EF60A119-48C5-4123-BA81-8A1C92294B02 NG5 4DB 32 Private Rd, Sherwood Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
F5BF708A-2498-41D7-AD30-B08400F7E282 NG5 4DZ Woodthorpe Park - Cafe, Woodthorpe Drive, Nottingham 24/7 Public
8EEC8FB8-413F-4942-9760-AC7F009D2365 NG5 4JF Arno Vale Junior School, Saville Road, Woodthorpe 24/7 Public
CC1D38E1-C9E9-409C-8956-AF1000AFB852 NG5 4JT Arnold & Central Electrical Services, 2 Wensley Rd, Woodthorpe 24/7 Public
589454BF-0AFF-4013-B154-AE8A014F2FE4 NG5 4PH St Marks Church Woodthorpe, St Marks Church, De Vere Gardens 24/7 Public
DAC76EF5-011D-4567-8EEB-B04600D79DBD NG5 5BL Stanstead, Stanstead Primary School, Stanstead Avenue Variable Restricted
0124B932-3A6C-4971-BA3C-AF110071DF23 NG5 5EL Tank 42m From Rise Park Primary & Nursery School, Bestwood Park Drive West 36m From Bestwo, Bestwood Park Drive West, Nottingham 24/7 Public
8A209E21-9504-461E-AF8D-8BE0F5AEA628 NG5 5TA Glade Hill Primary & Nursery School, Chippenham Rd, Bestwood Nottingham Variable Restricted
4509 NG5 6DA Home Brewery Building, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
7D870097-E0C9-4562-8444-B02D00A6598F NG5 6FZ Tesco Nottingham Oxclose Lane Express, Oxclose Ln, Nottingham Variable Public
0B3C71FD-00B8-458A-87AC-AE7401015ACA NG5 6HD E R F Electrical Wholesalers Ltd, Units 1 And 2, Salop Street Variable Restricted
85C0CCA3-87B1-45B4-9D98-B07B00B3A99C NG5 6NW Arnold View Primary School, Gedling Road, Arnold Variable Restricted
A6412BD5-4AFF-4296-88E8-AFF700D61AC9 NG5 6NY The Arrow, Gedling Road, Arnold 24/7 Public
86B68003-44D7-4302-B7DB-94D36AF721A4 NG5 6NZ Arnold Hill Academy, Gedling Rd, Arnold Nottingham Variable Public
0C0ACC2E-9D19-4025-AFB5-AF2500B71781 NG5 7ED The Organ Grinder, 133 Front Street, Arnold 24/7 Public
68FB7725-DA15-448E-A610-AEDA0072F3CC NG5 7FH John Lewis, Brookfield Road, Arnold Variable Public
06CBF54D-6DFB-4C79-86C7-8B9ED3CFD1F5 NG5 7GG Co-Op - Coppice Road, Coppice Rd, Arnold Nottingham 24/7 Public
2ADD305F-BB72-4C77-AEBA-B00600C4BD2F NG5 8BY Killisick Junior School, Killisick Road, Arnold Variable Restricted
3D1F77C0-D7A7-4F96-8B9B-AF2D0110E8C3 NG5 8JY Waggon And Horses, 260 Mansfield Road, Redhill 24/7 Public
3C3E5EA9-B30D-42DC-8A3C-B00B00D584C9 NG5 8NE Arnbrook Primary School, Bestwood Lodge Drive, Arnold Variable Restricted
78E2D401-1C7A-4371-A26E-B00B00B5850D NG5 8NE Bestwood Lodge Drive, Bestwood Variable Restricted
C87BBE02-E7C2-40E2-BBCB-AE41010748FC NG5 8NJ St Albans Parish Council, Hollies Country Park Day Nursery, 11 Woodchurch Road 24/7 Public
41708714-D4E3-4CE5-990B-AE2500EF728E NG5 8PS Arnold Town Football Club, Oxton Road, Arnold 24/7 Restricted
7D85EE40-1AA3-4DC6-BEC1-869CDF001444 NG5 9DD Tesco Stores Ltd, Top Valley Wy, Top Valley Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
7321 NG5 9QR On Post, Muirfield Park, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
A2B081E8-E66F-419F-BD30-AEA401451875 NG5 9QR Nottingham On Post, Muirfield Park, Muirfield Road 24/7 Public
B82BA22E-00D2-4C17-B585-55131A702D86 NG5 9RA East Midlands Ceramics Ltd T/As Emctiles, Hucknall Rd, Top Valley Nottingham 24/7 Public
2994C9C9-D4FA-4315-835D-B08401036B37 NG6 0AP Vernon Park Pavilion, Vernon Park, Vernon Avenue 24/7 Public
6736CBF6-EE0D-448F-A9AA-AEA600E84E64 NG6 0EF Barclay And Mathieson Ltd, 89 Arnold Road, Nottingham Variable Public
46B5F31C-A947-43A3-B48F-ADDA012A5D03 NG6 0LD Basford United Football Club, Tower 70m From 53 Greenwich Avenue 58m From Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich Avenue Variable Public
2415 NG6 0LG Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
52DAF211-8775-48AA-9556-AD9F00BD8352 NG6 7AT Hempshillhall Primary School, Hempshill Hall Primary School, Armstrong Road 24/7 Public
67A5ECCB-F0E8-4B5C-8FE4-AFE700DC7E33 NG6 8AJ Screwfix, Unit 3 Hucknall Lane, Bulwell Variable Public
D8327644-B1AA-4E92-95CB-B03800DD4E0B NG6 8AX Crabtree Farm Primary School, Steadfold Close, Bulwell Variable Restricted
E8DFA9AE-BD27-4B8B-AA11-3FEB5A6D835F NG6 8EQ Tesco Extra, Jennison St, Bulwell Nottingham Variable Restricted
56C65CAE-FF04-4989-AAAE-AF6C00F86FDA NG6 8FA Near 1 Sunrise Avenue, Killarney Park, Lamins Lane 24/7 Public
5ABF393D-7E31-41AC-AE93-AF6C00F9A43F NG6 8NP Club House, Squires Drive, Bestwood 24/7 Public
9C7CEFE1-0E31-4990-9485-B04500DC6CCE NG6 8RF Inspire Gymnastics, Unit 5, Charles Way 24/7 Public
067C4245-7979-4E5E-A0EE-AFCF00F87930 NG6 8TQ Bestwood Bp - St Modwens, Near Estate Office, Park Road 24/7 Public
1D211045-BD41-425E-85A0-ADB001062965 NG6 8UJ Bestwood Duck Ponds, Moor Road, Bestwood 24/7 Restricted
A726E0D0-C19E-45D2-BB99-B0A800EAC8FB NG6 8WB Cie-Group Ltd, 3 Widdowson Close, Blenheim Ind Est Variable Restricted
37E68A41-4DB9-437C-ADD6-AF080073C0A2 NG6 8XE Hawthorne, Hawthorne Primary School, Keepers Close Variable Restricted
F99E01F3-FB6A-4E3C-AA7C-AE8400E85000 NG6 8YP Ardenwinch, Unit 4e, Blenheim Park Variable Restricted
80366E4B-94DE-4AD2-9371-B1B53AA0DB70 NG6 9FH Kemmel Rd, Bulwell Nottingham Variable Restricted
7C1B6367-4041-4E32-94C6-AF54009662DF NG6 9FN Our Lady Of Perpetual Succour Catholic Voluntary Academy, Piccadilly, Nottingham Variable Restricted
82 NG6 9GJ United Reformed Church, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
61F3C42C-1DBF-4952-9BDC-ADDC0142A27A NG6 9GJ Uited Reformed Church, Broomhill Rd, Bulwell Variable Public
877B03CF-C22C-4D3C-8B19-AD500093CD51 NG7 1BN Npel Ltd, The Park Maintenance Yard, Tunnel Road 24/7 Public
3F3CC8D7-6244-4587-85F4-ADF100D78C56 NG7 1EB Newcastle Circus, Nottingham 24/7 Public
13844EF8-506B-4993-9374-AE7001194312 NG7 1GX 20 Castle Bridge Road, Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
8863E2AE-1C8B-412B-AD0E-AF5600BD8329 NG7 1GX Holiday Inn Nottingham, 12 Castle Bridge Road, Castle Marina 24/7 Restricted
AD02F5E7-814B-460C-B4A0-AE2800D10810 NG7 1SA Tesco Stores, Castle Buildings, Sherwin Road Variable Public
BC04E458-BACB-47C6-B43E-2BD0D7B5119A NG7 2DW The Derby Road Health Centre, 336 Derby Rd, Lenton Nottingham Variable Restricted
01EA6DFC-772C-44C4-9729-AEF301049A5B NG7 2GJ Radmarsh Road, Nottingham Variable Restricted
3616073A-9E14-4B18-A5FC-B00A00FA46DD NG7 2GQ Toyota, 406 Derby Road, Nottingham Variable Public
4F71A6AC-A1EB-431C-BB60-0BEC6D0473CA NG7 2GW Nottingham Emergency Medical Services, Derby Rd, Lenton Nottingham Variable Restricted
EC05B6F3-AD89-4195-B2A7-AF0F0086B77F NG7 2NN Libra Drinks Wholesale Ltd, Unit 2, Finch Close Variable Restricted
735C6573-74A4-499D-A3DF-AFC200A1A0BD NG7 2NR Screwfix, Unit 5 Queens Court, Lenton Lane Variable Restricted
8AC7DF2A-2EF9-4D23-942D-AFE80169FFA9 NG7 2NR Kings Meadow Campus, University Of Nottingham Kings Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane 24/7 Restricted
A10963A6-87E7-4B9E-894C-AFE8016B73CD NG7 2NR Kings Meadow Campus, University Of Nottingham Kings Meadow Campus, Lenton Lane 24/7 Restricted
8243 NG7 2PS Nottingham Croquet Club, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
06BD5D7A-3816-483F-AB5B-AF0B009100A1 NG7 2PS Nottingham Hockey Centre, University Boulevard, Nottingham 24/7 Public
0CA16C27-D85B-49DD-8AA4-AFFC011C81C2 NG7 2PS Nottingham Croquet Club, Nottingham Croquet Club, Highfields Park, University Boulevard 24/7 Public
783E5D85-5434-43E8-86A6-B02600AFECE6 NG7 2QN Markem Technologies Limited, Alexander Fleming Building Nottingham Science And Technology Park, University Boulevard Variable Restricted
7BC31C33-631C-4521-9EE4-AFE801727FCB NG7 2RD University Of Nottingham, University Park, University Of Nottingham, University Park Campus 24/7 Restricted
89D19465-01E4-4AD5-9E20-AFE8017317B7 NG7 2RD University Of Nottingham, University Park, University Of Nottingham, University Park Campus 24/7 Restricted
A2A9E98C-5B32-4835-9CBB-B08500C2CBBA NG7 2RD Highfields Park, Highfields Boat House, Highfields Park, Nottingham 24/7 Public
DC975189-B264-4BF5-89E8-C2AC87EB1024 NG7 2RD University Of Nottingham, Trent Building University Of Nottingham, University Boulevard 24/7 Restricted
6BA00B07-FD09-494C-B224-AF85008E7144 NG7 2SD Fareshare, Unit 2, 1 Harrimans Lane Variable Public
B463E4A4-2B4B-4426-82A5-AE3F009BE9C5 NG7 2TR Epms Supplies Ltd, Unit D Acorn Park, Off Redfield Road Variable Restricted
392A9349-EBA3-4A5A-8F51-AF0900E23F3B NG7 2TS Nottingham Engineering Products Ltd, Unit 5e, The Midway Variable Public
CE1FC986-1797-4043-86FA-AFD200F4EC90 NG7 2UL Sunbelt Rentals, 10 Bull Close Road Lenton Industrial Estate, Nottingham Variable Public
C1EB80D8-0D11-4DDD-BE24-B0300098E431 NG7 3EA Tesco Nottingham Ilkeston Road Express, 256 Ilkeston Rd, Nottingham Variable Public
36B38AA3-0DD2-4C4F-B299-AF4F00DBF6DD NG7 3EF Hydroscand, Unit 1 Genesis Park, Midland Way Variable Public
B35D4356-D2EA-44BD-B1D8-B01900FC52FA NG7 3HJ Mellers Primary And Nursery School, Norton Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
5232B98A-83DA-4C85-9F69-ADDE0092D5CC NG7 3JL Tesco Express, 131 Alfreton Road, Nottingham Variable Public
DB74BC9B-F936-495F-8AC7-B09F009F01C0 NG7 4DL Rccg Cra Nottingham, 75 Raleigh Street I Nottingham I, Nottingham 24/7 Public
A930285C-8E5C-4F93-B9D1-AFFF00DDA490 NG7 5LE Berridge Primary And Nursery School Brushfield Site, Berridge Road West, Nottingham Variable Restricted
DF56E4F9-8A90-47C7-8F05-ADDF00E2AA42 NG7 5NH Tesco, Tesco Express 515, Alfreton Road Variable Public
0DCA05D6-9158-43B6-ACC1-AF1D00A9FD57 NG7 6FL St Marys Catholic Voluntary Academy, Beaconsfield Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
5C3D649A-7FBA-48BF-A492-AB6D00AE0157 NG7 6JP Mansfield Road Bapatist Housing Association Ltd, Spencer Court Sheltered Accomadation, Nottingham Road 24/7 Public
16ADD73A-F0A4-44D7-8A45-AFD600CD111B NG7 6LD Nottingham City Council, Forest Pavilion Changing Rooms - The Forest Recreation Ground, Mansfield Road 24/7 Public
4FA31CF8-4D4E-4A5F-8C4C-AFDA00D24AE6 NG7 6LD Nottingham City Council, Forest Pavilion Cafe. The Forest Recreation Ground, Mansfield Road Variable Restricted
C637D3F0-5186-4DBE-840E-AEC800BE56E1 NG7 6LD Nottingham Forest Community Trust, Sports Zone Pitches East And West Of Sports Zone Pavilion The Forest Recreation Ground, Mansfield Road Variable Restricted
F950C178-6579-4E8F-BDB9-AECB0096BE12 NG7 6NX Val Roberts House, 25 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham Variable Restricted
A9BC3E55-72C8-4123-972F-AE6A007C4B1A NG7 7BA Puregym, Sovereign House, 184 Nottingham Road 24/7 Restricted
D7D33C93-0B01-4B7E-8983-AE53010B7E63 NG7 7JA Jigsaw24, 40 High Church Street, Nottingham Variable Restricted
CB8647ED-4684-4D3F-B08B-AFE700D59A9E NG7 7NW Screwfix, Unit 1 & 2 Lewis Industrial Estate, Armstrong Way Variable Restricted
39407F54-0515-43AD-9CA9-DBD93E921426 NG8 1GR Kingswood Methodist Church, Lambourne Dr, Wollaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
E05B3651-7092-4BE1-AFA2-3DA97A2617AC NG8 1GZ Sheltered Accomodation, Lambourne Dr, Wollaton Nottingham 24/7 Public
B7E53F54-3E88-4E73-8964-B01900AB0C73 NG8 1QD Southwold Primary School And Early Years Centre, Kennington Road, Nottingham Variable Restricted
52AC97F2-8C1C-4F57-A9DE-4BEC180294E4 NG8 2AN Wollaton Sports Association, Wollaton Rd, Wollaton Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
8639801E-9B8E-4473-A22B-ACE700BC4BA3 NG8 2ND St. Leonard's Community Centre, Bramcote Lane, Nottingham 24/7 Public
0277E8B9-C284-425E-A5E6-B02A0092018C NG8 3AF Jubilee L E A D Academy, Jubilee Lead Academy, Highwood Avenue, Highwood Avenue Variable Public
25CF72D4-1ABE-4CC4-84CC-AFF800A8719D NG8 3BT Westbury Academy, Chingford Road, Nottingham Variable Public
AAAB1AFA-91DA-4C1D-95CE-AF0900D56247 NG8 3EP St Teresas Catholic Church, Kingsbury Drive, Nottingham Variable Public
60D79BDE-0103-4F4F-BD4F-AFF000FE2E9D NG8 3EZ Woodlands Academy, Beechdale Road, Aspley 24/7 Public
2A8B7FC0-9C34-4CBA-8640-AFE4009FB30E NG8 3LL Ambulance Station, Beechdale Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
E15CB7CB-BEDD-4AE3-9AFD-1F0EEEE5BA22 NG8 4FQ Sheltered Accomodation, Staverton Rd, Bilborough Nottingham 24/7 Public
0DB527BF-FC93-4961-BCDA-AF6500E85E98 NG8 4GB Royal Mail Glaisdale Parkway Do, Unit 14 Glaisdale Point, Glaisdale Parkway Variable Restricted
1D91FD69-674B-4891-8129-AEE40073EDC2 NG8 4GP Eight Days A Week Print Solutions Limited, Unit 1 Glaisdale Point, Glaisdale Parkway Variable Restricted
9A5F89D9-273C-4A70-A973-B05200AC48EF NG8 4GP Inspire Culture Learning And Libraries, Unit 4-5, Glaisdale Business Centre, Glaisdale Parkway Variable Restricted
CF9CE42C-DF2B-4983-828B-AEB40096DAD1 NG8 4GP Agilitas It Solutions Limited, 6 Glaisdale Parkway, Nottingham Variable Restricted
89D01FBF-F742-423E-A90F-F665B3BE33B9 NG8 4JJ Plastic Strapping Co Ltd, 21 Glaisdale Dr East, Bilborough Variable Restricted
C0ACD3E8-F473-4A94-9BD6-AED800E9D2B8 NG8 4PB Glenbrook Primary And Nursery School, Wigman Road, Nottingham Variable Restricted
4672627E-627E-49D5-8AB3-AE2300CCF32B NG8 5AR David Lloyd - Nottingham, Aspley Lane, Nottingham Variable Restricted
D47EAA1A-A52F-4311-BDE3-ADB400F1B520 NG8 5HL Pavilion Melbourne Park, Melbourne Road, Nottingham 24/7 Public
0DE81572-9EA0-402A-BA5A-AE8A00B86EF1 NG8 6AR Thergis, Bevroren House, The Phoenix Centre, 2 Millennium Way East Variable Restricted
8E102974-DD27-4E36-9731-ADDD007CE91C NG8 6AU Tesco Express, 698 Nuthall Road, Nottingham Variable Public
D0C9F05A-CAC0-472C-AA4F-AEDA00A21B41 NG8 6BA National Education Union, 4 Phoenix Place, Nottingham Variable Restricted
605D6C7C-2C1A-4F7B-BA84-B03000C53689 NG8 6JZ Strelley Social Club, Helston Drive, Nottingham Variable Restricted
CFC0CF18-D812-4B2E-98B1-AFEB00BB33F6 NG8 6PY East Midlands Ambulance Service, Horizon Place, 1 Mellors Way 24/7 Public
3706 NG9 1GR Beeston Central Office, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
BEEB7FC8-3F56-4498-997B-AE1C017D53E2 NG9 1LX Broxtowe United Fc, Weirfields Recreation Ground, Canalside 24/7 Public
5494B3C1-AD16-4F1C-8740-AD9A011FAE55 NG9 1ND Trent Vale Community Sports Association, Trent Vale Road, Beeston Variable Restricted
D4EB8EB6-FE04-4006-93B3-B01500BE0BE1 NG9 1PF Lineside Structure Maintenance Ltd, Lineside Structure Maintenance, Lilac Grove Variable Public
B90C3AE0-E509-4184-8894-ACB100B5E680 NG9 2AR Nottinghamshire County Council, Middle Street Resource Centre, 74 Middle Street 24/7 Public
0DE690FC-81CE-4CF1-B4E9-ACA8009B4F4A NG9 2AT John Clifford Primary School, Nether Street, Beeston 24/7 Public
9F1E5FA3-1A0C-42A3-9174-C6544FB3AFF7 NG9 2FY Beeston Free Church, Salthouse Ln, Beeston Nottingham Variable Restricted
2975 NG9 2GQ Highfields Fire Station, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
17AEDAD5-41A1-4F9A-B674-AE760056AB38 NG9 2JG Puregym, The Square Shopping Centre, Beeston 24/7 Restricted
C10986E6-AF97-426C-BC6E-AEC9010E67B0 NG9 2NH The Pearson Centre For Young People, 2 Nuart Road, Beeston Variable Restricted
6772 NG9 2QS Edwina's Hair Design, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
DFE1DE75-B864-48E0-9759-AFBD0100C10A NG9 2RP Royal Mail Nottingham Mc/Med/Do, Padge Road, Nottingham, Beeston 24/7 Restricted
F7D1D216-8290-4B04-BC5E-AF3B0101E2DE NG9 2RP Royal Mail Nottingham Rtw, Padge Road, Nottingham, Beeston Variable Restricted
8F69A56E-194F-4794-B836-AF5500DFFF93 NG9 2RX Turnpike Lane, Nottingham 24/7 Restricted
04BEB708-AA09-4CD8-98F3-AF1C00899BD6 NG9 2TF 13a Collin's Homes, Derby Road, Beeston 24/7 Public
F1C27C9A-E6C3-409E-8CA5-B5C8F431971C NG9 2WJ Tesco Stores Ltd, 1 Station Rd, Beeston Nottingham Variable Public
6227 NG9 3BZ 5 Bourne Close, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
BB65DB81-0B55-453F-AD6A-AEF500B853F1 NG9 3DA Beeston Fields Golf Club, 7 Old Drive, Beeston Variable Restricted
0FE22033-235B-442E-944A-AFEF00EBD901 NG9 3DU Alderman White Comprehensive School, Chilwell Lane, Bramcote Variable Restricted
999C9AA1-4006-48A0-9034-AFEF00EAE516 NG9 3DU Alderman White Comprehensive School, Chilwell Lane, Bramcote Variable Restricted
3ED5E368-7B55-4AEB-BDE3-AFF900AD8CB5 NG9 3GA Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote Variable Restricted
7D168DCA-1D76-4A33-9B4C-AFF900AAEB78 NG9 3GA Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote Variable Restricted
FA45DF9C-E1E3-4238-9352-AFF900ACE988 NG9 3GA Bramcote College, Moor Lane, Bramcote Variable Restricted
3A32B3ED-997E-4A5D-8B5F-AFC500A3202D NG9 3GE Bramcote Hills Primary School, Moor Lane, Bramcote 24/7 Public
88216B65-3967-44C2-9A20-AFD000F1AE9D NG9 3JT Bramcote Hills Park, Ilkeston Road, Bramcote Variable Public
8C94CFB0-D8D7-4AD1-88BD-AFEB00B927BE NG9 3LF East Midlands Ambulance Service (Stapleford As), Ambulance Station, Ewe Lamb Lane 24/7 Public
CD186104-1D99-4271-8E67-AF0B00A99610 NG9 3QA Trowell Parish Hall, Stapleford Rd, Trowell 24/7 Public
3A3D70E1-97D3-46C8-BEC5-AFF4009AB4E9 NG9 4AT Chilwell Memorial Institute, 129 High Road, Chilwell 24/7 Public
9E99B0A3-BB94-4E34-A5DD-AEC300E79A36 NG9 4BB The Lanes Primary School, The Lanes Primary School, Cator Lane, Beeston, Cator Lane 24/7 Public
AD307BA9-2117-4802-B765-AF5500C5C7D0 NG9 4HU St Barnabas Church, Barn Croft, Chilwell Variable Public
55D3AD43-B153-42CE-B24F-AEF900D1729A NG9 5AA The Lanes Primary School, Meadow Lane Site, The Lanes Primary School, Meadow Lane, Meadow Lane 24/7 Public
D506B141-A9D3-4B71-AD85-274D84D211CD NG9 5AE Meadow Ln, Beeston Nottingham 24/7 Public
A52C3C79-4D2F-45F3-A89B-AFFF00905F16 NG9 5AL Chilwell School, Queens Road West, Chilwell Variable Restricted
B8446AE2-7457-4AAA-BB8D-AFFF009621F7 NG9 5AL Chilwell School, Queens Road West, Chilwell Variable Restricted
C014802B-C77F-4865-A5C9-AFAF00B05654 NG9 5AL Chilwell School, Queens Road West, Chilwell 24/7 Public
E17C6001-D04A-4851-9927-AFFF0098B372 NG9 5AL Lakeview 6th Form, Chilwell School, Queens Road West Variable Restricted
DB5F77BD-4E2E-467C-B997-AFE40132F4FE NG9 5LL 31 Letchworth Crescent, Chilwell, Beeston 24/7 Public
A5329965-173F-4A8A-999F-B04400AE3550 NG9 5NA Eskdale Junior School, Eskdale Drive, Chilwell Variable Restricted
93B7F9B4-A9CB-4448-B19E-AF0B008481AE NG9 6BL Sports Pavilion On Wall Facing Road, Long Lane, Attenborough 24/7 Public
4A64842E-8379-4D5D-A3E2-B018007F22AB NG9 6DH Nottinghamshire Police Workshop, Chilwell Meadows Business Park, Brailsford Way Variable Restricted
0A69F2DB-FADC-46F7-9C0A-ADE901091DE7 NG9 6DP Tesco, 1-3 West Point Shopping Centre, Chilwell Variable Public
413FDED3-3B03-4786-90C2-AF66011C2F93 NG9 6DS Mcdonald's - Chilwell Retail Park, Chilwell Retail Park, Nottingham Road, Attenborough 24/7 Public
9B39A18C-4D53-479E-9955-B00B00913707 NG9 6DZ 2bm, 2bm Unit 33 Eldon Business Par, Eldon Road, Chilwell Variable Restricted
AE940972-03B6-4BDC-9704-AD7C01000E61 NG9 6EL 63 High Road, Toton 24/7 Public
47BE3A48-6B38-430A-843B-AFB200C122F7 NG9 6FW Chetwynd Spencer Academy, Chetwynd Road, Toton 24/7 Public
C61A0344-13F5-4E28-9E18-B04900B42B4E NG9 6GJ School Office, Bispham Drive Junior School, Bispham Drive Variable Public
593437B0-8C7C-45B7-8E5B-AE5900B28DCB NG9 6QX Tesco, Swiney Way, Toton 24/7 Public
642CD1E0-F64E-4238-BD44-AFF90067F8E8 NG9 7EW George Spencer Academy, Arthur Mee Road, Stapleford Variable Public
13F77E7C-DC1A-4633-AA22-B07301002D5A NG9 8BD Wadsworth Fields Primary School, Wadsworth Road, Stapleford Variable Restricted
FE6060E8-782D-4914-BFF1-AC6800F54835 NG9 8GD Old Mill Club, Mill Road, Stapleford 24/7 Public
F9E07B24-615E-4B75-90A7-AE1E0042C4A0 NG9 8PB Pavilion Hickings Lane Recreation Ground, Hickings Lane, Stapleford 24/7 Public
788D6D3F-6D3B-4962-961F-B08500B830A4 NG90 6BH Exponent Defib., D6, Medicity, Thane Road Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 46 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n411104636 inside red phone box, Whaley
MZ n480298118 CHT-14-1260 inside red phonebox at junction of Middle Street and Rutland Square, Barkestone
MZ n665607998 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Dorrington
MZ n1488807457 inside phone box on Washdyke Lane, Leasingham
MZ n1809031075 inside old red phone box by the car park by the hall in Wollaton Park
MZ n2376879510 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Linby
MZ n2804167765 Barton Village Hall
MZ n2950764328 inside red phone box, Main Street, Bothamsall Bothamsall Parish Council
MZ n3340916166
MZ n3642822479 inside old red phone box, High |Street, Newton on Trent
MZ n3726676958
MZ n3818004461 inside old red phone box (now used as book swap), Top Street, East Drayton - opposite village hall
MZ n4211587389
MZ n4497501789
MZ n4606210520 Grantham Station, platform 1, just to the right of the Costa Coffee kiosk.
MZ n4776667639
MZ n4804778701 CHT-10-226
MZ n5160723677
MZ n5292592096 On right-hand side of foyer, just inside the main entrance of the Mathemtical Sciences building.
MZ n5410286390 Call 999. Code
MZ n5410353816
MZ n5647855248
MZ n6071241990
MZ n6227358623
MZ n6227358624
MZ n6515284113
MZ n7051456014 On the outside wall of Bainbridge Hall. By the entrance.
MZ n7648448465
MZ n7716906909
MZ n7717670286
MZ n7722346613
MZ n7833116493
MZ n8571427510 On outside wall.
MZ n8895946929 AK06 inside red phone box in Holme at western end of Langford Road
MZ n8896201836 CHT-13-603 inside red phone box, Main Street, Bathley
MZ n9043691503 inside red phone box, The Turnpike, Halam - opposite school
MZ n9043935959 inside red phone box, Norwell Woodhouse
MZ n9043954430 inside red phone box, Main Street, Eakring
MZ n9338555272 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Frisby on the Wreak
MZ n9736030267 outside Canwick Village Hall - to right of entrance
MZ n9802174091
MZ n10083300104
MZ n10671165830 On exterior wall of clubhouse, on tennis side NHS - Ambulance service
MZ n10831394918
MZ n10959630864 On inner wall of entrance porch
MZ n11188163522

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 177 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
42 NG13 9PY Village Hall, Nottinghamshire n4204539319 6 m
50 NG25 0UT Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n8975758753 inside red phone box, Main Street, Morton - opposite Full Moon Pub 9 m
59 NG33 5EU Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n979677506 inside red phone box, Middle Street, Skillington 59 m
118 NG12 3FD Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n469456988 inside old red phone box, School Lane , Colston Bassett 5 m
150 NG11 0AW Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n705433144 inside old red phone box, Thrumpton 105 m
180 NG34 0TD Village Hall, Lincolnshire n9403399105 outside Pickworth Village Hall 60 m
233 NG13 9QA Side of Barn, Nottinghamshire n4204539518 16 m
242 NG33 4HW Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403270165 inside old red phone box on The Green, Humby 5 m
292 NG13 0FB Village Hall, Leicestershire n10141853971 outside village hall 177 m
329 NG14 6AE Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n406676067 inside red phone box at junction of Chapel Lane and Main Street, Epperstone 7 m
336 NG12 3JG Cotgrave Futures Building, Nottinghamshire n3659546362 201 m
346 NG12 5QD Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n3379614896 Within an old K6 telephone kiosk on Main Street 2 m
483 NG11 0AA Village Hall, Nottinghamshire n9402422150 5 m
503 NG13 9BQ Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n299140148 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Scarrington 1 m
530 NG12 2FB The Grange Hall, Nottinghamshire n3702059771 4 m
552 NG23 6PF Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n3740777646 in telephone box, Main Street, Sutton on Trent 58 m
563 NG5 7EL Methodist Church, Nottinghamshire n3465862318 4 m
579 NG33 5NU Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n988304508 inside old phone box in Woolsthorpe 3 m
600 NG24 3RS Village Hall, Nottinghamshire n9609958057 3 m
602 NG34 0SZ Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403284912 behind the wooden door around the corner from the red phone box by College Farm in Braceby 40 m
603 NG34 0TB Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n3256441310 inside red phone box, Sapperton 3 m
610 NG23 5DJ Sports Pavilion, Lincolnshire n10083300090 7 m
613 NG6 8TQ Post Office and Stores, Nottinghamshire n3452274606 7 m
616 NG32 1BX Reading Room, Lincolnshire n10112284588 100 m
618 NG5 6JG Victory Club, Nottinghamshire n3465856950 4 m
633 NG32 2HH Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403693569 inside phone box, Main Street, Marston 77 m
634 NG23 5BA Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n10083180051 inside old phone box next to Claypole VIllage Hall 4 m
647 NG11 0HE Cricket Pavilion, Nottinghamshire n4124587177 73 m
659 NG16 1HS Victoria WI Institute, Nottinghamshire n3354944288 outside Watnall WI Hall, Main Road, Watnall 33 m
719 NG11 6HA St Peters Rooms, Nottinghamshire n3669370036 58 m
722 NG11 6NX Elms Park Pavilion, Nottinghamshire n3666510759 102 m
791 NG32 2AZ Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n815305794 inside old red telephone box in Hough on the Hill 7 m
793 NG10 2FZ Nottingham Yacht Club, Nottinghamshire n3332514860 12 m
805 NG14 6EA Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n9043943516 inside red phone box, Main Street, Woodborough 182 m
807 NG34 9BA Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9222511298 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchange), by Fen Road bus stop on Main Road, Little 47 m
939 NG11 6PB Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n2184667152 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Bradmore 2 m
950 NG12 5JT Telelephone Box, Nottinghamshire n2083441516 inside old red phone box, Keyworth 5 m
958 NG32 2NB Barkston C of E Primary School, Lincolnshire n10117270278 8 m
971 NG24 1DU Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n5047100124 inside red phone box off Market Place near Sir John Arderne pub 22 m
976 NG13 8PA On Roadside Wall, Next to Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n4173555845 next to red phone box, Main Street, East Bridgford 3 m
977 NG32 3AJ Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n8465174761 in red phone box in Kelby 77 m
978 NG32 3NH Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9423752850 insideold red phone box in Culverthorpe 23 m
999 NG23 6SS Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n2772462557 inside red phone box, Main Street, Weston 48 m
1107 NG13 8AP Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n4100856884 inside old red phone box, Market Place, Bingham 3 m
1113 NG12 1AW Westcliffe Care Home, Nottinghamshire n4173018150 26 m
1203 NG14 7GH Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n8975686401 inside red phone box that is now used as book exchange, Main Street in Bleasby 62 m
1207 NG34 9PH Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9591978822 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Ewerby - opposite Finch Hatton Arms 5 m
1269 NG11 0LR Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n693401017 in red phone box on The Green, Kingston on Soar 43 m
1275 NG11 0HZ Garage, Nottinghamshire n4124587150 4 m
1480 NG23 5DB Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n815200718 inside old red phone box, Stubton 4 m
1487 NG32 2AE Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403565845 inside old red phone box in Gelston 3 m
1568 NG12 5QS Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n390280989 inside red phone box, Main Street, Wysall 31 m
1758 NG22 9LP Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n2836711124 inside telephone box 4 m
1808 NG16 2QQ Parish Council Office, Nottinghamshire n11337895241 52 m
1809 NG16 2SN Cutz Hairdressing and Londis, Nottinghamshire n3352603459 13 m
1816 NG18 1HP Bus Station, Nottinghamshire n5494705411 31 m
1819 NG31 8JP Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n1102497672 inside old phone box in Great Gonerby 16 m
1887 NG22 0BS Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n1596398429 inside red phone box, by church, Maplebeck 41 m
2159 NG32 2JU Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403799961 inside phone box, Main Street, Foaton 2 m
2168 NG24 1TN Odeon Cinema, Nottinghamshire n10967321207 2 m
2405 NG32 2AP Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n7968869535 In a converted red phone box, Brandon 5 m
2799 NG2 6LS Willow Tree Public House, Nottinghamshire n6312866719 15 m
2868 NG5 6JR Arnold Fire Station, Nottinghamshire n3603795692 124 m
2942 NG32 1LX Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403282637 inside old red phone box near village hall in Woolsthorpe by Belvoir 145 m
2984 NG9 8DL Fire Station, Nottinghamshire n6940318267 8 m
3083 NG24 2SD Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n8895841648 inside red phone box on corner of Back Lane, Barnby in the Willows 10 m
3087 NG14 5EX Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n802093540 inside phone box, Main Street, Burton Joyce 7 m
3241 NG19 7PA Telephone Box, Derbyshire n310674913 inside phone box 12 m
3282 NG34 9RF Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403830647 inside old red phone box, Church Street, Heckington 1 m
4044 NG23 5HU Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n9403552182 inside phone box next to Wheatsheaf pub in Dry Doddingham 3 m
4439 NG13 9DB Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n8690710343 inside old red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) on Town Street, Hawksworth 3 m
4472 NG33 4BJ Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9290330977 inside telephone box at corner of Paddock Close and High Street, Ropsley 8 m
5255 NG13 9HE Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n415955890 inside red telephone box by Unicorns head on Main Street, Langer cum Barnstone 2 m
5256 NG13 9JP Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n462969642 inside red phone box, by junction of Main Road and Works Lane in Barnstone 3 m
5420 NG31 6LH The George Shopping Centre, Lincolnshire n10086428170 6 m
5422 NG23 5JH Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n9382197526 inside old red phone box, Shelton 2 m
5487 NG11 0EB Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n693401096 inside old phone box n Ratcliffe-on-Soar 2 m
5558 NG33 5EB Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n9403302423 inside old red phonebox, Stoke Rochford 6 m
5921 NG32 2JD Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n1661663590 inside old red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) in Hougham 3 m
6487 NG32 1LP Telephone Box, Lincolnshire n3917301550 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Denton 4 m
6495 NG12 3BY Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n2431346347 inside old red phone box, Church Street, Cropwell Bishop 5 m
6524 NG12 5GW Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n477565318 inside old red phone box outside Pear Tree pub, Keyworth 2 m
7060 NG9 8BQ Stapleford Public Toilets at the Roach, Nottinghamshire n2879510636 82 m
7756 NG1 3QA Outside Victoria Centre, Nottinghamshire n6231262160 110 m
7898 NG1 3GQ Outside Broadmarsh, Nottinghamshire n7252670128 141 m
7915 NG1 3EN Outside TK Maxx, Nottinghamshire n10181569278 7 m
8118 NG13 9DS Telephone Box, Nottinghamshire n10218290880 inside old red phone box in Thoroton 1 m
00FCCACE-12E5-46EA-8A0F-15800A9528C1 NG33 4NW Methodist Chapel, Station Rd, Corby Glen Grantham n9222448756 16 m
052546B3-2D8A-4C02-8C61-7B564DAF7EFE NG9 8PA Co-Op - Hickings Lane, Hickings Ln, Stapleford Nottingham n4365420514 13 m
072A6A6D-2C32-4F8D-8983-FC9531B75D44 NG22 0HF K6 Phonebox, Village Green, Public Telephone 39m From The Ark, Kirton Road 11m From Laxton Road, Laxton Road n989228975 inside red phone box at junction of Kirkton and Laxton Roads in Egmanton 10 m
0736DB3D-5BC8-4BEA-9E65-AEC700EEBE33 NG12 3FD Public Telephone 23m From School Lane Farm House, School Lane 4m From School Lane, School Lane, Colston Bassett n469456988 inside old red phone box, School Lane , Colston Bassett 2 m
080B0F0B-E9F2-4E9B-9545-B02B01226F58 NG11 0HE Gotham Cricket Pavilion, Nottingham Road, Gotham, Gotham n4124587177 73 m
0AB0DDD7-3402-413D-9DB1-AF1000AFC66F NG6 8QH Jolly Notts Asian Food, 5 Main St, Nottingham n3388067000 3 m
10F61B17-A7F5-4204-A5FA-ACB43700B038 NG12 4FW Next To The Red Telephone Kiosk On, Tollerton Ln, Tollerton Nottingham n8975697094 inside red phone box by entrance to churchyard (opposite war memorial), Tollerton 11 m
11446D28-3C1E-4108-B2CB-0C80B9B5EB27 NG9 5EG Co-Op Funeral - High Road, Central England Co-Operative Funeralcare - Chilwell, 404 High Rd n5646072358 7 m
148CF731-12B4-4985-AC64-AB78010EF852 NG13 9QA Sutton Lane, Granby n4204539518 76 m
14B5F318-96BA-4557-812A-4E342FA67246 NG32 3BH Normanton-On-Cliffe & Carlton Scroop Parish Council, Main St, Normanton Grantham n9290361846 inside red phone box, near church, Normanton 12 m
16C78528-82B3-4030-A3CF-9244DE91BF52 NG14 7FB Tom Browns, Trentside, Gunthorpe Nottingham n9796976018 outside Tom Browns Restaurant, Gunthorpe 20 m
16FD5269-8DA2-4C06-A4F3-8C2B9C89D5C4 NG16 2RW 59 Church Ln, Cossall Nottingham n676303762 inside red phone box, Church Lane, Cossall 21 m
19C81F25-7C9C-4625-9578-73B76E273E3D NG1 2DZ Primark, 6-12 Long Row, Nottingham n2955655315 30 m
1A16BD65-27E7-46AE-9B18-875AFF802F06 NG2 5BE The Lady Bay Ph, 89 Trent Boulevard, West Bridgford Nottingham n11169923720 10 m
1A5CC6AD-D7EF-4BDD-855B-D3A1E8C7CE74 NG33 5QB South Witham Village Shop, 14 High St, South Witham n9747557112 outside South Witham Village Shop, south end of Water Lane, South Witham 14 m
1B3EDAD7-AEE8-407A-B8B3-AB7200AD6BC0 NG34 7SD Market Superintendants Office, 1 Market Place, Sleaford n10138886496 next to telephone boxes in Sleaford Market Place 70 m
1CEC1070-0DF9-46A2-B976-32D97786559F NG9 7AZ West End Club, 233-237 Derby Rd, Stapleford Nottingham n4366992531 outside West End Club on Brookhill Street 6 m
1DF451D2-FAF1-47CD-B641-B2F74903E5D9 NG32 1PW Telephone Box, Denton Ln, Harston Grantham n3937682467 inside red phone box, Main Street, Harstone 20 m
22AFE0B0-989D-4E5C-9D7A-B03F00EB1DD4 NG22 0BS K6 Telephone Kiosk 211, Main Street, Maplebeck n1596398429 inside red phone box, by church, Maplebeck 12 m
25A12FDF-5AF8-4917-BC21-0F6A010B9212 NG34 0NA St Gilbert Primary School, West Road, Pointon n10080578533 31 m
28593042-CC82-49EC-BC77-AF4F00AEBAB0 NG24 3RS Fernwood Community Centre, Rubys Avenue, Fernwood n9609958057 22 m
289DE9EB-82AF-4A2E-A94D-7795254A7099 NG31 9SB Tailored Hair, 99 Sunningdale, Grantham n10107206957 6 m
2B2EDB2D-FFB1-49C8-B260-ADB900F81AD7 NG10 3JW Long Eaton Cricket Club West Park, Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton n6695703649 49 m
2C4BEE89-0661-420E-B94C-1710621E7358 NG10 5FJ Sandiacre Library, Doncaster Av, Sandiacre Nottingham n7847726571 19 m
2F4F9CD4-D33E-45BC-8DF6-AFD6013572DE NG14 6AE Epperstone Telephone Box, Shelter 20m From Corner Cottage, Chapel Lane 9m From Main Street, Main Street n406676067 inside red phone box at junction of Chapel Lane and Main Street, Epperstone 5 m
3163489E-DE75-4A23-9E83-B04300ABC250 NG12 1AW Westcliffe Care Home 78 Shelford Road, Radcliffe On Trent n4173018150 27 m
3451CA78-DEDD-4F0C-A8EB-82BDE3AFA1C4 NG23 6JE The Telephone Kiosk Outside Norwell Motors, Great North Rd, Cromwell Newark n8895952682 inside red phone box in Cromwell 32 m
39795B61-8CD5-416E-9748-B03400AFA595 NG32 2NB Barkston And Syston Church Of England School, Church Street, Barkston n10117270278 9 m
3B3C81A3-33DC-4C5F-87FB-7A334A535389 NG9 1EH Beeston Methodist Church, Chilwell Rd, Beeston Nottingham n7094081177 12 m
3CCB3BAE-8386-4EA9-A18E-AE8100CEE293 NG11 6HW Ruddington Baptist Church, 62 Musters Road, Ruddington n9883692968 11 m
3DFEBAF4-9404-4637-988D-ACA800BCD486 NG10 1BD Derbyshire Fire And Rescue Service, Long Eaton Fire Station, Tamworth Road n4328402425 87 m
3F6D4F15-273A-44EE-BFB3-AD5100B4A686 NG13 0FB Village Hall, 4 Main Street, Muston n10141853971 outside village hall 5 m
484973FF-D948-4390-9E82-ADCD00B7DA9E NG22 0RS Electricity Substation Off, Town Street, Askham n4398289697 inside red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Askham 6 m
4DF66BD7-1C87-43A3-AF38-A415405A2E7E NG12 3BQ Cropwell Bishop Creamery, Nottingham Rd, Cropwell Bishop Nottingham n4161901604 52 m
4E78D2A4-E5F8-4C2D-930E-E281E04DE84E NG34 9RA Lincoln Co-Operative Society Ltd, 1 High St, Heckington Sleaford n9592015639 outside Co-op in Hecklington - facing High Street 13 m
50037938-4684-4E8F-85E3-B05900CCA7BD NG24 1DU Newark Market Place, Public Telephone 61m From Santander Uk Plc, 44 Market Place 16m From Unnamed Road, Market Place n5047100124 inside red phone box off Market Place near Sir John Arderne pub 1 m
50BB8E79-44E7-4E8A-97A6-AFFD00A47F47 NG13 9BQ Scarrington Village Phone Box, The Phone Box, Main Street n299140148 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Scarrington 7 m
51420322-FE6C-48AE-B125-624978D27B8F NG14 5HT In The Telephone Box Facing The Village Green, Telephone Box, Opposite Stanhope Cr, Stoke Bardolph n3424148495 inside red phone box, Stoke Lane, Stoke Bardolph 30 m
534ABD6B-E2DF-4A99-9117-AC7900C6E80A NG31 7SR Thames Road Community Centre, 147 Thames Road, Grantham n10103350798 3 m
63E17096-4315-46F4-9AEA-B0A400945F72 NG7 6AQ West Notts Club (Nasra), 25 Noel Street, Nottingham n11204399817 44 m
6728BD51-8B4A-4A17-A44F-AF0B008493A1 NG9 8AA The Meeting Place, 22-26 Nottingham Road, Stapleford n2879510636 29 m
69105724-B0D5-499C-AF9B-AF4000CF91E1 NG16 3NP Eastwood Town Council, 120c Nottingham Road, Eastwood n5339747315 11 m
69216978-7937-47F7-B650-91659D390888 NG23 6RQ The Crown, South St, Normanton On Trent Newark n3742032588 6 m
6DB0D8F1-4E92-4B73-893D-AE2500A61FBE NG9 1DY Co-Op - Wilmot Lane, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Beeston, 1 Wilmot Lane n7754355007 11 m
6DEFAB54-CF89-409F-A43E-AC950110C98F NG32 3RY Ancaster Parish Council, Telephone Box, 1 Main Street n9290538235 inside red phone box, Sudbrook 12 m
707C9AFF-1988-4EE5-8EF5-AF090160C633 NG12 3AB Sheldon Field, The Sheldon Field, Cropwell Butler n2431306163 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Cropwell Butler 31 m
768AAD49-1063-4981-81A8-08476980DE15 NG12 4EA Tollerton Methodist Church, Stanstead Avenue, Tollerton n7707205210 by entrance to Tollerton Parish Rooms (near book exchange in red phone box) 54 m
7B02B20E-A1F8-4661-A46A-AF0B00AA0AD1 NG5 6AA Appollo Windows, Mansfield Rd, Daybrook n3603795692 34 m
7B3CD8A8-277B-4B03-A9D4-ADDC0095EB16 NG1 4DB Centre Management, Unit Lg3 The Cornerhouse, Burton Street n6231262164 16 m
7D8D52C7-383C-4116-B7B3-84CA020562CD NG23 6AF The Telephone Kiosk On, Norwell Rd, Caunton Newark n1735331412 inside red phone box, junction of Norwell Road and Main Street, Caunton 16 m
7E04A275-352B-4AB6-8A39-AF34009AACB1 NG31 8JP Great Gonerby Parish Council, Great Gonerby Post Office, 14 High Street n1102497672 inside old phone box in Great Gonerby 9 m
81B56A7F-1766-48E8-ABAD-AF0B00A9EF70 NG9 6AU Attenborough Cricket Club, The Strand, Attenborough n4441077403 77 m
8B3144BD-D6AE-4616-9ECD-B033008EDA44 NG23 5DB Stubton Telephone Box, Public Telephone 26m From Home Farm, Fenton Road 6m From Fenton Road, Fenton Road n815200718 inside old red phone box, Stubton 4 m
8F0C328B-1D24-4643-8CF9-ABF3008169F8 NG31 6PB Conduit Lane Toilets, Conduit Lane, Grantham n10087254950 26 m
938949C9-74BD-4D69-8E89-815B61719E4A NG16 2GS Co-Op - Nottingham Road, Central England Co-Operative - Giltbrook, 519 Nottingham Rd n5339747648 8 m
963176DB-6D91-452F-802D-AC1000D714B6 NG31 6QS Riverside Complex, Welham Street, Grantham n10096214283 86 m
9C19CFC0-69FC-4D0F-9D12-AF6300CCB5E2 NG15 8FB Papplewick Parish Council, Papplewick And Linby Village Hall, Linby Lane n3679456325 10 m
A159A4B9-A470-44BE-9029-AF1000B64236 NG10 2EE Erewash Indoor Bowls Club, Station Rd, Long Eaton n3306655723 84 m
A421D6EA-D37F-4663-BA0E-83F2CA9B87A5 NG31 8BL Grantham Masonic Centre Faraday House, Chambers St, Grantham n10103980503 19 m
A4A0B0B2-B550-4428-9F95-AC700138ED6B NG13 8JN Screveton Parish Meeting, Opposite The Forge, Lodge Lane n4176918005 inside old red phone box, Screveton 30 m
A7097B2A-08D0-4B4D-9596-B03800C6DD73 NG32 2JD Phone Box, Public Telephone 18m From Paddock Cottage, Main Street 4m From Main Street, Main Street n1661663590 inside old red phone box (that is now used as a book exchange) in Hougham 2 m
AFC2D44A-C938-4458-8B81-AFC700BBD7B8 NG2 5GR 26a Central Avenue, West Bridgford n9804561918 10 m
B38129C3-2922-433C-9701-AF1000B706EE NG10 3FR Sawley Community Hall, Draycott Rd, Sawley n5873644964 74 m
BB401F08-B30B-4233-8175-ADE100CA43E5 NG17 3HJ Outside Teversal Football Club, Carnarvon Street, Teversal n8162479245 On outside wall. 23 m
BC47B15B-0AAE-4353-8F3E-994A62CFDC97 NG32 1HB Village Hall, Church St, Harlaxton Grantham n6418468211 on exterior wall of Harlaxton Village Hall, under the porch just to the left of the main entrance. 52 m
BE66274C-FC01-4678-A526-AB7600C806E2 NG23 5SE Telephone Bo Corner Of Staythorpe Road, Rolleston n333269950 inside red phone box (that is now used as information centre) at junction of Station Road and Fisker 11 m
C3E7B0D9-5F2C-4089-8982-545BCBF24614 NG16 2FE Horse & Groom, Moorgreen, Newthorpe Nottingham n5373565901 12 m
C930E56B-526A-43F9-859F-AB8300DA9A34 NG17 7AL Ashfield District Council, Ellis Street, Kirkby In Ashfield n5248666293 22 m
C97B6435-7C0B-40E3-8345-AE2800D0D869 NG16 2JJ 23 Cliff Boulevard, Kimberley n1149743335 inside old red phone box, Cliff Boulevard, Kimberley 47 m
D14446A9-8589-4AF6-81B3-AB6F00E2B665 NG3 5LG Top Tub Laundry, 13 Plains Road, Mapperley n6126367916 46 m
D18C3025-DC4B-46F3-BF4C-AF0B0094A37A NG1 1JS Bistro Live, 2 Barker Gate, Nottingham n4470583621 44 m
D341C5CC-E4D0-492D-A002-DCAE68E5AD3D NG9 6AB Lucy & Vincent Brown Village Hall, Attenborough Ln, Beeston Nottingham n4454083894 16 m
D3A70234-10D1-445B-A79B-AB71010120DF NG17 3JN Friends Of Teversal, Telephone Box, Buttery Lane n310671417 inside red phone box, at junction of Buttery Lane and Pleasley Road, Teversal 25 m
D4BF89A6-955E-41AB-A7CB-AB6E00E6B7CC NG1 1EQ Confetti Media Group, Antenna Creative Business Centre, 15 Beck Street n6611447954 25 m
D80D998E-528F-406F-B130-772A41435410 NG16 5BY Brinsley Parish Council, Cordy Ln, Brinsley Nottingham n4318477156 Brinsley Parish Hall 48 m
E4143F83-A2E5-4C72-AA58-9834013558B4 NG34 9JW The Mill, 6 Hale Road, Heckington n9234079193 outside Heckington windmill 24 m
E43C9514-1B8F-496E-A76B-7EAA6A778AE5 NG31 6QZ Christchurch L.e.p, Finkin St, Grantham n10096214282 17 m
E7D7E0FE-8A95-40C6-97C1-AF0B00AA0E5D NG12 3HQ Rose & Crown, Main Rd, Cotgrave n3659547138 39 m
E7E07EA7-4ED0-46C5-8692-AF0B00949E6F NG1 7AB Hounds Gate, Hounds Gate Court, 14 Hounds Gate n2750738015 17 m
E7F516DB-421D-433E-A2F1-B1D896ACE4F9 NG32 1RW Telephone Kiosk Outside The Post Office, Main St, Knipton Grantham n9130049614 inside red phone box next to post office, main Street, Knipton 8 m
EEEFE5E3-D5F1-415F-9585-6EB6BD4C06F0 NG34 0AX Bt Phone Kiosk, Laundon Rd, Threekingham Sleaford n832840481 inside telephone box near church in Threekingham 14 m
EFA36348-EBB6-499B-AC3B-B05200AB146A NG24 1UW Newark Library, Beaumond Gardens, London Road n10967321207 60 m
F127B847-AC05-4D75-AEFC-B07B009CF5C3 NG12 3EL Kinoulton Primary School, Main Street, Kinoulton n4374788932 70 m
F216F476-B91F-4E65-9FE6-AF0B00AA01B8 NG12 2BE The Horse Chestnut P/H, Main Rd, Radcliffe On Trent n3880494412 76 m
F3FBE904-85B4-4E39-99CE-AF0B00A9F896 NG16 2PB Ecig & Cbd Store, 45 Greens Ln, Kimberley n3326394061 61 m
F43B86C6-BA8B-4EF3-86BD-F5A90D922D02 NG16 2UD Sunny Take Away, 77 Smithurst Rd, Giltbrook Nottingham n5393785888 5 m
F51DB349-65AA-4B90-B282-79ACE23CB15E NG9 3HD Bramcote Memorial Hall, 14 Church St, Bramcote Nottingham n4374812780 23 m
F95D1BF4-30F9-45FD-8CA3-AF0B00A9B638 NG17 3EE Skegby Family Practice, Mansfield Rd, Sutton In Ashfield n4277539690 16 m
FD6B20BB-B2A8-444E-A300-AE4700793DD9 NG5 8AA Tesco, Tesco Express, 75-79 Howbeck Road n3466384685 8 m
FE3F1F3C-2E5A-4329-AB84-AECF00DE6CED NG1 3QA John Lewis, Unit 109 Victoria Centre, Victoria Centre Upper Mall North To South n6231262160 46 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 16 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
E191F32F-F673-4437-85EC-B03C01243185 NG11 0AY The Buildings, Church Lane, Thrumpton n705433144 inside old red phone box, Thrumpton 111 m
3F249C1A-30DD-4500-A290-AF1000B7267A NG1 3FN Golden Fleece, 105 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham n2972025513 142 m
131AA3F4-B6F6-4493-9853-AFFD00D1F189 NG16 2SN Outside Cutz Hairdressing And Londis, 19 Lawrence Avenue, Awsworth n3352603459 97 m
A6E14458-5D78-47E5-8857-AF0B00AA2246 NG4 4QB Woodlark Inn, Church St, Lambley n3427656158 135 m
470D37B0-0CD5-4A21-ACBC-AF1000B6469B NG15 7RA The Royal British Legion, Beardall St, Hucknall n3499527524 136 m
C92B5C27-3579-40A0-9346-AF0B00AA1226 NG4 1JE The Orchard Fruit & Veg Shop, 323a Carlton Hill, Carlton n3582028137 90 m
2C00BF41-D389-4535-B7AB-B04300A6872E NG12 2FB Grange Hall, Vicarage Lane, Radcliffe On Trent n3702059771 25 m
F11231C7-F779-450A-B530-ADE500BE9B59 NG24 1BG Castle Gate B6166, Newark On Trent n9353739914 113 m
D31461B2-A7CF-4562-B3AE-AB7200C8C435 NG34 9PJ The Bt Telephone Box, Main Street, Ewerby n9591978822 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Ewerby - opposite Finch Hatton Arms 185 m
38D7F995-43D0-4881-BF8F-AF0B00910482 NG11 7EB Silverdale Community Centre, The Downs, Nottingham n9761203142 232 m
AB7880F2-B62E-40C4-9162-AF0B00A21784 NG34 0QD Billingborough Fire Station, Fire Stn, Billingborough, High St n10080624144 Wall of Billingborough Fire Station on High Street 305 m
3C2D00AE-368C-4EB7-A0C1-AF71007D3AFD NG1 3EN Nottingham Advertising Kiosk, Outside Tk Maxx, 35 Milton Street n10181569278 105 m
EB5DAC2F-E8D5-486B-8B80-AFF50104E8A3 NG13 9DS Thoroton Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Main Street n10218290880 inside old red phone box in Thoroton 158 m
26C6CB13-E45C-4E80-8CFA-AEFB010827DF NG13 8AH Bingham Bowls Club, The Dovecote, Long Acre n11065878820 outside Bingham Bowling Club 12 m
16BEC983-DAC0-473E-8091-AF0B00AA17C0 NG4 2NN St Georges Centre, 91 Victoria Rd, Netherfield n11249025694 58 m
81A0864A-D4E0-463D-A80F-AFFD00D01D83 NG16 2QQ Parish Council Office, The Lane, Awsworth n11337895241 90 m

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