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Plumb, Parts, Drain, Pipe & Climate Center Ghosts

In 2018, Wolseley UK rebranded its Plumb Center, Parts Center, Drain Center, Pipe Center & Climate Center stores as "Wolseley". Any such stores in OSM should be checked and updated as appropriate. The "Electric Center" brand was previously sold to Edmundson Electrical, and so in unaffected.

OSM objects that need reviewing are shown on the map below. These objects, and others with similar issues, can also be viewed through the Survey Me! tool.

Overpass tag query:
[name~"^(Plumb|Parts|Drain|Pipe|Climate) (Centre|Center)",i]

OSM data from 2021‑07‑30 11:02:28 Z contains 79 matching objects.

Object Name Operator Brand Amenity Shop Craft Office
n1327167389 plumb centre doityourself
n1764424179 Plumb Center doityourself
n3549957167 Plumb Centre plumber
n3567214645 Parts Center car_parts
n3700724757 Plumb Centre plumber
n3826823717 Plumb Centre plumber
n3842784759 Plumb Centre yes
n4193517408 Plumb Centre plumber
n4269600702 Plumb Centre plumber
n4343112153 Plumb Centre yes
n4386854415 Plumb Centre Gateshead yes
n4386854416 Drain Centre Gateshead yes
n4386854417 Parts Centre Gateshead yes
n4386854418 Plumb Centre Bathroom Showroom bathroom_furnishing
n4486018728 Plumb Center doityourself
n4486018729 Parts Center doityourself
n4500465782 Plumb Center bathroom_furnishing
n4500550724 Plumb Centre trade
n4500550725 Parts Centre trade
n4551217995 Plumb Center hardware
n4561866826 Plumb Centre yes
n4561866827 Parts Centre yes
n4629607070 Plumb Centre plumber
n4629607071 Parts Centre doityourself
n4690343230 Plumb Centre trade
n4690343231 Parts Centre trade
n4698952154 Drain Centre yes
n4902262125 Pipe Center trade
n5012761593 Plumb Centre hardware
n5018549024 Plumb Center plumbing
w55840096 Plumb Center doityourself
w73537351 Plumb Center / Parts Center
w93084794 Pipe Center plumber
w97117870 Plumb Center
w108557408 Plumb Center / Part Center
w126430524 Plumb Center
w127892543 Plumb Center trade
w136578261 Plumb Centre doityourself
w146034156 Plumb Center trade
w161371149 Plumb Centre hardware
w170324316 Drain Centre plumber
w171506494 Plumb Center
w191368665 Climate Center
w191368680 Plumb Centre
w201738350 Plumb Center plumbing
w213504629 Plumb Center doityourself
w213504633 Parts Center doityourself
w217363709 Plumb Center doityourself
w223478953 Plumb Center doityourself
w233957590 Plumb Center
w236483169 Pipe Center
w247957901 Pipe Center
w264273646 Plumb Center Plumbing
w265516576 Parts Center / Plumb Center plumber
w280903118 Plumb Center yes
w294035745 Plumb Centre trade
w294339314 Plumb Centre doityourself
w305491008 Plumb Centre yes
w311880039 Plumb Center
w313914304 Plumb Center
w320892572 Plumb Center hardware
w326373218 Plumb Center
w329092556 Drain Center plumbing
w343578273 Plumb Center / Part Center plumbing
w371698637 Plumb Center plumbing
w408048916 Plumb Center
w409117764 Parts Centre
w409579454 Plumb Center trade
w415100948 Plumb Centre
w455487143 Plumb Center plumbing
w482702724 Plumb Centre trade
w487007165 Plumb Center trade
w515090018 Plumb Centre hardware
w553565585 Pipe Center trade
w577545802 Plumb Center plumbing
w676023215 Plumb Centre doityourself
w705105942 Plumb Center & Climate Center trade
w914977034 Parts Center & Drain Center trade
r3522702 Plumb Center trade

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