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Total Petrol Ghosts

Around 2010-2013 Total sold off all its petrol stations in the UK. Most ended up being acquired by Shell, with a number of others being branded as Esso, and a few in other hands. (See Motorway Services Online: Total.)

More recently, in 2019, Total has re-entered the UK market. In 2021, it re-branded as TotalEnergies. Petrol stations in OSM with either name=Total or brand=Total or operator=Total should be reviewed, as they probably need updating.

OSM objects that need reviewing are shown on the map below. These objects, and others with similar issues, can also be viewed through the Survey Me! tool.

Overpass tag query:

OSM data from 2022‑06‑27 08:44:25 Z contains 19 matching objects.

Object Name F Operator Brand Amenity Shop Craft Office LE
n29058180 J+ F Total fuel 13y
n280883359 J+ Total F Total fuel 12y
n282672493 J+ F Total fuel 11y
n339396613 J+ Total Colsterworth F TotalElfFina Total fuel 8w
n343588237 J+ Total F Total Total fuel 9y
n365350914 J+ F Total fuel 7y
n390506890 J+ Total F fuel 13y
n401903118 J+ Glinton Service Station LPG F Total Total fuel 8m
n459806504 J+ Total F Total Total fuel 10m
n871931294 J+ Total F Total Total fuel 4m
n6472666751 J+ F Total Total fuel 2y
w106651435 J+ Total Petrol F Total fuel 2y
w124660250 J+ F Total fuel 10y
w138097317 J+ Darnall petrol station F Total fuel 4y
w146527001 J+ Total F Total Total fuel 3m
w205938728 J+ Esso F Total Esso fuel convenience 2m
w226929811 J+ Total F fuel 8y
w575322672 J+ Total F Total fuel 10m
w624161528 J+ Total F Total Total fuel 9m

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