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Eat Ghosts

The sandwich shop chain Eat was closed by its parent company Pret a Manger in March 2020. Any remaining outlets still mapped in OSM should be reviewed.

OSM objects that need reviewing are shown on the map below. These objects, and others with similar issues, can also be viewed through the Survey Me! tool.

Overpass tag query:

OSM data from 2020‑05‑23 18:32:02 Z contains 79 matching objects.

Object Name Operator Brand Amenity Shop Craft Office
n302362637 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n338505170 EAT cafe
n338507316 EAT cafe
n338507464 EAT cafe
n352650634 EAT. fast_food
n355416935 EAT cafe
n355922688 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n369119292 Eat cafe
n432538032 EAT cafe
n445685420 EAT Eat fast_food
n452240276 EAT cafe
n466926146 Eat cafe
n567016125 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n571287544 Eat fast_food
n624340694 EAT. cafe
n664966075 EAT. cafe
n664966147 EAT EAT fast_food
n666749200 EAT. cafe
n668842083 EAT. cafe
n675810814 EAT. cafe
n675882463 EAT. cafe
n748073737 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n1171141416 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n1235254622 EAT fast_food
n1262681766 EAT. cafe
n1326726602 EAT cafe
n1334044919 EAT cafe
n1583933013 EAT cafe
n1586878265 EAT cafe
n1759453982 Eat cafe
n1779886414 Eat cafe
n1822127901 EAT cafe
n2026767702 Eat restaurant
n2967342482 EAT fast_food
n3217449862 EAT. cafe
n3357928344 Eat. fast_food
n3469151251 Eat cafe
n3622502560 Eat food
n3636959728 Eat fast_food
n3887905009 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n3903342624 Eat fast_food
n4302887148 EAT cafe
n4527208484 Eat restaurant
n5077447710 EAT cafe
n5125842717 Eat cafe
n5241806164 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n5290294422 Eat. cafe
n5453785295 Eat coffee
n5767474481 Eat cafe
n5814318379 Eat fast_food
n5828192867 Eat cafe
n5871159277 Eat fast_food
n6219914468 EAT. cafe
n7011136684 EAT. EAT. fast_food
n7024508988 Eat cafe
w71408540 Eat cafe
w111813630 Eat. fast_food
w148693733 Eat cafe
w155421450 Eat. fast_food
w156167657 EAT. EAT. fast_food
w156725307 EAT.
w157236268 EAT cafe
w157748196 Eat cafe
w159925741 EAT. EAT. fast_food
w211547729 EAT cafe
w220255005 Eat. fast_food
w220272363 EAT cafe
w289660512 EAT. cafe
w294894093 EAT. restaurant
w320406745 EAT. EAT. fast_food
w394223362 EAT cafe
w394223363 EAT cafe
w436371645 Eat restaurant
w502991824 EAT. cafe
w516502186 EAT fast_food
w523388328 EAT fast_food
w529246746 EAT. cafe
w570498379 EAT. cafe
w628998304 Eat fast_food

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