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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'NR' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 1038 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
C9766967-3F3F-4625-997E-AF6C011731F9 NR1 1BJ Moneyfacts Group Plc, Moneyfacts House,, 66-70 Thorpe Road Variable Restricted
00B32B39-796B-4001-AA50-AE2000F94BF2 NR1 1BL Tesco, 45-49 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich Variable Public
4B0D551A-1AAA-4F90-97C8-AE9B00B3AB18 NR1 1JB Play Area, Kerrison Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
71CB0F10-72FF-42EF-9743-ADD400D109A8 NR1 1JE Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
7E5298C3-4899-4804-9ED4-AF4E008F6BB6 NR1 1JE Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
8C931A7A-D7F5-440D-B651-ADD400D187FF NR1 1JE Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, Norwich Variable Public
A6D772DF-A9DB-49D1-9E1B-ADD400D00DE9 NR1 1JE Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
F2A5AD35-804F-436F-A52E-ADD400D1D97E NR1 1JE Norwich City Football Club, Carrow Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
D1B39E20-2BA0-4BF1-8ABE-AF2701424F2C NR1 1NJ Nes Healthcare, 100 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
BDF27F94-6BBB-4978-A1AA-AE3000BC9061 NR1 1RE Prospect House, Rouen Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
0DD424A5-6C00-4834-8A19-AF9500E3F990 NR1 1SZ Step Teachers Ltd, 7 Chalk Hill House, 19 Rosary Road Variable Restricted
3016A4BA-21E1-4DA7-8A93-ADF100F59344 NR1 1UL 126 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2211 NR1 1WU Morrisons Supermarket, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2A0B0CC1-49B4-4CD3-BAFD-AD4200B3019C NR1 1WU Morrisons, Albion Way, Norwich Variable Public
29E31895-D606-4A83-80B1-AE6900CFFC10 NR1 1WX Puregym, Unit 4b, Wherry Road 24/7 Restricted
ECEAAE85-4DCC-4217-B314-AD3B010AD19D NR1 1WX Riverside Leisure Centre, Wherry Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
6E074407-1A30-443B-8679-AFB900B72AFD NR1 2DG Harriet Court, Managers Office, Harriet Court 24/7 Public
99CE4D36-036B-4016-811F-B07E00D467DB NR1 2HL Lakenham Primary School, City Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
B8169335-91B7-4D8F-9043-B00C006F449A NR1 2LR Cavell Primary And Nursery Academy, Duckett Close, Norwich Variable Restricted
08394F2B-AA8A-4798-8D82-AFB30107533A NR1 2PL Pa, The Hewett Academy, Cecil Road, Cecil Road Variable Restricted
4EC130ED-D23F-4D7F-BD93-AFB3010808C1 NR1 2PL The Hewett Academy, Cecil Road, Norwich Variable Public
7997 NR1 2PW Norwich Lads Amateur Boxing Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8B4370E7-F844-455A-851D-AFE100DD5F17 NR1 2PW Norwich Lads Amateur Boxing Club, Hall Lane, Norwich, Norwich 24/7 Public
1519 NR1 2QW Victoria Bowling Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5C19D6F5-6A65-4BEE-B1DA-AE46010B39D1 NR1 2SG County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
0BA6FBEC-7235-4FB3-94B7-ADEA0118B18D NR1 3DD Superbowl Uk Norwich, Level 2 Castle Quarter, 100 Castle Meadow Variable Public
549A4C64-EAD7-43B3-A16F-AE7000B24B34 NR1 3DD Puregym, Castle Mall, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
1E0F9158-9FD3-4B5A-8A00-B04301108493 NR1 3LJ Tesco Express, 2-8 Westlegate, Norwich Variable Public
DE643A46-6124-4592-AD71-AE2000D809F8 NR1 3LJ Tesco, Atm At, 2-8 Westlegate Variable Public
4414B437-94A7-4706-A98E-AED0009943F3 NR1 3LX John Lewis, All Saints Green, Norwich Variable Public
4896C1B8-A009-4E24-838E-B08B00A9C181 NR1 3NX The Free School Norwich, The Free School Norwich, Kings House, Surrey Street Variable Restricted
562CED33-5509-433B-865D-B02D00D43165 NR1 3PB Notre Dame High School, Surrey Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
4765F0AB-0EA2-485E-A470-AE23011CB9CB NR1 3RL Tesco Stores Ltd, 79 Grove Road, Norwich Variable Public
7956 NR1 3SB 108-128 Brazen Gate Flats, Norfolk 24/7 Public
B91F71A1-6070-4C7D-9265-AF610119AA54 NR1 3SB 108-128 Brazen Gate Flats, 108-128 Brazen Gate, Norwich 24/7 Public
BA0E139C-63A3-4166-BAE2-AD5500E0C961 NR1 3SH The Chapelfield Partnership, Chantry Place, 40-46 St Stephens Street 24/7 Restricted
7DC9846D-7615-447A-893F-AE2000E5467B NR1 4AB Tesco, 197 Plumstead Road, Norwich Variable Public
FC3947C3-E1D4-452E-83BA-AFDB0099E00F NR1 4BP Norse Care Limited, Ellacombe, Ella Road Variable Restricted
1171 NR1 4EH Sacrist Office, Norfolk 24/7 Public
400 NR10 3AB East of England Co-op, Norfolk 24/7 Public
4078BBBF-CF1C-411E-BFE9-AE9700ABE7EC NR10 3AB East Of England Co-Op, 149 Holt Road, Horsford 24/7 Public
AD3E58AC-C4D2-47DD-A346-AE9700ABF796 NR10 3AF East Of England Co-Op, 115 Crostwick Lane, Spixworth 24/7 Public
3A13A1D2-FD34-4469-AE06-AE3F00935A80 NR10 3AQ The Nest (Norfolks Community Hub) Limited, The Nest Norfolks Community Hub Limited, Holt Road 24/7 Public
A9008526-EE16-40F6-B2F3-ADF200E3804D NR10 3AQ The Nest (Norfolks Community Hub) Limited, The Nest Norfolks Community Hub Limited, Holt Road Variable Restricted
3603 NR10 3BQ Hainford Primary School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
45FAB91A-E8DF-4C9C-AF5C-AE28010188D5 NR10 3DN Horsford Village Hall, Holt Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
6E277E78-BE97-49E7-84D0-AD8900B2AC43 NR10 3ES Horsford All Saints Vc Middle School, Mill Lane, Norwich Variable Restricted
225CD9E6-8AE0-4002-A212-AEDF00EA90D7 NR10 3JF Aviation Museum, Old Norwich Road, Horsham St Faith Variable Public
C1F9DF5A-CA31-4226-97A0-AEF000B261BA NR10 3JU Outside Unit J8, Unit J8, Abbey Farm Commercial Park, Southwell Road 24/7 Public
6BC53C7A-CF02-4445-A1D7-AF71013993EC NR10 3JX Norfolk County Council, Norwich North Recycling Centre, Morse Road 24/7 Public
901B04CA-A344-47F0-B0A7-B03600945275 NR10 3LR Newton Park, Fairholme Road, Newton 24/7 Public
705AF026-59CC-4D14-B39C-AEEE01225D79 NR10 3NQ Spixworth Youth Fc, Spixworth Village Hall, Crostwick Lane 24/7 Public
F3ECF900-DDFF-49EF-9566-AEEF00FFD8A1 NR10 3NQ Spixworth Social Club Spixworth Village Hall, Crostwick Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
24EF9F25-B6F0-4CBA-B67A-AD3C00F3EBC3 NR10 3PE Longe Arms Public House, 1 Crostwick Lane, Spixworth 24/7 Public
B4495EED-F8C3-471B-879D-AD530085A509 NR10 4BZ Horizon House, Haveringland Road, Felthorpe 24/7 Restricted
7D451A03-3074-4074-B30A-AE3D00D96710 NR10 4DQ Felthorpe Parish Council, Felthorpe Pavilion, The Street Variable Public
507 NR10 4ER Bowls Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1AFFF5E5-DFA5-4703-80BF-AD9700C42B77 NR10 4JT Reepham High School And College, Whitwell Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
670B1930-01D5-44FE-A17D-AFEF00943630 NR10 4JT Pe Department, Reepham High School And College, Whitwell Road Variable Public
7E2F93DD-C5E3-499F-8C6C-AFEF009604B6 NR10 4JT 6th Form Reception, Reepham High School And College, Whitwell Road Variable Public
C03271FA-CAB0-46F8-9C7C-AF9500EE47FF NR10 4JT Reepham High School And College, Whitwell Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
72AE5836-37EF-4031-9590-AE2500D732B4 NR10 4LJ Co-Op - Station Road, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Reepham, 135 Station Road 24/7 Public
43ABA427-E2E7-42D4-8241-AFDC00D2E103 NR10 4SF Manor Farm, Salle, Manor Farm, Heydon Road Variable Public
910BF3D5-197F-4DB1-A0A6-B01B011AEB7D NR10 5AQ Brightstart Montessori Nursery, The Old School, The Fairstead Variable Restricted
B7E197FA-1FA5-4B2E-8CE7-AF3600EEDC20 NR10 5DU Holly House, The Street, Swanton Abbott 24/7 Public
AB4EB0BF-6B50-4484-AD06-B036009556E9 NR10 5DZ Swanton Abbott School, Youngmans Lane, Swanton Abbott Variable Restricted
299 NR10 5EZ Buxton Primary School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
CC4A6CDF-C78A-4A4D-9B0D-B02E00B013D5 NR10 5EZ Buxton Primary School, Buxton County Primary School, Aylsham Road 24/7 Public
07292871-9497-472D-9D02-ADE500FE3AF4 NR10 5FB October Film Studios, Scottow Enterprise Park, Lamas Road 24/7 Public
4E83C4D7-73EE-43ED-B1BB-B03600A0985D NR10 5FB Sep Estate Hub Scottow Enterprise Park, 40 Lamas Road, Scottow 24/7 Public
E224823C-1421-44DA-9DC9-AD4F01694CBE NR10 5LG Thorougoods Select Convenience, Lamas Road, Scottow 24/7 Public
924615A0-28C9-4C84-A455-B01400C6336A NR10 5LR Eastons Coaches Limited, The Old Coach House, Parish Road 24/7 Public
1147 NR10 5NL Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
C89CB97B-C00D-466C-9A42-AF6C00F6DE16 NR11 6AE Ingworth Parish Council, Reading Room, The Street 24/7 Public
CA04940F-B907-4703-9C74-AED700DCAF11 NR11 6AF Oulton Parish Council, Morgans House, The Street 24/7 Public
A3511DB4-1065-46A1-9AE6-B060011BC814 NR11 6AG St Peter & St Paul Church, Tuttington Church, Norwich Rd 24/7 Public
DC052165-0D8E-4E77-8AC9-AD3C00E91394 NR11 6AW Aylsham Recreation Ground, The Pavilion, Sir Williams Lane 24/7 Public
4D489AC4-2B3A-47A4-BB2C-B04300CA597E NR11 6BN Budgens, Budgens 14 Norwich Road, Aylsham 24/7 Public
9992AD3B-94BD-42CE-ACB5-AF8201339788 NR11 6BN Aylsham Manor Residential Home, 5-5a Norwich Road, Aylsham Variable Public
4FB9AB80-DAED-4D44-AADA-AD4400A9C787 NR11 6BW Tesco, Tesco Store, 28 Norwich Road Variable Public
F381B8FB-9BE6-4425-B4A5-AF09006B6A34 NR11 6BX Aylsham Fire Station, Cawston Road, Aylsham 24/7 Public
C0CA8443-77B8-4D45-9A72-AEF900E454AB NR11 6DS The Friendship Hall, 38 Mill Road, Aylsham 24/7 Public
8C44DED6-6F1F-4608-890C-ADFE00E4F799 NR11 6EL Town Hall, Market Place, Aylsham 24/7 Public
4A084EA6-523A-4953-A5A9-B009014B3788 NR11 6FJ Aylsham Community Sports Ltd Youngs Park, Woodgate Way, Aylsham 24/7 Public
9B8F43CA-2108-4689-9978-AFC601167E44 NR11 6HF Broadland Autocare Limited, Broadland Autocare Limted, 31 Cromer Road 24/7 Public
60CEB3D9-E18A-4B01-9AC3-B0460095B318 NR11 6JZ Bure Valley School, Hungate Street, Aylsham 24/7 Public
FE1F630D-1FAB-4F4B-864C-B00C010B15A9 NR11 6JZ John O Gaunt First School, Hungate Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
35887A77-12B1-4870-9D8D-AD8201015BF0 NR11 6NF Retail Area East Wing Blickling Hall, Blickling Road, Norwich Variable Public
DC5EDBD4-3302-470D-B0F7-AFA20120594B NR11 6NF Main Car Park Blickling Estate, Blickling Road, Blickling 24/7 Public
DAD1779D-4417-4B7B-9C30-B051009B666A NR11 6NT Works Church Farm, Heydon Road, Oulton 24/7 Public
2832 NR11 6QD Corpusty Stores, Norfolk 24/7 Public
F8C023D7-5AB0-455B-86D7-B01200ECEB6E NR11 6SS Aylsham Industrial Estate Opposite Cando Autos, Electric Vehicle Charging Station Aylsham Industrial Estate, Opposite Aylsham Plant Hire 24/7 Public
FE846243-0A61-4E27-AFEE-B00000C1E693 NR11 6SS S & M Supplies, S & M Supplies Units 8-11, Aylsham Industrial Estate 24/7 Public
A9652A9E-7BDC-442D-9A72-AFE900EA3D92 NR11 6SZ Screwfix, Units 2, 3 & 4 Shepheards Close, Aylsham Variable Restricted
26847242-4AA7-4CB6-8D72-AFD000EE437A NR11 6UD Aylsham Garden Centre, Norwich Road, Aylsham 24/7 Public
EFA5AA54-76E3-4715-AAE2-AFEF0098370A NR11 6YA Act Centre, Saint Michaels Avenue, Aylsham 24/7 Public
9AE9CE0D-1AA2-4B4A-92BA-B000009E322A NR11 7AA Aldborough Community Centre, Community Centre, The Green 24/7 Public
37D01338-6CD4-4DA4-B9EF-AFF9010AC434 NR11 7DY The Banningham Crown Inn, Colby Road, Banningham 24/7 Public
15005538-EAF6-4FA8-B0A0-AF6D00DEA434 NR11 7EW Suffield Village Hall, Rectory Road, Suffield 24/7 Public
D2129665-CFE1-4F98-9382-AD43007CEB46 NR11 7HN Deers Glade Caravan And Camping Park, White Post Road, Hanworth 24/7 Public
7C8702EB-5537-48CE-AC94-AF4400C7CB43 NR11 7HP Hanworth Memorial Hall, The Common, Hanworth 24/7 Public
7858 NR11 7NA Telephone Box, Norfolk 24/7 Public
731B9993-6B93-44B0-B68C-AF4C01259F1D NR11 7NA Wickmere Telephone Box, Regent Street, Wickmere 24/7 Public
797B4932-241C-4791-A500-B09F008DD878 NR11 7PH Aldborough Cp School, Alby Hill, Alby Variable Public
3397 NR11 7QB Bowls Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
CDD4C09E-362C-42BB-94A9-AF8E008F7C89 NR11 7QD Erpingham Village Hall / Bowls Club, The Street, Erpingham 24/7 Public
1A9AE56B-418F-4105-A274-AFB500C50A2E NR11 7QE Alby Craft Centre, Cromer Road, Erpingham Variable Restricted
8EE2A78B-DFB9-4471-B0B0-AFDA010648D5 NR11 8AR Norsecare, Munhaven Care Home, Munhaven Close 24/7 Restricted
35430F09-B755-4A8A-BC41-ADDC00EC4B8B NR11 8DA Tesco Store, Tesco Stores Ltd, 25 Cromer Road Variable Public
05BF9A10-8717-462E-AC05-AEEC00AB46A7 NR11 8PR National Trust - Felbrigg Hall, Felbrigg Hall, Felbrigg Park 24/7 Public
123 NR11 8QJ Woodland Holiday Park, Norfolk 24/7 Public
3734 NR11 8RP Manor Farm Barn, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1431 NR11 8TU Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
58 NR12 0AL Public Toilets, Norfolk 24/7 Public
98C2910D-29AB-40E2-9AF2-AED600EDBD6F NR12 0AL Golden Beach Caravan Park, Beach Road, Sea Palling 24/7 Public
42033183-91C1-45BC-B48D-B08700EFC8BE NR12 0AN Happisburgh Estates (Caravan Park) Ltd, Manor Caravan Park, North Walsham Road Variable Public
5444 NR12 0DJ All Saints School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
F1C640B5-91E8-4F86-AA64-AD6D00F8118D NR12 0EW Beach Car Park (Near Cable Gap Holiday Park), Coast Road, Bacton 24/7 Public
1A2AD03B-E2A1-40E8-A593-AF2800A7ACA8 NR12 0LN The Pavilion, North Walsham Road, Bacton 24/7 Public
A32C9698-8BD8-4A06-A635-AE2700A0F01C NR12 0QL Rnli, Cart Gap Road, Happisburgh 24/7 Public
5CF6B625-DF18-45BA-A656-B03100D59AEC NR12 0XX Hickling C Of E Infants School, The Street, Hickling Variable Public
86E75D68-4574-45E9-ACFF-AD80009550B2 NR12 0YU Tate Loke, Off Mallard Way, Hickling 24/7 Public
B1314CFB-1525-4F6D-AF8B-AE6301625F6B NR12 0YW Hickling Broad Sailing Club, Staithe Road, Hickling 24/7 Public
3855 NR12 7BW Norwich Rugby Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
3E08F7C5-6D88-445D-A1C7-AFEE00A57B71 NR12 7HL Coltishall Village Hall, 41 Rectory Road, Coltishall 24/7 Public
1165 NR12 7JN Patteson Lodge Activity Centre, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6599A585-D871-4D14-A5AC-ADB700D6DAFD NR12 7JN Hautbois Activity Centre, 5 Great Hautbois Road, Coltishall 24/7 Public
7AAF20EF-B844-4EC8-B735-AD8000AD9856 NR12 7JN Patteson Lodge, 14 Great Hautbois Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
186EE623-7A6B-400C-A815-AF7101399A95 NR12 7JX Norfolk County Council, Mayton Wood Recycling Centre, Little Hautbois 24/7 Public
5137A168-E569-4C1F-926F-AF1800C6A314 NR12 7LL Frettenham Primary School, Frettenham Cp School, 16 School Road 24/7 Public
CD5FBBD1-69A2-453C-8F65-AD4D00EF8C09 NR12 7NJ Frettenham Parish Council, Rose And Crown, 50 Buxton Road 24/7 Public
1837BE68-4B3E-4AEE-AFCD-AF2501065725 NR12 8AA The Swan Inn - Norwich, 10 Lower Street, Horning 24/7 Restricted
626 NR12 8AD New Victory Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
9F3DC19F-800D-4286-B595-AEC500ACA58D NR12 8AZ Coxs Boatyard Ltd, Cox's Boatyard , Staithe Road, Barton Turf, Barton Turf 24/7 Public
1CE3FEC3-1983-481A-A48E-ADCE009F6208 NR12 8DB Roys, Roys (Wroxham) Ltd, Stalham Road Variable Public
9BB08F45-7D03-41AA-89CA-AF4E00CC8028 NR12 8DJ Broadland Youth Centre, Stalham Road, Hoveton 24/7 Public
802BA5B5-8985-4AD6-8153-AD8100960129 NR12 8JW Bewilderwood, Horning Road, Hoveton Variable Public
CD6325D4-30BE-4943-91C3-AFCA00BC9A0C NR12 8LF Village Hall, Mill Hill, Horning 24/7 Public
5B350FD2-09F8-4D6D-B2E3-B02800981B39 NR12 8NX Hoveton St. Johns Cp School, Horning Road, Hoveton Variable Restricted
1495 NR12 8PF The New Inn, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1470 NR12 8PS Ferry Marina Reception Office, Norfolk 24/7 Public
48AB5EE8-8ECC-4ADB-ACD7-B08500A35FE0 NR12 8QN Broadland High Ormiston Academy, Tunstead Road, Hoveton Variable Restricted
7DED120A-0410-469F-A48B-B08500AB738B NR12 8QN Broadland High Ormiston Academy, Tunstead Road, Hoveton 24/7 Public
7118B392-0037-4B1F-B91F-AEFB00D19A90 NR12 8QU Wroxham Barns, Tunstead Road, Hoveton Variable Restricted
056A727A-9934-43B2-9F13-AD8D00DCA0DB NR12 8RQ Tunstead International Farm Camp, Church Road, Tunstead 24/7 Public
6FB4EBAA-CE08-4E08-A139-AD7C01406895 NR12 8RY Church Hall, 110 Norwich Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
9B4DB64E-2832-483A-A32A-AD6600A23F27 NR12 8SJ Wroxham Football Club, 35 Skinners Lane, Norwich Variable Restricted
5385 NR12 8TS Norfolk Broads Yacht Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
BD3B44A7-6547-4E4C-86DB-AEC500124CE0 NR12 8UD Barnes Brinkcraft, Riverside Road, Hoveton 24/7 Restricted
BC38E094-507A-4766-A7FF-AD4200FB3C9A NR12 8XA Belaugh Boats, The Street, Norwich 24/7 Public
8349 NR12 8YN Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
152C3687-736B-4A5B-B666-B03C011F6723 NR12 8YN Ashmanhaugh Village Hall, The Preston Rooms, School Road, Ashmanhaugh 24/7 Public
A75D7201-0848-46DA-98DE-AE270105C0AF NR12 9AE Tesco Stalham, Tesco Stores Limited, Old Market Road Variable Public
CFA98956-D971-42A0-A7E3-AEF600B6ED81 NR12 9AE Tesco Stalham Petrol Station, Tesco Stores Limited (Pfs), Old Market Road Variable Restricted
3091 NR12 9AS Town Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
3092 NR12 9AX Stalham Baptist Church, Norfolk 24/7 Public
7484 NR12 9BH Poppy Centre, Norfolk 24/7 Public
9646B213-4C09-4C97-9B6A-AEAB0106C046 NR12 9BH Stalham Poppy Centre, Poppy Centre, Recreation Road Variable Public
1F15F7B2-5FEB-4758-A5C4-B01B00F413AB NR12 9DG Stalham Sports Centre, Brumstead Road, Stalham Variable Public
CDBDA9D8-C1F2-468A-86D4-AD4400BE10C4 NR12 9JG Butchers Arms, Oak Lane, East Ruston 24/7 Public
E354E813-1EC4-4817-B4DF-AE3F011D8D5E NR12 9LW Fairview Park, Office Fairview Park, Wayford Road 24/7 Public
C4332943-459D-47DF-990E-AF16013B61E0 NR12 9LX Smallburgh And Dilham Bowls Club & Smallburgh Village Hall Committee, Smallburgh Village Hall, Yarmouth Road 24/7 Public
6764AECC-AFFD-4155-9849-AD4A01008649 NR12 9PS Stalham Academy, Yarmouth Road, Stalham Variable Restricted
F1AA7E4F-775B-47F4-B7CC-B02A00C45EF0 NR12 9PS Stalham Infrant & Junior Schools, Stalham Infant & Junior Schools, Old Yarmouth Road Variable Restricted
056456FA-F172-4CCB-A0C1-AE2A0070A3C3 NR12 9RB Village Hall, New Road, Sutton 24/7 Public
DD65F579-1D94-49A4-A53D-AED500B8450C NR12 9TD Ingham Village Hall, Village Hall, Mill Road 24/7 Public
B9A1DA6B-6370-4198-AF04-AED70091AF88 NR13 3AP Moulton Nurseries, Moulton Nurseries Garden Centre, Acle Road 24/7 Public
2BA1884D-5C3D-4271-AD5B-ADA201469C26 NR13 3AT Bridge Inn, Old Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
DBC55B04-CD7D-41AA-8E19-AED6014F6DA1 NR13 3BQ Halvergate Playing Field, The Pavilion And Playing Field, Wickhampton Road 24/7 Public
4F6718E7-E9F1-4E4B-A5C8-AD6600B4F1E0 NR13 3BX The Old Rectory, Norwich Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
CA5EB4F2-E9D3-4A65-ADA8-AE0700C781AA NR13 3ES Hugh Crane Ltd, South Walsham Road, Acle 24/7 Public
027358F4-3977-49EA-833B-AFA900FF26E9 NR13 3HA Ferry Inn, Ferry Road, Reedham 24/7 Public
4FBD3F42-58F5-45B4-96DA-AFBE01817B49 NR13 3HA Parish Council, Ferry Inn, Ferry Road 24/7 Public
1353 NR13 3HL Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
241B2995-58A7-4E26-8B0E-AE73014541FA NR13 3HL Reedham Village Hall, Pottles Lane, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
1B471F58-163C-4C79-9DA0-AE6C00D71DA7 NR13 3LA Beighton Village Hall, High Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
77B269D0-0B64-47AC-B231-ADC700A89DF1 NR13 3RA Acle War Memorial Centre, Bridewell Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
02339431-57E6-4FEE-8841-AEAC00EF6A6C NR13 3SH The Reedcutter, Station Road, Cantley 24/7 Public
5938 NR13 4FS Community Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1290 NR13 4NT Shoulder of Mutton Pub, Norfolk 24/7 Public
44AFC4EF-03DA-4884-946E-AEC40165739C NR13 4PL Norwich United Football Club Limited, Norfolk County Football Association Plantation Park, Plantation Road Variable Public
1287 NR13 4QH Heathlands Social Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1288 NR13 4SQ R C Snelling Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
A078C494-85AB-468B-A14D-AD71011B0ECC NR13 5AB Parish Hall, Church Road, Great Plumstead 24/7 Public
1289 NR13 5AR McDonalds, Norfolk 24/7 Public
F6E0B25F-8165-4D2A-9CF5-AEAC00F02B66 NR13 5AX Smee Lane, Great Plumstead, Norwich Variable Restricted
786D1D16-EC7C-4823-B4F7-AD6D00E2A1D9 NR13 5FA Little Plumstead C Of E Primary School, Old Hall Road, Little Plumstead Variable Restricted
C92FFE28-209C-4948-BBC0-ADF5014C491D NR13 5FA The Walled Garden Community Shop And Cafe, Community Shop, Old Hall Road 24/7 Public
EEDBEFB2-4453-4B56-A03C-B00C00C70E68 NR13 5FH Paul Robinson Partnership Uk Llp, Unit 6 Octagon Business Park, Hospital Road 24/7 Public
D18E61FC-34C3-4AE5-8186-AFE9006D4DF0 NR13 5GE Screwfix, Unit 7 Hawthorne Drive, Postwick Variable Restricted
1400 NR13 5HL Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
B801C06A-3D62-46D9-8296-AD71011A0B72 NR13 5HR Saint Davids Church, 1 Saint Davids Drive, Thorpe End 24/7 Public
4E7146B7-4C44-426C-9E47-ADB70142F4F0 NR13 5JB Village Hall, 19 Crowes Loke, Little Plumstead 24/7 Public
7AFA6461-0EAE-49BB-B088-B04500B1D1BA NR13 5JX Brundall County Primary School, Braydeston Avenue, Norwich Variable Restricted
A30ABC6F-9D62-40BF-9F59-AD7F00F726AC NR13 5JX Shiels Court, 4 Braydeston Avenue, Brundall 24/7 Restricted
F4D9FD38-0B15-4E3F-87A6-AE2D007BFC4F NR13 5LP Co-Op - The Street, 122 The Street, Brundall Variable Restricted
1309 NR13 5LZ The Rectory, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1286 NR13 5PN Norfolk Yacht Agency, Norfolk 24/7 Public
7AA8B230-5AB7-4538-A4A4-AE0100E7D18E NR13 5PU 8 Riverside Estate, Norwich 24/7 Public
221C411C-70A7-48A6-9134-ADAD0081CCC8 NR13 6DA Centre Of Pond 369m From Fishley Hall 429m From Unnamed Road, Fishley, Norwich 24/7 Public
1858 NR13 6DQ The Ship Inn, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1BC676BD-13B2-4812-947E-AD5100D84BFB NR13 6DZ Fairhaven Garden Trust Gardens, School Road, Norwich Variable Public
3C72E707-700A-41A1-8DB0-AE5D0109127F NR13 6DZ South Walsham Village Hall, School Road, South Walsham 24/7 Public
C635F3E2-3E0C-47C6-A12F-B04300E3FFD3 NR13 6DZ Fairhaven Primary School, Fairhaven Ce Va Primary School, School Road Variable Restricted
7085 NR13 6HQ The Fur & Feather Inn, Norfolk 24/7 Public
FC1A1AF4-BC54-4336-8E25-AF1A00FEEE3B NR13 6HQ The Fur And Feather Inn, Slad Lane, Woodbastwick 24/7 Public
F233DDB5-5A70-40C0-856E-AEC900E396CA NR13 6JG Freshfields, South Walsham Road, Panxworth 24/7 Public
5C42EDA4-5F36-439A-AC01-AD6C00859BC1 NR13 6PD Holy Trinity Church, Salhouse Road, Rackheath 24/7 Public
7033 NR13 6RQ Recreation Ground Toilet Block, Norfolk 24/7 Public
4A567EE9-4D6A-4381-8D10-AEF700B5F4B5 NR13 6RQ Salhouse Recreation Ground Toilet Block, Thieves Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
F66D132E-EF84-4B7A-BA5D-B03000D494F5 NR13 6SL Rackheath Primary School, Willoughby Way, Norwich Variable Restricted
4163 NR14 6AN Thurton Foundries, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8200 NR14 6AT Telephone Box, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8E1779EE-B7E6-4CBD-9A1F-B06100C69250 NR14 6AT Thurton Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Ashby Road 24/7 Public
ECDEAD4A-3DEE-40FE-B5E6-AFE700ACC8AB NR14 6HN Beauchamp House, Proctor Road, Chedgrave 24/7 Restricted
CB1C3995-C246-45AE-AD29-B05300BC20F0 NR14 6JD Panel Graphic, Unit 2 Douglas Park, Little Money Road Variable Restricted
8792F41C-3AD5-406A-A42E-AE4500E68518 NR14 6ND White Horse, 5 Norwich Road, Chedgrave 24/7 Public
1609380A-8670-425D-A60F-AEEA0086A121 NR14 6RN Thurlton Bowls Club, Bowls Club, Church Road 24/7 Public
EAB0A4B5-3BFE-4857-8A98-AED700EE6D81 NR14 6SX Masala Garden, The Garden House, Yarmouth Road 24/7 Public
07F2DA50-49F2-4D35-9AAB-AEF600B979CC NR14 7AB The Railway Tavern, 2 Norwich Road, Framingham Earl 24/7 Public
B39C32ED-2D72-4F06-8428-ADD100AF3761 NR14 7AH Rockland St Mary With Hellington Parish Council, The Post Office, 41 The Street 24/7 Public
0CFB04F0-7D48-4A11-B727-AE8B00929D58 NR14 7AN Coldham Hall, Coldham Hall Carnser, Surlingham 24/7 Public
44E84D2B-E433-4E60-967E-AD4800F88350 NR14 7AR The Ferry House, Ferry Road, Surlingham 24/7 Public
676 NR14 7DQ Parish Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5D9F991D-4109-41AE-94DF-AD6D00EF2F2C NR14 7DU Crown Point Estate Office Hill Farm, Kirby Road, Kirby Bedon 24/7 Public
31E82495-A035-493D-BB53-ADD100AD52C3 NR14 7HP The New Inn, 12 New Inn Hill, Rockland St Mary 24/7 Public
1DE2594D-7697-4B97-BD10-AE1A00F4DD55 NR14 7NH Alpington & Bergh Apton Ce Va Primary School, Alpington & Bergh Apton Voluntary Aided School, Wheel Road 24/7 Public
BA28F13C-8884-4480-A6E7-AD5600DCB32E NR14 7PZ Ben Du Brow, Office At Unit 3 Manor Farm Barns, Fox Road 24/7 Restricted
FA9FA2F0-93D2-4BF6-A942-AEF600B7EA2D NR14 7RF Poringland Welcome Home & Memorial Playing Field, Memorial Playing Field, The Footpath 24/7 Public
294FE1B4-E4E1-4154-89A3-AEF600B4C070 NR14 7RQ Budgens, Budgens Supermarket Store, Overtons Way 24/7 Public
78D4791B-D0DB-4412-9153-AEF600B216E9 NR14 7WB Community Centre, Overtons Way, Poringland 24/7 Public
2885B0D4-107B-4323-BF92-AD3D0110F60D NR14 8AD Pb Creative, The Dog Inn, Main Road 24/7 Public
54821F8D-5366-4451-AAB2-ADAE00CA5A66 NR14 8DL Village Hall, High Common, Swardeston 24/7 Public
BBF5843F-DC4C-4AAA-AD6B-ADD300CED6CF NR14 8EL Bracon Ash & Hethel Parish Council, Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public
234B4947-C237-439F-A130-AD800088A5A7 NR14 8FB Eta Green Power Limited, Chapman Way, Hethel 24/7 Restricted
8ED97A52-DBFF-4006-AD38-AD80007FC9A6 NR14 8FB Eta Green Power Limited, Chapman Way, Hethel 24/7 Restricted
CB70C3A2-ABE2-4214-9E0C-AD1400E6E22F NR14 8HT Church Of St Mary, Rectory Road, East Carleton 24/7 Public
B99A612D-D329-49D1-8772-AED5008D605F NR14 8JS Mulbarton Wanderers, Mulberry Park, Long Lane 24/7 Public
DB9FACD7-487F-402F-9BE1-AE21014880F6 NR14 8LY The Pavilion Hall, Long Lane, Stoke Holy Cross 24/7 Public
3159 NR14 8ST The Manor Rooms, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8B54D4C2-B9DB-436E-A095-AF5400D0B135 NR14 8TE 1a Meadow Close, Trowse 24/7 Public
F4318B4B-B40C-4394-8CC6-AD7F00F4BF4F NR14 8TS Whitlingham Country Park, Whitlingham Lane, Trowse 24/7 Public
9C1835A0-2E85-4FB2-A9C0-B08B009C6CCE NR14 8TU Trowse Primary School, Pepperpot Drive, Trowse Variable Restricted
2B78616A-2FAE-42EC-ACDF-ADF700AD46C8 NR15 1AD Hapton Service Station, Larkswood And Hapton Service Station, The Street 24/7 Public
C3EA9A78-81DC-42D0-A510-AF710139ACD4 NR15 1AU Bergh Apton Recycling Centre, Welbeck Road, Bergh Apton 24/7 Public
2A4A73E6-EC89-492F-8261-AD4200B68EF5 NR15 1EJ Seething & Mundham Village Hall, Village Hall, Wheelers Lane 24/7 Public
E91E4DC8-9C20-429E-8F05-AD8100B08591 NR15 1JH Brooke House, Brooke Gardens, Brooke 24/7 Public
643 NR15 1LR Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
0A91B13C-A76E-416F-9C61-AD4400F607B3 NR15 1LX Taswood Lakes, Tasburgh Hill, Flordon 24/7 Public
12336C62-75A3-457E-BC4C-B03700DAC27A NR15 1PR Norfolk County Council, Newton Flotman Voluntary Controlled Primary School, School Road Variable Restricted
993C9F91-0832-4B9A-BA79-B08A00DF6F75 NR15 1TD Norfolk County Council, Saxlingham Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Church Hill Variable Restricted
6FBA0EBF-62CA-4AFE-8CBE-AE0601174A98 NR15 2AB Norfolk County Council, Hardwick And Shelton Village Hall, The Street 24/7 Public
168B3D87-5576-415E-9846-AF1B0091418C NR15 2JE Aslacton & Great Moulton Fc, Football Pitch And Premises, Woodrow Lane 24/7 Public
FBBA42C9-F0EA-4350-95A2-AF7101399DEE NR15 2LJ Norfolk County Council, Morningthorpe Recycling Centre, Bungay Road 24/7 Public
B5347634-5A78-4B0A-8A74-AD7200B032CA NR15 2NG Hempnall Village Hall, Bungay Road, Hempnall 24/7 Public
7731 NR15 2TB Long Stratton Police Station, Norfolk 24/7 Public
D7D3A14F-E21A-45C4-A0BD-AFD6012453A1 NR15 2TB Long Stratton Police Station, Police Station, Ipswich Road, Long Stratton 24/7 Public
204318B3-EAE7-4FFF-AB9F-B02A00B43B87 NR15 2UY Swan Lane, Long Stratton Variable Restricted
90060044-41ED-46FE-9C36-B03D0092B9B0 NR15 2UY Long Stratton Leisure Centre, Swan Lane, Long Stratton Variable Public
6896 NR15 2XR Long Stratton Town Council Pavilion, Norfolk 24/7 Public
96723F73-69F4-40FA-8C29-AEF700B60038 NR15 2XR Long Stratton Town Council Pavilion, Town Council Pavilion, Manor Road 24/7 Public
73C02A11-CF36-4F7E-803D-ADF700B03610 NR15 2YA Victory House, Chequers Road, Tharston 24/7 Public
ED39987D-F048-4245-93DB-AD5200A1019E NR16 1ER Britannia Fire Ltd, Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate, Ashwellthorpe 24/7 Public
3066A7AE-8F7B-4164-82C4-ADF800CD70B5 NR16 1FD Ashwellthorpe & Fundenhall Community Centre, Thorpe Hall , (A&Fc.c.), Muskett Road, Wood Farm, 24/7 Public
7097 NR16 1NQ Jubilee Hall & Social Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
A24B6DD2-82BB-4F1B-9AE0-AF4C0125A5F4 NR16 1NQ Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall & Social Club, Mill Road, Carleton Rode 24/7 Public
3404 NR16 1PX Tibenham Community Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5701 NR16 1RW Primary School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
F53564BF-8A92-4740-848B-B02700EF9A52 NR16 1RW Carleton Rode School, Carleton Rode Primary School, Church Road 24/7 Public
5700 NR16 1SN Primary School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
F92CC08C-D04E-483D-8E31-B02700EE37E8 NR16 1SN Bunwell School, Bunwell Primary School, The Old Turnpike 24/7 Public
F7F94140-4DB3-4A6D-8C8B-AE6D008D7024 NR16 2DR Crown Chicken Ltd, Green Farm, Edge Green Variable Restricted
A7B4B99F-3096-4A80-B947-AF3C00E415BC NR16 2HE Applewood Counryside Holidays Banham Zoo, Kenninghall Road, Banham 24/7 Public
3D696E32-9782-4EB5-9357-ADDC00A34A75 NR16 2JU Harling Electrical Ltd, Unit 6c Snetterton Park, Harling Road 24/7 Restricted
D5F124DE-BB2F-4699-B677-B04A00FDEBB3 NR16 2LD Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Snetterton, North End Road, Snetterton Variable Restricted
47778F23-61A8-47FF-B75D-AD80009A56C5 NR16 2NP The Beeches, 1 West Harling Road, Harling 24/7 Restricted
21A1C38F-164B-48F7-B37A-B077009484EA NR16 2NQ East Harling Primary School And Nursery, Gallants Lane, Harling Variable Restricted
0EE50C70-D7D1-4380-9542-AEC9009481FB NR16 2RA Tank 21m From Warings Furniture Ltd, The Furniture Station, Watton Road 59m From Unnamed R, Roudham Bridleway 5, Roudham Variable Public
1D5A7FC1-C593-42DF-BDEF-ADDA0102D83F NR16 2SE The Dower House Touring Park, The Dower House, West Harling Variable Restricted
3B359123-468F-422E-8F7F-B04300D3EFBA NR17 1BE Rosecroft Primary School And Nursery, London Road, Attleborough Variable Restricted
5AA96736-AE94-4F7F-B6CB-B04300D88427 NR17 1BE Rosecroft Primary School And Nursery, London Road, Attleborough Variable Restricted
0E5390DF-E718-415A-AD68-AEDC014A7372 NR17 1DD Caston Village Hall, The Street, Caston 24/7 Public
48B74367-7C51-4B90-8A26-AE3700EC36F0 NR17 1DU Shropham Village Hall, Rocklands Road, Shropham 24/7 Public
6213 NR17 1HP Telephone Box, Norfolk 24/7 Public
309C0D12-82F8-4EF1-92EB-B03700E67E66 NR17 1HX Great Ellingham Cp School, Hingham Road, Great Ellingham Variable Restricted
2738AD87-A893-42B7-865C-ADB20137A1F1 NR17 1JN Old School Hall, Church Road, Little Ellingham 24/7 Public
EAEFBA42-756C-4500-94FB-AE2200C29BA1 NR17 1LG Mellor Metals Limited, Attleborough Road, Great Ellingham Variable Restricted
7D616F82-9577-492E-96FF-AE4600A94581 NR17 1LP The Firs, Town Green, Great Ellingham 24/7 Restricted
92BDF033-8A9A-4797-9AAA-B07E00A59AD2 NR17 1TP Rocklands Community Primary School, 74 The Street, Rockland All Saints Variable Restricted
2ADE4716-C5C8-46A6-ABB6-AE6A00EFCF46 NR17 1UA Rockland Playingfield, Pavillion Playing Field, Green Lane 24/7 Public
320B174B-ECAC-41C5-AAF3-AFE9006F78B8 NR17 1YN Screwfix, Steeple House, 25 New Road Variable Restricted
85211847-5B6D-43F8-899B-AF9F00ACB57E NR17 2AS Connaught Bowls Club, The Bowls Club, Station Road Variable Restricted
5A8D2F4A-ADB8-44B1-ACC6-B099007AB86E NR17 2AT Security Gatehouse, Banham Poultry Ltd, Station Road 24/7 Public
52B5D1F6-E8C9-41D0-9709-AFDA00B16B4F NR17 2AW St Edmunds, Door Code 2587, Surrogate Street 24/7 Restricted
A34A120B-BCF4-4DCB-BFC0-B04200AD22CC NR17 2JY Hill Group - Attleborough, Land Off Norwich Road, Attleborough Variable Restricted
C246ED96-34E9-4202-B83C-B098009BCEE3 NR17 2NA Attleborough Primary School, 18-20 Besthorpe Road, Attleborough Variable Restricted
07265FF9-B8C3-4655-9BF2-AF9D00AB8F3B NR17 2QZ 21 Maurice Gaymer Road, Attleborough 24/7 Public
F16B8FB3-F980-4B5F-8166-B03C00C5C799 NR18 0NT Wymondham Leisure Centre, Norwich Road, Wymondham Variable Public
9E06B248-6D2B-41FB-85BE-B03D00FA706A NR18 0WP Ketts Park Community Centre, Ketts Park Community And Recreation Centre, Harts Farm Road Variable Public
FEDD28E3-22E4-4C31-8209-ADE400D94461 NR18 9AZ Bovis Homes (Vistry Group), Bovis Homes Site Office, Off Silfield Road Variable Restricted
A8D87F2B-D463-437A-9D22-ADD000E4546E NR18 9BQ Wicklewood Village Hall, High Street, Wicklewood 24/7 Public
EC1F74EB-C9AC-4BAC-ABD7-B00A00D5AB63 NR18 9DF The Morley Agricultural Foundation, Morley Business Centre, Deopham Road 24/7 Public
D5EEC86C-4D8E-48AA-A804-AD860108AE0B NR18 9JL Saxon Crossfit Unit 7, Eleven Mile Lane, Suton 24/7 Public
1222DFCB-F506-4FA1-AA2F-AEB000FE0F25 NR18 9PD Sgra Ltd, The Old Laundry St Georges, Hospital Road 24/7 Public
086DAAE9-853E-4CDF-8334-B0A500B7158C NR18 9SY Wymondham College Pavilion, Morley Hall Drive, London Road 24/7 Public
515C70D7-E64C-42F7-913C-AEE701487342 NR18 9SZ Wymondham College, Golf Links Road, Morley St Peter 24/7 Public
91EAA903-792E-4762-AB14-B0A700FA6ED9 NR18 9SZ Wymondham College, Golf Links Road, Morley 24/7 Public
BDDC2DC2-4EDF-4F32-87FE-B0A500C0C0F8 NR18 9SZ Wymondham College Prep School, Golf Links Road, Morley Variable Restricted
53D40681-498F-4887-B6E8-B03F00884B13 NR19 1BJ Grove House Infant And Nursery School, Grove First School, Gilpins Ride Variable Restricted
29DC4A6F-06E0-4DDB-8328-AD44007DAFC4 NR19 1BX Dereham Baptist Church, High Street, Dereham 24/7 Public
5D3DB16C-9122-40B6-A0FF-AE1A00FF7368 NR19 1DG Thurlow Nunn Dereham, Westfield Road, Toftwood Variable Restricted
B4C85E22-8951-4B24-BD11-AFC400F1E41A NR19 1ED Meeting Point, Jubilee Suite The Guildhall, St Withburga Lane 24/7 Public
C289B8C2-6291-4B4D-8028-AFE800D3480D NR19 1FU Screwfix, Unit 1 Dereham Business Hub, Yaxham Road Variable Restricted
B93886CB-63F4-455D-B1D1-AF7101399025 NR19 1HD Norfolk County Council, Dereham Recycling Centre, Yaxham Road 24/7 Public
AF211A52-AD9B-49CD-8CB1-B02F00A6BBE6 NR19 1JB Drive Way Fred Nicholson School, Fred Nicholson School, Westfield Road 24/7 Public
1367BE87-CD5C-4D18-A314-AEAF00C2620F NR19 1JL Toftwood Village Hall, 47 Shipdham Road, Toftwood 24/7 Public
97821416-8D79-4B8F-8891-AEDA00A645A0 NR19 1NX Dereham Rugby Club, Dereham Rugby Clubhouse Playing Fields, Moorgate Road 24/7 Public
E69AD908-7727-4A3F-8D54-AE4300C5677C NR19 1RJ Jubilee Park, Norwich Road, Yaxham 24/7 Public
2DD7628B-7C3D-4EC8-9D1A-AF78008C7535 NR19 1WB Kingston Road, Dereham Variable Public
DE2F34E4-8902-4CCE-B3FE-AE350114E915 NR19 1WB Tesco Extra, Kingston Rd, 0 Variable Public
1C4540A6-9180-4CE4-923B-ADCC00E77409 NR19 2AE Wellspring Family Centre, 35 Neatherd Road, Dereham 24/7 Public
7500FA41-2B72-4E73-9946-B07400B2BB76 NR19 2DA Dereham Cancer Care, Unit E, Baldings Yard 24/7 Public
965 NR19 2DS Golf Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5BFF27FF-52AD-4D3A-B13D-AE2100F30913 NR19 2EY 19 Highfield Road, Dereham 24/7 Public
5802 NR19 2LY Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1B88D3A0-A8C2-47B7-B2AB-AD6E01212C21 NR19 2LY Village Hall, Swaffham Road, Wendling 24/7 Public
11294EF2-D69C-44C7-B215-AD4900A3F0C4 NR19 2RD Longham Parish Council, Longham White Horse Public House, Wendling Road 24/7 Public
0C7DA12C-BA61-40AB-A5E0-B037008A634A NR2 1AT Norwich Cosmetic Clinic/ Ncc Healthcare, 6 Exchange Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
71043FE2-555A-4994-AD0B-AF3B00C33083 NR2 1QX Octagon Tea Room, Octagon Tea Room St Peter Mancroft Church, Hay Hill Variable Restricted
D06B0BBA-6E8F-44D6-AE48-AF3B00C230DD NR2 1QZ St Peter Mancroft Church Office, The Chantry, Norwich Variable Restricted
D7998B75-FFCB-4415-828F-AFCF00A5C24B NR2 1SB O2 Store (0364) Norwich - Chapelfields, Unit Lg29, St. Stephens Arcade Variable Restricted
639FE4D4-1C2D-470B-B001-AFC4013986A9 NR2 1SE The Champion, 101 Chapel Field Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
8540 NR2 2BL Adat Yeshua Messianic Synagogue, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1EBC5CFC-8C67-4907-B13D-B0A0011021F9 NR2 2BL Adat Yeshua Messianic Synagogue, Essex Street, Norwich 24/7 Public
124BB847-5831-45DA-8789-AD8700884356 NR2 2HA Brunswick Dental Practice, 13 Brunswick Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
C9693FDC-5A92-4A56-9901-AD420082CC41 NR2 2HU Caretakers House, 95 Newmarket Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
B1E4C75F-D424-45B9-9990-AD6E008D6493 NR2 2LN Harford Manor School, 43 Ipswich Road, Norwich Variable Public
CB2AD729-B8DB-4693-9D98-AFB101239F5E NR2 2RJ Harrison Group Environmental Ltd, Alma Stoneworks, Kimberley Street Variable Restricted
FD2A14BA-55F2-4553-8AF1-AE2000EE6C50 NR2 2RW Tesco Express, 84 Unthank Road, Norwich Variable Public
284DEDFF-7CFC-469D-B0F5-AFE700D01289 NR2 2SG Bishop Herbert House, 34 Globe Place, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
6786D2AA-EF16-4133-AAD7-AD7F0102EF19 NR2 3EW Whitehall Lodge, 56-112 Whitehall Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
DA54CEA3-0CCF-45BB-B50A-AE01009A0B86 NR2 3HD The Garden House, 1 Pembroke Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
74F1D2D5-7C95-4C82-B526-B08200ADDDE7 NR2 3PA Recreation Road Infant School, Recreation Road, Norwich Variable Public
83268A66-01CC-44E3-A793-AD4000E071C8 NR2 3RG Earlham Crematorium, 193 Earlham Road, Norwich Variable Public
2F951593-FDF9-4569-89F9-B032006E3A4F NR2 3TA Tesco Norwich Dereham Road Express, 131 Dereham Rd, Norwich Variable Public
5FF0F239-E187-40A7-80AD-AD9500E6AD68 NR2 3UU 286 Dereham Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
8AA1FFD3-5471-499B-9805-B02E00DD852F NR2 4EH Nelson Infant School, Northumberland Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
42FDD2E6-938B-4C18-8AD5-AFCE00FCFFA2 NR2 4HJ Royal Mail Norwich Ld, 112-118 Barker Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
2782 NR2 4HN Wensum Community Centre, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8EE84084-1BEB-4A75-AC1D-AD4E01156F41 NR2 4HN Wensum Residents Association, Wensum Community Centre, Hotblack Road 24/7 Public
8E68C6DB-2D98-450D-BAC3-AD7900C13327 NR2 4TF Holden Renault, 22 Heigham Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
15506D45-973C-40AF-A091-B01B0138DAA5 NR2 4TN Pinches Cue Club, 85 Barker Street, Norwich 24/7 Public
B6049FEE-AF2B-41F7-B467-AEC500F69B24 NR2 4TN Mercedes-Benz, 43- 47, Barker Street 24/7 Restricted
FB01914B-7A69-402D-ABE4-AFEB00E2D3FE NR2 4TQ Screwfix, Unit 15e Barker Street, City Trading Estate Variable Restricted
818299BC-E73A-43F2-86F7-ADE500E757CA NR2 4TW Dmd Installations Ltd, Dmd House, 40 Paddock Street 24/7 Public
31A493A9-1ED4-4D2D-B9B8-AECB009AD16E NR2 4UY Royal Mail, 1 Wingate Way, Norwich Variable Public
8EAF586F-1FA5-4DBF-929B-AD4800F6F0AA NR20 3AB Public Telephone 20m From Hazeldene, Low Road On Mill Road, Mill Road, North Tuddenham 24/7 Public
8415F004-75A9-43D6-A50D-AEBE00EDBBA0 NR20 3AX Neatherd High School, Norwich Road, Dereham 24/7 Public
1C89CA06-5EAD-489B-84A0-AD72009C9272 NR20 3BB Eckling Grange Care Home, Main House, Norwich Road 24/7 Restricted
3B5158CB-8DE9-4F66-9AB8-AD4800F3D3EB NR20 3DH Hall, Fox Lane, North Tuddenham 24/7 Public
EFF8CB67-68E0-4712-82A9-ADF000F20868 NR20 3DJ The Lodge Public House, Main Road, North Tuddenham 24/7 Public
5AB12D58-0157-449F-B849-ADAB008A06BC NR20 3FG The Green, Dereham Road, Mattishall 24/7 Public
55287313-E527-4867-887E-AEAD00D5F86F NR20 3GG Norfolk Accident Rescue Service, Millbanks Hall Lane, East Dereham 24/7 Public
B2B4E45E-ED9A-407C-9862-AEBD0127B15A NR20 3JA Hockering Football Club, Playing Field, Heath Road 24/7 Public
3D4D2DEC-AD1C-4274-BB6F-AD3D00A08389 NR20 3JY South Green Park Ltd, South Green Park Enterprise Centre, South Green Variable Public
883CA9D7-E04E-4F48-9844-AD3D009BD739 NR20 3JY South Green Park Enterprise Centre (Cv), South Green, Mattishall 24/7 Public
61E7109B-54B4-421C-8651-AE3000B0D02E NR20 3JZ Mattishall Golf Club, South Green, Mattishall 24/7 Public
024C7AAB-79A6-49F5-BE3C-AE9000AD320F NR20 3LR Diocese Of Norwich Education S, Diocese Of Norwich Education Services Company, Orchard House Variable Restricted
2C7FF323-FD7F-4725-9B25-AF2D0102108C NR20 3LR East Tuddenham Parish Council, Jubilee Hall, Mattishall Road 24/7 Public
5625 NR20 3PX Dereham Town Football Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
96D33A3A-752B-45B3-8604-AD4B00F0C695 NR20 3TG Mkm Building Supplies, M K M Building Supplies, Greens Road Variable Public
4568 NR20 4BX Beetley Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
91F0D4EB-F3CF-4853-828E-B05000FAB045 NR20 4BX Beetley Village Hall, High House Road, Beetley 24/7 Public
4039 NR20 4DT The Reading Room, Norfolk 24/7 Public
7343 NR20 4EF NGF Play Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
CE967D32-9D6B-45A4-ACA3-AE0100FEBF3D NR20 4EG Fg Personal Training, Bilney Road, Gressenhall 24/7 Restricted
CA810F2D-193E-4BA4-926E-B08F00D57683 NR20 4NP 7 Manns Lane, Swanton Morley 24/7 Public
2988 NR20 4QS Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
463650DF-93AB-4348-91F4-ADC700FA2FFE NR20 4RH Oak Farm Cottage Oak Farm, Slad Lane, Bylaugh 24/7 Public
7940 NR20 5BS St Georges Church, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2802 NR20 5DD Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
DFA667B9-4B38-4164-9016-AD6F0090D8C7 NR20 5DD Village Hall, 65 The Street, Hindolveston 24/7 Public
5377 NR20 5DX Holiday Cottages, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6F506672-489A-43AE-A6EE-AE0A00DF4711 NR20 5EF Centre Of Pond 28m From Centre Farm 10m From Unnamed Road, Gateley Road, Gateley 24/7 Public
10E923D7-5E7F-48B7-B7A4-AFB300F316B0 NR20 5JB Sports Pavillion Recreation Ground, Holt Road, North Elmham 24/7 Public
7947 NR20 5JQ Sports Pavilion, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2AA40F14-C1C3-488A-A394-B09200E754C0 NR20 5JS North Elmham Primary School, 70 Holt Road, North Elmham Variable Public
8054317C-B007-481C-BF1E-AEDE00D7565C NR20 5JS Elmham Surgery, 59 Holt Road, North Elmham 24/7 Public
B5090AE7-8BB8-4354-A8C0-B07B00D1F579 NR20 5LH Brisley Primary School, School Road, Brisley Variable Public
69E90616-44B9-4DA4-919C-AED70126BAA5 NR20 5LL Brisley Cricket Club, The Green, Brisley 24/7 Public
3726 NR20 5LR Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6133A78E-F0D6-4046-9D58-AE9301355F28 NR20 5QD Village Hall, Old School Road, Dereham 24/7 Public
F5C8F5BA-4812-4406-84FF-AD5D00D1301A NR20 5RT Public Telephone 7m From 8 High Street 6m From High Street, High Street, Foulsham 24/7 Public
249 NR20 5ST Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5031 NR21 0AD Yew Tree Farm, Norfolk 24/7 Public
7EF0024C-3EC7-4ECC-A73A-AE1D01035B9B NR21 0AU Kettlestone Parish Council, Telephone Kiosk, The Street 24/7 Public
5560 NR21 0EX Methodist Church Centre, Norfolk 24/7 Public
A25CD747-56DC-4388-993E-AD3D013809BF NR21 0HL Great Snoring Social Club, Walsingham Road, Great Snoring 24/7 Public
D6B6B1F6-C1FD-4644-9A3C-AE4A0082A92D NR21 0HL Great Snoring Social Club, Walsingham Road, Great Snoring 24/7 Public
4368 NR21 0NL Brick Kilns Barney Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6971DC02-7209-4405-A254-ADA900EF0584 NR21 0NL Old Brick Kilns, Little Barney Lane, Barney 24/7 Public
5030 NR21 0NX Fulmodeston Old School Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
44217507-BE42-47CD-8E70-B03500ACAA12 NR21 0PL Wells Road, Hindringham Variable Restricted
66F83BB0-576A-4322-8360-AF9C00AC1D15 NR21 0TG Great Ryburgh Village Shop, Tank 39m From 11 The Granary, Station Road 20m From Unnamed Road, Fakenham Road 24/7 Public
2794 NR21 7AA Crown Public House, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6056 NR21 7AH Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
30A274F9-0082-49BE-AC6E-AD5900C1D931 NR21 7AZ Post Box 12m From 6 On Unnamed Road, The Street, Tatterford 24/7 Public
75C5193F-ECC3-4F05-89C0-AD4A012E7204 NR21 7DQ Electricity Sub Station 27m From 11 Earl Of Bandon Avenue 9m From Earl Of Bandon Avenue, Earl Of Bandon Avenue, West Raynham 24/7 Restricted
23195A83-68D6-4831-B4F6-ADB000E30616 NR21 7DY Payne Brothers East Anglia Ltd Fakenham Agri Park, Helhoughton Road, Hempton Variable Restricted
5D23CD3A-3023-4D3C-BC27-AF710139A481 NR21 7DY Norfolk County Council, Hempton Recycling Centre, Helhoughton Road Variable Public
D5FCF876-E464-43FF-A8A6-AD7400BB683C NR21 7LG Hempton Village Hall, The Green, Hempton 24/7 Public
9E4C3DFE-EB49-45EA-B3C0-AD7300E229D1 NR21 7NY Fakenham Racecourse, The Racecourse, Fakenham 24/7 Public
3016 NR21 7QF Telephone Box, Norfolk 24/7 Public
BCD666B9-C075-4A34-845E-AD5100E6EEFD NR21 8AF W J Aldiss Ltd, Oxborough Lane, Fakenham Variable Restricted
22BBFD69-CA5E-46AB-9C63-AFE400CC5424 NR21 8HR Cranmer House, Norwich Road, Fakenham 24/7 Public
D901754A-893F-48A5-8AF8-B02100F748B0 NR21 8NW Anglian Chemicals, Millers Close, Fakenham, Norfolk, Nr21 8nw, Millers Close Variable Public
7A8BD3C0-C701-4CCE-B774-AD4301170081 NR21 8SW Fakenham Town Fc, Clipbush Park, Clipbush Lane 24/7 Restricted
6E3140E9-D822-433E-9B9E-AFEC00B5F976 NR21 8SX Screwfix, Unit 12 Clipbush Park, Hawthorn Way Variable Restricted
BFD7F510-F49C-4790-B8D8-ADE8016BF5B8 NR21 9EX Cp Smith Stoves, 51 Sandy Lane, Fakenham 24/7 Public
D39E97BF-7750-4E05-B7EE-AD3C00F4E796 NR21 9HA Larking Gowen, Summerhill House, 1 Sculthorpe Road 24/7 Public
E6E84C86-EB38-4E62-81ED-AE1E00E11CEC NR21 9HL Everyone Active, Fakenham Sports & Fitness Centre, Trap Lane 24/7 Public
81BE17B0-545F-4186-A74D-AE3B01834129 NR21 9PD South Creake Memorial Pavilion, The Green, South Creake 24/7 Public
B31B1C8F-EBC3-434D-89C9-AD87013FEC1C NR21 9RZ Fakenham R U F C The Stringer Ground, Old Wells Road, Fakenham Variable Restricted
615391AC-6582-4F4C-B5BA-AD480102FAAE NR22 6BU Walsingham Farm Shop, Guild Street, Walsingham 24/7 Public
A9B5A3C8-753C-4116-95EB-AD9400EE072A NR23 1AB Holkham Hall, Holkham Estate, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Restricted
DAE22C6F-2700-4EEC-A60A-AFBC0114FFF4 NR23 1AB Holkham Hall, Holkham Estate, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Public
0B7F98E5-9989-4D05-9E70-AFF1010712B3 NR23 1AN Wells Maltings, The Wells Maltings, Staithe Street 24/7 Public
AD45A0A9-399D-48E1-85B8-AD4400983B7D NR23 1DR Pinewoods, Beach Road, Wells-Next-The-Sea Variable Restricted
DFB8F25D-9AE1-4120-8DF0-AD7500EFC208 NR23 1DR Beach Cafe, Beach Road, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Public
F8ECB110-0224-4F5F-9FDC-AE8C00D2FC01 NR23 1DR Pinewoods, Beach Road, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Public
3C504593-057A-4528-9B71-AD6D00E27570 NR23 1ED Police Station, Polka Road, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Public
88624828-0524-418B-9AFE-AD8501649244 NR23 1LE Wells Sailing Club, East End, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Public
2B0AE89A-374D-4181-AEBC-AF71013977F5 NR23 1NE Norfolk County Council, Wells Recycling Centre, Warham Road 24/7 Public
5272 NR23 1NH Warham Reading Room, Norfolk 24/7 Public
B373E775-18BA-439A-AA21-AF900088FF74 NR23 1RB Alderman Peel High School, Market Lane, Wells-Next-The-Sea 24/7 Public
DAA846AF-18A7-4D58-8EA7-AD4000BAB9FF NR23 1RF Wells Community Hospital, Mill Road, Wells-Next-The-Sea Variable Public
0125E4DF-C155-47BA-B8C5-AD7900BD48A7 NR23 1RU The Clock Tower, Longlands, Holkham 24/7 Public
2872 NR24 2DE Doctors Surgery, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2723 NR24 2LE HV Graves Family Butchers, Norfolk 24/7 Public
CE5A3BE2-F65E-4CC2-AA01-ADC8012782DF NR24 2NS Post Box 26m From Laurel House, Swanton Road On Swanton Road, Swanton Road, Gunthorpe 24/7 Public
2931 NR24 2RB Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
2724 NR25 6AD Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
780B0F89-0055-41CA-9AA6-AD6400A5192F NR25 6BB Holt Library, 9 Church Street, Holt Variable Public
E6E766FB-035C-4F70-810D-B0AB01434F39 NR25 6BB St. Andrew's Church, St. Andrew's Church Meeting Room, Church Street Variable Restricted
61DA808A-2FE8-43CA-88E9-B02D01082EF9 NR25 6DH Holt Youth Project, Old Station Way, Holt 24/7 Public
4029 NR25 6DL Sponge Cakes Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8945E14B-F507-44CB-9CB2-AF9A00DC1055 NR25 6DL Sponge Rise, 39a Hempstead Road, Holt 24/7 Public
73665BDC-97A0-4356-98C6-AD8100FC0BD5 NR25 6EA Greshams School & Playing Field, Cromer Road, Holt 24/7 Public
E032CEB1-7645-483F-88E3-B06000DC4D48 NR25 6ER Maranello, Unit E Nelson Square, Heath Drive 24/7 Public
7664 NR25 6LG On Post, Norfolk 24/7 Public
DD306B97-CEB6-45C6-BD3A-AF610119AFA5 NR25 6LG Baconsthorpe On Post, Long Lane, Baconsthorpe 24/7 Public
388B0C4A-4015-464C-8032-AE6F0118CEC9 NR25 6QG Bodham Playing Fields, Cromer Rd, Bodham 24/7 Public
55A5F46F-8DEC-427E-9C65-AD7E00EAD208 NR25 6QT Holt Rugby Football Club, Bridge Road, High Kelling 24/7 Public
2801 NR25 6RD High Kelling Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8670EB1F-F3DD-4EDB-9097-AD8C00EDAAB7 NR25 6RD Private, 15 Avenue Road, High Kelling 24/7 Public
1407 NR25 6SH Police Station, Norfolk 24/7 Public
D12AD3FB-A310-49D4-86F2-AF9A00DB2863 NR25 6SH Police Station, Norwich Road, Holt 24/7 Public
7F30371A-D5C7-42FD-910A-AFAB00B5E578 NR25 6TE 48 Woodrow Avenue, Holt 24/7 Restricted
7889 NR25 6TX Holt Playing Fields, Norfolk 24/7 Public
925DA07F-FA0F-4781-BECD-B067011A5289 NR25 6TX Holt Playing Fields Association, Woodfield Road, Holt 24/7 Public
07FCEEB7-2E43-42BF-AD65-AE3600C26E91 NR25 7BH The National Trust, National Trust Information Centre, Quay Lane 24/7 Public
595202C0-9E47-4DF6-AE19-AECC00C6227D NR25 7BH Morston Village Hall, Quay Lane, Morston 24/7 Public
A2EB0074-996C-451B-AE08-B03100BB0724 NR25 7DG 14 North Street, Langham Variable Restricted
2E40712D-1D1C-40D7-84FD-AD5200BDE569 NR25 7EH The Muckleborough Collection, Weybourne Road, Weybourne Variable Restricted
967B2309-42C5-4C82-A44E-B09D009B0FE8 NR25 7EW Kelling Estate Llp, Estate Office, Kelling Estate Office 24/7 Public
2831 NR25 7HW Telephone Box, Village Square, Norfolk 24/7 Public
44B3C89A-E9A2-4C34-AFD7-ADCB008B57CB NR25 7LE Field Dalling Village Hall, 84 Holt Road, Field Dalling 24/7 Public
653D98AB-50DD-48DE-9090-B09A00DA6E6C NR25 7NE Blakeney Hotel, The Quay, Blakeney Variable Restricted
15869989-3A2A-48C8-B8B6-AD7000FD2417 NR25 7SA Cley Marshes Visitor Centre, Coast Road, Cley-Next-The-Sea Variable Restricted
2796 NR25 7SZ Ship Public House, Norfolk 24/7 Public
E3EE1F68-A5DF-491A-B20A-B03C010C0BA4 NR26 8EB Sheringham Library, New Road, Sheringham Variable Public
491F8EFD-39E6-42FC-AF0F-AE320099DE85 NR26 8HF The Reef Leisure Centre, Weybourne Road, Sheringham Variable Public
FF742749-4BAF-430F-9C1F-AE0F00D42283 NR26 8HG Shelter 397m From Splash Leisure Complex, Weybourne Road 168m From A149, Sheringham Footpath 26, Sheringham 24/7 Public
25528CD7-DAFC-40A2-9050-AD7F011260A8 NR26 8LL 32 South Street, Sheringham, Norfolk 24/7 Restricted
F9945206-920B-4C7A-9F27-B02200D5E91D NR26 8NP Room 2 Sheringham Community Centre, Holway Road, Sheringham 24/7 Public
89D00EE8-33A5-4052-9574-AD8100AB2EE6 NR26 8QY Brackendale House 1/3, St Peters Road, Norwich England 24/7 Restricted
0EED9A1A-E0A1-4465-B14A-AD5D006DAB30 NR26 8RS Tesco Store, Tesco, Cromer Road Variable Public
FD13A5BE-FEB6-456C-9090-B08B00D8825C NR26 8RS Tesco, Cromer Road, Sheringham Variable Public
DB6BC050-846F-45F6-A973-AD6E00AB19F6 NR26 8TJ The Dales, Lodge Hill, Upper Sheringham Variable Restricted
E662F45A-4244-4583-875B-AEEC00812B68 NR26 8TL National Trust - Sheringham Park, Sheringham Park, Upper Sheringham 24/7 Public
24C83B9A-0C33-4291-8ED9-AF0500DA03B1 NR26 8TU Woodlands Caravan Park, Holt Road, Upper Sheringham 24/7 Public
662B942A-30D9-42D8-BB48-AF7101396B35 NR26 8TW Norfolk County Council, Sheringham Recycling Centre, Holt Road 24/7 Public
E57F1C5D-4DC6-4F1F-9065-B08F00E9D577 NR26 8UH Sheringham Cp School, Cooper Road, Sheringham Variable Restricted
468C028B-4AB6-4BE1-9F18-B0270092AFF0 NR26 8WD Shewringham Sports Center, Weybourne Road, Sheringham 24/7 Public
69BC0404-58C8-493E-B0E6-B07D0094B5E9 NR27 0AD Suffield Park Infants School, Mill Road, Cromer Variable Restricted
5BF235BB-37F2-4F1C-B6BE-AFE9009C16FC NR27 0EU Norfolk C C Day Care Services Benjamin Court, Roughton Road, Cromer Variable Public
D4D0C271-9EE3-47CC-881D-AF7A00CAF71B NR27 0JH Royal Cromer Golf Club, 145 Overstrand Road, Cromer 24/7 Public
977D7945-9D18-430D-A32F-AD8000B40254 NR27 0JR Forest Park, Northrepps Road, Northrepps 24/7 Public
1191 NR27 0NH Sidestrand Hall School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
7F6AAD2D-2A06-4E39-ADE6-B0210092CBD7 NR27 0NH Sidestrand Hall School, Cromer Road, Sidestrand Variable Restricted
F77FDE1F-938D-4AF1-8AAB-AE2100D3EE10 NR27 0NH Sidestrand Hall School, Cromer Road, Sidestrand Variable Restricted
FE749E72-6EDE-45B3-8D0E-AE190101594E NR27 0NH Sidestrand Hall School, Cromer Road, Sidestrand 24/7 Restricted
73007776-4B56-496B-B0B4-AFAB00AD8CAA NR27 0PN Clock Tower At The Pleasaunce, Harbord Road, Overstrand 24/7 Public
0AA306E4-A5F4-41AF-96DB-AD9D010BD59B NR27 9AD West Runton Village Store & Post Office, 40 Cromer Road, West Runton 24/7 Public
DE15FA0E-2006-4E0B-8FBD-AD8A007083E6 NR27 9EF Fighting Fit At Exchange House, Louden Road, Cromer Variable Public
F244C998-9601-421B-9B03-AE910084E8A7 NR27 9HB St. Peter And St Paul Church, St Peter & St Paul Church, Church Street Variable Public
4C90D0F3-D75C-400B-970B-AD9400F175CD NR27 9HE Pavilion Theatre, Promenade, Cromer Variable Restricted
670FA176-5A8A-4254-88D2-AD6D00F965A6 NR27 9HS Cromer Library, Prince Of Wales Road, Cromer Variable Public
77C9914C-93FD-40E8-93AE-AFED00C2596E NR27 9JR Screwfix, Middlebrook Way, Cromer Variable Restricted
2C7D2978-E514-42CD-85C7-AFC800964326 NR27 9JW Howdens At Cromer, Bays 1, 2 & 3, Stonehill Way,, Off Holt Road Variable Restricted
70AD1788-4F76-4759-9ED9-AF9C00FAAB46 NR27 9JW 22b Holt Road, Cromer 24/7 Public
A2798074-47FC-49E3-8611-AE5300ECC36B NR27 9LF Northrepps Aerodrome, North Walsham Road, Northrepps Variable Public
BAED7434-39C8-4779-8A34-AE4600E699E1 NR27 9QP Laburnum Caravan Park, Water Lane, West Runton 24/7 Public
05169C0D-9EE9-48AA-9114-AF5C00F61CF1 NR28 0AJ Yendell's Health And Wellness Hub, Yendell's Health & Wellness Hub, Unit 12a 24/7 Public
DC41D779-DDC0-40CC-8265-AF3A0086EDA2 NR28 0BQ Birchwood Medical Practice, Park Lane, North Walsham 24/7 Public
2FABE967-85AC-4BD0-820D-AE2F00B1117C NR28 0DZ Victory Swim And Fitness, Station Road, North Walsham Variable Restricted
CC7EEFD5-767F-44DA-A416-AFE800DDD71B NR28 0FQ Screwfix, Unit 1 Hornbeam Road, North Walsham Variable Restricted
BEFFA926-2B05-455D-820C-AF9400EBCC53 NR28 0HD North Walsham Congregational Church, 20 Cromer Road, North Walsham 24/7 Public
EFDAE610-5C6B-4097-AB79-AD7200F63005 NR28 0JQ Rossis Leisure, Tungate, North Walsham Variable Restricted
40B5D5F7-7113-4126-BFAF-ADA401029443 NR28 0LU The Manor House, Skeyton Road, North Walsham 24/7 Restricted
7981 NR28 0QW Bradfield Cricket Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
02FD7778-698F-4C20-9A4E-AFD601244C23 NR28 0QW Bradfield Cricket Club, Hall Farm, Southrepps Road, Bradfield 24/7 Public
6368 NR28 0RA The Bluebell Pub, Norfolk 24/7 Public
E15E8E67-D3F8-4003-947B-B09900866F6F NR28 0RA Alder Country Park, Bacton Road, North Walsham 24/7 Public
460 NR28 0RS The Orchard Gardens Pub, Norfolk 24/7 Public
FCB4C30A-BF44-446F-AF44-B09901156681 NR28 0RZ Madra Sports & Social Club, Hall Lane, Knapton 24/7 Public
E2AC8F1D-563E-43BA-B2B0-AF570100C2CC NR28 0TY Weener Plastics Norwich Limited, Weener Plastics Norwich Ltd, Stanford Tuck Road Variable Restricted
20561E88-1950-4230-B470-ADFF008F5581 NR28 9DE North Walsham Community Centre, Community Centre, New Road 24/7 Public
9189453F-4929-4A28-8463-AD5600E3A5FB NR28 9DE Norfolk Library And Information Service, North Walsham Library, New Road Variable Restricted
456 NR28 9HG Junior School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
37FACBD7-D686-4311-84E7-AE21010FF618 NR28 9HZ North Walsham Sports, Spenser Ave, North Walsham Variable Restricted
2F979F8F-4C31-4E2D-9F75-AF7101398B82 NR28 9LX Norfolk County Council, Worstead Recycling Centre, Sandy Hills 24/7 Public
3999 NR28 9PT Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
4709 NR28 9QX Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6355 NR28 9RX Train Station, Norfolk 24/7 Public
B86F0174-4F64-4AD5-ABEA-AEAB0106D159 NR28 9RX Worstead Train Station, Train Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
F2E27102-827D-4B12-B591-AE3D0123DBF6 NR29 3AA Filby Post Office, Post Office, Main Road 24/7 Public
59F84A5D-571F-47F6-A3A5-AD57014D6F76 NR29 3AE Broadland Sports Club, Main Road, Fleggburgh Variable Restricted
4AECF437-BDE6-461B-87E7-AF4200E24792 NR29 3AJ Post Office Garden Centre, Beach Road, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby 24/7 Public
B2F819FF-7FB1-42CB-99A0-AD7F00EF0238 NR29 3AW The Surgery, Mill Lane, Fleggburgh Variable Restricted
AB69930D-6040-4306-925E-AD6D00DCB9D1 NR29 3BL Clippesby Hall, Hall Road, Fleggburgh 24/7 Public
12553A90-039A-41E0-80B3-AD6D00A96494 NR29 3DR Tank 31m From The Wildlife Gardens, Thrigby Hall, Filby Road 39m From Unnamed Road, Thrigby Road, Mautby Variable Restricted
944 NR29 3EX The Ferry Inn, Norfolk 24/7 Public
BA48D4FF-E0D6-4D50-9395-AE1D00D09DB1 NR29 3HJ Filby Primary School, Filby First School, Thrigby Road 24/7 Public
E7CC5BCE-3158-4C24-9538-AD5C0142427A NR29 3HN Playground Recreation Field, Main Road, Filby 24/7 Public
F7FFB5DE-7DB0-4E28-8A2B-AD920094250B NR29 3HN Filby Village Hall, Main Road, Filby 24/7 Public
44912733-B487-4337-BCC8-B03400FDA7FE NR29 3LA Ormesby Middle School, North Road, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby Variable Restricted
5398931D-39B4-4CA0-BE69-AF4300037655 NR29 3NH Pavilion The Edgar Tennant Recreation Ground, Station Road, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby 24/7 Public
01B98D10-A8BD-440C-B434-ADB700E225DF NR29 3NN Bermuda Holiday Park, 246 Newport Road, Hemsby 24/7 Public
6EF15790-617A-4FE6-B11B-AF43000686C7 NR29 3PU Ormesby Village Centre, Station Road, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby 24/7 Public
05088617-0F77-4F5B-8970-AF2000FDD0D4 NR29 3QB Bracecamp Parish Hall, Yarmouth Road, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby 24/7 Public
95454B32-0A2E-40E7-81F6-AE920171CE03 NR29 3QG The Grange Touring Caravan And Camping Park, Camping And Caravan Site The Grange Hotel, Yarmouth Road 24/7 Public
20EA2C69-C2C4-40F3-916B-AF1F00D62EF6 NR29 3QL Oasis Swimming Pool, Oasis Club California Sands Estate, California Road 24/7 Public
561F6660-DFC6-42B4-BB31-AF42018A82AF NR29 3QT Public Convenience, Rottenstone Lane, Scratby 24/7 Public
7B68CBF2-F671-48DA-A59C-B03400B980D1 NR29 3RY Ormesby First School, Spruce Avenue, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby Variable Restricted
C432FB01-5F1F-43F4-AA5E-AE4401003317 NR29 3SA Spar Foodmarkets Ltd, 13 North Road, Ormesby St Margaret W Scratby 24/7 Public
8E9E35D0-7B51-4D90-BBC4-AED601429F73 NR29 4AD Nelson Head, The Street, Horsey 24/7 Public
33EDF8BE-360F-4D88-A54A-AFF9010047E8 NR29 4AJ Car Park At Beach, Beach Road, Winterton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
E74E86BF-9573-4A3F-82EB-ADD800E8176B NR29 4AJ Poppys At Winterton-On-Sea, Beach Road, Winterton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
BCBB5E8F-B4EE-4E45-B629-AE2801015620 NR29 4AP Winterton First School, Black Street, Winterton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
9864C302-79E8-473D-8BAB-AD7800F1398F NR29 4BX Winterton Valley Estate, Edward Road, Winterton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
03CF5229-B9A8-494E-BA3E-AD48008BA107 NR29 4DP The Lion Public House, Martham Road, West Somerton 24/7 Public
3067BC52-4956-4F31-ACDA-AEFC00B676CE NR29 4EJ Lovat Parks Ltd, Waxham Sands Holiday Park, Palling Road 24/7 Public
1396BEF7-F9BE-490D-B703-AD8F0088F7D3 NR29 4HH The Vineries, Winterton Road, Hemsby 24/7 Restricted
F3B8B68E-9474-4C5F-AC8D-AE2300B6BFE6 NR29 4HS Beach Cafe, Beach Road, Hemsby 24/7 Public
6004A7D0-C34F-4A75-AD81-ADA100A420DA NR29 4HZ Club Belle Belle Aire Holiday Estate, Beach Road, Hemsby 24/7 Public
E94CB332-6E4F-4F1F-88FB-AE6500B3EED1 NR29 4JD Long Beach Estate, Winterton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
4302088D-4A08-41DC-9682-AE6500B4B231 NR29 4JE The Seadell Club, St Thomas Road, Hemsby 24/7 Public
07F51A4A-FCCD-4406-ACB5-B08C00BF6E44 NR29 4LH Hemsby Primary School, School Loke, Hemsby Variable Restricted
2E6A347C-E853-45C8-830C-AD9700D9E51F NR29 4LH Hemsby First School, School Loke, Hemsby 24/7 Public
BEEECFF8-A659-441A-817B-AF8B0096973D NR29 4NH Village Hall Recreation Ground, Waters Lane, Hemsby 24/7 Public
BA48B091-7EBF-4FFD-A6B7-AE0001178A31 NR29 4NJ Sbdp1 Ltd, The Coach House, Yarmouth Road Hemsby, Hemsby 24/7 Restricted
ECFDB4E4-C7AB-447B-9F34-AE440108FD97 NR29 4NW Treasure Island Amusements, Sunningdale Club, Newport Road 24/7 Public
D185550E-95D5-4051-9455-AE9700ACDDFC NR29 4PA East Of England Co-Op, The Green, Martham 24/7 Public
D5DBC1F4-FC4F-4A36-BE9D-AD4200C1C617 NR29 4PA Martham Lodge, 34 The Green, Martham 24/7 Restricted
87E44E43-8438-40AA-A6C0-ADF60134896E NR29 4QD Flegg High School, Somerton Road, Martham Variable Public
96117C54-F40C-43EC-BB23-AD5100FFD4DD NR29 4QD Flegg High Ormiston Academy, Somerton Road, Martham Variable Public
6861 NR29 4RB Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
E057E1B7-7C7D-4270-91B9-AFF700BFA0A7 NR29 4SP 10 Playing Field Lane, Martham 24/7 Public
E674AB31-921C-428A-B500-AD4A01199EF6 NR29 5AJ Rollesby Village Hall, Fleggburgh Road, Rollesby 24/7 Public
A9540DC1-AD48-40C9-80E9-AD6D00EF07C1 NR29 5EH Rollesby Primary School & Nursery, Main Road, Rollesby 24/7 Public
05E904EB-DDCE-4C92-BD3D-ADE000A5216A NR29 5HE Holly Farm, Low Road, Rollesby 24/7 Public
3585 NR29 5JP Telephone Box, Norfolk 24/7 Public
696 NR29 5LW Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
903C6FD7-6AE1-4566-BBDA-AFCE00C474E9 NR29 5LW Potter Heigham Village Hall, School Road, Potter Heigham 24/7 Public
42021520-F45E-4A8A-80CA-AECB00E657D3 NR29 5NY Norfolk Broads Caravan And Motorhome Club Site, Johnson Street, Ludham 24/7 Public
BF802410-9366-4781-96B3-AD5A00FBC622 NR29 5PB Ludham Village Hall, Norwich Road, Ludham 24/7 Public
29F45263-EEE7-4C3E-B40B-AD4200CD62D4 NR29 5PG How Hill Trust, How Hill, Ludham Variable Restricted
8BB83474-9DC0-4A71-913A-AD4401119DD5 NR29 5QG Hunter's Yard, Horsefen Road, Ludham 24/7 Public
87E51C7C-8280-4D3B-9A10-AF1E00B1BDC2 NR29 5QN Ludham Primary School And Nursery, School Road, Ludham 24/7 Public
F17D040F-C27F-4B40-8C12-B02D010A2A58 NR29 5QN Ludham Primary School And Nursery, School Road, Ludham Variable Restricted
63EBE6ED-335C-4298-BE05-AD9D00FBAF58 NR3 1DD Jane Austen Collage, 46/48 Colegate, Norwich Variable Public
9247F8A2-8316-4B77-AEFA-AF0100A8BEC6 NR3 1HY Rent4sure Ltd, 22 Wensum Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
83617AE3-1580-4795-9988-AD3C00F449E4 NR3 1RB Larking Gowen, King Street House, 15 Upper King Street 24/7 Public
EB6A7086-FE6E-44F9-9A6D-AE1C00E09C04 NR3 1RU Mills And Reeve - Norwich, 1 St James Court, Norwich Variable Restricted
CFF9EF3C-0E35-41FB-9903-AFF1007E4972 NR3 1SU St James Mill, Whitefriars, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
5948BA6E-17AC-43F7-9EB4-ADD000891C97 NR3 1TS Nuffield Health, Barrack Street, Norwich Variable Public
BAEDE9A3-1B1E-43C5-A12D-AED300DFDCF5 NR3 1TX Q D Stores Ltd, 110-112 Barrack Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
C33B9ADE-FEC8-49A0-B8A4-ADDB01029E29 NR3 1UB Birketts Llp, Part First Floor And Second To Third Floors Kingfisher House, 1 Gilders Way Variable Public
57B6E970-4445-4BC3-A256-AD80008F5B4B NR3 1UP Magistrates Court The Law Courts, Bishopgate, Norwich 24/7 Public
577BA7A6-405C-4095-A35D-AE1A007A2BF4 NR3 2AD Aylsham Road Business Park, Norwich 24/7 Public
6B3961AC-85F2-4EA1-8C06-AFF100ADFD99 NR3 2AZ Norse Tfm, 28 Whiffler Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
6CA03C88-F96E-4CF8-8DDB-AD5700FD8519 NR3 2BX 1 Page Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
D28C475D-2554-4C1F-9D07-AEC300CD7656 NR3 2HF Ymca Norfolk, Ymca, 61a Aylsham Road 24/7 Public
F678329A-24FD-49D0-9FD7-AFE100DE4610 NR3 2LD The Phoenix Centre, 132a Mile Cross Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
561A0520-4E1C-44B7-BDE0-AD6400B0FB85 NR3 2QU Mile Cross Primary School, Brasier Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
03F4BB9C-E502-4506-B720-AE1A00797DEE NR3 2RE The Windmill, 211 Aylsham Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
9BB0DC18-B84B-4F1D-A450-AE2000DDD004 NR3 2RE Tesco Express, 279a Aylsham Road, Norwich Variable Public
AFD7C5BD-0056-4FE7-AABB-AF5B00F46839 NR3 2RE Tesco Express, 279a Aylsham Road, Norwich Variable Public
953BFEDE-1DC9-4673-BC1E-AE6900D654FD NR3 2RT Puregym, 125 Copenhagen Way, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
AC7DBD7F-43AF-4641-A9A7-AE06009CC914 NR3 2SA Boundary Tavern, 414 Aylsham Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
7825338B-59FA-4B3C-AD5C-AED9009C0EBB NR3 3BP St Edmunds Society, 114-118 Oak Street, Norwich Variable Restricted
4FB5CFF2-2906-4301-BA05-AD5100DD5108 NR3 3JQ Kemps Place, 89 Rackham Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
C2AEFEDD-522C-4FB6-B8C4-AFE700D10D5B NR3 3NT Oak Grove Chapel, 70 Catton Grove Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
B897659A-7503-4128-B149-B09600D002FC NR3 3TX Future Radio (The Box), 14 Woodcock Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
2F001216-42EF-45B4-9FAF-B03600B18F1B NR3 4AF Tesco Magdaln Road Nrwch Express, 40a Magdalen Rd, Norwich Variable Public
E09FEA84-AAB6-4ABF-8669-B0AC00F2C71D NR3 4AF Tesco Express, 40a Magdalen Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
FCD1B5DA-1391-4BCA-A42B-B06B00FF5FFB NR3 4BW Private Home, 82 St Clements Hill, Norwich Variable Public
255B628F-B854-4615-A658-ADFD012AFDC1 NR3 4HZ St George's Church Hall, 223 Sprowston Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
1D52DBBA-F482-462F-A737-AE43014712D6 NR30 1AA Royal Mail Sorting Office, 6 North Quay, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
F5D8727E-993C-40AF-9FA7-AF2B00C474F7 NR30 1AA Royal Mail Great Yarmouth Do, 6 North Quay, Great Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
6CDF0FD3-DB25-44EB-AE07-AFC2012B61BC NR30 1BN Sportsman’s Arms, Sportsman Arms Public House, 83-84 Northgate Street 24/7 Public
F4912A83-A781-4B02-A16E-AF3100E8D7A2 NR30 1BP Northgate Primary School, Northgate Street, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
3F1E3A04-4116-451E-8F52-B006009F5E44 NR30 1EE The 3g Pitch, Tennis Pavilion Recreation Ground, Wellesley Road Variable Restricted
22A2B27B-D35E-44E4-A667-B006009AC0C3 NR30 1EG Recreation Ground, Wellesley Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
160F2A8F-03B8-4FB6-A6A6-AD5700DB55FE NR30 1EQ Imperial Hotel (Great Yarmouth) Ltd, Imperial Hotel, 13-15 North Drive 24/7 Restricted
66949F7B-E2C4-4EDB-9242-AE1D00D69EF0 NR30 1EY Smudgers Bar Great Yarmouth Town Football Social Club, Sandown Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
D34378A3-A8AE-4580-8DBC-AD4200B2C4F6 NR30 1HE Lovewell Blake, Sixty Six North Quay, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
87E351FE-35C5-48B5-B4A7-AD6D00E9EA1B NR30 1LN The Mariners Tavern Public House, 69 Howard Street South, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
172CE209-F0EE-4E55-8A18-AED601698BDF NR30 1LY Great Yarmouth Market Place, Car Park, Market Place 24/7 Public
19F0E240-7A64-469B-AC4A-AFE700FFC94B NR30 1NE Kirsty’s Cakery, 24 Church Plain, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
5143E65D-C3D9-4734-9952-AE4D00D5D831 NR30 1PH Norfolk Constbculary, Norfolk Constabulary Police Station, Howard Street North Variable Restricted
66ACD40D-3155-4085-B2B2-AD8000923086 NR30 1PH Norfolk Constabulary Police Station, Howard Street North, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
F3D4F662-1236-4FF8-842B-AD9D00F2CB30 NR30 1PW Magistrates Court, North Quay, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
92BFCE9A-04BE-4849-8ED8-AE9B01092DBC NR30 1SD Greater Anglia, Acle New Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
AD16F35F-BC55-416E-95F8-AE3E002E9B60 NR30 2DQ Christopher’s Restaurant, 68 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
7AAC1B49-ABFE-4E4E-ADC8-AEE101261E1E NR30 2EU Hippodrome, St Georges Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
0B0AE76A-B96E-482C-B9EA-AE450136A091 NR30 2PG St Georges Theatre, The Pavilion St Georges Theatre, King Street 24/7 Public
5570378A-6657-4488-8EEB-B0AC0090CFA9 NR30 2RP Great Yarmouth Fire Station, Friars Lane, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
7BDBC13B-BF40-4FAE-8CCE-AD5900FE77F5 NR30 2SH Central Library And Tolhouse Museum, Tolhouse Street, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
7B1E9617-EE74-4672-932C-B02F00FA24D1 NR30 3BQ St George's Primary School, St Georges Primary School, St Peters Road Variable Restricted
D4C8B163-A8BB-4641-830E-AE3E00DD5718 NR30 3EF Peggotty Road Community Centre, Community Centre, Peggotty Road 24/7 Public
F721AC73-8DEB-4581-B00B-AE3E002CBAD9 NR30 3JG Merrivale Model Village, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
26B68BDB-9757-4EEA-A7B1-AE430148B7CC NR30 3LL Ted’s Cafe, 26-28 Southgates Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
02870404-2316-476C-AC17-AD4300F97C5B NR30 3PX Api Microelectronics Ltd, Fenner Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
F7D406BF-66AE-461A-8338-AED800C4C0B4 NR30 3PX Apitech, Fenner Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
591A8EEF-6092-4895-9D40-AED700D63737 NR30 3QF Marine Base, 88 South Denes Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
F5673E2B-5C60-4668-84FA-AED700D20785 NR30 3QQ Offshore Design Engineering Ltd, Ground Floor Nelson House, Beevor Road Variable Restricted
6354FE0D-5B6D-4E32-A018-AE8C00E9131D NR30 3QR Strand House South Denes Business Park, South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
A94453F6-E570-474E-A5AB-AF2E008811F0 NR30 4AU Caravan Club Great Yarmouth Racecourse, Jellicoe Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Public
B468C6FF-BA2F-4BDE-9ADC-AFDC00B10AA6 NR30 4DQ Norse, Managers Office The Lawns, Caister Road 24/7 Restricted
D1BC6E79-410F-46A5-A3D6-B07B00E3C8B2 NR30 4DY North Denes Garage, 1 Sandringham Avenue, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
0B4AC588-770B-4468-8ECE-AD5D006BE6F6 NR30 4ET Salisbury Residential Care Home, 20 Marine Crescent, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
4D76D6A7-C556-4059-9E78-AE6E0035DAA9 NR30 4ET Salisbury Residential Home, Salisbury Residential Care Home, 20 Marine Crescent 24/7 Restricted
F0542405-2691-4A5A-A945-AED80094CE55 NR30 4LS Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, Great Yarmouth High School, Salisbury Road 24/7 Public
6E2BA625-2831-41BF-9440-AF85010E0D72 NR30 4LW Nursing Home, 95-96 North Denes Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
1EFF9160-6690-497D-BC6D-AE1C00A545BC NR30 5BT Tesco Superstore, Tesco Stores Ltd, Yarmouth Road, Caister On Sea Variable Public
E9D88853-78E3-48F8-A5B2-AE9700AC5F6C NR30 5EH East Of England Co-Op, 72 High Street, Caister 24/7 Public
2EEE5FB6-5D19-45CF-A302-AF0F013516D1 NR30 5ER Caister Community Centre, Community Centre, Beach Road 24/7 Public
7DE40592-BE35-4DDE-857D-AEC500937A7F NR30 5NJ The Centurian Public House, 132 Ormesby Road, Caister-On-Sea 24/7 Public
71268363-DEF4-424B-89C1-AF8C00CE2FD1 NR30 5NQ Caister Holiday Centre, Ormesby Road, Caister-On-Sea 24/7 Restricted
DDB30B90-8638-436B-B289-AF07008D7DE7 NR30 5QW John Grant Special Needs School, St Georges Drive, Caister-On-Sea Variable Restricted
A08F15F2-B02E-4CF5-8C9C-AE4D00B04BFE NR30 5TE Yarmouth Stadium, Yarmouth Road, West Caister Variable Public
FD22A995-B717-4EFF-A932-AF710139B342 NR30 5TE Norfolk County Council, Caister-On-Sea Recycling Centre, Pump Lane 24/7 Public
C7EEBB4D-F8B5-42C0-9054-AE9201483C17 NR31 0AB Lichfield Arms, 116-117 Lichfield Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
281177EE-E529-478E-93AE-AF7F011809CD NR31 0DW Tesco Extra, Tesco, Pasteur Road 24/7 Public
91696E7F-DC4A-4946-9130-AE480116820C NR31 0DW Tesco, Filling Station Tesco, Pasteur Road Variable Public
A1C9751D-AB8C-4E1C-BD38-AE3E00A406E5 NR31 0DW Tesco, Pasteur Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Public
DFA311BD-C80F-4EA8-B7E9-AF0700B97690 NR31 0JX The Rumbold Arms Public House, 107 Southtown Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
CF8AF09F-6B7B-4477-9B2E-AD4700C86465 NR31 0LG Shine, Alpha Centre, Alpha Road 24/7 Public
03E8AF9A-2A71-4939-B8D2-AF9600A6B00B NR31 0LS Aquaterra Energy Ltd, Harfreys Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
708974CF-7D13-42CE-9753-AFFD00D23CCF NR31 0LT Coastground Limited, Morton Peto Road, Bradwell Variable Restricted
89D50484-4806-495B-9375-AEA000AA4E47 NR31 0LT Centre 81, Yare House, Morton Peto Road 24/7 Public
FEDB853E-7232-4416-8A09-AFE900F0CA6A NR31 0LX Screwfix, Unit 13 - 14 Bessemer Way, Harfreys Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
0ABA7703-DDB4-4A3E-8E7E-B0290093E1A9 NR31 0NA 20 Owen Road, Harfreys Industrial Estate, Great Yarmouth Variable Public
E847C54A-AE87-462B-B9B1-AE4B007EB40D NR31 0NB Csscloud, Marine Park, Gapton Hall Road 24/7 Public
0B888616-D7AF-4D74-B00B-AEFC00A8DAFC NR31 0ND Unit 7 Enterprise Court, Gapton Hall Road, Bradwell 24/7 Public
C94ACBC6-0335-4B3F-91DD-AE5400ACF6CA NR31 0NG Yarmouth Steel, Edison Way, Gapton Hall Ind. Est., Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
CB0477F0-D2EC-429A-BD19-AE8500DCF6FD NR31 0NJ Pertwee And Back Limited, Gapton Hall Road, Bradwell Variable Restricted
B553CA00-BBEF-40DB-A7CC-AF0F009026A4 NR31 0NL Prior Power Solutions Ltd, Gapton Hall Road, Bradwell 24/7 Public
7168927A-C54C-40D0-B848-AE1400989A40 NR31 0NN Johnson Controls, Burlingham House, Hewett Road 24/7 Public
24ED1C9D-D14D-45A8-97AF-AD4B00D2AD9A NR31 0NQ Stm Engineering Ltd, Masco House, Shuttleworth Close 24/7 Public
EE2D6A9C-0010-40B1-9EA5-B07401514A15 NR31 0PT Telephone Box, 2 Beccles Road, Gorleston 24/7 Public
2D631425-3F95-447A-A0A1-B00100A51199 NR31 0QB Shrublands Football Club, Public Telephone 27m From The Claydon Pavilion Community Centre, Suffolk Road 13m From Suf, Suffolk Road 24/7 Public
B5402919-AEC9-40C8-80D1-AEA100AE3921 NR31 0RB Seacon Europe Ltd, Seacon House Hewett Road Gapton Hall Ind Est, Hewett Road Variable Restricted
54E38F6F-89EC-4E86-B704-AE4C018013DC NR31 6AG Margo’s Lounge, 58-58b Bells Road, Gorleston On Sea 24/7 Public
6937BC0E-D734-458A-8A58-AD7F00E6C845 NR31 6DP St Edmunds Residential Home, 3-5 Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Restricted
3EB0432D-E477-499C-9B0D-AF0700B8A985 NR31 6JT Golf Club House, Gorleston Golf Club, 21 Warren Road 24/7 Public
E536B16F-E3D4-4564-98A2-B04901716203 NR31 6JX Public Telephone 22m From 60 Links Road 7m From Links Road, Newton Cross, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
3B41CE1A-1BC3-4A9C-849D-AF9C00C315DC NR31 6LR St. Andrew's Church, Gorleston, St. Andrew's Church, Church Road 24/7 Public
E528EAAF-9CD8-41AE-BB6D-AD7B00A0C1B3 NR31 6NE Top Body Gym, 26a Longs Ind Est, Englands Lane, Gorleston 24/7 Public
98533888-0CD8-4DEB-AABF-AE4F000780C3 NR31 6PG The New Entertainer Public House, 80 Pier Plain, Gorleston On Sea 24/7 Public
5348A175-D257-4959-89D3-AD4700BEF8F7 NR31 6PJ Hm Coastguard, Gorleston Fire Station, High Road 24/7 Restricted
01D10349-482E-4666-B3FA-AD7000C41748 NR31 6PL South Pier, Great Yarmouth Variable Restricted
E3E103CC-2871-49A0-B18D-B034012EB6D0 NR31 6RP Public Telephone 13m From Home Stylz, 184 High Street 4m From Unnamed Road, High Street, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
7B45670E-5581-4D40-85F4-ADBC00B6FB98 NR31 6RR The Short Blue, 47 High Street, Gorleston On Sea 24/7 Public
6D19F2F1-6BC9-434A-811F-AF0E009DDF66 NR31 7AJ Mariners Compass, Mariners Compass Public House, 21 Middleton Road 24/7 Public
C7D38C2F-3842-4350-8767-B075008E6CC1 NR31 7BB Pink Office, Pink Office Ltd, Excalibur Road 24/7 Public
F007ACAA-C23D-4164-8FCF-AF9C009E7FB9 NR31 7BJ Central England Co-Operative Funeralcare, 82c Church Lane, Gorleston 24/7 Public
8ECD63C5-861D-4C8E-AA1A-AF1F00B55470 NR31 7BP Community Centre Shrublands Youth And Community Centre, Magdalen Way, Gorleston On Sea 24/7 Public
036EA50D-B5FC-4D21-8EE6-AE7D00E24340 NR31 7BZ Church Of England, St Mary Magdalen Church, Magdalen Square 24/7 Public
474F3243-546E-4709-9CFF-AE5B00F5C055 NR31 7EX 4 Cambridge Avenue, Gorleston On Sea, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
6269FFE5-6824-4D7C-866E-AF0200F3D69D NR31 7JJ Gorleston Crematorium, Magdalen Lawn Cemetery, Oriel Avenue Variable Restricted
AD29D035-4C87-46EE-9D76-AFDA00EB119F NR31 7PZ Lydia Eva Court, Peterhouse Avenue, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Restricted
BBA85539-ED2A-4C49-9459-AD3D00988C9E NR31 7RU Eastpoint Global Ltd, Minerva House, Galahad Road Variable Public
87DA1065-A514-4A34-979E-AF6B010CC51A NR31 7RW Toby Carvery - Captain Manby, Guinevere Road, Great Yarmouth Variable Public
EB78DABF-8FF7-44E8-8325-AE8B00CFA798 NR31 8AP Creative Trust, Lynn Grove Va High School, Lynn Grove Variable Restricted
5DCD5A13-71AF-4E5A-A9D5-B06200AF1160 NR31 8DF Unit 1, 20-22 Beccles Road, Bradwell Variable Public
B9E0C3D3-4657-40B5-A5D0-ADE500E2FCC9 NR31 8DF Tesco Express, 20 - 26 Beccles Road, Bradwell Variable Public
DA9F074F-1815-416A-B674-B06A00B646F5 NR31 8EB Genista Green Hall., Genista Green Hall, Cherry Road 24/7 Public
031465DC-31F7-4B97-8D3D-ADAD00A44B64 NR31 8ET Shrubland Community Centre, Hawthorn Road, Great Yarmouth 24/7 Public
532 NR31 8HS Mill Lane Centre, Norfolk 24/7 Public
23A64FBC-F600-4EC8-90D1-AFF901249EBA NR31 8JU Phoenix Pool, Widgeon Close, Bradwell 24/7 Public
54FA8FC2-A54C-45D0-B53A-AD6D00D4EDCC NR31 8NS Homefield First School, Homefield Avenue, Bradwell Variable Restricted
9BD01F0F-1AB2-4115-AAFF-B03500E229EF NR31 8NS Homefield Church Of England Primary School, Homefield Avenue, Bradwell Variable Restricted
0DAF4D13-B3D8-4F38-921C-AE5100EDD1F8 NR31 8PA Hillside Primary School, Lords Lane, Bradwell 24/7 Public
087308BE-F9A9-4EB9-869D-AE4C0184B62B NR31 8PS The Sun Inn Public House, 154 Beccles Road, Bradwell 24/7 Public
531 NR31 8QG Leo Coles Pavilion, Norfolk 24/7 Public
CD9E6C7D-4C11-4682-A4FC-AE4C018600AF NR31 8QN Post Office - Londis, Post Office, 43 Church Lane 24/7 Public
F79D080E-94FE-4777-8C2A-AE8A0011A74C NR31 8RG Ecclestone Close Community Building, Communal Room, 25 Ecclestone Close 24/7 Public
6014052B-3F8F-421E-BA84-AEB0009FDE06 NR31 9AB Fritton With St Olaves Parish Council, Decoy Barn, Beccles Road 24/7 Public
9FFF365B-AD75-4114-8EB9-AE0001372EDC NR31 9AF 2 Wainscot Drive, Bradwell 24/7 Public
C55EFDF1-2D55-4B48-9A81-ADBF00B642F6 NR31 9AF Grayling Close, Bradwell 24/7 Public
84FC6C8C-6C36-4ADC-A55E-AD8700A794FE NR31 9AH Pavilion Building, Recreation Ground Pavilion Building, Lowestoft Road 24/7 Public
8CF999FE-E963-4517-AA2D-AD8000AB4DA9 NR31 9BE Village Hall, Station Road, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
C2723902-8628-4657-833A-AE4C017EE9FA NR31 9BH The Turnstone Public House, Station Road, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
FC4DD602-70B6-4840-84D0-AD80013A4D54 NR31 9BN Bubbles Amusements, Warren Road, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
0F33F251-183C-46CE-910C-AD8300AE0712 NR31 9BX Zest Rooms Potters Leisure Resort, Coast Road, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Restricted
F96ED450-0F43-4257-87CB-ADA40091183A NR31 9DU New Road Sport And Leisure Centre, New Road, Belton 24/7 Public
C3897C51-A144-4A32-8B4B-AF6E00A59E7B NR31 9EY Tingdene Holiday Parks, Caldecott Hall Country Park, Beccles Road 24/7 Public
9E66451D-EA76-4567-B14E-ADA400964E24 NR31 9HD Buckworths Pumping Station, Beccles Road, St Olaves 24/7 Public
B333060F-ECA4-4E42-8AB5-AE3C0105C294 NR31 9HD Buckworths Garage, Buckworths Garage Ltd, Beccles Road, St Olaves 24/7 Public
507EEEE4-91C7-4C73-BB20-AD4D00EA013F NR31 9JG The John Green Institute, 46 Station Road South, Belton With Browston 24/7 Public
59F3B4E1-226D-40D7-9B21-ADDF00EB7D0C NR31 9LD Tesco Store, 8 Bell Lane, Belton Variable Public
7122F4EF-E6C0-4103-80D8-AF9700FA8F40 NR31 9NE Wild Duck Holiday Park, Wild Duck Caravan Park, Howards Common 24/7 Restricted
11280E51-DAF7-4E01-8D4C-B05B00CA0883 NR31 9NP 39 Dashwood Close, Belton, Belton With Browston 24/7 Public
B61EF6D0-715A-4669-8F65-AD7300AD6844 NR31 9PZ Goodchild Marine Services, Burgh Castle Yacht Station,, Burgh Castle 24/7 Public
65895B0B-699A-46FA-B6CD-ADA4008397BE NR31 9QG Burgh Castle Village Hall, Church Road, Burgh Castle 24/7 Public
6E135286-2055-4B27-9F7B-AF4F001BEF76 NR31 9SE 51 Sea View Rise, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
2E6D8B20-751B-4BA8-BA1C-AE4A0149410C NR31 9SZ 2 St Clement Mews, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Public
5CBB6F63-7773-4F57-8087-AD8000B2161F NR31 9TR 49 Seafields Drive, Hopton-On-Sea 24/7 Restricted
317AE84E-07C0-4773-8421-AFF700983C09 NR32 1BY Lowestoft O&M Base - Gabbard, 10 Herring Market, Battery Green Road Variable Public
1D5AC4F6-FE08-450B-ADB1-AD800091715F NR32 1DR Lowestoft Central Library, Clapham Road South, Lowestoft Variable Restricted
06B73957-AA77-4850-8D8C-AD3600B7E576 NR32 1HH Marina Theatre, Marina, Lowestoft Variable Public
0B2A40AB-07A3-4F52-945F-AD3C00E450D6 NR32 1LJ Total Balance Wellbeing Centre, 19-21 Surrey Street, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
98DD3D3E-DC6C-4E7F-9E1B-B04E00896EDA NR32 1LX Tesco Lowestoft Exp, London Road, Kingston Street Variable Public
DFF0FE82-4675-41BE-9422-B04C00E94A12 NR32 1LX 105 London Road North, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
81C89B8C-B8EF-4D44-BC41-AF4000E2C406 NR32 1PL Alexandra Road Surgery, Alexandra Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
6577F2E0-C774-4CAB-B6EB-AE16014EDFB1 NR32 1RB Sanctuary Housing, Clover Court, Clapham Road South Variable Public
A5D5C789-A34F-4467-BC07-AD6A01018127 NR32 2EZ Disability Advice North East Suffolk, 161 Rotterdam Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
F24C1D60-4ECB-42E1-B70C-AE1D0100405D NR32 2NH Everyone Active, Waterlane Leisure Centre, Water Lane Variable Public
0EA55CCC-CCD1-418B-991A-AE7D00D18DFF NR32 2PA Lowestoft Town Football Club Limited, Crown Meadow, Love Road 24/7 Public
ADA24955-7A46-4BDA-A8EE-B01100C6F7DC NR32 3AL Booker Cash And Carry Ltd, Mobbs Way, Oulton Variable Public
DBD9D5B2-5C77-4FF2-9F09-AD3C01322F1B NR32 3AZ Oulton Parish Council, Oulton Community Centre, Meadow Road 24/7 Public
09707FDF-E9B3-4A0F-A521-AD8E00A9541A NR32 3BE Melvyn Stanley House, Mobbs Way, Oulton 24/7 Public
1E41A958-CDD7-40BA-A583-AD370100FD27 NR32 3BJ Oulton Court, 17 Oulton Court, Bloomsbury Close 24/7 Public
5E7663D2-7352-40DD-BFBE-AD7A00CD6224 NR32 3EW 28 Grampian Way, Oulton 24/7 Restricted
48E1C63C-47D3-4C53-BC0D-B08100A8DA2E NR32 3JX Oulton Broad Primary School, Oulton Broad Primary School, Christmas Lane, Christmas Lane Variable Public
38E0B42F-5033-421B-A107-AE5400A0B81C NR32 3LQ Ibtc Ltd, International Boatbuilding College, Sea Lake Road Variable Restricted
780A30DD-B28F-4472-973F-B00E0117F571 NR32 4AQ The Laurels, 116 Yarmouth Rd, Lowestoft 24/7 Restricted
D6FA6634-0AC9-4BD4-AF23-AD8100FFADD1 NR32 4AX St Benedicts Pre-School, St Benedicts Church, Hollingsworth Road 24/7 Public
3A00ADA7-5309-4075-83E7-AFF8009B2407 NR32 4AZ Tesco Express Hollingsworth Road, The Alderman, Hollingsworth Road Variable Public
488FCBA6-592E-4022-AE3C-AD4B007D21D9 NR32 4DZ Gunton Baptist Church, Montgomery Avenue, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
CA693075-DD15-4344-A74C-AEBD00F45398 NR32 4HU Park Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
CEB54AA9-042A-4AE1-840F-AD40007BFFF1 NR32 4JD 57 Church Green, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
6FD30CBD-DCFE-4101-B34F-AFFA00A75002 NR32 4LX Gunton Primary School, Gainsborough Drive, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
042E6A34-C607-4900-9594-AD7F00EBFA09 NR32 4PD Cherry Lodge, 23-24 Lyndhurst Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Restricted
53EDC59D-BCEB-433A-9760-AD4B007F4C85 NR32 4PT Village Rise Pharmacy, Village Rise Shopping Centre, 18a Weston Road 24/7 Public
71B92919-253E-41EF-89F7-AE67007AC4C6 NR32 4PZ Benjamin Britten Music Academy, Blyford Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
50AD4DC0-CB24-44B8-A5DC-AE0000AA99D1 NR32 4TW Crestview Medical Centre, 141 Crestview Drive, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
7F09C13D-91D6-41EB-8F9A-AE3F006B7DA0 NR32 4TZ Tesco, Tesco Superstore, Leisure Way Variable Restricted
71C047FB-9CBC-4FA0-B8FC-AE3F00B0EDA3 NR32 4WB Pleasurewood Farm, Leonard Drive, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
9E41AFB4-9C73-49D1-B377-ADD400B8CC2F NR32 4WB Pathways Care Farm, Leonard Drive, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
D3E5C006-3C9B-4D56-B608-AE4C00B19FCA NR32 4WB Pleasurewood Farm, Leonard Drive, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
04631078-D602-4665-80B2-AEB60094AF5B NR32 5AN The Plough Inn, The Plough, Market Lane 24/7 Public
F01D6040-B1FF-4F70-A849-AF5C006ECCA0 NR32 5AX Blundeston Primary School, Blundeston Church Of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, Church Road 24/7 Public
C9857F8B-8935-4976-93E0-AFE700BA9EA0 NR32 5HE Lowestoft & Yarmouth Rufc, Gunton Park, Old Lane 24/7 Public
20686880-52D8-450B-AAF7-AF86012C4C72 NR32 5HR Warner Leisure Hotels Corton Coastal Village., Corton Coastal Village, The Street 24/7 Restricted
C725C0B8-8900-4990-9261-B03B010A70E6 NR32 5HW Corton Church Of England Primary School And Nursery, Corton Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, The Street Variable Restricted
A19B05F5-F9CA-4A9B-B89A-AE4D01307CA9 NR32 5JL Corton Almshouse Charity, 54 Fowler's Crescent, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
28BCFE38-6DB0-46D5-B281-AE9600EE14E5 NR32 5LQ Broadland Sands Holiday Park, Coast Road, Corton 24/7 Public
A5D25B46-6A4D-40D3-A0D1-AD5E009BB9C6 NR32 5ND Scouts, Herringfleet District Scout Camp Site, Blocka Road 24/7 Public
4718 NR32 5QB Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
912FCE10-C5E9-47E3-9E0F-AFD400EDCAE6 NR33 0HY Kensington Garden Cafe, Kensington Gardens, Kirkley Cliff Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
94F3FC3D-77A5-4878-9AE9-AD42007DD6EC NR33 0LQ Estherene House, 35 Kirkley Park Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
5C4F2C98-0AE1-4F55-AD14-B054009738F6 NR33 0LZ 123a Carlton Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
414EC63C-9584-4BFF-99DC-B05200B6C75D NR33 0NE Public Conveniences At Kirkley Fen Park, Southwell Road, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
2E6F9800-1D0B-4497-855E-AD3A00C56E8C NR33 0TP Arrow Group Global Ltd,, Compass House, Waveney Drive, Lowestoft Variable Public
9EEA363E-3128-477C-B6DA-B00400FBC2E0 NR33 0UQ East Point Academy, Kirkley Run, Lowestoft Variable Restricted
67A4AC46-7A17-455D-B11C-ADAC00D87297 NR33 7BB 1 Grayson Avenue, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
034D9B68-35AA-4A76-8E35-AF6100EF4D9B NR33 7BE Park Holidays Uk, Pakefield Caravan Park, Arbor Lane 24/7 Public
9647DA2F-8247-4200-9FC7-AE0100E5BEAF NR33 7DB Pakefield Church Hall, Causeway, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
A884D436-24CC-416E-9DE0-ADDC011173B4 NR33 7NA Smith Bros, 15 Cooke Road, Gisleham Variable Public
790450DF-6EC1-4DE1-A243-AFEB007D4284 NR33 7NG Screwfix, South Lowestoft Industrial Estate, Tower Road Variable Restricted
774FDBD2-162E-4B8C-A8F9-AE8B016C5571 NR33 7NL D E Property Development, 2 Pinbush Road, Gisleham 24/7 Public
80B36BB4-24A9-4324-9DB7-ADA300FBA929 NR33 7PF Pakefield Holiday Village, The Old Lighthouse Pontins Holiday Centre, London Road 24/7 Public
946529EA-A28C-43CF-8DEA-ADCF00D42A68 NR33 7PJ Heathland Beach Caravan Park, London Road, Kessingland Variable Restricted
3973 NR33 7PY Kessingland Sports and Social Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
466142C7-9C81-4377-B043-AECB00E55948 NR33 7RW Beach Road, Kessingland 24/7 Public
6891F303-2527-435B-BF89-AFF501159E6C NR33 7TF Kessingland Camping And Caravanning Club Site, Camping And Caravan Club, Whites Lane 24/7 Public
9811B022-5C5A-4DA7-AC0C-ADEC00A1FCD8 NR33 7TF Africa Alive!, Whites Lane, Kessingland Variable Restricted
17AD5BCB-7293-45F7-8705-AFA900E297CC NR33 8AX Sunrise Sendat Academy, Church Lane, Carlton Colville 24/7 Public
92A670B9-E53C-4531-9D7F-B09200760953 NR33 8BT Carlton Colville Community Centre, Hall Road, Carlton Colville 24/7 Public
47F7B6A8-6196-4959-A093-B06000F89297 NR33 8DG Carlton Colville Primary School, Gisleham Road, Carlton Colville 24/7 Public
1E802126-317A-456E-A953-AE1500B19245 NR33 8HY Ivy House Country Hotel, Ivy Lane, Lowestoft 24/7 Public
4BF06529-EFA4-492D-861C-AE9D01781954 NR33 8JP Carlton Colville Service Station, 62 The Street, Carlton Colville 24/7 Public
D6E190D3-EAD1-4888-9DB3-AFE700B2C308 NR33 8JQ Old Church Hall - 2nd Carlton Colville Scout Group, 1 Shaw Avenue, Carlton Colville 24/7 Public
AF39B3F5-CA65-4A45-8C8F-B04400AAFFAC NR33 8QY Tesco Filling Station, 122 Beccles Road, Oulton Broad Variable Public
40A3AE07-CA81-435F-9321-AE3B0137732E NR33 8TJ 45 Airedale, Carlton Colville 24/7 Public
4A642CAA-81E4-4D0C-AA20-AE2500F0ADD4 NR33 9EJ Co-Op - Ashburnham Way, Central England Co-Operative Food - Carlton Coalville, Ashburnham Way 24/7 Public
9083238A-A151-41E8-9CD5-B04600E91F89 NR33 9HN Elm Tree Primary School, Ranworth Avenue, Lowestoft Variable Restricted
B06EDC7E-57E9-438B-A0C6-AE89016EC3D2 NR33 9JX St Mark’s Church, St Marks Church, Bridge Road 24/7 Public
319BA055-F2C6-4193-BA26-ADD400E4B121 NR33 9LP 1st Oulton Broad Sea Scout Group, Nelson Wharf, Off Victoria Road 24/7 Public
7C727D37-0AA6-461A-8293-B05000B3189F NR33 9NU Dell Primary School, Dell Road, Lowestoft Variable Restricted
FE4A5188-DE4E-48C7-A7C1-AE4A01333347 NR33 9QS Oven Blitzer, Unit 31 Colville Road Works, Colville Road 24/7 Public
AC84B086-DD15-459B-B516-AE8901646837 NR34 0BL Aldeby Business Park, Common Road, Aldeby 24/7 Public
8BBB7525-AA5E-444F-BC12-AE3100A8E139 NR34 0EG The Bungalow, Waterloo, Gillingham 24/7 Public
9AE7FA3E-FA39-4992-AD96-AE1C00521ABA NR34 0ER The White Lion, Mardle Road, Toft Monks 24/7 Public
2F7ECE75-24CB-4C8B-8C22-AE52016737E8 NR34 0ET Clinks Farm, Church Road, Toft Monks 24/7 Public
C395B255-E4E1-4625-AE46-B03600A6DC7F NR34 0EW Glebeland Primary School, Glebeland Community Primary School, Yarmouth Road Variable Public
D4098A88-0F8C-4236-93F4-B045009CCD08 NR34 0HT Gillingham St Michael's, Gillingham St Michael's Primary Academy, The Boudaries Variable Restricted
17CA6C24-885B-4F92-8B75-AE8B00F6E383 NR34 0HW Locks Inn, Locks Lane, Geldeston 24/7 Public
3051 NR34 7EF Worlingham Pharmacy, Suffolk 24/7 Public
0C8F5BA5-0A68-435E-82AE-AD3600E07E45 NR34 7HP Field Farm Fisheries, Guildhall Lane, Wrentham Variable Restricted
F3C3890F-7C07-47EB-BB89-AE2200EDA451 NR34 7LD Drives 4 U Ltd, 2 Church Road, Henstead, Beccles 24/7 Public
E5199FD6-4A0A-49F4-8188-B04600A7FF4D NR34 7LG Henstead Arts And Crafts Centre Cafe, Unit 4 Henstead Arts And Craft Centre, Toad Row 24/7 Public
890B3312-D14D-4202-8C51-AE610159F8B9 NR34 7PN Fortrey Heap Village Hall, The Street, North Cove 24/7 Public
F9D0B665-1A3F-4E4D-9680-ADC100EB1290 NR34 7QB Barnby And North Cove Primary School, Beccles Road, Barnby 24/7 Public
05D340C9-2D09-45E2-9C41-AD3600968352 NR34 7TD Unit 15, Ellough Industrial Estate, Ellough Variable Public
7387CC26-051A-4B58-9803-B04900DD07D6 NR34 7TD Car Parking For Units 15 And 17, Ellough Industrial Estate, Ellough Variable Public
387A644F-0BC4-407D-AF86-AD7C00A90F8E NR34 7UR Mutford And Rushmere Village Hall, Mill Road, Mutford 24/7 Public
07B63033-45B3-4DB7-B30D-AD4B010BF725 NR34 8DD Shadingfield, Willingham ,Sotterly And Ellough Parish Council, Fox Inn, London Road 24/7 Public
B3F1C8CD-E93B-4831-AA39-B0A000B60C59 NR34 8DW 10 Southwold Road, Brampton Variable Restricted
5335C527-DC56-4E24-A332-ADCF00ED1B97 NR34 8EA Old Rectory, London Road, Brampton 24/7 Restricted
149 NR34 8EN Old School Hall, Suffolk 24/7 Public
EEF2E336-4CAA-471C-BADB-AD3D009E0D20 NR34 8EQ Brampton With Stoven Parish Council, Brampton Village Hall, Station Road 24/7 Public
9156F927-E47F-4B46-93F5-B054010422A7 NR34 8HX Isa Village Hall, St Andrews Village Hall, School Road 24/7 Public
AB67CFB9-7248-4A05-9C18-AE2701049AA7 NR34 8ND Ilketshall St Lawrence Primary School, Ilketshall St Lawrence School, Hogg Lane 24/7 Public
10812844-63C5-490C-95E6-B08B009AB9BB NR34 8NZ Ringsfield Primary School, School Road, Ringsfield Variable Restricted
1490 NR34 8RG Community Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
99ABE2A0-F07D-48EE-848B-B08500EA57E2 NR34 9AP Snap Fitness Beccles, Saltgate, Beccles Variable Public
BF6CD647-9DFE-480E-827E-AE5E0118BE0F NR34 9BN Lidl Uk, Common Lane North, Beccles 24/7 Public
7110 NR34 9BU The May Centre, Suffolk 24/7 Public
47D854C5-7FAD-4EAF-BEE4-AE3100F3C010 NR34 9BU Caxton Meadow, The Avenue, Beccles Variable Restricted
DE6632B6-8533-4190-BE71-AE430154AAD4 NR34 9BU Beccles Lions Club, The May Centre The Pavilion, Ken Markland Way 24/7 Public
0FCE78BD-ADE8-4238-A19D-AD9400B759F3 NR34 9BX Beccles Golf Club, The Common, Beccles 24/7 Public
423 NR34 9JF East of England Co-op, Suffolk 24/7 Public
45188E13-7A9B-4A91-BD02-AECB013A7EF3 NR34 9JQ St. Luke’s Church Centre, St Luke's Church Centre, 61 Rigbourne Hill Variable Public
F087D908-78CA-4513-96B3-AE3F00EBE67C NR34 9QH Tesco Superstore, George Westwood Way, 0 Variable Public
E4E6F7FA-2385-4DF3-8771-AE7C00DDA598 NR34 9RH Beccles Rufc Beef Meadow, Common Lane, Beccles 24/7 Public
42FEFFB8-EDAF-482A-97F8-AF31011B7B8B NR34 9RP Beccles Town Fc, Alan Hutchinson Way, Beccles 24/7 Public
47DBF71C-990B-42B2-BF0D-AD91014E7811 NR35 1BF The Riverside Centre, Staithe Road, Bungay 24/7 Public
485A5E0A-A0C6-4023-86F7-AFDB00BEE562 NR35 1DL All Hallows Care Home With Nursing, 26 St Johns Road, Bungay 24/7 Restricted
619640C2-15B3-4D4B-A770-AD3600923EFA NR35 1DQ Beehive Day Nursery, Rose Lane, Bungay 24/7 Public
BA26D377-3882-45A8-AD25-AD4E008C0ADD NR35 1DS Bungay And Waveney Valley Golf Club Outney Common, Old Railway Road, Bungay Variable Public
B7997C6F-D90D-4D25-BAA1-AE2000F45554 NR35 1PH Slm, Waveney Valley Leisure Centre, St Johns Hill Variable Restricted
4F37E6B0-0694-4FE5-A9C0-AD80008B3A7F NR35 1RW Bungay High School, Queens Road, Bungay Variable Restricted
FF0669BA-B498-41CE-9843-AE2E0094D341 NR35 1RX Co-Op - Hillside Road East, Central England Co-Operative Food - Bungay, Hillside Road East 24/7 Public
943665C2-2E42-46CB-BD18-AE2B01009F96 NR35 1TJ Village Hall, Rectory Lane, Mettingham 24/7 Public
0BF56A83-31BD-4F63-AB75-AD3B00FE9786 NR35 2BJ Topcroft Pavilion, Topcroft Street, Topcroft 24/7 Public
70193858-77A1-44D1-A737-AE7E00F5A6FA NR35 2DZ Emmaus Norfolk And Waveney, Emmaus House, Belsey Bridge Road 24/7 Public
964 NR35 2HQ Memorial Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
503DD298-1ED3-4626-97DB-AD4F008F4884 NR35 2HQ Kirby Cane Memorial Hall, Memorial Hall, 33 Yarmouth Road 24/7 Public
55802A23-0380-4395-AFAD-AEAC00A3FBD2 NR35 2JG Waveney Valley Business Park Ltd, Douglas House Falcon Lane, Ditchingham Variable Public
2FF0A9E9-6727-4443-BA28-AD550124FC70 NR35 2NG Village Hall, Hempnall Road, Woodton 24/7 Public
D4788F8D-C26C-4EF0-A4FC-AEAE00E8DC59 NR35 2PP Harveys Bros Funeral Directors, Newgate, Kirby Cane 24/7 Public
07AB7B0D-F9E1-4195-8475-ADBE00A920C6 NR35 2RA 37 Loddon Road, Ditchingham 24/7 Public
AB05E891-4C13-4E1F-9A55-AE8A009C606D NR35 2RW Broome Village Hall, Sun Road, Broome 24/7 Public
241FE69D-63FA-4CBB-ADAB-AE4E0144BF4F NR35 2SZ Earsham Football Club, The Street, Earsham 24/7 Public
439DBB3A-89D6-4378-B43C-B07D00ED7EEA NR35 2TF Earsham Church Of England Voluntary Aided First School, School Road, Earsham Variable Restricted
184A6186-C9C7-4FE0-8C4C-AE4000CA8119 NR35 2TQ Earsham Mill Cafe, Units 6 And 7 East Wing Earsham Mill, Church Road 24/7 Public
496BAE81-9FAB-4D73-A5F7-AEE800B9C489 NR4 6AJ Thurlow Nunn Vauxhall, 591 Hall Road, Norwich Variable Public
80EF1F7D-D978-4726-B1AE-AD8600ABFA21 NR4 6DG Faithfull Tools, Phoenix House Unit 3 White Lodge Business Estate, Hall Road Variable Restricted
96307B67-7E75-4075-A8EC-AFEC00D0628A NR4 6DG Screwfix, Unit 25 White Lodge Trading Estate, Hall Road Variable Restricted
A70AF65C-DC95-4DA2-95B2-AFC4010C6542 NR4 6DG Howdens At Norwich South, Unit 13/14, White Lodge Trading Est, Hall Road Variable Restricted
B0F2DEC6-2A71-4375-AC5C-AD5600790764 NR4 6DG Tarmac Ltd, Unit 4 White Lodge Business Estate, Hall Road Variable Restricted
FCD5B1E8-3578-48CC-9C6C-AD5200AAD742 NR4 6DH Aldiss, Unit 2 Hall Road Retail Park, Hall Road Variable Restricted
F5FFF3FF-8971-4FF0-8910-AE9200AA4C08 NR4 6DJ One Broker, 1st Floor, Discovery House, 4 Whiting Road Variable Restricted
38BCB96F-28C6-4C79-8FE4-AECF00BF7C85 NR4 6DQ John Lewis Partnership, 16 Bessemer Road, Norwich Variable Public
93482114-5D93-41A9-B2B6-AD7F0137C750 NR4 6DZ Tesco Store, Tesco Supermarket, Ipswich Road Variable Public
44D280A1-5188-45F1-AE94-B04C007B4470 NR4 6ES Sunbelt Rentals, Unit A Old Hall Road, Norwich Variable Public
A9163876-91C5-466B-A1EF-AFFF00991A96 NR4 6ET Harford Community Centre, 10 The Lastings, Hall Road 24/7 Public
2A350DEA-1303-4119-AEB2-AD7300FE6591 NR4 6NN Eaton Vale Scout And Guide Activity Centre, Church Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
160FBFCE-C9F1-4521-9F6B-AE9F00DAF533 NR4 6QR Ipswich Road Urc, 40- 42, Ipswich Road 24/7 Public
2493AC08-AC88-4D64-AAC4-AD61009106A1 NR4 6RS Left Of Bike Shed Door, West Car Park, Keswick Hall, Keswick Hall Road 24/7 Public
973AACCA-974F-46BF-9F46-AFF800CD3BAF NR4 6SF Eaton Golf Club, Sunningdale, Norwich 24/7 Public
A7A108EC-6557-4439-B4E5-AFFE00996040 NR4 7AU The Clare School, Clare School, South Park Avenue 24/7 Restricted
CC9F5629-7869-4A9F-945F-AFFE009AD0ED NR4 7AU Clare School, South Park Avenue, Norwich Variable Restricted
23C556ED-A7D3-4062-BB92-AD75010AEAAB NR4 7EE Bandstand Eaton Park, South Park Avenue, Norwich 24/7 Public
5B77F682-0551-4A1C-BE1F-B04A0101871E NR4 7FF Tesco Norwich - Cringleford Local Centre Expess, Unit 1 Dragonfly Lane, Cringleford Variable Restricted
B379B961-1246-4921-B11C-AFF600F5625C NR4 7FF Tesco, Unit One, Dragonfly Lane Variable Restricted
7233AFC2-E322-424B-8C6F-AE2000DDD7AE NR4 7TF Tesco Express, Earlham Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
A535E4C3-2E45-4F84-96FF-AE4300E8422B NR4 7TS Norwich City Fc, Colney Training Centre, Hethersett Lane 24/7 Restricted
8FAB5BA3-73AA-4D1F-8F39-AD1F007C5B4F NR4 7UY Norwich & Norwich University Hospital, Norfolk And Norwich University Hospital, Colney Lane 24/7 Restricted
4539CAB4-8464-4DCE-A3A4-B09500D97F61 NR5 0EJ Hebron Chapel, Sunny Grove, Costessey 24/7 Public
7833 NR5 0EX East of England Co-op, Norfolk 24/7 Public
06EEDACC-F786-4D23-8D8A-AE9700AC1B4E NR5 0EX East Of England Co-Op, Norwich Road, New Costessey 24/7 Public
C4D1268B-4626-4EC7-979E-B00A00FA4BB6 NR5 0JH Bravoauto, Forest Way, Dereham Rd Variable Public
659917D4-EE59-4CC3-B2BB-AD43009C1989 NR5 0PX Ormiston Victory Academy, Middleton Crescent, Costessey Variable Public
0A0FDC42-20B9-48D3-8B97-AEDA00B106E8 NR5 0RJ Main Ofice, Barley Court, Costessey 24/7 Restricted
836CBE9C-7899-4F81-A5CA-ADEA00C51E51 NR5 0RR Costessey Junior School, Three Mile Lane, Costessey Variable Restricted
DDE04B87-8856-430E-894E-AD4200A803C8 NR5 0RW Breckland Hall, Breckland Road, Costessey 24/7 Public
A18994B9-D883-45B9-923E-B08A01139026 NR5 8BQ North Earlham Fire Station, Ivy Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
0312B14F-6512-458D-8454-AD5100C9727D NR5 8PF The Norwich Fitness Academy, Unit 3 Guardian Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
C62C1691-01A5-4080-BBAA-AE2300BCE2CF NR5 8XZ Valley Primary School, Gentry Place, Norwich 24/7 Public
C479F25E-F108-4D24-B7D8-AFE900B37F50 NR5 9BF Bowthorpe Care Village, The Meadows Bowthorpe Care Village, Ladysmock Way 24/7 Public
7F5266C6-0296-4275-AD5D-B02100F1D64C NR5 9BN Miller Dance Centre, 16-18 Humbleyard, Cloverhill Variable Restricted
2E48354C-9E6A-4A3F-859B-B00B00DECE28 NR5 9JB 35 Barnard Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
32227A72-5B1F-4E33-A2CB-AFE701026F9B NR5 9JD Screwfix, 18 - 20 Jarrold Way, Bowthorpe Variable Restricted
ABDD81AC-A272-43DD-A71D-ADD300D02892 NR5 9JD Sinclair International Ltd, Jarrold Way, Norwich Variable Restricted
91D393CA-D150-45E4-ADCC-B07300C5E1F2 NR5 9JJ Stannah Lift Services Ltd, 27-28 Morgan Way, Bowthorpe Employment Area Variable Restricted
C7AAC0AC-24B1-4ABC-A00F-B09E00E41F75 NR5 9LU Chapel Break, Chapel Break Infant School, Thurlby Road Variable Restricted
10BF705B-A992-4443-9BF3-AF2E00D426EC NR5 9NJ Twin Oaks Nursing Home, 1 Hudson Way, Norwich 24/7 Public
FE13F494-4747-4B9C-A46D-AE8400F21B75 NR6 5AQ Norwich Town Close Estate Charity, C/O Brown & Co, Wensum Mount Bus. Centre, Low Road 24/7 Public
B11E90CF-6333-403C-B025-AD5500D71877 NR6 5BY Norfolk Care Homes/Maps Properties Ltd, The Limes, 16a Drayton Wood Road 24/7 Restricted
B3FDE8F0-0189-43A9-B565-AD7F00B6E9C0 NR6 5BY Bodywork Hair And Beauty Salon, 19-23 Drayton Wood Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
0339CDF4-A37B-4780-B695-AE03011FD544 NR6 5DR Sitek Engineering, 19 Hellesdon Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
5F0CDF69-ED56-40C0-8355-B038008EB8F7 NR6 5DR Sitek Engineering, 19 Hellesdon Park Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
B71DE6DF-FB14-4948-827D-AE4B01091B78 NR6 5DS Bss Norwich, 13 Alston Road, Norwich Variable Public
33D39A2D-60DD-4011-A71E-AE0600D5B708 NR6 5DU David Lloyd - Norwich, Drayton High Road, Hellesdon Variable Restricted
A37C5198-CEC6-467D-843A-AF9300F88441 NR6 5EG Marlpit Community Centre, Hellesdon Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
C616BDB0-3B9B-472E-A07F-ADCE00A11C2C NR6 5LE Wilco Motor Spares Ltd, 2 Reepham Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
811400EE-2090-4933-8B26-ADFF009C20CA NR6 5NA East Of England Ambulance Service Nhst Trust, East Of England Ambulance Service, Norwich Aoc, Hospital Lane 24/7 Restricted
46DD48ED-423B-4AC4-9FE8-AFE900959AD4 NR6 5NU Hellesdon Meadow Way Chapel, Chapel Court, Norwich 24/7 Public
304EC264-E08A-40FC-8547-AE1C00FFCC86 NR6 5NZ Cards N Things, 193 Reepham Road, Hellesdon 24/7 Public
E0FCD3F0-B31D-42B1-BAC5-AD8000A8490A NR6 5QB Diamond Jubilee Lodge, Woodview Road, Hellesdon Variable Public
A6EE61DF-307E-4708-A018-AEA80111EBCE NR6 5QJ 345 Reepham Road, Hellesdon, Norwich 24/7 Public
8E0B209B-46B7-40C1-8257-B043008125BF NR6 5SG Kinsale Infant School, Kinsale Avenue, Hellesdon Variable Restricted
E127EBBE-C52E-4D85-A782-ADAB00ECD43D NR6 6AZ Living Clean Limited Unit 16 Burton Close, Norwich 24/7 Public
A93E5A06-AE8B-443A-9EA8-AE9300778E64 NR6 6BE Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd, 39-41 Concorde Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
CD92865D-4267-41B5-81EF-AF5C010169A4 NR6 6BF Aquaterra Energy, Car Park In Front Of Unit 4, Alkmaar Way 24/7 Public
BDCE65D1-440E-4B67-A2E5-ADE900D488CE NR6 6BG Fabcon Food Systems Ltd, Unit 1-3 Delta Close, Delta Close Variable Restricted
41421B5B-C44D-4D59-81B8-B08B009ABCD3 NR6 6BQ Alliance East Anglia, Unit5/6, Delta Close Variable Restricted
4E0DA29D-BE8B-40D4-A90D-AE3D009D0BBD NR6 6ED Norse Group Ltd, Hanger 5, International Aviation Academy Norwich 24/7 Public
B3B171C5-F830-497A-BF48-AD5D00FCED58 NR6 6EG East Anglian Air Ambulance Hangar 14, Gambling Close, Norwich 24/7 Public
7835 NR6 6GB East of England Co-op, Norfolk 24/7 Public
E46BCECE-ADD1-46F7-8100-AE9700B7F7DF NR6 6GB East Of England Co-Op, Unit 3 Heyford Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
246657E3-A803-41B4-B4E3-ADD000ED0650 NR6 6HE Motus Truck And Van, 39 Hurricane Way, Norwich Variable Restricted
1998DBD4-3C7C-4E54-AC31-B07600AA3AD6 NR6 6JB Genius Pvc Trade Frames, 49 Hurricane Way, Norwich Airport Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
033FD373-B0B0-4E45-86AF-AE6600C1052F NR6 6LT Heather Avenue Infant School, Warren Avenue, Norwich Variable Restricted
863C3C69-DE71-49E4-A07B-B00A00FA4E05 NR6 6NB Jlr, Cromer Road, Norwich Variable Public
2C24A8E2-0E29-4DD9-A91C-AFE8008E2307 NR6 6RA Screwfix, 195 Mile Cross Lane, Norwich Variable Restricted
CD0496A7-7449-4229-BEA3-AD790101751B NR6 6TX Holden Honda, 83-93 Mile Cross Lane, Norwich Variable Restricted
42379902-96CF-488D-B55B-AEC900E98EA9 NR6 6UD Bush Road , Entrance To The Allotment, Norwich 24/7 Public
52900FC6-BCAD-4B96-8E2E-B03001137584 NR6 6XA Tesco, 164 Cromer Road, Hellesdon Variable Public
89382DE9-7CD2-4427-8A65-B0300110841A NR6 6XA Tesco Norwich Cromer Road Express, 164 Cromer Rd, Norwich Variable Public
1666632F-287E-459A-8F64-B04B00D91066 NR6 7DS Old Catton Parish Council, Old Catton Recreation Ground, Church Street Variable Public
2880 NR6 7HS Morrisons Supermarket, Norfolk 24/7 Public
1163 NR6 7JA White Woman Lane School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
37D0C6A1-50D4-492A-97E2-AE2300BDCE79 NR6 7RB Co-Op - Chartwell Road, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Chartwell Road, Chartwell Road 24/7 Public
C17851E8-54A6-4465-8E3B-AF2600E6A3E9 NR7 0EF Town House Hotel, 18-22 Yarmouth Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
2301BACB-3770-4C26-A54F-B059014F7B71 NR7 0EQ The Rivergarden, 36 Yarmouth Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
8AFF1BDF-33FE-46D9-957F-AE8000EA8577 NR7 0FB Norwich Frostbites Sailing Club, Girlings Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
FDF41387-5DC8-4ECD-BA1B-AD4200D76FA7 NR7 0HE Thorpe St Andrew Town Council, Public Toilets, Yarmouth Road 24/7 Public
7357 NR7 0HR Price Bailey LLP, Norfolk 24/7 Public
09ED4C57-5AFF-4AB6-BCF5-AD8200F44C75 NR7 0HR 6 Central Avenue, Norwich 24/7 Public
A23AED01-A84F-4E34-829B-AE82008DC576 NR7 0HR Altrad Services Limited, Ground Floor Offices Saint Thomas House, 14 Central Avenue 24/7 Public
17E81EE8-48CE-45C8-BCD8-AF9700D9745C NR7 0JD The Cottage, 148 Thunder Lane, Thorpe St Andrew 24/7 Public
96F050A4-5514-4528-B455-AD4E00B35D6A NR7 0LB Second Floor Bankside 300, Peachman Way, Thorpe St Andrew Variable Restricted
D78BBEA6-6DF5-498F-B6C7-AFFF00959DCD NR7 0LX 20 Prior Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich Variable Restricted
DBE04EE0-8680-4F9B-A514-ADBE00EBA08A NR7 0QF Roxley Hall, Yarmouth Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
C03293B7-7633-4838-BFCE-AD8700E5BF63 NR7 0SA Shalom Residential Care Home, 147 Yarmouth Road, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
4500 NR7 0TA FRP Advisory Trading Ltd, Norfolk 24/7 Public
D382E2E7-F160-443F-8AF3-AEDF00FEA9D3 NR7 0TA Busy Bees, Busy Bees, 5 Meridian Way, Norwich Variable Restricted
6F74EBCC-03FD-4FA3-91AA-AF1F00F8CB05 NR7 0WF Norwich Instrument Services Limited, Faraday House, Peachman Way 24/7 Public
3705 NR7 0WG Loveday and Partners, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5486 NR7 0WG Lakeside 200, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5596 NR7 0WG Bankside 300, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5597 NR7 0WG Lakeside 500, Norfolk 24/7 Public
8188 NR7 0WG Broadland Business Park, Norfolk 24/7 Public
09C8CA96-01BE-4368-813F-AD7900E91FDF NR7 0WG Premier Inn, Old Chapel Way, Thorpe St Andrew 24/7 Restricted
8A6AC4B8-480E-4598-8222-AD4E00B1E4FC NR7 0WG East Wing Lakeside 500, Old Chapel Way, Norwich Variable Restricted
C8CC4491-8C2E-4BD2-966C-AD4E00B01255 NR7 0WG Lakeside 200, Old Chapel Way, Norwich Variable Restricted
423C2C15-CEC3-4978-9D2A-AE4E00A27DB2 NR7 0WH Yodel, 7, Memorial Way,, Broadland Business Park, Variable Restricted
6CB8D825-C70A-4C39-ABE3-AD4200D519E8 NR7 0XQ Thorpe St Andrew Town Council, Cafe Sir George Morse Park, Laundry Lane 24/7 Public
3930F713-BD88-44FF-897E-AE3100D380E6 NR7 8AB Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Blue Boar Lane Variable Public
298FD0B7-7651-4FB1-887D-AE3600D68AEB NR7 8AG Tesco, 199 Wroxham Road, Norwich Variable Public
0A1C779F-3CF3-4B00-9DAE-B02900BB5D19 NR7 8DN White House Farm Primary School, Mallard Way, Sprowston 24/7 Public
92F3A3DC-153A-4C76-97BA-AD9B00CF84BD NR7 8EW Pavilion And Recreation Ground, Recreation Ground Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
16FDD712-5FC1-4F2C-B2A9-B03B00F9C860 NR7 8NE Sprowston High School, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston 24/7 Restricted
DDCB8E58-649D-496A-B742-AFFE00EEB4E9 NR7 8NE Sprowston High School, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston Variable Restricted
E63EA86F-1399-4429-9648-AFFE00EDAB70 NR7 8NE Sprowston High School, Cannerby Lane, Sprowston Variable Restricted
DF3548ED-1E05-4FF0-B4C4-AE9700ABD8B9 NR7 8NF East Of England Co-Op, 57 Cannerby Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
724FD98B-F5FC-4145-A832-B04500AE5090 NR7 8NZ Cecil Gowing Infant School, Falcon Road West, Norwich Variable Restricted
C2216B04-9BC3-4F8A-99F8-ADD600AAAE62 NR7 8PU Norfolk County Council, Social Services Office, 3 Blithemeadow Court 24/7 Public
7A8A1A8B-1BFF-4C83-A4EB-AF44008E5BD0 NR7 8QZ Sprowston Cricket Club, Barkers Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
1391B5BE-184B-4D87-B35D-AE5300B42B03 NR7 8RJ Sprowston Sports And Social Club, Blue Boar Lane, Norwich Variable Restricted
54E555D4-5823-47BF-A077-AFE70128B9EA NR7 8SG Screwfix, Unit 41 Roundtree Business Park, Norwich Variable Restricted
1001409F-A326-4E90-BE8A-AD9B00CE02DC NR7 8TR Sprowston Diamond Centre, School Lane, Norwich 24/7 Public
06F2C5D1-E045-4884-86E4-AF2A00C3241B NR7 8ZZ Royal Mail Norwich Do, 10-20 Roundtree Way, Norwich, Norwich Variable Restricted
A6BED2CD-B5FE-4955-901A-B0280085E1F5 NR7 9BB Phoenix Healthcare, Unit D12 - D14, Pinetrees Road Variable Restricted
3775BD03-79BA-4E59-A5B3-ADF70145767A NR7 9DL Open Academy, Salhouse Road, Norwich Variable Restricted
F7E43B62-8ECE-4957-812C-ADE200F140B5 NR7 9DL Open Academy, Salhouse Road, Norwich Variable Public
6749 NR7 9LS Laurel Court, Norfolk 24/7 Public
C182A457-B522-43F6-A23A-B02300A00628 NR7 9UE Heartsease Primary School, Rider Haggard Road, Norwich Variable Public
58882215-BBF9-4E70-97F7-B03D00D0C0DE NR7 9UQ St Francis Parish Church, Rider Haggard Road, Norwich 24/7 Public
529964A5-4872-44AD-98E8-AD4100BFD924 NR8 5AG West One Hair & Beauty Salon, 1 West End, Costessey 24/7 Public
6A094FA4-C2B7-4AD2-A997-AD4200A66D0A NR8 5AH Costessey Town Council, Costessey Centre, Longwater Lane 24/7 Public
852D8A01-7020-4F51-A487-AD4200A92485 NR8 5BP Queens Hills Community Centre, Poethlyn Drive, Costessey 24/7 Public
FF75B807-D829-48B1-A792-AF1100FCD8DC NR8 5FT Norfolk County Council, Queens Hill Primary School, Kestrel Avenue Variable Restricted
1EC4E5DA-BC2C-479C-AF5E-AE3F011422E1 NR8 6AD Tesco, Public Telephone 13m From Lloyds Pharmacy, 262 Fakenham Road 21m From A1067, Fakenham Road Variable Public
5532 NR8 6AU Longdale Pavilion, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5778BA42-4D5E-448D-9819-AF2D00C84BCC NR8 6AU Drayton Parish Council, The Pavilion, Longdale Playing Field 24/7 Public
5531 NR8 6AW The Pavilion, Norfolk 24/7 Public
3977DB70-D96B-4CC9-8B50-AF2D00C6AAF1 NR8 6AW The Pavilion King George V Playing Field, Drayton High Road, Drayton 24/7 Public
466 NR8 6EF C of E Junior School, Norfolk 24/7 Public
32EDE177-AFC5-49D7-9B11-AD5200AAEB75 NR8 6HB Brooklands Nursing Home, Costessey Lane, Drayton 24/7 Restricted
44003A6C-A179-4164-A988-AE8500CF1F97 NR8 6HP Wensum Valley Hotel Golf And Country Club, Wensum Valley Golf Club, Beech Avenue, Taverham 24/7 Restricted
60FD68E9-8814-4664-9B72-AD8E00765C7E NR8 6HP Taverham Recreational Facilities, Beech Avenue, Norwich Variable Restricted
8BAB1390-8106-4F0A-AD30-ADD4011925A3 NR8 6HU Langley Prep School, Langley Prep At Taverham Hall Taverham Park, Taverham Park, Ringland Road 24/7 Public
1F62A498-82F3-41DA-B67E-B00100B4839C NR8 6JA Ringland Village Hall, The Street, Ringland 24/7 Public
C5368372-BE60-4FE0-AEA4-AD8100C43DAC NR8 6JR Taverham Village Hall, Sandy Lane, Norwich 24/7 Restricted
4CABB31F-D89D-4AEC-8CF1-ADDC00EC4BEE NR8 6PJ Ghost Hill First And Nursery School, Eastfield, Norwich 24/7 Public
7681 NR8 6PP Drayton Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
39239582-B9F7-469D-A867-AF41012078BB NR8 6PP Drayton Village Hall, 27 Pond Lane, Drayton 24/7 Public
2BDEA8E2-F271-4F0F-BA1E-AE1B00E0E576 NR8 6PS Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd, Fakenham Road Variable Restricted
7FA4A132-0704-4976-9C5E-AE3F00D9BA6B NR8 6PT Tesco Superstore, Fakenham Rd, 0 Variable Restricted
8B08942D-7AED-4C5A-B032-AD81009C5CFA NR8 6UW Kingswood Avenue, Thorpe Marriott, Norwich 24/7 Public
6DC6CB96-B233-406D-85B5-AFDD00882168 NR8 6XE Tesco Acres Way, The Square, Norwich Variable Restricted
A522B022-00A2-4790-868A-AD6D01107D7F NR8 6XE Community Centre, 10 The Square, Norwich 24/7 Public
04D9DA8B-8E30-4157-9BC0-AE3A017A6852 NR9 3AB Tesco Express, 12 Great Melton Road, Hethersett Variable Restricted
9AD4EDAF-02FE-45C2-80F7-B09500D6B7A0 NR9 3AB 12 Great Melton Road, Hethersett Variable Restricted
40A8CC1A-CA4E-45C8-926D-AE2B00E7EB83 NR9 3BJ Great Melton Parish Council, Great Melton Cricket Pavilion/Village Hall, Hall Road 24/7 Public
69D64F12-6ECE-491F-9801-B050008D86EA NR9 3DN Calthorpe Building, Whitegates, Norwich Road Variable Restricted
26120E5D-7548-4C43-A1E0-B03100A22EF0 NR9 3LR The Bawburgh School, Hockering Lane, Bawburgh Variable Restricted
5814 NR9 3LU Glen Lodge, Norfolk 24/7 Public
B5A17A60-2E3B-4110-9E82-AE32012A8A4C NR9 4AA The Bell Inn, Bell Road, Barnham Broom 24/7 Public
4CD9C354-7F71-4228-80A1-B03600B23E3D NR9 4AB Barford County Primary School, Chapel Street, Barford Variable Restricted
FD24991E-9E3F-4B52-A553-B07A01171D5E NR9 4BU Barnham Broom C Of E Va Primary School, 64 Norwich Road, Barnham Broom Variable Restricted
8976B4BB-B248-4D2C-B514-AD6E009EC64A NR9 4DD Barnham Broom Golf And Country Club, Honingham Road, Barnham Broom 24/7 Restricted
8BEF2C8C-029F-4BBB-AAC3-AE9800BCC1B8 NR9 4DD Holiday Property Bond - Barnham Broom, Holiday Property Bond Barnham Broom Golf And Country Club, Honingham Road 24/7 Public
94219185-6AC1-4E32-ABC3-AD6E00A23DBC NR9 4DD Barnham Broom Golf And Country Club, Honingham Road, Barnham Broom 24/7 Restricted
0650867C-193F-4829-A796-ADD30104A197 NR9 4HU 3 Dereham Road, Hingham Variable Public
D1B7E1EF-6034-4D30-A15B-AD430092EB97 NR9 4LS A C Bacon Engineering, 61 Norwich Road, Hingham 24/7 Public
A1717683-53E0-4C38-9C11-ADBA01127C63 NR9 4RB South View, Silver Street, Reymerston 24/7 Public
1515 NR9 5AD Village Hall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
D37E9310-CF2E-49EA-A99E-B0280088A618 NR9 5AE Queen Of Hearts, 55 Fakenham Road, Great Witchingham 24/7 Public
3C12E9BA-552C-400C-ADF2-AFD200C19152 NR9 5AQ The Old School Room, Well Lane, Sparham 24/7 Public
4977974D-B38E-4D94-A8AB-AD8A00DD5CF8 NR9 5BL Ye Olde Buck Public House, 29 The Street, Norwich 24/7 Public
D931A297-80FB-4762-BFC2-AEDA00DE3327 NR9 5DJ The Goat Shed, The Goat Shed Farm Shop & Kitchen, Colton Road 24/7 Public
6347 NR9 5EH Rembrandt Restaurant, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6350 NR9 5EP Roadside Wall, Norfolk 24/7 Public
5789 NR9 5GA Norwich Family Golf Centre, Norfolk 24/7 Public
6AB07285-972D-4754-9024-AD7B00DE80E5 NR9 5JZ Golf Club The Weston Estate, Weston Hall Road, Weston Longville 24/7 Public
90F53A1B-E401-4186-ACBE-AD7B00E0611F NR9 5JZ Golf Club The Weston Estate, Weston Hall Road, Weston Longville Variable Public
EED13C19-3F83-410F-B782-AEA100C954DA NR9 5LR First Home Improvements Ltd, Station Road Industrial Estate, Lenwade Variable Public
7525 NR9 5QQ Great Witchingham Cricket Club, Norfolk 24/7 Public
C02F1F4E-B8C2-488E-BCE0-B02D00E22941 NR9 5SH R J Crane Hire Ltd, Norwich Road, Norwich Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 43 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n1862195778
MZ n3390015337 inside red phone box, The Street, Mendham - opposite the car park
MZ n3509002559 On exterior wall of village hall, facing car park
MZ n3547254827 On exterior wall of Wells-Cole Community Centre, facing Bell Lane
MZ n4195977789 On exterior wall of East Harling Fire Station, facing the B1111 Church Road.
MZ n4310457139 Inside Elizabeth House, in the entrance lobby to the Anglia and Norfolk Rooms Conference Suite
MZ n4418628947 On exterior wall of Adcocks Electrical, by the clock tower on Watton High Street. East of England Ambulance Service
MZ n4477773430 AH17 On wall by main entrance, seen from road.
MZ n4981929090 On outside wall of Village Hall, beside main entrance, accessed across grass area.
MZ n5558741317 Inside old red phone box, visible from road.
MZ n5693102538
MZ n5799336155 inside bus shelter, Swafield
MZ n6067540162 On exterior wall of Birdwell Centre building, facing the railway line.
MZ n6312531814 On wall in coridoor inside Watton Sports Association & Social Club, near to the bar.
MZ n6316856219 Inside the Red Phone Box Elsing Parish Council
MZ n6327340511 CHT-9091 On exterior wall of Lingwood Village Hall and Social Club, to the right and just around the corner f
MZ n6426865159 On exterior wall of Bawburgh Village Hall, just to the left of the main entrance.
MZ n6489488883 Inside Rockwood Dental Practice
MZ n6495912546 inside old red phone box, Hempstead
MZ n6554753924 On exterior wall of medical centre, off Saint Mary's Close.
MZ n6554769509 On exterior wall of Ipswich Road Community Hub, facing the A140 Ipswich Road.
MZ n6634997230 On wall next to For Farmers office building
MZ n6855975670
MZ n7118216428 Inside County Hall, attached to a pillar by main reception desk on the ground floor.
MZ n8595698002 Inside Jobcentre Plus Jobcentre Plus
MZ n8874404108 On exterior wall of traders toilet block on the covered market, facing the outside between Bonmarché
MZ n9053935103 CHT-10-235 wall
MZ n9117795039 On external wall
MZ n9460601371 On exterior wall of Premier Store on Cromer Road, on corner on building by road junction.
MZ n9516343544 Inside the Lasdun Teaching Wall on level 0 (walkway level), just past ENV reception. University of East Anglia
MZ n9739957460 On the ground floor of the eastern side of the Lawrence Stenhouse Building, just inside the door fro
MZ n10047661883 On interior wall behind information desk in the bus station building.
MZ n10212021120 Green box mounted to the right beside the main door on the wall facing the road. Heart2Heart
MZ n10253704448 On interior wall inside The Forum, at the back right corner of the ground floor concourse area.
MZ n10556781262 AAE57 Mounted on wall at front of fire station building
MZ n10556828376 Located up four low steps and mounted on exterior wall at the main entrance to the pub Heart 2 Heart Norfolk
MZ n10614603617 Fixed to external wall of Hatfield Hotel to the left of the building’s east entrance facing the beac Heart 2 Heart Norfolk
MZ n10731179120 outside gatehouse to RAF Honington
MZ n10893865183 Just inside the main entrance of B&Q, on the right-hand side as you enter the store
MZ n10967626601 Not marked Inside the disused red telephone kiosk in front of the war memorial and adjacent to the old village
MZ n11148113180 outside Lyng Store - facing car park
MZ n11195011557 In a white box on the wall behind and to the right of Norfolk Tower reception.
MZ n11361819893 At reception desk of Together Dental Together Dental

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 301 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
143 NR9 5BY Village Hall, Norfolk n7994730572 On outside wall of Colton Village Hall visible from road. 11 m
187 NR10 4BW Village Hall, Norfolk n4108271878 On wall by main entrance, seen from road. 2 m
323 NR20 5JS Elmham Surgery, Norfolk n2326772735 118 m
324 NR9 4AF Bus Shelter, Norfolk n4269538478 Inside octagonal bus shelter on the green. 35 m
347 NR23 0PS Corner Stores, Norfolk n5763626218 6 m
379 NR28 9WH Queen Elizabeth Hall, Norfolk n11052517845 Outside wall 21 m
407 NR30 5EH East of England Co-op, Norfolk n9444810345 On exterior wall of Co-op Daily store,just to the left of the main entrance on tthe High Street. 4 m
416 NR19 1AH East of England Co-op, Norfolk n4310478238 On exterior wall of Co-Op Daily, just to the right of the main entrance on Shipdam Road. 5 m
452 NR9 4BU Village Hall, Norfolk n6427624530 On exterior wall of village hall, facing the car park, just to the right of the main entrance. 4 m
465 NR13 6RH Jubilee Hall, Norfolk n11022124360 Hall porch wall 4 m
504 NR15 1AJ Telephone Box, Norfolk n4202648795 in Red Phone Box by war memorial in Saxlingham Nethergate 3 m
558 NR33 7SB Sailors Home Public House, Suffolk n10610823961 On wall outside of Sailors Home pub. 2 m
628 NR14 8AE Village Hall, Norfolk n3521628574 13 m
638 NR33 7PP Marram Green, Suffolk n10612395465 On outside wall of library building by entrance door facing access road. 27 m
642 NR14 6RJ The Queens Head, Norfolk n10572876612 Located on external wall of pub 9 m
682 NR4 6NH Waitrose Store, Norfolk n4307074608 34 m
711 NR11 8SJ New Inn, Norfolk n9408838296 on outside of outbuilding in New Inn car park 24 m
723 NR27 0AB The White Horse, Norfolk n11107403826 Outsiide wall 4 m
733 NR15 1AP Telephone Box, Norfolk n5534074853 In old Red Phone Box 3 m
741 NR11 8UL Social Club, Norfolk n11215967726 On outside wall of Southreps Social Club, on the wall facing the road. 65 m
794 NR10 5AE Telephone Box, Norfolk n9458771970 inside old red phone box in front of Marsham Village Hall 2 m
809 NR11 8NP The Vernon Arms Public House, Norfolk n3597253421 in Vernon Arms car park, Southrepps 18 m
845 NR20 4NP Village Hall, Norfolk n8912227414 outside Swanton Morley Village Hall - to left of entrance 18 m
857 NR16 1LT Telephone Box, Norfolk n9421396244 inside old red phone box in Forncett St Peter 9 m
945 NR11 6TR The Reading Room, Norfolk n5001968824 On wall, external to village hall entrance 104 m
969 NR15 1AA Village Hall, Norfolk n7795084973 External by village Hall entrance visible from road. 13 m
1036 NR19 2PW Primary School, Norfolk n6821286664 Scarning Primary School 17 m
1094 NR27 0EX Lawn Tennis and Squash Club, Norfolk n11147914920 On the outside wall of the pavilion building. 2 m
1115 NR10 4SD Telephone Box, Norfolk n4871560479 Inside disused red phone box. 123 m
1148 NR10 5QL Telephone Box, Norfolk n10728716931 inside old red phone box, The Heath, Hevingham 4 m
1159 NR9 4AD Village Hall, Norfolk n4269834743 On exterior wall of village hall, facing towards the school 29 m
1172 NR1 4DH Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk n5167531553 On wall of east facing wall of building. 3 m
1180 NR9 5JU The Hall for All, Norfolk n11148156771 outside Weston Longville Village Hall (Hall for All) 19 m
1237 NR11 8RF Village Hall, Norfolk n4228877692 Fixed to external wall by hall entrance. 23 m
1283 NR13 4BH Spar, Norfolk n6327722253 92 m
1284 NR13 4AZ The Kings Head, Norfolk n6327722271 outside Kings Head pub 11 m
1285 NR13 5AA Brundall Co-op and Post Office, Norfolk n10186484706 Outside on the wall to the right hand side of the Post Office windows 6 meters in off the pavement o 218 m
1291 NR13 6BT The White Horse, Norfolk n3607711856 78 m
1292 NR13 6BL Eastwood Whelpton Ltd, Norfolk n5044656141 on wall 78 m
1310 NR34 9HB Citizens Advice Bureau, Suffolk n7931405652 On external wall of Beccles Citizen's Advice, facing The Walk. 6 m
1318 NR15 2BD Village Hall, Norfolk n5126936694 On external wall of village hall facing the road. 13 m
1319 NR28 9BP Coral Bookmakers, Norfolk n11215120331 Inside covered passageway off Market Place, between Santander and Coral. 4 m
1337 NR18 0UQ Public Toilets in Car Park, Norfolk n4297629083 On exterior wall of toilet block facing to entrance road to car park 16 m
1357 NR13 5NT Scout Hut, Norfolk n10183374034 Yellow unit outside on the left hand edge of the Scout Hut building facing the road at the bottom of 150 m
1374 NR9 5HX The Marlingford Bell Pub, Norfolk n6426889968 On exterior wall of Marlingford Bell pub, at the right-hand end of the building when viewed from the 9 m
1381 NR32 5HW Village Hall, Suffolk n11176837812 To the right of the entrance to the old village school (behind the telephone kiosk). 15 m
1388 NR16 1AJ Telephone Box, Norfolk n3518324909 Inside old telephone box on Long Stratton Road, near Saint Edmund's Church, Forncet End 5 m
1408 NR25 6DN Budgens Supermarket, Norfolk n11351285240 Outside supermarket next to exit door. 2 m
1468 NR12 0PP Toilet Block, Beach Car Park, Norfolk n5649023748 wall 11 m
1469 NR12 0QT Wenn Evans Community Centre, Norfolk n5649007669 On exterior wall of Wenn Evans Centre, just under covered porch at main enstrance, facing Blacksmith 24 m
1491 NR20 5BA Telephone Box, Norfolk n2872557463 Inside old Red Telephone Box, Wood Norton 2 m
1521 NR28 0LD Village Hall, Norfolk n10674962653 outside Felmingham Village Hall 101 m
1857 NR13 6DZ IONA, Norfolk n3607711821 On wall of building facing Broad Lane at junction with School Road. 3 m
1912 NR19 2PF Telephone Box, Norfolk n11265802971 in old red phone box next to Scarning Village Hall 4 m
1926 NR19 1DF Morrisons Supermarket, Norfolk n6815884800 on exterior wall of Morrison's Supermarket, just to the left of the main entrance. 73 m
1953 NR11 8BG Maritime Museum, Norfolk n9053935105 wall 92 m
2552 NR34 9QJ Beccles Station Cafe, Suffolk n7795142425 outside Beccles Railway Station - facing ramp to footbridge 12 m
2562 NR25 7XA Telephone Box, Norfolk n1883955074 Inside the old red phone booth (now used as book exchange), Salthouse 7 m
2716 NR21 8BB Fire Station, Norfolk n10112389936 On exterior wall of Fakenham Fire Station, facing Norwich Road. 19 m
2725 NR25 7NA Public Toilets, Norfolk n9051749537 On exterior wall of public toilets, under the porch by the entrance to the ladies. 3 m
2737 NR9 4AE Memorial Hall, Norfolk n6443008699 On the rear exterior wall of Hardingham Memorial Hall, facing way from the field 12 m
2742 NR16 1AN Village Hall, Norfolk n8435612883 On exterior wall, visible from road 3 m
2795 NR21 0BS Telephone Box, Norfolk n1452664198 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Thursford 8 m
2800 NR21 0AU Village Hall, Norfolk n11045454081 outside Kettlestone Village Hall 13 m
2813 NR21 0QR Telephone Box, Opposite the Church, Norfolk n8914943640 inside red phone box, Bale 41 m
2830 NR27 9PX Woodhill Park, Norfolk n11153335725 On the outside wall of the building next to the coastal path 12 m
2861 NR24 2AL Village Hall, Norfolk n9421396243 inside old red phone box next to Edgefield Village Hall 11 m
2862 NR25 7RJ Village Hall, Norfolk n9051665788 On exterior wall of Cley Village Hall, in the porch of the main entrance facing the road 7 m
2997 NR14 8NG Telephone Box, Norfolk n9458826128 inside old red phone box at corner of Long Lane and Brickle Road in Stoke Holy Cross 2 m
3102 NR34 7HJ Bus Shelter, Suffolk n9904782225 24 m
3155 NR14 6AA Telephone Box, Norfolk n2350026169 In old red phone box by roadside. 3 m
3171 NR4 7EE The Rotunda Pavilion, South West Quadrant, Norfolk n1217771653 On wall of Rotunda in Eaton Park, facing inwards towards the bandstand. 4 m
3252 NR16 1JG Village Hall, Norfolk n6614730898 Fixed to external wall, facing and seen from road 17 m
3272 NR15 2HN Telephone Box, Norfolk n7899668008 Inside disused telephone box, High Green, Great Moulton 2 m
3398 NR16 1BZ Village Hall, Norfolk n3518324928 10 m
3527 NR20 4AP Telephone Box, Norfolk n9429452239 inside old red phone box in Stanfield 1 m
3545 NR11 8HF Village Hall, Norfolk n11215967717 On outside wall of Grimingham Village Hall, facing the road, to the right of the main entrance 3 m
3647 NR1 3SJ The Pavilion Admin Building, Norfolk n11195011558 Attached to fence to the left-hand side of the old hospital Administration Building, when looking fr 19 m
3733 NR25 6NX Telephone Box, Norfolk n1779585043 inside old telephone box in West Beckham 3 m
3762 NR20 4NY Telephone Box, Norfolk n6624517079 External on back of red phone box, visible from road 5 m
3870 NR10 4HL Telephone Box, Norfolk n8914958410 inside old red phone box in Eastgate 4 m
3920 NR11 8EG Telephone Box, Norfolk n9458912720 inside old red phone box in front of St Johns Church in Trimingham 7 m
4220 NR21 0AL The Chequers Inn, Norfolk n10675001257 next to Chequers Inn, Binham 6 m
4248 NR35 1NU Telephone Box, Suffolk n9421471759 inside old red phone box, Church Road, Flixton 4 m
4467 NR16 2AH Telephone Box, Norfolk n8486116969 inside red phone box, Market Place, Kenninghall 5 m
4521 NR23 1PF Telephone Box, Norfolk n11045490471 in old red phone box, High Street, Wighton 1 m
4723 NR14 8QJ Telephone Box, Norfolk n3646238123 inside old red phone box by Wildebeest pub, Norwich Road, Stoke Holy Cross 7 m
4778 NR24 2QB Telephone Box, Norfolk n3722865490 inside old red phone box in Briningham 6 m
4998 NR34 9TB Library, Suffolk n8621070835 On exterior wall of Beccles Library, facing the car park. 34 m
5112 NR26 8SQ Telephone Box, Norfolk n11045501682 inside old phone box at north end of Briton's Lane 2 m
5116 NR16 1SW Telephone Box, Norfolk n3022547762 inside red phone box, Bunwell 66 m
5139 NR21 7AD Telephone Box, Norfolk n9458930908 inside old red phone box,The Street, West Raynham 3 m
5186 NR12 8AH Telephone Box, Norfolk n11005180784 inside old red phone box opposite Tunstead Primary School 1 m
5418 NR18 9SU Village and Sports Hall, Norfolk n11172986432 On ouside wall of Morley Village Hall, just to the left of the main entrance 29 m
5537 NR16 1AB Telephone Box, Norfolk n8914980754 inside old red phone box in Bunwell Street 2 m
5868 NR27 9AB East Runton Stores, Norfolk n11138370776 18 m
5984 NR13 5LL Brundall Memorial Hall, Norfolk n10587505896 To the right-hand side of the entrance just before the main door. 11 m
6038 NR26 8TF Village Hall, Norfolk n3790327866 outside Upper Sheringham Village Hall 8 m
6079 NR13 6RX Telephone Box, Norfolk n6186752627 inside old phone box, Lower Street 5 m
6081 NR13 6NY Telephone Box, Norfolk n3554908642 inside old phone box on Station Road 2 m
6146 NR27 0AH Cromer Town Council, North Lodge, Norfolk n8741978442 8 m
6354 NR28 9LR Telephone Box, Norfolk n10054930802 inside old red phone box in Meeting Hill - in front of Baptist Church 5 m
6449 NR18 9EY Telephone Box, Norfolk n4257792836 inside old red phone box by Kimberley Green 1 m
6560 NR25 6BE Harris & James Store, Norfolk n11358626811 On wall down the side of cafe building. Access through pedestrian path. 2 m
6648 NR25 7PG Blakeney Parish Council Office, Norfolk n9292914115 On outside wall. 7 m
6658 NR10 5AS Telephone Box, Norfolk n10789211360 inside old red phone box in Skeyton - at crossroads near village hall 2 m
6752 NR28 9NU Telephone Box, Norfolk n2438743903 inside old red phone box in Ridlington 3 m
6901 NR25 7EL Old Reading Room Tea Room & Gallery, Norfolk n9892733906 3 m
6948 NR16 2JP Telephone Box, Norfolk n1792372196 Inside the old red telephone box at the south-west corner of Wilby green. 1 m
7004 NR32 5DW Telephone Box, Suffolk n10007503765 inside old red phone box Camps Heath 2 m
7122 NR19 2AZ East Of England Co Op, Norfolk n6821286674 On exterior wall of Coop Daily store, to the right of the main entrance 1 m
7627 NR13 3BY East of England Co-op, Norfolk n9818489612 inside phone box by toilets in Acle 67 m
7653 NR27 0AD One Stop Shop, Norfolk n11147951878 On the outside wall of the convenience store. 7 m
7821 NR18 0HH East of England Co-op, Norfolk n11011809835 On exterior wall of Wymondham & District Ex-Services Social Club facing Friarscroft Lane 147 m
7823 NR15 2UH Wacton Village Hall, Norfolk n10712970179 outside Wacton Village Hall - to right of entrance 11 m
7825 NR4 6DB East of England Co-op, Norfolk n6554658583 On exterior wall of Tuckswood Co-op, at right-hand side, facing Maid Marian Road. 5 m
7829 NR15 2XJ East of England Co-op, Norfolk n5549153454 On exterior wall of Co-op store, to the right of the main entrance, facing the car park. 100 m
7952 NR25 6AJ Telephone Box, Norfolk n11005697136 Inside old phone box next to High Kelling Stores 6 m
8006 NR33 7QD Kessingland Working Mens Club, Suffolk n10610757976 On wall outside entrance to Working Men’s Club. 2 m
8159 NR27 9HN Cromer Community Centre, Norfolk n6468546508 On outside wall 50 m
8332 NR28 0NW On Post, Norfolk n11215967728 On a post by the side of Southreps Road, next to the Farm Shop. 7 m
0022A231-9A83-45AD-BBB1-AFD4009D4954 NR19 1RJ Yaxham Parish Council, Village Hall, Norwich Road n11176052898 Outside on wall at rear of village hall. 22 m
037D0641-7259-49FF-B6FC-ADDE0160EF1D NR9 4AB Barford & Wramplingham Village Hall, Village Hall, Chapel Street n6426912915 On exterior wall of Barford & Wramplingham Village Hall, to the right of the main entrance. 5 m
03A0FC95-4A80-4089-91F2-AEDE00EA133C NR33 8HU Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Carlton Marshes Visitor Centre, Burnt Hill Lane n5586977361 On wall outside toilets 27 m
0531118B-325C-43F4-8C61-AEDE0094F9E5 NR12 0NE Community Centre Coastline Village, Ostend Road, Walcott n5646165122 On exterior wall of Coastline Village Hall, on landward side facing the car park. 5 m
054987BC-D239-4D4D-889B-AF9E014B2863 NR33 7LJ Lowestoft Masonic Club Masonic Hall, 101 The Avenue, Lowestoft n11111576600 Down driveway towards building. Mounted on external wall at front of Masonic Hall. 17 m
05B2E804-EB08-479F-9BBB-ADD500B5E81A NR15 2UH Wacton Village Hall, Village Hall, Hall Lane n10712970179 outside Wacton Village Hall - to right of entrance 6 m
06823AC1-D51B-4AA5-950A-AF26012AB599 NR14 6DF Gentlemans Walk, Langley n11350116418 outside Langley with Hardley Village Hall 24 m
096B184F-3C62-4025-8CC2-AD3D00E95383 NR32 1PE Suffolk Constabulary, Old Nelson Street, Lowestoft n10554375334 Mounted on wall outside main entrance to Christ Church 49 m
098FB7E1-BD2C-48F2-9B79-AE4C0181BA8B NR31 6RG Fusion Hairdressers, 165 High Street, Gorleston On Sea n6951442282 On exterior wall of Fusion Hairdresser, facing towards the Palace Cinema, High St, Gorleston 7 m
09C542CF-1D7D-4C29-AF0D-AD7500E9384B NR19 1DZ Library, 59 High Street, Dereham n6821189909 on exterior wall of Dereham Library, just to the left of the main entrance, on the High Street. 22 m
0A4A9FCB-D152-4014-8471-AACD009748E8 NR32 1NY Co-Op Funeralcare - Police Station Road, Police Station Road, Lowestoft n10554369222 Mounted on wall at left hand side of Co-Operative Funeralcare building 42 m
0C808F51-45BF-48ED-9321-AE89016D3FDF NR32 5LP The Mardle Cafe, 51 The Street, Lound n10582408858 Mounted on wall of cafe adjacent to post box that is set into cafe wall. 7 m
0F4CA704-F597-4FD6-A101-AD8000CC029A NR27 9AB East Runton Stores, High Street, East Runton n11138370776 15 m
11664C5A-B9D3-49D8-9982-AF25010ABEE3 NR2 1NR Sir Isaac Newton 6th Form, The Old Fire Station, 30 Bethel Street n11196273182 On outside wall of Isaac Newton Sixth Form (Old Fire Station) on Bethel Street. On the side of the b 9 m
12CF9743-7EEB-4963-B126-AD820086B708 NR4 6NU Waitrose Ltd, Church Lane, Eaton n4307074608 44 m
12DBF206-F50D-4130-ADC2-AD6700FBEB90 NR29 3JB Public Telephone 37m From Keepers Cottage 6m From Unnamed Road, Osier Lane, Lacons Corner n665443289 inside old red phone box 9 m
163D99E7-6B14-4B02-9E13-AE3C010CB2AB NR32 2QB Normanston Park, Jesters Diner, Peto Way n10556852631 Mounted on wall facing small parking area to rear / side of diner building. 5 m
19B156E9-D946-4563-A25F-AD80013E69BF NR11 7AU Public Telephone 26m From 8 The Street 6m From Wolterton Road, Itteringham Restricted Byway 12, Itteringham n1777461571 inside red phone box, Itteringham 20 m
1BDCE159-72F8-442C-84CF-B06600A7E97D NR4 6UE St Peter’s Church Hall, St Peters Church Hall, Newmarket Road n11173057642 On outside wall of St Peters Church Hall, Cringleford, facing Newmarket Road. 73 m
1F7B1513-1330-4948-871B-AE9200CF7D6C NR33 0DB Hut 106 Jubilee Parade, The Esplanade, Lowestoft n10983944666 On exterior wall of Beach Office facing towards the beach. There is a wooden storage shed immediatel 17 m
1F8BF849-D053-46F5-A360-AE4501544128 NR17 2AH The London Tavern, Church Street, Attleborough n9139579022 On exterior wall of London Tavern, facing Queen's Square. 4 m
2023CDE3-13FE-42A4-9927-AE9D01241D48 NR33 7LE Kirkley Community Sports Ground And Social Club, Walmer Road, Lowestoft n10614946816 On wall under entrance canopy to sports and social club building. 60 m
207F2CC5-2D34-4D03-90EF-AD4000D9389B NR16 1AA Ashwellthorpe Old Village Hall, Old Village Hall, 57-59 The Street n4289444239 On exterior wall of Ashwellthorpe Village Hall, down the left-hand side when looking from The Street 4 m
23F76F51-AE40-4547-AA30-ADE900AFC5A3 NR1 1NJ Nes Healthcare Uk, 100 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich n10649050319 On wall of building at Prince of Wales Road end of St Faiths Lane next to a pillar box. 7 m
25E49E20-74B7-4A5F-8D82-AD8000A3A573 NR10 5HN Public Telephone 24m From The Cottage, Marsham Road 6m From Unnamed Road, Marsham Road, Norwich n442358743 inside old red phone box (now used as book exchange) in Brampton 0 m
25E59CDB-6022-43CA-A556-AEC500B87858 NR35 1QZ Ilketshall St Margaret Village Hall, Low Street, Ilketshall St Margaret n10712894286 outside Ilketshall St Margaret Village Hall 21 m
26A82FAF-E851-4031-BDE0-AD3600B7A2BB NR32 1LZ Picture Studios, 117 London Road North, Lowestoft n9814993342 Mounted outside of photography studio entrance at top of access ramp 9 m
26BB486E-3C4F-45FB-B15A-AE1D00E00D43 NR21 8BB Norfolk Fire And Rescue Service, Fire Station, Norwich Road n10112389936 On exterior wall of Fakenham Fire Station, facing Norwich Road. 18 m
273F3099-6B2C-4CA5-B004-AD4000DACE2E NR16 1EL Kings Head, Norwich Road, Ashwellthorpe n4289444285 On exterior wall of King's Head pub, on the right-hand side, when looking from the B1113. 17 m
27D79DFD-686F-4FF6-BB65-AE2E008EAED0 NR14 8BA Co-Op - Cuckoofield Lane, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Mulbarton, 30 Cuckoofield Lane n4692462681 outside the Co-op in Mulbarton - to left of entrance 24 m
28790A7E-1B2E-47D5-94E9-AE8A01795E66 NR32 1BL Lloyds Bank, Lloyds Tsb Bank Plc, 47-49 London Road North n10614587641 On right of entrance door outside of Lloyds Bank on London Road North. 22 m
28AFDD3B-F824-49C7-91FC-B09D00C4F93E NR25 6HP 43 Bull Street, Holt n11358626812 Enter the yard from Bull Street and the cabinet is on the wall at the rear of the right hand side bu 24 m
2D5E2C02-F637-41FF-A5D4-AEE700D4B6F4 NR17 2ES Baptist Church (First Responders), Baptist Church, Next To 31 Hargham Road (Bartram Funeral Directors) n6476649891 16 m
2DEC6F93-BDFC-4189-85E0-AF5000CAE055 NR1 1BD Cans N Cocktails, 15 Prince Of Wales Road, Norwich n6582537697 On the door pillar to the left of the entrance into Cans n Cocktails shop, 15 Prince of Wales Road 7 m
2E46F673-B728-4F4E-BA8A-B067011B31CC NR25 6DN Budgens Store, Kerridge Way, Holt n11351285240 Outside supermarket next to exit door. 27 m
2EF6C2F3-74E7-43D0-A59B-AF92013E9398 NR29 3AH Public Telephone 34m From Wheatdene, The Street 8m From School Road, School Road, Runham n618798095 inside old red phone box in Runham 1 m
2F616213-7D23-4458-845E-AD3D00844E4E NR4 6XF Cringleford Parish Council, Cringleford Pavillion And Recreation Ground, Oakfields Road n5670850221 9 m
2FCA522B-A2BB-423C-A6EE-AD8700F374B6 NR9 3AE Little Melton Parish Council, Post Box 10m From Little Melton Garage, 64a, School Lane 12m From School Lane, School Lane n4269565322 On exterior wall of village shop, to the right of the main entrance. 12 m
302BB6C6-0A5D-47DB-8505-AEDF00D214C0 NR11 8BE Coronation Hall, 26 Cromer Road, Mundesley n9460601368 On exterior wall of Coronation Hall on Cromer Road, on side to left of main entrance, facing the chu 12 m
30A8169E-2D16-4597-886C-AD4801046AE8 NR22 6DR Great Walsingham Barns, Hindringham Road, Walsingham n6746390382 outside Cafe, under cover but outside 21 m
30BBAC80-379A-4901-9B43-AE9D0006F69B NR14 7NU Alpington & Yelverton Village Hall, Village Hall, Church Road n10712926553 outside Alpington & Yelverton Village Hall - to left of entrance 10 m
32089A9F-C416-4B98-843F-B02600B5E5FF NR23 1JG Co-Op - Polka Road, Co-Operative Foodstore, Polka Road n6746437727 Outside Co-op supermarket, right hand side 21 m
3429D069-5A95-42CA-964E-AE0D0121057E NR12 8AJ Wroxham And Hoveton Lions Club, Unit 8 The Old Post Office Riverside Centre, Norwich Road n9429184181 On exterior wall of Lions Charity Shop, in the Broads Centre pedestrian area. 13 m
356631F6-7BB9-4176-99AF-AE220147E058 NR34 0LB Geldeston Memorial Village Hall, The Street, Geldeston n283342583 Inside old red phone box by entrance to Geldeston Village Hall 7 m
372AF70E-899A-440D-94FB-AE5800F53013 NR13 6BL Yacht Station, Boat Dyke Road, Upton n5044656141 on wall 8 m
37FD3BDE-9DA7-4D02-AE7F-ADF900F521EC NR14 6RJ Queens Head, Beccles Road, Thurlton n10572876612 Located on external wall of pub 13 m
3889B274-B8D1-438B-BB2B-AFD401172D99 NR15 2LR Public Telephone 17m From 4 The Street 13m From The Street, The Street, Hempnall n9564457984 inside old red phone box in Hempnall 10 m
39908FA2-C1E8-4CE3-98BC-AED400BFD75D NR34 0BN Burgh St. Peter P. C., Burgh St. Peter Village Hall, Staithe Road n9483561026 Clearly visible from service road to car park, on the side of the Village Hall 17 m
3ACA1FBB-E255-4198-ABDE-B051010B830B NR18 0PW Wymondham Methodist Church, Town Green, Wymondham n11218820461 Attached to wall down path to Town Green Centre from Town Green, to the left of the Methodist Church 21 m
3F86DE80-578E-4124-A94F-AEA50136A4EA NR25 7PG Blakeney Parish Council Office, Parish Council Office, Langham Road n9292914115 On outside wall. 50 m
407C4FDA-AB75-40B6-8436-AE1B00CB5453 NR16 2HB Banham Community Centre, Kenninghall Road, Banham n11177715774 On outside wall of Banham Community Centre, just to the left of the main entrance. 29 m
408E8AD5-78B8-42D8-B2C8-ADD900AF8BEA NR33 8QS Flying Dutchman, Beccles Road, Lowestoft n11177478499 to the right-hand side of the Flying Dutchman, on the wall facing Beccles Road. 10 m
41496E68-602A-4A11-AD3C-AD7B011BC6C7 NR30 5DJ Cvls, Caister Lifeboat Car Park, Beach Road n9444759554 On exterior wall of Caister Lifeboat Station, on the left-hand side when looking from the beach. 37 m
41AB206E-3433-4C18-961B-AEFE009E0EA7 NR18 9JR Spooner Row, Suton & Wattlefield Village Hall Association, Spooner Row Village Hall, Station Road n11172986430 On outside wall of Spooner Row Village Hall, facing Station Road. 19 m
42834EDD-6A23-4900-B769-AED100EA2438 NR27 9DT North Norfolk Foodbank, Methodist Church, West Street n11107403676 External wall 31 m
46ADEB3C-2D1A-4043-A869-AE9700AC0A55 NR13 3BY East Of England Co-Op, Norwich Road, Acle n10321568421 In a yellow cabinet on the wall between the Enterance and Exit doors. 69 m
4963A3C9-87C7-46CC-B87F-B08F00D66722 NR20 4NY Bayfield House, 6 Elsing Road, Swanton Morley n6624517079 External on back of red phone box, visible from road 51 m
4A075142-3835-40C9-BA4B-AFBA013D0A0E NR25 7RJ Village Hall, The Fairstead, Cley-Next-The-Sea n9051665788 On exterior wall of Cley Village Hall, in the porch of the main entrance facing the road 8 m
51964E1F-E379-441B-B0E7-AF1F01530AE7 NR17 1NW Mount Ash Barn, Fen Street, Old Buckenham n11177715771 On outside wall of barn conversion. 14 m
528CA1A1-3247-4530-9519-ADF000D3B948 NR6 6XA Apple Green Service Station, 162 Cromer Road, Norwich n10624220379 Outside- To the right of the entrance 9 m
53C38F2D-BE08-4513-B9D6-AD42013ECA51 NR29 4JT Public Telephone 15m From Hemby Parish Council, Kingsway 8m From Unnamed Road, North Road, Hemsby n9851328611 inside old red phone box, by the public toilets in Hemsby 9 m
54358ACE-DF48-4F18-AD9F-ADFE013481DC NR33 7DB Pakefield Church, Pakefield Church Hall, Causeway n10211880734 Enter the Church car-park and go to the entrance of the main building. The box is mounted on the rig 5 m
56C15E5A-45A2-4F3B-ADFA-AE82010DAC90 NR25 6BE Harris & James Holt, 29 Market Place, Holt n11358626811 On wall down the side of cafe building. Access through pedestrian path. 6 m
5C952256-44BD-4421-976C-AE9700ACD06E NR19 1AH East Of England Co-Op, Shipdham Road, Toftwood n4310478238 On exterior wall of Co-Op Daily, just to the right of the main entrance on Shipdam Road. 14 m
5D071279-1443-4F19-9B67-ADE100F5E2B2 NR31 6SG Gorleston Library, Lowestoft Road, Great Yarmouth n10804551850 On exterior wall of library. facing pedestrian crossing on Baker Street. 18 m
5D1816CA-A2E4-4BCB-88B6-AD6F00FE67B5 NR34 9SJ Caxton Club, Gaol Lane, Beccles n9483622520 Behind customer service desk/cigarette kiosk, right from entrance 60 m
603EDDE4-E615-4128-B0E9-AE3E0030065F NR30 1ED Scroby Sands Visitors Centre, North Drive, Great Yarmouth n8874369068 On exterior wall of Scroby Sands Wind Farm Visitor Centre, facing the sea. 3 m
616108A9-96E7-41D9-930B-AEE700D301F0 NR17 2AS Connaught Hall (First Responders), Connaught Hall, Station Road n4147606081 30 m
6381C631-FBB1-417C-A98A-AF02012139BE NR4 7HG Earlham Library, Colman Road, Norwich n5722413735 On exterior side wall of Colman Road Health Centre, facing the main entrance to Earlham Library. 19 m
63F98AD5-20B0-457D-A8F6-ADF200ABA499 NR23 1DR Beach Cafe, Beach Road, Wells-Next-The-Sea n11262627808 On west side of toilet building, facing car park 53 m
6454667F-F189-44C8-8738-AD9401095479 NR23 1AB Holkham Enterprises, Holkham Hall, Holkham Estate n11013955807 On exterior wall of Holkham Hall Visitor Reception building, at the entrance to the old stables 40 m
64D9D83C-D3DA-424E-9416-AF8B015238CA NR16 2EL Kenninghall Village Hall, School Close, Kenninghall n11177715773 On outside wall of Kenninghall Village Hall, on the right-hand side of the main entrance from the ca 29 m
659BD5BC-1BC0-452C-8A1A-AE3F009C9F99 NR21 9DX Tesco Superstore, 17 Oak St, Fakenham n10106977488 Just inside main entrance, on the right-hand side after entering the store from the lobby. 69 m
6669A607-7752-436D-B07C-AD3C00DE6030 NR21 9PY Village Hall, Moor Lane, Sculthorpe n8007901430 outside Sculthorpe Village Hall, Moor Lane, Sculthorpe 18 m
668ACAED-1087-4B94-9023-AE580187BD09 NR31 6PY The Dock Tavern, Dock Tavern Public House, Dock Tavern Lane n11012782070 On exterior wall of The Dock Tavern. On the left-hand side of the building when looking from Dock Ta 7 m
676BA690-C9F9-4C2E-B256-AE1D00DBF57E NR35 2TS Earsham Village Hall, Village Hall, The Street n7416065769 9 m
6811FFB4-45A1-452B-883E-AED70092F9C9 NR13 3NZ Freethorpe Sport Pavilion Entrance, On The Playing Field, Freethorpe Playing Field, School Road/Reedham Road n4105790355 On wall of Sports Pavillion facing the playing field. Not seen from road. 80 m
6C64FA22-661D-4056-8162-AE5D015532FD NR31 6EX Gorleston Cliffs Sports Pavilion, Bowling Green Gorleston Seafront Amenities Area, Marine Parade n11010203248 On exterior wall of Gorleston Cliffs Sports Pavilion, facing the bowling green. 61 m
6D8A8098-1C07-482E-9B98-B003010DF5AD NR18 0NL Csn Autos Ltd, 10 Spur Trading Estate, Postmill Close n3053617188 On exterior wall of Postmill Close industrial units, at the far end between units 9 and 10. 39 m
6E59EB4C-6775-4035-BD4C-AE43015DB793 NR34 9TB Beccles Lions Club, Beccles Public Library, Blyburgate n8621070835 On exterior wall of Beccles Library, facing the car park. 32 m
6F07FCEB-0B5C-465A-95F8-AD4A011EDBEF NR25 7QG 23 The Street, Thornage n9458857237 inside old red phone box, Holt Road, Thornage 38 m
6F1356DD-9294-428A-8E6D-AEA501369DFD NR10 5AS Skeyton Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Felmingham Road n10789211360 inside old red phone box in Skeyton - at crossroads near village hall 76 m
6F804E60-CCC1-4BE6-81BA-AFC600D952F7 NR35 1AX Boots, 4 St Marys Street, Bungay n8914906961 outside Boots, St Mary's Street, Bungay 27 m
707BCF10-6015-4D4F-8B73-AD3E011BE9DE NR20 3HT Village Hall, 3 Heath Road, Hockering n5574788784 On exterior wall of Hockering Village Hall, Just to the right of the main entrance on Heath Road. 19 m
70BA5ECD-8290-4F1E-89B0-AE2300A09F0D NR27 9JR Co-Op - Middlebrook Way, Co-Operative Foodstore, Middlebrook Way n6494601546 19 m
70F0FA10-A5A5-4614-B4E4-AEFB00E9A917 NR34 8LX Redisham Phone Box, Silver Ley, Redisham n11005706900 inside old red phone box in Redisham 3 m
72F62B6E-49C5-4FD4-B86C-AE1B00ED6758 NR34 9RE The Ingate Public House, 108 Grove Road, Beccles n10967768661 On the front wall of the Ingate pub. 19 m
73998E1D-6CB0-431B-B068-ADB100F9F06F NR34 8LY The Old Telephone Box, Redisham Road, Ringsfield n9429141078 inside old phone box on Redisham Road (just south of junction with School Road), Ringfield. 13 m
739B57F8-E5E6-4882-8853-AE2400B82784 NR33 9AJ Co-Op - Pinewood Avenue, 72 Pinewood Avenue, Lowestoft n11176929742 To the left of the entrance to the Co-op, facing Pinewood Avenue 4 m
73D2592A-51B1-469A-86DB-ADB90129E192 NR4 6TZ Keswick Reading Room, Low Road, Keswick n10729304904 attached to building near post box in Keswick 79 m
73D62AE3-3ECB-46EB-AFE7-AD8000B34C0C NR30 5ES Playground King George V Playing Field, Allendale Road, Caister-On-Sea n9444759553 On exterior wall of King Goerge Playing Field Pavilion, facing the car park. 27 m
7731F5C5-95BA-4C9C-8293-AE9700ABC781 NR34 9JF East Of England Co-Op, Rigbourne Hill, Swines Green n8599976687 On exterior wall of Coop store, just to the right of the main entrance. 44 m
7845A653-9E45-4926-BB43-AD3F0164DFBA NR17 1TR Rocklands Parish Council, Village Hall, The Street n4152109252 Outside wall of Rocklands Village Hall, facing The Street 7 m
78A479EC-A208-4C25-820E-AD5200B8BED1 NR27 9HE Henry Blogg Museum, Promenade, Cromer n8741983476 On the inside wall. In the toilet area. Available when the toilets are open. 5 m
7B7009FC-3C08-4287-B76F-AD4200A01721 NR17 2BW Plandescil Ltd, 42-44 Connaught Road, Attleborough n8394203897 On exterior wall of Plandescil offices, at number 42-44 Connaught Road. 11 m
7DE16876-CB25-4227-B721-AE2700EE7E6B NR14 6EX Co-Op - Church Plain, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Loddon, Church Plain n9518261123 outside Co-op on High Street, Loddon 61 m
7E592864-F646-4597-BD96-ADB40159C344 NR27 9AU Cromer Marrams Bowls Club, Runton Road, Cromer n11146409376 On the outside wall of the pavilion building. 23 m
81053AD7-0BD9-44A3-B133-AACD00AC3743 NR32 3DQ Co-Op Funeralcare - Gresham Avenue, 16 Gresham Avenue, Lowestoft n9801821675 On external wall of Co-operative funeralcare. 27 m
8119EC6C-CE4A-4CB1-BDBE-AD4C00F1CC74 NR32 2DQ St Andrew's Church, St Andrews Church, Roman Road n10554411221 Mounted on wall to right of church main entrance on Roman Road 15 m
83C5274F-0A41-4E26-A50B-AD810090D0A3 NR30 5DL The Council Hall, 1 Yarmouth Road, Caister-On-Sea n9444810372 On exterior wall of Council Hall, under the canopy facing Yarmouth Road. 7 m
85AB6868-82E5-4725-BBE3-AE1400C62604 NR32 1LR The Britten Centre, Management Office, 18 The Britten Centre n10554423472 Mounted on wall at rear of Britten Centre. Opposite of library entrance. 8 m
8821C999-CC9F-415A-AEF9-AE9E00E05A9C NR17 1LE Great Ellingham Methodist Church, Church Street, Great Ellingham n5633636224 Exterior wall of Great Ellingham Methodist Church, facing Church Street. 5 m
8896A3CC-5A1C-46FE-8606-AE4A01554C6F NR32 4GG Aldi Store, Millennium Way, Lowestoft n10591668847 On exteral wall at front of supermarket on right hand side. 31 m
8B74365E-8DA4-4353-BA47-AD5401429E0E NR10 5DU Wesleyan Reform Chapel, The Street, Swanton Abbott n8912068595 outside Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Swanton Abbot 9 m
8E32168A-7CA0-4398-9411-AFA30120A4DD NR21 9JN North Creake Parish Council, Telephone Kiosk, Church Street n1873165931 inside old red phone box in North Creake 1 m
8EAE4DC7-6210-48C5-B255-B02700ECE683 NR16 1AB Bunwell Street, Public Telephone Box, Bunwell Street n8914980754 inside old red phone box in Bunwell Street 9 m
8F9D6217-89AB-4324-834E-AD7C00A01873 NR34 7UG Hulver Village Hall, Hulver Street, Henstead n10847061019 14 m
90154EBD-9047-4022-B21D-B01F015B57D8 NR9 5HX The Bell Inn, Bawburgh Road, Marlingford n6426889968 On exterior wall of Marlingford Bell pub, at the right-hand end of the building when viewed from the 18 m
903AC094-AEA3-45AD-8EEA-B060012198AF NR31 6PP Gorleston Pavilion, Pavilion Road, Great Yarmouth n9951321674 On exterior wall of the Pier Hotel, facing the path between the hotel and the Ocean Rooms. 82 m
91DCCB98-EC17-4653-9DA6-AD8600E8EE8A NR29 3AG The Village Hall, Fleggburgh n2430100219 On exterior wall of village hall facing onto car park. 70 m
92238095-30C8-4BDF-ACFB-AF71013983C4 NR13 4HR Norfolk County Council, Strumpshaw Recycling Centre, Stone Road n10539404226 Yellow case attached to chain-link fence on right-hand side of the main entrance. 61 m
93F9E130-709D-437A-A3E3-ADAD00CE20CC NR21 0PN The Pavillion, Wells Road, Hindringham n4173372245 outside The Pavilion, Hindringham 6 m
9F812581-DA77-4571-AA1F-AE8400FE47E1 NR32 4QB Post Box 21m From 6 Gunton Drive 5m From Gunton Drive, Gunton Drive, Lowestoft n11206171678 outside old red phone box (now used as book swap) Gunton Drive, Lowestoft 35 m
9FC336EB-6E10-45B9-9B5A-ADD200F79ABE NR12 0AA Bacton Superstore, Coast Road, Bacton n9405379826 On exterior wall of Bacton Superstore, facing the car park off Coast Road. 26 m
A037702B-8F4D-42A8-8017-AE2F00DBFD9E NR14 6AA Haddiscoe Village Hall, Village Hall, The Street n11045501684 outside Haddiscoe Village Hall 8 m
A080952B-7631-4708-84D8-AE43015F4DEA NR34 9QJ Beccles Lions Club, Station Cafe, Station Road n7795142425 outside Beccles Railway Station - facing ramp to footbridge 7 m
A0DDCF07-F4CA-4A33-B5CB-AD6E006EBBA7 NR14 7AS Claxton Parish Council, Claxton & Carleton St Peter Village Hall, The Street n6447461964 External wall facing road. 20 m
A11D1078-E340-43BC-81FA-B05401069943 NR34 0AW Public Telephone 21m From 1 Beccles Road 7m From Beccles Road, Beccles Road, Aldeby n11265819972 inside old red phone box, Aldeby 1 m
A13A7167-83D4-4837-BE02-AD9E007C0E90 NR29 5QQ The Stores, High Street, Ludham n9851351260 outside Throwers of Ludham 4 m
A3290322-D1D9-4A23-BCE9-AD3D00F0C8C7 NR28 0RZ Village Hall, Hall Lane, Knapton n9845616643 outside Knapton Village Hall - to the right of the rear door 13 m
A6E3542A-6987-4DEF-A33F-ADCE00593CAD NR16 2RJ Wo & Po Jolly, Roudham Farm, Roudham n6815193736 On wall seen and accessible from the byway 30 m
A7F010C6-4F60-4924-937D-AE8B00DFB4C5 NR27 9DS White Horse Inn, 24 West Street, Cromer n11146409373 On the outside wall of the pub. 7 m
A7FE6C2F-5875-4291-8CCF-AE4C00C5D3C3 NR13 6QS Rackheath Community Council, 1 Bernard Close, Norwich n5486624399 On exterior wall of newsagent 12 m
A8695F2B-FC21-461B-8F21-AD4F014F96C3 NR34 9YT The Butchers Arms, London Road, Beccles n8599976739 On exterior wall of the Butcher's Arms pub, facing the junction of Kemps Lane and London Road. 9 m
AD622C78-EA82-4975-BA95-AF0A0091A83B NR17 1RN Old Buckenham Parish Council, Ox And Plough, The Green n11177715772 On the outside wall of the Ox and Plough pub, on the left end of the front wall facing The Green. 8 m
ADFB92D2-5714-480D-9103-AFB200BFEB25 NR2 1QE Harris And James, 21 Haymarket, Norwich n11195011554 On exterior wall of H&J cafe on Haymarket 5 m
AF5CDC8F-5D8C-4DD7-8E48-ADB1007FDD3B NR7 9AQ Crossfit Spitfire, Caston Industrial Estate, 8 Salhouse Road, Sprowston n9131684927 Mounted in box outside CrossFit Spitfire. 13 m
AF7C4556-F04E-4999-A887-AEC600824944 NR12 8ES Tunstead Parish Council, Inside Public Telephone Box, 24m From 3 Forge Estate 6m From Market Street, Market Street n11005180784 inside old red phone box opposite Tunstead Primary School 8 m
B008E1C8-77B1-45AE-9490-AE5200AEC2C6 NR32 5HW Corton Playing Field,, Corton Pavilion, Mills Drive n11176837812 To the right of the entrance to the old village school (behind the telephone kiosk). 40 m
B1138A3E-FBC7-4859-ACB6-AE9000D91C3F NR33 7NF Lowestoft Community Church, 8 Hadenham Road, Lowestoft n10610684847 On outside wall at entrance to church offices. 11 m
B1C5003F-5E6E-4991-AD30-AFE900CF2100 NR18 0QH The Shed, Offices At, 46-60 Ayton Road n11011809811 In covered entrance to "The Shed" on Ayton Road. 9 m
B34A1490-48C4-4B04-8687-AF5B009B5FA2 NR28 9HZ The Atrium, Spenser Avenue, North Walsham n11215005559 On back of North Walsham leisure centre buildings, facing the sports fields 78 m
BF6F36F8-CA58-4BD1-927B-B06100C6A109 NR28 0NW Antingham On Post, Antingham On Post, Highfields, The Strawberry Field, Southrepps Road n11215967728 On a post by the side of Southreps Road, next to the Farm Shop. 7 m
C044BE66-ED76-42DA-BADA-AD3F0103DC72 NR32 1UY Lowestoft Town Tennis & Cricket Club, Pavilion Denes Oval, The Ravine n10554326052 On external wall of pavilion building near main entrance. Access restricted on evenings due to acces 7 m
C1D2A2E5-FFBD-4539-B0C3-AE8500C2429E NR4 7JR Cringleford Primary School, 80-88 Dragonfly Lane, Cringleford n11219380381 On outside wall of Cringleford Primary School, by the main entrance under the covered porch. 22 m
C38EB522-BE75-48FC-92E5-AD9D0108BF96 NR26 8QR British Heart Foundation Charity Shop, 6 Church Street, Sheringham n9411420821 On exterior wall of the British Heart Foundation Shop on Church Street. 5 m
C49BE73A-1822-4B19-B10A-AE9F00964507 NR4 7DS Bluebell Primary School, Lovelace Road, Norwich n11024835096 On exterior wall of Bluebell Primary School, just to the right of the main entrance on Lovelace Road 17 m
C4D0B819-FD3A-4496-98BC-AE5B00C83EC9 NR18 0WZ Netmatters Limited, Units 13 To 15, Penfold Drive n11011809810 On exterior wall of Netmatters Unit 15 of Penfold Drive. 6 m
C65AB754-7DA6-4674-815F-AFE700B1EBDB NR33 0HY Public Conveniences, Kirkley Cliff Road, Lowestoft n10983935483 On wall of Café facing bowling green. 20 m
CBBD5F2B-7E10-4637-9C23-AD3D008535FB NR4 7JJ Cringleford Parish Council, The Willow Centre, 1-13 Willowcroft Way n5220582148 On exterior wall of Willow Centre, on left-hand side of covered porch of main entrance 17 m
CBE9DC08-F245-4032-9239-AFDD00D5EFEC NR35 1NG St Peters Church, Church Road, South Elmham St Peter n10967508415 In the church porch 8 m
CE6F0FCE-7C9C-41D9-95C9-AD5F010CBC34 NR15 1AA Bergh Apton Parish Council, Bergh Apton Village Hall, Cookes Road n7795084973 External by village Hall entrance visible from road. 11 m
CEEFCE73-00F7-4642-8AFF-B07D00B9B370 NR27 9NH Wyndham Holiday Park, Cromer Road, East Runton n11193937498 Outside gates 83 m
CEFFA3C9-F9D9-40A8-AF41-AD73009A535D NR12 7EA Kings Head Public House, 26 Wroxham Road, Coltishall n6494459365 On exterior wall of Coltishall Convenience Store & Post Office, to the left of the main entrance. 33 m
D14DB96B-89EC-4F5B-B269-AD6F0146A407 NR21 9AW The General Townshend Club, 16 Cattle Market Street, Fakenham n10109797725 On exterior wall of General Townshend Club, on Cattle Market Street 8 m
D1771081-E8FF-470E-AE17-AE8101279FB3 NR29 5AA Crown Inn, The Street, Catfield n5395598321 External wall of Crown public house by door, can be seen from road. 11 m
D200074A-B079-411A-BD8E-AE43015B73F7 NR34 9HB Beccles Lions Club, Citizens Advice Bureau, 12 New Market n7931405652 On external wall of Beccles Citizen's Advice, facing The Walk. 11 m
D4F452DF-7F91-49AB-930D-AED00094850A NR28 0NB Waitrose North Walsham, Cromer Rd, Norfolk n9460511896 On exterior wall of Waitrose store, at corner of building nearest the road entrance to the car park. 46 m
D52C1D01-73B5-42A0-8934-AFE80117EB73 NR5 9HA Roys (Wroxham) Ltd, Bowthorpe Main Centre, 1 Wendene n5150157461 34 m
D605A6C9-A922-462F-A80B-B00500D888BA NR34 9NR St Benets Church, Grange Road, Beccles n8599976828 On exterior wall of building attached to St Benet's Minster, facing St Mary's Road. 18 m
D79E1C4D-61F2-4963-80B7-AD480101F12F NR22 6AA Parish Hall, 12-14 High Street, Walsingham n7658372286 outside Parish Hall 19 m
DA1DDB25-42B5-4843-9A4A-ADFE00AF5447 NR6 5SB Hellesdon High School, Middletons Lane, Norwich n11345129251 On the side of E-Block. In memory of Ian, a former pupil. 46 m
DADC8129-8691-4A50-8EA9-AF410120821F NR25 6AJ High Kelling Telephone Box, Cromer Road, High Kelling n11005697136 Inside old phone box next to High Kelling Stores 2 m
DC370B5D-D8E0-49F2-96C0-AEF600BCB661 NR14 7LE Poringland Parish Council, Public Telephone 26m From 2 Shotesham Road 12m From B1332, Shotesham Road n1968242306 inside old red phone box by church in Poringland 2 m
DCF52D8D-ACD6-401F-A8BB-AF3F01031EBC NR34 9BH South Quay Car Park, Fen Lane, Beccles n7795142448 10 m
DE2B38B4-87AD-47F4-B00F-AD420110CCA0 NR8 6AB Ringland Parish Council, Public Telephone 55m From 24 The Street On Back Lane, The Street n2354055098 inside old phone box, Ringland 8 m
DE3F0864-C03E-45A8-A1DA-AFE800A7618F NR27 0EX Cromer Academy, Norwich Road, Cromer n11147941841 On the outside, wall of the school building near to the main entrance. 25 m
DE5DE388-FD1F-4856-95AA-AD4800FE9B64 NR21 0JN Little Snoring Community Primary Academy, Thursford Road, Little Snoring n11045480515 attached to railings outside Little Snoring Primary School 27 m
E0EEF533-7BB1-4A50-9114-AE230103A670 NR27 0EX Cromer Sports Centre, Norwich Road, Cromer n11147914920 On the outside wall of the pavilion building. 57 m
E1561723-0620-4958-B229-AD8D00B20BF7 NR28 9DT The Salvation Army, Salvation Army Hall, Hall Lane n11215126339 On outside wall of Salvation Army Church on Hall Lane. 12 m
E5A7025A-A73D-4B6B-9AB9-AE73014824C4 NR13 3TE Rangers Hut Reedham Quay, Reedham, Norwich n9967885387 Outside north wall of hut 49 m
E69B4E18-4BFC-410A-834A-AE9700AC4F3E NR15 2XJ East Of England Co-Op, The Street, Long Stratton n5549153454 On exterior wall of Co-op store, to the right of the main entrance, facing the car park. 45 m
EBB1CAD6-417D-4562-83FA-ADE400CA1BB7 NR32 2EG Lowestoft Central Railway Station, Denmark Road, Lowestoft n11177646130 On platform 2 of the railway station, to the left of the ticket office. 6 m
ECBB5681-12B6-40F0-929F-AD8700EA592C NR34 0DE Waveney River Centre, Staithe Road, Burgh St Peter n9483561025 Outside reception, to the right of the entrance with emergency telephone 37 m
EE5B82A2-965F-4CB4-B5BD-AD3C00FC809B NR33 7HT Lowestoft Menshed, Lowestoft Mens Shed, 32a Stradbroke Road n10613027415 On wall at front of Lowestoft Men's Shed 13 m
EFED2FEC-10FF-4D4F-907C-AD9D0106D76D NR26 8DZ Age Concern North Norfolk, 35b Cremer Street, Sheringham n9920794019 On outside wall. 6 m
F11DCCC2-604A-4C22-9ACE-AD78013E99B4 NR13 4QB Public Telephone 22m From 6 The Council Houses, Pedham Road 7m From Pedham Road, Pedham Road, Pedham, Hemblington n3621918191 The old red phone box now houses a Defribulator Cabinet. 2 m
F37F760D-B2C9-41AE-B69B-AD7F014A71C7 NR15 1AB Brooke Village Hall, 14 Norwich Road, Brooke n10675012773 outside Brooke Parish Hall 53 m
F3F32B18-BF78-487A-BB41-AD4200E694DC NR11 7LG Plumstead Parish Council, Public Telephone Box, 30 Metres West Of St Michaels Church n3673824876 inside red phone box next to St Michaels church in Plumstead 8 m
F4A772EB-1094-45E8-87B2-AD38011594A6 NR32 1TW St John Ambulance Headquarters, Oxford Road, Lowestoft n10554354533 Mounted on wall outside entrance to St John Ambulance Training Centre. 23 m
F6B97EB2-79BB-4CA4-BB4A-AEC6009DFFA1 NR21 0BS Thursford Green Telephone Box, The Green, North Lane n1452664198 inside old red phone box (that is now used as book exchange) in Thursford 86 m
F709BDDA-959B-48EB-8753-ADAF00B78575 NR26 8LQ R N L I Tractor House, The Promenade, Sheringham n9828066317 On outside wall. 14 m
F79ECAD4-0504-45D8-A62A-AEE400B66955 NR11 7AQ Blacksmiths Cottage, The Street, Matlaske n1403468100 inside phone box, Matlaske 17 m
F82444FE-DA3B-4AE4-B7E2-ADF200A1E49E NR23 1AT Wells Harbour Commissioners, Harbour Office, The Quay n9373495984 Mounted on the wall outside the harbour office (on the far side from Beach Road) 20 m
FB322B47-3BA1-413B-B5CF-AE2000CF5BE5 NR30 5JL The Old Hall Hotel, The Old Hall Hotel, Norwich Road, Caister-On-Sea, Caister-On-Sea n9444810345 On exterior wall of Co-op Daily store,just to the left of the main entrance on tthe High Street. 39 m
FBB0264B-9823-4640-A5AC-AE14009FD73B NR12 0EY Bacton First School, Walcott Road, Bacton n7904558822 Beside school gate 17 m
FBE60872-5C2B-452A-9B2B-AF3B00C94776 NR30 5RU Public Telephone 19m From 12 Pegasus Close 8m From Mountbatten Way, Mountbatten Way, Caister-On-Sea n10155544004 in old phone box at junction of Ormesby Road and Mountbatten Way in Caister 10 m
FE54B271-D547-463E-8FD0-B01F015DD2DC NR9 5BY Colton Village Hall, Norwich Road, Colton n7994730572 On outside wall of Colton Village Hall visible from road. 5 m
FE5A336C-1134-4487-9EB4-AE3200B98530 NR32 5DW Queens Highway, Camps Heath, Oulton n10007503765 inside old red phone box Camps Heath 7 m
FE80E053-2B5D-4000-ABAF-AD4E00F6BF47 NR14 6NB Recreation Ground Jubilee Hall, George Lane, Loddon n9205310982 External wall, visible from car park. 18 m

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2339A2AE-3B10-4523-905D-B00A00FB320D NR4 7AU South West Quadrant Pavillion Eaton Park, South-West Quadrant Pavilion Eaton Park, South Park Avenue n1217771653 On wall of Rotunda in Eaton Park, facing inwards towards the bandstand. 30 m
4490C69A-D090-4842-B141-AEF700B5ECBB NR16 2JP Wilby Telephone Box, The Green, Wilby n1792372196 Inside the old red telephone box at the south-west corner of Wilby green. 146 m
A0F237DA-B1C2-4A9D-8CA7-AEDF00C0C9D1 NR28 9NU The Phone Box, 1 The Street, Ridlington n2438743903 inside old red phone box in Ridlington 120 m
0A4B169B-9D35-42DB-8E5B-AE6C00CF164A NR13 3SD Cantley Village Hall, Manor Road, Cantley n2711173616 On wall of village hall facing onto car park. Can just be seen from road. 462 m
42EE925E-1A2C-49D3-9065-AFCE00A88FA1 NR1 1EG Greater Anglia, Unit 1 Norwich Railway Station, Station Approach n2795230769 White box on wall inside Norwich Railway Station, facing main concourse to left-hand side of main ex 44 m
8E9C4645-2E43-473B-BB5B-B02700EBA6E7 NR16 1SW The Turnpike, Public Telephone Box, The Turnpike n3022547762 inside red phone box, Bunwell 1 m
6F2D0CDD-9A7D-40D5-8D3B-AE9700AC8D8D NR18 0HH East Of England Co-Op, Sheffield Road, Wymondham n3485291581 On northern exterior wall of Co-op building on Sheffield Road 28 m
6E9BC502-A0AA-4ABF-A053-AE31011870CB NR9 4AF Lucie's Lifesaving Fund Through Nyf, Octagonal Bus Shelter, Market Place n4269538478 Inside octagonal bus shelter on the green. 29 m
62F8CAB1-268B-48A2-9B71-AF4D00BFE9B9 NR9 3AB Hethersett Parish Council, 35a Great Melton Road, Hethersett n4297605769 On exterior wall of Boots pharmacy, facing Great Melton Road. 93 m
7638B5F4-4656-4B49-BB04-ADDC00A09784 NR1 1PH St John Ambulance, 59 King Street, Norwich n4300888248 On wall in coffee room inside St John Ambulence training centre. 5 m
FB955D75-3476-4EDF-98D2-AD3D00286283 NR4 7AF Rear Of Registry, Union Place, University Of East Anglia n4542107960 On exterior wall of UEA Registry Building, facing the main entrance Congrgation Hall Building 49 m
1532FD40-C594-4F5E-B3DF-ADFD0085D828 NR16 2NA East Harling Sports & Social Club, Church Road, Harling n4681331075 On exterior wall of Sports & Social Club building; under balcony on left, facing the field. 67 m
38D54D9B-8100-4D81-99AE-AD72009A04DA NR4 7UL Colney Pavillion, Uea Sports Facility, Colney Lane n5418515846 On exterior wall of sports pavilion, to the left of the entrance facing the road. 264 m
D799D695-D017-4970-A689-B03400BA8FDB NR17 1QB Lee Plumpton Ltd, Bunns Bank Road, Attleborough n5633703323 On exterior wall of Lee & Plumton office/reception building in Bunns Bank Industrial Estate, around 101 m
8AED1A5D-1658-4DB2-AE83-AEAE0142610E NR3 1LB Maids Head Hotel, 20 Tombland, Norwich n5635010104 On outside wall of Maids Head Hotel, by the main entrance facing up towards Tombland. 30 m
AF1D474B-7795-4B51-ABC1-B0360105B30F NR23 1RG Lady Annes Drive, Holkham n6055241474 on north-side exterior wall of hut 921 m
02EDEC70-B9EC-44BC-90E2-AE9700AC2D22 NR4 6DB East Of England Co-Op, Maid Marian Road, Tuckswood n6554658583 On exterior wall of Tuckswood Co-op, at right-hand side, facing Maid Marian Road. 36 m
8796972F-A03D-4297-99B5-AE9700ACACF4 NR19 2AZ East Of England Co-Op, Old Swaffham Road, East Dereham n6821286674 On exterior wall of Coop Daily store, to the right of the main entrance 227 m
D7920FBC-0C33-451C-B260-AD3D016C3336 NR4 7TJ Uea Sportspark, University Of East Anglia, University Drive n6884801755 Attached to outside of fence around astroturf pitches, in the middle of the Sportspark pitch complex 485 m
7E562090-2387-4083-96C2-AF02010AF8FF NR4 7TQ The Gardens, Earlham Road, Norwich n6884812524 On exterior wall of Earlham Park Cafe, to the left of the main entrance. 346 m
5432A3A2-0562-4A4F-AA04-AE5B011EA5E1 NR2 2PE Hurn The Chemist, 143, Unthank n7195634152 On exterior wall of Hurn Chemist, to the right of the main entrance. 98 m
3614F437-7ECE-4170-8606-AD430107F8E4 NR35 2RT Bungay Black Dog Running Club, Bungay Area Running Centre, Pirnhow Street n7416082299 142 m
990152EC-0A3D-47B7-B55D-AD480098F33F NR16 2HE Banham Zoo, Kenninghall Road, Banham n7803941223 On exteriorwall of Banham Zoo HQ, in a covered porch to the right of the main entrance to the buildi 94 m
E25B7B73-9949-483D-926A-AEDD00A5FBE2 NR12 0AP Walcott Parish Council, Public Toilets, Coast Road n7841215275 95 m
8BFFAF9D-8A6C-4D8F-8601-AD400102200F NR34 0LD The Village Hall, Loddon Road, Gillingham n8698076547 On exterior wall of village hall, facing car park. 91 m
2F0CEA58-1B26-4B38-9026-AFAC00FCB194 NR30 1RN Age Connected, 8-9 Regent Street, Great Yarmouth n8872904894 19 m
D0C6FEB1-447D-4847-815F-AF6F01020F54 NR21 0QS Field Dalling Road, Sharrington Road, Bale n8914943640 inside red phone box, Bale 234 m
61548CF6-31D1-48DB-BE8C-AD8101043365 NR26 8RG Tyneside Social Club, 95 Station Road, Sheringham n9410331202 On exterior wall of the Tyneside Club, to the left of the right-hand entrance on Station Road. 87 m
4AA40766-0AC4-4BF2-A631-AD4400EBBA85 NR2 1JF Jarrolds, 1-11 London Street, Norwich n9503124010 On exterior wall of Jarrolds, just to the left of the entrance on Little London Street. 25 m
937A26E2-43E5-4D59-AE1B-AE3E002A8431 NR30 3AH Sealife Centre, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth n9814781216 On exterior wall of Sealife centre, facing Marine Parade, just to the right of the main entrance. 18 m
0FC2AB1C-BC6E-4B08-9FB5-AEF700C0DC30 NR25 7EL Old Reading Room Tea Room & Gallery, The Street, Kelling n9892733906 201 m
A1F24E58-4CC9-47C6-B3B9-AD3D009940CB NR26 8NP Sheringham Town Council, Sheringham Community Centre, Holway Road n9935147855 On outside wall. 8 m
33395D5C-45A1-4555-A595-ADF700AF263F NR15 2YP Rowantree, The Street, Tharston n9937358171 On roadside external wall 115 m
4217538D-3093-4CFC-8FF9-AED600059D0F NR31 6PJ The Belle Vue Inn, 11 Quay Road, Gorleston n9951321654 On exterior wall of Belle Vue Inn, to the right of the main entrance on Quay Road. 13 m
CAB4C71A-DD0C-4E30-90D2-AE43017BD491 NR31 6BY Pops Meadow, Pavilion Road, Gorleston On Sea n9951321665 Attached to fence of Pops Meadow, just to the right of the main entrance on Pavilion Road. 79 m
156613DF-172F-4437-93A7-AD5200B7D218 NR21 9BX Upper Market, Fakenham n10115990217 Inside old red telephone box at the end of Upper Market opposite the Crown. 71 m
CC743770-9961-4019-8363-ADFD0101D850 NR1 3DY Lsi Architects, The Old Drill Hall, 23a Cattle Market Street n10211947459 Green box mounted on a wall pillar to left of the main entrance. 1 m
6091C49C-1EF9-4664-8732-AE3C010E7398 NR32 1XG Lowestoft Town Council, Sparrows Nest Gardens, Whapload Road n10554314154 Mounted on pole at at outer edge of cafe bar outdoor seating area 93 m
FBB45414-D944-417B-A22B-AE2200B83860 NR33 7AF Co-Op - London Road, Central England Co-Operative Funeralcare - Pakefield, 1 Terminus Building n10613061450 On wall at front of The Co-operative Funeralcare 179 m
2D6EC71B-ECBB-41A7-8E0D-AE2800DB47F3 NR33 0DS Co-Op - London Road South, Central England Co-Opertiave Food - Kirkley, 233-239 London Road South n10614598198 On front of co-operative food. Left of entrance door. 81 m
D9720B72-165B-4E99-8EB3-AE8C0119A764 NR33 0LZ Lowestoft Railway Bowls And Social Club, 123a Carlton Road, Lowestoft n10614838625 On side wall of Carlton Road Sports and Social Club. Will need to enter the club car park for access 47 m
3FE9910C-466E-4C97-9C46-AF9C00B41BCE NR2 1NH Norwich City Council, City Hall, St Peters Street n10914418046 Attached to Norwich City Council sign to the left of the steps in front of the City Hall main entran 23 m
495835B7-2C5C-4BC0-97A9-AED0009489BD NR18 0SS Waitrose Wymondham, Norwich Road, Wymondham n11011809808 On exterior wall of Waitrose store, to the right of the main entrance, around the corner facing the 31 m
B65ED646-322C-475B-B637-AF7101397F43 NR18 9NA Norfolk County Council, Wymondham Recycling Centre, Strayground Lane n11011809817 On outside of fence surrounding the Household Waste Recycling Centre 15 m
69E84315-F275-453C-B86E-AE1300CD7F57 NR18 0AT Wymondham And District Exservices Club, 9 Friars Croft Lane, Wymondham n11011809835 On exterior wall of Wymondham & District Ex-Services Social Club facing Friarscroft Lane 81 m
58A62134-EEB4-4928-B9D4-AE4F0004F690 NR31 6PU Kingfisher Boxing Club, 32 Riverside Road, Gorleston On Sea n11012782072 On exterior wall of Kingfisher Boxing Club, under the porch by the main entrance. 105 m
C5B2E973-B76D-404D-A7D6-B03601071C41 NR23 1RG The Victoria, Holkham n11013955827 On exterior wall of outbuilding of The Victoria Inn, facing Park Road. 162 m
5920E5E6-7B2B-4589-ABE6-AD4000EB7267 NR17 1BE Rosecroft Primary School And Nursery, London Road, Attleborough n11105682564 On low wall just outside the main gates to Rosecroft Primary School on London Road. 114 m
DA719169-43DC-43A8-ACE0-AF1900D24C49 NR27 0AD Cromer One Stop Shop, One Stop Shop, Mill Road n11147951878 On the outside wall of the convenience store. 135 m
65E781B9-5064-49A6-A889-B03A0111A27D NR9 5JU Hall For All, Village Hall, Church Street n11148156771 outside Weston Longville Village Hall (Hall for All) 11 m
27B46508-3120-41F7-A94B-AEB301036533 NR16 2JG Garnier Village Hall..., Garnier Hall, Station Road n11157965064 On exterior wall of Garnier Hall, at the front right when looking from Station Road. 14 m
82394F06-F75A-4914-9597-AF7101397375 NR16 2JU Norfolk County Council, Snetterton Recycling Centre, Snetterton Heath n11157965065 Attached to outside of fence of County Council Recycling Centre, just to the left of the main entran 28 m
533E36A2-E531-475A-9A37-B019009B4876 NR9 3EW Hethersett Pavilion, Recreation Road, Hethersett n11194647864 On outside wall of Hetherset Memorial Playing Field Pavilion, under the awning facing the pitches. 102 m
AFDC3386-56F6-43AE-B996-AD4200B61C07 NR1 1PH Kings Community Church, The Kings Centre, 63-65 King Street n11194955524 On outside wall of The Kings Centre on King Street. 23 m
B58978FE-8E8C-42B8-8B0F-AFDB00C9EF4A NR2 1JE Tesco Norwich Express, London Stree, Norwich n11195011552 Inside the Tesco store, on wall to right-hand side as you go in the main entrance. 14 m
6B9FCFD4-073D-4AEA-B630-ADD600D3B03C NR2 1RQ The Assembly House, Theatre Street, Norwich n11196273183 On outside wall of the Assembly House restaurant, at the back of the building facing the car park of 23 m
DB3FBBD4-89DE-4360-A4A4-ADB100B7FCA0 NR3 3AP Norwich Central Baptist Church, Duke Street, Norwich n11196306078 On outside wall of Central Norwich Baptist Church, at teh north end of the building, to the left of 70 m
56B19F1E-40D4-4A65-A974-AF19009EAC09 NR2 1NY The Garage, 14 Chapel Field North, Norwich n11196306081 On outside wall of The Garage, facing Chapelfield North 14 m
4D3ED205-FE46-499A-8916-AE1A00B0D6AD NR3 1AA Rileys Ltd, First Floor, 77-87 Magdalen Street n11205129839 On outside wall of Roys store on Magdalen Street. 33 m
A9D32B97-4CE8-4959-9367-B09D00F50D1B NR18 0QE The Presbytery, 1 Norwich Road, Wymondham n11218820466 On outside wall of Catholic Church Hall on Norwich Road, facing the Church car park. 57 m
0C9EE266-9180-4C61-A56B-B08A01049876 NR24 2AB Sharrington Village Hall, The Street, Sharrington n11258593983 outside Sharrington Village Hall 138 m
A43DE771-6755-4DB9-83A2-AE3E0018A61D NR30 2ER Marina Centre, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth n11338143757 On outside wall of Marina Centre, to the right of the main entrance from Marine Parade. 24 m
B1CAF3D5-59F2-43A7-8F1F-AD5500F1A9B1 NR25 7TH Wiveton Parish Council, The Street, Wiveton n11350158233 inside old red phone box in Wiveton - just north of Wiveton Bell pub 294 m
6AFB867E-FFF8-4961-9E28-AD4000B3B366 NR18 9QJ Wicklewood Primary School And Nursery, Wicklewood Cp School, Hackford Road n11361625925 On outside wall of Wicklewood Primary School main building, facing Hackford Road. 41 m
B1AED2E5-9A8A-479E-9BA0-AFC501194602 NR18 9QA Wicklewood Village Hall, Wicklewood, Wymondham n11361625927 On Outside wall of Wicklewood Village Hall, facing the car park. 118 m
0D5F9EDE-CA7E-458F-AB8F-AE80009DFD56 NR9 3NX Little Melton Parish Council, Village Hall, Mill Road n11369391629 On exterior wall of Little Melton Village Hall, around the left-hand side facing the tennis court. 15 m

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