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Linear Map: Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth

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83 DJ Fallen Angels (stripclub) F W
  --  —  [disused hotel] N
  -- Marine House (hotel) F W
  -- Blyth House (hotel) F W
  DL Arc Cinema (cinema) F W
  -- No. 78 (hotel) F W
76-77 DH The Prom Hotel (hotel) F W
76-77 DH Pub on the Prom (pub) F W
  -- Sea View Guest House (guest house) F W
  -- Henry's on the Prom (guest house) F W
  -- Mandarin (nightclub) F W
  -- Christopher's (cafe) F W
  EH Pier Tavern (pub) F W
  --  —  (ice cream) F W
  -- Lorenzo's Donuts (confectionery) F W
  -- The Kiosk (newsagent) F W
  -- Joyland (attraction) W
67 EJ New Beach Hotel (hotel) F W
  -- Waffle & Coockie Hut (confectionery) F W
  -- Big Chips Wicked Dips (fast food) F W
  -- Super Scoops & Thick Shakes (ice cream) F W
  -- Slush Hut (beverages) W
65 EJ Lorenzo's (ice cream) F W
  EH The American Diner (restaurant) F W
64 EJ UK Express (fast food) F W
63 EJ Charcoal Grill Steak House (restaurant) F W
  -- Seaways Hotel (hotel) F W
62 EJ Thai by the Sea (restaurant) F W
61-62 EJ Beach House Cafe (cafe) F W
60 EJ Chico's Restaurant (restaurant) F W
  -- Mote Carlo (cafe) F W F
  -- The Executive Hotel [disused hotel]
  -- Europa Restaurant [disused restaurant]
55 EJ Othello Restaurant (restaurant) F W
54 -- Cafe Ocean (cafe) F W
54 EJ Hotel Ocean (guest house) F W
  -- Sky's House (guest house) F W
52 EJ Metropole (restaurant) F W
50-51 EJ Lek Thai (restaurant) F W
49 EJ A Varina (restaurant) F W
  -- Dukes (apartment) W
  -- Majestic Amusements (amusement arcade) W
  ER Anchor Gardens Cafe (cafe) F W
  -- Leisureland (amusement arcade) W
  HD Seabreeze Café (cafe) F W
39-40 EJ Nicky's Cafe & Diner (cafe) F W
39 EJ Terry's Fish & Chips (fast food) F W
  -- Pirate Island (attraction) W
  -- Magic City (amusement arcade) W
  !!  —  (fast food) F W
  -- Chargrilled Burgers (fast food) F W
36 EJ Donut Hut (fast food) F W
  RB Gold Rush (amusement arcade) W
  -- Flame House (restaurant) F W
  -- Caesar's Palace (adult gaming centre) W
  -- Caesars Bar (pub) F W
  -- The Landmark (pub) F W
  -- Subway (fast food) F B W
  -- Jurassic Journey (attraction) W
  -- Maple Moose (cafe) F W
33 EN KFC (fast food) F B W
  -- The Mint (amusement arcade) W
  -- Mission (bar) F W
  -- Silver Slipper (amusement arcade) W
24 EJ Fish & Grill (bar) F W
  -- Life's a Beach (gift) W
  ES Fish Chips & More (fast food) F W
  -- Sweet Sensations (confectionery) F W
  -- Golden Nugget (amusement arcade) W
𝒩  EH The Coffee House (fast food) F W
  -- Circus Circus (amusement arcade) W
  -- Seafood Shack (fast food) F W
  -- The Flamingo (amusement arcade) W
  -- Subway (fast food) F B W
  -- Classic Steet Food (fast food) F W
16 AH Barking Smack (pub) F F W
  -- The T-Shirt Shack (clothes) W
15 AH Marine (pub) F W
  -- Showboat (amusement arcade) W
11-12 AH Harry Ramsden's (fast food) F B W
  -- Sling Shot (attraction) W
  -- Tasty Fish and Chips (fast food) F W
7 AH Sunshine Café (cafe) F W
6 AH HMS Hinchinbrook (restaurant) F F W
5 AH Planet Poppadom (restaurant) F W
4 AE Royal Hotel (hotel) F W
  -- Great Yarmouth Giant Wheel (attraction) W
  -- Marine Parade Convenience Store & Beach Shop (convenience) F W
2 AH Las Palmas (cafe) F W
1 AG The Nelson Hotel [disused hotel]
  -- Costa (cafe) F B

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