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Linear High Street Maps: Grantham, Lincolnshire

Streets with Maps

Linear maps have been generated for the following streets in this locality. Additional streets can be set up, but currently I need to do this manually.

Street Points Length POIs Last Updated Update Requests
High Street 6 317 m 54 2023‑01‑03 09:53:39 Z 4m
St Peter's Hill 5 172 m 18 2023‑01‑04 15:06:10 Z 4m
Watergate 3 192 m 28 2023‑01‑02 17:54:24 Z 5m

Clicking one of the update buttons above will add that street to an update queue. The OSM data will normally then get refreshed within about half an hour.

Locality Metadata

Property Value
addr:city Grantham
County Lincolnshire

The presence or absence of the addr:* settlement tags is checked for each business found on each street.

Street Map