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Quicksilver Ghosts

Quicksilver was a brand of amusement arcades / adult gaming centres, owned by Talarius. In 2016 Talarius was bought by Novomatic, who already owned the Admiral brand of adult gaming centres. In 2018, all the outlets were brought under the Admiral brand. Any remaining Quicksilver outlets in OSM should be checked.

OSM objects that need reviewing are shown on the map below. These objects, and others with similar issues, can also be viewed through the Survey Me! tool.

Overpass tag query:
[leisure][name="Quicksilver Amusements"]

OSM data from 2023‑03‑28 07:35:37 Z contains 18 matching objects.

Object Name F Operator Brand Amenity Shop Craft Office LE
n768671505 J+ Quicksilver F 18m
n2520425388 J+ Quicksilver F 8y
n2946730983 J+ Quicksilver F 8y
n3269252862 J+ Quicksilver F 8y
n3417443050 J+ Quicksilver F amusements 8y
n3854426851 J+ Quicksilver F yes 7y
n4000891842 J+ Quicksilver F yes 5m
n4842352936 J+ Quicksilver F 2y
n5463222467 J+ Quicksilver F lottery 5y
n5683365449 J+ Quicksilver F 4y
n9050823767 J+ Quicksilver Amusements F amusements 18m
w184066894 J+ Quicksilver F Quicksilver bookmaker 9m
w231280960 J+ Quicksilver F 8y
w293481351 J+ Quicksilver F 8y
w325888141 J+ Quicksilver F gambling 2y
w345712059 J+ Quicksilver F gambling 3y
w517379342 J+ Quicksilver Amusements F 8w
w565091637 J+ Quicksilver F 5y

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