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Wilkinson Ghosts

The DIY, hardware and homeware chain was formerly called Wilkinson, but re-branded as Wilko between 2012 and 2014. Stores still names as Wilkinson in OSM need to be reviewed.

OSM data from 2018‑12‑13 15:32:02 Z, with Overpass tag query:

Object Name Operator Brand Amenity Shop Craft Office
n297534644 Wilkinsons supermarket
n331177190 Wilkinsons hardware
n420729592 Wilkinsons optician
n420729596 Wilkinson doityourself
n436301633 Wilkinsons department_store
n478040499 Wilkinsons department_store
n616779437 Wilkinsons shop doityourself
n752394967 Wilkinsons Wilkinsons doityourself
n752833510 Wilkinsons Wilkinsons hardware
n752835799 Wilkinsons Wilkinsons hardware
n762009272 Wilkinsons Wilkinsons doityourself
n849408082 Wilkinson supermarket
n885392894 Wilkinson supermarket
n1127250312 Wilkinsons yes
n1128366704 Wilkinsons convenience
n1347922673 Wilkinsons department_store
n1469633084 Wilkinsons houseware
n1956595308 Wilkinsons doityourself
n2095432658 Wilkinson department_store
n2150770111 Wilkinson variety_store
n2274029784 Wilkinsons department_store
n2282953156 Wilkinsons variety_store
n2401385211 Wilkinsons department_store
n2415293117 Wilkinson furniture
n2429826395 Wilkinsons yes
n2451280844 Wilkinson household
n2589012635 Wilkinsons household
n2642055912 Wilkinsons general
n3246988856 Wilkinsons hardware
n3571251695 Wilkinsons doityourself
n3593699247 Wilkinsons department_store
n3709450654 Wilkinsons household
n3832440530 Wilkinson variety_store
n3981466573 Wilkinsons variety_store
n4322663442 Wilkinsons department_store
w31240508 Wilkinsons supermarket
w32886036 Wilkinson hardware
w39551067 Wilkinsons variety_store
w57746117 Wilkinsons department_store
w57833289 Wilkinson Wilkinson department_store
w88394049 Wilkinson doityourself
w102616647 Wilkinsons Wilkinsons houseware
w114817895 Wilkinson hardware
w121822176 Wilkinsons homeware
w136112610 Wilkinson estate_agent
w139568549 Wilkinson general
w148594718 Wilkinsons department_store
w158204707 Wilkinsons variety_store
w176983607 Wilkinson department_store
w184065389 Wilkinson convenience
w190294438 Wilkinson doityourself
w204388869 Wilkinsons supermarket
w205276264 Wilkinson department_store
w216245131 Wilkinson hardware
w219495242 Wilkinson doityourself
w219950862 Wilkinson hardware
w241919561 Wilkinson clothes
w248749071 Wilkinson hardware
w259616275 Wilkinson supermarket
w287665558 Wilkinson variety_store
w293473654 Wilkinson department_store
w302819572 Wilkinsons variety_store
w307003097 Wilkinsons household
w316650195 Wilkinsons department_store
w424275031 Wilkinsons department_store

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