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Linear Map: King Street, Great Yarmouth

Please ensure that only OSM-compatible sources are used to contribute missing data. Websites of chains may not be used (database rights), nor should Google StreetView (terms of use) nor the Royal Mail Postcode Finder (terms of use). Ground surveys, street-level imagery available through iD, FHRS data, Code-Point Open, and websites of individual independent stores can all be used.

  LS Nationwide (bank) B W
  -- Lloyds Bank (bank) B W
183 LS Great Yarmouth Post Office (post office) B W
183 LS WHSmith (books) F B W
182 LS Greggs (fast food) F B
  LS HSBC UK (bank) B W
3-7 BB  —  [disused gallery]
3-7 --  —  [disused department store]
  LS CeX (electronics) B W
  LS River Island (clothes) B W
  -- Limelite (clothes) W
10 BA G. Y. News (newsagent) F W
  -- Titan (tattoo) W
11 BA  —  [disused jewellery]
177a NY G.T Yarmouth Shawarma (fast food) F W
  -- Stead and Simpson (shoes) W
  -- 2nd Clothing (clothes) W
12 --  —  [disused shop]
  --  —  [disused shop]
13 -- Clarks (shoes) B W
  --  —  [disused shop]
174b NY Subway (fast food) F B W
14 --  —  [disused clothes]
  -- Town Pharmacy (pharmacy) F W
  -- Age UK (charity) B W
  -- Curiosity Corner (gift) W
  -- Philip John Jewellers (jewelry) W
  -- Better Leisure (music) W
  -- Match (clothes) W
  -- The Salvation Army (charity) B W
  -- Flirtz (gift) W
165-166 PA Evolution (nightclub) F W
21 NZ Kerrison's (toys) W
  -- Craftmania (craft) W
  -- King Street Minimarket (convenience) F W
23 NZ King Street Food and Wine (convenience) F W
  -- Hayden and Grey (optician) W
  -- Pegotty's (pub) F W
  -- Clubworld (clothes) W
25A NZ Bombay Nites (restaurant) F W
161 PA Uptown (bar) F W
  -- Dee Thai (restaurant) F W
  -- Express Commercial (office) W
  -- New York Nails (beauty) W
  -- The Army and Navy Store (outdoor) W
158 PA Jaipur (restaurant) F W
  PA The Kittywitches Clinic (clinic) W
30 NZ Wing Li (restaurant) F W
  -- ITC Music (music) W
155 PQ Lusa (convenience) F W
  -- Oporto Café (cafe) F W
  -- Sawdust (clothes) W
  -- Jade Palace (restaurant) F W
  -- Almis (convenience) F W
152 PA Capital Kebab House (fast food) F W
  -- Christchurch (place of worship) W
  -- The Patio (cafe) F W
149-150 PA Domino's (fast food) F B W
  SP Frisby's School of English (language school) W
147 PA Yarmouth Way Supermarket (convenience) F W
  PG Saint George's Theatre (theatre) W
145 --
  -- International Food Store (food) F W
  PG St George's (cafe) F W
  -- Bargain Buy (electrical) W
140 PQ Libertys Rock Cafe (bar) F W
  PH Fatso's (restaurant) F W
  -- House of Snacks (cafe) F W
  -- Barry's Antiques (antiques) W
  -- AB Computers (computer) W
36-37 PN Yankee Traveller (restaurant) F W
  -- The Italian Restaurant (restaurant) F W
  -- Howkin's Jewellers (jewelry) W
  -- David Howkin's Charity Museum (museum) W
  --  —  (second hand) W
42 PN King's Wine Bar (bar) F W
  PQ J&N's Second Hand Shop (second hand) W
  -- Dave's Barbershop (hairdresser) W
  -- La Grande Moda (clothes) W
  GA York Electrical (electrical) W
128-129 PQ Tropical Café (cafe) F W
  -- (estate agent) W
  -- Fogg's Emporium (gift) W
  --  —  (hairdresser) W
  --  —  (craft) W
  -- X-Trim Hairdresser (hairdresser) W
  -- Aquarius (restaurant) F W
123a PQ Fresh Halal Meat Shop (butcher) F W
  -- King Street Second Hand Furniture (second hand) W
  --  —  (laundry) W
  -- King's Meat Butchers (butcher) F W
  -- To The Point (knitting) W
  -- King Street Surgery (doctors) W
  -- The Co-Operative Pharmacy (pharmacy) F W
  -- The Old White Lion (pub) F W

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