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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'OX' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the AED location data from the Ambulance Services in Open Street Map. (Even if there was, many are located only by postcode, so the locations are not always precise.) So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from the official lists that haven't been matched to an OSM object. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list (orange for AEDs that may not be available 24/7, yellow for AEDs not generally available for public use, and red for everything else). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects . For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Postcode Location Ref
OX15 5NH The Sun Inn 1454
OX15 5HN George Hotel 1455
OX17 1JF Shotteswell Village Hall 1917
OX15 5BB Feldon Valley Golf Club 2829
OX17 1BG Mollington Village Hall 2831
OX17 1HL Hanwell Village Hall 3166
OX15 6BS Hornton Methodist Church 3243
OX15 6QS Drayton Village Hall 3751
OX17 1BX Warmington Village Hall 4206
OX15 6DS Ratley Village Hall 4287
OX17 1EW St James the Great Church - Claydon & Clattercote 4674
OX7 6XQ Bledington Parish Council GC0043
OX18 4TS Water Search and Rescue Team GC0518
OX13 5JS Appleton Village Hall
OX26 1UN Chesterton Primary School
OX14 2JT Pebble Hill Mobile Home Park
OX29 8HA Stonesfield Village Hall
OX39 4SW Kingston Blount Village Hall
OX10 7PJ Dorchester on Thames Sports Pavilion
OX29 4DN Cassington Village Hall
OX29 7NT Curbridge Village Hall
OX7 3PQ Charlbury Medical Centre
OX29 6TF Bowens Garage
OX10 7QA Berinsfield Dental Care
OX5 3DE Bletchingdon Village Hall
OX14 1BQ Abingdon School Campus
OX14 1DD Abingdon School Campus
OX14 1DE Abingdon School Campus
OX5 3AH Tackley Village Hall
OX29 9UH Witney Rugby Football Club
OX26 1TH Bicester Hotel Golf & Spa
OX9 3RN Thame United Ground
OX49 5AP Pyrton Village Hall
OX12 0LN The Plough Public House
OX29 7TS Townsend Brothers Builders LTD
OX29 9UB Lamb & Flag Public House
OX4 4GB Sharp Laboratories
OX28 6JN Witney Police Station
OX10 8HH Wallingford School Sports Centre
OX10 9ND Tesco Express
OX17 1JB Shotteswell Village Hall
OX33 1HT Waterstock Golf Club
OX7 3NJ The Old Bakehouse
OX18 2LJ Bampton Surgery
OX26 6AT Bicester Health Centre
OX26 4QZ Wyndeham Bicester
OX26 3EU Alchester Medical Group
OX26 6HR South Central Ambulance Service
OX26 6HT Montgomery House Surgery
OX7 4NP Oxfordshire Sportflying Ltd
OX5 1AQ Smile With Us Dental Care
OX10 9HT Cranford House School
OX16 5YA Marks & Spencers
OX17 1SL Wardington Village Hall
OX9 3DH Barley Hill School
OX15 4PE Bloxham School
OX18 1BU Carterton Community College
OX15 5PB Hook Norton Sports & Social Club
OX5 2DH The Cooperative
OX10 7HN The White Hart Hotel
OX13 6NG Marcham Post Office & Shop
OX7 6JS Prews Garage
OX29 7SB Standlake Village Hall
OX29 7SQ Standlake Primary School
OX2 8EQ Oxford Hawkes Hockey Club
OX27 7QA Fritwell Village Hall
OX29 0SG Minster Lovell Post Office
OX7 5NR Freemasons Lodge
OX17 1FB Cropredy GP Surgery
OX7 6BQ New Beaconsfield Hall
OX18 3AG Carterton Police Station
OX29 8JL Long Hanborough GP Surgery
OX12 8AB The Bear Hotel
OX7 5NA Phone Box outside Sainsburys
OX18 2JH Bampton Town Hall
OX39 4HX Wheatsheaf Public House
OX29 4HU Eynsham Sports & Social Club
OX29 8SJ NSF International
OX5 2RE Fencott & Murcott Village Hall
OX44 9AN 1 Willow Close
OX7 4NP ABN Agriculture
OX7 5JB Phone Box on Hailey Road
OX12 8JY Phone Box on the High Street
OX18 3JL Carterton Town Hall
OX20 1DZ St Mary The Virgin
OX4 6NA Oxford Indoor Bowls Club
OX12 0JL Hanney War Memorial
OX18 4BH Carpenters Arms Public House
OX14 3BL Radley Village Hall
OX7 3SX Five Ways Stores
OX14 4LF Drayton Village Hall
OX29 7US Ducklington Sports & Social Club
OX15 4AF Banbury RUFC Club House
OX27 0HG Marsh Gibbon Village Hall
OX5 1QE Littlemarsh Pavilion
OX3 7BL John Miller Dental Practice
OX28 5NP Burwell Hall
OX11 9BJ Hadden Hill Golf Club
OX26 4UR EP Barrus Ltd
OX1 1BX Oxford Town Hall
OX29 6SS North Leigh Memorial Hall
OX44 9DA Garsington Village Hall
OX9 2DZ The Scout Hut
OX28 4YF Ambic Equipment Ltd
OX13 5QJ Oxford PharmaGenesis
OX14 4AX Sutton Courtenay Tyres
OX2 6HS St Annes College
OX44 9EL Garsington Sports & Social Club
OX12 0EX Phone Box
OX7 6LD Wychwood Baptist Church
OX29 5AT Bablockhythe Caravan Park
OX7 6HL Fifield Parish Hall
OX29 9NP The Fox Inn
OX3 0BY Rye St Antony School
OX33 1QL Wheatley Rugby Football Club
OX7 7BH Alice Marshall Hall
OX29 8HX Phone Box at Parklands and Wroslyn Road Junction
OX44 7QD Little Milton Village School
OX7 3PL The Rose & Crown
OX2 7EE Oxford City & County Bowls Club
OX29 0SY Witney Lakes Resort Hotel
OX14 1JB John Mason School
OX9 2NA Tiddington Cricket Club
OX1 4AJ Brasenose College
OX1 5NZ Kirlena Care Home
OX12 9RR Challow Cricket Club
OX15 6LA Epwell Village Hall
OX39 4DH Chinnor Village Centre
OX5 2QD The Bell
OX3 7PB Headington Preparatory School
OX3 7TD Headington School
OX18 2PU St Peter's Infant School
OX9 2FJ Tiddington Village Hall
OX15 6BS Horton Methodist Church
OX12 7LD Grove Public Toilets
OX49 5LP Phone Box on Main Road junct with Turners Green La
OX9 2BZ Thame Masonic Centre
OX7 7EE Middle Barton Sports and Social Club
OX5 1TE Yarnton Village Hall
OX12 7BB Wantage Library
OX16 9SA Windrush Surgery
OX12 9ET Fitzwaryn School
OX15 4JZ Wigginton Methodist Chapel
OX18 4XB Bradwell Village Hall
OX27 8DY Fringford Village Hall
OX4 7BU Catalyst Housing Limited
OX10 8LN Shillingford Hill Home Park
OX10 8HH Wallingford School
OX1 5RS Rub a dub dub Laundrette
OX2 9NS Farmoor Village Hall
OX28 4YG Cottsway Housing Association
OX3 0BL Headington School
OX18 2PF The Vines Public House
OX44 7PZ Little Milton Village Hall
OX17 2JA Chacombe Primary School
OX5 1NQ Westlake Pharmacy
OX5 1PA Yarnton Nurseries Garden Centre
OX15 4BN Bodicote Village Hall
OX13 6DA Wootton & Dry Sandford Community Centre
OX25 1PL Upper Arncott Village Hall
OX26 5DQ The Bull Inn
OX44 7JF Great Haseley Playing Fields
OX44 7JQ Great Haseley Village Hall
OX2 7BD Oakthorpe Dental Practice
OX7 6LJ St Simon & St Jude Parish Church
OX15 5JT Hook Norton Memorial Hall
OX14 2RT Peachcroft Christian Centre
OX5 1RX LVS Oxford Special Needs School
OX5 1RX LVS Oxford, Special Needs School
OX5 3HJ Kirtlington Village Hall
OX12 8PS Loyd Lindsay Rooms
OX2 7NN St Edward's School
OX17 2BB Culworth Primary Academy
OX25 1TE Blackthorn Village Hall
OX29 0NB West Witney Sports Ground
OX18 3NJ Caswell House
OX15 6BQ The Red Lion
OX33 1RT Horspath Village Hall
OX13 5LR Saint Nicholas Church
OX14 1NR Dunmore Primary School
OX14 3EL Clifton Hampden GP Surgery
OX10 6AH Ipsden Village Hall
OX15 5SR External Garage Wall
OX12 9PT Sparsholt Village Hall
OX29 9PX Phone Box on The Exchange
OX5 1JZ Towpath Near Annie's Tea Rooms
OX7 7AH Sandford St Martin Parish Hall
OX29 9TW The Lamb Inn
OX39 4PU Chinnor Parish Council Offices
OX25 3QR Weston on the Green, Memorial Village Hall
OX29 5SB Stanton Harcourt Village Hall
OX13 6RR Steventon Village Hall
OX29 8AQ Freeland Village Hall
OX29 8NT The Reading Room
OX10 0NY Fir Tree Junior School
OX11 0EX Harwell Village Hall
OX4 6HW Blackbird Leys Community Centre
OX14 5LE Abingdon School Campus
OX27 0BL Charndon Community Hall
OX39 4QU Chinnor Pavilion
OX26 6XX Alchester Medical Group
OX5 1AB Kidlington Parish Council Offices
OX7 4LF Enstone House Care Home
OX15 4JN Phone Box
OX39 4PG Cross Keys Practice
OX25 2NY Bicester Park Homes
OX17 1LB Griffin Public House
OX10 9HH Cholsey Cricket Pavilion
OX25 5HD Heyford Park School
OX7 6JW Milton Dental Practice
OX7 6LF Milton-under-Wychwood Sports Association
OX10 6BL North Stoke Village Hall
OX18 2AA Bampton Recreation Ground
OX28 1UE Madley Park Hall
OX25 1NY Tally Ho Hotel
OX28 1NB Witney Council Offices
OX28 1PB Witney Council Offices
OX28 4BN UBICO Ltd Witney Council Depot
OX28 6JH Witney Town Centre Council Building
OX18 2DU Aston & Cote Village Hall
OX27 9BL St Mary & St Edburga Church
OX12 9UA Childrey Village Hall
OX9 3LD Racquets Fitness Centre
OX2 6QY 45 The Crescent
OX18 4HW Maytime Inn
OX29 9PP The Old Chapel
OX5 2UQ Charlton Bus Services
OX14 3GN Radley Village Shop
OX26 4XB Cherwell Laboratories Ltd
OX26 6JQ Bicester Methodist Church
OX12 0PT The Cooperative
OX29 7QF Linear Fisheries
OX29 7QF Linear Fisheries
OX5 3BS Bletchington Sports & Social Club
OX12 8FR Wantage Silver Band
OX13 6RL Phone Box Opposite Church
OX25 5NS The Bell Public House
OX28 4AR The Coffee Shed
OX25 2SN Five Acres Primary School
OX29 5SX The Red Lion
OX7 4BB Swerford Village Hall
OX13 6PY Marcham Primary School
OX28 1DX Wood Green School
OX29 4SU Worton Park Farm Office
OX10 6HQ Ewelme Village Hall
OX20 1EQ Burditch Hall
OX27 0HJ Marsh Gibbon School
OX15 5NH The Sun Inn
OX15 5NU The Pear Tree Inn
OX16 5BH WRAP Banbury
OX20 1SZ The Bear Hotel
OX49 5BZ Watlington Sports Pavilion
OX49 5PU Watlington Town Hall
OX9 3AJ Thame Barns Centre
OX14 3NW Abingdon Lock
OX16 9XA Sainsburys Superstore
OX4 4XR Sainsburys Superstore
OX15 6EH Drayton Village Hall
OX5 2RA Phone Box on the Village Green
OX18 4DY Phone Box @ The Green
OX9 3QY Towersey Memorial Hall
OX14 4RY Milton Park Innovation Centre
OX5 1GF Church House Oxford
OX15 6BS Hornton Methodist Church
OX16 3WT Woodlands Surgery
OX20 1UD Woodstock Surgery
OX12 9SR Phone Box @ Main Street
OX1 2NA Beaumont Street Surgery
OX25 5LB Upper Heyford Village Hall
OX3 9BP Manor Surgery
OX16 2AE Banbury Police Station
OX10 8ED Crowmarsh Village Hall
OX16 9HY Banbury Academy
OX17 1RH The Plough Inn
OX29 7QF Linear Fisheries
OX2 7BY The Cooperative
OX25 6JS Phone Box on Main Street
OX9 2AQ Lord Williams's Upper School
OX9 3NW Lord Williams’s Lower School
OX9 3JA The Falcon
OX12 9BX The Beacon Council Building
OX17 3DN Newbottle & Charlton CEVA Primary School
OX2 9JD Louie Memorial Pavilion
OX33 1RY Horspath Primary School
OX26 2AB Bicester Rugby Club
OX49 5TW Leathern Bottle
OX9 7DP Englands Rose
OX11 6EF Boundary Park Pavilion
OX29 0YN Navarino Services Ltd (Office Building)
OX39 4LX Phone Box on The Green
OX14 3AZ Radley College Boathouse
OX44 7QE Morgan & Associates
OX15 6PE Shutford Village Hall
OX1 5DE Beaumont Oxford Care Community
OX14 4QH Phone Box Opposite The Plough Inn
OX15 0SA The Cooperative
OX15 0PE Duke of Cumberland's Head
OX15 0QH Windmill Community Centre
OX15 0QY The Church of St John the Evangelist
OX5 1RN Begbroke Village Hall
OX15 6NH Shenington Village Hall
OX16 0AA Public Toilet Block at Banbury Cross
OX16 0HS Woodgreen Leisure Centre
OX3 8GA Barton Leisure Centre
OX7 6LA Milton under Wychwood Football Club
OX2 7DP Ferry Leisure Centre
OX4 1EQ Oxford University Sport
OX28 4FF Sainsburys Superstore
OX16 5AB Banbury United Football Club
OX7 5DY Chipping Norton Leisure Centre
OX10 7HA St Laurence Hall
OX15 6AQ Bishop Carpenter School
OX12 8DZ Toilet Block at Wantage Memorial Park
OX7 6DR Phone Box on Fiddlers Hill
OX29 7QH Oxford Downs Cricket Club
OX2 8ES Cutteslowe Pavilion
OX26 6XX Langford Village Community Centre
OX26 6RD Equation Recruitment
OX10 6AA Royal Air Force Benson
OX33 1AG Jubilee House Oxfordshire Girl Guides
OX4 4EJ St Mary The Virgin Church
OX12 8QG Phone Box in Car Park
OX15 5EH Phone Box on Main Road
OX10 0BX The Body Training Studio
OX3 9UU The Abingdon Arms Public House
OX2 0NA North Hinksey Sports Park
OX20 1HD Blenheim Palace Park Farm Workshops
OX20 1PS Blenheim Palace Operations Office
OX20 1PY Blenheim Palace Pleasure Gardens
OX29 9QJ Leafield Village Hall
OX33 1XP The Merry Bells Village Hall
OX28 6AG Phone Box adjacent to Town Hall
OX26 1TH Chesterton Pavilion
OX25 2PS Wendlebury Village Hall
OX16 1ER Hanwellfields Community School
OX28 6AR Waitrose
OX15 5SQ Tadmarton Village Hall
OX44 7ST Chalgrove Primary School
OX10 7NE Berinsfield Health Centre
OX17 1BX Warmington Village Hall
OX7 3JR Spelsbury Memorial Hall
OX9 2DJ Pearce Court
OX29 6TX Turner Hall
OX11 9AG South Moreton School
OX12 9HL Stockham Primary School
OX25 5PZ Holly Cottage
OX4 1DZ Magdalen College School
OX4 1DZ Magdalen College School
OX4 1DZ Magdalen College School
OX12 9TW West Challow Village Hall
OX15 5NY Hook Norton Brewery
OX25 6LN Somerton Village Hall
OX7 5TU Heythrop Zoological Gardens
OX14 3YP Sophos Ltd
OX16 5AQ Morrisons
OX12 9QL Blowing Stone Public House
OX15 4ES Bloxham Surgery
OX1 4PP Balliol Boat House
OX15 5SS Lower Tadmarton Notice Board
OX1 2LN The Macdonald Randolph Hotel
OX16 1XE Hardwick Surgery
OX25 2LW Ambrosden Village Hall
OX15 6HT The Estate Office
OX1 3TF Mansfield College, Porters Lodge
OX1 1DW The Lodge, Pembroke College
OX1 3UJ The Lodge St Catherines College
OX10 0BX Bullcroft Park Old Toilet Block
OX39 4PG Chinnor Village Hall
OX1 3DW Jesus College
OX49 5TL Lewknor Village Hall
OX7 5UY Chipping Norton Bowls Club
OX13 5QX Oxford Instruments
OX14 4SB South Oxfordshire District Council Offices
OX29 8QU Stonesfield Pre-School
OX18 1AX Carterton Community Centre
OX1 3PG Keble College, Porter's Lodge
OX28 1HL Witney Community Primary School
OX1 4SR University College Boathouse
OX11 9LD Village Shop/Post Office
OX7 6UU Phone Box Outside No.26 New Road
OX7 6XQ Bledington Village Hall
OX13 5AP Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor Bowls Club
OX12 9LJ Letcombe Regis Village Hall
OX10 6JJ Berrick and Roke Village Hall
OX14 2LL Bigwood Park Site Office
OX27 7JW The Fox Inn
OX7 6YP Kingham Football Club
OX7 6QL Sam's Barn
OX10 6JD Roke & Benson Brass Band Hall
OX26 6EH Mid Counties Coop Funeral Care
OX15 5HN The George Hotel
OX17 3LY Clubhouse, Banbury West End Tennis Club
OX4 4GA The Magdalen Centre
OX44 7TR BP / M&S Petrol Station
OX14 3GD Abingdon Community Support Service
OX1 1ND County Hall
OX10 0BL The Boat House
OX16 5JH 4 Ale and Gin Public House
OX4 3LX Knights Court, Council Building
OX3 7JQ Oxford Community Support Service (Options Slade)
OX27 7AA Ardley ERF
OX14 3GD Abingdon Community Support Service
OX33 1AS Phone Box on Horton Hill
OX29 0YA Oxford Products Essential Rider Equipment
OX7 6YA The Wild Rabbit Inn
OX4 2RR Harlequins Rugby Football Club
OX18 3JH Carterton Social Centre Club
OX11 0SH Chilton Village Hall
OX11 0UE Chilton Field Community Room
OX26 3ES Mid Counties Cooperative
OX26 4TZ Mid Counties Cooperative
OX16 5TE Samuelson House (Council Offices)
OX10 0DB Wallingford Community Support Service
OX11 7JN Didcot Community Support Service
OX12 7HG Wantage Community Support Service
OX15 0TJ Deddington Primary School
OX7 6FY The Village Shop
OX10 7NR Berinsfield Library
OX26 6PS Bicester Community Support Service
OX11 8RU Didcot Library
OX2 0BY Graham Hill House
OX5 2BP Kidlington Library
OX4 4AZ Riverside Centre for Outdoor Learning
OX2 7JN Summertown Library
OX28 6LF Witney Community Support Service
OX20 1JQ Woodstock Fire Station
OX1 5QU 16 Meadow View Road
OX17 1EN Church Room next to Church in centre of village
OX11 9HX Upton Village Hall
OX7 6AG Tiddy Hall
OX17 1BG Mollington Village Hall
OX17 3LS The Bell Inn
OX49 5PZ Watlington Library
OX4 1JP East Oxford Children & Family Centre
OX18 2SH Phone Box at the Junction of Mill Lane and Main St
OX3 7JG Slade Fire Station
OX33 1YW Wheatley Fire Station
OX26 2NR Bicester Fire Station
OX15 0TN Deddington Fire Station
OX1 2EH Rewley Road Fire Station
OX1 4AR St Edmund's Hall
OX3 7QH Cheney School, Main Entrance
OX29 4JS Eynsham Library
OX7 5DZ Chipping Norton Fire Station
OX18 4SN Burford Fire Station
OX16 2EY Banbury Fire Station
OX7 3SX Charlbury Fire Station
OX12 8DU Wantage Fire Station
OX2 8EQ Oxford Hawkes Hockey Club
OX16 2NT Banbury Community Support Service
OX16 9UX Banbury Litho
OX18 4TE Phone Box @ Middle Road Junction
OX1 3LE Wenn Townsend Chartered Accountants
OX2 8AQ St Peter's Church Rooms
OX29 4TL Eynsham Fire Station
OX33 1QQ Holton Library HQ

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

OSM Object Ref Location
n4583084741 Side Wall of Ambulance station facing Swinneyford Road

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object

Note that the matching is very simplistic, just taking the nearest unmatched OSM object within 300m of the postcode centroid of each official entry in turn.

Ref Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location MR Offset
OX2 8QA Phone Box at the back of the White Hart Pub Car Pa n310882423 91 m
OX44 9LJ Phone Box near Primary School n369814781 in red phone box by Marsh Baldon village green 98 m
OX7 5BJ The Red Lion n373513325 inside modern phone box in market in Chipping Norton 73 m
OX17 1DZ Telephone Box near The Green n1197297712 113 m
OX7 6UU Bledington Parish Council n2284070029 80 m
OX20 1TG The Cooperative n3454242900 14 m
OX4 4EF Prince of Wales Public House n4169802989 17 m
OX1 2EP Critchelys LLP n4224259874 279 m
OX29 4HA The Cooperative n4308070155 20 m
OX12 9LD Kingfisher House n4359434401 469 m
OX11 0NW Phone Box @ The Square n4385754780 289 m
OX17 1QW Great Bourton Village Hall n4395482325 44 m
OX7 6RT Bould Farm n4706659555 Bould Farm 33 m
OX17 3BH Aynho Village Hall n4865784339 On front on Village Hall to left of Porch 208 m
OX13 5BY Kingston Bagpuize & Southmoor Village Hall n5034786230 61 m
OX1 1DJ Central Library n5186861861 reception 6 m
OX2 9PE The Old School n5272441729 135 m
OX2 9QF Cumnor Village Hall n5272441753 197 m
OX2 9SB Fogwell Pavilion n5272453658 385 m
OX2 9DG Dean Court Community Centre n5272453659 41 m
OX2 9QH Closes Pavilion n5272454295 139 m
OX33 1LB Phone Box on the Road to Waterperry Gardens n5468404320 in red phone box in waterperry 50 m
OX49 5NF Phone Box on Watlington Road n5713036760 40 m
OX28 6HG Methodist Church n5832142387 Mounted on wall near door and steps. 47 m
OX28 3LA Cogges Church Centre n5833304614 On wall by Entrance 6 m
OX3 0PH Mortimer Hall (Old Marston Village Hall) n5895183505 Outside wall of Mortimer Hall / Old Marston Library 32 m
OX10 0QG Phone Box n5942997758 49 m
OX10 0RY Brightwell cum Sotwell Village Hall n6002792913 37 m
OX10 9QH Phone Box on Papist Way n6236929789 inside old telephone box 194 m
OX14 4PF Appleford Village Hall n6238611578 inside old telephone box 437 m
OX10 7EW Wisteria Workshops n6238611802 102 m
OX25 4ND The Horse & Groom Public House n6388296732 18 m
OX25 5AB Heyford Park Free School n6388297903 97 m
OX9 3EP Brothers Hair Salon n6763728384 334 m
OX14 3JY The Malthouse Surgery n6784575086 274 m
OX14 3QY Pablo's Lounge n6807335476 21 m
OX1 5AS The Village Hall n7415296053 50 m
OX10 6LX Benson Church of England Primary School n7449901598 446 m
OX14 5DH Abingdon Fire Station n7687985405 52 m
OX14 1DF Abingdon Bowling Club n7687985406 276 m
OX3 8JB Risinghurst Post Office n7792597300 146 m
OX7 5SW Great Rollright Village Hall n7894944960 left hand side of village hall 79 m

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