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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'NR' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each Ambulence Service location for an OSM amenity=defibrillator object with a matching postcode, with 2km of the postcode centroid. If any are found the nearest such object is matched. Then we go through all unmatched Ambulence Service locations, and look for any unmatched amenity=defibrillator OSM objects within 150m. If any are found, the hearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated, but with an increased distance limit of 500m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs, or an EAD is a long way from its postcode centriod, they may not be matched correctly.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Locality Ref
NR13 3AT Acle Bridge Inn Acle
NR13 3ER Acle High School Acle
NR13 3BY East of England Co-op Foodstore Acle
NR13 3AS Northern Rivers Sailing Club Acle Bridge
NR11 7NN Community Centre Aldborough
NR14 7NH The Primary School Alpington
NR14 7NU The Village Hall Alpington
NR11 6UJ Aylsham Football Club Aylsham
NR11 6JH Aylsham Lodge Hotel Aylsham
NR11 6BX The Fire Station Aylsham
NR11 6EL The Town Hall Aylsham
NR12 0ES The Village Hall Bacton
NR10 5LG Thorougoods Store Badersfield
NR21 0NL Old Brick Kilns Caravan Park Barney
NR21 0AD Yew Tree Farm Barney
NR11 7DY The Barningham Crown Public House Barningham
NR34 7TD Ellough Industrial Estate Beccles
NR34 8LY The Old Telephone Box Beccles
NR13 3LB The Village Hall Beighton
NR12 8XA Belaugh Boatyard Belaugh
NR31 9JG The John Green Institute Belton
NR31 9JT The Kings Head Public House Belton
NR21 0AL The Chequers Inn Public House Binham
NR13 4DS Blofield United Football Club Blofield
NR13 4QH Heathlands Social Club Blofield Heath
NR13 4SQ Snelling TV Blofield Heath
NR32 5AH The Plough Inn Public House Blundeston
NR25 6AD The Village Hall Bodham
NR31 8QN Costcutter/ Bradwell Post Office Bradwell
NR31 8QG Leo Coles Pavilion Bradwell
NR31 8JU Phoenix Pool & Gym Bradwell
NR31 8HS The Mill Lane Centre Bradwell
NR31 8PS The Sun Inn Public House Bradwell
NR34 8EQ The Village Hall Brampton
NR24 2QB The Old Telephone Box Briningham
NR20 5LR The Village Hall Brisley
NR24 2LE Graves Butchers Briston
NR15 1AB The Village Hall Brooke
NR13 5AA Co -op and Post office Brundall
NR13 5AR McDonalds Restaurant Brundall
NR13 5PN Norfolk Yacht Agency Brundall
NR13 5LZ The Rectory Brundall
NR13 5NT The Scout Hut Brundall
NR35 1DQ Beehive Day Nursery Bungay
NR35 1RX Co-Operative Food Bungay
NR35 2BJ Topcroft Pavilion Bungay
NR16 1AB The Old Telephone Box Bunwell
NR16 1SN The Primary School Bunwell
NR31 9QQ The Queens Head Public House Burgh Castle
NR31 9QG The Village Hall Burgh Castle
NR34 0BT Waveney River Centre Burgh St Peter
NR10 5EZ Buxton Primary School Buxton
NR30 5ER Caister Council Hall Caister On Sea
NR30 5DL Caister Council Hall Caister On Sea
NR30 5EH East of England Co-op Foodstore Caister On Sea
NR30 5NJ The Centurion Public House Caister On Sea
NR13 3JB The Village Hall Cantley
NR16 1RW The Primary School Carleton Rode
NR33 8TJ 45 Airedale Carlton Colville
NR33 8BL Carlton Manor Hotel Carlton Colville
NR33 9EJ Co-Operative Food Carlton Colville
NR33 9QS Oven Blitzer Carlton Colville
NR33 8JQ The Methodist Church Carlton Colville
NR10 4ER The Bowls Club Cawston
NR14 6ND The White Horse Public House Chedgrave
NR29 3BL Clippesby Hall Clippesby
NR31 0BB East of England Co-op Foodstore Cobholm
NR31 0AY The Broadland Rugby Club Cobholm
NR21 7AA The Crown Public House Colkirk
NR12 7JN Patteson Lodge Activity Centre Coltishall
NR11 6QD Spar Shop Corpusty
NR32 5HT The Village Hall Corton
NR8 5AH The Costessey Centre Costessey
NR8 5BP West Costessey Hall Costessey
NR4 6RA Fitness Space Norwich Cringleford
NR27 0EX Cromer Lawn Tennis & Squash Club Cromer
NR27 0JR Forest Park Caravan Site Cromer
NR27 0JH Royal Cromer Golf Club Cromer
NR20 3PX Dereham Football Club Dereham
NR28 9PT The Village Hall Dilham
NR35 2RU Bungay Black Dog Running Club Ditchingham
NR35 2RA Ditchingham Stores Ditchingham
NR8 6EF Drayton Junior School Drayton
NR8 6YW John Gale Court Drayton
NR8 6AU Longdale Pavilion Drayton
NR11 8RP Manor Farm Barn East Beckham
NR19 1BX The Baptist Church East Dereham
NR19 2DS The Golf Club East Dereham
NR27 9AB East Runton Newsagents and Tea Room East Runton
NR27 9PX Woodhill Caravan/Camping Park East Runton
NR12 9JG Butchers Arms Public House East Ruston
NR20 3LR The Village Hall East Tuddenham
NR10 4HL The Old Telephone Box Eastgate
NR9 5GA Easton College Easton
NR9 5AD The Village Hall Easton
NR24 2AL The Old Telephone Box Edgefield
NR20 3EJ The Old Telephone Box (Mill Street) Elsing
NR20 3EA The Village Hall Elsing
NR11 7QB The Bowls Club Erpingham
NR21 9EX CP Smith Stoves Fakenham
NR21 8SW Fakenham Town Football Club Fakenham
NR21 8BB The Fire Station Fakenham
NR28 0LD The Village Hall Felmingham
NR10 4AD The Pavilion & Recreation Ground Felthorpe
NR29 3HJ Filby Primary School Filby
NR29 3AA The Post Office Filby
NR29 3HN The Village Hall Filby
NR35 1NU The Old Telephone Box Flixton
NR15 1LX Taswood Fishing Lakes and Tas Valley Cricket Club Flordon
NR16 1LT The Old Telephone Box Forncett St Peter
NR20 5RT The Old Telephone Box Foulsham
NR20 4QS The Village Hall Foxley
NR14 7PZ Manor Farm Barns Framlingham Pigot
NR12 7LL Frettenham Primary School Frettenham
NR11 8HF The Village Hall Gimingham
NR31 7EX 4 Cambridge Avenue Gorleston On Sea
NR31 0PZ Claydon Pavilion Community Centre Gorleston On Sea
NR31 7BJ Co-operative Funeral care Home Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6PU Kingfisher Amateur Boxing Club Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6EY Lawn Bowling Green Hut Gorleston On Sea
NR31 8AP Lynn Grove Academy Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6AG Margo’s Lounge Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6EY NatWest Bank Gorleston On Sea
NR31 8ET Pub On The Shrubs Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6RR Short Blue Free House Gorleston On Sea
NR31 7BP Shrublands Community Centre Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6PJ The Celt Public House Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6PG The Entertainer Freehouse Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6PL The Pier Hotel Gorleston On Sea
NR31 6RR The Short Blue Public House Gorleston On Sea
NR9 3BJ Great Melton Pavilion Great Melton
NR13 5AB The Village Hall Great Plumstead
NR22 6BU Great Walsingham Farm Shops Great Walsingham
NR31 0NB CSS Cloud Great Yarmouth
NR30 1QR Centre 81 Great Yarmouth
NR30 2SH Great Yarmouth Library Great Yarmouth
NR30 4LS Gt. Yarmouth Charter Academy Great Yarmouth
NR30 3JG Merrivale Model Village Great Yarmouth
NR31 0NG Metnor Great Yarmouth
NR30 1BP Northgate Primary School Great Yarmouth
NR30 3EB Peggotty Road Community Centre Great Yarmouth
NR31 0NQ STM Engineering Ltd Great Yarmouth
NR30 1ED Scroby Sands Windfarm Visitors Centre Great Yarmouth
NR30 1EY Smudgers Bar Great Yarmouth
NR30 2PG St Georges Theatre Café Great Yarmouth
NR30 3LL Ted’s Café Great Yarmouth
NR31 0AB The Litchfield Arms Public House Great Yarmouth
NR30 2ER The Marina Centre Great Yarmouth
NR30 1LN The Mariners Public House Great Yarmouth
NR30 3EH The Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth
NR30 1AA The Post Office Sorting Office Great Yarmouth
NR30 1BN The Sportsman Public House Great Yarmouth
NR20 4DT The Reading Room Gressenhall
NR32 4LX Gunton Primary Academy Gunton
NR10 3BQ Hainford Primary School Hainford
NR10 3LX The Village Hall Hainford
NR14 6SX Masala Garden Indian Restaurant Hales
NR13 3BQ The Sports Pavilion Halvergate
NR11 7HN Dear’s Glade Caravan Park Hanworth
NR6 5SR Parish Council Office/Community Centre Hellesdon
NR13 4QB The Old Telephone Box Hemblington
NR15 2NG The Village Hall Hempnall
NR21 7LG The Memorial Hall Hempton
NR29 4NN Carousel Café Hemsby
NR29 4NW Sunningdale Caravan Site (Treasure Island) Hemsby
NR29 4HS The Beach Café Hemsby
NR29 4LH The Primary School Hemsby
NR34 7LG Henstead Country Crafts Centre Henstead
NR34 7LG The Old School Henstead
NR32 5ND Herringfleet Scout Camp Site Herringfleet
NR10 5QL The Old Telephone Box Hevingham
NR10 5NL The Village Hall Hevingham
NR12 0YU Hickling Barn Hickling
NR12 0YE The Methodist Church Hickling
NR25 6RD High Kelling Social Centre High Kelling
NR25 6QT Holt Rugby Club High Kelling
NR20 5DD The Village Hall Hindolveston
NR9 4LS A C Bacon Engineering Ltd Hingham
NR23 1RJ The Car Park Holkham Beach Holkham
NR25 6DN Budgens Store Holt
NR25 6EA Gresham’s School Holt
NR25 6SH Holt Police Station Holt
NR25 6DL Sponge Cakes Ltd Holt
NR9 5BL The Honingham Buck Public House Honingham
NR31 9BX Potters Resort Hopton On Sea
NR31 9BH The Turnstone Public House Hopton On Sea
NR31 9BE The Village Hall Hopton On Sea
NR12 8PS Ferry Marina Reception Office Horning
NR12 8LL Mill Loke Horning
NR12 8PF The New Inn Horning
NR12 8LL The Village Hall Horning
NR10 3AB East of England Co-op Foodstore Horsford
NR10 3LF St Faith Crematorium Horsham St. Faith
NR10 3LB The Surgery Horsham St. Faith
NR10 3JU Trinity Horsham St. Faith
NR24 2AA The Hunny Bell Public House Hunworth
NR34 8HX The Village Hall Ilketshall St Andrew
NR25 7HW Kelling Heath Holiday Park Kelling Heath
NR33 7PP Marram Green Kessingland
NR33 7SB The Sailors Home Public House Kessingland
NR21 0AU The Village Hall Kettlestone
NR14 7DU Hill Farm Kirby Bedon
NR35 2PP FD Harvey Brothers Funeral Kirby Cane
NR35 2HQ The Memorial Hall Kirby Cane
NR28 0AD The Village Hall Knapton
NR25 7AB The Parish Rooms Langham
NR14 6AD The Village Hall Langley With Hardley
NR13 4BW Homelea Residents Centre Lingwood
NR13 5JB The Village Hall Little Plumstead
NR21 0JN The Primary School Little Snoring
NR14 6EX East of England Co-op Foodstore Loddon
NR23 1RU The Clock Tower Longlands Holkham
NR32 5LP The Mardle café Lound
NR32 1XD Christ Church, Church of England Lowestoft
NR33 9RW Co-Operative Food Lowestoft
NR33 0JT Co-operative Food Lowestoft
NR33 0JT Co-operative Funeral Care Lowestoft
NR32 1NY Co-operative Funeral Care Lowestoft
NR32 2QB Jesters Diner Lowestoft Lowestoft
NR33 7LE Kirkley & Pakefield Football Club Lowestoft
NR32 1BL Lloyds Bank Lowestoft
NR32 2QA Lowestoft North Fire Station Lowestoft
NR33 7HS Lowestoft South Community Fire Station Lowestoft
NR32 1LZ Picture Studios Lowestoft
NR32 1XG Sparrows Nest Gardens Lowestoft
NR32 1TW St John Ambulance Training Centre Lowestoft
NR32 2DQ St. Andrews Church Lowestoft Lowestoft
NR33 7NF The Community Church Lowestoft
NR32 2RB The Norman Warrior Public House Lowestoft
NR33 0LZ The Railway Bowels & Social Club Lowestoft
NR32 1HU The Tennis & Cricket Club Lowestoft Lowestoft
NR32 1HH Waveney District Council Offices Lowestoft
NR33 0BS Wellington Esplanade Lowestoft
NR29 5QG The Norfolk Heritage Fleet Trust Ludham
NR29 5QQ Throwers Of Ludham Ludham
NR10 5AE The Old Telephone Box Marsham
NR29 4PA East of England Co-op Foodstore Martham
NR29 4SN The Community Centre Martham
NR11 7AQ The Old Phone Box Matlaske
NR20 3JY South Green Park Enterprise Centre Mattishall
NR20 3QA The Old Telephone Box Mattishall
NR29 3JB The Old Telephone Box Mautby
NR24 2DE The Doctors Surgery Melton Constable
NR18 9SU Village and Sports Hall Morley St Peter
NR25 7BH The Village Hall Morston
NR13 3AP Moulton Nurseries and Plant Centre Moulton St Mary
NR11 8BE Coronation Hall Mundesley
NR11 8DF The Premier Store Mundesley
NR12 8AD The New Victory Hall Neatishead
NR5 0EX East of England Co-op Foodstore New Costessey
NR27 0AA The Foundry Arms Public House North Repps
NR28 9BP Coral Bookmakers North Walsham
NR28 9HG North Walsham Junior School North Walsham
NR28 0HD The Congregational Church North Walsham
NR28 0DB The Orchard Gardens Pub North Walsham
NR28 9DT The Salvation Army hall North Walsham
NR8 6AB 39 The Street Norwich
NR1 1UL Alan Boswell Insurance Brokers Ltd (Harbour House) Norwich
NR2 4DD Anglian Water Norwich
NR2 4TN DMD Instillations Norwich
NR6 6GB Fifers Lane Co-op Food Store Norwich
NR1 2AH Hugh J Boswell Ltd Norwich
NR6 6ED International Aviation Academy Norwich
NR7 0TA JDC Corporate Finance Norwich
NR3 1RB King Street House Norwich
NR7 0HR Price Bailey Norwich
NR3 1AA Rileys Sports Bar Norwich
NR3 4HZ St. Georges RC Church Hall Norwich
NR2 1NY The Garage Norwich
NR2 3UU The Islamic Centre Norwich
NR7 9DL The Open Academy Norwich
NR1 3SJ The Pavilion Norwich
NR3 2RE The Windmill Public House Norwich
NR5 8XZ Valley Primary Academy Norwich
NR2 4HN Wensum Community Centre Norwich
NR6 6EG Hanger E Norwich Airport Norwich Airport
NR29 3BW Burside Holiday Park Oby
NR6 7DR St. Margarets Church Old Catton
NR8 5AG West One Hair Salon Old Costessey
NR29 3QG The Grange Hotel Ormesby St. Margaret
NR29 3SA The Spar Shop Ormesby St. Margaret
NR33 9JS Harbour Master Office Oulton Broad
NR33 9JX St Marks Church Oulton Broad
NR33 8QS The Flying Dutchman Public House Oulton Broad
NR33 8HY The Ivy House Country Hotel Oulton Broad
NR27 0AB The White Horse Public House Overstrand
NR33 7HN Lowestoft Mens Shed Pakefield
NR33 7DB The Church Community Hall Pakefield
NR33 0QG The Toilet Block Pakefield
NR14 7RQ Budgen Stores Poringland
NR13 5HL The Village Hall Postwick
NR29 5LW The Village Hall Potter Heigham
NR13 6PT B.A. Systems Rackheath
NR13 6PD Holy Trinity Church Rackheath
NR13 6SL Rackheath Primary School Rackheath
NR13 6PJ Stacey Playing Field Rackheath
NR13 6AB The Maltsters Public House Ranworth
NR13 3TE Cup Cakes Coffee and Tea Room Reedham
NR13 3HL The Village Hall Reedham
NR10 4JJ The Original Cottage Co. Reepham
NR29 5EU The Old Grey Telephone Box Repps With Bastwick
NR9 4RB The Village Hall Reymerston
NR34 8LS The Old Telephone Box Ringsfield
NR14 7AH The New Inn Public House Rockland St Mary
NR14 7AH The Post Office Stores Rockland St Mary
NR29 5EH The Primary School Rollesby
NR29 5AJ The Village Hall Rollesby
NR11 8SJ The New Inn Roughton
NR29 3EG The Village Hall Runham
NR13 6RH Jubilee Hall Salhouse
NR19 2PF The Village Hall Scarning
NR29 3NW Green Farm Caravan Park Scratby
NR12 0AL Public Conveniences Sea Palling
NR15 1EJ The Village Hall Seething
NR26 8DZ Age UK Day Centre Sheringham
NR26 8QR The British Heart Foundation Sheringham
NR26 8NP The Community Centre Sheringham
NR26 8RG The Tyneside Club Sheringham
NR27 0NH Sidestrand Hall School Sidestrand
NR32 5QW The Marina Somerleyton
NR32 5QB The Village Hall Somerleyton
NR21 9PD The Memorial Pavilion South Creake
NR13 6DQ The Ship Inn South Walsham
NR11 8UL The Social Club Southrepps
NR11 8NP The Vernon Arms Public House Southrepps
NR10 3AF East of England Co-op Foodstore Spixworth
NR7 8PU Children’s Services Sprowston
NR7 8NF East of England Co-op Daily Store Sprowston
NR7 8TR The Diamond Centre Sprowston
NR12 9BU The Baptist Church Stalham
NR20 4AP The Old Telephone Box Stanfield
NR21 0EX Methodist Church Centre Stibbard
NR14 8NG The Old Telephone Box (Brickle Road) Stoke Holy Cross
NR14 8QJ The Old Telephone Box (Norwich Road) Stoke Holy Cross
NR29 3EX The Ferry Inn Stokesby
NR13 4NT Shoulder of Mutton Public House Strumpshaw
NR14 7AN Coldham Hall Tavern Surlingham
NR14 7AR The Ferry House Public House Surlingham
NR14 7DQ The Parish Hall Surlingham
NR24 2RB The Village Hall Swanton Novers
NR14 8AD PB Creative Swardeston
NR16 1ED The Village Hall Tacolneston
NR15 1LR The Village Hall Tasburgh
NR8 6UW Hinks Meadow Hall Taverham
NR8 6HU Langley Prep School at Taverham Hall Taverham
NR8 6JR The Village Hall Taverham
NR25 7QG The Old Telephone Box Thornage
NR13 5HR St Davids Church Thorpe End
NR1 4AB Budgens Supermarket Thorpe Hamlet
NR11 8TU The Village Hall Thorpe Market
NR8 6XE The Village Hall Thorpe Marriott
NR7 0JD The Cottage Public House Thorpe St Andrew
NR7 0AA The Toilet Block (River Green) Thorpe St Andrew
NR14 6RJ The Queens Head Thurlton
NR29 3AP The Lion Inn Public House Thurne
NR21 0BS The Old Telephone Box Thursford Green
NR14 6AN Thurton Foundries Ltd Thurton
NR16 1PZ The Greyhound Public House Tibenham
NR15 2BD The Village Hall Tivetshall St Margaret
NR34 0ER The White Lion Public House Toft Monks
NR35 2BJ The Sports Field Topcroft
NR11 8EG The Old Telephone Box Trimmingham
NR11 8QJ Woodland Holiday Park Trimmingham
NR14 8ST The Manor Rooms Trowse
NR34 8EN School Hall Uggeshall
NR15 2UH Wacton Village Hall Wacton
NR34 8RG Wangford Community Centre Wangford
NR23 1AH Plattens Fish & Chip Shop Wells Next The Sea
NR23 1ED The Police Station Wells Next The Sea
NR23 1LE The Sailing Club Wells Next The Sea
NR23 1AT Wells Harbour Office Wells Next The Sea
NR25 6NX The Old Telephone Box West Beckham
NR21 7EZ The Old Telephone Box West Raynham
NR27 9QZ Beeston Regis Holiday Park West Runton
NR27 9AD Spar Shop & Post Office West Runton
NR29 4DP The Lion Public House West Somerton
NR9 5JU The Hall For All Weston Longville
NR25 7SZ The Ship Inn Weybourne
NR20 5ST The Village Hall Whissonsett
NR21 7QF The Old Telephone Box Wicken Green
NR23 1PF The Village Hall Wighton
NR29 4AP The Primary School Winterton-on-sea
NR25 7TJ The Old Telephone Box Wiveton
NR11 6RW The Village Hall Wood Dalling
NR35 2NE The Village Hall Woodton
NR34 7EF Worlingham Pharmacy Worlingham
NR28 9WH Queen Elizabeth Hall Worstead
NR12 8TS Norfolk Broads Yacht Club Wroxham
NR12 8RY The Church Hall Wroxham
NR18 9SZ Wymondham Collage Wymondham
NR19 1RJ The Village Hall Yaxham

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n2711173616 CHT-13-691 On wall of village hall facing onto car park. Can just be seen from road.
n4215897218 Inside tesco store, on wall to the left just inside the main entrance.
n4282314602 Inside Tesco store on the wall in the north-east corner. Turn left after going in the main entrance.
n4542107960 On exterior wall of UEA Registry Building, facing the main entrance Congrgation Hall Building
n4888371646 On exterior wall of Benjamin Foundation Meet-Up Cafe (Redcastle Furze Community Centre) next to main
n4888385889 On exterior wall of Mr Pats Takeaway, at the corner of Howlett Way and Brickfields Way.
n4888388765 On western exterior wall of the Church of the Nazarene, facing Anna Gurney Close
n5044656141 on wall
n5126936694 CHT-9057 On external wall of village hall facing the road.
n5361132800 On wall to left of main entrance to Cloverfield Church, facing Yarrow Close
n5558741317 Inside old red phone box, visible from road.
n5574788784 On exterior wall of Hockering Village Hall, Just to the right of the main entrance on Heath Road.
n5633636224 Exterior wall of Great Ellingham Methodist Church, facing Church Street.
n5646165122 On exterior wall of Coastline Village Hall, on landward side facing the car park.
n5819200776 On exterior wall of Abbey Neighbourhood Centre, just to the right of the main entrance, facing the s
n6055241474 ADA41 on north-side exterior wall of hut
n6312531814 On wall in coridoor inside Watton Sports Association & Social Club, near to the bar.
n6426912915 On exterior wall of Barford & Wramplingham Village Hall, to the right of the main entrance.
n6489488883 Inside Rockwood Dental Practice
n6708786179 On outside fence of the Household Waste Recycling Centre, just to the right of the main entrance on
n7118216428 Inside County Hall, attached to a pillar by main reception desk on the ground floor.
n7278059785 On wall inside Tesco Express store, to the left of the main entrance as you enter the store.
n7803941223 On exteriorwall of Banham Zoo HQ, in a covered porch to the right of the main entrance to the buildi
n8988246907 On exterior wall of Thrandeston Village Hall
n9032741267 Next to gate to Stimsons Yard
n9062786897 On exterior of Spar
n9117795039 On external wall
n9131684927 Mounted in box outside CrossFit Spitfire.
n9139579022 On exterior wall of London Tavern, facing Queen's Square.

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
NR34 0LB The Old Telephone Box n283342583 Inside red call box 120 m
NR1 3RZ Debenhams Department Store n648480206 On exterior wall of Debenhans, facing Orford Place, close to junction with Red Lion Street 28 m
NR4 7EE The Rotunda n1217771653 On wall of Rotunda in Eaton Park, facing inwards towards the bandstand. 368 m
NR11 7AX The Old Telephone Box n1777461571 inside red phone box, Itteringham 102 m
NR30 1PL Community House n1862195778 10 m
NR25 7XA The Old Telephone Box n1883955074 Inside the phone booth, Salthouse 98 m
NR20 5JS Elmham GP Surgery n2326772735 114 m
NR14 6AA The Old Telephone Box n2350026169 In old red phone box by roadside. 16 m
NR29 3AG The Village Hall n2430100219 On exterior wall of village hall facing onto car park. 72 m
NR1 1NJ Alan Boswell Ins Brokers Ltd (Prince Of Wales Rd) n2795230769 On wall inside railway station facing main concourse, to left-hand side of main exit. 278 m
NR20 5BA The Old Telephone Box n2872557463 Inside Red Telephone Box, Wood Norton 159 m
NR16 1SW The Old Telephone Box n3022547762 inside red phone box, Bunwell 26 m
NR18 0HH Co-Op Foodstore n3485291581 On northern exterior wall of Co-op building on Sheffield Road 59 m
NR16 1AJ The Old Telephone Box n3518324909 Inside old telephone box on Long Stratton Road, near Saint Edmund's Church, Forncet End 31 m
NR14 8AE The Village Hall n3521628574 112 m
NR13 6DZ Iona n3607711821 On wall of building facing Broad Lane at junction with School Road. 258 m
NR13 6BT The White Horse Public House n3607711856 75 m
NR11 7LG The Old Telephone Box n3673824876 inside red phone box next to St Michaels church in Plumstead 115 m
NR13 3NZ The Village Hall n4105790355 On wall of Sports Pavillion facing the playing field. Not seen from road. 97 m
NR10 4BW The Village Hall n4108271878 On wall by main entrance, seen from road. 136 m
NR17 2AS The Connaught Hall n4147606081 102 m
NR17 1TP Rocklands Village Hall n4152109252 Outside wall of Rocklands Village Hall, facing The Street 188 m
NR21 0PL The Pavilion n4173372245 220 m
NR16 2NB The Fire Station n4195977789 On exterior wall of firestation, facing the B1111 Church Road. 31 m
NR15 1AJ The Old Telephone Box n4202648795 in Red Phone Box by war memorial in Saxlingham Nethergate 214 m
NR11 8RF The Village Hall n4228877692 Fixed to external wall by hall entrance. 296 m
NR9 4AF The Octagonal Bus Shelter n4269538478 Inside octagonal bus shelter on the green. 26 m
NR9 3AE The Village Shop n4269565322 On exterior wall of village shop, to the right of the main entrance. 6 m
NR9 4AD The Village Hall n4269834743 On exterior wall of village hall, facing towards the school 95 m
NR16 1AA The Village Hall n4289444239 On exterior wall of Ashwellthorpe Village Hall, down the left-hand side when looking from The Street 68 m
NR16 1EL The Kings Head Public House n4289444285 On exterior wall of King's Head pub, on the right-hand side, when looking from the B1113. 17 m
NR9 3AB Boots Pharmacy n4297605769 On exterior wall of Boots pharmacy, facing Great Melton Road. 92 m
NR18 0UQ The Car Park n4297629083 On exterior wall of toilet block facing to entrance road to car park 18 m
NR1 1PH The Kings Centre n4300888248 On wall in coffee room inside St John Ambulence training centre. 18 m
NR4 6NH Waitrose Store n4307074608 206 m
NR20 3GG Norfolk Accident Rescue Service n4310457139 Inside entrance lobby to Anglia and Norfolk Rooms Conference Suite 471 m
NR19 1AH East of England Co-op Foodstore n4310478238 On exterior wall of Co-Op Daily, just to the right of the main entrance on Shipdam Road. 26 m
NR16 2NB The Sports & Social Club Pavilion n4681331075 On exterior wall of Sports & Social Club building; under balcony on left, facing the field. 203 m
NR14 8BA Co-operative Food n4692462681 261 m
NR10 4SD The Old Telephone Box n4871560479 Inside disused red phone box. 58 m
NR11 7LP The Village Hall n4981929090 On outside wall of Village Hall, beside main entrance, accessed across grass area. 34 m
NR11 6TR The Reading Room n5001968824 On wall, external to village hall entrance 142 m
NR5 9HA Roys Supermarket n5150157461 18 m
NR1 4DH Norwich Cathedral n5167531553 95 m
NR4 7JJ The Willow Centre n5220582148 On exterior wall of Willow Centre, on left-hand side of covered porch of main entrance 146 m
NR29 5AZ The Crown Public House n5395598321 External wall of Crown public house by door, can be seen from road. 129 m
NR4 7UA Colney Lane Pavilion n5418515846 On exterior wall of sports pavilion, to the left of the entrance facing the road. 242 m
NR13 6QS Rackheath Post Office n5486624399 On exterior wall of newsagent 89 m
NR15 1AP The Old Telephone Box n5534074853 In old Red Phone Box 123 m
NR15 2XJ East of England Co-op Foodstore n5549153454 On exterior wall of CoOp store, to the right of the main entrance, facing the car park. 53 m
NR33 8HU Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve n5586977361 On wall outside toilets 159 m
NR17 1QD Lee and Plumpton Ltd n5633703323 On exterior wall of Lee & Plumton office/reception building in Bunns Bank Industrial Estate, around 362 m
NR3 1LB The Maids Head Hotel n5635010104 30 m
NR12 0QT Wenn Evans Centre n5649007669 On exterior wall of Wenn Evans Centre, just under covered porch at main enstrance, facing Blacksmith 158 m
NR12 0PP Beach Road Car Park n5649023748 wall 137 m
NR4 6XF The Pavilion n5670850221 120 m
NR5 0RW Breckland Hall n5693102538 222 m
NR4 7HG Norfolk Community NHS Health And Care Office n5722413735 On exterior side wall of Colman Road Health Centre, facing the main entrance to Earlham Library. 117 m
NR28 0PS Trunch Corner Stores n5763626218 38 m
NR28 0RQ Tavern Tasty Meats Ltd n5799336155 110 m
NR20 3EG The Old Telephone Box (Rectory Road) n6316856219 Inside the Red Phone Box 141 m
NR13 4AZ The Kings Head Public House n6327340511 On exterior wall of Lingwood Village Hall and Social Club, to the right and just around the corner f 244 m
NR13 4BH Spar Shop n6327722253 94 m
NR13 4AZ The Village Hall n6327722271 On exterior wall of Kings Head pub, facing Station Road. 198 m
NR9 3LL The Village Hall n6426865159 On exterior wall of Bawburgh Village Hall, just to the left of the main entrance. 128 m
NR9 5HX The Marlingford Bell Public House n6426889968 On exterior wall of Marlingford Bell pub, at the right-hand end of the building when viewed from the 111 m
NR9 4BU The Village Hall n6427624530 On exterior wall of village hall, facing the car park, just to the right of the main entrance. 200 m
NR9 4AE The Memorial Hall n6443008699 On the rear exterior wall of Hardingham Memorial Hall, facing way from the field 54 m
NR14 7AS The Village Hall n6447461964 External wall facing road. 92 m
NR27 9HH Cromer Parish Rooms n6468546508 45 m
NR17 2ES The Baptist Church n6476649891 59 m
NR12 7EA The Post Office n6494459365 On exterior wall of Coltishall Convenience Store & Post Office, to the left of the main entrance. 32 m
NR27 9JR Co-operative Food n6494601546 148 m
NR4 6DB Co-op Food Store n6554658583 On exterior wall of Tuckswood Co-op, at right-hand side, facing Maid Marian Road. 46 m
NR15 1AH Newton Flotman Medical Centre n6554753924 On exterior wall of medical centre, off Saint Mary's Close. 167 m
NR4 6QS The Community Hub n6554769509 On exterior wall of Ipswich Road Community Hub, facing the A140 Ipswich Road. 16 m
NR16 1JG The Village Hall n6614730898 Fixed to external wall, facing and seen from road 108 m
NR20 4NY The Old Telephone Box n6624517079 External on back of red phone box, visible from road 68 m
NR22 6DR Great Walsingham Barns n6746390382 outside Cafe, under cover but outside 75 m
NR23 1JG Co-operative Food Store n6746437727 Outside Co-op supermarket, right hand side 138 m
NR16 2RJ Roudham Farm n6815193736 On wall seen and accessible from the byway 43 m
NR19 1DF Morrisons Supermarket n6815884800 on exterior wall of Morrison's Supermarket, just to the left of the main entrance. 74 m
NR19 1DZ The Library n6821189909 on exterior wall of Dereham Library, just to the left of the main entrance, on the High Street. 107 m
NR19 2PW The Primary School n6821286664 Scarning Primary School 45 m
NR19 2AZ East of England Co-op Daily n6821286674 on exterior wall of Coop Daily store, to the right of the main entrance 193 m
NR11 6AD Church Farm n6855975670 19 m
NR4 7TJ The Sports Park, University of East Anglia n6884801755 Attached to outside of fence around astroturf pitches, in the middle of the Sportspark pitch complex 482 m
NR4 7TQ Earlham park café n6884812524 On exterior wall of Earlham Park Cafe, to the left of the main entrance. 346 m
NR31 6RG Fusion Hairdressers n6951442282 On exterior wall of Fusion Hairdresser, facing towards the Palace Cinema 35 m
NR2 2PE Hurn The Chemist n7195634152 On exterior wall of Hurn Chemist, to the right of the main entrance. 94 m
NR34 7HJ The Bus Shelter n7406496716 455 m
NR35 2TL The Village Hall n7416065769 265 m
NR22 6AA The Parish Hall n7658372286 79 m
NR15 1AA The Village Hall n7795084973 External by village Hall entrance visible from road. 179 m
NR34 9BH The Pump House n7795142448 131 m
NR12 0AP Public Conveniences n7841215275 38 m
NR15 2HN The Old Telephone Box n7899668008 Inside disused telephone box, High Green, Great Moulton 123 m
NR12 0EY The Primary School n7904558822 Beside school gate 83 m
NR34 9HB The Citizens Advice Bureau n7931405652 On external wall of Beccles Citizen's Advice, facing The Walk. 21 m
NR9 5BY The Village Hall n7994730572 On outside wall of Colton Village Hall visible from road. 68 m
NR21 9QB The Village Hall n8007901430 outside Sculthorpe Village Hall, Moor Lane, Sculthorpe 86 m
NR17 2BW Plandescil Ltd n8394203897 On exterior wall of Plandescil offices, at number 42-44 Connaught Road. 24 m
NR16 1AN The Village Hall n8435612883 On exterior wall, visible from road 64 m
NR16 2AH The Old Telephone Box n8486116969 inside red phone box, Market Place, Kenninghall 75 m
NR34 9QS Beccles Station Café n8595698002 235 m
NR34 9JD East of England Co-op Foodstore n8599976687 On exterior wall of Coop store, just to the right of the main entrance. 40 m
NR34 9YT The Butchers Arms Public House n8599976739 On exterior wall of the Butcher's Arms pub, facing the junction of Kemps Lane and London Road. 127 m
NR34 9NR St. Benets Minster Catholic Church n8599976828 On exterior wall of building attached to St Benet's Minster, facing St Mary's Road. 134 m
NR34 9TB The Library n8621070835 On exterior wall of Beccles Library, facing the car park. 72 m
NR34 0AG Gillingham Early Years, The Village Hall Gillingha n8698076547 On exterior wall of village hall, facing car park. 30 m
NR27 9DS The White Horse Public House n8741983476 488 m
NR30 1RN Age Concern n8872904894 15 m
NR30 2DQ The Dining Room n8874369068 On exterior wall of Scroby Sands Wind Farm Visitor Centre, facing the sea. 141 m
NR30 1LY The Traders Toilet Block n8874404108 On exterior wall of traders toilet block on the covered market, facing the outside between Bonmarché 80 m
NR10 5DU The Wesleyan Chapel n8912068595 outside Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Swanton Abbot 79 m
NR20 4NP The Village Hall n8912227414 outside Swanton Morley Village Hall - to left of entrance 245 m
NR35 1AX Boots Chemist n8914906961 outside Boots, St Mary's Street, Bungay 95 m
NR21 0QR The Old Telephone Box n8914943640 inside red phone box, Bale 115 m
NR25 7RJ The Village Hall n9051665788 On exterior wall of Cley Village Hall, in the porch of the main entrance facing the road 163 m
NR25 7ND Public Conveniences n9051749537 On exterior wall of public toilets, under the porch by the entrance to the ladies. 21 m
NR11 8JH Norfolk Needlecraft n9053935103 wall 3 m
NR11 8BG The Maritime Museum n9053935105 wall 32 m

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