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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'TD' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 214 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
EBC53C40-3950-4F38-B516-B09101224D48 TD1 1EP Salmon Inn, 54 Bank Street, Galashiels 24/7 Public
BE9D67F4-7249-465C-B079-AFE900CCDF24 TD1 1PA Screwfix, Unit 2 71 Island Street, Galashiels Variable Restricted
7E7B5B09-0718-42A2-866B-AB6C010AE5C8 TD1 1PD B & Q Plc, Wilderhaugh, Galashiels Variable Public
65EC5F81-F408-4B4A-81B4-AF4C01075B5B TD1 1PR Mcdonald's - Galasheils, Wilderhaugh, Galashiels Variable Public
72685F9C-EA60-4DBA-A15B-AFC500CDA084 TD1 1PR Unit 1 Jewsons Galabank Business Park, Wilderhaugh, Galashiels Variable Public
0BB1774C-EE45-4CDD-BFBE-AECB009B5965 TD1 1SP Lothian And Borders Police Station, 3-4 Bridge Street, Galashiels 24/7 Public
CDF973DD-A484-49A2-B25D-AE170125D4EB TD1 2DU Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Volunteer Park Sports Club, 26, Buccleuch Road 24/7 Public
92FC144A-923C-439F-BBD3-AABD01060BEF TD1 3AF Scottish Natural Heritage, Andersons Chambers, Market Street Variable Public
8DF68AC8-84E1-49A7-9093-AE3E009AA0CD TD1 3AT Tesco Extra, Paton St, 0 Variable Public
AFD53E4E-4D05-4DFF-84A2-AF080093B090 TD1 3AY Gala Mill, Huddersfield Street, Galashiels Variable Public
D8F02F05-0062-4CC2-BA24-AD4B00AC5FF1 TD1 3EY Mkm Building Supplies Ltd, Unit 7 Dale Street, Netherdale Industrial Estate Variable Public
DB0179AC-8319-4D1F-AEB9-AE5400C1E8CE TD1 3HE Gala Fairydean Robers Fc Community Trust, Gala Fairydean Football Club, Nether Road 24/7 Public
19A6D988-FCBE-4B95-B74D-ADFC012DE08C TD1 3LG Clovenfords & District Community Council, Caddonfoot Village Hall, A707 A707 At Eastern Boundary Of Caddonfoot To A707 At Western Boundary Of Caddonfoot 24/7 Public
3F43DB98-F8E8-4465-8B24-ADFC012C1FD8 TD1 3LU Clovenfords & District Community Council, Clovenfords Hotel, Vine Street 24/7 Public
D9D68DE8-8810-4A91-BA0C-AAFB00E22E30 TD10 6XA Bleachfield, West High Street, Duns 24/7 Public
DE267C47-E0CE-48DC-90B8-AECB00912E87 TD11 3DT Police Scotland, Police Scotland Police Station, 10 Newtown Street 24/7 Public
A52A5323-0114-4F89-9C2D-AE7000E5A3FC TD11 3HP Berwickshire Housing Association, Boston Court, Station Road 24/7 Public
ED9F06FA-5CDD-4507-AF41-AE8E008D0BD7 TD11 3NF Acorn Lodge Whitsome Hill, B6437 B6470 West Of Ladykirk To B6461 North East Of Swinton, Duns 24/7 Public
A6C17D86-C815-4853-B933-AF1500E1CB5B TD11 3NQ Ravelaw Community, Ravelaw View, Ravelaw 24/7 Public
8304A68D-BF70-4B39-971A-B03900C3B3D5 TD11 3QB Marden, U42-6 Marden Cottage Near Ford North Of Broomhouse To B6355 East Of Preston, Duns 24/7 Public
5D8B590D-7EA5-48CF-8367-ACCB00EC31CC TD11 3QG Duns Rfc, Castle Park, Langtongate 24/7 Public
EC2877FB-DB37-410B-BD5D-AB2C00C1E23A TD11 3RD Kames Estate, West Printonan Bothy, Kames Estate 24/7 Public
F4E7CF95-1D37-4931-8DA0-AB53009E0816 TD11 3RD Mr & Mrs D Jenkinson, Kames House, Kames Estate 24/7 Public
70BA2241-FF10-4D4D-918C-AFCD0100124C TD11 3RY Abpcc, 4 Blackerstone Steading, Duns 24/7 Public
D532F832-3FB8-432A-BC54-ADE300A9B208 TD11 3SN Whiteadder Watersports Trust, Whiteadder Reservoir, B6355 (01) From Hungry Snout (Scottish Borders Boundary) To Johnscleugh Road (C103) 24/7 Public
48EE8172-F742-49A3-91B5-AF2C00E2C815 TD11 3TQ Village Hall, A6112 A6112 At Western Boundary Of Preston To A6112 At Northern Boundary Of Preston, Preston 24/7 Public
6698133D-6F7E-45B9-89B8-ADA801309AE3 TD11 3UJ Chirnside Boxing Club, West End, Main Street 24/7 Public
A8C6EC5D-260D-4E1B-9690-AFF200D93EB0 TD11 3XF Chirnside Ambulance Station, Industrial Estate, Berwick Road 24/7 Public
2B1C735E-3C99-4947-9D28-6BEC7665FEA1 TD11 3XR Chirnside Community Centre- Rhs Of Main Entrance, Main Street East End, Chirnside Duns 24/7 Public
56434799-BEA0-43B9-93FD-AB04015074A6 TD12 4AE Scottish Borders Council, Coldstream Library, Gateway Centre 24/7 Public
A9B19D09-EDF2-4B63-852C-AF0800DD21B5 TD12 4AS Coldstream Men's Shed, 40 High Street, Coldstream 24/7 Public
08E9BB2B-C888-44B9-A2FC-AFE401089D08 TD12 4DT Coldstream Bowling Club, Home Place, Coldstream 24/7 Public
5CA57203-2756-41C5-AF1B-AE3301156892 TD12 4JH Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Leitholm Village Hall, Main Street 24/7 Public
D268D1D0-3245-4DFD-8448-23205DEEC24A TD12 4JN The Plough Inn, Main Street, Leitholm 24/7 Public
1EA148FB-2C26-4375-AC9D-9C1D5A34DDCB TD12 4NJ Hirsel Golf Club- On External Wall, Unnamed Road, Coldstream 24/7 Public
7AA85446-5103-4CCC-A557-AEB000AF6797 TD12 4NU 1 Gowanlea, Coldstream 24/7 Public
0A2B566C-E66D-4F77-8B97-ADB200E7AD9D TD12 4SW Branxton Villa, C28 Branxton Moor Junction To Branxton, Branxton 24/7 Public
1296D1AC-C979-46CD-A29E-ADD400A730D3 TD12 4SY Crookham Village Hall, Crookham, Cornhill-On-Tweed 24/7 Public
D9E9BBEF-DC5C-4C3F-B30E-AF0E00E4165F TD12 4TJ Ford And Etal Estates, Visitor Centre, Heatherslaw 24/7 Public
651 TD12 4TN Village Hall, Northumberland 24/7 Public
D543A89D-D428-4829-832E-AFFA00E6C1E2 TD12 4TR Hay Farm Cottages, 1 U1026 Etal Junction To Heatherslaw Junction, Ford 24/7 Public
9E89E955-4AC4-4251-80DF-ADB700E2DCA0 TD12 4UR Tillmouth Park Hall, A698 Cornhill To Wideopen Plantation Junction, Cornhill-On-Tweed 24/7 Public
F35E2019-325F-43D3-A5E8-B4EB461102C0 TD13 5XD Greenheugh, Cove, Cove, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
FEDAB122-1CD2-452F-A860-AC2E00CE2FE7 TD13 5XD Greenheugh, U148-6 U149-6 West Of Cove Village To Cove Village, Cockburnspath (Cove) 24/7 Public
9A29A973-EB12-4850-A987-AB996CB5BE27 TD13 5XX Cockburnspath Church, The Square, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
480770C5-8CC9-4FD8-9D81-ABD700B36129 TD13 5XZ Cockburnspath Church Hall, Off Hoprig Road, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
4745E7D3-84FE-4025-AC35-AB6000FB4E13 TD13 5YG Cockburnspath Bowling Club, Bridgend, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
F6365959-444B-4E6B-AD52-EB7BAE854691 TD13 5YP General Area Of Cockburnspath, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
E6258ABA-2EC4-4473-B5C2-AFC700DF9938 TD13 5YS Old Cambus West Mains, U150-6 A1107 North West Of Old Cambus To Redheugh Farm, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
E6390810-51E5-44A8-809D-2365EA6D0872 TD13 5YS Delgany, U150-6 A1107 North West Of Old Cambus To Redheugh Farm, Cockburnspath 24/7 Public
E6EB51C5-AD27-45EC-873C-AECB009E7566 TD14 5AW Police Station, 28 Coldingham Road, Eyemouth 24/7 Public
4C189DD9-2D48-4000-B85F-6EFC4E2C8349 TD14 5BE Eyemouth Holiday Park, Fort Road, Eyemouth 24/7 Public
05BB916F-1446-48AE-B70F-AE7000E30E80 TD14 5EF Berwickshire Housing Association, Linkim Court, Northburn Road 24/7 Public
20D5EAE8-81D5-4B63-B4A9-AB6001017C10 TD14 5ET Eyemouth Leisure Centre, Wellbraes, Eyemouth 24/7 Public
04D4E1BA-CF0C-44F5-A249-39FD182C2D6B TD14 5JE 1a Manse Road, Eyemouth 24/7 Public
C94C9376-A06E-4B35-A522-AF6E012A2B73 TD14 5LQ Sparta Gym Eyemouth - Units 1-2 Phase 3, Acredale Industrial Estate, Eyemouth 24/7 Public
9835DA9A-A47B-4AA0-98A1-14DD97D5218E TD14 5NA Scoutscroft Caravan Park St Abbs Road, Coldingham 24/7 Public
73EF1149-0244-42AF-B33C-BFD387437CE3 TD14 5NT Coldingham Bay Leisure Park- At Reception On O/S Wall, School Road, Coldingham Eyemouth 24/7 Public
ACB7DB6A-512B-41D0-8CAB-AE6200F325B1 TD14 5QE Coldingham Loch Cottages And Fly Fishing, The Loch House, Coldingham Loch 24/7 Public
B0C6CAD0-779A-43FC-8FD8-B073013E3604 TD14 5QZ Ayton And District Bowling Club, Beanburn, Ayton 24/7 Public
200E002C-F527-4A22-B704-6C6CDDEB8F6D TD14 5SD Royal National Lifeboat Institution- On O/S Of Building, Gunsgreen Quay, Eyemouth Harbour 24/7 Public
9F5552D7-3F83-4FF9-B3AB-EAE9EB92642F TD14 5SF Eyemouth Golf Glub- At Main Door, General Area Of, Eyemouth 24/7 Public
C2B08C88-7807-43A8-905D-4BAE6E3B5FD9 TD14 5SL First & Last- Foyer Behind Door. Key Code 1974, Upper Burnmouth, Burnmouth Eyemouth 24/7 Public
330A6FF8-176A-4749-95E1-AFB601604984 TD14 5SN Public Hall, Hillfield, Upper Burnmouth 24/7 Public
75E225FA-EDAA-41CF-A9D7-AFB601630D6B TD14 5SZ Burnmouth Community Council, 1 And 2 Greystonelees Farm Cottages, A1t U98-6 North Of Lamberton To A1107 South Of Eyemouth 24/7 Public
71852CC4-6EBE-4AC8-BFBD-B02A00FDB471 TD14 5TJ Farm Bait Hut, Farmhouse Bee Edge, B6438 B6438 At Northern Boundary Of Alewater Bridge To B6438 At Southern Boundary Of Coldingham 24/7 Public
EFA4D802-5F88-4125-85C6-ADE500C46B8E TD15 1DF Building North Of Bowling Green, Golf Course Road, Berwick-Upon-Tweed 24/7 Public
13132CC0-1EC2-4306-AC53-AED600B8AC43 TD15 1DS Jobcentreplus, Ground Floor Norham House, 15 Walkergate Variable Restricted
FEE5CA16-0DAC-468C-B5D3-AEDD00AF79B4 TD15 1DS Norham House, 15 Walkergate, Berwick-Upon-Tweed Variable Public
E33D7959-5820-4F71-9B4E-AF3401425E4B TD15 1DX St Aidens Hall, 46 Church Street, Berwick-Upon-Tweed 24/7 Public
94F8DAA5-680D-452C-AFFC-ADA801307C85 TD15 1NE Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Berwick Haven Holiday Park, Magdaline Fields 24/7 Public
C064E2B3-A6F8-4828-8F11-AED00096E18D TD15 1QS Berwick Seaview Caravan Club Site, Billendean Road, Spittal Variable Public
64E0C901-B66B-4E46-8537-B02D00D311A7 TD15 1SP Northumberland County Council, Berwick St Mary's C Of E First School, Newfields Variable Public
DAEC9ADA-B451-4CF1-98B6-ADD7014756D1 TD15 1TB Limitless Studios, Unit 4 Samphire Court, Windmill Way West 24/7 Public
68A6DA2C-24FC-4F8C-AA83-B00B01487F0F TD15 1TE Paxton, The Cross Inn, Paxton 24/7 Public
2C2390C5-8092-4AE5-A98E-B00B00E57ADD TD15 1TS Hutton Bus Shelter, Knowehead, Hutton 24/7 Public
3964BA81-1F6B-433C-9702-ADB70080827F TD15 1TX Brass Bastion, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland Variable Public
4378FC17-C50E-4595-9241-AE0700CA7983 TD15 1UH Foulden Village Hall- External Wall To Lhs Of Main Door, A6105 Duns Road (Middle Of Foulden), Foulden 24/7 Public
6F081645-C52F-4603-BBD6-AD07DA0B1DA3 TD15 1UH Foulden Village Hall- External Wall To Lhs Of Main Door, Unnamed Road, Berwick-Upon-Tweed 24/7 Public
039F4464-695B-4B25-BBB5-ADB4008ACD6F TD15 1UN Scottish Power, Scottishpower, Kings Mount 24/7 Public
6B728EF4-8CCB-44B3-9780-AF4C010B1580 TD15 1UN Mcdonald's - Northumberland 4, Loaning Meadows, North Road 24/7 Restricted
BAC1ECA8-7C27-4677-9D37-AF34006B93F4 TD15 1UN Suez Recycling & Recovery, Berwick Household Waste Recovery Centre, Brass Bastion Variable Restricted
F50A298C-3369-45F9-BF0D-AEFB0071DCC2 TD15 1UP Mkm Building Supplies, Brass Bastion, Ramparts Business Park Variable Public
F8603478-1CB8-4AD4-ADB6-ADA80130A8C9 TD15 1UQ Global Cpad Campaign, Morrisons Supermarket, Loaning Meadows 24/7 Public
30E38DF3-7B07-47FA-B0AB-AEB0012EB010 TD15 2EF Berwick Rangers Football Club Plc, Shielfield Park, Tweedmouth 24/7 Public
927A4AA1-7469-4848-8E2C-AF040115284A TD15 2HQ Tweedmouth Bowling Club, Bowling Green, Riverside Road 24/7 Public
BB45FCC6-D7D3-400D-82F4-B03E00DD5A92 TD15 2HS Tweedmouth West First School, Osborne Road, Tweedmouth Variable Restricted
35B92B78-3638-4051-B337-B09900AE90AF TD15 2JF Pe Stairs, Berwick Academy, Adams Drive Variable Restricted
4723F4D3-DF84-40F7-B861-B09900A42CC0 TD15 2JF Admin Office, Berwick Academy, Adams Drive Variable Restricted
F3AD47E8-569A-448C-A6C2-B09900AF4D2D TD15 2JF Tower Block Lab - 1st Floor T8/T9, Berwick Academy, Adams Drive Variable Restricted
7F3A094B-9FC1-4EA9-84E7-B0970089E696 TD15 2NG Northumbrian Water Ltd Murton Water Treatment Works, Murton Water Treatment Works, Murton 24/7 Public
4785ECA9-7762-4D6F-B659-ADB600BEEF97 TD15 2NS Ord House, Ord House Caravan Park, East Ord 24/7 Public
F6B815EE-A7AC-4DD8-927F-ADAF01569395 TD15 2NS Village Hall, The Green, East Ord 24/7 Public
14282487-AAD2-44BF-87F8-AE0100D14F0B TD15 2PA Haggerston Castle Holiday Park - Reception, Beal, Berwick Upon Tweed 24/7 Restricted
5854710D-F424-43BD-BCDA-AF8700E3F6E6 TD15 2PA Haggerston Castle Holiday Park - Security, Beal, Berwick-Upon-Tweed 24/7 Public
9A8F7D1C-4101-4FD5-908D-ADA801308CFE TD15 2PA Global Cpad Campaign, Haggerston Castle Golf Club, Golf Village 24/7 Public
AEE5DD0C-7A93-422E-99D7-AE0100D2A544 TD15 2PA Activities And Leisure, Haggerston Castle Holiday Park, Beal 24/7 Restricted
C35FCD12-B41C-43C6-ACCA-ADA80131692C TD15 2PA Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Haggerston Castle Holiday Park Main Reception, Haggerston Castle Holiday Park 24/7 Public
D1BE1A47-43D4-41CB-BE81-ADA801313FF6 TD15 2PA Public Access Defibrillators Uk, Haggerston Castle Owners Lounge, Badger Retreat 24/7 Public
BD8AE9C6-D284-4E6D-A5DB-AF0200AD8314 TD15 2PT East Coach House, Grindon Rigg, Berwick-Upon-Tweed 24/7 Public
663EFC3A-5230-4B28-A0B0-ADB400F4BC5D TD15 2QR Land At West Of Elmbank Caravan Park, Cow Road, Spittal 24/7 Public
574BD0A3-C221-4D8E-935F-ADC800AC428E TD15 2QY Berwick Rugby Football Club, Derwentwater Terrace, Scremerston 24/7 Public
712157E0-6EF9-4408-81BF-B04300BDE68F TD15 2RB Scremerston First School, Cheviot Terrace, Scremerston Variable Restricted
7CC7EDA5-75AB-4CCD-913B-AE1500F22DB8 TD15 2RW Goswick Golf Club, Goswick, Berwick Upon Tweed 24/7 Public
2CCB0E1C-4384-4B2B-A25B-B04D00AD2A0E TD15 2SQ Lindisfarne House, Green Lane, Holy Island 24/7 Public
8C1FE0B3-24CF-49B5-A348-ADBF00B16B0D TD15 2TE War Memorial Ancroft Memorial Hall, C8 Shoreswood Farm Junction To Ancroft, Ancroft 24/7 Public
DD1ACE85-78EB-4790-B1EB-ADAC008D9AB5 TD15 2TJ Bowsden Village Hall, Main Street, Bowsden 24/7 Public
F91DEE67-062E-45CD-A4E6-AFA20103814A TD15 2TR Barmoor Castle Country Park, Lowick, Berwick Upon Tweed 24/7 Public
272B5049-9327-4853-B4C1-AF5D00909109 TD15 2UJ East Holburn Farm, Holburn House, U1049 Road To Holburn Village 24/7 Public
0FE3FB52-4B9B-409B-AA28-AFE80065DB6F TD15 2XF Screwfix, Unit 1 Fullerton Court, Ord Road Variable Restricted
60EE1C40-09FE-459B-B7A3-B03E00A6B68E TD15 2XF Vital Energi Site Compound, Verge To North East Of Road Entrance, East Ord Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
A5EE6178-2016-4C14-B17D-B028014E31C7 TD15 2XG Tesco, Tesco Stores, Ord Road Variable Public
3F0D48A8-7712-4A40-8F70-ADB000D8A573 TD15 2XU Country Style Foods Ltd, Tweedside Trading Estate, Tweedmouth 24/7 Public
10AB3BEA-8716-4934-A324-ABCCFF383D42 TD2 6AD Lauder Primary School- To Rhs Of Main School Entrance, Allanbank Gardens, Lauder 24/7 Public
7986DC00-B8A5-4417-A5DC-AF9F01193A40 TD2 6QJ Lauder Health Centre, Crofts Road, Lauder 24/7 Public
6775 TD2 6RA Carfraemill Hotel, Scottish Borders 24/7 Public
AA034663-4BF6-4055-ACB1-B0AC01123B42 TD2 6RA Caravan And Camp Site Carfraemill, U48-5 A697 At Carfraemill To U47-5 South Of Hillhouses, Oxton Variable Public
E82E5913-4F6D-4ABE-BF00-AD8600E6DA9E TD2 6RA Carfraemill Hotel, Near Oxton, Oxton 24/7 Public
F171D69B-BF90-4B5A-A3D4-AF9F011BBDEF TD2 6TN Lauder Bowling Club, Stow Road, Lauder 24/7 Public
F1AA9320-B8C3-4CBA-8135-AAB800F1B960 TD3 6JW Gordon Village Hall, Main Street, Gordon 24/7 Public
8BF24F57-3CFE-4AC3-B2A9-AEC500C5C163 TD4 6AD Redpath Village Hall Association, Village Hall, U32-5 U29-5 East Of Redpath Through Redpath Village 24/7 Public
EE0ECAC1-50E0-41E7-A386-AE7F00DEF3AB TD4 6BB The Folds, A6105 A6105 At East End In Earlston To A6105 At Entrance To The Folly Wood, Earlston 24/7 Public
CA4C5F8F-37B2-4804-A073-AECB00A11E71 TD5 7AH Lothian And Borders Police, Coal Market, Kelso 24/7 Public
3FD92184-2D94-450C-8369-AAE001746396 TD5 7AU Mayfield Garden Centre, Glebe Lane, Kelso Variable Public
AD6A6067-6D85-4377-A1F6-6238AFDF5831 TD5 7AY J Stewart & Son Ironmongers- On O/S Wall At Main Entrance, 2-10 Woodmarket, Kelso 24/7 Public
4C03B006-EBA0-47DD-9B33-5F246A95DDD2 TD5 7BS The Tait Hall, Edenside Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
5E8A3E2D-B217-4098-8811-164A884FF8F8 TD5 7DG Kelso Football Club, Drying House Lane, Kelso 24/7 Public
E883CD6D-A23E-4DEB-8C39-AEF500BEE3B7 TD5 7DH Kelso Men's Shed, Unit 2 Kelso Men's Shed, 26-38 Roxburgh Street Variable Restricted
52660EEA-EDCE-4EA8-AEDF-C8F24D0CD891 TD5 7EH Kelso Rugby Football Club- At Poynder Place Entrance, Poynder Place, Kelso 24/7 Public
208408C7-CFC7-4A4B-92BB-BB8F1A42D996 TD5 7JB St Andrews Episcopal Church- On Side Wall Of Church, Belmont Place, Kelso 24/7 Public
6C55984A-6D11-42A8-AA9B-D399FD786AA0 TD5 7JP Kelso Swimming Pool- On External Wall At Main Entrance, Inch Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
A22C20D5-0F27-407B-B402-EC1D3B6F1911 TD5 7NB Co-Op Society- On External Wall, Highcroft, Kelso 24/7 Public
AD9F5776-32D1-4359-BF97-0A12E3F928FB TD5 7NL Kelso High School- At Back Of School Facing Pitches, Angraflat Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
180F257A-949A-4807-A86F-0D843E2436B0 TD5 7NS Queens House Care Home- On Lhs Wall At Entry Rd, Unnamed Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
21ACD784-5742-4449-8D70-AB37010CE39A TD5 7QN Kelso & Lothian Harvesters Ltd, Kelso Variable Restricted
7C954269-7EFB-4E25-8120-3AF1AD016961 TD5 7QQ Ednam Village Hall- On External Wall At Main Entrance, Stichill Road, Ednam Kelso 24/7 Public
D172EC75-41CF-4050-A928-B08500F81931 TD5 7RY Old Schoolhouse, U43-5 A6089 At Nenthorn To U45-5 At Cakemuir, Nenthorn 24/7 Public
0CE3CEFE-9FCF-4D8A-96EF-B02D0130B502 TD5 7SL Kelso Golf Club, Golf Course Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
FE550F77-37A6-430A-A65D-81031A175FB8 TD5 7SW Broomlands Primary School- At Main Entrance, Ednam Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
CDFF48D8-4CEB-4901-9016-EEDACE82043D TD5 7TD Stitchill Village Hall- On External Wall, Ednam Road, Stichill Kelso 24/7 Public
3A97971B-E1CB-45C3-8675-AB4B00E6DD2F TD5 8BN Lempitlaw, Kelso 24/7 Public
B53423A0-482B-47B0-BC1F-ADFB0142EC69 TD5 8DN 7 Spylaw Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
281AB640-B109-48A5-8B05-B38093BE4FD1 TD5 8EU Maxwell Motors- O/S Main Entrance On Wall, Sprouston Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
855B8316-D39E-4FBF-886F-BFE91586C511 TD5 8HP Sprouston Primary School- At Entrance To School, Unnamed Road, Sprouston Kelso 24/7 Public
115614E1-D6CF-4534-A289-5C2BC7175DCE TD5 8JG Ambulance Station- External Wall At Main Entrance, Jedburgh Road, Kelso 24/7 Public
6CFFC0E7-F0B1-4302-8FF7-A375A07BFF9D TD5 8JR Village Hall- On External Wall At Main Entrance, Main Street, Heiton Kelso 24/7 Public
79FED79C-3BEB-4F30-8341-B02D012F1259 TD5 8LS Multi Purpose Building Border Union Agricultural Society Springwood Park, A699 U28-4 North Of Rutherford To A699 At Kelso Boundary, Kelso 24/7 Public
5984B549-32A9-42AF-854B-AB110159F39A TD5 8NA Kelso Heartbeat, Roxburgh Village Hall, Roxburgh Village 24/7 Public
372AC44D-1F75-412F-A5F1-AFFB00F4A527 TD5 8RA Gibsons Garage, High Street, Town Yetholm 24/7 Public
F575F871-F17B-4CC7-A1C5-B0330112AC19 TD5 8RD The Pavilion, B6352 Northern Boundary Of Town Yetholm, Braehouse 24/7 Public
58511AE4-1D03-425B-8C3F-B02200D8CC67 TD6 0EU Advisory Centre Sac Greycrook, A699 A68t At St Boswells Green In St Boswells To A699 At Western Boundary Of Maxton, St Boswells 24/7 Public
F66B015C-1039-4FF5-8C0D-AFB500AD50F0 TD6 0QX Bowling Club, Sprouston Road, Newtown St Boswells 24/7 Public
5F250893-1EEF-4775-A1E1-AEFA0100872A TD6 0RL Maxton Village Hall, A699 At Eastern Boundary Of Maxton, Maxton 24/7 Public
4250F263-DFF4-410F-A30E-AAB800C57680 TD6 0RQ Historic Environment Scotland, Dryburgh Abbey, Dryburgh Variable Restricted
ADC432EB-7783-4718-AD8D-7BC68255B8BD TD6 9BN Border Physio Clinic Ltd- On Wall At Entrance, General Area Of, Melrose 24/7 Public
765BDF29-C4FC-41EA-A7FF-ADC900ACDA03 TD6 9BQ The Abbotsford Trust, Visitors Centre Abbotsford, B6360 U29-2 To Upper Faldonside To A6091t At Tweedbank Roundabout 24/7 Public
B801F581-6C76-4EB0-8B9F-B03F00A0BF7B TD6 9EP Netherraw, 2 C44 C44 At Netherraw Hill Strip To C53 At Greenhouse, Melrose 24/7 Public
CC758CDE-A9E0-4708-82EF-AF3B00ED904F TD6 9HA Borders Crematorium, U190-4 U21-4 North West Of Oakendean To A6091t At Melrose Bypass, Melrose Variable Public
0860D618-064B-4198-B9BC-250718BEEC8C TD6 9NP Village Hall- On Front Wall Facing Road, General Area Of, Gattonside Melrose 24/7 Public
8F42B4B5-3916-4CAB-8C85-E9093656AE39 TD6 9RY High Street, Melrose 24/7 Public
9E2D8E09-3ABD-4230-89CA-AF2E00FDF16D TD6 9RY Caravan And Motor Home Club, Gibson Park Caravan Site, High Street 24/7 Public
5F5A4006-E3F3-4006-A268-AC0800C1C05B TD7 4BZ County Hotel, 3-5 High Street, Selkirk 24/7 Public
37E3537E-21C3-4ABC-9B4D-AECB00A1B637 TD7 4DR Police Station, Scotts Place, Selkirk 24/7 Public
749F72A3-01CC-40DB-822A-B04200D13657 TD7 4EW Selkirk High School, Hillside Terrace, Selkirk 24/7 Public
CB2BF0FC-069A-4582-92D1-D4C058E229F2 TD7 4EW Selkirk High School- Outside Rear Of Building, Hillside Terrace, Selkirk 24/7 Public
FD8722F7-3EC1-4CC3-B0BA-AB3A009A2A6B TD7 4LE Selkirk Sheriff Court House, Selkirk Sheriff Court, Ettrick Terrace Variable Public
F5CA37BD-7903-4E25-842B-D2EA4B64C02D TD7 4QD Bisley Clay Pigeon Shooting- Lhs Through Main Door, Unnamed Road, Midlem Selkirk Variable Public
1F859D48-EB06-49B7-92BB-AEF300B46FF0 TD8 6AR Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Castlegate, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
844CC0B9-653F-435C-BDB0-AB3C00827B5E TD8 6AR Scts, Jedburgh Sheriff Court, Castlegate Variable Public
DDF56C33-516F-4F33-852F-AF8E00D1BD02 TD8 6DJ Jed Hearts Here, St John's The Evangelist Episcopal Church Hall, Pleasance 24/7 Public
B1CAA4C5-E21A-4B3C-AD3A-AD9800E893AD TD8 6DQ Greenside Veterinary Surgery, Veterinary Surgery, 49 High Street 24/7 Public
DA1A9294-75D5-48F6-A041-AD9800EA69D9 TD8 6EB Jedburgh Woollen Mill Ltd, Edinburgh Road, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
9308EDF5-5524-45EC-9E5D-AE7C00FE4BEE TD8 6EF Jed Legion Football Club Elliot Park, Bankend North, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
B77C51DE-C9FE-48C4-811F-AD9E00FFAF7C TD8 6ER Mcdonald Dryburgh Rooms Millfield Gardens, Canongate, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
123AC7E4-DE27-4870-B5B6-AEA6012C69EF TD8 6HH Jedburgh Grammar Campus, Prior's Road, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
501C1592-5F04-4E8F-8471-AF8E00DBAEC8 TD8 6JS Flats At End Of Howden Road (No 110), Jedburgh 24/7 Public
074F91BA-9452-45FA-ACAB-AEF30152CF72 TD8 6LS Unit 4, Oxnam Road Industrial Estate, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
7249F30C-1A85-4C0A-9D84-B0A10111FDD9 TD8 6NE Stripend, U93-3 C41 West Of Middlesknowes To Plenderleith, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
AE607E8E-CFCE-4857-B6CB-AE97008A049F TD8 6PJ Jedwater Caravan Park, C30 A68t At Inchbonny Bridge To C32 East Of Newhouses, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
C4B4BE67-98E8-4A90-9B2D-AEF3009F495F TD8 6SQ Jed Hearts Here, Jedforest Rugby Football Club Riverside Park, Off A68 Edinburgh Road 24/7 Public
9B4C428B-5822-4517-9DA0-AD62007BC36B TD8 6TA Jedburgh Golf Clubhouse Dunion Road, B6358 B6358 At Castle Gate In Jedburgh To A698 At Spittal-On-Rule East Of Denholm, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
677F1D90-9D58-4FBB-B899-AAD800E4C2B4 TD8 6TF Crailing,Eckford And Nisbet Community Council, 1 Easter Ulston Farm Cottages, Jedburgh 24/7 Public
F1E95E40-6078-48A3-9300-AAD800E5EF46 TD8 6TW Crailing,Eckford And Nisbet Community Council, Crailing Village Hall, Crailing 24/7 Public
AAA2CBF1-7FBA-46A8-9414-9BFEAB93256B TD8 6TZ Lilliardsedge Caravan Park-On Tavern Bar Main Door, General Area Of, Jedburgh Variable Public
1CC26629-91FB-416E-B21C-AAC70135AD40 TD9 0AE Heart Of Hawick, Heritage Hub, Kirkstile Variable Public
63D8B00E-D1DA-407F-88E3-63296FF48C7E TD9 0AU Drumlanrig Primary School- At Main Ent Of School Car Park, Loan, Hawick 24/7 Public
51F0B7A2-84F8-441A-BBA7-AD5D014A4CB6 TD9 0EL Volunteer Park, Buccleuch Road, Hawick Variable Public
441D3F6C-0753-4110-BEB8-AECF0104900E TD9 0HH Hawick Bowling Club, Buccleuch Road, Hawick 24/7 Public
76059E43-14F5-4893-A91A-AB5D01013D0D TD9 0LX Hermitage Hall, Hermitage Water, B6399/Intersection With Signposted Road To Hermitage Castle 24/7 Public
DCE0E03E-8F29-4A46-887D-F2305A607D54 TD9 0NY Hawick Golf Club House- On O/S Wall To Lhs Of Main Ent, General Area Of, Hawick 24/7 Public
97EA047E-F870-43A8-AFA6-76F7B8DD88AC TD9 0QE Polysport/Football Pitch- O/S Changing Room Building, South Hermitage Street, Newcastleton 24/7 Public
C24EB48F-A556-4B85-8B86-6F4F75E0B58F TD9 0QX O/S Fire Station Opposite Village Hall, Langholm Street, Newcastleton 24/7 Public
8C9CD830-25E3-40D6-81D3-4E3E108C13EE TD9 0RB Outside Spar Shop, 3 North Hermitage Street, Newcastleton 24/7 Public
07A5855A-7EFC-4F1F-943F-AECC00F7EE37 TD9 0SL Larriston House, B6357 C34 At Saughtree To B6399 At Hermitage Bridge, Newcastleton 24/7 Public
B085B53D-9214-4CF2-A901-AF8301394173 TD9 0TJ Sewage Works, Kershopefoot, Newcastleton 24/7 Public
1A1E0D3E-96AB-4DFC-AC82-923FD2596BA0 TD9 7EN Wilton Primary School- Rear Of Building Nr Nursery Entrnc, Wellfield Road, Hawick 24/7 Public
A096201E-18D8-4899-87F9-AF4E0182381E TD9 7LG Wilton Lodge Park Walled Gardens, Wilton Park Road, Hawick 24/7 Public
E9FF51DD-1C1F-474B-89FD-AE3E015253EA TD9 7LX Foreman Memorial Hall, Forman Memorial Hall, B711 B711 At Eastern Boundary Of Roberton To B711 At Western Boundry Of Roberton 24/7 Public
EEF10AFF-9112-4984-897A-34D13570D467 TD9 7QP Stirches Primary School- On Wall To Rhs Of Main Entrance, Roxburghe Drive, Hawick 24/7 Public
94220AF1-2990-4F34-8F5F-C08EC138219B TD9 8AA Johnstons Of Elgin- In Corridor Between Factory And Cafe, Mansfield Road, Hawick Variable Public
B7076D7A-E647-4B08-A285-AECB00A67ED4 TD9 8BA Police Scotland, Police Station - Wilton Hill, Hawick 24/7 Public
300435C1-B0E1-4FAF-96FA-AAC70136BF08 TD9 8EJ Burnfoot Hub, 89 Burnfoot Road, Hawick Variable Public
0377AC0E-8C20-43F9-B6A0-3D6314B7BAC4 TD9 8EQ Burnfoot Schoolthrough Main Gates On Lhs Of Building, Kenilworth Avenue, Hawick 24/7 Public
072DAF35-D7C6-4658-85F0-2F553F0EA380 TD9 8JN John D Falla & Son- On Outside Wall, General Area Of, Bonchester Bridge Hawick 24/7 Public
8D43DEBF-845F-499E-A443-ADB700BC2E27 TD9 8LA Weensland Road, Hawick, Borders Variable Public
3922907A-21F0-47CD-9AE4-AB3E00D5347A TD9 8RJ Barrie, Burnfoot Industrial Estate, Hawick Variable Restricted
659E7080-19F0-472C-B169-AFE700D738DF TD9 8RJ Screwfix, Unit 3 Hawick Trade Park, Burnfoot Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
5283FD80-5796-4213-B55E-AF2D01001C2D TD9 8RU Caravan Sycamore House, U13-3 U13-3 At Hassendeanburn West Lodge To U13-3 At Knowetownhead, Hawick 24/7 Public
E247B2F5-B1E0-4218-8C7C-B04A006B9662 TD9 8SL Turnbull And Scott Ltd, Burnfoot Industrial Estate, Hawick 24/7 Public
D8F47B81-6DF7-4A28-875E-133DA611DFF7 TD9 8TE Bedrule Village Hall- On Shelf Inside Porch Entrance, General Area Of, Hawick 24/7 Public
91DBAD3F-BD75-45EF-8CB2-B3CA7D269F89 TD9 9JA Richardson & Son Printers Unit 7- To Rhs Of Main Entrance, Lochpark Industrial Estate, Hawick 24/7 Public
4436E311-7AEB-4399-A906-AD986D6F1C90 TD9 9NQ Morrisons- Near Service Desk, Mart Street, Hawick Variable Public
13B78E74-F3A3-430E-AAB1-C3AFF82A1445 TD9 9NR Trinity Primary School- On Lhs Of Entrance, Trinity Street, Hawick 24/7 Public
3BB022A7-9A93-4877-9E63-AB7C00C99134 TD9 9NW Auction Mart Office Weensland Road, Hawick Variable Restricted

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 43 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n1678261208 In a red phone box, Clintmains
MZ n3296820960 SJS 105 At entrance to Redford Barracks on Colinton Road nearest Colinton St John Scotland
MZ n3783592519 inside old red phone box by the bridge at Heriot Station
MZ n4279221050 Attached (at waist height) to security podium on the right as you come in from the car park
MZ n4317857593 None inside old red phone boxes next to village shop, Reston
MZ n4345195569 in first aid room under stairs by entrance to IKEA
MZ n5193877790 in reception, next to the security turnstiles
MZ n6017810301
MZ n6535250392
MZ n6632476710 SJS 144 On wall outside Saunderson's Butchers, to left of door St John Scotland
MZ n7177156247
MZ n7177156248 Opposite main door of Mary Brück building
MZ n7177156250 Beside lift at north end of Faraday building
MZ n7177156251 JCMB Meeting Room 2.2009A
MZ n7177156252 Inside FloWave by workshop
MZ n7273861566 Ground floor corridor of Fleeming Jenkin building outside Workshop 3
MZ n7295769288 outside Vale Club, Leithen Crescent, Innerleithen
MZ n7784843130 On the outside wall of Kirkhope Parish Hall
MZ n7792272206
MZ n8177356108 Inside Water of Leith Visitor Centre
MZ n8240123938 Inside Jobcentre Plus, 20 High Riggs
MZ n8240123939 Inside Edinburgh College of Art Library
MZ n8305567775 At City Chambers Reception
MZ n8305567778 Inside Vert Technologies office
MZ n8305567781 Inside Premier Inn
MZ n8404200317
MZ n8781206724 On the wall of the Oxnam village hall
MZ n8795929117
MZ n8847952148 SJS 195 On fence outside Portobello Sailing and Kayaking Club (next to The Beach House cafe) St John Scotland
MZ n8892158233
MZ n9341666520 inside old red phone box, Main Street, Oxton
MZ n9505137416 next to red phone box in Makerstoun
MZ n9505706496 Indoors
MZ n9838346524 On exterior wall of bowls club
MZ n9905039173 outside Yarrowford Village Hall
MZ n9905113814 outside Cranshaws Recreational Hall - near red phone box
MZ n10134954773 AU27 Outside wall of outbuilding
MZ n10224366853 next to steps in pedestrian area
MZ n10314658761
MZ n11348193869
MZ n11348195769
MZ n11351486898
MZ n11364017569

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 38 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
8F99A260-9B67-4CBA-A466-AF9F0114B5D8 TD1 2PR Blainslie Village Hall, C76 C76 At Southern Boundary Of Blainslie To C76 At Northern Boundary Of Blainslie, Blainslie n9906856957 outside Nether Blainslie Community Hall 9 m
0375C0D3-C18E-4CA4-836C-BC8FD3B68734 TD10 6UD Inside Telephone Kiosk, The Square, Greenlaw Duns n1097025926 in old red phone box, West High Street, Greenlaw 38 m
30246185-33BA-41F5-89CF-AAE00116224E TD11 3JJ Swinton & Ladykirk Community Council, The Green, Swinton n9907633480 by the Green on Main Street, Swinton 81 m
5E08731C-EC3D-4A70-A412-AF2C00E14A84 TD11 3TX Abbey St Bathans, Bonkyl And Preston Community Council, Public Telephone On Main Road (C106), Through Abbey St Bathans. Opposite Turn Off To Kirk, Abbey St Bathans n2593363195 inside old red phone box in Abbey St Bathans 2 m
35DA8ECB-7C92-49F1-93B4-AE5400F3C439 TD12 4UH Post Office, Main Street, Cornhill-On-Tweed n9006334219 9 m
B29992C8-5AA3-470E-9F1B-19C2386F7E10 TD14 5LS In Telephone Box In Middle Of Village, Unnamed Road, Auchencrow Eyemouth n1753755700 inside old red phone box in Auchencrow 45 m
B5951C7B-56ED-4AAC-BAC0-6FE044AE68EA TD14 5SP Eyemouth First Responders, 21 Lower Burnmouth, Lower Burnmouth n6040189851 9 m
5B98BC2C-4775-4896-B8AD-5B68CD7839B5 TD14 5LD Reston Primary School- At Main Entrance, General Area Of, Reston Eyemouth n5902120720 14 m
AE84D05C-9A0C-4E4D-B1DE-2E39921204DB TD14 5NS In Phone Box At Main Car Park Beside Village Hall, School Road, Coldingham Berwickshire n9907292115 inside old red phone box in Coldingham Village Hall car park 54 m
00B2EA11-6C72-4528-B50A-AE5500FB8C99 TD15 2UL President Estate Farming, The Farm Office Hetton Steads, Lowick n9860659707 Gable end wall of house 7 m
0395FAA6-E825-447B-8CF7-ADB500FD142E TD15 2UA Lowick Village Store, 26 Main Street, Lowick n9105089560 Front wall of Lowick Village Store, green metal box 8 m
A4521BA6-87EE-47B1-823D-ADB500F9B6FE TD15 2UA Lowick Village Hall, 64 Main Street, Lowick n9110524823 Right wall of Lowick Village Hall, green and yellow box 11 m
EB5F475C-E1D3-4376-8E18-ADB4009EDA4F TD15 2PJ Fenwick Village Hall Tearooms, The Village, Fenwick n11327529006 On gable end of building 10 m
82366939-3985-462D-80AB-AE91010CE295 TD15 2SU Crossman Hall, Crossgates, Holy Island n9106307716 by ramps to Crossman Hall, Crossgate Lane, Holy Island 43 m
3C8D3D41-116E-4CF4-819D-ADBE0174494E TD15 2XN The Square, West End, Horncliffe n2330103666 In former phone kiosk 48 m
E9BFCE8B-94A8-4348-B014-ADB40128228E TD15 2ER 19 Goldstone, East Ord n10784210425 Wooden post end of footpath 7 m
5AA76D79-FE6F-4356-B84E-ADB40126359F TD15 2NX Shelter 38m From 9 Mordington Avenue 5m From Hiveacres Road, Hiveacres Road, East Ord n10784210417 South end of bus shelter, yellow box 6 m
0BD367CA-C48A-4AFA-B83C-ADFE010F348F TD15 1RN Spittal Bowling Green, Promenade, Spittal n7873222197 23 m
13EEB2C3-CF67-43D8-9C2E-AEAD00C83E33 TD15 1BG Berwick Youth Project, 9-12 Golden Square, Berwick-Upon-Tweed n7215035317 19 m
CFAAEBED-56F3-42B5-B639-AE5F0158FC44 TD15 1DF Holy Trinity Church, Car Park, Parade n7259055645 Wall mounted box 39 m
59A61F23-FDE1-484D-BE4F-AF6900DC5966 TD15 1JT Berwick-Upon-Tweed Community Development Trust Ltd, 56 Castlegate, Berwick-Upon-Tweed n11029860095 6 m
4F17E283-DA48-4B07-BF50-AF9F010FD234 TD2 6SR Lauder Pharmacy, 5 Market Place, Lauder n9416657483 7 m
6669 TD4 6AS Telephone Box, Berwickshire n1772883516 inside old red phone box in Legerwood 8 m
19EB90BF-DD87-4582-B17E-AD6A00F5A44C TD4 6AS Public Telephone 32m From Granary Cottage, Legerwood 4m From Unnamed Road, C86 C89 At Legerwood To A6089 West Of Bassendean, Earlston n1772883516 inside old red phone box in Legerwood 5 m
9D147A6F-BFDA-4BAF-A342-AAD800E704D7 TD5 8LG Eckford Village Hall, Eckford, Kelso n1628483446 inside old red phone box outside Eckford Village Halll 9 m
C1A91F67-2D0A-4D4F-970A-AFDD00F2EABE TD5 8PQ Border Hotel, The Green, Kirk Yetholm n6573534068 outside The Border Hotel 6 m
4A006DD3-6B3C-4946-9591-06985873FBF3 TD5 7BH Galdein Veterinary- On External Wall Facing Car Park, The Knowes, Kelso n11032905297 13 m
2523690C-7EFD-4216-BF7E-662C8E2532E7 TD5 7DH The Royal British Legion- On External Wall At Main Ent, 66 Roxburgh Street, Kelso n11032905295 10 m
60171E7C-C031-421A-844B-37D5132020D6 TD5 7TR In Telephone Box On Main Street Across From Castle, Unnamed Road, Hume Kelso n1618245114 inside old red phone box in Hume 26 m
47500306-E95C-4389-8AAC-AFCA00A211FB TD6 0AA St Boswells Post Office, Main Street, St Boswells n9893527835 Next to postbox, to left of entrance to St Boswells Post Office. 6 m
12E2A39F-248D-448F-8DD2-AECB01003818 TD6 9RY Police Station, High Street, Melrose n9416661390 22 m
FFD5AFC1-EE7F-40E7-B321-AEF30097C761 TD8 6NR Jedburgh Bowling Club Allars Mill, Private Road From Newcastle Road To Allars Mill And Bowling Club, Jedburgh n9962167372 28 m
9CE3A13B-5E68-432B-8195-AABB00BEA6E2 TD8 6LA Spar Stores, Lothian Road, Jedburgh n8720845517 outside Spar, Lothian Road, Jedburgh 87 m
F87A9ECB-62DB-4395-A3B2-AEF300AD2C49 TD8 6JH Jed Thistle Rfc, Newcastle Road, Jedburgh n9242896720 4 m
F61110D7-4465-4C7B-A5C5-AEA60131D0B3 TD8 6DU Public Telephone Box, Bongate, Jedburgh n1326211508 Inside disused phone box 3 m
C78F31FF-C3D1-44F7-B66D-ACE301180C4C TD8 6SX Lanton Community Council, U58-3 C38 In Lanton To U152-3 Lanton Housing Road, Old Red Telephone Box n8710518317 Inside red phone box 10 m
5CEB4B8F-D0AD-42A0-9CD8-FB1A06405273 TD9 8NG Through Gate On Rhs Of Denholm Parish Church, Kirkside, Denholm Hawick n5025842335 13 m
32EF4696-21F3-4FCB-A233-D7A2B22156DC TD9 8SG Inside Red Telephone Box, Unnamed Road, Minto Hawick n2351483297 in red phone box in Minto - near Minto Kirk 61 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

Found 4 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
54A97227-1D64-4993-8D46-ADB50106D7D3 TD15 2LQ Norham Village Hall, Castle Street, Norham n5169467379 West wall of Norham Village Hall 197 m
1DB8BFB6-E067-48C8-913C-AAD800E30D8B TD8 6TE Crailing,Eckford And Nisbet Community Council, 6 West Nisbet Steading, Nisbet n8900677165 inside red phone box, Nisbet 219 m
99DACAE4-FC04-409F-97A5-AFAB00D50ED3 TD15 2PD Beal Serivce Station, Lindisfarne Services, Esso Garage n11076080030 On exterior wall of shop at Lindisfarne Service Station on the A1, just to the right of the main ent 150 m
AC3B9218-CF9C-4B78-A05F-49838A97D22B TD11 3RW Grantshouse Village Hall- At Entrance, Mansefield, Grantshouse Duns n11184610369 outside Grantshouse Village Hall - facing up the hill 398 m

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