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Phones 4U Ghosts

The mobile phone retailer Phones 4u entered administration in 2014. Some stores were taken over by Vodafone and EE with the rest of them closing permanently. Any shops still mapped under this name should be re-surveyed to check for rebranding or closure.

OSM objects that need reviewing are shown on the map below. These objects, and others with similar issues, can also be viewed through the Survey Me! tool.

Overpass tag query:
[shop][name="Phones 4u"]
[shop][name="Phones 4U"]
[shop][name="Phones 4 U"]
[shop][name="Phones 4 u"]

OSM data from 2021‑04‑11 22:12:12 Z contains 25 matching objects.

Object Name Operator Brand Amenity Shop Craft Office
n420738679 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n1167773598 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n1689869274 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n2119990949 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n2396112361 Phones 4 u mobile_phone
n2402839350 Phones4U mobile_phone
n2440951603 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n2454668999 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n2610299733 Phones 4u mobile_phone
n2721542125 Phones4U mobile_phone
n2738142380 Phones 4U mobile_phone
n2900420101 Phones 4 U mobile_phone
n2946730973 Phones4u mobile_phone
n2954814405 Phones 4 U mobile_phone
n3048296909 Phones4u mobile_phone
n3049178189 Phones4U mobile_phone
w99402363 Phones 4 U mobile_phone
w175563270 Phones 4 U mobile_phone
w221893867 Phones4U mobile_phone
w229183381 Phones 4U mobile_phone
w229981935 Phones 4 U mobile_phone
w241707696 Phones4U mobile_phone
w261834217 Phones 4U mobile_phone
w302819536 Phones 4u mobile_phone
w398548277 Phones 4 U mobile_phone

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