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OSM Defibrillator Mapping Progress in the 'W' Postal Area

Note: There is currently no licence to use the 3rd party AED location data directly in OpenStreetMap. So you must not make any OpenStreetMap edits based on the circles on the map, or the data in the popups or tables below. The data can be used to inform surveys though. In an emergency situation, please call 999, rather than using this site to find a Defibrillator.

The blue circles on the map are defibrillator locations from The Circuit that haven't been matched to an OSM object. Dark blue circles indicate those recorded as having 24/7 public access, the lighter blue is for those with restricted access. The red, orange and yellow circles are OSM objects that haven't been matched to a defibrillator on an official list. (AEDs that may not be available 24/7 are shown as orange (either indoor=yes or opening_hours!=24/7 or access!=yes|permissive|public|no|private), AEDs not generally available for public use are shown as yellow (access=no|private), and everything else is shown as red). The green lines represent matches from the official data to OSM objects: dark green for a match via the UUID, and light green for matches just based on proximity. For more information see below. Note that there is currently no licence/permission to use the external data directly in OSM, so it can only be used to inform surveys.

The matching works as follows: First we check each location from the Circuit for an OSM emergency=defibrillator object with a ref:GB:the_circuit tag that matches the UUID. The we check each unmatched Circuit location for the nearest unmatched OSM object with a matching postcode, within 1km of the location. Then we go through all unmatched Circuit locations, and look for any unmatched emergency=defibrillator OSM objects within 50m. If any are found, the nearest is matched. Finally, the previous step is repeated twice more, with increasing maximum distances of 150m and 300m. Note that this matching is not perfect, and if there are multiple nearby AEDs and missing locations in either dataset, then there may be flase positive matches.

Defibrillators not matched to an OSM Object

Found 372 missing AEDs.

UUID Postcode Location Available Access
FEB51174-2108-4E2D-A9C4-AF1600D86691 W10 4JL A2dominion Group, A2dominion Group Beethoven Centre, Third Avenue Variable Public
43E5330F-7841-4BAF-8533-AFF900E3A698 W10 4LE Herries Street, London Variable Restricted
D6323B19-9A41-4E12-A1D0-AF6A00EE99C5 W10 4LE Herries Street, London Variable Restricted
B3A9FA9E-8005-466B-9332-AFEF00C7D65F W10 5AA Hill Group - Barlby Road, Barlby Road, London Variable Restricted
8707D21D-5360-4EEF-B9C1-AD4B00BDEAA2 W10 5BN Unit 002, 222 Kensal Road, London Variable Restricted
293FCDA5-B60C-4012-8B37-AEDF00F49E1A W10 5BU Innocent Drinks, 342 Ladbroke Grove, Innocent Drinks 24/7 Restricted
71E2744D-E527-4C9C-9F2B-AF0F00962894 W10 5PE Golborne Medical West Ten Gps, Golborne Medical Centre, 12-16 Golborne Road Variable Restricted
9797B4C5-2973-4E65-9917-AF4600C091C5 W10 5QE Flat 72 Pepler House, Wornington Road, London Variable Restricted
735018E7-E0E4-43FA-A054-AE2F00C44780 W10 5XL Westway Portobello Fitness Club, 3-5 Thorpe Close, London Variable Public
7FF0F46E-445A-464E-9DB9-AD8600A61F40 W10 6BG Willmott Dixon Site Office, Treverton Street Playground, Treverton Street Variable Restricted
2642251F-1D8C-427D-83ED-B00D00AFC389 W10 6DW Treverton Street, London 24/7 Public
EA388F8E-7CB5-47C0-9AB3-AEF400CBC7EA W10 6EX Kensington Leisure Centre, London 24/7 Restricted
953EA388-B351-4CA6-ABC9-B0610143F7CF W10 6HH Ground Floor, 177-179 Ladbroke Grove, London 24/7 Public
AEA3D376-0AC0-4CE0-85B4-B00A010A0C64 W10 6HH Tesco Ladbroke Grove, 177 Ladbroke Grove, Ladbroke Grove Variable Public
FF118B04-89AD-4F4A-8EAC-AE3E0108AAFD W10 6QH Tesco Express North Kensington, 13-15, North Pole Road Variable Public
37CC789F-F37C-48D6-9BB2-AE24009E9EC2 W10 6RP Westway Sports And Fitness Centre, 1 Crowthorne Road, London Variable Restricted
3B6429AE-CEB7-4A4D-8893-AEC800F24AE7 W10 6TH Harrow Club, 187 Freston Road, London Variable Public
E2648B8C-506C-4DFD-8CB5-B00000A85864 W11 1AN Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Kensington & Chelsea - Tavistock Depot, Tavistock Road, Kensington & Chelsea Variable Public
5C4E9BC3-C9B5-458A-BC1F-AFDA009F20CD W11 1LJ Tesco Stores Ltd, 224-226 Portobello Road, London 24/7 Public
5DE81216-8B33-44A6-A31F-B02600BD7CD5 W11 1LJ Tesco Metro, 224-226 Portobello Road, London Variable Restricted
A70C1BC9-CCC0-4DDA-82E9-B06100FC665C W11 1LJ 224-226 Portobello Road, London Variable Public
58135E1F-5A9A-4C83-98AE-B04200E7B4A6 W11 1QT Virgin Active Notting Hill, 119-131 Lancaster Rd, London Variable Restricted
49D466D9-00E0-45E9-96AC-AED300E48172 W11 1TP 9 Wesley Square, London 24/7 Public
7C6A2F73-FE24-49D1-8AAB-B00000A187F8 W11 1TX Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Kensington & Chelsea - Camelford Depot, Camelford Walk, Clarendon Road, Kensington & Chelsea Variable Public
60891BB3-DA1C-4401-9183-AEF50112CFDA W11 2EH Portobello And Notting Hill Medical Centre, Portobello Medical Centre, 14 Codrington Mews Variable Restricted
DBA99B73-0961-492F-A0A1-AEC800A723DE W11 3BU 8 Kensington Park Road, London Variable Restricted
AA720B7D-24E4-4E0B-A56D-AF99012484A6 W11 3QA Mcdonald's - 500 Notting Hill Gate, 108/110 Notting Hill Gate , Notting Hill Gate, London, London 24/7 Public
DDAC2EB6-ED3F-4784-BF02-AE3900DA69D9 W11 3QE Tesco Express, 114-120 Notting Hill Gate, Notting Hill 24/7 Public
320C57FC-956E-4409-9FDF-AEDA00ACD243 W11 4AH 240 Lancaster Road, London 24/7 Public
7F62B57F-D0C1-46A3-AD69-AFC6012D8B53 W11 4AX Shop 2, 179-199 Holland Park Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
016F1632-3BD9-4D63-B249-AF2300B4A9B6 W11 4AY George Building, 2 Nicholas Road, London Variable Restricted
1AB6E618-CD71-4F44-A9AB-AED3011C7695 W11 4LA Portland Road Practice, 16 Portland Road, London Variable Public
EAF1060D-BB35-49BB-AB31-AED3008341A9 W11 4UH Sial School, 156 Holland Park Avenue, London Variable Restricted
74A68B9C-533F-4940-BBEB-AFEA00AEEF7C W12 0HR Ark Burlington Danes Academy, Wood Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
B3F3D1AD-004A-4D26-9E8B-AFEA00ADE968 W12 0HR Ark Burlington Danes Academy, Wood Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
310A34CD-99B3-42B8-9F94-AFF700B270A2 W12 0HS Irdb -Foyer, London Variable Restricted
42D61944-D152-4854-85B0-AFF700B1803E W12 0HS Burlington Danes – Security Control Room, London 24/7 Restricted
E517BD50-A1F2-46B8-BC23-AFF700B28AE3 W12 0HS Commonwealth Building -Foyer, London Variable Restricted
87B2BD0B-41B5-4344-B20D-AEEF00AD5189 W12 0NS Newpark Nursery And Montessori School, 450 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd's Bush Variable Restricted
6310AF87-42DA-486D-8BB1-B03500DDB2DE W12 7FW Reception Bbc Studioworks, 6 Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane 24/7 Public
D8D70261-AF98-41A1-A92F-B03500E1F013 W12 7FW 2nd Floor Open Plan Office Kitchen, 6 Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane 24/7 Public
419C77EC-9017-4C61-BC32-AF9F00BF8043 W12 7GB O2 Store (0366) London - Westfield, Unit 1099 Lower Level, Westfield Shopping Centre Variable Restricted
8E8980C2-80C0-46EF-B922-B00500B3BF7E W12 7GF Mcdonald’s - Su0021, Su0021, Ariel Way 24/7 Public
CB2F144F-CD4B-4F41-B17E-AEEF00ECAFED W12 7LL Working Home And In Community, New Coach House, 370 To 376 Uxbridge Road, London Variable Restricted
E3A70453-E734-4D9E-AE1C-AE4D008780A8 W12 7RW Bowmer And Kirkland Ltd, South Africa Road, White City Variable Public
65D9C4BB-1188-4AFC-A5BA-AFF8008CD5C7 W12 7TA Molecular Sciences Research Hub, Msrh, London Variable Restricted
7745C0F9-3D60-49CF-BD38-AEFA00AFA758 W12 7TA Imperial College London, Door A Stadium House, 68 Wood Lane Variable Restricted
B2025022-2B87-47C6-B2B1-AFF800892C0D W12 7TA Michael Uren Building – 6th Floor Of Mub, London Variable Restricted
C2E79917-A3EE-4DDD-AA2B-AFF8008D57FE W12 7TA Wilson House, London Variable Restricted
FF71B219-5173-4A41-83DB-AFF8008E1FFB W12 7TA North Cabin, London 24/7 Restricted
AF6C9557-2850-4927-9F8C-AF6C00BF683D W12 8AW Bpp Shepherd's Bush, 142-144 Uxbridge Road, London Variable Public
54E81899-9F56-4C25-A7FD-AE40016FD512 W12 8LH Tesco Express, 31 Uxbridge Rd, Shepherds Bush Variable Public
C9B893EB-C2D0-4867-BC41-AF9901247967 W12 8LR Mcdonald's - 11 Shepherds Bush, 88/90 Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London,, London 24/7 Public
64B6F7A6-FEEA-466D-821E-AFE200A5319B W12 8QE 58 Shepherd's Bush Green, London 24/7 Restricted
D35D79B2-0570-4A3C-B7B3-AE360108E1C5 W12 8QP Tesco Plc, 49 Goldhawk Road, London 24/7 Public
E8B05846-380C-4E70-BB4A-B00000FFD40F W12 9AS Tesco Askew Road, Shepherds Bush, 93 Askew Rd, Shepherds Bush Variable Public
CA924A1A-3766-4ECC-9C76-B03100DB6F38 W12 9LB Wendell Park Primary School, Cobbold Road, London Variable Restricted
00C8F61F-90F0-4E68-8603-AEEE00B67A7D W12 9LN The Upper Room And St Saviours Church, St Saviour's Church, Cobbold Road Variable Public
46D2D80D-B70B-4F20-929B-B0140103AD56 W12 9NJ John Betts House, Rylett Road, London Variable Restricted
77CEA87A-6720-4FB9-B944-B07B011AFA6D W12 9PT Medical Room, Greenside Primary School, Westville Road Variable Restricted
FC9F45C7-1BFD-415E-91D9-AEEC00EE35E5 W12 9RD The New Surgery, 143a Uxbridge Road, London Variable Restricted
0F1709DA-8DDE-4579-BFA7-AED801366C27 W13 0EQ 31 Kingsley Avenue, West Ealing Variable Restricted
0324F537-2FF6-4B36-AD21-AF3400F4F27E W13 0JS West Middlesex Lawn Tennis Club, 6 Berners Drive, London Variable Restricted
7DA0CE09-E7B2-434F-A70D-AEEB00DF0DF9 W13 0TG Busy Bees Nursery, Green Man Passage, Ealing Variable Public
249EE073-B2C9-42B8-8D8F-AF0900870CAC W13 8AX Gdst, Notting Hill And Ealing High School, 2 Cleveland Road Variable Restricted
42CEE3D0-5A0F-49EA-A4DF-AF09008812F9 W13 8AX Gdst, Notting Hill And Ealing High School, 2 Cleveland Road Variable Restricted
736F7B87-D3F1-47DE-901E-AF0700EEEAA0 W13 8AX Gdst, Notting Hill And Ealing High School, 2 Cleveland Road Variable Restricted
ABEA4F69-F1EF-4AB8-B8D9-AF09008C06D4 W13 8AX Gdst, Notting Hill And Ealing Sixth Form Centre, 2 Cleveland Road Variable Restricted
66BAAD66-EFD8-4C5B-9A4D-B01200E0F12A W13 8SB Tesco Uxbridge Road, West Ealing, 140-144 Uxbridge Rd, West Ealing Variable Public
A4FA1845-81B2-43FC-A8CA-AEEE014B8533 W13 9JT St John Ambulance, Priory Hall, Loveday Road, West Ealing Variable Public
6F14596B-F358-4430-9DAE-AEDA00A538D7 W13 9LA St Johns Church, Mattock Lane, West Ealing 24/7 Public
F1E4E50A-CCC1-4E48-9804-B02C0089BC8E W13 9QR Tesco Northfields Ealing, 101-109 Northfields Ave, London Variable Public
28D95826-2D82-4F45-8A34-B05700E145B3 W13 9TE Fielding Primary School, Wyndham Road, West Ealing Variable Public
3292D87D-2C76-4D27-859E-B07C00A2DF8E W14 0DT Addison Primary School, Addison Gardens, London Variable Restricted
FD3FD8E2-7655-4BE5-8D9F-AF7E00D50B47 W14 8DU Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club, 1 Addison Road, London Variable Restricted
8B37AE90-E169-4512-9A9A-AECC00E018C7 W14 8HQ Degc Contracting, Warwick Building, London 24/7 Public
C904FA52-FBE7-48EA-9C2C-AF1100BF31EF W14 8LZ Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park Road, London Variable Restricted
DB7A9543-FB7F-4D3E-BA21-AFCF011D7E82 W14 8NL Hilton London Olympia, 380 Kensington High Street, London 24/7 Public
41F31AE5-AC01-42EC-9F11-AFE80078A882 W14 8NS Screwfix, 348-352 Kensington High Street, Kensington Variable Restricted
77262C58-E3E9-4D23-8B75-AE36009C6C2F W14 8PB Tesco Superstore, West Cromwell Rd, Kensington Variable Public
D9B32B26-F9E1-44FA-B8B8-AF1C00C1F25F W14 8PU St Edward Homes Limited, 199 Kendall Parade, Warwick Road, London Variable Restricted
D14F0905-9434-42C0-8637-B00F00C27398 W14 8UZ Tesco Olympia Hammersmith, 69-77 Hammersmith Rd, London Variable Public
1C843008-96AB-461A-846D-AFCA01546B1E W14 9NF Savills - The Community Hub, 14 Aisgill Avenue, London Variable Public
DBE0FD25-7751-4169-B462-AE3A00CC399A W14 9PP Tesco, 112-114 North End Road, London Variable Public
52554FD4-6763-4E85-B9A9-AE7E00D14143 W1A 1AB Arj, Contractor Village Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street Variable Public
D65FACC5-C8C7-4129-B08E-AEF301079D60 W1A 1ER Fortnum & Mason Ltd, 181 Piccadilly, London 24/7 Public
B6CEE6AB-8694-42B4-B46F-AE5A00B078B4 W1B 3DA All Souls Church, All Souls Church Of England, All Souls Place Variable Restricted
F53CA3D9-1C77-43CC-8EE0-ADEA00E766BB W1B 3DA All Souls Church Of England, All Souls Place, London 24/7 Restricted
2C3C6551-7334-4365-A7AC-AEC200DB8CCA W1B 4HZ Arlington Insurance Services, Goldsmiths House, 137-141 Regent St Variable Restricted
F9EEEDF3-34D2-481D-A756-B09600A0E44F W1B 5SE Regent Place, Carrington House, 126-130 Variable Restricted
23828900-71F4-4932-BAF1-AEE000BA8BA2 W1C 1DX John Lewis, 278-306 Oxford Street, London Variable Public
51ACB2E7-74D3-4D95-AC21-AEE600AE7F7B W1C 1DX John Lewis, 278-306 Oxford Street, London Variable Public
EF2C95DA-14FE-4891-80F7-AF2B00A809DB W1C 1HF 318 Oxford Street, London Variable Restricted
2D304B91-05C2-459C-B5F7-AFCC00EA2462 W1C 2JF Atlantic House, 351 Oxford Street, London Variable Restricted
91393A52-2BDF-44FE-A03D-B04C00BA6304 W1C 2JF O2 Store (0061) London - 351 Oxford Street, 351 Oxford Street, Greater London Variable Restricted
4E488AAF-1498-455C-822B-AEEC00BC4D4E W1C 2JS 375-379 Oxford Street, West One Shopping Centre, London 24/7 Public
D15BBCE9-FEEE-4A50-AF16-B04D00A6DE40 W1D 1LT O2 Store (0375) London - 120 Oxford St, 120 Oxford Street, Greater London Variable Restricted
676CC49F-7B48-4641-B44B-B0660112E21B W1D 3BG 4 Soho Place, London Variable Public
45D4D98C-62DD-4FD7-A6F8-AED600B5FCFD W1D 3NE Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London Variable Public
DBE572C1-CB7D-4CC8-B51F-AECF009FEADE W1D 3QR 27 Soho Square, London Variable Restricted
1BBAF713-E37E-459A-A0F9-B036014E5E07 W1D 3RF Tesco Dean Street Express, Dean St, Westminster Variable Public
E1E87060-1989-4C00-8722-AFCB009EC02F W1D 3RF Tesco Store, 34 Dean Street, London 24/7 Public
18C91932-25E2-46A4-8BBB-AE6800969036 W1D 4AG Soho Maintenace Office, 3-5 Bateman Street, 1st Floor Office Variable Restricted
5CFFD359-637E-4B53-A153-B0A400E9DA65 W1D 4AL Dock Managers Office, Ilona Rose House, Manette Street 24/7 Public
6C68654A-1DBE-4AFE-86ED-AE83008B726F W1D 4AL Faithdean Plc, Ilona Rose House, Charing Cross Road Variable Restricted
396145FB-3BFE-435D-AA4A-AFC400CFE2D9 W1D 4NQ The House Of St. Barnabas, The House Of St Barnabas In Soho, 1 Greek Street Variable Restricted
99278B86-3550-4BAE-89E7-AF1601115022 W1D 4NR Structuretone, Soho Place, London Variable Public
4F18D032-F759-4C26-91D7-B07001162901 W1D 5AY The Palace Theatre, Palace Theatre, 109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue 24/7 Public
6F960E43-45A4-45AB-9C56-AEE1013CE7A1 W1D 5AY The Palace Theatre, Palace Theatre, 109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue Variable Public
D85C5F8A-F282-47AE-96D8-AD9700E25399 W1D 5EU Third Floor, 130 Shaftesbury Avenue, London 24/7 Restricted
C5852A0C-EA96-489D-A6C7-B08300BAE9DC W1D 6AF 55 Dean Street, London Variable Public
5C1220CE-128A-4197-BC63-AEE8011B96C9 W1D 6AR The Gielgud Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue, London Variable Public
60F0AC91-15A6-42C7-9A92-ADCD00FD80B7 W1F 0DQ Fora Ltd, 33 Broadwick Street, London Variable Restricted
C3FCABB3-F60F-4D7A-9F48-B0A500EBA36D W1F 0UR 76 Wardour Street, Reception, London Variable Public
983941F9-AEB7-4A3C-A608-AEE800DD06AC W1F 7ED 19 Sherwood Street, London Variable Public
4DDE4091-035B-45AF-9D09-AE2F00C5692F W1F 7EL Marshall Street Leisure Centre, 15 Marshall Street, London Variable Restricted
E3AC2BD5-2DDB-43DD-B372-AE2000BCDEA2 W1F 7EL Everyone Active, 15 Marshall Street, London Variable Restricted
3DFF6CC8-07CF-473D-9E19-AED900C59C30 W1F 7TF Lw Theatres Group Ltd, The London Palladium Stage Door, Great Marlborough Street Variable Restricted
E9BAE020-127D-425E-86E1-AD4F00BA0424 W1F 8BH Yorke Property Management, Medius House, 2 Sheraton Street 24/7 Restricted
E5751F8E-FBB9-40D9-B8B6-AD66012D94DD W1F 9JG 15 Golden Square, London 24/7 Public
532AA0E7-0E11-449F-9516-AEE5009A74A3 W1F 9PB Nicholas Stephens Construction Limited, 5-7 Carnaby Street, London Variable Restricted
1FCD7C07-EB2A-4E31-8AD5-AE22010EC5FB W1G 0AE Royal Society Of Medicine, 1, Wimpole Street 24/7 Public
71ABEFB2-9E71-456F-97A7-AFCD00DB17FD W1G 0AE Royal Society Of Medicine, 1, Wimpole Street 24/7 Public
299A1543-4649-422A-A95D-AF5E00DD6439 W1G 0NB Henrietta House, 8 Henrietta Place, London 24/7 Restricted
C41B15BA-9C2E-4490-8A1D-AAE700C43076 W1G 0NB Faithdean Plc Site Office, Henrietta House, 8 Henrietta Place Variable Public
B7C641B1-B57F-436E-AB2A-AFC600D15E4D W1G 6JP Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, 35 Devonshire Place, London 24/7 Restricted
B40B7A3F-C407-41D3-B43F-AEF3009C23A3 W1G 7AR 61 New Cavendish Street, London Variable Public
597FF336-9015-4340-9E38-AFBC010B015C W1G 7HP 86 Harley Street, London Variable Restricted
74D28626-5D84-48CA-B871-AFB9011420E5 W1G 7JY Westminster Medical Group, 136 Harley Street, London Variable Restricted
E7AAFE7E-8245-4713-8E3A-AEE80097504E W1G 8HL Sameday Doctor, 52 Queen Anne Street, London Variable Restricted
F7D91DF0-039D-4851-BDBF-AEF400C53C47 W1G 9DL Howard De Walden Estate, 23 Queen Anne Street, London Variable Restricted
030F7AFF-FD04-43C9-BE49-B07000908631 W1H 1DL St Mary's C Of E Primary School, Enford Street, Marylebone Variable Public
56851652-69A5-48C8-9A55-ADC600BC53D1 W1H 4AJ Construction Site, W1h4aj, 30 Variable Restricted
98F38044-CA2D-480D-B33E-AE2A00C4595E W1H 5TJ Ground Floor Seymour Leisure Centre, Seymour Place, London Variable Public
1421E66D-7802-491C-ACD2-AEC500A4CDDE W1H 5YZ The Silvia Young Theatre School, 1 Nutford Place, London Variable Restricted
730DF6CB-79DB-4AEC-8988-AF3800D9CA32 W1H 6AZ 10 Portman Square, London 24/7 Restricted
9593334C-83A4-4522-AE61-AED900B678F4 W1H 6AZ 10 Portman Square, London 24/7 Restricted
A49455B1-E72C-414A-8442-B09D01353BA4 W1H 6LR Portman Square, (4th Floor North) 35 Portman Square, C/O Telford Homes Ltd 24/7 Public
430EC23B-7D6A-43A9-9BD0-AF2600E8E68F W1H 7AP Frameless, 6 Marble Arch Place, London Variable Public
8F2FAB79-FCFB-4577-A7CC-AFC600BBE520 W1H 7BP Bridges Fund Management Ltd, 38 Seymour Street, London Variable Restricted
7EBFD9A0-4E73-46E9-90B5-AF8600C8F89D W1J 0AH Sustainable Development Capital Llp, Fifth Floor, 1 Vine Street 24/7 Public
1C0BAA62-4075-4B17-B618-AED600E27342 W1J 0DR Hanover Green Llp, Third Floor Centre And North Sackville House, 40 Piccadilly Variable Restricted
B91ACB2D-4DA3-4AC3-BD2F-AD6B00ABA645 W1J 5EU 51-52 Charles Street, Mayfair, London Variable Public
BA9FF76E-4A28-4D1B-916D-AE6800CAE5F9 W1J 6ER 6th Floor Lansdowne House, Berkeley Square, London Variable Restricted
305FC4FE-BBC1-4D09-BAC2-AEDE009CFBAC W1J 7AY Balfour Beatty, 1 Half Moon Street, Mayfair Variable Restricted
C253A640-858C-4E76-9BEA-B07700E36063 W1J 7BU Ardmore Carrington Street, 51-53 Brick Street, Mayfair 24/7 Restricted
48E2A7ED-4959-4BE1-A1C7-ADE3006FE3D0 W1J 7LD 10/12/2023, White Horse Street, Mayfair Variable Restricted
ABE193A2-2BE6-4E59-8A07-B0A100894D1D W1J 7LJ 10 White Horse Street, London 24/7 Restricted
C5AC6F8A-2130-4B9F-80B7-B07C00BA956E W1J 7LJ Ardmore Construction, 10 White Horse Street, Mayfair 24/7 Restricted
40682167-977F-4A66-97C2-AE230108B87E W1J 7NJ Fourth Floor Front, 105 Piccadilly, London Variable Restricted
3DAC5BD0-4E91-4D2B-A0C6-ADE100D55C96 W1J 7NW Dunsterville Management Ltd, Newton House, 118 Piccadilly, 118-119 Piccadilly Variable Restricted
53E77605-A254-4D1C-8CD1-AE9800BFD3E8 W1J 7QY Ihg, Hotel Inter-Continental, 1 Hamilton Place 24/7 Restricted
F8D438EF-F460-43AB-A6B4-AFBD011F28EE W1J 7QY Hotel Inter-Continental Staff Entrance, 1 Park Lane, London 24/7 Restricted
7BB5059F-F77C-4534-84BA-AD4F00DE645E W1J 7TJ Crown London (Aspinalls), 27-28 Curzon Street, London Variable Public
FACD3A34-F3D2-4569-9BF2-ADE300A078EE W1J 8DJ Obs Degc, 73 Piccadilly, London Variable Public
B324C807-E472-45CC-9E44-B00400D4B2F1 W1J 8DY 15 Berkeley Street, London Variable Restricted
9D9D5E4C-E97E-49F6-B558-B03000A25839 W1J 8PD 61 Curzon Street, London Variable Restricted
ABCA9F0D-AED1-40C3-B909-AF3B00C34FD3 W1J 9BR Ritz London, The Ritz Hotel, 150-156 Piccadilly 24/7 Restricted
E6D7ED36-46E4-4844-B087-AFFE00C972F0 W1K 3HW Investcorp House, 48 Grosvenor Street, London Variable Restricted
46A8CF3A-8AAA-4EB4-A1B9-ADF100BBB983 W1K 4HR Claridge’s Hotel, Brook Street, Mayfair 24/7 Public
CC591906-550D-4F2A-AF08-ADE800FCA50C W1K 4QX Ns Lemos, Third Floor, 35 Grosvenor Street 24/7 Public
FBDDD0A9-7F56-4E5D-8A98-ADE800FA8B15 W1K 4QX Ekistics Property Advisors Llp, Fourth Floor, 35 Grosvenor Street 24/7 Public
718A05A6-9FC1-4945-BD99-AF0F00ACC8EA W1K 4QY 10 Grosvenor Street, London, Abf Plc - 4th Floor Variable Public
A0CCDDE3-DFE5-4CEE-92E9-AEEF00C324A2 W1K 4QZ Savills- Amber Carpenter, Serum Life Sciences, 15 Grosvenor St Variable Public
47C938B2-5062-44DB-8AAE-AEEC00BD744A W1K 5JN Reception, 75 Davies Street, London 24/7 Public
054D3D1F-8A12-4F19-8D94-ADCC00DBDB0E W1K 6WE Yorke Property Management Ltd, 20 North Audley Street, London 24/7 Public
5FCFF37F-AF79-4F71-82CA-AF5600BAF37D W1K 6ZJ Savills, 36 North Audley Street, London Variable Public
E8B4B3EF-5D76-46AB-BC49-B04200A5CC54 W1K 7DA Virgin Active Mayfair, 64 North Row, Hereford House Variable Restricted
997B7C5C-E734-41A0-8F0B-AF0800BAEFC9 W1S 1HE Arcmont Asset Management Ltd., Third Floor, 5 Hanover Square Variable Restricted
CDA1493B-0F01-4CDE-BACF-B07800C4932A W1S 1HE 4th Floor Reception, Fourth Floor, 5 Hanover Square 24/7 Restricted
F9439CEA-0643-4F52-8950-AFFE00AD8C54 W1S 1JF 25 Hanover Square, London Variable Public
EB555363-2BE1-40FE-AD9D-AEC800BE5165 W1S 1SB Red Construction, 80 New Bond Street, London Variable Restricted
4DB3F60F-47F3-42E7-8B8F-AF3B00EE4DB2 W1S 2ET Angelo, Gordon Europe Llp, Angelo Gordon Europe Llp, 1st Floor, 23 Savile Row 24/7 Restricted
A2A6DE60-8C25-4450-B825-AF3100C2D692 W1S 2YF The Westbury Hotel, 37 Conduit Street, London 24/7 Public
44D4563D-43B8-4076-8789-AE3100F20512 W1S 2YZ Homeground, Third Floor North, 56-60 Conduit Street Variable Public
C2F87583-F6F0-4315-AD5B-ADD400D3FC7B W1S 3BE 3rd Floor10 New Burlington Street, London Variable Restricted
4C6E4649-A659-40A2-87E4-AEC5009A2B18 W1S 3DN 22 Sackville Street, London Variable Restricted
E70E9BE8-A4FB-4D04-A878-AFB0009968A3 W1S 3HA Burberry, Burberry Vigo House, 115 Regent Street Variable Restricted
4F52F030-F2E1-4374-B092-AF6B0097680E W1S 4EJ 7 Grafton Street, London 24/7 Public
B7EA777D-9FC1-408F-B4BE-B0A100BA3063 W1S 4EJ Mcgee Grafton Street, 22 Brtuon Lane, London Variable Restricted
DC36C11D-5255-4284-8949-B027009B702D W1S 4HJ Collins Construction, Arcade House, 13 Albemarle Street Variable Public
0423B7E5-E6EB-4C34-A1C3-AE7000C1264A W1S 4HU Oswald's, 25-26 Albemarle Street, London 24/7 Public
B07495B3-1743-42B4-9DC0-AEBE00C1CB53 W1T 1HU 15 Rathbone Place, London Variable Restricted
B06F5FC8-1DCF-4D8E-8745-ADF200DFA4D4 W1T 1LW 21 Stephen Street, London Variable Restricted
26252C29-A0FE-4F96-8542-B02900AD539C W1T 1PR 28 Newman Street, London Variable Public
2DA77F23-C944-4DDD-9794-B00E0120D344 W1T 2QB Tesco Goodge Street Express, 10-16 Goodge St, London 24/7 Restricted
3DF9FAFC-A060-4F83-8BEA-AF89010C0C2A W1T 3BL Mapp, 27-35 Mortimer Street, London Variable Restricted
BBF1BB61-FDD1-4746-B7D3-AEEF00E8F3F1 W1T 3EW 76-77 Newman Street, London Variable Restricted
150BD9B9-CB05-43C7-BAAA-ADC800A938FF W1T 3HF Fora Space, 14-17 Wells Mews, London 24/7 Public
FCB05213-EF4F-47CC-8DA2-AEF300F3D0D9 W1T 3LP Fora 22 Berners Street, 22-24 Berners Street, London 24/7 Public
26ECDCF2-F4A4-4B38-B26A-AEC500E5A6A2 W1T 4BJ Arup, 8 Fitzroy Street, London 24/7 Restricted
3D1D4B5D-ABDC-4716-BE73-AF5F011B5A7D W1T 4DE Newriver Reit (Uk) Ltd, 89 Whitfield Street, London Variable Restricted
0862BCEC-9DC2-4273-8738-AE6800BF2ECA W1T 6QG All Souls Clubhouse, 141 Cleveland Street, London Variable Restricted
B715D1BE-7F78-4E9E-AB6B-AE70013B8775 W1T 7NE Puregym, Maple House, 145 Tottenham Court Road 24/7 Restricted
CAB2DA78-5E3D-4408-823A-AFBE01003272 W1T 7QN Bicycle Docking Station And Premises, Tottenham Court Road, London Variable Restricted
EB1B6B57-2319-4803-BF11-B00301008AAB W1T 7RQ Tesco Express, 267 Tottenham Court Road, London 24/7 Public
C05F3796-4A30-47F0-B260-ADCC00FC5663 W1U 1PF Second Floor, Cavendish Court, 11 - 15 Wigmore Street Variable Restricted
EE79A617-D278-48DF-9938-ADD6009F8BBE W1U 1PJ Wigmore Medical Ltd, 21 Wigmore Street, 2nd Floor Variable Restricted
51F1B129-AF5A-4B89-92EC-AE2F009CEE64 W1U 1QX Seventh Floor, 33 Wigmore Street, London Variable Restricted
891FB855-5EC0-47D7-A68E-AFCD0115055A W1U 3HP St. Paul's Robert Adam St., St Paul's Church, Robert Adam Street, London 24/7 Public
47123043-1121-4DAC-BA5E-B03700C09634 W1U 3QY St James Roman Catholic Church - The Social Centre, 22 George Street, London Variable Restricted
B5972D61-70EB-4079-83E3-B02D00B4F580 W1U 3RW 110 Wigmore Street, London 24/7 Public
40D779D0-980F-4D82-ADB7-AED900AC2FBD W1U 4AZ St Marylebone C E School, 14 Blandford Street, London Variable Public
F1E3FEFC-627A-4CBE-A45D-AF8900B85242 W1U 4LZ Edward Charles & Partners, 1 Marylebone High Street, Edward Charles & Partners Variable Restricted
A86417E0-C3D7-4BBA-9D52-AE9400969F9D W1U 5JW James Andrew Internatonal, First Floor, 72-75 Marylebone High Street Variable Public
C243DCDE-9095-4E61-9070-AEEB00EB3749 W1U 5QY Paddington Street Gp Ltd, The Chilterns, 24 Paddington Street 24/7 Restricted
B20A145F-D272-4FBB-8529-AF8F00E3B349 W1U 6QJ Rokstone, 5 Dorset Street, London Variable Restricted
CDA2545D-188A-4035-BFC3-AF3A00A04582 W1U 7ET 62 George Street, London Variable Restricted
3A97268F-7E09-4909-8218-B03D00CC9826 W1U 7NA Fourth Floor, 43-45 Dorset Street, London 24/7 Public
91DB8243-C672-43D3-84FA-B03600B8C400 W1U 7NA Third Floor, 43-45 Dorset Street, London Variable Restricted
38808F83-5062-40E0-8803-AF4600BFC7DA W1U 8EQ 27 Baker Street, London Variable Restricted
9E402419-D7AE-46E4-A112-B00300B1CD59 W1U 8EW Tesco Express Baker St Express, Tesco Express, 55 Baker Street Variable Public
F0A4E36D-11EF-4D5C-A34D-B0A701050A91 W1W 5BD Regent College London Campus, 153 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia Variable Restricted
DA347CB6-36DF-4728-8073-ADE300992B0C W1W 5QJ Deconstruct, 204 Great Portland Street, London Variable Restricted
59D50D6A-ECF4-45C9-9101-AF660100231C W1W 6BB Savills - Signal Rp Ii Limited, C/O Estama Uk Limited, Thamesgate Shopping Centre, 5-6 Clipstone Street 24/7 Public
9988EDBB-DD51-42A0-AC18-AE7000B97209 W1W 6JW Puregym, Cavendish Mews North, Hallam Street Variable Restricted
40BD1C55-3DF4-4646-817E-AEC500B4C5B7 W1W 7FF Ucl School Of Medicine Branch Courtauld Building, 33 Cleveland Street, London Variable Public
565E2B26-9FE2-4354-B5B9-B04400ADB629 W1W 7JB Medialab, 3-4a Little Portland Street, London Variable Public
A4CA22CE-3FDA-4548-9EDD-B0490105A67F W1W 7LR Flat 2, 73 Great Portland Street, London 24/7 Public
E655FF83-DDA1-4FDD-8F2B-B09200BDD6E6 W1W 7LR 71 Great Portland Street, London 24/7 Public
EDDCF6EF-2FF0-4F04-9966-AF2300B0932F W1W 8BF H K S Architects, H K S Architects Elsley House, 24-30 Great Titchfield Street 24/7 Restricted
D551C61B-E76C-4937-BEC3-AD5001089189 W1W 8ED 51-53 Eastcastle Street, London Variable Public
B64770A7-1777-49E3-ADD8-ADE200F750ED W1W 8RJ Langham Estate Management Limited, First Floor East, 9a Margaret Street Variable Restricted
3FDDEF4B-2F95-46C3-92E2-B0A500F0CA65 W1W 8TF 60-62 Margaret Street, London Variable Public
20A1E544-4DFF-46C2-8D34-AF1600B002B4 W2 1AY Orange Brand Services Ltd., 11th Floor, 5 Merchant Square Variable Restricted
3057FE99-EA8C-441F-8236-AFF800B7DD54 W2 1BQ Lendlease Paddington Hub, 5 Merchant Square, L9 Office Lendlease 24/7 Public
F2F9679A-B17E-4C8C-AFE6-AFF800BBF045 W2 1BQ Lendlease Paddington Hub L9, 5 Merchant Square, City Of Westminster 24/7 Public
99CE74B9-E57C-4479-96D4-AFEF00EE137B W2 1DE Adpar Street, London Variable Restricted
4D996D4A-8FC6-4E0A-87FD-AF3A00D6BB5D W2 1HQ 57, 57 North Wharf Road, London Variable Restricted
52091B8F-3866-4D53-8942-AE3A01191DB2 W2 1JX Tesco Express, Unit 1 West End Quay, South Wharf Road 24/7 Public
A3734EE2-1C0E-4991-AC71-AF0300F4C11D W2 1LA The Gym Group, 33 North Wharf Road, The Gym Group 24/7 Public
783CADB0-EB45-4AE9-BFD1-AF9600D44652 W2 1NA Berkeley St Edward, 131-139 Church Street, London Variable Restricted
1D9994E9-B733-44B8-A615-AE2100D67365 W2 1ND Little Venice Sports Centre, 10 Crompton Street, London Variable Restricted
AB2FDBBC-0FF7-4729-B5AF-AE2000BF7EB4 W2 1ND Everyone Active, Little Venice Sports Centre, 10 Crompton Street Variable Restricted
456FE6D6-5D35-452A-A3BD-AFF800881585 W2 1NY Medical School Building, Norfolk Place (Sport Imperial Gym & Pool), London 24/7 Restricted
8B966418-B464-4E5A-A3D8-ADFF00EEF7B0 W2 1QN Dentist, 3a-4 Norfolk Place, Tyburnia Variable Public
111C0709-3C0C-4B62-891D-AF7000B4B8DD W2 1RL Mcdonald's - Praed Street, 161 Praed Street, Tyburnia Variable Public
3145DE70-9912-4B67-9C85-AEF40093BCF7 W2 1RU 19-23 Norfolk Square, London 24/7 Public
79BB5024-EEC4-46E1-9D9B-AE3D00F4B1CD W2 2EA Tesco, Tesco Express, 90-100 Edgware Road Variable Public
822D0FAE-C232-4373-8224-AEE200F41649 W2 2SB Hyde Park Stables, 63 Bathurst Mews, London Variable Restricted
778F68C7-1170-4A98-9F6E-AE3200F5EF4F W2 3EN Dragon Rouge Ltd, 1 Craven Hill, London Variable Restricted
2B73B591-D6F3-400F-B470-B07700E9314A W2 3RL 62a Queensway, London 24/7 Public
79499AF2-31AF-4738-9232-AF9901249C06 W2 3RL Mcdonald's - 1096 Queensway - London, 76/78 Queensway, Westminster , London, London 24/7 Public
52D72B8E-23CE-4FCA-B08A-AE7100E991E7 W2 4AP Puregym, Bayswater House, 6 Moscow Place Variable Restricted
58947E53-FE76-4001-B19E-ADEF0121D54E W2 4NP Site Office, 74-76 Prince's Square, London Variable Public
D43DEB3A-0E06-4682-9AB5-B04E00A99CE9 W2 4RJ Hilton London Hyde Park, 129 Bayswater Road, London 24/7 Public
CFD4E194-1FED-45C1-B2C3-AFE900DC1811 W2 4SJ Screwfix, 107 Queensway, Bayswater Variable Restricted
4C1DC128-9867-486F-BEF9-AF0A00E2176C W2 4TE Baynards Green Management Ltd, Small Parcel Cupboard, 1 Chepstow Place 24/7 Restricted
2F4348A7-0E11-4752-8D5B-ADE5015E9E2F W2 5DX Westbourne Park Baptist Church, Corner Of Porchester Road And Westbourne Park Villas, London Variable Public
8A2391B3-793E-4C44-9FF3-AEF4011E05A6 W2 5EH Grand Union Health Centre, 209 Harrow Road, London Variable Restricted
E53CA9C0-B8B0-4721-96AA-AEF4011F2A66 W2 5EH Grand Union Health Centre, 209 Harrow Road, London Variable Restricted
4778A84D-99CE-4860-BB82-B00C00F2EA66 W2 5RU Little Dobbies Westbourne Grove, 110 Westbourne Grove, London Variable Public
E54DCF50-E241-4D38-9A36-AED300B1F9DE W2 6ES 36 Porchester Road, London 24/7 Restricted
45DCC501-3AEE-44A6-B15F-B02100626D88 W2 6EZ Nuffield Health, 2 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central Variable Public
229F5B89-9A17-41A1-BCB6-AED1011414EB W2 6JJ Hallfield Primary School, Hallfield Estate, London Variable Restricted
43DD0AE2-4C6E-4B2C-97F2-ADCF00F7A5B1 W2 6LG Chapman Taylor Llp, 10 Eastbourne Terrace, London 24/7 Restricted
8047C2D4-2F7E-41B6-B315-AECC00ED6766 W2 6LG Citrix, 20 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington 24/7 Restricted
984531C9-1966-4CCB-A7F2-AF8600C1BD8C W3 0BS B&Q, West Five Centre, Western Avenue Variable Public
652DF7BE-BB68-456D-95DD-AE610098EA82 W3 0PA Puregym, Park Royal Leisure Park, Western Avenue 24/7 Restricted
6422C7D4-1F36-4038-A48A-AFEB00CB68BF W3 0SL Screwfix, Unit 1b Dukes Road Industrial Estate, Park Royal Variable Restricted
D84BCECE-ACE4-4B0F-BACC-B01300FE9284 W3 6BL Igym London, Igym London, Victoria Road, North Acton Variable Restricted
6FD4DA8F-7ED2-40E0-BD88-AFF8008BC4F6 W3 6EL Kemp Porter, Acton 24/7 Restricted
9E87BE78-487F-4519-8665-AED70108740F W3 6EL Imperial College, 142 Wales Farm Rd, North Acton 24/7 Restricted
4D0F3C90-7633-41CB-A6DA-AFF8008C69F5 W3 6FA Woodward Hall Reception, Acton 24/7 Restricted
90FBD555-CEB7-4014-AF92-AF0300DD50E0 W3 6GW 1st Floor (Originally Unit 14), Portree House, 14 Stromness Walk Variable Public
F209F0C9-E35A-4B54-8B89-AFA200A00593 W3 6HU Savills - The Rehearsal Rooms, The Rehearsal Rooms, 3 Victoria Rd, London, Acton 24/7 Public
F8874AEB-C367-4C9E-BDA3-AF990124442F W3 6LP Mcdonald's - 66 Acton, 147/151 High Street, Acton, London, Acton 24/7 Public
63D02E25-15C4-46F1-9A54-B07F0086C71F W3 6QZ Admiral Acton, 152 High Street, Acton 24/7 Public
C87A47FF-2CA9-4038-AC6C-AF9901243546 W3 6TJ Mcdonald's - 1507 North Acton, 12 Leamington Park, Acton, London,, Acton 24/7 Public
FDC3E531-E127-4645-8F0C-AF0400DAEB46 W3 6UG The Perfume Factory, 140 Wales Farm Road, Acton Variable Restricted
5894 W3 7BP Shepherds Bush Cricket Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
90856167-3864-4DC4-8AE1-ADCE00C60723 W3 7DX Joseph Gallagher Limited, Wormwood Scrubs Park, Old Oak Common Lane 24/7 Public
2DCCEF98-1A75-4267-848D-B02100B9CC05 W3 7ER Bugler Developments Site, Goldsmiths Arms, 130 East Acton Lane Variable Public
BD80C61A-BD51-41DE-BF47-AF8600CE20BB W3 7QE City Harvest, Unit 8, Acton Park Industrial Estate Variable Restricted
763767DA-079E-4742-8E78-AEF200E75F3C W3 7SZ Pcs Instruments, 78 Stanley Gardens, London Variable Restricted
E2123BBC-7592-4F16-BDD9-B003007C89E5 W3 7XA Tesco Acton, 31 The Vale, Acton Variable Public
FDDF4C4C-71AD-45B1-9451-B014009E708D W3 8EY Reynolds Sports Centre, Acton High School, Gunnersbury Lane Variable Public
60849961-18A8-4920-A8D7-ADCD00D23454 W3 8LN Triangle Way, London 24/7 Restricted
62C4761F-9666-4656-9AAD-AEF400E7CE89 W3 8LQ Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, Ealing Variable Restricted
55A8D212-37BA-4525-8853-AE9E0086F8D0 W3 9LA 1 King Street, Acton Variable Public
80190C7D-7428-4275-BB68-AE6101338E1A W3 9QU Puregym, 283 High Street, Acton Variable Restricted
63EECD56-3C9C-44BA-B63C-AFF9008249E9 W3 9RH Tesco Acton, 355-363 Uxbridge Rd, London 24/7 Public
83B50DFF-7E8F-4F34-8BA8-AE5700BF32D8 W4 1TR St Michaels Church, Priory Gardens, London Variable Restricted
1A025B4D-7093-4FA4-BBFF-B08A00CE8A88 W4 2DF St Marys Rc Primary School, Duke Road, Chiswick Variable Restricted
EC09A794-3226-43A3-8446-AFC6011D5884 W4 2DR Madison Brook (Chiswick), 181 Chiswick High Road, London Variable Public
17BCEB28-0525-43C9-996F-AFA000D99120 W4 2PD St Denys House, Church Street, London 24/7 Public
7B075DBA-F36D-436E-9CBB-B01C00E60E11 W4 2RG Cavendish School, Cavendish Primary School, Edensor Road Variable Restricted
62889C7F-5967-4A32-90B0-AE8C00C4235D W4 2RP Chiswick House, Chiswick House Grounds, London Variable Public
4827 W4 2SH Chiswick Rugby Club, Greater London 24/7 Public
4C965075-1A02-4C73-BBF2-AF1C00B71B7F W4 2SH Chiswick Rfc Ltd The Club House, Riverside Drive, Chiswick Variable Restricted
C25A88C6-8898-4679-806F-ADE100FA1595 W4 2SH Tideway Scullers School, Dan Mason Drive, Dukes Meadows 24/7 Public
06BA5A63-71B3-4306-AD27-B03B012FDBEA W4 2SX Virgin Active Chiswick Riverside, Dukes Meadows, London Variable Restricted
0D04D917-F572-4962-85CF-ADEC00B3AFC7 W4 3DT The Falcons School For Boys, 2 Burnaby Gardens, London Variable Restricted
CCF134F0-13C3-4153-879C-B06100ACFBCD W4 3HB Chiswick, Burlington Lane, Chiswick 24/7 Public
CDEE87B9-64C0-4CAF-8E57-AF8700E66B6F W4 3UJ Tank 27m From University Of Westminster Boat House, Hartington Road 65m From Ibis Lane, Ibis Lane, London Variable Restricted
97DCC12C-4BE5-4202-891A-AEC200E8ED19 W4 4JD Crash, The Gatehouse, London Variable Restricted
36D4A9FD-DB75-43C4-A678-AFCD00FE8837 W4 5QB Carallon Ltd, 272 Gunnersbury Avenue (North Circular Road), Chiswick Variable Restricted
948525F0-BE6D-4642-8200-AFF701186F9B W4 5RY Clayton Hotel, 626 Chiswick High Road, London 24/7 Restricted
686FEC96-F54C-45F7-AAE9-B01400B2EC6E W4 5TA Little Dobbies Chiswick, Unit 1, 344 Chiswick High Road Variable Public
106D4343-5539-4FBE-81BF-B03C006A573A W4 5YA Virgin Active Chiswick Park, Virgin Active Building 3, 566 Chiswick High Road Variable Restricted
A6A2B172-01FD-429F-B400-AE7500B79CC0 W4 5YA Bollore Logistics, Building 3, 566 Chiswick Park,, Chiswick High Str, Variable Restricted
D92F1CA1-A8E6-4FAE-A91A-AE2D01151539 W5 1HP Fox Reservoir Pavilion, Hillcrest Road, Ealing Variable Restricted
4730706F-65D8-4E9E-9EBE-AF990124503A W5 2ND Mcdonald's - 455 Ealing Broadway, Units 1/3/22c The Arcadia Centre, 50/52 Broadway,, Ealing,London 24/7 Public
49A1CA9D-9759-4432-85C0-AE39010A9934 W5 2PB Tesco Express, The Parade, 3-4 Haven Green 24/7 Public
2A341749-6A7C-4E50-AED7-AE2100A21326 W5 2PJ Central And North West London Foundation Nhs Trust, Carmelita House, 21-22 The Mall Variable Public
8AD06133-ED01-4150-A0C0-AF9100E329B2 W5 2RU St Peters Parish Church, Mount Park Road, Ealing 24/7 Public
BB73AAFE-1596-48B5-B2C2-AAAE00D40FEE W5 3NY Busy Bees Nurseries, Woodgrange Avenue, London Variable Public
94C4A485-33E7-4246-875C-ADDB00BEADBA W5 3RY Ealing Lawn Tennis Club, Daniel Road (Off Creffield Road), London 24/7 Public
8DFC63C6-50AA-42EC-BD40-AAAE00D5AB50 W5 4DP Busy Bees Nurseries, 283-287 Windmill Road, London Variable Public
68C4A189-3A5D-41EB-B89F-B08B00F6CF1C W5 4EA Mount Carmel Primary School, Mount Carmel Rc Primary School, Little Ealing Lane Variable Restricted
E66B3894-3418-41F1-9080-B08B00F1B0F6 W5 4EA Mount Carmel Rc Primary School, Little Ealing Lane, Ealing Variable Restricted
CA430FF3-13A4-43FC-90F7-AF1700CC5559 W5 4HN Grange Primary School, Church Gardens, Ealing Variable Public
0F2E335F-36D5-4F96-859E-ADEA00D0788F W5 4NH Gunnersbury Park & Museum, Popes Lane, London 24/7 Public
16477ED3-6FA6-4556-9F85-B00B00AAA255 W5 4SP 13 Netherbury Road, Ealing 24/7 Public
3CB2DAEF-2395-43ED-A807-AECC012A71F4 W5 5BQ The Questors Theatre, 12 Mattock Lane, Ealing Variable Public
77BCFE35-C84C-45F1-9EFD-AE20009E6C5A W5 5JY Nuffield Health, 5th Floor, Ealing Broadway Centre, Town Square Variable Public
EF0FABBC-9C71-48D6-B75B-B02700F071C7 W5 5JY O2 Store (0048) Ealing, Unit 22 Ealing Broadway Centre, The Broadway Variable Restricted
4FE61EDD-C685-479A-8279-B01400FB4AD9 W6 0AS Hammersmith United Charities, Sycamore House, Sycamore Gardens Variable Restricted
9D8D7A2C-4794-45CA-AD58-B02E00ECA96D W6 0BA Brackenbury Primary School, 207 Dalling Road, London Variable Public
DE3B8DBA-7F98-4A5A-A72C-B05A0097ACD8 W6 0DT Grove Neighbourhood Centre, 7 Bradmore Park Road, Hammersmith 24/7 Public
2A80B353-CF1E-46B2-83AB-AE6900BB05AE W6 0LG Hammersmith Private Hospital, The Triangle, 5-17 Hammersmith Grove 24/7 Public
697D2C49-485D-46FD-BD8B-AF1200F161B6 W6 0PG Godolphin And Latymer School, Iffley Road, London Variable Public
DE3656AF-0647-4379-95E5-AF1200F46A98 W6 0PG Godolphin And Latymer School, Iffley Road, London Variable Public
605F3F8F-28FC-4ED4-BBB2-AF1D0089717D W6 0UA 5 Paddenswick Road, London Variable Public
AEEA337A-250F-46D4-8AB8-ADD000C2C14D W6 0UD Flora Gardens Primary School, Dalling Road, London Variable Restricted
51417D09-6FDB-4D2B-8454-AE7F00D2CF7B W6 0XF Duchess, The Duchess Of Cambridge, 320 Goldhawk Road 24/7 Public
2A1F7675-9D88-4CD7-A0FA-B09100E3E260 W6 0YD Stamford Brook Centre, 14-16 Stamford Brook Avenue, Chiswick Variable Restricted
4F393339-C436-4D33-B5B9-AE3E00C40ADB W6 7JP Front Reception, Latymer Court, Hammersmith Road 24/7 Public
D102E0B6-2574-4853-B36C-AEED0097DB09 W6 7NJ 10 Cambridge Court, 210 Shepherd's Bush Road, London Variable Restricted
91F4CBCE-C0CD-4717-8B24-AE70010AF206 W6 7NL Puregym, 242 Shepherds Bush Road, London 24/7 Restricted
475E4626-3E7E-4899-AFA6-AE8300D4F24E W6 8BS Griffin House, 161 Hammersmith Road, London 24/7 Restricted
E3CC394A-63CD-4C7A-9B24-AEF400F245C2 W6 8DW Hammersmith Fitness And Squash Centre, 1 Chalkhill Road, London Variable Public
73084263-0FB3-4A6E-9CF9-B0A400B4F944 W6 8PW 245 Hammersmith Road, London 24/7 Restricted
22146BF5-97F1-49C0-AC0D-AFF700B11F46 W6 8RF Reynolds Building -Foyer, Reynolds Building, London Variable Restricted
AFEE71CA-474E-466A-B775-AEC801586CAF W6 9BG The Cross Keys, 57 Black Lion Lane, London 24/7 Public
0B5FC961-32C5-4B97-A56F-AD5500A475B2 W6 9BN Riverside Trust, Riverside Studios, 101 Queen Caroline Street Variable Public
57504348-6E61-488B-B398-B02600CA1926 W6 9BP St Paul's Primary School, Worlidge Street, Hammersmith Variable Restricted
09E801B6-2E4F-4E5B-9306-AFE7016FD550 W6 9HA The River Cafe Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London Variable Public
6B95E4E9-6C1B-48C8-972A-AF95011D9733 W6 9HW O2 Store (0112) Hammersmith, 43 Kings Mall, Greater London Variable Restricted
A28A6A23-89A2-4D39-AD1A-AED900F1D321 W6 9JJ H&F Adult Learning & Skills Service, Macbeth Centre, Macbeth Street 24/7 Public
2C5C7AA8-2732-4E35-ADA3-ADE1010EB3D9 W6 9JU Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, King Street, London Variable Restricted
DA47E4F3-06F1-42FF-9348-AF2E00DC37A6 W6 9JU H And F Homes - 3rd Floor Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, King Street, London Variable Public
F3DEA77B-4F22-44DD-B855-AFD600BDAB38 W6 9LH Tesco London Fulham Reach Express, Brunswick House, London Variable Public
93B26F1C-8E7D-48B8-9D69-AE3D009703EF W6 9NH Tesco, 325 King Street, London 24/7 Public
1A33E0DF-46D3-4740-A533-B08800F3A014 W6 9PA Tesco, 168-188 Fulham Palace Road, London Variable Public
B09340C1-D4DC-4F1A-9691-B00300DD7132 W6 9PJ St Pauls Church, Queen Caroline Street, London Variable Public
443ED3FE-D96E-4B48-993F-AEF3010FF758 W6 9TA Linden House, 60 Upper Mall, London Variable Restricted
7390 W6 9TJ The Elder Press Cafe, Greater London 24/7 Public
B579F468-56C1-4C46-9576-AFAB00BA2A2B W6 9TR Areen Design Limited, 23 Eyot Gardens, Hammersmith 24/7 Public
7B5EA73F-054C-4BCA-9189-AE4000E18A51 W6 9YD Tesco, Unit 13-16 Broadway Shopping Centre, Hammersmith Broadway Variable Public
8E9FD48E-283D-4FF3-8D1C-AF9901249660 W6 9YD Mcdonald's - 658 Hammersmith 2 Broadway Centre, Units 7, Broadway Shopping Centre, Hammersmith Broadway, London 24/7 Public
FDBDB5FA-5BA7-4DAC-81A5-AF0500CCB53C W7 1AA 1st Hanwell St Marys Scout Group, Bernard Sunley Hall, Framfield Road Variable Restricted
B931A5C8-0325-40FB-A60D-B00700F56B8D W7 1BS Brentside, Ruislip Road East, Hanwell Variable Restricted
A265F677-C911-4464-9850-B013010B0583 W7 2AD Elthorne Sports Centre, Westlea Rd, Hanwell Variable Public
8EBF55E2-17F8-4661-ADA5-AE3000A8229A W7 3BE Brent Valley Golf Course & Fitness Centre, Hanwell Variable Public
CA19A476-AEC8-4033-AA47-AFC000B23028 W7 3DR 72 Cuckoo Dene, Hanwell Variable Restricted
BB08FB46-4129-49E0-A21B-B0420158B8FF W8 4PL Virgin Active Kensington, 3rd Floor 17a Old Court Place, 17a Old Court Place Variable Restricted
D6D75CD7-2EC3-49B8-9828-AF9901247F31 W8 4SG Mcdonald's - 6 Kensington, 108/110 Kensington High Street, Sundial House, Kensington, London 24/7 Public
CA334D57-A982-4BDF-A8D0-B08C01046048 W8 5BH Flat 1 Durward House, 31 Kensington Court, London 24/7 Public
ABD2D782-0760-4D16-A770-AECB00F66A54 W8 5NJ Ground Floor Thorney Court, Palace Gate, London 24/7 Public
DFBE424A-D596-431B-9F13-B07A00B04F11 W8 5PN Myco Atlantic House, Atlantic House, 1 St Alban's Grove 24/7 Public
393C8F6D-DFF5-4F4A-9701-AEE801019A87 W8 5PR 6 Cottesmore Gardens, London 24/7 Public
62F5E53B-1D46-4362-A857-AED400D9A1A3 W8 6LU Parks Police Service, Stable Yard, Holland Park Variable Restricted
933B952F-5F8F-4A7D-B3FD-B02E00F3D376 W8 6NA 255 Kensington High Street, London 24/7 Public
03978ABE-9A2A-436C-8137-B00000A2AC84 W8 6PW Suez Recycling And Recovery Uk - Kensington & Chelsea - Central Depot, Pembroke Road, Kensington & Chelsea Variable Public
3A7CE90B-CB06-4227-8438-AED200AA68D0 W8 6SN Belrun Ltd., Monarch House , Reception, 241 Kensington High Street 24/7 Restricted
FC8C6A23-678F-49A9-A1D8-AFF600EA4417 W8 6SU O2 Store (0299) London - Kensington, 145 Kensington High Street, Greater London Variable Restricted
EAD3FFEA-C7E6-4EA2-92E8-AF930106D95E W8 7PP Fox Primary School, Kensington Place, London Variable Restricted
DCA32B4B-B59E-4DE7-88FB-AECA00B6BC8C W9 1JY Spanish & Portugese Synagogue, 2 Ashworth Rd, Maida Vale Variable Restricted
ED7D3C5A-B15A-42CB-A580-AE280122BE3B W9 1PD Paddington Rec Ground, Randolph Avenue, London Variable Restricted
B25FDDA4-E5D4-4731-86B4-AFFB01380113 W9 1UP Tesco Maida Vale, 115 Maida Vale, Maida Vale 24/7 Public
1D5C7A22-9500-43F1-BE17-B07600A403D7 W9 2LR Essendine Primary Scool, Essendine Primary School, Essendine Road Variable Public

OSM Objects not matched to a defibrillator on an official lists

Found 23 unmatched objects.

MZ OSM Object Ref Location Operator
MZ n2619601471 On platform 9 past the ticket barriers
MZ n2620317749
MZ n4748618821
MZ n4987829021 AED located in underground on Wall on left just after going through the ticket barriers to the circl
MZ n5825377555
MZ n6366121319
MZ n6503403241
MZ n6729211365 On Station Outside Wall Near Boots. Facing Victoria Bus Station
MZ n6855865623
MZ n6863610536
MZ n7001852651
MZ n7082860968
MZ n7149290146
MZ n7203739230
MZ n7277575924 Wall mounted in the booking hall of the station
MZ n7334954108 On East side of pillar outside ticket office
MZ n8228707609
MZ n9330436855 Top of the steps to the Eastbound platform TfL
MZ n9914491188 Mounted on wall by stairwell on platform 8
MZ n10559063020
MZ n10864926705
MZ n11297477926 Mounted on wall of Park Sports building
MZ n11362760830 DF2;705

Note: The entries above are based on a larger bounding box, so will also include unmatched OSM objects from neighbouring postal areas.

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by location

Found 12 matches.

UUID Postcode Location OSM Object OSM Location Offset
75506B78-99C3-4714-8E58-AEC401119658 W12 8PP West 12 Shopping Centre,Shepherds Bush W12, West 12 Shopping Centre, Shepherds Bush Green n6419411752 82 m
8130AD89-56B2-409C-A390-AEE701012D8D W13 9XW St Paul's Church, St Paul's Parish Hall, Ridley Avenue n10082336543 6 m
560A6EDE-AA54-4BB7-96DA-ADF800CC6BF2 W13 9QR Peerless Windows, 129 Northfield Avenue, West Ealing n9352677342 Attached to Northfield Avenue wall of Peerless Windows 8 m
9B856C70-3F8F-45F7-BA98-AF0A0115F6C4 W1J 0BD Burlington House, Piccadilly, London n11043578120 In entrance lobby of the Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House), to the left as you go in the main 12 m
7360 W1S 4AP Price Bailey LLP, Greater London n11043578120 In entrance lobby of the Royal Academy of Arts (Burlington House), to the left as you go in the main 111 m
AD4ECE0F-A5B1-4B3C-AFCA-B00300BA1403 W1U 6FY Tesco Baker Street, 110-112 Baker St, Marylebone n9436428795 To the right of self checkouts, before exit 36 m
3209B419-FB90-4EEA-A07B-B00200FA5F2E W1W 6YB Tesco London, 101 New Cavendish Street, 101 New Cavendish St, London n9945715108 On pillar by checkouts inside Tesco 20 m
12E225C7-9C6F-4B92-B478-AF0F00D63AFD W2 3PF Pitch 295, Bayswater Road, London n8641844092 On corner of building 8 m
51E93FBC-9A93-4712-8712-B07C009DA620 W2 1FT Spence Refit Ltd, Macmillan House Paddington Station, 3rd Floor, Macmillan House n6531483041 39 m
6D446B06-189A-469A-8148-AE2A01295B9E W3 6NE Everyone Active Acton Centre Acton Town Hall, High Street, Acton n10237635650 In the foyer of Acton Centre. 21 m
D2EBA3F7-1040-422C-8D31-AE3900E0FB81 W5 5JY Tesco Express, Ealing Broadway Centre, 20 The Broadway n10125220621 wall mounted near shipping centre exit 86 m
95637082-B4F6-4D7E-A4C0-AEDE00922466 W7 2HB The Charity Of William Hobbayne, St Dunstans Road, Hanwell n9664604506 65 m

Defibrillators matched to an OSM object by reference

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