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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'S' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 722 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
F52C733B-7023-4C36-A0BA-AECD00BDC492 S1 1HA Cathedral Church Of St Peter And St Paul, Church Street, Sheffield Variable Public
FB749025-A421-48FE-B7A7-AE1900FC0732 S1 1HA Tesco, Cathedral Church Of St Peter And St Paul, Church Street 24/7 Public
5D7778DA-E87F-424A-A49A-AF3B00748CE5 S1 2BJ Kennedys Law Llp, Car Parking Space 95 Ventana House, 2 Concourse Way Variable Restricted
11F0D1BE-A726-4302-BE5E-AFA500DC9EC0 S1 2DA Hilton, Hampton By Hilton Hotel, 12 West Bar Green 24/7 Restricted
BB46272A-F031-4CE8-93E0-AE1A00B2F6C3 S1 2EX Campbell Harrison Ltd, 6th Floor, St James House, Vicar Lane Variable Restricted
5573D8AD-E38B-4ABA-A4F9-AF9900DC72CA S1 2HE O2 Store (0181) Sheffield - Fargate, 54/56 Fargate, South Yorkshire Variable Restricted
F079E443-4D49-41CF-A9E0-AFFD00DFFDBD S1 2HE Tesco Sheffield Fargate Express, 42-46 Fargate, Sheffield Variable Public
D7E16FBB-4CC0-41CB-8B94-B09E00B8B158 S1 2JA Hall Brown Family Law, Part Fourth Floor Balm Green Wing Fountain Precinct, Balm Green Variable Restricted
26B3AA3F-4E85-4910-9D53-AEF600D0E0A4 S1 2JY Mott Macdonald, 4th Floor Derwent House, 150 Arundel Gate Variable Restricted
B81FBE10-F6BD-457E-80EF-AFFD00D9D02D S1 2LG Miller & Carter - Sheffield City Centre, Miller & Carter - Sheffield City Centre, 51-55 Surrey Street, Sheffield Variable Restricted
B0EC1105-A9CC-4491-9F77-AE3A00FB1956 S1 2NP Tesco Express, 17 Eyre Ln, 0 Variable Restricted
B9A24A07-2DA6-4BDB-91CB-ADEF01358403 S1 2SH Sheffield City Council, First Point Howden House, 1 Union Street 24/7 Public
542023CF-D0D6-46B6-9FC7-B05E00AEA697 S1 3FZ Ground Floor South Westfield House, 60 Charter Row, Sheffield Variable Restricted
F40BEBDD-75D6-4A5F-8F85-B05E00B0757A S1 3FZ Westfield Contributory Health Scheme Ltd, Floors 5-9 Westfield House, 60 Charter Row Variable Restricted
80266096-4F26-44BE-86E5-AFA400BC87AE S1 4EB South Yorkshire Housing Association, 152 Rockingham Street, Ground Floor Rockingham Court Variable Public
6AC32B3F-EA10-42AF-A25E-B07C00A267F3 S1 4FW Voluntary Action Sheffield, V A S The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane Variable Public
3D09FCC5-2056-49AB-ABFB-AE3F00EC64D5 S1 4GB Tesco Express, 139 W St, 0 Variable Public
F40B9E69-E935-48A6-9D2D-AF8A011B99DE S1 4GB Tesco Express, 139 West Street, Sheffield Variable Public
DCFC96E8-39DB-4586-97F9-ADB900C439F1 S1 4GE Canning Street, Sheffield 24/7 Public
86EE0ABC-D6DC-4049-8DE0-ADB2009D1F0B S1 4LW Oclc (Uk) Ltd, Eighth Floor City Gate, 8 St Mary's Gate Variable Restricted
61AD6CEC-A03A-481F-98D9-AE0E00B1E6CD S1 4SS Shoreham Street Surgery, 251 Shoreham Street, Sheffield Variable Restricted
7DE6E7B1-2EC6-4D82-AD46-AE2800D814F5 S10 1BP Tesco, Atm Site At Tesco Express Clan House, Turner's Lane Variable Public
A6EBA4EB-AAEA-4503-AC77-AF8500D3B6B2 S10 1GQ School Road Dental Practice, 257 School Road, Crookes Variable Public
3E69F045-A4D8-44D8-9D4D-AF5800C91EBF S10 1NE Westways Primary School, Mona Avenue, Sheffield Variable Public
71B2258D-92AF-44B0-B033-AF58013A4D56 S10 1TD Crookes Social Club, Mulehouse Road, Crookes Variable Public
14253583-BAB0-44C3-A6E8-AFA300F9AAF9 S10 2BR Rustlings Lawn Tennis Club, Collegiate Crescent, Sheffield Variable Restricted
B69FBD32-C9E9-4A76-9BFC-AF5000FA6B70 S10 2PD Bhp Llp, 2 Rutland Park, Sheffield Variable Restricted
04FD56AA-00FC-4E3D-8434-B04400CB61C9 S10 2SA Broomhill Infant School, Beech Hill Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
350AD2E1-7D0C-40FD-A308-AFEF0142CB69 S10 3QA Tesco, Tesco Express And Esso, Fulwood Road Variable Public
11587AD2-3BC9-4513-A0F1-B04200AFB332 S10 3QP Nether Green Infant School, Stumperlowe Park Road, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
B3E563C4-BEB4-4F99-A3EA-B0A400E13B9C S10 3RL Main Clubhouse Fulwood Bowling & Tennis Club Ltd, Fulwood Bowling & Tennis Club Ltd, Chorley Road 24/7 Public
190F7806-AAA7-4AC1-BD06-AEEB008156E5 S10 4BD Hallam Primary School, Hallam Grange Crescent, Sheffield Variable Restricted
20769AE6-BD87-4B75-B44A-AE8C00D416E6 S10 4LA Hallamshire Golf Course, Redmires Road, Sheffield 24/7 Public
CECD6629-1B93-43E6-82A0-AE8C00D5EF47 S10 4LA Hallamshire Golf Club, Redmires Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
9184835D-A262-4535-A139-AD67009C68B1 S10 5BT Hallamgate House, 16 Hallamgate Road, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
B0A2654E-03F3-4539-84A8-AE3900CECCBB S10 5DS Tesco Express, 459 Manchester Road, Crosspool Variable Public
8FA5F9A6-31E9-4A3F-9E29-AD67009DC335 S10 5FA Moorville Residential, 24 Ryegate Road, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
17D084D7-4C8E-45C8-9160-AD4100CCD786 S11 7LG Ecclesall Primary School, High Storrs Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
555A8EDE-B531-433B-9EB8-AD4100C5662C S11 7LG Ecclesall Primary School, High Storrs Road, Sheffield 24/7 Public
3D889387-7DC1-4B85-9278-B03700E3A1EB S11 7PQ Clifford All Saints C Of E Primary School, Ringinglow Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
748DEF35-FA6D-4FBD-93B2-AF0A00E6EC22 S11 7TY Fox House Inn, Fox House Inn Hotel, Hathersage Road 24/7 Restricted
C1B0979D-7703-4AAC-888B-AFEF00AD2DEA S11 7TZ National Trust East Midlands, Shop And Tea Room Longshaw Estate, Unnamed Track From Froggatt Edge To District Boundary Variable Restricted
4585E5C2-BA43-47A0-AE0D-AE3800C1CF53 S11 8AN Tesco, Tesco Express, Sharrow Lane Variable Public
D6469AC4-CBDF-49FC-A54C-AF5D00E20C2F S11 8AN Sharrow Lane Medical Centre, 129 Sharrow Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
413282D2-8A10-47D2-B57E-ADE1011A018E S11 8HA Nuffield Health, Nuffield Health Fitness And Wellbeing, Napier Street Variable Public
58DB9374-78E3-4C67-ABED-AE210109B08C S11 8PN Tesco Superstore, 8 Berkeley Precinct, Ecclesall Rd Variable Public
7B3D0D8D-BC1B-4BC0-B484-ADD000A70183 S11 8ZH Sharrow Vale Dental Care, 262 Sharrow Vale Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
2A648E21-DA7C-48F0-813B-B00C00CDAB19 S11 9QH Silverdale School - Staff Room, Silverdale School, Bents Crescent Variable Restricted
A96BAC82-E742-4789-8D6A-B06D007DBD0C S11 9QH Silverdale School - 6th Form, Silverdale School, Bents Crescent Variable Restricted
77A38826-9A5B-4910-B3A6-ADB200B23698 S12 2AR Intake Primary School, Mansfield Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
781B4861-9B88-4D72-93F9-B07A00E59CFC S12 2EJ Gleadless Primary School, Hollinsend Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
CA2265D9-27AE-4F8C-8DA4-AFF100B30F95 S12 2SF Sheffield Springs Academy, Hurlfield Road, Sheffield Variable Public
439F218F-F164-46C0-8D12-AF310146D4ED S12 4HJ St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, Springwater Avenue, Sheffield Variable Public
E5B501FD-034C-4B3A-B761-AF420118C6EA S12 4LA Hackenthorpe Medical Centre, 15 Main Street, Hackenthorpe Variable Public
9ED82FFC-131F-4F84-96FD-B00700C9E0BD S12 4QE Birley Spa Primary Academy, Jermyn Crescent, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
DE85A587-D1CD-4E82-A591-B03001240536 S12 4WG Tesco Sheffield Birl Road, 83c Birley Moor Rd, Sheffield Variable Public
BA80D751-9D07-4535-9B73-AF5B00CD06EC S13 7RB Brunswick Primary School, Station Road, Sheffield Variable Public
B3AC0139-F13A-4BDA-9F83-B02000A8BCC4 S13 8DA Woodthorpe Community Primary School, Lewis Road, Sheffield Variable Public
2FD2E5ED-692D-4EA5-999F-AF5B009302E0 S13 8HH Athelstan Primary School, Richmond Park Way, Sheffield Variable Public
6878C674-274D-48A3-980F-AF5E009D043A S13 9HJ Handsworth Grange Community Sports College, Handsworth Grange Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
D077911C-6537-4008-AE07-B0440073CA8A S13 9HJ Handsworth Grange Community Sports College, Handsworth Grange Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
D3B28F39-12C1-4E0E-9403-AFBA00C8B29A S13 9NR Eden Farm Hulleys, 29 Orgreave Drive, Orgreave Drive Variable Public
1E8FB3BE-6F61-43FC-836A-AF27010F145A S13 9QA Playing Field Rear Of South Yorkshire Fire Station, Beaver Hill Road, Sheffield 24/7 Public
C1326E5C-0EC9-405C-9E6A-AF8C0091B349 S17 3LP Tesco Express, 288 Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield Variable Public
7E820471-33EE-44EF-B0D4-B00600D0061E S17 3PT Rowan School, 4 Durvale Court, Sheffield Variable Restricted
7A1FF083-287D-4FAD-9EEA-B0380081B68E S17 3QP Furniss Avenue, Sheffield Variable Public
BB748EF0-5942-4201-846A-AFEE00D27CF8 S17 4AP Totley All Saints Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary, Totley All Saints Church Of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, Hillfoot Road Variable Public
B8A61FBE-37E4-46DB-AC06-AE1300FDB297 S17 4DR Baslow Road Surgery, 148-150 Baslow Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
1C0FC7E2-6715-47A2-900B-B07D00E25544 S17 4PD Bradway Primary School, Bradway Drive, Sheffield Variable Restricted
8E1A2666-F56B-44A4-B0F6-AF8200DFF1A6 S17 4RH Abbeydale Golf Club, Abbeydale Golf Club Maintenance Buildings, Beauchief Drive 24/7 Public
E8B0D457-8582-4121-A298-AEA000BC51E1 S18 1PN Dwarfs Sports Association Uk, Dwarfs Sports Association Uk Velocity Point, Wreakes Lane Variable Restricted
36662638-16FA-46A9-AA55-B03C00B436AC S18 2ED Northfield Junior School, Falcon Road, Dronfield 24/7 Public
4CC99509-B5B8-42F9-B471-AB6D00A7CB00 S18 2EU Dronfield Football Club, Shireoaks Road, Dronfield 24/7 Restricted
5A9A00BE-4AF9-4648-989C-AF6C00D90C02 S18 2GA Toby Carvery - Dronefield, Sheffield Road, Dronfield Variable Public
5C2F67FA-423C-4D91-BF40-B04B00CFA152 S18 2HB Lenthall Infant And Nursery School, Marsh Avenue, Marsh Variable Restricted
53A8CD19-EAC9-4635-A740-B08F00C14A8D S18 2LR Holmesdale Infants School, 27 The Avenue, Dronfield Variable Restricted
F139B55E-8D9E-4247-B04D-AC9801321203 S18 2XE Enterprise House, 179 Chesterfield Road, Dronfield 24/7 Public
675160F1-331F-4A7F-A8B3-AD8E00FEB752 S18 2XR Unit 12, Hunter Park, Callywhite Lane 24/7 Public
C3CA86B0-A9C1-42D8-82C8-AEC900CC38EE S18 3AA Pople Garden Centres Ltd, New Leaf Plant Centre, Dyche Lane, Coal Aston Variable Restricted
B888DFC4-9F2B-4641-8C64-B00A00957B4F S18 4BQ Hundall Cricket Club, The Derek Oldman Memorial Ground, Windmill Lane 24/7 Restricted
7020 S18 7WH Holmesfield Cricket Club, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
5E92A22B-ACDC-4BBE-B374-AF3F014DF830 S18 7WH Holmesfield Cricket Club, Cordwell Valley, Millthorpe 24/7 Public
F051CF15-3EFA-4FF1-AC7E-AE6900B132B5 S18 7WP Penny Acres Primary School, The Common, Holmesfield Variable Public
2F256E6D-05A8-444A-AC75-B08A00ED1C9C S18 8NP Gosforth Fields, Gosforth Fields Sports Association Limited, Bubnell Road 24/7 Public
86E80C11-20C0-45A6-975F-AFF600E1C094 S2 1PL Norfolk Park School, Archdale Road, Sheffield Variable Public
650BACC4-DDA5-40A7-BBA0-AFFD00CC75B6 S2 1UH Detached Ruin Manor House, Manor Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
206711BC-4CBC-4B01-9783-AFFD00A003A8 S2 1UL The Green Estate Cic, 389 Manor Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
06250875-38E2-4158-82B0-ADFF00A49FC2 S2 1UR Manor Park Tenants And Residents, Top Flat, Manor Park Centre 24/7 Public
199CDB1B-7A52-4F9D-96DF-AD8F00E6663C S2 2BT Sheffield City Council, Newfield Green Housing Office, 607 Gleadless Road Variable Restricted
E1AF4E6D-15D0-4166-9514-ADBA00F56796 S2 2GQ Arbourthorne Community Primary School, Eastern Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
F1C2FBE4-55E0-4F71-A4BA-B000007CD237 S2 2GQ Arbourthorne Community Primary School, Eastern Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
B609733D-F841-452E-B840-AF8C00DB4A56 S2 2PJ Norfolk Community Primary School, Guildford Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
F183B08F-86F1-4776-98FA-B01A00A7B0BA S2 2SU Shrewsbury Hospital, Community Centre Shrewsbury Hospital, Norfolk Road 24/7 Restricted
2268EBAE-6043-45C4-A196-AF6500E1C5C5 S2 3DJ Anns Grove Primary School, Anns Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
BA115C7B-C35D-4141-BB0D-B02000B469ED S2 3DJ Anns Grove Primary School, Anns Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
4A1D981F-0EF6-4337-85B6-AED6008DF838 S2 3EN Sheaf Bank Business Park, Unit C1, Sheaf Bank Business Park, Prospect Road, Heeley Variable Public
276BBA93-F7E5-4559-BEA2-AFEA00B920D8 S2 3PX Alpha Hospital Cygnet Hospital Sheffield, 83 East Bank Road, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
961197E6-A399-4671-9B7D-AF5B010549FA S2 4AN Tribal Education Ltd, Floor 1 St Marys Court, 55 St Mary's Road Variable Restricted
6DC7D388-77E3-4DD2-BCB9-AFC100FB4822 S2 4DH Screwfix, 240 Queens Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
30756009-5A0C-4BBF-AB8F-AF2300823538 S2 4ED Tribosonics, Unit 1, Edmund Road Business Centre, 135 Edmund Road Variable Public
78E55536-93C3-4F44-8069-AF1E01433875 S2 4QZ St Marys Church And Community Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield Variable Public
B4814E44-3726-4659-B77F-AF1F00C543E0 S2 4QZ St Marys Church, Clough Road, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
A69E4BB2-BAAB-45D9-97DF-AFC700CB334A S2 4RD Howdens At Bramall Lane, Bramall Lane,, Randall Street, Variable Restricted
3D2ADB1F-4DE8-47C6-A815-AF6B0115312D S2 4UJ Football Unites Racism Divides, The My Place U-Mix Building, 17 Asline Road 24/7 Public
55F3FA28-A0DB-440D-A5A1-AF6B010E9FFD S2 4UJ Football Unites Racism Divides, The My Place U-Mix Building, 17 Asline Road Variable Public
1FFFDF78-AB8E-4741-A704-AF0800E2BC15 S2 5ED Wybourn Primary School, Manor Oaks Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
8851795A-5B42-4E4A-AD4C-B020009DCAB8 S2 5EE Wybourn Childrens Centre, 224 Manor Oaks Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
C29E244A-BCE0-4D1C-863B-AF5800C4EB29 S2 5FT Emmaus Catholic & Church Of England School, Emmaus Catholic And Church Of England Primary School, Southend Road Variable Restricted
1F360503-DA07-4BBA-99C7-AD6C00CD84C9 S2 5PN Park Hill Phase 2, 1 Norwich Street, Urban Splash Construct Sheffield Variable Public
31DA1CC0-ECCA-42EF-8EBF-ADCF00A5503F S20 1DJ Duro Yokota Ltd, Unit F, Old Colliery Way Variable Restricted
8D89DE61-EAE6-4FE2-B06A-AFC800CFD4E7 S20 1DJ Hb Clark, Unit B, Old Colliery Way , Beighton Link Variable Restricted
958551B7-504B-4983-8A77-B03B00F0B93F S20 1EG Brookhouse Junior School, Brookhouse Junior School Brookhouse Junior And Beighton Infants Schools, School Road Variable Public
3ECFD8EE-224D-447D-B16E-AAF000955B96 S20 3GE Pneumatic Components Ltd, Holbrook Rise, Holbrook Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
D092C6F6-A940-4605-A6D5-AFE700E1E2AA S20 3PJ Screwfix, Unit 3 & 4 Meadowbrook Park Industrial Estate, Sheffield Variable Restricted
523D83E8-EA48-44A2-B258-AF9300F023AF S20 3RW Burrows Mint Cars, Grant And Mcallin Ltd, Rother Valley Way Variable Public
A6D58728-3BFC-4C1C-9820-AF9D00F62B39 S20 3RW Woolley Bros (Wholesale Meats) Ltd, Rother Valley Way, Sheffield Variable Restricted
CFC77857-8160-45BB-BF65-AEDA00DE8CEF S20 4AA Taylorwimpey Yorkshire, Winder Avenue, Sheffield Variable Public
9764FCAC-4018-4332-AFF4-ADA40116F14B S20 4SY 2 Bright Meadow, Sheffield Variable Restricted
F38B030B-F657-48A0-B4AC-AF5C0107774F S20 5AF High Street Dental Care, 99 High Street, Sheffield Variable Public
E53878D3-2982-4FAC-83B3-AEA600C53ABB S20 7HT Arthur J Gallagher, St Georges House, 9 Drake House Crescent Variable Public
769E68E6-F693-4D3A-B8D0-AD3A01152E3E S20 7JJ Places Gym Sheffield, Drakehouse Retail Park, Drake House Way Variable Public
56B51AA3-D333-41A6-8CC3-B07B00E4DDCC S20 7JU Emmanuel Junior Academy, Thorpe Drive, Sheffield Variable Restricted
9AA2F135-0D39-47C3-B547-AD870089E7E3 S20 8FA The Isobel Bowler Memorial Sports Ground, Moss Way, Sheffield Variable Public
35F6E662-910E-417A-91E9-AF2A00F44EEC S20 8GR Taylor Wimpey, Oxclose Park Gardens, Sheffield Variable Public
55F088B3-794C-4D64-9570-AD0C00F67F68 S21 1ED Hi Peak Feeds Limited, Hi Peak Feeds, Sheffield Road Variable Restricted
F48CC14D-7BA0-4B24-9BF5-B07D00EAD0D1 S21 2EA Killamarsh Junior School, 38 Sheffield Road, Killamarsh Variable Restricted
A0F2A7A4-3E53-4699-B4FB-B07400E20D2E S21 3UR Renishaw Primary School, Hague Lane, Renishaw Variable Restricted
719BF066-51E1-4F5E-ACF4-B092008FD2EA S21 4BY The Hair Cut, 4 Fir Road, Eckington 24/7 Public
69CBC2D9-AAB0-4DFD-9B1D-B09D00F3B67C S21 4FL Eckington Junior School, School Street, Eckington Variable Restricted
084FA7F5-5BFC-42C4-B2E7-B05000C7B8C4 S21 4HL Ovarro Ltd, Rotherside Road, Eckington Variable Public
4F25A3B4-B7B9-4C71-A0D0-AB6F00FAD7C2 S21 4JG Eckington Civic Centre, Market Street, Eckington Variable Restricted
6FFC19EC-3A43-4246-91BA-B07D0096F3ED S21 5RU Gate Inn, Main Road, Troway 24/7 Public
F256D97E-6E8B-4A50-8C5E-AD6000BCC0FD S25 1YA Travellers Rest, Main Street, Brookhouse 24/7 Public
DA65E831-3CF4-4883-8870-AE19010B7695 S25 2PF Tesco Superstore, Undergate Rd, Dinnington Variable Public
10C1EAC3-2002-43F8-B21D-B0050079B84F S25 2QD St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Lidgett Lane, Dinnington Variable Restricted
F7A48633-9F06-4A0B-99BE-B0360088C85D S25 2QZ Internal Anston Park Infant School, Anston Park Infant School, Park Avenue Variable Restricted
790EF76B-3236-42C4-BC18-AFE800885B37 S25 2RG Screwfix, Unit 1a Bentley Business Park, Church Lane Variable Restricted
92F4C6F5-3CF0-48E7-AE41-AE01011A646E S25 2SY Wentworth Way, Dinnington, Rotherham Variable Restricted
65DC85DE-4B26-4DBD-8DE5-AD49012DCB37 S25 4DB Caretakers House Greenlands Park, Quarry Lane, North Anston 24/7 Public
F15B3DC2-FD38-4015-8D56-B03500A32FB2 S25 4DN Anston Brook Primary School, Ryton Road, North Anston Variable Restricted
73981CA5-E4AC-4A42-ABEA-B0260094F701 S25 4FU Tesco North Anston Nursery Rd Express, Woodsetts Road, North Anston Variable Public
0FA0FCDB-D5F3-4CDA-868E-B04300E80B3B S25 4HD Greenlands Junior And Infant School, Edinburgh Drive, North Anston Variable Restricted
4BD17A10-C0A1-4FEB-8FC9-ADB2007CD24B S25 4JJ Evenort Ltd, Houghton Road, North Anston Variable Public
0DC05996-2D71-4E96-BC67-AEC200D1395A S25 5EL 8330664, 38 Windsor Walk, South Anston 24/7 Restricted
BC56A03A-2037-4307-9B03-B04200B5DD1D S26 2AX Aston Hall Junior & Infant School, Aston Hall J&I School, Church Lane Variable Restricted
8298 S26 2BD Aston Hall Cricket Club, South Yorkshire 24/7 Public
2FB8D0AA-D688-4F77-8F21-AEC300759469 S26 4TF Places Leisure, Aston-Cum-Aughton Leisure Centre, Aughton Road Variable Restricted
08DC00FA-881C-43BC-8BC8-AEE10104923D S26 4UR Swallownest Miners Welfare Social Club Limited, Swallownest Miners Welfare Institute, Rotherham Road Variable Restricted
C6CAEBF3-A14E-4990-9056-B06C00E48CDB S26 4UR Swallownest Miners Welfare Social Club Limited, Swallownest Miners Welfare Institute, Rotherham Road Variable Restricted
F501BFB9-57E2-475C-BC00-B05200D32B82 S26 4WB The Lodge, 109a Worksop Road, Swallownest 24/7 Public
877961A7-E4F6-4745-8BFB-AD56014DC029 S26 5PQ Rother Valley Country Park, Mansfield Road, Waleswood 24/7 Public
D5B7F3F7-4315-45DB-867E-AFCD00FA974B S26 5PY Panel Systems Ltd, Units 6 To 8 Block B, Waleswood Road Variable Public
4B20F1F3-3B7A-4698-8026-B03500B4474A S26 5QG Wales Primary School, School Road, Wales Variable Restricted
4B17B694-BA28-4F1D-A311-ADBF00C24679 S26 5RF Kiveton Park & Wales Village Hall, Kiveton Park, Sheffield Variable Restricted
59D1BE93-D9C6-4A52-AFA2-AD8900B2B96E S26 6RA Wales Parish Council, 133b Wales Road, Kiveton Park 24/7 Public
C8CFF354-BB9D-462A-8B13-AF6B00FD8D41 S26 6RD Kiveton Bridge Railway Station, Kiveton Park, Sheffield 24/7 Public
A4900D4C-39A0-40C5-A599-AEB700D8C939 S26 6SQ Kiveton Park Colliery Cricket Club Pavillion, End Of, Stone Close Variable Restricted
7B178B0E-7569-4A1A-AB43-B01F013C46F3 S26 7XN 2 Dowcarr Lane, Harthill, Rotherham 24/7 Public
66CA0558-13BB-4EDD-AA5B-AE4200CCA6F9 S3 7BY Tesco Express, 65 Edward St, 0 Variable Restricted
24202AD0-BEC2-4128-8C6F-B02200DB9FD3 S3 7JA Netherthorpe Primary School, Netherthorpe Street, Sheffield Variable Restricted
0C0A8971-087F-421A-9EFB-AFAC00B9C435 S3 8JY Xln Telecom, 1 North Bank, Sheffield Variable Restricted
84DC31D1-93A2-49FA-A485-AFAC00B74BD1 S3 8JY Xln Telecom, 1 North Bank, Sheffield Variable Restricted
CD053630-7B29-4E3C-82C3-AFA201005939 S3 8PH Sheffield Family Hearing Centre, 48 West Bar, Sheffield Variable Public
EAE4B21C-E1A5-4B4A-85F7-AFA200FB497B S3 8PH The Sheffield Law Courts, 50 West Bar, Sheffield Variable Public
B477B431-3151-44D0-922E-B03600B0B526 S3 9AN Abbeyfield Primary Academy, Orphanage Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
251ADBAC-B11F-4473-8D7E-AFFD00B187FF S3 9EF Pyebank Church Of England Primary School, Extension Pye Bank Church Of England Primary School, Andover Street Variable Restricted
4E6763C6-4AF0-4A53-8D15-B00500AEE23E S3 9EF Pye Bank Church Of England Primary School, Main Building Pye Bank Church Of England Primary School, Andover Street Variable Restricted
3BE8445F-F71E-40DD-8F39-B05900EB8C71 S32 2HW Stoke Stoneworks Limited, Stone Processing Works At Stoke Hall Quarry, New Road 24/7 Public
478857C0-2884-43DF-80CC-AEBB00A55F1C S32 3YH Green Farm, The Green, Curbar 24/7 Public
55A565E4-D4C6-4231-936E-ACDF00ED34B8 S32 4TB Stoney Middleton Parish Council, Stoney Middleton Playing Field, The Avenue 24/7 Public
8F2DBB3F-C973-4473-B711-AFA100F7D97A S32 5QR Bulls Head Inn, Main Road, Foolow 24/7 Public
A4154B7F-08D8-4CD7-B388-B09600B15899 S33 0AR Bamford Primary School, Fidlers Well, Bamford Variable Restricted
7A7925C6-3596-4639-9725-ACD4009245F6 S33 0BE Bamford Water Treatment Works, Severn Trent Water, Saltergate Lane 24/7 Public
DD45B76D-77B0-43D8-A6A4-B08F00F141BD S33 7ZH Youth Hostels Association, Rowland Cote, Hope Road 24/7 Public
404C55B5-B5C1-4CD8-B5DD-AFF1007AF08F S33 7ZN Edale Railway Station, Station Road, Edale 24/7 Public
94EFFBA8-B93A-4F7D-AEE2-AECA00A70F53 S33 8WA Blue John Cavern, Unnamed Road From Rowter Farm Entrance To Blue John Cavern Turning Head, Mam Tor Variable Restricted
54B76795-BE6C-4953-991E-B0A600D680EB S33 8WB Yha Castleton, Losehill Hall, Losehill Hall, How Lane 24/7 Public
6B5C7658-F72B-4A0B-828E-9D4CEB095A6F S33 8WB Castleton Caravan Club Site, How Lane, Castleton 24/7 Public
EED7A4D0-779D-4676-9739-B0A500ACCC23 S33 9HJ Bradwell Church Of England Vountary Controlled Infant School, Church Street, Bradwell Variable Restricted
8C34299E-C436-42EE-8F50-B09B0096F3CC S33 9HZ The Judges, Bessie Lane, Bradwell 24/7 Public
74CC5C02-3CB1-48C5-AD60-ADE300BB674E S35 0AE Bradfield School, Kirk Edge Road, Worrall Variable Restricted
A6AF1AF0-81BF-4D5A-B92A-AFF10092DF3D S35 1QP Energy Management Systems, 4 Cowley Way, Sheffield Variable Restricted
D068CA62-A29B-49C3-925A-AE0400F069B9 S35 1QP Samual Grant (Sheffield) Ltd, 2 Cowley Way, Sheffield Variable Restricted
6E31FFA8-CAF0-4124-AC64-AE6600E5F4E0 S35 1SA Tesco Express, Tesco Esso Express, Burncross Road 24/7 Restricted
3A064D43-FE7A-4F10-A520-ADDB00E530B8 S35 1ZD Windmill Hill Primary School, Ash View, Sheffield Variable Public
734E4E86-1331-4764-AD78-B0A700C1022A S35 2PW B Braun Medical Ltd, Brookdale Road, Chapeltown 24/7 Restricted
8ED82F92-BD80-4310-893A-AD9800A70BC8 S35 2PY Unit 17 Sheffield 35a Business Park, Churchill Way, Sheffield 24/7 Public
36B2462B-0780-414C-BE37-ADC50145E984 S35 2UU Chapeltown Market, Market, Market Place 24/7 Public
A079C312-C7C9-4054-B6E7-B09D00AE0EF6 S35 3GT Greengate Lane Primary School, Greengate Lane Academy, Greengate Lane Variable Public
4E0BE47B-4A7B-4E0F-A46C-AD86014396C0 S35 3HY Leisure United, Pack Horse Lane, High Green Variable Public
EFB8D60E-B2ED-4454-A8DA-B034008CFB8C S35 3HY The Campus, Pack Horse Lane, Sheffield 24/7 Public
FA27A841-7278-4757-AE30-B04900DD2687 S35 3HY Pack Horse Lane, High Green, Sheffield Variable Restricted
188D0F02-51DB-4AD1-99D3-AF4F00E85C60 S35 4LG Tankersley Park Golf Club, Park Lane, High Green Variable Public
7811F9E9-DD27-460A-AB1D-B0A300F38D2E S35 7AL Thurgoland Ce Primary, Thurgoland Ce Primary School, Halifax Road Variable Restricted
3483ADBC-7B05-4A8C-B450-ADB700B55D34 S35 7DB Office Above Wortley Village Store And Post Office, Park Avenue, Barnsley 24/7 Public
14E5CF0A-DCF7-4D60-94CE-B00B00C2CD9B S35 7DF Wortley Pro Shop, Wortley Golf Club, Hermit Hill Lane 24/7 Restricted
C740F950-6055-46AF-B703-B0090079C036 S35 8NR Whitley Hall Hotel, Elliot Lane, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
1B7A56AE-DEA2-4C39-B970-B08B00D0E248 S35 8QB Grenoside Community Primary School, Norfolk Hill, Sheffield Variable Restricted
2C549F00-7DC5-4D16-AFC4-B0AC00BE7C84 S35 9WD Ecclesfield School, Chapeltown Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
2F19C002-E073-41D7-9788-B0AC00BFAE92 S35 9WD Ecclesfield School, Chapeltown Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
94572E4E-9003-4C68-8F43-ADB200ECE47E S35 9XZ St Marys Parish Church, Church Street, Sheffield Variable Restricted
85E53CE4-AEFF-49D5-8365-AEE600937D7F S35 9YR Yorkshire Electricity, Electricity Substation Rear Of South Yorkshire Laboratory, Station Road 24/7 Public
8BE0AC1C-514E-48F5-8DC7-AFFD00E356E0 S35 9ZX Hydra Business Park, 6 Nether Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
B29E8B81-61EB-4A42-93BF-AFDD00C6797F S35 9ZX Screwfix, Screwfix, Unit 4 Hydra Business Park, Nether Lane Variable Public
0BE09CC7-E099-469F-9F25-B061007D3CEB S36 1EJ Stocksbridge Nursery And Infant School, Pot House Lane, Sheffield Variable Public
591555A7-30EA-45AC-989F-AE3700AB2B44 S36 2AB Trek, Trek Store Sheffield, Unit B12, Joseph Hayward House Variable Restricted
9D406209-C566-4BBF-A11B-B00D00AE03FD S36 2TE Deepcar St Johns Church Of England Junior School, St Margaret Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
E0CDAA17-07AC-4A60-927F-AE4100BFC1A8 S36 6HH Springvale Community Garden, Off Sheffield Road, Springvale Variable Public
1A3F4D42-DEC2-4FE0-8B9D-AF55011DB8BC S36 6HL Penistone Railway Station, Off Sheffield Road, Penistone 24/7 Public
8D82A240-7898-4E58-9FF4-AEAC01451377 S36 6HN Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Penistone Ambulance Station, Springvale Depot 24/7 Public
7D9BA7BD-B44A-4469-AF2C-ADC500F2DE93 S36 7BX Penistone Grammar School, Huddersfield Road, Penistone Variable Restricted
D22440EE-F291-411C-ADB1-B02300F92CE8 S36 7BX Penistone Grammar School Alc, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
257E2F6D-5DC4-4B82-85B7-B08A00B1B412 S36 9LN Millhouse Primary School, Lee Lane, Millhouse Green Variable Restricted
65D462F2-7401-4CAC-88F8-ADBF00FD3D91 S36 9QU Phoenix Works, Saville Lane, Barnsley Variable Restricted
1924F2E8-B7B8-4443-8C9E-AFC700DAF44A S4 7QX Awesome Walls, Unit 2 Garter Street Industrial Centre, Garter Street Variable Public
630124C4-8138-4A2C-8794-AE4000D6BE0E S4 7UD Tesco Extra, 1 Savile St, Spital Hill Variable Public
4A4C4609-DE89-4AFF-9D09-ADC700F0B69B S4 7UQ Housing 21 Trust, Unit 19 President Buildings, Savile Street East 24/7 Public
C5111D26-67AB-40BA-B1E3-AFE700D42A9D S4 7WG Screwfix, Unit C Savile Business Park, 15 Sutherland Street Variable Restricted
D56970FD-F85F-4598-9AF6-B043010270AA S4 7WT Sibelco Sheffield, Attercliffe Road, Warren Street Variable Restricted
94284B76-CC26-432D-A943-ADC100692F3A S4 7WW Unit 4, Savile Business Park, 101 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield Variable Public
C718B4D3-0840-43D8-9EB9-B02700965C1A S4 8GA Oasis Academy Fir Vale, Owler Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
7200D016-D956-453E-8756-AEFB00EA7DEE S40 1DN Monkey Park Community Interest Company, 128a Chester Street, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
57A28AEA-7C05-4DEE-BAD9-AD53009707EE S40 1DU Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts, East Block Raincliffe House, Barker Lane Variable Restricted
DB704F7A-B800-405F-ACEE-77850F53E9D7 S40 1NF Saltergate Dental Care, 115 Saltergate, Chesterfield Variable Restricted
59C727F1-99B1-4863-8FA1-AFBF0109C418 S40 1PA Tesco, Tesco Express 5856, 12 Middle Pavement Variable Public
AD42A745-3DC8-4897-B66F-AFEF00B713D8 S40 1PA Tesco Stores Ltd, Unit 12, Pavement Shopping Centre Variable Public
4A452956-D7CF-4318-A245-AF95010F98A1 S40 1PY O2 Store (0116) Chesterfield, Unit 24, Vicar Lane Variable Restricted
F1BA00C2-C550-4BBA-97AB-231FE8F246E6 S40 1RP Little Leprechauns Day Nursery, 17-19 Broad Pavement, Chesterfield Variable Restricted
D2F1F191-787B-44CD-A61A-AF0F01330663 S40 1TX Royal British Legion, Over Reeds Raines, 42 Glumangate Variable Public
6516ACC4-899A-4D66-8B93-ABF800EF2783 S40 2AB Robinson Plc, Field House, Wheatbridge Road 24/7 Public
17B194EC-0573-477B-9FEE-AE4400A1EC6E S40 2EP Tesco Stores Ltd, Tesco Express, Derby Road Variable Public
BE801EBC-A314-43E6-B82B-AFE800BC4709 S40 2EZ Screwfix, A1 Unit, Derby Road Variable Restricted
D88A6D2C-BC0F-4280-8B01-B026007230A5 S40 2EZ Nuffield Health, Alma Leisure Park, Derby Road Variable Public
7E8FE067-3644-4E25-8D68-B00D009134B1 S40 2NR William Rhodes Primary School, William Rhodes Primary And Nursery School, Hunloke Avenue Variable Restricted
AFDE92E1-19B0-4965-B6F4-AC4700DED552 S40 2RG A Herring Ltd, A Herring Ltd Toc H Yard, Old Road Variable Public
F8E62DC6-1569-442F-B2BA-AF1700BDB83B S40 2SA Belvedere House- Crown Care Group, Belvedere House, 59 St Augustines Rd,, Belvedere House 24/7 Public
DB0D8684-3242-4F08-BBB6-584D7F2D0BBC S40 2WH Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Station, Braidwood Wy, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
963C1369-A866-4AFC-9E58-AFE6009CFE18 S40 3DD 45 Moorland View Road, Walton Variable Restricted
9FBB9CA4-F141-45B5-AFFA-AFE800D178F1 S40 3DL Screwfix, Unit 1 Belgrave Trade Park, Walton Road Variable Restricted
15A2B5B9-9B2B-4AD2-8238-B0A000E0FB4F S40 3HJ Walton Peak Flying High Academy, Whitecotes Lane, Walton Variable Restricted
071B5EAC-744B-430D-A990-AF5401044CA9 S40 3NW Westfield Infant School, Vincent Crescent, Chesterfield Variable Restricted
84925AEA-27BB-41F6-B738-AE3200AFD09D S40 4BN Ashgate Croft School, Ashgate Road, Chesterfield Variable Restricted
DF6DA3A1-2ACB-461C-80E6-AF5C00E4AF7F S40 4EZ 27 Bentham Road, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
830EEE32-383D-4DFE-8130-B03B00E9ECAC S40 4RL Derbyshire County Council, Holme Hall Primary School, Taddington Road Variable Public
96CD90EE-3E10-4A86-BDB1-AADF00AF74E1 S41 0AX K & B Rouse Construction Ltd, 75a Calow Lane, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
F6DBE979-FC4B-47E9-91AB-B0A400FC86F6 S41 0HL Rspca Chesterfield And North Derbyshire, R S P C A, 137 Spital Lane Variable Restricted
A482B8DB-2BB6-4630-A7DB-AB7100E991BE S41 0HZ Hasland Resource Centre, Heather Vale Road, Hasland 24/7 Public
14FFC0F0-7634-49C5-96E1-B08200696AA1 S41 0LY Derbyshire County Council, Hasland Junior School, Broomfield Avenue Variable Restricted
0B5E47D9-3D6D-413E-8A02-B08100E24817 S41 0PE Hasland Infant School, Eyre Street East, Hasland Variable Restricted
CAFD7D81-0633-415E-A94E-B03000C75E37 S41 0QD Ashgate Hospice, Unit 9a Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Avenue 1 Variable Public
CFD302E3-051D-483C-B16F-B036009082B5 S41 0QD Ashgate Hospice, Units 9-10 Storforth Lane Trading Estate, Avenue 1 Variable Restricted
79E6B79A-BB3B-4B88-85D6-AF6500F90550 S41 0SJ African & Caribbean Community Association, Unit 2, Penmore Business Centre, Saxton Close 24/7 Public
4F457CB9-70C8-4CF2-AEF1-AE4600AA708F S41 7AL Tesco Filling Station, Chesterfield Express, Newbold Road Variable Restricted
1C3144F8-F41F-4D46-9292-555A97CF9D3C S41 7JB Tapton Lock Visitors Centre, Lockoford Ln, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
AF3CB466-72EC-4BBD-A58A-B02B00D5EC0F S41 7JB Tesco Chesterfield, Lockoford Ln, Chesterfield Variable Public
22CE7163-B961-4AB0-AAA1-AC3000C4AD16 S41 7PH Chesterfield Arms, 40 Newbold Road, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
1A7E7067-E65C-498F-8F72-AEF700D48469 S41 7RW The Goldsmith Clinic, Second Floor, 5 Lordsmill Street Variable Restricted
7ED2652D-E14F-4B1E-B74E-B04900EC698D S41 7UB Platform 1, Chesterfield Railway Station, Corporation Street Variable Public
0B91A074-35D9-4831-8F48-B31C15B9ABF0 S41 8AG St Marys Catholic High School, Newbold Rd, Chesterfield Variable Restricted
15A6E389-A51D-4EAA-826F-AF4900FF2A09 S41 8AG St Marys R C High School, Newbold Road, Newbold 24/7 Public
6F07A8D7-3914-432B-A064-AFD400E0E7FF S41 8AG St Marys R C High School, Newbold Road, Upper Newbold Variable Restricted
B66FFA46-4250-431A-930E-AFD400E50AF3 S41 8AG St Marys R C High School, Newbold Road, Upper Newbold Variable Restricted
F0DD7288-423E-4C14-84CC-AFEB00AB65ED S41 8BA Outwood Academy Newbold, Highfield Lane, Newbold Variable Restricted
73129E1B-E395-481D-B3EF-05D441CFC03A S41 8LT Jaceys Micropub, 439 Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
1575D537-9494-48AD-98D8-46735BC0B59E S41 8NZ 1866 Sheffield Rd, Chesterfield 24/7 Public
BE45D0B8-7DD7-4A6B-96C8-B0520084BB95 S41 9AG Rutland Trading Co Ltd, Rutland Uk, Whittington Way Variable Restricted
7457FA06-BAF3-4C72-8E6D-AF8800249C41 S41 9AS Sunbelt Rentals Formwork & Falsework, Carrwood Road, Sheepbridge Industrial Estate Variable Public
7ED1E1C7-B025-4D8A-B5D2-AF0F00CBFDE2 S41 9BF Chesterfield Panthers, Chesterfield Panthers Rugby Football Club, 2012 Dunston Road 24/7 Public
A2A2EE4C-DA75-4271-916B-AFFF00F23955 S41 9ED Bodycote Hip, Carlisle Close,, Sheffield Road Variable Restricted
4F66BDBD-239A-4F17-A07A-B08B00BA14DA S41 9EY Trans-Tronic Ltd, Trans Tronic, Whitting Valley Road, Old Whittington Variable Restricted
B5C91EEE-D22B-40C9-B521-AE6000F9A549 S41 9EY Glapwell Contracting Services, Newbridge Works, Whitting Valley Road Variable Restricted
7D614F0C-8464-4700-9903-AF9700D8F9EF S41 9LQ Tesco Ltd, Tesco Express, High Street Variable Public
186C092E-2597-45F5-B3E9-AEF6008E8485 S41 9QJ Weightron Bilanciai Ltd, Titan Works,, Bridge Way, Off Broombank Road Variable Public
EF3874D2-BD27-4ED5-A8B8-B06E00886BE4 S41 9QJ Titan Works, Bridge Way, Chesterfield Trading Estate Variable Public
EE0D650B-8CFF-4BAC-94A2-B03100A99810 S41 9RF Peak 107 Fm, Radio House Peak Business Park, Foxwood Road Variable Public
42E2EFE9-C4D2-43D4-A0FA-AE55007AD56A S41 9RN Ondrives Ltd, Ondrives, Foxwood Road Variable Restricted
FA8DE609-4FD8-4E70-A702-AE5400CAAE21 S41 9RN Ondrives Ltd, Ondrives, Foxwood Road Variable Restricted
67EAB5A3-C0D7-4F64-97C7-B00B00F5D91F S42 5EP Grassmoor Primary School, North Wingfield Road, Grassmoor Variable Restricted
7075D445-A123-42BC-B8FA-AD6001018418 S42 5EU Barnes Park Pavilion, Birkin Lane, Grassmoor 24/7 Public
97E53BAF-1FE9-4E4E-AB63-0D7F06CF7049 S42 5PD Co-Op - Williamthorpe Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - North Wingfield, 21 Williamthorpe Rd 24/7 Public
36D11BA5-63F7-4D71-82F3-B03700B3FFD2 S42 5PW North Wingfield Community Resource Centre, Community Resource Centre, Whiteleas Avenue, North Wingfield 24/7 Public
28868627-2FA8-4238-B7DB-C6AE50B09A32 S42 5TE Blakemore Retail, Chesterfield Rd, Holmewood Chesterfield 24/7 Public
51240B0C-9137-4B6B-8520-AF8C00B21662 S42 5UG Fareshare, Unit B3, Stainsby Close Variable Public
0167C222-26B5-48FF-A255-AF3800F361DC S42 5UY C C T Limited, Unit B, Park Road Variable Public
BDABB35F-FB9D-4EAB-876B-AF7F00F408F5 S42 5UY Sterling-Hydrotech Ltd, Unit 6 Freshwaters Park, Holmewood Variable Restricted
39E192E8-7BED-49DE-BC04-B09D007C3C5B S42 6DY Tupton Primary And Nursery Academy, Queen Victoria Road, New Tupton Variable Restricted
FC73FF5A-241B-4CA2-9AF9-AC530134EB1D S42 6LF 155 Nethermoor Road, New Tupton Variable Restricted
5400AACF-5CD7-4A5B-BD44-AFEF00C99DDB S42 6LG Tupton Hall School, Station New Road, Old Tupton Variable Restricted
3B776917-7096-44EE-9C42-B04300D8D1DC S42 6PT Hunloke Park Primary School, Lodge Drive, Wingerworth Variable Public
21312B7B-561B-4D30-B960-AD960123C951 S42 6PX Spar, Unit 3, Allendale Road, Wingerworth 24/7 Public
C7E0C3D1-9CED-4C19-BD99-9B9537D50F2F S42 6TD Deer Park Primary School, New Rd, Wingerworth Chesterfield Variable Restricted
DB10DE14-41DC-42D1-BD3D-AC26011799AD S42 6UU 28 Parkland Drive, Wingerworth Variable Restricted
E007EB04-01D7-4EF9-81CF-AE8B00AEAAEF S42 6YG Sales Avenue Convenience Store, Sales Avenue Convenience Store, 18-20 Sales Avenue, New Tupton 24/7 Public
4E26827F-0B0E-4853-A795-B03500F8C02B S42 7AS Cutthorpe Primary School, School Hill, Cutthorpe Variable Restricted
1AEA79E8-E16D-44BC-B603-AE6900AAD738 S42 7JJ Wigley Primary School, Main Road, Wigley Variable Public
2EFFBCF2-142B-4553-AACC-AED800E566E7 S42 7LA Chesterfield Golf Club Limited, Matlock Road, Walton 24/7 Public
3F71A42A-F18A-4A84-AF0D-ADF600A87F0D S42 7LA Chesterfield Golf Club, Chesterfield Proshop Chesterfield Golf Club, Matlock Road Variable Restricted
7F21DA3A-B810-488F-A3EB-63949EB77CBE S42 7LT Walton Back Ln, Walton Chesterfield 24/7 Restricted
844DC2E7-1A1F-4350-8F4C-B02200DCE595 S43 1NT Brimington Manor Infant School, Manor Road, Brimington 24/7 Public
4F91B099-4F1F-43EC-AA40-ABDE0103BAB0 S43 2HR Chesterfield Cfr, 81 Station Road, Hollingwood 24/7 Restricted
BA160AD1-754C-40B6-9AB9-B01900800A8C S43 2PG Barrow Hill Primary School, Station Road, Barrow Hill Variable Restricted
E9889EF8-F804-4073-812A-B0350096E960 S43 3DA Woodthorpe C Of E Primary School, Seymour Lane, Woodthorpe Variable Restricted
3A017D52-6260-43DB-AA2B-AD4800BB1EE3 S43 3EB Klm Leisure Ltd, The Hop Flower, Beeley Close 24/7 Public
4B4FF186-0983-4186-81C9-ADF80119D593 S43 3SE Inkersall Primary Academy, Inkersall Green Road, Inkersall Variable Restricted
07F5B3F1-C965-4F86-BBBB-AED200BA6A08 S43 3WL Poolsbrook Caravan Club Site Poolsbrook Country Park, Pavilion Drive, Poolsbrook 24/7 Public
4904E2F8-E37D-4538-8248-B08800CAE163 S43 3XE Staveley Junior School, College Avenue, Staveley Variable Restricted
D456EEFC-F0BA-4DF2-A06D-ADDC00E0A6AC S43 4FR Carmel (Uk) Ltd, Units 2a-2c Midland House, Midland Place Variable Restricted
C0210D2E-9C23-4FC2-828E-B05F00993DD3 S43 4LJ Tesco Service Station, Mill Green Way, Clowne Variable Restricted
81278ED2-D73B-4949-AC65-B07800FBA900 S43 4UL Exclusive Secure Care Services, Unit 4 Midland Court, Midland Way 24/7 Public
165ED53D-14F1-40D5-B327-AE4300994F82 S43 4XE Dormer Tools Limited, 4 Lindrick Way, Barlborough Variable Restricted
104330BF-21E3-401E-9897-AF1000B47AB6 S43 4XN Dobbies Garden Centre, 4 High Wood Wy, Barlborough 24/7 Public
8170940C-93AA-46E2-AD26-B01400EB963A S43 4XN Dobbies Garden Centre Chesterfield, 4 Highwood Way, Balborough Links Variable Public
27031C1C-E221-4092-BBDA-EF5F642C2323 S44 5AF Co-Op - Top Road, Top Rd, Calow Chesterfield 24/7 Public
8562B777-61DB-4373-A7A0-B03000D3C167 S44 5BL Chesterfield And North Derbyshire Royal Hospital, Chesterfield Road, Calow 24/7 Public
D90639CB-5A5A-45E7-A883-D8B10A4CAE95 S44 5BL Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Chesterfield Rd, Calow Chesterfield Variable Restricted
8129 S44 5BS The Arkwright Centre, Derbyshire 24/7 Public
76FA0986-78D4-4BD1-B59D-AFC8011707B0 S44 5BS The Arkwright Centre, Hardwick Drive, Arkwright Town, Arkwright Town 24/7 Public
7194B7FC-DB69-471B-8796-B03000804BCD S44 5BZ Derbyshire County Council, Arkwright Primary School, School Lane Variable Restricted
E2685EB4-ECE2-4206-836F-AF6A00B7CEE2 S44 5DN Arkwright Ivc, Suez Arkwright Ivc, Deepsic Lane 24/7 Restricted
19BB291E-6F9C-40AA-A768-AF1E00F7059A S44 5FB Beaconmedaes Limited, Greaves Close, Markham Vale Variable Restricted
43E9B615-AF6C-4A92-8AF5-AFF78C849B2E S44 5FD In The Ground Floor Office Of Meter Provida Ltd, Enterprise Wy, Duckmanton Chesterfield Variable Restricted
9ED11C24-1164-4140-B498-AD5700F70C8A S44 5HS Studio 44, Unit 31b M1 Commerce Park, Markham Lane 24/7 Restricted
5F82D651-45CB-43CE-B8C1-AD1B00C2F873 S44 5LW Glapwell Community Centre, The Glapwell Centre, The Green 24/7 Public
16F9B3CA-0BED-4643-BE72-AE1C0084F4A2 S44 5NL Chesterfield, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Calow Road Variable Public
A3B57B5D-09A5-46BD-AF9B-ADD5011723F5 S44 5RX Heath Village Hall, Main Road, Heath 24/7 Public
B538D55D-0C02-4E39-8A8C-AF2B00F5357D S44 5TA Calow Bowling Pavilion And Green, Oaks Farm Lane, Calow 24/7 Public
FEBC55F1-D9BE-4152-A570-B01B00839DA2 S44 6AF Brockley Primary And Nursery School, Clowne Road, Shuttlewood Variable Restricted
EE1653D3-BFE9-4C22-9CAF-EC21C503B198 S44 6AT Oxcroft Farm, Oxcroft Ln, Stanfree Chesterfield 24/7 Public
F04A6E68-A7ED-45AD-BEFF-AB8A00940762 S44 6BB Bolsover Boxing Club, 36 Intake Road, Bolsover Variable Public
BF897686-A1FB-4693-B04B-CAEE4B1813B1 S44 6TD Main St, Scarcliffe Chesterfield 24/7 Public
FFE20C7F-8C29-4542-B093-32E4FE9AAD8F S45 0AU Ashover Primary School, Narrowleys Ln, Ashover Chesterfield 24/7 Public
00FEAAF1-9E6A-4A62-8871-EFFDC617EC62 S45 0HA Miners Arms, Oakstedge Ln, Ashover Chesterfield 24/7 Public
7E6AF3FA-0F6C-4D1C-BD30-B03B010B88C7 S45 8DB Park House Primary School, Rupert Street, Lower Pilsley Variable Public
D5271D15-A359-4902-9E07-55F5B6BA0C20 S45 9BN Sharley Park Communitive School, Pilsley Rd, Danesmoor Chesterfield Variable Restricted
BA75936A-5142-4FCF-8ECE-B003011AC3DD S45 9EY St Modwen Homes - Egstow Park, Sales Office, Off Farnsworth Drive 24/7 Public
673C6DF8-F3AA-4DD6-96A0-AE6700B495F7 S45 9FR Wera Tools Uk Ltd, Unit 1, Railway View Variable Restricted
5A79A269-BB18-4304-B633-29105EA66005 S45 9HA Zeal Electronics Ltd Unit 7, Church View, Clay Cross Chesterfield Variable Restricted
7C62095D-9DF8-4181-934C-B08800DDD827 S45 9LX Sharley Park Leisure Centre, Market Street, Clay Cross Variable Restricted
728F1F17-EE01-486C-8340-ADDF01093147 S45 9NU Walker Hire Tesco, Tesco Clay Cross, Bridge Street North Variable Public
7C8FF6E7-B11C-47DC-B119-B0A1009F9AA6 S5 0RN Shiregreen Community Centre, 172-182 Sicey Avenue, Sheffield 24/7 Public
8151 S5 6HY Shiregreen Cricket Club, South Yorkshire 24/7 Public
4C612C6F-D59B-4E29-894D-B09F00DCEC73 S5 6SZ Longley Park Sixth Form College, Longley Park Sixth Form Horninglow Road, Horninglow Road Variable Restricted
94BE4747-EF3E-4E08-A1EF-B04400B639FE S5 7AE Tesco Sheffield Barnsley, 486-488 Barnsley Rd, Sheffield Variable Public
29BBF150-B0F0-4768-994E-AE3600BCAF05 S5 7HF Tesco Superstore, Herries Rd, 0 Variable Public
B3F7AB97-88A2-4578-AFA4-B018008EA652 S5 8NH Chaucer Business And Enterprise College, Wordsworth Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
D69455E7-2B06-4B0C-B27A-AF9B00F4DAC1 S5 8NH Chaucer Business And Enterprise College, Wordsworth Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
175CF9C7-2926-4954-BF99-AD9301342941 S6 1JF Buccaneers Bay, Unit 4, Foxhill Industrial Estate, Baxter Road Variable Restricted
DE1377E4-978B-481D-9991-ADDC00A4274C S6 1LU South Yorkshire Police Sports And Social Club, Niagara Grounds, Niagara Road Variable Restricted
DA01CC52-0DF6-4F6B-9B2A-B01900C13D76 S6 1NN Tesco Kilner Way, 6 Kilner Way, Sheffield Variable Restricted
99FE63C3-22E2-4929-BB18-AFEB00C0E38A S6 1PG Screwfix, Unit 3 Rawson Spring Road, Hillsborough Trade Point Variable Restricted
ACABAE58-1DCB-427A-8363-ADCC00E340DB S6 1QW Jenx Ltd, 850 Herries Road, Sheffield Variable Public
326561E2-3DB7-42DC-9B50-B04A00B393CD S6 2BJ Swann Morton, Penn Works, Owlerton Green Variable Restricted
13C6F3FF-ED21-49FD-B3FB-AF6E0111E19D S6 3BU Tesco, Tesco Supermarket, 50 Montgomery Terrace Road Variable Public
FB18402E-3612-4F64-8F75-ADF3010DE437 S6 3GP Palmsrow Health Care, Northfield Nursing Home, 2a Roebuck Road 24/7 Public
3CDF633B-BFB5-44D4-B86A-ADB300FF71CF S6 3NA Public Swimming Baths Zest Healthy Living Centre, 18 Upperthorpe, Sheffield Variable Public
39C61D05-1B16-4397-B617-AE290143A77F S6 4BS Wisewood Sports Centre, 75 Laird Road, Sheffield Variable Public
7137F54E-5AE3-458A-96F3-B03500DBA46F S6 4EX Tesco Sheffield Dykes Hall Express, Dykes Hall Rd, Sheffield Variable Public
218FC140-70B1-4E55-81E7-AD5E00FC1A1E S6 4HD Hillsborough Park Pavilion, Off A61 Penistone Road, Sheffield 24/7 Public
4CCB3FDD-2DF1-4259-9F1A-B036009BDA9C S6 5HN Shooters Grove Primary School, Wood Lane, Sheffield Variable Public
1769A871-E583-471B-AF3F-AD67009F5539 S6 5SL Oak Farm, Tofts Lane, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
4439AE05-1289-40E0-980D-AD6700A23FDE S6 6GJ The Lodge, Hollow Meadows, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
D7FC74F1-99C9-48BC-8912-ADDB00A0FB91 S6 6GL Centre Barks At Moscar, Manchester Road, Sheffield Variable Public
C58569A9-739A-4008-962B-B04300E38D50 S6 6HE Bradfield Dungworth Primary School, School Hall Bradfield Dungworth Primary School, Dungworth Green Variable Restricted
55D49134-E719-4025-B8FF-AF9D01072EF6 S60 1AA Royal Mail Rotherham Do/Off, Main Street, Rotherham, Rotherham Variable Restricted
2E149E58-B53B-423C-9809-B0AC00C45D16 S60 1BP Crossroads Care, Unit H, The Point Rotherham S60 1bp Variable Public
675D9A9C-4C9F-4D52-A782-B07C00CFE228 S60 1BP Psg / Rosemount Legal Services Ltd, 7 The Point, Templeborough Variable Public
4D6E36E5-2D9F-4180-A027-AF8F00FC0D4D S60 1DL Fullerton Road, Rotherham 24/7 Restricted
8A957FB9-81CE-4226-A859-ADEA009621B3 S60 1EG 110 112 Masbrough Street, Rotherham Variable Public
D8A78040-AE2B-4669-94A5-AEEF00ED16E1 S60 1FD Element Sheffield Dt, 3 Ignite, Magna Way Variable Restricted
C4EC0EE5-D8D4-4E6F-9F00-AFAA009A5F32 S60 1QJ Forge Lane, Rotherham Town Centre, Rotherham 24/7 Public
019C0DF1-3F12-4761-A8EA-B02B009A9DD0 S60 2AY Tesco Rotherham - Moorgate Road, Moorgate Rd, Rotherham Variable Public
90AEB33A-52EA-44B8-BC88-B03100F3453D S60 2AY Tesco Express, Moorgate Road, Rotherham Variable Public
C48D8DEA-30EB-45D8-BAFD-AF9D00D37973 S60 2JH Rmbc, Canklow Sports Pavilion Recreation Ground, Canklow Road 24/7 Public
48C260F8-F5C8-446C-837C-AFFF00B9FB9B S60 2UH Oakwood Academy, Moorgate Road, Moorgate 24/7 Restricted
AFF71322-73BE-4766-8F74-B07A008C51F8 S60 2UH Oakwood Academy, Moorgate Road, Moorgate Variable Restricted
8792DE64-34E2-40A0-AF78-B0AC00B1F68E S60 2XJ Canklow Woods Primary School, Wood Lane, Canklow Variable Restricted
3FADB2D3-3EF8-4502-A338-B07C00A5E020 S60 2XL Dunelm Rotherham, Unit 3, Canklow Meadows, West Bawtry Road, Rotherham Variable Restricted
8EA175EC-7C61-4D9A-A638-AF3A0102B2B1 S60 2XR Leger Shearings Group, Sunway House Canklow Meadows Industrial Estate, West Bawtry Road Variable Restricted
F481A495-260E-426C-ABB1-B04400E34DB4 S60 4BX Tesco Rotherham Express, 17 E Bawtry Rd, Rotherham Variable Public
ABB6612F-FDD5-4088-BA63-B0590093FD74 S60 4BY Sitwell Park Golf Club, Shrogswood Road, Broom 24/7 Public
7589B97B-FB81-4234-A16A-B02F00A4C0E5 S60 4DX Whiston Junior And Infant School, Saville Road, Whiston Variable Restricted
75541B9C-C03B-4FEF-AD23-AE2400E1FD89 S60 4HQ Sitwell Arms, Pleasley Road, Whiston 24/7 Restricted
16651106-2ED4-4FAF-A057-ADC500EDB57A S60 5AE Mtl Advanced, Grange Lane, Brinsworth Variable Restricted
560B2C13-A555-448E-99D3-B02E005A9CDC S60 5BS Tesco Rotherham Brinsworth Lane Express, 15 Brinsworth Ln, Rotherham Variable Public
DECFC027-2B84-4114-A2B0-B07700C46CD3 S60 5BX Brinsworth Manor Infants School, Brinsworth Manor Infant School, Brinsworth Lane Variable Public
DDAE052A-3CDF-467A-BC35-AFB800B709F3 S60 5FS Nikken, Unit 2, Brindley Way Variable Restricted
FBAC2DED-B775-4C9E-9EBC-AF8600B8F7DF S60 5QP Treeton Parish Council, The Reading Room, 25 Front Street 24/7 Public
278209C6-F63B-4A78-8195-AEDD0110E524 S60 5TZ Brunel Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham Variable Public
6CD99D1D-C557-4CB6-A189-AFF200EB7250 S61 1AJ Fairwinds Nursing Home Ferham House, Kimberworth Road, Bradgate 24/7 Public
31C77537-4EA2-4040-A55E-AD5D00D85B20 S61 1HA 121 Church Street, Kimberworth, Rotherham 24/7 Public
E2060C7E-F3B1-4041-8BA4-AD6E00F1EAFF S61 1HA 125 Church Street, Kimberworth, Rotherham 24/7 Public
19A32A27-4DE9-447A-B846-AFF5008C878D S61 1LH Tesco Fenton Express, At Rhymers Roundabout, Wortley Road Variable Public
6EB35BFE-182D-4BC0-9FDC-AFC5009C48C5 S61 1LZ James Burrell Ltd, James Burrell Builders Merchant, Wortley Road Variable Public
2793FE3D-7C9C-460E-992F-B07700896007 S61 2AG Jessica Lally Community Fund, Grange View Fisheries 1a Grange View Road, Kimberworth 24/7 Public
7244E885-AA7A-48B3-8816-AF7E00EB6282 S61 2AY Tesco Express, Moorgate Road, Rotherham Variable Restricted
0CFF7774-8944-4B87-BEE3-AF4200EDD892 S61 2DW Ecus Ltd, Brook Holt, 3 Blackburn Road Variable Restricted
60ACD829-A9D9-4482-9E2E-AD4A00AD7286 S61 2QJ Trinity Community Centre, Sough Hall Avenue, Thorpe Hesley 24/7 Public
14AF6520-183E-43C4-81CF-AE7100F6B73E S61 2RA Abbey School, Abbey School, Little Common Lane, Kimberworth, Little Common Lane Variable Restricted
7E947B05-917C-443B-B9F5-B00700A9A535 S61 4RB Greasbrough Primary School, Munsbrough Rise, Greasbrough Variable Restricted
DC8B12A9-6658-4E4D-89BC-AFC300BB0A2E S61 4RJ Screwfix, Mangham Road, Greasbrough Variable Restricted
EED59B9E-4D39-4268-88DB-AFBD01052ECE S61 4RL Nikken Kosakusho Europe Ltd, Units 1 To 2 Mangham Court, Mangham Way Variable Restricted
61DE61A4-CBF9-495B-BE1F-AFDC00DFAC96 S62 5NF Rawmarsh Dental Practice, 93 Kilnhurst Road, Rawmarsh Variable Restricted
08771A7A-9D4D-49E5-87F2-B0A800CD6218 S62 6EF Ron Hull Junior Ltd, Mangham Road, Parkgate 24/7 Restricted
8CC7CA6E-285C-45F9-A4B3-AD5700971193 S62 6JQ Jump, Unit C1 Parkgate Business Park, Rail Mill Way Variable Restricted
BED604B3-BB43-4A3F-84F9-ADC8009F4C5C S62 6LW The High Street Surgery, High Street, Rawmarsh Variable Restricted
E7DDC16A-BEAD-40C9-84DB-B03400B8E04F S62 6LW Tesco Marsh Bellows Road Express, Bellows Rd, Rawmarsh Variable Public
2691E016-C4B4-4EDE-87FE-B058010F9FBD S62 7FE 71 New Meadows, Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh 24/7 Public
DF44B26E-2C75-43F1-A69C-B05E00E56CFC S62 7FF 20 Haugh Green, Upper Haugh, Rawmarsh 24/7 Public
AEF3F6A8-2951-4DAA-BE1D-B02D00F904D1 S62 7HS Rawmarsh Thorogate Primary School, School House, Thorogate Variable Public
9BE6801D-38C7-4B8C-8499-ADFF00BC31BF S62 7SJ Wath Golf Club, Abdy Lane, Wath-Upon-Dearne 24/7 Public
4E84FC67-3E59-4FFC-A495-AFCE010B55BE S63 0EW Balmoral Tanks, Barrowfield Road, Thurnscoe Variable Public
B449E53E-5A6C-43F6-9AD3-AD4900CEDCA4 S63 0JF Carlton Manufacturing, Unit 3b Fields End Business Park, Davey Road 24/7 Public
F0B9079E-3D26-4207-BEA9-AF6B00FD6FAD S63 0JR Thurnscoe Railway Station, Station Road, Thurnscoe 24/7 Public
1697877D-B71C-4753-88C2-AF0A00CB64E3 S63 0JZ Ivy Lodge, Welfare Road, Barnsley 24/7 Restricted
9D464508-0E06-4C82-9267-AFA0009A3C9B S63 0TY Heart Of The Dearne, 1 Turnesc Grove, Thurnscoe 24/7 Public
65EF632B-4476-42B0-BEC1-B08100A5C929 S63 5DE Flotech Performance Systems, Unit 11 Century Park Network Centre, Dearne Lane Variable Restricted
24708E8C-0F91-4B61-87FB-B09300C67FCA S63 6AN Brampton Ellis Primary School, Brampton The Ellis Church Of England Infant School, Brampton Road Variable Restricted
CDEE4D7F-8099-4222-8965-AD7400BC27A0 S63 6JU 38 Newhill Road, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham 24/7 Public
F0ED976F-4877-4108-B7F4-B00500AC0B2B S63 6NF Stokewell Road, West Melton, Rotherham Variable Restricted
3D1C74DD-3870-43BE-A073-B09D009C9909 S63 6RD York Gardens, York Gardens Neighbourhood Centre, Wath Upon Dearne 24/7 Public
CAAC10E7-6FE5-4AC9-B530-AF7001153A7D S63 7DA Tesco Stores, Biscay Way, Wath-Upon-Dearne Variable Public
3ACF32C2-4BB0-4329-B6A1-AF5B008EF748 S63 7EF Origin Broadband, Unit 7, Callflex Business Park, Doncaster Road, Wath-Upon-Dearne Variable Public
6E2929F2-5FFB-4BBE-B9A5-B04D00C04F69 S63 7HL Leisure & Community Partnership Ltd, Wath Upon Dearne Leisure Centre, Festival Road Variable Public
40560FA9-D611-4DC7-82BC-ADC800B38573 S63 7PQ Wath Wood Road, Wath Upon Dearne, Rotherham Variable Public
BE5F372F-0674-4559-A39D-AF9D0156C559 S63 8AA Bolton On Dearne Ex Service Social Club Wmc, 31 Station Road, Bolton Upon Dearne 24/7 Public
8DB1C939-76BE-42E0-B83B-AFFF0103AD5A S63 8AL Carrfield Primary Academy, Highgate Lane, Bolton Upon Dearne Variable Restricted
33D97AD5-4956-48FD-A295-B02100EA233D S63 8DE Tank 45m From Lacewood Primary School, Carr Head Lane 27m From Carr Head Lane, Carr Head Lane, Barnsley Variable Public
07696595-677C-44AC-88BF-B031009F9795 S63 8HB Tesco Express Bolton On Dearne, 105-109 Furlong Road, Bolton Upon Dearne Variable Public
8D367628-4652-4F28-A0C1-AF6B00FE5D8F S63 8NY Bolton-Upon-Dearne Railway Station, Station Road, Bolton-Upon-Dearne 24/7 Public
AFBB78BF-3B43-4535-8EC1-B09D00918138 S63 9AS Astrea Academy Trust, Highgate Primary Academy, Nicholas Lane Variable Restricted
A9565607-406E-4419-8062-AECB008EC4DF S63 9BL Tekfloor Ltd, Unit 2 Power Park Goldthorpe Industrial Estate, Commercial Road Variable Public
BFBE4A58-2425-46EB-9B9B-AF55011D64A9 S63 9BS Goldthorpe Railway Station, Off Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe 24/7 Public
535E382F-0C62-4A9B-8FDB-B03400E752C5 S63 9EH Community Health Partnerships, The Goldthorpe (Health) Centre, Goldthorpe Green 24/7 Public
CDE7C2AB-949E-47C2-9A59-B019009BBE59 S63 9EN Dearneside Leisure Centre, Goldthorpe Road, Goldthorpe Variable Restricted
DE7DE61F-E248-40EA-A1E3-B05100BB349B S63 9JY Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Lockwood Road, Goldthorpe Variable Restricted
46B8445C-1FC1-4FFB-942C-B03C00CC6617 S63 9NE Community Shop Goldthorpe, 40 - 42 Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe 24/7 Public
FF54543F-A728-440A-A607-AF6D00AD3580 S63 9NE Bmbc, Goldthorpe Library, Barnsley Road 24/7 Public
57B970A0-78EE-43C5-97A8-B03F00BD387F S64 0JL Miners Welfare And Athletic Club, New Oxford Road, Doncaster 24/7 Public
DC8B844C-E4F3-4690-B3DB-B02E00AEAEBB S64 0LU New Pastures Primary School, New Pastures Primary School Upper Site, Doncaster Road Variable Restricted
70C7252C-075B-47C2-A0F3-AF0F00FFFA72 S64 0PQ Mexborough Baptist Church, Hollingworth Close, Mexborough 24/7 Public
FDE04F68-1A26-4DFF-A13D-B07300E9099D S64 5UW Potters Green, Randerson Drive, Kilnhurst 24/7 Public
364E75DD-D08C-4D1B-9000-AFED00EE2418 S64 8AA Screwfix, Unit 6 Rowms Lane, Swinton Variable Restricted
95F9C823-504A-4B69-A16E-AF7400DD2A45 S64 8AU Swinton (South Yorks), Swinton Railway Station, Station Road 24/7 Public
05E01192-6D63-4817-BA60-B04B008C5029 S64 8BH Tachart Ltd T/A Bolt & Nut Manufacturing, White Lea Road, Swinton Variable Public
A88A86B6-989C-432A-9EBA-ADBB00F23EA7 S64 8BN Stelrad House, Marriot Road, Swinton 24/7 Restricted
D29FB4B9-CF6C-491E-A61B-B05F00EA1FFC S64 8DQ The Gate Inn, Church Street, Swinton 24/7 Public
F6E5BDC3-4345-478F-A751-B08B00958250 S64 8NE Swinton Queen Primary School, Queen Street, Swinton Variable Restricted
96276A6C-2595-452B-8B93-AFF800A212AA S64 8QG Milton Special School, Storey Street, Swinton 24/7 Public
ED2CCCAF-7DF7-4372-8302-AF55011DABA5 S64 9AQ Mexborough Railway Station, Station Road, Mexborough 24/7 Public
882B3B70-A3C0-4F28-BE42-B0750094838C S65 1AJ Nobles Amusements, 11-15 Effingham Street, Rotherham Town Centre 24/7 Public
F0824A95-FD69-41D6-90F6-AFD501160C87 S65 1AP Orthodontic Studio, 8 Effingham Square, Rotherham Town Centre Variable Restricted
851AFA8B-9F0D-4DE3-9562-AF6D01144E00 S65 1EN Toby Carvery - Rotherham, Sycamore Road, Eastwood Variable Public
4823D730-A5CE-4689-A819-AEAC009FF0F9 S65 1ST Chesterton Road Splay Footpath 1, Eastwood, Rotherham Variable Restricted
308E99F3-4E3A-43E3-AE59-AF5B00AACCDB S65 2NU St Marys Roman Catholic Primary School, Herringthorpe Valley Road, Herringthorpe Variable Restricted
17BAE5CF-1F88-471E-A153-AD5D00D38B0A S65 2UH Mowbray Gardens Community Library And Centre, Mowbray Gardens, East Dene Variable Public
4DBA6398-65D3-4131-ADB3-ADCC00E187E6 S65 3BE St Bernards Catholic High School, Herringthorpe Valley Road, Herringthorpe 24/7 Restricted
C842E4CF-62BE-42CC-AD81-ADCC00DEB919 S65 3BE St Bernards Catholic High School, Herringthorpe Valley Road, Herringthorpe Variable Restricted
68B0F86A-C1F4-4829-9BFE-B00A009F03FC S65 3QJ Trinity Croft C Of E Primary Academy, Trinity Croft C Of E Academy, Dalton Lane Variable Public
5FFF9CA0-2519-42AA-A188-AF4601292F2E S65 3SR Mcdonald's, Mcdonalds, Aldwarke Lane 24/7 Restricted
43A768C8-0B0C-4E87-91E7-AFC600E836A7 S65 4BJ Thrybergh Comprehensive School, Arran Hill, Thrybergh Variable Restricted
5210F6A0-53CA-4C85-A4EA-AE5401095A9C S65 4BJ Thrybergh Academy, Park Lane, Thrybergh Variable Restricted
F4718FFD-231E-4401-9750-AE54010A943B S65 4BJ Thrybergh Academy, Park Lane, Thrybergh Variable Public
6E74B3D7-DADB-4E89-8B98-B00B00AF333E S65 4JG Thrybergh Junior And Infants School, Oldgate Lane, Thrybergh Variable Restricted
47DB836A-FF5A-43FA-B719-AF3A008236C7 S65 4NU Rotherham Golf Club, Doncaster Road, Thrybergh Variable Public
CD820CF1-5917-4D23-A1D4-AE260128542B S65 4PG 2 The Wapping, Hooton Roberts, Rotherham 24/7 Public
A284F8C2-2E21-40BC-BA7E-B01A00E5494B S65 4QQ Poppy Fields, Moor Lane South, Bramley Variable Public
EA5A2BF6-B26B-4D36-A591-AD5600E4AA26 S66 1JJ Wickersley Parish Council, Wickersley Community Centre & Library, 286 Bawtry Road Wickersley Variable Public
B8998FE0-755B-456F-8129-AD7B00EA9432 S66 1JL Wickersley School And Sports College, Bawtry Road, Wickersley Variable Restricted
7156 S66 2HL Wickersley Old Village Cricket Club, South Yorkshire 24/7 Public
8716EA1C-725E-4F99-89F1-ADA300B29822 S66 2HL 57 Northfield Lane, Wickersley, Rotherham 24/7 Public
1E7235AE-C6AD-4ED2-A8FF-AF4E00906262 S66 2JL Burrows Motor Company, 245 Bawtry Road, Wickersley 24/7 Public
357CBC91-0BCB-4F06-98CE-AF65010BA65F S66 2SE Bramley Dental Practice, 93 Main Street, Bramley Variable Restricted
869E7824-BFA1-4892-A992-ADD501390BA3 S66 7BA The Ruddle Centre, The Ruddle Centre Community Centre, Doncaster Road 24/7 Public
0FCFF56F-74E5-4BF7-8566-B00D00DF817E S66 7QJ Maltby Crags Community School, Strauss Crescent, Maltby Variable Public
4943C471-950F-465B-90D5-B03600C8D90B S66 7QR Rotherham, Aven Industrial Estate, Tickhill Road 24/7 Public
1E82D23C-B383-4C83-8DF8-AD6100FCD401 S66 7SB Clifton Church And Community Centre, Church Lane, Doncaster 24/7 Public
A879EF96-9BBC-40FF-891F-ADA6015F29F4 S66 8AS 2 Lilly Hall Road, Maltby, Rotherham Variable Public
5F6890B6-3B7D-4CEE-A834-B03500AC3F30 S66 8AU Maltby Lilly Hall Academy, Lilly Hall Junior School, Cliff Hill Variable Restricted
25AEEF50-440A-4202-810E-B00A00E4A4CF S66 8HN Pearsons Assessments And Testing Ltd, Fretwell Road, Hellaby 24/7 Restricted
C166E999-16A3-481F-B31C-AE130103D215 S66 8HN Ade Power Ltd, Hellaby Lane, Hellaby 24/7 Restricted
81BD9E69-E922-46C3-9790-AE2100B19BBB S66 8HR History And Heraldry Ltd, History And Heraldry, 2 Denby Way Variable Restricted
DF28B1B4-E68A-4DC0-AF03-AD5D00AED6A0 S66 8JE Pharmacy Maltby Health Centre, Braithwell Road, Maltby 24/7 Public
E4A82B22-D068-4BB2-AE7E-AE5800AD9070 S66 8LG Tesco, Arndale Centre, Rotherham 24/7 Public
A567D8A1-62F5-4089-A030-B06E00D64174 S66 8LZ Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Maltby Ambulance Station, 89a Rotherham Road 24/7 Public
C6BDECBB-31D8-4358-8FF8-AFF0012BF747 S66 8NU The Cottage, Stone, The Cottage, Horseshoe Lane 24/7 Public
37A50281-D5FA-4815-8419-AFE800BB0E63 S66 8QL Screwfix, Unit 1 Sandbeck Way, Hellaby Variable Public
57ABDDDA-D6CA-4B6D-A590-ADA300D2FB0C S66 8QL Rotherham Mbc Hellaby Depot (Gatehouse), Sandbeck Way, Hellaby 24/7 Public
4C265A31-F6AC-471A-85FA-B0A400F9B7CF S66 8QY Roofdec Ltd, Braithwell Way, Hellaby Ind Estate, Roofdec Variable Restricted
AC506A99-641D-442E-86D2-AD7200DD78E5 S66 9AB Pavillion, New Orchard Lane, Thurcroft 24/7 Public
2851205F-558C-47A5-99A5-AD42012ABCFC S66 9HF Thurcroft Welfare Community Hall, Katherine Road, Thurcroft 24/7 Public
16AA157F-E2AA-4217-874A-AD7200DC43B8 S66 9LB Thurcroft Welfare And Recreation Scheme, Katherine Street, Thurcroft 24/7 Public
89BE4139-12B6-4606-84A7-B02D00BCBE64 S7 1BE Sharrow School, Sitwell Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
2BFC902F-0FF3-4123-A0A1-AE3C00743114 S7 1FS Tesco Express, 455 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield Variable Public
1CC00E54-3DCA-4B43-8C76-AF6C00F62B40 S7 2QB Tesco, Tesco Supermarket, Abbeydale Drive Variable Public
EC0D6646-6028-4AC7-B7DA-AEB50103196F S7 2QB Tesco, Tesco Petrol Station, Abbeydale Road Variable Restricted
409ECDD9-9647-4E12-9CE0-AFF200E7BC94 S70 1AA Royal Mail Barnsley Do, Barnsley Delivery Office Head Post Office, Pitt Street Variable Restricted
E24974F3-502E-4D88-864D-ADC800D1E8E1 S70 1GW Aeddonate, Superbowl Uk Barnsley, 38 The Glass Works Variable Public
349852A4-5B96-400C-973E-AF9600B24414 S70 1RU O2 Store (0302) Barnsley, 48 Cheapside, South Yorkshire Variable Restricted
C1BC0DD6-5224-4495-A41C-B035009F0FBF S70 1RU Telefonica Uk, 48 Cheapside, Barnsley Variable Restricted
BF8F4C2E-C9E5-46A9-98E6-B00A0107F997 S70 1TS Oakwell Rise Primary Academy, Doncaster Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
49176EDE-EE53-4E01-8F29-AFE8009CACA8 S70 3NS Screwfix, Unit 3 Barnsley Trade Park, Wombwell Lane Variable Restricted
F32BBA0E-17A8-43FC-93FF-B04200C0C033 S70 4AZ Worsbrough Bank End Primary School, Underwood Avenue, Worsbrough Dale Variable Restricted
89744807-6122-4258-91F7-B00B00906A43 S70 4EB Worsbrough Common Primary School, Bruce Avenue, Worsbrough Common Variable Restricted
F67C7B8A-6CE8-4D83-AA29-AEE900E7CC9B S70 5EB Worsbrough Ward Alliance, 1 Elm Court, Worsbrough 24/7 Public
89B3A3E2-F9C0-462E-A74F-B01B009766A6 S70 6JL Joseph Locke Primary School, Shaw Street, Barnsley Variable Restricted
036AF35C-F6FB-4C3C-9DE2-ADE900F5A88E S70 6PD Horizon Community College, Dodworth Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
113D6FCB-4DC7-46D6-B1A9-B01800CF5359 S71 1AN Metrodome Leisure Centre, Car Park Metrodome Leisure Centre, Queens Road Variable Restricted
586B80B6-2010-48B1-BE8C-AFE400C016F5 S71 1AN The Metrodome, Queens Ground, Queens Road Variable Restricted
0CA1E886-F76E-4E5E-A9FD-AFEA00D7740E S71 1DL Screwfix, Unit 2 Twibell Street, Harborough Hill Variable Restricted
107E12FC-ACEF-40A5-BCE1-AD4C008A8952 S71 1DL Mkm Building Supplies (Barnsley), Peel Trade Park, Twibell Street 24/7 Restricted
862CD9F0-DB78-413E-AD6F-AB0A00E222D1 S71 1JT Ice Medical, 17 Clanricarde Street, Barnsley Variable Restricted
5472FC46-AA15-4943-B4D9-AE5800FB7F9E S71 1LJ Keel Inn, 18 Canal Street, Barnsley 24/7 Restricted
5A00B9FF-20AF-4C2D-AE1F-AE2700E01225 S71 1PA New Lodge Working Men's Club, New Working Mens Lodge Club, Wakefield Road Variable Public
8FAC00F2-3F42-44E5-A64A-AE3900FB37B4 S71 1UH Tesco, Tesco Express, Carlton Road 24/7 Public
2B019EB0-FAA7-41E4-95CA-AFFD00BA5287 S71 2AY Springwell Learning Community School, St Helens Boulevard, Smithies Variable Restricted
260F5FC1-F41B-4550-A428-AEC20163979A S71 2PR Sainsbury's Local, 2 St Helens Way, Monk Bretton 24/7 Public
481CD46E-53AF-4E1A-A946-B09700904750 S71 3DD Lindhurst Lodge, Lindhurst Lodge Residential, Lindhurst Road 24/7 Public
8E0D0F15-4AE0-4E89-8797-B03C00CC6EBE S71 3DQ Community Shop Athersley, Lindhurst Road, Athersley North Variable Restricted
740B6D00-0BA2-4591-BDBE-ADF200C2A3A1 S71 3EW Outwood Grange Academies Trust (Carlton), Outwood Academy Carlton, Royston Lane Variable Public
B1049EE9-7F98-4409-9C28-AF9D00B37DCB S71 3HR Wharncliffe Business Park, Longfields Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
E2997A7B-2C71-4163-972E-ADE300B8FF4C S71 3HS Tapcoenpro, Tapcoenpro, Carlton Industrial Estate, Shawfield Road Variable Restricted
B3E2C05F-7398-4CCE-B4ED-AF2000D9EF6F S71 3NB Athersley North Primary School, Lindhurst Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
254F31DF-7C96-4407-8777-AEC2009F7BA9 S71 3PG Barnsley Fc Ladies, Carlton Park Pavillion, Carlton Park Variable Restricted
0DE10396-0D80-4753-8449-AFB00118B5CF S71 3PQ Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Barnsley Ambulance Station, Industry Road, Carlton 24/7 Public
78C3B89B-46B6-46BE-912C-AE2100A53819 S71 3PQ Logtek Ltd Unit 16 (Behind Constructional Timber), Industry Road, Barnsley Variable Public
4722C0DC-D9B4-4DA2-979B-AFA100F2BC2B S71 3TP Every Child Matters Academy Trust, Athersley South Primary School, Wakefield Road Variable Restricted
5294EF1F-32A2-4F2F-8C3C-B04A0095F751 S71 4BB Rabbit Ings Country Park, Lund Hill Lane, Barnsley 24/7 Public
F5E805C6-C71F-4202-8EF0-AE3600BE47A3 S71 4DJ Meadow Crescent Community Centre, Meadow Crescent, Royston 24/7 Public
579B0E46-15BB-4025-ACB9-AD4100B95CA8 S71 4EU Royston &Carlton Community Properties, The Grove, Station Road 24/7 Public
D9ACDA2B-A66A-42F6-8793-B0120093647C S71 4EU Royston Leisure Centre, Station Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
8AB33316-A845-467C-B8D2-AEE700D60058 S71 4QT Royston Crown Green Bowling Club, Store Bmbc Asset Id A006245 Royston Park Bmc Asset Id A00624, Midland Road Variable Restricted
356554F2-A3C3-4A2A-B8E9-B09200FB21C0 S71 4QY St Mary's Academy Trust, Royston St John Baptist Church Of England Primary School, Vicarage Lane Variable Restricted
1A4EFE3E-356E-4263-9C20-AD6C00829B2C S71 4QZ The Pack Horse Ph, Royston, Barnsley 24/7 Public
CA328E5A-0BCC-4CAC-90D5-AEC201626586 S71 4RW Lifestyle Convenience Store, 129 High Street, Royston 24/7 Public
5F35B070-3DA4-45BA-AC54-B02800A4A8A4 S71 4SF Summer Fields Primary Academy, Haigh Croft, Royston Variable Restricted
65A1ADD1-A9CF-4086-ACE4-B02100F4FB00 S71 5AG Oakhill Primary Academy, Doncaster Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
30CDD777-C6C0-4C28-8B28-AD6A00D2A78B S71 5LZ Burton Grange Community Centre, Wike Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
DAA20776-9FBC-426A-9A65-AF0A00CDDC58 S71 5RG Ivy Mead, House 1 Ivy Care, Littleworth Lane 24/7 Restricted
568A0E0A-F801-4C42-AE8D-ADEA010D90D2 S72 0AA Great Houghton Methodist Chapel, 15-17 High Street, Great Houghton 24/7 Public
050B5635-479C-473B-B77A-B084009DBDD4 S72 0DL 1 Turner Street, Great Houghton, Barnsley 24/7 Public
C69C65CC-4089-4537-AD9C-AD6A010D1D17 S72 7FN New Options Community Fitness Centre, St Lukes Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
F1FB5FF1-AF88-4BC6-8DEA-ADB800D0B4B6 S72 7HZ Dearnevale Care Home, Elizabeth Street, Barnsley 24/7 Public
A20FB2C0-EB11-4655-9A4C-B01900B84965 S72 7JX Ladywood Primary School, Nancy Road, Grimethorpe Variable Restricted
031B0903-E747-4B2A-9A1D-AD7200C81B46 S72 8BE Thorntons Accountants, 176-178 Pontefract Road, Cudworth 24/7 Public
2EDA195F-E266-4426-B119-B00300C8CAC2 S72 8JN Poppy's, 231-233 Barnsley Road, Cudworth 24/7 Public
2BE15C86-669F-4AED-8ED1-AFEA0098E9CD S72 8LH Dorothy Hyman Sports Centre, Snydale Road, Cudworth Variable Restricted
CC5856B2-5E32-49DD-8D00-B02200E1CCFC S72 8QA Shafton Primary Academy, High Street, Barnsley Variable Restricted
3F9E7975-D991-4770-B9AF-ADB400D0DA6F S72 8RE Outwood Academy Shafton, Outwood Academy, Engine Lane Variable Restricted
BE18EF8C-69DE-4F77-BEEA-ADB400D2ACB8 S72 8RE Outwood Academy Shafton, Outwood Academy, Engine Lane Variable Restricted
F1CF380F-BC07-43E3-8FD0-AD5E00B28014 S72 8RL Darfield Road Wmc, Darfield Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
66E92C7A-E31E-4613-8FE8-AD7C00B7CEA7 S72 8RP The Business Village, Snydale Road, Cudworth Variable Public
0F86FA94-8493-4AD7-87FE-AE9800E0C28A S72 9BP The Exodus Project, Jennys Field, 16b Main Street 24/7 Public
5B1D97C7-4023-42B6-A9D9-B031008747B4 S73 0AA Tesco Wombwell Sth Barnsley, 62 High St, Wombwell Variable Public
98FA8641-355C-4F8C-9485-AE3A00A82984 S73 0AA Tesco Wombwell Express, 62 High Street, Wombwell Variable Public
F8F9080C-AD3F-42CD-B7AE-AD69009464F9 S73 0AA The Horseshoe, High Street, Wombwell Variable Public
E78C0B66-BF0D-40D0-8397-AF3400EC1603 S73 0AY Retro Fitness, Basement Wombwell Working Mens Club, 25 Station Road Variable Public
0859C4F1-7416-4AC0-865D-AE7400B05A37 S73 0BS Lucy And Yak, Unit 3, Newton Road Variable Restricted
43FC7E28-2D38-4F74-90EB-AEDA00CC2A7A S73 0BS Benchmark Scaffolding, Max Darby House, Station Road Industrial Estate Variable Public
6F1137D1-A36B-44E4-A72D-ADC800BFFFBA S73 0DD Wombwell Medical Centre, George Street, Barnsley Variable Restricted
975FB119-1B3C-4262-97E3-AD6B011C6225 S73 0DL Kgs Sports And Social Club, Kelven Grove, Wombwell Variable Public
2420179B-3CFC-4AAC-ABFD-B01800CEB881 S73 0LA Barnsley Premier Leisure, Hillies Pavilion And Golf Course, Wentworth View Variable Restricted
7D4344C0-B6B3-42FF-B54B-AF4C00FB1DCB S73 0TB Mcdonald's - Rotherham, Cortonwood Retail Park, Cortonwood 24/7 Public
D7C0C33F-EDD7-4A04-83CA-AD5000F05934 S73 0TU Cortonwood Miners Welfare Institute, Knollbeck Lane, Brampton Bierlow 24/7 Public
EBBE1EA0-15F9-4F67-9C41-AF3A00838C1D S73 0UF Royal Mail Barnsley Call Centre Off, Dearne House, Barnsley, Rotherham Variable Restricted
3FDC2C14-73CD-4DD0-AA46-AE6E00928922 S73 0UN Cranswick Convenience Foods, Cranswick Convenience Foods Valley Park Industrial Estate, Meadowgate 24/7 Restricted
EC66B17D-FC60-40AC-A778-AE6E0090EFCA S73 0UN Cranswick Convenience Foods, Cranswick Convenience Foods Valley Park Industrial Estate, Meadowgate 24/7 Restricted
75B7CA9B-6509-484F-A578-AF5800CEE545 S73 0UW Fernco Ltd, Endeavor Works, Newlands Way Variable Public
5079E8BE-846F-4330-9EC1-B04A00A32CAC S73 8AF Playing Field Bmbc Asset Id A002322 St Michael And All Angels Roman Catholic Primary School, Stonyford Road, Wombwell Variable Restricted
A37900C5-5E21-48B4-9CB3-AD5F010E208F S73 9AA Garden Street Dental Practice, 4, Garden Street, Darfield, Darfield Variable Restricted
D558BCE5-0E87-4571-A155-AFC500C08C37 S73 9AB Tesco, Tesco Express, Nanny Marr Road Variable Public
5893 S73 9EZ Darfield Cricket Club, South Yorkshire 24/7 Public
84DE3056-9520-4FB3-A7E5-AD6500D282F9 S73 9LG Smart Door Solutions, Church Street, Darfield 24/7 Public
B9354A4A-A4E5-43FF-82EE-AD78012DBED0 S74 0AF 25 Rother Croft, Barnsley 24/7 Restricted
7B1EA9FE-2349-41A0-AF8D-B03800FE5EBD S74 0DJ Hoyland Common Primary School, Sheffield Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
472008E5-3311-4A77-8BCC-AFE70113A289 S74 0QA Screwfix, Unit 1a The Oval, Dearne Valley Parkway Variable Restricted
AF29D9E6-38B3-4D3C-88AF-B02D00AB3605 S74 8HS Elsecar Holy Trinity Church Of England Primary Academy, Church Street, Barnsley Variable Restricted
43CD8E2A-0258-4A39-BA4B-AFE4006EB772 S74 9EH Barnsley Premier Leisure, Hoyland Sports Centre, West Street Variable Restricted
63028C15-474B-4193-8868-ADC2008A1DA1 S74 9LH Unit 3, Shortwood Court, Barnsley Variable Restricted
661E1D8C-9E1B-4B10-85CA-AE4300EA8EE4 S75 1HA Tesco Express, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
98E73C3A-81E6-42A0-AEEC-AE2000EFCCB3 S75 1HA Atm Tesco Express, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
D92983CC-12B2-4683-A19E-B00200A8A1A7 S75 1HA Tesco Express, Huddersfield Road, Barnsley Variable Public
C53AC4B2-E4F3-4342-9C63-AD5000EFB7DB S75 1HB Community Centre, Wilthorpe And Redbrook Community Centre, Wilthorpe Road 24/7 Public
5331AB2B-33BA-4BCD-9971-AD7900907FF7 S75 1JL The Business Village, Innovation Way, Wilthope Variable Public
998ABE10-FADC-45B7-9FE5-AE5900D7A684 S75 1JN Ancala Water Services, Unit 1b Redbrook Business Park, Wilthorpe Road 24/7 Public
285C6752-A8C1-4651-B2CC-AE31010E08E4 S75 1JT Price Express Transport Ltd, Units 1, 3 & 5 Metro Trading Centre, Barugh Green Road Variable Restricted
397ECBF0-9451-42F4-8FD9-AE6800DDC45F S75 1JU Lew Barnsley, Unit 6, Cannon Way, Claycliffe Business Park Variable Restricted
5F31FB22-11A9-4258-BBAB-B021009358F2 S75 1LD Barugh Green Primary School, Higham Common Road, Barnsley Variable Restricted
2E303085-2C38-4A6B-A0AE-AD4300E25024 S75 1LR Perrys Vauxhall Perrys Motor Village, Claycliffe Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
4D1B1FF8-B57B-4FB4-8C50-B05700E273CD S75 1LR Ken Mallinson Ltd, Plot 3, Claycliffe Road 24/7 Public
BA522E2E-AACB-4CDF-A016-AEB700B21D5A S75 1LU J Brown & Son Ltd, 39 Dearne Hall Road, Barugh Green 24/7 Public
058F9E4B-6488-4AEE-8B46-B02900A07126 S75 2DF St Marys Academy Trust, St Marys Church Of England Primary Academy, Stocks Lane Variable Restricted
6A8880FE-404A-420F-8F02-AEC20144ED57 S75 2DX Pogmoor Area Residents Association, Tom Treddlehoyle, 73 Pogmoor Road 24/7 Public
16D099E1-7FF6-405A-A63A-AF7A00FF784F S75 2RL St Thomas Church, Church Street, Gawber 24/7 Public
235ACB74-4AA9-4BB3-B94F-AF9C00B73E97 S75 2RS Burrows Motor Company, Claycliffe Island, Barugh Green 24/7 Public
6E197B1B-D261-4C90-BC50-B04300B59BED S75 3DA Tankersley St Peter's, Westwood New Road, Tankersley, Barnsley Variable Restricted
0DAA6A95-25A8-4033-8073-ADCC00C5D892 S75 3DJ H S B C Bank, Wentworth Business Park, Maple Road 24/7 Public
ADCCE2B5-74BC-4A5B-8509-AE8200D1DCCA S75 3ET Northern College, Lowe Lane, Barnsley 24/7 Public
DBA02AFA-80A5-4CCF-90C9-AD40012E7989 S75 3EU Scpad 310, Hood Green Pavilion, Pocket Park 24/7 Public
9D2385B1-D4E4-4C9C-8578-AD40012F9855 S75 3EW Scpad 311, The Strafford Arms, Park Drive 24/7 Public
3174D4E9-20AE-4D63-8709-AD4100AF527C S75 3JA Dodworth Central Working Mens Club, 5 Station Road, Dodworth 24/7 Public
7D78FDCD-F567-4894-A1D0-AF55011D4A07 S75 3JX Dodworth Railway Station, Station Road, Dodworth 24/7 Public
0728E42F-376A-4978-8462-AF6D01144B5A S75 3LF Toby Carvery - Dodworth Valley, Whinby Road, Barnsley Variable Public
8A8DA956-982B-4FE0-AA73-AFE8008F6A1F S75 3LS Screwfix, Unit 4 Wortley Court, Fall Bank Ind Est Variable Restricted
44FA8111-72C5-477F-89C0-AF8D00D01CD3 S75 3UD Shi Corporation Uk Limited, Unit 17, Capitol Court Variable Restricted
4BDC2083-C1EE-4084-BDED-AF8D00D14976 S75 3UD Shi Corporation Uk Limited, Units 18, Capitol Court Variable Restricted
A6EFD5EA-5265-4F4E-9712-AE2401029E58 S75 4AD Naylor Industries, Clough Green, Cawthorne Variable Public
115DD4CD-F32E-4C06-9AD0-B01100816B3D S75 4AT Cannon Hall Open Farm, Bark House Lane, Barnsley Variable Public
0F6B300D-B53C-45A3-A6B3-ADD500A4083A S75 4JS Cliff Nursery, Silkstone, Cliff Nursery, Martin Croft Variable Restricted
3B25FEAC-42DA-4E16-AC5F-AFFF009A8AEB S75 4LD Electricity Substation, Elmhirst Lane, Barnsley 24/7 Public
B0152E85-D512-4617-AE04-B05A0097B244 S75 4LE Silverwood Scout Camp, Barnsley Rd, Silkstone 24/7 Public
69AF0091-F0B0-47D8-A191-B06600FE562A S75 4LR Silkstone Primary School, High Street, Barnsley Variable Restricted
A328ED96-8E2A-4C5A-9629-AD890109142D S75 4LX Huskar Community Rooms, Barnsley Road, Silkstone 24/7 Public
A220A368-6237-4416-B456-B07400C75A0F S75 4QT Silkstone Common J & I School, Moorend Lane, Silkstone Common Variable Restricted
8F9C8DAE-E7FB-40D9-B4F4-AF55011D5606 S75 4RS Silkstone Common Railway Station, Knabbs Lane, Silkstone Common 24/7 Public
D6635C3B-DEC4-4ECD-8389-AFA300F98C2F S75 5EF Kexborough Primary School, Ballfield Lane, Kexbrough Variable Restricted
DF908F1C-45A2-4B88-B88D-AF9E00F3050D S75 5FG 10 Rosefield Avenue, Woolley Grange, Barnsley Variable Restricted
C1D8F9B4-A866-4933-8841-AE7D006F4AB2 S75 5HF North Gawber Colliery Fc, Longfields, Church Street Variable Restricted
2A67ECE4-AB93-450C-8460-AF55011D3F70 S75 5HX Darton Railway Station, Station Road, Darton 24/7 Public
1973C8D9-395B-453E-B706-AE7D006D3703 S75 5JA North Gawber Colliery Fc, Miners Welfare Institute, Woolley Colliery Road Variable Restricted
BE37DAD1-6EF6-43E2-A6CA-AF9E017D51FA S75 5QP Woolley Parish Council, The Grange, Woolley Grange 24/7 Public
2AE5B4BA-3981-4A2C-8073-ADB400946156 S75 6AS Fosters Bakery (Staincross) Limited, Towngate, Mapplwell Variable Restricted
6050F410-5258-4090-A4F2-B00600DE2CCC S75 6BE School Bungalow Wellgate Primary School, Wellgate, Mapplewell Variable Restricted
91F3C6C2-A51E-4ED7-AD24-AD9C00F02009 S75 6DJ Lidl, Wakefield Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
B33CDF01-D7CF-42C6-9970-AD5E007FB439 S75 6GP 358 New Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
03684F33-2561-4306-ABC5-AD51012D6175 S75 6GW Landons Diner, 1 Blacker Road, Barnsley 24/7 Public
80A19649-F4AF-4244-ACD6-AF2A012C6687 S75 6HR Wellgate Primary School, George Street, Mapplewell Variable Restricted
EA4F3B19-E148-48D2-8694-B04300D56F45 S8 0BN Abbey Lane Primary School, Abbey Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
806A6495-F81D-45E9-853A-AF5800D5E5F1 S8 0GU Woodseats Dental Practice, 44 Holmhirst Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
AAFF82B6-5C8D-40C1-807F-AE710114B3CE S8 0LB Pure Gym, 9 Archer Drive, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
C64EFD02-D032-423A-ABE9-B04300CD19E6 S8 0SB Woodseats Primary School, Chesterfield Road, Sheffield Variable Restricted
C095364F-14F6-4FCB-B4CE-AF5B00DF7943 S8 0UJ The Climbing Works, Unit B Centenary Works, 150 Little London Road Variable Public
F203C1C9-AD0D-4FE4-8E58-AEBC0126C10E S8 0UJ Nursery Works Ltd, Nursery Works, 100 Little London Road Variable Public
9103C6CE-9353-4EBD-B3F1-B08B00C47F22 S8 7RA Greenhill Primary School, Greenhill Main Road, Sheffield Variable Public
CBFD1B5B-951C-42E8-86C5-CFA4E9B0F4D3 S8 8BG Povey Farm, Lightwood Ln, Sheffield 24/7 Public
BBD6EDA5-ADF5-4366-B0EF-AFFD00B028BF S8 8BR Meadowhead School, Dyche Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
9EAF20A7-7079-4CF6-A8C3-AD3A00F52335 S8 8JR Graves Tennis And Leisure Centre, Bochum Parkway, Sheffield Variable Restricted
A2D5E065-EB8B-490C-98B5-B09100ED651F S8 8SJ Mundella Primary School, Mundella Place, Sheffield Variable Public
AA493F59-7E21-4302-A064-ADB200F6980A S8 9EH Infant And Junior Block Meersbrook Bank Primary School, Derbyshire Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
06C49F6C-5685-45AC-B094-B02600D4C688 S8 9JP Talbot Specialist School, Lees Hall Road, Sheffield Variable Public
4E58DDE2-8FCF-4FE5-A792-B02600EC312D S8 9JP Talbot Specialist School, New Bridge, Talbot Specialist School, Lees Hall Road Variable Public
3905448D-F08D-4143-8DF0-B088009F0B7C S80 1AW Sparken Hill Academy, Sparken Hill, Worksop 24/7 Public
D1C6CD32-FBCD-4DA3-8B94-B088009DD75C S80 1AW Sparken Hill Academy, Sparken Hill, Worksop Variable Restricted
364A40C2-8BA0-45FD-BA00-AF8900B2CE97 S80 1DT Bassetlaw District Council, The Bridge Skills Hub, Bridge Place Variable Restricted
768CA5FE-CFFC-477C-A1CF-AF0400C0DBA0 S80 1HZ Bassetlaw Citizens Advice, 100 - 102 Bridge Street, Worksop Variable Restricted
DFA96953-1C09-427C-9D30-AFE700DEC008 S80 1PH Screwfix, Units 1 & 2 Carlton Road, Worksop Variable Restricted
8F5253CF-199B-4150-AB91-B02E00E7327B S80 2LJ Worksop Priory C Of E Primary Academy, Holles Street, Worksop Variable Public
98BAACBE-3139-4EAC-9804-AF5B00AB8CF9 S80 2QD L & S Copcutt & Son Vehicle Repair Workshop, Workshop Burrows, Retford Road 24/7 Public
E779AF06-8FD5-4217-A52E-B09800964AFF S80 2TP Singhs Medical Ltd, Manton Pharmacy, 1 Richmond Road 24/7 Public
06DD40EA-76BD-492A-BF96-7783B457BE12 S80 3AE Caravan Club, Limetree Av, Clumber Park Worksop 24/7 Public
4FB950EB-E1CB-4B3B-B103-AF0401216945 S80 3GP Spinella Road, Worksop 24/7 Public
8F19E7F8-62D6-46F2-8C5D-AEE800E17868 S80 3HL Tylden Way, Rhodesia 24/7 Public
D879FA46-CA5A-47D7-ABE5-ADCD01021583 S80 3LA Turnerwood, Thorpe Salvin, Rotherham 24/7 Public
5900 S80 3NB Welbeck Tennis Club, Nottinghamshire 24/7 Public
5FE115FA-20B7-456D-9D00-AE8C007F6C3E S80 4AZ Creswell Railway Station, Elmton Road, Creswell 24/7 Public
D63F5D59-9481-44D0-9935-B03400AEB5C6 S80 4JD Derbyshire County Council, Creswell Junior School, Elmton Road Variable Restricted
68FFAECD-F3C3-42E0-B92C-AFFD0096C388 S80 4JT Autum Grange Care Home, Linden Road, Linden Road, Creswell 24/7 Public
BEBEB04D-E124-4CD0-BF94-09B6902BB794 S81 0TS Bassetlaw District Council, Carlton Forest House, Hundred Acre Lane Variable Restricted
CAA57578-1285-4957-9A6E-AFE9015CB457 S81 0XX 7 Wharfedale, Worksop 24/7 Public
AD17D17C-83CA-408C-AADD-AFD9008EB832 S81 7AX Pandrol Uk Ltd, Pandrol Ltd, Bonemill Lane Variable Public
B0A80B03-EB1A-46CD-B269-AEC500832D96 S81 7AX Pandrol Uk Ltd, Bonemill Lane, Gateford Road Variable Public
300DDAED-09D8-495F-8E50-B04B00FE9EB9 S81 7AY Premier Foods, Claylands Ave, Worksop Variable Restricted
6258111D-0A8E-4980-8787-B04B00FE0F43 S81 7AY Premier Foods, Claylands Ave, Worksop 24/7 Public
C03E8898-CA21-4C7D-917E-B04B00FEBEF2 S81 7AY Premier Foods, Claylands Ave, Worksop Variable Restricted
2FAA0D79-F744-4DC8-9D5B-AF5100BC910A S81 7DJ Gibbs And Dandy, Dukeries Industrial Estate, Claylands Ave Variable Public
D06A6522-10C9-4AF0-BB7A-AFE400DB6B9D S81 7DW Howdens At Worksop, Units 1, 2 & 3, Dukeries Way,, Dukeries Ind Est Variable Restricted
1B3F969F-E0A9-44AC-A856-DA21BB8E80DF S81 7EN Outwood Academy Valley, Valley Rd, Worksop Variable Restricted
42BD7B51-3BE9-4820-95D7-B00700C99316 S81 8BL Lindrick Golf Club, Deep Carrs Lane, Lindrick 24/7 Public
8195F420-C5A6-4218-92E7-AB8A00950AB1 S81 8BW Driving Test Centre, Unit 4, The Point Variable Public
EE03F554-2BCE-49FB-B8BF-AD87015F237D S81 8DG The Grooms Quarters, Ivy Lodge Lane, Letwell 24/7 Public
B93D1098-21B9-42E5-BB45-AB7000EE8F38 S81 8EB 41 Spitalfields, Blyth Variable Restricted
B97760D7-08EE-4153-9769-7CADF143DF99 S81 8HG Starbucks, Symmetry Park, Symmetry Drive 24/7 Public
9B3F6172-5C0F-4311-B438-AEBB00EF2316 S81 8NW Rds, Shireoaks Transport Yard, Worksop 24/7 Public
98D8111F-7069-4907-AA27-B06700B171FD S81 8PW The School Govenors, St Lukes C Of E School, Brancliffe Lane 24/7 Public
C088E781-A99A-4075-B7E4-AEFB010E9D9E S81 8RW Row Of Shops Woodsetts, 79 Worksop Road, Woodsetts 24/7 Public
CF0EE6EB-9C69-4A6B-BF4E-5CCA4D67395F S81 9AP Carlton Civic Centre, Long Ln, Carlton In Lindrick Worksop 24/7 Public
CEC300CE-64A9-4C91-B03D-AC9300C21748 S81 9EH Parish Centre, Church Lane, Carlton In Lindrick 24/7 Public
734C8887-E797-4E71-9A43-51CDF09DF7F7 S81 9EW Grey Horse Inn, The Cross, Carlton In Lindrick Worksop 24/7 Public
2E08A0CB-FD08-4ADE-BA68-D7EE9064E540 S81 9HH Carlton In Lindrick Social Club, Knaton Rd, Carlton In Lindrick Worksop 24/7 Public
FD3B47FD-C5FA-4C80-92F8-ABEA00D2BC1A S81 9JX Co-Op - Doncaster Road, 29 Doncaster Road, Carlton-In-Lindrick 24/7 Public
15EFA309-EA18-440A-97D1-AE4600ED3A40 S81 9LB S H L Refractories (Uk) Ltd, S H L Refractory (Uk) Ltd, Celsius House 24/7 Public
3C304F6B-0310-4106-AA02-D92D63354138 S81 9LB Carlton Youth Centre, Lawn Rd, Carlton In Lindrick Worksop 24/7 Public
BF6B4DF1-AD8E-46A9-A936-B00D00AECF94 S81 9LB Vernacare - Worksop, Lawn Rd., Carlton In Lindrick, Variable Public
90906102-BDF8-4555-87D6-AE3300D1326F S81 9PY 4 School Road, Langold 24/7 Public
92C5B9EB-8239-4EDD-A3EF-AE3100EF357D S81 9QG Tesco Personal Finance Plc, Atm One Stop Stores, Doncaster Road 24/7 Public
8EF8427D-4D03-4BDD-A197-B08300C931D4 S9 1AN Limpsfield Junior School, Jenkin Avenue, Sheffield Variable Restricted
FAFBA47B-4010-418E-B5C1-AD4100501AD7 S9 1AN Limpsfield Junior School, Jenkin Avenue, Sheffield 24/7 Public
506BE056-CE0C-4545-867E-AF0000EFF0EF S9 1BX One Body Athletic Limited, Unit 7 Meadowhall Road Industrial Estate, Amos Road 24/7 Public
F9CC5138-C32F-4113-A76A-AEF9008A4714 S9 1DZ Bessemer Park, 1 Shepcote Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
FFE35952-38BF-4472-8141-AF99010A9C5A S9 1EN O2 Store (0050) Meadowhall - 59 High St, 59 High Street, Meadowhall Variable Restricted
E1539EB3-4DFC-4B71-B6A3-AE1B01053402 S9 1EP Meadowhall Shopping Centre, The Management Suite, 1 The Oasis 24/7 Restricted
33AD788F-D839-4D7E-9215-B04500E68DCD S9 1SG Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy, 34a Norborough Road, Sheffield Variable Public
F2A9A3E5-3254-4DB7-AF36-AE8500C40763 S9 1XA Russell Richardson & Son Ltd, Units 11 To 14, Park House Lane Variable Restricted
38E48CDF-F3AE-4852-A23B-AE3E0105139C S9 1XH Kidz At Work Nursery, Sheffield Business Park, 1 Europa View Variable Public
3FAA722B-535C-48DE-989C-AF3C00CDEA96 S9 1XH Orona Sheffield, 9 Europa View, Tinsley Variable Restricted
54A11359-56DB-48F6-9907-AFF0008A4E9D S9 2DN Screwfix, Unit 4 Attercliffe Common Trade Centre, Surbiton Street Variable Restricted
D2B0122B-9509-4606-A592-AFE400B8B245 S9 2DN Howdens At Sheffield, Unit 3, Sheffield Industrial Estate,, Surbiton Street Variable Restricted
312E75E9-3010-4963-9274-ADE9009C157E S9 2EP The Leisure Fund Ltd Partnership, Security Office, Valley Centertainment 24/7 Restricted
6DF4D735-E712-4401-B480-AE2100D604A3 S9 2SU Amb Ltd, 1 Hawke Street, Sheffield Variable Restricted
129629EC-407C-46D6-A7BF-ADC100D40BEC S9 2UA 7 Sanderson Street, Sheffield Variable Public
42CB6C3B-C907-4E44-AFC6-ADC100D17426 S9 2UA 7 Sanderson Street, Sheffield Variable Public
30C8CAE3-4C98-44BF-BC7B-AFBD0100BD91 S9 2XX Royal Mail Sheffield Mc, Brightside Lane, Sheffield, Sheffield 24/7 Restricted
63471552-1C58-47A9-9F05-AF3B0102CD42 S9 2XX Royal Mail Sheffield Rtw, Brightside Lane, Sheffield, Sheffield Variable Restricted
FDB8DA22-A73F-40AD-8665-ADFE00E88DA8 S9 2YZ Ninja Warrior (Sheffield), Unit 1b, Meadowhall Retail Park, Sheffield Variable Public
919D8C7D-37BC-441F-AA62-AE69013022E0 S9 3SE Virgin Media O2, 1 Chippingham Street, Attercliffe 24/7 Public
B5A7CC5A-3992-4CD5-A106-B02F00F4AC4B S9 3TL Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park Community Stadium, Worksop Road, Attercliffe 24/7 Public
AF7CD3E2-3372-4127-A65E-AFF500AEC1C8 S9 3WP Sulzer, Colwall Street, Sheffield Variable Restricted
9E2A6FED-C5F8-45DA-89F7-AF460099EFF7 S9 3WR Associated Polymer Services Ltd, Don Valley Court, Oakes Green Variable Restricted
49FBBB0A-1B59-451B-B11C-ADDD00AA54BD S9 4EU Sheffield Primary Care Trust, Part Ground Floor And Part First Floor, 722 Prince Of Wales Road Variable Restricted
4FFACDE5-2C42-4B77-9A1A-AFC000D6511D S9 4GP Half Moon Hotel, Managers Accommodation, 71 Mather Road 24/7 Public
48FB373D-5DDE-4803-8A22-AECC00BC9CE5 S9 4PA Handsworth Junior Sporting Club, Olivers Mount, Sheffield Variable Restricted
5177AFCD-26E2-45C5-8A53-B02F0094F4B2 S9 4QH Darnall Primary Care Centre, 290 Main Road, Darnall 24/7 Public
84D707AD-7CD1-4816-9549-AE1300F0B1A8 S9 4QH Darnall Hall Surgery, Darnall Primary Care Centre, 290 Main Road Variable Restricted
EDEE2CE1-4DB1-494C-AC0F-B07400BD1F74 S9 4RP High Hazels Academy, Fisher Lane, Sheffield Variable Restricted
1CEC3319-6D22-4041-B95B-AEEE0082988F S9 4WA Unit 1 City Parkway, 102 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield 24/7 Public
4FC3CD9A-060A-4FCE-9D51-AECB00870C69 S9 4WG Parkway Business Centre Limited, Quadrant 1 The Quadrant, 99 Parkway Avenue Variable Public
E780BD73-F667-4927-A6BF-AF9A00B8FC09 S9 4WJ Pro Co, 9 Parkway Close, Sheffield Variable Restricted
96566DA7-A97A-4F83-8B76-AED0006034C9 S9 4WN Total Produce Ltd, Units 3a To 3c South Yorkshire Fresh Produce And Flower Centre, Parkway Drive Variable Public
F8EBCED7-F30D-47C0-86FC-AE1C00C47967 S9 4WU Steris Instrument Management Services (Synergy Health (Uk) Ltd), Unit 6 Parkway Business Centre, Parkway Drive Variable Restricted
6ABC0288-C50A-4788-8A67-AF5E00DEF261 S9 5DH North Darnall Health Centre, 2 York Road, Sheffield Variable Public
5FE568CE-3F8D-4BF7-80E5-AE1501005DDB S9 5DQ Rs Bruce (Metals And Machinery) Ltd, Offices Rs Bruce (Metals And Machinery) Ltd, March Street 24/7 Public
8DE080B6-11E0-44DD-BBBA-B01900E0CF77 S9 5EA Fletcher Plant Ltd, Fletchers Waste Management, Clement Works Variable Public
4B01A1DC-AB97-4900-9D1C-B0A400D220B4 S9 5PH Tufcot Engineering Ltd, 330 Coleford Road, Darnall Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 133 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n324708876 On fence near entrance gate.
MZ n411104636 inside red phone box, Whaley
MZ n419919480 inside old red phone box, Flagg
MZ n898238439 CPAD206 inside old red phone box in Little Hucklow
MZ n3929871947
MZ n4211587389
MZ n4407510418 Mounted on wall at entrance to the pub
MZ n4423625280 On pillar near information desk. Available 24/7.
MZ n5046864942
MZ n5048053667
MZ n5117473552 in red phone box in Cressbrook
MZ n5160723677
MZ n5390128002 Located in the Red Phone Box, Sheldon
MZ n5552460356
MZ n5682966951
MZ n5801413031 outside Royal Oak Inn, Towngate, Upperthong, Holmfirth
MZ n6180845157 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6222626902 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6253335129 On inner wall of arcade
MZ n6325093860 On outer wall of Pumpkin Cafe on platform 5. Available 24/7.
MZ n6354854863 AQ14 On the outside wall of the public toilets.
MZ n6397318346
MZ n6397318347 On wall near entrance.
MZ n6397318348
MZ n6397318349
MZ n6397318350
MZ n6404897786 Behind reception desk. Available when pool is open.
MZ n6414014997 Behind reception desk for use by staff.
MZ n6475741387 In the entrance foyer. Available 24/7 but need to access the car park.
MZ n6475874556 Available when centre is open.
MZ n6475874560 On level 1 opposite the porters lodge. Available 24/7 but need to access the car park.
MZ n6475960813 On the ground floor in cabinet next to the porters lodge. Available 24/7 but need to access the car
MZ n6477449183 On the ground floor in cabinet next to the porters lodge. Available 24/7 but need to access the car
MZ n6478549038 Next to the porters lodge. Available 24/7 but need to access the car park.
MZ n6511514121 On outside wall at rear of pub. Available 24/7.
MZ n6528563339 At reception. Available 24/7.
MZ n6533623838 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6533701417 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6553332946 On inside wall by the entrance. Available when store is open.
MZ n6568110091 Behind reception desk. Available 24/7
MZ n6568129931 Beside reception desk. Available 24/7
MZ n6568226197 Behind reception desk. Available when pool is open.
MZ n6568226199 Behind reception desk. Available when sports centre is open.
MZ n6574346328 Behind customer services counter. Available when shop open.
MZ n6574454193 By security desk. Available when shop open.
MZ n6574650939 By cafe. Available when shop open.
MZ n6574853855 By post box. Available when shop open.
MZ n6578208356 By the kiosk. Available when shop open.
MZ n6588502889 By news kiosk. Available when shop open.
MZ n6593296722 By security desk. Available when shop open.
MZ n6598892325 By post box. Available when shop open. Morrisons
MZ n6598930985 By security desk. Available when shop open.
MZ n6679855463 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6687918206 On outside wall. Available when sports centre is open.
MZ n6697371535 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6697473961 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6699348661 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6699862506 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6743784155 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6743929763 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n6759562210
MZ n6855301789
MZ n6982887604 SCPAD064 On wall of café.
MZ n6983040772
MZ n6983042585
MZ n6983042587
MZ n7020608478 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7040710755
MZ n7046712893 On outside wall
MZ n7049138760
MZ n7051456014 On the outside wall of Bainbridge Hall. By the entrance.
MZ n7052869847
MZ n7091931529 An outside wall
MZ n7257215530 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7261167585 On outside wall.
MZ n7371461510 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7500261940 AAM66 Outside Butchers Arms pub
MZ n7551831614 On outside wall. Available 24/7
MZ n7569867174 On outside wall of golf clubhouse.
MZ n7570048912 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7589883715 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7589933589 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7589933596 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7589933600 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7598923498 SCPAD107 wall
MZ n7599927400 On outside wall. Available 24/7.
MZ n7632746717 On outside wall. Available 24/7
MZ n7817428225 On outside wall.
MZ n7817469645 On outside wall.
MZ n8088641033 On a post next to the path.
MZ n8173824684 On outside wall.
MZ n8571427510 On outside wall.
MZ n8623307307 outside Morton Village Hall
MZ n8665491333 AAM72 wall
MZ n8901802114 AAM62 wall
MZ n8901802116 ABA40 wall
MZ n8901815422 AAM61 wall
MZ n9794540508 On outside wall.
MZ n9801289936 On outer wall of Arnold Clark
MZ n10039573593 On outside wall.
MZ n10137901736 On outside wall.
MZ n10253898681 none wall
MZ n10562348073 On outside wall.
MZ n10589345059 Manton Sports Club near main entrance of building.
MZ n10661799871 On outside wall.
MZ n10746356171 next to pair of red phone boxes opposite Foresters Bar in Darwin Forest Country Park
MZ n10750921158 On outside wall.
MZ n10750950511 On outside wall.
MZ n10751057980 On outside wall.
MZ n10765817947 On outside wall.
MZ n10773522861 On outside wall.
MZ n10773522862 On outside wall.
MZ n10773620341 On outside wall.
MZ n10777637111 Behind reception desk for use by staff.
MZ n10788467134 On outside wall.
MZ n10793486542 On outside wall.
MZ n10831837712 On outside wall of cafe
MZ n10879899029
MZ n11003503217 On outside wall of industrial building.
MZ n11039562499 On the outside wall. In the car park.
MZ n11043700580 On the outside wall. Next to the entrance of the Sheffield Institute of education.
MZ n11050602586 On the outside wall, but in the corner of the building.
MZ n11061463799 On the outside wall of the car showroom.
MZ n11061535019 On the outside wall near the entrance to the community arena.
MZ n11061583056 On the outside of the industrial building.
MZ n11065762179 in Blue John Cavern gift shop
MZ n11101909144 On outside wall of pavilion building.
MZ n11174487420 On the outside wall of the pub.
MZ n11194092308 On the outside wall of the Banner Cross Hotel.
MZ n11207527137 Behind reception, at The Wave (Sheffield University)
MZ n11279831163 Behind the counter in McDonald’s. But this McDonald’s is open 24/7.
MZ n11332795431 On outside wall at foot of steps. Available 24/7.
MZ n11351338507

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 554 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
1196 S32 5RB Telephone Box, Derbyshire n416004423 In old telephone box. 2 m
1266 S33 6RD Hope Sports Club Pavilion, Derbyshire n10719035706 On wall near entrance. 8 m
1302 S33 6RD Telephone Box, Derbyshire n5422889651 In old telephone box, by public toilets Castleton Road, Hope 6 m
1506 S33 7ZA Village Hall, Derbyshire n7043422026 by Edale Village Hall 10 m
1884 S33 6ZF The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Derbyshire n5422889650 23 m
1927 S32 5QP Eyam Museum, Derbyshire n7046851440 8 m
2417 S80 3NE Worksop Fire Station, Nottinghamshire n11061645122 On the outside wall of the fire station. 31 m
2547 S80 4LS The Carriage House, Derbyshire n9356377980 On outside wall. 6 m
2548 S80 4BH Creswell Events Centre, Derbyshire n7040829870 2 m
3167 S80 4UT Primary School, Derbyshire n7040808942 On outside wall of school. 10 m
5432 S45 8EX St Marys Centre, Derbyshire n11202847487 On the outside wall of the church hall. 5 m
6157 S6 6LB Bradfield Cricket Club, South Yorkshire n2927483858 On outside wall. Available 24/7. Provided by;Lee's Footsteps 106 m
7072 S8 8BA Norton Oakes Cricket Club, South Yorkshire n11054572136 On the outside wall on the back of the pavilion. 10 m
7094 S8 8SG Mount View Methodist Church, South Yorkshire n10797195906 On outside wall. By the entrance. 2 m
7904 S1 2AW Outside 13-15, South Yorkshire n10982878802 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 2 m
7906 S1 2HL Outside 127 Pinstone Street, South Yorkshire n11199512531 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 2 m
8046 S1 2BS Opposite Sheffield Train Station, South Yorkshire n11250638798 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 2 m
8048 S1 2AX Outside 38 Haymarket, South Yorkshire n11252792347 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 4 m
8187 S1 4QQ Outside 49 Furnival Gate, South Yorkshire n11187624186 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 7 m
0022B822-154F-48D5-B92A-39B163D14854 S43 4NS Ashlea General Stores, Ashlea Grn, Clowne Chesterfield n11061423100 On outside wall of convenience store. 16 m
00627C6C-58B0-4025-AFCC-DC9012990B41 S40 2TD Co-Op - Grangewood Road, 71 Grangewood Rd, Chesterfield n7048869912 13 m
006B4278-7881-4051-B57B-AD72012A7050 S7 2QQ Cafe Millhouses Park, Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield n7021715105 wall outside cafe in code locked box 10 m
00C4BFB9-3188-4B17-AC0A-AF33009CD3AD S32 1AF Hathersage Cricket Club, Cricket Pavilion, Baulk Lane n10980437576 On outside wall of cricket pavilion. 44 m
0105CE87-5168-4937-8D13-B08A00F197AC S74 0BU Hill Crest Community Centre, Hill Crest, Hoyland Common n11277230919 On the outside wall of the community centre. 6 m
0218011F-9DC1-4F6D-B711-AD89015780E2 S20 5BT Trinity Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Sheffield n7985338208 On outside wall. 6 m
02197D44-4DE6-4BD5-B20E-AE3600DC5D7F S80 1TN Canning Conveyor Co Ltd, Sandy Lane Ind Estate, Sandy Lane n11061646513 On the outside wall of the industrial building. 25 m
0277ABEC-D071-4C80-8988-AD4000DA4407 S26 4WB 109a Worksop Road, Swallownest, Rotherham n11018071424 On the outside wall of the lodge. 17 m
02B724FC-2833-4F30-B4A6-AD8F00B7EFA1 S60 1ER Victor Works, Masbrough Street, Rotherham Town Centre n10980737807 On the outside wall of top tread tyres. 13 m
044CA0E5-975B-4646-A01B-8FF6F3825D29 S44 6JF One Stop Shop, 9 Main St, Bolsover Chesterfield n11185585571 On the outside wall of the convenience store. 15 m
05E03359-CF9C-4802-877A-B050009EC78A S4 7UD Tesco, Tesco Supermarket, 1 Savile Street n6539149760 By customer services counter. Available when shop open. 55 m
0646334B-2037-491C-84DB-AD5000715383 S60 5SG 33 Brinsworth Road, Brinsworth, Rotherham n6533691679 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
06B849DB-5B63-43E7-A59E-AD40013E4AB5 S17 4DJ Totley Rise Methodist Church, 1 Grove Road, Baslow Road n6511211937 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 16 m
078089D2-7060-4151-962F-AEBE00EB7C66 S81 7AG Worksop Railway Station, Carlton Road, Worksop n11061573639 On the outside wall of the station building. In the car park. 36 m
07BBD284-0A0B-4436-BBCE-AED200AC42E3 S64 8BA C T Butterfields, 1-7 Wood Street, Swinton n11048024530 On the outside of a building in Butterfield’s courtyard. 26 m
07C4D5B1-E1B3-42FA-8294-AEF900ABCF33 S70 5DJ Church Of Our Lady And St James, 70 West Street, Barnsley n10997063319 An outside wall. 16 m
07D8AE1B-0819-4900-9862-AFF900D39A2D S1 4BJ 48 Garden Street, Sheffield n11252777595 On the outside wall of the community centre. 65 m
08375EE2-E85D-43E5-AF8D-ADF000CB8BAB S64 8UF No 1. Holmoak Close, Swinton, Rotherham n11048021306 On the front wall of the bungalow. 35 m
087C3210-9A9D-485C-9C70-AD41007C03EF S36 6PH Whitby And Chandler Ltd, Witchan Works, Green Road n6984494953 32 m
094978F7-321A-4E75-B4E0-B08500F08BE6 S1 2HL Sheffield Advertising Kiosk, Outside 127 Pinstone Street, Sheffield n11199512531 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 2 m
0961F1C2-124B-4661-A25A-AF8C00BB1090 S66 2LA Dalton Parish Council, Ruby Cook Pavillion, Flanderwell Lane n11046687841 On the outside wall, but inside a locked fenced compound. 8 m
098EE68F-B51D-4BD2-8985-AD4200CFF2E2 S70 3FG 1 Lavender Court, Barnsley n11277376236 On the outside wall by the entrance. 18 m
09AFD558-B45F-444C-B5D9-AD89009FB2BC S63 0JS Onestop, 2 Shepherd Lane, Thurnscoe n7052428439 17 m
09D7DC19-9EDD-487A-B1F2-AD6A00A044A6 S65 4NU Thrybergh Reservoir Cafe, Doncaster Road, Thrybergh n8659171722 On outside wall. 17 m
0A1288CB-EEDB-4218-8F10-AD5D00DB39AC S61 4PU Greasbrough Branch Library, Coach Road, Greasbrough n6698539594 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 8 m
0A3812FF-2476-4B8B-A939-AFCA0120F57F S32 2JN Grindleford Playing Field Association, Bishop Pavilion, Main Road n10886932855 On outside wall. 14 m
0A6D065B-1BD4-47C3-9DAD-AE55014A02CA S61 4DX Gwmc, Greasbrough Working Mens Club, Church Street n11047944565 On the outside wall of the working men’s club. 27 m
0B9F062E-11E8-45E3-A653-AE79007F3D92 S73 8PW Wombwell Main Community And Sports Association, Windmill Road, Barnsley n11005647992 On the front of the pavilion. 47 m
0BB7E6E5-B2E8-4DD0-9F11-AE1D00FAECE2 S25 4FB Rotherham Mbc, Pavilion Greenlands Park, Quarry Lane n7131175201 12 m
0BEB8A30-6CD4-456A-8439-ADF90113085D S70 2DR Barnsley Mbc, Westgate Plaza One, Westgate n11279774683 Next to the entrance of the office block. 35 m
0CE504DB-BA6C-4CC1-B5D7-AF4C00FA158B S71 1LN Mcdonald's - Yorkshire 1, Old Mill Lane, Barnsley n7119216451 By travel money kiosk. Available when store is open. 51 m
0E15BBAF-7FE9-4EF9-A66B-B00A00796819 S60 1HF Jessica Lally Community Fund, St Bedes Roman Catholic Church, Station Road n10541972686 On the outside wall at the back of the church. 12 m
0E889B69-123E-41C8-B905-DDDFBE2E9647 S43 2PF Chesterfield Canal Trust Ltd, 22 Works Rd, Hollingwood Chesterfield n7052063883 On outside wall of café. 28 m
0F0494D8-9D08-4512-ABE0-AD7201267AE9 S8 8LL Rose Garden Cafe Graves Park, Hemsworth Road, Sheffield n11020488200 On the outside wall of the Rose Garden café 25 m
0F5B2E98-E894-4523-BA39-AD6A00B21133 S8 7DU Cockshutt Avenue, Sheffield n6534913385 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 41 m
0FAA38A7-9CAB-4C36-A0BA-B00400C20304 S75 3AP Bowling Green Bmbc Asset Id A007462 Pilley Pocket Park Bmbc Asset Id A00746, Pilley Lane, Pilley n9590271941 On outside wall. 26 m
11168FF0-9D49-4CB0-820A-AD4100941837 S65 3EW Dalton Parish Council Hall, Doncaster Road, Dalton n7527175276 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 14 m
1158ABEB-63FF-4D05-8DB7-37B8E6C409FF S44 5HT Co-Op - Chesterfield Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Duckmanton, Chesterfield Rd n7051531152 8 m
1175A806-420D-47A8-B485-AD4700D207BB S35 8PR Sheffield City Council, Grenoside Community Centre, Main Street n6533871290 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 15 m
11CE3420-A059-4469-9959-AD4800AA607A S35 4NF High Green Health Centre, Thompson Hill, High Green n9084794218 outside Lloyds Pharmacy (near phone box), Thompson Hill, High Green 35 m
1205A8F4-41DB-4B71-86E0-AF5F01739DAF S20 5EB Joseph Stone Court, Sheffield n11017797379 On the outside wall of the community centre. 5 m
120B3BA6-8493-4827-A6F4-AD4100993A58 S70 1GW Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Barnsley Market, The Glass Works n6982711727 24 m
1218032D-9722-4846-AA6D-AE2F00E5520E S75 3RF Co-Op - High Street, Central England Co-Operative Food - Dodworth, High Street n6984656157 61 m
1284363C-C45A-4F34-831B-AE2200B21FFC S60 1PW Rmbc, First Floor Over, 3 All Saints Square n4441068889 On outside wall of public toilets in All Saints Square 35 m
1419CB47-F146-4247-A575-AE6601042C9C S63 7EQ The Bluebell, Manvers Way, Wath-Upon-Dearne n11048029299 The outside wall of the Bluebell Inn. 15 m
14F5D8B8-D6CE-4BF7-9FBF-B03200D76035 S45 9TN 37 Furnace Hill Road, Clay Cross n11202226656 On the outside wall of number 37. 5 m
1506A238-6D36-4488-8C24-AD4300C87BD6 S60 8AS Highfield Lane, Waverley, Rotherham n7599771537 Free standing. Available 24/7. 3 m
15AB3D0E-5A67-4B42-84D5-AE5A00AC9576 S36 9PZ Unit 2, Hoyle Mill Lane, Thurlstone n10990130082 On outside wall. 10 m
15B7A481-94A9-4784-A574-AEC20168B55D S71 3EU Royston And Carlton Community Partnership, Carlton Village Hall, Church Street n10876208772 outside Carlton Parish Hall 5 m
15CFF9B8-DCBF-4DD7-A7F2-AFD200F4C021 S45 9EQ 30 Queen Street, Clay Cross n11202444946 On the outside wall of number 30. 6 m
168D26DB-AF9E-47FA-BE9F-AD4F0094B277 S1 2GH Bankers Draft, 1-3 Market Place, Sheffield n6221490048 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 2 m
16E03E65-23AA-47BD-82B1-AD4700D54429 S35 4HP Sheffield City Council, Thanestead House, 12 Kinsey Road n6533867816 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 22 m
1755C963-223F-46A1-AB5B-AD5000C87612 S60 4BD Doctors Surgery, 8 Hunger Hill Lane, Whiston n6697433650 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 82 m
17E4313C-DEA7-4314-9C16-AFA9010EF8F6 S61 2EU Jessica Lally Community Fund, The Hilltop, West Hill n10792474929 On outside wall. 9 m
17EBD80E-39A6-45D4-A376-AB76009FE113 S80 2AN 8 Queen Street, Worksop n11061615045 On the wall by the entrance to the Masonic Hall carpark. 27 m
183732DB-5AFC-4389-8C2B-AE3600CC9C3C S3 8BX Woodward & Taylor Limited, Woodward And Taylor Watson House, 33 Burton Road n9500267561 On outside wall. 11 m
18681D15-ABE7-435B-972B-AD4000DA7169 S65 2HJ Far Lane Post Office, 126 Far Lane, East Dene n11034376534 On the outside wall of the post office. 12 m
18756616-89FF-4C38-99E8-AE2F00E7C938 S71 3HX Co-Op - Carlton Road, Central England Co-Operative Food - Carlton Road, Carlton Road n7052920894 74 m
187E7683-73A6-48F2-A801-ACD301152C7D S40 1DN Monkey Park Community Hub, 128a Chester Street, Chesterfield n11198012746 On the outside wall of the Monkey Park community building. 10 m
18E041F4-B677-4C8B-96D1-AF7400DD37A3 S81 8LW Shireoaks Railway Station, Shireoaks, Sheffield n11061707674 On platform 2. On the wall of the shelter. 51 m
1949E83C-25B9-4C8B-A32A-AE3600E56218 S81 7DJ B J Industries Ltd, Claylands Avenue, Worksop n11061688812 On the outside wall of the industrial building. 19 m
19754FD9-5384-4B9A-8B16-AFF800DECDF4 S66 8PW S66 8pw, Carr House, Carr Lane n11046719153 On the wall by the road at Carr House. 27 m
1AF1A6CA-DA90-450D-819A-B03800AF6E07 S36 2TE Deepcar St Johns Church Of England Junior School, St Margaret Avenue, Sheffield n7522783246 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 15 m
1B47A5D5-2860-414C-8384-AFEE00D8A12C S18 3AJ Cross Daggers, Brown Lane, Coal Aston n11003403415 An outside wall beside the entrance. 8 m
1B522191-43DB-46A3-B795-AD6A00BB5F5B S25 2PS The Lyric, 62a Laughton Road, Dinnington n7131175202 On outside wall. 23 m
1B851272-43E9-4C1B-B21E-AD4700E21722 S63 6AJ 71 Firth Road, Wath-Upon-Dearne, Rotherham n7589952223 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 12 m
1BF67C71-1D27-4AB5-98B2-B0A00093508A S1 2BP Ponds Forge Sports Centre Duty Office, Sheaf St, Sheffield City Centre n8270263403 Outside accessible toilet. 48 m
1BFBCA34-EA51-4EBA-B631-AF1000F83CEC S9 4RA Darnall Childrens Centre, 563 Staniforth Road, Sheffield n10792535113 On outside wall. 6 m
1C6844CD-E92C-4B21-A25F-AE2400D81C0D S40 2ED St Johns Ambulance, St John Ambulance, Derby Road n7048950059 On the outside wall of the St John’s ambulance building. 12 m
1D5FAECA-8EF4-421C-A8F1-AD5D00D98A2F S61 2QJ Thorpe Hesley Community Library, Sough Hall Avenue, Thorpe Hesley n6984893884 On outside wall of community centre. 8 m
1E359F49-2915-4616-9D15-AD43008BF42E S66 7QX Village Hall, School Lane, Doncaster n9094293054 On outside wall. 14 m
1E9A6407-7E52-44EC-ACF5-AD5000866C45 S1 2NG Freeman College, Sterling Works, 88 Arundel Street n7274306491 On outside wall. 7 m
1EB39F3C-6795-40C3-95DC-AD4200C913FE S60 1HN Shiloh, 15 Station Road, Masbrough n6697690687 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 19 m
1EE4556E-F5A8-4920-AA4F-AFC400CBB9DA S9 2RX Franks & Co Limited, 15 Jessops Riverside, Brightside Lane, Sheffield, S9 2rx, Brightside Lane n10982232310 On outside wall. 73 m
200A6C68-2D3F-45BC-85AB-AFD3011305A3 S6 4HB Pavilion Hillsborough Park, Middlewood Road, Sheffield n7362450939 On outside wall. Available 24/7. Provided by;Lee's Footsteps 8 m
20E6A829-06D4-4BDB-8B84-AD5000F17D94 S63 6BB Brampton The Ellis Church Of England Junior School, Brampton Road, Wath-Upon-Dearne n7260892508 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
2125E5AC-2E73-458C-AC8F-AF4C00FC0B28 S70 1LQ Mcdonald's - Yorkshire 3, Upper New Street, Barnsley n6982887613 Inside store. Available when store is open. 78 m
2164F929-A4E1-4F3F-92EE-B03400E82B11 S74 9AF The Hoyland Centre, High Croft, Hoyland n11277273601 On the outside wall of the civic building. 20 m
217ED098-ABE3-4C53-A79B-AE0700F23A98 S81 0EY Lincolnshire Co-Op, Kilton - Former Lord Byron, Plantation Hill n11061474582 On the outside wall of the supermarket. 14 m
218A89C2-FA1B-4ED7-9630-AED4008807C0 S21 1EU West End Pub - Near Side Entrance Door In Car Park, Westthorpe Road, Killamarsh n11017952059 On the outside wall. By the back door. 7 m
22266DCB-A88B-459F-88D0-B01800A3F0DC S62 6DR 8 Rother Court, Parkgate, Rotherham n11047976390 On the outside wall of the café. 6 m
234CA4B4-E0D9-4CF3-BC3F-AD6C00C62D77 S64 8PZ Station Street, Swinton, Rotherham n6699348666 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 42 m
2396C1FC-C4D2-4457-9EE9-AF55011D716F S73 0LU Wombwell Railway Station, Hough Lane, Wombwell n11005647985 On the wall at the end of the bridge. 34 m
239DAAE2-90EA-46F0-B25D-AF5C014E8E7A S60 4JN Herringthorpe United Reform Church, Wickersley Road, Herringthorpe n6697473977 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 22 m
23FEB447-A0F6-4267-97FE-AEE4011E21F0 S43 3TX A J Cosh T/A All Inn, All Inn, Lowgates n11185721128 On the outside wall of the pub. 6 m
2509F3BD-4E41-483A-86D4-AD8B006E2319 S60 3EF 7 Shoreham Road, Moorgate, Rotherham n11034304810 On a post outside 7 Shoreham Road. 14 m
257FBFED-FD91-4739-86D0-AF6900C6D1FD S26 1HN Todwick Church Hall, St Peter And St Paul Church, Lindleys Croft n11018047965 On the outside wall of the church hall next to the entrance. 43 m
259A7E10-A241-46F9-841D-AE6500EA61CF S21 1ED Killamarsh Junior Athletics Club, 284 Sheffield Road, Killamarsh n10717345414 On outside wall. 22 m
25F95F8F-84FB-496B-BA90-AF5801177674 S21 2DX The Sandwich Junction, Sandwich Junction-Near Mini Roundabout, 1-3 Sheffield Road n11017980451 Phone outside wall of sandwich shop. 6 m
2644F111-DA4D-4CB7-8E09-B0280090204B S33 6RD Hope Telephone Box, Telephone Box, Hope Car Park, Castleton Road, Hope n5422889651 In old telephone box, by public toilets Castleton Road, Hope 6 m
279886B5-5EDA-48CD-98E1-AD4C0115C920 S62 7HJ Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Rosehill Victoria Park, Old Warren Vale n11047975262 On a post in the centre of the park near the bandstand. 40 m
2892C838-22F0-4E0C-9240-AF9501147220 S13 9AT St Josephs Catholic Primary School, St Joseph's Road, Handsworth n7599689070 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 14 m
28C8ED99-FD6C-429C-9557-AFFF00CA4792 S6 6SJ Nags Head Inn, Nags Head Inn Stacey Bank, Loxley Road n10983840884 On outside wall of pub facing the road. 5 m
2934C49B-077B-492C-A5FA-ADC700A2AA4E S8 8HD Norton House Country Club, 246-248 Norton Lane, Sheffield n10995795172 On the wall outside Norton House. 11 m
2974FC6F-543A-4491-A69B-B028008EC1E5 S32 5QP Eyam Museum, Hawkhill Road, Eyam n7046851440 12 m
2A70CF7B-01E3-4C4B-A219-AD4100A11C6F S2 5PN Park Hill Residents Association, Urban Splash Sales Office, 21 South Street n7918291298 On outside wall of the sales office. Available 24/7. Missing since October 2021. 69 m
2AA8B7C1-23E1-412C-BCE9-AF4D00D92053 S61 4NU Rotherham Mbc, Pavilion Greasbrough Park, Main Street n11047975081 On the outside wall of small building in the park. 15 m
2B235283-1800-4CF5-8095-AD8600FF868E S3 8SA Globe Steel Works, 24 Alma Street, Sheffield n6593385026 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
2C0A56A6-90F2-49D0-AD16-AFE500AF7EB2 S45 9EP 22 Windermere Road, Clay Cross, Chesterfield n11202444949 On the outside wall of number 22. 10 m
2C7F9BAB-478C-45C3-9C51-B028008F2716 S33 7ZA Edale Village Hall, Marys Lane, Edale, Edale n7043422026 by Edale Village Hall 10 m
2D0B061E-0754-4963-B332-AD4000FFEC18 S70 1SW Hope House Church, 27 Wellington Street, Barnsley n3269437523 On the outside wall of the church. 7 m
2D246EA1-C734-456D-9ADF-1D3811867097 S44 6HB Bolsover Library, Church St, Bolsover Chesterfield n11185439690 On the outside wall of the library. 8 m
2EC0A502-5BA1-4E26-9F56-AFDF00F86E02 S8 0GU Woodseats Methodist Church, Methodist Church, Holmhirst Road n11003357762 One outside wall on the corner of the church 9 m
2EF250B0-C706-47BC-B0A4-AE6D00730FC1 S8 0XJ Mirage Cigarettes, 48-50 Broadfield Road, Sheffield n11039575366 On the outside wall, but in the car park which is locked at night. 10 m
30088AE4-DB23-4FAB-83E6-AF0B00A9A3A2 S43 4LS Dfb - Clowne Fire Station Cpad, Creswell Rd, Clowne n7051788507 On outside wall of Clowne Fire Station 57 m
30869C47-CB97-40DE-9CAE-AF49010AE789 S75 4RB Silkstone Parish Council, Station Inn, Knabbs Lane n6637427330 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
31E1A125-4848-4642-B54F-AD4201237579 S60 4JS Cartridge World, 259 Wickersley Road, Herringthorpe n6697473968 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 12 m
323B6A43-93D6-4CD7-A134-AD5000C325F6 S60 4HB Living Accommodation Chequers Inn, Pleasley Road, Whiston n6697417785 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 12 m
3289FFB5-01D6-4844-B01B-AA98124E6CC0 S43 4PL Clowne Community Centre, Recreation Cl, Clowne Chesterfield n11061459358 On the outside wall of the community centre. 14 m
33496556-9F0F-44B4-A55B-ADF100B7B764 S81 8EW Blyth Memorial Hall & Institute, Memorial Hall, High Street n9650368645 outside Barnby Memorial Hall 16 m
339E97C1-E994-4A96-9ACC-AD4900782918 S11 7PL Falkland House Surgery, 2a Falkland Road, Sheffield n6511514126 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
33E8ABE7-54AC-41EE-A2CD-AD1900A6EA3C S33 9NT Newburgh Engineering Works, Netherside, Bradwell n10908175221 On outside wall. 63 m
3455012A-5BE6-4C84-AF79-ADAB008444C8 S10 5SE Football Pitch Hallam Sports Club, Sandygate Road, Sheffield n10788130784 On outside wall by entrance door. 79 m
3463525F-226F-4285-AFDB-AE7D00B661F0 S65 4PU The Cavalier, Hollings Lane, Ravenfield n6698675945 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 5 m
34B713EC-56DE-4623-BB83-AD4B00E3AFFA S25 5AG South Anston Methodist Church, Sheffield Road, South Anston n7599927398 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 47 m
350486B2-F34B-42E5-9F2F-AF2B00FA4173 S70 4TD Boatmans Rest, Edmunds Road, Barnsley n10997345349 On the wall on the front of the pub. 8 m
356B5652-75D9-4626-9FDF-AD4100A30855 S20 5AD Mosborough Miners Welfare Ground Club House, Club House Mosborough Miners Welfare Ground, Station Road n8435126798 On outside wall. 13 m
37651DDD-BCD2-4115-82F1-8C176809902F S18 1ST Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Hallowes Ln, Dronfield n11003429444 On the outside wall of the fire station. Next to the entrance. 7 m
37FE294C-DF39-4688-9BA2-AD4F0096BB36 S1 2BD Sheffield Interchange, Pond Street, Sheffield n6593360010 On platform D3. 46 m
384DF338-79F6-4C8B-81C4-AEEB010384EB S12 2NR New Inn, 282 Hollinsend Road, Sheffield n11252641538 On the outside wall of the pub. 7 m
389FE68A-9E24-4289-8ABA-E4004549C31E S21 3WF Sitwell Arms Hotel, 39 Station Rd, Renishaw Sheffield n11017939560 On the outside wall of the pub. 23 m
38D99955-CC3D-405C-847B-AE5500922D19 S10 4EL Hallam Cricket Club, Crimicar Lane, Sheffield n5198286803 47 m
3967AD48-C797-4191-94BD-B08500F091BD S1 2BS Sheffield Advertising Kiosk, Opposite Sheffield Train Station, Sheaf Street n11250638798 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 2 m
3967D724-AEEB-4D20-9C0F-AB8A00922C42 S80 3EE A619 Diner, Clinthill Lane, Whitwell n9351091454 On outside wall. 10 m
397757B8-06ED-4F9E-88E3-AD4800CD7B3D S6 5JG Marsdens Buildings, Myers Grove Lane, Sheffield n10983894229 On the outside wall of industrial building. 18 m
39C0E7FC-556C-4C5A-8C2C-B02A009ABC7D S20 5PE Ridgeway Heights, 1 Bishopdale Rise, Sheffield n11061417734 On outside wall of house. 8 m
39CD0FA2-89AA-4F81-B0CC-AC50013B174F S43 4ER De Rodes Arms, Church Street, Barlborough n11061448182 On the outside wall of the pub. In the car park. 17 m
3A7681A5-A837-4180-993E-AE91015CBA73 S36 6EB 4 Stottercliffe Road, Barnsley n9773013063 On outside wall. 77 m
3B1D5A03-EFE9-46F3-ACA6-B07800A903D2 S73 8QA 169 Summer Lane, Wombwell, Barnsley n11277273603 On the outside wall of the shop. 8 m
3B67175B-132E-4064-9E24-B053009ED334 S36 2RA Deepcar Primary Health Centre, 271 Manchester Road, Stocksbridge n10982739678 Outside wall by the door of Deepcar Health Centre. . 17 m
3D0DBA44-9F5A-4168-A552-AEE200D4FA6F S66 3QT Silverwood Pharmacy, 90 Flanderwell Lane, Sunnyside n6743869357 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
3D9CA4B8-BC57-4BA7-B435-AF6200F1CBCC S6 2AN Sheffield Assay Office, Guardians Hall, 2 Beulah Road n6404897682 Behind reception desk. Available when pool is open. 58 m
3E49F04E-01C1-4845-8A5D-AE3900F39C2D S80 3AT Network Blinds, Network House, High Grounds Road n11061658454 On the outside wall of the industrial building. 23 m
3E658931-0F70-4510-ACC0-AD800148BEA4 S80 3JU Living Accomodation The Parish Oven, Worksop Road, Thorpe Salvin n8980298027 On outside wall. 14 m
3EBF0FA9-3FC6-408A-890B-AFD400A77879 S20 6QH Leebrook Avenue, Leebrook Place, Sheffield n11348489017 On a lamp post at the side of the road. 21 m
3F25EAFC-56E0-497C-97D2-B02D00C37C34 S4 7LG Sorby House, 42 Spital Hill, Sheffield n11295838226 On outside wall. In a corner next to the entrance. 10 m
3F46D047-C3F6-4E76-8750-AEEE00CA87D9 S43 1HZ Lighthouse Homes, Lighthouse Homes Brockhill Court, Chapel Street n11185811557 On the outside, wall of the old peoples home. 4 m
3FC46D0A-EC5F-49B0-82B4-AF940114DFAE S18 4DA Horse And Jockey, 273 Sheffield Road, Unstone n11039503732 On outside wall of pub. 9 m
40277AEF-2994-47D4-A56F-AD4200AECCF9 S8 8DS South Yorkshire Housing Association, White Willows Extra Care, 70 Dyche Road n7596047140 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 12 m
40438558-28B5-4153-A28A-AEDD00B78668 S10 5TJ Crosspool District Youth Sports Trust, Coldwell Lane, Sheffield n10788169956 On outside wall. 10 m
413CF5BC-4D82-45D1-967F-B01500FE3326 S6 3RX St Mary's Community Hall, St Mary's Church, Howard Road n11027719117 On the outside wall of the church hall. 24 m
418B3780-D060-4390-A6C9-1CEC0B2C44DD S44 6HF Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, High St, Bolsover Chesterfield n11185503745 On the outside wall of the fire station. 10 m
41EE49A2-CB96-4F63-9C13-AD88008D3ED4 S13 9XY 1 Rotherwood Avenue, Woodhouse Mill, Rotherham n7599771536 Free standing. Available 24/7. 27 m
4283E5AD-5C02-442D-A19E-AFAA010C6E78 S4 8GU Firvale Community Hub, 127 Page Hall Road, Sheffield n11005896032 On the outside wall of Firvale Community Hub. Next to the door. 75 m
42DA93A2-804A-4982-A2F4-AEFA00A19EF5 S8 8FN Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Batemoor Ambulance Station, Batemoor Road n11003373266 On the outside wall of the ambulance station. 26 m
42EE2011-6DFF-4267-B62E-FAC82F074E14 S18 8ZQ The Jolly Farmer, Pentland Rd, Dronfield Woodhouse Dronfield n6688288954 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 14 m
42F42FA7-C418-4095-9F05-F239E4603CD9 S81 0HF Wardens House Rayton Spur, Worksop n7040708873 18 m
43E537CB-28DC-4E8A-A02D-AFF800D974BF S26 4UA Bethesda Church, Bethesda Chapel, Mansfield Road n11018088451 On outside wall of church 8 m
442DFBE1-BF9D-4332-BB54-AE1A00C0CF93 S36 8YW St Aidens Church, Sheffield Road, Barnsley n8173824689 On outside wall. 13 m
44B39F2D-DE8E-4184-B800-AD4000D80681 S60 2TH Rmbc, Rotherham Town Hall, Moorgate Street n7403466111 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 11 m
44C5DE22-F378-4F28-BEB2-AD6B00A5AD7D S81 8QB Woodsetts Village Hall, Lewis Way, Woodsetts n9221292498 On outside wall. 57 m
4595D494-0816-42A2-A9D4-ADA200ED4D84 S65 4DB Warreners Drive Neighbourhood Centre, 10 Warreners Drive, Thrybergh n11046518240 On the outside wall of the Neighbourhood centre. 6 m
4610F0D6-D329-48BD-A473-AD4000D2F631 S62 7SF 1 Street Lane, Hoober, Rotherham n7544058228 In old red telephone box, Street Lane. 2 m
469FA4EE-4101-4CE8-BCBF-AE8C00FABDD1 S35 7DN South Yorkshire Trades Historical Trust Ltd, Wortley Top Forge, Forge Lane n10990037893 On the wall next to the entrance gate. 19 m
47E6196C-FFA5-44B9-AFBC-AE98010C7535 S61 3JT Kimberworth Park Community Partnership, Chislett Youth And Community Centre, Kimberworth Park Road n10997063321 On a lamppost at the bottom of the drive. 26 m
47FDCD80-E4F8-4042-80AF-AD4400A0084B S71 5EF Ardsley Scout Headquarters, Church Hall Christ Church, Doncaster Road n7052910246 On the outside wall. 14 m
48443754-7929-4EDA-95C7-AF1D00B6048C S2 4NJ Lowfield Primary School, London Road, Sheffield n10995887515 On outside of school building. 4 m
484F8733-8867-4C9F-8861-D1BA02F04C48 S42 5RB Holmewood Library, Heath Rd, Holmewood Chesterfield n7107911685 25 m
4878859A-ACF3-448C-B92C-B04500D97E9A S44 6TH Scarcliffe Primary School, Fox Hill, Chesterfield n431253917 by bus stop in front of church, Main Street, Scarcliffe 78 m
48D3152C-58ED-44F9-815C-B05400B2F763 S45 9RL Cemetery Lodge, 1 Cemetery Road, Danesmoor n11202430261 Just inside the cemetery gates on the wall of the gate house. 8 m
492B1773-DEEC-4D87-B00A-B04C01270E5B S45 0BH Stubben Edge Lane, Littlemoor, Ashover n410370960 In red telephone box, Littlemoor. 27 m
49A564DF-ECB7-44E1-BA93-AD6000B05F74 S26 7YQ Harthill Surgery, Woodall Lane, Harthill n7131278085 Visible on outside wall. Available 24/7. 8 m
4A50A418-DDE9-46D2-A78F-AEBE00EB5858 S60 1QH Rotherham Central Railway Station, Central Road, Rotherham n10980737806 On the outside wall of the station. Next to the Amazon pick up box. 24 m
4B15353A-84E1-4CC5-81EE-AE6100CAFF51 S25 4DL Anston Parish Council, Anston Parish Hall, 15a Ryton Road n6288132513 7 m
4B90D178-51F1-4052-947C-AE3A00DC5406 S74 9BF Tesco, Tesco Supermarket, Wombwell Road n7132956700 By Customer Service desk. Available when store is open. 22 m
4BD6EB5C-F58A-42E5-9C1C-AEA600FC77B3 S6 6LG Old Horns Inn, Towngate, Sheffield n10983927369 An outside wall next to the entrance. 2 m
4BE14FE4-7D2A-4D1B-B9EA-AF0800C49A17 S3 8NR Coode, 7 Millsands, Sheffield n11209833156 On the wooden hoarding around the building site. 5 m
4BF5D78E-427A-44E6-BB13-AD690092659B S73 8HS 117, High Street, Wombwell n11048084491 On outside wall. 70 m
4C0EEE06-6918-4D59-B2F4-ADA4009D9B95 S75 4HP 2 Church Street, Barnsley n4134258666 11 m
4C58AA94-710D-4C18-BAA4-AD41009C7187 S4 8AR Willowbeck, 95 Holywell Road, Sheffield n10982232309 On the outside wall next to the entrance. 26 m
4CFBE3AC-0C04-427D-8536-ADB00083A780 S71 1TH Community Health Partnership, Roundhouse Medical Centre, Wakefield Road, Athersley n11279769365 On the outside wall of the medical centre by the door. 14 m
4D11F94C-18FD-433D-8A6E-AE3600E240FF S43 4JN Tesco, Mill Street, Clowne n8174116868 On outside wall. 18 m
4D3732AC-AA81-4631-AA7E-AF9B009B8624 S36 4HH The Dog And Partridge, Manchester Road, Flouch n10990158020 On outside wall. 26 m
4D7E25F7-B561-4EFB-859B-AD4A00AD3F0C S25 5GR Anston Hillcrest Primary School, Hawthorn Avenue, South Anston n11061795998 On the wall beside the school gate. 49 m
4DF8B52A-E387-4337-BCE5-AFF800A9E86D S70 5SZ Rockingham Service Station, Rockingham Service Station Unit 1e, Kestrel Way n11278275122 On the outside wall of the convenience store. 11 m
4E3956CF-1D9E-4C76-8AEB-AF8100969A38 S61 4HY Rotherham Mbc, Rockingham Professional Development Centre, Roughwood Road n7020808572 An outside wall near entrance 16 m
4F1678D8-6CF3-42B6-9F05-AF7901562AFC S10 3TE Forge Dam Cafe, Brookhouse Hill, Sheffield n8602893482 Outside Café hatch Available 24/7 Provided by;Lee's Footsteps 7 m
4F45E4CC-6348-406B-8F04-ACDF00F35919 S32 4TL Stoney Middleton Parish Council, Castlegate Farm Shop, Main Road n8071208496 On outside wall. 5 m
50420ADF-7E1B-47C1-A05E-AD7B00FB2E06 S60 5BS Tesco Express, 15 Brinswoth Lane, Brinsworth n6533701415 On outside wall 6 m
506EEF7B-08CA-4EE3-81D6-AD7B0127CE75 S26 3XL Visitor Centre And Sailing Club Ulley Country Park, Pleasley Road, Aughton n7599780404 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 13 m
510E163E-A29A-43D8-AB3B-ADD600A6DA47 S25 4GW Elder Ave Defib Group, 2 Elder Avenue, North Anston n11061831748 On a lamp post. On Belvedere Close. 11 m
51B09E10-5DA4-4E94-A7D7-AD4100E0C782 S26 3XH Aughton Early Years Centre, Main Street, Aughton n9322554710 outside Aughton Early Years Centre 13 m
51C0B0ED-7707-40CD-A2D9-B013008F2AEF S70 3LX Kendray Police Station, Rae House, Cypress Road n11277434327 On the outside wall of the police station. 8 m
51CC58FC-893A-4D89-AC56-AD6000C7C0B1 S26 2DD Aston Parish Hall, Rosegarth Avenue, Aston n7599782046 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 11 m
51D7861B-73E0-408F-91D9-AED800C175F0 S61 2AB Jessica Lally Community Fund, The Droppingwell, 162 Upper Wortley Road n10997063313 I’m outside wall of pub. 25 m
5215F816-106D-4A54-852B-B02D00B97E86 S3 9QS Verdon Street Recreation Centre, Verdon Street, Recreation Centre n11026145319 On the outside wall of the recreation centre. 79 m
5229B925-C52E-43DC-934D-AEF0008C279D S12 4HT 44 Cotleigh Crescent, Sheffield n11348371586 On the outside wall next to the entrance. 71 m
5288BAC9-8D2D-433C-BE8C-AF6300F5F374 S40 2AP Chesterfield Estates (Uk) Ltd, S40 Personal Training, 131 Chatsworth Road n11197987318 On the outside wall of the building. 34 m
53520928-045B-4C7B-939D-AFDA005C6015 S66 8LG Tesco, Arndale Centre, High Street n11046780826 Inside Tesco’s available in the shop is open. 22 m
54B7A3F4-90CF-493A-B61D-ADE700B83D14 S12 3XR Swan Inn, 16 Main Road, Ridgeway n7862251610 On outside wall. 8 m
54D10EDC-92FB-42DF-82AC-AD5000872503 S3 8PT National Emergency Services Museum, West Bar, Sheffield n6221535616 On outside wall of Emergency Museum. Available 24/7. 2 m
5517540A-4DEA-42CB-A59E-ADCD00C65CDB S17 4QR Friends Of Bradway Community Hall, Bradway Community Hall, 59 Bradway Road n10994918808 On outside wall of community hall 3 m
5519711A-BA04-4617-8BC6-DD343C72D19D S18 4AL Unstone Parish Council, Fred Hopkinson Memorial Hall (Unstone Community Centre), Crow Lane n6698539593 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 13 m
55592172-760E-4077-986E-ADE400FB45D9 S45 8DB Park House Primary School, Rupert Street, Lower Pilsley n11202847489 On the wall outside the school. 37 m
555BFDFA-28C2-4B87-ADFD-B06D00B86DCE S18 2GN Snape Hill Dentist, Snape Hill Dentist 95 Snape Hill Lane, Dronfield n11350936562 On the outside, wall of the dentist building. 4 m
55831260-86CE-402D-AD67-AD4F0097743A S3 8LY South Yorkshire Police Headquarters, Snig Hill, Sheffield n6221535614 On the wall at the bottom of the ramp. Available 24/7. 32 m
55953A94-283D-48C2-84B9-AE550115B503 S6 4HE Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church, Middlewood Road, Sheffield n9807061904 On outside wall of Hillsborough Trinity Methodist Church 16 m
56379B4D-58B0-4DD6-8DC0-ADE500D4DA38 S11 8TP Lloydspharmacy, 882 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield n10978714031 I’m outside wall of pharmacy 8 m
56587EEF-7362-41B0-B3EC-AF4500FF2477 S18 7TD Hackney House Cafe And Gifts, Hackney Lane, Barlow n11039649948 On outside wall of café. 13 m
5667C5E3-336D-47AF-AB69-AD45012B06F1 S60 5HT Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School, Howlett Drive, Brinsworth n6533657270 On post at side of road. Available 24/7. 59 m
56696221-55FF-4C93-BD9E-B654BF4EA669 S32 1AL On A Lamp Post On, Coggers Ln, Hathersage Hope Valley n7046784574 On post by road. Available 24/7. 3 m
56EAB1B4-D2E4-4B68-BBB4-AD47009CBE18 S71 2EQ 31 High Street, Barnsley n7632790244 On outside wall. Available 24/7 22 m
570265B8-F1BF-4BEB-A49A-AEB4009D77E4 S66 8PH The Lilacs, 28 Joan Lane, Hooton Levitt n11046746292 By the side of the road outside number 28 Joan Lane. 48 m
581423EE-CF13-4AC0-AF7A-AE9300F3120A S10 1NZ St Timothy's Church, St Timothy's Parish Church, 138 Slinn Street n10788263549 On outside wall. 19 m
584DA725-ED08-41E8-8DBC-ADC100D5C0BD S66 8JB St Bartholomew's Church Reading Rooms, Church Lane, Maltby n11046771214 On the outside wall of the church rooms. 32 m
58F0922F-3B8D-4224-AC72-B03200B0AF7B S44 6LW Hillstown Village Hall, 12 Nesbit Street, Bolsover n11185617984 On the outside wall of Hillstown Village Hall. 16 m
59E523E1-4107-4314-B34C-883E1B4DB46B S21 5RN Devonshire Arms, Lightwood Lane, Sheffield n8544210223 On outside wall. 9 m
5AF66CC6-91DA-4AC0-912F-AF2000E8B6AD S5 7JZ Longley Park View, 70 Longley Lane, Sheffield n10980985395 On outside wall next to the entrance 9 m
5B365B53-55BB-4C9B-9EFC-6E9B74AB8DF3 S18 1UQ Hilltop Sports & Social Club, Longacre Rd, Dronfield n11351338509 Inside the sports club which is open in the evenings. 3 m
5B3F1437-7588-45E3-95F8-057E56C54364 S44 6PP Pillar Of Rock On Right Hand Side Next To Front Door, 15 Castle St, Bolsover Chesterfield n10743708522 On the outside wall at the Wetherspoons pub 23 m
5BEB312E-E2A6-41F6-A502-AFE700A758A4 S36 1AY Smithy Moor Playing Field, Cross Lane, Sheffield n10982650988 On the outside wall of community centre. 63 m
5BF8C911-A803-4890-9460-AD4100FAAB2D S9 1LP St Thomas Boys Club, Newman Road, Sheffield n6593410438 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 10 m
5CA35D84-7F67-44FA-9981-AE5B00FAA049 S35 0PD Blue Ball Inn, 320 Haggstones Road, Sheffield n11012244229 On the outside wall of the pub next to the entrance. 4 m
5E5111F9-6B8E-4D9A-A832-AD4A00AE1B1E S26 6LR Kiveton Park And Wales Community Development Trust, Room 31 Old Colliery Offices, Colliery Road n7131233678 21 m
5F94D19A-14E7-4DA8-BF23-AF8700A0142D S6 2FQ Pentagon Toyota, 260 Penistone Road, Sheffield n10982789482 On outside wall. 23 m
5FA06FF2-C9F5-4097-B4AC-AEDE012B0FE0 S9 1UE Tinsley One Stop Shop, Tinsley Forum, 120-126 Bawtry Road n10980866797 On the outside wall next to the entrance. 11 m
5FDF31CB-5EDE-4E09-804E-AE0500C557A9 S70 2RD Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Gateway Plaza, Sackville Street n11279774681 On the outside wall of the office block. 15 m
5FEFEE23-9D5E-4C33-A896-AD5600E94ABA S66 1DR Wickersley Parish Council, Bob Mason's Pavillion, Close To 44 Sorby Way n6743723950 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 46 m
600E88B2-EF9D-4AFA-9A00-EFFF503CE565 S42 6AW Alton Telephone Kiosk, General Area Of, Alton Chesterfield n4497108268 In red telephone box, Alton. 72 m
602A0B93-9FEF-4F05-9477-ADB000C00A40 S40 2QT Rose And Crown, 104 Old Road, Chesterfield n11198040042 On the outside wall of the pub. 9 m
60C56FEE-B6B9-4BF0-8DA3-AF1100963CEC S44 5HY Derbyshire County Council Environmental Services Building, Markham Lane, Markham Vale n11185397603 On a gate post outside the Environment Centre. 71 m
60DE6F7E-0B82-4F78-AFE4-B00300C34E67 S6 2BL Napoleons Casino, 17 Livesey Street, Sheffield n9803445662 On outside wall. 23 m
6128575B-05F2-47BD-B182-AEC300C79571 S9 4JU Church Of Christ, Station Road, Darnall n10792481340 On outside wall by entrance. 6 m
613E558E-F3F2-4DCD-A860-AF3E00FCD235 S10 4BD Hallam Community Hall, Hallam Grange Crescent, Sheffield n10978612020 On outside wall at the back of the community hall 11 m
61A355FE-D6E6-4B5A-89C4-AE8C00D3481D S10 4LA Hallamshire Golf Course, Redmires Road, Sheffield n10978565387 On outside wall. 17 m
61F413B8-6933-4D62-9E07-AE2200B33D45 S60 1QX Town Hall, Rotherham Town Centre, Rotherham n10980838922 In the shopping mall next to the postbox. 72 m
640F4023-7ACE-4341-81F8-AD5900ADFC3A S36 7JJ Hoylandswaine Village Hall, Haigh Lane, Barnsley n7450352559 On outside wall. Available 24/7 28 m
64B3E8D1-F459-4F81-B218-B028008ED197 S33 6ZF The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Edale Road, Hope, Hope n5422889650 23 m
66603E5D-5EB3-41A1-A650-AFF000F43141 S18 3BP Barnard Avenue, Barnard Avenue Shops 51 Barnard Avenue, Coal Aston n11003395425 I’m outside wall of cafe. 5 m
66A63E69-9CD0-4FF8-B19D-AD4100F7C8B8 S70 2TA Barnsley Town Hall, Church Street, Barnsley n6247249468 By the entrance. 39 m
66C06026-9D83-4B03-BC1E-ADB0010FC9BC S43 3UG Cricket Ground Sports Ground, Bent Lane, Lowgates n11185725649 On the outside wall of the pavilion bar. 17 m
676B2600-D549-404B-9F36-ADCD00CE8917 S35 0FL Chemists, 2 Bridge Hill, Oughtibridge n6536914623 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
6878ECEA-CFC2-4685-A22F-AEF900BE73C7 S61 2PT Jessica Lally Community Fund, The Ball Inn, Hesley Lane n11048142731 On the outside wall of the pub next to the entrance. 9 m
689D2A13-D560-4550-B3E2-AD4E00BD94B0 S35 7JA Hunshelf Parish Council, Providence Room, Green Moor Church n6984462733 On the outside wall of church. 51 m
692740EE-D2D4-46EA-984D-AD4800E8A098 S8 7FB Ghb Dental Care, 177 Hemper Lane, Sheffield n7569867175 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
6A621B65-C967-4F8C-B2FA-B07B0136C33D S18 2XD Halo Hair Limited, 77-81 Chesterfield Road, Dronfield n11351140913 On the outside wall of the hairdressers. 7 m
6A997B34-08FD-45F7-97BB-B01101258FDB S40 4EZ 27 Bentham Road, Chesterfield n11198012741 On the outside wall of the houses garage. 13 m
6A9D29C5-A998-456B-AE58-AE98017ED649 S66 8HZ The Hay Nook, Yarwell Drive, Maltby n7815498673 On outside wall. 10 m
6ADF4371-2F5C-4AC6-B78C-AD51008AC461 S17 3EH The Scout Association 267th Dore Scout Group, Scout Hall, Rushley Road n6511307145 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 8 m
6B492A79-DC67-4B3B-8A87-AECF016CA8B5 S36 7GJ 1 Wellthorne Lane, Ingbirchworth, Barnsley n6001449493 street_lamp 8 m
6C8AAEC2-5C74-4DDA-AE36-AD4F008F33D0 S1 2HE Virgin Money, 66 Fargate, Sheffield n10725041488 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
6CB7D145-95A2-463C-870C-B09300E61CAD S71 1NL 21179 Barnsley Mbc, Smithies Lane Depot, Smithies Lane n7632746714 Free standing. Available 24/7 5 m
6D724F60-AF24-4D6B-8ABF-4187F2D323E9 S41 0JB Co-Op - Mansfield Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Hasland, 5a Mansfield Rd n7048886697 7 m
6D7D8AE8-4CDF-4C1D-8E07-AD5800955F6C S60 1TG Subway, Retail World, 21a Stadium Way n6222750349 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
6E028594-8FD4-41F7-8067-AD440099A214 S10 5PL Church Of St Columba, 503 Manchester Road, Crosspool n6593402304 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 18 m
6E2C10AC-9714-4BAC-9461-AF1000B45CE4 S43 4EU Royal Oak Inn, High St, Barlborough n7051772729 outside Royal Oak pub, Barlborough - on corner of building 21 m
6EEFB32C-D634-40D0-BFC1-AF8900BE7274 S14 1FY Gleadless Valley Foodbank, Gleadless Valley Methodist Church, Blackstock Road n10797119863 On outside wall. 13 m
704D40DA-0DDB-4A8B-BDCA-AD630148B91C S35 7AA Thurgoland Village Hall, Roper Lane, Thurgoland n6712217253 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 33 m
70B39981-BE00-4B8F-822F-AD4300CC3251 S60 8AR The Winter Green, Mitchell Way, Catcliffe n6765693991 5 m
70EF145F-6C06-4658-B008-AD430086CE22 S17 3GA Dore Church Hall, Townhead Road, Sheffield n1188014195 On fence at side of path. Available 24/7. 14 m
71E394E6-6343-4202-A15A-AEBB0076A90C S36 8YQ Oxspring United Jfc, Waggon And Horses, Sheffield Road n10990055622 On the outside wall of the pub. 9 m
723F257B-48F9-43E9-A33C-AED600AE86A7 S66 2SA Bramley Parish Hall, Cross Street, Bramley n6743869361 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 24 m
729351F1-A970-4691-A21D-AD7500A98E09 S81 8JN Village Hall, Maltby Road, Oldcotes n10876832101 outside Oldcotes Village Hall - next to entrance 15 m
73571213-5B3D-414D-9F42-ADE20109BF48 S8 0SP Williams Electrical Of Woodseats, 2 Helmton Road, Sheffield n7563937296 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 10 m
73D1463E-C57B-4ED0-8A99-AD500085D257 S1 3FZ Westfield House, 60 Charter Row, Sheffield n6293769622 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 38 m
741F1E7D-54C5-4064-A789-AEFF00761FE4 S65 2PS Rotherham Cancer Care Centre, Badsley Grange, 93 Badsley Moor Lane n11034265992 On the outside wall of Rotherham cancer care centre. 2 m
7443BE55-A083-46D1-ADDB-AD8800BA9B2B S70 6RR Co-Op - Keresforth Hall Road, Keresforth Hall Road, Barnsley n6982939340 43 m
744ED2F8-6F1C-4F4C-A12D-AD7B00FC3827 S66 2LU Living Accomodation The Joker, Blackthorn Avenue, Bramley n6743823819 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 14 m
74CAA735-7563-4405-9519-AD4000E291E5 S70 2LW Harris And Co Chartered Accountants, 13-15 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley n7632746719 On outside wall. Available 24/7 22 m
7529B849-9861-4356-84EF-B04300E37290 S1 2JE Freeths Solicitors, Floor 5, 129 Norfolk Street n6475802623 On the first floor in cabinet next to the porters lodge. Available 24/7 but need to access the car p 70 m
756B5D4B-D994-4527-B876-B028008EC641 S33 6RD Hope Sports Club Pavilion, Sports Field, Castelton Road, Hope, Hope n10719035706 On wall near entrance. 8 m
75F238A2-04AD-4ED2-A114-AD210066FB2E S80 3HL 11 Tylden Road, Rhodesia n11061652619 On the outside wall of the post office. 6 m
76B55D1D-880C-40D9-B55E-AF890105CBC4 S71 1XW 58 Brettas Park, Barnsley n11279769367 On a post outside 58 Brett’s Park. 14 m
770A6E43-4E33-42A1-B5D4-AD5C00E3F818 S60 5BS The Centre, Brinsworth Lane, Brinsworth n7599547669 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 16 m
77407664-C8E8-4040-B0D0-AC5000C493C1 S41 8XG 1 Freebirch View, Upper Newbold n11198055536 On the wall by the postbox. 20 m
77EDA0A1-0BB5-4378-8453-B09D0102B7B2 S10 5GB Tapton Hill Congregational Church, Tapton Hill Road, Sheffield n11289342043 On the outside wall of the church. 10 m
781F8454-BFCE-4F6D-B97C-AFA600A3CAD8 S17 4HD Shepley Spitfire, 56 Mickley Lane, Sheffield n10994971649 On outside wall of pub. 9 m
78530E2E-DEF6-4572-AB72-ADF7010926C4 S43 3LP Poolsbrook Miners Welfare, 19 Cottage Close, Poolsbrook n11185667035 On the outside wall of the working men’s club. 17 m
79547360-F76A-432C-9F2D-AD44015001F9 S6 6HF Public Telephone At Ringwood House, Main Road On B6076, Main Road, Dungworth n10148241238 inside old red phone box in Dungworth 0 m
79665362-0E1A-48F7-A3F7-AD6000BDD90D S25 1YD Laughton Village Hall, Firbeck Avenue, Laughton-En-Le-Morthen n7130949461 13 m
79B4E791-26BD-4621-BF37-AE4500E11901 S70 3NS Tesco, Atm Tesco Supermarket, Wombwell Lane n7260892514 By main entrance. Available when store is open. 36 m
7A0CA571-08C4-4F9D-BC9C-B0220100ADA7 S36 9QT 45 Manchester Road, Thurlstone, Barnsley n6234313736 wall 19 m
7AD31B92-31B1-4434-AAF3-AEDA00AF06D8 S61 1NQ Jessica Lally Community Fund, The Colin, 1 Old Wortley Road n10997007975 On the outside wall at the back of the pub. 8 m
7B524F12-7EFD-4396-AAC9-AE9900B82CB8 S13 9NR Eurosafe Solutions, 51-53 Orgreave Drive, Sheffield n11017701685 On outside wall of industrial building near the entrance. 16 m
7B9AB746-4AFF-4FDE-89E2-AD6B00B4F1E3 S72 0EG Great Houghton Welfare Hall, Rotherham Road, Barnsley n7052886541 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 8 m
7B9DE3E7-55E7-4D17-B9A3-AFAF00FB862E S6 1BT Wolfe Road Healthy Living Centre, 31-33 Wolfe Road, Sheffield n10969313311 On outside wall of Foxhill Forum. 5 m
7D0FDCB6-43E4-40E2-B137-AD88008AB307 S72 8QA Shafton Village Working Mens Club, 44 High Street, Barnsley n8173954525 On outside wall. 23 m
7DC12274-42E9-4301-B804-B01201036E0C S5 6HU Jessica Lally Community Fund, Sheffield Lane Club 45-53 Hatfield House Lane, Sheffield n11005878418 On the outside wall near the entrance to the working men’s club. 16 m
7DCEFF6E-ECAF-4853-9A12-AC6F00ADFE71 S80 4NN Whitwell Community Centre, Portland Street, Whitwell n7040808943 On outside wall. 16 m
7DD6FA19-E932-48E3-B34B-AD4400A4F9A5 S25 2QT Kiddiwinks Day Nursery, New Road, Dinnington n7599927394 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 35 m
7EA34F1C-6044-4835-B457-AF3B0125F5E3 S11 9FU Cherry Tree Inn, Managers Accommodation, 2 Carter Knowle Avenue n10980435815 On the outside wall of the Cherry tree Pub 11 m
7F1D2A22-3555-4514-9D22-AD5401400F15 S66 1EG Wickersley Ci Bowling Club, The Green, 58 Morthen Road n6743729137 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 37 m
7F5DA0D5-5028-411B-B793-ACC4013AD682 S43 4QS Barlborough Road, Clowne n11061459359 An outside wall of pavilion. 34 m
7FA509E9-7966-48F1-83FA-AE4C0101254D S74 8EL Crown Inn, 22 Hill Street, Elsecar n11277273596 On the outside wall of the pub. 4 m
81CB9DD8-82C2-47EF-BCF6-B028008EBB4B S32 5RB Eyam Telephone Box, Telephone Box, The Square, Eyam n416004423 In old telephone box. 2 m
81F030C6-35E0-4492-9A6E-B04200B51099 S70 3PW Lynton House Dental Practice, Lynton House, 317 Doncaster Road n11277352737 On the outside wall of the dental practice. 5 m
821A2998-295F-4F7F-B091-AEDA00A60BA0 S21 4GA One Stop Shop, 71 West Street, Eckington n11017772354 On the outside wall by the entrance. 78 m
825A5717-E2DB-4A05-A54D-AE1C00C4E3D3 S3 8RA Tesco, Tesco Stores Ltd Kelham, Central Quay n9881564659 In store. Behind counter. 45 m
83ED8FDD-6BD7-48FD-9A91-AF0B014E1CE9 S11 7TS The Norfolk Arms, Ringinglow Village, 2 Ringinglow Road n10980435814 On the front wall of the Norfolk Arms. 7 m
841A8736-5EBA-47FF-917C-B021011346CA S65 1LW Street Light Near Centre Entrance, Coleridge Childrens Centre, Coleridge Road n11034408529 On a lamppost outside the children’s centre. 76 m
8446B3D8-2344-418F-A9DC-AE770081B5D7 S36 1DY Step Children's Centre, 648 Manchester Road, Sheffield n10982676739 On the outside wall of Stocksbridge family centre. 13 m
84D64111-DD4A-4550-9A26-AD4400C36AAD S65 2LB Swinburne Place Community Centre, Swinburne Place, Herringthorpe n11034265965 On the outside wall of the community centre. 55 m
8537E3EE-37FF-4A53-BCBF-AD4700B93CDE S66 9LA Spar, Spar Thurcroft, 1 Green Arbour Road n6753205708 7 m
8562DD1E-685B-420F-9FEC-AFCD012300A4 S9 1RQ Hanfia Mosque And Islamic Cultural Centre, 372 Sheffield Road, Tinsley n10980908132 On outside wall of mosque. 7 m
85912C36-F657-453D-B1ED-AD0700D684FA S33 9JT Bradwell Sports Club, Sports Pavilion, Stretfield Road n7046784575 4 m
863D4A2A-5508-4534-BE63-EA455A68FFA2 S42 7BX Wadshelf Village Hall, Main Rd, Wadshelf Chesterfield n7817295600 On outside wall. Wadshelf Village Hall 8 m
864AA7AA-F1F5-4625-9A2B-AD9B00C57447 S6 4BB Wadsley Church Hall, Worrall Road, S6 4bb n6593411535 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 54 m
876B53F7-18BF-4BBD-85D5-AF6D00F66A39 S6 4NG Loxley Sports Bar And Grill, Loxley New Road, Sheffield n10983879084 On the outside wall next to the entrance. 8 m
88110F14-A5D6-4D67-BF99-AD4700D9E671 S35 1AP Sheffield City Council, Public Convenience, Cowley Lane n6457887784 On outside wall of toilet. 2 m
8A146989-8A0D-451A-A138-B05100FB1B89 S12 3HS Sunflower Childrens Centre, 21 Carter Hall Road, Sheffield n11252636598 On the fence outside of the children’s centre. 12 m
8A1A450E-2050-47C1-A285-AFC600FC6577 S61 4HH Jessica Lally Community Fund, The Mill Dam, Grayson Road n11047931348 On the outside wall of pub. 17 m
8B806513-68DB-4E85-8F91-AEF900BFFA85 S61 2HX Jessica Lally Community Fund, Bake N Butty, 8 Meadowhall Road n10997007976 On the outside wall of the sandwich shop. 2 m
8B81763D-574E-46C2-A150-AE8B00C3333D S6 2HH The Burton Street Foundation, Capel Building, 57 Burton Street n11017471143 On the outside wall of the Capel building next to the Burton Street foundation reception office. 14 m
8C1D40F5-59A8-428E-A078-F50EE5B4C982 S45 0BA Ashover Medical Centre Milken Lane, Far Hill, Ashover Chesterfield n8224744973 On outside wall. 13 m
8C709182-C97F-4429-A468-5BA5723639FA S18 1PN Polaris Apparel Ltd, Wreakes Ln, Dronfield n6696982535 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 22 m
8C860180-D6DC-4A08-8618-AED001121103 S17 3BD Totley Ac, Totley Bents Recreation Ground, Lane Head Road n10995169211 On outside wall of Totley sports and social club. 42 m
8F3CED30-1EFE-40EF-AA34-AED000E6598B S10 3QA Nether Green Junior School, Fulwood Road, Sheffield n10978635890 Outside Nether Green Junior School - On the fence next to the gate. 6 m
8FF57886-05F9-497A-83DC-AED0016C0D27 S60 2UD Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Rotherham Ambulance Station, Moorgate Road n11034278800 On the outside wall. On the corner of the ambulance station. 3 m
906CEF85-371A-47E7-A340-AEC3014E1032 S65 4PT Ravenfield Parish Hall, Birchwood Drive, Ravenfield n11046623649 On the outside wall. By the entrance of the parish hall. 12 m
90B1F634-8CEB-41DA-9F16-AD0300A89A6F S18 2XN Henry Boot Construction Uk Ltd, Callywhite Lane, Dronfield n11004055938 Next to the entrance of Henry Boot. 28 m
90E574C0-F39A-4AF7-AA61-AD5101219F7B S64 8QA St John's Methodist Church, Church Street, Swinton n7589996893 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 21 m
91707B7D-813F-486F-AD09-CA7F9C4F417D S45 0JF Uppertown Social Centre Cullumbell Lane, Uppertown, Ashover Chesterfield n7047865308 On outside wall. 6 m
92246FC4-CD4C-4584-AB24-B03400AE1E76 S8 0XQ Virgin Active Sheffield Broadfield Park, 300 Broadfield Park, Broadfield Road n6535338798 Opposite reception desk. Available when pool is open. 38 m
9273D471-4094-4B0D-88BE-AF1900D1CBED S8 7RL Greenhill Methodist Church Sheffield, Greenhill Methodist Church, School Lane n11003358267 On outside wall of new church building. 15 m
940C312F-FE5D-4309-A335-AE1A00C1D515 S36 6HF Spring Vale Methodist Church, Sheffield Road, Barnsley n6984494946 51 m
9508AE86-3561-4F54-A883-AD4100E6BE5C S35 1RN Burncross Surgery, 1 Bevan Way, Chapeltown n11277181333 On the outside wall of the surgery. By the entrance. 17 m
95D3F9DC-9668-45A0-9F15-AD5D0111B9A9 S66 3ZL The Woodman, Woodlaithes Road, Sunnyside n7553289225 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 12 m
969B2D49-7762-4D13-87EC-ACD800CFFFA3 S33 0BR Public Telephone 19m From Prospect Cottage, Thornhill On Thornhill Lane, Thornhill Lane, Bamford n2609861391 In red telephone box Thornhill - junction of Thornhilll Lane and Carr Lane 5 m
97EB3F4F-FAFD-4571-9FE9-AF8C00D62946 S10 1NB Hallamshire Proprietary Bowling Club, 58 Hands Road, Sheffield n10574738202 On outside wall. 6 m
98FB4760-5C8A-43AA-AD54-AE9A0114CA68 S2 4BA Puregym, 9-15 Manton Street, Sheaf Gardens n11015733723 In the first aid station by the door. 17 m
99784A68-EEBB-4958-9C6E-AE2800FABB94 S6 4JF Hawthorn Rd, Sheffield n9937761814 42 m
9A4D920E-BF0F-4955-B5F5-AEC9015A2E7D S40 1AQ Thorn Baker Recruitment, 15-17 West Bars, Chesterfield n10879792533 14 m
9AFFFD32-1BBC-4F8A-8E7A-AF240111898A S65 1RN Masjid Mosque, Russell Street, Eastwood n10980642879 On outside wall of Mosque. 14 m
9B20476A-3C59-4864-8DA1-C4F1D27E5746 S41 0LH Hasland Working Mens Club, Hampton St, Chesterfield n7817469649 On outside wall. 16 m
9B5A865F-EE11-427B-ACC9-AD41008A67A5 S11 8YL St Andrews Psalter Lane Church, Shirley House, 31 Psalter Lane n10012978554 On outside wall. 14 m
9BA55BC6-A2B6-4A8D-93F6-AD89014F4862 S20 5AE 38a High Street, Mosborough, Sheffield n11017795352 On the outside wall of the shop. 7 m
9C25D5E3-74B9-4B0E-8F7A-AF2A00A3EC05 S21 4FA Eckington Miners Welfare Social Club Limited, Pipeyard Lane, Eckington n11017925969 On the outside wall of the bar. 10 m
9D0C4C42-E33F-43D7-8C18-AD4F00960748 S1 4FT Carver Lane Car Park, 43 Carver Street, Sheffield n6596032512 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 3 m
9D260492-9CB9-49F1-8CE1-AF1C00B0F799 S70 5HJ Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc, Ward Green Pharmacy, 95 Vernon Road n11233392721 On the end, wall of the pharmacy building. 3 m
9D3F2950-850D-4A08-8113-B05000DB6A5D S45 9BU St Barnabas Centre Management, St Barnabas Community Centre, Pilsley Road n11202396991 On the outside wall near the entrance to the Barnabas centre. 9 m
9D8267B7-3C9D-4604-BEC8-60240BE3EEBB S43 3HA Co-Op - Inkersall Green Road, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Inkersall, 33 Inkersall Grn Rd n11185708378 On the outside, wall of the supermarket next to the entrance. 37 m
9E0E8BE2-00A9-4970-9804-B03C00B1DE0D S5 8AL Parson Cross Park Pavilion, Pavilion Parson Cross Park, Buchanan Road n11220327398 On the outside of the building. 9 m
9E2DC426-D8DC-4492-8CB1-E57D6C492B4C S21 3UW Co-Op - Main Road, Main Rd, Renishaw Sheffield n7020802470 On outside wall. 57 m
9E5A8BBE-1B4F-4F97-A0E6-B09E00B45191 S5 6AE Concord Park Sports Centre, Shiregreen Lane, Sheffield n6414014998 Behind reception desk for use by staff. 57 m
9E6CF483-53A8-45CF-B9DB-AE1A00BCF242 S36 1DH Stocksbridge Library, 519 Manchester Road, Stocksbridge n6536914621 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 5 m
9F7AC74E-1CDF-44C6-849F-B00D00D4EA8A S61 3QH Jessica Lally Community Fund, Kimberworth Park Medical Centre, Langdon Road n10997007035 On the front of the health centre. 14 m
9FB62FD5-67C8-4D1B-941A-ADB800F621B5 S70 3HF Neville Court Nursing Home, Neville Avenue, Kendray n11277376237 On the outside wall of Neville Court. 6 m
A047C91E-E481-48B3-8189-24646AC18B74 S21 4EX Co-Op - Pinfold Street, Central England Co-Operative Retail - Eckington, Pinfold St n8528322127 On outside wall. 16 m
A2B0AD05-0B31-4604-929B-AD7100F8DBB3 S10 2PL Hallamshire Physiotherapy, 2-4 Newbould Lane, Sheffield n10788200664 On outside wall by entrance door. 7 m
A2DB2CCF-A523-4CA4-BE1D-AE4B00A9B724 S62 7UF 36 Occupation Road, Harley, Rotherham n10997343031 In old telephone box. 1 m
A2EADDFB-6597-4B1C-9F9B-B02800D7414A S9 3TL Community Stadium Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, Worksop Road, Attercliffe n11187827024 On a wall in the public area. 74 m
A32B3251-C66A-4B59-B15A-AFA100AF6E98 S8 8DX Jordanthorpe Library, 15 Jordanthorpe Centre, Sheffield n11003373265 On the outside wall beside the entrance to the library. 5 m
A32EBB96-4172-4F1C-99B4-398EA0025E4B S32 1BZ Scotsmans Pack, School Ln, Hathersage Hope Valley n7020493256 On outside wall. 13 m
A35F31EE-C251-4AF3-BD14-AFEF00CD0792 S36 6TS Tesco, Atm Tesco Stores, Market Lane n6984494947 Inside store. Available when store is open. 16 m
A37FAFC7-515A-4880-A99F-AED600B03CCC S66 1TS Rotherham Mbc, Bill Chafer Youth Centre, Flash Lane n6743833503 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
A39292ED-7836-4C4A-95C1-AE885303347D S45 0DX Kelstedge Inn, Matlock Rd, Ashover Chesterfield n7049076978 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
A4037C57-C934-4843-83DF-AD4200E6AAA0 S17 4PT Castle Inn, 1 Twentywell Road, Sheffield n10141340888 On outside wall. 6 m
A4224210-8EAF-4837-B1D4-026A33A0362A S33 9JG Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Main Rd, Bradwell Hope Valley n10908175207 On outside wall next to the entrance. 7 m
A4B052B8-FC4A-4C6F-9D79-ADDB011C79BD S17 3LJ Abbeydale Park Sports Club, Abbeydale Sports Club Ltd, Abbeydale Road South n10994706376 Inside the clubhouse next to the lift. 29 m
A5E1565B-03C2-43BA-A8D5-AF0B00D2F804 S33 8WG The Castle, Castle Street, Castleton n5777807673 In red telephone box, Castle Street, Castleton 19 m
A6DFD0A5-9CFF-4F6B-AC92-575D471EB991 S32 1DU Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Station, Oddfellows Rd, Hathersage Hope Valley n6699305396 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
A6EE71A6-54E2-495B-9996-AEBB00DDF335 S2 1TR Sheffield City Council, Manor Lane, Sheffield n11046968282 On the outside of the building in the private gated compound. 25 m
A70D62E9-BC30-49F4-840A-AD4F0092ECD6 S1 4ES West Street Live, 128-130 West Street, Sheffield n6593411536 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 8 m
A7B66826-E4C5-4F08-AF12-AD0800C1E48A S80 4TP Whitwell Service Station, Units 2 - 3, Welbeck Street n7040808945 7 m
A7DC7478-D014-4B8F-9048-B01500B2003A S64 5SQ Kilnhurst Working Mens Club, Victoria Street, Kilnhurst n7403466110 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
A89B3F98-24CF-4911-B9C0-AF32C63778C3 S81 8AP The Turbine Shireoaks Triangle Business Park, Coach Cl, Shireoaks Worksop n11061707673 On the outside wall of the industrial building. 60 m
A92ACA4F-5092-4898-B68A-ADAD00E4D99F S35 2PH Mountcity Investments, Thorncliffe Park, Newton Chambers Road n6533846726 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 93 m
A9E25281-7974-42CA-89EE-B05E00FE8364 S1 4QQ Sheffield Advertising Kiosk, Outside 49 Furnival Gate, Junction With Union Street n11187624186 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 7 m
AA51C75B-F848-4C8B-882C-300E0F0B3B5B S42 7DX The Village Hall, Holymoor Rd, Holymoorside Chesterfield n7047805287 64 m
AAD56CD8-5AD9-46CC-8F78-B008008CE05F S12 4HE Golden Plover, 45 Spa View Road, Sheffield n11028067587 On the outside wall by the entrance. 16 m
ABCE975E-A24E-4981-8113-AF2100E132EF S42 6XP Britannia Inn, Ward Street, New Tupton n11202064702 On the outside wall of the pub next to the entrance. 4 m
ABE2FC13-83CC-4C3A-B7DA-AE250096EAEC S70 1BA Local Mencap Barnsley, Compass House, Castlereagh Street n11279786749 On the fence by the roadside. 8 m
AC6B910C-B19C-4AB8-97C5-B09E00D9D44F S70 5LJ Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc, Worsbrough Sports & Development Association, The Welfare Hall, Park Road n10997172884 On outside of building. 11 m
ACCBDA68-BC3D-4B17-9B56-AD41007C6A82 S26 4UN Airmaster Air Conditioning Ltd, Wetherby House, Park Hill n11018088447 On outside of building. 15 m
AD4BED51-2537-40C2-B19C-AB7100E82D04 S42 5EJ Grassmoor Methodist Church, North Wingfield Road, Grassmoor n7050532832 outside Grassmoor Methodist Church 50 m
AF40671D-DE7F-494D-9DFE-AEA70143BA52 S40 3LJ Maggie Mays, 1a Breckland Road, Walton n11198088774 On the outside wall on the corner of the café. 15 m
B040E61C-F8A4-4A6C-B8F4-ADCC00E5D276 S70 5EB Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc, Elm Court Sheltered Housing Complex, Worsbrough Bridge n10997443416 On outside wall. 4 m
B102912F-6F53-4539-9A0C-AD48008963B1 S62 7TL Wentworth Stained Glass, Main Street, Wentworth n278083070 Inside old red telephone box, Wentworth 15 m
B150C464-690B-4F2B-80B9-AD41012944B3 S17 3QS Dore And Totley United Reformed Church, 26 Totley Brook Road, Totley n6511211936 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 29 m
B1A7ED56-8FE5-41D7-969B-AF580115D42B S21 2BW Travellers Rest Pub - High Moor, Mansfield Road, High Moor n11017980457 On the outside wall of the pub. 46 m
B1F11CF0-3523-43B2-98CB-AF7400DC1958 S9 4JU Darnall Railway Station, Station Road, Darnall n11034435355 On the wall next to the Amazon locker. 80 m
B212475F-B613-40C2-84F8-B069010B08D9 S12 2NP Gleadless & District Conservative Club, 268 Hollinsend Road, S12 2np n11252641537 On the outside wall of the Conservative club. 10 m
B2E825F3-19B8-4537-B5B0-AD4E00A5FE91 S73 0PT 5 Cemetery Road, Hemingfield, Barnsley n7589952221 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
B312547D-6177-4714-9E4D-AF4C00FA4EE1 S6 2GB Mcdonald's - Yorkshire 2, 633 Penistone Road, Hillsborough n11012592326 Inside McDonald’s on the wall. This one is currently open 24/7. 27 m
B3A3DDA4-6268-4B4B-815A-AE2801162919 S80 4SB Planterior Landscape Services Ltd, Unit 1 Southfield Industrial Site, Southfield Lane n11061472632 On the outside wall of the industrial building. 13 m
B3FB2DCB-CED9-41D5-B85B-AE1700C70019 S42 6FF Mulberry Grove, Old Tupton n11202084796 On a gate post outside number 1 Mulberry Grove. 3 m
B41EE353-ADEA-4183-862A-B02A00ADC6CA S6 1GA Fox Hill Medical Centre, 160 Fox Hill Crescent, Sheffield n11019780052 On the outside wall of the medical centre. By the entrance. 14 m
B5210AF1-FEB2-4E8C-B5DC-B00700973666 S26 7YH The Beehive, 16 Union Street, Harthill n11018019807 On the outside wall of the back of the pub. 3 m
B53A6A94-BC7D-4E53-A35D-AF50013B68E2 S71 2NW Vintage Full House, The Full House, Rotherham Road n11279769368 On the outside wall of the pub. At the back of the car park. 21 m
B5BC5148-5EEE-47ED-9B9D-AD8800A0ABEC S65 4DA 1 Staple Green, Community Center, Thrybergh n7652980061 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
B5E2327C-2552-4CE4-AED0-AFA801020EF0 S5 0AW Tennants Association, 149 Hartley Brook Road, Sheffield n11005848514 On the outside wall of Shiregreen tenants and residents association. 29 m
B5EF153B-0E4C-4364-A481-AE1A00BFD5A6 S36 1EA Crown Cars Garage, 798 Manchester Road, Stocksbridge n7523247603 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
B667F3D5-5EA1-4B26-B5DC-AFB300A858ED S61 2BT Jessica Lally Community Fund, Blackburn Minimarket, 7 Baring Road n10997007974 On the outside wall of the convenience store 4 m
B69BB744-921B-4F36-AE29-AD4100C3AF94 S10 3GX Ranmoor Parish Centre, 5 Ranmoor Park Road, Sheffield n7364377070 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
B72E444D-46C7-4A75-8538-AC4B008318E0 S40 1AZ Co-Op Funeral - West Bars, Funeral Home, 55 West Bars n4909656723 18 m
B7C61177-530D-4AAB-9468-ADB2012F50D2 S65 4NA Corme Ecluse, Main Street, Ravenfield n7652980074 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 5 m
B823DFF3-6F13-435B-960B-E4F9755DB312 S44 6LY Freedom Project, Old Methodist Church, 91 Langwith Rd, Bolsover Chesterfield n11185617986 On the outside wall of the old Methodist church. 18 m
B8F13377-C426-4F98-8820-AD4F00911DE7 S1 2BX The Showroom Cinema, The Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row n1681865192 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 4 m
B9420CCF-1937-4A93-A8CB-ADE5014A532C S8 8SG Mount View Church Defib, Mount View Methodist Church, Derbyshire Lane n10797195906 On outside wall. By the entrance. 2 m
B94A94D5-BA1E-4ACF-AA8B-AFE900A731CA S5 9NB St Thomas More Community Centre, 56 Margetson Crescent, Sheffield n11019718951 On the outside wall of the community centre/church. By the entrance. 28 m
BA509B99-3AE5-4FB7-865E-ADAC00F36A88 S26 6RX Community Centre, Viking Way, Kiveton Park n11018043011 On the outside, wall of the OAP centre. 34 m
BAE4826E-4A3E-4046-ABFF-AED000B44667 S2 5DD Webhelp (Formally Dixons), 1b Sheffield Parkway, Sheffield n10777518723 On outside wall. 31 m
BC61563A-1B0F-4423-9CF4-E7C799EA19EE S21 3YB Angel Public House, 26 College Rd, Spinkhill Sheffield n8187157748 On outside wall. 10 m
BCB14B61-835B-4340-AC62-AD9500F258E1 S63 5NA Webhelp (Previously Herotsc), Adwick Park, Manvers n11047991357 On the outside wall next to the entrance of the industrial building. 43 m
BCD864EC-78A9-4B79-8245-ACA40172F45D S80 1JS 9line, 30 Bridge Place, Worksop n11061613224 On the outside wall of the shop. 7 m
BDBD224F-A80B-4384-ABAC-B03700EAD054 S1 2AW Sheffield Advertising Kiosk, Outside 13-15 Haymarket, Sheffield n10982878802 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 2 m
BDE63DDA-D87A-4437-9E25-B08500F0967A S1 2AX Sheffield Advertising Kiosk, Outside 38 Haymarket, Sheffield n11252792347 On the back of an advertising screen. Free standing on the pavement. 4 m
BE146289-D0B9-468F-A16D-AF81006BFB58 S66 7SH Aldersgate Court, Maltby, Rotherham n11046930824 An outside wall. 7 m
BED86471-1C6C-4C54-B2BA-D0C519E7B636 S44 6EL Markham House Voyage Care, 80 Moorfield Av, Bolsover Chesterfield n11185641317 On the outside wall of the old peoples home. Behind the hedge. 12 m
BFBF0855-103B-4B3A-A4E0-AD8800A8ACA4 S63 7RD Montgomery Hall, Church Street, Wath-Upon-Dearne n7020806459 28 m
BFCAF16E-B7F4-4C95-97A8-ACFA00E03CB8 S43 3PG Staveley Community Fire Station, Crompton Road, Staveley n11185667027 On the outside wall of the fire station. 25 m
C03C4850-51F0-4090-97B2-AF5801191498 S21 1EL Killamarsh Community Hub-Old Cloc Building, Stanley Street, Killamarsh n7131352760 On outside wall. 73 m
C09DBA26-06C5-43CF-9711-AB7800880295 S44 5NY Mansfield Road, Doe Lea n7107860483 by bus stop by access to Doe Lea from A617 - facing Dancing Flowers of Doe Lea sculpture 3 m
C1BE0D24-3BE8-4BD2-A325-AD5100C1DE89 S6 6DP The Village Stores, 9-11 Pond Road, Sheffield n7368833237 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 4 m
C206E694-C8F3-40AB-915B-AF2000F4ED03 S66 2SY Bramley Grange Primary School, Howard Road, Bramley n11046687851 On the lamppost outside the school. 44 m
C219055A-8950-419F-9FC7-AD4200D8C52D S6 4BS Wisewood Sports Centre, 75 Laird Road, Sheffield n10997684400 Inside the sports centre behind the reception desk 38 m
C2DD0DBF-4E52-42EE-859E-AF5C00CA9D54 S7 2QL Millhouses Cricket Pavilion, Millhouses Park, Abbeydale Road South n11207458187 On the side wall of the pavilion building. 25 m
C36570D4-BF73-4BA4-9150-B02900D0970F S2 3TA Norfolk Park Health Centre, 227 Park Grange Road, Sheffield n11027996169 On outside wall by the door. 27 m
C3CA1E72-6C25-4963-8C83-AFDA00EACCE4 S45 9NQ 4 John Street, Clay Cross, The Rykneld Turnpyke Pub n11202390039 On the outside of the building. 80 m
C463F3AE-02E2-4916-BAAC-ADF100C76D56 S43 3JY 3 The Grove, Poolsbrook n11185649876 On the outside wall of the disused shop next to the convenience store. 8 m
C56A18AB-D1AA-4B74-8518-AECF016A154A S36 7GF 20 Huddersfield Road, Barnsley n5035570343 street_lamp 15 m
C5752E13-ECC2-4B62-9DCC-AD5D0114687A S60 4AA Pinx Hair, Beauty & Nail Salon, 5b Worry Goose Lane, Whiston n6697473958 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 19 m
C5ABFAF6-CC9F-4B49-B75A-AF5800FD2F24 S36 6AT Penistone Church Football Club, Church View Road, Penistone n10990081420 On the outside wall. In the car park. 19 m
C5B54B0C-D084-4C7B-B14C-AE1A00BF0E1D S36 2QY Dcss Garages Ltd, Former Netherfield Service Station, Manchester Road n7371411171 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 34 m
C5C0EE85-8824-486F-BB67-AD7601352646 S42 6GE Wingerworth Jsa, Silver Birch Way, Wingerworth n11202084803 On the fence outside the recreation ground. 13 m
C5F683AE-70B8-438C-9083-AFA801038005 S5 7NN Four Greens Central, Four Greens Community Centre Four Greens Central, Southey Avenue n11019678731 On outside wall by the entrance. 7 m
C63EEF4C-DF1A-4C40-A70B-AD5D00D727FA S62 6AE Barbers Road Health Centre Rawmarsh Customer Service Centre, Barbers Avenue, Parkgate n6699384896 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 32 m
C78011E2-B8A3-4D2D-AFC3-AD7B00E7043C S66 2HB The Brush And Easel, Fleming Way, Flanderwell n6698585215 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 16 m
C84002C0-E6BA-44BF-BEBC-E1926D017C6A S18 1UW Kude Hair Design, 57 Highfields Rd, Dronfield n11003415477 On the outside wall of the shops facing the road. 10 m
C85B3059-028E-4E7F-A28D-AF5600CB8201 S70 1SE Barnsley Railway Station, Schwabisch Gmund Way, Barnsley n6983040780 60 m
C8772ED9-43F0-4ED3-9C72-AE0F00BC4073 S20 7XX South Yorkshire Police, Moss Way Police Station, Moss Way n10970849120 On the outside wall next to the door. 11 m
C8B3D4D6-27CE-4D92-B254-AF1F00A913A2 S20 7JJ Mcdonald's, Drake House Way, Sheffield n10970787320 On outside wall of McDonalds. 10 m
C9612EF3-797E-4EA1-85AE-B00700387944 S45 9ND 41 Florence Road, Clay Cross n11202380922 On the outside wall of the building. 7 m
C9B65A0B-2BDB-41FA-B778-AD47008DEB90 S62 6LN High Street Centre Ltd, High Street Centre, High Street n6699385765 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 17 m
CA104EF9-A0BE-4603-93E1-AF710096901D S60 1QY South Yorkshire Police, Main Street, Rotherham Town Centre n7575127682 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 19 m
CA5AC6ED-70C8-4C66-8A08-AF8C009FDBA5 S40 4ED The Badger, 81 Brockwell Lane, Brockwell n11198012740 On the outside wall of the pub. 4 m
CADBEEEB-D2A1-4338-8F60-AF3A00DD5208 S9 2YZ Mcdonald's, Mcdonald's Meadowhall Retail Park, Attercliffe Common n11218070097 Behind the counter. Inside McDonald’s. But the store is currently open 24/7. 3 m
CB811A7F-7793-4DD1-AE86-AD5100EF9F9C S81 8DF Letwell Village Hall, Barker Hades Road, Letwell n8174023028 On outside wall. 5 m
CBFA1DB4-3452-43B1-8CD7-AF1000B12ADD S36 4HF R Plevin & Sons Limited, Bents Villa, Whams Road n10990168336 On wall next to entrance. 9 m
CC09E7EA-41DB-4B8F-AA8B-AD4100A0C171 S61 4PT Greenside Court, Junction Of Munsbrough Rise, Greenside n11047971642 On the outside wall of the nursing home. 9 m
CC20C375-B1A4-413E-9D09-B0A000913360 S1 2BP Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheaf St, Sheffield City Centre n6516012121 On wall near entrance to platform 1. Available 24/7. 35 m
CD348678-8FFF-446B-86A1-AD4700D414FC S35 1SL The Acorn Inn, 516 Burncross Road, Sheffield n6237886150 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 7 m
CD91FBAD-1818-4DBA-B0F1-AD4600955BCE S61 2RQ Scholes Village Association, Living Accommodation Bay Horse Inn, Scholes Village n7403466109 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 11 m
CDDBA840-D53D-4E38-87D8-AD7900C8DAEB S6 4BE Hillsborough Golf Club, Worrall Road, Sheffield n11012272098 On the outside wall of the clubhouse. 17 m
CE4A9134-1CDB-403A-90CF-AE9100E55DEF S74 8HJ Barnsley Mbc, Elsecar Heritage Centre, Wath Rd n6553079971 inside old red phone box in Elsecar Discovery Centre - outside BBR auction building on Nasmyth Row 28 m
CE69FABF-766D-4AD4-99F8-DA7FC62BD98B S41 9EW At The Front Of, 31 Mallory Cl, Chesterfield n11039530269 Outside number 31 Mallory Close. 8 m
CE789D58-8E0C-45D9-93AD-AD8600758902 S60 2AY Former Belvedere, Moorgate Road, Moorgate n1120079668 inside old red phone box outside Tesco Express(used to be Belvedere pub) in Rotherham 9 m
CEE519B8-2ACE-4EDD-8B05-AF11009E38A9 S17 4FB Totley Primary School, Near To Main Entrance, Sunnyvale Road n10995078324 On the outside wall of the school near to the entrance. 13 m
CFC6B084-6932-45C0-AC6C-AD8901555A01 S20 5AY Moor Farm Avenue, Mosborough, Sheffield n7985582283 On fence. 3 m
CFCC0625-A4FA-4E3F-A09E-AE98018060B9 S66 7RR The Grazing Harts, 29 Greaves Sike Lane, Doncaster n8809293038 On outside wall. 40 m
CFFCC3B7-CE70-40D7-B2E3-AD7B009DB1E7 S70 5LW Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc, St Marys Church, Church Lane n10997447864 Phone outside wall facing the road 24 m
D0C2143A-9D60-4453-A005-AD5600E75813 S66 1AA Tanyard Shopping Centre, Public Convenience, Bawtry Road n6743723953 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 3 m
D155163B-71F1-41D8-ADC3-79CA3B779F22 S80 4QB Royal Oak, 71 Bakestone Moor, Whitwell Worksop n11061472631 By the entrance to the pub. 9 m
D1F525D1-0051-4AF0-B480-AD44009601C0 S66 7NQ Maltby Town Council, Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Road n7089798110 outside Edward Dunn Memorial Hall, Tickhill Road, Maltby 11 m
D275AFDE-11E8-4FEC-A48B-AD4000CFA6BD S66 8JE Maltby Sports Centre, Braithwell Road, Maltby n7089845210 26 m
D2A5698E-262D-4358-A420-AE9801819693 S66 7AW Butchers Arms, High Street, Braitwell n7815498675 On outside wall. 13 m
D333FB4F-58A4-4D34-B878-B03800F34C96 S65 1HY Tesco Rotherham, Drummond St, Rotherham n4441068686 By customer services counter. Available when shop open. 65 m
D4A7594C-DC72-4070-9AB4-AEDF00F57405 S11 9PD Henry Boot Plc, Banner Cross Hall, Ecclesall Road South n9045223194 On outside wall. 59 m
D53DED38-A52F-4FB6-9987-B00400CE20C3 S74 0HR The Hoyland Tap, Potters Wheel The Parade, Clough Fields Road n11277230926 On the outside wall of the pub. Near the entrance. 32 m
D5EAAA2C-769E-4FBC-AADD-5D02CD57C5AF S32 3XR Village Hall, Main St, Calver Hope Valley n7659303727 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 10 m
D5EDAC8B-ACA0-4255-A2D5-AD75009F6427 S36 3ZB Heads Lane, Bolsterstone, Sheffield n6699305407 On outside wall. Available 24/7. Outside Bolsterstone Village Hall 11 m
D5F55766-3527-4767-A8CA-AF2C0128CCC3 S63 7EF Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Callflex 111, Callflex Bus. Park, Wath Upon Dearne n11048038719 On outside wall of NHS call centre. 42 m
D68BEEA8-B831-49A3-B4E1-AD4300C999C4 S26 5QG Wales Primary School, School Road, Wales n8980590056 On school gatepost. 34 m
D712D297-AC10-4B99-B649-AF5401031FD7 S40 3NR Methodist Church, Storrs Road, Chesterfield n11198012753 On the outside wall of the Methodist Church. 3 m
D716BABC-2ECB-4347-B8BC-ACF900FAB685 S44 6BH Castle Arms, Station Road, Bolsover n11185400895 On the outside wall of the disused pub. 8 m
D73420CF-F9C8-4F28-A7D2-44223D1C4535 S18 4BL Moorland View Oap Club, Moorland View, Apperknowle Dronfield n7720480623 On outside wall. Available 24/7 5 m
D81EEE6F-15B3-4DF6-9CC2-AD44009A0701 S66 7HQ Rotherham Mbc, Community Centre, 21 Ascension Close n11046930845 On the outside wall of the community centre. 11 m
DBAF8813-AB36-425C-910A-AFAF00FC9184 S5 6AE Concord Park Golf Club, Shiregreen Lane, Sheffield n11220336085 On the outside wall of the café. 11 m
DBB004EE-ADD8-4449-962F-AD4F0091ED48 S1 4PF The Moor Market, 77 The Moor, Sheffield n6221570364 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 59 m
DC5F7B87-62AD-44C6-BFB8-AD4900B62FB0 S26 1HJ Todwick Parish Council, Todwick Village Hall, Kiveton Lane n7131233682 On outside wall. 15 m
DCD214B7-915F-4ACD-9831-AD4600AA35FE S66 1JJ Wickersley Methodist Church, Bawtry Road, Wickersley n6743823807 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 16 m
DCE930A3-FD80-4EB7-A221-AD580097A874 S60 1TG Morrisons Supermarket, Stadium Way, Parkgate n6222638076 On outside wall of Morrisons 49 m
DE21B7BC-02B6-496B-863B-AD4100A8D1AD S64 0LT New Pastures Primary School Lower Site, Pitt Street, Doncaster n9943092313 On outside wall. 29 m
DE62BA8A-6B05-4511-AE2E-AD6B014800F0 S5 6QQ First Point Firth Park Library, 443 Firth Park Road, Sheffield n1487736573 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 14 m
E078649C-29BD-4AC0-A2AC-AD43010C9587 S17 4DT Totley Library, 205 Baslow Road, Sheffield n10995042080 On the outside wall by the entrance of the library. 8 m
E0AFFEDD-51B3-4386-9D50-AF6B00FE4EEE S13 7RF Woodhouse Railway Station, Station Road, Woodhouse n11017718744 On the side of a stainless steel street cabinet. 71 m
E138F281-7171-4DBD-AA3F-CDA434C0582E S18 2LJ Greendale Chemist Greendale Centre, Off Stonelow Rd, Green Ln, Dronfield n6688109117 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 8 m
E2751256-BFE3-47DF-B5E8-006130C734EA S42 5JJ On The Exterior Wall Of The Shinnon, Shinnon 99 Station Road, North Wingfield n7107747517 On the outside wall. 6 m
E2812DA7-E44C-4B1E-85CC-B01700FE8C5A S45 9RY 26 Oakdale Close, Danesmoor n11202390028 On the outside wall of 26 Oakdale Close. Best access is from Springdale Road. 5 m
E2958D17-E610-4AE6-8AB8-ABECD9CE8D83 S45 9BJ Clay Cross Police Station, Pilsley Rd, Danesmoor Chesterfield n4471694355 2 m
E329850A-916E-4542-A9F7-AF0100B8BCC0 S73 0HQ The Ings Apartment, 59 Park Street, Wombwell n11048092555 On the outside wall of the building. 21 m
E4969F61-5F10-4720-8926-AEF400DBD33E S20 5EJ 25 Kelgate, Mosborough, Sheffield n11017861616 On the garden wall, next to the road, of 25 Kelgate. 10 m
E4DD18DA-11EB-4985-899A-AD4300A9FBD6 S5 7JH The Meadow, 30 Busk Meadow, Sheffield n7371984919 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 27 m
E4EA3C1F-211D-400B-A0A4-BAE2DE8F8E2E S18 3AX Coal Aston Village Hall, Eckington Rd, Coal Aston Dronfield n6688109116 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 10 m
E4F24BBB-8313-49C6-90F4-AF2A00DCD659 S35 3HS Ecclesfield Parish Council, Mortomley Lane, Sheffield n6533867815 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 5 m
E54311F4-4645-414D-BA8E-AF5801141223 S21 1AW Rai Convenience Store - Delves Road, Delves Road, Killamarsh n11017944362 On the outside wall of the shop. 12 m
E643A465-3E78-4FFC-B63A-B02F00EEE3A6 S12 4AJ The Hogshead, 133 Delves Road, Sheffield n11028016737 On the outside wall of the pub. 14 m
E688608B-31F4-45A0-BB75-8390ACE645CE S18 7TA Barlow Village Hall, Millcross Ln, Barlow Dronfield n7941705955 On outside wall. 8 m
E6B77F4B-7187-46EC-92E1-372454506F37 S80 2AT 9line, The Crossing Church & Centre, Newcastle Street n11061572335 On the outside wall of the church centre. 27 m
E6DCA73F-4223-4B04-885F-AF8501325D73 S71 1JN Rockingham Mini-Market, 14 Rockingham Street, Barnsley n11279783970 On the outside wall of the convenience store. 5 m
E6F849B6-AF86-47E8-8326-AD44009BAF0A S66 7LE Maltby Catholic Working Mens Club, Millindale, Maltby n11046780827 On the outside wall of the working men’s club. 12 m
E7630D40-2463-4F11-BD74-AD4900D0C2C3 S25 1YP Laughton Junior And Infant School, School Road, Laughton-En-Le-Morthen n7542101197 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 18 m
E76ADCA3-5DEC-47E8-B1E6-AD6200957F78 S8 0EX 6 Hutcliffe Wood Road, Sheffield n1869124008 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 6 m
E7C1B33E-A224-4B4E-A0C0-AD410116E767 S81 8JY The Black Lion, 9 New Road, Firbeck n7040737140 outside pub facing Firbeck Village Hall 9 m
E8639BDE-BF3D-4273-AC14-AF55011DEE91 S74 8BD Elsecar Railway Station, Hill Street, Elsecar n11005758894 On the end of the wall. On the road bridge above the station. 8 m
E8FFA979-A2FD-4BFF-97F8-AE5B00FD71B8 S36 1EQ Community Hall Stocksbridge Christ Church, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge n10982676738 On outside wall at the back of the church. 12 m
EA63A793-FDDD-4750-A301-AF8E00D6A52A S65 1EB Rotherham Civic Theatre, Catherine Street, Rotherham Town Centre n10980642880 Outside wall of Civic Theatre. 10 m
EA73C66C-FF14-42E6-9F34-AD88010C429F S10 4LJ Redmires Playing Field, Redmires Road, Sheffield n7425489006 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 70 m
EAADF860-D47F-4295-B9CC-AD870159AB0B S36 6DA 1 Market Place, Penistone, Barnsley n5157873778 wall 5 m
EB6D8475-D559-4784-845C-AF01012EC6E4 S10 3QH Storth Park Management Company, 15 Storth Park, Fulwood Road n10978634942 On the outside wall. 10 m
EBB99381-352D-4ED9-A2FC-B0040132B210 S66 1EN Working Mens Club, 40 Morthen Road, Wickersley n11046687846 On the outside wall. In the garden of the social club. 27 m
EC1EF3AB-ED3B-469E-9171-B01D00C4B2E3 S6 1RW Kingswood, Sheffield n10969590176 On Kingswood Hall gatepost. 7 m
EC2B45EE-91A5-461C-A18B-AE3700EFCA3E S11 8ZG Hunters Bar Junior School, Hunters Bar Junior, Sharrow Vale Road n7011092554 On outside wall. 82 m
EC314886-5F45-4A18-9FA6-AD4700DAB170 S35 9UA Ecclesfield Library, 113 High Street, Sheffield n7344573320 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 11 m
EC504E05-2EFB-4E29-89A6-AF8D0098A603 S6 2FL 405 Penistone Road, Sheffield n10973477756 On outside wall. 30 m
ED0244B8-CF7A-4F2C-8F42-AFBA012B46BC S17 4LF Hair By Patricia Barber (Now Rose Beauty Lounge), 53 Wollaton Road, Bradway n10994949133 On the outside wall of the shops. 1 m
EDD4950D-E214-418B-9FB7-AE00010E7281 S45 9AW Lower Clay Lane Neighbourhood Watch, 110 Clay Lane, Clay Cross n11202467167 On the outside wall of the house. 9 m
EE3F938B-8ECB-473D-B914-AE9501072ABC S44 6XR 2 Meadowlands, Bolsover n11185648890 On the outside, wall of the house, facing the road. 8 m
EEA04AC9-2D79-469A-951F-AC5000C617EF S41 8XB 38 Holme Park Avenue, Upper Newbold n11198001628 On the wall across the road from number 55 Holme Park Avenue. 11 m
EF13EC26-74D4-4135-A092-AD4700E5A613 S2 4ER Heeley Bank Road, Sheffield n7569793832 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 59 m
F0510D9A-8F11-46E3-AA27-AF1900EC44CE S70 5PG The Bungalow The Dale Tavern, West Street, Barnsley n10997443417 On the outside wall by the door. 17 m
F22EFACB-710E-4133-82EF-ADEF00E2BA67 S18 3AU Coal Asto Chyurch, Methodist Church Eckington Rd, Coal Aston n6688109118 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 20 m
F2951086-F8FA-4EEF-849E-AEC200CA3E7E S3 7RZ Wilson Carlile Centre, 50 Cavendish Street, Sheffield n11187678826 On the outside wall next to the entrance of the Wilson Carlile Centre. 2 m
F343304D-E10F-4EC4-91EE-AD4700949C69 S36 2AB Dransfield Properties Ltd, Dransfield House, 2 Fox Valley Way n6536914622 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 26 m
F350DC1A-1EE9-4183-B288-ADCC00E32EFA S70 4QG Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc, Maltas Court Sheltered Housing Complex, Bankend Avenue n11277434326 On the outside wall of the building. 55 m
F3898C6A-1244-43BF-AD9B-AD5D00DEFF54 S26 4WD Gp Surgery Aston Joint Service Centre, Worksop Road, Swallownest n7599771535 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 15 m
F3AAA4F6-3F4E-4C9C-9F1D-AFC700F32FC1 S41 9RL Dunston Hall Leisure Ltd, Dunston Hall Garden Centre, Dunston Road n11039578306 On the outside wall. In the car park 24 m
F3BF5421-91B5-4F9E-AE13-AEF900BF1C64 S61 2QA Jessica Lally Community Fund, Horse And Tiger, Brook Hill n10997063320 An outside wall by the road. 8 m
F3F05CD4-8A7A-43BC-B805-AD4F0093CD6E S3 7SB The Forum, 127-129 Devonshire Street, Sheffield n10090214422 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
F4CF3962-8DD3-4A05-A9E8-AEA600F790D7 S17 4QW Moorview Golf Centre, Bradway Road, Sheffield n10994875788 On the fence by the Golf Centre gate. 52 m
F5C2A687-20C4-46E6-A2E6-AD6A009F192C S64 8AU Lime Grove Interchange Access Road, Swinton, Rotherham n7483005285 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 9 m
F77900B8-CA85-4503-87CA-AD4501643DAD S75 5HQ Darby And Joan Club, Church Street, Darton n8173824685 On outside wall. 12 m
F77DEA33-AC77-4189-8C80-ADBB00FCDDAA S21 1DX 209a Sheffield Road - Wall Of Pharmacy, Killamarsh n11017972336 On the outside wall of the pharmacy. 12 m
F808C1C6-DF37-491C-9B4F-ADA200EF35C6 S65 4JD Wootton Court Neighbourhood Centre, Wootton Court, Thrybergh n11046555159 On the outside wall of the neighbourhood centre. 6 m
F8AC7FDF-6583-4FAC-95CD-AEB3015E34EA S6 5LA Crosspool Fc, 301 Myers Grove Lane, Former Caretaker's Property, Near Stannington Community Assocation n10983894225 An outside wall of abandoned property. 4 m
F9186A88-0287-4564-8BCE-AC3100E30168 S41 8QQ Co-Op - Littlemoor, The Co-Operative, Littlemoor n7105725075 40 m
F98DD612-CECC-4C06-BEBE-AE1601079EE3 S35 7DH Wortley Rugby Union Football Club, Sports Ground, Finkle Street Lane n10990019062 On outside wall of rugby club storehouse. 67 m
F9940190-5DCD-4B62-9DD3-AE7000CE5635 S64 8JZ Pub High House, The High House, Wentworth Road n11048021305 On the outside wall by the entrance. 9 m
F99B0B84-7573-45CC-A26A-AD6000B9C697 S25 1YF Laughton All Saints C Of E Primary School, High Street, Laughton-En-Le-Morthen n7130949463 On outside wall. 43 m
F9FFB7AE-62CC-4C50-B839-AD44009E5393 S66 8AN Rotherham Mbc, Community Centre, Bevan Crescent n11046887431 On the outside wall of the community centre. 6 m
FA51377C-E640-4F2E-9DAB-AC1A00BB28AA S40 4SL Co-Op - Wardgate Way, Wardgate Way, Chesterfield n7817428226 On outside wall. 54 m
FA9088BB-DEF1-4F4F-AAF3-AD6D00FB3D1A S36 4GY The Lodge, Waters Edge, Langsett n7427824797 Attached to lamp post. Available 24/7 5 m
FAC6590D-E33A-4FB0-A2F8-AE4B00FA81BA S12 3XR Ridgeway Sports And Social Club, Main Road, Ridgeway n7862042081 On outside wall. 38 m
FACC816E-C9AA-4093-AD70-AEC3008A2EB6 S33 0AZ The Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Ashopton Road n10980539842 On outside wall next to the entrance. 6 m
FB49952A-6ED9-416D-B548-AD4100D02916 S36 6AR St Johns Community Centre, Church Street, Barnsley n6984494954 46 m
FB6F2975-A1B5-4AEE-AECE-AD4E0098DD02 S11 9BU Brentwood Tennis Club, Brentwood Road, Nether Edge n6534882335 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 4 m
FBBE52C3-C78C-4335-B19B-AF6C00F8800B S7 2QB Tesco, Tesco Petrol Station, Abbeydale Drive n6572368420 By customer services counter. Available when shop open. 60 m
FCF75A6F-8D82-4FB7-94BB-AE59009EA1BF S70 2SB Gbac, 83-85 Shambles Street, Barnsley n11279793893 On the outside wall of the building. 8 m
FD32F652-323D-4CFC-B2F9-AD4400D811A1 S60 4JG Whiston Cricket Club, Whiston Parish Cricket Ground, Rectory Drive n8500038347 On outside wall. 16 m
FD7219B9-FD1D-4341-A479-AD4200EF1B25 S36 9EF Sporting Penistone, Penistone Leisure Centre, Thurlstone Road n6238711372 wall 17 m
FDD15B78-71A4-4224-9537-AD4800C95FA2 S10 4LQ St Luke's Church, St Lukes Church, Blackbrook Road n7486627628 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 13 m
FE47B74D-F642-43BA-BDDF-ADA200EB6994 S65 3PH High Greave Place Neighbourhood Centre, High Greave Place, East Herringthorpe n11034313926 On the outside wall of the neighbourhood centre. 3 m
FE81A403-C1F6-4F42-93B5-AEF10181DC1A S74 9RZ Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Hoyland Ambulance Station, Hawshaw Lane, Hoyland n9297851201 outside Hoyland Ambulance Station 21 m
FE8BE8C6-4AD0-4D23-A941-AEF100F2392E S18 7SL The Tickled Trout, 33 Valley Road, Barlow n11039649949 On outside wall of the pub. 45 m
FF8329CB-007E-4DD6-B92A-AFFF01259388 S20 1EA Tesco, 44 High Street, Sheffield n6574781803 On outside wall of Beighton Welfare 67 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 66 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
B5F6A479-F07D-436C-9B4F-ABB8011FAD4A S33 9HF Bradwell Parish Council, Phone Box, Town Bottom Playing Fields n898247766 In old red telephone box. at the bottom of Towngate, Bradwell 91 m
F53AD6B2-5CF1-4140-9C01-AD06010861A5 S32 1AH Abney District Community Association, Abney And District Community Hall, Main Road n1584203756 In old telephone box. 121 m
262A7DA4-A18C-4654-AB11-AE320009C753 S6 6LB Mill Lee Road, Low Bradfield, Sheffield n2927483858 On outside wall. Available 24/7. Provided by;Lee's Footsteps 127 m
741A1691-2359-4770-898B-987DD38A752A S45 9DZ George & Dragon, 175 High St, Clay Cross Chesterfield n4294915869 On outside wall. 6 m
4E441871-E4B6-4529-91EA-AD4F0090617A S1 2LH Winter Garden, 90 Surrey Street, Sheffield n6402045081 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 30 m
9DD63F59-C1CA-4D2F-92A3-3592785CEBCA S32 3XH Spar Shop, Kingsgate, Calver n6518229238 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 172 m
0EA6CA33-551F-4586-954D-AE360118C6B7 S7 2QB Tesco Superstore, Abbeydale Dr, 0 n6572406798 By customer services counter. Available when shop open. 79 m
00FD5E2C-155A-451F-954A-ACCA00AE8CA8 S44 5QJ Visitor Reception Building, Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea n6658181653 Attached to side of entrance kiosk 124 m
EB7F7ADE-3E93-4BBF-9B5D-AD5200EEFB58 S65 2AA Clifton Park, Clifton Lane, Clifton n6697560629 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 101 m
9750FEDC-BF6B-4DB9-95DF-AE55010A76EA S65 2AX United Methodist Church, Lidster Street, Rotherham n6697560632 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 124 m
C32B7808-F7D2-4727-900F-AE2800B83AC4 S61 1HA Kimberworth Library, 121 Church Street, Kimberworth n6697642589 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 5 m
AFA149D7-1628-4DEC-A34C-AD4100D359CE S36 9NR Millhouse Green Institute, Manchester Road, Barnsley n6912850209 wall 163 m
484C6920-1B0F-4989-BC13-AF49010D1119 S75 4LX Silkstone Parish Council, Huskar Community Rooms, Barnsley Road n6984594308 On outside wall. 10 m
C45EB2C4-A158-430E-9A2C-51ECDD98630A S42 7JG The School Room, Main Rd, Old Brampton Chesterfield n7047780989 outside The School Room, Old Brampton 211 m
760FAD33-9CC8-450A-9BBC-EEAD17767AC2 S45 9JQ Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Market St, Clay Cross Chesterfield n7049141619 14 m
40CD7CF9-DB93-4789-8FA1-0857C6E37708 S45 9QF On The Front Of Holmgate Community Centre, Valley Rd, Clay Cross Chesterfield n7049187160 outside Holmgate Community Centre 14 m
C4F2C4CA-B72C-4B38-970A-AD4A0131C34F S66 8EX Wedding Vows, 390 Bawtry Road, Hellaby n7089853254 159 m
72D52B7C-4D50-459D-8475-AD7200E0F148 S66 9DD Gordon Bennett Memorial Hall, Green Arbour Road, Thurcroft n7092003993 on outside wall of Gordon Bennett Memorial Hall 128 m
9EE9F5AA-E1C7-431A-923E-A641F4E9C858 S42 7AJ Outside Wall Of Cuttorpe Village Institute, Main Rd, Cutthorpe Chesterfield n7107803320 On outside wall of Cutthorpe Institute 106 m
4EC57742-E6FE-4BD0-B587-AD510091DB75 S60 4BG Greystones Convenience Store, 10 Greystones Road, Whiston n7130883966 On the outside wall of the shop. 189 m
42B09E14-EC34-4A7F-A880-AD6A00BEBC50 S25 2PX The Salvation Army, 3 Leicester Road, Dinnington n7131175200 On outside wall. 161 m
A4DC54F0-349F-4836-9379-AD4900D85019 S26 1HG Todwick Parish Council, Sports Pavilion, Recreation Ground, Goosecarr Lane n7131233680 On outside wall 166 m
57CE7D24-6379-4D7C-BC0A-AD42010D28BF S72 0JF Billingley Parish Meeting, Billingley Hall, Back Lane n7260892511 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 273 m
91BD7613-88F1-47A6-900B-917302518125 S44 6UN Back Ln, Palterton Chesterfield n7367119297 outside Palterton Village Hall 93 m
C8BC0B4C-0C0A-4C7E-928C-AD6A00C171FB S25 2PT K And R Spares, 192 Laughton Road, Dinnington n7542101200 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 108 m
F732CC31-7354-43AF-A1F1-AD4F00C61053 S9 2EQ Gmb Union, Ground Floor, Suite 4, Unit 5, Meadowhall Business Park, Carbrook Hall Road n7590144514 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 117 m
20004588-8120-49A6-AD72-AD78008C0CE3 S26 3YG Ulley Village Hall, Ulley, Rotherham n7599771538 Free standing. Available 24/7. Outside Ulley Village Hall 126 m
260944F1-15DE-46A9-90AD-AD4100570485 S26 5PF Greencore Food To Go, Mansfield Road, Waleswood n7599782055 Inside gatehouse. Available 24/7. 135 m
FF28C2B6-C270-40B9-A19B-AD9B00F2D110 S25 2QZ External Anston Park Infant School, Anston Park Infant School, Park Avenue n7599927396 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 238 m
7AB85C81-2E61-45D9-A61D-AE8D00C7BCA1 S35 2YH Main Car Park Hesley Wood Scout Activity Centre, White Lane, Sheffield n7744586963 On outside wall. Available 24/7. 127 m
A7C1FEE7-85DA-484B-A704-AC1400C003AE S43 1DE Co-Op - High Street, High Street, Brimington n7817469641 On outside wall. 98 m
AEA6D5C6-FCBB-4054-B5C4-AB7100E76351 S41 0AT Eastwood Park, Pavilion, Eastwood Park Drive, Hasland n7817469651 On outside wall. 160 m
491BB135-A22C-4674-A3BB-F57960175BC1 S45 9PH Clay Cross Library, Holmgate Rd, Clay Cross Chesterfield n7817490857 On outside wall. 10 m
6F9E1A3E-570F-46FD-B46D-ABAC01521BCE S33 0AY Bamford With Thornhill Parish Council, Outside The Derwent, Main Road n8904660819 On gatepost. 157 m
A20BD15A-B6D8-476E-AF8E-AF11009A5087 S11 8HY Waitrose Sheffield, 1-3 Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield n9097435145 On outside wall. 115 m
B01FF15F-84A9-4DAA-9121-ADA200F86262 S11 9QF Whirlow Hall Farm Trust, Whirlow Lane, Whirlow n9384555416 wall 265 m
A66762DA-7807-477B-BEA4-AEAD00BEC7D8 S5 7PJ Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Longley Ambulance Station, 9 Crowder Road n10792437101 On outside wall. 271 m
81CBC63C-7A94-4660-A2DF-AFA9011E2820 S11 7BE Whiteley Woods Bowling Clubhouse Inside Bingham Park, Cow Lane, Greystones n10978677727 On outside wall of Bowls pavilion. 134 m
609CC445-61B2-4A5E-9EFD-AF6B00FD782D S17 3LB Dore & Totley Railway Station, Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield n10994628089 On the outside wall of the old station building. 305 m
8580EEDB-CB80-44D6-B693-AECB008CF551 S70 5LJ Worsbrough Ward Alliance Bmbc, Worsbrough Mill, Park Road n10997343029 On outside wall of store shed. 122 m
CF298928-2C24-461D-BB03-AF5E00D76DB9 S35 9WY 89 Green Lane, Ecclesfield, Sheffield n10997345348 On fence in car park. 169 m
B0740367-E1D3-47E1-8E79-AF6B00FE3641 S18 2XA Dronfield Railway Station, Dronfield, Derbyshire n11003374156 On the outside wall of the shelter on platform one. 105 m
2F575C7E-A8F9-4C0D-83D2-5BC426CD4E02 S18 1QB St John The Baptist Church, 21 Church St, Dronfield n11003395435 Inside the church lych gate opposite the Green Dragon pub. 41 m
DB6C2D48-A481-4705-923C-AF7400DD23A6 S35 2UU Chapeltown Railway Station, Market Place, Chapeltown n11005830834 On Chapeltown station. At the southern end of platform one. 46 m
FCB4DAC7-7F82-4267-8080-AB6D012FB9B4 S11 7TZ A625, Hope Valley n11008123812 On outside wall of outbuilding in the car park. 19 m
1926129B-D7A8-41AE-85D8-AC0E00A8C2CF S32 4TB Stoney Middleton Parish Council, Stoney Middleton Playing Field, The Avenue n11008415831 On outside wall of shed next to football field. 209 m
8166D167-6D71-4361-9C53-AF3900C45B46 S13 7GD Woodhouse Community Hub And Library, 524 Stradbroke Road, Woodhouse n11017653949 On the outside wall next to the entrance. 145 m
1C042904-EB6B-42D8-8256-B007009ADD02 S26 7YL Harthill Village Hall, Winney Hill, Harthill n11017980452 On the outside of the village hall. 125 m
B30B2A85-6472-4A12-9D5E-B00B00A326B1 S5 8NJ Mount Tabor Church, Wordsworh Avenue, Parson Cross n11019687322 On the outside wall of Mount Tabor church. 119 m
7633CC7E-11EB-41D6-8895-AF1800C616F3 S65 1SU Medequip - Rotherham, Eastwood Trading Estate, Chesterton Road n11034398311 On the outside wall by the front door of the industrial building. 270 m
5DFECE68-77B1-40D5-803E-AE0D0102B5B3 S66 7DN 84 Grange Lane, Maltby, Rotherham n11046930835 On the post outside, 84 Grange Lane. 104 m
213B39CA-ACE5-44BC-B879-AEAC01218102 S63 7DN Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Wath Ambulance Station, Doncaster Road, Wath n11048038720 On the outside wall of the ambulance station. 217 m
66965AD5-A314-4D30-84AE-AE8C007E8F95 S80 4NY Whitwell Railway Station, Station Road, Whitwell n11061475426 On platform one. Next to the shelter. 109 m
D1667312-A31C-409F-9CF6-04EE1032EE35 S81 8LX Shireoaks Village Hall, Shireoaks Rd, Shireoaks Worksop n11061756181 On the outside wall of the village hall. 20 m
1907A9ED-CC44-4D14-B84D-AF7400DD31D4 S26 6PB Kiveton Park Railway Station, Kiveton Park, Sheffield n11061831749 On platform 2, near the shelter. 245 m
66E6E1EF-7623-4D9A-8F11-ADCD00D5A57D S35 0GY The Purple Lobster, 143 Langsett Road South, Oughtibridge n11093800240 On the outside wall of the fish and chip shop 17 m
A1307EAD-730C-4BF2-922A-B0080108A296 S45 9QL Clay Cross, 77 Coupe Lane, Holmegate n11190403395 On outside wall 3 m
E5A05B28-909B-4F0C-AEE9-B04E00CBAC11 S45 9PH 20 Holmgate Road, Clay Cross n11194092666 On the outside wall of number 20. 4 m
63694515-19B1-472D-B4E1-AFA801053FDE S45 9JN The Hub, Broadleys, Clay Cross n11202390041 On the outside wall of the community centre. 109 m
8C378332-450C-457D-B9B1-AF88017C734C S45 9JE New Inn, New Inn 25 Market Street, Clay Cross n11202390044 On the outside wall of the pub. 124 m
BA9227A5-AA0F-4F7B-A4A3-AF5600CB7764 S9 1JQ Meadowhall Railway Station, Meadowhall Road, Sheffield n11238090728 At the bottom of the steps between the bus station and the railway station. 296 m
3C9F8C98-96B0-44ED-BA25-AF4C00FC378F S75 3DL Mcdonald's - Barnsley 2, Wentworth Industrial Park, Maple Road,Tankersley n11277181335 Inside McDonald’s on the wall. This one is currently open 24/7. 363 m
D3FD69DE-560D-4BAB-9377-AF4C00FBAD15 S70 3NT Mcdonald's - Barnsley 1, Wombwell Lane, Stairfoot Roundabout n11277279527 Inside McDonald’s on the wall. This one is currently open 24/7. 119 m
2A11D5FD-FDF0-48A1-ACAA-B02800A408E3 S70 5UY Birdwell Venue, Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley n11277458493 On the outside wall of the Birdwell Venue. 96 m
BD7BBE9E-DB62-499D-B0F2-AF9A009B0596 S71 1HH Burrows Kia, Oakwell View, Pontefract Road n11279783972 On the outside wall of the car dealership. 165 m
D09A4E01-C336-4AD9-9CC0-B08F00C00BFE S18 2GD Sheffield Football Club, Sheffield Football Club - The Home Of Football Stadium, Sheffield Road n11351055720 On the fence in the car park. 167 m

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