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Ghosts — Closed or Renamed Shops and Amenities in OpenStreetMap UK

From time to time a chain of stores either re-brands itself (perhaps as the result of a take-over or merger) or goes into administration and shuts down completely. Either way, formerly correctly tagged OSM objects will become out of date. This tool aims to list sets of such objects, to help mappers find and deal with these cases. As well as dealing with the individual instances, the fact that such objects remain a significant time after the stores have closed or been renamed, indicates a shortage of local mappers suggesting that the rest of the local area might need a re-survey too. The data in each of the active sets listed below is updated from OSM roughly once a week.

As well as the pages for each set linked from the table below, mappers may find the "Survey Me!" tool useful, which combines all the Ghosts data, along with data from a number of other tools, to provide details of locations that might benefit from a survey in a given area.

Set Type Instances Updated Age
Carphone Warehouse Closure 288 2021‑09‑24 3d
HSBC Rename 228 2021‑09‑24 3d
Thomas Cook Rename 137 2021‑09‑24 3d
Tesco Metro Rename 132 2021‑09‑24 3d
Yorkshire / Clydesdale Bank Rename 110 2021‑09‑24 3d
Co-Operative Pharmacy Rename 87 2021‑09‑24 3d
Plumb, Parts, Drain, Pipe & Climate Center Rename 80 2021‑09‑24 3d
Debenhams Closure 68 2021‑09‑24 3d
Eat Closure 58 2021‑09‑24 3d
Poundworld Closure 45 2021‑09‑24 3d
T.M. Lewin Closure 43 2021‑09‑24 3d
Thomson Travel Agent Rename 41 2021‑09‑24 3d
Mothercare Closure 38 2021‑09‑24 3d
Total Petrol Rename 35 2021‑09‑24 3d
STA Travel Closure 33 2021‑09‑24 3d
Games Workshop Rename 32 2021‑09‑24 3d
Quicksilver Rename 26 2021‑09‑24 3d
Phones 4U Closure 21 2021‑09‑24 3d
Little Chef Closure 20 2021‑09‑24 3d
Jaeger Closure 19 2021‑09‑24 3d
Office Outlet Closure 17 2021‑09‑24 3d
Age Concern Rename 16 2021‑09‑24 3d
Nobles Amusements Rename 15 2021‑09‑24 3d
Karen Millen Closure 15 2021‑09‑24 3d
Topaz Fuel Rename 15 2021‑09‑24 3d
Lloyds TSB Rename 15 2021‑09‑24 3d
Gala Bingo Rename 14 2021‑09‑24 3d
Albemarle & Bond Closure 12 2021‑09‑24 3d
Flying Tiger Rename 12 2021‑09‑24 3d
TA Centres Rename 12 2021‑09‑24 3d
Wilkinson Rename 10 2021‑09‑24 3d
Brantano Closure 9 2021‑09‑24 3d
Jamie's Italian Closure 9 2021‑09‑24 3d
Coast Closure 8 2021‑09‑24 3d
Orange and T-Mobile Rename 8 2021‑09‑24 3d
Beales Department Stores Closure 6 2021‑09‑24 3d
First Choice Travel Rename 6 2021‑09‑24 3d
Staples Rename 4 2021‑09‑24 3d
Wyevale Garden Centres Rename 1 2021‑09‑24 3d
Cycle Republic Rename 1 2021‑09‑24 3d
Vaporized Rename 1 2021‑09‑24 3d
Maplin Closure 0 2021‑08‑23 5w
Cheltenham & Gloucester Rename 0 2021‑07‑22 2m
That's Entertainment Closure 0 2021‑07‑15 2m
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society Rename 0 2021‑07‑15 2m
Help The Aged Rename 0 2021‑07‑15 2m
Cheshire Building Society Rename 0 2021‑05‑29 3m
British Home Stores Closure 0 2021‑05‑29 3m
Dunfermline Building Society Rename 0 2021‑05‑15 4m
Toys R Us Closure 0 2021‑05‑15 4m
Total 1747

Mechanical Edits Warning: Many of the instances flagged above could be fixed by a bulk mechanical edit. There are two opposing view-points on whether this is a good idea. The first says that if we know something is wrong and can improve it, then we should. The other says that it is better to leave objects like this for local mappers, as it is good to review the object completely, and instances are a good indicator that the whole area could do with being re-surveyed. Whatever your views, the OSM Automated Edits Code of Conduct needs to be followed, so you would need to discuss — and get agreement — on any plans in the Talk GB Mailing List and/or Talk IE Mailing List before going ahead.

I am happy to receive suggestions for improvements to this tool and also ideas for additional sets of shops and amenities that could be added. Please get in touch via my OSM Profile. If you are suggesting a new set to be added, it is helpful if you can provide as much of the following information as possible:

  1. A full name (page title) and short name (graph key) for the set.
  2. A URL slug to use
  3. Whether it's a rename or a closure
  4. An overpass turbo query snippet to fetch the objects from OSM.
  5. Some descriptive text for the web page.

Examples of each of these bits of information can be found on the pages for the existing sets.

Data derived from OpenStreetMap data, © OpenStreetMap Contributors, licensed under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). XAPI courtesy of Overpass API.